What Makes a Scandal Stick

With everything the Republican Party has thrown at Barack Obama, why has so little of it gained traction? For all his alleged wrongs, Obama still won a second term. I think it has a lot to do with what the American public can grok.

Let’s look at arguably the two biggest scandals of the past 30 years. Iran-Contra, trading arms for hostages. Those four words say it all. Easy to understand, easy to get outraged about. Lying about receiving fellatio from a subordinate in the Oval Office. Again, what could be simpler?

Fast forward to 2009.

Fast and Furious: too complicated a plot line with the reasonable fallback excuse of  “sometimes an operation gets botched.”

Benghazi: the fog of war makes the real story debatable, Americans don’t have the patience to sort through all of it and the fallback excuse “sometimes an operation gets botched.”

IRS: might have had legs if Joe next door got abused but WTF is a 501(c)(4) anyway? Yawn, change the channel.

But Obama’s luck, for lack of a better word, may have finally run out.

The failed ACA rollout: forget the “you can keep your doctor” misinformation; the real kicker here was a website that didn’t work. We live in an age where even the dumbest ignoramus uses a computer and can tell a sucky web site from a good one. Obama flubbed the most fundamental aspect of his landmark legislation — the ability to actually sign up for it. This won him universal skepticism about his competence. This was capped off by the “well-timed” resignation of his Secretary of HHS.

The VA Scandal: you don’t mess with one of our most beloved minorities, the combat veteran. Not only were they dying, waiting for treatment, but the public was being lied to about the speed at which folks were being admitted into the system. This, again, is an example of basic incompetence easily understood by the American public and repugnant to 99% of it. This was capped off by the resignation of his Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

The Bergdahl Trade: we traded a traitor for five (arguably) dangerous Gitmo detainees. What could be easier to understand? Again, this scandal plays on America’s reverence for noble military service and its fear of terrorists. In the Benghazi conflict Susan Rice’s comments are still debated to this day as to their veracity at the moment she spoke them. In this case, however, she outright lied about Bergdahl’s “honorable” service. This weekend she clarified that her remarks referred to Bergdahl’s enlisting in the service but I think most of us would agree the honor is in serving, not in enlisting and certainly not in deserting.

Regarding the Bergdahl fiasco, I spent much of the past week shaking my head and saying “I just don’t understand this. Why the Rose Garden grandiosity? Why not do this on the down-low? Why the claim of imminent death due to poor health when the dude looks in pretty good shape? Why not give Congress the 30 days notice? Poor project planning or brazen contempt for the law?” I am no armchair foreign policy expert. If I was thinking this, then I assure you many others in the country were wondering the same thing.

For reasons I cannot wrap my head around, Obama has transitioned from complicated conflicts where good arguments could be made on both sides, to getting the basics wrong — to blowing the easy stuff.  All the Republicans need is control of the Senate and these easy to understand examples of incompetence, in some cases mendacity, mean impeachment cannot be far away. The public won’t tolerate a trumped-up impeachment but they won’t object too loudly if Obama makes it too easy.

With each new screw-up, that is exactly what Obama is doing.


632 thoughts on “What Makes a Scandal Stick

  1. It has more to do with the leftist media that protects him. This shit ain’t hard to understand. IF you can understand Iran Contra, you can understand F&F. And you don’t need to know what a 501 is either. You just have to have the brain power to see that you don’t need to be a Tea Party member to know you’re next.

  2. “Screw up”. I guess that’s how someone in the bag for this administration refers to a lie.

    Your excuses for the other lies are lame. It shouldn’t matter that Americans are too ignorant to understand the gravity of those scandals. Are they fucked up or not?

    Work backwards from this latest lie if you have the courage.

    Rice lied about Benghazi. That is her job. To lie to the American people.

    The administration stonewalled about a chilling political purge using the brute force of the IRS to do so. Fucking horrible.

    All of those scandals have legs if Obama is a Republican.

    A Republican President is worth it for that simple fact: The presidency awakens the 4th estate.

    Rice’s lie about the lie is so embarrassing.

  3. It is partly the media’s fault as El Tigre wrote. Many people don’t know or care about the world beyond their immediate friends and families. Obama’s lies are merely a distraction, and they fail to make connections between their problems and Obama’s policies.

    Most have never heard of “first they came for the Jews…”

    If the media had covered for Nixon as it does for Obama, and Woodward and Bernstein couldn’t be bothered, would Nixon have been forced to resign? History would have changed.

    The Bolton Amendment started Iran Contra. It forbade the US from helping the Contras fight a Soviet backed communist take over in Nicaragua. Misguided patriotic Americans organized a criminal scheme to make money from a sale of arms to Iran to finance a battle against the Soviets.

  4. On the contrary Tigre, my wingman and I go out every Saturday night and talk about which women we’ll fuck.

    Do me a favor homeslice, don’t tell my wife, ok? 😜

  5. DR, don’t bother. He really, really doesn’t know. And since he’ll never admit that, this game will continue.

  6. Beautiful response from Lurker in prior thread which I’m reposting here to make sure you all see it.

    Do you think I would be defending Bush if he was in the Rose Garden lying like this? Do you? – Yes, I do believe you would. Do you think Bush and Cheney should tried as war criminals? Will you hold a Republican president to the same standards as you have held Obama?

    I spent two years as an Army wife during the Vietnam era. He was ROTC, assigned to G3 and ran a Trainfire range. He kept the commies out of OK. Cake walk.
    My brother was a Marine saw combat in VN. Doesn’t talk about it.
    A great friend, a Marine, saw combat in VN. Died of a brain tumor in his early 50’s – exposed to Agent Orange.
    Husband’s college roommate saw combat in VN. Doesn’t talk about it, drinks too much.
    Husband’s childhood buddy served in VN. Had great trouble adjusting upon returning. Tried to kill his wife one night, thought she was VC. She slept with her son in separate bedroom with the door locked and the dresser pulled in front of the door.
    Shall I continue with our friends who did not return….
    My nephew, a graduate of The Citadel, served in Desert Storm – tank commander. Saved one of his men’s life. Came home with a variety of health issues later developed MS in his 40’s.
    My grandson, a Marine, served in Afghanistan. Doesn’t talk about it.

    Don’t you lecture me about supporting the soldiers or who loves them more bullshit. I thought we learn our lesson with Vietnam to be careful starting a war. But Bush, who went AWOL and Cheney with his deferments didn’t learn anything did they? And Rumsfeld who said you go to war with what you have not what you wish you had. And he sent men ill prepared off to a war that could have waited. Did you donate money to buy kavalar? vests for the men?

    I was/am opposed to both Afghanistan and Iraq. We have nothing to show for it but dead men or destroyed families, children who lost a parent and parents who lost a child.

    Yes I do care about the troops enough to not send them to unnecessary wars. Enough that you if you are not willing to fix them then you don’t break them.

    1. You said you don’t blame the traitor.
    No, from what I read at that time, I did not blame him if he was disillusioned about the war. However, you DO NOT abandoned your buddies especially in a time of war.
    Those are the rules. If he did leave of his own free will or joined the enemy then an investigation is done. If he is guilty of desertion or what ever then he should be punished.

    2. You said he should be tried but then again made the claim that the traitor is absolved of responsibility because you disagree with the war.
    Never said that traitor is absolved of responsibility….

    3. You deemed it important to the debate that some of the guys didn’t die looking for the cock sucker.
    Oh ffs what ever.

    “Pathetic and feeble attempt to down play the horrifying reality that nothing is sacred when it comes to this vile joke of an administration.”

    I find pharmaceuticals help.

    The rest of your childish, pathetic, superiority rant is not worth addressing.”

  7. I’ll humor you Tigre and take a stab at it. If I’m wrong, please educate a brotha.

    Wingman: sidekick at the bar who talks you up to the ladies so you can score.

  8. I’m curious how loudly DR protested when Bush stood in front of his mission accomplished banner.

    Please, when GOP’ers spout their “patriotic” shit you boys lap it up.

  9. I don’t think Bush or Obama are war criminals.

    I would never accept Bush lying like that. I’ve called Bush out for things I don’t agree with many times here.

    And I see that the President lying doesn’t mean anything because….well I don’t know…because you were once married and stuff?

    As for guys not talking about combat…don’t get your point. What does that have to do with the President lying to the American people and perverting the notion of honor?

    It was fucked up to lie like that. Your failed marriage doesn’t change that.

  10. Ha ha. He keeps the ugly one distracted to clear the way for his buddy to hit on the attractive one.

    R, you need to give up on your tortured construction of the repartee. For real, yo. You sound like an amazing tool trying to keep on with this.

  11. “I’m curious how loudly DR protested when Bush stood in front of his mission accomplished banner.”

    I have mocked that decision many times. At the time I thought it was pretty cool because I thought the mission was accomplished (which technically it was).

  12. LOL the wingman is more vile than I thought. I actually pictured the glass half full rather than keeping off the “uglies”.

    Oh well I apologize to all for not being enough of a pig to be a “real man”. 😐

  13. “Oh well I apologize to all for not being enough of a pig to be a “real man.”

    Why don’t you be a real man and admit you didn’t understand the comment rather than cling to your dumb mantra? Problem solved.

  14. “On the contrary Tigre, my wingman and I go out every Saturday night and talk about which women we’ll fuck.”

    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
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    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .



    That last thread delivered.

  15. “Oh well I apologize to all for not being enough of a pig to be a “real man.”

    Don’t sell yourself short, R, I’m sure you’re a huge pig.

  16. “From the previous thread and G’s excerpt about Kijera–guess that’s the ultimate example of confirmation bias.”

    Or the ultimate example of the pathology of white guilt.

  17. Maybe part of those folks’ problem was they don’t/didn’t “talk about it.”

    “War is hell’, and it can kill your soul while leaving your body intact. Trauma visits in many forms, and you don’t have to be a veteran to meet it.

    Widows, daughters and sons suffer during and after every war. It is one reason we should not decide lightly on battle. Sometimes, the need for self defense outweighs the emotional well-being of widows and other family members.

    I vote for white guilt.

    Why did that funny wing man comment remind me of Walter Mitty?

  18. I’ll humor you Tigre and take a stab at it. If I’m wrong, please educate a brotha.

    Wingman: sidekick at the bar who talks you up to the ladies so you can score.” – R

    Hahahahaha, R, the wingman is the guy who’ll FUCK the fat chick so his buddy can score with the pretty girl.

    Had a buddy in the Navy who LOVED fat girls. He was like a homing missile. We’d walk into a joint and he’d sight and fire 30 seconds in. Made the cute girls SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous.

    Best. Wingman. Ever.

  19. Take your sexually dismissive rape culture elsewhere, Gorilla. 😆

    The wingman comment reminded of the poker game in the Forty Year Old Virgin.

  20. If I you do the math…Rutherford probably was a 40 year old virgin.

    Now that you are in the lower class in terms of income, please keep your job, R.

    You work at home sniffing your own farts. The only place you are safe. You simply can’t navigate most of American society.

    Be honest….did you breast feed until you were 8 or 9 years old?

  21. I think I should point out that a wing man doesn’t always jump on grenades. While some specialize in that niche, there are wing men who are great at working as a duo to score two hot chicks.

    Many times, for good reason, a woman isn’t comfortable going home alone. But she will if her friend is into the wing man.

    Hell…I’m convinced some women themselves will jump on a grenade, (and I think I was the grenade a few times…life is good).

    I have a buddy, a marine, who is about 6’6. He was simply a little too tall for me to be a wing man. At 6’2….I looked stubby. But my brother is 6’4 and those two were like Alan Trammel and Lou Whither. It was privilege to watch them in action.

  22. Two of us were each others’ wing men to score hot chicks in college. it was pretty sedate because the church college didn’t even allow dancing.

    One night, I scored a hot eighteen- year old freshman. Her hair flowed down her shoulders like a water fall, and her eyes sparkled so brilliantly they showed across the room. We have been married for 46 years!

    Your brother and friend sound like good men.

  23. dr – Not sure which of my failed marriages you are referring to.

    How long do you think you will be allowed to continue in your situation? I understand it can be very difficult under these circumstances. You realize you will be needing help during this time. I am definitely unable to assist you.

  24. I don’t think scandals carry the same stigma today as they did in generations past, though the mainstream media does like to highlight them. There is even a teevee show named scandal. It used to be for tabloids and gossips. As a society, we no longer present a strict and moral outlook. Tolerance is the byword. Our shock and awe spring is long sprung.

    More than what scandal will stick, the question of character should be explored. Amid these scandals, we can see the character develop. It is sometimes hard to strip rumor aside and get to the heart of the matter, but the main players need to dispel myth from truth to regain public trust. What we get rather is spin. That seems to be the task given the bought media. The more spin, the less faith we hold in the character of the player. Obama has not helped bolster his public image or trust – quite the opposite.

  25. “Damn G. Your wingmen really went to the mat.”

    “I think I should point out that a wing man doesn’t always jump on grenades.”

    😆 😆 😆

  26. “I don’t think scandals carry the same stigma today as they did in generations past, though the mainstream media does like to highlight them. ” -poolman

    I was just thinking the same thing.

    When I was over seas and came home in the 90s I was shocked that I could detect . change in pop culture.

    Those Jerry Springer type shows were quite the development since I had left. Throw in the beginnings of reality TV, the Clinton blow job debacle, OJ….and the damn broke. Its a river current of scandal that never subsides.

    People are numb to it. But if that is the case, perhaps people are numb to morality as a whole.

  27. “How long do you think you will be allowed to continue in your situation? I understand it can be very difficult under these circumstances. You realize you will be needing help during this time. I am definitely unable to assist you.”

    I’ve read this 10 times now. If your intent was to creep me out then well played.

    Anyone have any idea what this means?

  28. Man…weird threats…utter out of the blue accusations of having rape fantasies for no reason

    Been odd around here as of late.

  29. dr – it is not a threat. I mean you no harm. You consider your self to be smart. You will figure it out. It is simply my reply to your #15.

  30. Well…I’m glad its not a threat.

    I stand by what I said in comment 15.

    Your marriage, family..friends…none of it means the President should be able to get away with pulling stunts like that.

    Your indifference to those lies by the administration is insulting to those who served over there. I don’t know how anyone can claim different. Its also a disgusting way to treat all of us….

    I argue its happened time and time again.

    You will refuse to believe that. Fine. But what about those lies last week? How that doesn’t piss you off is beyond me.

    Rutherford’s flabbergasted over it. I get that. The lie is so outrageous that its bad politics. But its also hurtful. I wish he would get that. Instead he throws a temper tantrum about rape jokes that don’t exist and good old boy patriotism that is so uncool on MSNBC.

    The lie was terrible. It wasn’t a screw up. He lied to us. They lied to us. Again.

    As for your cryptic message…I don’t get it. Since I don’t get it, it should be on you to explain it. We are pretty up front here. As long as you mean my family no harm…have at it. What you gotta say, girl! Don’t be passive aggressive!

  31. By a 55-38 percent margin, people wish the Affordable Care Act had never passed and the 2009 system were still in place. That includes a quarter of Democrats (25 percent), a majority of independents (58 percent) and most Republicans (85 percent).

    I’m gonna let that marinade for a bit…

  32. Still not sticking I suppose…

    Internal Revenue Service officials sent the Federal Bureau of Investigation a “massive” database listing of tax exempt organizations just a few weeks before the November 2012 elections, House investigators announced Monday.

    Oversight and Government Reform chairmen Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, say they recently obtained an email from Lois G. Lerner, the former head of the IRS tax exempt division, to a Justice Department official asking how to format the list of tax exempt groups for delivery to the FBI.

    Issa, who heads the oversight committee and Jordan, who chairs a subcommittee, said in a statement on Monday sent a new letter to the IRS, demanding more information about the data sent to the FBI.

    “At the very least, this information suggests that the IRS considered the political speech activities of nonprofits to be worthy of investigation by federal law-enforcement officials,” the letter states.

    According to Issa and Jordan, the IRS apparently realizes it should not have sent the information to the FBI.

    “After the Justice Department turned over the database to the Oversight Committee this month in response to a subpoena, the Justice Department says it was informed by IRS officials that it contains legally protected taxpayer information that should not have ever been sent to the FBI and it now plans to return the full database to the IRS,” a statement from the Oversight Committee said.

  33. Can you believe that the White House is now saying that Sec Def Hagel made the final call on Bergdahl. How many times is this story going to change? I guess someone in the Regime saw that most Americans were against the trade, so beep beep….

  34. It’d be hilarious if it was from the Onion…

    These diners don’t reveal that they share their predecessors’ xenophobia until they get sick. That’s when the once-coveted authenticity stops being a source of pride and pleasure and instead ignites centuries-old paranoia. With matter-of-fact finality, they blame the pad thai, the roadside tacos, and the shawarma, not the steak frites, the coq au vin, or the greasy spoon ham sandwich. And even without a clear link between inspection scores and illness or a careful consideration of the amount of time that can pass between a tainted meal and the onslaught of symptoms, they use social media to project their culturally conditioned fears right back into the public sphere. Today’s ethnic restaurant patrons dare not fret aloud about mouse sausage or spew racist slurs, but their accusations of food poisoning are no less brazen, casual, and absurd. Gastronomic bigotry is exemplary of modern racism: It can be as hard to detect as a pathogen in a house salad.

  35. Here is my response to Lurker’s comment which Rutherford re posted.

    I did the research over ten years ago and found photostatic copies of relevant documents which may or may not remain on the internet.

    Bush was not AWOL. Had he been, he would have had trouble for being absent without leave, and he wasn’t. Authorities knew where he was. Bush’s records showed him to be a good pilot who donated time to poor people when he was off duty. Like many pilots, he had a swagger. Bush also volunteered for service in Vietnam, but he was flying an obsolete model of plane and retraining him in the short time he had left would not be worth the time, so his request was refused.

    Something happened near the end of his tenure. Bush refused to take a regular and required medical exam which was his right, but his refusal cast doubt on his medical qualification as a pilot. Bush was grounded.

    For the last few months of his service, Bush drifted around the base sometimes with little or nothing to do. There was some disagreement about which base he was actually on. He was floating around. There was a form showing he had shown up for training when it was required.

    We know Bush had a problem with alcohol, and he might have been doing drugs. At the time, he certainly wouldn’t have been the only one. No one explained Bush’s change of behavior, or refusal to take the medical exam he had taken before. This is just my guess I think. Bush was taking drugs and feared a blood test.would get him into more trouble than refusing to let medics draw blood.

    Military leaders are not robots. They can bend the rules for and against individuals. I know from personal experience. A year after my little adventure, I became enraged. I refused to cut my hair, and during a dispute, I shook my fist in a major’s face. I pounded our first Sargent’s desk so hard his coffee cup tipped over.

    Nothing happened to me. My NCOIC hid me in the X-ray room when the general came around, and they warned me when I shouldn’t go on base for lunch when NCOS were looking for uniform infractions. When I left for the US and civilian life, I purposely wore my service ribbons backward. An airman noticed and mentioned it as I said goodbye. Our squadron commander laughed and said “as if he cares.”

    I believe his superiors cut Bush some slack as mine did for me. In my case, it was out of guilt and because they liked me. Bush was likeable, so maybe similar motives guided his officers.

  36. Bush and Cheney should not be tried as war criminals any more than Obama should. I assume Lurker was asking a rhetorical question, but one never knows. World intelligence agencies believed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, and they knew he had used them. Democrats like Clinton had repeated the charge and said we needed to remove Hussein from power. Most of them voted to go to war.

    Hussein was also violating UN orders and shooting at our planes in the No Fly Zone.

    Therefore, Bush did not overtly lie. He accepted conventional information which Hussein fostered because his neighbors were less likely to attack if they knew Iraq would retaliate with massive death dealing weapons. One of Hussein’s sons- in law defected. He said Saddam had dismantled his weapons and hidden the components to be rebuilt at a more opportune time. He also implied some had been sent to Syria.

    No one listened. Expatriots who wanted a war to remove Hussein had the ear of allied governments instead. Therefore, Bush did not lie as Obama does. He believed what he was saying as did Democrats like Hillary and Kerry. One of Bush’s goals which Thomas Friedman agreed was to establish a relative democracy in the heart of jihad country to show an alternative to the region’s political and regional culture. This while a laudable goal was a complex strategy hard to sell to voters.

    An emotional appeal to the danger of mass disease or radiation sickness carried more vivid notions of threat though the risk of delivery in the US was small. That, in my opinion was Bush’s border line lie,.

  37. Looks to me like JAL made a threat. Maybe a threat of rape. But we can’t be sure. JAL I think you need to justify that comment.

  38. No, we didn’t learn much from Vietnam. Harry Truman sent the first advisers to South East Asia before 1950. We were there to stop the spread of communism which threatened to out flank us if South East Asia fell to Soviet influence.

    The final major build up was based on a probable lie. The Gulf of Tolkin incident which precipitated such an invasion of allied troops may have been our own Navy gunners shooting at each other on a dark night. I think LBJ lied.

    Vietnam was one of the worst betrayals of the twentieth century. We had fought to a Korean style stalemate, and the South was holding its own with lavish use of air power and mobile forces. Ford was weakened by Watergate, and could not stop liberal Democrats from stopping aid and letting the South collapse.

    We betrayed South East Asians who fought and worked with us. We betrayed all of the people who died in that war because we bugged out. Thanks to the liberal Democrats like Iowa’s Tom Harkin who by the way exaggerated his role as a Navy pilot we accomplished little but to buy some time. Then we dumped on the men and women who fought the war.

    Obama is doing something similar to Iraq and Afghanistan. The unlearned lesson is that wars are even harder to leave than enter, and much of the real work comes after the battles. If we enter a war, we must be willing to occupy a region for many years longer than the war lasted.

    Lurker may care about the troops, but Obama and his ilk certainly don’t unless it is politically expedient.

  39. Soldiers were ill prepared when the war in Iraq began. I know because our niece, her husband and some of our childrens’ class mates were there. We helped an organization prepare and send care packages for the troops. My wife and I payed for and assembled over 50 of them. We also donated money.

    I supported the war in Afghanistan because it was a logical choice for retaliation for 9/11. The Taliban was offering a refuge to Al quiada. Iraq could have waited if we needed to invade at all until
    Afghanistan was secure. We virtually ignored that country for awhile until things began to fall apart.

    Both wars did accomplish something, if only to give Muslim women more freedom. But Obama, like other liberal Democrats before him will waste the effort and results. We didn’t learn much from Vietnam.

  40. Lurker revealed an apparent emotional problem. Maybe she would have carried her views had she not known any service people, but a pattern repeats. She saw first hand the damage apparently normal people carry home, and it may have influenced how she views world affairs. This is just my guess.

    I am a disabled veteran, and I know of others who made my experience seem like a walk in the park. They suffer every day, and their lives may be shortened. McCain is a good example.

    It is also irrelevant. Nations fight wars for good and bad reasons, and the possible damage to soldiers and innocent civilians is merely collateral damage. It cannot and should not be in the pro or anti- war equation. If it had,we would be speaking German and Japanese now.

  41. The latest report tells us that scores and maybe hundreds of thousands of veterans were placed on long secret waiting lists. Those already in the system seem to fare better.

    Six or so years ago, I was a delegate to our county Republican convention. During a break, I told our state rep that I was considering applying to enter the VA system. The man told me I might have a shot since I had a disability. Otherwise the odds of getting in were slim.

    Did he know about the systemic disfunction back then? I’d like to ask him.

  42. I’m sorry for being so long- winded, but someone had to counter the weakness in Lurker’s comments and make a possible connection to her emotional under pinnings.

  43. Lurker is a proven pathological liar. Last time I did the math for her in one of her claims, she was 80+ – 100 years old; then she’s this, then she’s that. She must be reincarnated. Shirley MacLaine is on the board!

    Why is this thing granted credibility?

    The fact that Rutherford thought Lurker’s response was excellent tells you all you need to know about the capability of separating fact from fiction of your host. That was rehashed gobbledy goop about on par with the Dim mantra of “it’s fer the children.”

    Obviously, this Lurker is a coward, hiding behind a country capable of protecting her. Why doesn’t she relay that “wonderful” post to the mothers of the 14 dead soldiers who lost their lives on account of a traitor and collaborator and see if they feel the same way? I’d pay to watch them light her on fire.

    Frankly, people like Lurker besmirch the very memory of the people who protect her – the absolute lowest of the low; a traitor and a coward in her own right.

  44. So I guess you will be well stocked with firewood next season and your view of the horizon is somewhat improved, eh James? Less shade, though. That’s a bummer. I hate seeing trees go and the damage they can do. The planet seems to be getting windier all around. Calm days are rare around these parts anymore. We will probably hit 111 again today. It’s dry and the wind makes everything statically charged. I think we’re 7 percent humidity. Fire likes our conditions.

  45. Tex. Glad to see you reemerge. You missed out on an excellent and well thought out rape debate touched off by the sensitive and worldly Rutherford. Turns out Gorilla is a rape enthusiast and I am a supporter of his rapism.

    Rutherford’s political introspection seems to have died — coincidentally as it did at MSNBC when they were blabbing about “introspection” in anticipation of the mid terms.

    I am feeling extra rapey today. You should join in.

  46. Oh, and Lurker is making cryptic threats that under the new rules around here are to be justified. Lurker, or the team that post under the name, are surely composing a cogent explanation to allay our concerns. The married guys look forward to a break in our rape encouragement to read that.

    (seriously, things have devolved to a point that you should probably just continue on your sabbatical)

  47. “He never passes up the chance to beat a dead horse.”

    Nope. Never do.

    Or maybe Rutherford hasn’t bothered with political discussions he initiated electing instead to accuse people of sexual malfeasance.

    Well. I’ll go back to betraying my moral obligations as a family man until the chance to beat that dead horse again strikes me.

    Any conspiracies going on with Bergdahl? How about Hillary’s claims of poverty?

  48. You know how it is, Tigre.

    Obama’s so abysmal, even the diehards like Rutherford are starting to realize they caught a runaway train.

    The way I see it, Obama is to Leftists what Marshall Applewhite was to Heaven’s Gate. I wouldn’t doubt the first thing this Lurker does in the morning is lace up her Nike shoes waiting for the commandment to relocate to the Obama falling star.

    Lurker and millions of lemmings like here are low level members of a cult. Lurker looks away from the obvious sins of her leaders the way churchgoing rubes attempted to excuse the charlatan Robert Tilton for stealing prayer tithes. The Left is a religion of self, envy and covet seeking finite pools of freebies. Add to the fact Lurker has been personally vested up to her eyeballs in deification of Obama for going on six years. We now know who it was that was genuflecting to President Commodus as he stood at the Styrofoam altar column mouthing platitudes of meaninglessness while manipulating the mob in 2008. Yes We Can profundity!

    The craziness is now beginning to manifest itself in Lurker’s posts – multiple personalities, sometimes within hours. It’s been more visible the last twelve months. I get the impression Lurker may not be playing with a full deck much like her kindred spirits over at Fat Grannies.

    There is nothing to excuse what Obama just did. I read the other day where some psychologists are starting to question if Obama is insane. 😛 If you think Obama is a malignant narcissist like I do, what is most logical is the belief that Obama has moved into danger mode. He’s angry. Obama can’t accept millions of us are laughing at his obvious lack of talent. Millions more are angry at his incompetence. Obama is going to act out like the petulant child – he is daring America to impeach him. He’s still manipulating the mob. I sincerely hope Republicans don’t take the bait. America is an immoral country. Let Obama self-destruct.

    You can only manipulate a mob for so long before the mob you helped create begins to turn against you.

  49. Hi Tex. Things haven’t changed much. Rutherford got confused and played the rape card by mistake. Rabbit and Tigre are taking turns jumping on grenades so G can continue his rampage of sexual dismissiveness. And I’m still a mystifying traitor to my gender.

    How are you?

    PS…Lurker says “hi.”

  50. You meant Rutherford is still confused, didn’t you? 😈 Some things will never change – Rutherford’s confusion is encapsulated within granite – his blockhead.

    What’s wrong with a little serial rape? William Jefferson Clinton’s advice was to tell them, “Put a little ice on it, honey.” And Slick is the patron saint of the Dimocratic Party. I thought serial womanizing a prerequisite of a man’s greatness?

    I am fine. And you too, I hope?

  51. 60, Yes, Poolman we would have several winter’s supply of fire wood if we burned it. Or we could have a giant wiener roast. Someone is coming this weekend to cut one of the wood piles for next winter. I hope so. Six feet of wood is parked on an iris bed my wife has been working on for two years.

    The neighbors were back again today and laughed about our son’s possible reaction when he visits in July. Our house is really open now, and much of the lawn is bare after passage of heavy machinery. They took care to avoid our rhubarb patch.

    I like trees too. Each one has its own character.

    It is usually windy here, and we have many wind farms in the region to take advantage of the breezes.

    111 is too warm for me. It has been that warm here, but not now. Our low was 52, and it may reach the low eighties today.

    Our peas have begun to blossom, and our sweet corn has reached knee high. Crops look good as ponds sink away. Some farmers must replant crops because the hail and wind were so bad that even leaves were knocked from trees.Car dealerrships have a real problem.

    Around 32 people attended our grand daughter’s first birthday party. She got a lot of presents. Her father opened them with her and as she started to play with a toy, he took it away and gave her another. Three times, she tried to make a break for it toward me and once with a book she got for her other grand mother.

    Tex is right. Lurker has a problem. She would fit in with the cases at the other site. They should become unhinged if Republicans take the Senate and Wendy Davis loses. NOP, Newt or no newt, false face or whomever she is, her mental house should lose a little more of its siding.

  52. The public won’t tolerate a trumped-up impeachment but they won’t object too loudly if Obama makes it too easy.

    Rutherford in your opinion has enough of a line been crossed that impeachment should be an option explored? If so why does the GOP have to do the heavy lifting? Should not this be a bipartisan thing?

  53. In answer to your title Rutherford:
    What Makes a Scandal Stick I would say you need a populace invested enough to care,a media honest enough to report on it and a scandal with minimal shades of gray.
    We don’t get the three so most everything gets an eventual pass.
    On the side of sad notes related to a couple of the scandals this Administration finds themselves wrapped up in,we have a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan and Iraq is being sliced up into chunks by militants with Mosul falling today.

  54. “Why don’t you be a real man and admit you didn’t understand the comment rather than cling to your dumb mantra? Problem solved.”

    Tigre one thing I’ve learned during our association is that nuance completely escapes you. If you really think I don’t get Alfie’s barroom camaraderie analysis you’re an idiot. What I found particularly offensive was the CONTEXT of the joke. After stating he was dismissing her comment he then used her as the object of his male bonding with Rabbit, followed soon thereafter by a chuckle from you.

    I don’t care if every single one of you disagrees. It matters not. We’ll agree to disagree.

  55. LOL Muffy in all honesty I’ve seen enough porn to disqualify me as Phil Donahue. But I also don’t have a boys will be boys attitude about it. I’ve had pleasure and guilt in almost equal measure and I’d never mount a defense about my consumption.

    Sadly you know you’re getting old when porn loses its allure and I’m getting old.

  56. “Take your sexually dismissive rape culture elsewhere, Gorilla. 😆

    The wingman comment reminded of the poker game in the Forty Year Old Virgin.”

    Maybe the only redeeming feature of our exchanges Tigre, is you still crack me up every now and then. Parts 1 and 2 of that comment were funny.

  57. I didn’t think you could. So you’ll keep on.

    Gorilla explained the comment as clearly as could be explained. And you’re still wondering why the women don’t share your outrage. 🙄

    This ain’t about nuance. This is like your embarrassing tantrum after the Giffords shooting. If there’s one thing I know, you’ll keep digging.

  58. Rabbit, fart sniffing aside, I have sadly become more and more agoraphobic as I’ve gotten older. Back when my Mom was alive she was never a fan of the home office. Maybe she knew me well enough to know it would turn me into a recluse.

    It’s hard to imagine I once did a 90 minute commute to work everyday.

  59. LOL you guys remind me of one of my business trips. I go into my colleagues hotel room only to find the bathtub filled with ice and cans of beer. When I gave my colleague a WTF look he asked “damn, didn’t you go to college?”


  60. LOL James your story of “scoring” with your wife truly warmed my heart.

    Maybe the difference between me and G, Tigre and Rabbit was that I was more heavily influenced by my mother and my Dad was more heavily influenced by his mother. Disability aside, if you were looking for macho swagger, my home was not the place to find it.

  61. Man….coyotes love liberals. Liberals love coyotes. They both cash in. And both don’t seem to care about the humanitarian crisis that is occurring because of Obama’s border policy if late.

    Dead blacks in a ditch. Disease infested Hispanic kids in concentration camps.

    It doesn’t matter because liberals are…cough for the little guy and conservatives are meanies.

    Liberalism us disgusting.

  62. “People are numb to it. But if that is the case, perhaps people are numb to morality as a whole.”

    In light of the side discussion going on the irony of that comment was explosive.

    But I will say this Rabbit. The other night Bill Maher had at the same table Anthony Wiener, Ralph Reed and film maker John Waters and I did think to myself “damn, three degenerates”. As a society we have no shame. Simple as that.

  63. “that I was more heavily influenced by my mother” -R

    Belly, you are not anymore in touch with your feminine side then I am. You are disconnected from humanity. Some of the most street savvy people I know are female.

    My dear grandma ran a bar in Detroit for 45 years. She would have laughed at you uncontrollably. (She would have liked you though). But man she would have laughed at you.

  64. LOL Lurkers comment to Rabbit puzzled me too. Hey DR has your wife been secretly posting to the blog?

    I swear to God I think Muffy is either Tex’s wife or sister. 😆

  65. I didn’t see anything threatening in Lurkers opaque comment. And I never accused you Rabbit of having rape fantasies. On the contrary I think your lothario past has somehow transformed you into a pretty decent guy.

  66. Rabbit it was kinda odd how you inferred a broken marriage from Lurkers earlier comment. I took the “two years” to be the length of his service, not the length of their marriage.

  67. “I’m gonna let that marinade for a bit…”

    Let this marinade. 90% of our citizens wanted stricter gun regulation and Congress did Jack Squat.

    Since when did you give a fuck about what most Americans think?

  68. I don’t think Obama understands military culture. It’s not that he doesn’t care. I’ve often found it laughable that ANY POTUS is commander-in-chief. Eisenhower? Yeah. Clinton or Obama? Puhleeze.

  69. No. It’s not culture. He doesn’t give a fuck. It’s why he would denied access to the war memorials to our veterans as punishment for the sequester.

  70. I have to admit ignorance and look up Lothario. LOL. I know I’d heard it someplace, but damn if I could remember the when and where.

    That could just about apply to all men.

  71. Rutherford,

    Were you ever a Lothario, you deviant? Or is porn where you seduced your women?

    I had a couple of cougars in my younger years that I didn’t have to much work for the seduction. I had this older female friend I worked with, kind of out of the Pfesser mold, and she was always trying to get me laid. I could have been a whore if I hung around her. This one gal was old enough to be my mother. 😛

    That’s what I always liked about these older women. There was no game playing. The GILF just said, “Let’s go to your condo and f__ our brains out.”


  72. “And all this time I thought you didn’t get my point. Bravo!”

    I said right away that your criticism wasn’t worth reflection.

  73. Here’s my criticism of you R. You lower your expectations when it comes to women. You drop your already low standards to accommodate their weaknesses.

    You share more traits in common with liberal women than I do.

  74. 80 I’m glad you liked my scoring with my wife, Rutherford.

    Our family didn’t have much macho posturing either. My father was only five feet six and well muscled. He was quiet and smart enough that when he talked, people listened. My father was one of the calmest, toughest men I knew and he had no bombast. Someone compared him to the man in the folk song, The Reverend Mr. Black.

  75. 92 I agree, Tigre. Obama and many liberals don’t understand or trust soldiers. Sometimes, they fake it, but deep in their dirty little hearts, lies hatred. The culture comes from their loathing.

  76. LOL….had to Google “Lothario” myself.

    Unlike James’s Dad….I’m no stranger to bombast. But if I ever came on here claiming to be uh….Lothario….I was full of shit.

    Hell Rutherford, you know what I look like. Hideous goblin.

  77. I’ve been trying to find some kind self reflection by the left on the effects of Obama announcing that all kids that make it America get to stay. Some liberals questioning the unsafe situation he created. I can’t find any.

    This deplorable. Have you guys seen the concentration camps? Real life concentration camps of kids and teenagers!!!

    I could have been won over for amnesty. If I remotely trusted Obama and felt that he would make an attempt to bring rule of law to the border I would be game.

    I’m a million miles away from that. More then that. I assume ever last word that comes out of his face is a fucking lie.

    Any Republican that votes for immigration reform needs to go. Obama is lying. Rule of law means nothing. Anarchy at the border IS the goal.

    I’m convinced turning the lower middle class into government dependent wretches is also a long tern goal of the left.

    All the while they add millions of voters dependent on their goodies, manipulated to think the other side is racist.

  78. Can you imagine the spike in gang violence that is coming our way in the south west.

    This is the worst possible situation in terms if immigration. The worst. Teenagers and children left on their own.

    Mark my words. I do have some experience working with gangs. This is going to be bad.

    This administration is a surreal nightmare.

  79. Rutherford I nailed it straightaway when I said your aim was to lower conservative men down to your party’s level of dirtbag and me down to your level of enabler.

    Now go potty and run along to beddie bye.

  80. [Tex, you dog! Are you the inspiration for Charlie Harper?]

    LOL. No. Too poor.

    Speaking of too poor, I’ve decided that what these red states need to do with these children dumped on them, is to put them in some very slick air conditioned buses, start driving to Washington D.C., give them a nice lunch sack, a couple of tourist passes, a little loose change for a drink and snack, and a first class view of Barack Obama’s nice house before I departed with the bus empty.

    Give Barack Obama and the Dimocratic Party a taste of living 3rd world like he wants to give us red states.

  81. DR, take a look at this ruling in CA…

    A judge in Los Angeles ruled Tuesday that public school teacher tenure rules are unconstitutional, a stunning reversal that could pave the way for broad changes to public education monopolies all over the country.

    In a case brought by nine students in the Los Angeles Unified School District, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu ruled that “both students and teachers are unfairly, unnecessarily, and for no legally cognizable reason (let alone a compelling one), disadvantaged by the current Permanent Employment Statute.”

    The case, Vergara v. California, argued that by blocking the firing of bad teachers, tenure denied L.A. students their constitutional right to a quality education. The suit was organized by the Silicon Valley reform group Students Matter on behalf of 10th grader Beatriz Vergara and eight other students. The defendants included Governor Jerry Brown, Superintendent of Public Education Tom Torlakson, and the behemoth teacher unions California Teachers Association (CTA) and the California Federation of Teachers (CFT). The defendants tried three times to dismiss the suit.

  82. “Gorilla explained the comment as clearly as could be explained. And you’re still wondering why the women don’t share your outrage.”

    This is a blog. Another time another place might be different. I had to learn how to deal with men like this before there was something called sexual harassment.

    BUT I am quite sure any father who heard men talking about or treating his daughter or granddaughter in this manner would finally realize how degrading and hurtful these comments are. R has a daughter.

    An irate father – is a man who is angry with another man’s son for doing to his daughter what he did to another man’s daughter 20 years earlier.

  83. Luriker has a point about real life.

    Our daughter was and is very attractive. She was attending summer school and attended a party. She fell asleep, and someone told her one of the guests had felt her up. She was upset, and my wife calmed her. Neither would tell me the problem for fear of what I would do.

    I took a rifle into the living room and began to clean it. I told my wife and daughter if they didn’t tell me what happened, I would take my rifle to the host and make him talk.

    Then, I threatened to hunt the miscreant. Our daughter assured us she knew the young man was a jerk, and she wasn’t going to talk to him again. I put my rifle away and that was the end of our sexual harrassment chapter.

  84. In my case, I never did any such thing to another man’s daughter. My parents taught me it was wrong.
    Another man’s daughter, my then future wife, on the other hand, and I had a mutual attraction society.

  85. Gorillia….I’ve never understood “tenure”.

    We don’t have that anymore here in Michigan. (Nor should we….)

    Unfortunately, the evaluation process is a political football. As of right now, the process is logistically impossible. The law is impossible to follow. So….tenure exists unofficially because politicians are so dumb and the law so convoluted. Replacing the union with moron politicians might have made things worse.

    You would think a lack of tenure would create a system where better teachers remain and horrible ones are gone. But I swear to you even if the evaluation system was possible to carry out, the profession is so poorly run that bad ones will stay and good ones will get the ax.

    Public schools are so infested and top heavy with “educrat” gangsters getting paid big money with the only responsibility of continuing to get paid big money mixed with dumb administrators who have unleashed their ambition on a corrupt government suck hole that I think its forever fucked. Picture India or Eastern Europe. Its that bad.

    Schools are run by people incapable of even knowing the first thing about who is valuable and who is not or anything else going on in that building. Plus as I already mentioned, they answer to a political Leviathan that resides in a carnival mirror house of horrors.

    Nothing will ever fix public education unless they fire everyone one of us and start from scratch. After all of America wakes up magically and become good parents, of course. In other words,we need to be in another dimension.

  86. I was bluffing. I wasn’t planning to shoot anyone.

    I wrote after Benghazi that Obama should be impeached, but no…

    If we bussed those kids to the White House the Obamas could give them a tour of the white house. A few could room with the president’s mother in law.

  87. Lurker presents a confusing world.

    Are women independent or are women defenseless?

    Unless she is talking about disgusting rape. Then all bets are off.

    Personally, I don’t call it good sex unless I hear her beg for it. And after one of my 80 second legendary sessions….I always leave ‘um begging for more.


    Seriously, I have felt dirty and used a few times. But I never blamed the woman. Blamed myself.

    Monogamy is torture. But so philandering.

    Lose lose.

    At least with monogamy you get to have a stable family which is the best thing in life. With philandering you get the clap and some father who wants to kill you.

    My advice for my boys is akin to putting a credit card in a frozen block so that it isn’t abused: Feel like cheating on your wife? Got a piece of ass lined up? Go shwank one off instantly. 5 minutes later and you realize how stupid promiscuity is and your back to watching the game or ripping on Rutherford’s sheltered innocence on a blog.

    Also….don’t hang out with even average looking women if you are married. (Unless your wife is with you or your female friend is Janet Reno).

    When I left my job at the juvenile prisons my coworkers threw me a going away party at a local bar. This chick I worked with put her hand on my thigh under the table. Then she put it between my legs. I couldn’t believe it. She was fucking ugly too. I hopped up and pretended it didn’t happen. Later on in the evening, back home with my wife, we checked my email to see if the movers were going to arrive on time. In my inbox was a long winded angry rant from this psycho woman talking about how I led her on. I’m telling you this was from left field.

    Luckily my wife believed me. Plus the email obviously showed I did nothing. Still….it was embarrassing for me.

    Crazy ass bitches. They can be just as bad as men.

  88. I had a stalker once, Rabbit. I had to get married to finally lose her. Haven’t heard from her in 27 years.

    This woman was insane. She broke into my apartment one time, dug through my drawers, found a number to a girl I was dating, and called her to tell the other gal she was my wife.

    Then she accused me of scratching her car, as if I had been spurned. LOL

    And I tell you this. Women gang up…I had other women start some vicious rumors accepting this chit as truth. Thank God my wife understood there are poseurs with breasts like that.

  89. So G, what do you think about Cantors loss. That’s your neck of the woods ain’t it?” – R

    Principles matter and folks are getting really tired of leaderless wandering of the GOP. There are and have been a cornucopia of issues by which to crush the Dems with. The GOP has failed to get its arms around the massive popular discontent the nation has with Obama and the Dems, squandering multiple opportunities to right many, many, many wrongs.

    People right now are not interested in politics, they’re interested in principles.

  90. G, that may be but have they opened themselves up to losing a House seat in the process? I know nothing about the victor so you would know better than I if you have another Sharron Angle or the I’m not a witch lady on your hands.

  91. @ Rutherford
    Rutherford in your opinion has enough of a line been crossed that impeachment should be an option explored? If so why does the GOP have to do the heavy lifting? Should not this be a bipartisan thing?

    As for Cantor I think the House races are just going to reaffirm the issue of district level politics. Reporting on this loss as a real threat to the Establishment or a great resurgence of the TPM veers off the reality trail.

  92. In general, I agree with Alfie. The GOP won’t loose the seat and David Brat sounds like a pretty solid guy. That said, I think this does put GOP leadership on notice.

  93. A political analyst said on an Omaha station that one of Cantor’s problems was failure to service his constituents. Someone said they were real jerks.

    Brat’s Democratic opponent is from the same small college.

  94. Cantor deserved to go…one thing not being mentioned is Cantor’s shady dealings with the VA Republican officials – crony, cozy relationships with funding and the like.

    Unlike the Democratic Party which is completely corrupted and immoral (obviously), there are still members of the Republican establishment that aren’t quite comfortable with Indulgences for the well-connected.

  95. Rutherford,

    I saw today that Obama still has a 43% approval rating. If I thought you weren’t such a blind ideologue, I might cast this observation your way. But I guarantee people like you and the insufferable Lurker/Graychin/Flake make up part of that 43%.

    So I will make this statement in general to this entire room. America is screwed, beyond repair, and the 43% approval number indicates why.

    How could anybody in their right mind give Obama a positive approval rating? Anybody? To give Obama high marks now demonstrates how unserious and detached half of our country has become.

    Forgetting that Obama’s first term was an absolute disaster, almost joke it was so unsuccessful with the economy, the failed foreign policy, and the accumulation of debt, consider the failures just since the last election or during. Benghazi, Syria and the red line, the “reset” button which apparently reset the Soviet Union, the website rollout disaster, the VA fiasco, and now trading five of the most vicious American killers on the planet for a Muslim collaborator and traitor. You can throw in that Obama has no intention of closing the Southern border. These fascists are even accusing Bergdahl’s platoon of ‘Swiftboating’ Bergdahl.

    I don’t how I can come to any conclusion other than Obama specifically and Democrats in general are trying to now harm this country – malice, envy, divide and conquer. This is 3rd World management. This is way beyond Jimmy Carter weakness and incompetence.

    Gang, I will say this again. You don’t fix a country with that level of abject stupidity. You can’t educate a populace with that level of irrationality. You push your own reset button and start thinking of ways to separate yourselves from the very visible failure before you become a part of it.

    November will change little or nothing, even if Republicans should win the Senate.

    Unless you want your children raised in something resembling Mexico, under an oligarchy of part Marxism, part totalitarian, we better start raising the stakes beyond the ballot box.

  96. I think Cantor’s departure is a sign that everyone’s sick of this shit.

    Gotta love how the Marxist (Pelosi in particular) dems are partying as though it signifies something about their success with voters. Their may be disgust for the GOP — but in a primary it isn’t like the dems are the preferable alternative for otherwise likely republican votes.

  97. I see on the newsfeed that the Tea Party has displaced Eric Cantor in the primaries.

    Looks like another Democrat in Congress, come November. The Right just doesn’t get it. Oh well, maybe it will hurry the cycle.

  98. Don’t be so sure,Parker. Brat is a professor and sounds reasonable. His Democratic opponent works at the same small college.

    Canter engendared considerable rage because he seemed to be playing both sides, and his employees ignored his constituents. Others are angry over the Obama-caused Childrens’ Crusade which is invading our border region.

  99. “Then she accused me of scratching her car, as if I had been spurned”

    Men are usually responsible for 95% of horrible crimes. But is it even possible for a man to key a car? Has it ever happened in world history?

  100. I’m hearing the election turned primarily on one issue: immigration. Cantor always seemed slimy to me and heaven knows he was a demographic oddity, a Republican southern Jew.

    Since House seats are more “local” and gerrymandered up the ying yang, it probably makes little difference which GOPer runs.

    Still, it is historic. First majority leader to ever be unseated.

  101. Soooooooooo……Rutherford…..what is your liberal friends saying about the border.

    I’m guessing in their eyes Obama isn’t a treasonous usurper who abandoned the Constitution and purposely gave the border to the Cartels.

    But what about the kids? You people OK with that situation.

    What? No self reflection on the refugee camps of illegal alien kids?

  102. I’m hearing the Dems claim that it did not have anything to do with immigration, and I’m hearing folks (more local) say that Cantor’s constituent services sucked balls, so basically he did nationally unpopular things while pissing off the base of people that put him in office.

    Sounds like arrogance…

  103. Alfie you asked an easy question and a harder one. First the easy one. Every impeachment should be bipartisan. If a president is truly guilty of crimes and misdemeanors then that should transcend politics.

    Maybe I’m nostalgic but it seems to me things have changed since 1974. The media now is 80% spin 20% fact. I think in 74 it was the opposite. You could trust back then that if Congress was going after Nixon there was good cause. And at the core of Nixon’s troubles was an actual crime at the Watergate.

    Fast forward to the late 90’s. At the core of Clinton’s problem was an indiscretion which he in turn lied about. Lying to his wife about it-legal, lying about it under oath-illegal. But man it’s a far cry from covering up a break-in.

    2014: shit, there isn’t even common agreement that the 30 day notice to congress was actual “law” so how can we say Obama broke the law? You don’t impeach a president over policy, even failed policy. You don’t impeach a president over malfeasance of subordinates unless you can prove he ordered it.

    The point of my post was not to advocate for impeachment but to warn Obama that in this strange spin cycle we are in, the more brazenly he ignores convention at the expense of Congress, the more they will spin it into an impeachable offense.

  104. Rabbit truly I’m behind the curve on the illegal immigrant kids thing. No opinion until I know more — or until MSNBC tells me what to say, right Tigre? 😉

  105. I can’t believe you’re not aghast.

    Every bit of it is Obama’s fault. That’s why you’re “behind the curve.”

  106. Maybe I’m nostalgic but it seems to me things have changed since 1974. The media now is 80% spin 20% fact.

    More fiction than fact, I am afraid. The reporting on VietNam was completely one sided. Even then, the big three networks were in the tank for Leftists – Uncle Walty, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings. WaPO, Time, NYT have always been Leftist. Now like then, you have WSJ leaning the other way. But we do have the internet and AM radio which has more evened the perceptions.

    How else would you explain JFK getting away with deflowering 17 year old girls in the Whitehouse and LBJ, who was perhaps the second most corrupt President after Obama, getting away with most likely murder?

  107. Why do you keep forgetting, Rutherford? We’ve been here before. Clinton was guilty as you wrote of perjury, but he was also guilty of obstruction of justice.

    I don’t think that Nixon’s plumbers crime was that much worse than Clinton’s if you consider he was a serial sexual predator and a possible rapist.

    The media was spin years ago too. It just didn’t have the diversity it has now. Walter Croncrik, and others, for example, lied about the Tet Offensive. Either that or their pampered souls were so panicky they failed to understand what was happening.

    Obama was supposed by law to notify Congress. At least they think so, and he notified about 90 people ahead of time. I still think he should have been impeached after Benghazi. Now, he has a body of work much as an aging movie star. At the very least, he should be impeached for incompetance.

  108. Obama promised to use his pen to impose an informal Dream Act. Central Americans newspapers are promoting minor immigration to the US so they can stay here. Cartels and others are taking children north. Others are going on their own. The government has not been enforcing border movement, and as a result, thousands of children are being housed in emergency shelters and squalid conditions. We risk serious infectious diseases and nasty social upheavals .

    Obama and the press have been largely quiet. Most of the first information came from the border patrol.

    Think about this. Obama is losing Iraq because he was too stupid to know we should keep a security force in a post war nation until it is stabilized. Obama wanted to declare the war over for political, not strategic reasons.

    We are seeing the results. Jihadists have taken Tikrit and Mosel. Many of our troops,including some of my relatives gave time and blood to free Iraq. Iraqis fought too, and many risked their lives to vote.

    This group is posed to take over an oil refinery. If they succeed or manage to dismember Iraq, imagine the damage they will be able to inflict on the West. Obama may not committed any crimes, but the people should create a new category to cover Barry’s incompetance and dishonesty.

  109. A coinspiracy theory is that the childrens’ migration is by design. The Republicans remain reluctant to give Democrats millions of new votes through amnesty.

    The Theory is that Obama wants children to clog our border region and use them force Republicans to agree to his plan. Poor suffering children carry emotional weight. I think he is capable of such deeds because we know his administration attempted to stop WW11 veterans from visiting their memorial. The administration admonished its agencies to make the sequester as painful as possible.

    I don’t accept this theory….yet.

  110. Rutherford, if you honestly want to learn more about the dumped children read Michele Malkin’s article, TMSNBC and other liberals. You could also double check her sources. She encapsulates the latest Obama scandal.

  111. I think my vision of Iraq is pretty accurate. An NBC News reporter also said Americans are no longer around to protect the Iraqis.

    Its true the administration was unable to reach an agreement with Iraq to keep our forces there, but I don’t think Obama tried very hard. He wanted it to end. Some units fought as they were trained to but as we know others left our expensive equipment when they fled.

    This development was inevitable. It is one of the few things I would have bet money on.

    Have a good evening and may all of your calls be reasonable and entertaining.

  112. The children theme is common with these psychopaths. I hate that they use children to advance their agenda.

  113. I thought Bush set the timetable in Iraq. Either way, we trashed the place and left it in shambles. Spreading that democracy is a bloody mess.

  114. So in summary Rutherford you find Obama has not breached anything worthy of impeachment.
    I disagree but I wonder if it is best to allow the US domestic politics riot to play out as opposed to actually charging and discharging Obama.

  115. @ James I can’t agree that staying in Iraq or Afghanistan offers any benefits to the United States and by extension cannot say Obama has single handedly lost the wars.
    Events very early in the sequence of falling dominoes has provided a lot of opportunity to rethink things.
    Bottomline the wars have clearly provided the stimulus the jihadist and assorted asshole types dreamed of. There are more “terrorists” today then ever before and any thoughts that they are going to wind things down anti me soon is folly.
    Iraq may prove a very interesting lab as sorts. I think as opposed to Syria or anywhere in Africa Iraq offers the foundations for a grisly stand against the AQ types. Its gonna be bloody and downright grisly but I can see it going that way.

  116. @ Rutherford do indeed read up on the illegal immigrant invasion brought about by Law by dictate courtesy the Executive Branch. The “Dream” is synergistic to the ills in Latin America at a min. It should frighten many (D)’s
    Another case of Obama overreach which should have a lot of (D)’s quaking is the EPA vs your electric bill drama that is coming.I’m sorry but your sides spin on that is insane. We’re setting out to thoroughly ravage the coal industry at the very time Germany of “green energy” fame has come to grips with its failure and are ramping up their coal activity. They burn the shit that is truly “dirty” compared to the US stuff. The EPA and Obama will be absolutely mum when the jobs disappear. Have a great summer!

  117. Speaking of failed energy policy by Obama, I heard on NPR the devastating effects Obama’s solar power subsidies are having on the lower middle class.

    Apparently, the more people, all rich, who can afford to get off the grid (during the day) the more money everyone else has to spend on traditional electricity as the infrastructure becomes more expensive. Thus, a serious concern is an energy death spiral.

    The upshot is the middle class pays much more for electricity while subsidizing the rich to be off the grid.

    I guess they never though about the effects this would have on people that don’t have 15 grand in cash to blow on solar panels.

    Reminds me of cash for clunkers. Destroying an entire supply of affordable cars for the poor. The champions of little guy came up with that brilliant plan.

    I swear Democrats don’t mind their massive failures. Long term…its a win. If you have more people on skid row, you have more dependence. If you have more dependence, you have more votes for the Democratic Party.

    As for Obama’s Children’s Crusade….James….I figured it was universally accepted that Obama was hoping his inhumane mess would push immigration reform.

  118. Yes, Poolman, Bush set the time table, but if I recall, he planned to keep an occupying force in Iraq to help the government adjust. The game changed when the two governments failed to reach an agreement.

    I agree, Alfie, maintaining an adequate occupying force would be extremely expensive. The calculation would include wasted effort and a worse scenario than if nothing was done. I don’t believe Bush made that calculation,. He let the future take care of itself. I opposed invading Iraq in part for the above reasons.

    Yes, we have more jihadists than before the war. I suspect we would have had more, with or without the war, though probably not as many as we face now.

    My point is restricted to events in Iraq today. They were predictable. Time will tell if we can bear the cost.

  119. Rutherford. I am shocked that you haven’t heard much about Obama’s homemade Katrina.

    You mean you haven’t heard much about kids suffering from a liberal’s failed policy? Not even in passing? Shocked I say.

  120. 15 grand? That won’t get you a circuit, Rabbit, without an Uncle Obama subsidy and incentive. At least it wouldn’t five years back.

    I had an acquaintance put 12 voltaic cells on his roof. Looks like shit, has caused problems during heavy rains and snow, a multitude of unforeseen problems, including proving terribly unreliable and difficulty to get serviced – he hates the damn things now – especially the roof.

    The cost five years ago was over $25K – less than half that for him since much of it was subsidized. What did it buy him? 2400 watts of electricity – about the size of one typical household circuit.

    Crank up two hair dryers simultaneously and you’ve exceeded the capacity.

    Solar power is great for yard lighting, possibly a medium flashlight. It ain’t worth a shit for running any large electrical appliances and certainly no substitute for any real energy production like hydrocarbons, nuclear, electricity, coal, even wind.

    They’ve come out with solar shingles I understand. Maybe that is a more practical application, but I want to see that withstand a good Oklahoma hail storm.

  121. I still content we aren’t treating this humanitarian crisis dumped on Texas and created by Obama like we should be. I got the solution. Arizona ain’t it.

    Here’s the perfect opportunity for these sanctuary cities to shine. 😈

    Load um up, first class one-way ticket to some of these fine sanctuary cities provided with a nice sack lunch and healthy Michelle Obama apple. Boulder, CO, would be my first choice, followed by San Francisco.

    Let’s see these bleeding heart Leftists deal with some nice contagious “childhood” diseases like MRSA, spread by thousands of helpless kids.

  122. The unchecked authority granted by the EPA endangerment finding has the potential to destroy the nation. I believe it very well may.

  123. I just heard about the EPA takeover tonight. Unbelievable. And I’m pretty much a news junkie and had not so much as heard a word about it.

    I think Obama has finally flipped out – he’s officially moved from incompetent to insane. He’s as much as declared war on much of America.

    Question is, “what are we going to do about it?”

  124. James re Iraq, Obama can’t win for losing. As has been stated earlier by others, Obama did not “end” the Iraq war, Bush did. He set the timetable. Obama could not get assurances from the Iraqi gov that our troops would be protected. So he pulled them out of a country where they clearly were not wanted and were at risk.

    If Obama had kept troops there and they kept getting slaughtered, you’d be screaming “Obama hates the troops”.

    We needed to leave Iraq and we need to get the hell out of Afghanistan. Both countries are overtaken by extremist religious nutjobs. Let both countries rot and let’s rebuild our own country.

  125. Rutherford @ 161. Hear! Hear!

    R @ 159. What do you mean? Are you working more than the usual 40 hr week? How much more?


    re: cash for clunkers and solar power. – cash for clunkers has the same effect as the demolition of “flop houses” in US in the ‘eighties. Made the do-gooders feel better: no more filthy apartments with bugs. The problem was that the people who lived there couldn’t afford anything more, so they were now out on the street. Same as emptying the “bedlam” long-term psych hospitals. Now they are on the street.

    New solar cells out, with much better efficiency.


    They will eventually get there, but cost/kW is too expensive right now. The best use of solar these days is to directly heat hot water for household use.

  126. No, Rutherford, I would not be screaming that Obama hates the troops if he kept a worth -while force in Iraq.

    I don’t believe we had a choice but to invade Afghanistan, but Iraq was different. We may have had to to do something later if age or other factors forced Hussein to lose his grip, but at the time, Iraq was an optional war. As Colon Powell said in war, you break it, its yours.

    It takes two to tango, and it takes two to fight a war and to make peace. Obama declared an end to the war, but the result was the same as Knute’s ordering the waves to calm.

    No, Obama can’t win for losing. Neither can any president. He is a lame duck. With his demonstrated willingness to explore the borderline of executive lawlessness keeping stabilizing troops in Iraq would have been possible with little but political cost to Obama. Besides, most Americans are so stupid and self absorbed they would hardly notice after awhile.

    The Iraqi government owes its existence to us. Obama could have gotten a deal if he had made that fact clear and used the bully pulpit to bully, threaten, and reward. He could have taken lessons from Putin before the reset button went haywire. Iraq’s desires as Germany’s after WW!! were irrelevant.

    This set up let our enemies bide their time until the situation was right.
    If I could predict this, so should the light master. All that is required is a little knowledge of history and human nature.

    History also tells us that if we leave those rotten countries, they will find us. The latest jihadist army stole almost a half a billion dollars plus gold from city banks and they now own military hard war that we left behind. They are the toughest kids on the street, and they want to destroy us.

  127. This is bigger than an offshoot of al Quiada. The jihadists have carved out a territory which extends into Syria. They hold Turkish hostages. Turkey may ask its fellow NATO members to help. Then, what do we do?

  128. The outcome in Iraq is bears a crude similarity to Vietnam. We negotiated a peace and virtually declared the war over, but it wasn’t over. The US disengaged, but an uneasy truce was not the end of war. Both Vietnamese sides fought on at a lower level.

    North Vietnam didn’t intend to honor the treaty. They were biding their time. After liberal Democrats cut off aid, the South Vietnamese were paniced. Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine the United States would forsake them. The North made a test incursion which they didn’t think would go anywhere, but when they realized to their shock that resistance was melting like spring snow, they changed their plans and decided to take the whole country.

    We watched it happen.

    We basically abandoned Iraq with a minimal force too small to help in an emergency. The government was corrupt and loyalties were mixed. Many of the soldiers we trained and armed felt conflicted loyalties at best. Why should they risk beheading or torture if they were attacked by warriors with whom they might feel a modicum of sympathy?

    McCain said we needed a major presence in Iraq for generations. He was right. We needed time to rebuild the country as we did in Japan. We needed to force the government to be more inclusive and to at least try to reduce corruption.

    An NPR documentary showed that most Iraqis interviewed hoped the US would remain militarily active in their country.

    We didn’t lift a finger to help South Vietnam. We even left terrified people who had helped us stand outside of our embassy waiting for helicopters which never came.

    The New York Times tells us “US Said to Rebuff Iraqi Request to Strike Militants” June 11. Iraq requested the help last month.

    “But Iraq’s appeals for a military response have so far been rebuffed by the White House, which has been reluctant to open a new chapter in a conflict that President Obama has insisted was over when the United States withdrew the last of its forces from Iraq in 2011.”

    “The swift capture of Mosul by militants aligned with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has underscored how the conflicts in Syria and Iraq have converged into one widening regional insurgency with fighters coursing back and forth through the porous border between the two countries. But it has also called attention to the limits the White House has imposed on the use of American power in an increasingly violent and volatile region.

    Once again, we watched defenses melt like ice in an Iraqi summer.

  129. Use your imagination Obama has created a porous border which is now being flooded by children. Don’t you think any jihadists, but especially the newly rich and well-armed organization would use our border for easy access to the United States?

    “I am the judge, I am the judge
    (Everybody know that he is the judge)
    Now everybody know that I am the judge.”
    And I’m coming for you.

    Pigmeat MarKham

  130. Sorry Rutherford. But James is exactly right. Like Hillary’s “reset button” reset the Soviet Union, Obama’s fixation on ending wars to exalt himself just established The Caliphate.

  131. dr – My comment was meant to be as confusing as yours and joined in playing your game. But your freak-out concerned me. Would I find the troopers at my door for threatening a dead rabbit? Or a bunch of Bundy-like unemployed, flag waving, bible carrying, gun totin, paranoid patriots. Flashing their constitutional rights tattooed on their hairy beer gut trashing my flower beds.

    So in case your are still sleeping with the light on and a bat in hand. Here is a rough translation:

    Just how far up your butt is your head? Keeping it their will give you a shitty outlook on life. Are you that dumb not to realize it? What would it take for you to remove it? I have no solution!

    PS – Army is a two year hitch but you know that being you love the troops and all that.

  132. ISIS is perhaps well described as an anomaly . It is clearly something different in nature than those groups we’ve been exposed to before. The flip side of their makeup and actions is that they may provide the stimulus for a unified response of oddest compilation

  133. Bret Baier and James Rosen: “US spy agencies heard Benghazi attackers using State Department cell phones to call terrorist leaders” The CIA knew as it happened that an obscure YouTube video did not instigate the attack.

    Obama lied after people died.

  134. Gorilla, Iraq is one of Obama’s greatest accomplishments. Right next to:

    “Today I am pledging to cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office. Now, this will not be easy. It will require us to make difficult decisions and face challenges we’ve long neglected. But I refuse to leave our children with a debt that they cannot repay, and that means taking responsibility right now, in this administration, for getting our spending under control.” ~ Barack Obama, Feb. 23, 2009, following a “Fiscal Responsibility Summit”

  135. Parker, mandatory OT almost every night. Including a hurried 30 min lunch break (which by terms of employment is supposed to be an hour) it comes to about 50 hours a week.

    I read in an earlier thread that Rabbit only gets 30 mins for lunch. I don’t know how he does it. No time to digest and no time to calm the fuck down. :-(. It’s called a “lunch hour” for a reason. Should be at least 45 mins.

    But then, the alternative is unemployment.

  136. G I’m not sure the image resolved properly on my cell phone. Was it simply the quote about Romney?

    If so, hell I imagine on FP Romney would have been only as good as his advisors. Same could be said for Obama.

    Could Romney have brought something different to the table domestically? I don’t doubt it. Would it get my wife a job? I don’t think so.

  137. As I read today’s headlines about Iraq all I can say is it jibes completely with the theme of this post. Good luck streaks don’t last forever. I think Obama’s may have ended. I think he’s in for 2.5 years of pure hell. If GOP’ers take the Senate the pain will be doubled.

  138. Rutherford, one of my buddies from my old neighborhood was once a college point guard. (That’s basketball, Sally).

    A long, long, long time ago, him and I were driving around smoking a joint. I asked him how in the hell can he hang out with us and still be this star basketball player.

    Anyways….I remember him telling me how one of the dumbest things you can do is give 100%, 100% of the time, despite the constant mantra from coaches to hustle, hustle.

    You have to know when to rest, even on the court. If you master this art of knowing when to hustle and when not to, you will never be accused of being lazy-quite the opposite, and you will be much better when its time to turn on the jets.

    I think what he was saying is work smart, not hard. Something I later learned to be very important as a roofer.

    He was an incredible point guard and holds records to this day. A
    5’10 white boy from a town of beer belly factory rats.

    Is there any way to apply my buddy’s philosophy to your job?

  139. “Good luck streaks don’t last forever. I think Obama’s may have ended.’

    It’s not luck. It’s bad policy coming back to bite him. It’s been happening since day 1. Like Tex pointed out, everything from his first term was a failure too…..usually by his own damn standards.

    Luck my ass. He played his cards wrong in the middle east. We’ve been seeing his failures for years now. Scan the map. It’s a failure from the Maghreb to Pakistan.

    Eastern Europe. Anarchy. Obama managed to get us into Cold War II……just after slashing military spending.

    Middle East. Anarchy. People are directly disobeying America and lauching chemical attacks. Al Queda is now a country!!!!!!!!!

    The Mexcian-American border-Anarchy. My God man, there are now child concentration camps!

    The Far East resembles Europe before fucking World War I.

    North Africa: Anarchy

    And….in a way…the center piece of his Presidency: Anarchy! I think even you can admit Obamacare isn’t a poster child for rule of law.

    Black people worse off. Women worse off. Middle class worse off. You are fucking worse off.

    If you can’t see this Presidency as an epic failure…you are suffering from psychosis.

    The guy has a terrible losing streak and here you are talking about how his luck just ran out. WTF?

  140. Here’s the thing. For Obama to be this mendacious, this monumental a failure, this corrupt, this pathetic, he had to have help. His whole damn party and the lemmings that vote for him are corrupt to.

    Get a load of this crap…

    After all, in December 2009 — months before the legislation’s passage — Obama assured us, “I made clear from day one that I would not sign a health insurance reform bill if it raised the deficit by one dime — and neither the House, nor the Senate bill does.” Nervous “conservative Democrats” vowed, as did Obama, to oppose any expansion of health care coverage if it added to the deficit, which, in turn, would add to the national debt, then at $11.9 trillion.

    Thus, some on-the-fence Democrats told constituents that their vote depended upon the crucial CBO “score.”

    Well, not to worry — in 2010 the CBO delivered the very good news Democrats hoped for. In the first 10 years, ObamaCare, according to the CBO, more than delivers on its promises. The Hill, on March 19, 2010, wrote: “Democrats hailed a Congressional Budget Office score Thursday that said their healthcare bill would trim the deficit by $138 billion.” The news, according to the CBO, gets even better in the second decade. The Hill said, “It will reduce the deficit by $1.2 trillion in the second decade of the plan’s implementation.”

    Read the rest…

    A monument with its thumbs up its ass should be dedicated to Obama and the CBO.


  141. I wonder when the significance of this sinks in to R’s head?

    For perspective, Nixon did 1/100th of this, and was forced to resign, so imagine if Nixon had done exactly this to lib groups?

    It is just about impossible to keep up with all of the Obama administration scandals, but the corruption of the Internal Revenue Service ranks near the top. Unfortunately, it has gone hand in hand with Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s corruption of the Department of Justice. The perversion of law enforcement agencies for political ends is starkly revealed by the fact that in 2010, as part of its effort to stem the Tea Party movement, the IRS gave the FBI disks containing more than 1.1 million pages of documents on Section 501 non-profits, so that the FBI could selectively prosecute conservative groups and donors.

    The facts, as we know them so far, were laid out yesterday in a letter from Congressmen Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan to John Koskinen, Commissioner of the IRS. The letter includes a series of emails that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has finally obtained, after more than a year of stonewalling by the Obama administration. The IRS originally told the House committee–falsely–that the disks contained only publicly available filings by the non-profit organizations. But the IRS later admitted that it had illegally transferred confidential taxpayer information to the FBI.

  142. Ahhhhhhhh, no shit, but it is good to see folks come around to the blatantly obvious….

    Fifty-one percent of the Americans who responded to a Gallup poll conducted June 5-8 said that they do not believe the phrase “is honest and trustworthy” applies to President Barack Obama.

    Gallup has asked Americans this question eight times over the last six years: “Thinking about the following characteristics and qualities, please say whether you think each applies or doesn’t apply to Barack Obama. How about: Is honest and trustworthy.”

    The latest poll, conducted June 5-8, was the first time that a majority said the description “is honest and trustworthy” does not apply to Obama.

  143. I agree with you Rutherford, Obama has had a run of bad luck which will intensify. Hubris from the beginning laid the ground work. Do you remember the fake Greek columns and the office of the president elect? There were so many signs which you and other Obama voters ignored.The liberal press is paid to learn the truth, but either it was too lazy and bigoted or it lied to us.

    I learned the truth as many others did before Obama entered the White House. Too many people preferred to be spoon fed the drivel which passed for news.

    If justice exists, Obama should suffer the fires of hell for the next two years as everything crumbles around us. He should gain at least a dim awareness of the lost opportunities he has stolen from you and your wife. The people who put him there should finally understasnd what they have done to this country. But I doubt it.

    A University of Minnesota study shows that rats may feel regret and remorse. Time will tell if the people who inflicted this monstrosity upon us have the emotional sensibilities of a rat

  144. The U.S. economy likely contracted at a much sharper pace in the first quarter than previously estimated with data on Wednesday showing weaker health care spending.

    The Commerce Department’s quarterly services survey, or QSS, showed health care outlays were not as strong as the government had assumed when it published its second gross domestic product estimate for the first quarter last month.

    The government reported that the economy contracted at a 1.0 percent annual rate in the January-March period. But with health care spending data now in hand, economists say growth probably declined at a rate of at least 1.7 percent.

    A widening of the nation’s trade deficit in March had already led economists to anticipate a downward revision to GDP when the government publishes its third estimate later this month.

  145. In her new book, “Hard Choices,” then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed the administration made new information available as soon as it was received.

    “Every step of the way, whenever something new was learned, it was quickly shared with Congress and the American people,” she wrote. “There is a difference between getting something wrong, and committing wrong.”” – DR’s link

    Yes there is…

  146. The Wall Street Journal which alfie seems to believe is a tool, reports that Iranian special forces are fighting beside Iraq’s army to liberate Triketl (sp)

    They have liberated about 80% of the city. Obama has dithered about requests for help for about a year. The Russians proved they were more resolute than Obama during the Syrian red line.

    alfie also noted that this emergency might provide unusual allies.

    Heck of a job, Barry,.

  147. One of the Left’s and even people like Poolman, half Left, favorite charges toward George Bush was the blood he had on his hands of the Iraqi people, as if the American military were randomly spraying into crowds of children.

    So as retort, I would like to provide this.

    Apparently, we can now add to the list the blood on Benevolent Barack’s hands as the Iraqi highways are littered with decapitated bodies. Hope all you peaceniks are now satisfied that give peace a chance leads to this:

    ISIS Terror Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Released By Obama from Camp Bucca in 2009

    It’s a good thing it’s a blog, Rutherford, and not a bar. I’m afraid you wouldn’t have time to pour defending this disaster you helped reelect.

  148. I want Hillary Clinton to run in 2016. I really do. Though I have such little faith in half this country to find them little more than dead weight and brainless reflexive animals (Fat Grannies as indicator), I don’t think Hillary is nearly as popular as all these arrogant Leftist activists want people to believe:

    10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse is ahead of Hillary’s book release on Amazon. 😆 And that is with Hillary’s book on sale.

  149. I know you are being serious, but the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse made me spit out the water I was drinking. Funny shit.

  150. “dead weight and brainless reflexive animals”

    OK my laughter is spreading to reflexive animals. Laugh attack. So true too.

  151. “There’s a gun and ammunition just inside the doorway. Use it only in emergencies. Better you should pray to God, the Father and the Spirit
    They will guide you and protect you from the killing…

    Believe me. I’m with the High Command…Swear allegiance to the flag, whatever flag they offer. and hide what you really feel. Teach the children quietly, for some day sons and daughters will rise up and fight while we stood still.” Mike and the Mechanics.

    Its a small matter but we can add the tours our niece and her husband served in Iraq and Afghanistan and how their children were twice dislocated to northwest Iowa from Pennsylvania. We can also add our daughter’s college room mate who was in the Army reserves to pay for college and who was snatched from college to drive trucks into Baghdad.

    Huge matters are all of the allied troops and native people who died or were mained for life.

    If I met George Stephenapolis, Diane Sawyer or any of the fat grannies in a bar, their faces would be unrecognizable when they left.I wouldn’t have to use my fists or any other aids.

    Now, I am going to watch the Baby Sitter’s Circus “Everything’s going to be alright.” on Youtube New Zealanders having fun with white hip and rap. Its better than wasting anger on trash.

  152. HEIDRIK JEALOUS LIVE AT RADIO GHETTO FORORYAR On Youtube to prepare me for Obama’s next statement. Sorry about the music statements, but it is better than telling what I really feel.

  153. Tex you’re very witty.

    I can’t believe what’s happening in Iraq. I’m thinking we actually should have anticipated that an uncooperative and incompetent leader with no skills whatsoever would come along.

    It doesn’t matter if it was well-intentioned or any such thing – Obama will do what he can to help insure the war in Iraq will go down in history as a complete disaster.

    And we’ll get “Obama can’t win for losing” and “Good luck streaks don’t last forever” in his defense. And in the spirit of “Romney would have been worse” – this deep and prescient gem, “If Obama had kept troops there and they kept getting slaughtered, you’d be screaming “Obama hates the troops”. ”

    Many thanks to Hillary for restoring our standing in the world. Looking good mama.

  154. What’s MSNBC reporting regarding the kids sleeping in communicable heaps at the border? More Obama bad luck?

  155. The MSNBC marble heads are basking in the glow of Eric Cantor’s loss. Cuz…immigration….and racism…

  156. I’m not from the South, but I am rural. If a goat or chicken had a dreamy come hither look, I’d be suspicious.

    I did commit unnatural acts against hogs and chickens. I murdered and butchered them.

  157. re 190, I am half left. Is that supposed to be an insult? By default, I’m half right too. You should try it. Seems to bring balance. That’s the best place to operate from. .As for blood on George’s hands, I don’t know if he’s personally responsible for killing anything. Those bonesmen don’t share their secrets. But he does fit the profile of war criminal, as does Bo Bo. They’ve sacrificed plenty of others’ lives with their illegal actions. Geneva Convention be damned.

  158. When will this goddam fucking iPhone app let me watch videos imbedded in a comment?

    This is the problem with free apps. There is zero incentive to make a shitty app better.


  159. Tex etal., you either believe in nation building or you don’t. Our nation is mightily screwed up. We don’t have the time or money to fix anyone else’s.

    The Iraqi gov can’t protect its own people or govern their own country? Ain’t that a shame? Let them rot. Maybe if we give them enough time to fight among themselves they’ll leave us alone?

  160. “I want Hillary Clinton to run in 2016.”

    Tex Hillary is in for an even tougher ride than she imagines. She is right of Obama which will make progressives gag and she simply cannot help losing her cool. That happened with “what difference…” and apparently she recently got testy with Terry Gross, one of the most mild mannered radio personalities out there.

    There will be many outbreaks of foot in mouth disease. Many walk backs. All Lizzie Warren has to say is “yes I’ll run” and Hillary will have the fight of her life on her hands. Unlike Obama, Warren has a point of view.

  161. Muffy as evidence of how little MSNBC I’m watching, I have no clue about their coverage of this kids on the border crisis. I haven’t even seen a single headline about it. Bratt beats Cantor took up 2 solid days only to be interrupted by the crap in Iraq.

  162. @ James it’s true I don’t particularly like the WSJ especially when it comes to foreign affairs.
    I have some suspicions on their reporting re Quds battalions but do believe wholeheartedly my previous bit about weird alliances. I will go further and say that what is happening NOW in the region is indicative of the rethink the USA needs to look into.

  163. Rutherford I find the WP app sucks no matter the platform. I find both on my phone and pad that using Safari is easier

  164. I was reading that the UN Refugee Comm has been monitoring the youth migration thing and are on the verge of declaring it a humanitarian crisis. Wow!

  165. “Did Rutherford just power diss the O Man?”

    Shouldn’t be that big a surprise. I’ve been pretty consistent that O’s lack of conviction has been disappointing. His fake religiosity particularly bothers me.

  166. I still need to find the audio but apparently NPR’s Terry Gross challenged Hillary’s new found support of gay marriage and it pissed her off.

    And I think Krystal Ball said “what does it matter what she used to think?” Uhhhh yes it matters because we have to figure out did she really change her mind or just her politics?

    LOL Doesn’t happen too often but sometimes I get why you guys hate liberals. Appearance is so fucking important without regard for who is really behind the curtain.

  167. Rutherford, I’m not buying it that you are so over worked you can’t possibly know what’s going on at the border.

  168. 213 Alfie, I agree with your statement about weird alliances. Iran has offered to help us, and I think we should consider their aid. They have troops fighting ISIS now.

    We need to borrow a rule from NASCAR. Friends are where you find them Drivers sometimes form weird alliances to help each other during a race, and they know that near the end, it is every driver for him/her self. The break up of alliances when common good no longer applies is important to remember.

  169. Rutherford, you already know something bad is happening on the border because we told you.

    I’m glad you are finally understanding why we hate liberals. it is a first step toward recovery.

  170. I’m glad you are finally understanding why we hate liberals. it is a first step toward recovery.

    LOL! Is there such a thing as like Leftist rehab for these poor people? Like a 12 Step road to freedom of thought? Lemming Liberty, perhaps?

    But I don’t hate “liberals.” Well, some of them maybe.

    I disdain them. 😈

  171. 210 Rutherford, your brand of isolation will fail. If we let Iraq and the other countries rot, they will come for us. ISIS leaders have said they will. Much of the world depends on the Middle East oil supply. Prices are already rising on fear of the future. we have a tiger by the tail and dire consequences will visit us if we let go.

    We will attend the funeral of my last aunt who died in a fire. She is 101. The weather service predicts a major severe storm outbreak and heavy rain similar to what nearly wrecked our farmstead and crushed our garage roof.

  172. Uhhhh yes it matters because we have to figure out did she really change her mind or just her politics?

    I could say, “What does it matter?” Why?

    Because political expediency is the religion of your ideology. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are as revolted as I am by two men copulating. But they have no core, no principles, nothing but ego and a lust for power. So they’ll both say anything to appeal to their base. Anything…

    Truthfully Rutherford, I’m surprised you haven’t figured this out. Hillary Clinton is just a smarter version of Barack Obama, for all intents and purposes. She’s less charismatic, cool and likeable. But she has a more practical economic sense. Their both pathological liars, both ruthless, both immoral, and both malignantly narcissistic.

    I’m surprised you don’t realize why so many of us disdain Leftists – and some Wingers too.

    I believe everyone here, you included, hates a phony.

    Say what you will about Dubya, Rutherford. But what you see is what you got. Have you noticed that since Barack’s facade has crumbled, Bush hasn’t take the opportunity to pile on Obama like Obama piled on Bush? Called him unpatriotic and the like?

    Bush has always had something Obama will never have.

    Class and decency.

  173. Obama, most liberals, and probably Rutherford could be singing this song as the light of truth from conservatives intrudes. They are beginning to enjoy the repute once held by liberals.

    “I thought I had saved my life from the fire. I thought I had all that I would require. I was afraid of the light writing gaps in my mind. Stealing shadows was painful. Now in the dark I can see it all…I could make light if I wanted to I could make light if I tried…I thought I could trust my mind as a guide. But all of this mess that I’m in is growing within and takes hold of me. And all your warmth and light that I pushed aside. And now the darkness proves that I’m unable to move… I only have my voice left. and now I’m jealous of you.”


  174. Thanks Tex. I was home off and on last week as a speaker for Artists in the Park. My part was clouds and weather. As trees crashed down I recorded it on my camera, but I forgot to push record.

    At least eight trees and numerous limbs blew down. One landed on our garage roof. A neighbor brought his skid loader and cleared our driveway so I could spend the night in Omaha instead of a dark house with a lantern and spot light.

    Other neighbors helped for three days to remove much of the remaining damage. 25 miles south of us, hail turned crops into bare ground and stripped the leaves from trees. It smashed holes in wind shields and is leading to auto dealership hail sales. Our local area has been declared a state disaster area.

    Our thinly- settled county has few contractors, and they are busy. We plan to look for someone in Omaha.

  175. Hey Rutherford. I suppose you’re shocked that the IRS suddenly lost two years worth of Lois Lerner emails because of a hard drive crash?

    Another one of those convenient nothing burgers. Right?

  176. Yeah. Like “balance” with a 2008 Obama vote. How’d that work out for you?

    Sometimes when you win, you lose. Like arguing with your spouse. I guess that best describes 2008. And, since that is going on 6 years now, the only ones dredging it up are those that pulled for McCain, a true psycho who would have done a much faster job at destroying this nation. We’d all be speaking Mandarin, if we could even speak at all. You lost in 2008. You lost in 2012 because your party was split and unwilling to listen to it’s base. Your pulling for 2 losers didn’t do us a damn bit of good. So what is your point?

  177. I really don’t see how anyone can still back Bo Bo, or our entire political system for that matter. They have failed us miserably. The best thing that could happen is for the earth to open up and swallow a certain district along the Potomac. Ideally it would happen during a full session of the legislature.

  178. This one is for rabbit, since he has expressed fondness for such. 😆 Now that we have created more terrorists than evah before with our ‘liberating’ and ‘nation building’ and ‘democracy’ spreading efforts, we are ALL much less secure than we were before the 911 event. We’ve even managed to give al-cia-duh their own identity, flag, and country, along with some serious weaponry

  179. For Rutherford and Alfie, I found one that should interest them (if they can watch vids on their devices). It is an RT video, so they may not find the content unbiased, though it does rate high on the intrique and scandal scale.

  180. “Rutherford, I’m not buying it that you are so over worked you can’t possibly know what’s going on at the border.”

    Well I may be wrong to blame work but I see the stories that float to the top and this border thing ain’t there. Like I said, it’s Cantor and Iraq this week. Even my wife who has more time and reads more knows nothing about this child border crisis.

  181. John McCain is truly deranged or plain stupid. He basically said we won the Iraq war and then squandered the win.

    If you have to babysit a country ad infinitum, then you haven’t won the war in the first place.

  182. “Well I may be wrong to blame work but I see the stories that float to the top and this border thing ain’t there. Like I said, it’s Cantor and Iraq this week. Even my wife who has more time and reads more knows nothing about this child border crisis.” -R

    I believe you. Pathetic.

    Rutherford….what does that tell you?

    Refugee camps with thousands of illegal alien children, most transported by cartels and coyotes due Obama’s policy and you two “caring” liberals are too afraid to even look?


    Shame on your bubble. And shame on you both for voluntarily drowning yourselves in it.

    You think you can really hide from what’s happening by refusing to look? It’s like a SNL skit. Or my two year who thinks he disappears because he puts his hands over his eyes.


  183. To answer you more seriously Rabbit, this fits in with this piece and the observation early in the thread that the media has a role in scandal stickiness. If we truly have an humanitarian crisis on our border that should bury any story about some asshole politician not getting reelected.

    Does it reflect media priorities or our priorities as a country?

  184. Ehhhh isn’t “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” a bit of an oxymoron? You can’t have a “state” of two existing states. Does ISIS view itself as a political entity or just a terrorist org?

  185. Rutherford it is somewhat of a Western misnomer ie ISIS. The entity is active in Syria but they and many of their supporters and peers as it were call them ISIL. Levant,this describes a geographic region that predates imperialism etc. It also jives well with their stated goals which includes hating on the Turks.

  186. Thanks Rutherford. You are very kind.I feel some guilt. My aunt lived alone until she developed cancer at age 99. We had a busy year and put off trying to find her address. She beat the cancer and sent me a card celebrating her 101th birthday. I finally to call her the week she died. A cousin said she often talked about me.

    McCain was right. Winning a war involves baby sitting the vanquished until their economic and political structures change with different attitudes and values. The Romans followed that rule, and so have we. We still have troops in Japan, Germany, and Korea.

    Iraq was mismanaged after our victory. The first managers virtually destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure, and things didn’t improve until several years later after Bush cleaned house. For example, most of the army was fired. Some of them became insurgent.

    Iraq is an artificial country created after WW1 It is not unlike the old Yugoslavia which splintered after Tito died. Iraq especially needed a stabilizing military force. Some Obama defenders are blaming Bush for the chaos, but Obama’ is unable to understand history, He cared more for his political benefit than the welfare of Iraq. Bush left a stable nation, and Obama took the credit. Obama let it slip away.

    ISIS is creating a new country. They plan to conquer more land and turn it into a new calophite.

    I understand why you don’t know about the surge of chirdren entering the US. The liberal press has kept quiet. Check Michele Malkin over the past few days. A few children are now residing on military bases in the East.

  187. Abu Bakir was detained by the US until 2009. He told the commander of the prison “see you in New York.”

    He is another example supporting the old practice of keeping prisoners in prison until hostilities end.

  188. James I would suggest Bush left the facade of a stable Iraq.

    Isn’t it possible that the tensions between Kurds, Shia and Sunni are too old and run too deep for America to do a damn thing about it?

    And if there must be an ongoing occupation, why not a NATO or UN delegation? Why must we alone hold the bag for Iraq’s problems?

  189. James regarding guilt heaven knows I’ve had my share. In his later years my Dad expressed concern about the safety of living alone. I should have embraced that fear and encouraged him to do something about it. Instead I did nothing. The last weekend of his life, when he needed someone sensible to tell him to check himself into a hospital, he had no one — and he didn’t call me and give me a chance to advise him. By the time I knew what was going on, it was too late.

    Yup, guilt and no do-overs. 😦

  190. “Bush left a stable nation, and Obama took the credit. ” James

    I’m with Rutherford on that one. Bush might have left a liberated nation and gave those people an opportunity but stable? No.

    An autonomous Kurdish state and a majority Shi’ha government unwilling to play ball with the Sunni.

    And the corruption….systemic cultural corruption.

    The state was on thin ice. Which makes it all the more deplorable that Obama turned his back on it.

    Whether we like it or not, a Middle East cluster fuck effects each one of us personally. The oil needs to flow.

    I don’t think its possible to have a stable state a year or two after a civil war. Iraq needed a heavy hand for quite some time. The fact we let those stink bears carry on like that without at least drone attacks is crazy. Clinton even bombed Iraq when he had to (two of my brothers were a part of that). Shame on Obama’s dereliction of duty.

    Bush thought he would tear down another Iron Curtain in the Middle East and the people would respond like East Germans. He was wrong. The Muslim world is a diseased culture.

    The neo-cons got Iraq wrong in that regard. Clash of civilizations can’t be ignored.

    That being said, Saddam was a nightmare. And, I think it was Tex that once poised the question about what the world would be like if his deranged sons took over. Horrifying. Plus….the entire world thought he had WMD.

    In hindsight we should have propped up some ambitious middle management Ba’athist thug who would agree to play nice on the down low if we let him bash Israel every now and then.

    These Arabs can not handle democracy.

  191. Poolman I always enjoy it when you remind these folks that they voted for losers. They didn’t vote for McCain or Romney. They voted against Obama.

    Of course pot meet kettle. In 2008 I whole heartedly voted FOR Obama. In 2012 I voted against Romney.

    And I swear to any deity who cares to listen, if Christie runs against Clinton I will vote for Christie. I just hope it doesn’t cost me my marriage.

    P.S. If Warren changes her mind, all bets are off.

  192. “Does it reflect media priorities or our priorities as a country?”

    No, my man. It reflects on you.

    Rutherford. There is a humanitarian crisis on the border. It was caused by Obama. Stop if with the “if”.

    Its not a “scandal”.

    Damn…you would have made a fine World War II German. Makes me want to have some American GI drag you by the ear, like they did local Germans in ’45, and say, “Look asshole”!!!!!

  193. But … I don’t remember the topic but Jon Stewart busted Warren on a bit of hypocrisy. I liked Kirsten Gillibrand until Jon Stewart destroyed her in an interview.

  194. What was wrong with Romney? The dog on the roof or the high school bullying?

    There was no reason not to vote for Romney that you can come up with.

  195. Warren the fake Indian….oh yeah….what America needs is much more government and much more instability over seas. Weeeeeeee!

  196. “What was wrong with Romney? The dog on the roof or the high school bullying? ”

    The man demonstrated zero understanding of the problems of the middle class. Surely if rich folk do even better that rising tide will lift all boats. Trickle down bullshit. Yeah I would’ve voted for him if I wanted a plutocrat to run our plutocracy.

  197. Let’s just say this Rabbit. I see progressive WOMEN openly expressing concern about Hillary Clinton. She hasn’t even united the sisterhood.

    Populism is the next wave–dare I say in BOTH parties. Bratt beat Cantor because he was a detached Washington elitist and the district wanted someone who “felt their pain”. Warren is cut from the same cloth.

    It’s a fucking powerful message Rabbit. “I KNOW you’re getting screwed and I’m going to do something about it.”

    Shit, it even worked for Hitler.

  198. By the way, drop the fake Indian. It’s a sideshow that is sooooo yesterday. The only way to crack Warren is to find inconsistencies or hypocrisy in her populist message. And that may be possible. I’ll stay tuned.

  199. I should have written relatively stable nation, rabbit. Iraq was relatively peaceful when Bush left office, so much so that Obama and Biden bragged about it.

    “Kurdistan” should be its own country. The Kurds are genetically closer to Jews, Georgians and some Iranians than they to their Iraqi bretheren,

    While Iran burns the Kurdish capital is rated almost as safe as London. If unauthorized Arabs etc try to enter the country, they dissapear. So do their families and their little dog Toto, the Kurds are brutal but effective. They seized a major oil field before ISIS could take it.

    Yes, my wife and I voted against Obama. We would have voted for Bugs Bunny or Sarah Palin, because we knew his ideology and level of competance. For example, I told you Obama had joined the Socialist party in Illinois and provided documentation. I also mentioned the gazibo to nowhere, and Obama.s extremist pro infanticide vote..

    We believed Michele’s statement that Obama would change everything about the US, including how we think. My wife and I believed defeating Obama was necessary to preserve the country we knew it, and we were right.

    Your vote made you a false winner when in reality you lost as much as we did.,

    Romney may have been detatched from the middle class, but so was Obama. He was merely a better liar, and the liberal press covered for him.

  200. Your pulling for 2 losers didn’t do us a damn bit of good. So what is your point?

    The fact you can’t differentiate between the two parties…

    That makes you a buffoon.

  201. By the way, drop the fake Indian. It’s a sideshow that is sooooo yesterday.

    Are you kidding? If that doesn’t demonstrate the absolute vapid nature of someone, then I don’t know what does. Lying about someone’s nationality?

    This why when we pull the curtain Rutherford, you’re really not much different than Fat Grannies material. Yes, I am serious.

    You’re simply a more gifted writer with the same ignorant, defeatist mindset. Frankly, you’re a classic lemming.

  202. Rutherford you deserve a spankin’ for some of what you’ve muttered here and I’m bringing the paddle…
    First off you yourself made the assertion that Obama should’ve tapped Romney as a “jobs czar” so for you to turn around and piss on Mitt as you just did is utterly dishonest.
    I voted FOR Romney in 2008 and 2012 and it wasn’t about voting against Obama. That Romney has had a pile up of vindication in 2014 alone is indicative that the wrong person got the job and that the country CLEARLY HAD A BETTER PATH AVAILABLE TO IT.
    Your take on populism hits a mark and misses a few too. First off you should of cited Bill Clinton and his “feel your pain” if you wanted to illustrate empty political bullshit and mark up how totally retarded the average US voter is. Anything resembling Mitt Romney being out of touch with the middle class or the poor is rooted in a level of honesty you and everyone else should relish in their elected officials. No you want some lying fuck to “feel” you,even if ultimately they utterly fail at doing anything for anyone or as is the Obama case just totally fuck up everything.

  203. Poolman,

    Do you ever give thought to the trivial and puerile nature of the propaganda you provide here? You get some sociopathic stooge, dressed in some garb that looks like he stole from the Maharishi, Mick Jagger, and a few pimps, and then use this huckster as as if they’re some prophet from God on global affairs. You read like something of part Klan, part Al Sharpton, part OWS, part Pee Wee Herman.

    You’re the most confused, passively malicious SOB I’ve ever read. You’re truly psychotic. 😈 I forget. George Bush brought down the world trade centers. Or was it UFOs. Or engineers.

    Damn, you are entertaining, though. You missed your calling.

    You ought to be working on the Jerry Springer show.

  204. Heres another jab at you R. Lizzie Warren does not reach even the bottom rung of electable populism. She is a mere novelty with retarded cult followers. People detached from realities and full of intellectually vacant idealism are no better an electorate than the Pavlovian masses who chase either the newest Keynesian spouting elitist fucktard or Bible thumping moralist who has a stock portfolio with everything from Nigerian oil to tobacco in it.

  205. Alfie…Rutherford has been unhinged for sometime. Part AAA, part Obama fatigue I suppose. However, in my case, R is half right.

    In 2008, I did indeed vote against Obama. I thought Poolman more qualified for President and John McCain a lightweight of infinite proportions and dumb as a fence post. Nothing has changed that opinion.

    But like you, I thought Romney actually the most qualified man for President to never hold the job. And he wasn’t even my first choice.

    The fact Obama reelected was a clear indicator America is cooked and the American public so dismally moronic, that there is no hope. Even the world realizes Obama a shuffling dip shit. And nothing since has changed that opinion either.

  206. Rutherford asks:
    Why must we alone hold the bag for Iraq’s problems?
    Sadly a case can be made that because we took the dogs off the leashes we should be responsible to make sure folks don’t get bit.

    Iraq offers a self correcting dominoes cascade to the entire region but you’re gonna need a scorecard!

  207. Another thing that brings Obamas ineptness score to HIGH is being discussed in this thread: the illegal alien youths.
    Obama has indeed caused this issue to boil over with his “DREAM-Lite” EO.
    If you study the issue deeper though you’d see that there is an angle that the Administration seemingly is at least minimally tied to but isn’t saying shit about. The UNHCR (as I mentioned earlier) is very concerned that the US is faltering on a humanitarian crisis and is in general out of touch with legitimate refugee status amnesty.
    For an Administration that has tactically caused an increase in a crisis based in a matter it states it cares about and then sits in DC like the three monkeys statue thing is inane.
    This Administration may very well be too fucking stupid to have actually knowingly done some of its worse. It may very well all be a giant coincidence that all the scandals are not malicious but the logical outcome of the administrations innate idiocy.

  208. The fact you can’t differentiate between the two parties…
    That makes you a buffoon.

    Tell it to goldman sachs. They spent the most on the last presidential and equally in both camps. What’s that say about differentiation? The fact is both teams are bought and owned by the same few. Just cuz one strokes you the way you like it stroked doesn’t make it love. Get a grip!

  209. I think we over analyze the reasoning behind the failure of Obama’s ‘radical transformation.’

    The simplest and most likely explanation is that Obama is just plain stupid, and honestly believes these solutions of his would work.

    Joined at the hip by 60+MM imbeciles who believe if government would just spend more money or takeover management, everything would be great (i.e. enthusiastically endorsing single payer even after witnessing the VA fiasco).

  210. Rutherford in an effort to help you out a little on earlier stated queries….
    ****Lebanon which historically would be considered part of the Levant has a number of stories about border clashes with forces coming out of Syria. Lebanese Army units including those that are essentially Hezbollah have intercepted supply lines as well as border excursions on both sides of the Lebanon/Syria border.
    So here is some points for that scorecard I told you you’d need.
    Lebanon = Levant the L in ISIL
    Lebanon BIG with Hezbollah
    Hezbollah tight with Iran.
    Hezbollah active in Syria on Assads side
    ISIL fighting against Assad forces and opposition forces as well.
    Hezbollah is Shiite in nature as is Iran and Shia is the majority in Iraq
    ISIL is Sunni hates Shiites
    ISIL is funded most likely by Saudi Arabia,Qatar and Kuwait interests,all are predominantly Sunni

  211. Alfie, some strange circular shit going on in 272. Lebanon, a piece of the pro ISIL puzzle and big with Hezbollah which is on Assad’s side which is opposed to ISIL — WTF??? And then we wonder why I leave the FP heavy lifting to Alfie — the alliances shift so confusingly, you need a PhD to keep track of it all.

  212. OK Gang, my main source of propaganda news, MSNBC (in the form of Steve Kornacki) finally covered the humanitarian crisis on the border today. So I have some questions for my favorite group of Obama-haters.

    Ehhhh, why exactly is Obama to blame for this? Contrary to what I assumed, these are not Mexicans doing the usual job search. These are folks fleeing from, among other places, Honduras (murder capitol of the world) and (as Alfie said earlier) basically seeking asylum. The word has gone out down there “get the fuck out of here as fast as you can and go to America”. It reminds me of the Syrian migration to Jordan. Jordan has been overwhelmed by these Syrian refugees. Looks like we are overwhelmed as well.

    So let me make sure I understand your gripe — you think Obama caused the migration or you don’t like the way he is handling it? And what should we do? Turn them away or give them some kind of shelter?

  213. Alfie, the most generous thing I can say about Romney is that I do believe he is a fix-it man. That’s why I felt he should be nominated as new head of VA. But I think his fix-it abilities pertain mainly to organizational and money matters. Despite his devout faith, which I believe to be sincere, unlike Obama, I don’t think he has a clue about what to do with lower middle class and the poor. His famous “I’m unemployed too” gaffe while on the campaign trail said volumes about his tone-deafness regarding those of a lower station.

    I will say this in Mitt’s defense. All the candidates are wealthy now. It is a pre-req for running for office.It is a terrible disease in our fake democracy. What I think should be THE headline in the Bratt victory is how all of Cantor’s money didn’t mean squat in the end. Maybe the tide is turning? We can only hope.

  214. The simplest and most likely explanation is that Obama is just plain stupid, and honestly believes these solutions of his would work.

    WOW!!!! And Alfie thought my comment about Obama was earth shaking. Damn Tex, you’re making progress my friend. Imagine — Obama is not evil, the devil incarnate!

    I have been saying this even before the 2012 election,. Obama is in way over his head. And lately he looks more and more like an outright bumbler.

    Many of you delight in calling the man an uber-leftist bordering on socialist. Sorry gang — the dude has no ideology to which he is wed. He is a politician.

    Hillary is also a politician but far more dangerous because she knows where the bodies are buried. In the deeper crevices of my brain, I have a dialogue about Hillary as paranoid as any James rant about Obama.

  215. A part of me is thinking, via reading and research, to lay the groundwork for a conversion to Libertarianism by 2016. Don’t know enough about it yet. Need to read more. On my to-do list (if I can just allot myself a book budget) is to read Matt Kibbe’s “Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff”.

    I’ve watched Kibbe transform from a crackpot TPM spokesperson to a more articulate and sensible libertarian advocate. He intrigues me — and who can say no to those sideburns? 🙂

  216. So let me make sure I understand your gripe — you think Obama caused the migration or you don’t like the way he is handling it? And what should we do? Turn them away or give them some kind of shelter?

    One question. If Obama bears no responsibility for the crisis, why is our federal government banning the use of border security cell phones and the like, and the media apparently trying desperately to avoid any pictures of the situation from being released?

    I have a great idea. Since I have always contended that Leftists are big on selling “feelings” for votes, preaching platitudes but not fortitude, and fall very short on actually making any personal sacrifice, I think the best solution since you don’t believe Obama bears responsibility for the message broadcast to the world:

    “That is. Come to America. They’ll take care of you for free!”

    Why don’t we park all these children in Washington D.C. and other bastions of Leftism to be housed near Obama?

  217. WOW!!!! And Alfie thought my comment about Obama was earth shaking. Damn Tex, you’re making progress my friend. Imagine — Obama is not evil, the devil incarnate!

    You’ve misunderstood, Rutherford. I do think Obama is of the devil. I know he is of the devil – malicious, malignant and narcissistic. He’s an evil, vicious piece of work; a high level thug. His wife may be worse.

    It’s just that unlike a few of his predecessors, Bill Clinton being the most visible, Obama is so profoundly ignorant, the ostensible President, the glaring failures of this administration supersede the inner rot of the man.

  218. You’re as qualified to discuss Goldman Sachs as you are the theory of relativity or brain surgery.

    😆 I have to qualify to comment on collusion? Funny that. As for the theory of relativity, you need to seriously catch up. CERN experiments have made Einstein’s theory suspect and brain surgery is commonplace today, often performed without making an incision. I think youtube even has some ‘how to’ vids. lol

  219. Thanks Tex Happy Fathers Day to you and all of the other fathers.

    Rutherford, Obama is a socialist. The only doubt is which variety. I documented his association with and likely membership with the Illinios New Party. They kept informal lists. Obama’s name was on one and not another. In any event, they worked together.

    Obama can talk like a conservative but judge him by his deeds, not his words. He is running this country like a European socialist nation to the extent that he is allowed to.

  220. Happy Father’s Day!

    James, you must be answering the questions wrong. lol. I scored libertarian on parker’s ‘test’. You want me to take it for you?

  221. “Ehhhh, why exactly is Obama to blame for this? ”

    So let me get this straight, the horrid propaganda channel you consume finally covered the situation and you think you got the full picture?

    Trust me, normal people, ones who don’t get served metaphorical pet food as information about what is going on the world, aren’t even debating why, out of nowhere, thousands of kids are showing up at the border.

    Obama said children can stay here no matter what. These people believe this to be law or will be law. And we are doing nothing to stop this perception. Oh sure…there is also anarchy in Central America and Northern Mexico…but that is par for the course with Obama.

    Repeat. Nobody is debating why this is happening. You sound stupid. Knock it off.

    I know you will discount my personal work experience, but having worked as the guy who gathers intelligence from gangs in juvenile prisons, please,please trust me when I say this: This will be akin to the “Scarface” dump of Cuban prisoners in the 80s.

  222. Pfarker’s test is ridiculous. How does one score conservative? By checking you think sex between consenting adults should against the law and a monolithic NO for all drugs?

  223. Rutherford quick clarification,Lebanon is NOT pro ISIL its just geographically a target since Lebanon is a country that makes up that which is collectively called the Levant. They would not be happy campers if they went into Hezbollahs back yard.

    As for the illegal exodus as I said before DREAM Lite is synergistic to the crisis the various failed states are in fact causing even more so. Rutherford these kids are being told to make a break for it under the belief,most often by their parents, due to the misunderstanding of what Obamas EO means. Furthermore his Administrations pissing match with CBP was only heightened by his weak ass actions of screwing the agency’s ability to do its job. Its not like Holder has sent tons of lawyers to the border to help out and HHS definitely hasn’t done anything and they are actually the agency meant to work asylum. (fucking stupid idea that is btw)

    So Rutherford let me be very clear on who and what I blame.
    This is the impeachable offense for Obama. Not IRS,F&F,VA or even Benghazi. THIS IS. Obama has intentionally and knowingly violated his oath of offense and has compromised the sovereignty of the USA.
    Seriously….this is the most impeachment worthy act by a POTUS I can readily think of.

  224. It’s late for me, but I just had to check in to see who took the test.

    Poolman, I figgered you would score libertarian; I pictured James a little further left, but not as far as he said.

    DR, maybe the test is not flawed; maybe it tests quite well and you are not a conservative. Maybe you’re a libertarian. Oh the horror! Oh the humanity! Maybe when you get a little older and get some more experience under your belt, you’ll see how silly the labels are, anyway.

    The one I really want to hear about is Rutherford, of course.

  225. The Advocates test as linked is a watered down version of the Nolan Chart. In either form it is a dishonest presentation and it’s oversimplification is clearly meant to push an agenda amongst low information voters as well as political junkies who live for labels while at the same time mocking.
    Categorizing people is a science of control and all too often whether it is North America,Europe or Australia it is passively accepted by the masses.
    Ironically Nolan’s work more likely captures why Libertarianism fails to gain the foothold any logical person would conclude it should. I am amazed how Libertarian politics consistently seems to shoot itself in its foot.

  226. Tex they showed pictures on Steve Korncki’s show and they are disturbing. I understand Rabbit’s outrage now about how little coverage this is getting.

  227. Rutherford I see where your darling Lizzie Warren is looking o make student loan debt the hot class warfare issue in November and beyond.

  228. Rabbit you had me and then you lost me.

    Ok Obama says kids can stay here. Ok I get that. Obama is responsible for unrest in South America? Nope, don’t get that. Most of these kids will become gang members? I don’t get that either.

  229. “If ones home country sucking is grounds for amnesty/asylum I’m country shopping 🙂 ”

    Yes and no. Should Jordan turn away Syrian refugees? What is the compassionate answer to folks fleeing a country where they believe their lives are at risk?

  230. On the serious side of your #298 I find there to be a significant difference between fleeing a war and fleeing a dysfunctional nation. Simply saying “Wow Honduras really sucks and is full of violent shitbags” is not grounds for refugee status. Stay the fuck home and fix it! The alternative is contrary to your comment to rabbit: Yeah many of them join gangs because the environment HERE allows it. Little history lesson for you the USA was integral in the creation of MS-13 just as an example.
    On the lighter side and more in line with my intent in my #289 I am simply saying that if I get more O,Lizzie and Hill C politics here I’m going to seek refugee and ancestral residence status in Canada.

  231. Rutherford I don’t imagine you have the time to get on top of what Rabbit is trying to convey to you. I am sure you appreciate the frustration this causes just as I hope people get your time is finite.

    That said seriously the gang issue/potential is very real.
    DREAM lite EO has had a negative impact.
    The Admin is clearly not fully invested on the topic.

  232. Laugh all you want Rutherford. That test shows me to be more liberal than you are. Be very nervous. This must mean pigs can fly.

    If it comes to it, Brandon, Manitoba is my choice.

    I believe a country should take in refugees for humanitarian reasons. If it is serious, not all can get in without overwhelming the host country. It is like a movie I once saw. An ocean liner sank, and there were too many people for the life boat. The man in charge used triage to toss some of the people into the ocean to save the rest. I think it was based on a true event.

    Here it is Rutherford, as simply as I can make it. Obama said kids can stay in the US. Newspapers and other media in central America advertised for a once in a life- time opportunity to escape poverty and/or gang violence. Coyotes and others are hauling them north.

    Obama did not cause the crime problem.

    The US embassies have not tried to disuade kids from moving to the US. Some central American news agencies have said they should try to stop the migration.

    A border patrol organization thinks it was planned. FEMA had made large orders of water, clothing, and other materials for a mass casuality situation shortly before the migration, They are using them for the children now.

    No, most will not be gang members, but some are and will be. The border patrol says some of the teenagers are members now.

    Its odd that the government seemed to be ready for the kids, and the timing is strange. I don’t think life suddenly became more harsh for those children. The government isn’t telling us much.

  233. “Ok Obama says kids can stay here. ” -R

    Yup. Kind of makes it his fault, doesn’t it?

    A percentage of these teenagers are already in gangs. The rest are 100% at risk. Textbook. They aren’t with their families! They are being transported by gangs already!

    Lastly, sure, it might seem like a stretch to blame Obama for Central American anarchy.

    But, at the end of the day, when you are the President of the United States, you get judged on global stability.

    Has Central America chilled out?

    Has the world become more stable anywhere?

    Or has it become worse….much worse…everywhere.

    Name one foreign policy success. One.

    The world is so much worse off.

    The following is surreal but true.

    Obama has somehow managed to simultaneously allow Al Queda to get its own fucking country (after telling us they are all but decimated) and start Cold War II with Russia ( after some corny reset button with a typo).

    Egypt hates us now because we threw our lot in with stink beards.

    Afghanistan laughs at us as we trade top dog stinkbeards for a deserter we call a hero.

    I’m not sure if our ambassador was butt raped but I know Al Queda killed him. Justice only served to some YouTube guy they blamed for the attack.

    Dictators use chemical weapons right after Obama says not to.

    We armed the Mexican Drug cartels!

    And Obama is constantly getting caught trying to lie about his lies about his fuck ups ….only cult member fan boys arguing defending him.

    Picture that list in 08. Hey…elect this guy and Al Queda gets a country, Russia becomes the Soviet Union and the United States will arm the Drug Cartels on the border. Awesome.

  234. Oh..
    I forgot to add there are concentration camps packed full unattended youths, all illegal aliens. Our border completely opened to teen age hoards. God help the younger ones dealing this inhumane nightmare created by Barry.

    Shit is so crazy sometimes I have to type it out and look at it just to wrap my mind around it all.

  235. I just read a piece about ISIS that is incredible.

    They are like an ancient army. They are completely funded, to the tune of maybe 2.5 billion dollars, by old school looting and pillaging.

    You mean to tell me an army of fucking Goths were pillaging Babylon and Obama didn’t see this coming?

  236. This actually happened at the dinner table tonight. We were discussing my job and I said “I need to inform my coach, his boss and HR” and then my 10 year old pipes in

    “And Dead Rabbit”


  237. It’s all about timing, not unlike these kids on the border hitting the media when they did. Nothing is chance. And of course the ‘terrorists’ are well-armed and organized. They have to be a formidable force to reckon with. Who do you think it is that wants all these regions unstable? Who provides them money? Who riles up the sectarian violence?

    This isn’t their first dance.I found a few interesting articles I like to blend to get a better grasp of the realities and reasons the media is giving us what it is and when. Why are we getting presented with these things in the way we are?

    I can’t post more than two links per post (I think), so here are two interesting angles:

    It’s rather ironic that this latest wave of Western armed and financed “Islamic” militants invading Iraq and now conveniently threatening Syria and Iran is named ISIS. Or is it deliberate? It’s being used to stand for this oddly anglicised fabricated “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” full on barbaric movement presently sweeping Iraq, but anyone acquainted with any degree of occult knowledge or esoteric mythology know the goddess Isis is one of the most important figures in the so-called mystery schools and a favorite of Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

    Let’s take a closer look at the history of this traveling band of destabilization mercs better known as the ISIS or The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (alternatively translated as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria)

    Thanks to the agenda setting Washington Post, a lot of folks will be writing and talking about this group today and their founder, Ahmad Fadeel al-Nazal al-Khalayleh, better known as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

    That actually does us some good because it allows us to take a closer look at the history of this organization, how it’s been used in the past since it’s inception, and form a better understanding of what is happening today in Iraq in terms of the ultimate purpose of this manufactured crisis.

    Zarqawi and his organization the ISIS have a long history of being used by U.S. administration officials and others as the justification for military action, especially in Iraq. After all, Zarqawi was the poster-child for the 2003 invasion; just one more lies in a series of them offered up by the administration, the MSM and Colin Powell to the UNSC.

  238. teen age hoards? Hoards of what? Is that like a cache?


    So, Rutherford – a tuckerbag full of Libertarians, eh? Including yourself. heh heh.

    That’s why the political labels just get in the way; nobody’s pure – including those that pass the jingoists’ litmus tests for purity ….

  239. We are watching Obama’s foreign policy failures evolve. Now, we learn ObamaCare subsidies are in doubt. Millions of people gave information which is contrary to other information, and some may have to pay refunds.

    This and the childrens’ migration are just two examples of mismanagement and errors as Iraq is.

    If you vote, learning facts before voting is part of your job. Unless you like the current state of affairs, you should hang your head in shame for either voting for this man out of ignorance or because his opponent was ideologically impure.

    Now, it is your job to atone for your sins and seek reliable information. .You should judge media sources of information for their records of reliability without emotion.Pretend you are shopping for a used car.

    So far, conservatives have been right more often than not.l

  240. Gorilla,

    I must twist Rutherford’s squirrel sized nuts into a bow to realize just how much more talented Romney was and is than Al-Baracka Hussein Obama.

    Just because America is stupid and elected a sham not once but twice, you cannot hide the glaring events now unfolding.

    Yes We Can!

  241. “Ok Obama says kids can stay here. Ok I get that. Obama is responsible for unrest in South America? Nope, don’t get that. Most of these kids will become gang members? I don’t get that either.”

    Another nothing burger. Poor Obama. Gee, who’d have thunk it? Awe shucks, more “bad luck.”

    R, you are a study in lateral thinking.

    (no, that’s not a compliment)

  242. Ok Obama says kids can stay here. Ok I get that. Obama is responsible for unrest in South America? Nope, don’t get that. Most of these kids will become gang members? I don’t get that either.” — R

    Actions. Consequences. I recognize that you do not understand the correlation of these two things to one another, but this would be exactly one of those situations…

    The main reason the subjects chose this particular time to migrate to the United States was to take advantage of the “new” U.S. “law” that grants a “free pass” or permit (referred to as “permisos”) being issued by the U.S. government to female adult OTMs traveling with minors and to UACs. (Comments: The “permisos” are the Notice to Appear documents issued to undocumented aliens, when they are released on their own recognizance pending a hearing before an immigration judge.) The information is apparently common knowledge in Central America and is spread by word of mouth, and international and local media. A high percentage of the subjects interviewed stated their family members in the U.S. urged them to travel immediately, because the United States government was only issuing immigration “permisos” until the end of June 2014…The issue of “permisos” was the main reason provided by 95% of the interviewed subjects.

  243. LOL No Rabbit my daughter doesn’t read the blog. She just hears me talk about you guys to my wife — and let’s face it, “Dead Rabbit” is a name that sticks with you. 😉

  244. So let me get this straight. If Obamacare was handing out subsidies to undeserving, you’d be screaming bloody murder. But now they’re cracking down on cheaters and … you’re screaming bloody murder.

  245. We’re screaming, “Hey President Dumbass, we told you so!!! Your health care plan is as shitty as you are. You couldn’t find your butt cheeks with both hands.” 😈

    I’m not convinced Obama was even a good community organizer. This man appears talentless – hence, Leftists love him.

  246. We had some severe thunderstorms this morning, so I stayed home while my wife returned to Omaha. If you watch the Weather Channel, you may see reports of a chatastrophic tornado north north west of us. It is close enough for us to hear the thunder. At one time, three tornadoes were on the ground at once.

    I didn’t read any but the last comment. I’m not screaming bloody murder over a crack down on undeserving people getting subsidies. If I were screaming it would be about the administration’s serial incompetance.The set up for registering was bad.

    The storm is moving in the general direction of Sioux City. The TV meteorolgist just told people in down town Sioux City to take cover.

  247. Tex, the irony is not lost on some

    people. Hurricanes have also been less frequent.I blame Al Gore’s private jets and mansions.

    The northeast Nebraska tornadoes looked like something from Twister. Two large tornadoes maintained themselves from the same storm for over fifteen minutes.

    Checks from PIlger, Ne fell on Sioux City 74 miles away. Areas around Sioux City have had over 12 to 15 inches of rain since Sunday.

    Over 25 customers and employees of the bank took refuge in the vault. The bank president ran for the basement so he could unlock the vault.

    The bank was stripped down to the foundation. Some people in basements were injured by flying debris after their houses lifted off.

    I am very tired after only three hours of sleep. Other storms made for an interesting night.

    Michele Malkin reported that three plane loads of illegals were flown to Ma. She corrected her column after local news sellers found the actual number was six. They are coming to a town near you.

  248. If she got a sex change, she should demand a refund.

    My wife thought our grand daughter was losing her toenails because she crawls so much. The doctors and parents thought it was more serious. Doctors said my wife was right yesterday.

  249. So let me get this straight. If Obamacare was handing out subsidies to undeserving, the Lerner emails directly tied the abuse of power to the WH and/or the DOJ and/or Democrats in congress you’d be screaming bloody murder. But now they’re cracking down on cheaters pretending to have lost the emails from 2011 – 2013 … you’re screaming bloody murder.

    Yes, dummy.

  250. “permisos” They are calling them “the New Americans.”

    Ah. A new generation of Poolmans.

    The belief your country is evil and responsible for all the world’s ills, while living off the government bennies you’ve accused of the evil. 😛

    Is it just me, or does it take a special kind of unmitigated gall and ingrate to do that?

  251. “What is the compassionate answer to folks fleeing a country where they believe their lives are at risk?”

    The “compassionate answer” is: Stop creating new problems!

    Obama (and Holder in this case) keep creating new problems and then demanding solutions. Childrens’ lives are at risk here.


    What’s the compassionate answer for women in poverty having multiple children with baby daddies who do not provide for them?

    If you can’t afford kids, don’t have them.

    Liberal BS about sex education aside, birth control is readily available in this country. However to many of these women their children are Benjamins.

  252. “Is it just me, or does it take a special kind of unmitigated gall and ingrate to do that?.”

    Speaking just to his commenting here, there is no one less entertaining that thinks otherwise.

    Though two come very close.

  253. Muffy, I listened to a series of interesting sermons last night. Some really great stuff by two preachers I greatly admire with great minds. I had them queued up and it took about two hours to listen well into the night.

    And as I listened, I could not get over when my mind drifted for a moment, we are watching America in her last days of glory. The pattern of the fall is always the same, accompanied by profound arrogance of man believing he is in control of his destiny, too big to fail, apathy of the citizenry wishing nothing more than to be cared for and entertained, and weak and corrupted leadership.

    The writing is on the wall. We will collapse. What follows for each of us personally, I’m not sure. But our cushy, protected lives will be dust in the wind.

  254. Don’t think parts of our country depraved? Consider this…

    Metropolitan Opera romanticizes one NYer’s murder.

    “In 1985, New Yorker Leon Klinghoffer, 69, and his wife Marilyn took a cruise to celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary. Leon never came back: Four members of the Palestine Liberation Front hijacked the Achille Lauro, shot him in the head and threw him overboard in his wheelchair.

    Starting in October, The Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center plans to show a mockery of this brutal murder — the long-dormant ‘The Death of Klinghoffer.’”

  255. Tex @ #344 – what’s most astonishing is the dizzying speed of the descent.

    I’d be interested in hearing those sermons. Is that possible?

  256. Rutherford you’re neither and the Politico article is a terrible misrepresentation of the cited schools of ideology.

  257. Rutherford you’re neither and the Politico article is a terrible misrepresentation of the cited schools of ideology.

  258. “What is the compassionate answer to folks fleeing a country where they believe their lives are at risk?”

    The compassionate answer is rule of law. Obama has indirectly subcontracted the Mexican Cartels to inhumanely move desperate children. This was another calculation on his part. A mighty disgusting one considering the realities of Latin America and the oath he took.

  259. Compassion has its limits. We can’t save the world. We have laws.

    Obama is using the children to flood our country with new voters which will keep Democrats in power as they change the demographics of this country,

    An Omaha talk show host this morning asked his listeners if we have reached a tipping point. Most think we are there, and some hinted at insurrection because we are becoming two countries.

  260. Most think we are there, and some hinted at insurrection because we are becoming two countries.

    And I would add to save ourselves, I believe (and I have been saying this for some time) we must.

    I have a compassion fondness for my friend Rutherford. I can’t help myself. 😈 Not because of his disability; because of his likeability, his humor, us sharing something of our lives. In many ways on a different side, I could say the same of Poolman.

    But I also have never forgotten the fact that one day, Rutherford and I will be forced to move to opposites sides of the fence. There is no way around that as neither of us are going to change these deep seated principles.

    There are two predominate world views in America, not necessarily religious – though that adds to the fracture. They are mortal enemies and they are mutually exclusive. One cannot eternally exist within the framework of other.

    Either you believe in a form of independence, freedom and liberty – most of us think endowed by God. Or you believe in a centralized world view managed to assure some semblance of fairness; the latter I find incompatible with the Constitution and with free enterprise.

  261. Now emails from the others involved in the IRS targeting happened to have disappeared. 😆 😆 😆

    The IRS claims they knew about the so-called disappearing emails last February but said nothing about it. Awe shucks.

    You can’t make this shit up.

  262. “Now emails from the others involved in the IRS targeting happened to have disappeared.”

    You’re making that shit up.

  263. So let me get this straight. If the only emails that disappeared were the Lerner emails to external sources from 2009-2011 you’d be screaming bloody murder. But now that emails from others involved in the IRS targeting of conservatives have similarly disappeared … you’re screaming bloody murder.

  264. @ Rutherford sorry for the double up earlier and here’s an expansion.I enjoy the fact that the thread that had an earlier string of “labels” chatter has added this.
    As you may recall I am a fan of WR Meades FP breakdown of “schools”. I find them to be excellent descriptors of foreign policy matters and I find they lateral nicely into the domestic side .

    I found the Politico piece to be slanted especially regards TPM and the Right in general. The false presentation of Jeffersonian thought as dated and caught in some kind of time warp is bollocks. Multiple subtle stabs at the Right as being such are off base and really muddied the article. The again false presentation of Hamiltonian thought as being “progressive” in any way shape or form was also laughable especially when alluding to Lizzie Warren as being a patron of the school. She and you Mr. Lawson are Wilsonians.

    The populist realm doesn’t really live in a Hamilton school no matter whose definitions you use. Populism does however hold sway in the other three schools to a varying degree. Jeffersonians actually probably hold the least amount of political populism,at least compared to the other two. Wilsonians and Jacksonians are all about populism. Wilsonians from the Left and Jacksons on the Right btw.
    I would put it to you that those trying to explore Brat as a TPM Jeffersonian populist have it wrong. TPM as a rule fall far better under the Jacksonian banner.

  265. In what some may deem an incredible coincidence the US courtesy the anti-Islamist commando who has been driving Tripoli bonkers have taken the guy though to be #1 Benghazi attack guy.

  266. On another note that is well represented in this thread. The Right is risking the destruction of the illegal youth immigrant story.
    The US has had a program for some time reserved for the youthful offenders type of crimigrant. It has used US military bases as housing & processing stations. The story that matters is how through at a minimum Obama’s callousness of the law the situation has been exasperated on multiple levels.

  267. “what some may deem an incredible coincidence the US courtesy the anti-Islamist commando who has been driving Tripoli bonkers have taken the guy though to be #1 Benghazi attack guy.”

    What difference at this point does it make?

    Coincidence my ass.

  268. “Yes, dummy.”

    Huh? Muffy you insert IRS stuff into an entirely different comment and then call me dummy? Perhaps you thought you were being clever but it made no damn sense.

    The comment was not about IRS. It was about ACA. Once you get your acronyms straight, you can address the comment I actually made.

  269. I wasn’t addressing the comment you made, dummy. I was mocking your rationale by using it for an entirely different issue. The cross outs didn’t work.

    “s” not work, Rutherford dummy.

  270. No shit.

    I’ll have to tune into MSNBC to find out what tomorrow’s Obama pitch on things will be. But something tells me he’ll be angry and want to get to the bottom of it OR it’s another GOP witch hunt.

  271. “”Schizophrenic my ass, The government is treading on people, asshole.”

    Yes and it’s the end of our country. Total dissolution. I may be an asshole but you’re a drama queen.

  272. LOL listening to Tex and Muffy is like eavesdropping on two paranoid schizophrenics.

    Like Obama, you understand nothing. Nothing. There is no substance to you, Rutherford. And you’ve grown more and more shallow since the fall of Obama.

    Unlike Obama, you’ll be one of the first to fall. Just not smart, fit enough, wise enough to survive.

  273. When I first peeked in on this little bit of heaven, I wondered what kind of cohesion held it together – was it the right-wingers’ having found a victim to abuse, and that victim’s secondary gain from BEING abused, so as to play out a life-fantasy of perpetual victimhood, or was it something else?

    Now it’s clear: its the cohesion of nearly everyone being a Libertarian. Poolman is ‘way ahead of the game and Rutherford is coming around. Others doth protest overly much.

    So, R, when are you going to change the tagline on your blog?

  274. A study showed that fathers tend to be emotionally closer to offspring who resemble them because since time began paternity is not as certain as maternity. Parker may be on to something. You

    can call me a libertarian, You can call me a Tea Partier. You can call me a leftist. Just don’t be late calling me for dinner,

  275. Poolman is ‘way ahead of the game and Rutherford is coming around. Others doth protest overly much.

    In one simple statement, the evidence now overwhelming.

    Clueless and a dollop of moral vacuity thrown in for good measure.

  276. Terrorism goes mainstream. Soon you’ll be able to buy stock.

    ISIS has the balance sheet, it also has the cash flow, it has the weapons inventory, the property, refinery plants and bomb equipment, and the terrorist churn. It also has a glossy 410 page annual report for the Terrorist Fiscal Year Ended 2013 (which at more than double the pages of the 2012 report means business has never been better).

    All that is missing is an IPO and a Conviction Buy rating from Goldman Sachs.


  277. Cracka puhleeze. Rutherford is no libertarian. He’s a statist. Like all progressives, his self-determined and flawed sense of morality and dependency requires it.

    Poolman is just chemically imbalanced. 😆

  278. These people now trying to characterize themselves as Libertarian?

    It’s a ruse to try and mask their support in 2008 of an unknown Obama, and hide their embarrassment of the failed 2014 Obama.

    They don’t want to accept their part of the personal responsibility and shame.

  279. ISIL is showing itself as having learned well from others. The thing is they are far more likely to get schooled.

  280. The patent office unilaterally cancelled the trade mark registration of the Redskins? WTF??

    I’ll wager this was done at the behest of Obama to create another distraction through manufactured controversy. No way did that just happen at it’s own election.

  281. R, why no fanfare for Obama’s heroic capture of the Benghazi attack mastermind? You know, the one that gave interviews to the NYT at coffee shops that Obama trotted out more proof of his heroic protection of the American people?

    I wonder how long before he’s released. . .

  282. Here is an e-mail sent to Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune after an article he published concerning a name change for the Washington Redskins.

    Dear Mr. Page:

    I always love your articles and I generally agree with them. I would suggest, as in an email I received, they change the name to the “Foreskins” to better represent their community, paying tribute to the dick heads in Congress.

    Here are some other politically correctness to consider : I agree with our Native American population. I am highly insulted by the racially charged name of the Washington Redskins. One might argue that to name a professional football team after Native Americans would exalt them as fine warriors, but nay, nay. We must be careful not to offend, and in the spirit of political correctness and courtesy, we must move forward.

    Let’s ditch the Kansas City Chiefs, the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians. If your shorts are in a wad because of the reference the name Redskins makes to skin color, then we need to get rid of the Cleveland Browns.

    The Carolina Panthers obviously were named to keep the memory of militant Blacks from the 60’s alive. Gone. It’s offensive to us white folk.

    The New York Yankees offend the Southern population. Do you see a team named for the Confederacy? No! There is no room for any reference to that tragic war that cost this country so many young men’s lives.

    I am also offended by the blatant references to the Catholic religion among our sports team names. Totally inappropriate to have the New Orleans Saints, the Los Angeles Angels or the San Diego Padres.

    Then there are the team names that glorify criminals who raped and pillaged. We are talking about the horrible Oakland Raiders, the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Pittsburgh Pirates!

    Now, let us address those teams that clearly send the wrong message to our children. The San Diego Chargers promote irresponsible fighting or even spending habits. Wrong message to our children.

    The New York Giants and the San Francisco Giants promote obesity, a growing childhood epidemic. Wrong message to our children.

    The Cincinnati Reds promote downers/barbiturates. Wrong message to our children.

    The Milwaukee Brewers—well that goes without saying . . . Wrong message to our children.

    So, there you go. We need to support any legislation that comes out to rectify this travesty, because the government will likely become involved with this issue, as they should. Just the kind of thing the do-nothing congress loves.

    As die hard Oregon State fans, my wife and I with all of this in mind, think it might also make some sense to change the name of the Oregon State women’s athletic teams to something other than “the Beavers.

  283. Tigre, that was funny. But even the site of Hillary Rotten Clinton leaves a taste of bile in my mouth. Seeing Michelle Obama makes my sphincters pucker…gives me the willies.

  284. “Yes Tigre, Obama sent orders to the Patent Office”.

    Honestly…..Its hard to rule anything out anymore. Seriously, can you rule it out? The administration is pathological when it comes to trying to spin the front page of the news.

    Look at the bizarre depths they have already sunk to.

    They probably want nothing more then Dr. Oz or the Redskins to be the topic everyone is blabbing about. Anything other then the sad state of affairs that is directly tied to a horrid administration. And man….is it bad.

    In other news….part of my family are those white people you see on the show Cops, always shirtless and getting arrested.

    Welfare dependent, of course. And partially dependent on my Dad.

    You have no idea the pain in the ass it can be with kin like that.

    Can’t get into the details, but I’m glad I ended up getting my CCW permit.

    Squatters are gone from my hideout. When the electricity was off, they had no running water. Did that stop the scum from dry docking shit in the toilette?

    They literally lived in their own shit.

    My wife will have nothing to do with my hide out as of right now. Can’t blame her. Luckily, her folks own a cabin on a lake about a mile a way.

    10 to 20 percent of this country are actual animals.

    I would be game if a chunk of this country wanted to start over.

  285. Frankly, I think the Redskins’ name is racist and offensive. I don’t like it, and it annoys me to have to listen Skins fans attempt to defend it.

    Here’s what annoys me: I think “nigga” is offensive too, but I don’t see Harry Reid or anyone else out raising holy hell over its use. How many rap and hip hop songs have that word in their lyrics, yet nothing is said.

    Does the term Redskin create an unsafe culture or environment for Native Americans? No. Is it insulting? Yeah, but is it really hurting them, outside of their feelings? No.

    The same cannot be said of “nigga”, which does contribute to a hostile environment and culture. See the kind of folks that speak that way, and there is little doubt.

    At the end of the day, I just wish the team would change the damn name so I don’t have to hear about it anymore…

  286. Literally took me 5 minutes to do the absolute minimal amount of research on this.
    This is the second time the Redskins have had to deal with this. There really are a tons of similarities this time,up to and including that the “offended” will likely be found to be without merit/standing.
    Much like Tex highlights in his e mail entry above the country is never lacking in freaks who have nothing better to do than make noise. I am firmlyy in the camp that find most of the names including the NFL team to be complimentary for the most part.
    On the poll-wonk side though the three judges that ruled on this case were all seated during GW Bush. The judges are appointed by the Commerce Sec. In the case of these three it was Carlos Gutierrez.
    I’ll give folks this though. the cancellations have both occurred under (D) POTUS

  287. “Yes Tigre, Obama sent orders to the Patent Office.

    God you’re an idiot sometimes.”

    We’ll see. Reid already slipped up, even identifying a congressman involved in the effort .

    It should go without saying I think you’re an idiot for thinking it’s beyond this administration to instigate it. Do you honestly think the patent office cancelled the registration on its own initiative? If so, you’re a moron. If not, why would you place it beyond the WH?

    (that’s rhetorical. I know you don’t have a clue).

  288. ET, I didn’t think this was a gov initiated thing. I thought the plaintiff (Indian tribe or whoever they are) challenged the trademark registration within the Patent office and this was the finding on the complaint. Now it goes to a federal judge who’ll rule on the Patent office’s finding.

    At least, this is how I understand it…

  289. Rutherford,

    You’re an old IT guy. You find it a little out of the ordinary that we now discover that we didn’t have a hard drive crash, or nightly backups rewritten concerning Lois Lerner and her henchmen?

    No, now we discover the hard drives were “destroyed.”

    Let’s see if you have an honest bone in your body will say the word “cover up” instead of “nothing burger.”

    Or are you still as dishonest as you were during the 2012 Presidential campaign?

  290. My mistake. Reid identified Maria Cantwell, a junior senator from Washington.

    But of course, the WH would never involve itself in the revocation of intellectual property rights. Only senators because. . . ummmm. . . 🙄

    Alfie, I think it was 2 of 3 admin law judges.

  291. G, I believe you’re right. This was an admin panel. It goes to real court on appeal. My point is that I don’t think the ruling is without extra-judicial political influence. And I wouldn’t put it past the Obama administration — the same one that sent its DOJ down to Florida for Zimmerman.

  292. I actually kind of like the guy’s idea of renaming the Redskins, though over 90% of American Indians have no problem with the name, and in fact many are proud of the heritage considering it was in reference to warrior – and especially considering the head coach of the ‘Redskins’ in the 30s was Indian. History is irrelevant to the ignorant.

    Foreskins is the ideal name for a sport’s team representing the useless flesh of the Obama pricks that now run this country.

  293. BTW, I agree with what you said at 404 too. But I think Reid’s grandstanding says it all. And I put nothing beyond Obama when it comes to manufactured controversy, especially ones that involve race.

  294. 402 I agree with Rutherford. Around here most Native Americans are not insulted by the name. They either don’t care or they find the name complementary.

    The Redskins is a name for a private company. They have the right to call themselves virtually anything as long as it isn’t dangerous.

    Given this administration’s history, I suspect it came from the White House.

    The Bing Dictionary definition of fascism is “dictatorial movement, any movement or ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism,”

    Sami singer Sofia Jannok calls the Swedish government the Occupying Regime. That description applies to the liberal wing of our government now since they are imposing a foreign ideology upon us.

    You who voted for these people out of ignorance and emotion or who tacitly voted for them by choosing candidates who could not win because Romney and McCain were too impure owe us. You also owe us who understood what was happening if you refused to vote for an impure candidate and stayed home,

    Our children wanted a pony which they never got, Better late than never. Poolman Rutherford, and anyone else who voted for Obama in one way or another during the second election, you owe us big time. Sending us a pony for our grand daughter would help make up for it.

  295. I voted for Ron Paul in 2012, James. He could have beat Obama, but the banksters didn’t let him win, though he did win several states. The GOP treated him and his base very poorly. Most of his supporters were young first-time voters that were burned and put off by the way they were abused by ‘their own’ during the primaries and convention. The GOP lost that election by themselves. We could say you owe us, since it was stolen outright by ‘big government’ [pretend] conservatives.

  296. Most of his supporters were young first-time low information voters who were just as ignorant and foolish as their peers voting for Obama that were burned and put off by the way they were abused by ‘their own’ during the primaries and convention.

    Fixed it….

  297. Poolman, I respect your principals and I remember they earned you some hostile comments on the other blog. But had you done some research as some of us did, you would have known this was no ordinary election, Everyone knew Ron Paul couldn’t win, probably even Ron Paul. Maybe your reasoning is right. It doesn’t matter. Ron Paul would do nothing but drain votes from the Republicans. The last thing anyone should have done was to give Obama virtual votes.

    Our daughter is apolitical and doesn’t vote, though she tends to be conservative. I even offered to pay her to vote in that election, though I told her I was joking when she asked “are you serious?” It would be illegal.Once Obama became a lame duck he had few restraints.

    For what its worth, the Ukrainians or whomever produced the I am a Ukrainian video played the Yula Marushevska commentary with scenes from America and finished with videos of Ron Paul rallies. Even some leftists liked Ron Paul. Ron Paul was a good candidate who couldn’t win.

    The GOP had uninspiring candidates who fit the stereotypes the liberal press created for them, but a study shows the main reason they lost was the small percentage of people who stayed home or voted for a minor candidate.

    I don’t harbor anger or any hostile feelings, but I have earned the right as others have to say “we told you so.” Once in a while, I like to express my personal short- comings and gloat over my good judgment.

    Our grand daughter would love a pony when she gets older,.

  298. If we were still a serious country instead of a clown state led by the biggest Clown of them all.

    Operation Wetback


    Unlike today, Mexicans caught in the roundup were not simply released at the border, where they could easily reenter the US. To discourage their return, Swing arranged for buses and trains to take many aliens deep within Mexico before being set free.

  299. Tex, didn’t you know, gay, white professors are the new black.

    I wonder if Fauxcahontas Warren takes offense to the Redskin name. I hear all those fake Injuns are tripping over themselves to lodge their displeasure.

    Or is that just white democrats?

  300. Now I see the IRS hard drives were destroyed, including the one claiming fifth amendment privilege? Awe shucks.

    Good thing it’s just a nothing burger.

  301. Tex, didn’t you know, gay, white professors are the new black.


    As you and I have said before in so many words, my old friend.

    Basically the modern Dimocratic Party is a conglomeration of misfits and grievance hustlers, each seeking their share of the pot full of gold at the rainbow, each with their own ideology of self.

    Sooner or later, all the grievance hustlers were bound to intersect at the union of Depravity and Covet. Like watching two radical Muslim factions go at it. Get out the popcorn.

  302. Two things:

    It is amusing when the worst parts of any ideology have their members at each other’s throats (gay vs black).

    Second, without Lois Lerner the IRS thing would be a nothing burger. She is the stink bomb at the center of this thing. If I were Obama I’d be livid that she took the fifth, giving this thing legs.

  303. Second, without Lois Lerner the IRS thing would be a nothing burger.

    Nothing is more pitiful to read that a sometimes reformed Leftist holding on the last bastions of Nixonian plausible deniability defending not only an obvious crook, but a failed charlatan as President.

  304. The WH instructed her and was involved and you can’t say otherwise. She’s pleaded the fifth. You calling it a nothing burger is just repeating the line. Nothing else. Sheesh.

  305. Hey everybody! Lois Lerner is the only one stinking it up. Fan Boy knows there nothing else but Lois screwing things up for Dear Leader because Fan Boy has faith in his Dear Leader. And stuff like that. Fan Boy even says Dear Leader is angry at stupid Lois. Yeah. Dear Leader must be angry. Fan Boy knows all this stuff. Just take it from Fan Boy.

  306. I know you would, Rutherford,. You could ride it too,

    If E Warren is indegieious, she is more likely a Russian Vep. They call themselves White American Indians.
    She was gaming the system and stole a slot from someone more deserving. That in itself demonstrates her questionable moral character,.

  307. “It is amusing when the worst parts of any ideology have their members at each other’s throats (gay vs black).”

    What ideology is that?

  308. I think it has become almost indisputable, that for whatever reason or whatever motivates the gawd awful President, nobody could be this incompetent.

    Obama has intended to weaken America from the start…

  309. Now that my cat has higher national approval ratings than your messiah, has all that introspection led to any epiphanies?

  310. Now that my cat has higher national approval ratings than your messiah, has all that introspection led to any epiphanies?

    Epiphanies? Those were lost when the hard drive crashed and the tapes were recycled…

  311. It’s plausible that Obama wants to weaken the nation. A college campus leftist who sees the entire American experience as a glass half empty and does not view America as exceptional could possibly get off seeing America weakened overseas while American individualism and capitalism wanes at home.

    I’ve met many professors who would like nothing more then a declining US. Why is it so outrageous that the one in office is so different?

    Its possible there is a rhyme and reason to this shamed president.

    Personally, I think we are seeing a two bit community organizer in over his head on a level we have never seen in the modern era.

    The world is spiraling into anarchy. The border is like the Western Roman Empire at the tail end. And the middle class is shrinking at a rate never seen before. Black people are more dependent then ever. The work force has shriveled. The national debt out of control. The President caught telling the most ridiculous whoppers I’ve ever seen. Sometimes for seemingly the most trivial reasons.

    Its hard to believe he really is this bad without trying.

    The country fucking hates him. And he deserves the scorn. Only fan boys defend him.

    And as we see here, even they have excuses of why they are incognito half the time.

    2 more years of this disaster is going to be very dangerous.

  312. DR, we’ve all maintained that this will go down as an Administration of Failure. Personally–and I’m sure I’m not alone–believe that Obama will be regarded by history as the worst President to have ever sat in office, at least in the modern era, but most likely ever.

    We all knew that when R starting going on about introspection, that his seriousness in that endeavor would be apparent relatively quickly. Either you pull your head out of the sand and open your eyes, or you don’t. His continued failure to see the forest for the trees, which he then dithers further by arguing unimportant details of the trees, demonstrate that he was never really serious about this.

    R holds out that the darkness enveloping the country can be explained as it is always darkest right before the dawn. Except that it is always darkest right before it goes pitch black too. We thought that maybe there was a light at the end of his intellectual tunnel, turns out it was just a train. Ultimately, whether R is willing to accept this simple truth or not, the only common factor to all of his failures is…him.

  313. It’s a moronic hypothetical but I’ll not only play your game, I’ll concede the point.

    If memory serves, Buchanan was an ambassador, a Sec of State, a VP before he was POTUS so he was better prepared than Obama would have been.

    Happy? Worst Pres evah. 🙂

  314. You know what you are besides a shill, Rutherford? I’m dead serious now.

    You’re a dishonest coward. You really are. I’ve asked you numerous questions through this thread, and you haven’t even attempted to answer one question. You think if you remain silent, all is well.

    You stick you’re head in the sand and pretend to be well read when you don’t even have the balls to admit just how wrong you’ve been about everything.

    And yes, Obama has wanted to damage much of America. This shit going down on the border was purposely done.

  315. Don’t kid yourself, Tigre. Our host is one of the 42% still giving Obama superb ratings.

    Big O has bottomed out, because more than 2/5ths of this country is either so stupid, they don’t know better, or so disingenuous, they can’t admit when they’re wrong.

  316. Rutherford if you are at all serious at any level here any longer take a moment and research your own assertions.
    Buchanan is an interesting choice in grading Obama. If you wanted to get your thinking cap on there are some points to ponder. Both have had issues with Congress. Buchanan is portrayed as to having faith in the powers of the Constitution almost to a fault. More so his severest critics but to a degree even his fanboys Obama the “const. law prof” cannot be portrayed as such.
    Rutherford I imagine you’re tired of this and clearly have real world issues but here and now in the virtual arena you need to come to grips with the truth that Obama is hands down & undeniably at a minimum in the top 5 worse POTUS evah.

  317. Hahahahahahahah.

    Whose pre-election experience was a “better excuse for failure?”

    I’ll raise you a Noble Prize. 😆

    Reason ain’t your bag, baby. You really are just a fan boy.

  318. I wrote “we told you so” to the people who by design or accident gave us Obama and the Democrats. I did the same to our daughter when she learned her insurance rates rose $5,000 this year because of ObamaCare.

    Its too early to judge how bad Obama is relative to other presidents, but he could be in the top five at least.

    There is circumstantial evidence to support the possibility that Obama wants to weaken this country. Read his books and some of his statements over the past few years. Michelle offers supporting evidence. There is also evidence that these incipient fascists are incompetent.(I provided a Bing definition of fascism which shows these people are beginner fascists.)

    One sign either way is Obama’s proposing to gut our military just before the Ukrainian situation became a crisis.

    Before anyone dismisses the possibility that Obama wants to weaken this country as silly, let him/her remember who’s judgement about the past few years is more credible. Ours is.For that, our perspicacity deserves some respect.

    I don’t know what the Democrats are thinking, but the hypothesis is not silly.

  319. What does Rutherford’s tolerance of Obama’s deceit says about him ends the debate about nothing burgers? Frankly, I don’t think he is not qualified to render an opinion worthy of consideration because he holds the WH to the lowest conceivable standard of conduct and therefore his standards are always met.

    Rutherford, I’ve noticed a correlation between the amount of MSNBC you claim not to watch and the quantity of commentary you don’t provide. Coincidence or is it really just a reflection of an inability to do anything other than cheer?

  320. Oops. “What Rutherford’s tolerance of Obama’s deceit says about him ends the debate about nothing burgers? Frankly, I don’t think Rutherford is qualified to render an opinion worthy of consideration. . . “

  321. Rutherford’s entire mindset is characterized by duplicity.

    It’s obvious the IRS was used to harass and intimidate Conservatives. There is now definitive proof of a coverup leading to the Whitehouse. The differences between the IRS Obama scandal and Watergate is a distinction without difference.

    Rutherford is reverted back to being dishonest. No matter what Rutherford says or writes, he cannot be trusted to be truthful about this issue, or a multitude of others. He disgraces himself.

  322. But Obama’s excuse for deceit and corruption is better than Nixon’s because . . . he’s black????

    Well that, and Al Baracka Hussein is a Democrat. Black and Democrat means never been held accountable.

  323. Oh, and you nut cases, just go ahead and attack the writer, and ignore what he says. Since there is no defense against it anyway, might as well make a weak attempt at a little ad hominem

  324. Yawn.

    Ask Hillary and John “Thurston Howell, IV” Kerry for answers to all of your “why” questions.

    And since you invited it, why should anyone bother with anything a patronizing, narcissistic, self-aggrandizing phony like you would post.

    Now, back to your afternoon dram, Dr. Dewers.

  325. Yeah. Wtf. Why would you cut and paste something that long with nothing new?

    We’re fully aware of the now historical arguments against the Iraqi invasion.

  326. Most of that drivel is wrong, a lie or misrepresentation with a dose of personal attack. Why would any one waste time and space for such manure? You could have done better. We “nut cases” don’t have to attack the article or you. You did it well enough yourself.

    Look in the mirror.

  327. From Stonekettle

    Yeah. That’s a favorite link of Fat Grannies. I left one comment and the coward went ballistic. So I changed my IP and made another comment. He got apoplectic. Banished me. Changed it a 3rd time and he threatened me with the FBI like “Parker.” And laughed at him too.

    Welcome to the big party, Swinger. You’re going to fit right in over there.

  328. I’m telling you, that blowhard that “Parker” linked to is Bowe Bergdahl material. He’s neither bad ass or hero, but a bald faced liar and loon. A potato peeler for the troops.

    He’s a rank coward and fascist who demands group think. He’s the perfect Leftist. A sketchy war record and delusions of grandeur.

    You and Poolman tell him Tex said that. Tell that pussy I said to get his worthless ass over to this board, where he can’t control the dialogue, and I’ll expose just how feckless and stupid Mr. Stone Kettle is.

  329. There is one saving grace in Barack Obama getting reelected.

    It’s that in his cataclysmic failure, these sycophantic pecker heads like Mr. Stonekettle are becoming unhinged. These ingrates are watching their little feckless ideology blow up in their faces like a well placed IED.

    Their virtual balls have been blown off, and the only hero welcome they’re getting now is people laughing at them.

  330. 😆 :lol :lol

    That stonedkettle yapper is none too happy with our pfony pfatass Pfarker. Seems the stonedkettle yapper pulled the article down from his site and rebuked our kangaroo fucker for stealing his writing.

    Too pfunny. Happy Pfriday everybody 😆

  331. BAIER: I heard your interview with Diane Sawyer. What exactly are you taking responsibility for?

    CLINTON: I took responsibility for being at the head of the state department at that time. Now, that doesn’t mean that I made every decision because I obviously did not. But it does mean that I feel very deeply and very personally about the losses that we incurred.


    This woman is hollow.

  332. That stonedkettle yapper is none too happy with our pfony pfatass Pfarker. Seems the stonedkettle yapper pulled the article down from his site and rebuked our kangaroo fucker for stealing his writing.

    😈 😈 😈

    This is the first time I ever felt grateful and obliged for a “Parker” post. 😛

    StoneKettle is one of those ingrates that feels like since he showed up he should be decorated with hero status and expert, though he was actively working for the enemy. You ever heard a real soldier scold like that moron? An obvious fraud like Obama.

    Truly delusional.

  333. Anybody interested, I can show you very graphically the kind of enemy that Iraq holds. That is, if you have the stomach to watch a Christian get his head sawed off.

    And if you can stomach watching it, and then turn around and can tell me that we deserved it and created these “religious killers” (i.e. Poolman), then I submit you’re as evil as they are….

  334. How did you like the phony Southern Belle drawl, Muffy? How anyone cannot see through this awful, vicious woman is beyond me.

    But then I felt the same way about Obama in 2012 with his failed record, his distortions, his lies, his unfulfilled promises of greatness, even his lack of coherent message. I mean, the man was able to campaign without so much of a sniff of an economic plan – supposedly the number one issue of concern. And he still won handily.

    I don’t know what to make of this country anymore. It is obvious there are two diametrically opposed ideologies that are completely incompatible. And it too obvious that millions are so puerile (on both sides), it’s a wonder they can drive from point A to point B without getting lost.

    I really mean it when I tell you I don’t see how we stay together as a country much longer. For my children’s sake, I feel responsible to break away and start anew, to somehow protect them from what I honestly believe is sheer evil and guaranteed destruction. And they’re adults. What about young children now growing up?

    And the hard part is, I know even in these bastions of abject failure and depravity, there are a multitude of people like you that I can’t simply leave behind, because we share a common bond.

    What will it take to change this country? I literally hold no allegiance to half this country, this President, the entire gamut of Leftist ideology.

  335. Funny thing. Just found out that Liz Cheney said Obama is out to “weaken America” the exact words of Tex.

    Mmm guess Tex is a Fox-bot huh? Hey Tigre take your accusations of me being a parrot of MSNBC and shove it up your ass.

  336. “Tigre take your accusations of me being a parrot of MSNBC and shove it up your ass.”

    Eh, no. You are.

  337. Parker your initial theory about my hosting this blog as some exercise in masochism and victimhood is beyond bizarre.

    I learned very early in this game that the blogosphere is not for the faint of heart. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the chicken. 🙂

  338. Rutherford, you’re terribly slow at the one up.

    I’ve been saying Obama was out to weaken America about the same time Dinesh D’Souza was saying the same thing. What was that? Five years ago?

    So tell me since you can’t answer the difficult questions. Is your dream candidate Obama simply that incompetent at controlling our borders, running the country, fixing the economy, plain stupid and inept?

    Or is megalomaniac messiah and malignant narcissist a burnt man with a chip on his shoulder? I guess it a little too convenient the same states that disdain Obama seem to be bearing the brunt of Obama’s incompetence.

  339. “But Obama’s excuse for deceit and corruption is better than Nixon’s because . . . he’s black????”

    Nope same as Buchanan, less experienced. 🙂

  340. @ Gorilla Hoover doesn’t deserve the rap he gets and neither does Harding. Both are known for one or two items albeit biggies. What is lost is how good some of their other stuff was.
    I don’t think we’ll be able to say that about Obama. Carter is a good example but even if you didn’t like some of his stuff he offered up a few things of note.
    Obama’s biggest claims to fame are burning to ashes before he even leaves. There is zero way truthful history treats him well.

  341. Rutherford 482 : Nail it down man! IS BARACK OBAMA IN THE TOP TEN OF WORSE POTUS?

    I don’t get how Obama fans give the guy such weak passes. Obama is the guy that ran and won twice and he’s the guy who sits in the Oval on occasion with a binder full ofpeople he orders killed by drones. The spectrum is clear and pissing on Buchanans grave ain’t cutting it for me.

  342. @ Gorilla Hoover doesn’t deserve the rap he gets and neither does Harding. Both are known for one or two items albeit biggies. What is lost is how good some of their other stuff was.‘ – Alfie

    Oh, absolutely, and more to the point, FDR is responsible for extending the Great Depression another 4-6 years, but alas, FDR and Hoover get the raps they do because that is how their legacies have been written. Obama knows this and that is why he is so focused on shifting blame: he’s desperate the protect his legacy.

  343. @ 489 & 490
    When I was in London this spring I went to the Fusiliers Museum. I had the good fortune of shadowing an officer who was providing private insight/tour to a couple,the place isn’t very large. In one exhibit case there was a uniform. Turns out it was the same type that Drummer Lee Rigby would have worn. It was very powerful to hear the officer speak of how the unit decided it must be included in the collection.
    Our cousins haven’t completely abdicated.

  344. “Waste. Of. Time.”

    That means Gorilla didn’t read it. LOL

    That is what most of you will do … run your mouth without reading it.

    Is it too emotional for my taste? Sure. Is it all about Obama hate? No. But I fully get the authors rage. I’ll have my own post out about scumbag Cheney before Monday.

  345. Yeah. Rutherford’s introspection will arrive before Monday. 😆

    I look forward to your adopted raaaaaaage.

    Go git ’em, R. Way to tackle a subject. 🙄

  346. I get the author’s rage too. I feel the same rage for that cowardly bastard as I read his words. It wouldn’t be so bad if he used a little logic from our dimension of reality, but he doesn’t make any sense. He IS a waste of time, because he has already been proven wrong,.

  347. “And the hard part is, I know even in these bastions of abject failure and depravity, there are a multitude of people like you that I can’t simply leave behind, because we share a common bond.”


  348. “I’ve been saying Obama was out to weaken America about the same time Dinesh D’Souza was saying the same thing. What was that? Five years ago”

    And you see where he is now. Another shining example of conservative ethics.

  349. Cheney huh? And here I thought you were going to write about your rage over Hillary treating a 12 year old rape victim like a lying slut.

  350. Gag.

    Rutherford must have had a hard day at the job. He’s being an unusual level of punk tonight…

    You know. If I had your shallow and meaningless life, I might feel that way too. Bleak…and stink. From the bathroom to the bedroom. All the way around….

    Thinking about that bedroom does bring a bile response. Blahhhhh….

  351. One day all the kinks of ACA will be worked out and Obama will go in the plus column on that alone.

    Gag. Remember. This dumb fuck that thinks we ought to have single payer after thousands at the VA have been wait listed and died.

    You can’t be any more of an idiot than that. Baghdad Bob Lawson.

  352. And you see where he is now. Another shining example of conservative ethics.

    Buddy, you and your Obama man crush and ethics don’t belong in the same sentence. They probably fired your ass from stealing from the MDA box.

  353. Ok Tex you lost me. Seriously what is the MDA? And your linked article talked about potential conflict of interest. Was that your point in posting it or did I miss something?

  354. It says something when a pro-Clinton group is called “Correct the Record”.

    If Clinton runs the mud slinging will be unprecedented. Hell it has already started.

  355. If Stone Kettle was providing any true analysis it might be worth reading, but his screed provides nothing but the same leftist isolationist blather we heard during the Vietnam and rest of the Cold War.

    He fails to blame Obama’s policies which threw away our victory. Lest you dispute me remember even Obama called it a victory as he took credit for ending the war. The Jihadists were on the run according to him. He can’t even provide that valuable reminder. Some of the most important features of a war are our actions after the war.

    He makes no allowance for the ramifications of a Caliphate in the heart of the Mideast or what extremist control of the oil fields would do to energy prices and jihadist resources.

    If he gave a balanced set of arguments pro and con, his essay might be worth reading. As it is, I wasted a couple of minutes reading something which is little more than a high school pep rally cheering point.

    “Obama will go on the plus column on that alone.” We have already discussed this. Your view has been proven wrong and ours has proven to be right so far. The burden of proof rests on you. Support that comment.

    When I spoke about the weather at Artists in the Park, a five year old asked if a tornado could be a portal for time travel. Another asked if super heroes could protect us from tornadoes. “Obama will go on the plus…” is in their class unless you can provide proof.

    You can’t because we are right and you are wrong. Its a bitch trying to defend a non- fact, but you do as well as anyone I know. You are certainly better than Stone Kettle.

  356. “Bleak…and stink.”

    Yup. Poor guy.

    Must be tough. He had so much invested in this. And now its all “bleak and stink.”

    It is fascinating to watch the thick vapors of failure cloud his world.

    He has 2 reactions.

    There is defeated, despondent Rutherford. This is the BLEAK. Usually this entails an apolitical/avoid-at-all-costs reaction. At times there is a sentence or two about how it’s bad but not that bad or how its not Obama’s fault -its those stupid people around him ruining the Hope and stopping the Change.

    Every now and then we get the STINK. Angry little 8 word phrases of word salad usually stolen from MSNBC. Racist America stops this great man. Also…he gets pissed at his readers.

    Bleak and Stink….a case study.

    What we don’t get is one shred of honesty.

    Which is fine by me. If this helps bleak and stink in any way, I’m game.

    Read what Rutherford had to say about Obama’s first State if the Union address back in 09.

    This was not a president. This was his deity talking to every individual in the world. A personal relationship with humanity just like God.

    You can’t fall from higher up. Bleak and stink.

    Book of Rutherford:

    “Even though the President was addressing “leaders around the globe” he was really bypassing them and talking straight to the citizens of their countries. In this one sentence, President Obama took his rightful place as leader of the free world. He was basically saying, “Afghans, Iraqis, Israelis, Palestinians, North Koreans, I know you are decent people who want to live in peace and I will not judge you by your leaders. On the contrary, I will tell your leaders that they must do right by you because you do not want your progress hijacked by leaders with a negative agenda.” Obama believes to his core that all people of the world are fundamentally decent. He knows that for the people of the world to live in peace, their governments must be reasoned with, partnered with and pressured to create the environment of peace that their citizens so desire.”

    “To the people of poor nations, we pledge to work alongside you to make your farms flourish and let clean waters flow; to nourish starved bodies and feed hungry minds.  And to those nations like ours that enjoy relative plenty, we say we can no longer afford indifference to suffering outside our borders; nor can we consume the world’s resources without regard to effect.  For the world has changed, and we must change with it.

    Again, Obama speaks to the people of the world and expands his theme of domestic individual responsibility to a global scale. It is the responsibility of every wealthy nation to help those less fortunate, just as it is the responsibility of every wealthy individual to help those less fortunate. Perhaps one day this will be called the Obama Doctrine and my what a nice change that is from the Bush Doctrine that was centered around violent response to terror.”

    Flash forward to 2014 and imagine the confusion in Rutherford’s bleak world of stink.

  357. @ 499 Rutherford, I rarely go here but really FUCK YOU !
    When the “kinks” of the ACA are worked out it’ll only be further away from anything it was meant to be and will still be something Obama didn’t actually do only signed,so really fuck you.
    I will also say that I read Jim Wright and disagree with his essay as it has many faults. I must now add that I find great fault in Rutherford for knowingly,willingly and maliciously conspiring to infringe upon his work by letting it stand as is on his blog. R you’re basically guilty of a crime,just saying.
    See you around

  358. James: ” but his screed provides nothing but the same leftist isolationist blather we heard during the Vietnam and rest of the Cold War.”

    Drop the Left/Right stuff for a moment and read what he actually SAID.

    It would be very informative to actually travel a little and get the flavor of what the world thinks of the US. They see you as bullies, the biggest kid with the biggest stick but absolutely NO judgment, slashing and whacking your way through the schoolyard. Stop the knee-jerk jingoistic nonsense for a minute; discard your own past experiences in the military – which by your own admission were very bad – and THINK. The Vietnam “blather” turned out to be correct, didn’t it? You made fools of yourselves, and only your protesters – your REAL heroes – had the balls to endure the scorn and abuse. It is they – not you, and not your government – that kept another 50,000 of you out of the grave.

    Looking fwd to your next post, Rutherford.

  359. R – apologies for posting Wright’s entire post without his consent. It was forwarded to me by a friend in US, and I was so impressed that I immediately did the same. That post is all over the Internet now; I later visited his blog and he says “millions of views.” I don’t know how HE knows, though.

    I have never heard of any other blogger’s taking that position, but Wright is so popular that his posts DO have value, and he wants to be paid for it. My mistake. Take it down if you wish, but it is already literally everywhere on the Internets.

  360. Alfie –

    re: Wright’s “faults.” That’s very easy to say, however, from an objective point of view, it is very difficult to put casual criticism on the same footing as an article by someone who, by any measure, is a highly accomplished soldier and writer. And who was THERE, trading bullets with the enemy.

    Please point out the faults in Wright’s essay.

    Thanks in advance.

  361. Re: 506 – “unprecedented mud slinging.”

    I realize Palin doesn’t count as a human being in your eyes but youre wrong.

  362. “Kinks.” That’s kind of like calling rape a “kink.”

    If you like your health care, fuck you. Period.

  363. lol….Did the guy who received food stamps and went to college on the dole during Vietnam just tell Vietnam vets they made fools of themselves?

    All while still pretending he’s from Australia?

  364. Ok Tex you lost me. Seriously what is the MDA

    Good gawd, man. Haven’t you ever heard of Jerry Lewis? 😛

    What rock did you crawl out from under say six years ago?

  365. I think it pretty humorous that this stooge Jim Wright, or whatever his name at Stone Kettle, is so deluded, he thinks he ought to be getting paid for his useless, snide bullshit. Our own dimwitted blog host is at least 100 times more talented in slinging propaganda. All he lacks is the questionable bonafides of ‘war hero’ and he would be a hero to the Left.

    I think I’m going to start demanding payment for my comments.

    Maybe there is a living doing this stuff.

    There’s so many imbeciles on the Left, all I do is have to throw in a few “Leftist dogs whistles”, a couple hoorays for Leftist sacraments like abortion and single payer, a smarmy comment about Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Ann Romney, and a demand for single payer something….twist the arm for those huge “Obama successes” and voila…

    Then I can sell cookbooks and pictures of Aunt Jean’s ass.

    But there’s one obstacle all these Leftist wannabee authors run into when seeking payment.

    Leftists are notoriously cheap – too immersed in the freebies.

  366. Flash forward to 2014 and imagine the confusion in Rutherford’s bleak world of stink.

    😆 Reading that Rutherford prose when Obama was still ‘The One’ is pretty humorous stuff.

  367. Yeah. “Obama speaks to the people of the world and expands his theme of domestic individual responsibility to a global scale…”

    …is a far cry from –

    “Ain’t that a shame? Let them rot. Maybe if we give them enough time to fight among themselves they’ll leave us alone?”

  368. I think I’m going to start demanding payment for my comments.

    lol. Not to worry. They’ll be a big payday in the not too distant future. All accounts will be settled. We’ll all get our justly due, I’ve been assured. I, for one, am grateful His mercies are new every morning.

  369. Sometime this weekend, we’re sure to see another Rutherford masterpiece on Iraq is Dick Cheney’s fault…and this whole mess is the fault of the Neocons. 😮

    Those charges just don’t carry the water like they used to…

    It will attempt to deflect from the fact:

    (1) Obama’s middle east foreign policy is even more of disaster than his domestic one, if that is humanly possible;
    (2) The IRS is clearly covering up Obama’s influence of using the IRS as tools for intimidation;
    (3) We have a humanitarian crisis on the border of Obama’s making;
    (4) Russia is now in full USSR mode;
    (5) Iran is still building the bomb;
    (6) The U.S. economy just contracted in the first quarter during Obama’s sixth year as President;
    (7) We discovered major cost overruns with ACA this week and still haven’t worked out the kinks applying subsidies;
    (8) The Hillary Tapes
    (9) We had in captivity in 2008, the terrorist now leading ISIS whom the Obama administration let go;
    (10) Records show that the George W. Bush administration warned the Obama administration in 2008 that there was a major problem with the VA and care of our veterans. Nothing was done.

    That’s just a partial list of things Rutherford has conveniently ignored just this week.

    That’s why it’s time he revert back to safety mode – back before the days of the failed Obama.

  370. Bo Bo care, like Bo Bo himself, is going along as planned. The grab and control of every aspect of our lives IS the plan and always was the plan. This fact is well-documented and has cost many their life to keep to the plan.

  371. This whole terror campaign has been cooked up by tptb to gain control of the globe. They incite these conflicts and fund both sides. It has been well-documented but suppressed in the controlled media.
    The latest terror group, complete with pr campaign and assignment, is no exception.

    Maybe some will see and hear.

  372. Pfuckface sure drove this thread into the ground fast. Scrambled R’s wires with the scattershot faux outrage. It don’t take much when there’s nothing about Obama to swoon about.

    Bin Aden is dead, GM is alive. Hail Emperor Obama!!

    That dick pulling R wrote in 2009 is hi-larious.

  373. If you’re to judge a man on his record of achievement, Obama and Rutherford share more in common than the color of their skin, their ideology, their dreams of Woodstock utopia and nanny government.

    Failure, followed by coverup.

    I view Rutherford to Obama as Mini-me Obama. 😈

  374. >>>One day all the kinks of ACA will be worked out and Obama will go in the plus column on that alone.<<<

    "We will celebrate choice by making sure you have only those we in government deem worthy to chose from, comrade! Now get out your checkbook, and no more excuses about not having a job in this glorious economy! Everyone knows that unemployment is in the single digits! Pay no attention to those we stopped counting because they aren't looking! You can now make a "living wage" at McDonald's in Sea-Tac! Pay no attention to the kiosks where we used to hire people to screw up your order! Your burger and fries will be $18, please. Do not complain, or the IRS may have to investigate your racism!"

    Only a proggie will look at a problem created by government and decide that MORE government is the solution.

  375. Rutherford, I can’t understand why you are ok with being lied to.

    These assholes, whether some of us like it or not, work for us.

    Benghazi is about a video…until they need a distraction from one of their other train wrecks, then we magically have a terror suspect in custody, even though we knew or should have known all along where he was (waitaminute! “terror” suspect? Susan Rice told us it was about a video!)

    The IRS tells us that subpoenaed emails are safe and secure…until they tell us that they aren’t, but the IRS commissioner tells us that he doesn’t think he has anything to apologize for. Try that in federal court when your client’s emails are under subpoena from a Federal agency. I guarantee you that the corrections officials will tell you that they have nothing to apologize for after your cellmate “gets to know you” in ways that you will find impossible to enjoy.

    If the lies aren’t tumbling from the lips of Barry the Blessed, they are being told by those who work for him. And they don’t even TRY to be cagey about it anymore. They are obvious lies. Convenient lies. BRAZEN lies. And still, STILL proggies like yourself are ok with this.

    We’re turning into a banana republic that projects weakness everywhere in the world, and still, STILL criticizing the one fiddling while Rome burns is racism, terrorism, disloyalty, even treason (at least according to loathsome being and ersatz human Bob Beckel) …anything but the exercise of an important freedom that is supposed to be guaranteed for that specific purpose.

  376. I’ll have my own post out about scumbag Cheney before Monday.” — R

    LOL, what a moron…

    DR hit the nail on the head though, if we’re gonna get any “introspection” out of R, then I’d love to see him do a then & now on Obama, where he holds up his Chicago Jesus on one hand and the current deity in the other.


  377. Parker. I’ve been around. I’ve lived in other countries. People are people and tend to treat each other as individuals.

    I know that many folks don’t like us, but I don’t care. All I care about is that they fear and respect us, and I care that they believe we are predictable. Radical Muslims are hated, but have you noticed few people mock their religion when Christianity is fair game? It is because they fear the Muslim reaction.

    The Vietnam War which was actually a Southeast Asian war, ended badly because the left forfeited. They stopped promised aid to the South and let the country collapse.We more or less won the war and lost the peace. Vietnam was evolving to a Korea style stalemate.

    The Vietnam “blather” was uttered by ignorant, emotional fools who had little concept of warfare nor issues surrounding South East Asia. Our allies and others such as the boat people died so that liberals like Iowa’s Tom Harken and Ma Ted Kennedy could feel vindicated and cite the disaster as a wrong choice when in reality, they did the damage. North Vietnamese leaders admitted that they won the war on college campuses.

    The protesting scum unintentionally murdered thousands of people. I spoke to a college student who with his family escaped from South Vietnam after our forfeit. Their boat capsized, and he faced the choice of saving his mother or a sister.

    Joan Baez, a noted singer and protester said later that maybe they were wrong to support the North. Her fellow “heroes” of the college campuses dumped on her for being a revisionist. “Hanoi Jane” was another popular figure with the anti -war “heroes.” The Chicago rioters were so intent on creating an incident they failed to notify their sheep that they intended to turn the demonstration into a bloody riot.

    Those “heroes” were unfit to polish the shoes of real heroes who’s names are on the Wall.

    The same process is evolving in Iraq and later Afghanistan. Obama and his allies have little concept of cause and effect unless their political lives are at stake. Obama thinks that because he didn’t start the Iraqi war, it is his to abandon it at will.

    Entering or abstaining from war is a different issue from behavior after a war starts. Why don’t you understand that simple rule?

    , I am right and you are wrong. That is fact. How can you be so dense? That is still a matter for conjecture.

  378. To listen to Pfessor go on about how people hate Americans while pretending to be an Australian is funny. Oh, by the by, a lot of the foreign nations I’ve both lived and visited, didn’t really like the Aussies. They thought they were a bunch of pretentious asses, of course, I think most of them are funny, but hey, its not about what the AMERICAN thinks, just everyone else…

    Come to think of it, when I visited Australia the first time, I thought it interesting that by displaying just simple courtesies, like please and thank you, to the ladies of the country won you MAJOR points. Turns out, Aussie dudes are dicks and treat the women like shit, so they melt when you treat them with any semblance of dignity.

    Hmmmm, maybe I’ll think on that the next time I get advise from and Aussie dude on how to treat other people….

  379. Gorilla,

    For anyone well read, or has traveled the world like you, this pathological lie America is hated can easily be disproved by one simple statistic. I need not get into a debate about history or what ails the world.

    People choose to live where they are most comfortable, towards prosperity or the chance of prosperity, where there is a chance of less persecution, more freedom. One cursory glance the immigration vs. emigration rates of countries demonstrates America is one of the most beloved countries in the world – not hated as militant Leftist like this Jim Wright stooge would want people to believe. To demonstrate Stone Kettle is Rutherford Lawson with attitude, consider this.

    One of Leftists biggest complaints about George Bush was that he had damaged the global reputation of America. One of Barack Obama’s most illustrious promises was to restore America’s reputation in the world. These secular Leftists across the globe were so hoodwinked, they gave a charlatan a Nobel Prize 12 days into his Presidency. Anybody remember that?

    I defy Pfesser, Stone Head Kettle or Rutherford to show me one country where Barack Obama has improve relations. Just one.

    In fact, short of the economics doldrums, numerous coverups and scandals, and massive debt we’ve incurred under Obama, I would consider Obama’s entire foreign policy and broken campaign promises his greatest failure amongst many failures.

  380. James you continue to argue a fallacy. Al Malaki refused to protect our soldiers from prosecution. There was no way to keep a stabilizing force there without exposing them to undue risk. Obama did what he had to do. I’d like to know why, if Bush kick started the postwar agreement, he didn’t seal the deal and left Obama with an uncooperative partner?

  381. The burden of proof rests on you. Support that comment.

    James what I stated was actually a tautology that needs no proof.

    It follows that if ACA evolves into a workable and beloved program vis-a-vis social security, the POTUS who implemented it will be viewed historically significant. May take 15 or 20 years.

    The only way you can refute my assertion is to postulate that ACA will never work in any way shape or form. Many civilized countries this very minute are proving you wrong.

  382. Damn Rabbit. All your little excerpt did was remind me what a good writer I used to be. I’ve slipped. Bleak indeed.

    I’ve already said this but hell, memories are short around here. In 2009 Obama was my Kennedy. Yes I’m very sad that he fell so short of his aspirations.

  383. R you’re basically guilty of a crime,

    Alfie cool your fucking engines. I wasn’t deleting anything until I confirmed from looking at his web site that he was indeed pissed off. And after 12.5 hours of mandatory overtime I wasn’t doing shit until I got some sleep.

    The post was deleted, a letter of apology was sent and cordially accepted by the blog owner.

    As for ACA we’ll have to agree to disagree. Too many countries have a working model of this for us not to be able to figure it out.


  384. In 2009 we were laughing at you.

    You were in your mid 40s! Not some bright eyed college freshman. How could you be that stupid?

    And, after being that stupid, how can you still be that stupid?

    You are still as irrational as you were in 09. Your religion, and man is it your religion, is still influencing you. No….it can’t be Obama. Yeah that’s the ticket. It can’t be Obama. Nothing burgers. Lois. Bush. Cheney. Racists. Anything but your puny god. Anything.

    This blog is a such a priceless artifact.

    At every turn you have been played for a fool. Pick any year and month. Go read. You are a fucking fool!

    It would be funny of you didn’t carry water for the corrupt and powerful.

  385. Rutherford.

    Obama could have negotiated the status of troops treaty had he tried harder. We held most of the cards, and the power. We won the invasion, and the surge cowed the insurgents. The Iraqi government would have had no choice but to accept a compromise. Iraq’s then quietude is a fact. Obama also said so as he tried to take credit. Biden repeated similar sentiments.

    One of the areas of disagreement was that Iraq would not guarantee legal protection of our troops. It is the army’s job to be exposed to undue risk. Iraq was fairly quiet, certainly more peaceful than during the invasion and surge.An occupying force would not have been exposed to more risk than during active warfare. So to say we couldn’t keep our troops in country because their presencei was exposing them to undue risk is wrong,

    What has changed now that we are sending in advisers? History shows that advisers in Vietnam and elsewhere can stumble into combat. What is different between now and then? They will also be exposed to undue risk without the protections offered by our version of the status of troops agreement. Or will they? Did the Iraqi government change its mind?

    ? Brenner, Bush’s first admininstrater fired the army and otherwise destroyed the political and social structure out of fear of old Iraqi Husien supporters. Obama inherited a central government excluding major religious and political rivals from sharing power. It was a recipe for disaster,.

    The various sides were in relative peace in part because our army was still a powerful authority figure. A Public Radio documentary, I think showed that many Iraqis wanted our troops to stay. I don’t know if they were a majority, but the program showed a significant
    number of people worried about the return of violence if we left.

    It is the same expression of human nature we would see if a teacher left a group of fifth graders alone for an hour. Obama miscaluclated.

  386. Rutherford, so I and many others, including most on this blog have been right about AFC and you have been wrong. Our judgement is indisputable.

    Of course, the future is another matter, and I am on shakier ground there It is possible something will happen, but as in 1968 when I thought the wars in South East Asia would end badly by our own hands, I think this insurance system will not end happily.

    The ultimate goal according to Sen Harkin and Obama is a single payer system similar to our VA operation. The CBC has said it cannot accurately calculate the future cost of ObamaCare because the rules are changing.

    Canada, the UK, and other European nations have struggling health care and insurance systems. Please show me one like our new system which is prospering or at least not struggling. Then, you should argue pursuacivey how their operations could apply to ours. How would they escape the VA problems, for instance.

    I know there are some in better shape than others. Finland’s for example, but they are organized differently than ours. Finland provides a combination of private and public insurance and care and instead of a monolithic system.

    The burden of proof is on you, not us, since reality already supports us today. Your main weapon is interpretation and extrapolation,

    You are probably noticing I am attacking you in your own territory by debunking some of your central views. I learned to do that in high school debate class.

  387. Rutherford regarding the potential libel/infringement thing I was doing you a favor giving you a heads up. I was neither heated nor looking to castigate Parker.
    As for anything resembling engine rev on my part your swipe at my “analysis” of the ACA and Obama’s place in history disproportionately pissed me off but thats because its getting really aggravating and frustrating reading you.
    Quite frankly you are so totally wrong and simple on the issue I probably shouldn’t bother engaging you at all. An example?

    Too many countries have a working model of this for us not to be able to figure it out.

    Accepting that broadly there are four basic models/schools for how health care is delivered on the globe, the ACA is in its own little world.

    If you squint really hard,drink a fifth of vodka and have an underlying level of mental retardation you could say it has some connection to the Bismark model. If thats where you and yours are at then, yeah we’ll have to agree to disagree.
    The truth is though that a couple of salient points that make a Bismark what it is are so thoroughly absent in ACA and the USA I have to say you lose.
    FWIW that model would’ve could’ve been the one best suited for an application in the USA but was never going to happen secondary to those other programs you believe people love so much. Giving my history of history classes I have to say that from a presidential history p.o.v. SS and welfare rate pretty low on the memorable milestones of their respective POTUS’s. Odd since they both are no small matters but seriously they both sit like a tick under a dogs fur as for common knowledge credit stuff.

  388. On a side note:

    It follows that if ACA evolves into a workable and beloved program

    Fucking hilarious that the landmark piece of Obama’s Presidency which we needed to pass to know what was in it now has to be allowed to evolve into that which it was meant to be. Seriously Rutherford get help.

  389. 534 Its like that in Finland, Gorilla. Stereotypical Finish men hardly talk to women unless they are drunk. They also look for women in Estonia, Lativia and Lithuania to escape who they consider fat Fins,. They think the pickings are getting slimmer in Estonia because new prosperity is making Estonian women fat, and that Lativia is only good for a few more years.

    That can’t make the Baltic nations love the Fins.

    Consider the Swede’s disdain for the Fins and the Fins dislike of the Swedes. They seem to survive. So shall we if some people dislike us.

  390. @ Parker
    Wrights diatribe was all emotion. I don’t doubt his emotions or his sincerity expressing them but this is unimportant. I like facts and truths & good old concrete reality. He misrepresents the political realities in almost every stanza so it really doesn’t stand as anything more than a poem to me. I readily concede he made something worthy to read but ultimately it means Absolutely Nothing to whats going on today and tomorrow.

    ala carte get back to Australia you are starting to spell like an American (flavour is the correct form) and once there by all means stop by the Australian War Memorial and get your dose of Vietnam truths
    Strong allies the folks from Down Under albeit their strengths are basically against your political desires.

  391. Rutherford,

    The ACA will never be accepted as a success because it is antithetical to EVERY idea this nation was founded on.

    And it will never be a “success” because there isn’t enough of other people’s money to prevent rationing. Throw in a government that can’t even maintain emails properly and that uses agencies of government to “punish” those who think incorrectly, and you have either a train wreck in the making or a tool for tyrants.

    Tyrants don’t do well with citizens.

  392. No matter how bad the outcome, if it represents redistribution of wealth, as long as the players who impose it aren’t paying for it, an event will be considered a success by the envious and covetous Left.

    ACA is nothing more than a poorly, poorly planned and facilitated boondoggle that will screw the young and healthy in favor of the old. It will hammer the economy, hurt millions of people, and eventually become an albatross worse than the Great Society.

    The only worse health care option possible is Rutherford’s pipe dream. We can all be Veterans.

    Like 2008 and Obama, Rutherford will once again be demonstrated as a complete and utter fool, and will then ignore the consequences as if it never existed. Rutherford also has a problem with being accountable.

  393. I realize Palin doesn’t count as a human being in your eyes but youre wrong.

    Muffy you’re so off your game you should almost stop trying.

    There is a part of the left that dislikes Hillary. This will manifest itself in moderate criticism in the left wing media.

    The right DESPISES her. AM radio and Fox and Drudge and Daily Caller etc etc will make the attacks on Palin look like a Lifetime Achievement Award. It has already begun with this 12 year old rape victim, now in her 50’s being used by the media to tear down Clinton’s character.

    What you don’t get, Muffy, is that I believe Hillary to be sufficiently unsavory that the mudslinging will be easy.

    Palin’s biggest fault was that she was the mean girl in high school who never grew up. Hillary is possibly Palin with a much higher IQ which could make her ten times more dangerous.

  394. Tex I ruled out Muscular Dystrophy Assoc because I thought you were smart enough to know that’s not my affliction.

    By the way I wasn’t allowed to watch the telethon as a kid because my mother considered it a pity-fest.

  395. Leftists are notoriously cheap – too immersed in the freebies.

    No wonder I haven’t figured out a way to monetize this blog. 🙂

    I will say there is one person on this blog who may not wish to be identified who did help me financially back in the day when I was an Amazon affiliate. We don’t agree on politics but I’ll never forget his kindness and I hope he knows it.

  396. Obamacare took over the health insurance companies.

    Oh pleeeeeze stop the drivel. Have you gone completely bonkers? Obsmacare may have enriched the insurance companies, but took them over?

    What are you smoking, medical marijuana?

  397. Yeah. “Obama speaks to the people of the world and expands his theme of domestic individual responsibility to a global scale…”

    …is a far cry from –

    “Ain’t that a shame? Let them rot. Maybe if we give them enough time to fight among themselves they’ll leave us alone?”

    I’ve evolved. 🙂

  398. “The Hillary Tapes” are Obama’s fault? Are you fucking kidding me?

    And Bush is virtuous because he told Obama that he, Bush, didn’t do shit about the VA problems while he was standing in front of the Mission Accomplished sign?

  399. We’re turning into a banana republic that projects weakness everywhere in the world, and still, STILL criticizing the one fiddling while Rome burns is racism, terrorism, disloyalty, even treason (at least according to loathsome being and ersatz human Bob Beckel) …anything but the exercise of an important freedom that is supposed to be guaranteed for that specific purpose.

    With the exception of the banana republic drama queenery, I fully agree with BiC. Criticize Obama all you want. The only time my dander gets up is when malicious motives are assigned in fits of paranoia. And yes libs did this to Bush and payback’s a bitch. Now let’s grow up and figure out solutions minus the drama.

  400. LOL, what a moron…

    For you, supposedly in the know, to defend the abominable record of the Iraq war shows you to be not just a moron but perhaps with a touch of evil thrown in for good measure.

  401. It is the same expression of human nature we would see if a teacher left a group of fifth graders alone for an hour. Obama miscaluclated.

    James THAT is the problem. These are not children and we are not baby sitters.

    I do agree that “advisors” is pure bullshit. We are slowly going back in there. 😦

  402. Fucking hilarious that the landmark piece of Obama’s Presidency which we needed to pass to know what was in it now has to be allowed to evolve into that which it was meant to be. Seriously Rutherford get help.

    Can you tell me that currently popular gov programs have not evolved since their inception?

  403. Tex please … income tax is by definition redistribution of wealth. When you start championing the dissolution of the IRS and income tax you will have more credibility.

  404. Well guys. R round housed all of you. DESTROYED your arguments. Knocked ’em down like bowling pins. As R says to Muffy, you all might as well give up. 😆 😆 😆 😆

    DR asked if R’s daughter read this blog. We now have proof that she not only reads it, she logs on and comments. No grown educated man is capable of such juvenile commentary.

    I mean, I know you are but what am I. Back at ya. 🙄

  405. Tex I ruled out Muscular Dystrophy Assoc because I thought you were smart enough to know that’s not my affliction.

    Hey dummy. I wasn’t insinuating you had muscular xxx….

    I was insinuating you were a thief, so low you’d steal of the charitable box.

  406. Tex is so eager to draw race parallels that he ignores that Obama and I don’t share skin color.

    Talk about being off their game, you don’t even make sense anymore. Your census doesn’t have the square BLACK CHECKED?

    Rutherford, your love for Obama is 90% based on the fact you do share skin color.

    It damn sure can’t be his performance, unless your name is really Vladamir or Mohammad.

  407. Tex please … income tax is by definition redistribution of wealth. When you start championing the dissolution of the IRS and income tax you will have more credibility.

    Non sequitur x 2. You’re becoming as credible as Joe Biden. You say stupid, irrelevant shit in response and claim victory, Aunt Jean.

    Are you drunk?

  408. @ Rutherford 566:
    The only way to enter into that discussion is for both of us to have an understanding of the definitions of the key words.
    popular: Although I accept the common definition I believe context is everything for this one. Who and why is x popular effects the word choice having real meaning.
    evolve: I think this one is the most problematic for us. If you mean what has been added to the “concept” of Social Security is akin to a policy/program evolving we’re not speaking the same language. Case in point Social Security ca. 1935 was meant to be a insurance themed program that assured society would be financially secure. Alterations to the funding,COLA and who is covered stay true to its founding premise. I would put it to you that SSI and Medicare which are considered add-ons aka evolutions are in fact programs unto themselves. Medicare especially bears this out given its own funding mechanism out of our paychecks. SSI and Medicare,as well as Medicaid which can actually trace its roots back to the 1935 legislation are entitlement programs while SS still maintains the insurance model. SS is on the cusp of losing that distinction but as of now it is what it is.
    I don’t see how ACA “evolves” and remains ACA.
    Let me know what you’re thinking.

  409. And to be clear as I know you know what I view ACA as…
    Not socialized medicine and not even a redistributive pogrom…the fucking beast is a gift to insurance companies,a screwing to the economy and leviathan of bureaucracy that assures its evils.

  410. With the exception of the banana republic drama queenery, I fully agree with BiC.

    That’s the biggest fucking component.

    The lawlessness of this Administration is titanic in scope and would be breathtaking except that 6 years of it’s ubiquity has created a weary apathy about it.

    Shit, I myself wore out my shocked face 2 years ago….

  411. The right DESPISES her. AM radio and Fox and Drudge and Daily Caller etc etc will make the attacks on Palin look like a Lifetime Achievement Award. It has already begun with this 12 year old rape victim, now in her 50′s being used by the media to tear down Clinton’s character.

    It’s just one piece of a large puzzle showing her character to be lacking. I find what her Watergate boss said about her firing to be far more damning, and her actions since have done next to nothing to redeem her.

    Palin’s biggest fault was that she was the mean girl in high school who never grew up. Hillary is possibly Palin with a much higher IQ which could make her ten times more dangerous.

    I think you’re giving her IQ far too much credit.

  412. BIC, good to see you back. You’ll have to line up to knock Rutherford over with a feather. He’s officially moved Obama quality stooge, to Joe Biden quality stooge. Baghdad Bob Lawson.

    What bothers me most about the Left, even more than gross incompetency, is their tolerance for lying- which is most of the time.

    Obama lies 36 times on a national stage about “you can keep your doctor.” Rutherford yawns and declares ACA a landmark success of historical significance when everything about it so far has been an absolute blunder, cost overrun, or simply doesn’t work.

    Hillary Clinton lies about being shot at by sniper fire on a tarmac, and declares she and Bill were bankrupt when they left the White House. Rutherford yawns.

    Both of these are examples not even fudging the truth, not misdirection, not broken campaign promises, not mouthing platitudes. These are bald-faced lies – so obvious, nobody from the Left even questions they’re lies.

    Rutherford doesn’t care. The ends justify the means, I guess.

    There was a time I actually thought Rutherford honest. Ours were political differences. Or so I thought.

    I’m almost embarrassed I have to admit that.

  413. Not socialized medicine and not even a redistributive pogrom

    Not socialized medicine – a government boondoggle.

    But ACA is absolutely a redistribution of wealth – in fact, that’s its life’s blood. Why do you think all these political shills wait on pens and needles to see how many young and healthy signed up?

    Because they need the young to bankroll all the uninsured.

  414. There is nobody that nails Obama’s worthless as to the wall better than this guy. This is a can’t miss.

    And Whittle is absolutely right. We haven’t felt the pain yet of what this devil has done. Hey Pfesser? Instead of reading some dunce like Stone Kettle, why don’t you listen to a professional with a brain…

  415. Because they need the young to bankroll all the uninsured.

    Kinda tough to do when you either can’t find a job, or you’re working at Starbucks and paying back a $120,000 racked up while double majoring in Medieval Wymyn’s Studies and Russian History.

    And no amount of envy hustling about the “rich” “not paying their fair share” is going to make up the shortfall.

    If you have to keep looking around for people to force to “contribute” to your scheme, it’s a failure.

  416. Kinda tough to do when you either can’t find a job, or you’re working at Starbucks and paying back a $120,000 racked up while double majoring in Medieval Wymyn’s Studies and Russian History.

    That’s not important. What’s important is that Obama’s and by association Rutherford’s intent was good. Results don’t matter; costs don’t matter; implementation doesn’t matter.

    What matters is that it felt good. And if you were a dupe, it sounded good.

    This is Obama legislation after all!!! What could possibly go wrong? The country is in the best of hands.

    P.S. – I wish Obama had majored in Russian history. Maybe he might better understand how he’s just been played once again by a better and smarter thug.

  417. Rutherford with regard to this “drama queen” tack you’ve taken with your readers – in psychiatry it is called “transference,” the projection of your own thoughts and feelings on someone else. I accept that your thesis is, as you’ve confirmed to me, wishful thinking.

    That stuff you wrote – quoted @#508 – is so much of that drama queen stuff you transfer onto us that it begs for cover art.

    “The Coming of Rutherford’s Prince”

  418. 564 I agree, Rutherford, we may be going back in.

    One interesting development is the administration now says Iraq must be more inclusive. We should have told them that two years ago, Why didn’t we? Why can we say it now?

    An occupying force with no departure time table would have been more persuasive with thousands of our soldiers .living in the neighborhood.

    I agree these are not children, but we ARE baby sitters. Colon Powell expressed it well. “You break it, you own it. ” Obama doesn’t understand the concept. He appears to think that since he didn’t start the war, he can take us out with no effect.

    It is how Obama lives his political life. Like Bart Simpson, he says “did I do that?” and “Nobody is more angry than I.”

    AFC IS redistribution, Otherwise, our daughter wouldn’t have lost $5000 in insurance premiums this year, Someone else is spending money she earned.

    Putin has proven himself to be the man. Obama is the boy.

  419. ”It has already begun with this 12 year old rape victim, now in her 50′s being used by the media to tear down Clinton’s character.”

    Son of a bitch. Rutherford, Clinton forged her own character. You use the years since her damnable actions to minimize them. The victim was in a coma afterwards and could not have children as a result of the assault. And you criticize the Leftedia for their coverage. Mr. Compassion.

    Clinton’s own words and actions are being used against her. She’s a liar and a hypocrite – a weak ass pro wrestler not fit to lead a troop of girl scouts.

    ”What you don’t get, Muffy, is that I believe Hillary to be sufficiently unsavory that the mudslinging will be easy.”

    I get it, Nutley. Everyone – even you – knows that Hillary’s closet is a cemetery. The only question is – what at this point does it matter?

  420. Damn you, Muffy. When I started reading R’s stream of Obama praise that damn picture came to mind and I couldn’t find it. R’s thought bubble.

  421. Rutherford –

    The one constant on this blog seems to be a paucity of capital among the post-ers. Sometimes when one knows information about a product, he can get more of it. Mr. Forbes, of Forbes magazine, has published a blowout of a book on money, oddly enough entitled “Money.” It’s $15USD on Amazon.com, and explains, for one thing, why President Obama’s lunatic monetary policy is bankrupting US. Give it a boo.

    On other matters, I see your primer-school researcher has now graduated all the way to nickel-psychiatrist. As Lucy’s first patient, you should feel honored to be analysed by such powerful intellect — tho’ it’s often said that for psychotherapy to occur, the patient must be sicker than the doctor.

  422. why President Obama’s lunatic monetary policy is bankrupting US. Give it a boo.

    Well then. All of the big spenders whose time is about up won’t have to fret as long when they’re left with nothing thanks to their own 2008 vote, will they?

    I’ll give it a boo hoo…

  423. I’ve got you figured out, don’t I Doc? Knew it was you from word one.

    Dissociative identity disorder.

    That’ll be 5 cents. Senior citizens discount applied of course.

  424. One only wonders if Pfesser learning what a true theocracy looks like is just around the corner.

    Will he submit and crawl to Mecca? Or will the kafir in a last act of defiance lose his head?

    There are certain situations that can still be a win win.

  425. 😆 @ give it a boo hoo. 😆

    “Give it a boo,” and “Give it a boo hoo” are officially my new favorite phrases.

    Give it a boo, dummy.


  426. BiC, when you coming down here to practice?

    A more loaded question than you might realize.

    Our practice has been struggling since 2008. In the last two months, it has started to pick up steam, and we hired an associate who will start later this week. Of course, the boss has been less than transparent about his plans, so I have 15 different kinds of anxiety about this. Meanwhile, the Mrs. officially became the controller for the Tacoma manufacturing plant two weeks ago (a job she’s been doing with the “Assistant Controller” title for two years now, and because of the promotion, will likely be invited to the Corporate Christmas Party in Atlanta this year.

    Meanwhile, 5 years of being underpaid has pretty much destroyed my finances…

  427. Tigre, I’m kinda surprised there haven’t been more harlequin romance cover mockups. I did find this though –

  428. Meanwhile, 5 years of being underpaid has pretty much destroyed my finances…

    You got time to make it up – and are obviously talented. Not to mention you live in one of the most expensive cities on earth.

    Move to Atlanta, you might find you can live twice as large on half the salary.

  429. Tex is right. You can just about pick your cost of living without sacrificing the standard depending on how much of a commute you can tolerate.

  430. Tacoma isn’t awful, like Seattle.

    The most expensive things here compared to Michigan have been food and housing.

    For what we paid for our house on 3/4 of an acre, which is now a PALATIAL lot around here, I could have had a house 3x as big on 3-4 acres.

  431. Owning in town can be a bitch though. The resource shifting under the inner city local tax structures are R’s wet dream. Parasitic.

  432. Tex @ $578, chilling.

    Rutherford I do hope you give it a boo. 😆

    Seriously though. Especially in light of you making light of some of us for recognizing the coming deluge.

  433. “I did find this though -”

    If I knew how to do it, I’d make a boy band poster. It’d hang in R’s master bedroom for sure.

  434. It isn’t in town. It’s a Tacoma mailing address, but we’re at the corner of Spanaway, Graham, and Puyallup. All suburbs, and bordering the rapidly disappearing “rural” portion of Central Pierce County.

    If I had my way, we’d be further south, well up into the foothills around Mt. Rainier, in the Eatonville-Ohop area.

    If she had hers, we’d be in southcentral King County, much closer to Seattle.

  435. i’ve been there. We’ve hiked up Mt Rainier many times. It is a beautiful part of the country, I don’t like the weather, though–not enough snow or thunderstorms,

  436. No grown educated man is capable of such juvenile commentary.

    Tigre you’ve proven repeatedly you’re good for not much more than snark. It’s great backslapping fun with your conservative buddies but it hardly makes you a genius. In fact, “juvenile” perfectly describes 90% of your commentary.

  437. Rutherford, your love for Obama is 90% based on the fact you do share skin color.

    You know how little sense that makes? His professed ideology is what attracted me to him and not to Allen West who also shares my “skin color”.

  438. Non sequitur x 2. You’re becoming as credible as Joe Biden. You say stupid, irrelevant shit in response and claim victory, Aunt Jean.

    Are you drunk?

    Was that an answer?

  439. You know how little sense that makes? His professed ideology is what attracted me to him and not to Allen West who also shares my “skin color”.

    That cuts both ways and only confirms what I said above.

    Obama’s professed ideology and the fact you share skin color tells everyone all they need to know about how you arrived at your conclusions. Your retching articles from 2008 about the hero worship provide everlasting testament you’re no deep thinker, but a minion Obama foot soldier in a large herd of group think, now failed spectacularly.

    It also explains why you go apoplectic about the Alan Wests and Clarence Thomas’ of the world. They’re a threat to the herd.

  440. “Tigre you’ve proven repeatedly you’re good for not much more than snark. It’s great backslapping fun with your conservative buddies but it hardly makes you a genius. In fact, “juvenile” perfectly describes 90% of your commentary.”

    Since you won’t engage a point, ever, how would you know? Look at you last 20 comments. Not one lick of substance. You respond to nothing with other than a dismissive platitude/variation of “it doesn’t matter.”

    Can’t wait for you Cheney bit. Maybe you could start with the Megan Kelly interview. She was mighty hard on him.

  441. Plenty of snow…up in the mountains, where it belongs…

    Amen to that. I like the snow-capped look. Especially from here in the valley. I can always drive to it if I want to get up close and personal. Right now we’re enjoying a warm 110 on the patio for this second day of summer.

  442. You Bo Bo critics give him too much credit for his actions. He is a puppet. The president doesn’t ‘run’ things anymore. I suppose Bush the elder had much to do with running stuff, being as he is cia and all, but Bo Bo? Don’t be silly. He’s always had handlers. Sure, he gets is the perks and kill list and the celebrity status. But he doesn’t get to pave his own path.

    No freelancers allowed. One track…

  443. Rutherford yawns and declares ACA a landmark success of historical significance when everything about it so far has been an absolute blunder, cost overrun, or simply doesn’t work.

    Hillary Clinton lies about being shot at by sniper fire on a tarmac, and declares she and Bill were bankrupt when they left the White House. Rutherford yawns.

    One major problem on this blog is you guys read what you WANT me to say, to keep the argument going and NOT what I said.

    If ACA does not change, it will go down as mediocre at best. If over the next 10 to 15 years changes are made to improve it then it will gain retroactive historical significance.

    As for Hillary I do NOT care for the woman. I am hoping for any other good alternative up to and including not voting in 2016.

  444. I don’t watch sports but the world cup scares me a little today since cheney raised his head and mentioned to expect something bigger than 911 all because of the isis crisis and there’s a fake ‘new’ breakthrough in the missing plane psyop.

    Probably happenstance…

  445. If ACA does not change, it will go down as mediocre at best. If over the next 10 to 15 years changes are made to improve it then it will gain retroactive historical significance.

    The problem with your optimistic view is it is not consistent with the historical reality of this clusterfuck government. What other act enacted by these hooligans has gotten better over time? The act further married government and corporates costing us (we, the people) freedom and wealth. This could very well be the last act in the play.

  446. Everyone – even you – knows that Hillary’s closet is a cemetery. The only question is – what at this point does it matter?

    That’s a question you need to ask the Democratic Party in 2015/2016.

    I’m not saying her conduct in the rape case is irrelevant nor am I saying there is a statute of limitations on bad behavior. I’m just saying her enemies are already reaching way back to destroy her. This will be a take-down of mass proportions.

    I’d also like to hypothesize that a woman will not enjoy the same walking on egg shells that a black would. I think people are far less worried about being labeled sexist than they are about being labeled racist.

  447. Sorry about that, Rutherford. I wasn’t thinking racial and forgot the connotation. I would have made the same comparison with two white people, and I shouldn’t have done the same with Obama. Maybe I could use the comparison with Obama.s white half,

  448. LOL based on my current job BiC I thought your wife was heading up a Toyota Tacoma plant. LOL didn’t realize it was a town. I’ve had cars on the mind the past 18 months.

  449. I like snow on flatland. It is outside of my door and I don’t have to drive to enjoy it. Snow, for us also insulates the ground and keeps some plants alive.

    I have been watching some of the World Cup, but not tonight though it is the United State;s crucial match.I saw a little where the US ] trailed 1-0. I am rescuing our garden from weeds. We have had 4.40 inches of rain this week.

  450. Maybe you could start with the Megan Kelly interview. She was mighty hard on him.

    Damn you stole my thunder. Oh well, at least it will be a new thread for you to snark on.

  451. Tex, Allen West is only a threat to himself. That’s why his constituents threw the nutjob to the curb.

    Damn, you’re poorly read. Have you even looked at the demographics of that district? It was a miracle a Republican ran.

    Your constituents are so righteous, they reelected Alan Gray.

    You’ll vote for Hillary if she’s the Dim candidate, Rutherford. There’s no need to lie. You’re an amoeba like reactionary.

    I used to think you have bright. You don’t know a damn thing about the ACA. You just know you like being subsidized….

  452. Well, look at the bright side about Rutherford. He’s wrong about virtually everything, but at least he hasn’t totally jumped on the junk science of AGW…I guess he could be worse. 😈

    Headline Tonight: The scandal of fiddled global warming data. The US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record.

    Leftists are helpless (and stupid).

  453. Tex on this we agree. Alan Grayson is an abomination. Anthony Wiener was not but he was an out of control perv and a liar. It broke my heart when he self destructed.

  454. You know how little sense that makes? His professed ideology is what attracted me to him and not to Allen West who also shares my “skin color”.” – R

    Yeah, but that’s because EVERYONE knows Conservative Blacks aren’t really black…

  455. I’d also like to hypothesize that a woman will not enjoy the same walking on egg shells that a black would. I think people are far less worried about being labeled sexist than they are about being labeled racist.” – R

    Not anymore. You guys sort of ruined the racist thing for calling anyone–ANYONE–who disagreed with the Chicago Jesus a racist. But have no fear, it will not stop you or anyone else from calling anyone–ANYONE–who disagrees with the Hildebeast a sexist. In this one thing, you’re consistent…

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