Another Example of Liberal Tolerance

One of my readers and frequent comment contributors recently noted the myth behind so-called liberal tolerance. My knee jerk reaction to this is to disagree. I do tend to think of liberals as more tolerant and accepting than conservatives. Then, every once in a while I am reminded of the error in my thinking.

I was watching MSNBC’s “Up with Steve Kornacki” (hosted today by Washington Posts’ Jonathan Capehart) and the discussion turned to the anniversary of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the murder of Trayvon Martin. One of Jonathan’s guests, MSNBC personality Joy Reid observed that the prosecutors in the case lacked passion and that contributed to the acquittal. I confess I’m not a huge fan of Miss Reid in the first place, having seen her twists facts in the past to suit her point. After watching her bemoan the prosecution in this case, the following Twitter exchange ensued:

Before all of Joy’s fans descend upon me, let me make clear my first tweet to her. In our criminal justice system the burden of proof is on the prosecution, not the defense. The prosecutors needed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman did not shoot Trayvon in self defense. Whether we like it or not, Trayvon’s likelihood to be violent — the likelihood that he could beat Zimmerman to within an inch of his life — is entirely relevant. Whether we like it or not, Trayvon was no choir boy. His attorney’s comparison of him to Medgar Evers made me want to vomit. From his Twitter handle “No_Limit_Nigga” on down, Trayvon was clearly embracing the thug culture. Quite honestly, the prosecution had to walk on egg shells to portray him as a wonderful boy who would never beat the crap out of someone. The fact that they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman had nothing to fear was entirely logical. Trayvon turned out to be one of the worst standard bearers for racial profiling imaginable. The fact that the last person on Earth who should have been carrying a gun was wackjob cop-wanna-be George Zimmerman, was sadly beside the point.

So, let’s look at Joy’s response to my tweet. First, the irony of what she said was thick as London fog. I didn’t KNOW Trayvon so I had no right to speak. I stereotyped him. Now unless Joy has been reading my blog on a regular basis (which I highly doubt), she does not KNOW me and yet she stereotyped me as a “stereotyping” (hint, racist) “jerk”.  The fact is, both Joy Reid and I know more about Trayvon Martin than Joy Reid knows about me. Yet she was quick to stereotype me while ignoring some unpleasant truths about Trayvon.

Joy stayed true to her dismissive “be gone” and ignored my two follow up Tweets. I wasn’t surprised. To answer my first response, she would have had to admit that she is a hypocrite who finds Trayvon an ignorant thug but can’t admit it publicly. Or she would have had to join the throngs of blacks who toss their self respect out the window, defending the indefensible. On that score, all I can do is recommend to Miss Reid some Bill Cosby videos about proper standards of behavior that know no racial boundaries, and violations of this behavior that deserve no excuses.

On a much more serious philosophical level, Joy Reid proved the point of my conservative comment contributor. The minute she saw an opinion that differed from her own, she went on the attack with just as nasty a tone as any “intolerant” conservative. Now I will readily admit that Twitter is hardly the ideal place for an intelligent exchange. I will also admit my Tweet was slightly provocative. Yet I honestly think I might have gotten a more intelligent response from the likes of Sean Hannity. First, her reply was outright stupid. Did she KNOW Trayvon? I don’t think she did. 99% of the folks weighing in on the Zimmerman case did not KNOW any of the participants. Then she follows up by doing to me the very thing she was accusing me of doing to Trayvon. How she could hit “reply” on that Tweet, without seeing her total lack of self-awareness, is dumbfounding.

A few years ago I made the mistake of visiting a liberal blog and suggesting that some women actually wound up pregnant because they CHOSE to have unprotected sex. I made the wild assertion that women could and should in certain situations take responsibility for their (sexual) choices and not make excuses. What bothered me was a person on the blog who said she “found herself pregnant”. It was as though she woke up one morning, got a positive pregnancy test result and said “how did that happen?” It was as though she tripped and fell upon an ejaculating penis. It bothered the hell out of me. So, I objected. The response was vicious attacks by the ladies who frequent the blog and a successful attempt to out my true identity by one of the readers there. I was stunned. While I am not a “Daily Kos liberal”, I am most certainly an “MSNBC liberal” and here I was being torn to shreds by folks whose basic ideology I thought I shared.

The intervening years made me forget how vicious the left could be. My exchange with Joy Reid brought it all back again. The truth folks is that an ideologue of any stripe is likely to be intolerant because no ideology can square completely with reality. Conservative ideology ignores the truth of honest-to-goodness victims who need help. Liberal ideology ignores the truth of folks not making sufficient effort at caring for themselves.  Not only do both ends of the political spectrum refuse to tolerate each other, they don’t tolerate moderates within their own tribe.

Well I’ve got news for you Joy Reid. Your wish that I “be gone” will not come true. I will continue to write pieces (and tweet Tweets) that mostly piss off conservatives and if I damn well want to, I’ll write stuff that pisses off blind followers of liberal ideology who enable minorities and women to dodge responsibility for their own actions.


388 thoughts on “Another Example of Liberal Tolerance

  1. Rutherford –

    The great thing about my time zone is that I can often get in the first comment while your slug-a-bed contributors snore. The question is, why the hell are YOU up at 0900?

    My first reaction is to say, “Wow, you really are adopting a more thoughtful and self-examining attitude.” Then it occurs to me that maybe I’m doing exactly what you are blogging about – thinking what a smart guy you are because you agree with me.

    Your willingness to actually consider both sides of an argument and be influenced is quite a rarity. I think that is called “intellectual honesty.” Maybe a Harvard education is not to be dismissed so lightly, after all.

    My big puzzlement is, why do you tolerate the kinds of bigotry that dominate here – not everybody, mind you – James comes to mind as an exception, but that’s not the majority. It must fly in the face of everything you believe about free exchange. All previous chides about “secondary gain” from being an “abused spouse” aside, what is it that makes you maintain this blog? That is a serious question.

  2. Pfaker shows up and immediately starts nagging.

    Hey….when you offered to duel Tex….was it going to be hand to hand combat?

  3. Slug? I’ve been up since 12:45AM, 1:45 AM your time time. 😆

    Rutherford, you know those grievance hustler I’m always ragging about? Forgetting for a moment the national grievance hustlers like $harpton, Je$$e, Harri$-Perry, Dy$on? Here’s Exhibit #1. They are legion.

    A “stereotyping” jerk that simply published indisputable fact that this grinning baboon conveniently wanted everyone to forget. There’s nothing stereotyping about it. The kid was obviously a fixture of thug culture. Frankly, I’m shocked charges of racism weren’t dropped on you.

    Now you know how some of these Black Conservatives live every day.

    You’re black. You’re liberal. And you did not read your lines. You went outside the bounds of herd mentality and got blasted for it. That makes you a double threat and these so called tolerant assholes you partied to have once again ripped you for it.

    One day, your eyes are going to open like they have with this failed President who has already been impeached by the rest of the world, and you’re going to have an epiphany you’ve been sleeping with the enemy most of your life.

    A shame, because you’d be a perfect candidate to combat these flaming assholes and perhaps make a name for yourself doing so. You’ll catch the wrath, but who cares? Who cares what a mindless stooge and parrot thinks?

    I’m sure you think I’m trying to play to your weaker character, flatter you to win you over. And that’s not the case. Just a reinforcement of what I’ve been telling you for six years now.

  4. Pfaker shows up and immediately starts nagging.

    He’s still bent that all you guys he contacted didn’t buy his line of bullshit, just days before announcing to the world he never loses. That makes each of you as bad as me.

    He made the mistake of feeling “admired.” ** Guffaw **

    I guess that never losing didn’t include his own mind when he got trumped. 😈 Call in the FBI!

  5. I actually thought about Zimmerman a couple months ago.

    When I got my CCW the instructor was talking about the law. He said if you walked down the block one day and some thug said “I’m going to fucking kill you if you walk down this block again” and the next day you do and when the thug shows up to kill you, you put lead in his head to defend yourself, you are guilty.

    The situation in which you defend yoursellf with lethal force must be unavoidable .

    I could have walked around that block.

    I don’t know if this is true or not.

  6. Who the fuck is Joy Reid? And what makes you think the prosecution wasn’t passionate because no limiy nigga was a thug? They demonstrated remarkable passion for having absolutely no case, regardless of his make up. None. They were forced to prosecute by the MSNBC lynch mob now trying a year later still trying to justify itself. And you’re taken aback?

    Would you please stroke Pfesser? He’s pleading for your recognition and approval. It’s creepy.

  7. DR, I haven’t got clue where your instructor got his info or analogy, but it’s wrong. I hope you misunderstood. He had to have been talking about the requirement that the threat be imminent. Meaning that you couldn’t go back the following day and shoot him for the threat made the previous day. It just ain’t true that a thug can claim his territory and if you don’t abide you lose the right to self defense.

  8. Watch out, Rutherford. You’ll be called a self-hating liberal, or a self-loathing black! lol. It’s a tribalist charge.

  9. Tigre….It was a video from the 1980s they showed us.

    I thought it sounded fishy.

    This guy in the video was pretty unprofessional.

    The guy in the video also talked about a battered Massachusetts woman who was found guilty of killing her husband because she should have known he was going to beat the shit out of her.

    I think Dukakis ended up pardoning her.

  10. I’m looking to throw the thread off topic before comment #10. I am rooting for Germany in the final.
    On a post related note I’m curious which conservative comment contributor you speak of.
    And back to the post itself. I like it,its one of your better ones for sure. As a right of center guy who frequently earns the ire of those farther right of me I feel your pain as it were in a way that tells my liking of this post isn’t solely grounded in its slap at leftist hacks.
    The Left is still the less tolerant imo as far as organized and official intolerance. I personally see the intolerance on the right to be actually tied to personal level flaws. The left seems to really pack it all together differently. Makes it a doctrine and dogma that permeates media and academia and is severe in its assault on those that fail to toe the line.
    Politically the Right at least lets you be a RINO or Libertarian 🙂

  11. DR different states have different takes. I think many states would prosecute a person who as testimony acknowledged a threat was levied yet took no heed nor contacted law enforcement. You could easily get 1st degree in some states. Other states you’d be cleared for sure but it really matters what your zip is.

  12. Alfie,

    I don’t know about the law, but common sense when I carry (which I can count on one hand the times I have) dictates I follow that mindset.

    I hate carrying. It makes me super passive.

  13. When it became clear the men were trying to kill me or at least make me think they were ending my existence to frighten me into recanting my charges, I could have carried a pistol because they were numerous on base.

    I didn’t because i was afraid fear would get the better of me, and I would kill someone or many out of fear of a misprecieved threat. I carried a knife instead and kept my hand on it under my pillow at night.

    My secret weapon was my deceptive speed and agility combined with strength. It happened when a man jumped me, and I strangled the life out of him. I thought he was dead, but he wasn’t.
    He woke up and later tried to press charges.

    All of my precautions were wise and saved some lives. They probably out kept me out . prison,. But when my right hand hurts, sometimes I wish I had squeezed that bastard’s throat a little longer. Killing that son of a bitch would have been worth it. Feeling the life ebb from the man was one of my top five best experiences.

    I could, but I don’t carry weapons now.

  14. Knives are kind of underrated in some ways. Ever see the experiments with the amount of time it takes to kill a man 20 feet away with a knife and a holstered hand gun? Even elderly people could almost match the gun.

    And it takes such a little thrust to kill someone with them.

    That being said, I hear what you are saying James. I don’t like carrying either.

    It’s awesome going to the range now, though. I can take all my weapons and ammo and put them in one bag.

  15. The best question is from parker who asks, “What is it that makes you maintain this blog?” I wonder that often. With Stand Your Ground laws, the threat doesn’t have to be imminent, you just have to think it is. And what you think or feel is a little hard to demonstrate in court. So Florida is tying itself up in knots trying to figure out which cases fit the bill and which don’t. Take the case of Marissa Alexander.

  16. Are people really discussing the anniversary of the Zimmerman verdict?? Are you fucking kidding me? Gawd I’d even rather wash the balcony down than return to the trial, dog, but great point about the pressure to prosecute, Tigre.

    For the discussion of the twitter “war” – first of all that woman’s pic is hilarious. Giant mouth. Second, her rebuke was very mild.

    That said it’s no surprise that you had to quickly identify yourself as a black liberal. She knew you were a man from your pic so you had that working against you. A white person could never be offended at “nigga” when used by a black person, and your use of the racist pejorative “thug” made you a marked man. Your “wait I’m one of the good guys” was nauseating but necessary.

    The response to you over at Fat Grannies was vicious but nothing compared to what is in store for the occasional conservative that wanders over there. Sure some of them stop and comment just to knock the fictitious “Helen’s” article, but then the natives invariably go ballistic and surround the interloper and begin taking bites. It’s a pack of wild Pfessers demanding that the host be respected in her own house blah blah blah. Very Notzi. By the way rabbit there’s no “e” in “notsi” you dumb pollock.

    So “torn to shreds” is an overstatement even with regard to the treatment you received at Fat Grannies – unless you consider that you tore me to shreds for not rushing to the defense of the occasional rape victim here. 🙄

    Aside from that though I’m glad you wrote about your experience with dissent inside the walls. I think you’re right about it being a much bigger problem for you than for conservative free thinkers.

    I’m curious about Alfie’s experiences “as a right of center guy who frequently earns the ire of those farther right of [him.]” Are you referring to here Alfie? Or on your own blog or elsewhere in the blogosphere? I ask because I really don’t see it here but I can’t remember if I’ve seen it at your place.

  17. “The best question is from parker who asks, ‘What is it that makes you maintain this blog?’ “

    Hi FN2. I can go one better – why does pfesser come here and why as a pfake pfinancial wizard pfrom down under?

  18. Frankly, I’m shocked charges of racism weren’t dropped on you.

    Ahhh but they were Tex. what dog whistle do you think is being blown by “stereotyping jerk”?

  19. Well, Muffy, I’d try to answer your question but I only speak English. R, I had forgotten all about your reception at Margaret and Helen. I didn’t even know “they” were still around, but I see they are, only they’ve migrated from lowly WordPress to being their own dotcom. Too funny.

  20. They demonstrated remarkable passion for having absolutely no case, regardless of his make up. None.

    Tigre didn’t Trayvon’s character, as best it could be surmised, make it harder for the prosecution to make its case? Doesn’t the fact that Trayvon’s behavior profile was consistent with someone who could beat the crap out of Z, make Z’s self defense claim more credible?

  21. Algie, what state are uou referring to snd what is the standard? The hypothetical fits none that I know of nor would it come from any common law doctrines that have been codified.

  22. Muffy it wasn’t so much “hey, I’m one of the good guys” as it was wanting to toss her assumptions (her stereotype of me) back in her face.

    The part I just don’t get is people sharing a base ideology viciously fighting over the 2% they don’t agree on.

    I think you found Joy’s rebuke mild because you’re a woman. I find it typically female to end a retort with “be gone”. Honestly, it is the one rhetorical device that really enrages me. I hate being summarily dismissed. I find it more insulting than being attacked.

  23. I fully get Tigre’s remark that no one gets to legally stake out public space as their own but I also think ignoring the threat and returning the next day is tantamount to looking for trouble.

  24. R, as before, applying you concept of fairness is not the same as application of law. In fact, you driving that BMW electric car around some neighborhoods is “looking for trouble.” 😆

    Sorry for the typos. Using a phone can suck.

  25. Off topic question. We helped build Israel’s “iron shield”. Do we have our own and if not why did we help build someone else’s before protecting our own people?

    That shield stops 95% of incoming missiles to Israel.

  26. “Honestly, it is the one rhetorical device that really enrages me. I hate being summarily dismissed. I find it more insulting than being attacked.” -R

    I agree.

  27. The iron shield is for protecting a small area. I think it a safe bet Gary, Indiana doesn’t have to worry about short range missile attack.

    We have something better then shield. We have the entire U.S. Navy.

  28. rabbit, the study sounds familiar but I don’t remember seeing it. We had a little miner instruction in basic training with firing M 16 and M 14s, but most of our training was medical,
    One can do damage with a ball point pen too.


    Those old ladies are like sharks. They even tried to vote me off the site and decided Pfessor and another could go too. I learned how to get to some of them and drew some blood. It was malicious intent on my part. One of them told me I had hurt some feelings. All you have to do is learn their vanities and foibles.

    I did the same to you, Rutherford, but in this case, I meant you no ill . It was just part of the game. I dismissed your last post as not to be taken seriously, and you reacted though seemingly not in anger. I wouldn’t have been sure had you not told us.

    No insult, no matter how vicious can hurt you unless you let it.

    rabbit, Muffy affectionately called you a dumb pollock. Are you of Lithuanian and Polish extraction?

    I’m rooting for Germany too. Super Mario.

  29. @ ET:
    “I’m going to fucking kill you if you walk down this block again” and the next day you do and when the thug shows up to kill you, you put lead in his head to defend yourself, you are guilty.
    In MA two potential laws were violated here. Assault and the states Stalking law. Making threats that a reasonable person could determine to be credible is the starting line.
    Someone returning to the scene,armed and responding to the threat being followed up on could lead to prosecution of Murder 1 but most likely find you facing MA version of voluntary manslaughter.

  30. @ Rutherford….It is actually Iron Dome and although Raytheon is engaged in co-production the US has a different set of threats and assets. Not to bore you but….
    The anti-ballistic missile shield which includes Patriot missiles and other systems utilizing land based and sea borne radar systems are meant to get ballistic missiles. Its expensive,complicated and on a level much higher than the Iron Dome.
    The USA uses a Phalanx gun based system called C RAM Centurion to counter threats that the ID system is used for. We basically toss a shit load of 20mm lead into the air.The guns are actually radar tracking equipped so “toss” is a little unfair perhaps. This works against short range missiles such as Israel deals with i.e. Quassams [sp?]. Centurion also works against mortar attacks. Not ideal in heavily populated areas but relatively inexpensive compared to the Dome which has a $100k/rocket cost. If Mexico started targeting El Paso with small rockets Centurion would be ideal. It would also work if the Canadiens decide to attack Detroit. The latter highly possible given their desire to build a free bridge for us.

  31. @ Muffy @ my place and other locales. I have had a number of posts where I called out what I thought were either rare good or at least not foul deeds of the Obama administration and was pilloried for “carrying water for Obama” In response I created the Obama Pail ™and that was worthy of ridicule as well.
    I had a series called Dhimmi? Dummy? Thinker! which refuted some of the stretched anti-Islam stuff and pointed out other incidents where scrutiny was indeed duly called for. Obviously I took heat for actually applying some freedoms and tolerance.
    I’ve also have a history of to throwing a flag on the play when I find a right winger just really going nuts,especially when it causes all those on the Right to look like numb nuts such as one post titled In2 Rightwing Inanity /June 2009
    There was also one post of mine that Rutherford reposted here. He took the lumps for my opinion on that one.

  32. Rutherford, I really took that ‘stereotyping jerk’ more arrogance than racism. See, in her micro sized mind, you’re beneath her. because she’s a celebrity, or something. Not worth her time. Frankly, she comes across as stupid.

    That and the fact as a black man, she was stumped with an answer because he pull string response is racism. Her only defense then was to dismiss you.

    I once got into an argument with Ezra Klein, threw a couple of inconvenient facts in his face, and about two comments into it, had that little bespeckled dweeb babbling about wingers and baggers.

    I reminded him that made him the baggee and asked him how my scrotum tasted.

    He dismissed me out of hand. Too important.

    Most of these cause celebrity types aren’t particularly talented or bright. They’re connected.

  33. On a somewhat lighter note, I’m in love with two red headed vampires. Good lawd, these two babes are good lookin’.

    Crappy movie but those two can bite me me anytime. 😈

  34. Tex if you’re thinking that biting will lead to sex forget about it. Vampires don’t have sex in real life – only in the movies.

  35. Fake name, we own a 2012 Ford Fusion, a 1999 Escort, a 1999 Taurus. They all run, and we wouldn’t own the Fusion if we weren’t helping care for our grand daughter in Omaha. A train killed the Fusion we bought in July.

    “vampires don’t have sex in real life–only in the movies,”…unless they are bats..

  36. Can’t you believe how long that CNN piece went on?

    People fighting over the victimhood piece of the pie.

    Liberalism is really is a mental disease. A cliche I know.

  37. “Liberalism is really is a mental disease”
    Damn phone! Pfessor has a point. I for one am becoming stupiderer

  38. LOL. Oh yeah. I guess that would be right. Smart ass…:twisted: I think I misread that and meant to type she instead of he and didn’t even bother to read the above sentence so I just typed her.

    Serves me right.

    P.S. Vampires don’t have sex in real life? Well, how about copping a feel then. 😛

  39. Alfie, you’re talking about someuhing else. The hypo deslt with the kon aggresor and self defense. Not the non aggressor becoming aggressor. What you described is to my knowledge universal, not something very state specific.

  40. Fn, I think we all have shared our rides. I drive a pontiac aztec. I traded in my smart car for it. Wanted something that projected the real me?

  41. Ha ha….the Assteck .

    They actually study that thing in engineering school as a text book design disaster. Its like they over thought the entire thing.

    Plus….how do you rip off one of Batman’s rides and have it come out so dorky?

    Stealth bomber made out of plastic.

    All that being said, I owe my life to that car. I hit a deer going head on at 70 MPH. Totaled the vehical but I was fine.

    If my lawyer pulled up in one of those things I seriously might start doubting him. Wtf Tigre .

  42. Fake, I own a ’79 Bonneville and a monster truck.

    My wife drives a 74 Buick Estate Wagon that we extended as camper for our summer vacations and a 5th Wheel. I really liked the model in the movie ‘Vacation’, but couldn’t readily find the model.

    I’m still laughing about Tigre’s Aztec. Tell you a funny story one day how I stuck my foot in my mouth making fun of one of those.

  43. Anarchy in Libya doesn’t seem to be news worthy.

    This water debacle in Detroit should also be huge news. I don’t think people quite understand how helpless and lazy hundreds of thousands are in Detroit. Liberalism has done so much damage. But people don’t get it.

    They don’t pay taxes. Don’t pay parking tickets. Don’t pay for food. Don’t pay for school. And sure in the hell don’t work. Why in the fuck would they pay for water?

    A total destruction of basic humanity. Liberalism at its most raw and finest.

  44. Tigre I’ll actually pop a comment out eventually about the BMW. It has psychological history behind it — and no, I’m not referring to any mid-life flaccid-dick crisis.

  45. From cars to canes. From about the age of 8 I’ve walked with canes. Dropped the second cane around 72. I’ve always used a wood one. Today I had to replace my cane which has been deteriorating ever since I almost snapped the handle off pulling an electric passenger car seat over it. CVS had no wooden canes and I wasn’t in the mood to go to several places. So for the first time in some 45 years of cane usage, I’m using a metal cane. Will take getting used to. I like wood.

  46. Rutherford, you asked about Mexico’s role ih the children’s invasion, and I told you an interview3 with the Heritage Foundation rep said the Mexican government was basically a passive observer as elements of its law enforcement structure made deals with cartels.

    There is more. Mexico actually guards its borders. On Monday, the Mexican and Guatemalin presidents announced an agreement to make it easier for illegal children and others to travel across Mexico to the US. El Universal reports that the Mexican government will grant illegals from Guatemala and Belize Regional Visitors Cards. Mexico offers financial and material aid.

    There are other sources, but for the fun of it, I am citing Rush Limbaugh.

    We have a 1976 Monza with a 360 engine. It was made when compact cars were being phased in, and manufactures experimented with large engines on small cars. It was so fast, and small, it was like driving a sports car. I drove it at 100 miles per hour in an emergency. One problem was it was hard to maneuver on ice.

    Now after our wind storm, it is holding up our collapsed garage roof.

  47. DR, you drove a Aztek? You’re “that” guy?

    (sheesh, we were all talking about our pimp mobiles when R was going through the BMW purchase. What do you think Fake drives? I say mini cooper or VW Bug, maybe PT Cruiser).

  48. We also have a 1961 Morris Minor. It doesn’t run now, but it had good gas mileage. it is a four cylinder convertible. We bought it because it resembled the Ford Popular we owned in England.

    I vote for VW Bug for Fake Name. We used to own one of those too.

  49. James, did you see Dear Leader’s DOJ is cracking down on the farmer whose float made fun of Dear Leader?

    We’ve got a half a dozen scandals, a Southern border without borders, and private citizens being audited by the IRS for making donations to the wrong party.

    Holder can’t bother with those. He’s too busy making accusations of racism. But he does have plenty of time and plenty of manpower to investigate a float in a parade:

  50. Rabbit & Tigre,

    You ought to see my house when the kids are home from college. Looks like three Mehican families are living in it. LOL. All we need is a lowrider, a little blaring cha cha music, and some massive chrome rims on the truck with unkempt yard.

    And half of the garage is taken up with this high performance PWC that hasn’t been started until last week in five years. I smoked the neighborhood out last Monday afternoon cranking this bad boy up.

  51. Rutherford I’m sharing a McWhorter piece from City Journal That touches on a lot of what was happening with your Coates post.
    Its a little long and a part or two seemed jumbled to me. He’s a linguist though so perhaps its my reading. It definitely follows up with stuff he has written recently.
    Check it out

  52. “DR, you drove a Aztek? You’re “that” guy? ”

    Uh…cough…errrr….no..uhhhhh….yeah….I was just making you feel like you were not alone…err….Aztek…..of course not.

  53. “@ Tigre I’m going to say I think we’re reading things differently and leave it at that.”

    I looked back and I hope so. I’m not completely ignorant on the subject and I know you ain’t a fool. You are always free to correct me or leave it alone. I think I set out a near treatise on self defense — by blog-comment standards — following the Zimmerman lynching.

  54. Tex and DR, I loves me a classic muscle car. I worked on them at a garage (restoration) throughout high school. Although I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything, it was the impetus behind my wanting to go to college. I just didn’t want to live the day-to-day existence of the guys I worked with, although I considered all of them go-to-the-mat friends.

    For real, my very first car was a ’64 Chevy with a 327 (no, I wasn’t even in existence when it was manufactured). Factory everything, power nothing. Pristine. I bought it for a song and had to sell it for college $$. I wish I could have it back so badly — even if I’d go broke with the fuel cost and probably die in a 5 mile per hour collision. I used to laugh at the lap belts it had in front seats. I used to call them “mercy belts” because I figured their real purpose was to snap your spine before you were impaled by the steering column in a collision.

  55. My third car was a 64 el camino with a 283 that I soon converted from a two-speed powerglide trans to a 4 speed muncie with a hurst super shifter and a corvette clutch and flywheel. I couldn’t hardly keep it on the road. The ass end is so light, it did better with weight in the back. Of course jacking up the tail end with air shocks and adding wide tires did not help performance, but it was the look we were going for. It’s that vehicle in which I taught my wife to drive. The body was probably 30 percent bondo and the trans mounting bolts would often loosen from the bell housing. If I waited too long, I would depress the clutch and it would shoot the tranny out the back of the crank. I remember plenty of times having to pull to the side of the road (or push it), crawl under it and while placing the tranny on my chest, restab the pilot shaft and then tighten the bolts.

    I have a lot of memories associated with that vehicle. One a definite miracle moment that I may share here sometime if I feel so led.

    Today I drive a tundra and my wife a scion tc.

    Does fake drive a prius? I know plenty of prius owners here in AZ.

  56. Poolman truce for a second here. Two questions.

    1) Is it black? Your Tundra.
    2) Did you recently save a life?

    Yes or no is sufficient and you don’t have to answer but I’m asking because I saw something that made me think of you and I thought it uncommonly kind.

  57. Alfie @ #74 – you’re right it is a long article but only two paragraphs in I already began learning new things.

  58. Sweet, Tigre. My very first car, I Dad actually “shared” with me after being in a flood. It was his baby. A Buick Skylark, 455, with a retractable moon roof by hand. Bet it would be worth a small fortune today.

    Of course, I ruined it and blew the motor and it didn’t last long. But the thrill of the motor revving still rings in my ears. My Dad being a ‘Buick Man’, replaced it with another Skylark – this one with a 350 and small carb. LOL It was a POS – penance for ruining his baby.

    The coolest car I ever rode in and drove was my buddy’s 69Z28 – the real one with a 302; Orange with white stripes. If you had today’s tires on the back, it would have pulled the front wheels off the ground. Like driving a high performance go cart.

  59. Poolman, that 283 El Camino you spoke?

    Short story. Leaving our parking lot every day, it because custom for all of us idiots to spin the wheels. That 455 Buick I spoke of above? I thought it was pretty fast and so did my buddies.

    Imagine my surprise, when leaving the high school parking lot with the pedal to the metal, I was passed by a long haired hippie freak, one of the wood shop guys driving an old el camino, while shifting 3 on a tree. LOL.

    True story. This hippie’s old truck would run like a bat out of hell, leaving me humiliated with two girls in front bench seat with me.

    I couldn’t even look him in the eye at the stoplight. 😈

  60. Tex, that’s funny. I could have been that hippie. lol. Once that thing was moving it would fly and scared me a few times. My wife used to fly in it back when she was learning. I think a little over confident. It did fine handling once moving, but took much effort to keep it from spinning the tires starting from a stop. Occasionally we’d be at a traffic light next to a cop. Talk about paranoid. I can’t remember how long she was driving before we actually went and got her a license. Life was certainly different back then. I spent hours in junkyards. They just let you roam around and bring your goodies up to the front and pay them cash, often haggling over price. I had to strip pedals and linkage along with bucket seats out of an old malibu.

    Kids today miss out on a lot of those seat-of-your-pants moments.

  61. 72 Yes, Tex. The creator was interviewed for several local stations. So far, nothing has happened, maybe an audit?

    Kids home from college are part evolution aren’t they? Our daughter came home often in the first two years, and the phone began to ring almost as soon as she walked in the door. One day, the telephone was silent and I knew our daughter had really left home.

    Our first car after the service was a Ford Fairlane. It ran well until the timing chain broke on the highway at 60 MPH.

  62. It’s official. Obama is lying to our faces again. He has been letting everybody in. I’m talking everybody.

    And its mad rush now.

    This growing completely out of control.

    Congratulations Democrats. The country is yours.

    Rape it. Like you did Detroit. Make people farm animals.

    I got a pocket full of shells and three months water. Hide out with a well and wood burning stove.

    I’ve seen the 4th biggest city in the U.S collapse.

    I swear this is all a house of cards but want nothing more to be a tin foil hat guy. So insult me, libs. It brings me comfort.

  63. Michele Malkin’s lead story this morning is “Eric Holder’s US Justice Dept. Investigates Nebraska Farmer’s possible abuse of power”

    She founded Twitchie and recently sold it. Malkin still links to the site. One collection of tweets enters your territory, Rutherford.

    Holly Fisher, a mother criticized ObamaCare after the cardiologist treating her daughter was no longer covered by the new Obama approved insurance plan.

    Once again, “liberal tolerance” was on display. They compared her to the Muslim Jihad, and thought the comparison was valid.Others wished her child was dead, they fantasized about her being raped by animals, and some offered money for nude pictures of her.

    Michele Malkin and her heritage have also been unprintably attacked.

    Of course, we remember Sarah Palin.

    Malkin also posted a list of similar attacks inflicted by Democratic leaders and columnists.

    Like rabbit, I have the means and the skill.

  64. April Sands admitted to violating the Hatch Act by soliciting political contributions and through active political work via her Twitter account. She also political discussion via web cam from an FEC conference room.The Federal Election Commission

    Most of the written proof is gone because her hard drive crashed.

    Charlie C W Cook wrote an article about the Nebraska farmer. He is famous.

  65. Tex, had to believe a Skylark with a 455 could move under it’s own weight. Now a 350 could put out but I like the small blocks. Big blocks are way overrated for output without really put a lot into them, IMO.

    I drove a Tesla the other day. Really cool.

  66. That guy was intense, Rabbit. 🙂 Just like you said he was. I had to turn it off when Richard Sherman entered for workout, but I thought about you watching it.

    Nice gym. That’s a serious investment.

  67. Tigre, I agree with you about big blocks. It was the only one I ever owned, and though with far greater torque which made really nice blue smoke, it wasn’t really that much faster than the 350. And certainly nothing like what they’re making today. I guarantee my wife’s 270hp Accord would outrun either of them and drive comfortably while doing so. But it doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

    And certainly not as fast as a 3 on the Tree El Camino. 😈 How humiliating. The guy just smiled at me with cigarette hanging out his lip when he passed me. Ugh…

  68. El Camino’s older brother, the Ranchero, could tear it up too. Drop a 351 Windsor in there and, if you could keep the rear on the ground, look out.

    To my knowledge, there ain’t a woman alive that would own, let alone be seen in, either.

  69. With all of the shit going on, the DOJ is investigating the Obama outhouse float? Holder is just fucking pathetic. Politically, motivated, Orwellian bullshit.

  70. It’s official. Obama is lying to our faces again. He has been letting everybody in. I’m talking everybody.

    WTF are you talking about?

    I’m surprised that no one here ever mentions that RAZA calls Obama the “deporter-in-chief”. The man has deported more folks than Bush had by this time in his presidency.

    From what I am seeing, this is the imperfect storm:

    1. Bush law makes it harder to deport children from non-contiguous countries.

    2. Obama says certain kids ALREADY HERE can stay.

    3. Drug cartels and other nefarious players exploit the ignorance and fear of Central American mothers and assure their children safe passage to the land of opportunity.

    Anyone who ignores point 1 is a conservative partisan hack. Anyone who ignores point 2 is a liberal partisan hack and anyone who ignores point 3 is just not paying attention.

  71. To my knowledge, there ain’t a woman alive that would own, let alone be seen in, either.

    LOL. Yeah, Mr. Woodshop that blew by me wasn’t exactly King of the Homecoming.

    I got him back, though. We had to wrestle by selection nominated by the Phys Ed. Teacher. Gary was at least 25 lbs lighter than me and I think the only reason this jackass for assistant coach matched us up is Coach Eddy was a stupid ex-jock that hated long hairs.

    I clinched up with this guy and honestly, I didn’t know God made men this weak (or stunk that bad). This guy had like girl sized hands, was actually a nice guy, and was terribly shy. I wasn’t about to humiliate him like Fat Eddy wanted me to because I liked the long hair a hell of a lot better than I did high school coaches. Hell, Gary (the guy) practically built my first wood shop project for me.

    I took it pretty easy on Gary (I don’t remember his last name, he was a year older) and held him on the mat and held my breath waiting for the call of pinned.

    Did I state I abhor high school coaches? Even worse than Michelle Obama.

  72. Rutherford, you remember when you took me to task a couple of weeks back for stating that it was my opinion that Obama was trying to damage the nation because nobody could be this grossly incompetent? You about pissed yourself?

    If you can’t see what is going on in Texas is a calculated effort to crush the immigration system and fundamentally transform the nation to change the demographic trends virtually overnight for political expediency, then you’re willingly blind or…

    …it is time for you to admit that Obama is a horrid failure.

  73. Now this:

    is what I’d like to have to take the missus adventuring among the rocks and hills on weekends.

    I checked into it: it uses a Corvette engine and Powerglide (2 speed) transmission – completely rebuilt, of course, but VERY tough to bust.

  74. That transmission is probably the same one I got rid of. I remember hitting second gear at 20 mpg. I had to fix that. The car I had before the el camino was a 69 impala with a 327 and 3 on the column, chevy blue. At the time my buddy had a 68 camaro with a 327 and 3 on the floor -same chevy blue.

  75. Poolman, with the high end on a 327, forget the three. You gots to have the indestructible Muncie four on the floor. Yeehaw!

    Man, all of this is really making miss all the fun we used to have.

    When you say chevy blue, are you referring to that dark navy metallic? That was my favorite color.

    The most demonic machine I ever laid into was a ’72 Pantera with a 427. I was told that it pulled over 600 hp of the rear. And I believe it after nearly losing it pulling off the lot into the highway. The sound and roll at idle was just incredible. I could make a fist inside the exhaust and still have two inches around.

  76. Rutherford 102 there is some truth to what you point out and there is a major word choice that you use that is telling as well.

  77. I don’t think Rutherford understands just how much this administration is built on lies.

    How could he?

    Clueless cheerleader.

  78. I was listening to the talking heads tonight trying to make sense of Obama – it was a mishmash of reasons trying to figure out is he inherently evil, not terribly bright, American hatin’, grievance hustler, or just disinterested and incompetent.

    I don’t think Obama is complex in the least.

    First, from cradle to adulthood, Obama was raised by a hodge podge of scum: commies (granny), hippies (momma), black militants (Pappy, Frank Marshall Davis). And this was reinforced in adulthood by his self appointed spiritual mentor (cracka hating Rev. Jeremiah). Like all black militants and wannabees, Obama believes America is intrinsically unfair to blacks and minorities.

    The second reason is Obama is bred in Chicago politic – corrupt, thuggish, narcissistic; has been for years. Obama cut his teeth on the most corrupt political machine in American history. That’s why Obama doesn’t negotiate; it’s his way or the highway. He doesn’t know how to negotiate. He only knows how to campaign and win. That explains what is happening in Texas. Obama is trying to fundamentally transform the largest Conservative state, Texas. from Red to purple in a nanosecond. He gets it, America is fundamentally transformed. Arizona is a bonus.

    Obama is woefully unprepared to make hard decisions that require complex calculus. Frankly, Obama ain’t that smart and neither is his cabinet. They excel at the mob manipulation of the dependent and stupid people plus grievance minority, aided and abetted by corrupt media and Leftist higher ed.

    And finally, Obama actually believed himself incredibly gifted and found out he wasn’t. Now he’s hurt and angry. The narcissist met reality – 2008 was perhaps most embarrassing political moment in American history, led by profoundly overrated, profoundly arrogant and ignorant Leftist elites who lead the indoctrination of the rubes, dupes, and lemmings.

    Conservatives really blew it 40-50 years ago when they let the Left take over public education and indoctrinate young minds. Public education is a shithole of filth and Leftist indoctrination for the most part. They don’t attempt it in the engineering and medical schools. Those people are too smart to be manipulated.

    But you get a bunch of high school retreads majoring in masturbation just to get a sheepskin and a slew of false promises of employment, Sallie Mae financing? That’s a goldmine for manipulation.

    I think it’s too late – America’s days are numbered. I’ve got to teach my children to stay away from the politic – that’s a losing proposition. Screw these hucksters in the pocketbook and make them believe you’re doing them a favor. Wear and Obama shirt and overcharge like a dog.

  79. Holding a Liberal Arts degree, I can attest that it was a massive indoctrination camp. It was also the most restrictive environment for free thought I have ever been in. A college campus of all places. Sad. And our blog host wants to retire there….

    3 years ago I would have taken the time and provided examples, but I just don’t have the energy anymore. So I peck sweet nothings on this cell phone.

    Public School attempts to indoctrinate. Luckily, the quality of teaching is often times so ineffective, they fail at even that. 🙂

    The scary thing about the divide is it isn’t regional. It’s rural vs urban.

    People look at Michigan and see this blue state. It really isn’t. Its a couple metro areas vs. the rest if the state.

    If we ever dissolve it will make the Civil War look like a walk in the park. The whole nation would be ‘Bleeding Kansas”. Or maybe even akin to the Chinese Civil War.

    I don’t see a way out…

    Tex…I think you are correct. I’ve been thinking this for a while. Civic virtue may be a dead end. The mob rules. And damn is it a helpless and ignorant mob. Even the Harvard grads in this mob are out of touch with reality.

    Just superficially join them and secretly pledge allegiance only to tribe or clan. Sadly, with growing surveillance state…even this may prove one day to be difficult to pull off.

    I need an Obama shirt.

  80. Do u guys read what you write before hitting reply? Goddam the melodrama is insufferable.

    And you’re all such pussies. Do you think the “greatest” generation whined like you do?

  81. I don’t think Rutherford Rabbit understands just how much this administration right wing propaganda is built on lies.

    How could he?

    Clueless cheerleader. Paranoid Drama Queen

    I fixed it for you.

  82. The greatest generation ain’t one of you and you sure as fuck ain’t one of them. Remember, they are discarded by the VA and locked out of their own memorials as punishment? Whiny bitches.

    You don’t see that the “greatest generation” is disgusted and worried about what you have chosen to do with the hard earned legacy in which you place no value, you fool?

  83. You and alfie are right RAZA does call Obama the deporter in chief, but Tex’s link shows that the administration is lying about the number of people who are sent home.

    A vivid memory of my sojourn in a university was “you don’t belong here you fascist. We’ll get rid of you!” The man was referring to my being a veteran, but it also applies to anyone who departs from the party line.

    Rutherford, provide some examples of “right wing lies” and i will match you with gems from the left. The logic of that comment is unsupportable unless you are lying about the left.

  84. “And you’re all such pussies. Do you think the “greatest” generation whined like you do?”

    I saw a good article about why the US veterans are treated so badly. The author said the reason was because they would take it. They automatically reverted to their military demeanour and did not complain, no matter how long the wait or how ill the treatment. I’m sure it is not just the WWII vets; the Vietnam and other vets probably are the same. James, what say you?

  85. re: 327. I knew a guy who had a Chevy station wagon with the 327, back in the ‘seventies. It would spin the tires at will, and in doing so, he goosed it so many times that he broke one of the engine mounts. From then on, if he gave it too much fuel, the engine would cock to one side and pull the throttle WFO. He said he had many a scary ride in it, as did his wife and daughters. He got killed riding with a boozer a couple of years later.

  86. Yes Tigre, deep metallic blue. Not sky blue. The deep blue that looked so good against the real chrome bumpers and trim. Back then I would wax the car, something I have not done for over 30 years. My new celica I bought in 79 had a factory polyglycoat and didn’t need waxing.

  87. James, we cooled to 80 overnight. The humidity is up right now as we are in our monsoon season. I think we’re expecting 101 today as we have a dry front moving in and by the weekend should be back to our norms around 107. Officially we are at a little over an inch of rain for the year, where normally we’d have over 3. The official measurements are taken at the airport, but conditions vary quite a bit across the valley. Yesterday Scottsdale got high winds and over an inch of rain whereas we got moderate wind and no rain 20 minutes west. The wind overall has been increasing and no one remembers anytime when it was as frequent or strong here. Urban trees have been loosing limbs and sometimes have been uprooted. Landscapers and pool cleaners are staying busy trying to keep up.

  88. Poolman, that was mine on the ’64 too. Not a single blemish. Light blue interior. I waxed that thing so often it probably hasn’t needed another coat since I sold it (in the 80s). I wonder where she is now. . .

  89. I was listening to the talking heads tonight trying to make sense of Obama – it was a mishmash of reasons trying to figure out is he inherently evil, not terribly bright, American hatin’, grievance hustler, or just disinterested and incompetent

    He sure is giving all the talking heads something to talk about.They probably all secretly appreciate him for making them relevant. Most won’t point past him to his handlers and groomers, preferring to discuss his character and not what actually made him what he is today. I see him as a front man, a salesman, only able to do what he’s told and strictly stick to the script. In no way is he his own man. In no way does he have any real power. If he looks stupid, it’s because they want him to or he isn’t doing a good job selling his brilliance. He may be the most MANipulated™ POTUS yet.

  90. Poolman, you may be right about Obama being manipulated.

    Frankly, since I don’t find Obama terribly bright or terribly grounded. Stroking his ego that he’s Lebron like Jarrett and Rice do got those two morons high level jobs.

    The real brains behind the manipulation can only be speculated. One thing for sure. Obama’s just a puppet who still believes in his own greatness. Feed the puppet with adulation and you get a free ride in you’re in close enough.

  91. The sixties was definitely the best era for chevy, imo. Back then they built things well, though there were still some silly anomalies. I remember rebuilding wheel cylinders on my 64 and finding out I had an ‘early’ 64 as opposed to a ‘late’ 64. One had 15/16ths wheel cylinders, whereas the other 7/8ths. There was other wierdness, most of which I have long forgotten. I remember complaining then, ‘why the change?’ I thought manufacturing would benefit from standardizing parts, rather than making everything different often just to be different. That attitude has carried into today. Marketing is always changing stuff to make it ‘new’, which to me really sucks. When something works, leave it the f*** alone!

  92. I have not waxed a car in 25 years – maybe 30. I will tell you this last Honda, though flawless mechanically, has a pathetic paint job. It’s charcoal gray (at least that’s what I call it), and even clean, I think it looks smudged.

    If Honda can’t do better than that, I’ll look elsewhere next time.

    Tell you what has a nice paint job, though I find it a POS – the worst car in my used car lot. My youngest’ Hyundai Sonata – real pearl white; and though I don’t like white cars, this one is pretty.

  93. The sixties was great for music and muscle cars. That’s for sure. I can’t remember when they changed the emissions standards (’71 or ’72), but everything started going downhill after that.

    Those Chevy and Ford small blocks were still my favorite motors made. Gawd, I loved those things.

  94. Arizona politician mistakes YMCA campers for migrant children

    “He had tweeted from the scene, “Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law.” He included a photo of the back of a yellow school bus.

    Kwasman later told me he saw the migrant children. “I was actually able to see some of the children in the buses. The fear on their faces…. This is not compassion,” he said.

    But there was a problem with Kwasman’s story: There was no fear on their faces. Those weren’t the migrant children in the school bus. Those were children from the Marana school district. They were heading to the YMCA’s Triangle Y Camp, not far from the Rite of Passage shelter for the migrants, at the base of Mt. Lemmon.”

    Disease Threat From Immigrant Children Wildly Overstated
    The Central American kids arriving in Texas are likely to be better-vaccinated than children in Texas.

  95. Tex, I bought a ’01 hyundai sante fe used. I chose it over the honda crv on the lot because it was cheaper and so much tighter. I eventually traded in on a new ’05 tucson, one of the best vehicles I ever bought. I traded my daughter the tucson for her scion when she had my grandchild. The paint is still as good as it was new. My eldest daughter had an older sonata that was a pos. It had a warranty, but the thing was always in the shop and they never could get it to stop using oil. They never could figure where the oil was going. lol. Then the flywheel/clutch need replacing and I argued with them that it was definitely part of the drive train and they needed to cover it. They didn’t agree and wanted $1500 for the repair. That’s when I parted company with that dealership. If I hadn’t had such good experiences with the sante fe and tucson, I probably would have given up on hyundai. My mil had a 2004 sonata. It was much better than the earlier sonata. They got better in time and today rival honda and toyota.

  96. 122 Poolman, while I like the monsoon thunderstorms, i don’t like the Arizona humidity that fuels them.

    Interesting about the wind. Though you didn’t get any rain did the outflow from the thunderstorm at least cool you for awhile?

    We had 14.00 inches of rain in June and over 2.00 on July 5. The rain has shut off since then. Sioux City has had over 18 inches since June 1. That is more rain than we got in a year a couple of years ago.

    We finally found a contractor who can replace our wrecked garage.

    I have been picking string beans for a week. The peas are dying of old age, and only a few raspberries remain. I picked all of the cherries though hail damaged them.

    The sixties were something else.

    We owned my wife’s first car, a Nash Rambler which we had at Ellsworth AFB. it died in a Rapid City intersection after I deployed to another base.

    The first car I bought was the Ford Popolar we drove in England. it had good gas mileage, and it was so durable it ran on two of its four cylinders which gave up a year and a half after we bought the car.. We had a flat tire in the Scottish Highlands and discovered the trunk key didn’t work. I removed the back seat and a panel to get into the trunk and get the jack. Only there was no jack.

    We were in a desolate area of the Scottish Highlands beyond a sigh which said “Last chance for service.” I stood in the middle of the road until someone stopped for us.

    The man who sold the car to us had purchased a Porshe for resaie in the US. He needed a car after it was shipped away, so we resold our car to him. I didn’t tell him it had only two working cylinders which was fair because he had said the car had a jack.

    The man who re- bought the car had been an Air Force TI for singers Jay and the Americans. They enlisted as a group and had time to practice while in basic training.

    On another occasion, our car went into a ditch on the shore of Loch Ness.

  97. Lurker,

    As we speak, my oldest daughter is doctoring some of these “healthy” children that just so happened to venture across the border that the Leftist Observer observes as healthy. And I can assure you, few of them are ‘vaccinated.’

    So I ask myself. Who do I believe? A Leftist with an incredulous past of claims with an agenda proscribing FAUX News and quoting from a wildly Leftist newspaper in a heavily Leftist town? Or the physicians treating the illegals?

    You can see why I must call bullshit once again about your claims.

  98. Sorry Lurker, I wanted to add this:

    The vast majority of Central Americans are vaccinated against all these diseases. Governments concerned about health, and good parents investing in their kids, have made Central American kids better-vaccinated than Texan kids. We fear them not because they are actually sick, but because of powerful anti-immigration narratives that link foreigners to disease.

    The same ‘good parents’ that let their children cross Mexico with coyotes, right?


    Ah. Such is the mind of the American Left.

  99. Congressman Phil Gingrey from the state of Georgia

    He is a medical doctor so he is also very concerned about preventable diseases they bring:

    “Many of the children who are coming across the border also lack basic vaccinations such as those to prevent chicken pox or measles.”

    The congressman/doctor “has long-standing ties to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a far-right medical group that opposes all mandatory vaccines. The organization touts access to Gingrey as one of its membership perks.”

    So is he for vaccinations or against them? I wonder what it depends upon.

  100. “But there was a problem with Kwasman’s story: There was no fear on their faces. Those weren’t the migrant children in the school bus. Those were children from the Marana school district. They were heading to the YMCA’s Triangle Y Camp, not far from the Rite of Passage shelter for the migrants, at the base of Mt. Lemmon.”

    😆 😆 😆

    Which might explain the fear on their faces.

    Any chance you drive a Subaru?

  101. The displaced children are a tragedy, of course, and the diseases some may bring here are a potential threat, but the most important danger they and others present is to our culture and identity.

    Assimilation is necessary to preserve the nation we know. We cannot continue to allow the basically unchecked flood of legal and illegal immigrants. The result will be a series of foreign enclaves with a shared loyalty to the old country. it has happened before.

    I have no voice in Phil Gringrey’s fortunes, but his constituents should be asking.

  102. The Mail Online reports that a report compiled by the El Paso Intelligence Center and not meant for the public showed that of 230 migrants interviewed, 219 said their primary reason for migrating was they had heard that the US is granting free entrance passes.

    Crime data showed a slight decline in violence rates in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

    “Human smugglers are exploiting changes to the US immigration law after the Obama administration decided in 2012 to practice prosecutorial discretion in cases where individuals were brought into the US illegally as minors.”

    Several of us made that point earlier. It feels good to be proven right yet again, We should do a superiority dance as the church lady did.

  103. Just dropping this for no particular reason at all….
    The Russians are likely reopening the Lordes base in Cuba. They are also continuing a diplomatic tour in Latin America.
    The nations that comprise the BRICS** are forming a fund and bank to compete as it were against the IMF/WB.
    These represent a couple of reasons I believe the world is moving towards spheric alliances and quite frankly the globe is going to experience something.
    I look at these two and I think about the Roosevelt Corollary,Monroe Doctrine and the whole Good Neighbor days.

    ** Brazil,Russia,India,China,South Africa

  104. I am at my wits end on what do to do with my early onset Alzheimer’s father in law.

    He is getting violent. Even with me! I have 100 pounds on him and I have to be honest…he freaked me out. Think of a middle sized dog with rabies.

    Most homes wont even take a guy like that.

    The ones that do are 10 grand a month.

  105. Man Rabbit. That’s truly sad. My dad actually grew more mellow after his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s – perhaps the first time he had ever been mellow. He once told my mom, “I’ve had a big mouth all my life. I don’t want to be that way anymore.” And he wasn’t.

    I don’t really know what to tell you other than you can’t be the first family to experience this. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of violent Alzheimer’s patients.

    Why don’t you call the Alzheimer’s Association if you haven’t already and see what they suggest? One thing for sure. If your mother-in-law still alive, she could be in imminent danger. The Alzheimer’s patients are no longer in control of the faculties.

    I would do something to help intervene before she gets hurt. Just an opinion.

  106. Sorry about your fil, rabbit. My mil just passed. She had alzheimer’s. Almost 2 years in a home with a nice lady and her mexican helpers. She had long term care insurance that paid 80 percent of the care which was total $2,500 a month. Plus meds, which ended being over the counter and pretty cheap. I’d say make him some special brownies and dole them out vary sparingly would be the most organic way to mellow him through this violent time. It seems most get over it like a phase but man is it hard to deal with. Her husband, my fil went the same way.

  107. re 141, no shit Sherlock. The IMF is why we hate Iran, took out Iraq and Libya. It’s why we want Assad removed in Syria. Meanwhile, the petrodollar no longer is the oil exchange.

  108. James, our beans are done. Aphids and the heat did them in. Cucumbers are still making. Watermelon and cantaloupe are coming along with fruit about ready. Squash is about done. We’ll plant again in the fall. Blueberry is all plant. Strawberries are all plant right now, too hot to set fruit, but the runners are doubling our patch. Tomatoes are mostly done, except for one plant. Peppers are doing great, along with eggplant. The okra is going to be huge, plants are only 2 feet now. Got too hot for the grapes and they dropped all their fruit. The fig trees have a few figs. They’re in pots, like most of our trees.

  109. We’ve had a very mild summer for Oklahoma and my tomatoes aren’t doing worth a tinker’s damn. It was 72 degree here today – unreal.

    I’ve got this nitwit neighbor who thinks she is Farmer Brown and always bragging she’s a 4th generation tomato grower. Last year, with five plants, I got more tomatoes than our ‘Master Gardner’ and she had 20. LOL

    She told me tomatoes need about 80 degree weather. From the looks of my garden, she couldn’t be more wrong. I had tomatoes running out the wazoo last year and it reached 100 numerous times.

    What’s really puzzling is none of them are even blooming now. They look great – tall, green and healthy. But not even a “smidgeon of corruption tomatoes.”

  110. They may be overwhelmed screening these children for illness. But does that mean they are finding an overwhelming number of sick children? Considering the situation these kids have been through you will find some sick children. This would be true if they were US kids in a similar situation. Quit the complaining and treat the sick ones.

    To hear the talk of some people you would believe there was a huge black illness tsunami arriving on the border at any moment and we will all be dead before happy hour. Damn!

    According to this info these countries were vaccinating on par or better than the US.

    Latest data on vaccination rates per country, according to Pan American Health Organization
    DTP3 (Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis) Measles MMR1 OPV3 (Polio) BCG (tuberculosis)
    Guatemala 94 93 94 100 (2010)
    El Salvador 92 93 92 90 (2012)
    Honduras* 88 93 88 89 (2012)
    United States 94 91 93 n/a (2012)
    * In 2010 and 2011, Honduras had rates of 100 percent vaccination for all vaccines listed.

  111. Thank you Lurker. I’ve been meaning to post about the vaccination record.

    The health objections are mostly fabricated to shield the extremists from accusations of hating on little brown children.

  112. Yep. The whole “border crisis” is a nothing burger. Not a problem and of course Obama is doing all he can to address it. Command and control.

    Thanks for your objectivity JAL. I was beginning to think there was a problem and there might be something that Obama could do about it to keep it from blossoming. But you seem to have a pretty good bead on it.

  113. And thank you Rutherford. Thank you for reminding us that all crises and issue faced by the president are founded in racism and extremists.

  114. Refugee status is for people fleeing persecution, isn’t it?

    I’m fine with the huddled masses coming here as long as they aren’t criminals. If they become criminals after they’re here then they get the boot pronto. The sickness and disease is a legitimate issue and needs to be figured out rather than denied. The obvious solution is to divert the money going to the countries of origin and using it to get them well and get them processed.

    Ultimately though I am vehemently opposed to seeing their eventual votes bought and paid for with taxpayer money. So voting rights are permanently off the table for all people not born here of legal citizens immigrant or otherwise. How do you like the open borders now?

    And y’all can shut up about brown children. You’re projecting your own racism onto others.

  115. “The health objections are mostly fabricated to shield the extremists from accusations of hating on little brown children.”

    Blow yourself.

    “The border is secure.”

    Why not just claim that there’s perfect peace in the Middle East, Harry?

    What a disaster this presidency has been. Après moi, le déluge indeed.

  116. You’re welcome. Happy to clear things up for you. I wouldn’t want you to ruin your day worrying.

    Do you still sleep with the light on?

  117. LOL The fun thing about you Tigre (if one’s in a good mood) is how you put words in people’s mouths so you can enjoy arguing with yourself.

    A humanitarian crisis is just that, a crisis. No one said its a nothing burger and I’m not saying that Obama is not once again in over his head.

    I’ve also acknowledged how Obama policies have enabled the deceptions going on down there.

    You may now continue arguing with yourself.

  118. Must say, R, all of your reasoned commentary (outside of stroking JAL), has been mighty enlightening. You’ve not only Not said it’s a nothing burger, you’ve said nothing at all.

  119. “A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane with 295 aboard was shot down by a surface-to-air missile in Ukraine near the Russian border.”

    Say what???

  120. Ah Rutherford. So that we can now add conversing and not just seeing through the prism of race in each and every discussion…

    …just when I think at least one sort of white, sort of black man is on the verge of beginning to see through another taller, half-black fraud, you revert back to the Hope & Dreams of 2008/2009 and the worn out accusations of rasiss and kneegrow.

    I guess we’ve come full circle now? But from black to brown. What’s next? Red to Yellow? 😛

    About 90 days into Obama’s now indisputably failed regime – Tigre, Rabbit, Gorilla, and I (Elric while he was still around) started poking fun and dog piling you on your predictions and infatuation.

    Depending on the level of humor and your mood, you charged us as closet/tacit/KKK racists until you determined that, “No, that’s not going to defuse them. What else is in the bag?”

    You still do amuse me on occasion. I’m not sure you’ve ever figured out you’re still amongst friends, even if you’re a boner. It’s getting to where I can hardly distinguish your seething from your resignation and an ‘ah, fvck it. ‘

  121. I’ve been reading and an interesting book. Some of you may have read it? Lone Survivor

    In it, the ‘Lone Survivor’, a Navy Seal who was the only one left standing as his brothers were shot or shot down and killed in a rescue attempt, pens a testimony to the fight. And he absolutely shreds the Leftist (liberal is his word) politicians and media in this thing. I mean, a level of rage that I didn’t know existed within the ranks of the warriors of our country.

    I’ve been struck by three things:

    First, I could not have cut it as a SEAL. Once upon a time, I had the strength, aerobic ability, and I believe knowledge to complete the physical and training. But the water exercises would have flunked me first. It makes me claustrophobic to even read.

    Second, our rules of engagement are so ludicrous, that we are literally sending our soldiers into terrifying combat situations as simple pawns, like they were ducks on a carnival shoot. Over a dozen SEALS lost their lives debating one simple decision: whether they should show mercy or kill the enemy, not because of hesitation of the gruesome nature or fear of the enemy. They needed to eliminate these Taliban. But because they were terrified of the Leftist media labeling them murderers and spending the rest of their lives in the dink.

    Finally, It’s a wonder our military hasn’t told the entire American populace, and especially the media and politicians, the war is over and we citizens better starting manning a gun.

    Be glad for God and Country, and the loved ones of these guys. Because they damn sure have no love loss for our current media and leadership. And these are the best of the best.

  122. Blow yourself.

    Funny I used to have a recurring dream about doing just that. Alas, I lack the flexibility.

    Why does a dog lick its own balls? Because it can.

  123. I’m sorry your tomatoes aren’t doing well, Tex. We had a bumper crop this year. I still have a dozen I have to use. Homegrown not only taste the best, they have a long shelf life, as you probably know. With growing, it’s not always a given. I think we act like we know more than we do. If we follow certain procedures, we come to expect a certain result. When it doesn’t happen we question everything. Everyone has their own theory. The weather and atmosphere play into the mix. Out here we have poor soil and dry weather, so one has to improvise. We do have 2 distinct growing seasons, often we can get produce year round. We stagger some plants like greens to have fresh more often. Plants are also living and respond to whatever is occupying their space. Some people are plant people. There’s a lot of truth to that green thumb idiom.

  124. Poolman, when you created your garden, did you treat your soil in anyway, mixing peat or some sandy loam?

    The reason I ask is that I always thought where you reside, is was pretty much sand that would prove very porous – great for green bermuda and cactus, not so much for crops.

    The strange thing is, I had probably 50 tomatoes of various size that appeared in late May. They grew to full size, then never ripened or took weeks to ripen. I pulled them, left them in the dark in a brown bag, and they tasted great. But I had to pull them to get them to ripen.

    I should note I used sheep ‘doo’ as fertilizer and all organic.

    And though the plants are perfectly healthy looking, best I can tell, they haven’t created another bloom that came to fruition since. None of them – different varieties.

    I’m stumped. But then I’m a newbie at this.

  125. By the way, if this is global warming, AGW or not, please bring more of it.

    We broke our low ‘high’ today by 14 degrees. Do you know what a treat it is to have 68 degrees in Oklahoma in the 3rd week of July? Usually your tennis shoes are glued to the asphalt by now.

    I think it was around 107 here this time last year. Whew…

  126. Where we live, you have to do a lot to the ground to make it grow vegetables. 40 some odd years ago it was a field of onions. Most of the housing areas are built where farms and orchards used to sit. The soil in the valley varies. We have mostly clay and sand with some rocks. We do a lot to amend the soil. Other areas are granite or caliche. Some areas have loam and are very fertile.

  127. “Why does a dog lick its own balls? Because it can.”

    Two guys come upon a dog licking himself. One says to the other, “I wish I could do that.”

    The other guy turns round and says, “You ass! That damn dog’ll bite you!”

  128. “Be glad for God and Country, and the loved ones of these guys. Because they damn sure have no love loss for our current media and leadership. And these are the best of the best.”

    We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~ attributed (probably incorrectly) to Orwell

    And, more appropriately, speak to us, Mr. Kipling!


    I went into a public-‘ouse to get a pint o’ beer,
    The publican ‘e up an’ sez, “We serve no red-coats here.”
    The girls be’ind the bar they laughed an’ giggled fit to die,
    I outs into the street again an’ to myself sez I:
    O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, go away”;
    But it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins”, when the band begins to play,
    The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,
    O it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins”, when the band begins to play.

    I went into a theatre as sober as could be,
    They gave a drunk civilian room, but ‘adn’t none for me;
    They sent me to the gallery or round the music-‘alls,
    But when it comes to fightin’, Lord! they’ll shove me in the stalls!
    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, wait outside”;
    But it’s “Special train for Atkins” when the trooper’s on the tide,
    The troopship’s on the tide, my boys, the troopship’s on the tide,
    O it’s “Special train for Atkins” when the trooper’s on the tide.

    Yes, makin’ mock o’ uniforms that guard you while you sleep
    Is cheaper than them uniforms, an’ they’re starvation cheap;
    An’ hustlin’ drunken soldiers when they’re goin’ large a bit
    Is five times better business than paradin’ in full kit.
    Then it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, ‘ow’s yer soul?”
    But it’s “Thin red line of ‘eroes” when the drums begin to roll,
    The drums begin to roll, my boys, the drums begin to roll,
    O it’s “Thin red line of ‘eroes” when the drums begin to roll.

    We aren’t no thin red ‘eroes, nor we aren’t no blackguards too,
    But single men in barricks, most remarkable like you;
    An’ if sometimes our conduck isn’t all your fancy paints,
    Why, single men in barricks don’t grow into plaster saints;
    While it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, fall be’ind”,
    But it’s “Please to walk in front, sir”, when there’s trouble in the wind,
    There’s trouble in the wind, my boys, there’s trouble in the wind,
    O it’s “Please to walk in front, sir”, when there’s trouble in the wind.

    You talk o’ better food for us, an’ schools, an’ fires, an’ all:
    We’ll wait for extry rations if you treat us rational.
    Don’t mess about the cook-room slops, but prove it to our face
    The Widow’s Uniform is not the soldier-man’s disgrace.
    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!

  129. Parker, I have quoted “Tommy” before because its true, Kipling wrote propaganda for WW1, and pulled strings to help his son enlist when he failed two physicals for poor eye sight. His son’s face was shot off, and his body may or may not have been found in 1992.

    Kipling supported the war,but he condemned British leaders who caused unnecessary deaths because they had failed to learn the lessons of the Boer War.

  130. It is 55 this morning. A couple of years ago, our tomatoes were luxurient with few tomatoes. Possibly too cool and damp weather lst tomatoes put more of their energy into growing large than for fruit production Our tomatoes are growing fast with plenty of blossoms but no tomatoes yet.

    Our summer has been cooler and wetter than yours. Tex, though July has been dry. It is too early to know what will happen here because our tomatoes will be starting to form in another couple of weeks. I suspect our tomatoes will also be all hat and few cattle if current weather trends continue.

    The Drudge Report linked to an article about the sun and our climate. Honest scientists, mostly foreign are debating the continuence of our stablized weather. They believe it will get cooler because the sun is inactive. Many glaciers are still melting, but the rate has decreased.

    No body knows what will happen, of course, but they demonstrate yet another progressive lie that the science is settled.

  131. After the Soviet Union fell, the US and allies promised former satelites we would protect them if they returned nuclear materials to Russia. We broke our word, as several of us noted here.

    A guest on an Omaha radio station said an official who visited Japan for a conference said a popular saying is “if the US draws a red line, be ready for a red carpet next.”

    The children’s migration is a problem as we know. A survey showed most came because they expected amnesty to let them become citizens.

    Jonah Goldberg wrote that progressives are mostly anti-military, anti-gun, pro-abortion, and pro-gay marriage. Yet, their publicity sector in California makes movies and television shows supportive of soldiers marriage and children,. Gays are in committed relationships. Romance novels follow the same script. Producers who stray sell fewer tickets or books, and their shows have lower ratings.

    He argues that our culture is still basically conservative. I wonder as more voters realize how serious Obama and the progressives’ failures are how many will vote conservative?

  132. Just a quickie before bed: a little OT, but a good quote, relating to the current Israeli incursion into Gaza.

    Israeli spokesman, quoting Golda Meir: “There will be no peace until the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate us.”


  133. There is an irony of sorts re the illnesses popping out secondary UAC spike. The ailments are consistent with a barracks like setting.

  134. re 177, I prefer this quote over that of a proclaimed Jewish atheist:

    “Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace.”

    Or maybe this one from a Jew as recorded by a Jew:

    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”

    It’s extremely lopsided when 264 Palestinians have been killed (77 percent of them civilians and include 58 younger than 16 and 30 women) compared to 1 Israeli (4, if you count the 3 that were kidnapped and killed, which supposedly led to this latest onslaught and which appears to have been planned by the aggressors).

    A cell phone phone call made by one of them on the day they went missing revealed they were being held by Hebrew speaking kidnappers and abruptly ended with gunshots. Yet the invasive ‘search’ for them continued for 18 days.

    Today the campaign has escalated to a ground invasion involving troops and tanks tasked to ‘fire on anything that moves’ and includes bulldozers that will destroy more homes while their stated purpose is to rid the territory of supposed tunnels used to smuggle whatever into Israel. Quoted by Naftali Bennett, Israel’s economy minister, the campaign is going from ‘iron dome to iron fist.’ Do we recall when and where historically the term ‘iron fist’ was used? Ironic.

    But the downtrodden are saved by God, saved from the murderous plots, saved from the iron fist.

  135. “OMG! Just saw that the Army has do the gender switch for Manning.”

    And veterans are dying waiting for medical treatment at the VA.

  136. Speaking of which, can anyone tell me what the fuck Obama has done to contend with the VA crisis? Did he just pass it along to his usual beholden liberal bureaucrats that are responsible for the problems to begin with?

  137. Alfie, I agree with 178. The culture will remain conservative as other mediums trend left, UNLESS we suffer an extreme catastrophy.

    A writer for Town Hall discussed her book on an Omaha station. The milineals are suffering under Obama’s policies, but instead of turning Republican they have become politically lethargic. She says Republicans should target them.

  138. Poolman,

    Out of curiosity, if the citizens of Mexico were haphazardly launching missiles into Phoenix neighborhoods, schools, nuclear facilities, and churches, what would be your chosen response from our government?

    To pray?

  139. re 179, agree. Did you see this DHS/UTEP report from March?

    Click to access UTEP%20NCBSI%20Final%20Report%20March%2020%202014.pdf

    Seems the barracks-like housing IS the plan. And then there’s this:

    A month or two ago news broke that Obama’s HHS was calling for private contractors to help transport illegal aliens throughout the interior United States. What made this already big news even bigger is the fact that the original call for proposals came out in January, long before the bulk of the illegal alien surge began.
    The breaking news you’re about to read is ten times bigger, because the following proves the Obama administration was bankrolling America’s churches back in 2010. And the tens of millions were flowing in to prepare for the invasion currently underway.
    The following is a small taste of what’s out there in grant records. This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

  140. “The 57,000 children from Central America who have streamed across the U.S.-Mexico border this year were driven in large part by the United States itself. While Democrats and Republicans have been pointing fingers at each other, in reality the current wave of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras has its roots in six decades of U.S. policies carried out by members of both parties.”

  141. Tex, first of all the citizens of Mexico are NOT firing rockets haphazardly into Arizona. They never have, as far as I know. We did have an official war with Mexico over territory, one even instigated by democrats. At the time, the Whigs were the greatest opponents of manifest destiny and the ensuing Mexican-American war.

    But let’s move the timeline forward to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, a full century before the ‘state’ of Israel was formed and forced upon Palestine. That treaty officially ended the war with Mexico and gave the United States the Rio Grande boundary for Texas, and gave the U.S. ownership of California, and a large area comprising New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mexicans in those annexed areas had the choice of relocating to within Mexico’s new boundaries or of receiving American citizenship with full civil rights. Over 90% chose the latter. – Wikipedia.

    Then the Gadsden Purchase in 1854 for purpose of a transcontinental railroad increased our southern border to where it is today. If Mexicans had rockets back then, we may have seen a few in protest, but they were granted full American citizenship if they lived in the area and so chose to remain. Or they could move to within the newly established Mexican border.

    Have we threatened Mexico’s citizens or their territory in these 160 years since? I think not. One could cite the drug trade or gun trade or government interventions like fast and furious, but a continual onslaught and takeover of land? Not happening.

    So, first of all, what would be the motivation for them shelling us here in AZ? Stealing their water? We’ve been doing that for generations. Second, who would supply said rockets for such a shelling? Third, what person today actually believes our military couldn’t pinpoint the exact location from where they were being fired?

    If these rockets are supposed to be such a deadly threat, why have they only killed one Israeli and why have they caused such minimal property damage, even though hundreds are claimed to be continually fired at Israel? I tend to believe those that claim Israel is allowing these and even providing them to justify their ongoing land grabs and aggression. It is consistent with their victim mentality and historical acts to date.

  142. Tex @ #187 – don’t be surprised if the chosen response from the left – though not necessary from poolman – would be to call you racist and paranoid, judge you lacking in compassion, and demand that our government do nothing but pour your own money on your funeral pyre.

  143. Muffy, notice that Poolman avoided the only question posed that mattered?

    We got a history lesson about Mexico (irrelevant), some mishmash of how we’re screwing Mexico still (irrelevant), and then some moral relevancy that Poolman apparently thinks war is only fair if its proportional (inane) – especially when you’re outnumbered a hundred to one.

    Never mind during the Hudna Hamas and the U.N. begged for and was granted for five hours, these pond scum started firing rockets into Israel once again. Even the feckless U.N. backed off their demands after that.

    How many nations on earth actually give 24 hour warnings to leave the premises or you lives will be endangered during a war to civilians being used as human shields? America? Maybe. Before we dropped a nuclear bomb.

    But Israel did.

    I’ve always said (besides being a paranoid conspiracy freak), Poolman is foremost a moral coward. Poolman would be as useless as a goldfish in a fight. Guarantee he’d throw his own wife into the fray if it would save his ass. I’d like to let a few of these SEALS I’ve been reading about have a go at changing Poolman’s attitude and give him a little history from first hand.

  144. I answered your question, Tex. Let me clarify, since you have a difficult time with nuance:

    It would be ludicrous to think Mexicans COULD fire rockets into America and get away with it. I KNOW we (our military) could take out those doing it in less than 24 hours time. We could also do it without arbitrarily bombing civilians and destroying whole neighborhoods. It’s just as ludicrous to believe these rockets pose a real and ongoing threat to Israel. Should we tally up the dead and wounded and compare?

    I do get that your main source of information is pj media and I know who butters their bagel.

  145. Let me go on record. If we determine that Ukraine rebels brought the plane down, we send a drone to their training camps and we blow them to fucking bits. Enough leading from behind. You kill Americans, you die.

    I heard a military talking head (I think it was Barry McCaffrey) say we have no military option. I’m disgusted. Are we total pussies now?

    Oh and if our bombs happen to land over the Russian border? So be it. Screw Putin.

  146. Rutherford, there is so much disinformation and conflicting information coming from that region and the media. I heard it suspect that the Ukrainian military shot it down thinking it Putin’s plane that traveled through the space earlier. I also heard the plane was 150 miles off course and that there were no Americans on board, though at the time of the report some 44 were still not identified. It’s a tragedy no matter what tribe or nation the dead were from, but no reason to start WWIII.

  147. Tex, that was some history lesson wasn’t it? I hope you learnt something.

    But Tex, check this live cam of this african watering hole. Lately I’ve been playing this in the background. It’s mesmerizing, even when I’m occupied and can only hear it. Right now it’s replaying the live cam from earlier, which runs from 10:30pm CST or so to mid-morning the next day (daytime eastern african time). It’s funny streaming this to a smart TV with a good sound bar – or any computer with decent speakers. It’s ultra soothing.

    They have a bunch of live cams and captured footage from around the globe, even underwater. Lots of bears and river watches and nesting owls. It’s the most marvelous thing I’ve found on the net in a long time.

  148. We could also do it without arbitrarily bombing civilians and destroying whole neighborhoods. It’s just as ludicrous to believe these rockets pose a real and ongoing threat to Israel. Should we tally up the dead and wounded and compare?

    So if these cartels are driving around in the open and are so easy to find, why aren’t we rounding them up then, Pool Baby? Because see, they like to pull women and kids into the house with them in gun fights.

    Do you have any inkling of how crazy and stupid you read?

    It’s just as ludicrous to believe these rockets pose a real and ongoing threat to Israel.

    More moral clarity on Poolman’s behalf. Truly brilliant commentary.

    ” Ah don’t worry ’bout them rockets. They don’t pose no threat. {chews cud}”

    You remind me of the idiots here in Oklahoma last year who thought filming a tornado up close and personal didn’t pose much of threat either because they knew the path of the tornado.

    Before their SUV was tossed 300 yards with them in it.

  149. ”Let me go on record. If we determine that Ukraine rebels brought the plane down, we send a drone to their training camps and we blow them to fucking bits. Enough leading from behind. You kill Americans, you die.”

    What if there was only one American on board?

    ”I heard a military talking head (I think it was Barry McCaffrey) say we have no military option. I’m disgusted. Are we total pussies now?

    Oh and if our bombs happen to land over the Russian border? So be it. Screw Putin.”

    We can send you and McCain over there to convince Putin that we’re super cranky about this.

  150. lurker, the Huffington link is factual, simplistic and misleading. I feel sorry that you are so ignorant of the issue.

    For example, Truman was the first to attempt to depose Guzman to contain Communism. It was during the era of the Red Scare when Soviet spies were active in the West. Even some of FDR’s staff were communists, and a large minority of Soviet sympathizers were living in the United States. A few operated in subversive cells.

    The West and Soviets were ;prudent enough to avoid direct confrontation by waging proxy wars. One region of dispute was Latin America. The CIA was determined to stop the spread of Communism. Truman’s attempt to over throw the Guatemalan government, but Eisenhower renewed the effort and succeeded.

    Ortiga was a communist sympathizer who wanted to export his ideology. His government also mistreated Indians and other groups. We rightly fought the left there, The Soviets supported Ortiga because we were fighting a Cold War, and he was their man.

    Strangely, after the Cold War ended, African wars stopped, and Ortiga lost power to be re elected later after the Soviet Union had ceased to exist.

    Most of the other arguments were self-serving and illogical.
    its true some of the problems are unintended consequences of Soviet and Western Cold War battles, but the Central American countries bear responsibility for themselves. Some other countries like Germany and Japan were virtually destroyed and they became prosperous again within a generation.

    Even assuming the writer is correct, the fact remains that a sudden invasion began mostly because people believed after Obama’s executive order they could get into the US.. A survey also showed the people interviewed were less worried about violence than free citizenship in the US.Violence rates have declined siightly.

    Lurker, the writer and you if you believe the article have been “Blinded by the Light” (Manfred Mann0 of Leftist ideology. it is sad that i, a hick farmer knows more about geopolitical affairs than you or a probably coastal writer.

    If you want to know more of the truth, I will gladly instruct you.

  151. Rutherford, some of the whitest people in the world have a victim mentality. The Sami and the Finns still complain, but they have also improved their lot.

    If our bombs happen to land on the Russian border, screw us both. Russians won’t lead from behind. During the eighties, I read that terrorists captured some Russians in the Middle East and held them for ransom. The Soviets captured some terrorists and began mailing body parts to the hostage takers. The prisoners were soon released.

    I don’t know if that story is true or not, but I wouldn’t doubt it after watching Russian YouTube dash cams.

  152. JAL I think you’ve made some good contributions to the discussions here but that last one,the HuffPo piece isn’t one of them.
    An insanely oversimplified false zeitgeist to recent Latin American history doused heavily in some really one sided classic leftist drivel. I’m actually shocked the authors intentionally tanked their piece so badly.

  153. @ James I have to take exception to your position that our anti-Sandinista positions were either correct,right or proper.

  154. Rutherford ,perhaps you are playing Colbert in your comment # 194. Would you set the way back machine and apply your position to the Korean or Iranian flights?
    The incident in Ukraine as well as the whole deal period needs to be followed. I would say that the ISIL dhimmi or death proclamation in Mosul deserves action of some form too.
    The world has some issues going on right now and these two plus Gaza I think could get ordered as follows: ISIL,Ukraine then Gaza.
    Obviously the USA has a bevy of domestic issues ithat needs attention as well,from its leaders and We the People too.

  155. alfie taking exception is your right. I believe i am right. The mini war was mismanaged and Iran-Contra was illegal.However, It was another proxy war we rightly fought.

  156. I find it rather ironic that Poolman would be discussing victim mentality.

    Is there a bigger victim on this board? Rutherford throws out the occasional white racism when cornered or frustrated, always ignoring the virulent black racism. But I have never thought Rutherford considered himself a victim. That’s just duplicity – not perpetual victimhood.

    Where would anyone think all these conspiracy theories derive that Poolman comes up with? This is classic victim cognitive dissonance/blame assessment. Jews make an easy target.

    Poolman believes he has been cheated. So he has to make up some excuse for his own very visible, personal failures.

    I find an awfully lot of this Ron Paul guys border on being worse than Leftists when it comes to sheer insanity and loathing.

  157. Here’s a test:

    Let’s drop the names “Hamas” and “Israel” and make a list of the characteristics of two imaginary warring entities. We’ll call them Entity A and Entity B.

    Entity A:
    • Declares that its raison d’etre is to annihilate Entity B.
    • Sends missiles to explode in the most populated parts of
    Entity B in order to kill as many civilians as possible.
    • Uses families and individual civilians as human shields to
    protect its own leaders from attack.
    • Tortures and kills domestic political opponents.
    • Has no political or religious freedom and has no freedom of
    speech, press, or assembly, and no independent judiciary.
    • Is a theocracy.
    • Violently oppresses gays.
    • Saturates its education and airwaves with a demonic hatred
    of Entity B.
    • Rated a “6” by Freedom House in its 2013 report on freedom
    in the world. Seven is the worst possible rating. Entity A
    ranks 6 in freedom, 6 in civil liberties and 6 political rights.

    Entity B:
    • Recognizes the right of Entity A to an independent
    • Has never begun a war with Entity A.
    • Has never targeted civilians in Entity A. In fact, it has
    sacrificed soldiers in order to avoid killing Entity A civilians.
    • Domestic political opponents — including even supporters
    of Entity A — not only have freedom of assembly, press
    and expression; they have political parties with
    representatives in Entity B’s parliament.
    • Has freedom of the press, assembly, religion, and a
    completely independent judiciary.
    • Allows gays full civil rights.
    • Has innumerable human rights groups dedicated to the
    welfare of people belonging to Entity A.
    • Has no education or broadcasts comparable to the daily
    hate in Entity A.
    • Freedom House rating for 2014 is 1.5 in freedom (“1” is
    best possible); 2 in civil liberties; 1 in political liberties.

    So then, with which entity does nearly every government in the world side? Entity A.

  158. You don’t get it at all. I am not a victim. I am angry that evil has such a popular appeal among those calling themselves saint. I am no way expecting anyone to save my ass. Already done. I just prefer to question everything and compromise on nothing.

  159. You forgot to include in your fairy tale that Israel was started by terrorists and its greatest statesmen were the most gruesome of the bunch. Proudly so.

  160. I’m just wondering when Rutherford is going to admit that Obama’s and Hillary’s reset button didn’t work so well.

    Let’s just say Mitt Romney is laughing his ass off right now.

  161. Ladies and gentlemen, two weeks ago I gave my two week’s notice and tonight my long national nightmare has finally ended.

    If I ever hear another person complain about a dead battery, a flat tire or a key locked in the vehicle I will punch them square in the face.

    Thank you and good night.

  162. Congratulations Rutherford!!

    Poolman, your arguments are old. I hope Israel has finally reached this point ” Thank you so much but you’re not in luck. Won’t be in touch ’cause your out of luck. Take care. We’re done. I swear. And I don’t care.”

    I hope the Israeiles destroy Hamas and its tunnels for good.Then there will be peace. .

    Carina Dahl is a Norwegian singer who’s father nicknamed Deisal is a member of a heavy metal band. He used to be a spokesman for the Norwegian branch of Hells Angels.

  163. “If these rockets are supposed to be such a deadly threat, why have they only killed one Israeli and why have they caused such minimal property damage, even though hundreds are claimed to be continually fired at Israel?

    I think the real question you are posing is, “Why do they matter?”

    They matter because they are terrorizing the populace, and that is their intent. If they happen to kill somebody, it’s just a happy coincidence.

  164. @ Rutherford :
    Let’s just say Mitt Romney is laughing his ass off right now.

    Good for you Rutherford.

    I hope you have the whole one door closes another opens thing going for you on the personal econ/job front. I wish you well.

  165. @ James
    Opinions are formulated by ones viewpoint on the issue. I believe I totally get what your viewpoint regards Latin America is. I am confident in saying your viewpoint is built on an incorrect foundation and that your take on Nicaragua is therefore wrong.
    US history in Latin America is overwhelmingly negative in almost any manner you choose to slice it and that history is coming due in many ways today.
    We are fortunate that a few better choices and a couple of tweaks of our arrogance would assure great things both here in the States as well as in Central and South America.

  166. Good for you, Rutherford. All-in-all, I think the experience will prove valuable to your world perspective. Now you know most Americans are whiners when they encounter difficulties.

    James, I wasn’t aware arguments had an expiration date. You’d probably be surprised to know how many Jews do not support Israel or its agenda, but because of tribal pressure few will admit it in public.

    Parker, I think terrorizing the populace is their only purpose, just as you say. Regimes get what they want using terror to motivate people. It works to forward their totalitarian agendas. It works in Israel just as it has worked very successfully here. That’s why bibi said it was good for Israel that we experienced our 911 event. These rockets terrorizing their citizens has helped the military gain support for their campaigns, like our terror event helped bolster our military.

  167. Poolman your take on Israel and Hamas is of an intensity and inanity that is equal to the views of those you rail against (the pro-Israel folks)

  168. Poolman #145 fwiw the fund I am talking about will be no better for anyone. Offering short term benefits to nations that sign on the dotted line but assuring the “C” in BRIC and possibly the “R” gets everything they want and need.
    You are front and center on bemoaning the USA and West and their collective imperialism/neo-imperialism antics. I hope you’ll be there when China is denied access to some African nations natural resources or turns off water spouts in one of the ‘Stans. These are the things that are coming. History repeats-PERIOD

  169. …like our terror event helped bolster our military.

    That is a fundamentally flawed and demonstrably false statement.

  170. So you don’t think 911 helped recruiting or swayed public opinion? Just when you were beginning to sound reasonable…

  171. On the Gaza issue: no country should ever tolerate missiles being fired into it, and it requires retaliation. But it seems to me that for a country with all the latest and greatest intelligence and equipment, they are woefully incompetent at choosing their targets. Or is that deliberate?
    Yesterday on NPR, I heard an interview with a spokesman for Hamas, the first time I’ve ever heard anyone admit to being with Hamas. Condensing a lot, he said, let us go. Stop keeping us in jail. Stop the siege. Open the borders and the missiles will stop. Israel says they can’t do that until the missiles stop, so in a way, they are both boxed into a corner they can’t get out of.
    Many years ago I visited Paris and one of the friends I was staying with came home trembling with fear and outrage. She’d been trapped on a moving sidewalk in the subway by a gang of Algerians who waited at the end. She had to keep backpedaling to keep from falling right into their arms. Eventually they got bored, laughed, and went away. She kept sputtering, “I’m on their side!”
    I said then, and I say now, you can’t really cage people like rats and expect them to sing Kumbayah.

  172. Alfie, my ‘take on Israel’ has morphed over time as I dig and learn more. I find few people are neutral regarding the topic. I find the church and most Americans naive and blind to their offenses. I have a real problem with dual citizenship within our government. I know who controls the message in our mainstream media. I can see right through lies and liars like never before.

  173. Fakename2:, Poolman, and alfie An Indian stole a migrating Mormon’s cow after she wandered away in Garden County, Nebraska. He and his friends ate it. The Mormon wanted recompense for the valuable cow they needed for when they settled in Utah. They complained at the Army post.

    An officer offered to negotiate cash or other payment for the cow. Ordinarily, the Indian agent settled such disputes, but the commander was inexperienced and disliked Indians.,The Mormon wanted the miscreants punished. An Army unit rode to the Indian camp to arrest the braves. The chief offered an exchange of horses and $25.00 in place of the cow, but the commander held firm. His orders were to bring back the braves.

    Neither man wanted trouble and the chief and commander tried to find a face saving device such as letting the braves have some sort of suspended sentence after a trip to the Army post.

    Unfortunately, the Indians were angry and wanted no deals. Both men were as “caged like rats” as Hamas and Israel, or the United States and the Soviet Union in Central America. Both leaders were losing face, and they were trapped into immoral acts. Someone fired, and after the ensuing battle all of the troops were dead. The unintended consequence was a war with the Lakota Sioux.

    I was also trapped like a rat once when men I trusted abandoned me to the tender mercies of other men who wanted to hurt or kill me. I learned a valuable lesson. I learned that once civilization is stripped away, to an elemental level, the only morality is survival. Compassion and commandments are worthless unless they are a means to victory..

    Conflict destroys and ruins innocent lives but unresolved conflict prevents peace. Peace comes when one side totally destroys the other. Until Israel or the Jihadists win, nothing will change. I hope Israel wins because its people are more like ours. I am biased.

    Otherwise, in the words of the song “I don’t care.”

    If you think I am wrong, alfie, please prove it.

  174. I thought that was obvious, Alfie? She had sympathy for the plight of Algerians in France at the time (1973). It’s an ugly history. The problem is that if you’re sympathetic, you don’t glow with some kind of special aura that says “I’m one of the good guys”.

  175. The truth folks is that an ideologue of any stripe is likely to be intolerant because no ideology can square completely with reality.

    Said the author who frequently rails against reality and subscribes to a viewpoint that is often disappointed that it’s constant wishcasting does nothing to change it.

    Conservative ideology ignores the truth of honest-to-goodness victims who need help.

    No, it refuses to accept that government can and should define who those people are, and that it should then be empowered to “pass the hat” at gunpoint, pay itself first from the proceeds, and then redistribute the rest according to its own priorities. It’s that “individual obligation vs. collective inefficiency/corruption” discussion I’ve attempted to have with you before, but your ideology won’t let you see the dichotomy clearly. (Not to mention the question of which parts of government actually have the authority to do as you wish). If you understood this to be a personal obligation, then you would understand that that “charity by government” provides no accountability for what is practiced in your name, and offers you as the “donor” NO context or understanding. Empathy is not decreeing that something is awful and GOVERNMENT needs to act.

    Liberal ideology ignores the truth of folks not making sufficient effort at caring for themselves.

    I’m not going to give you a cookie for this one, because it’s been explained to you many times before, and you have been told is actually far worse than you admit. The truth is that Liberal (which is actually illiberal in the technical sense) and “progressive” presumes, often in a racial context, that the subject of your “compassion” is incapable of succeeding on their own without your benevolent assistance, rendered by government, after it extracts a not insignificant shipping and handling fee, and then sets out to PROVE it. Voter ID would be one of the less offensive examples of this, where the Party of the “helping hand” (when the other is in your pocket, helping itself to the fruits of your labors) presumes that people, often of a certain skin pigment, are so poor and or stupid that they are simply incapable of obtaining a piece of state approved ID, despite the fact that there is ample evidence that everyday basic tasks that even poor people of color engage in daily that would not be possible without state approved ID.

    Not only do both ends of the political spectrum refuse to tolerate each other, they don’t tolerate moderates within their own tribe.

    I’m not going to say much about internal conflict on the Left, largely because even when it exists, they still generally present a united front, and almost never come off message. As for the perceived battles on the right, much of what you’re seeing is a conflict between people who realize that every single time we “compromise” with the Left, the Left “makes progress”, and we bargain away freedom, either directly, or by feeding another bite to a hydra-headed government that takes more liberty and more freedom every time it grows another ounce, and those who ostensibly share our views, but are so willing to compromise on anything that it is impossible to identify what they actually stand for any longer.

    Well I’ve got news for you Joy Reid. Your wish that I “be gone” will not come true. I will continue to write pieces (and tweet Tweets) that mostly piss off conservatives and if I damn well want to, I’ll write stuff that pisses off blind followers of liberal ideology who enable minorities and women to dodge responsibility for their own actions.

    You don’t piss me off. You disappoint me. You show enough promise to make it obvious that you aren’t just a blind squirrel finding a nut every now and then, but the stuff that comes between your infrequent moments of clarity often could be written by Matty Yglesias or Robert Gibbs…ideological hackery that can be refuted by the reality that surrounds you or simply consulting the original source material that seems to be beyond the ability of your Haaaaavvvvvvaaaaadddd Eduminicated bad-self.

  176. Tigre, we hired a new associate, and I’ve been much busier than I’ve been for the last few years (which is good, now if we can just get paid for all the work I’ve been doing, I might actually see a raise this year…).

    You might like my new piece I posted yesterday, too.

    It was like Blackiswhite got tired of grumbling and pushed me out of the way so he could have at the keyboard….

  177. Fake the context of “many years ago” was open to a number of possibilities,in your case you had the BIG one.
    France offers a lot of potential story lines regards foreigners,Islamists etc.

  178. Poolman #227 the history we all have of your views allows for a lot of implied context in any of your responses.
    Fundamentally you are in the camp that 9/11 was a planned event designed to accelerate domination of the People by the MIC.

  179. I agree. Some of the story lines are tragic. The French regarded Muslim Algerians as a separate race instead of a religious minority. The result was a separation of Algerians and French.

  180. re 238, yes, I am in that ‘truther’ camp. And yes, I believe it was planned to accelerate an agenda, one well-documented, as I have pointed out in past threads. It’s on a mainstream track right now, thanks to the many insiders getting the information out. The MIC is the merely the means to an end and has been used as such, in spite of the many good souls with noble intent it employs. Many inside it are now privy to that. The MIC has as much of an eternal conflict within its ranks as does our governing body.

    Has government been used to force behavior and control the masses? Obviously the answer is yes, as that is its primary goal and stated purpose. One problem is that gruppendenken, or one-sidedness, that it puts forth may seem healthy for the whole, however it is that very thing that will advance the whole’s destruction.

    And you are absolutely right. History repeats. And, I might add, we (humans) NEVER learn from it.

  181. Fake, you do understand why Palestinians might feel trapped, don’t you? They should. And it was of their own choosing.

    That border barrier that entraps them has stopped 99.5% of the suicide bombings that were occurring in Israeli pizzerias, weddings, public buses, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

    This is after all, a people that freely elected terrorists to lead them, and to be a proxy of the terrorist state of Iran.

  182. I was wondering why we were sending a bunch fo fed’ral boy instigators overseas, when I came across this gem…

    Isn’t that interesting. Miners who work for a billionaire globalist sworn to help Keiv crush the separatist movement in eastern Ukraine are on hand to “help” comb the crash site in search for “evidence” to who brought down the plane.

    And they just HAPPENED to be the same people who claim to have ‘witnessed” the plane being shot out of the sky and they just HAPPENED to have a video camera set up to record the explosion on the ground.

    All this time I had been wondering about who they could get in eastern Ukraine to help with this false flag event. Where would they get the man power? Where would they get the heavy equipment and the locals to claim they saw a plane blow up in the sky when CLEARLY that didn’t happen?

    Well, here’s your answer. Here’s my answer.

    So it seems the trendsetters have another staged event in the headlines. Now I wonder where they got those 777 parts? Hmmmmm…

  183. Alfie (237), of course you’re right. Hopefully I clarified. James, while the religious issue (and the skin color issue) was there, for the Algerians it was more of an economic issue. After WWII, the French brought many Algerians over to help rebuild the country. The Algerians signed “contracts” to work in France for 7 years, after which they could go home. But they found themselves in indentured servitude. They had to pay for room and board. There was never enough money left to even send money back to their families, much less to return home after the contracts were over. In 1973, these gangs were the impoverished, embittered, and aimless children of those original contract workers. The same system occurred in Germany with workers from the Baltic states. It also still occurs in the US with migrant farm workers, even though it’s illegal.

  184. Palestinians are trapped because of their own choosing? That’s got to be one of the looniest statements you’ve posted to date. And they ‘freely elected terrorists to lead them’ really makes me chuckle. Is that opposed to us freely electing leaders that turn out to be terrorists? Seriously, though. Let’s agree they freely elected terrorists, at least terrorists labeled as such by US. Let’s look at that statement. ‘Freely elected’ sounds pretty democratic to me. Aern’t we all about free and elections? No? It isn’t the first time we have demonized or undermined the leaders other peoples have ‘freely elected’. Who, therefore, are the real terrorists?

    BTW, here’s another one for your entity A or B quiz:

    Gaza is part of our Land and we will remain there forever.

  185. I hope you have the whole one door closes another opens thing going for you on the personal econ/job front. I wish you well.

    Thanks Alfie. Yes, two weeks from now I start home based call center work for … wait for it … a bank.

    Yes my good friends, I am a fucking hypocrite of the worst kind. I rage against the financial fat cats and call for altruism. What do I DO? I quit a job where I am conceivably helping people for a job where I help them manage their money. LOLOLOLOLOL

    Here’s that introspection you’ve all been waiting for. I am not nearly as empathetic as I believed I was. I really don’t give a flying fuck about people’s relatively mundane problems and I sure as hell don’t want to spend nine hours a night, five nights a week hearing about them.

    With a hat tip to James, look up the lyrics to “No Compassion” by Talking Heads. That’s my theme song this week. One line of the song particularly resonates.

    “Talk to your analyst. Isn’t that what they’re paid for?”

  186. “Gaza is part of our Land and we will remain there forever.”

    Australia is part of our Land and we will remain there forever. (Abos)

    Sudetenland Czechoslovakia is part of our Land and we will remain there forever. (Germany)

    England is part of our Land and we will remain there forever. (Romans)

    All of the United States is part of our Land and we will remain there forever. (Lakota Sioux)

    Palestine is part of our Land and we will remain there forever. (Jews)

    The Scottish Highlands is part of our Land and we will remain there forever. (Highlanders)

    I got news for yer. It’s all the same song. Everybody lives on land that was taken by force from someone else at some other time, and the losers don’t like it. The Arabs need to try to learn something from the Jews (civilization might be a good start), instead of trying to annihilate them.

  187. Palestinians are not trapped of their own choosing. They’ve been trapped, not of their own choosing, since 1948. When guilt over the treatment of the Jews by Hitler (well-deserved guilt) coincided with the beliefs of Zionists who are not even Jewish, but believe that the return of the Jews to Jerusalem is necessary for the Second Coming. Maybe if the Palestinians hadn’t been quarantined for 66 years they wouldn’t be shooting rockets into Israel. I repeat. You can’t put people in a cage like rats and expect them to sing Kumbayah.

  188. Interesting, fakename2.

    I remember when I was in France that Algerians weren’t being integrated into society. If you combine separation with hardship it is only a matter of time before something unravels isn’t it?

    I believe Germany also hired Turkish workers as well as the people from the Baltic nations you mentioned. I also remember unrest during a recession. Do you know anything about the Turks? Have they returned home?

    A good one, Parker.

    Thanks for the song Rutherford I love it.I must remember that line. Don’t feel too badly. You have reached the point I described of nations at war. Self preservation trumps everything else.

  189. but believe that the return of the Jews to Jerusalem is necessary for the Second Coming.

    Good grief, where do you loons get your history? Tell me you made that up.

    Who said that? Give me names, Fake – and the quotes. I want to read that for myself. 🙄 The Jews didn’t even take control of Jerusalem until 1967, a full nineteen years after the reestablishment of the State of Israel. Still, Jews had resided in Jerusalem in one degree or another for over 3,000 years.

    Until that comment, I always thought you just gullible, a little twisted, a whole lot paranoid, and pretty much wrong about anything of importance time and again. Just the typical Leftist.

    I had no idea you were some conspiracy nut and bigot.

    I would remind you on the very first day of Israel’s existence, they were attacked by six Arab countries. It’s not just the Palestinians, who like blacks are used by White Leftists like you for political expediency pawns. The Palestinians are pawns for the real powers of Islam.

  190. I would remind you on the very first day of Israel’s existence, they were attacked by six Arab countries.

    I guess it depends on who tells it. I tend to believe this guy’s version. It seems more accurate.

  191. Said the author who frequently rails against reality and subscribes to a viewpoint that is often disappointed that it’s constant wishcasting does nothing to change it.

    Well BiC I actually have to give you credit for actually reading the piece.

    What we lose sight of as we demonize each other is we fundamentally disagree on the proper role of government, each of us, liberal and conservative wanting what is best for our country.

    The problem with both MSNBC and Fox is the underlying narrative that “the other side” wants to destroy America.

  192. Poolman, you’re not worth the shit stuck to America’s ass.

    Reading Lone Survivor reminded me of the injustice in this world and what real men look like. Refreshing. You ain’t it.

    It makes me physically ill to think of the good men who have died for mendacious ingrates like you – useful idiots and traitors that have had the unmitigated gall to lie about the only thing keeping their own ugly heads from being ripped off or crawling to Mecca. And you’re enough of a coward you would crawdad to Mecca, bawling like a baby while wailing to Mohammad. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t, you unprincipled coward.

    These Jews you lie about are so far superior to you, it would be laughable if it weren’t so sick the crap you try to pass off as truth.

    I’ve read a lot of twisted fucks in my day, including that Fat Granny swine from whence you came. But you’re the sickest, most deplorable of the bunch. You’re day is coming, failed little man. You’ll wish you’d never been born.

  193. That is a lot of money, Parker.

    The Middle Eastern war is instructive for our so called immigration policy. People don’t truly assimilate with the culture of their new home for at least a generation or so, if then. Germans, for example were forceably assimilated during WW1 and we finished the job in WW11. My Dutch relatives still live in their own enclave with their Dutch ways and customs. Our daughter-in law’s family legally immigrated from Korea. She showed us part of San Jose, California which looks like Soul.

    Even people who move from one state to another carry their old homes with them.

    Europeans made a mistake when they imported Muslims and others to satisfy a worker shortage and for humanitarian reasons. As fakenam2 noted, France and other countries did little to help the newcomers improve their economic status or to actually become Europeanised.

    We now see the pay back. They are attacking Jews in Europe.French Jews who fled Algeria are beginning to move to Israel because of fear. Rioters in London and Paris are burning parts of those cities because they favor their people, Hamas and want Israel destroyed..

    If we don’t regulate our borders as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and other countries do the United States will be a Balkinized country.

  194. The Washington Post says “Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis” a year ago. Sort of like Benghazi.

  195. Useless symbolic sham reward in the FL tobacco case.
    Germany did not do a very good job assimilating the Turks but the Turks did a pretty good job on their own. Sure there are outliers that have been involved in issues and incidents that have people screaming but the Turks offer a better citizen than the North Africans did France.

  196. France does indeed have a Muslim problem. Most evident in the south even if Paris gets the headlines. The ghettoes of Paris (they have a great word for them) are more socio-economic nightmares. The islamophobic railing against car burning and beat downs on the night buses pick up on the likely religion of the offenders and do so falsely. Although there are zealots causing trouble and trying to get a foothold the truth is that the racism,alienation and lack of €’s are more the issue. Again in the south its a little different. More folks pushing for separatists attitudes.

  197. The thing is that the Palestinians could probably move eons forward if the Hamas types would allow it. Lets be real if no rockets go into Israel and no school buses get blown up the PA instantly has the higher moral ground. Cement shipments flow and the two state set up blossoms. Thats not wishful thinking and it doesn’t forget the realities of historical angst. The thing is the Israelis would welcome it.

  198. There really should be an understanding that no matter who embeds it NOBODY should think ANYONE is going to watch over 10 min of YouTube. A f@#%ing hour? You are kidding right?

  199. OK OK OK I got to know…..******Rutherford Thread Poll********

    A. The border crisis is an ongoing operation from the Obama Administration to exert pressure on legislators on the issue of immigration.
    B. Answer A plus it is part of a plan to alter the demographics and bolster (D) voting.
    C. The tragic and logical fallout of years of bad policy and the current ineffective leadership from 1600 Penn.
    D. Something else

  200. James, that was a very accurate comment: “If you combine separation with hardship, it’s only a matter of time before something unravels”. I’m afraid I know nothing about Turkish workers in Germany. My knowledge of workers from the Baltic region is a result of another personal encounter (like the one in Paris), that I researched later. I returned to Europe in 1974 and this time it included travel through what was then Yugoslavia. The man I was traveling with had a German last name. We rather slowly learned that in whatever way we could, we should immediately identify ourselves as Americans, otherwise we would be denied food and lodging in some cases. It was, at times, frightening. I will never forget our experience in a town called Mitrovica, which is now in Kosovo.
    I don’t see the US as being in any danger of becoming Balkanized however. We do have little enclaves of ethnic separatism, but we tend to find them charming. Little Seoul, Little Havana, etc. I see nothing wrong with preserving the customs and history of one’s roots, and those people are in fact, still “assimilated”. Maybe it’s easier to forget ancient wrongs here, because we really are the land of the free.
    Back to the Turks…I once visited a museum in Atlanta where the exhibit was “Treasures of the Ottoman Empire”. There was a small group of Armenians protesting outside the museum. I had no idea why, so I had to look that up too.
    Finally, that brings me to Iowa. Before I moved there I was quite ignorant of the kind of place it is. I thought of it as being this white-bread, homogeneous place, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. Okay, not many people of African or Asian descent, but the Caucasians are a true melting pot. A lot of Germans and Scandinavians, and to my surprise, a lot of Italians and Sicilians. And isn’t this part of the reason we love our country?

  201. Thanks alfie for telling us about the Turks in Germany. I had wondered but never did any research.

    This may or may not be true, but it is more pleasant to think about than our “Common Disaster.” Texas Cowboy Junkies.

    Pacific Standard “‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Comes Easier to the Danes.’ New research shows that the closer a nation is to the genetic make- up of Denmark, the happier its citizens are.

    After allowing for standards of living and political situations the authors found that the greater genetic difference from Denmark shows a larger tendency toward unhappiness. The difference also occurs among immigrants from various countries. Presumably, Brits living north east of the Danelaw would be happier than the rest.

    “So when it comes to being happy, it seems that some people-particularly those of Danish ancestry-have a leg up on the rest of us. Its hard not to feel a little jealous. As Shakespear put it ;”Oh how bitter thing it is to look into happiness through another man’s eyes.”

    Who knew my Danish heritage was so special? I’m going to play “I’m a Barbie Girl” by Aqua to celebrate. Then, I will play a Victor Borge song. He was in our area many times to support a local Danish college.

  202. Parker’s “This Land Is My Land” comment is perfect. In a just world, Israel would take the first steps toward peace, but that isn’t going to happen. Therefore, realistically, Hamas is going to have to accept defeat.
    Ignorance of the history surrounding the creation of Israel is no excuse for remaining ignorant. As Parker more or less says, no country has the “right” to exist. Countries exist by force. To the victors go the spoils (and the writing of the history). People do not take kindly to you taking their ancestral land, their homes, their farms, and killing their relatives, and they have long memories. And “We’re taking it because God promised we could have it”…is insulting.

  203. fakename2, I agree diversity is our strength. I also think genetics or culture may give us a larger proportion of risk takers as with any country taking immigrants. The saying is we are a melting pot, but we are more like a fruit salad. We need time for people to assimilate. That is why I think we need to regulate the number of people who come here.

    Mark Styn, a conservative immigrant, wrote “America Alone”. His point was that legal immigration will save us.

    One advantage is the food. When we visit our son and daughter- in law, we get Korean cooking. My wife knows German dishes from her grand mother and Swedish food from her maternal grand mother. Her paternal grand parents lived in Chicago near a Bohemian community, so she learned Bohemian cooking too.

    Someone researched Ill and Ia farming practices. Ethnic groups farm differently in subtle ways. For example, a group of Czecs and Bohemians fled the 30’s drought and settled near us. They farm as family groups instead of individually. In our Dutch community, the eldest son always gets the farm.

    One of our more famous Ukranian immigrants is Mila Kunis who is engaged to Ashton Kutcher who is from Iowa.

  204. I didn’t think Fake and her fake charges were going to be able to answer my question. Because her claim was a bald-faced lie and typical of misandrists.

    Not credible, Fake. None of you Jew haters are.

  205. James, have you ever been to the Amana Colonies? Marvelous place.
    Alfie, true about the defeat/surrender of Hamas. I think the Palestinians in Gaza (you don’t see this happening in the West Bank), view Hamas as freedom fighters. Israel’s attacks do nothing to change that. It just creates more freedom fighters.
    It seems to me that the whole idea of sanctions, a leftover from the Cold War, was designed to get the populace to rise up against their leaders. As in, you are the reason we’re suffering, so we are getting rid of you. But have you ever known that to work?
    It seems to me it just entrenches people’s support of their leaders, and enhances their feelings of persecution. I’m open to examples where it did work. I just don’t know of any.

  206. Yes, fakename2, we visited the Amana Colonies when I was a boy. We should go again. A professional photographer friend of my wife’s gave us black and white photos of the Amish when we were in Iowa City.

    Yes, Blackiswhite. I think some of the band is from Toronto. Rednex who sang Cotton Eye Joe began as a Swedish techno rock band. Country Sisters who sang “Johnny Be Good’ live in the Czech Republic. I’m a musical gormand still barely aware of what the world has to offer, but I am learning.

  207. fakename2, I think you are mostly right about sanctions.There may be exceptions but I can’t think of any right nowl

  208. The people in the Amana colonies are not Amish, but there are similarities, I guess.
    R….I don’t think there’s any need for self-deprecation here. I’m happy that you’re rid of a job you hated. There is no shame in working directly or indirectly for a bank. Banks are good. We need them.

  209. Yeah, we’ll pretend R doesn’t work for a bank and drive a BMW when he tweets shit like:

    “Hey @DonnyDeutsch wouldn’t you agree profits and respect for employees are not mutually exclusive?”

    R, the one who calls everyone a corporate shill, yet may be the only one on the board that is.

    Oh, I forgot. He’ll be the self-loathing corporate shill. 😆

    p.s. I wouldn’t rag if it were anyone else because it doesn’t signify shit. But in this instance, the meaningless criteria is the same that R himself slings to bolster his distorted sense of moral superiority when it comes to others.

  210. I have enough trouble policing what I say when I have time to think about it.

    Apparently you have trouble policing facts when you have time to think about it too.

    Perhaps now it is time for you to admit to embellishing the reasons of the reestablish of the State of Israel with your own flavor of bigotry?

  211. Ok I know I’ve been called John McCain but damn. These rebels are REBELS. They are not legit gov leaders. They are criminals. They are impeding the investigation. Why can’t an international military presence move into the area and tell them to get the hell out of the way?

    And why is the actual Ukraine gov acting like pussies? Why don’t they flush these assholes out? If any “militia” in this country ever got really out of hand we’d crush them like the nuisance roaches they are.

  212. Not Amsh? I’m embarrassed. I guess I lumped German Piests with Amish.

    Rutherford, I wonder the same. Of course, Ukraine has a problem. They probably think that provocation will send the Russians in. They also have a large number of Russian sympathizers who hate the new government. They and western Europe also depend on the Russians for much of their fuel. I agree with you, though.

  213. Killer zombies are real.

    I had to ultimately call the authorities on my own father-in-law. I had to do it.

    I was the only person on earth that could calm him down and he even lashed out at me.

    His wife, my mother-in-law, would send him into a violent rage fueled by insane paranoia.

    He’s been resisting the entire time. They have him restrained in a ER hospital bed. He keeps snarling and escaping his restraints. Super-human strength. He’s tied down with leather straps now.

    Nobody will take him. He’s too young for the geriatric psyche ward and there seems to be no place that will take a man that needs to be restrained.

    Take in mind, he has have over a couple 100 grand in cash willing to spend.

    I don’t know if its just my state, but this country is lacking a system to take care of the mentally ill. I guess giving “helpless” women free birth control is more important then dealing with deranged lunatics.

    Nobody will take him!

    The more they restrain him, the more he fights. He’s stuck in ER.

    If they would just let me back there with a vanilla malt and a pack of smokes, I can get him to calm down enough that they might be able to get some place to accept him. But they won’t.

    He’s like a rabid dog right now.

    He was an asshole his entire life and did nothing but cocain and drank whiskey. He actually had a good job high up in the union. He worked out of his office at home. A professional asshole. That’s the only way I could describe his job. Loved the Democratic Party. In a lot of ways, the guy was connected. He could even get out of DUI’s somehow.

    He was never much of a father. He wasn’t one at all, really. Horrible, verbally abusive, husband. A self centered jerk to the point of being a one dimensional sit com character. I have to stop him from telling stories about whores he and his buddies would order up on the golf course. Just not the kind of stories his daughters and wife want to hear. He’s so out of it, he snitches on himself.

    I got along with him. Always did. (Except for the first time I met him….I told him to fuck off). The guy had a sick sense of humor but one that would make laugh the fuck out loud with gusto. Who would of thought 15 years later I’d be so important to him? a lot of ways, outisde of his wife, he’s been my responsibility for the last decade. Hell….I even hired one of my old neighborhood buddies to be his caretaker during the day. The only other person on Earth that could possibly get along with him. An inked up biker who smokes pot all day. They both could talk for hours how they hate blacks so it was a match made in heaven.

    Right before the disease kicked in….I saw him starting to mend his ways. He attempted to better himself. Showed affection to the grand kids. Awkwardly tried to show love to his daughters. Nobody seemed to notice, but me. So his daughters still hate him, nonetheless.

    He has been seeing black ravens and crows flying everywhere for a year now. In the last 4 months, he declared war on his own reflection. Wrecked my bathroom last month fighting himself.

    The humiliation and horror of this disease is chilling.

    I feel like Dante witnessing Biblical hell.

    Who knows? Maybe one of us will spend the remaining days of our life tied to a bed, snarling, as ravens fly above.

    I don’t know if he deserves all of this or not. I just wish I could give the guy a smoke.

  214. “Oh, I forgot. He’ll be the self-loathing corporate shill.” -Tigre

    Yeah…I also wrote a nasty few sentences ripping on Rutherford over that until it occurred to me I’m a self loathing teacher. 🙂

  215. I’m sorry, rabbit. Your father in law is in Hell and you are with him. That was quite a rant.

    ” the summer is gone
    It went so fast
    why do the cold and lonely times
    seem to last
    now its late at night
    I watch you sleeping
    I want to wake you up
    it takes what it takes and sometimes
    it takes longer than it should
    I walk through a fire in my dreams
    just to pull you though
    but when I’m awake
    its just so hard on you
    but baby a change has
    got to come and I can see it
    after another winter’s night
    Well who’s gonna rescue me?
    There are no mistakes
    We did the best we could.”

    Patty Smyth. “No Mistakes”

    thats all i can\ do

  216. You have to hand it to Hammas. Their use of human shields is impressive.

    As I read the skewed history of the middle east by fakename and the perpetually hoodwinked poolman… occurs to me how effective the human shield is.

    If you don’t give a shit about life….why not?

    Launch your rockets from schools and refuse to let your people take cover, even when warning is given days in advance. For every child who dies, three fakenames go online in support. (I’d say in support of the “cause” but people like fakename refuse to acknowledge what the Hammas cause really is.) So, it’s a vague and ambiguous “support”.

    I have to be honest. Poolman in particular depresses the hell out of me. Here is a guy who is claims to be an avid Christian yet he always sides with evil. Always. America attacked New York on 911.

    In a sick way, its not the Hitler’s or Stalin’s…it’s guys like poolman, for reasons I can’t articulate, that make me doubt God.

  217. Rutherford Ukraine has to maintain a semblance of strong moral underdog or many a domino doth fall. Ukraine has debt and corruption issues that will only be staved off by the new administration and spirit of the people so long. As Russia feels pinched by any number of points a potential response is ala Georgia,and nobody really wants that. Not Kiev,Washington,Brussels or Moscow.

  218. @ fake your earlier comment about Palestinians being trapped…well look no further than Hamas for an entity that has trapped them. For many Hamas has done good for them,but in making bad choices and currently this one is a whopper, they show the divide between entities that fight for peace and justice and those that just fight.

  219. Alfie…..yeah…..that’s it. Alzheimer’s.

    It’s kind of an umbrella term…like autism.

    It’s dementia consistent with Alzheimers probably made 100 timers worse due to substance abuse over the course of 40 years.

  220. Yeah, not to get personal, but FWIW the antisocialism (violence) that accompanies Alzheimer’s type dementia can sometimes be controlled through medication.

  221. Yeah substance abuse with a focus on alcohol can be synergistic just sometimes there’s another organic issue.
    I’ve said it before you’re like Job in 21st century. Hang in there

  222. There is no such thing as the “reestablishment” of the state of Israel.

    Well, what do you call then Fake? And exactly where are those statements of reference to usher in the 2nd Coming you were referring to? I’m still waiting on that truly “skilled” mind of yours to find those for me.

    Anybody that doesn’t realize 1948 was a reestablishment of Israel from antiquity populated by about 3 million displaced Jews isn’t terribly well read.

    You’ve made a lot of illegitimate claims on here, Fake. And not a one of them can you back up with any fact – innuendo and propaganda.

    I thought you were the one always preaching about truth?

    Abject phony…

  223. Alfie…I’m not torn up quite as much as maybe my rant implies.

    In fact….its kind of a relief.

    And trust me….I think I just complain alot….I don’t have it nor have had it that bad at all.

  224. No Tex…..didn’t you learn anything from Poolman?

    The Jews of Israel…..despite DNA proof and historical fact….are relatives of medieval Khazar princes and not even Jewish.

    Sheesh…..get with it

  225. Really sad, Rabbit. Truly sad. Alzheimer’s is a catch all phrase for dementia they use these days. There’s no way to confirm it until death.

    I guess we got lucky in that my dad reacted exactly the opposite. A mean SOB until the last decade of his life, abusive more like. My sister is one of these very forgiving people and apparently forgave him long before I did.

    And then it was like somebody turned out the lights. I actually got to where I liked him the last five years. Meek as a mouse.

    But his death was the most horrific death I’ve ever personally witnessed.

  226. “Yeah, not to get personal, but FWIW the antisocialism (violence) that accompanies Alzheimer’s type dementia can sometimes be controlled through medication.”

    You guys crack me up with the “Too personal” caveat. I just blabbed the whole story online. 🙂 It’s fair game.

    Yeah…they have tried all kinds of anti-psychotic and anti anxiety drugs.

    They would work for a couple days and then he would grow resistant to them.

    Plus…he doesn’t like taking them.

    I am the only person that can get him to pop them.

  227. I didn’t say “too.” 😆

    We were talking about muscle cars. So, let’s get back to Rutherford’s personal life and outlook, something that no medication could treat.

  228. re 259, you can watch the first ten, if you prefer. It proves the point. I watched the whole thing twice, I thought the information was important.

  229. Rabbit,

    Apparently Fake and Poolman also continue to conveniently forget recent history.

    Those fences that entrapped our these poor terrorists were built after Israel offered 98 percent of the West Bank and the Palestinians responded with an intifada that killed more than 2,000 Israelis with bombs and exploding buses.

    Lovely people these “Palestinians”, in addition to surrounding their rockets with small children.

    It’s almost an embarrassment when even Hitler and Goebbels would admit to something that Fake and Poolman cannot.

    Like these people now living in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are actually Jews.

  230. That is what happens when you’ve got punks like you hiding behind women and kids, using schoolyards, hospitals, buses, and ambulances.

    That 98% is not in dispute. That’s written in the accord, Failure.

    Like I said. Even Hitller and Himmler weren’t as twisted as you.

  231. The thing is the Israelis would welcome it.

    Alfie I don’t want to twist your words but are you suggesting Israel would welcome the PA taking the moral high ground? I think a part of this dynamic is Israel angel vs Palestine devil and I’m not so sure Israel would welcome a change in that dynamic.

    There’s an old comedy routine where Person A argues with Person B and when Person B finally agrees with Person A, Person A just keeps arguing. I picture Israel in that spot.

  232. I’d like to suggest to Fakename and others that assimilation needs definition. If assimilation means “not mucking up the works of your “host” country” then I agree our ethnic minorities have assimilated. If it means adopting American culture (whatever that is — baseball hot dogs apple pie and Chevrolet) then these little ghettos “little Italy”, Chinatown, and others are proof of our country being anything but a melting pot.

    And the cherry on the non-assimilation cake is the refusal of some citizens to learn the fucking language.

  233. Rutherford I am C myself.
    As for the Israelis I chose my word precisely. I’m not talking Bibi & Co but the people on the streets.
    I firmly believe Israelis would welcome no terror upon them and have all it takes to continue their existence without much notice of the “neighbors” if it were to happen. I know they have the political outlook that if the “other” side would stop they are more than ready to just live their lives.

  234. Tex I don’t know about Zionists but it is COMMON knowledge that fundamentalist Christians have a second coming interest in Israel. I don’t see what you hope to gain by denying it.

  235. Now that I think about it DR — sorry for the obvious “advice.” Like you were somehow overlooking that.

  236. R….I don’t think there’s any need for self-deprecation here. I’m happy that you’re rid of a job you hated. There is no shame in working directly or indirectly for a bank.

    Thanks Fakename. Every five years Harvard publishes a book of updates on its alumni, self written. I wrote this eloquent piece on doing a job for the first time in my life that helped other people. I GROSSLY overestimated my altruism.

    Maybe my small saving grave is my future employer works exclusively with colleges and college students.

  237. Proper medication is sound advice.

    My brother, the pharmacist, warned me from the get go how unsuccessful most of the medicine ends up being. And man was he right.

  238. Yeah, we’ll pretend R doesn’t work for a bank and drive a BMW when he tweets shit like:

    “Hey @DonnyDeutsch wouldn’t you agree profits and respect for employees are not mutually exclusive?”

    Tigre FWIW one of the reasons I quit was that the company placed profits over proper treatment of ME (I won’t even say “of its employees” since I quit cos I was fed up, not cos I’m Norma Rae). On this I am completely consistent. When an employer treats its employees like shit I strongly object. There have always been companies who understand that happy employees lead to company success. There are fewer of them now but they exist.

    My new employer has already, pre-employment shown more class than my old one did.

    So I stand by my tweet to Mr. Deutsch. My only source of self disgust involves just how non-compelling I found helping my customers. I was moved by the elderly and babies/pets trapped in locked cars. The rest I didn’t give two shits about and it slightly disappointed me that I didn’t have a bigger heart.

  239. Killer zombies are real. …

    Heart breaking Rabbit. I’ll be honest. You can be a real asshole but I also think you’ve got a huge heart. I think those who can call you friend can’t find a more loyal one.

    Hang in there.

  240. I’m in the process of reading basically a “Isreal/Palestine for dummies” article. I know I don’t know enough about this so the article is educational for me. I’ll even confess I don’t know the geography of the region and the article comes with a map.

    I’ll post a link once I finish it. It probably won’t teach you guys anything but what the hell.

  241. We were talking about muscle cars. So, let’s get back to Rutherford’s personal life and outlook, something that no medication could treat.

    That was funny. Hell if a good Rutherford pile-on can distract you from your troubles, maybe I am serving a higher purpose?

  242. I was bagging on your simplistic view of business and who it is there to serve. Seriously. It was a question my 8 year old might ask and, even as she would expect, will return the very answer you wanted with 100% certainty. Come on. Was that question supposed to be enlightening or was that puss-nut with a $500 haircut that inherited his father’s business supposed to say, “no?”

    You didn’t like your job and you left. Good for you. You now work for a bank that treats you better but you that you broadly railed against when the OWS nonsense was going on. Thankfully in a capitalist society mobility comes with the territory for the business owner, customer and employee.

    Banks = evil but because they treat you better it must be an ethical business model = humorous.

    Even so, I hope you are much, much happier and better things come your way. You have been kicked around enough.

  243. Tigre there are two sides to the new employer. First, they claim an altruistic goal to making college money management easier and making college kids financially literate. So I can at least use that as a small defense against “corporate shill”.

    Second, so far, they have been respectful and even welcoming, including a hand written welcome card from the lady that interviewed me.

    I honest-to-God can’t understand why you cannot accept the possibility that stock holders (the ultimate customer) and employees can both be made happy. It doesn’t have to be a zero sum game.

  244. I don’t see what you hope to gain by denying it.

    That’s not even the argument, dummy. What fundamentalist Christians might think has nothing whatsoever to do with the reestablish of the State of Israel.

    And that is exactly what that dunce Fakename claimed. She deserves to be called, and then when we discover she’s lying through her teeth, she deserves to be mocked like you. 😈

    Damn, your commentary is lame anymore.

  245. That was funny. Hell if a good Rutherford pile-on can distract you from your troubles, maybe I am serving a higher purpose?

    😆 I think Pfesser’s claims might have a bit of validity in your defense. I’ll let you figure it out, door stop.

  246. Rutherford, why do you think you and your wife were let go?

    I know you think there is this cabal of Angry, White Males trying to stick it to the serfs for another billion – the Leftist, MSNBC mantra sung by the parrots (ironically a corporation which stooges like Rachel Maddow and the rest of the queers never connect to their paycheck).

    But frankly, as someone that worked just as long as you did in Corporate America, there is one immutable truth I always found.

    Unless they are closing the doors, valuable employees always find a place at the table. Maybe you need a bit of introspection there, Ace. 😉

  247. “I honest-to-God can’t understand why you cannot accept the possibility that stock holders (the ultimate customer) and employees can both be made happy. It doesn’t have to be a zero sum game.”

    What are you talking about? I can’t “accept that?” Since when?

    You keep slinging the corporate shill label — whatever the fuck it is supposed to mean. But who said it is a zero sum game? I certainly never have. I am an employer too. You think I believe mistreating people is good business?

    This is that childish nonsense that makes you tweet so stupid.


    Rutherford? 🙂 Now that Obobma Bagdhad has failed so miserably, I have found just the person to replace him And I always thought the profundity of “YES WE CAN!” was the lamest thing to ever come down the political pike.

  249. What are you talking about? I can’t “accept that?” Since when?

    Seems to me that whenever I complain about low wages and layoffs, you counter with some variation on “they are there to serve the stockholders”. Hell, you did it in the very comment I responded to.

    You view my “happy employee” scenario as Peter Pan. Please point me to any comment you’ve made here in the past five years that shows any advocacy for non-management.

  250. Damn that Liz Warren ditty was catchy. I can’t get the chorus out of my head. Trouble is the singer doesn’t articulate well enough. There were a couple of “won’ts” that sounded like “wills” completely changing the meaning of the song.

    And you thought only Obama gets a song.

    My question is why don’t you guys ever have a song? Have you ever had a ditty since “We Like Ike”?

  251. “You view my “happy employee” scenario as Peter Pan. Please point me to any comment you’ve made here in the past five years that shows any advocacy for non-management.”

    No dumbass. You show me where I said mistreating employees was good business. Serving the company owners is fucking common sense. What you think is “good business” or should be forced on ownership something else entirely.

    I sent you an email once. You betrayed the confidence but I set much of which conveniently forget to support your childish generalities. You seem to think business exists to serve the employee because they have no choice and that’s what motivates your elementary-level comments school level tweets. Grow up.

    Now point me to where I advocated mistreating employees. Anywhere.

  252. Rutherford –

    I would think that helping people out who are stranded by the roadside would be rewarding. When they call AAA, that’s their lifeline – why do you think it turned you off? I would think it would be the opposite.

  253. Vox 9 questions about the Israel-palestine conflict you were afraid to ask.

    rayoflightcanada Youtube site Dandy Warhols Sleep 2000.

    Time Garry Kasparov: The Price of Inaction in Ukraine

  254. Good memory there, Doc Parker. I had once heard of that but had long forgotten. But since ataxia is a common symptom, I would think a lack of muscle coordination would manifest itself?

    I wonder how many of these causes of dementia are actually related to long-term drug use, alcohol being the most prevalent drug of all, and never go diagnosed by neurologists. One would almost think that would be one of the very first questions asked, right behind family history.

  255. At least now I know where Fake got her “quotes” about the 2nd coming being a large part of the discussion. 😈

    Unfortunately, Fake fails to take into account Jimmy Carter was 22 years old when the talks of the reestablishment of the State of Israel were being discussed and had absolutely nothing to do with the discussions; no more than I did. Jimmy was standing in dry dock about the time.

    It’s amazing the propaganda that passes as history in Leftist circles these days.

  256. “One would almost think that would be one of the very first questions asked, right behind family history.”

    I think Pfessor might be on to something. I’ve begged my mother -in-law to be more honest with the doctors . Even when she is being honest her communication is aweful. She is not a stupid person either. I’ve never seen more denial and compartmentalization. I have no doubt this current hell could have at least have been prolonged .

    Doctors can’t fix shit when they are in the dark.

  257. Re: AAA being rewarding

    Think about how frustrating it is talking to a capable man who doesn’t know how to change a tire .

    These people are calling up with minor problems and major tantrums.

    The percentage of stupid he is dealing with every single night would drive me nuts.

  258. I’d wager Rutherford with car trouble is the very “customer” he loathes.

    Altruism through dedicated service the AAA. 😆 😆 😆

    How about some real charity Rutherford? The kind which is done for others.

  259. I have to agree with you, Brother Rabbit. Rutherford lasted a lot longer than I would have in dealing with complaints – especially at night for pittance.

  260. Your mother-in-law is not the only spouse to deny and compartmentalize, Rabbit.

    My own mother will hear nothing of my Dad’s past egregious behavior, even after death in just passing conversation. It’s as if history has been wiped clean. And my mom is one of the most beloved, generally honest people you’ll ever meet.

    I think Mom takes even the mention of some past relationship grievance as personal insult to her. It happened to me over Memorial Day Weekend when I brought up an old story in casual conversation when I was driving her out of town to the cemetery, being the dutiful son and simply mentioned ‘Coach Taylor’. She sternly goes, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

    One thing I have figured out about my Mom. While she’s a delightful individual who everybody likes, myself included, she is also incredibly selfish about a great many things.

    I love her, but that is the one characteristic I do not like about her. I look at my Mom very differently as an older adult than I did as young man. I now understand the word enabler.

  261. Now point me to where I advocated mistreating employees. Anywhere.

    Here’s the problem. You don’t view layoffs which potentially wreck lives as “mistreatment”.

    You don’t have to run a disease ridden sweat shop to be mistreating your employees.

    And BTW I very sincerely apologized for betraying your confidence. It was not malicious on my part — it was my arrogance in thinking I could discern what could be shared and what couldn’t. I said that to you at the time. Holding grudges ain’t healthy Tigre. Let it go. FWIW I have had personal correspondence with a few of the regulars here and since the time that I unintentionally violated your confidence I’ve said nothing about those communications in this forum.

  262. I would think that helping people out who are stranded by the roadside would be rewarding. When they call AAA, that’s their lifeline – why do you think it turned you off? I would think it would be the opposite.

    Parker, I went in thinking the same thing and made a big deal out of my new selfless job. But the truth is you must have a special personality to do this day in day out. EVERYONE you talk to is either at the low point of their day or it’s the final kick in the ass on an already lousy day. Some of them curse at you. Others speak English with accents as thick as pudding and then get angry when you struggle to understand them.

    Terms of employment were violated in order to meet service levels with the client.

    But what really was the last straw was when my Dad died. I know it’s selfish as hell but anger over a dead battery was really paling in comparison to my mourning my dead father.

    Bottom line: I just got tired of talking to assholes every night of my life. Of course I spoke to many polite, kind, funny and decent people but it didn’t compensate for the idiots, especially the abusive ones.

    Some folks have a true service personality but I don’t. My reservoir of empathy just doesn’t run that deep.

  263. Vox 9 questions about the Israel-palestine conflict you were afraid to ask.

    Yes James that’s the article I was referring to earlier. I haven’t finished it yet. Did you read it and did you find it a fair assessment?

  264. These people are calling up with minor problems and major tantrums.

    Rabbit you said it far better than I did.

    The classic exchange I would get all the time was:

    Me: Where are you right now?
    Customer: Next to my car. … or
    At my boy friends house.

    And of course I wanted to reply “Oh of course, I know exactly where your boy friend lives.”

    Like I said to Parker, it’s a good job for someone who truly loves people and has tons of patience. It turns out, neither describes me.

  265. Oh and for those who’ve lost track of time, I didn’t dabble and run. I did that crappy job for 18 months and would still be doing it today if I hadn’t found a new opportunity.

  266. I’d wager Rutherford with car trouble is the very “customer” he loathes.

    Altruism through dedicated service the AAA. 😆 😆 😆

    How about some real charity Rutherford? The kind which is done for others.

    Not sure if you’re kidding or just being a dick.

    I’ve always been polite with call receivers and even more so after I took the roadside job.

    As for altruism, say what you like but the job does involve helping people when they need help as opposed to the 24 years I spent at IBM making a difference in not one single life.

    And yes Tigre, especially if you do pro bono work, your job is far more altruistic than my corporate career was.

    So what’s your point?

  267. 😆 I am enjoying a good belly laugh this morning after reading comments by tex ‘talid talmud’ taylor and his sidekick rabid rabbi rabbit. I especially liked the buzz video and the swearing on the bible part. I can easily see bart as an okie. funny stuff.

  268. Rutherford, you’ve misconstrued my comments (and frankly who I am, what I do, and my values) over and over and over and over. It was the purpose behind my email and one might have thought it put things to rest. Of course it didn’t, and has reared its ugly head by the BMW driving bank lackey yet again.

    Suffice it to say, your “corporate shill” label is meaningless, juvenile and now just another one of your hypocrisies.

    Why doesn’t it occur to you that layoffs are often desirable and necessary for a business to remain competitive and in fact would often than not protect the jobs of more than those lost? Is it what I suspect: you think a business operates first for the benefit of its employees?

    For fuck’s sake, why do you think my pointing that out is advocacy for something unjust ?

    And why do you think you are some kind of champion for worker or little guy when everything believe is the antithesis of capitalism, the rewards of which you think need to be redistributed at the expense of their attainment?

    As I said, I am an employer. Our staff is treated very well IMO. But listening to you spout meaningless platitudes about the mistreatment and/or scheming of business owners (private or publicly traded), that in all regards captures my business too, is eye rolling.

  269. Poolman would have applauded Hitler in 1945 as an underdog who suffered greatly as he was overwhelmed by the Allies that he once tried to destroy.

    Fake would have blamed the slaughter in the gas chambers by the Protestant movement of the German Christians.

  270. Big connection between bpa and alzheimers, with direct inks to other modern health concerns like american obesity. The introduction and rise of their use mimics the rise in national maladies now associated with them. The implications aren’t good for industry and it’s why many european countries have banned them as with gmos.

  271. “And yes Tigre, especially if you do pro bono work, your job is far more altruistic than my corporate career was.

    So what’s your point?”

    I don’t like being criticized and lectured to by a sanctimonious hypocrite when it comes to charity, compassion, ethics and morality in business or personal life. You’ve thrown plenty of rocks based on your misguided belief that liberals care more for their fellow man than conservatives or Christians. Sometimes the proof is in the pudding. That’s all.

  272. I believe hitler was as much a tool of an evil regime then as bo bo is today. We like to use him as the benchmark of evil, yet others of his era were just as evil. I have a much different perspective on history today than I did a decade ago. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.

  273. BTW, it wasn’t all about being a dick. If you truly want to experience altruism, you might start with some charity that you can feel proud about. That’s for reals, Yo.

  274. Rutherford says regards his time @ AAA:
    Bottom line: I just got tired of talking to assholes every night of my life.
    I’d have thought we would’ve given you a thicker skin by now. 🙂

  275. I’d have thought we would’ve given you a thicker skin by now. 🙂

    You mean I’ve wasted six years of my life throwing ever bomb imaginable your way, Rutherford, and you’re still a lily?

    I second Alfie’s observation.

    You ought to have rhinoceros hide by now. 😈

  276. Rutherford, I read the article, but my concentration was bad with our grand daughter on my lap and her trying to operate the computer. with that limitation to my concentration, it seemed fair to me.

    Poolman, it is 96 with a heat index of 108 today,

  277. I read the Vox article too, and I think it’s accurate. Of course it’s kind of the Cliff Notes version. Carter’s book is more in depth and goes much further back in history.

  278. Rutherford,

    We need to get together and adopt the Red Box Plan – it’s a guaranteed money maker – straight out of Obama’s Big Gov’t Business Schools.

    Let me explain.

    About two months ago, I tried to return my RedBox video and the machine was down. So I drove down the street to another box and it was down too. So I called RedBox and for my troubles they gave me a code for a free video.

    I tried the promo code they gave me but didn’t work. I rented a movie anyway. I called them again when I got home. They gave me two free videos with two promotion codes. 😈

    I used one and apparently they credit your card after a period of business days but charge you at point of rental. That was a month ago.

    I never received my credit when I looked at my VISA bill. LOL! I only laugh because they only cost me $1.30 a time.

    But damn, you talk about crooked bait and switch. I’ll bet they helped built the Obamacare website.

  279. I’ve been working my baby hard lately. My 94 Blazer towed a camper trailer to my hide out.

    About 5000 pounds

    It towed strong but I did notice my thermostat was working over time and I was a little hotter then usual.

    My brother tried to say it was normal when towing but I had a bad feeling.

    On the way home we overheated. I lost all my coolant. Classic Michigan white trash woodsmen on our way back from “up north” sitting in a rest stop with my hood open.

    I filled it back up and we ran cool until I pulled into the driveway. Radiator fluid poured everywhere. (Much of it on my face which didn’t feel good).

    For the life of me I couldn’t find a lose hose. It looked like it was coming from the engine!

    I know I didn’t blow a head casket because my truck runs smooth.

    Tigre… think its the water pump? And that’s why I didn’t leak on the way home. The vacuum of the system kept it from pouring out? Does vacuum play a role in the coolant system?

  280. I’m just a pool guy, but I’ll weigh in. I never had a 94 gm, but it could be as simple as needing a new radiator cap or a new thermostat or just flushing the whole cooling system. If the cooling fans are functioning as intended and your head gasket is sound, I’d have the cap checked.

    Did you run the heater at all, and if you did try that, did it lower the temp? Water pumps generally make noise or leak when they go, at least in my experience. The only vacuum in the system should happen between your reservoir, which is where the integrity of the cap comes in to play.

  281. Water pump, Rabbit. Almost guaranteed, unless you’ve blown the lower radiator hose. Got the same thing in 1997 Explorer right now. $40.00 part, 4-6 hours of labor. And I’m not doing that on a 100 degree Oklahoma day.

    What size is your motor? If you had blown the head gaskets, the vehicle would be running like hell and you most likely would see antifreeze all over the top of the manifold.

    I can tell you that it’s a pretty lengthy but easy fix, assuming everything goes right. The only thing I’m worried about is sheering the bolts on the water pump when I remove the old one, if I choose to do it.

    Here’s the basic routine on the Explorer, 5.0L

    (1) Undo the battery cable (-)
    (2) Take off the shroud
    (3) Take off the fan blade
    (4) It’s unlikely but possible you would have to remove the radiator
    (5) You might have to remove the Serpentine belt – or for sure, unloosen it and pull it off the pulley and out of the way.
    (6) Take off the lower radiator hose
    (7) Remove and replace the water pump.
    (8) Repeat the steps backward

    Vacuum does indeed play a role – that’s why you’ve most likely got an overflow for fluid.

  282. Rabbit,

    If you are a DIY, I found these videos pretty helpful before I tied into my Explorer. It had been years since I had worked on a vehicle. The electronics are very different now, but the principles remain the same.

    For what it is worth.

  283. 5.7 V8.

    The thermostat works (although it might have got fried a little…I drove about a mile hot as fuck).

    After I filled the radiator I ran cool as a cucumber all the way home. Drove about 100 miles. Leaked like crazy when I pulled in. Heater didn’t help.

    So….it could be the cap.

    No noise…..

    I think it has to be the water pump.

    I ended up taking it in to the shop to get it pressurized. Waiting on what they say.

    I’m too lazy to do it myself.

    Tex says 6 hours of labor. He didn’t add the rabbit factor into the equation which brings it up to 12 hours and a lot of cursing.

  284. I agree. If it ain’t the upper radiator/thermostat housing, it’s got to be the pump. A head gasket would have throw wonderful plumes of funny colored smoke from the exhaust. The only other place might be the lines to the heater core (through the firewall, or the transmission. Those would be easy to spot.

    If your gonna tow, you may need a towing package for the cooling system.

    Or we could use the time dropping a 396 with a little N02 into it!

    BTW, since you super heated it, you might be in need of a new thermostat. Fortunately that part is cheap and easy.

  285. Holy shit, Tex. That was giving me butterflies just watching the video.

    If I had a bus full of democrats, I would consider bailing out with it in gear.

  286. Whoa.

    “Fed appeals court panel says most Obamacare subsidies illegal”

    Houston, we have a problem.

    At first blush, this looks like a straight statutory construction case that can’t be salvaged with Obama’s mighty pen and phone.

  287. Oh my Gog, oh my God, oh my God. . .

    Rutherford. You dems are calling for the killing of Republicans. We need a national dialogue — and protection. As you taught us with Palin, if anyone is harmed, this guys is to blame for inciting violence.

  288. Tigre I just saw a headline that a higher appeals court just overthrew your “Houston we have a problem” decision. At least you got to gloat for all of five minutes.

  289. I love how the DoJ states the intent of Congress on a law that was passed via reconciliation. The appeal stands but the courts will toss it back and forth until it hits SCOTUS

  290. I would have been sobbing on that bus in the fetal position. Seriously …….I would cry. And then I would gave demanded to drive.

    Didn’t 20 blacks shoot one another in Chicago this weekend? Rutherford … coincided with that Beltran’s campaign add. When is the madness going to stop Rutherford!

    I swear he missed that elephant. Bird shot? If you are going to shoot it for metaphorical effect, use a slug!

    Dude at least seemed cooler then Nancy Pelosi……

  291. “Tigre I just saw a headline that a higher appeals court just overthrew your “Houston we have a problem” decision. At least you got to gloat for all of five minutes.”

    Ah. Such an informed man. I love the back and forth. I always learn so much from you. 🙄

    You call my comment “gloating?” On par with your other assessments. Wrong again.

    You do realize that those decisions come from two different circuits (DC and Fourth), right? Bothe Appellate decisions. Do you even know what the means or do you think you’ve got something to “gloat” about? Conflicting appellate issues? Gee, when does that ever happen??? Well, thankfully you’re here to let us know that one just “overthrew” another, whatever the fuck that means.

    My comment about it being a statutory construction issue still obtains. The result depends. And it wouldn’t have changed if it were a district court rather than appellate court decision. It’s now a live issue. Tell us all how it will shake out.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to the initiated. To the cheerleader, not so much.

  292. What dumbasses they were to fuck up the juiciest part of the law.

    The precedent so far with Obamacare is total ad hoc lawlessness. So I’m guessing some how, some way….it wont matter how the law was written.

    Obamacare is not even really a law. More like a disastrous pet project. Play dough. Malleable stink for Barry.

    Now….constitutional challenges…maybe different story as we saw with Hobby Lobby. But a brain fart bringing the disaster down? I wouldn’t bet on it.

    The Supreme Court will ramble on about “intent” and “common sense” and the words wont matter.

  293. Sorry Tigre, I jumped on a headline (as I said) but didn’t read the underlying story so I ASSumed one court was higher than the other and had overthrown the first decision in record time.

    My bad.

  294. DR, you may be right. Statutory construction cases have enough for both sides to argue with plenty of authority. The bits that I’ve read though look like they could be a real problem if picked up on certiorari. Speaking for myself, I’m not so sure the challenge is a loser in the Supreme Court.

    But I am certain there will plenty of shitheads opining about it.

  295. rabbit – typical water pump problem. The pump seal runs under pressurized hot water, against a spinning shaft. No lube at all – just pressurized hot water. Amazing they work at all.

    A busted hose -even a small one – would drain the engine in 20 seconds, followed by overheating 1.5 mins later.

    Vacuum plays no part. The coolant runs under pressure not vac – to raise the boiling point of water so you can circulate 100 degree water and it won’t boil off.

    You CAN blow a head gasket and find no water in the lubricant. Very common, actually – gasket opens between a the coolant jacket and a cylinder barrel. Under fire, no water leaks in and gases gets into coolant, thence out the radiator overflow. Under lo pres cycle in the cylinder, water pressure squirts a little water in cylinder.

    Go smell your tailpipe; if you smell ethylene glycol antifreeze, there’s your problem.

    Or go smell somebody else’s tailpipe. They might bite you, though. Like the dog.

  296. Vacuum absolutely plays a part, my good doctor, especially when the car is cooling. And that was exactly when Rabbit was having his problem with leakage, if I understood correctly.

    From how stuff works..

    The radiator cap actually increases the boiling point of your coolant by about 45 F (25 C). How does this simple cap do this? The same way a pressure cooker increases the boiling temperature of water. The cap is actually a pressure release valve, and on cars it is usually set to 15 psi. The boiling point of water increases when the water is placed under pressure.

    When the fluid in the cooling system heats up, it expands, causing the pressure to build up. The cap is the only place where this pressure can escape, so the setting of the spring on the cap determines the maximum pressure in the cooling system. When the pressure reaches 15 psi, the pressure pushes the valve open, allowing coolant to escape from the cooling system. This coolant flows through the overflow tube into the bottom of the overflow tank. This arrangement keeps air out of the system. When the radiator cools back down, a vacuum is created in the cooling system that pulls open another spring loaded valve, sucking water back in from the bottom of the overflow tank to replace the water that was expelled.

  297. You’re wrong PF. Wrong on the vacuum (as pointed out by Tex) and wrong on the head gasket. If the water pressure breached the gasket, you’re gonna have moisture in the cylinder and the exhaust will show it. You don’t get the opposite effect you claim. And not all of it passes out the exhaust either but it passes. That foamy sticky sludge burns. You’ll usually find it in your oil pan too. It’s a bitch.

    My money is on the pump. If you get into and have to lift, think about replacing that motor mount bushing while you’re cracking your knuckles anyway. Pumps suck.

  298. Of course there is a vacuum created when water condenses; that’s basic physics; that’s not the point. The point is that a vacuum would pull in the direction of the water, not make the water leak, which would require a pressure differential the other way, so vacuum plays no part IN THE LEAK.

    What is the head gasket error? What “opposite effect?” The post SAID you would have water in the exhaust. That’s what gives the odour.

    But it doesn’t always end up in the oil. It can – usually does – but not always. It is possible to lose water for years and never find any of it in the oil or on the ground. It’s going into the cylinder barrel, via a breach of the head-gasket between the coolant jacket and the cylinder itself.

    Want to see an engine that actually runs on vacuum?

    The Newcomen engine pumped a lot of water out of UK coal mines before the Watt pressure engine displaced it.

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