Heavy Metal Terror

Friday, November 13, 2015, marked yet another day of tragedy as Islamic extremists from the self-proclaimed Islamic State used AK-47s and suicide bombs in a series of coordinated attacks on Paris, France.  Six sites were hit throughout the city, with the worst being the Bataclan Theater, where the capacity crowd of 1500 were held hostage and 89 people were killed during a concert by the California band Eagles of Death Metal.

Contrary to the band’s name, Eagles of Death Metal are not a death metal band.  In fact, they are not even classified as heavy metal.  But that does not mean that the heavy metal world has not reacted to the band’s loss, to the Paris attacks, or to terrorism, in general.

Rock & roll has been vilified as marking the downfall of civilization since before the term was coined by Cleveland DJ Alan Freed in 1951.  It’s lyrics, driving beats, and decibel levels seemingly make people lose all control over mind and body; it’s listeners seen as rebellious, insurrectious youths–and worse.  And rock’s evolution into hard rock, heavy metal, and its many sub-genres is certainly no exception.  However, the people who listen to, and perform, heavy metal music have the same hopes, concerns, fears, and joys as anyone else.  And when it come to terrorism they react in a variety of ways, just like anyone else.

Immediately following the Paris attacks, many in the hard rock and heavy metal world did what many others throughout the world did–took to Twitter to voice their concerns.  The Australian band AC/DC tweeted “We mourn this tragic loss of life and stand with the world to salute your joie de vivre. Paix.”, Slipknot singer, Corey Taylor, sent “love and thoughts to the French people” and expressed the hope that “justice is done for those who died & those who were hurt”, and Anthrax guitarist, Scott Ian, simply told everyone to “Kiss your kids, hug your partner and hope somebody somewhere has a plan.”  Others expressed anger, calling the attacks “sick”, “cowardly”, and “appalling”.  And others, still, noted that they, too, take the stage every night, and an attack like this reminds them of their vulnerability–and hoped the band and their crew in Paris were safe.  Of course, we later discovered they were not, as news of Eagles of Death Metal merchandise salesman, Nick Alexander’s death was later confirmed.  Eagles of Death Metal eventually made their own statement, expressing their grief, thanking authorities, and reminding the world that “love overshadows evil”.

Heavy metal bands were similarly affected by the tragic attacks of 9/11, which are reflected in their songs and in their actions.  Like what they have to say, or not–heavy metal artists are rarely at a loss for words.  Perhaps one of the most profound reactions to that event came from the American power-metal band, Iced Earth, and its singer, Matt Barlow.  Following the Sept. 2001 attacks, Barlow took stock of his life and left the successful band the following year to get a criminal justice degree and became a Georgetown, Delaware police officer, before eventually returning to the heavy metal stage in 2007.  With a new frontman, the band released its 2004 world history-themed CD, The Glorious Burden, which featured songs such as the US National Anthem, “When the Eagle Cries“, and “The Reckoning”, which warns our enemies that “justice shall be done, nowhere to run.”

As authorities investigated and arrested suspects in the days following the Paris attacks, many heavy metal bands currently touring throughout Europe practiced the entertainer’s mantra of “the show must go on”.  And as investigations turned up more planned attacks against European targets, and ISIS statement claiming the attacks marked the Bataclan concert-goers as “apostates“, and warned of future attacks, several shows did, indeed, go on.  Some shows, however, did not.  Heavy metal acts, such as Motorhead, Marilyn Manson, and Papa Roach, canceled Paris shows that had been scheduled for days after the attacks.  Similarly, other bands, such as Five Finger Death Punch, cancelled shows scheduled for others cities in France.

But as the days moved forward and touring bands moved on to their next gigs, some resurgence of relative normalcy did happen.  Motorhead moved on to Germany, playing shows throughout the country. In Dusseldorf, the band’s classic song, “Bomber”, seemed to have a new and special resonance with the crowd, as air raid sirens preceded lines like “we shoot to kill, and you know we always will. It’s a bomber, it’s a bomber!” as a metal-framed bomber adorned with pulsating lights and a French flag “flew” above the stage.

However, at least one other heavy metal band felt compelled to completely cancel the remainder of its European tour.  The American band, Lamb of God played shows in Ireland and Germany in the days following the Paris attacks.  But on Nov. 18, citing security concerns that have yet to be made specific, the band and its touring guest, Children of Bodom, canceled its Tillburg, Holland show just moments before the doors were set to open.  Reaction from the band’s usually-loyal following has been mixed, with some showing support for the band’s decision, while others expressing sentiments, such as “the terrorists have won”.  In an official statement from the band’s singer, Randy Blythe, his immediate reaction to the threat was that he did not wish to put anyone, including the band or the fans in harms way, which was succinctly stated as “fuck this, I am done here“, and that the band did not wish to play “terror alert hopscotch through Europe right now just to play a few heavy metal concerts”.  He says he hopes people will understand–but, in typical heavy metal fashion, exclaims that he doesn’t much care if they don’t.

Heavy metal songwriters tend to pen lyrics that reflect the darkness that society encounters, so time will tell if the Paris attacks of Friday the 13th will leave a lasting impression upon the heavy metal world, as the New York City attacks of 9/11 did.  On the more mellowed side of rock, UK fans of Eagles of Death Metal launched a campaign to send the band’s Duran, Duran cover of “Save a Prayer” to the top of the charts, with the original artists vowing that any proceeds it gets from the cover will be donated to charity.  As each individual in our chaotic world tries to move on from these latest atrocities, the idea of saving a prayer for those not alive to move on seems an appropriate response for now.

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  1. Nice write up.

    I went to MSNBC.com a minute ago and saw the following two headlines on the top of the page:

    “Fear-mongering puts the GOP in a bind”

    “State department issues world wide travel alert”

    Rutherford’s tweeting: “Obama’s message to Americans is “calm the fuck down”. He’s right. Take his advice @JoeNBC”

    Didn’t the administration just tell us to not listen to the things but gage them by their actions?

    Calm the fuck down. Dont fear monger. All of this is really saying dont question Barry. Calm the fuck down means move along, nothing to see here.

    Thing about terrorism is it’s all about blowing up the polis, as the Greeks liked to say. Shared experiences as a community. Concerts. Mass transit.

    Obviously, most of this revolves around getting the most bang for the buck in terms of casualties. But another part of it is making it harder to do things as a people.

    Rutherford and the left are an apologists for Obama. However, its now impossible. You can’t finger wag the GOP for fear mongering while the State Department is telling us to not travel…. Anywhere.

  2. Thanks for a new post, Huck. That’s about all the nice I can say, since I don’t agree with the sum of your word pile. 🙂 I’ll project a critique into the ether. Really though, nice job. 😉

  3. Nothing like getting to the fourth comment to go off kilter, but I thought about Bro. Rabbit tonight.

    I finished my new floor Sunday with one task left beside some caulk and touch up. That is, I had to reinstall the toilet – one of the nastier, more thankless jobs on earth. Besides crawling underneath a house to fix a broken feed to the sewer, this is the only time I don’t find plumbing bills one of the biggest ripoffs on earth. That’s why I do practically everything myself. If I had to do this again, I would have paid up.

    Thankfully, I couldn’t find parts to repair the old toilet and talked my wife into letting me buy a new toilet. Easy peasy install – except one little thing.

    I had already bought the water line feed after installing a new shut off valve. And I had a new 15 year wax ring sitting on the new flange which then got tossed in the trash. I got the toilet installed after I had to once again peel something I bought which went directly into the trash can, started to hook up the water feed, and realized this toilet is four damn inches taller than the old one. 😡 A damn toilet isn’t worth much without water.

    My wife took such pity, she actually went to Home Depot and bought me another $5 connector. 🙂

    P.S. – I will forewarn any of you DIY guys. And you’ll laugh at this at my expense.

    I’ve got a really nice compound, sliding miter saw. It was not cheap. This plank installed has aluminum oxide in it – there’s definitely a thin gauge metal of some sort as one of the layers. I cut, hammered, ripped, jigged dozens of boards. I was in a big hurry to have this done before Thanksgiving or have my wife hand my ass back to me.

    I set my catch bag on my miter saw on fire. I chit you not. Set the damn bag on fire. About all that was left was the zipper by the time I got it off. 😆

  4. Poolman, I am curious. Is your disagreement with the piece’s premise of Islamic terrorism in Paris and NYC or is it pointed toward the heavy metal responses to it? And if the latter, how so?

  5. Huck, a few things.

    I read a piece the other day by Katherine Frisk on VT that put a biblical spin on the recent attacks and the way things are shaping out globally with the varying sides forming where they are in the ME. It had to do with Armageddon and the Golan Heights. The terrorists that attacked were trained (supposedly) on the Golan Heights and have spent the last 6 months living in France . I am still chewing on some of that and a few other sources that see things a little differently. In spite of what some have said, I do believe innocent people really were murdered, but I do not agree as to who did all the killing.

    Either way, the official narrative is a lie and its evolving version is trying to cover the many flaws while twisting known facts. You seem to accept things on face value as the news dispenses it and government speakers narrate.

    There was a drill for this very event that morning, so thoughts that is wasn’t allowed to go live… well, there is just too much in this agenda driven event to consider it anything but a staged event to get France in the campaign of terror. France’s nine eleven it is already been called and their government’s excuse to rally support for a war they had no interest in being part of. They are already bombing the shit out of Syria, well, because. Revenge, or some bs. The media told us who to blame.

    Even the pr department of ISIS has been churning out enough propaganda to lure anyone into a fight. How could anyone resist bombing the shit out of them? The whole ISIS campaign makes no sense to someone with critical thinking. How is it advancing Islam? It isn’t and Muslims are suffering as well as Christians and Jews. FOI documents released prove we made ISIS in 2012. There is no longer any question.

    As for the concert, the hall was sold this year on September eleven to a Rothschild company.

    The event at the concert was a satanic ritualistic murder of 89 people. The music industry is one of satanic sellouts who perform magick ritual in video and live performance. This band is only one the latest to offer itself and whatever fresh blood it can attract for temporary riches and fame. Sad really. Fifteen hundred collective souls singing kiss the devil in unison. Of course they raised hell.

    So I believe the sentiment fake and the real demon. I think you believe the sentiment real and the demon part fake. I believe it is easier to wrap your mind around flesh and blood Islamic extremists.

  6. While I did just read an old and convincing article today talking about those very FOI docs from 2012, you lose me with the devil worship stuff, which speaks loudly to my 3rd paragraph.

    Thank you for the reply.

  7. Poolman, I didn’t realize there is somebody actually running this year that appears to follow your lead, your thoughts, and your philosophy.

    Why have we not heard more about this guy?

  8. Most don’t accept the satanic part, Huck. They believe like you do, thinking it all just part of an innocent act. That these folks are normal and ordinary and hold the same family values as you or I is false and part of their deception. It is a massive illusion that is painstakingly maintained. It anyone goes off the farm they are hunted and dealt with.

    Secret societies and the leaders in society have all been very involved in occult practices that include human sacrifice for millennia. Symbols and numerology are very important to these cults with specific dates and times holding special significance. Most of the masses participate without even knowing the power over them. Nothing at the core has changed, though the surface is ever changing.

    EoMD Lead singer had to sell his soul for rock and roll.

    Not the first time we have heard it. The intertubes hold interviews of Katy Perry and Bob Dylan making the same claim. They are sellouts and have to be to be part of it. Success in this realm has a price, and more are willing to pay it forward.

  9. Lol. Yep. That’s my candidate! He was my second choice behind Ron Paul last election. I posted a campaign vid. You don’t remember? 😆 I am glad he is still campaigning. Maybe I DO have a dog in the race after all. 🙂

  10. I like the post Huck. Poolman wrote that success in this medium has a price. It has little to do literally selling one’s soul to the Devil, or course. It requires some talent, an obscession and luck.

    A young NASCAR driver exhibits such devotion. He left home at age 15 to live with a racing family to learn his skills.

    Macy Kate is a young Christian who sacrificed her life for potential stardom. She works eight to ten hours per day and exchanged high
    school for a tutor.

    She recorded Radioactive by a band with strong Mormon connections, and it helped get her noticed.

    Youtube is filled with such people who are willing to sacrifice their lives to become stars.

    She was 14 when she recorded this song. None of her band was old enough for a drivers license.

  11. http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/23/politics/paris-attacks-us-intel-bulletin/index.html

    But….. Rutherford is echoing what he heard Prez Hussein said:

    “#POTUS is right. No “mastermind” in Paris. Just a sick fuck who got more suicidal sickos to help him.”

    Now I am confused.

    I think we all know why Rutherford and his little deity prez is quick to categorize the attack in France as almost a bad weather event.

    Sure…. No government can stop all these kind of attacks. But man would the administration like to absolve itself from even categorizing the attack as a setback.
    (Their term, not mine).

    Leave to good old Rutherford. As the JV team wreaks havoc on the world, he’s hiding behind twitter shooting off “the POTUS is right” zingers.

    He blogs from behind….

  12. Tigre as usual you miss the point and are also stupid and racist. The term “mastermind” is objectionable. We prefer “hostmind.”

  13. You earned your privilege, El Tigre. Obama and the other leftists took privilege they don’t deserve. They deserve all of the micro aggression we give them. Thugs, Mastermind, hard work, yogi, etc

  14. “Obama just said the UN Climate Conference will be a “powerful rebuke to terrorists.””

    Are they going to get jobs at the conference?

  15. “I suspect history will treat him kindly – especially his “calm the fuck down” approach to Paris”- Rutherford Lawson

    Holy shit… Rutherford will go down to the bitter end in a form of denial that we see maybe in a cult member or Hitler’s down fall bunker.

    What a desperate man completely out of touch with the world. Thank God he only gets hoodwinked by corny webinars and not more nefarious scams…..dude is a mark.

    Yup… As the world is breaking down into 1914 anarchy stemming from undisputed failed Obama foriegn policy, historians will one day wax on favorably to Obama’s “calm the fuck down” approach to the Paris attacks.

    Face palm.

    If it wasn’t a nightmare of epic proportions, it would be a bad SNL skit.

  16. Future historians will be unkind to Obama, but they will also heap scorn on the fools who put him into office. That is assuming the left hasn’t set events into motion which will kill us all.

  17. Betsys Page links to a good article about why Belgium has a problem with radical Muslims. It evolved with attitudes similar to our domestic leftists. Cats will do the trick.

    The regime has possibly been altering intelligence information and even mission reports to make ISIS look weaker than it is.

    Thor apollogized for helping inflict this un- American interloper onto us, but Rutherford never did.

  18. Man…. I’ve watched the McDonald video three times. That was no execution. He clearly isnt complying while keeping his hand in bs pocket.

    I don’t have the expertise to say if he should have been shot or not. But Murder?

  19. “I suspect history will treat him kindly – especially his “calm the fuck down” approach to Paris”- Rutherford Lawson

    Oh well. He suspected the Republican Party would go the way of the Whigs after he cloyingly warned us after Barack’s big victory too.

    Since then, Barack Obama has managed over losing 70 Democratic Congress seats, 14 Democratic Senate Seats, and over 900 Democratic State seats while President.

    I suspect if liberals ever figure out how innumerate they are, they won’t be thinking kindly of the Sham for President who helped destroy the Democratic Party for a generation.

    Rutherford is a lot of things. Perceptive isn’t one of them. 😈

  20. Mainstream media, with its exceptional reach, is able to mold the public’s first impression of any global event thereby establishing the ‘official story,’ the one that is repeated again and again during the first moments of a crisis. They capitalize on the immediate shock value of an act of extraordinary violence or unrest to mold public perception into conformity with a narrative that will become the abiding fiction by which any further substantive investigation of the event must be measured against.


  21. And on this side of the pond we have our own form of terror – the reinvention of history

    If Woodrow Wilson’s name is removed from Princeton University what stops the removal of the name of George Washington who owned slaves from the District of Columbia. We might as well rename buildings, road and monuments A-Z since slavery has tainted us all.

  22. “Since then, Barack Obama has managed over losing 70 Democratic Congress seats, 14 Democratic Senate Seats, and over 900 Democratic State seats while President.”

    Tex, Rutherford told us that we were not ready for a black president. That’s all that business is.

  23. No statues of Jefferson. But also no taking part in anything that’s not rooted in America like yoga or a taco bar.

    Sit down. Look down. Don’t speak unless told to repeat something from your fascist betters.

  24. From a quick review of the Chicago shoot I thought it was a clean shoot other than the number. If the one cop put in 16 rounds thats an issue. Clearly the kid was qualified to get shot.

  25. Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy the family time. Enjoy,embrace any blessings you have and by all means be safe if your day finds you on the roads.

  26. Hey Muffy? Seen the last Hunger Games yet? If so or when you do, I’ve got a question. I’m confused about Gale and Katniss’ relationship toward the end. Either I slept while I read through that part of the book, or I misunderstood the status of the relationship.

    In case you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to provide any spoilers. Be curious what you thought.

  27. I see that Dear Leader Obama has announced there are no credible threats of terrorism in America during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

    If Dear Leader’s track record of assurance is any indicator, we should all go into hiding. 🙂

  28. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We are in the beginning stages of an ice storm. Omaha still has cold rain, but the freezing rain appears to be ready to mix with or change to sleet. If we get a little ice, I’m taking our grand daughter to the back yard for sledding.

    Poolman’s quote is right. The press helped give us Obama.

  29. Leave it to Donald Sutherland to skip over his own character is very much like BARACK OBAMA, and President Coin very much like HILLARY CLINTON. 😈

    But Sutherland was right about one thing. Barack Obama will leave you dead.

    Happy Thanksgiving, gang.

  30. “Hey Muffy? Seen the last Hunger Games yet? If so or when you do, I’ve got a question. I’m confused about Gale and Katniss’ relationship toward the end. Either I slept while I read through that part of the book, or I misunderstood the status of the relationship.

    In case you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to provide any spoilers. Be curious what you thought.”

    I haven’t seen it yet Tex. I hope they didn’t change the ending for the movie. I thought the book ending could not have been more perfect, and I didn’t see it coming. As far as Gale & Katniss – what I remember from the book was that their relationship was complicated and took a dull turn for the worse after the explosion that killed ****, the origin of which Katniss could not be sure.

    You can just say yes or no if they changed the ending for the movie and it wouldn’t spoil anything. I plan on seeing it this weekend, unless Everest is still playing somewhere. Seen that one? I’m afraid of motion sickness but it must be seen.

    My winter break reading list includes The Secret History which I started yesterday and The Interpretation of Dreams (Freud.) Don’t tease me about that one because I’ll be very easily dissuaded and I really do want to read as much of it as I can tolerate. Throw any other recommendations my way, will you? That goes for the rest of you.


    In rereading what I wrote probably just spoiled the ending of a trilogy – three times as bad as spoiling a single book. Oh well, I did try not to.



  32. A while back – roughly two, three years ago – I was chatting with a black woman maybe in her fifties, who said that the police were doing all the murders in the hood. I listened and probably even nodded but obviously I didn’t think that was a likely explanation for the staggering Chicago violent death tolls. She did though and she wasn’t nutty or a powderkeg or anything like that.

    That police officer shouldn’t have been on the force. Between him and others like him, and non-compliance of young black people doing precisely what they’re actively learning to do – we’ll never see the end of these and worse is yet to come.

  33. Comey may be sane and I don’t know who the women to the far right is but security is not the first word that leaps to mind here.

  34. Been watching MSNBC do everything their power to whip up the Chicago shooting into riots. So funny how obvious the political/election motivation.

  35. “Throw any other recommendations my way, will you?”

    One of my favorites is “Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig”, by Jonathan Eig.

    Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours.

  36. Not changed, Muffy, but it is pretty incomplete IMO. One question – was Gale in on the devious plan by President Coin? I still can’t tell from the movie and I couldn’t remember what the book insinuated.

    Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I’m so stuffed, I feel numb.

    Man caught trying to snatch shopper’s child at WALMART…

    Yes We Can! The Era of Obama. 😈

  38. I’ve said this before, but Black Friday has become a tradition for me, as well.

    Every year I take inventory of my ammo, clean my guns and usually add a piece to my arsenal.

    Today serves as a great reminder of the mob’s dangerous potential.

    How people will fight little kids over a vegatable steamer and how we all must be prepared to deal with this mob if they ever tread on our families as they have my parents and grand parents before me.

    MSNBC uses the mob. Wallmart uses the mob. The DNC uses the mob. The intellectual campus left uses the mob. Hell…. Trump could too.

    They are a real threat.

    This year, a new SCAR rifle now completes my gun safe.

    Tis’ the season.

  39. America is a circus. This is what society looks like after decades of relentless marketing glorifying consumerism. This is the dream, team. We’re bathing in that exceptionalism. 😆

    I heard one guy waited 10 days in the cold for 5 teevees. Winner or loser? 🙂

  40. Scott put together a good timely article I think worth a read. I put the link below.

    Chilly day here today. Clear sky and 35 when the sun came up. That Jewel and the Gang was pretty good, James. My old disco bones came back to life. 😆

    I sometimes follow the daily snews feed to see what they are chumming. I noticed today the latest shooter has three names. I’m certain that common theme is purely coincidental and in no way a mindfuck…


  41. I’m glad you liked it Poolman. We arrived home just before the song came on.
    I just came in from skiing on an inch of snow and half inch of sleet. The last in our series fo storms may drop 8 to 12 inches of snow somewhere around here with freezing rain and sleet south of that. Any one of these regimes could hit us. I may stay home while my wife drives to Omaha tomorrow ahead of the storm if it continues to materialize.

    That ISIS oil is probably also going to Turkey and parts of Europe. Thanks linking to the article. I will check it again.

  42. Thought I was back in the late 70s there for a minute, James. 🙂 That was entertaining.

    Damn good thing it was in the mid to high 30s the last two days here – truly grotesque weather. Nothing like buying a tree in the mud, 37 degrees, pouring down rain.

    I wonder how much snow 4.5″ of rain would produce? 😯 My baby girl drives back tomorrow to KC. I don’t need her driving in three feet of snow. Wife drives back Monday. She then flies to Pittsburgh to drive back with my daughter to Tulsa next weekend with Cody the Lab. Would not take no for an answer with a dog and pregnant daughter. Hope the weather holds in Rabbit’s neck of the woods.

  43. Tex, with a normal ten to one water ratio, 4.5 inches of rain could be 45 inches of snow. It could also be much more or less depending on the amount of water in the snow We have had four inches of snow from .05 moisture.. Kansas City should have rain or drizzle tomorrow and on Monday, rain will fall. She could see a heap of snow and ice up the interstate toward our home. Winter storm warnings go all the way north through Dakota and parts of Minnesota.

    This is the last in a family of storms dating back to Veterans Day or so. It should be drier and mild after this storm passes.

  44. By the way, Rutherford. I have been negligent in telling you this. You may not be actively participating here much anymore. But your lack of presence is noted. It’s not nearly as fun without you, irrespective that your a blockhead. 🙂

    And since I worry about your health and your soul, I wanted you to know I was thinking about you during this Thanksgiving season and hoping life finds you and yours well.

    That goes for the rest of you schmuckos too. 😉


    The writer insinuated that he knew, Tex, but we were left hanging. Deliberately I assumed, unless I missed it too. I got out of it that it was the whole joy and sorrow blend that makes the best endings.

    Those cartoons were funny, btw, and very true. I read through them all and am left with the “glad I’m not the only one” comfort that we’re all suffering this fool together. One more year of him. Every time he opens his mouth I want to say with as much boredom and condescension as I can muster in my voice, “just shuuuudddduuuuuup.”

  46. No problem, Muffy. I admit, being a baseball fan and lover of history, the book has pretty easy appeal to me. But it’s also the story of a virile man who maintains his dignity and inner strength while he watches his physical body quickly decline. It’s a sad story, but one that I like to reflect on to maintain perspective on things.

  47. “while he watches his physical body quickly decline.” Its happening to all of us, just at different speeds.

    What if Obama finds a pretext to stay, at least behind the curtain?

  48. “You’re running for president of the United States. Your words matter. Truthfulness matters. Fact-based stuff matters.” -Chuck Todd

    Come on now.

  49. I think Rutherford has put a hex on me from Twitterville. Speaking of the proverbial Murphy’s Law living up to its billing…

    Friday afternoon while the wife and kid were away, I finished up my carpentry work installing quarter round, filling nail holes, painting the trim around all the rooms. Looked pretty damn good around the new floor.

    Two hours later, I pushed the start button on the dishwasher and the POS broke. It can’t be more than 3 or 4 years old I then had to drag the POS out from underneath the cabinet across a new floor, in the recognition the specially cut board stands a Rutherford chance in hell of fitting properly.

    Oh, and did I mention the new dishwasher is 1/4″ taller when the old one had to be stomped to come out. Grrr….So out comes all the whittling tools to enlarge the hole that I just painted around.

    I hate houses… 😡 😡 😡

  50. 😆 That is rich, Tex! 😆 Reminds me, I need to get up and wash the dishes. Fear not. I won’t post any pics, so just imagine how Rutherford it looks right now. Only difference, my stove is black. 🙂

  51. If Obama’s theft and waste was so bad during his American stimulus … Can you imagine the corruption if they are able to steal money from us and enrich 3rd world green scams?

    That money will actually get alot of people killed and make a whole bunch of evil happy.

    What a powerful rebuke to ISIS.

  52. How insane must these schmoes be to consider a global warming fraud summit a powerful rebuke to the head loppers? ** GUFFAW ** You honestly cannot make this kind of crap up.

    Remember when Barack Obama was considered so brilliant? When men like Rutherford swooned over the arrogance of “this is the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

    These political opponents of mine are both delusional and stupid. This feckless Pope isn’t two steps behind Obama caught up in the malady of idiocy. World headed toward ‘suicide’ if no climate agreement…

    Un FRICKING believable.

  53. The sun is going to sleep, according to some scientists. The effect is a possible decade long ice age in a few years. The Mauder Minimum caused The Little Ice Age. Obama and his allies care more about the power and money at stake, and Obama also thinks this agreement will enhance his legacy.

    We had a half inch of sleet and freezing rain followed by six inches of snow today.

  54. Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured… but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.”

    Now add this, “Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens.”

    Ben Stein

  55. Consider this hypocrisy too. Links to Betsy’s page show studies agree the proposed climate treaty will not change anything. It is a vanity negotiation designed among other things to burnish Obama’s legacy. The left tells us anti Planned Parenthood verbage caused the shooting but they ignore the anti- police statements and other inflamatory language directed at others considered to be the left’s enemies.They don’t care about the dead. They care more about abolishing our freedom of speech.

  56. With all the bogus campaigns we are currently waging, this global climate change seems the most ridiculous. Just another excuse to tax and regulate. That the world goes along with these antics testifies to the power witchcraft has over the masses.

    Thankfully I no longer believe politics or corporate snews.

    I’ve also decided the latest attack against planned parenthood is more pr that truth. The guy has the same lawyer as the Aurora patsy. The narrative utterly ridiculous. Nothing the teevee broadcasts is real. The supposed witnesses are fake, leading me to believe it was a staged event. I think the left wing of the mob wanted to reestablish a balance of support for the abortion cause after the pr devastation the various baby parts videos created. Everything thrown to us is a political ploy to keep us fighting among ourselves rather than focusing our energy collectively against the source of our frustration.

  57. I did something today I haven’t done in quite some time. Waste an entire afternoon mocking a swarm of Leftist maggots, roaches, and parasites on the Media board. I had forgotten since Rutherford has grown numb to the punishment, just how good it feels to send the malcontents into apoplexy. My inbox has been totally flooded with veiled threats all afternoon. Almost orgasmic.

  58. General Dunford contradicted Obama that IsIS is contained. Obama;s former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency said that the White House ignored reports forecasting the rise of ISIS in 2011 and 2012 because” they didn’t fit the re-election narrative.”

    Obama suggested Turkey build a wall to end the influx of ISIS fighters from Turkey to and Iraq. A Turkish official told the Wall Street Journal that it was ironic that Obama would suggest such a thing when the US is unable to control its own borders.

    Obama’s actions are no different than the Democrats’ Slow Bleed strategy to get more of our troops and allies killed to win an election. They are by intent or not, traitors . As Sarah Palin said in West Virginia when she was happy to be among true Americans. These people are not traditional Americans.

    They are foreign occupiers as Sofia Jannok charged. She has been called a woman of steel, and she is as outspoken as is Palin.

    Hillary’s claiming to have been rejected by the Marines because she was a female and too old is laughable compared to Jannok’s history. Her form of joik music was banned for being of the devil, and she is still called a Mongoloid Mongrel because Fins and Sami have some Asian genes. I wish she was an American and running for president. She would be entertaining in a Donald Trump sort of way.

  59. This band is Finish-Sami. They perform in their traditional garb, and they became a band in part to preserve their culture. The three women and their families are reindeer herders, and they are working toward language education degrees. The two men serve in the equivalent of the Finish National Guard.

    The rough translation is;

    “Calendar pages are turning and the clock is ticking. What comes around goes around, but I am getting nowhere. You have locked me in a prison which shrinks with the melting snow. You ignore me until my presence can benefit you. Enjoy your power while it lasts. I don’t hate you today-maybe tomorrow.”

  60. This Russian Vep band traveled by train for three days and three nights to compete in the minority music contest held in France. It was their first time in western Europe. They formed a band as Somby did to help preserve their culture. Only about 6,000 remain, so their band is an act of final desperation.. The band leader says they are white American Indians because they have a similar culture.

    Veps are genetically and in appearance closer to ice age people than most other Europeans, and their joik style of music may also date back to the ice age. They are as close as we will get to seeing a Cro Magnon band perform.

    Black Lives matter claim to be victims of overt racism. College students feel they need safe places to protect their tender sensibilities. Compared to what these people and others have endured, they are clueless wonders.

    Wasting your time with this music is my antidote to the sewer odor emanating from the White House and from its allies like Media Board which Tex enjoyed hectoring.

  61. I woke up to the “John ★ McCain” update in my inbox this morning. What a steaming pile of propaganda that is! Complete with glossies and packed with lies and bogus accomplishments.

    Apparently there is no evidence yet of SHC so far within the ranks of our electeds. Maybe the 3 sacrificial videos you posted above James will bend the light of justice. I would like to print this garbage and watch Johnny eat it. I won’t be mourning his passing and as far as I am concerned it hasn’t happened soon enough. Ideally he would be lending his support to his buddy terrorists and Vlad would drop in on them in an explosive way. 🙂

    Tex gets off one way, I get my jollies in an other.

  62. “We have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world,” said President Obama in an interview with CBS news.

    Whatever he says, always remember he is a shit talking, petulant, idiot and assume it’s the opposite.

    This shooting MUST be a part of a pattern we are seeing all over the world because the joke of our leader said it is NOT

    The details are so weird… There is no pattern to this shit today.

  63. I think my point was convoluted. I will try agaon.

    Obama is always wrong and or lies.

    There is a parallel around the world to what we saw today and its exactly what Obama mocked us all for worrying about.

  64. I could discredit multiple points of Poolman’s link, but it would be disclosing more about me than I am willing to do here.

  65. Huck, you already discredited Poolman by posting the word ‘link’ in possession form next to Poolman’s name. That is all that is necessary. 🙂 I’m damn grateful to the men who hung their own lives on the line and put bullet holes through those windshields, then walked up to those windows to confirm the death of two scumbags.

  66. There is a pattern, rabbit. A small percentage of Muslims are potential jihadists and they look to organizations like ISIS to encourage them..They can also find selective scripture in the Koran to let them rationalize their evil intent. No apparent pattern and the patina of randomness hightens uncertainty and fear.

    Obama and leftists believe the new migrants will vote Democratic and help give them a permanent majority. Obama just hates our country and wants to change it. None of them cares about American lives they are putting in danger. They think they can manage it.

    I posted a video by Macy Kate with a song by Imagine Dragons. “I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones. Welcome to the new age…This is it, the apocalypse.” It certainly is for those unfortunate to be in the path of future bullets and explosions. “Welcome to the new age.”

  67. What’s wrong, Water Man? You still burnt about me making fun of you? Huck’s a nicer guy than I am. I would happily expose myself to steal some more of your candy and hit you in the head with a rock – since I can’t convince the gov’t to put you in front of a firing squad yet. I’ve felt exactly one earthquake since the “swarm” started – and it causes zero damage to my house, much to your chagrin. You should make your prayers for my demise more specific. 😈 Try a hundred miles or so East.

    Pretty apparent the M.O. of BO, Rotten and the media. In fact, it couldn’t be more transparent.

    If shooter is a winger, or Christian or both, focus on religion, Rush Limbaugh, FOX News, confederate flags, and “hate”; if it’s a leftist or Muslim, turn the focus on gun control and “mental health issues”.

  68. Tex, quit trying to steal my comedy. Poolman and already litigated who had the right of way. The Court ruled that. . . .

    it doesn’t matter. It’s like getting chocolate on your peanut butter or vice versa.

  69. Ah yes, The Christmas party must have been “the trigger.”

  70. It was supposed to be a halal “Christmas” Party and Minnie forgot and brought ham. Besides, I always found pipe bombs spontaneous. Like Benghazi videos and such. 😛

  71. I live and work here. You don’t know shit.

    Now Huck. If there’s anything Wet Man does know a lot about, it’s shit. In fact, Wetman’s brain is molded out of it. Shit for brains…

  72. Christmas party and climate change offend me, because people who promagate them like Benghazi videos are too stupid to hold positions of responsibility. I think Peppa Pig’s Mr. Potato episode pushed them over.

  73. Well boys…. I’m pretending to be sick and going deep into the woods.

    I have an old softball buddy, former embassy Marine and now a sheriff, who should be hosting a reality TV show on hunting, fishing and outdoor survival.

    Last time we hung out, we maxed out on Walleye in a couple hours. He called it, before hand, as he always does.

    He claims by Saturday night we will be eating grilled deer heart and bacon wrapped steelehead. Which will amaze me becuase deer always survive in my presence unless my method of killing is wrecking my car into one of them. Then I’m motherfucken Davey Crockett.

    I hope so because dude is adamant that we dont bring food.

    I’m only bringing a couple cans of dip, cold weather gear and a bottle of strong mead. We are going to be doing all are hunting with muzzle loader shotguns.

    Even if I come out of those woods hungry as fuck… Nothing makes one appreciate the warm suburban home, my good wife cooking in the kitchen and my two boys more then being miserable in the outdoors for a few days. It’s always a win-win.

    Misery = therapy.

  74. They blew it, man. Could have wrapped that game up before half time. I was pulling for em, because I hate the Packers.

  75. The liberal need to use tragedies to further false and destructive political narratives is fucking disgusting. I really don’t know how the victims’ families don’t completely lose it — or maybe they and suffer in silence because liberals really believe they own it. Look at Rutherford’s juvenile tweets. . .

  76. “RT @thinkprogress: What about the Christian terrorist who killed three people in Colorado last Thursday? thkpr.gs/3727768 https://t.… 9 hours ago”

    Yeah, what about it? Worried that white christians aren’t held to account for all of that “domestic terrorism?”

  77. I live and work here. You don’t know shit

    You know Huck, you’re right. The more I learn and longer I live the more I realize I don’t know shit. But there are some things I know very well. I found that I actually know someone who works that venue where this went down. I am familiar with Riverside, since Mom relocated there some time ago. I trek there several times annually. I always visit the Market Broiler to get my fill on fresh fish when there.

    Yes, there was a drill and yes people died. It isn’t uncommon anymore. The drill goes live. They call this one a false flag because the patsies/perps were blamed for the actions of goons. Common theme, but not the only type of hoax employed. This one seems to involve a myriad of federal agencies. Blatant symbolism. A real in-your-face-we-do-whatever-we-want event.

    One dude I was listening to was calling out all the military involved based on their uniform insignia. This time the stoolies said what was scripted and witnesses were instructed not to talk with the press. The press was told they could not film any action, which may explain why most of their images are showing the drill.

    The hoaxsters and their Freudians.

    Watching that video Tex posted proves the lameness of this country and the ongoing agenda from the top down to get all and any guns out of the hands of the citizenry. When will these suckers ignite???!!!

  78. Best comment following article entitled “Timeline: The San Bernardino Shooting.”

    Timeline Of Terror:

    570 A.D.
    Muhammad Born.

    7th century
    Islam Founded.
    Muhammad becomes Prophet of Islam
    Koran written.
    Mandate for Islam to rule over the Earth.

    Liberals Elected In United States of America at the Federal Level and more specifically the State of California.

    December 2nd 2015
    Terrorist Attack in San Bernardino, California. Carried Out By Muslim Jihadist Islamics.

  79. Victor Valley College is in Victorville, which is a far cry from Riverside or San Bernardino, both in miles and in travel time. The only way VVC and San Bernardino proper have any relation to one another is that they are in the same county—which is the largest county in the US.

    And, contrary to one of your links on the subject, all schools and government buildings in the city were not closed during the event. I know because I was in one of them that wasn’t.

    Like I said. This is where I live and work. But hey…let’s go with your expertise on the subject since you visit once in a while.

  80. Good luck, rabbit. I don’t like deer or elk meat, except maybe as jerky. Trout is another matter.

    @LeahRboss “a nightmare dressed as a dream.” is my favorite quote on the jon gabrial site.

  81. Like I said. This is where I live and work. But hey…let’s go with your expertise on the subject since you visit once in a while.

    Expertise? You are probably reacting to echoes in your head. As if knowing the terrain makes a difference regarding the media’s narrative. I am familiar with the area, but would never claim any expertise about it. But proximity is important. A whole different perspective if you were involved in the event or were close enough to hear the goings on. If you are believing the snews, well…

    My point was the media coverage of this event presented in full view the militarized nature of our various government enforcers that were in attendance in large numbers suited and ready for a situation just as this. What was the phrase, ready to roll? We had version 101 already on the east coast…


    I posted several links that suggest this was NOT as the media and their administration was feeding it to us. I do not necessarily agree with everything those links provide, and they may even contradict each other on certain points. The ‘perps’ are dead, so no loose ends there. The symbolism, well you aren’t into symbolism.

    My point, again, is this WAS a well organized and a media hyped event. It plays right into the agenda this administration has pursued since it came into power. Fast and furious set the tone.

    I am using my own critical thinking rather than accepting it piecemeal from the media. I know you have more education than I do. Was there ever a time in history that had so many various schools and institutions of knowledge available to such a broad spectrum of humanity? I think not. Aren’t we the most educated of generations? 🙂 Let’s see education get us out of this evil mess. 🙂

    My take from your reaction: You agree with the media AND the administration’s version of events, the realness of it being an organic event, likely sparked by an employee with his new girlfriend or wife that just happen to be Muslim. That the event and coverage and witnesses all genuine and spontaneous.

  82. I just read that the journalists that entered the Islamic terrorists apartment located Hillary;s missing emails. So, at least we got that going for us. . .

  83. “But proximity is important.”

    Which negates your mention of Victor Valley College.

    My final word is…I don’t see how me believing what I read and hear about this is any different than you believing what you read and hear about it. You are choosing to be a sheep to your sources, just as you claim the rest of us are. You are not using 1 ounce of critical thinking..you are simply parroting alternative sources.

  84. Huck, you really have some issues with comprehension. It is you who have given up all critical thought. I said there was a drill at VVC. Big deal. Are you denying that? I never said this took place at VVC. Were the same people involved? Likely most of those in law enforcement were. That is a guess on my part. Pure conjecture. Unless you know differently. You haven’t provided a reason why you would know more about this than anyone else. It happened in your locale. Whoop D doo!

    This event is so full of inconvenient truths, it is impossible to believe the official version (the one you defend) without suspending reality. Scott did a pretty good summary of them today, I just read. I won’t parrot him, but he is asking many of the same questions anyone still operating under common sense is also wondering. It matters not if you like the source or even go there for that matter. His summary could be written by anyone with critical thinking.


  85. VVC has held the same training exercise before. The one in 2013 used the pamphlet/flyer seen in 2015.
    My final word is…I don’t see how me believing what I read and hear about this is any different than you believing what you read and hear about it. You are choosing to be a sheep to your sources, just as you claim the rest of us are. You are not using 1 ounce of critical thinking..you are simply parroting alternative sources.

  86. Coincidences happen. In 1989. Sioux City first respondors and others conducted a major drill for dealing with plane crashes and other mass casualty events. An off duty pilot just happened to be riding on United Airlines flight 232. He rushed to the cockpit to help after the tail section burst into flames.

    The hydraulics were finished, and the plane would only turn right. The three pilots used what they could work with and they managed to crash land in Sioux City.

    A third of the passengers died, but some of the others lived because rescue people had been conducting a mass casuality excercise.

    Nothing was planned ahead of time, it was merely a collection of coincidences.

    Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

  87. Yeah, Alfie. Speaking of inconvenient truths or as James maintains, serious coincidences..

    You never did explain how your buddy Richard Serino was AT THE SCENE of the Boston bombing event delegating orders at the finish line right after it happened. And that it played out EXACTLY HOW HE WROTE IT in a slick brochure several years before that drill took place.

    Your silence is deafening.

  88. For anyone paying attention, this gets sillier by the hour…

    Today saw another new low-point in American broadcast journalism, as members of the media and public ransacked the shooting suspects family home in Redlands, California. On closer examination, however, what is on display here has very little to do with journalism, and everything to do with staged ‘synthetic terror’.

    It appears that both mainstream media and law enforcement are becoming increasingly desperate to sell an ever-more embellished and fantastic story line surrounding this latest alleged ‘Mass Shooting’ event that we’re told took place on Wednesday in San Bernardino, California.


    Of course, it HAD to be KAOS ISIS.

  89. Bob Seeger wrote this song to honor a teacher. I am sure you Huck and rabbit have helped students in a similar way. See this as a moral booster.

  90. I like the new look, Tex. 🙂 It’s that voodoo you do.

    Tell you what we can agree on and possibly do together to help rid the globe of some nuisances. Let’s both concentrate on Hillary spontaneously combusting. It could start in her black hole heart. I think we could both agree it would be just and completely awesome. 😀 “Where two or more agree…

    Here’s a couple of lawyers with balls.

  91. I was serious. I had to look up cankles. 😆 Okay, as compromise, why don’t we leave only her cankles as monument. Trophy-like. Maybe have them bronzed. 🙂

  92. Tex, since you have shared so many handy home projects and mishaps, I thought you might get a kick out of this.

    Right after I posted 2:20 I was at my desk watching a youtube press interview with those lawyers. I started to hear gurgling water noises, and it wasn’t in the clip. I don’t have any kind of fountain and it was coming from the garage. I went in there to find my water heater gushing from the seams. lol. Oh yay! Gas water heater, mind you. I know you recently converted from electric. This looks to have been installed in ’07 or ’08. I guess that is normal life for gas – about 7 years.

    Figures the cut off valve on the cold inlet just spins. I hate those gate valves. So I had to cut off the main water and drag out a hose to drain the thing so it won’t flood my garage. Bypassed the heater with a 3/4″ nipple and at least I have water. No hot for now. Mrs poolman won’t be too thrilled when she finds out in the morning, but she’s a happy camper.

    I wasn’t planning on replacing a water heater tomorrow, but I guess that is how things turn out. 🙂 It’s a rent house, so I am certain to be reimbursed. I almost went to bed early. I would have never heard it gushing. That would have been a really fun first thing in the morning surprise. Not. 😎

  93. My final word is…I don’t see how me believing what I read and hear about this is any different than you believing what you read and hear about it. You are choosing to be a sheep to your sources, just as you claim the rest of us are. You are not using 1 ounce of critical thinking..you are simply parroting alternative sources.

    But on another note Serino was the outgoing FEMA guy who was obviously invested in yet another BAA exercise. He also no doubt was present in no small part that networking was in the cards for future employment.

  94. Water heaters are a malfunctioning flood waiting to happen, Poolman. If you ever go back to owning, I will tell you this tankless system is fabulous – knock on wood. The older I get, the longer my showers become.

    One draw back – this Navien system goes on the blink, I don’t get to call a plumber. I call Navien. Who knows how long it would be out?

    The other scary thing is I now have 120 ft. of PEX running through my attic. With the re-circulation running, I could have a whole damn house full of water before you could spit.

    If my Mrs. woke up with no hot water, it would become a national emergency. 😈

  95. Our hot water heater quit working around 2000. We bought a new one and the store delivered it. The plumber said he could fix the old one, so we let him try. The old water heater is still working as the new one sits forlornly by its side.

    We heard water running when we got home a few years ago. Water was up to the first basement step, and pouring out of a burst pipe. I didn’t think any electrical outlets had been flooded yet, so I waded over and unplugged the pump.

    I feel your pain.

    I watched a Columbo rerun instead of watching our unAmerican fascist lie again. From what I have read, my judgement was good.

  96. A law suit may let the government force women to register for the draft. Lynch and Obama want to disregard the first and second amendments so far. Will the Palmer/Lynch raids be far behind? Wilson, up til now a progressive icon, took the US as close to the borders of a police state as any modern president. Obama may yet do it.

    His immigration policy hurts natives. A blogger who’s identity I forgot showed how companies are using the law to get rid of native labor. I already know it had been happening because our son and his native co workers lost their jobs in favor of Pakistani visitors.

  97. lol. I DO like nuts.

    I agree with you on the ‘flood waiting to happen” part, Tex. I have had several burst over the years in the different places I have lived. The last time I replaced one it was at my last home that was all electric and the one it replaced was 23 years old. From my experience, these gas units last around 7 years.

    Sounds like you have an electric type, James. With the one that was 23 years old, I had replaced one of the heating elements and a hi limit switch a few years before the tank gave out. I could have gone with another electric here, but I wasn’t too keen on running power to it. The unit was cheaper, but it would run about the same if I ran power to it. The time alone deterred me. This is a rent house, after all.

    Yesterday’s install was successful. Hot water is coursing through my pipes once again. I only had to resolder the new cutoff valve to the old pipe 3 times. ‘Third time’s the charm.’ 🙂

    The mrs has been talking up the tankless heaters for years. I am familiar with the Rinnai tankless units and have seen them used as spa heaters over the years. I even took one completely apart to try to fix it one time. I will definitely go that route if practical over a traditional storage tank unit.

    With the first home we owned in Lubbock, I bought a solar unit that incorporated a tank on the roof and fed into the gas heater in one home I lived in. The unit utilized freon in flattened aluminum tubes to heat the tank of water on the roof. That was the best unit ever. We hardly ever used gas, as the traditional heater was filling with water hotter than it was set to maintain. It is almost stupid to not use some type of solar here in the desert for heating purposes.

    When we lived in Germany, the heaters were right there in the bathrooms with the bath fixtures. Electric units were next to the tub that you turned on to heat the water before you draw a bath. I remember how primitive we felt it was. The culture was use to bathing once a week and we Americans were closer to daily bathers. It was one on the many culture differences I experienced at the time.

  98. Suspended 😆 Like that wasn’t a scripted rant. 🙂 It will generate views for the network. The snews uses anything emotional or controversial for diversion to steer the focus away from any dire issues or real events. What does a suspension mean in today’s culture anyway, a forced vacation? It seems like a token slap on the wrist.

  99. I posted this once before, a fitting tribute to a man and his minions who care more about his legacy than the welfare of our country.

    The news anchor should have gotten a raise instead of being fired.

  100. Rutherford told me I was crazy at least three times when I wrote something outrageous. I had set traps each time because I had the documentation. One was that Obama was an actual socialist in Illinois. Rutherford was never able to counter my arguments which I knew would make him look silly when he tried.

    Drudge links to an article about an e mail retrieved though the Freedom of Information Act which shows our forces could have arrived before the attack on Benghazi had ended and thus possibly saving lives.

  101. Irrefutable evidence could come out that Hillary ordered the attack and nobody would give a shit about Benghazi.

    It’s sad, but Obama and Hillary’s lies worked perfectly. Stall and mislead until the American people become bored.

    Benghazi was everything we said it was, to the last detail.

    There hasn’t been an attack where they didn’t lie or spin. And it works.


  102. Did I hear correctly that Loretta Lynch was planning on going after the people who saw something and said something when it came to Clockmed’s cool clock?

  103. Jesus fucking christ, I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing about Trump the Rump. Dude needs to shut the fuck up and move the fuck on, already. This joke has gone on long enough.


  104. Did I hear correctly that Loretta Lynch was planning on going after the people who saw something and said something when it came to Clockmed’s cool clock?

    It took about 24 hours for the female Eric Holder to walk that threat back. Even the Rutherford types were heading for the tall weeds over that threat. 😈

    I’ve decided that Donald Trump has learned the art “of trolling the national media.”

  105. Maybe Trump doesn’t need to shut up. Maybe he is secretly helping his friend Hillary. The thought has crossed my mind lately, and several other writers have indulged in similar speculation.

    Progresiveism has a history of population control through eugenics. The politicians and liberals who vote for them are an argument in favor of population control to weed out the inferior individuals.

  106. Like Obama, Trump is a total egomaniac. Trump cares about Trump. I don’t think he’s helping Hillary secretly while slamming her publicly. The leftist media (a redundancy) helps stoke the flames because it permits them to avoid talking about the left’s abject failures.

  107. I’ll say this about Trump. If Trump truly does win the Republican nomination considering the quality of the field he ran against, then the Republican Party is just as stupid, no more serious, and no more rational than the Dimocratic Party.

    I give Trump kudos for taking on America’s corrupt media. I give Trump credit for addressing issues that desperately need attention.

    I give Trump thumbs down on being remotely qualified to be President.

  108. I have come to believe that Trump’s appeal is entirely due to his not being a total pussy. The country is tired of being led by outraged pajamaboy pussies. After 8 years of this shit, even the left secretly likes hearing him — I don’t care how much any of them say otherwise.

    And because the pussies gained control, another misdirected dangerous hack could land in the WH.

  109. I was just speculating about Trump and Hillary.

    I agree, he is acting like a man and has made himself look like the strongest horse in the paddock.

    Hillary as much as accused the Benghazi survivors of lying when they said she had blamed the attack on a tape.

    Meanwhile Omaha had a triple shooting several days ago. Today, four people were shot in eight hours. It is un- Christian to think our world would have been better had she or other politicians been in the path of a bullet.

    Black activists are speaking about the violence and say that witnesses must tell the police what they know.Family members are distraught.

    So far, nothing. Only some black lives matter.

  110. “And because the pussies gained control, another misdirected dangerous hack could land in the WH” .

    Big time. When Rutherford was flicking his bean and moaning over Obama in a fit of ignorance, I knew the pendulum of stupidity would one day swing the other way.

    Behold the ignornat and overly emotional voter.

  111. “And because the pussies gained control, another misdirected dangerous hack could land in the WH” -ET

    “Big time. When Rutherford was flicking his bean and moaning over Obama in a fit of ignorance, I knew the pendulum of stupidity would one day swing the other way.

    Behold the ignornat and overly emotional voter.” -rabbit

    I’m confused by this exchange. To which hack are you referring? And then who are the new ignorami?

  112. PJ Media links to a story about a DHS whistle blower who claims he might have been able to stop the San Bernardino murders, but the regime stopped the investigation because it targeted Muslims. I told you Obama should have been impeached after Benghazi and Hillary driven from public life.

  113. Muffy, we’re talking about Trump and his applauding seals. It’s a damn sickness among the ignorant celebrity-carving class.

  114. That’s who I meant, Tex. They don’t deserve to live in polite society, but the black hole will eat this information as it does every thing else connected to the regime.

    Frank Sinatra was born a hundred years ago. Listening to his music is better than dwelling on the stench of our elitists.

  115. I could dwell on the evil of people I cannot stop, or I can have fun and hope for a rise from rabbit, because I know he doesn’t like flash mobs.

    The Ukrainian in the blue vest is how I imagine rabbit to be, a force, and that is a complement.

  116. A Marine enters the Catholic Church confessional
    booth in Pensacola, FL. He tells the priest,
    “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. Last night,
    I beat the shit out of a flag burner and an
    Obama supporter.”

    The priest says, “My son, I am here to forgive
    your sins, not to discuss your community service.

  117. Muffy,

    What bugs me about Trump is the lack of professionalism. He often speaks the truth, but he’s also a slap dick. I’m a slap dick. I know first hand its ultimately a lame defense mechanism.

    The left takes advantage of this. They portray slap dick and truth as the same thing. They are not.

    Trump’s 8th grade attacks might be great for ratings and even crack me up, but damn…. I want a pro.

    Not a celebrity clown.

    I think Trump is opening doors for a generation of politicians not afraid to stand up to DNC and leftist lies. That’s a good thing. Hell, maybe Cruz can take advantage of this, now.

    Time is at a minimum.

    Dead Rabbit wholeheartedly supports Cruz.

  118. “The Ukrainian in the blue vest is how I imagine rabbit to be, a force, and that is a complement.”

    Shucks…. With compliments like that…. James….you get me to join a flash mob.

  119. I’m glad you saw it as a complement, rabbit. Two Coloradoians, one a member of the American Civil Liberties Union have advocated killing Trump supporters.

    Tex, that is an insult to female genitalia. but funny.

  120. Tex, that is an insult to female genitalia. but funny.

    Obama has the uncanny ability to be equally insulting to both gender’s genitalia. The President without Nads is also insulting. 🙂 President Ballless.

  121. Have you guys and gal been following Camille Paglia ripping Taylor Swift to shreds? I have no beef with Taylor as she seems your usual self-indulgent young charmer, but in reading the article I had forgotten why I always thought Paglia, a lib, brutally honest and sometimes damn funny. Like this:

    “Let me take this opportunity to say that of all the innumerable print and broadcast journalists who have interviewed me in the U.S. and abroad since I arrived on the scene nearly 20 years ago, Katie Couric was definitively the stupidest.” — Salon, January 14, 2009

    ** GUFFAW **

  122. “He often speaks the truth, but he’s also a slap dick.”

    Well I think you’re right about the pendulum effect. I think Trump is the AntiObama. They’re both charismatic. Both are gifted in ways – Trump is wily and Obama is a charmer.

    They’re both bullies of the highest magnitude. Trump’s allure is that he bullies those who’ve been made into pets by the administration and leaves alone those who’ve been the target of Obama’s vengeance. People are fed up with being badmouthed by the president. So Trump says “let’s give cop killers the death penalty” and people go “hey, yeah, they’ve been dumped on enough.” And there’s some truth to all of it.

    Trump is the new Vincent Price and Trump supporters see him as a letup.

    Neither one of them – Trump or Obama – really has anything to say, yet neither one will shut up. And neither one has any business governing people. Same goes for Hielary.

  123. Interesting comment Muffy. I agree that Trump and trump a mania swings like a pendulum blade. I hope Iowa picks Cruz and resets the discussion.

  124. I’ll drink it too. 🙂 Here’s to life imitating art imitating life.

    “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.” – from The Hunger Games

  125. Rutherford’s new pathetic spin is that the threat of terrorism in America is much to do about nothing:

    “9/11, Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, San Bernardino: 4 major events in 14 YEARS. Y is USA hair on fire? We r not under siege”-R

    There it is folks. Critiquing Obama in this realm is stupid becuase the threat itself is blown out of proportion.

    Like all his tweets, I think it might have been retweeted…. Well… It wasn’t.

    However, considering the dunce has been wrong at every single turn…..expect more stink beard attacks soon.

    I wonder who he is parroting?

  126. Rutherford missed a few including some marines in Tennessee for starters. What he fails to mention is the dozens of “preventions”, including shoe bombers, underwear bombers, Time Square bombers.

    But I’m a reasonable man. Let’s relocate these “refugees” into safe zones around Naperville and we’ll call it even. 😈

  127. ABC news and others have reported that our government had and still has a policy not to check social media because it is politically incorrect. After the latest shooting, they will set up pilot programs to check, but the majority of cases will be treated as they have been treated.Tashfeen was vocal for a long time.

    Those deaths are in part on Obama and his government’s hands because of his lax immigration policies. Rutherford voted for those people, and if we knew what they were like, he should have known. Therefore, he is in part responsible for the shooting and other deaths.

    I have told him and other liberals before, and I would tell him again if he reappeared. Rutherford, through his votes helped kill people.

  128. I see through the headlines, the “Jedi Church” is signing up a 1,000 a day – a true sign of the Obama times.

    The only thought that kept running through the theater of my mind is the Hope & Change crowd who had their personal bubbles burst over the last seven insufferable years, ran trying to find a new master. They’ll probably have better luck with Obi Wan Kenobi. 😈

    The more things change, the more things stay the same.

  129. James, yesterday I sent a flock of lemmings into stroke mode by comparing the Left in America to ISIS and I explained why. The wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued, replete with pejoratives and claims of genius high intelligence accompanied by massive misspellings. 😆

    But think about this. If the Left is truly killing America and the culture and I believe they are, what does it matter if a jihadist saws your head off, or the Lemming Left bleeds you one cut at a time until you’ve bled out?

    Either way, you’re dead. I could make a good case the ISIS JV is more merciful than the American Left.

  130. Rutherford’s tweets are fucking priceless.

    He just linked to the most transparently misleading anti-gun argument I’ve ever seen. Just moronic. And Rutherford couldn’t spot the logical fallacies to save his life.

  131. ABC news and others have reported that our government had and still has a policy not to check social media because it is politically incorrect.

    Hogwash. The first thing the snews does anymore is quote social media to see what is ‘trending’. Several people have been busted by what they have posted in social media. Facebook was seeded with CIA money. Mark Zuckerberg is David Rockerfeller’s grandson. FB has been referred to by some as the best intelligence gathering source ever.

    So, just another fallacy, which is about all the snews is good for nowadays. From the most transparent administration evah. Oh, and you can keep your doctor and your insurance if you want. 😆

  132. As the Sandy Hook 3rd anniversary rolls around this December 14th, 2015, it is well worth remembering what a strange, unique, manipulative and horrific event occurred on December 14th, 2012. When I say horrific, I am not referring to what you may think was the horrific aspect of the event: the gunning down of 20 innocent children and 6 innocent adults. That is unquestionably horrific, but to date there has hardly been enough evidence to prove beyond all doubt that actual people were gunned down.

    Sandy Hook has become colloquially known as the Sandy Hook Hoax or Sandy Hoax, the first false flag in recent history to be exposed as an entirely fabricated event, replete with a fake setting (a fake school) and fake victims. It marks the first in a series of false flag hoaxes where fake victims and fake victims’ families (crisis actors) have been used. Since the majority of people still cannot fathom that Sandy Hook was a staged event, the template of using crisis actors has been used again and again (e.g. at the Boston Marathon). Now that we are passing the Sandy Hook 3rd anniversary, it’s time to turn back the clock and re-examine some unanswered questions pertaining to the event.


  133. Poolman, the news media checks social media. Our daughter looks at it to be sure her clients are staying out of trouble. Not so the government. The administration has forbidden it out of political correctness.

  134. I don’t believe the administration. If the government says they don’t do something, it generally means they do. The left hand may not always know what the right hand is doing, but guarantee with every performance there is always orchestration between both with a director calling the cues.

    This administration has doubled down doing everything it said it wouldn’t do.

    Black is the new white. Unconventional is the new convention.

  135. That’s weird. Jihadists have nothing to do with Islam yet a threat comes in to NYC schools and is deemed not credible specifically because the sender did not capitalize “allah.”

    How long before the administration retrospins that slip?

  136. Hey parrots, please explain. If jihadists have nothing to do with Islam then why is this a Muslim problem? Why do they have to lead the fight?

  137. Fiorina’s ability to play along with what’s needed in her messaging is why I like her.

    I find this effective. Silly, yes. But effective in its purpose.

  138. I”m with you, Tigre. I can’t help but like Carly whether she’s President or not. Nominate me King, she’d be in my cabinet as counselor. I find her pretty damn wise as a matter of fact.. I like the way she thinks.

    And which dimwit called this woman physically ugly? Oh, that’s right. Bimbo Man. I find Carly kind of appealing and her play on “smiling more” made me laugh out loud at that second debate. 😛 The only thing I would ask Ms. Fiorina to do for me is to never, ever, never lower herself to be seen with the hags of The View again.

    If I thought I could get away with it without being caught, I would roundhouse Joyless Behar and attempt to permanently shut that smug witch’s mouth. Just the thought of connecting with that woman’s jaw gives me a woody.

    I wanted to strangle this talented woman for trying to pacify those twits with kindness. Carly is smart enough she could have utterly humiliated them. And she certainly is higher quality.

  139. I like Carley too, but it doesn’t matter tonight.

    I have written how a pickup hit and threw me years ago and how years of heavy lifting exacerbated my back injury.

    A neurosurgeon told me as long as I could stand the pain not to let a doctor like him touch my back. I have followed his advice.

    I have not seen our grand daughter for a couple of weeks, first because I was home to report a snow storm and second because I was in such pain I couldn’t sleep well, and I stumbled because my leg was numb.

    I wait it out until the pain fades as it is doing now. Yesterday our grand daughter said “I miss you.” Today, she refused to take a nap until she called me. Not bad for a two and a half year old.

    I don’t care about the debate tonight, though I will watch.

  140. LOL Tigre I love the drop the mic moment at the end.

    I own you a chuckle for that. Here’s a clip from the debate last night –

  141. Thanks, Tex. I am feeling better day by day.

    Yesterday, a telemarketer tried to sell me grain market options ahead of the Fed’s raising interest rates. He thought that as a farmer, I would be sufficiently knowledgeable to make some money. Its true, I used to play the commodities market, but I don’t need to gamble now. We can’t spend all we earn as it is, because we are frugal. It isn’t worth the trouble.

    I shifted the conversation to the treatment of Vietnam era veterans and the dishonorable John Kerry. We talked for forty minutes, and he made the right noises. Either I enlightened him or I wasted his time.

    Jeb Bush sounded desperate. Cruz and Trump have a thing going on. Cruz wants Trump’s fans. I thought it was a pretty good debate.

  142. I thought the debate was kinda great.

    I heard something interesting…real time responses among women swiftly dips into negative territory when the candidates fight. I expect that’s true.

  143. I didn’t care for the debate because the rent’s too damn high. Or there are too many people on the stage and it’s time to thin the herd. And then just about the time it started to get substantive, the bell goes of and they pan back to the insufferable, horn rimmed Wolfman.

    The problem with 75 second soundbites is that it is virtually impossible to not sound contrived.

    I would have called it a draw between Cruz, Fiorina, and Christie. Best answer of the night for which she has been criticized, even mocked, indicating the entire world of media has gone mad, was Carly’s answer about how to properly deal with Putin at present.

  144. Ha! Scott did a much more thorough job of showing how idiotic mr pinky’s fraud is. He even uses NIST and FEMA official findings from their own reports to debunk the childish video. It takes more than 2 minutes to go through it for all you attention deficits.

    Of course, his substance-free and DEEPLY FLAWED demonstration has been latched upon by several main stream media outlets as the end-all be-all “debunking” of the Truth advocates out here who say the key evidence in the demolition of the Twin Towers rests in the melted steel.


  145. From an article captioned, “For the Unthinking Fuckwit from Purgatory Iron Works and His Idiotic “Jet Fuel” Demonstration.”

    Fuckwit sounds like a term someone possessing the same level of intellectual rigor as that gullible fuckwit Rosie O’Foolman would use.

    I ain’t gonna bother with it. I’ll stick with my hillbilly in the video and an individual with whom I have worked for nearly a decade that was actually there, at the Towers, at the time, watching bodies of those that jumped land on the pavement around him.

  146. I didn’t watch the debate, but I do know that Christie made reference to returning friendship and support to a Jordanian king that has been dead for more than 15 years.

  147. Everybody hunker down. Dear Leader Obama just announced there is no credible threat of terrorism in the planning stages in America. Like the Gore Effect turns Global Warming Summits into Ice Ages, Obama’s impeccable time of safety is always accompanied by “workplace violence.”

  148. lol. I’ll chalk it up as lazy, since colorful language is part of your repertoire. I can’t wait for hillbilly’s demonstration how normal it is to sustain temperatures upwards of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit FIVE DAYS LATER on 9/16/01.

    Likely he was a one trick pony, kind of like that Joe the plumber fella. Amazing the need to turn up the effort 14 years on and to make it viral. Smells of desperation.

    More facts, per those that supposedly are paid and educated to know them. Jet fuel was consumed within minutes of each plane’s impact, per the government’s own reports. No jet fuel made it to building 7 AT ALL, the so-called ‘fortress’. Fell into its own footprint at 5:20 pm in a little more than free fall speed. Of course the seismic data tells a good story, albeit intellectually rigorous.

  149. Each and every time a member of the press asks a candidate about something Trump said, the cadidate should answer the question as though it had been a question about Hillary’s honesty.

  150. Not Norwegian wood, Nathan. Swiss cheese…

    I will begin with the piece of steel from WTC 7 that had been melted so severely that it looked like Swiss cheese. Explaining why it called this “the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation,” James Glanz wrote: “The steel apparently melted away, but no fire in any of the buildings was believed to be hot enough to melt steel outright.” [15] Glanz’s statement was, in fact, quite an understatement. The full truth is that the fires in the building could not have brought the steel anywhere close to the temperature – about 1,482°C (2,700°F) – needed for it to melt. [16]


    “They’re the central government lab for fire. There are good people there and they can do a good job. But what I also thought they would do is to enlist the service of the ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives], which has an investigation force and a laboratory of their own for fire. And I thought they would put people out on the street and get gumshoe-type information. What prevented all of this? I think it’s the legal structure that cloaks the Commerce Department and therefore NIST. And so, instead of lawyers as if they were acting on a civil case trying to get depositions and information subpoenaed, those lawyers did the opposite and blocked everything.” [emphasis mine]


    That liveleak link was good for its comedic value. Seriously. 🙂

  151. Thanks Huck. I’m on my second book and dont have anything lined up. Which I might need to hold out as a carrot for persevering with this psychology mumbo jumbo (freud).

  152. You didn’t answer Live Leak or Nat Geo. Since you didn’t address the central premise, you obviously you didn’t watch or read it.

    Just like all of your Sandy Hook stupidity, big shock.

  153. Answer Live Leak or Nat Geo? There was a question there? You are truly the king of diversion. All I saw was supposed conspiracy claims and assumptions with a mix of unrelated reasons and misapplied facts. The live leak breaks itself down into 3 categories:

    1.)Things conspiracy believers do not want you to know.
    2.) Examples of intellectual dishonesty or ignorance.
    3.) Simple fallacies of logic.

    There wasn’t any real substance there to debate. I will address them as they appear.

    1.) First of all, there are NO things that anyone in the truther community does NOT want you to know about any of the things that took place on 9/11. We are all about exposure and truth. We all would prefer a real investigation and since the government was not willing, many have taken on the investigating of various areas themselves. Sure there are many crazy ideas out there, some even planted by the very conspirators themselves. But there are a lot of things that have gone unexplained or have been intentionally ignored. Taken as a whole, there are a lot more questions than answers.

    2.) Unattributed quotes now serve as proof of dishonesty or ignorance? Whose patent excuses answers are those and where do we find facts to support them? This section is silly in that it claims intellectual dishonesty by others but uses it exclusively to ‘debunk’.

    3.) Fallacies of logic, really? There is no attempt here to table serious discussion. I copy the silly ‘proof’ here for any of you intellectually lazy:

    (a) “No tall building had ever collapsed from fire. Therefore WTC7 could not have collapsed from fire.” There is a first time for everything. Equivalent: “No species before humans had ever invented the computer. Therefore humans could not have invented the computer.”

    Typical strawman. Fact: No steel high rise structure had ever collapsed prior to this, though many HAD burned for much longer periods of time without collapsing. That day 3 collapsed basically in their own footprint. So IT IS the first time. A trifecta. What is being done to prevent this from occurring in all the other occupied steel structures across the globe? There really is a campaign addressing just that.

    NIST was told NOT to consider explosives, so they had to come up with any reason aside from what many still see as the obvious. It was the same with the 9/11 commission. They were given parameters and required to stay within them. The members have claimed they did not get to the truth because they were prevented from going there time and again. Why?

    (b) “Other tall buildings burned without collapsing; therefore WTC7 could not have collapsed due to fire.” Besides the fact that these other cases were more fire-robust than the all-steel-framed WTC7, just because something does not always happen does not mean it will never happen. Equivalent: “There exist primates that have not invented computers. Therefore humans could not have invented the computer.”

    Supporting proof? Here we add limbs to the strawman… The WTC twins were full of asbestos. More fire-robust? Try burning that with a torch. What is more fire-robust than hardened steel?

    (c) “The government has lied before, therefore it must have lied about 9/11.” Just because A has done B does not imply that A always does B. Equivalent: “The government must have also lied when it said aspirin is safe and effective.”

    Does this even need critique? The government is in the business of self-preservation. Their daily lies are tantamount. Maybe it would be easier to compile truths the government tells. That volume would be more manageable.

    (d) “Prove that it wasn’t a controlled demolition.” The burden of proof is on the person making the assertion. Equivalent: “Prove that humans are not descended from reptiles of the planet Nbiru.”

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck… Yes, a real investigation would seek to find real answers to cause and effect, and not be relegated to containment and cover up.

    But then anyone who doesn’t support the government narrative must be a loon anticipating the arrival of planet X.

    Good job, counselor. You really know your shit sources. 😆

  154. I’m going to have to dig up poolman’s enraptured ravings about Fat Grannies from before when he was merely unstable.

    You mean there actually was a time? 😛 The only thing that confuses me, Muffy? What is the motive? Why would anybody, even unstable, pursue calling Sandy Hook a conspiracy when there more than a dozen children’s corpses lying around on the floor?

    Do you think it’s like a thrill up the leg? Is it like a conversation starter of the macabre?

    I mean, for the most part I loathe the United States Gov’t. I freely admit it. I think about 80% of it utterly worthless and a massive waste of resources. But I can give a thousand rational reasons as to why I want it minimized. Sellouts and cowards, liars and propagandists, Obama and Hillary.

    But there’s no need to go off the deep end to hate the damn government. No need to lie about it either. I personally have moved on in my personal psychoanalysis, from the oikophobia to the utterly sadistic.

    Part Unibomber, part Robert Tilton. It’s the damnedest psychosis I have ever read.

  155. These are the passions of a 50ish year old man in the throes of progressive fever not so very long ago (I especially like the part about “My time is more valuable, I feel.”) –

    “I just wanted to say I am pretty new to this site as far as commenting – a month or so – I believe. I am still learning the etiquette. I haven’t commented at other sites in the past or even now. Most others are so full of vile and inane BS, that I do not even enjoy reading the commentary. My time is more valuable, I feel. I have really enjoyed the level of intelligence and concern from all the posters here, except of course for the occasional troll. I think you guys are great. The links have been wonderful and thought provoking. I think Helen and Margaret are smart and on target with the important topics of today. This is my first stop of the day (after the bathroom) and my last stop at night. And admittedly, many more stops during the day when I actually should be doing other stuff. I guess what I am saying is that I am addicted to you guys now. I have you on my brain all day. So good or bad, for better or for worse, you’re stuck with me for now.”
    By: Poolman on June 4, 2009

  156. Tex the dominant pathology remains unknown 😉 but more than anything I think it’s just a borderline personality + an undisciplined mind + the internets = poolz

    I’m kidding about the borderline personality. I think. I hope.

  157. It’s not coincidence that every major tragedy or news event is deemed a fake by Rosie O’Poolman and supported by YouTubers setting out uncritical and unexamined imponderables as proof they are fake.

    But there is one constant in all of it. . .

  158. Ah man. I just got a warning from the Commie Zuckerberg monitoring team that I’ve hurt too many snowflake feelings on Facebook. 😆 😆 Can you imagine? Me against about a dozen cupcakes, micro-aggression types, stepping into their safe spaces and laying a load of Obama facts now deemed hate speech?

    So I insulted the monitor too for good measure. 😈

  159. Good for you, Tex. I haven’t used either of my Facebook accounts since before our grand daughter was born. I don’t think I am supposed to have two accounts.

    The latest disturbance in the Democratic force persuades me that I should watch their debate.

    Trump and Putin like each other. “At least he is a leader” said Trump.

  160. Romney said Trump is wrong because Putin kills journalists. Obama is worse. He has indirectly killed thousands and lies about it. We don’t know how many innocents Obama’s drones have killed.

  161. Good job, Muffy. Give yourself a special treat. How nostalgic. I remember keying in those words way back then. Ah. Such naive beginnings. lol. James was there too. I wonder how many of those people that interacted in that virtual community are still living?

  162. My first grand daughter finally arrived, James. Grand kids are absolutely the best! I enjoy spending time with all of them. They grow up fast! I am fortunate in that I get to see them often. We live within 20 minutes of each other.

    The temperatures have been chilly and weather mostly dry. Lows around 30 and highs in the mid 50’s. This is our winter. It is supposed to warm up. FYI, pool tile takes a long time to set in this weather.

  163. Congratulations, Poolman. You and your grand children are lucky to be so close to each other. I haven’t seen our grand daughter much during the past three weeks because I stayed home to report our big snow and ice storm and because my back was too sore for me to walk much.

    I went to Omaha on Thursday and returned in the afternoon. My wife stayed until late that night. Our two and a half year old grand daughter said “I’m so happy” when she saw me. Later, she wanted to go home with me when I left for. She insisted that I take the Fusion which has a baby seat, so she could go too.

    My sitting in our Escort for the drive home gave my back a set back, but it was worth it.

    We had 13 inches of snow, mostly in November, and last week a storm gave us over three inches of rain, a record for December. One of our fields is mostly under water.

    Only a little over two inches of snow has fallen in Omaha, and folks there are pining for a white Christmas. I took our grand daughter sledding two weeks ago on a patch of snow about the size of two kitchens. It was the only snow left.

    It has been so mild here that some of my onions are still alive in the garden. Our grand daughter helped pick the last 130 of our tomatoes a few days before Thanksgiving because we had covered the patch with a tarp. This is not the December we know.

  164. Yes, I have a MA degree plus. My father teased that I was the most over educated farmer in the county.

    He had no ground for talking. He was also a farmer and like his father, another farmer, my dad had a degree in mechanical engineering. My mother and grand mother were teachers.

    “Maybe that explains it”

  165. Conspiracy theories give us a sense of control in a chaotic world. The world is not as chaotic as it seems, because
    one event sets into motion other events which become mathmatically more likely than other events.

    I have mentioned the platoon leader in Vietnam who after someone was killed or wounded gathered his troops together and explained the man who they had lost made a mistake or wasn’t paying attention. Those who were more careful would continue to live. Such talks gave the troops a sense of control, that all was not hopeless. I think conspiracy theories give a sense of control too. Some people need it more than others.

  166. lol. You fuck wit everything, don’t you? And you started it this time, too. Glad I could assist in expanding your working vocabulary. Now that we’ve cleared up your math problem, the reference makes even less sense.

    King of diversion.

    Je suis Thurminator. 😀

  167. I have encountered people whose education has hindered their common sense. It seems to be more common as time goes on. I have researched the very real campaign to dumb down America, and it has been largely successful. You can see by that clip I provided how American exceptionalism is a farce. Unless exceptionally ignorant is the criterion. Couple that with the cost of continuing education today, and you can easily see one reason our current economy is in the crapper.

    Farming is something that can give you a sense of real value and provide you a solid connection to the earth. When you invest your time and energies into taking a crop from planting to harvest, you can see the end result, the fruits of your labor. Are there any atheist farmers? The weather becomes extremely important to you.

    Of course then government fuckwits get involved to generally muck and mess things up.

    The cash crop for the next generation will be the same as the founding fathers’ cash crop that they were required to grow when we were still colonies. Hemp in all its varieties and for its many purposes. Renewable energy the energy czars have been keeping down for decades. It’s too bad our old growth forests have mostly been consumed for profit.

  168. Hillbilly with an anvil got you.

    Yur quotes make no sense.

    Just diversion, Rosie O’Fuckwit. Look for the “melted” steel in there? How about the “footprint?” Your quotes meaningless.

  169. 😆 😆 😆

    You sure know how to make a point, Fuckwit.

    “Swiss cheese,” that “unattributed quote that now serves as proof of dishonesty or ignorance,” was introduced by you from some other source not the one I linked that has a video showing how the collapse occurred.

  170. Why? Did you watch the video explaining the collapse?

    Thermite device? After 7 hours of burning they decided to detonate one in an unoccupied building? Is that the theory?

    Better yet, just address the video not strawmen and the other Youtube Fuckwits you identify with are saying. We had to do this with Sandyhook, the new reporter, the flying bug drones, and on and on and on and on and on. You’ll just shuffle away mumbling as always. There’s tons and tons debunking your stupidity. The fact that you won’t accept it is because of your mental disorder. There’s the answer.

  171. “Thermite device? After 7 hours of burning they decided to detonate one in an unoccupied building? Is that the theory?”

    Tigre… Don’t you live in the city? Grab a bottle of Mad Dog and find a street person. Would beat wasting a second on the fucking foolman. Dude is mentally handicapped.

  172. Yes I watched the video. What is your point? I have seen that video MANY times and others from different angles that show 7 collapse. I have even viewed the seismic graph of that event. Demolition experts that have viewed it say it proves that it WAS controlled demolition. ESPECIALLY with the penthouse caving in well before the rest comes down. You’re whack if you see something otherwise. Well, I guess we know you’re whack anyway.

    The only way a building will fall in it’s own footprint is to take away any support from under it.

    It’s obvious you never did read the NIST report. Watch the video with the original narrative.


  173. Yes, Poolman, growing a crop is like raising a child. So many hazards are waiting to cause harm. Harvest is hard work, but there is nothing like it.

    I don’t care about the 911 attacks. Arguing now is a waste of time and energy. It won’t bring anyone back to life.

    Yes, alfie I am asking Santa for a presidential candidate. I’d fly to Finland and visit him at his theme park and workshop if I thought it would do any good,

  174. @ Muffy I just can’t believe none of them are making a more aggressive and active play at snuffing Trump. I’d also like to see the “lesser” come to grips that they are not the droids we’re looking for and go away.

  175. NIST ,FDNY,& common sense are clear on WTC 7…the man from AZ is full of shit and without shame or redemption. I find it curious that a self professed Christian is so keen on perpetuating false witness. Good thing you live in AZ as the heat is a good primer for your eternity in Hell. : )

  176. They are afraid of Trump and the people who support him. Providence will eliminate Trump any day now, and they will scramble for the supporters who now worship Trump. They cannot imagine that Trump might win the nomination. They have weak imaginations.

    They are as weak as Europe’s modern leaders. Europeans are beginning to realize they are on their own.

    Sweden is the latest nation to arm itself. The crime rate is rising with unemployment. Many people are beginning to sleep with baseball bats. It is hard to buy a gun in Sweden, but people are buying them quickly. Women are especially eager to own guns.

    I posted that video before. It still may represent the future in Sweden and other countries.

  177. The only way a building will fall in it’s own footprint is to take away any support from under it.

    This above statement is: 1. Not true 2. Not fully applicable to WTC 7 as evidenced the 7 didnt implode as evidenced by the substantial debris and damage it rained down upon its neighbors.

  178. King Swiss started this round with his purgatory propaganda. I took his cheese. My bad.

    Since then it’s been like an episode of the twilight zone.

    The hillbilly bender can’t explain molten steel or steel beams melted to paper thin in a building that wasn’t plane bombed or where office fires are said to have brought it down due to heat expansion.

    Alfie is far from an engineer, but if he can point out the steel deformation note in NIST’s report I’ll give him a gold star. The following may help. It is where they give their reasons of excuse as to why they did not actually have real evidence to examine and why to this day they can’t get their computer simulation based on their expansion theory to look like any of the various filmed version of event.


  179. Poolman you are relentless with this shit. No one starts anything with you because you never stop. Sometimes people get fed up for one of any number of reasons and respond. For every response there are 100 ignores. Just shut the fuck up.

  180. I am relentless. This blog’s history is replete with people starting stuff with me. I don’t have to stfu. Be nice, or If you like, I will post some of your old stuff. Maybe even one of the disappeared. 😛

  181. “I just can’t believe none of them are making a more aggressive and active play at snuffing Trump. I’d also like to see the “lesser” come to grips that they are not the droids we’re looking for and go away.”

    Then yeah that’s on my Christmas list too.

  182. In no particular order:
    The steel samples,one which is assumed to be from WTC 7 is not definitively known to be from WTC 7 and regardless of which building it did come from its location from within a building is unknown.
    Actually in its final report NIST is quite clear the global collapse syncs with at least CBS footage.
    I don’t see how we get to pick and chose the credibility of modeling. I for one (and I’m not alone on either side of the debate) don’t believe modeling is necessarily is the fool proof go to thing either side goes back and forth on. I am not an engineer but the mix of independent professionals that have gone on record regards WTC 7 are sound in my book.

    The summary of WTC 7 is clear.
    20 story gash in a 47 story building compromising multiple structural elements.
    10 + floors of fires that burned as long as 7 hours.
    Two penthouse units that depended greatly on the stability of its overall horizontal/lateral structural integrity,that when it was compromised pancacked thus causing vertical and lateral forces to go into effect. The penthouse units,and those alone offered substantial forces.
    Exterior wall structural elements broke away and fell on neighboring building (Verizon?). Where these elements fall from caused additional structural flaws if not failures.
    The absolute Mission Impossible nature of controlled demolitions lay out in the precise locations is thoroughly unbelievable. That the amount of charge needed isn’t large is what gives folks their wood. Truth is that charge would still have required the beam to be laid bare.

    The dredging of the beam and stuff reminds me of criminal cases that try to get a retrial every few years hoping witness attrition will serve them a win. Its a disgusting ploy there and here.

  183. Pools, I can’t believe even you can be stuck on stupid this long when there so many better conspiracy theories floating around. I would think somebody with a degree of mechanical aptitude like you would have a basic idea of statics and strengths, even if you’re not a structural engineer.

    That’s the basic premise of a “sky scraper” – weight evenly distributed to where one floor acts as weight bearing of the next floor, so on and so forth, each floor adding a predictable amount of weight to both the structure and the weight bearing support.

    For instance, 100 story buillding. 98th floor collapses, 97th floor bearing weight (in approximation) of not just the 98th floor, but 98,99, and 100.

    Either of the WTC collapse bears out that in a viewing; there was an exponential increase in velocity of the collapse, but not anywhere near the speed of what gravity would have predicted in free fall – 32 ft/s2

  184. It’s because I do have a degree of mechanical aptitude and a basic idea of statistics and strengths, Tex. Let’s just say I no longer suffer cognitive dissonance.

    That event was a turning point and it demands a full accounting. That is an old fashioned definition for an accounting, btw. That event divides like a sword, between family and friend.

    There were dozens of recorded explosions. Even in the live news reports. Firefighters and other first responders reported them. You can still find many of the clips on youtube.

  185. I’ll let it go for now. Uncomfortable topic and all. I’m happier a peacemaker. I have been told I have a calming personality. Not that anyone here might attest. lol. Relentless for sure.

    It seems mrs poolman has finally convinced me to getting out the holiday boxes and help her put up lights. The girls were starting to make bets on how long I would put off going up in the attic this year. Since both my girls have new babies, it makes this season more fun. I am choosing to not bah humbug this year.

    I pray everyone will experience the real Christ this season.

  186. basic idea of statistics and strengths, Tex.

    😆 Statics. Not statistics, nitwit. Statics = the branch of mechanics concerned with bodies at rest and forces in equilibrium.

  187. Our daughter in Omaha and we at home are watching “The Sound of Music” In reality, there were ten, not seven children, and the step mother had a will of steel. The family was in jeopardy because the Germans wanted him to serve in their navy, and he was invited to sing for Hitler. However, they made no secret of their desire to leave Austria. They took a train to Italy. One daughter moved back to Austria after the war.

    Hillary lied about Trump’s being a recruitment tool for ISIS. Two men who have been pictured are Bill Clinton and George Bush.

  188. Speaking of blunders. I watched my one and only beauty pageant tonight since Olivia Jordan (actually Thomas), Ms. USA, a friend of daughter #1 was in it. She came in 3rd. Hooray hooray!

    I only mention it because the Family Feud Dude, the brother with the great smile who does the MC spot, announced the winner wrong. ** GUFFAW ** The crowned Ms. Columbia, paraded here around for a few minutes, and then Mr. Family Feud comes back on.

    “Ladies and Gentleman, there has been a terrible mistake.” Ms. Philippines is the actual winner. I heard a lot of deuces drop. LOL. I didn’t know who to feel sorrier for. The girl that lost who kept her composure, the girl that won who stood there not knowing exactly how to react, or the poor Family Feud Dude who apologized before the cut to commercial.

    A Barack Obama sized screw up.

  189. “I’ll let it go for now. Uncomfortable topic and all.”

    Thanks maaaan. Your heavy edginess is just too much for us sheeple.

  190. We watched a beauty contest in England. The judges announced the winner, crowned her and gave her a cape. She paraded in front of the audience. Suddenly several men rushed her and removed her crown and cape. The announcer said there had been a terrible mistake as they pushed the poor might have been winner off stage and out of camera range. I wonder how many times something like that happens.

  191. I know what you have been doing right now, Tex- the same as I. You answered a human caused climate change defender minutes after I did. Our comments are together. What are the odds of that?

  192. “Does anyone know why the advertised Special Edition of #Hardball on #msnbc never materialized after the #DemDebate ?” Rutherford on twitter

    Can anyone imagine giving a shit about such a thing? #FeelSorryForHimAgain

  193. Did Rutherford actually think the Clinton’s and the whoring media were going to play fair in the election season? 😆 😆 😆

    Now Rutherford is getting a small taste of what we Conservatives have gotten in large measure for my entire adult life.

  194. I haven’t cared enough to follow Rutherford’s Twitter account. I’m glad someone is.

    Rutherford apparently has the same mind set that the warmist Tex and I argued with elsewhere has. I checked again a few minutes ago, He returned by asking what informed my thinking. It was all he had. He couldn’t refute my arguments because I focused on a point he couldn’t deny.

    I told him what informed my thinking. He is probably gone now, but others will read it. Those people are a disease.

  195. Eyes will roll, but I don’t care.

    This is analagious to the religion of global warming.The wide spread assumption that all Uralic speaking people are from central Asia came at least partly from Friedrich Blumenbach’s studies of two Sami’ one Finish skull.and one Mongoloid skull. His conclusions were accepted as scientific truth by people who had never seen Fins or Mongoloids because Blumenbach was highly respected. Moreover, linguists were speculating that Uralic people came from the East. Such people were Mongoloid who mixed with Europeans and aquired their mixed genes.The skull studies fit old assumptions.

    The old assumptions are as incorrect as the warmists’ religion. In reality the Finnic people are true Europeans with some Asian genes.Many do exhibit Asian traits, but other features come from the Ice Age, not Asia. They share many characteristics with so called Cro- Magnons. The Cro Magnon features survived because immigrants associated with the Middle Eastern farming cultures and other invaders tended to stay away from the far north which was too cold for agriculture..

    Some features from the Ice Age are long noses, jutting foreheads and large cheek bones.
    This is as close as we will get to seeing an ice age band.

    The Russian Veps on this video consider themselves to be white American Indians because their cultures are similar.

  196. Those singers were Russian Veps, not Sami. They speak a Uralic language but they are different people.

    My point was not the music but to display people who are biological relics, almost museum pieces of the ice age and to illustrate the same abandonment of critical thinking which accepted human-caused global warming. The science was settled as strongly as Al Gore’s’ global warming, but scientists understood so little that they couldn’t identify physical features which contradicted what they believed. They failed to consider that some of what they used to support their Asian theory came from another source not even considered–Cro Magnon ancestors. Moreover, they wanted to believe because an Asian source supported their own linguistic studies which their egos failed to let them abandon.

    Those people could not envision a source different from Asian ancestry as warmists cannot accept the role of the Sun or other external factors.in our climate. Both cases illustrate our human conceptual failings. Whether we are truthers or still regard Obama and the liberals as saviors, the same process which made humans solely to blame for climate change or to regard the people in that band as Asians works elsewhere. We elected Obama and support Trump for the same reasons.

    Ranting about the evils of enemy politicians gets tiresome. After a while, I repeat myself. When I get bored, i find other avenues

  197. An unusual storm blew up over us with up to nine inches of snow in Omaha between 7AM and Noon. We had four inches. We will have a white Christmas after the established science told us the chances were nil. Scientific, political or any certitude as I mentioned in my earlier comments can bite you.

  198. Can;t watch your other mindless shit Rosie. A true confederacy of dunces.

    Seriously. These people you listen to on Youtube just aren’t very bright.

  199. Bought my oldest an old school Daisy bee bee gun. Was going to use it for gun safety and some range fun. He instantly catches me shooting at sparrows. Shit.

  200. I know most of the tweets are far left criticism of Hillary’s pandering.

    But, you don’t
    refer to a Mexican’s Mom or Grandmother, ever. No Mom jokes, no comparing your fake ass campaign to Grandma . No nothing. I was West Coast sailor, you learn these things.

    Predictable blow up. Bad street smarts. And classic pandering.

  201. hispandering and grampandering 😆 Just imagine if she was your abuela! Little red riding hood and the wolf. Has she eaten Chelsea’s baby yet? “My grandma, what sharp teeth you have… 😈

    Merry Christmas, all! To the living and the dead.

  202. I got a new dog today. The best kind–a lovable little shelter mutt. I am a happy man.

    Huck…after the “break in” period…

    It it is half as good as these two mutts that adopted a sucker like me, you’ll love every minute of it and find they’re golden – as good as it gets; unconditional love.

    Just a second to stop by and say “Merry Christmas” to all my fellow yahoos on that formerly known as the Rutherford Lawson blog, with the hope our missing blog host is in good condition, his family well, and he is having a joyous holiday.

  203. Merry Christmas and good wishes to the happy dog. I got to be a pretty good shot with a BB gun.Our parents made us eat anything we shot. My brother and I dressed and cooked several sparrows and barn swallows. We soon stuck to shooting pigeons. My grand daughter and I went skiing this afternoon. I held her and she enjoyed it. My back didnt/

  204. I saw the new Star Wars movie last night. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t spectacular. I think my boys enjoyed it more than I did.

    It is mainly a bridge between the old story and the new story, so it is a must-see for anyone even remotely interested in the Star Wars saga. After the film, my sons and I got into the inevitable discussion about (what I thought to be) story line inconsistencies. They are a lot more versed in the Star Wars realm, especially the prequels, so they set the old man straight on a lot of it.

    For me, the high point were the visuals. I think the new director did a great job with the special effects and on what are some pretty large sets. And of course just going to the movies with my boys.

  205. I saw it too, Huck. I enjoyed it even though it felt like a reboot to me more then a sequel.

    I guess the Ewoks shouldn’t have been celebrating so much at the end of the Return of the Jedi. 30 years later and the bad guys already have a supet duper XXL Death Star.

    And the old cast seened rather pathetic. Felt like a Beach Boy reunion concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  206. “I wonder if our circle would port over to twitter.”

    I know nothing about Twitter, but I did just get my 1st smart phone.

    Would I be able to maintain my cherished anonymity?

  207. I pretty much agree with Huck and Rabbit’s take on the New Star Wars. Good popcorn movie, was more fascinated in the new technology than the story line. Just saw it with the wife and kids. I liked how they had kept the costumes and some of the character types from the original sets.

    I was 17 when Star Wars first appeared and like today’s youth, I saw it numerous times in the theater. The 5th and 6th were never as good as the 4th. And the 1st – 3rd actually kind of sucked I thought. This one was better – not great; just better. Princess Leia has had a hard go.

    It’s funny that you Rabbit mentioned the Jedi. My oldest daughter and I said the same thing. Guess Yoda and Obi Wan had no real staying power. 😆

    Girl, by the way. Color me pretty in pink. 🙂 Shocked me, as I thought I saw boy on the DI. Probably explains why I would have made a lousy radiologist.

  208. Don’t feel bad, Tex. Half the people don’t even know what their own damn sex is, anymore.

    😆 😆 Yeah, I guess that is pretty much true. I’m not sure when it became so confusing to figure out of you had a stem on the apple, but apparently it did.

  209. Next Christmas, B-Day, Easter you guys have to buy this:


    This was the big winner this year. Rock solid.

    For 130 bucks, the shit we’ve seen is amazing. Diseased plants. Nucleus of a cell. Nasty microscopic bugs. My clean freak wife is going insane yet can’t stop using it. The kids love it.

    It would be a cool gift for an adult kif too.

  210. DR, I got my kids model rockets. We’ve had shit weather so (other than upper 70’s), so we haven’t had a chance to shoot them yet. Plus, I need a large, sprawling field somewhere that the city doesn’t have.

    You know, some of the rockets are designed to go 3k plus in altitude? That’s insane. It could easily interfere with air traffic. I am surprised that hey make them to go that high in a hobby version.

    My kids have used the shit out of their microscope from a few years back. Cool gift.

    As an anti-Christian, I hope Rutherford enjoyed kwanzaa this year. It’s representative of his “religion” and one I find fitting.

  211. Telescopes too. Watching a kid see Saturn’s rings for the first time is a memory that doesn’t fade. Except the poor things have to jostle with the adults to put their eyes on it.

    PS…Huck, I don’t know about privacy with respect to Twitter but it would be a deal breaker if it wasn’t.

    Down 0 – 17 at the half? That’s just crazy.

  212. We had a two stage rocket when I was a boy, but it certainly didn’t go up more than a couple of hundred feet. My brother gave me binoculars for Christmas. He said we are so thinly settled that our area is one of the best places to see many stars on a dark night.

    My father dragged us out to see every celestrial event he heard of. I did the same. Our daughter follows the tradition. She took her daughter out to watch the total eclipse of the moon. Our grand daughter still talks about it sometimes.

    I want a drone.

  213. “Except the poor things have to jostle with the adults to put their eyes on it.”

    That’s exactly how it is with the microscope!

    I’m thinking a good telescope will be a gift next year.

    Twitter can be invasive on a smart phone if you are not very careful. Then again… I don’t have Facebook either.

  214. “I want a drone.”

    James… Look out the window… My rogue and lost drone is probably is somewhere near you by now.

  215. DR, I got them an Estes Alpha III something or another and each a rocket to build. They’re the very beginner items. It ain’t high tech. I guess none of them are, really. But I’m worried about the ones that go over 1k would cause a DR Moment: one and done. Anything over 800 feet that meets the slightest breeze is gonna need a six-pack and your drone to find. . . and we already know how that ends.

  216. Twitter is pretty benign in my experience. I don’t know the usefulness of it for forum discussion though.
    Anyone can easily set up anonymous accounts and choose who to follow and who to allow to follow you including blocking folks. The ads and suggestions are easily dismissed. I don’t think invading Rutherfords stream is a good idea though.
    Facebook is evil.
    I’d be interested in hearing a story akin to a message in the bottle but have it be “the drone landed in my yard…”

  217. Dead Rabbit, your drone is probably buried under our new snow if it made it here. How did you lose the drone? Did it lose contact with your controller? They should a sensing beacon on those things. We lost our little rocket a few times, but it was in an open field and didn’t fly very far.

    i got a Twitter password but no twitter account. Once in a while I communicate with Lotta, the young Finish woman I met and a couple of who’s videos i posted here. I have two facebook accounts which I have not used for two and a half years. Our daughter says people still wish me happy birthday. The private message section is my favorite. I have communicated with people I knew on other message boards. They probably think I am dead by now.

    A liberal PBS commentator interviewed a black writer and asked him about the sorry state of racial relations now. He said the police are attacking blacks for racial reasons. The commentator agreed but noted that not all cases involve racism. He said the Ferguson affair was a lie Black Lives Matter twisted into something it wasn’t. As our grand daughter says “Surprise!”

    My father took us outside years ago to watch Sputnik pass overhead. That little light was awesome because people had put it there.

  218. You might want to plan to be in our area around August 22, 2017. We will have a total eclipse of the sun, and I plan to take our grand daughter 80 miles or so south to watch totality. My brother and some friends watched a total eclipse in Manitoba in the seventies when the temperature was far below zero. I would have gone but I had to haul corn. Our part of the eclipse dropped the temperature from about 15 to 10 degrees at the peak.

  219. “Twitter is pretty benign in my experience. I don’t know the usefulness of it for forum discussion though.
    Anyone can easily set up anonymous accounts and choose who to follow and who to allow to follow you including blocking folks. The ads and suggestions are easily dismissed. I don’t think invading Rutherfords stream is a good idea though.
    Facebook is evil.”

    Thanks Alfie.

    Facebook is evil but how do you mean?

    I never thought blog comments were useful for forum discussion and I hate WordPress. Twitter was just a thought. Invading Rutherford’s stream never crossed my mind but the other things you mention have.

  220. Well, there must be something toxic about the Tamir Rice story. It is barely mentioned in the MSM. Fake racial incidents fatigue? Disloyalty to dems by the BLM? Reminders of Rham and the cloth from which he is cut?

    Where’s Sharpton? Where’s Obama? Where’s MSNBC?

  221. Facebook is evil but how do you mean?

    You’re not the consumer you’re the product is first and foremost in why I loathe Facebook.
    I also find it to be hands down one of the best proofs of much that is wrong in USA society wise. It’s a cauldron of arrogance,ignorance,selfishness,narcissism,inanity,and all in all predation that boggles the mind.

  222. I can’t say happy since I don’t think ’16 is bringing too much of that, but I can definitely extend safe and satisfying New Year wishes to the folks here. Cheers !

  223. It’s a cauldron of arrogance,ignorance,selfishness,narcissism,inanity,and all in all predation that boggles the mind.”- Alfie

    Precisely which is why I go to Facebook to remind myself why I like to avoid the human race.

    Happy New Year Rutherford

  224. Precisely which is why I go to Facebook to remind myself why I like to avoid the human race.

    😆 I like to go to Facebook to stir the flames on occasion. It’s the only place I go to read, Fat Grannies used to be, where men like Poolman actually read sane, literate, even brilliant. 😈

    I always wondered how America when considered as a whole, could be so stupid that a majority of its constituency could actually believe a rabble rousing community activist could begin to heal the planet.

    Now I know. It’s actually frightening to begin to understand the level of abject stupidity that walks among us.

  225. Happy new year everyone. Whether or not it turns out that way, one can hope.

    “Precisely why I go to Facebook to remind myself why I like to avoid the human race.”

    I didn’t need Facebook to convince me. Solitude is wonderful. When my back was so sore and I was home alone, I didn’t see another human for three days.

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