Let’s Argue the Hypothetical

MSNBC truly crossed the Rubicon this week.

In South Carolina, after what should have been a routine traffic stop, a white policeman shot a middle aged black man in the back as he was running away. He fired at the man eight times, hitting him at least five. Our best guess is that prior to this, the two men had scuffled and the cop’s Taser was used. Scott, the middle aged black man, may have tried to grab the Taser. The whole circumstance might have actually gone in the cop’s favor had he not picked up the dropped Taser, yards from the dead suspect, and then dropped (planted) it next to the man’s body.

As luck would have it, a young man walking by caught most of the relevant stuff on video and handed it over to the police. Officer Slager was fired and arrested and charged with murder. Justice served, case closed, right?

Wrong!! Since we can’t get into a huge racist conspiracy stew over what happened, MSNBC (and no doubt other liberal outlets) are getting into a stew over what MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED! Yes folks, the TV is now full of 24 hour conjecture on what might have happened if the video had not come to light. Chris Hayes, who is rapidly becoming a white version of Al Sharpton, rushed down to SC to provide on the ground coverage, backed by MSNBC resident race-baiter and former daytime hostess Joy Reid. At this point, I wouldn’t put it past these pot-stirrers to inspire a riot down there. The rallying cry would be “you didn’t act racist but that’s only cos you got caught on tape. You’re really racist.”

Is it any wonder we have crumbling roads and bridges, thousands born out of wedlock into poverty with little hope of achievement and a dying middle class? We waste our precious time and resources on utter foolishness.


SC Representative Jim Clyburn has said some slightly nutty stuff over the past 48 hours but I heard one thing from him that did make sense. He wants young folks to have their cell phones with them and at the ready to video anything cockeyed going on with the police. Until cop-cams become mandatory across the country, I do believe it is in the best interests of the citizenry to have their own cam at the ready — and for cops to know they’re never really alone with their suspect, as Slager seemed to think he was.

What do you think? The bar is open.


Mitt Romney is Very Very Rich — Get Over It

Just a short post today regarding Mitt Romney’s money sitting in Bermuda, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. So what? I watched an interesting debate over the weekend on MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” where the question was posed, “is it immoral for Romney to tax shelter his money?” Everyone on the program seemed to acknowledge it was legal. So the question was, is it moral? I found the debate interesting primarily because I love watching debates but the answer for me was as clear as the stripes on the American Flag and as tasty as that first bite of apple pie. Yes, it’s completely moral.

There is a simple reality here folks. Rich people have access to services that the rest of us don’t. It’s a fact of life. The way we get that access is to become rich ourselves. Mitt Romney has legal means to pay as little tax as he possibly can and he just does it on a larger scale than the rest of us. Is it immoral for you to deduct your mortgage interest? Is it immoral for you to list your charities on your tax return? Do YOU bypass deductions so you can patriotically give as much money to the federal government as possible? Of course not. And if you don’t do it, why should Mitt Romney?

There is, to my mind, only one valid financial attack on Romney and that is the veracity of his claim of creating thousands of jobs while at Bain Capital. This is worth investigation because it speaks to one of his highly trumpeted qualifications for being President. Where Romney parks his money, as long as he does it legally, is a distraction.

One of the ways folks stay rich is to throw away as little of their money as possible. If you don’t like Mitt’s finances, vote for people who will change the tax code. Don’t blame Mitt for doing what any person with half a brain would do, namely use every legal means possible to stay in the 1%.

What do you think about how Mitt handles his money?


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The N.R.A. Poster You Will Never See

The National Rifle Association (NRA) guards our 2nd Amendment rights with great virtue and patriotism. Yet somehow, I doubt the photo above would ever be used on one of their posters. The person pictured is Guardian and The Nation contributor Gary Younge who covered the recent NRA convention in St. Louis, Missouri. He described his experience to Chris Hayes this past weekend on “Up with Chris Hayes“.

Younge encountered folks who you would find quite decent and pleasant so long as the topic wasn’t guns. Once guns was the focus, there was a pronounced paranoia regarding whites being the target of an insurgent black America. A persistent theme was the need to have a gun because the threat to personal safety was ever-present. There was also the completely irrational notion that the federal government, led by Obama, was coming to take your guns away. As Younge points out, this fear flies in the face of Obama’s failing grade with gun control groups.

When you couple Younge’s observations of racial paranoia with the paucity of blacks at the NRA convention, you get the distinct impression that whites with guns represents a free nation while blacks with guns represents this:


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