The Upcoming Showdown

Well folks, it appears the 44th POTUS has not taken the expected lessons from the November 4th GOP victory. On the contrary, with no more elections to win and no more congressional seats to worry about (not including Mary Landrieu) Obama feels free to do what he damn well pleases. He’s dealing with continued opposition to the ACA and he’s taking a swing at net neutrality and the Keystone pipeline. But the most imminent battle is over immigration reform and this has the right apoplectic.

Obama is famous for favoring politics over ideals, no doubt one of the biggest let downs for his supporters. To focus on Obama’s motives (fairness, narcissism, power grab) is to focus on the wrong thing. This is a rare time when there is bipartisan recognition that we have a problem so the focus should be on the fix.

It seems completely reasonable to me when Obama cites congressional malfeasance on immigration. The Senate passed a bipartisan bill that House leader Boehner refused to put to a vote. Is government supposed to come to a standstill because one chamber refuses to do its job? (In fairness Harry Reid has sat on his share of bills too.) Obama has given numerous “warnings” that if Congress could not get its act together, he would take whatever executive action he could. Again the fact that it is expedient for him to act now is beside the point. We’re focusing on the wrong thing.

The solution must encompass:
1. Border security: Unless we want to be Cold War East Berlin, we need to recognize there are limits to what we can do here. We’re not going to build a wall with snipers ready to shoot interlopers. We should take reasonable steps here but with such a long border, breaches are inevitable. Some money allocated to border security is a good idea. Unlike conservatives, I don’t think this is top priority.

2. Conditions that encourage migration: This is a tough nut to crack as the ball is really in the court of Mexico and points south. To the extent that we can implement policies (perhaps trade policies) that improve the lives of folks in their native lands, we should.

3. Exploitation: We should vigorously prosecute business owners who hire undocumented workers.

4. Compassion: How can we as a civilized country tell people who have lived here for years and raised families here that they must summarily leave? This segment of the undocumented have become part of their communities and are loved not just by family but by friends. We must find a way to compassionately deal with this.

5. Fairness: Compassion aside, law breakers cannot be prioritized over those following the rules. Any path to citizenship must place lawful immigrants at the “front of the line”.

I honestly don’t think legislation or an executive order that encompasses these five principles is rocket science. I also don’t think that the world will come to an end if it takes an EO to move this forward. If Congress wants to act responsibly, they should pass legislation to supplant Obama’s executive action as soon as possible and not waste any more time whining about it.

What do you think? The bar is open.

314 thoughts on “The Upcoming Showdown

  1. Who the hell are you or Barack Obama to say that representatives of others are not acting responsibly? Their inaction WAS action. And it was obviously action their constituents wanted, or else they wouldn’t be coming back next year.

    I know you know this. We tell you and tell you and tell you. You try to ignore it by spouting off Lizzy Warren populism and crocodile tears about broken democracy, but deep down you know we’re right. Those congressmen were doing what they were sent to do….STOP BARACK OBAMA AND HIS PARTY! And that’s exactly what they did…and that’s exactly why they are going back.

    Obama will get his immigration bill from congress next year. And he will veto it. He’ll be proven, again, to be a liar, and you’ll, again, have egg on your face for defending him.

  2. When a country’s own President admits three times on cable TV he doesn’t have the authority as President and Constitutional lawyer to now do what he is going to do, believing he is bullet proof, openly angry and defiant because his stances have been summarily rejected by the people he elected to govern, while believing himself above the law…

    I believe the soon to be majority Congress, and every mother, father, wife, brother, sister, adult child of good conscience who still believes in our foundations and the sacrifices made that allow us to enjoy this cushy life, who want the same for future generations, should be quietly working to convince our military that the Constitution they swore to defend must be defended – those weren’t just words.

    I and millions of others warned America that Barack Obama had the capacity, left unimpeded and without restraint or fear of election, to become what America has always feared – a tyrant and despot. We were mocked in the Rutherford Lawson quarters as they danced under the banner of Hope & Change, a mantra so ridiculous in retrospect that it has become a national joke and disgrace. However, it is becoming clear that Barack Obama may be willing to prove many of us right.

    Anybody that says securing the border is unimportant, tells me two things. One, they understand nothing of today’s world and its dangers nor the very reason a nation must remain sovereign if it is to exist and be of any consequence – it is madness to think otherwise. And two, they believe they will be personally unaffected by the border situation, and in fact may find great delight in rubbing it in the faces of those who don’t agree, perhaps ideologically even believing they might benefit from what should be described as an open border policy. Yes, it is myopic. Yes is it the height of ignorance. And yes, I believe it will ultimately be their own demise.

    To come to the conclusion I just read above, any rational person should determine this proposal is so asinine, its conclusions border on sedition. This garbage that America can’t secure our border is so beyond the pale, anyone concluding that should be wholly rejected. What an electrified fence can’t do, five AC 130 gunships patrolling and a 50 caliber machine gun sitting at each mile marker certainly can.

    As of now, Republicans should hold their water and let this play out in the court of public opinion and legal venue. But let’s not kid ourselves. This President, a malignant narcissist of no conscience besides self, who clearly has the capacity for tyranny. We citizens should take no options off the table and be willing to act forcefully in full compliance with The Constitution, if necessary, not concerning ourselves this was America’s first minority President. It was idiocy to elect this buffoon for that sole reason, as Obama has proven himself grossly incompetent, dangerously naive, and tacitly malicious.

    No man is above the law. Not even the President.

  3. I agree with Huck. Obama and his allies are proven liars and not to be trusted. One reason the earlier immigration bill failed was that its supporters wanted to give illegals already here some sort of amnesty with a promise to take care of border security later. We need the reverse.

    An ocean liner sank, and a life boat was filled with too many passengers. The captain ruled that they sacrifice some to save the rest. We are in the same position. Obama’s economic policies have helped expand a poor underclass, and the newcomers exacerbate the problem.
    Compassion begins at home with people already here. My Korean relatives played by the rules and became citizens. What do Democrats and others tell people like them?

    As Huck wrote, those obstructionist Congress people were elected to stop Obama’s plans, and they were too politically weak to pass their own programs.

    The first thing Congress should do is to “close” the borders as some other countries have done. Then, they can do something about creating fair treatment for people already here.

  4. You’d think by now the majority of the people in this nation would realize that the politicians aren’t there to fix ANYTHING. The FIX is in. Do you have an example of ANYTHING politicians have fixed? ANYTHING? The system is rigged to keep us fighting among ourselves. It’s perpetual tug of war with both sides dragging the other through the mud and nary a winner. Bobo is playing his part just like the rest. And it’s not just US…

    The major powers of the world especially the U.S., Russia, and China are locking horns in an ever intensifying power struggle at least that’s what we’re told by the mainstream media and our own government. Virtually everyday the media presents us with stories of how Russia violated the airspace of some Western country or that China and the U.S.are hacking each others computer networks. But what if that wasn’t the whole picture? What if the news was selected in a way to present a bias that would lead you to a desired conclusion? Webster’s defines propaganda as ‘ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause.’

    The G20 are collaberators In the New World Order.

  5. They’re not all bad, Poolman.

    My Senator, Tom Coburn, was a straight shooter and smart guy who really did try his best I feel to fix many of the problems. He was mostly ignored by the national press – too Conservative, too gentlemanly. I was disappointed Tom didn’t take a stab at President – it’s just not his style.

    I don’t believe Coburn ever got corrupted. It’s just that the system has become so bloated, so bureaucratic, created such a dependency, you are right it is bought and paid for the highest bidder.

    I’m afraid it might take a civil war to restore, or perhaps more likely, a complete collapse of the system accompanied by social disorder. Perhaps some real, honest leaders would then might step up.

    However, if that happens all bets are off because I don’t know where that ends in our moral rot. Could be chaos. As America goes, so goes the rest of the world, even if the world too myopic to realize it.

  6. I thought about this quote this morning, Poolman. Of course, Lewis’ meaning gets misconstrued by the context he was referring, but its wisdom is well grounded.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”
    ― C.S. Lewis

  7. Betsy of Betsy’s page posted a schedule a North Carolina representative presented as a typical day. He works very hard from early in the morning to late in the evening. What struck her students was the committee meetings he attends, constituents and lobbyists he meets, and the fund raisers he attends with nothing in his schedule reserved for reading or researching bills.

    The implication is that the representative must rely on advisers and the party line to decide on a vote. This is probably common.

  8. Tex, isn’t C.S. Lewis the religious author? From the quote you provided it sounds like Lewis would be against missionaries.

    C.S. Lewis was in my opinion, the foremost Christian philosopher of the 20th century.

    I believe Lewis one of the perhaps three most brilliant people I have ever read, and best friend to J.R.R. Tolkien, a devout Christian himself who led Lewis into spiritual belief. Tolkien as you probably know penned the ‘The Hobbit” and the Lord of Rings trilogy. Ironically, so many of these secularists who have loved the movie series, haven’t figured out the pictorial representation of what those series are meant to represent.

    And as I warned quietly to Poolman, though not directed about him but to him, the context of the quote I provided will be misconstrued by the secular who won’t understand its implications.

    Try to think of it this way, R. And this time, I mean no slap across your cherub face, but only to use you in example.

    When Jonathan Gruber insulted the America public, he really did not insult the entire populace. What has still not dawned on so many of the Obama bedwetters is that Gruber wasn’t speaking of the Tea Party. He was speaking of you and people who think like you do. 😉

  9. Tex first of course Gruber was insulting libs … those were the folks he was trying to fool. Conservatives weren’t having any of it in the first place.

    But regarding Lewis, you didn’t answer my question. How does he reconcile his opposition to intrusive do-gooders with the work of those who spread the word of Jesus?

  10. Since Rutherford likes talking about any poll other than real elections….

    The latest NBC poll shows 48% are against Obama’s plan to take executive action on the issue of immigration, and only 38% in favor of it.

    Instead of citing polls in favor of fixing immigration, let’s see some polls favoring what Obama is going to do this Thursday. Can you give us a link to any? They should be easy to find, seeing as the majority of people are for it….

  11. Huck, I’ve raised that at least 3 times with Rutherford. He ignores it every time. The MSNBC line sounds better.

    Creating political crisis is “focusing on the right thing” apparently. 🙄

  12. Huck you are an enigma. Don’t take this as a Tex-Taylor-UN-in-your-face dig but how can you on the one hand believe in the international cooperation symbolized by the UN and in the next breath defend the do-nothing Obama blocking tactics of the GOP?

    Inaction is not action. To say it is, is a semantic game. In every case the GOP should legislate what they believe in and force Obama to veto. Then HE looks like the obstructionist.

  13. Creating political crisis is “focusing on the right thing” apparently.

    Sorry Tigre but it takes two to tango. Zero excuse for Congress not to have produced legislation by now. They have clearly contributed to the political crisis.

  14. Sadly this all a predictable progression and exactly why the hair on the back of my neck raised during the days of Obama’s demagoguery back in 08/09.

    Rutherford and the other cult members bought into the man so much that I distinctly remember thinking after the snake oil goes stale these emotional fan boys will turn on the republic itself.

    They invested their soul in this sham to such extent they can’t let go. It’s not a failed inexperienced and lying president, you see, it’s the republic itself that stands in the way of his success.

    Rutherford knows how the Republic works. He also knows democracy is not the most efficient or expedient system. His crime is premeditated. He should be dealt with with this in mind.

    Cato literally ripped out his own intestines with his bare hands rather then join Caesar’s tyranny.

    Rutherford treads dangerous ground.

    R is fundamentally changing his relationship with us and anyone else one the other side of the aisle.

    Things keep going in this direction and the next Cato may have a taste for someone else’s intestines.

  15. “Zero excuse for Congress not to have produced legislation by now. They have clearly contributed to the political crisis.”

    If Obama doesn’t grant EO, there’s no crisis. The new Congress isn’t even seated. You’ve made no case whatsoever.

    This really does fly over your head and it’s kind of sad really. You’re the “stupid voter” that Gruber was talking about and you’re content with it.

  16. Notice I said in the piece that anyone interested in a solution isn’t going to focus on Obama the man.

    His timing sucks. He flip-flopped on whether he could even do this. I say that’s all beside the point right now.

    If the EO grants citizenship, which it can’t, I would oppose it. I still say before you set your hair on fire, let’s see what the Emperor has in mind.

    For Obama this is clearly all about politics. But if the move helps matters along the way, I take a wait and see approach.

    If he’s lucky Ferguson will go up in flames tomorrow and no one will pay attention to his EO. (That’s a joke).

  17. Speaking of Tom Coburn, here’s seven minutes worth your time on video – and the best part is the last 20 seconds. You Rutherford most of all should listen to it. There’s no slam on Obama – only good advice from a smart guy who unfortunately has had enough of Washington.

    I come from a poor state whose only real resources are hydrocarbons, wheat and water. Texas has left us in the dust and I told my own kids they would be better to leave for greener pastures.. But I guarantee you some of the best, wisest people in this country I share a state with too.

    P.S. – Rutherford. I did answer your question. You don’t even understand the context of the quotation as I explained. Concentrate on the word “tyrannies” and apply it correctly – it ought to be easy for you, because you sure don’t understand religion; you should understand politic.

  18. Haven’t watched the Coburn thing yet but fwiw I’ve always liked him. Seems a straight shooter.

    On a side note, Chris Matthews asked John McCain about HRC and he asked what did she accomplish as SOS? Chris’ mostly lib panel could not answer the question. Neither can I.

  19. “how can you on the one hand believe in the international cooperation symbolized by the UN and in the next breath defend the do-nothing Obama blocking tactics of the GOP?”

    Because I believe in the constitution of the United States of America, and in the logic that went behind its creation. You, quite obviously, hold both in contempt. We have a separation of powers for a reason. We have a bicameral legislature for a reason. When you understand these reasons, you can respect and see the elegance in them. You’ve never shown any interest (or ability, I’m still not sure which) in even trying to understanding them.

    For the record, my support for the UN doesn’t go beyond the dialog, itself. I’ve said that time and again. I find the value of the UN in it being a forum for discussion. That’s it.

    And with that said, it is actually very cut-throat. If you think international diplomacy is about cooperation and hand-holding, you could not be more mistaken. I can promise you it rivals ANYTHING happening on Capitol Hill.

    “In every case the GOP should legislate what they believe in and force Obama to veto. Then HE looks like the obstructionist.”

    And that is exactly what they are going to do, which is why Obama won’t wait. He will veto GOP immigration legislation and his EO will stand until another president comes along. If this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve already said it.

    “I say that’s all beside the point right now.”

    Why is it beside the point “right now”?

    Why this need for expediency, Rutherford? You have not explained that. Barack Obama has not explained that. The Democratic party has not explained that. The only ones who have explained that is us.

    Is the system more broken this week than it was 2 weeks ago? Or in 2009? Or in 2010? Or in 2011? Or in 2012? Or in 2013? Or in the vast majority of 2014? It could wait 6 years but it can’t wait 6-8 more weeks? There isn’t a thing going on right now that is about fixing a broken system. You know that, and you said so in your blog post.

    Obama doesn’t want to fix a broken system, he wants to further enrage the opposition party and divide the country. It’s the only things he has done successfully in his entire presidency. THAT is what will be his legacy. The really sad part is that history will blame that tarnished legacy on racism and not on the man who created it.

    ““Zero excuse for Congress not to have produced legislation by now””

    They have the only excuse they need–the will of the people. To deny it was their will is to deny the election results on Nov. 4, 2014.

  20. “The really sad part is that history will blame that tarnished legacy on racism and not on the man who created it.” -H

    You really think that? I don’t. The Obama failure is so massive, even conceding a the fictitious race card won’t suffice.

    His failures are so expansive excuse making my historians will be fruitless.

  21. Rutherford, you are such a coward for ignoring the points Tigre and Hucking make.

    I can’t believe you waste this time pretending that Obama is having a “enough is a enough” moment and going it alone because he ran out of time.

    You know a new Congress is only a couple months away.

    Obama’s EO is the most desperate, disgusting, hurtful partisan play I have ever seen in my life.

    Go unzip Gruber’s pants and suck him off. Because as a political blogger you are nothing more then a metaphorical blow job slurping the worst of the worst this country has to offer.

    Why bother entering a discussion at all?

  22. Most of us here have recognized Obama, in addition to being grossly unqualified to be President, is both chronic liar and thug for quite some time. A few are still in denial, but the cracks in the facade are showing. The divisions this feckless man has created will last generations. He has failed in every capacity but creating strife.

    I’m of the mind to simply tell the Republicans told hold their rage and let this all play out, because it would be in the best interests of the country to let Obama expose his true self for historical record – where even the corrupt and negligent media, bylines for Democrats, can’t cover. This is an issue that the Democratic Party cannot win on – it’s a clear power play I heard described today as lashing out and Constitutional tantrum. Even the timing is too obvious. Like Obama, these criminals will have boxed themselves in with their own words, all on audio and video, and there is no way out.

    Either the federal courts shoot this down as they should and the Democratic Party left with egg on its face and a lifetime of loathing for its criminality, lack of principle and virtue. Or it starts such a dangerous precedent that in future use, it can be used to punish the predecessors by their own fiats; perhaps it is the breaking point of far more drastic measures taken – measures that are long overdue. For too long, there have been egregious double standards in this country.

    It may be time that ordinary citizens in conjunction with our military, take things into their own hands and simply ignore the fiats and dictates of D.C., without even having to call it secession. That would be justice for the tyrants to observe their days numbered, their power erased. Now, we will punish D.C. as they have punished us.

    I have faith that our military is still of the belief the Constitution holds and America worth saving – perhaps the last bastion of real patriotism; a patriotism that my require this President be removed by force, if necessary.

    And that, although a stain upon our legacy, would be a well deserved ending to a malignant narcissist and moral equivocator that has done nothing but create strife across this globe; perhaps a lesson remembered you don’t elect a President without character.

  23. I’d laugh at the corruption of our media, as that picture worth a thousand words. But the moral relevance of this Administration is sickening. Some guy from the WSJ on FOX tonight literally twisted Obama’s equivalence into the dust and turned the screws on Obama’a black soul.

    But my “loathe tank” for Obama has been pegged since 2010.

  24. As I think on it, Obama’s post-election actions will damage the democratic party for a long-ass time. I just can’t visualize a scenario that you, Rutherford, will not won’t rue. It’s truly amazing what you consider an acceptable sacrifice.

  25. No shit Tex. CNN’s headline that “4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians dead in Jerusalem,” (no mention that the two Palestinians who were shot and killed by Israeli police were slaughtering Jewish worshippers) was a template for Obama’s speech later.

  26. Just thought this song should be revisited on this glorious day when dear leader is about to usurp the republic for….. Cough…… Bull shit…. Our own good.

  27. DR, can you imagine the years of therapy that little girl will got through after the deprogramming? Maybe she and R could save a few bucks with two-for-one sessions.

  28. I like that song, rabbit.

    Betsy’s page links to Thomas Sowell
    who uses statistics to show that slavery did not contribute to black problems. Sowell also recommends Riley’s book “Please Stop Helping US.”

    Liberalism has failed most blacks and the rest of us. And now it has come to this. Blacks are being sacrificed on the alter of political expediency, not a cross of gold.

  29. I can’t figure out why congressional republicans are not meeting behind closed doors to discuss this slimy attempt to curry favor with the latino community instead of rushing one by one to the microphone to demonstrate their own stupidity. They really need to shut up.

    I heard one of them – Corker I think, senator from TN – and I just wanted to sock him. Spent 5 minutes babbling non-stop about what a disaster this president is and out of the other side of his mouth insisting it’s “not about Obama” and “Obama wants to make it about Obama” and all the time HE’S making it 100% about Obama. He sounded like an idiot. Worse – he sounded like DWS spouting her special brand of crap.

    As he was mouthing off I thought – there’s another one we need to give the boot.

  30. DR, can you imagine the years of therapy that little girl will got through after the deprogramming? Maybe she and R could save a few bucks with two-for-one sessions.

    I’d like to think there will come a day after these small children who were manipulated and hoodwinked, a form of indoctrination abuse IMO, will recognize how much they were used and abused for the sake of promoting a man’s name now held in scorn, and will openly and loudly condemn their flaccid instructors as shams, like the President these teachers promoted. Just as the children of North Korea will recognize one day.

    There are many who should do penance for foisting this sordid narcissist and epic failure and disgrace into any position of leadership.

  31. Rutherford is such a glaring example of the failure of social studies departments in public school. I’m truly sorry, everybody.

  32. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

  33. Tex, I agree with you about Lewis. Brilliant. He executes his arguments like a Field Marshall. His “The Problem of Pain” helped me a great deal in nurturing a positive attitude about my son’s autism.
    But (there always is one, right?) in “Mere Christianity” his premise that universal morality points to a deity eludes me. I understand the idea that we are all aware of morality, whether we abide by it or not, but could not an atheist say that such recognition is just instinct rising from evolution and natural selection?

  34. Numbnutz? You still walk among us?

    Regardless of your belief in God, without morality (and awareness of it) society would collapse on itself. Instinct must play a role. So?

  35. It’s my old friend, Mr. Thor! Where you been stranger? You’ve been missed, even with your Dear Leader now in the last gasps of a failed regime while we suckle on the rotten fruit of massive failure. Hope you didn’t lose your insurance yet. In all seriousness, I was hoping something had not happened to you or your family.

    Tonight, we will witness the last gasps of dying despot, millions of low information voters be damned. 😀 Though you beat me in the battle as Jonathan Gruber right – there were millions more buffoons that I realized – ultimately I believe I will be proven right that Barack Obama lost the war. Your ideology now lays in shambles, old friend.

    With that out of the way…

    But (there always is one, right?) in “Mere Christianity” his premise that universal morality points to a deity eludes me.

    It’s been a long time since I read Mere Christianity, but I think (and correct me if I’m wrong), was Lewis not referring our innateness of recognition, as in Romans 1? I remember I thought Lewis made several solid arguments as proof, but I can honestly not remember why. I’d have to reread.

    but could not an atheist say that such recognition is just instinct rising from evolution and natural selection?

    Wouldn’t evolution by definition assume just the opposite? While evolution incorrectly referred to as survival of the fittest (that’s actually an old robber baron term), that is the basic premise – adaptation. Seems to me, an evolutionist would be hard pressed to explain why humans and a few other mammals could rise above self. If they say for survival, that suggests critical thinking and innate intelligence. And evolution cannot explain that by a genome.

    Have you ever given thought of how “instinct” plays into evolution? I think one of the weakest arguments evolutionists can make by using evolution to explain the how and the why is trying to explain “instinct.” The ability to adapt can’t be explained by instinct. And instinct can’t as yet be explained by a genome.

  36. I still stop by to read you guys occasionally, or check on R’s Stockholm syndrome. 🙂

    I agree, morality is essential to a functioning society. I just don’t see how that proves it’s God’s voice speaking to us as opposed to just an instinctual attribute rising out of natural human development. Perhaps I’m not remembering his argument correctly. Probably been 15 or 20 years since I read it.

  37. He is a glutton for punishment, and on rare occasion does a pretty good job of dishing too. I can only surmise, for whatever reason, not only is Rutherford’s hide like a rhinoceros, he must find something redeeming in the debate.

    Boredom maybe, perhaps a love of just writing? I’m just damn glad he is – which has provided a ton of laughs and a little intellectual stimulation over the years. He has my gratitude, for whatever the reason.

    Here’s what I find about evolution and morality, Thor, bottom line. I find them at odds, by definition. My conscience doesn’t “speak” to me. It leads me.

  38. That makes sense Tex, I just read Romans 1 on your suggestion. You sure know your scripture.

    Obama is just trying to stay relevant. I predict a whole lot of nothing tonight. He’s just going to try and stay out of the bunkers. The left will call him a wimp, the right will call him Tojo.

    But more importantly, what happened to your Sooners last night? They were up 18 on Creighton (in the second half) and lost? They must have gone stone cold. That’s a huge lead to loose in college hoops.

  39. Hello thor, I’ve missed you too. I believe in God and think he has a general plan for humanity, but yes an atheist could say “such recognition” is just instinct. It has survival value and humans aren’t the only creatures to have an inborn moral code.

    But “what do we do about a problem like Obama?’ Real Clear Politics tells us that Obama’s alleged amnesty may send us as many new workers as jobs created during the last six years. This doesn’t count the legals and guest workers.

    Surely liberals know how they are damaging some of our most vulnerable people, many of whom loyally vote for them. Yet, they have no compunction over hurting those who helped give them power.

    What happened to such immoral beings? Were they off playing cards when the omnisient one passed out morality genes? Does that explain why crows and wolves are more moral than they are?

    Whomever voted for Obama==Sucker!

  40. I agree, Thor, Obama’s speech may turn out to be a load of nothing, but I wanted to tie morality with your earlier discussion, so I took liberties.

  41. The left will call him a wimp, the right will call him Tojo.

    😆 A fitting end to a clown only missing the bulbous nose and big red shoes in front the prompter. Justice grinds slowly – but it almost always prevails. I like to look at President Barack Hussein Obama kind of like O.J.. Sooner or later, the hood is going to come out and the mask drops – and whammo; history recorded the impending frogmarch. It’s actually kind of exciting to think we get a first row seat to the start of tyranny before we actually have an excuse to bury this jackboot.

    But more importantly, what happened to your Sooners last night? They were up 18 on Creighton (in the second half) and lost? They must have gone stone cold. That’s a huge lead to loose in college hoops.

    A fitting week to the most miserable college basketball in quite some time. I actually had switched programming when they were still up by 15, only to discover they lost this morning this morning. WTH? It must be a misprint. But to heck with the Sooner fans. How’d you like that beatdown my Jayhawks received evening before last? Standing next to UK, they looked like a high school team. I slinked out at halftime and took my KU Sweatshirt off. 😡

  42. Bullet points for tonight have been sent out…

    1) You must meet strict requirements to qualify for relief from deportation

    (Anyone believe “strict requirements” will be enforced?)

    2) You Cannot Apply for Several Months

    (But remember this is urgent and can’t wait several weeks.)

    3) Recent Border Crossers will be a Priority for Deportation

    (And they will all be caught because of our stellar border security)

    4) If you commit fraud you will not qualify (My personal favorite)

    (Because entering and residing in a country illegally isn’t “knowingly misrepresenting or failing to disclose facts”)

    5) Beware of Immigration Scams

    (Yes, we wouldn’t want anyone to get scammed the way we all have)

  43. So if I understand things, Obama is going to allow illegal immigrants that meet certain requirements to obtain work permits.

    Based on that, I Googled “work permits eligible for obamacare” And this is what I found….

    “Lawfully Present” Individuals Eligible under the Affordable Care Act”

    I call this portion to attention….

    “Under the PCIP definition, “lawfully present” individuals include not only those classified as
    “qualified” immigrants,5 but several other categories of non–U.S. citizens who have
    permission to live and/or work in the U.S.”

    A click on the site showed this….

    “People with the following immigration statuses qualify for Marketplace coverage.”

    Included in the extensive list are….

    Individual with Non-immigrant Status (includes worker visas, student visas, and citizens of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau)

    Am I wrong in assuming that, by removing their “illegal” status, all 5+ million will be eligible for ObamaCare?

    Want to take that one on, Rutherford?

  44. Some further clicks suggest…maybe not…

    Deferred Action. The estimated 455,455 undocumented youths who were approved for deferred action status through a presidential initiative will qualify for neither the health insurance coverage nor Medicaid.

  45. I didn’t get a chance to watch the speech. I was busy ripping children from their parents’ arms.

    Cloying, wasn’t it?

    I’m afraid in perhaps Obama’s most well written, endearing speech since his first campaign, the smell of the total bullshit muted the required audience response. The days of massive Styrofoam columns and bleating sheep, people peeing their pants while fainting have run their course.

    I could be wrong, but I think after ‘You can Keep your Doctor’, a string of broken campaign promises and failed economic debacles without shovels, Jonathan Gruber, broken red lines, a concept of leading behind, 25 different videos where Obama clearly contradicted himself tonight with his own words, and numerous other blatant falsehoods associated with this entire sordid regime of division, hate and failure…

    As my daddy used to say, though I was never sure he completely understood the cliche:

    Obama has shot his wad, even in unconstitutional endeavors. I wonder if men like Rutherford fully understand the precedent that was set tonight, and the glorious blowback that will surely ensue? Can you imagine what a Republican President can now do with the stroke of a pen?

  46. Rutherford is such a glaring example of the failure of social studies departments in public school. I’m truly sorry, everybody.

    I think you mean civics not social studies. My education in civics was deficient. 🙂

    Haven’t contributed much today cos bronchitis is kicking my ass. More tomorrow.

  47. Earlier, I called Obama and his henchmen socialist fascists. I also quoted Sofia Jannok’s term “occupying regime.” to apply to the foreign ideology they have imported into the US. Do you believe me now? It feels good to be right again.

  48. You should watch it, James. Obama actually poses himself as the tender, loving President. It’s like the best and the worst part of Obama, all rolled into one. The merciful king and the thief – the wise sage and the all too obvious malicious despot – like a butcher with a smile on his face, seething under the surface that so many of his plebes have not been convinced of his greatness.

    It’s ugly but fascinating to watch a desperate malignant narcissist on the downward spiral. I give credit to Obama about one thing. It’s easy to see how weak minds can be so willingly manipulated by this demon. He’s quite the good actor. Not the aw shucks phoniness of Slick Clinton; more the slick hustler with nice smile and toothy grin; the consummate, greasy politician.

    The difficult part while listening closely, is all through the speech, I could hear the nasally sound of Obama inhaling, between pauses.

  49. It is sad to see the no-longer-revered Cult Leader dripping with feigned compassion while spewing the most illogical destructive shit as background noise.

    I wonder if anyone has tried to calculate the economic harm to the soon-to-be further displaced working class. Oh and those in line for citizenship. They’re probably white and in need of checking their privilege.

    BiC did a good job with his piece.

  50. R – I wanted you to see what an American ex-pat and casual acquaintance of mine thinks about America’s current lunacy(ies):

    Excerpt from an interview for International Man

    …I believe aggressive empires with bloated bureaucracies, unsustainable debt loads, and chronic military overreach cannot compete against the now capitalist, relatively free-market Asia. Europe would also be attractive if it weren’t for the top-down, unelected EU monstrosity. The truth is Asia is rising and the debt-ridden Western democracies are failing.

    Inteviewer: What prompted you to seek another country as an alternative to your existing country?

    xxxxxxx: For a start, the corrupt American legal system and the lawsuit and asset seizure threat to honest wealth, property, and savings helped motivate me to take a job in Canada. I’d had enough of the US’s closed, two-party monopoly system, where voting and every election has become a government sacrament celebrating our own enslavement without any chance by the citizens to impact government domestic, economic, or foreign policy.

    In America, we have a rapidly increasing militarized police force often so corrupt and out of control that recently the government of Canada warned Canadians to limit the amount of cash they take to the States. We have lost our patriot vision and now operate more like an incompetent banana republic than a constitutional republic under the rule of law.

    We have a foreign policy glorifying military aggression and occupation that makes money for large multinationals, while we waste the blood, treasure, and lives of our soldiers for oil and pipelines. I also have to mention the hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians killed, wounded, and maimed for life by military aggression, drone attacks, and our destruction of nations throughout Africa and the Middle East. Finally, I must mention drug laws aimed mostly at minorities and the poor and a prison lobby that has turned the US into the world’s largest prison state with the highest per-capita prison population on the entire planet.

    Frankly, I grew up in the greatest country the world has ever known, and it is no longer that country. It has been taken over and destroyed by an elite and special interests, and I’m sad when I spend too much time there. This is why I live in Canada.

  51. Parker, though your friend has valid points, I think it a case of ‘out of the frying pan, into the fire’. Your friend might have staved off tyranny for a season, but only for a short one as Canada is on the same fascist path as US. I suppose he’ll be moving again and again and again…

  52. Ask Mark Steyn how free Canada is. Problem is, Parker Pfesser’s friend is half right – the America I grew up in as a child and young adult barely exists. And we’re running out of territory not governed by tyrants, thugs and thieves.

    Sooner or later, people must be willing to put in on the line. I hope our U.S. military men are remembering their sworn allegiance. If they too should fall to corruption, it’s too late to save.

  53. Whose dumber? The completely irresponsible dope head and unfit mother? Or the dumb clucks who donated?

    Those new clothes will look good under the orange jumpsuit.

  54. “don’t bother discounting the source.”

    The source is primary documents in the form of emails, so don’t bother is exactly right.

    “Imagine the Democrat’s shock and horror when the next President decides to not enforce laws he doesn’t like.”

    I hope that doesn’t happen, regardless of the party. At this point, one of the greatest legacies any modern president can have is to reign in the power of the Executive.

    As for a response to what we got last night (and I think there should be..multiple), I like this one

    “…do not invite Obama to address a joint session of Congress to deliver the State of the Union address.

    The Constitution simply requires that “He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” Nothing requires that he do so in person. The modern in person State of The Union dates back to Woodrow Wilson but Truman, Eisenhower and Nixon all gave written reports as was the custom from Thomas Jefferson to Wilson.

    And Presidents don’t simply show up whenever they please to address the Congress, they must be formally invited. That’s where Boehner and McConnell can strike a blow for the legislature…simply don’t invite him.

    Yesterday, Boehner said, “The president had said before that he’s not king and he’s not an emperor,” Boehner says. “But he’s sure acting like one.”

    Why would the Speaker invite such a man to address “the people’s house”?…”

  55. “These illegal aliens are willing to do the work that Americans will no longer do — namely, vote Democrat.” ~ Howie Carr

  56. I hope our U.S. military men are remembering their sworn allegiance. If they too should fall to corruption, it’s too late to save.

    Have you not been paying attention to the purging going on in the general staffs of the military?

    It just occurred to me that Rutherford’s graphic is racist, since neither one of the people pictured have “checked their privilege”.

  57. The first order of immigration-based business for the new congress should be a piecemeal bill on border security. This was always what the GOP wanted first, and it was always rejected, because Democrats always wanted amnesty first (as in only).

    Pass a border security bill and send it to the Senate. If Dems block it there, find some kind of Gruber-ish wording for it that makes it a budgetary matter and open to reconciliation. Then send it off to Obama’s desk for a prompt veto.

  58. Why vote at all? Barry the Usurper will do what HE wants.

    Do you remember when the idiot Pelosi carried her oversized gavel into the house once the Obamacare initiative approved, flaunting her arrogance and stupidity in the same motion? Five years later, 28 feckless Dimocratic Senators have found gainful employment elsewhere and the hag is down 70 in the minus column. Patience.

    What becomes imperative IMO, is to let this play out without too much grief and not take the bait. Obama wants us to get mad – he’s counting on the corrupt media to carry his water. Though I’m almost sure this decision won’t stand as it clearly unconstitutional, if by chance our corrupt federal lackeys for Obama allow it, win the election as the ire stews for 24 months – always reminding the ignorant of the despot Obama like clockwork. This has even pissed people off I know that even voted for Barack Obama in 2008 something fierce. Hell, I thought I was crazy. 😆

    Then I and millions from the new elect will demand that the new Republican President with the stroke of a pen start initiating all sorts of changes, beginning with an elimination of entire Depts accompanied by a multitude of audits and federal judge impeachments – first audits up, Eric Holder and Lois Lerner. These bastards won’t know what hit them.

    And remember. Any soldier receiving a pink slip in the field is a guaranteed vote against President Feckless’ successor elect. That needs to be advertised a little louder as the media has grown strangely silent.

  59. Obama’s plan mentioned pay back taxes, which implies there was potential income.

    When income is reported so it can be back-taxed, will the companies who hired illegal labor get amnesty on their crime, as well?

    And if so, how will that square with those who legitimately argue that one of the main prescriptions for illegal immigration is to dry up its draw by going after those who employ illegal labor?

    This is, of course, a rhetorical question. Because we all know that Obama isn’t going to press the issue on back taxes. The IRS is much too busy crashing hard drives and attacking conservative groups.

  60. If you run naked around a tree at a speed of 185,999 miles/sec, there is the distinct possibility of fucking yourself. Or you can vote ‘D’ for the comparable effect. ~ Albert Einstein

  61. “Then I and millions from the new elect will demand that the new Republican President with the stroke of a pen start initiating all sorts of change” – TeX

    I’m torn on that. If we don’t take the higher ground there won’t even be a semblance of the republic left.

    Yet I wan’t revenge on the Rutherfords of the nation comparable to the wrath of Achilles.

  62. I may try to watch the video some time, Tex.

    Buffalo will have a big surprise as the snow becomes warmth and flooding rain.

    This affair brings Julius Caesar, Brutus, the Senate, and the Ides of March to mind. That episode turned out badly for almost everyone and caused a civil war.

    Putin has just earned an eight degree black belt. So far, he has failed to offer amnesty or open Russia’s borders. Obama should have concentrated on martial arts instead of politics.

  63. I’m torn on that. If we don’t take the higher ground there won’t even be a semblance of the republic left.

    That’s so cute that you think it isn’t done yet.

    The Usurper and his royal retinue are already way ahead of most people, including Congress. The “change” has been brung. Not everyone has gotten the news yet.

  64. What would happen if you were running that fast and stumbled into the tree?

    😆 Insertion of a different sort. Tree bark at that speed is going to leave a mark.

  65. Finally going to the doctor tonight. Based on the melodrama of these doctors there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll admit me to the hospital. So if I disappear for a few days, fear not. I’ll be back.

  66. “That’s so cute that you think it isn’t done yet.”

    Grrrrrrr. You called me cute.

    So the republic can fix itself at a later date with even more anti republic high jinks?

    Why fuck with presidents and executive orders and congress and Vote-for-Ike pins if it’s all an anti-constitutional game?

    I pick Marc Antony they pick Octavion?

    Do you talk of war or is your feather pen going to be your weapon of choice?

    On second thought, don’t answer that.

    If you a are correct and you may be, convince me to remain in this social pact. Why should I even participate in a false republic? This Pope vs The Holy Roman Emperor bull shit ain’t for me and it ain’t America.

    Why should I stand up for the pledge of allegiance? Not a rhetorical question.

  67. ” So the Republic can correct itself at a later date” ?

    Its probably, but consider Rome. The attempt to save the republic led to civil war in part because the lower classes were enraged as they would be against impeachers of Obama. The drama ended with Octavian as the first Roman emperor.

    Harry Reid gutted traditional Senate rules and procedures. What now motivates Republicans to revert to the previous status quo or for a Republican president to move even farther toward dictatorship with his/her own executive orders and legal harassment of political enemies?

  68. So the republic can fix itself at a later date with even more anti republic high jinks?

    No. There are some lines that are crossed and that becomes the end of it. We were already looking at that in the sheer volume aggregated lessor offenses since 2008, but last night’s edict was the bridge too far. How do I know? Because in earlier times, a President who attempted to so blatantly usurp Congressional authority would have been met with pitch forks and torches wielded by pissed off mobs of average people.

    If you a are correct and you may be, convince me to remain in this social pact. Why should I even participate in a false republic? This Pope vs The Holy Roman Emperor bull shit ain’t for me and it ain’t America.

    You’re probably asking the wrong person. A colleague and I were discussing this yesterday. Most of our clients are smart people. Ambitious people. People who create good jobs for their neighbors and friends. They have watched the lawlessness of this Administration with as much horror as we have. A few have asked me directly how I can continue to counsel acting within the law when those who make it and are charged with enforcing it do so selectively, when they do so at all. It is a question I have asked myself a lot these last 6 years.

    My answer? I took an oath. I am an officer of the Court. Law provides conflict resolution that doesn’t involve someone dying, and a predictable (when government isn’t lawless) framework for society to function in. But even more than that? I think that the alternative now leads to a conflict that doesn’t end in my lifetime. Society is too fractured…a state of affairs which I believe to be deliberate by the way…I think that we have two fundamental mindsets in this country which are diametrically opposed. One side, like Rutherford, believes at its core that there isn’t anything that government cannot or should not do. Any traditionally “American” concept may be given lip service, but when the rubber meets the road, concepts like private property rights and personal responsibility give way to redistribution, and an enforced mediocrity that is based on the belief that the State can impose an equality of condition that will increasingly protect its dependents from the consequences of their own bad decisions, while constantly expanding license for all manner of behavior and conduct, until ultimately, government itself must simply make the choices for its infantilized wards, despite the fact that the people in government have no better qualifications to make the citizens’ choices other than their staggeringly arrogant belief in their own intellect and wisdom. The flip side are those who have actually had to make something work, and understand that occasional failure is part of the learning process. These are the people who know what is possible when government isn’t on their back (or their neck) and rooting around in their pockets for the lucre to buy votes or mollify their dependent classes. They are rightfully insulted when they see government tell people that there is no way they can possibly succeed without the help of their betters, when they understand that liberty is always better than license, and gladly accept the responsibility that comes with it. They believe in self-restraint, because they have earned the benefits that come from its exercise, and they are rightfully insulted when government breaks societal conventions, as well as its own laws, in an effort to make things “fair” for those who don’t, and then hands them the bill.

    I believe that absent extraordinary circumstances, these two cultures cannot be reconciled, but I can’t urge the coming conflict on. I continue because I CAN’T break faith. I continue because I have to honor the commitments I’ve made. The alternative would drag on for years, because it isn’t confined to regions, nor is it racial, as much as our betters would continue to tell us. But we have no common moderating influence any longer, and one side in the conflict with no check on their conduct, because they believe themselves accountable only to themselves, and nothing to live for but what they can get in this life. When that horrible day comes, it will make the French revolution look like a party. It will make the Killing Fields look like a scrape on the knee. And when it becomes clear that it will be about preserving life, the side that has wallowed in the gutter of license will understand all too well the admonition against incurring the wrath of patient men.

    That was probably more than you wanted, but there it is.

  69. Was afraid it might be pneumonia but it was bronchitis. My tachycardia almost got me sent to the hospital until I talked them down from the ledge. My heart always runs all over the place.

    So it’s antibiotics and I should be good as new.

    Now I just need to talk all of you down from the ledge.

  70. Been taking Verapamil for 28 years now for tachycardia, Rutherford – the most dangerous of the arrhythmias, the most generic of calcium channel blockers. Know what you mean. It seems to be rather benign now, even to the point of my electro physiologist suggesting maybe we get me off it a year or two ago.

    Told him no way unless I’m on a holter monitor – and as hard as he is to get hold of in an emergency, not doing it unless my wife there too. He puckered up and said “okay.”

    Don’t let that get into your lungs! Glad you weren’t admitted, especially with that Obamacare you’re covered by – they might have put you on birth control 🙂

  71. No need talking me down. I’m giddy with anticipation to Jan 2017, my new Republican President declaring Social Security now private, white and Asian affirmative action, a southern border manned by Abram tanks, and mass deportation including anybody of slave heritage, hyphenated name, or calling themselves feminist.

    OH! And Geraldo Rivera hanged on the public square in celebration of the fiesta, all financed by the Dept. of Education funds.

  72. Oh noooooooo, say it ain’t true Sam! No more Benghazi?? I wonder guys…… will it now be Immigrationghazi! or ACAghazi!

    “The latest findings, released Friday, come from the declassified two-year investigation of the House Intelligence Committee, which conducted an exhaustive probe into the incident, including claims that the White House cooked up phony talking points for then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice.

    The report did find that the State Department was unable to protect the facility in eastern Libya where Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed, but also contradicts many of the charges leveled at the Obama administration in the days and years following the attacks.”

    “I call it Republicans dragging the bodies of 4 dead Americans through the streets of dirty politics for the sake of trying to create a scandal.”

  73. Get this guys. This is what the insufferable JAL is claiming from her exhaustive report. You’ll love this…

    But perhaps the most significant conclusion is its finding that Rice’s talking points — a key focus of the Benghazi Select Committee empaneled by House Speaker John Boehner — were not part of an attempt to conceal the severity of the incident.

    According to the report, early intelligence that the attacks were sparked by an Internet video was “not accurate,” but not intentionally so. And the report holds that the process that produced Rice’s now-infamous talking points was flawed, resulting in errors rather than deliberate lies. Indeed, the report determined that the CIA had not sorted out the conflicting intelligence until two days after Rice appeared on television claiming the attacks stemmed from a protest.

    😈 You think the American people are going to buy Susan Rice and Hussein weren’t lying through their teeth? LOL

    Even the Dim propaganda has been off their game lately..

  74. Tex my PCP two weeks ago has me making an appt for a halter (sp?) monitor. I haven’t arranged for it yet. One of my worst fears is going on heart meds. I don’t like playing with my ticker.

    The doc at urgent care said “I never send someone home with your heart rate”. I had to convince her (truthfully) that my heart often ranges between 105 and 115.

    When I got trached 8 years ago it was my heart that got me carted off to the hospital, not my lungs.

  75. So what Obama said he said in the Rose Garden was. . . false? Which is it?

    Oh well. Throw this furtive b.s. on the pile. What difference at this point does it make?

  76. Liberals as a group are willful, ignorant, blind and stupid, so I will be more wordy than I otherwise would be.

    A winter storm creates what is known as a deformation zone, a band of updrafts which creates heavy rain or snow with wind. Outer fringes produce showers or squalls. Updrafts create both conditions.

    It is how I reacted emotionally to the first news of the Benghazi attacks. They were part of a deformation zone, while I had survived a snow squall, but the process of updrafts and pressure gradient was the same.

    Our occupying regime was too blind and focused on its goals to understand the dangerous position in which it had placed its people . I saw it immediately because the same process turned me into a slightly disabled veteran.

    It doesn’t matter if the process resulted from maliciousness or incompetence, four men died because Dumb and Dumber weren’t paying attention. They were paid to take the responsibility, and they failed.

    This happened after the Regime made a big deal of Obama’s bragging that he was following and advising step by step the murder of bin ladin. The two events do not comport.

    Even this report taken at face value basically supported my belief that the attacks began and succeeded because the occupying regime was incompetent, and the deaths alone made this grounds for impeachment and firing.

    Again, taking the report at face value, the occupying regime repeated a lie for at least two weeks, and it even paid for ads in Pakistan to appollogize. Fretful leader also made a UN speech. This tells us that with all of the contrary evidence the lie was composed for mendacious reasons, or that Dumb and Dumber were too stupid to recognize the truth even if it belonged to a baby’s dirty diaper sitting on their laps.

    If the lie about a tape was an honest mistake, it was gross incompitence to believe and repeat it for so long.

    The military response might or might not have been perfect. It is less an issue than the plans and policy which created the danger in the first place.

    Another sign of liberal’s stupidity is their assumption that Republicans should not have been investigating. They should have taken these liars at their word. Part of the opposition’s duty is to investigate. It is part of our political system.

    This wasn’t the only investigation. At last another continues.

    How does JAL reconcile this with another report? npr the two-way reported “Bipartisan Report calls Benghazi Attacks ‘Preventable.” January 16,2014

    “The panel finds fault with both the State Department and US intelligence agencies for not taking steps beforehand to boost security.”

  77. Be safe, Rutherford. Remember, hospitals are the most unsafe place in this country. An average of 400,000 living humans die annually due to our medical system fuck ups. Don’t be part of the statistic. Stay healthy my friend – avoid all medical facilities in Amerika!

  78. The whole anti Islam video was a government construct. How can they now say they didn’t have the facts? This only proves liars lie continually and if one lie doesn’t stand, they pile up more to build it up. It has been a very long time since we had any integrity in government. I don’t believe integrity and governing can be used in the same sentence.

  79. Rutherford, take good care of yourself. Your family still needs you.

    And these guys here need you as well. They can’t make it in the real world.

  80. @ Rutherford
    Your post is aptly titled for the recent events that are sparking the headlines and webs kindling is something that isn’t going to go away and isn’t going to be without additional fallout.
    First and foremost no matter what one believes or feels about Obamas action an honest observer has to tip his hat to him for his powerful political play.
    The momentum of the midterms has been thoroughly reined in and that is both amazing and alarming. Other recent political chickens are looking to roost as well.

    Hands down this is a powerful and crafty play by Obama and indicative of how his lame duck time will be played out for his continued narcissism. The GOP has been handcuffed in very real terms months before their majority even takes over the Legislative branch. GOP hand clapping has been silenced by the political shackles put on them. The GOP was divided no matter what and was going to be dependent upon internal party compromises in the 114th, let alone having to deal with Reid and Pelosi in the Minority. The internal division is potentially toxic in establishing a response to Obamas actions. The chatter prior to the Thanksgiving break in my opinion showed the GOP unable to offer a united front. That’s not a good sign.
    Some of the chickens coming home though should be easily recognizable. First and foremost for those that supported Reids “nuclear option” as good governance are going to be served a plateful of resentment on that score.

    As for the latest Benghazi report I can only say,nay beg the Republicans and conservatives especially to PLEASE STOP SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT!!!!!

  81. And these guys here need you as well. They can’t make it in the real world.

    In JAL’s world, the fake world is wall-to-wall shellackings in elections. The real world is claims of helping to develop the Apollo Space Program. 😀

  82. “R”, I’m no pharmacist. However, many of those generic ticker meds are probably some of the safest meds (if there is such a thing) you can take – at least, that’s been my experience. If they put you on it, don’t sweat it. Perhaps the worst side effects I’ve had with mine are the occasional ’bout of dizziness; even that pretty infrequent.

    The reason they’re so concerned about your heart is your male, you’re over 35 and that moves you to the top of the line. Same thing with me. I used to laugh if you ever have to go to emergency, the fastest way is to get yourself admitted as a male is to tell you’re having chest pains and shortness of breath. 🙂

    The one time I went it there complaining of numbness in my left arm and I had tachycardia, they took me, put me on a gurney (I drove myself there LOL!), rushed me into a bin and started hooking me up. And this was when I was in pretty good shape. There actually was a poor gunshot victim laying on gurney in the hall moaning and writhing, while I’m eating ice chips watching the football game and he’s at my feet. I told the triage dept., “This is the height of stupidity. Get that poor soul in here and let me go.” Would not let me go unless I stayed overnight – insurance wouldn’t pay, or some B.S. like that.

    If I were a cynical man, I would suspect my United Healthcare trumped the gunshot wound.

  83. I agree alfie The Democrats are trying to neutralize the Republicans with amnesty. . Another Benghazi report is due sometime, I think.We will see what it concludes. This one, as I stated, does confirm what I have believed, and Gruther was right to a point. Voters are stupid. Republicans can play the same game without bragging about it. That includes using Democrats’ Senate rules against them.

    Unless something really incriminating comes forth, it is best to attack other chickens lest Republicans become Don Quiote. Nobody cares what we write here. We can rant all we want, and no one aside from our immediate lurkers will know or care that Obama, Hillary, and their allies blundered, and people died..

    I don’t understand JAL’s comments about our needing Rutherford to function in the real world. I like Rutherford and the contributors’ hijinks, but for all of us “Got along without you before I met you. Gonna get along without you now.”

  84. Another way to get yourself to the head of the line is to tell nurses eight yellow jackets stung you on the head. You are dizzy, short of breath, and you have a head ache.

  85. Obama may have done immeasurable damage to the democrats with this move. Politically reckless. Provocative. Power play worthy of hat tip? No. Just play.

  86. Alfie, either you’ve changed or I never understood you.

    Couple of things. I think you’re turning incredibly myopic. I am pleased of the fact the Republicans are starting to learn to play the long game, as Dimocrats have been doing for years. Boehner didn’t move? So what? Division? Bullshit. Question of Approach and process? Maybe. Let it play out. Next year. When it all sinks in.

    If there is anything people are now united about in the Republican Party, it’s that they have a weakened President – a President that just damaged his own party once again. Obama’s supposed “power play” has already enraged a majority population that couldn’t stand him, has him being questioned by academicans, newspapers, and the like which are normal adversaries of Obama. Apparently you must believe attention for attention’s sake is a good thing. That Obama moved the needle off the election results. So what? That’s a distraction. That doesn’t change the results. When he an Shelly come back from ripping off the American public at Christmas once again, Obama’s world is going to look far different.

    If you think this helped Obama in anyway, I think you’re getting ready to find out how wrong you really are. That’s like saying Obamacare empowered Nancy Pelosi. She’s down 70 seats. That’s a historic loss.

    Two. On this Benghazi front, this supposed bipartisan committee didn’t even interview Hillary Clinton. This is nothing but a cynical ploy. Not that I really care in that it didn’t take a committee to determine why the White House reacted the way they reacted. Simple. Obama told America Al Qaeda was on the run. Nothing could have been further from the truth. That it happened on 9/11, weeks before an election, which only magnified the lies and cynicism. Apparently, America didn’t care – Jonathan Gruber was right (about Dims). How many of us have said the same thing?

    That Obama’s entire second term has been one scandal after another, the first scandal only not becoming newsworthy when crushed by an even more egregious scandal is the only thing keeping Benghazi out of the news. The said fact is, the American public becomes far more enraged when it affects them, then when it affects strangers.

    And this is most important: As Glenn Reynolds correctly notes of Obama’s lackey media: Making sure you know what they want you to know is job #2 for them; making sure you don’t know what they don’t want you to know is job #1.

    Surely even a moderate or whatever you pose yourself anymore must realize the gross incompetence, the cowardice, and above all the political expediency? Everyone involved in that night that was on the ground or in the office has leaked coverup. The fact the media are nothing but Dim operatives with bylines doesn’t change the fact Obama has reached rock bottom. The 37% approval rate? Blacks, Latinos, Academia, and base morons like JAL. He’ll never go lower. Ever.

  87. DR, this news has been making its way around the internets today. I can’t find anything about it on any major news outlet. Any insights?

    Court rules Michigan has no responsibility to provide quality public education

    DETROIT — In a blow to schoolchildren statewide, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled on Nov. 7 the State of Michigan has no legal obligation to provide a quality public education to students in the struggling Highland Park School District.

    A 2-1 decision reversed an earlier circuit court ruling that there is a “broad compelling state interest in the provision of an education to all children.” The appellate court said the state has no constitutional requirement to ensure schoolchildren actually learn fundamental skills such as reading — but rather is obligated only to establish and finance a public education system, regardless of quality. Waving off decades of historic judicial impact on educational reform, the majority opinion also contends that “judges are not equipped to decide educational policy.”

  88. I agree with some of Alfie’s remarks. I’ve never questioned Obama-Jarret’s cunning. I won’t use the word brilliant to describe anything connected to Obama. That suggests light and my opinion of the man and his job performance is that of dim, dark, and dismal. However, congressional R’s should have ignored him completely after he tried to steal the win from the R’s with the midterms. I was not impressed with anyone including the usual microphone jackoffs.

    Re: the report that suddenly has all the news networks and publications checking how to spell Benghazi – Mike Rogers is the guy trying to blame the administration for the VA mistreatment of veterans. Likely because he – Rogers – failed to lead the Veterans Affairs committee that he’s been in charge of all this time. Don’t trust him with anything of import. When Trey Gowdy calls me to dinner I’ll eat my nothing burger and not before.

    As for shooting ourselves in the foot – the only thing that bothered me about going after the stonewalling sonsofbitches on Benghazi was there was nothing to gain. We already know they are liars. No one of sound mind and judgment believes anything they say anymore. And we already knew they are incompetent. Nothing on those two fronts will cost them anything least of all votes. The D-machine doesn’t run on truth or competence it runs on bribes.

    Nothing has changed for me with the release of the latest report. I knew the day of the memorial service that Obama and HRC and I did not share and enemy in common and that’s important to me.

    As for JAL’s happy jig – interesting response from someone expecting there was nothing to find all along.

    Lastly, it was Alfie who said way back at the beginning of the scandal stream some years ago that the one that would stick was the administration lackeys jacking with the AP.

  89. I’m still hoping congress ignores all the drama and gets illegal immigration out of the way with a protected border and moves on to the Un-ACA before it really is too late. I don’t want to see them squander the recent gains AND fuck up the 2016 general election at the same time with their foolishness and pride.

    They need to stop acting like the frustrated parent in the restaurant with the screaming child.

  90. @ Tigre first a hat tip can be shared between adversaries. I doff my cap out of respect of the play not as a matter of admiring the play or the player though. You hate a sniper that hollows out your buddies head from 1500 in a stiff wind but you still say “Damn that was one helluva shot”.
    As I touched on in one of my recent blog posts Obama isn’t,and really hasn’t ever been,in this for the Democrats. That said I think the only irreparable harm to the (D)’s is based in their inability to scheme on all this,and I for one know the schemers when I see ’em and they are some serious schemers. The Democrats will not suffer from the immigration play. They will continue to pay a price for the ACA though if the respective adversaries play it as they have so far.

  91. @ Tex the Republicans are as of right now demonstrably divided and ineffective and have almost totally lost the momentum from the election win.This is obvious on the trade front,foreign affairs,climate policy,immigration and to a degree even Keystone. Internal politics will either further damage the Party and their ability to lead or serve as a salve for some serious wounds. For me this bit is the unknown that offers the only semblance of the midterms having any real impact.

    The GOP has been insanely obstructionist during Obama’s time and in my opinion much of this has been justifiable;however, it is equally undeniable that they constantly failed to offer credible glimpses of leadership to We the People. “No” is a great response but it becomes monotonous when it is never followed by “but this plan….”
    An example of a best plan the GOP could do on immigration is allow the governors to act. Crush the sanctuary city bullshit and implement local enforcement of the illegals and the scumbags that transport and enslave them you’ll see something faster than anything from the Hill.

    I read Ted Cruz op-ed in Politico. He made some great points but he is overly optimistic and thats being polite. I don’t see the GOP being united for the actions Cruz outlines. This speaks to the unity bit.

    As for Benghazi, liars lie. The thing is the ONLY consistent point that is literally burning in the spotlight is the actions and attitudes of State. That is not an isolated thing and it doesn’t waver, no matter the party of the Oval occupant.

  92. Apparently you must believe attention for attention’s sake is a good thing.

    Yeah I do especially in politics. It means you are ultimately in control of the narrative which means you usually win.

  93. Just FYI the report that JAL cited was issued by a GOP lead committee. It’s no coincidence that it was dumped on a Friday when no one would be paying attention.

    Benghazi over. Next?

  94. Fuck that. I’ll never stop bitching about that Rice lacky lying to us all Sunday morning. For me Benghazi was always about the false narrative.

  95. Painting the Islamic jihadists as the aggrieved party was particularly heinous.

    “Benghazi over. Next?.”

    What? They’re alive? It’s a miracle.

  96. So, what have we learned besides that the reason Rutherford and Chrissy Hayes refused to pay any attention to Benghazi was because this report was dumped on a Friday?

    Everybody did a great job doing nothing that night. There was no video. To date no one has been held accountable for anything. And Sean, Glen, Ty, and Amb Stevens are still dead.

  97. Why isn’t Chrissy Hayes out there covering the riots over the injustice per the House committee findings on Benghazi?


  98. This report was issued by the House Intelligence Committee, who, I think it’s safe to speculate given its name, investigated the intelligence community’s role in this. The report says the CIA came to the conclusion it wasn’t about the video 2 days after Rice appeared on TV.

    So tell us again how this absolves the White House. Because I’m not seeing anything about that in the HUFFPO article Lurker cited. I did a search for “White House” on that article and there was exactly 1 reference–a simple mention that there were claims it cooked up a story.

    Diplomats don’t take their marching orders from the CIA. Nobody here is pissed off that the CIA lied to the American people. It wasn’t the CIA who stood next to flag-draped coffins and told the families of the dead that their loved ones were slaughtered over a video. It wasn’t the CIA that stood in front of the UN General Assembly and told the world this was all because some guy exercised his 1st Amendment rights.

    It was, however, Barack Obama who went on 60 Minutes on Sept. 12, 2012 and told his interviewer “You’re right that this is not a situation that was exactly the same as what happened in Egypt, and my suspicion is, is that there are folks involved in this who were looking to target Americans from the start.” And it was the State Dept. that sent out an email on Sept. 11, 2012, stating that an AQ affiliate had claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Furthermore, the CIA deputy-chief at the time has already testified that he warned the White House on the Saturday prior to Rice’s BS-fest that the intelligence might be “inaccurate,” and that he specifically omitted–against the instruction of his boss, David Patraeus, mention of the previous CIA warnings of possible terrorist attacks in Benghazi–which is how he knew of the “inaccuracies”. Instead, the White House chose to send Rice out to parrot information it was told was possibly not correct.

    Does this report address any of that?

  99. @ Tex the Republicans are as of right now demonstrably divided and ineffective and have almost totally lost the momentum from the election win.

    Good grief. What utter nonsense. You remind me of sports fans, Alfie. Some months back you were warning of Texas governorship in trouble. How’d that work out for Little Missy in the last election?

    Not one thing has changed since the election. Nothing. That’s criticism before they’ve even stepped on the field.

  100. Just FYI the report that JAL cited was issued by a GOP lead committee. It’s no coincidence that it was dumped on a Friday when no one would be paying attention.

    Benghazi over. Next?

    You mean issued with the 30,000 Lois Lerner emails redacted, but recovered on a Friday afternoon dump? That GOP Lead Committee? 😈 Damn, you are utterly uninformed, Rutherford. Muffy’s right. Trey Gowdy, one of the few who actually impresses me anymore in Washington, has not even started yet. Now let’s do try it again with a Republican Senate and see if we don’t learn something without running interference. Most importantly, Susan Rice was found not wanting? Are you F_____ KIDDING ME? Obama stood fully two weeks after the attack on the floor of the U.N. and said the video to blame. How long does it take to gather basic intelligence with these jackasses? That alone is worthy of scorn.

    And you expect Americans to believe that? Dims are such transparent liars like JAL’s claims of Apollo missions, it’s offensive to the intellect.

  101. Yes, it does, Huck.

    Either the report was inaccurate or it was correct. If it was correct, it reveals as I wrote an administration too incompetent and blind to be responsible for its employees lives.

    Obama and his advisers think that the Republicans will lash out blindly at the amnesty plan, and discord will split the party between conservatives and the rest. Hispanics will become as angry as the Roman lower classes did when the civil war began. and they will relegate the Republicans to minority status with demographics. Discord and disunity is how Obama operates. A model for his behavior is the Walking Dude in Stephen King’s book “The Stand.” Republicans have the real power, if they know how to use it.

    If Republicans are able to make a suitable amnesty bill and repair ObamaCare with an improving economy, Democrats will be in trouble.

  102. I’d like to see where I said anything about Texas governorship that wasn’t true. “Whatever ” is all I can say on your view on Congress. Either their public posturing is truth in labeling or they’re full of shit. Either way nothing in the public eye right now can be construed as anything but evidence that the two houses are far from United.

  103. Yeah I do especially in politics. It means you are ultimately in control of the narrative which means you usually win.

    Alfie, you’re a good man. Step back and think. The Democrats have lost 69 house seats and 14 Senate seats since 2008. There are states that haven’t been Republican since the Civil War that our now Republican.

    Of course, the Dims initially control the narrative because they control the media. But you of all people ought to see the dam cracking. These Pravda types like Rutherford can’t plug the dam fast enough anymore. They’re out of thumbs; out of excuses; out of ammunition.

    Which demographic do you think is going to be hurt most by this latest move? Give it 12 months. Let all those who went through their proper channels legally for immigration see that they’ve been played for chumps – many of them Hispanic.

    We’ve got Leftist Constitutional lawyers like Turley saying what Barack Obama just did is a Constitutional Crisis, We’ve got Obama on video 25 times saying he didn’t have the authority to do what he just did. My own lackey Leftist rag just came out today and slammed Barack Obama – no punches pulled.

    The game just kicked off.. We’ve got the perfect opportunity now to not only hurt this POS and traitor for President but damage him irreparably. We can soil his legacy, his reputation just like he deserves. This is history in the making – Barack Hussein Obama – man who shit on The Constitution. This is the proverbial 9-0 SCOTUS overturn, this is the public shaming where even the Rutherford’s run for cover when Humpty falls.

    We can assure at least in our lifetimes assuming we play our cards right, a man like Barack Obama never sits in the Presidential seat again. This is gift that keeps on giving. This is ACA on steroids.

    The Dimocratic Party just proved beyond a reasonable doubt what so many of us have been saying for 20 years. The Dimocratic Party is corrupt. The Dimocratic Party is unconstitutional. The Dimocratic Party doesn’t give a shit about this country – just to win elections by fiat and manipulation.

    Listen, if we can’t win now, it’s not a country worth saving and it’s time to make to hear this words…
    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another.

    I believe if we’re wise as serpents, we’ve got their sorry asses now. The one thing that blows this is to overreact.

  104. I’d like to see where I said anything about Texas governorship that wasn’t true

    May ask Muffy to look this one up for me with her magic…Muffy, if you get the time, I think the time frame was about 9-12 months back. Days run together for me anymore and time seems to compress. Where I used to pride myself with my memory, I can’t seem to remember dates anymore. The hippocampus seems to have gone camping about 2-3 years ago.

    I told you Alfie that not only would Greg Abbott win, it wouldn’t even be close. But I want to get the actual context with our own words – not to argue, as I consider you an ally of sorts. Just to demonstrate how I think you’re missing the bigger picture.

  105. Antibiotics are like chemo-lite. They kill everything in rheir path leaving you feeling totally wasted. I’d like to engage more today but I don’t have the energy. Maybe tomorrow.

  106. Rest and get better, Rutherford.

    The Democrats are still living with their past strength. Their lessor political power won’t become so evident until after the new officeholders take power. Then, reality will set in.

  107. I don’t get how anyone could read me as attempting to come off as or being unbiased,of course I am understandably biased in that opinion.

  108. I’ve got more bad news for Muffy etal. Trey Gowdy has said he would take input from other congressional committees. Do you really think Trey is gonna tell another GOP committee that they’re full of shit?

    Also from the great halls of MSNBC today-a logical conclusion. Those who made up their minds about Benghazi will never be convinced otherwise. So keep the committees going – don’t matter. Muffy, Tex and a jury of their peers have arrived at a verdict.

  109. I’m fine with moving on from Benghazi. We already know the Obama Administration is full of liars and we already know that not enough people care about being lied to or being called stupid.

    We’ve got bigger fish to fry right now.

  110. “Frankly, I see a large bias in your efforts to appear unbiased.”

    Yeah….and the artificial vanilla extract is pretty cloying mixed with the diabetic corn sugar syrup.

    I don’t tip my hat to a sniper using a rifle to win a football game. Stopping the running back doesn’t impress me done that way, even from the nose bleed seats.

    I keep picturing SNL Sean Connery telling fake Alex Trabrek “Well played”.

    Alphie, here is the tip of my fireman’s helmet.

  111. Just imagine those poor business owners and innocent people in Ferguson if the liberals had their way with the 2nd amendment. Bird shot 410 shot guns and muzzleloaders if they are lucky.

  112. I have one more shot over Benghazi. PJ Media has a story “Benghazi Annex Security Team Members Disagree Forcefully with House Intel Committee Report.” The four men are selling a book, so one must take a bias into account. However,they said the same thing I wrote here. “You either defend your keep and you makes sure you have it properly defended or you pull up chops and you leave.”

    Its what alfie noted about how I argue. We fight some wars with weapons, and we fight others with words.

    “Do you really think Trey is going to tell another committee they are full of shit?” “Muffy, Tex and a jury of their peers have arrived at a verdict.”

    i wasn’t at Benghazi, but I was “there” in another context. I lived how similar confusion, miscalculation, lies, and good intentions affected me. Similar poor leadership over there killed four men and injured others. Nobody except the families cares, All the rest is part of a pro or anti -Obama agenda.

    You have no idea, Rutherford. My wife worries because she says I never came back. I hide oceans of rage over what happened before and after I returned home. I am letting some out now. The reasoning behind your comment was a load of manure.

  113. Yeah….and the artificial vanilla extract is pretty cloying mixed with the diabetic corn sugar syrup.

    I don’t understand this or the rest of your comment either.

    I offered an opinion in this thread that looks at a very real issue with a calculating eye.
    I get that folks disagree that the GOP is divided and perhaps would prefer to reserve judgement till the 114th is actually sworn in. The thing is that’s not how the game is played,that’s not Real Politik.
    Chairs are being moved right now and every elected member knows it. 2015 is going to go really fast and then its an election year. We,you,anyone don’t have two years to do anything. Basically we have five fucking months.
    The undeniable top bullet points offered publicly are as follows:
    Sue him: This is ridiculous as it will never happen. Even if a case gets off the ground it would take years and millions of tax dollars. For what? To lose the Presidency in 2016?!
    Impeach him: Again this isn’t going to happen even though a credible case could clearly be made. I doubt the GOP resolve in doing it and I don’t think the country is on board for it if for no other reason than the time line left.
    Defund him: I noted earlier in recognizing Ted Cruz oped that the defund and voting on nominees etc were good points. I think the voters want to see the GOP lead though,not pout or stick their heads in the sand.
    You want the GOP and America to escape the harm Obama’s policies will rain on us you need to flood his desk in those 5 months I mentioned with better policy.

  114. It is truly sad that the folks that died at Benghazi and there families will likely never get any genuine sympathy and respect. It is also sad that continued dead end exploits from the Obama Haters Club will pursue a truth they will never find. Still another layer of sadness on this matter is the fact that the OHC are failing to see that every report that comes out and fails to crucify the O serves them up HRC again and again.
    Start looking to the future!

  115. I don’t know who Rutherford is talking to re: bad news about Benghazi but it isn’t me.

    Alfie if you’re saying that Boehner should not have appointed a select committee to look into Benghazi (the one headed by Gowdy) then I disagree.

    If you or Rutherford are suggesting that the only outcome that I’ll be satisfied with will be from Obama-Jarrett getting their comeuppance – you’re not talking to or about me either.

  116. My personal favored response to Obama’s narrative grab is one from the previous thread, modified to exclude those whose only crime has been illegally crossing the border. Everyone else gets the boot straight away.

    “Were I the governor of Texas or Arizona, I would be readying a state militia right now, and on the very day Obama grants his executive action, I would send them out to start enforcing the law. Those rounded up would live in tent cities until they went through a process that resembled what Obama would be failing to do, and at the end of that process they would be on a bus headed south.

    And I would dare Barack Obama to do something about it.

    It would be tough to assert executive authority over an issue when his executive action is to ignore that executive authority.

    He’d have to send troops to stop me.” -Huck , November 14, 2014 at 1:03 am

    I also think Alfie’s right about this (below), but anyone actually reading my remarks already knows that –

    “You want the GOP and America to escape the harm Obama’s policies will rain on us you need to flood his desk in those 5 months I mentioned with better policy.”

    Starting with a protected border.

  117. Alfie, I think the comments from and DR are clear. I’ll leave it at that. But let me ask you this: what is the “win” for Obama here? Creating chaos without the ability to remedy before the next election cycle? There is no “objectivity” hat-tipping Jack D. Ripper, Dr. Strangelove.

  118. “I told you Alfie that not only would Greg Abbott win, it wouldn’t even be close.”

    Tex the best I can do is concur that I also recall reading a comment from Alfie a while back that he posted regarding the same issues with the Republican party that he discusses more thoroughly in this thread.

    That it directly followed a much less reasoned comment from the resident Pfony basically blaming anyone who opposes abortion for the Romney loss and/or betting on a sure thing in Wendy winning TX didn’t help my interpretation of Alfie’s remark, and I can’t find the actual comment now.

    Either way I think Alfie is being particularly hard on the right at least in part because there’s no option of going to the left for him. Meaning the Democratic party couldn’t change enough for him to vote that way, while he badly wants the right to make some changes.

    I could be wrong.

  119. Muffy I am pretty confident the cornerstone of Gowdy’s findings will be the further condemnation of State. I base that on how he hung her ally Star in the opening act of the hearing.

  120. “I don’t tip my hat to a sniper using a rifle to win a football game. Stopping the running back doesn’t impress me done that way, even from the nose bleed seats.”

    I found that particularly clear and illustrative.

    I personally would rather read the hot vs the cold response. But I’ll say it just one last time – Alfie’s right about some of this stuff. I listened to Ted Cruz this morning and I can’t even agree with Alfie that Ted’s got some good points re: blocking noms. Loretta Lynch is a gift. Who do you think he’ll go to next – Perez? Lynch isn’t a dummy and she cannot be worse than Holder who we survived for 6 long dismal years.

  121. “Muffy I am pretty confident the cornerstone of Gowdy’s findings will be the further condemnation of State. I base that on how he hung her ally Star in the opening act of the hearing.”


  122. I hate to say it but the best chance Republicans have to hope to avoid a tsunami aftermath that will come in with the dismal progressive tide may be to not try and out-politic Obama.

    Out-govern the party boss.

  123. @ Muffy
    Out-govern the party boss.
    Absolute agreement
    Alfie is being particularly hard on the right at least in part because there’s no option of going to the left for him.
    Actually I’ve made it a point in other parts to admit that I am not aligned with the conservative wing especially as it exists today. That said I am harder on the Right because I expect more from them and quite frankly don’t like my team to be a variation of the opposition regards hypocrisy etc.
    As for TX the only thing I can think of is I might have made a comment about not letting the race be a one issue,a social issue at that ,race. The Austin stance on abortion isn’t what makes Texas a strong state.

  124. @ ET I disagree. One could easily read dead rabbits comment as somewhat insulting.
    Dr. Strangelove is fiction so that doesn’t matter but one could objectively give any of history’s sociopaths a hat tip for their ability to evade capture. Again a hat tip isn’t a moral thing any more than it is necessarily always an indication of liking something. So hat tip to Hitler while I’m at it.
    As for where is the win? Are you fucking kidding me? His win comes from no matter what plays out he and his can spin it their way.
    The immigrant vote is energized and aligned and dependent upon actions to come. If the GOP gets its xenophobe on HE wins. Right now I think the GOP most vocal faction will be the phobes.
    Let me also stress again that this isn’t about the Dems it is about Obama…he doesn’t fucking care about the next election cycle other than that he quite possibly has set the narrative for it, win.

  125. I agree, Obama has a plan, and that plan is discord. The Democrats expect the Republicans to over react or to concentrate on issues which lead to dead ends. Right now, the eventual victor is an open question. Obama must feel confident today. He played it well.

    I’m not a conservative. I never was a conservative, but conservatives are all that remain.

    Giving the Devil his due is a good thing. it helps us better understand and fight what is from our view point, evil.

    A hat tip to Hiltler?” Another hat tip to Jessie James, one of the most efficient criminals in our history. People in our county still tell stories about when he and his gang lived here. James, in effect used his military training to exact revenge on the North who’s soldiers abused his mother.

    Both men are examples of the motivating power of anger.

    Another man driven by anger and desire for revenge was Lord Selkirk. Unlike Jessie, he usually operated within the law. Republicans can succeed if they channel their anger into effective governance.

  126. Now that I know what constitutes “a win” (silly me), I will not wait for the results but want to be the first to give a big hat tip to Bill Cosby. Now that the limitations period has passed, I can objectively state that Bill sure Punk’d the shit out of this women like Obama Punk’d the electorate. . . er GOP.

    Yeah Boy. Gruber this bitch. Obama’s spin will make it look like, but for his unlawful actions, he is the one responsible for the passage of immigration law. . .

    unless he vetoes it and people don’t forget why the voted in their congress members.

  127. p.s. Alfie I think you grossly overestimate the greatly diminished Obama, now mocked on an expanding basis, and his ability to sell the spin. He may not care about the dems, but the folks that care about “him” is declining precipitously. I predict HRC will not toe the line with good reason (which is why she’s been silent), but there again she’s inclined to do all kinds of stupid shit.

  128. Obama is planing for the Republicans to” sell the spin”. Folks don’t care so much about Obama as they do his ideology. He is expendable, his world view is not. They are already beginning to discard him for another model if they can decide on whom.

    We don’t know what Bill Cosby did or didn’t do. Bill Clinton was a serial abuser, and accused rapist. He is still a respected statesman. So what is the difference? That Clinton didn’t use knockout drugs? Racist, sexist liberal bastards.

  129. People here are invigorated. This is the Obama they’ve been missing. They hate conservatives more than ISIS and that’s all that matters to them. Progressive radio makes Rush Limbaugh sound like Mr. Rogers (I had it on for running a bunch of errands yesterday). The call-ins were largely poisonous white liberal progressives, along with a few Latino listeners. The show host was brainsick. He kept saying that we had to watch out for the Republicans’ evil end game. He doesn’t know what it is but he kept trying to formulate how evil it was.

  130. “I will not wait for the results but want to be the first to give a big hat tip to Bill Cosby.”

    that cracked me up

  131. “I’m sure you’ve seen the world’s most famous photograph, “Earthrise”. It’s been on the cover of TIME and on stamps. But did you know it almost didn’t happen? This occurred over 45 years ago, on Christmas Eve, 1968. The site below is outstanding. It takes you right onto the module with the 3 astronauts and you hear them as they see it for the first time. (It begins occurring around 3 minutes, 38 seconds.) Just think we were alive and watching when this happened. A picture like this, taken by a human, is not likely to happen even in the distant future.”

  132. Starting with a protected border.

    I’ve got enough strength to maybe write 3 comments today. Let’s start here.

    When do we know the border is ”secure”? The WH says the border has NEVER been as secure as it is now. What remains to be done? Do you want a Berlin Wall complete with snipers? Do they kill women and children?

    This border security is a stall to not do ANYTHING. Tell me specifically what security you want to see.

    If we go back to what I wrote in the piece, is there any influence we can have to make Mexico and points south, places that people don’t want to flee from?

  133. The WH says the border has NEVER been as secure as it is now.

    OH, well that makes it gospel. Ignore the border security, sheriffs, law enforcement, and ICE saying Obama is full of shit. Listen to Obama instead.

    I think you forget something, dumbshit. The Berlin Wall was intended to keep people in.

  134. Rutherford:

    I’m telling you, Bud: you have to get control of your borders or you are in real trouble.

    The oldest saying in the world is that the first procedure is to stop the bleeding. You have to stop the flood of illegal aliens (not undocumented immigrants, for god’s sake) first and foremost. It is physically impossible to patrol the whole border all the time – it’s just a case of whack-a-mole – so the only answer is a wall – a real wall – with all the necessary technology to actually make it work. That may mean something formidable, with high concrete, or something technically advanced such as an ordinary wall – or several – with hi-tech surveillance.

    But whatever it it, it has to work – and the reason, as I noted in your last article, is that now most of those coming across are NOT Mexicans. Many are Middle Easterners, so this idea of “using influence” with the Mexicans and others is nonsense.

    Once you get control of your own borders and your politicians quit posturing and really get down to business, then you can deal with the people already there at your leisure.

  135. The problem I’ve always had with many of Alfie’s conclusions, Muffy, is that I no more believe Alfie has his pulse on Conservative America when he speaks of conservatives than Rutherford does. Obama knows one thing. How to manipulate a mob.

    That’s not to say that I think Alfie is an immoral, irreligous blockhead and bigot like Rutherford. Quite the contrary.

  136. “The WH says the border has NEVER been as secure as it is now”

    That was funny.
    On a serious note get better Rutherford.

    I went to the doctor’s office and screamed at them until they gave me that purple drank szyrp for my cough. It’s the only thing that works for me.

  137. The White House says the border is more secure than ever. That is a lie.

    We need to do whatever it takes to secure the border. If it requires an electric fence or an Iron Curtain with military outposts distributed at regular intervals that’s what we need. It worked for the Romans and Soviets though some people got through.

    Killing women and children is a bit dramatic, don’t you think? If we had an effective barrier, how could they cross the border? Maybe we could put land mines in a strip near the border as the Soviets sometimes did. The explosions would save us the trouble of shooting women and children.I’m being sarcastic.

    This border “security is an excuse not to do anything.” “Why must you turn this into a house of lies?” You just repeated a lie inspired by the left. Some may believe we should deport the people already here, but most don’t. They remember the agreement Reagan made with Democrats. The primary focus of the amnesty was to protect the borders. Democrats lied and disregarded that goal.

    After the wave of immigration before 1920, the government cut off most of the movement into the US, in part to let us digest the millions of newcomers.
    We must now integrate the millions of new arrivals.

    Read Mark Steyn’s “America Alone.” He writes that our salvation will be our legal immigrants. Many conservatives think like him, and again they help prove your earlier comment about border security to be a lie you are repeating,

    I agree, we could encourage political and economic development in Mexico and Central America to provide an incentive to stay home.

    You do know that these extra immigrants hurt blacks and other minorities by taking their jobs and holding wages down for us all. Most of those immigrants are motivated to work, probably harder than our natives. Obama and his liberals have sold their main voting block out.

  138. It’s amusing that Rutherford’s no can do to border security immediately follows JAL’s salute to some 45 years ago when the US walked on the fucking moon.

    This sure doesn’t sound like the same guy that told us the health insurance redistribution scheme was “a start” and that we shouldn’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

    Bottom line is I don’t care how we do it just so long as we can kill women and children. That has to be part of the comprehensive plan.

  139. Rutherford imagines women and children being cut down by the border patrol while the party boss turns his back on women and children suffering existent persecution in far away lands.

  140. The best way to kill unwanted women and children is as I suggested with explosives. After they realize they will blow up if they get too close to our border, our border patrol officers can use them as target practice with special incentives for the most hits.

  141. I predict HRC will not toe the line with good reason (which is why she’s been silent),

    You’re not paying attention. Both HRC and Bill have STRONGLY endorsed Obama’s move. HRC wants the Latino vote.

  142. “The WH says…”

    Bless his heart. It’s adorable the way Rutherford still gives weight to a statement that begins with those words.

  143. “is there any influence we can have to make Mexico and points south, places that people don’t want to flee from?”

    A good start would be to collect ALL of the guns Obama and Holder allowed to go south of the border.

  144. I no more believe Alfie has his pulse on Conservative America when he speaks of conservatives than Rutherford does.

    I don’t think Alfie claimed to have his pulse on conservative America. Alfie speaks for Alfie and lately speaks a lot of common sense.

    Alfie and Muffy are right. Govern the shit out of Obama.

  145. Secure the border,amend the Constitution to be more internationally aligned (we’re in the minority folks) by eliminating the birthright citizenship award & reestablish the quota system.

    Here’s the legalese on Obama’s action btw. 33 page pdf that applies more than a fair amount of cover for the POTUS. Also offers a number of clear choices the Legislature could take to end run the decision. Here’s the best one. Determine the amount of money Congress would need to disburse so as DHS could act on more than 400k people and do it. Discretion crashes if the agency is able to adhere to Legislative intent.

    Alas I don’t pretend to have the pulse of the conservative movement in America primarily because I don’t believe it to be a monolithic entity.

  146. Build a high fence. Barbed-wire the mother-fucker. Increase border patrols and give those guys more resources. Electronic and drone surveillance.

    Yes, there are limits to what we can and should do. But our upgrade potential on this issue is not limited to snipers killing people. That’s a bullshit argument, and you know it.

    “I honestly don’t think legislation or an executive order that encompasses these five principles is rocket science.”

    It’s not a matter of WHAT to do, it’s a matter of WILL to do. Pass a border security bill and take that argument off the table. It’s what the people want.

  147. Found it. I didn’t see she endorsed it after the fact.

    I think it’s a mistake. But as I said, she’s inclined to do all kinds of shit she later regrets. Why she strongly endorsing the Iraq invasion too. 😆

  148. Rutherford, if a border security bill were to pass quickly, moving the issue on to the other problems with illegal immigration, what problem would you have with that?

    This whole “comprehensive”, all-or-nothing approach yields 2 possible results—either nothing, or flawed law.

    Haven’t you learned that yet?

  149. Alfie, is there anything in that doc about reporting past income for back taxes and dealing with those employers that had hired illegal labor?

    I’m still curious if they get amnesty, too.

  150. I wonder how many illegal immigrants are going to add their name to a registry to gain a status that can be revoked as easy as it was granted.

  151. Tigre honestly I only skimmed your link but Dems need to please CURRENT Latinos. It isn’t a matter of bussing more in. One theory in the Dem loss in November is that Latinos angry at Obama for delaying action, stayed home.

  152. Do you know how easy it would be to secure that border? I guarantee you we could secure that border so tight, a squirrel couldn’t pass over the border without us knowing it – for far less than the billions being proposed.

    When will I be satisfied? When there is a double fence, when there are military on every mile 24/7, and when Mexico and Central America start squealing.

    And not until then.

    Now I’ve got a question for you. See if you can answer just one of my questions. One little bitty question, being you invariably skip ALL OF MINE.

    Why should we believe one word that comes out of the mouth of Barack Obama, and how many times does he have to lie on national TV before you give a moment’s thought to the guy is dishonest as hell?

    Should we go down the list of how many times we’ve heard the biggest lies a President has offered since “I didn’t have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”

  153. Tex, one major problem with the EO is that Obama himself said he could not do it. This makes him stupid, a liar or both. Did you notice the entire premise of my piece was to take Obama out of it?

    Let’s arrive at a solution.

  154. Two more observations before I call it a day.

    First, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I think the media is hoping for race riots. If Wilson is not charged and no one misbehaves, the media will be sorely disappointed.

    Second on Meet the Press today Michael Eric Dyson got his ass handed to him by Rudy Giuliani. I’m no big fan of Rudy but he won the day when he basically told Dyson “we wouldn’t need so many white cops in your neighborhood if you would all stop killing each other.” He cited the 93% black on black crime statistic. Dyson responded with meaningless bluster eventually accusing Giuliani of supporting white supremacy. It’s worth googling if you can find it.

  155. R, read WRM’s piece. I don’t know what you’re yammering about, if you know who Mead is or why I posted the link.

  156. “Did you notice the entire premise of my piece was to take Obama out of it?

    Let’s arrive at a solution.”

    We can’t arrive at a solution until we can trust that solution to be implemented as designed. As long as implementation involves Barack Obama, he is a part of the equation. By definition, he is the Executive of “solutions”.

    This is what Boehnor has been saying all along. Obama has long since poisoned the well, and can’t be trusted to make deals with. He goes back on his word at the last minute before a deal is finalized. And he rewrites deals after they have been finalized. By your own admission, the man is a liar. And liars cannot be trusted. Would you deal with a man who has repeatedly lied to you for year after year after year?

    Yet, you blame others for not wanting to work with him. You may have had an argument on Day 1 when people were saying they wouldn’t work with him. After 6 years of lies, that argument has long since vanished. Not getting people to work with you is no excuse for lying.

  157. re: birthright citizenship. This was not in the original US Constitution. It was part of the fourteenth amendment, passed in 1868. It can be repealed.

    In most countries, at least one parent must be a citizen for the child to be a citizen. That seems very reasonable, and would cut the “anchor baby” phenomenon nearly to zero. It would completely eliminate those particular illegals’ crossing the border, without firing a shot. And it could be done before a fence could be built, complying with the idea of, “first stop the bleeding.”

  158. I overheard two ISU students talking after a football game had just ended. One asked the other,” how much did we lose by this time?” Those people are JAL and most other liberals who visit here. Most are nice and fun to have around, but one doesn’t expect too much from them. Outcomes are predictable.

    Rutherford is different, more like “Big Red”, the University of Nebraska football team. He understands and and his mind is flexible. “Big Red” is too. The coaches and players say they know what to do to win and to correct mistakes they made. Just when they seem to “get” it, the game falls apart, and they so disappoint fans after repeated seasons, that some say they are through. They won’t be buying any more tickets and if they watch on television, they will switch stations when the news turns bad. Many are being overly emotional, and as soon as Nebraska corrects its problems, they will be back.

    Twice, yesterday, Rutherford did what the Black shirts did in the last two games. They practiced specific plays to counter the other team, but in the real game, they didn’t do what they were taught. His comment about Benghazi and a jury, and his inability to understand why our first order of business must be to close the borders disappointed me as much as the University of Nebraska disappointed their avid fans.

    I used to visit and argue on several blogs simultaniously. This is the last one.

  159. Think of the underlying premise behind that Dyson video. Our mostly white MSM is accomplice to systemic racism by the black community to stoke hatred – you are damn right they want a riot, Rutherford. And these feckless white elitists in D.C., NY, and LA never even care to question these phony race hustlers (another Reverend) like Dyson because they are far removed from the danger and it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    Dyson is a coward who will only appear on Leftist shows – let me question him and I’ll send that POS into orbit.

    And who cares what color the cops are? Most blacks in these cities are not interested in peace, not interested in protection, and frankly unable to govern themselves. Hell, almost half the black males in this country if I’m not mistaken don’t even graduate from high school. How are they going to be a cop when they can’t read?

    Thank our lucky stars Barack Obama and Eric Holder have fanned the flames of racial grievance to the point of white guilt beginning to wane and people are starting to speak out about one of the most obvious truths in America.

    The problem with black America is black America.

  160. (CNN) — President Barack Obama’s speech Thursday night was technically a fine speech. It sounded good. It was rhetorically impressive. Its problem — or perhaps to the President its virtue — is that very little of it was true.

    President Obama described what sounded like a reasonable plan to prioritize the deportation of felons, criminals and gang members over the deportation of other people in the United States illegally. “We’ll prioritize,” he said, “just like law enforcement does every day.” The whole proposal was entirely within his authority, he argued, because it amounted to a kind of prosecutorial discretion: “All we’re saying is we’re not going to deport you.”

    But the policy the White House actually announced, as opposed to the policy the President described in his speech, was not merely a directive to emphasize enforcement against those who have committed crimes, or even a simple pause on deportations for millions of Americans here illegally. The policy the White House actually announced, in a memo from its Office of Legislative Affairs hours before the President’s speech, was a 17-point plan including several new programs without congressional approval, budget appropriation or spending authorization, and many of which the President either didn’t mention or which bore only a faint resemblance to what he described in his speech.

  161. Gorilla’s Nov 24 @ 10:06 am – words have lost their meaning.

    Politicians have always lied. But words still had meaning. Not no more.

  162. Does anyone see any evidence that this kind of thinking is happening at the congressional level yet?

    “The first order of immigration-based business for the new congress should be a piecemeal bill on border security. This was always what the GOP wanted first, and it was always rejected, because Democrats always wanted amnesty first (as in only).

    Pass a border security bill and send it to the Senate. If Dems block it there, find some kind of Gruber-ish wording for it that makes it a budgetary matter and open to reconciliation. Then send it off to Obama’s desk for a prompt veto.” -Huck, 3 days ago

  163. I still hate the Giants and I don’t watch football except for the Packers and I’m usually multitasking during the game but wow that was an insane catch last night.

  164. Yeah, that catch was about as good as I’ve witnessed. And I’ve watch a lot of football over the past 48 years. Add to the fact the receiver was interfered with while catching it, doubt I’ll ever see better either…

  165. CNN & MSNBC are two pawns in the larger game of corrupted politic. They want a riot so bad, they can taste it, Rutherford.

    I just want my baby to get out of KC safely tonight and home to her daddy. Then I want Big Sis to drive safely from Houston to Tulsa tomorrow. Mom and Dad are giddy to get the girls home. Scares the hell out of me anymore when they travel.

    Yesterday, my daughter has an interview with Ohio State – well set up, events on Sunday, interview on Monday.

    Leaves at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning from Houston, is in Baltimore before 10:00 AM, and there’s no plane – something about maintenance problem. Southwest basically says, sorry. Here’s a $10 food coupon. We can’t get you any closer than Dayton the entire day and your 15th on standby, all full flights – an hour’s drive from Columbus. Nope, we won’t pay for another airline and won’t pay for the car.

    Daughter flies to Dayton, now ten hours late, rents a car, and in the pouring rain arrives at the hotel after everything is complete. She doesn’t even know if the residents know where she is. And mind you, this is all during the most expensive week of the entire year.

    Mrs. Taylor is very, very seldom fit to be tied. Perhaps once in 28 years with anyone but moi. Today, she gets on the phone and in a very polite voice, never raising to angry levels, reads Southwest the riot act. Best dressing down I’ve heard in a long time.

    I’ll be anxious to see what comes of this. But when my wife sets her mind to something, it seldom ends well for the opponent as I’ve experienced numerous times over the years. 😀

    Why doesn’t our feckless Congress do something about this kind of crap? As far as I’m concerned, Southwest was paid to fulfill an obligation and did not fulfill it. I believe my daughter should be reimbursed for both the flight and the car.

    Did I add daughter #1 has flown seven times on Southwest this month alone?

    These airlines are POS.

  166. It was funny seeing that guy uttering “white supremacy” at Rudy.

    “White supremacy. Errrr….White supremacy.”

    Didn’t even make sense and hilariously, Rudy didn’t blink an eye.

  167. My family and I have lived amongst the threat of black anarchy my whole life. It practically defines the Rabbits.

    My grandpappy taught me few lessons in behind the counter at his party store:

    Black’s fear whites who show no fear. Peckerwoods scare the shit out of them.

    Be Peckerwoods, Missouri!

    MSNBC wants it’s division. Wants it’s hate and riots. White people and decent black folk of Ferguson…shoot to kill in order to defend yourself and your businesses. Give MSNBC more brains splattered on the street then they can film.

  168. I’m talking out of my ass here, but there is no they would wait until 9 in the evening if this thing wasn’t going to trial would they?

  169. You took the words right out of my mouth Rabbit. I was JUST thinking “how stupid could these people be to announce no charges after dark?”

    So yeah, if I were a betting man I’d say Wilson is getting charged with something.

  170. It was funny seeing that guy uttering “white supremacy” at Rudy.

    There was a time I could have given a long lecture in Dyson’s defense.

    Now. Brotha please. STOP COMMITTING CRIME and you’ll get a lot less heat from the police.

  171. NO indictment. Waiting for rush hour to be done and the kids safe…and guess where my kid flies into tonight? Yep, St. Louie. Geez…

    But then I thought Romney would win. 😀

  172. I don’t get your logic. Why would a finding of charges improve things being announced at 8?

    I say no charges. Get everybody home and braced.

    But there again, I too thought America smarter than to elect Obama a second time.

  173. Frankly, the only good time to announce no charges is 3:30 a.m when everyone has either gone home or gotten tired and cold waiting outside.

  174. Tigre, is it ethical for a prosecutor to use a grand jury for the sole reason he doesn’t want the mob to blame him despite overwhelming evidence that no crime was committed?

  175. Oh. I think the GJ is largely for that purpose. So, no, I don’t think it’s unethical.

    But I think a GJ was required for an indictment.

  176. Just to lighten things up a bit. Friend of mine from Ohio sent this one:

    The rain was pouring and there was a big puddle in front of the bar just outside the Air Force Base.

    A grizzled old retired Marine fighter pilot wearing a faded baseball cap emblazoned with a VMFA 224 squadron patch, his tatty leather flight jacket with many more squadron and aircraft carrier patches was standing near the edge with a fishing rod, his line in the puddle.

    A curious young Air Force fighter pilot came over to him and asked what he was doing.

    “Fishing,” the old Marine simply said.

    ‘Poor old fool, another dumb Marine fighter pilot’ the Air Force officer thought and so he invited the ragged old timer into the bar for a drink.

    Sipping his Chardonnay semi-sweet white wine and watching the old Marine drinking a scotch, he felt he should start some conversation. The haughty Air Force fighter pilot asked, “And how many have you caught?”

    “You’re the eighth,” the old Marine fighter pilot answered.

    Take it from me: old age and treachery will always overcome youth and ability.

  177. I guess I never understood the grand jury process. I always thought potential charges were presented to them in the first place. I didn’t know the prosecution could believe someone to be innocent and then go to a grand jury anyways.

  178. He’s really making a statement about this. That’s a tragic event in and of itself.

    Thanks a lot Dems for foisting this cursed brat upon us.

  179. “This seems scripted. Like reality teevee scripted.”

    It kind of has been from the start. But I agree. This seems prime time exclusive for sweeps week.

  180. You must have been listening to a different conversation than I was, “R.” I thought the prosecutor was pretty damn thorough.

    One fact that I thought I heard that nobody else has mentioned since the announcement. Michael Brown’s blood was found 25 feet east (the direction he was running), telling me that Michael Brown had moved several feet returning toward the cop.

    But as far as I’m concerned, the minute your hand goes into a cop car, there’s justifiable homicide.

  181. You must have been listening to a different conversation than I was, “R.” I thought the prosecutor was pretty damn thorough.

    That’s actually my point. Too thorough. All we needed was a simple timeline. I still don’t know if the kid “walked”, “stumbled” or “charged”. Prosecutor used all 3 descriptions.

  182. Well, I’m sorry it has come to this Rutherford. Let’s face it – the last few years, race relations have been set back generations. We each can blame it on different things – you see it from one prism; me another.

    But the fact is, Obama will never be remembered as a post racial President. And that fact was set long before any of us had heard the name of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. 😦

  183. He had to be, “R.” Did you hear some of those loaded questions? The guy was a pretty cool cucumber, I thought. I’d have told some of that media to shove it up their ass.

  184. No, it’s a reference not to so much Obama, but Holder. Clearly the guy is a racist…the message was set early when he blatantly ignored the New Black Panther gig.

    And yes, I found myself muttering under my breath when the prosecutor said he couldn’t reveal something, and not two minutes later somebody asks for the same information. Bill Maher is right. 🙂

  185. “Muffy why you need to be so nasty tonight? Particularly when I agree with the outcome. Are you arguing with yourself?”

    What’s your problem? I’m not arguing with anyone.

  186. The best business response to Ferguson, MO, is to leave a burnt out shell of a city and let these assholes rot in it. Turn the water, heat and the electric off.

    Going as predicted. {Sigh}

  187. This is classic black riot. Start fires then shoot from hidden spots. This could spread to numerous cities tonight.

  188. “This could spread to numerous cities tonight.”

    I can’t confirm anything, but the chat on a live video feed i am monitoring has reported that a freeway in Oakland is shut down in both directions, as well as protests in NYC, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

  189. Hope Tiger stays safe. Detroit quiet

    Ironically, one of my old apartments, including the entire complex is engulfed in flames right now unrelated to this crap. Still kind of surreal for me to watch.

    Tex tell your daughter to get the fuck away from black people. Now. I’m worried for you.

  190. Rabbit, within an hour and a half, my daughter will be driving on a major highway, right through the heart of Black Houston proper, at 1:00AM, by herself. And then again tomorrow morning. And there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

    I told my family this was going to happen. And I don’t think they took me seriously. Kind of pisses me off at them. When I got word that this was coming down, I had suggested my daughter cancel this interview and stay close to home, or I would come get her, locked and loaded, for Thanksgiving. My wife told me not to buy trouble and quit being paranoid.

    My girls (and wife) still want to think the best of “other” people. I know better.

  191. Just watched a feed from LA, looks more like Occupy-level stuff rather that Rodney King-level stuff. Crowds marching in the street blocking traffic. Not much else.

  192. I just deleted a massive comment. Why? Because what difference does it make. We have the most divisive Administration in the history of the country right now, who has focused on stoking divisive animosity since day one. War on Blacks, War on the Poor, or War on Women, War, war, war….

    Never has the actual facts of the matter been a concern of anyone in the Administration, nor any of their supporters.

    I’m disgusted…

  193. Daughter made it out of St. Louis airport. Last flight before they shut the airport down because assholes were shooting into the sky like radical Islam. Like Gorilla, these people and they don’t even deserve that title, disgust me.

  194. MSNBC is fucking ripe.

    Eugene Robinson says this stands for white officers to shoot first and see what happens later. Duuuuh.

    Can’t stoke this enough.

    MSNBC is truly an idiot’s delight.

  195. It really is MSNBC’s riot, isn’t it.


    Rutherford should be so proud.

    No justice no peace.

    Rutherford’s people are just like the Arab despots that use the Israeli Palestinian conflict to manipulate their ignorant masses. Except in this case its racial conflict.

  196. This is what Darrel Wilson got to work with every day, folks – minus the fires, of course. Let’s see the MSM and Chris Hayes spin about police brutality with the fires and cars burning in the background. I actually tuned into MSNBC hoping their white grievance hustlers would get bricked similar to Reginald Denny.

    And I noticed that the cops and national guard didn’t do much good either. Waste of money and planning if you’re not going to use those guns with real ammunition.

  197. Of course it’s scripted. It is ALWAYS scripted. I’ve been saying that for years. The whole point is to keep us fighting among ourselves so they can more easily control us through the very chaos THEY incite.

    Is no one familiar with Machiavelli or Sun Tzu? Bone up!

  198. Government is public enemy #1. The mainstream media is their mouthpiece of choice. Unless and until we see nanny as the big bad wolf she really is, we will continue to lose more than just our basket of cookies.

  199. Well…at least its pretty safe to say the riot last night is what Michael Brown would have wanted. I guess that’s heart warming.

  200. Well…at least its pretty safe to say the riot last night is what Michael Brown would have wanted.

    😈 The part nobody wants to speak about is that Darrell Wilson probably saved more inner city black males with a few bullets than Barack Obama has with trillions of dollars.

  201. “Muffy I was referring to your “Ferguson over. Next” comment which I assumed was a dig at me.”

    That’s what you call “so nasty.”


  202. There will be no justice for Treyvon until I have a brand new television that I didn’t pay for!

    You’re trivializing sincere albeit misdirected rage. A bit less flippance on your part is called for.

  203. “You’re trivializing sincere albeit misdirected rage”


    What are they, zoo animals?

    Beat my wife today because of “misdirected rage”

    Only black people get excuses made for them like that as if they are lower order hominids.

    Since when is “misdirected rage” ever worthy of any acknowledgment outside of scorn, sarcasm or disgust?

    Your premise is wrong. They want a TV. End of story. They deserve a bullet in their head by the business owner.

    Most of the businesses they looted were minority owned. But look out, Rutherford wants to make sure we aren’t “flippant” about his ignorant scum bags.

    I bet the phrase “misdirected rage” is the phrase of the day at MSNBC teeeveee.

  204. Tex tell your daughter to get the fuck away from black people. Now. I’m worried for you.

    That was put in the STUPIDEST way possible. A simple “Tex tell your daughter to stay safe” would suffice.

    Not every black in Ferguson or the country supports the foolishness going on. This is a very easy time for all of us to get our racist on. Filter everything you say here through what you’d want your children to hear from you.

  205. Tex while I understand any father being worried about his little girl, the notion that driving on a major highway through “the bad part of town” is a life threatening risk does seem a bit over the line.

    Local streets? Different story.

  206. Well…at least its pretty safe to say the riot last night is what Michael Brown would have wanted. I guess that’s heart warming.

    You give him too much “credit”.

    Brown was a dumb thug and bully who never thought past his next fix or “thrill”.

    I owe you guys an apology. I now see Trayvon as the turning point where the media took the dangerous turn of elevating thugs into causes, irreparably harming the civil rights movement.

  207. I bet the phrase “misdirected rage” is the phrase of the day at MSNBC teeeveee.

    Save your fucking lecture asshole. I don’t in any way defend looters. I took BiC’s comment to be broader than just the looters.

    My apologies to you BiC. As far as the looters are concerned, no excuses.

  208. I don’t give a single good goddamn about their “rage”. I don’t care that you “feel” that it is “sincere”. There is nothing redemptive or defensible in the notion of “social justice” and its perverse disregard for property rights.

    There are pictures from last night where kids are looting with their parents, and I’m sure that deep down in places they refuse to acknowledge in public, the “leaders” of the “black community” are A-OK with that.

    I wasted five minutes of my life reading the single greatest inexcusable bit of apologist drivel on “riot shaming” today that I have ever read. You DO not want to lecture me today, R.

  209. “The cafeteria smells so bad now I have dry heaved.” -dead rabbit , November 24, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    LOL! I just got this!

  210. Parents looting with their kids is reprehensible.

    I wasted five minutes of my life reading the single greatest inexcusable bit of apologist drivel on “riot shaming” today that I have ever read.

    . Please post the link. I’d love to see the drivel and judge for myself.

  211. Remember how the proglodytes smeared and aspersed the tea party protesters?

    I’m serious, cops should just roll up their windows, turn on the AC – or the heater – and just let the social justice commence.

  212. “Filter everything you say here through what you’d want your children to hear from you.” R

    Ugh….on that note I’m leaving day care here and going out for a pint.

    If my kid was in the city where a savage riot was taking place by angry irrational black people irate over a racial issue my advice will always be stay away from black people for that night. Your advice would be different?

    As for Tex’s worrying about the highway:

    1. It’s his daughter. Worrying is what Dads do.

    2. You didnt see the feral ones shut down the highway in St. Louis?

  213. “Ugh….on that note I’m leaving day care here and going out for a pint.”

    Careful you don’t get into a drunken misdirected anger brawl.

  214. Here’s your link. Make sure you pour yourself a drink first.

    Here’s the executive summary:

    Wow. He nailed every bit of it.

    -Brown was “murdered”. (Never mind the evidence)

    -Po Po attackin’ the po’ folks. (Yeah, because they wake up in the morning and all say “Let’s go mess with some people just because!”)

    -It’s ok to loot, and pilage and destroy private property, because we live in fear that we might lose someone in our family at any moment. (I think you have it backwards. Not comitting crimes and acting as if others owe you anything would eliminate any reason to fear what a cop might do to you.)

    -Because black owned business aren’t making the rest of us rich, it’s ok to burn them to the ground after looting them. (Government never handed ME a business, or made financing of one with other people’s money ridiculously easy based on MY skin color or where I lived. Wealth comes from ambition and hard work, not the generosity of others, you tool.)

    -Because people I grew up with had criminal tendencies, and the rest of the world acted accordingly, it’s ok for me to act like a criminal. (Whatever, jackhole. Enjoy prison…if you live that long.)

    -Black community leaders are and always have been violent, or something, so violence is just our way of expressing ourselves. (The biggest pox on this nation and YOUR house is the belief that you must have your own “community” and that you keep trusting people who take advantage of you to be its leaders.)

    -We reject your “JUSTICE” because we feel it is wrong, so rioting is just the right thing to do. (Sure, because your system is working out so well, sparky.)

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