A Final Plea to Women Voters — Part II

Several months ago, I attempted to make it clear to women voters one good reason they should not be supporting John McCain. I received outraged defenses of McCain saying that his misogyny was only documented in one book with no substantiation.

Well folks, I can’t swear in a court of law that John McCain once called his wife a c**t (c-u-Next-Tuesday), but I sure have video taped evidence that the word is pretty close to the top of his list. There’s nothing like a slip of the lip to give insight into your true vocabulary.

I probably don’t need to worry as much about women voters as I did back when I wrote my first post. Most of the members of the John McCain Female Woman Hater’s Club have been discredited or criticized in one way or another since then (hey Carly, find any new work yet?). And of course one major development since my first “final” plea was the emergence of Sarah Palin who skyrocketed and then crashed and burned.

Still, for those few women who are still considering supporting McCain/Palin, I suggest you show today’s video to your daughters and then find an answer when they ask “Mommy, what did he say? What’s a c**t?” While you’re at it, you might also want to explain to them why Sarah “Hockey Mom” Palin gets a $150,000.00 clothes budget while their real hockey Mom is shopping at Target.


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