Opie and the Fonz Endorse Barack Obama

I was never a huge fan of the ABC TV show “Happy Days” but boy did I love “The Andy Griffith Show”, so you can imagine my delight when my wife alerted me to this video endorsement of Barack Obama by none other than actor/director Ron Howard.

Along the lines of “What would Jesus do?”, loads of TV fanatics like me have probably wondered, “When it comes to this election, what would Sheriff Andy Taylor do?” Well folks, here’s your answer.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By the way, isn’t it amazing how a toupee transforms Ron Howard right back to Richie Cunningham as though 30 years haven’t passed? Amazing!


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5 thoughts on “Opie and the Fonz Endorse Barack Obama

  1. I was a huge fan of Happy Days! I had a secret preteen crush on Fonzie. 😆 I always liked The Andy Griffith Show too. Still catch reruns once in a while.

    I think it’s great that these three came together to endorse Obama. The way they did it was pretty cool too.

  2. now we know how fake andy griffith was. never knew i before.oh,and incidentally, the “fonz” doesn’t exist; henry winkler has always been, well, a dork.

  3. and incidentally, the “fonz” doesn’t exist

    Gee, thanks for filling us in because we thought he was, like, real. 😐

    henry winkler has always been, well, a dork.

    You mean, more of a dork than someone who feels the need to clarify that Fonzie was a fictional character? 😆

  4. LOL … Lottie beat me to the punch on this one. “H”, your comment on the Fonz was kinda funny … not sure where you were headed with that one. By the way, Opie, Sheriff Taylor and Richie Cunningham don’t exist either.

    Also, on what basis are you calling Andy Griffith a fake? Were you assuming perchance that there was no way Mayberry, North Carolina Sheriff Andy Taylor would ever vote for a black man? One of the things I liked about the Andy Griffith show was that even though you didn’t see too many blacks there, you always got the feeling they’d be welcome. Not a hostile bone in Andy’s body or any of Mayberry’s other citizens for that matter. I can see Floyd the Barber right now saying to Goober,

    “Hey Goober, that Obama guy. Nice fella. Talks about hope a lot. Hope’s a good thing. You know who talked a lot about hope? Calvin Coolidge”

    Goober: “No Floyd, I don’t think Coolidge said anything about hope.”

    Floyd: “Oh? Then what did Calvin Coolidge say?”

    LOL Forgive me, loyal readers for lapsing into Mayberry dialog but sometimes I just can’t help myself. 🙂

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