Obama Video Address: January 17, 2009

This weekend’s video address is Barack Obama’s last before he becomes President of the United States. He reminds us of how special these next few days are. We are one of only few nations that observe an orderly, violence-free change of leadership on a regular predetermined basis. I’m also pretty thrilled at the way he is conducting himself this weekend, particularly the tip of the hat to Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln’s train trip from Illinois to Washington D.C. Of course much has changed since 1861. Lincoln had to make the final leg of the trip to Washington under cover of night and in disguise in response to several assassination threats. The central issue of the day was the enslavement of African-Americans. Kinda hard to even call them African-Americans at the time since they shared none of the rights of true Americans. On Tuesday, January 20, the son of an African man who voluntarily came to this country in search of opportunity, will become the 44th President. Only someone with a heart of stone and a total ignorance of history could not be moved by this event.

And now, for the last time, the President-elect:


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