If You Can’t Beat ’em …

You know what they say about the insanity of repeating the same action over and over and expecting different results? Well when it comes to mass shootings, that’s what we do. Every time our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the dead and the injured survivors. And that basically is it. Nothing more. 

My conservative readers like to mock the notion that “we have to do something”. That’s primarily because they suspect the something is gun control. They’re actually right that gun control won’t work because:

  • The NRA is too powerful and legislators will not buck them. 
  • Despite the fact that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be screaming “you idiots!!!” if they saw the current situation, modern day so-called constitutionalists say the 2nd Amendment guarantees everyone a gun who wants one. 
  • There are so many guns already on the street that restriction without confiscation would do little good. 
  • Whenever you restrict a commodity (alcohol, drugs) you get an immediate robust black market. 

This doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. Sometimes you have to admit when you’ve lost the principled fight. This is, in all seriousness, the only option left:

  1. Every high school senior (12th grade) must attend mandatory fire arms instruction. It should be required just like English. 
  2. At the conclusion of the instruction every student should be issued a gun (and a voter registration). 
  3. Students with diagnosed diminished mental capacity would be exempted. 

That done, we now have a society fully armed and ready. If lots of folks at The Pulse were armed, the shooter wouldn’t have killed 49 people. He would have killed a few and those who fought back would have killed him and likely a couple of innocent bystanders. The total dead would not be 49 and the total injured wouldn’t have been over 50. 

Do I prefer this approach? Hell no! But we must face the fact that not long ago 20 innocent souls less than 7 years old were slaughtered and we did NOTHING. 

It’s time to give the legislators what they want. It’s already too late to put the gun-genie back in the bottle. If we don’t take up arms against these radicals and other unstable gun owners, we will continue the current trend of one mass shooting (more than 3 killed at one incident) per day. 

Or we can keep repeating the same response and expect a different outcome. 

What do you think? The bar is open.