The Color of Infidelity

Tonight, two thoughts occur to me concerning the revelations of John Edwards’ infidelity.

First, I’m so thankful that I had not put all my hopes and dreams in him as so many of his supporters had. I say this without a speck of “I told you so” attitude. On the contrary, when I first heard the rumors of John’s fooling around, I dismissed it. But this election season has been characterized by the involvement of young voters who have cast aside the cynical attitude towards politics so prevalent in today’s discourse. My heart goes out to Edwards’ young supporters and I hope they understand that his personal failings don’t invalidate his stand on important public issues of the day.

Second, I cannot help but conjecture about how race effects political coverage. Is there any doubt that if the National Enquirer caught Barack Obama at a hotel with a strange woman, the MSM would have been all over it? When it came to Edwards, they gave the story a pass. It’s possible that his wife’s battle with cancer might have given the major media outlets some cause for restraint. Still, I cannot help but believe that Barack Obama would never have made it past last October if such a story leaked out about him.

Which brings me back to my first point. I HAVE invested a lot of my hopes and dreams in Barack Obama. I am hoping that any Obama mistress that might be out there would have been unearthed by the Republican attack machine by now. As self confident as Obama is, let us hope that the narcissism that brought down John Edwards does not compromise the moral stature of Barack.

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