Rutherford Lawson is the pen name of Matt Bovell. Matt’s travails have taken him from a childhood on Long Island to the upper middle class bedroom community of Middlebury, CT to his current abode in a modest  suburb of Chicago.   After receiving his bachelors degree from Harvard University, he jumped into the loving paternal arms of a huge corporation where he was nurtured for 24 years and then kicked from the nest to fend for himself. With more time on his hands to inflict his running social commentary upon his wife, he decided to author the blog you now behold and give his wife’s ears a rest. (Well not really. He usually discusses his blog entries with his wife before writing them.) In the early days of blogging, Matt felt that anonymity was the only way to conduct the blog honestly without exposing his family to negative attention. Since then, the anonymity has outlived its usefulness. In fact “Rutherford” was famously outed on another blog in 2011 by petty folks who went to great trouble to reveal his true identity. With this “about page” we preempt the blackmail. Matt is Rutherford and Rutherford is Matt. If one bothers to read the comment threads they will discover that the only thing Rutherford has ever really hidden about himself was his real name. All other facts (a webinar producer with a wife and young daughter) are true.

You will also see here a few contributions from Ecclesiastes (aka The Rigorist), the yin to Rutherford’s yang. A self described middle aged Southern conservative, he is unafraid to make waves in politically correct waters.

The Rutherford Lawson Blog has been quoted in several political blogs and has been referenced in The Daily Voice.

This is where Mr. Lawson sits politically (for an explanation go here):

Mr. Lawson hopes you enjoy your time spent here and welcomes your comments. If you have comments on the blog in general (as opposed to a particular post) please feel free to comment on this page.

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Mr. Lawson can also be found on Twitter at http://twitter.com/rutherfordl . Feel free to follow him there. You can also find his most recent Twitter activity in the blog’s sidebar.

Last but not least, Rutherford Lawson is the co-host of “Leaning Left” which can be heard on BlogTalkRadio weekly.

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Rutherford 🙂 Ecclesiastes (aka The Rigorist) might be interested to know that rigorist.com is for sale at sedo.com

  2. Stodgely,
    Since I’m in favor of free enterprise, I approved your advertisement here. Can’t speak for the Rigorist as to whether he’ll follow up or not. 🙂

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I honestly have nothing against you. It’s just every time I click a link on the side of my blog, it gets crossed out because I’ve visited the site.

  4. LOL … thanks CuteLG for getting back to me. To explain to my readers, my blog appears on CuteLG’s blogroll with a line through it (a strikethrough) so I wrote her wondering whether I should infer some negative editorial message from that. Alas, I was just being paranoid! 🙂

  5. Timotheus, thanks for the advice but there are a host of reasons this wouldn’t work:

    1. I’m not gay.
    2. I’m married.
    3. Obama’s not gay (“as far as I know” (to quote Hillary Clinton))
    4. Obama is married.

    Still I probably wouldn’t mind at all if Obama were my BFF. 🙂

  6. June 11 marks the return of the old Rabbit. Rabbit 2.0 is asking Rutherford to allow the Rabbit to return to his rugged, blue collar image that gives Rabbit’s otherwise bland commentary more gusto on that day.

    I think that last sentence was actually in the 4th person, if such a thing is possible.

    For three months, Rabbit will go back to his world of roofing. By July, Rabbit always hates it. But, in Spring, Rabbit can’t wait to go to a job where the f word is used to simply describe what your going to have for lunch.

  7. LOL Rabbit your time line confuses the heck out of me!

    On June 11 (approximately 2 months from now) you want to return to the old Rabbit, the blue collar roofer with the F word vocab.

    BUT by that time, you actually will have almost finished your Spring roofing ritual which would imply that you actually wish to return to your Rabbit persona UNTIL June 11, not on June 11.

    Help me. You’ve totally confounded me.

    P.S. Regarding the F word to describe one’s lunch, if you want to see a master of the F word, watch any good Richard Pryor concert movie. The man uses MF to mean at least a dozen different things, and more amazingly, you can tell contextually exactly what he means each time! 🙂

  8. Ah, the infanticide proponent! who occasionally posts here! Excellent fit to the “liberal knee jerk” habit of preying on the innocent and weak minded.

    Well played “R”. And this one is cute too – a rarity amongst lefty women. 😛

  9. I’m just curious why Harvard grads feel it necessary to tell you up front that they went to Harvard? You’re not the only Harvard grad that does this, in fact I’ve found that most let you know about the Harvard connection within 5 minutes of meeting them. It must be a Harvard thing.

  10. Welcome to the blog JW. I’m not sure you’re being fair here. Most folks who actually know me in the “real world” don’t know I went to Harvard, but it is part of my “official bio”.

    If you only read my posts and comments, you’d have to search a bit to see any reference to Harvard. So, again I’m not sure you’re being altogether fair.

    As for your observation about most Harvard grads, I can’t argue with your perception. Maybe they’re just proud they got in or that they got out. But I do agree with you, it’s not the only competitive school in the country.

  11. Stumbled on your blog today. I write about politics and all kinds of stuff myself, so I’m always looking for different perspectives. I look forward to reading more.

  12. So let me understand this. You call yourself Erinyes and you point to a blog that no one apparently writes. I can’t find an ABOUT page. I can’t find author’s names on the posts (even fake names). You appear to have one fan named Folly (who insulted me on another blog). You may or may not be Pam. (Actually it gets more confusing after reading a few posts. Is the blog author married to Folly? If you’re the blog author are you a lesbian partnered with Folly? Clearly the blog owner has a f*cked up life and an uncooperative family.)

    And assuming the blog you link to is your blog … you post a video of Obama that is AGAIN A LIE … a quote taken out of context.

    So Erinyes, despite the Erin in your name and the likelihood that you possess a vagina, YOU are the complete dick.

    Start changing your ways by signing your blog posts and telling your reader a little about yourself on one easy to find About page instead of making us read through your soap opera posts labeled “personal”.

    Thanks for stopping by. 😐

  13. “I suspect history will treat him kindly – especially his “calm the fuck down” approach to Paris”- Rutherford Lawson

    Holy shit… Rutherford will go down to the bitter end in a form of denial that we see maybe in a cult member or Hitler’s down fall bunker.

    What a desperate man completely out of touch with the world. Thank God he only gets hoodwinked by corny webinars and not more nefarious scams…..dude is a mark.

    Yup… As the world is breaking down into 1914 anarchy stemming from undisputed failed Obama foriegn policy, historians will one day wax on favorably to Obama’s “calm the fuck down” approach to the Paris attacks.

    Face palm.

    If it wasn’t a nightmare of epic proportions, it would be a bad SNL skit.

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