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Here are a couple of options for you to get in touch with me.

1. Send me a message via the contact form below.

2. Simply write me at

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

If you want to be a guest on The Rutherford Lawson Show on web radio, use the form below to tell me the topic you’d like to discuss. If you’ve written a book that you’d like to discuss, let me know that also!

9 thoughts on “Contact Rutherford

  1. R can wordpress embed a video to not run unless play is clicked. One of your patrons may be a good lawyer but a techie he is not.. The Simpson video is on other sites and does not run. 70 MB are a waste every time the comments are downloaded.thanks

  2. Mmm the vids definitely should not be auto-playing. You have to click the play icon to make them play. Is it possible you have a browser setting/plugin that downloads vids on a web page?

  3. Nope! As I said I’ve been on other sites showing the same video and it doesn’t play but the one of the Simpsons in the comment section just keeps going….and….going.
    The other videos that James posts never do that. Oh well!

  4. Emily, I’ve checked it on my desktop and I cannot duplicate what you are seeing. The Simpsons video loads like every other one in the comments thread – I had to click the play button to play it and it stopped when it was over.

    Either Huck or I will be writing a new post fairly soon and a new shorter thread will result. Hang in there.

  5. I figured it out and it was a glitch on my browser as the page kept downloading. I can’t wait to read the comment section when you post as you seem to bring out the “best” in your patrons 😉

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