Truth or No Consequences

One of Donald  Trump’s regular talking points is what a lying press we have. Trump may be wrong on many things but this is not one of them. Just in the last seven days I encountered three bald-faced lies that really pissed me off.

Slate’s Trumpcast

I subscribe to a podcast by Slate called the Trumpcast. The entire mission of its host, Jacob Weisberg, is to discredit, mock and basically hate on Donald Trump. With that premise it might be foolish to fact check the show but one guest really irked me because I KNOW MY TV!!

The guest was Virginia Heffernan, a media critic with a good resume and a desire to lie about The Donald. She was on the Trumpcast to educate Weisberg and his listeners about Trump’s hit NBC show The Apprentice. Not only did she fail to accurately describe the show’s modus operandi, she called Trump’s “firing” decisions, more often than not, capricious and arbitrary. Ehhh … LIE, OUTRIGHT LIE! Before he became a birther, I watched Trump’s show religiously. In almost every case Trump eliminated one of the weakest contestants. The exceptions were usually stronger players who self sabotaged in the “board room”.

Of course, Weisberg lapped up the misrepresentation with glee. Ms. Heffernan also neglected to mention the season devoted to those who had been laid off in the bad economy or the fact that every season of Celebrity Apprentice raised gobs of money for charity. That wouldn’t comport with our image of Trump as heartless greedy asshole. (By the way, Weisberg actually hosted an episode dedicated to an “intellectual analysis” of whether Trump is an official asshole.)

The Rachel Maddow Show

In this case MSNBC darling Maddow either didn’t do her homework or simply lied. I suspect the latter.

She showed a video of Trump calling Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Pochahontas. She then claimed Trump was mocking Native Americans. Noooo, he was mocking fake Native Americans. Now, I don’t claim to know the truth of Warren’s heritage but I do know for years, the right has doubted her claim of being part Cherokee. Maddow knows this too but would rather leave the viewer with the impression Trump is just a bigot.

The Nicole Sandler Show

In this case, the host is not the perpetrator of the lie but the exposer. This lie is simple but pervasive. Almost every time the MSM tells us the delegate counts of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, they include the number of superdelegates (folks wiser than mere mortals to keep us from picking the “wrong” candidate). Nicole points out one simple problem with this. The superdelegates haven’t voted yet!

They don’t vote until the convention. So every superdelegate count we see is an estimate. Of course the estimate is designed to propogate the myth of Hillary’s inevitability. This lie is so vile, even the corrupt DNC has asked the networks to stop doing it, to no avail.

Despite all his foolishness, Trump is owed a debt of gratitude for turning up our scrutiny of the “lyin’ press”.

What do you think? The bar is open.