Al Qaeda: Arabic for The Base

I am so concerned about the spectacle we are seeing daily as McCain and Palin take their traveling road show of fear-mongering around the country, that every chance I get, I’m going to highlight what is at stake here.

I was reviewing Sensico’s blog when I found a link to Bob Cesca’s blog posted by a commenter there. I’ve excerpted most of the original Cesca blog post (written by Elvis Dingeldein) here.

… here’s my Friendly Reminder for the true Independents and moderate Republicans and racist Democrats that haven’t yet made up their minds because, Doggone It™, Sarah Palin looks so darned-tootin cute in her knee-high boots and higher skirts, with her starburst-ricocheting winkage aimed directly at Joe Six-Pack’s desperately underused genitals, and my reminder is this: “Al-Qaeda” is Arabic for “The Base.” Remember that the next time you see Sarah Palin working The Base. Remember that the next time you hear an American citizen shout “Kill him” or “Traitor” at a political rally-cum-seething mob. Al-Qaeda is Arabic for “The Base.” Anger and resentment, tinged with overt racism and powered by a long-simmering tribal conflict – Us versus Them, Black versus White, Christian versus Muslim – needs only a plain-talking but charismatic leader to become something dangerous, something radical, something Terrible. And it is from a Base of sympathetic ideologues that such a terror often leaps, whether in a handful of aircraft-turned-missiles, or the assassin’s simple bullet.

That John McCain and his panicked cabal of Bush-league attack dogs can only send Sarah Palin into these nests of ideological safety is no accident, and should surprise no one that has witnessed the train-wreck-in-a-Hindenburg-explosion that is her ability to parse complex data while suffering the Slings and Arrows of so outrageous a fortune as Katie Couric. That she is able (and not a little willing) to incite such fearful passion and explosive anger in The Base – you know, “The Base”; it’s English for “Al-Qaeda” – may be accidental indeed, and have historic consequences far beyond her control, or any other.

Just a friendly reminder.

via Bob Cesca’s Goddamn Awesome Blog! Go!: A FRIENDLY REMINDER

Earlier tonight I was telling my Dad that watching the crowd reaction at Palin rallies felt almost like watching a modern-day Hitler rally disguised in the form of a “hockey mom”. The whole phenomenon is absolutely chilling. Then I saw the above article and it really brought it home for me.

This November, we get a chance to make our disgust known. We can express it loud and clear in the voting booth so that the whole world will know that Americans will not tolerate politician’s appealing to our worst instincts. We must make sure that on November 4, John McCain and Sarah Palin pay a price for their current hateful conduct.

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