The Benghazi Hoax – A Review

“The Benghazi Hoax” was written by David Brock, Ari Rabin-Havt and the gang at Media Matters. The title of course says it all. These guys think that the entire controversy over the tragic events in Benghazi, Libya on September 11-12, 2012 were a hoax perpetrated by the right wing on a gullible public. Though I lean left, true to the “common sense” theme of this blog, I wanted to read the book as objectively as possible and apply some common sense to their arguments. In particular, I tried to inhabit the body of a skeptic (maybe even a conservative one) and see if the book met the basic test of convincing me of their assertion.

What follows is not my independent analysis of Benghazi. I fully admit I am not up to that task. This is simply my opinion of whether the authors of the “Hoax” met their test. I will run through the book, point by point, giving a YAY or NAY on each one,with a brief explanation of why I “voted” that way.

Let me start by saying that, to their credit, the folks at Media Matters devoted almost half the book to end-notes. It shows their effort to at least not do a half-assed job. I think it would make any college professor proud. The end-note that immediately caught my eye was a State Department report on attacks on embassies and embassy officials. It supports one of their conclusions that Barack Obama was certainly not the first President to deal with embassy related violence. How many other Presidents received this much scrutiny when these events happened on their watch? Folks will say “but this was an Ambassador”. Tell that to the many embassy workers who have lost their lives in dangerous locales over the years.

1. Mitt Romney’s Statement – YAY – Mitt clearly dropped the ball in both content and timing when he released a statement about Obama sympathizing with terrorists before the blood in Benghazi was even dry. Interestingly, the statement by Romney, castigating the Obama admin for being apologetic with respect to Cairo and Benghazi, tied both to the anti-Muslim video posted to the Internet. Clearly even the Romney camp bought into the theory that would later be used to smear Obama with lying and cover-up. Beyond that, Romney was factually wrong. The apologetic tone of the embassy in Cairo was independent of official State Department instruction and was quickly repudiated by the State Department. So he was wrong on the facts AND his timing — politicizing a tragedy in real time — could not have been worse.

2. Terrorism or Act of Terror – NAY – A single reminder to Media Matters: words matter. The Presidential statement in the Rose Garden in which he referred to “acts of terror” was so awkward and indirect that he deservedly was skewered by the right wing. In no part of his statement that dealt directly with Benghazi did he use the term “terror”. Only toward the end of his statement, in a generic declaration, did he employ the phrase “acts of terror”. When CNN’s Candy Crowley ambushed Romney regarding Obama’s wording during a debate on foreign policy, the part of me that wanted Obama to win the debate was cheering. But the truth is Romney was right. The president never clearly tied the the notion of terrorism to the Benghazi event in his Rose Garden remarks.

3. The Attack on Susan Rice – YAY/NAY – Their argument on Susan Rice gets a mixed review. On the YAY side they make the valid point that she was doing her assignment. Sometimes we forget that at the end of the day, these folks have JOBS that involve doing what your boss tells you to do. When I was in the corporate world I was assigned the role of Project Architect, a role for which I was totally unprepared. After my initial protest, I took one for the team and did the job as best I could. As cliched as it may sound, Rice’s appearance on five Sunday talk shows amounted to “just following orders”. She was taking one for the team. It must also be noted that she was tempering her language with an emphasis on how preliminary the findings were. She gave herself an “out” on the facts — an out that was subsequently ignored by the right. So why the NAY? The boys at Media Matters were doing fine with their argument until they lumped Rice in with Eric Holder and Van Jones to imply a racist motive for Rice’s persecution. That is total nonsense. Rice went on TV and gave misinformation that was fed to her. That made her easy pickings for opponents of the Obama administration. There was nothing racist about it.

4. The Talking Points – A qualified YAY — Moving from Susan Rice the person, to the actual points she made, Media Matters presents one compelling fact. The talking points tying Benghazi to Cairo and therefore to the explosive Internet video, originated not at the White House but at the CIA. David Petraeus, beloved by conservatives and head of the CIA at the time, was instrumental in this spin on events. The reason given was that the CIA didn’t want to put all our cards on the table so early in a criminal investigation. The reason I qualify my YAY is that White House documents (some released before the Media Matters book and one released just this past week) show a State Department interested in protecting its reputation. To any loved ones of the dead, this petty office politics is repugnant.

5. The Republican Investigations – NAY – The author’s analysis of Darrell Issa and his congressional committee amounts to whining. They accuse the committee of partisanship (no kidding) and incompetence but they don’t actually do a deep dive on what evidence the committee heard nor do they prove their assertion that the primary motive of the committee was Obama-hate.

6. The Fake Concussion – YAY – Not even worth discussing. The notion that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was malingering to avoid testifying to Darrell Issa’s committee is so grade-school it is embarrassing. That grown men and women promulgated this meme says volumes about how low our public discourse has fallen.

7. Hillary Clinton Faked Her Emotion – YAY/NAY — Again a mixed review from me. Some conservatives said that when Hillary teared up during her congressional testimony she was “acting”. This is right up there with the previous point about the faked concussion. Pure grade school foolishness. But then Media Matters slips up again and blames the conservative attack on, wait for it, sexism. So, not even halfway through the book the authors have played the race card and the gender card for no good reason.

8. A Disengaged Administration – YAY – The notion that Obama didn’t care about the events in Benghazi that night is another silly GOP talking point. The President was briefed on the event and gave the very obvious advice to his subordinates to stay on top of it. What Benghazi was real-time was confusing chaos. Everyone knows that it is the job of the President’s subordinates to handle situations and that he is enlisted for dedicated attention only when lower levels have been exhausted. The notion that he would delegate observation of this event down his chain is not at all unusual. It’s like expecting the President to drop everything he is doing to monitor the events at the latest Fort Hood shooting. It’s a naive assessment of Presidential priorities. (For that matter, if inattentiveness is the accusation, why did folks not ask about Obama’s whereabouts during the Cairo protests of the previous day? When does a threat to an American’s safety merit dedicated Presidential attention?)

9. Military Options – YAY – If you don’t want to believe the left leaning media about whether we responded adequately to the Benghazi attack in real-time, how about listening to two Republicans? Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates called the notion of military intervention “sort of a cartoonish impression of military capabilities and military forces“. “The House Republican Conference on the Events Surrounding the September 11. 2012 Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi, Libya” drew a similar conclusion in their preliminary report. No realistic military option had been summarily dismissed or overlooked.

10. The “Critical Cables” a qualified YAY – One of the prime faults in “The Benghazi Hoax” is the constant GOP bashing by Media Matters, that plays well to its liberal followers but ultimately undermines some of its arguments. In this particular argument they score a clear victory but obscure it in accusations of the Republicans trying to undermine Hillary Clinton’s 2016 aspirations. Honestly, whether or not that is true, it’s an unnecessary side show. The main point presented here is that Hillary does not physically sign most of the memos that the State Department sends out in her name. Anyone who works for a large firm and gets a letter from the CEO congratulating them on their 10th anniversary with the company is a fool to think the CEO really signed that letter — or for that matter has any idea who the hell they are. That is standard operating procedure for big bureaucracies. A memo “signed by Hillary” in relation to embassy security simply does not contradict the notion that she knew of no such memo. It is as simple as that.

11. Attacks on the ARB – YAY/NAY – The authors convincingly assert that the State Department did what anyone would expect them to do (and apparently what they are required to do): investigate the incident and recommend how to prevent a recurrence. The ARB report issued 64 recommendations and four staffers were disciplined (although not fired). The only NAY on this argument is that Media Matters does not adequately explain why Hillary Clinton was not more extensively interviewed by the investigators. Apparently they had a brief discussion with her at the end of their research. As head honcho at “Foggy Bottom” Hillary seems worthy of more than a brief interview at the end of the investigation.

12 Muzzled – NAY – Media Matters deals with the fact that a CBS reporter with a questionable past floated a story about the Obama administration intimidating possible witnesses who might testify to Issa’s panel. Unfortunately, they only discredit the muzzling of one whistle blower, Gregory Hicks. They don’t delve deeper to discredit the entire notion of intimidation. If you believe folks were coerced not to testify or to lie, this argument by Media Matters will not convince you otherwise.

13. Left Behind – YAY – The authors provide a timeline that I think lays to rest the notion our people were “left behind” to die.

14. The Stand Down Order – YAY – This is similar to the previous point. No order to tell forces to do nothing was issued. The House Armed Services Committee itself confirmed that no stand down order was issued related to Benghazi.

15. Jonathan Karl’s Scoop – NAY – ABC’s Jonathan Karl reported on an email chain that he did not actually read himself. He relied on a skewed reading by an “informant” thereby discrediting Karl’s “scoop” that State Department emails showed a preoccupation with protecting the department’s reputation. The only problem is that the REAL emails released by the White House do show State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland trying to cover the department’s ass. Emails from Deputy NSA Ben Rhodes, minus the skew, do come off less damning. (More email from Rhodes was released in the past week and frankly add nothing new to the emails we had already seen from him). Bottom line, all Media Matters does with this point is prove that Karl reported the truth badly. His incompetence in sourcing did not change the fact that Nuland was interested in protecting her boss.

Very sadly the primary point proven by “The Benghazi Hoax” was that the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2012 was politicized by both parties. One party went to absurd lengths to prove that a President would deliberately lie about the tragedy in order to get reelected. The other party for much less complex reasons — for rather mundane reasons — strove to cover its ass and cast aspersions on its opponents. The Republican’s endless digging for a smoking gun that simply doesn’t exist speaks for itself. But the tone of Brock and Rabin-Havt’s book shows an opposition of cry babies, ready to ascribe distracting accusations of racism and sexism to what is transparently simply politics. When you’re done reading, you have to wonder about the maturity of all the folks in Washington. So much of what is described in the book, from the GOP action to the left’s reaction is so Kindergarten that it is embarrassing.

From my reading of the book, the Benghazi “scandal” comes down to mundane petty office politics. Not even grand intriguing international politics. Just ordinary people playing CYA while their inquisitors indulge their fantasy of a terrorist-sympathizing President and his callous Secretary of State. The truth about Benghazi is not the drama you see on Fox and MSNBC.

The truth about Benghazi is tragic and ultimately very ordinary. We Americans don’t like ordinary. We like drama. That is what elevates Benghazi to a scandal.




802 thoughts on “The Benghazi Hoax – A Review

  1. I appreciate the inspiration, Rutherford. Hard work. 😉

    But this is what I don’t like about the Left’s M.O., and more specifically you. And I find it your biggest weakness in debate.

    Cognitive bias.

    You go seeking the results you wish to find, never truly seeking the truth IMO. How could anybody think Media Matters could be objective, when the goal of Media Matters is to empower Democrats to win? What would be their premise for writing this book, other than seeking any excuse or justifying the path taken?

    You’re continually throwing the charges of WND bias to indicate the unfairness of Obama criticisms, yet here you take perhaps the most prejudiced source as material and use it as source to arrive at your own conclusions. You mask the bias with cliche like “won’t convince” or charges of “sexism”, but your assertion is clear – there’s no meat to this story, a nothing burger; a which hunt.

    It’s disingenuous research just like the disingenuous reporting you clearly subscribe to too many Conservatives. All you have really accomplished here, and this was obviously a lot of work on your behalf, is ignore or under weigh evidence that could distract from the failure of the Obama Administration, “dude.”

    In statistics, it’s referred to as statistical errors. In psychology they call it an error of inductive inference.

    It leads to erroneous conclusions and raises questions of both intent and merit.

    Your efforts I’m afraid will persuade no one and only lead to further charges that your own biases so prevalent, it has become a waste of time to debate you, because the conclusion predictable before your research conducted.

  2. I concede the irony of this comment from the get go.
    I can’t comment on the post since I have not and will not read the Media Matters work. I do agree with Tex that there is at a minimum a whiff of Rutherford finding exactly what he wants.
    I would also say thank you R for giving a hint that deep down you may indeed be honest enough that you will not be a Hillary standard bearer. Time will tell on that one.

  3. Witch hunt…sigh. Gad.

    By the way, Rutherford. I returned after some thought.

    Though I don’t wish to retract my first response, I do once again want to express thank you for providing a forum to disagree. Blogging done right is hard work. And your hard work for my entertainment too many times goes without thanks.

    I will remain a critic. But I will also be a grateful critic for the forum you provide and the discussion that follows. Without Chen and without you, I wouldn’t have met many of these fine fellows and a couple of witty of the fairer sex who’ve not only given me food for thought over the years, even in disagreement, but a sort of virtual friendship that has provided a million giggles and the occasional belly laugh.

    It’s been fun and your most certainly an accommodating host. Got to respect a man for that.

  4. This may turn into a thread of me correcting myself from comment to comment. You are…Grrr.

    I don’t know why I have such a damn blind spot anymore until I see something posted, then about choke on reading my own hideous errors, generally of the simplest sort.

    And you wonder why I don’t blog? There’s your answer.

    How’s this for a blog name? The Illiterate Conservative? 🙂

  5. Rutherford read a book. Yay.

    From Media Matters. Nay.

    Love this: “The Republican’s endless digging for a smoking gun that simply doesn’t exist speaks for itself.”

    Already found. More withheld.

    Obama and his minions lied, lied, lied. That is irrefutable.

    So, after reading the pinnacle of a biased source, you were brought to “it just doesn’t matter” again. Big shock.

    Offering petty criticisms of a leftist outlet does not make you objective, Rutherford.

  6. I like Media Matters. I like WND, too. I like to stick them in a blender and hit purée and sample the results. Sometimes I have to add salt.

  7. I won’t read the book. It’s dated, biased with its central theme debunked in the last two weeks.

    But I would like to know how does the book explains WHY it was known within minutes that it was a terrorist attack and yet Obama perpetuated the lie that it was not. Why?

  8. Thanks Rutherford for your hard work. I agree with Tex. You do make it fun.

    The e mails render parts of the book obsolete. As El Tigre wrote it is irrefutable that the Obama administration lied to us and to the world through the UN and television ads in Pakistan.

    Republicans dug for a smoking gun because Democrats were trying to bury it. The general themes of this real scandal are incompetence and lies. This SCANDAL is only one feature of the same themes.

    Obama made a deal with Medivev. He promised that if Russia abstained in a UN voter over a no fly zone over Syria, he would do nothing to remove Mommar Gadiffi from office. Obama was lying and Putin took it personally.

    He referred to the incident during his speech after Crimea rejoined Russia. Putin says the United States can’t be trusted. He relies more on Angela Merkle for private discussions. He also believes Obama is a weak man.

    Cold warriors operated with a modicum of trust. They followed unspoken rules to avoid a major earth-ending war. As we flirt with war over central Europe, the same traits the Obama administration displayed with the Benghazi scandal put us in danger of another deadly mistake.

  9. Translation: Obama didn’t lie to cover his ass and GOPers are stupid to think so. What really happened is that everyone else covered their ass and even now Obama won’t release stuff in a timely manner because he wants to cover their ass.

    Because Obama would do nothing wrong.

    I see you brought up the “do you expect him to personally handle every crisis” thing again.

    And again I ask…why did he make sure we saw him in the Situation Room during the Bin Laden raid, but its no big deal he wasn’t in there for the Benghazi attack?

    Its optics, R, and you know it. Which is all we’ve ever claimed this was.

    Translation: Obama didn’t lie…the CIA did.

    And again I ask…is the president not above anyone in the CIA? Is he not the leader of the country? Who cares if the CIA crafted the talking points? Obama sent his spokespeople out to parrot them…AND HE PARROTED THEM! The man stood up at the podium of the UN 2 full weeks after the attacks and told the world that we were attacked because a man exercised his First Amendment rights.

    And the real sad part of that is that you think we are foolish to cry over it. You don’t give a shit if your dictator trashes the Constitution in practice, so why would you care if he trashes it in his statements?

    “Putin says the United States can’t be trusted”

    Hell, the Speaker of the House says the US (when its led by Obama) can’t be trusted…and they are both right. Obama is fucking liar. He’s told so many lies that they can’t even all be investigated at once.

  10. As I read articles—and their comment sections—regarding Condi pulling out of speaking at Rutgers following a student/faculty protest, I can’t help but laugh at the hypocrisy of the left.

    Condi is bad, and indeed a “war criminal” that should be arrested, because she “lied” about Iraq and WMDs.

    Over here we have “Susan Rice was just doing what her boss told her to do.”

    This is the kind of logic we’re up against, folks.

  11. i found a large political discussion site called Political

    “This is the kind of logic we’re up against folks.” Some people there are so unhinged I wouldn’t feel safe living in the same town with them. Others would fit in here, even some of the liberals.

    In the face of all ilogic, we could still have a Democratic president next time.

  12. I’d love to see a graphic of Hillary giving that Russian dude the “reset button” with the caption “what difference at this point does it make?”

  13. Condi is bad, and indeed a “war criminal” that should be arrested, because she “lied” about Iraq and WMDs.

    Is that a fact? If memory serves, so did Sec. of State Hillary Rotten Clinton.

    But I guess that doesn’t count.

  14. And I am currently watching say with a straight face that the memo was not about Benghazi. Followed a smirk and a shrug when cornered on the language that could apply to Benghazi.

    As the WH shifts to defend the indefensible claim that it is the evil Republicans that politicized a tragedy — now conclusively put to rest — Rutherford pens a post pulled entirely from a no-longer-applicable propaganda source to validate the MSNBC narrative he repeated a year or so ago.

    Unbelievable. They’re still at it. Treading water until the subject changes and the uninitiated go back to their Dancing With The Stars.

    Rutherford, for the love of God, the CIA did not propose the video narrative. It came directly from the WH two years ago duuuuude. Your statement that “David Petraeus, beloved by conservatives and head of the CIA at the time, was instrumental in this spin on events” his absolutely and demonstrably false. Why are you repeating this bullshit?

  15. Do we really expect to get a real investigation from our government? Has that ever happened? We’ll just get more kabuki. Maybe someone will get scooter’d. No matter, it doesn’t leave a permanent mark. Pray for pyrotechnics!

  16. You did put out a man’s size meal, Rutherford. Your critics can’t deny your effort to serve, even if the table manners may be less than cordial. But not everyone shares the same tastes. It’s hard to satisfy the many. We are all especially spoiled in what we prefer.

  17. Tigre as long as you hang on to bullshit like “known within minutes” there’s not much hope of reaching you. The cause of the violence even if it did not take the form of protest was NOT immediately known, nor could it be. Reliable sources (sorry the NYT is a reliable source) say there were conflicting stories coming from the scene at the time.

    You cannot discuss this rationally if you won’t abandon the mythology, including mythology that defies your own common sense.

  18. “with its central theme debunked in the last two weeks. ”

    If you’re referring to the Rhodes memo you’re smoking the same dope as Lindsay Graham. The “new” Rhodes memo adds little new. As I stated in the review, been there, done that–Rhodes’ memos were already the object of scrutiny and Nuland’s memo is FAR more damning.

    The only thing dumber than Lindsay Graham is the White House stonewalling on this thing. Unlike you I don’t see a grand conspiracy. I see very childish behavior on the part of the admin.

  19. R, you don’t even seem to understand what the real issue is here. Focus.


    Question: Why?

    Answer: Silence.

    NYT reported false narrative extensively which has been blown up by the memo. And you say they got cred for the same proposition???

    Since you can’t be bothered:

    This ain’t hard Rutherford.

    Now for your lecturing, please show us where the CIA set out the false Youtube narrative since you say it was responsible.

    And we still don’t have everything — all while you insist there’s nothing to find as shit is being found.

    I’ll wait for your answers but expect that they’ll never come.

    Sorry I don’t like your post. You’re not being intellectually honest in your assessment. It bothers me that you work so hard to avoid admitting the obvious.

  20. “I won’t read the book.”

    A couple of you have said this and of course that is your prerogative. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the book because its whiny paranoid tone is irritating, even to me.

    BUT it does bother me if hidden beneath the statement is an implicit “I won’t read anything that contradicts Fox News”.

    Poolman is dead wrong to lump Media Matters with World Nut Daily. WND truly reminds me of the checkout aisle tabloids with aliens on the front page. Media Matters is not even Daily Kos which is often wretched.

    The part of the book which should be read by everyone is the end-notes section. I’ve never seen a book so meticulously tied to original source material. It would take me twice as long to read the end notes as it would to read the book.

    I wish Tigre was a blogger. I’d challenge him to write his own point by point “YAY/NAY” for this book instead of taking the easy way our with a summary “meh”.

  21. Huck you’ve done lost your mind. First hate to be crude but Ambassador Stevens is not Osama bin Laden. I am gobsmacked that you keep making the comparison. It makes no damn sense.

    Second the CIA has a history of independent operation. I get the impression more often than not the CIA trumps the POTUS.

    Third if the President had come out and said “we were attacked by terrorists and we are going to beef up our embassy security” he still would have kicked Romney’s ass. He did not get reelected because the country thought he was an FP genius. He beat a weak opponent. I don’t know why you can’t get that through your head.

    So your entire premise that he lied to get reelected is built on a base of sand.

    It’s just fucking stupid.

    Argue that Hillary’s ass was being protected and then we can have a reasonable conversation.

  22. What’s wrong with my choices? I like my shakes on the nutty side.

    The point was I try to take it all in and add discernment. I’m seeking truth. I have found good and bad, mild and extreme in many places. You can’t assign it degrees of nuttiness. You have your tastes, I have mine. The difference is I have been willing to try it all.

  23. James there is no “could” about it. If Hillary wants the job she will get it. If you find a united black voting block distasteful just think about a united female voting block. Even some conservative women will hold their nose and pull the lever for Hill.

    BUT and it’s a big but … if neither Clinton nor Warren runs the next President will indeed be a Republican.

  24. “I wish Tigre was a blogger. I’d challenge him to write his own point by point “YAY/NAY” for this book instead of taking the easy way our with a summary “meh”.”

    I wish, as a blogger that claims rational perspective, will back it up.

    Still waiting for an answer Rutherford.

  25. 29 Rutherford, there is always a “could”

    Nothing is absolute until it happens. You and I could both be alive this time tomorrow. We probably will be, but the chances are not 100%. Therefore, I stick to “could.”

    Blacks and unmarried young women, who tend to vote Democratic also don’t vote in off year elections in the numbers of some other groups.

  26. Tigre in the prior thread I asked if we agree the Cairo protest was based on the video. That is KEY. Benghazi occurred in the shadow of that event so assuming a relationship is a no-brainer.

    Who can tell you that the CIA took part in scrubbing the talking points so you’ll accept it. I get that’s it’s not me and not Media Matters, but who? It’s a fundamental piece of the story.

    It’s as though you deny the moon landing on the premise there is no moon.

    This is why the country is at a standstill. There are no FACTS anymore.

  27. Poolman is dead wrong to lump Media Matters with World Nut Daily. WND truly reminds me of the checkout aisle tabloids with aliens on the front page. Media Matters is not even Daily Kos which is often wretched.

    What’s worse and far more dangerous? The National Enquirer? Or Communist Pravda?

    See, it’s comments like this that demonstrate to me our blog host is not really interested in seeking real answers which I refer to in Comment #1. Media Matters is rank propaganda, mendacity and spin published for Useful Idiots, financed by a convicted felon, JudenRat and multi billionaire puppet master of leftist causes – George Soros.

    Rutherford calls WND World Nut Daily, but fails to notice MM’s founder has been diagnosed with a real mental illness, unstable and erratic to say the least.

    All I need to say about Media Matters and its weirdness:

    David Brock.

  28. #34 Rutherford….
    The thing is and I pointed this out in the other thread: technically the Cairo protest was not based on the video.
    As for non brainer assumptions in Benghazi,again this is incorrect. There were numerous incidents leading up to the attack.

  29. R, you haven’t read the memo that was released or the various iterations of the talking points drafted by the WH, have you? You couldn’t have because what you just said is blindingly ignorant.

    Read up, then offer something that makes sense.

  30. “And we still don’t have everything — all while you insist there’s nothing to find as shit is being found.”

    And you know what? If I hired a lawyer to get that Rhodes memo released I’d want my money back!!!

    There is NOTHING new there. We already KNOW that a string of WH memos revolved around how to spin this to avoid premature finger pointing. I do not understand what is the big fucking revelation? You say the memo makes the book obsolete. The book quotes a nearly identical memo by Rhodes.

    I swear I don’t get it.

    I want to hire a lawyer to subpoena tapes that show Obama saying “we got to tamp down this Benghazi shit. I’ve got an election to win.”

    Now THAT is worth paying a lawyer for.

  31. Yes, you kept your promise, Rutherford. Thanks again. You also put in some time and effort.

    Huck is right.

    If the administration lied, it was mainly to protect the president. It doesn’t make sense otherwise. Obama could have abandoned Hillary and cast the blame on her. If the CIA and other agencies don’t communicate well, it is the president’s fault as commander- in chief. Lack of communication between vital agencies endangers us at worst and wastes money at best.

    I’m not sure Romney wouldn’t have squeaked out a win if the administration and press hadn’t covered it up. People don’t like being lied to. The lie about keeping one’s doctor would have defeated Obama in November, 2012. This one could have if the lies and deaths were connected. Romney’s campaign wasn’t up to the task.

    Some Democrats said the administration doubted whether or not Obama would win, and they explained some ObamaCare delays as slower effort because of a possible electorial loss.

    Had Obama been Romney with Obama’s staff, he would have become our first Republican president in years.

  32. LOL Poolman you are indeed willing to sample the full buffet which does endear you to me although it makes you pariah among some of the others.

  33. “Blacks and unmarried young women, who tend to vote Democratic also don’t vote in off year elections in the numbers of some other groups.”

    This is true. Maybe I misunderstood you. I thought you were talking about the next POTUS election.

  34. LOL Tex if you really believe I read a Media Matters book expecting objectivity you do me a disservice. I deliberately set out to separate the book into two parts: factual narrative and emotional bullshit.

    Example: the chapter on Issa’s committee was almost worthless, focused almost entirely on character attacks on Issa and Chafetts. I DO think Issa is a first class asshole but that is irrelevant to the conversation.

  35. Alfie I’m not saying the Benghazi attack was a complete surprise. In fact I will readily agree it was a major intelligence failure (as was 9/11).

    What bothers me is the rights need to make scandal out of it. When we were attacked on 9/11 for a short time we were all united behind Bush. Romney busted Obama’s balls before the blood was dry.

    It ain’t right and you know it.

  36. From Benjamin Rhodes

    goals were “To convey that the United States is doing everything that we can to protect our people and facilities abroad.

    To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.

    To show that we will be resolute in bringing people who harm Americans to justice, and standing steadfast through these protests.

    To reinforce the President and Administration’s strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges

    Since we began to see protests in response to this Internet vidwo, teh President has directed the Administration to tak a number of steps. His priority has been teh safety and security of all Americans serving abroad.”

    Other newly released documents described the incident as an attack and possible kidnapping attempt.

    Its possible to imagine that the author of the e mail honestly believed a video caused the attack, but contrary evidence was already present.
    That leads to other questions.

    Hillary was right when she asked what difference it makes now. Many liberals are too blind to see or understand.

  37. Sorry about that Rutherford. I was writing about the Congressional election. The presidential election is too far away.

  38. As I was reading a piece over at Hot Air just now, I noticed the author used the term “nothingburger”. Yes, it was a Benghazi piece.

    I thought there was no way that Erika Johnsen and Rutherford Lawson were the same person…so I Googled “Benghazi nothingburger”

    Take a look at what I found.

    This is fucking laughable. Rutherford, are you so god damn lazy that you can’t even think up your own discounting snark anymore? What, they don’t have an app for that? What the hell, man?

    It might look like a little thing…but this really shows me to what extent Rutherford is just a cog in the machine. You’re not a political free thinker, dude. I am actually sad to wonder if you are even truly capable of it.

    I’m very disappointed right now…

  39. “BUT it does bother me if hidden beneath the statement is an implicit “I won’t read anything that contradicts Fox News””

    When’s the last time you read anything that Fox News would agree with?

    You don’t hold the high ground when it comes to that stuff.

  40. Alfie I more carefully read your answer from prior thread. I gather you are saying re Cairo that the video was the fuse leading to an already packed explosive speaking metaphorically.

    I then repeat, if the video was the simplistic cause in Cairo (and the one making headlines) why would it be illogical to apply that cause to the real time events in Benghazi especially if our intelligence there was faulty and the timing was what it was.

    I still don’t buy this notion we knew “within minutes” it was a planned terrorist attack.

  41. “To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video and not a broader failure of policy.”

    This just makes explicit what was already in evidence in the email chain from a year ago.

    Again lawyer, I want my money back. Get me something new and truly damning or give it a cycling rest.

    LOL iOS autocorrected fucking and I liked it so much I’m leaving it in.

  42. “Huck you’ve done lost your mind. First hate to be crude but Ambassador Stevens is not Osama bin Laden. I am gobsmacked that you keep making the comparison. It makes no damn sense.”

    Rutherford, are you aware that a diplomatic outpost is essentially American soil? The American flag flies high overhead. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you…I don’t know.

    I cannot even believe this shit. 4 dead Americans?…’s not like any of them are a washed up terrorist hiding out watching movies. I mean…he couldn’t make a slogan out of “Detroit is alive and Chris Stevens is dead” now, could he?

    There you have it, folks. Fuck Chris Stevens. He wasn’t Bin Laden. He wasn’t worthy of Obama’s full attention. Barry had better things to do…like raise money for his election and prep for a debate. I guess we’re just lucky he didn’t call Bill Clinton in to monitor the situation for him.

    “the CIA has a history of independent operation.”

    Independent operation is not the same as the President of the United States sending his diplomats to parrot (supposedly) their talking points…and then parroting those same points himself. Independent operation is doing whatever and not telling the president anything about it.

    “if the President had come out and said “we were attacked by terrorists and we are going to beef up our embassy security” he still would have kicked Romney’s ass.”

    And I’ve never disputed that, so can can (not to be mistaken for can-can) your “get that through your head” bullshit.

    Base of sand, huh? Tell us, then, Rutherford…why wouldn’t he admit during the debate that he never called it a terrorist attack? You’ve admitted above that he didn’t. Why didn’t he? I mean…it was not a big deal, right? He knew he was going to kick Romney’s ass anyway, right? So what was the big deal? Why did he need I-ate-too-much-Candy Crowley come bail his lying ass out?

  43. LOLOLOLOLOL Huck let me get this straight? You disdain me because I don’t make up original catchphrases?

    Ok I didn’t google this but here’s a try. The Benghazi scandal is an air sandwich. 😆

    By the way the reason I don’t write fiction is I don’t have a creative bone in my body.

    And finding out ANY of my ideas are not original doesn’t shock me.

  44. “This is why the country is at a standstill.”

    No, the country still works. The House investigations have not done anything to stop Harry Reid from keeping bills from the floor, from “filling the tree” so that no opposing resolutions can be made to proposed legislation, or from mentioning the Koch Brothers every time he opens his mouth.

  45. “When we were attacked on 9/11 for a short time we were all united behind Bush. Romney busted Obama’s balls before the blood was dry.”

    That wasn’t an election year.

    Please don’t insult any of us by even hinting that Barack Obama would not have slammed George Bush on 9/12/2000 had it happened a year earlier and they were running against each other.

  46. “Don’t wast your breath
    don’t waste my time
    If I hear one more excuse
    I’ll lose my mind
    Its been a quiet war
    behind closed doors
    Ain’t it getting hard
    to keep your balance
    any more…
    You deal in black and white
    and everything in between
    You were blessed with such finess
    I almost know what you mean
    Now, I could close my eyes
    pretend to let it pass
    but you live on borrowed time
    and it would never last

    And how dose it feel
    with the whole world watching
    Do you feel like
    you’re gonna fall
    And why did you try
    when you knew you were losing
    just one mistake,
    and you’ll lose it all

    Walking on a wire
    higher and higher
    you told the truth
    but you’re still a liar.”

    Lowen and Narvarro

    RIP Eric Lowen

  47. “Rutherford, are you aware that a diplomatic outpost is essentially American soil? The American flag flies high overhead. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you…I don’t know.”

    Oh please come off your high horse. Please tell me when a previous breach of an embassy or attack on an embassy brought the POTUS to the Sit room.

    This was not even your typical terrorist attack. Not hit and run/explode like most. How do you know Obama or Clinton even knew Stevens was in the building?

    Get a grip.

  48. Don’t waste your breath
    don’t waste my time
    I want a new lawyer
    Or I want a new dime.

    Stevens was no Bin Laden
    Yes, its sad but true
    I might not even blink
    if this had happened to you.

    You deal in black and white
    and leave nothing in between
    Your nothingburgers have no cheese
    and the meat is sadly lean

    Now, I could close my eyes
    pretend to let it pass
    but if you think Obama lied
    you’re talking out your ass

    And how dose it feel
    with the whole world watching
    and one badass man
    to make the call

    You should just be glad
    he was even there
    instead of out
    playing basketball

    Walking on a wire
    higher and higher
    Obama told the truth
    now shut the fuck up

    I figured I would help Rutherford out, since he has no creativity, and all….

  49. Rutherford I think the timelines is Libya speak volumes to what State knew. You might of noticed I’m not harping on Obama on this. I am all about State and I think I have really good reasons and evidence backing me.
    FWIW I actually share your view that a POTUS delegates and requires feedback from those under him. Its an area I have been consistent on since before 9/11 a time when some on your side were just as nutty.
    With that put forth I think people were aware of relative up to the minute details of Benghazi that night and next day. I think there were a lot of failure to connect certain dots and stuff fell between certain cracks too. The testimonies from various players shows this.
    I think a place where the pro-O’s get it seriously wrong is believing people (Stevens & Co. Tripoli,Washington) failed to see 9/11 annie+preceding Benghazi climate =”oh shit this isn’t a spontaneous action” when it started.

  50. “Please tell me when a previous breach of an embassy or attack on an embassy brought the POTUS to the Sit room.”

    Please tell us when it didn’t. I know that you cannot. You are working from assumption to try and neutralize a fact.

    “How do you know Obama or Clinton even knew Stevens was in the building?”

    You’re aware other men died, too, right? Shall we assume Obama thought maybe the building was empty?

    But I suppose it doesn’t matter. Its not like they were Bin Laden. Excuse me while I get my grip.

  51. Rutherford, we know that he was not in the Situation Room for the entire attack.

    Now if you want to sit there and pretend like it’s no big deal to personally monitor the situation while it was in its infancy…fine.

    But how about when the shit was going down heavily? When calls for help were being put out by men under fire? When it was beyond obvious that–regardless of why–our embassy was being attacked with concentrated fire from light and heavy weapons…not fucking rocks like “previous attacks” on our embassies.

  52. “I never said HE wasn’t convinced that he had.”

    OMG silly me! How could I have forgotten the “Obama was ignorant” excuse? I mean, the man stood there on national television, all but calling Mitt Romney a liar…but it wasn’t because he was lying. Oh no. It was because he simply thought he said something else.

  53. LOL Tex if you really believe I read a Media Matters book expecting objectivity you do me a disservice. I deliberately set out to separate the book into two parts: factual narrative and emotional bullshit

    What factual narrative? That was parroting a wish list of wants by an institution led by a partisan hack recently diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.

    Rutherford, I know anything short of MSNBC, Slate and PuffHO is suspect to you, sorry about the disservice, but no less than Charles Krauthammer, and you’re going to have a real hard time calling him a dupe being he’s graduate in medicine from you own beloved, just called the released email the 2nd coming of the Nixon tapes. You have just been busted even with the complicit media trying to minimize Obama’s role and apparently are not cognizant of this fact. We’ll see how this plays out because I feel like it is only in the beginning now that the real information is beginning to leak out. Barack Obama will survive only because America is gutless and he’s black, our legal system too frightened of civil unrest. But the black community won’t go unscathed as a consequence. The lack of trust and respect is already a growing menace.

    And you marginalizing an obvious coverup doesn’t separate that we know this goes all the way to the top, even practicing plausible deniability. There is no denial now that the White House was now directly involved in the lies and misleading innuendo, even if most of us knew it from the start.

    But remember – this is only one of three major scandals currently in the works, even ignoring the ongoing catastrophe called Obamacare and we can keep our doctors, the legal dispute of stepping on the 1st and 2nd Amendments, a failing economy, the continued precipitous drop of middle class wages once again, a growth rate of .1% in our 6th recovery summer, the reformation of Communist Russia before our eyes, the Middle East in crisis including now virtually ignoring the red line of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Pakistan….ad infinitum.

    Perhaps America has grown numb to criminality of this administration, but most of here have not. You better hope Obama is busted back for this, even if it pains you greatly. If not, one day you will find yourself on the outside looking in when the opposing party begins to administer the rules as it sees fit. And that is going to happen, sooner or later. If you want Watergate to become the norm, so be it, but your party won’t escape the consequences.

    If not, in ignoring established rules you are guaranteeing a disintegration of this country and being bit really hard sometime in the future. What goes around, comes around. You ought to know that.

  54. I think there are some misplaced anger issues in evidence here tonight. 🙂
    When the US Embassy in Serbia was attacked in 2008 Bush was not in the loop. Early reports of a body did not identify nationality. The response was left entirely to the local authorities.
    I don’t see where Obama in the basement assured anything better occurring on that September evening.

  55. Entirely off subject, hope you’ll grant leniency “R” (a given, but with the hag Flake frequenting the board once again, everything is subject to her authoritarian nagging). 😈

    Anyone here used Craigslist to sell something? If so, is it an utter waste of time?

    This is a brand new item I decided to sell for 1/2 of what I paid for it, but I’m not asking much. $75.00 asking price still in the box that I didn’t use when I upgraded by plumbing.

    And $75.00 is not worth the hassle of haggling with idiots. I kind of did it more out of curiosity – and should have asked around before doing so.

  56. I sell/have sold plenty on Craigslist. There’s a finesse in getting stuff to move, and knowing how and when to post. It takes practice. There is also a way to weed out most of the worthless callers.

  57. Poolman,

    I thought my plumber was blowing smoke telling me to keep this 6 year old water tank and sell it on Craigslist. I thought he was too lazy to haul both tanks off. The other was over 20 years old. The one I kept still looks new as it sat inside my house in a closet.

    Sure enough, I looked it up and there are plenty of six year old tanks (and older) out there for sale. I’m shocked anyone would buy a used water tank…some of these you can get new for $400.00 and people were asking $150.00 for them.

  58. A 6 year old water heater still has most of its life in front of it. And you just drained it. That’s more than most get in a life.

    Sell it for $80 CASH ONLY. You have to think ATM mentality. Take the 5 off when they show up and ask, but only if they ask. They’re gonna buy it if they show up, but they what to feel good about it.

    Take and post at least 1 good digital where it doesn’t look like its been sitting in a shed or has a lean to it. (may take a dusting or sponging) Close-up label pictures also go nice. People like nice pictures. No sideways ones though.

    Post it at 7am in general sales and have a specific time range you’ll receive calls. Depending on how big an area your craigslist covers it is sometimes good to give major cross streets.

  59. “There is NOTHING new there. We already KNOW that a string of WH memos revolved around how to spin this to avoid premature finger pointing. I do not understand what is the big fucking revelation? You say the memo makes the book obsolete. The book quotes a nearly identical memo by Rhodes.”

    I can’t possibly be this dumb. Just incredible.

    If this was “all known” (and of course unimportant in your eyes), why was Carney claiming that the memo didn’t relate to Benghazi? This was days ago.

    Why did the administration deny that it inserted the talking point and that it came from the CIA, just as you repeated?

    You don’t see that the memo refutes that. Straight up lied to. Again, the book did not quote a “nearly identical memo” from Rhodes because the source of the talking points denied by Mr. Transparent.

    You ignorantly saying that it was already set while and a nothing burger while the WH continues to say it isn’t what you claim was “already known” is just fucking bizarre Rutherford.

    What’s the matter with you? There’s no common sense and no willingness for you to reason through any of this. I post a video proving the opposite. I know you didn’t bother to watch it. You have no interest in the truth just defending Obama. Because the pursuit of validation for its own sake is the antithesis of introspection, I told in a prior post you were incapable of it. The latest is more proof.

    So for the fourth time:

    1. Show us where is the CIA delivered the Youtude spontaneous act of violence narrative. You’ve said. The WH said it. It continues to say it, even on the Sunday programs this morning. You read the book [snicker]. Back it up. We’ve said the memo proves the narrative was fabricated by the WH and was a lie because of the source of the revisions not the substance. You say that’s not true. So explain the memo.

    2. Why wasn’t the memo of no substance released before from this transparent administration?

    2. WHY did and does the WH misrepresent the facts you claim are benign?

    Here’s a revelation. Fingers get pointed whenever you fuck everything up and lie about it. Who knew the Nixon tapes didn’t matter because there “might be finger pointing.” Avoiding finger pointing by lying rather than addressing it is an indictment not a fucking defense.

    How such a crisis with US diplomats was handled and the statements and response to the American public for what occurred is so fundamental to the leadership demanded of the office there is no such thing as a fucking “nothing burger.” It’s sad that you are so invested in Obama you can’t see this.

    But please go ahead. I’m still waiting.

  60. I read that Sarah Palin’s teleprompter briefly failed during her vice presidential acceptance speech. She did falter near the middle but continued on. Obama stumbles whenever his teleprompter fails, and sometimes even when it works. Impromptu speaking is not his forte.

    Betsy’s Page links to an article on How Smart is Obama? Impromptu speaking is one indicator of intelligence. So is judgement. Sarah Palin has been right on major issues more often Obama. Therefore, one can make the case that Palin is smarter than Obama. I am writing this because Rutherford hates Palin, not as a serious argument.

    Other links to Betsy’s site discuss the economy which is much worse than it is portrayed. Obama’s policies have driven millions of people from the work force and given others lower quality jobs than they could have found during Bush or Clinton’s administrations. I believe one of those folks is Rutherford. Unless he likes his job well enough to keep it, he is being denied a better job by the Obama economic policies.

    I agree with Alfie, that much of the blame should fall on Hillary though the president is ultimately responsible. She was the straw boss who implemented the details of Obama’s visions. But our affirmative action president is so detached it is difficult to know what he actually does or plans.

    Our nothingburger president certainly is good at expressing false outrage whenever one of his plans runs into trouble. He is never at fault.

    Rutherford, you and others might as well be eating cookies laced with rat poison.

  61. I’ve taken the time to read both the post as well as the comments to this point. Several comments by R have really jumped out at me. First is the complete lack of perspective by Rutherford. The last Ambassador killed in the line of duty, if you will, was in 1979. Again, 1979. That alone makes this a pretty big fucking deal. For you to say that the POTUS shouldn’t get his panties riled up at every Embassy/Consulate crisis is pretty naive. The ramifications of Embassy threats are far reaching, and have tremendous impact on foreign policy, both bilaterally as well as regionally. So, to say that a security threat wasn’t a big deal because it was a consulate, therefore not requiring direct POTUS engagement, demonstrates a lack of perspective and understanding that almost precludes you from talking about this: you’ve no clue.

    Secondly, while you might not think that a single attack on a U.S. diplomatic facility on the ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11 such a big deal, I wonder then how you feel about attacks at TWO U.S. DIPLOMATIC FACILITIES ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11. Once people start breaching the security perimeter of an Embassy, it is no longer a protest, it’s an attack. Don’t believe me, ask one of the 52 American’s held hostage in Iran for 444 days. So, don’t you think that maybe that warrants some attention? Again, this was on 9/11, so shouldn’t EVERY Embassy be a little extra vigilant? Shouldn’t POTUS, on the anniversary of the most devastating terror attack in world history, be a little extra sensitive to attacks on an Embassy and Consulate?

    Thirdly, you base ALL of this on the presumption that Benghazi started as a protest, but that is not the case:

    The guard, interviewed Thursday in the hospital where he is being treated for five shrapnel wounds in one leg and two bullet wounds in the other, said that the consulate area was quiet – “there wasn’t a single ant outside,” he said – until about 9:35 p.m., when as many as 125 armed men descended on the compound from all directions.

    The men lobbed grenades into the compound, wounding the guard and knocking him to the ground, then stormed through the facility’s main gate, shouting “God is great” and moving to one of the many villas that make up the consulate compound. He said there had been no warning that an attack was imminent.

    From the same report:

    The guard’s tale is consistent with a version offered Wednesday by the man who had leased the compound to the United States.

    Standing outside the fire-gutted compound, Mohammad al Bishari said the attack began with assailants carrying assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and the black flag of Ansar al Shariah moving from two directions against the compound.

    There were no protests in Benghazi. THERE WERE NO PROTESTS IN BENGHAZI. Read this R.

    I have read multiple reports on this, and it was very clear from the start that this was a terrorist attack. What protester just randomly happens to have RPGs? Assault rifles? Mortars? Ansar al-Shariah maneuvered into tactical blocking positions around the compound to prevent QRF (Quick Reaction Force) from assisting, not that any was coming. This attack had been planned for months, that is blatantly clear from the size of the force, to the weapon systems used, to the tactics employed. These things do not just materialize, they take planning, they take logistics, they take leadership.

    Finally, your timeline is fucked up. The Cairo protests were during the day. The Benghazi attack began at ~9:45 PM, and the State Department reported to the CIA, DoD, and FBI at 12:07AM (just after midnight for those with an Ivy league education) that Ansar al-Shariah was responsible for the attack. Ben Rhodes sends his email on the talking points on September 14th at 8:09 PM. Because I know you’re a Harvard math whiz, and a lib to boot, that’s 68 hours AFTER the State Department said it was Ansar al-Shariah that was responsible for the attack.

    68 Hours later.

    Frankly, this post would have been infinitely better had you taken the time to simply research the event yourself, instead of allowing a biased polemic spoon feed you. And I’m sorry, a shit ton of end notes mean jack shit, because if the sources referenced are crap, or if they’re taken out of context in their application or analysis to boot (which a biased partisan polemic is going to do), then they mean nothing.

    ET has asked you an important question. I wish you’d quick dissembling and just answer the damn question.

  62. I don’t think Rutherford can answer the question. Neither could Hillary or Barrak.

    Barry staged a dramatic scenario when bin Ladin was killed. The photos showed stoney faced officials watching as the deed was supposedly done.

    He was so involved that Osama would not have been killed had not Obama so bravely planned the operation to the last detail. That Obama killed Osama was part of the narrative proving that Barak was the man. He did what Bush couldn’t do.

    Thanks to gorrilla who took the time to do the research and provided a narration damning to Rutherford’s partial defense of the administration line, he doesn’t have much left.

    Our territory was attacked, and four men died. Others were wounded. Obama couldn’t be bothered to enter the Situation Room, and we still don’t know where he was. For someone who was so involved with the murder of Ossama bin ladin, Obama was strangely detached. Why didn’t he care enough to at least check in as he supposedly did when Osama met his end? Weren’t our Americans important?

    Why was there such a difference? Why didn’t Obama care about one situation and not the other?

    Is it possible that Obama was merely a figurehead when he supposedly bravely planned Osama’s murder? Might it all have been a sham to make the nothingburger look like a president?

    That’s another question which deserves an answer, but I won’t hold my breath.

  63. Sorry to hear about your pup, Huck. Had to put down my two loves in 2008 and 2009, 13 years old – and you read like me; a dog lover. Tragically lost a dog in 2010. Three in less than 20 months was almost more than I could bear. Not a day goes by I don’t think about all three of them.

    If you have never been in attendance when a pet is euthanized and you choose to go that route, it is very peaceful and I would highly recommend you be there so that your eyes are the last s(he) sees. You won’t regret it, even if you think you can’t stomach it. They go to sleep, maybe a few coughs, usually very cheap to perform as the Vets generally take pity with the owner. We choose to have ours cremated and I brought home the ashes for each which I haven’t been able to part with. But that’s not necessary.

    I decided when I am sure my own time is near, I will scatter their ashes in their favorite places, with the hope they will meet me first. Dogs truly are our best friends.

  64. Rutherford, I believe Gorilla has you at a disadvantage.

    Being he has a few avenues you and I don’t, wouldn’t it make more sense to listen to somebody with access to intelligence instead of schizophrenic hack whose sole purpose is to get more Leftists elected?

    Or are you so insecure to perhaps discover something of truth to the accusation that Barack Obama is a vicious, spiteful liar, no different than Richard Nixon? After all, Watergate was nothing but a 3rd rate burglary and nobody died – it’s purpose to take advantage in an election and deceive.

    Sorry, but I believe the Benghazi coverup a much, much bigger deal and that brought down an entire administration.

    Perhaps it is time for Barack Obama, if it is discovered he lied about Benghazi willfully, to step aside for the good of the country like Richard Nixon once did.

    Problem for Leftists is, I don’t think your party has enough coot or tact to do so.

  65. I think that years of positive reinforcement has changed the individuals that make up the collective “left” for so long they are past the point of return.

    Look at what 50 students and a few faculty out of a 45,000-strong student body (probably half of which do not agree with the protests) were able to do re: Condie Rice. Once again the miscreants were rewarded for bad behavior. They got their way, their wayward thinking absent of a moral compass netted them the results they wanted.

    Years and years of that from cradle – some of them – to adulthood – learned to think the way they do because to do so was rewarded and reinforced over and over again.

  66. Muffy, I’d have paid to watch you navigate the liberal hordes at Brown. It must have been a carnival.

  67. The leftist pattern is the same every time.

    First, it didn’t happen.

    Second, it’s a right wing conspiracy.

    Third, it doesn’t matter.

    Rinse, repeat.

    Real shocker that R claims to dispute some of the premise accepts The Benghazi Hoax premise wholesale.

    Yep. It was all a hoax. Then the memo. Now it doesn’t matter.

    Rutherford’s analysis is a nothing burger.

  68. “dispute some of the inconsequential aspects as too biased, accepts The Benghazi Hoax central premise wholesale.”

  69. First, it didn’t happen.

    Second, it’s a right wing conspiracy.

    Third, it doesn’t matter and it’s racist and/or misogynistic!!!.

    Don’t forget the prism of race and the war on women theme. 😉

  70. New marching orders have obviously been sent out. Just yesterday Rutherford blasts Romney for politicising the attack just hours after it happened…and today Jay Carney blasts Romney for for politicising the attack just hours after it happened.

    I’m guessing that wasn’t just some flash of creativity…

    Even though, in the end, Romney was proven right….just like he was about what Obama had to say about it in the Rose Garden.

    “It’s important for you to make sure that the statements that you make are backed up by the facts.”

    In fact, the only part Mitt got wrong what that the WH statement re: the attack in Cairo was a “miscalculation.” and we now know that it was quite calculated. The fact that the WH later disavowed its own statement actually proved Mitt to be 100% correct…it doesn’t take away from his statement, it reinforces it.

    He essentially said to get your shit together before you release a statement…and the administration obviously didn’t do that…or it wouldn’t have had to change its statement.

  71. In the last 1.5 years since the election how many statements has the Obama Administration had to walk back?

    -None of the attacks were about a video.

    -You can’t keep your doctor

    -You can’t keep your policy

    -Enforcement of the new law for individuals begins _____ .

    -Enforcement of the new law for businesses begins _____ .

    -The use of chemical weapons is a red line

    That’s working out to about 1 walkback per 3 months. And I know there are more.

  72. Rutherford,

    You still think MSNBC is the Cat’s Meow, dude? Get a load of this crap:

    ¡Ay caramba! Imagine the cries of offensive ethnic stereotyping or worse if Fox News had observed Cinco de Mayo by having one of its yanqui persons of pallor staggering across the set in a sombrero while chugging from a pint bottle of tequila? But it happened on MSNBC, so the PC police probably won’t make a peep.

    Then we’ve got that insufferable twist Mika Brzezinski shooting off this Tweet… :Lol: 😆 I guess Michelle Antoinette and Hillary Rotten aren’t the only Divas in your party, hey?

    This is your news, baby!!!! 😈

  73. Hot Air tells us that (John Sexton of Breitbart) that David Rhodes president of CBS News said”Our government thinks that you know, there’s a really good chance this was not a spontaneous mob reaction to what some thought was an offensive film, but actually a coordinated effort timed to the 9/11 anniversary.”

    Two days later, his brother David who works for Obama, sent out an e mail urging Susan Rice to emphasize that the cause was a video, What happened to change the story?

  74. On a completely unrelated note I see where the questionable ” studies” are revving up re ACA access vs death rates. MA has seen a third study the previous two didn’t survive the smell tests. This one seems questionable as well purposely skewing the demos to get the answer they want.
    This will go national soon

  75. Correspondents’ Dinner, Joel McHale:

    “To prepare for tonight, I have been watching a lot of cable news. I am a big fan of that lesbian on MSNBC – Chris Hayes, he’s great. Yeah, I agree. MSNBC is a confusing place! I mean, Al Sharpton is their skinny guy. And CNN is desperately searching for something they’ve been missing for months – their dignity. Totally. That was just that table. At this point, CNN is like the RadioShack in a strip mall. You don’t know how it stayed in business this long, you don’t know anyone who shops there, and they just fired Piers Morgan.”


  76. Tex I’ll be impressed by Krauthammer’s creds when you’re impressed by Rachel Maddow’s.

    I forget I’m talking to man that was blown away with Barack Obama’s creds once upon a time. 🙄 Was this the same genius Maddow that didn’t understand the concept of atmospheric pressure to justify to her sterling audience why we can’t drill in the arctic? I’ll bet you lapped that answer up.

    You know, Rutherford. When all the extraneous laid bare, you’ve got to be one of the most primitive dupes I’ve ever “met.” You must have been a betta fish in your formative years. Swimming around in the same glass bowl you’re entire life. And apparently the owner seldom changed the water…because when you’re not entirely sheltered staring at the Obama poster, you’re full of shit.

  77. Yeah, the same genius that overlooked the 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act that restricts crude oil exports in her hypothesis that increased U.S. production makes no difference because its dumped in the international market.

    Rutherford, of course, blissfully accepted Chaz’s bullshit without question, citing it as proof that everyone that called for greater drilling as a step towards greater energy independence as stupid. All while his hero Obama was laying claim to all of the drilling permits granted during his administration (virtually all of which were committed to by Bush). Rather than argue the merits, all we got from R was how whatever Chaz said must be right because he was soooo impressed with her credentials.

  78. Conspiracy is the word dejure re Benghazi now….

    I’ll note R has not directly discussed any of the direct points made to him thus far. Not new, of course, but worth pointing out for the umpteenth time…

  79. Documents reviewed by Fox News show there are differences between Benghazi emails released through the federal courts to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch and emails released to the House oversight committee as part of its investigation into the attacks.

    The discrepancies are fueling allegations the administration is holding back documents to Congress.

    “The key question is whether Congress now has all the documents,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, a member of the oversight committee, said. As for differences between the two sets of documents, Chaffetz alleged: “They are playing games. The classification and redactions are different. Why should Judicial Watch get more than Congress after issuing a subpoena?”

    The emails published by Judicial Watch last week, which showed additional White House involvement in shaping the public explanation of what happened, helped trigger the announcement Friday by House Speaker John Boehner of a select committee to investigate.

    Two of the emails, from Sept. 14, 2012, appear to be part of the deliberations in advance of then-U.N. ambassador Susan Rice’s Sunday show appearances were she linked an anti-Islam video to the Benghazi attacks. The emails released to Judicial Watch include the names of those who participated in the email chain.

    The same emails provided to the House committee do not include names.

    While the text and subject line are redacted in full for both Judicial Watch and Capitol Hill, there are unexplained differences in the classification. The emails, originally marked “unclassified,” were retroactively classified in February by the Department of State.

    The email released to Judicial Watch is now marked “SECRET,” and the same email released to the Oversight Committee is marked “Confidential.” Both are marked to “DECLASSIFY” on Sept. 13, 2037 — 25 years after the terrorist attack which killed four Americans.

    Fox News also reviewed an email from Sept. 12, 2012 from Rice to members of the U.S. team at the United Nations where Rice was U.S. ambassador at the time. This unclassified email, whose subject line and text are also redacted in full, was retroactively classified on April 16, 2014, one day before it was released. While the contents and subject line were redacted in both versions, the email released as a result of the federal lawsuit to Judicial Watch does include the names, while the other does not.

  80. Equating one political advocate with another without checking the veracity and accuracy of their past performance is illogical, Rutherford. I learned that in high school English class,

    A Rasmussen pol shows 51% believe Benghazi merits further study while 34% disagree. What do they know that you don’t?

    Dude…you’re harshing my mellow.

  81. They not only falsely blamed an anti-islam video for the death of 4 americans, the president and secretary of state railed against the video. Rather passionately at times.

    And now they hide behind tanning bed frat boys and sleazy spokesmen that lie without a smidgen of shame.

    They all deserve to lose their jobs including the president.

  82. Tigre, its funny to look back. It was basic training for miscreants and fools. I was very quiet and observant.

  83. I remember my first college love telling me about his wild weekend in DC that had culminated in him jumping up and down on Jesse Helms’ face on a sign on the steps of the capitol.

  84. “Tigre, its funny to look back. It was basic training for miscreants and fools. I was very quiet and observant.”

    One of my colleagues is an alum. He is the single most intelligent (and witty) people I know. I’m told it was about 2 weeks of immersion in the lib culture there that caused him to reevaluate and switch affiliation. He said it was putrid and he has since become such a staunch republican that I can hardly imagine him as a lib. But lo and behold, he showed me things that proved he was in fact one of them.

  85. p.s. since intelligent and witty describes you too, perhaps it’s a trait among the secret society of conservatives at Brown.

  86. Ah, yes, the time has arrived for Obama to unload another giant load of shit on global warming, climate change, climate disruption or whatever words offer the political spin he’s after.

    For the inclined, here’s a widely circulated piece that hits a lot pretty well:

    R, this non-MSNBC source is obviously not for you. You don’t even care to appear to be acquainted with the theories underlying the real issues — well other than make false claims about weather observed outside your windows in Ill and Ct that apparently eluded the national weather service or existed only in your yard. 🙄

  87. R, any plans to join the debate on Benghazi that you started? The silence is deafening but predictable.

  88. That climate change link is enlightening, but its authors need to move to a reeducation camp. Climate change deniers are un American or something,

    Even if humans caused all of the warming which has stalled, the only solution is to create more rich green people and their allies while impoverishing the rest of us. The poor in undeveloped countries will starve, We could recycle carbon by using the dead as fuel. Dead baby pilot projects have worked,

  89. Let’s post a reminder to what The Dude said…

    He admits that he altered talking points, he just (supposedly) can’t remember which ones.

    As mentioned in the first video, this guy is part of the White House. His admission that he altered ANY talking points flies in the face of the claim that all the alterations spawned from the CIA.

    Any naysayers have any comments about any of this? Or are we back to the presidential-sounding “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

  90. PM, you’re mistaking “look a squirrel!!!” distraction efforts with short attention span. Those who wish to keep us in the dark are seeking to talk about ANYTHING else. Those who wish to shed light are not going to let up.

  91. Yeah ET…lots of “I think” and “in my view” in place of facts. When we try and get facts to answer any of those questions…it’s a politicized witch-hunt, what difference does it make, and shut up, racists.

  92. Huck, who do you think wrote her talking points? Hmmmmm. Must be a republican conspiracy to make her look like dumb fool.


  93. I saw it somewhere perhaps Atlantic but the way to put this to bed is releasing the PDB. Courtesy W this is no longer unprecedented

  94. Those who wish to shed light are not going to let up.

    I’d like to share your optimism. Can you name an investigation by our government of our government that did actually get to the real truth and shed that unredacted light for all to see? It isn’t what it’s about. It is a show or a contest, maybe like a boxing match. Take this right punch. Take this right kick. Heads won’t roll in this match. This just pacifies the people that don’t chase the squirrels. It feeds their preconceived notions.

    If there was a true desire to shed light, we’d already know what it was all about. The first word I heard was a radical right wing plot to derail the election that went awry. There was a kidnapping of Stevens. Critical thinking makes that seem logical and since we know the video was not the catalyst and part of the cover story. The video and its origins aside, there was also the ongoing arms transfer out of Libya to Syria that Stevens was a big part of. Those were also nato agenda driven, as was arming the mujahideen in the 70’s.

  95. “Huck silly again. We have known for ages the talking points were crafted by committee. Not new news. Damn!”

    That’s interesting, because in your blog post you call it a “compelling fact” that the talking points “originated” at the CIA.

    “Moving from Susan Rice the person, to the actual points she made, Media Matters presents one compelling fact. The talking points tying Benghazi to Cairo and therefore to the explosive Internet video, originated not at the White House but at the CIA.”

    You then doubled down on that position, claiming I had lost my mind, and that the CIA has a long history of “independent operation”. (A point that I easily destroyed, even with my limited mental faculties). “Independent” does not suggest “committee”. It suggests the exact opposite.

    You bullshit is unraveling, my good friend.

  96. I’m glad you liked it, Rutherford. I enjoy lightening the mood sometimes,

    If you want a chuckle listen to

    “Well, I turned on my radio in the middle of the night
    And I heard things I need to know
    And I can see the light
    And I’ve also seen a ghost
    ’cause I’m listening to Coast to Coast,”

    UFO Phil “Listening to Coast to Coast”

  97. “Tigre notice a pattern. I comment less during the workweek than the weekend. Any idea why?”

    Yeah. You’re watching MSNBC.

    My questions and comments were posed on the weekend.

    I know how this goes.

  98. I will go out on a limb and say either you boys are beating a dead horse OR Poolman is right and this thing is ugly beyond your conspiracy theories.

    I have never liked this secret CIA outpost being in the mix nor Stephens rumored extracurricular activities. Maybe you guys will get more than you bargained for with the “truth”.

  99. More than you bargained for? How? How is that possible? That implies accountability, and who the fuck is going to be accountable?


    Death doesn’t even seem to impact severity anymore. An Ambassador and 3 other Americans are dead, and yet no one was fired; no one was investigated by the Administration; no one was held accountable.

    Just like this Veterans Affair debacle. Vets died waiting for care. The VA DELETED these guys off of lists to cover up the issue, and yet Shinseki has the full confidence of Obama in managing the VA. Carney said so just yesterday.

    It seems like we’re learning of gross incompetence on the part of the Regime on a regular basis, and yet, there has yet to be a single person that Obama has fired for their failings.

    More than you bargained for? I think America has gotten more than it bargained for…

    (And Yes, I’d take the Dumbass Biden right now, knowing that he’d have zero ability to do any more damage)

  100. Just can’t believe Bo Bo would lie out of self interest, despite all of the his other self interested lies.

    Cognitive dissonance at it’s finest.

    I think you should pick a story and stick with it. Either it didn’t happen, it doesn’t matter, or it was justified cover up that was idiotic and disprovable but well intentioned.

    None of those three are true, but at least you wouldn’t sound like such a buffoon not even having familiarity with the subject you just claim to have read a book about.

  101. Rutherford,

    Since when did a President clearly lying two weeks after the fact become a nothing burger?

    You do realize you’re shrugging off what was considered impeachable behavior 40 years ago as a big nothing – and that’s only what we know now?

    By the way, you said Robert Gates mentioned military intervention as crazed lunacy? I understand between the first two deaths and the last two deaths, seven hours passed. You mean to tell me with our current warfare machine, we can’t intervene by air a few hundred miles (at most) in seven hours?

    They left these people to die, Rutherford…frozen with confusion while contemplating how this would impact their political lives before the actual lives of others.

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are beyond contempt. They are despicable human beings, with a trail of destruction.

    I am ashamed of what has happened to this country when two reprehensible individuals like this are considered for leadership. This is what you are party to…

    I don’t want to hear anymore of your sanctimonious baloney about how Republicans don’t care about people. You once genuflected to a man without remorse, and still defend his indefensible behavior.

  102. “Death doesn’t even seem to impact severity anymore.”

    I wonder why.

    When Obama’s extreme voting record on abortion can be characterized as “pragmatic” – it doesn’t take long for death to lose its sting.

    Never forget who is listening. Listening and learning.

  103. 131, Rutherford, we want truth no matter how bad, and we want justice. Obama and the Democrats have given us neither,

    “Never forget who is listening. Listening and learning.” Harry Chapen “Cat’s in the Cradle.” “and it suddenly occurred to me. My boy had grown up just like me.” They young may some day make a rational decision to let the old and sick die to save the economy,

  104. I can’t wait for Rutherford to explain the necessity of ineptly lying about the cause of the attacks to protect covert operations on this one. Link it up. Saying we don’t know was off the table because????

  105. When you have been caught lying so often, you have forfeited your right to automatic acceptance of your words. Every form of verification, including Benghazi hearings is legitimate.

    Political interviewed reporters who cover the White House. They agreed the administration is one of the most difficult and dishonest in their experience. And yet they sacrifice their integrity for ideology or inability to think critically.

    We had rats on our site, and we kept cats to eat them. One named Peanuts always came when someone cried “kitty kitty.” Each time they kicked her into the side of one of the quansite huts where she lived, She never learned.

    Peanuts had a dark history, and she was as close to insane as a cat could be. But she behaved as the reporters and folks like Rutherford do. What is your excuse? Do you folks like the sound of “kitty kitty?”

  106. I suppose we are to discount Obama’s current pattern of lying too?

    We could keep our doctors, our healthcare wouldn’t change, not a smidgeon of IRS abuse, transparent government with accompanying website, will halve the deficit, prosecute Wall Street criminals (not a one), promising he would have no lobbyists, ad infinitum.

  107. In the interest of the cat lady, lets stay on topic:

    House Democrats are threatening not to participate in a special select committee on Benghazi, accusing Republicans of making an “unfair” framework for the panel that underscores its partisanship.

    “This is nothing more than a kangaroo court in the making,”Democratic Caucus Chairman Xavier Becerra told reporters Wednesday. “They have not explained to us on the Republican side what’s so important to do this over and over again.”

    Top Democrats told GOP leaders in a letter last night that they reject the proposed makeup of seven Republicans and five Democrats on the panel, as well as its granting of subpoena authority only to chairman Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy.

    Other Democrats went even further, saying flatly that they should ignore the panel entirely.

    “I would be dead-set against it,” top Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina said of a committee that didn’t have equal representation of Republicans and Democrats. “I’m not bringing a noose to my hanging.”

    That’s right boys and girls, Clyburn just called the special select committee on Benghazi a lynching…

  108. 300 hundred little girls kidnapped by Islamic stink beards. Check out what Kerry said today:

    “I will tell you, my friends, I have seen this scourge of terror across the planet, and so have you,” he continued. “They don’t offer anything except violence. They don’t offer a health care plan, they don’t offer schools. They don’t tell you how to build a nation, they don’t talk about how they will provide jobs. They just tell people, ‘You have to behave the way we tell you to,’ and they will punish you if you don’t. SEC OF STATE JOHN KERRY

  109. They don’t offer anything except violence. They don’t offer a workable health care plan, they don’t offer successful schools. They don’t tell you how to build a nation, they don’t talk about how they will provide jobs. They just tell people, ‘You have to behave the way we tell you to,’ and they will punish you and call you racist if you don’t.

    Democratic Party Platform? But they will get you free Bomba Phone for a vote or two.

  110. I was thinking my Smiley Hitler had run its course. But after reading this, I think I’ll keep it a few more weeks:

    Professor Teaching Class on “Obama Phenomenon” Threatened to Kill Ted Cruz Supporting Students

    Excerpt: Alice Gilbert can vividly recall her first day of class last fall in a black studies course called “The Obama Phenomenon” offered by Professor Otis Madison at UC Santa Barbara.

    That’s because before his introductory lecture was over, the scholar “warned Ted Cruz-supporting ‘teabaggers’ to get the hell out of his classroom before he sent them home to their mother in a body bag,” Gilbert said in an email interview with The College Fix.

  111. @ deadrabbit the math is actually: 220 girls kidnapped (and who knows what has been done to them-really!) and 300 people killed in a recent attack. Boko Harum is bound for something big.
    Other distractions brewing include the Obama Admionistration backing a draft resolution that is to go shopping via France @ the UN concerning ICC trials and Syria.

  112. G he said hanging not lynching. Only you would have to make it racial. If he were white you wouldn’t have drawn that conclusion. Playing the race card again G nice.

  113. LOL Shame G posted that Cliburn quote cos I was gonna say with the lead “prosecutor” named Trey Gowdy “yeeeehaaaa” it’s no wonder Cliburn was envisioning a hanging.

    Yes I was gonna go there AS A JOKE. Unfortunately G went there seriously.

  114. My only regret is not writing this piece earlier. It’s so good to see you boys and girls blood boiling again. Damn, your melodrama beats any fiction I could be reading.

  115. By the way Rabbit are you suggesting those kidnapped girls would fare as poorly in this country? If not then WTF was wrong with what Kerry said?

  116. R, you truly are fucking mental midget. No, when Clyburn talks about a hanging, he’s talking about a lynching. How do I know? How about the constant race card he throws every fucking day.

    But nice to see you once again completely avoid any comment of substance. What’s the matter, MSDNC still not tell you how to reconcile the blatant inconsistencies of the Regime? Or is it SQUIRREL!!! time again as you hope and pray for a new shiny object to come by and distract from the lies of the Dems?

    You really are a fraud. Ivy League degree? Bullshit. At this point, I seriously doubt you’ve any ability to rationally examine anything. You are quite possibly the stupidest “smart guy” I’ve ever met. You can’t do math, you know nothing about civics and social studies, you’re a complete buffoon on economics, and a total joke on international relations.

    Your political outlook, ESPECIALLY with this Regime, is the very definition of insanity.

  117. Rutherford, I am with you, man. I just wish Kerry would have addressed a few more things about the savage gang of killers in Nigeria. Did you hear that the savage gang of killers are using those old light bulbs?

  118. Maybe I misunderstood, “R”, but I could have said once upon a time that Toure’ was an inspiration to you personally? That you were envious of his position?

    Now, I know you’re not cut from the same cloth and I actually think for all your blockhead comments, you’re a decent kind of sort and certainly no racist, albeit terribly confused and naive, plus hypersensitive of a sort.


    You have time and again defended MSNBC as being more fair and balanced that FAUX News. And yet, MSNBC has become home to America’s nastiest race/grievance hustlers and America haters.

    Give me the equivalent journalist or political hack on FOX that you would consider equivalent to Sharpton, Toure’, or that tampon earring wearing dolt whose name escapes me at the moment? Harris-Perry, I think.

  119. Ah, memories of Rutherford’s incoherent missive in response to my comments Al Sharpton experience. As sterling member of the MSNBC intelligentsia that speaks to him.

  120. Ah, memories of Rutherford’s incoherent missive in response to my comments about my Al Sharpton experience. A sterling member of the MSNBC intelligentsia that speaks to him. 😆

  121. The NRC requested more funding despite a drop-off in productivity.

    “The NRC budget for fiscal year 2015 shows an increase in resources and staffing despite a shrinking fleet of reactors,” said Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Rep. Fred Upton.

    “I would like to understand how, with $400 million more dollars and 800 more people, the NRC is struggling to review 40 percent fewer licensing actions. Comparing today’s NRC with the NRC of ten years ago shows how management efficiency has degraded over the last decade. In 2004, the NRC expected the number of productive hours from the employees to be 1,776 per year. For FY 2014, that number is 1,355, a decrease of 24 percent,” Rep. Shimkus said.

  122. “By the way Rabbit are you suggesting those kidnapped girls would fare as poorly in this country? If not then WTF was wrong with what Kerry said?”

    The depths of stupidity in this comment has got to set a record.

  123. In article I’m reading, this jumped out at me. Sounds like R to a ‘T’.

    A cardinal principle of cognitive psychology is that once we form a belief, or
    are predisposed to believe something, we are loath to qualify let alone discard it.
    We “process” new information that we receive as consistent with and confirming
    a preexisting belief or image. If we cannot block inconsistent information from
    reaching us, we interpret it as inconclusive and ignore it.
    There are, of course,
    occasions when new information is so discordant with our preconceptions that
    we cannot discount it. On most of these occasions we discredit it. Or, because
    our beliefs are invariably related to others, and our mind organizes them hierarchically,
    we “allow” discordant information to disconfirm those beliefs that are
    of lower priority. Our core beliefs remain intact.

  124. “The depths of stupidity in this comment has got to set a record.” -T

    LOL. Its amazing. Its like deep down he has the mind if a child.

    Those kidnapped girls, taken from their parents by a gang of notorious bloody killers….those kids are not getting Common Core curriculum right now. Do you realize that?

    And the terrorists kidnappers…..
    The ones the US Navy SEALS will have to attack…they don’t have a health care plan for their victims that they claim God has given the green light on selling into slavery…they are not allowing those kidnapped slave kids health care insurance with reasonable premiums.

    Why can’t you see that shit, guys. Kerry has every right to point out that the slave master kidnapping killers are not offering health care.

    By the way…there might be a Title 9 issue here that’s worth exploring…

  125. What depths does this go towards:

    The State Department under Hillary Clinton fought hard against placing the al Qaeda-linked militant group Boko Haram on its official list of foreign terrorist organizations for two years. And now, lawmakers and former U.S. officials are saying that the decision may have hampered the American government’s ability to confront the Nigerian group that shocked the world by abducting hundreds of innocent girls.

    In the past week, Clinton, who made protecting women and girls a key pillar of her tenure at the State Department, has been a vocal advocate for the 200 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, the loosely organized group of militants terrorizing northern Nigeria. Her May 4 tweet about the girls, using the hashtag #BringOurGirlsBack, was cited across the media and widely credited for raising awareness of their plight.

    On Wednesday, Clinton said that the abduction of the girls by Boko Haram was “abominable, it’s criminal, it’s an act of terrorism and it really merits the fullest response possible, first and foremost from the government of Nigeria.” Clinton said that as Secretary of State she had numerous meetings with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and had urged the Nigerian government to do more on counterterrorism.

    What Clinton didn’t mention was that her own State Department refused to place Boko Haram on the list of foreign terrorist organizations in 2011, after the group bombed the U.N. headquarters in Abuja. The refusal came despite the urging of the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and over a dozen senators and congressmen.

  126. “By the way Rabbit are you suggesting those kidnapped girls would fare as poorly in this country? If not then WTF was wrong with what Kerry said?”


    (that was my head hitting the keyboard)

  127. It’s like Obama and Clinton were….making excuses for the terrorists that attacked the consulate………..In response to that awful internet video that we had nothing to do with.

  128. Boko Harum wants to draw America into another war. Straight from the Al Qaeda playbook. It’s that simple.

  129. Oh, I had wondered why procol Harem had kidnapped these girls.
    Didn’t think they were still together.

  130. When we going drawing inspiration and fact from World “Nut” Daily with the aliens and stuff, you can in return accuse us cognitive bias, Mr. Rutherford.

    Until then, you’re the only reaching your conclusions and enabling death about massive Obama scandals courtesy of a paranoid schizophrenic. 🙂

  131. When a comment from Kerry simply spelling out the difference between a civilized society and an uncivilized one gets up the dander of you guys, you are indeed in the grip of cognitive bias.

  132. “When a comment from Kerry simply spelling out the difference between a civilized society and an uncivilized one gets up the dander of you guys, you are indeed in the grip of cognitive bias.”

    Yep. Retarded.

  133. “‘You have to behave the way we tell you to,’ and they will punish you if you don’t”

    This actually reminded me a lot of social and political “liberals”

  134. So I have a couple of things I have to say here.
    First to Muffy #167 I love that comment. When I first read it on my phone,forced to read a little on the slow side since I was multi tasking as well,I actually thought “What the hell is she spelling?”

    Second,a POX upon all of you for putting me in the heinous position of supporting John fucking Kerry twice in less than 60- days time. You are killing me literally.

    Lastly the Kerry speech in its entirety and with full context of the remarks that the Right has decided to shout and deride from the towers. HERE

  135. I am sort of meh regarding the Kerry speech. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about it until I came here to read the comments.

    One thing I do notice about this whole thing…and I don’t even say this to be overly critical…is the whole “Bring back our girls” hashtag thing going on.

    These are not “our” girls. They are people. They are individuals. And if they belong to anyone, it’s their parents…not Michelle Obama.

    America is taking ownership of them. Which goes right back to what I said is the terrorists motives.

    Terrorists are very good at the game they play. They’ve played it well against multiple administrations, so I am not playing any favorites here.

    And they are playing us like a fiddle….again.

  136. “America is taking ownership of them. Which goes right back to what I said is the terrorists motives.” -Hucking

    I know what you are saying. And it is pretty nauseating considering the horrid but purposeful blind eye the left has given to women’s rights around the world.

    But….this can only be a good thing. I’m all for the left waking up and caring about women’s rights. For PC reasons and cowardice over uncomfortable conversations about culture (ones they were taught in college NOT to have) they have turned a blind eye to the plight of women for far too long.

  137. “I am sort of meh regarding the Kerry speech.”

    Me too. It was a brief, self centered way to describe a horrible thing. Nothing more. Alfie’s full speech doesn’t change the context.

    I posted that to show Rutherford is a weirdo more then anything. That’s why I originally attached no commentary with it.

    He took the bait like when I use a Gary Yamamoto tube.

  138. Its stuff like this Africa thing where I do not envy Barack Obama.

    Actions that are no fault of his. Forcing him to ask himself…”do I do something?…do I do nothing?…I know what they are doing…do I play into it?”.

    I got no pity for the man under most circumstances, because he makes his own bed most of the time. But this is a tough one.

  139. Alfie I don’t see hat the context changes the criticism. It was politicized, self aggrandizing comment from a larger speech.

    My reaction to it was like the “shout out” Obama gave before talking about the Fort Hood massacre. The balance of the speech wasn’t the problem.

    Rutherford pretending he doesn’t get the crticism is predictable and silly.

  140. Why you so upset? You don’t believe that your response was predictable? I 100% knew you would give us another classic eye brow raiser.

    You’re weird, yo!

    We’re talking about a Mad Max gang that recently burned all the boys of an entire school alive and has abducted hundreds of little girls to sell them as sex slaves and your boy is making odd comments how they don’t offer health care. You don’t think that’s kind off kilter?

    Its douche bag politician blabber and you defend it! Like we knew you would because the world is very abstract and sterilized to you. So political blabber works on you more then the average moron.

    There was a cost to Mommy’s fish bowl.

  141. “Hey Tigre how’s this for retarded:

    Fuck you.”

    That’s pretty retarded.

    I thought I had to wait for the weekend to get a response. What gives?

  142. “Ehhhh no Tigre your cherry picking the speech is silly and infantile. When we do it to your beloved GOP you go batshit crazy.”

    I didn’t cherry pick shit. It’s exactly what DR said it was.

    Now you don’t think for a second we believe you read that speech before you posted your retarded comments, do you?

    I love when you play coy. Thinking Alfie saved you? It’s cute. In a retarded little boy kinda way. 😆

  143. Why is it when 200+ girls get captured, we call in the troops. But when 59 boys are burned alive by the same terrorists man causes disaster earlier this year, there isn’t a peep?

    Better yet, over a million Christians have been butchered by man caused disasters, and I don’t remember Shelly Antoinette holding up any signs in their support

    These phonies are putrid.

  144. Speaking of Alfie, while he probably agrees with you on the after event lie, he seems to differ with you on the realtime response. What I notice is that when Alfie doesn’t fall in line with the orthodoxy he doesn’t get called retarded. Hmmmm. Probably because he could verbally kick your ass better than I could.

  145. Because Alfie clearly is not retarded. He defends his positions with facts, opinion, and logic.

    You do nothing of the sort. You fabricate strawmen, and then barely manage to burn them down. Your irrational, illogical and uncoordinated defense of the Regime is pathetic at best, but most of the time, its just:


  146. And by-the-by, I knew you’d react the way you did. I think everyone could be guilty of cognitive bias, but you, by far, exceed anyone else here in it. You are the very definition of cognitive bias. It was, as if they were writing specifically about you…

  147. We may be seeing another Benghazi connection,. The administration was bragging about how they had al Quiada on the run, Hillary refused to name the kidnappers terrorists which would have given the government more resources to stop them after they blew up a UN headquarters in 2011. Maybe the same assumption was operating.

    At any rate, it is another issue her opponents could throw at her if she runs,.

  148. “Here’s what’s more disconcerting. Their [Republicans] willingness to say no to everything — the fact that since 2007, they have filibustered about 500 pieces of legislation that would help the middle class just gives you a sense of how opposed they are to any progress — has actually led to an increase in cynicism and discouragement among the people who were counting on us to fight for them.”

    – President Obama, remarks at a DCCC dinner, May 7, 2014

    The Pinocchio Test

    On just about every level, this claim is ridiculous.

    We realize that Senate rules are complex and difficult to understand, but the president did serve in the Senate and should be familiar with its terms and procedures. Looking at the numbers, he might have been able to make a case that Republicans have blocked about 50 bills that he had wanted passed, such as an increase in the minimum wage. But instead he inflated the numbers to such an extent that he even included votes in which he, as senator, supported a filibuster.

    The Washington Post gave Four Pinocchios, their worst rating, which basically says that he flat out lied.

    *GASP* Obama lied?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Shocker…

  149. Ah yes. The kidnapped girls. What a nice and timely campaign. Africom, outpost of the empire. If this doesn’t get us behind an invasion and acquisition tour, nothing will. Chevron is at the ready. At least that is what the planners are hoping. I see rabbit is completely on board, ready to blame his favorite boogeymen, the stinkbeards. lol.

    #AmericanSheeple – listen up for your daily marching orders.

  150. James, compared to Obama, Hillary will be hugely disadvantaged in her bid for more important reasons other than her worthless past. Millennials and minorities, especially blacks, aren’t going to turn out for her. Simply put, she ain’t “cool” or even interesting for that matter.

    The ground swell for Obama comes from those staring at their cell phones all day that haven’t got a clue what’s going outside the lives of their pop culture icons. Hillary isn’t one of those.

    If only conservatives could capture the enthusiasm of celebrities, we could put an end to this totalitarianism bullshit. How it got so bad that Hollywood celebrities — large numbers of which are drawn to scientology — hold themselves out and are viewed as thought leaders, I don’t know.

    But I’ll be damned if I don’t think guys like Rutherford, who actually said wants dictatorship, would be upstanding members of the Nazi party if the object of their oppression were white conservative Americans.

  151. Thought experiment: What we would think of Hitler and the Nazis, if there had been no Holocaust?

  152. So just wondering is it right for RNC to raise money off Stevens dead body? Trey Gowdy has denounced it. What say you gentlemen and lady of such high standards?

  153. Depends on what you mean by “raising money off Stevens dead body.” If mentioning Obama’s and Hillary’s lies and incompetence that resulted in the Benghazi fiasco as reason they need to go id counts, fuck that. Go ahead an talk about it.

    I think Trey Gowdy is in a different position with respect to the select committee and using the proceeding solely for political gain.

  154. Just wondering if you’re going to address any of the questions asked of you since have so much time to ponder on a weekday.

  155. Scum of the earth. We got politicians in AZ capitalizing on the VA recent deaths. To a politician, its ALL about the money and they are ALWAYS raising donations.

    It is the way of the world. Never let a crisis go to waste. That means CAPITALIZE on it. You really have been living a sheltered life. Crawl out from under that rock. Please.

  156. I trust you’re okay with it since Obama and yours are out there as I type raising money off the children of Sandy Hook’s dead bodies.

  157. So just wondering is it right for RNC to raise money off Stevens dead body?

    How would that be any different than the DNC? They were raising funds off 3,000 dead bodies, 4,500 soldiers deaths, 55,000,000 baby deaths.

    Your party is attached to death for profit, “R”.

    Bush lied, people died. No blood for Oil. Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan. Our military are mercenaries. Bush and Cheney are War Criminals (I guess that’s not applicable to Hillary Clinton, though – even if she did cast her vote too). War on women – never mind the war on babies.

    There is nothing low enough that a current Dimocrat, all of them, won’t sink to if its to win an election and keep the reigns of power. They’ll even let America end as we know it, because they’re so cock sure we’re too large to fail.

  158. El Tigre, your comment about Rutherford and others of his persuasion made me think of Pasha Antipov who was a teacher. He converted to the Bolshev Revolution because he wanted freedom and justice for his people

    . His motives were pure, but power and religious fervor changed him to Strelnikov who rode a train across Russia and conducted summary trials of fellow revolutionaires and enemies who were less pure than he.

    I see a similar process in political correctness and the bigotry of the left as they attempt to purify our society.

    My comparison is far- fetched, but opportunities for references to Dr. Zhivago don’t happen very often, A progressive dictatorship would consume many initial true believers as Strelnikov was destroyed in the end.

  159. I don’t like capitalizing on dead people for political gain, but the Democrats have no moral authority to say anything. They already have a notorious record, and any concerns they express are because they wish they could profit from the four dead men.

    Political parties do what they can to survive. Money to them, is the same as air or water. They will fight to live.

    Without the Holocaust, I think Hitler would have been remembered as a German Napolean.

  160. I think Republicans in congress ought to shut up now and let Gowdy go to work. I also think it’s stupid to use Benghazi for the 2014 elections. We don’t even know what they’ll find. Stupid.

    It bugged me to see Chaffetz and Ayotte smirking behind Gowdy today. Get off the stage and let Pelosi and Reid make asses of themselves. And go do something useful.

  161. I have to confess I definitely missed some point. I stand by my opinion that Kerry’s speech was what it was,meaning, an attempt to reset an agenda in Africa. America is at a disadvantage on the continent. China is building those roads,hospitals and schools and it is for the most part the basket case continent. That said the USA needs to make moves have them not be neo imperialism .
    If people really want to critique it I would focus on the fact that he (and in proxy Obama) was giving a speech in a country that very recently they were pissing on due to popular votes and legislation outlawing homosexuality.

  162. Interesting question about Hitler and the Nazis. I think unfortunately the genocide issue only weighs as heavy as it does secondary marketing. Call it extreme cynicism but I don’t know if Americans would’ve really been too focused.

  163. You guys are as predictable as the sun rising. I knew you would deflect with “but you did it first”. Are you folks incapable of admitting any conservative wrong doing?

  164. Are you folks incapable of admitting any conservative wrong doing?

    Do it all the time. Note to Rutherford: $5.1 trillion in debt accumulation; Medicare ‘D’; Tora Bora. Want me to go on?

  165. Alphie,

    Do you think China has put more into African schools then American Christian charity?

    I’m probably the worst “sponsor” in all of Compassion International. I hardly ever respond to the poor little motherfucker’s letters. For Christmas, I sent him pictures of myself hitting home runs in slow pitch soft ball. How weird is that. He probably thinks he is sponsored by the cold and distant god Thor.

    I even got into it with the organization when they seemed to admit they are attempting to evangelize people who are already Rwandan Catholics.

    My little guy is last in his class. By his pictures, I swear Rutherford took a trip to the Heart of Darkness to reconnect with his roots and ended up fucking 8 or 9 Hutu villagers.

    But for years now my money is taken out of my bank account. And I think there are millions like me.

    Do you think China spends more then Americans?

  166. Rabbit I don’t know the answer to your question. I think charity has done a lot of good there but the place is at a crossroads today. I know that China’s investments have a geopolitical slant to them that puts the USA at a disadvantage.

  167. 210, Rutherford, I wrote I don’t like capitalizing on dead people for political reasons. I don’t think Republicans should be using Benghazi as a fund raiser.

    However, Democrats are so morally bankrupt their criticism carries no moral weight. They complain not for moral reasons but for an opening to hurt Republicans.,

    I think Americans would have been focused against Hitler, genocide or not, because they didn’t want their national languages to be German and Japanese.We all know the instinct for self interest is powerful.

    Self interest is also guiding China.The Chinese are operating across the world including Africa because they are looking for future reliable sources of raw materials and other resources. China has a lot of people to provide for.. China withdrew from world affairs around 1453. They may think it is time for a change.

  168. “El Tigre, your comment about Rutherford and others of his persuasion made me think of Pasha Antipov who was a teacher.”

    Well, that’ll be my internet searching for this morning.

  169. R, I asked you what you meant specifically and offered an answer.

    Yippee. It’s Saturday.

    Like cartoons as a kid, I know we’ll get answers and dialogue from Rutherford!


  170. Tigre, you are quite the optimist. Probably good for some dialogue. I’ll go along with that. But answers? You might ought to tune into Cartoon Network for the more meaningful.

  171. This whole #bringbackourgirls bullshit is pretty deep. And this tidbit really sets it off: Boko Haram means “Western education is sinful.”

    Here’s the hook: The group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, has claimed responsibility for the abduction and has threatened to sell the girls.

    Does this group have the same pr firm as AQ? It’s telling when all the mainstream media propaganda sources put out the same bs. And look who the spokesperson is: Michelle O. ‘These girls could be my girls’ bs. We never learn.

    This has got all the earmarks of a sham. Kony 2012 didn’t perform, so we needed something else to tug at our heart strings.

    Hook, line, and sinker…

  172. LOLOLOLOLOL never been told I looked like a Hutu villager before.

    Rabbit I’ve never been comfortable with those save the children charities. I don’t trust how my money is being spent. I don’t trust that they’re not sending me a stock photo of some kid who died 5 years ago (or hit lotto and isn’t poor anymore). Bottom line I just don’t trust it.

    I’d rather give to a charity that doesn’t purport to hook me up with an actual kid.

  173. Oh Poolman my good man, you provide answers? Well, if saying the Boston bombing was a false flag event is an “answer” then yeah I guess you qualify.

  174. Rutherford, I know what your saying but Compassion International is legit.

    Trust me when I say this, my Eunuch is not a stock photo. Dude looks likes a mix of that little fury creature that sits on Jaba the Hut’s fat gut and a cross eyed puppet from Fraggle Rock. If they even sent two of those same pictures out to different givers, he would be a meme on Reddit.

    My little man struggles in school too.

  175. Must be nice being poolman. All the really bad things that happen in this world are just orchestrations by his all powerful omnipotent father, the Illuminati.

    Must also make life easier to face. He’s either a coward or a moron. Or maybe both?

  176. “Do you think China spends more then Americans?”

    Probably not.


    “Do you think China spends more then Americans?”

    When approached like this and talking at the state level…then probably.

    Plus, it always isn’t about spending…it’s about doing. What is America actually doing in Africa?…I don’t think we’re doing much.

    Which isn’t to say I am critical of that….just saying

  177. At what point does R actually answer any questions? Will he ever defend his parties policies, explain their results, or articulate how ANYTHING the Regime is doing is actually in the benefit of the American people?


  178. R, Poolman is touched, yes. But at least he has an interest and offers something in support of his positions. You just spout MSNBC talking points and withdraw from the discussion when pressed.

    Again it’s not a matter of agreement or disagreement. You host a blog for cryin’ out loud.

  179. Rutherford only took the time to make a weekday comment here because he got his marching orders. The new democrat meme this week is “GOP fundraising off of Benghazi”.

    Their nothingburger theme is starting to stink. Everyone knows there is more shit to discover and they are getting scared of what a group of new diggers will find.

    Rutherford wants us to be more outraged over what the GOP is doing regarding Benghazi than he has ever been regarding what the Obama administration has done regarding Benghazi.

    The need to attack shows the futility of their defense efforts.

  180. Let’s go ahead and continue to use their tactics against them….

    So Rutherford…regarding the GOP using Benghazi to fundraise…my comment is…”mistakes were made.”

    I think this is where we now get to say “move the fuck on, there’s nothing to see here.”

  181. What the left is saying is not in the slightest bit different than what Nixon said. Not one bit. And Rutherford plays along.

    Huck you and Muffy are right. To be outraged over those in investigating before they’ve even started is a meme for little minds. R was calling this a “nothing burger” without knowing the first thing about it. And he continues thinking an allegation that the GOP is fundraising off dead bodies means something as his party parades around profiting off any and every tragedy. It will surely do the same with Benghazi and the useful idiots like Rutherford will mindlessly fall in line.

    But, the GOP has got to do this right and not make a spectacle out of it by doing anything other than the job with as much objectivity as can be mustered.

  182. Rutherford and those feeding him concepts are losing, and they know it,

    Yes, the Republicans must investigate in a dispassionate manner without hystrionics or the Democrats win.

  183. Well, if saying the Boston bombing was a false flag event is an “answer” then yeah I guess you qualify.

    It definitely was, as were so many others before it. Here’s what you should expect from a straight forward report, since the facts ought to boldly support the narrative. Or?

    The FBI has released about 175 pages of heavily blacked-out documents from the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre investigation.

    Of the 175 pages released in response to a Courant Freedom of Information request, 64 were completely redacted and most of the other 111 pages were heavily redacted. The Courant submitted the request in January after state police released a report on the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting that left 20 first-graders and six women dead at the Newtown school.

  184. “the GOP has got to do this right and not make a spectacle out of it”

    They won’t. They will fuck it all up and the liars will get off free.

    I swear politicians are getting stranger by the day. Even the ones I agree with might very well be the last people I would leave alone with my kids.

    They all got strange ranger looks about them.

    Either that or they seem to get off on the Rahm Emanuel political machine bull shit and think they are Machiavellian tough guys who get a way with fooling the morons.

    I know its cliche, but I despise 98% of all politicians.

    Strangely enough….I learned to like Romney of all people. I get that guy and swear he could have been a good president. American Idol rules the day, though.

  185. Tigre please don’t lecture me about MSNBC talking points. Since I don’t watch Fox except once a week I give you guys credit for originality but then I read here the gnashing of teeth re Hillary not declaring that African group a terrorist organization, and lo and behold guess what Steve Doocey, and Laura Ingraham of Fox are spouting? The very same shit. Then we throw in Limbaugh for good measure.

    But you know what your conservative squawk box doesn’t tell you that MSNBC does? That Hillary put the three most powerful leaders of the group on the terrorist watch list 2 years ago. Fox also doesn’t tell you the balancing act the State Dept had between the terrorist group and the corrupt Nigerian government.

    Oh and Rabbits comment about the incinerated boys — straight from Laura Ingraham.

    The fact is few of us are reaching our conclusions with any great amount of originality. Very often I don’t get my talking points from MSNBC but I do get them confirmed there. Just as I don’t really believe Rabbit watches Laura Ingraham but he does reflect the conservative zeitgeist.

    Not original. It’s all out there.

  186. Huck, the source of the story doesn’t make the question less relevant. Do you stand by Trey Gowdy or not?

    You’re one of the more reasonable people here but when it comes to Benghazi you’ve lost your marbles.

    What more is there to “dig up”? You already believe your suspicions have been proven. Obama admin lied. Rhodes email was the smoking gun right? So what more is there?

    You think Obama ordered a hit on Stevens? Really, where does your mind go in this?

  187. But, the GOP has got to do this right and not make a spectacle out of it by doing anything other than the job with as much objectivity as can be mustered”

    Funny that’s what Charles Krauthammer said. 😉

  188. Original thought is cast down in our world, Rutherford. Throughout history we know most of the original thinkers were persecuted in their time for their beliefs. Even so, there is nothing new under the sun.

    But today IS new. This moment. And this. And this.

    All things are possible, if you believe. But trusting in man has never proven prudent. It comes down to who is the better liar or whose reason to lie is better.

  189. “Oh and Rabbits comment about the incinerated boys — straight from Laura Ingraham.” Rutherford

    Lol……..if you only knew how little I watch TV. I haven’t watched a second of tv outside of Game of Thrones on my cell phone and a little bit of Tigers.

    I download a torrent file of an audio version of the Economist every week but instantly fall a sleep to it. I listen to NPR in the morning. Music on the way home. Skim the Drudge Report. Skim NY Times. Rush on the radio here and now. Skim local Detroit news. Skim some porn. Skim. Skim

    If anything I’m addicted to Wikipedia. But its always obscure shit. Today I learned about Malted Milk.

    Tigers are always on here.

    Laura Ingrim. The blonde on Fox?

    I’m barely informed these days. I don’t even have the time to copy shit. My kid is one three different sports teams. And I’m jogging again.

  190. Oh…I skimmed your comment. Made your point for you.

    The kids who are burned are a fact. Sure….our opinions are all reflected in the media to some point. But you are letting them do the heavy lifting for you. For the love of God you blamed a major shooting on Sara Palin. That’s how much of a follower you are. How fucking dumb was that!

    We don’t jump off the cliff like you do. Over and over again.

  191. Just in case anyone wants to, here is a link to the CT redaction index:

    Click to access Redaction_Index.pdf

    The official report which is very lengthy (equal to 7000+ pages plus video) and yes indeed very much laden with blacked out sections. Please look at the redaction index descriptors and wrap your head around what some folks want. ME photos even though we all know they’ll scream “staged moulage”.
    Let me give an example of the report. This describes the photographs of pre autopsy subjects:
    This photo illustrates a right side view of 01 02 03 12 as she was clothed prior to the postmortem examination

    The name and date of birth is what has been redacted and yeah the general public does not have access to the actual image. The numbers are the codes you’ll see on the linked index.
    I apologize for bringing this up but its something that really really really bothers me.

  192. Rutherford #242 Your counterpoints have truth to them but they too have been through a spin cycle. The issue is much bigger than that and it includes concerns that a listing would’ve could’ve resulted in American personnel or interests being directly targeted. That is some weak shit imo though. Either an entity IS a terrorist or it isn’t. It really can be and should be that black and white.

  193. @ Huck #232 EXACTLY!! In fact it is the getting things done that has some folks concerned that Chinas actions have a positive impact on folks accepting less democratic governance. The thinking goes that autocratic governance sidesteps the corruption and gets things done. Perhaps why the SCO countries are feeling so good about themselves as well?

  194. “Huck, the source of the story doesn’t make the question less relevant.”

    Sure seems to when you don’t like the source, now, doesn’t it?

    “Do you stand by Trey Gowdy or not?”

    The honest answer is that I have been out of the news loop the last few days. All I do know is that there has been some dustup over the GOP using Benghazi to fundraise. I don’t know the nature of that usage, I don’t know did it who or what kind of fundraising. I have absolutely no idea how Gowdy fits into it. I didn’t even know it was this week’s democrat distraction theme until I saw an article pointing out how Lying Lizzie Warren was outraged over it, while simultaneously doing it, herself (until she got called on it and then removed the “DONATE” link button from that page of her site).

    “So what more is there?”

    Proof that Barack Obama specifically, or someone running his re-election campaign, actually designed the talking points.

    We’ve already gone from “the CIA did it” to “it was done by committee” in the course of just this discussion. With members of that “committee” including Obama’s personal advisors. That’s 6 days, for those keeping score.

    The fact is that there obviously is more, or there wouldn’t be such interest in hiding what’s left. If we already had everything out there, the Obama administration wouldn’t still be handing out new things and threatening to withhold things requested by this new committee.

    Rutherford, were you aware that the documents turned over to Judicial Watch had less redactions than when those same documents were turned over to congress just a couple weeks prior?

    Of course, only Fox News is bothering to talk about that. But I’m sure that won’t matter to you, because….”the source of the story doesn’t make the question less relevant.”

    Does it?

  195. Either an entity IS a terrorist or it isn’t.

    Who decides? If they are not for the empire us, they’re against us? One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. What do you suppose our revolutionaries were labeled by the Brits? What if the skies over MA rained down hellfire missiles on those the state deemed dissidents? Would the collaterals be justified? Would the opponents be terrorists? The demeaning is relative.

  196. I don’t watch Fox.

    I don’t listen Limbaugh.

    I haven’t reaf Krauthammer (but will now) .

    I lidtened to Gowdy and agree eiyh his stated approach.

    You? Consume hours and hours of MSNBC. You record it for fuck’s sake. You quote it , write posts about it. You idolize Chaz and her effiminate sidekick Hayes. You repeat its conclusory arguments without examining its premises.

    You feigning its influence is a joke. Every invitation for you to turn it off is met with silence.

    Now, i posed some questions as did others. How about addressing them and being part of the discussion? All you’ve done is dodge.

  197. For some reason the idea that you learned about malted milk cracked me up. I’ll have to read about it now.

    I’m starting to picture Rabbit as a Cliff Clavin, the guy at the bar who knows a little about everything.

  198. “For the love of God you blamed a major shooting on Sara Palin. ”

    See this is part of the problem. Did I ever say Sarah Palin shot Gabby Giffords? Of course not. I said she contributed to a climate that encourages framing things in violent rhetoric. To put it more simply I saw Palin as part of the problem, not the solution.

    Just like I NEVER said I WANTED a dictatorship. I said stupid people deserve a dictator. And if you look at countries like Iraq, Egypt and Libya, they were more functional with their dictators than without.

    I know you guys think that next to the Jews we Americans are God’s chosen people but I assure you the way we will get a dictator is to become an unruly mass of morons. Didn’t some state recently make it legal to bring a gun into a bar? That’s your first step right there.

  199. I have heard this about China as well — true democracy equals bureaucracy and delay. Didn’t efficiency methodologies originate in China such as Lean and Six Sigma?

    As Tex knows I consider our implementation of those methodologies a total misfire.

  200. Rutherford, did you read about Malted Milk yet?

    Arctic explorers, a Polish strong man (who recently fought Butterbean), early century drug supplement and milk shakes.

    Wikipedia is awesome.

  201. ROTFLMAO I get more of my “news” lately from these blog threads than I do from MSNBC. That’s why I cracked up when I heard Doocey blame Hillary for the kidnapped girls. I read it here first.

    So yes Huck I knew about the reduced redactions in the FOIA version cos … I read it here first.

  202. Ok here’s some Peter Pan for you but it is my honest hunch. I think a lot of the lack of cooperation from the Obama admin re the Benghazi inquiry is simply childish “hold my breath till I turn blue” behavior. I think there is a strong element of “we know you hate our guts so fuck you. We’re gonna slow walk this.”

    Also let’s be clear, from my reading the ORIGINAL talking points from the CIA mentioned terrorism but higher ups IN THE CIA wanted it scrubbed for public consumption by Rice.

    This is not a case of Petraeus watching Meet the Press and saying “oh Susan, you lying skank.” The “lie” was simply not the product solely of the State Dept or the White House. Most of our trusted leaders were in on this “lie”.

  203. Rutherford –

    I know you appreciate such things: Once again, the GOP prepares to shoot its foot off. At the hip.

    But take heart. Everybody who swirls down the drain as the Republicans fight amongst themselves is a right-wing nut case, so everybody wins.

    prediction: In the midst of the biggest gift-basket on the planet – the Obama administration – the ReThugLicans will still lose big. You heard it here first.

  204. Tigre for the record. I do like Chris Hayes but don’t have time to watch him. Rachel Maddow has become too pedantic for me (get to the point dammit).

    Al Sharpton is an embarrassment whom I neither watch nor record. So that leaves Hardball as the only MSNBC show that I watch regularly and that is at bedtime so I fall asleep before the end of the first segment. I’ll sometimes watch the whole thing in the afternoon after I wake up.

    I also watch a bit of Morning Joe a couple of days per week and a smattering of Up on the weekends.

    I religiously watch Face the Nation and Meet the Press and I go to bed Sunday nights on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

    Most of my TV time (and I do LOVE TV even more than politics) is taken up with The Voice, Idol, cooking competition shows and Shark Tank.

    Ok I do watch Real Time with Bill Maher and Jon Oliver’s new news-comedy show on HBO (which I recommend because it covers foreign affairs, a rarity on American TV).

    Now excuse me, my wife and I are going to watch the premier of “24-Live Another Day”.

  205. I’m watching the NASCAR race held in Kansas City. Keven Harvic dominated the first of the race. Danica Patrick is at number six, her best race of the year so far. Now, she is in number five. Denny Hamlin was nearly wrecked and he was lapped, but now he has worked himself to sixth after Danica passed him. Now, she is gaining on Dale Earnhart Jr.

  206. 260 Rutherford, you are guessing based on hunches. Your conclusions may be right or wrong, but you have only speculation. You have just provided a good support for the investigating committee.

  207. Where did the Youtube narrative come from? Obama said CIA. You say CIA. Memo shows WH. Carney lied and said memo was about something different.

    Rutherford reads the most biased book on the subject that he can locate.

    Still nothing.

    Won’t engage the points.

    Even on the weekend.

    I love how you simply ignore the most obvious and supply the least plausible explanation for Obama’s furtive conduct — all based on nothing.

    Thank God you’re such an independent thinker. 🙄

  208. “Just like I NEVER said I WANTED a dictatorship. I said stupid people deserve a dictator. And if you look at countries like Iraq, Egypt and Libya, they were more functional with their dictators than without.”

    Yeah, whatever:

    Rutherford | January 29, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    “What I liked most and what I suspect you guys liked least was his assertion he will no longer wait for Congress to stop bickering among themselves and he will do as much by executive order as possible.
    When a democracy refuses to live up to its legislative responsibilities it DESERVES a dictator.”

  209. “See this is part of the problem. Did I ever say Sarah Palin shot Gabby Giffords? Of course not. I said she contributed to a climate that encourages framing things in violent rhetoric.”

    That’s a damn lie. Your putrid, childish, idiotic tweets and follow up comments began moments after the shooting. You did blame Palin claiming the dumb crosshairs map caused the shooting — just like MSNBC which claim not to watch told you.

    You were the biggest fucking douche bag on the planet and should be ashamed and embarrassed for having made such an ass of yourself. You honestly think no one here remembers?

    At least be a man and stand behind it or back away. Don’t lie.

  210. Oh, James reminded me. To relax I sometimes watch pro-golf. Many years ago my wife and I would play fantasy golf on the puter. Kinda like your basketball bracket but with golfers instead.

  211. Sadly the only reason I’ve heard of Danica Patrick is because she used to be spokes-celeb for GoDaddy web hosting where I have my professional web site.

  212. Tigre I’m not aware that the Rhodes memo precedes any input by the CIA. You know otherwise?

    Different factions had edits for different reasons. Nyland’s reasons seem the most odious.

    Also I didn’t “seek out” The Benghazi Hoax. I borrow a book a month from the Kindle Lending Library. After I finished Libertarian Lessons from South Park (no kidding) I stumbled upon the Hoax book. I had no plan to review it here until I got the idea to read it from a distance for James’ sake.

  213. Tigre you only proved my point. I forgot the exact quote but again I don’t WANT a dictator but it is a natural consequence of a dysfunctional government sent to Washington by stupid people.

  214. Tigre are we going to relitigate this? Giffords herself decried Palins campaign imagery weeks before she got shot.

    I already agreed I tweeted in the heat of the moment and should have waited. But Calamity Jane was a natural target of derision at the time and her response to the criticism only confirmed what a self centered douch she was.

  215. “But Calamity Jane was a natural target of derision at the time and her response to the criticism only confirmed what a self centered douch she was.”

    Yeah. She should have been more quiet when she was blamed for instigating a shooting she had nothing to do with.

    “And if you look at countries like Iraq, Egypt and Libya, they were more functional with their dictators than without.”

    I can only hope that you are at least partially aware of how much you are simplifying an incredibly complex issue.

  216. I’m in deep shit. My boy and I went out last night to get a mother’s day gift and we came home with a 20 inch chain saw.

  217. Hoping you at least hit Hallmark for cards. I say you probably ought to be making breakfast for bedside service and hopefully you have a tree she hates. Win

  218. North Carolina race would indicate a different take Parker.
    Whether you like the discussion happening or not its healthy a party tries to confront issues,it’s the road to catharsis. That as opposed to actions such as a certain Commonwealth country’s leadership dictate that all members will vote a certain way on ALL legislation connected to a certain issue.

  219. Maybe I’m knit picking here, but its mildly annoying to me that Michelle Obama felt the need to tell us she hurting over the kidnapped Nigerian girls because they remind her of HER daughters. If Obama didn’t already use the line I wouldn’t bat an eye.

    I get that this story us over the top in evil and it is different. The sheer numbers alone.

    But….Michelle….what about the little kids who DON’T remind you of your own loved ones?

    Can’t she just say they remind us of all our daughters?

    I may very well be over sensitive here. Almost a right wing version of biased PC bitching.

  220. Hucking….did you try my classroom management technique?

    I was thinking the other day, I have no experience in a rural district. I bet it comes with a lot of perks and pain in the asses that I’m not aware of. Might be a different animal all together.

  221. 273 Rutherford, it has already been litigated. Palin had nothing to do with the Giffords shooting, nor did she contribute to a violent atmosphere.

    What about the president who once said something like if someone brings a knife to a fight, you bring a gun?

    You voted for a self- loving douche bag.

  222. Rutherford, Danica Patrick is a female pioneer in auto racing. She was one of the first women to lead in an Indie style auto race and did so during the Indianapolis 500. She won a race in Japan,

    Janet Guthrie, a real pioneer, raced in the Indianapolis 500 in the seventies.

    Patrick, like several other Indie racers switched to NASCAR and some thought they were slumming. They realized NASCAR requires different skills then what they were accustomed to, and the learning curve was steep.

    Keven Harvik took Danica aside last week and gave her some lessons in driving on the Kansas track. Maybe it took, or maybe she had good luck. She finished seventh, the best of her NASCAR Sprint Cup career. She and fellow driver Ricky Stenhause are dating after her trainer husband divorced her.

    Danica is also an occasional fashion model.

    After re reading this, I think maybe I watch too many auto races.

  223. I’m in deep shit. My boy and I went out last night to get a mother’s day gift and we came home with a 20 inch chain saw.

    Why? That’s a gift every mother, mine most of all, would love to had with disobedient children. 😈 That’s why I like you Rabbit. You think just like me. 🙂

    I once bought my wife a can opener and spent $10.00 having it gift wrapped in the most beautiful display you’ve ever seen. My oldest daughter, probably 8 at the time, and I found it quite humorous while we stood at the Dillard’s counter. My wife didn’t find it nearly as funny as when she opened it. Oops…

    Funny you should mention that chain saw. On my wife’s recent birthday card, I found a funny one with “Man’s” poetry.

    I wish I could find the card to post the whole thing because the entire thing was funny, but I do remember the last line when you opened the card:

    I love you even more than my Power Tools… 😛

    I was laughing the entire time she was scanning it.. That’s what I love most about myself. I’m my own best audience.

    Did I mention I come from a family of practical jokers – my mom is the absolute worst about wrapping junk as gift, leading to some other clue?

    For a few years, my poor wife didn’t know quite what to think of my crazed family. Good thing she’s got a witty, fast sense of humor herself or this marriage would have never survived. She deserves so much better. Saint Taylor.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers of the world, excluding Shelly Antoinette Obama. Her pretentiousness and cloying personality makes me wretch.

    At least her husband doesn’t come across as absolute phony. He’s a distinguished asshole.

  224. It is hard not to have total contempt for a political culture that thinks the picture at right is a useful contribution to rescuing 276 schoolgirls kidnapped by jihadist savages in Nigeria. Yet some pajama boy at the White House evidently felt getting the First Lady to pose with this week’s Hashtag of Western Impotence would reflect well upon the Administration. The horrible thing is they may be right: Michelle showed she cared – on social media! – and that’s all that matters, isn’t it? ~ Mark Steyn

    I loathe this woman…

    ** VOMIT **

  225. “Tigre I’m not aware that the Rhodes memo precedes any input by the CIA.”

    Again, for the 16th time, your proof that the CIA created the false Youtube narrative?

  226. “Tigre are we going to relitigate this? Giffords herself decried Palins campaign imagery weeks before she got shot.”

    Ummmm, it was you that brought it up and lied about what you had said. No one else did.

  227. “Tigre you only proved my point. I forgot the exact quote but again I don’t WANT a dictator but it is a natural consequence of a dysfunctional government sent to Washington by stupid people.”

    Gawd it’s a waste with you.

    What you said yesterday and what you said in January are not the same. You were advocating for dictatorial use of executive orders. Natural consequence my ass.

    You proved MY point, Zipperhead.

  228. DR…I’ve only had 1 sub assignment since then, and I have to admit, in the heat of things I let those tips slip my mind. In my defense, it was two hours of 30+ 7th and 8th grade boys…at the end of the day…on a Friday. Other than that I been busy with my other job that I’d rather not get into other than to say it is in hospitals.

    I don’t really have any experience to compare the rural vs urban thing. From the admin side, they all know me and my wife, and many of them know my kids from when they were in school here. On the kid side, many of them know me as “Coach’s dad”, since both my kids coach at the HS. I see them at their sporting events. I see them at the local market. Familiarity, I guess, can be both a positive and a minus. I think next year, if I am still subbing, will be a greater test of things.

    I have to assume it is easier, because more people = more potential for problems. I figure that there is always a percentage of people who are just assholes. In a small group, that makes it a small number of people. In a bigger group, the numbers get larger.

  229. “Can’t she just say they remind us of all our daughters?”

    Watching the left try and care about women who face real adversity is awkward isn’t it? Feeling a tad bit whiny I should imagine.

    Hashtags and sad duck faces – groan.

    Tex the article @ #285 is excellent.

  230. It’s hard to watch you calling out puerile behavior in others Rutherford when you just pulled a you-guys-never-call-alfie-retarded tantrum. 😆

  231. #260 IS some serious Peter Pan.

    Admittedly indulging in conspiracies for me to say this but I thought it odd that Gen Petraeus’ exited the scene so abruptly. I also thought Hillary bumping her head was hard to swallow, but I accept that she was legitimately concussed when she sent Stooge Rice out to do her dirty work. Barely.

  232. Believe or not gentlemen and lady, “The Benghazi Hoax” is more honest about what went down then Bill Maher was Friday night. He just outright lied that it was the video.

  233. <blockquote<Believe or not gentlemen and lady, “The Benghazi Hoax” is more honest about what went down then Bill Maher was Friday night. He just outright lied that it was the video.

    Um. You going to follow up and send a strongly worded Tweet of Protest like you did last time Maher lied? 🙂

    Kind of like Obama sending Putin another harshly worded letter of retaliation, hey?

  234. “I can only hope that you are at least partially aware of how much you are simplifying an incredibly complex issue.”

    Yes clearly. Do you know how difficult it is for any of these blog threads to capture the complexity of any of the issues we discuss? I think for the most part we do a decent job of it.

    I submit there are complexities to Benghazi you would like to ignore.

  235. “Can’t she just say they remind us of all our daughters?”

    Well yes and no Rabbit. You’re focusing on Michellle’s blackness vis-a-vis missing AFRICAN girls. If Laura Bush had used identical language you wouldn’t bat an eye because you’d know she WAS speaking about all daughters when she mentioned her own.

    Here is the litmus test. If Michelle has NEVER used her own children to empathize with a “white tragedy” then you’re absolutely right to be irked. I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. I’d be curious what she is on record saying about the Newtown killings.

  236. “I think for the most part we do a decent job of it.”

    Clearly not decent enough, as Alfie and I have explained multiple times why the idea that Arabs societies function better under dictators that under democracy is not as black and white as too many believe it to be.

    And yet here you are repeating it…again.

    “I submit there are complexities to Benghazi you would like to ignore.”

    Right back atchya there, my friend.

  237. So two things Muffy.

    When I heard Petraeus was resigning I immediately thought Benghazi. The affair was a complete surprise to me.

    Second your chronology (again echoed on Fox) is wrong. Hillary’s concussion occurred long after Rice’s appearance on TV Hillary’s concussion interfered with her testimony to the Senate subcommittee, not the Sunday shows.

    I remember reading somewhere that as Sec of State Hillary almost always delegated the “full Ginsburg” to others.

  238. Huck when something isn’t “black or white” it means BOTH points of view have merit.

    Do you not agree that our enthusiasm over the “Arab Spring” was incredibly naive?

  239. FWIW Tex yes I did launch the latest preferred Twitter offensive against Maher not once but twice tonight. Check my feed.

    I have decided Maher’s only real skill is catharsis. He is not a terribly bright man. Sadly he thinks he has inherited the crown of George Carlin or Lennie Bruce. He’s sorely mistaken.

    I watch Real Time for the panel discussion. For the most part Maher is an asshole.

  240. LOL You guys would have had a conniption watching Maher debate the Editor-in-Chief of Reason magazine. After Maher lied about the video causing the Benghazi debacle, Matt Welch (I think that’s his name) countered that the video does not excuse the violence. He never corrected Maher in his base assertion.

  241. I’d like to pose another baseline question because if we can agree on ANY aspect of this then maybe we’re not on different planets.

    Do you believe the ARB report has any credibility or is it a complete whitewash?

    Are you aware that those placed on administrative leave for their negligence in Benghazi were reinstated by Kerry, not Clinton? If they had been fired would you be any “happier”?

  242. “You’re focusing on Michellle’s blackness vis-a-vis missing AFRICAN girls.”

    You can thank her “Trayvon could have been my son” husband for that.

    After that comment, what are we expected to draw from the line “In these girls, Barack and I see our own daughters”?

    I think, when you put the comments side by side like that, you have to agree.

  243. “Do you not agree that our enthusiasm over the “Arab Spring” was incredibly naive?”

    I’ll let you know when it’s over.

  244. Regarding thought experiments: asking how we would feel about Hitler minus the Holocaust is like asking how we feel about chocolate ice cream without the chocolate. I can’t even wrap my head around it. The lengths to which Hitler went to satisfy his antisemitism put him in a class by himself. I think I heard recently that Hitlers first aggressions were premised on mistreatment of Germans in neighboring countries. If it started and ended there then I suppose Hitler would have been the Putin of his day.

    How about this thought experiment? If the immediate postmortem of Benghazi was to protect Obama’s reelection AND there was no subsequent ARB review wouldn’t there be more legit cause for outrage?

    As it stands, the ARB laid the blame squarely on the State Department and recommended over 60 corrective measures. Getting to the core of Hillary’s “what difference does it make”, isn’t the corrective action plan the real meat of the matter? In that context, isn’t the political spin just a sideshow?

  245. On a pop culture note, the current season of “24” revolves around drones being hacked by our enemies for nefarious purposes. I’m telling you, 24 comes up with some really scary prescient shit. We’re all worried about the power grid being hacked. Fuck that. Hacked drones are a bitch!

  246. I’ll pose a question from Huck “Do you believe Obama’s presidency is the worst ever?”

    My answer: I’ll let you know when it’s over. 😉

  247. For any interested, there is a good documentary called The Square about the Egyptian revolution…which I suppose is still ongoing. It isnt a groundbreaking film and doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know. But it does wrap it all up into a nice package that I found good viewing.

    Its on Netflix.

  248. That’s a big part of the problem. Everyone, including them, is looking for “short term hope”. But these kinds of things take a long time. Decades. You can’t just snap your fingers and create democratic institutions and multiple competitive political parties.

    We sure didn’t. Why should we expect anyone else to?

    This is what we have tried to explain.

  249. Do you not agree that our enthusiasm over the “Arab Spring” was incredibly naive?

    For the record, I’ve never been a fan of the term or the event. Does the region need change? Absolutely, but the chaos that is coming out of this is not necessarily constructive or beneficial.

    Just from a CT perspective, there is a tremendous amount of concern that goes far beyond just Egypt or Libya, and that’s not getting into the Geo-Political/economic ramifications…

  250. The law of unintended consequences….

    Some military veterans are being forced to leave their nursing home. It’s an unintended consequence of President Obama’s executive order in February to raise the minimum wage for new federal contract workers from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour.

    Sandy Franks, public affairs officer at Shreveport’s Overton Brooks V. A. Medical Center, explains that nursing homes that have contracts for subsidized care from the Veterans Administration become federal contractors. If they refuse to raise their wages, their contracts will not be renewed.

    Former Marine A.J. Crain just wheeled himself into his new room at Shreveport Manor on Mansfield Road when he got the news that the home’s contract will end this month.

    “We fought all your wars, and now we’re broke. Where do we go from here?” Crain asks.

  251. Curious if R slept through this part….

    HOWARD FINEMAN, THE HUFFINGTON POST: …The women’s issue is one very important part of the equation. The other not-so-sub sub-text here is religion. It’s faith. These are – there was an attack in a Catholic Church in Nigeria where Boko Haram killed people.

    MATTHEWS: Because they’re Catholics-

    FINEMAN: Because they’re Catholics. And what the connective tissue here is – for the people attacking Hillary [Clinton] and Barack Obama – is that, somehow, they’re soft on Islamists. They don’t say it in quite those words, but that’s what they’re-

    MATTHEWS: Because Obama is a Muslim-

    FINEMAN: There you go; there you go – that is the subject-

    BERNARD: Just for anyone who doesn’t really understand that you’re making a joke-

    FINEMAN: If anybody who doesn’t get it-

    BERNARD: We should say that he really is not a Muslim. (laughs) People who normally watch Fox might be watching us-

    MATTHEWS: I’m translating – I’m translating for the clowns in the clown car-

    FINEMAN: You and I know exactly how they’re connecting the dots. That’s what this is really about. This is as much about religion as it is about gender, and that’s the connection between Hillary and Barack Obama – that they’re somehow squishy on this thing.

    Curious, what exactly is your threshold for turning the channel again?

  252. We have had some interesting weather since yesterday, tornadoes, large hail, wind damage and now cold rain and wind with earlier snow in western Nebraska, west.

    311. Yes, you could say in general, Hitler was the Putin of his day with enough qualifications to fill a ware house. Europeans are some of the most irritable and best armed people in the world. Over the years, borders have changed and stranded various nationals in what to them are foreign countries,.

    The evidence suggests that lying about Benghazi was for political reasons to change the results of an election by hiding a foreign policy failure. Therefore, your premise is correct, Rutherford. That in itself is grounds for outrage, because the government lied to cover itself and influence an election.

    The State Department appears to have been poorly organized.

    A more basic question is did the administration allow our ambassador to work in unsafe conditions to satisfy a foreign policy scenario which told us Al Quiada was finished thanks to Obama. Why did the State Department ignore Boko Haram’s extremist religious murders and violence until some kidnapped girls captured the world’s attention?

    Is it connected to a failed foreign policy decision related to Benghazi and ultimately to the Arab Spring which I predicted here would fail?

    We need an independent investigation because this administration has proven itself unworthy of our trust.

  253. “Courious, what exactly is your threshold for turning the channel again?”

    Thisislotta is a Finish YouTube site She is an eighteen-year old who sometimes discusses what it is like to be Finish and the differences between American and Finish schools. Huck or rabbit might be able to let their students watch the videos.

    She told how after she returned home, she had to speak before the entire school about her exchange student year in Huntsville, Ala. “I was afraid I would cry and vomit all over myself, but I didn’t. So actually, it went pretty well. My standards are pretty low.”

    Rutherford’s “standards are pretty low.”

  254. If Hillary runs for president and if she is fairly reported, she will become a political “Suicide Blonde” in XS.

  255. Don’t worry about not making sense. They’re college students. They are used to not understanding what people smarter than they are tell them.


    Don’t know if my fellow cracka brothers have been picking up on the latest “paradigm” of the Prog Party when the fatuous charges of racism didn’t work and had run their course. But the new buzzword now popular amongst the younger useful idiots still for Obama has switched from racism and homophobia to ‘privilege.’

    This article provides some damn good retorts to these dumbasses, especially Ivy League Progs.

    Like this: Accuse them of adhering to a transphobic cisnormative paradigm and start shrieking “Hate crime!” 😈

    I still contend the best ammunition to face off with liberals, one that has never failed me, is to simply laugh uncontrollably at them and point fingers.

    I Checked My Privilege, And It’s Doing Just Fine

  256. G I saw that exchange. As I said earlier in the thread Hardball is one show I watch pretty consistently.

    Did they have to go there? No. But there is a portion of the base who feels that Obama is soft on radical Islam because he is a secret Muslim. Do you deny that portion of the base exists?

  257. My limited understanding of Boko Haram. We didn’t want to overreach and piss them off further making us and others a target. One mans restraint is another mans appeasement.

    Second we had a corrupt Nigerian military that we did not want to get in bed with.

    As I wrote earlier, the leaders of Boko were cited as terrorists even if the org was not.

  258. “But there is a portion of the base who feels that Obama is soft on radical Islam because he is a secret Muslim. Do you deny that portion of the base exists?”

    And what they sent out was a dog whistle to signal to the left base that any negative opinions regarding Hillary/Obama and Boko Haram are only coming about because those people think Obama is a Muslim.

    Do you deny that’s how it works?

  259. “But there is a portion of the base who feels that Obama is soft on radical Islam because he is a secret Muslim.”

    I don’t think Obama’s that committed.

  260. “We didn’t want to overreach and piss them off further making us and others a target. One mans restraint is another mans appeasement.”


  261. “Do you not agree that our enthusiasm over the “Arab Spring” was incredibly naive?”

    Who is “our?”

  262. “Second your chronology (again echoed on Fox) is wrong. Hillary’s concussion occurred long after Rice’s appearance on TV Hillary’s concussion interfered with her testimony to the Senate subcommittee, not the Sunday shows.

    I remember reading somewhere that as Sec of State Hillary almost always delegated the “full Ginsburg” to others.”

    First, my mistake is not the same as being fed misinformation. Second Hillary is one of a small handful that HAS done the full Ginsburg.

    I need to stop reading before I vomit or scream, neither of which I’m yearning to do at the moment.

    I do love when you’re talkative though Rutherford. It entertains me to no end.

  263. 328, Try again, Rutherford.

    Boko Haram was burning Christians and others alive. Even a writer for the Huffington Post urged Hillary to declare Boko Haram a terrorist organization. So did the FBI, DOJ, and the CIA. We could have more effectively fought the organization with such a designation. John Kerry finally listed them as a terrorist organization last November.

    You claim we don’t want to over reach and anger them, but then why did we name other groups terrorists and not them? Why was Boko Haram so special? You are being illogical. You are also appolgizing for Hillary’s failures.

    I brought this up first, and so far… as Charlie Sheen said in his earlier rants, I’m “WINNING!” You have nothing to counter my argument,

    Its as good for me as winning a game of checkers.

  264. 332 Who’s enthusiasm for the Arab Spring was naive? Certainly not I as we know. Several others were just as suspicious,

    I hope you are more careful when you buy a car than when you decide something like the Arab Spring is a good idea.

  265. Another fundamental question must be asked:

    What changed between the time we did not designate Boko Haram a terrorist group and the time we did designate them a terrorist group?

  266. Rutherford back in #249 I mentioned what you bring up re Boko and I find it believable.
    One of the things that has probably helped change things other than the obvious PR slant is the changes in US military deployments and renewed cooperation from the likes of France.

  267. Muffy I watch the Sunday shows religiously and I don’t recall EVER seeing her do the full Ginsburg as Secretary of state. I’ll try and Google it later.

  268. Ok James, time to mock Alfie now? I wasn’t backing Hillary. I was offering an explanation I’ve heard that was more articulately stated by Alfie.

  269. “But there is a portion of the base who feels that Obama is soft on radical Islam because he is a secret Muslim. Do you deny that portion of the base exists?” – R

    Huck’s comment in #329 says it all, especially in context with the quote from Turbo Timmy (#326), which is a much more damning indictment of the lefts use of “dog whistles”:

    “I remember during one Roosevelt Room prep session before I appeared on the Sunday shows, I objected when Dan Pfeiffer wanted me to say Social Security didn’t contribute to the deficit. It wasn’t a main driver of our future deficits, but it did contribute. Pfeiffer said the line was a ‘dog whistle’ to the left, a phrase I had never heard before. He had to explain that the phrase was code to the Democratic base, signaling that we intended to protect Social Security.”

    I think Piss Pots exist on both sides, but this is far simpler than that. The driver behind the actions of this Regime is domestic political power. Obama acts purely out of perspective, so, like Huck said, Obama and Hillary have accountability for their designations, or non-designations, and since this Regime believes they are unaccountable, efforts to do such, whether in the media, through elections, or Congressionally, MUST be repulsed, and so Tingles and the left in general proceed to attack the messengers as crack pots and conspiracy theorists, because if they discredit the messenger, then no one will listen to the message.

    It has been the exact same tactic WRT race. Criticize the Regime for its policies and you’re doing so because you hate black people, never mind that there are legitimate concerns over the policies and actions of the Regime. Racism.

  270. I just pictured Rutherford nervously taking heed to MSNBC feverishly hoping some kind of excuse is given for why Clinton stopped the killer Nigerian terrorist group from being officially deemed as such.

    Um um um we didn’t want to piss them off to make them mad at us.

    What a shame it is when at man uses his brain only to defend Team.

    But….admittedly…it is kind of funny.

  271. Rutherford, I didn’t read alfies, explanation. If he wrote it first, you still implied you agreed. I don’t care if my own mother had written that justifcation, It was worthy of mockery.

    A super cell storm produced at least 14 tornadoes over a period of three hours before evolving into a bow echo with 80 to 90 MPH wind late on Mother’s day.A meteorologist described it as fantastically unbelievable,

    So is “we didn’t want to piss them off to make them mad at us.” The storm was real. Hillary’s excuse was fantasy

  272. Well, well. Today the curtains are pulled back once again. And what do we find? Uncle Warren donating over a billion for abortions. I wonder how many of those were minority, Rutherford? Not that I am accusing you of being in bed, as I find you quite reasonable about the issue. But I do want to wake you up to the people you’re sleeping with in the same room.

    I become more convinced by the day that jolly, old Warren Buffett is one of Obama’s rich, crony capitalist, puppet masters. Like Soros.

    Margaret Sanger and Uncle Warren…

  273. Most people haven’t heard of Boko Haram until this kidnapping event, though they have been terrorizing Nigerians for years. The reason we did not label them a terrorist group earlier is because we were funneling arms to them indirectly and everyone knows it is illegal to sell arms to terrorists. Ollie North and Iran contra, anyone?

    The group was developed to destabilize Nigeria and has been aligned with AQ, another group we established and now fight as terrorists. The group terrorizes the various religious sects causing division and mistrust, the same thing that went on in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria…

    A recent report in the Nigerian THEWILL magazine detailed links to Mauritanian ex premiere Maaouya Ould Taya, the dictator who seized power in a coup in 1984 and led Mauritania as president and Prime Minister till he was ousted in 2005 and fled through Banjul Gambia to Doha, Qatar where he now resides under impunity.

    The former soldier, who was a strong ally of the United States, France and Israel during his reign, has lived in Doha, Qatar with his family since August 22, 2005, after he was offered asylum in the Arab state, the report gathered.

    The Algerian government Sunday announced that it has credible intelligence that Boko Haram has linked up with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) which has its North African headquarters in Algeria. Deputy Foreign Minister, Abdelkader Messahel told journalists that intelligence report show both groups have been coordinating. We have no doubts that coordination exists between Boko Haram and al Qaeda, Messahel said.

    So here we have another destabilization campaign set out to destroy another country for the benefit of the oligarchs. It’s what we do. It’s what our military is for, really.

  274. “Muffy I watch the Sunday shows religiously and I don’t recall EVER seeing her do the full Ginsburg as Secretary of state. I’ll try and Google it later.”

    Don’t bother, R. I wasn’t referring to her doing one during her tenure as Sec of State – just that she did one, unless I’m mistaken about that.

    Don’t let me rain on your pouncing on me for my error parade. I’m sure you caught my drift in any case.

    The more I see of Hillary the more overrated I think she is. She doesn’t really give an answer nor does she say a whole lot of anything when she responds to questions.

    Hard to imagine but you’re going to have to lower your standards even further than you did with Obama to make Hillary your queen.

  275. Poolman, ordinarily I read one of your conspiracies and think “its just Poolman being Poolman again, let’s read what he has to say.” This time, you may be on to something, I’ve read about Boko Haram for awhile, but not enough to do more than recognize the name, I don’t know about the overlord stuff, but it may be related to the policy which led to the Benghazi attacks.

    Boko Haram should be part of the investigation, but it probably won’t be.

    Warren Buffet is an Omaha boy, of course, so we already know he supports Planned Parenthood. The amount is stunning. Hillary is his first love.He hosted dinners for her in 2008, Daddy Warbucks has had some differences with Obama, including over the Keystone Pipeline,.

    Warren bought our power company It will be renamed Berkshire Hathaway.

    His stock holders meeting was held a couple of weeks ago. Stockholders get to shop in businesses his holding company owns on discount, A young couple looked for rings, and Warren was at the counter. The man got on his knees, proposed, and after the woman said “yes,” Warren produced champaign glasses, and toasted the couple.

    My aunt and others around here bought stock when it was cheap forty or fifty years ago. It made them rich,

  276. “The more I see of Hillary the more overrated I think she is. She doesn’t really give an answer nor does she say a whole lot of anything when she responds to questions.”

    In the era of identity politics, she has the only qualification that counts for the largest segment of the simpleton liberal base.

    Well, two.

    She is a democrat.

  277. @ James .By no means am I one to deny US operations have and do exist that appear nefarious at best the pool is a lot deeper than knee jerk “its the CIA man”! folks want you to buy into.
    I would put it to you that Boko Haram & Benghazi are not related. I’d further stip that Amb. Stevens was probably involved or deep in the know of CIA operation,one that did not involve Syria,Egypt or Nigeria though. Lastly I’d say the operation was focused on Libya with the Sahel being closely tied in as well. (Mali & Algeria)

  278. alfie, I view the world by what happened to me, as much as what I read. Human behavior doesn’t change.

    I believe Boko Haram and Benghazi are related in the sense that the administration wanted to advertise a victory against al Quiada after bin ladin’s murder to burnish its foreign policy credentials. That has been arguably documented. The relationship between the two problems has not been,

    I agree with you that, the operation was focused on Libya with Boko Haram an independent problem, but I also believe a similar mind set operated with Boko Haram, “Don’t do anything which detracts from our story until after the election.” That is the main connection I see between the two. It is also why I’d wish but don’t expect Boko Haram to be part of the next investigation.

    Was it part of the same foreign policy mistake or was it not? I am being as complementary toward the administration as possible. .

  279. Since our media is strictly propaganda, you need to go outside the mainstream for the truth what we are up to. I wonder who’s paying for this? For those who can’t read German…

    Hundreds of US mercenaries are directing the repression of pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine by the fascist forces of the NATO puppet regime in Kiev, according to German media reports.
    They are employed by the firm previously known as Blackwater, a massive private military contracting firm founded by former US Navy SEAL Erik Prince. The firm was renamed Xe in 2009 and then Academi in 2011, trying to evade the infamy attached to its original name due to its massacres of civilians in US-occupied Iraq.
    They are now coordinating the attacks by the fascist Right Sector militia, the Kiev regime’s National Guard, and groups of football hooligans that have led to hundreds of casualties across east Ukraine.

  280. Ok so it is inevitable that we are going to talk about this, so let’s get it on….

    First off, I’m not a real big fan of Karl Rove’s He’s one of those boisterous loudmouths that just really turns me off to a person.

    I was kind of getting a chuckle out of his whole “Does Hillary have brain damage” thing, and trying to decide what I thought of it. I know he is…unclear…on a few facts, and seems to be just sort of throwing the rest out there.

    And then I remembered a couple things….

    The first thing I remembered was Harry Reid’s “someone told me Mitt Romney doesn’t pay taxes..let him prove I am wrong.” Now before we discount this, we need to remember that this was coming from the Senate Majority Leader,—during election campaigning—and not some comment troll.

    The next thing that came to mind was this recent claim that Obama spreads lies on purpose in order to troll the GOP into outrage, which then keeps an issue at the top of a discussion list.

    Both of those things sound EXACTLY like what Rove is doing now. And so, because of that, I say go for it. Reid didn’t end up suffering 1 bit for his BS tactics. Obama hasn’t suffered 1 bit for his. So why shouldn’t both sides be playing the same game?

    Let’s see Hillary’s health records to prove she is healthy. Health records aren’t any more private than tax records. While we’re at it, we better see Uncle Joe’s most recent records, too. After all, he’s had brain issues in the past. And they are both not getting any younger.

    game on, muthafuckas

  281. Rabbit you made an ass of yourself. Let me repeat– I was not defending Hillary. I was repeating the reasoning that I heard which obviously Alfie had heard also.

    As I said earlier one mans restraint is another mans appeasement.

  282. Muffy you have no idea what a quandary Hillary puts me in. I do NOT want her to be the standard bearer of my political beliefs. I’m gonna be in a real fix in 2016 if GOP nominates a damn fool.

  283. “I was repeating the reasoning that I heard”

    I did a bit of research on this, and it seems that the reasoning was either supported by, or possibly even motivated by, multiple reports and advice from several “experts”.

    So, while it still seems to have been the wrong move, it wasn’t something her and Obama just pulled out of their ass.

    For whatever that’s worth….

    “Why not drone strike the mother fuckers? Does a terrorist designation get us any closer to that?”

    It may well, among other things.

  284. @ Rutherford I’ve been looking at all this for a while from a diverse set of sources and there are a number of things nagging me.
    First and forest is the issue that applies to other things,connecting dots. I’m of the opinion that a lot of the dot connecting amounts to scribble time at the insane asylum.
    Second that there are dots is undeniable I just think there are far more logical lines to be drawn,lines that are ignored by those seeking their “truth”.

    Alfie are you disputing that Stevens was funneling arms to Syria?

    Yeah I am and I’ll elaborate on what I’m coming to believe he was doing.
    Libya has an established weapons transiting heir achy. This was established during the Khaddafi years ergo it was pretty easy to acquire and move weapons after disposing of him and his.
    The chatter that the USA and Stevens had to sneak things is illogical. The Qataris are sending stuff out in plain view via QAF cargo jets.Ships have left Tripoli as well bound for Turkey fully laden with arms.
    The Libyan government has reached out to others to help stem the weapons migration. They have done this for two reasons. One they don’t want to be pariah state. The other they want the arms controlled so their internal opposition doesn’t stay better armed than themselves.
    The entities implicated in the attack in Benghazi were profiting from arms shipments. I think logic dictates that the USA perhaps were readying to steady the recognized government and actually clamp down on weapons flow. A couple of things gel with this. Libaya NOT being a basket case is/was indeed in the Obama/USA best interest realm. The regular folks of Benghazi were genuinely saddened and insulted by the attack occurring and purged the Islamists in their midsts themselves.
    Ergo I think Stevens was more likely involved in identifying players the USA no longer wanted to play with and as such was targeted.

  285. Karl Rove is an establishment Republican who uses his political, crony connections for self. That’s one step above a Leftist Dim as far as I’m concerned.

    Having said that, I find myself in agreement with our resident godless Huck. Harry Reid has flat out lied on so many occasions, I’ve lost count. Equally as bad are Reid’s accusations without proof, his character assassinations, and his slander. I still can’t reconcile how the man escapes legality that would have all of us in the slammer.

    So why shouldn’t Karl Rove throw out accusations and see what sticks? Dims have been doing that for my entire lifetime and getting away with it, the millions of dupes too dumb to know the difference between truth and fiction. I’d be accusing Hillary Rotten of voodoo, family slave trading, and hating Mexican food for the next two years.

    I’ll make a prediction. I was wrong about Obama being reelected, so my political predictions may not be any better than Rutherford’s as I have almost no handle on America anymore we’re in such decline. The America I thought I knew doesn’t exist. We’re as stupid as the rest of the world about finance, for instance.

    I know Clinton wants to be President so bad, she can taste it. But I’m also aware, unlike her philandering husband, Hillary Rotten doesn’t have the gift of escape with the ‘aw shucks’ either. She’s not likable like Slick and she comes across as scalding bitch about 99% of the time. There’s a lot of cradle to grave Dims like Rutherford that don’t like her much either. They’ll vote for her, but there won’t be any relegating her to deity like they did with President Bummer.

    And I’ve seen Hillary look like she’s got one foot in the grave many a time. I’m not sure she’s got the endurance for a down and nasty two year race, because unlike the black Obama, she’s not off limits. And she’s got a record – a miserable one, littered with dead people.

    And it won’t surprise me in the least after all this talk, that Hillary Rotten isn’t the Dim nomination in 2016. I still think somewhere, the insufferable and unashamed liar Lizzie Warren becomes the Dims favored “you go girl.”

  286. 362 I tend to agree with alfie, though the next investigation may enlighten us. My hunch is that some people were angry and vented their spleen to make a point. I think we could have been negotiating an arms sale or were actually providing arms, but reneged for reasons similar to alfie’s. In simple terms, it may have been an aborted deal gone bad. Another possibility is that we annoyed one group because we provided arms to another, but Iike alfie’s theory better.

  287. Karl Rove is right. Hillary had a serious brain injury. She had a concussion with a blood clot. She allegedly wore glasses designed to correct double vision, He shouldn’t have said it unless he wanted to be in the news, but to say Hillary had a serious brain injury without implying current damage is correct. If she runs, we need to know the state of her health.

    I had a serious brain injury during a drunk-driver caused auto wreck. I was unconscious, and a couple of days later, my brain swelled a bit, That happened in 1977, and I am fine, though some of you may dispute me, Hillary probably is also fine, but we need confirmation if she runs,

  288. Poolman, Ukrainians are quietly moving into the Heartland. A few are beginning to work in Sioux City area meat packing plants which have traditionally been the domain of Hispanics.

    I like the few Ukrainians I have met. They are smart, tough, and pragmatic. Ukraine does have a fascist element, and actress Mila Kunis’ family moved to the US because they suffered the effects of anti- semitism.

    Many western and also eastern Ukrainians do not want the Russians to destroy their country. Most are trying to live their lives. They travel to and from countries like Poland and have eyes to see their relative economic poverty compared to more western oriented countries, As we know, Ukraine also has a large ethnic Russian minority, many of whom carry fond memories of the Soviet Union,To say the movement is dominated by fascists is as wrong as saying one or two conservative wealthy people controlled the early Tea Party.

    VIKA, a Ukrainian pop star has been an important publicizer of the Ukrainian protest movement at some risk to herself. She is just one person,but she illustrates the people who are not fascists. Check Vika Live at Soyuzivka, NY I Am Not Alone on YouTube. UY, UKRAINIAN REVOLUTION 2013-2014 “Letters to UKaine.”

  289. I can’t stand Rove either. I can’t stand “strategists” in general. When the word “strategist” appears in the annotation below the face I immediately discount the prattle. Paul Begala might be the king of dickwads in that regard but it’s a big stage we’d need to hold that pageant.

  290. It just seems so bizarre that a track record of positives with regard to work history is so inconsequential to the fitness for the highest office in the land. But now we’re electing “standard bearers” without applying any standards to them in the first place so it’s not like any of this makes sense anyway.

  291. Gotta watch those Anglos….

    LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – All Frank Otero wanted was a little help getting the word out about his campaign.

    After meeting with Rep. Miguel Garcia, D-Albuquerque, at a political event, Garcia reached out.

    “We talked on the phone he said he really wanted to help me and help my campaign,” Otero said.

    And Garcia stayed true to his word, sending an email addressed to “Fellow House Members, Senate Colleagues, Elected Official Friends” Monday night.

    That email enthusiastically backed Otero and fellow Valencia County Democrat Andrew Barreras in their bids in neighboring districts to unseat Republican Reps Kelly Fajardo and Alonzo Baldonado.

    But Garcia also lobbed race-based attacks against Otero and Barreras’ primary opponents, fellow Democrats Jim Danner and Teresa Smith de Cherif. Under a section titled “Treachery in Our Ranks Undermine Barreras and Otero”, Garcia wrote:

    “A minority of unsuspecting Democratic leaders are supporting the Democratic Anglo newcomer opponents in Andrew’s and Frank’s primary races. Anglo Democrats with egos as big as Texas, mouths as big as the Grand Canyon, and much “green” [moolah] from the East and the West Coast.”

    Garcia’s money reference appears to be more to Smith de Cherif, who has raised more than $10,000 of her campaign funds from out of state per finance records posted online.

  292. I hate roofing. I did it for 8 years straight, 4 seasons a year. But I would sign up in a heart beat for the remaining month instead of going to my current work. So damn sick of my job right now. Makes my skin crawl going in there. Cough cough….I feel sick. I aint going in.

  293. There was a crew redoing a roof on a house around the corner from me. I watched them for a bit from my back yard. They were fast and did a very clean and neat job. You could tell they all worked together for awhile. It was interesting to watch. They laid down some kind of rolled material on the flatter patio roof that was thicker than the regular heavy weight paper with a plastic backing they pulled off from under it after they laid it out. It must of had a tar emulsion or something, it didn’t even get nailed down. I would have liked to have known about that material when I did my patio roof summer before last. Probably costs a lot more, but it sure looked spiffy.

    Those guys started early and worked late Wednesday and Thursday. They finished around noon Friday. I don’t know if I could do roofing this time of year out here. It gets pretty hot, especially where there ain’t any shade. It has cooled down to a comfortable 84 on the patio now that the sun has set.

  294. Poolman, did they torch it? I remember some very thick ice and water shield for flat areas but we would torch it on. Couldn’t of just been valley roll if they just laid it down.

  295. “So damn sick of my job right now. Makes my skin crawl going in there. Cough cough….I feel sick. I aint going in. ”

    Miserable, miserable, miserable. Nothing worse. Sympathy to you.

    What do you do?

  296. Last June, our new born grand daughter was labeled microencephalic with a pointed and somewhat misshapen head. Her development would likely be two or three years behind, and she might at some point suffer seizures.

    As you know, we poured every thing we had into her brain. A panel evaluated her two weeks ago. Their preliminary report is that our grand daughter has unusual focus and problem solving skills,. She has a sense of humor, and she is not shy. She is normal, though her head borders on microencephalic. It looks normal now,

    She can now operate a television remote control to change channels, and she turned the television on yesterday. She has also learned how to practice deception,

    This may have happened without us, but whatever caused it, is good.

    Roofing in summer is a horrible job worthy of respect. Last summer, I patched a hole on our garage roof. I didn’t wear gloves and I burned my hand,

    I iike the video

  297. What do you do?

    If you’re old enough, what we did. 🙂 Say F U.

    But let me forewarn you, Rabbit. You know those wood floors and recent plumbing project I did at my house, including building my cedar closet? Kept me pretty busy over the winter.

    Next Monday, I’m going to see an orthopedist for my left knee, with my right one right behind him. Right now, it hurts to walk the dog four blocks.

    I’ve come to a terrible conclusion, one that is troubling to say the least.

    If you’re not sitting on your ass like Poolman in a cab running big equipment instead of physically moving equipment and tools, you best leave it be after turning about 45-50.

    Physical labor of up and down on your knees is definitely for the young. You may get lucky like James and have the genetics. But the chances, especially the way you’re built, are very good osteoarthritis is in the works if you’re not careful.

  298. Lol. The only cab I sit in is my Tundra. My whole day is spent getting up and down. Then I usually come home and dig holes for plants or hand mix and pour concrete pads. I get sorer sitting behind this desktop. Though the other day I pulled in a new pool light and the conduit was so small and with so many bends, it did kick my butt and took most of the day.


    No torch, rabbit. I’ve seen that system. This was almost like laying carpet. There’s no pieces left around to sample. Those guys did a hellofa cleanup.

  299. Watch out, James. That tv remote gives power. Grandchildren are great. I decided my newest does like me. I was there the other night and he smiled really big and grabbed a handful of my beard and started squealing. Then he grabbed two handfuls and squealed again. Then I put my face in his and kissed him on his cheeks which left him laughing.

  300. “Roofing in summer is a horrible job worthy of respect.”

    I swear to you its worse in the winter. We would go up on that slippery roof and sweep the snow off. Everything hurts in the winter and you make no money.
    Ha ha….Tex….I can’t quit. I got the golden handcuffs on.

    I prostitute myself and play my little role in a diseased system. Circus bear for summers off with my family.

    Its a pathetic job for a man’s ego.

    They knit picked me on my evaluation because I’m not a building “leader”.

    Some of you know my little charity I pulled off at work..(don’t bring it up here)..cracked me up. I didn’t join one of their failed committees. I took the initiative and made my own one up that directly saved a life. Saved a real human being!!!!! But I fail on leadership. Dumb asses didn’t even read the newspaper the week of my evaluation.

    Come to find out their little plan is to have this “leadership” box be the merit pay decider. I shit you not, the worst….THE WORST employees are the ones that got that box checked. They do every bureaucratic committee possible. You should see these hags and effeminate blowhards . They will spend two hours talking about data they all know is fake like North Koreans. You’ve never seen a bigger waste time. It’s straight out Jospeh Heller’s novel, Catch 22. That poor liberal Heller….he didn’t realize that he wrote the most hilarious incrimination of government madness of all time.

    Did I mention I make people cry all the time at work? Adults! On the few times I put my foot down and voiced my opinion..someone cried!!!

    I’m a bully they whisper behind my back.

    Sometimes I wish there was a reprogramming center. I would just voluntarily go and happily join the other gold fish.

    The newest fad is that you can’t assess kids if they skip class. Truancy and tardiness…(and by actual law-suspensions) can’t be held against them. They want you to asses them on only what they do when they are there.


    class of 33…..14 will get special accommodations. 8 will be on psycho active drugs originally meant only for….psychotic people.

    That is what kids see now. Dozens of kids getting special treatment because Mommy found one of the thousands of doctors cashing in on the ADHD scam. ADHD…..the great badge of honor.

    Please don’t hold it against me when you see this generation in the work world. That being said…I deserve your scorn.

    God help us.

  301. The only cab I sit in is my Tundra. My whole day is spent getting up and down. Then I usually come home and dig holes for plants or hand mix and pour concrete pads.

    Is that code for living on the dole again? 🙂

    Shit Poolman, with two bad knees, I’d still turn you upside down just thinking about it… 🙂

    I built a fence some weeks back mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow and digging the posts. Child’s play. Let me put you to work or stick your lame ass up on a roof carrying 85lbs of shingles up a ladder, and I’ll guarantee you won’t be doing jumping jacks for the remainder of your days.

  302. Did I mention I make people cry all the time at work? Adults! On the few times I put my foot down and voiced my opinion..someone cried!!!

    LOL! I knew we were brothers of a distant past. I did the same thing in Corporate America and got run off for not being a “team” player – I was a “cynic.” I laughed at them when they accused me of that. I told them if it takes them a week to come up with a mission statement, they’re either stupid or should be doing infomercials. That went over big with HR and Executive Management.

    When I wasn’t laughing at them, I made them cry. I told one of the ‘bosses’, “Mary, you know what your problem is with me? Nobody likes you.” This mouthy bitch sat there in silence and started weeping, after browbeating people for 20 years. I’m telling you Rabbit. The biggest cowards I ever met were the political browbeaters in Corporate America.

    I must have been told 100 times, you’re soooooo smart and soooooo talented. But… And I would retort even more cynically for the abject phoniness and cloying.

    The people under my umbrella loved me. I left them alone to do there jobs, treated like adults, was honest when they did well and when they screwed up, and was friendly every morning. If they were ten minutes late, who cares? The “evaluation” was always a formality. They knew where they stood everyday. And that’s it. That’s what real people, real adults, want in a boss.

    The only thing these politicians posing as education experts could lead is masses of dumbasses over a cliff.

    And they are doing so…

  303. “Let me put you to work or stick your lame ass up on a roof carrying 85lbs of shingles up a ladder.”

    Toughest job I ever had was working with a group or Irish immigrants roofing in Boston. I was the peon. I carried sacks of shingles on each shoulder up the ladders. It was rest to have dropped the last sack so I could sit to tack them into place (and roast). I would lie in pain all night only to get up and do it again.

    I don’t remember any crews going out in the winter but I’m sure plenty did. That would be tough.

  304. “I built a fence some weeks back mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow and digging the posts.”

    lol…..I’ve done easily over a 500 roof jobs. Only working concrete put me in an ambulance. That shit almost killed me! I was paralyzed for 12 hours. My face didn’t work for a day.I looked like JR from WWE! Overheated and pissed mud.

  305. “It was rest to have dropped the last sack so I could sit to tack them into place (and roast).’

    We called that job the Roof Bitch. I did that my first year on the crew. The only person lower is the “chew toy”. An alcoholic hired solely for us to pick on when it got too hot.

    I actually roofed two summers ago. I changed. I was afraid of falling off the roof. Just couldn’t bear the work anymore.

    Man do I have some roofing stories. You don’t know Detroit until you watch it from way above on a 12 pitch, perched on a bracket.

  306. LOL LOL LOL

    Circus bear attacks handler and then calms down and rides scooter.

    Fucking cracking up

    That is hilarious. The headline is an all time classic.

  307. uh….you were Roof Bitch….and you did have it the worst….

    Chew Toy doesn’t do shit. Just picks up nails, goes on store runs and fucks the order up…sweeps the granules off the plywood and driveway….

  308. I just put in my application to teach History at a local community college and am working on getting my equivalencies dealt with so I can teach some Poli Sci, too….and that includes Model United Nations!

    Yeah I know what you guys think of it, but I’m excited about the prospect.

  309. Fence posts in OK? 😆 I’ve spent plenty of time in my younger days on the blister end of a set of postholediggers. I don’t think they even sell them here in AZ. Out here you often dig with a jackhammer. That’s pretty much standard digging utensil here. Plumbers have them. Electricians too. The concrete is usually the easiest part of that endeavor.

    I have been working concrete since I was 18. Everything with concrete. It will develop your core and balance. Try wheeling full loads over a 2 X 12 ramp from 6am till noon. That will make any cold beer taste good.

    I can’t work as hard and long as I could when I was younger, but the body still performs when you force it to. It may take a little longer to recover is all.

  310. Is that code for living on the dole again?

    Nah. I am very busy with pool stuff. One day I’m running electric. Another day I’m plumbing in a heater or a new pump. One day I’m tiling, or tying steel, or doing a sales presentation. Or I could be sitting at this PC working up plans for my excavator or interior crew.

    I’m actually supporting 2 households right now and my 57 year old knees are working great.

  311. I’m actually supporting 2 households right now and my 57 year old knees are working great.

    Apparently, they had a lot of time to rest up… 😈 I’m just giving you chitte.

    Nah, you may one of the lucky ones, Poolman – like James. That and the fact you didn’t get soft sitting in an office for 25 years like I did. And like you, I can still do it. But you’re absolutely right the recovery time ain’t what it used to be. I hate concrete by the way – almost as much as I hate mudding – hence building the cedar closets instead.

    It’s possible I may have torn a meniscus – or it’s not there. But you would think if you had injured yourself, you could say I did it when….I can’t. This has just progressively been getting worse. Hopefully, I get my first MRI next week. If they’re half as good as the 3D oral CT I took last week, should be fascinating. This machine was something else. All digital.

  312. If I didn’t have two of my own about this age, I would hold no hope for this generation of marginal dumbasses… 😡 This is what comprises our “elite” student anymore.

    Sorry gang. As a 21 year old, I was never so self-assured of my own importance of abject stupidity.

    Thankfully, my own children are the antithesis of these imbeciles.

  313. Poolman your grand son shows good judgement to like you

    Maybe you do have genes like mine. I hope so. It is awful to see people younger than you suffering from arthritis etc. My aunt was the eldest of five children, and she was the last to die at two weeks from 100. She said “Its not right. I should have been the first to go,”

    I’m happy for you Huck. I trained for a career like that but quit when the political mood let me see the light and become a farmer.

    “Hey little water boy. where is that water boy? Bring the buck bucket down, And if you don’t like your job, you can throw that buck bucket down,,,: The Fendermen and about every other singer in the world Mule Skinner Blues.

    rabbit’s description of chew toy reminded me of that song.

  314. Grandchildren are fun. Fortunately I get to see all three of mine regularly. They are my future and I invest quality time with them.

    I feel fortunate to be in such good health. I was not into sports, but have kept active. I have improved my diet and that has made a big difference, though it really lets me know when I eat something that isn’t good. That has kept any splurging to a minimum. My Italian side has good longevity. All of them lived well into their 90’s with few medical issues. They ate lots of fat and drank plenty of wine and none were overweight.

    The other side died off much younger. My dad at 41, his older brother at 39, his mom and dad in their late 60’s. His youngest brother made it to 70. Cancers and heart issues. All were lifetime smokers. Dad’s parents both alcoholic.

    I pray for people with health issues all the time. Many times they could be healthier if they changed their consumption habits. These organic machines need the right ingredients to fully function, like any other machine. We don’t often think that way, but often that alone affects our whole being and our outlook. I guess we got too smart for that. Lol.

    I know you’ve been keeping up with the events in Ukraine. I thought this was a good article, though most here don’t like the source.

    “We are all east Ukrainians now.”

    Well, it is over. The people of East Ukraine have spoken and they have chosen freedom… freedom from being ruled over by a foreign-backed Western coup for its own selfish goals.
    The honor of carrying the symbolic torch of universal freedom now passes from America’s hands to these East Ukrainians, a tragic dishonor for the disenfranchised American people who had nothing to do with this.

  315. One can say a lot about Ukraine. Anyone saying the referendums held in the east are not a fraud upon humanity though is talking trash.

  316. Ironic that the folks behind the death penalty cocktail shortages are outraged that states are looking at alternatives from the past.

  317. Vocal East Ukrainian opponents of merger with Russia are arming themselves or leaving home for the West because pro- Russians are threatening, beating, and kidnapping them. The majority stays quiet and lives as normally as possible so far. As alfie wrote the referendums are a “fraud upon humanity.”

    Poolman, I read to a British study on the Drudge Report. If you are 50 and can stand tip toe on one foot with your eyes shut for ten seconds, your chances of good vitality at age seventy are better than if you cannot balance for ten seconds. I don’t know if the trick is accurate, but it would be fun for you to try. I can still hop on my foot on tip toe.

  318. So you think our country is getting better, hey “R”?

    And I don’t mean to pick on you, as you one of the better, more clear thinking Leftists – a left handed compliment designating just how fucked up and putrid the Progressive Party really is.

    Consider this sick fact.

    We’ve got men who have honorably served our country, residing in Arizona, who were wait listed for healthcare after being promised healthcare availability, some who died waiting. And to make this even more egregious, apparently there are a few chosen who received bonuses by lying about the number of people treated while these veterans waited.

    And yet…

    No less than Chuck Hagel has stepped in to authorize a traitor, Private Bradley Manning – excuse me Chelsey Manning, to receive hormone treatments and civilian prison to treat his ‘gender disorder’ treatment.

    There are millions like you who are of the belief we are living in a more enlightened generation, and that the same government who oversees this sick fact, should handle a single payer system for healthcare applicable to everyone.

    And you wonder why I find your mindset inferior? 😐

  319. Rick Perry’s rain prayers are a close second, though.

    On a similar note, the quickest way for any of these GOP candidates to lose my support is to announce they are running because God told them to. I’m already sensing a trend.

    To me, that sounds wishy washy. “Oh..I really didn’t want to run for the highest office in the land. I only did it because God told me to”

    Sorry, I want someone who WANTS to lead the country.

  320. And before anyone gets excited about the Rick Perry thing, I’m just fucking with Tex and used that as a lead in for my main point.

  321. Al Capone was a notorious criminal, but for all he did, tax evasion brought him down

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Veterans Administration scandal did it to Obama? The VA has had problems since before Obama, and Obama’s management style has made matters worse, but unlike Fast and Furious, ObamaCare and other scandals, the entire blame can’t fairly stick to the Democrats. But maybe it will this time.

    I can hope.

    I stayed out of the VA system because I don’t trust the government. Wise me.

    I agree with Huck.

  322. It is the season of high school graduations. The song which will always bring thoughts of graduates entering their new lives is “Closing Time” by Semisonic.

  323. Well James, I can stand on the one foot with my eyes closed almost indefinitely UNTIL I lift up onto my tip toe. Then I can’t do it long unless I hop all around. I can only go 3 or 4 seconds standing still. I could count real fast, but that isn’t fair. I’ll have to practice.

    My BIL is going through the VA system right now. A lot of positives and a lot of negatives. They really need to assign each person a concierge to get them through the red tape. The military doctors really did a number on him back in the days he was in and now he is trying to get relief. It has been a long and extensive process. There are plenty of good people involved, but the system is well fucked.

  324. Our graduation theme was “The Way We Were”, Barbara Streisand.

    Memories, like the corners of my mind, misty watercolor memories, of the way we were…

    I think every other graduation had the same theme song that year.

  325. “Well James, I can stand on the one foot with my eyes closed almost indefinitely UNTIL I lift up onto my tip toe. ”

    I was going to rip on both you two dust bags and your senior Olympics until I tried to stand on one foot with my eyes closed and realized I can’t do it. WTF!

    Is that a bad sign of something and should I try to improve on it?

  326. Sorry, I want someone who WANTS to lead the country.

    Says the man who apparently believes the feckless U.N., one world government by another name, is a viable entity for oversight and leadership and wants to make his life’s work helping to establish the U.N. goal of gross global ineptitude. Obama pales….even “R”‘s got more sense than thinking Iran is upstanding member on the Human Right’s Council.

    So it comes down to simple question for me. Do you believe in the power of Vuk Jeremić? Or, do you believe in the power of Jesus?


    I guess on the bright side, you can’t possibly make the U.N. any worse, as I would certainly find you one of the brighter bulbs in the dimmest crowd. You got a few of the necessary prerequisites too. Profound Zionist hater – drive them into the Mediterranean. 😈

    Don’t mean to pull your strings there chief, but anybody not any more clairvoyant than that is not going to give me much offense when they mock my faith. Oh, and by the way. Those waving Bible Thumpers of Texas praying for rain? They are the one state that managed to create over 30% of the jobs in the rank Obama economy while Mexifornia burns. Buwahahahaha

    But here’s a suggestion if you want to make a HUGE difference in the New World Order. It only took your blue helmet brothers 49 days to get food to the Nigerian refugees. Truly outstanding humanitarian work.

    If you got a set, pick up a set of keys, put on the baby blue helmet, and hit the gas.


  327. On a different note, I’m tracking my expected son-in-law competing in the Texas Ironman. Fascinating…all this training while he completed his fourth year of medical school. He’s officially an MD at the end of this month.

    A few weeks back, he and my eldest ran a marathon for grins – I guess to warm up. These two are crazy.

    But I got to admit, I have never met two young people more disciplined than these two. Talk about rock hard. And neither of them are a bunch of walking skeletons either.

    It really does make me wonder if this is my kid. I may be the most undisciplined human on earth. 😈 A twist of genetic fate must have turned on some operon dormant in her daddy. And my wife is only step ahead of daddy. LOL What are the odds of that?

  328. I did something yesterday I haven’t done since high school. I worked on car. Yep.

    Here’s how deep the thievery at these service dealerships. First, the setup.

    I’ve got this 1997 V8 Explorer that wouldn’t be worth a plug nickel to anybody but me. Me and my mutt ride around in it. Half the things don’t work, including the speedometer. I haven’t changed the oil in it since the last Ice Age. The dog puked in the back a couple of months ago, and I cleaned up the chunks. That kind of a beater. My kids won’t ride in it. But my wife drove it to Mass last weekend. LOL. I love that woman.

    Anyway, it’s one of the older models that actually has real gauges. The voltage dropped to damn near zero last week while I was out hauling home a tree to plant. It got me home, but the headlights would barely come on. Obviously, the alternator was kaput. The dog and I have missed it because I damn sure am not going to let him chew the doors off anything else, so he hasn’t got to go for dinner.

    I called the nearest Ford dealership. They want $450 to change the alternator “without complications.”

    I ordered a new alternator from ‘Parts Geek’ for $112. Watched one youtube video with some yahoo changing out the alternator in a V6 Explorer. Took me 30 minutes to replace my own, and I had to stop to fold clothes in between. 🙂 Mechanic/homemaker.

    My neighbor slipped off and on the serpentine belt for me from above while I torqued the tensioner release below.

    Now I know damn well a professional mechanic could have done that in ten minutes. That’s theft to ask people to pay that. I don’t know what else you would call it.

    I took a picture of the motor and sent it to my girls and wife asking them to see if they could find the new part. The alternator looked like a shiny diamond in a coal mine. LOL My girls thought that was pretty funny.

    My girlfriend neighbor thought having to stop to fold clothes in the middle of the ‘operation’ was even funnier.

    I actually felt like a kid yesterday with all the tools out.

  329. The Way We Were? ** GUFFAW ** Is there anything more sappy than a high school graduation? Babs Streisand. I don’t know if you meant for that to be funny, Poolman, but it was.

    The 70s was one screwed up generation.

  330. Another graduation song is REM’s “Its the End of the World” Our son and his class had survived the farm recession, and they were anything but sappy.

    They invented their own version of No Child Left Behind. The class decided they would all escape or none would. A girl was raped, and the class took care of it as they did when parents of several died in accidents or because they had lost their land.The class operated in its own bubble.They were one large clique.They didn’t all like each other, but they had a common goal.

    Seventy percent of the class made the National Honor Society, and they earned more scholarship money than any previous class or any other for years later.

    Things fell apart when they separated. Our son attended a class mate’s younger brother’s high school graduation party after he graduated from college. The first thing the girl said to our son was “not many of us made it did we?”

    Most pulled themselves together during the following ten years.

    The REM song was their unofficial graduation song, and they sang it after the ceremony. No one was sappy. Grim determination better describes their mood.

    I’m proud of you Tex.

  331. I don’t think standing on tip toe means much generally. The Chicago Tribune Julie’s Health is an alternative health column. She quoted Consumer Reports on Health. The average time for someone aged with eyes closed is 18 to 30 is nine seconds, five seconds for 50 to 59 and less than three seconds for those older than 60.

    Other tricks include the number of times one can sit and rise from a chair in a minute and speed of walking. They supposedly reveal physical vitality and predict general life span.

    I wouldn’t worry too much.

    My wife, our daughter, grand daughter and I can roll our tongues. The genetic quirk may make it easier for one to wiggle one’s ears, which we can also do.

    Can you?

  332. “Says the man who apparently believes the feckless U.N., one world government by another name, is a viable entity for oversight and leadership”

    Feel free to show any comment I have ever made that comes anywhere close to that. My guess is I’ll be waiting until the Second Coming….

    “and wants to make his life’s work helping to establish the U.N. goal of gross global ineptitude.”

    It’s called a job. Remember those?

    “even “R”‘s got more sense than thinking Iran is upstanding member on the Human Right’s Council.”

    I think that, too.

    “They are the one state that managed to create over 30% of the jobs in the rank Obama economy”

    They sure are. And they did so with sound economic policies. God didn’t do that for them.

    And of course, you completely missed the point. I’ll repeat it for you…

    “I want someone who WANTS to lead the country.”

    That doesn’t sound like Ben Carson…who has him-hawed around for the last year saying he wasn’t really interested…until this week when he started hinting about what God is calling him to do.

    And Marco Rubio….who blames God for everything from global warming to his nervous water-drinking tick. We’ve already got a Blamer-in-Chief. What else would he blame on God…dead soldiers?

    If you want the party to be a joke and have (D) behind the name of our presidents for a few more generations, then by all means…keep on supporting those who spout this stuff.

    We need real leadership…not “God made me do it”

  333. If you want the party to be a joke and have (D) behind the name of our presidents for a few more generations, then by all means…keep on supporting those who spout this stuff.

    No, I think you missed the point, bigot. If I’m given a choice of preference, who Rutherford prefers or who you prefer, there is no choice. Both are equally worthless and abjectly ignorant. Both are self-defeating, feckless and narcissistic with legions of useful idiots for the cause. Welcome to the party, albeit a little late.

    So Chief, if you’re not a proponent of the U.N. leadership and guidance, why you throwing your life’s ambition toward it? You must feel quite strongly in its worth. Or are you just that confused and callow?

    Rhetorical question.

  334. The Republican field has withered more than a little methinks. I think you have to call Christie out for reasons of NJ economy. Rubio simply not even close. Jeb Bush we really can’t run Bush/Clinton again. My leanings right now are Scott Walker and Rand Paul.
    Question for the room. Is it right and proper to offer as much criticisms of NFL out gay Sam as was duped on Tebow?

  335. “The point of distinuishing making excuses from repeating excuses eludes me.”

    I’m assuming this was meant for me. Muffy did Alfie “repeat excuses”?

    I’ve got a news flash for you and some others. You’re going to be sorely disappointed if you think I’m going to be the stereotypical all-in-for-Hillary liberal. If you’re looking forward to debating me on every Hillary issue for the next 6 years you’ll be debating with yourself.

    I won’t be a conservative rabid Hillary-hater but I’ve made it clear I don’t much like the lady. At the very least her history with a philandering husband proves she puts politics above personal self respect and that says something — something not good.

  336. Regarding “strategists” my favorite is Bob Shrum who based on track record has no business on TV. I don’t think he has ever backed a winning candidate.

  337. “But now we’re electing “standard bearers” without applying any standards to them in the first place so it’s not like any of this makes sense anyway.”

    Well put, Muffy.

  338. Rabbit I don’t even leave my home and I get indigestion before work every day.

    Even when I was most disillusioned at IBM I never hated the job. I don’t hate my current job but I’m damn close to that sentiment.

    It reached a new low right after my Dad died. Dude is fuming at me cos his battery is dead and I’m thinking “my Dad is dead you fucking asshole.”

  339. James I was always betting with your granddaughter against the doctors and I’m glad my bet paid off.

    Doctors are not God. They are well trained, well paid body-mechanics just like the guy at your local garage.

  340. Tex after getting laid off 7 years ago, in my current job I say FU in tiny little ways every day. I worry am I proud or becoming self-destructive?

    A small example: I simply refuse to sit and take calls for more than 3 hours without a break. When they schedule me for more than that, which they sometimes do, I take my own 5 minute break in the middle. If they challenge me, I will happily tell them to shove it up their ass.

    Might not sound bold to you but you’d be surprised by those who will do anything not to rock the boat. That used to be me. Now it’s not only “no” it’s “hell, no”.

    LOL there’s a site called Glass Door that rates companies and one of my fellow employees said of my company “they work you like a Hebrew slave.” I laughed all night after reading that.

  341. Goddam Rabbit, you and I should really compete on “worst job”. My bonus is based on getting pissed off motorists to like me. And it may sound like an excuse but this is basically a woman’s job. About 5% of my callers don’t believe I am roadside assistance. Then I’m supposed to be “empathetic”. In crisis they don’t want empathy, the callers want action. But when they “reminisce” about the experience while filling out their survey days later suddenly they want empathy.

    All for $10.00 an hour. Sheeeeeeut.

  342. “I told them if it takes them a week to come up with a mission statement, they’re either stupid or should be doing infomercials.”

    LOLOLOLOLOL Ain’t big corporate life a friggin joke?

  343. Thanks Rutherford. You were right about our grand daughter, and we hoped it would turn out this way. It has been a rough year, but our grand daughter is a miracle. It left marks on her parents.

    The doctors finally conceded that instead of microencepheli (sp) our grand daughter probably just has a small head.,

    You have a rough job. It must sometimes be like the Corps of Engineers call center during our flood. Hostile callers dumped on them hourly. The workers really appreciated some praise, and they recognized my voice. They would answer the phone with “Hi Jim!!. How are you doing today?”

    I know you don’t like Hillary. I hope your antipathy toward her makes you vote Republican or at least non-Democrat if she runs.

    Scott Walker and Rand Paul sound pretty good to me at this time.

  344. The vets on the board can wise me up. I heard that the waiting list is a bitch but that actual VA treatment, once in the system, is quite good.

    True or just propaganda?

  345. I have to chuckle when I read you guys and your “age tests”. When you’re as messed up as I am you stop giving a shit or you worry yourself to death. I choose the former.

    I had a GP in Connecticut who would look at me with this expression that said “you’re lucky to be alive, get the hell out of my office and stop complaining.” When I evaluate myself from head to toe I have to agree with him. It’s a wonder how truly durable the human body can be against all odds.

    I sometimes think I thrive on sheer will power.

  346. R as I said at 418
    The current VA story is everything you need to know about single payer in the United States.

  347. “That doesn’t sound like Ben Carson…who has him-hawed around for the last year saying he wasn’t really interested…until this week when he started hinting about what God is calling him to do.”

    DAMN! I KNEW Carson was a crackpot but didn’t have any ammo. He’s either a crackpot or a religious opportunist. Probably no more God fearing than the secretly atheist Obama.

    Tex will throw Carson’s MD in my face. A med school degree prepares you for politics as well as being a community organizer.

    By the way while we are on medically trained pundits, I’ll point out that Krauthammer is dead on sensible as often as he is off kilter. Tex likes him better when he goes fringe.

    Oh two more folks who prayed themselves into public service: Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. A friggin Hall of Fame.

  348. Tex, not that Huck needs or wants my help, but can’t you agree someone can want to work for an imperfect organization that has SOME merit? Sometimes your standards are too damn high dude.

  349. Alfie the funny thing is how everyone is raving how far we’ve come that Sam was picked. We’ll know we’ve come far when his gender preference isn’t a story.

    And hell, who are we fooling? I think 50% of the NFL are fudge packers. Too much of a “contact sport” for my taste. 👿

  350. I don’t work on my vehicles anymore, unless changing wiper blades or checking tires is work. I’ll wash ’em or replace a battery. I have a mechanic that does the mechanic’n.


    Not a vet, but my BIL’s doctors are top notch. Some of the other folks in the system are not so much. Do you remember the old adage, “good enough for government work”? Well, let’s just say there are some folks that couldn’t be hired otherwise and they seem to work themselves in as gatekeepers. Kind of like the troll at a bridge crossing. At least that is how it was related to me.

  351. “If I’m given a choice of preference, who Rutherford prefers or who you prefer, there is no choice. Both are equally worthless and abjectly ignorant.”

    Really? Well I would have preferred Mitt Romney. A man of faith, yes, but also a leader. A man who wanted to lead the country, not because he was told to, but because he wanted to make a difference. He WANTED to lead.

    “if you’re not a proponent of the U.N. leadership and guidance, why you throwing your life’s ambition toward it?”

    Because the program teaches lessons that go far, far beyond anything that has to do with the UN. Public speaking, professionalism, how to work with a team as well as by yourself, research, writing, self-confidence…and so much more.

    Pretty good lessons, wouldn’t you agree?

    You seem to be under this notion, no matter how many times I tell you that you are mistaken, that I believe the UN is some sort of sovereign body. I don’t. It’s merely a vehicle for conversation. I think it can be a valuable conversation at times…but at the end of the day, it’s just that. I don’t really agree much with the policies and agencies that go beyond that. I just happen to think that we are better off being in the conversation than outside of it. Because, whether you like it or not…the conversation is still going to go on.

    I’ve said all of that before. Multiple times. But you’re much too clouded by your internal rage against anything with which you don’t agree to pay attention to any of that.

    What are you throwing your ambition toward these days? That’s also a rhetorical question.

  352. James I love Rand’s foreign policy chops much like I loved his father’s. The older I get the more I think I lean Libertarian.

    I worry Paul may lack backbone. My MSNBC studies tell me that Paul, years ago, criticized the Gipper (I think for running up the debt). He has since walked it back in the midst of outsized Reagan worship and nostalgia.

    I don’t like it when pols state bold truths and then walk them back. If the next POTUS can’t have a pair then we might as well elect Hillary. 😉

  353. As I review the thread I see all these “R” comments in a row. Sorry guys and gal, I’m in obvious catch up mode.

    Despite Tigre’s skepticism it really is hard for me to participate during the work week. Job wears me out and all I want to do is veg. LOL believe it or not, commenting on this blog ain’t vegging.

  354. “I don’t like it when pols state bold truths and then walk them back.”

    The last 2 elections say that it doesn’t bother you all that much.

  355. Is that why people are immigrating to Texas in droves, Rutherford? Because of the abundance of fast food jobs? Did the doctor ever explain to you why your head is so block shaped? 🙂

  356. The last 2 elections say that it doesn’t bother you all that much.

    OOOOwwwwwwwwcccchhhh! It burns it burns!

  357. Actually Huck it IS one reason why I’m disillusioned with Obama, as I’ve stated before. It’s one reason I wanted him primaried, as I’ve said before.

    I had a choice to vote for O in 2012 or not vote at all. I feel very confident that Romney would have done nothing to socially reform our country (such as a REAL war on poverty).

    Did Obama deliver on lib values? No. But it makes more sense to vote for promises that align with your world vision than those that don’t.

  358. Because the program teaches lessons that go far, far beyond anything that has to do with the UN. Public speaking, professionalism, how to work with a team as well as by yourself, research, writing, self-confidence…and so much more.

    Bravo! Bravo! Join Toastmasters then. 😈

    What are you throwing your ambition toward these days? That’s also a rhetorical question.

    If you handed me $1,000,000.00 right now, my life would not appreciably change much. I got more satisfaction out of installing an alternator in a 17 year old truck then I did in obtaining advanced degrees.

    Huck, I’ve really got you at a disadvantage. You just aren’t perceptive enough to know it. It’s called life experiences. I actually find your naivety amusing. I find the selection of your pursuit telling. I find your amoral nature galling.

    Remember me if you ever get the attempt to learn this at the end of your pursuit:

    Like so many things in life, you’ll find your chase for satisfaction fleeting…because you don’t know what is truly important.

  359. Well the source, the Fed Reserve Bank of Dallas is kinda funny. But the charts are interesting.

    I guess I’d concede EVERYTHING in Texas is BIG so perhaps it shouldn’t surprise that there was job growth at both ends of the spectrum.

    I’ll begrudgingly put this mark on Tex’s side of the score card.

    P.S. On a personal note I need to tamp down my criticism of Texas. My sis and BIL just moved there. And for those keeping track it’s the same BIL who’s made a few appearances in these blog threads.

  360. LOL OK Alfie I’ll give it a read but I’ve always heard the bulk of job growth in Texas was low wage.

    Yeah. You’re right. Like the petroleum industry. (head in hands laughing uncontrollably).

    I got to get you out more. You’ve got a case of Maddow mange.

    Rutherford, you should be glad Huck is here to share in the naivety.

  361. Tex I love you man, all the more since you’ve mellowed a bit in the past year or so. But c’mon ain’t that “simple life shows you what is really important” a bit hokey?

    There are folks out there doing BIG things and Tex, you and I are not among them.

    I have my name on a patent filed with the Fed gov. That’s my small bit of immortality (at least until our government dissolves). Otherwise in the words of Kansas I am dust in the wind.

    So are you dear Tex.

    P.S. As a Harvard grad my relative insignificance is all the more bracing. I have classmates who have made great contributions to the arts and other venues. I take up space. Not that I’d give up my space, mind you.

  362. “If you handed me $1,000,000.00 right now, my life would not appreciably change much.”

    No, but it might change the life of those that have to labor every day to support you.

    Some of us have to work for our living, Tex.

  363. Rutherford, as I wrote, I am out of the system. I believe treatment varies with local offices. The one in Omaha seems to be reasonably good. Someone I knew complained that it took a long time for doctors to diagnose him with cancer from Agent Orange.,

    A WW11 friend complained about their not being able to help make his sore shoulder feel much better. It still had shrapnel in it. He had prostrate cancer which spread to his brain and lung.

    The doctor who treated him offered experimental gold injections. He gave our friend good care, and the cancer disappeared.,Our friend’s main complaint was that as soon as he got used to one doctor, he/she was transferred to another facility.

    So basically the treatment, if not stellar was all right. Five or six years ago, i considered hedging my bets and applying to the VA. A Congressman who attended our political convention said the waiting lines were long, but I could get in faster because I was a disabled veteran,

    I feel the same about Rand Paul as you, however, the way things are now, I would take squishy Republican who would slow down our deterioration over dedicated full speed ahead liberal

    Huck, we geezers are whistling in the graveyard. As Tex wrote, we are wise.

    Like you, I should have died a long time ago. The doctor still can’t understand why my back condition has improved to the point that I don’t take pain killers. My neck vertebrae were damaged in a separate event. My right arm burns and gets numb sometimes., If I put my hand on top of my head, the pain is gone,

    My optic nerves are cupped, and I have had cataracs for 14 years.The opthomologist doesn’t understand why I have 20/30 vision and says there is no point in doing anything except watch and wait.

    I still have glaucoma in one eye, but the condition has stabilized. She still doesn’t understand why my right eye doesn’t have it.,

  364. LOL Huck touches on a point that I view with amusement. In fact I was thinking about it this morning.

    Tex is truly happier than a pig in slop. Tex ain’t rich but he’s got no real financial worries. I don’t remember who but someone recently said that money doesn’t buy you happiness but it buys you freedom and choices.

    The only real thing I envy about old Tex is that he could afford early retirement. And shit, if he hadn’t tossed all that money down the med school hole, he’d be in even better shape.

    Say what you like, Tex lived a piece of the American dream. Work hard, be frugal and then enjoy your elder years. That won’t happen for me. I’ll have to work till I drop dead.

  365. You should not envy anybody, Rutherford, for being able to retire early. What you SHOULD be, though, is pissed off that, if your government didn’t waste so much money, you could be retired yourself. Or, if that doesn’t suit you, you could be working at a nice secure job with good benefits and a very good wage.

    Here is an article I ran across on Yahoo finance that shows how much money is funneled from the every day working stiff to the Mega-bankers:

    The scenario that is playing out in America is not a new one, and your government flunkies know exactly what they are doing and where it leads. Think Albania or East Germany.

  366. Thanks Parker. More doctors should read those articles.

    Switzerland is voting on raising the minimum wage to $25.00 per hour today, I think.

    It is already a rich country where the average person there earns more than the average person here, A nanny from Portugal earns over $3,200.00 a month, which is more than she would get at home. She is not a citizen, but if she could vote, she would vote against it, because employers like hers would not be able to afford providing the jobs they do,

    A poll showed 67% of voters oppose the measure.

    Australia has a $15.00 per hour and New Zealand’s is $14,00 per hour, An Omaha talk show host’s friend applied to work in Australia. It took him two years to jump through hoops letting him work as a carpenter for a year in Australia. He had a good year and learned his American accent gave him cache with Australian women,

    At the end of his year, he applied to stay longer,. The Australians said “nice having you., Now go home.” They practically drove him to the airport,

    The conclusion is that Australia and New Zealand strictly regulate immigration, They don’t let anyone in who isn’t demonstrably useful to their economies. This restricts the number of potential employees and allows for higher wages for a smaller number of people.

    One of my wife’s former teaching co-workers has a child in Australia and one in New Zealand. Both are successful tax payers.

    The talk show host’s point is of course that our virtually open borders lower wages for businesses and provide an at least short-term supply of votes for Democrats.

    A New Zealand band Baby Sitters Circus performed with a flash mob. The crowd was mostly white, but some Asian and black people were on the street too. That implies their immigration policy isn’t entirely race restrictive,

    I don’t know if any of this is true or not because I am taking a talk show host at his word, but it makes good economic sense.

    I’m mad for you Rutherford and for other people I know. Parker is right. It doesn’t have to be this way.

  367. Rutherford,
    Your political genetics keep you from appreciating the Texas model so its hard for you to get over that hump.
    Fact of the matter is the Texas economy has all the right parts and they appear to be smart enough to preserve that. Even when and where wages are low this is offset by the equalizer of costs being low as well. Its size allows for economic diversity to coexist. Most importantly and shamefully overlooked by many left types is TX actually invests big money and time in stuff that your average/stereotypical Atlantic,New Yorker,NYT,LAT subscriber envies. Public transpiration and parks investment being two chart toppers.

  368. No, but it might change the life of those that have to labor every day to support you.

    Even more callow than I thought. Who exactly is supporting me, Huck?

    I’m not receiving one dime of assistance from anybody but a joint partnership and doing exactly what my spouse wants me to be doing. Do you understand something about my spouse of 27 years that I don’t?

    Content. Something you understand even less about than time management and importance…

    Some of us have to work for our living, Tex.

    Some of us already did so you could earn a cheaper Masters Degree in Useful Idiot and strut around like a peacock, as if somehow you’re now a special snowflake upon graduation – a changed man, enlightened and confident. You and 100,000,000 others, me included.

    You need to watch this…AGAIN and AGAIN. So should, Rutherford. As usual, he completely missed the point. Unlike you, he has no chance of ever understanding it either. Though I don’t particularly care for you, Huck, as I find you more foe than friend, there’s still hope for you yet. 🙂 Listen closely…

  369. Tex is truly happier than a pig in slop. Tex ain’t rich but he’s got no real financial worries. I don’t remember who but someone recently said that money doesn’t buy you happiness but it buys you freedom and choices.

    Not exactly.

    Happiness is fleeting…and superficial. I was happy I was able to save myself $300 changing an alternator. I am full of joy in my children.

    I was happy to make your acquaintance, “R”. I’m full of joy in seeing my wife succeed and raise two wonderful kids, passing the baton of real strength in femininity to two responsible adults.

    Am I happy? Sometimes. Am I joyful? Yes…

    I’m trying to teach you something here, “R”, because for some unknown reason which I cannot explain, I care about your well being. 😈 Perhaps it was the realization upon Jim Duggan’s death of the reminder that life is too fragile and I didn’t say what I should have said. Perhaps it is my admiration for you life’s story and the stories you shared of your father. Or perhaps its the shared experiences of work feeling like brothers-in-arms. It might even be the same twisted sense of humor we share, even if you are loonier than me. Whatever it is, I will not quit trying to convince you to keep searching until I am dead.

    Freedom and choices are great things. There is a difference, though. True freedom can’t be taken away. Choices can.

    Much food is in the tillage of the poor: but there is that is destroyed for want of judgment. ~ Solomon

    This even encompasses Parker’s story

    A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, And the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous. Abundant food is in the fallow ground of the poor, But it is swept away by injustice.

  370. “I’m not receiving one dime of assistance from anybody but a joint partnership”

    Which means you are receiving assistance. I didn’t have to go to graduate school to learn what “but” means.

    You talk shit about how others earn their living while you sit on your ass all day and let someone else feed you.

    Fuck off

  371. Tex I love you man, all the more since you’ve mellowed a bit in the past year or so. But c’mon ain’t that “simple life shows you what is really important” a bit hokey? There are folks out there doing BIG things and Tex, you and I are not among them.

    Give me a BIG Thing? Depends where your priorities lay, doesn’t it? That’s the world speaking to you, Rutherford.

    See Rabbit, Mr. R? What’s a “bigger” thing than raising two young sons to be responsible adults? You show me a BIG THING and I’ll show you the little things that really make a difference.

    I contend the problem with too many people is they have their priorities in the wrong order – I’m guilty of it too. For all of my arguments with Huck, there is a point I am trying to make with him to save him the same disappointments you and I experienced.

    Now having said that, “R”, I don’t disagree that I’m out of loop. My time in life is in an interval of irrelevance. And that’s okay. It allows me a period to do what I want to do and I think that can be healthy. Hopefully, that doesn’t last forever.

    But yours isn’t. You got a young daughter don’t you? Then you tell me what is a BIGGER thing. Her successes through your guidance? Or your business? That’s a simplistic contrast, admittedly. But I think that worthy of a moment of your introspection.

    I’ll share this…

    I just heard one of the most interesting sermons I’ve ever heard. And it was almost totally secular in nature. Consider…

    At a period of time in history where there are more ‘fun’ things to do, we have the highest states of depression ever known. It’s estimated that concerning the current population (2014), 1 in 2 women will suffer depression in their lifetime; 1 in 4 men. And those figures have deteriorated in the last 40 years from 1 in 4 and 1 in 8.

    The scary part for me personally is the nine step test. If you have five of these that last for a two week period, you’re clinically depressed.

    I have suffered from at least five of them on and off my entire life and some of them are not subjective. Gulp.

    I’m not telling you I got all the answers, Rutherford. I am telling you I can tell you most definitively what doesn’t bring lasting happiness…

  372. You talk shit about how others earn their living while you sit on your ass all day and let someone else feed you.

    Fuck off.

    You’re not going to beat me in a debate, Mr. Huck. You ain’t that good, you aint’ that smart. And don’t blame me for you poor choices in life. Get a better spouse if your jealous, asshole. 🙂

    Why don’t you stroll by my house and I’ll demonstrate to your self-admittedly chunky ass how much I sit on my ass and we’ll see if you got the fortitude to take a stab at it with a coronary…

    You can kiss my ass, loser.

  373. “I had a choice to vote for O in 2012 or not vote at all. I feel very confident that Romney would have done nothing to socially reform our country (such as a REAL war on poverty).”

    Can you say that Romney would have done nothing to improve the economy – which is a REAL war on poverty?

  374. That is a good video. I remember hearing it before.

    Earning a MA degree is a wonderful combination of talent, hard work, and luck, Huck. I’m sure you will make your school proud.I admire you for your accomplishment. A local television meteorologist is finishing her PHD dissertation, and we often visit about her job-study balancing act. Our daughter has a MA in psychology, and our neighbor has a MA in political science. Like me, he is a farmer, and we hold the only two advanced degrees in our thinly settled township.

    We all belong to a select, exclusive club with similar experiences but as the speaker said, we are not special. We need a secret hand shake or incantation.

    My wife and I often drive across the railroad crossing and look at the cross commemorating the girl who died there last year. I think of how we almost bought it last August and I think of our grand daughter. In many respects, my wife and I saved her life, at last the one she is projected to have now. We gave up much of our lives and poured everything we had into her.

    People have told us God let us live for our grand daughter. I don’t know about that. We were just lucky, and I am happy to still be here.That is special.

    It really would be special if we could all meet face to face someday.

    “So wake me up when its all over
    When I’m wiser and I’m older
    All this time I was finding myself
    and I
    didn’t know I was lost” Avicii “Wake Me UP”

  375. 477. Muffy, Rutherford was wrong about Romney. Even if Romney had done NOTHING, we would still be in batter shape than we are now.

  376. “That doesn’t sound like Ben Carson…who has him-hawed around for the last year saying he wasn’t really interested…until this week when he started hinting about what God is calling him to do.”
    “I want someone who WANTS to lead the country.” -Huck

    From what I have read the wildfire attacks on Carson’s religious beliefs first ignited from Carson writing in his new book that he has not heretofore felt called by God to run, but if he did he would not hesitate to enter politics. He has since said in an interview this week that he’s “starting to feel it.”

    ” Interviewed this week, Carson said he’s “starting to feel it. Because every place I go, it’s unbelievable.” One lady “really touched me the other night … She just kept clinging to my hand and said, ‘You have to run. You have to run.’ And so many people tell me that, and so I think I’m starting to hear something.” “


    ”DAMN! I KNEW Carson was a crackpot but didn’t have any ammo. He’s either a crackpot or a religious opportunist. Probably no more God fearing than the secretly atheist Obama.” –Rutherford

    Probably you’re wrong. It’s just as likely a third category of person – brave. Enough not to hide his faith from a world that will hate you for it. This thread is exhibit A why he might ought to do just that, but he doesn’t. I admire him for it.

    ”If you want the party to be a joke and have (D) behind the name of our presidents for a few more generations, then by all means…keep on supporting those who spout this stuff.

    We need real leadership…not “God made me do it”

    What do you mean “keep on supporting those who spout this stuff” ?

    We supported Romney and we were told then that party was a joke and got a D rate president. We supported McCain too – as embarrassing as that whole thing was.

    I’m confused.

  377. Interesting turn. As always I wonder what all of this says about how women who don’t work outside the home are regarded.

    “My time in life is in an interval of irrelevance. And that’s okay. It allows me a period to do what I want to do and I think that can be healthy. Hopefully, that doesn’t last forever.”

    I beg to differ with you on the concept of relevancy, Tex, but we’re simpatico on the health of a lifestyle not forever spent in pursuit of more stuff or higher rungs.

    You weren’t irrelevant to your daughter navigating her high school years or your wife’s ability to keep doing something that she’s good at and for which I imagine she gets paid pretty well. You weren’t irrelevant to a dying father and you were a relief to a mother seeing her husband pass on. I pray for the opportunity to do the same when the time comes. I wouldn’t say I’m jealous but I would say I am wistful and reflective.

  378. “Can you say that Romney would have done nothing to improve the economy – which is a REAL war on poverty?”

    Muffy I honestly don’t know. Would he have tried? Of course. But Obama tried. He didn’t just sit on his hands in the aftermath of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

    Neither of us know if Romney would have succeeded. From what I see he would have further empowered the rich and relied on trickle down. Trickle down don’t work.

  379. Let me say this. It was my mothers dying shame that I never went beyond a bachelors. Both my parents were first generation college grads. My Mom got her EdD and my Dad got his Masters.

    I had a chance to go to business school but they demanded a full year of pre-req courses before matriculation and I told them to fuck off. I applied to Harvard Biz school but didn’t get in. Shouldn’t have … my college record was mediocre.

    Anyway Huck, so long as you’re not what they call a “professional student” my hats off to you for your academic achievements.

    And yours too Tex.

  380. Interesting turn. As always I wonder what all of this says about how women who don’t work outside the home are regarded.

    Muffy, you’re my sweetheart. But sometimes, you’re a little too quick on the draw for me. Much too bright. And I mean that. If you are married, some guy is damn lucky to have a smart wife.

    But you just took away my bullet to Huck’s temple. LOL. I was just laying in wait for the mighty global tactician to respond before I could put a foot up his mushy ass…

    Huck just insulted every homemaker in America…but that’s not an important job see to high flying U.N. representative. ** PUKE **

    I wonder if Mr. Free Love and Dope understands that for five of those years, I raised two Summa Cum graduates while I sat on my ass? Oh, did I mention while the Jew Hater was getting his Masters, I was getting prepared for Med School in the process of parenting for two girls? Did Huck think it a great delight when I got up at 5:00 AM four mornings a week for rides to cheer leading and cross country because neither kid was old enough to drive? How about snoring through ballet about three times a week? Why, why yes. That’s was delightful. I wonder if Mr. Hipp recognizes I cared for a sick father the last year, preventing my mother from even needing hospice until the last day? Moved an elderly mother last fall? Still go see here at least twice a week?

    My wife gave me one commandment before she left. Take care of her children and we would do what we needed to do to make it. My wife did not want to move our children from the only home they have ever known and disrupt their lives. I guess we were totally off base, just not with it, believing your children are most important. See, I’m not truly enlightened in times of doing what feels good. Who needs responsibility anyway?

    I’m married to an admirable woman who traveled 1,000 miles every weekend, most times by automobile, to be with are family for four years. Missed one weekend due to weather. Frankly to my girls, little changed. That’s a testament to their mother. Does the Huckster honestly think I would have left my cushy, pencil pushing job had I known two weeks after leaving, my wife would be transferred to Houston? Does the dolt realize my wife is still within touching distance of a daughter in med school? Would it ever occur to him there are extenuating circumstances why we are still separated by 500 miles besides my requirement to be fed so I could sit on my ass?

    Yes, she has a pretty good job. Yes, she has been there for almost 40 years. And yes, unlike very few I know, she actually loves her job and her comrades are extended family after that much time. She is most talented – far more than I am. She is well thought of obviously. But the main reason along with a pension plan magic age needing to be reached so we aren’t scrambling at 80, is still our kids.

    If anybody thinks it has been easy to put my ego in check and keep this family whole without disruption, honor my parents too, putting our children first, they can lick my sweaty, hairy balls.

    This has been a hell of a lot harder than working in some sap job so I can drive a fricking Lexus and live in a six bedroom home in the ‘burbs. And unlike Huck, I actually have the experience of knowing what the hell I am talking about.

    So rim me, Kofi Annan.

  381. “Treat the patient, not the X-ray.

    For your grade-school “researcher,” Rutherford:”

    😆 Good one, Jurassic Parker. All the more piercing when said with a pfony Australian accent. You’re as witty as you are stealthy.

  382. “Rutherford was wrong about Romney. Even if Romney had done NOTHING, we would still be in batter shape than we are now.”

    Now James that’s just silly. Our recovery is slower than it should be but we are not where we were in 2009.

  383. Muffy your quotes from Carson only confirm Huck’s concern. He’s waiting for a sign from God. I sure as hell hope he doesn’t wait for Gods instructions while he’s operating in the ER. If so, get another surgeon STAT.

    Sorry Muffy, as I said before this is either crackpottery (I like that word) or pandering to the religious right.

    Enlighten me on his resume. Sounds to me like Obama with an MD. No experience in government or executive. Just like Marco Rubio is the Cuban Obama. Can’t wait to see you guys brag about his strong resume.

  384. But you see Muffy, Tex’s talk of irrelevancy syncs up a bit with mine. Men are ingrained with an obligation to bring money in and be productive. And women’s movement be damned I would submit most decent men want to be the primary breadwinner.

  385. Rutherford @#488 – your ignorance is matched only by your arrogance. Repeating your meritless conclusion does nothing to reinforce it.

  386. Tex I do admire your role with the kids but I do have to say this from a distance not knowing the personal dynamics:


    Friends come and go. The kids make new friends and we all move to accommodate Mommy’s job.

    Again these are PERSONAL choices and I’m sure you had multiple factors to weigh that are frankly none of my business.

    P.S. It broke my heart to tear my kid out of Middlebury but sometimes shit happens and the whole family is inconvenienced. IMHO we owe our kids food shelter safety and moral guidance. Everything else is up for grabs as life throws its little daggers at us.

  387. Lol Muffy you’re not the first to call me arrogant. You have a loooong line to get behind 😆

    As I said your retort to Huck only reinforced the concern.

  388. “The concern” is what exactly? That Carson hears voices? Or that he doesn’t really “want” the presidency?

    Cuz the latter seems to be Huck’s concern. You seem to want to dismiss Carson as insane or crooked. The reason is clear – you’re still sore because he paddled your D rate president in public.

    Secondary to the standing order of business that every potential opponent to Hillary must be rendered unsuitable. It’s the indefatigable left at most vital when they set about destroying people with whom they disagree politically.


    Coming home tired and disgusting from my politicians job at 8:00 PM to accommodate the umpteenth merger and the multi-million executive bonuses so they could sit around with both thumbs in their ass setting my deadlines; it was never enough, no matter how good the work – that was assumed and expected. Then me ripping into my sweet wife because I was pissed at the world was keeping me from my wife five days a week anyway and putting her near the grave. Make that seven.

    My wife is very old fashion, very non confrontational, very soft. And frankly, I was a coward and a bully for taking it out on her and being testy with the kids. The very thing I had promised I would not become, I had become – a bullying father and tyrannical husband.

    Looking back, better me not come home at all, as I was jeopardizing both my wife and my family. But I had to walk away from that and be gone for a time before I realized it. Guess God had just about enough of my act, and it was time to teach Tex an invaluable lesson. Almost wish he had done it sooner.

    One day, that changed and I was done. Guess I decided I’d rather be poor and irrelevant than be unmarried and have kids that were walking on eggshells around me.

    Sappy enough?

    And whether Huck wants to believe or not, that is exactly what happened. Humility was a bitter pill to swallow, but it certainly gave me a personal epiphany of what was important. It’s still a struggle of sorts, and yes I too have that ‘breadwinner’ urge and often feel useless. There are brief periods where I still feel the need, almost of desperation, of making myself relevant. But something or someone is telling me to be still for reasons I am unclear.

    Perhaps you are better than me – of a sort. As I’ve told you before, though it pains me to say so, I admire the heck out of you for putting your own ego in check and going to job you’re completely overqualified to be doing. How you put up with the same shit for about a quarter of the pay {probably) is something I am currently not capable of stomaching. Guess my ego is bigger than yours. And there may come a time I’m working for you.

    But not yet. Not yet. 🙂

  390. Perhaps I give Huck too much credit for subtlety but I think he is saying that Carson either doesn’t WANT to be POTUS or he is being disingenuous about it.

    Back in 1980 do you know what they said was a major contributor to Ted Kennedy’s primary defeat? In an interview he couldn’t articulate why he WANTED the job.

    Ego is a major motivator in a presidential run. Carson’s God play suggests this very humble man only does Gods bidding. Baloney.

    So yes Muffy … if he hears voices he’s a crackpot who can’t be trusted with the bomb OR he is unnecessarily inserting God in what should be an ego and duty driven decision.

  391. Tell you something else, Rutherford. Now that I have bared my soul to an anonymous board, there’s another side to it.

    My wife, for reasons I don’t completely understand and maybe a woman would, is the ultimate mother hen. When we were courting, my wife liked to play tennis and had many friends. She is very close to her large family. Her mother died a tragic death, too soon for the both us, and my wife became the matriarch. She promised her mom she would keep everyone together and she has.

    But God knows for whatever reason, she liked to cling to me and my activities began to dominate. Then the kids. I loved her dearly even then, but I could have used the space and never said much.

    We had a child 18 months after we were married. She felt terribly guilty for even going back to work but wanted private education for the children. I had a good job but money would have been tight. She had a better job. We paid a fortune for the best of care money could buy. To the day, my wife never played tennis again; seldom made time for herself. Mothered those kids like no mother. Took care of me. Cooked dinner. Made a home. Worked a full-time job. And between the two of us, we kept a clean house after a few horrible experiences with house cleaners. She would let no one help with the kids – not even bathe them.

    But I don’t think it was healthy for her and with my lousy attitude, the aggregate was slowly killing her. And I didn’t even realize it then.

    Now, she plays tennis five days a week with her work friends. My oldest daughter and her get together every other weekend when she is not home – and they are tight. My wife has got a life again. The house is spotless when she comes home. There is absolutely nothing to be done but enjoy it. And still she’ll pick up the laundry if my youngest brings it home. She comes home and we have a wonderful time together – but she still puts me and the youngest first, her extended family second, always makes sure my mom is included and taken care of….I don’t want her falling back into that habit of not taking care of herself, not thinking about herself. If this is possible, I want my wife to become a little more selfish for lack of a better word. My own mother loves her like a daughter and she loves my mom. She tortures herself for not being here all the time. I told her to stop. I am fine. She is the most selfless person I have ever met. How do you not love someone like that?

    So having said that, I have seen my wife regress ten years in age since this all started. She looks young again, pretty again, and seems happy. I don’t necessarily want her coming home until she is ready to quit without worry and is fully ready, and can resume a life of her own without guilt and without worry. And I don’t think she is there yet.

    And she insists that whatever student loans the kids accumulate (we’re already paying a large part of it – for Huck, she is paying a large part of it), she intends to pay every penny, though we haven’t said a word to the children.

    That’s just the way she is. Of course I miss her. A lot. And I love her too much and will never allow myself to become a burden instead of partner again.

    Now that is the truth, for what it is worth. That doesn’t seem much of a struggle in comparison to what you have been through and many others here.

  392. I’m not being silly, Rutherford. Our economic recovery is one of the slowest in generations. The actual unemployment rate is by some estimates either side of 10%. Millions of people have given up the search for a job. Food pantries are hard-pressed to meet the demand. We would have breadlines and unrest without food stamps and other forms of welfare.

    ObamaCare and scores of job-hurting regulations would not exist.

    Economic cycles are to a degree self-correcting. Had the government done nothing, the economy would have at least partly recovered from the near depression in 2009. We wouldn’t be saddled with the debt created by a stimulus program which even Obama admitted didn’t work. We might even be better off than we are now. At least it is a possibility.

    Our foreign policy is an even bigger matter.

    For calling me silly when I was not, you owe me some details about why you think Romney would have produced a result worse than what Obama gave us. What in Romney’s record predicts the anemic economy Obama’s policies helped give us?

  393. The more Rutherford and Tex bare your souls, the more I like you both.

    Five times the stress. I know what you mean Rutherford. It sucks, but nothing lasts forever, I’ve heard. You are a strong man and a good example.

  394. LOL Tex only one correction. I work for one fifth of my old corporate salary and have five times the stress. Ain’t that a bitch?

    Can I offer a word of advice to an old friend my age? Would you quit beating yourself up for past transgressions and perhaps a poor decision or two? Someone called you arrogant? I think you’re gun shy and lay yourself low when you shouldn’t.

    I am assuming your dad left you comfortable. You probably weren’t in the dire straights you thought anyway – it was fear. If you have anything left of the 401k, you’re ahead of 75% of America.

    Don’t worry about what tomorrow holds – you can’t do a damn thing about it. You’re not going to make the same mistakes you’ve made in the past. You’re a yellow dog dolt about politics and worse, but you’re still a smart guy (obviously) compared to what’s out there looking in. 90% of America wishes they could think like you.

    You can’t do a thing about the salary. But you can about the stress. Treat it like you and I should have always been treating a job…an irrelevant imposition. You owe them nothing but an honest day’s pay. 🙂 If it becomes unbearable, there’s another thankless job waiting in the wings.

  395. Yes, I am a fan of the Fins, Rutherford. Some of my cousins are Fins.

    I agree with the person’s point, especially about education with qualifications. Finland is a homogenous, prosperous country. What works there might not work as well here, but we could certainly borrow strategies from Finland. I like the repute and freedom teachers enjoy, and I like the high school system which allows those who want that track to graduate ready and trained for a job. We could also have looked at their health care system before inventing ObamaCare.

    One more thing I like about Finland is its natal support for families. They provide a supply of formula and other supplies in a large sturdy box which can be used as a baby bed.

  396. It is probably out of the question, but you could consider moving. Nebraska now has a 3.4% unemployment rate, and Iowa’s is a little over 4%.

    You would get used to the wind in time, and you would be able to see more stars in the night sky than you do now.

  397. “Perhaps I give Huck too much credit for subtlety but I think he is saying that Carson either doesn’t WANT to be POTUS or he is being disingenuous about it.”

    My comment and the supporting quotes @ #480 were to clarify what actual remarks that Carson has made that Huck objected to – not to argue Huck’s objection. Or his “concern” as you put it.

    Now let’s look at YOUR concern. Let’s assume for a moment that Carson is being genuine. Your “concern” then is that Carson is insane. Your “if, then” weaseling aside – that is your concern, is it not?

    I’m saying that there is a third option, that is that Carson is being genuine AND that he is not crazy. Your limitations aren’t letting you accept that as an option.

  398. @ Rutherford 499 that isn’t Finnish.
    On the Carson matter I don’t see anything that makes him a choice.

  399. Tex, as I’ve said before my Dad left us buffer time but if my wife nor I get paying jobs soon we will eat through that money just like we did most of my 401K. Our rent just went up. LOL

    But I’ll give you this. Only a fool worries about what he can’t control.

  400. LOL James the wind would literally blow me off my feet. I once did an impression of the Flying Nun walking through Harvard Yard one day. Fortunately I landed on my feet.

  401. Ok Muffy you’ll call this semantics but I think normal religious people say “my faith in God gives me strength in my decisions.” Crazy religious people wait for God to whisper in their ear.

    I think sane religious people view God as their co-pilot. Nuts view Him as star fleet commander.

  402. “On the Carson matter I don’t see anything that makes him a choice.”

    That’s fair. It’s also fair to say that he won’t be losing your support at this juncture then, since you don’t support his candidacy in the first place.

    “Ok Muffy you’ll call this semantics but I think normal religious people say “my faith in God gives me strength in my decisions.” Crazy religious people wait for God to whisper in their ear.”

    It would take you less than 5 minutes to read the link I posted earlier – his words, not your interpretation. Instead you play cutesy and attempt to nail him with an indictment of insanity OR using God under false pretenses – a very serious charge I might add.

    “Over the years, there have been many attempts to get me to throw my hat in the political arena,” Carson writes in his new book, One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future. “I have been offered support from around the country and tremendous financial resources if I decide to run for national office. But I have not felt the call to run.”

    Carson writes that he suspects many others interested in high office would be better candidates. But in his book he has a caveat: “If I felt called by God to officially enter the world of politics, I would certainly not hesitate to do so.”

    If you hear that Carson is waiting for God to whisper in his ear then just own it.

    What happens when your conscience moves you, Rutherford?

  403. Rutherford, Finland is included as a Nordic country, but it is more complicated than that. The Scandinavians are genetically and ethnically related to Germans.

    The Fins are not.They come from very old stock and are related to the Sami people. They are among the whitest people in the world, but some, especially the Sami carry Asian genes too.

    The Swedes ruled Finland for generations and declared established science was settled. The Fins were Asian and ineligable for the rights and privileges enjoyed by Europeans. Around 1906, a group of Americans sued to have a Fin deported under the Asian Exclusion Act. Around that time, my Finish relatives also sensed racism and declared themselves to be Swedes. Some of that part of the family are blond or borderline brunette with Asian-looking eyes at certain angles.

    They are also odd by some standards. Someone joked that Fins can reproduce only when they are drunk.

  404. I’m an extremely literal person so an info graphic created by OWS isn’t published by the Finnish government.
    Along literal/factual lines the truth is clouded. The United States actually leads the world in spending on education and that is on the public ed side. That we don’t get what we deserve in relation to the expenditure is all about culture.
    Bottom line holding up Finland in a disingenuous info graphic and making a political statement about the USA is dog-shit.

  405. “Finland does all of that through taxation.” Once again it is more complicated than what you describe. Finland “does all of that” because its people are committed to a social welfare state, but they distrust government control. They break their welfare state into local segments controlled by the paying customers.

    Their school and medical system is not a monolith as in the US Each teacher has freedom to teach with little oversight. Teachers have MA degrees or higher and are regarded with the respect given to lawyers and other professionals.Most schools are small, and they also have freedoms not enjoyed by American schools.

    The medical system is basically a collection of local entities under local control.

    Finland and its neighbors do “all of that” through internal organization. Taxes are merely the incidentals which pay for the welfare state. A growing minority is complaining about the high taxes.

    Finland also controls its borders and has a small population.

    Google Joe Goes to Finland or Joe Goes to Sweden to get a humorous image of the two countries.

  406. “What happens when your conscience moves you, Rutherford?”

    If you’re making God equivalent to Carson’s conscience then you have me checkmated. You see, it is a matter of semantics.

  407. Now James that’s just silly. Our recovery is slower than it should be but we are not where we were in 2009. ” – R

    The U.S. economy probably contracted in the first quarter for the first time in three years and only the second time since the Great Recession ended in mid-2009, new data suggest.

    Initially the government said the economy barely grew in the first three months of 2014, rising at a 0.1% annual rate. Yet fresh reports on the U.S. trade deficit, construction spending and business inventories have been softer than Wall Street expected.

    Where, R, exactly are we?

    ,a href=””>The U.S. economy sustained a real rate of economic growth of 3.3% from 1945 to 1973, and achieved the same 3.3% sustained real growth from 1982 to 2007. It was only during the stagflation decade of 1973 to 1982, reflecting the deeply misguided reigning intellectual leadership of the time, that real growth fell to only half long term trends.

    If we could revive and sustain that same 3.3% real growth for 20 years, our total economic production (GDP) would double in that time. After 30 years, our economic output would grow by 2 and two-thirds. After 40 years, our prosperity bounty would grow by 3 and two-thirds…

    Obama’s supposed economic recovery during the last five years has never even gotten back to the 3.3% long term trendline. The high points were 2.5% in 2010 and 2.8% in 2012. The high point for Reagan’s recovery was nearly 7%, in 1984, the highest in 50 years.

    As the Wall Street Journal reported this week, “average growth over the 19 quarters for this [Obama] recovery has been 2.2%, with total economic growth [over the 5 years of the recovery] of 11.1%. The average for all post-1960 recoveries is 4.1% with total growth of 21.1%. The average for the Reagan expansion was 4.9% and total growth of 25.6%.”

    Indeed, during the 7 years of the Reagan recovery, from 1982 to 1989, the economy grew by almost one-third, the equivalent of adding the entire economy of West Germany, the third largest in the world at the time, to the U.S. economy. Reagan accomplished that while slaying the historic double digit inflation of the 1970s at the same time, which the Washington establishment had sneered was impossible.

    You should read the whole article, and then read this too. The fact of the matter is, we’re not in 2009, but we’re not better than we were in 2009. You’re going to foolishly and ignorantly claim that statement is absurd, but you’re going to be very hard pressed to show how we are better off now than we were in 2009. In fact, it’ll be so hard, that I doubt you even make the effort (I’d frankly be surprised if you were still reading at this point).

    The amount of debt and regulation this Regime has placed on the economy is extraordinarily burdensome. People getting excited about 288,000 new jobs only reflects how disappointing this economy is and has been, since we need closer to 350,000 to keep up with population growth and retirements. We’re at record levels for how few people are in the labor force, the decline of purchasing power, and how many people are on welfare and food stamps. Demanding $15 an hour to flip burgers is a reflection of the fact that those are the only kinds of jobs available. Efforts to raise minimum wage, instead of increasing the number of quality jobs, demonstrates the only ,strike>economic consistency of this Regime: work to the lowest common denominator.

    Your own experience, while anecdotal, is demonstrable to what millions of others are going through. You are not better off today than you were in 2009, but you’ll blame where you’re at today on Bush and Millionaires, despite the fact that Obama’s economy didn’t save you. Hell, it didn’t even help you, yet, like a lemming, you’ll pull the lever, reciting the chant of crooks and frauds, while slowly bleeding dry your second chance.

    Inflation is here, and while it hasn’t leap to the forefront of everyone’s focus, all the conditions for Carter style hyperflation are set. When the economy does rebound (not under this Regime, for sure), that new Administration is going to be burdened with hyperflation, and it will all be Obama’s fault.

    So, tell us again, how are we better today than we were in 2009?

  408. No worries…

    And for more good news…

    As the price of meat continues to skyrocket, will it soon be considered a “luxury item” for most American families? This week we learned that the price of meat in the United States rose at the fastest pace in more than 10 years last month. Leading the way is the price of shrimp. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of shrimp has jumped an astounding 61 percent compared to a year ago. The price of pork is also moving upward aggressively thanks to a disease which has already killed about 10 percent of all of the pigs in the entire country. And the endless drought in the western half of the country has caused the size of the U.S. cattle herd to shrink to a 63 year low and has pushed the price of beef to an all-time high. This is really bad news if you like to eat meat. The truth is that the coming “meat crisis” is already here, and it looks like it is going to get a lot worse in the months ahead.

  409. Wasted breath, Gorilla. R don’t give a damn about no economic or employment stats. He won’t bother to understand them either. He’d rather assume they don’t mean what they say before admitting the failings of his party. Sad.

  410. Not wasted breath, Gorilla. You did what no one else had time to do. You proved Rutherford was wrong to write that my comment was silly, and until he does what I asked which was to explain in detail why I was silly, his last word goes on record as shallow and silly.

    He may ignore it, but his doing so is an an acknowledgement that he was wrong. Lurkers won’t ignore the exchange, but even Some of them will see that we are winning this round of checkers. Winning a few points on a blog is the best we can do.

  411. Hey Rutherford! Good news for the Left. I just found out I’m a candidate for not one but two partial knee replacements. Bone on bone…I may not put up near the fight anymore.

    Ortho (zero personality) said, “You’ve been living with this for a while.”

    I said, “Yeah, I know.” 🙂

  412. James, perhaps you’re right. But the endless claims of Obama’s success in the face of his obvious failures and, in your case as with others, mocking from someone that lacks a perceptible trace of understanding sure is tiring.

    Now, you want to get some feedback, let’s talk about Palin!

  413. Now, you want to get some feedback, let’s talk about Palin.

    ** Guffaw **

    I’m not sure, but reading Rutherford the last 6-8 weeks, I think he’s graduated.

    Palin is getting dowdy. Romney still ruffles some feathers. But the real new bogeyman(me) is/are FAUX News, Trey Gowdy and Darrell Issa. Hitting a little too close to home, I think.

  414. The man read a book on Benghazi and avoided all questions from the peanut gallery that cast doubt on the nothingness of the “nothing burger.” Total crickets. So what if they lie? There must be a good reason ’cause it’s Obama. 🙄

    FP, economics or politics? Nah. Civics, election cheerleading and the latest theatre casting public figures.

  415. Not just any book. A Media Matters book led by a notorious character assassin, whose a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic to boot. LOL!

    There are times Rutherford can be quite “introspective” and objective. Rare…admittedly.

    This post wasn’t one of them. 😈

  416. Come on R, tell us all how this is just another case of the Chicago Jesus being poorly supported by his staff. Can’t be his fault, I mean how can we expect him to manage the VA ALL BY HIMSELF. Besides, it’s not like he SPECIFICALLY promised to pay special attention to this kind of thing….

    As President, I won’t stand for hundreds of thousands of veterans waiting for benefits. We’ll hire additional claims workers,” Obama said. “We’ll bring together veterans groups and the VA to work out a claims process that is fair and fast. And instead of shutting veterans out, we’ll make sure that our disabled vets receive the benefits they deserve, and we’ll allow all veterans back into the VA health care system. – Barack Hussein Obama, October 5th, 2007

    ‘Delay in treatment’ a factor in more than 100 deaths at VA centers

    So, apparently like everything else in this Regime, the White House learned of the problem from the media, or that is the claim:

    Unfortunately, like everything else that is spewed forth from the Regime, that’s a bald face lie:

    The Obama administration received clear notice more than five years ago that VA medical facilities were reporting inaccurate waiting times and experiencing scheduling failures that threatened to deny veterans timely health care — problems that have turned into a growing scandal.

    Veterans Affairs officials warned the Obama-Biden transition team in the weeks after the 2008 presidential election that the department shouldn’t trust the wait times that its facilities were reporting.

    What’s it take R? What does it take?

  417. Gorilla did not click through but the meat story has a lot of legs. China has had a dramatic increase in need of pork so much so they recently bought a major pork operation here in the states

  418. He said he’s madder than hell, G.

    That sounds pretty. . . damn. . . mad. . . I guess.

    Maybe Michelle could try a duck faced #Bring Our Boys to The Morgue.

    Outraged at his own malfeasance again. A Placebo for the blind adherents.

  419. G I don’t blame Bush for where I am, nor generic billionaires. I DO put a preponderance of the blame on a business culture that will not invest in PEOPLE.

    And lest we forget, the Great Recession of 2008 was brought about by white collar criminals, albeit enabled by Bill Clinton’s dismantling of financial protections.

  420. If we put aside your editorial additions G, the excerpt you posted leads me to believe this is the worst economic recovery of all time. That’s not too different from what I said to James. We are marginally better off. And we certainly are not worse off.

    So James comment that if Romney had done nothing we would be better off remains in the silly column.

  421. I am not going to explore what James may or may not of intended with his statement but lets not for a moment fail to believe President Romney would’ve done quite a bit. I would also feel comfortable stating I think he would have been more successful in establishing a better work environment with the legislative branch and clearly the executive branch would’ve been run differently.

  422. And we certainly are not worse off.

    I see. And what would you attribute:

    (1) $7,100,000,000,000 in additional debt
    (2) 18 million more on Foodstamps
    (3) Middle class wages 8.2% less than 2007 and falling
    (4) The now lowest workforce participation rates on measurable record
    (5) $1.2 trillion in student debt

    Good fortune? Great management? Superior business planning?

  423. Rabbit,I never wrote that the Sami were of Asian stock. I wrote that Swedish racism put the Fins and Sami into the Asian camp.

    “Though the Sami do have some Asian genetic influence, at its highest rate it is only 20 to 30%” I have quoted that number from other sources,

    The Sami reindeer herding culture resembles the Siberians’ so over time, a connection probably existed between the two regions,.

    During their separation the Sami were virtually wiped out twice. That time may be the source of Asian stock from the male line.

    The Russian Veps believe they are direct descendents of the so called CroMagon people of the ice age. Some call themselves white American Indians They tend to have big noses and high foreheads,.It is possible some of the Uralic people’s distinct appearance comes from the Ice Age people who were absorbed by invading agriculturalists farther south but not in the hunter gatherer North,

    The Sami territory extended well south into Scandinavia, and many people have unknown Sami ancestors. Some Sami look almost like Inuit people. Singer Sofia Jannok who is blond showed a picture of her father who is dark and Inuit-appearing, A YouTube Sami wedding shows a much wider variety of people than one would expect in most European countries, I have not seen such variety in places like Denmark or Germany.

    The Fins and Sami are very old European populations, who like the Basques are relics of ancient times,

    While we are on the subject, Estonians are related to Fins, but the rest of the Baltic people may be some of the oldest Europeans on the Continent. I believe three waves of farmers invaded, but the Baltic people held out.They may have copied and adopted farming on their own and maintained at least in part, their genetic identity.

    Something happened as agriculture spread to virtually wipe out the genetic traits of the pre- farmers. Maybe too many of the hunter-gatherers were lactose intolerant and they were replaced by people who could more easily drink milk,

  424. Rutherford, to put me in the silly column you will have to provide details to show how Obama countermanded the economy’s natural healing to make it better than it would have been. Tell us what the economy would have done on its own and show how Ozbama made it work better.

    In reality, Romney would have as alfie noted given us the tools to make a much better economy than we have now.

  425. Actually, Rutnerford, I am puling your chain a little as I did with Huck one time. My main point was that to argue hypothetically that Obama would have been more successful than Romney is silly.

    I was only half serious that Obama’s doing nothing would have been better for us than what he did. But lets look at the record. Tacictus used some of the same methods to stop the Depression of 33 AD as Ben Bernarchy did in 2008, and had Obama used Tacitus’ strategy, over the longer term. We might be more prosperous now.

    Consider the Panic of 1873 which took J Cook under. It was known as the Great Depression until the 1930’s down turn. The British strategy turned it in for them the Long Depression which lasted twenty years. Germany recovered fairly quickly because its economic strategy was more friendly to business and consumer spending,.

    Each event is unique, but they illustrate the difference between an effective strategy and a failure. Obama is a proven quatity. We can imply Romney’s success or failure on his previous business and political record.

  426. “If I understand college administrators correctly, colleges are hotbeds of racism and rape that everyone should be able to attend.” ~ IowaHawk

    😆 😆 😆

    Funniest man on the internet…

  427. Britt Hume Tweet seen:

    VA scandal: DIDN’T KNOW
    Benghazi security: DIDN’T KNOW
    Fast and Furious: DIDN’T KNOW
    Lose your doctor: DIDN’T KNOW
    Bin Laden hit: MASTERMIND

    3:23 PM – 19 May 2014

  428. Tex @ #543 – thanks for the reminder. It led to this merriment –

    (Disclaimer: practically unreadable font at the beginning but the 30 second mark brings it.)

  429. The annual national day of embarrassment. Obama once again attempts to throw a ball to home plate.

    Look at that form – an insult to girls everywhere. Bet Rutherford throws better. But at least this time, Obama is not wearing his mom pants.

  430. What u talkin’ about Willis? I am not in a foul mood at all.

    How about you jump in and say something worthwhile? You won’t deal with anything I’ve posed and generally haven’t for a long time.

    But this is your blog and there are plenty others here that should give you the impetus.

  431. The weekend was one of the worst ones here at RL’s Blog & Suds, IMO. No wonder Tigre & rabbit were scarce. I think Huck’s dog died too. 😦

    It’s finally perfectly nice outside today so naturally the jackhammering starts. You guys have no idea.

    I think the bike needs riding more than these papers need grading.

  432. Muffy, But you’ve got to admit a picture with Obama once again throwing off the wrong foot does bring a smile to your face. Contrast that with this….

  433. I guess R confused the two of us Muffy. I don’t know what the fuck he was talking about. . . as usual.

    Bike ride. Hmmmm. That sounds like something I might do later myself.

  434. Tex, that’s the best pitch I’ve seen yet @#554.

    Obama is the quintessential noodle arm. I SO want to see him try and hit a ball.

  435. Chicago does have a top notch bike trail along Lake Michigan.

    Tigre are you guys doing the Divvy bikes or equivalent there in Atlanta? What about Boston, Alfie?

  436. I assume you’re talking about the public use/shared bikes like they have in Amsterdam. If so, I haven’t seen them yet but I think it’s a hell of an idea.

    Turns out Obama is a real Harlem Globetrotter too:

  437. No good water trails here. We’re too dry. But the best place to get it out of your system is the Silver Comet Trail. It’s an old rail line with the tracks lifted.

    I’m jealous of James with the cross country trails and conditions that permit it. Contrary to the beliefs of our resident meteorologist, Rutherford, we get snow here but never enough to muck it out.

  438. Boston has them they call it Hubway. I used the ones in London when I was there on vacation. I found it a neat idea but I have to say the 30 minutes goes pretty quick.

  439. They put up a lot of racks here. There are at least 6 racks within the same number of blocks around me. I haven’t used them yet but I see them being used a lot especially downtown and just outside the loop. Parking is up to $40/day downtown unless you pay monthly. I know what you mean about the 30 minutes, Alfie. Everyone is complaining about that here too. But they really are a great idea.

    In Seattle they have barrels with umbrellas in them on the street corners. I loved that.

  440. Back to a post related topic…
    The Pentagon is drawing up action plan to evacuate the Tripoli Libya embassy as that country heads farther downwards. Fail

  441. “Wow Muffy I thought NOT talking about politics this weekend was kinda refreshing.”

    Just like the rest of his week. 🙄

  442. How Twain knew about the Obama presidency is one of life’s great mysteries:

    Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it– Mark Twain

  443. 365 Obama’s latest foreign policy failure is one more reason why it was silly to think that Romney would have been a worse president than Obama has been. I don’t believe Romney would have destabilized several countries in the name of Arab Spring.

    I was just as silly when I first lived in Essex, UK and without thinking rode my bicycle on the wrong side of the road. I met a truck on a curve.

  444. Upshot linked on Drudge quotes a Census study showing over 1.2 million Hispanics changed their classification to white during the last ten years. The writer theorizes that as Hispanics integrate with this society, they will identify themselves as white, just as Italians and Greeks did.

    Democrats have invested time in marginalizing Latin Americans into a client minority. They have pinned their hopes on it. This information shows they may be failing.

  445. I began my little counter attack by mentioning the crash of 33 AD and the Panic of 1873. The last few posts continue my fun, Your proven wit and intellect “don’t mean nothing”, or at least very little, because I have more ammunition than you have.

    Here is more,

    Michele Malkin wrote an article about Michele Obama’s failing school lunch menu and how it is as much for her big business and labor union connections as it is for the children.

    You should also read Betsy’s Page today, Rutherford. She discusses the latest VA scandal and Obama’s fake outrage. She also quotes Iowahawk who Tex quoted.

    Betsy quotes Howard Dean who said Republicans are unAmerican and she refers some of Obama’s insults to show Democrats are losing it.

    And you called me “silly”? My mother used to call me “silly willy” if I did something dumb. Its nothing personal,. I would do the same to my wife or brother.

    I am mocking you because the Democrats make it easy,and it is more fun than being angry, “Silly Willy.”

  446. Fuck baseball. Let’s see any of you beat Barack at basketball.

    I’ll take that bet. Play a little game of HORSE or even it let’s make it BARACK. :twit: And I’ll wager to boot. He wins, I vote for Hillary Rotten or Lizzie Liawanta, shine his shoes, kiss his ass. I win, the feckless SOB folds tent, resigns, and take that horse’s ass of a wife with him, with his citizenship revoked and heads to Kenya for the remainder of his days.

    Set it up for us, Rutherford. And I’ll assure you I’ll hit more 9% of my three pointers, so tell ‘The One’ to practice up.

  447. Remember When Democrats Pointed to the VA Health System As A Model For ObamaCare?

    Another scandal our POS President is ducking and learned about in the paper. 😈 Even if the feckless bastard was sent from the Bush transition team a detailed account of the trouble.

    What a joke Barack Obama has become…a liar, a fraud, a lightweight. And that’s the best the Left has to offer? The Magic Man? The Nobel? Notice Europe has quietly ducked out of the ‘praising’ the last few years. Even they realize a grossly inadequate charlatan.

    Rutherford, do you ever feel like a hoodwinked dumbass (like you should) when you see the abject stupidity and transparent lying of this man practiced daily and noted here?

  448. Tex, do you think VA scandal is a blessing in disguise? Did the morons that think single payer is a good idea really need an example of why it isn’t?

    I guess I don’t get why is the media deeming it more pernicious than IRS, Benghazi or Obamacare or the myriads of other shit Obama wrought? Why can’t it be written off as a “nothing burger” by the idol worshipers as with everything else of paramount significance? Damn. The IRS abuses are a really, really fucking big deal. And look, Rutherford don’t care. Since it’s his vilified political adversaries that were targeted, he and his talking head lefties actually defend it without concern for what it signifies and what it might mean to them in the future.

  449. Forget about the baseball or basketball skills. I could care less if the POTUS is athletically inclined. I’d rather see one of them go a day without lying. Now that would be a talent. Instead, we hold a liar’s contest and elect the bigger bullshitter. Then we expect them to be honest and respect the position. Ludicrous.

  450. Hell no, I don’t think it’s a blessing because moral preeners like Rutherford will discount the deaths of Vets as a nothing burger too. They’re unteachable.

    In fact, I think it will only reinforce to the useful idiots their clarion call for Single Payer so we can all die because they never get a damn thing right.

    And I think I have figured out why, Tigre.

    Here’s a typical Leftist eating his ear wax…the same Leftist that says we’ve proved Communism works. Most of these Leftist are dumb animals. Why do you think they vote for somebody as obviously cheap and inept as Obama? Parrots, lemmings, bleating sheep.

  451. Poolman, I’d like the left to be honest with themselves and everyone else for once. Like not ascribing made up athletic prowess to the uncoordinated sissy-in-chief. Expecting our elected officials not to lie would start with not buying into it when it occurs.

  452. Tigre, re 578-9, I agree. But is there such a thing as an honest politician? We’d all like to believe there can be. Or is that an oxymoron? The problem is we really want to believe the lies. We think we can change water to wine, when really all we are doing is adding some artificial grape flavoring. Vintage koolaid.

  453. Fuck baseball. Let’s see any of you beat Barack at basketball.
    On behalf of the entire Left I charge RACISM for assuming Obama is somehow naturally inclined to like and or be better at basketball.

  454. Well Poolman, you may be right. However, the extent to which things have gotten is astounding. I would never defend the type of bullshit Obama spews from anyone — even if it were from my own momma. And look at this shit. Reflexively shouting “racism” or “manufactured by republicans” or “nothing burger,” never is candor or accountability demanded. Never.

  455. I’m Lebron. I got game! ~ Barack Obama, Campaign 2008

    This feeble maggot has had delusions of grandeur since his raysis, commie grandmammy raised him.

  456. Accountability needs to be demanded. Our Constitution gives us that right. Until we, the people, quit paying their extortion demands, nothing will change. With our own consent we empower them and help to pave this highway to hell.

  457. The basketball star. Pfffft.

    THE WORSHIPPER’S MYTH: Nicknamed “the O-bomber” for his long range shooting abilities, Obama was a High School basketball star, playing forward for a team that won the Hawaii State Championship.

    THE TRUTH: The delicate Obama did not even make the Varsity team until his senior year. He sat the bench and seldom played. Ex teamates do not recall him ever being referred to as “the O-bomber.” Public relations videos of the current day Obama playing basketball reveal an awkward player, of average ability at best, driving to the basket for easy layups or hitting uncontested set shots.

    Seriously, other than sports, pop culture, and rabble rousing, Obama does not demonstrate real physical skill or deep knowledge of any substantive subject. Shit, he didn’t write his own autobiographies and was a “guest lecturer” in constitutional law whose demonstrated not one iota of aptitude or appreciation for.

    R, hate to disappoint. Obama is a little girly man.

  458. “Poolman “I’d rather not see them go a day without lying.” Its not going to happen, because anyone who works so hard to make a career from politics is on a power trip. Each person will shade the truth or lie if a development threatens power.

    People like Obama deserve responsibility for subverting our system of government, but people so ignorant they have no business voting also share much of the blame. So do propagandists who pose as news reporters. It is that combination who gave us politicians like Obama and will lead us into fascism and dictatorship if the worst happens.

    Our press has certain rights because their purpose is to protect us from governmental lies. Most of them now are essentially part of the government. Until people protest or stop watching the slanted news delivery and omission of stories to alter news readers’ bias or get them fired little will change.


    Imagine how bad it would be without the internet and talk shows,

  459. Pretty apparent to me Obama was the bottom feeder of the law class, closely affiliated with grievance hustlers rewarding him with massive grade inflation. Like everything about Obama, an obvious scam and untruth.

    The greatness of the man is a myth. There’s some bangers that could do better in the job. At least they could swing the street hustler sell better than this farce. Bet their women are better looking too.

  460. James, the real press left the building a long time ago. What we have now are propagandists, all owned by the same oligarchs that pretty much own everything else and are above the laws of the land.
    Frustrating at the least. Criminal. Evil.

    On a lighter note, I ran across your neighbors doing a little do-si-do. Quite amusing. Enjoy.

  461. Oh look. Obama is mad as hell about yet another scandal that he found out about from the press, and promises to have yet another internal investigation, which will take months and ultimately discover that absolutely nobody was at fault and that nobody should be punished, other than an administrative reassignment or retirement, both of which were already scheduled to happen anyway. At that point the situation will be resolved and any further mention of it will be a GOP witch hunt over a nothingburger and we should all just go with the ARB and shut the fuck up.

    On a separate but related note…I hope like hell Trey Gowdy goes balls in and calls Obama to testify so he can ask him “what did you know and when did you know it?”

    Of course, he won’t go, citing Executive Privilege. But why not force him to do that. It’s time to stop fucking around with this asshole. If the press won’t do its job and ask then someone else is going to have to do it.

  462. @ huck I have to agree. Shishenski [sp?] and Holder are two grand examples of very poor executive action from O. Yeah I’m being polite this time. It is quite simply disgusting the president appears so dumb and numb to reality.

  463. At least in my lifetime, I have never witnessed an executive so detached from reality, so incapable of real leadership, so grossly incompetent, and in so far over his head.

    Obama is not a mediocre President. He’s a disgrace and so are the people that voted for him – most of you clowns don’t even have a sense of shame. You’re ingrates and imbeciles.

    Any man or woman voting for evil and incompetence must stop when he recognizes it…or else he ceases being an innocent dupe and becomes the reason for the failure.

  464. A continuation of #519…

    If you believe that the U.S. economy is heading in the right direction, you really need to read this article. As we look toward the second half of 2014, there are economic red flags all over the place. Industrial production is down. Home sales are way down. Retail stores are closing at the fastest pace since the collapse of Lehman Brothers. U.S. household debt is up substantially, and in 20 percent of all U.S. families everyone is unemployed. In so many ways, what we are witnessing right now is so similar to what we experienced during the build up to the last great financial crisis. We are making so many of the very same mistakes that we made the last time, and yet our “leaders” seem completely oblivious to what is happening. But the warning signs are very clear. All you have to do is open your eyes and look at them. The following are 27 huge red flags for the U.S. economy…

    #1 Despite endless assurances from the Obama administration that we are in an “economic recovery”, the number one concern for U.S. voters is “Unemployment/Jobs” according to a recent Gallup survey.

    #2 Historically, sales for construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar have been a pretty good indicator of where the global economy is heading next. Unfortunately, sales were down 13 percent last month and have now experienced year over year declines for 17 months in a row.

    #3 During the first quarter of 2014, profits at office supply giant Staples fell by 43.5 percent.

    #4 Foot traffic at Wal-Mart stores fell by 1.4 percent during the first quarter of 2014. Analysts seem puzzled as to why Wal-Mart is “underperforming”. Perhaps it is because the U.S. middle class is being steadily destroyed and U.S. consumers are tapped out at this point.

    #5 It is being projected that Sears will soon close hundreds more stores and will eventually go out of business altogether…

    The company said this week that it may sell its 51% stake in Sears Canada, which operates nearly 20% of the company’s stores worldwide. It has quietly closed nearly 100 U.S. stores in the last year. Next week, it’s expected to announce dismal fiscal first quarter results and possibly yet more store closings.

    “They have too many stores and they’re losing a lot of money, burning cash,” said John Kernan, an analyst with Cowen.

    Kernan expects the company to close 500 of its 1,980 U.S. stores in a few years and, ultimately, to go out of business.

    “The lights are going off at Sears and Kmart,” he said. “There are tumbleweeds blowing through the parking lots at Kmart. They’re basically completely irrelevant.”

    The “retail apocalypse” just continues to roll on, but the mainstream media is treating this like it is not really a big deal.

    #6 The labor force participation rate for Americans from the age of 25 to the age of 29 has fallen to an all-time record low.

    #7 According to official government numbers, everyone is unemployed in 20 percent of all American families.

    #8 As families struggle to pay their bills, many of them are increasingly turning to debt in order to make ends meet. Earlier this month we learned that total U.S. household debt has increased for three quarters in a row. And as I noted in one recent article, total consumer credit in the United States has increased by 22 percent over the past three years, and 56 percent of all Americans have “subprime credit” at this point.

    #9 Interest rates on student loans are scheduled to increase substantially on July 1st…

    As of July 1, federal student loan rates will edge up. Rates overall will be up 0.8% compared to current rates.

    Federal Stafford Loans for undergraduate students will be 4.66% — up from 3.86%. Federal Stafford Loans for graduate students will be 6.21% — up from 5.41%.

    Federal Grad PLUS and Federal Parent PLUS Loans will be at 7.21% — up from 6.41%.

    This is going to put even more pressure on the growing student loan debt bubble.

    #10 U.S. industrial production fell by 0.6 percent in April. This should not be happening if the economy truly was “recovering”.

    #11 Manufacturing job openings in the United States have declined for four months in a row.

    #12 Existing home sales have fallen for seven of the last eight months and seem to be repeating a pattern that we witnessed back in 2007 prior to the last financial crash.

    #13 In the real estate bubble market of Phoenix, sales in April were down 12 percent year over year, and active inventory was up 49 percent year over year. In other words, there are tons of homes on the market, but sales are going down.

    #14 The homeownership rate in the United States has dropped to the lowest level in 19 years.

    #15 Trading revenue at big banks all over the western world is way down…

    Late Friday, it was JPMorgan who said trading revenues will be down 20 percent this quarter. Now Barclays says trading revenues in the first three months were down 41 percent. The company cited “challenging trading conditions resulting in subdued client activity.” Like JPMorgan, Barclays also warned they were seeing no improvement in trading in the second quarter.

    #16 Jan Loeys, JPMorgan’s head of global asset allocation, is warning that the Federal Reserve is creating a huge financial bubble which could “push us into a credit crisis”…

    Where do we go from here? To this analyst, still very subdued economic growth, both at the US and global level, implies continued easy monetary policy. The risk is that bond yields rise no faster than the forwards. Financial overheating (asset inflation) proceeds much faster than economic overheating (CPI inflation). Before CPI inflation has a chance to emerge, and before monetary policy is truly above neutral, a financial bubble will have popped up somewhere and will have corrected, pushing the economy down. That is what has happened in the past 25 years. The behavior of central banks gives us no confidence that this time will be different: Central banks talk about financial instability, but appear to define this mostly in term of bank leverage. Each successive boom and bust is always in another place. A bubble can emerge without leverage. It is not possible to project exactly where this boom and bust cycle will take place as knowing where it will be would induce evasive actions that should prevent it from occurring. One possible ending, among many, is that ultra-easy rates having induced credit markets to grow much faster than equity markets, combines with reduced market making by banks (many of whom have become like brokers) to create a liquidity crisis when the Fed starts the first set of rate hikes. This could then be bad enough to close primary markets, and thus push us into a credit crisis.

    #17 Peter Boockvar, the chief market analyst at the Lindsey Group, is warning that the U.S. stock market could experience a 20 percent decline once quantitative easing completely ends.

    #18 A lot of other big names are telling CNBC that they expect a significant stock market “correction” very soon as well…

    A bevy of high-profile names have warned lately that the market is on the doorstep of a major move lower. From long-term market bulls such as Piper Jaffray to short-term traders such as Dennis Gartman, expectations are high that the major averages are poised for a big dip, with calls varying from 10 percent or so all the way up to 25 percent.

    #19 The number of Americans enrolled in the Social Security disability program exceeds the entire population of the nation of Greece and has just hit another brand new record high.

    #20 Poverty continues to grow all over the country, and right now there are 49 million Americans that are dealing with food insecurity.

    #21 According to Pew Charitable Trusts, tax revenue in 26 U.S. states is still lower than it was back in 2008 even though tax rates have gone up in many areas since then.

    #22 Barack Obama is doing his best to keep his promise to destroy the U.S. coal industry…

    The EPA is about to impose a new regulation that will reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants starting June 2 and will become permanent in 2015. The new regulation, according to Politico, is the “most dramatic anti-pollution regulation in a generation.” Because the new regulation will further cripple the coal industry, as coal-burning plants will be severely affected, American power will become more dependent on natural gas, solar and wind.

    #23 Climatologists are now saying that the state of Texas is going through the worst period of drought that it has experienced in 500 years.

    #24 It is being reported that “dozens of Texas communities” are less than 90 days away from being completely out of water.

    #25 It is being projected that the drought in California will cost the agricultural industry 1.7 billion dollars and that approximately 14,500 agricultural workers will lose their jobs.

    #26 Due in part to the drought, the price of meat rose at the fastest pace in more than 10 years last month.

    #27 According to recent surveys, only about a quarter of all Americans believe that the country is heading in the right direction.

  465. I agree about the press, Poolman.

    Thanks for the link. I saw the farmers’ square dancing group before they disbanded, and I didn’t know anyone had followed their course. I’m glad people are continuing. A combine demolition derby is fun too.

    We still own a Farmal H tractor. It is one of the later models–1953 and has an oil dip stick.Earlier versions had two bolts loosened to check the oil level. Those are fine maneuverable machines good for herding cattle,

    Last week we had four sub freezing lows down to 28 degrees. Our corn is dead and yellow, but I think the growing points survived, so it should recover.

  466. Two palentologists studied southern plains climate for the past ten thousand years. Five thousand years ago, it was so dry the buffalo and Indians left.

    Around a thousand years ago, a two hundred year drought drove an Indian village near Mitchel, South Dakota to Mandan relatives in North Dakota, A village in northwest Iowa became semi- nomadic and their main meat diet changed from deer to buffalo,

    The Nebraska Sand Hills which are sand dunes covered with grass blew free, Even the Dust Bowl was too wet for that to happen,

    The palentologists noted that it was too dry to support early Native American technology for about half of the past ten thousand years.They observed that climate now is as good as it gets,

    ISU extension climatologist Dr. Elwyn Taylor says a long-term climate cycle is making the Southwest progressively dryer than it has been, Human-caused climate change activists are lying about a human connection to shock people into accepting their version of climate change and international statism.

  467. Too bad about the corn, James. Most of the fields of corn are about 6 foot tall out here. We have had a mild season as far as temperatures go. 67 degrees on the back patio now. I think we are going to be in the upper seventies and lower eighties for the rest of this week. We just got back from a jaunt to the west coast. Temperatures were chilly. Sixty at night and upper sixties during the day. We drove through the Imperial Valley where a lot of our produce comes from. The place was busy with harvesting and planting. Trucks full of onions and bales of various grasses were everywhere. Since the water source for these crops is from the CO river, the drought has less of an influence.

    The wind has been almost continual here in AZ this season. Anymore a calm day is unusual. I have seen this change in the 20 years I have lived here. It was rare to have windy days when we first arrived, and certainly not multiple days in a row. West Texas was often windy and dusty, especially in the spring. The calm in AZ was quite a welcome change for us. Now it seems windy is the new normal.

  468. Here is where we are at in this Orwellian nightmare:

    The Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations held a hearing Wednesday on renewing the Authorization for the Use of Force (AUMF) in Iraq and Afghanistan. Senators repeatedly asked representatives from the Department of Defense which groups we are at war with. And the DOD refused to answer. They said it was classified.

    So much for black and white. I can’t see how we can continue to support such an out-of-control “defense” department. I think they are only interested in defending their own asses and bank accounts.