Reid Goes Black

STEREOTYPE ALERT: I hereby warn the reader that the observation in this post is based entirely on a stereotype. As a black man, I tend to dislike stereotypes but once in a while I find them instructive. My apologies in advance.

Rewind 32 years. The scene is a residence hall at Harvard University called Mather House. It is where I spent three of my four undergraduate years. The place is what I will call “the TV room”, a common area with a large screen TV mounted on the wall. About a dozen of us are assembled, paying attention in varying degrees to what is being broadcast. A nerdy white kid stands up and approaches the TV and says “can I change the channel?” After a second or two of silence, a very serious young black student glares at the kid and simply says “NO!”. The attempted channel changer sheepishly sits back down and the room stops cold with an uncomfortable silence. The decision has been made definitively. No discussion, no debate. I chuckled to myself about it at the time and still do to this day. Typical of most liberal arts colleges, everything was up for debate and the more lengthy the debate, on any subject no matter how trivial, the better. It was a by-product of being “intellectual”. And my brotha was having none of it.  It exemplified for me a difference between blacks and WASPs in particular that the former preferred to get down to basics while the latter preferred debate and back-and-forth.

Fast forward to 2013 and the government shut down (and debt ceiling) crisis.  After Republicans tried to tie the end of Obamacare as we know it to a continuing resolution to fund the government and keep it running, Democrats in the Senate essentially said “oh no you didn’t!” A loyal reader of this blog posted an excerpt of a story stating that the “no negotiation” strategy, while being mouthed by Obama, is really being enforced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In fact, according to this source, Democrats want Obama as far from the bargaining table as possible for fear of the concessions he might make. So Harry has taken control and he has not budged an inch.

Republicans have succeeded in making him look a wee bit reprehensible when he won’t even allow a vote on small resolutions that would fund the government piecemeal but at least offer some relief to those currently suffering. But Harry has been a rock. Perhaps a comparison to Israel is better than my white/black dichotomy? Israel refuses to negotiate with hostage takers and their basic stance is “kill them and then we will retaliate but we’re not cutting any deals with you.” Harry simply will not forgive the GOP for their Obamacare stunt and even though there is no longer talk of defunding Obamacare right now, it was this original stunt that poisoned any possibility for deal making. Reid is basically saying, “you came to play like a thug and that is how I am going to treat you.”

To further my original analogy, let’s not forget that Obama spent most of his youth among intellectuals, whether at prep school or Ivy League institutions. Obama has virtually no “street” in him at all. Reid on the other hand was raised by a laundress for a brothel and was an amateur boxer. The quiet demeanor hides an approach much more suited to the street than to the Senate.

As I think back to 32 years ago, all I can say is when Senator Ted Cruz and the merry band of lunatics he inspired in the House asked “can I change the channel?’, Harry Reid glared at them and decisively said “NO!”


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  1. You forgot 1 thing in your analogy….

    When the black guy told the white guy “NO!”, the white guy didn’t say “Fine” and turn the TV off.

  2. One reads this and walks away thinking Rutherford has real affinity for Harry Reid.

    Rutherford also makes another mistake. He stereotypes the country by making the mistake many think the way Hawwvard thinks. Most of the country disdains Hawwvard – not because Hawwvard the best; we know better.

    Because Hawwvard represent arrogance and corruption, male feminists and other assorted pussies.

    And so does Harry Reid – a man whose made millions by shady land deals.

  3. Your analogy sucks although to be kind I like Hucks retort. Your example could just as easily be explained by observing that the WASPs as you derisively blanket are actually open to debate,democracy society and well coached in the Crimson agenda of not rattling the minority. The black guy could just be a tough guy and get away with enjoying any one of a number of stereotypes,none of them ultimately positive.

  4. “Obama has virtually no ‘street’ in him at all.” And precious little normal American.

    Consider this. Obama was raised by communists and communist sympathizers. He lived in and attended Muslim Indonesian schools from 1967 to 1971. His mother virtually abandoned him, and so did the father he never met.

    Obama was raised in an upper middle class fashion with enough money for exclusive schools and affirmative action admittance to universities.

    Obama is not a stereotypical American, much less typical black. His administration is proof of his atypical values.

    I agree, Harry Reid has a street dweller inside. He has learned to take what he can get, including the money from shady land deals Tex mentioned.

    I would not have sheepishly have retreated from the “No!” because the young man seems to have been acting like a jerk.

    He could have been more polite. I was raised to react to jerks in the same way, regardless of their color. That young man seems to have been using his race to intimidate guilty whites.

    Our grand daughter has now laughed, turned herself over, and “crawled” 18 inches. She wants to sit up and can nearly hold herself steady.

    She is “trilling” along with some of the music videos I play for her, and she discovered that if she kicks toward my stomach, she can make her swing move faster. Her attention span is long.

    She is very social and smiles at everyone, even strangers who admire her.

    In other words, our grand daughter is developing normally contrary to the doctors’ predictions,

    Her head shape is almost normal now. She sees a doctor again next week, and we hope the MRI scan and genetic test remain procedures that don’t have to be done,

  5. The Million Vet march has torn down the barricades and piled some outside of the White House.

    It makes me proud to be an American., We are not yet a nation of sheep who cower before petty tyrants.

  6. I was just gonna post on that James. I’m streaming it. I’m happy you’re happy – I know how you feel.

    Reid boxed in fucking high school.

  7. Yes, we are the TV generation, the most indoctrinated evah…

    That ego contest can happen anywhere, it’s a social thing. Posturing like birds establishing pecking order. Humility is rare, especially today. Politics is entirely scripted nowadays, with the media in on it. There are accidental moments of clarity along the way, but anyone with a keen sense can pick up the particular buzz. Why should we believe anything they broadcast? What was real can now be easily MANipulated™ and presented as real – the pc version of real. We remain, one nation, under Gog, easily divisible, with libation and pornography for all.

    There is no political solution
    To our troubled evolution
    Have no faith in constitution
    There is no bloody revolution

    We are spirits in the material world

    Our so-called leaders speak
    With words they try to jail you
    They subjugate the meek
    But it’s the rhetoric of failure

    We are spirits in the material world

    Where does the answer lie?
    Living from day to day
    If it’s something we can’t buy
    There must be another way

    We are spirits in the material world

    People believe their own realities…
    Voting will change our destiny.
    Nuclear energy is clean energy.
    Corporations are people, my friend.
    Professional and college sports aren’t rigged.
    America is a Christian nation and stands for good.
    Humanity is actually improving conditions on the earth.
    The government has our collective best interest in mind.

    But rarely do they examine the record to see if these realities really do hold up to the test of time. They feed the front end, never checking what’s coming out the rear. Many still believe the lies we were told going into Iraq. Now it is the number one Al Qaeda hangout along with Libya. We have made Iraq the country we claimed Afghanistan was before we started the genocide, the harbourer of terrorism, and certainly plenty American made wmds. Thanks to the USA, terrorism now has a good strong foundation nation from which to launch its global terrors.

    If we can’t fire this government we can at least defund it.

  8. It’s funny that Rutherford called us out in the last thread for not calling out Ted Cruz.

    And then he follows up with this. (Rutherford, I’m gonna take you to task here because I think this post says a lot more than you wanted it to).

    Rutherford likens Harry Reid to a guy he refers to as “my brotha”, which shows his clear acceptance of the actions (or inactions) of both. A “brotha” who was obviously nothing more than a bully…who, by Rutherford’s own admission…made everyone around him uncomfortable by acting like a prick. Yet there was not a 1 in the room who had the balls to stand up to the “brotha” and say “why not?” or “and what if I do?” Instead…the whites “sheepishly” sit quietly while Rutherford giggles inside. The black guy has become the cracker…cracking his whip and forcing his will onto everyone else.

    It’s interesting to see the tacit acceptance of the Scary Black Man in this post. We get laughed at and discounted when we mention him standing outside of voting booths…holding his billy club after having threatened to kill whites “and they babies” just months prior…yet here we see Rutherford’s own admission that he not only accepts a black man intimidating and bullying white people…he finds it amusing. Don’t think this will be soon forgotten…

    Rutherford admires the bully. He chuckles because the entire room was forced to watch what his “brotha” wanted to watch…just like he chuckles because Americans are forced to comply with a clusterfuck for a law that most of them don’t even like. We’re sheep, doing what we’re told.

    It’s also worth noting that Rutherford still has nothing to say about Obama’s selectivity in who does and doesn’t have to follow the law. He insists that “it is within his rights to do so”…ignoring the obvious FACT that the president MUST ENFORCE THE LAW AS WRITTEN.

    You see, Rutherford, where your analogy REALLY fails is in not recognizing that Barack Obama has already changed the channel.

    All the GOP is trying to do at this point is make it so that everyone in the room is able to watch the same show.

  9. As you might imagine Past Life, your reaction would have been as out of place as the behavior of the belligerent student. I might also add that since the dude did not make a racial attack, your retort would also have been grossly inappropriate.

  10. Wow, and I thought my reply was close to over the top….

    “I’m not sure I corrected your italics correctly Huck. Let me know.”

    Absolutely correct, thank you. But for some reason what I wrote there also went haywire

    “(or in of both” should have been “(or inactions) of both”

  11. R, I don’t know where to begin with this one. Literally.

    Maybe tomorrow will bring some kind of response other than “WTF??”

    Your missive is perhaps more telling than you intended.

  12. Looks like Chicago moved up to number one.

    According to new crime statistics released this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Chicago had more homicides in 2012 than any other city in the country. There were 500 murders in Chicago last year, the FBI said, surpassing New York City, which had 419.

    How’s that gun control working for you guys?

  13. I have been pro second amendment all my life, dude. I think your brain has suffered too many traumas. If there’s a 180, it’s between your pointy ears. 😆

  14. “It exemplified for me a difference between blacks and WASPs in particular that the former preferred to get down to basics while the latter preferred debate and back-and-forth.”

    I have a different take on it. To my eye it was a typical pissed-off nigra being aggressive and a general asshole. Likely the white kid figured the black kid was an aggressive SOB and didn’t want to take the chance that he really was, so he backed down. That makes him a pussy, right?

    Now fast-forward thirty years. That same white kid is sitting on a jury and remembers that exchange. In his head, it reinforces the stereotype of the aggressive black man, and that kid – now man – will put a black man in prison because of it. Who really won that little exchange?

    I know you are busy, but sometime take fifteen minutes to read “Bargain” a short story by AB Guthrie. The pussies always win in the end, and the aggressive guy ends up tossing someone’s salad in the Big House.

  15. I hate being emotionally invested in sports. I want to throw this phone though my fucking window. My agony is always ten times worse then the thrill.

    For what? What void is in my life that makes me like this.

    And I rip on Rutherford for being a fan boy.

    Sheer anger in me right now.

    Fucking baseball. Season is one big fucking chore that I can’t seem to quit. Like Sisyphus…..rolling the rock……fucking sissy-pus…crying over baseball. FUCK! SHIT.almost 40 years old and will be obsessing until the series picks back up on Tuesday.

  16. It ain’t the squabbles over the community boob tube that cast a shadow over an innocent black man. All kinds of pushy, aggressive sub cultures in America. Ever been around Albanians? Pushy, rude motherfuckers. You know what they don’t do? Kill one another in comparable numbers to the strife in Iraq like blacks do. Plus they work. I like Albanians.

    Blacks have a bad rep because of the large amount of savagery and dependence in the community, not because of Rutherford’s vanilla life experiences in an Ivy League rec room. Yawn.

  17. First the Pats 10 second win, then the Sox pull a rabbit out of their hat? Wow.

    Sorry DR. I know how you feel. I’m from Boston. You know, Bill Buckner.

  18. I turned my TV off last night with Detroit completely shutting down the Bosoxs and it was 5-1, bottom of the eighth.

    I turned on the news this morning and see Boston won. WTH?

  19. @#2 – before they escorted your illiterate ass out for trespassing.

    😆 You are a hoot. I remember living one semester in the dorm and sitting in the TV room like Rutherford, bickering over which channel. Most vivid memory was watching Michigan State beat Indiana State in college basketball final. Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson – doesn’t get any better than that.

    Second most vivid memory is people sitting in there and wondering who the stinking old fart was sitting on the couch that you’d never seen – and wondering if they were transient. 😈

  20. Thank God Bob Costas finally weighed in with a halftime homily last night to tell us how ‘physically painful’ saying or hearing the word ‘Redskin’ is to him. After 30+ years of broadcasting its games, that dude’s pain tolerance has gotta be way off the charts. I can’t imagine that kind of suffering. He should get an award or something.

    Now I understand why the douche receives the significant compensation for doing those games. Some might say that makes him a hypocrite, but I contend it makes him brave…uh-oh…did I say ‘brave?’ Sorry about that Native Americans. I should say fighting the agony and doing those broadcasts makes Costas a warrior. . . at least in the eyes of a liberal pussy. 🙄

  21. 😆 @ Tex. Reminds me of falling asleep in the lounge in one of the classroom buildings on campus and the janitor coming in @ 5am and clanging on a metal trash can to rouse and get rid of us. “This ain’t a flop house!” 😆

    I knew of a student who supposedly lived at the library. Showered at the athletic facility and slept on a couch at the library which was open 24 hours. I knew because I worked at the library for a semester or so and just looked the other way whenever I saw him looking for a place to curl up. Then I quit because they suspected and reported me for taking part in splattering white paint on some statues in the quad one night, made to look like giant bird poop because they had poisoned the pigeons on campus. I had shown around some photos before they had begun to wash the paint off in the morning and that made me a suspect.

    I really didn’t do it but I knew who did. Funny story about how I proved my innocence, maybe I’ll share it sometime. 😆

  22. I’m a mondo liberal too. My heart bleeds for the Devil Rays. Those poor lil’ harmless aquatic critters get such a bad rap. It’s physically painful I tell you.

  23. Not for nothing but the Devil Rays are actually called the Rays now. The dropped the “Devil” part for the exact reason you mockingly mentioned. I’m pretty sure it was following the Steve Irwin incident.

    I saw a commenter somewhere saying they need to get rid of the name “Patriots” because it is offensive to the IRS.

  24. If it makes you feel any better Rabbit my Dad has been a Cubs fan his entire life and has spent 80% of those baseball seasons utterly miserable. Yet at the age of 85 he still comes back for more.

  25. I can pull a nugget of wisdom out of Rabbit’s otherwise dismissive summary of my post.

    I said “WASPs” and not whites for a reason. An Italian will kick your ass if you’re not careful. So will a number of non-Anglo whites. So Rabbit’s comment about Albanians actually captures a subtlety that I was shooting for.

  26. Tigre I’ll take you at your word as to what Costas said and based on your account I have to agree with you. It’s many years and many dollars too late for his conscience to finally kick in.

  27. Here we go again with “commenter x is commenter y”. I love how you folks think you’re so good at analyzing writing style.

    Then again Rabbit did have me fooled until he messed up using the wrong email address. 🙂

  28. Rutherford, did you see that Wendy David is running for governor in Texas, US? According to a local newspaper here, Republicans have held the governor’s office ever since Richards was defeated by George W. Bush in 1994. The GOP has also held every statewide office in Texas since 1998 and the controlled the Legislature since 2003.

    It will be a hard fight for her, but there is a lot of excitement there about her candidacy. How do you think she will do?

  29. I want to address an understandable mistaken inference made by Huck.

    I was not rooting for the belligerent black kid and on some level he embarrassed me. But I found the social interaction amusing as all get out. Here was this nerdy white kid pretty typical of the other folks in the room and here was this black kid who one might have thought got to Harvard in the first place by putting aside stereotypical black behavior. But no, this kid was just as “street” as ever.

    I knew at least three kinds of blacks at Harvard. Those (like me) raised in largely white environments. Those who were raised in the hood and despised for their intelligence. And finally those who made me wonder how they got in cos they looked and acted like the thugs the rest of us wanted to escape from.

    That last category always fascinated me. Let’s say they were pure affirmative action. Then why didn’t their immersion in Harvard culture change them? Why did they stay belligerent?

    The exchange between the two students amused me on another level having nothing to do with race. It was the tension between intellect and raw emotion. When I graduated and went to IBM I was so grateful to be around some of the dumbest motherfuckers I had ever met. They were meat and potatoes. Back then you could rise to management without even a college degree. Intellect and status meant little. Could you walk the walk? Crap, even my writing ability started to deteriorate cos nobody gave a damn. Did you code the software right? End of story.

    As the years went by I tired of that. I wanted to be around people who liked to discuss the “meta” of life and I found a few at work who did and I hung with them.

    What I’m trying to say is that my life has been a balancing act of enjoying mental rigor and longing for meat and potatoes.

  30. Rutherford, do you think your meat and potatoes thoughts might be because of your physical difficulties? You know, sometimes you would just like to get out there and play with the tough kids?

  31. “Here we go again with “commenter x is commenter y”. I love how you folks think you’re so good at analyzing writing style.”

    I’m not sure why that bothers you so. Enlighten me.

    “Then again Rabbit did have me fooled until he messed up using the wrong email address.”

    Rutherford is really Maxwell Smart. Reads just like him.

  32. Parker it’s an interesting question. I do know I don’t like sports much cos I can’t play them. In fact the one sport I enjoy watching is golf because I actually did take golf lessons.

    But no. My seasonal embrace of meat and potatoes has more to do with my aversion to pretense. There are times to debate the merits of a case and there are times to just say hell no.

    I have so much trouble taking Michael Eric Dyson seriously cos the dude just can’t speak plain English. When he’s done making what should be a straightforward point he leaves you thinking “what the fuck did he just say?” The worst part is folks find him profound. That’s when I long for meat and potatoes. Just say what you mean.

    My brotha (wink at Huck) left no doubt as to what he meant that afternoon in the TV lounge.

  33. Oh and by the way it’s one of the reasons I still love hosting this blog. I dare anyone to find a better mix of intellect and raw emotion than what is found in these comment threads.

  34. “I’m not sure why that bothers you so. Enlighten me. ”

    It partly amuses me and partly irks me. I’m irked because I always infer from the “x is y” comment that it belittles what the commenter has to say. The Y in the X is Y hypothesis is usually someone the person doesn’t like.

    On top of that it implicitly calls X a liar for masquerading.

    And yes I’m probably over thinking it.

  35. By the way Muffy mock me if you like with the Maxwell Smart remark but Rabbit is a master of disguise. He started on the blog as a blue collar docks worker until he finally felt so guilty that he “confessed” he was a school teacher.

    Then he “played a liberal” on my radio show a few years ago. I swear the dude was in drama club in high school.

  36. Damn Rutherford that was one straight answer! Good for you.

    It’s pretty hard to belittle a comment that contains the phrase “typical pissed-off nigra.” It diminishes itself.

  37. “It’s pretty hard to belittle a comment that contains the phrase “typical pissed-off nigra.” It diminishes itself.”


    It’s one reason I don’t censor comments on the blog.

  38. Rutherford Re: your tweets – are you referring to Barbra “call me senator” Boxer accusing GOP lawmakers of acting like domestic abusers?

  39. It’s one way to stop SPAM even though WP has a great SPAM filter. It also gives me a chance to look at a comment like #2 and decide if it goes a bit too far. As you see, I approved it so I err on the side of as little censorship as possible.

  40. Are you guys aware of the TPP? I’ve mentioned it before. They are backdooring this monstrousity on us. I would hope enough folks are writing their congressfolk and voicing their opposition to it.

    Google it, if you need more info. Don’t expect the news to point it out. It’s designed to supersede national and state laws. It will govern internet usage. Here’s one informative site:

  41. Have you ever not approved a comment that you thought went too far? I’m not asking if you denied approval for any other reason – just that one.


    Rutherford when you caught on to rabbit’s ruse – what did you do? By the same token what didn’t you do?

    See you were wrong. And when you discovered you were wrong you shouted Eureka! and apologized to no one for giving them a hard time for being right.

    As far as you being irked because of what you “always infer” – I don’t recall anyone belittling what “Occupy” had to say or implicitly calling him a liar, nor does anyone dislike rabbit. So you must have been irked for different reasons that time. So while I appreciate the undertaking of an honest answer to my question, I remain curious.

  42. I dropped the n bomb in comment two.

    Black guy using white guilt against pussies to manipulate the world in a tangible fashion (TV time). For the life of me, I don’t see any intellect or clash of cultures in the submission of white pussies in the TV lounge. Just submission.

    That black guy basically moved all his chips to the center of the table. For what? He’s all in over a tv channel? He’s a reckless poker player. He’s either bluffing or insane.

    Calling him a nigger and then counter manipulating the situation also in a tangible fashion (Murder She Wrote….what I imagine would have been the worst show ever for a young black dude) is the ONLY way to call his bet. Classic Tit for Tat.

    Sure….distasteful. But irrational? Some how worse then the first provocative act by black dude? I think not.

    Black guy would have ran and told on me. Immediately abandoning his rogue “directness” that operates outside of civility that Rutherford finds to be both so fascinating and so atomically present in the very being of said black guy. Street tough my ass. I would have been kicked out of Harvard and black guy exposed as nothing more then a pussy opportunist willing to play the game and shed the game depending on the path of least resistance. All of sudden tough black guy clamoring for rule of law…

  43. “Calling him a nigger and then counter manipulating the situation also in a tangible fashion (Murder She Wrote….what I imagine would have been the worst show ever for a young black dude) is the ONLY way to call his bet. Classic Tit for Tat.

    Sure….distasteful. But irrational? Some how worse then the first provocative act by black dude? I think not.”

    Saying “Fuck you” and changing the channel to Murder She Wrote gets my vote. When you add the slur I’m good with both of you scramming and working it out in the trees while I watch LA Law.

  44. ha ha…..this is mental masturbation on my part…I realize…..but the n bomb is essential.

    How else would I get him to run and tell on me? His bluff is only truly called when he begs for the world of blind justice and rule of law created by an intellectual society where everyone has a voice. (at least that how its supposed to be)

  45. Oh interesting reading over at fat grannies for once. Leaves little doubt that “parker” is Doc.

    I know Rutherford, you beg my pardon.

  46. “How else would I get him to run and tell on me? His bluff is only truly called when he begs for the world of blind justice and rule of law created by an intellectual society where everyone has a voice. (at least that how its supposed to be)”

    You’re too Will Hunting. 😆

  47. No Muffy I wasn’t referring to Boxer. I was referring to a frequent refrain of late that if women controlled the government we wouldn’t have the current standoff. I call BS. Put two women in a room who hate each other’s guts and see how well things go.

    I’ve also noticed that many women in power emulate the worst qualities of men.

  48. Ehhh correction my dear Muffy unless I missed it no one called out Occupy except me when I commented “I know who occupy is and I ain’t telling — but he ain’t black.”

    In fact no one called out Occupy either BECAUSE they agreed with him or they were already in on the joke.

    If you can find someone who called out Occupy before I did I’ll eat my humble pie and go home.

  49. As for not approving comments the only instance that comes immediately to mind was when I redacted Graychin’s wife’s name from Tex’s comments. That was by Grays request and with full disclosure to Tex and all assembled.

  50. Problem with your analysis Rabbit is that black guy did not call the nerd “honky” or any derogatory racial slur so your reaction would have crossed a line that didn’t need crossing.

    Now speaking of pussies why did you feel you had to post that response under a different name?

  51. R, if memory serves me correctly, I was one that started calling him black as a joke, and it stuck. It’s why I kept saying his moustache was lifting at the corners.

    Everyone else here knew who occupy was immediately. What was there to call out?

    The fact that it took you so long is pretty funny really. The fake dialogues between them, and your obliviousness, was, well, all the better. Frankly, I thought you were kidding when you talked about not knowing who he was.

  52. I did not clue in to ‘past life’ as rabbit, but ‘occupy’ was immediate. I thought it was obvious and even gave it away, but Rutherford missed the not-so-subtle clues. I did think ‘past life’ was craig or uaw tradesman from M&H. I have debated parker in the past over there probably 2 or 3 years ago now. Now that he’s resurrected, I’m glad to find he’s still sucking air. I tend to concern myself with some of you guys and worry during any long absences.

  53. Ha. I used another name in comment two for effect. Role playing if you will.

    The black guy in the lounge was leveraging his race and using the other people’s skin color against them. At least that’s how I took it. If not, I doubt you would have framed the whole spat so racially charged. If I read it wrong, then my bad. Race pimping for the sake of dominating the community television? N bomb would be the ultimate way of pulling the carpet from under his feet and maybe even teaching him a life lesson. A reminder that there does exist a few people who refuse to play the game. Talk about lighting a match on his pussy bully strategy.

    Now a real alpha would say no without any need for a PC environment. And everyone would heed.

    Cracks me up that the slur itself is worse then actual real world racist action. Society is weird that way.

  54. It isn’t, rabbit. I wouldn’t object if you walked over and knocked him on his punk ass.

    Parker I’ve called you out as Doc, aka PFesser. Am I right?

    Rutherford your reasons for requiring the email and approval don’t hold up to scrutiny now do they? WP gives pretty good spam net and exactly zero comments not approved for content in 5 years.

    Also for R – if parker is Doc, does it matter? To you.

  55. “you think bad poll numbers will prevent a repeat of this. Wrong. The players are not rational so all bets are off.”

    Rutherford, the thing about rational choice is that it is difficult to observe from the outside. Outsiders aren’t always aware of all the factors going into the choice or how they are weighted.

  56. I wonder if our resident IT expert, Rutherford—who engages in appealing to his own authority because he’s worked in the IT business—would care to comment on this…

    “A growing consensus of IT experts, outside and inside the government, have figured out a principal reason why the website for Obamacare’s federally-sponsored insurance exchange is crashing. forces you to create an account and enter detailed personal information before you can start shopping. This, in turn, creates a massive traffic bottleneck, as the government verifies your information and decides whether or not you’re eligible for subsidies. HHS bureaucrats knew this would make the website run more slowly. But they were more afraid that letting people see the underlying cost of Obamacare’s insurance plans would scare people away.
    This political objective—masking the true underlying cost of Obamacare’s insurance plans—far outweighed the operational objective of making the federal website work properly. Think about it the other way around. If the “Affordable Care Act” truly did make health insurance more affordable, there would be no need to hide these prices from the public.”

    This goes deeper than “oh the system was designed improperly and we need to work out the bugs.” We now know WHY it was designed improperly. And that Obama was warned this would happen.

    Care to comment, IT Guru?

  57. Oh look…Dems just rejected another plan.

    They want the shutdown to go on. They want to default. Because they know the media will convince the idiot public that neither is any part of their fault.

    But Party of No and hostages and stuff…..

  58. Hucking…..if that is true its a new vile low. But…that makes so much sense. And its so Obama like. Always hiding and fucking America over with lies.

    I can’t for the life of me believe this country is putting so much trust in the schemes of nasty fucking liberals.

  59. Games like this don’t make me rage. We suck. Its easier to accept that then being attacked by that monster Ortiz and watching him rip the collective heart out of Detroit and eat it in front of us.

    I’m not buying Lackey was that good. This was bad hitting. Either way….the pitching in the entire post season is unprecedented. Golden Age of Pitching now that roids are being weeded out? Sandy Koufax shit.

  60. Hey Gorilla…I just bought one of these. Rossi .357 Magnum. Obviously, I didn’t want to spend big money on a big brand and I got it for around 340 bucks. Pretty cheap for a 6 inch barrel 357. I don’t really care if its not perfect. For family protection I have a Smith and Wesson 410/45.

    I got it for gun season-white tail. I forest hunt in the same place I cross bow hunt. Max shot would be 50 feet (yes feet…not yards). I hunt out of a little pop up and hate carrying a shot gun. Not enough room and don’t like having one in my house (don’t have that kind of safe). In fact…I don’t even own a shot gun anymore.

    I have a red dot scope thing on it.

    Do you think its enough stopping power? I hope so…because the die has been cast in that regard. Secondly…..what kind of rounds should I use. Hollow point would be no good I assume.

  61. Yep DR. The fact that the whole thing was drafted with lies lies, sold to the American people with lies, has a failed roll out because of lies, and lies to try and cover that all up…is what really earns it the name ObamaCare.

    “YOU LIE!”

  62. Republicans were willing to trade this

    “According to multiple sources, the House plan would have called for funding the government through December 15 to end the partial shutdown that entered its third week on Monday. It also would increase the federal debt ceiling until February 7.
    Republicans dropped demands to include two other provisions related to Obamacare. One would have delayed a tax on medical devices proponents say is needed to help pay for the Affordable Care Act and the other would have tightened income verification of those seeking subsidies to purchase health insurance.”

    …for this…

    “In addition, the House GOP version would have included a provision demanded by tea party conservatives that would prohibit federal subsidies for the President, officials in his administration, members of Congress and their respective staff in buying health insurance under Obama’s signature health care reforms.
    The House proposal also would have forbidden the Treasury from taking what it calls extraordinary measures to prevent the government from defaulting as cash runs low, in effect requiring hard deadlines to extend the federal debt ceiling.”

    …or, in other words….compromise.

    Democrats said this….

    “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, following a meeting between Obama and House Democratic leaders, signaled her caucus still wanted “clean” proposals to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling.
    Reid and other Democrats immediately slammed the House efforts anyway, blasting its GOP leadership for what they called a reckless brinkmanship maneuver.
    The White House also rejected the Republican effort.”

    …or, in other words…”give us everything we want up front, and then we will talk about what you might (but probably won’t) get.”

    But terrorists and arsonists and stuff…….

  63. And just to preempt Rutherford’s inevitable reply….

    Yes. There were plenty of House GOP who didn’t like that compromise plan, either, and that’s why the vote was cancelled.

    To that, I say…”so what?”

    Had Pelosi & Co. been willing to play ball, then those nasty Tea Party Terrorists demands wouldn’t have mattered.

    Had Reid & Co. signaled that they might be willing to play ball with that compromise plan, it would have pressured House Democrats to think about it.

    And had Barack Obama said “you know, if that compromise bill were to end up on my desk I’d sign it because this needs to end and we need to get back to work addressing other things” then it would have pressured the House and Senate to do their part.

    But Pelosi didn’t do that.

    Reid didn’t do that.

    Obama didn’t do that.

    Did they?

    We all hear about the power the Tea Party fringe has over the whole country. But who is it that has given them that power? If enough Democrats came across the isle every once in a while, then the Tea Party would be neutralized.

    Of course, that would also eliminate a villain for years of Democrat leadership failure. And we can’t have that, now…can we?

  64. Rabbit the ultimate failure in using the N word would have been when he punched you in the face. He was not selectively belligerent, relying on racial sensitivity when it suited him. As I said he was street and his solution would not have been to run to the deans office. His solution would have been to knock you on your ass.

    And I repeat, how those types got there and how they seemed to change so little while there fascinated me.

  65. I don’t want to belabor this Muffy. As you know I don’t have to approve every comment. Once a new contributor gets approved by me (s)he is approved for life.

    Let me repeat. New folks go into moderation to ensure they’re not spamming the site. A side benefit is I get to greet every new contributor individually which you should notice is my practice.

    I think this is the most free flowing comments section going. Do you disagree?

    Regarding Parker, I personally am not a fan of masquerading. It’s dishonest and I’d question PF’s need to suddenly hide his identity.

    If, as Tigre says, you all knew Occupy’s identity then I guess the joke was on me. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  66. By the way Muffy about 1 to 3 comments per week go into moderation and past the SPAM filter that are indeed pure spam. I just killed one tonight.

    I always felt bad that our dearly departed HippieProf didn’t have someone to tend to his blog in his absence cos every now and then some dumbass spam comment gets posted there because he probably didn’t put in sufficient moderation controls. It’s like his blog has become the carcass spammers feed off of now. 😦

  67. I laugh. The Tea Party was treated with disdain when it was formed – a party of “idiots.” One should never dismiss groups like this; they form as a reaction to real problems. That’s how the National Socialist Party formed in Germany – as a reaction to the misery following WWI. Nobody took them seriously, either.

    The US man on the street lives in this fantasy world that the kinds of upheaval we have seen in other countries cannot happen in US. It is America’s greatest Achilles’ Heel, this notion of “exceptionalism,” because it makes you completely oblivious to what those who are awake can see every day – the only thing standing between you and serious upheaval nowadays is a spark.

    As for your young black man in the TV room, Rutherford. He did not belong at Harvard and likely knew it – lived his misfit status every minute of every day – which is why he was chronically taking the piss. That he did not fit in is a compliment to him.

  68. I got some bad news for you, “R”.

    As I said he was street and his solution would not have been to run to the deans office. His solution would have been to knock you on your ass.

    If you had seen the same Rabbit I have, brotha wouldn’t have been kicking any ass. Brotha’s attempt would have led to his head being inserted into the TV set for real close viewing.

    But I sure would have liked to have seen the brotha give it a whirl.

  69. The US man on the street lives in this fantasy world that the kinds of upheaval we have seen in other countries cannot happen in US. It is America’s greatest Achilles’ Heel, this notion of “exceptionalism,” because it makes you completely oblivious to what those who are awake can see every day – the only thing standing between you and serious upheaval nowadays is a spark.

    I agree completely. I’ve been telling a couple of the leftist fools around here for at least three years, that Americans are no more civilized at heart than any other nation, and there’s a lot of bad blood boiling right now. A spark is right. People are getting real tired of this government and we are way past needing a reason for tar and pitchforks.

    Rutherford never believes me, of course.

    But I was called racist once again this morning for belittling the joke of a website than not only is not ready for prime time, but isn’t even capable of basic functionality like handling input. I’ve been around failures – this doesn’t qualify as failure. It’s a monument to abject stupidity.

    And I am getting real tired of white liberals calling me racist for disagreeing with a half black man’s vision for the country. I don’t disdain Obama because he’s black. I disdain Obama because he’s wrong. Obama being half black doesn’t grant him moral authority anymore than me being white grants me moral authority.

  70. “I have a different take on it. To my eye it was a typical pissed-off nigra being aggressive and a general asshole. Likely the white kid figured the black kid was an aggressive SOB and didn’t want to take the chance that he really was, so he backed down. That makes him a pussy, right?” [“parker”]

    “As for your young black man in the TV room, Rutherford. He did not belong at Harvard and likely knew it – lived his misfit status every minute of every day – which is why he was chronically taking the piss. That he did not fit in is a compliment to him.” [“parker”]

    One minute he’s a typical pissed-off nigra and general asshole and the next he’s your young black man who – somehow to his credit – did not belong at Harvard.

  71. “I think this is the most free flowing comments section going. Do you disagree?”

    Indeed I do. My point is that your practices discourage anonymous trolling. You feel it’s dishonest. Which is rather obvious to me.

    And which also leads me back to my original stumbling block – why do you abase someone for expressing well-placed doubt that a commenter is masquerading. I find that peculiar.

    The only genuine menace to the free flowing commentary here – which by your practice of never rejecting a comment for content indicates to me that you have going here what you wish to have – was/is doc.

    But you’ve answered everything I’ve asked to the best of your abilities and I’m dropping this with you. But parker is a ghostie for doc and I’ll continue to treat it as such.

  72. “I agree completely. I’ve been telling a couple of the leftist fools around here for at least three years, that Americans are no more civilized at heart than any other nation, and there’s a lot of bad blood boiling right now. A spark is right. People are getting real tired of this government and we are way past needing a reason for tar and pitchforks.”

    Be careful Tex.

  73. That was probably worded poorly, Muff. What I meant was our traditions and the conscience that follows from those traditions are superior – which by the way, we discard more so by the day.

    But like all men and women, all of us, even the most saintly of us Americans, are just as capable of great evil as any other civilization. As example, only a 1/3 of Nazi Germany actually voted for national socialists.

    But it was evil to turn the blind eye to evil – and in God’s book, those who knew better and turned the blind eye were equally as guilty for doing so.

    Do I think that could happen here? Absolutely. If I could unzip most Leftists, there’s a fascist just waiting to get out. I think that’s why I still hold a measure of hope for Rutherford and at least in this regard, a great deal of respect.

    Think about it. How many Leftists besides Rutherford do you know that are completely open to an exchange of ideas and thought?

  74. “What I meant was our traditions and the conscience that follows from those traditions are superior – which by the way, we discard more so by the day.”

    This brought to mind the condemnable conduct of the Walmart shoppers who upon stumbling onto an EBT cards glitch involving spending limits promptly emptied the shelves.

    I agree we’ve been given over to the unconscionable and integrity is as quaint as penny candy.

  75. “But it was evil to turn the blind eye to evil – and in God’s book, those who knew better and turned the blind eye were equally as guilty for doing so.”

    Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if those turning a blind eye were condemned as “haters” for NOT turning a blind eye and allowed themselves to be shamed into silence by accusations of…say, racism or homophobia. Or at war against women.

  76. ” The Tea Party was treated with disdain when it was formed – a party of “idiots.” One should never dismiss groups like this”

    Ace of Spades has an interesting post today about this very thing.

    It’s a big post but worth the time to read it all. Here’s a blurb…

    “The only way this marriage can be saved — if it can be at all — is for the Establishment to stop fighting the Tea Party on everything, and instead begin plotting politically-savvy ways to forward the Tea Party’s way of thinking.

    Simply calling them “wacko birds” is not going to do it, Guys.

    The Tea Party tends to talk in maximalist and uncompromising terms. I do not think most Tea Partiers are actually completely maximalist and uncompromising; I believe many talk this way to increase their negotiating position vis-a-vis the establishment.”


    “But parker is a ghostie for doc and I’ll continue to treat it as such.”

    OK, perhaps I misinterpreted the comment, but I think DR has already admitted in #64 that he is Parker.

  77. @ Huck – I think DR admitted to authoring “comment two” – as in #2 – posing as “past life.” His reasoning – “for effect.”

  78. We have seen this kind of thing in my “neck of the woods” many times. Here’s how it goes: in the beginning, things are bad, and the established parties vary all the way from, a little to one side of status quo all the way to a little to the other side. Those like the Tea Party, who argue for substantive change, are vilified as radicals, and dismissed. (Unfortunately that movement really does attract the lunatics, as well. They have nowhere else to go.)

    So the status people point at the crazies and say, “See! They’re ALL crazy!” Well, they’re NOT all crazy, although some are. And dismissing them all as crazy serves to radicalize the moderates in the movement, who are terminally frustrated at the lack of movement. Radicalism is, of course, exactly what the government wants, so they can crack down on them.

    I feel the US is very nearly there. The term “demonize” is much overused, but there is no better term, IMHO, for what each side is doing to the other. In my opinion, the Left is wrong and the Right is right, at least fiscally, but calling the Left bad names and dehumanizing them is the first step down a very slippery slope. We have seen that scenario played out over and over in Europe, Russia, Spain. Dehumanizing our opponent is the first step to very bad things, and I believe US is on its way down that track to open warfare.

  79. I think what confused me about Rutherford’s post was his stereotype that Hood Rats are alpha males bullies.

    I’ve never heard that before and assumed the guy had to have been using race to bully people. Particularly because Rutherford’s post seems so obsessed with it. So…Rutherford was talking in terms I didn’t even understand. His premise went over my head.

    Street, to me, doesn’t mean lone wolf bullying. Quite the opposite. When I think of “street” the first thing comes to my mind is hustle. Conning people. Talking shit. Etc.

    That guy was a bully. You find them everywhere……the ones in prison or bad neighborhoods are scary because they have nothing to lose.

    Thus…N bomb uncalled for.

    That being said, had the guy been using white fear of looking racist against said omega whites….n bomb would have been perfect….dare I say noble and courageous.

  80. Huck I read your IT analysis and it’s weak, not because the bottleneck assessment is wrong — it isn’t — it’s because of the conjured up motive.

    You didn’t apply an ounce of reason to it before you regurgitated it. The smell test is simple:

    “I’d rather have no one be able to sign up for Obamacare (a clear measure of failure) than for them to see what it costs.”

    If that passes the smell test with you then you need a nose transplant.

    The gov gave this job to the lowest bidder and got what they paid for. I think it is as simple as that.

  81. The other thing people are discovering is that low premiums go hand in hand with high deductibles. Folks are surprised. WTF? Ohhhh I forgot. Since Obamacare is socialism at its finest surely we should have expected low premiums and low deductibles.

    Imagine that–Obamacare is a MARKET solution that preserves the capitalistic qualities of the current insurance industry.

  82. “They want the shutdown to go on. ”

    No, like it or not they want complete and utter surrender. Unless Boehner and the House surprise us tonight, that is exactly what the Dems will get.

  83. I’d rather have no one be able to sign up for Obamacare (a clear measure of failure) than for them to see what it costs.” R

    Totally passes the snif test. Who said nobody will be able to sign up? Eventually, many people will. It will be time consuming and uncomfortable. But…government doesn’t care. And the people who get fucked? Fine them. Again…..government doesn’t care.

    Plus….maybe they knew it would be bad……didn’t care……but under estimated how shitty it would be.

    Knee jerk reaction by you to always defend big old powerful and corrupt government against the powerless. Never ends with you.

    The pattern cracks me up. Its always the same. “No…..Government isn’t acting nefarious….its just gross negligence!” Then off you go to defend the next government con job.

  84. “Based on this post, I assume R now admires the party of “No.””

    Part of me wishes Reid had allowed a vote on some of the partial CR’s to relieve some suffering. But another part of me is pure Israel. You try to extort me and you will die doing so and I don’t care how many due with you.

    Tigre your boys started this fight and now want to turn tables and play punk ass victims. The American people are not buying it — not even Republican Americans.

  85. Obamacare is fascism. Market solution? Never heard of a market where the government forces you to participate. You call that a market?

  86. “I can’t for the life of me believe this country is putting so much trust in the schemes of nasty fucking liberals.”

    You’re an idiot. After five years nothing has changed. Broad brush idiot condemnation.

    Let’s be clear. Republicans and conservatives in general have been snared in this foolishness. This is the fault of radicals who don’t know how to leverage power. They are two-bit thugs and every rational conservative is ashamed of them.

  87. $17 trillion in debt you can leave I nice chunk of to your daughter.

    You Win!!!!!!!

    Failed health care system that again passes on enormous costs to your daughter.

    You Win Again!!!!

    Oh well, at least the IT problems are due to beruarcratic incompetence and not Obama.

    Phew! Won Again!!

  88. Rutherford, I believe the term is Pyrrhic victory, is it not?

    ” . . . a victory with such a devastating cost that it is tantamount to defeat. . . . the heavy toll negates any sense of achievement or profit.” – Wikipedia

    The operation was a success, but the patient died. And a good man he was, too.

  89. Nothing has changed? If only you could be alive to see the damage done to your daughter. That’s OK though….in the last 5 years this economic recovery has kicked ass for your family. I’m sure the blight you’ve played a role in leaving for your daughter will be offset from the kick ass inheritance currently being funded by your minimum wage pay day and your wife’s unemployment check. And you are one of many people I know in this position. Yet Obama promised, even scolded us, when we doubted that a yoke of debt was the way to recovery. Yup..I’ll say…nothing has changed. I’m just having sticker shock over how much nothing costs.

  90. You’re an idiot. After five years nothing has changed. Broad brush idiot condemnation

    On that note I think Rabbit shares my tension between intellect and raw emotion. I’ve always believed Rabbit is embarrassed by how smart he is. ~ Rutherford #55

    😆 😆 😆

    Is that a fact? 😈

  91. Tonight I’m convinced is the low point in recent American history – lower than even Carter. $17 trillion in debt, or $123,000 for every working American. Seven times as many added to the food stamp rolls as have found employment under Obama.

    The immutable fact is, no matter how many elections the Dims win, no matter how much of the media they control to lie, cheat and steal, Obama has failed miserably and America has swirled the bowl under his watch.

    Even Rutherford now can’t deny Obama a divisive, unqualified fraud and failure. Libs are poison.

    I don’t know what more it’s going to take to convince Red America to part ways before it is too late – destruction, I guess.

  92. Rutherford, I looked for that quote about the author rather nobody signing up in the article I linked…but i couldn’t find it.

    Since you added quotes, I have to assume its there somewhere.

    Care to point it of for me?

    I think what isn’t passing the smell test is what you’re pulling out of your ass. You obviously cannot refute a single thing said in that article…so you make stuff up and then attack it.

    Fucking weak, dude….

  93. “My point is that your practices discourage anonymous trolling.”

    At the risk of beating a dead horse they do not. Spam and trolling are two different things. Tex is considered a troll on most sites but he has always had a home here. The only troll I ever banned (and I regretted it and reversed the decision) was Elric.

    Besides what’s a troll? I never did understand the concept. Seems to me folks accused of being trolls were simply folks someone disagreed with.

    Bottom line, anyone can feel free to suggest X is Y and I will continue to be mostly amused by it. Maybe I’m just jealous some of you are less easily fooled than I?

  94. “Besides what’s a troll? I never did understand the concept. Seems to me folks accused of being trolls were simply folks someone disagreed with.”

    You are right, Rutherford. The Wikipedia definition is instructive: ‘… a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally, or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.’

    It is a question of intent. If the intent is to inflame, with no other purpose, that is trolling. If just to disagree, even if worded unpleasantly, that is healthy discussion. If a disagreement ensues, then that makes both parties trolls by the definition of some, but it is not correct.

  95. You are wrong Rutherford. And you, Doc, are by all accurate definitions a troll. And “sowing discord” is a most accurate description of your contributions to this site and your other haunt.

    Sorry to have busted you so soon but I wanted to warn people that the respite from your bullshit was only temporary.

  96. “At the risk of beating a dead horse they do not. Spam and trolling are two different things.”

    By your own admission you don’t know what a troll even is. (You didn’t have to tell me that either, I already knew you were ignorant about the term.) The fact that you have little to no problem with trolls here proves my point about the discouraging hurdles. Just because you don’t know that you’re keeping out the trolls because your goal is to keep out the spam doesn’t mean you aren’t doing it – and going about it as best one can I might add.

  97. Tex is considered a troll on most sites but he has always had a home here.

    😈 Rutherford, do you even know which sites I post to? I mean, Fat Grannies and your site is pretty small potatoes. And if inflaming the board full of mindless progs is a troll, I guess I am a troll at TW – pushing just to the brink of banning.

    But besides that, I’m actually a pretty serious in my commenting. Of course, the site has to rise to me wanting to be serious. I’m afraid your magic fluff here like the magic negro has been found wanting.


  98. The troll discussion is more a princess and the pea event. I’ve read the same blather over at M&H and a few other sites. It is like calling out racist or anti-semite remarks that often aren’t, but apparently offend someone’s personal sensibilities.

    Like parker indicated, it is intent that defines it.

  99. The liberals behind the “big fucking deal” should commit suicide in the Japanese tradition.

    The fact Rutherford is defending this is proof of just how very dangerous liberalism is.

    This is the biggest disaster I’ve ever seen in terms of government.

    They are lying and stonewalling of course.

    But….the truth on this one can’t be hidden.

    Rutherford and every other liberal is on the hook for this. I will say it again, I can’t believe people are willing to trust the Rutherford’s of the world.

    This was dumped on Americans for political expediency. They don’t give a flying fuck about us. We should stop paying all taxes if one person…one…..gets fined by the asshole s.

    Rutherford….for the sake of any honesty in you….call for this yoke to be lifted you sadistic fuck.

  100. Smell test….

    “A Reuters review of government documents shows that the contract to build the federal online insurance website – key to President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare reform – tripled in potential total value to nearly $292 million as new money was assigned to the work beginning in April this year.

    The increase coincided with warnings from federal and state officials that the information technology underlying the online marketplaces, or exchanges, where people could buy Obamacare health insurance was in trouble.”

    They had 4 years to set this up….but only began 9 months ago. They were warned early it was a pile of crap, and in the big government tradition, thought pouring our money at the problem was the solution.

    There’s growing speculation that Obama is going to end up delaying the mandate for everyone, anyway. Remember the GOP terrorists that asked for that when he does.

  101. Rabbit to be a bit more subtle and to make your response more fitting to the time and place it would have been more fitting to say “Hey man why don’t you stop acting like a ni**er?”

    I realize its one step removed from the bravado you wanted to display but as I said it would have fit the moment better and might not have gotten you punched in the face.

  102. In US, conservativism and liberalism are somewhat meaningless these days. Traditionally, liberalism was associated with the Republican party, while conservatives were almost exclusively Democrat and Southern. The Democrats wanted to “conserve” the status quo; the Republicans wanted to bring about change. Liberal is a very good word, IMHO, and should not be applied to America Democrats.

    What I see in the Democrats in US is more properly described as socialist, not liberal. The Republicans are a very diverse group, and seem to have no unity among themselves. They are very poor in getting out their message and have offended many groups. I think they are in real trouble. The government shutdown has destroyed their credibility.

  103. LOL…you really want me to take the “punch me in the face” bait….

    Gilgamesh vs Enkidu up in the Harvard TV lounge…believe dat!

    Tell that construct of a young “street” black man that exists deep in the recesses of your cartoon consciousness to step up!

  104. On a serious note, I’ve seen compartmentalization by liberals that has been pretty intense. Drones, Gitmo etc.

    But for the life of me…..considering Obamacare really is a big fucking deal. The biggest test of what big government can do since FDR. Obama’s signature legislation. How….I repeat….How can liberals ignore this disaster? Isn’t it existential for you guys? If this thing collapses in worse fashion then even the predictions of the staunchest conservatives and it looks like it has…..isn’t it a terrible indictment of your core beliefs. I’m trying to pretend what I would be like if I was you. I’d be screaming bloody murder! Have you guys no pride? Wtf? Do you frauds ever care about results? Ever?

    Shouldn’t you people be the ones clamoring for transparency? For some data? You guys are cool with being stonewalled?

  105. “Muffy go to my blog post “Republicans Today Whigs Tomorrow” to see why my moderation method is necessary.”

    Rutherford not even if there was a hi-res photo of a naked black guy punching a naked rabbit in the face.

  106. “R”,

    I must say I’m surprised you’re tagging me with the term “troll” now. I think after the brouhaha this last summer, or last spring, or whenever it was, I’ve been rather refined and dignified. 🙂 And I haven’t even bothered the Fat Granny or Wattle Jean crowd.


    There is at least one thing that surprises me about you – especially that you and your wife were in corporate America for as long as you were and at a Fortune 50 company to boot.

    It’s a well established fact that as corporations grow in size, communication and facilitation of projects becomes more and more difficult. Clear instruction deteriorates, redundancy and wasted effort grows. You and I saw it time and again.

    Now, imagine a company that is exponentially larger than our previous firms. Only this company doesn’t answer to anyone, has no real accountability, operates exclusively at the higher levels based on nepotism and cronyism, and is the ultimate in power because employees make their own rules. The corporation continually runs in the red, are horrible corporate citizens, and are maddening and inept to deal with.

    Do you believe that would make for an effective company?

    Because in essence, that is what the government is – with citizen as shareholder. There’s a charter (Constitution) that is supposed to be followed. Some of us believe the charter ignored under new management. In this company, all shareholders received dividends, while the larger shareholders receive smaller dividends per marginal investment.

    The problem is, to act as shareholder requires at a minimum a degree of knowledge about the mission statement and a degree of financial acumen to discuss return on investment.

    Now, before you go on your rant about about my analogy incorrect and government is not a corporation, even a non profit corporation, think about this.

    If government not a corporation, why is revenue (taxes) always the major focus of discussion?

    There is one immutable fact – a government cannot run without revenue, just like a nonprofit corporation.

  107. “The pattern cracks me up. Its always the same. “No…..Government isn’t acting nefarious….its just gross negligence!” Then off you go to defend the next government con job.”

    Has it ever occurred to you Rabbit how damn close you come to Poolman’s back yard. Everything is a nefarious plot with you. Yet you have the gall to jump down Poolman’s throat because his nefarious plot theories aren’t patriotic enough for you.

  108. “Never heard of a market where the government forces you to participate. ”

    But healthcare is an interesting case isn’t it? People (unless they are backwards as hell) must participate in the for-profit health care system. A system where the profit margins are out of this world. And to help Americans pay these exorbitant prices we have an insurance industry that helps you only to the extent that they make a profit.

    So bottom line Rabbit, no one voluntarily participates in the healthcare industry in the first place so why shouldn’t the government take steps to put that participation on a more even playing field?

    Let me ask you Rabbit do you think that in a civilized society we all have the basic right to a healthy life?

  109. I’m not talking huge plots. Nor an evil administration waging war against America. I’m talking about a lack of transparency for anything the administration deems embarrassing.

    And you defend it. Always.

    We can easily point out why poolman is crazy. Can you do the same with me? I would love for you to try. That would mean you are actually rolling up your sleeves and being a true political blogger. Who knows….maybe you could show me the way. Lets start talking about the nuts and bolts of this thing. Americans deserve it. They are under a punitive boot, remember. But yeah….Reid is black because he’s tough and stuff.

    Did you read the Wall Street Journal article? Are they being “poolmen” too?

    Go for it.

  110. Sorry Rabbit etal my sadass job and my wife’s unemployment are not the fault of liberals and Obama.

    You corporate boot lickers just don’t get it. Henry Ford understood that happy, well taken care of employees go back out and buy your product. They also do a better job of pleasing your customers.

    I have said this a thousand times and you will not listen. It’s not liberal and it’s not conservative and frankly it’s not even the economy. It is a change in business culture that I fear is irreversible. It is the permanent effect of globalization combined with limitless greed.

    See me in 2017 with President Ted Cruz and a GOP House and Senate and see how little has changed.

    15 years ago my best friend told me “Matt, you don’t get it. You’re not an employee. You are an independent contractor getting paid by a big company and be prepared to farm yourself out to the highest bidder.” He was right and I was a fool not to listen to him.

  111. “Smell test, my ass….”

    Huck all this proves is I was wrong about competitive bidding. What has come out about CGI DOES prove what I have been saying. It’s an incompetent firm fired by the Canadian government.

    Now you wanna bust Obama’s balls for hiring them? I’m with you 100%. You wanna suggest the site was designed to fail to hide the costs of Obamacare? I say you’re a loon on par with Poolman.

    LOL apologies to Poolman but you are our conspiracy theory poster boy whether you like it or not. 😆

  112. “Matt, you don’t get it. You’re not an employee. You are an independent contractor getting paid by a big company and be prepared to farm yourself out to the highest bidder.” -R

    I agree, “Matt”. I don’t like it either. Remember, I’m not the bread winner of the house. Face it…you…me….we are all much more replaceable then we were 50 years ago. At the core of it all, we can thank the emerging economies for this. And while some of this is just a fact of life that can’t be changed…..I do believe the last direction we want to go in is a punitive business climate in which money is inefficiently funneled into your big government schemes.

    Its already hard enough on the common man. A corrupt and massive Nanny only makes it so much worse.

    Corporate America never took your freedom away, as much as it felt like it sometimes. We can’t say the same about, say, Obamacare.

    It should humiliate you to no end what is happening with Obamacare right now.

  113. “Since you added quotes, I have to assume its there somewhere.”

    I wasn’t quoting the article. I was presenting my own version of what you were saying. Did my quote not capture what you were saying based on the linked article? Are you now saying the site was NOT designed to bottleneck so that users would not see the cost of Obamacare?

  114. “Sorry Rabbit etal my sadass job and my wife’s unemployment are not the fault of liberals and Obama”.

    You don’t hold the presidency accountable in way for the unemployment rate or the lack of participation in the job market? Particularly considering how many times they promised that spending my son’s money would reap such rewards in that regard?

    What do you hold the president accountable for?

    As for people’s right to health care……there will always be limited resources….I don’t see a way around that. Kids were always covered. No kid with cancer was ever turned away. Poor people were always covered.

    Asking me that is a dodge of the nuts and bolts of this horrible bill.

    I think most liberals (rank and file) mean well when they pushed for this disaster.

    I just wish liberals had the testicular fortitude to hold any of their schemes to even the softest of standards. We should live in a world where you people are the harshest critics of government failure for the very reason you force it upon it on us all with the loftiest of hopes. You believe in it. And it fails all the time. Miserably. And you don’t seem to care. Everything is a nothing burger. Everything.

    My God man…read the Wall-street J article…..pick it a part. Engage. I’m not here to sucker punch you. Meet me in the forum. Explain to me how liberals are not writing their liberal gods in D.C. by the ton over the fact that bidding process was secret. Why they didn’t test the system properly. How they could, in good faith, drop this bag of shit on people.

  115. I stand corrected on the full definition of troll. Indeed many of the folks I screen out post comments completely irrelevant to the thread (sometimes utterly meaningless comments) which might classify them as trolls. However their intent is to plant links to their web site which I consider spamming.

    You say potato and I say potayto. 🙂

    By the way based on Tex’s contribution to Fat Grannies he is a troll since he’s not interested in debate there but in burning asses. Not that there’s anything with that. 🙂

  116. “There’s growing speculation that Obama is going to end up delaying the mandate for everyone, anyway. Remember the GOP terrorists that asked for that when he does.”

    If he does, let him do it for the right reasons. Not because a gun was put to his head.

  117. The symbolic victory cannot be exaggerated.

    You will NOT make the proper functioning of the government dependent on your legislative demands. There is a time and place for everything and deadlines to keep the government going and pay our bills is NOT the time and place.

    If we have a Republican President in 2017 and the Dems pull this shit I want you all to hold my feet to the fire.

  118. “I just noticed the name of this blog entry by R is “Reid Goes Black”… weird.”

    Where’s the confusion? The entire premise was that Reid’s behavior typified a stereotypical black belligerence.

  119. “LOL…you really want me to take the “punch me in the face” bait….”

    I kinda get Tex’s admiration of your physical virtues but I’m surprised to see you taking yourself that seriously. Surely there is a man alive who can whup your ass.

  120. “behavior typified a stereotypical black belligerence”

    lol….stereotypical huh…..sure you pussies didn’t try to change the channel on the Duke?

  121. “Have you guys no pride? Wtf? Do you frauds ever care about results? ”

    I won’t speak for all those malicious liberals. I’ll just say I don’t equate a lousy web site with a lousy policy.

    I think it’s a shame that with loads of time to get it right they got it wrong. Isn’t it a worse shame that a bunch of dumbass Tea Partiers pushed the “Obamacare off too disastrous start” headline under the fold?

  122. “It’s a well established fact that as corporations grow in size, communication and facilitation of projects becomes more and more difficult. Clear instruction deteriorates, redundancy and wasted effort grows. You and I saw it time and again.”

    Tex that paragraph starts one of the best comments you’ve ever posted. Bravo. Seriously.

    God dammit if I started to view the government as just another corporation I might change my POV 180 degrees.

  123. “God dammit if I started to view the government as just another corporation I might change my POV 180 degrees.”

    ….it’s the biggest, most inefficient and callous corporation in human history….

  124. Ass whuppin’—LOL. The fact is, big men end up dead.

    Muscles are irrelevant in US these days. They only convince the smaller man that he needs to pull out his gun right away, and when he does, if facing a neanderthal he will more than likely pull it out blazing.

  125. I’m pretty sure you don’t carry. What you gonna do when hulk a mania runs wild on you, brother!!!

    Just a joke…..don’t go run and tell the FBI on me now, you old crow.

    I’m a family man. Don’t cause any trouble with anybody. I agree…..big guys looking for a fight are at a higher risk for getting popped.

  126. I’ve been moving my mother the last three days out of a house she has lived in the last 43 years – five bedrooms, old-fashioned small. My sister is a trooper this entire summer, and I’ve been busting my rear too. About a 40 mile round trip – most of it through traffic. I’ve worn my molars down to dust.

    So Mom calls on short notice last week and asks if I could bring the old truck by to move her “boxes” before the moving crew comes. Twenty fricking loads later, I’m done. 😡

    This patio home is 1,500sq feet – no attic and no basement. “Mom, what in the hell are you going to with all this junk?” “I’ll find a place for it.” I kid you not – a two car garage is stacked to the ceiling with crap – and none of it is furniture.

    The last box I carried in, I opened up and found six 5lbs bags of C&H sugar. WTH? What do you do with 30lbs of sugar? 😈

    I thought my mom the sanest person I ever met…I’ve changed my mind. Mom must be a closet hoarder. 😆

  127. P.S. – last night, I haul mom’s “coats” over the new pad. There’s so many of them, the bar in the closet bows about six inches in the middle, packed like sardines. They smelled like mothballs. 😆

    My mom goes, “Oh my.” My sister is snickering in the background, I’m cursing under my breath with my mom scolding me.

    Midnight last night, I’m installing not one but two brackets just to provide support on a bar that can’t be 5ft in length. I kept waiting for the support walls to collapse in on me, burying me under a ton of mothball laden 60s style coats.

    Mom comes over this morning and judges my work. “Yeah, that will work just fine. I might be able to get the sweeper in there.” 😆 😆 😆

  128. Hey I can sympathize with your Mom. You haven’t tried to work magic until you move from 3000 square feet to 1000. After a move like that, everyone looks like a hoarder. 🙂

  129. I have a hoarding instinct myself.

    How many bags of sugar? Maybe Mom secretly makes 100 proof Oklahoma Shine! 🙂

  130. “Isn’t it a worse shame that a bunch of dumbass Tea Partiers pushed the “Obamacare off too disastrous start” headline under the fold?” R

    I read that sentence a few times and couldn’t comprehend it for some reason. Read it again this morning and it makes perfect sense.

  131. Ah, to be young and naive again. lol. BTW, 40 is not the new 30, as some have decided. 1997 was my 40th year. The world has changed plenty since then.

  132. R@160 “Let me ask you Rabbit do you think that in a civilized society we all have the basic right to a healthy life?”

    No Rutherford I do not think a healthy life is a basic right that should be covered by a government or insurance companies. If you want a healthy life you should practice a healthy lifestyle.

    Health insurance companies have created this sense of entitlement regarding our health. Actually the term “insurance” really doesn’t apply to our current system unlike the auto and homeowner insurance policies. After paying thousands of dollars a year in health insurance premiums one does feel entitled to benefits paid by the insurance company. The current system allows the insurance companies to determine fees paid to all health care providers which in other words makes “the company” the controlling factor in the market not supply and demand.

    You have said you will not file for disability although you have been paying taxes for several decades which contributes to the fund. You will file for health insurance when you incur medical expenses because you feel you are entitled due to premiums you have paid. So why is accepting disability payments any different?

  133. Rutherford you have it wrong. First of all you do have a right to a healthy life but that is more about personal choices not dictates from technocrats or worse bureaucrats. You see that is one of those areas that a left/right divide contrasts.
    As far as insurance companies are concerned I think you fall on the lance others do in believing they are insurance in nature. They are not and that is why healthcare costs have risen so insurance model just doesn’t jive with a healthcare provision need.

    I warned before about one of the most damaging fall outs of the PPACA will be more and more Consumer Driven Health care models. In the earlier comment I actually was talking more in line with studies from Rand and Kaiser that shows part of complying with O care companies are turning to the high deductible CDHP models. These abominations have at their heart the profit to insurers and making patients/consumer fear using their plan. Using myself as an example.I will pay $4000 in health,dental premiums for 4 this coming year.For health alone add to this the $3600 deductible with a max out of pocket of $9600 which the 4k doesn’t play into. It’s an 80/20split plan with a number of things not subject to the deductible,the irony there is they are still subject to my 20% ante. The thing is if the premiums don’t fuck me the specter of the 3600 is meant to make me make “smart consumer decisions”.
    Don’t get me wrong I know for a fact people in the exchanges will pay over $1200 a month albeit for lower deductible policies and railings in the 5 to 10k range. Bottom line the system is still broke and is out to break us all.

  134. I for one find the thought that the exchanges IT debacle being the story to be ridiculous. For crying out loud there are people who STILL HAVENT READ THIS THING! Mandates,costs taxes,intrusions and a bevy of others hints all trump the sign up hiccup by miles but that is something we’re not supposed to care about I guess.

  135. Disagree Alfie. The sign up debacle is not a hiccup. While the other aspects are fundamentally disastrous, I agree, failed logistics is the end game. Actually…the game never starts.

    We’re talking about a law that is punitive for people who don’t sign up. While Obamabots are devious in how they slowly boil the frog with these fines…I could see these failed logistics slinging this thing all the way to the Supreme Court. Big Government can’t get away with fining people for not navigating an impossible cluster fuck. You simply can’t hurt people when the barriers are unreasonable.

    Just a “website” issue my ass. This thing still isn’t remotely fixed yet. And won’t be.

    They need the kind of people who don’t give a fuck about insurance to sign up. I’ve always thought they never would anyways. Now, I’m sure of it. I guarantee a massive amount of people who need to sign up don’t have the first clue what the name of the website is. Throw in the fact that the government respects America so little they unleashed this embarrassment only so that President Thin Skinned doesn’t look bad……..forget about it.

    To think the working class is going to take hours in the middle of the holiday season to spend the little Christmas money they have on health insurance is laughable.

    There will either be a delay or they will simply find a way to just throw more money on it and make it the Walking Dead feasting on debt.

  136. First Alfie I have two words for you regarding the web site “hiccup”.


    No one and I mean no one knows what’s in the law. Both sides cherry pick to prove the law is a blessing or a curse and many in the public are plain confused. But the web site is an irrefutable failure for all to see. The GOP finally has the shiny object or more appropriately the smelly pile of shit they can point Americans to.

    That is why I agree with the pundits who say the GOP should have sat back, salvaged their poll numbers and let ACA drop a big public turd all on its own. The last two weeks are the ultimate proof of the political stupidity of the current Republican Party.

    After digging through all of Rabbits outrage I finally found a nugget of truth in it. The personal mandate will be delayed because you CANNOT penalize the public for not signing up for something they literally can’t sign up for because the web site sucks.

  137. I must disagree with my brother Tex. 50 was actually a victory for me because I’ve known more than one disabled person who never got out of their 40s. Granted they had different disabilities from mine but I was still spooked.

    40 was a crisis birthday for me because that was when I realized I was no longer young.

    The good news Rabbit is that there is truth in the saying you’re only as old as you feel. Happy Birthday you badass you! 🙂

  138. Rabbit, your alter ego said something that confused me. Why did you say you’re not the main bread winner? For some reason I thought your wife had stopped working.

  139. She put her two weeks in because they wouldn’t let her work from home. They capitulated. That was two years ago.

  140. “The personal mandate will be delayed because you CANNOT penalize the public for not signing up for something they literally can’t sign up for because the web site sucks.”

    Which will mean that the entire shutdown could have been avoided had Obama and Democrats negotiated defunding down to delay, or worked with Republicans on the delay they asked for during about 12 days of it.

    But then there wouldn’t have been any GOP to blame for arson and terrorism and Democrats wouldn’t have been able to stroke their 2-week “no negotiation” hardon.

  141. Huck when you relentlessly try to put this on the Democrats you miss the forest for the trees.

    A radical faction of the Republican Party gambled, based on past experience that Obama and the Dems would blink if they played a game of chicken. Harry Reid to the delight of Obama called their bluff.

    Until you face the fact that the House, emboldened by Ted Cruz, played an unwinnable (and insulting) hand and they paid the price for it, you will remain deluded.

    What should come out of this is a very simple precedent. There is a proper time to legislate (and pass a budget DEMOCRATS) and that time is NOT when critical deadlines occur in the running of the government.

  142. Sorry but a little tech trolling here. I need to get new phones and refuse to buy samsung again. For obvious reasons I am looking at I phones. Anyone here own one? Do you find them durable enough? I confess to leaving one of my Sammie’s out in the rain. The other two in the household though just seem like they’re dying 35 months in. Am I too fickle?
    Mucho gracias

  143. Not for nothing but the bipartisan screeching about the flaming bag of dog shit on the front porch has a lot to say about BOTH parties.

  144. Rutherford, you are in error on 207. The true radicals were the Democrats and Obama.

    Ted Cruse and his army could not have won as you wrote because the press was on the Democrats’ side. The Conservatives tried to compromise, but the Democrats held firm because they knew they had the upper hand with the ability to hurt Americans as they did the WW11 veterans and to convince people the Republicans were at fault. It was foreordained.

    I think they should have waited to let attention shift to the Obmacare computer site.

    Our daughter will have to pay an extra $300 a month for health insurance, and the only reason she still has insurance is because her company got a year’s stay denied to private citizens.

    Our son got the top rating in his efficiency report as he has done every time since taking the job. He gets a bonus and stock. His boss said he had to push hard to get the award because the company is discouraging multiple awards and bonuses to hold down the cost of wages. They are preparing for the Obamacare storm a few years hence.

    Our grand daughter is now over four months old and her latest exam shows her head size to be up to the bottom tenth percentile of normal. The shape of her head is almost normal now. She weighs 13 pounds now.

    Sometimes, she makes trilling noises as if she was trying to sing along with music. Other times, she sounds almost as if she were talking.

    Our son in law read on line that when babies test gravity, they are really trying to interact with adults. Our grand daughter has begun to drop things. She looks at the floor first. She was holding and dropping a trinket until my wife held on end of it. Our grand daughter tried to pry it out of my wife’s hand.

    She can roll over, and has done it a few times, but she doesn’t want to.Today, she suffered a terrible indignity as did the family dog. We bought a new car, and before our daughter and son in law took me to the dealership to finish the paper work, we attended a pet Halloween party. Our grand daughter and the dog went as cows,. They won a prize.

    We now have a 2012 Fusion, and our daughter said “now, you car is cooler than ours.”,She said we need to get a cooler phone than our simple Verision phone to match the car.

    I have many apples to pick before we return to Omaha late tomorrow.

  145. Yes, you’re right, Rutherford.

    I should stop being a partisan hack and accept that the GOP wanted Obama and Democrats to do something that you admit they are going to do anyway.

    Rather than try and force those 2 to do something when it would have favored the GOP, I should realize that it shouldn’t be done until it saves Obama’s ass.

    Silly me….

  146. I love my iPhone. I’m on my second one only because the first was obsolete within 2 years. As long as you purchase some sort of cover for it, they are quite durable I’ve dropped mine several times.

    If you’re looking for a waterproof phone I’d say that’s a fool’s errand. I could be wrong.

  147. I wonder when R will get that these guys were elected and sent to congress to do what they did.

    So, what price was paid R? You’re stuck having to defend Obamacare, a $17 trillion debt, no budget, outrageous unemployment, and dickhead-in-chief that punishes his own people to score political points. You should be staring at the top of you shoes and not repeating the dumb MSNBC lines I hear most mornings.

    Imagine if you and your ilk held your God Kin and his party accountable for anything.

  148. Alfie

    Get a Samsung Galaxy S4. Then get online. follow directions and root the phone, taking complete control over it. Kill 100 apps that are nothing but bloat ware and turn your phone into a lap top with a battery that lasts all day and night with heavy use. Do not go with the IPhone. Its for soccer moms.

  149. It’s funny how absolutely petrified democrats are of Ted Cruz.

    I don’t really know a thing about the guy, but it’s pretty obvious the democratic party thinks he’s currently a strong contender for 2016.

  150. I think he’s an odd man. Totally being apolitical here. Dude has a weird way he carries himself.

    That’s part of the problem. Weird people run for office. If I suddenly ran for city council….it would he looked at as strange.

    Kind of like Catholic priests. My grandparents would have been thrilled to have a priest in the family. My Dad not so much.

  151. Rutherford….she makes about 60. I’ll look into it for you.

    I got her that job through my softball skills. Boring long story but true.

  152. @dead rabbit…wow man a guy who couldn’t lay down a bunt earlier in the game hits a slam. Baseball is a weird sport man.

  153. I was pulling for Detroit. Wanted it to go to game 7 and see if Boston could beat Verlander. Would have been fun.

    I could kind of feel that slam coming – Detroit had dodged a couple of bullets on the foul and the double six inches from the top of the fence.

    Shows I’m no baseball coach – I would have left Max Scherzer in to finish the seventh – I wasn’t terribly impressed with Detroit’s bullpen, but their starting pitching rotation is something else.

  154. I assume “root the phone” is the same as jailbreak and yes you can jailbreak an iPhone. I lack Rabbits huge balls so I would never do it (not to mention that it voids the warranty).

    Here’s the bottom line. iOS is heavily policed by Apple but you get stability in return. Android offers more customization (even without “rooting” it) but you sacrifice stability and open yourself up to viruses. Apple’s iOS is virtually virus free.

    You decide based on what matters to you.

  155. Ted Cruz reminds some of McCarthy.

    If I were McConnell I’d hate his guts for grabbing the headlines. If I were Boehner I’d hate him even more for making it even harder for me to herd the cats.

    You gotta give him credit for balls. Dude talks directly to House members over Boehner’s head and then publicly disses his own chamber. He’s either a genius or a colossal fool.

    Yes I heard the following from pundits but it makes sense to me. Keep your eye on Rand Paul as he makes himself the sensible alternative to Cruz. In the world of the blind the one eyed man is king.

  156. Not silly you Huck,. Extremists are running our government, and it is our duty to at least complain about it.

    I predicted to the other site when the Tea Party was new that they were not a bunch of hayseeds with no relevance. They would cause trouble for the Democrats which they did and also the moderate Republicans, which they did. My precience was rewarded by nasty names and works like “troll” Anyone with an open mind could have seen it coming. Just as now, the signs are there for new possibilities which Cruz may be watching.

    Ted Cruz reminds me “some” of Sarah Palin. People were afraid of her too, and they basically destroyed her with some help from Sarah.

    Cruz is a smart man and no body’s fool. He did what he promised to do when he ran for election, and I think he has assured himself of another term. He made a short term tactical error if his intent was to derail Obamacare, but maybe he was taking a longer view,.

    If Obamacare registrations remain hard through January as Sec Lew said, the entire law has problems, and the computer system has systemic failures more serious than glitches., The Heritage Foundation quoted officials who say insurance rates for some people will rise in 45 states, and one reason they may fall in five is the rates were already regulated high.

    Those young people who will be paying for the sick and the poor have little incentive to register, especially if they are dealing with a program suffering from more than a few glitches.Some, like our daughter have already become angry over increased rates. The administration needs at least 7 million of them to pay the bills for the rest.

    If the worst happens, Ted Cruz and his allies will look better than they do now, and liberals will work even harder to destroy them for their own political survival.

    I don’t think Cruz is crazy.

    “In the world of the blind, the one eyed man is king.” I like that.We still don’t know who has the functioning eye,.

  157. Here’s my crazy Sunday morning prediction regards ACA application process. The paper applications will be boosted up beyond the slated 30% and will in short time be linked to a system akin to Selective Service registration at the post office. States will also likely be pushed in some way via voting rights to do the same thing.
    The people who used to be all about rights are now the bringers of federal ID card etc. what’s a liberal to do to sleep through the night?

  158. Cruz connected with the left way before his long speech. S±nor Cruz has stimulated the left more than Zimmerman and Palin combined. Be prepared for some nasty pics of him putting multiple dogs on the top of his car.


    Like I said before, only 68% among the uninsured are aware of the mandate and that goes up a percentage point to 69% among 18-29 years olds – the MOST LIKELY OF ANY AGE GROUP TO BE UNINSURED. From there only 75% of the 68% PLAN ON BUYING INSURANCE.

    Roughly half of the people this legislation was supposed to help the most are saying “no thanks.”

  159. That’s great, Noah. First these imbeciles give us a healthcare system that clearly won’t work, then provide almost a billion dollar website that doesn’t work, and finally for your troubles, they’ll open you up to identify theft and are under no obligation for incurred damages.

    And Rutherford really wonders why I loathe 95% of government?

    Thomas Sowell said it best:

    It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

  160. Let’s get this straight about “trolls” – first, I said, “My point is that [R’s] practices discourage anonymous trolling.” Which they do – as evidenced by the scarcity of trolls here. That practice is not the only discouragement anonymous trolls encounter here, and it may serve more than one purpose (to filter spam). But the fact remains, each time one wishes to deceive by commenting under a new identity, one must get prior approval from Rutherford. The discourages anonymous trolling.

    Those who don’t know what trolls are and what trolling is mischaracterize it all the time. Most of the time they are talking about flaming.

    “The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks: Shouting swear words at someone doesn’t count as trolling; it’s just flaming, and isn’t funny. Spam isn’t trolling either; it pisses people off, but it’s lame.

    The most essential part of trolling is convincing your victim that either a) truly believe in what you are saying, no matter how outrageous, or b) give your victim malicious instructions, under the guise of help.
    Trolling requires deceiving; any trolling that doesn’t involve deceiving someone isn’t trolling at all; it’s just stupid. As such, your victim must not know that you are trolling; if he does, you are an unsuccessful troll.”

    But what do I know. I just think I’m so good at analyzing writing style.

  161. @208 iPhones. I love mine. I had a Blackberry before, but had to get out the manual to operate it. The iPhone has no manual. You can learn to operate it by pushing the buttons a few times.

    To my information, there is no such thing as a waterproof phone. They all have holes in the side to plug in ear phones, so water will go in there. The OtterBox has rubber plugs that go in the holes, but a friend of mine dropped hers in the water and it still quit working.

    If you want to have adult apps on your phone, you can get apps for Android phones, but Apple doesn’t allow them.

  162. I actually like this Samsung 4G my kids and wife made me get when I gave up the “flip” phone. 🙂 I guess I was becoming a family embarrassment of sorts. But I seldom use the Samsung for the internet, and only a couple of times here to provide comments. That would drive me nuts to use a phone.

    I’m with Doc Parker. I’ll believe in a water proof phone about the time I see a hermetically sealed phone.

    One axiom I have discovered the hard way more than once. Water and electronics don’t work well together…Neither do supposed water tight roofs.

    Nature finds a way.

  163. Remember Julia?

    You have to wonder just how many women are being denied health care coverage this very moment because they can’t get Obama’s piece of shit website to work.

    I’ll bet it’s more than a full binder’s worth….

  164. Thanks for the feedback. FWIW the phone I lost due to my own neglect having left it on the deck while doing yard work and forgetting it is what it is. I dont think I can count on any phone stepping up in that light. the durability and over time issues was the big deal. I can be pretty old school Yankee in my spending and wrapping my head around $600. phones is a big one.
    thanks again

  165. Huck I can’t figure where your head’s at cos your suppositions defy reason.

    These “Julia’s” who can’t navigate the Obamacare web site are somehow worse off than they were when they couldn’t get affordable health insurance in the first place? Makes no sense.

    And being “denied” coverage due to software failure is a far different thing from being denied service due to institutional failure.

  166. “And being “denied” coverage due to software failure is a far different thing from being denied service due to institutional failure.”

    How’s that?

  167. I didn’t say they were worse off…I said they weren’t better off. How’s my supposition work for you now?

    Remember when Obama ran on a platform of “Vote for me, ladies, and you won’t be better off, but you won’t be worse off”?…yeah, me either. That’s the whole point of me mentioning Julia. You following my reasoning now?

    Yes its different because 1 denies you coverage while the other denies you coverage.

    That’s what makes them different.

    Kinda like how it’s different when the GOP wants to delay ObamaCare for a year vs when Rutherford admits that Obama will delay ObamaCare for a year.

    Dude, maybe try ditching the phone for a while and reading this stuff on a bigger screen. It might help…..

  168. To answer your question Rutherford, yes.

    Julia is fucking busy. Real busy. Just wasted a lot of time. No big deal to a big government liberal, I know, but that sucks. She shouldn’t have to.

    Julia now faces punitive actions.

    There is a really good chance Julia pays more. But….if that ends up being the case, you won’t be anywhere to be found because….well we’ve all seen it before.

  169. Tigre software failure is far easier to fix than institutional failure. We’ve been trying to get some form of universal health care since Nixon. Were it only as simple as constructing a great web site.

  170. I wonder how many people have had their hours cut now relying on the Obamcare exchange?

    Is that a valid question/

  171. Dude….you need millions by January. Do you understand the importance of logistics or don’t you. No wonder you were deemed redundant in your field. Websites are no big deal and rooting a phone is too ballsy. Man….an IT wizard here folks.

  172. .6 billion dollars plus just for the website alone. 600 millions dollars!

    This entire scheme survives on healthy non insured people joining. THEY CANT JOIN. AND THE FEW THAT DO ARE FUBARED.

    This is everything. Everything

  173. “Tigre software failure is far easier to fix than institutional failure.”

    In this instance there’s no difference. Don’t you realize the costs imposed by this non-functioning system by those that are effectively financing it?

    (That’s rhetorical. Of course you don’t nor do you care.)

  174. MSNBC doesn’t seem to care…expecting R to ditch the “its just a website” thing ain’t gonna happen.

    Accountability is foreign to them. Its Saturday Night Live skit worthy. Fucking Surrrrrrrreal.

  175. It really is.

    A failure of confidence in the system itself by its own is should concern R hugely. Instead, he’s only interested in downplaying or deflecting blame.

  176. I’m not downplaying anything. It’s disingenuous for you boys to be going off on the web site when, if it worked perfectly you’d still be griping.

    All I did was suggest to you folks massive software projects OFTEN go awry. And now that we know we hired the three stooges to do the job it should come as no surprise at all.

    Whoever chose this vendor should be taken out and shot.

  177. It probably was never supposed to get this far to begin with. I can hear them in the background now… “What? The people are still with us? Fucking A!! Let’s see how much more crap they’ll take.”

    I really don’t think I’ll have a problem when they finally nuke DC. Just hope all the impotent ones are there when they do.

  178. So Muffy after all the back and forth it sounds like you agree with at least one of my assertions.

    Folks labeled “trolls” are often just folks we disagree with.

  179. Rutherford is still worried about us at this point. Classic MSNBC.

    Who fucking cares about what we would or would not be bitching about.

    Dude…go look at this embarrassing blog entry. You chose to call Reid tough because he’s acting bla….ah…..forget it.

    Scream from the mountain tops. Demand accountability! People fired. Transparency.

    Dude….if something this utterly and obviously fucked up doesn’t rile you guys up….what happens when the labyrinth itself fails in ways much harder to quantify.

    There is nobody guarding us chickens from the fox!

  180. R, why do insist on pretending you don’t get it. This incompetence is the very reason that healthcare should not be run by the government. This is only the tip of the iceberg, baby.

  181. And seriously, as DR says you need to quote worrying about criticism and focus on accountability from those whom you wish to place absolutely everything on.

  182. We said this would be a clusterfuck and it is being a clusterfuck. But since its only a website that is a clusterfuck (of course, thats because its the ONLY thing they’ve tried to implement so far) we shouldn’t assume the rest will be a clusterfuck, like we said it would, because…shut up.

  183. Rutherford – very interesting gubernatorial race shaping up in Virginia. The Richmond Times-Dispatch refused to endorse either candidate, saying,

    “We find it impossible to endorse any of the 2013 candidates with even minimal zeal,”

    The piece blasts GOP candidate Cuccinelli for the way he clinched the nomination — he “rigged the process,” the article charges . . .

    “On social issues such as abortion and homosexual rights, Cuccinelli not only takes stands we find objectionable but pursues his divisive agenda with a stridency that was unbecoming in an attorney general and would be unbecoming in a governor,” the piece says.

    As for Democratic nominee McAuliffe, who currently leads in the polls, the newspaper argues that “his inclinations do not conform to Virginia’s history of fiscal restraint.”

    Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis “has neither embarrassed himself nor insulted the commonwealth. He lacks the experience the job demands, however,” the article concluded.

    McAuliffe leads 47 percent to 39 percent among likely voters, with Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis’s 10 percent.

    From another article: “The shift in the race has come almost exclusively from female voters, who prefer McAuliffe by a 24-point margin over Cuccinelli. The candidates were effectively tied among women in a Washington Post poll in May.

    McAuliffe’s strength among women is probably due in part to an intense campaign to portray Cuccinelli as a threat to women and the issues they care about most deeply. A new McAuliffe ad, for instance, features a Norfolk OB-GYN speaking directly to the camera about how she is “offended” by Cuccinelli’s position on abortion. On trust to handle issues of special concern to women, McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli by 23 points.”

    Thoughts, Rutherford?

  184. The latest from Gallup

    Bottom Line

    For several years now, neither the pro-choice nor the pro-life label has been dominant among Americans. Nevertheless, 51% of Americans perceive that most Americans are pro-choice — slightly more than the 45% personally taking the pro-choice stance. Barely a third of Americans, 35%, think most Americans are pro-life, considerably less than the 48% who are pro-life.

    While Americans overestimate the strength of the “pro-choice” position, the same poll found them vastly underestimating the degree to which their fellow Americans support gay marriage. In other words, on abortion they think society is more liberal than it is; on gay rights, they think society is more conservative than it is. This seeming contradiction might be explained in terms of timing, as on both issues, Americans’ perceptions of public opinion are merely a few years out of date. As recently as 2006, and routinely prior to 1998, the majority of Americans called themselves “pro-choice.” And until 2011, the majority opposed gay marriage.

    While it is unclear what impact Americans’ current perceptual errors might have on their behavior or on public policy relative to abortion and gay rights, it is possible their perceptions will catch up with reality if current attitudes are sustained for any length of time.

  185. “its the ONLY thing they’ve tried to implement so far”

    Wrong. Kids are already covered longer under their parents plans. If I’m not mistaken kids can no longer be rejected for preexisting conditions. Obamacare is being phased in and some very popular parts are already in place.

  186. Clearly the Virginia race has no good options. Cuccinelli is a crackpot and I’ve never liked Terry McCauliffe. Disliked him back in the 2008 Hillary pres bid.

    Terry’s election will be more a sign of just how far off the reservation the GOP has gone.

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