The Bully Pulpit

It is July 22, 2009 and President Obama is holding a press conference on health care reform. As the press conference nears its end, reporter Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times asks the president what he thinks about the arrest of Professor Henry Louis “Skip” Gates outside of his own home in Cambridge MA.

Obama replies, “Lynn, first of all we’re here discussing health care reform so what’s with the off topic question? Second do I look like the friggin Mayor of Cambridge to you? Or even the Governor of Massachusetts? I’m the president of the United States. I don’t spend my time worrying about local issues. Or maybe you think you get to ask me my opinion on anything black? Is that it, Lynn? Stupid question, next.”

Sadly that is not how it went down. Obama answered the question and inserted himself into a local issue he didn’t belong in.

My preferred answer would have come from Chris Christie. Folks call Christie a bully but he calls out stupid when he sees stupid whether from a reporter or a potential voter.

“Bridgegate” will be hard for Christie to overcome if for no other reason then it shows his incompetence if not outright dishonesty. That’s a rotten shame because I would love to see a straight talking president who actually does inspire some fear in our enemies and even our Congress.

I LIKE the fact that Christie intimidates people. Perhaps he can overcome the bridge fiasco and we can get a much needed bully in the White House.


745 thoughts on “The Bully Pulpit

  1. Since when doesn’t Obama play bully? It’s largely what got him into the Gates fiasco.

    Knowing when, how and whom to “bully” has more to do with leadership than personality.

  2. There are a lot of bullies in politics. Don’t judge them when the microphone is on them. These guys are one way for public consumption and another way when the camera and mic is off.

    I don’t fear Obama, only what he is capable of. We should all fear what those psychopaths can do and have been getting away with for a long time.

    But fear is a complex word. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Fear, in this case, means reverence. Fear of the unknown is a phobia as are many other fears humans experience.

    I don’t think fear is what we need. We need integrity in leadership to regain the respect of the people. Unfortunately, that is/has been in short supply and doesn’t get equal funding or airtime.

  3. Poolman said it well.

    You confuse bully, with fear, with reverence methinks.

    So I don’t put words in your mouth, do you think that Obama works with Congress? Do any world leaders view him as credible or beholden to his political pandering?

    As I said, we’re talking about a failure of leadership. When, where, whom. Not just being a loudmouth. Obama is certainly a loudmouth. Holder is a big fucking bully — but only when it comes to Obama’s political opponents. Neither are respected.

  4. We already have a liar and a coward. Set your standards higher, Muffy.

    I understand what you are writing Rutherford. It would be refreshing to have an outspoken president who is competent, outspoken, and honest.An actual bully could intimidate his staff to the degree that they wouldn’t tell him what he needed to know.

    Obama is like a Mafia leader. His people do his dirty work.

  5. James came closer to my sentiment in that I’d like someone who is outspoken and a straight shooter. Most of Obama’s “uhh” and “ahhh” and “ummm”s come from his thinking about what he wants to say before he says it. I’d prefer someone who just spits it out.

    “Gail, it’s none of your business where I send my kid to school.” One of Christie’s finest moments.

    When it comes to fear I was thinking along the lines of an LBJ who could strongarm members of Congress. He didn’t need to resort to executive edicts.

  6. “Most of Obama’s “uhh” and “ahhh” and “ummm”s come from his thinking about what he wants to say before he says it.”

    R, you know damn well that’s a device. Obama thinks about nothing other than what direction to face as he reads the teleprompter.

    Anyway, the clarity in messaging you crave comes from real convictions lacking in the vast majority of your party.

  7. Rutherford has either resigned himself to Obama fatigue, or is suffering from a acute case of mellowing in old age.

    I can’t even get fired up anymore to ride Ms. Manner’s ass these days, as these posts sound almost reasonable.

    I kind of miss the old Rutherford. 😆

  8. “R”, my old friend, we meet somewhere around the bend yet. I was listening to Rubio the other night, my wife in the kitchen, and I let slip out a little too loud, “Knock that stupid political tripe off – you sound like a pandering MSNBC dupe.”

    My wonderful wife, poor apolitical sap that she is says, “I thought Rubio was a Republican…” 😆

  9. Rutherford, the constitution is designed so that the legislative doesn’t have to fear the executive.

    It’s called separation of powers for a reason, dude.

  10. The problem with jaded liberals like Rutherford is that their complaints are vague.

    Ever since LBJ….the rear view mirror gets ripped off every time government makes things worse. That’s why liberals are NEVER to be trusted. They don’t take the time to learn or read about how and why their latest government intrusion hurt people. They have no interest in learning from their mistakes.

    Its odd. In all reality, they have no interest in the very government they beg so many to trust.

    I bet if we cornered Rutherford, he really couldn’t explain how Obamacare works and why its failing.

    He used to write about healthcare all the time. He doesn’t anymore. It interests him as much as Gitmo.

    Virtually every liberal I know lacks any passion for things they did a couple years ago. Its always about the NEXT liberal policy.

    Sad part…if liberals took pride in a government they hold so dear, a government they claim has the potential to help people so much, maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t always be a complete failure or paid for by a generation yet to be born. In other words, a demand for accountability for the sake of a true love for the cause.

    It should be the Rutherfords of the world scaring the shit out of the Democratic lawmakers. Not the Tea Party he slandered so much in the past.

    But, instead, when it comes to any kind of post analysis of liberal leadership, we get little quips paraphrasing Jay Carney… if we are lucky to get anything at all.

    For a guy who claims to hate the hair helmets, white pearly veneers and double speak himming and hawing, why does he quote the garbage so much?

  11. “He used to write about healthcare all the time. He doesn’t anymore. It interests him as much as Gitmo. ”

    I did? I wrote very few pieces on healthcare. I was in the Pelosi crowd of see what we get when we get it. If anything I always admitted that ACA looked like a clusterfuck. I favor Medicare for all.

    If you “cornered me” I’d tell you very simply the ACA is based on mandatory enrollment of young healthy people to subsidize the insurance of those older and less healthy.

    The fact that folks lost their policies and their doctors took me by surprise. If you cornered me, I could not have predicted that.

    By the way I didn’t write that much about Gitmo either.

  12. “Huck….how did the 3rd grade go? Smells like a pet store I bet.”

    That’s tomorrow. The HS called me today asking for me to sub tomorrow, but I already committed to the other.

    I have a feeling I am the only local on the sub list….

  13. Rutherford is doing what I predicted he would do a long time ago. He is intelligent and is able to. judge reality outside of his ideology.Many people wouldn’t be able to see beyond their internalized views. i wouldn’t expect him to suddenly turn liberal,but he is far more evolved than the parrots who mimic each other on the other blog. I hope you take it as the complement I intend it to be.

    Our temperature was 42 at 7AM, We had sprinkles and a 40 to 50 MPH wind. This afternoon, snow squalls gave us blizzard conditions with the visibility down to 100 feet and the wind gusting to 67 MPH.
    The temperature was 38, so the snow was soon gone. Our official peak wind was 67 MPH.

    A small low rotating around the main one over the Arrowhead of Minn. raced down the Missouri River valley with a secondary cold front which took our temperature down from 38 to 18 in less than an hour. Steadier light snow with the little storm has given us just enough snow for me to try to ski tomorrow, and now the temperature is down to 10 with a north west wind of up to 50 MPH.

    It is possible the wind will evaporate the snow by morning, but maybe not in sheltered areas. The plumber is coming in the morning,.He said he is swamped after our -16 to -19 weather over a week ago.,

    The Dutch are implementing an experimental program in Amsterdam. They have hired a group of homeless men to clean up city trash. Their payment is $13 and five cans of beer a day. The city believes their working gives them less time to drink.

    Politics bores me right now. I am more interested in our extreme Plains weather and the Dutch. Rutherford, some of this storm should affect your area, though maybe just with some wind.

  14. Get over to the high-school ASAP.

    Those elementary ladies will trifle about every last detail.

    You need to sub for guys like me. I don’t care if you light my desk on fire and throw my lesson plans for the day in the toilet if the day goes smooth.

    Plus….you got a ton of content knowledge in social studies.

  15. Huck I say stick with the little ones. The subject matter is easier and the HS kids will only look like miniature versions of assholes you already have to deal with. 3rd graders haven’t hardened into full blown assholes yet.

  16. “I was in the Pelosi crowd of see what we get when we get it”

    Scary times. Even the Harvard educated are so utterly docile that they choose to be in “crowds” that are kosher with ignorance. Crowds defined by ignorance!

    Holy shit!

    They actually align themselves with ignorance!


    I’m losing it over here, dude.

    They trust the government so much they are cool with being blind sided by what their masters plan to do with 1/6 of the economy.

    The republic is fucked, man. It simply can’t sustain the intelligentsia being so fucking stupid!

    That is exactly my point. How does a liberal not care about liberalism to such an extent!?

    You don’t watch the NFL because you don’t give a fuck who wins the Superbowl.

    Do you give a fuck about America?

    You, sir, were in the only crowd that could have stopped this bull shit. And we begged you. It is you, not me, they would have listened to. I called my Congressman.

    We were screaming bloody murder when Pelosi said that! And you joined her camp??

    You joined her camp!

    You are a civic nightmare and might very well be the death of America.

    Sorry to be so dramatic. But, I mean it.

    I don’t pull the cheesy teacher card out much….but every single one of your social studies teachers should be tarred and feathered.

    I guess the only thing that is comparable to such a thing was my trusting ignorance of the Patriot Act. Despite the fact that fear ruled the day, I was a roofer still in my 20’s and nobody reputable was questioning it, I take responsibility for that. While I certainly don’t feel like I consciously chose to be ignorant, I wont be played again.

  17. Oh James … I do appreciate the fact that you recognize I’m not a goose stepping Obamabot.

    Five years ago I was like a teenager with a crush but I’ve tried to explain repeatedly that I thought Obama would be my Kennedy. I really felt I was born too late. I missed out on a time when liberalism was truly idealistic. I thought I could recapture that with Obama.

    You guys who say he’s the worst Prez ever are off your rockers but damn has he fallen short of the mark.

  18. The subject matter is not really easier. Do you know how much attention to detail goes into teaching those little ones?

    A bad lesson or too much down time spells disaster! I’d be mortified.

    Most of those ladies really do work all summer like the union tells you I do. Man….I wouldn’t last a week. Just the arts and crafts prep would do me in alone. Not to mention the individualized massive reports made on each kids progress.

    They have to put up with ten times more stupid shit then I do.

  19. I get the hard on you had for Obama. I really do. He was black and gave good pep rallies.

    You need to explain how you willfully joined ranks with politicians that demand an ignorant and docile citizenry. That can’t be explained by the pre ejaculate you had for a community organizer with no resume two years later.


  20. “I missed out on a time when liberalism was truly idealistic. ”

    Maybe I’m too young to get that. But, what exactly does that mean?

    The anti war movement during Nam? Civil Rights era? If so….I guess I at least understand what your getting at.

    Didn’t Kennedy lower taxes and increase military spending like 2 fold?

  21. Well Rabbit let’s start with concept vs execution. I was behind the ideal propping up ACA namely that there is NO excuse in the richest country in the world for anyone to do without healthcare.

    Now if you reject that concept then there isn’t much room for conversation. If you accept the concept then how do we execute it? I viewed ACA as a starting point which could be refined over time. I think with time it could become workable. I could be wrong.

    Barring single payer, your approach probably would have been better. Start small and move from there. But then again when we are working in an adversarial system where scoring points matters more than the good of the people, you try to cram as much in as you can while you can.

  22. Even most libs feared the commies, hence the military spending.

    But yes you’ve hit it. The pre-Watergate America where folks marched for causes.

    The NSA collects who we call on the phone and no one is on the steps of the White House with signs that say “hell no”.

    Shit, it took the first black prez to get a bunch of guys in funny suits to scream “taxed enough already”.

  23. Took a black President?

    Ah….the Tea Party is racist thing. Yeah…they did lynch that guy. Yawn.

    How about we flip your logic.

    It took a black president to stop liberals from marching on the steps of the white house over the NSA.

    Demagoguery is a dangerous thing…..and we told you that back when you were carrying on like an emotional Nazi at a Nuremberg rally.

    We knew there would be a terrible price to be paid for the irrational and emotional weirdness bestowed on what could have been a Manchurian candidate for all we knew.

    It was creepy.

    Will you do us a solid, though? The next time ignorance is demanded by your party….will you be the one on the steps of the White House?

    Isn’t it crazy college campuses are not going ballistic over the NSA?

    We are doomed. The young generation has no expectation of privacy.

    And…half the older people are like you. Willing to bestow nothing but blind trust on the government you put a religious like faith in.

    I know I keep saying this…but a police state is falling right into the government’s lap.

    Stop making them more powerful. Stop making people more dependent on them.

    Lets take some risks that come with freedom, whether it be financial ruin from cancer or a crazy guy buying a rifle.

    Lets weaken this all seeing eye.

    What you say! Lets be brave, dude.

    Fuck um!

  24. Man….I just realized I didn’t read your latest blog entry. Outside of your Palin fetish, I always deemed reading your blog the price I should pay for the privilege to bitch in the comment section.

  25. You guys who say he’s the worst Prez ever are off your rockers but damn has he fallen short of the mark.

    Rutherford. I’m trying not to be the ideologue here, and I admit my own biases, but I honestly do believe Barack Obama is the most incompetent, most corrupt President in my lifetime; the latter, I’m sure of. These people make the law and the Constitution completely malleable. Nobody is held accountable, there is a huge double standard in application between the two parties within our media, and frankly had this been George Bush he would have been forced to resign for gross incompetence. Our media covers for Obama in ways no Republican protected.

    But the absolute most egregious sin the Obama Administration has nominated itself as arbiter of individual conscience and breached the very 1st Amendment.

    These folks you’ve rallied around the flag for really do play Chicago politics – notorious for corruption. And Eric Holder should be in prison. He’s that bad.

    I told you five years ago that I thought Barack Obama would be as effective as Jimmy Carter – to pull your strings naturally.

    But I think Obama has been so bad, that Jimmy Carter II would be best case scenario. I could give a million reasons as to why, but I give you only three.

    I have no idea what our foreign policy is and apparently neither does Barack Obama. That is Jimmy Carter personified and cost him reelection. That by itself is inexcusable.

    Second, everything Barack Obama has used to correct what ails us economically has made things dramatically worse and not better. And my biggest grievance with Bush, a huge debt left to my children, has been more than doubled under Obama after he promised to halve it. There is no debate on that.

    And Obamacare may be the biggest bomb since the world saw the atom split. You worry about not all people having health care? I worry about the 85% of those of us who do and what we might be left with.

    I heard tonight that today we discovered the Obama Administration lied about the number of new enrollees in ACA, using 3.9MM as the number.

    Now we find out the real number, and not those simply re-enrolling, is closer to 380,000.

    I can understand why you don’t defend much anymore. You can’t without looking stupid.

    But your silence about these grievances is almost as bad.

  26. 20

    Yes, Rutherford, the drought is getting serious. A blocking high pressure ridge has parked over the west coast for much of the winter. This is the rainy and snowy season, but high pressure has shunted storms far to the north.

    If this pattern lasts until the end of the precipitation season, the West will have a hellish summer. it could also be a problem for us next summer. We have only had seven inches of snow this season, and yesterday’s occasional blizzard gave us .3 inch At least, that’s what I could measure. It is hard when the wind exceeds 60 MPH. Moreover, some of that snow was mixed with blowing dust.

    .I can ski on .3 if it is on matted grass which I prepared by mowing last fall,. I can also ski on drifts in corn stubble rows. I plan to ski for my 21st time when I finish here. It is near zero this morning, but with bare ground, the temperature will rise quickly.

    Fire danger alerts are uncommon for this area in winter, but not this season.

    The two week extended outlook shows little change with our area’s being basically dry and cold on average while the west coast is warm and dry. In December, I told someone we were going to spend January in the Mongolian desert.

  27. I’m not saying Obama is our worst president, but as you know, he isn’t very good. The Daily Mail reports that Sir Hew Strachan a senior British military adviser didn’t like Bush’s foreign policy and war strategies, but “at least Bush HAD strategies.” “Obama has no sense of what he wants to do in the world.He thinks Obama’s handling of Syria was especially bad.

    The Benghazi attacks actually began when Obama helped engineer the fall of Gaddafi in Libya. The action left behind a failed state. The administration’s incompetent handling of security and readiness “left four Americans to die needlessly. The buck stops at the top for this mess.”

    The terrorist threat spread through much of North Africa because of Obama’s mistakes. The French had to quell a revolt in Mali with help form us because Libya had collapsed.

    Hot Air has the links and commentary.

    As I wrote earlier, Obama should have been impeached and Hillary driven from public life over this. Thanks to our liberal press and ignorant people with short attention spans, Hillary may well be our next president. Lots of people would be rotating in their graves if that should happen,.

  28. Good post, James. America will reap what she has earned – it’s already happening and most in America too vacuous to recognize it. Just wait – it’s going to get worse. Like I’ve said before. The only thing that will save America is an awakening, probably accompanied by intense pain.

    I just hope the worse hits the people who deserve it most the hardest, the immoral and thieves who put us in this position, and the serfs revolt by hanging many of them in the public square. 😈

    Huck, I’m curious. When you went back to get your Masters (and stuff), was it to teach? Is your ultimate goal to teach in higher education, or do you prefer the K-12 routine? The older I’ve gotten, the more appealing that has become.

    I was once asked to teach at a large Community College here, I guess because they knew I’d left med school and they were looking for people trained in the sciences to act as adjunct in chemistry and biological sciences. I almost took them up on their offer, but after putting pen to paper, I realized how hard the curriculum (at least that first year) vs. what they wanted to pay me.

    Lazy as all get out anymore.

  29. “Thanks to our liberal press and ignorant people with short attention spans, Hillary may well be our next president. Lots of people would be rotating in their graves if that should happen.”

    No shit.

    Benghazi: Silence.

    IRS abuse of power: Yawn.

    Domestic spying: Boring.

    Fast and Furious: Whateva.

    Make the sequester hurt: Big deal.

    Traffic jams in NJ: 24 hour news cycles!!!!! We demand a federal investigation!!!!!!!

    “Took a black president” my ass. It was his only credential and now you’re disillusioned by the failure of the ideology? Fuckin’ A. You got exactly what you voted for — TWICE!!

    If only we lived in the 60s when it meant something, man. . . 🙄

  30. True that, but rather old news. Folks are waking, but many won’t survive the daylight. I’m just wondering when O’s little bag of tricks runs out. It has to be close. The next feat will likely be saving our collective privacy by devising a federal privacy act. It will be as patriotic as the patriot act, straight out of the 1984 playbook.

  31. That brings back memories. I was living in the UK when we first heard the song. Ian Anderson was more conservative than not, or maybe libertarian. I read he and Tony Snow of Fox News were friends. On the other hand, after 911, he had to appologise for criticizing Americans penchant for displaying flags.

    Living though the sixties was a mixed blessing, but the music was good, and many of us felt we were on the cusp of a world-changing revolution, My wife and I were married in 1968, so that was good too.,

  32. Civil Rights Era Liberalism = antiestablishment and at least gave birth to some good music.

    Modern liberalism = statism and corporate shit for music for overstimulated dipishits.

    How fucked up is that?

  33. Hey! I see George Soros buddy John Podesta is going to head up the NSA review and his title is now counselor to Obama…

    The country is in the best of hands. 😉

  34. Didn’t Obama take a brave stand today as Commander in Chief today? Wow. That was something. Way to shoot us straight.

    Weird. Obama has no problem legislating as if he is Congress but runs to Congress as if they are in charge of enforcement.

    Dude…..its your call until it goes to Supreme Court. Either knock the shit off or tell us why it needs to be done and tell us to get fucked.

    Meanwhile, the entire Middle East unravels. We don’t need any metadata to see that.

    This guy is the worst president of my life time.

  35. “Man….I just realized I didn’t read your latest blog entry. Outside of your Palin fetish, I always deemed reading your blog the price I should pay for the privilege to bitch in the comment section.”

    I’d like to think there is a compliment buried deep in there somewhere. 🙂

  36. Tex, Jimmy Carter was undone by the Iran hostage crisis. But I will say this for him. If I’m not mistaken he is the only President in my lifetime to keep us out of war. There is something to be said for that.

  37. “Civil Rights Era Liberalism = antiestablishment and at least gave birth to some good music.

    Modern liberalism = statism and corporate shit for music for overstimulated dipishits.

    How fucked up is that?”

    I think you’re going where I was going so I’m not sure why you rolled your eyes at the same sentiment a few comments earlier.

  38. Mitt was vilified for being stuck in the fifties. Somehow that made him racist and a hater of women.

    “Shit, it took the first black prez to get a bunch of guys in funny suits to scream “taxed enough already”.”

    Ugh. This is very narcissistic. Not everything is all about Obama. And not everyone is interested in the drama anymore.

    I’m so sick to death of the left.

  39. G, weaselzippers? Really? I didn’t even click the link. Sorry, any source frequented by the legendary Elric gets the ignore button for me.

    😆 You’re just jealous that Elric busted your chops so much, you actually flew off the handle and banished him.

    Hell, I’m jealous. Elric accomplished in five minutes what I haven’t been able to do in five years – turn you in to a raging firebreather of flame.

  40. Tex I’ve been meaning to bring up teaching to you for a while. I was even thinking lately that it would lead to some coaching.

    The kids need you.

  41. Does anyone here hold to the adage,
    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.?

    I have certainly found a few that this would seem an accurate statement. But the best teachers I recall could also do, at least at one point in their life. Maybe it only pertains to certain fields of study.

    Good teachers are lights to the soul, with too few around to fill the need.

  42. “Huck, I’m curious. When you went back to get your Masters (and stuff), was it to teach? Is your ultimate goal to teach in higher education, or do you prefer the K-12 routine?”

    I went back to school after having a heart attack. To be honest, I really just stayed in school because being a student became all I knew how to do. I thought I wanted to teach higher education…but if I’m honest, I have to wonder how much of that was laziness to stay in school. Now that I am out…I don’t miss it.

    My ultimate goal is to get a steady job. I am not really picky. I have no interest in long-term K-12. This is just to pay the bills. I am going to look into community college for something longer term.

  43. Poolman – Thanks for the Tull. My garage probably wouldn’t hold the dope I’ve smoked listening to Ian Anderson’s lullabies.

    All the smarmy platitudes about which teachers are overpaid/underpaid aside, it macht nichts what is done to “improve” American schools. The intestinal fortitude to implement a real solution is not in ye.

  44. “Devil’s spawn. They should all be destroyed.

    That’s all I have to say……..” -Hucking

    That made me laugh out loud. I hear you.

  45. “Thanks for the Tull. My garage probably wouldn’t hold the dope I’ve smoked listening to Ian Anderson’s lullabies.”


    Maybe the activities director can get you some Tull for your afternoon naps, Colonel Blimp.

  46. The kids need you.

    Well, thank you Ms. Muffy. I did give serious consideration to taking them up their offer. But like Huck, I had almost become a professional student – possibly because I didn’t know any better and was running from a previous life. Eleven years later, I’m still walking around in circles.

    That’s one thing I noticed when I went back to school. Damn students today are whiny and needy. I went out to Rate My Professor DOT com one night to leave a compliment for this little Chinese instructor who I thought cute as a button and good instructor. She had a little problem with English but nothing like everyone was bitching about.

    Her real name was one of those unpronounceable things, so we called her Jenny which is what she told us to call her. The woman was brilliant – she had a damn Phd in Mathematics and Chemistry from China. But because she didn’t give everyone an ‘A’, in Organic Chemistry of all things, they savaged this lady.

    These dumbshits were all headed to pharmacology and half of them didn’t hardly know what an electron was. 🙄 What did they think was going to happen to them studying for the entrance exam into professional school?

    After that, I was kind of turned off thinking about teaching.

  47. I think Tex and Huck would be good teachers. Iowa has been experimenting with training experienced adults as teachers based more on their accomplishments than on their training.

    As you know, my wife and I planed to be college professors, but after people told me to hide my being a veteran, I got mad and tore down our plans. I became a farmer and my wife a high school teacher,

    We have done well, but I have a tendency of telling people about the latest thing I have learned. One of the leading lights of our arts organization told me “You should have been a teacher.”

    It reminds me of a story. Ian Anderson said in a 1970’s interview that his parents had moved to Swansee (?). He didn’t know why they had done it. “Its where old people go to die.” Now, he is as old as they were, and he is still working,

  48. Subterranean Homesick Blues put through a internet translator.thingy….maaaaaan.

    Turns the classic into web blog spam that somehow speaks about this time in the abstract much like the former did back in the day.

    Information Revolution makes me the proverbial donkey in between two stacks of carrots.

    100,000 thousand things interest me and I have the attention span of 3 seconds for each one, turning my lazy brain into a collage of info-flotsam. Fucking meta data….killin’ me.

  49. Picked up my kid from pre school today and saw him sitting Indian style with the rest of the class while they were practicing reciting their addresses. Apparently I was the only one that noticed my boys head was covered in blood. I learned that a kid with a reoccurring violent streak split his head open with some kind of little shovel. Turns out the boys were allowed to use this shovel thing (I haven’t seen it yet) to break ice for fun.

    The cut really doesn’t look that bad after cleaning him up. He does have a small lump on his head.

    By the time I got in my truck with my kid I was enraged. I told my son to beat his ass if it even looks like that might happen again. I now wished I showed a little restraint.

  50. “I think you’re going where I was going so I’m not sure why you rolled your eyes at the same sentiment a few comments earlier.”

    By all means, don’t let me interfere with your epiphany. But for those of us that hang around here,your political outlook being mostly guided by a desire to feel “part of something” is hardly earth shattering.

  51. ” But for those of us that hang around here,your political outlook being mostly guided by a desire to feel “part of something” is hardly earth shattering.” The Tiger

    Ouch. No, its not earth shattering, is it?

  52. Is anyone else having problems reading anything more then internet blurbs these days?

    I’m going to the book store today.

    This shit needs to stop.

  53. I like the song, Occupy Narcissism

    Here is another: SomBy; Li Idit vel

    Rough Sami to English translation I read:

    Calender pages are turning, but I am marking time. No morning yet. It hurts to open my eyes. I can’t watch. Walls inside fall down on me.
    You’ve locked me in a prison that shrinks with the melting spring snow.There is no blanket to hide under. Naked earth gives up, gets smaller. Calender pages are turning. What goes around comes around. I don’t hate you yet–maybe tomorrow.,

    I believe that loosely translated, the song describes our lot too.

    “They” call Sami “mongoloid mongrels” and other such names. “They” call non- progressives here racists, homophobes, and woman exploiters. “They” imprison us with multiple regulations and government over reach. “They” violate the Constitution and play favorites as they harass through spying, the IRS and media people who are of the wrong kind, until soon, “there is no blanket to hide under.” Our government is locking us in a prison as surely as the dominate culture has imprisoned the Sami. “Maybe tomorrow” implies future revenge as do our attitudes and guns here.

    I probably read too much into it, but it is a good rock song.

  54. I read the newspapers and magazines we subscribe to. It is good to hold a real page. We also have books.

    Our children do almost everything on line. I’m surprised they still remember how to sign their names.

  55. Our children do almost everything on line.

    That is us too. We don’t get magazines or newspapers delivered anymore. The TV is off most of the time, unless my wife wants to catch the latest news and weather. We did watch Big Bang and then The Millers this past Thursday, then it gets switched to H2 for Ancient Aliens or America Unearthed.

    I read more now with the internet than I ever did before. I think if I was reading off of a smart phone or tablet, it would be much less desirable and mostly frustrating. In front of my 22 inch monitor, reading is very comfortable. That is, as long as the type is blackish on a whitish background.

    I wasn’t fond of reading for several reasons. I was not into literary escapism or other folks’ idea of fantasy. Reading usually makes me drowsy, unless the subject or writer really piques my interest and sustains it for the time it takes to get through. I cannot sit for hours behind a book. I also suffer from a short attention span and a slight tendency toward dyslexia. I don’t like to read stuff I’ve already read or already know. Sometimes the slant of the piece is too difficult to get past for me to keep trying. The only exception is the Bible where I read and reread, actually gleaning more from it almost every time.

    There are books available for free on line that I have read all or most of. Between PDFs and Scribd., I always have plenty of reading material. Anymore, if I’m not learning about something, I’m not interested in reading. Reading just for the fun of it was never me, unlike my wife who loves reading and could spend days and weeks lost in a book. I always feel like I’m awakening from slumber remembering a dream after reading a book for any extended period. Then I wonder what I had missed in the time spent.

  56. We all must be getting old. Last year, my family, probably out of embarrassment with my antiquated cell phone 😈 bought me a 4G. Why do dumb people need smart phones? I still don’t use it for anything but making phone calls and occasionally taking pictures of my cute dog to send to wife and kids in a text message.

    The camera is the only thing I like besides the little assisted light thingy.

    What is the appeal of looking at the internet on a 3″ screen that runs at perhaps 20% of the speed this 20+” monitor sitting on my desk does? I think Rutherford and you youngins are crazy. Quit your jobs, go on Obama disability, and sit on your ass in your bedroom like I do. You’ll come to like it that way.

    I guess the world really has passed me by.

    P.S. – I’m now on high blood pressures meds, low dose and found out I was borderline diabetic. Yippee! And that after I had bragged I was down to within 10lbs of my high school weight. Screw it. I give up. I’m now sure I’m not going to live forever like Jane Fonda.

    I want other piece of cake, 2 M&M cookies, and a couple of those jelly filled donuts.

  57. Ahhh. That diet is slow suicide, Tex. I find drinking water the best cure for most conditions. Amazing stuff when pure and unadulterated. Drink four or five glasses a day. If you start to get a headache, drink a glass of water. Your brain is mostly water anyway. Refuel…

    Try it. I gets pretty addictive and helps balance your being.

  58. Poolman, I learned speed reading in college, and that helped a lot.My wife loves fiction. Like you, I tend to prefer non fiction, though Iike science fiction.I like music, and sometimes I research the musicians’ biographies. I enjoy being one of the few people in the US to hear a foreign song.

    Don’t give up, Tex. We don’t want a smart phone either. I take my videos with a small video camera I always carry with me. In fact, I videotaped the aftermath of our being hit by a train last August, and I captured much of the action as my wife and I were carried up a slope to the rescue vehicles. I recorded much of the trip to the hospital too. A couple of days later, our daughter put it on FaceBook but my wife made her take it down.

    Our grand daughter’s parents snap her picture almost constantly and send the photos to FaceBook, where people I don’t know praise the pictures.

    Maybe you could walk,Tex. I can walk a quarter mile and back in 4 to 7 minutes, and so far, I have cross country skied 21 times this winter in spite of the dry season, Yesterday morning, I skied a half mile on a half inch of snow on a flat grass surface I had prepared for times when much of the snow cover is in my imagination. The temperature was 5.

    As you know, I can’t give up, because our grand daughter needs us.I have lost three notches on my belt since late September, and I still love candy and pastry.

    Today, it is 27 after being 40 when we got up this morning. The wind is gusting to about 55 MPH with some blowing dust. We had showers of rain and snow must of the morning, and may get a few snow showers and blowing snow this afternoon. Tomorrow, it may reach 50 before another cool down.,A great day for a stroll..

  59. “What is the appeal of looking at the internet on a 3″ screen that runs at perhaps 20% of the speed this 20+” monitor sitting on my desk does? ”

    A rooted Galaxy S4 set up the right way is a lap top.

    I use it for my TV watching, stereo, work….you name it. Blue tooth it to speakers and put it 3 inches from my face and its a white trash big screen.

    I’ve lost more IQ points from this thing then all boozing and drugs.

    I have it hooked up to a VPN and LAN and my TV at home. I find myself electing to use this phone screen over PC/TV.

  60. “I’m now on high blood pressures meds, low dose and found out I was borderline diabetic.”

    This became my reality a couple years ago. I also recently found out I probably inherited this shit from my mother, and very possibly contributed to my heart attack 12 years ago.

    This aging garbage is for the birds…..

  61. “Somehow that made him racist and a hater of women. ”

    Ummm. I don’t recall charges of racism against Romney. His “binders of women” was a hoot. Ahhh happy days, happy days.

  62. “You’re just jealous that Elric busted your chops so much, you actually flew off the handle and banished him.”

    There’s a line from Fatal Attraction where Glenn Close says “I will not be ignored.” I call this my Glenn Close complex. Praise me, vilify me, but do not ignore me. THAT is what drove me over the edge with Elric. Mofo took up residence here and started ignoring me. Acknowledging my presence here is the rent you pay. Elric stopped paying rent and I evicted his ass.

    As I’ve said before, not one of my more mature moments and for the record I reinstated him. 🙂

  63. “Good teachers are lights to the soul, with too few around to fill the need.”

    One of my comforting moments lately has been the outpouring of love from my Dad’s students. He tutored at the college level after a lifetime of teaching.

  64. “By the time I got in my truck with my kid I was enraged. I told my son to beat his ass if it even looks like that might happen again. I now wished I showed a little restraint.”

    Damn I can’t blame you. Hell, YOU didn’t beat the other kids ass. You did show restraint.

  65. “your political outlook being mostly guided by a desire to feel “part of something” is hardly earth shattering.”

    I’m not sure I agree with the cause/effect you set up there. Regardless, aren’t you ever fulfilled by being “part of something”?

  66. It’s gotten so bad that I prefer to fill out forms online and copy/paste an image of my signature. I’m lucky I can even hold a pen anymore I’ve gotten so tech dependent.

  67. With the Kindle app on my iPhone I’ve gone from reading zero books a year to 2 or 3 which is amazing for me.

    I’m two thirds through “Double Down” as we speak.

    As for our health, when I look at all that was wrong with my Dad when he died, it’s amazing the man worked 3 days a week at age 85. But for his complaining you’d never know how much was going on just to look at him.

    In her lowest moment my grandmother once told me “you don’t want to grow old.” Mmmm but is it still better than the alternative?

  68. “He was a white Republican running against a black man. Wasn’t it implicit?”

    Actually the charges of racism against the Clinton’s in 2008 were far more explicit.

  69. @ huck I won’t tell you what I base these statements on but I will offer them just the same. Although males have made some inroads and stepped up in the elementary setting I would advise you go the HS or MS route. Both,but especially MS will offer headaches extraordinaire but the potential to really tune a kid in and turn them onto a future shaping road lies there.

  70. @ Rutherford the crowd you run with and to a degree you yourself earnestly attempted to paint Mitt Romney as racist,classist and out of touch. A great case study would be the idiot that put out the Romney laughs as blacks drown thing.

  71. I agree about the Clintons in 2008.

    My mothers’ cousin said “there is nothing golden about the golden years.” My aunt said “getting old is not for sissies.”

    I still have all of my teeth except for two an auto accident knocked out. I have glaucoma in one eye, but the eye pressure with medication is normal. I have had cataracts for ten years.but since I don’t need glasses we are doing nothing for them now. Most of my hair is still brown. I can still lift a lot of weight, and most of my aches are from a bad back and other Air Force injuries, not age.
    Many of my friends are sick or dead. Most of them are younger than I, so that gives one pause for thought. I’m like an old Ford Escort.

  72. @ Rutherford re does anyone anywhere fear Obama. I think the answer to that is that any fear,concern or respect afforded Obama went out the window pretty early in his first term. Second term O is loathed by all takers and on a foreign policy front this will do a lot of damage. One thing the Gates book shows us is that there stories to be told as there always are. Second thing it underlines is what the world knows anyway, We don’t really have a good plan and in fact our plans seem to be EXTREMELY SHORT SIGHTED. A good case in point on this is our bland position on Tunisia’s recent successful elections that saw an islamist group defeated. The only remote success out of the “Obama caused” [hmmmph] Arab Spring and we got nothing. The Amb. statement on it was bordering on insulting in its dipolespeak.

  73. I found a YouTube site of a Finish girl who was an exchange student in Alabama. She said Finns call teachers by their nick names or first names. They are more like “friends” than in the US. They don’t have prom or other school diversions, and they don’t have athletic programs.

    They don’t have detention, and they can make their own class schedules. Parents are notified of unexcused absences if the student is under 18. They take entrance exams to get into high school. Some high school tracks are vocational so that graduates are ready to take jobs. Others are athletic or concentrate on the arts.

    High school lasts only three years and each year is divided into five semesters.

    Most students speak multiple languages. Many Finns have normal Midwestern accents because they watch so many American television shows.

    Winter holidays like Christmas have students attending church in school sponsored events. The girl said it works in Finland because almost everyone is Lutheran,.

    The irony of Obama-Romney is that Obama’s supporters were more racial than Romney’s.

  74. “Actually the charges of racism against the Clinton’s in 2008 were far more explicit.”

    That’s just dodgy and hollow.

    The msnbc bots just lobbed another charge of racism at Romney by mocking him for including their adopted child on the family Christimas card.

    In any case charges of being stuck in the past are not meant as compliment.

  75. “Both,but especially MS will offer headaches extraordinaire but the potential to really tune a kid in and turn them onto a future shaping road lies there.”

    YES! Thank you Alfie for clearly saying what I was trying to with “the kids need you.”

  76. Huck, I’m not sure when and how this diabetic issue for me started. There does’t seem to be any family history, I don’t show any symptoms.

    The day they told me last summer, I was dumbstruck. I’m still not on insulin yet – though I am venturing dangerously close.

    And I’m not overweight. Hardly pleasingly plumb. Don’t ask me…

  77. “I would advise you go the HS or MS route”

    It was never my plan to enter the elementary school world. I only took the assignment because that’s who called…and I need the money.

    That’s the same reason I’m going back next week, and the week after that, and the week after that.

    Reaching other people’s kids is not my motivation. Feeding and housing mine is.

  78. Huck, teaching or anything related to it is the one profession you never admit you do for some earthly compensation.

    You need to keep that shit to yourself, comrade.

    Admitting such a thing will cause disgusting looks in people’s faces, putting you somewhere between tax collector and prostitute on the social ladder. You even will get these looks from other teachers who keep it a secret.

    People will also assume you are horrible teacher/substitute. For example, there is no way you can connect with students, particularly blue collar ones, if you are excited about pay day. They only relate…cough… to Mary Poppins, of course.

    So pack your umbrella, Mrs Crabtree.

  79. “Regardless, aren’t you ever fulfilled by being “part of something”?”

    I really cant think of anything other than playing on a winning sports team.

    I assure you my political outlooks are not motivated by such a need.

  80. Poolman…..would you mind giving me the 15 second blurb version. My brain is retarded and I can’t focus for that long. I got until the livestock were fed sugar.

    Don’t got time, brah….I’ve moved on to the fictitious bio of Optimus Prime, brah.

  81. The 15 second blurb version? 😆 It’s okay, rabbit. Just the American diet and what it hath wrought. Understanding good and bad bacteria. As is usual, the strong survive.

  82. Duuuude. You weren’t supposed to see that. We weren’t like anywhere close to ready. We hadn’t even decided on outfits.

  83. Huck, Romney was much more clever. Remember, dog whistles? The ones that have a pitch only MSNBC viewers can hear, not even other Republicans. Words like Chicago, angry, unemployment, welfare.

  84. Well….in the grand scheme of things, this is probably a good thing. My 4 year old is on the floor sobbing like its the end of the world because I pulled him out of the tournament this morning.

    He was hacking up a lung and snotting every where. No temperature though.

    He wanted to go. His cousins were all coming and everything.

    I feel bad and was on the fence.

  85. I’d have done the same thing, rabbit,.

    Another racist word is ObamaCare, or so I’ve heard. How did those people get such insights?

  86. Ha ha…..I think I was a wimp. Now…his cough seems to have died down and his nose isn’t as runny. And he is bugging the living shit out of me.

    Its a tough call.

    Another down side to wrestling. Its a disgusting germ fest.

  87. I used to intramural wrestle in college.I was good at it but too lazy to try out for the team.

    Yes, it is a tough call with more coming.

  88. Re: aging – I do love seeing someone I haven’t seen in 20 years or more. Seeing the aging.

    I’m surprised by the physical weakening – the decrease in strength and speed that goes with aging. And healing of injuries like sore tendons that stay sore for a year.

    “I assure you my political outlooks are not motivated by such a need.” -Tigre

    I can’t pretend to think that it’s a good thing that the government be the object of such a need.

  89. hear you Muffy.

    R’s misdirection is typical when he’s stuck and doesn’t want to make an admission. My comment and its meaning was clear as day. It sure as shit wasn’t “being part of something in and of itself is bad.”

    At least he didn’t resort to other species of misdirection that the MSNBC crowd finds so gratifying, i.e. “I guess voting for a black man is a bad thing.”

    Oh wait, I se he did just that at 29.

    Never mind.

    So, after two elections, what I “was a part of” only sucks now? Well, take solace in the abiding belief that the outcome matters not if you claim it was done with good intentions.

  90. Personally, I think you are a bull shitter. I don’t believe you really believe the shit you spew. You are not mindless, you have two. Politics just happens to be your fantasy sports. You roll dice with 24 sides for the dragon attack. A bored mind you have says Yoda. You joined a team long ago and really don’t have the energy and experience to apply it to the real world. So you say fuck it, I will compartmentalize the shit out of that aspect and make it all a board game. Deep down, your gut knows what’s up. Now get the fuck off my couch and pay 230 dollars.

  91. Sorry man, “[s]hit, it took the first black prez to get a bunch of guys in funny suits to scream “taxed enough already” is incredibly mindless, dweeby and a hallmark of your group’s thinking.

  92. I will only offer Rutherford a mild defense and offer myself up as an example.
    I personally enjoy being part of something bigger than myself. That is something given the fact that I’m most comfortable in when I rest in apathy and introversion. Still I do like being on the side of something that gets something done. With that I can understand Rutherfords heart. What I can’t offer a defense for is failing to have his head more in the game especially on round 2.

  93. Alfie it depends on how you define “vision”. I fully agree we have no foreign vision, seemingly jumping from crisis to crisis always reactive, never shaping events.

    I don’t think that’s true domestically. I think Obama has a progressive-lite agenda for America that stands in opposition to Congress’s wishes.

  94. Kid had a gymnastics meet today and now I start that final phase of, to quote Warren Harding, a return to normalcy by going back to work.

    To be honest, the last thing I care about right now is a stranded motorist but I’ve got a job to do so that is that.

    As my Dad used to say, “you do what you have to do.”

  95. To be honest, the last thing I care about right now is a stranded motorist but I’ve got a job to do so that is that.

    If I call AAA for service for the first time and a raspy voiced smart ass sounding like Demi Moore answers, I’m hanging up. 😈

  96. That Sherman turd is part Dennis Rodman, part Mike Tyson, part Bob Marley, part Uday Hussein.

    I’d love somebody to wipe his nasty ass across the turf. The kind of crack back that separates his head from his torso.

    I’m usually an NFC guy – I’m pulling for Peyton this go around.

  97. @124 I don’t see it Rutherford. I don’t see anywhere the Administration truly taking lead on anything. That the bureaucracy which cares not who’s picture is hanging in the office is rolling along is undeniable. This is what earns many a POTUS praise and scorn but it really has little to do with them. A great example of this is the EPA,the lightbulb thing and TSA.

  98. “If I call AAA for service for the first time and a raspy voiced smart ass sounding like Demi Moore answers, I’m hanging up.”

    Ahhhh, one less call to take. A call receivers dream. 🙂

    Which reminds me of Rabbits comment to Huck. There are lots of “professions” even mine, where admitting you’re only in it for the money will get you scorn.

    I even tried to convince myself of the altruistic virtues of my job but it faded fast. My job comes down to four words:


  99. “Gilbert Gottfried meets the Godfather helping stranded fuckers.”


    I love doing a poor impersonation of Gilbert Gottfried.

    If you’ve never heard the dirtiest comedy routine ever told, The Aristocrats, you gotta check it out. It is wonderfully disgusting.

  100. Show up to pick my son up and he was hit in the ear with a metal shovel. AGAIN!! Apparently there was a substitute and the no shovels memo didn’t make it to her.


    Take him to wrestling where it was under coached for some reason. Fucking anarchy, today.

    Some of these kids start too early. I shit you not, a kid wrapped a jump rope around my boys neck. I was on it like white on rice, thank God.

    I saw my kid get punched, strangled and had his ear guards yanked. Think face mask penalty in the NFL.

    Its not normally like this.

    Bad thing about wrestling is you need good sparring partners. The only kids his weight that haven’t quit are some of the coaches’ sons. Bad part is they don’t want to be there. He’s better off wrestling kids that have 10 pounds on him who are old enough to be coached.

    Poor kid. I only save him from situations I believe put him in serious danger. I might have started him too young but not for any reason that has to do with him. I never thought of that.

    His morale is still high. But man….he has been through some shit the last couple days.

    For craps sake he keeps getting hit by metal shovels at pre-school. Like wrestling, its normally a well run place.

  101. “His morale is still high.”

    This is the most important part. In spite of all you mentioned, he still wants to be there.

    My son is thinking about this being his last year of coaching the HS wrestling team. He likes the coaching part…its all the BS that goes with it.

  102. Why the fuck does EVERYTHING have BS that goes along with it? Whatever happened to pure unadulterated fun? Every gymnastics meet I go to, I wind up pissed off by somebody.

  103. Surprisingly, obnoxious parents aren’t the issue my son has.

    He’s tired of the athletic director, who is also the football coach. Football and wrestling have some seasonal crossover, so he always gets the shit end of that stick. Then once football ends, the AD stops giving a damn about his job. It makes things more difficult than they need to be.

    Then there are the parents who either won’t take their kid to practice on off days, or are late picking them up afterward. He spends up to an hour or more waiting on parents every day. And he refuses to leave before all the kids have been picked up.

    All that on top of just too many kids who are lazy and don’t put in the effort that he did when he was in their shoes. They don’t want to work hard and they have no self discipline regarding their eating/weight, their grades, and their overall attitude.

  104. If your son is being hit by metal shovels, rabbit. do you know who is doing it? Can you take legal action? Or can you at least threaten action?

  105. My question would be, “Why is there a metal shovel in a preschool classroom?” My experience with preschoolers is – if there are things around that CAN be used as weapons, they WILL be used as weapons. These should be stored out of reach or under lock and key.

    But then, I grew up in a world where no one wore helmets or pads while skating OR bike riding.

  106. My boy’s experience with flag football in his school pissed me off to no end. It wasn’t he parents. It was the dumb fucking coach who took the game too seriously and only let a handful play — all black. I think the white kids collectively participated in 5 plays the entire season. All of the coaching was done in ghetto-speak.

    My son loved football until this year. He no longer has interest. I guess showing up for practices 3-4 times per week, every game, fundraising, purchasing all of the shit only to have his parents watch him pace along the sidelines took its toll.

    Of course, what could be more important than promoting blacks in a majority black inner-city charter school and winning in an inner-city charter school league comprised of about 6-7 schools?

  107. I used to pick my kids up at about 4:00 PM, so they had one hour of after school care. I would consider the school the best in our city by far.

    I pulled up one day and my youngest, probably seven at the time, had these big saucer eyes and said some boy had hit her in the ‘tummy’ on the playground. Knowing my youngest melodramatic and would have worked up a few tears had there been real issues, it still pissed me off.

    I walked up to the teacher and told her, “I’ll give the school one chance to handle this. If they can’t do it, I’ll handle it.” 😈

    Never had another problem – and you wouldn’t at this school.

    I felt kind of guilty for the young kid later. He probably got shellacked for something almost inconsequential.

    But my youngest daughter sure was impressed. For a few years afterwards, I would overhear her talking about ”My daddy got so and so in trouble…blah blah blah.!” 😆

    Now, she’d walk over me dead unless I fell on the remote. But they sure like you when you’re little. Those are good days, Rabbit. Enjoy them.

  108. “Of course, what could be more important than promoting blacks in a majority black inner-city charter school ”

    Tigre that’s where you made your first mistake. Hell, even I would not have my kid in a majority black school. Our country has come a long way but we’re still at a point where majority black means some stupid shit is gonna go down.

    You think I’ve lived in white/diverse neighborhoods my whole life by accident?

  109. LOL reminds me of when a kid on the bus said to my then 7 year old daughter “what you lookin at BLACK GIRL?”

    My kid told the teacher she had been bullied-a huge hot button at the time. Racist-in-waiting got a good talking to in the principals office.

    Cracked me up. All I could think about my daughters implicit answer was:

    “I’m looking at the fool who’s gonna be in the principals office by end of day.”

    That’s when I knew my kid could fight her own fights. What a relief.

  110. The real Rutherford is sitting in the kitchen with our grand daughter.

    It reminds me of Jessie Jackson’s saying that when he heard foot steps behind him, he hoped the person behind him was white.

    My father in law was an Iowa boy living in Chicago. He had never had contact with non-caucasians. The boys were playing baseball. A black boy hit a home run. My father-in law said that …. sure can hit He was being complementary. The black boy beat him up. My father-in law laughed that it was a good education on the use of language.

  111. James when I was in junior high my best friend who was white quite innocently called the janitor “boy” along the lines of “boy I’m sorry you have to clean that up”. He meant nothing by it but he got a quick “who you callin’ boy?” response. He had the good sense to apologize even though he didn’t know what he was apologizing for. Hell I may not have known at the time what all the hubbub was about. My mom probably explained it to me later.

  112. Tigre I’ve been meaning to comment on this but my heads been in a daze lately.

    I had a George Zimmerman moment in Stamford, CT while tying up my Dad’s business.

    I had just had the damn best pizza imaginable with my family and some friends and was crossing the street to our car. An SUV pulled up and stopped, blocking some parked cars. Out of the SUV came a young black man in a black hoodie. I shit you not, I suddenly got very nervous. Dude caught me looking at him and threw me a scowl. All I could think was “let me get to my car before this dude robs me in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon.”

    I’m not proud of my reaction. And I confess if dude had been white I might not have had the same reaction.

    Difference between me and Zimmerman: I wanted to get the fuck out of there, not follow the dude to see what he was up to.

  113. “Our country has come a long way but we’re still at a point where majority black means some stupid shit is gonna go down.”

    🙄 Maybe personal responsibility will make a comeback.

    So this White Widow – which by the way is rayyyycist – what does she get if she dies a martyr? What is her heavenly reward?

  114. I called a black dude “boy” on a basket ball court in the Navy.

    He got all pissed off.

    Then I beat his ass. They had to pull me off him. I guess I was a real cracka that day.

    Terrible keyboard cowboy story I know. But true.

    He got in my face. I told him to go fuck himself and then I slammed him via head lock.

    I didn’t mean anything by the boy statement but I did learn a lesson, despite thrashing him.

    Funny thing….is we always got along after that. No grudges.

  115. On a more serious note, I am very concerned that some really nasty stuff is gonna go down at these Olympics. I don’t think the Russians are prepared for the nutjobs.

  116. I don’t think the Russians are prepared for the nut jobs.
    The Russians are the nut jobs. We’re talking about an entity that flooded a movie theater with narcotic gas,stormed it,shot all the passed out/dying terrorists and then tried to hit the innocent hostages with Narcan* before they left the mortal plane.
    * Narcan aka nalaxone reverses opiates like heroin.

  117. My psoriasis issue is starting to effect my quality of life.

    Its growing on my back at an alarming rate. The only relief of the maddening itch is when it mildly hurts. I can manage it on my scalp. It also exists on scar tissue from repeatedly sliding into second in shorts like an idiot or a decade.

    I’m going to see a doctor Friday after waiting six fucking months to get in.

    The only thing that works is sun. But…..we don’t get any sun.

    I know there is a lot worse things to have to deal with, but it sucks.

  118. Damn…I didn’t know that was how the Russians stormed the theater. I guess if your going to die in a hostage stand off between insane stink beards and Russian goons, weaponized opiate gas doesn’t seem that bad of way to go. I bet at least one dude was in a non fatal pocket and had an amazing contact buzz.

  119. So this White Widow – which by the way is rayyyycist – what does she get if she dies a martyr? What is her heavenly reward?

    Rutherford almost had it right. 72 buffed dudes smelling of Burma shave.

  120. Rabbit? Have you tried Cerave? No prescription required. The last several years, I’ve been struggling with itchy skin during the winter months.along my torso and arms. This year with the help of Cerave, no problems. And it’s been a far site colder and drier this year.

    It’s not cheap – about $20.00 for a jar – but it’s great stuff. A heck of a lot cheaper than steroids.

  121. They think I have psoriatic arthritis. So I need to see a Rheumatoid guy. I takes forever to see these specialists. I might have exaggerated about 6 months, but not by much.

    I have classic plaque psoriasis. That’s for sure.

    After the 3 miscarriages, I was super stressed during my first boy’s pregnancy. I was having panic attacks, you name it. It was during this time I came down with psoriasis. I swear it was related to my crazy brain.

    I will buy it and try it, Tex.

  122. Rabbit, my wife swears by lavender essential oil for her outbreaks of psoriasis. Not cheap either, but she orders on line and saves a bunch over local. Diet and environment is the culprit. Immune system gone haywire. You might have that fancy doctor prescribe you some meds that you can take from here to D-day to keep it in check while you continue to take in the same garbage and thereby eventually help him and his pharma buddies get their kids through good schools. Or you could watch the entire video posted in 99.

  123. Well, Rutherford – it’s a bit of a banner day for the Left, isn’t it? Governor Christie wallowing in the mire and now I see that Virginia’s former Governor McDonald, distinguished graduate of the Pat Robertson school of Science and Ethics at Virginia Beach, has been indicted along with his wife – for what else? Corruption.

    My, my, my …

  124. R @ 156. I have to hand it to you, man. You are one of the few people I’ve met — and the only person on this blog that does any amount of honest and critical self-examination.

  125. “I’m not proud of my reaction. And I confess if dude had been white I might not have had the same reaction.”

    What’s there to be ashamed of? He wants to look menacing and provoke a reaction, and he did. Your brain gets it and you’re not proud because you made a reasonable assessment? Fuck the PC bullshit.

    There’s plenty of twisted white dudes that broadcast it that I encounter. They scare me and deserve no benefit of the doubt. I don’t need to understand why their self esteem depends on appearing threatening to know it’s unpredictable. But I also know that urban black culture tolerates, fosters, even glorifies anti-social behavior. It needs no understanding (look at World Wide Hip Hop). And you’re not racist for recognizing the obvious.

    But the one you really gotta look out for is “the mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” He’ll fuck you up worse than any teenage wannabe gangsta.

  126. Yes, Rutherford, ignorance of language can get us in trouble.

    rabbit, our sister-in law has psoriasis. It seems to be under control now. I could ask what she uses, if you want.

    Tex and I have played good cop, bad cop at the other site.They are not doing so well this morning. Any volunteers to help the other side?

    Corruption. What a surprise!

  127. You are one of the few people I’ve met — and the only person on this blog that does any amount of honest and critical self-examination.

    😈 Coming from P. Parker, that reminds me of the Menendez Brothers crying before the courts they were orphans – after murdering their parents.

    Still bent that you guys didn’t come to his defense about the impending FBI investigation. 😆

  128. James,

    Tex and I have played good cop, bad cop at the other site.They are not doing so well this morning. Any volunteers to help the other side?

    Did you like my Wendy Davis testimonial gaffe to the shrews? 🙂 Shouldn’t be too long before Lori is threatening me with Barack’s thugs and the mob. I know exactly how high to tee those Texas libs up.

    I don’t know how you do what you do over there, James. You’re both a Saint and a gentleman to perhaps the biggest bunch of fish like hags on the net.

    And the best part is, the nicer and longer you explain, the more wailing and shrew gnashing you get. I think you’re approach is far more effective and subtle.

    I just walk in ready, fire, aim…and watch them run around like roaches.

  129. I loved it, Tex. No one has a way with words as you do.

    I drove Lori from the field, and she left the debate while muttering that she doesn’t worry if trolls are right. Someone had written that I made some good points and that we shouldn’t call names.

    Earlier on I convinced at least one person that jsri has a mental disorder.

    Its like herding cattle. Our cattle lived on a pasture by a lake and they were pretty much on their own. Herding then somewhere took patience and finess like the Italian woman who discovered she could herd Swedes at parties in Sweden.

    Thanks for the complement. You are the master at what you do.

    Our seven month old grand daughter has discovered walking. She can pull herself into a standing position, and she holds herself up. She doesn’t have the balance to walk on her own, but if one holds her, she walks. She went across the room yesterday, and last night, she was unhappy unless she was standing next to the coffee table.
    She stood for over an hour, and was angry if she was sitting.

    Our grand daughter makes little effort to attempt crawling, but she can roll pretty fast. Early this morning, our grand daughter woke and “talked” to herself. She sounded happy, so I left her alone..

  130. The punk ass snitch braggart lecturing us on our hubris. Of course….

    Been nothing but the self assured Pfessy since day one.

  131. Rubber baby buggy bumpers…

    Tough week. Tough year so far for humans and most of creation. You fence straddlers are gonna get a shakin’, sorry to say. Comfortable is a bygone era, I’m afraid. Tough love rules the day, my guess. Suit up and get ready for faster flying shit coming to your neighborhood.

  132. So on the topic of bragging….

    I rocked the fuck out of the 6th grade class today.

    (Realistically…it probably wasn’t all that special. But I feel good about it anyway)

  133. “But I feel good about it anyway”

    Nah man. If you walked out of there feeling good, things went good.

    Positive atmosphere for learning. That is what its all about.

  134. you will find your best classrooms to sub in are the ones with the worst teachers. they appreciate you for the law and order if nothing else.

    the classrooms with good teachers are nice too.

    the middle of the road classes….those can be the worst.

  135. G your latest video dropping habit is reaching Elric dysfunction proportions.

    If you think the vid speaks for itself, you’re wrong.

    Case in point, the Liz Winstead vid. I was watching it expecting her to extol abortion as birth control and when she didn’t I scratched my head and asked “WTF is G’s gripe?”

    You don’t want health care to cover contraception? Fine, say so. Damn can’t you even drop an introductory comment so I know why I’m watching the vid?

  136. Well Muffy I guess Brit Hume ain’t on a fence about abortion heh?

    I will give Brit this much, except in the case of rape, abortion is the result of very poor planning. If Planned Parenthood’s primary purpose is abortion (I’m not convinced it is) then it should be renamed “Unplanned Parenthood”.

  137. If you think the vid speaks for itself, you’re wrong.

    How so? That was consummate, Left misandrist screwed thinking – straight off the Fat Granny blog.

    Because millions of us find abortion abhorrent and many like me find it infanticide, because we demand it be stopped in the name of sanctity of life, we are repressing women about sex?

    The vid spoke volumes about the level of depth most liberals have concerning the abortion issue, “R”.

  138. Tex you didn’t watch (or pay attention to) the video. She was NOT talking about abortion. She was talking about contraception and reacting to a Mike Huckabee comment that I have yet to read in its entirety.

    From the little I’ve heard old Mike linked contraceptive use to women’s inability to control their libido.

  139. Rutherford,

    It may very well be the case I will one day be soliciting your advice on scooters.

    My joints are toast right now. Two days ago I was dominating the paint in basketball. Today I can’t even make a fist and need two hands on the rail when going down the stairs. Meanwhile, an insane burning itch is torturing me. Numerous fucking lesions on my back and leg. Its like every scab I’ve ever had since little league is coming back to mock me.

    All I need now is to start drooling and full justice will be dished out to the rabbit.

    I’m not aging well, boys. And 80 percent of my ego is tied to my physical powers.

    I’m dreading going to the doctors today because I have to walk. The biting cold makes my psoriasis bitch at the weather, my nervous system the medium.

    What the fuck is going on!

  140. Old Liz is using sex to sell the position that contraception should be provided. Old Liz links the opposing viewpoint to sexual frustration. Same conclusion is drawn by Liz-types with regard to the opposing viewpoint on abortion. It’s shallow and disingenuous. No one is fooled except the fools.

  141. Yeah. It’s a classic slight of hand. Smear you as a wooden prude if you dare to think the government has no role in providing contraception to people, as if women are helpless zoo chimps incapable of even the remotest responsibility. Its unbelievable that same nation that once had people carving farms in hostile Indian territory now need the government for sex. And man…..talking about feminism coming full circle.

    Speaking of which, and I hate to lower myself to her level, but I swear liberal women are often the sexually repressed ones.

    I have this immoral buddy who fixes garage doors in Ann Arbor. He’s a six foot six former Marine and the exact opposite (to a fault) of the effeminate Pajama boy look of the modern liberal man. His beard isn’t ironic.

    He brags about how he always hooks up with these women behind their liberal sissy husbands’ backs.

    I told him he is crazy. Its not a matter of if but when. He is going to be accused of rape. Being the sleaze bag he is, he doesn’t seem to care.

    His theory is that these women secretly desire dudes who act like dudes.

  142. “From the little I’ve heard old Mike linked contraceptive use to women’s inability to control their libido.”

    No. He pointed out that link was the one made by the idiot left that created and sold the “war on women” meme to the unthinking masses. It’s implicit in the message.

    Huckabee got it right. And the parallel to the left’s abortion campaign is pretty obvious. Although you vacillate on what constitutes women’s “rights” when it comes to abortion versus contraception, you buy into the meme in both instances.

    The left’s view of the proper roll of government is twisted. It’s no wonder the right to privacy underlying reproductive issues is tossed when it comes electronic federal snooping. It’s called statism.

  143. Thomas Sowell defines economics as “the study of the use of scarce resources which have alternative uses.”(actually, he’s quoting a Brit, Lionel Robbins) AND that price is a near-sacred thing, because it automatically causes people to prioritise decisions about how their scarce resources are spent, thus bringing maximum efficiency to the use of scarce resources.

    Any time the government gets in the process, spending money it DID NOT EARN, the process is perverted. No, a government has no business buying contraception, but it also has no business paying for children, either. By not doing the first and DOING the second, it provides a perverse incentive for the wrong people to have kids – those people who cannot afford it.

    If, OTOH, it did neither, then people would have to prioritise – to look at their pocketbooks and say, “Can I afford to have a child?” Or in the case of minors, the parents would have to decide whether they would rather buy their kid a pack of condoms or pay for raising a child to adulthood.

    See, if the govt minds its own business, the problem solves itself.

  144. She was talking about contraception and reacting to a Mike Huckabee comment that I have yet to read in its entirety.

    From the little I’ve heard old Mike linked contraceptive use to women’s inability to control their libido.

    You read just like Fat Grannies today, “R”. Congratulations…

    I left them a little counter offer of free federal tubal ligation if you can show a NOW membership card.

    P.S. That Lori twit over at M&H Infanticide Inc., “R”, is one of the leading members of Battleground Texas. Bet money, she was one of the skanks mocking Greg Abbott for being a paraplegic. Lovely people.

  145. Pfessor,

    Yeah…I’ve been diagnosed with it…but haven’t seen a autoimmune guy yet. That is today. I guess the good thing is I’m in a flare up of a life time right now.

  146. And here’s what the propaganda machine at MSNBC claims he said, and through Kasie Hunt on twitter:

    “Former Arkansas governor and possible presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told members of the Republican National Committee that women were “helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing them with birth control, because they cannot control their libido.”

    And I now see Carney and every left leaning media outlet is repeating the lie over and over an over.

    R, don’t you get tired of the left playing its own for fools? You could’ve looked you that one paragraph quote yourself and read it — but you apparently didn’t and neither will millions of Fluke flakes.

  147. Thanks El Tigire for posting a link to Huckabee’s actual statement.We are preparing to drive home for the weekend, so I have no time for the other site. Someone should post the link to what Huckabee actually said.

    LIberals are congenital liars. I read that the Iranians accuse the US of misrepresenting progress of the nuclear talks. Its just another lie.

    Yes, Tex, that Lori character is really something. Sadly, she reproduced.

  148. Tigre, you are good man for doing Rutherford’s homework for him and navigating his chosen ignorance.

    It’s the same story with him over and over again.

    The funny thing is Huckabee’s point is the EXACT opposite as the one Rutherford and his MSNBC liars branded him with.

    Is that some Orwellian shit or what?!!!!

    Huckabee’s saying that woman do NOT need to be treated as if they are animals incapable of self control.

    Rutherford gets played weekly by MSNBC.

    But here is the catch. He knows he is being played like a fool. The loyal foot soldier admits he just wants to belong to a cause greater then himself. That is the very nucleus of fascism. In this day and age of a possible techno-police state and an ever growing dependent class, what a fucking danger he could potentially be.

    Stasi said so. Ever more callous to the constant corruption and lies because he put faith in an irrational defense of corrupt government and social dependence. It his his religion.

    The only time he becomes Mr. Libertarian is when this so called liberty directly weakens the family. Yup….if it hurts the traditional family, he’s suddenly Mr. Hip freedom lover.

    The family…..such an annoyance for a government that survives on dependence. It must be crushed. The monolithic voting in the inner city proves it what a windfall it can be.

    No, I am convinced Rutherford doesn’t give a fuck about being ignorant.

  149. 😆

    I haven’t seen a stampede like that since the Lion King…

    Free housin’! Free housin’! If they worked as hard at a job as they do living off the dole, they could avoid the zoo crowd too.

    What you say about O N’s video, Mr. Rutherford?

    You can see why more than a few of us are cynical of the system.

  150. “What you say about O N’s video, Mr. Rutherford?”

    Most of those damn clips are of my hood. I am so proud. That’s the dependent class that I see everyday and the MSNBCers pretend are the exception to the down-on-their-luck job seekers that conservatives callously ignore.

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 😆

  151. The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 😆

    😈 Them’s good Obama voters – sprint to the polls for free mortgage payments and gas.

    What an absolute disgraceful comment on humanity..

  152. “From the little I’ve heard old Mike linked contraceptive use to women’s inability to control their libido.”


    Nice job, Tigre.

    “Is that some Orwellian shit or what?!!!!”

    I’ll say. Isn’t there a better argument to be made than this deception?

    This whole utterly dependant way of life is an evolutionary nightmare where the inability to survive is being bred into our people. And yes the family is in direct competition with it. It’s a beautiful fucking plan isn’t it?

  153. Ok ok everybody back the fuck off.

    I finally saw the full Huckabee vid, not from Tigre’s link but from today’s … wait for it … Morning Joe. Huckabee was clearly characterizing HIS view of what Democrats think.

    So, clearly he is projecting. Clearly he is trying to make voters believe that Dems think nothing of women other than that they are sex crazed sluts who want their free birth control.

    Huckabee didn’t insult women. He insulted Democrats. Now the question is are you guys so anti-lib that you believe Huckabee?

    By the way, thanks to Joe RINO Scarborough, Morning Joe is a fairly balanced show particularly for MSNBC.

  154. “Now the question is are you guys so anti-lib that you believe Huckabee?”

    Are you so pro-dem you don’t?

    I think the left’s view of women is ant-feminist. I remember when a long ways back you I got on you for talking about Palin being an affront to women. You with a penis talking about what constituted an affront.

    Do you see any corollary between what Huckabee said about what the Dems are really saying, and our exchange here over the schism between what the self-described modern day liberal has in common with the libs of the 60s?

    “Huckabee didn’t insult women. He insulted Democrats.”

    That is absolutely true. In fact, quite the opposite.

  155. Oh, and sorry you don’t like my link. Was the video and sound quality better from your TiVoed Morning Joe?

    Do you find anything at all accurate about what the Lib Media is reporting about what Huckabee said? Since you don’t like my links, try Google and take a looksee for yourself.

  156. “That is absolutely true. In fact, quite the opposite.”

    (meaning that he was explicit in his reverence for women)

  157. Tigre, I had zero probs with your link. The iPhone WordPress app is not always link friendly and I was reading the pile-on just as Morning Joe started covering the same topic.

  158. Rutherford first you nipped at G about “reaching Elric dysfunction proportions” by posting a video that you say he was wrong to think spoke for itself. Tex weighed in and you mouthed off that HE was wrong about what Old Liz said.

    Then you jumped in the hole you dug with your 100% WRONG gossip about what Huckabee said.

    So quit whining about the pile on, boyfriend. You earned it. Save your strength for blowing us away with your powers of persuasion about how wrong what Huckabee said is.

  159. “Save your strength for blowing us away with your powers of persuasion about how wrong what Huckabee said is.”

    That is exactly what I was thinking.

    Rutherford follows the party where protestors dress up like vaginas. He watches a news station where commentators wear tampons as jewelry.

    The left has reduced women to their reproductive parts…nothing more.

    And lest we forget, Rutherford will always feign outrage if he is accused of misogyny. Even though his blog has a long record of belittling any woman with whom he disagrees.

  160. On a semi related note I toss this grenade in2 the room. Whats the opinion of the folks here about the Texas case where a brain dead woman who was 22 wks along is being allowed to be dead. Her husband has had to battle the hospital to shut off the life support. The hospital felt state law (Perry) dictated they had to keep her on LS due to the pregnancy.

  161. Sad story, Alfie. Though I call myself pro-life and am, and I can back that up with more lip service, I have no good answers for this one. This one goes above the wisdom of mortal man.

    I cannot argue with the family’s wishes, much as that is probably going to surprise some people. Listening to the mother of the woman who is dead was heart breaking.

    Sometimes, I wish our medical capabilities for prolonging life weren’t so miraculous.

  162. Rutherford, though the word abortion not mentioned in the video – reproduction was most certainly implied.

    Everything with these misandrists of the Left is about abortion either directly or indirectly.

  163. So how could a bunch of neighbors in a Manhattan high rise apartment in 1961 buy me a Kindle fire today?

    Among my dad’s stuff was a savings bond given to me shortly after my birth. I knew nothing about it until my sister found it among his things. The $50 savings bond was worth more than $400 today. So I’m typing this comment on my new kindle fire. God bless America!

  164. Alfie, the mother is already dead, and now her baby has a serious, potentially life- threatening condition.If that is true, to continue prolongs the agony of an evolving tragedy. I vote kill them and end the misery.

  165. How about that Rutherford? Even in death, your father is looking after you. Congratulations on your new kindle.

    The lies about who Hucklbee actually insulted dovetails with another lie. Wendy Davis’ record. Red State “Documents show a Texas Court ordered Wendy Davis to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Her daughter asked that her father be her custodian,

    Davis’ husband got custody of the children, and the court ordered Wendy to pay child support.

  166. “Davis’ husband got custody of the children…”

    Was that the husband that helped put her through college and whom she divorced the day after her student loans were paid off?

  167. Libs won’t care how badly she lied. They re-elected faux-cahontas even after she all but admitted she was full of shit. Hell, Rutherford is ready to give her the White House.

  168. Yes, Huck, I believe it is the same husband.

    Happy Happy! My brother and sister- in law wanted to look through my parents’ house which is dangerously collapsing upon itself.

    We found his bronze star, a service ribbon and a Korean-published year book Koreans made for his unit in Vietnam.We found my dress blue Air Force hat too.

    Two photos of my brother and me at five or six were on the wall of a dangerous room. Half of the floor had collapsed into an abyss and the rest was not steady. I crept along the wall and used a curtain rod to probe as if on a glacier. The unsteady floor threatened to collapse with moans and creaks several times, and once the curtain rod met nothing below me..My brother told me it wasn’t worth it. I knew Dad would have done it, so I pressed on.

    I’m still agile for an old guy.

    To celebrate, I’m listening to the Nits Homeless Boy.

  169. I guess I don’t understand why Huckabee went there in the first place.

    Yeah Wendy’s a real feminist. No wonder those fony femininnies admire her. Being unable to take care of yourself much less your children is not liberation. A cat’s a better mother. I feel sorry for her kids.

    What’s Palin up to?

  170. “They re-elected faux-cahontas even after she all but admitted she was full of shit.”

    They reelected her? I thought she was serving her first term?

    And Warrens “lies” if they are lies pale in comparison to Davis whose life narrative has a new hole in it everyday.

  171. I could so care less about this latest Huckabee hullabaloo. What is it that makes it newsworthy, because corporate media gave it life? I tune it out. Tools of the state. Who benefits from the continual rabble rousing?

  172. “Happy Happy! My brother and sister- in law wanted to look through my parents’ house”

    Amazing what treasures hide inside a home. It brings such bittersweet pleasure James.

  173. “I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my Kindle Fire Rutherford.”

    After Windows and iOS I’m finding Android a bit to get used to but you CAN teach this old dog new tricks.

    By the way the Android version of the WordPress app makes it VERY easy to accidentally delete comments. I will use it with care.

    Which reminds me I still have a Gorilla comment to restore. I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

  174. So my question to the panel is this (and I haven’t settled on a firm answer myself):

    When it comes to “women’s issues” should men just STFU?

    Is there any such thing as women’s issues or are these human issues.

    And one more maxim I’d like you to vote on “if men could get pregnant, abortion clinics would have a drive-thru lane.”

  175. “They reelected her? I thought she was serving her first term?”

    My mistake. They reelected her even after she all but admitted she was full of shit.

    Thank you for that scathing rebuttal and defense of the woman you want to be our next president.

    “…in comparison to Davis whose life narrative has a new hole in it everyday.”

    Rutherford, what do you mean by “hole”? Are you making a vaginal reference because she is a woman? You know that’s sexist, right? Better not let MSNBC catch you saying dog whistle stuff like this.

    “Is there any such thing as women’s issues or are these human issues.”

    That depends on if you think women are not human. Looks like you’re finally starting to catch a whiff of what Huckabee was getting at.

    “if men could get pregnant, abortion clinics would have a drive-thru lane.”

    And if women couldn’t get pregnant, abortion would be illegal.

    This is really quite easy when one simply uses the leftist form of deflective argument.

  176. Rutherford, half of the baby comes from the father, and therefore he deserves a say.

    If men could get pregnant, it probably wouldn’t be much different than it is now.

    They are human issues.

    Google Ben Folds Five- Brick youtube video, and listen to the words. The song describes an abortion from the father’s viewpoint. I think Ben Folds sang about his and his girl friend feelings after her abortion.

    The anguish seems akin to the death of a born baby.

  177. Ben Folds said in an interview that the woman who had the abortion was his high school girl friend. Some one wrote that the song implies Ben wanted to keep the baby. Hence singing that his girl friend was a brick dragging him down and his telling the baby “its not me you’re dying for.”

  178. “And Warrens “lies” if they are lies pale in comparison to Davis whose life narrative has a new hole in it everyday.” -R

    Man. I don’t know about that one. Didn’t Warren use her whole fake injin bit to get a cushy job? Pretty fucked up.

    I would think the hyper sensitive race baiting crowd, ie the academic left, would see her scam as the ultimate taboo. After all, didn’t she take the job from a real minority?

    Oh well……I’m sure Warren has the white guilt thing down so much that she was able to convince people she was forced on the trail of tears.

    And in fairness, I have met other fake Indians.

  179. And Hillary was a fake southern Mamaw….maybe even a black one. So maybe we shouldn’t care if people ARE THAT FUCKING WEIRD THAT THEY LIE ABOUT BEING INDIAN!!

    And by the way…I think it speaks volumes that Warren clearly operates in a world where its in someone’s advantage not be white. WTF?

  180. “And Warrens “lies” if they are lies pale in comparison…”

    Her lies about not being white “pale” in comparison?

    My good man, Rutherford. That entire comment was so rich in comedic goodness.

  181. “Rutherford, what do you mean by “hole”? Are you making a vaginal reference because she is a woman? You know that’s sexist, right? Better not let MSNBC catch you saying dog whistle stuff like this.”

    That cracked me up. Please don’t snitch on me to Chris Matthews. 😆

    I didn’t quite understand your deflection. If women couldn’t get pregnant abortion would be illegal?

  182. James…..for some reason I feel the need to point out that in this case, “my boys” was a reference to University of Michigan basketball team. Not my sons.

  183. “And in fairness, I have met other fake Indians.”

    I like to tease my wife whose roots go back to England that she is really Native American because her maiden name sounds American Indian.

  184. “My good man, Rutherford. That entire comment was so rich in comedic goodness.”

    I try. I live to entertain.

    Now pardon me while I go tell the Aristocrats joke to my 10 year old. 👿

  185. “All I need now is to start drooling and full justice will be dished out to the rabbit.”

    How can you not love The Rabbit?

    For some, black is chitlins and crime.
    For some, Jews are greed.
    For some, Asians are photography and bad driving.

    For Rabbit disability always involves drooling. 😆

  186. What’s not to love about the rabbit?

    Elizabeth Warren looks like many women in my family. I knew we had a little Asian blood because of Sami connections, but maybe I should apply to be a member of an Indian tribe and share in the casino profits.

    As we know, two reporters miss -represented Huckabee’s criticism of the Democratic party and his so called anti- woman attack went viral. I just had the pleasure of documenting how that other site was just like Emily Litella of Saturday Night Live with their misplaced anger.

    it would be funny, but such false narratives and non- critical thinking delude us too often.

  187. Rutherford my answer would be that on a political level there cannot be gender lines,yes it is a matter of human issues. If we as a society were better dedicated at our own personal responsibilities we wouldn’t have any of the false red meat partisan talking points we do. We would also have government that would be limited and effective.
    Bottom line the gender issues are just as bad as the race issues etc. they are used to divide not unite. To yoke people not to free them. Both parties are bad about this but I confess a bias that I feel the democrats are by far the worse.

  188. My 20 month old is out of control.

    My oldest drinks the Rabbit kool-aid. He never went through the terrible two’s like this.

    Man….my youngest is a handful.

    He’s throwing epic tantrums the second he doesn’t get his way. He loves bashing all the other Rabbits with large, hard surfaced objects, usually over the head.

    He throws his food the second it no longer suits him.

    He will stare right at me and punch something looking for a reaction.

    We’ve tried the ignore strategy, time outs, positive reinforcement…..

    He is so damn strong willed.

    Please tell me this is normal for an almost two year old.

  189. Speaking of women and blacks and chitlens (sic) how is it black dudes will eat nasty pig parts but get all grossed out over performing oral sex on a beautiful woman?

    Man…I walked up to the corner bar yesterday afternoon and there was a new waitress there that was knock out hot. She was probably around 28 years old. Cursing monogamy, I sat there thinking I don’t even desire sex with her. I just want her to sit on my face for two hours.

    The good thing about marriage is every year it gets easier to be faithful due to the fact you get uglier. I could tell that waitress put me in the same potential mate pool as her great uncle and parish priest. In other words, not if I was the last guy on earth. She got a 50% tip nonetheless.

    Uncle Rabbit… the old creep who likes to play his Keno numbers and talk about the weather with strangers. I’ve turned into my old man. Nooooooooooo!

  190. The good thing about marriage is every year it gets easier to be faithful due to the fact you get uglier.

    😆 😆

    Funny you should say that. That picture I sent a few of you, my wife and were commenting how much bigger our noses were since we got married. My daughter called me big head – I called her brontosaurus head. 😈

    If you can’t take mockery around my house, you don’t survive….

  191. @ rabbit 251 I think you hit the nail on the head. The left doesn’t mind their hypocrisy and deceit,they just don’t tolerate others pointing it out.
    As for toddler demons. I marvel at how much personality something so small and young can have. My kids offered stubbornness aplenty. I don’t think you have a sociopath on your hands though. Future extrovert with independent leanings and confidence…yeah

  192. No disrespect intended I’d add that the wresting rabbit or another peer will inevitably clue the younger in social order norms. Aka strike begets counter strike wake up call.

  193. Although I abhor Huckabee and view him a charlatan I echo James sort of in that I find it sad the story that flew was false. The sheep that don’t think get to vote too,that sucks

  194. Alfie, me too. The thing that is striking is that it wasn’t just false, it was exactly 180 degrees the opposite. Which should raise questions about the accuracy of his observations and the beliefs of the left, but of course will not (and was your point about the hypocrisy).

    James, what the hell causes you to visit that damn Fat Grannies site? You dragged me over there! It’s like a nursing home filled with unfulfilled liberal feminists trying to fill the vacuum left by their non existent sex lives just waiting to die. I see that you play along with pretend social courtesies with those hags, but I honestly can’t see what you find edifying about the exchanges. Poolman goes over there too.

    Rabbit, my boy just came back after playing with the neighborhood kids. They’ve all purchased arsenals of thee Nerf dart machine guns with their x-mas dough and have a disorganized version of paintball warfare.

    So, Lil’ Tigre comes in and says he got chewed out by a parent for threatening one of the neighborhood girls. I asked what was up with that and he told me that this girl was threatening his little sister. He made me proud when he said he told the girl she would have to deal with him if she did anything to hurt his sister. I told him “atta boy, what did she say?” She said,” I might be a girl but I can fight and I will fight you, especially boys aren’t allowed to hit girls.” And. . . he told her, “try to hit me or my sister and I’ll rip your arms off and beat you with the bloody stumps.”

    I told him he should never have said that. What he should’ve said was “beat you with the bloody severed limbs.” 😉

    The only one that’s gonna beat Lil’ Tigre’s his sister is Lil’ Tigre. . . and of course Mr. and Mrs. Tigre. And I think that’s cool.

  195. @#221 – The baby or fetus if you prefer was 14 weeks old at the time of the event that left the mother legally dead under Texas law. The hospital’s own lawyer says the woman met the legal and clinical criteria very soon after arriving at the hospital. Why the hospital did what they did is a mystery to me.

  196. El Tigre, I kept it secret when I came home from the service, and I was functioning without the aid of whiskey or drugs. But I was an emotional wreck. When I was in grad school I couldn’t stand loud noises, nor could I sleep without a knife under my pillow or feel safe without some sort of concealed weapon when I went to class.

    ‘A job counselor told a Navy friend and me that veterans were held in such low repute that if we wanted employment in the North we should lie about our military service. I was so angry as I remembered the slights and put downs inflicted on veterans as a whole that I snapped.

    I earned a 4.00 that semester and left the campus, even my wife for four months.

    Those crones are surrogates for the men who tried to kill me and for the liberals who gave Vietnam veterans a crumby homecoming. I have learned how to hurt them in subtle ways and even to manipulate the blog. Some have left because of me. As Tex can attest, their record against me has not been so good lately.

    I did this on two other liberal sites. On one, we made friends and visited each other. I helped wreck the other.This will be my last liberal blog.

    I fixed myself, but I still have a few quirks. Irritating old liberals is one.

  197. Rabbit @ #251 – I echo Alfie’s #267 nail on the head remark re: Liz’s Big Lie. And good luck with your little gladiator.

    Rutherford the Kindle helps with the comment numbers but you will find it awkward in general when it comes to commenting, I expect. I do.

    I listened to a bite of MHP this morning before I was implored to douse it. In those few agonizing moments I was exposed to some really bad panel. Suddenly no one remembers Sarah Palin. The only conservative they can remember having been on the receiving end of similar gossip about their personal history is Rubio.

    What is the left and left-friendly media’s problem with women? They just don’t seem to know how to support us honestly.

    1. ”When it comes to “women’s issues” should men just STFU?”

    2. “Is there any such thing as women’s issues or are these human issues?”

    1. Only during my crime shows and 2. clearly they are human issues (as has been stated here previously in precisely those terms.)

    Would I be accurate in submitting that your failure to address Huckabee’s remarks on their merit indicates to me that you may be hiding from the uncomfortable truth by blaming the decidedly liberal – and as such divisive and underhanded – POV that men should STFU when it comes to “women’s issues.”

  198. “Although I abhor Huckabee and view him a charlatan I echo James sort of in that I find it sad the story that flew was false. The sheep that don’t think get to vote too,that sucks.”

    For me the bottom line on Huckabee’s remarks are that what might have been an otherwise prefectly sound reply to a debate question on the phony war on women meme – where inelegance is less avoidable than prepared remarks on the topic of your choice – was reduced to picking a fight that we all know will visit us again soon enough. He also could have used the time waiting for it to tighten up his remarks and excise the silly reference to women’s libidos.

    I also don’t think that the taxpayer should be billed for anyone else’s birth control but we lost that fight and the ACA is upon us. To single out birth control is pointless and ill-advised and, well, divisive.

  199. Poolman goes over there too.

    He certainly does. It isn’t the same anymore, but there are still many of the old timers that drop a line from time to time. There are plenty that lurk, some who’ve been bullied into not commenting. It can get pretty emotional on these threads, as you know. I can find points of agreement with some, but most think poolman is like rain on a picnic.

  200. The most apparent thing about Huckabee’s remarks is that they obviously hit a nerve. For that, I applaud him.

    To date, there has been zero counter by the left regarding what he said. They had to resort to out-of-context bullshit. Even Rutherford could not offer a rebuttal, opting, instead, to try and turn the tables with a stupid question about if we believe him. And even that came after we had to stick our fingers down his throat and make him spit out the MSNBC kool-aid he had ingested.

    Like him or not (which I don’t), and like his phrasings or not…he won this round. It wasn’t even close.

  201. The left has no other card to play except sex and reproduction if they want to divide men and women. If you take that out of the mix, then women have the same concerns as anyone else — “How am I going to feed my family?” “How am I going to keep my home?” “How am I going to be safe and thrive in a world that is becoming increasingly difficult to do either?”

    And democrats don’t want to have those discussions….for damn good reason. Because they will lose…and they know it.

  202. Who’s keeping score?
    There is no neutral arbitrator.
    This is a game of losers where nobody wins.
    This is a game where cheating is the steadfast rule.
    This is a game that never sleeps, yet consists of bedfellows.

    I’m sure in the interest of fairness there will be a counter punch.

  203. @#276 & #277 – Very, very true.

    It is a gaping, exposed nerve that Huckabee hit.

    Women aren’t the only ones the left and the left and left-friendly media does not know how to honestly support either.

  204. By jamming through Obamascam the Democrats in office have guaranteed that birth control will soon no longer be relatively inexpensive. The costs will skyrocket and that’s probably how they plan on forcing young people into the system. Hahaha. It’s a beautiful fucking plan.

  205. Huckabee handed the Democrats a late Christmas present. One saving grace is the election is not immediate. Yes, Democrats will force young people into the plan, and when long waiting lines and deaths occur, it will somehow be the Republicans’ or insurance companies fault. People being angered by what Huckabee didn’t say will fall for the “beautiful fucking plan.”

  206. I think I’m gonna have to use a stylus with the Kindle Fire. Because my fingers aren’t quite “normal” I’m finding that as I type on the damn thing with my index finger, my pinky decides it wants in on the action and touches the screen causing problems. It’s a matter of the added real estate. Maybe I’ll just hold my hand in a different position.

    My daughter has a stylus she never uses. Let’s see if she’s nice enough to let old Dad use it.

  207. If what Huckabee said was true I’d be with him 100% and I am disturbed by lib mouthpieces lying about what he said … heck lying right after they show the video that contradicts them.

    Huckabee’s problem was not disrespect toward women. It was assigning MOTIVES to Democrats. There is too much of that in politics today. Too much assuming motives.

    Disagree with policy, fine. Don’t assign motives. And yes Dems do it every bit as much as Republicans.

  208. The Dem’s accusations of a war on women was not done with the motives assigned to them by Huckabee? Bullshit. The motive was itself ascribing motive to Republican’s opposition to financing contraception by claiming it as a “right” Republicans seeks to deny. Even you sign on to that.

    Where exactly did Huckabee get it wrong? Have a look at Fat Grannies. All those witless old hags proved his point but too thick to see it.

    If Huckabee’s claims as to the liberal motive weren’t true, the reaction is inexplicable. The modern liberal really believes that feminism requires slavish devotion to their political orthodoxy. That’s why, in R-speak, Palin was “an affront to feminism.” It’s why NOW continued to support Bill Clinton in the Lewinski matter, held Hillary out as some kind of hero for tolerating it, yet pull out all of the stops when it comes to vicious cheap shots at the wives of Republican candidates whom they treat as beholden dimwits.

    R, do you consider yourself a feminist?

  209. Rutherford where is the rebuttal to Huckabee’s claim?

    So you pretend we’re talking about assigning motives and yet you tivo msnbc which is little more than an unending stream of one accusation of racism and sexual frustration and hatred of women and poor people and old people and school children and the earth after another.

    You cant rebut what Huckabee said.

  210. So here’s the thing. I never said women have a right to free contraception. Quite the opposite. I don’t believe “Uncle Sugar” should be giving a free ride on that.

    Most Democratic pols believe otherwise because their base agrees with them.

    It’s got nothing to do with self control. No DEM pol believes that. It is grounded in the mistaken belief that contraception is “preventive care”.

    I don’t agree with that either. And I did say that both libs and conservatives assign motives. Yes that is exactly why Huckabee has been misquoted. Because the lib media thinks he believes the very thing he projected on Democrats.

  211. If the lib media thought Huckabee believed what he said, they would say something like “Mike Huckabee is so out of touch that he believes we are doing this because…..”

    But that’s not what they did…was it?

    No…the lib media misquoted him because they don’t know any other way to deal with it. He gave the left a good one across the chin. I’d be prepared for more.

  212. “It’s got nothing to do with self control. No DEM pol believes that.”

    Keep clicking your heels together, R. Like so many of these called-to-task debates (e.g. gun control), you’re rewriting the narrative.

    And you’re wrong.

    The lack of self control rationale used by Dem pols is also applied to abortion. You know, the ones that talk about women that “find themselves pregnant.”

    As I said, go look at Fat Grannies. Always the victim of circumstance (and always a time for comeuppance). They express the very rationale Huckabee was referring to as, like you, they scoff at the absurdity of the libido (while making comparisons to Viagra).

  213. The fat grannies are a microcosm of a malevolent force which is destroying our country and society. They are equivalent to cancer and should be excised to save the United States. They won’t be, of course.

    They took me over a line when they reacted to Huckabee’s stupid anti-Democratic Party statement and refused to believe what happened because the sources were “wrong.”

    Even if the results of bad policy eventually make them suffer, they will blame other than their ideological masters.I don’t plan to revisit that site for awhile, maybe never.

    I think we are screwed. Our future may be Ukraine.

  214. For those of you Americans who wish to actually DO something about the systematic robbery of Americans by the FED, consider Bitcoin.

    I am setting up our consulting company to take Bitcoin, which will be of course immune to the currency wars now going on across the globe. The fate of all currencies in countries that repudiate a hard currency standard is the same: worthlesness. Congratulations, Yanks — the Obama admin’s horribly reckless money-printing has now begun the process of replacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, So. Africa) have already signed agreements to trade in kind (barter), with any imbalance to be paid in gold. No dollars accepted, or necessary.

    BCoin is volatile, of course, but as it approaches its maximum of 21 million, it should settle down. Latest value is about 1000 USD. It is estimated that the Winklevoss twins (Winklevii?), of Facebook fame, own about 1% of the total BC extant.

    Couple of good YouTube videos by Karen A Hudes, whistleblower and former counsel to the World Bank. For those of you who think poolman is a loon about the Catholic Church and the Vatican bank, she might get you thinking another way.

  215. Go watch MSNBC some evening.

    Then ask your wife to hide the sheets and remove your shoelaces.

    The War on The War on Women.

  216. 285 “What the fuck has happened to popular music?” Its the same question parents asked about Rock and Roll. We are old, Rutherford. Someday fans of this music will ask the same question.

    Good music is still being played. You just have to look for it .For example, google Eva and Manu “Feet in the Water”, Sofia Jannok, “Thunder of the Three Heavens” Eivor “True Love” Rassal and Samata Tina, or Vanilla Ninga “Tough Enough.”

    I do like some of One Direction’s music as well as Katy Perry and early Lady Gaga.I also like Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive. Now, I have probably ruined my credibility.

  217. R, there’s tons of great shit out there. Tons. But James is right, you have to look for it. You can’t have it delivered to you over the airwaves. Thank God for the Interwebs — the greatest thing that ever happened for the listener (and perhaps formerly anonymous performers).

    James, I weep for you. 😆

  218. Is anybody as tired of the promotion of “gay marriage” as I am? I wouldn’t watch the Grammy’s but I can’t turn around and not read or see the most transparent propaganda ploy since they told us Obama was ‘The One.’

    When are Americans going to ever learn….sigh.

    Rutherford, you should be offended that gay marriage, an oxymoron, is being equated with slavery and Civil Rights. You too are easily manipulated by superficial emotion.

  219. Here’s another beef of mine. I am tired of NYC, D.C. and Hollywood having their fingers in every bit of cake – as if they don’t already get more than their fair share of bennies. Take this year’s Superbowl, for instance.

    NYC/NJ will host a Superbowl – supposedly a reward for the best team from each conference to play. Now wouldn’t you think in the spirit of a game, you would want to minimize your risk that weather in the middle of winter could jeopardize or affect the outcome and that attending fans paying a king’s ransom would appreciate being to sit in comfort (though we know that nobody typical attends the super bowl anymore – they’ve ruined it too)?

    I hope, no I pray, that NYC/NJ is fit with Arctic cold so harsh that Richard Sherman is found frozen solid on the tundra with his mouth agape.

    This country is so screwed up, I don’t even know where to start.

  220. “The fat grannies are a microcosm of a malevolent force which is destroying our country and society. They are equivalent to cancer and should be excised to save the United States. They won’t be, of course.”

    They watch MSNBC. In fact, one of them said they tweeted their good friend Chaz Maddow in hopes that she (it?) would spend some time stroking them with affirmation.

  221. “The lack of self control rationale used by Dem pols is also applied to abortion. You know, the ones that talk about women that “find themselves pregnant.””

    Don’t forget “punished with a baby”

    It begs the question…punished for what?

    Mike Huckabee gave the answer.

  222. “Don’t forget “punished with a baby”

    It begs the question…punished for what?

    Mike Huckabee gave the answer.”

    Or to use R’s construct, “preventative care.”

    To prevent what?

  223. Tigre I think you forget that what made me an enemy at FG was my rejection of the notion of “finding yourself pregnant”.

    And no I will not visit there. They are the worst example of liberals. If they were your only source of liberal input you’d have every right to loathe us.

  224. I heard of bitcoin for the first time last weekend when I think conservative economics writer Josh Barrow held up a “confessional card” on Bill Maher saying something like “I’m fully invested in bitcoin”.

    Alternative currency sounds to me a bit like a successful third party in the USA–ain’t gonna happen.

  225. “Or to use R’s construct, “preventative care.” ”

    Good googly moogly. Let me try all caps.


    Does that make it any clearer?

  226. Alternative currencies have been around for much longer than our current fiat. They will always thrive. I posted some info regarding alternate currencies some time ago. Bitcoin has been around for years and has gained in value and popularity, even as the value of the dollar decreases. Some think the CIA funded Bitcoin. When the silk road online black market was shut down by the FBI, a lot of folks thought that was the end of Bitcoin, but it actually boosted its popularity.

  227. I literally have a knot in my stomach in advance of the State of the Union address.

    I’m praying it rains anvils inside the House.

  228. “Alternative currency sounds to me a bit like a successful third party in the USA–ain’t gonna happen.”

    Well, the bankers are certainly going to do everything in their power to be rid of it. And they have a lot of power. So are the governments, because it takes away their ability to pilfer what little remains of workers’ salaries after taxes (through inflation).

    The problem is that modern technology makes it very, very tough to eradicate ideas whose times have come. When you do a transaction, just the credit card fees alone add 3-5%. This is a nearly unfathomable amount of “friction” in the system of commerce. Look in any big city and see who has the five biggest skyscrapers – it will be the banks and the insurance companies.

    When you can make an instant transaction by exposing your phone to the seller’s phone, or just clicking your online “wallet” – for a fee of .00005 cents per transaction, that is a very powerful incentive to the “masses.”

    But it will be like, for example, porn. The people whose ox is being gored won’t say, “We don’t like it because it costs us money.” They will say, “It is used to launder money! It is anonymous and could be used to hire hit men!” “It’s bad for the KIDS!” — and completely ignore the compelling arguments for the good.

    I won’t bet against this one, Rutherford. Bitcoin may not be the final currency, but eventually the world will have honest money – too many people know the “Q.E.” scam, and now they can finally do something about it.


    Do you even remember the point, Frank Zappa?

    You challenged Huckabee’s assertion about what the liberal’s pretend War on Women. My apologies for the lack of clarity. I thought you were following along — but I should be more generous by keeping in mind that setting these things aside and then picking them up again can create disjointedness.

    Let’s call it, “the reason R said Huckabee was wrong when it comes other liberals who view contraception as preventative care.” If I grant you that, will you please tell me where he went wrong.

    And like Fat Grannies or not, the shit they buy into from the liberal propaganda machine that invented the fake War on Women, and the shit those vile coots sling as prompted IS WHAT HUCKABEE WAS TALKING ABOUT. UNFORTUNATELY HUCAKBEE GOT IT RIGHT. THE DEMS VIEW OF WHAT CONSTITUES “FEMINISM” (I.E. GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCE) IS AND SHOULD BE VIEWED AS INTELLECTUALLY INSULTING TO WOMEN.

    Tigre grants you an exemption from the preventative care argument if it will keep you from eating that yellow snow. However, your personal acceptance of the libido component of what he said is totally irrelevant. Huckabee was summarizing the sum and substance of the Dem position on contraception that the Republicans have waged a War on Women by not adopting it. Consequence free sex is not a fucking “right” even if men can engage in it without “the burden” of becoming pregnant themselves (the duplication of which for women is supposed to be liberation/equality???). All he was saying was, “don’t piss on our legs and tell us it’s raining.”

    The Dem strategy of attempting to change the basic construct by calling it “preventative care” should be rejected. Apparently you agree.

    I still wonder how you find the determination of whether abortion is “preventative care” (and for whom) all in the eye of the beholder (a/k/a/ women’s right), but we can save that for another day.

  230. Here is what I don’t like about bitcoin.

    First of all, when unhip gumps like us are talking about it, I suspect it might have it critical mass.

    I used Google analytics and found search quarries for bitcoin is crashing.

    I work in the Midwest. Perfume, style and trend. It reaches us clowns last. I overheard two kids talking about mining the other day.

    800 plus bucks a pop. I smell a Tulip.

    But here is the real weirdness. What kind of currency doesn’t either trade on the Forex or at least a precious metal exchange?

    It’s a petri dish! You can’t short it outside of shady deals with the Russian Mafia. Its immune to healthy normal pressures of a currency market.

    Its actually traded thinner then many stocks. A so called currency!????

    Find a way to short the fuck out of it.

    But….I say the same thing about student loans.

  231. I like it, Poolman.

    Newsbusters has a link to a story describing how MSNBC is distorting the Huckabee comments. The grannies were echoing those reporters They are truly a flock of parrots mimicing each other without realizing they have been duped.

  232. Tigre,

    I just read about you kids sticking up for one another. Good stuff.

    Just don’t embrace it too much like my Dad did with my 4 brothers and I. We went from the defensive to the offensive right around our early teens. Its wasn’t pretty.

  233. I kind of think this a new golden age of music.

    Top 40 doesn’t mean shit.

    Musicians market themselves.

    No more safe bets by corporate record companies stifling creativity.

    There is a ton of good music out there for a guy like me who has a secret but eclectic fondness for weird music.

  234. Oh Muffy! That hit a little too close to home for me. I watched my mother last year do this and more for my father after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This lady had far more mobility than my dad.

    With some help from her kids, my mother had Hospice for a grand total of 45 minutes.

    Enough to sign the death certificates.

    That last shot is too precious. I’m generally not a terribly romantic type – but that last shot was too good, too cool, and incredibly touching. That made me mist up.

    I say this to you. Real Christians I’ve decided show their true character in those last days. This man is a hero to me.

  235. Rutherford – this from the, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” file:

    States, led by Washington State, have begun legislative action to block the supply of water and electricity to NSA sites that spy on American Citizens.

    “The bill throws down a challenge to the NSA, seeking to block all state support for NSA activities violating the Fourth Amendment. For instance, that could mean a cutoff of electricity or water or other state-government services to the NSA site. And the measure also provides for withholding other forms of support, such as research and partnerships with state universities.

    Here’s the crux of the bill: “It is the policy of this state to refuse material support, participation, or assistance to any federal agency which claims the power, or with any federal law, rule, regulation, or order which purports to authorize, the collection of electronic data or metadata of any person pursuant to any action not based on a warrant that particularly describes the person, place, and thing to be searched or seized.”

    If the windup of that long sentence has a familiar ring, it should. The final dozen words are almost identical to key phrases in the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

    If there is one thing computers need, it’s electricity. Of course, the government could bring in generators and water, but it would cost money, money that could not be used for spying. And it would focus the country’s attention even more on the NSA’s illegal, unconstitutional activities.

  236. Ha ha El Tigre! The poor girl’s mind is being warped.

    My wife would agree with you if I played Katy Perry or Sami and Inuit throat singing.

    Our grand daughter likes Sofia Jannok, the Sami singer who in one song joiks about finding her Aunt Irene’s reindeer herd. She sings partly inside of the Ice Hotel..She looks a lot like our daughter. Maybe our grand daughter thinks her mother is singing to her from inside a big black box.


    I like Sofia because she may be channeling Rush Limbaugh. She calls the Swedish government “the regime.”

    Our grand daughter also hears, Beetoven, Bach, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    Remember, our grand daughter was born with many problems including a tiny pointed head. Doctors guessed her development would be two to three years behind schedule. It was an act of desperation for us. We poured everything we had into her mind.Her head is now normally shaped, and it is in the bottom 5 percent of normal,.

    II agree with Rabbit. Hundreds or thousands of would-be singers across the world are working very hard to make a living by bypassing traditional business gateways. Other established foreign stars unknown here also produce good music.,

    Cimerelli, our grand daughter’s favorite, is six home- schooled girls from Sacramento who developed a world-wide following on YouTube.

    She hasn’t seen Macy Kate who since January has been churning out cover songs as fast as her band and she can. They work over eight hours a day and now attend virtual high school. She is 15, and I don’t think any of the band is old enough for a drivers license. She has gotten herself noticed enough that when she did a cover of Sarah Baralis’ Brave which was seen on the Grammies with Carol King,that Sarah sang a duet with Kate.

    I also like “Listening to Coast to Coast” by UFO Phil,.

    A stranger one is Whitejustcantdance, an Estonian girl who made four videos 4 to 5 years ago. She stated her goals and achieved them. Then, she vanished from all social media. She has become a cottage industry as people speculate on what happened to her and whether she is alive or dead,. One commenter wrote simply, “she grew up.”

  237. James, please run an experiment for me. Play some Beatles for your granddaughter (different eras) and let me know her reaction. To avoid revealing too much personal info, I have some background and associations that have resulted in a theory about the universal appeal of the Beatles. It started when I watched my son’s reaction to a series of random Beatles songs played in a restaurant courtyard we were chowing at when he was just a little peanut.

    My daughter had the same reaction as my son. Since she’s just started violin, I have run some experiments midway through her practice and noticed that the Beatles help her find “her place.”

  238. Fucking DNR. Impossible to navigate sometimes. I’m applying for my Spring Turkey License and for the life of me, I can’t make out what part of their convoluted and pointless “hunting zones” I’m in.

    Contacting them and finding someone who is helpful is next to impossible. Most of the DNR I have run into act like complete smug assholes when you have a question.

    All I want to do is follow the law and you need to put in hours figuring it out.

    They wonder why they can’t get enough hunters out there anymore.

    Meanwhile Wild Turkies, just like the Canadian Goose, have gone from rare to an infestation.

  239. Tex – role model all the way. There aren’t that many things that you can do in this life that matter more than doing the marriage and the family right, is there?

  240. The shot of her tiara on her bike helmet from the man’s POV? Yeah I blubbered and kept watching it and blubbering. One moment in time that captures a lifetime.

  241. The thought that the state of Washington has the ability or legal standing to interfere with the workings of the Yakima Training Center is laughable. This is simplistic window dressing gobbled up by some really weak minded. Folks

  242. Not to be a bummer on bit coin as we’ll but….
    Bit coin is a something between a sc and a nerd novelty. Those that see it as great should cringe that the likes of Sachs and Stanley are pondering inroads, what do you think that would bring?
    On related note perhaps the NSA should get in the “mining” business and solve the national debt.

  243. i will do it, El Tigre the next time I play a video for her. We don’t do it every day to avoid missing other stimulation of letting the effect wear off. .I will let you know what happens with the Beatles.

    Alfie, the ” simplistic window dressing” may be fantacy, but one can dream.

  244. Ha. Gutfeld SOTU drinking game:

    “Every time he says ‘folks,’ drink. Every time he says ‘fair share,’ drink. Every time he says ‘extraordinary,’ drink. Every time he brags about working tirelessly, drink. When he frets about lack of compromise, drink. If he says, ‘Bring me a bill, and I’ll sign it,’ drink. When he brings up the middle class, the people he’s ruining, drink. Every time he says, ‘It’s the right thing to do,’ drink. Every time he cites someone that his policies have helped, drink. If she’s in the audience, drink some more. Every time he says, ‘I never said it would be easy,’ drink. If he says that after mentioning ObamaCare, drink again. If he says ObamaCare’s rough start was worth it, drink. And every time he reminds us that running a country is really hard, say, ‘Yeah, we can tell,’ and drink … Finally, each time you feel like you’re being screwed, drink. And if you still buy anything from this gas bag, then you deserve the world’s worst hangover, and enjoy it, ‘cause you built that.”

  245. I would throw in a “I want to be clear,” and “as we’ve said all along,” and double shooter for the use of the word “wildly.”

  246. El Tigre, I tried “Help” performed live in London in 1963. Our grand daughter may have been unduly influenced by screaming girls. She was engaged and “talked”. She also wanted to get closer to the computer screen and touch the key board. Half way through, she
    stood on the couch next to me and crouched up and down,

    Her reaction to “Love me Do” was different. She stared at the screen, and her eyes followed individual singers. Her lips moved slightly through the entire song.

    “Come Together” bored her. She started playing with a rattle, stood up and let me know she was finished.

    Its hard to interpret what a seven month old baby thinks, but I think she liked “Love me Do” best. Her reaction was more like her watching Cimmerelli or Rassal and Samata. She smiles and laughs at those videos, and sometimes waves her arms, so I think they remain her favorites. Cimerelli has a printed thank you preface, and our grand daughter anticipates what is coming as soon as she sees the print. She bounces up and down and shrieks.

    I will try more later.

  247. “Bit coin is a something between a sc and a nerd novelty. Those that see it as great should cringe that the likes of Sachs and Stanley are pondering inroads, what do you think that would bring?
    On related note perhaps the NSA should get in the “mining” business and solve the national debt.”

    Control by financial institutions? Feh. Goldman and Stanley are non-entities in this game. The beauty of Bitcoin-like entities is that it completely eliminates the need for such banks or banking houses. It effectively throws off the chains of enslavement. They used to enslave you by force; now they simply take your money.

    As for its being a “nerd novelty:” Actually, it is a quite viable entity. Mining is essentially over, as the quantity approaches its upper limit of 21million. The algorithms get harder to solve as time progresses, with 21m as absolute max.

    The only real question is whether governments can quash it as currency or not. They have every incentive, since it tears their little money-printing playhouses down. That is, of course, why Roosevelt confiscated Americans’ gold – to keep down honest money’s competition with fiat currency. But with the whole world playing in the game, connected by the Internet, now abolition may just not be feasible.

    As an aside, your Milton Friedman proposed such a system about 15 years ago. Let me see if I can find it.

  248. @ Rutherford 327 one word….hilarious.
    Seriously though I did some research because shit like this amuses me. Turns out the NSA initiated a closure of the Yakima facility in April of 2013. The locations tech is moving to Buckley AFB in Colorado.
    So the Washington thing just reeks of cheap political grandstanding with zero to lose. Voters deserve better and people deserve to be better informed about the silliness they are taught to applaud.

  249. I don’t wish anyone I’ll regard bitcoin to each their own. I see zero reason to believe it to be a good thing and I definitely believe the pseudo libertarian swooning of it all is grossly misplaced. I firmly believe it will prove to be Ponzi in nature and legacy.

  250. AH, what a true joy to miss another Obama SOTU speech. Haven’t watched one since The Jackboot pulled his ugly stunt with the SCOTUS.

    I pulled up an absolutely horrid horror flick on Netflix called “The Possession”, some cheap ripoff of the Exorcist (don’t ask me why) and even that beat listening to the scraping of chalk across the blackboard Barack self-aggrandizement.

    Heard it was a big nothing burger – with a dollap of platitude. Did anyone really expect anything different?

  251. Muffy, Thursday I will have been married for 26 years. I will tell you that I feel in many ways the luckiest man alive. I hope I get to reach The Golden One, no matter what the obstacles.

    That man is a true inspiration.

  252. Congratulations, Tex.

    I didn’t watch the speech either. Our daughter and a friend watched The Bachelor. It was filled with lies too, but the people were more attractive.

  253. Congratulations, Tex! WTG! That is quite a feat in this day and age.


    I don’t watch these SOTU speeches anymore either. I have acquired a serious distaste for these bloviating opportunists. My preference has always tended toward much less words and more positive action. I have reached the end of my level of tolerance for these charlatans.

    It doesn’t matter what they SAY, it’s what they DO and who they do it with. They are all treasonous criminals based solely on their actions.

  254. The SOTU was never very interesting to begin with but lately Obama just makes me think of an obnoxious foul drunk using one bad pickup line after another. He’s reaching Joe Biden proportion phony.

    I didn’t watch the delivery or the coverage. Blech.

    Did he remind us about his pen and phone? What kind of pen do you suppose it is? Ink too? Oooh.

  255. I like the drinking game idea for use whenever he speaks anymore but we’re goners if we add in “no one wants to get to the bottom of this more than I do” or some variation on the theme.

    “No one is more _____ than me about _____.”

    Yeah yeah. Sure you are bub.

  256. I learned a new word, fremdschdmen, German for feeling embarrassed for someone else because that person doesn’t realize he/she should be embarrassed.

  257. It took some of the folks at office 13-14 hours to get home. We let them go at 1:00. I happened to get stuck right in front of a commuter rail station (MARTA). Home in 15 minutes and very grateful. A lot of people stuck sleeping in their cars, out of gas in the middle of the roads in 15 degree weather, kids sleeping at schools etc.

    It’s a mess here.

    The kids are having a ball. 😆

  258. Thanks for the report, El Tigre. One of my main interests is weather, and I have been watching the storm since it gave our cousins some freezing rain in Austin. Did you get all snow or a mixture?

    I hope normal returns soon.

    Similar traffic messes happened to us when we lived in Essex, UK.

  259. It was mostly all snow. Started around noon and after it melted on the road, the temperatures plunged. Turned to black ice and then the tractor trailers and cars started blocking all of the roads as they collided. Then the stalls as cars ran out of gas.

    I just got a call from one of our secretaries. She left yesterday at 1:00 and got home this morning at 11:00.

    Was in the low 20’s last evening. Down to teens. In the low 30s now.

    It might not make any sense to go in tomorrow even. Nothing is open. Gas stations are closed or were drained yesterday. Fist fights at the pumps. I got some frozen pizzas at the only store open. Fortunately I can get wok done on the computer at home.

    And comment on R’s blog.

  260. This is the 6th day work as been canceled already this winter. I’m not using it as an excuse….but this epic cold shit brings the eastern European out of me. I’m a winter drinker.

  261. That sounds dreadful Tigre. I read that wrong the first time and then it dawned on me – 11:00 THIS MORNING!

    Stay home tomorrow.

  262. I can’t believe what I just saw on the news over Atlanta. Tigre……no wonder your so successful. 3 inches of snow brings more havoc then Commander William T. Sherman? 3 inches of snow?

    All it would have took is a normal salt truck run. Are there no salt trucks? Ice storms happen in Atlanta don’t they? They must be equipped.

    Stay safe man.

  263. Yeah Muffy. 22 hours.

    I heard that Atlanta has 8 plows. That’s it. I doubt there are many salt trucks. Kasim Reed (the shitty mayor) is taking some serious shit for the not directing school closure earlier. There were buses with school children that spent the night in them. A lot friends whose kids stayed the night at school. At least they were warm, fed bathrooms etc. with trusted adults looking after them.

    You all would’ve laughed at how little it took for this to happen. Coming from Boston it always amazes me.

  264. “Atlanta turns into Lord of the Flies when it snows. It is pretty pathetic.”

    It’s not pathetic. It is to be expected. What happened in Atlanta is ABNORMAL!

    No matter how badly the weather extremes fuck up your life you will sit there smugly saying “nothing to see here”.

  265. “Coming from Boston it always amazes me.”

    Why does it amaze you? Boston is COLD in the winter. Atlanta is not.

    Hint: for years the elderly have flocked to Florida in the winter to avoid the COLD.

    No wonder you deny climate change. You don’t even have a clue what is geographically normal weather.

  266. You’re trying to lecture me about the conditions here in Atlanta?

    Deny climate change? I do?

    Fuck off. Seriously you idiot. Fuck off.

  267. “Fuck off. Seriously you idiot. Fuck off.”

    Good answer. You are amazed that Atlanta doesn’t budget for snow and I’m the idiot. LOL thanks I’ll be laughing at that the rest of the day.

    Keep the slurs coming Einstein. 😆

  268. Yeah, no ice storms here. Never happens. Duh.

    Last one I was at home while you were blaming Palin for the Giffords shooting.

    That might have been while you were observing all of the bizarre but unidentified weather patterns in CT caused by global warming. You know the ones that could be verified if you’d identify them — all of which had to have occurred during the approximately 13 years of non-warming.

    You’re real man of genius.

  269. Rabbit I stay away from “climate change” cos it’s just too loaded and political.

    I am convinced we are going through a very bad time weather-wise. It may be cyclical. It may have no human causation. But I’m sorry some serious shit is going down and I find it scary. A low of negative 20? Seriously WTF?

    I don’t know if there’s a damn thing we can do about it but I’m convinced things ain’t normal.

    The reason I try to bust Tigre’s balls is not just that he doesn’t believe in “climate change” but that he is dismissive to folks like me who have a legit not-politically-motivated fear about what we see around us.

  270. What do you see? You haven’t told us. The last one was compared against the historical data for Chicago then you said it was Connecticut.

    So what did you observe in CT?

    While you’re at it, tell us about the link between what you think is “climate change” and the weather patterns? Do you even know what would happen in a warming versus cooling period?

    Let her rip.

  271. We’ll wait MR. non-politically motivated yet has a life support machine powered by MSNBC. Tell us all about the investigation spurred by your intellectual curiosity.

  272. By the way let me burst one “climate change” bubble.

    When folks say a cold day proves there is no global warming going on they get laughed at by “believers”. The believers say the skeptics can’t tell the difference between climate and weather.

    Well I was reading an article in Rolling Stone where a believer was citing west coast fires, hurricanes and a record hot summer as evidence. Hellooooo? That’s the same weather argument being used for a 180 conclusion by the skeptics.

    In other words everyone is talking weather. And everyone is using specific weather events to prop up their position.

    So here is my pledge. I shall no longer laugh at folks who use a snow storm to argue against global warming cos the believers are using the very same type of argument to support their claims.

  273. Rutherford. You are not making much Sensico.

    Come on man. Just tell us about this disturbance in your dunce force.

    What do you see, maaaaaaaan.

  274. Tigre you can call me an incurious idiot all you like. I don’t consider a low of minus 20 normal weather unless we’re talking maybe North Dakota.

    Unlike most of you I view life on this planet as very fragile. Look at every other planet in our solar system. We have a unique delicate balance that supports life and I’m not convinced the balance will last forever. I understand folks who think they can/should take action to make sure the planet continues to sustain life.

  275. By the way even though I do feel the SOTU has lost its relevance I am amused by the snark in this thread. Oh Muffy, Tigre, Tex, Poolman and Huck you are all so ABOVE it all. So sophisticated.

    I call it a kind of sad cynicism. You all represent the current poll numbers. Most folks think our government is just one big FAIL.

    There has always been a Peter Pan element to the United States. If you just BELIEVE. None of you believe anything anymore.

    I just find it sad.

  276. “BTW, are you anecdotally talking weather or climate change while you lecture?”

    You’ve got me there. I shouldn’t have even used the phrase climate change when I snarked at you. As I told Rabbit, what bothered me was you’d rather gripe about your mayor than simply admit you are getting UNUSUAL weather. You had to go back to Gabby Giffords to find another Atlanta ice storm? Hell that just proves my point.

    IMHO the last few winters in CT when I lived there 3 years ago got progressively worse and more extreme. Simple as that. This winter in Chicagoland is simply science fiction. I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode.

  277. Hell maybe I am closer to the religious extremists than I thought. I do believe the “end of days” is possible. I just don’t think it will go down as prophesied.

  278. No I didn’t. We had an ice storm last winter too. This is not Florida nor are they an aberration that should keep you laughing.

    We’ve had snow here every winter that I can remember. We’ve had ice nearly ever winter.

    I’ve been here around 20 years. But what would I know? I don’t even know Atlanta isn’t Boston (he he he ha ha ha — burp, duh).

    Your “anecdotal evidence” from climate change to racism ain’t worth a shit. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you just admit that?

    There’s a perfect word for how I feel about your ignorant antagonism today. Fremdschämen.

  279. A bright 74 degrees on my patio here, James. The sky’s a little hazy due to the clouds they laid down this morning.

    Home schoolers don’t ever miss a day. Mrs poolman oversees our gs here as he does his lessons. He needs help focusing and was not doing well in a classroom environment.

  280. Thanks El Tigre for helping me imagine how it is. I have been in the region, so it is easy to visualize.

    While others get snow, we are cold and dry. Two mornings ago, it was -16 with no snow cover. This morning’s low was -8, but a wind shift and bare ground took us up to nearly 50 this afternoon.

    This is not in itself, climate change. Records show this weather has happened before. Warm water off the west coast has helped form and maintain a high pressure ridge which shunts storms north and forces cold air south from polar regions. The so-called Polar Vortex is a semi-permanent low pressure region around Hudson Bay. The ridge and low funnel cold air south.

    That is why Alaska has been warmer than much of the US at times. It also explains why we have had barely seven inches of snow so far this season, and we have had four or five days with 60 MPH wind gusts. snow squalls, and blowing dust this month. The ridge has caused the western drought and hurt ski resort incomes. Storms moving north ahead of the ridge and low dump a lot of snow on the Midwest and east coast.

    Such patterns don’t last forever, but no one knows when this will end. The next two weeks should remain basically cold, but with some snow here and moisture as far west as northern California as the “Pineapple Express” temporarily breaks down the high pressure ridge. At least the Weather Service thinks so.

    The earth’s polarity reverses from time to time, and we are overdue for a shift. The weakening polarity may contribute to climate and weather changes. The sun is also relatively inactive. Some scientists believe vagaries of solar activity may be causing changes in our climate and weather.

    This is nothing compared to past climate. About 10 to 15 thousand years ago, the climate fluctuated so violently in Europe that human survival was threatened. A legacy of that time may be blue eyes, blondes and other mutations which spread as a way of enhancing competition for mates. Back Then, blondes did have more fun.

  281. I have zero argument with James observation that weather patterns come and go.

    But …

    The dinosaurs once lived here too. Who is to say this planet won’t become uninhabitable when our technology can’t keep up with weather extremes?

  282. I didn’t say our mayor was an idiot for not having more snow removal equipment. I said he was taking shit for not closing schools earlier in the day from pissed off parents.

    Moreover, not having more snow removal equipment here is a function of cost/benefit.

    You were off mischaracterizing what I said thinking you were being clever as usual.

    It is Lord of The Flies when it snows here. And it always amazes me how little it takes to cause such difficulty. I once went 3 weeks without power in an ice storm. Thank God for finding perhaps the last hotel room in Atlanta for camp out.

    p.s. there was nothing particularly unusual in CT while you were there. Gee, I wonder why you think there was.

  283. “I’m not really following your logic Rutherford.”

    You’re not supposed to. It’s called trying to change the subject.

  284. Did any of you notice that all Cathy McMorris Rodgers offered was conservative hope and change? No specifics. The only difference with Rodgers is she says “hope and change can be found from YOU not the government.”

    Hope and change. Still no plan.

  285. MSNBC missed the boat and only aired one of three Republican responses to the SOTU. They aired the “official” and I suspect most boring one. I saw 30 second snippets of Lee and Paul and there was far more meat to chew there.

    I’ll have to go out on the net to find the full responses.

  286. There has always been a Peter Pan element to the United States. If you just BELIEVE.

    Exactly. It’s called programming. Mind control. MK-Ultra is the CIA’s version. Our collective conscience surely DID reside in Neverland for a very long time.

    Once upon a time… and there are plenty still under the spell. You watched the Grammys. Is there any doubt evil owns this world?

    What do you think the American Dream is/was all about? Unlimited opportunity? Exceptionalism? Utopia? We are fed this nonsense from birth. A steady diet of fantasy. Disney did his part.

    None of you believe anything anymore.

    Not true. My beliefs are stronger than ever, even if they have shifted over time.

  287. ” Oh Muffy, Tigre, Tex, Poolman and Huck you are all so ABOVE it all. So sophisticated.”

    I never said I was above it.

    No…my motives are not sophisticated at all. After 7 (yes…7..if you count our now drawn out primary process) years of hearing Barack Obama drone on…I simply don’t give a fuck what he has to say anymore.

    At first it was fun to listen…or read transcripts…and critique his bullshit. Now, I just don’t care. I’m done. I’m over it. Finished.

    I’m interested if you can articulate some reasons why I should care. Did he say anything he hasn’t said in the last 7 years? Were there any surprises?

  288. “Moreover, not having more snow removal equipment here is a function of cost/benefit. ”

    No shit Sherlock. That’s exactly why I wondered what amazed you and why you thought any comparison to Boston made any sense.

    If you were saying “coming from Boston I’m not used to this reaction to snow” I get that. I read more into it than that.

  289. “You’re not supposed to. It’s called trying to change the subject.”

    Huh? How did I try to change the topic? I tried to clarify my position (perhaps unsuccessfully) but I never tried to change the subject.

  290. From:

    “There has always been a Peter Pan element to the United States. If you just BELIEVE. None of you believe anything anymore. I just find it sad.”


    “Did any of you notice that all Cathy McMorris Rodgers offered was conservative hope and change? No specifics. The only difference with Rodgers is she says “hope and change can be found from YOU not the government.”

    It’s because we are dreamers and believers R. You gotta “believe.” That’s what separates us. 😆

    Last night was Obama’s show. I’ll go out on limb here and say it was the same show he’s performed for 5 years now. Were you inspired by the platitudes R?

  291. Huck I don’t think the SOTU is about surprises regardless of the POTUS.

    What I liked most and what I suspect you guys liked least was his assertion he will no longer wait for Congress to stop bickering among themselves and he will do as much by executive order as possible.

    When a democracy refuses to live up to its legislative responsibilities it DESERVES a dictator.

  292. “The dinosaurs once lived here too. Who is to say this planet won’t become uninhabitable when our technology can’t keep up with weather extremes?”

    This flows from. . . ?

  293. Yes. The legislative responsibility to go along with the dictator. Just like the Founding Father’s intended. We deserve it.

  294. Anything that can be done to keep the Dems from carrying out their agenda is living up to Congress’ legislative responsibilities. But I will stipulate that they’ve failed at that.

  295. I just finished watching Mitt on Netflix. I like him more because of it. I truly think he is a decent man and we will be very much worse off because of his defeat.

    Watching the Obama lies about Benghazi in the debates with Crowley’s help was infuriating.

  296. And who exactly decides what those legislative responsibilities are, Rutherford?




    I welcome King Barack to make as many unilateral decrees as he wants. Maybe we can get a full blown constitutional crisis going…followed by a full blown impeachment…and end these very dangerous precedences he is setting for future presidents, regardless of party.

  297. “Anything that can be done to keep the Dems from carrying out their agenda is living up to Congress’ legislative responsibilities.”

    It’s why the opposition party has been given half of the legislature for the last 2 elections. We’ve been telling him this for years.

  298. “When a democracy refuses to live up to its legislative responsibilities it DESERVES a dictator.”

    And when a citizen refuses to live up to his civic responsibilities and defends a dictator said citizen deserves a 454 shoved up his ass.

    This place hit an all time low.

  299. “And when a citizen refuses to live up to his civic responsibilities and defends a dictator said citizen deserves a 454 shoved up his ass.”

    😆 😆 😆

    So fucking true.

  300. I’ve heard very good things about the Mitt doc. It’s on my to watch list.

    Tigre, does the doc bear out that we never saw the real Mitt on the campaign trail and perhaps if we did the result might have been different?

  301. I think so.

    And I think it was accurately described as having portrayed Mitt as having something of a defeatist attitude.

    But as other have said, Dems hate that they felt differently about him because he and his family were humanized and shown to be so decent and well intentioned. He certainly had a much greater level of self awareness than I thought he did.

    I had flashbacks of the personal attacks and how cheap they were. With Mitt’s boy, I thought about that private schooled, silver-spoon, pampered weirdo O’Donnell trying to pretend he was a tough Boston street fighter when he out in defense of his dad.

  302. The result would not have been different.

    Those who vilified him would have still done so. Including you, Rutherford.

    He was unapologetic about Bain Capital. Even mentioning how much they tried to keep some companies afloat but couldn’t. You wouldn’t have given a shit about that. You’d have still attacked him for outsourcing, like you did.

    His wife was unapologetic about her ballet-dancing horse. Explaining that working with the animal helps her with her disease. That had been said hundreds of time..yet she was still attacked for it.

    Why, they even showed Mitt in the back of a station wagon-type vehicle, instead of riding on top of it!!!!!!!!!1111

    No. The silly, stupid shit that cost Mitt Romney the election would not have changed had people seen this beforehand. It might have even been worse, because it doesn’t show him as a cocky fucking prick…which is obviously what 53% of Americans like in a president these days.

    Including you, Rutherford. I point to this blog entry as exhibit A and I rest my case.

  303. Oh you’re right, Huck. I was agreeing that they didn’t see the real Mitt, not that it would’ve changed the outcome. What the MSNBCers did to him would’ve been the same. The dishonesty about his own comments on Benghazi in the debates should’ve been the end of Obama. An outright and shameless lie to the American public in presidential debates. Funny contrast in character that was totally ignored. It goes to show that when you have the liberal media in your pocket the low info voters are in the bag.

  304. ET, I wasn’t meaning to refute what you said, just answering Rutherford’s question.

    You are right. It was a very interesting look inside the race(s), the family, and the man who would have made a very fine president.

  305. I heard on the news that the governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal and maybe also the mayor of Atlanta blamed the Weather Service for giving them mis-information about the snow and ice storm. That is either a lie or they have proven themselves to be fools. The weather service did equivicate and said dry air might kill snow over the northern precipitation band but they expected two or three inches of snow on Atlanta,

    Administration leaders made a bad judgement call, and it was the wrong decision,

    A pattern has made itself obvious, From ObamaCare, Benghazi, Huckabee’s comments, to the snowstorm politicians on both sides lie., The other site is an accurate representation of ignorant ideologues who believe our leader’s lies because they have internalized the premise before the falsehood.

    I think Romney lost in part because he wasn’t pure enough for many conservatives, so they stayed home. They didn;t realize the danger the Obama wing of the Democratic party presented, because they were as ignorant as many of Obama’s supporters.

    “When a country refuses to live up to its legislative ( you should have included administrative) responsibilities, it deserves a dictator.” When the revolution comes as it always does the dictators and supporters deserve to die through bullets or infamy in our history books.


  306. For all of his faults, image, missteps, media attacks, history etc., etc., I am still stunned that Obama won a second term. It really was an event that has caused me to lose faith in the country’s ability to prosper. I wish I could un-see R’s comment because I think we all know that it’s representative and not as tongue-in-cheek as he’ll later claim. It’s base and it’s kinda sick really.

  307. James re: the Beatles, it sounds like a mixed bag. I’ve found that Sgt. Pepper, the White Album and Revolver have more universal appeal.

  308. “I wish I could un-see R’s comment because I think we all know that it’s representative and not as tongue-in-cheek as he’ll later claim.”

    First the “as he’ll later claim” stuff is getting old. I’m not some predictable robot.

    Second if you’re referring to my dictator comment, I was dead serious. I LIKE Democracy. We don’t have one. We have a bunch of children playing petty games with our future.

    The last Congress–least productive ever. It should sicken you far beyond any gripe you have against Obama. The message from Obama is as old as the ages: lead or get the fuck out of the way. BRAVO!!!!!

  309. Tigre say what you like about “Bubbles” Brzezinski but she tore your mayor a new asshole this morning. Once she started in on Reed the entire panel started to eat him alive.

    He deflected to state highways so why wouldn’t he name names as to who was to blame? I’ll try to find a link later.

  310. Oh. Its not democracy because Congress won’t pass more of your hurtful legislation.

    Your friends passed major legislation. And it all failed. Outside of a few chosen winners noting but victims.

    Green energy money going to corrupt political cronies. A failed stimulus, the biggest one in American history. And Obamacare… unmitigated disaster. A stupid car scheme that fucked the working poor.

    I’m dead serious about the 454.

    You better hope your appeal to a dictator doesn’t gain traction with the pieces of shit you support in the media and politics because you don’t have the balls nor the means to do what you have to do to back it up.

    Blood will spill, bitch.

  311. You are probably right about Sgt. Pepper etc,El Tigre. I played She’s leaving home’ for our grand daughter, and she stared at the screen through the song.

    I remember “She’s Leaving Home” from a Sunday morning BBC 1 show. The song opened and closed the show which was letters from runaways to their parents and parents looking for their lost children.

    “Blood will spill…” It hasn’t yet and it probably won’t for a long time However, we are on the path which, if we stay on it, will take us to armed insurrection some day. We have had some close calls during our history.

    Rutherford, sometimes it is better if Congress doesn’t act.

  312. “Just FYI WordPress has “upgraded” their iPhone app and it ain’t purty.”

    Why sulk, bud?

    I mean…at least they did SOMETHING, right?

    Isn’t that what “progress” is all about?…doing SOMETHING, regardless of how crappy it might be?

  313. I’m disgusted with you, right now.

    I have long suspected you to be fascist and have said so. The way you gravitate to cult of personality. Your anti intellectual approach to politics. And now your unapologetic and serious plea for a dictatorship because only SOME of your ‘team’s” legislation passed.

    I’ve seen some lows here before. But this one takes the cake.

  314. Lol you’re on fire tonight Huck. BTW for some reason the new app even slows down my typing. And the “reply” is right over the p so if my finger slips on a p you’ll know why a comment is incomplete.

  315. R, I really don’t care what Bubbles has to say. You were getting a hearty laugh yesterday when I said something critical of our mayor and today you applaud the pretend outrage of the NY MSNBC Morning Joe crowd attacking him? WTF? Does it reflect on her climate change views somehow?

  316. “Second if you’re referring to my dictator comment, I was dead serious. I LIKE Democracy. We don’t have one. We have a bunch of children playing petty games with our future.”

    You LIKE Democracy so you want a dictatorship?

    You need your head examined.

    Tell us how you measure productive? Driving our healthcare into the ground and imposing immeasurable financial burdens through scattershot economic policy wasn’t productive enough for you?

    As far as I’m concerned, anything that keep you nitwits from ruing this country through obstacle or inaction is productive. We’ve seen what you call productive.

  317. No shit….

    As if ObamaCare isn’t costing enough jobs…now the Rutherfords of the country are going to start screaming for a minimum wage increase.

    Burger flippers demanding a living wage. Motherfuckers are lucky they aren’t getting replaced by robots and kiosks. And if this shit keeps up, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

    But who cares, right? They can just go on the government dole, right? Aint nothing but some more voters for democrats.

    But let’s not question or assign their motives……

  318. re: which currency would be good to convert to Bitcoin?

    Try the Aussie dollar, which dropped 16.5% – even against the utterly bogus USD – last year.

    New T-shirt, seen in local mall: I believe in honsest money: gold, silver, Bitcoin

  319. Pfessor,

    I don’t get your bitcoin play. To me, it sounds like you are enthusiastic about the concept, which I can surely understand. Almost the same way one is bullish on a stock. But, why do you think it’s undervalued as a currency?

    Its already up what, 40,000 percent? Yet its insulated from the Forex. Nobody can can short it. Nobody can swap it.

    Lets make a. Notarized 6 month contract together and let me short it!!

    It would get pulverized as a global currency. The trading is way too thin.

    I’m buying bitcoin two days after it gets raped on the Forex. Until then its a cyber tulip. Tell me where my thinking is wrong?

  320. 433
    “We have a bunch of children playing petty games with our future” Actually, they are socialistic fascists and they aren’t playing. They have an agenda.

    Iowa Beef was once a small packing company based in Dennison, Iowa. Warren Buffet was an unknown Omaha businessman hoping to get rich. Both advertised their stock in our county, and a few farmers took a chance. They are now very rich.

    Our son was in college when computer based companies grew like a well-fertilized garden. Investing in them would quickly make one wealthy. Our son and his friends got a lot of free stuff and money for logging on to their sites to build company numbers.

    As we know, most are gone now.

    The Buffet stock, while risky, represented tangible assets. Bitcoin appears to more closely resemble speculative fever personified by the dot com bubble which was a figment of investors’ imaginations.

    I may be missing a golden opportunity, but I wouldn’t touch bitcoins now. I probably wouldn’t have invested in tulip bulbs either.

  321. I liked the video, Gorilla.

    How’d the manage to assemble all those Uncle Toms in one room to make it?

    To salvage this democracy what we need is a dictatorship. 😆

  322. Betsys page links to Jimmy Kimmel Show’s interview of people who discussed Obama’s State of the Union speech before it happened. All claimed to have watched it. The interviewer mentioned product placement, Biden’s embarrassment, and Obama’s on air heart attack. People lied like the president. They sounded like liberals.

  323. So, my insurance changed. I now have a 2 grand deductible on scripts.

    I should have seen it coming and blame myself for not knowing.

    Now…there were always meds that were covered sans deductible. Yeah, my psoriasis and arthritis meds are no longer covered. I’m a grown up. I can deal with this change.

    But today, I was told my son’s emergency epi pens are no longer outside the deduction due to changes stemming from the American Affordable Health Act.

    There is a new list of scripts that are free from the deductible mandated by the law forcing other ones off.

    Pretty much anything dealing with diabetes and you don’t have to pay.

    Anything dealing with birth control, you don’t have to pay.

    That’s right folks, birth control was deemed more important then an epi pen to save the life of a four year old.

    I had the 900 bucks, all though the budget is in bad shape. Found a coupon to knock a 100 off.

    But picture the working poor blind sided by this insurance change.

    Obama went out of his way to subsidize fat asses and people who like to fuck at the expense of toddlers with peanut allergies.

    Maybe we should all have to pay. I’m not demanding a subsidy as much as I’m pointing out the priorities.

    Its all politics.

    Fat fucks with diabetes probably lean left.

    Arthritis sufferers probably lean right.

    People who feel entitled to birth control lean left.

    Kids with peanut allergies….upper middle class.

    When I bitched about it the head pharmacist high fived me and the people in line cheered.

    And Rutherford the Cluck wants to give Obama dictatorial powers.

  324. Its all good, ET. It can’t be shown enough!

    I can’t help but notice Rutherford’s slight change in tune.

    Remember when he used to gripe about the GOP not offering an alternative to ObamaCare? We evidently got on him enough to finally convince him that that is bullshit.

    So now he gripes about the GOP not offering a “comprehensive” alternative to ObamaCare.

    As if something that has all of the same things but called something else will be any different.

  325. James – Bitcoin is very appealing because it is completely determined by mathematics, not crooked politics. The algorithms for generating bitcoin are all open-source, agreed upon by all parties and completely incontrovertible by governments. It takes the control of currency out of all governmental hands – which is why, of course, they have to invent a bogus reason that it is a bad idea and dangerous (other than it takes away their power to rob the people).

    The question is whether governments can do that, or where it is like public-key cryptography – completely beyond their control.

    There may be numerous competitors, which is a risk to Bitcoin. Also government regs, also a risk. But there will never be more than 21 million of them, and assuming the risks are obviated, as Bitcoin’s use spreads, it’s supply and demand. Their value must go up.

    I think they would be a very speculative play; their appeal lies in their ability to undermine governmental dishonesty by making an end-run. My major long-term money is in the market, not Bitcoin, but I AM going to get some.

  326. So I had my first HS sub assignment yesterday…11th and 12 grade English.

    Holy shit, what a difference between that and 11-12 year old children.

    I tried to follow DR’s advice. And I think it helped. After we did the grammar assignment(s) together, as instructed, I told them that they were supposed to read. I made it clear that “read” pretty much meant “do what you want but do it quietly.” Some actually did read. And when the class started to get noisy, I told them to quiet down and that “it doesn’t have to be silent but does have to be quiet.” They seemed to understand that that was a compromise, and for the most part, respected it.

    The 11th grade honors class, as a whole, actually wanted to read, so they took turns reading aloud from “A Farewell to Arms.”

    I’m under no illusions that all HS assignments would be like this…but, man…what as awesome day it was.

  327. The biggest challenge of the day was suppressing my dirty mind.

    For grammar they were supposed to correct the errors in a paragraph. The paragraph was discussing ancient medical practices, one of which included using a lizard to suck out poison.

    One kid asked “how do you get a lizard to suck?”

    I had to fight off the immediate urge to say “you have to ask real nice and some flowers might help.”

    Probably would have sealed my street cred in that class on the first day. But I didn’t want to freak out the girls.

  328. My kids getting a real wake up call. She’s competing for the first time today at a higher level and she’s gonna have to get used to lower scores until she gets more experience.

  329. Ah, yes, Huck – the teacher’s dirty mind. I remember so well such a shared moment in secondary school…and I remember the passage: Washington Irving’s “Golden Age of New York.” We took turns reading out loud, and the passage referred to how safe the boys and girls were from temptation, because the boys wore “ten breeches” and the girls “layers of petticoats,” and ‘what hath virtue to fear when defended by the seven bullhides of Ajax?’

    The reader reached that point and went on; the class droned on. I, on the other hand, immediately recognized the sexual reference, and when I popped up my head, grinning, there was my hot, hot, hot teacher, looking me right in the eye–grinning, herself.

    Should have banged that shelia when I had the chance. Oh well, never too late, I suppose…nowadays the poor teacher would go to jail most likely, though.

  330. Dammit they have really ruined this app. Now I can’t even copy/paste from a comment so you know what comment I’m responding to. The iPhone had become my main medium for blog comments. No more I guess. I’ll have to play some more on the kindle and see if that’s better.

  331. For some reason my kid reserves the sphere of gymnastics to behave like a mature adult. In her first level 5 meet ever she got the lowest scores she’s ever gotten in a meet. Rather than be overwhelmed with disappointment, she’s viewing it as a baseline and she’s thrilled that she qualified to compete at the State level for her age group.

    Now if the kid could only apply that maturity to every other aspect of her behavior!

  332. “Burger flippers demanding a living wage.”

    I might have some vague idea of where you’re headed if burger flippers were all 19 years old. But now we’ve got flippers who are 40 years old and can’t find work. I think that changes the equation.

  333. @ James you are more right about the bit coin thing than you know. First of all the shit isn’t currency it is a commodity at best.
    I love folks who rail against fiat currencies as being backed by nothing….bitcoin is backed by nothing. Fiat currency only worth what others say it is ,well fucking hey bit coin is all that and then some.
    Bitcoin is nothing but a speculative thing which ultimately needs to be cashed out to a hard currency.
    It also is 10000000000 times worse than the gold bugs dream of an alternative since exponentially it too fails to have a volume equal to the gross total of $$$ in circulation.

  334. James – I think my son and I are going to run a coin miner for a little enertainment. He did a spreadsheet comparing each popular miner. The best per coin is the CoinTerra TerraMiner IV. It calculates 2000 gigahashes per second, which is to say, 2 trillion/sec. Cost $6000 USD. Cost per GH/sec – $3. Takes 3 days/Bitcoin, which means it would pay for itself in about 20-25 days, excluding electricity, which is not trivial for this unit. 4U Rackmount, liquid cooled.

    It’s all very specialized now. My dual quad-core Mac business computer, which was $6K new in 2006 and still blisteringly fast, would take about 65,000 days, or two lifetimes, to generate one bitcoin. The TerraMiner will do it in three, if my son’s calculations are correct. Once the miner pays for itself, then we can lease it out online for other calculations, and make a few real coin there. Hell, maybe your NSA will even steal a few cycles to break Americans’ email encryption. LOL.

  335. Alfie – No currency has any value except that it is accepted as currency. Any transaction is in the final analysis a type of barter: (I exchange my value as an autoworker making door handles for yours as a coal miner or schoolteacher.) Currency simply sets the ratio of my value to yours, or my product to yours; it has no other use. Of course, when governments control the supply of currency, they can steal both our works without having to raise taxes and face us in the next election. Bitcoin’s value is that it’s value cannot be manipulated; it is all by supply and demand.

    As for not having a volume equal to $ in circulation- it doesn’t need to match the $ in circulation numerically. As it is more widely accepted, its value will, of course, rise. Nowadays, for example, at 1000USD/coin, when you want to buy something less than 1000, your bitcoin account is debited, say, .0045337 bitcoins. It’s all done mathematically, and all on your phone and the bitcoin peer-to-peer network. All is public, so account 1734836465999944 is known to all to now have a balance of 3.546892 bitcoins.

    Bitcoin itself may not be the ultimate answer: it will almost certainly face competition, and the crooked governments and the US FED may be able to quash it, but I surely hope not. It is a chance for real freedom to keep what you earn.

    Highly recommend Thomas Sowell’s “Basic Economics.” It will change your life.

  336. Sorry: currency does not set the ratio of our values; it is a medium whereby we can exchange values at a ratio already set by our salaries. Mea culpa.

  337. I might have some vague idea of where you’re headed if burger flippers were all 19 years old. But now we’ve got flippers who are 40 years old and can’t find work. I think that changes the equation.
    No it doesn’t!

    Rutherford the problem you have is that like the majority of Americans,hell citizens of the world,you think the people matter.
    Liberals/Progressives have just as dirty hands in this as the Right but I won’t get into that right now.
    What I will say is the capitalist system apart from politics has and will continue to dictate the worth and value of worker units across all fields.
    No government can subsidize this reality long term and the USA can’t even hope to address it.
    The economic divide in America isn’t going to go away – not with capitalism or socialism.

  338. Alfie, Parker, et al. You both know bitcoins better than I, and since it snowed last night, I’m spending my time on skis and doing some work before we have to leave for Omaha again tomorrow. Rutherford should be seeing some of our snow this morning.

    A friend just died. His wife is on the phone with the news now.

    Thus, no research on bitcoin today.

    Jenny May, a Lativian singer made an unintentional allegory wherein she is bitcoin, and her admirer is a potential investor.Jenny May “La Bamba” Youtube video. I think it has a realistic punch line.

    Good luck with your endeavor, Parker. You seem to have planned well. Please let us know how it turns out,

  339. @ James you have bigger things to deal with that is for sure. I would say that the Parker/Alfie thing symbolically represents the two sides of the [bit] coin.
    I simply do not trust bit coin to flourish,I believe even if it beats the odds and becomes more widely used it will then overnight be crushed by regulation. The mixed bag that exists today as to how it is or isn’t recognized is a good indicator of that. The basics appear “we don’t back it but we’re looking to tax it”
    I have no doubt that there is front end money to be made in it but long term only disappointment.

  340. Re: dirty mind.

    The mind can be controlled. That side of my mind has the ability to completely unplug. That and I avoid watching the volley ball team.

    They are kids. Doesn’t matter if they look like porn stars.

    I want to cave the heads in of the dudes who prey on the weak.

  341. They don’t even mask it. Obama deems fucking more important then stopping a child from dying.

    Yup. This is what we choose to form a collective over and to 100 percent subsidize.
    Not the epi pen to save a child.

    I feel the dark side in me. I loath liberals. Loath them!

    Wyoming. Oklahoma. Montana. I will join you if the time comes! Pfessy…..go ahead and turn me in. Eat a dick!

  342. c’mon DR. Haven’t you heard that old saw? If they’re old enough to bleed, they’re old enough to butcher?

    That’s a joke.

    Of course there’s the old double standard, too. I don’t feel the same way about a secondary-school boy and an older woman as I would feel about the other way ’round. These poor teacher-girls, some barely older than the students, are in for a lifetime of woe just because they let a hot stud in their knickers, simply obeying an evolutionary drive as old as life itself (6000years).

    As I read somewhere in the Internet, they used to have a name for boys like that – Lucky Bastards.

  343. “Of course there’s the old double standard, too. I don’t feel the same way about a secondary-school boy and an older woman”

    ha ha…I hear you. However, you would be surprised over the details of a lot of those cases with women teachers banging students.

    Many times the kid is special ed or with a low IQ. Not quite how you are imagining it.

  344. Hucking…sounds like you are doing good.

    When lizard sucking etc. comes up (and that kind of stuff happens daily) play the straight man, with exaggerated shock. It’s about the only way to join in the laughs. Remember though, you are a sub….you are already under suspicion for being a creep.

    NEVER…EVER…be alone in a class room with a kid. NEVER. Even a dude. If it happens, casually walk to the door and open it up while having your discussion.

    I do keep them on their toes, though. Usually the first week I turn off the lights and give them notes. While I’m doing this they don’t notice I have an empty plastic bottle behind my back. I abruptly stop the lecture and ask the class if their necks ever feel really stiff. Usually one of two football players agree wholeheartedly. At this time I snap my neck to the left while crunching the plastic bottle. I’ve had chicks fly out of their seats screaming with horror as they watch their teacher break is own neck.

    Another one I do the first week to freshmen classes is wear my glasses instead of my contacts.

    I inform the class I will be their sub for the day and I’m actually Mr. Rabbit’s twin brother……..and that I hate him.

    I get the weirdest confused looks by kids already in a state of shock just to be at high-school. Usually one or two kids will join in the rip fest in which I tear off my glasses and say “how dare you”!

    I swear they fall for it.

  345. By the way, administration/counseling always responds with indignation when I refuse a request from Shelly the 18 year old cheerleader’s parents for me to tutor her after school.

    Or my favorite….can so and so come to your room for lunch. She needs help and has told us she really likes you.

    Aint happening. Review the union contract.

    The school itself will put you in bad positions. The word “No” is necessary for survival.

  346. Girls have been getting married at the age of 12 and 13 for the bulk of history. It has only been in more modern times where that is deemed unacceptable. Mary was said to be around 13 when pregnant with Jesus.

    That said, some of these children look very ripe in their teens. With the stuff they wear or aren’t wearing today, it is impossible for any sex-crazed person to ignore.

    The best advice is to avoid those places where one encounters such temptation. Difficult today, however, especially in the city. Flesh, especially youth is overly exploited in media. One needs to develop a strong will to avoid such trappings. Self-disciple is key to success.

    I couldn’t have been a teacher of teens in my younger days. I would have been like the kid in the candy shop, and couldn’t have trusted my old self not to totally mess it.

  347. Chilly here today. It hadn’t gotten to 60 just yet on the patio. Low was 44 this morning. No snow down at these low elevations. You guys are champs for absorbing all this coldness so the rest of us sun worshipers can live ice free. We appreciate it. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  348.  “it is impossible for any sex-crazed person to ignore.”

    Impossible? Nay….you can control your mind. Its a choice and what separates us from animals.

    In fact 99% can control themselves. But that is the scary part. Many high-schools have a staff over a 100. Do the math.

  349. I took Rabbit’s remarks to be about not being alone with a student to be less about temptation as to guard against things you can’t control. Like rumors and accusations. Or the other party’s ability to control themselves.

  350. In fact 99% can control themselves.

    Part of that 99 percent will include predator types that do often work themselves into these positions.

    We all have strengths and weaknesses. It often takes years of discipline to realize and control your own. It is a sign of maturity. I know adults that do not control many of their areas of weakness and often put themselves in positions that compromise them. It can be a vicious cycle for these people. Sex is only one of many areas.

  351. Muffy…lol…..I’m m glad you pointed that out. Yes, I’m talking about rumor or accusation.

    I think the rules can bend for a female teacher.

  352. Obama: I’ve got a pen.

    William Wallace: There’s a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it.

  353. Man…I was listening to Beck’s new album “Morning Phase” which is a follow up to his somber acoustic album about 12 years ago “Sea Change”.

    This made me think of Neil Young when he came out with his follow up to “Harvest” (“Harvest Moon”) in ’93.

    Which made me play the album. And drink some Red Breast.

    Which then reminded me of living in Humboldt County in ’93. Man that album was played everywhere in Norther California that year.

    Which reminded me of this girl I used to see there. She used to “manicure” marijuana. I would get off of watch and go help her. She would have massive garbage bags full of the best bud in the world. As in those huge lawn bags.

    And it never crossed my mind that maybe, just maybe……I was putting myself in a very unsafe position. Someone could have come and killed us both and snatched 100,000 dollars of weed?!?!?

    It didn’t even give me a bad vibe when a certain famous Californian biker gang would check in to see how she was doing. They were always thankful to my service to my country after all.

    Which made me think how cute that girl was. But, what a stoner she was. I wonder what became of her.

    Which made me think that I’m scared to death of my kids coming of age.

    Will they be as reckless and stupid as me? And if they are, will they be as lucky?

  354. My wife bought me tickets to an all acoustic Neil Young concert when she was only 19 years old. I was probably about 24. Man….I’m sure it was the fact that we were wasted…..but the reverb and sound that night…perfect.

    If I had a 19 year old daughter and my 24 year old ass showed up at the door step, I would have put a gun to my head.

    Her Dad actually tried….(not a gun) when we showed up after the bar closed…I told him to fuck off, shut the bedroom door of his daughter’s bed room, opened up the window and pissed on his flowers outside.

    Now I help take care of him every day.

  355. I grew up on Neil Young. 4 way street is the album I remember hearing when I first got stoned, then after nearly a month of partaking everyday. I remember toking with these friends and they were all laughing and buzzed while I just hung out totally unaffected and amused. Until that one time. We were in the woods and everything turned gray like black and white photographs and my spirit was hovering about midway between the ground and the top of my head. I could wipe the smile off my face. My face actually hurt from smiling.

    Those were fun times. Much more innocent back in the 70’s…

    The stuff is amazing with what they are learning. Really is a crime against humanity to keep it from the people.

  356. Normally these stoner stories roll off my back but I find them sad tonight. Just spent the second night in a row with a grown ass man who can’t control his drinking. Fortunately he’s an amiable drunk but it’s pathetic just the same. And he’s here at the hotel with his kid at a gym meet. His wife is a lush too.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket but being chemically enhanced isn’t fun or funny. It’s just sad.

  357. LOL…..Rutherford is stuck with drunks at the Holiday Inn all weekend and then comes to his blog only to find more of the same thing.

  358. It always cracks me up how some people see staying in a hotel as a wild party vacation, no matter what.

    They could be outside Gary, Indiana, next to a strip mall, holed up there for Great Aunt Sissy’s funeral……but there they are at the rancid hotel ice machine at 12:30 PM still wearing their wet trunks from the pool and drunk as fuck.

  359. Natural plant derived hallucinogens and stimulants have been used by peoples for millennia. Many are used by various cultures to gain spiritual knowledge or communicate with the spirit world. Our body’s own cells have receptors that these natural chemicals bond with. The positive properties of cannabis alone could eliminate an estimated 40 percent of the lab-cooked medications without the associated harmful side effects.

    Alcohol falls in a separate category all together. You can drink yourself to death. There are no natural limits associated with drinking. The body will not regulate itself as it does with these natural drugs.

    And then there are the 70 percent of Americans on pharmaceuticals, most taking multiple prescriptions…

    And then we have chemical enhancements in our food supply…

    So, Rutherford, if you are trying to avoid chemical enhancement, you’ve picked the wrong country and age to live in. As the economy gets worse, the escapism provided by alcohol and mind altering drugs will continue to rise and dominate society. Yes, it is sad, but then so is the state of humanity as a whole..

  360. Not to drag politics into the discussion but I just wanted to be sure Rutherford had heard the news.
    Chrysler is now totally and forever (until bankruptcy strikes again) FIAT Chrysler. The Italians have completed the various finance gigs to own the company. It is for tax purposes a UK entity but for political reasons will maintain the Arbor Hills MI and Turin Italy ruses.
    Chryslers earnings which were so trumpeted especially by pro O’s failed to mention that it was essentially the Jeep and FIAT $$$ that gave them their win. Weak!
    The taxpayers gift is complete

  361. Liberals could care less. Pointing out consequences are for “reactionaries”.

    Its on to the next round of hurting people.

    As long as it feels good, who cares.

    It amazes me how many GM cars are built in China post bailout of the union at the expense of….well other people’s pensions in….uh….other unions.

    Weeeeee liberals!

    Vile fucks. Hate ‘um these days. Really do.

    Look at this insipid blog. It’s a fucking gossip rag on political personalities, an outlet for teenage philosophies on atheism and a recycle of what so and so said on the latest leftist TV show. Dude could care less about people and how they effected by liberal policy.

    Oh…but Rutherford uses the word “folks”….

  362. Absolutely.

    Doesn’t make you a bad guy, though. Most people don’t.

    Strangely, there are people who truly care a great deal about what happens to “people” but not a “person” if that makes any sense.

    It is very frustrating to watch you carry the water for people who have all these plans to “help” us but then never give any adult thought or research on how these “plans” worked. Good intentions….I know. You said that. Social Justice is just a word you guys use to steal money or make yourself feel good. Because, metaphorically speaking, jury duty aint your thing.

    “Folks” is an alert word when someone with a political agenda is about to fuck over people. The fact you haven’t picked up on that yet is telling.

  363. “It actually hurts a bit that you feel that way about me. Do you really?”

    That’s got to be sarcasm DR. Rutherford’s entire political view, actually all liberal political views, is dependent on the perception that the right is eeeeeevil and they are compassionate. He’s point blank said so. The ultimate effect of policies be damned. How could your judgment matter? And where along the way have you expressed anything different than what you just did?

    If they weren’t motivated by self-gratification rather than outcome, liberals would be crushed under the weight of the fruits of their own bullshit. It is about comeuppance. That’s why “where were you when Bush did ________, or whatever variation of “you deserve it [as a group] because we/they [as a group] have been victimized.” It’s why the left requires new forms of victimization on a daily basis to feed the narrative. Funny Rutherford now complains about “intentions” when that’s all that really matters in the final analysis.

  364. Bucking Froncos.

    Has anyone checked in on Gorilla? I picture him in his garage with the car running.

    Gorilla, if you’re out there, don’t choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem. At least they ain’t the Falcons. 🙄

    I’d have loved to have been in Vegas just to see the reactions.

  365. I was frankly shocked that Denver was favored. I thought Seattle had a better team. They’re not 35 points better. That was horrid – like my Jayhawks played Saturday.

    It happens…Denver just happened to pick a really bad day to stink the place up.

    Personally, I think the entire Super Bowl pageant is America at its dead level worst. At least the lady sang the Star Spangled Banner well this time.

    And at least Richard “Clubber Lang” Sherman got rocked a few times. I was really hoping they would be taking him out on a stretcher with his spine exposed. 😈

  366. Re: Super Bowl. The most amazing display of a slow white Bronco since OJ Simpson.


    This just in: Edward Snowden interview on German TV. The US media outlets wouldn’t carry it, and it gets taken down from YouTube every time it’s posted.

    Fortunately, there is still LiveLeak:

    Snowden could not possibly give a better accounting of himself. He comes across as intelligent, educated, knowledgeable and most importantly, principled. He’s a man to be reckoned with.

    I reckon.

  367. Could someone please tell me why all the hate on Sherman. He’s a smart man who had a dumb moment. I don’t get it.

    What makes you think he’s a smart man? Because he attended Stanford? 😆 How Lib.

    Sherman is an endowment to the athletic program and a world class thug and asshole, epitomizing everything wrong with professional sports.

  368. There have always been athletes that have acted badly in public – At least for as long as I can recall. We expect it and always provide them a platform. How many past cultures have had ‘professional’ sports? It seems a bit of an oxymoron. I suppose since sports are so important to our culture, we don’t find it odd to consider it a profession with professionals. Hell, we’ve made politics a profitable profession, so I should not be surprised at all. I have always had issue with the amount of money and importance placed on sports, athletic programs, and star athletes, as opposed to actual real world endeavors.

    Girls’ volleyball should be the only professionally broadcast sport… 😀

  369. re 521, I am not surprised. In the aftermath of the Boston event when the community turned into what could be described as a scene reminiscent of nazi Germany, you were cheering them on! That’s when I knew you were a, if not the, poster boy for the police state.

    There has since been plenty of evidence proving that a FF event.

    I am not certain what Snowden’s actual motives are/were, but anyone who reveals illegal activity performed by our ‘trusted’ government IS a hero and has to be courageous to make such revelations public.

    The part that leaves me suspicious is how the media ran with this. Anyone who is paying attention knows the media is given their taking points by the ptb in our government, so that means our government wanted this out. And then there is the way it is getting out. Little by little, inch by inch. It rattles us skeptics. If legit, let it ALL out and let us sort through the details. This controlled release stinks to HH.

  370. “The guy to me will NEVER BE A HERO. I don’t understand how people find him admirable in the slightest.”

    Why do Americans find Nathan Hale a hero? He gave up something very precious for a cause greater than himself. So has Snowden, who gave up his country – forever – and is just as likely to be killed as Nat.

    Alfie, I am very interested to see you draw a contrast between the two men, if so inclined.

    People in other countries don’t have the same forgiveness for your NSA as Americans do, and see their actions as acts of war. Just ask Angela Merkel.

  371. “Girls’ volleyball should be the only professionally broadcast sport… ”

    Hear! Hear!

    Although, I might reconsider the hurdles…

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

  372. Oh goodie.

    ObamaCare expected to cost more than 2,000,000 jobs.

    But let’s not complain until we come up with something else that is exactly like it….

  373. pool man your memory is false regard my position and statements surrounding the post Marathon bombing.
    Your comment at # 524 other than the personal shot shows you are more in agreement with my Snowden position than you’d ever admit.

  374. @ 525 there is no comparison.
    Nathan Hale was an officer in the Continental Army who volunteered to act as a spy,a job that has almost always made one eligible for death. Americans view him as a hero due to the romanticizing of a story line up to and including his quote that may or may not be genuine and even more so be tied/inspired by an English author.

    Snowden entered into an employment opportunity that I can’t believe he entered naive and blind.Snowden may or may not have acted as a spy or a profiteer. The thought that he is a pure whistleblower doesn’t strike me as probable given the way in which information has been “leaked” and his travails since.There is the potential that he is genuine but now just a pawn of his hosts? That reminds me of the saying “it takes two to tango”.
    What is clear is the chosen media outlets that support Snowden seem to have motives of their own and these appear to be less about shining the light on truths than they do spotlighting and stoking suspicions. To take a page from pool mans playbook the story tellers appear to be more like actors in a distraction play than diligent seekers of truth and justice.

    As for international furor over the NSA I find that to be more connected to the construct of faux outrage. That the government officials of Germany,Britain,France,Australia and Russia can be such posers is laughable. The UK has its own extensive system as do the French. The Aussies are complicit with the UK/US actions. The fucking Russians use their intel arm to run the domestic Russian equivalent of Facebook. The nations I’ve listed are also far more active in overt anti-liberties actions and their populace baaa baa all the way home.
    Don’t read my dislike of Snowden as a pass for the NSA.I just like my nation above either of them.

  375. Not for nothing but wasn’t the CBO outlook held up by many as proof that PPACA was the best thing since sliced bread. Now the picture is economic collapse. WTF!?!?!!?

  376. And the administration is spinning the report as proof the ACA offers people “options.”

    You see…it’s not that there will be 2,000,000 fewer jobs. It’s that 2,000,000 fewer people will have to work. They can quit working and get health coverage…while someone else pays for it!

    This is following the fry cook who told Obama that he was getting less hours because of the ACA…and Obama told him that is why minimum wage needs to be increased.

    And let’s not forget his official spokesman calling “freedom” a “buzzword” today.

    Yeah…this is where we’re at, folks. Thanks, Rutherford…..

  377. On a lighter note: Quantum levitation. (get it? lighter?)

    Clarke’s Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~ Arthur C. Clarke

    I believe in honest money: gold silver and bitcoin.

  378. pool man your memory is false regard my position and statements surrounding the post Marathon bombing.

    You are right. I seem to remember you more the cheerleader. However, in retrospect it seems you were moreso the PR point. In review of the archives from this past April, I find you defending the authorities and downplaying their illegal actions.

    Here is an exchange you had with Tex:

    What we saw in Boston after the bombing and tracking down the thugs was a police state. What went down that evening can’t be called anything else. – Tex

    For me this is a razor edge kind of thing. On one hand I found the response overdone and ineffective and I say that not only as a citizen but as someone who has been to a briefing or two. The BIG picture is discomforting. The parts of the whole not so much but that doesn’t make them any less worrisome to some. For instance the closure of the transit system. I felt the closure of part of the system was definitely indicated. The Red Line and area bus service being two big parts. If I was in the position to order I would have and would have for two reasons. Prevent suspects fleeing and to keep a soft target of the charts.

    – Alfie

    As followup, it would be interesting to get your take regarding Ibragim Todashev, the Chechen murdered in Florida by members of the Boston FBI field office along with 2 MSP troopers. This is one where wikipedia is chock full of propaganda and disinformation.

    It is our habit to forget these past incidences and assume the government is doing their do diligence to bring them to a just and thorough conclusion. That just doesn’t happen. Never, ever does… Government ALWAYS covers their collective ass. There is so much cover up over this one event that anyone with a pulse should be able to see the fray.

  379. MIke Royko wrote that we are lucky to be able to fill the fingers of one hand when counting the number of true friends. My wife and I attended the funeral of one such friend on Monday.

    Yesterday, we had the biggest storm of a dry winter, and our home was supposed to get a minimal amount of snow as dry air infiltrated northern fringes of the system. Omaha would get four to six inches , and Omaha did, but three small heavy snow bands developed north of the city in time to give our home several hours of heavy snow and blowing snow,

    I have to report these conditions and try to maintain my credibility by reporting what I don’t see for five days a week. People call me to tell me what is going on. Based on a one woman’s measurements, and my radar observations, I extrapolated hourly snowfall to arrive at a final total., I finally decided to report 3.7 inches because I figured 3.5 to 4 inches had fallen,

    This morning’s public information site showed the snow I had reported,and it stuck out like a boil with other northerly reports showing less than an inch to an inch or two. A friend called and t old me she had measured 4 inches. I was happy and vindicated.

    The temperature is 2 with a lot of blowing snow and ice crystals in the air. It is a beautiful day.

    The CBO report of jobs potentially lost through ObamaCare and some Democrats’ rationalizing this failure combine to fuel my disdain for liberals which evolved from hatred after I returned to the US. I thought associating with liberals and getting to know them on sites like the grannies would lessen my loathing. It didn’t work.

    Those people, from Obama on down are a disease. I bored you about the weather because it is a more pleasant subject than ObamaCare, Keystone, and the blond witch who wants to inherit the presidency,

  380. due due

    James, could we write a better horror story that the true history of this land? Once you begin digging, you find plenty of bones. I love the look and feel of a fresh snow. The cold part, not so much.

  381. Pool man if think you should try harder and find something from me more damning. The one you used is hardly supportive of the police state you accuse me.

  382. The problem with you, Alfie – if you can really call it a problem – is that you are basically a nice guy who wants to see both sides. Sometimes, though, one really needs to be judgmental and say, Goddammit, that’s wrong. Period.

    There is IMHO absolutely no reason for Boston to have been turned into a police state after the bombings, or for the police to EVEN HAVE that kind of military equipment.

    There needs to be a bright line between military (for foreign use) and police (for domestic), and the two must not meet. When the police need military weapons and tactics, you are crossing over into a territory that those of us who are students of history have seen before. And its sequelae are never good.

  383. Alfie not to pile on but I think you misspoke when you said you didn’t see how anyone could view Snowden as a hero. Surely you understand the value of the dialog prompted by Snowden. Surely you know Snowden had zero chance of prompting that dialog within the system.

    I get that YOU don’t find him a hero but is it that hard to understand why others do?

  384. The CBO finding is being spun by all sides. That is why there is no truth anymore. It’s all spin.

    One of the noble goals of ACA is to make health insurance independent of employment WHICH IT SHOULD BE!!!!

    Whether the CBO findings speak to that is a matter of spin.

  385. British comic actor/writer/producer Stephen Merchant observed that he doesn’t like American news media because he can’t find the truth. Everyone’s got either a left or right bias. He’s correct.

    I think I’ve asked this before. Does anyone here have a news source they find objective?

  386. “One of the noble goals of ACA is to make health insurance independent of employment WHICH IT SHOULD BE!!!!”

    Just don’t be shocked when a boatload of motivation evaporates.

    I know real people and their behavior ain’t your thing.

    Bennies make a lot of motherfuckers bite the bullet and work jobs they hate. Why not cut back. Work less. Get taxed less. Get stressed less. Produce less. ???

    I’ve talked to more then a few of my friends who have admitted the stakes aren’t as high anymore when it comes to taking one for the team (their family).

    There are horrible consequences to your well intentioned meddling. I’d be able to accept it more if you and your buddies had the balls to pull the blanket down from over your heads to even take the slightest notice of the huge price that is paid.

    But you never do.

  387. Rutherford are you proud of the way Sherman acted?

    We’re bringing up a nation of smiling mug shots. I don’t care how smart Sherman is – he acted like a roid raging idiot unable to control his anger because someone who just lost a game that would have sent their team to the Superbowl refused to shake Sherman’s hand immediately afterwards. Grow up instead of act up.

  388. “One of the noble goals of ACA is to make health insurance independent of employment WHICH IT SHOULD BE!!!!”

    Why is that?

    Work wasn’t always something Americans eschewed. It was part of the American dream.

    Idle, bored, smiling mug shots. Congratulations.

  389. Rutherford 542 intellectually I get. On a personal level and expressing an opinion I made my statement. Its like saying “I can’t understand how people like fish”. I get it that folks find it tasty and nutritious,I react to fish oil in an Exorcist scene kind of way.

    @ Parker I am a great guy so thanks. That said from the same thread pools tried to make a point on me ….

    As for me or anyone else liking the images of Red Dawn like America….no I don’t but I have far more experience in this area than others here. Whether in the US Latin America or North Ireland & UK I’ve seen this stuff up close and personal and at levels that make the Watertown MA seem very tame.
The law was not broken in Watertown but it was flirted with in a way I want society to be vigilant about. There is a line between controlling a situation and controlling the population. What I know to have happened in MA is the former NOT the latter. Those who see this as a beginning should ironically be thankful that this oh so blue state that Obama carried twice is also in many ways the state that is most likely to credibly and dutifully assure the line isn’t crossed.

    I oppose the police having automatic weapons but I do appreciate the need for semi auto fire and bringing that in a highly trained and professional manner. As the recent Marathon related actions and any number of other police involved discharges your average cop definitely and your average SWAT member apparently need a braking mechanism hence 20 rd mag.I also think the citizenry deserves the luxury of the time it takes the police to reload and hopefully come to their senses. Seriously in the two instances connected to the Marathon a total of over 700 rounds were discharged. I also believe 20 rounds is more than adequate for any peaceful or peace seeking application,such as sport or repelling a home invasion.

    Somewhere else I went on about how I hate how the taxpayer is on the hook for all these command units and armored car things like the Lenco Bearcat. Seriously I’m not a fanboy of fascism.

  390. Sherman embarrassed himself. Like all DBDB (douche bag defensive backs) he acts like an asshole on the field.

    What sucked about his tirade was it was after a win. Not cool.

    Boxers talk shit for 6 months, beat the shit out of one another for 12 rounds then pray together when its all said and done.

    The one great thing about boxing is the sportsmanship between the combatants is inspiring.

    That being said, I cut Sherman some slack. He impulsively acted like an asshole when his testosterone was running wild in fierce competition. I’ve done it a couple times.

    He’s not a street thug. I think there was a dose of misplaced aggression heaped on him by many of us sick of black thugs.

    Dude isn’t black Hitler. He’s not OJ. He’s not even Mike Tyson. I forgive him.

  391. Also @ Rutherford. I think I made myself clear that I have taken a stand that there are a number of questions to be answered about Edward Snowden,some of those questions are even in line with pool man,we just don’t get along.

  392. I thought we were getting along quite swimmingly… no? Just because I don’t agree with 85 percent of your stand doesn’t mean I don’t respect your right to be wrong, even if 85 percent of the time… 😛

  393. 538, Poolman, I agree, the history of our country would be a horror story for the losers. So would the pre- Columbian history of the original inhabitants.

    It was -11 at home this morning and -6 in Omaha. It is beautiful out. Snow squeaks and loudly crunches when one steps on it at this temperature.

    543, Rutherford, the CBO report is presumably accurate, but one can understand beyond the spin by understanding the logic of human behavior and the construction of the ObamaCare law. It provides incentives for keeping incomes and company employee numbers at a certain level. People will do what benefits them, and either not working or reducing income is better than working full time and paying more taxes. I expect that reality will prove to be even more harmful to the economy and people’s lives than the CBO estimate.

    So, it isn’t hard to navigate the maze of spinning wheels if you focus on the true facts and extrapolate from what you know of human nature. You are one of the smartest people here. An open mind will part the spinning wheels. Unfortunately, an open mind is hard to find.

  394. Rutherford, I’ve mentioned Betsy’s Page before. She is a government teacher in North Carolina who blogs. Betsy is a conservative and her links reflect her ideology. However, her links can be for accuracy elsewhere. Newsbusters is another. They quote articles which are liberally biased and demonstrate why they are. You can decide which side is right.

    No one will spoon feed you anything besides a point of view. If you want the truth, you will have to work for it,

  395. He’s not a street thug. I think there was a dose of misplaced aggression heaped on him by many of us sick of black thugs.

    Actually, Sherman has made a regular habit of running his mouth ala Clubber Lang all season long, Rabbit. This one was the first made visible to all of America and the first time Sherman was called on it because he’d finally gone over the top.

    Sherman is Muhammad Ali without the act and likability factor. At best, he’s a punk and an asshole.

  396. .Scientists found a 7,000 year old skeleton in Spain, and they used the genetic material in a tooth to create the oldest complete geome to date.

    They learned the man was European with blue eyes. Instead of being a stereotypical Scandinavian- appearing man, other markers showed “black as the night” he was. A swarthy blue-eyed man was a surprise. One of the paleontologists said it is possible that Europeans were all black much longer than expected. They need to study more skeltons. .If so, how do they explain the Ice Man who lived about 5200 years ago, or the blond, blue -eyed mummies who lived in West China 3,000 to 5,000 years ago? I don’t think Europeans could have turned white so fast.

    The European population was probably very diverse The Northern-European mummies in West China turned out to be more cosmopolitan than they appeared. Genetic tests revealed Asian, African and Indian genes too.

    The test also showed, that like the Iceman, the Spanish man’s line had died out,. Something happened about the time the use of agriculture invaded Europe. The original inhabitants genetically disappeared to be replaced by modern people. Paleontologists speculate that something about agriculture disagreed with the systems of most hunter gatherers and they were less fertile than the few people who replaced them. Maybe lactose intolerant people were unable to reproduce as fast as the minority.

    The discussion evolves as political news reporting should do with people searching for proof to prove or disprove their theories.


    Michele Malkin’s blog today has a story about the harm ObamaCare is already doing to real people. So far, it is staying mostly on the local news, because you know…

    Michele Malkin’s site today has

  397. Tex @ #558. Perhaps an impulse control issue. Yes worlds apart from Ali’s “I am the greatest.” Totally different vibe to the taunts.

    Does it really matter how many deek peeks Brett Favre sent out? Lets say it was just one. Still dumb. Still sleazy.

  398. Rutherford,

    PJ Media quoted CBO Director Elemdorf in testimony to Sen Paul Ryan,.”By providing heavily subsidized health insurance to people with very low incomes and withdrawing those subsidies as income rises, the act creates a disincentive for people to work relative to what have been the case in the absence of that act.”

    They also play the tape. See how easy it is to cut through the spin?

  399. It isn’t merely the slant. Its the stories that the various media report. Or rather don’t report. Obama and the liberal media want to decide for us what is news. King Obama cant stand that he cant force Fox and Rush to fall in line.

    Its much more serious than “gee everybody seems to have a bias.”

  400. “These things keep on resurfacing because you and your TV station will promote them.”

    It might be more accurate to say that “these things keep on resurfacing” because these things keep on happening.

    But it’s _____’s fault. And no one wants to get to the bottom of _____ more than me. We will hold people accountable.

    But the reason these things keep on resurfacing is because of you.

  401. Has Obama held anyone accountable for anything at any point in his administration? I honestly can’t recall anyone.

    But everything just a nothing burger and the right’s fault. Like the IRS that “apologized” and had a director that pleaded the 5th — all without one scintilla of impropriety (paraphrase).

    And the fools nod in agreement.

  402. Muhammad Ali was a comedic genius with charisma so great he could join a black supremacist Islamic heresy in the middle of the turbulent Vietnam Era and still put a smile on the face of white victims of black riots in Detroit when talking shit. Amazing.

    Unfortunately he created a mold these assholes like Sherman try to follow.

    Sherman is awful but so are most of the receivers and d backs in the NFL. Hate the game, not the player….literally!

  403. Muffy, Rabbit far more familiar with football than I am, expressed my sentiments. Dude is not a street thug and lost control in the heat of the moment. Anyone here who would like to be judged by the worst comment they’ve ever made on this board please raise your hand.

  404. I think Rutherford said something that reminded me of Frank Zappa recently. Now you have too, DR: “Shut up and play your guitar.”

    That’s how I feel about all athletes (and performers). Shut up and do it. I don’t want to hear how you feel about yourself.

    Love the game, fuck the player.

  405. Nah Rutherford. You said you didn’t get it – twice. And that Sherman was a smart man who had a dumb moment.

    Sherman is emotionally retarded and has a history of running his mouth – so much so he was even punched in the kisser by another player he was trying to intimidate. And he doesn’t come off very smart in his lengthier interviews. He contradicts himself over the span of two or three sentences and if you want to hear some word salad – give him a listen sometime.

    He’s a dirty player too. Plenty of low brow hits and such on Youtube. Here’s a taste –

  406. “Has Obama held anyone accountable for anything at any point in his administration? I honestly can’t recall anyone.”

    Just the videomaker.

    But no, no one in his administration.

  407. Obama’s list of go-to excuses is long….

    Fox News
    A video

    And I’m sure I’ve missed some….

  408. My point with Sherman was that he is a dime a dozen. And the hate he received was out of proportion considering all the other idiocy in the NFL.

    Hell, I was the first one on here bitching about it.

    Barry Sanders, the best running back of all time, caught a ton of flak because he DIDN’T act like Sherman. Wasn’t passionate enough they said.

    Sherman’s tantrum was ill timed. But, there is a demand for that shit. I swear people like all that stupid behavior in the NFL. Hell….I even like the stupid dancing in the end zone sometimes which, when you think about it, is pretty fucking classless.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have said hate the game. Hate the NFL fan base. Its low brow shit. Circus Maximus. Blue collar dudes who have nothing to talk shit about in their own lives so they enjoy the break from reality.

    Getting all upset about Sherman is like getting mad at a heel professional wrestler.

    He shit talked at the wrong time. Since shit talking is celebrated in the NFL, its just a matter of timing.

    I’m a Lions fan. We are bar none the dirtiest team in the NFL. I still watch every Sunday I can. Shame on me.

  409. My pharmacist brother , a rather apolitical chap, says with confidence that the effect of Obamacare is simple. Everybody who hitherto had health insurance now has worse and more expensive insurance.

    This sucks.

    Rutherford you cheerleading prick. I should force you to not only sit across from me at the bar, I should force you to buy every beer I quaff down as I bug the living shit out of you.

    Seriously, how does it feel to have played your little part to fuck so many people over?

    Obviously, I’m not talking about violence. But make no mistake about it. I want revenge on you assholes.

  410. Muffy and Tex if I’ve got Sherman wrong I retract my comment.

    Muffy I said I don’t get the pile on, not that I condone the behavior even if it was as I thought, a one-off.

  411. Re Rabbit,s 575 revenge comment.

    I do too. Our daughter keeps her insurance until maybe next fall with an additional $5,000 premium charge per year between now and then, After that, who knows?

    People, many of whom voted for Obama and supported the law are suffering. Some may even die prematurely because of ObamaCare. It is un- Christian to gloat, but I am gloating. Revenge is sweet and deserved.

  412. “What I liked most and what I suspect you guys liked least was his assertion he will no longer wait for Congress to stop bickering among themselves and he will do as much by executive order as possible.”

    Rutherford the president didn’t wait for congress to issue some 25 executive orders since November 2012 to delay the impact of the noble Affordable Car Axe. He’s poised to issue another major delay without congressional approval and its a doozy. Think 3 year delay…it’ll come to you.

    After his goons rammed it though by hook and crook he’s now bypassing congress again and again to delay THE RESULTS OF HIS SIGNATURE LEGISLATION.

    Is this what you call getting things done? Is this what you call living up to his executive responsibilities?

  413. “Muffy I said I don’t get the pile on, not that I condone the behavior even if it was as I thought, a one-off.”

    And the pile-on was….racism. Of course. That was the aspect of rabbit’s drift that “expressed [your] sentiments.”

    Sherman refuses still to own his actions, blaming everyone he’s ever tried to bully for provoking him. And he does it with a shit eating grin and mock shifty eyeballs that provoke in me the daydream that the next time someone clocks him they put him in the hospital. And mind you I hate the 49-ers by the way.

    “He’s not a street thug. I think there was a dose of misplaced aggression heaped on him by many of us sick of black thugs.”

    There probably was. So what? I’m sick of racism being blamed for bad behavior. Sherman’s attention-seeking bullshit got him exactly what he wanted. He wasn’t getting the attention he felt he deserved.

    What’s more I recognize the attempt to justify Sherman by his GPA and having attended the right university as insidiously racist and condescending. So right back at ya Big Ed. (I saw a rant on msnbc about the conversation Ed thinks we need to have. Sure we need to have it and just in time for the midterms, eh Ed?)

  414. I was doing some research today regard the recent CBO Report and the “spin”. I didn’t know this but HIPPA passed under Clinton abolished the coverage denial stuff that is always trotted out in support of ACA.
    FWIW there is definitely bipartisan spin afoot.

  415. More nonsense. No more people will die because of Obamacare than currently die of unaffordable health care. The status quo is unacceptable. Time to fix the new law.

  416. Muffy you’re now having an argument with yourself. If Sherman regularly acts like an asshole then have at him and race has nothing to do with it.

    By the way, for all of Peyton Mannings manners, from what I heard he sucked Sunday night.

  417. Alfie it’s commonly accepted you can be denied for preexisting conditions. You’re now purporting that’s not true? What about prohibitive premiums based on current health issues?

  418. “No more people will die because of Obamacare than currently die of unaffordable health care. The status quo is unacceptable. Time to fix the new law.”

    Then why all the delays? WHY ALL THE DELAYS?

    And Rutherford, stop conflating health insurance with health care. For the past 10 years I’ve seen more people in the crowded waiting rooms of the obstetrics and gynecology suite at UIC hospital being CARED FOR than had any form of private health INSURANCE, I assure you. Never mind endocrinology – where many patients receiving care took up two chairs as well.

    The ACA is is not going to improve health CARE. It is doomed to lower the quality of the health care received by the working middle class. No one but the rich can have better health care now – and if the Dums could take that away too they would.

    It can no longer be earned. As you wished. Congratulations. You won.

  419. ” It is doomed to lower the quality of the health care received by the working middle class. No one but the rich can have better health care now – and if the Dums could take that away too they would.

    It can no longer be earned. As you wished. Congratulations. You won.”

    Fucking so true…so true……rrrrrrrrrrrrr

  420. Ah yes, and the same reason you’re a good water carrying lib. and I am not. You prefer fantasy over reality.

    One might expect that you could point to one single promise or predicted outcome to the law you’re so invested in before demanding we all just keep with it. Why you’re not insulted at being lied to so obviously is beyond me.

    But alas believing a system that in spirit and practice requires taking from one class that cant afford it to give to another, all administered by the historically proven most incompetent entity know to mankind for the delivery of services, is one that ultimately provides the solution according to R.

    The law has to go. The system is beyond my wherewithal, and I know it is one you don’t grasp on the most basic levels, but I can safely say that beginning with costs of delivery is the starting point. Not the opposite. What’s your “fix?” All I hear are MSNBC-grade platitudes that the law just needs fixing but not a peep as to what that “fix” might be, a/k/a more bullshit.

    I do not believe should have socialized medicine, R. However, because that is all you want, what you call “solutions” are nothing more than a request for suggestions that affirm your belief that it can provided without pain. In other words, there’s nothing to offer to you because claiming I haven’t provided “solutions” is just. . . go ahead. . . say it aloud. . . “snark.”

  421. @ Rutherford # 587 I am saying that within guidelines established under HIPPA our generally purported common beliefs are wrong. The law allowed insurers to review if you were treated within the past 6 months,if so an exclusion was permissible. If your “pre-existing” condition was diagnosed,treated etc. before six months exclusions would be a violation of the law. The penalty premium and other test type things like requiring extra history,physicals etc. prior to getting coverage=illegal.
    There was up to 1% of the population that saw exclusions etc kick in and were “uninsurable”. 5% of insured persons lost their coverage due to ACA.
    Also of note to HIPPA a rider law called GINA prevented genetic “discrimination”.
    Bottomline I am saying the myth of masses of wronged people appears to be a purposefully applied lie.

  422. Let me type it correctly at least once first HIPAA. Anyway the law was heavily focused on group plans,hell pretty much exclusively, but there was an angle there too. If you had been a group plan person and lost it there was a thing that applied to you getting an individual policy.
    Anyway a good FAQ sheet can be seen here
    Again my self induced torture of looking at tons of information is what it is. i don’t know where I’ll find myself at the end of it but it does seem that HIPAA could’ve been worked on in ways the ACA overplayed it all.
    My leanings on the earlier mentioned “spin” stuff is that the likes of the LA Times et al are as bad if not worse as some of the right side folks. ACA is indeed a gun to the head of the economy and we loaded that guy based on a shit load of misinformation.

  423. I don’t know, the Russian pomp has brain washed me.

    I now support Putin’s claim as Czar and recognize Constantinople as the true capital.

    Long live Putin. Long live Byzantium!

    Wait a minute….I’ve snapped out of it
    .. suck my Biała kiełbasa, Russia, you drunk Barbarian assholes!

    Anyone notice the tourist add that kicks off the opening ceremony. The Communist Revolution was quickly referred to as the “that great experiment”.

    Can you imagine the Germans kicking off the Olympics referring to the notion of Lebensraum as a noble experiment.

    Stalin fucking killed my Great Uncle!

  424. I don’t watch the Games and place no real value/credibility to them. That said I think the rabbits of the world are going to have a lot more to gnash their teeth at in the near future regards the Russian mentality behind the NBC soft soaping of their history.
    The SCO is coming along strong at a time when the USA is in a mess. Many of the points and policies Washington is stuck in on the global front is helping them out greatly.
    Along those lines you have the recent kerfuffle over Nulands “fuck the EU” comment that was picked up on a tap. The conversation was on how the USA is hoping and acting on the current Ukraine crisis. We’re turning this thing into a proxy war that directly threatens the Putin crew. This is just gas on the fire for Merkels pursuit to pull away from the euro weenies and go for stronger links with the Russians et al.
    FWIW rabbit I respect your passion and family loss regard Russia/Soviets. Putin’s Russian nationalism will likely invoke memories for you and others everywhere.

  425. “Putin’s Russian nationalism will likely invoke memories for you and others everywhere.”

    Thanks Alfie, but I wouldn’t take it that far. I’ve never lost any sleep over it. I just provide the voice for my dead grand parents.

    Sometimes the fake ethnic shit by my Polish brethren bugs me more them anything.

    I got the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth tattoo on my arm one summer to spoof my softball teammates’ stupid standard Polish Eagle tattoos despite the clowns knowing nothing about Eastern Europe. A reminder of the wild Baltic Knight partying on Polish people’s heads.

    Now I just feel stupid with it… I do all of my corny “ink”.

    As for the Olympics, don’t overlook the pleasures of drinking beer and looking at global Olympic camel toe all day….love the ice skating tenderloin. Makes my plaque psoriasis shed.

  426. DR, we don’t need your Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth hate ’round here. You deserve all you get from the Soviets. I’m so sick of the damn divisiveness you flaky-skinned Polack. We’re one people now.

    Hey, if you want to fuck up your friends try an Obama/Walesa tattoo.

  427. @ rabbit you have a knack for colorful phrases. Your eyes bugging during parts of the Winter Games I am having a hard time imagining you getting through the beach volleyball @ the Summer Games

  428. Matt Laurer said as the Latvians marched by that Lativia is one of the most democratic nations in Europe. He failed to mention that one of the reasons is the memory of Soviet oppression. The Baltic nations would quarrel with Laurer’s dismissal of the Soviet murders and thievery as an experiment.

    Moreover, Estonia and Finland are ethnically similar, and before they were possessed by the Soviets, their standards of living were similar. Now, Finland is one of the richest countries in Europe, and Estonia is one of the poorest. Their economies are growing now, but the question “what might have been lingers.” It is the same question asked about Detroit. What might have been had not Colman Young and other liberal Democrats stayed out of Detroit?

    I wish beach volleyball was more popular with the Baltic and Nordic people.

    Putin is on the ascendency, and he must loath Obama. The woman who lit the Olympic fire is a previous skating medal winner, but she also tweeted a racist picture of the Obamas. Using her had to be a slap at our president.

    One of the causes of rancor is our opposition to the anti-gay law. What business is it of ours to complain so loudly against another country’s laws when everyone knows our outrage is selective for political reasons? Putin might as well tell us not to approve the Keystone pipeline.

  429. “The woman who lit the Olympic fire is a previous skating medal winner, but she also tweeted a racist picture of the Obamas.”

    Has MSNBC done any specials on this yet?

  430. Rutherford, I read that the Kindle is very sensitive to condensation or moisture. Steam even in the bathroom can ruin it. I was thinking maybe you should insert a boxing mouth guard or something when you use it because of the drool issue.

  431. Thanks to changes stemming from the American Affordable Health Act my checking account is currently at -127 bucks. That and my guesstimation strategy of balancing my check book is killing me.

    What a loser I am.


    What a farce figure skating is. Apparently you have to “emote”. How subjective is that?

    I’m emoting right now. FUCK…. overdraft!

  432. I’m OK, Tigre. Kevin Trudeau says that he can fix my child’s peanut allergy.

    In all seriousness, the pharmacy is outraged the policy changed on epi pens. There must be thousands blind sided by this change and rolling the dice without epi pens. Those things used to be always offered outside the deductible.

    In this case, James is right. Obamacare is going to kill some kids with peanut allergies.

    I had to pay my house insurance, my car insurance and my kids school tuition (which includes the subsidy for the freebie kids). The epi pens broke the bank.

    I’d rather overdraft then not fund my Roth. I will boil my baseball glove and make soup before I withhold money to that thing. After all, I’m down 3% in an epic bull market for the year. That train needs to keep rolling, baby.

  433. R,

    There is a 2014 Winter Games Camel Toe Alert App.

    Just make sure you go into settings and click “Over 21”.

    Also, make sure “Meat Gazer Mode” is not activated. I got a text alert at three in the morning over some gay Moldovan figure skater’s bulge. Gross.

  434. re: money mgt. Actually, the Elizabeth Warren woman has an excellent personal finance book called, “All Your Worth” or summat. The beauty of her “system” is that it is so easy to implement – not complex enough to really be called a system, really. I recommend it to all my clients as a baseline education, even those who already have considerable assets.

    When you get your paycheck, divide into three parts: The Must Have, the Savings, the Wants.

    The Must Haves will change very little; fund that first with a little left over to build an emergency fund.

    Savings – Figure out what percentage you want to save and always put that away.

    Wants – put that in your pocket – and SPEND IT. Guilt free. It may not be much, but it is yours now, and you should reward yourself by spending it for whatever you want. Want a Starbucks, a model airplane, a blowjob? fine. Just buy it.

    You can adjust the percentages as you go, but always try to leave at least a few blue swimmers for yourself. That’s what really makes it work.

  435. lol. Rabbit, is there a way to get it off vibrate? I think I may have downloaded the wrong app. Did yours come with the warning: For dereliction lasting over 4 hours, call your proctor?

  436. Parker, my parents who survived the Depression taught me those rules too. We have lived by them most of our lives. For example, when the farm recession nearly took our farm, it was hard to save, but we did save a little. We also juggled credit cards offering introductory zero interest,

    Our big nights out were at Pizza Hut. Our children liked video games, but we couldn’t afford to pay for the Pizza Hut arcade. When they were young, they didn’t realize one had to use coins to activate the games. They happily played video games in rest mode.

    Our daughter really wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll. She “needed” it. My wife and I decided she merely “wanted” a doll,. Our daughter got the Cabbage Patch doll on her high school graduation day.

  437. Savings comes first!
    I really get miffed at the various financial advice types,they seem to be the classic film flam type the whole lot of them. Like most (all) of the advice/help gurus found on the web,informercial and bookshelves these people are marketers who fleece you.

  438. I’m curious if anyone here has not thoroughly repressed the thought of what point do you decide to hop into the car instead of pushing it up the hill.
    Personally I am at the point of utter disgust but still pushing. I also would say that the 47% mocking me is getting to me and if I am not afforded the opportunity to push them off the cliff I am more likely to hop in and say fuck it I’m done.
    Getting gold and hiding in a solar shack in the wild does not appeal to me.
    Bottomline we need to kick the crap out of most of the politicians and a huge chunk of the population.

  439. @Alfie.

    No, your bills come first; otherwise people will be knocking on your door, wanting their money. Bills are obligations you made to others; if they are too high to allow any money for #2 and 3, then you must downsize, somehow. Like Rutherford did.

    Fleecing. Ain’t no fleecing going on here, or there. Warren wrote a book. You can buy it or not, depending upon whether you think it is worth the money. I think it is. Money spent; value received–capitalism at its finest. And I bought the book and just gave away its core principles for free. Good deal all ’round.

    I would also argue with the “kicking the 47%.” They are just following human nature. The problems in America is that you have let yourself succumb to the siren’s song of socialism (pretty good alliteration, huh?), and your politicians are appealing to everyone’s base instincts, instead of LEADING, and doing what THEY KNOW is right. The politicians are taking the LOW road, when they know exactly that what they are doing is wrong.

    Fucking arseholes. They are your problems, not your fellow citizens.

  440. My kid lost the gold medal today 15 to 13. First time he every got to wrestle his weight class.

    Some Dad with a punchable face interjected himself in the last period and told the coach to elect that my kid start from all fours. I knew that would lose the match for him. But I’ve made a vow to be passive in sports. I’m there to cheer him on and make sure he doesn’t get hurt. I’m just too aggressive and competitive to get in the mix.

    Pretty toolish of me to be stewing over a 4 year old wrestling tournament, I know.

  441. @ parker not able to agree.
    Savings are best thought of as a primary debt. You have to pay yourself first. Using your model all I am really saying is that there are not three parts,only two.
    As for fleecing I’m not calling you out and under capitalism principles by all means you are allowed to spend your money on whatever you want to.
    The thing that bothers me about Warren and all the other hucksters is that they market common sense like they invented something special and make money off of it. Sure, good for them but seriously shame on those that need such a crutch.
    I also have to say that since the politicians and their cronies ultimate goal is to control not lead socialism is the way to go so you’re right in many ways on that one.We the People still deserve my scorn methinks. The politicians are giving us the drug too many of us “crave” but still we’re pushing the needle into our skin not them.

  442. Alfie – not to bore everybody to death with this, but yes, it’s common sense – absolutely.

    But I deal with a lot of people who are having financial difficulties, and almost always, they are just thrashing around; they know they are in trouble but they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. They sort of know the principles of household finance, but they just can’t figure out concrete things to do, and in what order. Sometimes it takes an outside person to get them started; it is NOT starting that is the real danger.

    I like the Warren method. Commonsense? Yup. Right under your nose? You bet. But when you lay that out to people and show them concrete steps to get squared away, they are so grateful.

    Especially if it’s simple: add up your total income. Add up your monthly debt. Take reasonable percentages that have been shown over decades to be about the right amount for each category. Then they can see where the problem is – usually it’s too much debt; (are you listening, Mr. President?) debt beyond a certain percentage of income is strangling – they need to know what that # is, and compare THEIR debt to it.

    It ain’t voodoo, and it ain’t hucksterism, and it surely ain’t fleecing. People with little income can use a very simple plan, and if they have their records with them, you can get them in and out for under a hundred USD, almost every time.

  443. I’m with Pfessor on this one.

    Yeah its obvious. But many, many people have a knack for compartmentalizing the obvious. I know I did. Sometimes the obvious needs to be laid out.

    Because the anxiety doesn’t feel simple. It feels complicated. When in fact it the cause of the problem is simple.

    It’s a form for depression, really. You get swamped and need someone to clear the bull shit from between your ears. Other wise you tread water slowly drowning in a pool of procrastination.

    Going out running is simple too. You just go out running. But starting is so damn hard. In my case, a buddy told me to go out and run a half mile. I did that. 5 months later I ran almost 13 miles.

  444. You pay your creditors first. If you owe money it belongs not to you, but to whomever you are indebted to. Aside from the moral obligation to repay people with bills of their own to pay, practicality dictates that creditors get something first or they will no longer lend you their money.

    After surviving being hit by a train, it is hard for me to feel anxious about much of anything,

    Rabbit, you are being a good father.

  445. “After surviving being hit by a train, it is hard for me to feel anxious about much of anything,”

    lol….You should be allowed by man code to get a pierced ear for that like a pirate who survives after his ship sinks…..and I say this as man who would never pierce my ears and thinks its for faggots unless, of course, I survived a sunken pirate ship.

  446. “Some Dad with a punchable face interjected himself in the last period and told the coach to elect that my kid start from all fours.”

    Without knowing your son’s strengths and weaknesses on the mat, this is really about points strategy.

    My son, the coach, always chooses the down position when his wrestlers are behind in points, because there are more opportunities to score points from that position. The kids hate it.

    At the same time, if you knew it was not his strong point, the coach should have to. Showing this to my son, he also pointed out that, with 13 points, it was obvious he was scoring takedowns and probably near fall, so the coach maybe should have just let him wrestle his strengths.

    Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for your boy.

  447. Huck,

    Yeah… of the other reasons I keep my mouth shut is I don’t know much. So…maybe the down position is the right call.

    He got all his points from throw downs. Hell…he almost pinned the kid once. And he is light. He doesn’t even make minimum weight…at his age its so hard to stand up when that weight is on you.

  448. “He got all his points from throw downs. Hell…he almost pinned the kid once.”

    From the neutral position (both standing), a take down would have scored 2, and some near fall afterward (almost pinning him) would have put him ahead by 2 or 3 (all assuming the points are scored the same as HS). If he almost pinned him once, it sounds like most of his points were from take downs.

    At the same time, if he gets a takedown and ties it up, then the opponent gets an escape, he gets 1 point and goes back ahead. And if he gets a reversal, then he scores 2, and we’re right back where we started. And it sounds like he was escaping and/or reversing a lot after being taken down.

    “He doesn’t even make minimum weight…at his age its so hard to stand up when that weight is on you.”

    It definitely sounds like the coach made a strategic error. Hopefully it was a learning experience for him and hopefully your boy didn’t get too disappointed.

  449. I’m not sure anyone took notice of the mistake other then me, honestly. (If it was even a mistake).

    My kids shoulders shrunk and he looked down with the agony of defeat when he lost.

    It hurts but I’m proud that it hurts him, if that makes any sense. Losing is so important. It’s what sports are all about, if you ask me.

    Within 3 minutes he was bragging about his silver medal and asking if I would let him play a round of angry birds before we leave. So, he’s all good.

    I think the score was 15 to 12, actually. In fact, today was the first time I actually understood the scoring.

    He went hard the whole match. I told him that’s all I ask for.

  450. See how you are? You economaniacs got it wrong, as far as I can tell. Priorities. It ALL comes from God. Pay Him first, then then yourself and those under your head, then your bills…

  451. I usually preferred beginning from the down position. It was an easy way to make points. I was only a college intramural wrestler, so I didn’t have to worry about school spirit or coaches. It was all for fun.,

    Yes, Poolman, we have always given money to the church.

    Yes, losing is important, rabbjt. Your son may not have won first place,but he should still be proud. Olga Graf just won Russia’s first medal in speed skating–the bronze, . She was not expected to be a contender, so for her it was as much a victory as the gold She unzipped her skating suit until she realized she was wearing nothing underneath.

  452. Rutherford – did you get an opportunity to watch the “debate” between Bill Nye and Ken Ham? Quick discussion here:

    Nye has the whole show on his channel; quite long, actually.

    Sometimes I don’t know whether there’s hope for the world or not.

  453. Good for you, Dead Rabbit. When I was raised, it was win at all costs. It took the joy out of part of my childhood and pretty much sent me down the path of rebellion in my formative years when I grew weary of it.

    Your boy will look back and appreciate your loving spirit one day.

    I think short of abandonment or some form of molestation, to rob a child of his or her childhood by attempting to live your own life through your kid, is the most egregious sin a parent can commit.

  454. Yes, Rabbit. It makes all the sense in the world.

    I wouldn’t trade the losses for anything. Without them the triumphs aren’t nearly as rich. Taking it on the chin is good life experience.

  455. Oh look…

    Obama’s signature law is so universally awesome that he just dished out another unilateral round of exemptions….

    …until after the 2016 election.

    Why, it seems like just yesterday that asking for a 1 year delay was called terrorism, arson, and hostage-taking.

    What a fucking joke this guy is. Worst president in the history of this country. That’s no bullshit, Rutherford.

  456. Looks like your wish has come true, Rutherford.

  457. Pfessor,

    Do you ever give it a rest? You are ten times worse then the most annoying evangelist I’ve ever met. Thump a way dude.

    …we get it. You are atheist.

    Since your point has been made a hundred times, what is it you are trying to achieve?

  458. Holy shit. New law from the tyrant. You can’t lay off an employee to avoid Obamacare. How can the government, scratch that, how can one man, make a law like that?



    OK this is a first for me. Obama needs to be impeached. He needs to go.

    This is insanity. COMMUNISM.

    This is fucking nuts.


  459. I wonder how many binders could be filled with the names of women who will be affected by yet another delay in this awesome law….

  460. King Obama says you can’t lay off an employee to avoid the law but he can issue exemptions so you can avoid the law?

    Well…I guess when you’re the president, you can do whatever you want.

  461. Isn’t it funny how much Obama’s “alternative” to ObamaCare looks more and more like the Republican alternative?

    Maybe Rutherford will tweet some outrage over it!!!!!!!!!1111

  462. Dude……I’m fucking livid.

    This isn’t America.

    It’s getting to the point where I got to be careful what I say. We already have one known snitch here that will run and tell nanny.

  463. The Judge on Fox News put it in a scary light. Obama has created a crime.

    Obama has all by himself created a new situation where you can get put in jail.

    Can you guys believe this shit?

    Rutherford, this is what you want, huh? A dictator? Dude….I already asked you once. You prepared to back it up?

  464. This is tax/penalty enforcement. The MSNBC minions actually see nothing wrong with a President unilaterally deciding which taxes are enforced against whom to fit his personal political agenda. Yep. They WANT a fucking dictator. R said he does. There’s nothing more to it DR.

  465. Well then…..what scares me is when I start to ponder where this all leads. I mean…….do we have line in the sand? And if so……then what?

    I never thought it would come to a point where even guys like Rutherford are calling for a dictatorship.

    These are chilling times.

    Playing with fire as the Ides of March approach.

  466. DR…I think you’re missing the big picture.

    Romney put his dog on the roof, was a high school bully, and has a car elevator.

    These are the things that are important to Americans. Not your fucking epi pens and claims of nothingburger lies.

    Get with it, man….

  467. Hey Tex,

    Marcus Smart had a real nice appology. Too bad he apologized about the wrong thing. Dude lied about beng called a Niger. Shit happens all the time and this time he got caught. No appology for that, though.

  468. I see Fox News took notice of NBC’s summery of Stalin as a “pivotal experiment” and called them out for it. Good on them.

  469. My life is so boring that putting on a condom seems edgy and seedy. My wife thought I was nuts when I told her I want to use one of my triple sized magnum XXXL double girth Trojans.

  470. Rabbit honestly no disrespect intended but WTF with the peanut allergies? When I was a kid no one had them. Now kids have to wear a fucking HASMAT suit in the cafeteria.

  471. “When a democracy refuses to live up to its legislative responsibilities it DESERVES a dictator.” -R @ 405


    “First the “as he’ll later claim” stuff is getting old. I’m not some predictable robot.

    Second if you’re referring to my dictator comment, I was dead serious. I LIKE Democracy. We don’t have one. We have a bunch of children playing petty games with our future.” -R@427


    “Never said I wanted a dictator. Warned you guys that when Congress behaves like morons they open the door to dictatorship.”



    Prediction realized. 🙄

  472. “I’m just curious. Since Obama has issued fewer executive orders than his predecessors, does that make all of them dictators?”

    The number of executive orders? You think that points out hypocrisy? Your defense?

    It’s the substance of the orders and their effect, R. Come on.

    This shit is insane and completely indefensible. Your unwillingness to acknowledge the insanity is really pitiful.

    Maybe if the next president issued an executive order commanding the FCC to shut down your precious MSNBC you’d get it.

  473. Rutherford, Finns, Estonians, and northwest Russians have been studying childhood allergies. All three regions have a similar Finnic genetic heritage. Finland has the highest living standard, followed by Estonia and then northwest Russia.

    At the beginning, Finland had the highest number of child hood allergies followed by Estonia and then north Russia which had the lowest standard of living,. In recent years, the other two regions have enjoyed an improving living standard with Estonia ahead of northwest Russia.

    The scientists’ conclusion is that as people live better, they have cleaner homes and less contact with farm and other animals. The human body is built to fight and repel enemy organisms. If they are not available, it fights itself.

  474. R would clearly be very comfortable in the Banana Republic….provided of course he was comfortable–or at least ideologically aligned–with the Regime.

    Democracy survives on institutional integrity and the Rule o