Time for a Reset

I’ve had a longer post in mind that I just haven’t been able to focus enough to commit to paper.

For the time being, let me say this. I’ve been famous for making prescriptions for what ails Republicans. I attended a professional webinar two days ago where I was reminded “you can’t change other people’s behavior, you can only change yourself.” In that spirit, what can I prescribe to cure what ails liberals?

Whether or not you find it sincere, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal have all called for Republicans to reconsider their tactics in achieving their strategic goals. It’s called introspection.

I’ve noticed lately that the one thing liberals lack is introspection. There is a self-righteous belief in their moral superiority. It’s assumed. It’s ironic because that is the very thing we accuse of Republicans. I’ve watched MSNBC morph from a liberal biased network that tried to be fair to the bizarro-world twin of Fox News.

In a mid-term election year where Democrats stand to get an ass-whupping their strategy is still how evil Republicans are. Where is the introspection? Where is the effort to find ways to be more effective?

Over the next few posts I’m going to try some political introspection. The posts will be less frequent. Introspection is hard.


418 thoughts on “Time for a Reset

  1. I think liberal introspection is a lost cause. Those people think conservatives and Republicans are evil as you wrote. I learned that by associating with the other site.

    They have no redeeming value because they won’t believe the truth even if it is set before them. They are a microcosm of a large portion of the modern Democratic party. They may dimly understand defeat. If Republicans drub them in the next election, Democrats may then engage in self examination much as a drug addict who hits rock bottom and has no other choice,

    Republicans would probably be no better if they were in the Democrats’ position.

    I respect your opinion and look forward to your comments.,

    Meanwhile, Kerry has given Russia until Monday to compromise on Ukraine Belerus is asking for help if NATO attacks. Poland, a member of NATO may ask for help, and Ukraine already has. Angela Merkle mutters about an expansion of a local dispute into a cold war. Tartars in Crimea don’t want to join Russia and are organizing self-defense squads.

    A need for introspection may not be our most immediate problem,.

  2. I’ve watched MSNBC morph from a liberal biased network that tried to be fair to the bizarro-world twin of Fox News.


    You’ve got a long way to go to even get to the beginnings of introspection…You’re a puppet for lib propaganda and I’m not convinced you can be anything but a puppet. You’re a gifted writer but lack critical thinking.

    The Democratic Party is immoral. You can win elections with lies, innuendo, scare tactics, and free stuff. You’re assisted by a thoroughly corrupt media and a woefully biased higher ed that has been taken over by titles instead of talent. That leaves Republicans with very little room for error.

    But you Democrats can’t run a country. And it shows…

    Barack Obama is no mediocre President as you often suggest to save face – none of us have forgotten your boyhood crush on this sham. If you’re not embarrassed, you should be. That would give me a degree of confidence you’re capable of introspection. But I will give you credit at least you’ve stuck by your guns. Most of your leftist friends here are no longer to be found – too gutless to take the heat.

    Barack Obama is a joke and marginal community activist.

    At the very time we need a strong leader, we’ve got a George Soros lackey and a malignant narcissist – much too shallow to realize how ill prepared he is for the task – frankly ignorant. Dark days are soon ahead. I guarantee it.

    And I will equally guarantee you will blame it all on your political foes when that day arrives.

  3. If you just turned off MSNBC and thought for yourself. You even follow its lead in claiming a need for introspection. I am watching the “introspection” on that stupid channel right now. WTF?

    James’ drug addict analogy is exactly right.

  4. Rutherford: “Introspection is hard. ”

    “It is. But not as hard as farce.” — Edmund Gwenn (1875—1959), British actor. On his deathbed, in reply to the comment ‘It must be very hard’.

    Au contraire, mon ami. Farce is easy. If you don’t believe it, just look around you. You have opened yourself, confessed uncertainty, suggested that there might be things you haven’t considered, and are met with what?

    “About time you wised up, Sucker!”

    Jesus, Mate, give me a break. It’s about time a lot of people wised up, and I’d say, Rutherford needs it the LEAST. He’s right: both sides need to take a good, long look in the mirror, and some need to put the mirror between their legs, so they can see their head up their arses. I’ve never seen such blindness. Both of your parties are dragging your country into hell, as fast as the locomotive will pull.

  5. Pfarker your rants are perfect irony.

    Admitting problems with hos party now is not “opening himself up.” It’s an admission of the obvious.

    You on the other hand. . . 🙄

  6. As the world opens and good ideas become impossible to suppress, real tort reform finally begins in the US.


    The world thinks you have lost your minds; but as businesses, increasingly mobile, flee to more business-friendly environments, finally someone has the cojones (or is it desperation) to take on the US trial lawyers’ lobby. It had to come. You’re only 150 years behind the rest of the world.

    James, I came across as a bit harsh in the previous post; know that you are considered by all to be a gentleman, even though we may disagree.

  7. Thanks for mentioning it, Parker. I have my moments, but I try to treat people as I want to be treated. The now departed Newt or No Newt, (NOP of the fat grannies) was the definition of harsh before she apologized to me .

    We may disagree, but it is nothing personal, and now, we will agree.

    Sorry to keep harping on Ukraine, Parker, but “As the world opens and good ideas become impossible to suppress…” fits, and I agree with you. During the Soviet era a train route crossed the Polish and Ukrainian borders. Ukrainians saw how much better their neighbors were living than they, so the Soviets covered the train windows. They also tried to block western radio and television for the same reasons.

    Now, the Democrats, in spite of the help news organizations are giving them, are learning the lesson a train taught the Soviets. Information cannot be hidden forever.

  8. One more bit of introspection is the Democrat’s apparent theft of votes under the guise of protecting minority voters. The American Thinker reported that WBBH TV in Ft. Meyers, Florida documented more than 100 people registered to vote in two counties were proven to be ineligible. A Naples woman voted six times in eleven years though she is not a US citizen.

    Governor Rick Scot launched a program to purge ineligible voters, but the Justice Department sued claiming the action discriminates against (Democratic) minority voters.

  9. “Tigre if I said the sky was blue you’d say I got it from MSNBC. That got old years ago. You need a new schtick.”

    The problem is, I am not wrong. When you stop parroting MSNBC, the schtick will end. I promise. I was watching this morning and lo and behold your post takes a nearly identical track. It sure looks to me like James and Tex got you pretty well nailed down in their opening comments.

    In any event, I look forward to your introspection. I hate that you seem to be referring again to campaigning rather than policy or governance (i.e. election cheerleading). THAT schtick is getting old.

  10. And, coming from a guy that called for a dictator a few weeks back and accused me of not getting global warming because I commented on the effect of the snow in Atlanta, I really don’t think you’re capable of introspection.

    Now go turn off that MSNBC. It’ll be okay.

  11. “Tigre if I said the sky was blue you’d say I got it from MSNBC. That got old years ago. You need a new schtick.”

    I don’t think you quite have the hang of this self-examination thing yet.

    Huck @ #11 – oh, yer no fun. 😉

  12. In the spirit of looking at left wing introspection perhaps they could start with this…

    “tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of work.”

    If you find this offensive and deem it necessary for the speaker of these words to have a conference with you (the “offended” party) you pretty much need to look inside and figure out what kind of asshole you are.

  13. Tigre as for the reference to campaigning that you inferred, whether you like it or not we have major elections in this country every two years. Elections and campaigning are, or should be, a war of ideas. Part of winning the war is knowing how to sell those ideas. It is also a fight for swing voters. However shallow the effort might be I tip my hat to Paul, Christie and Jindal (and to a lesser extent Priebus) for thinking about their message. How do you sell conservatism to swing voters?

    I don’t see Democrats thinking that way. I see Democrats looking at anyone who doesn’t get their message as either evil or stupid or both. Hell, I’ve done it.

    It’s already established that you are not in the “outreach” camp. You and Tex and Rabbit have already said “fuck liberals and the fence straddlers too.”

    What I’d like to do for at least the immediate future is challenge the way liberals talk about their ideas and in some cases how those ideas can be dead wrong.

    We are reaching a tipping point where an increasing number of folks are getting tired of paying the price it takes to make the world liberals envision. If libs don’t start seeing things a bit differently they will end up losing what gains they have made.

    More to come in my next post.

  14. Alfie I’ll be addressing a related point in my next post. I just have to write the damn thing.

    I must confess my friends that my spirits have been particularly low the past couple of months. Motivation has been hard to come by.

  15. Not to wish you ill but I would love to see some of the former thread folks return. I’d love to see their response to your efforts. I daresay what you’ve hinted at would earn you a screed of “blasphemer”! & “heretic”!

  16. 19, I agree with your comments, Rutherford and think you are doing something brave and honorable to examine your core beliefs and perhaps alter some.

    I feel bad that your spirits have been down. I wish we could help.

    That is unless the political situation has laid you low. For that, you deserve a clinical depression and abiding guilt for helping vote this group into office,.

    Here is another ad nauseam reference to Ukraine. Russia shot down one of our drones. and we have little to counter except an empty deadline on Monday. (At least, I hope they don’t plan to invade Russia.) Obama, Kerry, and company probably realize they are weaklings compared to Putin. Their re- set ended most of the sanctions Bush imposed after Russia’s invasion of Georgia. Let’s hope they don’t engage in false macho reactions to the shirtless one’s expressed strength.

    One simple long-term message would be to increase natural gas production to compete with Russia’s. It would send a message as the Berlin Airlift once did.

    I think we are in serious if not grave danger of watching the beginning of a conflict which will kill people. I don’t have much confidence in our administration’s ending this without Putin’s approval.

    I look forward to your thoughts on our foreign policy and how you would change it.

  17. I would also like to see some of the former thread folks return. Its possible they have second thoughts about current events and are too stunned to engage with us. I think you are better than they because you are still here.

    Dedicated to you: “I’ve seen the ashes in my heart
    I smile the widest
    when I cry inside and
    my insides blow apart
    I try to wear another face
    Just to make you proud
    Just to put me in my place
    But everything you wanted
    is everything I could never be
    the cities grow
    the rivers flow
    Where you are I’ll never know
    But I’m still here.”

    Vertical Horizon

    The last man standing.

  18. Rutherford, don’t invest so much of yourself in any politician. They’re all liars. All of them. And as such, they will all eventually disappoint when it comes time to put their money where their mouths are.

    All of them.

  19. Logistically the USA LNG production can’t seriously contend with the pipelines of Eurasia,those that exist and are coming on line in the near future.
    US FP is in the toilet that is for sure. I hope someone dials into some of the potential that is rising. I’m pessimistic.
    I think we can be assured that new sanctions will be enacted and that alliances on both sides pursued. Hopefully this results in some kind of mutual face saving diplomacy ala Syria.
    Bottom line Crimea is gone and the Ukrainian people lose. What will have to happen now is that all sides play out the roles of the fallout.
    The three outlier players in this drama for me are:
    Turkey: I just have a thing for them. geo-strategically they represent the biggest f@#k you to the Black Sea Fleet and Russian military saber rattling though.
    Iran: Yeah we hate them and to a degree stupidly so but they do in fact have some of their better ships in the Caspian secondary to less than friendly feelings of Russian ambitions.
    China: lauded by many pundits its hard to tell where they will stand the firmest. No doubt though they have interests on both sides of the argument and will get involved.

  20. The old crowd will never reappear here because they know the drubbing they will take and they won’t want to deal with it. They know they cannot defend their past decisions or their ideologies. All of which are proving in the real world to be complete failure. And they aren’t willing to engage in the introspective process that Rutherford, at least at this moment, seems to be interested in.

  21. @ James not to beat the dead horse either but….re the BM the UN Security Council will be holding a vote soon regards Crimea. As I understand it the resolution which obviously will be vetoed by Russia is worded in a way to reiterate the BM and coax China into voting yea. Of interest Lithuania is one of the other members this term. Be interesting to see how they vote.

  22. Rutherford, if your spirits are low because of the fact your political party and ideology sucks then you deserve to feel punched in the gut.

    Not because you are wrong as fuck about it all. Who gives a fuck. I’ve been ripped off every way imaginable myself. I fell for 3 card monte. I’ve never even met someone that stupid to fall for that. At least you got ripped off by a smooth talking lawyer and a community organizer. I got ripped off by the most obvious thugs on a bus in Norfolk. What does that make me?

    Hell, this is why we are fathers. Our ultimate job is to somehow teach our sons and daughters not to make our same embarrassing, fucktard mistakes in life without them losing respect for us or themselves.

    Remember, when it comes to this temporary domain, its the success of your tribe while still being a moral people. Think about what you really care about at the end of the day: Your blood. The Old Testament is more relevant then people give it credit. And can ring true for even you.

    You deserve your low spirits because you put so much “faith” in such a thing. Faith, according to you, is utilized only by the ignorant and weak. Wtf, man?

    We might both be rubes, but compare your faith to mine. Mine is infinity cubed times more bad ass. Your saints wear pant suites for shit’s sake.

    If your spirits are low because life is busting your balls in real life…..stay strong brother. You are a warrior and have been since day one.

    As for your Retrospection®, go big or go home.

  23. Does anyone think there is a 5% chance or more that Putin pushes his chips all in and takes over every European land where Russian is uttered?

    Man, the world is becoming unstable. WW3 doesn’t seem that outrageous this century. What that means I’m afraid to ponder too much.

    I’ve never seen so wrong of a President in my life. In the case of Russia, this exact scenario was articulated perfectly by Obama’s opponents during both campaigns. Either Sara Palin is a magical soothsayer or Obama is very, very, wrong about how he thinks this world is.

    This is a terribly dangerous situation.

  24. Alfie the former lib denizens are gone for good I suspect. Libs like circle jerks as much or more than conservatives, hence Fat Grannies.

    It often amuses me that I host a circle jerk where I am virtually the lone dissenting voice. But I will say this cj is not as robotic as FG. At least you guys differ in opinion on occasion.

  25. R @19, I don’t know what the “outreach” camp is or what “outreach” means to you. I do look forward to your Retrospection, but when you talk about “messaging” as equivalent to a “battle of ideas” you are mistaken.

    We have endured 6 years of an administration and political machine that has focused its energies on demonizing its political opponents while engaging on the very conduct of which they complain and then some.

    I’d like to hear about the ideas rather than the “messaging.” Your problems rest with the product not the advertising.

  26. LOL James my low spirits are entirely personal. I don’t spend much time worrying about things I can’t control. It’s what I should be able to control, and can’t, that pisses me off.

    But of course I can control my vote, so on that score I willingly accept your scorn. 😉

  27. Huck I agree with your sentiments about pols completely.

    Was public service ever really noble? Or did we buy the big lie when we were younger and now realize we were hoodwinked?

  28. Well since introspection is kinda personal and boring for those not taking part, I hope Rutherford doesn’t mind if I make a comment sure to hijack this thread.

    This Malaysian Airlines thing is getting weird…and kinda scary.

    It’s looking more and more like the plane was hijacked. It seems that radar evidence they are compiling shows it took some strange altitude chances and a strange direction…heading either south toward the nothingness of the Indian Ocean, or north toward the Bay of Bengal. For those that might be geography challenged, here is a map of where taking that northern route will get you. It’s also looking like its communications and tracking systems might have been intentionally turned off.

    I don’t remember where I read it, or who had said it…and it’s not really the kind of thing I am comfortable with Google researching, if you know what I mean…but I recently read about someone speculating that maybe the plane was hijacked (this was even before evidence was leading that way) and landed somewhere. His speculation went even further, pointing out that a stolen jetliner could be used as a bomb delivery system. Perhaps even for a nuclear device by some place that doesn’t have very good missiles.

    Now go look at that map link again.

    I’m not trying to fear monger or make any predictions. But I don’t like this….at all. Since I figure the people on the plane are dead either way, I’d just as soon they find the wreckage of this thing…and soon. This is some shit the world doesn’t need right now.

  29. Yeah?

    Well it was well played…

    A Malaysian official says investigators there have concluded the missing Malaysia Airlines jet was hijacked and steered off course, the Associated Press reported late Friday.

  30. What I’d like to do for at least the immediate future is challenge the way liberals talk about their ideas and in some cases how those ideas can be dead wrong. — R

    We’ve been trying to get you to do this for YEARS….


    We have consistently challenged you to defend your ideas, or at least the ideas you parrot, and you have constantly refused.

    I refuse to believe that you actually want to do this until I see you actually do it.

  31. You’re welcome, Rutherford. I hope you feel better.

    No, logistically, attempting to replace Russia’s with our natural gas is as impossible as fighting the Berlin blockade. It is more symbolic than anything. In time, it would earn money for us and provide competition against the Russians. Russia could no longer threaten to cut energy supplies as it has done, especially to Ukraine. Right now, we don’t have much more than symbols.

    Part of this is our fault. We gave Russia the back of our hand as we did our later WW11 enemies after WW1. We expanded NATO virtually to Russia’s borders in former Russian dependencies and territory.

    Putin is behaving like a paranoid feeling the West wants to destroy him. He now thinks our resolve is too weak to stop him. We should do a little introspection about how we treat our fallen enemies.

    A talk show host interviewed a Lithuanian professor last night. Lithuania is beginning to feel beseiged. Russia has the right to transport troops across their country, and two other neighboring countries are Russian allies. Yes, it will be interesting to see how Lithuania votes.

    A caller to an Omaha talk show suggested that a small ethnic group in northwest China may behind the possible hijacking. They have already committed acts of terrorism against the Chinese. That sounds as credible as any other explanation, though it is fanciful.

  32. The Daily Caller: “These 9 hot Ukrainians are worth fighting a war over.” Travelers Digest ranks Kiev as home of the world’s most beautiful women.

  33. That pun was absolutely not intended, BTW.

    Well, it may not have been intended. But it made me laugh anyway. 😈

    My sentiments exactly, Huck. Pfesser would be better pertaining to this than me, but in listening to the news last night, this sounded like something out of a Tom Clancy novel. This doesn’t read like a bunch of Allahu Akbar types that hijacked this – at least not the 9/11 Allhu Akbar. They’ve either educated themselves well over the last 13 years, or somebody more sophisticated had a hand in this.

    For one, I understand there are numerous ways that a commercial plane stays in communication, the pilot transponder being the best known and the one that is turned off upon landing by the pilot.

    But if I understood correctly, there is also some type of communications device buried in the belly of the beast that someone had to go through a series of steps to stop transmission while in flight – which means they had to have a working knowledge of the engineering.

    And since this plane is perfectly capable of crossing oceans, the first thing that went through my mind is the coasts of the United States being targeted with a large nuclear device.

    My biggest question is, “how do you hide a 650,000lbs jet?”

  34. “I am curious where you think it could have gone in the neighborhood that makes you leery?”

    Basically…anywhere it wasn’t supposed to.

  35. “The Daily Caller: “These 9 hot Ukrainians are worth fighting a war over.” Travelers Digest ranks Kiev as home of the world’s most beautiful women.”

    A comment like this DEMANDS an accompanying link.

    Just sayin’…

  36. Rabbit, the professor mentioned Belarus and Baltic Russia which I didn’t know existed. It is a territory on the southwest border of Lithuania. He said Lithuanians feel threatened from two directions with Russia not far away. The Baltic states are of course, NATO members and on paper at least, we are obliged to help if they in some way are attacked. Poland has already said it would ask for NATO’s help.

    Last week, Russian suspended food imports through the port of Klaipeda. On Thursday, Russia sent six jet fighters and three military transport planes to Belarus. The US increased the number of jets guarding Baltic air space.

    The professor said Russians are trying to instigate anti Russian violence in eastern Ukraine so they can invade under the pretext of protecting Russian citizens.

    Maybe these signs are mere posturing, but I understand why those people are getting jumpy.

  37. Huck : The Daily Caller “Those 9 hot Ukrainians are worth fighting a war over (SLIDESHOW)


    Some parts of Ukraine have a shortage of men. Odessa has a thriving marriage market.

  38. The comments are as interesting as the top nine pictures. I checked YouTube.The singers have good voices.

    Mila Kunis of
    “That Seventies Show” said her family migrated to the US because of anti- sematicsm.

  39. James, yeah….. Kaliningrad…ethically cleansed north eastern Prussia.

    Old home of the Tuetonic crusader knights. I read on Wikipedia that it was supposed to be part of Lithuania after the war but the Lithuanian Communist Party threw a shit fit because of how damaged the area was from bombing. Smart thing, as this would created a Ukraine/Georgia situation in Lithuania giving the Russian pigs reason to invade.

    An odd thing. While we were blowing our wad on the Marshal Plan the USSR was playing hot potatoes with areas that were wrecked, often times trying to ditch the disaster areas on the non Russian states in the union.

    Russia will never let that exclave go. Its the only warm water Baltic port it has and is an economic jewel.

  40. Alfie…I guess the main motivation for my concern as that if it was, in fact, a hijacking, what was/is the motivation and the end game?

    Why take over a plane and fly it into the ocean but not tell the world who you are or your motivation? Or even let the world know where it went down? Or if it went down? Those actions inspire question and wonder…they don’t inspire terror.

    Even if it were the pilots or just 1 of them…these same questions apply. If the goal wasn’t to take the plane and keep it…then what was the goal? (That’s sort of rhetorical but it’s the question I keep pondering)

  41. “Last week, Russian suspended food imports through the port of Klaipeda. On Thursday, Russia sent six jet fighters and three military transport planes to Belarus. The US increased the number of jets guarding Baltic air space.”

    You must be mistaken, James. These are Cold War tactics, and, in case you haven’t heard…the Cold War is over and Obama returned these tactics back to the 1980’s when they called and asked for them back.


  42. Just saw a headline that Russian troops have seized a power plant beyond the border of Crimea.

    Regardless of what you think of Obama, seems to me Putin is buying himself trouble he doesn’t need.

  43. There are precedents for many things on the worlds mind regards the Malaysia Air flight.
    I find the “up to 7 hours” thing unreliable,I would love to know how plausible this is but have not heard the Malays state that the plane was fully fueled.The flight to Beijing would not have required the plane to be fully fueled. Planes tend not to fly full but very measured. Unprofessional hijackers don’t tend to realize this,see Ethiopian Air incident 1994.

    Within the NNW flight path with a focus on the various ‘stan’s (Uzbek,Kryz,Kaz & Taj) there are 110 paved runways capable of landing a 777.(yeah I’m that big a wonk lol source CIA) I just don’t see a large plane without a transponder getting over India and Pakistan,think USS Vincennes and KAL vs Russian MiG in the 80’s.

    There have been two solid cases of pilot suicide both in the 90’s. Seems like a shitty way to do it but again there is precedent but supposedly this pilot has been “cleared”
    Gulf of Thailand is shallow compared to other waters ergo lack of debris pushes curiosity. This is in contrast to the Rio to Paris flight (TWA?) that splashed in the deep Atlantic. Two years to find the boxes.
    I will say this though I doubt piracy since the Chinese are not payers. As for hiding a 777 in the Indian Ocean region for future use I’m not feeling it either. Im going with pressurization failure,pilot blackout long glide crash scenario with Indian Ocean sharks catching a feast.

  44. Putin is pushing the limits for sure but I think he’s cagey enough to know how to spin a win.I don’t think Vlad really wants to unleash furor.
    UN vote btw= Russia veto,China abstained everyone else yea.

  45. “still go with splash”

    If I were betting money, that’s where I’d go, too.

    But I think the questions are very concerning.

    Any conspiracy theories being floated, PM? (OK, that pun was sort of intentional)

  46. “Ok I see where it has been stated plane had 8 hours worth of fuel. Seems odd”

    First stating what seems like the obvious–that the distance and weight would dictate the fuel amount–what person actually says how much fuel to put in the plane?

    Is that the pilot?

  47. I wouldn’t expect Russia to let their warm water port enclave go either. Nor do I think Putin will bite of more than he thinks he can chew. He will bluff to get what he wants because he thinks the West is weaker than he is.

    I worry that Obama to prove his resolve will over- react and back both sides into a corner. Eastern Europeans are rightfully nervous. These standoffs have happened before.

    Mormons accused an Indian of killing one of their cows, and they brought charges. A squad of troops visited the Indians and demanded that the killer return with them to the fort. Emotions were raw. The chief proposed that the tribe repay the Mormons with horses and other gifts, but the lieutenant had his orders.

    Neither leader wanted trouble, but the soldier had to obey his orders, and the chief’s followers were in no mood to compromise. Circumstances had trapped both leaders into what amounted to a prison neither could escape.

    A rifle fired, maybe by accident, and the battle which followed left the entire US Army squad dead. The last phase of the plains Indian wars had begun.

    Yes, Huck, this surely can’t happen. It is so 19th century.

    One would think that the best explanation for the plane is as Alfie wrote an unconscious crew and passengers similar to the golfer who’s plane crashed in South Dakota. I may have seen the plane flying over our farm that afternoon, though it was probably another airplane.
    . Otherwise, someone would be taking credit. The plane is likely at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. But what if it isn’t? This would make a good movie.

  48. Looking at Huck’s map, there is a heck of a radius that thing could have landed. And looking at the path there seemed to be some debate leading me to believe a long flight if it were hijacked, with an ensuing debate about range.

    If that is the case, and that sheer speculation, a few countries stood out – one Pakistan.

  49. @ Rutherford I think they are doing that because of the knowledge base as it were for disarming both systems.Unless the Malays are dogging yet another factoid.
    @ Tex I get you but the Pakistanis hate India so much a radar blip coming towards them without a transponder would cause a scramble I’d think.
    @ Huck Pilots sorta airline definitely its really about weight and safety you pick an amount that plays out for distance and weather add a safety cushion for delays etc and go. Supposedly saves money over the long run. Its why the Ethiopian jet went down. hijackers did their homework about fully loaded 767’s and wouldn’t believe the pilot explaining how they fueled for a multi-leg journey.
    And not for nothing I saw a piece highlighting 7 fabulous conspiracies on the issue.

  50. “What is odd to me is I’m seeing so called experts pointing fingers at the crew and not the passengers. I don’t get that.”-R

    No? You don’t get it at all? Not even a tiny bit?

  51. This guy is a Muslim pilot with a flight simulator in his house. He’s the one that flew the plane that went missing. He starts off the video feeling the need to explain why he is posting. For online communities, I think he says.

    He’s an expert in the electronics of the plane and seems to enjoy being one. Mmmmmm. A Muslim, one who relishes his connections online. Stinkbeards are online. I bet they were a perfect fit for his midlife crisis.

    I’m not saying I’m right but common sense makes this guy a huge suspect.

  52. In a follow up to my #25 I was reading a Turkish paper that looked at Ankarra’s dependence on Russian fossils hamstringing Erdogan et al from being firmer against the anti-Tartar acts that is the Crimea crisis. Was interesting to see a connection that the region has. Turkey has been exploring Iranian deals for more LNG as well as being involved in the controversial and divisive resource explorations off Cyprus. Stop me if I’m boring you but it really is interesting stuff. Of further note Russia has tons of money in the Cypriot banking system.

  53. @ huck its funny you made that comment. I’ve been trying to get to NATO.int and it turns out they have reported cyber stuff denial of service or something. I can’t get on.

  54. Well Rabbit my thinking is that the crew is usually considered the innocent folks and we look to the passengers to find a hijacker.

    Is it possible a crew member broke bad or went bonkers? Of course. That’s just not the first place I’d look.

  55. Rutherford – So, getting back on topic: Given your recent navel-gazing, I would be interested in hearing your overall take on the American Left and Right. Nutcases, crazies? Good guys but misinformed? Which ideas of each make sense, and which are nonsense?

    Also, what do you think of the parties themselves? Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Tea Party. Where you think the most reasonable policy lies for America’s future?

    A bit of a tall order, I suspect, but if you can be pithy, maybe not un-doable in a single or several replies.

  56. My kid is wrestling at the regional tournament. These obviously draw from a wider area. For the first time they had enough kids for him to wrestle at his weight class (which ends up being about wrestling other 4 year instead of 6 or even 7 year olds more then anything). Inexplicably he weighs in .1 too much! Point 1! Kid has been working his but off three times a week 1 and half hours a go and gains a two pounds to weigh in at 37.1 pounds.

    What’s sick is I’m even talking about this. The fact I’m even contemplating a cutting for a 4 year old. Ha ha.

    Wrestling is a piece of work.

    I’ve remained a gentleman through out and not a nut case parent. But I’d be lying if I said the dark side isn’t strong with me.

    He just lost an epic match.

  57. 70, You don’t bore me alfie. Our education system reflects our settlement patterns which were predominately western European. I have picked up many things I didn’t learn in school and know we had better understand other parts of the world.

    I like your wrestling stories, rabbit. I liked to wrestle someone larger than I because it made me better. I’m not bragging. I was good.

    I read an article about the state of life in Libya after Obama and the Western Europeans killed Muammar Gaddafi. The country is falling apart as groups of militants carve out spheres of influence. Men fired anti-air craft weapons at protesters, including children, but the press remains quiet. The voters, press and the leaders who participated in the naive adventure have as much blood on their hands as Lady McBeth. They don’t have the self awareness to attempt to wash it off.

    The New York Times “Retirement The Science of Older and Wiser” by Phyllis Korkki March 12, 2014 is a good article for Rutherford and anyone else on an expedition of self-examination.

    It snowed a little last night. I plan to ski on some of it before the small batch melts and evaporates.

  58. Pools are flying off the shelves. I’ve been too busy to do much else.

    As far as the missing jet… Yeah, right. In this day of tracking and surveillance it is naive to think our overlords don’t know where the thing is. Hell, just about everyone on board had cell phones. I’d say the whole enchilada is a planned exercise.

    As far as fracking and earthquakes, the USGS has now officially gone on record and confirmed fracking IS cause for Oklahoma earthquakes. Kind of hard to deny when all these epicenters are happening within close proximity to injection wells and at the same wellbore depths. Flat earth folks scare the crap out of me.

  59. Snow, eh? Expecting highs in the mid to upper eighties here today. Had the house open all night to cool it.

    Bumper snow pea crop here, James. Plants over eight feet tall and still producing. The tomatoes are also kicking butt. Nothing beats homegrown. We’ve been getting some strawberries, too.

  60. Son of Bruce Willis, Poolman! We certainly live in different worlds.

    Everything under the snow is brown here.Red flag warnings face us every few days, and it has been so windy this winter that we will have to rake corn stalk leaves from our yard. The soil is frozen over 30 inches down, and the thin snow cover is still sparkling in the sun. Our temperature is 24 after a low of 17.

    I envy you your snow pea crop and the tomatoes and strawberries. I’m looking forward to our own. Our strawberries usually are ready from Memorial day to late June.

    DJ Smash-Moscow Never Sleeps posted by FairyFleur on YouTube has put our nine month old grand daughter to sleep three times.

    She still has a tiny head not quite shaped right, but she is smart and happy. She makes eye contact and smiles at people in restaurants, Sometimes, people come up to us to tell us what a cute baby she is. People have commented on her piercing blue eyes and red hair. A waiter, one of my wife’s former students stopped to visit. While we talked, our grand daughter took a small note book from his pocket.

    She has the run of the house, now, and she has a sense of humor. She plays “Up Down,” forward-backward, open- close- and in and out, because she understands the words. Our grand daughter also knows the meaning of “no.” She has learned to remove a door spring near the floor. She also tries to sing along with her favorite videos and she recognizes the print ahead of some. She squeals when she sees videos like Moscow Never Sleeps.

    We have disrupted our lives for our grand daughter, and so far, she is fine. Her ultimate future is still in doubt.Doctors aren’t sure why she is fine. Her grand mother is helping care for her now, so we have some time off.

  61. James – my local quack always says, treat the patient, not the X-ray. If she looks normal, acts normal plays normal, well, maybe she’s normal.

    Don’t know much about aeroplanes, except how to finance them. Probably take some flying lessons soon, though – fuel is reasonably cheap.

    If you chaps want an investment, I suggest you look at these guys:


    Aviators love the radial engine sound, and these fellows do it all with modern CNC machining. They are developing a good reputation, and (disclaimer) I have a small position in their stock. (Second disclaimer: I don’t do investment advise; do your own homework.)

    Along those lines, I just bought a small purse of bitcoin for investment purposes. Just tell the amateur in the White House to keep printing those bills!

  62. Well, looks like we have seen it all. The pilot is a radical moderate who happens to be Muslim.

    Radical moderate……does that make sense?

  63. We like your wrestling stories, Rabbit. I mean, what larger role and more important role do each of us play for civilization than being good parent? Shoot, as much as I’ve bragged on my two sunshines, I would be the last to criticize any parent here for talking about their kids.

    I read this morning that back to referring to Huck’s map, I wasn’t the only one that had Pakistan on my mind. Gulp. It’s a scary thought to think of a bunch of homicidal maniacs having a nuclear bomb with the ability to deliver it.

  64. Pfarker is your local quack Pfesser?

    37. PFesser | July 17, 2013 at 11:57 am
    There is a saying in the radiology business: treat the patient, not the x-ray.

  65. 124. parker | October 23, 2013 at 11:45 pm
    R – something has to happen to the conversation in this country. Honest to god, I don’t see how we are going to survive. I’m beginning to believe the average person is as dumb as owl shit.

    Now would that be this country? Or down under? Who is “we”, Dundee?

  66. He gets confused when he’s up posting at 3:00 am every morning before a long day of trading in airplane parts manufacturing companies.

    Gotta love a fake personae that still can’t help but try to brag about himself. 😆

  67. 391. PFesser | June 30, 2013 at 12:35 pm
    R – re: broadcast radio – have you considered amateur radio? It’s a real hoot; gives you an opportunity to learn some electronics and radio regulations. I’ve been Amateur Advanced since 1984. I don’t do it much any more, but you can find equipment on eBay pretty cheap. Quite fun to talk to Namibia and South Africa on a couple hundred watts.

    125. parker | January 5, 2014 at 10:24 am
    You have a ham license? Long distance balloon pilots, aircraft, etc use low powered HF (3-30 MHz) On toward the upper end of the band (American citizen’s band – 27 MHz) is very short range without big antennas and amplifiers and I assume you don’t want to be too conspicuous. Ham operators can talk around the world on a wire antenna and 75 Watts power. The know-how alone is worth the work in studying for a Ham license.

  68. Whoops. That link was a boo boo. I was looking for the It’s a Small World ride at Disneyland Austraila.

    Two of those samples are from this short thread alone, btw.

    Tigre @ #89 – you know as well as anyone that a deposition comes in really handy especially on cold cases when the pfuckers can’t remember what they said before.

  69. Thanks for the good words about our grand daughter, Parker. So far so good.

    I think I need another persona. How about Jamie McMurray, Jimmy Johnson, Pablo Montoya, or Danica Patrick?

  70. I’m cracking up over Pfarker for some reason.

    He killed Pfessor off and Pfarker was born. Not that he gives a shit about us nameless internet tools. He did slightly phelt pfoolish though. As much as one can online.

    Pfuck it. I’m willing to suspend reality.

  71. Put down your Fosters and bloomin’ onion, Pfarker. Nobody said you invented the cliché.

    Ah, those Aussie public schools. 😆

    Well, they do a hell of a job teaching US residential codes and measuring for home repair.

    Wanna have a spelling contest?

  72. Rutherford – you had wondered if I had an opinion about the missing Boeing aircraft. Not really, until just now.

    A neighbour’s kid and I were discussing it yesterday. He said, “If you think about it, only pussy and religion will always explain irrational behavior.


    Mut, though, only makes you kill Other People. Religious nuts are perfectly willing to kill themselves. Nothing else makes you THAT crazy.”

    Well said. So my one shot is: religious nut hijacker or hijackers.

  73. Atheist’s god: Timothy McVeigh…Pol Pot, Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu.

    Perfectly “sane” mass murderers. And since Hitler was a disciple of Nietzsche, chances pretty good we could add him to that list upon examination.

    That’s off the top of my head in the 20th century alone. I can name dozens of atheists (more…) to add to the list, if need be.

    What was you were saying about pussy and religion being the only ‘things’ making one irrational again?

  74. It’s a foolish argument anyway, because actions that may seem irrational to outsiders may, and probably do, seem perfectly rational to those engaging it them. Also, outsiders might not have all the information that is going into the choice being made.

    Is one who takes his life any less rational than one who gives his life? Is it not possible that the former sees himself as the latter?

    Private education…lol….

  75. “It’s a foolish argument anyway, because actions that may seem irrational to outsiders may, and probably do, seem perfectly rational to those engaging it them.”-Hucking

    You don’t think its some what possible to calculate the rationality of an act? Surely hitting on 17 in Black Jack is irrational if it’s known the player can’t count cards and has a goal of winning. Obviously that is a lame microcosm….

  76. “Timothy McVeigh…Pol Pot, Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu.”

    Pfessy knows that. He’s just wants to get someone’s goat.

  77. Well for starters I did qualify my statement with “may” which should have suggested that what I said wouldn’t hold in all situations, just as you qualified your statement with “if/and”.


  78. Really, the point was that PF wants to generalize and I was pointing out why he shouldn’t.

    I just used a different tactic than Tex did.

  79. Thank you Tex!

    “You and Occupy are the most skeptical bastards on here.”

    😆 Remember when Columbo cracked that case?

  80. Ive only seen two episodes of these death row stories on CNN but both have been about inmates that were exonerated. Typical lib stuff. The death penalty is wrong because you could put an innocent person to death.

    How about if you get it right? Is it ok then?

    If it is then are you really against the death penalty?

    Just some self-exam questions to ponder.

  81. I know, Rabbit. Pfesser baits because he’s bitter – and scared. It may seem contradictory, but it is common. He’ll never admit to the latter…

    What would be the most irrational act of the them all is to believe this way to the very end.

  82. 106 I agree Huck and rabbit..

    Consider this. While in the Air Force, I turned in some bad guys. As a result, I was a threat. It was perfectly rational to isolate me and frighten me into recanting my charges.Self preservation dictated that they had no other choice.

    Our officers who wanted to get rid of those guys believed the best way was to use me as bait so they would do something violent to me. Then, they could press heavier charges against the air men and put them in the stockade. They didn’t share their plans with me because they rightly feared I might refuse and write my Congressman.

    After I woke with a knife at my throat and they twisted my right hand into unnatural positions, i plotted murder. I rehearsed various scenarios, and assumed I would end up dead. I would take someone out with me first. I carried a knife and slept while holding it under my pillow. My thoughts were calm and deliberate with no discernable signs of insanity.

    Men who had previously wished someone would turn those guys in were afraid something would happen to them, or they newly thought they weren’t such bad men after all, and I shouldn’t have turned them in. I was a pariah. It was perfectly sensible reasoning on their part.

    A man attacked me. He was larger than I, but I used my wrestling skills to strangle him. I quit too soon, because he wasn’t dead yet. Ironically, charges were nearly brought against me.

    Each one of us operated rationally for the circumstances, because each faced the end of life as he knew it.During our duty times, we all worked together mostly as if nothing had happened. Eventually most of the men ended up in jail or with bad discharges.

    Outsiders would have seen this episode as mass insanity, but it wasn’t. We lived in a reality more accurate than what passes for morality and sanity in our comfortable environment today. For example, can you really defend our recent foreign and domestic policy combined with our voting patterns as the acts of sane people?

  83. I carried a knife instead of a pistol because I wanted to be sure I didn’t panic and fire the weapon too soon. i also wanted to let them attack me first to give me a self-defense protection in court.

    After this ended, everyone was suddenly friends again because life had supposedly returned to normal The change was striking.

    My officers considered my ability to get along with others as one of my strong suits. They stuck me with jerks who harassed others.and noted it on my efficiency reports. They made me look like a little tin god, and combined with my work ethic I became a staff sergeant E5 in three years. it was very unusual at the time.

    The man and his daughter who sizzled into ashes as their truck burned begged to be shot, but neither of us had the guts. Who was sane then? Rationality and insanity are hazy concepts.

  84. More than ten percent of Belgian’s residents are foreign nationals. The government now regards them as an unreasonable burden on the welfare system. Unemployed people, especially from Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, and Italy are getting letters telling them to leave within thirty days. The letter writing campaign has become so successful that other European countries are making inquiries.

    “Free flow of labor stemmed as Belgium cracks down on migrants” Andrew Byrne Europe web site.

    Are those politicians mad or rational compared to our own?

  85. A chilly 47 here this morning, James. The sky is full of whatever stuff it is the weather modification folks are spraying us all with. Do they do that in Iowa? There are still patches of clear that I see they are busy this morning at filling. Google DRI cloud seeding for one example. I know the air force is big time into it. In China, they are using drones, which they likely do everywhere, but many in America are still wary of them. I guess the crews had the weekend off cuz we had clear blue skies on Saturday and Sunday. All we had was the residue that was kicked up from the roads and traffic. Then, after dusk they started laying out these ‘clouds’. Stuff was so thick last week, it looked like fog raining down on us, but it was dry as dust and came with an acrid taste. Visibility was down to a couple miles. They don’t hold together like actual clouds and soon after they spread fall to the earth. I’ve pointed it out to people and after some skepticism, they come to believe. Last Thursday I was talking about it and I was accused of being high. Lol. Then he goes, “You know, I thought it was weird, and I noticed my pickup had a silver-white dust on it. What is that shit?” It sometimes takes a few goads. As someone who spends most of the day outdoors, I’ve been watching the sky for a long time.

    I hope everyone has a great day. His mercies are new every morning!

  86. Poolman, it is supposed to reach 62 today with 30 MPH wind gusts. We are in a Red Flag warning too. It may rain and turn colder tomorrow with possible advisory level wind as the rain changes to wet snow. I hope we can get enough for another bout of cross country skiing.

    I haven’t heard of any recent attempts to modify the weather in Iowa lately, but when I was growing up, it was all the rage. We had a serious drought, and farmers pooled their money to hire rain makers. Silver iodide was a medium of choice. Maybe that is what they are using in your area.

    An experimental hail suppression project was underway when I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City. We had a really nasty hail storm which knocked holes in roofs and destroyed cars. The managers denied any connection, but they stopped their project. I think some property owners threatened to sue.

    One of my favorite stories took place in the 1890’s when an epic drought virtually depopulated parts of Nebraska. Desperate people in Holt County heard of a rain maker in eastern Colorado. It rained wherever he worked. A rep contacted him and he agreed to help the residents after he served his other customers.

    The rain maker zig zagged east and northeast. He may have been a better weather forecaster than rain maker. Eventually he set up his equipment and sent a mysterious dust into the air as the wind lifted it toward the clouds. Then, it rained and rained.

    They gave him a key to the city of O’Neil and planned a testimonial dinner. City leaders told him he could shut off the rain any time. It rained some more. Four more inches was too much for the Niobrara River to handle, and a flash flood destroyed property while damaging homes. People turned against the rain maker, and he left the area ahead of an angry mob determined to tar and feather him.

    Its a good day here too.

  87. PFesser why don’t you just leave these people be? Most if not all of them probably don’t care one way or another if you want to comment. It’s a free country. I expect some of them even like to talk to you. It’s not imperative that you drop the Parker masquerade either but most are not fooled. More importantly it’s pretty weird and not something a grown man does once the blood pressure returns to normal.

    You got wound up and made a fool of yourself. It happens. A simple apology would have done wonders I think. Most all of us around here have stepped in it at some point. The degree to which you menaced another member was over the top and did warrant special recognition – and demanded of you an apology not just to him but to the others as well.

    You did offer something in private to the others, which I can only presume was to be some sort of apology or explanation. I’m not sure at this point if the others are still agreeable to sharing this little corner of cyberspace with you in any case, but in the end this amounts to nothing more than your powerlessness to control the discussion. If you can’t partake without controlling it – then you’re stuck out in the cold as a fake Aussie financial wizard with a bad memory. Tex isn’t going anywhere until he’s good and ready and neither am I.

  88. “But I’d be lying if I said the dark side isn’t strong with me.”

    Rabbit as the parent of a competitor I have to tell you the dark side IS strong. It’s particularly dark when you silently root against the competition and the competition is just another vulnerable kid like your own.

    My wife is a lot better at this than I am. She genuinely roots for everyone on the gymnastics team, not overly concerned about our kid being on top. More power to her and you.

  89. Muffy makes an excellent point on the death penalty. Why should the state murdering a guilty man be any better than murdering an innocent one.

    I don’t think its fair to say that libs are only against killing the innocent.

  90. Regarding me and the Pfarker phenom, I’m the kid who digs through the manure searching for the pony. Since I don’t like being lied to I prefer to believe unless I find the proposition purely preposterous.

    Now I know I’m not Charles Krauthammer or Jonathan Capehart but I do sometimes think you guys think you are the only ones who read this blog. So clearly any new commenter must be a recycle of a previous visitor since no one new ever reads the blog. You guys make the recycle argument at a number of new commenters. Just sayin’.

    Hell, sadly deception is a risk here. Rabbit was a blue collar dock worker when he first came here. He finally liked some of us enough that guilt made him come “out” as the truly geeky school teacher that he is.

  91. The death penalty is required for true justice – if theology is your guide…

    The 6th Commandment speaks of the killing of innocent life – not murder. And in fact, Noah was given the following commandment from God…

    The Universal Principle of God’s will on the subject is clearly set forth in Genesis 9:5-6: “And from each man, too, I will demand an accounting for the life of his fellow man. Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed.”

    But in application to today’s law, I believe if capital punishment were meted fairly where there was NO DOUBT of guilt, I’m of the opinion it is the only real deterrent to society’s most horrible crimes.

    And I base this on one murderer after another doing everything possible to avoid capital punishment.

  92. R – I have yet to hear a lib state a reason for their death penalty position other than “what if we get it wrong,” including you. I’m not saying it isn’t there – but it isn’t the reason given. Like most things lib – a little light wrestling with the moral dilemma is as deep as they think to go.

    It’ll be interesting to see if in future episodes the producers (Redford, among others) are satisfied with manipulating the viewer with the typical lib slant previously mentioned.

    The Werner Herzog series is much more honest and as such – demanding of some real soul searching and empathy for all involved.

  93. “as the truly geeky school teacher that he is.’

    Rabbit can’t be defined maaaaaaaaan. I’m going to arm wrestle any proxy you got for that comment at the 2016 Rutherford Lawson Convention held at the Battle Creek Michigan Holiday Inn.

    I’m torn on capital punishment. My heart tells me its needed but my my mind doesn’t trust the state to dish it out fairly.

  94. R @ #125 – fine but the recent “further evidence” remarks from you begged for a reply in kind. Pfesser would have been the first one to jump on anyone else for even attempting to offer the absense of evidence as proof – but the fact that he let you get away with it twice in quick succession doesn’t prove that Pfarker is not Pfesser either.

    The other comment I have about #125 is – more life in the abstract. But it is nice to know that it’s about readership for you. It really isn’t for me. It’s about a kook who likes to think he’s the rational one.

  95. I’m also torn on capital punishment because, like rabbit, I don’t trust the state or human judgement. Moreover, waiting for years to kill someone changes him/her into someone different than the person who committed the murder.

    I don’t care who Parker really is. Its “about the readership” for me.

    My picture of rabbit is far from geeky.

  96. “Why should the state murdering a guilty man be any better than murdering an innocent one.

    I don’t think its fair to say that libs are only against killing the innocent.:

    OK then, what’ll it be Rutherford?

    “But in application to today’s law, I believe if capital punishment were meted fairly where there was NO DOUBT of guilt, I’m of the opinion it is the only real deterrent to society’s most horrible crimes.

    And I base this on one murderer after another doing everything possible to avoid capital punishment.”

    No doubt many wish to live. Are afraid to die. But is that really a deterrant? I wonder if there is such a thing.

  97. “I don’t care who Parker really is. Its “about the readership” for me.”

    You want to vouch for Pfesser, fine. But don’t pretend it doesn’t matter.

    Ghosties are the tools of trolls. And I cut my teeth at a forum that brought flaming and practically every other convention of online discussion to an art form, so please don’t tell me I don’t know what a troll is. It ain’t some billy goat gruff’s interpretation of a volunteer-based editing Urban Dictionary entry.

    And I know about what “the nephew or grandson on that other site wrote about trolls” etc. etc. I’ve got it down cold James.

  98. “I’m also torn on capital punishment because, like rabbit, I don’t trust the state or human judgement. Moreover, waiting for years to kill someone changes him/her into someone different than the person who committed the murder.

    So if the bad guy did it and the sentence was carried out swiftly and the bad guy never repented – is it OK to kill him then?

  99. Ghosties ARE about readership anyway. It’s a classic attempt to shore up support for your own position. Especially if you’re at odds with another reader.

    The other thing Pfarker is pfamous for is his endeavors to “let’s you and him fight.”

    But in the end he just wants to comment here and can’t face the music for acting the pfool with the whole PFBI thing.

  100. Rutherford can you close my italics @#133? Thanks.

    Death penalty – I understand the pro position. It makes perfect sense to me, even those I disagree. What doesn’t make sense to me is the idea that it’s wrong because you could accidentally kill innocent people.

    So what about the guilty ones?

  101. Good point, Muffy. Trolls are a disruption, and I understand why so many people don’t like them, but they don’t bother me. I’ve never met a troll who couldn’t be squashed, especially by you or Tex.

  102. A penalty offering sure death would make some think twice, but ” a deterrant?” I don’t believe” there is such a thing,’

  103. A lot of people get their troll on. Haters gonna hate, as Abby Martin always says. I don’t think the way we administer the death penalty where we do acts as a deterrent. It may help the ‘justice’ system where plea bargaining is concerned. But I feel the whole for profit system is messed up. It should not be profitable to hold prisoners, yet it is very profitable. That’s a red flag society.

    The book of Acts chapter 5 is the kind of death penalty I believe in.

  104. Poolman I heard someone on the tube say cell phones don’t work at that altitude. True or false?

    What altitude is that? Some say, what goes up must come down. I say, don’t ever make any assumption.

    Nowadays they do, except for any space that can’t beam microwaves. They have microwave receiver/transmitters on planes, satellites, mountains, buildings, countrysides, etc. Everywhere you look today, there are microwave receivers/transmitters.

  105. Rutherford –
    Are you familiar with the old Arab aphorism? Dogs bark; the caravan moves on. Always apropos.

    On other topics: Have you considered my question re: your post-introspective assessment of the American political parties? One doesn’t often see political analysis based on thought, instead of gut. It would be a refreshing change of pace from the usual left- and right-wing circle-jerks. You might even enjoy some support. It will be fun!

    Busy day. I’ll look later to see if you have put together any insights.

  106. By: PFesser on January 20, 2012
    at 2:41 PM

    James –

    There are “stylometric” softwares out there that make identification of “anon” trivial, and I’m sure you would not be surprised as to who that “highly likely” (>95%) is. Same inability to play nicely with others that has made this person unwelcome on other blogs. Lack of world contact will do that.

    As the ancient Arabs said, “Dogs bark; the caravan moves on.”


  107. 143 I remember that one. It was fun, but I wasted too much time over there.

    What do New Zealanders and Austraiians think of each other? Someone from that region would know.

  108. Some more food for thought as you journey down the road of Introspection…

    Why is my blackness in question?

    Recently, many black people have questioned my blackness. Apparently, for some, I’m not black enough.

    But, what makes the claim so bogus to me is that our bi-racial president has been accepted as black by the black masses, even though his mother is white and he was raised by his white grandparents.

    Some people have said what makes a person black is “the struggle.” What struggle, I ask? What more does Obama know about struggle than me? For a very brief time he lived in Indonesia, but, even in Indonesia, he lived a fairly comfortable life.

    Here, in America, he has lived a privileged life, gone to top notch schools and colleges—and he hasn’t even spent enough time around black people to pick up, as one Democratic politician put it, a so-called “negro dialect.”

    I, on the other hand, know a little bit about struggle. My family was poor by America’s standards, as were many other black, white, Hispanic, and “other” families that I know. We didn’t have many luxuries. We just had the basics. My family had been on food stamps before there was such thing as an EBT card. For years, we received our monthly allotment of government cheese, rice, boxed potato flakes, powdered milk, and dry cereal from our government taskmasters, in exchange for a small slice of our privacy and a big chunk of our dignity.

    I know a little bit about struggle. I’ve lived in crime-ridden and poor Rochester, N.Y. neighborhoods. For those who are familiar with the area, I have lived on both the east side and the west side.

    What does Obama know about the likes of Treyer St., Fourth St., Hoeltzer St., Clifford Ave., Flint St., Bronson Ave., Jefferson Ave., St. Simons Terrace, Fight Square, Fight Village, and Orleans St.? Those were my hoods.

    I know a little about struggle. I’ve endured both racial and gender-based discrimination.

    I’ve been sexually harassed, disrespected, spit upon, and called names.

    I know something about struggle.

    So, if I have the same sufferings and struggles of other blacks in America, why is my blackness in question?

    My skin is black. But apparently black skin isn’t black enough. My jet-black hair is fashioned in locks, but I guess natural black hair is not enough. My lips are full, my nose is wide, my mouth protrudes, and my dress size? Full. But, for some reason, that is not enough! My mother? Black. My father? Black. My children? Black. My husband? Black . . and fine! So, why is my blackness in question?

    I will give you a clue. During all the years I voted as a Democrat, I was considered blacker than black. I had been considered a “sista,” down for the struggle. My skin, my hair, my lips . . . black, black, black! My blackness was undeniable!

    But, after I realized that I preferred a Republican and Conservative form of government, and began voting as a Republican (denouncing my allegiance to the Democratic Party, the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, and segregation), my blackness came under attack.

    Instead of being considered a “sista,” many black people began believing I hated my own black skin. Instead of being down for the struggle, many black people started to think I wanted to see black people struggle. By these same people, I have been considered worse than a racist. I have been called a “sell-out” to my people, an “Uncle Tom.”

    I have received all that criticism for believing this welfare state impedes economic growth and minimizes opportunity, and that it does not lift people out of poverty, but instead condemns them to it.

    I have received all that hate from people who share my pigmentation, because I believe our rights come from God and not from government, and I exercise that belief with my vote. I have received all that hate because I believe that our federal, state, and local governments should be as fiscally responsible with other people’s money as they expect individuals and businesses to be with their own—and I exercise that belief with my vote. I have received all that name-calling, because I vote my values.

    Nevertheless, although names hurt, they don’t define me. I am black because God said it is so, and so it is—and I love my blackness.

    Yet, apparently, for some, blackness has more to do with the DNC than it does with DNA!

    All this, despite overwhelming documented proof of Democratic racism, past and present, and an outright disrespect and disregard for the dignity of the black man.

    So, I cannot let group think, peer pressure, persecution, or bullying inform my personal decisions and inclinations.

    My blackness does not depend upon my political preferences. I am black because God said it is so, and so it is.

  109. Those soldiers are doing their own work, not God’s.

    Reuters reports “Christians and Muslims join forces to combat modern slavery. The Catholic, Anglican Churches, and al-Azhar in Cairo are working together to end modern slavery within 20 years. According to them, over 30 million people are used as slaves. THAT is God’s work, though He doesn’t have any more to do with it than those soldiers. I don’t think God is interviening any more than HE picks Super Bowl winners.

    Love 146 is a British-based organization working to end child slavery. The founder gave it its name when he was researching the problem in Thailand. Girls in a brothel wore red dresses and sat on benches with identifying numbers. Their eyes were dull, and they appeared resigned. One girl was still defiant, and unlike the others, she looked people in the eyes. She was undefeated.

    The organization is named for the number the girl wore. its a stretch, but I regard the woman gorrilla quoted to be like that girl. She still has her mind and her soul.

  110. False religion is equally immoral as the denial of your Creator…and equally as dangerous. In fact, it is possible that false religion even more theologically wicked if you are to believe it better to be hot or cold.

    Were you not aware, “Parker”, this was addressed by God?

    And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. ~ 2 Corinthians 11:14

  111. I thought this a great analogy of Obama’s reign:

    Obama’s 2008 campaign scarcely deserves to be called a “cause.” It was more a cult of personality. “His entire political persona is an ingeniously crafted human cipher, a man without race, ideology, geographic allegiances, or, indeed, sharp edges of any kind,” observed Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi in 2007. “As far as political positioning goes, his strategy seems to be to appear as a sort of ideological Universalist, one who spends a great deal of rhetorical energy showing that he recognizes the validity of all points of view.”

    His slogans were vapid even by the standards of political sloganeering: “Yes, we can.” “Hope and change.” “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” He was often called a “rock star”–a celeb, not a cause. It’s as if the Beatles came to America in 1964 to run for president rather than to sell records, and got elected on slogans like “Let it be,” “Please please me” and “I want to hold your hand.” Half a century later, the Beatles’ tunes have an enduring appeal to their once-youthful, now-elderly fans. Had they been forced to face the exigencies of governing, it’s unlikely a Lennon-McCartney administration would be remembered much more fondly than Johnson-Humphrey is.

    Obama might have made a serviceably good president had he proved to be administratively competent and ideologically modest instead of the other way around. His personality-based campaign of 2008 diverted attention from his ideological ambitiousness, which expressed itself most forcefully in the enactment of ObamaCare. But while “health-care reform” in the abstract can be characterized as having been a “cause,” what Americans, and especially young Americans, are rejecting now is something different: a product, one that is both shoddy and overpriced. . . .

    Because ObamaCare prohibits insurance companies from charging different premiums according to sex, and because women tend to use more medical services than men–a disparity that is greatest among younger policyholders–the “gender averaged” premium increase is greater for young men than for young women.

    That means young men are the most disadvantaged by ObamaCare’s price controls–and, as a corollary, that they are the group on which ObamaCare’s solvency is most dependent. And the hip Mainers think the way to appeal to them is with male nudity?

    Obama supporters have a quaint faith in the power of marketing. They don’t seem to grasp that persuading people to vote for one politician over another–essentially a cost-free proposition–is a far smaller order than persuading them to purchase an expensive product, especially one that offers a poor value for their money.

    ~ James Taranto, WSJ

  112. Yesterday, we watched Obama sink to a new low as his pathetic attempt to sanction Russia made their stock market rise and gave the Russians a good laugh.

    Our president is a pampered little affirmative action man child.

    Parker sarcastically told us that the Syrian fighters are doing God’s work. As I wrote, I don’t believe God is doing anything for us . We are on our own, but assuming he is changing our situation, it is clear now. Obama and his minions are doing the Devil’s work.The black ideological slaves the woman refers to and the other races who worship that liberal dung heap belong to the Devil.

    Luckily, I don’t believe it. A confidence man hoodwinked the majority of voters. its as simple as that. I believe the tide is turning,” I feel it in my bones.” Imagine Dragons

  113. Do you think BoBo’s incompetence is result of the Peter principle? I see that plenty throughout our ‘noble’ institutions.

    P.T.Barnum said there’s a sucker born every minute. I’d go further and claim everyone has their own sucker moment. I voted for BoBo in 08, and I feel I was suckered. Fool me once…

  114. “I am a Ukrainian. I want you to know why thousands of people all over my country are demonstrating on the streets. There is only one reason. We want to be free from a dictatorship. We want to be free from the politicians who work only for themselves who are ready to shoot, to beat, to injure people just for saving their money, just for saving their houses, just for saving their power. We are civilized people, but our government are barbarians. This is not the Soviet Union. We want our courts not to be corrupted. We want to be free.

    I know that we will be alone here. I know that after dark, policemen will murder us one by one. Now, I ask you to help us.We have this freedom inside of our hearts. You can help by telling this story to your friends. Please share this video. Speak to your family. Speak to your friends. Speak to your government and show that you support us.”

    This YouTube video titled “I’m Ukrainian and this video I have to be broadcast world wide.” I told an Omaha radio station, and they have been playing bits and have linked to it.

    Betsys page mentions the Holodonior which Stalin inflicted on Ukraine in the 1930’s His program of mass starvation killed an estimated 2.4 to 7.5 million people.

  115. 155, Yes Poolman, and it is one thing we have going for us. Imagine of Obama was still below his level of incompetance Then, we would have real problems.

  116. “Poolman I heard someone on the tube say cell phones don’t work at that altitude. True or false?” –

    “At any rate, once an airliner is at 30,000 feet, cell phones no longer work. “At 3,000 feet, you can make a call, but go much higher and you can basically forget about that,” says Wouter Pelgrum, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Ohio University. “You don’t have coverage.” Part of the problem, he says, is that cell tower antennae are pointed down, toward the ground, not up into the sky. If you’re over a city, with its dense cluster of coverage, you’ll have a decent chance, but not in a rural area, and even less so over the ocean.”


  117. “It’s flattering to be such an obsession, but, really, some should get out more and read other things than the bible. ”

    Do you think its possible Pfessor is your doppelgänger?

  118. Muffy all I can say is you are one helluva detective. LOL the PF quote from M&H cracked me up. Normally I’d ridicule you for having too much time on your hands but I must say bravo.

    Hey can I hire you as my official research assistant. I pay in undying admiration. 🙂

  119. Gorilla I appreciate the post by the black woman who wasn’t “black enough” and I get it. While you might not like the idea I’ve always said if Obama were a slave descendant he would never have been elected. He got by because he was exotic without a trace of street negro in him. Jim Clyburn could be the smartest man on Earth and he wouldn’t get elected in this country for at least the next 30 years. Mofo “sounds black” and that just ain’t gonna cut it.

    FWIW I also regret some of the Uncle Tom accusations I’ve made in the past. There is such a thing as a smart black conservative. I’d like to see one on the national stage. Alan Keyes and that nut from FL don’t cut it. That neurosurgeon might come close but he has used hyperbolic language that alienates me. Clarence Thomas is too bitter for me to take him seriously.

  120. Parker, putting aside Muffy’s wild research the one thing that does make me a bit skeptical is the slow evolution of your bio. Most “foreigners” when they join a forum identify their homeland immediately to give their comments some context.

    Your Australian background didn’t come to light until later as if you’re making it up as you go along.

    What a nutty world we live in that we spend part of each day with each other and no one knows who anyone really is. It’s really kinda weird.

  121. I still can’t believe the Harry (the tough black guy according to one of the most inane Lawson posts) got a way with calling Obama a “well spoken negro.” It was nothing. No big deal.

    Can you imagine the blow back if a Republican leader said that?

    I know I shouldn’t be shocked as anyone with an independent brain can tell that Dems use race as a weapon. Its a version of McCarthyism, really.

    You could have 15 dead teen age negros in Chicago alone for the 4th of July and liberals will be screaming about how an opposing voice phrased something on the boob tube. Pathetic.

    Reason 1004 why I fucking revile liberals.

  122. I’m telling you, I’ve been in work environments so hostile and repressive that you have to be very careful how you even question a world where black kids murder one another by the thousands every year.

    Even merely questioning the status quo and you could be fired or taking sensitivity classes with a show trial apology after words.

    Those dead kids are feral and ignorant for sure. But almost all of them are human beings with good in them.

    Liberal McCarthyism is a big reason nobody gives a shit. Rutherford has never dedicated a blog entry to urban violence. Its no secret why. You simply can’t pull the wool from your eyes and give any thought to the murder rate without blowing up the entire progressive paradigm. I’m convinced that is why its such a taboo subject.

    Race is a weapon. But holding all the power in the discussion is also a survival mechanism for liberals.

  123. You didn’t even read the article JaL linked, did you?

    So, let me understand your position. They worked fine 12 plus years ago, but nowadays, not so much?

    Is that your final answer?

  124. Cell towers are not pointed “down” per se; they are angled a degree or two downward. Cell frequencies behave more like light than lower frequency radio waves, and because at cell frequencies, propagation is line-of sight, there are no significant side lobes above the horizon. Try it yourself next time you are in a jet; above a few thousand feet there is nothing.

    Because of the numbers of navigation aids now available to pilots, cell providers are beginning to look at a second set of antennae with lobes above the horizon, to keep all those iPads humming. Nothing significant anywhere yet, though.

  125. Rabbit,

    I’m convinced these phony white liberals, mostly well-to-do, are scared to death of black America. They pay lip service to protect themselves.

    On a side note, I’m beginning to think Obama has a side to him that is not idealistic but lazy and stupid. Why would anybody not stupid send Joe Biden to represent America concerning Crimea? Joe Biden is possibly the dumbest politician on the planet…

    Want to read an interesting perspective about who the real racists in this country are?

    Progressive Racism: The Hidden Motive Driving Modern Politics

  126. Wow…..

    Lest there be any doubt, Amanda Marcotte really hates pro-lifers. In a two-part rant posted March 14 and 17 on Raw Story, the morally challenged feminist writer attacked pro-lifers as “consummate liars,” “anti-choice kooks” with “boring,” “half-baked nonsense” and “shit arguments.”

    But Marcotte’s hate doesn’t stop at pro-lifers. It extends to the babies they want to protect.

    Either way, what she [the woman] wants trumps the non-existent desires of a mindless pre-person that is so small it can be removed in about two minutes during an outpatient procedure. Your cavities fight harder to stay in place.” Did she just compare an unborn child to a cavity?

    Marcotte then goes on a seriously mature rant about the reasons she does not want a child: “I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness.”

    On the topic of adoption, Marcotte sums up her feelings simply: “Adoption? Fuck you, seriously.” That’s a heck of an argument.

  127. “Cell towers are not pointed “down” per se; they are angled a degree or two downward. Cell frequencies behave more like light than lower frequency radio waves, and because at cell frequencies, propagation is line-of sight, there are no significant side lobes above the horizon. Try it yourself next time you are in a jet; above a few thousand feet there is nothing.” – Pfessor, or Pfarker, or who-ever-you-are

    Cell frequencies and radio waves are light.

    “Cell frequencies” have higher frequencies, and thus shorter wave lengths, and “radio waves” (I assume you’re talking about HF) have lower frequencies , and thus longer wave lengths. Long wave lengths diffract around the earth and are relatively unimpeded by obstructions, whereas cell frequencies are much shorter and more easily blocked by objects. That’s why you need more cell sites in a major city than you do in a rural area, because the buildings will block and absorb the signals.

    If you were to “try it” with a ham radio in an aircraft, you’d be able to talk perfectly fine with a ton of folks. Probably would be the best signal reception you’ve ever had. The frequencies are different, and therefore act differently. And yes, cell antennas are focused more towards the ground because that’s where the cell phones are. The angle of the cell array on the tower is dependent on the height of the mast, or building, or structure that the antenna array is mounted on.

  128. “babies are still time consuming monsters with their constant neediness” Does Marcotte consider that may be her future as she withers and her body begins to shut down in her dottage?

    Thanks for the cell frequency discussion. The Loess hills near our valley have many dead spots because the hills block signals as city buildings do.

    It snowed 2 inches last night, and it is 28. Time to ski before it melts.

  129. Hold on to your hats.

    MSNBC is reigniting the pretend war on women. This morning it was touting the misleading 77 cents to every dollar figure. The one that is derived by comparing all working adults without regard to industry.

    Thankfully, the dems have made such great strides in rectifying the pretend problem they want to attack the republicans over, we’ve get more pitiless shit to listen to by the likes of Sharpton and Bubbles Brzezinski. God, thy have sure figured out how to exploit the typical lefties need to feel like nice people by supporting a “cause” through some form of hyper regulation to prove their sincerity.

    Must avoid the record breaking rise in health insurance premiums, uninsured, economy and various international crises.

  130. Amanda Marcotte is mentally ill (and on a side note, ugly inside and out). I heard her being interviewed once. She’s a walking, talking anxiety attack – the proverbial man hater.

    Remember this Amanda Marcotte ‘beauty’ about the INNOCENT Duke Lacrosse players?

    In the meantime, I’ve been sort of casually listening to CNN blaring throughout the waiting area and good fucking god is that channel pure evil. For awhile, I had to listen to how the poor dear lacrosse players at Duke are being persecuted just because they held someone down and fucked her against her will—not rape, of course, because the charges have been thrown out. Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it? So unfair.

    Why don’t we men declare “war” on Amanda? I’d like to hand her over to some sect of jihadists…

  131. Mission Accomplished?

    Health industry officials say ObamaCare-related premiums will double in some parts of the country, countering claims recently made by the administration.

    The expected rate hikes will be announced in the coming months amid an intense election year, when control of the Senate is up for grabs. The sticker shock would likely bolster the GOP’s prospects in November and hamper ObamaCare insurance enrollment efforts in 2015.

    The industry complaints come less than a week after Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sought to downplay concerns about rising premiums in the healthcare sector. She told lawmakers rates would increase in 2015 but grow more slowly than in the past.

    “The increases are far less significant than what they were prior to the Affordable Care Act,” the secretary said in testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee.

    Her comment baffled insurance officials, who said it runs counter to the industry’s consensus about next year.

    “It’s pretty shortsighted because I think everybody knows that the way the exchange has rolled out … is going to lead to higher costs,” said one senior insurance executive who requested anonymity.

    The insurance official, who hails from a populous swing state, said his company expects to triple its rates next year on the ObamaCare exchange.

    The hikes are expected to vary substantially by region, state and carrier.

  132. I just wrote something regarding Amanda Marcotte that was such a terrible thing to say about liberals that I had to take it back before I even posted it.

  133. Obama is like the rock star that calls out the name of the town the band is playing in that night.

    “Hello Equal Pay For Women!”

    Then they pack it up and move on to the next town while you’re still stuck in Toad Suck, Arkansas.

  134. Should I? Oh hell why not.

    “Normally I’d ridicule you for having too much time on your hands.”

    Took all of 10 minutes. I remembered he had said it before.

    Engine search terms = pfesser dogs bark caravan moves on

    Voila. Two threads from M&H, along with some 4 pages of other people using the old APHORISM. Come on R, aphorism?? He calls it an “old Arab aphorism” here as Parker and an “old muslim aphorism” there as Pfesser. That would be a remarkable coincidence, don’t you think?

    Oct 8, 2010 – By: PFesser on October 18, 2010 at 12:43 PM …… How does the old muslim aphorism go? “Dogs bark; the caravan moves on.”

    PS…This thread carried with it the added bonus of both Parker and Pfesser “debating” lori and he gets confused and answers as Parker when lori quotes Pfesser. Could be why you don’t see them in the same room anymore.

    PPS…a final reminder that these all pertain to this single current thread. And all brough up because you’ve insisted twice that the absense of Pfarker weighing in on something could be, in your words. “further evidence.”

    And with that I’m done.

  135. I think Obama’s coolness schtick has run its full course. Every year, this Sham for President and ESPN make a big deal of ‘Baracketology.’

    In 2008, everyone was genuflecting at the home of ESPN and Keith Olbermann to ‘The One’s’ bracket picks. How brilliant Barack was; how beautiful Barack was. Gag….

    This year, 90% of the comments are ripping Sham a new one. 😈

    Long time ago, hey “R?” 🙂

  136. Putin is rearranging the borders of Ukraine and Obama is worrying about a sporting event. He makes himself look trivial. Strong trumps cool.

    I don’t know if this is true, but it should be. An American spy was found out because he held his fork the wrong way. A fellow sixth grader learned that when he made a report on spies. Its hard to maintain a duel identity without making mistakes. Try using totally different penmanship.

  137. Case in point…

    “MOSCOW (AP) — Russia may revise its stance in the Iranian nuclear talks amid tensions with the West over Ukraine, a senior diplomat warned Wednesday.

    Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said, according to the Interfax news agency, that Russia didn’t want to use the Iranian nuclear talks to “raise the stakes,” but may have to do so in response to the actions by the United States and the European Union.”

  138. “And with that I’m done.”

    Oh I wouldn’t give up so easily, Muffy. I can’t put my finger on it. . . and his story sure is a good one. . . but I still say there’s something just a little odd about Ol’ Crocodile Pfarker.

    Perhaps he’ll let his guard down and reveal something. . . 🙄

    PF, you’re an idiot. 😆

  139. “Cell frequencies and radio waves are light. ”

    Actually, radio waves are NOT light, light being defined as “visible light,” between about 400 and 800 nm wavelength, although both ARE electromagnetic radiation, true enough.

    “Cell frequencies” have higher frequencies, and thus shorter wavelengths, and “radio waves” (I assume you’re talking about HF) have lower frequencies , and thus longer wave lengths.”

    Never assume.

    Firstly, cell frequencies and radio waves is apples and bananas; of course cell phones use “radio waves” at “cell frequencies”. “Radio waves” can be any frequency.

    Secondly, you have your frequencies confused. Bands are precisely defined. A quick lesson: frequency spectrum is divided by one order of magnitude, broken at 3. To wit: MF, medium frequency, is 300kHz-3mHz, HF is 3-30mHz, VHF 30-300, UHF is 300mHz-3gHz. I think the next one is EHF; look it up if you’re interested.

    You are partially correct about ham radio, at least the HF band, which talks around the world because of ionospheric bending and reflection. The MUF, (Maximum Usable Frequency) varies, but generally is below most VHF, which is why your 2-meter rig won’t do “skip” to faraway places, but your 27 mHz (US) CB radio often will. Once out over the water, VHF radios typical for aviation has a very limited range. HF is used for transoceanic communication, because its lower frequency can make the distance. Balloon and round-the-world airplane flight record attempts always carry HF rigs.

    Cell phone antennae are designed specifically to radiate strongly in the horizontal plane with very low-energy side lobes above and below. These can be directed fairly precisely because of the size of the antenna relative to wavelength, and they are directed slightly downward, to get the most bang for the wattage buck, which is why you get NOTHING on your cell phone above about 3000′ altitude.

  140. Although Russia could be countered with some real leadership they are indeed very much in the comfort zone. they have many parts of Europe by the energy short hairs. They will indeed push for not ONE but TWO nuclear projects in Iran. They will play cool on the international scene whilst pro-Russian goons stir the pot in Ukraine,Belarus and the Baltics too.

    The French are pondering an act that will hurt them ( I doubt they’ll do it) but is a real sanction ala canceling the LST orders. Britain has put forth far better sanctions. The USA looks like a fetus at a little league game going up against Hall of Famers. It is sickening. Especially given the fact we helped push the rock down the hill.

  141. Not for nothing but I saw an article about how GM may be served a helping of fuck from Holder & Co. in the way Toyota just ate it. I-R-O-N-Y

  142. Rutherford in the vein of introspection perhaps you have followed some degree of the ongoing fast food union thuggery stuff. Your sides newest darling –DeBlasio is about to get his test on Progressive idiocy on courtesy the new advocate Letitia James

  143. Ha. Despite it all, the nastiest public spat right now is between the United States and fucking Israel.

    Seriously…….its like a script written by a partisan Republican in 08 dramatically exaggerating how bad we will be fucked if the community organizer wins. Except it all comes true. All of it.

    2008. Hey guys. Elect me president and Libya will fracture into anarchy and its weapons will spread through out the Islamic world, we lose Egypt as an ally, Russia will invade the Ukraine, Iraq will devolve, Afghanistan will have no end game, the largest stimulus since the New Deal wont even meet our own rubric, food stamps will be at an all time high, work force at an all time low, I will murder people instead of waterboarding them, double down on Gitmo, the debt will double, I will pass a health care bill built on lies that will make premiums soar, Syria will slaughter hundreds of thousands and use chemical weapons despite my hollow but explicit threat (they will keep said weapons), Iran will spark an Arab nuclear arms race, my friends will get hundreds of millions of dollars to fund green energy scams, unemployment will sky rocket in the black community, the government will unconstitutionally wire tap the entire population and I will compare my fictional son to No Limit Nigga. America. Fuck Yeah! Hope and Change beyooooootch!

  144. “Actually, radio waves are NOT light, light being defined as “visible light,” between about 400 and 800 nm wavelength, although both ARE electromagnetic radiation, true enough.” — Dumbass

    Yeah, I stopped reading at this point…..

  145. 188. I agree, Alfie. Military force and historic precedent support Russia.

    We can counter European dependence on Russian energy by increasing our energy production. Fraking and other methods give us a capacity in Saudi Arabian territory. Some European nations are considering fraking. Alternative energy, while a small percentage of a total also helps if it pays for itself. Hurting Russia’s energy segment of its economy is a long-term policy.

    We used to send in our own goons to stir up trouble. We should again. Russia has already begun to crowd the Baltic countries. They propose making Lativian Russians virtual Russian citizens. Russia doesn’t have to actually annex those countries. Turning them into pseudo- autonomous dependents will satisfy Putin.

    We can also strengthen their militaries and economies, even if we must secretly dictate terms.

    Little of this will happen. We can’t even draw an effective red line, The CBO says we must lower expenditures for entitlement programs. Obamacare, and Social Security or increase taxes. Otherwise they will crowd out other expenditures including effective self-defense.

  146. good discussion of MUF in Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge:

    “In radio transmission maximum usable frequency (MUF) is the highest radio frequency that can be used for transmission between two points via reflection from the ionosphere ( skywave or “skip” propagation) at a specified time, independent of transmitter power. This index is especially useful in regard to shortwave transmissions.
    In shortwave radio communication, a major mode of long distance propagation is for the radio waves to reflect off the ionized layers of the atmosphere and return diagonally back to Earth. In this way radio waves can travel beyond the horizon, around the curve of the Earth. However the refractive index of the ionosphere decreases with increasing frequency, so there is an upper limit to the frequency which can be used. Above this frequency the radio waves are not reflected by the ionosphere but are transmitted through it into space.

    The ionization of the atmosphere varies with time of day and season as well as with solar conditions, so the upper frequency limit for skywave communication varies on an hourly basis. MUF is a median frequency, defined as the highest frequency at which skywave communication is possible 50% of the days in a month, as opposed to the lowest usable high frequency (LUF) which is the frequency at which communication is possible 90% of the days, and the Frequency of optimum transmission (FOT).

    Typically the MUF is a predicted number. Given the maximum observed frequency (MOF) for a mode on each day of the month at a given hour, the MUF is the highest frequency for which an ionospheric communications path is predicted on 50% of the days of the month.
    On a given day, communications may or may not succeed at the MUF. Commonly, the optimal operating frequency for a given path is estimated at 80 to 90% of the MUF. As a rule of thumb the MUF is approximately 3 times the critical frequency.[1]

    MUF = (critical frequency)/ (cosine theta)”

    And that’s why HF (remember? – 3-30mHz?) is necessary for communicating over the horizon in transoceanic flight. Aviation VHF is pretty much line-of-sight (maybe 100 miles, depending upon altitude)

    Good Website for propagation information for you scientifically-oriented technical types:


    So, it appears the MUF from US to AU is about 30 mHz right now. Aircraft radios, at 118-135 mHz are nonfunctional by a factor of 4.

  147. The rock star analogy does apply to many politicians, but Obama is in an exalted class. The Light Master won a Nobel Prize for being a dream who could lower the oceans, and let dogs and cats live together in peace.

    I think rabbit’s screed is exaggerated but fair. Obama inherited problems, but he didn’t manage them well. Libya and Egypt, for example didn’t have to fall apart. Leading from behind did that. Our economy is languishing as predicted because the liberal policy creates such conditions.

  148. The heaviside layer does wonders for radio transmission. When we got our first television few stations existed. We watched Charlotte, North Carolina television on some days.

    When I worked on the river to help pay for college, we called our boss on the two-way radio and reached a crew in Arkansas instead.

  149. Provided questions in advance? How convenient for spinning the facts.

    I understand the concept of preparation. But wouldn’t a more fair way to conduct a “briefing” be no questions in advance with a response from Carney of “I don’t know but I will get you an answer tomorrow?”

    Here’s a word that has become very popular and I hate – but in this case, it’s fitting: Bad OPTICS.

    I don’t know what is more corrupt. Obama, Putin, or the lackey media that covers for Obama.

    But I know for sure which of those three I listed is the most capable. And they aren’t wearing red, white and blue anytime soon.

  150. And while we’re talking about being soiled by the blood of the innocent…

    WASHINGTON — Cancer patients relieved that they can get insurance coverage because of the new health care law may be disappointed to learn that some of the nation’s best cancer hospitals are off-limits.

    An Associated Press survey found examples coast to coast. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is excluded by five out of eight insurers in Washington state’s insurance exchange. MD Anderson Cancer Center says it’s in less than half of the plans in the Houston area. Memorial Sloan-Kettering is included by two of nine insurers in New York City and has out-of-network agreements with two more.

    Doctors and administrators say they’re concerned. So are some state insurance regulators.

    In all, only four of 19 nationally recognized comprehensive cancer centers that responded to AP’s survey said patients have access through all the insurance companies in their state exchange.

  151. Vanity Fair…. 😈

    So now Tingles Matthews is relegated to Jabba the Hutt from Vanity Fair as ‘expert’ commentary?

    Gorilla, these political opponents of ours are generally so pitiful that its almost hard to remember why you loathe them so. They are completely detached from the real universe of cause and effect.

    And then you realize there’s 60million dupes out there just like them and you get a Barack for President (twice). And it gets back to my children and why I can’t just ignore them.

  152. The war on women continues…

    “Women are still the ones that are carrying the greatest burden when it comes to trying to balance family and work,” President Obama said last week to a group of women who serve in the U.S. Congress.

    With this in mind, he is now planning a “White House Summit on Working Families” to take place this summer.

    Obama is no doubt preparing to cast stones at the private sector. He really ought to look at his own administration.

    Since Obama has been in office, according to data from the Office of Personnel Management, the percentage of women in the civilian federal work force has been shrinking. Before Obama took office, it was already smaller than the percentage in the overall national civilian labor force. Under Obama, it has gotten smaller still.

    OPM maintains a database called FedScope that contains historical information going back to 1998 on much of the federal civilian labor force (but excludes, for example, the Judiciary, the White House, the Office of the Vice President, several intelligence agencies and the legislative staff of Congress). According to this database, about 44.4 percent of civilian federal workers were female in 1998.

    In 2013, only about 43.5 percent were female — the lowest percentage in the sixteen years available.

  153. Obama referred to Ukraine as “The” That word is very important, because “The Ukraine” was used to identify a province of the Soviet Union. A Lativan-American called an Omaha talk show a few minutes ago to explain why it is important not to use “the?. Ukraine is now a sovereign nation. Many of us know about “the” Obama should too.

    This is picky and unfair of me, but in its way, “the” is as great a sin as giving the Brits a CD of Obama’s speeches during a ceremonial gift exchange.

  154. “why I just can’t ignore them.” Good for you Tex.

    Their zealotry is boundless. At the other site, I had to tell them they had gotten the report on Huckabee’s statement wrong the last time I visited there ,and they still didn’t believe me.. They aren’t the only ones with hard views. I’ll change my mind later, but for now, I have served my time.

  155. “Obama is no doubt preparing to cast stones at the private sector. He really ought to look at his own administration.”

    Well, duh. His plan is to aid women by relieving them of the burden of a family, not employment knucklehead.

    Free birth control and abortions for everyone!!!!!!!!

  156. Fewer women in fed workforce G? Are you kidding me? You’re the one who wants less government. Less gov means fewer fed jobs.

    Yet all of a sudden you’re worried about fed employed women. Please.

  157. “Rabbit sorry dude but your 2008 revisionist forecast isn’t fair since, particularly the foreign affairs stuff was not completely under Obamas control.”

    Name 1 foreign policy “victory” or “success” for the Obama Administration.

    We already know you won’t…because there aren’t any.

    None. Zilch. Nada. Bupkis.

    He’s more of a failure as a world leader than he is at leading the country.


    “Fewer women in fed workforce G? Are you kidding me? You’re the one who wants less government. Less gov means fewer fed jobs.

    Yet all of a sudden you’re worried about fed employed women. Please.”

    Who gives a shit what he is or isn’t worried about. That is attacking the messenger and not the message.

    The War of Women is complete bullshit, and you know it. So why don’t you make that part of your “reset” and call it what it is rather than resorting to these cheap fallacious arguments to try and counter those of us who do call it what it is.

  158. Again I ask: what has Obama done to help women in the labor force? And if someone says Lilly Ledbetter they better be prepared to tell me what that has brought. Any introspection on that?

    How about just helping the work force and quit with the pretend war on women? Fuck.

  159. He’s done nothing more to help women in the private labor force than he has blacks. Dependency wins votes because the unfortunates like domesticated cows, can’t imagine foraging for themselves. A monument to Obama and Clinton’s foreign policy success is four dead men in Benghazi and numerous other deaths. But “what at this point does it matter?

    Rats were numerous around our hospital site, and we kept cats. Some air men thought it was funny to call Peanuts the cat and as she approached, they kicked her into the side of quansite hut which was our home. That cat never learned. Liberal Democrats are kicking the under class in the teeth, and they keep returning for more.

  160. Private and government employment are two different things.Government workers live on our taxes. Business employees live on created wealth which they spread through the economy to create even more wealth.

    The CBO predicts a dire future if we maintain our present course.

    I’m not trying to be mean, Rutherford, but the old introspection isn’t working too well. You are playing a weak hand.

  161. I don’t go there much. But I have to admit, this trip to China by Mrs. Obama, the kids and Grandma bugs the shit out of me.

    No press? I am flying you guys to China for fuck knows what. OK. Fine. But, you can’t talk to the press why you are there while you are there? Wtf?

    Forget about me. Some dude who has bloody hands who laid brick pavers all day for his back breaking landscaping company flew Mrs. Obama there. But they wont even answer a few questions at a press conference?

    It ain’t right.

  162. Another reason to care Tex…

    A Homeland Security initiative to put fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border could discriminate against minorities, according to an Obama-appointed federal judge who’s ruled that the congressionally-approved project may have a “disparate impact on lower-income minority communities.”

    This of course means that protecting the porous—and increasingly violent—southern border is politically incorrect. At least that’s what the public college professor at the center of the case is working to prove and this month she got help from a sympathetic federal judge. Denise Gilman, a clinical professor at the taxpayer-funded University of Texas-Austin, is researching the “human rights impact” of erecting a barrier to protect the U.S. from terrorists, illegal immigrants, drug traffickers and other serious threats.

    A 2006 federal law orders the construction of fencing or a wall along the most vulnerable portions of the nearly 2,000-mile southern border. This includes reinforced fencing along 700 miles of the southwest border with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) determining the exact spots. Professor Gilman wants the identities of the landowners in the planned construction site to shed light on the impact the fencing will have on indigenous, minority and low-income communities. The feds refused to provide the information, asserting that it’s private.

  163. Isn’t this Regime run by a fucking lawyer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    (ET, mea culpa…)

    Treasury Department officials didn’t check to make sure they had the legal authority to delay an Obamacare mandate before issuing guidance that flouted the text of the law, a department official told House investigators.

    Treasury Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy Mark Mazur, who announced the employer mandate delay in a blog post, told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that he didn’t remember anyone considering the legal basis for the delay.

    Did anyone in the Department of the Treasury inquire into the legal authority for the delays?” Mazur was asked.

    “I don’t recall anything along those lines, no,” he replied. He gave a similar answer when asked about the IRS and the Executive Office of the President.

  164. “Press coverage and China don’t exactly go hand in hand. Just sayin’.”

    Just sayin’ what? What does that even mean?

    Frankly, I’m all for it. If being in China means we don’t have to hear any more from Michelle Obama then I say keep her ass there indefinitely. Let her tell the Chinese what to eat for a while.

  165. I mentioned this before when I wrote that ignoring the Budapest Memorandum would cause trouble. The Wall Street Journal writes that this conflict will encourage other nations to own nuclear weapons.

    Michele and the kids are not being discussed because the administration is restricting press coverage, and the media doesn’t want to make the trouble they would if Bush was president.

    Sofia Jannok, a politically involved Sami singer calls the Swedish government “the regime” and the “occupying regime.” Why doesn’t that description apply here?

    The narrator of a Ukrainian protest video, “I am a Ukrainian” says ” We want to be free…of politicians who work only for themselves. We are a civilized people. They are barbarians. We want to be free.” Why doesn’t that apply here as well?

    Bird fetus and dried star fish are barbaric.

  166. Since we know press conferences are completely scripted, what is the point? It’s just another propaganda arm of “the regime”. There you go, James. The description applies. We DO have an occupying regime.

  167. Ha Ha!!”Let my people go”? Poolman? Sofia says that a lot. I like Sofia. She looks like our daughter.

    My wife’s grand mother came from Sweden, so I have to be careful when talking about Swedes. It has to be aggression from behind as Obama leads from behind.

  168. Well boys. VCU fucked me. Kiss my gambling ring entries good bye. Its all about Athens of the West and hoping Sparty looses. I love the smell of burning couches in the morning.

  169. The administration and liberal press have attacked Drudge for lying about already paying the Obama non- insurance compliance tax. They either didn’t realize or conveniently forgot that small businesses pay quarterly estimated taxes and thus, they are affected early.

    The Daily Telegraph reports that the Obama women are living large in China, and Mrs. Obama’s mother is especially so bossy that the staff are angry. Yesterday, we got a letter from a national Tea Party organization. I told my wife to throw it away. Now, I will find it in the trash, and we will send them some money.

  170. I’m sorry your team lost, rabbit and for anyone else. I barely follow the contest, so for me, Carina Dahl “I don’t care.”

  171. “Spartys all the way.”

    I couldn’t hold my nose and pick vile State if I knew I would win my pool. They are a force to be reckon with, though, now that they control the paint again.

    James….kind sir…..my team is still alive and well……it’s the rest of the tourney that is killing me.

    Go Blue bitches!

  172. Oh, I hate Spartys. Blue bitches suck too and I have them going deep (I knew coach K was going to get cut short).

    But a I gots to bet with my wallet not my heart.

    Stone Cold saved my dismal bracket and netted me $50 in beer last night for the Friday cigar/beer/basketball rendezvous.

    Probably dumb.

  173. James I read about that Drudge B.S. It originated from the WH too. The economic ignorance of the liberal chatterbox is unbelievable. And Obama exploits the shit out of it.

    I hope Michelle enjoys her spring break. Puke.

  174. Man…that was a brilliant pick. F Austen.

    Didn’t you just see that foul coming as if it was WWF wrestling? (Very questionable foul call by the way…..but damn….why even give the ref a reason to be dramatic…you are up 4).

    I’ve noticed those aggressive full court press teams always lack discipline. Its like semi controlled mayhem that sometimes ends up eating itself.

  175. That was a funny trap set by Drudge. Looks like he caught himself some dumb ass libs.

    They know nothing about the tree that sustains them. They actually dislike the tree. So weird. Hating the source.

    I wish he would have waited a little longer to trap more libs.

  176. Maybe next year, I will risk a dollar or two and get involved with this event.

    Rich and powerful don’t mean classy. Black trash surrounded by white trash.

    Drudge deserves to gloat tonight.

  177. So, R, you say you are going through a long search through your intestines for some better understanding, but you haven’t produced anything for your efforts – at least not here.

    Did you lose interest, or have the mountains labored and brought forth a mouse?


    Saved you the trouble. six pages.


  178. FLOTUS in China has other potential takeaways.
    1. Clearly a tax payer funded junket for the girls.
    2. The “soft power” gig some of the spin terms it to be is plausible , hell even totally believable,but still a waste of tax $s
    3. A means to afford China a soft power opportunity to further groom their global appearance,and yes still a waste of tax dollars both USD and Yuan/renminbi
    I personally think a combination of all these exist and that the endeavor displays an out of touch with reality that not only the the Obamas have but the US FP wonk doom as well.
    The USA is really really failing on the foreign policy chess board and this nation will suffer greatly for it.
    Perhaps I am stuck in a misogynist mist that FLOTUS’s are perhaps best used for very minor and mild domestic photo ops as opposed to honing an agenda. Clearly Michelle and company are far from the best choice to express anything to Beijing though .

  179. Rutherford I would invite you to put WR Meades writings on the decline/demise of the “Blue Social Model” on your radar. I think you would find it interesting and even stirring. Contrary to how some portray him he isn’t purely a right winger,in fact he voted for the O once. He does however capture that bipartisan folly that is much of our social spending. Pensions,health care and education will make or break this country this century ( he’ll perhaps mere couple of decades thereof ) and following 19th and 20th century models ain’t gonna cut it.
    Of note along these lines take Mike Camp getting his ass handed to him regards tax reform. Pilloried by his own and lauded by Clinton he spoke some simple truths and its stuff we need to hear.

  180. WRM is always good read. I am going to read it again because I find some of it too conclusory in its summation of party dynamics and want to try and not internally refute so much of it.

  181. Re: Alphie

    I can’t help it. “Fordism” was awesome. Didn’t have to love your job. You knew you owned a place on the lake and would be there soon.

    Those days never materialized for my brethren.

    The guy is correct. Lawson Liberalism is crusty and can’t work.

    I just don’t what we really have to be optimistic about. What replaces the Blue Era?

    The national character isn’t their. And even if it was, many people just aren’t very bright.

  182. “The national character isn’t their. And even if it was, many people just aren’t very bright.”

    Precisely. WRM has got to believe that though he won’t say it. All you have to do his read his attacks on Gore and his gullible followers.

  183. First lady Michelle Obama told students that freedom of speech should be a universal right during her extravagant, no-press-allowed tour of China — a hypocritical move that will surely draw the ire of critics, according to an expert.

    “That is troublesome. That goes beyond hypocritical, and I think the American media and the international media has every right to call her and the Obama administration on that — that they permitted that to happen,” said Tom Whalen, a political history professor at Boston University. “It makes you shake your head, albeit sadly.”


    What surprises me are the media are now surprised that after five years, they have discovered Michelle Obama isn’t the stately “saint” they so desperately made her out to be.

  184. Three years before our son was born, his older brother who was healthy, died before birth at about 16 to 20 weeks. We got a financial settlement but that didn’t bring the little tyke back. Its silly, but I used to privately mark milestones such as proms and graduation he would have passed.

    One reason we are pouring so much into our grand daughter is she is a miracle who doctors suggested could be aborted early on. People tell us they have never seen a baby like her. We haven’t either. Its not that she is necessarily smart or beautiful. It is her unique personality.

    The lead story on Drudge links to British reports that hospitals have been burning miscarriages and aborted fetuses with the trash. In some cases, they use them to heat buildings.

    People like Wendy Davis should be forced to listen to Ben Folds Five-Brick. It is the story of his girl friend’s abortion, and the aftermath. I think Folds wanted to keep the baby. His girl friend was the brick and the abortion ultimately broke the relationship.

    In the words of the Ukrainian woman who made a video about the riots in Kiev. “They are barbarians.”

  185. The media don’t surprise me.

    The words William Shatner used when he narrated a Ben Folds song (Fear of Pop- In love) with the band explain it well. “Somehow, you said,’you’re different’…For months on end, I maintained a veneer of sincere interest as if I was ….interested. You painted me into what you wanted to see, and that’s ok. But you will never know me.”

    I like pop music. If you look hard enough you can find a quotation for almost every occasion.

    Actually some of the press is beginning to know those people.

    Besides the Obamas, liberals are so ideologically blind they can’t be bothered with the truth. The grannies inability to understand what Huckabee said about Democrats’ attitudes toward women, and the administration’s and others being fooled by Matt Drudge’s tweet illustrate what we are dealing with.

    They are showing their colors now because they feel cornered.

  186. Mr Mead is insightful, but he should have mentioned that the blue paradigm was a fortuitous accident which thrived under the confluence of favorable events. We had a weather optimum in the plains during the mid twentieth century which fooled people into thinking benign conditions were the norm.

    Anther change in the blue model is evident in the music business as performers by- pass established gate ways. Artists like Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix, Macy Kate, and Cimerelli are hungry and they are storming the gates. Canadians Justin Bieber and Carlie Rae Jepsen have already broken in. YouTube is their weapon.

  187. Fox news up to its usual high standards:

    [video src="http://deathandtaxesmag.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Fox-news-affiliate-accidentally-broadcasts-dick-pic.mp4" /]

  188. So I have this ’94 Blazer ( the big one with only two doors) that I had the auto class do the breaks on. My interior was absolutely trashed. Dead worms, cigar ash, tree bark, fertilizer…you name it.

    The seniors give me my truck back today with new bad ass exhaust system with the fat chrome tip, new stereo, trailer brake system. This is hard to explain, but my interior is made out of wood. The fleetwood package you sometimes see in boats. The kids actually sanded and varnished the whole thing. They put in the camo steering wheel cover thing, floor mats and seat covers…detailed and polished the whole thing, cleaned my cold air intake system. Might be 20 years old but it looks like its brand new. Like one of those make over shows.

    Truck is running like a champ with a mean purr.

    I tell you what, those trailer park kids and blue collar tweakers might not give a fuck about Shakespeare but I have no doubt those dudes will be able to take care of themselves a lot better then half the “honor role” students we will be churning out 70 days from now.

    I’m pretty humbled they went out of their way for me like that as these are the kids who hate school. Hell..I’ve even lit them up a few times myself. Amazing what will people will do for you if you don’t look down on them and actually respect the trades they aim to learn.

    The shop teacher told me the kids all chipped in or, being the car dudes they are, had extra shit laying around….he said none of it is stolen. In 30 years he’s never seen the kids work as hard on a vehicle as the old rabbit’s truck. Again….pretty humbling.

  189. Damn Rabbit. That is very cool. Would they like to take a shot at a ’97 Explorer that I’m getting ready to donate and means nothing to anyone but me and the Mutt? 🙂

    I agree wholeheartedly about the blue collar crowd – my favorite work memories were not in an office.

  190. Man, these new WordPress Emoticons look like crap – as bad as the movie I just watched.

    One of those nights were you were looking for anything. If you want to watch the most depraved, worst movie of all time, try ‘The Human Centipede.’ LOL I heard these perverted DJ’s talking about it – so curiosity killed the cat.

    It’s actually worse than it sounds. It was so bad, that I found myself wondering how they could find three people to play that role. And the girls were actually cute at the start of the movie.

    I think they should rename the movie “Eat Shit and Die By the Elephant Walk.” You’ll understand if you dare watch it. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  191. Cool story Rabbit. We have a problem getting kids targeted toward the area in which they will excel. College or failure. It shouldn’t be that way. Sounds like those “shop kids” could make fine craftsmen one day and make a pretty penny too.

  192. Good story, rabbit.

    The Fins encourage stuff like that. One has to apply to high school as if it was college. There are several types of high school. One, for example is English only. Another type teaches a trade such as mechanics and each student is immediately ready for a job at graduation.

  193. I saw like ten minutes of the human centipede movie. It was a real wtf moment for sure. There is a channel in my fios lineup that has a plethora of horror flicks it really makes you wonder about $$ sometimes

  194. Our culture is filled with milestones. Marking them did help.

    One of my favorites is “Day of the Triffids.” My then future wife and i saw it in a movie theater, and she acted so frightened, she was practically on my lap. Later, she admitted it was all an excuse to all but jump my bones.

    My wife is in Omaha with our grand daughter because I stayed home for a medical exam and to report snow to the Weather Service yesterday morning. It didn’t snow then, but it did early this morning. They drew blood, and I drove home, skied 1/8 mile and drove back for the rest of the exam. With all of that, my blood pressure was still only 120/78. I am fine. I will leave for Omaha in a few hours.

    ObamaCare now mandates that if we want, someone will discuss wellness with us. My wife refused. I’ll think about it. Our doctors already do what the new rule suggests.

  195. I just read the Wikipedia page on the Human Centipede.

    That is the most disgusting plot of a movie imaginable.

    The only solace I got out of the existence of the movie was where the idea came from in the first place: sewing the mouth of a child molester to the anus of a fat trucker as a punishment. 🙂

  196. So Obama calls Russia a “regional power” and claims their takeover of Crimea shows their “weakness” not strength.

    Funny how this regional power has enough world influence to bail his ass out of his Syrian mess, but when they are making him look like a fool, they are a regional player.

    Then again…I guess Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and S. America are just “regions”….

    I suppose we should expect nothing less. Why would Obama think Russia is a world power when he doesn’t even think America is all that special?

    Such a fucking asshole……

  197. perhaps it isn’t the best example or fair but I saw a couple of images,very recent, of O and he is looking very old all of a sudden.

  198. How about his response to Romney’s take on Russia? Um….um…..um…someone could nuke Manhattan. Well…….yeah….no shit. Someone could. But what does that have to do with the obvious fact that Russia is a massive geopolitical pain in the ass?

    So Obama just name drops a mushroom cloud in Manhattan? Either that dude from the show 24 is saving NYC’s ass as I type or Obama came up with a boogie man to try to hide the fact Sara fucking Palin got the last laugh. Big time.

    What a skewed world vision this academic phantom of a president has.

    The guy is cringe worthy.


    Find the conservative doom and gloom from 08 and I will show you its reality in ’14.

  199. DR, what bothers me the most is how Bo Bo is so shameless in declaring his failures a victory. Absolutely shameless. He’ll distort the numbers or facts, and guys like R will defend it or claim it as all part of the game. He’ll lie, and his followers let him. Booming economy, the end of terrorism, health care that pays for itself, foreign policy — all of it going as planned so long as you disbelieve your lying eyes.

    We’re in a shitty place and we have a leader that simply says “no we’re not, things are great” and the mindless hordes of liberals are satisfied. I honestly don’t know what the fuck happened. The guy just says shit.

  200. “R”…not a criticism as of late, because you’ve earned none as we’ve all become rather passive, but you’re still an enabler of Obama of sorts.

    Calling Obama a mediocre President is running for cover. Obama is awful and there’s no way around it. Obama is Richard Nixon without the brains.

    Obama is weak and incompetent – I believe corrupt to the core – and unfortunately, like Tigre, Gorilla, Rabbit, James, Huck, and Alfie, me getting to say “I told you so…” gives me little satisfaction. 😡

    I understood your naivety in 2008 – you have a unique perspective here, and no doubt America was looking for change. In 2012, you knew better old friend. Mitt Romney was infinitely more qualified to President than Obama; not perfect, just more qualified – by a long shot.

    And I tell you who understood that fact better than anybody.

    Vladamir Putin.

  201. “Ultimately, not that many liberals care whether their brethren are following their own book of rules. They’ve demonstrated a remarkable acceptance for one another’s hypocrisy.” ~ Jim Geraghty

    But at least “R”, you haven’t gotten to this point (yet). 🙂

  202. Rutherford, pop lyrics are what passes for modern poetry. Our singers are glorified minstrels, and like you, I think its a good thing.

    Chris Rea- Road to Hell fits today’s news. This ain’t no technological breakdown. Oh no, this is the road to hell,”

    Pasion Pit “I took a walk” “We can rip apart those socialists and all their damn taxes. But see, I am no criminal. I’m down on both bad knees. I’m just too much a coward to admit when I’m in need. I took a walk.”

    Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” “Welcome to the new age…Its a revolution, I suppose,”

    Listening to music is more fun than watching the news right now. I don.t think I have ever watched MSNBC or Fox News on cable.

  203. On the domestic front specifically SCOTUS…
    I look forward to the decision by summer on the ACA/Obama vs Hobby Lobby etc.
    I found the reporting to provide some interesting insights. The present lean is that the government should probably loose and that religious freedoms should have some serious standing. The conservatives plus Kennedy were quoted along the lines of freedom even if it is inconvenient . The three females with Soto & Kagan being the most out of touch seem to feel freedoms should be dictated by the government.At best they tried to paint gloom and doom that Christians and Muslims (didn’t say anything about Jews specifically) might start refusing service to gays and immodestly dressed females. Oh the horror! That a business might make it a point to join itself to its ideals and reap or suffer the benefits/flak of it.
    This reminds me of the Hippie Prof Rand Paul CRA debate.
    It will be interesting to see what the ruling is.
    *of note the primary source that pushed my buttons and perked my interest….the LA Times. Yet again surprising me with actual reporting,good for them!

  204. Alfie,

    Had Hippie lived to see Obama’s signature legislature be implemented (or lack thereof), we would have surely heard wailing and gnashing of teeth about Republican obstruction being the main cause. 😆 Like our blog host, I personally liked the man. But Hippie was even more of an Obama enabler than Rutherford….the consummate academic liberal.


    Boehner’s comment today about another self-appointed delay in enrolling in the Unaffordable Healthcare Act was classic.

    What the hell is this? A joke?

    I seldom listen to Rush Limbaugh, but today I had on AM radio when coming home from an errand during FM commercial and listened to a segment.

    Limbaugh made a legitimate point:

    At this point, Obama’s approval rating should be hovering around 10-15-20%, signifying just how stupid and uninformed America has really become.

    And Limbaugh’s right. If Obama isn’t a massive failure, no President can be defined as a failure.

  205. Obamacare is getting to the point where its making a complete mockery out of rule of law as a whole.

    I can’t believe there are liberals defending this circus.

    They will sternly look right into your eyes and tell you deadlines are in stone and then weeks later change it.

    Rutherford…..do you libs even have any self respect? I’m convinced you are guys are nothing but mindless nihilists.

    Seriously…..this is setting a precedent that is the antithesis to our Republic. Are you people so stupid and short sighted you don’t fear being on the receiving end of a Republican playing tyrant?

    Rutherford….you can run but you can’t hide.

    You were one of the many that hurt America back in the day when you didn’t stand up to the elites who told us we can find out what the law is after it is passed.

    And now, your weak and passive I don’t give a fuck attitude is ensuring a complete lack of accountability. You are hurting America again.

    Hell….stand up to this shit because you believe in the progressive movement. Stand up for some fucking dignity.

  206. Betsys Page summarizes some of our progressive domestic and foreign failures. They are our enemy, and they are bleeding right now. Their news media defenders are becoming a joke as they become more shrill.

    Some want to destroy the country as we know it and they have duped people like Rutherford as surely as they duped the 1968 Chicago protesters who didn’t know their leaders wanted violence to make a political point. Unwitting demonstrators who’s heads were bruised were acceptable collateral damage as are the people who can’t find work or who suffer through our new health insurance

    It may not sound like it, but I am defending Rutherford. He is the victim of a long-term scam. He is like the people who were tricked into paying a caller in Omaha who said they had a newly discovered unpaid electric bill which needed attention within an hour, or their lights would go off. Several were small businesses.

    Most dupes were too embarrassed to discuss the scam on the air, but one brave man was interviewed to make the con more public and to alert others to the danger.

    Rutherford is one of the conned, and he has a choice. Will he keep quiet or will he acknowledge he has been swindled? It takes a brave person to admit he/she was played for a fool and even helped the scam artists. I know Rutherford is brave, but admitting to something like this is hard. This corrupt ideology is part of his identity,

    In this case, it is not so much the ideology which is bad. It is our leaders who have corrupted it and turned it into something evil,

  207. Seen this morning:

    “Why does Michelle Obama’s mother live at the White House at taxpayer expense?”

    For the same reason US foreign policy is a shambles. Because Obama won’t stand up to tyrants.


  208. Why does Michele’s mother live at the White House?

    “Once my mother- in law came just to stay a couple of nights. Then decided she would stay the rest of her life.” I took a Walk” Passion Pit

  209. Not every man would want his mother-in-law living with him. As for the “why” I’ve read that grandma does the lions share of child rearing while Michele tends to First Lady duties. No comments from the peanut gallery.

  210. Personally, I think the less engagement those kids have with their parents, the better their futures will be…

    😆 😆

    Reads to me like Michelle may spend an inordinate amount of time hiding the kids from Memaw – the old hag was about to get us into WWIII all by her lonesome in China, if half of what you read is true. 🙂

  211. Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mr Lawson
    Failure loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo)
    Fuck you please, Mr. Lawson
    Seven fold the taxes I pay
    (On an epi-pen for my kid , hey, hey… hey!)

    Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
    Going to the candidates debate
    Laugh about it, shout about it
    MSNBC propaganda is all you choose
    Ev’ry way you look at it, you lose

    Where have you gone, Greychin the hero
    A nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo, woo, woo)
    What’s that you say, Mr. Lawson
    Joltin’ Thor has left and gone away
    (Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

  212. Can someone explain high crimes and misdemeanors again? What does it really take to get rid of this guy?

    The Obama administration has been helping to facilitate a series of events nationwide at Mexican Consulate offices to enroll people in Obamacare – and a key activist says the efforts are “our responsibility” regardless of citizenship.

    “Whether they’re Mexican nationals or whether they’re United States citizens or whether they’re in transition– and if they’re there it is our responsibility within all of America to educate on the Affordable Care Act,” Enroll America Field Organizer Jose Medrano told Breitbart News on Wednesday.

    Health Care insurance navigator groups hosted an Obamacare enrollment fair on Tuesday in the Mexican Consulate’s Brownsville office, The Rio Grande Guardian reported last Friday, where Mexican nationals among others were counseled about enrolling in the ACA.

    “The Mexican consulate is a very reliable source of information to the Latino community. And therefore when they host their events, yesterday being the health fair, there are several hundred people that show up,” Medrano said.

    Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) undocumented immigrants aren’t supposed to be receiving government-run health benefits or subsidized coverage. However, President Barack Obama told Latinos in early March that the Healthcare.gov website would not be used to find out about an individual’s immigration status.

  213. I will say this, every one of those officers involved in the shooting of Boyd for illegally camping in New Mexico should be prosecuted for excessive force and murder. Their actions were completely uncalled for and there was no reason for that.

  214. LOL Rabbit. Great song but you did miss one obvious stylistic choice. Mr. Rutherford would have been a much better rhythmic alternative to Mrs. Robinson. Otherwise you’ve got a hit on your hands. 🙂

  215. On a more serious note Rabbit, I’m sorry I’ve forgotten the details but are you saying you can no longer find coverage for the epi-pens or that you can’t find the coverage at the sane price? And isn’t your health coverage provided by the school district, thereby taking you out of the whole Obamacare fiasco?

  216. I like the change to the “Mrs. Robinson” song.

    This morning’s Betsy’s page shows more damage liberal Democrats are doing to our medical care system though some of it began before Clinton. A doctor testified before Congress.

    She also links to a description of how Harry Reid and his family have stolen millions of dollars from us. Harry is not exempt from corruption, but the liberal press basically ignores his behavior. That makes him immune.

  217. R, you don’t get it.

    Exempt? Apparently Obama is, and he has demonstrated himself as being arguably the most corrupt pResident this nation has ever had. Ever.

    I think this is more a reflection of ideology than party. So far, all that have been arrested are progressive leftists (an oxymoron if there ever was one), and I think it is pretty demonstrative of what to expect with liberals in power.

    I mean, come on, at what point do you recoil from the flagrant abuses of law? Where is your “red line”?

  218. Is there anything left of shame in the Dimocratic Party, “R?”

    I remember being personally embarrassed about Mark Foley. Surely something like this has to give you pause, “R”…and how utterly corrupt those broadcasts you feel more trustworthy really are?

    Take State Sen. Leland Yee of San Francisco. He used to go on Piers Morgan’s now-canceled CNN moonbat-fest and denounce the Second Amendment. He sent out tweets on the first anniversary of the Newtown massacre saying, “I’m still shocked & prepared to take steps to stop gun violence.”

    Well, up to a point …

    He, too, was arrested on Wednesday, for allegedly arranging deals to procure M16s and rocket launchers to be smuggled into California after being purchased from Muslim terrorists in the Philippines. Sen. Yee was working with a Chinese gangster named “Shrimp Boy.”

    Apparently, Yee was much less concerned about the spread of weapons of mass destruction when he was talking to his fellow hoods than when he was pontificating on CNN: “People want to get whatever they want to get. Do I care? No, I don’t care. People need certain things.”

    Like, rocket launchers.

    Two-gun Yee is the third Democrat state senator to be arrested in California this week. Earlier it was state Sen. Rod Wright (perjury) and then Ron Calderon (bribery).

    What a crime wave, in less than one week. So guess what most of the networks led with on their newscasts last night? The 5-month-old story of Gov. Chris Christie’s Bridgegate. Because it has one thing going for it that none of these other stories had, the only thing that matters to the corrupt American media.

    Christie is a Republican. ~ Howie Carr

  219. Rutherford, in order to give free birth control to the masses a medical device tax was passed with Obamacare.

    So….the manufacturer gets taxed and the price goes up on inhalers and epi pens for us.

    Epi pens are the back breaker…..

    My kid gets indirectly taxed because of his peanut allergy so people can fuck without a condom.

    You do realize that there is no free lunch, dont you?

    The second birth control was free almost all policies reconfigured their prescription tiers. Also, Obamacare mandates you must now buy a two pack of epi pens, which are already more expensive because of the tax and I have to pay out of pocket until my deductible is met. I had to cough up 600 bucks last time I was at the pharmacy. Obama chose for my son to pay more so that ignorant fucks can…..fuck.

    Pharmacists words upon my sticker shock…..blame Obamacare.

  220. Dead rabbit has a very good point. There is also the crappy bit of how a number of insurance plans don’t cover the mandated two pack. Not to get too personal rabbit. But have you seen the 0 copayment card the MyplN co offers

  221. “So….the manufacturer gets taxed and the price goes up on inhalers and epi pens for us.”

    The inclusion of basic economics into this discussions means that you just lost Rutherford’s attention.

    Better luck next time, DR.

  222. Yeah. Let’s get to the real problem. Health is an industry today. You need a maintenance plan, according to the recent affordable (cough, cough) act, and there are plenty of middlemen to go through for it. Nobody cares about your health, only how they can manage it. What can we get out of it? That’s from both sides. They want it and you want it. What, you say? The most for your buck. And in today’s free (cough, cough) society, industry has the patents and the marketplace sewn up. The government is also there, of course, being the nanny we invited to take charge our personals. We’re commodities, after all – livestock, branded at birth. Our value is based on what they can extract over our expected life cycle.

    The healthiest should avoid hospitals and the institutional cutouts they produce. These monuments of culture are designed to clinically extract the most from every opportunity. Their methods and means do not promote whole health nor cures, rather a controlled system of supplementary maintenance.

    One problem is you have good people locked into operating only within the parameters of their job slots.

    Real food is medicine for whatever a body needs. Real water cleanses the mind and body. Get off the sugar, processed foods, gmo grains, sodas, cell devices, msnbc, foxnews, cnns, etc. Treat your body like the temple it is and it will go well and healthy for your whole being.

  223. Alphy…..thanks for the link. You just saved me money because it caused me to search for coupons on my psoriasis medicine which I have hitherto gone without to afford medicine for kids.

    I’m pretty sure the epi pen coupon was a fail for reasons my wife would be able to explain.

    By the way, I have received numerous concerned emails from you guys about the state of my psoriasis infested penis. I have good news. The shlong psoriasis seems to gave gone in remission.

  224. “The government is also there, of course, being the nanny we invited to take charge our personals. ”


    The nanny YOU invited.

    Repeat. YOU invited it.

    YOU were defending Obamacare and mocking the protesters back when that garbage was thrown in our face. YOU were one of the many that made it happen.

    Remember when I would ask over and over again how you can argue for such an expansion of government when you believe said government attacked America on 911?

    I’m not into “I told you so” because you have been pretty up front how you were duped.

    But…can you see how saying “we” would bug the shit out of us who went down kicking and screaming from day 1?

    As for your holistic psuedo-science….. I actually think you make a good point to a large extent.

    That being said, my son could die from contact with peanut butter. Not something I can rely on good cannabis and clean water to fix.

    By the way, your very presence in that unsustainable desert posing as the fucking fertile crescent makes a mockery out of responsible water use. If you ever want our crystal clean Michigan water you better get down on your knees and….oh shit….we owe you for the auto bail out. Fuck!

    Lastly…of course its a business. I want it to be a profitable one for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and, God bless them, doctors.

    But insurance companies. Fuck them. After the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact that made the monstrosity of Obamacare….I want to see them burn. Instead Obama is going to bail them out. It was win win. Disgusting.

  225. “But insurance companies. Fuck them. After the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact that made the monstrosity of Obamacare….I want to see them burn.”

    Oh, they’ll burn. And then we will have a completely socialized, government system.

    Which, of course, was the plan all along.

  226. That’s twice you have FALSELY accused me of defending BoBo care. That psoriasis is attacking more than your man gland.

  227. I don’t have allergies, though I am sensitive to certain things moreso than others. Everyone I know who does have varying allergies seems to get the same spiel. They find the advanced treatment for allergies involves introducing small amounts, generally injected into the skin, with doses increasing over time until the body itself develops a greater tolerance. I guess that is why we call it our immune system. I don’t think the pharma ‘cures’ take you off their prescribed medications.

  228. So, how’s the introspecting going, Rutherford? For making such a deal of it, you surely haven’t produced much.

    Actually, nothing at all, by my reckoning.

    Poolman, I think you’re right. It appears that psoriasis has a side effect – making the unstable MORE unstable.


  229. “Poolman, I think you’re right. It appears that psoriasis has a side effect – making the unstable MORE unstable.”-P

    Says the 60 year old plus old man pretending to be a wealthy Australian business man on the internet….(which was kind of funny until it wasn’t)

    ….An older gentleman who sent personal emails over the prospect of dueling someone in the comment section…

    Come on lil’ Mrs. Silence Dogood….loan me some bitcoin……

  230. That’s twice you have FALSELY accused me of defending BoBo care.

    You did. Repeatedly (although admittedly not passionately).

    And I would constantly ask you the same thing.

    It was my go to back then when you would spout that America blew up the WTC with rigged explosives. I remember it because I was sincerely so baffled how you could reconcile any kind of government expansion with your conspiracies.

    You would always respond about the government being full of numerous factions….thus that’s how you could support Obamacare.

    Over time, you definitely became more pro small government (and your take on the gun control changed too).

    Look dude…..I’ve evolved too. Hell….I posted here before I had any kids. I’m not even the same dude I was 5 years ago.

    Certain messages in the comment section stick with me.

    I remember Pfarker’s final retort during a heated gun control debate here.

    Pressed about restrictions on guns…..He chillingly referred to himself as a lone wolf….and dared Rutherford or anyone else to take his guns. He also said there are millions of people just like him. Personally, I thought it was one of the most bad ass retorts to those who want to do a way with the 2nd amendment I’ve ever heard.

  231. I guess I should expect to correct your history annually. I was for single-payer. Never BoBocare. That was where your reasoning led you to challenge me with, “How could I expect the same government that attacked itself on 911 administer healthcare?” That was your argument. I could again explain the lack of cohesion in government, rouge factions, etc, etc…, but I digress.

    I did vote for BoBo in 08. My bad. He lost me when his actions did not match his words (which was close to immediate after the inauguration, and it’s been a slippery ride downhill since.

  232. My apologies….I think you are correct.

    Funny thing…..is I still can’t over it. .

    … its cool to give 100% control of your medical care to a government so evil and devious that it would not only attack the World Trade Center but get away with it. You might have my psoriasis.

    You are the most trusting man I’ve ever met in my life……. “rogue factions” be damned.

    Hopefully you have changed your stance from the website problems alone.

  233. Had nothing to do with trusting government and everything to do with what our national resources ought to be used for. I have since decided over the past 6 years that government can’t do anything right.

    re 330, I don’t see much introspection out of Rutherford, either. It must have been too hard. Brain fried from grasping at straws and stuffing those strawmen, I guess. No solid ideology to stand on. Dizzyman.

  234. Riddle me this, rabbit? How can you not trust a government that gave you all the truth on 911, even pursuing those terrorists to the last known survivor, even to the ends of the earth. How do you live within that dichotomy?

  235. Poolman, if you’re still for “single-payer”, you haven’t evolved. You’ve regressed to Margaret & Helen level stupidity…

    The dichotomy is that you wish to give government total control of administration of healthcare – the same imperialist government that kills its own people on 9/11. Right?

    Parker is too ignorant to understand real instability…as blind as he is about his biblical ignorance and his short-lived arrogance mocking his Creator.

  236. I have evolved to not trust government with anything, especially my health. I think it a shame we have a for profit health system and the rich get better care, pay less taxes over all, and get their own system of justice. This is not the country I knew growing up. Maybe I was always just naive.

  237. Nice try. Out of boredom I will continue.

    Even if I conceded that my take on the 911 event was solely based on trust in government’s narrative (its not at all) why would that mean I would automatically have to trust the government with managing all of our health care? Or anything else for that matter?

    You’re being silly.

    You can’t claim the government murdered thousands of us live on television via the most elaborate conspiracy in human history and also argue for total dependency on the same government for our healthcare.

    But if you are trying to say you have 180-ed on the issue…I suppose I could just drop it.

    Of course…how you now believe the government is both completely inept and also pulled off the 911 conspiracy with out a hitch is a new ludicrous can of worms.

    Perhaps you have changed your mind on your conspiracy as well?

    Nobody takes you seriously here because of this stuff.

  238. I just bought Obamacare today bitches!

    P.S. It will save us $500.00 per month now that my wife no longer has employer subsidized health insurance. Even with the savings it will be our biggest monthly expense next to rent.

  239. Rabbit, I think you are not being truthful. You don’t trust anything that comes out of government anymore, even though you kind of work for the state. No. You do work for the state. Whoever signs your checks. So for you to be honest, you start to go down that path in a logical fashion, then soon all your foundations will be shattered, and your faith isn’t strong enough to sustain you. You need nanny.

    Humor me. Do you know any psychopaths? Try this, since you’re bored…

    Here’s a man who on any given day would be in his office in the north tower of the WTC, but by sheer luck (cough, cough) he isn’t on that fateful day. As a matter of fact, he just so happens to be able to go on the news and discuss the event in a very calm and emotionless manner, even knowing at the time that his entire workplace and many of his workplace associates are toast.

    His place of employment? Marsh & McLennan. At the time of the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001, the corporation held offices on eight floors of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, from 93 to 100.[6] When American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the building, their offices spanned the entire impact zone, from floors 93 to 99.[7] Everybody present in the offices at the time of the attack died, and the firm lost 295 employees and 63 contractors.[1]

    Seem normal to you in retrospect?

  240. Single payer preferable to the disaster we have now, Poolman? Really?

    Total control of our healthcare to the government? One that has the consent of millions and millions of mindless minions that consider turning the its own agencies like the IRS against its political opponents a “nothing burger?” Are you fucking kidding me? You can’t imagine what could be done when control of healthcare is turned against its political opponents? The guy that thinks 9/11 was a government conspiracy? One that could. . . say. . . deny emergency care/treatment/coverage to owners of firearms. . . or swimming pools. . . or. . . anything your imagination as to any manner of conduct that an oppressive government would want to do away with?

  241. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t be so sure about premiums. Maybe the co-pays and deductibles will triple or the critical treatments he needs will be excluded.

  242. Sorry Poolman….didn’t read the conspiracy stuff.

    So you think I’m too afraid to admit the 911 conspiracy because I get paid with tax dollars?

    Well….I guess that’s impossible for me to refute so you got me.

    At the rate I’m going, running my mouth at staff meetings by mocking failed policy and government waste while pointing out examples of cultural disease, I may soon be able to offer that unbiased take you are looking for.

    Man…if you guys saw a few of the packed zoos I got for classes this year you would probably be requesting my replacement. They give me all the crazies and criminals. They don’t even hide it anymore. Only the gym teacher as more then me. 212 kids.

    They give me the ugly side sometimes and just look away, knowing the head aches that it would cause if someone else was in that room. But the educational quality? Pretty bad. There is only so much you can do sometimes. A lot of people don’t get that. Kind of like everyone thinks they would be great at hockey if they only could skate. Its a good thing the legislation involving data and merit pay is impossible to implement or I’d be on probation or worse.

    I wouldn’t even give a fuck if there wasn’t a few good kids that got screwed by their counselor and stranded on the island of misfit toys.

    Toughest part is I have these twin brothers. One, due to cancer, isn’t going to make it to graduation.

    I don’t know how cops do it. Just working with the mass of humanity and being close to all the misery and sadness that comes with it can wear you down a bit. Especially in March. They say if you can survive March you made another year.

    But man…..that kid with cancer…..it chokes me up. Last month, his last week at school, I let him skip 7 the hour study hall and come chill in my room. He loves History. Dude is terminal and still fascinated by the world around him.

    He is handling his certain death like a soldier. And his brother is a champ too.

    I’m not trying to paint a woe is me situation. I make great money and have summer coming up. But….it’s not always a walk in the park.

    My job is like working the turn style at the subway except its peoples’ teenage sons and daughters.

    You get to see the best and worst of humans, that’s for sure. And unstable people. True unstable people.

  243. You guys can’t seem to comprehend the written word. The word ‘was’ is key to understanding my single-payer statement. The meaning, since it seems to have evaded you, is: The first and third person singular past of be. In an ideal world, and this is not*, single-payer would be my choice.

    * another one of those key words.

  244. Sorry Poolman….didn’t read the conspiracy stuff.

    This is where rabbit goes, “Lalalalalalalalalala… I can’t hear you… lalalalalalalalalalala…

    So the NBC station’s clip is the conspiracy, or is it the Wikipedia account of reality??… hmmmm… I’m thinking they’re both in on it too. lol.

  245. How are you saving $500 a month, Rutherford? That’s bunk. Like all the free shit you get when you buy things. There is nothing free in the marketplace and you can’t save by spending money. The only thing you can do is spend less. If you can reduce your monthly nut, then you did good. But what about your health? Is this going to give you the same benefits, or is this now going to market to your health maintenance needs? You know, with all the data mining and smart technology we got to live with. How much more did this system extract from you by signing up? Did you have to give it any blood?

  246. LOL Tigre you slay me. Did you miss the part about this being my second biggest bill of the month? A close second.behind the rent which ain’t cheap.

    Where’s the free lunch? I’m just saying it is cheaper than my current plan under COBRA. And to get a final verdict we’ll have to look at year end expenses now that I have a deductible that I didn’t have before.

    What’s hilarious is how all of you complain about Obamacare and I’m probably the only one here who will be on it.

    Tigre doesn’t your law firm subsidize your health insurance? Tell me again who’s getting the free lunch.

  247. Rabbit servicing unhappy people all the time wears you down. The only people who laugh when they call me are those who laugh at their own stupidity for locking themselves out of their car or leaving the car lights on. Everyone else is sad, frustrated and pissed off. And I talk to about 200 of them every week.

    Sometimes I wanna blow my brains out.

    BTW, this nay be my last week on nights. I’m trying to switch back to days. My 52 year old body is too old for this shit.

  248. Pools the reason my damn premium and deductible is so damn high is EXACTLY because I had to shop for a plan that met my extraordinary needs.

    By the way you still think the missing Malaysian jet is a false flag?

  249. Oh my God, Rutherford. You are an economic illiterate of epic proportions. Just astounding.

    “Tigre doesn’t your law firm subsidize your health insurance? Tell me again who’s getting the free lunch.”

    First, no. It “subsidizes” not one penny. As you know, I am a partner. I “am” the “law firm.” I am the employer. We’ve discussed this in a variety of contexts. I pay astronomical figures for me, my family — and the associates and staff. Since you know my position (we’ve even discussed in emails and on this board), I’m now guessing you didn’t know what the term “partner” means either.

    Second, it’s obvious that the term “subsidize” means “free lunch to you” to you. The cost of health insurance (which now will cover the employee and not the employee’s family as it does for 99% of all non-union businesses now) is factored directly into the cost of that employee. Know what that means? Pay cut, termination, non-hire, reduction in benefits etc. — or the same thing: HUGE increases in deductibles and copay when premiums rise sufficiently: 2,000% since I started with premiums up over 200%. Read that slowly. I am confident you have no idea what the employer mandate that Obama keeps delaying either.

    Third, it’s obvious you don’t know what the phrase “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” means, so here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/There_ain't_no_such_thing_as_a_free_lunch

    I assure you that you have not “saved” $500 per month. You have just taken it directly to the nuts and don’t even realize it.

    And I slay you?
    *face in palms*

  250. p.s. I would have assumed your wife’s COBRA was not “subsidized” either.COBRA is just a continuation of the group benefits offered by the employer for a period of time. The premiums are usually covered by the terminated employee, and although less individual coverage, not “subsidized.” If you are saying your wife’s employer paid some or all of her premiums outside of a short period after termination, she sure got a sweetheart severance.

  251. Thanks to ObamaCare, our daughter will pay an extra $5,000 to keep the insurance her small business bosses provide. She may lose it after the small business mandate expires, though given the Obama’s attempt to hide the effects until another election it may never happen.

    Many horror stories of patients and doctors suffering from the new plan are not being reported in the national press.

    Consider the British single payer system parents of the AFC law hope it evolves to. Given the state of your health, the death panel is coming and its coming for you,

  252. James, stop complaining about Obamacare. The only one on it is Rutherford. 🙄

    Maybe Rutherford and his family should do what millions and millions that haven’t enrolled do: what until the medical crisis occurs, then purchase. Since no preexisting conditions are denied, I guess R prefers to subsidize the others through his premiums.

  253. You have a point,eltigre. Besides, some of this is supposed to be on the honor system, right?

    Forbes contributor Scott Gottlieb has an article detailing the cost of the AFC law for young people making between $20,000 and $45,000. They surveyed four states and computed from an Aetna Classic Silver plan. They will pay much more than before the law passed.

    Let’s hope R’s doctor stays in business or that he doesn’t need any more special medical devices in the future. They will also cost more if they can be found in this country.

  254. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t be so sure about premiums. Maybe the co-pays and deductibles will triple or the critical treatments he needs will be excluded.

    Exactly. These folks who think they are “saving” money on their Bomba healthcare, are exactly the same folks who thought they were “saving” money on their mortgage with a balloon payment and adjustable mortgage rate.

    The illiteracy in America about money never ceases to amaze.

    Speaking of knots in stomach about the tournament, my knot is not in the stomach but the gut about how poorly the entire Big XII played in this tournament.

    My two teams: (1) Kansas and (2) OSU couldn’t have picked a worse time of the year to play their most horrid basketball and choke like dogs. ISU could be excused for losing a key player.

    The Big XII of basketball is becoming the B1G of football – disgraceful on the national stage.

  255. Tigre – I have no idea what Rutherford is going off of at this point. His remarks about his wife’s insurance and your own situation are baffling.

    I seem to recall you mentioning that your costs to continue insuring your employees went up by something like 60% this year. Of course Harry Reid says that’s not true at all.

    Rutherford you could save on your rent if you just bought a $300K home too. How about an eight year loan on a Jaguar? Of course your insurance will go up a little if you need to drive it.

  256. Rabbit I appreciated reading your #348. 212 – is that a typo? Really, thanks for telling us about that kid and everything.

    Sorry to be on your case Rutherford but your response about “servicing unhapy people wears you down” just makes me sorry for the company rabbit had to keep last night. You and pools – and sometime YOU wanna blow YOUR brains out?

    Good luck talking to 200 people a week on the phone during the day instead of nights though. Third shift is surreal.

  257. Rutherford sorry about the slams.

    But I’m still reeling over the remark about Tigre’s law firm subsidizing his health insurance. And that somehow that’s the real free lunch. Unbelievable.

    And he thinks it’s hilarious that we complain about the ACA but probably aren’t on it. I still can’t figure that one out.

  258. I for one am amused by Pfarkey’s little drive bys. Him turning on Rutherford and needling him about his introspection tour is particularly comical.

  259. I can’t stomach the conversation on health insurance. I’ve watched ACA conditions hit my plan with the malice and ferocity of a stone cold drunk in a semi with a snow plow attachment. Un-freakin-believable what the premiums,deductibles and max out of pocket have soared to all to deal mostly with the mandates like 26 y/o “children” being covered. I’ve also noticed in the past year that the administrator of the plan has gotten really pissy on approvals. Perhaps it is because someone on my plan was finally denied something, a definitive imaging test against the express wishes of the MD and obvious needs of the pt.but up until now I’ve found them quite good at championing my family’s care as well as fighting the good fight against the business side of the medical profession. (double billing,violating contracts etc.)

    Well I wish you all a very happy week. I am off to London tonight with the family.

  260. I often wish everyone had to own their own business or survive by their own wits for a time to understand how it works and how any additional costs have to be passed on down to whoever it is paying for your service. It’s a reality check everyone needs but few ever get. If we all found that common place we could strengthen the collective rather than the continual weakening of the linkage.

  261. It is good that you service so many unhappy people, Rutherford. Now you can appreciate all those lighthearted folks that bring joy even into the very worse or dire of situations. They are a memorable minority. You are in a problem solving capacity, so you can feel overwhelmed when your efforts are not appreciated or not involved enough or not as fast as expected. You’re a living being on the line in a world of virtual voiced menu driven drivel. Of course people feel need to vent to a live person. You get to experience them at the height of their frustration. Remember, we are an exceptional society. That’s why we feel entitled. We paid for this service. We forked over the price of admission and therefore expect – no demand service. lol. I am constantly amused.

    Attitude is a choice. There are two diametrically opposed ways to react in times of adversary.

  262. “I seem to recall you mentioning that your costs to continue insuring your employees went up by something like 60% this year. Of course Harry Reid says that’s not true at all.”

    Somewhere in that neighborhood. It’s staggering. We’re a boutique firm, and with two cancer diagnosis in the last 5 years, our premiums are through the roof.

    Of course those were. . . like. . . subsidized. . . or free lunches. . . or something. . . 🙄

    Obamacare has burdened the working class to an incredible extent. And you know who is not obtaining the insurance? You got it. The so-called uninsured (of which there are now millions more). Gotta wait for the life threatening diagnosis to come along.

    Harry Reid can go fuck himself. What a worthless piece of shit. I hope is gored to death in the press and public opinion by the nepotism and financial breaches of public trust I am hearing about.

  263. ”I guess I should expect to correct your history annually. I was for single-payer. Never BoBocare.”

    “I did vote for BoBo in 08. My bad. He lost me when his actions did not match his words (which was close to immediate after the inauguration, and it’s been a slippery ride downhill since.”

    I know I’m going to regret this.

    Obama didn’t run on single payer. He didn’t promise single payer.

  264. Really. What am I trying to understand here?

    Tigre the Harry Reid theft is a nothing burger and you know it. Because he was a boxer in high school and Sarah Palin and racism.

  265. Muffy, I know what Obama ran on. I was for single-payer. BoBo was back before he campaigned. In theory, it’s the fairest system. In practice, not so much. The human factor fucks us every damn time.

  266. Its true Obama didn’t run on or promise single payer, but that is only because he lied. He defended ObamaCare to supporters who thought it wasn’t going far enough. Obama said it might take fifteen or twenty years to evolve.

    Our Iowa Senator Tom Harkin said the law was like building a house. It was only the foundation and first story rooms. Give it time. Our stenographers who impersonate reporters were mute .Democrat lies to the contrary, one could imply the destination by reading the map in ObamaCare.

    We aren’t hearing much about the 100,000 troops massed on Ukraine’s border. I wonder what pop singer VIKA thinks now. She seems to be an admirable woman who interrupted her music career to earn a MA degree. Last summer, she started holding a Ukrainian flag and smiling as she raised her fist while singing “I am not Alone.”.

    Most people who made YouTube videos about the protest tried to keep their identities secret. VIKA made several videos and left no doubt of her celebrity identity. She and others like her had better have air plane tickets handy.

    If Putin decides, they are royally forked.

  267. Poolman, you were a fool , a nice fool, but a fool. Now the scales are being lifted from your eyes. How much company you have will decide our immediate future.

  268. I used to visit with call center solicitors. Some had heart rending stories. One was a sixteen year old girl in Texas who lied about her age to get the job. She was looking forward to spending the summer with her father in Wisconsin.

    A Utah woman said her husband lost his job during the beginning of the Clinton recession which culminated in the early Bush years. Silicone valley had few jobs and scores of competitors for each job. The couple moved to Utah and he entered grad school to upgrade his skills. She became teary as she asked me, a stranger, if I thought their plan would find him a job.

    A woman with bad legs was hanging on to her job because she was the only source of income for her and her teen aged daughter.

    One woman attended the same church as my college room mate and best man’s mother. She knew the family well. She as also distantly related to my brother-in law.

  269. Poolman: A Morton’s Fork.

    Tigre, it only appears that way when I have to spoon feed you guys. Seriously. Sometimes when reaching for a better utensil, a spork seems the logical choice. But it never, ever feels as comfortable to the palate.

  270. Tigre what’s your estimate on how much your insurance would have gone up without Obamacare? Insurance rates go up every year as surely as the sun rises. Do you really think you have a handle on Obamacare’s influence?

  271. Apparently Rutherford was the sixth millionth signup for BoBocare and as a bonus received another intravenous injection of hopey change.

  272. Muffy let me explain. People whose companies subsidize their health insurance have no idea how good they have it. My wife working, insurance 500 a month. Not working, 1600 dollars a month. I don’t think most people have the foggiest fucking idea how much their company BENEFIT shields them from the reality of health insurance costs.

    I’m living it. I dare say Rabbit and Tex are not. Poolman, self employed, is living it.

    If Tigre is a partner in his firm or has some administrative responsibility over his firm’s benefits then he is living it from a corporate POV. His minions get a benefit that makes their insurance a lot cheaper.

    So bottom line, yes, if you’re getting two thirds discount on health insurance via your employer then you are getting free lunch and should STFU about others getting theirs.

  273. In answer to your question Tigre yes for six months IBM continued to subsidize our insurance. We just got the month 7 bill which was triple and basically forced us into Obamacare.

  274. Rutherford, let me explain. This is something you should know.

    Subsidized insurance from a company is considered an “earned benefit.” That is, it is part of the incentive package for employment. Try to think of it as part of your salary, blockhead.. It’s one of the reasons wages were stagnant under Bush and falling under Dear Leader. 😉 Because the cost of the entire package per employee continues to escalate.

    Kidney stone. I need to remember that one. Sarah Palin and racism and stuff. LOL LOL.

    You guys and gal are pretty funny.

    Rutherford, I couldn’t do what you’re doing. I probably couldn’t do what Poolman does. Self employment makes you much too aware of how much you’re getting screwed by your government. Working with miffed people every moment wears on you.

    Have you ever been tempted to say, “Hey asshole? I’ll leave you stranded. How do you like those apples?” I probably would within the first week. Now you know why I’m unemployable. LOL

  275. @#384 – Rutherford I would come over there to Naperville right now and beat you senseless but that would be redundant.

    If we had no idea how good we have it we would not be complaining, you dunderhead. What’s wrong with you?

    Companies subsidizing their employees’ health insurance. Are you trying to be cute?

    IT’S COMPENSATION YOU HALF-WIT! For one of those 3 letter word J-O-B-S, Biden.

    Heaven help us. What have we done to deserve these people?

  276. LOL Blockhead. Oh Tex.

    Rutherford I just wish I could be patched through directly to you. I’d join Triple A just for that perk. I’d call you when McDonalds puts sugar in my coffee like those crazies call 911.

    Re: poolman spoonfeeding us. The guy who voted for the guy who was for single payer before he campaigned, but ran on…what?

    Kill me now. Just do it.

  277. Our daughter’s rate surged $5,000. in one year. She has ObamaCare to thank. Of course premiums would increase incrementally, but this is more than a slow payment rise. Her boss owns the company, and offers financial help with the insurance as a wage incentive.

    The counseling company which employs our daughter pays half of the premiums from money it earns selling its services. That is by no stretch of imagination, a free lunch. For that reason, the company may send its employees to the exchanges once the mandate expires because it will no longer be able to afford the added cost. Our daughter’s boss is not sure she will be able to afford People must pay for a business’s goods and services, or it will die. The government has no such restraints.

    “what have we done to deserve these people?” We didn’t pay attention, and we defused our votes and political activities into impotence. The rest us did little but watch.

  278. Running our farm business taught us to second -guess everything we did. It taught us how to survive on worry since any of our decisions might combine with factors beyond our control to take us under. It taught us to distrust our political and business leaders. We were responsible, and yes, we did build that.

  279. I think I’ve told this before, but it bears repeating. Here’s what the Unaffordable Care Act did for me personally.

    I went from paying a $35 Co-pay for 26 years when I saw the electro physiologist for my annual checkup to get my meds renewed, to paying $1,400 because of Dear Leader Care – that will be in perpetuity mind you until this Obamanation is stopped.

    My cardiologist no longer reads the results. A qualified hospital now does, which is then returned to the doctor and he relays me the results back to me. So somebody is making really money, but it ain’t the cardiologist because he told me “I’m too old for this nonsense anymore.”

    I get this real cool laminated brochure with all the results, though. The most expensive plastic manual I’ve ever received, with the most comprehensive blood work results published. Really swell graphs and everything.

    Isn’t that dandy?

    True story, Mr. “R.”

  280. LOL…..Tigre…..you parasitical leech …subsidizing yourself and shit. And then you and your partners have the audacity to “subsidize” other employees? Sick bastards……all of you. 🙂

    Me on the other hand……I tend to lay low when the conversation turns this direction.

    I think next year we are going to switch to my wife’s benefits….which will liberate the fuck out of me when it comes to this current awkwardness.

    Tax payer ensures I have better benefits then most of them have. Something not right about that. Sad thing is many of them seem to think they are paying so much in effing taxes that Rabbit damn well better take on a a big chunk of the cumbersome Dad duties. Something not right about that either.

  281. ‘R asks: “Do you really think you have a handle on Obamacare’s influence?”

    That’s a hell of a question coming from you. However, the answer is, “yes.” In fact, the carriers (or agent, I’ve forgotten) set out their own estimates. Perhaps I’ll dig it out for edification — but only if you make the effort to research the question for yourself, even if in general terms.

    And, again Chowda Head, it ain’t just premiums. Muffy’s got you pegged You’re like the guy that has an 8 year loan or leases his vehicle. The only two question you’ll hear from the salesman is, ” car, and “how much can you spend per month?” Followed by, “I can get you into that car.” You drive off without a clue and the salesman gets a fat bonus having preyed you for a fool on your ignorance.

    Perhaps you should engage in a little introspection, starting with answering for yourself why you and your party have fucked over the entire healthcare system. Pretending you haven’t is fucking delusional at this point. Even Obama knows it.

  282. “What’s hilarious is how all of you complain about Obamacare and I’m probably the only one here who will be on it.”

    No. What’s hilarious is that you have no clue how it still affects us all, whether we are on it or not.

  283. Pretty sure Poolman’s line was he backs Obamacare because its a step towards socialized medicine.

    Thankfully the Alex Jones crowd corrected him for us.

    I started trying to find his messages but came across old messages of myself by accident and couldn’t stand reading them. Reading an old comment is like hearing a tape recording of your own voice….cringe worthy.

    The last 5 years have not been stable for the Rabbits but we have also been blessed more then anyone I know.

    It’s a mix of very fortunate events mixed in with stressful close calls which serve as reminders for me to sit up straight. Doesn’t get better them that.

  284. “So bottom line, yes, if you’re getting two thirds discount on health insurance via your employer then you are getting free lunch and should STFU about others getting theirs.”

    Sheer stupidity. My Lord, this has me embarrassed for you.

    R, I said at the start of this read that you lacked the ability to engage in introspection. You’re proving me right.

    You don’t even try to understand the subject matter before formulating your opinions.

    I am truly gob smacked by your incomprehension.

  285. And for fuck’s sake, learn what phrase “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” means before using it again. Fuck. It’s beginning to hurt.

  286. “So bottom line, yes, if you’re getting two thirds discount on health insurance via your employer then you are getting free lunch and should STFU about others getting theirs.”-R

    I swear to you guys the man is Sensico. Belky.

    I know that embarrassing feeling you have for Rutherford. He’s child like.

    Come to find out we’ve all been debating a child for 5 years. What does that say about us?

  287. “People whose companies subsidize their health insurance have no idea how good they have it.”

    Remember way back when (and by “way back when” I mean the blog right before this one) Rutherford was telling us all how great it was that health care coverage wasn’t going to be tied to employment, which would free everyone up to get their dream job and open up a ton of shitty jobs which will help the economy?

    Yeah..good times….

  288. Huck, he’s engaged in some introspection since then.

    “Come to find out we’ve all been debating a child for 5 years. What does that say about us?”


  289. R, yes. I have what your refer to as “administrative responsibilities” over benefits. I have had to spend months and countless hours shopping policies and sitting in on unproductive meetings with our agents. All of the partners have. We have to decide on this hit collectively. It’s a big deal. It affects the livelihoods for us and our employees.

    Now here’s a thought experiment (though I know you won’t bother with it). Nearly half of our employees have working spouses with employer sponsored health insurance and don’t accept our coverage. The juiciest are government employees. They get the best because “we” pay for it.

    What do you reckon happens to the compensation received by our employees that don’t carry coverage through the firm’s group policy?

  290. Tigre I’m not being thick. I’m not sure where you’re headed. The compensation for the employee should go up since they are not taking a payroll deduction for group health (i.e. Their spouse gets the health ins for the family). Are you talking take home pay or base salary?

  291. Muffy I beg to differ. The subsidy is part of the “compensation package” but it’s billed as a benefit completely separate from salary. I infer from you that if we didn’t get the benefit, its value would be reflected in our salary but I don’t agree. The two are very distinct.

    When I started with IBM I paid nothing for health insurance. When they switched to “pay to play” I didn’t get a raise to keep my total compensation even. My take home pay went down.

    You’re mixing benefits with actual compensation which I think clouds the issue.

  292. Tex you have no idea how often I’ve wanted to tell a nasty stranded motorist to fuck off. It’s scary just how often I’m close to the edge of sacrificing my job just for the satisfaction of calling an asshole an asshole.

  293. “The subsidy is part of the “compensation package” but it’s billed as a benefit completely separate from salary.”

    What does that have to do with anything? Serving supper is also a benefit but if you don’t eat you don’t get the money. If you don’t put into a 401k you don’t get the match. If you don’t go to the gym or shop at Costco you don’t get the membership fees.

  294. “The subsidy is part of the “compensation package” but it’s billed as a benefit completely separate from salary.”

    Actually Rutherford, from a corporate standpoint it is not. In fact, all wages, salaries and ancillary benefits fall under the category of “burden.” 🙂

    That’s why I tell people, you don’t know this, but your wages are actually going up – you just aren’t feeling the benefit like you do when your wages are going up because you don’t have the disposable income to spend.

  295. you have no idea how often I’ve wanted to tell a nasty stranded motorist to fuck off. It’s scary just how often I’m close to the edge of sacrificing my job just for the satisfaction of calling an asshole an asshole.

    GUFFAW! I knew it! I knew it! I’d be the same way.

    HELP! HELP! My car won’t start and I’ve been waiting 15 minutes!

    “Ah, go fuck yourself…” 😈

  296. Pretty sure Poolman’s line was he backs Obamacare because its a step towards socialized medicine.

    Pretty sure you’re full of shit. What were you high on that night? Was that the white widow bet night? Yeah, rabbit. I’m a closet socialist. lol. My medical preferences actually lean more toward holistic and naturopathic remedies, though I can appreciate all practices. I am blessed with good health and take care of myself and therefore avoid needing any outside maintenance. I have met some amazing medical people, I just don’t like the hybrid industry/government aspect of it, nor the hospital/clinic atmosphere/ambiance. BoBocare is a big pharma and big insurance boondoggle. They wrote it, they profit from it. It’s just a matter of time before they round us all up for our annual BoBo booster.

  297. “I’m a closet socialist. ” -Poolman

    Actually you’ve been quite up front about your socialism in terms of medical care until recently.

    No sweat, brah. Good to have you aboard.

  298. This comment was posted by Rabbit to the wrong thread (at least I don’t think he meant to post it there):

    LOL…..Rutherford……how many calls end with a thankful and positive vibe?

    Or how many calls involve crazy shit….death and maimed people?

    Unrelated rant: I have a nephew and a niece due this Monday. So I met 3 of my brothers at a bar in my old hood. I ran into people I know there and was forced into the “bro hand shake/hug” ordeal.

    What is with that shit? I’m sick of these stupid fucking hand shakes and thug hugs. Feel like a fool.

  299. To be honest Rabbit, I do get appreciative customers. Some are friendly, some are good natured wise asses. There aren’t enough to lift the burden of listening to the bored, pissed off, overly self-entitled, etc. etc. I get accidents occasionally but fortunately have never gotten a serious injury. I’ve had at least one person on the phone with me while he was being interrogated by police for possible DUI.

    And I get total idiots, who at first really amused me and now just piss me off. The perfect example is the answer to “where are you?” Sample answers:

    My mother’s house
    I’m standing next to my car

    When I’m in a bad mood these are the responses that run through my head (respectively):

    Could we narrow that down a bit, nit-wit?
    Oh yeah, I’ve spent lots of time with your mother so I know where her house is.
    Ahhhh, ok you’re next to the car — where is the car, dumb-ass?

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