Design Poll

Perhaps it’s my please-the-customer indoctrination after 24 years in corporate America, but I’ve decided it’s time to get a quality check done by my readers. This was prompted by a commenter on another blog repeatedly criticizing my “design”. Granted the blog on which he was commenting has lots of fun stuff on which to click so comparatively speaking, my cozy home here in Cyberspace is a bit simple.

That being said, you the reader, are my customer and I aim to please. So take the survey below and leave any constructive comments you might have. I’ll link to this post from my sidebar so it’s always available for design related input.


5 thoughts on “Design Poll

  1. Yes, one of the votes so far is from me …. hey I’ve got to try to help my stats a bit, dontcha think? (Sorry, Palin-speak.)

    I’ve already made one change … I’ve moved contact functionality to a contact page instead of having it on the About page.

  2. My vote: I read blogs for what they say, not how they look.

    My preference: I don’t like a really busy look with lots of flashy things to click. I’ve been on some blogs that I felt I could lost in. That’s not to say I won’t read them if the content is good, I just prefer the basic or simple look (you’ve seen mine).

    In other words, yours is just right. Great content and not too flashy. 😀

  3. To be honest, I judge a blog by its design and I was never fond of this design. Though I must say that I still come here not because of the unbearable design but because of your great blogging fortitude 😀

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