Fake News, Part 2 – What’s to be Done?

In my previous post I discussed the main stream media’s complicity in the evolution of “fake news”. In this essay I answer what should be done about it. My answer: absolutely nothing. 

I suppose I should rephrase that. What should be done is ensuring that after the 10 to 16 years that the average American attends school, they are able to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Let me be frank. Anyone who believes the Sandy Hook massacre never happened or that Hillary Clinton ran a child trafficking ring out of the basement of a pizzeria that had no basement, is a friggin idiot. And let’s be clear: that exemplifies fake news. 

Saying Hillary Clinton endangered national security with a rogue email server is NOT fake news. At worst, it’s partisan opinion but it ain’t fake. Saying Debbie Wasserman Schultz was corrupt as hell isn’t fake news. The fact we learned this from hacked email doesn’t make it fake. 

And that brings me back to my original prescription of doing absolutely nothing. Those who monitor what goes on the internet have no obligation to protect idiots from themselves. Any attempt to do so starts us down a very slippery slope from censoring the totally fabricated (pizza-gate) to censoring information that exposes corruption simply because we don’t like the source of said information. 

Facebook is contemplating a plan to run “news” through a fact checker like Politifact. Problem is many so called fact checkers lean liberal. 

So we’re back where we started. Stop worrying about the purveyors of fake news and start worrying about the consumers. If we’ve got a country full of idiots who believe everything their crazy uncle sends them then Vladimir Putin is the least of our problems. 

What do you think? The bar is open.