Bernie’s Black Barrier

At a Netroots gathering over the weekend Bernie Sanders was heckled by members of the Black Lives Matter campaign. On Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Ed Show”, Ed Schultz rightly pointed out Sanders’ strong support of civil rights, including protest marches in the 1960’s. He then asked expert black Michael Eric Dyson wassup with that?

Dyson’s reply was to ask Bernie the query made famous by Janet Jackson, “what have you done for me lately?”

I could have seen this coming a couple of weeks ago when Bernie eagerly accepted an invitation to Joe Madison’s Sirius/XM radio show “The Black Eagle”. Joe’s predominantly black call-in audience could not grasp Bernie’s economic plans. They wanted easy answers to address “the black man’s problem”. Then Bernie really blew it when he stumbled over Madison’s basically asinine question of whether President Sanders would apologize to blacks for slavery.

Bernie’s “black problem” is not his. The problem lies with blacks who don’t understand when white folks can’t find jobs, black folks sure as hell won’t find them. An economic prescription to save the middle class and ease entry into it, helps blacks and whites alike.

Hillary will most likely get the black vote. Why should she? What has she done for “the black community” that Sanders hasn’t? Moreover why should anyone do anything for the black community when helping the human community will automatically help blacks if they do their part. The reaction to Sanders, quite frankly, has me fed up with the Black Lives Matter movement.


Need proof? Look at the black on black crime rate in Baltimore and Chicago, just to name two cities. Our problem is we want black lives to matter TO WHITE PEOPLE. First, why should they when we don’t keep our own houses in order? Second, who cares what white people think of us? Will we accept second best until they “love us”?

Just because we got a seat at the lunch counter doesn’t mean we don’t have to pay for the lunch.

A prescription that reduces rich privilege (not white privilege) and guarantees a living wage and healthcare to all who do their part (and makes the criminal justice system even-handed) is what we need right now. There is no problem unique to black folks that Sanders’ plans will not at least partially alleviate.

If all blacks are looking for is a candidate who will apologize for slavery, and promise relief without responsibility, then Bernie is not your man. That’s your fault, not his. If you vote for another establishment candidate, you will wake up again four years from now asking, “what have you done for me lately?”

What do you think? The bar is open.

Did This Go A Bit Too Far?

Last Wednesday night there was no hiding the joy of the MSNBC anchors at the total and utter failure of the Republican attempt to bring the country to its knees over Obamacare. Schultz had his usual swagger. Maddow took the usual analytical approach and had an index card for every “ransom” demand the Republicans made and lost, reading each one aloud and tossing it in the air with a “didn’t get that” and a grin on her face.

But for sheer over the top drama betraying a clear animosity for conservatives, the prize must go to Martin Bashir. Martin quoted Oliver Cromwell from his address dismissing Parliament in 1653. Martin said the words apply today. I could not find a link to an intact video of Bashir’s closing moment of his show but I did screen capture the text of Cromwell that Bashir read from in his best theatrical British accent.





It is really hard to gauge how one should react to this. I viewed the Republican shut-down tactic as plain stupid. It didn’t really inspire any animosity in me. So at first blush I found Martin’s dramatic recitation absolutely hilarious. But if we bother to take Bashir seriously, then we must conclude he has a real hatred for at least part of the Conservative movement.

In fact, if we look at the entire “drop dead” reaction of the left to the Ted Cruz inspired revolt, one must draw a much bigger conclusion. The days of liberals saying “I’m a lover, not a fighter” appear to be long gone. We have a government in which each side (with exceptions of course) truly hates the other. While the people of this great nation just want to get up in the morning and go to work, our government is engaged in a multi-level civil war — Democrats against Republicans and Old School Republicans against the Tea Party. The only thing we have not yet witnessed (unlike in other legislative bodies around the world) is an actual fist fight breaking out on the floor of the House. At his point, I wouldn’t rule that out in the not-so-distant future.