One for the Road

Just a quick note to let everyone know that with Rutherford’s passing, some of the regular patrons of Rutherford Lawson’s Bar & Grill are serving up drinks and opinions at the blog Opinion On Tap.

Everyone and anyone, and I do mean that literally, is welcome to stop by and join the debate.  It’s the way Rutherford would have wanted it.

Update from Battle Creek

So, I don’t travel much anymore but I happen to be in Battle Creek, Michigan this weekend. While I slept in, my wife did some accidental field research. This is the verdict from one local business owner. 

School choice: major fail. 

Battle Creek has school choice and it is not going well. Students who can afford to, flock to the better schools in the area leaving the other schools to kids with fewer … ahem … choices. So I gave a typical conservative argument to my wife. “Take a capitalist approach. If a school wants to keep its students, it needs to up its game. The market decides which schools succeed.” Only one problem. Gov funding is based on attendance. Schools with more students get more funding. Those with less get less and fall further behind. A vicious cycle. 

Cereal ain’t selling. 

Kellogg will probably be laying off folks in the near future. The cereal industry is not what it was decades ago when this town was thriving. A local businesswoman said the city’s major mall is full of closed stores. The city now survives on conventions and events – which is why I’m here, a gymnastics event with my wife and daughter. 

So, Donald Trump. Looks like Battle Creek is among the many cities who need your business savvy to revitalize. They’re waiting. What ya gonna do? 

What do you think? The bar is open.