What MSNBC Missed in its New Hampshire Coverage

The news channel that famously leans left and delights in identity politics somehow missed the obvious in last night’s coverage of the New Hampshire primary. They stepped right up to it and then failed to meet the clear conclusion. 

Analysis of the Democratic primary results reveals that Bernie Sanders won white “working class” voters who went for Hillary Clinton in 2008. MSNBC got that but seemed unable to take the next step. Clearly “working class” is a euphemism for Archie Bunker democrats. There was no way in hell they were voting for Barack Obama. 

In fact if you look at Ivy League schools in the past 30 years (post civil rights era) the only Ivy with headline making racial tensions was New Hampshire’s Dartmouth. 

Granted, Hillary also beat John Edwards in 2008 NH but women had not tired of her by then. 

Mark my words. Every “working class” state that Hillary beat Obama in 2008 will go to Sanders this year. That’s Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio for starters. 

The question remains why did MSNBC come to the precipice and not take the logical jump? Simple. In the world of MSNBC, democrats can’t be bigots. That’s reserved for republicans. 

I guarantee you. A large measure of Bernie’s gains in states like PA and OH will come from folks who couldn’t vote for a black guy and held their nose for the woman. Now they’ve got a man, albeit a Brooklyn Jew, to vote for … and they will. 

What do you think? The bar is open.  

533 thoughts on “What MSNBC Missed in its New Hampshire Coverage

  1. Assuming Archie Bunker Democrats are more bigoted than other Americans is without supporting proof itself bigoted. If they voted for a black or a woman in the past and refuse to now, it may be for different reasons than a conversion to bigotry.

    I don’t think they are bigoted as much as they hate and distrust Hillary. Many people cannot define socialism. All they know is their economic status is static or declining and they believe what politicians and the news media tell them it is the fault of capitalism. Others watch Republicans promise the world and later support Democrats. The system is failing in their minds.

    Bernie Sanders has been in Congress since about 1980, but most people think he is a relative newcomer. He is convincing and provides simple answers. He does not carry the weight of lies and deceit that saddles Hillary. In that respect Sanders has the same political sex appeal Sarah Palin and Barack Obama once had,

    Bigotry may play a role, but I think the choice of candidates and perceptions attached to them is important too.

  2. Can someone tell me what Rutherford is blathering about.

    Something something black guy something something race.

    Scratch that… I couldn’t give a shit. Was hoping for a Huck movie review.

  3. I think I get it. Bernie is a rebuke of Obama and a rebuke of Obama must be racist.

    Couldn’t be the endless lies and failed presidency. It’s racist.


  4. Climb the precipice and leap, DR.

    Sheesh. Your need to watch more MSNBC. I understand they take their cues from Rutherford.

  5. Truth is the media is not honest. Because of that, they have been losing viewers at an ever increasing rate. If you analyze how news is reported today as compared to 50 years ago, you can chart a decline in credibility coinciding with an increase in bias.

    The left recognized it when Bush was in office. The right recognized it with Obama.

    Now it is time to further fracture the left AND the right. That is what we see happening on all fronts with the media leading the charge. These are not mistakes. No. These are not mistakes.

    For one to expect fairness from these obvious shills…

    “It’s like trying to find gold in a silver mine
    “It’s like trying to drink whiskey from a bottle of wine

    Honky cat 🙂

  6. Rutherford, I have one question for you about Bernie Sanders. Make that two.

    Isn’t it disgraceful to make promises to a naive audience that can’t possibly be kept? And the second, leading from the first, is isn’t college premised on the idea there will be a professional job at graduation?

    How is a socialist going to create millions of professional jobs if corporate America and small businesses are penalized further under a socialist?

  7. I can always count on James and Pools to take a stab at a real response. Thanks guys.

    As for the rest of you, just consider it a new discussion thread and enjoy yourselves.

  8. Socialists always have their work programs. It gave us our interstate freeways. You just have to redefine what a job is. Not difficult in an Orwellian state. And how does that mesh with the fact that the president is NOT a job creator. Supposedly the 1 percent are the job creators. That is a proven misnomer, but still held as fact. The middle class is the job creation source. Demand + supply = jobs Small business is (or was) the backbone of this nation. But that back has been broken.

  9. Bet if Hillary was a black Rutherford would be feeling that burn.

    “The question remains why did MSNBC come to the precipice and not take the logical jump? Simple. In the world of MSNBC, democrats can’t be bigots. That’s reserved for republicans.”

    The better question is why does Rutherford come to the precipice and not make the logical leap? Simple. In the world of Rutherford, blacks can’t be bigots. That’s reserved for whites.

  10. Tex, should politics be practical or aspirational? Was Kennedy a fool when he said we’d be on the moon in ten years?

    This is where Trump resonates with me. We don’t win anymore. We don’t even try. We’re just circling the drain.

    I say hell yes to someone calling for political revolution. We need a shake up.

    To your question Bernie’s college promises are akin to what we’ve already done in days of old.

    To your second question do you believe hiding money in the Cayman Islands enables companies to provide full employment?

  11. Tex, should politics be practical or aspirational? Was Kennedy a fool when he said we’d be on the moon in ten years?

    But that’s a poor analogy. Nobody had ever attempted to land on the moon. Nobody knew if it could be done. That was an achievable national goal that clearly was a public/private enterprise. But landing on the moon is not basic economics and the economy didn’t depend on it. Landing on the moon doesn’t provide a livelihood or a free education for millions. Had we failed, the nation wouldn’t have looked like today’s Venezuela.

    Socialism on the other hand has been tried again and again and has no record of success in a heterogeneous world power like America. None. Take a look at Europe the last two decades and look at the record of success. Five of Euro countries border on bankruptcy. France’s economy has collapsed. Spain is on the verge of civil war with unemployment well over 25%. That’s socialism. Western civilization is strained to the point of war being overrun due in large part to Obama’s catastrophic ineptness in that part of the world in conjunction with millions unemployed or underemployed due to socialist government. Europe is severely weakened – the weakest of my lifetime.

    Wall Street is just a euphemism of business. How does Bernie propose to pay for free education and by the same token dramatically increase costs on business while in the regard, increasing the supply of jobs.

  12. To your question Bernie’s college promises are akin to what we’ve already done in days of old.

    Well yeah, but those people risked life and limb to receive those benefits? What are the smiling young stooges proposing to do to earn a free education?

    I thought Apple, Google and GE were die hard Democratic supporters? That’s some of the lowest taxed massive corporations minimizing their tax expense. Is Bernie going to go after them too? 🙂

  13. Rutherford you are delusional.
    Tex you know the answers. YES it is wrong to promise stupid people something you cannot and quite frankly should not provide.
    You should also know that there is no imminent revolution that can reach the scale to so dramatically alter the economies pillars of health care,insurance,investment banking and energy.
    If Obamas hope & change was smoke and unicorn farts it’s hard to imagine what one can call the Sanders plan.

  14. I find the NH primary data to be unimpressive. I don’t think SC should be seen as important either. Super Tuesday is the only test that will matter. It and only it can provide a true picture.

  15. Tex, I don’t know how you do it. I really don’t. The discussions I have with my son about economics is 100 time more advanced than this. I am truly in awe at the simplistic gyrations to justify total nonsense.

    Hold on to your dreams. . . .

  16. I’m not referring to the GI bill. My mom who did not serve, went to college tuition free and not on any sort of scholarship. That was just the way it was. In fact, I think my Dad got drafted after graduation so he wasn’t GI bill either.

    Your points on the moon mission are valid.

    “Free” public college will be paid for with a tax on stock speculation. Don’t know if the numbers add up but those who say Bernie hasn’t identified a funding source are ill informed or lying.

    You’re on target bringing up Europe. Pundits have pointed out that Trump and Sanders represent the political extremes regularly found in Europe.

  17. I know the answers, Alfie. I was hoping (like a fool) that Rutherford might contemplate how nonsensical the Bernie proposals truly are.

    I like to feel in moments of rare clarity, Rutherford might realize Bernie’s promises a pipe dream. And occasionally as of late, Rutherford has given me a small ray of hope he’s starting to better identify total baloney.

    But if Bernie is the fall back, that ray of hope just darkened.

  18. To your second question do you believe hiding money in the Cayman Islands enables companies to provide full employment?

    Actually, there is a new trend among the multinationals wanting to shield investments.


    To further burst your bubble, there are NO companies wanting ‘full employment’, if that means adding humans to a payroll. The way of industry is automation. There are much less liabilities with less human beings involved. That has been a trend and nothing will change that. Oh, that ways of automating all persons is the ultimate end goal. Face it, humans are not really a valuable commodity going forward. Some will be necessary and kept on life support, but the vast majority are worthless eaters. And whiners.

    You need a serious slap across the face, Rutherford. Maybe 2. THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION. Maybe there never was. Politics is pretending to care while we steal you blind. Please learn this lesson and fast! We cannot let our kids continue in this downward spiral. 😐

  19. You’re welcome, Rutherford. You might want to read “Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote” The article covers some of the ground your post does. I don’t agree with all of it, but from the liberal black prospective, it is a cogent argument.

    I am preoccupied now. Today is our wedding anniversary and we aren’t doing much because I am recovering from the flu. Today is the first time food has stayed down since Monday. Our sister in law just said she has thyroid cancer, and our son called an hour ago that he will visit us next month. It is a big deal because we haven’t seen him in two years.

    The article is linked on Drudge.

  20. MSNBC’s class act Tingles said this morning that Ted Cruz was “below the level of human life.”

    Not in reference or response to anything in particular either. Even the other losers were taken aback. But only a little.

  21. That was an achievable national goal that clearly was a public/private enterprise.

    The Russians couldn’t figure it out and they were decades ahead of us trying One problem they couldn’t solve was getting safely past the van allen radiation belts.

    We have devised a sophisticated plan to be able to do that with Orion.

    How did we do that, Tex? Please elaborate. I would especially like to hear your comments regarding the NASA video I liked above from the info given between minutes 3:06 to 3:42. Why can’t they use the same achieved technology they did with Apollo? ? ? Another one of those history quizzes…

  22. Happy anniversary, James! Sorry you aren’t feeling so well. Get well!

    Stay away from politics and don’t drink any city water. 🙂

  23. Rutherford, you need to rethink employment. Think “every man for himself”. It may not be that extreme, but plan for the worst. If you are not among the people in this land are paring down, streamlining if you will, and becoming involved in self sufficient practices or have a social circle with diverse talents including survival know how, the road ahead will be difficult if not impossible to travel. This thing is going to fall, and hard. This is the lull before the storm.

  24. A better message from a better messenger and a better person than those lowing old cows fibbing to young women that hell awaits if you dont do what they want you to do –

    “To young girls and women across the country, I say: do not let others define you. Do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way or for a certain candidate because you’re a woman. That is not feminism. Feminism doesn’t shut down conversations or threaten women. It is not about ideology. It is not a weapon to wield against your political opponent. A feminist is a woman who lives the life she chooses and uses all her God-given gifts. And always remember that a leader is not born, but made. Choose leadership.”


  25. James, I think this is the article you referenced.

    I think the author is an ass since she implies blacks had no part in their incarceration by the evil white man. BUT it is fun to see her take Hillary’s “I’m no Tammy Wynette standing by my man” and throw it right back in her face.

    Apparently HRC likened criminal black kids to dogs. Ahhh would I love to a Clinton surrogate unearth that gem!


  26. “Don’t know if the numbers add up but those who say Bernie hasn’t identified a funding source are ill informed or lying.”

    If Bernie’s numbers don’t add up, then he…in fact…has NOT identified a funding source.

    You don’t know if they add up. So you really don’t have any idea WTF you are talking about.

    But it’s others who are ill informed or lying?

    Why isn’t it that you are ill informed and Bernie is lying?

  27. Rutherford isn’t a bad guy. He is deluded becuase someone else has paid to ensure two generations of Lawsons had wonderful advantages.

    When I think of the Rabbits, I total over 25 years of military service, at least 5 of it a combat zone, and a small business that operated for 30 years in a de facto combat zone as well…

    He needs to check his privilege.

    Not becuase us Rabbits are green with envy over his privileged class… But because the Rabbits ended up, one way or another, stronger and more successful.

    Rutherford looks at his current situation and says…. Where is the life line? The fucker has one. His daughter will surely remain in the privileged class… While our little Rabbits will continue to scrap and fight.

    I’m not ruling out that this messes with his manhood a bit. He might be fighting for free ponies for the Rabbits to make himself feel like less of a fem-bot. My gut says he is just a nice guy who is lacking the epxerience of the “fight”.

    It’s with great irony that I witness the Democratic Party and progressives as a whole attack the working class. Why… I’m starting to think the only thing they ever care about were those union dues!

  28. Rutherford the numbers,even if they did add up would not for long. Taxation has a reaction so even if for one FY the numbers worked it wouldn’t last.
    As for Super Tuesday I do and it’ll be the only chance the Republican voters can alter the Trump trajectory.
    Barring self destruction or other explosive thing ST is the kingmaker for both sides in 2016

  29. I get your point Rutherford. I too have been trying to understand the movement behind Sanders and your explanation is as good as any other. It is hard to fathom how individuals I share this world with can support some of the candidates that grace our political arena.

  30. Thanks for the good wishes. I feel better today. Thank goodness, we have our own well. No, I am not wasting much time on politics right now. We need to be able to keep up with our grand daughter when we return to Omaha next week. The other grandmother is now very sick as our daughter was.

    That was the likely article, Rutherford if you think the author is an ass. I was too polite to say so. Her reasoning is similar to what I have read in others and in your comment, though in your case, you were not claiming full victim hood for inflamatory purposes as she was.

    Trump and Sanders are demagogues appealing to the emotions of people who feel shafted. They are promising what they cannot deliver, and leave their audiences feeling blameless. That article also feeds the disaffected emotions of people buying into a yearning for revolution, in this case against the Clintons. I have personally seen the damage otherwise intelligent people can inflict especially after the mobs turn violent. People become irrational in a crowd. Its part of their nature. History is filled with destructive irrational movements. Our founding fathers must be rotating in their graves. I believe those two men are some of the most dangerous in generations.

  31. I’m glad you are feeling better today, James. We have to drink city water where I live right now. There is a lot of water underground, but most remains poisoned from industry here last century. We have a filtering system and also reverse osmosis for our drinking water. Mrs poolman adds minerals and vortexes and magnetizes it for optimum health benefit. She includes iodine to protect our thyroid glands.

    Water is the most essential natural resource and crucial for our nation’s survival.

  32. I see Rutherford’s metric for Obama’s economic wizardry, the market, is going to hell.

    Well, at least he stopped to rising seas and imposed strict racial, sexual and ethnic harmony guidelines to promote …well… consolidation of political power.

    Oh progressivesim. Who needs results when you have faith in your own good intentions, no matter selfish and destructive they might be.

  33. It’s trendy to be political right now for the kids. I’ll give BO credit for that, but the problem is that they’re ignorant of the facts and the institutions “educating” them are lying or distorting reality. Sanders sees this and is exploiting it. He’s created this false equivalency between the wealthy (taxes) and free shit (services), and conveniently leaves out the tremendous baggage train that exists in between (government). HRC is trying to give away just as much free shit, but has chosen to focus on the more basic, primal features of society–race. So she’s gonna run around with Mike Brown’s mom, Trayvon Martin’s mom, and will intellectually whore herself out to BLM in the hopes of motivating the minority vote. Both of them are disgusting in their deceit.

    As for Trump, I’m not as far down the line as Alfie. In emails to a couple folks here, I called Cruz in Iowa. I’m not surprised Trump won in NH, but NH is a libertarian state. I think Super Tuesday will be interesting, especially with so many GOP candidates pulling out of the race. I think Cruz will do well. Trump will too, though I think that Trump’s schtick is getting old to conservatives, and I think that is the salient point. Conservatives who have been disenfranchised with the GOP establishment leaned towards Trump early on because they’re tired of the weak-kneed party leadership fucking up key opportunities to smack useless liberal ideas down. However, Trump’s caustic personality and more or less shallow understanding of things–especially conservatism–is beginning to wear thin. His record demonstrates that he’s been all over the place on various policies, mostly leaning towards what is best for him. I think that’ll come out more and more.

    Personally, I like Cruz and support him. I believe he has won every debate, and would pay money to see him debate Clinton and/or Sanders–both of which he would absolutely destroy.

  34. Well said, Gorilla. Good to see you back.

    Here’s two things I don’t can believe can be minimized about the Trump phenomenon – or that I consider the Republican version of Hope & Change.

    There was only one candidate in Iowa from either party that came against one of the most egregious boondoggle subsidies in the entire federal government, ethanol, and he took on a standing Governor who was the very caricature of crony capitalism and begged the people of Iowa to vote against him. Now people can dredge on all they like about making America Great Again! But you’re not going to do that by actually stating you want to increase ethanol subsidies to the cheering, duped masses. That’s more of the same capitulation we’ve all grown to hate.

    And the second one is this if you believe all the polling, Trump is the worst candidate the Republicans could nominate. Gallup recently released the unfavorable ratings of all the Presidential candidates. Donald Trump has the highest unfavorable ratings in the polling history taken starting in ’92. Higher than Hillary, higher than Slick, higher than Obama, even higher than the BushMicChimpeyHitler during his worst ordeals.

    That’s not a recipe for victory much as the build the wall folks wish to believe. That’s a recipe for Barry Goldwater like ass kickings.

  35. @ 800 I actually support Cruz and I think he should do well on ST. I think Jeb will withdraw after ST. Rubio is the ST wild card and Kasich and Carson are irrelevant. Jeb and Rubio sucked up all the $ the Ohioan could’ve used. Trump and Cruz have the cash and organization to make a two person go of the rest of the primary.
    My comment about Trumps trajectory is that from here out he isn’t looking for conservative voters and he has a lot of free press. Cruz will need some traction if he is to overcome the skewed polling.
    If Trump is the nominee I will vote the rest of the card and write someone in.

  36. FOX News has practically tanked it in for Donald Trump after Rubio blew up last Saturday night.

    That’s another show I will be turning off for good shortly after the election. The FOX Business Channel is still pretty good. but the prime time has grown insufferable in their bias.

  37. I see Rutherford’s metric for Obama’s economic wizardry, the market, is going to hell.

    You continue to confuse me with a typical lib. I don’t credit Obama with market health or weakness. I consider the market high stakes sophisticated gambling and not much more. Most of those claiming they understand what moves the market are full of hot air.

  38. It greatly disturbs me that intelligent men like Tex, Alfie and Gorilla (good to see you, old radio co-hort) support Ted Cruz.

    Cruz torches every bridge he crosses. No one from his past has come forward to support him. They all dislike him because he has been a prick to just about everyone everywhere. He is truly in it for himself.

    And I could have sworn in one of the debates it was established that Cruz flip flopped on ethanol subsidies for political expediency.

    On top of that, the man fights dirty. The mailer he sent out in Iowa and the robocalls lying about Carson’s political demise speak very poorly of his integrity.

    With my beloved Christie gone, I guess my current pecking order is Kasich, Bush (yes Bush) and then Trump.

  39. Cruz did nor waffle on ethanol other than to extend its deadline that he originated.
    Ted Cruz stands by what he says and that and the fact folks dont like hearing what be has to say creates the image he is hated.
    The guy is about conservative principles,the rule of law in the US and the state of Texas and I’d say he embraces those in that order.
    His plan/desire for simplified tax code has been vetted over time since it isn’t necessarily original.
    His position on states rights is very much a matter of he has put his money where his mouth is.
    I support him due to a number of positions and my belief he can get stuff done with a dysfunctional Congress.

  40. No one from his past has come forward to support him. They all dislike him because he has been a prick to just about everyone everywhere. He is truly in it for himself.

    You mean like the previous and current governors of Texas? 🙂 Oh, that’s right. They did come forward.

    As to the Establishment not coming forward to help Cruz, I would remind you Ronald Reagan had exactly One Senator endorse him.

    They fear Cruz.

  41. He is truly in it for himself.

    Who were Obama, Clinton and Clinton in it for, “R?” Come on, you hate Cruz because he’s overtly religious.

    And unlike Cruz, you’re going to have a tough time labeling ‘Cruz’ as stupid like you did Palin. 😉

  42. Oh, he’s overtly religious alright. 🙄 Looks rather hypocritical on him too. One of those fake Christians like Obama. Especially evident after lying about Carson dropping out to gain votes. He isn’t even close to looking or acting anything like Jesus. But I guess you wouldn’t recognize that, being as you wouldn’t recognize Him yourself. 🙂

  43. “You continue to confuse me with a typical lib. I don’t credit Obama with market health or weakness. I consider the market high stakes sophisticated gambling and not much more. Most of those claiming they understand what moves the market are full of hot air.”

    I could swear Tex and I spent half a thread explaining why the market wasn’t proof of Obama;s economic success or the health of the economy in general. My recollection was you and Thor were ignorantly waving that around of how great Dear Leader was. Same as your belief that Obama “saved GM.”

    I am mistaken?

  44. Another reason to hate Cruz: he’s my pick at this point.

    I don’t get the flip flop allegation. To my knowledge he’s the most consistent one running.

    Serious question R. Who hates Cruz and why does it matter? Many conservatives (if not most) feel betrayed by the establishment GOP sell outs. His being “disliked” is hardly a negative depending who you’re talking about.

    I quit with your criticism of Fiorina the “beeeyatch” because it was as shallow as I thought. I’m sure you jumped on Romney’s wife too.

    Now, believe it or not, I had some hang time with a guy that worked with Fiorina and had some valid criticism of her leadership skills. His perspective gave me pause (the gist being that she’s good at carrying others’ messages, that’s how she rose, she is inspiring but can’t execute at an executive decision making level). I asked whether he thought she was a “bitch” and it got a big chuckle followed by a quizzical “noooooo, why do you say that?” My answer: Rutherford said she was.

    You know, R, one of the reasons I know you’ll vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination is because you project all kinds of shit after the fact to justify you’re blind allegiance. I remember the criticisms of Romney to justify your mindless support of Obama in 2012.

    I also remember your MSNBC-induced support of Huntsman.

  45. Hey Arizona Glass House chill out with your false piety ok.
    First of all the Carson thing was way less than the humps are trying to make it out as and quite frankly very fair politics.
    Cruz is religious and doesn’t just wear it on his sleeve. The fact he is aware he’s hanging out and working for Caesar doesn’t make him bad guy.

  46. Especially evident after lying about Carson dropping out to gain votes.

    Except phony Judas types like you with god talk can’t come up with one person to interview on camera who was duped into changing their votes from Carson to Cruz. I’m sure Carson is also a phony Christian and ignorant neurosurgeon niqqer if we hit you up at the right moment.

    You know, Poolman. People are supposed to get wiser as they get older. You’ve regressed from Fat Granny scumbag, to maggot, to utterly irrelevant and fully failed. I guess that happens when your support starts at nil. There is no reason for you to be alive. For the first time you could be brave and do something worthy.

    I’ll see that you get the Darwin Award posthumously. 😉

    Nobody will miss you, I’ll give you a proper burial in a pauper’s box in a shallow grave, if I can’t find some feral dogs around. Even clean up the kitchen for your poor Mrs. as we make a champagne toast.

  47. Hey Boston Cream Pie! You can’t have your cake and eat it too 😛 False piety, my ass sweat.

    I understand you believe there are degrees of lies and that some are acceptable in certain situations and you are a subscriber to the lie, all is fair in love and war, but it does not work that way in the spiritual realm. I will continue to point out the obvious. Deal with it.

  48. Don’t you have some intestinal descaling to do, Tex? I’m sure something around there needs polishing.
    I guess the shaking is gonna have to get just a little harder and just a little closer to home. 😉

  49. False piety, my ass sweat.
    I understand you believe there are degrees of lies
    but it does not work that way in the spiritual realm
    I will continue to point out the obvious

    I’m debating if Jesus is laughing or crying right now. mmm
    btw any time I actually have cake….I eat it,that’s what its for.duh!

  50. Poolman smokes weed every day. He is a sad casualty of marijuana dependence.

    I know many like him. Same exact cognitive results.

    I say this has proponent of legalization and rare admirer of a perfect bud of Blue Cheese.

    Dude lacks education… Has access to all the world’s info and, thanks to cannaboids…. Can’t properly navigate or process it.

    A boring pot head who thinks he is out of the box but lives in a cube with the mentality of bad tv.

  51. I will say this and I am sincerely embarrassed to admit it. Poolman seems to test my faith way more then some internet turd should.

    How pathetic does that make me? Some online moron, a run of the mill conspiracy theorist, typing with one hand while fishing for one centimeter roaches out of an ashtray, is my personal Satan.

  52. I don’t have to go to an institution and force feed government issue cereal to kids either.

    Freeeeedoooooommm, maan! 😉

  53. I’ll ask Him for you. Just smiling and shaking His head
    Wow how many Biblical/Christian teachings points did you violate there?

  54. Wow how many Biblical/Christian teachings points did you violate there?

    😆 Go ahead. Let’s see if you can back your bull… tick, tock…

  55. Mocking God
    Pretending to speak for Him
    Bearing false witness.
    Putting your pride above the Word
    Casting stones,ignoring your own splinters etc.
    I’m paraphrasing….do I have to go get Chapter and Verse?
    As a rule your false piety galls me and tonight I just had the time to say I’ve had enough. I don’t think you’re really a schizophrenic (although I truly truly believe you to have a number of DSM worthy issues) I’m left to believe you’re just as bad as any other “angel on Sunday, shit bag come Tuesday” kind of person.
    On a human(e) note if you’re even remotely interested just take it that is obvious your walk & talk is grossly disconnected.

  56. Making shit up isn’t paraphrasing. Sorry. Thanks for playing.

    Funny story, at least it is for me. 🙂 Rabbit reminded me with his centimeter roach remark. I moved from Jersey to Texas in 74. I was 17 at the time. The pot that we got in Jersey must have gone through a lot of hands before we got it. It was pretty dry and powdery. We paid 20 bucks an ounce back then. Pin joints were common. Mostly paper, but what did we know? It worked for us. That or a pipe we made in shop class. No one had bongs and head shops were not common.

    I was in a KOA in El Paso when a guy there asked me if I got high and if I wanted to smoke a joint with him. Having gone a few weeks without, naturally my answer was YES!. He pulled out a f**king cigar and torched it up! I was amazed! I couldn’t contain myself. I explained what I was used to. He told me how cheap and available pot was there. 10 bucks for a full four finger bag. It was then I felt much better about the move. Of course the smoke was helping my attitude.

    We toked on it awhile then he threw the thing down. It was still huge from my perspective. I picked it up to save it. He thought it so was funny, we both laughed till we cried. 😆

  57. Add the recreational non-medical use of cannabis to your list.
    Pools you’re a hellhound piece of shit!
    Anybody with a bit of biblical knowledge knows exactly what I’ve pointed out and you just go ostrich and say “no-sah”!

  58. Shit Poolman, I thought you were just a simpleton homeopathic type of dunce. But you’re a full blown love child. Shazaam! 😈 No wonder you’re so fucked up. The church of Dirt Weed.

  59. I didn’t hear or read the news all day and I barely read this blog. I never did drugs except as second hand smoke. My vice was drinking.

    For a change of pace, I helped the weather service calibrate a malfunctioning thermometer, at a nearby town and convinced a friend not to chew out a TV weather forecaster because tonight’s snow became a inch instead of flurries. Boring is nice sometimes.

    I have supported Cruz for a long time.

  60. Putting aside your nanny nanny boo boo antics, I have insider information that God made cannabis and said it was good. Couple that with its use as medicine for millennia that even modern science is now proving all across the globe. From a biblical perspective, there is much discussion regarding drinking and abuse thereof, but none regarding a misuse of cannabis. One cannot overdose on pot. Doesn’t happen. THC is only one of the myriad of ingredients. CBD is curing cancer and treating hundreds of ailments without side effects.

    Your argument is therefore moot.

  61. Pools, I comment here so seldom now that I don’t remember if I mentioned this before.

    This doctor comes on Bill Maher a couple of weeks ago and says he developed an effective treatment for HIV without the horrible side effects of the typical cocktail. He’s got Dr. Oz and Charlie Sheen in the mix so I was real skeptical.

    By the time he was done talking, I had changed my mind. A hospital (may have been Cedar-Sinai) proved his treatment effective and then buried the research. The dude had an attempt on his life.

    I’m not you by any stretch but I do understand why you don’t trust the official story. I think we’re getting duped in some really despicable ways.

  62. By the time he was done talking, I had changed my mind. A hospital (may have been Cedar-Sinai) proved his treatment effective and then buried the research. The dude had an attempt on his life.

    And you really bought that story? LOL Dr. Oz? You do know that he’s as much a flake as our resident cannabis dopehead and preacher, don’t you?

  63. You’re too stupid and hoodwinked to understand this, Cheech.

    But my daughter doctor? One of the most common ailments hospitals are now treating is something called ‘chronic vomiting.’ It’s cliche for smoking too much pot. It’s not being reported because it is now accepted and the hospitals don’t want to touch the fascist blowback. It’s easier just to treat the idiots and let them suffer.

    I suspect one of the reasons you’re so fucked up and your thinking so warped, is your brain has been addled by years of abuse. It begins to make a little more sense why you’re so paranoid.

    So I can add the descriptor pathetic to the other numerous adjectives I can use to describe you, dope head.

    P.S. The Bible doesn’t condemn heroin use either, dummy. Get a clue.

  64. Pool the truth or should I say Truth resides in what is really wrong. The Bible isn’t against drink it is against drunkenness and that is why I stressed non-medical use. The Bible is clear about altering ones mind and body. Your faith is a faith of convenience and that is a sin. Bye bye.

  65. Has anyone noticed it’s just about impossible to see a doctor after work? I have to take a sick day, which should be used as a fishing day, to go to the doctor’s. Fuck.

  66. The Bible also doesn’t condemn homosexuality. It condemns the behavior. I think I read it there sometime.

    You will never read about this, so I will tell you. A young man came here from Hondorous several years ago. He got into trouble a few times, but it wasn’t serious. Most importantly, he was here illegally. The psychological mood created by our government let the man escape each time. Recently, he killed a young woman with his car after he became drunk. The judge let him go with a promise he would take a rehab course and waved a $50,000 bond because the man promised he would appear at the next hearing.

    Of course, he is gone now, possibly back home.

  67. Doesn’t surprise me, James. Obama has created a lot of innocent death and grief across the world since his nasty, grossly incompetent ass sat down in the Big Chair. But the planet healer’s day of reckoning is coming, just like Hillary and Slick the serial rapist.

  68. One of the most common ailments hospitals are now treating is something called ‘chronic vomiting.’

    Actually it’s called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS.

    It has been linked to synthetics like Spice and K2 that came on the scene in 2004, the same time CHS was first discovered. Australia, I believe was the first known case.

    Some people spray these substances on lesser grade herb to enhance the high. The stuff is addicting and NOT the same as what is grown. It became popular because it could not be detected in urine. There has also been nano glass particles and silica found in some herb. Know your grower or know your pharmacy if you are not skilled in chemical analysis. Bottom line, you cannot trust anyone. Verify EVERYTHING!

    As for Alfie’s comment about drinking, if you reread my statement, I didn’t say drinking was bad. Paul even told Timothy to drink a little wine. Jesus changed water to wine – His first recorded miracle. Everything in moderation.

    Rutherford, there have been at least 8 naturopathic physicians murdered in the past 2 years and many others have received death threats. Don’t underestimate the power of big pharma.

    I have a beautiful sunny day to get out to enjoy. Talk among yourselves. I’m glad I could provide some humor. 😀

  69. It has been linked to synthetics like Spice and K2 that came on the scene in 2004, the same time CHS was first discovered.

    I believe my daughter, the treating physician, probably would be a little more qualified than a backhoe operator with cannabis psychosis and an agenda to make prognosis of the cause.

    Do you and the kids sit around the filthy coffee table with the house smelling of stale ganja and share the bong, Judas? 😛

  70. The “church of Dirt Weed” has given me three separate laugh attacks for some reason. And no… I haven’t hit the bong.

  71. Tex … and Dead “Ralph” Rabbit … I know full well Dr. Oz is a con man. And I know Charlie Sheen is a walking nervous breakdown.

    That said, the way the doctor explained his approach made sense from a lay man’s POV. I think he went to Mexico and found high HIV risk behaviors were not producing HIV. He discovered that some sort of toxin (spread by an insect, I think) was preventing the HIV. He made a vaccine out of it. Some reputable research hospital tested and verified it. And then it suddenly disappeared.

    For someone who trusts the gov as little as you do, why do you trust big pharma to not act in their own financial self interest?

  72. Conspiracy theories and compulsive abstraction are a toxic mix. There’s a tendency for those afflicted to think others not buying in to every theory take that position because they don’t think that anything like that could ever happen.

    Anything can happen. Doesn’t mean it does.

  73. I am suspicious because your story is old. During the gas crisis of the 1970’s our brother– in law said his neighbor bought a new car with a fantastic carbeurater which let the car get unheard of miles per gallon. It was put in the man’s car by mistake, and someone told him that he should keep it a secret lest oil men come for the car and his life. I did some research and learned that it was a popular urban legend.

    If there was anything to the discovery, big pharma would profit from it. Steve McQueen, I believe tried some unusual treatments for his cancer, and I think he traveled to Mexico. he still died.

    Poolman, it is sunny here and 14 with a strong north wind. The temperature has been falling all day. A new inch of snow brightened our snow cover and brought us back to 10 inches on the ground.We have now had at least an inch of snow cover for 50 days.

    Tex, the mood is angry in Omaha now. Peggy Noonan wrote we are in a soft sort of French Revolution with only the military still held in good repute. The judge is in seclusion and not talking to anyone today. Today, I could almost believe her.

  74. DNC “Super-delegates”. WTF is that all about? A states population gives a candidate 15 dels and the loser gets 15 too secondary the “supers”.
    How anyone can be registered (D) is beyond me.

  75. “A states population gives a candidate 15 dels and the loser gets 15 too secondary the “supers”.”

    Democratic Socialism, yo.

  76. If anyone here hasn’t seen the Cruz Office Space spoof ad be sure to look it up. It’s really good. If you haven’t seen Office Space don’t bother. It won’t make sense at all.

  77. Well said, James. I think Rutherford misunderstood my insinuation.

    For someone who trusts the gov as little as you do, why do you trust big pharma to not act in their own financial self interest?

    I don’t trust government and I know better than you, big pharma are indeed capital vultures. I don’t begrudge them making a profit, though.

    But my point was, R, big pharma would have taken the “brew,”, stepped all over the maker or bought them out, and brought it to market to make millions, possibly billions. These pharmaceuticals don’t sit on discovery – the exploit it.

  78. But Tex isn’t that only when pharma isn’t at risk of sacrificing a more expensive solution? If the Mexican bug vaccine costs substantially less than the HIV cocktail, why wouldn’t they stick with the cocktail and continue to rake in the dough?

    I hope you’re right actually. The notion of deliberately profiting off illness is particularly vile.

  79. It would be nice to see Tigre do something around here besides channel Paul Lynde.

    Yes, since childhood I’ve always watched too much television. You can stop shuddering.

  80. Dude… Think about it. This would involve a conspiracy involving many people.

    Hell… Your good doc couldn’t just go to another company? Maybe University of Michigan? Do you really think a man with the cure for AIDES can be stopped?

  81. “Yes, since childhood I’ve always watched too much television. You can stop shuddering.”

    I don’t necessarily blame you, but yes, I’m also shuddering.

  82. Deliberately profiting off of illness is particularly vile? What the fuck do you think brings treatments and cures to market? You think pharma invests billions in R&D with 99% failure rates for no reason other than benevolence?

    p.s. Your response about teevee is why I shudder. You’ve got an ivy league education and you’re watching Dr. Oz and MSNBC all day. Good Lawd. We discussed using your damaged but educated and empathetical melon to tutor or write or do something charitable. You watch daytime teevee instead. I shudder.

  83. Bad assumption but your inference skills were always poor.

    The doctor is supported by Dr. Oz. I did not see him on Dr. Oz. I do not watch Dr. Oz. I watch roughly an hour of MSNBC in the daytime. Otherwise I don’t watch daytime tv. It’s utterly mindless. Mostly Jerry Springer rip offs and fake court shows.

    I do watch A LOT of tv at night. Roughly 7 pm till I get ready for bed around 1am.

    I saw the doctor (who is supported by Dr. Oz and his “patient” Charlie Sheen) on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher which I watch every Friday night.

    My memory stinks so I’ll have to review this thread. I thought I already said I saw him on Bill Maher. So either I didn’t or as is often the case you read what you wanted to read.

    P.S. The reason I comment here less often is I’m focused on getting my business in order. I can’t do that and watch daytime tv all day. Really insulting that you think so little of me.

  84. Been meaning to ask you “R” in all seriousness, how is your business venture going? Got anything established yet? You picked a heck of a time to get serious about work now that it appears a massive recession is on the way. Seems we share another trait and gift. Really bad timing. 🙂

    I would give you a hard time about watching TV, but I’ve been known to sit on my arse all day and watch the SCIFY channel, then tell my wife in Houston I did some heavy duty work outside, like she’s too dumb to notice when she comes home.

    It’s a wonder this wonderful gal doesn’t run me off. She’s lowered her expectations substantially the last few years- like now my most important duty since my kids are grown is, “I want you take care of my boys (dogs).” 😈

  85. Rutherford, I also hope your business is progressing.

    Rutherford, if the Mexican bug vaccine was cheaper and effective companies could buy the patent and charge a little more but still produce an inexpensive product. Or they might make a similar product. They could also earn more money with cheaper volume sales. If the vaccine is so inexpensive, , it is also cheaper to make. Henry Ford, for example, made and sold cars his factory workers could afford.

    The Democratic Iowa caucus voting was described as similar to labor union elections. Super delegates reflected voting trends, not the actual vote. The national deck is stacked for Hillary because the party is afraid she is the only one who can be elected.

  86. Tex, you must be something special for your wife to still be there the way you describe things.

    My understanding of the Democratic situation is that super delegates are used to let Democratic leaders influence the vote to prevent the choice of candidates like George McGovern or Jimmy Carter. The better Democrats know more than the masses, and the elites have to protect the party from ill- thought mistakes. Mother and father DO know best.

    Super delegates are not bound by a single vote. They can change votes whenever they like. Some will probably vote for Sanders if he wins too many times. Super delegates switched to Obama in 2008 after signaling a vote for Hillary.

    “Democratic socialism”? Yes, it is, though socialists can be democratic. This is more. It is also Democratic fascism. Fascism is a tendency to use autocratic or dictatorial control to suppress opposition. Leaders now want to suppress Sanders supporters. The big word is “now.”

  87. Tex there is something exciting and satisfying about building a new venture but it ain’t no field of dreams. If you build it, they will come, does NOT apply. I’ve spent the past four months learning bookkeeping, building two web sites (one for bookkeeping and a new one for my webinar biz) and putting processes in place. Now the hard part where I have the least talent: marketing.

    This coming week is gonna be devoted to more focused marketing (on a zero marketing budget).

  88. Thanks Rutherford.

    I envy you. You are building something, and the beginning is the most fun and frightening part. I remember those terrifying days. You will make it.

  89. @ Muffy love the redistribute comment.
    Never watched Office Space was actually wondering why Cruz ripped off Family Guy lol.
    @ Rutherford the HIV quack story has a lot of layers. Bottom line his lawsuit vanished and doesn’t really support that he discovered anything. Cedars foolishly entered into a contract arrangement with him and ” failed” to live up to the terms. This is absolutely not credible to Cedars sitting on a cure. The quack takes people’s money and lies. Sheen is back on traditional treatment course and Comorros still has AIDS patients.
    Super delegates is a disgrace and is a DNC hallmark. I also finds Dems state level convention hijinx to be deplorable. I’ve said it before that the party system in America is twisted with both parties being detached from the People but he (D) s take the cake.
    OK I’ll add my good wishes to you too R.
    Also corporations have taken shitty roads to thwart competition and dismiss advances of others. (GM being a great example) but I don’t think pharma could sit on HIV cures just another example of how Chorua [sp] is a quack

  90. Alfie, it should be a crime not to have watched Office Space. I’ve seen it dozens of times and still laugh. It doesn’t seem to get old.

  91. Well I guess I’ll concede the HIV doc thing. Partly because it does lean Poolman-conspiracy mindset AND because when we get right down to it, Bill Maher ain’t very bright.

    I still think profit vs the greater good is a worthwhile thing to ponder even if the HIV doc isn’t a good test case.

    P.S. Poolman I realize I made a shot at you so let me repeat, I still get why you’ve become so skeptical of the official story in so many instances.

  92. I’m with Alfie on the super delegate thing. Very fucked up. That combined with Wasserman-Schultz shenanigans makes one wanna cry.

    Apparently moveon.org (who have endorsed Bernie) are pressuring the super delegates to follow the will of the people.

  93. It’s okay, Rutherford. It takes time for all the deep-seated lies we’ve been told to fall away, once you are determined to know truth no matter what. People are slowly coming around to seeing things the way I do. I came here pointing out a lot of lies that Americans believe. most of which people still do not want to hear. Among the many claims I made here one was that peak oil was a lie and another that hydraulic fracking causes earthquakes. I don’t think there’s a debate there anymore.

    Had a wonderful time at a concert in Tucson last night. Nahko and Medicine for the People. Now I am operating on 4 hours of sleep, so I need to get some rest before work this evening. I’ll check back in later.

  94. I never watched Office Space either. Now, I am watching “The Big Fat Quiz of Everything 2016” on line. I like the British humor.

    As I wrote before, Peggy Noonan says a peaceful French revolution has begun. Angry people are fighting old institutions and rules such as the Democrats’ super delegates. The old order may stand but but they will work for it. .

  95. An October Surprise in February.
    SCOTUS gets a huge chance to take a dramatic left turn. The country experiences heightened friction as Congress battles Obama over a replacement,key cases get put on pause. Last but not least the GOP candidates especially Cruz just got the topic for his next ten ads!
    All in all this is not good and is only tempered by the death clock ticking so loudly on a couple of others Supremes.

  96. “The country experiences heightened friction as Congress battles Obama over a replacement,key cases get put on pause. Last but not least the GOP candidates especially Cruz just got the topic for his next ten ads!”

    So does Hillary.

    Eric Holder. There’s your black vote.

  97. Holy shit. Scalia dead. I hope whomever Obama puts up gets the total block. In fact, I would think any candidate that didn’t support a block would met with pitchforks and torches.

  98. I don’t think O would float Holder but I think I can short list at least one potential candidate. Former Governor of MA and the official Obama trial balloon…..Deval Patrick.

  99. Alfie, I heard Maddow float the name Jeh Johnson on the grounds he’s already survived a confirmation and is not considered far left.

    I say Obama should nominate … Hillary!!!! 😀😀😀

  100. I agree Alfie.

    Both sides will be hardened into positions approved by their followers. Because an election is looming, they are cornered as surely as were the soldiers and Indians who met to resolve the dispute over a Mormon cow. Neither leader wanted to come to blows, but their followers trapped them. Neither leader could lose face. Someone fired accidently or intentionally and at the end, all of the US soldiers were dead and a fifty year Indian war had begun.

    What if no gives an inch this time? Imagine the gridlock and energized voters.

    “But these problems aside I think I have taught you well
    That we won’t run, and we won’t run, and we won’t run….

    And they won’t wait, and they won’t wait.
    We;re here to stay, we’;re here to stay
    Howling ghost they reappear
    in mountains that are stacked with fear

    And as the world comes to an end…
    You’re a king and I’m a lion heart.:”

    ” Of Monsters and Men

  101. Antonin Scalia was to the Supreme Court what Ronald Reagan was to the U.S. Presidency.

    I’m sickened at his death. And I sincerely mean that. Scalia was far and away my favorite SCJ of my lifetime. The only one I ever truly cared to read.

    Brilliant man, great legal mind, wise, and even funny. It is America’s great loss.

  102. Tex on a nonpolitical note, what bothers me is a supposedly perfectly healthy man just dropped dead. As I get older that kind of shit really disturbs me. I’ve seen too much of it. My best friend died last year the same way. No warning, no illness. Totally unexpected.

  103. Thanks for a weather update, James. I have taken out the shorts and short sleeves. Evenings and mornings are still chilly. Nice no wind. They did sprinkle some cloud dust that made cool ripples as it traveled the the jetstream. They predicted a mostly sunny forecast and then made it so. 🙂 62 degrees on my patio at 11:11. Should drop to around 50 before sun up. Snow on the mountain tops in the distance. Mt. Lemmon was snow-capped.

    Scalia wasn’t liberal or Jewish. Of course it is probably natural causes since there are so many natural ways to die. Just inconvenient. For some. Politically. Where most people play. Expend all their prayer and angst at. It just upped the stakes for the GOon Pod. Maybe the turtle will rescue them. Time is playing its steady beat.

    How to survive the Holocaust.

    While we can still talk about it. At least some of us can.

  104. Pools, webinar (put simply as a seminar given over the web) is multi-purpose. Some folks use it for pure education. Others (many others) use it for marketing and more precisely lead generation.

    Many do a bait and switch where they offer very little value and then do a big sale at the end. One of the up-sides of my minimal success in this business is I haven’t had to produce webinars that I was ashamed of.

    If you’re at all curious about getting into the weeds on webinar technique (and me getting on my high horse), just Google my real name and my web site should be on the first page of Google results.

  105. You should be bothered,

    Rutherford. Remember our latest mishap when a train hit us. We should have died then, but we didn’t. I’m sure any one of us can recall things which would have taken us had something not been slightly different.

    Our daughter’s boss is interested in weird science. She see psycics sometimes. One told her that we survived because our purpose was to keep our grand daughter safe and to help her develop beyond her handicaps.

    I knew I would die in the service when I was 25, and I watched a man and his daughter burn to death while trapped in a wrecked truck. They were fine until they wrecked and it was as much a surprise to them as to the astranauts and the teacher in the Challenger disaster. Whenever a season ends, I don’t assume I will be around for the next one. It gives me and excuse to have a lot of fun.

    Thanks for the report, Poolman. I have been up since 5AM as a small, but strong low moves nearby. It is so dynamic that some lighting is possible. We just had a heavy snow shower with flakes so large they cast shadows in the light. .6 fell in under an hour before the shower moved east. The dog and I had fun, in the snow, and it was up to 17. It may reach freezing before the big warm up at the end of the week.

  106. One drawback to being famous and influential is that after you die, people are more concerned about the terrible end or the poor family and friends than they worry about how the death will affect them.

    I’d like to investigate webinar.

  107. Rutherford… Im with you on dropping dead. Its horrifying. But if God gives me 78 years…. Im happy. I will have seen my boys grow to 40 years old!

  108. Crazy how weather works in the winter. 400 miles North and East, it was arctic frigid yesterday. I stood in a light jacket, with my face to the sun and was very comfortable. Six hours of driving, and I could have stood in freezing cold.

    I am so ready for spring.

  109. I’m ready for Spring too. Winter always gets me down. Phil says early Spring so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    Rabbit I’m shooting for 65. I want to see my kid graduate from college, get a job and support herself. Then I can move on worry free and know my job is done. Scary part is 10 years goes by in the snap of a finger.

  110. My kid is now a top wreslter in the state for the laughable young age of 6. Watching him take on the state makes me not give a shit about winter. I’m like a dance mom.

  111. I’ve watched our children mature and succeed, but now I want more. I want to watch our grand daughter graduate from high school and maybe college. I want to teach her how to drive as I did our children. High school graduation would put me at about 88. My father field cultivated for six hours without resting when he was 92, so I have a shot.

    Its up to 28 degrees. i’m going skiing while it is still cold.

  112. Thanks James. He works harder then I ever thought imaginable for a little boy his age. And he does it in good spirits.

    That being said… He’s not the best. I think there are 3 kids in Michigan who can beat him on a normal day. He’s not strong and is only above average with technique but he might be the toughest. Kid can take a slamming.

  113. Of Monsters and Men, an Icelandic band borrows from its culture of often dark storytelling. Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir and Ragnar Porhallsson wrote “Little Talks” about a married couple. The husband died but the two still talk, either because the widow is going crazy or her husband is actually there. Nanna was inspired by an old couple who lived in her house before she did.

    You probably won’t like the song, but it fits the conversation. I know several couples who would recognize the territory in this music. So here it is.

  114. Its up to 28 degrees. i’m going skiing while it is still cold.

    Have fun skiing. I just put on some shorts. It’s 80 degrees right now. We are in our Spring. All the trees are budding and the buds are yummy.

    My Italian half have had long lives. Grandpa was 96 and grandma 94 when they passed. Mom is 81 right now and still doing well. The other side of the mix was not so healthy. Dad died at 41. His older brother was 39 when he passed. The youngest of the 4 brothers was 67 when he passed just a few years ago. The other one was 64. Their parents died at 67 and 68. All of them were heavy smokers. Dad didn’t drink, but his parents were alcoholics. I am healthier than any of them were at my present age.

    But I could go today, tomorrow, or 40 years from now. Life is uncertain. Be certain about life.

  115. My eldest grandson had his 13th birthday the other day. He and his brother wanted to come visit, so I picked them up after service and brought them over here. They just raided the refrigerator. I guess I better go to the grocery store. I forgot how much boys can eat. 😆

  116. Rutherford, I checked out the webinar stuff. Is ‘making you the Oscar winning star’ your hook? I was not aware there were so many of you out there. You will need to develop your niche.

  117. So Poolman, in September I enrolled in a (rather expensive) course to learn bookkeeping and marketing. I immediately applied the marketing ideas to the biz I had already established (webinars) and I rebuilt my website (that looked the same for 8 years) using modern design techniques. Then I built the web site for the bookkeeping business.

    Webinars are all the rage so it is evidence of my abysmal marketing skills that I have not made much money at it. The next 60 days will be telling.

    My niche for the bookkeeping is digital marketers. I may have to switch if I can’t make inroads there. As for webinars, I’ll produce a webinar for anyone with green money so long as my production philosophy is compatible with them.

  118. Heyas everyone. Just checking in. Went to Vegas with my oldest and saw Lamb of God and Anthrax Thursday night in the coolest bowling alley you can imagine (Brooklyn Bowl-Las Vegas) and then Black Sabbath last night at Mandalay Bay. With a jousting show, craps, and buffets in between. Good times

  119. Ozzy has been back with Black Sabbath for a couple years, now. They did an album a couple years back and a supporting tour, which I missed. I decided that year I was not going to miss the next one.

    Then they announced this would be the final tour for the band. The guys are nearing 70 and one of them is battling cancer. No way I was going to not say goodbye to probably my all-time favorite band. That the show was on the 46th anniversary of the release of their debut album made it extra special, for me anyway.

  120. it snowed another inch last night. Skiing will be good this morning. My wife is going back to Omaha this morning, but another short wave will be here tonight. It will be hard to extrapulate type of precipitation again, so i will stay here and go down tomorrow. We could have fifties by the end of the week.

    I like the Honeymooners spoof, especially because I saw part of the Honey mooners show on Me TV last night.

    I’m also not a Black Sabbath fan, but I was glad you got to see them. Those people work very hard and when they tour, they may go across the world so fast they hardly know where they are.

    “Out there in the spotlight
    you’re a million miles away
    Every ounce of energy
    You try to give away
    As the sweat pours out your body
    Like the music that you play.”

    Bob Seeger “Turn the Page.”

  121. For the folks that think R is a thinking mess he left the following comment @my place that I think counters the view.

    I find the lack of self control in politicizing Scalia before his body was cold quite distasteful. Both McConnell and Obama should have let at least 24 hours pass before drawing their lines in the sand.

    So very true and the distastefulness and coarseness is only escalating. With the chatter of conspiracy flowing from places like Drudge and logical counters viciously offered from the left in places like TP & WaPo the guy is getting zero respect and he isn’t even embalmed yet.

  122. On this “Presidents Day” I have had a couple moments of reflection that left me kind of glum. I personally have mixed feelings on the blending and blurring of the days of two of the Greats. I definitely find it weird when folks lump in other POTUS’s on the day. Further I hate that at least a generation is without a clue of it being anything other than a sales pitch weekend.
    The other angle is more aligned with he current Presidential election stuff. There is a lack of presidential stature to it all.

  123. I’m surprised Obama waited as long as he did give his personal jihad on the SCOTUS for decisions that he didn’t like and his pitiful record of appointment (Kagan and Sotomayor are laughable).

    McConnell is a putz.

  124. BTW, Trump’s performance at the last debate was cringeworthy. What an embarrassment. I hope it hurts him (but I don;t hold out hope). What he’s tapped into at its core has no sensibility.

  125. I don’t believe HRC ever really said that. Those internet posters often peddle fake quotes (like the bogus Pope Francis quote).

    With that said: it DOES capture the total lack of accomplishment she had as SOS.

  126. But I do have to ask you Tex, what kind of railroad are they running in TX where someone can be pronounced dead OVER THE PHONE??

    From what I read the lady who pronounced him dead was not present and did so based on descriptions she was given over the phone by people at the scene.


  127. But I do have to ask you Tex, what kind of railroad are they running in TX where someone can be pronounced dead OVER THE PHONE??

    A long way from point A to point B? LOL Did read a little strange.

    I do know that the immediately family asked for no autopsy to be performed and that Scalia’s doctor had said Justice Scalia had “poor health” issues. I think we forget a bunch of these SCOTUS like Scalia are around 80 or above.

  128. I don’t know, man. Any time someone gets a “for life” position of power, I think we the people are owed a proper autopsy.

  129. I also don’t blame people politicizing while his body is still warm. It also comes with the territory of a creepy life time appointment.

    We need an amendment to end this tyrant life time shit. 10 years seems fair.

  130. Absolutely no reason to embalm anyone that quickly. Question for the room. Why would you NOT think Scalia was murdered? Cui bono?

    Is it because this administration has a record of honesty and transparency? :Bwaahahahahahahaha:

  131. I don’t want to speak ill of a dead guy who I respected but on a scale of possibles worthy of conspiracy options I think hookers and booze is more likely than murder.

  132. Also on the natural causes front. Old guy with + cardiac condition having just taken a long flight from Asia has PE written all over it. Get a DVT breakaway etc. and you are gone.

  133. I think he killed himself with rich food. He told his host at 9PM that he had had a long day and he was tired. A younger neighbor, a farmer told his wife he same thing as he went to bed early. He also died in his sleep.

  134. “Hey Huck? What was the energy like? Sound good?”

    Black Sabbath was never really high-energy when it comes to physical stage presence. They don’t run and jump around all over the place, except Ozzy, of course. The bass player was a bit less animated than what I have seen, but he still played at a high level, as did the lead guitar. Those 2 guys are some of the best in the business. They have influenced so many musicians.

    The drummer was not the original. He is a younger guy who is what I call a “basher”. Really animated behind the drums, and pounds hard on them. “Bashers” are usually not very technical, and he was not, either. I found his solo pretty simplistic, but still fun to hear. My big disappointment with him was that the guy he was replacing is 1 of my drum influences. Bill Ward uses a lot of cymbals, and uses them in places that you don’t expect. This guy had weak sounding cymbals, even with his bashing.

    Ozzy was never a great singer. His talent is performing, not singing. By the end of the show he sounded pretty bad. And having seen his live solo shows many times, one can tell he’s getting up there.

    These tickets cost a lot of money, even for the “cheap seats”. Someone who wasn’t a big Black Sabbath fan would have been disappointed. I just wanted to see them before they called it quits. If was like a funeral, but not one that is filled with grief and sadness. Rather, it was one where the person lived a rich, full life, and you go to pay your respects and bid them farewell.

  135. Huck, the reason I asked is that I’ve had quite a few friends pay some pretty large change to see some of my old rock and roll favorites, and few of them have been satisfied with the performance and told me to save my money.

  136. I took drum lessons back in the day. Had I been serious about it I probably would have pursued a modified drum set (ala Rick Allen of Def Leppard) such that I wouldn’t have had to use my legs so much. (Allen compensated for a missing arm.)

    While I would’ve aspired to be John Bonham (the greatest rock drummer who ever lived) I think I would have wound up a Keith Moon.

  137. Since my mother’s sister is Scalia’s age and has almost the identical genetic background, even immigrating to NYC from Italy in early 1900s, I have serious doubts that it was a natural death. I already mentioned my Italian grandfather lived to 96 and I cannot remember a day in his life when he did not eat rich food and drink at least several glasses of wine. They were also devote Roman Catholics.

    It is all speculation, and since they embalmed him immediately, we will never know. Not exactly anything like normal procedure. Given the man’s position and where he died, something that should have waited until at least a few days. Those who think hookers and booze the likely cause certainly shouldn’t pretend any kind of respect for the man.

    My father died of a heart attack at 41. Since he was alone at the time, an autopsy WAS REQUIRED. It was also in El Paso, Texas.

    The stretches you guys go to believe coincidence truly is mind boggling.

  138. I’m somewhere between Poolman and Rabbit on this one.

    Seems for a man of this importance, an autopsy should have been mandatory. I’m not saying he was killed. But damn the whole thing seemed to be handled in a hamfisted way.

  139. Poolman two problems with your video.

    1. POTUS can’t force a Supreme onto the court during a Senate recess. So no. If the Senate refuses to confirm I believe there’s not a damn thing Obama can do about it.
    2. In a 4-4 tie, the finding of the lower court stands. This means, for example, that a 4-4 on the abortion case would go AGAINST the liberal side. I believe in Obamacare a 4-4 would be good for the libs since the lower court said a religious accommodation had already been made.

    So Scalia’s absence is a mixed bag but by no means an automatic boon for libs. It will vary case by case.

  140. You are overlooking the cases at hand, Rutherford. The TTP is fast tracked. It has less of an obstacle now and congress is sold out. Learn about regional governance and very fast. That is who we will be indebted to unless this thing falls which is my leaning.

  141. The family basically has to take a back seat to the law, Huck. Why would you entertain an exception?

    Learn also about fraternal orders, ie: freemasonry. You cannot underestimate the power of business, Rutherford. Who were those involved on this remote ranch this weekend? A little research will reveal much. The media is part of the cover up. I offer sources for consideration only. You draw your own conclusions. These sources do not necessarily all convey the same thing. Nor do I always agree with 100 percent of their conclusions. We all think differently and need to use our own talents to taste and see truth.

    I came here a canary and have been severely mocked by the other animals.

    I’ll will leave a phoenix.

  142. Huck, one of the news accounts says Scalia’s widow requested no autopsy.

    For an ordinary citizen, this family wish would indeed be none of our business. But I’m not sure this isn’t different.

    For example, the potus gets secret service protection. He has no choice. His wife has no choice. There are protocols that apply to powerful people. In fact, had it been Obama who died in his sleep, an autopsy probably would have been DEMANDED.

    Still, Scalia’s travel schedule the previous week would have worn out a much younger man.

    I think the thing was botched. A man of his importance deserved a very strict by the book procedure, not a phoned in death declaration.

  143. “The family basically has to take a back seat to the law, Huck. Why would you entertain an exception?”

    Shall I assume you can actually cite the specific law(s) you are referring to?

    Feel free to do so…I’ll wait.

  144. I SAID it was a requirement when my father died unattended. He was active military. He died in Texas. I am stating it is the norm. I am not going to search for any law proving that, since it was told me at 18. University really does diminish common sense. Is there life insurance involved? That would REQUIRE an autopsy, even if being a civil servant would not. I strongly suspect it is cover up, given the rush, conflicted accounts, stepping on jurisdictional toes, and the basic media disinformation.

  145. But I won’t expect any light to go off given the apparent lack of curiosity and passionate adherence to happenstance.

    I’m sure James remembers 8 track tapes. Back in my days, 8 tracks were going out of style and cassettes were coming in. We had vinyl 45’s, 78’s, and LPs. Phonographs were going out and stereos with turntables were coming in. The albums became popular with my generation because you got more music, some cool art and pictures. Sometimes there were lyrics and other fun stuff. Cheech and Chong’s Big Bambu had a huge rolling paper. Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers had a real zipper on the cover.

    These were major investments and prized possessions for a teenager. We each had our favorite bands and FM radio really launched it for our generation. People identified with certain music groups and styles. It separated the cliques as did the clothes.

    When couples cohabitated, their music selection often doubled. The future mrs poolman brought Black Sabbath Paranoid to our mix. Unfortunately the album had such a severe warp making it impossible to play the first one or two tracks on a side. That was the only BS album we had. She did have all of Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin to that point. Yes was my favorite.

    We purged our collection of what was considered ‘evil’ at one point while rededicating our lives to Christ. Paranoid being one of the first to go. It seems silly now. I still listen to war pigs. Some of those albums we got rid of became real collectables.

  146. What should the GOP do about Trump?

    Trump & Sanders are the weirdest phenoms. On the one hand you have a guy who spent practically his whole life in Washington selling himself as a revolutionary. His accomplishments seem to be that protested and ran for office. On the other you have the guy who builds monuments to his id and seems to be in the race to feed the same.

    A socialist and a hedonist. A dingy and a carnival cruise ship.

  147. Re: Justice Salia – This is truly No Country For Old Men.

    @ nothing in particular except perhaps the tragedy that is the 2016 election and the dwindling number of great old men and women –

    I met a couple last weekend, she in her mid 80s and he a straight-backed 91. They looked much younger, dressed for a nothing Saturday in nicer clothes than people wear to church anymore. He was at Imo Jima. Thats how he put it, interested in the conversation only for as long as it took for me to tell him my dad was a former marine too. She was bright and warm, softening him still in their old age together.

    I felt melancholy for hours after our chat, thinking what it might be like to be their age watching this dismal tide come in.

  148. Pools, you lost me. My Dads death resulted in my getting a crapload of money. There was no autopsy required to make sure I didn’t order a hit on him.

    In fact, I was so disturbed at the notion of my Mom’s autopsy 10 years earlier that my sister and I agreed without hesitation to NOT have my Dad autopsied.

    To be clear: I 100% agree with Huck that this could well be the Scalia family preference and the ONLY reason I would even think to challenge it was the powerful position their loved one occupied.

  149. Rutherford, with all due respect, I don’t recall your father’s death being completely unexpected or occurring while he was alone. I don’t think he was a civil servant. I don’t think his death affected the way the entire nation will be changed because of it. No offense, but this one stinks to high heaven. He was said to be in good health when he retired to his room at 9pm the night before.

    Both my mil and fil died in Texas of natural causes but since they were in a care facility at the time there was no autopsy performed.

  150. It’s common sense for us to believe everything we see on the Internet? Is that what you think university does? It’s clear you’ve never attended one, then, isn’t it

    I’m sorry to be the one to inform you, but you SAYING something does not require us believing it. If I ask a question and someone replies “it’s the law” they had damn well better be ready to give a fucking example of a law.

    THAT is what university does.

    To be clear, I also think this has been mishandled. I simply wanted to know who it was that was rushing things. If it is the family, then I’m not sure we should have any say in it. For all we know the man, himself, had discussions with his wife about how he wanted this handled. And until I see a law cited that compels a family to allow an autopsy and delay cremation after a legal death certificate that says “natural causes” on has been issued, then Poolman and his claim of it being law can fuck off.

  151. “Rutherford, with all due respect, I don’t recall your father’s death being completely unexpected or occurring while he was alone. I don’t think he was a civil servant. I don’t think his death affected the way the entire nation will be changed because of it.”

    Here’s what I recall…

    “Is there life insurance involved? That would REQUIRE an autopsy, even if being a civil servant would not.”

  152. Not sure if Harris County law is applicable, but I am doing more research than the local idiot, and this is what I am finding

    Autopsies are required if the cause of death is unknown, accident, homicide, or suicide. An autopsy MAY be required in cases of natural death, when the person IS NOT under a doctor’s care.

    None of things apply in this case.

    The Texas Attorney General‘s office states that only people with express authority can order an autopsy. A justice of the peace can only order an autopsy if there is an inquest into cause of death. In counties that have a medical examiner, only their office can order an inquest. The ability to order an autopsy only moves up the chain of judges if a justice of the peace is not available. Unofficial autopsies (I assume meaning the type that are not ordered) are only done with approval by next of kin. A law passed in 1987 says if a justice of the peace is available, then nobody else can order an autopsy.

    You see, Poolman….THAT is what university does.

  153. Here’s some more law that our Texas jurist who lives in Arizona might enjoy reading. I have papers to grade, so he can feel free to show me which parts support his claim that “it’s the law.”

    Hint: there aren’t any

  154. I find it beyond humorous that the guy who runs around here screaming about how the government constantly lies to us is suddenly going to tell us we’re all wrong about something and he knows more than we do about it because someone from the government told him so.

  155. “What should the Republicans do about Trump?” The same as what the Democrats should do with Sanders. Kill them. Not literally, but with mockery and scorn Make fun of them and turn them into public jokes.

    I can’t do anything about Scalia’s death so the conspiracies mean nothing to me.

  156. Harris county? Huck, I read your links. And the insults. But you are wrong. The LAW states an inquest is required. No transporting of the body and embalming should never have taken place. This all occurred over a holiday weekend in less than 48 hours. The law was NOT followed. And unless the cause of death is obvious, an autopsy IS required. Family can request an autopsy but cannot decline under the circumstances that are being reported.

    An investigation should have been done BEFORE the body was removed. The statute cites who is authorized to perform that investigation. This is what the media is saying:

    The Texas Code of Criminal Procedures allows justices of the peace to pronounce death via phone when deemed reasonable.

    Sounds reasonable to the layman or university grad. Problem is, it isn’t found in the statute…


    Article 49.04. DEATHS REQUIRING AN INQUEST. (a) A Justice of the peace shall conduct an inquest into the death of a person who dies in the county served by the justice if:

    (3) the body or a body part of a person is found, the cause or circumstances of death are unknown, and:
    (A) the person is identified; or
    (B) the person is unidentified;
    (4) the circumstances of the death indicate that the death may have been caused by unlawful means;
    (5) the person commits suicide or the circumstances of the death indicate the death may have been caused by suicide;
    (6) the person dies without having been attended by a physician;

    Was his physician in attendance? Reports said no. Not even his security people. I could also see where (3) or (4) apply since it was reported he was locked alone in his room and found with a pillow over his head.

    Cause of death HAS to be determined. Guesswork isn’t acceptable.

  157. Pools I will concede my Dad did not die alone. He was receiving medical care. That makes the Scalia case different.

    HOWEVER… for the rest I tip my hat to Huck who researched the crap out of this.

    Doesn’t mean TX ain’t a bit bass ackward. Cinderella (u can’t make this shit up) couldn’t drive 65 miles? That’s an hour highway. Two hours local roads tops.

  158. Very fishy Rutherford. There should have been an inquest and that would have determined if an autopsy was necessary. Cinderella has changed her story. She has history of other questionable rulings.

    Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Juanita Bishop received the initial call, but called Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 David Beebe to handle the vague call about a body at the ranch. No name was mentioned. Bishop was in Fort Stockton at the time and Beebe was getting ready to head to Alpine to attend an political forum in Alpine.

    Presidio County Judge Cinderella Guevara. County Judge Cinderela Guevara pronounced Scalia dead by telephone at 1:52pm after she was called by Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez, who was at the ranch resort. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedures allows Justice of the Peaces to make this call if it’s deemed reasonable.

    Guevara arrived at the ranch around 4:30pm. Based on more evidence at the ranch, Guevara declared Scalia’s death was of natural causes. U.S Marshal Service and the FBI were also at the scene.

    Alpine Memorial Funeral Home was called to scene, but Scalia’s body will be flown to a funeral home in El Paso


    More weirdness.

    The Big Bend region of West Texas is known for its enormous ranches and large, sparsely populated counties. And this can be a problem when people need county services, especially emergency services. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an ordinary citizen or a Supreme Court Justice.

    When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died Saturday in Presidio County, it wasn’t easy to arrange the inquest, which is the judicial inquiry into the death.

    At a gathering in Marfa that night, Jeanette Duer, the judge of neighboring Jeff Davis County, explains how it works. “Our county has 2,400 square miles. We have about 2,400 people. We have one Justice of the Peace who does the inquest. If she’s not available, it falls to me, as county judge.”

    Presidio County is one of the largest in the state. David Beebe is the Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1. He explains how the request for county personnel to pronounce Scalia dead – first fell to Juanita Bishop, the J.P. for Precinct 2.

    Beebe said, “The other justice of the peace from the County who covers the area of Cibolo Creek Ranch, where the dead body was found,called me to see if I could cover for her area, because she was out of town. I was on my way to the candidate forum in Alpine, so I said “Well, no, I’m already busy.” So she said “Alright I’ll handle it later.” At that point she apparently contacted County judge Cinderella Guevara, who’s able to do these inquests when we are not.”

    Judge Guevara was also busy – but she DID handle the inquest – over the phone – pronouncing Justice Scalia dead just before 2 PM.

    David Elkowitz is also a government employee. He’s the acting Superintendent of the Fort Davis National Historic Site. “Well, in general, both Brewster and Presidio County are some of the more remote sections of the country – and also of West Texas.”

    He says in many parts of those counties, it’s easily more than 100 miles to the nearest hospital. Cibolo Creek Ranch is the 30,000-acre resort where Scalia died.

    At the gathering that night in Marfa, Tammy King was expecting to see the ranch’s owner – John Poindexter – but he had cancelled after arranging a hunting trip with 40 friends, including Scalia. “Right now it’s actually a quail trip – a quail hunting trip – that they’re having this weekend.”

    King speaks highly of this ranch in the Chinati Mountains – with its ancient rock art and a meticulously restored fort. Despite the tragedy around the sudden death, she says, what a way to go. “What a gorgeous place to find your last days.”


    Believe whatever you will, it stinks.

  159. Cause of death was determined as natural causes. So yeah, the cause of death was determined…as caused by…nature. I don’t think it can be broken down any more for you.

    He was being seen by a physician, who said he was in poor health. The physician was consulted before the determination of natural causes. Do you know when he was last seen by that doctor?

    As per the NYT, The people who were on the scene (which, as far as I know, does not include you) said there were no signs of foul play.

    And yeah, a Justice of the peace can order an autopsy, but ONLY if an inquest is ordered. And only the ME can order an inquest. That is from the Texas AG link you supposedly read.

    All I asked you to do was cite a law you claimed was in effect here. You’d better bring your fucking A game if you’re going to start shit about someone’s education as part of your response. If this is the best you’ve got then this discussion isn’t worthy of any more of my time.

  160. In a statement Tuesday, the owner of the ranch clarified to CNN what he meant when he told the San Antonio Express the judge was found with a “pillow over his head.”

    “I think enough disclosures were made and what I said precisely was accurate. He had a pillow over his head, not over his face as some have been saying,” John Poindexter, owner of the Cibolo Creek Ranch, where Scalia was found, told CNN over the phone. “The pillow was against the headboard and over his head when he was discovered. He looked like someone who had had a restful night’s sleep. There was no evidence of anything else.”

  161. Cause of death was determined as natural causes.

    Really? More like decided. Determined requires science. But that’s usually your line. And now that CNN has pronounced it, we can all sleep better at night. Nothing to see here…

  162. Isn’t it wonderful how the media provides for such swift justice nowadays?

    Another case solved and buried. Add it to the facts of history. Teach the next generation.

    “Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly”

    There were no conspiracy theorists before the JFK murder. The disorder was diagnosed then. It created ‘nonbelievers of the state’. Obviously, these heretics would create control issues. The dreamers might even wake up 😯 That could not be allowed to play out. Since, massive efforts have been employed to prevent the social disorder from achieving relevance. Can you imagine what kind of efforts they would devise? Are you aware the budget? It is seriously hard to compete with your government. We do indeed have paid thought police. Have you any idea how deep the pool of corruption we’re swimming in? The disorder group is full of shills.

    I have a different view of what is seen. The plastic veneer doesn’t do it for me anymore.

    Add some revelation seventeen freakishness

  163. Rutherford, when I was in fifth grade, a sixth grader,with a reputation as a bully started picking on me. Even then, I was a mouthy SOB. He hit me on the school bus, and I questioned his masculinity. “Is that your best? You hit like a girl.I’ll bet you really are a girl.” He twisted my arm, and though it hurt, I laughed. I made fun of his physical traits. He slammed me into the gym wall. I realized he was beginning to react to my taunts.

    Some of my friends followed suit. One day, on the school bus, I called him another name, and his eyes showed fear, probably because he was afraid the name would stick.. He told me never to call him that again. We reached an unspoken bargain. I didn’t use the name again, and he left me alone.

    I’m talking about carpet bombing scorn which hasn’t been tried yet.

  164. Ross Douthat wrote “To attack him effectively, you have to go after the things that people like about him. You have to flip his brand.” People haven’t done that on a unified scale yet.

  165. Maybe its hot air and maybe its not. We should try it. Something similar is working on the Clintons. “Who let the dogs out?”

    What does a group do about someone it is is sure will inflict lasting damage on the country? Sit passively by and watch it fall apart or do something to save the homeland even if the attempt fails? Scorn is better than a bullet or a bomb.

  166. James what you suggest is exactly what Trump has been doing. Relentless carpet bombing of insults so when you think Bush you think “low energy” when you think Cruz you think “liar” or “Canadian”. When you think Rubio you think “perspiration”.

    Trump is doing psy-ops par excellence. He’s getting inside people’s heads. And here’s the rub. The others except Bush and to some extent Cruz, are afraid to fight fire with fire. They can’t even begin to estimate the blowback.

  167. I agree, Rutherford.

    The comparison is tenious.. But do you remember the Ukrainian flash mob I posted. I wrote that a dancer who owned the video reminded me of the force I imagine Rabbit to be. That dancer is also like Trump. He dominates through the force of his personality and makes his opponents afraid as you wrote.

  168. Two things:
    Can’t believe Nikki found a deeper depth to dive into.
    As for SCOTUS although I support Obama nominating someone I have one word for those getting their “fuck the GOP” on…

  169. I can only guess Nikki didn’t want to back a bum horse (Bush). She already denounced Trump and Cruz is just a stones throw away from Trump. So that leaves Rubio.

    How can any decent person not feel bad for Jeb? Dude has just gotten a raw deal. Both Jeb and Christie should have run in 2012. Timing is everything and that was their time.

  170. Bill Press “Buyers Remorse: How Obama let Progressives Down”

    “Not since Richard Nixon has a White House used the powers of the presidency to threaten or actually persecute journalists for seeking to uncover and report the truth.”

    Rutherford, you have not appologized as Thor did for inflicting Obama on us. His stated intention not to attend the funeral may be well intentioned, but it stinks as much as Boynces racist performance.

    That is why I am inflicting this Latvian singer, LILY. She would have given a better show than Boyonce and she didn’t betray a band as Boynce did Destiny’s Child. You need to acknowledge your poor judgement.

  171. Whoa. Cool down. The funeral is scheduled on a golf day, James.

    But this is a dignified WH. Rumor is that James Taylor will be attending remotely in lieu the Pennsylvania Ave Kanye.

  172. Humans Were Likely Boinking Neanderthals Earlier Than We Thought

    😆 I saw that headline in the Yahoo news feed and I thought of you, James.

    I think it is good that Bobo should not attend that funeral and have to feign sympathy. His last performance created many more skeptics than sympathizers. It sure didn’t fool anyone with any experience in theater arts.

    “He’s taking the lid off of something and placing it back down beside a container. It could be what’s called a ‘tear stick’. It’s a mentholated substance designed to put into or under the eye in order to generate real tears for actors on screen.” – American Everyman (January 12, 2016)

    I’m certain the other justices have taken note of the suspicious circumstances around Scalia’s death and will consider that every time they make a ruling. It seems there are many more people in the know and otherwise coming to the same conclusions as I did. Between the non adherence to sop and the lies told by Cinderella and the press, many more have joined the ranks of disorder. Antonin’s physician claimed doctor/patient confidentiality when contacted Saturday rather than actually revealing his health information. Another inconvenient truth.

  173. Ha Ha, Poolman! I liked that one too. It must be the Neanderthals’ fault that Europeans and Asians are some of the meanest people on earth.

  174. A couple of mid-day remarks:

    First, James, for the record I don’t recall Thor ever apologizing for “inflicting” Obama on us. In fact it was Thor, not I, who listed the stock market among Obama’s wins. With that said, Thor was never guilty of the gushing that I put on display in the first term.

    Second, while they don’t give credence to Poolman’s conspiracy theories, the WAPO is asking WTF was Scalia doing there and who paid his way. Interesting.

    Third I’m curious to know the bar’s thinking about the Pope’s not so subtle repudiation of Trump. Is it relevant? Should he mind his own fucking business and stay out of politics?

    Finally, I wasn’t aware Obama was boycotting Scalia’s funeral. I’m not sure I like that.

  175. Fucking Pope! Lives in a walled highly segregated city and has the balls to question a sovereign nations immigration policies. Frankie is too fucking much!

  176. “Third I’m curious to know the bar’s thinking about the Pope’s not so subtle repudiation of Trump.”

    See my posted tweet above your comment.

    Obama is a total punk ass bitch.

    So is the Pope.

    No wonder MSNBC swoons over both of them.

  177. Why are so many millions getting bent that Blamo isn’t attending Scalia’s funeral? I for one am grateful for small favors – I don’t want that impotent POS there to defile the place.

    I’ll bet you money if some ‘holy’ water splashed on Michelle “Antoinette” Obama, it would melt into a massive pile of shit.

  178. I don’t remember the exact wording. Thor said he regretted voting for Obama. That was close enough for me. I agree, thor gushed sometimes, , but he did vote and wrote he regretted it. If I am wrong, thor dropped a few notches on my list.

    That man is a socialist, and a leftist revolutionary posing as a religious leader. He can go to hell. He is making himself part of our political campaign and he isn’t a citizen.

    If I saw Obama in trouble by the side of the road, I would drive on by…

    I told you about the latest illegal killing in Omaha. Now Breitbart has a story about it. “Illegal Alien Killer Protected by Nebraska Sanctuary City Vanishes After Paying Bond”

    Sarah Root had graduated from university with a 4.00 GPA the day before. Her funeral cost more than the bail Mejia paid. He is probably back home in Honduras. .

  179. This is the human side of Obama’s open borders policies. Businesses who support the same policy for cheap labor can also go to hell.

  180. James, maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I said that I was gushing in the first term, not Thor. Thor was always an Obama supporter but never bought in as badly as did I.

    I think you’re a decent guy — so yes, if you saw Obama stranded on the side of the road, you’d stop to help.

    I’m not tickled with the political choices this year but The Atlantic makes a good case for Sanders. You shoot for the sky and you hit the tree tops. Hillary wants to shoot for the trunk of the tree and we’ll wind up pretty much on the same ground we’ve been on for 8 years. If politics isn’t aspirational, no meaningful change is achieved. That goes for liberals and conservatives.


  181. Reason Magazine (I won’t bother to link) reminds us that both “insurgent” candidates are impostors. Trump is not a true Republican and Bernie is not a true Democrat.

  182. “I think you’re a decent guy — so yes, if you saw Obama stranded on the side of the road, you’d stop to help.”

    I’ve helped people push cars countless time. Blacks, Iraqis you name it.

    But I wouldn’t help Obama if a volcanic eruption was looming.

    There is all the politics that I hate him for, sure.

    But then there was the Bergdahl lie. That one enrages me. So he can rot in hell.

  183. I am truly beginning to believe we could honestly be saying President Bernie Sanders. 😈 It would be the final nail because absolutely nothing would get done – totally status quo which is a disaster when you’re running a trillion dollar deficit and radical Islam will kill millions.

    But consider this. Cruz and Rubio offset each other and both hang too long. Trump flies in with 30-35% of the vote and becomes the Republican nominee. I will in no way vote for Trump, I don’t care if Trump is running against Kim Jung Un. And I have a pretty good hunch that millions of Republicans feel the same way I do. I think the vote will be severely depressed.

    Hillary caves – she’s an abject disaster as a candidate and somehow the Bernie limps in with limp dick as Democratic Candidate. Now John McCain could beat Bernie. Mitt Romney could beat Bernie.Sanders. But Donald Trump? Not with a 1/3 of the Republican electorate sitting this one out.

    I mean wouldn’t that be the capstone of America’s decline? A damn socialist as President?

    Honestly, we’ve become France, perhaps Mexico. I never thought I would live long enough to see America become a Banana Republic.

  184. I agree that Sanders and Trump are not as advertised.

    I would certainly stop to help you.

    I read too fast and missed the source of the swooning.

    Here is how things should be honorably done. A renter is quitting farming, so we needed a new renter. I spoke to one last night. He simply said tell him how much we want, and he will send the check. I am waiting for my wife to return home from Omaha before telling our new renter. It is all done verbally without lawyers.

    We visited for nearly two hours about winter sports and our Scandinavian ancestors. Our county attorney is part Sami. Our new renter didn’t know that.

    Compared to our community, much of the outside world is a sewer. The western Roman Empire did not collapse at once. It died piece by piece with enclaves of Roman civilization surviving for a hundred years or more. King Arther may have been a chief trying to defend the Roman way from invading barbarians. The same fate may await the United Stats and Europe.

  185. Captain Higgins is not alone.

    Some of that wind is hitting us too. The wind gusted to over 50 MPH and the temperature rose to 56 early this morning. Now, it is 41 with a 40 to 50 MPH west wind. We are surrounded by melt water about half way to the top of the dike around our buildings. We are lucky to have the melting snow instead of fire.

  186. Here you go, Tex. I thought of you when I read this article.

    We’ve all heard it before: Dogs are man’s best friend. They are extremely loyal, loving, and sensitive, always seeming to know when you need some cheering up. Well, a new study shows that they do in fact know when you are feeling down, or happy, or any other emotion, because they have the ability to read human emotion. They do this through interpreting various stimuli, such as visual and auditory cues, and they are the only creatures aside from humans that have been shown to have this ability.


  187. That bow guide only proves flexibility. Bobo wasn’t designed with full movement. Many marionettes can bend over backwards too. Helleerie bends both ways. 🙂

    I am seriously going to vote for this guy. I would rather have a clown than another puppet.

    Supreme discussed his political views in a 2008 promotional video. He stated he was registered as a Republican at that time, but that he leaned toward anarchism. He asserted that libertarians “are just about abolishing the government and letting shit fall where it may,”[17] which he called a mistake; he also asserted that Republicans want to nullify the government, but “offer no alternative to helping people other than charity.”[17] Supreme’s vision of anarchism holds no need for government, but depends on citizens to take responsibility for themselves and for others, citing “mutual aid and support and care to our fellow citizens” as key elements. To that end, Supreme called for a gradual dismantling of the government, while citizens take up the slack. He asserted that Americans do not know anymore how to be citizens, placing some of the blame on schools that teach in “very twisted and jingoistic fashion”.[17]

    In the video, Supreme discussed his presidential campaign. He describes his “joke humor” campaign as a response to the lies people are fed by the media and by the government.[17]


  188. I don’t even need to read that study, Poolman. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, many of the animals have senses we humans can only dream about. Animals are far more intelligent than we have given them credit over the ages.

    I watched my father’s dog mourn as he passed, days before my father was dead. The dog knew time was up.

    That big dog of mine is as wild as a March hare and strong as a field of onions. He can drag my wife with a choke chain around his neck like she’s a sheet of paper. It takes most of what I’ve got to hold him back when he gets on a roll.

    But when I am angry or frustrated, not at him necessarily and not even vocal in my anger, he gets as passive as a lap dog. I’ve never laid a hand on him other than to play and pet.

    I just wish people were as good as dogs.

  189. I woke up to a stark realization today. I’ve lived long enough to experience perhaps the height of American greatness and its imminent downfall. It’s like the Roman Empire, only through the magic of communication and speed, its maturity happened within decades instead of centuries.

    Guys, I have come to the conclusion that no matter who wins this election, we are out of time and I don’t believe it is coming back. I just can’t find a soft landing. And most of us here have kids and some have grand kids. And I am pretty sure too few people understand that. We have shit all over the succeeding generations. I find much of it completely out of my control.

    Too many parasites, too many stupid people, an utter lack of leadership and will, a massive failure of education, and an apathetic and grossly uninformed populace wishing only to be entertained.

    It makes me stark raving mad about my children and my grandchild. Crazy thoughts sometimes go through my mind anymore. I thought you mellowed when you got old, but I am starting to find myself becoming pretty damn radicalized.

    Don’t know where it goes from here, but the future looks pretty bleak and bloody from where I sit.

    Sorry for the downer…. 😦

  190. I suppose bloody is one potential outcome. Bleak is in the eye of the beholder. There are many that see the next phase as empowering. Essentially taking back that which was taken from us.

    Losing the country we knew or thought we knew is like any other major loss in one’s life. We go through the same grieving process. Most people find themselves in one of the following stages:

    The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling. But they are not stops on some linear timeline in grief.

    Until we go through the process, there can be no healing. No one can do this for you. There are only those that can guide and help you through it. It is a one way journey. Don’t get too comfortable at any one destination.

  191. There is nothing that should make anyone believe we’re entering a revolutionary stage of our history. The USA is in a clear cut evolutionary stage. The foundational aspects of this evolution are the continued diminishing of classic liberal democracy and the continuing power paradigm shift away from the West.

  192. I pretty much agree with that statement, Alfie. I’m just not sure what the conclusion…but if it is post-modern Europe, you can kiss this country goodbye.

    Those fools don’t know it yet, but without the military power and threat of the West, they’re going to be overrun – butt quickly. Europe is falling apart and feckless dolts like Obama, Bernie and Soros seem hell bent on us catching up to them.

  193. Dogs are merely altered wolves. Wolves and people have similar pack instincts. It is debatable which species domesticated the other.

    We have already entered a revolutionary phase of our history. I agree that we are rapidly evolving, but I regard it as a revolution in the same sense that early farmers supplanted hunter gatherers five to seven thousand years ago. Sometime a little later most of Europe’s genetic material changed into something else, and scientists don’t yet know why.

    China was on its way to being a major world power. Chinese sailors circled the world about the time of Columbus according to a debatable hypothesis. Whether or not Chinese actually sailed around the world, China turned inward, and after its long slumber it is ready to become a dominant power.

  194. Whenever my wife or I are sick or even about to get sick, our cat Ollie stays close to us. He’s normally pretty aloof but if he senses we’re not doing well, he sits with us. Damndest thing.

    I usually call you guys drama queens when you talk of the devolution of America. But when a reality TV star seems unstoppable in his quest for the GOP nomination, one has to take notice.

    Even though Sanders is in truth not a socialist, the fact that he can move crowds with that label attached to him is otherworldly.

    We are living in very strange times. I don’t know where it will lead.

    P.S. I love how Higgins knocked the racial angle right in its face. Yes. I agree we need more like him.

  195. Its been gnawing on me for a while now and keeping a lid on it died when I read Rutherfords last comment.
    It should not be lost on anyone that the reason Trump/Sanders enjoy so much support looks a lot like this:
    1) ANGER: To say Americans are not experiencing some of the highest levels of negative emotions with anger topping the list is naivety at its highest. Folks are so fed up with so much.
    2) Ignorance: The kid from the Who’s “Pinball Wizard” can see how abhorrently stupid way too many Americans are on both sides of the primary aisle.

  196. So when I think of anger combined with ignorance, Nazi Germany comes to mind.

    Are we about to see a fundamental change in our country that makes Obama look like a pin prick?

  197. Rutherford, I am curious. Why would you not believe Bernie Sanders a socialist? Do you ever hear Bernie Sanders speak positively of free enterprise or private enterprise? I’m curious how you conclude that Bernie Sanders is not a socialist?

    If Sanders is not a socialist, what is he?

    Do you realize you belong to a party that now is composed of 42% of the constituency that actually calls themselves a socialist? Does that ever give you pause about the people you are now allied with?

  198. Bernie Sanders is not a complete socialist in the sense that the Soviets were not true communists. I think he is far enough left to be borderline socialist. He just doesn’t have a pure form. Some of the Democrats who claim they are socialists can’t define the term, nor can they identify socialism’s short comings.

    The pinball wizard had what most of us don’t have, the capacity for concentration without distractions. Anyone who can concentrate on current events has the advantage of knowledge and a rational ability to extrapolate. He/she as a superior grasp of the modern world, but the ignorant and emotional majority will overwhelm the pinball wizard.

  199. “I usually call you guys drama queens when you talk of the devolution of America. But when a reality TV star seems unstoppable in his quest for the GOP nomination, one has to take notice.”

    Some of us have been taking notice for 8 years.

  200. Some of the Democrats who claim they are socialists can’t define the term …

    Tex, James hit the nail on the head. The 42% calling themselves socialist don’t know WTF they’re talking about. The country has been so horribly dumbed down.

    A true socialist does not believe in free enterprise at all. A true socialist believes the government should own all enterprise. Bernie clearly does NOT believe that. Bernie wants to be FDR on steroids. He wants the essentials of health insurance and public education paid for by the government. Both have precedent in this country. You don’t even need to look to Denmark.

    Chuck Todd asked Bernie Thursday whether a Sanders admin would turn us into Venezuela or Cuba and Bernie explained quite clearly why that was foolishness.

    Look. I’m trying to feel the Bern without getting burned. I know his pipe dreams are nearly impossible in a broken government with a lazy apathetic electorate. But what am I gonna do? Back Shrillary? Back Cruz who has barely no redeemable qualities? I’m in a box.

    By the way, Tex and anyone else, what do you think of this scenario? Trump v Sanders and then Bloomberg jumps in. What do you do then?

  201. I can’t make out the date on the cspan clip. Either 84 or 89. That’s between 27 and 32 years ago so “Bernie SAYS he’s a socialist” is not accurate.

    Bernie NOW says he is a Democratic Socialist and he doesn’t use the modifier “Democratic” for kicks.

  202. Obama is a bigger deal than you admit, Rutherford. He and his policies may not seem so extreme compared to how Sanders portrays himself, and his lies don’ t appear as egregious as Hillary’s right now because people have short memories. However, he has altered our concept of normal.

    Obama’s policies have so angered a large segment of voters that he with the help of Republicans and the press made Trump and Sanders viable.

    Candidates like Sanders now have a chance as they push the limits of normal farther left.Sanders never left the radical sixties and seventies. He sold a product to a niche market who fancied themselves to be European socialists.. Now that he has entered national politics he is broadening his market base. I agree with you about Sanders, Rutherford.

    Bloomberg would be a complication. I might have to vote for him, but not without a lot of help from Jack Danials and Jim Beam with Huntington’s Rye as a chaser..

    Trump is not as “bad as them” because he has not served in office yet. He has lied about his checkered business success, and he has liked about eminent domain. He also thinks that because he went to military school his experience is equivalent to a veteran’s He made a big deal of supporting veterans with a fund raiser in Iowa. They haven’t seen much money yet.

  203. ” usually call you guys drama queens when you talk of the devolution of America. But when a reality TV star seems unstoppable in his quest for the GOP nomination, one has to take notice.”-R

    We should have started taking notice when reality TV took over as prime time viewing…..the dumbing down of America. Why are the poor and uneducated supporting Trump? Because as in reality TV he glamorizes vulgarity and materialism or sensationalism. People in the streets believe his promises. One man interviewed on NPR said he was for Trump because he believed Trump would give his town a bowling alley, a place for the kids to hang out and get off the street like he had (true story).

    On the other hand isn’t Sanders promising the same? Why are so many young people supporting Bernie. Is he portraying images of TV shows such as The Brady Bunch or maybe even All In The Family. Does he represent the grandfather they don’t have or is it as simple as wanting entitlements such as the man wanting his bowling alley.

    Trump promises riches. Sanders promises entitlements. Is there any difference?

  204. A democratic republic cannot survive with stupid people. I agree with you.

    The US isn’t the only strange one. Holland wants to increase the average French work week, and the Le Pen Party is borrowing money from Russian banks. I read a twitter discussion among French teenagers a couple of years ago. They know more about politics and economics than the average adult American.

  205. I’m in a box.

    Of course you are. But you are not alone. That is where they want you. You need to think outside that box. The political solutions offered are not solutions at all. One promise of prosperity is not unlike the other, as Emily Bronte has pointed toward. None of the mainstream candidates are willing to tear down the corrupt system that made them who they are. They are part of the same. They will allow more of the same.

    James said it. Trump was never an elected. He screws people in a capitalist way. He’s been through several bankruptcies. Think failed economics. I think I read 4 times. But he’s shielded himself from any liability in the last 3, if my memory serves me. So if the big ship goes down, trust Trump to not be caught in it. He has his own lifeboat.

  206. By the way, Tex and anyone else, what do you think of this scenario? Trump v Sanders and then Bloomberg jumps in. What do you do then?

    I think America can kiss its collective ass goodbye, and I won’t need to be attending the voting booth come an even November year for the first time in my adult life.

    Rutherford, actually I find Sanders more deluded than I do the whole socialists. Socialists have a more seductive message than Bernie.

    Bernie wants to live off the fruits of what capitalism has provided, but shape the market capitalism creates with a level of Plutocracy of people who know better like Bernie what is fair and who gets what. That is a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature in an already fractured country. Or, covet and envy playing on a theme of “unfairness,” another form Marxism, to each according to their needs.

    Here’s what is really unfair and this is not hypothetical. A country, now indebted approaching $20 trillion, that has spent $22+ trillion over 50 years to eliminate “poverty” with no elimination of poverty.

    To continue with that approach which is no different than what Sanders campaigns under isn’t fairness. It’s stupidity and evil.

  207. Every time we declare war on something it becomes huge. The war on poverty as Tex mentioned is good example. It always grows government and solutions is not what government is known for.

    Most of the wars we wage are not even mentioned and the victims suffer and die without the public knowledge. This is a very unhealthy system and it needs to be destroyed. If we do not dismantle it, then it will be removed by force. There’s a war against healthy humans.

  208. “Huck don’t beat your chest too strongly. Our country is jumping the shark in a way that makes the Obama election ho-hum.”

    I am beating my chest because what we are seeing is the natural progression from 2008. We told you this would happen. We screamed it at you. Multiple times.

    And your responses each time we did were “we won” and “get over it.”

    You reap what you sew, and Trump is the fruit of Obama, just as the idiot GOP congress is.

  209. Revisiting San Bernardino. I know we already solved this one in the public realm. I mean the media had it sewn up pretty quick with just a reeducation of a few and another vast ridiculing of any noise from the disorder group. New events quickly filled the snews dusting over the dirty details. Here is where history is being recorded in our current paradigm.

    History. Tales of the patrix. I heard it called a patrix because of the masculine nature of the imposed domination as opposed to a nurturing mothering matrix.

    People died in that event. But who did that killing? Who used this event or crisis immediately? What message did it provide? Aside from fear, what was the whole purpose?

    Laid to rest another piece of that MANaged™ agenda is realized and now brought to the surface. A twist. Now it’s being presented as a war for privacy of information.

    Needless too say, the current plot twist in the San Bernardino shooting story is par for the course with this particular psyop which was horribly managed from the beginning.

    The ludicrous nature of the official story – the couple that swore allegiance to “ISIS” that never did any such thing, who then go on a rampage with someone else’s guns killing guests of their baby-shower for no apparent reason while cleverly disguised as three tall white men and then who disappear for hours, somehow miraculously avoiding being followed by the large number of tactical SWAT team members gathered for an active shooter drill taking place nearby – is now matched by the ludicrous nature of the official story of the “fight” between Apple and the Feds.

    I mean, if we are going to get screwed by these people with these endless psyops, the least they can do is put a little effort into making them believable. Don’t you just hate it when the producers of a movie or a TV show treat you like an idiot?

    If you’re going to run the country like a scripted reality show, at least make it a good one.


    “Come out of her, my people…

  210. Well if Trump isn’t as bad as Obama and Hillary, then it follows that he isn’t worse. So I fail to see how the country is just now “jumping the shark” as Rutherford claims. And I don’t see how electing Trump is any worse for America than electing Obama.

    I don’t even see how electing Hillary is any worse than electing Obama. I don’t see any difference between the two except for style.

  211. This video, including the symbolism of a Latvian singing in Spanish describes our current political situation.
    This doesn’t make any sense to me. :))

  212. As Huck wrote, we told you so. It is little satisfaction if the country fails when we predicted it, and we can’t change the decline.

    Playing with a song is better than being angry. The man sees a woman and fantasizes an impossible life because in reality, she is with another man. Several of our candidates are feeding on the fantasies of would be supporters who imagine their idols to be as different from reality as the woman is. The false context of Spanish shows the song to be as complete a fantasy as our current political situation.

    Poolman’s picture of Trump is a good example of the netherworld our leaders are creating.

  213. Trump is untested. Obama and Hillary are known political entities. Thus their records compared to Trump’s make them worse. They are our reality. Trump has only his business record, and his presidency survives in our imagination. As in the video, people turn him into what they want to see. He might be worse than Hillary or Obama, or he might be a good president. We don’t know yet. I will vote for Trump, even if he may destroy the country because Hillary has forfeited the right to public political life.

  214. It’s all over but the shouting. Inevitability has been confirmed. The fucking NH racists gave Sanders a fluke blowout in NH just as I wrote in this post.

    I could not be more pissed off.

    Fuck Hillary
    Fuck dumb black voters
    Fuck the Dem party
    Fuck the USA

    I’m in it for myself from this point on. Everyone else can go to hell.

  215. @ Rutherford I don’t know whether to offer a conciliatory tome,welcome you to the club or look deeper into one of your earlier comments.
    WTF I’ll do all three.
    1. Although I never doubted HRC’s eventual anointing I would still say that you should let Super Tuesday go into the books before feeling totally out. If nothing else if the lines keep going as they have she’ll look pretty scam-my.
    2. 2016 is the American Voter Unity Tour. We’re destined to be united in our disdain for the winners. lol
    3. Not to be a Nazi defender but Germans for a good run were not so much angry as they were beaten down and grateful of Der Leaders lifting hand. This brings up a point though and I don’t mean it as salt in your obvious political wounds. Sanders isn’t a “socialist”. His desire to return to FDR though is not “democratic socialism” either. It is fascism even if he would be loathe to admit it. To return to and build on one of if not the most evident era of fascism in America is something to have an interesting discussion on.

  216. You Democrats had the chance at Jim Webb…but he wasn’t giving away enough free stuff.

    American presidential democracy is turning into Roman politics, where voters are bought by the candidate who gives them the most goodies.

    At least the Romans were smart enough to get the goodies before they gave the votes. All you idiots get are the promises.

  217. Alfie, Rutherford has all but admitted many times that he doesn’t mind fascist rulers.

    They don’t worry themselves over stuff like laws and legislatures. They get things done.

  218. And Trump just won SC after dissing W and getting in a spat with the pope.


    Btw, he won among VETERANS! All bets are off. This is some seriously fucked up shit.

  219. Tex got it wrong. It’s President Trump in November. He is going to kick Hillary’s ass.


    Well, look at the bright side, Rutherford – speaking of irony. You and I can feel equally aggrieved no matter the results come November. We shall share the misery. Because frankly, I’m getting incredibly close to not giving a damn about America anymore and feel this country richly deserves the shit sandwich that is heating up to be served.

    I just wish I could get off the beach somehow and take my loved ones with me when the 100′ tsunami hits. Because all I can see behind me is a massive wall Mexico built, trapping me in a massive pile of dogshit Trump and Obama built.

    I can honestly say, the days of the two party system is reaching its end whether Hillary or Trump wins.

    Because there’s a whole bunch of disenfranchised Feel the Bern voters who likely aren’t going to show for Hillary. And I think there are even more Tex Taylors that would vote for Vladimir Putin before they would vote for Donald Trump.

    Hence, I still give the election to Hillary, assuming she’s not indicted first.

    We shall see…

  220. Hillary is your next president of the United States. The Democratic base is that depraved. The rest of the country that ignorant.

    ’08 was the death of us.

  221. Unfortunately the zombie vote will still count and could put Helleerie in office. I’m not throwing mine away this time for just anyone. I prefer a man with a solid plan.

  222. I’m still waiting for ST but I’ve come to the conclusion that Election Day 2016 is not likely seeing me at the booth. I’ll do the primary thing but as of now no other offices are going on the ballot and my general election Presidential vote doesn’t matter anyway.

  223. “Tex got it wrong. It’s President Trump in November. He is going to kick Hillary’s ass.”

    Thats an interesting statement.

  224. ” Not to be a Nazi defender but Germans for a good run were not so much angry as they were beaten down and grateful of Der Leaders lifting hand. This brings up a point though and I don’t mean it as salt in your obvious political wounds. Sanders isn’t a “socialist”. His desire to return to FDR though is not “democratic socialism” either. It is fascism even if he would be loathe to admit it. To return to and build on one of if not the most evident era of fascism in America is something to have an interesting discussion on.”


  225. “The fucking NH racists gave Sanders a fluke blowout in NH just as I wrote in this post.”

    LOL. The fucking racists are Hillary’s firewall.

  226. A debate between Hillary and Donald would be interesting. Trump might be able to convince blacks to abandon Democratic racist identity politics. Who knows? Anything can happen this year.

  227. I had to laugh last night after I wrote my last comment. Seems The Almighty, no matter how hard I try to be the polar opposite of Rutherford, intends for us to be a matched set.

    I say that because though Rutherford and I are polar opposites politically and of faith, one black and one white, our childhood tastes, likes and perhaps even wants are like mirror images. Perhaps the 2016 election is the end for the both of us – we will have come full circle taking two opposing paths ending in the same place, left to hold hands in our disgust and defeat. 😛

    I’ve moved from debating Progressives, calling them abjectly stupid, to now duking it out with other supposed Republicans, who I have figured out I hold no shared interests either, and calling them “progressively’ stupid.

    The Republican version of Hope & Change. Bring on the Styrofoam columns! Let the planet begin to heal, and world usher in a new era of peace under Trump. Obama 3.0!

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  228. “We have local offices which with a smaller voting base do give us a voice.”

    YES, YES, YES.

    And don’t forget those state offices.

  229. I think of the possibilities, Rubio is better for the country.

    The Daytona 500 is in progress. No more pity party for now.

    Yes, Huck state offices are very important.

  230. Oh, after I get over retching over the thought of a Trump/Rotten election, with the Presidential ovals left blank, I will vote within the state. But losing the SCOTUS to either of those assholes is a losing proposition no matter who is the lesser of two corrupt evils. And that’s for a lifetime.

    Alfie is asking who would be better between two stinking turds? I honestly don’t know. But I have a question for anyone interested.

    Do we know for absolute sure Donald Trump isn’t a Trojan Horse for Hillary Clinton? I’m not completely convinced Donald Trump is even legitimate in his own mind in the stupid crap he espouses. I don’t mean to start sounding like Poolman now, but I’m not completely convinced Donald Trump isn’t a hard core Progressive running interference for the damn Clintons, probably stunned he has become as popular as he has.

  231. The useful idiot is ass turd Tigre who uses the same dumb math as the MSM.

    Trump answered your stupid 70% tripe by asking a very logical question. What makes you think that as folks drop out, SOME of that support won’t go to Trump? Why this assumption that Trump’s absolute ceiling is in the low 30’s?

    Now, it may be, but I’ll be damned if Trump has not defied expectation repeatedly. He won every district in the state. He won ALL the SC delegates in a state that is not winner take all. He won among evangelicals!

    So Tigre take your elementary school mathematics and shove it up your ass.

    P.S. Everyone lately has been pretty civil with me and I’ve tried to return the favor. Tigre pops in after a long absence and the best he can do is wise ass snark.

  232. Tex we are polar opposites but I differ on one point. I think as kids we oddly liked similar stuff.

    I could easily imagine the two of us sitting down to a Andy Griffith Show or a Car 54 Where Are You or a Honeymooners and sharing a laugh. (Yes I know you didn’t like Griffith’s politics. I’m not going there.)

  233. We should have a televised mud wrestling match between the finalists. Helleerie would win hands down, but at least we would see a real and unscripted performance. It would do much to reveal true character. Could anyone have written a worse finale for the USA? I’m not certain we will have to worry about voting or not this November. This federal experiment was fun until it wasn’t.

  234. I know, blockhead. I said we oddly like the same stuff. Why do I often find myself wanting to strangle you, and then moving your unattached head with eyes bulging to read my “stuff” again? 😈

    Charlie Brown, Rudolph, the same music, etc…

    I don’t know if its an age thing, you’re a white guy in black skin, I’m a black guy in white skin, or if its a freak of nature. But somehow, our likes were the same. You would think we wouldn’t have ended up thinking so differently if you were to read our resumes and our wish lists.

  235. Tex it would be interesting for a sociologist to study our childhoods and see where our paths matched and where they diverged.

    Poolman if you really think the country is going to fall apart before November, I can’t agree. If you think turnout may be at an all time low because too many folks are disgusted at the choice, there you may be onto something.

  236. You have much more confidence in the skill and endurance of these jugglers than I do, Rutherford.

    Low voter turnout will become no voter turnout. The excited new vote has quickly become the disillusioned no vote.

    Sometimes the best way to get over a mountain is tell it to move.

  237. I will vote Trump over Clinton becuase Clinton should be in prison if this country had an ounce of rule of law left. I want to her to at least pay in some way.

    Is that logical?


  238. I don’t have the slightest interest in seeing a movie about a Spiderman who says the F word becuase it’s edgy on Reddit. Maybe Alfie can convince me otherwise.

  239. Since rule of law is dead, why should Snowden have to worry?

    Don’t get me wrong… I hate that he snitched on spying aimed at China, etc.

    But I don’t think it can be denied that he might be the most important whistle blower in human history.

    Clinton did 100 times the damage. And the disgusting puke that makes up the Democratic Party is nominating her for president.

  240. Snowden was and remains a mystery to me. I cannot sort out the good he did vs the bad.

    The Apple government relationship plays right into Poolman’s world view with the San Bernardino event as pretext to further erosion of our privacy.

    I have to wonder why the gov is pestering Apple. I personally know a hacker who if given the time and money, could get into that iPhone 5C. So I don’t know why the gov just doesn’t go rogue and hire a hacker. Hard to believe one doesn’t already work for the CIA.

  241. <

    blockquote>”Muffy I hope you dont read me as supporting a return to 20th century fascism. -Alfie

    I don’t.

    “Has anyone moved onto envisioning who between Trump and Hillary is better for the country?”

    I expect he would dominate the airwaves in a way that she would not, but I can think of no other way in which she is a better deal for the country.

    I’m tired of them both already.

  242. It’s all in the “would never vote for” number, in combination with the 2nd choice number. Both of which Trump loses big-ly.

    40% would never vote for Trump (the highest among all the candidates), and only 9% have him for their second choice (the lowest among all the candidates.)

    Yoo doo the math.

  243. Rabbit is channeling my thoughts or I his. I would be interested in Alfie’s review because I like how his mind works and it would save me the trouble of watching the movie.

    I have similar thoughts about Snowden as Rutherford has. My Poolmanesc theory is that the government wants to establish a precedent for searching our electronic machines at will and without our knowledge.

    I have posted two Latvian singers LILLY and Jenny May who sang in Spanish. Both would have produced a better show than Boyonce. Just as important to me, they both have conservative values and would like many of their countrymen vote Republican or at least against the two Democratic candidates.

    Latvia’s two million people are on average some of the poorest in the EU, but they have a vibrant society and they are getting richer. An economic blogger wrote that Latvia is a good choice for an expatriot.

  244. The government usually tries to make legal the illegal stuff they are already doing. It is common for law to follow precedent. But they who make them never follow the laws anyway. Laws are for the law abiding, the commoners. They are the disadvantaged in today’s world.

  245. “Tex, 70% don’t support Trump only one of you is a useful idiot.” -Tigre

    “What makes you think that as folks drop out, SOME of that support won’t go to Trump? Why this assumption that Trump’s absolute ceiling is in the low 30’s?” -Rutherford

    LOL. That’s quite the smackdown, Pythagoras. 😆

    Remember my point?

    Of course not. You never knew.

    As usual, you ain’t much of a reader. . .

    “There’s still room for the GOP to coalesce behind a non-Trump candidate and defeat him.” -Tigre

    A grown-ass, educated man that voted for Obama twice, has said he’d vote for him again if he could, referred to Hillary’s multiple acts of dishonesty, ineptitude and corruption as “nothing burgers,” that now supports Bernie Sanders is pissed . . . about . . . the direction of things.


  246. has said he’d vote for him again if he could

    I think you’re playing with words. I very likely said I don’t regret voting for Obama over Mitt and would do it again. I also said, after watching the documentary on Mitt that I DID regret being so hard on him since I suspect him a more decent guy than I gave him credit for.

    If Obama could run for a third term, I’d do what I did in 2012 – call for him to be primaried. If he ended up the 2016 nominee, I’m not sure what I’d do.

    He has disappointed me. I’m slightly embarrassed about the degree to which I signed up in 2008. BUT I simply don’t find him the disaster the rest of you do. I find him mediocre at worst.

  247. Since I’m pretty sure the Simpsons is animated overseas, I’m always amazed how they’re able to incorporate recent events into their production schedule.

    That clip was great.

  248. You have been imprinted with a political ideology since your younger years. You are smart and perceptive enough that you finally begin to see the liberal leaders for what they are.

    We either know more about the progressive effect on our world because we were imprinted with a different outlook and did more independent study, or we had a rebirth as Saul did. You would naturally not see Obama as the disaster we do because you look at the world differently than we do. You still agree with some of his statements.

    However, you have evolved, and I would not be surprised if some night, a bright light and an angel figuratively speaking, visited a re- birth like Saul’s upon you.

  249. @ dead rabbit
    Deadpool is probably not in your future given the pretty clear summation of how you view the character.
    The movie does not disappoint on the front of any follower of the “books”. ( I’m not but I’m familiar with them) Apparently it was a major goal of Ryan Reynolds & Co. to make sure the character stayed true.

    The cinematography is very good although it embraces one technique some may find annoying,the talking to the audience stuff. For me this was first funny,then irritating and then since I was able to hang on long enough exactly what the director wants,a mechanism to include one fully in the 107 minutes story. Whether you are in touch with your inner high school locker room misogynist ,relating to seeing an asshole get shot,stabbed or ejected from a vehicle or just up for a surreal ride via a staccato of scenes injected with lewd insanity the movie doesn’t disappoint.
    I will say that if you’ve seen the trailers and want to see that movie you are hereby warned without spoilers that that isn’t going to happen.
    All in all an enjoyable movie fully deserving and proudly wearing its R rating ergo DON’T TAKE KIDS EVEN THOUGH ITS A COMIC BOOK/MARVEL STORY. Whether it requires the big screen and $12 is certainly debatable.

  250. “So Tigre take your elementary school mathematics and shove it up your ass.”


    I saw your MSNBC line on this this morning.

    You need to get your parroting right next time.


  251. @ Rutherford the Apple v FBI/DOJ story is a great example of poorly reported stories.
    First of all your hacker buddy most definitely COULD NOT access the phone which is actually kind of Apples reason for not wanting to create the non-existing thing the FBI demands.
    Apples encryption in its iOs 9+ system even defeats Apple. You the owner of the phone fuck up and forget your passcode and lock out your phone the Genius can only get you a working blank phone,plus anything you put in iCloud.
    The government can hack it,like your friend,but would mathematically be assured to fail.
    Back to the bad journalism and spin doctors both at Apple and the government. The real issue here is not getting into THIS phone, which likely holds no actionable information btw, it is about creating a code to do something that currently does not exist. This in turn is all about governments tapping into other phones in the future. It also creates a technology specifically designed to defeat a private companies proprietary rights and responsibilities which in turn could be used by non-government malicious entities.
    18th century warrants and locks logic meets 21st century “lock”. Too bad government but looking for this “key” is out of line.

  252. Our next election might evolve like the Daytona 500. Who knows?

    I agree, Alfie. You confirmed my earlier expressed instincts.

  253. Well after some more deliberation over what has been my “weekend” I’ve decided I am definitely not voting in the primary either.
    My 2016 journey saw me initially hang some hopes on Scott Walker. I then went to Ted Cruz. I can no longer support Ted Cruz in any way,shape or form. I did’t mind the Carsen thing but the Rubio thing indicates to me that he has chosen to surround himself with scumbags. A guy who tries to claim the Walk & Talk and so thoroughly lies with scumbags is a no-go for me.
    Since I cannot accept Trump and that I find Rubio an Obamaesque puppet with who knows who’s hands in him I am out.

  254. Haha. Hello! The clip is better than expected of Scott P turning Hillary’s face into the woman whose husband just noticed his wife’s panty hose were on inside out after a night out with the girls.

    And that right there is the only real difference between Hillary and Barack.

  255. That there is comedy gold, Muffy.

    Like Obama supporters, it won’t bother her supporters one bit. They just don’t care.

  256. I’m making light of your dilemma Alfie when I suggest that you stop at the bar for some beer goggles on the way to the booth.

  257. <

    blockquote>”I did’t mind the Carsen thing but the Rubio thing indicates to me that he has chosen to surround himself with scumbags. A guy who tries to claim the Walk & Talk and so thoroughly lies with scumbags is a no-go for me.”



    Cruz’s fatal mistake was not firing Rick Tyler. Same guy who put the hit on Carson put the hit on Rubio.

    Twice burned is a bad sign.

  258. I agree with you again Alfie. Rubio was moving ahead of Cruz to my first choice but now I don’t have a first choice. I am still going to vote for someone. Otherwise, I won’t have much moral right to criticize the outcome.

  259. I’ll wait and see if Cruz does anything about Tyler this time before I judge him too harshly.

    I can also give Trump the benefit of the doubt.

    Is there any doubt about what the supreme court of Hillary and Bernie’s dreams looks like? It looks a hell of a lot like the dreams of Obama.

    I can also wait until Trump actually does something that disqualifies him. But as far as I can ascertain, and no one is offering anything concrete to counter it, is that the worse thing(s) about Trump are those matters in which he is – or might be despite what he says – most like the left and specifically Obama, Hillary, and Bernie.

    The left in turn thinks the worst thing about Trump is his religious bigotry, which is a yuuuuuge joke coming from them.

    Rubio a puppet – I guess it depends whose hand it is and whether Trump is the only one who isn’t a puppet to somebody’s hand.

  260. Alfie, in Cruz’s defense and God does he need one, he fired Rick Tyler regarding the Rubio BS.

    Still I thought Cruz a lying scumbag anyway. Here’s a stat which I will put through my secular humanist prism:

    Cruz got more support among church going evangelicals than non-church going evangelicals. My spin: folks who do religion for show, fell for the fake Cruz. Those who take religion seriously saw Cruz for what he is.

    Alfie, question: why are you rejecting Kasich?

  261. Just think about Susan Rice for a minute…


    Barack would have given Tyler a promotion. We know that because thats what a man with no core does with liars when he discovers them and thats what Barack did. And the press and the parrots of the press would have given Barack a pass because thats what people with no core do and thats what they did with Barack.

    I dont fault Cruz for giving the guy a second chance and I accept his giving Tyler the heave ho after he blew it again as a GOOD sign.

  262. “Tigre must be a Rubio man. He repeats the same shit over and over and over and over and …”

    Rutherford must be a Cruz man. He misstates what the liberal media says over and over and over.

  263. Reading anything Rutherford writes about what “folks” do and don’t do cracks me the fuck up. He has been either isolated or protected like young Siddhartha and the Belky now waxes poetic about the folks. Folk off.

  264. Cruz got more support among church going evangelicals than non-church going evangelicals. My spin: folks who do religion for show, fell for the fake Cruz. Those who take religion seriously saw Cruz for what he is.

    Guess I’m a fake Christian. No surprise from a clueless asshole like Rutherford.

    The ironic thing is you’re on the side of Jerry Falwell.

    😆 You’re so stupid.

  265. My spin: Blacks who are parasites and live off the public dole, don’t know how to care for themselves, are virtually subhuman they are so ignorant, shiftless, hapless, and parasitical fell for that fake Obama. Those blacks who believe in self-worth, their children, morality, and can see through malignant narcissists saw Obama for what he was.

  266. You go to church regularly Tex? No you don’t. I already know that. You find most congregations phony as shit and you goddam know it.

    You may like Cruz but I doubt it’s because he’s a “Christian”.

  267. Oh and Tex, LOL you think I give a fuck how over the top you wanna talk about blacks? Go for it. They’re all yours. A bunch of mindless dweebs ready to anoint the very person who insulted their messiah 8 years ago but now embraces him.

    LOL, sorry. The black community ain’t my Achlles heel this week. Knock yourself out.

  268. Some habits are good. I regularly attend church, but find the world phony as shit. Unfortunately, most people that do go to church are trying to do it phony like the world. They have difficulty getting the ‘in the world but not of the world’ part. Of course, most then spend their evenings in front of the boob tube.
    Garbage in…

    Really if Americans would turn off the teevees and get out more with their neighbors, we would be much smarter and healthier. Their communities would be stronger and safer too.

  269. A bunch of mindless dweebs ready to anoint the very person who insulted their MY messiah 8 years ago but now embraces him.

    Well then, if I’m not attending “phony” congregations, I should have been the one seeing clearly about real Christians, wasn’t I? You just contradicted yourself for about the 2,141,889 time on your blog.

    Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but Barack Obama destroyed your party. Haw Haw Haw. 14 Senate Seats, 70 House Seats, almost 1,000 state seats, now making the country more Republican than anytime since before Reconstruction.


    Perhaps you’re not pointing fingers at the right bunch of mindless dweebs.

  270. “Hey rabbit blow me.” It was a nice line, but the imagery is as bad as Hillary’s picture you provided. My brain needs a car wash.

  271. I think you missed my point about blacks, Rutherford. I was simply paraphrasing you…requiring only to change a few words to sound incredibly offensive – giving you a taste of your own bad medicine.

    I guess as the days of rancid wine and wilted rose winds down and Obama has been demonstrated a failed messiah, a complete and utter buffoon who most of the world impeached years ago, and little more than a cheap thug and partisan, classless hack, you were hoping to find another clueless sham full of unicorn platitudes and thought you had in Bernie.

    I’m a little surprised as a seasoned political shill who actually represents a far larger part of the country than I do, you would be so naive to not understanding the leanings of the brothas and sistas and what were going to do, and blinded by the Clintons would screw you raw.

    Rutherford, I’ve been telling you for eight years, blacks as classic reactionaries politically. They know nothing else. If Bernie were black, Bernie would be running away with the vote.

  272. LOL James, vulgarity usually backfires on me. I should refrain.

    Tex I fully understood your mirror-image black rant.

    Sanders was at a black church where he was virtually ignored. I know it’s identity politics but I have to wonder how much antisemitism exists among blacks. If Bernie weren’t a Jew, would he have a better chance?

  273. Tex, that article is EXACTLY what is/needs to happen across the globe.

    We all need to dump the globalist brand and shut them down. The fast tracking of their centerpiece TPP is example of a desperate grasp at MANifesting™ what isn’t going to be. Globalist rule via resource grab, eminent domain, and debt enslavement is dissolving rapidly when exposed to constant daylight. Much like gases escaping from the bowels of a the pricked earth. Revealing sordid allegiances.

    Governments bow to multinationals. Even most of the corporate entities we call local government. With corruption rife in every bureaucratic cell, it is time to take it off life support.

    The time for multinationals to fall is now. We are their support. Every action we make rocks or rolls. I like to rock, but refuse to roll anymore. 🙂

  274. I wonder the same Rutherford. If Bernie weren’t a Jew, his credentials might be better. Maybe some blacks are too smart to be hoodwinked by socialism.

    My Danish ancestors lived in Wales for a time and traveled back and forth to Denmark. It is interesting there. In some stores if an English person enters, they revert to speaking Welsh.

  275. I know it’s identity politics but I have to wonder how much antisemitism exists among blacks.

    You really have to ask that question with the advent of Obama, Rev. Jeremiah, Farrakhan, Rev. Al $harpton, Rev. Je$$e Jack$on?

    Good Lord. The aggregate black community hates Jews more than they hate white break like me. Poolman thinks like Moses next to those I’ve listed.

  276. That was supposed to be white bread, by the way. My keyboard is giving me fits.

    Ironically, I consider most Jews pretty “white.” But apparently in much of the world, they’re considered “brown.” Don’t ask me why.

  277. Here’s a Trump that knocked me dead. Whoever it is he does a very respectable voice and accent but it was the content that slayed me.

  278. “My god…someone get that poor girl to a safe space…STAT!”

    My exact words after reading Rutherford’s post-Nevada rant.

  279. Poor baby. Wrong takeaway from the experience. What should we expect from a generation that understands nothing of privacy? I cannot stand calls in support of political candidates or causes. It’s on my list of annoyance calls rivaled only by health insurance or collection agency calls. Don’t call me to take a damn survey, either.

  280. “I cannot stand calls in support of political candidates or causes.”

    Agreed. I abuse anyone who calls me like that.

  281. I fail to see the humor in a distraught young girl who got more than she bargained for when she called some Southern assholes.

    I want to know why the Bernie phone bank is so messed up that they’re calling Trump supporters. They can’t get a better list than that?

  282. Didn’t even watch the Nevada crap. Don’t care anymore. America is going down and there is no stopping it. I’ve been telling you that for awhile, Rutherford. I give it five years before it collapses like the Soviet Union. The question remains, can it ever recover for my children’s sake. I hope I have set them up in a job that cannot be replaced where the terms are cash only for services rendered.

    Obama ruined your party and frankly the GOP is a joke, as evident that some lying scumbag like Trump, kind of the vulgar image of Obama. I must say I am wholly surprised the Republican Party has its own contingent of Hope & Change. It’s know wonder I had no handle on the elections.

    The majority of Republicans are no better or brighter than you useful idiot Obama rubes and Christian bigots like you. Speaking of the latter, it will be a pleasure for you to meet up with a real theocracy when the time arrives. Can you crawl to Mecca? Or do you lose your head? You don’t think it can happen, do you bigot? You better hope you pass before that moment arrives. And after that, it become real bleak for you. Cheer up and live large while you got the chance.

  283. Speaking of that, anybody been watch this FX O.J. trial? It’s pretty damn good. I knew the Juice was a scumbag and that they would get him before it was through. He imploded like I knew he would. I knew the jury was full of black racists and fully intimidated white women – about the time my entire attitude changed about Black America: vile, hate filled and failed – racist to the core.

    That and Waco was when America really went into decline. Throw in Monica and the serial rapist and the clock was ticking. I could move back when a useful idiot Jr. Senator named Joe Biden prosecuted a great man named Bork with lies.

    But the only ones in this particular movie that come off as half way decent people are Chris Darden and Goodman’s father. The rest of them are either pure sleaze, or in Marcia Clarke’s case, she was rolled from the start.

    It’s good that Johnny Cochran is dead – a complete and utter scumbag. Justice ended up being served — but not because of a jury. The rest of the clowns were either so stupid or so greasy, you learn to easily hate them.

  284. Rubio and Kasich team up today and the Trump train is stopped in its tracks. Could even stop Captain Hillary and the Dismal Tide.

    And yes, sorry boys, Rubio gets to be on top. Hey-yo.

  285. Another scenario: Trump feeds on the momentum he is enjoying to become the nominee. Republicans are too ego driven for them all to sacrifice themselves to the most likely Republican winner. The anti Trump vote will be split until it is too late.

    Hillary wins the Democratic counter part because the deck is stacked in her favor.

    Both have high negative poll ratings. One or the other decisively wins a couple of debates and turns emotions toward a band wagon effect. Right now, I think President Trump is a real possibility, but so is Hillary. I’m betting on Trump, because many of Sander’s supporters will stay home.

  286. Sanders supporters only stay home if the (R) is Trump. They’ll come out for HRC solely to prevent a Rubio,Cruz presidency.

  287. @Alfie @1:41 – I agree!

    I dont know on what you base your remark but I have a front row seat to the young minds of today and they dont hate Trump at all.

    What do you base your remark on btw? Are you talking about the young Bernie fan or the old Bernt fan?

  288. I know you were joking. I wasn’t.

    I agree with you. The Bernie girl wasn’t funny.

    I agree many Sanders people won’t vote unless Trump is the candidate. I am assuming he will be the Republican leader unless the Republicans go Democratic and broker a nomination.

  289. This is really good and informative piece for anyone with an interest in understanding our culture. The long video at the end is especially good. I already knew much of this, but this article really lays it out nicely. I’m going to recommend my tribe check it out too. It is not a mystery or wonder why we are where we find ourselves today.

    I am actually enjoying the circus more this time around since I am more familiar with the acts.


  290. I love finding these kinds of stories. With government so clearly a hindrance, seriously mired in red tape, regulation, and political correctness, while operating mostly against our best interest, it is so refreshing to see a few patriots defy them and actually try to help the people. Rather than point to others for blame, we can become empowered and actually step up to be part of the solution. Ultimately it comes down to a reeducation.


  291. I mentioned the Bernie girl by name, Muffy. Chelsea was damn funny, though if that wasn’t an act, it sure wasn’t her intent. I hope she calls my house one day.

    She may go into hysteria. Definitely into deep depression when I am through with her. 😈

  292. I dont think the yoots are as put off by Trump as they are the Cruz abortion baggage and Rubios “republicanism”. I dont think a Sanders fan,especially a young one would vote Trump I just dont think they can bring themselves to install HRC.

  293. Of course it was an act. But….that defines Milinials on social media. One big self absorbed faux emo act.

    And people my age are just as bad. I don’t have Facebook, but began to understand it more since my kid started wrestling. My wife shows me things people post.

    The bragging isn’t remotely accurate. I know becuase I was there.

    A kid will win 2nd place with only 2 people in the bracket and the parents will go on and on about how proud they are of their hard working medal winner. Yet, I’ve seen the little shit drag ass all week at practice, and then cry while he is being easily pinned at the tournament.

    Further scanning their Facebook… I realisd the entire thing is fake as hell.

  294. Rabbit, there’s some study out that demonstrates about 80% of Facebook members in trying to put their best foot forward about how wonderful their life is, suffer from self-esteem issues and depression. LOL

    What I do like about Facebook is when I get into it with these militants like Rutherford, you actually get a clear picture of who the hell you’re talking to and what they are all about. There’s always a weakness.

    One of the things I’ve love is when I take on these activist Christian bigots like Rutherford, it’s REAL HANDY to have a personal picture of those I’m addressing. Invariably, the sorry mofos are the absolute dregs of the earth – the shitheads and weasels who were getting wedgies in high school gym.

    I ride their asses until they break – they mock the Virgin Mary, I mock them and their ugly girlfriend unmercifully. 😈 It never goes three rounds before I’ve landed the killer blow. You can almost feel the life leaving their balloon heads.

    It’s an incredibly powerful tool to shut the mouths of worms, weasels, assholes, and Leftist fascists.

  295. I was. I just was wondering how “Cooter Lady” would light Chelsea up to the point of drinking hemlock. That’s about as White Trash Southern as it gets – McRibs. 😛 Cooter is probably a distant relative of mine.

  296. “I want to know why the Bernie phone bank is so messed up that they’re calling Trump supporters. They can’t get a better list than that?”

    It’s fake liberal bullshit, Rutherford. A put on. Gawd.

    I’m sure you felt a big tug at your heart-strings and a deep hatred for republicans and southerners in general (because you justify your false sense of superiority through stereotypes) and and Trump supporters in particular too. Now that’s what’s funny.

  297. I really don’t know why Bernie-girl is a fake. Could she be? Sure. So could everyone on this board. What’s the dead give-away that I’m missing?

    P.S. I did skip the middle of the video cos the whining was irritating.

  298. I heard the whine on a local radio station as the host mocked her. I don’t care if she is a fake or not. She is entertaining.

    I agree with rabbit about Face book. I haven’t checked in in almost three years.

  299. “What’s the dead give-away that I’m missing?”

    To use one of your favorite words, its the nuances, Belky. You will never get it. It’s too late.

  300. @ Muffy I was initially on the side that Apple should unlock the phone. The more info I saw though led me to side with them. I’m glad Apple is fighting and doing it the way they are doing it. I think Apple will not lose any of its fans doing this, in fact if the world was fair they’d get new ones.

  301. I agree Apple is on the side of the angels. As I wrote before, this could turn into government spying on a huge scale.

    An Apple executive termed it a potential cancer, and he suggested the more appropriate path would be through Congress.

    Chuck Todd said if Hillary runs against Trump she will long for the days of Ken Star.

  302. LOLOLOL After screwing with Sanders, BLM finally caught up with Hillary. Folks at fundraiser telling homegirl not to be rude. Bet they had no problem when it happened to Bernie.

  303. Luckily, you don’t have to imagine that because conservatives aren’t amoral sexual freaks like liberals.

    I love how conservative asshole comes so close to making an indictment against Bernie and then blows it with a STUPID partisan generalization.

    I think the cancer comment is total nonsense but I COMPLETELY agree with Bernie that Americans are way too hung up about sex.

  304. Strictly speaking the California shooters iPhones belonged to the county. The county somewhat understandably did not choose the $4./month app-service option to truly control and own the phones it handed out to employees.

  305. @ Muffy per 2013-2015 data in the Middle East Samsung is the number 1 manufacturer this includes smart and “normal” phones. Smartphones specifically has Apple in the #2 spot but the market as a whole is over 2/3’s non Apple.
    Nokia is supposedly #2 overall.

  306. Strictly speaking the California shooters iPhones belonged to the county.

    Strictly speaking you mean the patsies that were framed and killed. The ‘shooters’ were described as 3 white male commando types by multiple witnesses.

    Oh right, the snews fixed it so Bobo could sing the song he’s rehearsed so well. 🙄

  307. Although I won’t deny Mitt Romney has an intentional aim at Trump for logical reasons it should be noted that Mitt is only being consistent. A month ago he shared his thoughts on the matter on Twitter.

    4 years ago today, I released my taxes; became issue. 2016 candidates should release taxes before first contests.

    It was and is sage advice given the Democrats proven use of the topic as a weapon and the medias bias that helps it go.
    Trump is a total dickhead!

  308. Rubio is dumping the ENTIRE oppo research file on Trump tonight. Holy shit!!! From illegal immigrant workers to Trump University. The whole goddam thing.

    If Trump survives this, there is NO STOPPING HIM!!!

  309. @Alfie – Im referring to Mitts remarks that there must be a bombshell Trump wants to keep hidden. Im not opposed turnaround on the dems but Romneys innuendo hits a sour note.

  310. I hope both parties end up destroying themselves in these primaries.

    The GOP primary has shown itself as a circus and the Democrat primary has shown itself as a sham.

    The people of both parties should be disgusted by what they’ve been given and should demand better.

  311. Oh I see that Tex was able to get THOUSANDS of folks out to see Bernie in Tulsa! Good job Mr. Taylor. 😀

    Even got a few of the cracka haters to the cause. Just not enough. Unfortunately for your candidate, it’s over this coming week. Buwahahahahaha

    What was it you were saying one time about being hoisted….should have been careful what you wished for back in the Clinton Days when you and your homies were sucking on Clinton cock. It’s choking you now.

    Ironic, isn’t it? Your smugness then is your political death now. Your smugness now? Ouch. You’re time is drawing short. Who knows? This could be your last political go around. Too bad Obama ended so badly for you and you lived to see the end of it. 😈

  312. The people of both parties should be disgusted by what they’ve been given and should demand better.

    Donald Trump and millions of Obama type weasels, whoever these stooges are, rained on the party. Without Trump and the masses of dumbasses with an ‘R’ behind their name, the Republican Party would have been okay – or at least have won probably. Not sure much would have changed but the names.

    Things have gone so far South, nobody could have turned this tub around. Matter of time…

  313. Kasich isn’t electable and I don’t think he could lead the country, but I will say he’s the only 1 who offers even a shred of substance in these things.

    These other clowns aren’t even worthy of being in the primary.

  314. Cruz hasn’t offered substance on immigration, a tax plan, health care? Good grief, Cruz’s “substance” has been miles above Kasich and I’ve listened to every word of every Republican debate. You must be listening to a different debate than I am. Ben Carson has offered more substance than Kasich.

  315. Gotta agree with Tex, Huck. Cruz hasn’t been any more or less short on policy than Kasich.

    Trump? Aye chihuahua.

    The clips I saw of the debates last night sure had it looking like another Jerry Springer episode. But Trump makes me really cringe.

  316. I’m telling you it’s as if millions upon millions of Rutherfords have moved on to become Trumpians and Trumpettes. No plan necessary – platitudes and criticisms will get you millions of mindless votes.

  317. I didn’t see any of the debate because we were driving home. From what I have heard, little has changed. Trump makes me cringe too, but until something changes watching the details is for me a waste of time.

    My knowing it was Fox when I first read the headline, and that I didn’t care shows how I have misspent my time. Its as bad as the Academy Awards drama.

  318. In full disclosure, I haven’t been watching many of these sideshows. My comment was based on disgust from watching a Youtube of last night latest version. Last night, Carson wasn’t given a chance to speak, and when he did his substance was a joke. Cruz, on the other hand, was too busy trying to outdo Rubio in trying to out-Trump Trump. I don’t recall him giving jack shit for actual substance.

    Perhaps the other debates were different.

  319. I admit, a lot of it, too, might be his presentation. Kasich is able to point at various things he has done in important Congressional committees AND as the executive of a state. So he isn’t out there screaming about how bad the other guy is, he is talking about what he can–and has–done.

    I’m not saying his policies are better than anyone else, don’t get me wrong. But his delivery of those policies is better, in my opinion.

    And again, that comment is just a snapshot of last night.

  320. Huck is clearly correct. Kasich’s PRESENTATION is a league above anyone else. He RUNS a state, doesn’t simply run his mouth like the legislators do. When he was a legislator in the 90’s he was part of the movement to balance the budget and he served on (I think) the Armed Services Committee for 18 years. He’s not a freshman Senator ideologue with a big mouth.

    And while I could do without the constant references to the Lord, I perceive the guy to be a real believer, not a fake like Cruz. Kasich’s parents were killed by a drunk driver pulling out of a Burger King. That shit can instill some REAL faith just to get through it.

    On Samantha Bee’s new Daily Show knockoff, I learned that Kasich is a pro-choice advocates worst nightmare. He has implemented serious abortion restrictions in Ohio and already defunded Planned Parenthood.

    My friend Tex never learns. Always rooting for the bully with swagger instead of for the only adult in the room. Same thing happened with Huntsmann in ’12. One of the most conservative governors in the country, rejected because he BEHAVED, and because MSNBC could interview him sans the partisan hostility.

    If elected, Cruz will take his entire first term repealing and replacing Obamacare. And he will not tear up the Iran deal on day 1. I guarantee it. Plus he fights dirty. Ben Carson should have punched him right in the nose.

    So in summary, Huck is right. Among the five on the stage the only one who seems remotely ready is John Kasich.

  321. Help Wanted: Lecturer

    Former Obama voters need not apply.

    Unrepentant Obama fanboys, especially those who typically use the word “clearly” in their lectures will be captured and given a choice of rehab with Trump as POTUS or Gitmo.

  322. Damit Jim. Can’t. Help. It.


    Help. But admit that.



    Rutherford made a half way decent point……

  323. I’m just sorry there are as many Trumplodytes as are needed to turn this mofo on its head and shake out the loose change.

  324. “Help Wanted: Lecturer

    Former Obama voters need not apply.

    Unrepentant Obama fanboys, especially those who typically use the word “clearly” in their lectures will be captured and given a choice of rehab with Trump as POTUS or Gitmo.”


  325. “I’m just sorry there are as many Trumplodytes as are needed to turn this mofo on its head and shake out the loose change.”

    I mean sorry there AREN’T as many as are needed.

  326. “Welcome to the new age…” None of the band members who covered the Imagine Dragons song was old enough for a drivers license. This is looking more like 1968.

  327. “So in summary, Huck is right. Among the five on the stage the only one who seems remotely ready is John Kasich.”

    It’s just hard to keep from rolling one’s eyes knowing that all of this wisdom is spewed from an Obama pole smoker and Bernie Sanders supporter over the age of 20.

  328. Sorry. Missed the memo on the new comments format here:

    It’s just HARD to keep from rolling one’s eyes KNOWING that all of this wisdom is SPEWED from an Obama pole smoker and Bernie Sanders supporter OVER the age of 20.

  329. Well, I’m sure it gives Huck the warm fuzzies to know he’s got Rutherford the prophet’s endorsement after Rutherford called it right about Obama ushering in peace and the Republican Party going the way of the Whigs.

    I mean, after all Kasich is a big believer in destroying bakeries for the sake of commerce and that has got to be a good thing. What’s the Kasich plan again? He’s going to balance the budget (oh yeah), and get rid of Obamacare while expanding Medicaid (Obama sized disconnect) and seek a reasonable alternative to ISIS walking into the country, or something like that. Just like he did in Ohio.

    More stupid Christian bigotry from the fake negroid. What next? Rutherford’s Momma’s savior Obama beginning to heal the planet?

  330. I mean, explain this away:

    Poolman, this is your type of ironclad proof. It’s on Youtube. Start with your conclusion as fact then stitch together as you go. There’s similarities here!!!!

  331. Anybody find it a little strange that Cruz fights dirty and stole Ben’s votes, or is it Donald’s votes, but they haven’t found one person for the camera from Iowa to admit as much? Not one?

  332. Speaking of pole smokers, Tex for the life of me I don’t know why you have Ted’s dick in your mouth.

    I presented a relatively slur-free fact filled assessment of Kasich and as usual you and your bitch Tigre resort to snark.

    You’re both incredibly unserious and deserve the unserious candidates you support.

    Go down with the Cruz-ship if you like. Maybe Tigre will throw you a life preserver.

  333. Katy Perry is Jon Benet? Lol. WOT EVAH, el Tigre.
    Your ironclad proofs more resemble lead balloons.

    Besides, I read Jon Benet was abducted by a pedophilia ring that her parents were involved with.

  334. “You’re both incredibly unserious and deserve the unserious candidates you support.”


    More lecturing from someone as serious as teenage girl attending a Bernie Sanders rally.

    Remember when rutherford was all serious about Anthony Weiner?

    Good times.

  335. “Besides, I read Jon Benet was abducted by a pedophilia ring that her parents were involved with.”

    Well, I will only believe it if it was presented on Youtube.

  336. Katy Perry says she is no longer a Christian, but she prays and believes in angels. Jon Benet Ramsey’s parents were Episcopalians. This connection looks suspicious to me.

  337. Remember how this works?

    The way it is supposed to work is people use critical thinking skills and do not accept as fact the words of proven liars and their mouthpieces. But hey, we’re exceptional, right? Otherwise, today’s public as displayed via social media with its perpetual prompt from the presstitutes is JUST as valid as any judge or jury where real is concerned. You might say the past is gone, except that it isn’t. It haunts the present.

    Remember how history is being written…
    JFK was killed by LHO
    OJ is not a murderer but who else could have done it?
    19 semi talented sorta Muslims with mini knives defeated the almighty US of A in 1 cryptic day.
    There were WMDs until there weren’t.
    Osama was hiding in plain sight until he wasn’t. He was armed until he wasn’t. He was dumped into the ocean except when he wasn’t. Obama saw it except he didn’t.
    Scalia died in his sleep of natural causes.

    Ah, but now how is it you claim Jon Benet’s disappearance fits a political agenda?

  338. Besides, I read Jon Benet was abducted by a pedophilia ring that her parents were involved with.

    I wonder if that’s the same ring occupied by members of the British government? Mmmmmm.

    On a more serious note, assuming the mother had nothing to do with it, can you imagine a more tragic way to live out the end of your life? Losing your little girl, getting accused of killing her, and then getting an incurable cancer diagnosis. That’s a lot of shit to be thrown on one person.

  339. “Speaking of pole smokers, Tex for the life of me I don’t know why you have Ted’s dick in your mouth.”

    Tex ain’t CRIED over Cruz.

    Rutherford blubbered over Obama AND Bernie.

  340. Dear Diary,

    This presidential race is like a DREAM come true! It’s WAY more like a real teevee show than life EVER is. It’s like PERFECT.

    Donald Trump has given me NEW LIFE as a political blogger. He’s so MEAN! He’s so mean that people are forgetting all about how MEDIOCRE AT WORST Obama is. Trump is like a mean CLOWN like John Wayne Gacy. He probably has SKELETONS in HIS crawl space TOO. Bernie is ALL about America and FREE stuff. After all, you can’t spell “Freedom” without the word FREE!

    I don’t even care that Bernie is a JEW. I hardly ever even THINK of him as a Jew.

    Oh well, g-night Diary! XOXOX

  341. Yes, Rutherford, I can imagine a worse way to go, not that the woman and her daughter’s ordeal wasn’t hellish. I watched and heard what I wish I could forget.

  342. “Ah, but now how is it you claim Jon Benet’s disappearance fits a political agenda?”

    Jon Benet = Katy Perry.

    You have not disproved anything in the video. I know that and I didn’t even watch it.

    Check and mate!

    Stoned again, Poolman? What you wrote is incomprehensible.

  343. El Tigre is playing with himself again.

    Hello Nathan! I didn’t watch the video nor claim any of what you are claiming I claim. I don’t think this ring doorbell leave bag of shit and run game works in this media.

    Get thee back to thine humidor, :O cigar O:

  344. If you mean the zodiak killer, than you’re wrong. Looks like Anderson Pooper to me. And watch out! You’re flirting with trademark infringement there, mr thurm! 😆

  345. I presented a relatively slur-free fact filled assessment of Kasich and as usual you and your bitch Tigre resort to snark.

    You presented nothing of the sort – cliche Obama like parameters. That response or lack of one represents a new rubie for Trump. You should vote for Trump – he’s more serious, albeit more narcissistic, than that unkempt red diaper baby you represent. Even the President of Norway called Bernie an economic illiterate, the same country Bernie uses as example of what America could be. Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

    I’ll give you one thing – you’re consistent, so consistent, you couldn’t be more consistent. You always choose the worst of all possible choices. Always.

    You think I’m teasing when I call you Peter Pan, don’t you? Only frankly, that’s an insult to Peter. Your more like a six year old dreamer.

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