Movie Review: The Big Short

We all know the story of the 2007 collapse of the housing market and how it ends, so there probably aren’t any spoilers below. Nevertheless, read at your own risk.


If the bursting housing bubble of 2007 taught us one thing, it’s that the world of finance affects each and every one of us each and every day of our lives.  We might not think about it every day–and if you’re like me, you might not know jack squat about it–but our ignorance and complacency doesn’t lessen its affects.  In fact, it probably increases them.  This is one of the big lessons in the fantastic new movie, The Big Short.  The film follows four parallel stories of people who saw the bubble that had been created and speculated its burst with the practice known as “shorting“.

The movie begins with the character Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling: The Notebook, Drive, Gangster Squad) quickly describing in 5 minutes the rise in home finance banking that began in the 1970s.  The story then introduces hedge-fund manager, Dr. Michael Burry, M.D. (Christian Bale: American Psycho, Equilibrium, 3:10 to Yuma), an eccentric numbers man who takes the time to examine each account that gets bundled into a Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) and sees that if even a small percentage of the individual loans default then the bond becomes virtually worthless.  Burry sees a lot of potential for default so he visits several banks, setting up a credit default swap–a sort of insurance policy against the housing market.  Believing the market to be stable, the banks are more than happy to take Burry’s money.

Word of Burry’s bank visits gets back to Vennett, and he starts to also invest in credit default swaps.  A wrong-numbered phone call gets a hot-tempered and hyperactive hedge-fund manager, Mark Baum (Steve Carell: The Office, 40-Year-Old Virgin, Foxcatcher), into the picture. Baum has a personal beef against the banks and wants to get even by taking their money.  He and his team go out and do field research and find the same as Burry–that high-risk home loans are being bundled into CDOs, creating a bubble that is perpetuated by the fraudulent practices credit-ratings companies rating the CDOs.  Burry teams up with Vennett to enter the credit default swap game.

The relative late-comers to the story are Charlie Geller (John Magaro: Orange is the New Black) and Jamie Shipley (Finn Wittrock: Masters of Sex, American Horror Story), a pair of up-and-coming investors who get lucky and find information of Vennett’s actions and want in.  Lacking the experience, credentials, and money to get into the game, the two contact a retired banker, Ben Rickert (Brad Pitt: Se7en, Fight Club, Troy), who provides them with all three and gets them in a position to make credit default swap deals.


The film moves very fast and jumps around quite a bit in setting up these stories, which is not a direction strategy I tend to prefer.  Making things even less linear are the regular interruptions by Gosling and other non-character personalities, who look and speak directly to the viewer in order to explain the many intricate concepts of finance.  I found this style by director, Adam McKay, to be annoying at first.  But upon reflection, I realized he was using this device as a teaching aid for the audience, while maintaining the integrity of his character development  These are people who are experienced in the field, and it wouldn’t wash to have them explain to each other the meaning of ISDA and the like so the viewer could be brought up to speed. Once I realized that, I thought the strategy was brilliant.

The film’s pace slows down quite a bit in the second half, but the story does not.  As the characters–and viewers–learn just how big the bubble is, their investment strategies get more and more aggressive, which worries their investors and employers.  Threats of lawsuits and firings abound and each of the characters is forced to convince others–and sometimes themselves–to hang on just a bit longer and wait for the burst they believe is inevitable. In waiting for the burst they all know should already be happening, they all learn just how corrupt the entire system really is.

I really enjoyed this film.  I find the world of finance to be fascinating and one of which I am almost completely ignorant.  Even if some wish to argue about the historic timeline of events or politics involved (which does not enter into the story), the movie offers quite a bit of great information to viewers interested in the topic.  The writing was very well done, however there was a lot of vulgarity that I thought was needless to the story and to character development.  I also thought the acting was superb and the actors really drew me in to the characters.  And, while it is often billed as a comedy, and there are some humorous facets to the writing, I don’t think it’s a comedy, at all.  This is a serious story about a serious topic.  The movie might not be as appealing to those who know more about the field of finance, but to this ignorant viewer, it was a fascinating glimpse into a topic that has the power to shape our lives every day.

The Big Short is still playing in theaters, but this is not the type of film that demands viewing on the big screen.  With that said, however you choose to watch this film, if you are at all interested in investing, finance, or the collapse of markets, you need to watch this film.  This is the best movie I have seen in a while.

406 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Big Short

  1. I like the review too. Have you considered writing a movie review column for a newspaper?
    I don’t know much about high finance, but agriculture probably mirrors the operations.

    If a producer has ten thousand bushels of corn, he/she can sell it in a hedged position on the futures market. The producer becomes long because he/she owns the grain but is short because he/she has sold it for a future price. The actual price still fluctuates because local basis prices are not protected.

    Playing the grain market paid for a new bin in one season. I also lost my shirt on another summer.

  2. We drove home Thursday night in one of our top ten harrowing drives with heavy wet snow and above freezing temperatures. Today, it is 8 with a north wind of 30 MPH.
    Obama is coming to Omaha on Wednesday. I wish it was today since he likes mild golfing weather so much.

  3. I saw The Big Short yesterday and agree with your analysis, Matt. I have a rudimentary understanding if the world of finance and the players on Wall Street are like, having grown up with, and worked with, them. The swearing was absolutely necessary to the verisimilitude of the characters. Actually it was a little on the tame side if you ask me. Most of these people are brutal, insensitive, egomaniacal assholes who only care about making more and more money and not much else. They swear so much it makes pirates and sailors blush.

    The device the director used of having “real” people speak directly to the camera to explain aspects of the financial world was brilliant! It played to the irony and sarcasm beautifully. He also used other devices like optician’s sunglasses on the Standard and Poors ratings agent, and the constant popping of champagne bottles. All perfect metaphors.

    I think Steve Carrell will be nominated for an Oscar for his performance of Baum. And hopefully the BEST thing that comes from this movie is more people realizing how deeply the bankers, ratings companies, and even the government ROBBED the American people. And that they are still doing it to this day!

    But somehow I don’t think so.

  4. Apparently, everyone is on the same page here. In reading the review, I’m wondering if “Huck” didn’t miss his truly calling.

    Huck, your reviews are better than anything I read on the net or the paper. And after I see the movies, I generally find myself agreeing with your assessments too.

  5. Today, it is 8 with a north wind of 30 MPH. Obama is coming to Omaha on Wednesday. I wish it was today since he likes mild golfing weather so much.

    I hope Obama’s lips get stuck kissing Uncle Buffett’s ass.

  6. Bobo must be on tour with the gun grab ensemble.

    Thankfully it never gets down to 8 degrees here in the valley. With the great amount of snow and moisture that we’ve received lately in the high country, it has done much to replenish our water tables. We’ve got sunshine after a cloudy week of rain and wind. The sun feels good and the thermometer is at 63 on the patio. I’m heading back out to soak more of it in.

  7. Good review, Huck.

    Back to the point. Do you think you were safer watching the movie because the theatre was a no-gun zone or do you disdain the children and families of Sandy Hook? 😆

  8. Holy shit. I finally get to say this, “I haven’t seen the movie, but I read the book”.

    The book was awesome.

  9. Has anyone seen Comet? It is a network which shows really bad science fiction and horror movies.

    Poolman, your rain was part of the storm which gave us some snow. Another member of that family is giving parts of the Ohio Valley rain and snow.

    A west coast ridge is not typical of el nino. Usually, the middle Heartland has a mild split flow with major storms moving from California across Poolman’s home and east. For the next two weeks, we may be cold and fairly dry on the plains. I’m not complaining. Our snow will be slow to melt.

    Hillary may be in more trouble. If this was really still a democratic republic she would face a trial.

  10. This movie had been on my watch list for a long time. When I first saw the trailer weeks ago, I instantly thought of DR, who had mentioned “shorting” some stock or commodity in a thread quite a while back. I was unfamiliar with the term (and the concept) and it really stuck with me.

    The things ya learn here at the bar 🙂

  11. Huck…. I surfed an awesome wave buying silver calls. Level 2 investing is fun but it’s the same as calling a bookie up abd betting on football.

  12. I saw The Big Short yesterday and agree with your analysis, Matt.

    Thanks Tracey. This one was actually written by Huck but thanks for visiting and your points on whether we learned anything from the 2007 crash are well taken,

  13. This was one of the first songs we played on our vcr back in 1983, That was a long time ago,.

    My playing the grain market was a defensive measure, it was a form of price insurance for me, nothing more.

    Rush Limbaugh has a promotional spot each morning at 6:45AM. This morning, he said sales of autos are up, but the wrong size of vehicles is selling–SUV’s and big pick up trucks are selling better than small, liberal approved cars, including electric cars.

    Central planners are like the caretakers of Jurassic World. Like the dinosaurs, people will find a way when they see an opportunity.

  14. Betsys Page discuses the migrant attacks on European women. Two observers who have worked with and seen the social pathologies of some cultures have reached the same conclusion separately.. They believe Islam is so popular with young men because it preaches the subjection of women.

    It is becoming more dangerous to be a European woman,m especially if she is blonde with blue eyes. Sweden had an average of 421 rapes a year in reports of forty years ago. Now Sweden reports the second highest number of rapes in the world second to Lesotho in southern Africa..

    “Just as German authorities don’t want the events of Cologne to hurt the public’s perception of Angela Merkel’s immigration policies and originally downplayed the night’s events, the Obama administration isn’t above trying to bury news about immigrants to the US suspected of terror activities.”

    Obama will be in Omaha on Wednesday. Yesterday, the temperature ranged in Omaha from -6 to 14. So many people wanted tickets to his speech that they formed a line four or five blocks long as they waited outside in the cold. I was tempted to go and troll him, but the Light master’s fans might beat me up. I’m sure part of the long line was the novelty of seeing a president, but that so many still support his policies and think he is a good president sickens me.

  15. I posted a Ukrainian flash mob because the lead dancer reminded of the dynamic man I imagine rabbit to be.
    This Romanian video shows how I imagine young immigrant men feel in Europe.

    One more rant before we return to Omaha relates to female victimhood. Brendan O”Neill wrote in the Spectator that the social group more derided and less successsful than most other groups–Young white men, especially young working class men.,Gender privilage may exist, but the men don’t have it.

  16. Wait a minute, Tex. Are you saying that calling it “democratic” socialism doesn’t make it the kind of “socialism” that works?

    That’ll work on people that have the most rudimentary understanding of economics but the morons that Sanders appeals to will never “go for it.” Once you crush free markets to rid us of the excesses of capitalism, Utopia is just around the corner!


  17. Once you crush free markets to rid us of the excesses of capitalism, Utopia is just around the corner!

    Manifested by demonstration of Barack’s magnificent 8th Recover Summer – right around the corner! You can Feel the Bern! 😈

  18. Oh, shut your mouse!

    (IMO, Bowie was hugely overrated musically but he did have a unique hold on the showmanship part).

  19. “Oh, shut your mouse!”

    LOL. It’s “Oh baby, just you shut your mouse.” I do like that one too. Verrrry much.

    Bowie killed the radio star.

  20. Bowie is like top shelf Scotch. I respect it. Even want to like it. But I often end up finding it to be disgusting. Yet, every now and then again, paired with the right smoke on the porch…. I get it.

    My favorite Bowie track

  21. Remember those halcyon days of a community activist who would heal the planet, usher in world peace, be post-racial, and oversee the Republican Party going the way of The Whigs?

    Me neither. 😈 All Hail Rutherford Lawson, purveyor of Obama’s divine wisdom!!!


  22. Doesn’t matter if its in America or Europe, Rutherford’s friends are covering up for the muders and rape of stinkbeards.

    Strange metamorphosis from the left… They used to be famous for witch hunts when it comes to rape… Now they provide cover for rapists.

  23. They see Muslims as votes. Its the same thing they did with the Occupy nastiness. Covered up the sexual assaults and badmouthed the tea baggers.

    Makes me wonder about what else is being covered up (BLM- wise perhaps). If the conspiracy goofballs were any good theyd unearth some dirt on that stuff and less of that “false flag” silliness.

    You might not recall but they really went after Fox News when Fox was out in front on Benghazi but Fox was right about the damn video and Catherine Herridge should have won awards for her reporting instead of accusations and ridicule.

  24. Musicians are business people, and they survive as long as they earn enough money to pay expenses.

    “Lets Dance” was the second and last number one Bowie song in the US. It reached number two in Australia and number five in the UK. Stevey Ray Vaughn played guitar at the end of the song. So based on the commercial success alone, I offer no appologies for posting “Lets Dance.”

  25. They see Muslims as votes. Its the same thing they did with the Occupy nastiness. Covered up the sexual assaults and badmouthed the tea baggers.

    Bingo. I’m telling anyone that will listen, government is the religion of “Left.” They will do anything to win. Anything. And American Muslims are 92% voting bloc for the Left.

    This is why this call for wall of separation of church and state is so specious.

    How do you have a wall of separation when the state is the religion of the Left? If the majority of Christians voted ‘D’, you would never hear a word about separation. Not….a….word.

    The Dimocratic Party is soulless.

  26. Europeans are boiling mad, and some are resorting to violence and vigilantism. A number of police and political officials find their jobs at risk for covering up the mess. Our government is doing the same here, but we don’t face such a relativey high number of invaders in the US.

    My wife has been collecting European travel brochures for when our grand daughter is older. She threw them away today.

    A British newscaster mistakenly said David Cameron, not David Bowie had died.

  27. Never really got into David Bowie, although I did come to respect his music.

    Now Lemmy from Motorhead (who died late last month)…that’s another story. I’m a big-time Motorhead fan. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even bummed about his passing. As shown in a video from my previous blog post, he rocked hard until the end.

  28. Moterhead was a good choice for fandom, I like some of their music too. It is irrational, but I Ace of Spades reminds me of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult. “If you like to gamble, I tell you, I’m the man for you. You win some, you lose some” And if you gamble you had best not fear the reaper in whatever form he takes.

  29. I’ve moved on from loathing his speeches to dreading them.

    And we have Hillary “Only She Can Stop Them” Clinton to look forward to.

  30. Didn’t see the movie so I have nothing to offer there.
    Metal sucks and has no redeeming feature but you know what they say about opinions. But really metal sucks.
    The Germans have been given a chance to reassess a large bucket of items not the least is reflecting upon how not advanced on gender equality they really are.
    I don’t think the Europeans view the “influx” folks in the vote way. I believe they are pompous twits who think that looking good is all that matters,not unlike Trudeau 2.0 up North. I also think they have allowed greed and other abstracts to cloud their collective memory of past immigration realities. The Euros used people and hoped they’d fade away. The Germans and French being especially egregious in this. Truly shocked they’re this dumb.
    As for the US Democrats as if on cue HRC and the abezeolas [sp?] crowd are all raging against O and demanding an end to immigration raids and deportations. NOW THERE ARE SOME MOTHER F@#$ERS LOOKING FOR VOTES!

  31. Alfie what kinda music do you like?

    I’m listening to Bowie today. Really loud on certain sounds. Don’t tell anyone but I do keep getting misty.

  32. Rabbit that one you put up is really great from an excellent album.

    The early stuff like Changes is always a nice thing. sniff

  33. “Metal sucks and has no redeeming feature” A

    Dude. No redeeming feature at all? Blaring Pantera on the way to my kid’s wrestling meet turns my groggy eyed 6 year old into a gladiator. Perhaps turning my 6 year old into a gladiator is discussion for another day, but the point remains. 🙂

    Hell… I can’t bench press without metal.

    It’s powerful, maaaaaaan.

    Alphie, your cheese radar is too sensitive, bro.

    Muffy, Low is really the only album I love and play alot. I also like the second one in the Berlin Trilogy… Can’t remember the name. The one heavily influenced by Eno and that weird Fripp guitar stuff.

  34. Black Flag isnt metal and didn’t stay on my fave list past my youth. Some punk bands however made real impact and stood for something most in other genres dont come close to.
    Some Bowie is really good other stuff pure filler. Thats how it is with a lot of musicians. Bowie took risks which is something far too few artists are willing to try to do.
    This sounds like a shitty way to put it but I dont disparage people liking metal, I just disparage metal. Its the third most disingenous music form going on. Pop,new country and metal just in case anyone cares. I find the evolution of metal interesting but at no point along the time line enjoyable. It seems like the musical orphan trying to find itself and forever failing.

  35. Rabbit you capture one part of metal I’ve witnessed. It’s a rather wild & effective motivator especially in areas of ” gladiator ” like stuff.

  36. Oh and for real my escapades at one of the Black Flag shows is something I look back on with the shame maturity and sobriety provides. It is my eternal personal proof that vitality etc is wasted on the young. 😃

  37. “Black Flag isnt metal and didn’t stay on my fave list past my youth.”

    Yeah, but like heavy metal it’s about energy above musicality and frankly. . . .that shit sucks ass!!!!

  38. @ Muffy in very general terms my tastes are defined as alternative. I have a sweet spot for eighties, and classic punk that evolved such as Husker Du and the Clash for example. I also like some country especially the stuff that is probably seen as fluff from country purists.

  39. I got walking pneumonia. Just can’t kick it. It’s like God has put me in a WWE sleeper hold and I’m hanging on like Hulk Hogan. Doing that arm shake thing as I attempt daily life.

  40. Metallica is definitely metal, and are largely responsible for taking what became known a “thrash metal” into the mainstream.

  41. Yes, Muffy, Germany needs to supplant the younger generation which wasn’t born because of low birth rates. They imported Turks a generation or more ago to enlarge their work force.

    Germany needs young workers to support the aging Germans dependent on a generous welfare state. They miscalculated this time.

    Many European countries suffer from the same dillema. Russia offers holidays and prizes from time to time to encourage new children. I believe their birth rate has risen some.

  42. Here is a good laugh for you. Some of my favorite artists are Lonnie Donigan, Elvis, Chuck Berry, the Beatles, Metallica, David Bowie, Blue Oyster Cult, the Blasters, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, The Airborne Toxic Event, Old country and bluegrass music, Cowboy Junkies, Finger Eleven, Fear of Pop, Pitt Bull, Jousnen Jarvid, Rassal and Samata Tina, Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, Aerosmith, Helene Fischer, Sofia Jannok, Julia Savichiva, DJ. Smash, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Ella Henderson, One Republic, Bob Seeger, and the Gorillaz. I don’t like everything these people created or even different parts of their careers, but I have given you enough material to mock and scorn my taste for a long time.

  43. I hope you are seeing a doctor for your walking pneumonia, rabbit.

    Our two and a half year old grand daughter has taught me a few things. We stumbled on a Russian version of Peppa Pig
    and she was smitten. We watch the British version now.

    It is an eight hundred million dollar enterprise which dwarfs the popularity and resources of most creatively and commercially dominant bands. The show appears in 180 countries so far. Harley Bird has been the voice of Peppa for seven years. She is 13 now.

    Today, we took our grand daughter to story time. I asked and learned that everyone in the store had heard of Peppa Pig.

    Our daughter learned that Peppa Pig is touring the US and will have concerts in Sioux City and Kansas City. She considered our all going to see the concert until we saw the price–$52. per ticket. Those Brits have built something huge, and I didn’t know they existed until two months ago.

  44. For the first time since I could remember, I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the SOTU speech. I can’t even stand to look at the SOB anymore. I loathe the bastard and would rather go to prison than show allegiance.

    I’m not kidding. I can’t even stand to look at Barack Obama anymore – and I’d rather look and smell vomit than glance at Shelly Antoinette Obama.

  45. I have musical tastes that vary from some of the heaviest metal you can imagine to classical Sufi. I like whatever can spark an emotion in me. Sometimes the right music can literally give me goose bumps or move me to tears.

    For example, I really like this guy. Even outside of the studio he sings with such power and projection. It moves me. These session musicians with him really add to it.

  46. I don’t give a flying fuck what comes put of his liar face either.

    Not only did I not watch it, I don’t give a rat’s ass about what other people say about it, nor the contents of it.

    I know what the piece of garbage is about and what he wants, both publicly and privately.

    The only reason I’d like to meet the garbage liar is to tell him to suck my cock with honor and distinction.

  47. Huck, I have to admit I like Sufi Islamic music too, particularly from Pakistan. Is that Bella Fleck on the banjo?

    It appears from the lyrics, Hindus (Sihks maybe?) and Muslims are playing together, both with religious overtones. Man would ISIS chop their heads off.

    That was a good one you posted.

  48. I have no idea who any of them are and most of the time I can’t even remember the old man’s name. I just know I like it.

    Glad you enjoyed it. You may also like a band called Niyaz. They mix Sufi elements with modern techno music. Seen them several times live.

  49. The old guy in the video I posted is Saeen Zahoor. He’s from Pakistan and was “discovered” singing outside of Sufi shrines. I first saw him in the documentary “I am a Sufi, I am a Muslim” shown in a class I was taking. He is also in the documentary “Sufi Soul”. Both films feature Sufi music from across the Middle East. Great stuff.

  50. Banning AR’s and magazine sizes? Check!
    Background checks? Check!
    Expanded gun-free zones? Check!
    Blame it on the right? Check and Mate!

    Thank God we have progressives to protect us from ourselves.

  51. “When is Obama going to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to stop this in his hometown?”

    He doesn’t care about them. They are just nigers guaranteed to vote Dem in his eyes.

    Now my gun safe? He’s all over that shit.

    For him its nothing more than a bigoted cultural war.

  52. I’ve got a real question for any Leftist who happens to drive by this board. This one rules Rutherford out, as he’s no fan either.

    How can anyone else but a Leftist possibly imagine the unmitigated gall it must take to premise a campaign on a ‘War on Women,’ when Hillary Clinton has spent her entire adult life running interference for a serial philanderer, probable rapist and pedophile, destroying any female who happens to impede on the ride of the serial philanderer’s coattails, not out of love obviously, but political expediency?

    This is Idi Amin, Banana Republic psychotic.

    Is this really the best the Left can do these days?

  53. I think contrary to Obama’s “coolness,” this fraud is finally cracking. That wooden acting routine the other day where he turned on the tears? Oh, I think those tears were real enough. But they damn sure weren’t for a bunch of helpless, little white kids mowed down by a mad man. Those were missed abortions. If innocent death were bothering Obama, he’d be crying on the streets of his old neighborhood every weekend.

    I think those tears were the recognition of a malignant narcissist and megalomaniac, who had the epiphany the entire world but his lackeys and lemmings have impeached this disgrace, if only figuratively.

  54. Disagree Tex. True, 45% of the country is well aware. Beside themselves with anger, actually. See Trump polls.

    However, the remaining 55% will never, ever wake up. They either are Rutherford’s type or Romney’s ignorant or paid off 48%.

    He is uncrackable.

    The guy will unabashedly lie at every turn. Absurd lies. It doesn’t really matter.

    Remember, he’s not even talking to people like us. Never did. He only needs to make Ruthsrford think it aint so bad.

    I tell you what has cracked. This nation and its people.

  55. OK. Why not panic buttons under every teacher’s desk and a trained armed guard on the premises? If no armed guard then why not?

    OK fine – then the panic buttons go right to the police and it means get the fuck over here.

    And the alarms sound.

    What’s wrong with that?

    I guarantee this well save lives just like 911 did/does.

  56. At this point Obama is uncrackable. It’s a matter of self-preservation.

    I once asked a good friend of mine who’s a psychotherapist why people lie and she said (among other reasons) it is to preserve ourselves. As applied to Obama – works for me.

  57. I really resent Obama lecturing us on anything. And he lectures on everything.

    I wonder what it would be like not to loathe him.

  58. “John Kerry Thanks Iran for Seizing Our Boats and Our Men, and Coercing Them Into Giving Filmed Apologies”

    This is just so fucked.

    You think the fuckers would’ve taken our sailors under any other president? No fucking way. Heckuva job Pussy in Chief.

  59. There is no school shooting epidemic in America. 77 million kids in school. We average 12 a year.

    0.008 per 100,000 people in the 2013-14 school year, well less than 1 percent of the overall murder rate.

    Even walking to and from school… Its not as bad as you would think.

    Like my school… Hire an ex-cop for security. Let him pack heat.

    Play the odds the same way you do when little Johnny gets on the bus.


  60. I think that’s the entire facade, Rabbit. I think this megalomaniac is scared for the first time in his adult life because the right people are giving up on him. He may not care about what you and I think because we are the enemy – we never have given the Fraud the adulation he seeks.

    But this charlatan cares what the world thinks – and virtually the entire world has impeached this flimflam short of the sycophants and lemmings, of which admittedly there are still millions. He’s still surrounded with a cabinet of dumbasses telling him he’s great. But he’s not hearing that from the peanut section.

    I think Obama recognizes the legacy is tarnished and at the very least, Jimmy Carter Redux, the media can’t cover the massive failure anymore, that Obama is still smart enough to recognize the thrill is gone. Unlike Slick Clinton, Obama wasn’t smart enough to adapt when the majority rejected him. In fact, Obama doubled down.

    The Dims put on the fake smile, but they believe deep down, Obama is the worst thing in my lifetime to ever happen to the Dimocratic Party. Consider this fact. Contrary to the idiot lemming’s “facts,” this country hasn’t been this red nationally since the Civil War. Think about that. Seven short years ago, the Dimocratic Party had a super majority. They’re a fricking remnant of what they were 84 months ago. And the still predominantly blue states – they’re imploding; their dead broke. When this economy finally implodes, Barack Obama will become Asshole #1.

    I expect like a petulant child, this asshole’s main motive will be to strike back at his enemies, no longer able to sell his horsechit. This will get very nasty this year.

  61. I’m telling you, Rabbit. The only thing keeping Barack Obama squared away with all but the truly depraved is the inertia of what America has become – the only superpower even today. Even the race pimps are calling Obama a disappointment; Tavis Smiley, for instance. Oh, they couch it in the language of “boxed in” and stupid chit like that, but they’re hurting like a mofo. 😈

    The country isn’t be held together by a thread because Barack Obama was able to keep it together. The country is hanging by a thread in spite of what Barack was able to do. But the dam is leaking like a sieve. See the market today?

  62. Chicago isn’t Obama’s home town. He only moved there to begin a political career. It has served it’s purpose and he has no use for it, anymore.

  63. I just read some interesting speculation regarding the Iran/USN stuff.

    Seems these boats have 2 engines..1 is meant as a backup. There is already a report that is saying malfunction is unlikely. And what are the chances of TWO of the boats malfunctioning?

    So people are starting to speculate that this was all a plan…for Iran to “rescue” our poor US sailors as their boat broke down, and show what great pals we are now.

    Except Iran decided not to play. Because Iran doesn’t play. They saw a chance to make Obama their punk bitch, and they took it. Just like everyone does. Because Obama is a punk bitch.

    But would punk bitch Obama really construct such a plan? (I do hope the sarcasm came through in that rhetorical question)

  64. Huck, how did you like Kerry’s groveling speech of appreciation to the Iranian government for their “release and cooperation” of holding hostages? The country is in the best of hands!!!

  65. Didn’t listen to Kerry and only read a headline to summarize what he said. I figured at that point I had all I needed to know.

    I guess the cooperation is shown by not keeping them for a year?

  66. “Im surprised Kerry and Obama didnt gift the Iranian revolutionary guard with a few women to use for their troubles”

    They did. 1 of the 10 sailors was a woman. The Iranians made her wear a headscarf.

    You know, I don’t even blame Iran for doing what they did. When presented with an opportunity to outwit an adversary, who wouldn’t take it?

  67. The more I think about it the more I think it was all a setup. remember, this happened on the same day Obama was to give his final SOTU address. And I don’t believe in coincidences when it comes to stuff like this.

    Had things gone as “planned”, you can bet your ass he’d have been toting that as another one of his many great accomplishments. Instead, he didn’t say a word about it.

  68. “So people are starting to speculate that this was all a plan…for Iran to “rescue” our poor US sailors”

    How do you get the squids to go along with it? That would be one fucked up Captian.

    The whole thing is a head scratcher. I agree.

  69. Tex. that’s a great point about Obama and his global reputation. He’s a laughing stock. And he knows it. I sometimes forget this is a man who drank his own kool-aid in 2009.

  70. Again, Iran would ever pull this shit with any other president — unless it were Hillary or Sanders. Obama and Kerry are a threat to no one. Yet I read that the Bid Sellout had this to say at the State of the Ego address:

    “No nation dares to attack us or our allies because they know that’s the path to ruin.”

    He said this hours after Iran seized the boats and ten sailors, something apparently never mentioned in his speech.


    Huck you may be on to something.

  71. I would love to see more details but as of right now I’m leaning towards thinking the USN guys should face some disciplinary action. I’m having a hard time buying they failed at a number of seemingly common sense protocols. Why did the boats fail to work together to get out of the area? WTF ! did the communications and other elements fail or not engage? This is not an international norm mich like the Brits in 2007 these guys were essentially arrested by an element we still deem as rogue. International norm would be to assist,warn,monitor and shit like that.
    I agree the Iranians are enjoying a win and one that is probably a mixed bag for them. On one hand they look good in two ways. On the other Straits geopolitics is an arena where credibility wont be denied forever.

  72. DR asks the good question, and as usual it presents problems with the theory.

    How DO you get everyone involved to go along with it?

    But this does stink like shit.

  73. Im surprised Kerry and Obama didnt gift the Iranian revolutionary guard with a few women to use for their troubles.

    ** GUFFAW ** I heard through the grapevine they happily offered up Michelle and Teresa to run the rape gauntlet but that offer was summarily rejected.

  74. I wondered the same thing, Huck.

    They did, Tex. One of the captured Navy people was a woman.

    Some liberals have said this incident shows that Obama’s Iranian policy has made it possible to get our sailors back.

    Obama said in Omaha that Nebraska is an example of a state which pulled itself up from the depths of recession. It was a half lie.

    Nebraska never had an unemployment rate much above 5%. Economists talked about it for years. Our region fared so well because of Republican policies and because of our farm and energy components influenced economy. The Heartland’s relative success came in spite of, not because of Obama’s schemes.

    Too bad it was mild, yesterday. Good that Omaha’s golf courses were still under snow.

  75. “The Navy has to explain why you have small ships transiting 300 miles of open ocean,” said Harmer, who was once deputy director of future operations at the Navy’s Fifth Fleet and now at the Institute for the Study of War.

    Jack Keane, retired four star general and a man I have come to much admire who occasionally appears on FOX, basically asked this same question last night, Huck.

    I’m no military man and certainly no naval officer, but that fact didn’t escape me either. Nothing about this entire episode passes the smell test. And I refuse to believe our military that incompetent. They’re not perfect mind you. But this goes well beyond a minor slip up. This would be gross negligence of the higher ups.

  76. Smart phones? I wonder if Orwell coined the phrase. I had thought the zombie meme was over the top, but after reconsideration…

    For the first time ever, the National Safety Council lists distracted walking as a significant cause of unintentional injury and death. Distracted walking injuries doubled between 2005 and 2010, with emergency room visits exceeding 1,500 in that time. Walking into traffic distracted by a mobile device made up 10 percent of pedestrian injuries.

    The National Safety Council reports that 80 percent of emergency room visits are from falls caused by people distracted with their mobile devices. The most likely group of people to be injured are young adults between the ages of 21 and 25. Young adults are so distracted from reality, so caught up in the trance of mobile devices, that simply checking both ways before crossing a street slips their minds. More people are now dying young because they mindlessly walk into traffic with their heads craned over and their eyes buried in their mobile devices.

    So, we may still see some of these ‘survival of the fittest’ events that thin out the herd, eliminating the weaker individuals.

    Of course, we have all been conditioned to believe this technology is good and as such, should be available to all. Ultimately it will benefit the fascist government enforcers.

  77. It has already been proven that the FBI is behind 94 percent of the terror events that have been investigated and brought to trial in America since 911. They are also on record to be involved in 90 percent of the ‘terror’ events that took place the decade before 911.

    It appears we can come up with a pretty good terror list if we just look at their list of employees and the large amount of patsies they come up with. It is apparently necessary to create terror in order to have a reason to do away with civil liberties and to devote major efforts and resources toward that end. It will usher in the level of control and force they desire.

    This week, Harney County Fire Marshall Chris Briels resigned after discovering undercover FBI agents posing as militia members near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which has been the site of a standoff for weeks now. According to Briels, he found FBI agents who were impersonating militia members lurking around the town’s armory. When he inquired about the undercover operation with county Judge Steve Grasty he was told to back off.

    Just before this discovery was made, there were reports of people who looked like militia harassing locals, which is uncharacteristic of the protesters who initially assembled at the refuge. It turns out that these militia members suspected of harassing locals were actually undercover FBI agents.

    During an impromptu press conference, Briels explained how he was so disrespected in his encounter with Grasty and was so disgusted with the situation in general, that he no longer wants to work for a government that he does not believe in. Briels added that he would still be helping people in the community with fire prevention and other issues that he has helped with in the past, but he will just no longer be doing it as a government employee. Briels went on to describe how he exposed undercover FBI agents who had come to town and were creating problems amongst the locals.

  78. Tex and Huck, I saw this quoted by Ace:

    “There is a dispute about what happened – one of their boats was disabled, and they say they were in international waters, the Iranians said they weren’t.
    The question could be answered by the several GPS devices on the boats. The Iranians, however, chose to retain them with the US State Department’s blessings, when it returned the crewmen. It’s unknown whether the Iranians returned the small arms and the cryptographic and communications equipment on the boats.

    That the Iranians kept the GPS units suggests that our boats were in international waters. That no US ship or aircraft responded to defend them suggests that maybe they were not – or resources are just too thin in the region, after a decade of dismantling the Navy.

    The two boats went together into Iranian captivity. The boats appear to be riverine support craft, not Special Operations Combatant Craft. But we’re not experts in boat details. that’s the Navy’s department, the Frogs and the Boat Guys would know.

    …The Navy and the nation should both hide their faces – neither covered themselves with glory here today.”

    That sounds to me like they were sent out for this event to happen (i.e. staged). The apologies from the “captured” service man is really strange. A service man “apologizing” to a camera, and totally contradicting Kerry and Obama in doing so?

    This whole thing looks more and more like an Obama put-on to me.

  79. Tigre, if true what would be the motive you reckon? To demonstrate our agreement with Iran is the way to deal with fanatics? To show the “cooperative” side of Iran as selling point of al-Obama’s idiot agreement paving the way to fissile material?

    If so, this set up failed miserably on all sides. It makes America look impotent and Iran look like thugs – though I know Iran believes it makes them look powerful in the region and America weak. I feel convinced one day, America is going to put a major league beat down on Persia – a well deserved one. What I’m not convinced of, is that the ordinary Iranian deserves the beat down.

    Let’s hope we have the sense on that day to go directly after the Supreme Leaders and the Revolutionary Guard and not just indiscriminately blow the hell out of the place. This is sheer speculation on my behalf, but something tells me the Iranian leadership is highly unpopular with the general populace.

  80. Tex, the motive would be to show just how right Obama is. We well know he isn’t above putting people’s lives at risk in order to promote himself and his agenda. Just ask any of the dozens of Mexicans who lost their lives to his gun-running scheme.

    Barack Obama will do ANYTHING to make himself look good. He is shameless.

  81. “Tigre, if true what would be the motive you reckon? To demonstrate our agreement with Iran is the way to deal with fanatics? To show the “cooperative” side of Iran as selling point of al-Obama’s idiot agreement paving the way to fissile material?”

    “Tex, the motive would be to show just how right Obama is.”

    Yes, uh-huh, and yep.

  82. Tex, first, I don’t believe that the sailors would’ve done what they did without being ordered to. Not just that they were taken over by a bass fishing boat, but the “apology.” In fact it’s nearly impossible to conceive of it.

    Second, have you seen Kerry’s routine yet? He holds the humiliating experience out as a giant Obama diplomatic success.

    This just didn’t play right. It’s just weird. And until Huck offered the theory that’s circulating, I couldn’t make sense of it — at least from my limited cell phone capabilities. The theory explains all of it. The “optics” mismatch the WH response, and like the Sandy Hook tears, don’t appear to come across as planned to anyone paying attention.

    If this wasn’t staged, it is a real head scratcher.

  83. Yeah. This was by design. I don’t know if Iranian leadership deliberately tweaked Obama in the process but it makes sense and I wouldn’t put the whole thing past any of the players. Pelosi, Kerry, hell all of the lying fools are selling the same cure-all tonic of Obamajuice. This proves Obama is a great foreign policy president.


  84. There is something to be said that the IRG wasn’t going to play nice. The Iranian hard liners are no fans of the current agreement. That the Rev Guard navy and not the real Iranian navy was involved is another smelly fish.

  85. That the Rev Guard navy and not the real Iranian navy was involved is another smelly fish.

    Hmmm. Demonstrating my FP ignorance, I didn’t even know there a two party navy. Perhaps this is a stupid question, but I’m confused, so to you guys more knowledgeable.

    What does the Revolutionary Guard represent? I just always assumed it was lynch men of the Supreme Leadership. But I also assumed the RG were the military brass. Is the RG separate from Iranians armed forces?

  86. Iran’s regular army is meant to protect the country of Iran.

    The IRGC is meant to protect the Islam of Iran. It has its own ground, air, and naval forces and controls the Basij, Iran’s missile defenses, and its navy pretty much has run of the Persian Gulf, especially the Straits. As per the Iranian constitution, it is completely independent of the regular armed forces.

  87. What Huck said lol. The naval assets they have tend to be small. The have a lot of fast boats one group that like Tigre said earlier looks like bass boats. They also have a reversed engineered boat based on a speedboat called a Bladerunner. They’ve kitted that puppy out to launch rockets. The real navy has regular ships.
    Another thing about the Guards in general. Like you see with most despotic regime types they also guard power and money. They do it under the guise of protecting Islam and the Revolution. Truth is they push around folks and live pretty well above the average guy over there.
    On a side note thats one big ass bear.

  88. The USN navy boats involved in the incident originate out of Sweden. They are pretty good. I’ve been pimping a guy I know who has soured on my questions. Much like in some media corners there is more and more professional concern about what set things in motion. One thing though is that although the boats specialize in inland waterway stuff they do indeed do harbor patrol and open water ops so the fact they were transiting the Gulf isn’t out of line. Its kind of a getting the job done thing with a low profile and speed too. Just in case anyone was curious…I’m gonna lay off my buddy for a bit.

  89. I got to admit as a lifelong Republican who voted for Reagan in his very first vote.

    If Donald Trump truly does turn out to be the candidate of choice, I’m going seriously consider becoming apolitical and saying “fuck it,”, if the country burns, it was deserved.

    I’ve ripped Rutherford a new asshole about a million times on this board alone for the abject stupidity and petulant attitudes of the ‘Hope & Change’ crowd. But if Rutherford were to ask me in return how are Trump’s legion of Apprentice dupes any different, besides inane “build the wall” stuff and banning “all Muslims,” I couldn’t honestly say there is much difference.

    That incoherent crap about tariffs and trade wars tonight was so incoherent, it was no answer.

    Hope that doesn’t offend any Trump fans here. But I find Donald Trump as chickenshit as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The “birther” shit was the last straw for me. I do not trust The Donald to be any different than ‘The Barack.’

  90. The IRGC is meant to protect the Islam of Iran. It has its own ground, air, and naval forces and controls the Basij, Iran’s missile defenses, and its navy pretty much has run of the Persian Gulf, especially the Straits. As per the Iranian constitution, it is completely independent of the regular armed forces.

    Interesting. I did not know that.

  91.  “I’m going seriously consider becoming apolitical and saying “fuck it,”, if the country burns, it was deserved.”


  92. When I was in the service, our instructors told us all we were required to give was our names, ranks and serial numbers.

    At least one of the sailors appologised for the incident. Either the Iranians tortured them, or that man is unfit to wear the uniform.

    I also wonder how much begging and sniveling the administration did behind the curtain.

    I keep hoping Trump will be knocked out. I would vote for almost anyone besides Donald, but if he runs against Hillary, I will vote for Trump. Hillary is evil and deserves to be punished. I don’t care if voting for Trump is equivalent to Sampson’s pulling down the pillars to kill the Philistines. This moves beyond politics for me. It is retribution.

    One of the therapists our daughter supervises, said she gets her news from the View. Our daughter was shocked. “Oh, they have Republicans on too.”

    “If the country burns it was deserved.” I’d light the funeral pyre myself it it was more than a metaphor.

  93. Trump fights dirty. Still, I’ll do what it takes to fight the dismal tide.

    Im not trying to guilt trip you fellas but wont you regret sitting out?

  94. With that debate recap, I’m sorry I missed the real time event. 😆

    A Trump presidency doesn’t have a very rosy outcome…

  95. Im not trying to guilt trip you fellas but wont you regret sitting out?

    Not to put on my Poolman conspiracy cap, but I’m not convinced Donald Trump isn’t a Clinton trojan horse in waiting.

    Why do I say that? Because to the best of my knowledge, Donald Trump has never been forced to explain how not ten years ago, Donald Trump was to the left of Hillary Clinton on many political issues, politically connected to the Clinton’s fundraising, and an avowed and loud critic of Republican programs.

    Don’t you think, Muffy, it is high time somebody force Mr. Apprentice to explain exactly the when, why and how Mr. Trumped morphed from Hugh Hefner to Ronald Reagan in the blink of an eye?

    And have you ever listened to the content of Trump’s explanations? It’s as empty as Hillary Clinton’s – it’s the very same thing I have been critical of Obama. Insipid platitudes and cliche’.

    I require a little more detail than ‘We’re Going to Make America Great Again” and “It’s going to be Uuuuggeee!”

  96. I agree with Muffy. This is not the time to sit back and watch. I don’t like Trump. He is a sham. However, even if he is a Clinton surrogate, he is not Hillary or Bill. His being a stand in is speculation, but Hillary’s potential victory with attendant court and other appointments is real.

    Even if Donald was a plant, his election would still deny Hillary the place in history she thinks she owns. Even if that is the best we can hope for, it is a moral victory. Strong men and women don’t give up when times are rough and alternatives range from worse to worse. They go down fighting.

  97. Well it is hard to know where Trump does stand on issues because he jumps sentences, and you’re 100% correct that he’s talking to the feelies.

    The birther stuff is bad but that just puts him on level with John McCain on that issue. Trump is actually being consistent there. I think it would be much worse if he weren’t bringing up the Ted Cruz birthplace issue. That was always the issue with Obama. There was never any question about where Obama’s mother was born.

    I’ve come to regard Obama as anti-America. And it just keeps getting worse with these people. Every day there’s a new horror. Look at the police shooting videos coming out of Chicago that were covered up. And Obama says nothing and Loretta Lunch says nothing. Fuck them. Black lives most certainly do not matter to them. If there was ever any doubt about that, there should no longer be.

    And Clinton has no soul. She’s an absolute horror of a human being.

  98. And if the Dems bring that lawsuit against Ted Cruz they will be the birthers and judgmental hypocrites to boot. And we already know that so Trump is right – they will bring it if Cruz wins the nom, and nothing Trump has said is wrong……..or even out of line…….

  99. Not to put on my Poolman conspiracy cap, but I’m not convinced Donald Trump isn’t a Clinton trojan horse in waiting.” – Tex

    My sentiments exactly….Something is “seriously” rotten in the state of Denmark.

  100. If HRC is elected because Trump is the RNC candidate, I shudder to think of the pact that these two have made with the Devil.

  101. The facts remain that Cruz is not Canadian and is a natural born citizen as codified by law (1401 g)
    Trump is a danger to the Party if not the country.

  102. (g) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than five years, at least two of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years:

  103. I don’t think there’s anything supernatural about Trump entering the race. He’s been flirting with it since 2000.

    I’m beginning to think it’s primarily the same yer-a-racist bullshit at play here that the left and the media do so well.

  104. “The facts remain that Cruz is not Canadian and is a natural born citizen as codified by law (1401 g)”

    If you mean to offer that as where Trump is wrong, I think the charge (and Ted’s defense) is “according to the constitution.”

    “Trump is a danger to the Party if not the country.”

    The country? How so exactly?

  105. Since the law further defines the Constitution Cruz isn’t wrong and Trump is. Trump is playing a dangerous game of mindless populism. He is agitating the ignorant and in so doing exemplifies being ignorant and arrogant himself. That allegedly credible journalists and legal pundits are beating this horse so wickedly is terrible.
    I’ll concede that the two guys,both living variants of Obama birtherism are the last two folks to champion this debate. Contrary to the “originalists” zeal that Cruz tries to wear the law seems pretty clear that he fits the amended and standing law of the land.

    Trump is no better and quite likely worse than Barack Obama regards ability to lead and more importantly assemble a functional Cabinet. He offers zero believability that the world will respond to his screeching and even less that he could achieve anything based in reality.
    This is what makes him dangerous to the country. I see no way Trump doesn’t continue the leadership void internationally that Obama has established. I see no reason to believe his two US centric FP initiatives survive. Those being the Mexicans pay for the Wall and single entity immigration policy is enacted and enforced.(Muslims)
    On the image front he offers nothing comparable to Obama’s poorly vetted Hope & Change symbolism or the misguided Reagan comparison. For the former symbolism is powerful,for the latter Reagan wasn’t just some B list actor,he was approved leader secondary CA Gov. Trump is a side show lampoon fest. The fallout of that is a danger to the country.

    Donald Trump IS Bernie Sanders. Both are pandering to the shallowest of their base gene pools. Trump is tossing red meat racist rhetoric and tough guy bullshit swagger to people who can’t see reality through the blur. Sanders is offering freebies in super size portions to ignorant folks who think all the shit will actually be free.
    Either candidate is incompatible with the US system and as I told Rutherford via Twitter both a danger to the country.

  106. Either candidate is incompatible with the US system

    Both are a product of the US system. You mean neither fit what you think we need. That is true. But I think we need more than just an enema. Time to shake off the tyranny. Cut the head off this beast.


    Trump is and always has been a spoiled jackass.

    Bernie is that kid always giving up his lunch money to keep from getting beat up now all grown up and grumpy.

    But the media tells us what to think and who is winning and losing. We don’t need to keep track, since they are continually driving it home.

    The morph is complete. American life has become reality teevee.

  107. Actually, watching FOX tonight, growing more insufferable by the day and desperately in need of competition, it was actually Glen Beck of all people, a man I can find nuts one day and genius the next, correctly identified why I have a major problem with Donald Trump.

    For all intents and purposes, Trump is a self-admitted social prog providing lip service but no explanation why he could go from partial-birth abortion proponent to died-in-the-wool Conservative, which encompasses a host of other social issues. I think Cruz is crazy like a fox – they’re going to now play that interview Trump had with Tim Russert over and over and over again. It ain’t pretty if you’re Conservative.

    I remain convinced Trump is either a trojan horse for Dim candidates, or a charlatan on the level of Hillary Clinton. Republicans, too many anyway, are being played like Rutherford was by the feckless Obama.

  108. I thought Id read something quite different about Trump’s views on partial birth abortion. That is too extreme to accept as natural course corrections or maturity. I hope youre right about Cruz – youd be the first Ive heard to say it but I just watched the Trump interview in question and I agree its not pretty.

  109. PJ Media “Report; US Rescue Team Was on Its Way to Benghazi, But Was Turned Back.”
    Hillary and Obama have not paid yet. It is one reason that if Trump runs against Hillary, I will vote for Trump, though I hope he is politically destroyed before that day.

  110. Muffy, sometimes I think all of us try to take simple issues and make them more complex than they need to be. I don’t have to be a psychiatrist or wise as Solomon to understand how to ask a few simple questions.

    For instance, do you want a malignant narcissist with delusions of grandeur leading the country as a 3rd term? Or do we really need a man so inherently blind, that in 2008 he was pulling the Barack Obama lever for President?

    Trump was 62 years of age when Obama came of age. I’d like to think at the “young” age of 48 in 2008, I knew a fraud and poseur when I saw one. Nothing in seven years has convinced me I was wrong then.

    And nothing seven years hence has convinced me I don’t recognize a poseur now.

    Read today, where an ambulance chaser down in Texas has filed suit to stop the Cruz candidacy for President on this “trumped up” charges of naturalization. Of course, Trump in his moral preening as is his habit, s making big issue of it. Never mind the chaser a Democratic Turn Texas Blue hack, a known Obama backer of some ill repute, and has run into a little personal trouble in numerous states.

    Isn’t that amazing how Trump’s wishes just happen to coincide with a Dem ambulance chaser filing suit in Cruz’s home state two days after being disemboweled over the issue in a debate?

  111. In my defense I also didn’t know Trump voted for Obama.

    My instincts have been wrong on this to date, I accept that. I never thought Trump would even so much as register in the polls, which does limit my appreciation of him as a candidate for president. I certainly never expected to him to win the nomination. Maybe I’m in denial after all.

  112. And/or maybe overcorrecting in response to the BS from the left and the recovering Obama voters that suddenly grew a brain.

  113. If nothing else, the republican Trump proves there is no real difference between parties as long as politics is held up as somewhat noble wherein quality leadership rises to rule. Politics is not that vehicle. The balance is and always has been good and evil. We just fail to recognize between the two since we have been bewitched and blindsided. The Reagan god was all in with the democrats until he wasn’t. The left hand washes the right hand. Time to cut off the head.

  114. I knew Trump voted for Obama. He also donated money to Democrats. I also know he forced people from their homes to build his casinos and other buildings. I’d still vote for him if he was running against Hillary. She is pure evil and deserves to be driven from public life. She will suffer if she loses.

  115. Trump is a creation of media and political malfeasance which ignored issues concerning a major part of our country. They voted for Democrats and later Republicans who lied or were too cowardly to do what voters sent them to do.

    A part of the electorate is so mad they would vote for Hitler if he promised to close our borders and restore American grandure.

  116. I cannot vet this constitutional law professor and the fact I saw her on MSNBC makes her suspect but I submit this to Alfie and anyone else who cares.

    If I understand her, statutory law supports Cruz. Common law and “original intent” does not.

    Last time I took a leave I didn’t even bother to read the thread. I came today looking for Cruz chatter and quite enjoyed myself. You guys are much more fun to read with me not here.

  117. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, a US territory. Cruz was born in Canada, a foreign country. That is the argument I have read.

  118. Trump is an egomaniac and if he loses…

    “Comeback kid” won’t fit Trump. It’s a middle seat in coach for a titan with his own planes — plural. (His own helicopters, too.) If he’s wedged into it, he’ll come unglued. I mean, more than he already has.”

  119. Donald Trump has endured four bankruptcies. On the first one, he had personal liabilities and could have been wiped out. After that, he didn’t involve his personal property. Bankruptcies are signs of failure, but Trump rationalized them away. He said he wasn’t going to worry about them.

    Trump told Businessweek that in spite of a bankruptcy, the Trump name “will be hotter than ever”. Its all he really cares about. Trump will rationalize this into a form of Charlie Sheen’s “winning.”

    His divorces are also a sign of failure.

    I hope someone has the same courage or foolhardiness to attack Trump as when he attacked Hillary’s Republican war on women. His balloon needs to burst and soon.

  120. @Rutherford Cruz and a number of other GOP folks get too hung up on “originalism”. The original intent of the Founders was to a) assure allegiance to the new Republic and b) prevent the importation of a monarch from the Old World.
    Cruz is supported by the law in that the Framers could not foresee things like globalization and that the birth of children could occur on foreign soil without the child being “infected” with foreigness. The law was enacted to Constitutionally protect Americans. Baby Cruz and his mother were the beneficiaries of this protection. Had only Cruz and his father returned to Texas and mommy stayed in Canada,became a citizen etc I’d say Ted was dead.
    I had a partner way back in my early EMS years who had an USAF daddy and British mommy. She had an NHS card as she was born in a civilian hospital. She could’ve had dual citizenship if she had wanted it since her birth was prior to 1983 (a UK law point). The USA viewed her as natural born. I think this is another plus for Cruz’s case.

  121. Alfie, I think you’re agreeing that original intent plays a role here. As we discussed on Twitter, Cruz’ constitutional originalisn does not help him here.

    This will also put the SCOTUS in a bind as Scalia and Thomas, two originalists, will either act with principle or be hypocrites and act politically.

    As I said on Twitter, I think both sides back up their opinions with strong academic citations. In the end Cruz will get a pass as George Romney did in the 1960’s. The only difference between now and then is now everyone is an argumentative prick.

  122. I think Alfie is right.

    I knew several children of Americans who were born in the UK when I lived there. One had a Polish father and American mother, but he was still considered American. As far as I know they are living in the United States now.

  123. James, FWIW, there’s a difference between Constitutional qualifications for president and “citizenship.” My gut reaction tells me Cruz is qualified.

    However, I don’t have an answer and won’t spend time trying to formulate one. But keep in mind that, in the broadest sense, statutory law a would not alter Article 1 qualifications. The SCOTUS would have to determine the appropriate interpretation in the case of ambiguity (that may or may not exist here) — or the SCOTUS would have to decline an interpretation from a lower federal court which is very, very unlikely given the ramifications.

  124. James, as I understand it, what you descibed was a naturalized citizen. According to law the child of an American is automatically naturalized when born abroad. That’s different from “natural born” which from my understanding really only has a common law meaning – born within the USA or its territories.

    This made George Romney suspect (Mexico) (but it was never made an issue) and was a complete non-issue for McCain who was born in a territory (same for Goldwater).

    Cruz has Romney’s problem and asshole Alan Grayson is already threatening a lawsuit.

    I actually think Trump is right that Cruz should nip this in the bud and get it adjudicated NOW.

  125. You make a good point. I understand it better than Obama understands Russia’s relationship with Ukraine, The Daily Caller quoted an Obama statement in his State of the Union Speech. “Even if their economy contracts, Russia is pouring resources to prop up Ukraine’s and Syria–states they see slipping away from their orbit.”

    While Russia has been pouring resources into Ukraine it has been to help forces who are trying to” bring it down.” I told you all that Sarah Palin and Obama were opposites of each other in the first election. They were the attention getting stars while their running mates were along for the ride.

    The difference is Sarah Palin’s stupid comments are widely reported because the left used to fear her. Obama’s dumb statements were ignored because he was the light master, controller of the sea level. Now, he is becoming a dangerous non entity, and few care.

    I also understand that Obama just paid over a billion dollars of frozen Iranian money in ransom for the released Iranian-Americans. In 2008, Obama undermined Bush’s efforts when he told Iran he would give the government a better deal if he was elected, Its too bad Obama really wasn’t born in Kenya,

  126. Well, that is one Roger Simon piece I can agree with. I can’t often say that. But aside from comparing MLK’s character with other black figures and discussing the inclusiveness of his message, I am curious why more people haven’t discussed the proof that MLK was murdered by our government. Many people suspected as much, but few mention the trial outcome that provided proof. As with so many other investigations that have destroyed government’s official narratives, the media along with our ‘sacred’ institutions prefer to bury truth and ugly facts rather than uphold justice. It is just one more inconvenient truth proving government is the real enemy of we, the people. The real reason while standing militias and firearms should be in the hands of the people.

    “Full truth of the assassination revealed and adjudicated in a court of law.”

    In 1999 a US court found that the United States government was directly involved in the murder of the most significant American black public figure of the twentieth century: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As attorney William Pepper observes in his 2003 book, An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King, the civil rights leader was the focus of US “[Military Intelligence Group] officers” who “were responsible for eye-to-eye surveillance operations which included audio and video recordings of people and events designated as targets. Dr. King was a target and throughout the last year of his life was under surveillance by one or another MIG team.”

    This and similar historical revelations were almost entirely censored by US corporate media and have thus been largely expunged from the official historical record, popular memory, and the curriculum of most every grade and high school history class, where students are still incorrectly told that an angry white man, James Earl Ray, was the sole assassin. In fact, as discussed below, Ray was entirely vindicated by these very court proceedings.

    Like the assassinations of JFK and RFK, or the events of 9/11, the US public is assured of its innocence and consoled by government, mass media, and its very educational institutions with myths springing from a demonstrably false historical record.-JFT

    PDF of the press conference after the verdict:

    Click to access Assassination%20Trial%20-%20Family%20Press%20Conference.pdf

  127. Since MLK can be characterized as at least a two distinct phase kind of guy I think it safe to say at least his latter days persona would’ve fervently supported BLM.

  128. Since MLK can be characterized as at least a two distinct phase kind of guy I think it safe to say at least his latter days persona would’ve fervently supported BLM.

    Though I provided the link as interest as I agreed with the conclusion of the motives of #BlackLiesMatter, I tend to agree with your assessment, Alfie, that MLK wasn’t near the conservative angel we’ve made him out to be.

    And I base that as you noted on the King family itself. Short of MLK’s niece, I have seen nothing to support that MLK would be what we classified as Republican or Conservative in any way, and believe King would have been a frequent guest on MSNBC.

  129. I’m not sure I agree with the position that MLK would support BLM.

    BLM uses the label of “victim” in order to justify its aggression. But MLK told the marchers being attacked not to fight back or show aggression, or they would be seen as “just what they say we are”. He didn’t use the label of “victim” to justify aggression, he used it to garner national attention and support. BLM’s aggression does gain it national attention, but it does not gain it support.

    I think he would voice sympathy for their issues, but would also voice disagreement with their tactics.

  130. I think he would voice sympathy for their issues, but would also voice disagreement with their tactics.

    Hard to tell. I tend to agree with some that King would have lended his support to BLM, but I don’t believe he would have approved of all of the BLM tactics. I tend to believe King would have been intelligent enough to see the bullying tactics were self-defeating.

    There is a large discrepancy between boycotting a bus service and blocking a major interstate highway, for instance.

  131. “The Revenant is an awesome movie. It would be a shame if you guys skipped at the big screen.”

    Didn’t have an interest to see that one. I guess I’ll give it a look.

    But 13 Hours comes first.

  132. Have to correct something I passed on last week. That Trump voted for Obama in 2008? That was a hoax tweet. So I stand corrected – I was simply reporting off the news I heard.

    I have no idea how Trump voted for in 2008. I just know I won’t vote for Trump in 2016. 😛

  133. My son and I saw 13 hours last night. His suggestion. First “R” movie. Li’l Tigre wanted to know what Benghazi was all about. Both of us liked it. I’ll be interested to know what you think.

  134. “Didn’t have an interest to see that one. I guess I’ll give it a look.”

    The cinematography alone makes it worth it. It feels like you are in those woods!

  135. I like Glen Frey’s music and also Percy Sledge’s. He also died. Our past is slowly dying.

    Martin Luther King said that one could break the law but needed to accept the punishment. King was changing toward the end.

  136. 13 Hours will leave even more pissed at Obama and Hillary than you were before though. Lying fucks.

    Er. . . nothing burger. 🙄

  137. I might go see it tomorrow.

    I expect all the blogs will have already outdone any review I might try to come up with. Plus I have never done a review from theater viewing. I watch at home where I can pause, rewind, and take notes. 🙂

  138. Eagles thumbs up.
    Glenn Frey (RIP) ok but never matched Don Henley’s Boys of Summer.

    Back to Ziggy/Alladin Sane/Thin White Duke — I found this nugget. Dude lip syncing my all time fav Bowie song on, of all places, Soul Train. Motherfucker sang with Freddie Mercury, Bing Crosby and appeared on Soul Train. Underestimate him, if you dare.

    Pat Harrington died last week. WTF is going on? Every celeb Tex and I grew up with is croaking. Fuuuuuck.

  139. Huck, other than the obvious and proven lies from Obama and Hillary, I am not familiar with the details of Benghazi. From what I’ve read, the critics/reviewers follow their politics. . . as always. Rolling Stone and Ebert are harsh and turn a lot of their assessment that there was a “stand down” order shown in the movie while they say that fact is “disputed.” Yet both say that the even makes for a great topic. So, the movie would’ve been okay so long as the administration’s claims and “disputed” facts are removed? Hell, they were saying it was protests from an an anti-Islamic film while standing over the coffins — and Hillary was simultaneously emailing her daughter with the truth.

    Well, I have several criticisms of the movie as they relate to the focus on the why’s and what’s, and do wonder how much was a departure from the reality of things. I’ll be interested in knowing what you think.

  140. So Trump would probably appoint Judge Judy to the Supreme Court. You know who Hillary would appoint?

    Eric. Holder.

    We’d be one simple majority vote in the senate away from that.

  141. “If you believe in forever, then life is just a one night stand. If there’s a rock and roll heaven, well you know they gotta have ’em a band”

    It is a bitch getting old and having all your friends and icons die off. I remember my grandparents and my mom saying the same thing. All the more reason to live for the moment and to be genuine in all that you do. Since there is very little ‘genuine’ today, it will be a rare and memorable.

    Everything that comes out in the media is spin. They are making and molding a culture, have been for decades, and the experiment has just about run its course. I observed as the right was hijacked by varying astro turf factions. I wasn’t paying much attention to the left, but it appears the left has gotten pretty much the same treatment…

  142. Like about everything anymore, I have mixed emotions about ‘The Eagles.’ They have to be one of my five favorites of all-time, unless I have to listen to Hotel California for the 1,041,234 time.

    I generally prefer the Eagles music before Joe Walsh, though I kind of enjoy old Joe the musician now.

    But the Eagles are also like Tom Hanks in a movie. As I’ve gotten older, though you recognize the immense talent and generally love the movies, I can’t get past the hypocrisy of their personal message. Same for Ron Howard; same for Andy Griffith. I want them to be Mayberry RFD – they’ll end up Obamacare. F um. LOL

    It’s like ‘The Hunger Games’ series – I loved the movies until Julianne Moore appeared – and I gagged out loud, my wife elbowing me in the ribs. But I felt obligated to finish them. They were never the same for me after the Bitch’s smug face appeared in the flicks for me – wooden acting included. 😈

  143. Music has always been a powerful tool. It is actually good for us to sing, whether we have talent or not. Studies show singing adds years to one’s life. Singing together with others is very therapeutic. Praise music is worship and as such is a powerful spiritual weapon. Music can be both persuasive and pervasive and can instantly evoke emotion.

    We all grew up listening to radio, teevee, and various other media in which music of the time serves to define many of the spaces in our memory.

    Life in the fast lane. Looking back, a lot of the music was meant to bring us here. Highway to Hell.

    Everything in our society has been hijacked for political purpose and profit. This is what a consumer culture becomes. Everything today is a commodity. Everything is supposedly limited. The ‘secret to success’ meme is to get your share before others take it. It is a very selfish and a species defeating posture. This is the end product from centuries of MANipulation™.

    It is said that hindsight is 20/20. We have control of this moment. It’s too bad we’re so forward thinking.

    Progressive is what defines cancer before it kills the organism that is providing it life.

  144. Re the dying celebraties After my father died, our lawyer said ” You occupy a lonely position. You have just stepped closer to the head of the line.” Our lawyer had been in the FBI and had argued a case before the Supreme Court. He regaled me with stories, but he is dead now.

    Rock stars created an ethos of eternal life and rebellion, but it was an illusion.
    Imagine when old fogies mourn the loss of One Direction, Lady GaGa or Katy Perry.

  145. as always. Rolling Stone and Ebert are harsh and turn a lot of their assessment that there was a “stand down” order shown in the movie while they say that fact is “disputed.”

    Am I to understand Ebert reviewed “13 Hours” from the grave? Quite an accomplishment.

  146. “Just for grins: some lib snark”

    This review is a fucking joke.

    Written by Amanda Marcotte, who admits “I haven’t seen the movie…” She’s able to tell us about a movie she hasn’t yet seen. That feat is rivaled only by Ebert’s review.

  147. Here’s the money shot:

    “Simply put, “13 Hours” is a pretty dreadful movie and while watching it, I sat there trying to figure out what kind of audience might actually go for it. Those of the liberal persuasion will write it off because it presents elements that have been highly disputed or flat-out denied (such as the stand-down orders) as unquestioned fact. Conservatives may be upset that it doesn’t go far enough in tying Hillary Clinton to the events depicted—unless I missed it, she is never once mentioned specifically. As an action movie and as a historical document, it is a bombastic and wholly inauthentic mess that displays precious little interest in the men whose actions and sacrifices it purports to honor. There is a good and interesting movie out there to be made about the tragic events at Benghazi and the political aftermath but “13 Hours” is definitely not it.”

    Obviously, “a good and interesting movie out there to be made about the tragic events” can’t include “disputed or denied events” unless they play well to an ignorant libtard. There go all of those WWII movies. Doesn’t matter that the most “disputed” fact has been offered by several credible witnesses that were there and denied by the fucking liars.

    Oh well. The obvious tension was the futility of those fighting for their lives with no hope of rescue. “Precious little interest in the men it’s supposed to honor” defines Obama and Hillary, and of course this piece-of-shit liberal drivel.

    How about a review of the anti-Muslim film that these lying fuckers blamed for the attack? I’m guessing it didn’t meet the exacting standards of removing “facts in dispute.”

  148. “Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see any mention, much less objection here, to Sean Penn “interviewing” El Chapo.”

    Great work Sean Penn. You’re total douche bag to everybody including El Chapstick.

  149. It’s a shame Rutherford is so infrequent anymore. Unlike 2008 where we laughed the incompetency of the opposing candidate, this time we could switch roles and laugh at the leading candidate of our own party.

    The Palin endorsement was like the cherry on top. Everything old is new again.

  150. The Palin endorsement is awesome! Looks like the mighty white and right fringe has upped the ante. 😆 The entertainment value alone makes this almost completely worth it.

  151. Today, I read where the Iowa Republican Governor, Mr. Branstad, also came out against Ted Cruz specifically.

    The reason? Ethanol subsidies. It’s always been a losing proposition for most Americans. There is no debate with gasoline at $1.60, ethanol utterly unnecessary and a massive government boondoggle.

    But what was the real reason? Branstad’s son was profiteering on the subsidies. If that doesn’t signify what the Republican Party has become and the only one worthy of returning the Republican to limited government and back to the people, I don’t know what does.

    I’ll wait this election out as Republican. But it is becoming more apparent by the day, there is no party for me to be affiliated with anymore.

  152. Think so, Muffy. But it’s not enough to simply disdain the Left. If so, I’d be the most qualified candidate for President in the nation. 😛

    I’m afraid these populist Republicans are going to end up sorely disappointed once again, win or lose. If I’m right, the national calamity is already in progress. By summer, this country is going to be sucking arse. I’ve said all along, the only thing I believe keeping the country afloat under the delusion of too big to fail is the historical inertia and the rest of the world being entirely dysfunctional. Europe is all but gone. We shall see soon enough if I’m right.

    A strange phenomenon has happened to me recently. I have begun to loathe FOX News. And it’s been surprisingly easy to find something else to watch in the evening besides politics. To be lectured to by the insufferable Geraldo Rivera was too much to bear. O’Reilly’s a dunce (but I like his books sometimes, though the Killing Reagan is a hit job), and Megyn Kelly’s head has swelled to such epic proportions, her head no longer fits in my 55″ screen.

    Here’s hoping FOX News is irreparably damaged for their politicking and a new network arises. I don’t need the “balance” as FOX sees it.

  153. When I turned in the bad guys and learned my leaders wanted something bad to happen to me so they could press heavier charges, I was scared. The night they held me down and put a knife to my throat with a promise it would soon be more than a threat, something happened. I felt the same as when someone decides to end it with suicide.

    I always carried a knife instead of a pistol because I was afraid I might panic and and do something attached to a murder charge. My plan was to die as I took a few of the men with me. I was no longer afraid. I had a plan, and I would be certain to let them move first so I would have a self-defense claim should I survive.

    I mentally rehearsed in detail for a couple of months the same as skiers and others run through the moves before a competition.

    Things changed before that potential event and the brass changed its tactics, but I remember how it felt.

    I feel the same as I did back then. Its almost like a flash back. No matter how we vote if Trump or some others are nominated, we will be destroying the country. At least, we will be damaging our country.

    The left is evil and deserves to be thrown out of power. Voting for the Democrat whether it be Hillary, Bernie, or Joe by staying home or actually voting for them perpetuates a known evil. If electing someone like Trump who is bad, at least we will be committing national suicide while punishing the people who helped lead us down this trail.

    I think Huck should use his skills to write a screen play about the rise and fall of Sarah Palin. It could be a musical comedy–maybe co staring Fox News.

  154. For some reason I don’t think voting scares tyrants. It seems to me that is what the people’s militias and arms are for. That is how I understand it from our founders’ writings. But then, I suspect the real America has been replaced by a reality teevee show. Patriotism reduced to its least common denominator. The bigger the flag, the greater the loyalty.

    Voting in the US is like a placebo effect.

    Suppose they held an election and nobody voted?

    Do you really think they give nuclear codes to gong show winners?

  155. The US government, controlled as it is by corrupt economic interests, would never permit policies that impinged on executive bonuses and Wall Street profits. Today US capitalism makes its money by selling out the American economy and the people dependent upon it.

    In “freedom and democracy” America, the government and the economy serve interests totally removed from the interests of the American people. The sellout of the American people is protected by a huge canopy of propaganda provided by free market economists and financial presstitutes paid to lie for their living.

  156. I find a poetic justice that as the American Left has used the stock market, a ruse for at least five years now as proof of the successes of the Obama economy, it falls because the only real industry that has truly created good new jobs in the stink of Obama, the petroleum industry, now tailspins into darkness. The petroleum industry will survive – the legacy of Obama’s greatness will not.

    Though I am taking it in the shorts more than most if you believe the statistics, the satisfaction of watching the final nail be harshly driven into the propaganda of “It’s George Bush’s fault” and “Obama saved us from Depression” is a wonder to behold.

    Let him burn.

  157. ” suppose they held an election and nobody voted” If I were still alive, I would vote, and I would rule the country.

  158. Eagles 1974. Two friends of the band suggested this song. Glen Frey who sang lead liked it because his girl friend had just broken up with him.

    I like it because I am detaching from current events right now.

    I would give you a review of the movie if I had time to watch it. We rarely see movies in theaters now.

  159. I want co-author duty on that Palin bio-pic Huck is writing.

    Didn’t know the Ebert website survived him under new critics. C’mon ET, you gotta admit my misunderstanding of your comment was funny.

    Thoroughly enjoying the thread. I think poor Tex may sit November out this year. And based on his rants I don’t know why Pools does not support Sanders. But on the bright side Poolman, Sarah sang the praises of Rand Paul during her endorsement of HIS OPPONENT. GOD, she’s a fucking dunce!

  160. I appreciate what I take as a compliment, but I don’t think I would be a strong creative writer.

    I got tired of seeing so many of my students taking the gift of education for granted, so I showed them part of the Malala documentary today, entitled “He Named Me Malala”. There were some students that literally had tears flowing down their face. It’s a really well-done and powerful video. It could probably be checked out from a library. Other than that, I wouldn’t know where to find it. I bought my own copy, along with her book.

    Anyway, if any of you ever have a chance to give it a look, I recommend it. DR, you might think it is worth showing your students.

  161. I cannot in my right mind support Bernie. Sorry, I can’t feel the Bern. It must not be a powerful enough force to penetrate my shields. He is not presidential or leaderly in character. Not that I am looking to be led.

    I think Tex is in it for Cruz, but me and

    Brother Nate

    think he is too joo smoozy.

    I couldn’t watch the entire Palin bit. I did take in a whole 4 minutes. I can only take that shit in sips.

  162. We’re going to get rid of this horrible Washington crony capitalism and we’re not going to kill the ethanol subsidies like Ted Cruz! We’re going to increase them!

    [Donald Trump supporters applaud wildly!]

  163. {I think poor Tex may sit November out this year.}

    New strategery, “R.” Rubio or Fiorina. No problem, still some enthusiasm and pragmatic. Christie, livable. Carson, great guy, admirable man, won’t need to. Bush or Kasich – hold my nose and vote.

    Trump. Write in Ted Cruz. 😈

  164. So Poolman, you’re taking your political lead from Bro. Nate, hey? LOL I can see why – friend of Zion.

    It’s perfect.

    The way I look at, if you recognize Feel the Bern is the New Venezuela, you’ve come a long way since I met you in 2008.

  165. Actually Brother Nate and I don’t see eye-to-eye politically. He thinks there is still chance of a political solution in all this. I don’t have that confidence. He has a vendetta against talmudic Jews AND the Zionists. But then, so did Jesus Christ. My hatred is directed at evil, which takes many forms – often even looks like the pope. I think the average Jesuit more menacing than most Judaics.

  166. A radical Iman in Cologne said the attacked women were to blame because they were wearing perfume and were only half dressed. Of course men were inflamed. They were innocent.

    He appeared on Russian television. The show also showed hundreds of women attacked by crowds our media dares not show.

    The Muslims’ anti- semetism builds on European bigotry to make Europe increasingly dangerous for Jews. Putin has offered them refuge in his country.

    The BBC reports that some researchers believe many of our fairy tales are thousands of years old. Some may predate the Indo European languages and may have originated during the Bronze Age.

    The Grimm brothers believed the fairy tales they collected were much older than the accepted belief that the stories dated back to the sixteenth century. Dominant science ruled that they were wrong. They were probably right.

  167. Hillary’s toast – not because of legal; she will skate in the corrupt justice system. Because even the Rutherfords of the world can’t stand her and the DNC can’t control the mob forming. Feel the Bern can’t win – or at least I don’t think he can win. But his followers are passionate and they don’t like what they’re seeing in Hill.

    My fallback from the start. Biden/Warren or some combination thereof. And that’s as equally incompetent as Hill and Bern.

    The saddest part for moi personally? For the first time since ’92, though I liked Jr. personally he a marginal President and Romney carried too many rocks, there’s some pretty good Republican candidates this year. But because of Trump and the Republican version of Hope & Change, we’ll never get to know.

    F’d all the way around. 😦

  168. If anyone is going to jump in2thefray on the D side they’ll need to do it before March. I don’t believe its going to happen. HRC isn’t going anywhere she will be the nominee with worse case scenario of a the meaningless Iowa,NH & SC primaries serving as her “remember the progressives” moment. She’ll accept a publicity hit and then do what she does:LIE.

  169. My eldest says the millennials are in for Bernie. I can’t see the insurance and pharma folks giving up any ground for his healthcare plans. We are way past any accountability to even consider single payer. Hell, the pentagon hasn’t accounted for its trillions in decades.

    The best plan now is every man for himself.

    Better run through the jungle.

  170. You know all the chit I’ve been giving Rutherford about the Republican Party going to the way of The Whigs?

    I must apologize. I believe he was right.

    Not for the reasons Rutherford thought of course as it simply by accident. 😆 But the Republican Party is getting ready to get ripped apart from within. I can handle losing elections – even national ones. I can’t handle a lack of decency and principles within the party.

    Let that be the Trump legacy. The Whigs.

  171. @ Tex I’d offer that 2016 is qualified to be spun as a major enema and a much needed one for the GOP. I’ve been giving it some thought and I think the Trump supporters are going to be vilified and many of them are going to learn they have been backing the wrong guy,that they have been played in Obamaesque levels.
    I think the Rubio and Graham types will be chucked into the closet. I think Paul Ryan is going to benefit no matter what in 2016 and I like him so that’s a plus. I think Jeb is going to offer up ideas that will attract some attention and if someone else like Cruz picks up on some of them it would be good.

  172. I can’t see the insurance and pharma folks giving up any ground for his healthcare plans.
    Don’t forget the American Hospital Association perhaps the most evil entity on the subject. Healthcare has been put onto the fast track to oblivion courtesy PPACA.
    Tex your kid have any interest in concierge medicine?

  173. America’s icons are all but shattered. Landfills will testify to our achievements as well as our excesses. We act as if our collective comings and goings are utmost priority. American became an excuse for most everything under the sun. Just us.

    There are many mile markers along the procession. O.J. is one. We all knew he was guilty, but watched him get off. His trial was for a while our daily bread. That circus held us captive while merchandisers worked round the clock. Then he was free and we all felt a little cheated. A little less safe. Later his civil trial was given an Alfie-like credence.

  174. Alfie, is it sacrilege to say I’m quickly approaching the day when this election may be the last straw for me, I begin to reevaluate if the country in its present state worth saving, and I find myself saying…

    …Burn this B_tch Down!

    Or does that make me sound too much like Poolman for comfort? 😈

  175. I am still giggling over the Palin endorsement. Can you imagine the two of them in the same room for any length of time? Politics is comedy. Twisted, but seriously funny.

  176. Tex your kid have any interest in concierge medicine?

    Sorry Alfie, I missed this.

    If I understood her correctly, I believe she thought this was the way most of medicine was heading. So I’m guessing the answer is yes.

  177. Poolman, your former crush, Ron Paul was presidential? If you could be an RP man, you could feel the Bern. Or maybe you’re just getting too old for this shit.

    After all the shit I took for the Obama singing kids I am cracking up over the Trump freedom singers. LOL My how the fucking worm has turned!

    But sadly I’ve learned little from my Obama dalliance. A new Sanders ad literally brought tears to my eyes today. I’m a hopeless political romantic. I shouldn’t be allowed to vote. 😟

  178. Poolman is right. Millennials are supporting Bernie. Our daughter is disgusted that most of her circle of therapists and social workers think Sanders is the best thing since sliced bread. She thinks it comes from how they were raised and educated. They want free stuff and think showing up is achievement.

    A study showed that Bernie’s proposed taxes would reach such a huge number they would injure our economy.

    Rutherford, I like and respect you. However, I would do anything I could to prevent you from voting.

  179. “After all the shit I took for the Obama singing kids I am cracking up over the Trump freedom singers. LOL My how the fucking worm has turned!”

    Yeah. You sure got a bread of this one. The same swooning allegiance for the quasi-messianic hymns reminiscent of the Hitler Youth that you found so endearing is just like the board’s commentary on the weird-assed Trump kids’ routine. 🙄

    You live in alternate universe.

  180. “Rutherford, I like and respect you. However, I would do anything I could to prevent you from voting.”

    He’ll be voting for Hillary.

    But the entire GOP is hoping the simpletons nominate Sanders. So please don’t discourage him.

  181. “After all the shit I took for the Obama singing kids I am cracking up over the Trump freedom singers. LOL My how the fucking worm has turned!” – R

    Worm has not turned. We are consistent.

    “But sadly I’ve learned little from my Obama dalliance. A new Sanders ad literally brought tears to my eyes today. I’m a hopeless political romantic. I shouldn’t be allowed to vote.”-R

    Worm has not turned. You are consistent.  
    You are a danger to America. This is what happens when a man claims to be too smart for God. He replaces the Lord with pathetic politicians and emotionally waves his hands in the air speaking in secular tongues with a stream of tears running down his cheek. Meanwhile, it is my sons who pay the price.

    The ignorant mob…….The Dead Rabbit family will go down swinging. History will be our friend. It won’t be your’s.

  182. Poolman, your former crush, Ron Paul was presidential? If you could be an RP man, you could feel the Bern. Or maybe you’re just getting too old for this shit.

    Apparently Ron Paul wasn’t presidential material. The GOP didn’t prop him up, rather the unelectable Rmoney. . We’ll see how the the DNC treats the Bern when it comes down to it. I’m believing Hillary holds the stronger pact with the devil. If Bernie is given the official blessing, I may change my mind. Doubtful, but possible. There is a lot of time between now and November. Until we see Hillary hanging from her neck in the marketplace, I do not see her as finished politically.

    I AM getting too old for this shit. I remember a world where a man’s word was his bond. Sadly, there aren’t many of us around anymore that do. This isn’t even the same country we had 4 years ago.

  183. “But sadly I’ve learned little from my Obama dalliance. A new Sanders ad literally brought tears to my eyes today. I’m a hopeless political romantic. I shouldn’t be allowed to vote.”-R

    Grotesque. The worm is still firmly lodged in your throat.

    Little Obama dalliance. More like held the country down for him to go at it. Mmm mmm mmm mmm.

    Trump cheerleaders account for 15% of the population and the party he lays claim to today is being torn apart over it.

    Obama owns 50% of the population and they’d vote for him again if they only could.

    The right shouldn’t use kids for political purposes either. Those little girls have asses for parents. But this Obama indoctrination went on in classrooms all over the country and the media and the Oblogger worms said jack about it.

  184. “@ Tex I’d offer that 2016 is qualified to be spun as a major enema and a much needed one for the GOP. I’ve been giving it some thought and I think the Trump supporters are going to be vilified and many of them are going to learn they have been backing the wrong guy,that they have been played in Obamaesque levels.
    I think the Rubio and Graham types will be chucked into the closet. I think Paul Ryan is going to benefit no matter what in 2016 and I like him so that’s a plus. I think Jeb is going to offer up ideas that will attract some attention and if someone else like Cruz picks up on some of them it would be good.”


  185. I’ve seen some pretty cool animals in the wild. A couple of black bears over the years that I lived in the pacific northwest. But the bald eagles I have seen are the most thrilling I think.

  186. Muffy, my kids were in grade school during the forced Obama cult indoctrination. It was disgusting and Rutherford thought it was cute.

    The Trump video is just. . . lame. The Obama worship is. . . fucking scary.

  187. I agree with El Tigre, the Trump video and school videos were apples and oranges. The Trump video was a cute stunt. Obama’s videos were indoctrination and not part of a campaign ad.

    The scary part is that Rutherford doesn’t know the difference,

  188. A red tailed hawk may not be as formatable as a bald eagle, but it put on a good show when it attacked our dog while I was skiing a fence separated us when the hawk dived and our dog snatched it out of the air. They spared for a time but when the hawk decided to leave the only damage was some hawk feathers and our dog’s scratched nose.

  189. “And I only have one match, but I can make an explosion. This is my fight song, take back my life song…My power’s turned on. Right now, I’ll be turned on.” This song by Rachel Platten would make good campaign music. We had 25 campaign calls in the last two days. Most went unanswered, but it shows how much those folks are trying.

    An earnest young woman read a litny of accomplishments Cruz claims to make as soon as he becomes president. I told her though I might vote for him, I have a good investment opportunity in swampland if she believes what she read to me. She was speechless.

    Dr. Carson suspended his campaign for a day to mourn the death of campaign worker killed and others injured in this week’s snow.

  190. The German government has lost 600,000 or so refugees. No one knows if they are even in Germany now. Finns are patrolling streets to watch for crime after Finish women were assaulted in Helsinki on New Years Eve. Counter demonstrators are mocking them, but they are organizing similar groups in other countries including the US.

  191. I’ve had a number of wildlife encounters that left me in awe. I watched ospreys abd eagles fishing once and couldn’t get over how good they were at it.
    Once in Colorado I woke up before everyone and there was a herd of deer just grazing. The amazing thing they were in the middle of an armor battalion set up in a set of tactical circles. My 577 was in the inner ring. I was like WTF!? Then something started up its engines and off they went in unison.
    I also was sleeping outdoors/ backcountry Texas once and perhaps 100,150 yds away was a huge bull. Needless to say as a kid from Boston it was a really new experience 😃

  192. Europe is really messed up.
    @ Rabbit how loud are things on the ground in Mich over Flint water? That’s a pretty bad situation any way you slice it I’m thinking.

  193. Alfie, my neighbor and I am taking a shit load of bottled water to donate sunday on the way to our boy’s wrestling tourny. My son cant drink from the drinking fountain while there. And…. That’s about all the on the ground insight I have.

  194. Poolman, Bungle in the Jungle is my favorite Tull song.

    Tigre, as usual you misunderstood me. I wasn’t suggesting you were swooning to the tune of the patriot girls. In fact Tex expressed disgust at it and was the first to draw the comparison to the Obama kids. By the worm turning, I’m simply saying “your side” is as capable of such foolishness as mine. Kudos for seeing it for what it is. I don’t find it Maoist nor did I find the Obama situation Maoist. You were a drama queen then and you choose not to be now. Interesting.

    I always get a bit uncomfortable when the doubting Thomas, Rabbit lectures me about religion. But then he goes and delivers clean water to those in need and I have to admire him. Complex dude.

    Bernie and freebies: that’s always the conservative argument that everyone ELSE is a lazy moocher. Never occurs to them that the MOTIVE might be lifting all boats and minimizing suffering. It always has to be some evil motive.

    I don’t mind an argument about the MEANS to the end. It’s the assumption of malicious motive that pisses me off.

  195. It’s the assumption of malicious motive that pisses me off.

    I think your seduced once again, “R.” Or as you call, hopelessly romantic. I don’t question Bernie Sander’s motives – I believe unlike Obama and Hillary, Bernie is honest. But the problem is what he represents.

    I’ve posted this here before, but it bears repeating:

    “Socialism is a wonderful idea. It is only as a reality that it has been disastrous. Among people of every race, color, and creed, all around the world, socialism has led to hunger in countries that used to have surplus food to export…. Nevertheless, for many of those who deal primarily in ideas, socialism remains an attractive idea — in fact, seductive. Its every failure is explained away as due to the inadequacies of particular leaders. ” ― Thomas Sowell

    Venezuela once that a social populist like Bernie the answer. And though not America, it was one of the two or three powers in SA.

    Now, it has to import oil in a country 70% dependent on exporting oil, and it can’t feed its people. People are literally starving in the streets.

  196. The reason bankrupt Flint switched off of bankrupt Detroit’s water is becuase bankrupt Detroit water is so expensive.

    The reason bankrupt Detroit water is so expensive is becuase 60% of the entire city’s population are utterly helpless. I’m talking pets, here. They don’t pay the water bill. Urban reservation.

    The reason both cities are failed 3rd world enclaves is becuase of Rutherford’s religious tears that stream down his face. Liberalism is a disease and it’s misery has surrounded me my entire life. The rage I have towards these people known to protest en masse over a homo wedding cake but not say a word over 8 year old girls getting raped by Muslims…. Well… I am going off track.

    The reason Flint was fucked over is becuase big government always protects itself first. And the reason we should always be skeptical and keep it localized as possible. Big government always fucks you…. Ask a vet. Of course, this is hard to do when liberalism has already destroyed entire cities.

    I live amongst the ruins that should serve as remonders to everyone that Rutherford is an enemy to your children. Maybe Rutherford’s tears can create a sort of aqueduct for the people of Flint.

  197. I also don’t question Sander’s motives. His solutions are disasterous. I might be motivated to stop him, but if I threw a pie in his face at a campaign stop, my solution would be as wrong as his solutions.

    Our small town has had mineral polluted water for over a year. They didn’t tell anyone for a long time. We only heard about it through gossip. I think some people are still drinking the water.

    Our daughter and son in law in Omaha only drink filtered water because they have been told their tap water is bad. Our irony private well water seems to be safer than in many cities.

  198. You’re a good man, rabbit. Rutherford’s tears cannot save Flint because they are salty. His tears would surely kill people as easily as Sanders’ and other progressives’ ideology is killing people.

  199. I live on a farm two miles from the nearest neighbor. Large and small animals are commonplace. One summer, four deer slept the night in our front yard.

    Whenever the moon rises or a train goes by, coyotes yap, and our dog barks at them. A mountain lion wandered across our farm ten years ago.

    A skunk began eating from the cats’ pan, and he lost his fear of us. We could get almost within petting distance, and we named him Albert. Several visitors were ready to run when Albert walked out of our garage door and ambled into the yard. He ate more mice than our cats did.

  200. Maybe that is how the first wolves domesticated themselves. It is also how progressives domesticate people into dependent simpletons. People like Rutherford are more like Albert than they realize.

  201. “Kudos for seeing it for what it is. I don’t find it Maoist nor did I find the Obama situation Maoist. You were a drama queen then and you choose not to be now. Interesting.”


    You truly live in another universe.

  202. “Never occurs to them that the MOTIVE might be lifting all boats and minimizing suffering. It always has to be some evil motive.”

    face palm

    Methinks you should understand the phrase before using it. 😆

  203. DR, I too want to compliment you on your complexity. I mean, ragging Rutherford’s anti-religion and mindless cultism AND doing charitable and benevolent things???

    Wow. What a contradiction.

  204. Thanks Tigre. While I am a seemingly complicated and paradoxical man, an HBO character of sorts, I do enjoy slumming with you vanilla dolts operating on binary code.

  205. Rabbit, you piss excellence. 🙂 You’re a good man. I’m starting to lose my charitable heart, I’m afraid. The Age of Obama changed me. And not for the better. And the reason is, these imbeciles have no one but themselves to blame.

    As Obama once said, elections have consequences. Flint, MI, is a testimony to their consequences.

    Off the subject a little, but has anybody but me noticed these diehard Trumpbots eerily similar to the People’s Temple? I’m not kidding when I’m telling you many of them believe Trump is going to begin to heal the planet.

    Apparently, between Feel the Bern, Hillary Rotten, Obama, and Donald Trump, I estimate 60-70% of this country is certifiable.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day…

  206. Tigre!!! Shame on you for such vindictive!!!

    I mean, ragging Rutherford’s anti-religion and mindless cultism AND doing charitable and benevolent things???

    Rutherford is incredible charitable like most Leftists.

    He votes. 😛

  207. I am sort of a water expert. I have done extensive research and have a lifetime of experience in water quality management. Your bottled water is FAR from pure and safe. The bottled water industry is also as a whole LESS scrutinized and regulated than public water suppliers. Depending how long water is stored in plastic, it can be much more toxic than tap water.

    Many of us remember leaded gasoline. Lead was added to reduce knocking, even though it was known to cause harm to humans. But profit. 😈

  208. I have noticed the Trump fans mentality. They could have been Obama fans in different times. Or they would have followed Jim Jones. Some became Elvis fans.

    Younger generations so worshiped One Direction they made videos begging their heroes to come to their countries.
    They share something with Coast to Coast fans.

  209. I wrote an article about the mental process which gave us the witch craft trials, the 17,000 people men like Robespierrie executed during the French Revolution, and Stalin’s purges. Obama benefited on the tendency of people to behave on emotion and irrationality as Trump and Sanders profit from exuberant emotions now.

    These girls are emotional cousins of many voters in the US.

  210. 😆 Awesome wrestling clip! No different than politics. Trump’s been playing this game his entire life.

    The one direction clip explains why there are so many rapes in Denmark today. Those young girls are apparently asking for it.

  211. “I think it’s perfectly appropriate to rally around Flint,” says Philip Landrigan, a pediatrician and dean for global health at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. “But people need to realize that Flint is not an isolated example and there are places that are even worse. It’s happening all over the country and it’s tightly tied to race, ethnicity and economic circumstances.”

    Then he starts ticking off locations: “Central Harlem. Bushwick. Roxbury in Boston. Baltimore is probably the worst. New Orleans, another city that has lead paint and poorly maintained housing.”

    Unlike Flint, where the source of the lead is drinking water, the cause in most other places is paint and soil. Until 1978 all paint contained lead, and until 1996, when lead was finally banned in gasoline, car fumes mixed with soil, remaining toxic for decades. Young children explore the world by putting it in their mouths, and both paint chips from the floor and dirt from outside play carry the lead into their bodies. The younger the brain, the more vulnerable it is to toxins, and the damage is irreversible — causing such problems as learning disabilities, attention deficits, reduction in IQ and anger-management issues.

    Perhaps the most dramatic illustration of the invisible damage caused by lead is what happens when the element is eliminated. In several studies around the country, Landrigan says, researchers graphed the drop in lead blood levels in a community after lead was banned in gasoline there, and then graphed the murder rate in those same communities 20 years later (when the children in the original graph reached adulthood). “The slope of the decrease was exactly the same,” he says.

    Other studies, he says, have shown that the lead levels in the blood of incarcerated youth are higher than those of non-incarcerated youth from the same neighborhoods.

  212. I offer this as a point of fact kind of thing and in no way an attack upon pools and his source other than what applies as a rant against superficial science and agenda/bias policy wonking.

    In the City of Boston the three neighborhoods with the highest levels of BLL in order are: North Dorchester*,Roxbury/Mission Hill# and East Boston**.

    * North Dorchester is a bit of a misnomer since the community is actually Dorchester with only locally known sub-hoods. What is called North Dorchester is a mixed race area.

    Roxbury/Mission Hill is actually two different neighborhoods. The sub-hoods of Roxbury are less relevant than the fact that Mission Hill is a very grey area that blends multiple sections of the city. ** East Boston has been for most of its history predominantly white with only fairly recent demographic shifts with more hispanics than blacks. The demographics further twist with the whiter areas experiencing gentrification and the minorities marginalized into he public housing and border area. EB borders Chelsea a minority majority city. EB also hosts Logan International Airport and old industry of very toxic history. This further shows that PAINT AIN’T THE PROBLEM!!

    All in all the three areas have some of the highest concentrations of older housing stock,highest inspections and to degree a mixed bag of redevelopment. NOTHING MAKES LEAD MORE DANGEROUS THAN FUCKING WITH IT. Sanding,chipping etc makes lead coat stuff. The myth that kids are eating it like potato chips is nonsense.
    Also as seen with East Boston fuel lead in the soil is the likely culprit.
    That poverty is a key player in property upkeep is almost always ignored in places where liberal want to protect minorities from gentrification and urban renewal schemes. I don’t think viewing lead as an indicator of conspiracy against poor folks is correct.

  213. Flint is indicative of the decay caused by bad policy piled upon bad policy. The Blue Model is especially guilty for the woes of most post industrial/Rust Belt communities. This is a clear and simple truth that is viewed as a racist,heartless kind of thing. It isn’t ! The Blue Model is a broken relic of the 20th Century. A purely Red Model is not the answer in my opinion. American cities can only be saved by “Purple Policies” imo.

  214. rabbit you’re not missing too much. Some of the games have been complete crap hooliganism (Bengals) others have left me wondering “These are the best teams”? ( includes tonights AFC game).
    I also as a rule find the Broncos to be totally unworthy of props so I hope (and am confident that) the NFC kicks the shit out of them.
    I won’t be watching the SB.

  215. You missed a great game, DR.

    When it comes to football I love defense more than offense, so I had a blast today. The fact that it was my team’s defense kicking the living shit out of the asshole Tom Brady and his whiny-ass Patriots made it even better.

    Yeah, I went there

    Broncos might lose the Super Bowl, but that’s still better than not going. The NFL doesn’t give rings for 3rd place. 🙂

  216. I swore off the NBA and NFL about 15 years ago – perhaps its been 20 now. Jimmy Johnson did me in. But I did watch the AFC game yesterday to root against the Pats. Ahhhhh….. 😆

    And I watched two minutes of the Carolina game and the post game garbage waiting for the X-Files.

  217. i was busy and when I had the time,

    I watched “Motel Hell.” An environmentalist-farmer-motel keeper believed the earth had too many people and not enough food, so he found a solution. He killed motel patrons and other unlucky people to be one of the secrete ingredients of his sausage, ham and the rest of his meat business. His operation was lucrative because his meat’s unique taste was almost addictive. He knew he and his family were doing God’s work. The hogs and others were treated humanly and received no chemicals.

    At the end, as he was dying, he said “It was all wasted. I was a hypocrite. I used preservatives.”

  218. I swore off the NBA and NFL about 15 years ago – perhaps its been 20 now.

    It is freeing. And if you’re anything like me, you do not miss it. At. All.

    I gave it up a ways further back, when Landry was still at Dallas. Back then I was a Rams fan. And only reason is because my zodiac sign is the ram and everyone I knew were rabid Cowboy fans. Rabid is a good descriptor for most football fans. The screaming. The highs. The lows. The yelling. The crying. The cursing. Worthless prayers for meaningless purpose. That whole emotional roller coaster that is televised sports. Tradition in the day was falling asleep in front of the teevee with football on after a Thanksgiving day feast.

    I know enough people that are going to be bummed all week because of yesterday’s results.

    Fuck football.

  219. James, since they have discovered human dna in hotdogs, it is possible that sports fans are consuming some of that unique and addictive meat themselves. Hot dogs are considered standard American fare. I have not consumed hot dogs for many years. They were harder for me to give up than football ever was.

  220. Haven’t missed it a bit, Pools. I’d rather watch the Food Channel than an NFL Football game. It’s come down to occasionally watching a game to root against who I perceive to be the bigger bunch of pricks. Jerry Jones would be at the top of that last – truly the Barack Obama of owners.

    I used to loathe Tom Brady. But last year, I softened my stance when Brady stiffed the Useful Idiot for President at the Whitehouse after the Super Bowl celebration. Obviously, Brady has some redeeming qualities. 😈

    As as to watching the NBA? Outta Compton… You couldn’t pay me to watch that chit.

  221. 😆 Celebrity has its moments. Between sports and politics, there hasn’t been a dearth of assholery for decades.

    I occasionally take in a Diamondback or a Suns game. Pretty entertaining when you’re there strictly for entertainment. I could care less who wins, but it sure changes the atmosphere when the local team does win. You can taste it. Collective emotion is a pretty powerful thing.

  222. Since there can be only one winner, I guess it means Alfie and El Tigre have to retire their number jerseys for the rest of the season, while Huck can still wear his for now. 🙂

  223. President Carlos Danger was a certain sentiment about this place once upon a time….man, was that sentiment swept under the rug quickly.

    A real “Up and Comer!”

  224. Chicago cab drivers are in the know.

    Everyone thinks Trump is a joke.
    When Hillary’s voice comes on the radio people ask for radio silence, so to speak.
    The youngins’ feel the Bern.

    Oh and Everybody Hates Raum.

  225. “Fuck you Huck”

    Cuss me all you want, but you’re the one that stepped in dog shit, not me.

    Stating the Broncos are unworthy of props is a ridiculous statement that speaks more about the Patriots, as well as your lack of knowledge about the game, than it does about the Broncos.

    The Patriots are a great organization that has talented players and an outstanding system. But they are terrible in Mile High, and both long-term and short-term history supports that. The Pats came to Denver twice this year and in both meetings came away the loser–and that includes facing a backup QB. Denver ended New England’s win streak, then they ended their season. If the Broncos aren’t worthy of props, then what are the Patriots worthy of?

    The Broncos offense is what is unworthy of props. It is mediocre at best–and even that might be a generous compliment. The team shines on defense. And that defense rocked the shit out of Tom Brady. It knocked him down more times than any time in his career. It sacked him, it hurried him into poor throws (which yielded less than 50% completions), and it picked him off twice. Even a LB picked him off! That D made the entire World Champion offense look like garbage.

    Stat analyses show that this was the toughest defense Brady has ever faced in his entire career. Analysis also puts this Denver defensive squad in the top 10 defenses in the history of the NFL. And you call that unworthy of props?…”c’mon man”

    It’s the Patriots who are really unworthy of props this year. Of their 16 regular season games, the Broncos faced 7 teams that went to the playoffs. So almost 1/2 their year was spent facing top caliber teams. The Patriots faced 3 teams that went to the playoffs. And could still only muster a #2 seed.

    So when I see stuff like “the Broncos are unworthy of props” coming from Patriot fans, I love nothing more than seasoning my meat with the salt of their tears. Because it simply isn’t an accurate statement. All it is is shit talk from poor losers.

    Better luck next year.

  226. Metal does suck and everything you’ve said s bullshit. Listen you pompous fuck you called pats whiney and called out Brady. Statistically Brady is one of the best QBs of all time. The other NFL teams poach the Patriots coaching staff and emulate their style and methods. You concede the the Broncos offense is unworthy of props yet dog me. Again fuck you!

  227. LOL The football trash talk is amusing but James still wins the day suggesting my salty tears would poison Flint. Classic.

    Irony alert: grand jury expected to slap Planned Parenthood slaps undercover video makers instead. Didn’t see that coming.

    Oh by the way; notice how Carly has become an historical (or is it hysterical) footnote? 😊😊😊

  228. Rutherford’s diary entry for yesterday…

    Woke up. Watched Morning Joe. Ate lunch. Watched Andrea Mitchell. Watched The Partridge Family. Ate dinner. Watched Chris Matthews. Wept over a teevee political ad and reflected on my romanticism and evolving views on abortion. Watched Rachel Maddow. Cheered PP and jeered Carly on my blog. Went to bed.

  229. The Pats AND the Broncos are BORRRRINNNNG! The most exciting game all season was already played between Green Bay and Arizona. Fuck all y’all.

  230. Ever wonder what Obama voters find so unbecoming about Hillary?

    Can’t be the lying. Can’t be the contempt for the law. Can’t be Benghazi.

  231. “Ever wonder what Obama voters find so unbecoming about Hillary?

    Can’t be the lying. Can’t be the contempt for the law. Can’t be Benghazi.”

    She’s white.

  232. Debt Up $70,612.91 Per Household in Obama’s First 7 Years

    And that is with record tax flows into the federal tax coffers, c/o capital gains taxes. That is beyond Benghazi, beyond a disaster of a foreign policy, beyond using the IRS as jackboots, etc…

    That number is staggering. And criminal. How would any household head react if Obama walked in and stole 10K from you savings accounts every year? Because that is exactly what Barack Obama has done.

    Could Bernie Sanders do any worse? Could Hillary Clinton do any better with her third Obama term.

    The answer in my mind is NO. It is imperative for the future of the country another Democrat not sit in the White House.

  233. It’s a tough week being a conservative. First the PP Police end up on wrong side of the law and now Oregon freedom fighters get their asses arrested (and one killed).

    Do I understand correctly that Carly roped a bunch of field-trip kids into an ant-abortion photo-op?

    Wow, just wow.

  234. Yeah. Tough. They have to decide whether or not to talk about Hillary’s deserved indictment.

    Now hurry back to your MSNBC. . .

  235. I’m glad you liked my joke, Rutherford.

    Russia may send us a caucus present Monday night. A storm in Russia is due to arrive on Monday night or Tuesday. Computer models show it could be a classic blizzard.

    Today, we have continuous snow cover for 34 days. A lot of it will melt by Monday.

  236. “The Genesee County Drain commissioner at the time went on a jihad…”

    I thought I was reading a serious account until I came to that line. 😆
    ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻
    Holy tap water, batman! Poisoned water in the land of lakes!
    ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻
    Yes, there’s a holy war for pure and unadulterated water. It’s that spiritual struggle we go through religiously to purify our physical bodies and remove all the toxins we acquire from society.
    ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻ ♻

  237. If Hillary is allowed to brazenly operate outside the rule of law…on a Putin like magnitude… I’m endorsing Trump.

    Sure.. He is horrible for the country and full of shit when it comes to the things he magically do…

    But the country is so obviously diseased… I don’t bt give a fuck. I simply want the Don to continue making a mockery of this country (both on purpose and indirectly) becuase this country is deserving of it.

  238. Rutherford’s diary entry for yesterday…

    JoeNBC blocked me. WHY?? I’m just going to pretend I don’t care.

    Mrs. Chrissy Hayes.
    Mr. & Mrs. Chrissy Hayes
    Mrs. Rutherford Hayes
    Ms. Lawson-Hayes

    Mr. and Mrs. Chrissy Lawson-Hayes
    Cambridge, Mass.

  239. I told you Peppa Pig is one of the most successful UK businesses catering to toddlers. It makes about a billion dollars a year.

    It is our grand daughter’s favorite shows. This one illustrates the hyprocricy and blindness of too many of our leaders, especially, Obama, Hillary and Kerry. I would force them to watch this show until their ears bled.

  240. McDonald’s is also perfecting robotic food prep/handlers. I can’t remember how many years it has been since I ate anything peddled beneath those golden arches. Probably a road trip some years back.

    I worked for them my senior year in high school, ’74 to ’75. Back then minimum wage was somewhere around 1.65 to 2 dollar range. They only gave full-time employees 38 hours per week (or less) and only a 15 minute break for lunch. We paid half price for what they call food. I became addicted to the quarter pounders with cheese and was for years after I quit.

    I was trained to dress the sandwiches. It was fairly mechanized fast food back then. I also did a summer at Burger King, but never became addicted to any of their crap. My clothes always smelled like the food and the fryers. That smell today still makes me nauseous.

    McDonald’s sales have been declining in recent years. Those protesters are basically speeding up their own demise. 8 bucks an hour is gonna sound pretty good compared to zip. 🙂

    Is there anything redeemable in this society? Help me out. I am having a difficult time seeing it.

  241. Well…not to be dramatic but that respitory infection I said I couldnt shake might be on my fucking heart. Viral myocarditis.

    Nothing confirmed yet. So hopefully nothing.

    Ive beem hacking my lungs up since Christmas.

    Shit like this wakes one up a bit. I fear nothing but leaving my kids before they grow up.

  242. That will indeed wake you up, Rabbit. Report back and let us know. You’re young and strong, but in the elderly, it’s often deadly. Seen a cardiologist for a once over?

  243. Get over it, Rutherford. You are a mist that appears for a little while then vanishes. Life is too short to spend any of it depressed. We all expire in this mortal plane. At least these mentioned have done something with their talent and they have lived well into adulthood. They have produced tangible fruit we all continue to enjoy. And will for generations, if we can get rid of these psychopaths in control.

    Life is all about the new ones coming up. Our replacements. We are supposed to be about making this a better place for them. It isn’t supposed to be about us. This new generation will be better equipped to deal with today and can hopefully build upon whatever solid foundation we leave to them. But let’s give them a chance. Let us teach them truth about this place and how to care for their organic bodies. Let’s teach them to care for themselves, others, and their planet.

    And while we are on the topic, this should increase the anger and cause folks to string up some of their worthless city officials…

    Adding insult to injury, newly released emails show that while the public was kept in the dark about the poisoning of Flint, Michigan, drinking water, government officials were provided with bottled water for ten months prior to when the scandal broke.

    And because satire matters…

    Onion staffers may think twice before they produce more stories like Hillary Clinton Tries To Woo Voters By Rescinding Candidacy, Hillary Clinton To Nation: ‘Do Not Fuck This Up For Me,’ Hillary Clinton: The Merciless, Unrelenting March To The Presidency, or the signed Hillary Clinton editorial titled I’m Weighing Whether Or Not I Want To Go Through The Hell Of Appealing To You Idiotic, Uninformed Oafs.

    Many news outlets covered Univision Communications’ purchase last week of a stake in The Onion, the world’s leading news publication. According to NPR, Univision bought a 40 percent controlling interest in the company, and also acquired the option to buy the remainder of The Onion in the future.

    But what’s gotten no attention at all is that Haim Saban, Hillary Clinton’s biggest fan and financial supporter, is Univision’s co-owner, chairman, and CEO. Saban and his wife, Cheryl, are Hillary Clinton’s top financial backers, having given $2,046,600 to support her political campaigns and at least $10 million more to the Clinton Foundation, on whose board Cheryl Saban sits. The Sabans are also generous supporters of the overall Democratic Party infrastructure, donating, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a total of $16.1 million since 1989 to Democratic and liberal candidates, party committees, leadership PACs, and federally focused 527s.

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) was the featured speaker at the dedication of the Saban Research Institute today, June 29, 2003 in Hollywood, California. She joined Cheryl and Haim Saban who made a $40 million contribution to support and stimulate pediatric medical research at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The donation is believed to be the largest single gift of its kind to a children’s hospital in North America. (Photo by Bob Riha Jr/WireImage) Hillary Clinton at Saban Research Institute with Cheryl and Haim Saban in 2003. Photo: Bob Riha Jr/WireImageSaban badly wants Hillary Clinton to be elected president this year,

  244. Yeah… Those stop in urgent care places are not worth going to. Fucked up EKG and made it look like I have heart problems (the P thing on the chart was non existent).

    With my horrible cough, my psoriasis flare up, history of lupus killing my grand mother, rheumatoid wrecking my other grand mother….the stars were all aligned.

    Turns out I’m fine (minus nasty Bronchitis) . My immune system is not attacking my lungs nor is my heart infected. Had to go to U of M to get this all confirmed.

  245. Didn’t miss ‘The Donald’ a bit…but I have grown tired of the FOX act. Decided when this election is said and done, it will be easy to turn the FOX talking heads off for good. Kelly and Wallace have become insufferable.

  246. I grew up with Dick Clark, and saw this show in our day room when I was a laughable “SAC trained killer.” We were going to live forever, but now, we are dying one by one.

    I told you I have emotionally disengaged from the political race because unless single women and minorities forget to vote, little of this matters. They support Hillary by a wide margin.
    It was nice to hear part of a debate without Trump.

    Our grand daughter provides meaning. She is supposed to be developmentally two or three years behind and she should be having seizures or other problems. However, for now, her cylinders are firing well. Yesterday, she wanted to take a couple of naps during the day when she only takes one. She still likes her water bottle but her parents have banned it except for night and nap times,

    I told her I was the only one who had figured it out. “I know what you are doing. You are taking naps so you can drink from your night time bottle. She looked at me, gave me a little look and burst out laughing. I said “I know what you are doing, you little scalewag.” She laughed even harder.

    Later, before we drove home last night my wife and I left to get take out food. Our grand daughter said “I want to go with you.” I said we would have to ask her mother. She ran for the kitchen and said in a pitiful tone ” I want to go with them.”
    My wife said “It is too short a trip for apple juice.” Our grand daughter said nothing. She turned about face and ran back to her toys in the dining room.

    I’m glad your health is not as bad as you thought, rabbit. Is your bronchitis improving?

  247. To my mind, the Dutch band Shocking Blue and Jefferson Airplane were mirror images of each other. Grace Slick and Mariska Veres both had dynamic stage presence, and both enjoyed long careers. While Grace is now an old retired woman who paints, Mariska died of cancer around 2006. Chemotherapy had taken a toll, but she sang “Venus” on national television shortly before she died.

    Another old guy, Brian Wilson will sing in Omaha next July. He will perform Pet Sounds. His intent was to create a wall of sound. The Beach Boys have a connection with Omaha. They sang here when they were still in high

  248. MSNBC coverage of the Republican debate immediately afterwards was like watching the History Channel 100 years from now talking about the rise of the Leftzi Party in America.

  249. Super busy can be good, Huck. Take care of your business. We can pretty much entertain ourselves.

    The political circus will still be performing whenever you get back to it. At this point it seems to be functioning under its own mo men tum. The latest clown acts have kept viewers in lively debate. Giving life to the lifeless. Certainly the globe will suspend all other matters of importance while we entertain and rate our celebrities. This gig has to last all season, so expect a few new clown acts to be added to incite/excite the regulars.

    Brother Nate weighs in on current events from his perspective.

  250. Every time I see Grace Slick, immediately White Rabbit pops into my head. I saw Jefferson Airplane when I was a kid as backup to Journey. And neither of those groups sounded anywhere near as good live as they did on recording.

    I think Grace Slick was stoned out of her mind…I just looked her up and she’s older than my mother. LOL

  251. Grace Slick is so old she is older than I am. She wrote “White Rabbit” and co wrote “Somebody to Love” with her brother in law. I think as you hinted she was stoned or drunk through much of her early career.

    Mariska Veres whom I think was arguably Grace’s counter part was basically sober. She was half gypsy. The two band personalities shared some similarities. Shocking Blue also sang some of Jefferson Airplane’s songs. Mariska died in 2006 at age 59.

  252. This film literally left me in splits..Phew!! great review btw.Keep them coming

    And if you could spare some time please check out my blog as well.i review movies too.Thankx

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