Cheap shot or good baseball?

The baseball playoffs are underway this weekend and we’ve already seen some great games. Perhaps the most notable thus far, and one that will be discussed in detail in the off-season, is last night’s match-up between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

With the Dodgers down 1 game to none in a best-of-5 series, the pressure was on LA to get a win at home before the series moves to New York. By the 7th inning, that prospect was starting to seem unlikely, as Mets pitcher, Bartolo Colon was shutting down the heavy-hitting Dodgers with a 2-1 lead. Then, with runners on 1st and 3rd with 1 out, this happened…..

The play scored a run to tie the game. The Mets shortstop, Ruben Tejada, suffered a broken leg, and the Dodgers went on to score 3 more runs, winning the game 5-2 and evening up the series at 1 apiece.

Now, it is certainly the responsibility of the runner to try and break up a double-play. But did Chase Utley go too far in doing so? He clearly goes out of the base path, ignores the base, and aims for the defender rather than the bag.  A baseball catcher has protective gear and isn’t even subjected to this type of contact.  For that matter, even an NFL receiver would likely be classified as “defenseless” in this same position in relation to the opponent, and a similar hit be penalized.

Major League Baseball’s chief baseball officer, Joe Torre, has decided that the slide “certainly was late”, and suspended Utley for 2 games. Utley has said he will appeal the decision.

You decide. Did Torre make the right decision?

The bar is open.

592 thoughts on “Cheap shot or good baseball?

  1. I read this thinking, “Damn, Rutherford has more of a sport’s mind than I recognized. Then I saw the author. 😈

    Oh well. Thanks for the post, Huck. I’ve been so damn busy, the only game I watched was Houston/Yankees for two reasons: (1) The starting pitcher for Houston is my daughter’s friend and Dallas is a local kid; (2) I disdain the entire Yankee system was pleased that they lost.

  2. “You know you’re getting old when you recognize the analogy…”

    You really know you’re getting old when you hope just one other person does. 😆

  3. Thanks guys.

    Yeah, I’m going to be taking over bartending duties here, for a while. Mainly just to sort of wipe down the bar and keep the water spots off the glasses with a fresh post every now and then. Don’t expect anything really thought-provoking. Just some content now and then for our little group to discuss and then, as usual, take off topic wherever it might go.

  4. Can I take over Rutherford’s profile and avatar? The place needs a punching bag. I could do it. Just watch some MSNBC and listen Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz (head of the “thinking man’s party LOL) and bring it over here. I could do this. No one be the wiser — well except for Rutherford (who needs some alone time with that range top and trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.

  5. Well Huck. Since you’ve reverted to bartender and your drinks taste better than the previous bartender, hope you won’t mind me interjecting a little humorous politik before reverting back to the sports section.

    Actually, I’m not sure this qualifies as humor as much as it does truth. I would an 11th that all Liberals swear off any product derived from any hydrocarbon including methane, gasoline, plastics, electricity, or delivery by diesel. That should put them back into the stone age.

    A Liberal’s Ten Commandments.

  6. Utley wasn’t out of the base path.

    Base path is one if the least understood element of baserunning.

    There is no fixed line other then the one that the runner establishes for himself.

    Chase appears to be running at a streight line the whole time.

    It was an extremely late slide. He didn’t remotely touch the base. Had he been able to somehow graze the bag with his hand or something…different story.

    As much as I love hard nosed baseball…..and hate the new pussy catcher rules….I think suspension is fair.

  7. Watch the reactionary MLB make breaking up double plays non existent from now on……

    Give him the suspension, let the players dish out 90 mile per hour justice the next game…and move on.

  8. Team sports and politics are similar. Sports are generally more physically taxing. I briefly got back into baseball when the Diamondbacks started up and then won the world series. It was fun for a few seasons. Apparently they invested so much money and effort in the team they were mostly guaranteed to win. It was nice shutting down the Yankees.

    If we could view an instant replay of any of our legislators’ unsportsmanlike acts, we would likely penalize them too. I don’t see how Utley can appeal the decision. To anyone with eyes to see, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  9. Anybody watch the Obama 60 minutes interview? Just wondering if it’s worth the time or the usual self-aggrandizing bullshit. I heard it’s laugh out loud how — well, if you can laugh out loud at the unparalleled incompetence of the country’s president.

  10. LOL You’re such a doofus. McCarthy did his party no favors and gave HRC a gift. Apparently it’s not the gift that keeps on giving.

    Honestly, at this stage I find things so unpredictable that I’m not sure she will be the nominee. I’m looking forward (needless to say) to the debate tomorrow.

  11. So … on topic because here’s a subject I can learn about and apply for my man card …

    Rabbit are you saying the runner was ok not following a straight line path to the base and should simply be suspended for “unnecessary roughness”?

  12. He seemed to be on a streight path the whole time….maybe I saw it wrong….but he never looked out of the (his) baseline.

  13. “LOL You’re such a doofus. McCarthy did his party no favors and gave HRC a gift. Apparently it’s not the gift that keeps on giving.”

    Yeah. Like all gafs. The path to the WH was cleared. It’s all over. Just like Firona. Done. T’s and i’s or they skate. 😆

  14. He seemed to be on a streight path the whole time….maybe I saw it wrong….but he never looked out of the (his) baseline.

    Actually…he could have touched second with his hand.

    The problem is he made no attempt. He was taking Tejada out from the get go.

    If he put his hand on the bag, a two game suspension would be much harder because people break up the double play all the time sliding into 2 and the rule is NEVER enforced.

  15. I didn’t watch the interview, but I read a description.”This is not denial. This is the president’s plan.” Obama said the Russians are operating from weakness with their virtual invasion of Syria and reaproachement with Iran and Iraq. Obama will be showing real leadership as he chairs a climate change meeting. Steve Kroft asked Obama if he realized that Russia is pushing the US out of the Middle East. “He is challenging your leadership, Mr President.”

    The Red State writer thinks commentators who believe Obama is in denial are wrong.

    Others and I have written that Obama believes the United States is a colonial empire which needs to suffer for its white privilege. He is not unhappy that Russia wants to replace the US in the Middle East. As Eric Erickson notes, Obama’s training, writing, and actions support his view that Obama lives on the borderland with treason.

  16. Baseball players have been physical and prone to pay back unjust attacks since the beginning.

    Not only did he take Tejada out, but he broke his leg. This may have implications for Tejada’s future baseball career. Again, I think the suspension was fair.

  17. I wonder if Tejada can charge Utley (?) with assault.

    This now makes me wonder. In all contact sports, is it part of the players contract that they are indemnified against physical injury claims? Do they need insurance policies or does the team have insurance?

  18. Good Lawd. I just saw segments of the Obama 60 Minutes interview. This stooge is delusional. Worse, so are too many of his sycophants.

    Our domestic policies are dysfunctional, failed and lame. But our foreign policy is a disaster and disgrace. And Obama thinks it’s successful? Are you kidding me? 😆 😆

    Does this imbecile not understand the entire world has lost faith in America under Obama’s leadership?

    Obama is simply stupid and naive. His bootlickers are the most pathetic people on earth.

  19. I haven;t seen the polls on Fiorina but I know this with certainty. It was not a damned thing to do with your MSNBC approach to her PP comments. That’s tennager cheerleading shit. You stroking yourself over Fiorina and McCarthy is pretty pathetic given what you think makes up the “thinking man’s party.”

    Gawd that makes me chuckle every time. Thinking mans party. . . .:lol:

  20. “I wonder if Tejada can charge Utley (?) with assault.”

    It wasn’t an assualt. He didn’t try to hurt him. He tried to break up a double play and came in too hard.

    It was a cheap shot, but, when you play sports aggressive, that can happen.

    It wasn’t out side the norms of sports.

    I did something worse in high school baseball. I got the bunt sign and was enraged about it. I laid down the bunt (I’m left handed) and the first basemen fielded the ball and threw me out to the 2nd basemen who was covering 1st.

    For a reason that to this day seemed like I couldn’t control, I close lined the poor chap.

    I was kicked out of the game and suspended two days of school. That is rare in sports….a school suspension!

  21. Thinking man’s party is claiming the GOP wants to throw women out of the country.

    The Democratic Party has not changed much over the last 150 years.

    They have been race baiting forever Sure….the color has changed….but division has always been their bread and butter.

  22. “In all contact sports, is it part of the players contract that they are indemnified against physical injury claims? Do they need insurance policies or does the team have insurance?”

    I thought this was an interesting question, so I did a bit of Googling in between papers that need graded and found this article in The Economist.

  23. Obama doesn’t like our soldiers, and he likes Muslims. His actions make sense in that context. You should read Betsy’s Page today and understand how bad it really is.

    The US is stopping feeding pork to some prison inmates after a survey showed it is unpopular. Rush Limbaugh said our government doesn’t show school students the same consideration. Muslims are happy with the prison decision because it follows Sharia Law. If only the majority of our school students was Muslim…

  24. “Muslims are happy with the prison decision because it follows Sharia Law.”

    It also follows Jewish law and Ethiopian Orthodox Christian law.

  25. Muslims are happy with the prison decision because it follows Sharia Law. If only the majority of our school students was Muslim…

    I’m really trying not to bite on these ridiculous kind of comments.

    No one forces Jews to eat pork either. And no one is screaming OMG we are ALL going to be forced to go Kosher!!! Oh the humanity.

    More silliness.

  26. “Obama doesn’t like our soldiers, and he likes Muslims.”

    I don’t recall him calling for gun control when the NC redneck shot 3 Muslims, either.

    His problem isn’t that he hates our troops or likes Muslims. His problem is that he’s a politiking asshole who needs an event to be highly publicized before he can use it to try and further policy.

  27. And on the same note, he did call for gun control both times Christians were targeted. And we all know how much he hates Christians.

  28. The pork story has some history. I’ve looked at national menus for the BOP (don’t ask) and pork has been on the decline as prices have gone up. There are reasons and creeping Sharia isn’t it.
    As for the slide. It’s not part of baseball I like and this one warrants punishment. On a sports related note this freaking new pass interference pick rule needs to go. Crossing routes are good football staples!

  29. I personally learned who likes soldiers and who doesn’t. Hillary and those of her liberal generation barely tolerate military people in their presence. I have read stories of her hostility toward her body guards and other similar people. The trend continues through the generations.

    Obama’s actions show he would sell out our military at any opportunity. I have been there. I know how it feels, and I recognize their impulses . He and his people collectively try to hide it, but they do a poor job.

    I know Rush was twisting a story to make a point for his lead in. However, a survey showed that a majority of Muslims would prefer to live under Sharia Law. In some enclaves of the UK, I read that they virtually do now.

    Obama does like Muslims, and he has an emotional attatchment to the culture. He should because he lived in a Muslim world when he was a boy. He said one of the most beautiful sounds was the call to prayer. I don’t think he hates Christians. I think he is partial to Muslims.

    Obama said in his interview that he didn’t think training soldiers to fight in Syria would succeed, but he was willing to spend a half billion dollars to experiment with a program he suspected would fail. He didn’t care that he was causing people to die.

    This may have been an “I told you so” dig at Hillary but in any event, it reveals something worse than an asshole. If you think about it, I was giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, that he is a prisoner of his early life. If you make me forsake my illusions, I can only conclude he is pure evil.

    My ulterior motive for this rant is to increase the traffic today.

  30. “His problem isn’t that he hates our troops or likes Muslims. His problem is that he’s a politiking asshole who needs an event to be highly publicized before he can use it to try and further policy.”

    “And on the same note, he did call for gun control both times Christians were targeted. And we all know how much he hates Christians.”

    There’s probably less to this than James throws out there but there’s also more to it than Huck implies.

    The charges against the guy in OK who beheaded one and tried to behead a second woman is being charged with a hate crime – black against white. The administration – esp the DOJ but not just them – is loathe to call black against white crime “hate crimes.” Why in this incident?

  31. It’s interesting which shootings Obama openly and now defiantly politicizes and the shootings he does not. Which shootings will he choose to speak about the tragedy of the victims being targeted for their religious beliefs (Chapel Hill) where there is no evidence that the crime was motivated by religious bigotry? (see below) And which shootings cause him to get pissy and lecture US and call out Republicans in an hour harangue when there were a number of survivors all saying the same thing about the shooter questioning the religious beliefs of his targets before shooting the Christians in the head?

  32. Thank you Muffy. We have more traffic.

    Happy birthday to me. My doctor says I have many more ahead of me baring accidents.

  33. There is zero doubt Obama is a Muslim enabler and sympathizer. But I don’t believe it is so much because ‘0’ is in love with Muslims – I believe Obama is loosely an agnostic with little care for organized religion. The claim of Christianity is nothing but political smoke.

    But I do think, if fact I know, Obama has a real disdain for real Christians and practicing Jews. And that I believe is what drives the very apparent favoritism – not out of love for sharia but out of spite. Barack Obama is absolutely no different than Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Muslims are a political ally. I predict not long after Obama leaves office, he’ll be buddy buddy with Rev. J, $harpton, and the rest of the black militants.

    Which is all well and good. Because Barack Obama and I are polar opposites. Obama is completely contradictory to Holy Writ of Judeo-Christian philosophy.

  34. For the most part, Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron. Like trying to mix water and oil, the tenets of the 2 faiths aren’t compatible. The term was first used early in the 19th century to refer to Jews who had become Christians, what many call Messianic Jews today. In the 1950’s it was rebranded to denote moral commonalities within both faiths. The same has been described as Judeo-Christian-Islamic, since all 3 are based on a common ancestor and share many of the same stories.

    However, organized religion is designed to control people. All 3 have been/are being used successfully to do just that.

  35. Oh yeah. Obama doesn’t pretend to give a shit about me and my family.

    You can get your brains blown out right after the killer asks you if you are Christian and nothing from Obama on that aspect. Nothing. Doesn’t fit his narrative.

    He simply doesn’t care about some of us.

    There is no way to defend it. He isn’t my president. He’s someone else’s. But not mine.

  36. I don’t consider Bobo a man of faith. His actions and the fruit of his sown efforts reveal he plays for team evil and that is all I need to know. During his administration he has done more to divide people than to unite them. I really think he excels at this. But it is a delicate balance. He has to be sure he doesn’t turn us ALL against him, just keep us fighting among ourselves.

  37. For the most part, Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron. Like trying to mix water and oil, the tenets of the 2 faiths aren’t compatible.

    Normally, I wouldn’t correct such apostasy. It shows such a lack of understanding, if it wasn’t for a few here who aren’t believers here, I wouldn’t bother.

    But sometimes, the record just needs to be set straight.

    First, before Jesus was called the Christ, He was called Rabbi and taught from than “non-compatible” Old Testament. If you are to believe the Gospel John, Jesus not only taught from the Old Testament, Jesus is the Old Testament, inspiring the New Testament.

    Second, Paul explained how the New Testament Church was “built on the foundation of the apostles [the New Testament] and prophets [the Old Testament], Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone. Christ was sent from God the Father as the messenger of the New Covenant—yet He preached that message entirely out of the Old Testament Scriptures.

    The only commandment from the 10 Commandments not applicable to Christians is the worship of the Sabbath.

    So to say the term Judeo-Christian is like mixing water and oil is inaccurate. It’s more like a cake. The cake itself is the Old Testament. The icing would be the New Testament.

    The Koran would be like water and oil.

  38. LOL. I thought you’d have a bone or two to pick. I am familiar with John and my understanding is Jesus did say He was the Word made flesh. There in the same gospel, He claimed He was God. Many times. As a matter of fact, the Jews killed Him for it. They called it blasphemy. They still do and harbor much hatred for the name of Jesus. This is where the fault lies in your hybrid faith model.

    The scriptures were being fulfilled in Him and through His life, but He didn’t claim to be the whole of scripture come to life. BTW, the scriptures He knew were more numerous than what you call today the Old Testament. His claim was not that He MANifested that law, rather superseded it. The law was given so that man could see how sinful he was. He said of the prophets that they foretold of Him and His coming. He scolded the religious with their habit of killing the prophets God sent to them and continually negated the laws and commandments by adding clauses and writing in loopholes. Jesus actually simplified it all, summing up as in:

    Love God with all your heart and soul and mind. Love your neighbor as yourself.

    The true church is the body of Christ with Jesus as head. We are to have the mind of Christ. Our temple is our fleshy tent. The Holy Spirit lives within that temple for everyone who believes. God is Spirit. We worship Him in spirit and in truth.

    So before you eat that cake, you’d better be sure what is in it. It may taste sweet going down, but it surely will turn your stomach. 🙂

  39. Happy Birthday, James. Is your doctor a prophet? Most can only assess current parameters of health. I suppose they do all tend to predict, being as we often expect it of them. Mostly it’s an acquired habit on our part. We like to know what to expect.

    Speaking of, I am expecting a new grandson any day now. I think Thursday for some reason may be the day. It’s a scary world to be coming into, but I am praying this one will be especially equipped to deal with it. I think it wise to invest as much as we can in this next generation. If we could only keep this beastly government from exacting its toll…

  40. Quit spreading rumors

    Don’t you have children to indoctrinate?

    One problem with your theology rabbit is this: You have choice now regarding the ripping and shitting. Once you’re in hell, you don’t have choice.

  41. Poolman, you’re a sociopath and too proud to consider that evident fact. You’re contrary to everything Christian, contrary to your predictable, insipid attempts to preach with some strange message which reads like some pandering TV Evangelist with big hair and toothy grin. I’m surprised you’re not pandering for money with your prayers here. Do you not recognize how utterly corrupt you read here? 🙄

    You’re a liar,you’re a thief, you’re a hatemonger running toward creating strife, a false witness, an obvious hypocrite.

    I truly think you’re to large extent psychotic, explaining why you’ve struggled so in life.

  42. This Dimocratic debate is comical. I am actually watching this thing. Unbelievable America has shrunk to this level of intellect.

    In fairness, they are walking a tight rope. They keep complimenting the Barack, then in the next line talking about horrid things are all over. 😆 😆

    Then in the next line, it’s because of the Iraq War. LOL Then “Climate Change” is the most dangerous, imminent issue facing America today. 🙂

  43. No way in hell I could watch that shit. I can’t stomach it any more. I used to be able to laugh at it (sometimes). I can’t anymore.

  44. I won’t watch it. I’m sure it will be regurgitated in sound bites in and out of context for days to come. Meaningless pep rally complete with diy war paint.

    My daughter put a Bernie sticker on her car. I haven’t defaced it. That may indicate how civil I truly am. 🙂

  45. I was going to watch but they needed help with the sideline chains for a JV football game tonight. Was an easy decision.

    Did I miss anything good?

  46. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Poolman, my doctor is making an educated guess based on my general condition. If you are 49, Tex, you could be my son.

    I was concluding our historical society meeting when I heard “Opa Opa!!” Our daughter and grand daughter had arrived to help me celebrate. She sat on my lap, so my wife adjourned the meeting. We had cake. Someone asked my age. 73. “You don’t look that old. Your hair is still brown.” It is another reason why my doctor thinks I should be around for awhile. That and my family’s tendency to croak at 95 to 100.I had more fun not watching the debate.

    I saw a poll showing 4% gave Hillary the win, with the majority voting for Sanders and Webb. Hillary must be in a bad mood tonight.

  47. I truly think you’re to large extent psychotic, explaining why you’ve struggled so in life.

    So, you think I’ve struggled so in life? I lavishly drink it in. You claim I’m psychotic when it is you looking to a failed institution for relief. I am only pointing out the failures. I did not cause them, but like everyone else, I have to deal with them. I just can’t polish a turd anymore. I’ll stay in the toilet with the rest of yous, but don’t expect me to pretend we’re defending the great white god of thunder..

  48. So, you think I’ve struggled so in life? I lavishly drink it in

    Was that before or after you and your wife lived on the federal dole? Poolman, you’re more full of shit than a Thanksgiving turkey. Reads to me you lavish in other’s fountains. So do the animals of the field, dipshit.

    You’re kid is a Feel the Bern fan. Why am I not surprised coming from her legacy?

  49. I was going to watch but they needed help with the sideline chains for a JV football game tonight. Was an easy decision.

    Good decision. Something good came out of your act of public service. Nothing came out of this POS. But it was morbid curiosity.

  50. Yeah Tex, she and her husband are Bernie fans. I can’t see that it makes any difference at this point. I’ve explained why it is pointless. But you are no different in your support. You’ll help put Jeb in while they will likely vote Hillary. Or Biden. Or whoever wears the leftmost portion of goldmans sach. There is no way a democrat can get selected after this present hoodlum’s act, so Jeb is the in. You want Ted but he won’t be selected and you will settle for Jeb.

  51. Assuming you’re right, Poolman, you haven’t noted that I’m not actively campaigning for Jeb Bush. But then, I never did find you terribly perceptive.

    Except for the subliminal Homer Simpson messages and insect drones spying on your wife in the shower.

  52. What does active campaigning have to do with anything, Tex? Isn’t the ballot where the rubber meets the road? Just because you aren’t marching doesn’t mean you aren’t supporting the parade. You’ve done more over time than anyone else here to carry that GOP banner, even if it was mostly used to smite everything popping up on the left.

  53. What does active campaigning have to do with anything, Tex?

    That fact that you have to ask that indicates you don’t have the capability to understand the difference.

  54. Does it matter regarding the ballot box selection? Meaningless.

    BTW, you don’t know the half of the Simpsons’ subliminals and that fake insect was in the backyard.

  55. “Something good came out of your act of public service.”

    Done it off and on for years and years. It’s the best seat in the house, right next to the action. I love doing it.

  56. It should be apparent by now that these social policies [of modern liberalism] and the passions that drive them contradict all that is rational in human relating, and they are therefore irrational in themselves. But the faulty conceptions that lie behind these passions cannot be viewed as mere cognitive slippage.

    The degree of modern liberalism’s irrationality far exceeds any misunderstanding that can be attributed to faulty fact gathering or logical error.

    Indeed, under careful scrutiny, liberalism’s distortions of the normal ability to reason can only be understood as the product of psychopathology.

    So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche. The modern liberal mind, its distorted perceptions and its destructive agenda are the product of disturbed personalities. — Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. MD, The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.

  57. Congratulations gramps Poolman.

    I read some of the debate summary. Those fools gave Hillary a pass on the e mails, and touted Denmark as what we should be. Denmark and the other Nordic countries are not socialist. They are capitalistic welfare states who don’t like debt. They pay for their welfare ideology with large taxes on the middle class. Denmark ranks slightly better than the US in economic freedom according to the Heritage Foundation.

    I told you that the Finn Lotta said it was more expensive to travel from the north to south of Finland than to fly the rest of the way to Spain. She stocked up on supplies in the United States because they were so much cheaper here than in Finland.

    If what I read is true, the liberals on that stage are so disturbed that they all need therapy.

  58. Denmark and the other Nordic countries are not socialist.

    That’s the entire point. Sanders is not a pure socialist and he is citing Denmark to illustrate the kind of socialist policies he favors. He says however he would not fund the “welfare state” on the backs of the middle class, but on the backs of the rich.

    FWIW, he got zero support on the stage regarding Denmark and Hillary in particular said “we are not Denmark”.

    Sanders gave Hillary a gift on the emails but it was less for her benefit and more to further his “issues only” ethos.

    It’s damning by faint praise but Anderson Cooper has been the best moderator so far this season.

  59. In a sign of what’s to come, I posted an anti-HRC comment on Twitter and got torn asunder by a half dozen angry women and beta males.

    That’s the next 12 months. The return of the PUMA’s. Virtually nothing more intolerable than a bunch of angry women.

    Canada, here I come.

  60. This might be one of the biggest football games of my life, this Saturday. The most victorious football team in world histroy should get its revenge on miserable Lansing.

    I despise Sparty and can’t wait for our defense to shred them. I want their yuppy fan base to fucking sulk.

    That being said, its MSU vs. U of M. Who knows what’s going to happen.

    Hail to the victors, bitches!

  61. The University of Nebraska will play the Spartans in November. Given the poor season Nebraska could well lose. Maybe they will stop losing in the last minutes and defeat Michigan and make you happy.

  62. The Prairie Provinces are fairly conservative. Someone called them Rush Limbaugh country.

    I didn’t see the debate, so I will take your word for it. However, how would Sanders change our culture to paying as we went. We tend to borrow our way through projects. Moreover, Denmark is smaller than we are with a more homogenous society.

    Who defines the rich, and what will the rich think? They have more resources than the middle class and can better hide their money. What happens when the government takes too large a bite and spending for job creation slows?

  63. I am an evil bastard, Rabbit, whether or not I read your post wrong. I imagine Nebraska’s having a couple more defeats and then defeating in Michigan in overtime for the biggest psychological effect which would be lessoned if Nebraska had a winning season.

  64. FWIW, HRC’s lie is more fundamental. She didn’t say she “hoped” TPP would be gold standard. She said it WAS the gold standard. And she stood by it many times.

    Sanders better decide to punch in the next debate or he might as well not run. 😟

  65. I agree. it could be like Obama and Romney in the last election. Ignorant people do accept lies.

    Meanwhile, parts of Germany and Poland had snow yesterday. Migrants are still moving to Germany, and the government can’t process them fast enough. Many are still camping outside. Some are suing Germany for slow benefits. Young thieves are posing on social media with items they have stolen. Slovenia contemplates leaving the EU over migration.

    Sanders doesn’t realize or forgot to mention that Denmark, unlike the US makes it hard to move there. They don’t want people who are not like them.

    A diplomat who wouldn’t give his name told a reporter that his government thinks obama is insane and asked if it was possible to impeach him.

  66. Pretty pathetic group of goons in the dem debates.

    Feel the Bern. Hahahaha. What a maroon. “Let’s stop talking aboug emails.” Yeah. Stop talking about that.👌 Wouldn’t want to mention your opponent’s colossal failings, dishonesty and cover ups, particularly with national security. There’s more important stuff. Duuuuuuh.

    If you close your eyes, Sanders sounds the aardvark in the Pink Panther cartoons (Jackie Mason?). Has the same sense too. Populist bullshit rhetoric and platitudes. Pablum.

    Hillary is just fucking pathological. Had a discerning crowd been in attendance the cheering and applause on cue would’ve sounded like gasps and groans. Not to the left. They just don’t care. They’re too busy “thinking.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Who were the othe retards? Oh yeah. Not Hillary.

    Not a very diverse crowd there. Looks like a war on minorities. The party of whitey trying to outdo each other with the “I’ll make all of your wildest dreams come true and the rich will pay for it.”

    Thinking man’s party. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💩

  67. Interesting reaction I’ve been reading in the papers.

    Seems the Clinton propaganda machine, in conjunction with the Democratic Associated Press, Pravda on the Potomac, and the NYSlimes have burst forth with how brilliant and stateswo(man) like Hillary really is. America made a mistake in 2008 by not selecting Hillary instead of La Bomba.

    The FBI Investigation into the philandering enabler’s personal server to hide the slush money for the Clinton Foundation? A big nothing burger. Now the real propaganda starts again. I give it six months before Rutherford becomes a Clinton confidant. Feel the Bern’s Ass Slapped Pink. 😆 What a joke.

    Your boy Bernie is a coward, Rutherford. He let the insufferable racists of BLM push him off the stage. And now he let Hillary Rotten roll him on the national stage, even bailing out the Wicked Witch.

    Put a fork in Feel the Bern. He’s toast.

  68. I wonder how these Proggies like Rutherford feel now that it is them getting the Clinton screws put to them? 😛 And I’ll bet $10.00 to a donut, when Hillary nominated for candidate, these same hapless fools will be pulling the Clinton lever in droves…

    Now you can see why I say Leftism is a mental disease. I actually can relate easier to the Clinton propagandists than I can the hardcore Leftists that attend these Feel the Bern rallies.

    The Clintons are conniving thieves and liars, in it totally for self. The Rutherford crowd is self-defeating and crazy ideologically driven screw ups – the original dreamy crowd dysfunctional utopians. Both are equally worthless, but at least the Clinton machine is driven by something other than unicorns, envy and rainbows.

  69. “I give it six months before Rutherford becomes a Clinton confidant.”

    Guaranteed. He will be voting for her no matter what.

  70. Tex, if you didn’t watch that pitiful ship of fools on the debate stage you couldn’t possibly know how bad it was. If dems felt shame, they’d be ashamed.

  71. Your boy Bernie is a coward, Rutherford. He let the insufferable racists of BLM push him off the stage.

    I’ll try to find the Trump ad saying the same thing and I’ll post it here.

  72. No. I’ve got find Grinder. I can TiVo it since I’m usually not a primetime teevee watcher. Since you like Saul I’ll have to give this watch. Just know that outside of Saul and Vinny I generally have no use for lawyers shows.

  73. Rutherford, you couldn’t possibly have watched the aardvark on stage and still felt like he was your guy, could you? Admiral Stockdale’s got nothing on him.

  74. This video shows why I still hold lingering bitterness about the Vietnam era and why our liberal leaders so disgust me. They have not changed since the war in Southeast Asia. The Slow Bleed was one of the most egregious examples of their disdain for our country as it is n

    I have been hoping and saying Trump will fade any day now. I still think it is unlikely he could be nominated. If he is, I will follow Democratic procedure and vote for Trump as many times as I can.

  75. “With Trump numbers still sky high, anyone here think he might get the nomination?”

    I have long since given up on the idea of this country displaying anything resembling common sense–and that goes for both parties.

  76. That Trump add is classic. The carnival music makes it. Pushed around by some JAL types. 😆 😆 Old Bernie would wet his pants standing next to Vladimir.

    I still think Trump will fade – in fact, half of his support is a shot across the bow of the Republican pussy footers I believe.

    But in case I am wrong? We’re doomed anyway. Too many deviant dumb asses in this country forcing it to take on water.

  77. I have long since given up on the idea of this country displaying anything resembling common sense–and that goes for both parties.

    I’m beginning to agree… 😦

  78. “I still think Trump will fade”

    I would like to think so, too. But the thing is—-he isn’t. And he should be by now.

    Even if others start to drop off, can anyone that remains get enough of their combined supporters to make a dent in Trumps numbers? I’m just not sure, at this point. We’ve had 2 debates, and he continues to say stupid shit and offers no real policy plans. Yet he still has a huge lead.

    And if one of the drop-off is Carson, then forget about it. Those numbers will go to Trump and it will be a done deal. The only reason Trump doesn’t have an astronomical lead is because Carson is siphoning some of Trump’s anti-establishment support.

    My biggest worry right now is that Trump the Deal Maker will have a closed door meeting with Ben Carson and make him an offer of running mate if he drops out soon.

  79. I agree with you Huck and Tex. I still have hope, but the longer this goes, without a change, inertia comes into play. I think a segment of our population is so mad and frustrated, they will follow almost anyone. I’ll bet Putin could win if he was running for president of the United States.

    Similar trends are evolving in Europe.

  80. “I think a segment of our population is so mad and frustrated, they will follow almost anyone.”

    Which is why Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

    Trump will get the nomination, and those of us disgusted by that–and there will be many–will stay home.

    Now that Obama has given his marching orders, via the 60 Minutes interview, to the Clinton investigators, nothing will come of it–as we all knew all along. She will get the nomination, and then win the general election.

    And it will take about 6 years and 2 elections for her supporters to realize they were lied to, just like we have seen in the last year regarding Obama and his BS.

  81. Who wouldn’t the disgusted contingent stay home for? Romney wasn’t good enough either.

    The left used to try to hide their socialism, their wealth distribution plans, their desire for a dependent compliant unarmed zombie population. Hillary won the debate? Bernie won? They’re both fucking nuts.

    Maybe Trump’s supporters don’t give a fuck anymore either and aren’t going to show up for another establishment moderate.

  82. The Daily Mail reports that the Democratic women who dominate the leadership have rigged the nomination process to favor Hillary Clinton. James Webb has charged that the latest debate was conducted to give Clinton and Sanders the most speaking time.

    Sitting out this election is tandamout to voting for the evil regime. My wife and I will be voting even if Poolman or Rutherford are on the ballot.

  83. I don’t think “rigged” does justice to the salivating the media is doing over Hillary and the transparency of the way the game is being played. It’s is now quite obvious why the Clinton mafia was so concerned about Idiot Biden entering the race.

    They couldn’t roll Joe.

  84. No one listens to me but just the same I have called for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign as DNC chair, on my Twitter feed. She is manipulating for HRC and even her deputy is calling her out on it.

  85. Rutherford, I don’t think you understand how little fucks the DNC and its base has to give.

    They are all shockingly transparent in their lack of transparency. Obama built that.

    Hugo Chavez would be proud.

  86. I have demonstrated how the Democrats changed a victory or stalemate in Southeast Asia into defeat. I have also shown how Democrats cared more about the next election than the lives of our soldiers, our allies, and Iraqis.

    David Henninger wrote that Qaddafi did not attack peaceful demonstrations as Hillary alleged. The protesters started the violence. Six weeks after the rebellion started, Qaddafi had nearly suppressed the rebellion at the cost of about a thousand lives. Then Obama authorized NATO intervention which killed around seven thousand people. By war’s end, more people died in reprisal killings and 30.000 black Africans were exiled.

    Obama was sending money to rebels during the insurrection The rebels refused to disarm after Qaddafi was killed. They helped destabilize the region.

    For that reason alone, no moral person should consider staying home during the next election. Nothing, even Sarah Palin is as bad as what the Democrats are doing to this country and the world. If you think for a moment, you will realize that the quality of an admininistration is in large part a reflection of its advisers and staffs.

    Republicans are so stupid and weak that they could well hand the country to an evil socialistic regime. Our duty is to attempt to stop this travesty by voting. We must vote for someone who is not a Democrat and might have a chance to win. if that is Donald Trump, we must vote for him. Anyone who stays home deserves what will come.

    This will also affect our taxes. The Cuban Adjustment act lets Castro send old people to the US for free stuff, including free supplemental Social Security and Medicaid.

  87. Good post, James. I don’t know if many of you caught it, but there are whispers that some of America’s allies in the Middle East and Europe not only think Obama deficient, but mentally ill. Frankly, I chalk the gross incompetence up to Obama’s immaturity and abject stupidity more than mental illness, as much a condemnation on these imbeciles that bowed at his feet seven years ago as the man himself.

    It’s ugly when a narcissist after discovering that his supposed magnificence is a fraud, begins the meltdown to self-destruction.

    And that is exactly what has been happening, albeit slowly, the last 2-3 years. The corrupt media no longer needs him, the lackeys, sycophants, bootlickers he surrounded himself can no longer provide adequate cover for his gross incompetence, the world he cannot control outside of the country he governs has rejected him, mocked him, America’s mighty military loathes him.

    Only in fairy tales do megalomaniacs change their ways. This man is self-destructing and his petulant nature will not allow himself to bow out gracefully. This coming last year after the State of the Union Speech will be a very dangerous time for America. I don’t put it past Obama to attempt to be as lawless and thuggish as humanly possible. punishing his enemies.

    He has failed as President miserably. And that legacy he cannot live with.

  88. No James, poolman will not be on the ballot. I don’t even have a horse in this race. If we make it to next November, I will decide what (if anything) to do then. A lot can happen in a year of Sundays. I still believe it will boil down to Hillary and Jeb.

  89. Thank you, Tex. I read the same article about a diplomat’s fearing Obama was crazy and commented here.

    Our county has a history with the Jessie James gang and one of the members of the Hole in the Wall Gang (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) came from our county. Cole Younger allegedly ran a photo shop in my home town for four months.

    He wrote this in his book ( The Story of Cole Younger by Himself) after he left prison. “There is just one thing I will say in my defense. I do not believe in doing under the cover of darkness that which will not bear the light of day. During my career of outlawing, I rode into town under the glare of the noon day sun, and all of the men knew my mission.Corporations of every color had just cause to despise me then, but no man can accuse me of prowling about in the night, nor of having robbed an individual or the honest poor. In our time, a man’s word was equal to an oath, and seldom did a man break faith when he had once pledged allegiance to another.”

    “One of the silliest notions that a young man can conceive is that the world owes him a living. It does not owe you a fraction of a red cent.”

    “The terms character and reputation are too often confused. Character is what you really are. Reputation is what someone else would have you.”

    Cole was no angel. A local boy was riding his horse, and Younger needed another horse. He took the horse from the boy and later returned it after he had crippled the horse. Still, in some ways he seems more appealing than some of the characters running the regime.

  90. This sleaze bag should be run out of town on a rail or better yet tar and feather him! I only hope the other candidates will follow suit.

    Martin Shkreli, the Turing Pharmaceutical Company CEO who raised the price of a life-saving drug by 4,000 percent and became public villain #1, maxed out to Bernie Sanders’ campaign in September in the hopes that he could get a sit-down with the senator. David Nather, writing for a new site called Stat in the Boston Globe, said the Sanders’ campaign will donate his $2,700 contribution to the Whitman-Walker health clinic in Washington. “We are not keeping the money from this poster boy for drug company greed,” a spokesman said.

  91. CNN after a Palestinian terrorist fire bombed the Jewish holy site of Joseph’s tomb made it sounds like spontaneous combustion.

  92. So far, everything is sadly going as I predicted: A completely lawless and corrupt Obama administration covering for Hillary. A nihilistic DNC and base.

    She should be plea bargaining her ass off in order not to do 10 years in jail.

    Instead, the vile President with the aid of a disgusting DNC, will ensure she wins the primary.

    Gender and race baiting will be enough to get the ignorant masses out and bam!

    Hillary is president.

    At this point, a horrible stroke or heart attack is the only wild card.

    Obama wouldn’t care if her entire server was in Moscow right now. He would be out shitting on the FBI just like he is now.

  93. Yeah Emily I think Shkreli is s special kind of scum too. And of all people, why would he reach out to Sanders?

    I saw you at Alfie’s the other day. Welcome to the Bar and Grill.

  94. “Instead, the vile President with the aid of a disgusting DNC, will ensure she wins the primary.

    Gender and race baiting will be enough to get the ignorant masses out and bam!

    Hillary is president.”

    And the GOP nominating the clown Trump will assure that she wins by the largest margin in modern history.

  95. Bernie also has a hand in giving Hillary the nomination. His debate comment has rendered the entire issue off limits to Democrats. The word “Email” will not come up in debate again until she faces a Republican.

  96. “And the GOP nominating the clown Trump will assure that she wins by the largest margin in modern history.”

    I read that while playing HC’s sociopathic laugh in the video above. Chilling.

  97. And then I read this….

    Anderson Cooper says he ‘knew’ Sanders would ‘shut down’ Hillary Clinton e-mail inquiry

    “In a chat with former New York Times television reporter Bill Carter on the SiriusXM show “The Bill Carter Interview,” Cooper put this moment in his basket of regrets over his handling of the debate. “I wish I had brought in one other candidate before I went to Sanders on the email thing because I knew Sanders would try to shut it down,””

    So he knew ahead of time Bernie would kill the discussion and went ahead and led with him on it anyway. And only now has “regret” about that.

    At least he was more subtle with his underhanded crap than his colleague Candy Crowley was with hers.

  98. I found out today that a dear friend of mine died yesterday. In his honor I’ll give you all a gift. This is one case where Poolman and most of the rest of you will all rejoice.

    These are just the REVIEWS of the latest Clinton tell-all. They are sensational without even reading the book itself.

    One nugget that follows up on Tigre’s observation that Chelsea worked for NBC. Turns out she did next to nothing for the money and Mommy got GE a defense contract in exchange for the gift to Chelsea. Happy reading.

  99. So he knew ahead of time Bernie would kill the discussion and went ahead and led with him on it anyway. And only now has “regret” about that.

    Went just like the rehearsal…

  100. The Jimmy Kimmel show found some Hillary lovers and told them the tax plan he was reading came from Hillary. They all supported its suggestions. Then, the interviewer told them they had agreed with Trump’s tax plan. One man didn’t believe them. Another replied that then, he must be for Trump. A woman said it doesn’t matter. She still hates Trump.

  101. I’m sorry your friend died, Rutherford. Thanks for the Amazon gift.

    Progressives also have the attitude and think the same of us as this Russian paramedic. They are just as callous as Tetianna. They behave that as they count votes, they will smirk, “another moron.” It would be too much to hope for but who knows ? Maybe Trump will begin his victory speech with “You’re fired.”

  102. Once again the power of politics (or lobbyists more than likely) wins over budgetary restraints. Pork is back on the table according to the BOP

  103. I am sorry for your loss, Rutherford, but how is that gift supposed to make me rejoice? None of it will matter to the voting masses. A gift would be Hillary’s head on a platter. When we allow these sleazy humanoids to run our lives we all suffer the consequences. This is the top level of our supposed exceptional society and a glimpse into how they normally operate. There is no reason to believe we will call them out and hold them accountable if we remain loyal to this system of control we have allowed to dominate us.

    The mask may be off, but most will viciously attack the unmaskers.

    Putin may be one of them, but often he cuts through the bullshit and gives us truth.

  104. The Jimmy Kimmel show found some Hillary lovers and told them …

    No surprise James. As I said earlier, all you need to do is watch focus groups to see the country is too busy living their lives to know a goddam thing. You could put Putin’s tax plan in front of them and they’d believe whatever you say about the source.

    Tex’s fav phrase, “we are in the best of hands” applies to the whole damn country. We are our own worst enemy.

  105. Pork is back on the table

    I’m not so sure this is bad.

    I heard an interesting analysis earlier this week that pork used to be a big part of congressional leverage. Someone like Boehner could basically bribe someone like Daniel Webster (Freedom Caucus) with pork to get his cooperation.

    Pork used to grease the wheels, so to speak. With bribery off the table, folks are now sticking to “principle”.

  106. I’m watching my fav politics channel this morning and trying to objectively sort out the rhetoric. And I’m coming to a conclusion that I’ve been resisting heretofore.

    Libs and conservatives truly dislike each other. Do I have a foggy memory? Was it always this way? Seems to me there was a time folks were congenial with differing opinions. Now, they seem to truly dislike each other.

    Is it the Internet? Is it TV ratings? Has something fundamentally changed?

  107. Mutual hatred runs in cycles, Rutherford. World history shows periods of hostility interspirced with tolerance. A shared cataclysm such as the Depression or WW11 may induce relative comity.

    I believe this latest period of anger and hatred evolved during the Vietnam era. People respected each other in the beginning. However, the dialogue changed from “I am right and you are wrong” to “I am right and you are evil.’ I attended my first grad school orientation party. When other students learned I was a veteran, one said “You don’t belong here you fascist. We’ll get rid of you.”

    I also think cultural bonds are becoming less inclusive than they were. We used to all watch the same three television networks, for example. Now we belong to niche markets. Conservatives and liberals in some cities try not to live in the same neighborhoods. Our society is fragmenting. Some people are as hard pressed to personally know a liberal or conservative as they are to know a soldier or police officer. People unlike ourselves are absent from our daily lives.

    We are “slowly drifting away” from each other for now. At least we haven’t tried to kill each other yet.

  108. Just so we’re civically clear it was Boehner who eliminated ear marks the very tool that may have allowed old school control of the House.

  109. Very wise summation James. Even our entertainment options are so fragmented that even that cannot be a common ground anymore.

    With the advent of Amazon, we don’t even need to encounter each other in a department store.

  110. Rutherford I think you missed Brontes point. She is referring to the return of pork items on the Bureau of Prison national menu.
    James and I had a toss at this earlier in the thread. The BOP removed pork form the budget secondary to inmate survey responses. the BOP added that they walked from piggy secondary to increased costs. The right wing floated out that it was secondary to Muslims in the system (…and Barack Hussein Obama)
    Grassley et al pushed for piggy to go to prison and they won.
    Pork in the institutionalized form is indeed tasty but is in fact experiencing increases in cost. people hear that and think about how beef prices are soaring,but they forget that prisoners don’t get steak,they get ground beef product. Beef is actually cheaper for prison systems than the real forms of pork. (Ham,bacon & sausage)
    Theres a group that is all about prison/jail food budgets and dietary data. I know folks are in jail for punishment and rehabilitation but even the hardest hard liner knows the food should be edible and sustaining.
    Also from a correctional perspective food and climate can be the most solid drivers of hostility,violence and passivity.
    Told ya all earlier don’t ask on this one :))

  111. As some predicted the Clinton machine whence switched to “survival” mode isn’t really about surviving but thriving.
    Disgusting people buy what they do.
    Pragmatism is a political reality democracies have been using lately,including the USA. The current cycle of elections in those same democracies are looking to dump that platform and go to something completely different and empty.UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Just in case anyone cares the new members of the UN Security Council are: Egypt, Japan, Senegal, Ukraine, and Uruguay.
    These folks are the voters without veto power members of the Council.Could prove interesting.

  113. The pork decision change is due to financial pork. The farm lobby still spends a lot of money, and the hog growers and beef organizations made a lot of noise. My understanding is that pork roasts will return. Bacon and other cuts have been gone for awhile and won’t be served now.

    Meanwhile, the oil industry is beginning to campaign against ethenol as a cause of global warming.

  114. I don’t think I’ve ever been this pissed off over sports in my life.

    It might be meaningless in the big scheme of things…might be.

    Fuck that.

    I cared. And I’m fucking pissed.

    Hate Sparty so bad.

  115. Libs and conservatives truly dislike each other.

    😛 You’re just now figuring this out? 😛

    I don’t think ‘dislike’ actually qualifies it. I will readily admit I don’t dislike Libs. I disdain Libs – though I am nice to my two Lib neighbors. But my feelings wouldn’t be hurt if they left the neighborhood either.

    I figured out a long time ago, Libs don’t just dislike me. They hate my living guts, they hate my faith, they hate that I’ve got kids, they hate my dogs, they wish me ill. Well no, they like my dogs.

    Guys like you and Thor (because you’ve got a sense of humor) I can tolerate.

  116. Man DR. I got home just in time to see the last 30 second of the MSU/MI game. I’ve seen endings like that perhaps three times in all my life in all of sports. And I immediately thought of you and BIC. I pictured the houses on fire.

    That poor kid will forever from this day never be the same. All he had to do was fall on the ball. He just panicked. Gut wrenching.

    If it’s any consolation, the days of MSU being the pinnacle football team in the state are quickly drawing to a close. Harbaugh is obviously a great collegiate coach.

  117. This is 47 minutes well spent. Nothing to watch. Just sit back and listen (and try to ignore the poor sound quality).

    An interesting cast of characters in a panel discussion: Collins, a genome mapper, Dennett, a researcher into the evolution of cognition, Dawkins, the well known atheist and Ben Carson, pediatric neurosurgeon and current candidate for President. The moderator: Kathleen Matthews, the wife of Chris Matthews.

    The topic: religion and science.

    Not a dummy on the panel. No disrespect among the scholars. A very civil discussion of reconciling faith with science. Dennett and Dawkins arguing for science, Collins and Carson arguing for faith.

    And Carson says something we have heard Tex say, in so many words, namely that once you can show me the path from amoeba to man, I’ll believe in evolution and not a minute sooner.

    I enjoyed this so much I listened to it twice.

  118. Back on a sports note, for the past few weeks my bookkeeping instructor has been running a contest. Pick the winners of 3 college football games and for one of the games, predict the combined score.

    I’m a football ignoramus so for me this is pure lotto. And … this week I won. LOL

    $25.00 Amazon gift card, bitches!

  119. Go Cubs!

    (That’s really about all I have to say on the sports front right now, since all my Angels are doing is firing assistant coaches)

    Oh yeah…and GO BRONCOS!

  120. Go Big Red!. Nebraska finally won a game. Several of their injured players were back in play, and their coach had visions of moving vans taking his family back to Oregon.

    Iowa schools are doing pretty well too.

    I am also rooting for the Cubs. They have been locked out since what 1908?


    LOL! Yet you brought up a good point regarding political pork. Is it good or bad? Guess it’s according to each his own. Don’t forget the “Bridge to Nowhere” that created the hullabaloo.

    It may be a time-honored tradition but with the burgeoning economy it reached new and dangerous levels.

    I object to ear marks attached to unrelated items which can stop or pass legislation. Our legislators spent more time haggling over pork than studying the merits of the actual bill.

    FWIW your post led me to a morning of interesting research, thanks. 😉

  122. Fuck the National League: although a fundamentally purer baseball it is that one smudge more useless as the MLB is as a whole.
    Fuck the Broncos: Their defense is top notch and whence they meet the Patriots,currently the best offense,it should be THE NFL regular season game to see. Still,fuck ’em!
    Fuck the Colts: I am obviously hoping for a score of 100-3 tonight. If there is a team more overrated in the NFL I don’t know which one. They are babies amongst men and need to be checked diligently.
    Fuck Ethanol: When you talk about pork ridden scandal you need not look any further than ethanol. An absolute travesty that should never ever have crept out of being a regional product. It is NO better for the environment except when you count on the dangers of the unnecessary chemical additives it has replaced (MTBE). It harms engines and its latest blend level forfeits warranties for most cars on the road in the USA. Ethanol also lives within the realm of using a food stuff in manner which causes environmentally harmful crop decisions and increases costs of food staples. The world has seen other food staples be tapped for fuel and literally crush poor people. (Sugar,palm oil)
    Ethanol is a corn cob reaming the anus of the US consumer and taxpayer.

  123. “more useless as the MLB is as a whole.”

    How dare you. Baseball is great. Its like background jazz music for summer.

    Baseball playoffs are sweet too.

  124. “Ethanol is a corn cob reaming the anus of the US consumer and taxpayer”

    I bet it hits Al Gore’s pleasure prostate

  125. Pork is a bargaining tool. It enables legislators who may hate each other to agree on policies which may benefit the country.
    It is endemic to our political culture.

    Ethanol was born in the 1970’s when our farm economy was in shambles, and tax payers were paying just enough in subsidies to let the more efficient farmers survive for another year.

    What better way to help the rural economy than to use ethanol? Who besides Willie Nelson, John Melencamp, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and others who organized Farm Aid cared much about farmers in those days? Early proponents of ethanol argued it would enhance farm incomes and environmental concerns were almost an afterthought.

    Rutherford asked about my attitude after I lived through being a virtual enemy with my own troops and our nation’s betrayal of people like me after we returned home. As I answered, I feel no affinity for the band of brothers manure, and I don’t harbor strong patriotic feelings for this country except as a concept.

    I am as hyprocrtical as hell when it comes to ethanol. It is only one of many pork boondogles with a difference. “I” own the corn cob.

  126. Well I obviously can’t cheer for the Mets (86). I can root for the Cubs on the nostalgia grounds. Nostalgia is the reason baseball has lost me rabbit or I should say the disconnect thereof.

  127. I object to ear marks attached to unrelated items which can stop or pass legislation.

    And this deserves more research on my part regarding the line item veto and why it is not in place.

  128. The Supreme Court ruled that a version of the line item veto passed in the 1990’s was unconstitutional. Many states have at least partial line item vetos.

    Like Huck, I am rooting for the Cubs for historic reasons.

    I lettered in baseball in school, but my main sports interest is auto racing, especially the NASCAR Sprint Cup series.

  129. Jeff Gordon is retiring this year, and it would be nice to see him win one last championship, but it won’t happen.

    I have hooked our two year old grand daughter onto auto racing. Our son and daughter in law’s neighbors three houses down are associated with a local race track and their children are already racing go carts.

    I told her daughter she might be another Danica Patrick. Her mother said, “no she needs to be someone who wins.”

  130. I stopped keeping up with it but “my sport” was golf. Nothing more relaxing than watching those greens, sandy bunkers, blue skies and hearing the birds chirp and the low volume announcers. Only drawback are the jerks who scream “get it in the hole” right after a stroke.

    There was a time when I could name many of the players, Fuzzy Zoeller, Tom Watson, Nick Faldo, Nota Begay (sp), Phil Mickelson, Fred Couples and of course Tiger. For a couple of years I played Yahoo Fantasy Golf against my wife, and won of course.

    Now I’ve totally lost track. I don’t know any of the players anymore.

  131. “Like Huck, I am rooting for the Cubs for historic reasons.”

    Unlike Huck, I am rooting against the Cubs for historical reasons.

  132. For some time now I have felt that Americans are way too obsessed with sports. It doesn’t seem responsible to me. Most sports are overrated. Now they’ve become institutions. And like all institutions, they are steeped in corruption. It permeates the fabric of society. Just like the motherland… Unfrikkingbelievable!

  133. Yeah….we should all spread aweful, impossible lies and rumors as a form of escapism shouldn’t we, poolscum.

  134. Sports, even college sports are big business, Poolman.

    We all debunked Bernie Sanders love of Scandinavia in the last debate. Now Jeff Jacoby in “No Bernie Sanders, Scandinavia is not a Socialist Utopia:” demolishes the old liberal shiboleth.

    The real secret to Scandinavia’s success is not the welfare state but the culture. The Nordic countries have prospered in spite of the welfare spending, not because of it.

    Scandinavians brought their centuries old culture to the United States. It still influences their lives. Scandinavian-Americans earn more money and have lower poverty rates than the American average.
    It is more complicated than simplistic liberals allege.

    Joey Legano won the race. Competion is getting fierce as the field narrows ahead of the final race.

  135. I bashed another of rabbit’s sacred institutions. Soon we’ll see them all implode.

    You are right about the big business part, James. That’s why there is much corruption. Like everything else today, rule followers are at a disadvantage. Sports were much different before they became professional.

  136. It is so wild how language changes and perfectly polite stuff can be offensive 80 years later.

    I’m reading “Think and Grow Rich”, written in 1937 and the author refers to “colored people” and within three consecutive sentences says “a Chinese”, “the Oriental” and “the Chinaman” and for its time, all perfectly polite references. The “colored” thing did not surprise me as I knew that was the phrase of the day but the three Chinese references cracked me up, each one worse than the one before.

  137. Our son warned us before we met our Korean daughter in law not to say “oriental.” “Asian” was the proper term.

  138. “Colored” was always used by my grand parents when describing a black person they liked.

    Strangely, in the always evolving realm of acceptable PC talk (I am convinced the left uses this PC stuff as a weapon of control) “color” has made a come back: “Colored” person is still bad….but now, “people of color” is said all the time (usually followed by a statement involving special treatment). Crazy.

    The fact its always changing is how the left oppresses.

    I’ve said this before, but I will never forget the two days that the left ran with the ludicrous story of Sara Palin being responsible for Jared Loughner (sic?) killing people.


    CNN and others came out with lengthy lists of banned words and metaphors. Normally 1st amendment friendly people like Rutherford bought into it (I’m not trying to rehash this with him). Virtual arm bands were donned by many. It was insane.

    Even if Palin did influence the killer, this reaction should have been an abomination to any freedom loving person. But….she had nothing to do with it at all and the left mob still ran with it!

    Fascism was winning for a few days on a surreal level. I couldn’t believe how quick and with such Orwellian gusto the left attempted to control our speech.

    Looking back, it was kind of a 1st amendment 911 for me. I realized how fragile freedom is here.

  139. I remember too, Rabbit. Thank God our founding fathers learned from their experiences with the mother country that we needed the Bill of Rights.

    I just checked our old home town in Essex, UK on Google Earth. The old bridge, the Christmas trees we planted and the school where my wife took an archeology class look the same. She said her taking the class convinced the locals that we were becoming part of the community and were more than transcients. We also got to be in the part of the pub reserved for the local people.

    Almost any one of us is capable of the anti- Palin fascisitic mob behavior. All we need is the appropriate match. Any one of us could stone Hillary or Trump to death. We wear a thin veneer of civilized attitudes and values, but savagery lurks just under the surface.

  140. No. I don’t believe I am capable of falling for anything like the Palin blood libel following Giffords. It opened my eyes. That was just sick.

  141. Corruption in sports doesn’t have anything to do with spectator enjoyment. My family and I go to sporting events somewhat regularly. A spitball, a corked bat, a deflated ball, or an illegal rear spoiler has absolutely no effect on our enjoyment of the event or the family memories they create. Even if we are just watching it on the TV, I love watching baseball and football with my sons.

    And that doesn’t even begin to cover what I have personally seen organized sports do for young men and women.

  142. James (or anyone, really), have you seen the movie Rush? It’s about the Formula 1 rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Directed by Ron Howard. It’s a fantastic film. Great acting, great writing, great story. I very highly recommend it to anyone.

  143. It’s funny Rabbit, it would actually be an interesting exercise to see how often in history the so-called insulted group actually objected to the name they were called vs the PC police.

    For example was the transition from colored to “black” precipitated by blacks? Is it blacks who demanded to be called African-American or was it the product of a largely white lib PC movement that blacks bought into?

    I don’t know the answer. Just wondering aloud.

    P.S. Similarly, when did Oriental morph to Asian and prompted by whom?

  144. Interesting question R.

    Oriental means outsider. So, college kids got upset. It starts on campuses. College kids feel smart by pointing out the orgin of the word and front like they are outraged.

    Some times, they are capable of outraging the black (or other minority) masses, sometimes they are not.

    They love to sniff out an unsavory orgin story about any noun or adjective tied to minorities and then reintroudce the old intent.

    The professors feel powerful stamping out the new blasphemy.

    It makes its way to the left media and before you know it Bam! you’ve offended some lisping liberal pee on because you used the word “midget” instead of “little people” at some shitty party.

  145. “I would guess Edward Said’s 1978 bookOrientalism had something to do with this.”

    Damn. I remember that book. Shoved down my throat in half my classes. The holy new testament of post modern, anti western rot in universty social studies departments.

  146. Je$$e Jack$son according to Google coined the term African-American and urged Americans to use it to refer to black people. And if memory serves, Je$$e was the first one I ever heard use it.

    No wonder I hate it and refuse to use it unless in the pejorative. 🙂

    As to ‘Oriental’, I can only speak for myself but I don’t ever remember anybody that I ran with ever using that term. Asians were referred to by their country of origin. Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, etc… I still use that nomenclature to this day.

    The ones I have adopted on occasion are Hispanic and Latino. They don’t sound so PC to me for whatever reason.

    Screw the AL – unless it’s Kansas City or Houston. To this day, I am a Cincinnati Reds/Big Red Machine fan because of Johnny Bench – my childhood hero who came from Binger, OK.

  147. Thanks, Huck. I will look for the movie. I’d love to see it.

    El Tigre, under the right circumstances you would do unspeakable things. I have seen it. Pressure was so intense on one base that we had the highest suicide and alcoholism rate in the command.

    . We had to restrain a quiet Air man who got a pistol and was ready to kill our commander. Five men took him to the mental ward. A MSgt snapped and we had to restrain him also.; An airman broke a beer bottle and cornered an officer in the mail room. These were not isolated incidents.

    We all know about fragging.

    Most of these were individual acts, but I faced most of the the mob It was I have already told you some of what happened to me and the men who started the attack. It was far worse than any vendatta against Palin, though attacks on Sarah were disgusting.

    An air man in Turkey turned in his squadron for drug dealing. He left the service as a disabled veteran.

    I know how I felt when I strangled a man–pure blood lust.

    I was among European and domestic anti- war protesters when they snapped and became rioters armed with fire and bricks, though their leaders seemingly nudged them in that direction.. We feel superior to Ferguson and other black rioters, but we are no different. The right trigger will make any of us commit terrible acts. The Chicago Democratic Convention anti war and police riots are instructive.

    Mob behavior is not limited to physical violence. It may be an unfair verbal attack on Sarah Pailn or ganging up on someone on a blog or facebook. The same mental processes apply. A mob becomes its own individual as an ant colony is.

    I remember blacks saying they wanted to be called black, not colored. James Brown sang a song “Say it loud. I’m black and i’m proud.”

    I also use Hispanic because many people are from Central or South America.

  148. If history serves me well, the term black morphed from the use of “colored versus Ni**er”. The N word was unacceptable from the PC crowd (white lib mainly) i.e. the term black and I believe it became more popular among the college crowd and there fore the African-American crowd adopted it. The older generation tends to still use the term colored to describe people of color they think of as “good” . Today many blacks would like to get rid of the African-American title in order to disassociate them from militant AA.

    As far as the rest of us who claim to be white, there’s hillbilly, redneck, yankees etc. The following link is a fun site called the Racial Slur Database:

  149. I still think the play of the decade was that 109+ yd return by the Auburn kid a few years back against Alabama with no time remaining. I think to this day, Saban still bleeds over that decision. Then OU stomped his ass in the Sugar Bowl for good measure to close out the season. Buwahahahaha

  150. “El Tigre, under the right circumstances you would do unspeakable things. I have seen it. Pressure was so intense on one base that we had the highest suicide and alcoholism rate in the command.”

    You’re talking about two entirely different things.

    Were you here when Rutherford was running his MSNBC narrative on Palin? It was really the damndest thing seeing a grown-ass educated man leveling manufactured nonsense and patently false politically driven accusations with such vitriol and righteous indignation. Couldn’t even wait to see what happened, then when we all learned what really motivated the guy the depths the MSNBC crowd was willing to go to justify their full on irrational hatred — deep hatred — for another human being based on the caricature the same crowd had created.

    James, it was truly pathetic and something I don’t believe I could swept up in. We’re not talking about one’s life being threatened or the stresses of having to fight for survival. This was a totally made up political narrative from people with no conscience. It’s the same mindset that would take a bona fide belief in the need for decency and humanity in protect the unborn fetus and call it a “war on women.”

    Truly shameful and so damn telling. It continues to this day in the wake of every tragedy. The left has one enemy: the right. It will always look to exploit the weak-willed in the wake of a tragedy because it is through the divisiveness that the left derives its power. Militant authoritarianism.

    Do you see how the right and the white Christians whom the left vilifies as a variation of evil reacted to the systematic executions at Umpqua Community College? Now imagine how the left would react if the shooter had racial motivations or asked his victims if they believed in gay marriage or abortion before gunning them down. It would be an all out assault on conservatives and the religious (Christians only of course) whom the left would generally claim has blood on their hands.

    Sorry, James. Not me.

  151. Stokely Carmichael coined the phrase black power at a 1966 rally in Mississippi

    In 1988, after the black power movement had itself faded, many leaders decided another semantic change was required. Jesse Jackson led the push toward African-American.

    Despite public outcry, the U.S. Census still includes the word Negro, because many older people still use it.

  152. I missed the ugly attacks on Sarah Palin here, but I saw them in the news. Violent or non violent mob behavior is part of the same mental process. Had some of those people been able to physically hurt, Sarah, I am sure a few would have and the rest would have followed. The same applies to Hillary or Donald. Under the right circumstances and opportunity, I think you could burn down Hillary’s house or stone her car. Most of the time, people destroy each other from the safety of their keyboards, but the same mental process operates.

    You may be right about yourself. I don’t know enough to presume to tell you what you might think in a given situation. Exceptions abound. I am basing my conclusions on experience, observation and reading.

    I agree with Emily Bronte. One problem with African American is some are white, and it is confusing because the expected stereotype is black.

    People of color irritates me. I am white, and white is a color.

    Yes, that Auburn game ranks up there. It is hard to declare a play the most exciting or best of the decade. The KFAB comment was driven in part because the Michigan outcome was so recent.

  153. Well said, Tigre.

    I’m capable of doing terrible things when my back is against the wall or in some dystopian society.

    But, I am not capable of demanding people shut up over a lie so insane.

    Like Tigre says, nobody used the recent executions of Christians to shut people up. In fact, it doesn’t even cross my mind.

  154. With all that said, the Laughing Hillary does instill in me the drive to push her down onto a pile of fresh steaming horse manure.

  155. Green Bay Packers. Without Jordy even. I miss him though.

    My dad loves the Cubs. Up until a few years ago he and a couple of buds would drive down, park just north of the city, and take the L to Wrigley a few times each summer.
    It’s uncanny that the prediction in Back To The Future 2 might prove accurate.

    My old boss had mad connections and one time he arranged for the boys in the company to play flag football at Soldier Field. No kidding.

  156. I might have already mentioned that flag football thing to you guys but I was desperate to chase the image and especially the sounds of The Laughing Diablo from my mind.

    Tigre, no mas.

  157. Mrs. to me to see Lefty Spielberg and Hanks in the new movie “Bridge of Spies.” Hard to believe all that was going on at my birth. I still remember in grade school having drills to get under our desks. Brought back some old memories of The Cold War.

    Ask me, the world is at a much more precarious place now than the Cold War ever posed.

    Held my nose at having to support the Lefties – but tip of the cap to Spielberg and Hanks – they are good at their profession. Hanks is damn good at being the ordinary man.

    This James Donovan guy I had never even heard of – a true American hero.

    Excellent movie.

  158. “Problems with the forced belly laugh from tippy top of the thinking man’s party?”

    How anyone could vote for that 1980s soap opera villian and then get huaghty about Trump weirdness is beyond me.

    She reminds me of a heel manager in WWE. So fucking creepy.

  159. If we can believe the Islamists we are headed into more dangerous territory, Tex. The Soviets and were rational people. Both sides wanted to live. This influenced their desire to avoid giving the other side unpleasant surprises.

    A Soviet officer in northeast Siberia and his troops noticed a flock of ICBMS on radar. They were in route from the US. This was obviously serious with the Soviets facing their imminent death.

    The officer’s first impulse was to retaliate, but he was afraid the echos were fantoms. He waited, and the missiles actually were ghosts. A writer noted that the Soviet general may have saved much of the northern hemisphere.

    The Cuban missile crisis is a more famous example of rationality on both sides. If you are a fanatic and think you are an instrument for the next coming, the world has become more dangerous.

  160. I wouldn’t push Hillary into a steaming pile of manure. It would break her fall. A fight of stairs would hurt more. If the state of her health is as bad as it might be for an old woman, nature may take its course first.

  161. It’s the same mindset that would take a bona fide belief in the need for decency and humanity in protect the unborn fetus and call it a “war on women.”

    That shows your blind spot. There are women who say “it’s MY body. Fuck off” and to those women the pro-life movement is indeed a war on women.

  162. Oh, and just about everyone derives their power through divisiveness. Tigre, you truly need to stop attributing HUMAN traits exclusively to liberals. Makes you look silly.

  163. I still remember in grade school having drills to get under our desks.

    I’m the same age as Tex but there was no hiding under desks in my school. Then again, we were all physically disabled so drop and cover wasn’t an option.

    I seem to remember our having “shelter drills” but I don’t remember how they differed from fire drills. Maybe for fire drills, we left the building but for the other we didn’t. 48 years ago is too far off for crisp memories.

  164. If you are a fanatic and think you are an instrument for the next coming, the world has become more dangerous.

    I’m still amazed 1945 was the last nuclear attack. The restraint can’t last forever. I don’t want to die but I’m not sure I want to live to see the end.

  165. What do you guys think will happen on Thursday? Will Hillary trip herself up or will GOP committee members provide the media with a busload of damning sound bites?

    I think we will finally see how skilled a prosecutor Trey Gowdy really is.

  166. No. I sized you up right, Rutherford. Your reaction to Giffords should’ve been a wake up call. The fact that it wasn’t is all the proof I need.

  167. Hey the Muslim kid that made the fake bomb is being celebrated at the WH. I guess that’s just more of the HUMAN element of twisting a fake narrative into an act of conservative oppression. Must be my blind spot. 🙄

  168. Its so pathetic. Every. Single. Time.

    President dumb ass involves himself in every pop cultural dust up involving race (he always sides himself against that evil and nasty white establishment) and he’s wrong as fuck. Every time!

    So now this punk kid and his asshole Dad are celebrated in the fucking white house.

    Fuck his White House. I’d decline the invitation.

  169. Anyone want to identify who said the following PRIOR to 9/11?

    I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers. No sensible analyst rejects this possibility, and plenty of them, like me, are not wondering if but when it will happen.

    One day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan. He escapes back under some rock, and a few news cycles later it’s on to a new enemy and new crisis.

  170. “When’s the last time you brought a fake bomb….”

    Can you believe how wrong this president always get it?

    Another one of his “teachable” moments. This time he is duped by a 8 grader.

    This is what’s happens when you elect a black community organizer with a shit eating grin as POTUS.

    He can’t help getting in the middle of juvenile shit.


  171. Donald Trump(et)? 🙂

    Rutherford, get your ass back to the blog more often. Your mother would want you to be gainfully employed. She would also want you to enjoy life. You need our gigs to alleviate your boredom as much as we need you for target practice.

    I was thinking about your hooligan, Feel the Bern Worthless Ass yesterday for some reason.

    You ever given thought to teaching? I think you might be quite good.

  172. I got news for you, Mr. R. Donald Trump wasn’t the only one tooting the inevitable terrorist attacks before 9/11. So was Mr. Tex Taylor. And I promise you I am right about this one.

    Before it is through and I believe quite soon, what happened on 9/11 will look like a pinprick.

    And I’ll even provide the historical example of how it will happen. Darius the Mede and Cyrus the Great with respect to the Fall of Babylon.

  173. Did Cyrus the Great deliver the Jews out of Babylonian Captivity? I could google…..but I like trying to impress.

    Aren’t the Persians looked at as good guys in the Old Testament?

  174. So where do I have to go to catch Bernie in a lie? Comedy Fucking Central. That’s right. The Daily Show with its new host unearthed an old clip of Bernie contradicting what he said in the debate about his anti-immigration vote.

    In the debate, he said it was to protect the immigrants. Years ago he said it was to protect American jobs.

    No wonder Trump and Carson are soaring. A pol is just a pol at the end of the day.

    One fly in The Donald’s ointment is that Mr. Anti-superpac has … wait for it … a superpac.

    Liars and hypocrites, every last one of them.


  175. Liars and hypocrites, every last one of them.

    You’re beginning to see the pattern in the fabric. Never forget it. They all have a part to play in the grand old scheme. Transparency is coming to the peoples of this world whether we like what we see or not.

  176. Rutherford keep your Bernie bumper sticker on the plastic Beemer. He is actually consistent that slaves depress wages and that that issue has more than one side to it.

  177. Alfie, I’d be more comfortable if Sanders expressed this complexity consistently instead of pandering to anti-immigrants one minute and then to workers rights advocates the next.

  178. Aren’t the Persians looked at as good guys in the Old Testament?

    They’re kind of all over the board ironically – as were the Babylonians. With the Babylonians, we’re actually left with Nebuchadnezzar as somewhat sanctified, best I can read. But his grandson was bad news and was utterly destroyed. 🙂

  179. “I got my snow thrower today”.

    Every year I say I’m going to buy one and I’m too cheap. So I’m cursing while I dig out.

    Even worse is I have huge off road tires on my Blazer. So….the motivation isn’t even there. Pretty self centered, considering my wife drives a grocery getter.

  180. Every time I attempt to read the Bible I get stuck on one of those so and so begot so and so parts and get frustrated. It actually tests my faith pretty seriously as I catch my mind mumbling “who gives a fuck”. Which is terrible. Guilt kicks in. And the Bible gets shut for another year.

    I need to join a bible study group or something.

    I also wonder about all the people who can’t read…how can the skill set of reading be important to God? It isn’t obviously….

    I guess I sometimes question the medium. Seems flawed.

    Tex…how do you suggest a man approaches the bible?

  181. Obviously I’m not Tex, and he may prefer starting with the OT, but I prefer starting with the good news and that is found in the NT. You can join a group or there are some free on line sites that can help. I did a few of those on line ‘read the Bible in a year’ plans. They also have other study tools available to help. There are also plenty of phone apps. I personally love the gospel of John. I can’t recount how many times I have read it, but I get more from it every time I do. Matthew is good too, but written more for the Jews and starts with their all important genealogy bit. The sermon on the mount is in there.

    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

    The key to any understanding of God and His Word is given through the Holy Spirit.

  182. Tex…how do you suggest a man approaches the bible?

    Hey Rabbit, no brainer. Skip the begots part and start reading where your interest kicks in. Where is it written you have to read the WHOLE Bible? Maybe the answer to the begots IS who gives a fuck? Skip and move on to what nourishes you.

    My bet is a Bible study group spends 5 minutes on the begots.

  183. I’m glad I don’t need a snow thrower. I’ll heave a snowball or two if I ever decide to go visit snow. We did get some of that in the high country today. The ski resort people are happy. Down here all we have had is a lot of rain and some hail. There was a funnel cloud spotted west of here. The winds have taken a toll on many of the trees. Some folks lost their metal sheds or shade structures. The weather has cooled enough to open up the house. In between storms, of course. The neighbor’s palm tree was hit by lightning and a firetruck came almost immediately and put water on it just as it exploded in flame.

  184. Rabbit,

    Assuming you have a rudimentary knowledge of the Bible, I suggest something like Poolman suggested. The Old Testament is more difficult, allegory and metaphor in parts, and incredibly cryptic in others.

    I guess if I were a newbie, I would start with the Gospel John.

    But I think an even better suggestion is to simply listen to an “expert” and follow along. The internet is a perfect tool for this because you can start and stop at your leisure, skip the music if you want, etc…

    If you want a great teacher, kind of a Bible Study Group for layman, I would be happy to provide you with a couple of links. I especially like men like David Jeremiah. And right now, Dr. Jeremiah is teaching a series on Daniel – one of the most fascinating books in all of the Bible – the Old Testament version of the Book of the Revelation.

    In fact, that is the book that talks about Babylon, the Medes and the Persians in some depth.

    You don’t have to have any familiarity – he will guide you along Chapter by Chapter, verse by verse.

  185. Hey Poolman, is the air out there in AZ as good for the lungs as legend has it, or is that just a myth? Back in the day I used to read of folks with breathing issues moving to AZ.

  186. They use to recommend AZ for asthma patients, I think. Probably because it is dry. I don’t know if the air is any different here anymore with all the geoengineering taking place.

  187. @ dead rabbit
    I apologize in advance for so publicly offering unsolicited advice.
    I’ve always felt that a person needed to be clear on what they hope to find in reading the Bible. Whether you’re looking for a scholarly or knowledge based thing or whether you’re looking to actually find something on a very personal level.
    I’ve found guided bible study to be a double edged sword full of positives and negatives but all in all not personally moving,ultimately it was too “school”.
    On the other side of the coin I can testify to how exploring the NT with a very open mind and heart can be a mind blowing experience.
    I have four translations @ home and spent time reading it straight through. I also had a copy of what is called the “Promise Bible”. Much like many NT versions that highlight Christ’s words in a different color text this one highlighted the “promises”made to followers. I used this to cross reference through the other translations and found it very enlightening.
    I also have to confess to having a number of incidents where I’d just open up the NT and read something randomly and was shocked to find it suited life at the time. It was things like that, that made me a believer in the concept of the Living Word and a personal relationship with Christ.
    Bottom line my ultimate suggestion is to know what you want to get out of the effort.

  188. @ rabbit…one more piece of unsolicited advice. I think I remember you more than hinting at having a catholic background. Depending on how deep and important the traditions of the denomination is to you can sometimes be an issue. If you feel Catholicism is ingrained so to speak my suggestion would be that you become at least a two Bible version owner. Get one of the “catholic” ones and then something like a NIV or NLT.

  189. Say what you will be it premeditated or not clock boy has gotten a free ride to fame and fortune. This is a better image then shooting up a class in school don’t you think ?

  190. “Say what you will be it premeditated or not clock boy has gotten a free ride to fame and fortune. This is a better image then shooting up a class in school don’t you think ?”

    WTF? Molesting a classmate is probably a better image than “shooting up a class in school.”

    The false narratives from the left I described earlier created this monster. The ones Rutherford claims are HUMAN traits that fit neatly into a conservatives blind spot like Michael Brown, Trayvon “No Limit Nigga” Martin, the Texas “workplace violence,” and poor Prof. Gates who actually had “stupid” police arrive in response to calls from neighbors that didn’t recognize him as the oppressed victim Obama knew him to be.

    Say what you will, mindlessly vilifying teachers and law enforcement seeking to protect the shitheads classmates of racism by a little punk trying to pull off a an inflammatory hoax is much “better imagery” than something more horrific. Genius self-promotion. Thanks for the invite to the WH. Obama congratulating the little fuck for his skillz and overcoming his oppressors through such courage is some mighty fine imagery. Thanks Obama. You really know how to exalt virtue.

  191. Rabbit, speaking as someone who is married to a Catholic, you can buy a ‘Catholic’ Bible if you wish. But you’ll find it says the same for all intents and purposes. After all, Luther’s contention with the church was not what was contained in the Bible, but how it was taught, who was teaching, and what the hierarchy was emphasizing. 🙂

    I personally think something like the New American Standard is the most complete one going if you’re really interested in learning the Bible and the accompanying history. But that is only a personal preference and frankly is some place down the road for a novice. Let’s not kid ourselves. The Bible above all others is a difficult book.

    I can say with confidence the Bible makes far more sense if you are also somewhat steeped in the culture it was written – hence why I recommended instead of just personal study, let me direct you to people who actually have the accompanying education to assist in alleviating the “stuff” that is difficult to translate into English. There are some dynamite teachers out there, all for free, without bias. I say without bias because they actually emphasize doing your own personal study.

    One of my complaints with Catholicism is IMO it gets too caught up in being “Catholic” and not nearly enough in being “Christian.” By the same token, I have come to have an admiration for The Catholic Mass and consider REAL Catholics my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am married to a Catholic woman who I believe comes much closer to walking the Christian walk than all but a handful of Protestants I know, including myself. And Catholic Charities are second to none. The power lies in both approaches.

    But the weakness of most Catholics I have found and the reason I have never even given serious consideration to “converting” though I have been approached often to do so by members of my wife’s parish who treat me like gold, is the startling biblical ignorance of most of the flock – many times on the most fundamental of issues. There is far too much dependence on an intermediary – a sinful intermediary no different than you or me.

    Our relationship with God is wholly personal and should be approached as such.

  192. I don’t really see why Emily’s comment needed to be tongue in cheek. Sadly, it’s come to the point that we EXPECT dissatisfied young Muslims to shoot shit up. Here we have a case where no one got hurt and a wise-ass kid gets a dumb hoax elevated to a trip to the White House. Hell, he’s a Muslim Ferris Bueller.

    Get over it and move on. Much bigger fish out there to fry.

  193. Our relationship with God is wholly personal and should be approached as such.

    Call me a bigot all you like, this is one of the finer things you’ve said in all the time I’ve “known” you.

  194. Call me a bigot all you like, this is one of the finer things you’ve said in all the time I’ve “known” you.

    I’ll take that to “know me” is not in reference to the Old Testament type of “Know?” 🙂

    I appreciate the compliment, but I don’t believe I’ve ever said or even insinuated anything else here. If Christianity is anything, it is premised first and foremost (besides we’re all failed) on the idea of free will – isn’t that the idea behind to witness?

    That’s why your idea of a Christian theocracy is so ludicrous. If somebody is saying anything else to you without your consent and is calling themselves Christian, you should summarily dismiss them as fraud. The choice is solely your own and that cannot be taken away from you.

    I do know a “religion” that won’t provide you nearly the same degree of leeway about choices. 😈

  195. “Get over it and move on. Much bigger fish out there to fry.”

    Who is that directed to you Obama ass-licker? You created this shit and all the episode stands for.

    And your pathetic ass says there’s bigger fish to fry now that Dear Leader fucked up again? You still want to cling to of the persecuted Muslim we all expect to shoot up schools?

    Rutherford, name one single fucking school or another Muslim you hold out as the example while you play the judgmentally enlightened arbiter of others’ motives.

    I swear, I don’t anyone so blind as Rutherford when he makes the point he smugly thinks he’s refuting.

  196. The Protestant Bible contains 66 books. The Catholic Bible contains 73 books. Coptic Christians have 78 books in their Bible and the Ethiopians have at least 81. There are great truths in the books not contained in our canon. But with all scripture, God has to reveal it to you.

    I used to do the same random selection as Alfie describes, and God has used that to speak to me. It really is a matter of desire. If you truly want to learn, He will direct your search.

  197. “I appreciate the compliment, but I don’t believe I’ve ever said or even insinuated anything else here.”

    You haven’t. Something on MSNBC must have allowed Rutherford’s ego to swell to believe that his consecration or condemnation of others’ comments are worth a shit.

    But DR, I would DEFINITELY listen to Rutherford;s sage advice on matters of faith and the bible. Remember his scholarly debunking of the made up biblical proscription on homosexual marriage? Who knew it doesn’t really matter much to Christians? 🙄

  198. You still want to cling to of the persecuted Muslim we all expect to shoot up schools?

    You’re conflating. I don’t give any Muslim a pass for killing innocents. I don’t care how persecuted he or she feels.

    EB can speak for herself but I took her at face value that considering what the usual Muslim headline is, this was almost refreshing in its relative silliness.

  199. What is the usual Muslim headline? From what I’ve seen, this shit is the usual Muslim headline. What you’re referring to is covered over or not mentioned at all.

  200. Sorry dude, your fabricated progressive bullshit is like a cancer. Like everyone else with an ounce of sense, I am going to remain disgusted at this piece of shit president you hero worship that has brought the dignity of the office to a new low.

    That after President blow job.

  201. Mr. Snark (aka Tigre), it doesn’t take a Biblical scholar to tell Rabbit to skip the dry stuff and go to what is meaningful to him.

    I have no problem with Rabbit ignoring my suggestion and moving on. You should have done the same.

  202. “Mr. Snark (aka Tigre), it doesn’t take a Biblical scholar to tell Rabbit to skip the dry stuff and go to what is meaningful to him.”

    Why? It’s all bullshit to you. Hell, you’ve never read any of it at all.

  203. No go, Joe. 😈 Smarter than I thought.

    Do you guys and gals realize as of tomorrow, the movie Back to the Future II will be a movie about the past? LOL

    Damn, I am getting old.

  204. Hell, you’ve never read any of it at all.

    I’ve actually read the begots. I’ve also read the story of Zachias (sp) the short tax collector. 😉

    I’ve read other bits. It’s hard to live in the USA and NEVER have cracked open a bible.

  205. “I’ve read other bits. It’s hard to live in the USA and NEVER have cracked open a bible.”

    Well, then. You are qualified.

    Carry on.

  206. I’m sooooo bumbed. I wanted Biden to run for the entertainment value. That huge IQ against America’s most transparent. It would’ve been a laugh riot.

  207. “This is a better image then shooting up a class in school don’t you think ?”

    Yeah. It’s a better image then kids shooting up a school so its cool and stuff.

    After all, its not a big deal if the POTUS goes on social media and essentially blames the teacher, administration and police for being racist when they weren’t because it wasn’t…..ugh…..the story doesn’t revolve around murder of little kids?

    Hell…why not apply “its a better image then a school shooting” to all kinds of Obama failures. I guess it makes it all ok.

    As for you, R….speak for yourself. It’s a fish very worthy of frying. Why? A horrible pattern of Obama fucking real people over so that he can finger wag people who did nothing wrong.

    Dude….he’s like 0 and 5 with his teachable moments. And it has hurt people. And cheap.

    Police, teachers…..they are real people.

  208. But he’s an inventor DR. A heroic inventor. Something all high-achieving students that don’t get to go the WH should emulate. You see. He’s brown. And Muslim. Therefore, he’s a victim and everyone else from this rotten country an oppressor. 🙄

    Still looking for all that news of the Muslims shooting up schools Rutherford was referring to. . . .

  209. “Not the white ones. That’s Obama’s lesson for all of us.”

    Yeah….I mean…that seriously is his lesson.

    On a side note…..over 300 million people here. One would think the president could find a legitimate local issue to meddle in that DOESN’T make him an embaressing ass clown. I don’t get it.

    Just not very smart?

  210. Since my Mrs. is in town this week sans kids, we’ve been hitting the early cheap movies. Damn, I just went to the nicest movie complex I’ve ever been in. This place is something else and we watched a 3D movie for $10 between the two of us. You can’t get Cokes for that in most theaters around here.

    Anyway, I was entertained though I was losing interest toward the end – perhaps 20 minutes too long. I loathe Matt Damon but ‘The Martian’ in 3D is worth seeing. The graphics are phenomenal – which carries the wooden acting and predictable story line.

    The PC of this movie is epic. Female captain and hero, female computer whiz on ship, black banger type with monumental computer skills that solves the algorithm for recapture, black mission commander, wienie Jeff Daniels as NASA Director. Sean Been is the only one worth a chit besides the Asians in the mission room. All we needed was a cross dresser and Barack Obama as President to complete the subject. It’s so over the top unbelievable, you begin to wonder if these goobers have any idea of the subject material they speak. Part Apollo 13, part 2001 Space Odyssey, part Interstellar.

  211. I go to the movies once or twice a year. I usually enjoy myself not that I live a considerable distance from any black neighborhoods.

    I had stopped going because black people think its a cultural celebration to ruin a movie with their canned shenanigans. Gets so old after a while.

  212. “Okay. You heard it here first. I will not divulge facts or sources.

    “Biden is definitely going to run. No question. He’s coming in.”

    El Tigre , September 8, 2015 at 1:15 pm

  213. “Biden was only waiting to see if Clinton was above the law or not.

    She is. So he’s out.”

    Look back at what ET wrote. There wasn’t any qualification going on.

    Had that quote come from Rutherford, you’d be going on about how his MSNBC sources were talking out of their asses.

    Well, ET talked out of his ass, and now he’s getting called on it, the same as I have, the same as Rutherford has, the same as many of us have.

    Tonight’s meal is crow, and dinner is served. 🙂

  214. I read it as talking shit from the start.

    Don’t you ever talk shit professor?

    He was wrong on a prediction. I don’t bust balls over swans, white or black.

    If there is one thing in high supply here it’s bad predictions.

    Sometimes you expect meat whistles and skin flutes, brah. He got dicked by the unknown. Who doesn’t?

  215. I will say this, I will be a happy man if you can come here and say I was wrong about Hillary.

    Tiger’s predictions of interest rates is worse then his inside connection in the Biden camp. 🙂

  216. We are with our grand daughter again, so there is not time to do much else.
    While Poolman has seen severe, wet weather, our area except for light thundershowers early this morning has had nothing in a month. The weather has been mild and dusty. We were in red flag warnings several days ago. Harvest is progressing quickly. 20 acres of our beans are still under water thanks to about ten inches of rain in September. This is a typical el nino pattern.

    Ingrid Carlqvist wrote for Gatestone Institute that Sweden is failing as too many immigrants swamp social services. Some Swedish politicians claim they have 10 to 15 years before the end. At that time, they will become a minority in their own country. The problem is exacerbated, because migrants who moved through Sweden to enter Finland and Norway will probably be expelled and returned to Sweden. Most of migrants are men, and most are not from Syria. They plan to send for their wives and families after they become established.

    A Swedish politician made an alliance with the Green party to expand immigration to stick it to an anti- immigration party which gained in an election. His fit of pique set the stage for Sweden’s problem.

    I don’t have to make a prediction based on this. The conclusions are self evident.

  217. The 2012 Presidential Election still stuns me. Though I said it would be tight, I was just cock sure Americans couldn’t be that stupid.

    They are.

    So I am hesitant to say this, but I will anyway. I don’t think Hillary Rotten Clinton will win – unless she runs against Donald Trump (God help us). Hillary Clinton is as loathed by men as Todd Akin was by women.

    And while women now make up 53% of the vote, if 65% of men won’t vote for you, even with CA/NY/IL, mathematically you should lose every swing state and by a relatively large margin.

  218. “He was wrong on a prediction. I don’t bust balls over swans, white or black.”

    He didn’t make a prediction, he made a statement and played as if he had “facts” and “sources”, which I expect at the time he did.

    And yeah I’ve talked shit before. And I’ve been called out for it before. Do the Egyptian elections ring any bells, brah.

    ET’s taking it more like a man than you are.

    It’s all in fun, but yeah he had this coming.

  219. Huck, I had facts. Some comedic hyperbole, but I did have facts. What changed, I honestly do not know.

    Actually, I do know. I made the prediction.

    The rumor mill says that Hillary was willing to raise his corrupt dealings with the large credit card companies. The dude’s shameless. I don’t think it was just the prospect of losing that spooked him.

  220. Not for nothing but everything about “clock boy”is an embarrassment to America.
    This kid is far from a genius yet the PC culture has caused folks to pledge money,applause and jobs to the little POS.
    Now Qatar takes the bait to pimp his little ass and will give him a free education.
    Trust me ten years from now this kid will be saying: “Would you like to supersize that”

  221. Hillary Clinton is as loathed by men as Todd Akin was by women.

    And some percentage of those men are married to HRC supporters. So they’re either going to cave to their wives, lie about whom they voted for or not vote at all.

    I think Tex you’ve missed something. There’s a quiet but not small contingent of WOMEN who hate Hillary’s guts. They may be her undoing.

  222. “The rumor mill says that Hillary was willing to raise his corrupt dealings with the large credit card companies. The dude’s shameless. I don’t think it was just the prospect of losing that spooked him.”

    I don’t know enough about him to know about any shady dealings. But I did assume Team Clinton had something on him and made a call resembling “if you go against me, I will destroy you with ______ and you will never hold another public office” and then put on a smile and hinted he might be a running mate if he plays nice, so she can then tell everyone “if you like your Vice President you can keep your Vice President”.

  223. I think Biden is even more shameless than that, Huck. He’s a coward. Somehow the imbecile doesn’t mind guys like me laughing and pointing fingers at how utterly stupid he is. He just smiles.

    But the Clinton machine working him over with how ignorant he is was going to be too personal.

  224. Rutherford?

    I recognize there are a cast of millions of women who disdain Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, most of them already voted ‘R’. 🙂

    Dim women are generally too dim to recognize how dimwitted and skunk Hillary Rotten Clinton really is.

  225. What I’ve watched of HRC at the hearing today demonstrates this is a forum for her fitness for POTUS, very loosely related to Benghazi.

    If you can, find the questioning by Tammy Duckworth, the only Dem who is not whining, and is asking very specific Benghazi related questions.

  226. “What I’ve watched of HRC at the hearing today demonstrates this is a forum for her fitness for POTUS, very loosely related to Benghazi.”

    What did you watch?

  227. p.s. I ask becuase I would assume that the bits that relate to her fitness as president are the ones that the media and public are most interested in and therefore would be the ones you’d see.

  228. She is. And your right. Dems are scum. They don’t care.

    Lastly and more importantly, America no longer cares about these things.

  229. p.s. I ask becuase I would assume that the bits that relate to her fitness as president are the ones that the media and public are most interested in and therefore would be the ones you’d see.

    I’m not talking excerpts. I’m talking live coverage. I’ve wanted to watch the whole thing but I’ve had business commitments that pulled me away. But any comments I have are not related to skewed excerpts. I’m only commenting on the live coverage I’ve been able to see.

  230. Since most of you were at work today and didn’t have my time flexibility, you did not watch the live coverage. That’s unfortunate because now all of you will be commenting on is cherry picked testimony published by left and right propagandists.

  231. A few quick observations from watching the live coverage.

    1) The political grandstanding from both sides makes a mockery of the hearing.

    2) Some of the committee members think they are in an episode of Perry Mason, treating the Secretary like a hostile witness. Pompeo and the guy in the vid that Tigre posted come to mind – and Gowdy too.

    3) Hillary’s answers about Blumenthal, the video excuse and the State Dept’s preoccupation with image were all inadequate. Unfortunately, these all speak to Hillary’s character but I don’t see how they speak to what could have been done to save Stephen’s life.

    4) Hero of the day: Tammy Duckworth.

  232. “Unfortunately, these all speak to Hillary’s character”

    Just Hillary? Not Obama? Rice? The whole administration?

    For crap’s sake on the day of the attack Hillary was emailing her daughter about the Al Queda attack.

  233. Gowdy said he’d deposed or interviewed 50 some witnesses. They’ve been gathering docs, even last minute. HRC is clearly a liar in a matter where her credibility is paramount. On key issues. She was the SOS. Did I say she is plainly lying? Kind of tells you how much weight you ought to assign to her version. The clip I posted is pretty damning, particularly when it comes to the emails from Hillary to her family saying it was a terrorist attack. Pretty sad and worth exploring. All of it relevant.

  234. “Some of the committee members think they are in an episode of Perry Mason, treating the Secretary like a hostile witness.”

    This word. . .I do not believe it means what you think it does.

    She is a hostile witness under the real meaning of the term and literally.

    600 requests for more security ignored?

  235. Another comment. We need a serious conversation about what “responsibility” means. For HRC to say she took responsibility raises the question “how?” It was made clear that no one permanently lost their job. That’s a problem.

  236. I saw none of the testimony nor the news, but from what I read, most of the Republicans behaved like Perry Mason cast members, and the Democrats covered for Hillary with criticism and diversions. Tammy Duckworth was the only Democrat who tried to ask real questions.

    Most of the liberal press are telling their ignorant audiences that Hillary blew the partisan inquisitors away.

    Trump insulted Iowans through an intern after Carson beat him in a poll. The longer he remains a factor, the greater chance we have that we will watch Hillary put her hand on a Bible as president, or if the fix isn’t in as a defendant. I think Hillary could win this while the few remaining true Americans grumble “shut up and deal.”

    I’m not so sure about Canada any more. Young sprout Trudeau seems to be much more clueless than his father was.

  237. Hillary says a lot of shit.

    Obama says a lot of shit.

    We learned of the private server and these emails that are so damning and totally incomplete from the Guccifer leak/hack of the Blumenthall emails.

    Hillary actually crowes about the prior committees’ so-called findings while simultaneously claiming that inquiries about what has since been learned that shows they were mislead are irrelevant. 🙄

  238. 600 requests for more security ignored?

    By whom? As I said in the previous comment, anyone negligent in paying attention to security requests should have been fired. If you’re upset that these requests don’t come to her desk, then the system/protocol needs to be condemned.

    Her solicitation argument regarding Blumenthal was preposterous.

    I think we learned that our Secretary of State conducted her job using very questionable judgement — whose counsel she sought and methods she used to hide her communications. Again, it should influence our assessment of her character but it speaks to the failure of the system re Stephens, not just her failure. And quite frankly that goes all the way back to our decision to overthrow Qadaffi. We need to mind our goddam business.

    Finally, it is clear this woman will be incapable of working with a GOP congress as POTUS. She will make Obama’s relationship with congress look like the best of friends.

  239. I am not being dramatic.

    Watch a multi-car NASCAR wreck. It begins with a small mistake or malfunction and slowly cascades into a mass conflagration as one consequence creates others which multiply the total effect. Sometimes over fifteen cars are involved. It is a sight to behold.

    I believe we are in the same downward spiral as seemingly unconnected events create synergy. A diplomat said before WW1 something to the effect that the lights are going out, one by one. We shall not see them again in our time.

    My prediction is that a decade from now, we will know that these were the good old days.

  240. “Finally, it is clear this woman will be incapable of working with a GOP congress as POTUS.”

    She’s already stated she is proud that 1/2 of the country is her enemy.

  241. It’s a new low. Lying in politics is as American as apple pie. But getting caught red handed meant something. Not any more. Obama’s second legacy.

    Seriously, we shouldn’t have to take this shit. I don’t care if Rutherford’s team mates cheer for it and half the coutnry too ignorant.

  242. She’s already stated she is proud that 1/2 of the country is her enemy.

    True and Biden has thrown her shade about it at least twice now, including when he announced his non-run.

  243. How Rutherford insulates Obama from Hillary in terms of Benghazi and her email server crimes is pathological.

    You’re mixing apples and oranges. Obama clearly has skin in Benghazi. But on email, she defied his directive.

  244. You are right about Hillary’s defying Obama’s directive, and the others are also right. So what? This discussion is no more than an academic excercise. We can’t legally do much to change it.

  245. Oh btw gang, if all these years you’ve wondered what Tigre looks like in action, just watch Rep Jim Jordan. I practically had to wipe the snark off my tv screen. 😀

  246. “Obama is the past. Hillary is the future.”

    That statement says so, so much.

    It says that everything is about elections. That there is nothing between 1 election and the next.

    The EXACT thinking of Barack Obama. All the man has ever done is think about the next election.

    Here’s a news flash, dude. Obama is the current. I know it doesn’t seem like it since he doesn’t do jack. But he is the sitting president.

    “True and Biden has thrown her shade about it at least twice now, including when he announced his non-run.”

    She has already poisoned the well. The day Obama was elected the GOP openly declared war on him. You all whined about that from the moment the words were spoken.

    Hillary has openly declared war on Republicans before she is even elected. And she didn’t specify congress, she said “Republicans”. She wants millions of people to fail. And she has millions cheering her on for it.

  247. So we had a special forces operation that rescued 70 people from an ISIS prison camp. 1 of ours was killed. When asked if this violated his pledge for no boots on the ground, the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces said….I didn’t order the operation, the Pentagon did.

    That same day, he signaled a veto of an armed forces spending bill…because it doesn’t have enough domestic, non-military spending in it.

    Keep an eye on both of these stories, because I don’t think we’ve heard the last of either.

  248. This really irritates me.

    A man was killed. He probably has a lot of friends and family who love him. He’s dead now.

    And the man he served doesn’t even have the balls to say “Yes I ordered that operation to save the lives of 70 people, and unfortunately one of our brave men died in the process.” Instead, the fucking coward says “wasn’t me”.

    Barack Obama does not deserve to have a single man-at-arms serve under him. He is a coward in every sense of the word and at every possible level.

    Fuck him

  249. re: Obama. Rutherford, Huck is dead right. I love how you stridently say this shit. Sadly, you are no bellwether. The guy is vile.

  250. Huck, Obama’s veto further supports my conclusion that progressives don’t like our military, and they would rather hurt our troops than they would help our country. They care only for themselves and their concept of a socialist paradise. They operate as the Swedish politician did when he made it easier for immigrants to enter Sweden, not for the good of the immigrants or for the country but to spite an anti immigrant party which had won some seats. They are birds of a feather.

    As Sofia Jannok said, Obama is part of a regime of foreign occupiers, and some like him are cowards. He should have been impeached the week after Benghazi, but no….Hillary and Obama personify evil.

    I don’t think the veto will go anywhere except in conservative and self aware circles. The rest don’t care or even understand.

    I felt like a hypocrite at times, but I am glad I influenced our children to never serve in the military or volunteer to do actual work for a political or economic cause. They will use and discard you every time. Better to let others suffer from the aftermath.

  251. I’m not terribly vexed Hillary Clinton is proud to be my enemy. Because that is exactly how I view Hillary Rotten Clinton.

    And should there come a day when the head loppers reach our shores, I’m going to prove to her just how much an enemy I really am. 😈

  252. Rutherford the “women that hate Hillary” is a statistical myth in all credible polling. I don’t know what to say to help you understand that polls that try to report a monolith are lying out of the gate. Some of the superficial variables have been brought up here though such as some women who loathe her are obviously entrenched GOP types. Others who “hate” her are going to vote for her. The concept of “hating” her meaning anything is silly.

  253. Obama Pail to Alfie x 2
    On the raid there is a lot to be said but I cannot stress enough the need to reserve some judgement since the Administration and DoD are unfortunately notorious for exacting discipline upon the righteous. (see beating up the molesting mullahs)
    For now I think Obama is correct in saying he didn’t authorize the op. I got news for people who dream or dread a US military led coup d’etat. It won’t be rank and file types,it’ll be something out of special ops with good odds to Delta Force. The latitude Deltas have in deciding what,where,who,why,when and how is unprecedented in US defense heir achy. Although they are dutiful assets that match their skills to orders they are undoubtedly at their absolute best when they are “off the leash”.It does not surprise me at all that watching things unfold in their “advisory” role the guys decided to go. Clearly the overall operation was tied into the tangled web of RoE covering overall operations. The F-15 strike towards the end being evidence of it.
    As for the veto of the NDAA I say good on you O. Let’s pass a fucking budget. Lets have a public discussion of costs,taxes and expenditures. Lets stop ignoring the fact that sequestration is only needed because the Legislature has failed abysmally at its primary Constitutional duty.

    The GOP needs to dump the clown car into the crusher and get on with leading. Its well past time to stop its pathetic campaign against Barack Hussein Obama and time to lead!

  254. Republicans need to get their shit together unless they want to have Hillary the next POTUS.

    The one thing that has to stop is the “Obama” bashing which is the quickest way to get a Democrat to tune out. Concentrate on HRC…..there is enough there to throw her under the train without adding the name “O” to the mix.

    Right now election 2016 is looking like a remake of the Palin mentality…just insert Trump and once again you will have voters voting against a candidate rather than for a candidate. Boils down to the wicked witch of the west versus the devil incarnate.

  255. “I don’t think the veto will go anywhere…”

    Perhaps not.

    But if I am not mistaken, it got like 70 votes in the Senate, which would be enough for an override if they all voted for it again.

    And for these calls to stop calling out Obama—sorry, aint gonna happen. I don’t care who is in the Oval Office. If I think they shit the bed I am going to call them out for it.

  256. Huck when are you and others gonna start holding Congress’ feet to the fire on passing an actual budget,fix sequestration and stop dicking the military with NDAA ?

  257. Man, we’ve been screaming about a budget for years, and if you think I have any love for the GOP idiots in Congress then you haven’t been paying attention.

    I’ll let the others speak for themselves.

  258. I agree, Hillary needs to be on the main line of attack. However, she is less human than a symbol, and it is hard to destroy a concept.

    Trump. Palin; and their supporters do resemble each other.

    The Republican Congress accomplished one thing. They blocked part of Obama’s agenda. Otherwise a saving grace is they are not Democrats.

  259. “I’ll let the others speak for themselves.”

    Everyone’s already spoken. There’s been no love for Congress and the domestic items Alfie identifies I have certainly been screaming about.

    “The one thing that has to stop is the “Obama” bashing which is the quickest way to get a Democrat to tune out.”

    Who give a fuck if a dem “tunes out?” Shit . They’ve never tuned in. If they had, you wouldn’t expect to see the guaranteed nomination going to Hillary.

    I used to think there was a common goal between the parties with different ideas of how to reach the. I now that just ain’t true.

  260. Why would we ever allow a sitting president to get away with lies and failure? Fuck off, Dems.

    The same people blaming bush 7 years later for all their failures are telling us we can’t call Obama out WHILE HE IS PRESIDENT.

    The insanity and lies are too much.

  261. Scott Creighton has some very interesting information in an article he reposted regarding the reasons behind the Benghazi event and why the responses and narratives were given. It was only a matter of time before our ongoing illegal and covert actions bit us in the ass. The denial and cover up by the administration is huge. That we don’t position Hillary in front of a firing squad is not a testimony to our being civilized as much as it is to our being complacent or apathetic. In previous civilized societies public punishment or execution for acts of treason were encouraged and carried out as to set an example for society.

  262. “Republicans need to get their shit together unless they want to have Hillary the next POTUS.”

    Same shit, different horse’s butt flap.

    Obama’s tears of disbelief the night he realized they had fooled them all again in 2012 weren’t even dry before a couple of jackholes here started blaming 2016 on the pro-lifers and gay haters who needed to get their shit together.

    When Hillary is sworn in – and what a fucking farce that little “oath” will be – it won’t be because of who I vote for. But it will be because of who you vote for.

  263. “When Hillary is sworn in – and what a fucking farce that little “oath” will be – it won’t be because of who I vote for. But it will be because of who you vote for.”

    As Rutherford likes to say, BRAVO!!

    I will be using that next time some dumbfuck lib offers that pathetically ironic critique.

  264. The emails to her own family before she stood over the coffins and told the victims’ families they wouldn’t rest until they got the guy that made the movie is fucking depraved. And that dummy Obama stood right there with her.

    And Rutherford thinks it appears unfair because it all made her look like a “hostile witness” or something. . . whatever that means in MSNBC Speak.

  265. Fiorina was run out of town because. . . oh yeah.

    Poll numbers dropping as we speak. She better knock it out next week or it will just be a slow circling of the drain.

  266. And should there come a day when the head loppers reach our shores, I’m going to prove to her just how much an enemy I really am.

    Huh? You’re converting to Islam?

  267. Damn! 200mph winds with this monster bearing down on Mexico? I had an idiot friend’s family riding out Camille way back in ’69 (I think) that damn near drowned five miles from the coast down in LA.

    Have I been out to lunch or something and this has been in the news?

  268. Others who “hate” her are going to vote for her.

    Well it is clear from the polling that folks who don’t trust her will still vote for her. THAT boggles the mind.

  269. Huh? You’re converting to Islam?


    😆 No!!!! I was just going to observe and not lift a finger should they arrive. Maybe even root them on as they approach D.C..

  270. “Well it is clear from the polling that folks who don’t trust her will still vote for her. THAT boggles the mind.”

    That includes you. You will pull that lever for Hillary.

  271. James, I watched this short documentary and thought you might find it entertaining too. It’s about one lady’s fight with government to do what she wanted on her own land. I find it reflective of our modern day bureaucratic climate. It was produced by Charles Koch, so that will likely keep Rutherford from absorbing any of it. 😆 Farming in Fear.

  272. I thought about Brother Rabbit this morning and his toilet as I put on a new compression fitting under the sink. I swear, it took me about ten tries to get the damn thing to stop the slow leaking.

    Then, I guess upon installing the shut off valve (the old one wasn’t working), the damn sink dribbled for five seconds after you turned off the faucet. I thought I knew what it was.

    By the time I had disassembled the faucet, f’d around with the aerator, and finally made a trip to Home Depot for a new aerator, it probably would have been easier to have called a plumber.

    My wife has been riding my ass all morning by just smiling as she walked through the kitchen. Then she comes over and looks at the aerator I twisted off with a pair of channel locks (you’re supposed to twist them off by hand but this thing wouldn’t budge), she goes, “Hey, how did this get so chewed up?”


    Three trips to Home Depot later, dry as a bone. I would starve to death as a plumber….

  273. I used to think there was a common goal between the parties with different ideas of how to reach the. I now that just ain’t true.

    You’ve been reading too much Tex Taylor.

    Perk up. We all have a country to save.

  274. “Perk up. We all have a country to save.”

    Not at all. You want authoritarian regime. That is your goal. That is the death of this country. A country that needs to be saved from you.

  275. So Poolman’s solution must be face certain death in your “safe” home.

    Sorry dude. If I get cancer I’m going to a treatment facility.

    You know how many die in cars every year? Yeah, I’m driving too.

  276. And Rutherford thinks it appears unfair because it all made her look like a “hostile witness”

    This is why I’d make a better political advisor than you would. I get optics. You don’t.

    That congresswoman who asked HRC if she was home ALONE on 9/11/12 was a laughing stock. And HRC cackled at her AND won the exchange. The only thing better would have been “no congresswoman, I was not alone the whole night. Sidney Blumenthal stopped by for a quick blow job.”

  277. “That congresswoman who asked HRC if she was home ALONE on 9/11/12 was a laughing stock. And HRC cackled at her AND won the exchange. The only thing better would have been “no congresswoman, I was not alone the whole night. Sidney Blumenthal stopped by for a quick blow job.”

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. You haven’t crossed your t’s or dotted your i’s.

    So there was an exchange that you think Hillary “won.” Imagine that. And of course you see nothing in what we now know Hillary said to her family and foreign leaders but no the victim’s family or the American public.

    I haven’t seen a single conservative that didn’t find her testimony sickening. But those aren’t the “optics” you’re referring to. You’re talking about the optics that are pleasing to your typical cheerleading liberal MSNBC-level turd for brains.

    So, what was your “hostile witness” routine all about, Mr. Optics? She was getting all beat up for nothing?

  278. I still don’t know what you mean by “hostile witness.” You never explained yourself. You’re saying she was belligerent, confrontational, didn’t appear voluntarily . . . “what difference at this point does it make?”

    You know what will make a great campaign ad? Running clips of Hillary with the coffins and her comments to the American public interposing the emails to her family and foreign leaders.

  279. Since when did everything revolve fucking optics?


    I don’t remember my Dad or my Gramps sitting around always discussing the faggy optics or performance of a politician.

    I could be wrong. But I remember a time when people couldn’t stand liars.

    Now…it doesn’t matter. It’s not what you say but only how you say it. Ceaser and Marc Antony would feel at home: A debased culture and a collapsing Republic.

    It’s disgusting. “Men” like Rutherford acting like gossiping court hens.

    I’m serious, guys. I’m out. Call me when its Civil War and I will make a necklace of ears before I get sent to hell. Until then….you can have this new America. I quit.

    Probably won’t vote. I’m done.

  280. She was getting all beat up for nothing?

    Sadly yes, making the spectacle all the more pathetic. Justice may come from the FBI but not the kangaroo court on display yesterday.

  281. I still don’t know what you mean by “hostile witness.” You never explained yourself.

    Now I’m using tv court jargon so you can correct me counselor.

    What I meant is that an attorney can ask a hostile witness leading questions and engage with intimidation that he cannot use on a normal witness. Jim J interrogated HRC as if he had asked the judge “permission to treat as hostile witness, your honor?”

  282. Not to get rabbit more outraged but in a sweeping catch up media blitz I see DoJ has determined Lerner and IRS to be unprofessional and idiots but not illegal.

  283. Thanks, Poolman. I will look at it, but not tonight. The eye doctor said I have spectacular eyes, but in a bad way. My macular membrane is like a mountain range. She doesn’t know why I can see so well, so we will keep waiting to see what develops. My eyes are still blurry from the anesthesia.

  284. Sorry R, that doesn’t help me understand your point.

    First, this was not a trial. It was a congressional hearing. The rule you’re referring to doesn’t apply and wouldn’t make sense if it did.

    Second, if it did, Hillary would be an adverse party and witness (she has already testified in fact) and would be subject to cross examination. I often call the adverse party on cross as part of my case. There’s no rule that says an adverse party has the right to direct examination before being crossed.

    Third, your understanding of the rule itself, to be generous, barely nibbles at the edges. The declaration of a hostile witness derives from a doctrine known as “vouching.” The idea is that if you call a witness in support of your case you are vouching for their testimony and therefore it is intended to help your case. In other words, if you call a non-party witness you can’t put them up just to impeach them. So when a non-party witness changes their story on the stand (usually prior testimony from favorable to unfavorable) or will not cooperate the questioning generally (refuses to answer questions), the lawyer may ask and the judge may declare them a hostile witness such that he can ask leading questions to impeach their testimony even though he called them (the idea being that they aiding the other side and are therefore practically adverse).

    That’s the thumbnail.

    Now, why does the idea that Hillary would be subject to leading questions and impeached seem improper to you? I really don’t get your objection to it. That’s how these things are done and always have been done. I assume the dems on the panel asked plenty of softball and leading questions intended to help her out and that’s okay with you.

  285. As incompetent as the interrogation might have been (I didn’t watch much but don’t doubt it because they always are), it’s plain as day that Hillary is a lying sack of shit. The response to Benghazi was politically motivated and a cover up to the State Dpt. and her incompetence.

    Her defiance of subpoenas, email bullshit and treatment of classified information was criminal. Justice does not come from the FBI. Justice comes from the DOJ through indictment. Obama’s DOJ. Pfffft.

  286. Didn’t find the clip hilarious. I find Hillary’s deflection of serious matters with her latest device of fake cackling kind of disturbing.

  287. “Not to get rabbit more outraged but in a sweeping catch up media blitz I see DoJ has determined Lerner and IRS to be unprofessional and idiots but not illegal.”

    If that actually meant something, it makes Lerner’s assertion of the fifth incomprehensible. But of course it means nothing.

  288. I assume the dems on the panel asked plenty of softball and leading questions intended to help her out and that’s okay with you.

    DEMs were equally disgusting in their pandering. The only one on the panel worth a damn was Tammy Duckworth. The lady from Indiana, putting aside the silly stack of emails gimmick, was also pretty good.

    Was the purpose of the committee to learn more about Benghazi and prevent a recurrence? Or was it to blame HRC for it? Folks who care about the dead wanted the former. Those who hate HRC wanted the latter.

    Yesterday was not about Benghazi. It was a referendum on HRC for POTUS. If you like that, more power to you.

    I heard that at 9pm last night HRC broke fund raising records. Well done GOP!!

  289. Justice does not come from the FBI.

    Point taken. But won’t it be the FBI findings that prompt a DOJ follow up? That was where I was going.

    Call me Don Quixote but I’m not giving up on the DOJ.

  290. Tigre, I know you hate Lawrence O’Donnell but he made an interesting point. He said that part of what gave the Watergate committee credibility was that two lawyers (counsellors to the Senate), Fred Thompson and Sam Dash did much of the questioning. It helped to reduce the appearance of partisanship.

  291. If it true that Hillary Rotten Clinton’s campaign broke fundraising records the same day it demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Rotten Clinton lied about Benghazi to cover her ass and your feckless President’s ass, what does that say about your party and the people you hang with, Rutherford?

    It says you admire dishonesty. It says that the truth means nothing to your ilk. That anything and everything is above board if it means winning, no matter how illegal or immoral.

    And you wonder why I utterly disdain Leftists?

    Your fellow Democrats have no honor. You would be ashamed if you had any integrity. But instead you gloat.

  292. I don’t gloat about this odd attraction to such an unattractive candidate.

    I gloat at how your party pushes people away. How they won’t even pretty up for the date and then wonder why America won’t marry them (for POTUS, not local).

    Do you get that every slight thrown at Trump makes him stronger? Same goes for HRC.

  293. “Was the purpose of the committee to learn more about Benghazi and prevent a recurrence? Or was it to blame HRC for it? Folks who care about the dead wanted the former. Those who hate HRC wanted the latter.”

    Have you heard the outrage from some of the victims’ family members? The Secretary of State lied to them about their sons’ and brothers deaths. To their face. Benghazi was all about Hillary. She was the one in charge. She was responsible for their protection. She made a political decision to lie. Whay on the fuck WOULD these two things mutually exclusive to anyone that isn’t cheering for an election victory?

    The only reason this committee was formed was because of that rotten-assed lying piece of shit. If it were my son or brother that was killed, I’d be out for blood. She obstructed the investigation to keep me from knowing what happened and guys like you are focused on whether the “optics” help her get elected.

    Check yourself, R. You don’t care a thing about Benghazi and how to prevent its recurrence OR if HRC is to blame for it. You declared them nothing burgers from the outset. I find that fucked up.

    “I heard that at 9pm last night HRC broke fund raising records. Well done GOP!!”

    Jesus. Biden just dropped out of the race. Hillary who is a whore that can be bought and paid for is your guaranteed nominee. Of course the funds pour in. Trump gave money to her for fuck’s sake.

    Way to go DEMS!! You actually stand behind that piece if shit you sick morons.

  294. This hearing cannot provide the patina of nonpartisionship as the Watergate hearings did because during Watergate, we had two political parties which basically wanted to work for the best interest of the country. The Republicans, for example, told Nixon it was over and he should resign. Can you imagine the Democrats doing that now? Also, remember Hillary was fired during the hearings because she crossed lines.

    I have already documented the Democrat’s hatred of our country and its military. Any political party willing to let our troops and allies die to win an election is as evil as Mao Stalin, or Hitler. They are no better than the Swedish politician who opened the doors to mass immigration because he wanted revenge against an anti immigration party. The instinct is the same even if the means differ.

    Hillary’s joke about Ambasader Stevens’ desperate attempt to buy his own protection illustrates the septic tank which is her mind and soul.

    You can’t negotiate with these creatures except on a shallow level. Our only hope for this country is to destroy them like verman. The last two elections have decimated Democratic state and local strength. In ordinary times, the voters would finish the job and give Republicans control of all three branches of government for a generation or more. It would take that long to remove the rot.

    Republicans are a thin reed to rely on. The other option besides being angry is to play the system. Some people survive or thrive in any political system, no matter how bad it is.

  295. “I gloat at how your party pushes people away. How they won’t even pretty up for the date and then wonder why America won’t marry them (for POTUS, not local).”

    Your party is backing Hillary and you “gloat.”

    I marvel at the depravity.

    Huck nailed it.

  296. Dr. Ben Carson leads in a couple of Iowa polls. The contrast in an election between a moral, accomplished man and a venal old harridon might be enough to drive a stake into the witch’s heart. I still have hope.

  297. For libs, all she had to do at the hearing was to dodge with confidence. It doesn’t matter that she deceived the American people with her tale of a video protest that went violent just before an election. Her face go ashen when JIm Jordan exposed her as a liar by proving that she told her own family and the president of Egypt on the night of the attacks that it wasn’t the video, then pivoted and told us that it was, in order to provide cover for her boss’s re-election efforts. Most shamelessly, she and the prez used the dead men in their coffins as props and told the family members “We’ll get this guy who posted this video.”


  298. What it means is that like Lerner et al Clinton will at best be scolded by Justice. Its a good thing Justice wears a blindfold that way she can’t see how hideous those that assault her are.

  299. “Politicians have ALWAYS lied. The only difference now is cable tv and the Internet”

    And I pointed that out. The difference is millions of regular people like you didn’t used to spend time talking about “optics”. The lie would have been the subject matter. Not the style points of said lies or delivery of the people asking questions.

    Hell….I haven’t even wasted any breath talking about the many times when Dems threw tantrums in the middle of this thing.

    Why? Because the despicable “lies” are the story.

    Is that Progressive? Are you people being “liberal”?

    You people are dangerous. I have no doubt many of you would support tyranny or a demigauage. Hell, you yourself have lamented the fact that there are Constitutional checks to Obama’s power.

    I have no doubt that you and your blind followers would allow a dictator if the lies were repeated and the correct redistribution program was presented to you scum.

    Marc Antony’s Funeral Oration would give you a boner as your ignroant friends in the mob get whipped up into a fervor.

    Thank God for rural America. Thank God for the 2nd Amendment.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    You need to realise how angry a sizable portion of this country is.

    You can’t keep lying to us. And yes, blabbing on endlessly about optics or Republican style points is approval.

    I give it 8 more years. If the electorate by that point is highjacked due to illeagal immigrant schemes and/or the redistribution promises so great that the democratic process is bastardized, all under a dark shaddow of constant lies and corruption, an insurrection with very bad intentions will shock the hell out of you.

  300. The GOP has wasted an opportunity to do good secondary to its childish pursuit of political gain.
    HRC who all along should have been trounced over Benghazi and should wear it like an albatross around her neck has instead been delivered to the Oval by Gowdy et al. The GOP is un-fucking-believably moronic.

  301. This hearing cannot provide the patina of nonpartisionship as the Watergate hearings did because during Watergate, we had two political parties which basically wanted to work for the best interest of the country. The Republicans, for example, told Nixon it was over and he should resign. Can you imagine the Democrats doing that now?

    Did you read that closely, Rutherford? Because James just said it better than any of us. Your party is not about country or truth. It’s about power, greed, buying votes. It has no integrity or honesty. In a just world, it would have no value. The Democratic Party is a facade of flimflam politics, using envy and covet of millions of stupid people to enable itself.

    History repeating itself in its last days of glory.

  302. I think that is unfair and unfounded, Alfie. If you don’t think justice long ago flew the coop in Washington and the media utterly corrupt and one sided, you and I are living in two different worlds. The hearings were rigged from the start. There was no way Hillary Clinton with a complicit media was going to lose. She could have admitted fault and the media would have spun the story. Should Congress therefore simply be disbanded and justice not pursued?

    What was Benghazi really about? Think about it. Everyone affiliated with politic that night from the useless President to the cretin Sec. of State has been exposed beyond a shadow of a doubt both liar and grossly incompetent fool. They left four people dead, three who lost their lives trying to save a fourth. They lied to the families of these soldiers. They lied to the American public.

    Why? An election. Period. That’s all these people cared about. It demonstrated four years ago what we now know without debate: that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s idiocy put in motion a world now bordering on World War, that the only lives that matter are their own, that the military has been disowned and disrespected. America is neither respected nor feared anymore. Barack Obama is a buffoon to the rest of the world.

    Point the fingers and the blame where it really belongs. Us. The American people and the complicit media; so amoral and apathetic, we don’t even care if politicians lie to us. We’re just interested in what’s in it for us. We’ve sold our souls for some crumbs from the table.

  303. Okay, Rutherford. Here you go. Scott Creighton takes on the Tyler Drumheller suspicious cancer death. It appears Hillary was wanting to profit from all the death and destruction she helped instigate in Libya. To think this woman could hold the highest office in the land boggles my mind. How can she even live one more day?

  304. “The GOP is un-fucking-believably moronic.”

    Yes they are, and they have proven this multiple times in just a few short years. I have no use for them anymore.

  305. I think we need to consider what the landscape will be like post politics. I cannot see that this system of corruption will last much longer given today’s instant messaging and video capture capabilities. There are no saviors that will rise from the left or the right. The only ones that can even get onto the platform are those that have sold out to do so. Sell out a little or a lot, machts nichts. Truth is compromised. Honor is tarnished. Integrity a hurdle. All that matters at the end of each day is who won the bullet points. Watch your steps. We’re navigating unfamiliar territory.

  306. @Alfie – Is there any more to it than that this select committee never should have been formed? That at best Gowdy could merely further condemn the actions of the State Dept?

    And that by virtue of not forming this committee Hillary would not be the next president?

    Is it also fair to say that you no longer expect more from the GOP than that they are a variation of the opposition with regard to politicking?

  307. Before the internet rumors start, just a short time ago several people in Stillwater, OK, were mowed down by a crazed loon at a Homecoming parade, killing three, injuring two critically, more than 20 others receiving injuries.

    Several of my family members were within ten feet of the suicide attempt. My wife just got off the phone with my brother-in-law. It was my niece who pulled the girl who did this out of her car to work on her.

    Don’t know much more than that.

  308. Rabbit, you can’t have an insurrection from the medicated ignorant. Half the country can’t name the VP of the USA. There will be no insurrection. Country too damn stupid.

  309. To the bar, please read this comment from Alfie again and again until it sinks in.

    The GOP has wasted an opportunity to do good secondary to its childish pursuit of political gain.HRC who all along should have been trounced over Benghazi and should wear it like an albatross around her neck has instead been delivered to the Oval by Gowdy et al. The GOP is un-fucking-believably moronic.

  310. Tex you’re missing a point stressed in the hearing. You keep talking about Benghazi lies to get O reelected. You’re missing the point, I believe made by Jim Jordan, that the lies were made to protect HRC as architect of the Libya strategy.

    In fact, from the live coverage I watched, Obama came up very little. This was about HRC protecting HRC.

  311. @ Muffy I find the committees to have been on a political witch hunt instead of fact finding and the latest which initially held some promise contrary to the groans of “another committee investigation”. Seriously what have we all spent millions on,determining if someone lied or that someone ignored clear signals that lead to Americans dying?
    The purpose of the committees above all should have been focused on the what,who,why and how can we prevent this happening agains.The focus should’ve always been the deaths not the Rose Garden,morning after talk show lie thing. The real history of such committees whether it be the 9/11 or contextually for this mess the Long commissions,has always been about finding some truth.
    I think from the get go the GOP were too keen on trying to hang Obama. When they finally got around to HRC the focus of what the email scandal meant became blurred at best.
    That Gowdy to my understanding has not gone after Panetta and Petraeus is also more than a little bothersome.
    So after all this we as a nation are no closer to assuring diplomat and military safety in hostile places,to knowing exactly how clear the Administration and more importantly the SoS are dirty in the deed.
    I find the GOP to be useless opposition and because they’re supposedly “my guys” I have a heavy bias against their failings.
    Lets be clear we (GOP) took what should have been a set of those clubs they use on baby seals and built HRC a freaking hammock stand.

  312. That Gowdy to my understanding has not gone after Panetta and Petraeus is also more than a little bothersome.

    And HRC exploited that very fact. Gowdy’s reply: we are not yet done interviewing witnesses. Let’s see if he calls on Panetta and Petraeus to save face.

  313. the latest which initially held some promise

    Absolutely. At first blush Gowdy appeared to be an unemotional Joe Friday just-the-facts-ma’am sort of former prosecutor. When I first saw him I thought “Hillary, be afraid. Be very afraid.” I don’t know whether he let nutjob members hijack his committee or whether he lost his way on his own.

    BTW, rumor has it that Gowdy only showed up to hearings that were HRC related. He was often AWOL from others.

  314. I don’t get it. They proved Hillary lied. End of story. I don’t give a shit if the GOP is had a partisan boner or poor thespians.

    The administration lied over something very horrible and got caught.

    As if that isn’t enough, HRC’s obstruction of justice is mind blowing.

    Sorry…..but if America doesn’t care about lies, there is nothing the GOP can do right.

    In fact, in this case, GOP partisanship was a positive. They proved the cunt lied. I don’t give a fuck what motivates someone to bring us transparency.

    Now the DEM partisanship on this issue caused the opposite.

    So help me God I wouldn’t be defending the GOP if the roles were reversed.

  315. “@ Muffy I find the committees to have been on a political witch hunt instead of fact finding…:

    No one ever has had to do what Gowdy is trying to do. Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes. Hell didn’t the GOP expose the taping system in the first place? There is no precedence here for either Clinton or her flying monkeys. It’s like parenting a demon child for real when you’ve lived your whole life not knowing such a thing really existed. I keep wondering if the founding fathers weren’t a little shortsighted themselves especially with regard to the DOJ.

    “I find the GOP to be useless opposition and because they’re supposedly “my guys” I have a heavy bias against their failings.”

    That’s understandable but to suggest that Hillary the Inevitable is somehow the fault of the GOP is too much. If it were true it might be worth being hit over the head for it but it’s not. Even I predicted Hillary in 2016 and did so way back on the night she conceded to Barack in ’08. I think it was a talk I went to with James Carville & his wife sometime just after the 2004 election where he laid out the plan for a 30 year reign of Democrats owning the executive branch and the current immigration scheme has always been a key component.

    “f the committees above all should have been focused on the what,who,why and how can we prevent this happening again. The focus should’ve always been the deaths not the Rose Garden,morning after talk show lie thing. The real history of such committees whether it be the 9/11 or contextually for this mess the Long commissions,has always been about finding some truth.”

    I remember a lot of pushback on what the 3 guys from the annex were saying when they finally spoke out. You seemed to contradict some of what they said, unless I misunderstood them or you. But the point being they hadn’t even been talked to by anyone investigating the attack.

    I don’t know how we get to any form of prevention without first understanding what happened. Gowdy’s committee is the first to actually investigate and part of their investigation veers off into why that is. That’s still a long way from hanging this mess and the ascension of the supreme herself on the GOP. They aggravate the hell out of me and there is a handful of them I would be very happy to see retire. But that too is a long way from holding them accountable for the Dems simply because it’s impossible to hold a Dem accountable.

    They idea that a Hillary presidency is the fault of the GOP strikes me as preposterous. But that’s me and I find the whole lot of them but for a few an aberration. Certainly the motley crew from Thursday is. Add to them the DOJ and the IRS just because that was served for desert.

  316. See how Rutherford is already spinning this as “helping Hillary?” Poor attempt at reverse psychology, utter moral equivalence on behalf of the blog owner.

    Rutherford would love nothing more than Hillary to come out of this smelling like a rose, though that impossible with all the manure she’s been buried in for at least 30 years.

  317. Gowdy had already said that Gen Petraeus will testify.

    Please go back and read MY comment. Gowdy implied both Panetta and Petraeus might be called. There was no commitment that I know of. Post your source if I’m wrong.

  318. No, I don’t think Dr. Ben Carson will be our savior. I think he might be able to help Donald Trump lose the nomination so I won’t have to vote for him.

    No one can save us. We will have to save ourselves.

    Most normal people don’t lie unless they have too. Granted, these aren’t normal people. However, something motivated them to lie when they didn’t have to. The story showed marks of hasty preparation. What were they so interesting in hiding that they were unwilling to be honest. I have suspicions that Ambassador Stevens was still near Benghazi for other than the obvious reasons.

    We were away from a radio all day. I’m sorry about the tragedy, and I hope the injured will recover.

  319. “Rabbit, wasn’t HRC proved to be a liar a few committees ago? ”

    If so, that says a lot about MSNBC, Rutherford Lawson, the DNC, and millions of Americans. Pathetic.

  320. @ primarily Muffy
    I’ve read a number of the reports issued previously. The House Intel one was particularly good as it published an excellent timeline that had a number of bullet points that screamed about States failures.
    States unclassified ARB is also an excellent read as well and is so in two ways. First it does not pull punches in admitting States failures. It dovetails totally with the findings of the House Intel report. On a second note it shows the template like nature of a bureaucratic response to something. In this manner it really is hand in hand with the Long Commission report from the Reagan/Beirut era.
    We have had adequate responses and proofs that a) shows HRC to be disqualified as a potential POTUS, b) shows the systemic issues of State that transcends the personality or party affiliation of the Oval office occupant.
    I think what we’re doing now is solely political theater and its counter-productive.
    HRC has always been the 2016 front runner and thats based in PUMA-dom,DNC and ambition. Still all along any given opponent was going to be able to use Benghazi and likely very effectively. My earlier assertion is all about how I feel the GOP has urinated upon that point.
    The reality of campaigning and politics is detached from morality and that which we’d like to believe of ourselves. One was never really wrong to bring up Chappaquiddick against Teddy K but sadly its effectiveness so greatly diminished as time went by it made those that brought it up look stupid and irrelevant. 8 GOP guided committees haven’t beaten Clinton,they gave her her Mary Jo.

  321. My niece’s pic is floating all over the internet tonight. She’s a nurse that attended to triage in the Stillwater tragedy today breaking down in her mother’s arms after the incident. To say that is disturbing to me as I held this kid when she was two hours old is an understatement.

    I told y’all wrong too. I said ten feet from the car careening into the crowd this morning. Make that two feet. One of the four dead was standing beside my niece’s husband who was holding a two year old toddler when the car hit.

    I don’t know what kind of punishment should be meted out to this imbecile who killed or injured 38 people. But she should never walk the streets again.

  322. Tex, I only bring this up because maybe its something you didn’t think of in the shock of it all….but you might be disclosing a bit more about yourself than you may want to once the shock wears off.

    Just thinking of you, bud

  323. Sorry Muffy. None of your sources say Panetta or Petraeus WILL testify. I read Gowdy’s letter to Cummings last week-no commitment there. One of your articles is from last year, the other two from earlier this year and we still haven’t seen Panetta or Petraeus.

    I DO think Gowdy will now have to call them to save face, as I said in an earlier comment. But that remains to be seen.

  324. I think what we’re doing now is solely political theater and its counter-productive.

    To the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars spent by a supposedly fiscally conservative congress. Funny under a GOP POTUS we waged two wars off the books spending money like a drunken sailor. And the GOP has the gall to call out liberals for eagerly spending other people’s money. Pfffft.

  325. Rutherford, you and every other Obama supporter have long since forfeited the right to call out anyone for wasting taxpayer money.

  326. Rutherford knows his “this committee is wasting taxpayer money” is so pathetic that he needs to cover up its stink with a Bush-scented red herring.

    You assholes wasted more money on Solyndra, alone, than this investigation ever dreamed of spending.

  327. Just thinking of you, bud

    I appreciate the sentiments and can understand some of you who are in professional positions who are apprehensive about being identified. I suppose I should be more careful, fool that I am. But my family have got it all over their FB page and before long, these two are going to be pulled into a pretty high profile court case as star witnesses.

    If somebody wanted to systematically go through about seven uncles, I suppose they could figure out who I am. It would be easier to go to their Facebook page, though, if someone is that interested in moi.

    Me? Hell, I’m not worth knowing. 😈 I figure I pretty much blew my anonymity when I changed my FB page from Tex to my real name about two years ago.

  328. Sounds selfish of me Tex but glad none of your loved ones got hurt. Sorry others did.

    Thanks, R. My sweet wife came into the bedroom last night (to interrupt my football game) and put her head on my chest while I laid on the bed and just started weeping, listing off all those who had gone before us saying that perhaps all of them had been looking out for our extended family yesterday.

    I reminded her that suggests the victim’s loved ones who have passed weren’t looking out for them and that we should be careful with those sentiments.

    Like you once helped me with when I mourned my carelessness getting my beloved pet killed before my eyes in a moment of inattention, sometimes simple fate comes a calling.

    At least one of the victims was a toddler, two years old. Can you even imagine how that family feels today?

  329. I don’t want to imagine how the toddler felt. At two children are beginning to be aware of the outside world, and they are earnest little sponges, but they still don’t fully understand. The whole thing makes one heartsick.

  330. I didn’t have the guts to ask if the toddler died. I got my answer anyways.

    I suspect edible marijuana might be the substance. Wasn’t she sent home from work early?

    I also feel sorry for the fat pig’s parents.

    Me and my brother saw a bear today hunting, confirming our gut feelings. It’s a little unerving. Cub too. Never saw Mom. That’s why I carry a 454.

  331. You haven’t read this in the national news, but I am sure of one thing. This murdering half wit was on a suicide mission and completely out of her mind (obviously).

  332. Thanks for the baseball memory.
    I like Katy Perry, but she is a vacuous air head. She gave a concert for Hillary in Iowa yesterday, and some of the pictures posted looked creepy.

    In contrast, VIKA is a Ukrainian patriot, and she interrupted her career to earn a MA degree. Entertainers don’t have to be as ignorant as our domestic crop. This is my antidote for Katy and Hillary.

  333. Rutherford, you and every other Obama supporter have long since forfeited the right to call out anyone for wasting taxpayer money.

    Its a bipartisan problem Huck. Everyone in Washington buys what they want whether they can afford it or not.

    Sorry … no one has the right to throw stones on this topic.

  334. “no one has the right to throw stones on this topic.”

    Yet you did exactly that. Because its a talking point from people who want a corrupt proven liar as president. Awesome.

  335. Yes, it is a bipartisan condition, however, the argument about wasting money on investigations of Democrats is specious. Its advocates don’t care about wasting money. They care about silencing their critics. Therefore, Huck is right.

    Two points are in play. One is the attempt to silence critics though an attention getting device, and the other is actual bi-partisan spending.

    For an argument against investigations on financial grounds to work, it must be counterbalanced by specific criticism of Democratic spending schemes–Obama’s vacations, for example.

  336. I posted the video of VIKA to cleans my mind of a disturbing picture of Hillary and Katy Perry after her Iowa concert. Hillary’s gaping mouth showed teeth almost ready to draw blood as Hillary looked at Katy’s breasts. Bill’s embracing Katy bore an unpleasant resemblance to the days when interns were not safe around Bill.

  337. Rutherford, since you brought up the cost of this investigation I assume you know what it is.

    Please share. What’s the price tag?

  338. I just “Netflixed” Fargo for my wife’s viewing “pleasure.” Watching her facial expressions throughout, I could tell she was not enjoying the dark humor. She watched the whole thing. I had seen it before and I did enjoy the movie.

    When finished, my wife looked at me and said, “Promise me you won’t cue that up for a guest if somebody comes over.”

    😆 😆

  339. HRC said in debate that boobs made her different from Barack Obama. In contrast, Carly told an audience “I will never ask you to vote for me because I’m a woman”. Carly for the win. (At least on this one.)

  340. Because its a talking point from people who want a corrupt proven liar as president.

    Case of mistaken identity. If HRC ends up the better of two evils I won’t vote.

  341. As much was spent on Benghazi as was spent on studying why lesbians are fat.

    How much has Hillary’s email investigation brought on solely by her own conduct cost?

    Oh yeah, that doesn’t matter to the left. She says she didn’t do it. 🙄

  342. I’m glad you liked it Rutherford.

    Betsy’s page links to summaries which show just how awful Hillary and Obama really are.

    With that in mind, I participated in a long telephone survey connected to Rutgars University. The questioner asked where I rank Hillary and Barry. I put them near the bottom, of course. My wife was talking to my brother on the phone about our cousin who died late Saturday.

    She heard a little of the conversation while talking. My wife said “I never know what you are going to say. I was afraid you would tell the woman that they should be killed.” I’m not stupid. If I were to wish them in the next world, they would have company. The clueless wonders who put those bags into office should go too. VIKA is a better person than Katy, and so is Carina Dahl.

    I told them my favorite today is Dr. Ben Carson because he is a good man, and he is the main threat to Trump. I think I confused her because I said blacks should not have special privileges and urban culture is holding them back. I also said they still suffer from some racism. I said legal immigration is good for the country as long as their numbers are limited to let them assimilate.

    My highest ratings went to legal immigrants, billionaires, business people, and conservative gay people.

    Her last question was “what race am I ?” She wouldn’t tell me. I am now on a list so they will call again so I can confuse the next interviewer.

    I like the movie Fargo.

    A neighbor had a lower opinion of the city than I do. He could fix anything, and he needed a part available in Fargo. He and a friend left early in the morning in zero weather with snow and reached Fargo by noon. The parts man had misunderstood and didn’t have what our neighbor wanted. It was a long drive home.

  343. HRC said in debate that boobs made her different from Barack Obama”

    And what she was really saying was she has more balls than Obama

    The quote I heard was we spent millions of dollars to listen to Grandpa tell his stories over and over. I though that was a great analogy.

  344. And what she was really saying was she has more balls than Obama

    Well, there’s something I could finally agree with about Hillary Rotten Clinton. Not as big as the serial philanderer and rapist HiLIARy runs cover for, but being Barack Obama a eunuch his probably his formative years, racist granny and hippie momma saw to that, I’m not sure that is much to brag about.

  345. Rutherford and the left are actually going to mention the cost of this committee investigation, which adds up to a whopping $5 million? And as he mentioned, that is probably a high estimate.

    I brought up Solyndra. Shall I refresh your memory as to what that cost?

    We poured the equivalent to 100 Benghazi investigations down that hole.

    As I said, Rutherford knows bringing up wasted money in this discussion is ridiculous, that’s why he has to include the “and Bush” BS.

    Google just told me there are about 46.5 million people on food stamps. Would it make you and the left happy if we sent them all an extra 11 cents next month to make up for our terrible wasteful spending?

  346. Huck,

    Mere pittance compared to the $862,000,000,000 “stimulus package” not approved by one single Republican that Obama admitted himself wasn’t shovel ready. Rutherford can count every trial in American history and he won’t tally up to a fraction of the waste El Bomba has initiated during his failed regime.

  347. Would it make you and the left happy if we sent them all an extra 11 cents next month to make up for our terrible wasteful spending?

    Lots of better ways to spend 5 mil than redundant hearings and food stamps.

    Huck simple question since you want to stay on this point: do you think so far the Gowdy Benghazi committee has been money well spent? If so, why?

  348. HA. But for the Benghazi committee Hillary’s email crimes potential disclosure of classified info wouldn’t have surfaced.

    We now know certainty the Hillary downright lied about the causes of Benghazi — and for the usual reasons.

    We also now know of the extent of Blumenthal’s influence and the corrupt motives.

    Worth every fucking penny.

  349. So the lib headlines of the day are:

    1) Marco doesn’t like being in the Senate (by his own statement) AND

    2) Jeb said there are a lot of “cool” things he could be doing right now besides fighting with Donald Trump.

    Honest to goodness, nine months ago I thought the GOP had a deep bench. WTF is going on? Ya gotta hand it to W, he never whined like his little brother does. And the Donald is loving every minute of it. And the only one who can touch Trump is … Ben Carson.

    I will give Dr. Ben this much. He said it is beneath the dignity of a prez candidate to go on SNL. Bravo to that one.

  350. And intelligence committees that have to sort out all of the security breaches.

    She lies, conceals, and destroys evidence, and everyone’s supposed to lie down ’cause she talks pajamaboy tough?

    How much of a tab did old cankleotopuss foist on us because of her misconduct?

  351. “what difference does it make?”

    Being able to prove liars are liars is worth some satisfaction, in itself.

    Of course, the GOP being the GOP, they are blowing it. But that doesn’t mean this was a waste of time or money.

    Sometimes truth costs

  352. Re: Rutherford’s crap about the money… are a total fake.

    I’d be ok with tripling the amount spent.

    Its the left’s dishonest way of saying “who cares”. “Who cares if Hillary broke the law.” “Who cares if she lied”.

    You phoney people need your asses kicked.

  353. “ET, I’ll concede all your points but if she still winds up POTUS as you think she will, “what difference does it make?”

    The decline of America started by her sexual predator husband will have arrived.

  354. Fair enough. Nixon it is. Whatever sleaze the Dems want to attach themselves to, Hillary is the pinnacle.

    I don’t understand your purity vote question. You mean in terms of being the least suspect or corruptible?

  355. I hadn’t thought about it, particularly in those terms. He strikes me as a personality that would be averse to the dem-style corruption like we have with the likes of a Clinton, or a Kennedy, or a Biden. More Carter-like. Kasich, the same. Trump lacks the usual personal economic incentives but I can’t say the same for him. He is as self-interested as they come after Obama and a Clinton. I could see him doing the wrong thing for selfish reasons. Of course, conservatives won;t lay down to defend corruption from its own like Dems do. You guys not only don’t give a shit, I think you find it a sign of being clever or something.

  356. Really…
    “— Trump whined about his falling Iowa poll numbers during a rally in Sioux City last night. “What the hell are you people doing to me?” he demanded of a crowd. “Iowa, will you get your numbers up, please? Will you get these numbers up? I promise you: I will do such a good job.”

  357. I’ve been doing a little clean up now that my kids are grown and gone and came across some books my children read in middle school that apparently, I was never assigned. I’m almost ashamed I read so little as a child – except the sport’s page. So I decided to read a few of these “classics” for grins.

    I thought I had a pretty damn good feel where Orwell was going in Animal Farm. Then I got to the last chapter and thought WTH?

    It’s like Orwell didn’t know how to end it, cut it off abruptly, and hoped no one noticed. I’m sure that was in reference to our base nature.

  358. I’ve got to say that I have decided that too many calling themselves Republicans are just about as dumb as the majority of weasel Dimocrats, except they can’t be bought as easily.

    Anybody that thinks Donald Trump is the most electable Republican candidate has shit-for-brains. That’s a guaranteed nomination to assure President HilLIARy. Women loathe the Donald.

    And if this survey was right, that’s 71% of the Republican Party who thinks that. I’m beginning to feel like man in the wilderness these days.

  359. Another Really!

    “Hillary said her presidency would not bring a return to the 1990s: “We’re not going back. I’m not running for my husband’s third presidency…”
    On Stephen Colbert’s show, Clinton said she would let big banks fail as president.”

    What does it say when our candidates have to campaign on SNL and Comedy Central to get the vote ?

  360. The current administration is truly Orwellian in nature. Case in point.

    Due to the new EPA regulations on area utilities, more specifically coal and natural gas generated electrical plants driven by the premise of AGW, local electric utilities will be increasing their rates approximately 15% this coming year. There’s your ‘carbon tax’ in action.

    For seven years I have heard nothing but how this current administration is doing “everything” in its power (tax the rich) to assist the poor and middle class, evening the playing field. In fact, this feckless administration won two elections on these promises.

    I guess poor and middle class families won’t need to cool and heat their homes anymore?

  361. What does it say when our candidates have to campaign on SNL and Comedy Central to get the vote ?

    It says the country is in free fall and its aggregate population shallow and stupid, as further evidenced by the reelection of a fraud and thug.

  362. It says too many of our voters are too stupid and self absorbed to vote. Over a decade ago, a survey showed people under thirty got most of their political information from Saturday Night Live.

    Ignorant voters in Europe are reaping the wages of ignorance. Austrians have purchased almost every gun available in stores. People who can’t buy guns are buying pepper spray. Women are some of the main customers.

    We are on a similar road. It says selfish ignorant voters should be banned from traveling within ten miles of a polling location.

  363. Americans are the kings of make believe, I’ve decided. It’s endemic. We have much invested in fantasy and we devote massive resources to maintain them. We like to think our society exceptional when really we are a product of conditioning. Mind control. The teevee has programmed us from birth. We are the result of some rather serious social engineering. Shaped by the influences of Bernays, Disney, and much of Hollywood. Why wouldn’t we look to the teevee for any election advice? After all, that is how we were all advised.

    Aside from rendering us ignorant of truth and reality, it is effectively killing us. The decades of conditioning have substantially reduced our overall quality of life.

    The following is an article that I read this morning that is indicative of this.

    The hijacking of modern science by corporations hellbent on profiting at the expense of public health is no more evident than in published scientific literature. There, you’ll find all sorts of papers claiming that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are safe, chemicals are good for you and pharmaceuticals drugs are the only medicine worth taking — but how much of all these information are actually valid?

    Back in September, it was revealed that British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) doctored studies to promote its popular drug Paxil as a treatment for depression. It turns out this drug isn’t safe or effective in any way, and yet millions of young teens and children have been prescribed this mind-altering medication under the illusion that it might help them overcome mental abnormalities.

    Not only were these papers exposed as fraudulent, but major news outlets like The New York Times (NYT) are reporting that they actually demonstrated the exact opposite of what their authors claimed at the time. How can this be when papers of this type are run through the peer-review process prior to publishing?

    As we reported back in 2014, some 60 papers that appeared to have passed the peer-review process were pulled from an international journal after it was revealed that they had all been illicitly approved by phony reviewers. Once again, an invisible hand had apparently set up a phony peer-review ring to ramrod these papers through the system to promote ideas or products that favor certain industries.

    There’s also the painkiller fiasco of 2009, in which it was uncovered that some 21 peer-reviewed studies favoring high-profile drugs like Pfizer’s Bextra, Lyrica and Celebrex; Wyeth’s antidepressant drug Effexor XR; and Merck’s Vioxx had been completely fabricated. Scott C. Reuben, the former chief of acute pain at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, reportedly altered data to support these drugs, but all of it was a sham.

    The crime was so bad in this instance that the editor-in-chief of the journal Anesthesia and Analgesia admitted to Anesthesiology News that he’s not even sure his own field properly understands how these drugs actually work. Here’s what he stated, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ):

    “We are left with a large hole in our understanding of this field. There are substantial tendrils from this body of work that reach throughout the discipline of postoperative pain management.”

    “Science” is a biased endeavor that pushes the agendas of its proprietors

    In other words, the field of anesthesiology has been relying on phony science for decades to treat patients. And now that it’s been fully revealed that this science is phony, those who’ve been using it to establish standard practices are at a loss as to whether or not what they’ve been doing is safe or effective for patients.

    This is an endemic problem within many fields of science, whether we’re talking about pharmaceuticals, GMOs, crop pesticides, global warming (climate change) or various other areas of medicine. The stacking of science in favor of the industries creating it isn’t an anomaly, it seems — it’s actually the norm!

    Here’s what Jonathon Porritt, writing for The Guardian (U.K.), wrote back in 2000 about the nature of what he describes as bought-and-paid-for science, and how it’s corrupting the integrity of what society sees as substantiated truth:

    “People’s suspicions today are stronger than they’ve ever been, and with good reason, given that such a huge percentage of scientists are now paid by private or public sector employers who often have little interest in open scientific debate … As is now widely recognised, science is socially constructed by all sorts of rules, peer group pressures, personal values and expectations. Even that reassuring notion of ‘sound science’ is often shaped by prior social commitments framing the nature and boundaries of the issue under consideration.”

    So we have proof of massive fraud, but like our politics we do nothing about it. Worse, we support the very system that fosters fraud and thereby give it validation. It isn’t healthy or humane and is in need of radical change.

  364. “This just broke the irony meter”

    I thought this did:

    “Americans are the kings of make believe, I’ve decided. It’s endemic. We have much invested in fantasy…” Poolman 

  365. Sorry but I absolutely LOVED Trumps rally in Iowa. He knows it’s a dumb popularity contest and he’s honest about it. C’mon IA, get your ass in gear and back a winner!!! LOL 😂😂😂😂😂

  366. I wonder if that dickhead commentator and feckless female propagandist for CNBC (77¢ on the dollar is absolute bullshit) have found their heads yet?

    Cruz absolutely obliterated those assholes. 😈 Rubio didn’t do bad either. They had no comeback, so they tried like hell to ignore both of them after that.

  367. You are right Tex. In perfect prosecutorial fashion, Cruz checked off each lousy question and then stuffed it back down the moderators throats.

    Rubio made Bush look small and petty. He didn’t even give Bush credit for the attack, essentially saying Bush’s handlers put him up to attacking Rubio.

    Unless something changes drastically, I predict Bush gone before Iowa or right after. He will not go the distance.

    Rubio had a good night but talking about his inability to pay back America his debt was a VERY bad turn of phrase in his summation.

  368. If the GOP was smart (which we know they aren’t) they would organize their own debates, including hiring their own moderators, renting their own facilities, and then sell the rights to broadcast each debate to the highest bidder, while putting the money into the GOP war chest.

    Does anyone doubt they wouldn’t have all of the major networks lining up to place their bids?

  369. EB, you got anything more to say about it? Politics are popularity contests. The dems have simply hitched their horse to to the Cankled One because that’s as good as it gets from the party of identity politics.

  370. “Politics are popularity contests.”

    That’s true, but something has changed since sometime around 08. There seems to be a cheap American Idol/Dancing with the Stars element to Presidential Elections, now.

    Obama started this. Elections are now supposed to be entertaining or fill some emotional void.

    It’s scary.

    Democracy only works with a reasonably mature and rational electorate.  

    Identity politics, emo-anger…..non stop gossip about optics…..its an American infection.

  371. Politics are popularity contests.

    It’s like time to choose homecoming queen once again. I agree these are just popularity contests. We want somebody with a proper balance of image and snark. IT’S ALL IDENTITY POLITICS. PR firms spend multiple millions to carefully construct cardboard cutouts placed on perforated platforms to pronounce platitudes. There are no originals or freelancers. There is no god or savior among them. We’d be better off with a ouiji board.

  372. Not a whole lot of mention in western media of the IDF colonel captured while leading


    in Iraq. I guess it hurts that image that has been painstakingly conjured.

    And while we busily plan our homecoming party, the criminals put in power pass


    The ground under us is constantly shifting. 😐

  373. I’m more than satisfied with the debate last night.

    “If the GOP was smart (which we know they aren’t) they would organize their own debates, including hiring their own moderators, renting their own facilities, and then sell the rights to broadcast each debate to the highest bidder, while putting the money into the GOP war chest.

    Does anyone doubt they wouldn’t have all of the major networks lining up to place their bids?”

    That’s a great idea. The bias is bad but the “journalist” becoming the story is at least as damaging as the bias. The moderators should be no names, smart, and honest. Which means they need to find them from outside of Washington, Hollywood, academia, and especially teevee journalism.

  374. If anyone happens to catch a news or even an opinion resource focusing on substance rather than the style – be sure to let us know.

  375. “It’s a shame Christie is being ignored. He was great tonight.”

    He was done when he gave Obama a blow job after the hurricane. He’ll never overcome that with conservatives.

    Funny watching MSNBC try to stroke the guy after the did all of their stupid Bridgegate bullshit.

  376. I can’t wait to watch these debates. I’m hoping it was as much of a trainwreck as the headlines suggest.

    The bit with Cruz was faaaaantastic. All I could think was, “this dumb popularity contest will guarantee Hillary will be elected POTUS.” 🙄

    I fucking loathe the liberal media. After Crowley these bullshit networks and these activists masquerading as “journalist” should never be allowed to conduct a GOP debate.

    Sheesh. Look at how the left does it. The decide who their candidate is going to be in advance and then let their debate moderators conduct a 2 hour infomercial for them.

  377. DST 😆 We all owe a world of thanks to CNBC. Last night, they were so smug, hostile, arrogant, and biased, even the MSM isn’t denying it.

    I say thanks because Ted Cruz demonstrated what a set of balls feels like – something foreign to the Republican Establishment. The Establishment won’t understand the concept but millions in Middle America do.

  378. Cruz is the smartest pol to come down the pike in a long, long, long time. Think about how phenomenal that exhibition was. By memory simply buy hearing, Cruz listed half a dozen idiot character assassination bylines by moderators and shoved them all of the Dim’s asses.

    Can you imagine what Cruz could do to Hillary Clinton if there were just the two of them up on the stage with that kind of memory? All the lies, the scandals, the failures, the corruption, the meaningless pandering with lies would be turned against the shrew for 120 minutes. It would be an execution.

    Now most of America is so detached and profoundly ignorant past what’s for lunch, it wouldn’t be as appreciated like it should. But just to watch that witch dance for two hours three times might push Hillary to the brink of losing it.

    I never got the privilege of watching Newt Gingrich get to ridicule the grossly incompetent sham for President for two hours. This would be even better.

    Cruz could rip Hillary’s mammoth butt cheeks from their moorings and crucify the useless media in the process….

  379. Obama started this.

    Would you PLEASE stop this bullshit you ignorant slut??? Does Clinton playing sax on Arsenio and answering “boxers or briefs” ring a bell?

    Stop with “the bad times all started with Obama”. Makes you sound like a fucking idiot.

  380. Allen Durshuwitz (sp) said Ted Cruz was the smartest student he ever taught.

    I would pay to see Cruz and Clinton in the debating ring.

  381. Rutherford, if Trump is nominated and he runs against Hillary, I will vote for Trump as many times as the average Democrat voted for Obama.

    Austrians, many who have never owned one have purchased almost every available gun. Pepper spray is also selling well. A German security report warned that continuing trends are radicalizing the middle class as the threat of violence and lawlessness increases.

    We had better destroy those people with votes or the time will come when something snaps. We are better armed than Europeans are.

  382. I think this all predates Obama, back at least to the 1890’s and certainly after the red diaper babies came of age. Obama made it much worse. He has a tremendous multiplier effect.

  383. Tigre, one of Cruz’s best lines was when he said none of these moderators will be voting in a GOP primary.

    He took Newt Gingrich’s anti-media rant from the last go-round and raised it.

  384. Tex, HRC won’t have an easy debate with Cruz or Christie or Paul or Fiorina or even Trump. There were a number of folks on that stage last night who could make HRC very unhappy on debate night.

  385. So I’m hearing the Carson campaign is leading a revolt against the debate system. There’s gonna be a meeting of campaigns this weekend to wrestle the process away from the RNC. We’ll see what happens.

  386. Well Rutherford, I don’t think that would so much be thumbing your nose at the system as it would at the DNC. You would still be supporting ‘the system’, as Donald hasn’t said anything about ditching the status quo. I still don’t think Trump will be on the ticket, though I could be wrong. His bloodline can be traced back to monarchs like the rest that have occupied the oval. He and Hillary are distant cousins.

    If he does get there and does get selected our next president, what will you then think of the Simpsons? That escalator scene was pretty wild. Of course they predict his presidency a disaster and then president Lisa has to try to fix things from there.

    At this point I think they will have to do something pretty dramatic to get people to rally behind Jeb. I am curious to see what it is that will be. There is enough time to totally change this landscape.

  387. “Tigre, one of Cruz’s best lines was when he said none of these moderators will be voting in a GOP primary.”

    With all due respect, it’s the same thought I have as you and the liberal outlets you tune into give us your critiques of the GOP candidates. The advice and approval of a liberal, and the arrogance with which it is offered, is a joke. It’s why found your MSNBC-instigated approval of Huntsman laughable. It’s also why I find your determination of what will sink Fiorina (t’s and i’s because that big bad PP or the left’s pro-abortion types will fire back. . . oooooh) pretty lame.

    It’s pretty obvious that you fail to recognize the absurdity of your assessment of a GOP candidate that you think conservatives vote for or reject while you cheer the profound accomplishments of a loser like Obama and a dickweed like Bernie Sanders.

    Do you hear much about Hillary and Bernie on MSNBC? Not really. Hillary’s in the bag and the truth about whom you support so ugly it’s better not to draw attention to it. The chatter It’s all about the GOP candidates. And it’s not just because it’s interesting. It’s because the ultimate objective is tear down the GOP candidates. CNBC was just so moronic in showing their hand it had to be acknowledged by the liberal media itself in order for them to try and maintain their false pretense.

    Cheering for the candidate that wins the presidential election does not make you an expert on what it takes for the other party to win the election. But of course, a member of the “thinking man’s party” would know that. 😆

  388. “It’s not on life support,” the former Florida governor told reporters. “The end is not near.”

    I would have bet money that the election would be between Hillary and Jeb but if I did I think I would have lost my money. It seems he doesn’t have the fight in him to win. Makes one wonder if this was really his idea or the family’s.

  389. Jeb’s a good man from a good family and was successful governor, now under intense pressure to keep a family legacy. Jeb is a patriot, an attractive man, probably a fun guy, good family man, and like his brother, slow of tongue. And with history of two family members as President, it makes Jeb an easy target.

    Unfortunately, unlike his brother George, Jeb ran into a buzzsaw.

    Between Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Huckabee, and Fiorina, Jeb doesn’t have the “gift.” Those are five of the most eloquent speakers the Republicans have had since Reagan and Gingrich. Throw in Jeb is considered the establishment candidate like Kasich, it makes him even more unpopular. Then add you have two outsiders that are drawing huge audiences like Carson and Trump, Jeb never stood a chance.

    Put a fork in it. Jeb is done and so is the Bush dynasty. Let’s hope the Clinton legacy follows.

    I can’t think of a more unappealing and dishonest candidate in my lifetime than Hillary Rotten Clinton.

  390. That emotionally crippled piece of stubble is one more reason why I’m glad I dropped out of grad school. Corn and beans are smarter. I read about her a few days ago. “Unappealing and dishonest” describes most of modern liberalism.

  391. — The Senate approved, 64-35, the budget deal in the wee hours of the morning,

    This is called passing the buck!

    The measure takes the threat of a government shutdown and a potential debt crisis off the table for the duration of the 2016 campaign and allows Ryan who supported the deal time to focus on other issues so says MSM.

    We the tax payers will pay Congress to work on getting elected until 2017. We certainly don’t want business to get in the way of politics, do we.

  392. Well after much consideration I think the only GOP candidate that has any chance and is remotely capable to do the job if elected is…… Ted Cruz.

  393. Yes, Rutherford, Nixonian. Ironicaly, Hillary was fired from the investigation for lying, I think.

    I agree with Alfie, though I think Rubio has a chance, Cruz looks more likely. Look what is happening in Europe and here. People are growing more angry and desperate for change, any change.

    I agree he would be hated by Democrats and much of the Republican leadership, but I would also vote for him.

  394. “Well after much consideration I think the only GOP candidate that has any chance and is remotely capable to do the job if elected is…… Ted Cruz.”

    That’s my thinking too.

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