Is Stupid Stuff Deadline Driven?

I am not a professional blogger. I don’t get paid for my work. Yet I do have a self-imposed pressure to publish. There are weeks when, quite frankly, nothing really interests me and I wonder “what do I write about today?” So I was very amused to find a video by blogger Jay Smooth about the consequences of pressure to produce. Sometimes the pressure is so great that pure crap is the product.

Whether or not you like Michelle Obama or Beyonce, Jay’s video about linking the two for the sake of a story is pretty funny and on point.

Jay’s video closes with the following advice:

When you’re really stumped
About where to take a dump
Just go look for Trump
He always deserves it. That’s the one public service he provides.

As many of my regular readers would attest, my fallback tends not to be Trump. It’s Sarah Palin.

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