Don’t Be Angry at NRA: They’re Doing What They Do Best

semiautogunThe liberal media is ablaze this morning with righteous indignation that we’ve waited a week for the National Rifle Association (NRA) to come out with a statement about the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy and all we got was “more guns”. The mouthpiece for the organization, Wayne LaPierre says we need armed personnel in every school and he’s willing to help mobilize the posse.

Think about this a minute folks. When you think you’re going to die of a heart attack, do you expect your accountant to come forward and say he’ll perform open heart surgery on you? When you’re trying to limit your tax liability, do you expect your cardiac specialist to give you a good plan? Wayne LaPierre and the leadership of the NRA don’t know squat about loving your fellow-man, treating mental illness or positively influencing the many pressures in American society that drive people to the edge. Wayne and his leadership know how to blow your head off. So it is perfectly natural that when schools find themselves vulnerable to armed lunatics, Wayne offers his expertise. Expecting Wayne to advocate for gun control is like expecting a heart surgeon to advise a homeopathic remedy to blocked arteries.

Let’s be honest. I don’t like the idea of armed cop-wanna-be’s roaming the halls of our schools but IF that is the solution the American people want, who better to devise a plan than Wayne LaPierre and his organization? Plus, the NRA has an entire gun manufacturing industry behind them to provide the necessary “tools” to every Barney Fife out there who wants to protect your little ones.

So folks, don’t be angry at the NRA. They’re trying to help this situation the only way they know how: kill the killers before they kill you.


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If Press Corps is Any Measure, Our Nation is Screwed

Huff_HeadlineThis afternoon I tuned in to see President Obama’s press conference on the aftermath of the slaughter in Newtown, Connecticut. He’s putting Joe Biden in charge of  a group of interested politicians and stakeholders to assemble some policy recommendations, hopefully in time for the President’s State of the Union. I was pleased to see Obama putting some focus on this as he promised he would last Friday when he tearfully addressed the nation.

Then it came time for the White House press corps to ask questions. I had several I could have asked. The first question was on what opposition he might get from the gun lobby … eh no … actually it was on the fiscal cliff. My jaw dropped. After a ten or so minute statement on trying to prevent another Newtown, the first question was about the fiscal cliff. I got my composure as Obama called on the next reporter, who asked about the 2nd amendment …. eh no … he asked a follow-up question on the fiscal cliff. At this point I was really starting to lose it. My poor wife stood helpless as I yelled at the TV.

OK, time for question number three. The third question would surely be about something related to Newtown or gun control. Nope. A third question about the damn fiscal cliff.  I nearly popped a blood vessel. To make matters worse, Obama seemed genuinely pleased not to have to answer any questions on the topic du jour. His answers on the fiscal cliff rambled on and on. Finally, David Jackson of USA Today asked about gun control legislation. Jake Tapper ended the presser by asking Obama why it has taken so long for him to focus on gun violence in America.

I returned to my afternoon routine thoroughly disgusted at the press corps. Then late this evening, my wife informed me I was not alone. Apparently Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree with folks who reacted just as I did. In the Media section of the Huffington Post, the headline read “Dear White House Press Corps: WTH?!?” with the following opening paragraph:

The White House press corps came under searing criticism for asking about the fiscal cliff immediately after President Obama’s statement about gun control on Wednesday. – “White House Reporters Hammered For Fiscal Cliff Questions At Obama Gun Control Press Conference”

CNN personality Piers Morgan tweeted my thoughts exactly first here:

and a few minutes later here:

Folks, if the priorities of the White House press corps reflect those of the average American, we will have learned nothing from the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut and many more of our precious family members are destined to be cut down by madmen with access to military grade weapons.


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What Goes Through the Mind of a Gunman?

All it took was Mitt Romney’s Chevy Chase inspired European vacation to knock the Aurora massacre out of the headlines. Even I could not have predicted just how quickly we would all “move on”. A week or so ago, my friend and political polar opposite Blackiswhite Imperial Consigliere (I call him BiW for short) wrote a blog post about a discussion he had with his son concerning gun control. I responded to the post in a regrettably over the top manner and a debate ensued between me and his loyal readership. The one thought that lingered with me after all the rhetoric was tossed back and forth was, what goes through the mind of a gunman?

When I say gunman, I do not mean Mark David Chapman, Jared Loughner or James Holmes. I do not mean George Zimmerman. I do not even mean a policeman or a soldier. In fact, I don’t even mean anyone who has ever actually fired a gun at someone. I’m thinking about the man or woman who carries a gun for protection. I know there are women who carry mace in their purse in case they are attacked. To my mind, they live with a certain constant state of fear. I envision the gun carrier the same way. Many of the commenters on BiW’s blog said they wanted to be prepared. Prepared for what? Do they really walk the streets on alert every minute for a potential attacker? Mind you, not just your run of the mill mugger but someone against whom you’re ready to use lethal force.

I’ve noodled about this in my noggin for the past week or so and I just can’t wrap my head around it. What mental state would I have to be in to be walking around town with a loaded gun strapped to me? What level of paranoia would have to pervade my being? When would the gun become second nature? Once it became second nature, would I even be prepared to use it if the need arose?

This is the rare entry my friends where I have no conclusions. I’m not going to bother to write a “gun control” piece here because it is clear to me guns are religion in this country and arguing about God is fruitless. So I am just leaving it up to you, my readers. Post in the comments section if you have a gun. How do you feel when you carry it? Were you nervous when you first started carrying a gun with you? How does your spouse feel about your having a gun?

Forget the gun control debate. I’d like to know what is going through your mind.


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