Everyone Rushes to Kneel at the Feet of Limbaugh

Anyone paying any attention to the news lately knows that talk show host/media personality  Rush Limbaugh is having a ball with his recent notoriety. So, I have a question for all my conservative readers.


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24 thoughts on “Everyone Rushes to Kneel at the Feet of Limbaugh

  1. I have cast my vote for … Barack Obama,

    because their only united agenda is to react to what he says and does.

    I guess it could be Rush, since there is no one else, but it’s like having the hometown sports announcer as coach. He knows the game, very smart about it, an avid fan, but …

  2. Interestingly Keith Olberman tonight noted that old Rush had a brief stint as a football announcer. Your analysis may be even more on the money than you even knew.

  3. Rutherford, like every lefty I know, you confuse leadership with the power of ideas. Limbaugh is the voice of reason to many of us as millions agree with both Limbaugh’s ideas and his opinion of Obama.

    And at this minute, the battle of ideas is far more important than a figurehead.

    But what I really want to know is will Obama, the superior intellect and skilled orator, have the cojones to debate Limbaugh?

    Obama and his minions will spin it as beneath him. In reality, he knows deep down he’d get his ass handed to him by a professional. And that I would pay to see. 😉

  4. No one is the leader of the Republican party. There’s a vacuum right now, that’s why the efforts of Dems pointing to Rush are working.

  5. Tex,

    Obama isn’t very good with thinking on his feet, but when he’s got time to prepare, he can avoid embarrassing himself. The trick is to get him on *radio* where it is *only* the debate that matters, not the image. That’s how he got past Keyes.

    Rush’s weakness is he is undisciplined and bombastic. He’s had way too much practice talking to a microphone that he controls. It would be a hard habit to fight.

    Neither is the Rush today the same as the Rush of 1993, the one who helped put the Republicans in the majority. He’s gotten into a rut and he’s sloppier than he used to be. I didn’t listen to him for several years and have only in the last month given the radio any time. Thus the discontinuity is more apparent.

    If winning is swaying the uncommitted, and therefore those who put little effort into consideration, Obama has the advantage. Rush acknowledged Obama’s salesmanship in his CPAC address.

    I wouldn’t watch that debate. I might listen. I would definitely read the transcript.

  6. I don’t like or listen to Rush. I’m going to go with the previous vacuum comment. There isn’t any leadership right now. Steele is a figurehead of the RNC. Dems should have an appreciation for that since when they hated their own DNC they went and created a DLC and don’t get me started on their sub caucusses.
    Rush v Obama is a distraction that the megalomaniac Limbaugh AND Obama enjoy. I’d add that the dems are enjoying it since it fits well with their overall agenda. GOP and center right folks best wake the hell up soon !

  7. Rigorist and Alfie,

    Leadership is overrated and unimportant right now. When one man or woman makes a party, your party is weak.

    What is important is the battle of ideas and an establish of the new breed. The Republican National Committee is a joke, has been a joke, and should be summarily canned. It’s made up of the very same people who thought Bob Dole and John McCain great candidates, couldn’t use a technology if their life depended on it, and are an anachronism. They had their chance and should step aside, shut up, and vote two years from now for the Republican candidates. Time to hit the glue factory for many of these old RINOs.

    Preaching to the choir now….

    What Limbaugh does more effectively than anybody in the world is energize people utilizing a combination of humor, insult, brilliant analogy, and when the occasion calls, some great ideas. Even Bill Clinton called Rush an unbelievable talent. That’s why the Democrats have been trying for years to find somebody to offset him – they can’t do it. The closest ones capable of replacing Limbaugh all call themselves Republican.

    Rush may have gotten sloppy since I don’t listen much. However, it’s also been a long time since he had a challenge other than health. With Bush as President and fairly popular until his second term, Rush was simply entertainment and nobody can carry that forever. But with Obama as President, not only do I feel Limbaugh and the rest of the radio hosts now more relevant – I feel the conservative base energized for the first time in years. This is 1993 again.

    The Democratic party’s m.o. has always been attack and diversion when challenged on the battlefield of ideas. Their ideas have been shown to be a sham in six weeks. A little less than half of us knew the Emperor had no Clothes. Begala, Carville, Emanuel and the rest of the Democratic hacks know this. They sense like I do the ‘momentum’ slipping away because of the disastrous results the last six weeks. You don’t get a larger shot across the bow than what Obama and his minions are getting from Wall Street and the Consumer Confidence Index. First your ideas fail, shortly followed thereafter by your popularity. So in order to divert attention elsewhere and do what they do best, the Democratic hacks must find a polarizing figure. Limbaugh fit the figure and took their challenge. I believe he did it purposely.

    The good candidates will establish themselves next year. In my opinion Jindal and Palin ain’t it. I like them both, like their ideas, but Jindal is not the dynamic individual necessary concerning persona and charm. Palin has her own foibles and doesn’t know when to shut up. Perhaps one day they’ll be ready, but not now.

    There are better candidates on the horizon. The Democrats have fooled themselves into believing their ideas better. Nope. Their ideas are abject failures and have been throughout my lifetime. What they do well is spin and criticize. But they can’t hardly spin and criticize when it is now them holding all the cards. Therefore, they’ve got to find a boogey man to rally the rubes.

    Conservatives must learn to take the fight to the enemy. Limbaugh does this well.

  8. I don’t think the Republican party really has a leader, we are made up of pretty individual . Rush is probably the most influential Republican, though. Therefore, my choice if I haveto choose one.

  9. solar1, you are absolutely correct in saying Rush is not a leader but is influential (among the low information fraction of the Republican party). I wish the Democrats would just ignore him.

    Why does everyone list Sarah “dumb dumb” Palin as a choice for Republican party leader? Ms. Palin’s 15 minutes of fame is over and she has no shot to win the Republican party Presidential nomination in 2012 let alone a national election(some 70% of the population thinks she is a joke).

    The moderate fraction of the Republican party needs to take control away from the neo-conservatives and the radical Christan fundamental parts of the party if they are to become relevant again.

  10. MJ,

    Actually, Rush is very high information, that is why he is so influential. If I were you, I would try arguing that he only presents information that supports his side and ignores any contradictory facts.

    Sarah “dumb dumb” Palin

    That really irks me. I have found again and again that when no facts can be found, “low-information” Democrats turn to the basic propaganda tactic/slogan of “they are dumb!!” . “Bush is dumb”; “Palin is Dumb”; “Rush is dumb”; Knock it off!!

    If you can’t beat ’em, insult ’em.

  11. For the most part, I have to agree with MJ on this. Moderation is the way for Republicans to regain a foothold. And yes, Sarah Palin was, is and always will be a sad political punchline.

  12. Solar, the only problem with the “dumb” theme is that it lacks imagination. Much better adjectives could be put to use:

    Bush completely lacked curiosity.

    Palin was grossly under informed and unprepared.

    Rush is an egotistical, bombastic attention getter more interested in his ratings than in the actual health of the conservative movement. Don’t need to listen to me, just ask ultra-conservative David Frum.

  13. As an aside, you’ll notice I’ve enabled discussion threading on the blog. Let me know if this improves or detracts from your blogging experience. You can comment on my About page or just drop a comment in this thread.

  14. Notice that in our poll, Mitt Romney, who won the straw poll at the latest CPAC received zero votes. Interesting. Of course, poor Mitt only won the straw poll with about 20% of the total vote proving that there is no clear leader at this time.

  15. Well I would’ve picked Romney but it didn’t seem to fit the question at hand. Romney with or without CPAC is along with the likes of Gingrich,Pawlenty and Sanford the voices that will hopefully start being heard.

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