Movie Review: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Say what you want about the guy’s religion or politics, but there is no denying that when it comes to physical abilities, Tom Cruise is a friggen badass.  Cruise showcases those abilities in his latest film, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.  In this 5th installment of the Mission: Impossible movie series, the 53-year-old actor performs many of his own stunts, which is no small feat in this action-packed thriller that involves car and motorcycle chases through the streets and countryside of Casablanca, foot chases through the streets of London, and edge-of-your-seat gun and knife fights.

Tom Cruise (“Top Gun”, “A Few Good Men”) plays agent Ethan Hunt of the Impossible Mission Force (IMF)–an independent spy agency that specializes in deception and security infiltration.  In Rouge Nation, the IMF, headed by William Brandt (Jeremy Renner – “Hurt Locker”, “American Hustle”),  is defunded and its members, including Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg – “Shaun of the Dead”, “Ice Age” ) and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames – “Pulp Fiction”, “Con Air”) are absorbed into the CIA, headed by Alan Hundly (Alec Baldwin – “The Departed”, “Hunt for Red October”).  That is–all its agents except Ethan Hunt.  With the IMF now out of the way, a group known as “The Syndicate” emerges, led by Solomon Lane (Sean Harris – “Prometheus”, “’71”) and aided by ex-MI6 agent Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson – “Hercules”), and sets its sights on Hunt.  Hunt and his former-IMF friends must now track “The Syndicate”, a group not formally recognized to even exist, while also dodging the CIA, which is now trying to kill him.

Faust’s motivations and loyalties are questionable throughout the film, leaving the viewer–and Ethan Hunt–wondering just whose side she’s on.  Those questions are compounded when British Intelligence enters the picture after the discovery of a cherished USB drive containing valuable information is revealed.  A drive that only the British Prime Minister can access and that Lane and “The Syndicate” desperately want.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is jam-packed with enough twists and turns to keep viewer interest, but without so many that they become cliche and boring.  The interaction between Hunt and Faust is not muddied up as a love interest, but as one of adversarial (or is it partnership?) respect.  This is a definite popcorn movie, and you might even want to have a beer or two handy, because it’s a fun ride.  And as you watch scenes involving wing walking and underwater action, it’s important to remember that’s a 53-year-old mega-star putting his life on the line to make a roll believable.  That–my friends–is a friggen badass.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation hit the big screen in August, so chances are you won’t find many theaters still showing it.  However, it’s Blue Ray/DVD release date is set for Dec. 15, so you won’t have long to wait to get your hands on this action-adventure-thriller.  Don’t expect a cinematic masterpiece, but buckle up for a fun ride.  And get ready for more, because a 6th installment is already in the works.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it–see this movie.

This post will self-destruct in 5 seconds….

162 thoughts on “Movie Review: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

  1. No, we wouldn’t want people looking to run this country have to worry too much about foreign policy, would we?

    Feel the Bern….

  2. The only reason I read this review was because Hucking wrote it.

    I have zero interest in Mission Impossible 5 as I’ve never even watched 1.

    In fact…the only movie I’ve seen Tom Cruise kill a roll in is the movie Vanilla Sky. Perfectly casted: A creep playing a creep.

    I’ve been recently rotting my mind watching the TV series Gotham. It’s one of those shows where you can’t recommend it to anyone with a streight face. That being said…the whole show revolves around the rise of the villians. The Rogue’s Gallery of the Batman universe has always struck my nerd nerve.

  3. Hmmm. It’s a little strange because I haven’t see Mission Impossible series but kind of enjoyed Jack Reacher.

    I had a bombshell laid in my lap yesterday afternoon. One I wasn’t expecting for some time to hear.

    I’m going to have another new title.

    Grandpa. 😯

    Life is going by much quicker than I like, by the way.

  4. My married daughter, mind you this is the one that was “smart enough” to go to med school on full scholarship and graduate with highest honors to boot, must be out of her mind.

    She is a first year resident, her husband an ENT surgeon and second year resident. Both are worked for slave labor wages sometimes 80-90 hours a week. It’s all they can do to take care of their year old lab between them – a dog walker comes by their little home twice a day now. And every off hour not sleeping is spent entertaining Cody the Hound. It’s a good life but a hard life.

    I am indeed excited for all of my “girls,”, especially my daughter and wife. But I have no idea how my daughter pulls this off and still finishes residency. Perhaps being a mom is what she does, and if so I will be happy for them. Frankly, I wish daughter would just stay home with baby and call it a day, though I hate to think my daughter worked that hard to be in that position and never earn a real paycheck.

    But I have this sneaking suspicion that Tex’s wife will be give more serious thought to retirement next year and start spending extended time in Pittsburgh, PA, if I know ‘Grandma Taylor.’

    I really didn’t intend to be both celibate and bachelor at 55 – in addition entering abject poverty if I can’t get the other one out of school. So there’s a part of me feeling sorry myself. LOL What a self-absorbed, good-for-nothing schmuck I have become. A damn hermit who spend countless hours staring at the internet.

    Rutherford can’t leave us now. Y’all may be all I’ve got left. 😈

  5. Speaking of home owner projects, yesterday I worked from dawn to dusk to start installing these “luxury vinyl planks.”. They’re actually quite pretty and a great alternative to real wood because you can just lay them right over an existing floor, free floating which just snap together, no sanding, no nothing and they are advertised as indestructible. Easy peasy. Or so as advertised.

    Now a forewarning to any of you do-it-yourself types. We chose this “stuff” because it’s in the kitchen, breakfast nook, utility room, ‘wet bar’ which is a massive waste of good space, and small lavatory off the kitchen – all of them exposed to dog slobber, claws, my wife the executioner of things we own, pee pee, and water. And every damn one of them full of doors, corners, and apparently walls that aren’t quite square.

    Now a forewarning. This baloney about ‘easy install’ advertised on the internet is the biggest crock of crap I’ve ever foisted on gullible me. They show these guys (and always in big square rooms or rectangular rooms) scoring the planks with a sharp knife and snapping them together on all four sides, row by row, no tools hardly necessary except a sharp knife. 😡 😡 😡

    Those bastards should be jailed for false advertisement. The first one I scored with a brand new utility knife blade snapped in about three pieces when I tried to break it and smacked me in the face. By the end of the day, I had every damn saw I own draped across the backyard – miter, Dremel, table, jig. And the damn things have aluminum oxide in them which makes an absolute mess that isn’t anything like sawdust. Every blade I own will need to be replaced.

    And waste? Good grief. Since these things snap together and only go one way, you better hope you got long walls so you can use full boards. I was three hours in the damn project before I got to snap two full boards together without cutting them, trying to pull the damn things back together with a nail puller, plank puller, etc… underneath the damn cabinets to boot.

  6. Congratulations, Tex. I hope you get to see the kid often.

    I had a surprise last night. A comments section of an article had many Germans. I expected them to write that Angela Merkle was unfit for office, but they went further. Several said she should be killed. One wrote that East Germany still has armories storing weapons from the Soviet era. He wrote that one could break into them.

    Another article stated that parts of Europe are awash with weapons left over from the Balken wars. At least 900,000 guns are in Belgium. People seem fed up.

  7. That’s nice Tex. When my dad became a grandfather the role seemed to have been written for him like nothing else he’d ever been before. I hope the same for you.

    “The first one I scored with a brand new utility knife blade snapped in about three pieces when I tried to break it and smacked me in the face.”


  8. Tex, our daughter and son in law are tethered by a thin rope, especially our daughter. She is a therapist and manages two offices.

    Our grand daughter was unplanned, and most of the pregnancy was filled with dread and heart ache as doctors found one potentially serious condition after another to worry about.

    The parents could not have managed without us during the early months. We poured everything we had into our grand daughter, and doctors don’t understand why she is progressing so well.

    When we are gone, our daughter calls us so her daughter can speak to us so she will stop pestering her about her grand parents. Sometimes, she plays with their land line. One day last week, my wife answered the phone. She heard “Oma Oma!!” At two, our grand daughter doesn’t know our phone number. She reached us through random dialing, but it was still nice.

    I hope something like that happens to you.

  9. Thank you, guys. And nice story, James.

    When my wife told me my daughter and son-in-law had something to tell me and to shut up and stop bitching, quit work, and sit down, I had a sneaking suspicion that a bombshell was to be dropped – especially when my wife had that coy look on here face and my daughter had that pumpkin grin.

    May I tell you my reaction was something between elation, puzzlement, and the dread I was old enough to be told this news? I’m still kind of numb but excited. Happy but a little nervous too for my baby. When it’s a daughter, it makes it all the more special and all the more scary. I know the Mrs. is thrilled but she keeps these things very close the vest.

    My wife is the persona of “baby mom” and the main reason my kids turned out so good. May my grand kid be as lucky.

  10. Congrats Tex.

    I felt the same way about the Mission Impossible movies. I tried to watch 1 of them before and fell asleep. I saw the trailer for this latest one while at the theater watching something else and then forgot about it until the other night when I was scrolling down a movie site list.

  11. I was thrown by “vinyl plank”. The rest of your story sounds a lot like my tour of duty with laminate boards in the spirit of Pergo et al. Never again ! I ruined blades,faced squaring issues and the “snapping” aspects are a waste since once you use either the tongue or groove the rest of the piece is waste.
    Floating by the way is also a much bigger deal than any DIY huckster or manufacturing alludes too. This stuff moves like you read about. A real terror if you have baseboard heat as the neat trick to surround the supply lines only works if the floating floor doesn’t float. Bottom line? Floating floors….the emphasis is on F-L-O-A-T-I-N-G lol
    Congrats on the pending addition. Is that the Pittsburgh residents?

  12. Hell….I’d just move to Pittsburgh. Outside of always….and I mean always, being lost, with no sense of NSWE…I like that town.

    Good chance I will never even see my grandchildren……

  13. I didn’t watch the debate last night, but from what I have read, it just doesn’t seem like Bernie Sanders has much to say beyond “let’s give everyone a bunch of free stuff and make rich people pay for it.”

    I’m glad he has no real chance, because the guy is a joke. He’s worse than the worst GOP candidate.

  14. I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Obama gave his “ISIS is contained” talk the day of the Paris attack.

  15. Yep Alfie – the Pittsburgh residents. As to the floating floor part, that too was grating on my nerves, especially being by the fourth plank, I was already having to cut under doors. I’d snap them together and notice the spacers had fallen over at the door. 😆 I wasted about three boards until finally there was enough weight to keep the damn thing from moving a quarter of an inch.

    Rabbit, I wouldn’t mind moving to Pittsburgh except two things. Well, make that three. First, it’s the hilliest city I’ve ever been in including San Francisco. Everything is four flights of stairs, five up my daughter’s landing – and on two bum knees, my knees were screaming by the end of the weekend.

    But more importantly, my son-in-law told me there are 150 days out of the year that at sometime, the damn temperature is below freezing. No way, no how.

    And finally as James Carville once explained about Pennsylvania, it’s Alabama bordered between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I like Alabama. I don’t like predominate libs. 😈

  16. ” the damn temperature is below freezing.”

    You know….as a Michigander….it took me 35 years to figure out winter. It’s all about the gear. -30 windchill is no big deal with a true artic parka. Hats, gloves, layers, proper boots.

    For years I was never dressed correctly.

    Not any more. I even get a morbid thrill getting use out of the 500 bucks I dropped on LL Bean.

  17. Pittsburgh is pretty cool. I had a case that took me there a bunch a couple if years back. I went with an image that was promptly disproved.

    But damn, it sure is hilly as hell.

  18. I’m going to have another new title.


    The best title ever!! Congratulations, Tex! The most awesome of experiences.

  19. Thanks, Poolman. I was thinking that is a title only you and James can appreciate. Looking forward to it. I think. 🙂

  20. Yes, you will definitely like it! 4 grandsons so far for me. I’ll get my first granddaughter in about 3 weeks or whenever she decides she’s ready. I might have to do a family group picture for Christmas this year and maybe mail out cards to my list of friends and relatives. I haven’t done that in years but it might be fun, if not just to keep them all guessing. 🙂 Fortunately I can gather all the kids fairly easily since everyone is local. No long distance between any of us, which is cool and much different than my upbringing.

  21. I remember my whole family watching mission impossible together back in the day as it was prime time programming. And it was always very entertaining. And believable. Maybe we were just naive. It did seem like a much more secure and sane world back then. All this was before Tom Cruise. I’m good with him as an actor, but won’t make any special effort to see his films. I guess I’m not a fun date anymore. The only time I get to a movie theater is when mrs poolman insists and lately that hasn’t been very often.

  22. Cold and windy here today, James. We had a cold front come through yesterday and had rain throughout the day. I had to break out my winter hoody and a few long sleeved shirts. Snow in the high country, so all the mountains look nice.

    I figured out how to do winter awhile ago. For me it means avoiding the cold part as best I can. I can see the snow, but I sure don’t feel it. 🙂

  23. You will be happy to be a grand father, Tex.

    Cold is relative. Wearing layers is very effective. After a few sub zero days, 15 degrees feels mild when the sun is shining.

    One of my coldest days was in Essex, UK. We had six inches of snow and blowing snow which changed to rain. The temperature stayed at about 38 with dank fog and heavy slush. It was miserable and dark.

  24. You know that old saying, “The coldest day I ever experienced was a summer day in San Francisco…”?

    It’s true. Like to froze to death one August afternoon. Still wear the North Face stuff on occasion I bought on the overrated, exaggeratedly overpriced Wharf probably 20 years ago.

  25. lol. Cruz reminds mrs poolman of a funeral director. He does know the right things to say. Do we really need another gifted politician? I don’t think we’ve seen all the circus acts yet. At least not with this set of performers.

  26. Alfie, I’ve seen three articles today on Ted Cruz, all from the Left, all disparaging. What does that tell you?

    I’ll tell you what it tells me. Cruz is catching fire and the Left fears him. Until now, they didn’t think Cruz as candidate was possible. Cruz was too radical, too right-wing. And the Left knows they have no one remotely capable of debating Cruz on stage even with tilted media, no one with close to Cruz’ personal accomplishment or resume.

    Cruz would/will pick Hillary Clinton, the NYT, the MSM apart. They have to destroy him before his legend grows, before Cruz becomes a household name. They did the same thing to Romney, who Rutherford played his small part propagating lies if you’ll remember. We’ve seen how the game is played in both 2008 and 2012. The Left pulls no punches – nothing is beneath them.

    But Cruz is not Romney. Cruz is a far more polished politician, quicker on his feet, a better debater, and appealing to the little people. Cruz unlike Romney I believe, will fight fire with fire.

    This is the smartest politician to come down the pike in a long, long time.

  27. BLM are paid protesters. And yes, it is to divide and conquer. Order from chaos. Just like ISIS and al Qaeda are paid mercenaries. Western media is pure propaganda. There is no longer a difference between Hollywood, Disney, and America. Everyone’s an actor. All the world is a stage…

  28. Have you guys seen this Antayla Q & A from yesterday that Barack Obama gave? This man is not only feckless and incompetent. He is utterly tone deaf and bizarre. How on earth does this dumb ass have a spell over millions upon millions of people? The useful idiot media is even seeing right through him, and still he gets away with gross incompetence and murder with the help of millions of total lemmings.

  29. Bernie Sanders “Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”

    Yeah. Everyone’s missing the “direct link” between a false platitude and a weird old man that wants to be president.

    Just one question: Since average global temperatures haven’t risen in 18 years, how did GW play a role in the the Paris attacks?

    Okay. Back to your safe spaces. Obama will make it aaaaallll better.

  30. Tigre, I know that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are not the sharpest tools in the shed and neither has Barack Obama been as witnessed by his continuous policy failures, daily gaffes and incompetence.

    But those named can’t be so stupid to not recognize what the ‘I’ in ISIS stands for. To refuse to even name these extremists by their association, even if true that these demons have co opted the religion for the sake of thuggery and power, defines Obama, Hillary and Feel the Bern all as psychopaths.

    Let me play cynic and tell you why I believe the Dimocratic Party refuses to name the perpetrators.

    In the 2012 Presidential election, 92% of American Muslims voted for Barack Obama. That voting bloc rivals the black voting bloc in their homogeneity. That is a little unpublished fact that needs to be advertised this go around.

    But my larger point is this. I honestly believe Hillary Rotten Clinton and Feel the Bern Sanders are so void of character, so without principle, so wicked in their duplicity, that national elections are their religion.

    And either of these two would sell their souls before risking perhaps 2M potential votes in a national election, even if it means a prelude to another World War.

  31. Tex, it’s more than the Muslim vote. Because national elections are their religion, it’s about the vilification of the right.

    The thinking man’s party!

  32. Wow. Read about Obama’s rules of engagement when attacking ISIS. Pathetic.

    He is fucking pathetic.

    Rutherford cut and ran at a good time.

  33. Any good boy scout will tell you, “Be Prepared”


  34. In the theater of my mind, it is impossible for me to put myself in an irrelevant, inane journalist’s position who would actually call a pediatric neurosurgeon “dumb as a bag of rocks.” Then I looked at his picture. Young, stupid, U Mizzou darkie most likely who can’t spell faze correctly in the article. 😆

    Just when I think nobody can possibly lower themselves to the fatuous Feel the Bern Sanders commentary of Global Warming being the world’s greatest threat to America, or the equally stupid Dear Leader Obama announcing ISIS ‘contained’ on the same day ISIS kills 120 citizens in Paris, sure enough, somebody can actually say something even more ignorant from the Left.

    Here is why America is waning.

  35. “Kerry took himself to an even lower than Sanders with his comment about two terrorists attacks in France.”

    I think he was just trying to cover for his inability to secure James Taylor for another round of Obama-style diplomacy.

  36. Tex, that piece (of shit) had me belly laughing.

    “We cannot overlook the significance of Carson’s race in both his political rise and the acceptance of his narrative. He has been positioned as the African American anti-Obama from day one. His life story has now become the inspiration of a conservative electorate that prefers to ignore the systemic nature of racial oppression in America. Carson’s narrative now encourages their disregard of racial injustice and their embrace of individual liberty as a universal uplifting force.”

    That whole thing is the biggest mess of unconnected invective I’ve over read. I wish Rutherford were here to read it so I could enjoy his efforts to defend it.

  37. I heard those morons on Morning Joe say Obama needs to set aside his intellect for a moment….aaaaand then I stopped listening.

  38. Ha Ha El Tigre!

    The Daily Mail reports that nearly 70 ISIS plots have been uncovered in the US. Several are refugees.

    Sami singer Sofia Jannok included Obama in her list of foreign dictatorial regimes. She didn’t go far enough. He is either mentally ill tripping on his own brand of reality, or he is a traitor. The same applies to many of his defenders.

    The rest of us sit around muttering “shut up and deal.”

  39. He is either mentally ill tripping on his own brand of reality, or he is a traitor.

    Or he’s a marionette with a strict vocabulary and knotted strings. I think the mental illness and reality branding is nationwide.

  40. Real victims and a very obvious staging of the main event. The following article discusses how the intelligence services likely planned, timed, and carried out these latest terror attacks in Paris with the greatest of international impact in mind. Sick only begins to describe this world…

  41. “I heard those morons on Morning Joe say Obama needs to set aside his intellect for a moment….aaaaand then I stopped listening.”

    Morning Comedy Central. It is like crack to me. I can’t believe how awesomely stupid the liberal class that is projected onto this network really is. I cannot avert my gaze. . .

  42. Oh. I forgot. Can’t use the term “thug” to describe thugs.

    Now I feel dirty.

    So let me correct: That homeless white dude needed to check his privilege.

  43. From Dear Leader:

    “Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America,” Obama said of the GOP. “At first, they were too scared of the press being too tough on them in the debates. Now they are scared of three year old orphans. That doesn’t seem so tough to me.”

    Just a few hours later in Paris:

    A female terrorist wearing a suicide vest has blown herself up and another jihadi was killed by a grenade during a six-hour siege on a flat where police believe the Paris massacres mastermind and six other ISIS terrorists were hiding.”

    The guy is a fucking bafoon.

  44. President Joke Hussein wages war by warning ISIS truck drivers that there is going to be an attack on them.

    I heard on the radio Russia is invading the Middle East with a 150,000 troops now. Hussein’s anarchy.

    Meanwhile Joke Hussein is angry at the Republicans about “popping off”.

    As Tigre pointed out, Joke Hussein is made to look like a….joke….almost instantly these days.

    No doubt Joke Hussein is letting ISIS in my community. How about yours?

  45. “I would encourage you to spend just as much time focusing on the president’s actions as you do his words,” Josh Earnest 

    The administration so inept they are now telling us not to listen to them.

  46. Why would he do that?

    For the same reason President Malcontent would hate me far more than he would Rutherford. Because besides Obama being a malignant narcissist, he’s also a petulant child and thin-skinned thug who cannot function without being continually coddled and stroked.

    And real American Christians have been Barack Obama’s loudest critics. Add to the fact Obama is at the very least a Muslim sympathizer, Obama’s antipathy towards real Christianity is blatantly transparent. The spiel about the Crusades and a defense of Islam on National Prayer Day sponsored by Christians? And people don’t understand that? Does that tell you how stupid too much of the American public is, as if we didn’t already know that from the 2012 election?

    The fact Obama calls himself a ‘christian’ is both a joke and matter of political expediency. Nothing more. That epic fraud Jeremiah Wright lives in the white suburbs in a $900K house that poor, black parishioners, also white haters, paid for out their pockets. I feel no pity for those imbeciles either. They deserved to be ripped off.

    Why were so many white people so easily duped by this charlatan for President? It was so obvious Obama was a black militant. Good grief. He sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright’s American and white hatred for 20 years. Don’t give me this baloney Obama wasn’t party to that American Imperialistic blame Whitey crap. That goes for Obama’s equally insufferable wife. She too is racist to the core.


    Shocka! 😯 Not. How many Americans have to get mowed down before the idiots have their eyes open that Obama is not only grossly incompetent, Obama is dangerous?

  48. Anything will be an improvement over Obama. Anything. Even self serving and evil Clinton.

    He is insufferable.

    Dude calls the Paris attacks a setback and launches into a spoiled, defensive tirade about….ISI…nope…the GOP.

    A fucking setback?

    I, too, am convinced that Obama practically relishes in bad things happening to the West.

    I’m serious. He secretly gets a boner over the old Imperialistic powers getting some payback. I’ve met so many Obamas in college.

    He is de facto purposely murdering Middle Eastern Christians. He has a soft spot for stinkbeards and a passive aggressive grudge against anything he deems white, western etc.

    My family or a family of displaced radical Muslims?

    I honestly believe with all my heart…. if it all came down to a secret button…..he would send us to our collective death first.

    I’ve seen too much out of him to think otherwise. And I’ve met his type too many times.

    In some ways…..the Truthers were right about Obama.

    While he was born in the US, he was spawned in the womb of leftist, racist and fascist evil. He isn’t a Manchurian canidate. Like Tex says…this country too stupid to see the obvious. Hell….even I didn’t understand the ramifications of electing this filth.

  49. Rutherford once criticized me for writing that Obama is partial to Muslims because he was raised as a virtual Muslim during part of his childhood. That is why I believe he is letting so few Christians into our country.

    I also wrote that he and his thinking supporters are ideological foreigners, and I cited Sofia Jannok’s calling people like him members of a foreign occupying regime.

    Democrats have proven since the Vietnam War, the Slow Bleed, and recent terrorist attacks that no only do they not care about the fate of our American values, but they would let us die to enhance their chances of imposing their foreign ideology on the rest of us.

    They are truely the enemy within. If providence shines on us, the majority of voters will become so disgusted they will vote the rest of these reprobates into private life. Other wise many of them will be part of the death toll.

  50. “Rutherford once criticized me for writing that Obama is partial to Muslims because he was raised as a virtual Muslim during part of his childhood.”

    Rutherford, ever the useful idiot.

    “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” – Obama, Cairo speech 2008

    “The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam” – Obama, speech at the UN 2012

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” Obama in The Audacity of Hope



    While Obama mocks the idea that terrorists would, or could, infiltrate Europe with Syrian migrants and laugh at the GOP heathens who think that just maybe they could.

    Again, the guy is a fucking bafoon.

  52. I actually thought maybe Rutherford was taking a break from his dumb ass politics but, alas, he’s active as hell on Twitter.

    “Anyone who thinks the Charlie Hebdo attack and the Paris massacre are the same, is an idiot. Get off Kerry’s back. #JohnKerry”

    He’s actually defending Kerry’s remark.

    And I thought the Obamabot was cleaning his apartment and getting some fresh air.

    He’s still sniffing his own farts in the suburban bunker binge watching MSNBC.

  53. I doubt anyone has claimed that the two attacks “are the same.” It’s just hot air.

    Kerry is an inarticulate boob in love with the sound of his own voice. I can’t stand this administration. I saw a photo – not exactly when it was taken – but it was Obama, Susan Rice, and Ben Fucking Rhodes sitting and talking to Putin. It screamed for a caption contest.

  54. Correct, Barry. We want to see the screening process. We don’t believe you.

    Did anyone hear Hillary’s recent speech? I swear I thought she was going to finish one sentence in particular with “an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with.”

  55. Carly has finally revealed that You’re So Vain was indeed about Warren Beatty, at least in part.

    I liked the mystery better than this.

  56. “Anyone who thinks the Charlie Hebdo attack and the Paris massacre are the same, is an idiot. Get off Kerry’s back. #JohnKerry”

    Kerry thinks because he doesn’t understand the “rationale” that there wasn’t any. He just thinks the idiot terrorists pulled those targets out of their assholes…much like he and his boss pull their ideas from.

    Make no mistake, those targets were deliberate and they had purpose.

  57. Rutherford trying to have a dialogue with his “friends” at MSNBC is disturbing and humerous. It’s like an invisible grenade.

    Come home, Rutherford. Come home. We’ll respond.

  58. In the words of Rutherford, anyone who thinks the Obamacare and free healthcare as a right re the sam, is an idiot.

    And anyone that says what’s in Tex’s article comes as a surprise, is an idiot.

  59. America’s Greatest Danger is Global Warming!!! We’re all going to die!

    a href=””>Feel the Bern!!!

  60. Our grand daughter likes this video. She stages car races and has a toy wrecker to tow the wrecked cars away for repairs. When she is finished, she puts the cars on their side and says it is bed time.

    I also think we are witnessing the end of the world as we know it. I’m not sure about Obama. His movement appears to be entering its death throes.
    Desperation is forcing progressives to remove their masks and to reveal themselves for the ugly people they are. The outcome is still uncertain.

    Rutherford asked why I hate Kerry. Kerry is a traitor who tried to undermine our military efforts in Vietnam. A technicality let him bail on his fellow warriors before his time was due. I thank God he was not elected president.

  61. They’re getting sloppy with these psyops, false flags, and hoaxes. There are so many anymore, it’s tough to keep track. More people are taking notice, that they all reinforce the NWO agenda and being used as excuse to enact already written laws to take away freedom seems an obvious common thread throughout.

    I guess you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

  62. “I thought refugee meant forced to leave.”

    That is part of the dictionary definition. The other part is “in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.” A person can feel they are “forced to leave” out of fear for their safety.

    If you are talking legal definition under US law, it gets mainly into persecution, and not the other factors.

    If you’re talking just straight “forced to leave”, as in being ordered to get out, that would fall more under the term “exile”.

  63. Looks like those fracking operations have seriously shaken some folks in OK. Wonder if ole Bliss felt that tremor? Of course, I was told that there was no connection when I pointed to it here a couple years ago. 😛 Just another notation on that checklist of inconvenient truths. :mrgreen:

  64. Keep in mind though that the overwhelming majority of “refugees” are in fact in a cycle of movement. They have resided as refugees in places like Turkey,Jordan and Lebanon and are now trying to move on. This is why they are more properly termed economic migrants ala our own crimigrant populations.

  65. Ive been reflecting recently on the “if Romney was POTUS” thing and I obviously believe things would be different now if it were true.

  66. Video of 2014 CPD shooting ordered to be released to public. This could leave a mark. Rutherford keep the BMBubble out of the city brother!

  67. Looks like those fracking operations have seriously shaken some folks in OK. Wonder if ole Bliss felt that tremor? Of course, I was told that there was no connection when I pointed to it here a couple years ago

    And you’re still wrong, dummy and Jew hater. 😈

    It’s not fracking being blamed, brick. It’s waste water injection. That may or may not be associated with hydraulic fracking. Don’t talk about subjects you know nothing about.

    Poolman, you’re just stupid as chit. But you do make me laugh on occasion.


    Damn….I just can’t get enough of Rutherford’s sunset Utopia.

    Hey R…..Quit acting like you aren’t reading this…..I’ve changed my mind. I, too, want to retire on a college campus with these young open minds. Laughter adds up to ten years of life. Plus, on the weekend, I will get great physical exercise beating these pussies’ asses with some dead rabbit macro-agression!

  69. Yes, refugee is being forced to leave by circumstance. The big Missouri River flood which Obama ignored created thousands of refugees who were forced to leave. Our neighborhood was virtually depopulated as were some towns. Many people moved to camp grounds strategically located by roads still open to let them go to work.

    A poll shows that the majority of Americans feel like strangers in their own country. Another article says Islamists are pursuing nuclear or biological weapons. ISIS threatened to blow up the White House.

    It is unchristian of me, but I hope they all die in terrorist attacks, even if it means losing the White House. If some of those dirty little cop haters or college snowflakes die by a criminal’s hands, who cares? Let them reap what they sow and leave the rest of us alone.

    Anyone who thinks Romney would have been a worse president than Obama is a simpleton and a fool.

  70. Cold here too, James. Yesterday afternoon, I was standing outside in shorts and a t-shirt. This morning, 38 with a wind about 40mph out of the North. 12 is too difficult to contemplate at this minute.

  71. Ben Swann exposes secret DOD documents that prove the U.S. wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria.

    Who’s your daddy? More and more proof emerges that we are the reason for the rise of ISIS. It was our planners that let them gain power and fame. Though Assad has 90 percent support in his country, we call him an evil dictator and deem him our enemy that must go. When will we wake from this neocon nightmare?

    Yes, we formed the terrorists we fear. The way to stop ISIS is defund our own government and intelligence agencies. Of course cheap gas is our bottom line. We are buying gas from the very terrorists we claim to want disappeared.

    The dumbing down of America is complete. Mission Accomplished!

  72. lol. I hate evil and stupid and those that manifest it. If they call themselves Jews (though most are not), it makes no difference to me. Flesh and blood aren’t my enemy. Ideology, more than genetics, keeps us at arms. It is the Zionist that claims a superiority and who is actually an enemy to the real Jews as well as us goyim.

    The Whittle Bill video has some serious flaws, but effectively reveals the bias and willful blindness of those that believe like him. Per his narrative, it’s all the left’s fault.

    Let’s look to a just few ‘problems’ with his narrative.

    First, it has been proved a false report wherein the gal that died was wearing a suicide vest. The latest claim is the bomb went off next to her. Of course, a woman wearing and detonating a suicide vest is way more scary. So let’s run with that…

    Second, it was the right (neocons) that helped kick start this whole terror nightmare. To say this was all brought on due to leftist policies is disingenuous at best. Really it is a lie. That the left has become just as warmongery as the right is true. There are no checks and balances anymore. Our various left and right administrations have been fucking with the peoples in these ME lands for decades. Remember, we armed and trained them to fend off the Soviets during the cold war. We propped up the Shaw of Iran and helped put Saddam in power.

    When the cold war ended, we kept these mercenaries around to destabilize the region. We are the ones supplying them arms, funding, and training. It has been proved by multiple sources. Though folks like Whittle are trying very hard to keep this a right vs left fight the focus, it has always been both wings keeping this bird of prey in flight. There are no real differences in leadership or policy. But that is an important illusion that must be maintained.

    Third, it isn’t Islam we are fighting, because most of these terrorists are hated by all Muslims. These mercenaries are not practicing Muslims and that has been pointed out often, though apparently facts be damned. IDF officers have been captured leading these ‘extremists’. Israel has been using their facilities to treat wounded ‘jihadists’ in this war. The mercenaries fight for whoever pays the most, so many have switched sides during the conflict.

    Whittle does show that image from the concert hall with dead bodies that were apparently involved in a satanic ritual performed there. The blood from the dragged bodies paint the eye of horus image. That one scene discounts any of the official versions of events that have emerged. Supposedly the terrorists burst into the concert and shot up the place, leaving within 15 minutes. Where are the EMTs checking for vital signs and official investigators?

    Disappeared are the multiple witness reports of several white commandos in a new Mercedes that pulled up and did the deeds and escaped. The Muslim patsies were all killed and even one planted with a now decidedly faked Syrian passport. The fake report from a plant claiming the terrorists said this was ‘for Syria’ and reported hearing them cry ‘Allahu Akbar’. This is now a common claim of proof that these were carried out by Muslims. I guess it doesn’t matter that it is one of the oldest tactics used in a false flag.

    Now we have slick videos and magazines promoting the ISIS terror campaign. What a joke! People will believe anything they see on teevee or if the government tells them. The latest Charlie Hebdo cover depicts an upside down menorah, according to some. It claims the terrorists have bullets but the french have champagne.

    The Times of Israel edited a report that claimed Jews were specifically warned the morning of the attacks. They changed it to say the Jewish community had been on alert for some time. Fortunately, there are screen shots and the wayback machine.

    America, you are being duped. BIG TIME!

  73. “Let that sink in a little.”

    Leftist-backed revisionist history whitewashing that which has been whitewashed by the Leftists since the Leftists decided they were the party of racism in deed only?

    I feel like that might be too obvious though.

  74. Hey Alfie in a way I’m being both sarcastic and straight with my replay about scrubbing Wilson. Are you going to write an article about it because I would enjoy reading that. Hint. hint.

  75. You are getting the cold air we have Tex. The leading headline on Drudge describes our latest storm.

    Poolman, anyone with the IQ of a refrigerator temperature knows how we contributed to the rise of ISIS. As some of us have explained, Obama and by extension Hillary unwittingly created the conditions which created ISIS and any number of destabilizing consequences including the migration to Europe.

    That is an interesting article in Atlantic.
    I took a course on Middle Eastern history while in the service and we read something about problems with making new national boundries.

  76. He said anybody sane.

    😆 A relative term indeed. 😆 Actually, it was KEYED in. 😛

    In America right now the campaigns are to corral the ‘mentally ill’ lone wolves because they may shoot some place up. The ongoing drills in our schools since sh have been conditioning our youth to their new norm. It isn’t to protect rather to control. Obvious. Now of course, they are expanding the programming. The new norm has us believe extremists are going to attack us in our communities. Of course they are. That is their plan. They have invested tons into these extremists, branding them and their campaign. The north american terrorist organization is doing this. With Muslim extremists, we just have to annihilate them, because, well just because. We have made them into meaner boogeymen. They cut off heads! 😯 They are not the same caliper of terrorist as our pill taking public that gets hold of multiple guns with multiple clips of mega capacities and goes nuts.

    These is guys have a network of smart and resourceful rich guys keeping them propped up, supplied, and going. Like the energizer bunny. Now they even have a jihadist help hotline. 😆

    Its all mind games anyway.

    This stuff has been mainstream programming for years.

    Who benefits from the fear campaign and the terror?

    We have new overreaching trade agreements. Politicians are obvious whores and sellouts. International corporations (who are people, my friend) have won over individual rights and over national sovereignty.

    Sure, we can discuss sane. But we will be doing it within an insane realm.

  77. I could seriously see myself pissing on your open casket, poolman.

    I’d still eat at the potluck afterwards too. And not one of your dumb fuck family members would dare stop me.

  78. @ Muffy yeah I think I am going to post on it. I have some drafted items on the desktop and I think I could use the catharsis.

  79. Omaha stations have been reporting on our snow because it largely missed Omaha after a lot of hype.

    I came in from cross country skiing in the moon light and watched the second story about snow in our town. The reporter interviewed a personable woman who is still attractive in spite of her faded grandure.

    My wife nearly fell out of her chair. The well-spoken woman is a former Las Vegas stripper nicknamed Chesty La Pue. Her most notable feature is absent nipples due to some surgical mistakes.

  80. Poolman the loon lectures on the cause of events he said didn’t occur

    Your invisible grenade doesn’t affect me. However your hypnosis technique did work apparently on one groupie. 🙂

  81. One of the first things I shared here was a link to this site. News stories in photographs.

    Each large image is a gateway to more photos of that particular subject.

    It’s so good.

    This week in Chicago will feature Spike Lee’s movie premiere tonight and the release of the video Alfie mentioned earlier. The street word on the video is not good, even the boy’s mother doesn’t want it released. Black leaders in Chicago are speaking and acting responsibly – vigils and the like last night – and they are calling for peace. Jesse Jackson already sticking his nose in and Sharpton never passed an opportunity to confuse peace with profit, but let’s hope for the local men and women to set the tone and set a good one.

  82. Boring sports banter:

    My boy and I went and watched 14th ranked Oklahoma destroy 3 ranked Michigan in wrestling, today

    We were sitting next to the family of a kid on Michigan’s squad, wrestling on a full ride. They fought the storm and drove from Illinois. He completely blew his knee out. Family was stunned. Sucked.

    For the first time in my life I rooted for Ohio State against vile Sparty in football. Of course they lost and pretty much eliminated Michigan’s shot at the Big Ten championship.

    Xavier beat Michigan in B Ball.

    At least we beat Penn State.

  83. Not boring at all DR.

    One of our HS wrestlers fully dislocated his elbow last Thurs. Had 1 get the same injury last year. Be sure to tell your boy not to post when going down.

    My boys and I went to a local sports bar to watch the Broncos backup QB in his first start. Could be the end of the Manning era.

  84. Nebraska soon plays undefeated Iowa. If Nebraska, an underdog wins, they might be eligable for a bowl. The Tidy Bowl. Nebraska’s poor season is affecting the travel economy.

    Harvey Pearlman, the president has been in trouble for his choice of coaches and for comments about the team. Now, he faces hostility over supporting a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

    Kyle Busch won the NASCAR race yesterday and with it the championship. He was out for 11 races while he underwent therapy and re learned to walk after a serious accident which he said was his fault.. No one, including Busch expected him to be racing this year. He kept in touch with his team so he knew what was happening when he returned.

    His boss, Joe Gibbs said Busch’s comeback was the best of any modern athlete in any sport.

  85. The rastlin’ gods are apparently more powerful than expected. Or they’re more real and believable than the latest flavor of boogeymen. They and their fans survive to fight another day…

  86. I’m going to have to say–and I mean this with all sincerity–fuck Kyle Bush. 🙂

    I’m a Gordon fan and probably done with NASCAR now. I don’t like The Chase system and never have.

  87. Watch out, Alfie! That’s a divide issue. 🙂 NASCAR IS A RELIGION. Race car drivers are gods. Many followers make seasonal pilgrimages to the sacred tarmac ovals located across america to pay their tithes and tribute to these idols of corporate sponsorhood.

  88. I don’t care what it is or who they are, it’s still fun to watch, hear, feel, and smell the cars zoom by. That is something I will still do–I just won’t care about the outcome.

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