Obama: America Was Not Ready for a Black President

I was originally going to post this essay in January of 2017 at the end of Barack Obama’s second term but for reasons that will become clear later, I am posting it now.

The United States of America is not a racist country. It is, however, an acutely racially aware country. The population falls roughly into these categories:

  1. The outright bigots – blacks and whites who hate each other on sight. Sociologists much smarter than I can get underneath the reasons for the deep-seated bigotry but it is there. Fortunately the numbers in this category decrease with every passing generation.
  2. The racially wary – blacks and whites who don’t completely trust each other but will bond given enough time and exposure to common interests.
  3. The overcompensating – these folks, primarily white, are consumed with guilt over the “black experience” and go out of their way to make up for it. Examples range from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to Rachel Dolezal, so crazed about race she faked being black.
  4. The race-neutral – these folks take everyone as an individual and judge them by their behavior. MLK’s ideal citizen.
  5. The racially oblivious – these folks “don’t see race”. Virtually no one above the age of five qualifies for this group.

The most famous example of the fifth category was Stephen Colbert’s conservative alter-ego that he played on Comedy Central. Colbert was famous for telling his guests “I don’t see race. Am I white? Oh, you’re black – I didn’t notice.” As I said, few adults can make this claim, and it doesn’t make those that can’t, bigots. It just means they live in a society immersed in racial awareness.

Toss these five personality types into a workplace environment and things get interesting. In “Black-ish”, a situation comedy on ABC, Anthony Anderson plays a successful black ad agency employee. In this scene from the pilot, we see an exchange not atypical in a white dominated workplace.It does indeed happen that the well-meaning white will ask a black man for the answer “only a black man” could give him. Because America is so racially aware, blacks in a white dominated work environment get a special kind of scrutiny. The scrutiny goes both ways. Some assume the black man can’t do the job. Others consider him a hero and inspiration for just being among the successful. For the average black man, both assumptions miss the mark.

Now, take the workplace environment described above and put it on display 24/7 in the news media. That is what working in the White House is. It is a workplace environment magnified 100 fold for all the world to observe. Now, make a black man the boss in that workplace environment that is under a microscope. That is what Barack Obama has been dealing with for the past six and half years. He is a black man running a predominantly white “company”, with all the complexity that racial awareness brings, and everyone gets to watch how he deals with it.

Remember in the “Black-ish” clip where Josh asks Dre how a black man says good morning? In 2009, that is essentially what happened to Barack Obama at a press conference about health care. After taking a series of on-topic questions, Obama is asked by Lynn Sweet a question that would never have been asked of him had he been white.

It has always disappointed me that Obama did not respond, “Lynn, what does Skip Gates’ arrest have to do with this press conference or anything else that I, as leader of the free world, need to be worried about? What other “black news” would you like to ask me about?” Instead, Obama played right into her hands and made life difficult for himself. It would not be the last time. While trying to be race-neutral, he has addressed race at the worst times, often in the worst ways – “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”, a prime example.

But my heart goes out to the President. He simply cannot win. If he ignores race or goes even further to say race should not be an excuse for failure, he will be called an Uncle Tom. If he advocates for “black causes”, he will be called a race-baiting radical. In this country, founded on the falsely professed belief that “all men are created equal”, race is ever-present. Even when a situation is not about race, it is, because we have to THINK about whether it is or not. As a society, we just can’t seem to shake it. I don’t think we will in my lifetime and until we do, we cannot have a black President without a lot of accompanying drama.

Race relations since 2009 have deteriorated. Having a black President didn’t help matters and in fact, probably made matters worse. Despite electing a black man to the highest office in the land in 2008 and 2012, America really is not ready for a black President and won’t be until we get our heads straight about race.

Post script: Three events coincided in the past month. First, I lost my job, the second time I have been laid off in eight years. Second, WordPress sent me an automated congratulations on the eighth anniversary of this blog. Third, someone is whispering to me from beyond, today.

I started this blog in September of 2007 shortly after I was laid off after 24 years of service to IBM. Since then I have written well over 500 articles and for a short time even hosted an Internet radio show. It has been mostly a labor of love. But back to that person who is whispering to me.

Had my mother been alive in 2007, she would have said, “stop blogging and get a job”. Of course, since then I have pursued employment but with limited success. Today, the third “event” that I referred to, marks the 11th anniversary of my mother’s death and I hear her again saying “you just lost your job and you have a family to support. Focus. Enough with the blogging.”

So today marks my last full essay for the Bar and Grill. One thing I did not anticipate eight years ago was that in addition to blogger, I would be a community moderator. As of this writing, about a dozen people gather here just about every day to share their opinions and more importantly, share what is going on in their lives. They have become friends of sorts — not all of them to me — but definitely to one another. Since I don’t want to “break up the band”, I’m not closing the bar. I will sort of put it on automatic.

Every week (or so) I will publish two or three one-line assertions, much as I did in the post prior to this one. They may not even represent my views. They will simply be there to start discussion and more importantly open up a new thread so discussion threads don’t get bogged down and impossible to load in browsers. I will participate, minimally, in those discussion threads while I focus on what is most urgent right now.

It’s been a pleasure writing here. I thank everyone who has visited in the past eight years for their patronage.


563 thoughts on “Obama: America Was Not Ready for a Black President

  1. I think you are right. Those white sheets and hoods were in mothballs just waiting. I wish you luck and success in your new adventure.

    (I think some of these guys are going to go through withdrawal without you to kick around. Should we warn their wives and children?)

  2. I think you are right. Those white sheets and hoods were in mothballs just waiting. I wish you luck and success in your new adventure.

    Well, to prove Rutherford’s point a little further, funny you should see it that way. Because what I see is incompetent fools like you JAL who became empowered as grievance hustlers for their own brand of racism to manifest it’s ugly head under Obama – a racism that I knew long ago was more vicious, more hateful, more irrational than anything that has existed in White America in my lifetime. That’s basically Obama’s only real success – coarsening the culture, diving the politic, and exposing rampant, blatant, vitriolic black racism, bringing out the absolute dregs of American society like you.

    See JAL, Obama is some ways like you. He’s superficial and poorly read, not terribly bright but has been able to exceed his capabilities in position due to affirmative action, leftist sanctimony, white pandering, and the abject stupidity of dumb downed education. You’re a poor excuse for a grievance hustler in addition to being a pathological liar, but you’ve been able to taste a little of the American dream not because you’re deserving, but because some black people far, far more qualified, more worldly, more brave, with a character you’ll never know who preceded you made that possible.

    The truth is you’re an albatross around the neck of America. Dead weight and Baggage, really. You don’t even have any particular talents, which IMO makes you far less worthy than some illegal that can mow lawns, lay bricks, roof a house.

    White America would do well to leave you to your own, separate themselves from trash like you, and to leave you behind. You’re not worth two dead flies and nothing but trouble.

  3. Rutherford

    Since you sound serious let me tell you up front I appreciate the use of your blog. I hope you understood the participation was appreciated. I give you credit for being brave enough to hear us out. I don’t think the same way of you as I do JAL, obviously. I’ve made some great internet friends here. Hopefully, I don’t lose contact with some of them. But even those who I have battled with short of some troll like JAL, I hope there is no ill will. Poolman, Huck, Parker come to mind.

    I do think you’re a vicious bigot, that the bigotry cheapens you, and life will end very ugly for you without change. You’re a fool if you don’t understand what’s coming down the pike. But in the unlikely event you ever have a change of heart and are looking for something beyond politic, don’t be hesitant to look me up. I’m willing to talk – as long as your honest in your search.

    I was “exaggerating” about the spam folder. I read what you write but I have simply grown tired of your baiting and Christian bashing. You had become completely unedifying.

    I believe Obama is personal with you. He dashed your hopes – it was a false hope substituted with a pack of lies. I think he has changed you and not for the better. Whatever has made you bitter, let go of it. Politics is not worth affecting your life.

    I will tell you this from the heart. Obama is a massive failure – there is no doubt with anybody honest. America is a failure with him. But Obama’s failure is not because he is black. It’s because Obama is a sham, a malignant narcissist, grossly incompetent, in way over his head, frankly a street thug with a gift of delivery. What you see in Syria today demonstrates how feckless Obama really is. The Cold War is back on at the most inopportune time. Obama has been rolled by the KGB. Just as Mitt Romney warned in 2012.

    If I could give you some advice in your job search, I would recommend you seek a different path. Forget tech, forget marketing. Go where your heart leads – you do have a gift for writing and a love for news. Do something with it.

  4. Or the wrong black man got elected for the wrong reasons. Simple as that.

    But of course America is to blame for his failures. We let him down. 🙄

  5. Tigre I think I stated pretty clearly why no black man, Dem or GOP would have had an easy time of it. The country ain’t right on race. That’s not a comment simply on white folks. BLM is all the evidence you need that blacks are screwed up in the head too. Had Obama said to Lynn Sweet what I wanted him to say, the Sharptons would have excoriated him.

    America is not to blame for his failures but America has wasted too much time in a useless convo about race. We’re not ready.

    I’ll be relieved when the next POTUS (barring the unlikely Ben Carson) is white. I’m plum tuckered out.

  6. Rutherford
    The second part of this post kind of crushes any desire to discuss the first.
    All I can say is best of luck and take care.

  7. “Romney was right and O was wrong.”

    Pretty big thing to be wrong about. Even if that was the only mistake, that makes Obama a laughing stock failure.

    Its all been wrong for you, Rutherford. Horribly wrong. This place will be a testament to that for as long as the interent exists. They have led you astray time after time after time.

    Unsolicited advice:

    I know you view the left as some sort of community. And, for the school kid who should have been mainstreamed from the start instead of stuck in a room with mentally handcapped poor souls, community probably means a lot to you.

    But, find a new team. Doesn’t have to be political. I don’t even have cable news anymore. Cancel the shit for a half year. Leave it. Replace it.

    I’m offering myself as a loyal goon if you ever want to do something meaningful.

    Good luck sir. You don’t haven much time left. None of us do.

  8. And, for the school kid who should have been mainstreamed from the start

    Funny you say that. It shows how times have changed. Wasn’t even an option in 1967.

    Thanks for the advice.

  9. R, from the day I crashed this party some four years ago, you have been a kind and gracious host and have come to be as good a friend as one can make entirely through cyberspace. Even with the understanding that all good things must end, I am saddened, if only for a moment. But I am infinitely more elated, and will be from this day forward, knowing that the time you formerly sacrificed here will now be spent for the benefit of you and your family. Your relationship with your wife and child are so much more important than this bandwidth-barb launching pad, entertaining as it has been. Thank you.

    If there is anything you need, anything I can do for you, even if just to bend my ear, don’t hesitate. You know how to reach me.

    Courage and Peace, always – John

  10. Rutherford – My oldest-and-best-friend-since-age-7 and I have corresponded on nearly a daily basis for the past fifteen years, and at least weekly before that. He makes no claim to being a philosopher, but sometimes he stuns me with his insight: “Remember, Parker, when you are tempted to yell at your spouse, all relationships end in death or divorce.”

    I took that very much to heart, and by extension realized that his/my relationship will, someday, end in death.

    He is very liberal and I am very libertarian, and we love to discuss politics, but over the years, he and I have developed an unspoken code: no matter how vehemently we feel about a topic, we never let it get personal between us – and when one of us is getting exercised, the other always has the good sense to change the subject.

    Returning to this blog: it is times like these when feelings of affection come out, but like regrets at the funeral parlour, the time for regret is passed. I appreciate your resilience, tolerance, and maturity. As you know, R, I have been baffled as to your reasons for keeping this blog open when you faced so many personal challenges otherwise. I could just see no reason for it, but let me say, it is much appreciated.

    All best,

    p.s. I know you will need a “day job” to pay the bills, but consider simultaneously developing your writing – you have a unique insight on life, and writing is clearly your strong suite.

  11. Had to laugh looking at Thor’s video and reflect. I find myself doing that a lot more these days. I feel the need to return one last time here and philosophize, since I wasted so much time at this place.

    I actually had that song on a 45 and it looked just like the picture. I wonder what happened to it? I’ll bet it got tossed with all my athletic trophies and such when my mother cleaned house before I moved. To this day, it makes me angry that I never even got a chance to go through that stuff. 18 years of personal history blown away in a trash pickup without consent.

    Found some of my 33s the other day painting my den, stuck in a bookshelf. The Who, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd. At least I was lucky enough to take those with me. Seems so long ago now.

    It’s a fitting analogy to what this place has reinforced for me. If I came to learn anything around here, that is it. How history is not a line, but a circle.

    I have grown to realize just how foolish The Beatles and all those people long ago I revered really were – how utterly empty and fatuous their message. The late 60s and early 70s had to be one of the lowest times in American history, accompanied by some of its great successes and excesses. We went to the moon at the same time the dam was beginning to crack. Vietnam proved to be the turning point. The Woodstock which preceded the American Left of today. Nothing to offer of any lasting substance, carnal and shallow if you listen closely. My parents proved right. I saw the light.

    Frankly, the people I once idolized were stupid and naive people and history has demonstrated that without serious debate. A few grew up, but mostly they have just faded away and burned, died some ignominious death. And they were quickly forgotten. To read their personal history, you realized just how tortured and dysfunctional these souls really were and when the lights went out, it was all an act. And I think that is true of the Left today. I should feel a measure of pity of what is coming. But I don’t.

    When I picture myself in the early 70s, I can look back and shake my head at myself. Perhaps that is why I hold the Left in such contempt today. The last ten years I have changed so much. The America I once loved has become a place to reside, my allegiance to half this country faded away, my disdain of their philosophy as real as it gets. I went from rooting for Easy Rider to rooting for the redneck who did the world a favor and blew the greasy hippie away on his poorly constructed motorcycle. 😈

    I know 30 years from now if I live long enough, I will look back at Obama and his excesses and come to loathe his sordid and demonic influence just the same. May Obama’s legacy be looked backed and mocked too for it’s propaganda and distortions, its utter failure and remembered as a monument to America’s naivety and his mendacity. Maybe our kids will look back like I do now and recognize just how immature, inane, and defeatist these people really were. I hope so.

    Rutherford, my disdain for your ‘philosophy’ is as real as it gets. It’s gotten personal. In conversation now even in real life, it’s all I can do to not tell some Obama voting Leftist to go piss up a rope and stay the hell out of my life. For real. Frankly, I have grown to loathe Obama, the race hustlers, the eco fascists, the Left Coast, the Right Coast, the man hatin’ feminists more than I do the Vladimir Putins, the head lopping goons, and the bangers.

    It’s a crazy world.

    But I still find your music “catchy.”

  12. Oh, and one last thing, Rutherford. In a fit of anger at your baiting and Christian bashing which was the final nail for me, I did want to correct the final record about one thing if this is indeed the end.

    Should you expire before I do Rutherford, and I learn of it, I will experience sadness and perhaps regret that we grew to dislike each other. I suppose it should not have ended that way, though our core beliefs are so different, it might be a miracle our “marriage” lasted as long as it did.

    And I suppose in some way though it has faded the last few years, your own personal experiences, your life’s history, our shared reflections, your generosity of letting me reside in your bar, shared likes (which I still find ironic), and perhaps a bit of shared experience has been reserved in my heart.

    Perhaps it’s a little bit of both good luck and good riddance. There’s a part of me that still hopes we get to meet “for real” one day.

    And that goes for most of you…

  13. Is it too late to ask a political question? 😈

    This is directed at no particular Leftist here. A general response from any of the lackeys and fools who bowed to the Altar of Baal Obama in 2008 would do – minus the useful idiot JAL. Dead fly, you’re too stupid and hoodwinked to matter and would conclude with the most idiotic response imaginable. Spare me.

    Are any of you toads fine gentlemen the least bit taken back that your Obama man of world peace is demonstrated to be completely flaccid and inane standing next to a clever and brutal thug like Putin?

    Like maybe the admission that Russia bombing the rebel forces backed by the Central Intelligence Agency and allied spy services is not good and might deserve something more harsh than a strongly worded letter of condemnation to the U.N.?

    That peace probably won’t be obtained when in Baghdad, a Russian general tells the U.S. embassy to ground our planes and get the hell out, informing the idiot Kerry and Co. that Russian planes are about to begin air strikes in Syria? Please note Russia didn’t seek our permission, nor the UN’s permission. 😛

    Most rational people would be humiliated that their man of Hope and Change that we all had waited for is beginning to look a lot like Jimmy Carter, circa 1979, with a hell of a lot more riding on the conflict this time at the tip of a nuclear armed arsenal.

    Do any of you Leftist have the capacity for shame or embarrassment?

  14. Ah Rutherford, may the force be with you 😉
    It has been a pleasure

    As for the others be careful of what you wish for.

  15. “I’ll be relieved when the next POTUS (barring the unlikely Ben Carson) is white. I’m plum tuckered out.”

    I’ll be relieved when the next black president is competent and sent to the big office with he bizarre directive from the politically illiterate to “even the score.”

    There’s a lesson here you seem to be missing. Identity politics has polluted your brain. Whatever racial/social changes you wanted or expected do not come from the WH. A female, Asian, openly gay, blah, blah, blah president elected because it is “their turn” above credential and actual policy objectives — the kind that the executive branch controls and not abstract mandates — will all suffer the same fate as Obama.

    This was predictable as the day is long. And Obama was not handicapped in the least because of his race. Quite the contrary. The country accepted him because of his race, while he rejected the country because of his race.

  16. What the heh! 😈 I guess out of earned respect for Rutherford knowing fully well he will secretly miss these, I’ll end this last thread with more great moments in Black History.

    This one is especially funny because it encapsulates the idiocy that accompanied the election of Obama. How many Presidents have had schools named after them while holding office, y’ll reckon? Here is the legacy of Barack Obama. Classic…

    Student brawl erupts at ‘Barack Obama’ high school in Milwaukee

    Yes We Can! Remember this propaganda? 😆 😆 😆 ** SURPRISE!!! ** Live long and prosper, dupes!

  17. The Wreckage of Barack Obama
    (Sung to the tune “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald)

    The legend it goes from the pundits on down,
    of the slimy morass they call DC
    Those there they say on that 20th day
    Will not find the Presidents job easy.

    With the defeat of Al Gore and the policy we abhorred,
    left the democrats positively screaming.
    Would it be Hilary or Barack that would lead the pack,
    to the shiny White House there a gleaming?

    Obama was the pride of the Liberal side,
    a lawyer like many before him.
    With an electoral push, he would save us from Bush,
    and who could not help but adore him!.

    A mandate he gained by defeating McCain,
    as insipid a candidate offered
    On the 20th day, yes they finally held sway;
    it was now time to plunder the coffers!

    The Stimulus bill swore it was business it would kill,
    as it sent the poor Dow Jones a reeling
    The rich folks they say sent their money away
    to the Cayman’s, the Swiss and New Zealand!

    An Omnibus bill had more targets to kill
    so laden with pork it was squealing!
    Cato they said this bill sure is dead
    as the US was now sent a-reeling!

    The Libs gave him thanks when he nationalized the banks
    we said, America we hope that it helps ya…
    By late 2010, the Dow Jones it caved in
    we said, America it’s been good to know ya!

    DC wired in they had red ink coming in
    As the zeroes in currency gained commas
    The USA was screwed when China called in bills due
    Came the wreckage of Barack Obama!.

    Does anyone know where the sense of pols go
    Is it locked up in some lost committee
    The Americans they say the US might have been saved
    If the choices on ballots weren’t shitty!

    Today Tom and George would be holding their gorge
    If they stared at the state of the nation.
    They would slap them too after slapping me and you
    for allowing this abomination!.

    The Senate passed gas while the House Reps they burped
    from the massive pork on which they were feeding!
    SCOTUS was silent while the media chirped.
    ’It’s a new form of governance we’re needing!

    And farther below where the fifty states go
    you could hear their economies crashing
    some how it seemed, it was another Bush scheme
    But since the 20th, he was doing his own thing!

    The USA came clean, filing chapter 13
    swept the Constitution into a trash bin
    The new flag was red, 50 yellow stars instead
    with a hammer and sickle to smash them!

    The legend lives on from the cheated on down
    Of the hypocrisy that they call DC
    When they say its time for change, you will know they’re deranged
    And your pockets and wallet will be empty….

  18. Tex, I think it’s time fro an update on those brainwashed kids. You know, a Where Are They Now episode.

    I’ll bet every one of them unemployed, broke, disillusioned — their futures mortgaged by their idiot progressive parents . . . mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

  19. Its not his race or skin color we were not ready for. We were not ready for Obama’s foreign ideology and his incompetance ( I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.) which is giving Russia the road to world domination. We weren’t ready for Obama, but Putin certainly was.

    Yes, I can see some of Anthony Anderson in Obama. While I am a fan of his character in Blackish, I would never vote for him to be president. Some people are unsuited for high political office through temprament.

    JAL is also unsuited for political office unless it was as a member of the KKK. She sounds racist or at least racialist to me. A typical progressive.

    An example of the racism she wallows in is Obama’s birth certificate question. Hillary circulated the story during her first campaign, as I think Al Gore did with Willy Horton during a campaign. Republicans also received the blame. Biden also called Obama clean and articulate (for a black) implied.

    Apparent racists like her are more trouble than they are worth. I would suggest they move to another country, but I don’t know many countries to deserve such a misfortune.

  20. If Bobo would have kept some of his campaign promises, we would be having a completely different conversation today. Sure race is a big part of the equation, but that was for all purposes intended. Had the half black man been an honest broker, most people would not resort to all kinds of ugly to describe him. Love covers a multitude of sin. His election has done much to exacerbate racial tension in this land. But again, I think it was intended. Divide and conquer strategies are commonplace within politics.

    I do not think much would be different today had we selected a white republican or woman democrat or garden gnome as leader. The writing’s on the wall. The band marches on. The fellas behind Goldman Sachs put up both sides.

    I am grateful for the blog and the ability to share links and ideas and get to ‘know’ everyone. I have certainly invested a lot of time here. Everything we do in life affects everything and everyone else. The conversations we have had have changed us in ways we won’t often realize. They do have lasting effect.

    Whatever career you pursue, Rutherford, do it for pleasure. The money should be secondary. Important, but not most important. Success should not be based entirely on capital gain. You should feel what you do has value.

    I think an alternative news route would be suitable with your talent and interests.

    And get your puny ass a decent loyahhhh to help you get a healthy slice of that disability pie! There are plenty serving it up that don’t deserve it. That massive pride of yours won’t put any bread on the table.

    Anyway, it is rather exciting that you are turning a page. I will continue to check in periodically and maybe ruffle some feathers.

  21. “I do not think much would be different today had we selected a white republican or woman democrat or garden gnome as leader.”

    Bullshit. The imperial presidency is the product of the affirmative action that go the worthless fuck into office. The environment wouldn’t have existed for white republican or woman democrat.

  22. “Whatever career you pursue, Rutherford, do it for pleasure. The money should be secondary. Important, but not most important. Success should not be based entirely on capital gain. You should feel what you do has value.”

    More bullshit.

    Do it for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Then go does something to demonstrate what a good guy your are without giving back some of your own rather than someone else’s.

  23. Bullshit. The imperial presidency is the product of the affirmative action that go the worthless fuck into office.

    Tell it to Goldman Sachs. They put up the most money for BOTH sides in ’08 and ’12. Many of the executive’s powers were increased during the previous administration, a supposedly non affirmative action one. Your argument doesn’t hold water.

  24. More bullshit.

    Don’t listen to that bullshit broker, Rutherford. He has a distorted worldly view of what constitutes success. Follow your own heart. Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of it is. Don’t expect revelation from sellouts. They have everything to lose.

  25. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  26. “Many of the executive’s powers were increased during the previous administration, a supposedly non affirmative action one. Your argument doesn’t hold water.”

    Do tell ditch digger.

  27. Tex, I don;t how you knock out the song parodies with such ease. But man, you need to capitalize on that talent.

    Most you read here, I wrote. That was actually penned by a fellow compatriot. 🙂

  28. Ha. Maybe I shouldn’t;t correct this because the correction will mystify a guy like Rutherford and Poolman but. . .

    “Then go does something to demonstrate what a good guy your are without giving back some of your own rather than someone else’s.”

    Should’ve read:

    “Then go do something to demonstrate what a good guy your are by giving back some of your own rather than pledging someone else’s.”

    Oh. And try to deal with the mommy issues. Once those are conquered, you can be a crutch or shoulder to cry on for Pfesser.

    Look out for those drone insects.

    More words of wisdom and advice to follow since everyone seems to feel the need to dispense it now that Obama’s failures have made you quit. 😆

  29. Since you’ve taken such a balanced approach to it Thor, I thought you might enjoy this:


    There’s a reason every prediction based on the climate models have been crushed year, after year, after year. If you didn’t know it, essentially all of the critical trending data is the “estimated” or “fudge factor.” Therefore the estimates will always fit observable trends, or be applied against historical data that doesn’t include the future variable (e.g. what would happen if there were more Co2 in the atmosphere rather that which existed at the time) through the process known as “hindcasting.” Subjective analysis.

  30. One of the advantages of getting old. The Gore effect before there was a Gore effect. Surely by now, the polar ice caps should have melted. That’s what they were saying 2005-2007.

    There were the Thor type even back in the 70s. The world would now be experience epidemic famine, overpopulation would revert to rationed water, we were going through a catastrophic ice age, the ozone layer was depleted and we would all die from gamma rays, even though they later discovered this was a natural phenomenon and cyclical.

    The Chicken Little Left has been around about the same time America started spinning into decline – another gift of the Woodstock/Graychin generation. 😛

  31. Rutherford you forgot to sing Zip-ah-dee-doo-dah!

    I gotta go to work now too but quickly –

    “Do what you love” isn’t sound advice for a man of your age and skill set. You can love what you do and be satisfied. Just realize that whatever you have been doing probably isn’t what you should keep doing.

    PS…interesting…a voice from beyond? You don’t say.

  32. Making money and enjoying what you do are no mutually exclusive.

    You have proved that you are quite good at not making money and not enjoying what you do.

    I suggest a new approach.

    Some advice from my inner Raji: don’t be a lawn jockey.

    Oh, and to be sure I’ve got things covered on the worthless cliche front:

    You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too.

    The Third Time Is the Charm.

    Take the Bull By the Horns.

    Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover.

    A Stopped Clock Is Right Twice A Day.

    If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another.

    Shit Rolls Down Hill.

    Your welcome.

  33. I see I’ll need to check MSNBC for the latest assault rifle and GOP threat to shoot up a bunch of innocent people. Maybe Fiorina or Trump inspired the shooter.

  34. So Rutherford is going to replace is his time here with more MSNBC. Great.

    Smarter than I thought you were. Yes, Tigre all the time I’ve spent arguing with you has kept me off the MSNBC. Now there’s no hope for me.

    Hey, watch “Grinder”. It’s a hoot.

  35. As for the first part of the your post, you hit the nail on the head.

    Thank God someone read it.

    I wrote the post in my head over a year ago and, as I wrote, was biding my time to post it in 2017. No intervening events would change my basic premise.

  36. Tex if you’re really writing these song parodies, you’ve got quite the knack. Hate to tell you but it’s another thing we have in common. Mine aren’t as good as yours but I do enjoy writing them.

  37. I just noticed you’re not closing the blog down. Mea Culpa. I actually did read the post as I always do, but somehow I missed the automated part and just suspected it would hang in limbo like Jim Duggan’s did until WordPress blew it away, or whatever happens to those things.

    Good. I didn’t want this to feel like a death.

    This is absolutely none of my business, Rutherford. But I am curious. You don’t have a job. I get that. I assume your wife is still in limbo too. Zero cash flow. Got that. If you don’t mind me asking, is it future that concerns you, or present as well?

    If you’re having to hit the 401k or inheritance, it is one thing. If you’re hurting for milk money, quite another.

  38. Poolman, doing what you love regardless of income appeals to me greatly but it’s also not practical. I’d outright retire if I could. Not an option.

    I watch shows like American Ninja Warrior and see folks living out of their cars and shit and I wonder how they survive. And they’re happy as hell.

    I’ve got a few classmates in the training I’m taking right now who live full time in an RV. Boggles my mind how they survive.

  39. PS…interesting…a voice from beyond? You don’t say.

    I was waiting for someone to pick up on that.

    People die physically. They stay with you for as long as your memory doesn’t fail.

  40. Tex the present is comfortable. Without action things will get very bad by about next March. Hence, the present isn’t comfortable. It’s fraught with worry.

    My only saving grace is both I and my better half are gearing up. I think she and I are sick and tired of applying to companies who don’t give a shit enough to even reply to applications. Self employment is the plan, but this time with concrete skills. Nothing mushy like project management. (No offense to any PM’S here.)

  41. Timing is everything. The day after I stop writing full blog entries, another mass shooting and McCarthy puts salt and pepper on his foot and bites down hard.

    Tigre’s right. You just can’t make this shit up.

  42. There’s always going to be news, Rutherford. And your blog will always be here should you find yourself needing an outlet for written expression.

    I don’t see this as an end–merely a transition.

    And I hope I can still submit some tidbits from time to time.

  43. Actually, an RV in some cases is nicer and more comfortable than many houses. For you, it would be impractical but I know a guy who sold his house, bought a nice RV, and avoids property taxes. 🙂

    I don’t know if it still true or not, but about a decade a go, he and his wife were living on “the lake” and paying $1 a day to do so.

    Then if March 2016 is the date, I will hope you and your wife score big in the self-employment. Good luck and I mean that.

  44. “People die physically. They stay with you for as long as your memory doesn’t fail.”

    I was strolling through a cemetery a couple of days ago, looking at the names on the headstones, wondering who those people were, and it occurred to me: nobody living had the slightest knowledge about the lives of 99% of those people – and by extension, unless you are famous, after the people who knew you are gone it’s the same as if you never existed. Your entire life amounts to nothing. Yes, your DNA lives through the people you created, but they don’t think about that, and you borrowed it from your ancestors, anyway.

    It’s a kind of freedom, really. You are free to live the way you want, because in the great scheme, it machts nichts.

  45. Its surreal to me that fucking Russia is currently decimating the few Obama backed rebel groups that existed in Syria.

    All you libs who laughed at Romney…errrrrr!

  46. Ever read the book of Ecclesiastes, Rabbit? 🙂 If not, you should take the time someday. Won’t take you 30-45 minutes to do so.

    There was a very wise man named Solomon once, who basically said the same thing you just did. It is estimated that King Solomon was probably the richest man who ever lived – few compare in wine, women and song. And yet, he came to the realization just how vain and fleeting the pursuit of wealth.

    And if you don’t read to the very last chapter of the book, you’re going to get very, very depressed.

  47. Correction…”BYOBS” 😉

    Hey! Speak for yourself, sister. I’ve been bringing the BYOBS to this place far longer than most of you.

    Rutherford only serves himself – cheap bastard. But he pays the rent and occasionally turns on the heat in the place. I worked long and hard to earn buy my own BS. And with the additional overload of poisoned Bitter Barack Butt Kissing and Enabling BS, I’ve been forced to participate in here, I’ve had to enter BS Anonymous and its 12 step program from Prog recovery. 😛

    But if I ever kick the habit, I will miss the BS – no doubt about it.

  48. You are free to live the way you want, because in the great scheme, it machts nichts.

    Some folks are in for a real shocker. Since everything on the planet interacts and influences everything else on the planet, nothing is truly done in isolation. But there are PLENTY that prescribe to philosophy of “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Everything you do has consequences, whether they are evident immediately or not.

  49. Rutherford, Jewel grew up a cabin in Alaska, and used an outhouse. She was homeless for a time and lived in a car. Others who were in similar circumstances were Jim Carey, Hillary Swank, and William Shatner.

    A video our grand daughter likes now is a cartoon patterned after Mr Roger’s Neighborhood. She repeats the part which says. ‘If you fail, try again, and if that doesn’t work try again.”

    Parker, I’m not famous, but I am covered. Part of my story is in the Smithsonian, the University of Northern Florida and in Omaha.

    “People die physically. They stay with you as long as your memory doesn’t fail.” People also die repeatedly, and they continue to die over and over until your last breath.
    Jewel wrote the song when she was sixteen. No one but you can save your soul.

  50. I lived in a car for three months.

    Worst thing was the police. They made me park in the high crime areas. Man were those some uncool nights.

    One late morning, sleeping in 1981 LTD Station Wagon, the United States Navy knocked on my window. I left the next day. Not sure that would happen, now.

  51. I’m glad you life worked for you rabbit. Tough people usually survive.

    A Drudge link says a record 94 million Americans are out of the labor force. It is the worst since Carter’s presidency in 1977.

    Rutherford, have you considered the state of your life had Romney been elected? I think you life would have been better. At least you would have had more opportunities than you do now.

    I prefer self employment, but it is risky. You need to have the right temperment, and you need to be able to make money.

    Our daughter’s former college freshman room mate’s husband sank their savings into a video game store because it was his dream. The store is breaking even after two years, and he is happy, but the family lives on the wife’s $22,000. social worker’s salary. They have a pre school child and still mourn the daughter who drowned three years ago.

    The jury is still deliberating.

  52. James, I was listening to an interesting program on the radio regarding songs. In 2014 most all of the top songs sung by the top such as Britney Spears, Katie Perry, Taylor Swift were composed by Swedes such as Max Martin among others.

    We even outsource our music

  53. “Everything you do has consequences, whether they are evident immediately or not.”

    And our today’s youth are not being taught consequences.

  54. And our today’s youth are not being taught consequences.

    I agree with a lot of that. Way too much of wanting to be a friend and not a parent these days. Being a friend to your children comes when they are adults themselves.

    It was hard to discipline my children, most of it being the mother bear guarding them. I always thought my wife was doing an injustice of sorts, yet somehow both the kids turned out intelligent, sweet, soulful, and mannerly. I’ve been complimented many times about how wonderful my daughters are, which is the highest compliment I’ve ever received.

    What I didn’t know until my daughters were grown and mostly gone, was my shrewd wife was incredibly effective at providing the threat out of my sight, “Would you like me to tell your father about this?” LOL It provides a good family laugh now.

    I guess I served more of a purpose than I thought. I’ve often wondered would my wife have been the same with sons?

    Smart moms are not the norm anymore. But the good ones are the heartbeat that keeps humanity afloat in this cesspool.

    The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

  55. I really liked Jewel, James. She got so big for a time, I still remember her singing at the Super Bowl. But I haven’t heard a thing about her in years.

    I always liked this one…

  56. Yes, Ragi, it is surprising isn’t it. Atlantic Magazine wrote that the Swedes are so successful because most speak English, they have a tight knit network of industries, including music, and the government encourages the nurturing and export of musical talent.

    I was surprised that Red Nex who had a country hit with Cotton Eye Joe are Swedes who have franchised their band in Australia and New Zealand.

    Yes, we even outsource our music.

    I agree many children don’t learn consequences of their actions.

    Yesterday, our grand daughter and I were blowing bubbles. She was careless and spilled the soap. I gave her some more. She spilled it again. There was more soap, but my wife and I told her it was the end of soap bubbles because the soap was on the deck. She was disappointed but said OK.

    Doctors still don’t understand her. They claim to have never seen anyone like her. They plan to look at her again in December.

  57. Thanks for the link, Tex. I like the song too.

    Jewel married a professional bull rider, and they have a pre school son. Both were on Dancing with the Stars, announced a divorce and now are vacationing together. Speculation is that they may be getting back together. I also think Jewel has written some books.

  58. You know, Rutherford. I guess I was feeling somewhat awkward last night in being nosy. And the thought occurred to me that you and I have spent so much time at odds the last few years, that something got lost. I used to enjoy your company, no matter how hare brained and gullible I thought you were.

    And I think I owe you an apology because I’ve grown too comfortable here, almost without thought and very little effort. Never gave a “smidgeon’ of consideration to my actions. I was too myopic to consider maybe extenuating circumstances have changed you too. And instead of reaching out as a friend of sorts, I piled on when you pissed me off because I’m pretty good at that. You’re talented at hiding things with humorous anecdote, but I know thankless jobs, your wife’s health, your health, the money situation if that is what it is, probably have made a rough go.

    So I want to tell you something.

    You remember something when you’re feeling low if your ego bruised. It won’t feed your family and won’t change your life either, you’ll never be recognized for it. But you have accomplished something short of nothing but a small miracle.

    My ADHD nature has always been my Achilles heel. Yet somehow, some hare brained Leftist held was talented enough and witty enough to hold my attention enough for seven plus years to keep me coming back for more. Sure, I grew to both love and loathe the audience. But the fact of the matter was, it was you that provided the sting of battle that held my limited attention span.

    Don’t let a bad situation, some of it out of your control, define you. At the end of days, your career won’t define you, your house wont’ define you. As you look up to your mother, let your kid look up to you. That’s eternal. All the rest is vanity and fleeting.

    I’d like to leave on good accord. Too many times, I’ve burned bridges and laughed while doing so. But it never provided any lasting satisfaction and there is nothing particularly admirable about it either.

    We’ve had some good times together, shared a lot. Let’s end it that way. 😉

  59. http://www.newparadigm.ws/s/cc_images/teaserbox_34572623.jpg?t=1442943881

    An ignorant population does not look to see the greater way, never questions authorities or understand rights and therefore provides little opposition to a dictatorship. If we want to grow as a race we must start educating ourselves. Be able to learn to discern. Recognise when the media is trying to manipulate us. Whatever it is we’re subjected to in the media, beware of the hidden ulterior motive. Perhaps it would be better to boycott this propagandist pap altogether and instead of being listless or unresponsive, do something worth-while, campaign for the truth…


  60. Rutherford, have you considered the state of your life had Romney been elected?

    Yes. Wouldn’t have made a bit of difference. My underemployment has spanned two administrations of different political philosophies.

    Bush didn’t lay me off. Obama won’t get me a job nor will whoever moves into Penn Ave in 2017. It’s up to me.

  61. There should be a mandatory 24 hour STFU period following any mass shooting.

    Yesterday, guy had no affiliation with the school and was “neutralized” by police. Now we know not only was he a student at the school, he was a student in the very class he shot up. Now there is also ambiguity about whether he shot himself.

    I heard that Oregon has universal background checks and the campus was a gun-free zone. There was no stopping this guy.

    I can’t believe I’m siding with Jeb but “shit happens”. (He said “stuff”).

    But are we content with the following conclusion: if our gun death rate is worse than other countries, are we simply sicker than other countries? America: a country of mentally fucked people.

  62. Tex thanks for the kind words.

    When I told my daughter that Mommy and I were going full force on self employment she basically said “oh, we’re in trouble now.” Half in jest but she’s practical as hell.

    Make or break time. She’s counting on us.

  63. Rutherford, I think you;re a cock-knocker. But like everyone else here, I’d like to see you succeed. It’s the only thing that will make you realize how deranged you political views are.

    Once you get to the marketing phase of your biz, venture, enterprise,endeavor or whatever you are pursuing, announce it. You never who knows who that needs something from somebody.

    Help me live the dream of seeing you say, “yeah, I used to be one of those liberal douche bags until I started my own business and saw what it took to succeed — and it wasn’t the government.”

  64. LOL Tigre you’re too much. You forget I started my own biz 8 years ago. And yes “I built that” but I really sucked at marketing.

    I’m now getting some marketing training and adding a second biz to my portfolio.

    Believe it or not, when my wife and I went to the bank today to open a biz account, the Patriot Act sirens didn’t go off. This pinko commie not only got an account but a line of credit.

    BTW, you wanna see Benjamin’s? Switch from law to banking!

  65. Tigre is quite correct, Rutherford. I too want you too succeed for two reasons. One, I wish you success; second, I want you to make big bucks so you pay half your income to tax. 😛

    You’ll find, it is far and away the highest industrialized tax rate in the world. And you too will understand why small business loathes Dimocrats.

  66. “I’m not entirely sure you can teach consequences. Folks either get it or they don’t.”

    Hell no. Consequences can ONLY be taught be someone else.

  67. Good luck. We are pulling for you. I agree, it is wise to ask others. You should watch Shark Tank or similar business shows. Likely , you will learn little specific, but you can pick up attitudes and philosophy.

    My wife and I pay a lot of taxes. We both eagerly look forward to the day you take some of the load from us and retire a basically free couple.

  68. Consequences can be taught on the farm. Everyone has a job and responsibilities. If anyone fails or goofs off, others must do the job as well as his /hers own.

    Consequences do not come alone. They travel with pride and guilt. Animal, plant and machinery lives depend on doing one’s job. Every task is important and its completion is a source of pride.

  69. Consequences can be killers. The first man to arrive at an accident which pinned a man and his daughter inside of a truck forgot to disconnect the battery cables, and the consequence was the source of nightmares.

    The consequence of a foolhardy and dangerous action helped save a life.

    Our grand daughter is only two, but she already knows about consequences.

  70. Consequences can ONLY be taught be someone else.

    You being serious? For a receptive person there is no better teacher than experience. I’m not saying to knowingly let your kid do the wrong thing so they “learn the hard way” but unless they’re stupid, consequences WILL teach them.

    I think it’s Haley Barbour who said you get no lesson from the second kick of the mule.

  71. “I’m not saying to knowingly let your kid do the wrong thing so they “learn the hard way” but unless they’re stupid, consequences WILL teach them”

    Sticking your hand in a fire? Yes.

    School, respect, work ethic, grit….No.

  72. Our son is a senior computer analyst in northern California. He is smart and his hard work has earned him the top company award for each efficiency report since he got the job 11 years ago. The company discourages such a long chain of awards because it costs money and concentrates it on one individual.

    They gave it to him this time because he finished a project early while on jury duty and in so doing developed borderline carple tunnel syndrome.

    His Korean born wife is also a high achiever. They are a young power couple because they

    learned “school, respect work ethic grit…”

    Our daughter learned the same lessons. She is a therapist and manages two branch offices. She also proof reads everything her boss writes. Or daughter often works 10 to 12 hours a day. Our son in law is also successful.

    Shark Tank has helped a number of people, even those who didn’t make the cut. We ate in a local restaurant which advertises itself as having appeared on Shark Tank. I think they got some help.

  73. Tex – I read – several times – your long post and your attempt at reconciliation with Rutherford. It’s clear that, like most folks, you are on the whole a decent fellow. Many of us have a certain dark side to our temperaments, and all would agree that it has caused us no end of grief, you – and I – probably more grief than most.


    A very long time ago, an old fellow in our town – a bit of a storyteller – told me and some other schoolchildren a tale from his childhood: he had gone to live with his pop – grandfather – who lived ‘way out in the bush – don’t remember why, now – too long ago. I do remember that the story was in the ‘teens. Times were hard, and the old man had practically nothing except a change or two of clothes and a small larder.

    One day the old man put on a pot of beans for their dinner and went out to the field to tend crops, leaving the 5- or 6- year-old to watch the beans while he was gone. The boy, a typical child, got distracted – playing with this or that – and let the beans burn until they were inedible.

    The old man came in and looked sadly at the ruined pot of beans – their dinner. The little boy was beside himself, crying and telling him that he was so very sorry.

    The old man’s response was very quiet: “Sorry don’t help; when beans are burned, they’re burned.”


    Rutherford has been a very gracious host to us all, and has not only provided this venue at his own expense – mostly in time, but also in the money that he did NOT earn for his family while indulging our childish rants – and I include myself in that. The least we could have done for him was to show some respect for him as a person, if not for his ideas.

    Now that the party is nearly over, I think many of us are reflecting on what we’ve lost, but with all respect, it rings a bit hollow to show kindness and charity to our Host now. When the beans are burned, they’re burned.

  74. No doubt, Parker. The nail holes remain and there are a few things I’ve said, not many but a few, that I wish I had never uttered toward Rutherford.

    I absolutely hate that Leftist philosophy and dogma which I really do think is the primary input(s) ruining this country. That I have been very sincere about in my opinions.

    And because I do, I let my frustration with the abject stupidity, double standards, and predictable failure turn into personal animosity which doesn’t do a damn thing to resolve the conflict, change minds, change hearts.

    Rutherford has indeed been a gracious host and then some.

  75. “The least we could have done for him was to show some respect for him as a person, if not for his ideas.”

    Rutherford can be an asshole like the rest of us.

    During a white noise era, where everyone has an opinion and screams it online at once, Rutherford lucked out and had a small audiance that read his shit.

    He owes us the thanks more then we owe him.

  76. “He owes us the thanks more then we owe him.”

    Mr. Rabbit – you are mistaken.

    On another front, got this in the mail tonight.

    Butterfly Effect

    “In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on
    initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic
    nonlinear system can result in large differences in a larger state.” In
    other words, a butterfly flapping its wings in Texas can cause later a
    typhoon in the Japanese Sea.
    Think about it: in mid-20th Century America an 18 year old hippie
    freshman slut in a Honolulu college has sex with an older Kenyan politician
    on a student visa, who has a wife and child back in Africa.
    And from this “roll in the hay” comes the collapse and dissolution of
    America in the 21st Century.
    Interesting isn’t it. It makes you a firm believer in the “butterfly

  77. Jesus. Quit with the eulogies.

    As we yanks say, “fish don’t fry in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill.”

    And you might have noticed that he hasn’t sworn off his diet of hours upon hours of mind-damaging, soul-robbing progressive teevee.

    He ain’t dead whitefellas, at least in the literal sense. Fuck him.

  78. He owes us the thanks more then we owe him”

    That’s a narcissistic opinion. Rutherford created a venue where everyone could vent their spleen and generally used him as the scapegoat.

  79. Like. What. Ever. Raji.

    I was at the Rutherford Lawson blog before it was cool. And trust me, it wasn’t.

    A lonely man masturbating to Obama in an uninhabited desert of cyberspace.

    He didn’t build this.

    I’ll give you one thing, Rutherford creates a nice double pleated toilette paper for me to wipe my ass with. You are just one of the flies that my stank attracts.

  80. PJ Lifestyle, July, 2012 “The 7 Most Badass Founding Fathers” We should all read it. So should high school and college students. Compared to them, our leaders are pathetic.

    This has happened five times around me. A small site or one which shrank housed a motley collection of unusual borderline intellegent disfunctional folks who developed mutual respect and various degrees of affection. Some of us even visited in person. but we are all gone now, The sites are gone too.

    I have mentioned Merilyn the Estonian who told her fans how and what she planned to accomplish. Then she vanished from all social media.

    I found her site long after she disappeared, but she as she was years ago remains like a still visible super nova which actually vanished thousands of years ago. Her site still attracts scores of visitors per month. Many speculate on her fate. One wrote, “she grew up.”

    Rutherford has left the bar open for us to rummage around in. I think it is good that we tell him what we think of him, even if it is not a eulogy.

  81. Absolutely James, Shark Tank can give your biz one helluva adrenaline shot. In fact the investors get a bit annoyed sometimes because some of the folks only want exposure and the request for capital is secondary.

  82. He owes us the thanks more then we owe him.

    LOL I’d actually call it a draw. I put up with your shit and in return I get to see you folks hang here when there are literally millions of other virtual places you could go.

    So I think we’re even Steven on who owes thanks to whom.

    And yes, I can be an asshole. I still have more to learn from you master, but I’m getting there. Perhaps one day I can snatch the pebble from your hand.

  83. You can find a far more powerful and yet simple example of the butterfly effect, Parker.

    A night in the hay between Mr. and Mrs. Hitler resulted in the death of millions of Jews. That’s one costly night of whoopie.

  84. I was at the Rutherford Lawson blog before it was cool.

    That you were. So how do you forget nobody heard of Obama when you first arrived here?

    Lonely? It’s debatable who’s more lonely, the writer or the reader? Admit it Rabbit. We’re symbiotic.

    And what exactly is up your ass today?

  85. I’ve been spending the day updating my “i life” iOS and El Capitain on the desktop. Popped in and saw one sub-theme I don’t accept any hand in whatsoever.
    Rutherford to my understanding has a lot of issues that impacted his employment,dealing with us isn’t one of them.

  86. I found something I didn’t expect. As you know One direction is so popular with teen aged girls that they produced numerous videos asking their heroes to perform in their countries.

    To my surprise some are now saying good by to their childhood as in the book “Childhood’s End.”
    Part of it is the discord and uncertainty in Europe now. They follow the news more closely than most of us do. They can see the writing. I also like the music. I feel a little sad for them.

  87. LOL.
    And rabbit’s right.

    Why does that comment from Muffy not surprise me?

    Not sure exactly which part of Rabbit’s comment appealed to you but here’s my idea Muffy.

    You started your own blog a few months ago. In case anyone doesn’t know the URL, do me a favor and privately write to those folks here who please you (you have their addresses) and invite them over to your place. Once you’ve done that, let me know either by email or here.

    Then, once I know the boys have a new bar to go to, I’ll let my last thread fill up and leave it at that.

    That was my original plan anyway but I thought it unfair to pull the platform out from under folks who enjoy each other’s company.

    P.S. Hey even better Muffy. Email me privately and I’ll transfer ownership of the bar to you. I’m serious.

  88. LOL-ing at Tigre cutting through the drama of the eulogies and agreeing with rabbit that you can be an asshole just like the rest of us. Which you yourself also seemed to agree with.

    You need a break. We get it. Why the theatrics? And why always overreacting to my comments? What is it? Really. What?

    PS…Are you talking about the outpost I created when pfesser threatened to sic the FBI on us? I haven’t created a blog recently that I know about.

  89. Are you talking about the outpost I created when pfesser threatened to sic the FBI on us?

    That’s probably it. I didn’t remember if you intended it as a full blown blog or not.

    Yeah, I get a bit touchy when Rabbit calls the blog toilet paper.

  90. Well, as someone who also lost his job, and realized that he was done being someone else’s employee anyway, I can tell you that if you have the bug, you can find the time, and still fulfill your obligations…in fact, to some degree, it becomes easier, not harder, as I have been writing more professional rather than passion pieces as my practice has been building.

    I’m still not where I want to be, but September was a MUCH better month than August, and now that more of my clients know where I am, I expect I’ll be getting even more work.

    I haven’t been blogging as much, and certainly not about politics. Movie reviews are far more common for me. I HAVE been on Facebook a lot more, but frankly, I’ve gotten into far more engaging discussions with people who are actually capable of making semi-intelligent arguments for their positions. (There is still a large majority of knuckleheads, but that’s a given wherever you go these days.)

    Good Luck, however you decide to play it, but something tells me that you’ll have a tough time putting it down.

    As for the first part of your piece, I can agree that the first black president would have a hard time…in fact, Billy Jeff would tell you that was why he had that Monica problem to begin with.

    But seriously, I can’t give him a pass, because what DOESN’T come out of his mouth says almost as much as what does. Treyvon gets a mention, the young lady murdered in SF by one of his “migrants” doesn’t. Clockmed gets an invite to the White House, the vet who rushed the Umpqua shooter doesn’t rate a phone call, and on and on and on and on.

    The “New Tone” speech, contrasted with his own tone…honestly. He’s had opportunity after opportunity to be a uniter and not a divider, and the temptation to be a jackass was obviously far too strong for him to resist.

    But then, especially after watching him for two terms, I don’t believe that he ever INTENDED to be the “uniter” he paid so much lip sevice to being.

  91. @ Rutherford per your request I’ve returned to offer my thoughts on the front end of your post.
    Back on 26 July 2014 I posted Thank You? The thing is you were never Welcome
    I think all things considered there is an apparently insurmountable obstacle,or set of them,between blacks and whites in America. Blacks can’t get over history or want to hold it like a club. Whites have been for some time sick of the forced issues regards tolerance etc. when it comes to black America. Not unlike old Chicago mayor Daley most whites simply can’t understand what’s up with blacks regards citizenship.
    Short end of the above is that I think your premise is polite and reasoned but basically missing a truth. America is racist at least on the black/white front.
    Disproportionate representation be it in the NFL or the prison system speaks volumes on the issue. Seems to me nobody be listening.
    Denial isn’t a river in Egypt.

  92. BIC glad to hear you’re rebuilding your practice.

    Yeah I suspect I’ll be more active on Facebook than I was before since I have trouble keeping my mouth shut.

    I will say that while I don’t think America was (or is) ready for a black president, it doesn’t absolve Obama from not playing his hand better than he did.

  93. As for America being ready for the black President we got…
    We got him through our own ignorance and incompetence. Obama was scripted from start to election. The running of Deval Patrick in MA for governor was a blatantly transparent trial effort by Axelrod & Co. right down to the “Yes We Can” slogan. Campaigning Obama on a mixed bag of progressive issues and timing the “euphoric” awakening of racial progress with Hope & Change was brazen in its arrogance and downright brilliantly devious.

    Very few POTUS’s have been “ready” for the job. It is an amazingly crushing position that We the People should be far more vigilant about when we hire.
    FWIW I do think Obama has been a terrible President,on par with Carter for sure. I base my views on different points than most of the Right does. In fact I find some of the things O has done that infuriates the Right are actually based in sound logic and are on a whole positive for the nation.

    Were we ready for him? Well sadly two wins would seem to dictate that we were. Was he ready for us? No f!@#ing way but he skipped through it.
    Regards this post. For sure get your money making on but come back and drop a post in January speaking on the transition.

  94. I’m happy for you, BIC.
    Obama broadcast before the first election that he was a divider. His record with such gems as the Gazebo to Nowhere and his failure to improve the lives of the people he worked for as a community organizer. The national press tended to hide the unpleasantness or they were not interested in learning the past of a living symbol.

    This country was not ready for the real Obama but they embraced the fake. Putin was certainly ready and willing to use the opportunities Obama gave him. He works fast because he knows circumstances will change with the next election.

    No one is perfect. I can think of things I agreed with. What is on your list?

    America is racist because humans evolved racism to survive competition of others. We can’t change human nature. We are all racists. We can only subdue our base instincts. America has muted the impulse more than most other countries have, but thanks to Obama and his allies the barriors are coming undone.
    Disproportionate representation in prisons and the NFL? Talent and culture.

  95. What I learned in bible study today.

    For those who haven’t heard, Washington State recently passed two laws. They legalized gay marriage and legalized marijuana. The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day makes perfect Biblical sense.

    Leviticus 20:13 says: “If a man lies with another man they should be stoned”

    There you have it. The answer is always in the Bible. You just have to interpret it right.

  96. re: Rutherford the asshole.

    Yes, R is perfectly capable of outrageous utterance when attacked. But he doesn’t throw the first blow. That’s the difference between him and those who do.



    Yes, do that very thing. Let her invite her buds. A giant echo-chamber of right-wing nutcases and pro-lifer professionals. Nothing like a giant circle-jerk to attract good talent and a diversity of views. Why, in no time she would have as many comments on each post as you do, Rutherford. Do you know how rare a thousand comments on a post is? Why do you think you get that, R? Think people want to hear what Clytie Mae has to say?

    That blog would be so interesting that it would last about as long as Pat Stayed in the Army.
    HOHOHOHOHOHOOOO. Hahahahah….Heeeeheeeee…

    Of course, if she would regale everybody with her tales of lesbian sex at Brown … a few people might read that for a week or two … hahahhhhhaaaaaaa…..

    Shit, Rutherford – you don’t even understand your own success, do you?

  97. Good for you, BIC. I’m surprised you find Facebook more rational, though. Facebook reinforced for me there are millions upon millions of utter and complete dunces in America alone. Why that’s surprising remains unclear, as they elected an ignorant asshole named Obama twice. Still, it leaves me breathless to understand there are legions of Two Dead Flies Just a Lurker times laying in wait.

    I got turned into the Feds this week, same day as the shooting. I guess “Bill” didn’t like my suggestion that the thought of me holding a gun to his skull was almost orgasmic to think about it. LOL. I expect my door to be kicked in any day now. I hope the Feds let me finish painting, though, and I get the couched centered correctly below the picture like I’m supposed to before they haul me off to languish in the slammer. I want the room to look nice for my wifey when she becomes a widow.

  98. I’m surprised you find Facebook more rational, though. Facebook reinforced for me there are millions upon millions of utter and complete dunces in America alone.<<<

    I could introduce you to a few people.

    One of my recent acquaintances is a British ex-pat, married to a southern evangelical Republican.

    He and I have been going round and round about “America’s insane gun control laws”. he’s right. They are insane, but not because we need more of them, as he asserts. But otherwise, he’s actually a fun guy to cross swords with.

  99. I really really really hate to throw in the towel on this gun control thing but I’m coming to the conclusion that we have a sick country. The desire for tighter gun control is NOT some sinister attempt to rob folks of their second amendment rights. It’s a Peter Pan solution to a problem too unfathomable to contemplate, namely that we CAN’T stop this. If a psycho wants to kill a bunch of people, he’s going to do it. Laws won’t keep guns out of his hand.

    The “fix” if there is one is a culture shift, both in the inner city and in the way we handle the mentally ill. Until then I must admit (and the liberal Gods will strike me dead for saying it) that official asshole Wayne Lapierre is right. The only answer for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with one.

    May the Ghost of Jim Brady have mercy on my soul.

  100. Hooray Rutherford! ” He felt safe with a loaded gun. Poor man’s warranty long life warranty.” Eva and Manu.

    I liked Parker’s stoned joke. “Everybody must get stoned.” Ha Ha BIC!

    Michele Malkin linked to the Center for Medical Progress Planned Parenthood videos. A few have over a million hits while others are in the single digit thousands.

    A contrast shows that the Estonian girl who vanished from social media almost six years ago has amassed over 13 million views for only four videos.

    Katy Perry’s satirical 2011 video “Last Friday Night” has accumulated over 250 million hits on one site alone.

    Rassal and Samata Tina joined to make a hip hop Lativian song and they also received more visits than the CMP videos.

    Swedish Sami singer Sofia Jannok amassed a fortune by turning shamanistic chants into pop music. Maybe she could help CMP.

    Until the national news providers honestly report ignorant people will outnumber the informed.

  101. I hope that’s a joke. Otherwise it’s pretty fucked up.

    No joke. I was being my typical smart ass self with a JAL type and he posted his complaint for good measure.

    Of course, the admission scared me so bad, I logged on and mocked him some more.

    Did I ever tell you about the time I pissed the insufferable Graychin off so sublimely on the T-World board (and you have to be a helluva lot more measured there than you do here), he was going to hire his ace lawyer friend to hunt me down because he had all the supporting documentation to have me ruined? That’s when you know you’ve got ‘um. LOL

    I guess after sleeping on it, Graychin changed his handle to his dead mother-in-law and never posted under Graychin again that I’m aware. And when I discovered that too and shared it, a few of us made his worthless life even more miserable for stealing his dead mother-in-law’s email.

    One of my prouder internet moments! 😛

  102. I read today where some of the more deranged Leftist groups are trying to pen a connection to this latest mass murdering scumbag with white supremacy. 🙄

    This demon was and is Obama, the race hustlers and Christian bigot’s worst nightmare.

    The desperation grows since some of the less irrational Progs are having a hard time explaining away why a white supremacist lived with his black mother and was sheltered in doing so – minus the 13 guns, of course. Frankly, the mother should be going to prison as accessory to murder IMO.

    All the telltale signs. Feminized male protected by overbearing mom, dad MIA, unattractive to the opposite sex, no friends to speak, loner, and in this case, probably autistic (apparently had a problem with sounds).

    Nobody wants to speak about the common pattern or why our culture keeps creating these demons.

    Once again, the “experts” will hand-wring in a mass jerk off, point to more gun laws, and never ask the right questions.

  103. “Yeah, I get a bit touchy when Rabbit calls the blog toilet paper.”

    Thats a pretty good description of pfessers use of it.

    “P.S. Hey even better Muffy. Email me privately and I’ll transfer ownership of the bar to you. I’m serious.”

    Fine. You have my email. Send it on over. I’ll close for you.


    She made that thing when you ran off in a drunk stupor and threatened to get the authorities invovled.

    Remember that? It was funny to us because of your hard scrabble coal mine back ground. We didn’t see that one coming.

    Then you emailed some of us wanting to set up a dual with Tex.


    Parker, don’t get me wrong. Ever since you came on here and said you allowed your grown up son to get a kitty cat, I knew you were a kind patriarch.

    Did the “boy” keep his end of the bargain? Or did you have to take away the x-box because of the over flowing litter box?

    I, for one, would engage you the mutual combat you requested only in a state where it is still legal and you were a willing participant.

    Perhaps we could do a mock dual at one your pagan solstice bon fires?

    Entertain the pierced nipple types?

    Like the entire gathering, it would be for the sake of Hipster irony of course.

  105. We do have a sick country, Rutherford. But the sick is much more serious than you imagine. It is sick at the very top and permeates the whole.

    Yeah, one more fake shooting perfectly timed to take over headlines once again. They get more obviously staged, but that has proved not to matter to Americans who are the most gullible culture of all time.

    It was on the teevee and the president says it’s so… . We believe! We believe!

    Got to keep the grab gun agenda going. Got to push the mental health scare. So common. So unoriginal. So lame, yet so effective. Sheep all.

  106. “Yeah, one more fake shooting perfectly timed to take over headlines once again. ”

    Oh….this one is fake too? Oh I didn’t know.

    You need help.

  107. It’s not so much about changing the gun laws as it is about changing the consequences and the rules. You will never stop the insane from mass murders. Today it’s guns before it was bombs This country has managed to control auto emissions, seat belt use, public smoking, DUI. etc.

    You can buy a car or a plane but you have to have a license to drive or fly. If you buy a gun you should have to provide a license to shoot before purchase. Of course that won’t stop the crazies but a lot would be ruled out during the licensing process. You have to have a license to hunt so restrict the gun purchased according to it’s intended use. It you want to trap shoot or be in competitive gun sports have a license for that particular gun. Just because I have a driver’s license doesn’t mean I’m allowed to drive a Peterbilt.

    You will always have the drunk driver but I don’t see banning alcohol or cars as the answer. Both the Right and the Left just run around like chickens with their heads wrung off.

  108. ” Of course that won’t stop the crazies but a lot would be ruled out during the licensing process.”

    How is that? You really think “a lot” could be ruled out?

    Fact. These shootings are rare and are the cost of freedom in a culturally diseased nation.

    For 40 years the left has scoffed at the traditional family. Tex is correct. The people who are doing this are almost always mentally defected with no father. They also have a victim complex.

    The feel sorry for me culture has engrossed this country.

    Take poolman. He’s obviously a sick person. Does Poolman get a gun?

    Hell…do I? You probably think I’m half baked too.

  109. Raji, you’re half right. But I believe even you miss the bigger picture.

    Guns are not the problem. Those are simply an instrument of death. Guns obviously make it easier to commit mass murder. But before there were ever guns, there was mass murder. Suicide bombers seldom use guns to assist their holocaust.

    We know from empirical evidence that strict gun control does not work, and in fact there is some good supporting evidence it actually encourages more gun violence: Chicago and D.C. two clear indicators of what does not work.

    Forgetting the underlying cause of the problem for one moment, understand that I also don’t think the proliferation of guns is the answer either. I have often noted I wish my friends from the NRA were as equally adamant in their defense of the 1st Amendment as they were their 2nd Amendment, usually much too their disappointment. While I side with the NRA concerning the foundations of The Constitution, I don’t believe the entire answer lies with the NRA’s suggestions either.

    This is a country that shares or at least in theory has shared, the greatest individual liberties and freedoms the world has ever known. While we are a nation of laws, we are also a nation that in theory was intended to provide the greatest latitudes of personal choice. With personal choice and freedom, there is also the greatest chances of misuse of choice and freedom. When we pervert those freedoms and tolerate lawlessness and irresponsibility, chaos follows. The value of a human life is no longer held as sacred as it once did. Something is radically wrong with our national psyche.

    I believe in our folly and our national arrogance, always under the guise of mercy and political correctness mind you by pandering politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, personal responsibility has been rendered mostly moot in the name of political expediency.

    This mother and father had to have known their son terribly troubled, yet they chose either to shelter, excuse and hide the problems, or in the feckless father’s case, to simply abandon the son. The size of this country being what it is, it only follows that a small percentage of the insane, and this young man was insane, are going to act out.

    The problem in this country concerning this epidemic of mass murder is obvious. The problem is not guns, nor too few laws.

    The problem is of the national persona and heart. And until we are willing to address the real issues, seeking real treatment for the sick, holding people accountable, deescalating the glorification of violence, believing fame the highest calling, these tragedies are going to continue to escalate.

  110. If anyone cares about the murder rate via guns, the conversation should be about gangs. Gangs. Gangs. Gangs.

    There are more guns in this country then people. 50% of households have one.

    Random shootings are like lightenting strikes. Very rare.

    Gangland murders are every night. By the end of this weekend….there will probably be hundred young men shot. I made that state up but I doubt few here would bet the under. Gangs. Gangs. Gangs.

  111. Good logic Ragi . My wife had to take classes before she got a permit to carry concealed. My being a veteran exempted me.

    However, one thing bothers me. Owners of licenses are public. If anyone can learn who has weapons and who hasn’t could that information be used against gun owners? What if you have a trap shooting license for a gun and you need to shoot a home invader with a pistol not licensed for self defense? I basically agree with you, but these questions bother me. Do you have answers?

    I agree most of the right and left care more for their agendas than dead bodies.

  112. Does Poolman have the right to a gun?

    I have to admit I have no idea how to define Mr. Poolman. He can be utterly brilliant occasionally in his personal observations, some of which I have come to agree with, off his rocker most of the time. He’s one of the hardest people I have ever read, but in my morbid curiosity, I would love to observe him. I can’t help but find him interesting, but so sick to not warrant consideration for personal friendship.

    I have said on more than one occasion, I think Mr. Poolman as he portrays himself here is a sociopath. Rational people don’t believe every conspiracy, don’t discount death so easily, are ‘attuned’ to subliminal messaging. Mr. Poolman is a strange brew of yahoo and brilliant, emotional deranged sometimes, demonstrating sincere warmth others.

    As a Christian, I can tell you on more than one occasion, many of the people I used to meet in church manifested some of the same symptoms. Many of these Leftists are wrong in concluded the dumb people congregate at a church. Believe me when I tell you the church caters to every type – even sociopaths.

    But the critics are right many of the sickest people I’ve ever met could quote scripture and play church too, in attendance every week and mean as badgers – from the surly to the sanguine.

    Rabbit, I can honestly say I have no idea how to reach a conclusion about Poolman holding a lethal weapon.

  113. I just realized something. There are a few who frequent here who I am absolutely sure believe will tell you I just described myself. 😆 Including the blog owner, so I’ll beat him to the punch.

  114. I don’t know if Poolman should have a gun. It may depend on the day.

    My cousin was so brilliant he was able to retire at thirty. He was mild mannered and witty. My cousin found ten acres in Oklahoma and created a garden spot.

    A weakness was his hostility toward loud noises. He may have been borderline schizophrenic. People ignored possible signs because he was so much fun to be with.

    A local high school football hero enjoyed taunting him by riding his motorcycle back and forth in front of his house at night.

    His father died suddenly at breakfast. Several days after the funeral my cousin was back home to finish mowing the lawn where he had stopped when a phone call told him his father was dead.

    We were there to get his stuff and saw the signs. A second interruption showed in the lawn when the teenager heckled my cousin with his motorcycle.

    A motorist saw the two men arguing by the side of the road. A second motorist saw two dead men. My cousin apparently snapped, shot the young man and then himself.

    Retrospect tells us my cousin shouldn’t have owned a gun because he over reacted to a bad day.
    He was fine on other days. I’m guessing thousands of gun owners are the same as my cousin.

    Therefor, I have no opinion on whether or not any one of us here should own a gun.

  115. “Therefor, I have no opinion on whether or not any one of us here should own a gun.”

    Not even yourself?

  116. James if we put aside issues of manipulated propaganda, the main reason the CMP vids get fewer hits than pop videos is that they are painful to watch. Part of what fueled my anger at Tigre was I had to watch the stuff over and over and over to verify what was and was not there.

    Now you may counter that adults should be able to confront this stuff without being squeamish but it doesn’t work that way.

  117. There are a few who frequent here who I am absolutely sure believe will tell you I just described myself. 😆 Including the blog owner, so I’ll beat him to the punch.

    That cracked me up.

  118. Of course that won’t stop the crazies but a lot would be ruled out during the licensing process. You have to have a license to hunt so restrict the gun purchased according to it’s intended use. It you want to trap shoot or be in competitive gun sports have a license for that particular gun. Just because I have a driver’s license doesn’t mean I’m allowed to drive a Peterbilt.

    You’re missing a lot which is very material to a legal analysis here.

    “Shall not be infringed” means that we as a people are already putting up with unconstitutional restrictions. The only restirctions should be whether I can afford it, and whether I can physically operate it. That’s IT.
    You make a comparison to operation of motor vehicles…but no one has a CONSTITUTIONAL right to operate a motor vehicle, which is precisely why we can impose restrictions and licensing. Outcomes are also not treated the same way, although both are simply inanimate objects being controlled by people. When a driver runs into a bus and kills and/or injures multiple people, we’re not subjected to irrational and inane cries to ban everyone else’s right to own and operate a car.
    The right which is unequivically guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment is not predicated on “need” or any specific use. This is a feature, not a bug, as the people most responsible for it were kind enough to tell us in their writings and correspondence.

    I keep hearing a lot about “crazy people control”, but this isn’t something that should be rushed into either for at least three reasons I can think of.

    The first would be that I think there is a strong argument that the average person is no more capable of recognizing crazy than they are of recognizing evil, which is most often defined by default as “standing between me and something that I want”.

    The second would be that those who are supposed to be mental health professionals keep putting clown noses on their profession when they advocate for normalizing conditions and behaviors which are NOT normal, in ways that demonstrate that they are willing to prostitute the integrity of what they do to advance ideologies rather than objective measures and standards,

    The third would be that “mental health” has previously been used by unscrupulous political leaders in history to render opponents voiceless, and indefinately incarcerated, most recently used as such to great effect in the Soviet Union, and given the recent activies of VA and California officials to use “mental health” to strip veterans of their 2nd Amendment rights, as well as the general corruption and abuses of the federal government brought to light over the last 6 years, I’m very weary of providing shameless ideologues with additional powers to be abused.

  119. Rabbit, during my time of troubles I “knew” my projected life span was less than a migrating Monarch butterfly’s. Weapons were plentiful on my base, and my first impulse was to get a pistol. I wore a bold front, but I had never been so scared. It was the wrong frame of mind for me to have carried a lethal weapon.

    However, I was afraid I would panic and shoot before I needed to. I would be the one facing a murder charge.

    Therefore, I carried a knife. My intent was to let them attack first so I could legitimately declare self defense. I expected I would die, but I would take some with me. I was at peace then. They did try to kill me three times, but indirectly. They weren’t very good at it.

    I made the right decision in extremis, so I think I am worthy to carry a weapon.

    I suppose you are right Rutherford. I have seen too much for the videos to sicken me. They just make me sad and angry.

  120. BIC, serious question: why has the 2nd amendment not been amended to remove the reference to militias? My understanding is that the current interpretation of the 2nd applying to every citizen is fairly recent.

  121. “Then you emailed some of us wanting to set up a dual with Tex.”

    I read this nearly 30 minutes ago and I am still laughing about it

  122. James, although you’ve written about it at length it finally dawned on me that you were “the enemy” among your own people when you were in the service. And then you returned to the States to get the usual Vietnam era disdain from your fellow citizens.

    How has that impacted your sense of patriotism when your “band of brothers” were anything but and your country did not honor your service?

  123. BIC, serious question: why has the 2nd amendment not been amended to remove the reference to militias? My understanding is that the current interpretation of the 2nd applying to every citizen is fairly recent.

    First, “militias” as the term meant at the time meant every able-bodied male. This was clearly understood by those most responsible for the language in the first place, even PREDATING the actual text of the 2nd Amendment.

    Secondly, it was contemplated that militias would be a check on standing armies employed by the government.

    When you read what Madison, Hamiliton, and prominent Anti-Federalists had to say on the subject, it should be painfully obvious that the first clause contemplated a collective right of the people, being the militia, as well as an individual right of citizens. Heller and McDonald only confirmed this, as the question had never been presented to the court before. (Arguably because misunderstanding of the meaning and the rationale is largely a recent development, and one deliberately fostered, at that.)

    You can get some insight into this by my 7-part post “Because “MUSKETS!” and other inexecusably stupid excuses.” They are all short, and even if you read slowly, it shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to read them all.

  124. The less serious answer is that the same people who want to change (i.e. eliminate or render meaningless the 2nd Amendment) don’t bother with Amending anything. They simply get unelected jurists to redefine black to white to get the result that they are incapable of achieving through pursuasion of their fellow citizens.

  125. That’s right Rutherford. I was new on the base so I had not made any firm connections. New friends deserted me. Out of fear or new found anti snitching attitudes? Who cares? They turned against me. My leaders who had promised to protect me decided my being hurt would enhance the cause and allow them to press heavier charges. Our squadron got out of control.

    After it blew over, a girl I knew came in sick. She was afraid she was going to die. I told her she would be fine. Two hours later, she was dead. The girl had spinal mennegitis. We discussed quarantining ourselves, and our detail disinfected everything the girl and doctors had touched. Each of us had the least time in grade. I had recently made SSGT, so I was number two in command. The chief was a young nurse who had been on duty for a week.

    I am gregarious, and several of us were joking and teasing. The nurse said to an air man. “You two must be good friends.” “Yes,” he said, “but he is everyone’s friend.” I thought, ” I am nobody’s friend.”

    I still feel that way. I have no sense for a band of brothers, but I am patriotic, not because of the people but for what our country represents. I belong to the American Legion and Vietnam Veterans of America mostly out of the same sense of charity I give to organizations which help the poor. I don’t attend meetings.

    Before our grand daughter was born, I shot a rifle in occasional honor guards. The others wore white gloves and military hats . I had no gloves and I wore a baseball cap. When I left the Air Force, I wore my military ribbons backward. The commander thought it was funny.

    I have told you only one high point. The rest is hidden. Not even my children know what I have vented on line. Many people seem to like me, and I am active and chair several organizations, but I want to be alone. The times when I come home from Omaha to watch the house, I am at least two miles from the nearest human. It is pure heaven.

  126. I agree with BIC about the courts . We need to elect more Republicans as we have been doing.

    The right to own arms was a big deal because the colonists understood that their British government intended to make them unable to defend themselves by taking their weapons. They wanted to insure that would never happen.
    Many of our leaders are now equivalent to the British government.

  127. Hey Rutherford, what do you think of trans-handicapped people?

    Just read about a fat slob who purposely blinded herself because she self identifies as a blind person.

  128. Rabbit, don’t know if that’s a joke but if it’s a legit phenomenon, then it’s crazy — and pretty self-destructive to boot.

    My mother, completely able bodied, self-identified as disabled to the extent that she was hyper-aware of what I was going through. Even when I was an adult, if she noticed a sudden dip in the sidewalk, she’d warn me just in case I hadn’t seen it. Of course there is a difference between identifying with the challenges of your loved ones and actually thinking you are challenged in the same way. The latter is a bit nutty.

  129. Excellent rebuttal, BIC. Your point is well taken. No James I don’t have the answers. I agree with Tex’s summation but don’t see morality issues changing anytime soon. Rabbit probably made the best statement – “Gangs, Gangs, Gangs.

  130. “Oh, and the license for hunting has to do with management of wildlife resources, NOT the ownership or use of the firearm itself”- BIC

    Oh I am very aware of that fact as I live among hunters but was proposing a different concept that doesn’t currently exist. The hunters I know would not object to having to pass a test to obtain a license allowing them ownership of a gun. All of their children take the youth courses required to hunt as least in my state. We also hold an annual picnic on youth day so the 6-11 year old’s can brag about their kill which is then processed into meat for the family.

  131. Lol….I was correct about the interest rate and will be correct when P.O.S Hillary becomes prez thanks to an ignorant nation and absolutely sleezy Democratic Party. But…I didn’t think Rutherford was really shutting this place down.

    I kind of like the idea of letting a post collapse under its own weight.

  132. Poolman, seriously, if you don’t already watch The Blacklist, you need to — it is right up your alley. The season premiere featured this dude who floods social media with updates about events that never happened, convincing the “sheeple”, as you put it, that the event really did happen. I was watching it on my TiVo last night and immediately thought of you. LOL

  133. I was a moderator on one of the gathering sites I mentioned earlier. The administrator decided to quit and appointed me in his place.

    No one really knew, but I had no clue about what I was doing, and I still don’t. I quit the forum after another year and a half and said good bye to my e friends. I checked six months later. The site was gone.

  134. Rabbit, you have to admit the post about Philly was pretty stupid by the poster, spoof or not. We are living in weird times. Better to be a bit careful what you post for all to see — particularly right after a school shooting.

  135. James I need to research how to archive the site (at least the articles, not the comments). More than 500 articles over 8 years is a lot to toss in the toilet (toilet paper or not) — and a few of those articles I’m quite proud of. So, if WP does decide to kill this thing for lack of use eventually, I’d like to have my “work” tucked away somewhere,

    I know about “blog2print” but I’m pretty sure its costly. I looked into it years ago when I contemplated taking the better posts and publishing an e-book,

  136. Just read Huck’s article. Lady was a nutjob and a half but the psychologist who poured drain cleanser in her eyes needs a quick trip to the lockup.

    Can you imagine a “woman trapped in a man’s body” discussing “her” feelings with her GP and the dude gets out his knife and cuts “her” dick off? WTF???

  137. This bar is reading like a hospice. My commemoration of the nearing end is this, especially for Rutherford who put it all together before we disappear for good.

  138. Archive? Dude…throw it away and pretend it never happened.

    Why would you want to archive being humiliated by MSNBC led tripe for nearly a decade? Or is this a lesson for your daughter to one day read?

    You were played a fool time and time again, nearly wrong about everything. When I say wrong…I mean so wrong you even concede it. Trapped wrong. Check mated wrong.

    I do think archiving your creepy fan boy fascist emo love for early Obama needs to serve as a reminder just how low we are all capable of stooping when we fall for snake oil demigauages. Scary.

  139. Ewwwww James, I had to stop that video. Painful to listen to. Not heart wrenching — painful to the eardrums.

    BTW, in the signoff of my last post I put in a bit of Polish in honor of Rabbit and some Finnish in honor of you James — I forgot what language Sammi’s speak. 🙂

  140. Well Rabbit, let’s look at it this way. There are literally millions of folks who share my political bent. And millions of folks far more in denial about Obama than I am. I think the blog is a testament to a bit (maybe a tiny bit) of evolution on my part.

    You mocked my wife going to a career conference because it was hosted by an MSNBC personality. You didn’t mock my going to see former RNC leader Michael Steele. In fact, you applauded it. Seems pretty partisan to me that I’m only worthy of consideration when I cater to your political tastes.

    This blog was my best attempt (sometimes better than others) to profess a political ideology with which I identify. And oddly enough, I never meant the blog to be about politics or about race. Yet both my first post in 2007 (https://rutherfordl.wordpress.com/2007/09/25/the-gena-six-how-does-the-discussion-get-past-go/) was about race and so was my last one.

  141. “You mocked my wife going to a career conference because it was hosted by an MSNBC personality.”

    Man, just for fear of lawsuits alone, I wouldn’t hire anyone who goes to these kind of hyper aware gender or race victim-fests. I can’t be the only one. Not being political here, R.

  142. I vaguely remember you going to see Steele. I remember thinking you did it for the sake of journalism or something.

    In fairness, I’m so burnt out on politics and the news, I couldn’t imagine going to see any of them.

  143. hyper aware gender or race victim-fests.

    No wonder you found it “fucked up”. You don’t understand it. I wasn’t there but from what I understand there was no male-bashing going on nor any “woman as victim” rhetoric. No one was advised to take “the man” to court to get anything. It was about empowerment. I know for a fact you’ve been to “motivational” sessions for how to be a better teacher. You may have found it puke-worthy but it was no different from what my wife attended. It was about maximizing your value.

    And I assure you, my wife didn’t need the session as badly as some of the women there. I think you haven’t a clue how many women feel lost as far as building a career is concerned.

  144. Is that a dude singing “My Heart will go on”? LOL. Unlike Rutherford, I don’t believe the voice was that bad. But it was like me singing, “I Feel Like a Woman.” 🙂

  145. Dude….I’m telling you. Attending shit like that would be a major red flag for me.

    If you were putting together a bad ass team for an aggressive but promising new business, would you ever hire any one who you knew was so acutely aware of their gender/race in relation to their career that they went to a conference put on by race and gender obsessed MSNBC?

    No way.

    Believe it or not, I’ve only gone to one ra ra thing like that.

    My wife just had a miscarriage and I refused to participate.

  146. As an addendum to what I just said to Rabbit, I will acknowledge that the worst thing for women in the work place is other women. They fight like cats. And sadly, many women who manage men think they have to take on the worst traits of men to be effective.

    I was very lucky. In my 24 years in corporate I worked for four women (one was indirectly) and only one of them was a stone cold beeeyatch. Unfortunately for me, she was my undoing. I wish her nothing but the worst life has to offer. 😊

  147. Sorry about the video, Rutherford. The fifteen year old Ukrainian boy was off key, but the judges and audience entertained me.

    Thanks for the Finish. The Sami speak six or more regional languages related to Finish. It is debatable but possible that the Sami are the parent population of Finns.

    I hope you can archive some of your blog. The political and social commentary make it an historical document.

    Our historical preservation committee recorded an oral history in 1995. Video tape copies went to county libraries and schools. Three years ago, I hand copied the verbage onto paper, and my wife put it on a cd. We got a grant to put the book on paper and distributed it.

    Its a stretch but remotely possible that a local historical society might view this blog as a document worth preserving if you gave them the right sales pitch. You could copy and publish the best of your blog as we did the oral history if you had two months of eight hour days to kill.

    Our historical Society helped a bit, but our advantage is that I am chair of the society and our CLG organization which republished the book. I also promoted the concept in my two columns. Still, you never know until you try.

  148. Yes, Tex, he is a fifteen year old Ukrainian boy. he got better toward the end. I think he was nervous. My wife asked “does he know he is gay” “Not that there is anything wrong with that.” I don’t know or care.

    Re Obama’s JV. We need but won’t have a Woodward and Bernstein investigation of the Iranian nuclear negotiations and Russian incursions in the region. The suspicious suddeness of Russia’s actions and the administration’s apparent surprise suggest Obama knew more than he was telling to push the nuclear negotiations.

  149. I’ve been building a chicken coop today. Mrs poolman has been wanting chickens for a long time. It started out as 3. I think we are up to 5. I can’t remember the types. Fresh eggs, she says. It should be fun. She want to raise rabbits too. Not for the eggs, though. We’ll see how that works out.

  150. I prefer to work for women. Right now the Chair and Asst Chair of my department are both women and we get along great.

    It might help that I spent a great deal of time with grandma during my formative years, but I have never had a problem working with or for women.

  151. I’m guessing its you and other disillusioned libs that are using screamintothevoid.com.

    We hang out at wetoldyouso.com.

  152. “And I assure you, my wife didn’t need the session as badly as some of the women there. I think you haven’t a clue how many women feel lost as far as building a career is concerned.”

    Then take it from the MSNBC affront to feminism, Bubbles Brzezinski. A study in entitlement, nepotism, vanity, and advancement of the truly un-gifted teevee personality with a lukewarm intellect and an MSNBC advanced marketing agenda.

    Hell, I feel empowered by the glow of Bubble’s stunning makeup application and workout routine.

    I don’t remember anyone applauding your attendance at the Michael Steele event. I do remember you applauding yourself though. Wasn’t it some other MSNBC sponsored thing? I see he’s a regular on there now. I’m guessing he’s been declared not an evil monster.

  153. From wetoldyouso.com, Putin’s forces are destroying ISIS bases and next he will send in 150,000 troops. Iran is reportedly aiming missiles at the US. Putin, when this ends will have achieved a years old Russian ambition, to be the major influence in the Middle East.

    I’m not intending racial

    imagry, but compared to Putin, Obama is a petulant boy. He is the Ukrainian singer I posted. I am not besmirching the boy with petulant because I don’t know his personality, but the term fits Obama.

    Elizabeth Warren who has attracted a few favorable comments pressured the Brookings Institute to fire a Democratic economist because he criticized one of her economic plans.

    Bernie Sanders would have the government take over the education system.

    We told you so.

  154. I don’t remember anyone applauding your attendance at the Michael Steele event.

    Oh well, not the first time your memory failed. Go back and read the post I wrote about it and then check the comments.

    No, the event had no connection to MSNBC. As I recall, it was part of a speakers series sponsored by the college he spoke at.

    Mika is not the brightest bulb in the room but I sense she’s worked hard for everything she’s gotten. And of course, she wasn’t the only speaker at the event.

  155. Rutherford my understanding of blogs on wordpress,especially those ending in .wordpress.com is that YOU BUILT IT but YOU DON’T OWN IT.
    Whether or not the Automatic people,bots etc. get around to freeing their server of some space is something that really happens or not is beside the point. I’ve landed on wordpress blogs that have final entries of 2005 so I doubt your stuff is going anywhere. Your ability to get it though and save it yourself somewhere is not really possible.

  156. iCloud for archiving 😆
    Worse case scenario…go back and copy/paste and archive your own folder until you decide what to do with it.

  157. “Oh well, not the first time your memory failed. Go back and read the post I wrote about it and then check the comments.”

    Okaaaay. . .

    This is as close as it gets, and it’s the only one.

    “Damn, I ask if Rutherford wrote the last blog while taking a dump and he responds by interviewing Micheal Steele. Well done, sir.

    dead rabbit , September 21, 2012 at 10:54 pm”


    Hardly a standing ovation from the crowd here.

    And as I also correctly recalled, it was mostly you patting your own back.

  158. As for the MSNBC connection, it seems that came from you. 😆 😆 😆

    “At the risk of being labeled a “suck-up” I prefaced my question to the Chairman by saying he should have his own show on MSNBC. If the President of MSNBC, Phil Griffin happens to read this … the ball is in your court Sir.”

    That was fun. Thanks for the invite travel that road one more time.

  159. “Mika is not the brightest bulb in the room but I sense she’s worked hard for everything she’s gotten.”

    Yes, her daddy worked hard for everything the entitled bimbo has gotten. She’s a real force. 🙄

  160. My last resort suggestion recording the blog is possible but maybe not practical. It would end up yours, and it would be tangible. You could hold it in your hands.

  161. And as I also correctly recalled, it was mostly you patting your own back.

    Huh – I wrote my assessment of the event and what I thought of Steele’s presentation. What back patting are you referring to? As for Rabbit’s “Well done Sir”, coming from Rabbit that is high praise.

    Don’t belabor the point jackass. For once, let this one go. You’re insufferable.

    Now, more important things — when are you going to sample “Grinder”?

  162. As for the MSNBC connection, it seems that came from you. 😆 😆 😆

    Yeah, Steele was and is an MSNBC “consultant”. That’s not why he was there. And I stand by the comment you quoted. If MSNBC needed to fill a quota, Steele would have been a much better host than Al Sharpton.

    You know, you’re almost as bad as the folks who call black GOP’ers Uncle Toms. If the dude is moderate and appears on MSNBC, he doesn’t count – he’s a RINO.

    But this was your problem with Huntsman too. I’m guessing you have the same problem with Kasich. Hell, even Bush is selling a 21st century version of compassionate conservatism. That must really bunch up your boxers! 🙂

  163. Yes, her daddy worked hard for everything the entitled bimbo has gotten. She’s a real force. 🙄

    Do you actually know anything about her? I don’t think starting in local TV news is exactly capitalizing on Daddy’s name. John McCain’s daughter started higher in the food chain.

    When’s the last time your wife socked you in the jaw? It’s gotta happen on at least a monthly basis.

  164. I will pray that at some point in your adult life you’ll turn off the fucking MSNBC and think for yourself.

    I will not hold my breath but I will pray.

    In the meantime, I will let it go since I scanned the comments and you didn’t. But I will not pretend Bubbles earned her position or advancement. You can pretend all you want otherwise.

  165. BTW, R, it doesn’t help your cause that you are so so thin skinned about criticisms of your broadcast window on the world that you ought to have a reservoir tip. The fact that it does employ Sharpton pretty well ends the debate.

  166. Let’s not forget the charismatic Chlesea Clinton hire for NBC. She sure earned that with her hard-hitting interviews of the Geico gecko and Stella McCartney.

  167. But I will not pretend Bubbles earned her position or advancement. You can pretend all you want otherwise.

    Serious question. Isn’t the child of every famous person suspect from a nepotism pov and how fair is that?

    As for your prayers, I hope you’re on good terms with the Almighty. Otherwise I might be doomed to a lifetime of MSNBC. 😳😳😳

  168. I’m not at all thin skinned about MSNBC. Criticize them all you want. At least 40% of the time your critiques are on point.

    I’m thin skinned about being called a mindless idiot who believes everything I see on MSNBC and who can’t think for himself.

  169. LOL was the Chelsea hire a blink and you miss it thing? I certainly never knew about it.

    I know she has a job at the Foundation and she worked at McKinsey when I was at IBM and she was not well liked.

    I googled and was surprised to learn she was indeed on the NBC payroll for about 4 years. Damn, news to me.

  170. “Serious question. Isn’t the child of every famous person suspect from a nepotism pov and how fair is that?”

    Yes. And fair to whom?

    Let’s see. In the last ten years, MSNBC and NBC News found high-paying on-air jobs for Chelsea Clinton, Jenna Bush, Ron Reagan, Luke Russert and Ronan Farrow.

    That’s a stellar line up there.

    Bubbles the airhead hardly bucks the trend.

  171. Hell, I feel empowered by the glow of Bubble’s stunning makeup application and workout routine.

    ** GUFFAW **

    Hell yes!!! That’s how I feel about Hillary’s multicolored pant suit wardrobe. I’m guess she sleeps in one.

  172. Yes. And fair to whom?

    Fair to the child. Now you’re pretty famous even though we don’t know your identity. Is it fair to your kids that somebody is gonna assume they rode Daddy’s coattails?

  173. Ha. Whatever notoriety I have is unlikely to land my children any sweetheart, pay-for-access jobs like Bubbles and her connected friends.

    However, if it did, and they did “ride my coattails,” I would certainly like for them to have the best ’cause that’s what’s dad do. But that doesn’t mean that if they sold themselves as though they didn’t have the advantage while receiving special treatment I would be very pleased with them. If they were admired for achievements that did not obtain, I would not be too pleased with them. Even worse, if they didn’t recognize the advantage they had I would be none too pleased.

    Now truth be known, I piss excellence. Therefore, my superior genes will likely have been handed down and they will therefore piss excellence too. Can’t fight mother nature. 😆

    There’s no shortage of worthless children of the rich and famous. I’m comfortable with my assumptions when I don’t see the talent to back up the position. Ever pay to see a Jaden Smith movie?

  174. Sometimes riding coat tails works. Alexander the Great did pretty well by his father Philip of Macedonia. Donald Trump has surpassed his father, I think.

    Magen McCain has a late night talk show, and she seems alright.She wouldn’t have the job if not for her well-known father.

    She puts me to sleep, and that is good. She is trying to convince her father to support money to protect our electric grid from a solar flare or nuclear attack. Magen and a Coast to Coast host are friends, and he convinced her of the risk.

  175. America was not ready for a black president. Blah blah. Blah.

    Rutherford….do have any conception of how bad Putin has humiliated Obama and weakened American security in the last week?

    Obama will go down in history like Napoleon III did against the crafty Bismarck.

    We warned you.

    What a joke. Russian special forces slaughtering CIA backed “moderates”.


  176. I think Trump is onto something. Putin, knock yourself out. Have a ball. Obama should stfu and let Vlad do his thing.

    The central folly to our Syrian “strategy” from the outset was we never could tell the good guys from the bad guys. We know nothing about the so called moderate opposition. Assad goes and we have another Libya.

    I say the good guys are the ones who back the sovereign government and EVERYBODY else gets bombed – the “moderate opposition” and ISIL. That’s what Putin is doing and I say bravo!

  177. As I get back into my business, I’ve been attending more webinars to immerse myself back in that world. Two I attended today (picked pretty randomly) both cracked me up.

    One was an MLM scheme. MLM’s are funny because the product is always secondary to “building your team”. The webinar I attended today was for folks already in the pyramid and after an hour, I still didn’t know what the product was. 😂😂😂

    The second webinar was the kicker though. This one emanated from London. The topic appeared to be applying the laws of attraction to business. Boy was I wrong. It was to teach you how to be a “day gamer”. Have you folks heard of this daygame thing? It’s how to talk to a woman during the day so you can get her in bed by night. This webinar, delivered with complete sincerity, had such gems as “if you talk to her with an elevating inflection in your voice, you will never see her naked.”

    My wife wanted to know if I learned anything from it. 😂😂😂😂

  178. We should not have tried to topple Assad as we did the other despots. Since we did, we should have tried harder. Don’t fight a half-hearted war. Obama made a mistake by leading from behind.

    Russia plans to send in 150,000 troops and is bombing the snot out of the insurgents. We should have done that or done nothing. Putin is not trying to stop with Syria. He wants to dominate the Middle East and push the US out. It is a developing disaster.

    Vlad is the man. Barry is the Ukrainian boy.

  179. I have had more women hit on me in the last 6 months then I have had in my entire life.

    Hell…I think there have been years when it didn’t happen.

    I’d say I’m attracting a new demographic (the divorced sex crazed middle aged woman) but it hasn’t always been this type.

    Its happened right in front of my wife…too.

    My wife’s theory is that my face looks less fat because I’m getting old.

    My brothers theory is that I’m accidently dressing hip (a “lumbersexual” he calls me).

    I do have to go tanning sometimes because of my psoriasis.

    Man would these women be disgusted if they saw my psoriasis patches on my back.

  180. “He wants to dominate the Middle East and push the US out. It is a developing disaster.”

    It really is.

    The worst possible foriegn policy is thinly veiled isolationsim while you half ass war.

    Rutherford is incapable of seeing this for what it is…

    Obama ran the second campaign on the fact he defeated the stink beards (total lie) and Russia isn’t a threat.

    Russia is now taking over the stink beards.

  181. Man would these women be disgusted if they saw my psoriasis patches on my back.

    The one joy of marriage among others is no longer having to worry about having a gross body.

  182. Again I say yipeeeeee! Let Russia dominate the whole region so we can once and for all wash our hands of the crazy motherfuckers. We don’t even need their oil like we did before, do we?

  183. “Russia dominate the whole region so we can once and for all wash our hands of the crazy motherfuckers.”

    You have no idea about how the world works.

  184. You have no idea about how the world works.

    Please elaborate.

    Let’s start with this. Do you think, all things considered, Russia is more like us or more like ISIL? More like us or more like insane Muslim theocracies?

    I understand Russia is not our buddy. But I ask again, better to have Russia kick the “stinkbeard’s” ass or have your boy die doing it?

    Along these same lines, given the choice, I’d prefer to live in Moscow than Kabul. What about you?

  185. You know, Rutherford, I’ve always admired those who knew when it was over and had the resolve to just end it: The Beatles, Bill Withers, Hemingway. Then there were the pathetic ones who did not: Ali, Joe Louis – sad, stumbling fools trying to squeeze out the last drop.

    As for your plan to allow Clytie Mae to preside over the rotting flesh – paraphrasing Eliot:

    This is the way the blog ends
    This is the way the blog ends
    This is the way the blog ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

    What a sad way to cap off years of fine work.

    Pleasure knowing you. Au revoir.

  186. Rutherford, read Betsys Page today. Her links show just how bad the Democratic candidates are. Biden, for example, used his dead son as an emotional prop to lay the ground work for running.

    Putin is a tough, intelligent, ruthless man who survived the inner workings of the KGB. Obama is the Ukrainian boy in a dull form. You would surrender us to the tender mercies of the Russians? Russians are a lot like us, its true, but they are tougher and meaner.

    Middle Eastern oil is less important to us that it was but many countries still depend on it. We also have China also competing for resources and influence. They could easily ally with Russia.

    Russians would love to own the new linguafranca. I think Russian is harder to learn than Spanish or German.

  187. If I go to my grave without ever seeing or experiencing another flash mob it will not be enough to erase the damage done by your video posts, James. Yes, I can avert my eyes (and ears). I choose not to watch anything labeled “flash mob” or that appears to be another teenage Scandinavian girl. But knowing that you are scouring the net looking for these videos for your own form of “Rick Rolling” is more than I can bear.

    Please. Stop the insanity. Before this blog breathes its last breath and you slide unchecked ever deeper into the abyss. There’s not much time. Save yourself. You have a family that is counting on you to have a pair. It’s time to let it go and reacquaint yourself with your masculine side. We’ve all seen what happened to Bruce Jenner. Don’t be THAT guy.

    Thor, you’re an enabler. Don’t be THAT guy either.

  188. I understand Russia is not our buddy. But I ask again, better to have Russia kick the “stinkbeard’s” ass or have your boy die doing it?

    You invariably ask the wrong questions and draw the wrong conclusions. What you ought to be asking yourself is are you comfortable with Russia and Iraq controlling the entire Middle East, from the oil, to the premium shipping lanes, to the strategic jumping points, to Russia assisting all of Shia with a nuclear arsenal.

    Of course, Russia is using Assad as a puppet to reestablish itself. We fought a 60 year cold war to stop this, and now you and your feckless President want to not only give that up but hand the spread of totalitarianism to Asia, Africa, and eventually Europe.

    If you believe things Rabbit is absolutely right, Rutherford. You don’t understand how the world works and you most certainly don’t understand the historical precedents.

  189. With Syria, the stupid of it all was believing there were moderate rebels to support, which we did with training, weapons, and vehicles. This made up bullshit proved itself as such and should have quickly landed that enabler McCain behind American bars where his songbird skills would not provide him any special treatment. This time. Traitor John. His true colors always shining through.

    So now Russia is decimating the ‘rebel army’ that kept growing during our bombing campaign. Seems we were bombing infrastructure all along rather than any rebels and their weapons. Oh, and occasional wedding parties. We like bombing those. And the double tap. Always more exciting when we blast those trying to help those who have just been blasted. Fuck’n A! Moral arbitrators that we are.

    I’m now certain America is the vehicle to bring about the nwo and has become the greatest threat to freedom and world peace. “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”

  190. Parker, for what it’s worth, Muffy has no desire to “preside over the rotting flesh”. Once this thread fills up, you’ll have to open your Yellow Pages (or whatever it’s called in Australia 😏) and find a new bar.

    Maybe Tex will welcome you at Tulsa World? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  191. I think Russian is harder to learn than Spanish or German.

    Having taken both Spanish and German, I can tell you Russian is harder than Spanish. German? Not 100% sure.

  192. Rutherford, I don’t KNOW Russian is harder to learn than Spanish or German. I have read that it is because English is in the German family with a combination of Romance language influences. It was fairly easy for me to pick up a little German and Spanish by osmosis, but the Slavic languages were like a brick wall. Thus, I assume Russian is harder to learn.

  193. I’m the first to admit I’m no genius on FP — although I’m probably smarter than John McCain and Lindsay Graham 🙂 .

    Since I’m an admitted neophyte in the area, let’s take it in bite size chunks. Does anyone believe Putin wants Shia domination? I think Putin wants to fend off radical Islam — and it appears right now he’s the only player with the balls to do it. How about Obama either shutting TFU or saying to Vlad “hey, we are with you. Assad is the least of several evils right now, let’s kick ass together.”

  194. Russian also has that weird alphabet. 🙂

    Language is an interesting thing. One of the things I may pursue in the next life besides being a radio talk show host and a rock drummer is being a linguist. And no, not a cunning one.

    English is a Germanic language, as you say James. Yet I find it so much more similar to the romance languages. Very odd indeed.

  195. According to the Foreign Service Institute, Russian is a Category IV (out of V) language, having “significant linguistic and/or cultural differences from English” and requiring 44 weeks (1100 hours) to learn.

    Spanish is a Category I (24 weeks) and German is a Category II (30 weeks)

  196. “One of the things I may pursue in the next life besides being a radio talk show host and a rock drummer is being a linguist.”

    Why wait? There are multiple facets to the field of linguistics, and they don’t all include actually knowing different languages. You can study the ways language develops in particular cultures/societies as a subfield of anthropology and/or sociology.

    Yeah, you’re busy now, but you won’t always be. You already have the interest in learning, which rarely goes away.

  197. El Tigre, as you know, I have had an unusual past. It changed my outlook on people, the US and emotional attachments. I ask opinions, but I do what I want when I
    want. I flout and mock authority when I feel like it. I look for the psychological weak spots everyone has. On occasion I have tried to ruin blogs and forums with information they have unwittingly revealed when they anger me.

    I like YouTube travelogues, foreign entertainment and cultural education sites. Flash mobs were in vogue for awhile and I wrote a column about them. I remember my research, and when I feel like it, I share what I learned.

    If you want, I can provide a history of flash mobs. Fat Boy Slim recorded one of the first flash mobs in a movie theater and put it on his video “Praise You.”

    I still carry some anger, but I express it with low grade irritatants as when I wore my service ribbons backward. I like you, but it is my nature to poke at people without insulting them. You made it clear that you hate those videos, and I am sure you are not the only one. Sarah Palin is Rutherford’s red flag, and you have revealed yours.

    Playing them is my way of sticking my finger in the eye of the world. You are just a surrigate. I hoped you would react, and you exceeded expectations.

  198. James, always remember Tigre’s self-proclaimed valueless bar room rants may be coming from an elevator shaft amidst fellow travelers who may or may not be now mentally weighing a choice between crazy, tourette’s, or all out demon possession. Though outwardly, ignore is the default mode of most shaft travelers. Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact. 🙂

  199. So let’s see. HP starts to circle the drain and fires Carly, who after killing the careers of 30,000 people, she deploys her golden parachute and sits pretty.

    Now we find out that after her senate campaign imploded, she reimbursed herself first and then told many other campaign staffers to fuck off, including the widow of one of the staffers.

    I’m beginning to think no matter how nice a person Carly may be personally, as a businesswoman she’s a stone cold beeeyatch.

  200. “I hoped you would react, and you exceeded expectations.”

    I live to give!

    (you;re not getting your man card back)

  201. “You already have the interest in learning,”

    Oh, when it comes to learning, Rutherford has plenty of initiative.

    He just chooses not to act on it.

  202. Maybe Tex will welcome you at Tulsa World? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Don’t waste your time, Parker. If Rutherford has one redeeming quality, he’s not gutless like most Libbies – and the T-World is as gutless as it gets. Grannies looks brave and smart standing next to these imbeciles – a special breed of stupid.

    I took on all comers at the T-World virtually by my lonesome, a rat infested den of Leftist dumb asses if there ever was. They still don’t realize how insignificant they are around here, and that daily reminder I made to them got me booted from the their deplorable board.

    Man, I was called every nasty name in the book, they made numerous attempts to out me probably damaging some poor stranger named Tex Taylor’s business here in town, their moderator sent me the daily warning for weeks, etc… I kept reminding that POS that I was one against 100 and wasn’t it overdue for him to hold the Leftists to the same standards?

    And without issuing so much as a curse word, after they had their ass kick in argument numerous times with nothing but facts, I often followed by mocking their abject stupidity. They finally blew me into oblivion when I started mocking their editors and their business model.

    I was so hated, three times their publisher used my commentary in their editorial Sunday comments though not by name (Tex Taylor LOL) as example of everything that ails the newspaper business: namely that not only did I read their paper for free, but my profession wouldn’t spend so much as a dime even for an obituary in their rag. 😛 It pissed Warren Buffett’s lackey off something fierce. I knew money was the only thing these jackals valued and used their own forum to put a stake in their heart.

    Upon exit, I reminded their gutless moderator and developer of the T-World blog of his double standards with hundreds of examples and a last reminder I would be the shit-eating grinning Cheshire cat when they closed the door and I was standing there watching him get walked to the unemployment line. I mean to keep that promise if it ever happens.

    That was 2-3 years ago. I logged on about three months ago and the pathetic dolts are still talking about me. 😈 I laughed until I was sick. The only thing I miss is not getting a chance to spray the nest with a high pressure hose some more each morning and watching them fly around confused and bewildered.

  203. “Now we find out that after her senate campaign imploded, she reimbursed herself first and then told many other campaign staffers to fuck off, including the widow of one of the staffers.”

    Sounds like you were reading a hit piece. She’s heartless and malevolent. That’s what was said of Romney too.

    There are many campaigns that have gone way into debt resulting in folks not getting paid. Shit, I recall Hillary carrying millions of dollars for years after her failed 2008 run.

    I’ll wait for a second opinion.

  204. This one is easy to figure out, as is Rutherford always singling Fiorina above all other present candidates.

    The Left is after Carly Fiorina for two reasons: (1) Fear; (2) And she’s a feminist’s worst nightmare.

    They can’t beat Ms. Fiorina over the head about “women’s issues” like you can a man. They can’t pander with War on Women about Fiorina either. Simple as that.

    No less that the Chairman of HP when Fiorina served as CEO took out a full page ad in the NYSlimes declaring Fiorina had been proven right and the board wrong.

    Abortion is sacrosanct to the misandrists, and Fiorina has been the loudest of the PP critics.. Fiorina has got to be destroyed. It’s an all out assault at the moment. Rutherford has a hang up with women. Trump is probably not a true threat to Hillary (who belongs in prison). Fiorina is, and she would pick Clinton’s bones when Fiorina was through with Clinton. These snakes know it, you better believe it.

  205. Hee Hee, El Tigre. I don’t need no stinkin man card, and I always make eye contact.

    One other reason I like foreign videos is that now when we have the time and money to travel, we spend four days a week caring for our grand daughter. I have found a new way virtually travel.

    You are a legend in their minds, Tex.

    I don’t know about Fiorina, but I know Hillary is heartless and maleviolent. The London Times used to report her violent abusive treatment of Bill when she lost her temper, and of her distainful attitude toward the help.

  206. The reason why Rabbit, Tigre, Tex, James and others need to abandon the GOP is simple. The GOP is PROFOUNDLY stupid. Do you guys understand the meatball that Kevin McCarthy threw at Hillary Clinton?

    Yes Tigre, I’m watching MSNBC and they are ORGASMIC over McCarthy’s flub. HRC is already running ads about it.

    Do you understand that she was up the creek without a paddle until McCarthy pulled defeat from victory?

    And then you wonder why I laugh at Republicans. Come on guys. Before this thread runs out, do the right thing and declare yourselves independents. As Rabbit constantly reminds us, this stands as a permanent testament to your folly for your grandchildren’s grandchildren to see. Save yourselves while you can!!!!

  207. The GOP is PROFOUNDLY stupid…

    The man is deaf, dumb and blind. These tidbits should be immortalized for posterity’s sake. Something akin to, “‘I don’t understand why shrimp is so cheap. Wouldn’t it make more sense to let them grow into lobsters, then sell them for more money?’”

  208. LOL.

    R’s world on MSNBC. You think that gaff saves Hillary? Says the guy that said Forina is going down on the manufactured video issue. Come on Bubble Boy.

  209. Hank’s stupidity didn’t pave his enemy’s path to the Oval Office.

    Come on. I’m not asking you to become Democrats. Just free yourself from the party of doofuses!!! The party that wrestles defeat from the arms of victory!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  210. Day gamer? Only with my wife.

    McCarthy’s blunder is one of the worst of the year, but people have short memories. It won’t matter much on election day if Republicans can learn not to stay stupid things. You are right about the Republicans, Rutherford, but the Democrats are even worse.

    If they take power again and further ruin our country, my new address will be Brandon, Man. I don’t think it will happen, though.

  211. If we didn’t vote for one of the two major parties, how would our votes count, except to in effect support one of the two parties we didn’t vote for?

  212. The Dems will tolerate any kind of lying cheating, stealing and malfeasance from the leaders rather than lose an election. Look at Rutherford’s MSNBC-fueled happy dance at the McCarthy statement as the response to Hillary’s criminal behavior and unbelievable dishonesty. A guy that watches MSNBC as an occupation actually feels intellectually superior because of it. Wow.

  213. Seriously, if you think McCarthy “paved the path to the WH for Hillary” you’re delusional.

    You’re clearly not paying attention. Chick is doing a victory lap as we speak. House Dems calling for end to Benghazi committee because McCarthy “admitted” it was a witch hunt from the start. Now HRC pivots every question she doesn’t want to answer back to McCarthy. You haven’t a clue.

  214. “You’re the one drawing the false equivalency genius.”

    You’re the one drawing the false distinction, dumbass. Dare I say B-I-D-E-N?

    “You’re clearly not paying attention. Chick is doing a victory lap as we speak. House Dems calling for end to Benghazi committee because McCarthy “admitted” it was a witch hunt from the start. Now HRC pivots every question she doesn’t want to answer back to McCarthy. You haven’t a clue.”

    Wait a minute. You’re saying the dems a cheering and running to protect your candidate by any means necessary? On MSNBC? Calling to absolve her of wrongdoing and avoid the Benghazi committee? Are they doing so strenuously and vigorously? All with a straight face and outrage?

    Wow. I hadn’t thought about how she escapes the server issues and lies now — at least with the pitiful morons that watch MSNBC. 🙄

    Thanks for all of the insight Bubble Boy. You sure call ’em right when it comes to the cheerleading. Palin responsible for Giffords, Obama a hero for his single-handed assassination of Bin Laden, Fiorina going down flames for t’s and i’s and other horseshit.

    Go Team!!!!

  215. Big shock. Joe Biden himself leaked the tear-jerking tale of his son Beau urging him to run for president while dying of brain cancer.


    “Biden’s “Uncle Joe” schtick is designed to camouflage the career politician inside who has no qualms about lying to further his own ambitions. You know, the man who plagiarized his law review comment and falsely claims that he played college football, graduated in the top half of his law school class (he was 76 out of 85), had a blue collar upbringing, that his first wife and daughter were killed by a drunk driver (there is no evidence the driver was drunk), and that he was a skeptic of the Iran nuclear deal.

    Biden has displayed, over a long period of time, a near-pathological propensity to lie in order to aggrandize himself. That he would “embellish” the story of his dying son’s last words-and plant the story himself with the New York Times-is just another example of this pattern.”

    They’re dancing at Fox. Biden is through everything will be viewed through the lens of his exploitation of his sons final illness — just like John Edwards cancer-stricken wife.

    The dems are just corrupt doofuses. Run away Rutherford. 😆

  216. Remember when I said keep your eye on the “air gap?”

    I saw that this morning that the FBI seized the servers from the sure network at the State Dept.

    McCarthy ain’t making this go away.

  217. Rutherford is always looking for excuses for the fact that his party elects shit presidents.

    Say what you like about Clinton’s prickadillos, the country had a pretty good ride on his watch and he dealt with divided government better than Obama has.

  218. If we didn’t vote for one of the two major parties, how would our votes count, except to in effect support one of the two parties we didn’t vote for?

    Alas, the country’s fatal flaw.

  219. So this truly is funny. Tigre SUDDENLY thinks the FBI probe has legs. Not 3 weeks ago he said FBI, DOJ and everyone else in the administration would white wash the whole thing. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Dude just enjoys arguing. And he’ll even change positions just to keep the argument going. Must be that lawyer instinct.

    I can see it in court now:
    Judge: the jury finds in favor of El Tigre’s client.
    Tigre: Your honor, I object!!! I’m not done arguing yet!

    On a still lighter note, Tigre, watch “Grinder” on Fox. You won’t regret it.

  220. Philosophical question: what’s more scummy? Exploiting your sons death for political gain or being ACCUSED of exploiting your son’s death for political gain?

    Politics is a sewer. Don’t know why anyone gets involved.

  221. I don’t see the big brouhaha over what Carson said about the Oregon victims. It IS a valid question what group dynamic prevents at least 16 people from doing anything to stop the shooter.

    My mother’s friend got stopped in a stairwell by a gunman demanding her money. “You’re just gonna have to shoot me. You’re not getting my last five dollars.” And with that, she continued up the stairs unharmed.

  222. “So this truly is funny. Tigre SUDDENLY thinks the FBI probe has legs. Not 3 weeks ago he said FBI, DOJ and everyone else in the administration would white wash the whole thing.”

    I suggest you look back at what I said. In fact I introduced when I said , “remember what I said about the air gap[.]”

    I dubious of conviction or even indictment. I didn’t say there would be no probe or that information concerning the emails would not be disclosed. Again, I pointed you where other information would reside that is likely already been targeted.

    But of course, it won’t matter because of McCarthy said the MSNBC sock puppet.

    Incidentally, do you see anything about Hillary’s approach to this scandal and Bill’s approach to Lewinski?

    Naaaah. It’s all over now. The voters swayed, Congressional inquiry diverted, probe terminated. . . case closed. A clear path to the WH, eh genius?

  223. “Tigre, watch “Grinder” on Fox.”

    I thought Grinder was a gay app. My homophobic bent needs some reassurance that I won’t be titillated in unholy ways.

  224. “Philosophical question: what’s more scummy? Exploiting your sons death for political gain or being ACCUSED of exploiting your son’s death for political gain?”

    Philosophical question: do you think it matters to leftists unless it involves a conservative?

    I love that HRC will be siccing her dogs on Biden and he’ll be attacking her when both were serving under Obombom.

  225. Man….I made the mistake of reading about the barbaric forced abortions carried out by ISIS on their Yazdi sex slaves. And the 14 year old boy who got his hand and foot cut off.

    They are the JV Team…because Obama thought he needed to lie about the war on terror in order to get elected a second time.

    I can’t even look at the lying piece of garbage’s face anymore.

    Turks are saying out of 58 targets, only two were ISIS. The Russians are laughing as they destroy Obama’s fighters.

    This is worse then the Cold War as of right now.

    Can you imagine if Germany was run by a president who was formaly associated with Nazi intelligence agency and was now destroying American interests in the middle east, teaming up with Iran and Hezbollah? Wonder if Rutherford would be embaressing himself telling us how this is all good for America.

    Fucking Bubble Boy. I hope he lives long enough to see Obama go down in history as the most failed president in America history.

  226. Base our politics on popularism instead of pluralism and you’d see different election outcomes and imo better ones.

  227. The Russians,Iranians and Syrians will get around to killing everyone so I don’t get the dramatic need to push the panic button.

  228. Germany is governed by a person schooled I. The East German Stasi way and favors a foreign leader who oversaw KGB FSB ops in her “country”

  229. I thought Grinder was a gay app. My homophobic bent needs some reassurance that I won’t be titillated in unholy ways.

    LOL No, not the gay app.

    Let’s put it this way, as you watch it you’ll see yourself as Fred Savage having to put up with me as Rob Lowe. 😊

  230. . The Russians are laughing as they destroy Obama’s fighters.

    What, all 4 of them? Shit, the New Black Panthers are scarier than the 4 folks we trained in Syria.

  231. Many will probably dissagree with me here, but the age card alone should be enough to disqualify Biden.

    The guy looks good, but damn….he will be pushing 80 buy the end of his term. After seeing Alzheimer’s in action….I’d probably give a second thought to anyone running for president in their mid 70s.

  232. “What, all 4 of them? Shit, the New Black Panthers are scarier than the 4 folks we trained in Syria.”

    So….a terrible failure. In front of the whole world. Weakness.

    Obama talks big and carries a weak stick. Worse possbile scenerio.

  233. Actually….he doesn’t even talk big. He dithers….and then swings a weak stick.

    Fucking piece of shit governs like he throws a ball.

  234. Well Rabbit even though I know he’s not an option for you, the age card would disqualify Sanders too. But what’s funny is the lib media brings up Sanders’ age but never Biden’s. It’s dumbfounding the degree to which we are being manipulated.

  235. Obama’s fatal mistake was talking smack and then being the GOP Congress’s bitch. He should have kept his mouth shut.

    Sit back and let Putin kick some ass or go broke trying.

  236. Base our politics on popularism instead of pluralism and you’d see different election outcomes and imo better ones.

    I need help on this. Please explain the difference.

  237. Our pluralism system prevents proper representation,wastes votes and discriminates. It also essentially assures two party system and false party majorities.
    There are a couple of systems that allow voters to grade candidates via an at large like system. This allows for better representation and minimizes wasted vote phenomenon. I can go deeper but if I’ve lost you all ready. 😃

  238. This article, linked to by Lurker’s article, is the kind of thing that drives the “Poolmen” crazy. The article said he was shot 7 times — or was it 5, as the article also says. Article says shooter was killed by police. It took over 48 hours to learn the shooter committed suicide.

    This “hero” story has smelled bad to me from minute one. First reports were he ran into the classroom where the shooting was going on – then this article says he was blocking a door of another classroom. It all sounds like bullcrap. The dudes on the French train showed how it’s done. This guy just got shot 5 times – or was it 7? 😏


  239. Someone in Chicago has been shot every 2.84 hours this year for a total of 2,349 shootings during the period of January 1, 2015 to October 6, 2015 (and 2015 is likely to eclipse 2014’s record 2.587 shooting victims); but, Chicago, for all intents and purposes, is a “gun-free zone.” But all the state and city regulations associated with firearms in Chicago have failed to produce a safe city, and these are the policies that President Obama and Secretary Clinton wish to extend to the rest of the country.”

    Gun Control has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with control…

  240. “It took over 48 hours to learn the shooter committed suicide.”

    Yeah. Because in the real world, after the sheer madness of a shooting, with PTSD ripping through pretty much anyone who isn’t in a state of shock….the details of what happened will be perfectly meshed out in a couple hours. Sure.

    Now if your complaining about the shitty media reporting crap they don’t know, just to be first..I’m with you.

    If you are actually complaining about a 48 hour window being too long for you to be learning the details…you are the exact person the media feeds in the first place.

    There is going to be all kinds of conflicting eye witness accounts when shit like this happens.

    You need to go to real world school. Too bad one doesn’t exist.

  241. Gun Control has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with control…

    And with that I will remind you it is human nature to want to CONTROL our circumstances. Most of the “anti-gun” folks just want to DO something so they don’t feel helpless. And making guns harder to obtain seems a lot easier than fixing the underlying sick society.

    One of the few topics you boys have moved me on is gun control. It’s nibbling at the margins of the problem. The problem runs much deeper.

  242. Re Jim Jefferies. Who is this man? Let him mind his own business and joke about something he understands.

    I don’t like guns. I don’t hunt, though I used to. My weapons are not locked up, and we have them for one purpose. They kill varments, mostly rabid skunks or other threatening animals. Humans would be no different. My wife and I are both good shots.

    “From my cold dead hands.” The Constitution is still supreme.

  243. I agree, the primary human reaction is to try to control something. Such emotional responses can make matters worse, as you know. Too many people don’t take enough time to think. They might as well be horses in a burning barn.

  244. I agree about group dynamics. I sat at the back of a large English history class. The professor hesitated but finished his sentence. Then he dropped to the floor. No one did anything. I waited for someone near the front to react, but they just sat there. I stood up to walk to the front, and several near the professor then helped him and called a doctor. He had had a stroke but was back at work after two weeks.

    Moments before a pickup hit me, it seemed so unreal, though I jumped. It threw me about 200 feet, and the fact that I was suspended in the air near the head light probably saved my life.

    That dream-like impression of unreality faded quickly when the train hit us, but it was there first. When something happens outside of our frame of experience, we shut down to understand what is happening. Most of us follow leaders, but if there are none we don’t react.

    We knew some of the people in the Omaha mass shooting. I agree with rabbit.

  245. Cracks me up that even in the last gasping breathes of this blog, Rutherford came on here all wound up by MSNBC thinking Hillary is in the clear.

    Of course this was the same day news broke that Hillary’s problems just got much nastier.

    Classic Rutherford.

  246. Now if your complaining about the shitty media reporting crap they don’t know, just to be first..I’m with you.

    Basically I am. In an earlier comment I called for a 48 hour STFU period after a shooting.

  247. Rabbit it’s telling that in the last breaths of this blog you still follow Tigre’s stupid lead.

    I never said she was in the clear and “paved way to the oval” was an exaggeration. My only point, and you nimrods will argue about the smallest of points, even the obvious ones, was that HRC was getting smacked on a daily basis and instead of getting out of the way and let the carnage continue, old Kevin handed her a gift wrapped talking point.

    And he did it right before she’s scheduled to testify to what Kevin says is a kangaroo court.

    I swear I never met a more stubborn group of guys in my life. It MUST be a byproduct of the Internet. You can’t even acknowledge what a dumbass move Kevin made. Like any concession would just KILL you.

    I ask you Rabbit what I asked Tigre. How often does your wife sock you in the jaw? You’re almost as insufferable as he is.

  248. Rutherford, quit talking smack. MSNBC is your Pravda. You were delighting in the McCarthy paved the way for Hillary bullshit because of the MSNBC rally. I say you’re delusional, you say, “you haven’t a clue.” You see anyone disagreeing that it was a dumb statement?

    Cut the crap. You have a total lack of perspective. You did all of this shit with Fiorina’s career ending PP comments too. You just can’t seem to separate the cheerleading from reality. Gawd.

  249. I’m glad McCarthy said what he said. Not management material – too stupid. Now get us a fire breather that will rattle the world of the worthless dead wood like JAL, unfund Obama, nuke the Iran deal.

  250. “He should have kept his mouth shut.”

    Since the time of the Choom Gang, Barry Soetoro has been a smack talking asshole that didn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.

    Talking shit is the only game Barack Obama knows how to play. We’ve seen what happens when someone comes along and forces him to back it up—nothing.

  251. “Shit, the New Black Panthers are scarier than the 4 folks we trained in Syria.”

    Gee, maybe next election you guys can get some stinkbeards with sticks to stand guard outside polling places.

  252. HA. Watching Morning Joe. “The 10 second clip turned Hillary’s whole campaign around. She’s back in the game.”

    I wonder where Rutherford gets it.

    Oh yeah. That’s not what he was saying. 😆

  253. I see CNN has shrunk the Dim debate by one hour. 😆 😆 Minimizes the potential for gaffes, unadulterated lies, demonstrated lack of accomplishment, necessary filling time with insipid innuendo and platitudes, and corruption charges becoming too transparent to the rubes.

    What’s the line on “taxing the rich” and “saving Medicare and SS” mentions going to be, you reckon?

    After the stench of failure of the Sham Obama, the media is having to resort to new tactics. Hide the candidates. :twist:

  254. “Yawwwwwwwn.”

    You know, as soon fade into the sunset, I take comfort knowing that the improbable chance I wonder to myself, “gee, I wonder what Rutherford thinks about this tidbit in the news,” I need only turn on MSNBC and press my hand to the screen and it will be like you’re right there with me.

    I will admit, I do find this left wing rally somewhat fascinating. The left is quite a machine. The ability to draw together to unify in offering a false narrative, report it as the truth, and literally tell people what they are perceiving. Does anyone remember who spearheaded the vicious attacks on Bill’s victims who were also just an extension of the vast right wing conspiracy? Yep. Hillary. Why this is just another politically motivated kangaroo court coming after her so obviously there’s nothing to it. . . again.

    Oh that vast right wing conspiracy will wash away all of Hillary’s sins. And Rutherford who says he won’t support Hillary is stroking himself because of the messaging. He thinks that suddenly all of the inquiries into Hillary’s malfeasance will be defeated with a smirk, wave of the hand, what difference does it make now — it’s a witch hunt in lieu of answers to questions about the grave and illegal email server that she set up for “something really shady.”

    Every progressive talking point from the machine a game changer.


  255. “I see CNN has shrunk the Dim debate by one hour.”

    The Clinton News Network has ulterior motive? Who’d have thunk it?

  256. Tex, this is what is the fucking lunacy that I witnessed at MSNBC this morning. even though Rutherford will see the exact same thing, his take away will be the Chaz Maddow/Chrissy Hayes/Daily Kos version.

  257. Lol.

    That’s how it goes. Every. Fucking. Time.

    “I believe what I am told to believe and that is my official position no matter what the evidence shows because the scientific community has a new standard that in the realm of scientific inquiry: actual data and conclusions are not up for debate because the models of what was supposed to happen say otherwise.”

    This whole “97%” bullshit is so fucking sad and so fucking untrue and so fucking easily disproved but it too is not up for debate because shut up, that’s why.

    The inanity of Liberal Think is damn scary.

  258. Tigre,

    The entire Progressive Party is based on lies, stalling, distortions, deflections, half-truths, what does it matter, and dependency of the inanity of the general American populace.

    Frankly, I’m surprised the Prog MSNBC lackey didn’t drag out 97% of the American population has decided the preponderance of the evidence shows that Hillary Clinton had no involvement concerning Benghazi.

  259. “Frankly, I’m surprised the Prog MSNBC lackey didn’t drag out 97% of the American population has decided the preponderance of the evidence shows that Hillary Clinton had no involvement concerning Benghazi.”


    Nothingburger. Settled meal.

  260. I have always found it weird that gun control folks are so quick to confess to the suicide point. I’m a big Darwinist so if gun controls save the lives of suicide candidates I have to say I’m against it.

  261. The Clinton News Network has ulterior motive? Who’d have thunk it?

    Tex, if there is any conspiracy afoot, Tigre has correctly identified it. It’s not an attempt to protect the Dem candidates. It is an attempt to protect Hillary in particular. As I wrote in an essay a few weeks ago, the DNC is also complicit.

  262. From one of Tigre’s articles:

    Clinton has said the practice was “permitted” under State Department rules, but she has not publicly detailed whether officials there helped set it up or maintain it.

    This is untrue. In a Meet the Press interview, Clinton said the server was not set up for State dept use but was a server already in use by her husband. She (someone) added her email account to the server. So, to repeat, no new server was deployed for this use. The server was already in place.

    It doesn’t make what she did any more legit but let’s at least get the details right.

  263. I’m a big Darwinist so if gun controls save the lives of suicide candidates I have to say I’m against it.

    I know you’re being flippant but surely you don’t believe suicide “victims” deserve to die. Most of them needed help.

  264. “It doesn’t make what she did any more legit but let’s at least get the details right.”

    You know there were multiple servers, don’t you?

  265. The server, purchased in 2008 for her 2008 presidential campaign, was physically installed at the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, New York. It was managed by Clinton staffers with limited IT expertise or security clearance until 2013,[9] after which she contracted with Platte River Networks, a technology services company, to begin managing her server and to maintain it at a private data center in New Jersey.[10][11][12][13][14] Backup services were provided to Platte River by Datto, Inc. which has agreed to provide the hardware Clinton email was stored on to the FBI.[15]

  266. The places that seem to have the most criminal gun activity are the places that have the strictest gun laws or the areas that outright don’t allow guns. Laws don’t curtail criminal activity. It always puts those who obey laws at a disadvantage.

    All the talk of passing more laws for gun owners and adding laws and agencies to address the mental fitness of society is designed to remove freedoms and rights we have held for centuries. It is being washed in our minds that we must do something permanent and in a national way to stop these snews orchestrated terror events from happening. We even practice fear. We will likely need a few more of the same drilled into us to sway the collective.

    That’s why states such as Oregon has had continual school shooter drills since the sandy hook event.

    Some are intended so realistic that even the faculty are not informed of the drill. Certainly another strong reason not to attend public school.

    The message to America. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  267. Oh, to clarify, the e-mails from Hillary’s tenure at the State Department were migrated to a new server in June 2013 at Platte River. The e-mails were removed from the second server in 2014. In other words, the new server archived her emails and was subject to State Dept. rules.

  268. “In the theater of my mind, this is how I picture Lurker’s mom. :twisted:”

    Does my daddy know my momma is black?

  269. You know there were multiple servers, don’t you?

    Depends on what the meaning of “multiple” is. 😊😊😊

    From what I know the contents of her home brew server were moved to a server in a Boulder, CO bathroom. Is that what you’re referring to?

  270. “From what I know the contents of her home brew server were moved to a server in a Boulder, CO bathroom. Is that what you’re referring to?”

    No. Read/follow my links.

  271. The server, purchased in 2008 for her 2008 presidential campaign, was physically installed at the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua

    ok that contradicts her statement that it was Bill’s server. I would not be at all surprised that she lied on Meet the Press.

    Am I correct that the standards of honesty in testimony to a House committee are the same as court? In other words, lying to a committee is an actual crime?

  272. Rutherford, when and if Hillary Rotten Clinton by should the grace of God drop out of the race, or should Joe Biden enter the Presidential race, the same rules apply.

    And if by the evils of Satan Hillary and Joe drop dead or drop out, Occupy Congress candidate Bernie Sanders would be the candidate of choice…

    That’s the way the game works. Hopefully you know that.

  273. “ok that contradicts her statement that it was Bill’s server.”

    Bill doesn’t email but maybe he bought it for looking for porn or IM’s to his next victims.

    Again, I think this all about the Clinton Foundation quid pro quos and foresight in expecting the need for cover-ups.

    The Clintons are scum through and through.

  274. “So let’s see: HRC may still be POTUS one day but McCarthy will never be Speaker. Got any other profound prognostications for us El Tigre?”

    Huh? I never once thought McCarthy would be Speaker. He’s an idiot.

    My prognostication is the same: Shouting “McCArthy at the committee and investigators is not a pass for Hillary and you’re a moron for thinking otherwise. I know what you were saying Mr. Double Speak. I watched the MSNBC circle jerk that quoted nearly verbatim.

  275. In other news, Fiorina dropped out. She called Cecile Richards to apologize for not crossing her t’s and dotting her i’s.

    Got any other profound prognostications for us Rutherford?

  276. McCarthy was not only too partisan but spectacularly inarticulate. Two strikes against him for speaker. Same goes for Jason Chaffetz.

  277. McCarthy inarticulate – bingo — almost to the point I wonder if he is dyslexic — and I don’t mean that as a put down. He truly botches sentences in weird ways. Chaffetz made a fool out of himself at PP hearing.

    The only other names I’ve heard are Scalice and Daniel Webster — and they are both more partisan than McCarthy. No idea how this one is going to play out at this point.

  278. Muffy, there are rumors of an affair with McCarthy too. He’s just untrustable. 😆

    Hey Rutherford, I think we will call the Hillary Benghazi defense strategy “McCarthyism.” What do you think.

    p.s. since the rules only permit 5 minutes on (R) and 5 minutes off (D), the examination won’t be as much fun. The D’ will just tee up the rapacious claims of political targeting (e.g. “this whole process has been a real nightmare for you, hasn’t it? how many documents have you produced? Do you believe you have been as open and transparent as you can possibly be? blah, blah, blah Elijah Cummings will be a real gem)

  279. Muffy, you know, every case I’ve had where there was spoliation of evidence and the “hide the ball” strategy started with the production of a room full of documents. The “I produce 35k pages of documents” routine is a belly laugher to litigators. To be absolved by such a ridiculous assertion is just dumb, yet weak-willed liberal morons find it powerful of Hillary’s innocence. It kills me.

  280. I just watched the Morning Joe link from this morning, Tigre. Quintessential in its inanity. I found the earlier one from 10/5 -“Two reporters debate politics of gun violence” – equally riveting for its absurdity.

    I think “what difference does it make” was the only truth Hillary has ever told.

  281. every case I’ve had where there was spoliation of evidence and the “hide the ball” strategy started with the production of a room full of documents.

    As evidenced in episodes of Better Call Saul and … Grinder!!! 😊

  282. How it plays out….Boehner is reinstated
    As for suicides…I wasn’t joking. If you need help I’m all for you finding it. Statistically GSW suicides are not crying for help they mean to do the deed. I think allowing the therapist or your MD to decide if the STATE should enter your home and remove a firearm is not a can a words I am willing to open. That comes from a guy who has to be pretty much scoured for a MA CCW LTC Class A. I’ll accept that reaming as part and parcel to my choice to purchase and carry.

  283. As for the kid she’ll be getting beat or raped into her local Blood sect if her quality parenting is evidenced by the video.

  284. R, at least skip down to the last sections about Libya. The disgusting irony of what you find such an effective defense of Hillary described by Gowdy is wasted on you, but the Blumenthal connection is damning, disturbing and ought to capture your attention.

  285. Poor Rutherford. Reduced to a 3rd rate troll on the comment section of his own dying blog.

    A defeated man. Lying face down in a puddle of his own word puke. 9 years of it.

  286. Troy Gowdy is behaving like the prosecutor he once was. Much if the investigation has been done quietly without much fan fare. That black racist posing as a representative has been saying one thing in private and another thing publicaly, so I have read. Gowdy apparently decided to share what the committee has found.

    Hillaryites are trapped in a box and the walls are slowly closing in.

  287. “Gowdy apparently decided to share what the committee has found.”

    I assure you Gowdy only shared a taste of what he has found. Enough to show that this is a big fucking deal and not a political witch-hunt nothingburger.

  288. That was a surprisingly easy read, Tigre. Thanks for bringing it.

    Hillary and Obama told us why Benghazi happened – it was a video.

    Dems are giddy with McCarthy’s gaffe – its all MSNBC is talking about. They finally have a lie that they can believe in on which to pin Hillarys presidency.

  289. I’m mildly amused that America’s feckless media is wringing their hands over the “Republican mess.” Even the bubble-headed bleach blonds of FOXS News last night were wailing and gnashing their teeth over the “mistreatment” of John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy. Woe is us! Woe is us!

    This is exactly what these media schmucks did two years ago when Ted Cruz “brazenly” shut down the government and it would cost the Republicans dearly in the 2014 elections. 😈

    Rutherford loves to gig me about the 2012 election as I sat jaw agape, Nov. 2012, that America had reelected a dangerous fool and an obvious charlatan. I readily admit I was taken back at how far the country had sunk, how utterly stupid and myopic the American populace. And I don’t apologize for saying that either. I got the last laugh because while Rutherford won the political battle, he has lost the personal war as testament to his position. Obama has screwed guys like him more than Rutherford knows all of them failing to realize Russia has declared war on Obama and his bootlickers and they don’t even know there is a war going on.

    It’s just that my empathy tank runs a little dry anymore for stupid people. Whatever happens to them from this day forward on account of their decisions, I wash my hands.

    However, there is one thing I absolutely do understand about politics because I am one of the “pissed” voters that wanted useful idiots like Boehner and McCarthy kicked to the curb. Those stooges are one step better than the idiot Democratic Party – damn near as culpable for our problems too. And that is the bottom of the honey cart.

    I don’t believe these K Street folks understand that finally…finally millions of Americans have had enough of these useless political hacks, no matter their party, and have decided that it time for the fight to ensue. When these jack offs couldn’t even defund Planned Parenthood or even make much of an attempt, that was it for millions of people.

    As Ted Cruz has so eloquently stated time after time, what has changed since the country handed these country club Repub cowards? Nothing.

    Give me a new party of ass kickers. I don’t want to negotiate with Obama or the media. I want to destroy these bastards. All of them. Then we’ll deal with Russia and the head loppers but we got to clean up our own backyard first – and that includes a lot of pussies with an ‘R’ behind their name.

  290. I’m sure Gowdy is only hinting at what he knows, El Tigre. But I don’t know what Gowdy knows, probably enough to send Hillary to prison in a normal world.

    . This is certainly a big story. It is why I wrote that Obama should be impeached or at least Hillary should be hounded from public life when the story began

  291. R it won’t be the number of comments that kill this blog…..it’s ET posting a constant running video. ( El Tigre , October 8, 2015 at 4:15 pm) 0-105 MB and still running….running…running

  292. Poor Rutherford. Reduced to a 3rd rate troll on the comment section of his own dying blog.
    A defeated man. Lying face down in a puddle of his own word puke. 9 years of it.

    Hey Rabbit. Fuck you. This is the best final thread ever as I get to mock your stupid ass for rooting for the bad news bears – total disarray.

    Your idea of success is holding 40+ votes to kill Obamacare with no replacement. You’re a moron. A moron who lucked into a GOP circle jerk hosted by someone willing to watch the circus for 8 years. How’s that summation asshole?

  293. OK, I’m watching the MSNBC vid above posted by Tigre and I really don’t get his beef.

    Steve Rattner is an obvious Hillary shill and he’s getting pushback from almost everyone on the panel. Tigre if this is your best example of inanity on MSNBC, you’ve got to do better dude. That video, on a very partisan station, is about as far from a Hillary circle jerk as you can find.

    You’ve truly lost me.

    By the way, if you watch MoJo as much as I do — and I suspect you do (yikes), you’ll notice that “Bubbles” is not in the tank for HRC. My theory: Zbig worked for Carter and Carter hated Clinton’s guts. I’m betting Clinton contempt runs in the family.

  294. That Ted Cruz vid was cringe worthy. I couldn’t watch the whole thing (besides I’m hungry and its time for lunch). Cruz is no dummy. He made the Sierra Club guy look like an idiot.

  295. I’m waiting for the time I can exit the thread on a higher note but for now I want to express some resentment over the circle jerk comment.
    The regulars here are far more different in their opinions than simple variations of vanilla. That the bartender offers up some softballs shouldn’t count against those that size them up and take a swing.

  296. “Tigre if this is your best example of inanity on MSNBC.”

    Hardly. It was an example of what I saw that morning and fucking dumb it is. Don’t you see how stupid it sounds to claim that Hillary’s being unfairly persecuted? If you ventured out past MSNBC and liberal blather you wouldn’t be so strident in your assessments of how things bode for the republicans and Hillary.

    Did you read Gowdy’s letter? You should.

  297. The Cruz interrogation wasn’t the “best that could be done” either. There was nothing special about what Cruz was doing — shooting fish in a barrel. But it’s typical and not far from what is cycled on MSNBC and repeated by you at this very establishment. And it sure sounds dumb. especially so with out all of the clapping seals.

  298. I agree with Alfie. This is no circle jerk. Each of us is different but we are astute enough to recognize at least some of the truth. We think independently of each other. Even you have begun to be enlightened on occasion. If this is no more than a circle jerk, you are part of it more often than you realize.

  299. The regulars here are far more different in their opinions than simple variations of vanilla.

    I think you took my comment too personally. You and Huck have been often surprising sources of dissent on the board.

    But if you look at many of the regulars, you’d need a microscope to find differing opinions. To be explicit, I’m talking Tex, Rabbit, Tigre, Muffy, James, BIC, and Gorilla for the most part. Parker and Poolman are usually disdained as irritants. Raji and Thor are moderate and pretty much manage to stay out of “trouble”. JAL is the despised liberal. As for me, I’ve clearly rejected BLM and shifted my positions on gun control and abortion over the past 8 years.

    But yes, the contingent I called out above is pretty much a circle jerk. And let’s be perfectly honest, as some of them have said, that’s why they keep coming back – certainly not to pay any attention to what I have to say.

  300. Don’t you see how stupid it sounds to claim that Hillary’s being unfairly persecuted?

    Very stupid indeed but the vid you posted hardly reached that conclusion. On the contrary, almost everyone around the table told Rattner he was on drugs. It got so bad, even Rattner had to sheepishly smile in defeat at the end.

  301. “Very stupid indeed but the vid you posted hardly reached that conclusion. On the contrary, almost everyone around the table told Rattner he was on drugs. It got so bad, even Rattner had to sheepishly smile in defeat at the end.”

    Uh yeah. So you’re not missing anything. . . well, other than you’re the Rattner on this board.

  302. “James the conclusions reached here by many if not most are the same. The only difference is tone.”

    Fuck off. You’re just mad you didn’t have a friend. One thing I found unique about until this very moment was that unlike most progressive idiots you could tolerate the sound of dissent. I see i was wrong.

  303. Tex, you complained on October 1 about feeling let down by the Beatles and other messages of the time.

    Ian Anderson recognized the vacuous attitudes of the time, and he wrote Living in the Past to counter what he regarded as foolish emotions. The song, which he hated for many years is in 5/4 time, the same as Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.”

    The message describes world views of progressives from Obama on down. In many ways from their economic and political ideology to their gereatic presidential candidates, Progressives are living in the past.

    So, Tex, if you missed it back then, here it is now.

  304. “Raji and Thor are moderate and pretty much manage to stay out of “trouble”. JAL is the despised liberal. As for me, I’ve clearly rejected BLM and shifted my positions on gun control and abortion over the past 8 years.”

    Raji doesn’t say anything.

    Thor gave up trying to be your helper.

    And JAL is the Daily Kos to your MSNBC.

    You haven’t learned a damned thing ’cause you ain’t in it to learn. 😆

  305. Our conclusions here are mostly the truth. Therefore they would have to be “the same.” For example, the sky is mostly blue. We all reach that conclusion because observation tells it is true.

    You should listen to the words, Rutherford. They describe Obama and his ignorance of what he is fighting in the Middle East.

  306. well, other than you’re the Rattner on this board.

    In your dreams. In fact I’ve recently been less strident about the nothingburger nature of Benghazi. HRC has shown herself to be such a liar, I can’t vouch for her on anything.

    I think you’re getting confused on where I am at. I’m not using McCarthy as an excuse to say HRC did nothing wrong. I’m saying what McCarthy did was profoundly stupid as he handed HRC a talking point she will ride as long as she can. It took forever for you to even admit McCarthy was an idiot.

  307. . One thing I found unique about until this very moment was that unlike most progressive idiots you could tolerate the sound of dissent. I see i was wrong.

    You done lost me again. 8 years is a lot of dissent to tolerate.

  308. I don’t think Thor was trying to be my helper. He expressed his own views which sometimes got him shot in the ass, particularly by Tex.

    Your prism Tigre is odd indeed. I’m an MSNBC parrot and Thor is a helper. No one but you has an independent thought.

  309. I posted that Ukranian boy’s singing on Ukrainian X Factor in part to call Obama a boy in non- racial fashion. Putin is the man to Obama’s teen aged Ukrainian singer. People like you gave us this dangerous administration and that is a truth too obvious for anyone paying attention to ignore. Lurker is enslaved to a dishonest regime. I still have some hope for you.

  310. Our conclusions here are mostly the truth. Therefore they would have to be “the same.”

    That was clever.

    By the way I’m a fan of Jethro Tull. I think Bungle in the Jungle is my favorite song by them.

  311. “In your dreams. In fact I’ve recently been less strident about the nothingburger nature of Benghazi. HRC has shown herself to be such a liar, I can’t vouch for her on anything.”

    Yes. As Rattner became less strident after a few minutes of “are you fucking kidding.”

    “I think you’re getting confused on where I am at. I’m not using McCarthy as an excuse to say HRC did nothing wrong.”

    No confusion. Your point was that McCarthy gave Hillary a “path to the White House” and somehow that was proof of your intellectual superiority for being a liberal MSNBC parrot.

    You then tried to change your point when cornered, just like Rattner.

    “Your prism Tigre is odd indeed.”

    Your resentments are odd and whiney. No one agreed with you and some a friendlier tone that others didn’t. Boo hoo. I wish I had your old radio host here where you’d talk for hours about MSNBC and how much you agreed with what it said and what each other said.

    Yaaaaaawn. You wanted agreement but couldn’t defend the point upon which you wanted agreement. And now your parting shot.

  312. No one agreed with you and some a friendlier tone that others didn’t.

    That’s new?

    Listen, there is a simplicity of thought that runs through the conservative ethos. Some would say stupidity but I’ll say simplicity.

    For at least the past 6.5 years the GOP has not been the thinking man’s party. Their tone is often crude. They make a hobby of alienating women and minorities. And the worst part is with a bit of effort, they could sell their ideas to these constituencies but they’re either too lazy or stupid to do so.

    Jason Chaffetz props up some bullshit stat on PP, lies about where he found it, and gets publicly humiliated by the CEO of PP. Again stealing defeat from victory. PP is more against the ropes than they have been for some time but Carly and Jason can’t leave well enough alone.

    Hillary hasn’t had a good week in the LIBERAL media in months. Kevin McCarthy just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and there’s already an HRC campaign ad using his statement.

    The GOP reflexively votes down Obamacare like some religious ritual to no avail. The smart move would be to form a committee to tweak it into working order. But no, McConnell just wanted to deny Obama a second term. See how well that worked out.

    Even Tex has as much admitted the current GOP can’t find their butt cheeks with both hands.

    It’s been over 6 years of whining without a single proactive SOLUTION.

    So yeah, I do claim some intellectual superiority. The party I’ve backed has won the popular vote in five of the last six elections. Your track record ain’t too good unless you count taking over the House and Senate and doing NOTHING with it.

  313. You need to turn off the teevee thinking man.

    You just made my point.

    And best of all, you don’t even know it.

    Sorry you didn’t locate some twit to nod in agreement with your shallow perspectives all these years. There’s plenty of liberal “thinking men” I could’ve introduced you to that gave the thinking man;s vote to the dems. 🙄

  314. I like “Bungle in the Jungle” too.

    The party you’ve backed has lost the last two congressional elections. Even more state and local offices went to Republicans. Democrats have been decimated. One result is shop worn old people running for the Democratic nomination.

    Trump and Sanders are signs the electorate is disgusted by both insider parties.

  315. I find it quite amusing that the term “circle jerk” has evolved from a sexual practice among men according to Peter Francis Murphy to “a boring or time wasting meeting or event…pompous,self-congratulatory discussion where little or no progress is made”. With that definition in mind Rutherford does make a good point.

    I would narrow the circle jerk to DR,ET,TT, and M….they have more fun throwing out degrading comments than having debates. I consider them internet bullies.

    When I first came to Rutherford’s blog, the first thing I said was I was no match for the “dueling dudes” but looked forward to a learning experience listening to both sides of the political issues. Yes, I guess I could be considered a moderate but basically I consider myself as someone who uses logic and common sense. I’ve learned a lot from Rutherford, Alfie, Huck and Tex (when he’s not [playing a Jekyll and Hyde). Tex has probably been my nemesis but in the process I did learn to not take the internet personally. I was a babe in the woods coming from an environment where”if you didn’t have something nice to say about someone, you didn’t say anything”. 😆

    ET, according to you I don’t say anything…..maybe you don’t listen. If you aren’t in the forest when the tree falls you don’t hear even though sounds are made.

    All of us have gone through many phases of life over these past years. Some of us have expressed our emotions and some of us haven’t. Each to his own but as we pass through this life I would like to know that my words have not been the reason for someone’s pain.

    Truth is in the eye of the beholder, James

    Thank you Rutherford for being a great host and you make a wicked dirty martini 😉

  316. There’s plenty of liberal “thinking men” I could’ve introduced you to that gave the thinking man;s vote to the dems

    Why didn’t you invite them here? It’s been soooooo lonely. 😦

  317. The correspondence between Blumenthal and Clinton is disturbing to say the least. But I have trouble working up emotion for Gowdy’s claim of being betrayed by Cummings. The whole boat is leaky as hell.

  318. The only meaningful difference between individual Democrats – in or out of office, on teevee or on the couch – is the degree to which each is immune to being ashamed of themselves.

  319. Bad actors within the GOP cause problems for the party. Bad actors within the Democratic party are elected president.

  320. Truth is NOT in the eye of the beholder. The truth is absolute. Four men died and others were wounded at Benghazi. Hillary and Obama lied about its causes. No interpretation can refute those facts without being lies. If a cat dies, no rationalization will bring it back. If it is snowing, no interpretation can truthfully say it is rain.

    As I wrote before, many of us agree because we have discovered the truth independently. The eye of the beholder implies interpretation, and it fails against the truth which we have learned.

    The truth is Ragi, the context of your statement is wrong,

  321. that’s why they keep coming back – certainly not to pay any attention to what I have to say.

    Tsk tsk. That’s far from true. I have to pay attention so I can mock you. 😛

  322. I can see why you Raji would find me a bully. I don’t suffer fools easily, moderates by another name. 😉

    But Raji. From the time you stepped in here, you were purposely an irritant specifically toward me. You’ve since extended your pestering. If you remember, I let it slide a few times – that’s a few more times than Poolman or Rutherford ever got.

    I think if you have a problem with being blasted, perhaps you need to quit trying to be the booger eating kid in the corner throwing spitballs to get attention. Don’t whine when you get punched in the mouth. It’s unbecoming in old age.

    I never found you the really bad sort and deadwood like JAL. But you were a purposeful pain in the ass many a time. Surely you would have to admit as much.

  323. Rutherford?

    You have this ‘impeccable’ gift of reading way too much into my comments. I didn’t say the Republicans couldn’t find their butt cheeks with both hands. I said the Republican leadership couldn’t find their butt cheeks with both hands and were so gutless to be useless.

  324. So democrats are fixing to nominate a candidate we now know sent the name of a clandestine agent through her unsecured server….

    Rumors coming out that a Russian jet was seen exploding over Aleppo, with Turkey also claiming it has fired on, and shot down, a Russian jet….

    …and all Obama wants to discuss is unilateral gun legislation so he isn’t out leftied by The Bitch.

  325. Trouble is Tex, only 50 anti-government nincompoops would agree with you about the leadership. Unfortunately it only takes 50, apparently, to gum up the works. (I’m referring to the, ahem, Freedom Caucus, cough cough).

    And who gave supreme asshole Darrell Issa the idea he had a shot at the job? He was strutting on MoJo this morning answering questions about his candidacy that were never asked in the first place.

  326. Well I didn’t see this coming. Bill Maher told Patrick Kennedy that Teddy could not use the murders of his brothers as an excuse for Chappaquidick. Talk about awkward.

  327. Trouble is Tex, only 50 anti-government nincompoops would agree with you about the leadership.

    Don’t buy that either. Most of these pukes go along to get along. And most know Boehner and McConnell are lame leaders. That includes all six of the Oklahoma delegation.

    You’re swallowing beltway apparatchik because you don’t know better. The media is scared to death of this movement and so is the establishment (both sides), just like they were the Tea Party movement. Therefore, they have to minimize and marginalize it before it takes a foothold.

    Won’t work this time either…As Trump, Carson and Fiorina provide all the proof you need.

  328. Best commentary of the day.

    As the blog sunsets I can take credit for one thing. I brought two souls from across the country, who might never have “met”, together.

    Muffy and Tex, I’m glad you have each other’s emails. May your platonic sibling like bond last for years to come. Just promise me that every once in a while you’ll think of me warmly and say “damn, that Rutherford sure was swell for bringing us together.”


  329. Don’t know how I missed this one. Apparently Ben Carson got held up in a Popeye’s Chicken and told the gunman that he’d do better with the guy behind the counter.

    You just can’t make this shit up.

  330. Rutherford. As an objective white man with little or no interest in black community except for men and women like Dr. and Mrs Carson, let me tell you something as honestly as I can tell you this. From the heart.

    You’d do better with the black man behind the counter to criticize. Or Obama – he’s more on your limited level.

    I’m afraid as a black man, you ain’t in Carson’s league. 😛

    P.S. – Yes, I have grown to like Ms. Muffy. And I meant what I said above. Because I think Muffy is pretty damn clever. And that’s one of the reasons I like my wife so much. Because she’s pretty damn clever. This boy likes smart girls.

  331. 25 Things I Trust More than Barack Obama and His bootlickers:

    • Mexican tap water
    • A wolverine with a ‘pet me’ sign
    • A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
    • A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
    • An elevator ride with Ray Rice
    • A night out with Aaron Hernandez
    • Brian Williams memory
    • Pete Carroll coaching decisions
    • Loch Ness monster sightings
    • Pinocchio
    • The Boy that cried Wolf
    • Browns going to the Super Bowl
    • A Nigerian inheritance email
    • A pilot alone in the cockpit
    • Harry Reid’s exercise equipment
    • Tying Anthony Weiner’s shoes
    • A fart in an automatic car wash
    • A factory packed parachute
    • A kiss from Judas
    • An Afghan wearing a backpack
    • A Supreme Court decision
    • Keeping my healthcare plan
    • A North Korean trial
    • A BIC pen that doesn’t leak
    • A week old tuna fish sandwich found on a city bus

    Feel the Bern!

  332. I have wondered now for a while, why it seems our military is slipping in effectiveness. I always attributed it to the Obama factor, as anything that insufferable fool touches turns to shit, like his home turf of Chicago. Then I get wind of something like this.

    How’d you like to be a candidate for SEAL school and receive SHIT like this in your inbox? Doesn’t this fire you testosterone champions on a little? 😡

  333. I visit here to read everyone’s thoughts, especially Rutherford’s. I like to test ideas. One of my aquirred quirks is i don’t spend emotional capital on something with uncertain validity..I had to understand reality to stay alive and unharmed in the service, to be a viable grad student, and to make our farm business survive.

    Thus, i am usually right, certainly more than you. Those who reach the same conclusions are more trustworthy than those who don’t .Our thoughts are more to be trusted than yours. We have a record.

    For example, I told you Obama is a socialist and you doubted me. Benghazi and the results of our departure from Iraq were two other truths and predictive conclusions based on facts.

    I played with the fat ladies for a time by leaving for months and returning to write “I told you so” with reminders I would be gone again as an extreme form of scrolling.

    I am grateful to Ragi. Jean and I argued about the need to nuke Japan to end WW11. I beat her and she muttered that I certainly would never win any humanitarian awards. Ragi wrote that she thought I was right. The conversation ended.

    They tried to vote three of us off the site. A few, including NOP who reincarnated as Newt here voted to let us stay. Poolman abstained. It is like dealing with children. Never say what you can’t back up.

    Those folks are the progressive administration in mircrocosm. They expected the vote would make us steal quietly away. Instead, we greeted them with more derision, and we eventually took over the site until we lost interest after proving our point….Just like Obama and Putin.

    They are emotionally as weak as their interpretation of factual information.They are also as weak as our current leaders. Huck’s comments are the best of the lot so far this morning. Our leaders are also “Living in the Past.”

    Their deeds and the people who voted them in are making our future more dangerous, and that is a fact.

  334. Tex, I believe that disgusting development is also connected to Obama progressives just as the government decided women WOULD pass Seal training. The two who did were given advantages the men did not enjoy. I saw the same thing in medics field training.

    However, it carries opportunities to meet girls if you are unattached. You just behave as William Shatner did in this song.

  335. I think people are unrealistic about exactly what the POTUS day looks like on any given day.
    Whether it was Clinton,Bush or Obama the truth is that Americas power and pull has been changing for some time and these three modern day Presidents are easy case studies.
    It should also be noted that the USA has had an inconsistent and overall swirling vortex of WTF regards a standard to apply towards world issues and overall foreign policy.
    It is not hard to understand how the US or any country finds itself in complex web of policy points.
    Neither the democracies nor autocrats of the 2015 world have the upper hand and neither are singularly unique in their actions or desires.

  336. On the US House front I can only say that such disunity,arrogance and stupidity can only help the democrats and doubly harm the country.

  337. I think Rutherford will be able to walk away. Hell I think he is probably a safe bet to run away even if he later creates a new blog to satisfy his virtual creative needs. On that epiphany I think I’ll bid you all well and leave my “e-life” to my place.
    Again R I say thanks and good luck on your pending endeavors. I actually will greet next week with the choice of two new positions myself. One a promotion (which could still be reversed) or a lateral position that will suit me to a T. Either way Alfie is getting some roses in his personal life.

  338. The attacks on Dr Carson have been illuminating as to the mindset of the Democratic party, and of academia and the social media sewer in particular. Until Carson proved to be a threat to them by doing well, Democrats let him live. Now we have our esteemed educators suggesting Carson “coon of the year” and their remarks are defended on the grounds that the term is only racist when used by a white person.

    Of course blacks using racial slurs openly is nothing shocking but still – I think if Dr Carson were to stoop to the character of his enemies and suggest Obama “coon of the year” – he would not be defended on any grounds. Behold the evolution of the Democratic party from the party of racism to the party of racism.

    GQ hoping to lure a reader or two from the legion of zombies with catchy articles like “Fuck Ben Carson” is likely just a warm up to whatever that dirty rag Rolling Stone has in store, depending on what the polls show in the coming months.

    The Dem-bots are shorting out their circuitry trying to interpret for us all Dr Carson’s remarks on the shooting in Oregon and some random memory of being held at gunpoint in a Popeyes Chicken. On his worst day in his worst mood under the worst of circumstances Ben Carson is better than Hillary, Biden, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid put together.

    So while the zombies bellow “no solutions!” Carson patiently articulates one of if not the only plausible step toward progress on the difficult problem of mass shootings. All the twice elected petulant child-in-charge has to offer are the same old tricks with his magic pen.

  339. I’m afraid as a black man, you ain’t in Carson’s league.

    No insult taken because I can’t define Carson’s “league”. No doubt, brotha is brilliant. He’s also a bit whack.

    A comedian said the reason his eyes close when he talks is he’s putting himself asleep. 😀

    His message of hard work to overcome circumstances is inspirational. Doesn’t mean he should be president.

  340. as anything that insufferable fool touches turns to shit, like his home turf of Chicago.

    That was nonsensical. What did Obama do in Chicago to turn it to shit? I can see getting pissed at Rahm Emanuel but Obama, really? You’re being silly.

  341. So Muffy thinks the solution is “hey everybody, jump him! He can’t kill us all if we all jump him!”

    Make no mistake. I found Carson’s comment a very interesting intellectual take on group dynamics. Fine for a talk show discussion. Lousy for a policy paper.

  342. Hey Tex. To my great surprise, I learned this week that anyone can be Speaker of the House. Doesn’t have to be a House member.

    Now that the blog is fading into the sunset and you’ll have more time on your hands, put your name in for that Speaker slot. The Freedom Caucus will absolutely love you. And you still have 15 months to kill Obamacare and funding PP. 😀

  343. “So Muffy thinks the solution is “hey everybody, jump him! He can’t kill us all if we all jump him!”

    Make no mistake. I found Carson’s comment a very interesting intellectual take on group dynamics. Fine for a talk show discussion. Lousy for a policy paper.”

    When did I say anything that?

    I think he expressed what he would do to survive in a situation like that. It coincides with what I would hope that I would do. But I don’t even remember saying even that much here about it.

  344. Congratulations, Alfie. This is reading like the last episode of MASH.

    If you are in a situation where you know you will die anyway, why not rush the shooter? There may be more of you than bullets in the shooter’s gun. The passengers of flight 93 did that. I agree, that action is not necessarily what one should do in most situations.

  345. Ben Carson is better than Hillary, Biden, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid put together.

    Ok Muffy. Is this a “morality, character” statement, a policy statement or both? If you’re talking policy, then Carson’s prescription for how to deal with a maniac shooter seems relevant.

    Or more simply, do you think Carson fit to be President?

  346. James, again, I think Carson’s comment in the right context is worth discussion. I just don’t think vying to be leader of the free world is the right context.

  347. Let’s get real here, folks. Ben Carson as a presidential candidate is a joke rivaled only by the comedy that is Donald Trump.

    While it’s true the left is only attacking him because of his poll numbers, it’s also true that the right is only defending him because the left is attacking him. A good bit of what comes out of his trap is indefensible as it regards to public policy and his positions on sociopolitical matters.

    I swear, I think the only real race either party is having right now is who can say the stupidest thing.

    It’s a shame that election after election we are left with choices that are nothing more than “not so-and-so” and “well at least (s)he’s better than….”

    And we, as a nation, are doing jack shit to alter that trend. In fact, our biggest efforts only go toward propagating it.

  348. For the second time in about three months, I’ve watched Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and John Heilemann interview focus groups. And whether they are Democrat or Republican, it is shocking how ill informed they are. Tigre busts me for intellectual laziness. These folks make me look like a genius.

    They truly weigh personality above everything else. I don’t know how these focus groups are sourced but if they really are the average voter, we are in BIG trouble. And let me repeat, no partisanship. The Dems and gop’s were equally disturbing.

    Maybe all the dumb fucks live in New Hampshire and Iowa?

  349. “Ok Muffy. Is this a “morality, character” statement, a policy statement or both? If you’re talking policy, then Carson’s prescription for how to deal with a maniac shooter seems relevant.

    Or more simply, do you think Carson fit to be President?”


    In your haste to nail him (and me) you’ve selected the wrong “policy” remarks with regard to mass shootings. I was referring to his sage remarks that we should study the lives of the shooters, to which I referred earlier in the thread.

    Fit? In some respects, yes. In all respects – no. I haven’t given it much thought, I don’t expect him to get the nomination. But none of those others I mentioned are fit for office in any respect.

  350. “What did Obama do in Chicago to turn it to shit?”

    What did Obama do to help Chicago?

    What has he ever done? Ever?

    What guts had he ever shown?

    How many jobs has ever created?

    Has he ever shown courage?

    So I like the first part of your question.

    What did Obama do?

    Well spoken negro?

    A well spoken negro was all it took for you to get screamy and gushy-moist, R.

    You hurt the country out of fascist like emo bull shit.

    Obama voters should be ashamed of the mess they created.

    At least your teen age heart was in the right place.

    After Hillary becomes president….the entire left in this nation can only be described as evil.

  351. “Let’s get real here, folks. Ben Carson as a presidential candidate is a joke rivaled only by the comedy that is Donald Trump.

    While it’s true the left is only attacking him because of his poll numbers, it’s also true that the right is only defending him because the left is attacking him. A good bit of what comes out of his trap is indefensible as it regards to public policy and his positions on sociopolitical matters.”

    Well…yeah, if the left wasn’t attacking him the right wouldn’t be defending him.

  352. Some of these mass shootings seem to be extreme tantrums and vengeance over the off-balance shooters not getting what they want. The Oregon shooter wrote about committing suicide because he couldn’t get a girlfriend. Vester Lee Flanagan kills a woman on live teevee after writing “They hired her after that? with regard to his claims she called him a slur. She had a job whereas he had been fired from the same job. George Sodini chronicled in his writings years of sexual frustration and rejection. Eliot Rodger flat out said that he would ‘punish all females for the crime of depriving [him] of sex while giving that pleasure to other men.” He claims they “took many years of [his] life away.” Fifteen year old jilted youth Jalen Fryberg.

    Nobody gets everything they want. So what is happening here? Are people committing mass murder because they feel they’re being deprived of something that they feel they should rightfully have? Or to right some perceived wrong done to them by the world?

    Two high school football players tackle a ref on their coaches command because of calls that didn’t go their way (they later claimed it was on account of racial slurs). They did this at a football game, in front of crowds of people and cameras broadcasting the game.

  353. How many jobs has ever created?

    I kinda thought you didn’t think the president created jobs.

    By your logic Obama is to blame for all of society’s ills because he hasn’t done anything. You’re not that stupid.

    As for Hillary: I’m no longer convinced of the supreme power of the presidency. If Hillary makes it to the White House we will have 8 more years of gridlock unless the Dems can recapture both houses of Congress. If that happens, Katy bar the door. As the first 2 years of the Obama presidency proved, Dems legislate like gangbusters. They don’t sit around.

  354. I will catch holy hell for this but who cares. I’ve never bought the Flight 93 hero story. My wife says cell phone calls confirm the heroic story. I’m still very skeptical. BTW I’m saying this before reading Poolman’s link.

  355. Some of these mass shootings seem to be extreme tantrums and vengeance over the off-balance shooters not getting what they want.

    I’d put it slightly differently. I think they can’t handle the loneliness and alienation that we all feel in certain times in our lives.

    Depending to a great deal on circumstance, the world can be a soft place to fall or very cruel and uncaring.

  356. “I kinda thought you didn’t think the president created jobs.”

    I meant before he was president. Starting a business. Taking a risk. Fucking something.

    For you to lecture anyone about Carson….wow…..infuriating.

  357. From the National Park Service, 37 phone calls came from 13 people on the plane between the beginning of the hijacking at 926AM and the crash at 1003AM

    At 957am the passengers and crew began their assault after they took a vote. At least two passengers and one crew member stopped phone calls to join the revolt. The terrorists responded by rolling the plane right to left.
    Pilots of other planes witnessed the erratic flying.
    The cockpit recorder captured signs of the struggle until the plane crashed.

    This plane was bound for Washington, but its pilots purposely crashed it in open farm land. Why would they do that unless something threatened them?

    This incident doesn’t reach the level of truth as the Benghazi lies, but I am certain conspiracy theories denying the event are as credible as the story that Jessie James escaped being shot and died in Texas at the age of 101.

    Any conspiracy theories are bunk and unworthy of arguement.

    I respect Dr. Ben Carson for his accomplishments and would choose him as a role model if I was young. However, he is not ready to be president. I don’t think he will make the nomination cut and it is a good thing.

  358. Well darn, Poolman, I clicked your link and got nothing but a book pimp page, for a truther no less. A quick Google reveals that cell phone calls can be made by airborne planes. Regardless, I still consider the Flight 93 story more legend than fact.

  359. Those are not the three most honest minutes on American television. The speaker’s tone is simplistic and dishonest beyond the specific statistics. Many, not all of the problems the speaker stated are the result of Progressive policies, especially created during the Obama administrations. He has accelerated the process.

    I have lived and traveled in other countries. In fact, I would have stayed in the UK had it been practical.

    People in New Hampshire and Iowa are no more ignorant than the rest of the country. Ignorance will be our downfall.

    The video is an antidote to the Lurker video. The song is uplifting and affirmative. It is also in Russian which is fitting because Obama is helping Russia replace us as the supreme world power.

  360. JAL provides a video berating her ilk for decimating America and likes it. 😆 😆 JAL – your America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore. In fact, it’s a shit hole. It’s Planned Parenthood. It’s Baltimore, Detroit, Flint, LA. It’s Obama. It’s rotten to the core.

    But mine still is.

    That’s why I’m trying so hard to rid myself of your association and millions of tools like you. My kids have been blessed beyond belief. And you know why Canada and Australia are always used as examples of ‘greatness’ these days?

    Because America has her back and neither of those countries has in large measure had to assimilate you, nor or they diverse, nor are they terribly tolerant. And that’s the real truth.

    The suburbs of America are still the greatest place on earth. But the closer you encroach, the more it feels like failure. If we white men and women could unhitch your racist dead weight, free us from the bonds of carrying your useless and expensive ass, we will remain great.

    Now get your nasty ass back to the 20th reunion of the scum at the Million Man March chanting “Down, down America!” That’s where you belong. With the losers. With the dregs.

  361. I guess I haven’t ruled Carson out.

    My brain says vote Cruz.

    That being said, he has a certain professional speech giver quality to him that some times makes me feel uneasy about him. The guy’s a great Congressman, but is he a leader?

    However, when I devote the time for a whole speech….I usually have and urge to give him a standing ovation.

    Love to see him as Attorney General.

    I think (I hope) Trump is teaching politicians that you don’t have to play the leftist rigged game of PC oppression.

    I’m not saying Trump is always honest but he might be paving the way for someone who is.

    I’ve bashed Trump in the past. I can’t tell if he is a symtom, the medicine or the disease itself.

    This HP bashing of FC is cheap. HP was fucked during her tenure. It would be like bashing the CEO of a gas lamp company three years into Edison’s light bulbs.

    I actually think the fat ass from Jersey might make a good president.

    Lot of good canidates.

    Unlike your side: Sanders the socialist ), a creepy old dumb fuck and the most corrupt candidate in American history.

    I actually believe Hillary will be a FP improvement with what we have going now.

    I have no doubt Obama hates America. Its the standerd college campus style of lefty hate. The world is becoming rapidly unstable.

    You picked a good time to cut and run, Rutherford.

  362. If we white men and women could unhitch your racist dead weight, free us from the bonds of carrying your useless and expensive ass, we will remain great.

    Really? Is that really one of the last comments you want to leave for posterity here? America, if it were only all white would be so much better off.

    Take a moment to clarify. Imagine JAL (who I’m guessing is white) is your granddaughter. What message would you want to leave her with on the state of America?

  363. Unlike your side: Sanders the socialist ), a creepy old dumb fuck and the most corrupt candidate in American history.

    That confused me. Was that a reference to Sanders and then to HRC or were they both for Sanders. If the latter, what makes you call Sanders corrupt? While we’re at it, why’s he creepy and why dumb?

    I happen to agree that the GOP is fielding a stronger deeper bench than the Dems. But for the time being, Trump has turned that upside down.

    More business authorities condemn Carly’s tenure at HP than defend it. It killed her California run and will likely kill this one too.

    It figures you’d be hopeful about HRC with respect to FP. You seem to favor the ones who want to send our kids to die in shit holes.

  364. Really? Is that really one of the last comments you want to leave for posterity here? America, if it were only all white would be so much better off.

    ** GUFFAW ** I knew that was all you would pick up on. That was as much for you as it was nasty gash. Do you really believe I think that way? That’s an open ended question that you’ll have to decide for yourself.

    But it proves a point which was my purpose.

    Blacks see nothing but color. Even you, who I don’t believe is racist, does. JAL is – militant racist. She oozes everything that is wrong with America. I don’t just think America would be greater without her. I KNOW AMERICA WOULD BE BETTER WITHOUT HER. Much, much, much better.

    That turd JAL has dragged out hoods, robes, KKK so many times I’ve lost count. I’m only reinforcing to her what she believes.

    Screw her. I loathe her. Get her sorry ass back to Farrakhan.

  365. You seem to favor the ones who want to send our kids to die in shit holes.

    Lol…you think global anarchy, cringe worthy fake red lines and American weakness means my boys wont end up in war. Fucking moron.

  366. I believe Trump is a symptom. Other politicians should adopt a more honest and truculent attitude.

    Obama hates the United States as it is now. He also hates European colonist nations like the UK. Michele does too. Their words and actions prove it.

    Democrats have so used and abused blacks into thinking they are the black’s only hope against rapacious Republicans that they have developed a culture of dependence and anger in some parts of the country. Not all blacks and guilty whites like Lurker have adopted the dependent attitude, but enough have to win elections for Democrats.

    Sami singer Mari Boine said that when she grew up, she felt as many minorities here feel today. When she went to college and heard stories from the media during Sami protest riots, “my heart was filled with anger and rage, because I then realized what had been done to my people. It had to get out like a volcano.” Someday blacks may realize what Democrats have done to them and turn on their erstwhile ideological masters.

    I live in a rural area and our daughter’s family lives in a nice part of Omaha. Like Tex, we still live in good enclaves.

    If JAL or someone like her was my grand daughter I would consider driving my car into the side of a bridge.

  367. 8 years later they are “shit holes”.

    8 years earlier, these nations were victims, deserving of Obama’s apology tour.

    You said these countries would like us again….. Because of your fanboy love of a demigauage.

    8 years ago, it was going to be global harmony. 8 years later, it’s night of the living dead and you think barricades are a long term strategy to keep my sons out of war.

    What do you care though…..you don’t have an ounce of skin in the game. In anything, actually.

    You miserable fucks turn everything to shit. From the micro to the macro. Your personal life a testament to this. Leftism is like that.

    The great harm that you and your pathetic friends created will come to a precipice in my life time…I’m a sure of it.

    So cheerlead the fact a bumper sticker gaffe is all it takes to keep your parasitic party in power. High five!

    You are the enemy.

    Sad but true: Tex is right. The stinkbeards (and other global evil) can’t be addressed until we remove the disease of liberalism from this country.

    Your insane idealogy has infected the military, decimated minorities, destroyed my city,-the industrial mitochrondia of America, destroyed education, fucked over health care, feminzed men and crushed the family. Never have we had less people in the work force in modern times.

    Well…Never forget this. When your evil crosses the line, there are millions of us capable of mobilizing in the remotest areas of this vast land and bunkering down high up in trees. Trees!

    You think we can be managed and even enslaved?

    My 6 year old can hit a target with a cross bow from 200 feet on a windy day thirty feet in the air in a pine tree, motherfucker!

    So….who knows….maybe the first “shit hole” my son will address is the one you created.

  368. Rutherford, I know none of you guys are truthers. Those of us who do not believe the government’s version of 911 (and I certainly fall in that camp) have been labeled truthers. I don’t mind wearing the label. It is more appealing than anti truther or shill. If truth has become derogatory, what does that say about society? I don’t hold out much hope for future America.

    Laziness will be our downfall. Americans are too lazy to do any digging for truth. It’s easier and more popular to believe state sanctioned hollywood scripted reality offerings. The flight 93 story is so full of impossibilities that it should not stand on its own. But we even made it into a movie! The Betty Ong character gave coded messages that only someone in the airline industry could decipher. Someone actually did and built an entire story around it. By labeling it fiction it was able to bypass the scrutiny of any gatekeepers.

    Is the Bible considered non fiction? In a land where comedians speak truth and politicians publish lies, where do you turn to seek wisdom?

  369. Even a ex meth lab dump can be beautiful this time of the year.

    Too bad all living quarters are infested with vermin right now. Anyone have any experience in mouse proofing a camper or doublewode trailer?

  370. “I think (I hope) Trump is teaching politicians that you don’t have to play the leftist rigged game of PC oppression.”

    Carson too. Trump is a bigger bully and Carson has a bigger heart than the oppressors. I like that.

  371. My 6 year old can hit a target with a cross bow from 200 feet on a windy day thirty feet in the air in a pine tree, motherfucker!

    Mmm why is it when I read this I think of little middle eastern children holding rifles, trained to kill. That’s what Rabbit romances about.

    Rabbit you really should stop short of comparing “personal lives”. You’ve shared choices here on the blog over the years that I would not have made but, not being in your shoes, I gave you latitude and kept criticism to a minimum.

  372. Poolman, my only disappointment was that your link was a book promotion. I’m very open to reading a meaty article that disproves the Flight 93 story. As I said, it smells like legend. The supposed hero in Oregon also rings false to me because the story keeps shifting. Seems to me he did little good and got shot 5 or 7 times depending on who is telling the story. Frankly I find the folks who honestly declared their Christian Faith in the face of certain death far more heroic.

  373. To understand the psychology of auctions is to understand the psychology of troofers.

    Could you elaborate? I never put auction bidders and troofers in the same thought space. I’m interested in understanding this better. (Is it as simple as troofers trying to out-do each other in their claims?)

  374. Yes Rutherford, that site is her book site, you are right. I watched an interview she did a while back. The video tab links some interviews that vary from 3 minutes to well over an hour. Rebekah has excellent communication skills and the details are compelling. She also has written a sequel since receiving more foia information. Pretty entertaining stuff. 🙂

  375. Yeah Poolman, this is a trend that no doubt started with altruistic motives but has morphed into something sinister.

    I was toying the other day with launching a site called “onlinebeggar.com” where the catch phrase would be “why stand in the street with a sign when you can get far better reach on the Internet?” But it looks like gofundme has beaten me to the punch.

    This is why I’ll never be rich. I never get an idea that someone else hasn’t gotten to already. 😩😩

  376. I basically agree with Alfie. Assimilation has been our strength, and the unity it provides has helped make us great. Our common religion and cultural values have helped us speak with one voice in international and some domestic affairs. Race has little to do with becoming part of the Borg or a homogonized culture. Attitudes and values are more important.

    However, under the surface cultures brought here from the old country still separate us. Ancestral and regional cultures make us a fruit salad instead of a melting pot. Their different outlooks have been our strength until recently. More people are coming here too fast to identify as part of our culture. The left is capitalizing on and and enhancing our differences for its political and economic gain.

    We are fracturing as surely as Arctic Ice is melting.

  377. Farmers use auctions to buy or sell land, livestock, and machinery. One rule is don’t fall in love with what you want to buy, and know your price limit before you bid. Beware of those who run up the price for one reason or another.

    At the rate of postings, how much time do you think this blog has before it is finished? If activity diminishes, will this site become the equivalent of a white dwarf, slowly fading for what seems like an eternity?

  378. will this site become the equivalent of a white dwarf, slowly fading for what seems like an eternity?

    A black dwarf, thank you very much!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  379. Well, if you read my comment on Alfie’s site you’ll see I don’t quite know what to make of his post.

    He makes the intuitive point that homogeneity can smooth things over somewhat. But he also makes the point that closer scrutiny of a homogenous population may reveal some stark differences hiding beneath the surface. It’s when he points to assimilation as a cure that he loses me, for reasons I spell out over at his place.

  380. So James based on your experience with auctions, what’s your best guess as to where Muffy is headed with her statement?

    P.S. You reminded me that my FIL used to attend farm auctions back in the day.

  381. “There is something a foot that will keep the bar open although it may attract a different clientele. You’ll see when/if it happens. Any day now.”

    Rutherford and the Rabbit’s Psycadellic Midwest Escape.

  382. Rutherford and the Rabbit’s Psychedelic Man Camp

    6 months at Chez Rabbit for lessons in self-reliance and skillz for killing bad guys for 6 year olds and grown men (such as myself) that got catching up to do. Weekly updates. War paint not supplied. Fragging liberal pussy enrollees permitted.

  383. Ha Ha, Rutherford! i like that. Another steller dwarf that comes to mind is Red Dwarf, a British science fiction comedy our son and I used to watch.

    I don’t know what Muffy means either, except that auctioneers and truthers are dramatic and filled with sound and fury.

    My concept of assimilation in the US is this. We are mostly white, Christian or Jewish, and we enjoy the same entertainment. Many of us take vacations in the same areas. We share a common experience. Newcomers so want to become us that “immigrant Syndrome” is used to describe people who become more American than the natives.

    Minorities also become as American as the dominant culture because they fit in if they do.They tend to follow the philosophy of Booker T. Washington instead of WEB Dubois. Unlike blacks, whites, though appearing different from one another can blend in. Someone watching a white walk into a store can’t tell at first glance if the person just got off the boat or has ancestors who fought in the Revolution.

    Cultural fractures are under the surface. People carry ancestorial cultures and identities which are not noticeable at casual sight. For example, people in Northwest Iowa’s Dutch community look similar to the nearby Germans, but the Dutch tend to exclude Germans.

    Regional and occupational cultures also turn our true nature into a salad instead of a melting pot. Under the surface we are different from how we appear.

    Time smooths differences immigrants bring here. If too many come too soon, assimilation is difficult and the newcomers tend to hold on to their old loyalities and identities. For example, my wife’s grand mother came to the US when she was 16. As a middle aged woman, she enjoyed visiting a nearby town because she could still speak Swedish there.

  384. Hey Poolman, here’s some food for your tin foil hat.

    The dude who likely leaked a CIA informant name to Sid Blumenthal who then passed the name to HRC on her insecure server, died of “complications” from pancreatic cancer in August.

    Dudes name was Tyler Drumheller. Convenient that he died before it was discovered that he, Blumenthal, and HRC were potentially guilty of a federal crime (outing a CIA source).

    Someone, maybe you, once posted here how folks associated with the Clinton’s often end up dead. 😐

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