Leaning Left Radio

If you missed my show, Leaning Left with Berhns and Lawson, on BlogTalkRadio, you can enjoy replays of the most recent five episodes here.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark the companion site to our radio show! LeaningLeftRadio.com

4 thoughts on “Leaning Left Radio

  1. I like how your guest touted the removal of forces from Iraq when that was scheduled before your boy showed up.
    And you two discussing war tactics and policy? Now that’s funny!
    Okay, now I have to turn it off since you two tards are turning your backs on the decent Afghan people.

  2. LOL Dick, she actually isn’t my guest …. she’s my co-host and she’s already gained some notoriety around here (at least among the few who have listened to the show) because she is left of me. She is hard-left. 🙂

    The point I tried to make in the show (assuming you listened to the most recent one) is that Time Magazine is full of sh*t. You don’t put a picture of a disfigured woman on the cover, tell us that if we leave there will be more of that, and then claim that you’re not taking sides on whether we leave or not. Pure BS.

  3. I’ll give ya that, but we also both know there’s gonna be one hellofa house cleaning over there the day we leave. And it ain’t gonna be purty.

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