The Problem with Bernie

Most folks who know me know I’ve been “feeling the Bern”. Yes, Bernie Sanders is another aspirational politician speaking in lofty terms. Yes, I fell for that in 2008 and got a big letdown. However, think about the Democrat alternative whose slogan might as well be “no we can’t”. Hillary Clinton’s message of practical progressivism just feels like status quo. Bernie promises a political revolution. How cool is that?

But here’s the problem. Bernie does not understand what country he lives in. When MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked Bernie how he’d deal with inevitable Republican obstructionism, Sanders said he would tell Mitch McConnell to look out the window at the millions of Americans demanding change. News flash Bernie: they won’t be there. 

We don’t have low voter turnout because of voter suppression. Hell, even if blacks and Latinos are being suppressed, there’s a LOAD of whites not voting. The fact is most Americans watch the soap opera which is the current POTUS race, they get entertained, MAYBE they vote and then they go back to their daily lives. They are not interested in ongoing political activism. It’s not as much fun as discussing whether or not Bruce Jenner is a woman. 

So, the Bern I’m feeling is really just a distraction from the total despair I’d feel otherwise. Bernie lives in a Fantasy America that even if she were there with him on Election Day, would disappear by January 20, 2017, returning to her living room to watch Real Housewives and Jerry Springer. 

What do you think? The bar is open. 

534 thoughts on “The Problem with Bernie

  1. It’s time to quit pretending it can be fixed by ANYONE trying to go the normal route. Yes, the country has been beat down and conditioned to be apathetic. It comes after decades of unhealthy and irresponsible living sold us as healthy and righteous. It comes from a false vision of prosperity and success and working all out toward achieving them. It comes from giving in to selfish desires and excessive comfort. Taking the easy road.

    The Bernie supporters are experiencing the very same thing that the Ron Paul supporters experienced the last time they put up that big tent. The latest disillusioned. Do yourself a favor, Rutherford. Get through the phases of grief quickly so that you can be empowered for the next thing coming when this all shakes out.

  2. When you see a Bernie event…it’s a strange brew of the disenfranchised, the red diaper babies, the innumerate and illiterate, the Orwellian intellects of Advanced Studies of Unknown Purpose, the Gruberites, and the defiling parasites.

    Many if not most, the Social Justice Warriors in desperate need of safe spaces in their 8th year of doctorate with “advanced studies” degree in hand, who have no idea because they are desperately stupid, never able to understand their path ultimately leads to their oppression with liberty stripped – Marxism leading to plutocracy, the finality fascism of tyrannical government. Venezuela with a bong and a couple of hits of acid.

    Similar to folks who once believed in communal living not too long ago, strummed guitars and tuned in and turned out, today enhanced with a religion of global warming and the conclusion Obama didn’t turn far enough left and the $20 trillion in debt is too austere for entitlement. Free college will solve a multitude of problems and Wall Street is to blame for their shortcomings, whatever that means.

    Therefore Rutherford, Bernie is an even more ideal candidate for you than the planet healer and Nobel Prize Winner was in 2008.

    I think the Bern you are feeling is the plasma flame burning under your miniature seat. Or should I say “meltdown” of watching your dystopian world staffed by Skittle shitting unicorns crumbling down in the blink of an eye.

    Here’s hoping you can swim better than you have reasoned.

  3. Bernie and Trump are fantasy candidates with charisma. They promise what they cannot deliver without creating a dictatorship. Be grateful they cannot deliver.

    People are no different from anyone living four thousand years ago. They need incentives to participate actively. Colonial people in America did not enjoy universal sufferage, because they needed to have “skin in the game” as land owners and substantial citizens.

    The voters tended to be better educated in the ways of current events than now, and the government offered more restrictions to people’s choices than we have today. Voters had a better sense of responsibility for their country.

    I think generations of politicians promising too much and letting people vote who should not. They altered the structure of our government and rewarded ignorance and political sloth.

    Most of the Berne feelers and Trumpians should not be voting. They are parasites regarded by their betters as a means to an end
    instead of fellow travelers working to improve our country.

  4. With Donald it’s more chutzpah than charisma. Bernie’s draw is his humble demeanor. The problem with choosing a candidate based on curb appeal or package design is you cannot change what is on the inside. Sure, you can market to a larger audience and increase sales overall, but the content is still high fructose corn syrup. You cannot strain anything healthy out of a load of crap.

  5. Marxism leading to plutocracy

    The road to plutocracy is already well paved.

    I’ll say this for Trump. He says he will be “greedy for America” and his supporters love it. It’s the 21st century version of trickle down economics.

  6. I think democracy is hard. Always. The idea that one politician can sweep away the past and ride in on the back of the Unicorn of Change has never been realistic. The reality Bernie and his followers are not facing is that change flows from the bottom to the top in a democracy. In fact, that’s practically the definition of the democratic system of governance. Change flows from Statehouses to Congress to the Presidency. The issue for Bernie is that he won’t be standing atop a pyramid. It is possible, in Midwestern red states like the one where I live, that Hillaryvwill have coat tails wide enough to bring some down-ticket Dems along with her. It is possible that with Hillary on the ticket we can flip this Senate seat. Bernie won’t do that for us. Even if the under 35s LOVE him there aren’t enough f them. Here’s the real news flash – flipping the Senate is MORE important than anything else in this next election. If we can hold the WH AND flip the Senate then we can change the course of the nation via the SCOTUS. If you care about campaign finance we need the SCOTUS. If you care about banking reform we need the SCOTUS. If you care about health care we need the SCOTUS. If you care about the environment we need the SCOTUS. And on and on. This next President and Senate will reshape the SCOTUS and we just cannot risk that. Bernie has already changed the conversation and he has redefined the parameters of the current Dem party but he does not have the kind of machine it will take to drag backward-looking state parties into the future. That takes political muscle and the Clunton machine is nothing if not powerful.

    That being said, the danger of the Bern-mentum fading away as the primary progresses is obvious. If I could wave a magic wand I would want to direct as much energy into state and local campaigns as possible. We must be building now the base for the critical 2020 campaign/census/redistricting combo. If there was ever a project that cried out for millennials to make themselves both heard AND felt, that’s the one.

    Aspirations are wonderful but they are also terribly misleading. Your heart will always get broken (think Bobby Kennedy, MLK, Harvey Milk, Jimmy Carter). We live in the real world and we need to determine our political actions based upon reality. Remember, “Politics, the art of the possible.” – from Evita

  7. Welcome to the bar, Hopping Mad. I’m not sure I buy your notion that Bernie’s coattails would be so much shorter than Hillary’s.

    First, if by some shift in the universe, Bernie got the nomination, there would be a tide of enthusiasm that might help the down ticket races.

    On the flipside, Hillary’s preordained win will not inspire that kind of enthusiasm. In fact, in down ticket races every GOP candidate will vilify Hillary in the worst way and galvanize their supporters.

  8. Democracy isn’t hard. It’s impossible. It has never worked in practice. Everyone keeps saying and thinking if we change local government we will be able to change the very top. It hasn’t gone that way as power does tend to corrupt and absolute power… Well, certainly we’ve seen how that works.

    The disillusion runs deep in this land.

  9. I like the Rolling Stone article. It illustrates the in born tendency to support people who exude confidence and simplicity. For example, in 1975, one of the worst tornadoes in history to that time wrecked a wide strip of Omaha. My wife and I were in Omaha a week later as another smaller tornado crossed the city.

    As we entered a store, a distraught woman asked if we had heard any news about the tornado. I told her it had passed our location and explained why the danger for us was over. Within a few minutes 15 or 20 people gathered to listen to what became a meteorlogical seminar. They had no more idea that I knew what I was talking about than Trump or Sanders, but the way I said it made them feel more secure.

    I agree Poolman, democracy over the long term is impossible. Our founding fathers understood with their studies of Athens, Rome, Native Americans and philosophers. They were afraid our system might not last more than a few generations even with the safeguards they created. Our ancestors and we weakened the structure our first leaders built and as a result we are evolving into something different from the original We are more prone to the blandishments of demagogues.

    I like what you wrote Hoping Mad. We need you here. Of course, your point of view and the people you support are part of the problem. Democrats would be screwed were it not for the Republicans.

  10. Its hard to pick a favorite paragraph but its probably this one –

    “At a time when there couldn’t be more at stake, with the Middle East in shambles, a major refugee crisis, and as many as three Supreme Court seats up for grabs (the death of satanic quail-hunter Antonin Scalia underscored this), the Republican Party picked a strange year to turn the presidential race into a potluck affair. The candidates sent forth to take on Trump have been so incompetent they can’t lose properly.”

    Tabbai’s insights have been missed. I see Fat Granny is back in action too.

  11. Apparently the EU will vote to stay together or break apart this June. Good for them. I hope they choose wisely. We would be wise to exercise our own similar right.

    The balkanizing effect set forth by the hopeful few has rebounded within their very court. Dominoes will fall, but not as they were intended. Many will fall out of sync leaving standing rows. Others will topple prematurely knocking out key junctures. It really is an exciting time to be alive.

    There are organic movements taking place.

    Let’s make certain this revolution sets us aright in true light.

  12. I’m having trouble copy/pasting from the Rolling Stone article on my iPhone but I did want to give them kudos for calling out Trump’s ironic use of “Revolution” as his entrance theme. Reminds me of Bush ’41 use of “Born in the USA” which was anything but a tribute to America.

  13. Bernies “problems” are legion and I’ll just leave it there on that on that one.

    Although I have read a number of liberals harder stuff,including Taibbi, and on more than one occasion said “Wow,what a quality piece of journalism that not only made me think but respected me as a reader even though its premise is contrary to my views.” Well perhaps I didn’t say that exactly but I have said similar stuff;however, the linked RS piece is not one of those pieces and this isn’t one of those times. The fucking thing could be cut and paste to have Hillary inserted almost anywhere. Tabby isn’t going to go there and like way too many liberals even where he hints his disdain @ HRC he overtly blathers about the criminality,insanity and general retarded mental state of any given (R).

    @hoppin’mad PUMA I find your thinking on democracy and the coat tails topic to be bereft of intelligence. I don’t mean that necessarily as an insult to your intelligence, more so a vapid dishonesty towards reality.
    First of all democracy is actually quite easy and the history of democracies bear me out. That is not to say there isn’t messes and missteps but that is part of the charm of democracy and what makes it the safe and EASY alternative to fascism. It is also how,where and why democracy can so easily lead to fascism. It is here where history again bears me out in spades.

    As for democracy being top down or bottom up I also find this rather meh. Popularism is perhaps the best illustration for the argument,ironically for either direction. I don’t think history speaks to how any populist movement was ever pure. I think this speaks volumes that the directional notion is naive folly at best. As for strong fundamental political organization I don’t believe the USA offers much hope. Our two-party system is kind of a lie compared to other democracies “party” set up. The sense of ownership and belonging is just not there. As for issue based movements,well history is literally littered with them and I don’t know if a credible position could be set up that either party still holds true to any of them. The Republicans position on states rights is checkered at best. The Democrats on civil rights is as well.

    Lastly the coat tail theory. Coat tails don’t favor the Democrats this year regardless of their candidate. I think Red or Blue America is a generation (2 Presidential cycles aka 6-8 years) away from fixing the concrete disunity that has so firmly set. The next Census shake-up will hopefully see President Paul Ryan worrying about coat tails. Until then,not so much.

  14. Oh one more thing. Lets stop working on the historical hall pass for Barack Obama. BOTH Bushes,Clinton and Reagan faced great obstacles during their Presidencies and NONE of them get to take the massive Mulligan people are trying to give to Barack Obama. To his credit I don’t know if I believe HE is trying to take the Mulligan but its crystal clear his fans are golf clapping all the way.

  15. Rutherford of all the things you could try to be a purist about lyrical discernment ain’t one of them. Sorry buddy but your comment shows a weird thought process.

  16. Well I had trouble following you in general today Alfie but your last comment really stumped me.

    Revolution, a song rejecting the simple tyrant solution to problems is NOT a song Trump should be using. He also used Neil Young’s Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World – again TOTALLY inappropriate.

    Born in the USA was about our country’s abandonment of the working class and Nam vets. Not a fucking national anthem but you’d never know that from Bush ’41.

  17. Yeah R you’re being too literal and pompous in your song smarts. The tunes are picked by the humps for the same reason they enjoy support from fans. One or two lines!!!!!
    Understanding that music is for the most part superficial at the basic level seems to have escaped you.

  18. First when it comes to Revolution and Born in the USA all there is is literal. The answer is blowing in the wind is not literal.

    If your point is most folks don’t care about lyrics, point taken. And truth be told, S&G America is about a vain search for meaning so Bernie is as guilty as anyone else for song misuse.

    I didn’t finish the RS article yet so at this point I’m not saying I understood Taibbi any better than I understood you.

  19. Rutherford, Simon and Garfunkle’s search for America was based on a real event. Simon and his girl friend traveled across the United States, and Simon wrote about the literal and figurative experience. As you wrote, the trip was a metaphorical search for meaning and identity. The song also described a mini movement which we saw in Europe and America.

    We drove through and camped in Canada for several weeks in 1970 and again in 1971. The woods were full of young Canadians on the road to see and learn about their country. I assume the same thing was happening in the US.

    As you wrote, Revolution was also a literal statement to radicals who wanted the Beatles to give to their cause. They were too extreme for the Beatles. Ironically, the Beatles might assume Sanders was too extreme. So, yes, Bernie misuses songs too.

    The Answer is Blowing in the wind is also literal. Dylan was singing “we have a problem” and I’ll be dmd if I know how to solve it.”

    Songs are basically poems set to music, but as we know most people don’t pay attention to much more than the chorus and the tune.

  20. The Answer is Blowing in the wind is also literal. Dylan was singing “we have a problem” and I’ll be dmd if I know how to solve it.”

    Well, your interpretation is on target but that doesn’t change the metaphorical nature of the lyric. It’s not literal.

    On a side note I am currently at the worst organized gym meet I have ever attended. It started an hour late and five hours later I am about to blow my head off.

  21. I’d pay money to hear Alfie’s song.

    While Rutherford nearly blows his head off, we have enjoyed a record 71 degree high, and we are looking for a new farm to buy. Whether or not we really do is still blowing in the wind.

  22. Yes Poolman, some of that west Texas soil landed on us, though most was red Oklahoma dirt. Morocco soil landed on us when we lived in England.

    I agree Rutherford,

  23. Hillary’s speech last night was nothing more than demagoguery and high velocity pandering. She demonstrated that the Democrats dont need her to be a good liar just a willing one.

  24. Rutherford’s new theme song is getting to be “You Can’t Always Get Want You Want…”

    With the advent of the election of TrumpHillary, it will become, “Gimme Shelter.” A 50 point wallop on the commie by the tyrannical, lying harpy accompanied by the serial rapist husband. Dammmnnn…

    It may be the Democratic Party is the one to go by ‘The Way of the Whigs…”

    Let’s dig out of some more of those beautiful 2008 epilogues about Baracka Obama healing the planet and ushering in peace with great paying jobs. Yes We Can!

  25. I think Bernie still has Tuesday to look forward to. The in the tank hyperbolic media press on the SC win is pretty pathetic.
    We’re talking about an insignificant race given what the state will do in the general, that always seems to get overlooked. It is the same thing as looking at MA and declaring the GOP minus unenrolled voters as being a real victory. NH for example of the counter can actually go Blue in the general so Sanders winning there is slightly more impressive all things considered.
    My history on this is sadly lacking but I am calling the generic general in favor of the GOP.

  26. The next time a Democrat tries to convince anyone that the GOP is all about suppressing voters, remind them of daytime caucuses that don’t allow participation from working people, coin flips, card draws, and super-delegates.

  27. First, the Can’t Always Get What You Want and Gimme Shelter references cracked me up.

    Two things to Alfie: First I’d like to take comfort in your Super Tuesday wait-and-see but you’re forgetting something. Profoundly dumb black people. The only reason Bernie lost SC was a mass of gullible or antisemitic or both, blacks who embarrassed themselves giving HRC a 97/3 victory over Sanders. I foolishly thought Sanders could turn that around with the help of Ben Jealous, Cornell West and Spike Lee. He can’t. He will go down in flames in the entire South. Much of the black youth vote he’d like to get are in prison. It’s a fucking mess.

    Second, Tulsi has been my BFF ever since she called Debbie Wasserman Schultz a fucking liar.

  28. “Tulsi has been my BFF ever since she called Debbie Wasserman Schultz a fucking liar.”

    Bernie should hint at her being a running mate if nominated.

  29. So the crazy leprechaun from Alabama has taken a stand!

    “POLITICO BREAKING – Sen. Jeff Sessions endorses Trump:
    Donald Trump won another major endorsement Sunday, surprising the political world when he walked onto the stage for a rally in Madison, Ala., with Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions.
    Two days ahead of Super Tuesday when 11 states will cast votes, Trump continues to dominate the national airwaves and demonstrate growing support from Republican elected officials.
    While Chris Christie, who threw his support behind Trump on Friday, is a pillar of the GOP establishment, Sessions is a tea party idol who helps validate the New York City billionaire with the conservative grassroots.
    His endorsement is a major blow to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whose success may hinge on winning those Tea Party and evangelical voters and who has so often cited Sessions as an ally in his fight against the 2013 immigration reform effort.
    The pair of endorsements for Trump serves as an indication of a growing acceptance on both ends of the Republican Party that he, not Cruz or Marco Rubio, is likely to be the GOP nominee.
    Cruz has called Sessions “the strongest opponent of amnesty in the United States Congress,” and often mentions him and Iowa Rep. Steve King in the same sentence.
    (via POLITICO for iOS)

    Make America Great Again! Yeeeee haaaa!

  30. I’m watching Donald’s Alabama rally and his stream of consciousness thing is astounding.

    He must have so much dirt on the GOP or they would have stopped him by now.

    This guy is great to sit at the diner with and chew the fat. But President? What the hell is going on here?

    Chuck Todd presented only two possible outcomes. Either a Trump nomination or a contested convention. Absolutely incredible.

  31. It’s not difficult to figure out.

    Nobody wants to have backed a loser. And Trump isn’t losing anything. So now it’s just a race to see who can claim the early backing.

  32. I didn’t realize just what a shmuck Christie has turned out to be. He savaged Trump on the campaign trail, openly mocking him, declaring him unfit for POTUS. Now an endorsement. I truly thought Christie was “different”. He’s just another pol.

    OMFG but I think I’m joining the drama queen contingent here. No one can be trusted to steer the ship right. I was beginning to think maybe Jeb was the answer and then he quit.

    Cruz dropped an insinuation on Meet the Press this morning that Trump has mob ties.

    The 2016 Campaign: Appealing to our Better Angels

  33. But you have to give it to Trump for small scale psy-ops. He now calls Rubio “Little Marco”. And it will stick. It will plant in voters heads just like “Raymond, how bout a game of solitaire?” in the Manchurian Candidate.

  34. Man, what has happened to Moonbat City, formerly known as MSNBC and home to Rutherford Lawson?

    When did MSNBC become so racist getting rid of that poor, poor Harris-Perry woman and alienating her dozens and dozens of viewers?

    Does Harris-Perry get to keep the gold plated tampon earrings upon departure?

  35. The Harris-Perry meltdown has been interesting. She has said things that would set Tex’s hair on fire. Apparently she once bemoaned that her employment was in the control of a “white man”. Ohhh boy.

    I liked her back in the day but I honestly think she’s been having a public nervous breakdown.

  36. Actually in someways, I’m ready for this election to begin with the choice of two of the most horrid candidates imaginable. I’ll be watching basketball, or something the Tuesday in November. And I’ll no longer have to share in the blame and worry about voting either. Both of these candidates are shit and shit is what I expect to get in return.

    I started tuning out FOX News last week in its entirety for transparent enabling and Trump thumb sucking.

    It’s been seven days after being a pretty religious watcher of FOX for at least 15 years treating FOX News like MTV – something to skip bye. And surprisingly, I haven’t really missed it either.

  37. Have we seen Hillary and Donald in the same room together lately?

    I think she’s playing both ends against the middle. Evil genius!

  38. Harris-Perry is your typical black racialist – stupid, an embarrassment, a liability, and an imbecile. The fact the golden tampon cries sexism and racism makes her even more insufferable, if that is possible.

    In other words, a perfect fit for the failing and massively dysfunctional MSNBC.

    I have to admit – either I’ve changed or the light bulb came on the last few months – one of the two. I don’t find FOX a whole lot better these days and kick myself for being involved politically at all. My wife had this one figured out years ago.

    If it’s convenient, vote. If it’s not, they’re probably not worth a shit anyways. 😆

  39. 😆 Tex, once I quit taking any of this seriously, it made it all easier to stomach. I am enjoying the whole circus this time around. Strictly entertainment to me.

  40. I’ve never seen the MHP show so it doesn’t matter to me.

    I’m still going to vote.

    How did we get so much smarter than the majority of voters?

  41. “I didn’t realize just what a shmuck Christie has turned out to be.”

    I’ve been telling you this since he cradled Obama’s nuts the day before the 2012 election.

  42. I think Christie knows he is now done in New Jersey (which is why I incorrectly predicted he wouldn’t even run), and needs to position himself for a future job.

  43. The Trump Hillary mashup is classic.

    Tex, and I don’t mean this as insult, I’m a bit surprised by how much Trump disgusts you. Trump is the natural hyperbolic cartoon caricature of the GOP. The GOP has been slowly constructing this Frankenstein monster for 30 years and now he is setting their house on fire.

    Trump is a mouthpiece for much of what you love: pro law enforcement, pro military, anti illegal immigrant. Your violent disgust seems outsized when contrasted against your rants of the past 9 years.

  44. Remember, Chris Christie is the guy who told everyone to get fucked after he put a Muslim on the bench, and is now endorsing the guy who wouldn’t even let that judge into the country.

  45. Tex Rutherford, and I don’t mean this as insult, I’m a bit surprised by how much Trump Hillary disgusts you. Trump Hillary is the natural hyperbolic cartoon caricature of the GOP Democratic party. The GOP Democratic party has been slowly constructing this Frankenstein monster for 30 years and now (s)he is setting their house on fire.”

    That was just way too easy.

  46. Oh really? I think Trump has the potential to take us so very much lower. Everything he does is grossly exaggerated. If you can’t imagine things being any worse, you don’t have much of an imagination.

  47. “That was just way too easy.”

    Yeah… There are no high roads available anymore.

    At least with Trump, we will get to see him troll the heck out of Felonious Cunt.

  48. “Maybe Dems are better at destroying their monsters?”

    As Hillary Clinton becomes president…..

    Rutherford’s island is a miserable place.  

  49. “Actually Huck I figured you’d consider Sanders the Frankenstein monster.”

    Sanders is as inconsequential as Ron Paul was. He’s nothing. He’s a joke. He’s for dreamers. The only reason he has got what he’s got in the primaries to date is because it’s all but a 2-horse race. And that’s the only reason he will get what he gets in the future primaries. If there were any other real options to Hillary then Sanders would have already dropped out.

    “Maybe Dems are better at destroying their monsters?”

    Beat Hillary in the primary and I will concede that point.

  50. I agree with Huck. Hillary, not Sanders, is the monster. He is her sparing partner to toughen her up for the main event.

    If the contest devolves to Hillary V Trump, we will see a new level of strange.

  51. Hillary had better hope she can convince Obama to share his micro-election stuff that he used to win 2012 or Trump will smack the shit out of her.

    She won’t be able to out-Trump Trump, and she will lose people by even trying.

    And she will try…..

  52. There are plenty who say Trump and Hillary are the same team.
    Trump’s political history points to that being likely.
    So if it does boil down to a Trump v Hillary race, Hillary wins regardless.
    Americans aren’t known for their smarts anymore.

  53. Hillary should totally debate Trump. I’m pretty sure she could get him to go nuts and self destruct. The only concern would be him shellacking her with Benghazi. It would be interesting.

  54. Ahhh Huck, the good old days of the woman haters club. That was back when I was a devoted Dem operative. I’ve soooo lost my edge. I blame it on age.

    The Transportation Secretary joke is a hoot.

    Trump will make Hillary wish she never decided to run. Benghazi, email, Clinton Foundation, past remarks about Bill’s “bimbos”. It will be a bloodbath. Believe me, Team Clinton does NOT want Trump to get the nomination.

  55. 1) Everyone has been waiting for Trump to go nuts and self destruct this whole time. He’s only done the former.

    2) Hillary sucks at debating. She has little game and Trump can throw her off of it, just as he has done to the entire GOP field.

    3) He could hit her on a lot. Hitting is his talent. If he can’t find something he will create something…like Little Marco. And he can find a lot. Her attacks on women to defend Bill, calling blacks “super-predators”, he’ll use his business experience to show how her economic and domestic policies are unrealistic and unsustainable. He can definitely cause her damage.

    I’m thinking shecould well be the one that will go nuts and self destruct

  56. Tex, and I don’t mean this as insult, I’m a bit surprised by how much Trump disgusts you. Trump is the natural hyperbolic cartoon caricature of the GOP. The GOP has been slowly constructing this Frankenstein monster for 30 years and now he is setting their house on fire.

    Trump is a mouthpiece for much of what you love: pro law enforcement, pro military, anti illegal immigrant. Your violent disgust seems outsized when contrasted against your rants of the past 9 years

    Let’s see. Trump is malignant, narcissistic, dishonest, without principle or a plan, a thug, with a cult following that doesn’t seem to care what Trump says or does or lacks.

    That reads like Obama and the Cult of Obama’s many flunkies in 2008, does it not?

    Why yes, yes, I can see why you wouldn’t understand why I might find Trump disgusting. You couldn’t eight years ago figure out why I found Obama so utterly vacuous. and disgusting. From the quality of your critical thinking skills, nothing much appears to have changed with you in eight years either, so I guess that conclusion from you would follow.

    In fact Rutherford, of all the souls I’ve ever met, you would be the last person on earth to understand why I would find Trump so unqualified, dangerous and disgusting.

    I would say not only has the GOP in their impotence been constructing Trump, but that Trump a mirror image of the leader of the winning party of the last two election cycles, perhaps minus the cowardice and bigotry. That remains to be seen.

    I would say the Cult of Trump groupies are in fact, a mirror image of you.

  57. I’m watching The Revenant right now (letting it stream ahead a bit, at the moment). At 40 minutes in I can see why it won awards for camera work. To be honest I saw why after 10 minutes in. Excellent camera work and so far, pretty good acting and writing. It’s an interesting story that keeps drawing you in deeper. This is a movie worthy of the Oscar nomination it received. I’m a bit sorry I didn’t take DR’s advice and see it in a theater.

    Sorry I’m not giving more of a review but I’m super busy right now, and not finding much urge to write in the time I do have. I’m glad Rutherford gave us some fresh content.

  58. Is that supposed to take The Donald down? Somebody that nobody knows who he is besides Feel the Bern stooges and HBO dregs. 😈

    If there is any effect, it probably will increase Trump’s numbers because an HBO dolt less famous than the insufferable Maher has insulted the Donald.

  59. Here’s a good statistic for you white breads to set to memory who are getting a little tired of being lectured to by the black and brown racialists, the man haters, and the young idiot rubes – the Bernie/Hillary crowd, so to speak.

    The Democratic Party is hemorrhaging white voters. “What’s happened is a flight of moderates and conservatives from Democratic contests. The number of moderates and conservatives is down 46 percent in Iowa, 38 percent in new Hampshire and a whopping 64 percent in Nevada. You might regard this year’s Democratic contests as being determined by the liberal rump of the party, with the moderates and conservatives acting as if they had been expelled.”

    I attribute much of this trend to our post-racial President of the last seven years, who has ushered in racial harmony along with his magnificent promises of world peace.

    Yes We Can!

  60. But, but, but…Bernie is honest! Bernie is the man! Bernie doesn’t cater to Wall Street! Bernie loves the little people with free rent, education and gas!

    As long as the big donor money isn’t American money, it’s clean. What’s not to love about Carlos Slim? 😈

  61. If that guy was a thing he would be a limp balloon.

    I thought Lord Gingivitus was building towards something but he just hissed through lame Facebook catfight content.

  62. Tex, that stat and your conclusions is clearly why Trump has risen. A yuuuuge segment of this country has had enough of being poked in the chest, chastised, vilified, punished and belittled by the great post racial president that was going to heal the earth and spread peace, love, harmony, hope and change.

    Obama made an enemy of a majority of the country and the ones with any self-respect are pissed off. And I believe that’s all there is to it. The GOP are bunch of dickless wonders but that’s not what’s fueling this. Of course Rutherford doesn’t get this. He’s one of the legions of dependent, useful idiots looking for their next messiah to bring them happiness and prosperity. Always believing that though the shear force of personality their next president will dispense a long-overdue comeuppance from the evil white majority and free them from the shackles of capitalism and democracy. You know, that bent that has always worked out in the past. Take from thee and give to me. 🙄

  63. Donald Drumpf was boring. Thought it would at least be funny. Won’t go viral.

    But then again… I get the feeling Rutherford’s version of “viral” is a feed back loop from his tv to his couch back to his tv to his couch back to his tv to his couch back to his tv to his couch….until he snoooooozes and drooooolzes.

  64. Lol. Rutherford’s is a mini version of that grand political feedback loop…

    “until neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew whether this one was that one…or that one was this one or which one was what one…or what one was who.”

  65. Obama didn’t want us to drill our way to lower prices. He wanted more expensive gas because it would make alternative energy more competitive, and the higher gas prices would make people self ration their purchases.

    He actually owes his environmentalist allies an appology for failing to stop the drilling surge. Of course, El Tigre already knows this.

  66. First only a partisan idiot can’t appreciate how thoroughly Oliver took Trump down. While the Oliver segment did indeed trend on Twitter and Google I didn’t see mention of it on TV. TV was too busy covering Trump’s flip flop on David Duke. As I’ve said, the MSM is complicit in Trump’s rise.

    Tigre, I’m not DEPENDENT on anyone so aim your welfare King bullshit at someone else. I don’t collect unemployment nor am I on disability. Both my wife and I have had to tap into our 401k’s to survive – money we earned.

    So relax. Your precious money is supporting some other lazy entitled negro. Maybe he can join the bar so you can aim your dependent comment at the right person.

  67. Poolman as you know I’ve built an entire social philosophy around the Sneetches. If you’ve forgotten, just search for Sneetches on this blog. Heck, if you Google “Rutherford Lawson Sneetches” you may find it too.

    As for Trump and the illuminati I can only hope you’re joking.

  68. Welfare King? Hey dumbfuck. The need to have a benevolent dictator is the dependence I am referring to. Your cult leader. The messianic fuck that you think is the source of moral guidance, that rights all wrongs, that will lead to your prosperity and happiness, that will heal the planet and eliminate racism through the shear force of personality. Government is your religion. It’s why you hate real religion. It competes with yours.

    I didn’t say you collected welfare, dipshit.

    But don’t worry, there’ll always be another cult leader for you since you will always need one. Of course, next time it’ll be the real deal.

  69. So relax. Your precious money is supporting some other lazy entitled negro.

    😆 😆

    A lot of those entitled Negroes out there for us evil, white, male, white bread to support. Besides, y’all look the same. It’s an easy mistake to make. 😈

  70. Shall we assume Oliver is going to give the presumptive Democratic party nominee equal treatment next week?

    Or is it only some of us who are the partisan idiots?

  71. To be clear…I really don’t give 2 shits about Trump getting bagged on–by anyone. Anyone who seeks the highest office in the land should have to face this.

    But that’s exactly my point. If it’s only Trump that gets his clock cleaned by this guy, then everyone should be asking why that is, rather than snickering over it.

  72. Huck, even though Oliver clearly leans left it would not surprise me to see him aim at HRC later in the year. I’m not promising it but just the fact he’s British makes me think he has a certain objectivity about American politics. I could be wrong.

  73. As for Trump and the illuminati I can only hope you’re joking.

    The joke is on the citizens who learn life via main stream media’s presentation. Who is laughing all the way to the bank? Well, they are the bank. There are those that created this system of fractional reserve banking and we gave them our right to issue currency. Is that not trickery?

    Since you have shown an unwillingness to believe in magic or consider there exists symbols that are used to control human behavior, I cannot expect you to see things as they are. Though these things are made light of in the main stream, as if a fad, they have a history as old as mankind. I will try to engage your inquiring mind and maybe rehydrate some of that grey matter. I would think you would understand that there are secret societies that operate and most of the politicians are part of one cult or another. JFK discussed them in one of his last speeches. You’ve heard of some of them, I would assume. Many have been and are being exposed. It isn’t just fun and games and secret handshakes. They tie in with the whole pedophile sex international slave trade industry that is going on right under the noses of common citizens. Think jeffrey epstein and maybe start your own digging there. There is an ugly underbelly to this beast. We see glimpses of these things in press, but the institutions are so filled with these sick beings that they cover for one another. You don’t talk if you want to live long and prosper. What happened to the 5200 or so discovered several years ago at the pentagon? Deep sixed. The sickness is displayed on the big screens across america and blasted over the airwaves. Not much is edifying. Humanity has been demoralized. There has been a steady and constant bombardment to our moral code. The onslaught of consumerist stimuli is relentless and wearying also. It is weaved into every show. The sickness we see in this culture all around has been fed to us during my lifetime and longer. All we do is bicker and do the same things hoping for a better outcome. Our species has been infected with weak vision and fearful muddled thinking. The organic machines under these flesh tents that mobilize our spirit beings are struggling under toxic artificial conditions. We trade energies with digital interfacing devices. We act as if there are no watchers. There are watchers. Always.

    The whole of creation groans under the weight of all the injustice. But, for now…grace.

  74. “If it’s only Trump that gets his clock cleaned by this guy, then everyone should be asking why that is, rather than snickering over it.”

    Rutherfords points are missing something. Like a point. No substance, just a vague “Romney would have been worse” or as with his defense of Olivers lame leftist routine – “it would not surprise me if” one day Oliver stepped out of partisan line.

    Wake me up when the Trump takedown starts.

  75. Tigre’s polling observations:

    As most of you know I live in a predominantly black neighborhood. Although whites are an extreme minority in my district, I did not see a single black at the polls this morning at 8:00. Not one. That’s very, very unusual, even for primaries.

    Conversation with the brothas tell me that blacks simply will not vote for Bernie. They will vote as a block for Hillary — or at least say they will. I don’t think there’ll be any turnout for that corrupt hag among minorities.

  76. Well, you two are likely voting Trump.
    That’s the type of substance I painstakingly avoid stepping in.
    Bates motel has no vacancies.

  77. Tigre, CLEARLY you’re a racist. Bernie is a DEMOCRATIC socialist and wants to start a REVOLUTION.

    Wrongway Lawson thinks Chris Matthew’s saying something that Wrongway said FIRST (for once) is PROOF that he was RIGHT all along.

  78. Poolman painstakingly avoids stepping in any kind of substance.

    Poolman has gained wizzdom you see. He minored in it at Google University. He would like us to know that he boldly quit 1 credit shy of a PHD simply because he didn’t want to have those pesky letters following his good name around.

  79. It makes sense to Wrongway Lawson thinks that blending capitalism and socialism somehow produces bags of skittles for everyone. Holy shit.

    Wrongway consumes information for only purpose: validation. Period. That’s it.

  80. And shit, I broke the new comment formatting rules that require caps hear and there to emphasize something or another.

  81. Oh hell no, Tigre, I didn’t read that babble. I read his short little fart from this morning. The only comments I read of his are the ones that take less time to see the words than to roll by them.

    No one read that crazy talk, I assure you. No one.

  82. You misspelled a word, Tigre. CLEARLY you suck at your job and are racist and probably TACITLY approving of some rape joke somewhere.

  83. The ^^substance peddlers^^ have succumbed to their own pretzel skittle logic.

    Obviously Bernie is there to provide the appearance of choice. He doesn’t play hardball and his proposed fixes aren’t feasible, let alone affordable. He may just be the anti-trump candidate.

    The Trump troglophiles will trample the Bern outs while the wicked witch waltzes to victory.

  84. I am feeling a LITTLE rapey today. I always feel racist.

    Let’s not FORGET too that Rutherford is NOT on welfare and only watches 7 hours of tee vee per day in the evenings. I guess he’s sworn off the previous steady diet of Morning Joe with BUBBLES!

  85. Muff and James both said they would vote Trump if he is the nominee. That is support.
    What would a legalistic word wrangler call that?

  86. “Muff and James both said they would vote Trump if he is the nominee. That is support.
    What would a legalistic word wrangler call that?”

    I’d call that comment a shorter than usual plastic bag of hot clown diarrhea from the unsung hero of the rodeo.

  87. “NO chance.”

    Indeed. So let’s increase the daily diet of propaganda to the more realistic and breathtaking 9 hours. But none of it “daytime” tee vee. That’s for real couch potatoes. 🙄

  88. Shit.

    “Indeed. So let’s increase the daily diet of PROPAGANDA to the more realistic and breathtaking 9 hours. But none of it “daytime” TEE VEE. That’s for real couch POTATOES.”

  89. Muffy can speak for herself.

    I regard it as taking the least painful route.

    It is like the time a drunk driver skidded and stalled perpendicular to the icy bridge one night when I was driving home from harvest. He turned his lights off and was invisible at first . I had two choices. Avoid the pickup by steering into the bridge railing and risk falling into the icy river. Or skid ahead and hit the pickup as the driver opened the door and put his foot onto the bridge.

    I made my choice and then the lights went out. Technically, I am supporting Trump but I am actually choosing the lessor of two evils as I did on the bridge.

    Both are so dangerous that if it was in my power Hillary and Donald would die in unfortunate accidents or medical conditions before the election.

  90. I used to feel RAPEY all the time. 55 and now I just want to be the RAPEE. I used to work with this pretty but heavy set woman who told me one day she was going to “Jump my Bones.” What didn’t sound appealing at 30 is incredibly appealing at 55. Of course, she would probably be about 70 now. Might be more like bounce my bones. 😈

    I’ve gotten too lazy to feel RACIST all the time. It’s easier to just laugh and point fingers at the grievance hustlers. That makes them madder anyway than the dreaded “N” word. I’ll bet Wrongway would attest to that fact.

    I’ve gone back to reading the Old Testament and thought to myself King David and King Solomon were some pretty fortunate guys. Concubines, willing wives, palaces, a formidable army. And when they felt you stepped out of line, they appointed somebody to cut your head off.

    That too is appealing. 😈

  91. Both are so dangerous that if it was in my power Hillary and Donald would die in unfortunate accidents or medical conditions before the election.

    ** GUFFAW ** I thought I was the only one twisted enough to think that way.

  92. After Iranian CAPTURE of US sailors, and with the HELP of John Kerry, we now KNOW that this type of thing is proof of Obama’s international rope-a-dope mo jo.

    Cue James Taylor. . .

  93. I’ve only glanced at the comments. I’ll read them in more detail later but I’m amazed at the silly shit you folks glom onto.

    FWIW I interact here almost exclusively on my iPhone and it takes less typing to put something in CAPS than to type out the short code to boldface it. It’s simple expediency, nothing more. Why it’s the source of kindergarten giggles, is beyond me but I’m happy to amuse you.

    By the next time I come here Trump and Hillary will have planted their flag.


  94. “Muffy can speak for herself.”

    Pool finds me the quote and I will.

    Until then Baggy Britches can toke a fattie and babble about how they put that cancer in Bob Marley’s shoe.

  95. Well I’ve been given a reason to go to the polls later and its a pretty cool one in some ways,too bad its with the current offerings.
    I’m trying to find a way to accept that which I think is coming. I started a post miniseries about the Kübler Ross Model and this election.
    In no particular order my vote points are:
    Don’t trash the Cuba opening
    Keep the Iran deal
    No boots in the Muslim pits of despair
    China Bash
    TPP take it or leave it
    Tax reform especially the corporate rate.

  96. Pool finds me the quote and I will.

    THE quote? Due to my lifestyle, perceived and otherwise, I’m feeling pretty mellow and agreeable. I pulled up some muff quotes from the last thread and this one that I consider Drumpf support. A month’s worth of muffy stuff has that Trumplodyte feel, though it may just be my interpretation. I’ll let the jury decide…

    “I’ll give the Donald this – he just insured Bernie’s silver bullet is a blank.”

    “Out if curiosity what has Trump done that makes him as bad as them?”

    “Well if Trump isn’t as bad as Obama and Hillary, then it follows that he isn’t worse. So I fail to see how the country is just now “jumping the shark” as Rutherford claims. And I don’t see how electing Trump is any worse for America than electing Obama.”

    “Stay home? Never. Especially not because my vote doesn’t count. Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Washington state, Illinois – my vote hasn’t counted since 1984.”

    “I can also give Trump the benefit of the doubt.”

    “I can also wait until Trump actually does something that disqualifies him. But as far as I can ascertain, and no one is offering anything concrete to counter it,”

    “I dont know on what you base your remark but I have a front row seat to the young minds of today and they dont hate Trump at all.”

    “I’m just sorry there are as many Trumplodytes as are needed to turn this mofo on its head and shake out the loose change.”

    “I mean sorry there AREN’T as many as are needed.”

    “Donald Trump has given me NEW LIFE as a political blogger. He’s so MEAN! He’s so mean that people are forgetting all about how MEDIOCRE AT WORST Obama is. Trump is like a mean CLOWN like John Wayne Gacy. He probably has SKELETONS in HIS crawl space TOO. Bernie is ALL about America and FREE stuff. After all, you can’t spell “Freedom” without the word FREE!” [interpreted as snarkasm]

    “There is nothing Trump can do that Obama has not already done.”

  97. “Muff and James both said they would vote Trump if he is the nominee. That is support.”

    You sir are a liar.

    “A month’s worth of muffy stuff has that Trumplodyte feel, though it may just be my interpretation. I’ll let the jury decide…”

    Not exactly a drop the mike moment for you, was it now? That case would never get to the jury, Junkie.

    You are human waste.

  98. “Well I’ve been given a reason to go to the polls later and its a pretty cool one in some ways,too bad its with the current offerings.”

    I read your list and your post Alfie and only one current offering came close that I could see, but even he was not fit. I’ve been catching most of your drifts of late but I don’t know what it all means.

    But if you’re feeling the Bern, please go see a doctor for God’s sake. Maybe it’s just a rash.

  99. Sorry, said I wouldn’t be back till much later but I couldn’t resist responding to Tex:

    Concubines, willing wives, palaces, a formidable army. And when they felt you stepped out of line, they appointed somebody to cut your head off.

    Sounds like Trump to me. 😊

  100. Me? Bern? Ye doth wound me!
    No I was a registered (R) one last time today and I voted my overall third choice.

  101. 😆 I never lie. But I could have misunderstood your position. My conclusions are generally based on logic. If A = B, then B = A. It struggles with A sometimes being a random non A. I know enough people that like to have it both ways whenever convenient. Could be you too.

    “There is nothing Trump can do that Obama has not already done.” -muffy

    Obama got elected and has been POTUS for 7 years. Are you saying Trump can do the same, or was THAT statement untrue?

    You claim you won’t NOT vote.
    What exactly does that look like with Trump the GOP nominee? I guess I missed the quote where you said you would NOT vote for Trump? Maybe it’s your cognitive dissonance.

  102. I am saddened to see some of the leaked details form the USN gun boats/Iranians thing. The details makes all the political dickering completely out of touch with reality.

  103. I don’t think it’s betraying a confidence to say I’ve heard from Pfesser within the past 3 months or so.

    So Rabbit, you don’t need to dress in black. 😊

  104. Thank God for the Great States of Texas and Oklahoma! America may suck donkey dick (and it shows).

    But at least I know I’m sitting in the garden that retains a small portion of sanity.

  105. Rutherford, I been telling you that. Obama is as popular as the plague in Oklahoma. Even our politicians stiff his sorry ass he lands on the tarmac. Hitler is more popular. When Rotten went low and said she was going to continue onward with the sordid Obama legacy, it was the kiss of death.

    Very simple fact. 77 counties in Oklahoma

    The results from the 2008 and 2012 Oklahoma elections:

    McCain/Romney 154
    El Bomba ZERO

    Even the Indians and Brothas don’t like the asshole Obama in my great state. 😈

    That’s why GrayChit had to move to White Settlement, OK. So he could hide.

  106. Little Marco aint lookin’ too good. If he drops out and endorses Cruz, it might turn the tide.

    It should be obvious to him that he is not resonating. He should take one for the team at this point.

  107. This is all such a crossroad. What comes first? Obama, the DNC, Hillary and power? Or rule of law.

    If its power… And Hillary is not indicted but instead endowed with more power… America officially quit the Dead Rabbit. And like any failed relationship, it’s time to move on.

    Nixon was disgraced. Clinton, who’s crimes are worse, is being rewarded. And defended by Obama who has already tainted the investigation.

    I will do anything in my power to stick my finger in the eye of this corrupt land without jeopardizing myself or my family.

    And who knows….at the old age of 90…maybe I give this diseased land some real hell while I yell out some corny line about the Old Republic.

  108. “And like any failed relationship, it’s time to move on.” -dr

    Or to put it another way –

    James Woods ‏@RealJamesWoods · Feb 29

    I think it’s time to let the liberals have the world they want and deserve. It’s like being the exhausted parent of an unruly child. #OverIt

  109. Hitlery has Goldman Sachs backing, which means unlimited funding, which means unlimited power, which translates to victory IN but no FOR America. Goldman Sachs is the gooey stuff that holds politics together. The Clinton machine is made of and held together by the same goo. The media is embedded in that sticky stuff too.

  110. The VDH piece is crap for one simple reason. Anyone can vomit the conservative POV on Obama. Nothing new there. He gets points for being thorough. That’s about it.

    What does VDH say about how the GOP created Trump and what they should do about it? 65% of Republicans can’t rally behind a single candidate because there is no compelling candidate they trust to get the job done. A solid 35% are saying their GOP let them down and they want this new guy.

    Unless VDH wants to see his country in a world of hurt, he needs to “let go and move on from Obama” and prescribe a good antidote to Donald J. Trump.

  111. “The VDH piece is crap for one simple reason. Anyone can vomit the conservative POV on Obama.”

    Sorry the truth wasn’t edifying enough for you. You’ve done such a good job of rebutting it. Perhaps you’ll be rewarded with piece that will give the coveted validation you seek next time. 🙄

  112. So just so I understand you, the OK Dem embrace of Sanders is a repudiation of Clinton who represents 4 more years of Obama?

    It’s more than that – but in essence, OK Democrats look at Obama as a failure and Clinton’s theme is the wonder of the Obama years. You’ve got to remember as a neighboring state of Arkansas, Oklahomans have known about the Clintons longer than most. And even most Democrats I know, and I’m still got a few acquaintances I’m friendly with, detest Hillary Clinton.

  113. I agree. Hillary has caused so many deaths and dislocations which have not cost her the sleep they should. At this point, I will vote for Trump if he is the alternative. Heck. I would even vote for Putin.

    Rome fell in pieces like a dying body. I will be in one of the surviving enclaves watching most of the rest of the country and its liberals fall apart like Chicago or Detroit.

  114. I think it’s time to let the liberals have the world they want and deserve. It’s like being the exhausted parent of an unruly child. #OverIt

    That’s pretty much the conclusion I have come to.

    I can’t vote for Hillary Clinton. My conscience will not allow that. But while the Clintons are clearly contemptible people who operate above the law with the consent of the depraved, I don’t see Clinton as entirely fascist either. Detestable yes, defeatist yes.

    As I reminded my Republican friends this morning, Donald Trump has absolutely no restrain in character assassination of anybody. He can take five positions and speak out both sides of his mouth in one sentence. He has no record of being a Conservative. He has no specifics but cheap cliche, which rings to me like Hope & Change.

    In fact, Donald Trump is about as much Bill Clinton and Barack Obama saran wrapped with a meaner disposition than any prominent politician going. We’ve experienced incompetence for many years. What if we get to experience tyranny along with it?

    And as I also reminded my buds at lunch, walls serve two purposes. They can be used to protect sovereignty – and they can be used to wall people in.

    I hope I am wrong. I hope if Trump is elected he proves to be a good President. I hope it is not me who is hoodwinked. As I said I would with Barack Obama eight years ago, if I am wrong about the character and true nature of the man, I would apologize.

    I never had to apologize. In fact, Barack Obama has been ever more incompetent than I dreamed, making Jimmy Carter look resolute.

  115. While I readily admit that I have not watched either video, I couldn’t help but see the contrast in these 2 statements:

    “First only a partisan idiot can’t appreciate how thoroughly Oliver took Trump down.”

    “Anyone can vomit the conservative POV on Obama.”

  116. “65% of Republicans can’t rally behind a single candidate because there is no compelling candidate they trust to get the job done. A solid 35% are saying their GOP let them down and they want this new guy.”

    I honestly can’t believe you pecked that out and hit the “post comment” button.

  117. I didn’t know Ted Cruz won Alaska. Damn, Rutherford and Pfesser have got to be laughing their asses off about right now with the mighty Palin effect flying high for Trump.

    That even makes me laugh.

  118. Maybe party raiding is the explanation for the drop in registered Dems and surge in registered R’s. Some of the numbers Ive seen are astounding. Which might then explain Trump.

    Maybe those same people are loading up the exit polls data to show a particular bent as well.

  119. Huck, detailed anti-Trump rhetoric has come relatively late in the game. Pundits are asking why only now is Rubio calling Trump a con man. Where was Rubio 6, ,7, 8 months ago?

    On the other hand, VDH trotted out all the usual talking points about Obama. That anyone would waste their valuable ink on Obama when their party is falling apart is beyond me.

    But Tigre saw the profundity of it all so there you have it.

  120. So I skimmed Tigre’s War and Peace length hit job on Sanders and can say only one thing. At least he was the real deal. Sanders got arrested for protesting. Obama’s only chance to get arrested was for pot possession.

    Like I’ve been saying. Obama is mediocre.

  121. CNN has data saying the Republican primaries are drawing record numbers–by a lot. By contrast, the Democrat primaries are…underwhelming.

    Which signals that Republicans are energized for this cycle. That isn’t a good sign for Dems.

  122. I don’t know, Muffy. I just saw the numbers. We’re talking in some cases about an increase of 300,000 to what had previously been 1,000,000. So it’s yuuuuuge.

    “That anyone would waste their valuable ink on Obama when their party is falling apart is beyond me.”

    Was it beyond you why your party continued to waste valuable ink on Bush? As Tex pointed out, Hillary has stated she is a continuation of Obama. That is her whole platform. It what she is running on, because she has nothing else.

    So just as Dems continued to pound away at Bush, in an effort to connect him to later Republicans, so too will the GOP pound Obama. The only difference is that no Republican ever actually said they wanted to continue Bush policies.

  123. I dont like that ipads letters dont pop up on the keyboard.

    Plus I asked for a gun for Christmas in the first place not an ipad.

  124. While I don’t reject the notion that the GOP is “falling apart”, I would also add that the VP of the party’s national committee has yet to resign.

    If you think the Democratic Party is going to remain on stable ground after this sham of a primary, you’re fooling yourself.

    We could be on the eve of a brave new world, folks. And that probably isn’t a bad thing.

  125. @ Huck the democrats are on far more stable ground and that’s saying a lot. The democrats are overdue for some soul searching as they’ve been getting beat pretty roundly but they have a better position to work from.

  126. Are the Republicans screwing themselves on SCOTUS? If HRC wins I doubt she’d offer Sandoval or Svrinasin[sp?]

  127. “@ Huck the democrats are on far more stable ground and that’s saying a lot.”

    I will only believe that when I see their disenfranchised members accept and embrace their marginalization. Which I do admit is very possible, seeing as they display such little self awareness.

  128. “they have a better position to work from”

    Not by what we see in this primary. Their bench is full of used up rejects that have years worth of defeat. Most of their big names are so badly beaten on the national stage they didn’t even bother running.

  129. Was just reading that Trump has only won 1 closed primary. All of his other wins were in open primaries or open caucuses.

  130. “That anyone would waste their valuable ink on Obama when their party is falling apart is beyond me.”

    LOL. He’s a registered Dem.

  131. I guess VDH is a DINO.

    Bernie doesn’t have the equivalent of PUMA’s. Most Sanders supporters don’t hate Hillary. They will all roll over when the time comes.

    If the “establishment” tries to cheat Trump out of the nomination, I’m not sure what will happen.

  132. Huck your point on the political value of Obama bashing is well taken. Perhaps if VDH had tied his points to an indictment of HRC your point might have more weight. To me it just read like regurgitation.

    I’m still laughing at VDH being a Democrat. What bullshit. Maybe he once was but there’s no way he’s voted Dem in all the years that the patrons (mostly Tex) have been quoting him here.

  133. I detest Donald Trump. I certainly have not hidden what I think of him. The Republican version of Obama, only far more dangerous. But I give Trump and his supporters this and only this. They have done a marvelous job of exposing just how truly dysfunctional and fragile the Republican Party is. Rutherford may indeed prove prophetic – The Whigs.

    If the Democratic Party is as immoral and dishonest as I believe it to be, Rutherford, it would not surprise me in the least to see Hillary Rotten Clinton become far more popular within her own party. Better than surprised, I fully expect it in the event Hillary is indicted. I wouldn’t doubt she and her demon husband are hoping it happens.

    Because then, you would begin to hear the charges of witch hunt and sexism. And what would follow would be a repeat of “It was only about sex.” Every disenfranchised black, every hardcore uber feminist, the corrupt media would have their path to excuse and enabling.

    That is how low I think your own party has sunk.

  134. Tex, as much as the MSM has done Bernie a disservice, many of them hate HRC. They will feast on her indictment.

    Regardless, if Trump is the nominee, it will be a bloodbath unless Trump really is a plant to get her elected. And this thing is so absurd that sometimes I wonder if Trump isn’t in the Clinton payroll.

  135. Another honest democrat – Jonathan Turley

    How Obama’s power plays set the stage for Trump

    “But if Democrats are alarmed by this glimpse into a Trump administration, they are in part to blame. They have supported President Obama’s claims of unchecked authority in a variety of areas, particularly immigration. And the Obama model will be attractive to successors who, although they may have a different agenda, have the same appetite for unilateral decisions.

    Obama has used his willingness to go it alone as a rallying cry for Democrats. “We can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won’t act, I will,” he told supporters in 2011. In his 2013 State of the Union address, his similar line, “If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will,” was met with ecstatic applause from the Democratic side of the chamber.”

  136. Muffy, MOVE ON. I will no longer read an article about Obama and say, “that accurate” again. I forgot. In addition to “nothing burger” there’s the “old news” routine.

  137. Romney will kick the door shut is what Romney will do.

    He may well have proved to be a good president but campaigning isnt his specialty.

  138. @Alfie on the SCOTUS question – I think so.

    On the Trump as 3rd party candidate – that would seem to be the result they (repub estab) are looking for. What do you think?

  139. “Not for nothing but if you really want to shatter the GOP you need Kasich to stay till Ohio votes.”

    Alfie how did you mean this?

  140. Well, that’ll SILENCE things. Talking about Hillary or Bernie in WAYS that displease our blog host is just dwelling NOTHIN BURGERS and OLD NEWS no matter its relevance.

    I guess it’s time we SHIFT to Palin or our OWN racism.

  141. Joan Walsh is a white reverse racist bigot either by leftist fashion or internal beliefs. She could have made her point without using “white.”

  142. Speaking of racism. Rush Limbaugh in his morning teaser said the number of shootings in Chicago is rising. A possible reason is police officers are afraid they might appear on a You tube video.

  143. “Romney will kick the door shut is what Romney will do.”

    Just to be clear I think Romney will not succeed and the door will not be kicked shut on Trump but on efforts (already in play and risky to boot) to stop him. I’m referring to the 3 non-Trump candidates staying in the race strategy.

  144. “Just finished watching Mitt.”

    Since you don’t watch daytime tee vee that comment must have taken hours to post after submission.

  145. Wise ass. Yes, today I am watching tv in the late morning.

    Can you actually offer an opinion Paul Lynde or just silly snide remarks? Do you agree with your friend that Mitt’s speech won’t move the needle (if I understand her correctly)?

    “And in the center square…Ellllllllll Tigre!!!”

  146. I’m not at home watching daytime teevee. Therefore I haven’t seen whatever it is that those of you that do are watching.

    Let me know how things pan out on Judge Judy.

  147. R, I can’t take your “”offer an opinion” comment seriously when I haven’t seen anything from you on much of anything. The VDH thing is just laughable. The guy writes a piece on one topic: Obama’s lame duck status. All of it correct. But not worthy of discussion because you just don’t like the topic. No opinion. Not another VDH article on something that titillates. . .

  148. I just read where Roger Ailes said and I quote, “FOX News is finished with Rubio.”

    This is the problem I am having with FOX News and it blatantly transparent that FOX News has become arrogant, smug and way overstepped its bounds inserting itself into brokering the Republican nomination.

    Since when did “News” become a mission to choose favorability for any one candidate by the network?

    Last night, I mistakenly had FOX on out of habit more than anything, and I started listening to this Charles Hurt Good Hair weasel of the Washington Times acting as one of the commentators which I had mistakenly assumed to be objective to report the day’s events. It’s as if Hurt should have been wearing a “Make America Great Again” red ball cap with his pin striped suit. WTH?

    So I do two seconds of research. On his Facebook page, Hurt is apparently a devout Trump supporter, perhaps even a paid shill for Trump.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t begrudge journalists having preferences just like the rest of us do. But this was on the Bret Baier show and Hurt was substituting for Charles Krauthammer. That is not an opinion show acting as campaign strategist and propagandist for a candidate.

    Man, America has grown corrupt. The propagandists masquerading as journalists don’t even try to hide their bias anymore.

  149. @ Muffy: I think the GOP in Congress should take the pov that Trump is a third party and they should look to legislate accordingly. The GOP has done a pretty piss poor job at being a credible component of governing. They should be looking at new ways and dump all the old rhetoric. One example is how some of the anti Trumps get all hung up on him sounding like a democrat on infrastructure. Thi g is our national infrastructure is in a shambles and nobody wants to pay. Well GOP folks should be all over PPPs on the matter. An easy start would be to go back to the table and see if Canada is still offering a free bridge.

  150. Re Ohio. The Rubio/Cruz fiasco is keeping Trump strong. To really kill the GOP 16 machine keeping Kasich on till delegate rich Ohio assures either a very fucked up convention or a nominee that never broke 50%. Either way thats not good for the general. In comparison Mitt lost the general after consistently taking 60,70% of primary votes making the outcome of the general a disgrace for the voters that pouted “He’s not conservative enough”. Thanks again you idiots!

  151. Re: the Hillary “security review” – Could it be the server guy got immunity just so he could lie under oath without fear of prosecution for it, a’ la Martha Stewart? She went to jail for lying under oath, didn’t she? Who else do we know that got in trouble for lying under oath – or rather didn’t get in trouble?

    The thoroughness of the investigation is always seen as an “oooooooh” thing but really it’s probably just so that when the indictment doesn’t come down it quells all further discussion.

  152. Alfie, you’re right. The nation’s infrastructure is in shambles. Here’s the problem.

    Seven years ago without one Republican vote, $768 billion dollars was appropriated for infrastructure under the premise of repairing the roads and bridges. With interest that’s a trillion dollars we just hung our grand kid’s necks to pay at some future date, maybe more.

    And what did we get for monies? Not shovel ready jobs, a small amount of road repair and update work, 2% higher unemployment, Solyndra and another $100 billion for ‘green energy’ that apparently nobody can account with any appreciable benefit. Oh, and Obama campaign bundlers did quite well while almost 100M are out of the work force.

    Do you realize that Obama stimulus allocation in adjusted inflated dollars is more than America paid for the entire Eisenhower Interstate System?

    The Federal gov’t is a rat hole where money disappears that we then kick down the road to let our children pay for.

    The federal government is no longer capable as it once was to operate in any efficient matter. It’s the last place on earth we should be looking for solutions.

  153. “Could it be the server guy got immunity just so he could lie under oath without fear of prosecution for it”

    When someone is given immunity is that immunity from a past crime or a future crime? (Not a rhetorical question, I know nothing about it)

  154. I don’t think Romney will move the needle much. That doesn’t mean I don’t think the needle will move, but I don’t think it will be because of Mitt.

    Romney is part of the establishment that Trump supporters are rejecting. They won’t give a damn about what Mitt Romney says at this point. Comments I have read elsewhere are labeling him a washed up loser who gave us 4 more years of Obama.

    Mitt Romney is insignificant in politics.

  155. ***Maybe I should find out what that song is actually about first.

    @Tigre – Sort of like the drunk driving is old news to the wreck. Heh.

  156. “When someone is given immunity is that immunity from a past crime or a future crime? (Not a rhetorical question, I know nothing about it)”

    I have to pass. Don’t know.

  157. …and Mitt Romney knows everything I just said is true.

    “Two former Romney advisers said Trump’s CNN interview convinced him to speak out more forcefully against the frontrunner. They added, however, that he is under no illusion that his remarks will dissuade Trump’s supporters from voting for him. In fact, when friends and allies have urged him in recent months to weigh in more often on various 2016 developments, he has responded, self-deprecatingly, that he is “old news,” and a “loser” — a politician who lacks Marco Rubio’s skills as a communicator and Ted Cruz’s passionate base of supporters. “No one wants to hear from me,” he told one friend.”

  158. Immunity does not cover future acts or perjury. It is designed to eliminate refusal to answer on self-incrimination grounds (5th). If one is immune, one cannot self incriminate.

  159. Now McCain is chiming in.

    The loser who gave us Obama the first time teaming up with the loser that gave us Obama the second time.

  160. Re immunity: I may not remember correctly after all of these years, but I believe the Democratic Congress gave Oliver North immunity when he testified before Congress. They thought he would incriminate himself.
    The US Court of Appeals ruled that it could not find him guilty because they could not prove his incriminating testimony covered by immunity was not
    used against him in the trial.

  161. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I agree with Huck. Both men fought poor campaigns they might have won, and saved us from this,

  162. The appeals court guarded North’s right against self incrimination by forbidding the use of information North had provided during his Congressional testimony unless each witness showed he/she was not influenced by North’s public statements.

    I may not have remembered correctly, but this has fewer negatives.

    My reaction to Huck has too few negatives. I would add more if I could.

  163. The main line Republican leaders let Democrats throw the military to the wolves after the Iraq war. They postured and promised to stop the Democrats from pursuing their harmful policies.

    They were cowards in the face of the Obama regime’s depredations. They did nothing to save our veterans, and they did not do anything to regulate our borders. The so called party of law and conservatism does nothing because it is too busy trying to win an election using 1980 political strategy.

    They hold hearings and spew talking points but it is all a show of lies. As Romney illustrated, the Republican party is a spineless gutless party of nothing who has sold its soul to Satan.

    They disgust me as much as the fifth columnist Democrats who want to destroy our country as it has been.

  164. Huck when you’re wrong you’re wrong no halfway with you. The viters own 2012 not Romney and yeah I’m a fan but lets cut the the shit about what got Americans 4 more of O.
    The truth is Trump fans are not going to be moved because they’re fucking retards,ranters and racists. Further though Im pretty sure one line was heard simultaneously in Cruz,Rubio and Clinton HQ. ” ooh write that down we’re using that one”.

  165. Okay. I think I got you James. It’s been a long, long time. I’ll have to GTS (Google that shit) to see if I can locate a refresher.

  166. Huck Tigre didn’t answer your question.

    There’s transactional immunity and another kind I don’t remember the name of. Transactional immunity protects you from anything present or past. Gives you a clean slate. I believe Pagliano (?) got the other kind which only protects you from prosecution related to the current investigation.

    Maybe if Tigre didn’t do so much on-the-job blog commenting he’d know his stuff better. 😀

  167. “When someone is given immunity is that immunity from a past crime or a future crime? (Not a rhetorical question, I know nothing about it).”

    “Immunity does not cover future acts or perjury.”

    I believe this answers both Huck and me at once.

  168. Damn, I can’t believe were still bickering about 2008 and 2012.

    2008 was a farce. Ronald Reagan could have run as Republican and he wouldn’t have won. The media had convinced the feckless, the useless, the unhinged, the disenfranchised, the racist, the deviant, the lackey, the socialist, and the Rutherford that George Bush was responsible for the banking fiasco and Obama was divine. Surprise!

    Add to the fact that John McCain is quite possibly the second dumbest man in the Senate behind the all-time dumbest Senator Joe Biden, closely followed by John Kerry and Al Gore, 2008 was hopeless.

    2012 was a different story. One I still don’t have a handle on. Mitt Romney is anything but stupid – an incredibly intelligent man.

    I would say it was a factor of several things, the first being free stuff still sells, Romney was too slow in allowing himself to be framed as a heartless 47% bastard by the shithead, mindless propagandists like Rutherford, the fact Romney went into the shell after the first debate and should have kept shellacking the idiot Obama in the second and third, and then one thing that Romney had little control over which is playing out now for all to see.

    A ballless, spineless set of Republicans elected to hammer Barack Obama in great numbers and doing little or nothing.

    It is still a tragedy that Romney lost 2012 and just demonstrated how truly pathetic this country has become.

  169. In 2012 don’t ignore that Ron Paul helped split the party mainly due to how the party treated him, but it still isn’t one happy big tent..

  170. I wish I could find more information on this but there’s a strategy I heard about for keeping Trump from getting a majority of delegates. There are 20 closed primaries and all 3 non-Trumps stay in it to win it. Then after Ohio the 3 non-Trumps unite and one (the one with the most I suppose) goes to Cleveland to go one on one against Trump.

    “And that’s all that counts. You’ve got to get a majority of those delegates (at the convention) in Cleveland.”

  171. I really don’t think the press can be underestimated in terms of culpability for 2012 either. Big time.

  172. “Huck when you’re wrong you’re wrong no halfway with you. The viters own 2012 not Romney and yeah I’m a fan but lets cut the the shit about what got Americans 4 more of O.”

    How about if we first cut the shit as to who was actually saying that stuff.

    I was simply repeating what I’ve read others say, which I assumed I had made clear enough by stating “Comments I have read elsewhere are labeling him a washed up loser who gave us 4 more years of Obama.”

    The only thing I was wrong about was assuming I didn’t have to fully repeat myself in order to be understood. It seems I gave some a bit too much credit.

  173. LOL I can’t help but laugh at every new hostage face remark about Christie.

    (Paraphrasing) He had that look my dog gets when he realizes the road trip in the car was to the vet.

  174. This country was compromised and began to fall when the money changers were put in charge. I think we can point to 1913 as significant. From there, progressively repressive indebtedness. A baby born today and issued an American birth certificate is presumed to owe the money changers: $59,227.24.

    That’s one expensive certificate! Exceptional Americans!

  175. And actually, Alfie, you’re the one who is wrong.

    Romney got almost 61 million votes. The only GOP candidate to ever get more popular votes was GWB in 2004.

    So if we’re cutting the shit, then let’s take a deep cut, shall we. Poor voter turnout was always a bullshit excuse and you’re simply propagating it. The fact is, Obama had a superior strategy and successfully implemented it. Getting elected is the only thing the man has ever been good at.

  176. If Trump does as poorly in the next 20+ closed primaries as he did on super Tuesday (1 for 5), and Rubio wins Florida (closed, and winner take all) and Kasich wins Ohio (closed and winner take all) – he goes into the convention without a majority of delegates.

    I think.

  177. I don’t know why I bother – Hillary is Obama’s successor. We’ll be glad for small mercies when she appoints Loretta Lynch to the SCOTUS because it means she didn’t appoint Barack.

  178. Sounds about right, Muffy. I know that in places where it is a closed primary like Oklahoma, the vote is generally a three way, tight race.

    Either Trump truly is pulling in tons of Democrats that in all likelihood are going to prove fickle in a general election, or Trump is pulling in new potential voters. I think its a combination of both though I haven’t run the numbers. Are the aggregate numbers significantly higher this year anybody?

    Just a guess? Disgruntled white Democrats and yahoos, including first timers, flipping the bird to all of Washington because they are absolutely pissed and hate filled, some of it damn justified, some of it just to be a part of the party or Repub OWS.

    I will say this. No matter how this shakes out, this is going to end very ugly for the Republican Party, ugly for Donald Trump, and most importantly, terrible for the country, perhaps finally ripping it apart. Let me be honest. I am going to have a very difficult time living in a country so depraved, it has elected Hillary Clinton as President.

    I hope I don’t do something really stupid. 🙂

  179. Trump goes to the convention with a plurality of the delegates and then who has the balls to take the nomination from him?

    Either they accept Trump or there’s a bloodbath.

    Then once he’s the nominee, there’ll be another bloodbath between him and Clinton.

    There’s gonna be a lot of scorched earth between now and November.

  180. Mitt Romney is insignificant in politics.
    and Mitt Romney knows everything I just said is true.
    That read like you said it not read it.

  181. Romneys speech was too little too late. What has kept Romney from getting involved and providing leadership before now behind the scenes wrangling the chaos? Hes going to swoop in now and fix everything with a speech? Speeches dont fix things this messed up. Not unless the party is willing to uncritically take orders from leadership.

    Rubio needs to win Fla and Kasich needs to win Ohio or theyre out. If Rubio and Kasich win their states then the 3 non-Trumps work it out.

  182. I was kind of glad Romney gave that speech, though I only heard a small part. Not because I think it changed hearts and minds. Because I was not aware Trump had dipped his foot in so many things and failed.

    You can criticize a great many things about Romney. But you can’t criticize his business acumen.

    It is far superior and far more broad in experience than Trump’s history.

  183. “There’s transactional immunity and another kind I don’t remember the name of. Transactional immunity protects you from anything present or past. Gives you a clean slate. I believe Pagliano (?) got the other kind which only protects you from prosecution related to the current investigation.”

    And that’s different from what I said how, Clarence Darrow?

    Let me guess. Some shit you heard on MSNBC that you think makes you sound smart?

  184. For an intelligent man, Romney is a fool. He fawned over and thanked Trump for endorsing him when he was running. I have heard Romney’s comments on the radio three times.

    He made himself look bad before he started. Someone else should have carried the bomb.

  185. that’s different from what I said how, Clarence Darrow?
    Let me guess. Some shit you heard on MSNBC that you think makes you sound smart?

    I’m not a lawwwwyer so clearly I didn’t come up with from training. MSNBC bingo … and you just stated I was correct so the source mattered not.

    Huck asked about “past and future” conduct. You addressed future conduct. You didn’t say shit about past conduct. Hence my correction accompanied by my Tigre “center square” impersonation.

  186. As a side note, Alfie has such a blind spot for Romney that I think there must be more there – related somehow – perhaps a former business relationship.

    Romney is as personal to Alfie as Obama once was to me. Hence I’m going henceforth to try and control my Mitt criticism because with Alfie, it appears personal.

  187. Kasich/Cruz 2016

    Won’t fly. IMO, that would be an absolute waste of Cruz far superior intellect, which if you listen closely is excellent. But most people don’t listen to substance. You saw Cruz eviscerate Trump in that polling horse chit. And Cruz baited Trump into it. Brilliant. Shredded him on the most important point of this whole shebang. Who wins the national election in a race against Hillary Clinton?

    Doubt it even moved the dial. Doesn’t impress Joe Q. Beergut, because Joe Q. Beergut is innumerate. It’s the stupidity of the American populace that it is on full display now.

    Better to stay as Senator, or better yet, SCOTUS. Or maybe just go into private practice.

    Problem is, Cruz is not your typical politician. He ripped Mitch McConnell. He ripped John Boehner. He has cut against the grain on virtually every issue with the Establishment. The Republican leaders are scared shitless of Ted Cruz. As Rush correctly pointed out several weeks back, the Establish loathes Trump. They fear Cruz.

    Cruz is not popular with his peers – about as outside the network of good old boys as you get.

  188. Megyn Kelly has been way out of line since this whole debate started. And Chris Wallace is an utter asshole. F him. I loathe that SOB more than I do Trump.

    I tell you this, Rutherford. The biggest loser of this Republican Civil War?

    The FOX News Network. When November passes, a whole bunch of viewers will be giving FOX News the bird.

  189. Tex, Cruz is the best one out there. I dont fall in with the lying drama.

    I havent looked at vs Clinton matchups so Kasich beating her by 11 sounds good to me. The twelve or thirteen dems who cant stomach Hillary might go for Kasich but never Cruz. Finally Cruz is a young man and can run again in eight years 😉

    I just want to pretend sometimes theres a way of stopping the dismal tide and I could vote that ticket no problem.

  190. Tex I know you don’t respect my opinion on conservative politics but Donald pointed out the absurdity of Cruz’s poll argument. Are we really saying that if Cruz polls at 20% then 80% of people don’t want Cruz?

    The Donald poll game is silly and Cruz looks silly when he goes there. You see, that’s the problem. Rubio and Cruz are playing by Trump rules. Ain’t gonna work.

    But I have a question for you and others. For a while I was sucked in by Kasich’s experience argument. But I thought tonight, my IBM experience, now almost a decade stale, couldn’t get me a baby sitter jiob. Why should Kasich’s 30 years stale experience with budgets and defense be taken so seriously? I will grant that he’s a sitting governor but he keeps trotting out the good old days under Reagan and Clinton. These ain’t the good old days.

  191. “Who wins the national election in a race against Hillary Clinton?”

    Are you saying Cruz does? Sincere question.

    Thats all I really want. Not holding my nose would be a bonus.

    Did you hear the 3 non-Trumps emphasize “if” Trump is the nominee theyll support him? Which I believe by the way.

    Theyre totally plotting.

  192. “Huck asked about “past and future” conduct. You addressed future conduct. You didn’t say shit about past conduct. Hence my correction accompanied by my Tigre “center square” impersonation.”

    Just when I think you can’t something dumber than you already have, you go and prove me wrong.

  193. “Damn I forgot!!! Hey Center Square, for whom did you vote on Super Tuesday? Sanders?”

    Stope the hilarity.

    We have open primaries. Almost all of the dems in my office voted the R ballot for Trump or Kasich thinking that helps Hillary.

    Everyone here is an educated adult, so no Sanders votes. You’re support for him says it all. Really.

  194. Thanks, Rutherford.

    I don’t have the time or inclination to follow the minutia because of our grand daughter and other matters. She is doing some unexpected things. While I was home last week our daughter told my wife that had we not helped as we have, one of then would have had to quit working outside of home.

    Tomorrow, I will attend our county Republican meeting as a delegate.

    Katlyne Jenner supports Cruz, and that is creating more hostility than transgenderism. Those people are evil.

    Trump can still be stopped, but what then? We face dark days. What if Hillary is elected and dies or is incompacitated in office?

  195. Rutherford, it is not that I don’t respect your opinions about Conservative politics. You’re a wonderful gauge of who to choose. As a general rule, the more you disdain the Republican candidate, the better the candidate. You do have a gift of who is threat. It’s who you fear the most as opposition. It’s why you hate Cruz the most. He’s the smartest candidate going. It’s why you had to destroy Romney and you understood that early. You might make a black David Brock. You got a wicked side to you.

    It was obvious Romney was infinitely more intelligent than Obama. So you had to make him a uncaring tyrant that didn’t care about the little people. You caught him on tape. And Romney blew it because he didn’t use that intellect to ground Obama into the dust, and half the people in America aren’t much smarter than the amoeba to appreciate it anyway. That’s just the way it is. Both parties have large contingents of below average and angry. Trump is the proof. Hope & Change.

  196. So to your question, Ted Cruz is perfectly capable of annihilating anyone on that platform, Trump or otherwise. Cruz is a born prosecutor with an uncanny memory of facts and unlike most attorneys I’ve met, a mathematical genius. It’s what his mother is – a highly proficient mathematician whose son adopted that ability. Cruz is the smartest politician America has had in my estimation since Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

    Now I fully admit, unless you are a Conservative Protestant Christian like I am, the personality is not nearly as appealing. Cruz tries too hard. He’s overtly religious which bigots like you detest. He doesn’t do well in low brow conversation. He comes across as a professional debater instead of your likable, handshaking politician like Reagan or Clinton. He’s not nearly as gifted as Rubio in stump speeches, not nearly as talented as Obama in delivery, not nearly as gee whiz as Kasich, not nearly as nice as Ben Carson, not nearly as comfortable at sticking the knife as Christie.

    Here is what Ted Cruz could do. He could give a speech like Obama and wouldn’t need a professional speech writer or teleprompter to do it. Straight off the cuff. Frankly, a blowhard like me could do better than Ted Cruz does in playing the media, and coming across as smiling and likable, telling nice personal stories which don’t solve a damn thing for America.

    It’s not that I don’t respect some of your opinions, Rutherford. You had a better handle than me in 2012 on John Q. Public. It’s just I find you innumerate and without the ability to think critically. Though you write beautifully, your real talent by the way, you have little understanding of complex issues. You’re Feel the Bern because you understand that a nation can’t be two halves forever – rich and poor. What you don’t understand, is Feel the Bern means one nation, all poor, with an oligarchy. You understand there are major problems. But your solutions exasperate the problems. You’re honest, but you’re immoral. You have a measure of compassion for the less fortunate, but not compassionate enough to sacrifice for someone else.

    Nobody argues that Trump in a large field wins polls. Most of us understand, there is a ceiling to Trump’s popularity. While about a 1/3 of the country are as devout to Trump as you were to Obama and nothing Trump says or does would make any difference, 2/3 of the nation can’t stand the SOB for one reason or another, and most like you and me wouldn’t vote for the prick either.

    So while Trump scores well in a wide field, he’s the only Republican Candidate on that stage last night that polls losing to Hillary Clinton. The Trump appeal is very limited and very devout.

  197. Rutherford, I have a question for you. I split that up above because your attention span is about 3 seconds. I should have made five entries like chapters in a book but then everyone else would have told me to shut up. 😈

    If Clinton is the candidate, would you not cast a ballot like I won’t for Trump? Simply leave the ballot blank? I ask because I want to make a prediction based on your response.

  198. Tex, if Clinton receives the nomination (read: not indicted), Rutherford will vote for her. I intends to be truthful about the vote, he’ll simply offer more intellectually dishonest sophistry to justify the vote as he has always done.

  199. Thanks, Tigre. I don’t much try around here anymore to “think” or “reason.” But sometimes my comments addressed to Rutherford are as much intended for people like you as they are for Rutherford, just so you know that I still appreciate real conversation among friends.

    Our kids are in serious danger, Tigre. I can’t remember how old your kids are as I lose track of time anymore, but unless some drastic steps are taken soon, guys like you and me are going to have risk much to provide them an equal chance.

    America is living on historical inertia.

  200. Eight of us took a Latin America history course in college. One mild spring day, our professor was late, so we left him a note that we were gathering on the lawn. Our professor laughed when he arrived and said “The peons are revolting.”

    They are revolting now, and are creating any insurgent who is not board room gentry into one of their own image. Jim Webb says he may vote for Trump. These may be the good old days.

  201. Tex, I’ve said I was worried about the direction of things many times in the past. I am now more than ever truly, truly worried for my kids and immovably disgusted by anyone that doesn’t see how bad things have gotten and will get unless it changes. What to do? The Rutherfords of the world have no regard or appreciation for the legacy they will hand off to their children. No regard whatsoever. We’re here because it’s easier to remain totally ignorant and disguise your apathy from others and yourself through endless exercises in group feel-good moral preening.

  202. I am still voting Libertarian.

    The fact is, I live in California, so there is no way my vote is going to count, unless it went for a Democrat.

    But if a party gets a certain percentage of the vote, they are eligible to receive public funding. And the Libertarians are relatively close to that threshold. It’s not that I think all of their platforms are great, I’d just like to see some real change to our status quo, and maybe that means another viable party. Let’s face it, the 2 we have are garbage, and arguably salvageable.

    In the primaries I am voting Sanders to counter Hillary, and I think our is some special kind of “open”, in which case I might pull for Cruz or Kasich to counter Trump.

  203. Everyone here is an educated adult, so no Sanders votes.

    You managed to dodge the question Center Square. For whom did you vote?

    Rabbit didn’t answer either. I think it’s funny how everyone makes the easy statement that they won’t vote Hillary in November (such bravery!) but no one is answering what they’re doing primary season.

    Hey Tex, who got your vote on Super Tuesday? Did your wife vote in OK or TX?

  204. If Clinton is the candidate, would you not cast a ballot like I won’t for Trump?

    If HRC is the candidate, I will write in a candidate – any name will do. There’s a remote chance I’d vote for Kasich if he’s the GOP choice. I don’t think I can pull the lever for Rubio. I know I can’t vote for Cruz.

    If I’m in a fuck-the-country mood that day, I will vote for Trump and leave the polling place laughing my ass off.

  205. My earlier comment does not apply to Huck who laid down his gauntlet.

    Oh, for the record, I’m voting for Sanders probably early next week.

    Huck, CA allows you to vote twice in the primary across parties?

  206. I’m in a no-win here because when I don’t vote for HRC, which I won’t, Tigre will simply call me a liar. It’s a pretty futile discussion from that perspective.

    If it helps at all Tigre, one reason I will not vote for her is biological. I cannot bear to hear that grating voice for 4 (perhaps 8) years. Life is much too short.

  207. WTF? I already said I was casting it fro Cruz. You think I am concerned about telling you my vote? Jesus.

    Or hit me with more of your profound mathematical ruminations and something or another that sounds familiar from MSNBC. 🙄

    Feel the Bern!

  208. “And you see how respectful he was? You could learn a thing or two from that.”

    You get what you give douchebag.

  209. “Huck, CA allows you to vote twice in the primary across parties?”

    I’m not exactly sure. We recently passed some law regarding primary elections, and I think it allows for cross-party voting. I have been registered Independent, so I didn’t get to vote in any primaries, so I’m not quite sure how it works. This year I registered Democrat, to make sure I could vote against Hillary.

  210. @ Rutherford
    1) Don’t worry about hurting my feelings as I no longer have any other than anger and I’m turning that one to 11

    2) You didn’t ask but I voted for Kasich.

  211. Kasich is now my second choice. Ironically, and I said this way back last year, I also think he is the electable Republican candidate. Nice guy, knows his stuff, kind of an old throw back to a different time, good fiscally, pretty good on foreign, apparently has been a dynamite governor.

    And Kasich would have been my second choice last week except for his “make them a cupcake.” He immediately dropped to Trump levels on my measurement scale.

    But though few if anybody noticed because Kasich has been virtually irrelevant, somehow Gov. Kasich must have had a divine revelation or a personal epiphany from last week to last night, because last night Kasich said, “Find another baker.”

    So, Kasich moved back to second choice.

    I could handle Kasich as President, but I honestly believe it would become same old, same old.

  212. Rutherford, though you were joking, I never expected you would consider voting for the same person I plan to for the same reason that I will.

    The end times must be here.

    Kasich, one of the few adults, is as good a choice as any, but he won’t win as you know.

  213. GA requires that a candidate receive 20% of the vote to take any delegates. A vote for anyone other than Cruz or Rubio is a vote for Trump.

  214. I think Michigan is Tuesday. Can’t wait to see what choice The Rabbit makes.

    At cpac Ben did not endorse but the only one who fits his stated criteria is Kasich.

    Tex, Kasich did better than “find another baker”. He actually pleaded for common sense and an end to litigation. Basically a can’t we all just get along? So it was more like “bake the damn cupcake OR find another baker – just act like a fucking adult”.

  215. The anti-Trump rhetoric at CPAC is so strong I’m not 100% sure he will get the nomination.

    This whiny chick Mary Beth Martin, head of Tea Party Patriots is doing her best Mitt impersonation and the crowd loves it.

  216. We have heard stories of lack luster crowds seeing Hillary. In Omaha crowds stood in line outside. Those interviewed were enthusiastic about her prospects and skills.

    I believe Trump is the only candidate who polls say will lose to Hillary.

    I also think Trump may not get the nomination, but I tend to plan for the worst.

  217. I fast forwarded through Morning Joe and confirmed James assertion.

    Sure enough, Jim Webb channeled his inner Mitt and said he would not vote for the Democratic front runner. Daaaamn!

    Do any polls show Trump beating HRC? Of course he says there are.

  218. This episode of Black Mirror sums up politics for me right now… It’s an hour long….I don’t expect anyone to watch it.

    The whole series is great. Like a new age Twilight Zone.

  219. Someone claims David Cameron had sex with a dead pig as part of an initiation right. That is an interesting show.

  220. James, the other episodes are much more thought provoking, particularly in terms of where technology is heading.

  221. I heard a comment today “we don’t know what Trump will do in the White House”. Is it possible that’s a good thing.

    I heard once that Reagan wanted folks to think he was a little crazy so they’d be afraid to mess with him. Couldn’t the same possibly work for the Donald?

  222. Rabbit, I plan to look for more episodes if they are on Youtube.

    Two friends who visited several candidates before the Iowa primaries said Kasich in person didn’t seem as nice or engaging as men like Rubio and Trump.

    Reagon’s firing air traffic controllers and his advocating Star Wars were two incidents which made the Soviets fear and respect him. Kennedy gave the opposite first impression which led to the Cuban missile crisis.

    We don’t really know what any candidate would do in the White House. A lot depends on the advisers they hire. We should have a general idea if our vote is more than a lottery ticket.

  223. Drudge links to a poll giving Obama a 51% approval rating. That illustrates the electorate’s poor memory and how awful our current candidates seem compared to him.

    Most people were too lazy and gullible to move beyond the slothful biased press to understand and predict the nature of an Obama presidency.

    That was an example of our not knowing how a candidate would behave as president damaged our country in its original form.


    This is a good read although long which does the best job of explaining the reason for so many Trump followers and why he will probably get the nomination. The following are excerpts to get your attention:

    “A study by pollster Matthew MacWilliams shows that what Trump’s supporters have in common, more than anything else, is the desire for authority. MacWilliams asked people whether they preferred a respectful, obedient and well-behaved child or an independent and curious one. Those who tend to favor the former are seen as being authoritarian. Trump was the only candidate strongly favored by the respondents with authoritarian ideas.”………..

    ……..”But many democrats aren’t panicking yet. They’re betting on Clinton’s campaign coming around and gaining momentum once she secures the nomination. At the same time, they are anxious that this could become the dirtiest duel in the history of American presidential campaigns………
    If it does, Roger Stone will be the man to blame. The unscrupulousness that has come to define Trump’s campaign is largely Stone’s doing. He learned the tricks of the trade from Richard Nixon in the 1970s, and later helped Ronald Reagan get into the White House. By the end of the 1980s, Stone was already trying to convince his friend Trump to run for president. Almost everything Trump knows about politics and power, he learned from Stone — including the art of manipulation. Stone is considered a master of defamatory rumors.”

  225. The only way to stop Donald Trump is through education. Educate the masses about the trickle down effect. Basic economics, cause and effect should be part of a grade school’s curriculum. Yes, he promises higher wages and to return jobs to America through higher tariffs and restricting immigration. The wake up call when “made in China” is no longer on labels at Walmart and “made in America” is unaffordable will come too late. The political and financial and educational and media pundits need to take upon themselves the job of education as well as we should with our local communities. Ridicule, scorn and debase language will not achieve our goal only enhance the view of Trump.

  226. I have spent the morning, and it was difficult to do as these Progressive types are so tedious and repetitious, listening to why Bernie Sanders is not a Socialist socialist, spun a hundred different ways. Fancy titles with Professor Emeritus titles, and Bill Maher types, and a lot of these innumerate young rubes speaking about the horrific effects of vulture capitalism and pleading why we must become more equitable.

    I concluded they are either incapable of understanding why so many of us are so adamantly opposed to their mindsets, the real difference between say Ronald Reagan and Bernie Sanders supporters. Or they are pretty much uninterested in why so many of us are detractors.

    I’m left with the following:

    First, I believe the Feel the Bern crowd has a fundamental misunderstanding of the human psyche itself, premised on the ideals of equal outcomes rather than equal opportunities.

    Second concerning these Progressives, I believe there is a profound arrogance that I find really a profound ignorance that they would deny. Without justifying with empirical proof of any reasonable success, have concluded that the federal government under the leadership of some nebulous oversight as the federal gov’t is people too, is the only entity capable of establishing the methods necessary to determine what is equitable.

    Finally, the underlying ideas of basic economics goes almost totally unmentioned in their discussions. For instance, the idea of higher risk accompanied with higher reward and the idea economics first premised on the assumption of scarce resources.

    It’s no wonder that plans like Bernie Sanders have always led to scarcity, followed by bankruptcy and finally depravity and ruin. These people are so deceived even many with good intent, to not be just useless but dangerous.

    There differences are completely irreconcilable as far as I’m concerned.

  227. The girl worried about her father who lapsed in and out of consciousness. We told her her father was all right and she and he would be freed from the wrecked truck as soon as help arrived.

    She told us she had begged her father to take her on this run. It was the first time she spent Christmas vacation with him on the road.

    The fire got the girl’s father’s attention. He woke up really fast. We couldn’t stop it. He begged us to shoot them, but we gutless wonders did nothing. One man held the girl’s hand until it got too hot. He later had a nervous break down, but I didn’t.

    One should only have to die once, especially if it is too awful, but this couple will continue to die over and over until I am dead.

    Sometimes, I alter the dream scape. A chorus of agony swept across the land. I realized I had put our political and economic leaders in the truck and they were sizzling like steaks on a griddle.

    I woke wishing that part wasn’t a dream. My mother was right. I should have fled to Canada. I still wish they had burned last night.

  228. Emily Bronte, the only thing I dislike about your comments is you don’t write enough of them. I agree we need education to stop Trump, but we can pine for enlightenment until the cows come home.

  229. James, I don’t suffer your memories, but certainly your sediment.

    If we would all visualize their black hearts igniting, it would spark just us.

    “For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together.”

  230. It’s all part of the circus, Rutherford. The more stirring that can be will be. The spin is all that matters. Haven’t you grasped that yet? If they keep things spinning, nothing has to be proven or be of substance. Even the evangelicals have that move down.

  231. I’ll say this for Cruz and I paraphrase: “Bernie Sanders is exactly right with what’s wrong with America. The problem is he is asking you to let a corrupt government fix it with more government”.

    I’ll say this. The man showed flashes of brilliant rhetoric. I still don’t trust him.

  232. Periodic dusting of brilliant rhetoric has never been able to dissolve nor dislodge the enormous mounting pile of fecal matter that is dc.

  233. I am in a weird mood. Who is this person?

    Thanks Rutherford and Pool man. That man and his daughter are now vague memories and names on tomb stones. I shared this story so that you would also remember them after I am gone.

  234. Cruz takes KS with over 50% aka majority not plurality and is showing 48% in Maine…..Maine….fucking Maine!!!!!!!

  235. I think it’s premature but the bloom may be off the Trump rose. If he loses all 4 races today there’s no way he can spin it.

    Alfie, I may end up eating my words. Perhaps Romney is the Trump killer?

  236. I don’t think Romney is the Trump killer. Attrition from Cruz and others’ attack ads and more Trump news stories are doing the damage. I hope it is the beginning of the end.

    We are not there yet.

    I agree about Rubio.

  237. I’ll give Trump 1 thing…he’s a shrewd political tactician.

    It’s obvious if Rubio dropped out his people would flock to Cruz and it’s obviously what needs to be done to seal any #anyonebutdonald effort.

    Trump just called for Rubio to drop out, which is the 1 thing that would keep Rubio in the race.

  238. Every primary/caucus night I get into a Twitter war with dumbass HRC supporters. Tonight they’re calling Sanders xenophobic because he wants trade deals that don’t crush us.

    There is one thing I DO like about Trump-he likes winning. If Obama is to blame for anything it’s discouraging America’s zest for winning.

  239. Whoever started this Trump being Reagan crap is so detached, it’s sheer Progressive. I “knew” Ronald Reagan. Reagan was a Conservative for 30 years before he ever ran as President. Reagan would abhor a malignant narcissist and vulgar man like Donald Trump.

    Rutherford, they ain’t printing up Trump Posters with Mussolini attached for nothing. I’ve been calling Trump a man with fascist tendencies for months.

  240. I swear, Rutherford, you’re stuck in a cocoon thru and thru. Louisiana’s economy is four things:

    (1) Sea Food
    (2) Sugar Cane
    (3) New Orleans tourism
    (4) Oil

    There is not a state in the nation more dependent than #4 than Louisiana.

    Where was the Washington Post’s “economic geniuses” when articles like this were appearing not three years ago and oil was at $80 a barrel? This is cover for a newly elected Democratic governor whose strapped for cash with crude oil at $30 a barrel. Pure proactive Dim politics….out of the mold of Huey Long.

  241. The article mentions oil as a problem. But it also mentions the unnatural means Jindal used to avoid raising taxes.

    Surely you’re not suggesting the new Gov undid a successful Jindal reign in 2.5 months?

  242. “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents,more and more closely, the inner soul of the people.On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and a complete narcissistic moron”

    H.L. Mencken
    The Baltimore Evening Sun
    July 26, 1920

  243. Well the country is continuing to roll downhill and both sides are guilty of it.
    On the Democrats side the sheer hypocrisy is perhaps the most galling for me. People calling for Sanders to back out gracefully are the worse given they’re backing a cow that refused to behave like someone who respects voters in 2008.
    I will say this though that Bernie wants 15 TRILLION in tax increases,doesn’t apply any of that to debt relief,and has no fall back plan for what happens when some of those taxes go into effect he should be looked upon as a done deal.

    The Republicans of course have their own issues and that’s an understatement. The recent pleas from the likes of Mitt Romney have fallen on deaf ears and if there was any benefit it went only to Cruz. The GOP should absolutely insist that Rubio hits the showers and Katich too. If the GOP thinks the problem with Trump is in fact Trump than they need to allow the voters the best chance to go for Cruz. A contested convention is not the answer. Push Cruz into a two man race and take the outcome like an adult. Part of that plan is of course to assure Paul Ryan squeezes genuinely good ideas out of the Capitol Hill pinheads and neuter the Imperialist Presidency once and for all.
    As I had it out in a real world conversation the GOP has plenty of shit on their hands for how they acted these past 2 terms. Congress can block a President but it loses its value and credibility when they don’t counter. Gingrich took an ideas rich stand against Clinton and all in all the country was better for it.

  244. Louisiana is an interesting case study but is all too often seen as some unique situation. The ills of LA are found throughout the USA and cut across bipartisan lines.
    LA could possibly solve a huge chunk of its issues through more common sense governance of the natural resources. Ultimately what hurts LA the most is its demographics. Whether it votes Blue,Red or Purple it is in quite the no win scenario.

  245. IL,NY and MA are great examples of the education funding issue heralded in the Rutherford link. The thing is those states can’t blame Republicans so an entity like WaPo,Salon,Slate or MSNBC isn’t going to address it. Also the actually funding isn’t nearly as important as the expenditures and projections are. That is a component that almost never gets its due discernment.

  246. Rutherford, Bobby Jindal no more created the economic problems in LA, than George Bush created the scenario of $2 trillion in bad loans in 2008.

    And the problem is, you Dims then game the system with rank propaganda because of the collective ignorance of this nation. And that is exactly how you win elections.

    Obamanomics has indebted this nation to a point it will never get out. Do you think this 51% of Obama’s approving fools can even manage their check book?

  247. Tex all I can say is Jindal bragged about his state record on the trail and it wasn’t all that.

    Of course no chief executive (including Bush and Obama) is entirely to blame when things go south. Jindal may not have been a failure but he sure as hell was not a success.

  248. Red State reports that Sanders said at the debate that white people don’t know what it is like to be poor. Is Sanders representative of a liberal self loathing racist mind, or is he merely a two bit panderer?

  249. @ James it is one of the highest crimes of the Democrats that they fail to recognize persistent poverty crosses racial lines.

  250. I’ve heard internet rumors that Bernie Sanders has been designated the Washington Generals of political candidates. 😆 😆

    You basketball fans will get it. 😈

  251. I see Obama will be skipping Nancy Reagan’s funeral to attend the SXSW Festival.

    I understand that since James Taylor ain’t exactly Jay-Z he will be attending the funeral on Obama’s behalf.

  252. I’ve done a very dirty and bad thing today. I deserve to look like goal keeper Scott Sterling. I was all by myself…. And… Just couldn’t help it. I’m sorry America.

  253. Bernie was my plan. I didn’t know you couldn’t vote in the Dem primary as a Republican. I actually thought you could vote in both. I should have circled in Independent. Maybe then I could have?

    So… Slightly flustered… I’m only looking at the GOP… annoyed…. Off my game…. And…I just….. Did it. Instant remorse as I walked out… But also a tinge of sick pleasure. Sick. It was impulsive. Like an angered goat.

    I showed up with a plan… Vote for the dumb socialist who Bob Dole could beat. It went south. Quick.

  254. Feel the Bern!!!! Damn, I wish I would have such insight! But the vote too tight here and I had to go with my man.

    I have always wanted to vote for a commie just to spite the man!

  255. It must be like sucking dick. Can I say that? I don’t think he’ll get the taste out of his mouth no matter how much liquor he consumes. 😆

  256. Alfie and el Tigre. It is one reason why I dislike Democrats. I’d hate them, but they aren’t worth the effort.

    I’d have also voted for Trump under the same circumstances.

  257. Alfie and el Tigre. It is one reason why I dislike Democrats. I’d hate them, but they aren’t worth the effort.

    ** GUFFAW **

    I’ve gotten to the point I don’t argue or reason with them anymore. I just spit in their food.


    Just got back from casting my early vote for Bernie.

    You wanna hear bullshit democracy? I vote for Sanders and then further down the ballot are these “delegates” names with candidates names in parentheses next to them. For a split second I damn near voted for a Hillary delegate before I realized what I was doing.

    Why the fuck can’t you just vote for the person? Why are there also delegate names on there? If I had voted for HRC delegates, would it have nullified my vote for Bernie?

    I’m telling you, this complexity is designed to screw over the voter.

  259. “Why the fuck can’t you just vote for the person?”

    There was none of that delegate bull shit on the GOP ticket.

    The “Democratic” Party.
    What a joke.

    I’ve never seen such a tightly controlled sham of a primary.

    You should leave the fucking party for that shit alone.

    I’ve lived in a couple states and might be confused… But I swear we could vote in both in the mitten. Is that a thing in any state?

  260. I didn’t know there was anything different expected in MS (although the results I just looked at didn’t have the Mafia Don above 50%).

    I’m still shaking my head at DR. WTF?? I never would’ve thunk it. I’ll need to get him that “Fuck It: Trump 2016” bumper sticker for that Prius I know he secretly drives to Whole Foods on the weekends.

  261. I spoke too soon Tigre. The Don dropped to 48.

    Is it agreed that if Rubio loses FL his career is finished? There’s talk he needs to quit Pres run and get into the Senate race to save his career. I also heard there’s talk of Carson running for Rubio’s seat if Rubio goes down with the Pres ship.

  262. Don’t worry. You can go to bed a happy man and realize it was all dream when you wake up miserable again tomorrow.

    I turned on FOX tonight in between the basketball game. I swear, I don’t know how anybody can stand Donald Trump. Donald may even exceed Obama with me before it is through. I’m already turning him off like I do Obama and he is not even President yet.

  263. Tex, serious question: won’t you just relish Trump’s total humiliation of Hillary Clinton?

    Depends how much largess is sitting out there to savage Trump. You underestimate the Clinton machine. Far more effective than a bunch of RINO wimps.

    Besides, as crazy you might think me, I’m not sure Trump isn’t throwing the election. The man’s ego knows no bounds.

    If I am right, there’s going to be a lot of people with egg on their faces when Donald Trump turns out to not be who he says he is. 😐

  264. “Tex, serious question: won’t you just relish Trump’s total humiliation of Hillary Clinton?”

    The thoughts of a fellow goat. Rutherford, as a fellow emo fascist… I now get you. It feels so good voting like an animal.

  265. Yes, Rubio needs to drop out. I think we could see another President Clinton with a Democratic Senate and liberal court, but the debates would be fun.

  266. There is something about Rutherford that is appealing. Rabbit’s favorite is the emo fascist.

    Mine is Rutherford’s complete devotion to subjects he knows nothing about.

  267. Sir George Martin the producer called the fifth Beatle died at age ninety. The message of “Get Back” is apt for our country. We really need to get back to where we once belonged.

  268. James, I really don’t think Trump can win in the general. His schtick appeals to a minority of GOP voters and the left would excuse Stalin’s purges if it kept them in power.

  269. Trump has already won. So has Hillary. The Trump publicity is a diversion from Clinton’s crimes. If she is the next selected, he still has made gains from his campaign performance.

    These psychopaths are as relative as we make them.

    I read where Perot basically did the same in 92. Split the GOP and got the first Clinton in.

  270. If the trend continues and Hillary is our next president, I wonder if she will finish her term. She has health problems.

  271. If Hillary makes it back to the WH someone need to go punch her in throat, kick her in the cooter, and say “Carla sent me.”

  272. There is something about Rutherford that is appealing. Rabbit’s favorite is the emo fascist.
    Mine is Rutherford’s complete devotion to subjects he knows nothing about.

    Ahhh, the compliments just keep coming!

  273. Our daughter found this on Facebook

    2015 Trump is running? That will never last,

    2017 What crazy thing will President Trump do next?

    2018 Are you watching the Hunger Games tonight? I hope our district wins.

  274. LOL James that was classic … and scary … and possibly true.

    On the Univision Debate Hillary reacted to the grieving mother of a Benhazi victim by saying the mother was “wrong”. I cannot believe she did not use the word “misled” instead of “wrong”. Fox is going to play her comment in a continuous loop.

  275. Anyone that doesn’t believe Barack Obama and his gang of failed misfits has tendencies toward the tyrannical, should read the information about how the DOJ has seriously talked about punishing the fossil fuels industry for lying about climate change – under the guise of something akin to the tobacco companies.

    Even when the science is indicating more and more as each day passes, the science about global warming is the biggest hoax ever pushed on citizens and academia is behind the garbage – the main benefactors of more funding.

    This is how corrupt this administration was under Holder and it is no different under Lynch.

    Then give consideration to what Holder and Lynch have not pursued like the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the thuggish IRS – and I could name a dozen more.

  276. Damn, I just read this breaking news…

    Actor – Dwayne Johnson Falls To His Death In New Zealand

    If true, I’m bummed. Seemed like a good guy and I enjoyed most of his movies.

  277. “Mine is Rutherford’s complete devotion to subjects he knows nothing about.”

    LOL. Soooo true. Though I would’ve said “passionate devotion.”

    The PJ video is equally true.

  278. “I cannot believe she did not use the word “misled” instead of “wrong”.”

    Huh? Who was misleading whom and why does this help the pathological lyin’ Cankleotapuss? Seriously. How does this help Hillary? She was writing one thing to her daughter and saying something different to the victims’ families over their deceased sons; coffins. Literally.

  279. Hillary says the mother was wrong then goes on to say they received information 18 hours after she emailed Chelsey that the video did play a role.

    Once again supporting the argument that the difference between Hillary and Obama is he is a slightly better liar.

    And for it she receives thunderous applause from the audience and pundits bragging about how much better their candidates are than the Republicans.

  280. Tex your video CLEARLY demonstrates that WITHOUT a principled core Trump cannot be attacked on his own merits. Thats why the Democrats and the media try and spin gold from straw about fantasy Hitler salutes and Trump not denouncing the kkk once in the last ten minutes.

  281. Betsy’s Page discusses Hillary’s lies and also tells us how a remorseful official refused to warn Republican committee chairmen that veterans were dying under the VA system. She as a Democrat refused to talk to Republicans, so she asked Democrats and received little encouragement.

    I think I will try heavy drinking to make sense of the world,

  282. But she testified for 11 HOURS!

    thunderous applause

    Thought balloons throughout the land of clapping seals that read “I can count to eleven! Whoohoo!”

  283. Radical Islam has nothing to do with Islam but Republicans are the party of the kkk.

    Logix, yo.

    Democrats didnt switch parties they remained racist and just switched races.

  284. The biggest farce of this entire Presidential race, well with the exception of the entire Democratic race itself where you’ve got a red diaper baby against a plutocrat thief that operates outside the bounds of law and pathological liar to boot, is this insinuation Donald Trump is an outsider.

    Good Lord. Donald Trump is as much an insider as Hillary Clinton is. Has been for years – it’s how this trust fund baby made his name, part Joe Kennedy and part Andrew Dice Clay. And it’s masked by buying political influence through business dealings and calling himself a businessman. Trump is the ultimate insider and crony capitalist who peddles influence with his great wealth. The man can literally and transparently lie out of both sides of mouth in one sentence, then contradict the last sentence with the next. He’s mocked the disabled, prisoners of war, women like Fiorina for their looks. There’s no core – except enriching himself at the public trough and marketing the narcissism.

    I’m frankly as disgusted with this Cult of Trump as I was with the Cult of Obama. That’s why I’m close, but not quite, being through with politics. I can’t stand the weak, ineffectual, spineless Republican Congress, I sure can’t vote for a virus like Bernie Sanders whose not the nice man he pretends to be, and I won’t vote for a couple of unprincipled liars like Trump and Clinton.

    Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

  285. Good. So the Rock isn’t dead? This flashed across Facebook – I should have known better. At least this time I was smart enough to preface “If true.” I think I’m going to start every comment from now on with “IF true.” 😆

    The internet is going to turn out to be like TV. What could have been the world’s most ingenious teaching tool and disseminating informational tool will turn into a huge pile of crap before it is through.

  286. “Actor – Dwayne Johnson Falls To His Death In New Zealand”

    2014 hoax

    IF TRUE:

    Apparently, The Rock has nine lives. He died in 2011 too. What a dumbass I was. But hell, Facebook fell for it too? 😆

  287. This is actually getting pretty humorous on Facebook. This time, The Rock is Dead link sends me to Dwayne Johnson is quitting Hollywood to sell his own line of stimulants. 😈

  288. Of all the folks who would take issue with my Hillary comment, I knew Tigre would be the one.

    I’m talking about what a politician’s language conveys about empathy. First, did you think HRC was gonna say “I lied”? No. So let’s move to step two.

    You can either say the grieving mother was misled into thinking HRC was lying, which keeps the mother in a sympathy-earning role of victim OR you can make the judgmental decree “she is wrong”. I think the latter kills any notion that HRC really feels for this mother.

    To my shock, MoJo declared Hillary’s Benghazi answer was great. Even Joe said so. All I could do was shake my head.

  289. Tex, you’ve missed something. Trump’s supporters LIKE that he is an insider ratting out the other insiders. He is saying “the game is rigged and I oughta know cos I helped rig it.”

    Next Tuesday is gonna be a blast.

  290. “Of all the folks who would take issue with my Hillary comment, I knew Tigre would be the one.”

    Read this, and said to myself, “WTF, I’m trying to understand the comment. Who was misleading whom?”

    “You can either say the grieving mother was misled into thinking HRC was lying, which keeps the mother in a sympathy-earning role of victim OR you can make the judgmental decree “she is wrong”. I think the latter kills any notion that HRC really feels for this mother.”

    Read this and still don’t know.

    Who “misled” the mother? I get uncritical blame shifting is the hallmark of the left but the liar accusing the grieving mother of being gullible and manipulated for believing her lying eyes is diplomacy?

    Your fake bravado is so fucking weird sometimes. Saying the grieving mother she was “mislead” begs a question that apparently neither you nor she can answer any way other than “You Hillary, Y-O-U misled me.” Such “empathy.”

  291. Rutherford I don’t get your beef. Hillary DID lie. The mother was not misled since she more than anyone here lived the reality. As I’ve read up on a number of things I have to tell you that Hillary NOT Obama was the most dangerous person on policy. The reality of this offers us all a very good reason NOT to let HER be POTUS!!!!
    Hillary’s FP folks will surely count Susan Rice,Samantha Power and Ben Rhodes amongst them. Powers especially makes this a real bad deal for America.

  292. On a completely nonsensical real world tilt….I’m in the process of buying a new car. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS EXERCISE

  293. Alfie… Went through the process last fall. Walked out. Can’t stand it. The prices are insane. Like taking on a mortgage.

    I said fuck it. Looks like I will be driving ghetto hoopties for life.

    Own 2 of them. One breaks down, drive the other. Rinse and repeat.

    94 Blazer. 05 Town and Country. No payments.

  294. Must be car buying time – a process I was so ruthless at, the neighborhood women would take them with me to the lot at my wife’s suggestion. I think my wifey did it to punish me.

    I start out nice, they start with the chit and lying, I browbeat them into submission with all kinds of information readily available.

    One guy was so frustrated with my act, he lit cigarette filter when he put it backwards in his mouth. Another got so mad, he brought the General Manager out who told me never to come back on the lot again or I would be arrested. I said, “For what? Being a tough negotiator?” 😈

    I think I should have been a professional agitator.

    As to the prices of cars, screw it. I ain’t paying more for a pickup than my first starter home cost. $50K for a f ing pickup? Web available, of course. I guess since texting is now illegal, watching the internet while driving won’t be.

    And to think I used to buy a new one every three or four years. Those days are over with. Nothing pissed me off worse than buying a new car and having it about 2 days before some a_hole threw the door into it.

  295. More proof that Ben Carson should only be consulted in matters of brain surgery and should have never been mentioned in the same sentence as the words “President of the United States”…

    He is endorsing trump tomorrow

  296. He is endorsing trump tomorrow

    Disappointing, I admit. I thought Dr. Carson was better than that. And if this is setting up Ben Carson for a high level cabinet position, I’m going to move from the category of disappointed to disgusted.

    Remember when we used to marvel with disdain at how hoodwinked the Obama devout were? How it was cult like? This Trump phenomenon for me has surpassed even that. Obama was a smooth campaigner, marketed himself as uniter. Donald Trump is a train wreck. And no matter what the man has done, says or does, these people only even more cult like in their support.

    And I don’t get it, I readily admit. The man is a liar, he’s vile, he’s a thug, he’s immoral, and he’s party of the system.

    Let’s not forget Donald Trump not three months personally insulted Dr. Carson with a vicious of attack calling him incompetent and a pathological liar the equivalent of a child molester.

    And you’re going to lend an endorsement to that?

  297. I agree, Huck.

    My wife and I hadn’t been farming for many years, and some new land required a newer, bigger tractor. A local dealer had a used IH 1256 which was like new because a customer had dangled his purchase in front of the dealer with requests for improvements. It even had a new paint job and high tech cab.

    I researched and asked our banker’s advice as he also checked a realistic value. The motivation to sell was strong, because the customer had finally decided to buy a new tractor.

    The dealer tried to bargain us down, but we held firm. He needed the sale more than we did. After several consultations in the back room with the boss, they met our price. I said the padding around the gear shift looked a little thick, and I suggested I might remove it. The sales man said “Please don’t do that. The stitching cost us $ 80.

    My wife and I were so shaken we shared pop at a grocery store to calm our nerves.

    We had never spent so much money for anything, but we still have the tractor.

  298. Tigre and Alfie,
    Your questions ignore the Dem position. The Dem/Hillary stance is that the GOP lies about Benghazi. So it is more to Hillary’s advantage to suggest the mother has been lied to by partisan pols than to suggest she has a mind of her own and is “wrong”.

    Calling the mother “wrong” sounds strident, shrill and judgmental.

  299. Rabbit I will not lie. I find Trump way more entertaining than I should. The fact our federal gov has already fallen off the cliff makes the Trump phenom understandable and almost welcome.

    Now I shall go watch WWE … eh ,.. the 13th GOP debate.

  300. Trump has carved out a space for a national discussion that is desperately needed. Becuase of Trump, others will come after him with the guts to say things that most of this country has been intimidated into silence over.

    Make no mistake about it. If immigration is allowed to be lawless and this status quo is upehled by a Democratic Party offering trinckets and family wrecking food stamps at the border…. There will be no country left. It won’t go the way of some old Jewish socialist kook…It will go to a murderous Castro type.

    There is an absolute war being waged right now and we have just now been allowed to talk about it. We can thank Trump for that.

    Racist for saying Muslims should be vetted? Look at Europe.

    Racist for rule of law at the border? … The Cartels have killed more people that could fit on the Vietnam Wall just south of El Paso.

    The reality of Dearborn and Hamtramck Michigan are places many people refuse to admit even exist.

    If Trump turns into the tyrant I think he may be…. Perhaps we will have people on both the right and the left finnaly agreeing that the Constitutional checks on presidential power (and government in general) are something we all should hold dear.

    I’m embarrassed as hell over Trump. But I told Rutherford this would ultimately happen. Release the Krakan. I hope he wins.

    I may end up voting for Trump not because I disagree with Tex… But becuase I agree with him.

  301. California is a Moonbeam signature away from making 21 the legal age for smoking.

    Adults under 21 can still vote and help decide things for all of us, but they are too immature and gullible to decide things for themselves.

    Because nanny says so….

  302. R, you don’t get it. The Dem position is that Hillary is a fucking liar. The dems are willing to excuse it because dems don’t care. They excuse her like they did her husband. You don’t care. Nothing burgers. Her saying the grieving mother, whom Hillary directly lied to along with the other families AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT, is therefore insulting, trivializing, and stupid as shit — not empathetic. Cheap and degrading. Hillary’s lies are black and white and indisputable. Your advice sucks and would be a spit-take moment even for the dems. It would loop non-stop among the conservative media. She would be a laughing stock. Hillary needs to run like hell from the labels that her own supporters apply to HER.

  303. Can you see why I am so against Donald Trump on just policy alone? Trump could not be anymore wrong on tariffs, and Ted Cruz could not be anymore right. The poor in America would get killed, and companies will not be moving back to build. Trump preys on the ignorant.

    And that is why tonight’s debate will not move the dial one inch. Because the truth be known, the substance of most Trump supporters is that they are not any different than the Dimocrat vote.

  304. “Trump could not be anymore wrong on tariffs”

    He’s wrong on tariffs but correct on Chinese currency manipulation. And.. To his credit, people are now talking about it.

    Could tarrifs be a threat in this needed currency show down? I honestly don’t know.

    These US H1B visas are often times bull shit. 2 of my brothers have had to train fucking Pakistanis to take their jobs in the last ten years. These are college educated guys who put their asses through school with only the GI Bill and shitty construction jobs helping them out.

    The void of electrical engineers and programers is exaggerated.

    What has this free trade got us? Shirts that shrink? Shoes that have to be replaced every year? And we pretend like its a good deal. Its all a new way of kicking the can. In this case… Cheap shoes that last a year. Throw away culture. Lack of respect of taking care of things.

    Wallmart lobbying Congress for more food stamp extensions becuase they don’t pay their workers shit.

    And.. Again.. We pretend that the cheap Wallmart sun glasses are such a good deal… As we unwittingly subsidize both the worker and the Chink?

    Fuck that. China is butt raping us.

    Trump brings that to light. I’m hoping someone worthy in the GOP takes the baton from Trump’s hands and run with some of this issues.

  305. Anyone who once voted a ticket with Palin should be able to hold their nose and vote Trump if the other side is running Hillary Clinton.

    Yeah… I would like Cruz to be the man… But the guy doesn’t have a chance. It’s time to support Trump. Or at least quietly vote for him over the Clinton crime family.

  306. “I think rabbit ought to fashion Trump a cod piece. He’s already coddling his balls.”

    Poolman… For the first time in probably 5 years you made me lol.

  307. I guess that is better than pissing you off. 🙂 Anyway, the Simpsons predict a Trump presidency. I wouldn’t want reality to bend in that direction myself, but some things they are inevitable.

  308. Well Tigre obviously I disagree. You say Dems think HRC is a liar because it helps you demonize Dems. Many if not most Dems, and certainly HRC supporters, think she is the victim of a witch hunt and Benghazi is a hit job against her.

    Talk till you turn blue. I’ve never changed your mind before. Don’t expect to now. Calling a grieving mother “wrong” is a VERY poor choice of words and uncharacteristic of the Clinton machine who is expert at quibbling about “what the word “is” is”.

  309. I’m too lazy to pull quotes but Rabbit has been talking like a Trump (Sanders) supporter for weeks now. The fact he pulled the lever really should not surprise.

    Regarding tariffs, Trump said something tonight I’m not sure I get. I think he said we would take the money from tariffs and use it to rebuild the country, put Americans to work, and then they could afford the higher prices until China gets its act together. Did I get that wrong?

    BTW Kasich also said he would kick China’s ass for currency manipulation.

  310. China is butt raping us because they can pay a seamstress $2.50 @ hour and they happily take in with a roach filled gov’t apartment twenty stories high, leaning to the left, in air that is practically unbreathable. Often times they jump out the 19th window for relief.

    That’s not coming back because an American worker is not going to take $7.25 an hour to do the same without a gov’t apartment. Our productivity cannot offset the cost. Those days are gone.

    Smoot-Hawley put the country in a Depression about 85 years ago. That is exactly what Trump is proposing. It’s utter madness.

    Here is what I really don’t get about Trump supporters. He openly admits he was part of the system. Then Trump says he knows the system. Then he says he will change the system.

    But he never says a fucking word about creating overwhelming problems in the system that our children are going to get to pay for.

    In other words, he is proud of being a crony capitalist.

    Why don’t we organized crime in charge of the banks? Well, I mean real organized crime like the mob. 😈

  311. Rutherford, anyone who says Hillary is the victim of a witch hunt is either lying or too ignorant to vote.

    Hillary had to say the grieving mother was mistaken. She was trapped in a yes or no question.

  312. Rutherford, since you apparently skipped the article I linked that basically states the banks do own us, here are a few quotes they provided that agree with the entire banking conspiracy concept. You may recognize a few of the authors.

    “I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” —Thomas Jefferson

    “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” – Woodrow Wilson

    “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson

    “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”— Theodore Roosevelt

    “It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am. The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavoured to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of seperation). That Individuals of them may… actually had a seperation [sic] of the People from their Government in view, is too evident to be questioned.” – George Washington

    “Until the latest of our world conflicts, the United States had no armaments industry. American makers of plowshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But now we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense; we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this, three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations.

    This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence – economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

    In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

    We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

    “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings… Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe… no war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of “clear and present danger,” then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent… For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” — John F Kennedy

  313. You are right about thing, Rutherford. You haven’t changed my mind on anything and I will not bother trying to reason with your intentional ignorance. You go ahead and keep on thinking Hillary is viewed as truthful — even by your party. “You were misled” wouldn’t raise and eyebrow. 🙄

  314. Yesterday to my delight I was in a position to eavesdrop on a gaggle of first timer female students gossiping at length about the 2016 election and I swore they were reading Rutherford’s remarks aloud.

  315. It’s time to support Trump. Or at least quietly vote for him over the Clinton crime family.

    I wish it were that easy for me. I really do. But I’m “seasoned enough” at 55 to know as bad as Hillary Clinton was, is and will be, as corrupt and plutocratic as she will become, it could actually be worse.

    A man driven by power and ego, with a penchant at winning at any costs, thin skinned and juvenile, a charlatan and buffoon when the curtain pulled, who I believe if could pushed hard enough in my estimation could not just simply damage a political brand for a century. That would be the least of it.

    He could stoke a mob with the power of the mightiest military this earth has ever seen, utterly devout and fascist to the core.

    The only question that remains is should Trump win the ticket, can I actually vote for a person I hold in contempt to stop what I see as an even greater danger? Something I thought utterly impossible until a month ago.

    I can’t condemn Rutherford for being gullible enough to believe pure pap of hope and change, and then eight years later, in succession become the hope and change under an equally lame banner.

    As I said last week. Walls serve two purposes. To keep out and to keep in.

  316. “I can’t condemn Rutherford for being gullible enough to. . . ”

    I would never call him intellectually immature but. . . .

  317. We know the evil Hillary and the progressives represent. We also know they will alter our judicial and economic system and endanger us internationally.

    Trump is an unknown quantity with a checkered business record. His future performance is speculation. I’m gambling that his advisors are less dangerous than Hillary’s. Much of her program is already being institutionalized. Trump’s is an aboration,

    Therefore, I will vote for Trump if it comes to that.

  318. The biggest difference between Trump and Hillary is their record. Hers are mostly successes and his mostly failures. They both operate from evil and will do and say anything to better themselves, but she appears to have been the most consistent at succeeding with her endeavors. He claims he started his business on a ‘modest’ loan of a million bucks. She takes occasional rides in the victim vehicle, capitalizing on Bill’s now famous escapades. They have no core difference except she seems the stronger character. He’s a bully and she’s a witch. There really is no choice for good. I prefer to pray they would spontaneously ignite. I’ll string the flaming arrow. Wishing and hoping and praying…

  319. I’ll be the first to cop to the charge of gullible.

    I kid you not, the first time some asshole said “did you know gullible is not in the dictionary?”, I responded “Really?”

    I’m not kidding. I have a built-in desire to WANT to believe people. That’s why I get real pissed off when I’m lied to. It’s probably why I still cling to the small possibility that Parker and Pfesser are two different people. 😐

  320. Which was the most crushing, Rutherford? The Santa Claus myth or the Easter bunny? 🙂 whoops….Spoiler Alert! 😆

  321. So I now have to give myself shots of Rheumatoid Arthritis medicine, Humira for psoriasis.

    These shots cost thousands of dollars and my detectable is high. So I was prepared to pay big time.

    No, no.

    For reasons I don’t understand, they cost me 40 bucks and nullified my entire deductible!

    My pharmacist brother, who seemed to get a sick enjoyment out of delivering these painful shots to my stomach, predicted this script would save me tons of money.

    He was right!

    Want to make a couple grand? Gdt prescirbed Humira and throw it away.

    Go past Go and collect 200, bitches!

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