Bundy is a Surprise?

Already a common criminal, rancher Cliven Bundy really stepped in it when he said that he wondered if some blacks would be better off slaves.

On Friday night’s Hardball on MSNBC Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart described slavery as robbing people of their dignity, humanity and liberty.

I have conservative friends in the comments section of this very blog who have argued that liberal policies strip blacks of their dignity, humanity and liberty. Hell, prominent BLACK conservative Ben Carson called Obamacare the worst thing since slavery.

All Bundy did was echo the thoughts of many conservatives who say our ghettos, our out of wedlock birthrate, our urban crime and a host of other problems that plague the black community are the fault of liberal ideology.

Bundy’s mistake is that he is a simple man with a simple mind who doesn’t know how to dress up typical conservative dogma in intellectual rigamarole.

Bundy surprises you?

Negro, please.


466 thoughts on “Bundy is a Surprise?

  1. In what way is Bundy a common criminal? He has refused to pay the BLM grazing fees for over twenty years because of a dispute over rule changes, but he hasn’t assaulted anyone or robbed people at gun point. The Bureau of Land Management has not pressed charges yet, and that also makes his failure to pay more a dispute than robbery.

    I’m not disputing you. I am asking for a definition or for information about the Bundies I don’t have. You seem to be saying one who repeatedly breaks the speed limit or sneaks into the US is a common criminal. It is a good definition. I just want to understand the meaning of your terms.

  2. Perhaps “common” skewed the definition somewhat. Bundy is the dumb version of the dudes who wrecked the economy with credit default swaps. A thief who doesn’t outright mug you.

    Funny thing, neither the Wall Street thieves nor Bundy are going to jail. Hooray for the “little guy”.

  3. Bundy is all the media wants him to be. He’s necessary to move an agenda. The fact that we put more into it than that shows our ignorance, not his.

  4. So this post is Rutherfords introspection that the talking points about the inner city,specifically the black community are 100% correct?

  5. Man, I’m glad you were ambitious. I’d hate to see if you decided to slack off. But mooches like me are grateful. I like it when your pissy.

    Explain to me the plight of Black America, “R”? Bundy is a canard. He’s a stupid man. We all know that.

    Slavery? Please. That was seven generations ago. The White man? We’ve kissed your ass for 50 years and walk on egg shells to tickle your sensitivities, African-American. Affirmative action, a disproportionate amount of welfare, bloc voting which is really black hatred of WASPs, and the reminder you are of the most racist, laziest, least educated, most violent demographic in America. Sorry old friend, but that is undeniable. Not even close. And don’t tell me minorities got it so rough. The antithesis of black America isn’t White America but Asian-America. .

    Sorry. The problem with black America is black America. Let’s talk history.

    Blacks have no history of self-management or self-control, no real success of government to point toward. What your genetic history does have is about 7,000 years of bloodshed, abject poverty, rampant immorality, and bad taste in music, minus Motown. 🙂

    That doesn’t apply to all blacks. I don’t feel like it applies to you. But for every Rutherford I meet, I find ten cracka hating brothas and pinky hatin sistas looking for trouble.

    You doubt me, come to Tulsa and I’ll prove it to you.

  6. No need James. You guys can keep up your comment number references. I’m the only one using an app to handle the blog and that’s no reason to crimp your style.

    I was just letting off steam.

  7. So Tex let’s lay your analysis where it leads. Haven’t you said liberalism exacerbates all these inherent problems?

    Bundy contrasted hard work in the cotton fields and traditional families with broken homes and living on government subsidy. Have you not stated that liberalism has destroyed the black family?

    Other than using that third-rail word “slavery” how does Bundy’s “analysis” differ substantially from your own?

  8. Bundy is a dumbass for thinking that blacks would be better off as slaves.

    Rutherford is a dumbass for thinking that, under modern day liberalism that drives the welfare state, blacks aren’t still slaves.

    Bundy didn’t surprise me…and, unfortunately, neither did Rutherford.

  9. By the way….Rutherford’s take is a million times more tragic then anything that stems from what the rancher said.

    40 people were shot in Chicago this Easter weekend. 9 killed.

    And its not even a blip on the Illinois transplant’s radar. (If they were white he’d be going on and on about the 2nd amendment.)

    Sure….if it did blip he might make some half assed attempt to tell us that more of the same liberal policy would help solve the nightmare. Or maybe some garbage about gun control in the city that didn’t allow guns in the first place. But not passionately.

    All in all….Rutherford pretends its not happening because its too threatening to his beloved ideology team.

    His people make a prime time talking head out of a gangster who tried to flood black neighborhoods with crack cocaine for shits sake. Think about it’ That is how little reflection on urban plight these people give.

    Negro please…vote Democratic. And then go back to your reservation.

    The rancher used a stupid metaphor. Nothing more.

  10. I’m just glad Rutherford felt inspired to write again. The deadbeat rancher perked old Rutherford right up and we got a new thread out of it.

    The main liberal ideology that acts on the black communities like a virus is the lack of respect for life. Its unconscionable that the media ignored Kermit the Ripper’s path of destruction for the sake of convenience. Why wasn’t Matthews screaming about Gosnell? Read the grand jury report at least. It makes last weekends murders look amateurush.

    Come to think of it the moron ranchers remarks suddenly remind me of an oft heard liberal meme that the “fetus” would be better never being born. People actually say that.

  11. In a sick way, I’m glad Gosnell was totally understated despite the magnitude.

    Of course we know why……

    But….that story is so fucking sick….I can’t bring myself to even skim the details.

    Is it true Mrs. Obama once owned the building that housed that shop of horrors?

    Don’t the Obama’s know that guy personally?

    Or am I wrong…

  12. These comments and more were on a YouTube tourist site.

    lol this video is just making fun of (blacks)

    fk (whites)

    why do you (whites) hate (blacks) so much?…always some (white) starts throwing st at me.

    If you behave yourself you’ll get fair treatment. The (whites) in (black sections) don’t dare open their mouths so nobody really notices them.

    I don’t divide people like that. I understand that there are some some (blacks) much nicer than (whites) and some (whites) much nicer than (blacks)

    Sometimes, racism is something else. These exchanges were on a tourism site “Joe Goes to Finland” and Joe Goes to Sweden.” I substituted Swedes and Fins for black and white.

    A Swede wrote “Denmark is our older brother, Norway is our little brother. Finland is our retarded cousin. ”

    Joe had asked Fins and Swedes what they thought of each other and he asked them if they would like to be the other nationality. Mutual bigotry was the result, and it carried into the comments.

    During our US civil rights movement, Scandinavians preached that we should be as tolerant and liberal as they were. They, with the exception of Fins who are of another genetic group carry as much or more under cover mutual hatred for their relatives as races do here.

    I’m not defending Bundy, but his comment was not necessarily racist. Maybe it was. I don’t know. However, his entire statement also included we would never want to repeat slavery. His black body guard said Bundy is not racist. ” I would take a bullet for that man.”He said the Bundys treat him like a member of the family.

    He said “Negro” Bundy is old, about 67. He grew up when that term was respectable. “Negro” is an ethnic classification as is “Caucasian.”
    We still have relics of the time. The United Negro College fund is one example.

    I think it is possible, as rabbit wrote that Bundy was using slavery as a metaphor the way some of us have used it here. The welfare state and Democratic party have locked blacks into a pattern of behavior which lets Democrats take them for granted without addressing many of their problems.

    Neither side of the urban press cares about Bundy. He is a tool to further their ideological biases.

  13. Or there is a third possibility: He is neither a dummy, nor is he engaging in metaphor. Maybe Bundy is a successful rancher who said exactly what he meant and meant what he said. (Notice those two things are not the same. Think about it.)

    And maybe, horror of horrors, he was right.

  14. I really can’t say it better than Huck, Muffy or Rabbit said above, Mr. Rutherford. I’m just the most outspoken about the facts. If that troubles you, change the facts.

    Do I feel Leftism (I refuse the word liberalism anymore – liberals are as far from classic liberalism as it get) exacerbates the black plight. I know it does. When there’s no accountability, double standards and you live by the creed you’re a victim all your life, you’re doomed to failure from the start.

    But truthfully, I blame white Leftists equally for black racism, poor attitudes and general bad behavior. White Leftists empower themselves at the expense of ignorant blacks. One, they are deathly afraid of blacks. They’re cowards. But the have learned well they can use you, they can consume you, they can pander to you to make you a tool. And they will keep you in your place, because without it the plight and the ignorance, they will become far less influential themselves.

    Once again, forgive the stereotypes. Though your mother and I were at opposite ends of life’s most important choices, I give your mother due for refusing to let you believe you were victimized. Though you carry a great many myths in your beliefs Rutherford, I would still call you friend, be a good neighbor, treat you as equal. You may not believe that, but it is the truth. But neither will I treat you as you should be privileged because of some past grievance of you ancestors. Neither will I mince words. If that troubles you, then you aren’t seeking real partnership. And contrary to their message, most blacks are not. They like playing victim because they are weak.

  15. By the way. This WHITE L.A. Clippers owner, Rutherford?

    I use my White Leftist Exhibit #1 when the mask drops….

    Liberal #Democrat Donald Sterling Caught on Tape Screaming Ugly Racist Epithets

    Cliven Bundy fits the black narrative; Donald Sterling doesn’t.

    Want to bet which gets more play on Toure?

    And this “conversation” Mr. Sterling has? The same goes on in most black households. Don’t tell me it doesn’t, Rutherford. Just reverse the colors. So much for our post-racial President.

  16. ” (I refuse the word liberalism anymore – liberals are as far from classic liberalism as it get)” Tex

    Ain’t that the truth. Miserable authoritative soul sucking jerks. And it’s impossible to fix their damage. Lying, vile threats to a decent and free life, they are.

    They profit off of misery and balkanization. Play on the good intent of fools. Turn a blind eye to savagery. And would put our entire life in the hands of a behemoth, cold, corrupt bureaucracy if they could get away with it. (Eventually they will).

    Liberal my ass.

    I often feel like a prostitute being associated with the machine for the sake of so much time with my family.

    Just learned about a massive billing scam between special education and Medicare that spans all of public education. Utter fucking scam.

    So scary that the world they build always collapses on itself within two generations.
    It will one day be an ugly scene.

  17. Hi Rutherford. I see nothing much has changed since the last time I was here. You give up too easily. Bundy is a criminal. Why do you put up with these commenters? Do you just find them amusing? Because I do…amusing and abusive, a bad combination. I’ve seen people online cheering for Bundy and his armed posse, and gloating over the fact that they “backed down” the BLM. If just a couple of things were different, those very same people would be calling him a terrorist. At least there seems to be some agreement on him being a dumbass. Too bad. That seriously undermines his hero status.

  18. And I see you Fake are as phony as ever…pretentious as ever…and sanctimonious as ever. And I’ll bet still lonely as ever. You need to stick with your sister, your books and your cats – without them, you’re without a friend cupcake.

    You’re a two-headed monster, Fake. An abject phony feigning piety and wannabee fascist who would shut conversation down if you weren’t so cowardly. The perfect Obama rube – not terribly bright and full of themselves. Remember when you tried to stop the conversation here covertly, coward? Like everything in your life, love most of all, you failed. You fit the model of white Leftist well.

    I can’t tell you contrary to what you might think how much better I think of Rutherford than I do a sleazy, old man hater like you. I’d tell you to get lost but it’s so easy to run you back to irrelevancy, I hope you stick around so I can insult you some more.

  19. Rutherford, I did want to come back and tell you one thing this morning. Perhaps the latent white hatred of Black America really does exist. Maybe Bundy and Sterling aren’t so uncommon as I believe.

    But I promise you, I don’t know these people, wasn’t raised by these people, my children weren’t raised or subjected to people like these two idiots. And most importantly, I do not associate with men like these anymore than I do misandrists like Fake2. I loathe them both equally.

  20. fake name, we have already established that Bundy is not a criminal unless one defines criminality as breaking any laws including traffic or library card violations.

    I may have missed something. With what crime has he been charged? What is his arrest record? At the worst, he is a deadbeat with an unusual view of federalism. The BLM and IRS have not taken any of the disputed grazing fees as far as I know. They could have taken the money through peaceful means. They could have evicted him. Maybe they have and I haven’t heard the news. Please enlighten us.

    I don’t think the BLM suffered a defeat. I think they exercised good judgement after making a bone headed decision which acerbated a discussion on government overreach and threatened violence which would been bad press for the government.. At least nine states are discussing the federal owner ship of so much of their land. The issue is legitimate.

    I resent your smug little attitude and your generalizing onto this blog what you have read elsewhere. Fox News Sunday featured a discussion between the woman who sued and won in the Michigan affirmative case argued before the Supreme Court. She so badly defeated the civil rights lawyer invited to oppose the decision that it was embarrassing to watch. The lawyer knew it and looked angry enough to hit the woman.

    These people, including Rutherford are smarter than you if your comment is all you have to offer. If you persist, you will do as well as that civil rights lawyer.

  21. I had black friends on an Air Force base. We hung around together. That and the Scandinavian- Finish conversations, I posted lead me to believe there is latent racial suspicion if not hatred of groups.Individuals are different.They seem to be exceptions because we know them. We are made to distrust people who are different from us.

    A recent study showed that babies express more positive reactions to babies who look like them.

  22. “Why do you put up with these commenters? Do you just find them amusing? Because I do”

    What I find amusing is how clueless you are.

    In the last thread those of us on the right were split on the Bundy issue. When’s the last time anyone on the left disagreed about anything?

  23. It’s interesting you mention abuse FN2. I was thinking how like the cycle of abuse the treatment of blacks is in this country by their own and especially by white liberals. I’m specifically referring to the cycle of convincing the abused that the abuser really loves them. I’m not sure I see this game among conservatives. A bit among some of the talking heads but it’s mainly a determination of liberals – the constant need for the abuser to prove that they love the abused, despite the beatings. Screaming Tingles is the perfect example.

    Blacks are always being told in the ways that really count (and in the way that mere words don’t) that their lives aren’t worthy. That their deaths don’t matter enough to get upset over. That the abortion stats aren’t defined as crisis.

    That it’s more important not to hurt peoples’ feelings than to protect young women from unsafe money making enterprises trading in their blood. And more important to be liked than to attempt to confront the weekend violence in urban neighborhoods. I give Raum credit for his work in insisting that cops patrol the neighborhoods where they’re needed. And I don’t hold it against cops that they’ve been heretofore reluctant to breach the combat zones.

    I’m shaken. How to uncouple racism from benefitting from racism.

    PS…I just have to say that Screaming Tingles is the best nickname ever!

  24. “I think you mean Sterling, if you’re referring to the Clippers owner flap. Tempest in a teapot, which Bundy is too.”

    Yes, Sterling. Tempest in a teapot – so not surprising then I take it.

    The NAACP would beg to differ I think. They were all set to honor him. Though what sense a second lifetime achievement award within the span of five years makes I have no idea.

    And Bundy seemed to generate some enthusiasm among gloomy bloggers – not just Rutherford. Of course now we know why Dirty Harry was so vested. I figured it was because it happened in his state but for him it’s all about his stake in the matter.

  25. “Tempest in a teapot, which Bundy is too.”

    So which is he…no big deal or a criminal?

    Unless, of course, you think criminals are no big deal.

    The only reason we even talked about it at any real length here is because Rutherford basically asked us to. Again…you’d have known that had you read any of the prior thread.

    We even covered the comments he made that spawned this thread. The only reason Rutherford even wrote this was to start a new comment string because the other one was getting too bulky.

    You’d do well to take a bit of time to catch up on things before you just pop in running your virtual mouth. It might keep you from sticking your virtual foot in it.

  26. When I first heard about this Sterling guy I immediately thought about former Reds owner, Marge Schott. I suspect the outcome will also be similar.

    Personally, I don’t care. In America we all have the right to spew racist BS, and we all have the right to speak out against those who do. The Clippers are a private company who can deal with internal issues how they want to, and the NBA is a private organization that is free to do the same.

  27. Sterling and Bundy and legions of others are not as one dimensional as the media spoon feeds it. In Bundy case it is his obvious global view that reinforces the just criticism of him. In Sterlings case it is his blatant hypocrisy and misogyny that thoroughly defeats any defense of him.
    It is the failure to appreciate the larger dynamic that frustrates the issue

  28. I’m with Alfie (I think). Neither the “right” or the “left” are one-dimensional. Sterling and Bundy are just embarrassing examples you’d like to disown if you could. But these guys don’t speak for the majority; they are outliers. Nothing more humbling than being embarrassed by someone who is supposedly on your “side”.

  29. James, Bundy can’t spell metaphor. But I DO agree with you. Bundy is an old geezer. An elderly member of my family, now deceased would use “negro” meaning no harm. I would cringe but I knew where her heart was.

    The very point I’m trying to make in this post is that there is a very thin line between Bundy and the rest of you vis-a-vis the “plight” of blacks in America. I don’t consider you guys racist.

  30. Well Tex like so many other things Sterling is not Obama’s fault anymore than Bundy is Rand Paul’s fault.

    And yes Toure may ignore it but Face the Nation has not ignored it — to an absurd degree. See my latest tweet. Schieffer asks top Repub on the FOREIGN RELATIONS committee about Sterling before getting to Hamas and Ukraine. WTF?????

    P.S. I’ve gone record, including a full post to say Toure is an ass.

  31. Muffy I never heard of Sterling until this morning. No he’s not a surprise. Racist whites come in all political flavors.

    I’ve not seen his full quote but from what I understand he was not philosophizing the way Bundy was.

    Dumb as Bundy is, he was making a political statement that aligns with conservative values. Sterling was just being an apolitical racist.

    Based on recent comments I’m not entirely sure you can discern the difference.

    As I said, I haven’t heard Sterlings complete statement so correct me if I’m wrong. Was he spouting some social philosophy?

  32. Oh Muffy I just found out another reason not to be surprised. Apparently Sterling has been sued twice by the Fed for refusing to rent apartments to blacks and Latinos.

    So now Muffy I ask you was it wrong for our fascist nanny state to sue Sterling?

    By the way based on what I just learned about Sterling, why is this news? Dude was already a bona fide racist.

    Bundy on the other hand treated his black bodyguard “like family”. Of course so did many slave holders. LOL 😆

  33. Fakename I do have to differ with you on one thing. Bundy’s attitude about blacks being on gov subsidy is not at all different from the base of the Republican Party. To that extent he is not an outlier. As I said in my post he’s just too stupid not to use “the right words”.

    I’ll say this much boys and girls, neither Bundy nor Sterling use dog whistles. Everybody can hear their tune clearly.

    Welcome back FN2. You’re a brave soul.

  34. “Dumb as Bundy is, he was making a political statement that aligns with conservative values. Sterling was just being an apolitical racist.

    Based on recent comments I’m not entirely sure you can discern the difference.”

    I’m not sure it matters. Besides I don’t agree with your premise in that the part of Bundy’s statement that I’m personally appalled by is the pontification that blacks would be better off as slaves. Even his explanation afterwards doesn’t help in that he says he was just wondering.

    That kind of introspection is for shit.

    And it’s that – the very worst part of his “philosphy” – that you ignore altogether in your assessment.

    Bundy’s arrogance aligns with liberal values in believing it’s within his domain to pass judgment on the circumstances under which another human being would be “better off.” That’s core to the liberal mindset, and probably one of the only remaining cores left to the liberal spirit.

  35. Okay, I stand corrected, somewhat…Bundy is an extreme example though, I think. And a week from now, I think everyone will be asking Bundy Who? Except for some conservative websites who will keep him alive as a shining example of the fight for freedom, and rebellion against the evil government juggernaut. Yawn. Oh dear. Was that smug?
    You think I’m brave? Not really. But I think you should pay me. I certainly perked up this particular post. However I see that prior to commenting on this post I should have read every one before it, especially the last one, where if I had only known, everything had been covered already. That’s like reading a book by Stephen King, and not having the standing to comment on it unless you read every other book he wrote before that one.
    The funny part is that I’m not even a liberal, at least according to my friends who are.

  36. “Bundy’s attitude about blacks being on gov subsidy is not at all different from the base of the Republican Party.”

    That blacks would be better off in slavery? That’s what you believe the Republican base stands for?

    You’re Biden’s fool, Rutherford. Conservatives don’t want blacks back in chains. That’s preposterous.

    Are you ready to take the stand that liberal policies are in blacks peoples’ best interests? Forget your usual BS about motives. Are you?

  37. “tortuous”

    Great word. I’m stealing it. Anyway, I think I have your number. that’s all (the collective you, not the particular you).

  38. I’ll say this much boys and girls, neither Bundy nor Sterling use dog whistles.

    Apparently Mr. Sterling uses a dog whistle that the NAACP dog finds incapable of tuning into the particular frequency, being they awarded him in 2009. LOL! The NAACP is as phony Flakename.

    There’s nobody more racist on this planet than the Black grievance hustlers like Sharpton, Jackson, Michael Eric Dyson, and the shills at the NAACP – unless you pay them off. ** GUFFAW ** A little shakedown will get pinky miles of reprieve.

  39. The funny part is that I’m not even a liberal, at least according to my friends who are.

    Oh gawd. What a dog.

    A militant, sniveling feminist and speech police hiding behind her gender as excuse for everything is the very definition of Leftist – small ‘c’ Commie. Your “friends” (the blog) must be insufferable.

  40. I don’t consider you racist either, Rutherford. Even if Bundy has never heard the word metaphor, he can still use it. He was saying that African-Americans are no better off than they were as slaves, but we wouldn’t want to go back there.

    Some slaves were well-treated and considered to be like members of the family. Our daughter and son in law also feel the same about their dog,. My aunt knew former slaves in North Carolina. It was an inhumane, evil practice.

    Bundy’s body guard’s defense of him can also be judged as a man who thinks Bundy is not racially bigoted. Besides, “some of my best friends are Catholics.” Ha!

    I agree, our view of black’s problems is not far from Bundy’s clumsy comparison of slavery with their lives now. Voting 90% or so for Democrats year after year is a big mistake. Blacks need to widen their horizons and find candidates who do more than promise what they don’t deliver, even if the other politicians don’t promise as much.
    Democrats take the black vote for granted and feel little need to change their policies because they know the vote will be reliable year after year.

    Liberal policies are not in blacks’ best interest.

    Why do you think fake name is so brave? He/she is sitting at a keyboard probably on a comfortable chair with few gangsters roaming about.

    People like Sterling and Bundy are convenient tools to illustrate points. Sterling is more embarrassing to liberals than Bundy is to conservatives so the press will try to avoid speaking of him as often as they have about Bundy. Sterling has a record of bias, and now he is scheduled to get an award.THAT is real embarrassment.

  41. Its nice that the NAACP has declined to offer the award. It would have been classier had Sterling declined first.

  42. Goodness Muffy I think you stumbled upon an epiphany that you didn’t intend to.

    The alienating feature of politics in general is that both right and left think they know how folks would be “better off”.

    And to return to a comment made by Huck, if liberal policies have made slaves out of blacks then how are they better off than when they were actual slaves?

  43. “Why do you think fake name is so brave? He/she is sitting at a keyboard probably on a comfortable chair with few gangsters roaming about”

    LOL no I don’t imagine FN hangs with gangsters but you guys do dish it out pretty hard and it takes a tough skin to not get ones “feefees” hurt, as Muffy would say.

    After almost 7 years of this my skin is like elephant hide.

  44. Ha ha. Reverend Sharpton, the racist Jew hating gangster who was caught trying to get a piece of the cocaine pie that was absolutely savaging the black community during the crack wars of the 80s was slated to get the NAACP LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD with the ultra racist guy who owns the Clippers. Surreal.

    You see how the shake down works, Rutherford?

    Race is a fucking bit coin for your friends and a WMD used against any who doesn’t tow your line.

    Can you liberals see why we detest you? Do you really not get it? Are we just meanies?

  45. They should make Sterling pay 300 million dollars in tribute to the DNC.

    Would that be enough for race baiting sainthood Rutherford?

    “Well spoken negro” from a current powerhouse Dem was water off a ducks ass

    That would kill the career of a DNC enemy. Hell….I’d be vilified and unemployed!

    But…..the king makers decide.

    That being said this Clipper thing is too embarrassing for even the king makers to hide. Ouch.

  46. Even being unfamiliar with Sharpton’s past beyond Twanna Brawley, I was and am mortified the man has his own MSNBC show.

    If they wanted a black host my vote would have been for Michael Steele to give the network more balance.

  47. Rabbit I don’t think Biden said “negro” and his “well spoken” comment did get him in hot water with the lib media. His comment about GOP wanting blacks back in chains was also characterized as over the top.

  48. Note to self: hire some gangsters to stand by my keyboard. I wonder if Sharpton is available? Probably not. I would have to hire some of his underling’s underlings. He is repulsive, one of the embarrassments I spoke of. Which makes him a favorite of liberal bashers. See, you are just like Al Sharpton! Well, no, not really.

  49. Rutherford Reid made the “negro” comment. I thought you read “Game Change.”

    Biden described Obama as the “first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

  50. ” He is repulsive, one of the embarrassments I spoke of. Which makes him a favorite of liberal bashers.”

    NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous is giving your embarrassment a life time achievement award…..soooooooo me following your logic here…..fakename…your take on the NAACP CEO?

    The story with Clipper dude isn’t what he said. The story is he was a darling of the NAACP despite his known past because of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Is that the real story here?

  51. classic fakename….by the way…..my point wasn’t to bash Reverend Sharpton…..I was bashing NAACP and an entire system that crowns both Sterling and Sharpton.

    fakename…so hard to cyber respect you….because you continue to be cyber shallow.

  52. I noticed that too rabbit.

    “Racist whites come in all political flavors.”

    Interesting phrasing. Because you can’t say the same about racist blacks.

  53. Muffy I stand corrected. It was Reid not Biden although you can understand how I got the two confused.

    Reid’s comment did not go unnoticed by the media either.

  54. Rabbit did you know Sharpton was an informant before it hit the news recently?

    I don’t need to know every detail of Sharpton to find him an embarrassment.

    And Rabbit I fully get your point on the NAACP. I have said in the past the org has outlived its usefulness.

  55. “It was Reid not Biden although you can understand how I got the two confused.”

    No….actually I can’t. That’s my point. Dude called Obama a “well spoken negro” in the year 2008. I would lose my job. All of us would.

    And of course the media “took note” of it. HE MADE THE COMMENT TO THE MEDIA.

    Don’t you get that a comment ranges from blood in a tank of media piranhas to a tepid silly old so and so…..he didn’t mean it.

    You guys hold power with the racist label. And are well aware of it. You have this sick power to pick and choose what is scandalous and what is not. And we are sick of it.

    This Clipper shit is funny as hell because its so insane….dude owns a NBA basketball team not a Chick Filet (spelling) and repeat, was about to get a life time achievement award from the effing NAACP for the love of Hades! The hypocrisy and corruption is there for all to see who isn’t watching MSNBC. On the same day as Sharpton. Mawawawawaw!

    Just like clock work….they are spinning this…but it can’t work this time.

    The question is what in the holy fuck is wrong with the NAACP not some old eccentric cuck.

    Fakename….I’m bashing the entire left. Where am I wrong here? Be brave.

  56. “Because you know all those white people look alike….”G

    Gorilla jests. But its insane. We live in a climate of speech policing where it is actually not unfathomable that if white person made that same comment about two black dudes in political discourse….the snarks on MSNBC would actually make that accusation with a straight face.

    One slip up….

    Oh do we evil conservatives have to watch our tongues at every turn.

    So stifling.

  57. Are you kidding me, Rutherford? The NAACP remains very relevant: As a blunt and potent political weapon. Its a fucking medieval flanged mace. War hammer!

    Informant? Dude tried to flip bulk cocaine during the bloody peak of insane black on black violence. This should be akin to the Jewish community finding out the head of the Antisemetic League was secretly working with Neo Nazis. The disconnect is breath taking.

    The story isn’t him being an informant. The story is why he was an informant.

    Have you really given the matter any thought?

  58. ” The question is what is wrong with the NAACP? ” Easy. They like the feminist movement are whores. Their price may be variable.

  59. So stifling.” – DR

    Of course, that’s the point. You don’t have to defend your ideas if the other guy can’t say anything.

    The Left, and Rutherford is no different, cannot stand in the arena of ideas, and as such, MUST destroy the messenger because they cannot destroy the message.

    They’re fascists, through and through. Tex hit it on the head earlier; there is nothing liberal about these people. They’re power obsessed, and will step on anyone;
    use anyone;
    manipulate anyone;
    lie to anyone;
    steal from anyone;
    and cheat anyone to get that one thing they want, which is power.

    Freedom of speech?
    Freedom of assembly?
    Freedom of ideas?

    You’re a pawn, a cog in their machine, its sole function being to generate power for themselves. It doesn’t matter that R is too stupid to know that he is nothing but a disposable part, much like a diaper, who is cast aside the moment his purpose has been surpassed.

    He’s meaningless. He’s worthless. He’s of no consequence, and for the Dem Fascists, he is legion.

    What a skeletal wreck of man this is

    Translucent flesh and feeble bones
    The kind of temple where the whores and villains
    Try to tempt the holistic tomes

    Running rampant with free thought to free form in the free and clear
    And the matters at hand are shelled out like lint at a laundromat
    To sift and focus on the bigger, better now

    We all have a little sin than needs venting, virtues for the rending
    And laws and systems and stems a rift from branches of office
    Do you know what your post entails?
    Do you serve a purpose or purposely serve?

    Wind down inside of your atavistic allure
    The value of a summer spent
    And a winter earned

    For the rest of us there is always Sunday
    The day of the week that reeks of rest
    But all we do is catch our breath

    So we can wade naked into the bloody pool
    And place our hand on the big black book
    To watch the knives zig-zag between our aching fingers

    A vacation is a countdown
    T minus your life and counting
    Time to drag your tongue across the sugar cube and hope you get a taste

    What the fuck is all this for?
    (What the hell’s goin’ on?)
    Shut up!
    I could go on and on, but, lets move on shall we?

    Say, you’re me and I’m you and they all watch the things we do
    And like a smack of spite they threw me down the stairs
    Haven’t felt like this in years
    The great magnet of malicious magnanimous refuse
    Let me go and plunge me into the dead spot again

    That’s where you go when there’s no one else around
    Its just you and there was never anyone to begin with now was there?

    Sanctimonious pretentious dastardly bastards
    With their thumb on the pulse and a finger on the trigger
    ‘Classified’ my ass! Thats a fucking secret and you know it
    Government is another way to say, ‘Better Than You’

    Its like ice but no pick, a murder charge that won’t stick
    It’s like a whole other world where you can smell the food
    But you can’t touch the silverware

    Hah, what luck
    Fascism you can vote for
    Isn’t that sweet?

    And we’re all gonna die some day ‘cuz thats the American way
    And I’ve drunk too much and said too little
    When you’re gaffer taped in the middle say a prayer, save face
    Get yourself together and

    (See whats happening)
    Shut up!
    (Fuck you!)
    Fuck you

    I’m sorry I could go on and on but it’s time to move on so
    Remember you’re a wreck, an accident
    Forget the freak, you’re just nature

    Keep the gun oiled and the temple clean
    Shit, snort and blaspheme
    Let the heads cool and the engine run
    Because in the end everything we do is just everything we’ve done

    Read more: Stone Sour – Omega Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  60. OMFG your views are SOOOO stifled. Fox, the Blaze. The Daily Caller, The National Review, IBD (for the most part), Drudge and the entirety of AM talk radio. Oh where oh where can you find a view that opposes liberal dogma?

    My heart bleeds for you.

  61. I’m talking debate you stupid fucking twat. You know, that competitive exchange of ideas that seek to sway on their merit, otherwise know as that thing you cannot do (well, that other thing you probably can’t do).

    An echo chamber on either side of the isle does no one any good, and while there are expressions of Conservative thought, nearly all of mainstream media is corrupted with hacks, bent on propaganda over facts. It is as much about what they won’t say as it is what they do say. As stupid as you may be, you know this to be true.

    Even now, you don’t engage in an exchange of ideas, just setup strawmen for the torches…

  62. You don’t know Sharpton, Rutherford?

    Come on, your memory is failing. Right here on this very board we’ve debated Rev. Al and Jena Six, the Duke LaCrosse case, and Trayvon™.

    In all of them, all the black race hustlers, especially front and center were Rev. Tawana, Rev. Je$$e, Dyson, Jealous…all the baiters marched out – no pun intended.

    Whose worse? Cliven Bundy or Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obuma’s spiritual adviser? How about Eric Holder who hates conservatives and doesn’t believe in enforcing civil rights laws when white people are victims?

    I could spend all night documenting influential black Americans who have said a lot worse than Sterling said and are celebrated. How about Spike Lee? How about Malik Zulu Shabazz? How about Louie Farrakhan? How about Alice Walker? Even some of the black “saints” have dropped the mask lately: Oprah Winfrey and MLK III just two mention two.

  63. Sterling is still an asshole, but it is worth mentioning that he has done nothing illegal and that the same cannot be said of the person who tape recorded his private conversation.

  64. I wonder how many of us are prepared to be held accountable in public for what we say in private. How many past and present NBA players speaking out against Sterling today would care to answer for things they have said in private?

    I’m guessing we wouldn’t get too many takers.

  65. “His comment about GOP wanting blacks back in chains was also characterized as over the top.”

    And yet you essentially parrot it constantly, including this very blog post.

    What we say is that they are in chains…and that you and your liberal policies have put them there.

    For some reason you guys think that is where we want them.

    Rutherford, you asked me how are blacks better off now. I’m not sure I am the person you should be asking. Go ask a black man.

    Better yet..go ask a black man who dares to speak out against those liberal policies that have chained so many blacks. Ask him if he is free. He has the right to vote…as long as he chooses correctly. He has the right to speak out…as long as he speaks out against the right things. He has the right to try and advance himself…as long as he does so quietly.

    The only difference between the black man of yesterday and the black man of today is the color of the person holding the whip when he gets out of line.

    And you know that’s the truth.

  66. 78 The Blaze, Daily Caller, and other sites are conservative biased and present an alternative view, its true Rutherford. But the non- Fox networks, most major news papers, college educational systems, and entertainment are mostly leftist. The administration and news people have coordinated their stories as Journalist did and now David Brock has admitted.

    Was it an accident that the friend of a patient on Grey’s Anatomy said he should have purchased health insurance, and he agreed, but that was before ObamaCare? I don’t like the show, but our daughter does. Most talk show comedians are liberals, and they push their views.

    The administration has coordinated with entertainment writers to insert pro-ObamaCare and other issues into story lines

    Sherryl Atkinson resigned because she said her employers squelched her investigative stories about the Obama misdeeds.

    Many people don’t have the time or inclination to do more than watch the evening news or Saturday Night Live to get their news.

    Its true Fox News has high ratings and is more trusted, but the other networks have more influence.

    I have just proven your comment to be wrong. You need something else to butress your argument. Until you find it, your foundation is crumbling.

  67. Trends in marital Status of US Women at First Birth 1930 to 1994 shows that fewer women in 1994 were married at first birth than during the Depression. The percentage increased for all races, but it was higher for blacks. More women raised children as single parents.

    We know that children tend to live better lives with two parents in the home. Blacks suffered in what by modern standards was terrible racism and thwarting of economic potential Yet, their social structure was in many ways more productive than it is now after generations of liberal aid programs.

    Why is that? Is it the liberal ideology or something else? Patrick Monahan predicted this change in the 1960’s. Other races exhibit similar trends. We as a society are doing something wrong. Blacks in their own self interest need to explore options other than to be reliable voters for the same policies which have failed them. while enriching a few of their numbers.

  68. The New York Times used edited recordings to portray Bundy as a racist, and as they did with Zimmerman, other media tried to tie him to the right. Someone wrote in the comments section of a news story that some on the left have tried to connect Sterling to the right, but his donation records show him to be solidly Democratic.

    Such dishonesty further weakens your argument that the news information field is even.

  69. Amid chronic complaints about “not enough money” on this blog, the thought occurs that perhaps some education about how money really works is in order.

    James Rickards has an excellent book out, called The Death of Money, now a bestseller. As you folks watch your American (and British) government steal your assets through inflation and money-printing, perhaps you could get some ideas on how to keep a little of it – and even make it grow – from this book. There ARE assets that keep pace with inflation, make money beyond inflation, and make a comfortable old age for you.

    A nice excerpt that says it all:

    There are few more tendentious comments on gold than the a priori statement that a gold standard cannot work today. In fact, a well-designed gold standard could work smoothly if the political will existed to enact it and to adhere to its noninflationary disciplines. A gold standard is the ideal monetary system for those who create wealth through ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and hard work. Gold standards are disfavored by those who do not create wealth but instead seek to extract wealth from others through inflation, inside information, and market manipulation.

    That latter group includes your last seven presidents. For the historically challenged, that would be: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama.

  70. Huck,

    What do you think will get more coverage? Donald Sterling?

    Or a group of young black men in Detroit who beat a white man into a coma last month after he stopped to help a child who he hit?

    The media that Rutherford chooses call “most fair” paid little or no attention to that.

  71. Rutherford, if you think the media you (and most others) watch is “most fair” you’re on drugs. Your chastising James is either funny because you’re being sarcastic or sad because you actually believe you consume something more objective. I’m guessing the later.

  72. Yes, Rutherford, we do play rough sometimes, but we are not looking face to face. We are words on a screen. Its just a game with nothing personal.

    So far, I’m told, I have only driven one person to suicide. I’m probably being sarcastic.

  73. “So far, I’m told, I have only driven one person to suicide.”

    Must have been PFesser…since, you know…he suddenly stopped coming here. 😉

  74. Case in point of the hypocrisy of the left. Read the article, see how DEMOCRATS targeted this guy with HOMOPHOBIC attacks.

    “I’ve found more tolerance, acceptance and inclusion from social conservative groups who have to reconcile that I’m a Republican who happens to be gay…versus the intolerance the LGBT leaders see me as a gay man who happens to be a Republican,”

    This sentence holds just as much validity:

    I’m a Republican who happens to be [black]…versus the intolerance the [black] leaders see me as a [black] man who happens to be a Republican

    A black off the Dem plantation is IMMEDIATELY attacked with racial abuse, but that’s OK because, after all, he’s not toeing the line like a “well spoken negro”…

    Likewise, a homosexual steps out of line in the parade, and everything that is wrong with homophobia becomes fair game against the fag who isn’t following the “straight” and narrow out of DNC HQ.

    These are not isolated events. They’re not unique. They are pervasive, almost in totality. They’re demonstrative of how the fascist left operates. Goose step right, or they’ll turn on you in a second like the rabid fucking dogs they are.

  75. G, I’ve never had more fun than watching my lesbian aunt school a gay male liberal at my brother’s wedding in NYC a few years back. She’s conspicuously masculine in appearance, by not so conspicuously a republican lawyer until she’s engaged in debate.

    She stayed quiet and listened to a group of quintessential gay NY liberals droning on and on about their supposed oppressor. Then she went to town. The dissenting viewpoint from one of their own took them totally off balance. And, just like the leftist’s treatment of conservative blacks, they attacked like the rapid dogs you just described.

    The truth of the matter is that leftists are everything they claim to hate. Intolerant, fascist, thought police out for personal gain. They operate under the guise of the victim status they alone define to conceal what amounts to nothing more that self interest.

  76. The Supreme Court decision doesn’t trouble me much. AA needs to take a backseat to EO.

    If people of color weren’t getting a lousy K thru 12 education we wouldn’t feel the need for AA at the college level. We’re trying to solve the problem too late.

    I watched the plaintiff debate the Supreme Court defense attorney on Fox News Sunday and she pretty much won the debate.

  77. “I watched the plaintiff debate the Supreme Court defense attorney on Fox News Sunday and she pretty much won the debate.”

    Was the underlying substance of the debate any different from what it was or should’ve been from the inception of AA discrimination?

  78. Oh hate to break it to you gang but Sterling is and has long been a registered Republican. Not that it matters. A jerk is a jerk

    Sterling is a registered Republican like Lincoln Chaffee is a registered Republic.

    Pretty easy to prove the Donald is way far Left. Who cares what his registration.

    You think the NAACP is giving humanitarian awards to real Republicans, Mr. Rutherford?

  79. Tigre not entirely sure I understand your question. If you’re asking if the fundamental objection to AA has changed since its inception I would guess no.

    I don’t remember if I heard this on Fox or not but the pro-AA person said legacy admissions also discriminate against minorities and I had to chuckle. I’m not sure my sister, who followed me to Harvard ten years later or my daughter who may go there would agree with that statement.

  80. Good googly moogly, my new health insurer called to interview me and my wife. If my rates don’t go up after this little chat all I can say is thank God for the protections of Obamacare.

    LOL after I gave her a rundown of all my current afflictions I capped off the chat with “oh yeah by the way I walk with leg braces, been disabled since birth”.

    You know you’re in lousy shape when your permanent disability is the LEAST of your worries.

  81. That last post was so poorly worded to be ass backwards, but you get the point, Mr. Rutherford.

    I’m draining a water tank in the middle of $12,000 of hardwood floors as we speak. A little nervous here. LOL Seems to be going okay so far, though. Now if I can get the damn thing out of the closet.

  82. The Palestinians decide to remarry Hamas, which we officially deem a terrorist organization, and then Kerry decides to bust Israel’s balls as an “apartheid” state.

    Hucking, you’ve been known to be critical of Israeli foreign policy. In this case, what the hell is Israel to do?

    How can they negotiate with people who make no qualms about the fact that their goal is to eradicate Israel?

    So then Kerry throws a hissy fit?

    The administration just can’t believe the reality of the world.

    I am now convinced this administration really believed Obama was so hip and apologetic that everything would fall into place. They were so sure of this Utopian bull shit that they forged no plan B.

    WTF is wrong with these people?

    And now they just pathetic tiny tantrums and grumble that the world isn’t supposed to be this way.

    Fuck head Kerry….Hamas is a terrorist group according to your own damn State Department!! You moron!

  83. I’ve laughed to tears over the rush by the Left to clarify Sterlings political registration.
    I wonder if they’ve poured so much energy into the Mozilla witch hunt, or the entire US tech sectors heir achy (including the new Mozilla boss) overseeing the capitulation of consumer privacy?

  84. I don’t think Fatah and Hamas will truly reconcile and if they do it won’t last long.

    I don’t think Hamas is the biggest threat to Israel coming out of Gaza these days. While they have yet to—and probably never will—renounce their charter, their political platform from 2006 is worded quite differently. They do still keep all options on the table…but the rhetoric is quite different.

    I can’t say if their actions regarding Israel since then have reflected that. I know Hamas gets the blame for every rocket fired from Gaza because they are the admins of the area. Do they fire all of them?…or any of them?…I don’t know.

    But to try and address the question…until Hamas does come out and at least gives lip service to recognizing Israel, Israel has gotta do what it’s gotta do. Of course, I will likely disagree with what it thinks it’s gotta do…such as bombing one of the most densely populated areas in the world with white phosphorus–but we can have that debate another time 🙂 I’m too tired these days to go there.

    The key at this point is to know what are the details of the reconciliation agreement.

    As for Kerry…who knows. It will be interesting to see in the coming days if his boss tells him to walk that back, or if it truly is the position of this administration. Frankly, I suspected this sooner after his re-election….”flexibility”, you know….

  85. With all of that said…I don’t think either side wants peace enough to do what would be required to get it. And if they did…there would be some rejectionist from 1 side or the other who would come along and fuck it up. It’s a cycle that has been repeated multiple times.

  86. I agree with much of what Huck puts forth but I find myself in an uncomfortable position of supporting [yuck] John Forbes “live shot” Kerry -Heinz.
    From what I’ve seen his fuller comment was:

    “Because a unitary state winds up either being an apartheid state with second-class citizens – or it ends up being a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish state.”

    Now if we remember back to just how South Africa functioned,and I am privy to this secondary to family connections,one can easily see that Israel would indeed have to pursue such policies.
    Given prior and now promised Palestinian moves to use the more sympathetic international forum to achieve statehood one can see Kerrys full statement has some credibility.
    As bad as history has taught us to view “apartheid” when it becomes the logical choice it is what it is.

  87. When Palestine embraced Hamas anew I think no one was happier than Netanyahu. I don’t believe he has any interest in a peaceful resolution.

    Thank God it was Begin and not Bebe with Carter and Sadat.

  88. Tex your comment still puzzles me. How would our money woes reduce our stress?

    What my wife and I both need is an all expense paid trip to the Mayo clinic.

    I laughed all night long about that phone chat with BCBS. “I’ve stopped taking one of my glaucoma meds because it worsens my IBS.”

    She must have been thinking “For fucks sake, hurry up and die and save us all a lot of money and trouble.”


  89. By the way I applied for another job today and probably already screwed the pooch. Rereading my application AFTER I sent it in, I noticed I didn’t capitalize “I” not once but twice in the same paragraph. Applications with typos deserve to be summarily tossed.

    I’m gonna fucking die and my last words will be “do you have a spare tire?” 😥

  90. I read a review of my company on Glassdoor this evening and I fell off my chair laughing. I kid you not the reviewer said “they work you like a Hebrew slave.”


  91. If they open their mouths, they will be “clarifying” two days later. I think that is the one constant.

    They can’t even get the language right on a silly gesture such as a “reset button”.

    They always fuck up. And they always lose: American Foreign Policy 2008-2016.

  92. PF, you couldn’t be bothered with the second sentence of your article you dumbass?

    “The particular award will certainly not stand, but may nonetheless be the beginning of “death by 1,000 cuts” for the manufacturer of an effective drug used to combat an extremely serious disease.”

    Thank God you’re here to safeguard us all with your vigilance. 🙄

  93. Tex your comment still puzzles me. How would our money woes reduce our stress?

    Rutherford, you just proved to me you read about half my posts. I would call you dumbass, but it was more horribly worded comment that created the confusion to begin with – we’re both old dumbasses.

    I’ll start over, you old coot. I meant to say, “does the lack of money woes now make your wife feel less stressed?” That was supposed to be a question of heartfelt concern about your wife, hoping for your family life was better.

    No Mayo trip for you. What you need is for you to come down here to Oklahoma so I can beat some sense into you. 🙂 But my damn knees hurt so bad, with your leg braces, I’m afraid we’d both have to duke it out while sitting down. LOL

    That comment was a set of nerves waiting for 50 gallons of water to drain. I should have stayed off the computer.

  94. Far be it for me to point out to Huck who hates my guts 🙂 that he’s the only one I’ve seen make a very legitimate point that I’ve read here.

    But he brought something up that needs to be discussed that seems to be lost in this whole sordid Donald Sterling deal.

    No matter how rotten this Donald Sterling puke is, are we all ready to have our private conversations made public?

    Even more egregious than a stupid, racist owner of an irrelevant sport, is the turd who taped this conversation and made it public. She needs to be sent to flogged, then sent to prison.

    Or let me ask it another way. Are these outraged, sanctimonious assholes beating their chests about their own moral sanctity, ready to reveal their own souls to the world?

    Because I can guarantee you it won’t be pretty.

  95. I agree with Tex. Believing our conversations are taped will make us behave as Soviet Citizens did. We will speak in code.

    Joe Klein of Time Magazine told television host, Jeff Greenfield that the only “straight newscast” he can find now is on Fox News. He considers Al Sharpton a major criminal.

    Rutherford, Klein’s comments is another argument for considering weaning yourself from liberal cable news or at least use an antidote for a week or so.

  96. This is a fascinating (I think) look at how diplomats prepare to answer questions about stated policies and crisis situations.

    Page 14 goes into the Benghazi issue and how Rice was sent to convince everyone it was about a video and “not a failure of policy”. But there is interesting stuff throughout the entire document.

    Remember, my position has always been that Barack Obama (or any executive, for that matter) is ultimately to blame for what his diplomats say..even as high up as Sec. of State. Diplomats don’t make policy—they simply represent it. These docs show how they go about getting, and in turn representing talking points.

    It’s an interesting peek behind the curtain.

  97. Oh boy. I’m going to lose it. Our State Department is engaged in a twitter hashtag war with Russia over the Ukraine crisis.


    Maybe if Obama showed some spine and, you know, like, “de-friended” Putin on Facebook of something, he’d get the message. 🙄

    This administration is run by fucking 15 year olds.

    Okay now, Obama’s polling is in the shitter. Time to weigh in on and create racial issues. . .

    Might want to stay away from the Apartheid term when referring to Israel though. It doesn’t play so well with those that can find it on the map, which excludes the vast majority of Obama supporters.

  98. Rhodes grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and attended the exclusive Collegiate School, graduating in 1996.[3][4] Rhodes then attended Rice University, graduating in 2000 with majors in English and political science. He then moved back to New York, attending New York University and graduating in 2002 with an MFA in creative writing.

    So I says to myself, “self, what the hell is a MFA?” And self replies:

    A Master of Fine Arts (MFA or M.F.A.) is a graduate degree typically requiring 2–3 years of postgraduate study beyond the bachelor’s degree (BFA), although the term of study will vary by country or by university. The MFA is a creative degree usually awarded as a terminal degree in visual arts, creative writing, graphic design, photography, filmmaking, dance, theatre, other performing arts, as well as some theatre management and arts administration degrees. Coursework is primarily of an applied or performing nature with the program often culminating in a major work or performance.

    So of course, you would imagine my surprise, after learning what a MFA is that I would see this:

    White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes advised Rice to focus on the YouTube video during her appearances on a variety of Sunday morning news programs

    MFA? OMG, WTF!

    This really explains everything. We have theater boy advising the then U.S. AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS on National Security issues. It truly explains the foreign policy of this Regime so perfectly. They’re playing “diplomat” at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, I just hope this play isn’t a tragedy…

  99. Ralph Nader said we should impeach Obama.Its one of the few times I agree with him.

    I know Hillary Clinton’s record in the State Department. Mr. Kerry “you’re no” Hillary Clinton.

    gorilla, this play is already a tragedy. Just wait for the closing act.

  100. Ready for a laugh?

    The NAACP said today they are still willing to work with Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling despite yanking an offer of a lifetime achievement award over an audio tape containing racist comments that Sterling allegedly made.

    At a news conference today, NAACP Los Angeles president Leon Jenkins said that an audio recording that surfaced this weekend on TMZ, which purportedly had Sterling’s voice recorded making racist comments, was “devastating.”

    But the organization would be open to talking to Sterling, with whom they’ve worked for nearly 20 years.

    “God teaches us to forgive, and the way I look at it, after a sustained period of proof to the African American community that those words don’t reflect his heart, I think there’s room for forgiveness. I wouldn’t be a Christian if I said there wasn’t,” Jenkins said.

    “We are negotiating with him about giving more moneys to African American students at UCLA, and so we are in preliminary discussions,” Jenkins said.

    Forgiveness, but it ain’t cheap….

  101. Judicial Watch obtained State Department documents under the Freedom of Information act which show that

    I wrote two years ago that the administration’s chief goal was to make Obama look good. Protests or a video were the ticket,

    Rutherford, you wrote that you would further study the issue and get back to us. So far, you haven’t, and I know why, You are one of the smartest men in the room, and you know my case is stronger than yours.

  102. Does Leon Jenkins forgive Justice Thomas or Condoliza Rice for being black conservatives?

    If so, I’ll be inclined to believe it is true forgiveness and not a shake down,

  103. “They always fuck up. And they always lose: American Foreign Policy 2008-2016.”

    Eh you got both ends wrong. It’s 2009 and it 2021 because whether you or I like it Hillary will probably be the next POTUS.

  104. Ok Tex I get it now but you misunderstand my attitude toward my inheritance.

    After ravaging my 401k in a vain attempt to save my house, I know how quickly money can drip away. My view is I’m still on financial life support. If anything the stress is greater.

    The unemployment insurance just ran out and since Congress didn’t extend it, the temperature in the pressure cooker just went up a few degrees.

  105. So Sterling is getting a lifetime ban from the NBA—which essentially means he can’t even sign the checks—and a $2.5 mil fine.

    No word on the punishment of the person who actually broke the law. I suspect if we ever find out who it is they will be getting a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP and their own show on MSNBC.

  106. Rutherford, why should congress extend unemployment benefits when Obama’s economic recovery policies have been such a success?

  107. Maybe if Obama showed some spine and, you know, like, “de-friended” Putin on Facebook of something, he’d get the message. 🙄

    😆 😆 😆

    The country is in the best of hands!

  108. Excellent question Huck. Since we live in a veritable cornucopia of recovery, things should be just hunky-dory…

    R, are you calling Obama an economic failure?


  109. After ravaging my 401k in a vain attempt to save my house, I know how quickly money can drip away. My view is I’m still on financial life support. If anything the stress is greater.

    It shouldn’t be – Unless you make the same mistakes you made before and I’m pretty sure you won’t. You’re going to be alright, Rutherford. And don’t live in fear. A little bit of concern is a good thing – it keeps us grounded.

    But when it consumes us….

    You get the picture.

  110. Nice try Tigre. American ignorance knows no political affiliation. When Americans were polled (not liberals but Americans) some thought Ukraine was in Canada, some thought it was in the US.

  111. Oh by the way Tigre a good number of your intelligent conservatives approve of the ACA and despise Obamacare.

    Please refrain from tying intelligence to political leanings.

  112. So Sterling is getting a lifetime ban from the NBA—which essentially means he can’t even sign the checks—and a $2.5 mil fine.

    I might actually admire Sterling if he in turn decided to in turn sue the NBA for infringing on his own liberties – no matter how hideous the viewpoint. This was a private conversation and I hope Sterling goes after the perpetrator with everything he’s got and ruins her. And I mean ruins her.

    Does an owner have some morality clause in his contract to own an NBA team?

    I doubt it..

    This has turned into a charade…

    So now a man can be fined for saying something stupid, in private? How much longer is our country going to tolerate this shit before we wake up to we are ruining ourselves in our weakness?

  113. “Does an owner have some morality clause in his contract to own an NBA team?”

    They might. Information about the rules at that level are sketchy. But the NBA commissioner has a GREAT deal of power..much like his NFL and MLB counterparts. So pretty much every owner and player in the league goes in knowing that what he says goes.

    They are also seeking an owner vote that will force him out of ownership of the team. It requires like 2/3 or something like that. They will surely get it.

    I have mixed feelings about this penalty. Like I said before, the NBA is essentially a private entity. Membership in the league is not a right…much like membership in the Boy Scouts of America is not a right. The members of a private club go in knowing there are certain rules…and if the rules include stuff like “the commissioner can do whatever he wants at any time to any member” or “we don’t allow homosexuals in our organization” then it is what it is. People who don’t like those rules don’t have to be a part of that organization.

    I am much more disgusted with the players, who, as I said, probably would not want to line up to be held publicly accountable for their private discussions. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the only NBA personality I have seen bring that up, as well as make mention that a law was broken.

  114. “I’m curious G. What degree best prepares you for a diplomatic career?”

    Masters/Ph.D. in Public Diplomacy would be 1 of a few.

  115. James I haven’t gone down the road yet because I want to do a point by point review of the book I read on the subject and that takes time I haven’t carved out yet. I made you a promise and I will keep it.

  116. “Oh by the way Tigre a good number of your intelligent conservatives approve of the ACA and despise Obamacare.

    Please refrain from tying intelligence to political leanings.”

    Okay. I’ll call you stupid but only mean it in an apolitical sense.

    What are you saying here?

    You’re for Obamacare even though you don’t know the first thing about it so you’re smart too, right?

    What Kerry said about Israeli apartheid was smart?

    Our State Dept. using grade school tweets is going to affect Putin on any way other than making him laugh at us?

    Your party reaching using race to deflect from its failings isn’t occurring? Sterling is something for Obama to weigh in on because some unnamed “intelligent conservatives” approve of Obamacare?

    Lay it on me. I just called you stupid. In an apolitical sense. 😆

  117. Remember, NFL QB Ben Roethlisberger had to sit out games just because he got accused of sexual assault 1 too many times…even though he was never charged for the crime even once.

    We’ve come a long way from Charles Barkley telling America he is free to act like an asshole because it isn’t his job to raise your kids.

    Hypocritically, Barkley was a loud voice in calling for Sterling to face punishment.

  118. I don’t think the Sterling issue is so funny anymore. The word on the teenage street was all about the power of the smart phone to infringe on privacy and ruin people’s lives. I heard them talking.

  119. How about a degree (Masters or PhD, though policy makers tend to frown on PhDs) in, oh I don’t know, Diplomacy maybe?

    Regional studies?

    I can tell you what degree will NOT prepare you for a diplomatic career:

    Masters in Fine Arts

  120. I would point out that there is a difference in Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy.

    Public Diplomacy is along the lines of State Marketing. It is how the State Department sells the United States, or, ” communication with foreign publics to establish a dialogue designed to inform and influence.”

    Diplomacy is the hard discipline of international relations, which focuses on the theories and mechanisms of statecraft.

  121. Huck you ought to know I have very mixed feelings about unemployment insurance. Part of me views it as welfare. So the end of it inconveniences me but a part of me is glad it’s gone.

    You know damn well no one is saying we have anything close to a full recovery. Obama is not saying that. So your sarcasm is really kinda silly.

  122. Yep, DR. We’ve gone from worrying about the government recording our calls to the person on the other end of the line doing it.

    The only privacy at this point is your unexpressed thoughts.

  123. “You know damn well no one is saying we have anything close to a full recovery.”

    I didn’t say “full recovery” either. So your straw man is really kinda silly.

  124. Honestly Huck I didn’t know such a degree existed. But then I guess you can get a degree in most anything.

    I’m going for my MBA, Master of Blogging Arts.

  125. “I would point out that there is a difference in Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy.”

    I did know that. I lazily went there because I know a couple people doing that masters so it is what came immediately to mind, and why I added the “1 of a few” as an afterthought before pushing the “Post” button 🙂

  126. Rutherford, while you are correct that one can get a degree in anything, your comment is really stupid and really highlights your ignorance. Degrees in various types of diplomacy are earned in the top schools in the country. USC…George Washington Univ….etc.

    This isn’t some online degree, dude. It’s a serious course of study to learn a serious topic. The language and practice of diplomacy is precision tempered with high degrees of interpretation. It can send countries to war and lead countries to peace.

    Just look at the problems Kerry got into with a single misplaced word. 1 word.

    This isn’t a kid’s game to be played on Twitter.

  127. “I don’t think the Sterling issue is so funny anymore.”

    No it’s not.

    I’m dismayed at my own overreaction to Bundy and Sterling. I’m such a tool to get jerked around by this nonsense, and after I’d sworn it off even.

    It’s not what people think and say, it’s what they do.

  128. Tigre you have no business calling anyone stupid if you REALLY believe the State Department views Twitter as its primary offensive strategy against Russia. Twitter is a fact of life. It’s part of the media landscape. Silly, maybe but it’s there. Get used to it.

    I defer to Alfie and Huck on Kerry’s apartheid statement. If Netanyahu wants a one state solution in which one set of people are treated inferior to others, what word besides apartheid would be better?

    I know enough about Obamacare to know it gives access to PRIVATE insurance without worry of being denied and that alone is a breakthrough. Now we just need for the AFFORDABLE Care Act to be truly affordable.

    Obama talked about Sterling in response to a question. Just once, when asked about race, I’d like to see Obama say “next question”. But that is not how he rolls.

  129. R, what’s the Arabic word for “compromise”?

    When have you heard Abbas use it?

    There are two peoples in this negotiation, and considering how ignorant you are, I’m not surprised that you only throw stones at one of them.

  130. “State Department views Twitter as its primary offensive strategy against Russia. Twitter is a fact of life. It’s part of the media landscape.”

    Every word in that statement is true.

    The problem is that international diplomacy is not won and lost in the media.

    Using media weapons is fine if the game you are playing is about winning public opinion…like say…an election.

    But international relations is not a popularity contest. Obama is not going to pwn Putin with any I337-speak (“leet” aka “elite”) twitter hashtags to show how cool he is. He isn’t going to be able to smartass his way out of this like he did against Romney. He has already tried telling Putin that the Cold War is over….we see how effective that has been.

    Then again…why would we expect anything less from a community organizer who has never succeeded in anything but winning elections?

    It’s almost cliche to say at this point…but Barack Obama is out of his depth.

  131. Am I the only one that finds it hilarious that Thompson is complaining about racism while doing an interview with an anti-Semitic group?

    A Mississippi Democratic Congressman says Clarence Thomas is an “Uncle Tom,” Mitch McConnell is a “racist,” and that Republicans are only anti-big government and anti-Obamacare because President Obama is black. Rep. Bennie Thompson was appearing on a New Nation of Islam radio program over weekend where he made the comments.

    “I’ve been in Washington. I saw three presidents now. I never saw George Bush treated like this. I never saw Bill Clinton treated like this with such disrespect,” Thompson said. “That Mitch McConnell would have the audacity to tell the president of the United States — not the chief executive, but the commander-in-chief — that ‘I don’t care what you come up with we’re going to be against it.’ Now if that’s not a racist statement I don’t know what is.”

    Thompson adds at 2:40 in the video that the governor of Mississippi was against expanding Medicaid through Obamacare “just because a black man created it.”

    At 3:00 into the video, Thompson adds opposition to Obama is “all about race” and “when a black man comes with an idea [for Obamacare] there’s something wrong with it. Again, it’s race creeping into the picture.”

    At 4:47 in the video says the anti-government attitude has only been around since Obama was president. […]

    Discussing the Supreme Court and affirmative action, Thompson refers to Justice Clarence Thomas as an “Uncle Tom,” adding, “it’s almost to the point saying this man doesn’t like black people, he doesn’t like being black.”

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, that “tolerance” we talked about a while ago….

  132. “Tigre you have no business calling anyone stupid if you REALLY believe the State Department views Twitter as its primary offensive strategy against Russia. Twitter is a fact of life. It’s part of the media landscape. Silly, maybe but it’s there. Get used to it.”

    Primary offensive? I never used those words. Appeasement is Obama’s primary offensive, followed by meaningless threats, followed by ineffective tough talk, and then capitulation, topped off with a blame republicans or racism.

    Facebook is also a “fact of life” and part of the “media landscape” — just like internet porn, cat videos, and those wing email chains with false facts/claims you are so fond of. So, my suggestion of defriending on Facebook sounds like something you should get used to. 😆 And who knows, maybe it would make Putin shrink. 🙄

    I still don’t get your connection to Obamacare. Who are the “intelligent conservatives” that are in favor of it and what does that have to do with Kerry’s anti-diplomatic comment? And if Kerry’s words were apt, why is he backing away from them?

    And you think Obama was just a victim of circumstance when he commented on Sterling? You can’t be that stupid — even in an apolitical way. He’s looking for any opportunity to create racial issues. You watch.

  133. “James I find Klein’s comment odd since he was a frequent guest on Chris Matthews Hardball.”

    But you didn’t actually read the article did you.

    Klein: “You know, I miss being able to turn on a straight newscast, and it turns out the only place you can go to get one at 6:00 at night is Fox.”

    Matthews’ show isn’t a newscase by anyone’s standards, even yours I would think. Jon Stewart’s isn’t either.

    Klein’s also correct that Bret Baier’s 6pm newscast is the best daily newscast on the cable networks next to Shep’s earlier in the day. CNN has become the missing plane network, which was Klein’s point.

  134. “But international relations is not a popularity contest” Hocking

    I think you nailed it right there. And its fitting that Rutherford doesn’t get that. After all, Rutherford took massive gulps of Obama snake oil on foreign policy back in 2008 that relied heavily on Obama being super duper cool and apologetic.

    Its so obvious that Obama got high on his own supply. The administration honestly believed foreign policy was going to be easy with Obama because of his never waning popularity.

    You can see the frustration and disbelief from Obama and the State Department. This isn’t the 19th century, Kerry bleated over and over. This can’t be happening to us!

    I have this weird folk singer friend from New York that I was in the service with. Big time liberal. He called me up and admitted how wrong he was about foreign policy back in 08.

    Bush bashing and hip Obama doesn’t do shit to improve our strategic goals and security in the world. He humbly admitted that Obama is an utter joke. I couldn’t believe my ears.

  135. Kerrys words were apt and he’s backing away for the same reason the London Times rolled like bitches over the Scarfe cartoon.
    Let me clear though and it is why I was hating the feeling I was backing Lurch. His use of the word apartheid was not a present tense descriptor of Israel but what could likely evolve. Apartheid,Holocaust,nigger are all great words to toss in a room and see what blows.

  136. Huck & Co. you all remember Nuland “fuck the EU” and what that likely represented on the policy front?
    You can point out how silly it is to have staffers tweeting but I think you’re buying way too deep into the thought that is all that has happened.
    I’d also add that given the Administrations following some level of modern social media buzz crap is a near must in their eyes as to foster public support. Think Kony 2012.Think any number of things connected to all that has tried to make folks care about Aleppo.Homs Damascus etc. Think FEMEN. Think the freakin Arab Spring.
    I can’t say O et al are playing a good game or the Game well at all but I find it ludicrous that folks think America isn’t waist deep in the shit and a little bit guilty of piling the shit in the pen in the first place.

  137. “To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

    “To reinforce the President and Administration’s strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges.”

    Man did we tin foil hats get the Benghazi right from the beginning, didn’t we?

    Fucking disgusting. The focus was scrambling around coming up with lies for the American people. Those with a brain knew it.

    Come on Hillary. Tell us why we don’t matter.

    Think about it. If it was up to Obama, Rice would be Secretary of State. HOLY SHIT THIS ADMINISTRATION IS VILE!

  138. A, I disagree.

    You don’t make effeminate school girl tweets while the entire world is watching American foreign policy get humiliated, real time.

    You can send those kinds of tweets off at that level when the perception of a strong America rings out. Not now.

    Do the silly tweets represent the core of our foreign policy? Of course not. But when we find ourselves in a helpless situation, much of our own doing, you don’t act that way.

    If Americans are piling on shit, what do you think the rest of the world is doing with their own shit pies?

    Putin relies on dangerous ultra Russian nationalism heavily doused with tough guy bravado.

    Much of Russia’s success in destabilizing Eastern Ukraine rest on the shoulders of those mysterious special forces. “Little Green Men” they are being called. I suspect these guys aren’t special forces in the conventional sense. Think neo- Czarist, ultra nationalist, Russian version of Hezbollah. Its quite possible those guys are even Ukrainian.

    Hell….I will even throw Hucking a bone and say he might finally have found his elusive example of Christianity being hijacked for militant ends. (Although obviously not in the universe of anything we see in Islam). The Russian Orthodox Church is behaving terribly. I haven’t seen Christian church act this way in my life time.

    A twisted populism is a major ingredient to Putin’s adventures.

    Hucking was differentiating between hard core diplomacy and state marketing (propaganda).

    When we look like clueless pussies, it hurts us in both realms. And both realms are important when dealing with an aggressive Russia that relies on grass roots nationalism.

  139. Not apt. Kerry is a diplomat, not a cartoonist. His comments amounted to a false indictment of our ally. He’ s our fucking SOS.

    The tweets are embarrassingly weak. DR said it well.

  140. So canisters of chlorine and ammonia are being dropped from helicopters onto Syrian towns. It’s happened more than once…and more than twice.

    And nobody gives a fuck.

    Red lines, my ass.

    While our Slugger-in-Chief brags up Syria’s 86% chemical weapons compliance, Assad is poisoning the air with shit that isn’t even on the list.

    I wonder if he thinks this is a single, a double, or a home run?

  141. I’m sure R will continue to tell us that Obamacare will not have any play in the upcoming election cycle…

    Recent polling conducted by McLaughlin & Associates for the 2017 Project asked Americans, “If you could undo one thing that President Obama has done as president, what would it be?” The choices that the poll provided were “overregulation of the economy,” “high deficit spending,” “tax increases,” “the economic stimulus package,” and “Obamacare.” And the winner, by a wide margin, was Obamacare.

    In all, 7 percent of respondents listed the “economic stimulus” as the thing they’d most like to undo, 7 percent listed overregulation of the economy, 10 percent listed tax increases, 18 percent listed high deficit spending, and 32 percent listed Obamacare. In other words, more people listed Obamacare than any two other answers combined.[…]

    In terms of being the thing people most want to undo from the Obama era, Obamacare “won”—overwhelmingly, by at least 10 percentage points—among each of the following groups: women, men, those under 30 years of age, those between 30 and 40 years of age, those between 41 and 55 years of age, those who are Hispanic, those who are Asian, those who are white, those who are Protestant, those who are Catholic, those who are Jewish, those who make under $40,000, those who make over $40,000, those who are very conservative, those who are somewhat conservative, those who are moderate, those who disapprove of President Obama’s job performance, and those who are undecided about Obama’s job performance.

    60% want it repealed.

  142. Is liberal ideology to blame for holding blacks down? I, for one, certainly think so.

    Here’s how America solves the disparity between the achievements of its black and white citizens: lower the bar, change the rules, – or ignore them – cast any kind of rigor or standards to the wind so “black teams” can “compete.”

    Then you declare the black team the “winner” and everybody nods their heads sagely.

    Of course the real result of such shenanigans is that you are cheating the very people you are trying to help.


    The 2014 National Championship of the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA), one of collegiate debate’s governing bodies, made headlines as the first to include two all-African-American finalist teams. The winning team, from Towson University in Maryland, was the first ever comprised solely of African-American women.

    At this year’s championship, the actual debate question concerned the wisdom of restricting the war powers of the U.S. president. But instead of addressing one of the most important U.S. foreign policy questions of the past half century, the two teams focused exclusively on how the U.S. was supposedly “at war” with poor black people. Although these arguments were clearly off-subject, it seems that the topic did not matter. The “debate” came off as a mix of rap, personal invective, speed talking, soapbox harangue, and explicative filled rants. When one contestant’s time expired, he “brilliantly” yelled “F-ck the time!” As was the case in 2013, when another African American team took the championship, the arguments of the winners completely ignored the stated resolution, and instead used personal experience to challenge the “injustice” of the very notion of debate itself. But subjective arguments have been traditionally dismissed as poor rhetoric. “I won the lottery” is not a good argument in favor of the lottery system.

  143. re: American tort awards “not standing.”

    Thank god thousands of Americans can depend on a single judge – himself a lawyer – to keep runaway juries from bankrupting them and the companies who write their paychecks.

    It would just be too much trouble to change the system so those awards never happen in the first place.

    Glad you all have those selfless lawyers to take care of you.

  144. Not a single judge, dipshit. Each state has two tiers of appellate review after the trial judge. If the verdict referenced was approved by the trial judge (which is exceedingly doubtful), there are panels and entire benches (en banc) that review. In some instances (which include excessive punitive damages awards) have gone to the federal appellate courts too. The first appeal is for the parties, the subsequent is for the public.

    There are pockets of courts that plaintiffs look to because of the verdicts. One big belt runs through Alabama. They are predominantly poor black communities with little invested in functioning justice systems. In other words, the juries don’t give a shit and think they are enacting some form of social revenge.

    PF, with all of your courtroom experience (ha), why don’t you know this? You’re certainly the last person I would want to render verdicts that would surely be a product of your ego and arrogance rather than justice.

  145. @ Huck #185
    And nobody gives a fuck.
    The Administration surely acted in the most bland and insidious manner but ultimately will be proven right by history.
    The American People without serious Kool Aid infusions were not going to support military actions on Syria.Precedent from both the Right and Left domestically and internationally were not going to allow us to whack Assad.
    The American Right calling for Wilsonian/ Clintonian actions in Syria are all a bunch of fucking hypocrites.
    Those we were supposed to support have been fully infiltrated and diluted by those we just spent over a decade fighting and those fucks were/are being supported by the regional players that are today pissed at us and are now scored as Obama FP failures. irony alert!

  146. You know damn well no one is saying we have anything close to a full recovery. Obama is not saying that. So your sarcasm is really kinda silly.” — R #158

    Well, according to Dem pollsters, the word “full” isn’t the issue…

    The key phrase in the Greenberg/Carville memo was, “As a start, Democrats should bury any mention of ‘the recovery.’ “ The full paragraph went like this:

    Democrats have to be hard-hitting and focused on the economy. As a start, Democrats should bury any mention of “the recovery.” That message was tested in the bipartisan poll we conducted for NPR, and it lost to the Republican message championed by Karl Rove. The Democratic message missed how much trouble people are in, and doesn’t convince them that policymakers really understand or are even focusing on the problems they continue to face. That framework gets in the way of a direct economic message.

  147. @ El Tigre #184
    Not really apt. I specifically asked for people to remember South African history and I get this is obscure and potentially unfair as at best people are going to think Mandela and Shell and have it at that.

    Culturally and societally from the white perspective apartheid was, even if illusionary, actually seen as credible policy. Separate entities with the goal to establishing black homelands not just shanty town settlements all the while securing your own personal,social and economic security.
    Kerry sees a nation that has walls,disparate pay scales and restriction of movements of a people, which will only amplify as security concerns grow,and he sees apartheid he’s 100% correct.

  148. As I understand things, Israelis do include Palestinian governance. The opposite not true. It’s not just economic. I dispute your equivalency. In any event, you’ll see it wasn’t the truth of the statement. It was the lack of diplomacy in the statement itself. I think this administration clearly projects an near anti-Semitic sentiment into its dealing with Israel.

  149. @ dead rabbit #183 we don’t disagree in fact I pointed out the NLM earlier regards nationalist movements designed to deify a leader and policies.
    I would expand your comment in a couple of areas some revealing potential ups and downs.
    Putin enjoys RT as a powerful spreader of his message. VOA has just been assigned a potential downgrade from credible journalistic entity to no better than RT.
    All along my discussions with Huck have at their heart that tweets were not the only diplomacy at hand,this is evidenced by Nulands pre Crimea story line. We were active leading up to the response by Moscow!
    Sanctions are happening but since 2012 Russia has a fix in place for that so they are ineffective in a couple of ways. One of the most is that those effected by sanctions are reimbursed by the Russian taxpayer thus passing the sanctions onto the people. You think RT will have fun with that one?
    I actually support the full and immediate membership of Ukraine in NATO with a pretty clear perception of what that could lead to. Would you or Huck accept this? I doubt the West is up for this which is a shame.
    Obamas incrementalism isn’t my cup of tea but I do accept the realism that there are very few real options on the table.

  150. Seeing as I embedded the statement in this thread I thought I had a firm grip on it. Kerry asserted his,and this nations policy,that a two state solution is the way to go and stated reasons why,including stressing the preservation of a Jewish state!
    Yet the bell was rung and…well Pavlov proved right again.
    I think this administration represents the political growth of folks tired of dealing with the issue and this gets confused and or misrepresented as anti-Semitic.The (D)s are clearly following a track that is sterner against Israeli sovereign rights imo and I disagree with this but I don’t think it right to call that anti-Semitic.
    On a side note I obviously would dispute your dispute of my equivalency :))

  151. I suppose if everybody hasn’t seen it, Oklahoma “botched” an execution last night, and the thug died of a massive heart attack on the gurney as he writhed in pain.

    Now Oklahomans will be written off as buffoons. But so that everyone may know the real story, here is what happened.

    This “thug” twice loaded a shotgun blast into a girl, the second one as she begged for her life surviving the first blast. She was 19 and totally innocent, having only been at the wrong place at the wrong time. The “thug” then held a shotgun to the girl’s friend’s head and made her dig the shallow grave. Only the girl who had been shot was still breathing after two shotgun blasts and he buried her alive when the gun jammed, as it had between the first and second shots, when the “thug” took the time to unjam the gun. Really swell individual. This was after he and his buddies raped and hogtied other individuals and the girl just happened to have walked into the house during the crime.

    This coward and another “thug” who raped and murdered an 11 month old baby were to be executed on the same night have been playing the system by claiming ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment by lethal execution. The old system stops the heart and worked flawlessly to the best of my knowledge (at least in Oklahoma). Those to be executed were dead within minutes if not seconds – not terribly different than euthanizing a pet.

    The new system literally exploded the “thug’s” vein and I understand they closed the curtains for the viewers it was so brutal – Green Mile, electrocution style without sponge.

    This was no botched execution. The man is dead – his last minutes perhaps experiencing the same terror and pain as his innocent, young victim – all on account the executioner was a gutless cretin who couldn’t face his own death at the hands of an executioner.

    I’m sure the bleeding hearts will find me cold and a menace. So what…

    Justice was served – by his own deceit and cowardice.

  152. “On a side note I obviously would dispute your dispute of my equivalency :))”

    Well, I can’t dispute that. 😆

    I have found the ham-handed rhetoric from Obama et al predictably offensive to Israel. In fact he uses similar rhetoric on his republican opponent — a trait that is a product of his view of the roll of the presidency that is the antithesis of leadership and that I disdain.

    However, I also know that the consequence of speaking truth about the Israeli power structure invites the charge. Kind of ironic coming from an administration that levels charges of racism for any and all domestic criticism of its conduct.

    I would add though that the appearance of anti-Semitism is not in Kerry’s statement alone. One word. Iran. Engaging Iran when Tehran threatens a nuclear Holocaust against Israel is proof of his

    Well, there’s more that lends itself to the appearance of anti-Semitism:

    Obama’s arrogance and personal interactions with Netanyahu in his visit to the white house.

    Drawing a parallels between Jewish suffering in the Holocaust with the current plight of the Palestinians in his Cairo speech.

    Referring to Israeli “occupation” in his speech to the United Nations.

    Accusation that Israel is the cause of instability in the Middle East.

    Simultaneous establishment of diplomatic relations with Syria.

    David Axelrod ‘s televised attacks on Israeli settlements.

    Hillary Clinton’s call on Israel to show “respect.”

    Robert Gibbs’ disparaging remarks about Israel.

    I think Obama is anti-Semitic. However, I don’t know it to be true. The appearance could just as easily be the product of his ineptitude — profoundly disturbing for someone wagging his finger at his predecessors and opponents.

  153. “Now Oklahomans will be written off as buffoons. But so that everyone may know the real story, here is what happened.”

    We all know what really happened: another run away jury.

    Right PF? Since verdicts can’t be trusted, the safer course is not to allow them from a judge or jury. We need a dickhead doctor pretending to be Crocodile Dundee that learns his facts from a three paragraph blurb he read while scarfing down a Bloomin’ Onion with his Fosters to render verdicts.

    I hope the fucker suffered intolerable pain. If only he were thrown into a hole dug by his own mom and buried alive.

  154. Tigre you made one point that prompts me to ask a question. Do you think engaging Iran is in the best interests of the USA?

  155. Obama may be inept, but it doesn’t matter because the result is the same. He has implied that he wants to tear down this colonialist country to make it one of many. He doesn’t like the Brits because they allegedly tortured his father and they owned a network of colonies. He doesn’t like Israel because they are enemies of Muslims.
    Moreover, the left harbors a reservoir of anti semitism.

    Obama was raised a Muslim for a while, and those lessons don’t just disappear. He found the Rev Wright’s church because people told him that association with a church would help him make it in politics. That doesn’t mean he ever was a devout Christian. I think Rev Wright defined a theology in tune to Obama’s evolving belief system.

    The Baltic countries and Sami were foreceably Christianized. Lithuanians held out longer than the rest. They, like the Sami outwardly offered their loyality to the the new church. But after they went home, Sami performed anti-baptism ceremonies, and Balts honored their old gods, just in case. I think the same process evolved in Obama’s mind.

    He and Michele do most of their worshiping in restaurants and golf courses now days.

    China is poised to become the world’s largest economy by next year. Inept or not, it is part of Obama’s plan. Liberals are creating a dependent class which will support them for its economic survival. They might as well sing “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.” (One Republic Counting Stars) They and others like Rutherford could also sing “I didn’t know I was lost” (Avincii Wake Me UP) as our walls crumble with the drama of the Romanian video “Forever Alive.”

    I’m happy that ObamaCare may give the Rutherfords lower rates and more benenficiate treatment, but the fact remains, our daughter with her $5,000. higher premiums is helping pay for it.

  156. Sharyl Attkisson who recently left CBS News posted a story about the latest government documents found by Judicial Watch. The e mail titled Prep Call with Susan referred to White House involvement with preparing Susan Rice for her talk show interviews. Senator Lindsey Graham called the documents a smoking gun.

    Newsbusters mocked Blake Hounshell of Politico who said nothing in the documents connected the White House to the tape lies. Hounshell admitted Sarah Palin (read that Rutherford? A red flag.) was right and he was wrong about Russia’s ambitions for Ukraine. Newsbusters thinks he should admit he is wrong again.

  157. Not to get all internet mushy but I do “like” a number of you folks here. That said this thread has offered up some serious OMG! stuff.

  158. “Tigre you made one point that prompts me to ask a question. Do you think engaging Iran is in the best interests of the USA?”

    In what sense are you using the term “engaging?”

  159. “i also hope the criminal was afraid at the end.”

    I do to. But I KNOW the one who was to go to hours behind him is afraid!

  160. Alfie, let me beat you to it since I think you’re referring to what I meant when I said, “engaging Iran when Tehran threatens a nuclear Holocaust against Israel is proof of his.”

    For the sake of context, what I was referring to was Obama’s public denouncement/chastisement of our close ally Israel while simultaneously going out of his way to establish a “better relationship” with the despicable Ahmadinejad regime. For fuck’s sake, I think direct threats Israel’s very existence calls for conspicuous solidarity — not Iranian appeasement.

    The fact that there would be some expectation that we would be rewarded with good behavior by trying to play along, particularly by a country that we. . . Obama. . . could barely muster a response to the beating, rape and murder of pro-democracy protesters, is arrogance taken to the level of delusion. But my point was that it is the contrast in approach that creates the appearance.

    I do agree that the political class and regular folks are tired of dealing with the Israeli issues. However, that is no excuse for the timing and inference delivered by Kerry. True or not it was bush league.

  161. Adam Silver’s lifetime ban will surely cure Sterling of his racism.

    DR, I am hearing some concern about the privacy issue in the Sterling comments from some of less fair skinned bros too. Yes, his general sleaziness and weird-ass marital relations are behind this. But there is something unsettling about the fact that it was his comments were private no matter how vile the content.

  162. I “like” you too, alfie, and you have a nice blog which I should visit more than I do.

    The OMG factor is our watching chickens come home to roost.

    I told you all the Bundy stand off was symbolic of a larger dispute.

    Brietbart.com “The Long History of BLM’s Aggressive Cattle Seizures quoted US District Court Judge Robert C. Jones that “sometime in the ’70’s and 80’s, the government entered into a conspiracy to deprive the Hages not only of their property rights under the takings clause but of their grazing rights.” “…it evidences an actual intent to destroy their water rights, to get them off public lands.”

    Judge Jones accused the government of extortion, mail fraud, and fraud in an attempt to “kill the business” of Mr Morrison.Hage a rancher who had sued the government. This has been happening for a very long time. The BLM employees have behaved like thugs and thieves.

    In 2008, Obama announced a plan to build a massive civilian national security force which would be as well-funded as the military. Today, according to a poster at Breitbart, 120,000 armed federal agents work for 40 different agencies. They are also authorized to make arrests.

    In August, a team of armed federal and state officials invaded the Alaskan gold mining town of Chicken with swat teams to look for possible violations of the Clean Water Act.

    Someone else wrote “shoulda sent those BLM snipers to the Benghazi embassy rooftop.”

  163. Success? Tell us again about how important it is that GM is alive and UBL is dead…

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A surge in the number of aggressive al-Qaida affiliates and like-minded groups the Middle East and North Africa poses a serious threat to U.S. interests and allies, the State Department said Wednesday in reporting a more than 40 percent increase in terrorist attacks worldwide between 2012 and 2013.

    The department also singled out Iran as a major state sponsor of terrorism that continues to defy demands it prove its atomic ambitions are peaceful even as Washington pursues negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear program.

    In its annual global terrorism report, the department said that losses in al-Qaida’s core leadership in Pakistan and Afghanistan “accelerated” the network’s decentralization in 2013. That has resulted in more autonomous and more aggressive affiliates, notably in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, northwest Africa, and Somalia, it said.

    “The terrorist threat continued to evolve rapidly in 2013, with an increasing number of groups around the world – including both AQ affiliates and other terrorist organizations – posing a threat to the United States, our allies, and our interests,” according to the strategic assessment of the “Country Reports on Terrorism.”

    The report identified a 43 percent increase in the number of terrorist attacks in 2013 from 2012, according to statistics provided by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.

  164. “i also hope the criminal was afraid at the end.”

    I do to. But I KNOW the one who was to go to hours behind him is afraid!

    Ha. “to.” There should only be one way to spell it.

    I do too. But I KNOW the one who was to go two hours behind him is afraid!

  165. WSJ poll shows Americans wary of foreign intervention. Did it occur to any of you that the “Twitter offensive” is aimed not at Russia but at our apathetic populace?

  166. @213 Rutherford:me and you can be called the Gump Bros ‘cuz that was the plot of my #180.
    Seriously though although I readily concede the ineptness of any number of staffers I do indeed believe the social media “diplomacy” is meant to steer and gage public opinion. That is also bad but it isn’t the silly thing people are trying to make it out as err its just a different silly thing. Ya know what I mean?

  167. El Tigre thanks for the back and forth earlier. I am of a different camp from you on the matter and of many others here.
    1) I don’t find much value in Israel other than them being a democracy,which is huge. I don’t find them great allies though so I don’t care about offending them anymore than I’m a fan of kissing their ass and dousing them in $$$$$
    2) I view Iran as a total pain in the ass and a player that will not yield much in the Game;however, I also think an engaged Iran is a better Iran. On that note let me bore you all…
    In light of just two of the regions headliners an engaged Iran vs a sanctioned and shunned Iran:

    Up until now Iran offered avenues for a couple of things. They have excellent trade relations with Georgia. They have desires for Caspian presence. They hate drugs.
    Russia hates Georgia,believes itself the sole master of the Caspian region,has just backed out of poppy fight in Afghanistan secondary sanctions.
    Sadly as we continue with our positions we see Tehran and Moscow negotiating oil deal and speaking in stereo on Syria.
    I believe an engaged Iran could be counted on for drug interdiction efforts in Afghanistan. If they continue to sell gas to Georgia Tbilisi is less under the heel of Gazprom & Putin.
    On Syria its my opinion we backed the wrong ideal at the wrong time for all the wrong reasons. What we got was Russia looking good,Iran pitching wood due to Hezbollah ties,our Gulf “allies” are miffed at us which benefits Iran. What do we do to stop the losses ? What can we do to mitigate others?
    I think we should support Georgia for starters. We should olive branch on issues such as drug interdiction. And on the harder side when the Iranian military do their war game assault on a plywood aircraft carrier have a real one on station exercising its full complement.

  168. Actually I got into this particular discussion because I thought it important to note it wasn’t our only card in the deck. I never said it was going to work or be anything but a backfiring thing. For a legion of reasons the Russians don’t care about our opinion on this anymore than your average American.
    I like the Ukrainian vagina tees though. “Don’t give it to a Russian”

  169. On another note though the Russians do seem to be taking notice of Estonia assigning a vessel to the NATO Baltic task force as well as Poland hosting (granted a token element) of Danish F 16’s unknown French craft and 4 RAF Typhoons. The Russians are spinning that as an unprecedented amassing of forces to contain Russia lol

  170. “The terrorist threat continued to evolve rapidly in 2013, with an increasing number of groups around the world – including both AQ affiliates and other terrorist organizations – posing a threat to the United States, our allies, and our interests,” according to the strategic assessment of the “Country Reports on Terrorism.”

    It’s probably not the double standard (if we do it it isn’t torture or immoral) or our Gladio and other black ops or the double-tap drone strikes or the indefinite detention of civilians or the suspension of habeas corpus or the School of the assassins Americas or our war for the world’s resources in the name of enterprise over indigenous or…

    I’m surprised it is only up forty percent. I guess as more folks wake up the percentage will climb.

  171. Since no one said it was the only card in the deck, then I don’t understand your criticism of mine that it is silly — in a non-fraternity silly kind of way. . . I think. . . in a silly kinda way, you know? 😆

  172. Alfie, I hear you saying, “fuck Israel, who needs ya anyway, so what difference does it make what we do.” Is that fair?

    I hope you can recognize that “offending them” was not my point. Abandoning them (or at least the perception of it) and dealing with the consequences of it was.

    I would still like to know what you mean by “engaged.”

  173. I believe an engaged Iran could be counted on for drug interdiction efforts in Afghanistan.

    Alfie, You are either using selective memory or are unaware that the opium was almost eliminated by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Since we invaded them, production is way up. Now they produce near 95 percent of the world’s supply. And it’s supposedly primo.

    Our boys protect it and fly the stuff to market. (thank you Pat Tillman) Much of it is ‘used against’ the Russians.

  174. Actually the Taliban harvested it as well for international consumption with a line right into Iran. This is one of a couple of reasons Iran was a potential plus in ’01

  175. My entrance in2 the discussion was fueled primarily by Hucks outrage not you. My “you know ” lines show an area of agreement between you and I.
    As for your hearing though you might want to get that checked. That is not what I am saying. I also do not find it credible to think even Obama has “abandoned” Israel. Of the ten points of worse Obama things against Israel the only one with real legs is the dinner diss which showed the President a truly petulant piss ant.

    As for engaged…one on one negotiations with full diplomatic ties. Scheduled lifting of sanctions so companies like Boeing don’t need special waivers to get in on the bids for passenger craft,up to 40 planes btw be nice if Airbus doesn’t get it all. Engaged on the international stage Iran would in my opinion face different set of tunes home and away than they do under the “crippling” sanctions that have only hurt the common man and allowed China to make inroads where we don’t really want them.

  176. The state of Israel was forced on the people of Palestine by decree. The Balfour declaration made it ‘legal’, though no one considered the people living there at the time. The territory called the state of Israel was taken by force and has expanded since it’s inception in 1948. It’s founders are terrorists (proudly) and through acts of terrorism forged a nation that has no defined borders or written constitution. It has slowly and systematically taken over Palestine and suffocated the livelihoods of those living there. It is a democracy in name only. It is presently an Apartheid state, as non-Jews and Arabs have lesser rights and live segregated. They have no desire to compromise on their belief that they are G-d’s chosen and the land is promised to them. They also have much of the entirety of western Christianity believing their myth and genuflecting to their awesomeness.

  177. Actually the Taliban harvested it as well for international consumption with a line right into Iran.

    You’ll have to do more than make a contradictory statement to convince me, like maybe some documentation to support it. This information is readily available and verifiable.

  178. Tex @ #197 – My take is that no one can be against capital punishment because it’s quick and painless so the botched execution has no bearing on this particular social issue. If anyone be for it as long as it’s quick and painless, then this situation is relevant to their position – ergo they may have something to say to Oklahoma. And all they really can say is fix that shit and stop doing them until then. Which I’m 100% positive is being done already. I’d also challenge the earnestness of the latter position since as far as I’m concerned you’re either for condemning people to death or you’re not. There’s no gray area like “as long as it’s painless” or “as long as they deserve it.”

  179. I don’t know what’s worse – to hear Jay Carney weave this grotesque scenario about how the talking points weren’t about Benghazi anyway or these lying MF-ers thinking that anyone is buying this sick web. Aside from the MSNBC zombies that is.

  180. I’d also challenge the earnestness of the latter position since as far as I’m concerned you’re either for condemning people to death or you’re not. There’s no gray area like “as long as it’s painless” or “as long as they deserve it.”

    See, these two cowards gamed the system by claiming the lethal injection standards were cruel. Oklahoma jumped through hoops trying to obtain the necessary “ingredients” to make it more agreeable to all parties – the game being called for by the Left is against any idea of capital punishment.

    I could have solved it for them immediately. I would have called the local Vet and administered the drugs myself to these bastards. I agree there is no gray area and could not care less if the procedure is painless – IMO, they deserved much worse.

    But the theological side of me bases this decision on a simple command given to Noah long ago…

    God’s will on the subject is clearly set forth in Genesis 9:5-6 where He states to Noah: “And from each man, too, I will demand an accounting for the life of his fellow man. Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed.”

    I believe exactly like Hank Hanegraff, a Christian apologist, who believes: Capital punishment was instituted by God when human civilization began, and it was never repealed by Jesus nor by His apostles. There is one thing to remember: the death of the body does not necessarily mean the death of the soul.

  181. This was written a few months ago, but the veracity of this administration has met with death by a thousand cuts and this was just one of many. Still, the media has all manner of blood on their hands regarding Benghazi and anytime America thinks we have any right to challenge the integrity of another nations’ elections – forget you.

    “In the early days after Benghazi, the State Department omitted only Fox News Channel from its conference call to all the media when it claimed to be answering questions about Benghazi for the media. Our friends in other media outlets were scandalized that Fox was not included and told us all about it. They were suspicious of State Department forgetting us/Fox and courageous to tip us off. The State Department claimed it was accident and not intentional.

    And then shortly thereafter, there was the CIA briefing about Benghazi at the CIA for all the networks – except one: Fox News Channel. The CIA would not let Fox News Channel attend. […]

    And there were many times in the months and years since September 2012 when Obama Administration officials would make comments to suggest that Fox was just doing the Benghazi reporting for political reasons. The Administration was doing what it could to deter and demean the Fox News Channel investigation. They did not want to give us the facts — so their strategy was to attempt to belittle and demean our reporting.

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2014/01/17/greta-obama-administration-tried-very-hard-discourage-fox-news-report#ixzz30PkNypJJ

  182. Capital punishment was instituted by God when human civilization began, and it was never repealed by Jesus nor by His apostles

    Right. Because God couldn’t stop a heart or cause the ground to open up and swallow somebody or send down fire and brimstone from the sky.

    Oh, and it’s good with Jesus? Sure thing. Let he(or her) who is without sin give the lethal injection. Or how about, “forgive them Father, they know not what they do.,” but since they’re guilty, toast them!

  183. “See, these two cowards gamed the system by claiming the lethal injection standards were cruel. Oklahoma jumped through hoops trying to obtain the necessary “ingredients” to make it more agreeable to all parties – the game being called for by the Left is against any idea of capital punishment.”

    So does “quick and painless” make it more agreeable to the left? No. You’re exactly right in your assessment of the game as a game, and to say that Oklahoma jumped through hoops to appease the left. And it sounds like meddling with their own proven cocktail backfired big time on Oklahoma. So in a sense the left bears some responsibility for any pain and suffering this monster endured. It’s not as though the “meanies” try and cause suffering, despite the harsh language regarding what this man deserved. Sentiments I don’t disagree wtih by the way.

    The left is full of shit on capital punishment. Especially hypocritical when you consider their characterization of abortion as a “right.”

    Not too tortuous an argument I hope. 🙂

    As for the rest of the matter – ultimately I had to delete everything I just wrote and rewrote on the count of it being too heavy. It’s just too dang heavy Tex and I’m too dang tired.

  184. Was this post about Cliven Bundy? I forget. It seems to be in the title. I should go back and count how quickly it morphed to Obama. After that, you’d have to just do a Venn diagram. This crowd couldn’t stick to a topic if you nailed its collective brain to the floor. Now I remember why I stopped reading…

  185. I would also disagree that talks with Iran are appeasement. We should always talk to our enemies.

    Talking with our enemies is nothing more than an agreement that we should talk.

  186. “Was this post about Cliven Bundy? I forget. It seems to be in the title. I should go back and count how quickly it morphed to Obama.”

    When you do go back and read, pay special attention to the part where I told you that we discussed Bundy quite extensively in the previous post and that Rutherford only spit this one out because the other one was getting too bulky.

    We also talk about Bundy quite a bit in this one. And now we’ve pretty much all agreed he’s kind of an asshole.

    So should we all just stop coming here and posting until Rutherford gives us a new topic in a couple weeks..or months? (that’s not meant as a chop on you, R)

    The real sad part is that you seem to be missing out on the underlying discussions. We’re talking about the basics and intricacies of diplomacy….whether or not we should engage with other countries…the merits of our relationship with Israel….and other things that really have nothing to do with Obama other than talking about him is what started us talking about them.

    You should maybe climb off that high horse you’re riding and join in the discussion. You might have a perspective worth considering on some things and you might even find some of us agree with you.

  187. Oh, and it’s good with Jesus? Sure thing. Let he(or her) who is without sin give the lethal injection. Or how about, “forgive them Father, they know not what they do.,” but since they’re guilty, toast them!

    What Torah did Jesus teach from, Poolman? If Christ were against capital punish as you attest, and you are to believe Christ is God, then please point to me your proof I’m wrong theologically.

    Good luck. Like your whole life, you’re going to be left holding your small cock in your hand and thumb in your ass…. 😈

    Your theology is shallow, Poolman. Better than the average loon, but ordinary when compared to the base layman.

    But then again, the world has attested to knowing you’re easily hoodwinked. Who was it you voted for in 2008 again for leader? When was the personal epiphany where you went terribly astray? 🙂

  188. This crowd couldn’t stick to a topic if you nailed its collective brain to the floor. Now I remember why I stopped reading…

    Hey “Crusty Muffin?”

    There are now 241 comments. How long does your tedious nature demand we rehash an ignoramus before we’re allowed to change subjects? Or are you such a bore (yes) that you can’t adapt and keep up.

    You wouldn’t understand a Venn Diagram if you were straddling all sides, Stink bait…

  189. fakename2, I don’t think we could come up with enough new stuff to keep the topic at the forefront of the conversation. If you have something new on it, let’s hear it. Otherwise there’s nothing to report, so we move along. He was a useful idiot and had his 15 minutes of fame. The media is on to the Sterling faux pas, which makes for sensational news porn. Either way, if you have something smart, go ahead and say it. Or if you just stopped in to fart, we caught the drift.

    Another non-title topic, but recent subject of interest is the ‘recent’ Benghazi revelations. I think my buddy here has it nailed:


  190. And besides, you miss our purpose here, which, of course is to educate and save as many of the leftists left leaning a little right before the inevitable equilibrium shift chops their tops off.

  191. pool man page two of the following document from the UN it opens a pdf:

    Click to access Afg_opium_survey_2010_exsum_web.pdf

    The one year in which the Taliban ruling of opiates being un-Islamic was indeed heralded as a huge driver of opiate decline. It lasted one year and the rest of the time it was (post invasions) it was still see as a Taliban as well as corruption (see our “allies) driven economy thing.

  192. What Torah did Jesus teach from, Poolman?

    He had books more than Torah to quote. We get some plus what we call the NT. From it and In His own words…

    “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca, ‘ is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.

    “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.

    “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

  193. ps now it is clearly a narco state whoever has their hands in it.

    Now convince me that wasn’t the plan all along.

  194. “Now convince me that wasn’t the plan all along.”

    You’re moving the goalposts, man. Just admit he was right and move on.

  195. And you’re thinking the UN a bastion of unbiased truth and accountability, so much so as to believe their propaganda, or is it the propaganda that supports your belief?

  196. No I’m not.

    You asked him to produce a document…and he did. Now you are asking him to prove something else.

    You can either admit that you really don’t want him to produce a document because you will never really be “convinced” or you can admit that he did produce a document—as you requested—and move the fuck on.

    Frankly, I think you should be happy he even bothered. He went a whole lot further than anyone else would have. And your reaction to it should show you why we don’t bother.

  197. You’re moving the goalposts, man. Just admit he was right and move on.

    What are you talking moving goal posts? He said we should hookup with Iran to quash the drugs in Afghanistan. I said that wasn’t our interest, apparently, so that wouldn’t be a common goal. Of course we have a ‘war on drugs’ and then find the cia is often the biggest runner of them. It profits tptb to keep it that way. Banks get caught laundering decades worth of drug money and we slap them with a pittance fine compared to profits made. It’s a sham.

    I claimed the same thing wiki and a zillion other sources did that the Taliban had it virtually down to nothing and it immediately rose to what it is today since we invaded and protected the fields. Now they produce plenty of final product right there in the country. Who do you think helped facilitate that?

    I am not saying the Taliban never exploited the poppy, but I don’t think they had anywhere near the resources nor pr campaign that we do. BTW, I do not subscribe to the UN’s screed.

  198. No I’m not.

    You asked him to produce a document…and he did. Now you are asking him to prove something else.

    That comment was to Alfie I hit post before I saw yours. I know you carry water for the UN, so I cannot expect you to criticize them without bias. But don’t blow a gasket because of it.

  199. re 253, Of course they would. You’d expect different? Image is everything. Or don’t you realize that by now? People pay big bucks for the right image. But it’s all falling apart. Look at how Sterling was outed? The bigger they are, well you know the rest…

  200. Fakename. Check 210 if you want more Bundy comments. Bundy is maybe a nut, but he is a symbol for government over reach which dates back to the 1970’s and 80’s. If you want to comment on Bundy-related rants, try that one.

  201. This little exert from your ‘proof’ pretty much qualifies it.

    The implementation of the survey would not have been possible without the dedicated work of the field surveyors, who often faced difficult security conditions. The MCN/UNODC Illicit Crop Monitoring activities in Afghanistan were made possible by financial contributions from the Governments of Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

    I’ll be fair, show me the UN study done in 2000 to be sure the 2010 survey was historically accurate.

  202. Seriously, for those calling out fakename’s nagging go read this:


    I get it now.

    Endless paragraphs on a trip to the store for crackers. Life in a cubical (I had to skim a couple other blog entries). And…well….that’s it.

    Oh…the word salad never ends.

    You have nothing to say. Nothing. Your not even good at saying nothing. The paragraphs and run on sentences create a codeine stupor in any sane reader. I’d rather read step by step directions for IKEA furniture. At least it is concise.

    It pisses me off your husband beat the human being out of you. (I am assuming he beat you, if I’m wrong I apologize).

    If it brings some sort of order into your life, empowers you or even gives you a momentary, fleeting broken soul that ever so faintly makes you feel alive….by all means don’t stop. Finger wag us blog idiots for not following the rules. We all come here to blow off steam in one way or the other. Why shouldn’t you be able to?

    A card board cut out unaware of the demoralizing effect of your drab but always by the books personality on your cubicle mates. Oh the misery you must bring to people.

    I can only imagine the fake conversations that you practically kill people with.

    Fakename indeed.

    I’m rooting for you.

    One day do something daring. Masturbate during your evening bath instead of the morning shower. Go with two packets of Whiskas for the cats. Don’t call your sister. Wait until she calls you. Eat a bowl of Cookie Crisp. Break the chains and kill that fucking ground hog.

  203. “What are you talking moving goal posts? He said we should hookup with Iran to quash the drugs in Afghanistan. I said that wasn’t our interest, apparently, so that wouldn’t be a common goal.”

    You’re full of shit. Here’s the exchange….

    “Actually the Taliban harvested it as well for international consumption with a line right into Iran.

    You’ll have to do more than make a contradictory statement to convince me, like maybe some documentation to support it. This information is readily available and verifiable.”

    Which is exactly what he did.

    Better loosen up the tin foil, bro. Seems to be cutting off circulation up there.

  204. “I know you carry water for the UN, so I cannot expect you to criticize them without bias”

    And again, this isn’t about what I think about the UN. You asked for a document and 1 was produced.

    For the record…you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.
    But what else is new?

  205. “I’ll be fair, show me the UN study done in 2000 to be sure the 2010 survey was historically accurate.”

    Again…moving the goalposts.

    I already gave you the only options available to you. At this point I don’t think anyone cares which one you choose. I certainly don’t….

  206. The Taliban ‘ruled’ Afghanistan and banned opium in 2000. The following is a UN chart from 09 that shows estimated metric tons, not hectares as the other linked document refers, but it still shows different results in production – where it counts.

    Ask a farmer. Unless it goes to harvest, there is no crop.

    And yet how does any of this prove: “the Taliban harvested it as well for international consumption with a line right into Iran.” If we can believe the UN’s stats (which I don’t) prove the Taliban was selling it to Iran. Where’s the trail?

  207. If it was going to Iran, or anywhere for that matter, you can bet the CIA was involved. They helped facilitate the drug trade there as with Burma, Thailand, and Laos. It seems historically that production increases whenever they get involved.


    The link is from 2010, like the UN doc Alfie linked. Production has continued to rise since,. 2013 recorded the highest production ever. With supply beginning to overtake demand, prices have dropped somewhat. But the country depends on it for revenue.

  208. Hey Rabbit, that soliloquy about “Fake’s” life got even funnier when I actually read her post. ** Guffaw ** Man, I’m glad that was short!

    Two packets of Whiskas indeed! Living dangerously!

    Did you get this?

    It isn’t nice to make fun of people, but some people just lend themselves too well to stereotyping, so I can’t help myself.

    Then neither can we. What’s good for the goose…

    Crusty Flake must be the scolding hen around the neighborhood everybody around dodges. I can’t debate Flake very long…I find myself dozing off mid sentence in response. 🙂


  209. ” I think this administration clearly projects an near anti-Semitic sentiment into its dealing with Israel”

    Puhleeze anything short of kissing Israel’s ass is viewed as antisemitic. I’m not impressed.

  210. Tex you’re on ground zero so I hesitate to challenge your account but from what I have heard the legit drugs for killing criminals are becoming scarce hence the need for more “creative” cocktails.

  211. Nebraska is also having a problem finding a good chemical for execution. The one they had used is no longer made in this country.

    Coast to Coast interviewed a man with extensive experience in Russia. He said our troubles began when Obama promised Medevev that if Russia abstained from voting in the UN over our imposing a no fly zone over Libya we would not use our forces to depose Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Obama lied.

    This had a profound effect on Russia. Medevev was auditioning for president and failed, so Putin returned to office. After the Russians took Crimea, Putin spoke before the Legislative Assembly. One of the reasons for the seizure, he said was that the US cannot be trusted and Russia needs a better defense posture. Putin cited the Libyan betrayal.

    Putin and Obama don’t like each other, and Putin knows Obama is a liar.. Putin respects Angelia Merkel, and while she can speak Russian, he speaks German. The two leaders communicate regularly with an understanding of nuance not available through interpreters.Their conversations are often acrimonious. Putin won’t accept anything the US says unless Merkel confirms it. Merkel will be visiting the US in a few days, and the primary conversation will be between Putin and she after she returns to Germany.

    This is an especially dangerous time, in part because of Obama. There are no rules. The Cold War had unspoken rules, Eisenhour, Khruschev, and Kennedy could bargain with some element of trust. A story during the Cuban missile crisis held that Khrushev told Kennedy he didn’t know if he could control his generals and Kennedy had to give him something to end the impass. Another version is that Kennedy said that to Khrushev.

    Putin said that the fall of the Soviet Union was one of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century, and for many slavic people dislocated by border changes, it was. Many Russians feel the same way today. Putin also said the Soviet Union cannot be restored.

    As Russia disintegrated during the nineties, the government declared that if its military was being overwhelmed, they would use tactical nuclear weapons. They would be small bombs not effective in Berlin, let alone Washington DC. During that time up to ten suit case bombs were lost and they have never been found. No one talks about them now.

    The guest thinks we are at as great a risk of war with Russia as we have been since during the worst of the cold war.

    Joe Wilson was right to say “you lie” when he did. I agree with Rutherford that it was disrespectful of the office which I think he could have expressed with “Mr, President.” Domestic dishonesty is one thing. Lies which kill people and endanger international peace are even worse. Joe Wilson may have been disrespectful, but Obama has displayed his disrespect of our institutions in more dangerous ways.

    Heck of a job Obama voters.

  212. The truth doesn’t have to impress you, Rutherford. It is still the truth.

    I don’t know if Obama is anti-Semitic or not. It doesn’t matter. The administration has a record of snubbing and criticizing Israel.They have pressured them to yield to Palestinian demands even when it is not in Israel’s national interest.

    This is a greater change than not sucking up to Israel as much as we have.

    I don’t have time for documentation, but if you do, in an attempt to prove us wrong, you will prove yourself wrong.

  213. The College Fix tells of a freshman at Princeton University. Tal Fortgang has been told many times to check his privilege. It is meant to tell white heterosexual male they have it easy and don’t know what it is like to be judged by the color of their skin. Tal fought back with his family’s challenging story.

  214. Tex you’re on ground zero so I hesitate to challenge your account but from what I have heard the legit drugs for killing criminals are becoming scarce hence the need for more “creative” cocktails.

    Well, that may be the spin from those you hang around with and listen to, but the real truth is, they have made the “cocktail” scarce through legal shenanigans to prevent executions from being carried out.

    There is absolutely nothing scarce about potassium or sodium chloride used to stop the heart – and in fact, both are used throughout hospitals across this world to treat cardiac patients every day – the administration and dosage is simply administered different. There is nothing scarce about sedatives or anesthesia either. And we are still putting our beloved animals down every day, so this is another canard about scarcity.

    This thug caused his own poetic justice of writhing pain, because he and his corrupted lawyer team tried to game the system with appeals and stays and were successful for a time under the guise of ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment and “racist.” So they found alternative ingredients that are just as deadly for lethal injection and apparently far more gruesome in its effective. I’m numb to everyone’s concerns about our pitiful murderer, and in fact, feel like for one in a very few times justice was finally served.

    Like my plumber and I discussed yesterday while installing a new system. Are we scarce with electricity and rope too? Bring out old Sparky. Build a gallows. I’ll construct a guillotine. And a couple of bullets are cheap.

    I think this entire issue demonstrates how morally corrupted this entire country has become – where we are concerned with murderer’s wishes, but not the remaining family members of the victims of a young girl buried alive my her best friend with a gun to her head. Where you have moral relativists like Poolman claiming this scripturally, and sanctimonious bleeding hearts screaming that, and lying media controlling the narrative for its own ends. It’s a nation of lost sheep which I’m feeling further and further removed.

    Let’s be honest – and this isn’t directed at you, Mr. R. It’s dishonesty and demagoguing at its worst and indicator to me our country’s days are clearly numbered – we long ago lost our moral bearings, religious and secular, that once made us great.

  215. Moral relativist? Seriously? Jesus says if you even think it, it is the same as doing it. He condemns us for the words we speak.

    You don’t get that, do you? There’s a moral path above the one you’re treading.

  216. I’m not surprised, really. The church in this nation has become unempowered and totally dependent on human effort. Lukewarm, at best. It’s probably why we are the mission field for the Chinese.

  217. I have so many typos and misreads anymore, it’s embarrassing…



    Rutherford, not to condemn you personally. Curiosity – a representative of Leftist America.

    You and I both abhor cronyism and nepotism in Corporate America and it soured us both – made me wretch and eventually led to me quitting (in part). They accused me of jealousy when they confused my anger with my disdain of dishonesty, greed and game playing.

    Having said that, does this register with you as much the same?


    Brother of CBS News President at Center of Latest Benghazi Bombshell. “Missing from much of the coverage of yesterday’s revelations that Senior White House adviser Ben Rhodes coordinated an effort to obfuscate the truth behind the Sept 11 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi was a key detail about the insidious relationship between politics and media in Washington. The brother of Ben Rhodes is David Rhodes, president of CBS News.”

    And the guy up at the podium lying about it yesterday was ABC reporter Claire Shipman’s husband, Jay Carney.

    Can you understand at least a little bit why I despise the Left and find it so repugnant? Before you say it in defense, I’m well aware the right has it’s share of lying skunks. No need to defend yourself, as this is not appointing you one of them.

    This is a personal question out of curiosity for me.

  218. You don’t get that, do you? There’s a moral path above the one you’re treading.

    That’s parody, right? How often have I said here, it is not difficult to be a Christian – it’s impossible? That’s the point.

    Poolman, just in case…I can be the biggest bastard for a short time that walks this earth – but it’s not my basic nature; just a weakness, that occasionally plays as strength when channeled properly which I do much too infrequently. I publicly admit as much that I can be fool-hearty, too quick to judge, too harsh in my criticism, unforgiving of the worst sort, unqualified judge, slanderous of those I don’t particularly like which you have received in full too many times, and even the occasional Pharisaical hypocrite, using the Bible to beat my opponent into submission and certainly not in the name of love but legalist. Mr. Rutherford above all has received my undeserved wrath on many occasion using various tools where I took advantage. Those are not God like qualities but human weakness. 🙂

    Having admitted that, here’s my problem with you, Poolman. Seriously.

    I think you’re either woefully confused about the premise of Christ, or more likely purposely willful to use scripture as a tool with some rudimentary biblical knowledge you once heard in a sermon in the attempt to gain advantage over those less knowledgeable than yourself – perhaps so you can pose pious. It’s part legalist, part insecurity and part self-absorption.

    And maybe that works with weak minds in crowds of bumpkins, but it is not going to work well here or portray yourself as anything but loon. Because all of these people who frequent this particular place consistently, are well read enough whether formally theologically educated or not, particularly religious or not, to recognize a dupe and a fraud.

    Now I readily admit I’m not your judge, so I have no illusions you’ll take that to heart. And in fact in your delusion as I discern it without knowing you personally, that will probably reinforce your own perception of your own outstanding virtues.

    But do know that I find Rutherford Lawson far more moral than you, and he denies virtually everything about Christianity. I find no inspiration or power whatsoever in calling myself Christian unless I am willing to take Christ’s lessons and apply them in my own life so I can reason clearly.

    You have given me no reason to believe you’re anything of Christ, and quoting scripture doesn’t cut it as it well know the Devil knows scripture better than either of us, when you slander innocents and make outrageous accusations without a shred of credible proof, whatever it is that motivates you to do so. You’re either a paranoid schizophrenic or one of the lamest conspiracy theorists I’ve ever read. And you’re scripturally inept and a fool if you honestly believe that when Christ told us to “love one another,” he was intending us to simply cast discernment to the winds, make a mockery of grace, and forsake justice.

    You could twist that scripture you provided to allow any and all things with your definition and scope. Now do you honestly believe God’s Word would be so meaningless and void to render itself so ineffective and powerless with no absolutes – under the guise of some tender, shallow feeling of believing it done in the name of love your neighbor?

    That’s New Age gibberish, Poolman.

  219. Yeah Tigre. I was just curious if Brother “R” was willing to take a step and connect a few dots, and perhaps a leading question as to why so many of us, bastards that we are, find his (Rutherford’s) assertions of fairness and irrelevance, most unfair and most relevant.

  220. No insult intended, Poolman, but had I followed Jesus’ teaching to the letter as you recommend, I would have died in 1968. A direct result of that would have made our children and grand daughter cease to exist. I broke several commandments and realized strict moral codes don’t work in some situations.

    Oh maybe they do here where we live in nice houses, have plenty of food on the table, and numerous electronic toys to play with.

    To survive dark places, one must invent a moral code which works in an uncomfortable situation.

    I believe even Christ didn’t practice loving one another exclusively. He angrily toppled tables and drove money changers from the temple.

    I’m as morally relativistic as anyone, and if I go to Hell, I will be in good company.

  221. New Age gibberish, eh? Pretty funny. I’m tolerant of other people’s interpretation of my ideology and am willing to wait it out. Really it’s a relationship more than an ideology. Of this I am confident: We will both know eventually who is/was the wiser.

  222. James, I am not offended. The Word is alive and active and sharper than any two-edged sword. Often His words /were/are parables (riddles) so that some would understand and the rest would think it gibberish. We do tend to push self-reliance as superior. We built this or that. Really we were given abilities, but it is all on loan. It does say those who wish to save their own lives will lose them. Of course He is speaking of eternal life and the spirit, not the flesh. This ‘life’ is nothing compare to the age to come – the new age. lol.

    How many times is it recorded that people tried to seize and kill Him, yet he walked right through the crowd without a scratch. Even Paul was in prison and had his shackles removed and the jail doors sprung open – supernaturally! But we think it all hocus pocus and unscientific rendering it powerless. A complete lack of faith.

    In the very dark places, I am not alone. “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

  223. I had to enter the opening you unwittingly gave me. A Vietnam soldier’s chant was “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil, for I am the meanest SOB in the valley.” It still makes me laugh.

  224. How’s that grand kid, James? My youngest one is starting to crawl all around and plays with his trucks and tractors. He is the happiest kid and getting big fast! Looks like he didn’t get his daddy’s blue eyes, though. He only cries when he sees his mom and she’s not doing something for him. They are so fun. I am fortunate to have all of them close. That is one thing many miss out on in our transient culture.

  225. I like the way he can hear me even though my lips aren’t moving. Maybe it wasn’t wise to teach the animals to read and write.

  226. I have been home for two days to take care of business while my wife is in Omaha. I am about to leave for Omaha.

    Our grand daughter is doing fine. I taught her Da Da, and it is awkward because she usually looks at me when she says it. She has also looked at a garbage pail and a swing when she says it.

    She is starting to move her arms and legs to the tune of videos I play for her.

    Like your grand son, our grand daughter is mobile. She is almost ready to start walking on her own.

    Yes, having grand children is wonderful. How old is your grand son?

  227. James, the youngest is almost 9 months. He talks a lot, but I can’t understand him. He says dadda and once in awhile comes up with momma. Mostly he likes the fact that he can make noise. He sees me and smiles really big. I don’t know if he thinks I’m funny looking or not, but his other grandpa makes him cry when he sees him.

  228. Rutherford will simply remind us that Bush used to feed talking points to Fox News….and perhaps he has a point.

    I’m more interested in hearing him defend his previous assertions that Issa is a politicking asshole who has received everything he has asked for, when we now know that congress barely got ahold of these most recent documents just a couple of weeks ago.

    I’d like to hear him defend Jay Carney’s assertion that these emails have nothing to do with Benghazi….even though the header in one of the emails says “Benghazi”

    But most of all…I’d like to see him come in here…today…and tell us again that Benghazi is just a big “nothing burger”

  229. Benghazi. Now we all know. Including you.


    Are ready to admit it yet????

  230. Forget it. Of course not. He can’t defend it so he’ll remain silent until MSNBC tells him what to say.

  231. A second helping of nothing burger…

    A high ranking officer in the U.S. Africa Command on the night of the Benghazi attacks is now saying that the U.S. military did not try and was never even ordered to save the Americans under attack at the U.S. diplomatic outpost on the September 11, 2012 attack.

    In explosive testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell, said bluntly about the military’s response on the night of the Benghazi attack: “The discussion is not in the ‘could or could not’ in relation to time, space and capability, the point is we should have tried.”

    In many ways, this contradicts the testimony of more senior military officers such as former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, who have said the assets were not in place on the night of the attack to get to the Benghazi diplomatic post and nearby CIA annex in time to make a difference.

    On the evening of the attack a CIA team did get to the U.S. diplomatic compound in time to save all but two U.S. officials: U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and State Department officer, Sean Smith. That team fought their way back to the CIA annex with other Americans and sustained a low level firefight throughout the evening. A second team from Tripoli arrived in Benghazi after commandeering an airplane and being delayed at the airport. Then, at around dawn, two well-aimed mortar shots killed two more former Navy SEALS, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

    A report from the House Armed Services Committee as well as the State Department’s own Accountability Review Board report on the Benghazi incident concluded that no military assets were in place to get U.S. personnel to Benghazi in time. On Thursday, Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said Lovell was not in a position to comment on military options for the night of the attacks. “BG Lovell did not serve in a capacity that gave him reliable insight into operational options available to commanders during the attack, nor did he offer specific courses of action not taken,” he said.

  232. There’s some dumbass Obuma lackey on FOX getting ripped apart by Bret Baier about Benghazi as we speak. I haven’t caught a name but he must have helped edit the talking points.

    This dolt just referred to Bret as “dude.” 😈 I believe he’s getting a little flustered about this big nothing burger.

    The country is in the best of hands…

  233. By the end of the week we will be seeing State Department tweets with #BenghaziNothingBurger hashtags

  234. So I am going to go ahead and predict that it will be Hillary’s primary opponents that run the commercials with her on a loop asking “what difference at this point does it make?”

  235. Oh…and Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy

    Because we wouldn’t want to stray too far off topic….

  236. Rabbit regarding your lecture at FN, just how fascinating is the life of a fucking school teacher?

    You don’t hold a personal blog to the same standard as a political blog. Stop being an asshole even if it does entertain Tex.

  237. Oh Rutherford. Quit being a turd. That post by DR was a classic! Even you had to chuckle, knucklehead. I know damn well you laughed out loud, even if you can’t admit it. I know you have a good sense of humor, even if it was at your buddy Crusty Muffin’s expense.

    So Mr. “R”. If Donald Sterling can be banned for life for racism, can we start banning Congressional Democrats from political life for abject stupidity? Can you tell me offhand how many really smart, black Congressional women we have these days? 🙂 The country is in the best of hands!

  238. Today I went and visited my student on his cancer death bed. He requested my presence, which was pretty humbling. Its why I can’t sleep. I wanted to say something that would make him feel better…but I had nothing. Not sure why I thought I could come up with something whimsical or meaningful. He shook my hand with a firm hand shake and looked me in the eye. I told him I enjoyed having him in class. Few other vanilla comments.

    Cubicle life can be very fascinating. Even makes for great sitcoms and movies.

    I actually think fakename is fascinating. Blog etiquette is her thing. So weird to me. She comes in here swinging about it about once every three months like clock work. Again. Fascinating.

    Of course, you defend her. She’s on the team. You don’t see us defending our conservative douche bag brethren through out the years, do you? Wonder why that is?

  239. Tex with folks moving in and out of gov to media and lobbying, conflicts of interest abound and that’s not even including nepotism.

    It’s a tangled web that compromises integrity.

  240. A shame, DR. Somebody so young makes the death all the more painful.

    But I can’t think of a higher honor than you just received. Nothing is said more heartfelt than a man that asks for your presence near death.

    You must be a very good teacher…

    I simply told my father, “There is nothing to be afraid of dad…this isn’t the end. Your memory will live through us, and remember what Christ said even to a thief…

    Today, you will be with me in paradise.

    If the world is this beautiful, one can only imagine what awaits next for those who believe in Him. For as God is above us, heaven is above earth.”

    Pretty much the last words I ever said to my father. And I felt a peace about it.

  241. It’s a tangled web that compromises integrity

    Interesting. But I think it much simpler than that, Brother R.

    A lack of character, a lack of virtue.

  242. Damn. What time do you guys go to bed? I know Huck is WC, but even there, it’s after midnight.

    I’m an old fart that fell asleep in his recliner for a couple of hours and I’m ready to go again. 🙂 Vampire syndrome, or something. I drag my ass around the house during the day, pumped at night! Well, kind of pumped.

  243. Wait until I crank up the miter and circular saws at the break of dawn. The neighbor from hell.

    Nah, I’ll give them until 9:00 AM. This hammer drill I use to install Tap Con screws is so loud, the walls shake in the house. I may give that one a spin about 6:30AM just to wake my 75 year old hippie, cud chewing, French loving, self-avowed Socialist neighbor.

    That’s what she gets for campaigning for Obama.

    And “R”. Just to prove what a great guy I am, I even moved her bird baths out of the shed for her. I’m an angel. See, I’d pull your worthless ass out of a ditch. 😈

  244. R, I did read all of the report. I don’t edit stuff out to give false perceptions. I think there is still quite a bit the public does not know about what happened in Benghazi, which is why we keep looking for information.

    What is clear thus far, is that the Regime is working very hard to make getting that information very difficult.

    I’ll say this, Lovell may not have been in technical position, but I’m guessing he knew the disposition of forces, and the efforts that were being made–or not–to help in Benghazi.

  245. Ahh yes….the dangerous slippery slope of liberal pc fascism. Money Mayweather upset his babies were aborted behind his back. Liberals floating the idea of banning him from Clipper ownership.

  246. Dude, Rutherford still can’t muster a comment about Benghazi.

    Duuuuude. . .

    So fucking pitiful. Carney stands there and lies and talks with the type of condescension a liberal will love because it’s how they like to be talked to — like they’re two years old. Or I mean say, “dude, that was two years ago?”

    Deliberately misleading America if it casts a negative light on “the most transparent administration” eva. All nothing burgers. Delay, dissemble, then call it a conspiracy.

    Jobs report shows a million gave up. Duuuuuude. Let’s talk about the Redskins, racism and the war on women.

    Hope & Change!

  247. Yes We Can!

    If I wasn’t absolutely convinced by now not only is this entire administration grossly incompetent and completely mendacious, but more like a fraternity of the lowest swingers on campus, yesterday closed the deal for me. Gates left and that was last adult walking under Team Obama.

    We’ve got the equivalent of Baghdad Bob for spokesperson and a couple of surfer dudes and Michelle Antoinette bimbettes running the general administration for cover up. And they’re the most competent of the losers.

    But then again, “What does it matter?” {throws hands up}

    There will come a point and time, assuming we survive, that fair minded historians will look back and record this was the lowest achievement point in American history – and the general populace the most stupid.

    But Obama supporters don’t have enough virtue to have a profound sense of shame. False religion, in this case Obama worship, tarnishes you forever. This is what political correctness run amok, accompanied by “white leftism” looks like.

    I give a screw fuck you to everyone of you weak-minded sheep who voted for this sham. I give you a skull fuck for reelecting this POS. The only solace I can muster is to know when the dam breaks, I’m betting I can swim better than the rest of you Obama dupes, especially the unlikable sheep like Flake and the insufferable Graychin; two I would tie a lead weight to just to watch them sink.

  248. Tiger…

    I know man. They crossed the Rubicon on this one because in this case we all have the doc. Its like pointing to the sun and calling it the moon. And 60% of the population chooses to stay indoors so don’t give a fuck.

    They are specific marching orders for Rice. To say they are generalized commentary on the Middle East right before Rice goes on TV and follows the orders to a tee on Benghazi is unfathomable. Plus…the damn things were a FOIA dump on Benghazi!

    I’m too young to remember Nixon. Nothing compares to this in American history.

    Total denial.

    How this can fly with any American is beyond me. Rutherford….I’m not sure were fellow countrymen anymore.

    If you got some canned MSNBC response for this one…..wow.

    What I don’t get is that I don’t think a transparent Benghazi screw up would have sank Obama. They think so little of us all they will orchestrate massive lies when its not even existential.

    Damn….bad shit happens in the Middle East. Shit fucking happens.

    If I watch someone break into the house next door, know who it was, but lie about the criminal because I don’t want my home value to go down, doesn’t that make me now also guilty of a crime? Obstruction of justice? Particularly if I was Chief of Police?

    Rutherford….for the love of country….demand a stop to this new precedent. WE HAVE THE EMAIL.

  249. Boehner is sick of Carney and Obama’s bullshit. He is going to appoint a special House committee to further investigate relevant events that went on before, during, and after the attacks.

    “Americans learned this week that the Obama Administration is so intent on obstructing the truth about Benghazi that it is even willing to defy subpoenas issued by the standing committees of the People’s House. These revelations compel the House to take every possible action to ensure the American people have the truth about the terrorist attack on our consulate that killed four of our countrymen. In light of these new developments, the House will vote to establish a new select committee to investigate the attack, provide the necessary accountability, and ensure justice is finally served.

    The administration’s withholding of documents – emails showing greater White House involvement in misleading the American people – is a flagrant violation of trust and undermines the basic principles of oversight upon which our system of government is built. And it forces us to ask the question, what else about Benghazi is the Obama administration still hiding from the American people?

    “The House committees that have been investigating this attack have done extraordinary work, using their subpoena power, holding dozens of hearings, and conducting hundreds of interviews. Without this work we would not know much that we do today. But it’s clear that questions remain, and the administration still does not respect the authority of Congress to provide proper oversight. This dismissiveness and evasion requires us to elevate the investigation to a new level. I intend for this select committee to have robust authority, and I will expect it to work quickly to get answers for the American people and the families of the victims.

    “Four Americans died at the hands of terrorists nearly 20 months ago, and we are still missing answers, accountability, and justice. It’s time that change[d].”

  250. DR, how is it possible that the left doesn’t fire back when they’re so contemptuously treated as idiots by Obama? The depths of the delusion are unbelievable.

  251. Politics, nothing burgers, and we deserve a dictator anyway.

    I wonder how much work the House could get done if Obama would simply comply with its constitutionally mandated requests?

    I mean…dude…it’s been 2 years….

  252. “how is it possible that the left doesn’t fire back when they’re so contemptuously treated as idiots by Obama?”

    Because he has them convinced he is a victim of our racist lies. And since they have all long been convinced they are also victims of this, that, and the other injustice, they identify with it.

  253. He lies to them. And when called out? “Not impressed.”

    Every day I feel like I stepped through the Looking Glass.

    That annoying fuck Jay Opie Taylor Carney acts incredulous as he bald faced lies on behalf of the White House. And guys like Rutherford are happy to be lied to because the truth invalidates everything they’ve emotionally invested in.

    Gawd. Have a soul for fuck’s sake.

  254. Trey Gowdy (unconfirmed reports) to head special House committee on Benghazi.

    This guy is a fucking bulldog, dude

  255. The conversation is over when it comes to if we were lied to.

    The only question is why were we lied to.

    There may very well be something so grossly incompetent hidden deep in the basement of Benghazi lies that Team Obama rightfully did see it as existential.

  256. I haven’t changed my mind about the lies since the murders.

    Obama created a scenario showing that unlike Bush, he was so tough that he had virtually wrecked the terrorist movement. Thus, we could reduce military spending and move on to his pet social projects. He ignored the Bush administration’s efforts to find and kill Osama bin ladin and established himself as the man who virtually pulled the trigger.

    One of his defining successes was the aftermath of the Arab Spring. He accomplished by leading from behind what his predecessors had been unable to do., Obama was the collasis striding athwort the world while a rich businessman with antiquated foreign policy opinions threatened to destroy what our leader had created.

    Ambassador Stevens requested more security several times, but if the administration had sent in more forces, it would have signaled that Obama’s strategy was failing. It might cost votes during the election.

    I also think the administration was running guns to Syrian rebels some of whom had ties with or were Al quaida.

    It could be worse. Who knows?

    I do know this. Rutherford and I agreed that Joe Wilson disrespected the office when he told Obama “You lie.” I think Wilson could have said “Mr. President” first. Obama and his staff have by their actions so disrespected and besmirched the office that they should all be fired. Obama is unfit to be president, and Hillary is not fit to remain in public life.

    My alternative view of reasons for lying is they are simply all cold hearted bastards with no concern for human life. But what does it matter at this point? They should all be fired or in jail.

  257. Isn’t it nice, Poolman that you are the grand father your grand son smiles at? I would enjoy reading more about your grand son,

  258. Rutherford, you hitched your wagon to a brilliant dream, and now it is turning into sewage before our eyes. If you are honest enough for introspection, it must burn like the fires of Hell to know you were had. i wouldn’t want to be you today.

  259. The ends justifies the means, remember. The ambassador was already dead, can’t bring him back. Best to just blame this anti-Muslim video and get back to winning the election. The ambassador would have wanted that. Oh yeah, and we’ll hunt em now for ya. Bring em to justice and all.

    Just tell the kids it’s politics. It’s just business.

    Nothingburgers and Meansandwiches. 🙄 Grown up.

  260. Rabbit, I think the best teachers are the ones that give their students a little love along with the lessons. You must have made this kid feel like his teacher liked him. That’s a soaring feeling to a kid. Are you going to see him again or is his time that close?

    Dying grace in a kid – I don’t know whether to smile or cry. How are they so brave?

    You didn’t have to say anything by the way. Just being there was enough for him, I’m sure of it.

    That said, those are some beautiful words to a dying man Tex. You were very blessed and wise to be available to him in his last days.

  261. No, Muffy. Rutherford is busy burning a one ton “nothing burger” in the backyard, hoping Maddow’s milk can come up with a comeback for the ages this weekend.

    They were the ones we all had been waiting for….{clap clap clap}


  262. Does he even have a backyard? He seems a bit squeezed lately. I don’t think we can expect him to defend anything. How can you defend the indefensible? Besides, he’s probably covered over with automotive rescues and hears a week’s worth of profanities before each noon.

  263. Muffy, he’s not expected to live many more days. That is it.

    I heard him yell “Bye Mr. Rabbit” when I stepped on the porch. It was one of those extra good byes that usually only a kid yells.

    Went to two funerals this week as well. My buddy’s Dad got a birdie on hole 13 and then died on hole 14.

    Another friend of the family died at the age of 83 due to falling off a ladder.

    With my student it was very confusing on how to behave. He’s not dead yet. But he may not make through the weekend. I chose to treat him like he was alive. But…I didn’t know what to say. Or how to act.

    I made stupid small talk.

    I teach his twin brother this semester.

    The one dying told me his brother saw him talking to me in the hall first semester and asked “Why are you talking to the janitor?”.

    They both thought that one was pretty funny. So I guess that was cool. Got them both laughing a bit.

  264. “I heard him yell “Bye Mr. Rabbit” when I stepped on the porch. It was one of those extra good byes that usually only a kid yells.”

    I can picture this moment very clearly. Shaking it is a bit harder.

    🙂 Janitor. That is funny.

  265. It is interesting that this Benghazi thing has gotten to be so huge. It is a lot like Watergate in that the cover-up seems to be the biggest crime, even though that is sop in all our institutions. No one talks about fast and furious anymore.

    Internal investigations are nothing more than adventures in containment, though often serve to satisfy the masses. We’re all over the place as a country trying to plug holes and bail water on this sinking ship while others are punching new ones and J-Low (or whatever she goes by today) and Rihanna pose butt-to-butt at the top of the news feed on yahoo. Oh, and we can’t allow selfies at graduation, but Bo Bo can send them internationally.

    Strange days, indeed!

    The bulk of you guys are waiting for the other team to swoop in and save us, holding out hope of a savior to rise among them. lol Ain’t gonna happen, I’m afraid. Sorry. Politics is a false religion, boys and girls. And like all false religions, there is no gain in paying homage. Idols and fantasy. There is no righteous arm to the body politic. They all need to be burned at the stake.

  266. I said this before and James’s comment reminded me of it.

    I actually don’t fault the Obama administration for not beefing up security in Benghazi. We’d have had to have a relatively large force to have properly secured that site, and I believe it would have been large enough that its presence would have been exploited by AQ as an occupier.

    It isn’t uncommon that a diplomatic post has only a small contingent of US military personnel and is mainly guarded by local assets. I dare say that is more of the norm than the exception. If you can’t trust the locals to help guard your diplomatic post, then it probably isn’t someplace you want to be having a diplomatic post.

    I do fault the Obama Administration for having Stevens there, in the first place. That place, quite obviously, was much too unstable and dangerous for diplomats to be. Even if Stevens really, really wanted to be there. They could have used a safer location in another country to start diplomatic relations between the US and Libya…or they could have used closed circuit technology..or any number of alternatives.

    I also fault the administration for not getting him out of there when there were advanced warnings that the place was starting to stink, for not doing anything to help them when the shit was going down, and, of course, for the lies told afterward to try and help Obama save face.


    DR…I’ve had several days of subbing at the high school by now, and I have tried to heed your advice as much as I can. Of course, I am in no way suggesting I have a relationship anywhere close to what it sounds like you have built up with your students..but I am amazed to see that I am making small inroads. I don’t say that as a testament to myself but I’m just amazed at the process.

    I’ve gotten to where I just explain to the kids that I have my instructions that I have to follow the same as they do. It sort of puts us on a somewhat equal footing, even though it is naturally implied that I am still the authority figure in the classroom. I’ve been laying out in advance what my instructions are and what is expected of me…and of them, and then I just tell them that we can either do what we all need to do and have a good day doing it…or a bad day doing it. I am amazed that they are responding well to that.

    Word also got out that I like the band Lamb of God (some hardcore metal band all the kids like these days), so I have kids come up and sort of test me by asking what are my favorite songs, what other bands do I like, etc. It has humanized the asshole teacher. I was getting on a small group in 1 class for being a bit disruptive and I asked them just to quiet down a bit and they actually said “ok, you’re cool” and then did it.

    Its really interesting to see firsthand how this teacher-student relationship develops.

  267. I fault the administration for not increasing the security the embassy requested. The ambassador apparently thought it was getting more dangerous. He should have gotten what he asked for, or he should have been moved out. Those requests were a signal that the situation was deteriorating.

    Had the embassy not expressed its unease, Hillary etc would not have necessarily have been at fault for continuing the status quo. The administration either ignored the request because they disagreed with Stevens’ assessment or it felt his as yet unknown function was more important than a higher risk of violence.

    I agree beefed up security would have been exploited by AQ and also by the Republicans as evidence that Obama’s Middle East campaign was faltering. I believe the administration ignored the requests for domestic political reasons.

    Huck, and Rabbit, if I were a teenager, I would like to have teachers like you. I’m sorry for all what has happened, rabbit, but it proves you are a good, honorable man.

  268. I’d say I’m too old for metal music, but I never did like it. My wife’s students also used to talk about music. Sometimes they bought cds to class for her to borrow and hear.

  269. One other possibility may be considered. Sometimes, a person will freeze up during unexpected horror. With no good options, a person will be unable to act effectively. I have seen it happen. It is far- fetched to think an entire branch of advisers would suffer such paralysis, but I can imagine an overwhelmed Obama cowering in the White House bed room,.

  270. As far as Benghazi is concerned, I am not waiting for the other team to save us. This is about justice for four men who died as they trusted and worked for their government.

  271. So we still don’t know where the Commander-in-Chief was when our diplomatic mission was being attacked and our diplomats were being murdered….

    but we now know where he wasn’t.

    According to a dude that was there, the president was not in the Situation Room during the attacks. 12 hours later, he was attending a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

  272. I do in fact have some replies. First I’m crushed that you didn’t like my post “A Day In the Life…”, Rabbit. How about the one about Vegans? Or the one about yogurt? That one was very deep. P.S. You’re a jerk.

  273. We’ve known for a long time he wasn’t in the situation room. They didn’t photoshop him in and kick out a propaganda pic press release this time, unlike the fake Abbottabad takedown. Bo Bo was talking with Bibi during the attack, per these sources:


    This makes further accusations and implicates Valerie Jarrett:


    Pretty much old news now, but very pertinent.

  274. Huck, that’s the whole job. You already figured it out. That and knowing your shit so that you can add more detailed stuff to the standards so its not a snore fest. The kids respect if you actually like to learn.

    Its so easy, but so few people can do it.

    Mark my words, if you decide to go get your education degree you wont learn one thing that you didn’t already know. 30 grand for complete shit.

    Its an utter travesty you are deemed unqualified. A joke.

    Here…. I will give you one little tip for class management. When you are correcting a behavior, like a kid is sitting on the table, just tell him to sit down and walk away. Purposely turn you back and ignore him for 30 seconds. Let him take all of it to sit in his seat, if need be. No challenges. Its amazing how well this can work. “Sit in your seat”. Walk away. I’m always amazed how many teachers nag a kid and then stand their waiting for some back and forth pissing match to occur.

    Now….I know you know this….but the one good thing about subbing is you are completely shielded from everything that sucks about the job. Unfortunately, you kind miss out on the cool part to.

    I was a building sub for 3 years.

    Sounds like your job is transforming from sub to building sub.

    Have you had any zoo classes like that jungle where Captain Kurtz from Apocalypse Now lived in? Dead beat teacher and terrible kids?

  275. Huck, you might appreciate this. I teach 7 straight hours (I do get a half hour lunch). 210 kids. 5 9th grade World History classes (two of these are merged with special ed…..I team teach it with the football coach/special ed guy. Then 2 nightmare senior classes about current events. No curriculum. No computers. Worst kids in the school. 6 and 7 hour. They gave me almost a ten grand raise to take this all on and it’s not worth it. Its just too much.

  276. I sub at the local jr/sr HS that has a combined 250 students for all 6 grades…and the local elementary school. The worst I’ve had are 6th graders and the jr high kids. Fucking demons, but I’m sure nothing like what you have to deal with.

    I got a huge tub of licorice I am going to bribe the elementary school kids with the next time I get called there. Might even take it to my next jr. high assignment…lol.

    The schools like me because I’m a male and because I am local. They have known me and my wife for years..our kids went to school here k-12. My kids coach many of the kids I see in a classroom. I just got a letter from the district saying they’d like me back next year if I’m available.

  277. I’ll give that turn-and-walk-away bit a try. Whenever I get rebuttals my standard response is “I’m not debating with you, I’m telling you”. It usually does work but I don’t like it.

  278. In case it is on anyones radar the lethal injection cocktail thing…
    The one that is scarce is thiopental, the opening act that makes the whole deal “humane”.
    Back to 2011 the last company that was distributing it in the USA was clamped down by its Italian overlords. Other sources were found by FDA and state entities like them have had fits over it.
    Tex is right though there are other ways to do this its just a matter that anti-DP folks have mobilized to such a degree they literally scare the pharma humps to death. (pun intended)
    I think a healthy dose of a benzo should open the game [which is the hit seller now in the new attempts],then hit the fucker with some succinylcholine after that you got 1-3 minutes of a paralyzed immobile state where you could pump anything you want in to finish the job. As for whether this is humane up to the poising point the dosing is used in Rapid Sequence Induction everyday. This is the “this guy is wide awake but needs to be intubated NOW!!!” procedure,tres cool,done it got the tee shirt.

  279. I hate to go here but the Benghazi affair is going to end badly. I am drafting my own post but basically this thing is so spinnable with strings of credibility that I fear it will cleanse Hillary. That adds to the tragedy to a level I have a major problem with.

  280. I agree Alfie about Hillary Rotten and Benghazi. She walks once again unscathed. Same with Obama – he’s black, immoral and protected. Most whites are too weak to confront why Obama is bullet proof. He’s the first black President. Simple as that.

    One thing I learned the hard way in 2012. This country is not interested in being run properly or the rule of law – in fact, for about 52% of the citizenry, the law either gets in the way or they’re too stupid to comprehend the rules. They couldn’t spell Constitution, much less know what is in it. Economics? Hah. Much of this country is so apathetic and ignorant, it’s almost frightening.

    Hillary Rotten Clinton leaves a trail like a slug and soils everything she touches. She’s wicked, vicious and conniving. But like her husband and unlike Obama, she’s smart. She’s a Dim woman – therefore, she’s bullet proof too, never held to account for the crookedness, always on the right side of the glaring double standards. I’m convinced Obama is a used car salesman with a gift of gab. He’s a lightweight and a flim flam. But he’s black, has a corrupted media in his pocket and pro abortion. That’s all that saves his feckless ass.

    Let’s admit something. The country is gone. We who know that are preparing to deal with the mob and prepare our own children for the inevitable.

  281. I’ve thought the same as alfie and Tex.

    Ukraine is rapidly evolving toward civil war and Russian invasion. The Kiev government has been hesitant to impose order on the rebellious eastern cities because they know Russia will use such a pretext to invade.

    Ukrainians are proven fighters. With few weapons they took down a government. Anti-Russian rioters apparently did what the government couldn’t. They burned down a building which pro- Russian forces occupied in southern Ukraine.Scores died in the fire, and more were wounded in armed street fighting.

    In Odessa, battles with and without guns have wounded more people. Central Europeans will fight, even if the cause is lost. They have done it repeatedly from the Hungarian revolution on to the fall of the Soviet Union.

    Yulia Marushevska, a PHD student in Kiev narrated a video which has gone viral. “I am a Ukrainian” they “want to be free from a dictatorship, they want to be free from politicians who are ready to shoot, to beat, to injure people, just for saving their money, just for saving their houses, just for saving their power.”

    Marushevska said her video attracted attention when protesters refused to leave Kiev’s central square after more than seventy of them had been killed.

    She said “I think people were trying to find the answer why someone can go and die. What should be the motivation of a person who is going and dying–what for? I think for the whole world that’s a hard question,”

    California based Ben Moses who helped produce the video said more than 7 million people watched it on YouTube in the first two weeks.

    VIKA, a music star, also produced and narrated several videos at some risk to herself and career.

    I’m not advocating this behavior, but if the dictatorship of sheep tightens its hold on our country, some people will ask “what should be the motivation of a person who is going and dying?” News and other blogs have more angry posters who hint or more than hint at revolution. Of course, it is just angry writing, but at some point, people may act as they are doing in Ukraine.

    At the very least that dude clown on tv should be asking “dude where’s my job?”

    I haven’t given up hope yet.

  282. One problem I see is we often don’t understand the mindset and motivation of others in other cultures. We have been indoctrinated into this false belief of American Exceptionalism. We think all others have a desire to be more like us, when in reality they may like some of what we represent, but prefer their own national identity.

    Russia has much of the same issues we have. One of our mutual problems stem from the fact that many in government hold dual citizenship, which means they aren’t completely loyal to the one nation. It reminds me of the biblical passage that claims you cannot serve two masters. Regular folks are the same with regard to their own list of priorities, but it is especially troublesome in leaders who are supposed to operate on behalf of one people of one nation.

    I found this account interesting as it showed how our wrong thinking works…

    As I wrote in another journal, the Ukraine choosing the EU over Russia was like a man kicking out Ava Gardner from his bed and inviting Hillary Clinton under the sheets.


  283. Huck, back in #240, you made the suggestion that rather than nagging I should express an opinion which some might actually agree with. I’d say that was a valid criticism, even though I’ve tried that before and it nets only personal attacks which seem to have strong ties to my being female. Would you deny that? It’s hard to know which topic to comment on, so I’ll pick two:
    On Kerry’s use of the word “apartheid”. It’s not like that’s the first time that word has been used in connection with Israel, most notably in Jimmy Carter’s book. A talking head on NPR yesterday claimed that Kerry is Israel’s best friend in the U.S., and for Netanyahu to go after him was “shameful”. I don’t know if Kerry is Israel’s best friend or not, but he’s certainly the most powerful person currently to dare to criticize Israel. Carter is old news. I find it interesting that apparently we are supposed to get over guilt about slavery, so minorities need to get over themselves, but we have to retain guilt about the Holocaust? So Israel is permitted to do whatever it wants? There is a cognitive dissonance there. From where I sit, it looks like apartheid to me.
    On Hillary Clinton being POTUS, which someone (Alfie?) confidently claimed is not going to happen. I don’t know. All over Facebook there is some meme called “Ready for Hillary”, seemingly a fundraising, cheerleading squad. I find this laughable, or at least premature, since she hasn’t said she’s running. I’m not donating money or cheerleading until she does. The polls say that if she does, she would beat every possible Republican contender, with Jeb Bush being the frontrunner. I’m not sure what she’s waiting for, but I suspect that maybe she doesn’t want it. If that’s true, it’s hard to imagine what the Dems will do.

  284. @ fn2 it was Gorilla @ 138. I actually think she will run and win especially if the opposition (of which I am a staunch member) fail to wake up to a number of points. The alternative is that regardless of potential candidate claims I think Warren will run as well.

  285. There’s been a lot said and written about the right being taken over by the hard right – and/or the religious right, the tea party, the RWNJs, etc. etc.

    Maybe it’s just me but I strongly believe that the left has been taken over by the far left. It appears to me that what defines a moderate “progressive” is someone that doesn’t overtly despise conservatives.

    The president hates Republicans. Practically sneers when he isn’t mocking them. Blames them for everything. Blame and shame. MSNBC – Republicans and Race. Same. Thing. Every. Day.

    I’ve asked Rutherford who is a “moderate” leftie and I don’t recall him saying. But I see the party leaders from Hillary to now Lizzie to Pelosi and Reid – and what I see are far left whack jobs. The president? How does one get any further left? More success? A name change from America to something a little more sinister?

    For all the baa-baa-ing about the tea party taking over the right – maybe a little introspection is….nah, never mind.

    Just letting off steam.

  286. FN2 – maybe you could try a different approach.

    For the record, I’d like for you to stay.

    “I find it interesting that apparently we are supposed to get over guilt about slavery, so minorities need to get over themselves, but we have to retain guilt about the Holocaust? So Israel is permitted to do whatever it wants? There is a cognitive dissonance there. From where I sit, it looks like apartheid to me.”

    Guilt is not action. We’ve gotten over slavery. Nothing close to it exists in this country except some metaphorical enslavement to entitlements.

  287. Ah, thanks for the correction Alfie. I tend to think that if Clinton does run, then Warren will not. The Party would freeze her out. I’ve seen chatter about Clinton as POTUS and Warren as Veep. That might be a risky match, but it would be a logical and popular one in many ways. Unpopular in other ways.

  288. So yes, get over the guilt. And no, support for Israel isn’t guilt – not for me. It’s more love but that’s just how I see it.

  289. It has nothing to do with guilt over the Holocaust. It has to with stopping a second one.

    I’ve grown up hearing their songs about “throwing the Jews in the sea”.

    The majority of Arabs don’t believe Israel should exist. The Arabs have attacked Israel over and over and over. Now, some of the Arabs are infected with insane Islmo-fascist ideology. Man….they are even crazier.

    Of course Israel should be criticized. But apply this criticism with the understanding that every decision Israel makes is influenced over the fact it is surrounded by savages hell bent on killing them all.

    There are many people out there who don’t get how strong and ingrained the hatred for Jews on the Arab street. I know good Arab families, normal people, who talk about Jews as if they are like cockroaches. Jews are blamed for EVERYTHING in the Middle East, just like they were in Europe a hundred years ago.

    The Arabs will one day destroy Israel if its possible. The question is if this is something we care to stop or not.

  290. This woman just oozes class….

    “Commencement should be a time of joyous celebration for the graduates and their families. Rutgers’ invitation to me to speak has become a distraction for the university community at this very special time,” Rice said.

  291. Fakename, I for one don’t care about your gender. I would treat you the same no matter what. Its nice that you post. It adds variety.

    Israel is a sovereign nation which can make its own decisions. I think the fact that it has been our most effective ally in the Middle East and basically a democracy carries more weight than holocaust guilt. Israel may use it as a club, but it isn’t very effective now.

    Obama has slighted Israel with acts and words. Kerry was frustrated because the latest peace negotiations collapsed, in part because Palestine doesn’t want peace until Israel is gone. The collapse denied Kerry some glory for his resume.

    I’m not surprised that Jimmy Carter would use “apartheid”, because he is no good friend of Israel either. If Kerry is Israel’s best friend Netanyahu should hire an extra food taster the next time Kerry shows up at a state dinner.

    “So Israel is permitted to do whatever it wants? There is a cognitive dissonance…” No, there isn’t. It is an independent county. We try to influence Israel when it is in our interest, but it is their business if they resort to public stonings and forbid women to drive.Why do more repressive Muslim states upset us more than Israel’s supposed miss deeds? If it looks like apartheid, please show us in detail why it does. I disagree with you.

    I agree with you that that wizened harridan may yet become our next president unless Benghazi sticks to her. Her performance as Secretary of State reflects a pattern of behavior extant since she entered public life. Hillary served on a committee to investigate impeaching Nixon until she was fired for lyng and unethical behavior. She has left a trail of mendacity, but the press could twist attacks on her record to make her a sympathetic figure. If she fails, Elizabeth Warren probably will run. She is support for Muffy, since she is left of Hillary.

    We have already discussed why I think Americans, Australians and similar countries are exceptional.

  292. “Would you deny that?”

    I wouldn’t think of it. I get personally attacked, too. When I get sick of it I skim past those people for a while. 🙂

  293. “I think the fact that it has been our most effective ally in the Middle East”

    I think this is a HIGHLY debatable “fact”

  294. Yes, it is fact compared to other Middle Eastern nations. I am writing comparatively, not absolutely. Please name another of Israel’s neighbors which has been a more reliable ally over time if you think I am wrong. I can’t think of any.

  295. Egypt has been a pretty reliable ally up until the last couple years. Saudi Arabia has also been a pretty good ally, as had Jordan. We have multiple military bases in Qatar.

    Israel has killed Americans and spied on America. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall any of the above being caught doing the same.

    The US-Israeli relationship is highly 1-sided. We don’t need Israel…Israel cannot say the same. I think Israel likes to conveniently forget that, sometimes, and I blame politicians on all sides of the isle (minus GHWB) for allowing them to do so.

  296. On Israel and apartheid…

    I am not defending Kerry, because, as a diplomat, the word should have never even crossed his lips.

    With that said…I do believe he said Israel risks becoming an apartheid state. And if things were ever to develop into a 1-state solution, which I think is where Kerry was coming from, then he’d be right.

    If the West Bank were to ever become part of Israel instead of the piecemeal de facto landgrab it does with settlements, and all of its inhabitants suddenly be living in “Israel”, there is no way Israel would grant them full rights as an Israeli citizen. Because if it did, it would throw Israeli democracy out of balance.

    It’s easy for Israel to hold up its Arab rights right now…because the Arabs of Israel are a major minority.

    This is why Palestinians want “right of return” and why Israel will never grant it. And this is why Israel now wants to be recognized as a “Jewish state” rather than to just be recognized at all.

    It’s all a game….

  297. Israel is a milestone around our neck. True, a very expensive and ornate one, but one none-the-less. Because we ignore their crimes of genocide and land grabbing , we have become about as hated among the nations.

    No one considers the word Holocaust means ‘burnt offering’, as in the Jews considered that sacrifice beneficial to their cause. But of course, it is a crime to be critical of them.

  298. So Israel is permitted to do whatever it wants?

    James is absolutely right. And the fact it’s pronounced debatable, demonstrates once again the level of dishonesty and irrationality.

    Perhaps one of the stupidest comments I’ve read since the Libs abandoned Rutherford, Flake. And would I remind you Saint Flake of why the comments sexist? Has your dim memory failed you? Have you not forgotten what was said about me, 3rd party of course, which precipitated our meeting at another blog because not only are a you a twit but a gutless coward?

    May I remind you two tacit Jew haters of why Israel was required in the first place? She earned her historical land in blood and then some.

    It’s called genocide. Half of the Jewish population was marched into gas chambers, frozen in Siberia, buried in mass graves for no rational reason other they happened to be Jewish. Children were murdered, babies were murdered, entire families disappeared. The history of American slavery pails in comparison and scope.

    Every day from the day of their reformation, Israel lives an existential threat to the end of their existence. How many countries receive on their school grounds, rockets raining on their playgrounds? Every country surrounded Israel has attempted to annihilate her and all have failed. And still the world blames Israel for the ills.

    And it doesn’t surprise me who is doing the blaming or enabling.

    There’s a reason for that.

    Truly supernatural. Just as it was predicted.

  299. I wrote “over time.” As you write, Egypt is no longer a reliable ally, and during the fifties and sixties it was tied to the Soviet block.

    Saudi Arabia has supported extremist Muslim schools and organizations which are hostile to western governments and culture. Some of the 9/11 bombers and al Quiada were Saudis. They have also worked to jack up the price of oil in the past.

    Jordan was friendly, but I don’t know that they did much to help us often. Qatar. Maybe, but I can’t think of a major action as I can for Israel.

    Its true Israel once sank one of our ships and they spied on us, but I’m sure the other Middle Eastern countries have spied on us too. They also bombed Syrian and Iraqi facilities and probably helped infect Iranian computers with a nasty virus.

    Granted most of the helpful deeds committed by any of the countries were largely in self interest but they also helped us.

  300. Yeah I have to agree that any positive from Israel comes from its democracy and those regional relationships that are more plus than minus. In strictest terms “ally” doesn’t fit at all. On the flip side where words get clouded in nuance I’d agree they are one of our better friends,perhaps even besties in the region.

  301. When I met with a PLO diplomat to the US (yes, there is such a thing), he said that there is talk that Fatah might someday start pushing for a 1-state solution to actually highlight Israel’s brand of “democracy” and turn it into a true “apartheid state”.

    Of course, the backlash by Palestinians against such as idea would be severe, and I think the fact that they are even considering peace with Hamas says the notion is not something we will see any time soon, at this point.

  302. They’ve entertained that kind of talk before most recently due to what was seen as potential EU support

  303. James I don’t see where any of your examples either ring true or can reasonably be seen as having been in our interests.

  304. “I wrote “over time.” As you write, Egypt is no longer a reliable ally, and during the fifties and sixties it was tied to the Soviet block”

    I know you wrote “over time.” Killing sailors in the 60’s and spying on us in the 80’s is “over time” too. If we’re going to go back over time, then we have to look at all of it.

    “Saudi Arabia has supported extremist Muslim schools and organizations which are hostile to western governments and culture. Some of the 9/11 bombers and al Quiada were Saudis.”

    None of that has a thing to do with its relationship to the United States government. They have also been major partners against terrorists.

    “Its true Israel once sank one of our ships and they spied on us, but I’m sure the other Middle Eastern countries have spied on us too. They also bombed Syrian and Iraqi facilities and probably helped infect Iranian computers with a nasty virus.”

    But “probably” and “I’m sure” doesn’t trump historic facts. And we’re not talking about “other ME countries.” I named specific countries.

    All I am saying is “I think this is a HIGHLY debatable “fact”.” And I think I have shown it to be such. 🙂

  305. Any time someone wants to discuss the matter and include facts in place of “Jew hater” and Biblical “supernatural” myths, then I’d be happy to engage in that discussion.

    I’ve never disputed Israel’s need to, or right to exist. I’ve never disputed Israel’s need to, or right to, defend itself. I have disputed some of its methods of self-defense, and I have disputed its practice of landgrabbing settlements…which people dont seem to be able to decide if they are for self defense or not.

    If they are for Israeli defense, then that means they are either using civilians as human shields or they are military outposts and attacking them is not terrorism. If they are not for Israeli defense…then what are they for…exactly?

    When everyone decides what they are and aren’t, then we can begin the discussion.

  306. And I apologize for what might have been needlessly goading Tex if the “Jew Hater” comment was not directed at me…which we all know has been in the past.

    I am not a perfect man, either.

  307. So we know Obama was not in the Situation Room during the attacks at Benghazi. We know that just hours after the attacks he was at a Vegas fundraiser.

    And now we also know that at some point during the day of 9/11/2012…a day that he was warned would possibly spark protests around the Middle East….he was doing “debate prep”

    Between the lies and the timeline, it is becoming indisputable that Barack Obama was more concerned with winning the next election than he was concerned with leading this country and those charged with representing it overseas.

  308. Israel, the state or nation or land, whatever you call it, is not the same as Jews the people or race or religion whatever you consider them. People have a difficult time with that distinction. But Israel IS an apartheid culture where it exists in the ME. You have to prove your bloodline to be considered automatically a citizen. Non Jews can buy their way in, but never get the full benefits of membership. How else can one describe it? A democracy applies equal rights to ALL, regardless of blood.

  309. Isn’t it funny that for all the talk about “equality,” Hillary – if she runs and if she wins – will win because she’s a woman? For sure that will be why anyone and everyone on the left votes for her. Even she can’t name her accomplishments but for “handing off the baton.”


  310. Israel is a wholly made-up country, based on the division of lands of the spoils of war after WWII. There was some desire of some Jewish people to have a land to call their own, the guilt of others over the Holocaust, and most importantly, Zionism, which claimed that until the Jews had a homeland of their own, the Second Coming could not
    occur. Israel does not have a “right” to exist, but it does exist and it isn’t going away. Most of its Arab neighbors have grasped that picture. Israel is by no means our most important ally in the region, since if it weren’t for the US, it wouldn’t be there.

  311. “Even she can’t name her accomplishments but for “handing off the baton.” ”

    What should we expect when her boss is cool with hitting singles, doubles, and an occasional home run? A man whose list of accomplishments prior to the presidency was even shorter than hers.

  312. FM2, I think some of those points are debatable, as well.

    For one, there is political and religious Zionism, and multiple interpretations of both. We can’t even say the aim of all of them is the same, because it isn’t….especially in terms of geography. So that issue is not as simple as you’ve made it out to be.

    Israel has a right to exist as much as any other country that is currently a part of the world system that has been around for a few centuries, now. It has a right to exist because it does exist and a vast majority of other countries recognize that existence.

  313. @ 393 There are variations on the theme throughout the world.
    @ Huck 390 & FN2 395 I have always found my mantra Sovereignty Matters and its related points clears all the fog you bring up.
    Israel exists and as such has the right to do pretty much whatever it wants to. This in turn requires an appreciation that every action begets a reaction and so on.

  314. Of all people, Chris Matthews has said something with which most of you would agree. Rolling disclosure is a bad idea. The latest memo to be released via FOIA should have come out in the first dump. We can conjecture all day long about the lack of transparency re Benghazi but we can all agree it ain’t right.

  315. I got a bulk email from the NAACP the other day expressing great embarrassment over the LA chapter’s embrace of Sterling. They swear the resignation of the chapter President is only the beginning in their effort to more closely monitor contributions. They plan to give Sterlings money back.

  316. lol…Did the LA chapter explain who heads the LA Chapter? Do you know?

    As for Benghazi…..We were hoping you’d make a comment about the latest memo itself instead of what Chris Mathews said.

    Wow….he really went on a limb there….

  317. Fakename, By your definition the United States, Canada, Mexico and other American nations are also made up countries.. Our borders were created through conquest. We hold land we took from others just as Native Americans did before us.

    Have you met survivors of the Holocaust? I have. One lady from Poland was our unofficial grand mother, and she asked me to record her ordeal because she thought that I as a veteran with an interesting past would be the only one to really understand. The video tape went to her children after she died, and she also recorded for Speilburg’s Jewish oral history.

    Jews were so afraid of a repeat, they wanted their own country. Its true, Zionists used violence and terrorism to establish a claim to Israel but their country is as legitimate as the Arab countries which were carved out of the desert after WW1.

    Fakename, I wish you would take time to look at The Dandy Warhols-Sleep 2000-ThirteenTales from Urban Bohemia. uploaded by rayoflightcanada. People usually ignore my musical choices, but this time, I hope you look and tell me what you think. The video history begins in 1917 and ends with Obama’s meeting with Israeli leaders.

    Huck, Saudi Arabia is playing both sides. While they help us fight terrorists, they also help create terrorists through their aid.The other Middle Eastern countries you named have not done anything as brazen as Israel to help themselves and indirectly us as Isreal .

    Palestinians and Jordanians cheered after 9/11. That doesn’t necessarily reflect their foreign policies, but it shows what some of the people think of us. I don’t think Israelis cheered.

    Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates made overtures to Hamas and Hezbollah which are Iranian surrogates during the Arab Spring. Israel did not.

    I will go out on a limb and write that Israel DID bomb Syrian and Iraqi facilities. I don’t have time to look for documentation, but maybe you can to disprove my point. Israel is also a prime suspect in sending a virus to Iran. If Israel didn’t commit the deed, who did?

    Israel isn’t perfect, but in spite of their spying and murdering thirty to fifty years ago, it has been the most reliable nation in the Middle East. It shares military intelligence. Senator Inouye said Israel provides more information than all of the NATO countries combined.
    The F 16 fighter jet contains hundreds of Israeli-designed modifications.

    I also suggest the Dandy Warhol video to you Huck. If you teach history or current events your students might pay attention to the short video history it presents. It is not an official video but created by rayoflightcanada.

  318. I have disputed some of its methods of self-defense, and I have disputed its practice of landgrabbing settlements…which people dont seem to be able to decide if they are for self defense or not.

    Actually, the comment was directed at Fake and Poolman, but now that you mention it…

    Dumbass Flake parrots the typical Christian bigotry meme to support the state of Israel and didn’t get one fact right, historically or theologically. But then, I don’t expect any different because Flake Fake is an imbecile and has been from the day she was born. I do expect more of you, Huck.

    One of the great things about getting older is you’ve actually got to witness history without it being rewritten by corrupted officials at the UN. Huck? Does Munich 1972, ring any bells? I don’t think my eyes were lying during those dark hours.

    Or how about this one? Are we going to rewrite 1967 too like your PLO Diplomat, an oxymoron if there ever was?

    See, I was taught this – and by the way it’s really difficult to pan over a declaration of extermination, though the Jew haters like Fake and Poolman have sure given it the college try.

    In May of 1948, Great Britain announced it was ending its Mandate over Palestine, and Israel declared its independence. The neighboring Arab countries immediately declared war on the new country. By the end of the 1948 War of Israeli Independence, Israel had increased its land by over fifty percent.

    It’s called self-preservation.

    Kind of like California now, isn’t it? So when do you hold yourself to the same standards as Israel and give up your homestead, Huck? 🙂

    You are residing on conquered lands, are you not?

  319. The Grand Funk Railroad needed some new material in 1972. Their new manager suggested they write a song about their life on the road. “We’re An American Band” mentioned Freddy King a blues man who was a good poker player and who opened for them. The line “Sweet Sweet Connie was doing her act” is about Connie Hamzy a famous groupie.Some of her rumored conquests were all but one of the band, Huey Lewis, Kieth Moon, and Bill Clinton. Wild Bill lived a lifetime of debauchery. Hillary put up with it. I wonder why.

    They only talked to the four groupies in Omaha.

  320. Israel is a wholly made-up country, based on the division of lands of the spoils of war after WWII.

    Just for grins, Fake, and we need not go back 3,300 years, why since the early 1800’s, has the population of Jerusalem has been predominantly Jewish if Israel is a wholly made up country?

  321. I don’t think Israelis cheered.

    You should probably look up ‘dancing Israelis” to get an opposing view. And yes, they did recently bomb Syria. It is only loyal unto itself and it gathers intelligence and shares what it decides to share, though never any culpability or vulnerabilities.

  322. Tex is a smart guy, but several things cause his brain to short and he sees red. Anything critical of Jew and Jesus. He really gets to boiling. I hate politicians and everything else evil. I shouldn’t care what race or religion they say they are. Really, they come in all flavors. If they are politicians, I hate them. The hate has developed over time, but it doesn’t manifest itself violently. I suppose I would say a few pointed words given an opportunity, but for the most part I am sure there is a special place reserved for them and they will all eventually find it.

  323. “Chris Matthews has said something with which most of you would agree. Rolling disclosure is a bad idea.”

    😆 That’s quite a rebuke. Quite the description of eventz as well.

    “We were hoping you’d make a comment about the latest memo itself instead of what Chris Mathews said.”


  324. As for the Ukraine, we are the goons doing the destruction. Oh, sure we do it by proxy. Terrorist for hire, say. Or, if you prefer, who controls the IMF? But the continued attempts to paint the Russians as the aggressors has been shown as sham. Boots on the ground claim Americans among other nationalities have been brought in as mercenaries, some tied to blackwater or academy or whatever name they call themselves. It’s the same thing we’ve done since the beginning of the cold war. Nothing’s changed except the scale.

  325. Poolman, our political science professor told us “in foreign affairs, there are no friends, only common interests.” Israel is reliable, not necessarily because they are our friends, but because we have common interests. We also share common political cultures. The result is more important than the motive.

    I suppose some Israelis did cheer. Some did in Canada, but I think they were few compared the Arab countries I mentioned.

  326. James, I remember we watched the watergate hearings in poli-sci. The teacher was intent on us getting them firsthand as ‘history was being made’. I don’t remember much other than them being kind of boring. I really couldn’t grasp the significance and couldn’t relate to anything about DC. They were ‘the establishment’, after all.

  327. 1) Why did the administration fail to provide adequate security to the consulate in Benghazi?

    We already know thanks to Charlene Lamb – who should know since she denied the requests – that Republican-driven budget cuts to blame was a lie (courtesy Rep E Cummings).

    2) Why did the talking points change and at whose behest? WH staff zealots? the intelligence community? the president himself? Ms Jarrett?

    The only explanation for the president’s statements days after the attack that the video was to blame (The View, Letterman…) is that he did not know what everyone else seems to have known – that it was not the video that sparked the attack on the consulate.

  328. Russians ARE the aggressors in Ukraine. Ukraine was traditionally part of Russia for generations. Soviet era Russians settled in Ukraine after millions were starved or deported.

    Ukraine has been mismanaged since it gained its independence and Russia has threatened and bribed the country to get it back into the fold. They probably poisoned a Ukrainian politician. About twenty years ago the average Pole and Ukrainian earned the same incomes. Now, the Poles are relatively richer and the Ukrainians are roughly where they were twenty years ago.

    Ukrainians work very hard with untracable jobs in an underground economy to maintain a middle class life. They and the Poles travel back and forth and watch each others’ television stations,.Western Ukrainians see the difference between western oriented countries and themselves. They want more contact with the West.

    The Russians pressured their leader to reject western overtures and
    we know the result. Even in the more Russian East the majority doesn’t want to join Russia. They would like to be a semi independent federation with Ukraine.

    Russians have infiltrated Ukraine and joined with natives. The acting mayor of a Russian controlled city said many of the defenders are former Russian soldiers. They were sufficiently armed to shoot down two government helicopters.

    The Russians are stirring up trouble so that they can justify an invasion as a rescue of mistreated Russian-speaking people. Thus, this is an act of Russian aggression. I can understand why they feel justified, but most Ukrainians want to be free,

    Lativa and Estonia noted that Russian operatives are trying to foment unrest in their countries, because they also have sizable Russian-speaking minorities.

    I wish we did have boots on the ground, but proxy help which could not be easily traced back to us is better. Putin doesn’t trust or like Obama after he betrayed his trust over Libya. He prefers to meet with Angela Merkle who speaks Russian while he speaks German,

    If this escalates into a war, it could turn nasty, because unlike during the Cold War, this war would be fought with few rules since Putin doesn’t trust Obama. Therefore, our troops in Ukraine would be very bad for the world.

    They are defending their interests because NATO makes them nervous, but Russians are definitely the aggressors. The poor Ukrainians are caught in the middle.

  329. Muffy, If Obama were Nixon, his goose would be cooked and children would be chewing on the bones,.

  330. Poolman, I listened to the hearings on the radio while I worked in the field. Yes, they were often boring.

    I was driving into Iowa City to visit the dentist who had seen me during grad school when I heard (?) Buterworth say that Nixon’s conversations had been taped, I could sense the tension through the radio. My memory of that is almost as strong as when Kennedy was shot or Challenger blew up.

  331. Anything critical of Jew and Jesus.

    Well I don’t know about Jew, Mr. Poolman. I think the hatred of Jews, more specifically Zionist Jews, is completely irrational and illogical. I think the glaring double standards in judgment are beyond explanation, short of the supernatural. I think the disregard of what Israel provides the U.S. demonstrates an ignorance, perhaps not maliciously, but it is still there.

    I think the godless like Flake are beyond stupid in their assertions, not even recognizing Christians don’t usher in the 2nd Coming – God does and Israel has little or nothing to do with it. But then, a lifetime if militant feminist will turn you into a drooling stooge. Now you know why she’s a disciple of Fat Grannies. Flake is one of them. In fact, that’s how I found that wretched site – Flake’s insipid blog links.

    Yes, I’m surprised that both you and to a lesser degree Huck have a difficult time distinguishing between ally and foe, especially Huck who has a better handle on American politic than most. I don’t think either one of you stupid and in fact, you both can be quite bright when the mood strikes you, so I can only presume there are extenuating circumstances leading you to reach these conclusions.

    Having said that, you want to insults Jew, so be it. You endanger them with that rank propaganda you broadcast? That’s a whole “nother” country, Poolman. And you do and it is malicious.

    But if your supposed Savior is insulted and it doesn’t make your blood boil a little Poolman…

    Then….why yes. I would question your sincerity and credibility of previous claim.

    Because He means more to me than my wife, my children, my mom. You bet it’s personal when people do it. And He should for you too.

  332. The F 16 fighter jet contains hundreds of Israeli-designed modifications.
    Well the F16I certainly does and there are two ways to take this.
    On one hand the F16 is produced now as an export item and variants are tweaked to meet the needs of the buyer. In case of the F16I the tweaks were done to meet unique needs of the IDF. that’s cool.
    Many of tweaks though are designed to make it so the Israelis produce and maintain the planes and subsystems without sending money to USA. This is a version of reverse engineering.Not really a friendly or ally thing to do imo.
    By all means don’t bother looking for documentation of Syrian and Iraqi assaults this is readily known stuff. My point on this matter is how the hell does one construe those actions as being remotely beneficial to US interests??

  333. Rutherford you’re killing me dude! Just noticed this jewel in your Twitter feed:

    we don’t need legislation to stop covert recording of conversations. It’s already illegal. Don’t be a doof.

    So can we assume that after some introspection you now hold additional gun laws are equally unnecessary?

    Have a great weekend no matter what R.

  334. “Gates left and that was last adult walking under Team Obama.”

    You kinda stepped in it there Tex. Gates basically says Benghazi scandal is a nothing burger. Or to be more precise, he says only armchair generals think we could have intervened to save Stevens. He says it’s a fantasy.

  335. “How this can fly with any American is beyond me. Rutherford….I’m not sure were fellow countrymen anymore.”

    LOL there are days when this kind of melodrama annoys me but today I’m just amused.

    Gonna get upset about Russia laughing in our face? I’m with you there. USA having ever decreasing influence on world events? Yup, something to be real concerned about.

    But ultimately Benghazi is another chapter in the book entitled “Shit Happens”. Could it have been prevented? No doubt. The focus should be how to prevent a repeat. Not this feminine hand wringing “oooo we were lied to” like some jilted girlfriend.

    Get a pair and find out what steps are being taken to prevent another Benghazi. If we learned nothing from it then damn right, fuck the left right and center.

    Hey I’ve got a start. When a country collapses and ceases to be the country it once was, PULL OUR FUCKING EMBASSY AND DIPLOMATS OUT OF THERE!

  336. I’m not talking about Benghazi you dumb ass. I’m talking about the lies.




  337. “There may very well be something so grossly incompetent hidden deep in the basement of Benghazi lies that Team Obama rightfully did see it as existential.”

    Ooo why hasn’t anyone looked in the basement? I can just imagine Rabbit watching his daily “Days of our Lives” and “One Life to Live” and speculating “did Judy really kill Dr. Smith after she found him fucking her sister?”

    Rabbit you’re starting to sound like a bonbon eating soap fan dude. It’s almost embarrassing.

    Ok I’ll tell you the real lie Rabbit. We never really killed Osama and HE killed Stevens.

    Crank up the organ music.

  338. “Besides, he’s probably covered over with automotive rescues and hears a week’s worth of profanities before each noon.”

    Damn right Skippy.

  339. “Not this feminine hand wringing “oooo we were lied to” like some jilted girlfriend.”


    He doesn’t care. Tigre was right.

    I honestly thought you would come correct.

    You are a disgrace to this country.

    A disgrace.

  340. Yeah Fuck You……Rutherford.

    If the lies don’t mean anything to you….nothing does.

    This whole blog is pointless.


  341. As I read through the thread I’m seeing comments that I make are already being touched on. I’m not ignoring folks — just responding before seeing your comments — case in point Huck’s comment about embassies in failed states.

  342. James you read selectively. Stevens sent mixed signals about beefing up security and is documented as outright refusing it.

    You know what riddle I’d like solved? The riddle of Ambassador Stevens who was rumored to be involved in funneling arms to Syria.

    Maybe THATS the big secret Rabbit? Maybe Stevens was up to some shit that the admin doesn’t want to get out?

  343. Huck — again stupid. Are you trying to tell me with our long history of attacks on diplomatic outposts that the POTUS has run to the SIT room for every one? More likely none of them.

    Come ON!

  344. “Hey I’ve got a start. When a country collapses and ceases to be the country it once was, PULL OUR FUCKING EMBASSY AND DIPLOMATS OUT OF THERE!”

    Stevens didn’t even go there until AFTER that happened.

    Anther way of putting it is…

    Stevens wasn’t sent to Libya by Obama until AFTER Obama destabalized the country by assisting in the killing of its leader who was actually telling the truth when he said he was only trying to root out terrorists in its eastern portion.

    Everyone needs to note Rutherford’s mocking of our outrage regarding Obama’s lies on this and remind him of it the next time he snivels like a girl about Bush and Iraq.

    Tex, the PLO Delegation to the US has been here, in 1 name or another, since 1978. Oxymoron or not…it’s been around a while..and multiple administrations have recognized it and played ball with it.

    There isn’t anything in your comment to address what I have actually stated regarding Israel. Do you know why Britain ended the Mandate? Because it got tired of its soldiers being kidnapped and killed and hotels being bombed by terrorists…or freedom fighters…or whatever you want to call them.

    Like I said, I don’t dispute Israel’s right to exist or to defend itself. They did what they had to do to carve out a state and they do what they have to do to defend it. I think using white phosphorus in populated areas is crossing the line. I think building a wall on land not its own is crossing the line. Even our southern fence is on our own land. I think settlement landgrabs is crossing the line.

    You get outraged over the US government taking some guy’s cattle off land that isn’t even his and you don’t drop a bit of sweat over Israel bulldozing whole orchards in the West Bank that have been in families for generations so they can plop a settlement on it.

    You’re right. It isn’t much different than how the US carved out its country…that includes California AND Oklahoma. Does that make it right? I’m just not sure “we did it too 150 years ago” is a logical argument in favor of what we are seeing today..right now.

    And yes, I absolutely think that those against Israel cross many lines, as well. I’ll be happy to list them if anyone doubts that.

  345. “Huck — again stupid. Are you trying to tell me with our long history of attacks on diplomatic outposts that the POTUS has run to the SIT room for every one? More likely none of them.”

    Feel free to tell us the last time a diplomatic outpost was mortared and diplomats killed. It’s not a “long history” dumbass.

  346. Gates saying Benghazi is “basically a nothing burger” (which he didn’t say) and Gates saying we couldn’t have saved Stevens that night are two very different things.

    Benghazi is about abuse of power – as is the IRS controversy, by the way. We KNOW they lied – the question is why – what needed to be covered up? The first thing that needed to be covered up was the nature of the attack. Why is that? Why did they blame the video? Aren’t you even curious?

    “Stevens sent mixed signals about beefing up security and is documented as outright refusing it.”

    You’ve mentioned this before – what are you talking about? Can you provide anything to support this?

  347. “The riddle of Ambassador Stevens who was rumored to be involved in funneling arms to Syria.

    Maybe THATS the big secret Rabbit? Maybe Stevens was up to some shit that the admin doesn’t want to get out?”

    What does that have to do with blaming the video? You don’t think people would have believed we would be attacked on 9/11 in “another country we stuck our noses into” in the ME without some concocted story that the video made them do it?

  348. Rutherford, I don’t expect the CinC to be in the SIT every time he kills a terrorist, either, but he sure as fuck made sure we all knew he was there to watch Osama go down, didn’t he?

    He was more concerned with the death of Bin Laden than he was about the death of his own representative. A man that HE SENT.

  349. Man. Janet Napolitano sees right-wing activists as a real threat to this country without so much as any such action or threat, and this administration lies to cover up al Qaeda affiliates killing our own ambassador on the anniversary of the biggest attack against the US by people of the same org and blames an anti-Islamic video. Because they worried about how it reflected on Obama so close to the election.

  350. “While they help us fight terrorists, they also help create terrorists through their aid.”

    And so do we. I’m sure you know that.

    “Palestinians and Jordanians cheered after 9/11. That doesn’t necessarily reflect their foreign policies, but it shows what some of the people think of us. I don’t think Israelis cheered”

    You’re right. It has nothing to do with their FP and does not reflect the positions of the state. So it isn’t worth mentioning.

    “Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates made overtures to Hamas and Hezbollah which are Iranian surrogates during the Arab Spring. Israel did not.”

    None of that has to do with their relationships with us.

    “I will go out on a limb and write that Israel DID bomb Syrian and Iraqi facilities. I don’t have time to look for documentation, but maybe you can to disprove my point. Israel is also a prime suspect in sending a virus to Iran. If Israel didn’t commit the deed, who did?”

    I’m sure they did do that. But it wasn’t to protect the US. It was to protect Israel. While I have no problems with that, again, I don’t see where it relates to our discussion.

  351. I can’t help but point out the very obvious parallel.

    Hitler invades Sudetenland under the pretext of protecting Germans there…shame on him.

    Putin invades Crimea (and soon enough Eastern Ukraine) under the pretext of protecting Russians there….shame on him.

    Israel plops settlements in the West Bank so they can have pretexts to protect them….it’s cool, we did it too.

  352. “Tigre, you truly made me giggle. Tearing myself away from the Twilight reruns, here’s what I have to say: Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy.”


    FN won’t follow. So. . . anybody have a clue what this means?

  353. Rutherford and Muffy. Benghazi Attack Called Avoidable in Senate Report New York Times Jan 15, 2014 says Mr. Stevens attended several meetings which showed security was negatively trending. A diplomatic security officer said the post was losing its ability to defend itself in the event of a coordinated attack due to limited forces and host nation support.

    ACIA officer at the meeting said that approximately 10 Islamist militias and al Qaeda training camps were in Benghazi. After reading the cable Gen. Carter F. Ham commander of the US African Command asked Mr.Stevens if the embassy needed additional military forces. Stevens said it did not. His cable also promised to send and relay requests for more security, but there is no sign that he did.

    The investigative committee gave ample warning that the situation was deteriorating and risky. The first report came in June 2012. Another came in July. On September 5, 2012 the Africa Command warned that there was a growing threat to Americans, especially in northeast Libya.

    For unknown reasons Christopher Stevens elected to increase security with libyans. His action shows he was aware of the danger. Maybe he took that action because there was something he needed to hide. I don’t know. The Senate report showed the attack was avoidable. Whether or not Stevens vacillated, the State Department knew predictions of danger were explicate.

    Communications between various agencies was so poor that the Africa Command did not know about the CIA’s annex.

    Stevens’ mixed signals are irrelevant except to show he had bad judgement or he was hiding something. The State Department knew and the President should have known a storm was gathering, and yet they did little or nothing.

  354. @ Huck #439 the one fork in the road of that particular parallel is the question regards a violation of sovereignty.

  355. “@ Huck #439 the one fork in the road of that particular parallel is the question regards a violation of sovereignty.”

    I don’t see how its a fork after Oslo.

  356. Bingo, Huck. We did the same with Texas. Mexico encouraged immigration to develop the territory. Residents of the US moved in and soon we owned the territory. Russia is playing this well so far.

    I know some Ukrainians, so I am biased in their favor.

    Alfie, my standards regarding Israel and its neighbors are low. Therefore I consider their improvements to the F 16 to have materially contributed to their effectiveness. If they managed to manipulate the system to avoid paying us, that is a neutral effect. It is still better than what Saudi Arabia or Jordan have done for us.

    “Bundy Bundy Bundy” Here it is fakename, just for you. “Before its news” posted two videos of Cliven Bundy. One is the original, and the other is the edited New York Times version. I am tired of Mr. Bundy, but I did this all for you. What a swell guy I am.

  357. The more I dig through available material on Benghazi the more I find myself banging my head up against a wall.
    There are a lot of things that are fucked up about this whole incident and sadly how the Judicial Watch release has served to be chum in shark infested waters is rushing into the top spot.

  358. Israel built thousands of new settler homes during the recently ended peace talks. I believe they are on land occupied by Israel. Israel has sovereign control.

    Hitler and now Putin take land belonging to other countries.

    Is that what Alfie meant?

  359. What is the big mystery about blaming the video?

    Why don’t we step back and answer another question first. Do you all believe that the Cairo protest had anything to do with the video? How about simultaneous protests in other Islamic countries? Was that a lie?

    I’ll wait for your answer.

  360. Huck are you really comparing the planned capture/killing of the single most person identified with 9/11 to an unexpected assault on an embassy? It really puzzles you why POTUS was in Sit room for one and not the other?

    Damn you are one of the most level headed here but your disdain for Obama makes you say some odd shit.

  361. @443 because Oslo doesn’t freeze settlements,is essentially not in play anyway and that the settlements are Israeli holdings.

  362. “FN won’t follow. So. . . anybody have a clue what this means?”

    She was taking your criticism of her suggestion that we stay on topic as humorous. I believe she was taking an opportunity to laugh at herself a bit. It’s called being self-effacing, a concept with which you may be unfamiliar.

  363. “It is still better than what Saudi Arabia or Jordan have done for us.”

    Troops stationed in Jordan for years and multiple bases in Saudi Arabia are worth less than a US plane Israel improved for its own uses?

    Now I’m sure we can continue this debate for a long time, James…which really only serves to prove my initial point….that your statement was “debatable”…but I think you’re really stretching things with this last comment, my friend. 🙂

  364. I know, Rutherford. It’s why I wrote something about Bundy and joked that I am a swell guy.

    “No” is a big word. I think the CIA played little part in the video story. It was a political calculation.

    Again, “anything” is a big word. Little is better. Most people never saw the video, though some heard of it. I think the demonstrations and riots had little to do with the video. There was at least one small demonstration with anti- video signs, but it could have been a plant to hide the true purpose of the riots.

    Huck is not writing anything odd. He is right on.

  365. Huck, you should watch that video I suggested. It might interest your students if you teach history or current events,.

  366. Rutherford hereby killing any reason to complete my own post on the issue I’ll answer your questions for you.

    R:What is the big mystery about blaming the video?
    A: The mystery lies within the oversimplification bordering on mystical.

    R:Do you all believe that the Cairo protest had anything to do with the video? How about simultaneous protests in other Islamic countries? Was that a lie?

    A: Its a known fact that the CAIRO protests were coming no matter what. In fact there was a planned protest that had a focus on prisoners held by the USA which firmed up by August. The protest we all ended up seeing was a different one that was planned by a firebrand douchebag who has access to a TV station. He wanted a more fundamentalist protest to happen and when he got a peek at Innocence of Muslims when it was finally dubbed into Arabic in September he had the match for his powder keg. He spliced a couple of minutes the video and let it rip. So the video wasn’t really the cause,it was a tool used by folks that had an agenda. This is true elsewhere but not Benghazi. thats the truth.

    R:I’ll ask another question. Does everyone here really believe the CIA had NO part in crafting Susan Rice’s talking points?
    A: The CIA,FBI and a handful of other alphabets did not have a hand in crafting Susan Rice talking points at least not literally. The various entities were like eels in a barrel squirming around trying to assert their goals,a majority of these goals were not malicious by any means.Others show a questionable level of judgment to say the least. Rice was then provided crafted points based on what was deemed releasable for public consumption.That the video played prominently in her tour of telly is a. a lie b. falsely applied point,i.e. Cairo +video=yes sort of (see above) c. I have no idea what the fuck Im talking about but we’re on it

  367. “I believe they are on land occupied by Israel.”

    Wouldn’t that make the West Bank an “occupied territory”? Israel disputes that term.

    “Is that what Alfie meant?”

    Yes, that is what he meant. My point was that, since Oslo, Israel essentially agreed to recognize the PLO as the administrators of the West Bank. That implies a bit of sovereignty, in itself. And I think we would all agree that its kind of difficult to admin something that is being “occupied” by someone else.

    “Do you all believe that the Cairo protest had anything to do with the video?”

    That is up for debate, as well.

    “The protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was announced Aug. 30 by Jamaa Islamiya, a State Department-designated terrorist group, to protest the ongoing imprisonment of its spiritual leader, Sheikh Omar abdel Rahman[…]

    When the video started circulating, Nader Bakkar, the spokesman for the Egyptian Salafist Noor party, which holds about 25% of the seats in parliament, called on people to go to the embassy. He also called on non-Islamist soccer hooligans, known as Ultras, to join the protest.
    A U.S. official, speaking to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the situation publicly, said the Obama administration is investigating whether the assault on the U.S. consulate in Libya was planned to mark the anniversary of 9/11.”

    If we take this story at its word, it seems the video was used to ADD to a protest that was already planned in Cairo. So “anything to do with”…perhaps. The catalyst for, as Obama would like us to believe…perhaps not.

  368. “Huck, you should watch that video I suggested.”

    James, there has been a flurry of comment activity here today. I’m afraid I missed that one. Can you give me a title or link? Thanks.

  369. #448 R the thing is although hindsight is awesome the area was hot and had multiple incidents on record.
    James State was running security not DoD and the lower cost lower footprint thing is what caused the security fail. Some will call it CYA others conspiracy but read States ARB where they set the groundwork of why Lamb was doored

  370. “Does everyone here really believe the CIA had NO part in crafting Susan Rice’s talking points?”

    And so what if they did? Susan Rice was not a spokesman for the CIA. She was a representative of President Barack Obama. Everyone knew that. It was the same as him saying it.

    Which he went on to do, multiple times.

    Now here’s a question for you, Rutherford.

    Do you believe that the president is in charge of the CIA? I mean…he only appoints its directors.

  371. You kinda stepped in it there Tex. Gates basically says Benghazi scandal is a nothing burger. Or to be more precise, he says only armchair generals think we could have intervened to save Stevens. He says it’s a fantasy.

    But his Generals tend to disagree now, don’t they? Worse, the military didn’t even try when they clearly wanted to intervene. Lying by a President which has clearly happened in Libya for political expediency is never justified, Rutherford. Nixon was impeached for it. Forty years later, you want to excuse it as four people lay dead.

    But in your own personal weakness of enabling and defending the clear dysfunction of Obama’s entire administration to cover your poor judgment as you sold your soul for this charlatan and still do albeit ever so lightly, you missed something bigger Rutherford. My point.

    What opinion Gates has of this or that, whether in agreement with Obama who he harshly criticized about Afghanistan, or Benghazi a nothing burger (your words, not his), my point was this…

    Obama is not just a failure. He’s a sham. He’s a community activist but no leader. Obama’s failures are not his biggest personal weakness – just the end product of his incompetence. Gates, whether I agreed with him or not, never left me with the impression that he was a self-absorbed liar and fool. Obama does.

    Obama isn’t just unqualified to be President. He’s a malignant narcissist so taken with himself, he often refers to miserable failure as successes. The economy, Obamacare, the post racial President, working hard for the middle class, America’s failed foreign policy. All are a debacle that you want to excuse as still a work in progress.

    There is no objectivity with Obama, much like you. Not only has Obama failed and you have been demonstrated as wrong, but your are so afraid to admit your mistakes in the attempt to cover for Obama’s collapse, you can’t even bring yourself to admit all your 2008 predictions of his greatness now lay in tatters.

    The best you can do is Obama the “mediocre” President – your words, not mine.

    I think not. Look around. Even with a corrupt media as cover trying to deflect the collapsing Presidency, Obama can no longer hide the truth. You did your part to usher in this sordid era. Worse, you did it twice, signifying to me you’re not a man that learns from his own mistakes or man enough to admit you were wrong.

    It makes me believe truth be known, you still want to scream…

    “It’s George Bush’s fault!” And if the audience more favorable, I don’t believe you would hesitate to do so.

  372. “She was taking your criticism of her suggestion that we stay on topic as humorous. I believe she was taking an opportunity to laugh at herself a bit. It’s called being self-effacing, a concept with which you may be unfamiliar.”

    It’s called you being an imbecile, a concept with which you are most familiar.

    I said nothing about her dumb fucking suggestion, you Big Dummy.

    Still a nothing burger? Can’t tear yourself away from MSNBC, can you?

  373. Huck, I had too much fun here yesterday, partly because of you.

    The video begins with the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and continues to Obama’s first meeting in the Middle East. One picture shows Churchill on a camel.

    I found it through The Dandy Warhols-Sleep-2000-Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia rayoflightcanada YouTube.

    If that doesn’t work, rayoflightcanada YouTube should do it,. Click on videos, and you ought to find it in the third row,

    These videos turn the Ukrainians into more than abstract news stories.
    I typed Ukrainian One Direction Fan Videos and found the more detailed link.
    One Direction Ukrainian Fan Video for 1D-) xx.flv Ukrainian teenaged girls made a video for One Direction.

    Ukrainian X Factor I will Always Love You

    Alfie, if you are referring to a charge that Republican fund cutting contributed to the attacks, a Democrat later admitted that wasn’t true.

  374. @ James no I am not referring to that I was referring to the reality that internationally State has a policy regards the DSS and it relies heavily on small footprint model and local assets.
    I said this since you brought up AFRICOM which has no say in the matter.

  375. “You’re mongering an academic redefinition, one formed through circular reasoning at that.”

    I bet a thousand bucks Rutherford learned this campus drivel within the last 6 or 7 years.

    He thinks he’s being educated spewing such nonsense that so clearly falls to pieces the minute it is applied to the real world.

    Always, always, always remember, we are dealing with a gold fish here.

    Hell….apply his dumb ass theory to post imperial Africa and its D.O.A.

    That being said, giving this secluded Mommy’s boy the satisfaction of more “campus beard stroking” does more harm then good. Talking it out ain’t the answer.

    Sadly, letting him wallow in stuffy apartment stank answering phones is exactly what his type deserves. I pray his daughter isn’t infected with Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford’s world view because it ALWAYS leads to loserville. Always. (Unless you find a way to make it a commodity in of itself…community organizer/public schools/professor/Al Sharpton style.)

    Power systems are pointless when they are applied via vast generic swipes, you dolt.

    Power is localized. Always. Just put me in the same room with multi millionaire Harry Reid to find this out. I will go “black” on his ass, yo!

    We all like Rutherford. I know I do.

    But damn he is a loser. A real life self made fucking loser.

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