And Now for Something Completely Different 

The one thing I love more than following politics is watching television. I have my favorites like “Big Bang Theory”, “The Blacklist” and “Shark Tank”.  I love TV not only as entertainment but as a business. While other 10 year olds wanted to be the next Hank Aaron or Kareem Abdul Jabbar, I wanted to be the next Fred Silverman or Brandon Tartikoff.

I collected Fall Preview TV Guides (still do) and kept spiral notebooks in which I computed which networks were most successful based on returning series. Heck, I knew what lead-in strategy (1) was!

So in today’s essay I ponder a seemingly insignificant but quirky phenomenon going on in cable TV. It could be unique to my carrier (Wide Open West (WOW!)) but I doubt it. I call it the “truncated commercial”.

In this age of TiVo and cable provided DVR’s, few folks watch commercials anymore. But I do get lazy sometimes and just don’t feel like reaching for that remote to skip the ads. A couple of months ago I noticed that the last ad before the show resumed was truncated. I’m not talking a minor truncation. I’m talking just the last 5 to 10 seconds of the ad was shown. I assumed some error in the cable feed. Then I noticed it again, and again, and again.

Apparently this has become standard operating procedure. For example, Home Advisor, a merchant for one stop shopping for home maintenance contractors, has its entire ad stripped down to its ditty “hooooome advisor” and a display of its web address. It’s clear the ad isn’t made that way and you’re seeing just the end of the longer ad.

The same goes for a wildlife commercial which has been truncated to the picture of a tiger, a voice over “please help them now” and a phone number or web address.

Again, I stress these are not shortened versions of the ad as you will see with many merchants. These are sloppy chop jobs that barely convey what the ad is about. So I’m left wondering whose idea was this? I’m guessing these merchants have been given a grossly reduced ad rate and basically told “for this small price you can get a brief mention”. However the result looks so unprofessional that the advertisers who choose this option look second rate. I wouldn’t pay ten cents to have my ad butchered JUST to squeeze the ad in.

This is just one picayune way in which the broadcast industry continues to morph. It’s a far different landscape than the one I followed as a hobby in my childhood.

How has your interaction with the boob tube changed over the years? Do you miss the simple 3 network days of yesteryear? Do you sample even 10% of your current cable lineup? Do your kids watch TV or is it passé?

What do you think? The bar is open.

(1) Lead-in strategy goes back to the days when there were fewer remotes and folks had to actually get off the couch to change the channel. Networks would deliberately schedule a new, untested show behind one of their proven hits. The hope was laziness would prevail and after watching your favorite show, you’d stay put and watch the new one. Shows that failed to benefit from a good lead-in were truly dreadful and seldom lasted beyond one season. 

375 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different 

  1. We don’t have cable,but our location between Omaha and Sioux City gives us about 27 stations if the electric antenna is adjusted right.

    We got our first television set in 1949 after my father saw a wrestling match on my uncle’s new television set the night before. My father struggled in late dusk to position the antenna in time to watch wrestling.

    I liked having three channels, because everyone watched the same thing.It was a cultural uniting of the country. Virtually everyone with a TV watched Uncle Milty or I Love Lucy. Local stations experimented with time fillers.

    An Omaha station set up a camera and showed people crossing the street for a half hour. Johnny Carson did silly things like pull a dead mouse out of a Victrola speaker.

    I enjoy the variety now. PBS has some good shows, and I like Me TV to watch old programs. I like watching foreign news on our daughter and son-in law’s cable TV. Spanish language game shows are fun too. We watched the US women’s World Cup playoff with Germany. Today, I am watching auto races.

    I don’t watch as much television as I used to. Our daughter and son in law hardly watch television. The business is evolving isn’t it?

    I like some television commercials. Some of the better ones are superior to the shows they are selling.

  2. USA just won World Cup 5-2. Soccer is strange. I don’t think I could watch it regularly. First four goals from USA were in first 15 mins like Japan wasn’t even trying.

  3. James I “vote” for ads with my remote. There are some I can’t abide and I lurch for the remote when they come on. The Sea World ad “correcting the record” sickens me because it’s full of lies. The Buick commercial pretending a Buick isn’t a Buick bothers me. In fact every American car commercial that claims superiority over luxury foreign cars bugs me.

    I also skip all pharma ads.

    But you’re right. Some commercials are better than the shows they accompany. They say a commercial has failed if you don’t remember the product. Sadly even the ads I love don’t always plant the product name in my head. For example there are a couple of different insurance companies with very clever commercials but I’ll be damned if I can remember which ad belongs to which company (I think they’re Geico and eSurance).

  4. James I can’t remember life without TV. My parents remembered their first TV. I had a Panasonic that would go all-snow and you had to smack the top right of it to get the picture back. 😊

  5. The Lone Ranger and Tonto were camping in the wilderness. After they got their tent set up, both men fell sound asleep. Some hours later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says,”‘Kemo Sabe, look towards sky, what you see?”

    The Lone Ranger replies, “I see millions of stars.”
    “What that tell you?” asked Tonto.

    The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute then says, “Astronomically-speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Time-wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three in the morning. Theologically,the Lord is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you,Tonto?”

    “You dumber than buffalo… It mean someone stole tent.”

  6. Ugh. Back in the metro area. We’re turning around and getting back in the North Thursday.

    You working stiffs have no idea how pleasurable my Faustian bargain with Leviathan is in the summer. Tied to the government titty only to be free from everything for 12 weeks in the summer. Fuck it.

    The night sky. I’m talking the true night sky, Sami style. Lit up above Sueprior. Rutherford, I feel sorry for you on this one, and I’m not being a dick about it.

    You proggy tools need to get back to the outdoors. Quit pretending you are all New York Jews. The one thing I had in common with you people and Woodstock ruined it. You people need to be in herds and can’t tolerate the realization that you are small.

    I feel so small when I truely get in the wilderness. Good for me.

    I would have been burned at the stake on medieval times. I can only feel God in the woods like some New Age skunk.

  7. You’re preaching to the choir Rabbit. I was raised in the country and I still live in the country. But I am a bit jealous. Few sights are as mesmerizing as the blue horizon of Superior.

    My dad and his brother went camping once when they were kids along Superior’s shores. They didn’t realize the lake was so massive that it had tides. When they woke in the morning, half their gear had washed away.

    “I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky
    You can talk to God and listen to the casual reply …” – John Denver

  8. I felt sorry for the Japanese goalie after the match and wanted to hug her, still believe soccer is boring, sat and ate pizza and drank beer while watching it anyway, and enjoyed the company of my wife and daughter. We’re getting old and wrinkled and my wife is still beautiful and good to me.

    Soccer is my World Series and hockey. I watch little baseball anymore, but put in the right venue like the World Series, hockey at the Olympics, I enjoy it. And I never turn the TV on until the evening unless its a weekend to watch sports, the constant reminder with a thousand channels, there is nothing to watch.

    What was fun to watch was the internet video highlights of my daughter’s wedding. I had forgotten how great a time everyone, myself included, had at that event. And my daughter looked stunningly beautiful, like some catalog model. My wife got weepy all over again. Nobody knows how to party better than Texans.

  9. Hey Rabbit? New York Jew. LOL

    Speaking of New York Jew, I have never done anything but flown over a few of the Great Lakes. If I and the Mrs. were to take a trip, which one would you recommend, what time of the year, and where would you stay? We’re probably too old to rough it anymore, so it would have to be somewhat touristy.

  10. As Obama and his pack of equally narcissist liars talk up the successes of Obamacare in the next months, remember the truth of the matter. Once again, the smart people in America tried to tell you masses of dumbasses you were being hoodwinked by a charlatan and compliant media and you didn’t bother to listen. Frankly, if you want to know what really ails America, there are too many of you really stupid people to support.

    New York Times unbiased enough for all you Obama voters?

    Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases for 2016

  11. re: world cup soccer. Could’ve been predicted. The Japs aren’t tall enough to catch the ball when the American girls kick it over their heads.

  12. Tex, I’d recommend Traverse City, becuase I know it would be perfect, but, believe it or not, I’ve never been there! It’s the rich resort area where all the Chicago money goes.

    Now, if your into a nice quiet and quaint time, after a couple days in Traverse, rent a car, cross the bridge and head up to Grand Marais on Lake Superior. Spend 3 days up there.

    From Grand Marais, check out Pictured Rock. It’s not exciting, and in some ways probably easily replicable to many sleepy towns on the Ocean. But there is something about Superior that makes the hair on my neck stand up.

    On the way back, take the sun set cruise under and around the Mackinaw Bridge.
    It can be cold up there.

    Black flies can destroy a trip as well and the mosquitoes awful.

    Late August is prime time. Heavy sweatshirts and jeans in the evening. Tee shirts in the afternoon, of your lucky.

    My family is in the stage where they love everything. For example, the highlight of the whole trip was simple rock collecting on the Great Lakes. At 5 and 3, it doesn’t take much to impress. And, their Dad still is the same way. Which probably makes me a terrible travel guide. The kids never grew tired of it. Picking up Rocks.

  13. Blimey! Make sure we get the benefit of Pfucker’s pontifications and insults.

    What the hell did I just watch, G. From what I could tell the unconscious white dude had it coming. He didn’t check his privilege.

  14. The left complains about the changes in our news media since the golden age of television.

    It was easier for them when Paul Harvey was about the only alternative. Walter Cronkite misjudged the Tet Offensive and his liberal bias also influenced his erroroneous denial of support for the war. Paul Harvey also said it was time to quit.

    LBJ was said to observe that if he lost Walter, he lost the country. With our diverse news sources on television and the internet, one man would not exert such influence today.

    I saw the last of our women’s World Cup victory and also Dale Enhard’s NASCAR victory around 2AM because rain had delayed the race.

    As Dale crossed the finish line, a multi- car wreck smashed cars and sent Austin Dillion’s car airborne over two rows of cars and into the catch fence. The car exploded and partly disintegrated.

    Crew members of several companies disobeyed the rules and ran to help Dillion. He was injured but able to give the crowd a thumbs up.

    The drivers, who are used to accidents were shaken by the violence. Jeff Gordon, who is retiring said he feels nostalgic about ending his career, but after witnessing the accident, he feels better about quitting.

    I like the Flo campaign and modern weather coverage with radar which is more accurate than WW11 blobs which used to pass as the radar we used to see on TV.

    It was a noisy night, and with the race and thunder I only got 2 hours of sleep. We will return to Omaha late this morning.

    I also like the Arrowhead part of Lake Superior.

  15. My family is in the stage where they love everything. For example, the highlight of the whole trip was simple rock collecting on the Great Lakes. At 5 and 3, it doesn’t take much to impress. And, their Dad still is the same way. Which probably makes me a terrible travel guide. The kids never grew tired of it. Picking up Rocks.

    I will put this to memory. Traverse City was where my oldest daughter used to go each summer with her best friend, whose Stepfather lived in Louisville, KY.

    Shoot, I’ve still got the quartz from the mountains and the sea shells in white sand in my garage, Rabbit. Been there the better part of 20 years and I don’t have the heart to dispose of it, courtesy of my kids when they were your boy’s age. Dad was picking up lava from a recent flow while we were in Hawaii a few years back and that’s in my bathroom drawer. 🙂 I think at heart, I’m still the four year old playing in the sand box with Hot Wheels and a whiffle ball for neighborhood baseball games.

    For some reason I was reflecting in bed on life and death in bed last night laying beside my sweet bride who was asleep. Damn, it has all gone so fast. Unnerved me enough I had to get up for a few minutes and shake it off.

    If you want to see a video of what my entire family looks like for real, my beautiful daughter in a wedding dress and cowboy boots, takes about 4 minutes and it’s cute, send me the word. My wife outdid herself on this wedding – expensive as hell but 200 people had a hoot for 6 hours. Give you a taste of what you’ve got to look forward to one day – and by luck of the draw, you get the cheap part.

  16. We usually have Angel’s baseball on every night, and the wife has a few shows she watches regularly. The Last Ship, Supernatural, and a few others I don’t know the name of. They are mainly background noise for me. They all show the same commercials, which all kind of suck. Although I do wish I lived near a 3-Day Suit Broker. They advertise some good deals.

    I do most of my TV-show viewing at night after the house gets quiet. And most of it isn’t viewed on the TV. I did binge-watch Orange is the New Black. And had father-son time every week watching Game of Thrones. I also like the history-based Vikings and Turn.

    Right now I am back-viewing True Detective, which is delivering upon DR’s promise. Hell on Wheels is getting ready to start back up. And I need to get caught up on Tyrant (fraternal conflict in a fictional Middle East country).

    I have noticed commercials getting cut off after a few seconds, as well as only showing the last few seconds. I have wondered if it is some sort of synchronizing issue, where the channel shows 1 set of ads,while the cable/satellite provider shows another. I have also noticed the theme of Law and Order is a lot faster now, so they can squeeze in more ads.

  17. If you want a gander of how many more commercials are being added to a viewing hour, watch the original Star Trek 66-68 and pause the display on NetFlix. Approximately 50 minutes of viewing.

    Then watch the Star Trek TNG, circa ’88-93 and pause. You will see approximately 43 minutes of viewing.

    I honestly don’t know how much viewing is done now, but that AD – The Bible Continued on NBC which was the first show I have watched in 25 years of network programming on the big three would show approximately seven to eight minutes of viewing for 3 minutes of advertising.

  18. DR, it’s gonna be tough for them to beat Alexandra Daddario’s topless scene in episode 3. Holy crap. They were more magnificent than seeing them bounce in San Andreas 3-D

  19. What’s the point Gorilla? Don’t post shit like that unless you’ve got something to say about it. This blog ain’t “Black Folks Acting Badly”. If you just want to post that crap, do it on your blog or start a new blog dedicated to how “feral” black people are.

  20. Glad you’re angry. Funny, no one is talking about it, but if it had been the other way around, shit, it’d be wall-to-wall news. Maybe that’s the point, because if that was getting the coverage it deserves, maybe there’d be a little more introspection by both sides.

  21. It’s apropo to wonder why we don’t see that on television (news coverage, political talk shows, etc.)

    In fact it’s an excellent question.

  22. Why isn’t this heading up national TV, R? I mean, we had four white women shot execution style by two black men two years ago in Tulsa, and not only did that not make national news, they didn’t even classify it as a hate crime?

    Why’s that?

  23. Since I don’t watch TV I have not seen the commercials that everyone talks about. I do own a TV compliments of visiting guests who have to have their fix but just an antenna which the guests tell me it picks up 4 channels.

    I gather I’m not missing very much. My daughter is currently visiting in Israel and she noticed a big difference between European CNN and America’s CNN. They actually portray the News. I guess they cater to the clientele. What does that say about the American viewers?

    I do remember the very first thing I saw on TV. It was the coronation of Queen Elisabeth. Boy does that date me!

    Good one Tex 😆

    Soccer has definitely become the sport of the young more so than football it seems.

  24. I heard today on the news Puerto Rico is about to go bankrupt in keeping with Tex’s posted article.

    Greece told the EU to fuck off (while still holding its hand out) and if I understand this, the EU told Greece today “fuck you too.”

    Greece has a full blown Great Depression with only about 60 bucks available from the ATM per day.

    I can’t believe this is the same tourist attraction I visited as a young boy. I visited Ankara too with my family. Now Turkey is in the midst of this “won’t fight ISIL cos we hate the Kurds” bullshit.

    The world as we knew it is coming apart at the seams.

  25. Speaking of news, this article is an indication of what MSM should be about.. The world stock markets can crash an economy in one computer crash if they so desire. The computer is a marvelous invention or is it ?!?
    So due to the mentality of the viewers of TV, MSM knows news flashes of Caitlyn Jenner is going to draw in more viewers than something like this article which actually could effect their bread and butter.

    No more ‘roar’ as famed trading pits come to an end

    Regardless of what you think of them Walter and Paul did a better job of keeping the masses informed.

  26. A perfect example Rutherford, Greece and Puerto Rico are old news and most really do not understand how their monetary problems concern the rest of us.

  27. FWIW Chicago’s murder rate this year is making the news, particularly this past weekend.

    I just heard today Spike Lee is making a film tentatively titled “Chiraq” making a point that more have died on the streets of Chicago than died in Iraq. I don’t know what Lee’s angle will be. He may put the blame on dysfunctional communities or he may “blame whitey”. I honestly don’t know.

  28. Does anybody care about this 14 year old boy?

    I’m not nitpicking. I saw two 7 year olds mentioned in your linked article Muffy. I didn’t see a 14 year old. Did I miss it?

    Frankly two 7 year olds is just as tragic.

    And to answer your question, no, not enough people care. Our society doesn’t care. You can talk until you’re blue in the face. Our society didn’t care about the Sandy Hook 20 either.

  29. There was a fair in my town last week (Ribfest). On Saturday someone jumped off a fair ride to his death. The suicide shut down the ride that day only. When my wife and daughter went to the fair yesterday the ride was back in business. My daughter was creeped out and would not ride it. Lots of others did.

    THAT’s the society we live in. The ride should have been closed permanently under the circumstances. No moral compass.

    Unrelated to this event, my wife put it very accurately last week while discussing another topic. People just don’t care about each other anymore.

  30. G and Muffy it is NOT fair that when a black kills a white for racial reasons, it is not typically labeled a hate crime. There’s no way to defend it other than to object to the entire notion of “hate crimes” in the first place.

  31. “Our society didn’t care about the Sandy Hook 20 either.”

    Muffy what has changed since then? Nothing!!! I’m NOT limiting the observation to gun control. What has changed?

  32. What situation is that? Freedom?

    I sank in a horrible depression after Sandy Hook. Does that make you feel better?

    In a free society, you are more at risk for this kind of stuff.

    At the end of the day, Big Nanny can’t do shit for you in terms of stopping indiscriminate evil. Sucks, I know, little black fellah.

    The Boogie Man is real. And you seem to want to cure the anxiety by sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.

  33. Don’t care? WTF you talking about Blackfella? How many millions of dollars and offers of assistance flowed into Sandy Hook? Not enough coverage for ya? You and everyone here cares about it to this day.

    By contrast, you didn’t know anything of the July 4th murders and wouldn’t unless posted here.

  34. “What’s the point Gorilla? Don’t post shit like that unless you’ve got something to say about it. blah, blah blaaaaah. . . . ”


  35. The type of person who walks into a school and slaughters children is not a reflection of society. They are, by definition, antisocial.

    It isn’t society’s responsibility to change itself because of antisocial behavior.

  36. I’m sorry I have to go here. I really am

    But if you want to see a society headed down the drain?

    Look at this. Especially you DR. Look it right in the eye.

  37. Aim your lecture at Muffy Rabbit who seems to want someone to “care”.

    I went into a deep depression over Sandy Hook too.

    So we all CARE. Happy Muffy?

  38. “Including the 7 year old son of a gang member with 45 previous arrests, who is not cooperating with police as of yesterday afternoon as they try to find his son’s killer”. -Muffy

    Isn’t amazing how his hood manhood means more then Justice for his own 7 year old son?

    Funny thing is it’s cowardice. He’d rather not be known as a snitch in jail. His own son.

    Hey now Muffy and Gorillia. This blog isn’t black folks behaving badly. Rutherford gets really uncomfortable with the news and rather not hear about it becuase black lives matter. Wait a minute. They don’t matter. Oh well. Never mind.

    Let the bodies hit the floor!

  39. “The ride should have been closed permanently under the circumstances. No moral compass”.

    I like to think I have a compass. But, mine is not aligned with yours on this. Why the fuck should the ride shut down the next day? Becuase some asshole made a spectacle of his suicide?

    Now, carnivals in general give me anxiety. I received an ass beating at one as a early teenager. They attract the worst of society. I avoid them like the plague.

    Re: tap dancing.

    That tap dancing plank immediately made me realize there is a niche market for tap dance accessories. Weird stuff like that exists.

    Tap dancing varies from impossible to anyone can do it in my mind.

    My Mom once signed my brother and myself for a week long mime school. Gayest thing I’ve ever did in my life. I don’t think my Dad knows about it to this day.

  40. LOL Rabbit as a mime. That’s just too funny.

    DR, it wasn’t a carnival per se. The rides were secondary to the food which was a ribs competition but I get your point.

  41. I don’t get the carnival shut down either.

    I watched an acquaintance go in on a skydive on upstate NY. We were out jumping the next morning.

    That tapdance routine haunts me. The pants, the tune, the masculine movement. . . . shuuuuudddddeeerrrrr. . . .

  42. DR, whatcha got in your arsenal? Walking against the wind, pulling the rope, trapped in a box, leaning against an imaginary railing? Got any of your own moves?

    Any recommendations on good hypoallergenic whiteface?

  43. Tigre’s Google skills are unmatched. The rabbit mime is priceless.

    Regarding the fair, I think my daughter’s reaction was pretty normal. Riding that thing would be creepy after knowing what happened just the day before.

  44. Well, my wife and I have splurged recently to attend two movies at full price – about $22.00 bucks for the both of us before popcorn and drink.

    The new Jurassic Park flick and Terminator Genisys. The Jurassic Park thing is breaking some records I understand and was full when we attended on a weekend. Terminator I read is bombing in the U.S. but not across the globe. There weren’t 20 people in the theater tonight. Comfortable.

    My tastes must be changing. I had far more entertainment at Terminator Genisys – Arnold delivers just the right amount of humor and I thought the special effects even better than Jurassic.

    Tomorrow is the double nickel. Ugh.

  45. DR, whatcha got in your arsenal? 

    Ha. I can act like I’m feeling a door with my two hands, then find the door knob and then walk through.

    I do it with this forced showman smile. The kind of gay ass look Thor probably has when he hikes.

    ****Internal dialogue read like Captain Kirk: “In hot seat for mime school. Start bullying Thor. Must redirect this quick.”*******

  46. “I watched an acquaintance go in on a skydive on upstate NY. We were out jumping the next morning.”

    Jesus. We are all writing like Alphie these days. Huh?

  47. Tomorrow is the double nickel. Ugh. – Tex

    Ah ha. That explains the extra nostalgia as of late. Happy Birthday. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 🙂

  48. Since Rabbit is in need of some deflection as he runs to the ladies room to remove the foundation from his face …

    Mr. E.T., I have a bone to pick with you. Remember my huge fail weeks back when I thought there was something in the U.S. Constitution about land being set aside for public education? You had much fun at my expense, while I ultimately had to retract and write it off as a bad trip.

    I came across this the other day, in regard to the Land Ordinance of 1785.

    “The ordinance was also significant for establishing a mechanism for funding public education. Section 16 in each township was reserved for the maintenance of public schools. Many schools today are still located in section sixteen of their respective township, although a great many of the school sections were sold to raise money for public education. In later States, section 36 of each township was also designated as a “school section”.

    Now, I realize this doesn’t substantiate my original claim in regard to the Constitution, but, seeing how this resolution was part of the legacy of the Articles of Confederation (which I’m sure is required reading in law school), I must assume you were fully aware of the actual ordinance I was struggling to recall and yet you acted as if you hadn’t the foggiest notion. You sir are a cad. Consider yourself slapped, with dandy execution, by my finest velveteen glove. Choose your weapon.

    May I suggest, Al Gore-approved planet-friendly potato guns at 20 paces. 🙂

  49. G and Muffy it is NOT fair that when a black kills a white for racial reasons, it is not typically labeled a hate crime. There’s no way to defend it other than to object to the entire notion of “hate crimes” in the first place.” – R

    Really? No way? How about acknowledging that minorities can be, and often are, racist. Yes, that’s a damn fact, and probably one that makes you uncomfortable. I hear Hispanics badmouthing blacks all the time, and vice versa. And Asians? Shit, if you’re not Chinese or Japanese, then you’re a Chai boy. Bitch, get my slippers…

    You’ve mentioned before this ridiculous notion that blacks specifically, but minorities generally, can’t be racist because of some notion of power. That’s completely and totally absurd. Racism has everything to do with culture and fear. Racism is taught. Racism is learned. There may be tangential connections between power and race, but one does not beget the other.

    I saw a study a few weeks ago that stated that there was zero scientific evidence of racial difference, meaning that at the DNA level, there is no such thing as race. Sure, there are physical characteristics associated with race, but that is the result of probability (if nothing but blondes are procreating, then nothing but blondes will be born, etc). To me, this was obvious, and that when we talk about race, we’re really talking about culture. And I don’t think you could argue this. What happens to a black that likes country music, enjoys hockey, and prefers the cold? We complain about stereotypes, but culturally, we use stereotypes to define our culture. Dolezal was accepted into the black community not because of her fake tan, but because she was all-in culturally. She accepted and emulated all the mandatory “black” identifying characteristics, which is why people like Justice Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson, etc, etc, etc, get the Uncle Tom treatment. “Black” culture right now has absorbed this notion of being a Dem, and if you’re not a Dem, well then, you’re clearly not black enough.

    Let me ask this question: IF whites are guilty by association for the sins of past generations—regardless of their actual involvement—then why is the Dem party given a pass? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1.6% of the U.S. population in 1860—the height of slavery in the U.S.—owned slaves. 1.6%. Yet, we’re told that America was built on the back of slavery, that everything that we are stems from slavery and that whites—ALL whites—benefited and were empowered by slavery. So all of America, all whites, are guilty for slavery, regardless of the fact that the first slave owner in the United States was a black man and that blacks were sold into slavery by black men in Africa. Black complicity in slavery never gets mentioned, but that is beside the current point. So whites are branded with this stain, earned or not, just because they’re white. Apparently whites can never erase the collective sins of all minorities that were involved in slavery.

    And then there is the Dem party. The party that succeeded to the South to form the Confederate States of America, the party that carried the Confederate Battle flag on the field of war and placed it on the capital of South Carolina. The same party that formed the KKK and lynched hundreds of blacks throughout the South. The party that wrote, passed, and enforced Jim Crow laws. The party of Bull Connor. The party that opposed every civil rights bill ever passed in the U.S. When blacks reach down into the annuls of history to withdraw grievance after grievance, each and every time those grievances are tied directly to the Dem party. Every single one. Yet, in sheep-like fashion, you pull the lever supporting your historical oppressor. THAT, more than anything, is the action of an Uncle Tom…

  50. “Remember my huge fail weeks back when I thought there was something in the U.S. Constitution about land being set aside for public education?”


    I do remember you saying something about having to create areas for free speech or some such nonsense.

    In any event, an ordinance and the Constitution? Puhhleeeze. How long you been working on this?

    You and Rutherford and the Constitution. . . 🙄

    The worst part is Rutherford is not only ignorant as fuck with no framework, he has been taught that the Constitution is an obstacle to be overcome. In fact, along the way, he’s come to associate knowledge of it as another indicia of white conservative eviiiill oppression and racism and dead babies and stuff. That was he can excuse himself from having to think about it and get back to cheerleading as his form of political expression/activism.

  51. Rutherford – bad news for Bill Cosby these days. It’s really too bad; the Left is seizing on his “pound cake” speech and dancing on his grave like lunatics. Is he a hypocrite? It appears, unfortunately, that the answer is yes. But what he says about black folks’ needing to begin accepting responsibility for their kid’s upbringing is still true.

    True for everybody ….

  52. “Jesus. We are all writing like Alphie these days. Huh?”


    In non-Alfie Speak.

    I used to be an avid skydiver.

    I was spending the weekend jumping in upstate NY (Malone).

    My buddy died in an afternoon jump gone bad. His reserve prematurely deployed and tangled with his main chute. They wrapped around each other into a giant fabric cigar. He was at around 3k feet. I watched him go in from the ground hoping he’d clear it but knowing he wouldn’t.

    We had to fan out to look for the body. Thankfully I wasn’t the one that found him.

    It was obviously kind of traumatic to witness.

    But we got up early and jumped the next morning. I was on the first run. It was actually kind of terrifying and sad but also cathartic. We were wanting to shake it off and get on with things.

    Circling back around: Rutherford and the rollercoaster. He thought it was immoral to not permanently shut down the ride because. . . well, I don’t know. I think it’s part of that weird-ass liberal thing of having to shut something down or impose a rule or some other stupid empty gesture to make them feel relevant and in control. It’s all they know.

    Like the ride, we could’ve called it quits but didn’t after the fatality.

    Rutherford’s belief that it was immoral to not permanently close the ride is a head-scratcher.


    You know, Alfie Speak is kind of like the miming of blog comments. Think on that for a while. . . 😆

  53. Tex –
    re: turning 55. Very sobering, isn’t it? Hope I go in my sleep, like my grandfather – not screaming in terror, like the people in his car.

    movies – agree about new Swarznegger movie – goddamn that Emilia Clarke is one pretty girl! Something about those lips, those eyes. And, by the way, a passable actress. It’s worth subscribing to one of those online movie services to see her naked in Game of Thrones. I think I’m in love. I thought Swarznegger was really good, too.

    re: slavery – nice analysis, gorilla – people believe what they want to believe – if you want to be a perpetual victim, it is very helpful to ignore history. It really gets you off the hook about your own shortcomings, doesn’t it? The problem is that it’s a two-edged sword – it takes away any incentive to make something of yourself. Until black folks understand that the race-baiters are not their friends, they are going nowhere.

  54. I knew about the North West Land Ordinance because we learned it in grade school. One of our farms is in section 16, but not where a school was. The owner of that part of the land was told not to disturb the graves buried near the old school. They died from an epidemic and some of the germs may still be alive.

    A duel fought with potatoes would be fun. I’d like to watch Hillary and Bernie fire from 20 paces.

    I already wrote that our son’s Korean in laws are nice people, but they are racists.

    55 is a nice age. I am hoping 75 is as good.

    I liked Jurasic World because when the hero said velociraptors were imprinted on him, I knew how they would kill the beast. Our daughter wants to see the movie for her birthday.

    Northern indiginous people from Scandianavia were used as slaves in New Sweden and later in the British colonies. Where are their reparations?

    My father had a remote control from the beginning–his two sons.

  55. “But we got up early and jumped the next morning.”

    Damn. That whole story is fucked up. I could never have jumped the next day but I respect why you did it.

    “You know, Alfie Speak is kind of like the miming of blog comments. ”

    Ha ha. You motherfuckers don’t know fear until you look out your window and see Dead Rabbit lurking at 3 in the morning with mime paint.

    In defense of the indefensible, we didn’t wear face paint in mime school.

  56. I’ll answer you on Alfalese: It’s a certain lexicon kind of thing with the words and others. Kind of an abstract play on words thing. Just an example and anecdotal, but you get the overall theme. Not saying I’m wordsmith or a paragraph wonk.

  57. Mmm until Thors comment I didn’t get the “double nickel”. 55 today huh? A year older than I am.

    Happy Birthday Tex. Virtual drinks on the house for everybody in your honor.

  58. You sir are a cad. Consider yourself slapped, with dandy execution, by my finest velveteen glove. Choose your weapon.
    May I suggest, Al Gore-approved planet-friendly potato guns at 20 paces. 🙂

    Ahhhh that sends me off to my crappy job with a smile on my face. 😄

  59. It’s a drag. 🙂 I’ll be glad when tomorrow gets here. I suppose at this age, you should be happy to be having birthdays. If I get one more Facebook Congrat, I may have to kill somebody.

    Elderly man goes insane on birthday. Lights self on fire while running into yard wrapped in Confederate Flag wearing rainbow bandanna.

    But thank you for my virtual drink.

  60. Alfie Speak usually begins with “not for nothing” and ends with the the thought, “was it a for nothing kind of thing?”

  61. The problem, Alfie, with the ambulance-chaser mind is that it is continually engaging itself in an intellectual circle-jerk. And not for “not for nothing,” either. It IS for nothing.

    Carry on in a strong fashion.

  62. Hey, anymore of those great witticism Pfesser? Clyte and Slack kinds of things? Ambulance chaser just doesn’t hold a candle to those gems. Maybe a spelling contest or some of your made up Australian phrases for the blackfella. Not for nothing, your self-aggrandizing Drunk Speak ain’t very interesting.

  63. If I get one more Facebook Congrat, I may have to kill somebody.

    Elderly man goes insane on birthday. Lights self on fire while running into yard wrapped in Confederate Flag wearing rainbow bandanna.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    For these two comments alone, I would grant you another 55.

  64. p.s. Alfie, my comment was intended to be a light-hearted observation not a criticism despite the old drunk bastard’s lame bullshit.

  65. G since you’ve been gone awhile, have you actually read the post prior to this one that deals with racial identity? I’m not sure you did as it was published while you were away.

    As for the rest of your long comment, I want to digest it before I respond. I will say this much – the racism-power connection is a rhetorical one and while I still feel it has merit, debating it solves nothing. If a black dude kicks a white dude’s ass based on race, it doesn’t matter whether we call it racism, prejudice, or hate crime. It’s reprehensible and it deserves the same condemnation as if the races were reversed.

  66. , he has been taught that the Constitution is an obstacle to be overcome.

    Huh? You’re as bad as Tex with his Angela Davis foolishness. Who exactly taught me this?

    In fact, along the way, he’s come to associate knowledge of it as another indicia of white conservative eviiiill oppression and racism and dead babies and stuff.

    Huh again? There is no doubt that a nutcase contingent exists who think Christ wrote the Constitution and that like the Bible it is immutable. If you’re one of those nutcases shame on you. The constitution is a governing framework that must be interpreted especially in instances the founders could never have foreseen.

  67. I bought leveraged silver ETF shares, yesterday. Silver is down 5% today.
    Me not so smart.

    I’ve literally started investing loose change using Acorn. Check it out. My portfolio is a “moderately conservative” ETF portfolio.

  68. Rutherford, your views on the constitution have been made abundantly clear. I recall in response to my question of whether you even read the damn thing as an adult you went on about people that had being right-wing nutjobs. You have also clearly expressed no concern for constitutional limitations on Obama’s power when it comes to executive orders and in our discussion of the ACA. Sorry dude. Modern liberalism is just statism. “If Congress isn’t going to act, well then. . . .” And you go with it! That makes sense to you.

    “The constitution is a governing framework that must be interpreted especially in instances the founders could never have foreseen.”

    From a guy that’s never read it or could possibly have a basis to know what was foreseen and what wasn’t. Do you have any idea how worthless that statement is? Of course not. If you did, we’d have serious discussions here about the SCOTUS decisions you cheer and “bwahahahahahah” about but can’t explain why you agree with their holdings. Instead, you rely on the “living document” platitude to say it means whatever you say it means in whatever circumstance you’d like.

    Come on man. I shouldn’t have to hunt around for your statements about the “outdated Constitution.” It goes way back. And yes, those were your precise words.

  69. From two threads back (I haven;t the energy to go further):

    “Careful there, Sparky. Only conservatives get to quote the constitution.”

    Rutherford , June 5, 2015 at 7:15 pm (response to his statement that Constitution required public spaces be provided for something or another)

    “You didn’t get my very limited precise point. I was not saying that the Constitution supported any of Thor’s arguments. I was making the very fine point that JUST by citing the constitution, he was violating a time honored rule around here where all you patriots pull your constitutions out of your breast pockets with great self righteousness as though you have some monopoly on worshipping our founding fathers.”

    Rutherford , June 6, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    “Thor, general welfare is amorphous at best. Maybe the FF’s could have been more precise in their meaning?”

    Rutherford , June 6, 2015 at 4:47 pm (one of my personal favorites — do tell what ambiguity in the Preamble which has never, ever been regarded as the source of any substantive power conferred on the government and from the taxing and spending clause means and has always meant that which the federal power to spend federal revenues on matters of general interest to the federal government and nothing else).

  70. From a guy that’s never read it or could possibly have a basis to know what was foreseen and what wasn’t.

    Wow you outdid yourself on stupid that time.

    Where do we start dumbass?
    The phone
    The car
    The plane
    The television
    The automatic weapon

    Need I go on? Do you even think before you type or is goading me just that big a thrill for you?

    And hey smart guy, from recent readings I’ve learned some justices (Scalia, Thomas) are originalists. They strive to take the constitution as is, with their best guess at “original intent”. Guess what that means Poindexter? That other judges are not originalists and it doesn’t make them sudden targets for impeachment.

    As I’ve said a dozen times, if constitutional interpretation were so cut and dry, a computer could do it. Shit, we could just let YOU sort out everything.

  71. i haven’t got a clue what you’re blathering about. Please let me know what I said about the “outdated Constitution” (doesn’t refernce phones or cars, who knew???) your not having the foggiest what it says (general welfare clause???), and to cite it is something right wing nut jobs do.

    I’ve always enjoyed your advocacy for ignorance. Tells about judicial philosophy. If Roberts is not an orginalist, and still not subject to impeachment, what is his philosophy? He thinks gay marriage should be left to the states and is not a fundamental right under the constitution. How did he get there? Outdated?

  72. “Parker I can only hope Cosby’s message does not have the same fate as his reputation. I’m not optimistic.”

    Yes, really sucks. I apologise; I didn’t realise that you were a fan of his tough-ass rhetoric.

    I think in general there are two kinds of folks – usually white – who are critical of “black culture.” One – which I think includes some here – really just don’t like black folks and think they are congenital criminals. The other in their heart-of-hearts want EVERYBODY to do well and think a lot of black people are being led down the wrong path by a large cadre of self-interested cynics – folks who tell black people comfortable lies rather than the uncomfortable truth. I always thought Cosby fell in the second group. What a damned shame.

    R – why you lettin’ yourself get in the usual tedious circle jerk over legalities with Ambulance-chaser? Don’t you have more important stuff to argue? Discipline, son – discipline.

  73. Yeah, enjoy your talk about what the whitefella thinks about blackfellas — a new topic from Pfesser.

    Never gets old.

    Next up, “religion is a fairy tail” and dominionism.

    Maybe some drunk life advice, Palin insights, or how Pfesser banged all these chicks and wrestled bears after he was done in the coal mine.

    You’ve already proved me right. Enjoy the intellectual stylings of Pfesser Dundee.

  74. Speaking of Palin, I’ve finally gotten around to watching Veep on HBO. I got through season 1 and I’m on season 2 now. Great show and I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Salina Meyer very much approximates what Sarah Palin would have been like as VP. John McCain ignoring her all the time and her struggling for significance.

    In any case the show is a blast. I’m loving it.

  75. It seems odd to me that Mad Maxurbator continues to use the term “ambulance chaser”. It is most likely a uniquely American pejorative and couldn’t even make sense in Australia due to their tiered system of counsel. Who chases the ambulance, the solicitor or the barrister? Perhaps they do it as a relay, passing briefs in lieu of a baton. 🙂

  76. re: “religion is a fairy tail” – actually, it’s a fairy tale. This is a fairy tail.

    No charge, English major. Embarrassing ambulance-chasers is my job.

  77. re: misuse of official authority to target opposition groups. Frightening, but this manner of thing has gone on for hundreds of years the world over. The truly disturbing question is, “Where is the outrage?” Why is Bill Cosby’s banging a few women under Quaaludes a national crime and this criminal behavior by your own government barely a story below the fold?

  78. Big Mountain Jesus. I’m offended.

    Never heard of him but clearly he’s got to go. Some atheist that isn’t supposed to believe in God and therefore shouldn’t be offended is somehow traumatized? Take it down! We can’t be establishing religion like that all over ski resorts. Why if there was a Buddha there. . . I’d. . . rub its tummy for good luck. . . then sue. I’d get all First Amendment and Constitutional on their asses.

    Whoops. Got that reversed. Better check with Rutherford. More trustworthy on constitutional issues.

    Psssst. He’s liberal.

  79. Lovin’ that tongue bath Hillary got on CNN. Great journalism right there.

    While the questions may have been close to softball her answers are getting scrutiny. I watched analysis on two different networks and her answers are not being well received.

  80. I finished season 1 of True Detective last night, so here are some thoughts about it, as requested by DR.


    Going in, I really knew nothing about the show, other than it featured 2 actors that are not very high on my list. I think Woody Harrelson is a terrible and unconvincing actor, and I’ve never been a big fan of Matthew McConaughey. So, while my son had been telling me for a while that he thought I would like it, it wasn’t until DR gave it a favorable review that I really considered it. A “it is one of my favorite shows” from him is good enough for me.

    So going in, I had no idea what to expect, other that the assumption the show was a hard-hitting crime drama. I found the initial format intriguing. I usually don’t like moving back and forth in time, but they way they did it kept me curious as to why the interviews were going on, and why the character Rust looked so different as they moved back and forth in time. Eventually they caught up with time and just moved forward with the story. So that all worked for me.

    I thought the writers did well, initially, with character development–especially with Rust Cohle. And then they blew it. Virtually all of the character development on him over the first 4 episodes (which was 1/2 of the season) was wasted by episode 6. They established him as an undercover guru and guy with steel balls. They have him sneaking into evidence rooms to steal drugs so he can use it to get inside with this biker. The entire drug dealer heist/biker kidnapping was intense and great television. I was really hoping this maniac cop and his idiot partner were going to have a series of maneuvers against a single monster murderer, where he went The Shield all over anyone who got in his way.

    And then it fell flat. The guy I was thinking would make a great antagonist was dead by mid-season, and the true antagonist was revealed to be some inbred freak who had religious and political family protection. I was very disappointed.

    When they kidnapped the sheriff and even made mention of torture I thought that previous character development might come into play. And I think the writers wanted us to think that. But, of course, it didn’t. They didn’t even have to threaten him with the “battery and jumper cables” that were referenced twice. At best, they showed character consistency with Rust being audacious—but not the guy the first 1/2 made him out to be. I was again disappointed.

    None of that is to say I didn’t like the show. I went in with zero expectations, and the only expectations I did get were built by the show, itself. My disappointment is relative. I think the season could have ended with my satisfaction being 100, and instead it was at 80+. And I’ll take an 80+ for show satisfaction any day.

    I will watch season 2.

  81. @ Rutherord I have Verizon FIOS and don’t notice the truncate thing. If there is a national sport thing the regulated/mandated local share ad comes in a little cheesy but nothing else. Ads are out of control. The programming is sped up to accommodate them and many big ad folks are finding new ways to saturate,a prime example being GEICO with “shared” ads.

  82. @ Rutherord the originalists are better. Original intent is alive and adaptable to modern issues. The liberals like Breyer who think they need to divine new interpretations are plain wrong. America is at its best when complying with original Constitutional intent.

  83. Re Alfie speak. I know I can get wordy,circuitous etc I accept the genre😄 funny in the real world I recently had to get my speak on with my kids school. Every couple of years I have to exert my parent thing. Usually it’s the sex Ed arena,this time I had to explain how there was no way my kid was buying and reading Howard Zinn’s history perversion. My wife proofread the note and was like ???? I was like “it makes perfect sense ! Cheers😀

  84. Alfie, in practice, it’s hard to see where the self-described originalists apply an analysis (divining intent) that results in a different conclusion.

  85. “Original intent is alive and adaptable to modern issues.”

    They certainly aren’t antithetical.

    The car, phone, computer, automatic weapon whatever technology stuff is because Rutherford confuses the term or doesn’t understand what a constitution with respect to the legislative enactment of laws.

  86. And you were offended by my “Shake that booty, Shelly?” {snicker}

    Well I don’t know about you blokes, but that picture just makes me pucker up. I’ll bet it throws the fear of Allah into the Mohammadens. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind watching a little roof tossing myself these days. In some ways, that is far more civilized than what has become of America.

  87. “No, do tell. I can see the headline now: skier plows into Mountain Jesus and dies.”

    For the Love of God. You are the laziest bastard on the planet.

    Here’s Thor’s link again:

    “The Knights of Columbus put up the statue to memorialize soldiers who died while fighting during World War II. The returning veterans who built it were inspired by the mountain shrines and statues they saw during their service in Italy.”

    “Smith countered that the statue is only visible from a small portion of the resort and it’s possible to ski all day without seeing it.

    “In other words, there’s no reason to even avoid it,” the judge said. “She has to go specifically looking for it.”

    Obviously, it’s not planted in the middle of the slope.

  88. They accepted my position and are open to alternative prep work. Full disclosure I told them I wouldn’t accept a slanted super jingoistic work either. I support history warts and all I just am a stickler for objectivity.

  89. I just hope that shrine doesn’t so upset atheists that it causes them to join gangs and shoot the children of other bangers.

    Excellent commentary G. Rutherford doesn’t like it when you post shit unless you’ve got something to say about it. To which he will have nothing to say in response.

    Gotta go, Dora The Explorer is on. Great show and I think that Dora very much approximates what a 7 year old Hispanic explorer would be like as she travels the world with her talking purple backpack and her beloved anthropomorphic monkey companion named Boots.

  90. I’ve always wanted to create a number of television spots.
    One has the Pillbury doughboy ripping the poking finger off and screaming “stop touching me”! Another would have Dora trying to get into the US and getting arrested by Border Patrol. I’m kind of warped but there it is. I say it would make good television.

  91. Allie I’m not familiar with Zinn and I don’t mean to nose into your parenting style but why not have the kid read it with a critical eye? I’m curious what the schools reaction will be. What grade are we talking here?

  92. Oh … and Alfie you don’t want your kid getting sex Ed at school? Just curious.

    I’ve only spoken up twice on my kids schooling so far. Once when she was given a religious DVD at a secular nursery school which included healing the crippled. I popped a vein and got an apology.

    The other time was when I thought the kid was graded wrong on a quiz. Turns out I was wrong on that one. Teacher graded it right but used some bass-ackward point system.

  93. Obviously, it’s not planted in the middle of the slope.


    On this one, atheists are being plain silly. Whether in the middle of a slope or not, a Jesus statue at a ski resort seems so silly it’s not worth griping about. Atheists need to get a life.

  94. Freshman US History and they are trying to spin the assignment as exploring bias. Fuck Zinn ! Notorious for his agenda and lack of proper research. Besides MGL schools supply books. If they gave my kid the book I would’ve let it go and have her rip the assignment to A level.

  95. As parents we don’t abdicate or take lightly our duties and responsibilities so basically my kids got superior information. I let the state do a lot but not everything 😀

  96. Can’t argue with that Alfie. I tend to feel, particularly at my daughters age of 11 that the public school can’t do too much harm.

    When she got back from her first sex education session (which the school makes a big deal about, even carting them off to an offsite center that specializes in it) I asked her “so how does the stork know which house to leave the baby at?”

    She answers “what’s a stork?”


  97. Plus we have an understanding that the teacher doesn’t teach morality or judgment calls on history. That’s for mommy and daddy and my kid knows our skew on stuff.

    I have ZERO trouble telling my kid “answer it THAT way on the test so you get the points but by the way, that’s a crock of shit.” She knows school is her job and grades are her pay. No more no less.

    I only hope when she goes to college she won’t repeat Daddy’s mistake. I want her to study what moves her. There should be a degree of passion to one’s college studies.

  98. Huck, I thought the same thing. B+.
    ****spoiler alert*************

    At the end of it all, the show was a Cop Movie where the odd tandom became bros while getting the traditional one dimensional bad guy monster.

    The last episode ended like a Lethal Weapon movie.

    And, after some thought, I kind of liked the old school end. Surpsied by it, actually.

    I also was surprised the show ended with with the athiest leaning Matthew McConaughey accepting good, evil and a hazey, higher power. While not the 700 Club, for an HBO show, this was kind of a shock.

    In short, it was so traditional, it was a took me off guard at the time

    That being said, the show did leave some doubt who the real bad guy was. The Yellow King….

  99. I don’t envy any teacher and I especially don’t envy history teachers and I further have a special prayer for the teachers who have to teach “survey” courses such as US History I & II.
    American schools are kind of screwed on the textbook front. As I mentioned in a prior thread 2 states and three publishers pretty much dictate textbooks the entire country has available to them. The revisionist interpretative school of exploring/teaching US History is fairly rampant and not isolated to one side of bias although the left has obvious tilt win.
    So Loewen,a sociologist who wanted to critique history texts and instead created a palette that allows one to paint a Zinn like portrait. No his book is a pass too,although if you have the time to research the information you can do the whole critical review see all sides nonsense.

    Rutherford lets use one of the hands down favorites to illustrate what I’m talking about on this topic. Columbus.
    The very light survey take might just touch on the financing of his trip,the ships and make mention that he didn’t actually land on American shores.
    An overly jingoistic take might prattle on about superior Europeans conquering the seas and bringing about the exciting era of discovery.
    A deeper more objective text would present the journey,speak to the negative impacts on the native folks in varying detail and point out the number of points of history that grow from Columbus.(Spaniards)
    The entities I hate go overboard about genocide and specifically paint that the acts of aggressions and violence connected to the European explorers is uniquely Euro-centric in nature. This completely overlooks the fact that the native peoples in the ENTIRE New World had a history of war,pillage and savagery long before a white guy waded ashore.
    This plays out chapter after chapter whether you look at Pilgrims,Manifest Destiny and on and on.

  100. I don’t watch much teevee. We can go weeks without the thing getting turned on. The wife likes the history channel and ancient aliens and often watches the local snews. I just crackup and sometimes yell back at the lying f**ks from the other room when its on. I think she prefers to watch when I’m not here like when she vacuums. I can’t stand being in the house when she’s vacuuming.

    We grew up on television, but it wasn’t until the last decade or so that I really understood why it was called programming.

  101. Alley Oop? LOL. An omen to my way with the fairer sex. I’ve been called caveman, Neanderthal, and Fred Flintstone from Wilma at one time or another. But never Alley Oop. Don’t tell my wife. I’ll never live it down.

  102. Man, TV does suck anymore, Poolman. Movies for the most part too. I’ve seen two dynamite movies the last ten years – both British. PBS is better than 99% of the rest of the stuff on TV. If it wasn’t for the Lefty and awful ESPN, I could dump cable TV in a New York second. But I would miss my sports.

    Besides, every time I walk into the restaurant, I look at my TV with hooked to rabbit ears on a local channel and the picture quality is superior to what I pay a 130 a month for. Rabbit ears! I kid you not.

  103. This completely overlooks the fact that the native peoples in the ENTIRE New World had a history of war,pillage and savagery long before a white guy waded ashore.

    Alfie while I don’t have the background to document your commentary, it DOES make perfect sense that Native Americans, being human, treated each other like shit long before we came here and treated them like shit.

    Point taken.

  104. Everything old is new again my friends. I have become a podcast addict. I’m subscribed to about 4 or 5 now and they range from politics (Slate Political Gabfest) to entertainment (Colberts Late Night podcast, Marc Maron’s WTF) to history (Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History). The last one comes in 3 to 4 hour episodes that must be listened to while NOT multitasking. It’s like sitting at the 1930’s radio.

    My wife mocked me today for listening to MSNBC on Sirius radio in my car and podcasts at home. “You have a TV at home. Why are you listening to TV in the car and podcasts at home? It’s backwards!”

  105. “Bolton answered that a Montana-based foundation member, Pamela Morris, would like to ski at Big Mountain but has avoided it for decades since encountering the Jesus statue as a teenager.”

    Bull fucking shit. Just getting from Kalispell up to Whitefish, she’d have to pass a couple dozen assorted churches with all the normal religious symbolism. That didn’t stop her from skiing there. But throw Big Mountain Jesus in front of her at the end of the journey and she suddenly gets the willies?

    Smith countered that the statue is only visible from a small portion of the resort and it’s possible to ski all day without seeing it.
    “In other words, there’s no reason to even avoid it,” the judge said. “She has to go specifically looking for it.”
    “That’s not true, your honor,” Bolton said.
    “Well, that’s what the evidence says,” Smith replied.

    Oh, that pesky evidence thing. 🙂

    For the record, I skied at Whitefish for three days and never saw the statue, never even heard about it. It was only later, after the brouhaha kicked up, that I became aware of its existence.

  106. ” Another would have Dora trying to get into the US and getting arrested by Border Patrol.”

    Her nemesis, Swiper, is a “coyote”. You might be on to something here.

  107. re: rabbit ears for good TV reception. Since US went to all-digital transmissions, for the most part you have either perfect reception or none if the signal is too far away/weak. Signal is numbers, static is analog. Receiver does not understand anything but numbers, which it either can receive or not. Kind of like when American phones changed over from analog to digital.

    Not about digital, but a great song anyway. Enjoy.

  108. “Jesus statue at a ski resort seems so silly it’s not worth griping about. Atheists need to get a life.”

    When you say “atheists,” it would seem you are saying All atheists. Is that what you mean?

    Maybe some don’t give a shit about silly stuff like that. I personally know one that doesn’t.

    Life is short. Ski and worry about other things, like paying for it.

  109. I don’t know, Parker. Same TVs exactly, better quality on the rabbit ears – but that is only applicable to local stations because I have nothing else to measure it against.

    I suspect its in the signal strength of the coax itself running from the shared box to my wall. They (the cable company) had to put an amplifier up in the attic sometime back, then reroute the line last fall to shorten the signal again drilling another hole through my house.

    But the picture on the local channels is definitely better than the picture on my home screen at the two sandwich shops I frequent. You can see the ingrown hairs on somebody’s chin.

  110. re: “Wow. A uuuuu. Xxxxxxxxxx from yyyyyyyyy. Stay away.”

    WTF was that all about? Maybe we’ve been asking the wrong guy to take his meds. (Tex, actually, when you don’t fuck with him, seems a decent fellow with a lot of hard life experiences.)

    Here’s a little leg-up, Ambulance-chaser: Sometimes spazos don’t know when they’ve been made sport of. Think you and your second-grade researcher, Clytie, are the only folks who can google up old posts and copy the style? Hmmm….? Something to think about. (Don’t strain yourself with a new experience, though – take it slow the first time.)

    R – off for a few days for holiday. Keep the static down. Looks like the US market is starting a slow meltdown, like at least twice before in recent memory. May be a small dead-cat bounce today; good time to get out.

    The dollar is really strong right now; consider selling all your dollar-denominated securities and buying something with strong underpinnings, like AU stocks.

  111. Delete one of those please Rutherford, it didn’t show up the first time I clicked post.

    Damn technology. Just when you think you have it figured out…

  112. The dollar is really strong right now; consider selling all your dollar-denominated securities and buying something with strong underpinnings, like AU stocks.

    I’m investing in koala fur as we speak. 😀

  113. “American schools are kind of screwed on the textbook front”

    There is no front for many schools. My school won’t buy them. At all. You are on your own. Plus if you do have some and use them, it better not be during evaluation. Text books are seen as uncool and lazy.

  114. “Text books are seen as uncool and lazy.”

    How do you discuss, debate? By power point? Doesn’t that put all the power in the hands of the teacher? Present company excluded, I’ve met some fairly ignorant teachers, even in the very subject that they are supposedly experts. No wonder kids today have no idea what critical thinking is. They just look toward the teacher as all knowing? The only source of information?

    If there are no books, what the hell is in those backpacks (besides smart phones and guns) I see every school morning, riding on the backs of children like some adolescent Sherpa caravan?

    Soccer uniforms?
    “My Two Dad’s” pamphlets?

  115. @dr I get that. I know there are some districts that got sucked in on texts allegedly tailored to Common Core that were just labelled that way.

  116. She answers “what’s a stork?”

    Oh Rutherford, you are in for some deep trouble. 😉

    Alfie, you mean Columbus didn’t discover America in 1492 when he sailed the ocean blue?!?


    This country is in the best of hands!

    Damn Rutherford, you have you butt kicked for wanting more of this crap.

    I got to thinking today about all the great powers of history that have collapsed and were swept into the dustbin of time. Now I believe much of that is theological. But what I want to share here is completely secular as to the reasons why. Think about this.

    Forgetting antiquity as that ancient history, what do all former powers have in common that have fallen in decay?

    The best way I could express would be that the citizens of the representative authority have ceded more and more authority to the government. All of them. And that is exactly what is happening to America in my estimation.

  118. “If there are no books, what the hell is in those backpacks”

    Packets to study for the state tests.

  119. “Think you and your second-grade researcher, Clytie, are the only folks who can google up old posts and copy the style? Hmmm….? Something to think about. (Don’t strain yourself with a new experience, though – take it slow the first time.)”

    Huh? Are you saying you’re trying to imitate Pfesser?

    Don’t worry. You strain no one. As I said, you just ain’t that interesting. That’s why you keep having to scream for attention. Your tired routine and made up Australian bullshit is not only weird, it’s a bore.

    I’m sure you haven’t noticed though, dumbass.

    Go back to your gay boy pictures and Cosby only drugged and raped a few chicks routine. Yaaaawn. . .

  120. There is no front for many schools. My school won’t buy them. At all.

    WTF? What are kids supposed to use as a resource? I’m very confused. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

  121. I’ve been asking this woman on Twitter who’s been spewing gobbledegook wtf she’s talking about and all I get back is more gobbledegook.

    Then why bother, bub? Life is short, why waste the time? Especially when there is so many other distractions to sort out. We all have our allotment to account for. This technological world has its talons. Smart may be another Orwellian. It’s never been about communication.

  122. Not only is she calling Sanders a racist, she’s calling you one, too 🙂

    She probably thinks you’re white.

  123. Not only is she calling Sanders a racist, she’s calling you one, too 🙂
    She probably thinks you’re white.

    Yet she just tweeted a positive video about Sanders. Either she’s cray-cray or she doesn’t exist and the Twitter account is just a bot.

  124. I’n the utopian world I’m supposed to tailor each lesson to each student’s ability.

    They want us to essentially write our own text books while relying on the creation of lessons that revolve around primary documents and alternative sources (even plagiarized ones). Text book bad. Work packet copied from a text book is a “graphic organizer” and good. Yeah, it’s that stupid.

    In fact, we are told to ignore the standerds and stop teaching knowledge. Critical thinking, according to them, is what is important.

    Of course, critical thinking is impossible without first having knowledge. But neverind.

    Lastly, one of you guys/gals mentioned power point. Bad. Bad. Bad.

    Lecture is extremely frowned upon. In fact, there is now resistance to teaching historical narratives. “Themes” that run through out history is what we should be focusing on. My boss used the theme of war as an example. I asked him if he could tell me one theme in war that has remained constant through out history and he couldn’t answer me outside of people killing and stuff.

    Blah blah blah. Dead Rabbit still does it the way he wants.

  125. In…not I’n. Right now I’m fishing for catfish using hotdogs as bait past midnight. Cut me some slack.

  126. “Present company excluded, I’ve met some fairly ignorant teachers, even in the very subject that they are supposedly experts.”

    Some of the dumb asses never had it better. Easier to hide.

    Teachers are supposed to be merely “facilators”. Students should arrive at the objective on their own…well, preferably in a group.

    Group work = good. Lecture=bad.

    Copy what used to be called a “work sheet”, call it a “graphic organizer”, put kids in groups…. Cutting edge, man.

    The standerds are supposed to keep the curriculum aligned. The same standards we’re supposed to pick and choose from .

    The point is, none of it makes sense.

    Hell, we are kicking ass at my district. Destroying other districts via school of choice. Essentially, we are going to have to take 3% pay cut next year becuase more teachers need to be hired. It’s that twisted.

    I’ve come to learn that you always have your independence in the classroom as long as the community is happy with the product. Each community has different expectations.

    If you actually tried to follow all the directives and politicians and adminstration, you would become Yosarien from Catch 22.

  127. How do you know if you’ve been “unfriended” on Facebook? 🙂

    We’ve actually got a few Lefties believe it or not on the wife’s side – retired state employees, of course. Like my sister-in-law. The posted big news had some bad mouthing the Tea Party, God only knows why that was included, and a big link documenting Michelle’s Obesity program taking credit for a 43% decline in 2-5 year old obesity I knew it sounded like complete bullshit and besides, 2 to 5 year olds don’t each school lunches. I guess the connect didn’t connect.

    Sure enough, I find a Reuters article documenting not only was the CDC report inaccurate, but it likely the obesity rate has actually risen amongst 2-5 year olds. And of course, being the asshole that I am, I provided the refutation on my page. Oops. I figure my new Facebook page friends will be significantly less tomorrow with an ass chewing by my Mrs. telling me to knock it off and quite being a ‘turd.’ That’s the ugliest word I ever heard come out of her mouth.

    Damn Rutherford – most of you Leftists are so gullible (stupid actually), you’ll believe anything that comes out of the Whitehouse these days. You do know you traffic with the dumbest people on earth, don’t you? Your new love for Bernie Sanders, his socialist policies being completely “Greek” to me, being the latest in a long line of profane idiocy. 😈

    But even I have to admit the unkempt madman is far site better than shrew Hillary.

  128. Any of you bar flies as surprised as I am that Merkel caved on Greece? I thought she would prove tougher than that.

    I agree with Parker. The chessboard is well set for the Checkmate. I should have probably dumped every equity I own today.

  129. Shit Rabbit. I never dreamed I’d say this but if our high school functions like yours does, I may have to go private or home school.

    No offense dude but I learned FACTS from text books, not themes from packets.

    And yes Tigre, I’ve forgotten 90% of what I was taught so don’t go there. 😐

  130. Catfish eat hot dogs? Who knew?

    The only time I can recall fishing besides worms I seem to recall little rolled up balls of Wonder bread as bait.

    I caught a big heap of seaweed. Damn thought I was reelin in the BIG ONE!

  131. Unless they tell you, Tex, you won’t know you’ve been “unfriended”. You just may notice someone who used to comment on your “updates” no longer does.

    A couple of years ago an IBM cocksucker got so upset by my mildly anti-IBM comments that he told me he was unfriending me. LOL Like I gave a shit. An IBM lifer who got to exec status before they could cut his Howdy Doody looking ass.

    Shame is I liked the guy when we worked in the same building.

  132. “If you actually tried to follow all the directives and politicians and administration, you would become Yosarien from Catch 22.” DR

    I can see why you reject any notion of federal involvement in education. Just another layer of bullshit to sift through. What a clusterfuck.

    My wife loves catfish. Her grandpa was from Pinckneyville down in Southern Illinois. He used to put catfish in the horse trough, fatten them up for eating. Catch any yet?

  133. Any of you bar flies as surprised as I am that Merkel caved on Greece? – Tex

    I must have missed something. What did she cave on? If she did give in to restructuring, it’s probably because she can feel Putin eyeing Greece like a mortgaged deed in a game of Monopoly.

  134. Poor Merkel. She ain’t going to get what she wants.

    Those pesky Germans are sick of supporting dead beats. Dead beats who aren’t even German.

    Socialism is hard to die if there are others still left working hard.

    She signed her political death notice.

  135. I have finally figured it out. The reason the ads are truncated is so the generation of twitters can relate. You know, 144 characters or less. I wonder if the brains in the future will be smaller since they don’t have to comprehend so much. Definitely attention spans will be shorter.

  136. Why exactly Tex do you think Merkel folded? As I understand it there is reluctance by Germany to accept debt relief which is part of the package Greece wants but that will be discussed over coming days.

  137. WOW R that was a telling article wasn’t it. The best line of all was:

    “Mothers will be disgracing their daughters by teaching them that Hillary Clinton is anything other than a sexual predator’s enabler who chose power over decency and humanity.”

    I’m trying to figure out what I really feel about Cosby. He was/is an entertainer and did nothing that a lot of other celebrities have done so big surprise! On the other hand he was my era and I guess I have to compare what I would feel if Mr. Rogers had committed similar sins. Yucky !

  138. The Debt Relief, Raji. The EC will once again be making concessions and that surprised me. I thought they were finally going to cut the freeloaders loose…

  139. I’m surprised too. Merkle’s got no good options.

    I’d like to know what is given in return. Couldn’t be worth a damn whatever it is.

    If only libs would see that Greece is their Utopia.

  140. Not to sound like a know it all, but I’m not surprised. This really isn’t economic anymore. It’s geopolitical. It’s Russia. NATO. Etc. American pressure has to be enormous.

    Now, just becuase Merkel wants this I have no idea if it will pass (or how the system even works). As much as the EU would like it not to be, Germany is supposed to be a democracy that represents the German people.

  141. As much as the EU would like it not to be, Germany is supposed to be a democracy that represents the German people.

    Well, you know how that works. Not to sound like Poolman, but I swear I’m heading his way.

    What’s America? Something between an oligarch and plutocracy with some jackbooted thugs in priestly robes as backup is what leads America, with about 200MM dumb sheep looking to be fed and follow the bell. This Facebook has opened up a whole knew world to me to how incredibly stupid people really are. Even dumber than I realized and I thought pretty dumb. We’re a long way from ‘We The People’ in this country anymore.

    Tell you what I think happened. I think the monetary fund powers, liars for Obama including Darth Soros, the well heeled and well connected, and China sliding down the cliff know they’re on the precipice of a worldwide financial calamity. And I think they know that Greece and the rest of these little honey pots like Puerto Rico start the chain reaction which is inevitable anyway. And I think Merkel knows that too, and in a moment of honesty said cut the ties before she had her legs cut off at the knees, perhaps even her own life threatened and certainly her state threatened. Yeah, I think these thugs play that kind of hardball.

    X-Files was just ahead of its time. And before Rutherford chimes in with his usual stupidity about my melodrama, let me make it clear he’s one of the sheep eating the cud the bigger sheep left. Anybody that thinks Bernie Sanders the man is not credible and frankly too ignorant to enter dialogue. Get me another drink and wave your Bernie Big Finger.

  142. I found a picture from my old medical school days where we did a little dissecting on the shells of a few self-identified Democrats who has passed on to Lucifer’s home. This is one had a tattoo on her left butt cheek I was particularly fond of: an Obama 2008 Hope & Change insignia.

    As a frame of reference to get a screening of the cadaver before class started, a series of x-rays were taken. I thought you guys and gal might find this one interesting.

  143. Perhaps the last truly honest man in Washington D.C. – and the only economist in Congress if you can believe that. I give you Dave Brat of Virginia (R) who proposed the Brat Amendment to H.R. 6, a bill which would fund the National Institute of Health and the Federal Drug Administration and has one of those precious titles implying that big government can indeed — and in this case, literally — fix what ails you: the “21st Century Cures Act.” Of course, it was defeated.

    I rise to support my amendment against the creation of a new mandatory program.
    Some on the other side have called my amendment a poison pill.
    I consider that a compliment.
    A poison pill was reserved for the man who brought human reason to Greece.
    I similarly would like to bring a bit of reason to bear on the budget process of the United States.
    We are currently $127 trillion light on mandatory spending at present.
    This means by 2027, all federal revenues will be spent on only mandatory programs.
    This is a disaster.
    My children right now are 13 and 16.
    By the time they are about 30 we will have zero dollars for running government, because all dollars will be spent on these mandatory programs.
    We all want cures, and I am for the underlying bill.
    But in economics, rationality requires that we rank our preferences in order and fund the best programs.
    This is one of them.
    There is no issue finding two billion dollars out of a three and a half trillion dollar budget.
    But currently there is no discipline up here in this city.
    We just fund everything and hand the bill to the next generation.
    Every mandatory program starts off with high hopes.
    But go to the trustee reports on the major mandatory programs today, and you will find that they are all insolvent.
    By around 2030 as well.
    So today, you will hear all sorts of fancy terminology about pay-fors and oil reserves and deficits, but don’t be fooled.
    Our annual deficit spending is $500 billion and on its way to a trillion in a few years.
    We are off course on every front.
    We always talk about the children.
    But at present, we are handing them $18 trillion in debt and another $127 trillion bill in mandatory programs.
    You want the truth?
    The children are the only group without a lobbyist up here on Capitol Hill, and that’s why they’re getting trashed.
    If you want a cure, go to a doctor.
    But if you want to clean up the U.S. economy, please consult an economist or two.
    The numbers and the story I have given are not in dispute.
    The only issue is whether we have the resolve to balance our budgets and leave our children a brighter day.
    I urge a YES vote on the amendment.
    Thank you, and I reserve the balance of my time.

  144. What’s America? Something between an oligarch and plutocracy

    You know that shit for brains x-ray you posted? Mmmm.

    In one breath you condemn Sanders while you spout your oligarchy plutocracy claptrap in the next breath.

    Puhleeeeze. You’re totally full of it. As long as you’re comfortable, you don’t care if rich guys run the country. Same as most of us.

    The party YOU support favors bloating the coffers of the rich so it all trickles down.

    Wanna fight oligarchy and plutocracy? Get out of the Republican Party.

  145. ““Themes” that run through out history is what we should be focusing on.”

    It is the same way at lower-division university level. They do still promote lecture, but I am increasingly hearing about “themes” running through history.

    I teach an upper-division, non-history course. I lecture from PowerPoint, I put a lot of information on my slides, and I allow hand-written notes to be used on exams. Doing that promotes note-taking, which kicks in the kinesthetic learning. If they write it instead of type it, they are more apt to remember it. I don’t really use exams to measure student comprehension and retention of information–I use their multiple papers for that. The exams are just a way to get them to take the notes. And they take A LOT of notes. Anyway, when I had my peer evaluation, I was called out for putting too much information on slides and not promoting “critical thinking”.

    But I am basically teaching a particular writing style. There isn’t a whole lot of critical thinking involved in that. “Here is the style, now do what I tell you when you are writing in situations that call for that style.” Interestingly, the person that did my peer review was a History professor.

    Like you, I continue to teach my class my way. Thankfully, at the university level, there is more freedom along those lines. I get (mostly) positive student reviews and the administration continues to renew my contract and pay me.

  146. One more before I go. I love the lefts hypocrisy. In SC a douchebag selfies with the rebel flag and the flag MUST COME DOWN. In San Francisco the sanctuary city cops don’t turn over a crimigrant who then kills someone and they’re shocked & pissed their illegal acts are being called out😆

  147. Huck – there are several Youtube videos on effective Powerpoint presentations. The one thing they really decry is putting more than one idea on a slide. The second thing is reading your slide to the audience.

    I changed my presentation style to match some of their ideas and get improved reviews now. It’s worth taking a look at.

  148. “Wanna fight oligarchy and plutocracy? Get out of the Republican Party.”

    Lol. As Eric Holder starts his new $77 Million job with JP Morgan Chase

  149. Huck – there are several Youtube videos on effective Powerpoint presentations.

    Parker, the PP tips you have suggested are prevalent in the business world where info and ideas are shared but not necessarily “taught”.

    As a webinar producer I’m well versed in proper presentation technique but I wouldn’t necessarily say those techniques apply to academia.

    Huck would know best.

  150. DR by now you should know I choose my words carefully and pretty deliberately.

    I did NOT say become a Democrat. I said get out of the GOP.

    Sanders is running as a Dem because independents stand 0 chance. But make no mistake. He’s no Democrat.

    Rabbit you’re as full of shit as Tex – whining waaaa waaaa waaaa about TPP but you have no interest in its most vocal critic.

    A bunch of partisan hacks who’ve spent the past 8 years calling me a partisan hack. It’s laughable.

  151. Speaking of partisan, I’m not being partisan in saying I don’t get Alfie’s hypocrisy comment. Since he’s gone for the weekend and Rabbit seems to get it, maybe he can spell it out for me.

    I’m missing the connection between illegal immigrants and the confederate flag.

  152. Hey Poolman, Trump will be in your neck of the woods tomorrow. You going to see him?

    I wanted to see Bernie in Madison but I just couldn’t pull it off.

  153. Rutherford, I neither accept or deny I’m a partisan hack. Your inference is clearly to switch parties to Democrat and that’s laughable, because it’s the only feasible alternative. Don’t give me your horseshit about ‘Independent’ this or that as denial. You’re busted. Here’s why.

    You have zero room to honestly criticize anybody as some respectable participant when you’re posing a zealot hack like Bernie ‘the Greek’ Sanders as a legitimate candidate for President. There is no historical record success of a country following the recipe of Bernie Sanders, and in fact at least seven countries at present trying as much to do so now, are having to be bailed out because of the very policies your cheerleading for.

    That doesn’t make you a hack or even full of shit. That’s makes you profanely stupid. As stupid as your claim single payer is the way when a small subset of single payer finds the participants dropping dead while waiting to be served.

    You couldn’t be anymore childish or dumb if you tried.

  154. I’m missing the connection between illegal immigrants and the confederate flag.

    Totally unsurprising. It’s a wonder you can manage to generate the impulses to walk upright.

  155. Ok now that you’re done insulting me cut me some slack and explain the hypocrisy. I’m not saying none exists. I honestly don’t get Alfie’s point.

  156. The Scandinavian countries are in as bad a shape as Greece? That’s news to me. As far as I know they are the model for much of what Sanders advocates.

  157. I don’t put more than 1 idea onto a slide, I just put a lot of information on that 1 idea onto the slide. I don’t assume the student is going to put all of the pieces together on their own, I give them all of the pieces and also the complete picture.

    I choose to not go into detail about the exact course I teach. It would be giving away more about me that I care to give here. I will, however, say that it is a required course that has a diverse set of students. I would teach literally ANY other upper-division course very differently. For this one, the university has very specific learning goals in mind, and I have come up with a way that works for me in getting my students to meet those goals.

    It’s not that I don’t appreciate the recommendation, it’s just that anyone here is offering advice without the full awareness of the situation–which I choose not to provide. But I do appreciate the willingness to offer it.

  158. I was thinking about how the left mocks states’ rights (unless it is marijuana), bullies states over a flag yet collectively yawns or even cheerleads the gross negligence beyond the thousands of murderers and rapists (not even counting the diseased and helpless) illegally given refuge by the federal governemnt.

    Makes me sick.

    I’ve worked with these foriegn gang members. They are foriegn combatants. I swear to God, you have no idea what harm your party is pushing for with its lawless border.

    Destroy American culture. Win elections. Get millions of more on the Progressive Reservation.

  159. As far as I know they are the model for much of what Sanders advocates.

    And exactly how does Sanders propose to take a homogeneous model and apply it to a heterogeneous nation, I wonder? Will we close the border to all immigrants? Deport the 1/4 of Mexico back to Mexico? Will we simply form a conglomeration of hundreds of large companies and narrow them down to a few? Will we isolate ourselves in virtual autonomy?

    Do you have any idea how complex this nation compared to Scandinavian countries?

    So what shall we call this Bernie ‘The Greek’ Sander’s model? Suburb America? Hey, I’m starting to like it. I bet if America could get rid of Africa, South America, the Middle East, and I’ll even throw in the Asiatic portions to be fair, we too could look a lot like the “Scandinavian countries.” Kind of a return to 1860, hey? Come on Bernie The Greek! Tell us how we get there. I’m all ears.

  160. I will admit that I am lucky if even 1 of the students in my classroom actually wants to be there. Like I said, it’s required for graduation. I have students walking in 30 or more minutes late–I have others leaving 30 or minutes early–I have students looking at text messages the entire time they are there. I don’t say a fucking word. It’s not my problem if they don’t want to learn, as long as they aren’t disrupting my class (I got called out in peer review for that, too). Their GPA isn’t my problem, either. And I have no pity when it comes time for the panic Emails and teary eyes in my office. In the short time I’ve been doing this I have already had plenty of both.

    So I’m aware some are drowning out my voice, and might look up at the screen now and then. Others are not looking up at the screen and maybe only 1/2 listening to what I am saying. So I just combine the 2, upload the lectures so they can supplement their notes, should they choose to, and they get what they get.

    I give them the specific information I want them to have. I provide plenty of details and examples that show a practical use of the concept I am showing them, and then I grade them on how well–or if–they display that skill in their assignments.

    My satisfaction comes from the few–and I do mean few–that admit they didn’t want to take the class but were glad they did by the end. Well, that and a paycheck. At my age this isn’t a bad way to make a living.

  161. I honestly don’t get Alfie’s point.

    How many people died by gunfire in Chicago or San Francisco last week because of the Confederate flag? My gawd, you are clueless.

  162. Actually Huck, though I have mocked you about your living, I believe teaching would be pretty rewarding for an occupation. I’ve never done it for money, but I have taught a few labs as substitute because I was a good student and they ask me to substitute – didn’t get paid for that either. Free professional help for the cheap ass community college.

    I’ve tutored many a hapless high school student and my own niece this summer in college Stat so she could get a ‘C’ to get through it, and I have enjoyed it every time. Poor girl – sweet, young thing that has no confidence and even less math aptitude. If I have to draw one more normalized curve and explain a standard deviation, I quit. 😈

    The problem I would have teaching is unless you’re tenured, it is unstable and doesn’t pay enough from my observation. That and some punk on RateMyProfessor can blow your career. I know that for a fact because my Chemistry instructor for the second Inorganic Chemistry class was damn good, but flunked a few students because the class was taught at a much higher level than a bunch of candy ass punks living in their Nerf universe could handle. Frankly, the doctor did them a favor by weeding them out.

    And for her troubles, she was called “bad instructor” and put on double secret probation or some shit like that. She got disgusted and retired.

  163. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the recommendation, it’s just that anyone here is offering advice without the full awareness of the situation–which I choose not to provide. But I do appreciate the willingness to offer it.

    Like I said, you know best what works in your environment and Parker’s boilerplate does not necessarily apply to you. His recommendations work primarily in a business environment.

  164. ” The Scandinavian countries are in as bad a shape as Greece? That’s news to me. As far as I know they are the model for much of what Sanders advocates.”

    Oh cool. Sanders is going to get Europe to some how do a 180 and now provide for OUR defense.

    They are rich little countries incomparable to the US. In fact they exist only because of the United States. Norway has 3 million less people then New York City.

    It’s like saying you want to model America after Kuwait. Why not? They arw rich.

    Just silly talk.

    Hell…one of Scandanavian countries went bankrupt a few years ago.

    Having lived in Scandinavia, I can tell that you would be utterly shocked if you got to know the culture and what makes them unique.

  165. “It would be giving away more about me that I care to give here”

    Yeah…I’m always careful with that too.

  166. Tex, I am very lucky that the head of the department I teach in is a great and understanding administrator. We have had discussions about student attitudes. I have spoken with her about the whole “micro-aggression” thing, and she fully appreciates my concerns. Her position on RateMyProfessor is that students are lucky we don’t have a RateMyStudent–and she has told students that. I enjoy working for her.

    I agree it sucks being non-tenured, and I will probably never achieve that. And the pay is not GREAT, but it pays the bills and I have pretty modest needs and desires.

  167. I’d like to know what is given in return. Couldn’t be worth a damn whatever it is. ET

    About 30 cents on the dollar (whatever that translates to in euros). Some articles I’ve read say they could have still received as much as 70 cents on the dollar just a week ago. Taking a haircut is repugnant to the Germans. But their only other choice is to let Greece fall and then get paid in whatever script the Greeks start printing. Plus they’ll have a failed state in their backyard, the gate wide open. ISIS can backpack across Turkey and be at their doorstep. Putin can sail his yacht across the Black Sea and anchor in their wading pool.

    Merkel has been consulting with bankers up to this point. Perhaps the intel and military folks have dominated her recent conversations.

  168. It’s more then just the debt.

    What Thor, do you think Greeks are going to suddenly sober up?

    They are corrupt and don’t pay their taxes. They don’t work like Germans.

    So Germany is going to support that easy living for ever….

  169. “I’ve worked with these foreign gang members. They are foreign combatants. I swear to God, you have no idea what harm your party is pushing for with its lawless border.” DR

    This guy has a catch and release record like a rainbow trout, but I’m not so sure he is a gang member. So far, the shooting appears accidental. Boxer is up in arms about this sanctuary thing. I’m sure she has been labeled a lefty more than once on this board. She certainly is a senior level Democrat.

    The true connection with the two stories is our inability to come to terms with the destruction caused by our fetish with firearms. Somehow, gun owners and sellers must learn how to police themselves better, before we pacifists really do come and take them away. 🙂 The Feds certainly failed completely in both these cases.

  170. So Germany is going to support that easy living for ever…. – DR

    No, I’m frankly surprised they didn’t cut a deal last week. But it’s not up to just Germany. My guess is that France is fucking up the divorce. And I’m not saying that Greece should continue in the EU or the euro. I’m just trying to see it through Merkel’s eyes. Was she chancellor when Greece joined? I honestly don’t know, but if this steaming pile was handed to her by her predecessor, man she got screwed. It was probably during 2008 when everyone was a California real estate mogul. We just didn’t know it.

  171. How many people died by gunfire in Chicago or San Francisco last week because of the Confederate flag?

    Alfie particularly called out “crimmigrants”. It’s the illegal immigration angle I don’t get.

    The urban violence thing has been covered ad nauseum by Rabbit so I get that part.

  172. Tex from my experience not that many teachers are even aware of their RateMyTeacher/Professor rating and I doubt it has ever ruined anyone.

    Neither my Dad nor Dead Rabbit had much awareness of it when I called it to their attention. (Both, btw got good ratings from their students.)

  173. Someone wise me up. Has the Euro been an unmitigated success not including the case of Greece?

    When my family traveled Europe I liked all the different currency. Has the Euro made things better beyond the obvious simplification?

  174. The major problem behind the Dylannnnn Roof FBI fuck up is that the 3 day waiting period defaults to GETTING the gun if time runs out. You should not get a gun until the background check is completed no matter how long that takes.

  175. Huck beat me to it. Thor seems to be blaming gun owners like me (I just bought a new gun yesterday) with failures made by the government with guns?

    Yet he wants me to just put all my faith in that power?

  176. I just bought a new gun yesterday

    Coooool maaaan. You buy some of those armor piercing bullets too? Gotta be prepared when the gov comes knocking. Right?

  177. Hey Poolman, Trump will be in your neck of the woods tomorrow. You going to see him?

    Nah… no reason. I don’t particularly like him. Besides, Phoenix already beat him down when he tried to get around some building height requirements in our Camelback corridor a few years back. I’d sooner support Bernie than Trump.

  178. Tex from my experience not that many teachers are even aware of their RateMyTeacher/Professor rating and I doubt it has ever ruined anyone

    I just got through telling you that it had a negative influence on a teacher I took. There’s a whole series on YouTube that will demonstrate you wrong – virtually every college instructor today is away of RateMyProfessor.

  179. I bought a light weight snub nose Smith and Wesson 38 Special (15 ounces not loaded).

    I’m a revovler man.

    I bought it for the guy who doesn’t come knocking.

    All my other guns are over compensating for my small penis or something. They are huge. I needed something to carry in the summer time.

    I probably carry maybe ten times a year. There are certain times I like to be armed.

    Not that I have to even explain anything to you.

  180. DR, you and Huck missed my point completely. I said the Feds obviously couldn’t fix the problem. Pacifists don’t have guns, so it really isn’t their problem, yet. But if people keep getting killed in churches, schools and public piers, we might be willing to fight hard enough for it. We have little to lose in this fight, you have your beloved guns. I’m not saying it’s the fault of gun owners and sellers, I’m saying they might be the only realistic source of a solution to this problem, short of all guns being muted.

    Huck, I never said I wanted to take away anyone’s rights. It would probably take an amendment to limit guns in this country, and that would be done in accordance with the very document that protects your rights.

    Now, with rights come responsibilities. What is your solution to this problem? Or are you good with thousands of innocents being slaughtered every year?

  181. Thor, there really is no solution. Regardless of whatever gun laws are in effect the mentally insane/criminal will use one. It’s an either or situation and I don’t see this country ever giving up their gun rights. Bombs are against the law but people still manage to explode them. Let’s just say Roofus threw a grenade in the church. How are you going to stop that?

    If we would stop being wuzzies about penal punishments we might have better results. You know that ole eye for an eye proverb. Sentence the killers with a shooting squad and no more years of incarceration before the death penalty is finally administered.

    Disclaimer, I don’t like guns, won’t use them although sometimes I wish I could so I can kill that gopher in the hole.

  182. Disclaimer, I don’t like guns, won’t use them although sometimes I wish I could so I can kill that gopher in the hole.

    There’s a better solution. Guns are useless, gopher gassers a waste and more likely to kill your dog.

    A garden hose and a shovel. Cram that hose down that hole, turn on the water for about 15 minutes, and wait for the little twit to pop that head out of the hole. The shovel is for batting practice. I’ve done it twice and it works like a champ. Hit them just right, you don’t even have to worry about disposal. LOL Just fill in the hole. 😈

  183. Thor, the problem in America is that like so much of the world, life has grown cheap, lawless, self-absorbed, and disrespectful. Guns may prove the easiest instrument and I don’t want them in the hands of a madman either, but more gun laws won’t stop the bloodshed. Chicago, Baltimore, D.C., and Milwaukee, all with some of the most stringent guns laws in the nation, are more like killing fields in the wrong parts of the city. Chicago will experience more gun deaths in a good Saturday night than a predominantly white suburb in Broken, Arrow, OK, of 300,000 will experience in a decade. And the suburb is far more armed with high caliber weaponry.

    When over half the country goes to the defense of a 14 year old punk that won’t comply with police while demanding the blood of the police, no matter how rotten the policeman involved, you’re clearly looking at a society in decay, a youth that don’t know right from wrong. People don’t reason anymore, people have little if any ability to think critically, our public schools are the clearest indicator of the level of amorality in the children we’ve raise, and the level of abject stupidity which I showed you in the poster yesterday is ubiquitous. I mocked Seattle but I could have picked most any large urban center and demonstrated as much.

    What once made us great, no longer exists. We manage by “feelings” and not thought, we’re guided by emotion and not morals, we’re more concerned with esteem than we are achievement. We’ve grown numb to the decadence, the depravity, and the decay. And real leadership, especially politically, is virtually non existent.

  184. Thor, it’s not for lack of understanding your point, you just used the wrong examples to try and make it.

    The discussion was a comparison of Roof and Sanchez, which you recognized by stating “The true connection with the two stories…” But in both of those examples, the shooters would not have even had their weapons had laws already on the books been properly enforced. You state the feds “couldn’t” fix the problem, but the sad fact is—in these 2 cases, which is what we are discussing—they didn’t TRY to fix the problem.

    “Huck, I never said I wanted to take away anyone’s rights.”

    Actually, that is exactly what you did.

    “…before we pacifists really do come and take them away.”

    I don’t own a gun. Never have and probably never will. But that is MY choice. What are beloved are my rights.

    “Now, with rights come responsibilities. What is your solution to this problem?”

    That’s true. With position comes responsibility, too–especially when that position involves taking an oath to enforce the law. You want a place to start?—that’s where it is. Enforce existing laws.

  185. Regarding the responsibilities of gun owners–yes. Gun owners do need to be responsible for their guns. But let’s look at the reality–how many gun deaths are the responsibility of irresponsible, legal, gun owners?

    The mother of the Sandy Hook shooting surely qualifies. And those who leave their guns out for children to play with do, as well. And I am sure there are many other examples.

    But when we start discussing the “thousands” of deaths per year, are we really discussing gun owners that actually have legal ownership? How many big city shooting deaths do you think are committed by violent felons with previous records? I’d be willing to bet those numbers exceed the examples of irresponsible and legal gun owners.

  186. I haven’t read any comments yet today but I’m throwing the following out there:

    1) Tex etal point out the homogeneity of Scandinavian countries. Isn’t it the very heterogeneity of America that sickens you? You bark about cultural equivalency. You deride folks with a different political outlook. You WANT Scandinavia!!!! So maybe Bernie’s ideas will make the country more homogeneous.

    2) Different topic: Trump is being mischaracterized as anti immigration. He’s not. He’s against illegal immigration which EVERY SELF RESPECTING HISPANIC-AMERICAN SHOULD BE. I have a question for the bar. If some conservative Mexican-Americans stand by him, will that change the dynamic?

    I still say the Donald is an ass but I also know smear when I see it.

  187. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!! I’m watching Trump live in Las Vegas and he brought on the BLACKEST man he could find to express support for him. Dudes son was killed by an illegal immigrant. Dude called it “the original hands up don’t shoot.”

    Folks underestimate Trump at their own risk.

  188. Rabbit, a 38 special weighs only 15 ounces? Hell I could carry that. What kind of recoil does it have? I’m figuring despite its light weight it would still knock me on my ass if I fired it.

  189. By the way, I thought the original story was that Dylannnnn Roof’s gun was a gift from Daddy? I’m assuming the new FBI fuck-up story refutes that? And were we originally told the gift story as cover up for the true FBI story?

  190. Fast forward to about 8 minutes and 35 seconds and watch Jameel support Trump. Wild stuff – especially where he says his sons death is “the original hands up don’t shoot”.

  191. Rutherford, its so light I’m nervous I could forget I have it on me.

    Becuase it’s so light, it is a little uncomfortable to shoot. I wouldn’t call it a fun range gun.

    It’s a defensive weapon for close range bad shit. Alot of chicks carry it.

  192. I’m watching the Donald live in Phoenix and it’s a different vibe than the speech in Las Vegas. Lots more people and a definite sense things could get out of control if they’re not careful.

  193. Tex, I’ve been told to do the water bit so if the sucker comes back after I filled his hole with concrete blocks, etc. I’ll try that. As for the shovel I did that once. A rabid looking gopher came up the hill and when I clapped my hands which usually makes them run he kept a coming. I took that shovel and kept hitting him on the head until finally he died. Gad didn’t know I had it in me.

  194. I will say this — forget shovel ready projects, if we just brought ALL the call center jobs back we could probably employ a million. And many, like me, could work from their home. No need for new infrastructure.

    Of course my job is going to the Philippines as we speak, I shit you not.

  195. BTW the press lies. Jeb Bush did not say Americans are not working hard enough and need to work more hours. He said the economy is forcing people to work part time when they WANT to work full time.

    It’s at a point where you HAVE to listen to the original statement or you will be lied to.

  196. Of course my job is going to the Philippines as we speak, I shit you not.

    That is pretty comical, Rutherford. Some people travel for their job, whereas some people’s job travels. I’m sure the Filipinos will enjoy it until some place cheaper comes along.

    Maybe you ought to try a job that cannot move, or at least moves where you do.

  197. Thor, there really is no solution. – Raji

    I find that sentiment not only sad, but unacceptable.

    Why can’t you be a pacifist and own a gun? – ET

    Well I suppose they could, but it would be a waste of money.

    the shooters would not have even had their weapons had laws already on the books been properly enforced. – Huck

    The San Fran shooter found a gun that a Federal Officer had allowed to be stolen. That was the Fed that I spoke of failing in that incident.

    “Huck, I never said I wanted to take away anyone’s rights.”
    Actually, that is exactly what you did.
    “…before we pacifists really do come and take them away.” – Huck

    I was talking about taking away guns (legally of course, with an amendment) not rights. Did slave owners have their rights taken away by the 13th amendment?

    “But when we start discussing the “thousands” of deaths per year, are we really discussing gun owners that actually have legal ownership?” – Huck

    By far, the highest number of gun deaths in any category is the category of suicide. I would assume most of those shootings were by lawful gun owners using their own gun.

  198. I’m sure the Filipinos will enjoy it until some place cheaper comes along.

    You got that right.

    Maybe you ought to try a job that cannot move, or at least moves where you do.

    Thought I had that at IBM. I was soooo wrong!

  199. Gentlemen (and ladies) my wife and I just finished watching “Gone Girl” with Ben Affleck. Assuming your spouse is not a psycho, give her/him a kiss tonight and thank your lucky stars for your good fortune.

    By the way, I was never a big fan of Nancy Grace but Gone Girl’s parody of her makes her henceforth unwatchable.

  200. Thor, I’d be happy in a world where only 3 types of people had guns: cops, crooks and soldiers. (Cops and soldiers becoming increasingly indistinguishable but that’s a different topic).

    I’m in the vast minority on that one.

  201. Governments are weapons of mass destruction. Guns are less destructive. Bad medicine kills 60,000 per year in the us.

  202. “Thor, I’d be happy in a world where only 3 types of people had guns: cops, crooks and soldiers.”

    So, the happy world for you is a land where crooks have guns but I don’t.

    Crooks, after all, are still an abstract for you, like most shit in this world. Just a teevee show meme.

    Besides, the rest of us men should be defenseless like you are. Some sort of revenge, Rutherford?

  203. I don’t mind anyone saying they want to get rid of guns via amendment.

    Go for it. Good luck with that. But, hey…that’s how its supposed to work.

  204. The White House turned into a rainbow as the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal nationwide, bypassing state sovereignty. While the country is wooed with rainbow magic, have they now forgiven the government of their many trespasses? How concerned are they about human rights, while removing the Confederate flag in the south? Tearing down one symbol and lifting up another is not about tolerance and love, it’s about hate. It’s not about equality, it’s about revenge. This is a campaign of hate, cloaked in rainbows.

  205. My bet is Rutherford would buy my .38 Special if the creepy and dangerous world ever brushed up against him or his family.

    Some weirdo stalker or a deranged ex boyfriend of his daughter’s.

    I have fun going to the range a few times a year. I like to hunt. I own 4 guns and two cross bows.

    Guns aren’t porn to me. I have no fetish. When I buy one, its cool for about a week .
    And they are very limited. Hell, you got kids in the house? Not that practical for home defense (although some situations can start off as slow burners). My bat would be my go too, as my guns are locked up.

    I will say this, there is no worse feeling then being in a situation where you say to yourself, “I really wish I had a gun right now”.

    Perhaps some are lucky enough to go their entire life without that. I haven’t.

  206. Isn’t it the very heterogeneity of America that sickens you?

    It isn’t the heterogeneity that sickens me, but the lies all cultures are equal which is risible. That and the fact, too many people are coming to America but refusing to assimilate into America. They don’t share a love of country like you and I do, have no allegiance, or even make the attempt to connect to America. Trump has struck a cord because he’s saying what millions and millions already know but are too scared to say. There are a lot of bad folk coming across these borders and all the empirical evidence says so.

    Trump’s mistake was making it sound like that is the norm. And that is patently false. Most families sneaking across the border are dirt poor, uneducated, threatened, and looking for menial work just to make ends meet and trying to improve their kids lives. Those people I sympathize with, even if I don’t agree with the means in which they do it. But that does put a tremendous strain on the system – especially health care.

  207. Besides, the rest of us men should be defenseless like you are. Some sort of revenge, Rutherford?

    I think you overestimate how much your gun protects you.

    But I’ll tell you, I think Bernie Sanders strikes a good balance on this. He believes that gun laws should reflect regional standards. So in Vermont where there are more hunters than murderers you reflect that in your laws. In Chicago, something different. That seems reasonable to me.

  208. I bought it for the guy who doesn’t come knocking. – DR

    Hell, you got kids in the house? Not that practical for home defense (although some situations can start off as slow burners). My bat would be my go too, as my guns are locked up. – DR

    Not that you need “dandy” supervision, but I’m glad you followed up the first comment with the second. When I read the first one I was thinking, damn, I hope he doesn’t leave that thing in the nightstand loaded, he’s too smart for that.

    Go for it. Good luck with that. But, hey…that’s how its supposed to work. -DR

    I know, it’s probably a pipe dream. But then again, I’m sure abolition and suffrage started as pipe dreams too.

  209. Tex, sorry I didn’t get to your link sooner. I’m not so sure that the liberation of public urination is a pillar of left-center politics. Walk down an alley in any mid to large-sized city in this country, and you’ll smell the smell. I did like this pun though, intended or not …

    the hobo wandered into traffic at around 10:30 a.m. and relieved himself as cabs, cars and buses whizzed by …

    A much more elegant solution would be to pay the people to pee at an appropriate urination collection center and then sell the stuff as diesel exhaust fluid. That idea is nearly Solomon-esque in its brilliance. 🙂

  210. “Maybe you ought to try a job that cannot move, or at least moves where you do.” – Pools

    Hey R, are you left handed? A left-handed middle-reliever can stay employed into his fifties if he can manage to keep his weight under 300. 🙂

  211. Walk down an alley in any mid to large-sized city in this country, and you’ll smell the smell.

    Not sure I agree with that sentiment. I’ve been to most large cities in this country and there is certainly a different “feel” to the tolerance and aggression of the homeless and the hassles with respect to quality of life issues. I’ve watched NYC go from crime ridden, to safe, and now from a distance, crime ridden again. i understand from the locals I still keep in touch that Dinkins is back. What is tolerated in NYC or on the wharf in San Francisco is not tolerated in downtown Houston, TX, or Kansas City, MO.

    And the bad ones that had the most severe quality of life issues had one thing in common. They were all considered the most “Progressive” – not all of them, but most of them.

  212. Just when I think I’ve got Tex pegged, he expresses compassion for illegal immigrants.

    Not to pat myself on the back as Saint, as y’all would know above all else, I ain’t. But R, to be brutally frank, unless there is something you’re not sharing, I have been one of the more generous when it comes to the illegals here at your blog home. And I certainly have had far more to do with them, considering “Hispanics” have played a larger part of my state than yours for the largest part of my life. This is not any recent phenomenon here, though the last 20 years the population has exploded.

    But let me also be brutally frank. Twenty years ago, the imported Hispanic population (predominately east Tulsa) begin to predominate what until that point had been low crime, “clean”, lower middle to middle class neighborhoods with passable schools – perhaps 80% white, 20% black, mostly working blue collar families – many mechanics at American Airlines. In twenty years, the neighborhoods have become crime ridden, filthy, problem schools requiring continual remedial expense, overloading the free health clinics, etc…and almost all Hispanic.

    These Hispanics, and many are obviously illegal, certainly have not adopted what I would call the American way of thinking, nor do they show much signs of progress in doing so either. In fact, any many ways I would say they have regressed. They brought Mexico with them – the bad parts.

    My experience with most of the ‘only Spanish speaking’ has been very hard working, admirable, friendly, and virtually illiterate – usually with one or just a few passable skill sets. Their work ethic in the physical is comparable only to the Asiatic in the mental that I have met – far harder working than most in the most difficult and low paying of jobs.

    But they have a very different perspective about quality of life issues that you and I do. I’ve got a family (families, actually) that are a continual eye sore and home owner’s association pain just two doors down. The lawn is seldom mowed, must be 10 cars at the house at different times, unkempt, trash bins seldom moved to the backyard as required, their dogs (including a pit bull) that roams the neighborhood on occasion. That’s simply not acceptable behavior to a middle to upper middle class neighborhood and they have been warned as much (not by me).

    And though I am friendly to them and always speak, I have to admit I am growing weary of their substandard living. I still have the old-fashioned ethic that says, much like a marriage when you adopt her family, the same goes for a neighborhood. You have an obligation to your neighbors to adapt and be responsible. At the very least you can be courteous and keep the house and the lawn up.

  213. Sarcasm at it’s best !

    “To the editor: Not long ago, Americans learned that the cause of all forms of racial unrest is fully the responsibility of a red, white and blue flag that flew near the capitol of South Carolina. (“S.C. Confederate flag to come down, but fight isn’t over,” July 10) Thank heavens it is being removed. Within a few days, certainly less than a few weeks, all our nation’s racial problems should now come to an end. Bless you, South Carolina Legislature.”
    Ermanno Signorelli, Mar Vista Crest

  214. The origins and feel good pandering that resulted in renewal of the flag debate is puke worthy. What a triumph!

    Now, back to your teevees to await another tragedy to claim victory over through the shallow support of some of some irrelevant cause requiring nothing from disconnected nobodies.

  215. Thor, I don’t understand your view of pacifism as it related to gun ownership. Are you against self defense, just lethal self defense, the method of self defense or what?

    Tigre no comprendo.

  216.  “I think Bernie Sanders strikes a good balance on this”

    What a coincidence. Bernie found a “balance” on the one issue that would force him to get a real job.

    While Chicago drowns in a blood, Rutherford uses it as an example of welcomed status quo. Gun control worked great there.

    I didn’t buy my latest gun to hunt with. I bought it for when I have to go into areas where Progressives have been destroying for decades.

  217. “A left-handed middle-reliever can stay employed into his fifties if he can manage to keep his weight under 300. ”

    Lol. Can confirm. As a lefty under 300 pounds, I’ve signed “contracts” to pitch. One time was for a Hispanic league where a total of two white or black people are allowed on each team.

    Both times were for adult baseball leagues were “semi pro”. In other words, at one time, one person was scouted from the league and many of the players pretended the league was some sort of elite baseball league ( perhaps they didn’t notice it was the only adult baseball league). Hence, you signed contracts.

    I will say this. As a wild, white pitcher in the latino hood , the jams I got out of transcended baseball.

  218. Balancing what? Need v desire?

    R, you will buy into anything if it sounds happy pappy. I don’t iwn handgun but I’m thinking of getting one. Why do you reckon that might be?

  219. He believes that gun laws should reflect regional standards.

    How’s that different than what we have now? So why are guns an issue with so many Lefty Progs? And if the laws reflect regional standards, then it obvious Chicago in far more worried about perception than results.

  220. Two questions:
    1) Why is release of four American prisoners in Iran not a prerequisite to any other negotiations?

    2) If it is true, as Tom Cotton claims, that the Iranian president was shouting death to America along with protesters THIS WEEK, why the fuck are we even talking to them?

    You all know I favor diplomacy over military options and I’ve been generally supportive of John Kerry but it seems to me before we go further they must give us back our citizens if they haven’t broken Iranian law and they have to stop the smack talk.

  221. Because they know Obama and Kerry are pussies looking for their “legacies.” Iran ain’t as stupid as the leftie American progs who pretend their in the best of hands because it’s essier the owning up to failure they put in office… Twice.

  222. Well I wasn’t asking about Iran’s perspective. But I can translate your answer as “legacy uber alles” as our motive for not being tougher.

    Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic suggested this morning on FTN that the recent SCOTUS decisions may have provided Obama with enough legacy wins to make him less desperate with Iran.

    I find the whole Iran thing absurd. We consistently say they can’t be trusted. If that is the case, there should be no negotiations. Only sanctions or military force.

  223. R, Iran is rubbing their noses in it because they can. Witholding the deal would only privide more ammunition.

    The SCOTUS wins have nothing whatsoever to do with Obama. Especially Obamacare that was passed despite him through procedural gamesmanship and ruled on by Roberts based on flawed Cingressional deference, not executive.

    Obama’s domain is FP. And he is a damned failure.

  224. The SCOTUS wins have nothing whatsoever to do with Obama.

    Either you’re misunderstanding me or I’m misunderstanding Jeffrey Goldberg. Clearly a SCOTUS decision that brought down Obamacare would have interfered with Obama’s legacy. Same on gay rights. Had both decisions gone a different way, the theory is that the Iran nuclear talks would have taken on more “legacy importance”. Again, Goldberg’s theory, if I’m getting it right, is that Obama may not “need” this deal as badly as before.

  225. You’re misunderstanding my point. I am saying Obama should not be credited with the legislation or gsy rights decrees. The occured in spite of him.

  226. Of course, I’m responding to guy that credited Obama with the OBL assasination. Even Michelle laughs at his efforts to lay claim to those.

    P.s. Obamacare is a fucking disaster.

  227. Your point misses the point. A President is credited or discredited based on the events that happened on his watch. Did Hoover himself cause the Great Depression? Did Lincoln himself win the Civil War? Yet these are parts of the men’s legacy.

    This is not a discussion of Obama-worship. This is a discussion of his preoccupation with how he will be judged by history. In his view, both Obamacare and gay rights enhance his legacy. So the question on the table is how badly does he need an Iran deal to puff up his historical bona fides?

  228. “Obama may not “need” this deal as badly as before”

    How fucking sick is it that the main catalyst for these politician fucks is an artificial “legacy”. And then their own fan boys whisper back and forth about said “legacy”.

    Reminds me of Ceasars who strove to become Roman gods after their death.

  229. It may be sick but it’s reality. And it DOES factor into how decisions are made.

    If you could divorce politics from governing things might be a whole lot better.

  230. Then why don’t you credit FDR with Pearl Harbor? Or JFK with Vietnam? Because you hear what you want to hear.

    Obama’s legacy, no matter what you’re spoon fed by flacks for the cause, is toast. Obama’s not a simple failure. He’s a radicalized, race pimp with no record of success who has irreparably damaged America – massive debt which he will have doubled, a foreign policy that is nothing short of impotent, a stagnant economy with falling wages, a healthcare plan wildly unpopular, and a host of egregious scandals that if Obama were white would have brought him up for impeachment. Your President has 15% approval rating as Commander-in-Chief by the only people who matter. Active military. Think about. 15%

    History will not judge Obama on whether he won on the SCOTUS. They’ll judge Obama on whether Obamacare even works. And that is going to be a miserable failure because its administration is impossible.

    As to the gay rights issue? That will make Obama’s dividing the country by race look mild by comparison in the coming years. That will lead to persecution – a persecution that sooner or later, no matter what you courts say, will not be tolerated. And that will lead to real misery.

  231. Tex, fate being what it is, you and I will probably end up in the same old folks home and we can discuss Obama’s legacy then. 😊

    As for Vietnam no way to blame that on a Republican. JFK got the ball rolling and LBJ doubled down. No argument from me.

    Pearl Harbor is as much FDR’s fault as 9/11 is Bush’s.

    Wanna argue anything else?

  232. Rabbit when it comes to politics, I have a split personality. Much like the time honored Chen Zhen, I view it as a game. And I very much go for personality. That’s why I liked Huntsman. It’s why I like Christie and Kasich.

    But I do have issues that resonate with me. Wealth inequality and the triumph of business over the individual is an issue for me. Race relations somewhere in my top 5.

    So here’s the rub. The only ones who are truly going to address our concerns cannot win. Washington and the White House are no longer about solving problems. They’re about scoring political points. I DO want to elect a radical. We need a fundamental change of course. You agree on this. You just believe in a different course than I do.

  233. Pearl Harbor is as much FDR’s fault as 9/11 is Bush’s.

    Quite true. Neither was personally responsible. But that’s not what you hear from the flacks in the media you listen to for the last 14 years, is it? You go to any site of any particular size on this internet, and you’ll hear nothing but 9/11 was Bush’s fault.

    The fact that you can spell out to us you think Obama has been anything but deplorable tells me one of two things: (1) You’re ignorant, gullible, and a dupe; (2) You’re intellectually dishonest, untruthful, and a simple operative with bylines.

    We already elected a radical. He sat in a church for 20 years of people who literally hate America, more specifically white America. He’s been an 8 year disaster and he is nothing but political expediency or about solving problems – he’s created a multitude of new ones.

    I’m a little surprised that you now can’t bring yourself to admit this now. You won. You got your black President. Yes, I know you’re black and you’re a lifelong Democrat. But this man has helped all but end your possibility of a career. He’s been a disaster for the minority employment populace. He’s left your daughter with a mountain of debt than can never been repaid. And he has utterly led to the ruin of any racial healing this country ever achieved.

    There is no way around that, Rutherford. No way.

  234. First, you seem to fail to grasp that Obama is no radical.

    Second I got laid off on Bush’s watch, not Obama’s and I don’t blame Bush for the layoff.

    Third, if Sanders gets his way, my daughter will get a free college education as BOTH my parents did.

  235. I don’t believe that history will view Obama’s failures as successes, nor will it credit him with the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage. Not all “events” are remembered as successes.

    But maybe I’m wrong. If so, it is incredibly pathetic.

  236. is not tolerated in downtown Houston, TX, or Kansas City, MO. – Tex

    Sorry but …

    “Similar issues come up at sites around the city [Kansas City] where the needy congregate — along highways, under bridges and in parks. Critics of this kind of philanthropy say the population it draws often will take unhealthy liberties — some urinate, even defecate in vacant homes and public buildings.”

    Ooooh that smell.

  237. Huh what? Assassination is usually reserved for the unlawful murder of a leader. So, if you think we unlawfully killed OBL then one must conclude you’re an OBL fan and have been radicalized.

    IT WAS A JOKE!!!

  238. It’s amazing, Thor. Because my youngest daughter lives right in the heart of what that article is talking about in Kansas City, The Power and Light District more specifically, and I’ve been to New York and Kansas City at least 25 times a piece, all of the Kansas City trips but one or two the past three years.

    And I have never witnessed for one second anything in Kansas City like I did in the middle of Times Square. Now where is this article you reference again so I can see for myself?

  239. One, Obama is a onion-skinned asshole, bully, fascist, and thug.

    Two, Obama actually spoke of radical change. The fact he is your failed boy doesn’t change that fact – Obamacare being the largest piece of wealth redistribution ever foisted on the American public in system that was already going broke before millions were added to the roles.

    Three, there is no such thing as a free education. Somebody gets to pay for it. And as far as I’m concerned, your family has received more benefit than earned already. You pay for it like the rest of us are acquired to do. Maybe once you get to experience shelling out money instead of taking somebody else’s money or being incredibly generous with someone else’s money, maybe you’ll gain a new appreciation for the concept of no free lunch.

  240. “Assassination is usually reserved for the unlawful murder of a leader.”

    I guess I run different circles.

    What is the proper term?

  241. “Thor, I don’t understand your view of pacifism as it related to gun ownership”

    A pacifist doesn’t feel the use of violence is justified. A gun is designed for violence. Bullets are designed for violence. A golf club or hammer have other uses. All can be used for self-defense. If cornered, I will rely on my fists of fury and disarming charm.

  242. If fame is by association, then my oldest kid’s old man must be famous for the first time in his life.

    A dozen years ago or so, I hauled around a kid in my SUV that will be pitching (possibly starting) in the Major League All Star game named Dallas Keuchel.

    And now tonight, I understand this is the kid who was having sleepovers at my house about the same time I was hauling the boy around, was crowned Miss USA this evening, while another gal who entertained and sang was at the pageant in the same graduating class. Talk about a small school of no more than 700 or so in the entire high school kicking some serious ass…

    Donald Trump and I could be close associates!

  243. As a wild, white pitcher in the latino hood , the jams I got out of transcended baseball. – DR

    You have officially re-ignited my man crush. 🙂

    Was your nickname “Loco”? That would be tattoo worthy.

  244. Don’t give a shit. That’s two paid for educations few if any get. Unless it’s gymnastics, time for the Rutherford family to ante up the big bucks.

    Besides, if income inequality is really your biggest beef (and you were honest), this would be your candidate of choice. She’s a far site more eloquent that crazed Bernie the Greek:

    I think income inequality is a huge problem. And let’s look to the state of California where I lived for 12 years, liberal policies have been in place for decades, and yet 111 billionaires, good for them, the highest poverty rates in the nation, the exodus of the middle class, the destruction of industry after industry. Now they’re destroying agriculture in California.

    The truth is, Hillary Clinton’s ideas create more income inequality. Why? Because bigger government creates crony capitalism. When you have a 70,000 page tax code, you’ve got to be very wealthy, very powerful, very well connected to dig your way through that tax code. So, she made to cry income inequality, what I will continue to point out is the fact that every policy she is pursuing will make income inequality worse, not better, crony capitalism even worse, not better. And meanwhile, we will continue to crush the businesses that create jobs and middle class families. ~ Carly Fiorina

  245. Lawdy, Tigre I’d say we killed him. We didn’t assassinate him. And technically we killed him for resisting capture. Assassins don’t kill conditionally.

    IT WAS A JOKE!!!! 🙄

  246. That’s two paid for educations few if any get.

    God you are missing the point. EVERYONE who attended Hunter or Brooklyn College in the 1950’s paid little or no tuition. You are right that it’s what virtually no one gets right now. THAT is the problem. Hell there are now fees up the wazoo for public grammar school.

    For a country that supposedly prioritizes education, we have lost our way.

  247. “Who says it would be ineffective?”


    Ever had a gun pointed at you or one of your family members?

  248. @ Rutherford I did indeed mean the San Francisco case of the catch and release star. Boxer’s outrage is short and warped since everything she says on the matter maintains sanctuary cities. The Left violates the law,supports lawlessness and then has the gall to be angry when folks call them on the outcomes.
    Sanctioning symbolism is disgusting to the leftists. Sanctioning felony behaviors and endangering society is a-o-k.

  249. @ Thor…if you build it they will come. The KC folks are well meaning but grossly misguided. I would also say they are like many folks across the country and very much evidenced here in MA shoddy humanists.
    They dream of feeding people like park squirrels and that’s the end of it of roost of them. Like some of the aid folks say the programs don’t end homelessness. The real deal is though making park pets out of humans discourages self help and hard decisions.
    In my opinion the municipalities should raid the park and strip it of the pox of vagrants. After that you get militant on them wherever you find them. Ones with kids and hard breaks get social services and real housing. Bums get brushed away and felons get jailed and crimigrants get deported.
    I don’t know about KC but in Boston and NYC the homeless “population” has been proven time and again to be majority vagrant & criminal in make up. Groups use images of kids living in cars to get donations but quite frankly those types are scooped up pretty quickly by SS and at least saved if not stabilized.

  250. Per 2013 states the most recent I could find from CDC suicide by gun is the number one gun death. Darwinism baby! My soulless commentary aside on a suicide scale guns represent folks that are pretty intent on doing it. Taking away the guy does not necessarily equal preventing the suicide.
    As for the rest of the gun chatter in the thread I move we make guns a no go topic here. The Rutherford view is unattainable and the country’s view on gun ownership/rights isn’t going to change. Enforce laws and good people won’t get popped as much as they do. Allow legal guns to be places and good people will get popped even less.
    The culture of the USA is never ever going to accept a Britainization or Australiazation of private gun ownership. Let me tell you culturally that has very real benefits. In Britain robbery is at a whole different level and that is ascribed to the knowledge that the bad guys have equal or better chance of getting what they want without repercussions.

  251. @ Rutherford The New York model is perhaps unique and given its history is likely to be what gives Sanders his perspective.
    CUNY’s are steeped in providing educational opportunities to people for the good of the greater economy. This has been kind of skewed lately as the CUNY’s cater to leftist garbage degrees more now than ever but I imagine your folks academic career was based in graduating and doing good for NY. Your dads work clearly indicative.
    NY had a model that is found in Germany today. Cuomo is looking to establish free SUNY ed for STEM students.
    Nothing is free though but right or left could look at ways to make sure America’s higher education returned to some excellence. Lesbian interpretations of 19th century French literature doctorates isn’t that .

  252. “Ever had a gun pointed at you or one of your family members?”

    Me? Yes. Very sobering, actually. Family members? No.

    How about you?

  253. What’s with the password on the new post? I tried kissmyass but it didn’t work. 🙂

    My clumsy way of letting Huck review the draft before it went public.

  254. What I don’t understand is why the degree of self defense defines pacifism. If you’re willing to strike with an object, fists or bad humor, none of which are likely effective when you’re staring down the barrel, why is equal force — or for that matter superior force — immoral?

    I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get Rutherford to explain why X number of bullets is just “more than you need” when the real consideration is that you should have x + 1 (where “x” is what the aggressor(s) have).

    But Alfie is right. The whole discussion is kind of pointless. The truth is that anything less than confiscation and total ban is just for show. And that’s preposterous in every practical sense.

  255. For a country that supposedly prioritizes education, we have lost our way.

    Yeah, but in what way?

    The United States spends the fifth* most revenue per capita for education in the world. And being it a well known fact public education managed by the Left, you have no room for complaint in my estimation. You earned it. For those of us who wanted better for our children, we were forced to spend a small fortune in addition to never receiving a direct benefit for the taxes we pay to K-12 public schools. I question this garbage about how much it benefits me for Johnny the Flunky to receive the best education, because that presupposes jobs for Johnny at the end of the rainbow. Johnny the Flunky more likely to vote for Obama, draw entitlements and pull the plug when I get old.

    And being that Suzy Q Rutherford’s parents continue to actively support political agendas and otherwise for more failure, I’m starting to contemplate why I should care that Suzy Q. Rutherford deserves any support from me for education and now believe it best Suzy Q.’s parents forced to do what my wife and I did for our own children – pay every fricking dime for it. As I’ve told you before, R, my gas tank runs empty for the progressive plight. I hang on the precipice every day of not rooting for your imminent demise instead of enduring a peaceful heritage I’m forced to share with you while you refer to me as racist, bigot, Islamophobe, homophobe and mock my faith. Now that may not directly apply to you in entirety. It certainly does most Obama voters. Why should I not look at the Left as my enemy again?

    The U.S. ranks fifth in spending per student. Only Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland spend more per student, American Schools vs. the World: Expensive, Unequal, Bad at Math, Julie Ryan, The Atlantic, June 3, 2013

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