A Sad Day in American Political History

At 9:17 am EDT NBC political director Chuck Todd tweeted “What a sad day in American political history”. I could not have said it better in so few words but I will elaborate on Mr. Todd’s point.

After over two years of the lunatic fringe asking to see President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, a form of which he had already offered to the public, the President today capitulated and published the “long form” of his Hawaiian birth certificate. So long as the crazed birther movement was led by certifiably insane Orly Taitz, part-time lawyer, part-time dentist, part-time real estate broker, the White House felt it could ignore the crackpot conspiracy theory that the President was foreign-born and therefore ineligible to be President of the United States. Once the self-promoting reality TV star, Donald Trump entered the fray, all that changed. Suddenly, the birther movement moved from TV news’ sideshow to their lead story.

The President had two choices, continue to ignore the foolishness or provide further proof that he is an American citizen. I have very mixed feelings about his choice. On the one hand, his release of the long form lays the matter to rest for all but the most truly lunatic among us. By doing so, he has shown 66% of the Republican party to be gullible idiots. He has shown Donald Trump to be, as the President put it in today’s press announcement, “a carnival barker”. He has hopefully cut substantially into the profits of Jerome Corsi’s upcoming book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

But there is a sad downside to this capitulation. The most powerful man in the world today was reduced to saying essentially, “Yes Massa, I really is an American. I gots the papers to prove it.” Not since the dark days of the 19th century where blacks had to identify themselves as free or slave has a man’s identity been so disgustingly challenged. There is no doubt that our incredibly sheltered citizenry who can’t identify other countries on a map had an adjustment to make with a President with such an exotic background. And let’s be honest. Obama, at least from one side of his family, is a first generation American. That is NEW for our country. However, his background makes him a black American.

People can talk until they are blue in the face. No President whose mother was American and father was French would have received this kind of scrutiny about his heritage. The fact is that despite the fact that we elected him, a vocal minority of this country could not accept having a black President and grasped at any straw possible to delegitimize him. Obama could have continued to ignore this contingent but chose to let them control the agenda. By publishing his long form birth certificate, Obama conceded that the lunatics are running the asylum. He validated their nutjob concerns by taking the time to address them.

One of my fellow bloggers whom I shall not identify because he should be ashamed of himself, recently said that he wished the birther conspiracy to be proven true so that Obama could be run out of office.  There is no depth to which enemies of this President will not stoop to see him undone. What is the next step in this process? As some pundits have asked this morning, will Obama now have to publish his school transcripts? Will he have to publish his college thesis? What other things must Obama do to prove his legitimacy?  We are the laughing-stock of the world today. Other countries see us circling the drain while we spend time on this idiocy. The long form is published. Now where are the jobs? When are the foreclosures going to stop? When are our sons and daughters going to stop dying in fruitless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya? How the hell did today’s developments move our country forward?

Who knows, maybe Dwight Eisenhower’s signature on the 1959 Hawaii Admission Act was a forgery? Maybe Hawaii really isn’t a state of the union at all? Perhaps Donald Trump can have his investigators look into that since we have to find some way, any way, to reject this President.


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Lawson is Illegal Immigrant

Yes, my friends, the truth must come out. I have been informed that several crack researchers at World Net Daily have uncovered my real birth certificate. Since I refuse to be outed by those with a vicious agenda, I am preempting any potential scandal by posting my original birth certificate.

Alas, it is true, that like Barack Obama, I was born in Kenya. Hence my devotion to him all these many months. The evidence is here for all to see.