Let’s Argue the Hypothetical

MSNBC truly crossed the Rubicon this week.

In South Carolina, after what should have been a routine traffic stop, a white policeman shot a middle aged black man in the back as he was running away. He fired at the man eight times, hitting him at least five. Our best guess is that prior to this, the two men had scuffled and the cop’s Taser was used. Scott, the middle aged black man, may have tried to grab the Taser. The whole circumstance might have actually gone in the cop’s favor had he not picked up the dropped Taser, yards from the dead suspect, and then dropped (planted) it next to the man’s body.

As luck would have it, a young man walking by caught most of the relevant stuff on video and handed it over to the police. Officer Slager was fired and arrested and charged with murder. Justice served, case closed, right?

Wrong!! Since we can’t get into a huge racist conspiracy stew over what happened, MSNBC (and no doubt other liberal outlets) are getting into a stew over what MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED! Yes folks, the TV is now full of 24 hour conjecture on what might have happened if the video had not come to light. Chris Hayes, who is rapidly becoming a white version of Al Sharpton, rushed down to SC to provide on the ground coverage, backed by MSNBC resident race-baiter and former daytime hostess Joy Reid. At this point, I wouldn’t put it past these pot-stirrers to inspire a riot down there. The rallying cry would be “you didn’t act racist but that’s only cos you got caught on tape. You’re really racist.”

Is it any wonder we have crumbling roads and bridges, thousands born out of wedlock into poverty with little hope of achievement and a dying middle class? We waste our precious time and resources on utter foolishness.


SC Representative Jim Clyburn has said some slightly nutty stuff over the past 48 hours but I heard one thing from him that did make sense. He wants young folks to have their cell phones with them and at the ready to video anything cockeyed going on with the police. Until cop-cams become mandatory across the country, I do believe it is in the best interests of the citizenry to have their own cam at the ready — and for cops to know they’re never really alone with their suspect, as Slager seemed to think he was.

What do you think? The bar is open.

The Strange Case of Alvin Greene

Sarah Palin, step aside. We have someone new for Katie Couric to interview who makes Palin look like a rocket scientist. First let’s enjoy a flight of fancy.

  1. Let’s say you’ve got a real dumb-ass Republican named Jim DeMint and you want to pretty much guarantee that he wins another term in November.
  2. Then let’s say you’re real stupid and you want to stack the deck way in old Jim’s favor, even to the degree that you would do something totally preposterous.
  3. So you give $10,400 to an unemployed Veteran/accused sex offender and tell him to use it to file for candidacy in the Democratic primary for Senator.
  4. Now let’s throw in the fact that your state (South Carolina) is in the bottom half of the country intellectually.
  5. Finally, for good measure, we take note that the Democratic primary in South Carolina is open, i.e. anyone can vote in it, Dem or GOPher.
  6. Your plan works brilliantly and said Veteran wins the primary without even campaigning. How can Jim DeMint not beat this guy?

Now you would think I made this scenario up, pulled it right out of my patooty so to speak. No, my friends, on Tuesday Alvin Greene won the Democratic primary for Senator from South Carolina and he is poised to face Jim DeMint in November. Alvin is an army Veteran (kudos for that). Alvin is unemployed (so are many of us). Police say Alvin showed dirty pictures to a college kid (now THERE is an unusual Senate qualification)!

Alvin Greene

If this weren’t bad enough, Alvin gives one lousy interview. I saw him on MSNBC’s “Countdown” tonight and his appearance was cringe-worthy to say the least. A show called The Big Picture demonstrated how Mr. Greene might have held up against Katie Couric. In another Big Picture interview, a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, Bakari Sellers suggested that Greene’s win by 59% of the vote may have involved some “divine intervention”.

The only divine intervention that I can imagine is that someone put Greene up to running and South Carolinians were stupid enough to just vote for the first name they saw on the ballot. Alvin is now in a pickle. From every interview I’ve seen of him, he would rather be getting root canal than be running for office. He has to juggle this campaign against DeMint with a pending felony trial. Your heart almost has to go out to him.

Representative Jim Clyburn has cried foul. He says there is no way Greene was ever a legitimate candidate. Personally, I have no idea how Alvin will last until November. Expect to see him drop from the campaign within the next few weeks (if not days).

Alvin Greene is pretty clearly somebody’s tool. The question is whose. If the answer comes up GOP, I hope that is enough to turn voter outrage against DeMint so that he joins old Alvin on the unemployment line.


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