Is Our Eye on the Wrong Ball?

While we pop Rolaids over Iran getting the bomb (when they’re not even close), North Korea has detonated its most powerful nuclear bomb yet. They are also developing miniaturization that will allow the same blast in a smaller payload, easier to deliver to the USA.

Oh well, maybe when they threaten to annihilate Israel we’ll pay some serious attention.


Obama Video Address: April 11, 2009

In this week’s video address, President Obama uses religion as a unifying theme for our common goals. He points out the shared celebration and commemoration of lessons learned during Passover and Easter. As uncomfortable as I am with government and religion mixing in any way, I understand that it is Obama’s goal to use religion … all religions … as a tool of moral leadership. To the extent that Mr. Obama wishes to be the moral leader of the free world and encourage cooperation among all countries, I applaud him.

President Obama talked about his recent trip abroad. Unfortunately, this trip highlighted the chasm between his ideals and the real world in which we live. Liberal and conservative pundits alike agree that not enough substance came out of the G-20 summit or the other meetings held by Obama last week.  Parts of Europe still resist participation in economic stimulus. Support for the war in Afghanistan is still weak. And as the President called for worldwide reduction of nuclear weaponry, North Korea defiantly tested a long range missile. Obama’s condemnation of the act was met by a tepid response from the United Nations.

Has mankind gone beyond the point of no return where international cooperation for our self preservation is unfeasible? Has Obama arrived on the scene too late to really change things dramatically for the better on a global scale? Only time will tell.

And now the President of the United States of America:

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