At War Again, Naturally

No one was beating the drums of war louder than I was in the weeks leading up to the attack on Syria. From the very first coverage of ISIL, I viewed them as the most decadent band of psychopaths to come along in recent history. The beheading of two Americans only reinforced my opinion that no military response to them could be sufficiently severe. I wanted to carpet bomb any area they occupied. The Monday night air campaign over Syria was fresh off a weekend of my watching a biography of Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt almost viewed war as sport. Such was his commitment to the fight that the loss of his son in WWI was compensated by his satisfaction that his boy had done his duty. Having just consumed large doses of Teddy-worldview, I actually imagined myself piloting one of those jets on Monday night and I delighted in dropping bombs on the little savages.

Then came Tuesday and the competing voices in the media started filling my head. The hawks and the doves have been out in full force, capably arguing both sides of the conflict and completely muddling my brain in the process.

This, my friends, is what bothers me. We can disagree on whether Obama handled the exit from Iraq appropriately. The one thing we cannot disagree on is that Iraq went from bad to worse in our absence. With my blood lust largely satisfied Monday night, I was left with the question, where do we go from here? Permanent occupation of Syria? Yes I know we don’t have ground troops there yet, but it will come. We all know it will. And once we are there, when do we leave?

Say what you like about Islam, it has proven in its modern incarnation to be unable to control its extremists. Our Muslim “partners” in the current war on ISIL won’t even fess up to what role they are playing exactly. The air strikes have been dominated by the United States. The Arab spring has taught us that when we leave a Muslim country “liberated” for its own people to run, they make a mess of things — a dangerous mess of things. The alternative is that we must stay to keep order.

I’m not sure I’m ready to sign up for that. Baby sitting every Muslim country in the middle east to ensure they don’t savage each other and terrorize the rest of us in their pursuit of a Caliphate, is unfeasible in both financial and human costs. Yet what are the consequences of our doing nothing? The debate on Morning Joe a day or two ago between Jeffrey Sachs (economist and Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute) and Richard Haas (President of the Council on Foreign Relations) typifies the complexity of where we find ourselves. Both men made valid points. Sachs basically said what didn’t work in the past will not work in the future, citing examples from Vietnam through Afghanistan and Iraq. Haas countered with the danger ISIL presents to the region and eventually to the world at large.

I think ISIL has taken extremism a step too far to be tolerated by the civilized world. On the other hand I’m tired of perpetual war and until moderate Muslims dominate the conversation we will never be able to stop fighting. My initial bellicose approach was simplistic and short sighted. We face near impossible choices.

Farewell to a World Class Punk
Hamid Karzai left the world stage thumbing his nose yet again at the United States. It is the thanks we get for trying to get his country out of the Stone Age. Based on the profession of his thug brother, Karzai is probably too coked up to be held responsible for his actions. At least now he is gone, soon to be forgotten. Perhaps in his retirement he can go hunting with Dick Cheney.


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  1. “Alone Again, Naturally” Obama’s lament.

    ” To think that only yesterday
    I was cheerful bright and gay
    Looking forward to, but who wouldn’t do
    The role I was about to play

    But as if to knock me down
    Reality came around
    and without so much as a mere touch
    Cut me into little pieces.”

  2. Along those lines, R, a good read at Politico:

    The tagline says it all: The Barbarians Within Our Gates
    Arab civilization has collapsed. It won’t recover in my lifetime.

    On another front: did you say you were reading Jason Riley’s “Please Stop Helping Us?” I just finished it. He’s on the editorial board of the WSJ, and doesn’t appear to have gotten there through affirmative action. Quite a thought – provoking book.

  3. Whew! Glad MSNBC was able to put things on the right track for you. You were cock sure of something, wagged your finger at everyone here, all without checking it against MSNBC. Close call there.

    Well, so long as no matter what Obama does it is the product of brilliance or someone else’s fault. That’s what really matters here.

  4. Parker, yes I’m reading Riley’s book. A profound downer so far. The extent to which he lays blacks problems on blacks is like nothing I’ve ever read before, especially from a black author.

  5. I extrapolate from personal experience to wider events.

    A man jumped me during my time of troubles. I knew what was coming, and based on what happened before, it seemed to be his life or mine. Christian morality was the center piece of my training. I was in near panic over the options fate had handed me. and I knew there was no choice.

    We also have no choice. We either kill or destroy our enemies before they kill us or they will kill us. It is a simple concept.. It will be costly because our previous mistakes have made it so, I don’t think most of us have a clue about the stark choices facing us, but..

    “Where there is a flame, you’re gonna get burned. Just because it burns, doesn’t mean I’m gonna die. You’ve gotta get up and try.”

    Pink “Try” also ?Aida Nikolaychuk

  6. I understand we just bombed 12 Syrian oil refineries in the name of fighting isis. Seems more like we are trying to destroy the economy for Assad. This is such an obvious farce, yet we cheer the non-war on. Bad joke are we.

    And from our ‘airstrikes are not war’ perspective, and much like our aggression in Vietnam, we are targeting those fighting for freedom from imperialism.

    We are not fighting ISIS™ in Iraq. As I have stated many times, we are using our military and our resources to target a legitimate uprising in the country George W. Bush illegally invaded and occupied for years on behalf of our “national interests” i.e. Big Oil, Big Business, Big Banking and our “friends in the region” (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel).

    It is the continuation of a program started by Bush’s father via direct military conflict, continued by the Clinton administration via sanctions that killed upwards of 500,000 children (which Madeleine Albright later claimed was “worth it”) and ultimately ending with a massive bombing campaign called “Shock and Awe” run by Bush Jr. and based on a series of lies told by the administration at the time which were supported by the complicit media in 2002 and 2003 without question.

    ISIS™ didn’t just show up in some strange coincidence at the perfect time to help Obama justify using U.S. military resources to crush The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries, a legitimate democratic revolution. Anyone who writes that is simply misleading our efforts.

  7. The Vietnam war, actually a war in Southeast Asia was a war of aggression conducted by the North. After they expelled the French the the conflict evolved into a proxy war between the Soviets and the West. Both sides were rational with cultural and genetic connections which prompted them to avoid dangerous nuclear confrontations.

    We now face a society of aliens by comparison. The article Parker posted may be depressing, but it is not surprising.

    British foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey remarked after Britain entered WW1 ” The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them again in our time.”

    My Ancestry, com results are back with no real surprises. My heritage is mostly British, western European and Scandinavian, However, my ancestry also contains traces of Jews, Poles, Lithuanians, Greeks, Romans, central Asians, and Ukrainians.

  8. That song was the first thing I thought of when I read the title.

    Thanks James I was hoping those who knew the song would spot that.

    And while I’m at it I want to thank you for always responding to my essays with substantial commentary. I don’t know if it’s just that you were raised right to pay folks a modicum of respect or you’re just a decent guy. Whatever the reason, I appreciate having you here.

  9. “JAL in all honesty the state is allowing a scofflaw to sell the items to pay his taxes.”

    alfie – you are correct. The headline and content are twisting the “facts” to make something seem worse than it is. It contains a small bit of truth/fact and the rest is bull…like a number of comments made here (and else where). Even when the comment is proven to be incorrect the commenter continues to state it as fact. I believe some of them are intelligent people but damn they seem to be stuck on stupid, Frustrating… yes?

    However, this one is funny if you give it some thought and use your imagination. My personal belief system demands I find something humorous for a healthy laugh everyday. It is good for ones mental health and soul.

  10. “responding to my essays with substantial commentary” -R

    What would be substantial?

    I’ll try.

    Fascinating. The whole time you were telling us we need to go to war with ISIS you were really hiding your “blood lust”.

    And now that your “blood lust” has been quenched, you no longer are for the war because of the reasons you recently saw on MSNBC?


    Didn’t work.

    You are a flake.

  11. Thanks for the complement, Rutherford. My parents raised me right, and the rest is my temperament. I like you too.

    rabbit, once I wrote that even at my age with my speed and fitness I could take President Obama in a wrestling match. You asked ” are sure you aren’t Lithuanian?’

    The results of my genetic test was released. I have 3% Ukrainian, Polish, and Lithuanian genes.

    Letting blood lust take you to war is a mistake. A country should do it with cold- hearted malice. Cold blood lasts longer than blood lust.

    I have been in an F 16 and a B 52. They were parked on a tarmac.

  12. “And now that your “blood lust” has been quenched, you no longer are for the war because of the reasons you recently saw on MSNBC?”

    You weren’t there, man. You didn’t hear the reports of missile strikes on MSNBC for the 30 minute period after Dancing With The Stars and right before beddy bye time — and the rhetorical proximity of the MSNBC reports to the actual carnage and annihilation on the ground. It’ll change a man, DR.

    So, mock all you want. Rutherford will have to suffer the invisible scars left by the two-thread refrain of his calls for “annihilation” — only to later look into the eyes of Mika Brzezinski asking, “is it worth it?” . . . and knowing only then that you don’t have an answer.

    Be careful what you wish for, man.

  13. “Clear as mud

    Are you confused by what is going on in the Middle East? Let me explain.

    We support the Iraqi government in the fight against Islamic State. We don’t like IS, but IS is supported by Saudi Arabia, whom we do like.

    We don’t like President Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but not IS, which is also fighting against him.

    We don’t like Iran, but Iran supports the Iraqi government against IS. So some of our friends support our enemies and some of our enemies are our friends, and some of our enemies are fighting against our other enemies, whom we want to lose, but we don’t want our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win.

    If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they might be replaced by people we like even less. And all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists who weren’t actually there until we went in to drive them out. Do you understand now?”
    – Aubrey Bailey, Fleet, Hants

  14. Lurker, not they “might be replaced by people we like even less,” They WILL be replaced by people we like even less.

    This is partly the result of our short attention span. We fight wars on the cheap and leave the wreckage behind; Had we kept an occupying force in Iraq this problem would have been stifled.

    We like Saudi Arabia because they sell us oil.

    We should not have aided and encouraged the Arab spring, but we did, and now we have an even bigger problem

  15. Fort Hood is still a work place act of violence. The Oklahoma City crime will be too. Assuming these descriptions come from the top, they reflect the soft spot Obama holds in his heart for Islam.
    He is not a Muslim, but I believe he like Katy Perry carries baggage from the past..

    If I am wrong, and Obama hardly knows of the descriptive policy, it could be a reminent of his attempt to hoodwink us into believing he ended the terrorist threat.

  16. And now that your “blood lust” has been quenched, you no longer are for the war because of the reasons you recently saw on MSNBC?

    I think I get your prob Rabbit. You hate inner conflict.

    I never said I’m against the war. I am for it, but in a less blustery way than before. Ambivalence is not quite the word I want. But I am more conflicted than a week ago.

    But you get an A+ for your attempt at humor.

  17. Rutherford one of the related posts showing on your page is last years Shirley you can’t be Syrias I found it interesting to look at the differences in your views,as well as others.

    I tried to put it forth in a comment in the previous thread about how Obama ISIL strategy has potential to be more like our operations with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.
    Although I can’t say I am certain we will not put boots on the ground I can say I don’t want them there,can’t support sending them and honestly do not believe we need them.

    As for defeating and liking or hating the replacements that is tied to the incorrect mindset imo. We are in a reset mode. We are literally trying to put Humpty back together a bit here.

    Back to Rutherford I think your fears of getting bogged down and having permanent Muslim baby sitting duty is not a real concern.
    I will say this though,the moderate Muslim is a pipe dream. Although I contend everyday muslims,aka the ones not in charge of anything and not running about whacking anybody, can conversationally inspire you to search for the moderate and that powerless reformers sound cozy what you really want is a more fundamentalist Muslim style that is more accepting of government having an international role to play. In my view the two models are Riyadh and Tehran and I have to tell you I’m voting Tehran.
    Let’s see if that comment opens up the bee hive 🙂

  18. For what its worth Rutherford as if you need yet another offering to your reading list but I could offer an 80 page report that looks at some of the divisions of political views and group titles. The two I think are best because I find them the most realistic are called Scriptural Fundamentalists,the straight fun dies are bad and are basically the Taliban and ISIL types. The other group has two sets and is generally seen as Traditionalists.The two sets there are Conservative and Reformist.

  19. @ JAL I get it sanity is something to strive for. At times I think I’ve given up on it.

    Re Refineries. Silly talk seriously. These things are EPA nightmares. Open pits brewing shit up that goes into a single tanker or a bunch of barrels for smuggling. The strikes ion these sites are by no means blood for oil shit. Willy Lo is a fucking idiot pool man

  20. In one week Rutherford goes from ISIS must be annihilated to the war isn’t worth it, with absolutely no change in the variables, and I’m supposed to praise his sophistication.

  21. “A no from Congress will humiliate Obama. Tough. There is no reason for us to lose a single American life to protect the street cred of a President.” -R

    Wasn’t Rutherford just scolding Congress for tying is hands when Assad called Obama’s bluff? Thanks for the link.

  22. If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they might be replaced by people we like even less. And all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists who weren’t actually there until we went in to drive them out. Do you understand now?”
    – Aubrey Bailey, Fleet, Hants

    See. To listen to fools like Lurker, our attacking Iraq created this Muslim conflict.

    Perhaps she would like to explain, Iran 1979, the First World Trade Center bombing, Khobar Towers, the USS Cole?

    Lurker, to believe you, it would then have to be assumed that the U.S. bombing Berlin and Dresden in 1944 created more Nazis.

    You’re a gullible fool. Islam has been a terrorist problem now for going on 1,500 years. Your history is worse than Rutherford’s history.

  23. In one week Rutherford goes from ISIS must be annihilated to the war isn’t worth it, with absolutely no change in the variables.

    Why don’t you write the posts since you spend your comments rewriting mine?

    I didn’t say it wasn’t worth it. I didn’t say we should not annihilate them. I SAID this thing is more complex than some cookie cutter hawk or dove approach.

    You and Tigre exemplify why conservatives are caricatured as dumb shits. You pick your stand, never waver (cos wavering is for pussies) and don’t dare admit you’ve given any thought to alternative views. It’s macho swagger bullshit. Grow the fuck up.

  24. Wasn’t Rutherford just scolding Congress for tying is hands when Assad called Obama’s bluff? Thanks for the link.

    Damn another example of your talking out of your ass.

    I’ve NEVER criticized the congressional veto on Syria. I criticized the hypocrisy of politicians and pundits blaming Obama for Congress’ decision.

  25. I’ve watched two shows tonight dominated by liberals and no mention was made of it.

    I say this with zero sarcasm — I don’t know why it’s not being covered. I expected it to be a lead story.

  26. The best part of this story if there is a best part is that the nutjob was stopped by the COO of the company. Yes, a company executive shot the guy before he could behead someone else.

    “Man recently fired from Okla. factory beheaded co-worker, police say
    An executive at the food-processing plant, who is a reserve deputy, shot the attacker to stop him.”

  27.  “I SAID this thing is more complex than some cookie cutter hawk or dove approach.” R

    Oh I’m sorry. I see how your position has changed, now. Last week you didn’t know it was complex. Deep brah.

  28. Muffy, I just saw that because you pointed it out. It’s just before 8 am. Saturday. That’s fucked up. But we all know why it’s not dominating the news, except for Rutherford that thinks it’s conservatives that are too rigid to rethink their positions. Pffft.

    Yep. Ignore it or lie about it and it doesn’t exist. Or just use strong arm tactics to quiet anyone that disagrees.

    Rutherford, if you can’t figure it why there’s silence you are a retard. . . And the reason.

    Now let’s get to something important like Mika’s disgust at the NFL and the war on women.

  29. “Parker, yes I’m reading Riley’s book. A profound downer so far. ”

    Look, R – Most right-thinking people want EVERYBODY to do well. It is not the intent among folks who point out the very things Riley is pointing out, to beat blackfellas over the head and make them feel badly – at least in most cases. It’s along the lines of, “You can’t stop being a sot until you first admit you are a sot.” People on the outside of the so-called, “black culture” see what’s going on very clearly – it’s a dead end. It’s the people inside – and not all of them, but certainly a huge number – who are blind to the fact that that crap is self-defeating nonsense.

    I say good on Riley. And to the people he’s describing, I would say, “Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for yourselves – get your ass in gear and stop making excuses. And the place to start is to get those young men squared-away, because they are your most pressing problem.

  30. I didn’t mean to imply I support Lurker’s writing that our invasion of Iraq created this problem. It did not, unless one admits that our departure created a vacume. I was concentrating on there will be more dangerous enemies if we destroy ISIS which is still a doubtful proposition. If so, we destroy their successors too,.

    Saddam Hussein contributed money to Hamas suicide bombers.

    If you want to trace the ultimate cause of the war on terror, look at how we bugged out of Southeast Asia. Carry it farther, The Treaty of Verdun in 843 led to various European wars and the ultimate double phased struggle known as WW!! which led to the Cold War and the War on Terror..

    Or maybe the war on terror dates back to Charles Martel’s victory over Islam. Several things happened in 1492. I believe it is the date that Spain defeated the last Muslim enclaves in their country.

    To say that Iraq with all of our mistakes created this war is a ridiculous fiction. Our existence as Christians, Jews and non Muslims or the wrong kind of Muslims created this war.

    Independent contractors and groups like Al Qaeda are here now. The Oklahoma jihadist is only the latest to be in the news. 23 is still my explanation for the slow news coverage. it is fine to be ambivilent, it makes us human, but in the end we must store our ambivlence for another day and destroy them with the determination they use to kill us. Innocents will die, but oh well, it sucks to be them. We can feel sadness when it is over.

    We had better be as smart and determined as a nation as I was on the night I described or we are lost. Our strategy is still in doubt.

    As I wrote, “the road will take us somewhere, even if it is nowhere.”

  31. James @ 23 you’re killing me brother!
    The depths that anti-Obama have reached is quite maddening. In no small part that a relatively small group of media types have so successfully plunged truth and reality down the hopper to the point that dripping red meat rhetoric has become the reality is something this country cannot tolerate. It is as bad as liberal dogma or conspiracy looniness doing the same thing.

    No matter what the press,FBI or military police even called the Ft Hood shootings the DoD called Hasan & the event what it needed to so as to prosecute him.
    The pursuit of the Purple Heart by those affected that horrible day is in direct opposition to the awards criteria. Even with Hasan yelling Allah Akbar and espousing the views he did,and continues to,the attack doesn’t meet the criteria for Purple Heart.
    Any hardships they are experiencing financially that is what they ultimately want cured by their lawsuit for the PH should instead be channeled into suing the government for failure to assure a safe workplace. It sounds corny but it has much better legs.

    Muslims don’t own a piece of Obama’s heart and his much maligned personal trips through the binders of Muslims** from which he personally OK’d Predator and Reaper strikes speaks much louder than Michelle Malkin like bullshit of him hearing the Muezzin and weeping for Nidal…ugggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ** Hey Rutherford ,yeah thats a dig on you btw.

  32. James

    To say that Iraq with all of our mistakes created this war is a ridiculous fiction. Our existence as Christians, Jews and non Muslims or the wrong kind of Muslims created this war.

    and Tex

    Islam has been a terrorist problem now for going on 1,500 years.

    You’re f#$%ing killing me again!!!!!

  33. Alfie, Tex and I are right about this.

    Obama can still have a soft spot in his heart as he kills Muslims. The two emotions seem contradictory but political and physical self preservation rules.

    We also are not literally killing you.

    Being the subject of real attempted killing focuses the mind on what is important and that includes guessing motivations and behavior to survive.. Reading history shows that national fates and behavior though contradictiory are expanded versions of private actions.

    A woman’s trying to get me banned from a message board was essentially little different from when men tried to kill me. Wipe away the contradictory motivations and policies. What remains is two enemies with historically equal rights for survival. the battle will end when one no longer exists.

    The heading for the blog “Gates of Vienna” reads “At the siege of Vienna in 1683, Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are are in a new phase of a very old war.”

  34. From Gates of Vienna: “And one of these facts is that people celebrate blood orgies and high terror masses, as they do in the Islamic State because they can, and because they want to, and because they enjoy it. And the idea springs to mind of a ‘religion of war’ as Elias Canetti characterized in Islam in “Crowd and Power”–this destructive tendency of the human being which culture can contain only with difficulty, but not really difuse.

    Another fact expressed by the Dutch author, Leon de Winter is ;’After the leftist fascism of the Soviets and after the rightist fascism of the Nazis, Islamism is the fascism of the 21st century. This fascism will not be controlled by methods like teacher training, roundtable discussions and inter-religious dialogue.”

  35. James with all due respect the degree to which you are in fact WRONG in your position and motivation is epoch and stereotypical of the arrogance found on the far ends of the political spectrum.
    And yeah no shit you’re not literally killing me,its a bit o’ literary hyperbole.

  36. The Fort Hood shooting may not be adequate criteria for a purple heart unless Lieutenant John Kerry had been wounded there. His first wound was especially minor. He remained on duty and had shrapnel removed from his arm when he went on sick call the next day. A man serving there said it was a common occurance. Purple Hearts were disbursed by the box full.,

    The criteria for a purple heart is any injury received during combat requiring treatment by a medical officer. The Purple Heart can be awarded for ‘friendly fire’ wounds in the heat of long as the fire is designed to inflict damage or to destroy enemy troops or equipment.

    It might stretch credulity to say that Hassan was ingaging in friendly fire or that he had become an enemy combatant as a jihadist, since the people he shot were unarmed.

    I think the wounded deserve Purple Hearts. Some were more severely wounded than the troops who served with Kerry. Criteria can be changed.Legally, it may be a mass murder, but we all know it was an attack on our military forces.

    Purple Hearts are a different issue from Hassan’s murders. He did the deed in front of witnesses. If the only way to convict him was on the grounds of work place violence, something is very wrong with our system of justice.

    I believe this is traceable to Obama’s attitude about Muslims and or his attempt to portray himself as a destroyer of Jihad. He is the president and creates the mood of his administration. Of course, he might have been golfing that day.

  37. Yes, alfie, I know “killing me” was hyperbole. I was just sending a cheap shot. I would enjoy discussing this with you. it would broaden my mind since you probably know more about the subject than I do.

    i believe Cantelli maintained that overcoming paganism carried costs. Monotheism can pervert itself into a form of violence unknown to most pagans. Monotheism may form the basis for our concept of human rights, but can also influence a feeling of victimization which can change a lamenting pack into a war pack.

    A ,miner example was the Daily Show’s attempt at humorously hinting the Muslim member of One Direction was a terrorist. it was all in fun, but the joke enflamed hoards of teenaged girls across the world who didn’t get the joke.

    They did what Canetti described Someone kills a man. Members of the tribe lament him. Then they form a band to avenge the death by killing maybe blameless people. . The One Direction fans didn’t actually kill anyone. They used social media to tell the world what jerks the Daily show was. The uproar was so loud the show made a sort of appology.; .

    I also watched it play out on a base with the highest suicide and alcholism rate in the command. A friend snapped, got a weapon and planed to shoot his commanders. We stopped him and gave him a trip to the psych ward. An NCO also snapped and we had to restrain him until he pulled himself together. We have heard of fragging during the Vietnam War. The same process Cantelli described (If my memory is wrong, never mind.) of the lamentation of victimhood becoming violent.

    Our society is as guilty as the others. The difference is I belong to this society and want it to win.

    I have to leave now because i have to work Later.

  38. “You’re a gullible fool. Islam has been a terrorist problem now for going on 1,500 years. Your history is worse than Rutherford’s history.” – tt

    You lack a sense of humor. Do you read to understand or only to reply? Well actually…to find fault so you can use your attack skills that you have learn to prefect to a tee. But does it really help??

    James don’t be such a candyass suck up. It is sooo unbecoming of a man your age.

  39. Alfie maybe you could address this – “And all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists who weren’t actually there until we went in to drive them out.”

    RE: My short sentences last night was shock. Hearing Moore, OK in association with a lede story on a tornado is one thing. Hearing that a beheading occurred in Oklahoma the day before made the sudden 50 year trip that the 24 hour news cycle just took in the way back machine seem even more sinister than slow reporting. But then again the local crime story in Fergeson took a while to hit the front pages and that was racial persecution of national and historical relevance. This is just about a guy getting fired and stabbing a coworker.

    He cut her fucking head off and was in the process of separating another woman from her head when a bullet stopped him. The warning signs were there but Brennan and Clapper were busying their staffs spying on congress while this guy was being recruited in in prison and in the process of becoming on social media.

    And I’ve heard all the bullshit denunciations I care to at this point. I’ve heard the killer referred to as a “gentlemen” who does not represent Islam just as the rapists do not represent all American men. I liked it better when they didn’t rush to defend themselves and their religion while a woman’s family has to try and wrap their own still attached heads around what just happened.

    I want to scream a reminder of the order of importance in which we’ve placed our concerns.

  40. You’ve got to love how AQ is back on its heels just so long as we can use them to circumvent a vote in congress that could hurt dems’ chances in November.

    “We don’t like President Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but not IS, which is also fighting against him.”

    Are they?

    And do we really need Iran?

    This may not be what I said a year ago though frankly I don’t remember what I thought then and I can’t even understand my own screed in that link to the dead thread.

    But I’m a No to arming the rebels and bombing in Syria. Find and kill every last radical Islamist in Iraq and anywhere else we can get it done.

  41. @ Muffy I didn’t write that but yeah I’ll swing.
    “And all this was started by us invading a country I’m assuming Iraq to drive out terrorists who weren’t actually there Not why we went until we went in This is true and became an offshoot of the Bush Doctrine and is clearly embraced by Obama as well that it is indeed better to fight them there than here or somewhere else to drive them out.” A little cheeky but can be turned onto itself in the context that yes Pandoras Box got opened up,we’re more than partly responsible for the opening and the world should try to close it up

  42. Alfie – I know you didn’t write it nor paste it. I wanted your thoughts on the matter.

    The pasted remarks are themselves as clear as mud in that some of it seems to reflect the reality of the situation in the Middle East. However the last line wrap up to which I referred is the author bringing the opener to its conclusion.

    “Are you confused by what is going on in the Middle East? Let me explain.”

    etc. etc.

    And all this was started by us invading a country…etc.”

    I wanted your take on just how deep all this” goes and how far back “was started” reaches.

  43. Chaz? What did it have to do with Bush?

    1. Self proclaimed Islamist

    2. workplace gun owner saved the day

    Liberal media has no use for this story.

    What’s Palin up to?

  44. The killer had some choice words for Chaz on his FB history (well, gays), but it’s not as though he would have been torn about baking her a wedding cake or anything. Cos you know, Jerry Falwell and Westboro and stuff.

  45. Muffy, I had no problem wit the short sentences.

    The “order of importance” is agenda driven to control our “concerns.”

    It pisses me off too.

  46. “You’ve got to love how AQ is back on its heels just so long as we can use them to circumvent a vote in congress that could hurt dems’ chances in November.” -m

    I mean back from being back on its heels. Back on its feet.

    It’s so hard to unravel the campaign doublespeak.

  47. Lurker, I am not sucking up to anyone. I am being polite. Anyone with slightly more awareness of a carrot would understand that. Even an over- educated simpleton like you should be as dimly aware of reality as an infant. Your family must be so proud whenever you open your gaping maw.

  48. “I didn’t mean to imply I support Lurker’s writing that our invasion of Iraq created this problem.”

    I know what polite is and I know what a suck up is. Did want any one to think you were agreeing with the enemy, eh suck up.

    By the way so is your ole man. So there!

  49. And Lurker, what does “sooo unbecoming of a man of your age” mean? What does my age have anything to do with a discussion?

    Perhaps you are expressing agism. If you are that is a form of bigotry. You have shown you don’t know the definition of “polite” so maybe you don’t understand “bigotry.”

    Your mother wears combat boots. “So there!”

  50. There is a few months different in our ages. I know what age is and I know what bigotry is. Do you know what humor is?

    Your dog is a mutt, so take that.

  51. Canetti’s view is valid as far as it goes as I demonstrated. However, If I recall, Canetti , like Obama with Islam, felt a closeness to the Biblical tradition. He didn’t cite Jewish examples of violence from lameting. He was wrong in that respect. Others showed him to be wrong.

    Max Weber referred to the Psalms as part of the Bible’s vengeful nature. Victimized people asked God to take vengence on their enemies. “Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord.” The old religion plays a less important role in our society, so we are more inclined to take our own vengence and disregard Jesus’ message or reconcilation in the New Testament.

    Judaism, Christianity and Islam come from the same parents. They are charged to convert the world. Some far northern Europeans still resent our invasive Christian religion which was better suited to semi arid grass lands than the chilly dark forests of northern Europe. Events are still close enough for them to remember stories of Christians’ harsh attempts to force conversion.

  52. Lurker, this is why the article amuses me. The writer might as well compare the Koch brothers to Satan. Those evil miscreants are polluting the political environment and exerting unfair advantage.

    The punch line is the writer didn’t mention George Soros, Thomas Steyer, Paul Egerman, and other big contributors to the Democratic party. They must be as pure as the driven snow, even if it is yellow.

    I’m sorry your cat died. Your attic has racoons.,

  53. Koch brothers?

    So scary.

    You guys control the DOJ and aren’t afraid to use it against political adversaries. Got get ’em.

  54. OK Muffy for an update then,I took the context of JAL comment to be Iraq. Invading Iraq helped to destabilize the order of things ultimately leading to Sunni/ISIL. The true seeds started earlier though.

  55. Personally I don’t find the Middle East is properly viewed in a purely linear manner and definitely can’t be viewed as an amalgam.

  56. Having been exposed recently to the AP Style book I have garnered a new level of angst over the US media. That said I don’t see where the Vaughan Foods beheading reaches higher than it has shofar. I found it to have been covered more than adequate with CNN trying to do that voodoo they do do with it,you know flogging a story with stale facts and conjecture.
    I’d be interested why the guy was terminated. Everything else I see on him illustrates a nut job just as clearly the whole Muslim thing. I think the initial forecasts that this isn’t terror cell related will prove true enough.

  57. One report stated that the killer was fired for heatedly advocating the stoning of women. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t an independent act as alfie writes. It is and it isn’t.

    Modern communication by passes the need for meetings and co workers. One can watch videos and proclaim an ideology with devotion created by a computer.

    He is a jihadist as surely as if he had met personally with ISIS reps.

  58. Rutherford as I mentioned before/ elsewhere Turkey are actively preventing Kurdish reinforcements from reaching Kobane the border town that is currently quite the hot spot . I’d be willing to vote this section a place that the battle turns.

  59. Once local authorities heard about all the jihadi shit clinging to this guy the FBI was called in and no one was reporting that it was a beheading until over 24 hours later. It didn’t take the media that long to report that Chelsea Clinton had her baby.

    It was so low key nobody here knew about it late into the evening last night and if they did then like I said “the reaction makes no sense.”

    “Everything else I see on him illustrates a nut job just as clearly the whole Muslim thing. I think the initial forecasts that this isn’t terror cell related will prove true enough.”

    Course he’s crazy. He’s a violent criminal with a long record and time in prison too. Maybe the prisons are rife with recruiting to Islam. Who do you think is vulnerable to recruitment in this country in or out of prison?

    Maybe he smoked reefer in the can or his underwear was too tight. Or maybe he was fired trying to convert his coworkers to Islam.

    One thing is becoming clear, the beheading is as “not Islam” as the rest of it.

  60. I want to scream a reminder of the order of importance in which we’ve placed our concerns.

    Believe it or not Muffy, I’m fully with you on this. MSNBC’s “Up” lead this morning with Chelsea’s new born. Nice news but the lead? Ultimately with all that is going on who gives a fuck? I stopped watching and went back to my Roosevelt documentary.

    BTW with zero sense of irony MoJo can segue from a story of football playing wife beaters to coverage of the latest game.

    You may not like FDR but Ken Burns’ documentary shows how America has changed since then and not for the better. Watching the show leaves me quite hopeless about our future.

  61. Muffy are you suggesting Dems are using AQ for political purposes? I seem to recall Bush raising the threat level in 2004 for no good fucking reason to make himself look more relevant on Election Day.

    There should be a moratorium on throwing stones cos our political world is one big glass house.

  62. Maybe I’m missing something but of the three Abrahamic religions I’ve never felt Jews were big on converting people. That seems to be the bread and butter of Christians and Muslims.

  63. I’m glad you liked it Rutherford.

    No, Jews aren’t so big on converting people now. They were in the past, though. I wasn’t clear enough.

  64. How so? (serious question.

    One could argue the show sentimentalizes too much but Burns paints a picture of a society with more basic decency and courage than we have now. Understand the comparison is mine, not his.

    Example, regardless of your opinion of FDR, his first 100 days introduced sweeping change. His cousin Teddy used to say “get action”. Both men would be disgusted by our do-nothing Congress and the Americans who anesthetize themselves with Jerry Springer instead of giving a shit.

    Part of our problem is too much information. FDR’s fire side chats that gave a nation renewed courage could not happen today. We are all too cynical, bombarded with conflicting information. The problem with 2008 “hope and change” was not just the amateur spouting it. It was a cynical populace unworthy of hearing the message.

  65. I gotta chew on that. It sounds like you view the citizenry as unworthy of their president rather than the other way around. I doubt either Roosevelt would approach from that perspective. Irony overload.

  66. p.s. the decency and courage part I get. In fact, I believe it to be true. perhaps out of context, but I think we are seeing the product of too many successive generations disconnected from real sacrifice, personally or by example.

  67. Brian Williams just broke in to report that not only is Clooney hetero but unconfirmed reports by anonymous sources indicate that he’s totally copying Brangelina.

  68. I believe Ken Burns accurately hints at a change in our society.

    We produced an oral history and later put it into a book. The people from that era were more able to survive adversity than many now, Many people today don’t know real adversity Of course, some people do,

    We are not unworthy of our leaders. We deserve who we have now.

    Clooney is hetro? I can sleep well tonight,.

  69. It sounds like you view the citizenry as unworthy of their president rather than the other way around.

    Close but no cigar. It is a citizenry so debased for lack of a better word that it is unable to discern true leadership nor produce leaders from among their ranks. Tex would probably say it is the society’s estrangement from God.

    I don’t know the cause but I think we are incapable of producing an FDR or TR right now.

  70. too many successive generations disconnected from real sacrifice, personally or by example.

    I completely agree and not to be partisan but I think the wars of the first decade accompanied by tax BREAKS exemplifies this. Too few of us feel any pain when our country goes to war.

    It’s why I think the draft needs to be reinstated. There was a time when war turned boys into men. We are a nation of “grown children”. The delineation between boyhood and adulthood has been made murky.

    All snark aside, I sometimes pinch myself when I hear “Daddy”. I’m still struggling to find my own wisdom much less impart it on a child.

  71. Uhhhh the romance of revised history is alive and well at Rutherford Lawsons Bar & Grill.

    I don’t know the cause but I think we are incapable of producing an FDR or TR right now.

    Really you don’t think any number of potential future POTUS can’t be elitist,narcissistic classist humps propelled to the top via calculated and miscalculated happenings????

  72. It’s why I think the draft needs to be reinstated. There was a time when war turned boys into men. We are a nation of “grown children”. The delineation between boyhood and adulthood has been made murky

    Not to be partisan but you can’t very well want the draft to come back so as to make men out of boys recognizing its the war part that makes it happen without making sure you have some wars then. You up for that?

    The nation of grown children bit lands squarely in your lap as well. The Lefts overactive pursuit of alleged “feminism” and girls rights etc etc is scientifically tied to the societal emasculation of the males.

    And seriously lets get in touch with the differences our nation has.
    Under educated for most of the 20th Century with minorities even more so. I’m talking fucking illiterate. Those that were “educated” fell into two categories. The folks educated enough to enter the manufacturing/industrial and public service sectors. This dynamo propelled 20th Century America.It also caused probably the greatest internal migration the USA will likely ever experience. This of course sowed the seeds of many of the problems we have today. The second group were the truly extra dose of cranium types. Physicians,engineers and scientists etc etc curing and solving problems and inventing shit with pure brain power and fucking slide rules baby!

  73. “I completely agree and not to be partisan but I think the wars of the first decade accompanied by tax BREAKS exemplifies this. Too few of us feel any pain when our country goes to war.”

    This is the near opposite of what I meant.

    Tax breaks? Puhleeeze. That comment proves you are a member of the detached class itself.

  74. I agree with alfie. Besides the humongous expense incurred and finding a place for a percentage of virtual illiterate malcontents in a technical field, the intrinsic favoritism would create discord. The frequency of lamentations of violence would be greater than it is now. Many of the draftees would be civilians in uniform.

    I would support the draft the day and not before the Obama daughters graduated from basic training.

  75. Did I read this right? Rutherford votes his daughter drafted to be target for and pawn of imperialism. That’s crazy. I don’t want my any of my grandkids drafted. Besides, war is all farmed out nowadays. The private contractors get the better stuff. Don’t you remember the comparison of basic equipment like body armor? And the eats? How about the pay? How many trill did we blow? Money was delivered on pallets.

  76. James, we had quite a storm blow through this evening. Trees were downed and limbs blocked some streets. That wind was pretty strong when this system arrived this afternoon. We had a wall cloud right over the top of us. The bottom was slowly spinning and the edges were churning. It had a light green blue glow looking up in it. They predicted hail, but we didn’t see any. We got 1.3 inches of rain in an hour. We still have light rain and could get more over the weekend. It dropped the temperature quite a bit.

  77. Pools I think we had this conversation once before about my daughter getting drafted. Of course I hate the idea. But the alternative is an apathetic detached populace where only those with a sense of duty or worse, desperation, go to fight.

  78. Really you don’t think any number of potential future POTUS can’t be elitist,narcissistic classist humps propelled to the top via calculated and miscalculated happenings???

    So I infer you find the Roosevelt’s elitist classist humps? Burns would beg to differ, suggesting that they transcended their privileged backgrounds to understand and even admire the “ordinary” man.

  79. The nation of grown children bit lands squarely in your lap as well. The Lefts overactive pursuit of alleged “feminism” and girls rights etc etc is scientifically tied to the societal emasculation of the males.

    Scientific? This comment is ripe for misinterpretation. Are you saying the women’s movement is to blame for the man-child phenom I referenced earlier?

  80. “Why am I not surprised. Maybe you elaborated in a later comment so I’ll wait and see.”

    Nope. No need. I am not talking about government imposed retribution, reward and redistribution. We were talking about “decency” and “courage” that apparently conjure a different image.

    We’ve got a nation of pajama boys.

    When I said “sacrifice,” I meant it in the same way James meant it when he referenced “”adversity” — only I was to the process of working through adversity and how that affects ones values and character. Not fucking “tax breaks” which; something you associate with some vague economically privileged class which, for some reason, you don’t think you belong to.

    We speak a totally different language.


  81. Highway pileup, “R”? I’ve been traveling back and forth on the highway the last two days. Brother-in-law died from cancer last night by the time my wife and I got home. Terribly sad.

    I’m embarrassed to have to ask this. What pileup? Gulp.

  82. I’m sorry, Tex.

    You probably know about the shootings by now.

    This is the best I can do for you, and it isn’t much.

    “Leave this place behind in silence
    And the way we find inside us
    Lead me to the edge of night
    Til the dawn the end of time
    Til the fire blazing bright
    Shines again within our eyes.”

    “Hearts like Ours

    Naked and Famous

  83. Thanks, Poolman. That sounds awesome. I wish i had been there. Did you take pictures?

    Harvest has begun in a few fields, and we have had beautiful weather this week with highs in the low eighties and lows in the fifties. Each morning greets us with patchy dense ground fog. it should get wet and cooler by mid week.

  84. @ Alfie – Military service does a fine job of maturing young men – even without combat. The Swiss have had a pretty good system of doing that for a long time. Mandatory service for all young people would be a fine thing for any country.

  85. We have traveled this territory before, Rutherford. The world was much different seventy years ago. WW!! was a battle for survival, and the outcome was uncertain. More soldiers died in single battles than in our entire recent conflicts. WW11 was a national effort, because our people knew they would have to learn German or Japanese if we lost.,

    Our economic and military might combined with technology lets us fight wars with fewer people. The wars are also different with mostly local or regional conflicts. A universal draft now would be more of a social engineering project than an instrument of self-defense.”Not that there is anything wrong with that.”

    Bush warned that the Bill and Newt economy was crumbling when he ran against Al Gore. Democrats charged he was fear mongering to win an election, But Bush was right. We were headed into a recession,.

    9/11 struck another serious economic blow to our economy. Unlike Obama in a later time, Bush did what worked. He lowered taxes and asked people to shop for their country, maybe not in those words. He wasn’t just helping rich people. He was rebuilding the economy. It worked. The New York Times wrote in 2004 that after the tax cuts, the government was taking in a surprisingly large amount of money. The unemployment rate had also fallen to less than 5%.

    Had Obama followed Bush’s policies, we would be better off now. As I have repeated before, Bush did not cut taxes to make the rich happy and to stifle a sense of national sacrifice. He practiced rational economic policy.

    If you show you don’t understand again, I will explain it to you again.,

  86. re: the behead-er. When a guy is recent Musulman convert and gets fired for advocating the stoning of women, the other employees better start bringing guns to work because he’ll be back.

    Who shot this dude, anyway?

  87. I’m overstating, but here is how FDR gave us Sarah Palin. Roosevelt’s advisers were overwhelmed. They didn’t know what to do about the Dust Bowl combined with recession, and they finally did some good work. They were also throwing things at the wall to see what would stick.

    Suddenly, it hit them. “Let’s get rid of some of the farmers. Alaska is a big, empty state. We could send them there and turn them into homesteaders as the country did for their ancestors.

    Racial profiling took a role. Scandinavian and German farmers mostly lived in northern and border states. They had lived in cold dark climates for generations. They would fit into the sub Arctic region better than any other Americans.

    So homesteaders went north for a new start. The government helped them establish themselves and the adventure began. Many lost hope and moved back home as had happened with earlier generations, but some stuck it out and created a new society.

    The Palin family moved to Alaska and adapted to the culture. Since many of the settlers had come from Dakota and Minnesota, they took their accents with them. Thus, Sarah Palin spoke with an accent. Had the family not moved to Alaska, its peculiar culture would not have led her into the opportunities she found.

  88. Found it, “R”, in the local Leftist tissue wrap about the pileup. Nope, everyone involved appeared to be Texas folk, including the driver of the 18 wheeler though it happened on an Oklahoma interstate – if you can believe our POS paper which normal can’t find both butt cheeks.

    Funny how you can be away from a computer for 24 hours and feel completely uninformed. How did I do without the internet the first 35 years of my life again? 🙂 Didn’t even turn the computer on yesterday. Probably ought to do that more often.

    And yeah, I see where a peace lovin’ jihadist went to sawing heads down the pike in OKC. Really a lovely religion that inspires such behavior. I also believe I told you once that some jihadist starts pulling that shiite around my parts, he’s not going to get very far. Good to see the COO, part time deputy and marksman (only in OK and TX LOL) put the monster down.

    I’d say the only mistake the COO made was not finishing him off. Two to the chest, followed by one to the head.

  89. @ Parker I can’t engage in superficial semantics. Suffice to say the US military is on record for having no desire for draftees. Economically mandatory military service would have an overwhelming negative effect.
    If you want to look into mandatory service via other entities I’m open to listening.

  90. Rutherford I don’t really care about Ken Burns opinion of anything,he’s a blatant revisionist and romanticist.
    My response to you regards the Roosevelts could fill a novel so I’m sorry my meager offering is so open to misinterpretation.
    American society that produced the Roosevelts includes so much that died for good reasons. I don’t know how much of my labor should be expended explaining this.

    As for the emasculation of males in US society. Yeah thats all on you and yours. Its more about the over pursuit of academic efforts for girls that was based on grotesquely false data. The efforts put males at risk. Also the pussification of the American male at an institutional level is on yours as well. Guns bad! Slow pitch and extra helmets good! Social Darwinism? No thats bullying!
    From personal experience I had one of my sons teachers tell me of her liberal concerns that his eagerness to answer questions (and do so correctly btw) was a possible indicator of self esteem issues. I told her my son was in school to dominate not to just compete. She was horrified.

  91. Headlines that Matter?!.
    Al Nusra Front aka AQ in Syria fka “the moderate” Syrian rebels have called for international jihad against the USA,Euro coalition forces and the regional players who are supporting strikes against “Islam”. Seems they are beside themselves that their coziness with ISIL has come to bite them in the ass and that airstrikes are helping Assad.
    Holders legacy is being whitewashed and spun before he officially leaves. Both sides of all that is Holder are scrambling make their voice the one heard clearest. The thing is nothing I’ve seen from either side really captures exactly the how and why of how bad he was/is.

  92. I told her my son was in school to dominate not to just compete.

    Damn I wish I had been a fly on the wall for that conversation. Don’t blame you a bit for your answer.

    Regarding draft Alfie, what economic impact has required service had on Israel?

  93. Israel and Switzerland are not America is my short answer.
    In deeper answer to your question Israel is at a state of perpetual war so the need to maintain service levels are important. Culturally the society tolerates it at a level the USA would not stomach.

  94. Additional follow up and completely non-partisan too. Quite frankly we can barely afford the military we have now. To think opening the spigots of folks who don’t want to be there is a plus is well out of order.
    I could really open a can of boredom on this issue and the many related sidebars it has.
    For example the US Navy is buying ships that require less people. They do need to have some talents though. The Navy is all ready well underway to trying to manage the technology human problem.
    All branches but especially the Army and Marine Corps find it nearly impossible to attract and retain blacks as officers in the Combat Arms ranks. This leads to a number of issues and one big one if you were to have the draft is readily apparent I’d think. Its a freaking issue without the draft.

  95. They just don’t learn, do they, R?

    Parker, one of the best phrases in the English language is “thou dost protest too much” (Shakespeare?). When a group calls themselves “values voters” you can be damn sure it is overrun by hypocrites.

  96. I don’t want to make too many observations on “Please Stop Helping Us” because I plan to devote an entire blog post to it but …

    On thing that sticks in my craw is the author’s suggestion that based on stats, blacks deserve to be pulled over more than whites but THEN suggests his own unpleasant encounters with the police had more to do with his youth than his race. It’s been decades since he had a bad experience so it couldn’t be that he was black — since he’s still black.

    I think he’s in a bit of denial. Never have I read a book where I so badly wanted to talk to the author. So far, it’s a damn good read.

    And sadly the liberal media has largely ignored it. No appearances on Bill Moyers. No interviews on MSNBC. I’ll have to Google to see what outlets have given him a sounding board.

  97. Actually “R”, it’s my sister-in-law that needs the condolences, but thank everyone including you for the kind words. My brother-in-law Steve was in perfect health (at least he gave that appearance) six months ago and sat in my living room three months ago watching golf and drinking beer.

    Never, never, never take your life for granted. It can pass in a flash. He was 66.

    My poor sister-in-law can’t catch a break. Finally meets a compatible partner after two horrid marriages to drunks in a previous life several years ago, the new couple (both leery of marriage) date twelve years and both retire from their jobs, build a beautiful home to retire, live there less than a year after their frist house burnt down in a fire and took about everything, and now sister-in-law is alone.

    I used to think my sister-in-law was tougher than my wife. Now I know she’s not. “Sis” shook on my wife’s shoulder for a good 30 minutes. I am worried about her.

    On a side note, when we got back into town, my wife had me laughing so hard, I thought I was going to vomit my shrimp Alfredo back onto the plate. I was laughing so hard, I had to put my napkin over my face.

    Somehow, we were getting on each others nerves after a trying weekend of driving twelves hours in a car together and I started pretending what my family would say about me when I was gone, being a smart ass (you probably had to be there).

    “He had a good heart.”
    “He meant well.”
    “I taught me to drive and turned me on to Star Trek.” (sob sob) LOL LOL!

    My wife looks over at me, rolls her eyes, and starts imitating me while holding up her glass of water like she’s making a toast without hesitation.

    “I never really understood her.”
    “She was so private.”
    “I’ll miss her lasagna.”

    😈 Believe it or not, that old woman is definitely my soul mate, twisted as we may read as a couple. I guess we both needed a laugh. I confess Mrs. Taylor deserves about a million times better.

  98. “Parker, one of the best phrases in the English language is “thou dost protest too much” (Shakespeare?). When a group calls themselves “values voters” you can be damn sure it is overrun by hypocrites.”


  99. I’ll beat Poolman to the punch and ask aren’t we also? 🙂

    Lol. Exactly! Ever since we fought that ‘war to end all wars’ we’ve been practicing war, expounding on war, and expanding war into every realm we encounter. Though we aren’t the first, war is glorified in our culture. It defines America today.

    The human factor, or ‘troops’ are the weakest link in the war machine. That is why technology has taken over, as Alfie notes above. By automating our killing machines we need a lot less humanity to kill a lot more of humanity. How’s that for ‘smart’ technology. 😈

  100. MSNBC Melissa Harris-Perry September 27, 2014 MELISSA

    HARRIS-PERRY: I would be remised not to bring up the story out of Oklahoma. It is a story that I read as workplace violence story. But I want to play just a little bit of the sound from the press conference that followed a gentleman who beheaded a woman in the context of his having been fired then he goes back to the plant. He stabs several people. One of the women, her head is severed. But then this gets said at the conference. Let’s listen for a moment.

    JEREMY LEWIS: conducting interviews with co-workers of Nolen information was obtained that he recently started trying to convert some of his coworkers to the Muslim religion.

    HARRIS-PERRY: And then that’s it. And now this is somehow about Islam.

    DEAN OBEIDALLAH: You know what’s funny. Just so it is clear to everyone, there is nothing in the Quran that says if you get fired go back to your workplace and kill people. I want everyone to know that. No it is not in the Quran. You know, anything that is bad, a bad crime, I don’t know about you, but my reaction is please don’t let them be Muslim. That’s all I think. Please. So this guy’s name wasn’t Muslim then I read he converted and I knew instantly it will be used. I mean it’s a gruesome crime and you have to feel for the family of the woman who was killed. But the idea to turn this into — and we are seeing right wing media use this, continuing the narrative. Look Muslims are here in America, they’re committing Jihad. The man just came over here last year. There was over five hundred work place killings last year. We don’t know about their religion of any of those murders. But if someone is Muslim it’s got to be a terrorist.

    HARRIS-PERRY: Right, right. The idea that that is the relevant piece of information. So, I mean, it may be that some ideology, right wing, left wing, is taking this. But at that moment in that press conference I don’t think someone is like representing right wing ideology. They literally just believe. Right? And I think this to me is that there is a belief that at the core–I can also probably have breakfast that morning but we don’t think any of those things are relevant. But we do think that his conversion, jailhouse by the way, conversion is what is relevant.

    NEGIN FARSAD: And that I think is the biggest problem. There should be a cultural paradigm shift in which it is not okay to create that linkage immediately. We already know that it is not okay to equate all white men with school shootings. We can’t do that. It’s not okay.

    HARRIS-PERRY: Because it just doesn’t even happen in anyone’s mind. It doesn’t even occur.

    FARSAD: Exactly. But we’ve gone on and on and on creating this language between Muslims and violence and we need to have a counter-narrative. We don’t. So what we need — that is what we are trying to do.

    HARRIS-PERRY: Muslims are funny.

    FARSAD: Muslims are funny. That’s the new stereotype. Pass it around. Muslims are hilarious.

  101. By automating our killing machines we need a lot less humanity to kill a lot more of humanity.

    Find John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” on the web and watch his take on Obama’s drone program. Absolutely chilling.

  102. LOL Tigre how can I not laugh at a Different Strokes reference?

    To clarify, I was responding to Parker’s comment about the value voters straw poll selecting Ted Cruz for POTUS.

  103. Tex I don’t know if you’ve come to this conclusion but for me the key ingredient to a good marriage is not sex and not even romance. It is friendship … sincere, enduring friendship.

  104. Alfie – Is America’s major military financial outlay for personnel, or is it machinery and infrastructure? I would think you could buy a lot of work-time for the cost of a $1200 screwdriver, or a $350m fighter, or a $13b aircraft carrier. Let’s see…you would go cheap on the salaries, since you are paying room and board already, so paying $10/hr…that would be 1.3 billion man-hours for one carrier.

    You folks are spending more on your military than the entire rest of the world combined – there are about 195 countries, so you are spending more than the next 194. Hmmm…ought to be able to save some money there somewhere…

  105. R – I think you are cherry-picking Riley’s book. Maybe his premise about black/youth is flawed, but it seems to me that you are, biblically speaking, “strain(ing) at a gnat, and swallow(ing) a camel.” That’s not his major point, and I think you know it. Cops stop black yutes because experience has taught them that’s where the crime is.

    American cops are poorly-trained, overly-armed, and always on the alert for a black man who is trying to kill them. Is it pre-judgement, or is it just good judgement? One wonders if critics rode with cops through bad neighborhoods for a month or so, whether their POVs might change.



    [Here’s a leg-up for you, Clit (so to speak). 304 million results:]

  106. ” I had one of my sons teachers tell me of her liberal concerns that his eagerness to answer questions (and do so correctly btw) was a possible indicator of self esteem issues. “-A

    And Rutherford wondered why I hid my profession from you guys as long as I did.

    I do this thing where if a kid nails an answer or asks a good one, I give the whole class extra credit. Everybody. Next test everyone gets plus one. Funny thing is it has saved burn outs from failing the class on a few occasions despite it being such a tiny bump in the big scheme of things. So the class moron bully high fives the class nerd. I suppose my strategy could be deemed “liberal collectivism” but fuck it….I like to see it as more influenced by the military…the class, at times, is a platoon.

    Plus on test day I feign that I don’t remember why I gave the extra credit and the class has to remind me why. The dummies don’t put two and two together that they pretty much are being assessed by doing that. They think they are getting a totally freebie.

    Esteem issues my ass. Kid is nailing questions and ain’t afraid to answer. He’d be the most popular kid in my room.

    Now, at times, you got to reel these eager beavers in and remind them not to blurt shit out. But that isn’t a bad thing.

    What a fucking disgrace that teacher is.

  107. Alie is right. We don’t need a universal draft right now, nor could we afford it. We also have more drones and other electronic killing devices to do some of the work of combat soldiers while keeping them safer.

    We may have to increase the number of people serving, but we don’t need a draft at this time.

    The after cost is also high as the veterans age. Moreover educational and other benefits are expensive. You cannot go too cheap on salaries. My first pay was $50.00 every two weeks. When I made SSGT it had risen to $250 every two weeks. i also had foreign duty and housing allowances. Of course, inflation would make those checks higher now and mandated pay raises and bonuses even higher..

    A few years ago, lower ranking soldiers were on food stamps. Our TI told us ” if the Air Force wanted you to have families, it would have issued them.” That doesn’t work now..

    I successfully interpreted my version of the violence of lamentation which would also apply to our armed forces. The universal draft is impossible. Favoritism will send some to their deaths while others stay out of the service or get cushy assignments. Consider the people who are unfit for service. What do we do with them?

    The violence of lamentation occurs when people seek revenge for real or imagined victimization.It was called fragging during the Vietnam War.

  108. What’s the “clit” thing all about?

    Since Rutherford’s chivalry applies only to those he thinks are liberal, should we be calling the FBI to investigate the sexually dismissive Pfesser the cunt?

    Why not go ahead and explain yourself Pfuckface?

  109. Parker #150
    My position in this thread on the matter of the draft has at its foundation that a) the people don’t want it and b) the military neither wants or needs it.
    Your comment seems to indicate that you so firmly believe military service is a benefit to shaping young people that a budget line item should be found no matter what.
    Lets look at some other numbers.
    Current US military combined numbers approx 1.4 million active duty
    US population coming to draft age/yr equals 4.3 million.
    Do we draft ’em all?

    As for character building. As a veteran myself I would gladly attest to the fact that the military develops character. I m honest enough to say it does not build only positive character traits however.
    The quality of life within a military that is flooded with conscripts who don’t want to be there would see more negatives created than positives. In fact some of the most positive would choose to bail.
    Service enjoyment is linked to job & location. If you’re PVT weed puller at Ft Leonard Wood MO (affectionally known as Ft Lost in the Woods you’re not getting much out of your time.
    So perhaps this or any number of other truths would lead you to use the draft to bolster Reserve and Guard forces. Less cost and a better statistical chance at accomplishing something resembling Switzerland or Israel.
    Well there is still the cost as an expanded Reserve module requires expanding your AD staff as well.
    There is the issue that you’d have to deal with MOS (job) selection issues. Do we just make everyone basic infantry? If you put 1 million combat arms specialists on the streets per year I’ll say this. You better buy a gun and up your insurance policies because the last thing we really need in America is young men who have been trained and groomed into the collective mindset and then set loose on the streets with no job prospects because their training is all about firefights and concealment and shit. They join or form gangs and the rolling of the local bodega takes on an entirely different flavor.
    This phenom has been seen all ready here in the USA where returning AD folks have snapped a bit and have done convenience store heists. Responding sheriffs were horrified to find the gang bangers had established fire zones.line of fire etc thus pinning the officers to their cars well the gangers made their escape.
    Draft is bad idea on so many levels.

  110. @ dead rabbit… good for you sounds like you have a plan at hand that encourages stepping up and in a way possibly helps the folks who want to school up without fear of the bullies yanking their fruit of the looms over their heads.No sucking up that shows serious adaptation and effort.
    As for my kid yeah he was a hand raising monkey and didn’t blurt out too often,at least not enough for that to be the issue.
    Not to brag that was some time ago and today I have a kid who has AP’d out of one college course and if all goes well will zap two others this year. Now if I can find a way to pay for the college…

  111. Hey Rutherofrd you need to up your game. I look at my draft comments and some of my Obama points and I’m getting scared that somehow I’m to the Left of you?! WTF?! 🙂

  112. You sound like a good teacher, rabbit.

    Back in the 1980’s some men who had avoided the draft began to regret their decisions. Maybe they had missed being part of history, or they would never know whether or not they would have passed a test of courage and endurance. Whatever the reason, they felt a sense of loss. Phil Donahue believed enough men were feeling guilty, he made a show about it.

    Some liberals who never served also advocated a universal draft to spread the sacrifice among us all. To me, they were expiating their own guilt by forcing their delayed sense of duty and sacrifice onto us all for sacrifice’s sake.

    I don’t know that advocates of a universal draft still feel that way, but I have my suspicions.

    alfie raised another interesting point. European nations fought so many wars in the middle ages that they sometimes had to find other conflicts to keep their soldiers from turning on their own people. I think the risk may have motivated at least in part the decision to forceably Christionize Lithuanians and the other Baltic people after a Crusade.

    In more recent times, Old West criminals like the James brothers who spent time in our county combined their Civil War military training with a sense of victimization to get revenge on northerners and to enrich themselves while doing it. They planed their robberies like military operations and went underground between jobs like good guerilla warriors.

    As for post military job skills, I know how to perform a trachiatomy with a fountain pen,

  113. I’m with Alfie on a draft. If the military is such a positive character builder, why are veterans taking their own lives at a rate of 22 per day? I think statistically, Israel still loses more soldiers annually to suicide than they do to combat.

    I think it can be argued the military destroys at least as many good characters as it builds.

  114. re 158, Alfie, you may do si do to the left and Rutherford may curtzy to the right, but at the end of the day you both retreat to your respective corners. It is amusing. Now, if you both denounced your party affiliations and became independents, then I would see your incursions as inroads instead of mere overflights. As it is, when you pitch your tent in that moderate section of the camp you render yourself persona non grata. We’ve seen the results of that over the past decade.

  115. How many fountain pen tracheotomies have you had to perform post military, James? 😆 I don’t know anyone besides me that still owns a fountain pen.

    We’re enjoying a pleasant 62 degrees right now. Today’s high is predicted to be 88. Rain is out of the forecast for now. We got 1.7 inches from the last storm. I think we’ve reached our annual total.

    No pictures of the wall cloud. I used to always take pictures of the storms and almost got in trouble in west Texas, as I would get on the roof to shoot incoming weather. My wife would always yell at me as she was raised on tornadoes and they scare her immensely. My curiosity always made me take risks.

    I went through a phase of photographing sunsets every evening for a while here in AZ. Recently I have been taking pictures of our skies to document the aerial spraying.

  116. Tex I don’t know if you’ve come to this conclusion but for me the key ingredient to a good marriage is not sex and not even romance. It is friendship … sincere, enduring friendship.

    Rutherford, you knew my relationship with my father was strained to say the least – until he started developing dementia, then we became pretty good buds the last five years. I was the dutiful son when he got sick. I don’t even know if it was forgiveness, as much as it was maturity. Call it honoring your father if you will, as I believe you did with yours.

    Occasionally, the old man gave me some really sound advice, of which I generally foolishly discounted as a younger man. My father said right before I got married, “Son, if your wife isn’t your best friend, it won’t last.”

    He was right. And you are right. And she is.

    As I told my daughters and I’ve said here on occasion, “Don’t believe this finding your soul mate crap people market. You’ll search for the rest of your life in shallow relationships. Soul mates aren’t found – they’re made. There’s no one right person to marry. Find somebody you like and make a commitment. It will be the best thing you ever do.

    I believe that’s one of the great things about raising kids together. You share something with a spouse in an experience you’ll never experience with anyone else in your life. And when your kids turn out to be good ones like mine have and yours probably will, you gain a sense of satisfaction that can’t be fulfilled by anything else.

    That’s what death this weekend once again reminded me of when I was surrounded by my extended family. These are my people – and if they outlast me, these are the people that will mourn me. And they’re good ones. I’m blessed.



    I’m going to tell you something you have not experienced yet, but you probably will.

    There will come a time when your daughter is older and you will begin to sense (and witness) the mantle is being passed from your wife to your daughter. Maybe it’s the recognition that your time of rest is approaching. And I predict it will have a profound impact on your life like it did me when you suddenly realize this is the way it was meant to be. And if you did it right, you will come to the recognition that you will be leaving this world a little brighter, a little better when you are gone – no matter what else you accomplish. There’s a peace you will gain by it too.

  117. Nary a one, Poolman. I’m glad I never had to do such a tricky operation. One can do a lot of damage with a fountain pen. We may have a fountain pen around somewhere, but I’m not sure.

    I know how to inject anesthetic and to pull a tooth, but civilian life doesn’t offer many opportunities there either,

    I do know a little about explosives. We blew the bottom of a dry lake once.

    Mild weather continues with a forecast high of 83, not much different from your weather. Tomorrow should be stormy with much cooler, more normal weather by the end of the week. I’m glad your rainfall total is back to normal.

    My first tornado spun up across the yard when I was seven, and I never got over it. Watching three trees disappear in a dust cloud was so cool. I started chasing storms after the service because I craved excitement, and wanted to learn how storms operate and like you, nearly had some bad days.

    Your wife is smarter than us both, but think of the things you have seen because you took a few risks. Don’t take it the wrong way, but I wish you could experience being hit by a train or being thrown by a pickup without being killed. Those adventures were awesome.

    Since you are taking pictures to document areal spraying, have you ever been able to photograph from the same angle. If you took enough pictures, you would have a time lapse of seasonal change.

  118. I agree with Rabbit on the treatment Alfie’s kid got. And Rabbit that extra credit idea is pure genius … turns the old practice of punishing the room for one kids fuck-up right on its head.

    Alfie what surprises me most is I thought that “don’t be so assertive” crap only got handed out to smart black kids and girls.

  119. Hey Rutherofrd you need to up your game. I look at my draft comments and some of my Obama points and I’m getting scared that somehow I’m to the Left of you?! WTF?!

    LOL Alfie I’ve been thinking the same thing. I read your latest blog post last night and said WOW. You’re really burning your bridges with the right-wingers.

  120. “If I hear someone go on and on about their values I become very suspect about their values.”

    I thought you were referring to a straw poll. I guess this is your shorthand for people that answer the poll in the affirmative. Oh well, you do like a caricature.

    Therefore, I retract my prior comment and, since it applies with equal force to your self-professed goodness, replace it with, “thou doth protest too much, methinks.”


    I saw the “clit” comment, and the clit and slack comment. I don’t see the genesis of it (her not knowing body parts. being a female impersonator etc.)) nor do I see you condemning its repeated use despite all of your admonitions towards the rest here that respect Muffy.

    Again, it seems thou doth protest too much, methinks.

  121. Have you guys lost your minds? This is land of the free. We draft guys (and it better well be guys) because we need them for war. Period.

    Not because of some social experiment. Or to fix bad voting.

    Secondly, there are already enough strange rangers in the service. Now you guys are saying legions of fembots, butt pickers, stoners and Pajama boys need to swell the ranks in the millions? Against their will?

    To do what? TO DO WHAT??????

    The military exists to vanquish enemies and stabilize the world. Period. It’s not an after school basketball league run by the local police.

    This is the United States of America. We each are free to individually ruin our own lives and we are free to collectively suck as a society.

    A mandatory draft for any reason other then war is slavery. Force my boys into the military for dishonorable Nanny bullshit and I will turn my suburban abode into Ruby Ridge…. so help me God!!!

  122. Rutherford Wormwood advocates reinstating the draft because Rutherford wants to make men out of Alfie and Rabbit’s sons. While Pfesser Screwtape – who avoided the draft the last time – has since decided that mandatory service for all young people would be a fine thing for any country.

    Looks like rain.

  123. Thanks Tigre. I’d rather have you in my corner anyway.

    “And the suggestion that anybody in my team, whether the secretary of state, our U.N. ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we’ve lost four of our own, governor, is offensive. That’s not what we do. That’s not what I do as president, that’s not what I do as commander in chief.”

  124. The killer was probably a Methodist.

    Obama won’t go on television without pressure for this because this man looks too much like his imaginary son.

  125. Obama got himself into a little trouble when he said his intelligence people failed him and led him to misjudge to growing power of ISIS. He had to back track.

    Now we know the White House intruder was armed and got closer to the president’s quarters than earlier reported. Could this have been a CIA message to Obama after he threw them onto the highway?

  126. The University of Nebraska Emir Abdula is the leading rusher in the nation. He would be a good imaginary son for Obama but he would outclass him.

  127. R: Obama blaming the CIA

    What a thin skinned yellow piece of shit. This wasn’t even a case of intelligence. The whole rise of ISIS was in the fucking news!

    I watched it on Vice News!

    Just read the back comments here alone!

    What a petulant bitch.


    Nobody is believing the CIA was the cause for Obama’s middle eastern disaster except for maybe Just a Lurker.

    Hell…..I’m even 30% sure R doesn’t believe this coward.

    Lie after lie.

    This administration is a joke.

  128. Do they know yet if the beheading in Oklahoma was murder or suicide?

    Joe Scarborough went on a rant this morning about the refusal to call out Islamic extremism when it happens stateside. You would have liked it, Muffy.

  129. Hey Rutherford… come your MSNBC friends wont look at the Oklahoma stink beard’s Facebook page. I saw where your multicultural Utopian friends are positive that this is run of the mill work place violence?

    What gives, man?

    Severed her head man!

    I’ll never understand the cozy relationship between the left and Islam.

  130. Once again, it takes the comedians to tackle the untouchable subjects.

    Ive been saying this for some time but some here are quick to dismiss Jon Stewart and John Oliver.

    Seriously, any of you with ten minutes to spare, watch Pools link. Oliver does this every Sunday night, a truly bipartisan skewering of bullshit as only a Brit could do it. He also says “fuck” more than Richard Pryor.

  131. I didn’t see the entire Croft interview but I did see the segment in question on Face the Nation and I cringed. Honestly boys and girl, Obama kills himself just by choice of pronoun. If he said that Clapper said that “we” missed the signs it would have been better than “they” (the CIA) missed the signs.

    There is no doubt the man trips over his own ego on a regular basis. NBC’s Richard Engel says there was NO missing the intel on this. Anyone who missed it just wasn’t paying attention.

  132. Rutherford…

    He is lying. He’s not ‘tripping” on some inherent personal flaw. HES FUCKING LYING.


  133. Rutherford Wormwood advocates reinstating the draft because Rutherford wants to make men out of Alfie and Rabbit’s sons.

    Assuming that was not a joke, it’s off the mark. The folks who needed drafting were my generation. I think many men my age and younger passed from boyhood to adulthood without breaking a sweat and the delineation between the two stages is awfully fuzzy.

    Still, I get Rabbits point that there may be better ways to character-build than the draft.

  134. “Assuming that was not a joke, it’s off the mark. The folks who needed drafting were my generation. I think many men my age and younger passed from boyhood to adulthood without breaking a sweat and the delineation”-R

    Huh? Last I checked my boys are younger then you. I’m lost

  135. Is this the time in the thread where we get buzzed on Pfessor’s drams and post bandwidth hogging self indulgent videos?

    Bow season starts this week. My family will be disappearing in the woods at my back woods dump. I’ll be in a tree stand watching fall slowly roll into winter again. There is nothing like witnessing every little detail of this metamorphosis. Whole family goes up with me now. We do family shit deep in the mitten during the afternoon.

  136. Rutherford, last week you attempted to marginalize all of PJMedia. I challenged you to read an article. It went “on and on” because Eric Holder was so incompetent, racist and malicious, it took that entire article to complete the condemnation. And that article was devastating – notice you can’t deny a word of it.

    Frankly, you’re one step up from Melissa Harris-Perry in my book of anti-intellectualism. I’m almost shocked you too aren’t calling ‘work place’ violence. For five years, you’ve had no problem with the Ft. Hood massacre being called just that.

    Face it, sport. Obama is a sick joke – he’s a coward and an ass. And it follows his re-elect lackeys are low information voters. There’s no surprise Obama has been a massive failure. The stupid world impeached this sorry bastard three years ago. Now it’s gotten so disturbingly incompetent, even Bill Maher is calling Obama out.

    Clapper is the perfect intelligence officer for Obama. Birds of a feather. Let’s recall that bald headed dumbass Clapper called the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ secular and was never called on it by shills like you.

  137. I see you made it through the first paragraph, Rutherford. LOL. Coward.

    Holder changed the way we see interracial strife? Nonsense.

    Nonsense, hey?

    Next sentence below – so I will provide just a small excerpt demonstrating you’re either blowing smoke, or you’re still hiding your own inadequacies:

    He accomplished that unfortunate legacy in a number of ways. Holder waded into the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown fatal shootings before all the facts were known in a manner no local public prosecutor would dare do so. He claimed that the unpopularity of Barack Obama was due to racial animosity, apparently forgetful that not long ago, in the era of Bush Derangement Syndrome, novels and movies were published and produced fantasizing about the assassination of George W. Bush, who was compared to Nazis and fascists, by everyone from Al Gore to John Glenn. I assume Holder was then quiet about such alarming disparagement of his president; and also I assume that when Obama in 2009 had near 70% approval ratings, for Holder the nation was anything but cowardly.

    Of course, Holder infamously called Americans “cowards” for not being as obsessed in the same way with race as he was. He referred to African-Americans as “my people,” a sloppy aside that might have gotten any other attorney general fired for such cheap ethnic chauvinism — except that his own boss had once called for Latinos to punish “our enemies” and on the campaign trail had talked of “typical white person.” Holder chose to drop the New Black Panther case in a way that highlighted racial matters — apparently coming armed with clubs to a voting precinct is hardly unusual — in the same way that he suggested that those states that might require an ID to vote (in the manner we produce IDs to write a check or use a credit card) were racist, in the same way that he suggested that states like Arizona that wanted federal immigration law enforced were acting out of racialist motives.

    Uh huh. Real nonsense. Do you have any idea the damage idiots like Holder do to the credibility of the black community in roles of leadership?

    You don’t, do you?

  138. Rabbit I don’t even know what kind of country we’re going to have when your boys come of age. When I say my gen and younger I’m referring to folks born between 1961 and roughly 1996.

  139. “A mandatory draft for any reason other then war is slavery. Force my boys into the military for dishonorable Nanny bullshit and I will turn my suburban abode into Ruby Ridge…. so help me God!!!”

    No, it’s not, and no you won’t. You know how many times that slavery argument has been advanced? Hint: you’ll have to take off your shoes to count that far.

  140. “Parker don’t get me wrong. I’m buying 80% of what Riley is selling so far. It’s very strong medicine. ”

    And therein lies the difference between you and many of your posters. You actually think about other points of view rather than just reacting. Even when it gores your personal ox.

    Yes, Rutherford, as you alone suspect – there are two sides to everything.


    As for the “clit” comments – when female-impersonator Clit and those who “respect” “her” show some of that same respect for others who don’t always hold the same far-right perspectives as does their own little clique, I suspect those comments will cease. Just a guess.

  141. @ Alfie –

    The thought was for some type of national service – could be military, but I see your point – in US there might be too many teens to train all as soldiers – although with only a two-year stint, might be do-able.

    It would seem to me that everybody should have a period in their lives where they learn and internalize their duties to their country and their countrymen. A period of mandatory service would also be a time to acquire personal discipline – something that in my country is sorely lacking.

    The salaries could be quite low, and if the US stops its foreign adventures, the money should be available. And, I might add, it would seem a far better return on the country’s investment than using the money to blow up brown people.

  142. Victor Davis Hanson explained why Eric Holder damaged our nation and its race relations. “He will be known mostly for re-teaching Americans to think of race as essential, not incidental to our characters.He accomplished this unfortunate legacy in a number of ways. Holder waded into the Trayvon Martin and Micheal Brown fatal shootings before all of the facts were known in a manner that no public prosecutor would dare to do. He claimed that the unpopularity of the Obama presidency was due to racial animosity, apparently forgetful that not long ago, in the er of Bush derangement Syndrome, novels and movies were published and produced fantasizing about the assassination of George W. Bush who was compared to Nazis and fascists by everyone from Al Gore to John Glenn.”

    Holder also called blacks “my people.” His boss had asked Latinos to punish “our enemies. ” and talked of the “typical white persoon.”

    Holder dropped the Black Panther case in a racial manner. He suggested states requiring IDs to vote and states like Arizona which wanted to enforce immigration laws were motivated by race.

    If a Republican administration had done this ,” you” would call them racists, Based on the Nazi charge directed at Bush and his minions I reserve the right to call Holder a racist.

  143. Better than national service to encourage a spirit of patriotism and sacrifice for our country our schools should teach the good features of our country along with the bad. The US has more to be proud of than shame which many schools now emphasize.

    National service is a good idea if it is voluntary and maybe with incentives. Compulsion makes it something else.

    An example of voluntary service was in the old show Northern Exposure. The doctor practiced in a small Alaskan town in return for their paying the cost of medical school.

    A small effect of that show is Janeane Turner, a co-star on the show. She now writes conservative articles for PJ media.

  144. And therein lies the difference between you and many of your posters. You actually think about other points of view rather than just reacting. Even when it gores your personal ox.

    Like charges of Dominionists. That’s utter bullshit, Pfesser. You need to be mocked for that comment, bigot. You and Rutherford are as classic reactionary in your commentary is any of the nitwits that occasionally show up here to spew MSNBC talking points like JAL.

    Rutherford, whose not going to reach the apogee on the intelligence curve anytime soon, is no different as attested to by his idiocy about Eric Holder’s sordid service and how Holder ‘didn’t move the needle.’ Are you kidding me? Holder poisoned the well in both corruption and pure out racism – and that’s the highest ranking legal officer in this nation. What a sham.

    Let me demonstrate how utterly vacuous you just made is.

    I’ve read you compliment Alan Derschowitz right here as smart guy. However, because Ted Cruz is a self-avowed Christian and vocal about it, he’s immediately demeaned as you did in this thread.

    What Alan Dershowitz say about Ted Cruz?

    Cruz “was an outstanding student in my class,” Dershowitz said. “Without a doubt he is among the smartest students I’ve ever had… I’ve had great students but he has to be at the top of anyone’s short list, in terms of raw brain power.”

    Don’t give me this happy horseshit about Rutherford being open minded. He’s nothing but a propagandist for Leftist causes. And only when something becomes so clear, like the inability to hide behind the colossal failure of black culture, does Rutherford then give thought to maybe he’s mistaken. He’s 40 years behind the curve.

    You haven’t even made it to the bend yet.

  145. “As for the “clit” comments – when female-impersonator Clit and those who “respect” “her” show some of that same respect for others who don’t always hold the same far-right perspectives as does their own little clique, I suspect those comments will cease. Just a guess.”

    Hahaha. You get your ass handed to you every time, by a girl no less, and so you’re going to call her “clit” until she stops? You’re a real pussy.

    He’s yours Rutherford. 😆

  146. My kids learn about charity and service to country. Pfessor can send his young man to be a slave to the state if he feels such a void exists in his fathering.

    Born free, bitches!

  147. “As for the “clit” comments – when female-impersonator Clit and those who “respect” “her” show some of that same respect for others who don’t always hold the same far-right perspectives as does their own little clique, I suspect those comments will cease. Just a guess.”

    Ooh. Are you threatening me, Cornolio?


    Let’s play a game. The game is called “Who said this?” Clearly identifiable portions have been redacted.

    No cheating now.

    1) Who said this?

    “Well let it be known than that [redacted] ,Shit Expert, certifies Poolman as a grade AAA Piece of Shit.
    Lookie there pools you have a better rating than the economy of the USA does.”

    2) Who said this?

    “PF you’re such a dishonest fuck I just don’t know what to say. Oh yeah I do…FUCK OFF”

    3) Who said this?

    “poolman #15 shows what an utter douchebag you are. There is so much wrong with your take on the [redacted] that actually shows how much an epic fail you are when it comes to [redacted]. You truly are a total douchebag.”

    4) Who said this?

    “Seriously poolman your comment…the more I read it the more I wonder why I bother communicating to you or those that do.
    Folks as I type this I can see poolmans comment…I’m actually getting angry just looking at it.
    Poolman you are a total piece of shit”

    5) Who said this?

    “I’m assuming this is the latest douchebag who pool man is bowing to [redacted] grow a pair and be your own thinking human will you! You’re fucking pathetic.”

    6) Who said this?

    “pool,you are a special kind of shit.”

    7) Who said this?

    p.s. newt you suck!”

  148. When Rutherford and the rest of Useful Idiots of the Left throw out Politifact as gospel to decipher truth for us minions, remind them of this major whopper by Politifact – political hackery at its finest. Bill Clinton couldn’t parse better than this:

    Whiplash: Politifact absolves Democrat who repeated…Politifact’s lie of the year

  149. I’m watching/listening to these nitwit reporters concerning the Ebola patient and praying the rest of the world isn’t listening and watching. Embarrassing.

    I’ll bet this poor CDC MD has answered the same question phrased differently five times. I guess face/voice time is all good for our feckless, idiot media.

    On a scarier note, how long before a band of these jihadi types inject themselves, fly the Obama Airways to destination America, asymptomatic, and then once symptomatic, take a visit to malls, hospitals, football games, school events, infecting as many as possible?

    Why the hell are we not requiring 21 day isolation for anybody that flies here from West Africa?

  150. I watched some of the SS heads testimony today and she should be fired post haste.

    Sorry to be a pig BUT the SS should not be run by a dame. The Secret Service from the top down should be full of badass motherfuckers.

  151. I’ve been busy so…

    …but since when does R allow blatantly, harassingly even, sexist language like “Clit” to be used to describe a female commenter?

    I guess R is the nigger, and DR is the Pollock, etc, etc, etc…

    R, I would have expected better from you.

  152. Anyone promoting a draft is an idiot.

    The draft is not feasible for one really important reason:

    The U.S. Military is a professional organization.

    Our military is too technologically advanced and trained to allow for the draft to be an effective tool. It takes years to train a large portion of the job skills required to make the military function at the level of proficiency that it does. Unless you’re drafting folks for 6 year hitches, which you wouldn’t, it makes little to no sense to do so.

    Yes, the military develops the character of people, and it has saved more people from the streets than liberal programs could hope to, but it is not a solution socio-economic issues. It offers opportunities to those who may not have many options, but I’ve met as many folks in the service who came from middle-class and upper-class families as I have those from poverty (which is where I came from).

    Stop trying to use the military for your socio-political lab. This is the one institution that you don’t want to experiment with, considering that their responsibilities quite literally result in life and death.

  153. I guess I’m curious when R is going to comment on the intellectual conflict of Obama. He throws the intelligence community under the bus for ISIL, but then attends only 42% of his PDB sessions, which House Intel Chair Mike Rodgers points out have been warning about ISIL and Iraq Security Force challenges for well over a year.

    As an aside, Obama has spent more time-as an hour per hour basis-on the greens than taking his daily intelligence briefing.

    There’s nothing intelligent about this man, and I challenge you to point to a single instance in which he’s demonstrated some type of genius, outside of campaigning…

  154. Tex the founding fathers may not have wanted the Constitution to get a Brazillian but they did allow for amendments. They saw it as a living breathing document.

    Then amend it. But that’s not what Donna Brazille said, is it? Your once again ignoring the 12,000lbs. elephant.

  155. Gorilla,

    I contend Obama is not even a brilliant campaigner. And I say that because Obama’s reelection proved to me you can converse in nothing but platitudes now and win an election. This feckless man child for President had no foreign strategy (which we are now witnessing), no economic recovery plans, a disastrous health care policy which the damage will not become visible until long after he is gone. He’s loathed by the very military that allows us our freedoms and will eventually be called on to save our asses on our own soil because of our own political correctness.

    Anybody think I’m incorrect? Then any of you tell me what the front runner for 2016, one Hillary Rotten Clinton, has ever accomplished besides enriching herself, most of it through inside information and machination? Just one. Rotten’s entire damn record of public and foreign policy is not just a failure, but disgrace. Resetting Russia to the Soviet Union? Benghazi? Arkansas? How about laughing get a child rapist off which we have on audio and cannot be disputed? I defy anybody to tell me what Hillary Rotten has accomplished in the way of public policy.

    No, what the election of Barack Obama proved is how incredibly stupid, shallow and codependent the majority of this country has become; how racialized the minority community – especially the black community; how profoundly inept most women are in judgment of character; how economically and financially ignorant most households across this country. We are now at critical mass as a nation and I doubt 80% of the country even has a clue as to why. I can only pray when the last facade falls (the bubble stock market), it happens on Barack Obama’s watch so there can be no doubt how inane this miserable bastard and his equally worthless cabinet really were.

    If we want to survive, we are eventually going to have to split from these dimwitted and immoral twists, one way or another.

  156. 226, Perhaps you could re- word that question. Who interprets “defending?’ Does it imply only an external danger? What about a precieved internal threat such as a dangerous governmental policy? Your question is unclear.

    I caught some grief for writing that we should have maintained a presence in Iraq for a generation at least.

    In 2010, General Lloyd Austin, then commander of the United States Forces in iraq told the president that over 20,000 US troops were needed to maintain the gains the US made over Al-Qaida and its allies, because our military knew the Iraqis were not ready to fight on their own. I add the corrupt government which drained Iraqi soldiers’ willingness to risk their lives for a government which didn’t deserve their devotion.

    As the Daily Caller wrote, and I did too, the administration used the stalled security negotiations as cover for bugging out. Our withdrawal and other bad decisions contributed to the rise of ISIS.
    General Austin now says we will need ground troops to defeat ISIS, assuming Obama really wants to do so.

    Egypt knows how he seems to feel about the Muslim Brotherhood and, Hamas, and other extremists. They are angry with us right now.

    So am I. I am, being impolite to rub your noses in it, but so what? I am imperfect.

    i am judging the liberals by the standards they used against Bush and conservatives.

    Obama is working against our interests either through ignorance and stupidity or by design.
    Obama golfed, lied, and people died. This is only the beginning, and I TOLD YOU SO!,

  157. Tex, Obama is a socialist as I have demonstrated via Stanly Kurtz and others. No one here has tried to disprove my charge with information which contradicts what I wrote.

    Hillary is a fellow traveler.

    Both are affirmative action politicians who gained their positions because of gender, marriage, or favoritism. Both want to change the United States into a western European socialist state. Both think they are smarter than the rest of us rubes and they know best.

    They are demonstration that they don’t know much. That happens when people hand you honors you don’t deserve and pretend your stupidity is brilliant insight.

    Once again, we told you so.

  158. If R is the nigger and dead rabbit the Pollock the illegals infesting our country are wet backs. That’s what they called them the summer my father rode with the border patrol in Arizona.

  159. R, I would have expected better from you.

    Oh give it a rest Mr. Nobility, who, if memory serves, joked about fucking one of the lib females here.

    Is it ok if I call you a moron? Welcome back.

  160. Our military is too technologically advanced and trained to allow for the draft to be an effective tool.

    Sounds like you’re suggesting only PhD’s can join the military which is patently ridiculous. My guess is the military is as full of dumb asses as any other organization. We’re not talking about West Point grads. We’re talking the average army grunt.

    Your socio-economic point, however, is well taken.

  161. If we want to survive, we are eventually going to have to split from these dimwitted and immoral twists, one way or another.

    Here’s the problem Tex. By your own calculation that would leave a country with only 20% of the current population.

    I actually agree with quite a bit of your rant. The stupidity in this country, however, knows no party designation. The average American is profoundly ignorant and happy to be so.

    I agree that HRC laughing about the rape victim shows insight into her character but let’s not confuse that with giving her defendant his rightful defense under the law.

    Hillary was a celebrity SoS. She accomplished next to nothing but photo ops. I’ve said this before — even if you don’t like John Kerry, he worked harder in the job in one week than HRC did in 4 years.

    If she becomes the nominee, I face an existential crisis. If the GOP can’t offer an alternative I may not vote for the first time in my life. And yes gentlemen, lady, and gorilla I may even pull the lever for Mitt this time.

  162. R, considering that you next to nothing about the services, I don’t know where you get off making this comment. You don’t need a PhD to run a satellite comms facility, but it takes nearly a year’s worth of training for basic proficiency, and that’s including OJT and a staff that has years worth of experience. Likewise, a Harvard Math degree may not be necessary to fix F-18 engines, but I can gaurentee that same Harvard Math major CAN’T fix the same said engine.

    That’s the difference between training and educating. My point is that the training requirements for U.S. military systems far exceed what is necessary and prudent from draft augmentation.

  163. From the aspect of we never learn from our mistakes and we don’t ever escape this self-induced destructive vicious cycle, I found this article rather poignant.

    “…empire, through its brutality, makes people desperate and drives them toward puritanical religious fanaticism, and that this is true for peoples of all creeds. Furthermore, ramping up imperial brutality in response to anti-imperial, religiously-driven violence only religiously radicalizes subject populations even further, engendering a cycle of violence, the logic of which culminates either in the bankruptcy and collapse of the imperial civilization, or, as in the case of Imperial Rome and the ancient Jews, in outright genocide committed against the subjugated people. Yet, even when it comes to the latter, empire, through its over-extensions, always eventually kills the imperial civilization anyway, as it did with the Greco-Roman Classical civilization.

    The only way to defuse militant religious fanaticism, and to avoid both collapse and genocide, is to stop the cycle of violence by abandoning empire.”

    This should be prescription for those that continue to believe and espouse that we can win by strength and military force. Will we get a clue before we nuke the entire sandbox? Doubtful.

    “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” -Ptimely and roverbs

  164. Ah yes G, your correction makes you look so much more PC.

    Since you’re our government inside source, please give us some insight as to why SS director Pierson hasn’t been shown the door yet. Does Obama have to die before she gets fired?

  165. Anger disperses when I graze in different pastures.

    To Obama
    “give me reason to prove me wrong to wash this memory clean,,,,,and every loss and every lie, and every truth that you deny,
    and each regret that you deny was a mistake too great to hide… so give me reason to prove me wrong… let it be enough to let the truth survive across this new divide.”

    Linkin Park

    I had a routine physical yesterday and told the doctor that my genetic test shows up to 6% Ukrainian, Polish and Lithuanian. She replied “No wonder we get along so well.”

    The military requires people who know how to study and have at least normal intelligence. They don’t need BA or PHD degrees. They only need the mental capacity to learn equivalent skills..

    Many people don’t qualify. For example, many people who might be drafted voted for Obama and other liberals..

  166. You don’t need a PhD to run a satellite comms facility, but it takes nearly a year’s worth of training for basic proficiency.

    I have no doubt but you’re cherry picked a specialized skill. 90% of the body bags that came back from Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t because the dude was running a sat comm facility.

  167. R, there’s a long list of Administration seniors who should have been shown the door a long time ago. Why you’re surprised Dir Pierson hasn’t been fired is beyond me. In fact, the only person who’s been fired in this Administration has been Gen McCrystal, who probably shouldn’t have been, considering. Why wasn’t Clinton fired? Holder? Shinseki? The list goes on. In fact, the only surprise would be to see Obama actually fire someone, so…

  168. Here’s the problem Tex. By your own calculation that would leave a country with only 20% of the current population.

    Actually, I was thinking more like about 48%. If you were smart enough not to elect the failed Obama, there’s hope for you to learn.

  169. Really? So you know the breakdown of casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    SOF are some bad ass mothers, but it takes, literally, years to train them. You may degrade infantry to zombies with guns, but there is sophisticated training involved in that job–that’s why they’re so damn good. How about tank drivers? Sloths eating Cheetos and rubbing toe jam all over themselves?

    Sure, if we HAD to flood some front line with fodder, then the draft would be viable, but that’s not how we fight. Again, you demonstrate your ignorance magnificently…

  170. “The attack on grain facilities by NATO/GCC forces is yet one more example of how the bombing of Syria is not aimed at destroying the West’s ISIS proxy army but at crippling and destroying the Assad government.

    Just like the bombing of Syrian oil refineries, the effect of bombing Syrian grain silos is to prevent the Assad regime from retaking much needed resources to provide for its citizens or its military after long fought battles with ISIS.”

  171. G I don’t doubt the skill of our military but I still think you overstate the case. Tell me this much. What percent of volunteers get turned away? I’m guessing 30% tops.

    As for Obama firing people, you’ve got me there. Can’t argue a bit.

  172. Pools, though you call yourself a Christian I’m getting the impression recently that you don’t much like organized religion.

    You think? Well, that’s been my take the whole time I’ve been here. The fact that you are only recently getting that gives me hope that persistent plowing will break up rocky soil. 😀

  173. Global Post tells us that only a quarter of the pool of 18 to 24 year olds are eligible.for service. Lack of education, drug use, tattoos, too many dependents physical unfitness etc disqualify many people for service. Of course most don’t apply, but what would the government do with up to 75% of the people who can’t hack it in a technological and demanding field?

  174. One other consideration is junior officers to lead the new army. Even if the rejection rate was cut to 40 or 50%, young officers and NCOs would need to lead the new recruits. It takes time to train and season people to prevent them from getting themselves and their troops killed.

    The rejection rate would make the universal draft selective and unfair.

  175. says 25% of troops who served in Vietnam were draftees. Draftees accounted for 30% of the deaths. 66% of WW11 warriors were draftees.


    Even with a small percentage of draftees, some men were unfit for the jobs they trained for. Its cold blooded to write, but names of some of those men are on the Vietnam Memorial.and in our national cemetaries.

  176. The draft contributed to our failure in Vietnam only because it provided fodder for the anti-war movement.

    No conscription gives lless incentive to participate in marches now, if one is not at risk of losing time or safety in a distant place.

  177. I’d say our biggest failure in Vietnam stemmed not from men being unfit, but politicians and corrupt media being unfit. James or Gorilla would be a far better source to confirm this, but it was my understanding America never lost one battle in Vietnam.

    The war was lost at home….

  178. You are right, tex. We and our allies won most of the battles, and after Vietnamization , the South was holding its own. The Tet Offensive, for example was a costly defeat for the North Vietnamese. Walter Croncrite and the others got the vapors as television news shows let Americans watch our troops being shot at in the initial attack. As a result the North won a public relations and psychological victory while we defeated their soldiers.

    General Giap and others said they won the war not on the battlefield but on America’s college campuses.

    You might want to review the video account of the major battle I posted a thread or two back. It graphically shows what our soldiers were made of.

  179. G I don’t doubt the skill of our military but I still think you overstate the case. Tell me this much. What percent of volunteers get turned away? I’m guessing 30% tops.” – R

    Two Out of Three American Youth Unfit for Military

    The U.S. military estimates that roughly two thirds of today’s youth are ineligible to serve due to a variety of physical, behavioral, and educational issues. Military hopefuls can be deemed unfit for service due to tattoos, felony convictions, low scores on intelligence tests, and drug use, among other reasons.

  180. So, can I then conclude that the draft contributed to our failure in Vietnam? By the reckoning of James and G, we must have had many men there unfit for duty.” – R

    Criminal offenses in the Army were not a serious problem in the early years of U.S. involvement in Vietnam. At the beginning of 1965 the monthly Army court-martial rate in Vietnam was 1.17 per 1,000; at the end of 1965 it was 2.03 per 1,000. The Army-wide court-martial rate for 1965 was 3.55 per 1,000.

    Prior to the massive troop buildup that began in 1965, the U.S. military force was relatively small and consisted largely of individually screened volunteers and selected units with a high percentage of career officers and noncommissioned officers. Most American civilians in the country at that time were dedicated career government employees. A few courts-martial were held in Vietnam; all serious Army cases were sent to Okinawa for trial, and the Navy and Air Force sent their serious cases to the Philippines. Serious crime in the small U.S. civilian community was virtually nonexistent. There was no drug problem, and black market dealings and currency manipulation were insignificant compared to the levels reached in later years.

    After 1965, as troop levels rose rapidly and major U.S. contractors began operations on a countrywide scale, the picture began to change. Not only did the number of foreigners in Vietnam multiply many times, but the nature of the foreign population changed. As the war progressed and the American Army expanded, the Army was forced to rely heavily on relatively inexperienced officers and noncommissioned officers, young draftees, and volunteers. While the overwhelming majority of these men performed exceptionally well in the service of their country, there were those whose immaturity and lack of motivation made them susceptible to misconduct. On the civilian side, many of the contractor employees who flooded the country were drawn by the prospect of easy money and an exciting, unrestricted life. The presence of Free World Military Assistance Forces from Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the Philippines further complicated the legal scene.

  181. Someone told me that North Vietnamese troops feared Koreans above all others. Koreans visited my brother’s army base and made what looked like a high school year book for the various organizations and sold it for a nominal price.

    Yes, the anti-war left won the war for the North Vietnamese.

    Someone else told me the practice of cutting off ears began with New Zealanders. I have seen as many as five ears in a necklace.

  182. Rutherford is wrong, naturally, on the “clit” thing. It’s wrong, and you’re wrong, little man. I’m not surprised, I’ve known for some time now that you don’t know much about anything and you’re certainly not a friend.

    I said it before – no one has ever spoken to me like PFat Shit and Dingus here – not in real life or on the internet. So you sat on your lips while Pfat Shit said it again and again and again. And when called on it you act like you did something about it and when called on it again you acted as though it was just like any other insult. It’s not.

    It’s unique, little man. Meant to degrade, demean and defile in so outstanding a fashion that you can’t even use it on half the population, it doesn’t quite carry the same sting now does it?

    And your mealy mouthed condemnation and silence since then are condemnable. Clearly that’s the way a few men here bigger and better than you see it, to which I agree.

    Alfie sorry to have used you like that but Rutherford uses you as a club to browbeat us all the time so I thought it only fair.

    All of the quotes are Alfie’s. But the point is – they could be anybody’s. They’re indicative of what happens when you’re forced to share space with two fucking assholes that are unwanted, unpleasant, and unhappy unless they’re causing trouble.

    And they’re not going to be ignored.

  183. Let’s dance.

    James, the gulf of Tonkin incident that started our invasion didn’t happen. It was faked. McNamara made it up. Does that note play in your psyche? They’re still dealing with the aftermath of monsanto’s agent orange.

  184. Rutherford is wrong, naturally, on the “clit” thing. It’s wrong, and you’re wrong, little man. I’m not surprised, I’ve known for some time now that you don’t know much about anything and you’re certainly not a friend.

    If you’re addressing me then frankly you sound drunk. Comment next time when you’re sober.

    All I could do was apologize and I did. I didn’t even UNDERSTAND the whole clit thing for days after it was originally posted. It made no sense to me when Pools posted it and I dismissed it. I only paid attention after the “discussion” about it persisted.

    Now, you can either accept my apology and move the fuck on or not. Either way I’m done with it.

  185. Rutherford, you are Mini-Me to this catastrophe of a president. Cut from the same cloth and equally as shifty. You pretend we’re not talking about the continued abuse and lie through your fangs about how you handled it already. You coward. You’re the ONLY one who should be saying something and you sit there like a boil on Pfesser’s butt. Fucking loser.

  186. Now that’s how you play the victim, Rutherford. I hope you’re taking notes.

    Look Poolman, while I’m not happy with Muffy’s reaction to ME, your comment to her was classless and actually atypical of you. You usually set a better standard for yourself.

    This is for EVERYONE: If you folks want me to start banning folks and removing comments just say the fucking word. But understand that means a lot of comments will get removed — and our buddy Tex will see his comment count drop by 75%.

    Either you want a free exchange, insults and all, or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways and if all the “offensive” comments get cut, as blog owner I will be the one defining offensive and I don’t think most of you want that.

    I await your instructions.

  187. “I await your instructions.”

    Stop pretending you don’t see Pfesser’s continued misogynous abuse. There’s your instruction.

    No one brought up banning or removing comments so quit the horseshit, Mini-Me.

  188. Rutherford, you are Mini-Me to this catastrophe of a president.

    Already explained myself. If it’s not good enough, tough shit.

    Here’s a clue: when I have been contacted privately to remove a comment deemed over the line I comply. It’s not my sport to make anyone uncomfortable here — with the understanding it’s a rough crowd here.

    Tex mentioned someone wife’s name here. I didn’t notice it but when alerted to it, I edited the comments.

    Make up your goddam mind. Either you agree with Tigre and don’t “need” my defense or you’re genuinely hurt and want intervention from me. If you don’t want to lose your “tough chick” cred then write me privately next time you’re hurt by your treatment here and I’ll do something.

    And one more thing. You are the BIGGEST fan of the most abusive commenter here. So do not lecture me. You’re a hypocrite.

  189. 273, Poolman, this is how I heard it. It was a dark night on the Gulf of Tonkin. Sailors were nervous because they expected some sort of attack. Someone got jumpy and shot at shadows. Others fired because they knew they were being attacked. LBJ needed a pretext to expand the war, and the Gulf of Tonkin was a timely vehicle.

    If the witness was right, a battle did occur, but it was intermural. LBJ and his minions lied and people definitely died. My psyche isn’t affected any more by that lie than other things I saw or heard about. The man and his daughter trapped in a burning truck did play with my mind.

    Another advantage of that time is my pain threshold. Last week our dentist filled two front teeth mostly below the gum line. Our doctor gouged something from a near boil on my neck. In both cases, they apollogized and worried about my suffering pain. Both were nothing. I told them they would have to do more than that to make me suffer,

    I knew two people who died of the effects of Agent Orange. I was saturated with 24D for a day.It is a defoliant related to agent orange used by farmers. I am in a longitudnal study to determine the long-term effects. It began in 1973. So far, so good.


  190. “Sorry can’t let you get away with that. I view lack of opposition as tacit agreement and I apply that standard to all the “regulars” here[.]”

  191. No one brought up banning or removing comments so quit the horseshit, Mini-Me.

    Then WTF do you want? You don’t want or accept an apology. You don’t want banning or editing. I even asked you what Pfarker was talking about concerning the anatomical confusion and I thought your answer satisfied the exchange.

    You either want me to play nanny around here or you don’t. I think the worst I’ve ever called you was a fucktard when you played the dumb MSNBC parrot card on me. The day that I use vile misogynist names against you is the day I need to shut the blog down.

  192. That’s right Tigre and that is why I publicly apologized. YOU said tough chick Muffy didn’t need my apology. So you’ll play both sides as long as you can stir the shit.

  193. BTW Tigre I have not forgotten that you have yet to accept the sincere apology I offered you back in the day.

    If I were as unaccepting of apology as some here, I would’ve shut the blog down years ago.

  194. Blow me. Your “apology” wasn’t and apology and doesn’t mean shit. You didn’t say it. Pfuckface did — and still does. You need to figure out who you’re condemning around here. I’m not going to apologize for PF. No two sides to it. He’s a cunt. You remain silent, and ironically call Muffy a hypocrite. Deal with it.

  195. Look Poolman, while I’m not happy with Muffy’s reaction to ME, your comment to her was classless and actually atypical of you. You usually set a better standard for yourself.

    Good grief. I hope that was parody.

    This is the same classless and tasteless nitwit that denies 20 children were mowed down in a school room, Rutherford.

    Are you that desperate for friends and approval?

    75% of my comments? 😈

    “You must figure I’m a reeaal dangerous man. ~ Jacob “Big Jake” McCandles

  196. You’re in bed with two of the most ill-bred mental cases running around loose and one of them will not quit bashing another one of your commentors and you’re talking about “class” and taking shots at everyone but the asshole doing the bashing. Cheap ass sucker punches at Tex. Unreal.

    It’s not about Tex and it’s not about me needing you to defend me. You shouldn’t even be concerned with whether or not I want your defense, much less need. Where’s your core, hollow man?

    Now you’re whining about how unforgiving everyone else is? Holy fucking shit you’re killing me, Smalls.

    You are Obama lite.

  197. “I even asked you what Pfarker was talking about concerning the anatomical confusion and I thought your answer satisfied the exchange.”

    Why the fuck didn’t you ask HIM?

  198. I dedicate this to my Dear Old Friend, Dead Rabbit. Rutherford essentially killed the thread with his farcical rant, so why not? If this doesn’t get me banned, nothing will.

  199. This is the same classless and tasteless nitwit that denies 20 children were mowed down in a school room, Rutherford.

    Tex if you can’t tell the difference between a personal insult and a vile opinion about a current event, I can’t help you.

    Poolman has said some CRAZY shit here but even you must admit he doesn’t usually level personal insults and particularly low blows like the one in question here.

  200. “Good grief. I hope that was parody.”

    “Careful Tex. You’re “this close” to wishing someone’s family be sexually assaulted.”

    This is why I love you guys. You don’t ask my permission to knock some drunken asshole’s teeth in for hassling me AND you make me laugh.

    Rutherford, maybe you really are lost.

    This bullshit stops when Pfesser decides to let up or you put a stop to it. But I’ll be damned if I’ll sit here quietly taking it until he decides to quit acting like Brutus.

  201. And just so I understand this. I’m the bad guy because I condemned Pool’s ORIGINAL comment but I neglected to scold Pfarker for jumping on the bandwagon?

    Wow, to think that folks might gang up on someone here. That never happened before. The blog ought to be renamed “hate to pile on but …”

    Muffy seemed to be doing quite fine in her battle with Parker. Any intervention by “mini-me” would have been viewed as false and unwelcome chivalry.

  202. You’re in bed with two of the most ill-bred mental cases running around loose…

    Are you kidding me? Just by hosting this blog I’m in bed with several folks who are so extreme in their rhetoric that there are people AFRAID to post here cos it’s so rough. I know this for a fact. Folks have told me “I read your blog but I can’t stand the comments section”.

    Do you know how many bloody noses get inflicted here on a regular basis — the blog owner recipient of many of them. And suddenly I’m in bed with just these two miscreants? Have you been paying attention?


    I thought you and I were on the same page regarding how distasteful the remarks were.

  203. Why the fuck didn’t you ask HIM?

    Of the two of you I thought I was addressing the more sensible one since Parker’s comment came out of nowhere. If you equated my asking you with my “siding” with Parker, you misread me.

  204. But I’ll be damned if I’ll sit here quietly taking it until he decides to quit acting like Brutus.

    Good God. When did I EVER suggest you should just shut up and take it? I honestly think you’re delusional. Or you’ve got one huge case of misdirected anger.

  205. You’re hopeless. This is the last time I’m going to spell it out for you. It’s exhausting.

    This bullshit stops when Pfesser decides to let up or you put a stop to it.

    I can’t stop it.

    You can.

    He can.


    If you’re going to let HIM grow tired of calling me a clit, when HE decides that I and others here of HIS choosing stop making comments that HE finds fault with – then Fuck You Very Much Rutherford.

  206. Parker, seriously. Enough with the clit routine. Poolman that goes for you too. Whole thing has gotten out of hand and I’m doubly pissed cos it has interfered with my planned relaunch of this blog which now has to wait until calmer minds prevail.

    So enough. Cut the shit and move onto something else. If you want to beat up Muffy for her politics, be my guest but cut out the anatomy references.

  207. Rutherford, you small penised tyke. Hell, I’ve been pretty well behaved for the last year and a half. 😈

    The relaunch hey? Does that mean I’m going to be forced to behave? Do you want me to gin up some traffic? {snort}

    Great minds must think alike – I think that was Whoopi Goldberg too. LOL I wish Elmer Fudd would shoot her.

    As far as people too pussified to comment, Fake doesn’t count. She’s a complete flake, weasel and stooge. Neither does Graychin – I know for a fact he’s a dishonest, lying POS who deserves to be unmercifully mocked. The only reason he left is because he met a better bully. He did the same thing to hundreds that I did to him. Screw him.

    That’s the problem with cowardly Leftists – they’re really brave until they meet an unmoderated forum; then they shrivel like banded bull’s nuts.

    I assume we didn’t run Thor off. If so, I’m sorry – he wasn’t the bad sort; just an Obama bedwetter, too typical of Leftist propaganda. Frankly, Thor ought to come back and defend his boasts of Obama’s accomplishments now Obama’s stinking pile lays in ruins. I’d be nice. 🙂

  208. Rutherford –

    What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, my friend. The hypocrisy is stunning. Completely unbridled name-calling. Threats. References to someone’s being a drunk. Or old. Or the vilest references to a crippled man as Tolkien’s Gollum – by the way, a man who happens to be the the blog owner and upon whose hospitality this whole little enterprise depends. No, it doesn’t get lower than that.

    Then, one of the usual targets of abuse comes up with, “Clit and Slack,” strikes a nerve in the abusers’ tiny brains, and suddenly they are the aggrieved parties: “DO SOMETHING, RUTHERFORD! ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT STOP, DADDY! MY DELICATE SENSIBILITIES! OH THE HUMANITY!”

    Stunning. Just stunning. They sure can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it. Such pussies! (That would be the vulva, Dearie Muff-Muff. The vagina is the part INSIDE.)


    No, I won’t stop. Not until CLIT AND SLACK and their little cabal decide to grow up, man up, and show to others the civility they demand (and whine, and plead) for themselves. If you, Rutherford, wish to ask me to leave, feel free; I’ll be gone in a jiffy; I understand whose blog this is, and unlike CLIT AND SLACK, (CLIT AND SLACK, THAT IS) have the courtesy to SHOW that owner courtesy, even if he hasn’t the sand in his craw to demand it for himself.

    Your call.

  209. OTOH, lively. spirited, no-holds-barred argument will be met with same, and with great enthusiasm and delight.

    Example. Just a small leg up for the confused: “Your idea is full of shit, baseless, stupid and lame,” is bonzer. Let’s have at it, and the harder the better.

    “You are full of shit, baseless, stupid and lame” will be met with “Clit and Slack.” Especially, “Rutherford is lame,” which of course, he is, but he can’t help that. He also seems paralyzed intellectually to do anything about it, but that doesn’t mean I am.

    A good system, eh?

  210. Oddly Parker, you and Muffy suffer from the same malady, misdirected anger. You’ve cited several affronts against commenters here, in particular me, but Muffy is almost never the offender. Granted, her tone towards me has inexplicably changed over the past couple of years but she’s comparatively mild. All the “abuses” you mention are perpetrated by Tex and Rabbit. I’m pretty sure the whole Gollum thing started with Rabbit. Tex likes to go after me racially. Rabbit prefers low blows on disability.

    So if you call yourself righting the scales of civility, go after Tex and Rabbit. You can lay off Muffy.

    I enjoy your comments and WHO you are is of little import to me. Everyone here is lying to some extent as to their true identity — otherwise we’d use our real names. But just so you, Poolman and I are clear, henceforth all references connecting Muffy and “clit” will be redacted by me which is a PITA so give a brotha a break and stop doing it.

  211. The relaunch hey? Does that mean I’m going to be forced to behave?

    What fun would there be in forcing your good behavior?

    I’m planning a cosmetic change, a slight name change, a hat tip to the comments section and a change in tag line. “Liberal with a dose of common sense” will be replaced by a tag line that in light of this last dustup will be friggin’ hilarious.

    The blog just had its seventh birthday a week or so ago. I could be wrong but of the original WordPress Political Bloggers Alliance, only me and Alfie remain.

  212. Hey Pfussy,

    Cabal? I’m just a fan in the stands watching you get your ass handed to you. If you were really intelligent, you’d regroup and try another method. Isn’t Auntie Jean you’re dealing with anymore.

    Face it, ringer Your days as relevant are over with. Time and drink have faded that once capable mind. Muffy owns you. You’re a beached whale of a target. You think about that while that gasbag ego of yours keeps getting gashed. Me piling on would distract from the destruction, so I choose to just laugh and point fingers at you as a member of the visiting team.

    What you and the insufferable pantry pillaging Poolman think of me has caused me to lose sleep. 😈

    P.S. You still can’t get right why I referred to Rutherford as Gollum.

    You think Gollum was crippled? What did you do? Sneak a bottle of Jack? Probably stumbled in to the wrong theater and never knew Lord of the Rings wasn’t titled Debbie Does Dallas.

  213. What fun would there be in forcing your good behavior?

    Race? Do you really think that? Why?

    Cause I like to throw the statistical inferences of criminality, grievance hustling (not you so much) and bad music up? Man, I’m just telling the truth and taking the liberty of taking Eric Holder’s good advice. We’re a nation of cowards. Remember? Somebody has got step out and be brave like Holder.

    Hey Mr. “R.” I’m still a fan of Motown. Me so Horny, not so much.

    I got a lot of faults, Rutherford. But being racist I don’t think one of them. Try to look it as I disparage all Leftists and anarchists equally. 😛 No race, creed or color escapes if they’re fans of Obama. 😈

    As example, I dearly love you say in comparison to Reid, Pelosi, Maher, Stewart, Behar, and Colbert. Plus any black dude that likes Green Day certainly piques my interest.

  214. Nah Tex your stats aren’t at issue especially in light of the depressing book I’m reading on the subject. I was more referring to your tendency to portray my mother as some Angela Davis indoctrinating me with “hate whitey” when nothing could be further from the truth.

    I really do think Rabbit started Gollum and you piggy backed on it but I could be wrong.

    P.S. Tex I think Pools has killed your accusation of stealing from the collection plate. I don’t think the man goes to church.

  215. ” ‘Liberal with a dose of common sense” will be replaced by a tag line that in light of this last dustup will be friggin’ hilarious.’ “

    How about “All the hypocrisy and misdirected anger you can take and then some?”

    Or “Dedicated to fabrications, impotence, and the Pfesserly way. Here to right the scales of civility. Look, under a rock. It’s a cuckoo, a paper plane, it’s Super Pfly.”

    Well thank goodness anyway. Lamest tagline ever.

    Disclaimer: “Lame” is not a reference to disabilities as defined under the ADA.

    PS…R, messaging you in private is the ‘keeping quiet’ and my anger at you is not misplaced. But it is assuaged.

  216. “Isn’t Auntie Jean you’re dealing with anymore.”

    No, it isn’t. But what you may not know is that they won at FGs. He made a nuisance of himself over there too with this same exact schtick and they ignored him and he eventually packed up and left and slithered in over here. Lucky us.

    Remember when he was practically drizzling to get you – Tex – to go over there again and drop some potatoes on them some more?

    I came across a spanking site where he squalled about the meanie pants commentary there too. It’s his thing baby. Dirty diaper caterwalling for attention any way he can get it.

    He’s ain’t nothing but a big old squall-baby.

  217. P.S. Tex I think Pools has killed your accusation of stealing from the collection plate. I don’t think the man goes to church.

    I didn’t say the Tool™ goes to “church.” I said he goes directly to the church “pantry” to feed himself. Tool™man is first and foremost a petty thief, followed closely by first class loon.

  218. Rutherford,

    Let me explain myself about your mother. Remember back to your statement which you repeated numerous times, blacks can’t be racist because you have to be empowered to be racist? That’s utter, complete bullshit by even the loosest definition of bullshit.

    The charges you have to be twice as good as ‘whitey’ to get somewhere was indoctrinated to you at a young age. You admitted as much your mother telling you that. You’ve got a great life story which even a wretched bastard like me admires – that doesn’t happen in a vacuum, of which I give much of the credit to your mother and father in not allowing your disability to become an excuse for failure. And you obviously didn’t.

    But while I admire your mother’s courage and strength as mother, I don’t buy that her perception of America is even close to being correct, and will go even further that 40 years ago, the balance of favoritism shifted dramatically to minorities in the public square. And frankly, I’m tired of the majority of the black community trying to justify their bad behavior with lame excuse.

    I don’t consider you racist in the traditional racist sense. “Hating whitey” wasn’t the best descriptor – simply a metaphor for your bag of excuses to always inculcate everything having to do with race.

    I would better describe you as a racialist – your mother too. And until blacks can stop seeing and measuring everything through the prism of race, nothing will improve. And I do indeed hold black America responsible for that attitude.

    I know what you’re thinking. I’m not black – therefore I see the world completely differently. True.

    But I can turn that right around with example. Remember this statement on this thread? Holder changed the way we see interracial strife? Nonsense.

    Can you speak as a white man anymore than I speak as a black man? Holder may not have changed the way blacks see interracial strife, but he darn sure provided impetus for more hatred. The one thing you can’t seemingly do, is to look outside your own box.

    I can assure you Eric Holder is a living testimony to most whites that the majority of blacks are not only predatory, but duplicitous and untruthful in their own judgment of justice. And I do indeed believe Eric Holder was a black racist who only tolerated white America for political expediency.

  219. Headline of the Day: White lesbian mother sues sperm bank after she gave birth to mixed-race baby because she was sent black man’s sperm.

    LOL! Reads to me a lot of those Lily White Leftists don’t take so kindly to black blood, Rutherford? 😛 Maybe reading that book will open your eyes to some of the truths Tigre, Rabbit and I have been drilling you with.

  220. I don’t think the man goes to church.

    Are we talking a building or campus? If so, you’re wrong. I probably spend more time in a single week in ‘church’ than most of your blog denizen do in a year. There may be exceptions, but offhand I can’t think of one. I’m ‘there’ an average of 15 hours each week.

    We do have a ‘pantry’, though we call it the Compassion building. Daughter #2 volunteered there for several years up until she had my youngest grandson. It’s a place where we minister to the public. There are plenty of people in need in our community and we provide food, clothing, and medical care. We also do a job fair there (twice a year, I think) to help people with employment. We constantly have some type of community outreach going on.

    But the food isn’t what draws me, in spite of Tox’s accusations. I don’t consume any of those non perishables myself. My body is a temple and prefers fresh vegetables, organic and totally natural foods. Processed foods make me sluggish and my body reacts violently to expel them as if poison. Once you understand what goes into our ‘normal’ food supply, you’ll either bury your head and pretend ignorance or you would make a radical change in your diet.

  221. Daughter #2 volunteered “shopped” there for several years up until she had my youngest grandson. It’s a place where we I minister steal from to the public.

    Ahhhh….much better.

  222. Amen Rabbit. I’ve had exposure to the adoption system and you know one reason so many couples wait so long for a baby? Cos they want anything but a black one (or a disabled one for that matter).

  223. Rutherford, do adoption agencies also frown upon white people adopting black kids?

    My friend and his wife adopted two black kids after being their foster parents. The biological Mom was serving a life term for shaking another one of her babies to death and the father was in and out of jail while doing nothing for the kids.

    The extended biological family tore those kids out of the loving home probably 6 times simply because my buddy was white and they didn’t like that. Didn’t do shit for the poor kids, mind you.

    They finally were able to adopt after years of torture that has psychologically damaged the kids.

  224. After personally going through 3 miscarriages and complications after birth, those two asshole lesbians should be thanking God the baby is healthy and grateful they had the means to even have a child. My reaction to the baby being black would be a three second pause in which I utter the word “Woah” in between moments of thanking the Lord.

    I can’t get over the fact she carried that baby for 9 months and is on the record for suing over his very existence.

    What a piece of shit. Abstractly I get it. They fucked up and gave her negro sperm. The love for the baby should make that fact no different then noticing an odd birth mark on the baby’s ass.

    At the end of the day, you aren’t in control of everything. What an entitled piece of shit.

    God wanted her to have that baby. She wanted a toy dog instead.

  225. As I understand it the lawsuit is,actually looking for a reward that is meant to afford the lesbians the ability to ova to a more diverse community.
    I found it outlandish that they seriously think the biracial issue is the biggest issue the little girl is gonna face in life. I’m thinking I have two mommies is going to dog here far more no matter the diversity of the community.

  226. Damn I’m with Alfie. Two lesbians think RACE is the big issue? Are you kidding me? Damn. One of the reasons I support gay adoption is I assume you might find a level of tolerance in such a household. So much for that. Mommy should be thanking The Lord above that medical science allows her to have a child without having to fuck a man.

    On a related note, Rabbit, agencies run the gamut in attitudes. Some are very progressive. Some are exclusive (e.g. adoptive family must be Christian). The biggest transition I’ve seen in the past 40 years is the transition from closed (secret) adoption to open adoption.

    Dealing with the private agency can be fine but once the state bureaucracy gets involved it becomes as difficult and painful as physical labor.

  227. I agree with alfie, rabbit Rutherford and whomever I missed while skimming. Our grand daughter whom doctors said might as well be aborted is a good case.Losing a child is one of the most heart wrenching experiences parents can endure.

    Those parents should thank and count their blessings.
    “She wanted a toy dog instead.”

    I read a long time ago that it is harder for agencies to find adoptive parents for black children. One reason is blacks have a lower adoption rate than whites. In the past some black organizations have protested sending a black child to live with white parents.

    Tex and I have hoped that some of the people who put Obama and his allies into office would suffer for their ignorance. The NBC news crew, including Dr Nancy Sniderman is under quarantine,

    I don’t think Obama caused the epidemic just as I don’t think Obama is a Muslim, though he has an affinity for the religion. However, his open borders policy is harming our country and has brought infectious diseases here.

    Snyderman is too dim to see a connection, but I am happy she is worrying each time she sneezes.

  228. Nancy would see a connection if she used her free time to read Betsy’s Page, Breitbart or Ace of Spades. President Obama discarded proposed quarantine rules Bush had offered. . The rules were proposed to combat avian flu. Civil liberty groups had opposed the rules. A lot has changed since 2010.

  229. James you make a bad assumption. Do you actually KNOW Nancy Snyderman’s politics? I strongly suspect Chuck Todd leans right despite his employment at NBC.

    Putting that aside, wishing Ebola on liberals is a bit unhinged.

  230. Wabbit Swayyyyyyaw!

    Fucking upper 30s and rain. Looks like family is staying home and I’m going up alone.

    I still haven’t set up my tree stands yet.

    I get so damn spooked in the woods by my lonesome.

  231. I get so damn spooked in the woods by my lonesome.

    LOL! Why?

    You’re the biggest damn thing in the woods. By the looks of those pictures, you could stomp a bear to death. Without a gun, you’re lethal to anything that flies, burrows and walks. They ought to make you use a ballbat instead of a gun.

    Damn terminator with a soft side.

  232. Rutherford, I had to rub my eyes at this statement and read it again.

    “I strongly suspect Chuck Todd leans right despite his employment at NBC.”

    You’ve got to be kidding us?

    And MSNBC is moderate.

  233. Yes, Rutherford, I know Dr. Nancy Snyderman’s politics She believes ObamaCare doesn’t go far enough, and that puts her left of Obama. . We need a single payer insurance plan, in ner opinion.,. She also “made’ her adult children sign up for ObamaCare as their patriotic duty. I heard her say it.

    I’m not wishing Ebola on a liberals I am wishing a bad cold on them while they are” incarcerated.”

    Its 43 here with 40 MPH wind and a wind advisory,,part of the system which is dogging rabbit.

  234. I agree Chuck Todd may lean a bit right with traces of conservatism equivalent to my up to 6% Polish, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian genetic heritage. Nancy Snyderman is closer to my 1% Jewish genetic profile..

  235. A neighbor suspected a mountain lion was bothering his horses.

    The next time it snowed, I went into the woods along the Missouri River to have a look. The biggest cat tracks I saw were a house cat’s.

    That was thirty years ago when I was dumber. I was four miles from the nearest human and on foot. I could have become lunch and no one would have known for a long time.

  236. “So Tigre what do you know that I don’t know? I’m telling you, Chuck Todd is no Chris Hayes.”

    The fact that Todd doesn’t fawn over Obama all the time and at times can take a critical stance among the MSNBC drones hardly makes him right leaning. Frankly, with is new position, he knows he has to work to establish the credibility his fellow hacks do not posses. That doesn’t make him right leaning either.

    Shit, he’s been part of the democrat machinery. He worked for the Tom Harkin’s campaign in the early 90s.

    Rutherford, to even demonstrate that you are “remotely objective” among the media crowd, you’d have to savage Obama on a daily basis. This administration is the product of a complicit media that has not only refused to hold this president accountable for anything, it has actively sought to shield it — for 6 years.

    I’m assuming that Todd’s mild criticism of Obama causes you to consider him right leaning. If not, what is your evidence and why would or should the opposite suggest otherwise?

  237. Is Ebola a false flag to distract us from ISIL or the other way around?

    Methinks you need an understanding of the term ‘false flag’. I’ll let you google a source yourself, so my interpretation doesn’t cloud your understanding.

    This incident is certainly a distraction, but I presently believe it all too real. I do see evidence of engineering and planning, however…

    “EBOLA Detection Kits Deployed to National Guard Units In All 50 States in April 2014.”

  238. Rutherford, I hope you were planning on relaunching the blog into a comedy site, because this comment section has become nothing short of hilarious.

  239. A childhood friend, 6 ft 6, former Marine, bar fighter, recovering alcoholic, calls me up out of the blue, weeping. He has cancer in his lymphnodes (sic) due to cancer somewhere else in is body.

    If you knew this dude you would know how crazy it is to hear him weeping.

    He won’t tell anyone he has cancer.

    I told him he has to tell his folks and his live in girlfriend.

    Then I gave him all the other canned responses you hear when someone has cancer.

    We did nothing but raise hell together (and always getting caught). From 7th grade to 25 years of age.

    I stopped hanging around him for obvious reasons a long time ago.

    But damn….I’m a little shook up from that call.

    Feel bad for him. His life turned out shitty (all his own doing). No wife. No kids.

    But cancer…shit.

    He begged the VA to check the lump in his neck. They blew it off for 3 months.

  240. Ever notice that when a politician or intellectual speaks about Islam they always feel the need to point how it’s a great religion.

    Ever notice nobody ever feels the need to point out the greatness of the Shinto Religion?

    Not even Shintos?

    Sure, they still have their Shinto shrines. But who cares. That miserable faith is on the down low.

    I long for the day when Islam becomes the new Shintoism.

  241. Sorry boys. I know my memory can fail me but I don’t recall growing up hearing about Muslims as crazy as they are now. When I was a kid Egypt was a country people wanted to visit. I went to Turkey with my family one summer vacation.

    If the religion was evil it sure did a great job of hiding it back then.

    Why don’t you set aside your anti Muslim bigotry and recognize there are opportunists out there?

  242. When we were growing up, the communists were the enemy. Now that the communists are us, we needed a new enemy. Since 9/11, the ‘enemy’ is Islam, which doesn’t have a significant voice in the mass media. It also has been overly inundated with MANipulators™, many of whom aren’t even muslims.

  243. If it wasn’t reported or you didn’t know about it, Muslim violence didn’t occur? Are you on crack?

    So are you telling me that if Muslims were as extreme when we were younger as they are now we would not have heard about it? Sorry dude, rogue motherfuckers indiscriminately lopping off heads would have been news in 1973 just as it is today.

    I submit Islam has cycled back to an extremism not seen 30 to 40 years ago. Like every religion it has dogma that can be exploited. The level of exploitation has increased in the past 30 years or so.

    I’m NOT saying it’s historically unprecedented but history goes back a long time. You go back far enough and Christianity looks pretty fucked up.

  244. Perhaps you’ve forgotten about the 1972 Munich Olympics when you were a kid?

    Of course not and I remember the late 70’s hostage crisis too. They both pale in comparison to what we are seeing now.

  245. Tex my friend you would have cringed tonight watching Bill Maher and seeing uber-atheist Sam Harris tell Ben Affleck how dangerous Muslins are. Think about that. The only liberals who agree with you about Islam are the atheists. 🙂

  246. The Shintos didn’t try to take over the world until they did.

    They chopped people’s heads off a lot too.

  247. This is just from memory. Muslims regard Christians and Jews to be people of the book since they share a god and some of the holy people.Sections of the Koran tell believers that Jews and Christians are awful people not to be trusted. Some Muslims are apostates who produce a reaction not quite as extreme as Christians and Jews but who are also undesirables.

    Others like Hindus are idoliters who don’t deserve to live. Muslims have killed millions of those people over time. Muslims and Christians have lived as peaceable neighbors on many occasions..

    I think our latest wave of attacks began with Israel. Muslims hate Jews and the presence of a Jewish state is an insult to their religion.,Westerners supported Jews, so we attracted Muslim’s attention. Demand for oil and resultant new wealth in the region combined with better, faster communication and travel.

    Localized intolerance, including stoning and low regard for women didn’t begin a generation ago. It has always been part of the religion.

    I am obviously generalizing. Exceptions abound.

    Back in the sixties, our college had some Muslim students. A friend of my then future wife seriously dated one. The women considered him a catch. The woman discussed how they would educate any of their potential children about the ways of religion. He said “you can teach them anything you want. Then they will come to me and I as the ultimate authority will teach them the truth.” They broke up.

  248. Alphie,

    I don’t have a clue about what Ebola is. I know its existence is tailor made for irrational fear mongering.

    As for me, I’m watching it with one eyebrow raised.

    For example, on the day the dude in Dallas checked himself into the hospital (and was sent home) Obama was telling us how it wont come here.

    Of course, the best course of action with Obama is to assume he is always wrong or always lying. So, of course two days later bam! Ebola in Texas.

    The lying administration doesn’t exude confidence and also play a role in sparking panic.

    You can’t spend your entire time as president lying and or spinning just about every serious global event that involves American security and then expect the people to be calmed when they see your lie face on TV.

    Let’s say this Ebola thing ends up infecting a dozen people in the US, most of them people who have returned from West Africa. The terrible leadership and lack of trust will spell panic. Expect the stock market to crash. Schools to close. This is the price you pay when our president always thinks going the cute route in order to manipulate a few poll points is the way to go.

    Lastly, what if this does become only a 3rd world problem, but savages the entire 3rd world? The ramifications of that are too scary to think of.

  249. R, the muslim world has been commiting atrocities for a long assed time. The deliberatly geaphic gore and western terrorism is coincides with ability to broadcast it for maximum effect.

    Now, tell me more about Chuck Todd. I swear, question marks are like a cross and holy water to you around here.

  250. The inclusive parts of Islam call for people of the book to be second class citizens. Wow. I’m so impressed.

    The better the Muslim, the less Muslim they really are.

    Even during the stable times, women are treated like second class citizens. Take that back. They aren’t citizens at all.

    Look at Saudi Arabia. Replace gender with race and we would have huge freedom concerts by rock stars demanding an end to apartheid. Calls for economic sanctions from all of the west. Instead, because its just girls, and cultural, the left finger wags anyone who speaks out against this filth.

    There is horrible oppression everywhere Islam is the majority, even when they aren’t cutting heads off.

    The feckless left and Hucking like intellectuals’ only response to the reality of Islam is

    1. Christian militancy was bad 600 years ago.

    2. There are oppressive cultures that are also Christian deep in the 3rd world.

    Never do they admit just how universal the oppression is everywhere Islam is in the world.

    I’d like to use the “two wrongs don’t make a right” argument with them but that implies there is something comparable to the scourge of Islam outside a few cultural anomalies. So I don’t.

    I’ll never forget Hucking’s attempt to claim Christian equivalency to radical Islam by documenting a wacked out army in the jungles of Uganda. The same people who were so Christian they converted to Islam.

  251. I have a couple of thoughts percolating in the old dome regards Ebola & USA. All of them probably occurred to the folks pools worships,more the pity,but the points are worth noting.
    #1. This is the largest outbreak but I find it unlikely the story of UN immunization & the outbreak should be seen as worthy. The Jap that is peddling that one is a proven liar. Ebola really is a domino multiplier and I think that is why this particular outbreak is so extreme. Once you cross a line the multiples are huge. For a simple reference to this phenom the USA has experienced 5 cases of Viral Hemorrhagic Fever’s in the past. This is the family Ebola belongs to btw. Anyway one of those cases,one infected guy,led to 102 potential infections. None of the 102 ever established disease and one had flu like symptoms that proved unrelated.
    Bottom-line the scare factor is real as is the very real economics of it all.
    #2. I wonder to what degree the Tea Party types would actually allow Obama & Co. to up travel restrictions. I think the Ron Paul/Alex Jones types would have a field day if CDC upped their game on inbound air travelers.
    #3. Obama not unlike Bush before him is actually putting the UN and the African nations (AU) to shame. Bush did good things on the AIDS front. Obama via DoD (cue conspiracy) are pushing the envelope to combat the Ebola outbreak. By months end we will have more military numbers fighting Ebola than we do ISIL.

  252. DR when you say:
    The better the Muslim, the less Muslim they really are.
    you make a very interesting observation.
    To play Devils advocate I’d say the Muslim majority countries have a form of choice at work.

  253. Not for nothing but Black September wasn’t an Islamic thing.

    Sorry Alfie. But your wrong – it was entirely an “Islamic thing.” Unless you’re going to try and convince me Yasser Arafat was not Islamic.

    That would be like saying that Hamas is not an “Islamic thing.”

  254. The only liberals who agree with you about Islam are the atheists.

    🙂 That should be no surprise. Most atheists are the only “liberals” I know of that generally aren’t worried about PC.

  255. Alfie,

    I also at least in part disagree with you about the threat of Ebola. I keep hearing it is “contained.”

    How do you “contain” something that remains asymptomatic for 10-14 days? Patients manifest no temperature and in fact are isolated for 21 days.

    And I am not entirely sure that this line about difficulty of contraction rings true. We’ve got an NBC cameraman that last I heard, they have no idea how he contracted it.

    I am not trying to create mass panic, as I have little doubt that we can keep this from epidemic with real precaution in our medical profession. But I also realize a disease with a mortality rate of upward 50% and 90% in 3rd world is nothing to be trifled with. And I have such little faith in the federal government to do anything correctly, with their involvement I don’t have the confidence I used to.

    My friend the epidemiologist disagrees with your assessment.

  256. Yeah Tex I can only go with the CDC and WHO and history on Ebola.’
    As for Black September you’re obviously going with the Spencer/Geller dictionary so I don’t know what value engagement holds but truth is Black September was a PLO cell operation designed to combat Israel and its international interests. Not to enhance Islam. Not to move a Muslim agenda.

  257. I’ll say this about Ebola in the USA and I’m not picking on Texas because I know this can easily play out in a Boston, MA. or NYC ER as well.
    The patient tells you he/she has been in Africa recently. How many Americans :
    a) think Africa is a country and thinks nothing of following up the “yes” answer.
    b) how many ER staff nation wide see a person of color (or anyone really but race is sadly huge) in their with lame complaint of flu like ills and thinks lowly of them? I’ll tell you from first hand experience the answer will madden and sadden you.

  258. Our government is apparently lying to us about Ebola and not entirely for nefarious reasons. “No Blade of Grass” and “The Stand” are fiction, of course, but they accurately portray human nature during an existential crisis. Our government wants to avoid a panic.

    The British government in “No Blade of Grass” secretly considered a plan to nuke the major cities to better the chances a few would survive with a limited food supply. Rumors and baseless denials created a mass panic which destroyed civilized society within a matter of days. The video I posted of “The Stand” shows similar panic reactions when people extrapolate from incomplete and contradictory information enhances the survival instinct.,

    Town Hall has an article titled “CDC Director Doubles Down on Lack of Flight Restrictions”…The medics tell us Ebola is hard to contract, but medical professionals who know the disease are still getting sick. If they knew so much why are they in hospital? A man attended a funeral in Liberia, lied about being exposed, and got sick in Dallas. Others could do the same. Or, they could slip through our pourous border illegally.

    He went to the emergency room and was sent home. If Ebola is so hard to contract, why are airline companies, the law, and the CDC looking for all possible contacts? It is a normal precaution for a dangerous disease, but people jump to conclusions..

    I read reports of another possible case in Washington DC and yet another in Georgia. It doesn’t matter if they have Ebola or not. All that matters is people think they have the disease and the government is lying to them.

    By one estimate, this disease could decimate third world countries,with catastrophic effects on the rest of the world. I think it is possible, and so must Obama, He seems to be expending more effort on Ebola than on ISIS. Besides the obvious humanitarian concerns, we are also protecting ourselves in case this disease goes” viral.”

    A scientist on Coast to Coast said the magic number for the US is 1000. It takes about 150 trained people to treat each patient, and after 1,000 patients our domestic medical system breaks down.

    The government isn’t telling us the virus is a sloppy reproducer. It changes markedly when it moves from one host to another. As more people get sick, some strains might evolve the ability to spread through the air. Already we know the virus can survive on some surfaces for up to 21 days. If someone touches the virus, and puts his/her hands to his/her face, a pathway inside may be followed.

    Much of this is speculation, but it becomes truth to people who are on edge.

    People hear such information which conflicts with government assurance that we need not worry combined by changing government stories. It is a recipe for panic.

    This is beginning to play out as it did in the two stories I mentioned.

    Essex was part of a global flu pandemic. About 60% of our region had the flu at the same time. Basic services broke down,but no one panicked. Stiff upper lips were numerous because, after all, it was only the flu.

    A girl I knew came into our base hospital with spinal meningitis.She was scared, and I stood by her for quite a while to reassure her. She died two hours later. I was second banana in our disinfectent effort. Each of the crew was new to the base or had the least time in grade of their squadrons. Someone thought our work was dangerous.

    Our hasmet suits were long rubber coats, hats, face masks, rubber gloves and rubber boots.

    Next, we considered quarantining ourselves and every person with whom the girl had contact. Luckily, no one else got sick.

  259. I found the following from the world socialist site Willy Lo linked. Emphasis is mine. It seems credible given their obvious bias. I’m reminded of the ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ statement and this past century’s Machiavellian path of creating the crisis. This IS the way we operate, if one is familiar with our true history. I think our humanitarian ‘cover’ has been blown by now.

    “The US plan for containing the epidemic, codenamed Operation United Assistance, is being overseen by the US Armed Forces Africa Command (AFRICOM) and is expected to cost $1 billion over the next six months. So far the US government has contributed $111 million to the effort, a paltry sum compared with the $1 billion the US has already spent in two months of airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, recently extended to Syria.

    AFRICOM plans to oversee the deployment of 3,200 troops, most from the 101st Airborne Division, to assist in the construction of emergency Ebola treatment units.

    Last week US airmen from the Air Force’s 633rd Medical Group, working with employees from the US Public Health Service, set up a 25-bed Expeditionary Medical Support System (EMEDS) hospital for health care workers who contract the deadly virus.

    A 300-bed Ebola treatment unit is currently under construction in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, on the grounds of an abandoned Ministry of Defense building built prior to the civil wars that devastated the country in the 1990s. The treatment facility and others like it are not expected to be ready to receive patients for a number of weeks.

    AFRICOM has no plans to staff these Ebola treatment centers with its own doctors or nurses; instead it will be left to the US Agency for International Development and the Liberian government to properly staff them. USAID and the US State Department have pledged $10 million towards the training and deployment of 100 volunteer health care workers from African Union member states.

    Because they come into regular contact with patients’ bodily fluids, the doctors and nurses who tend to those stricken by Ebola are at great risk of contracting the disease themselves. The WHO reports that as of September 28, at least 216 health care workers have been killed by the virus. Two American health care workers successfully recovered after they were flown to US hospitals where they were quarantined and treated.

    The main purpose of this military operation is not to halt the spread of Ebola or restore health to those that have been infected. Rather the United States is seeking to exploit the crisis to establish a firm footing on the African continent for AFRICOM, which was established in 2008 in order to oversee US imperialist operations in the region. AFRICOM currently operates from Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart, Germany, thousands of miles from the nearest African country.

    Liberia is the only country in Africa which has previously expressed interest in hosting AFRICOM headquarters. The Ebola epidemic provides a convenient excuse for the deployment of thousands of US troops and establishing a permanent presence.

    US President Barack Obama announced on September 16 that a Joint Force Command Headquarters (JFCH) would be established in Liberia to coordinate and oversee Operation United Assistance. The JFCH would be the first significant base operated by AFRICOM on the continent.”

  260. Yeah Tex I can only go with the CDC and WHO and history on Ebola.

    Would that be the same CDC that announced the morning of the first case of Ebola in Dallas that there was an “infinitesimal” chance of Ebola spreading to the U.S.?

  261. but truth is Black September was a PLO cell operation designed to combat Israel and its international interests. Not to enhance Islam. Not to move a Muslim agenda.

    Not to move the Muslim agenda? Mind boggling.

    Since May 15, 1948, the Muslim agenda has been to exterminate the State of Israel. The PLO, under the direction of Yasser Arafat, took the world’s biggest stage to kill Israeli Olympians and make a statement to the entire world Jews would not be safe anywhere.

    I can’t offhand think of anything that more fits the ‘Muslim agenda.’

    But if that doesn’t meet your standards, let add three more in the same time frame:

    (1) Lebanon, 1971-79
    (2) Beirut 1983 Marine Barracks Bombing
    (3) Moammar Gaddafi

  262. Yeah we’re working from two entirely different books Tex. The Palestinians actions are more correctly tied to a legitimate attempt to free a people’s than expanding an Islamic/Muslim agenda.
    Lebanons civil war is more in line with an Islamic/Muslim agenda deals.
    The Beirut barracks bombing could be taken a couple of ways,one being that we bellied up to the bar siding with a warring entity and got smacked for it. I don’t offer that as specific to my opinion just a detached logical look at it.
    Anything K-Daffy did cannot be intelligently viewed as being in line with Islamic jihadism except his support for Pan Am 103. His other domestic and international policies are thoroughly acts of a nut mutt dictator dividing and conquering.

  263. Pools it will be the first AFRICOM base but not the first time we’ve been in Monrovia.
    I dare say you are the most fervently anti American individual I’ve met in along time.
    United Assistance is basically the next op on the list,you see we used Unified Assistance in 2004 for tsunami relief efforts.
    I’m glad Russia and China are doing so much good for the international cause,ya know like China’s pathetic 38 million dollar aid effort which ultimately looks to primarily help the 65,000 Chinks that are there to truly exploit Africa’s resources and to do the kind of imperialism you so eagerly dog America about.

  264. A Liberian-American diplomat flew to Nigeria as he came down with Ebola. He infected 20 people in Lagos. Nigerian health workers tracked 894 people who had contact with the sick man. They made over 18,500 face to face visits to check for Ebola symptoms.

    Nigeria also barred travel from infected regions, so suspicious appearing travelers wouldn’t raise public fears and justify putting people in armed quarantines. No new cases have been reported in several weeks.

    The Nigerian record illustrates the success of a speedy and effective reaction to early contagion. Obama’s adminstration has had a poor record lately. Are they as up to the task as the Nigerians? Or should everyone move to the country?

  265. You remember my mentioning FDR’s attempt to homestead Alaska and the connection to Sarah Palin. Jewel KIlcher, the singer was born and raised in Homer, Alaska. Her parents children of Swiss immigrants homesteaded during FDR’s great experiment.

    We with all of our imperfections are the alternative Russia and China. Our brand of imperialism is better for the world than theirs.

  266. What you call “free a people”, Alfie, looks a whole lot more like the attempt at extermination of the Jewish State from here. And it follows that because America is Israel’s predominate ally supplying them with arms and safe haven, we followed as the Great Satan.

    The reformation of Israel had not existed 24 hours before she was attacked by six predominately Muslim countries.

    Now I will admit the last two decades, Islam has stepped up the hatred – moving from something from message of freedom to radicalism. No doubt, most Palestinians pawns in the game. I think it fair we debate the motive, but I think it folly we pretend the message of Mohammad not driving the fanaticism.

    I think this is something most Americans don’t understand. This irrational hatred predates Mohammad by about 2,000 years. In fact, a cursory reading the Koran armed with a knowledge of the Bible, the Koran looks very much like a cheap copy rewrite; the Torah without mercy, and messianic type prophecy akin to Christ’s return; their version of good triumphing over evil.

    I dare say that the Koran’s original intent was the antithesis of the Hebrew Bible – a feud that has been simmering since Isaac and Ishmael motivated to establish what we now call the Caliphate.

  267. For example, on the day the dude in Dallas checked himself into the hospital (and was sent home) Obama was telling us how it wont come here.

    This puts you in bed with Chris Matthews who keeps misquoting the president. Obama said it was highly unlikely. He would have been a fool to say it could never happen.

  268. Now, tell me more about Chuck Todd. I swear, question marks are like a cross and holy water to you around here.

    Didn’t you mean a cross and garlic clove? 🙂 I am not saying Chuck Todd is a card carrying conservative but I am saying he does not kowtow to Obama like many of his peers do. The Daily Kos went batshit crazy when Todd was announced new moderator of MTP.

  269. I think we should not underestimate James’ statement. Obama and company have to be very careful to not spur nationwide panic. Sadly, one consequence is we might not really know what we are up against until the stats on American Ebola deaths speak for themselves.

  270. I dare say you are the most fervently anti American individual I’ve met in along time.

    I’d like to think it anti Imperialist. I just happen to live in America, therefore I am the most critical of her. We may be free range, but the crown still claims ownership.

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