And Now For Something Completely Different

Back in the 90’s when the Internet was not what it is now I was everywhere I could possibly be. I was on America Online back when it had no web presence and was only an app you ran on your computer. Same for Prodigy and CompuServe (where I was thrilled to have a personal exchange with the late Roger Ebert). And then there was Delphi which as I recall was so primitive that it had no graphical interface. It was pure line commands.

It was on Delphi that I wrote a “column” that no one read with a name along the lines of “Tales of a Tuber”, playing on the “boob tube” notion of TV and the couch potato (hence tuber) reputation of those who liked TV.  It was my way of acting out my fantasy of being a critic for TV Guide.  Back then, we didn’t blog. I suppose for its time it was a blog of sorts.

Now I have a blog devoted to what I call social commentary but it has become narrowly focused on politics over the years. Every now and then I’ve wanted to take a small break and engage in some pop culture criticism. Until today, I have resisted the urge.  For my readers who crave politics, sorry to disappoint but you’ll have to indulge this one departure.

Beware the Understudy

John_Oliver_2009If the “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central were a Broadway play, over the past few weeks you would have heard an announcer say “tonight the part of Jon Stewart will be played by John Oliver”. Stewart decided to take the summer off to film a movie leaving in charge one of the Daily Show “correspondents” John Oliver as host. I’ve always been a fan of Oliver but I was still skeptical whether this hosting gig was a bridge too far. Oliver has not disappointed.

First, there is an added element of mockery at play when American politics is skewered by a man with a British accent. Sure, Jon did fine with his New Jersey accent, but the British one seems to twist the knife just that much more. Oliver also adds an element of silly that lightens things up such as the night when he asked how we could possibly know when to give “coup aid” if we can’t define when a coup has occurred. As soon as he said “coup aid” the Kool-Aid big pitcher mascot crashed through the wall of the set. It’s almost Pythonesque even if not quite as sophisticated.

The only remaining test for Oliver to pass for me to declare him a fully deserving inheritor of the Stewart crown was to see if he could give a tough interview. That finally happened last Thursday night when the guest was New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. After discussing her pet cause (sexual harassment in the military), Oliver then asked her to put his mind at ease about something. He said it troubled him that the Senator was at the overlap in the “Venn diagram” of politics and big money. Gillibrand stared at him like a deer in the headlights and evaded the question, perhaps not even understanding it as abstractly as Oliver put it. So Oliver took a second crack at it and spelled it out — Gillibrand’s number one donor was Goldman Sachs with JP Morgan coming in at number 2. He asked what she had to do to get that money. With the question asked more explicitly, Gillibrand still hemmed and hawed and God bless him, Oliver took one more shot at it asking whether the Senator’s opinions on big banks get her the money or does she form these opinions deliberately to get the money.  It was a brilliant take down of a bullshit politician and yes my friends, a take down of a liberal politician.

Jon Stewart may have chosen the wrong dude to temporarily take over his show. I am thinking that Stewart’s return in the Fall will actually be a let down. One thing is certain. Comedy Central will have to create a ninety minute block with Oliver hosting his own news show between Stewart and Colbert. John Oliver has earned it big time.

Screw Rock and Roll, I’m a Country Singer

Creedence_Clearwater_Revival_1968There is one album (yes this 52 year old man still says “album”, not CD) released this year that has received totally confounding critical acclaim. I am talking about “Wrote a Song for Everyone” the collaborative work of John Fogerty with a bunch of guest singers who I assume admire his body of work. I say the acclaim is confounding because I don’t see how any self-respecting fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival could possibly listen to this album without lunging for a barf bag. Two songs stand out as worth a listen. The title track (originally from “Green River”) is a nice new take on the song with the addition of a female voice care of Miranda Lambert. The other “Someday Never Comes” (originally from CCR’s last studio album “Mardi Gras”) adds the ingenious touch of splitting the vocal between Fogerty and guest singer Dawes where Fogerty plays father and Dawes plays son  and the tale of generational paternal neglect gets an added dose of poignancy.

After that, you might as well stop listening. The beauty of CCR’s catalog is that many of their hits could indeed have been country songs but for those of us who are not big fans of country, it was like getting medicine with a huge dose of sugar. A great example is “Lodi” from the album “Green River” which has a mournful vocal with a country feel that still has just enough pop to it to go down easy. The remake? OH … MY … GOD.  Fogerty turns it into a country boogie with an instrumental backing that totally contradicts the despondent lyrics.

Bob Seger guests on “Who’ll Stop the Rain” (from “Cosmo’s Factory”) and I swear the piano sounds exactly like Seger’s “Against the Wind”.  Jennifer Hudson does her awful Tina Turner impersonation on “Proud Mary” (from “Bayou Country”) before the song changes pace abruptly and introduces a fiddle.

Oh yes, that damn fiddle. It’s on almost every song making you long for the original recordings. “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” from “Pendulum” starts off with potential until that damn country twang seeps in. Even when Fogerty doesn’t botch his own work with country, he can’t leave well enough alone. While I enjoyed the duet with Lambert on “Wrote a Song for Everyone” I could not understand for the life of me why the song, midway, lurches into a faster tempo so Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine can launch into a rock guitar solo.

CCR’s last studio album “Mardi Gras” foretold Fogerty’s fondness for country music and he’s indulged that fascination in some of his solo work. That’s fine and dandy. If John wants to be a country artist, more power to him. But don’t, I repeat, don’t rape and pillage the classic Creedence catalog by turning it into a hootenanny.


Photo credits: Anthony Maki [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Fantasy Records (eBay itemphoto frontphoto back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Wow. What’s up with the country music bashing? Dylan did Nashville Skyline. You don’t like that album?

    You got a problem with Gram Parsons?

    The road that connects rock and country has always been there. It’s an even a shorter road between southern rock and country.

    I haven’t heard the album, but your negative review makes me actually want to check it out.

    Personally….I love old school country. It’s this new shit on the FM dial that makes me cringe.

    But Outlaw or Old country music with that tinny sound on the AM, late at night on a long drive… from far away briefly interrupting the reception….fucking awesome dude.

  2. I was much older before I realized the “Venn” diagram of country and lots of rock – you can always tell these wannabee TV stars trying to sound intellectual ended math at about high school algebra. One only knows what that makes of a sitting Senator’s inability to grasp the Venn meaning – probably failed at carrying digits.

    Looking back, some of my favorite music came from Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Marshall Tucker Band, the Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, The Eagles in addition to groups like CCR…but I never picked up on the C&M flavor of rock until much later in life. Even songs like ‘My Maria’ which Brooks and Dunn did a pretty good impression a few years ago would certainly be considered “country” now.

    Good to see Comedy Central finally show a bit of balance instead of left-wing agitprop. Kirsten is one of a multitude of female Dimocratic dunces acting as Senator – perhaps the absolute biggest female Dim dummy this side of the black female idiot Congress”women” like the insufferably stupid Shelia Jackson Lee or Maxine Waters, being Senator Patty Murray of WA – a vacuous creature probably too dense to warm soup – therefore a fine accessory in the feckless U.S. Senate.

  3. “I haven’t heard the album, but your negative review makes me actually want to check it out. ”

    I consider that the highest form of praise. Thank you Rabbit. I think the point of a review is to make the reader think about the subject matter (and debate it), not necessarily slavishly follow the advice of the reviewer.

    I like some country. Lord knows some of the cleverest lyrics going can be found in country.

    I think what made Creedence special was this stew they concocted of swamp rock, country and blues. To take any ingredient and bring it front and center ruins the formula.

    Now I guess it’s fair to say “if you want a Creedence album, go buy one.” But this album was like seeing my favorite meal ruined by pouring a bottle of moonshine into it.

    P.S. No I haven’t heard Dylan’s Nashville Skyline. I need to check it out. I am a big fan of Marshall Tucker’s “Heard it in a Love Song”.

  4. Nashville Skyline is where Dylan has the Kermit the Frog voice and teamed up with Cash. People either love it or hate it. I actually know the guy who played organ on it. His Nashville stories are hilarious.

    Maybe the next Obama Care delay you could review that album. But, we will probably get a review of this guy’s new solo album:

  5. I have also enjoyed John Oliver as host. I have caught a few of the shows including the one with the Koolaid skit. He can definitely carry it without Stewart. I was hoping Jon would get into the whole Weinergate thing, since Anthony and he are friends. In retrospect, maybe it is better he wasn’t there.

    Few remakes live up the original versions. I usually pass on them. Maybe it is that the original is hard to dismiss, as it is etched in our psyches. I like plenty of country tunes and artists. You’d be surprised how many country artists are rock and rollers, though country is their bread and butter. During country practice and jam sessions, I have heard some good old fashioned rock and roll. I think they all do Zeppelin. Country artists, a lot of them anyway, can out party most rock and rollers. This guy for sure…

  6. Rutherford, I respectfully request that you remove T.T.’s mocking remarks about my wife from comment #107 in the previous thread.

    The Tulsa World comment section has recently required all commenters to use their real names. Tex is all excited now to know my “secret” identity, and has even looked up my wife’s name (not hard, since we’re listed together in the phone book). Since he enjoys personal attacks so much, I’m sure he has also looked up my criminal record and my status on the sex offender registry. (And he’s been disappointed not to find me in either place. Am I right, Tex?)

    But no one at the Tulsa World knows who “Tex” Taylor is. He combines a common surname, perhaps even his real one, with a goofy nickname so as to be untraceable. But he sure gets upset if someone tries to “out” him. So over at the TW, he’s become known as the Anonymous Coward.

    It’s been a while since I lurked here, and I don’t intend to make it a regular practice. But for some reason my ears were burning, and I had a feeling that he had taken his loathing for me to a place like this – where mean girls such as he are welcome to be as mean and personal as they like, without consequence.

    It does kinda piss me off when he goes after my wife, but that’s part and parcel of his Anonymous Coward persona.

    Oh, and “Tex” – I never said that you were poor. Tell the truth! I said that you don’t control your own money, because…

    Never mind.

  7. Baby is officially no longer at risk. Yesterday, the doctor said her head is now barely above the size defining microencephaly, she doesn’t need to see her for two months. That is a long interval compared to the two to four days through most of our grand daughter’s life.The doctor had planned to make an appointment for an MRI scan soon. Now, she says it isn’t necessary for now.

    One country singer I like is Don Williams with songs like “Miracles” and “Good Ole Boys Like Me.” Another good group is Texas Cowboy Junkies “A common Disaster.”

    Toxic Airborn Event and Passion Pit.too.

    I agree with Rutherford in 3.

  8. I like the Estonian band,, Vanilla Ninga “Tough Enough”, but part of the chorus seems borrowed from Falco “Rock Me Amodaus”. The chorus sticks in my head and makes the song worth while..

    I Kerli “The Creationist.” has a hopeful message after she overcame her crumby life in Estonia. She sounds a bit like Lady Gaga.

    Finger Eleven-“Paralyzer” It is hard to feel bad after hearing the up beat tune and the initial drum.

    The tempo contrast between the first of Chris Rea’s “The Road to Hell Full Version” begins bluesy and reminds me of the guitar at the beginning of Stephen King’s The Stand which features “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” Then, it becomes more Rock.What a good song.

    Michael Johnson-“That’s That” is just a good country song with the proper amount of sadness, anger anger and hopelessness.

    Black Hawk, another atypical country band sang positive song “That’s Just About Right.”

  9. “But for some reason my ears were burning” -Graychin

    you lied about your Nam medals. 100%. Shame on you sir.

    weird thing is you didn’t have to.

  10. Rutherford and the board: As FOX News says, “We Report, You Decide”

    A few weeks back, I decided it was time for a change. I hang around here just long enough to keep tabs with my pals, and the fact that frankly the board had become stale of which we all agreed.

    I returned to where I started on the Tulsa World Board. They have a new policy of using your real name and while the board still full of maggots like Graychin and the moderation still one sided, it was good to debate politics again with the Marxists like Graychin.

    Let me demonstrate why I choose to remain just enough anonymous, and if that makes a coward so be it, the why, and just how reprehensible men like “Larry”, Mr. Graychin, and his leftist buddies really are.

    First, let me state I have had enough of these fucking threats, from the FBI to people trying to bring me personal damage while being so stupid, they misidentified me and potentially hurt a complete stranger’s business. You ruminate on this as “Larry’s” pals try to do maximum carnage for simply disagreeing with their politics. Read the thread if you got the time, it won’t take you three minutes, so that it will make complete sense and why I deserved to have what they thought “my business” damaged. Read just how “cowardly” and rude I really am and how brave “Larry” is. But pay special attention to this post:

    Jack Slade – Woodward posted 2 days ago 1

    Tex Taylor is a masonry contractor whose business address is 9819 S 78th East Ave in Tulsa. I’m guessing that he doesn’t care about his business because he insists on alienating over half of his potential customer base. Yes, Tex, I see you.

    And you’ll note on this supposedly very public board of which is supposed to be fair, balanced and moderated, malfeasance and libel toward a Conservative is still allowed to stand.

    Then read Mr. Larry’s follow up and you’ll understand why I loathe the prick and find him an utter phony and sanctimonious blowhard. You bet I’m willing to make fun of this bohunk and anything else affiliated with him. I’ve got ample justification for doing so.

  11. Graychin,

    As Rachel Jeantel once so “eloquently” exclaimed: you old.

    Lying about medals, hey? Low. What a maggot. What else you been lying about, bigshot? Bet I can find out, hey? 😛 That’s for trying to damage me personally, hasbeen. I’m tired of you jackbooted fascists from the Left trying to personally damage people for the sole reason they won’t bend to your bent. You might want to pass that on to your pal, Jack Slade, when you “talk to him” at your failed blog because I’ve had just about enough of that crap.

    I do indeed come here to be nasty as I want to be to twits like you (thank you Mr. Rutherford) because I knew you’d be a coming so I can tell you that you’re a lying potato peeler at the Army base, Rambo. I can’t do on the T-World board made up of other little Marxists, married to the [name redacted] of the world. Now you can kiss Rutherford’s ass sweetly for begging him for cover with account accrued, because he’s going to have some more redacting to do to help you and your tottering ego make it through.

    It’s been a while since I lurked here, and I don’t intend to make it a regular practice. But for some reason my ears were burning, and I had a feeling that he had taken his loathing for me to a place like this – where mean girls such as he are welcome to be as mean and personal as they like, without consequence.

    I’ve seen Jay/Eucha/Disney, OK, filtering through more than once. That ain’t New York. And I see you finally found another zip code with no blacks as you preach to me about my racism on the T-World board.

    Oh, and “Tex” – I never said that you were poor. Tell the truth! I said that you don’t control your own money, because…
    Never mind.

    As I sit here on a practically new computer in a brand new recliner to further soften my ass while momma pulls the purse strings and loosens the collar, I think you’re just jealous because you’re married to [name redacted], and I got the proof with pictures of my beauties sent to the people on this board of which you don’t rate. Mr. CPA tried as he might to keep up with the Smiths and he should have known better. Oh wait! There is no next time, is there?

    I married a beauty queen who loves me and all I got to do is mind the girls through graduate college and keep the lawn mowed. You’ve got [name redacted]. Mean girl enough, Rambo?

    Consider this Tex’s version of Schadenfraude. Payback for your arrogance last November.

  12. Graychin – In point of fact, it’s a trivial exercise to identify nearly anyone (In the USA) on the Internet, particularly if you make your living there – which I do – and have the interest, which generally I don’t, with a few exceptions. And, of course, local investigators can be had anywhere for the price of a quick Internet lookup and a few hundred bucks.

    Having left the doctoring business, I’ve made no particular effort to conceal my identity – very liberating, really – and of course with a few facts I’ve revealed, it’s not hard to figure out who I am. However, there are a host of interested parties, including Internet service providers, who would like to be made aware of those who “out” folks as a matter of course, particularly if multiple people complain. It’s informative to actually READ one’s ISP’s Terms of Service agreement. Those companies really are the Big Dogs and they don’t play around. Of course that can be just the starting point.

    As I’m sure you are aware, the Internets are filled with low-life characters, folks with too much time on their hands, and bullies who depend upon their OWN anonymity for cover. Not smart, because there IS no anonymity, and some people won’t be pushed. Not one inch.

    Oh, and by the way, the “beauty queen” bullshit is just that. Just FYI.

  13. Graychin – Here is a good example:

    This is a case of filing a false DMCA claim, but you get the idea. Thunderf00t was making fun of the creationists and this fellow took offense. He thought he could easily shut Thunderf00t down with a DMCA claim, but immediately opened himself to a counterclaim. One thing about America: it is trivial to end up in court or on the short end of authority.

    Multiple complaints of serial abuse, systematic threats, revealing people’s identities etc, would likely be taken seriously; at the very minimum the ISP would file it for reference in case there were further complaints. Let me know if you want to pursue anything; finding at least a dozen others to join in a complaint would be trivial.



  14. Yesterday I was driving in the burbs and found myself behind a vehicle bearing a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker. I would have been less shocked to have observed a kangaroo hopping down the street. Then I noticed the out of state plate and it all made sense.

  15. Lawyers don’t make enough if you ask me.

    😆 Thanks, muff, I needed a good laugh this morning. Oh, and there aren’t enough OF them. lol.

  16. Well Muffy,

    Besides one or two here for reasons obvious, you and Huck, who I would happily share my personals, everyone here already knows who I am, what my family looks like, my wife, my children, the dog…

    Why don’t these two high-rollers simply bribe since they’re so respected, rich and accomplished? I have no idea what they are going to do with the information, as they’ll be sorely disappointed looking for weakness to exploit.

    The nickname is what my good friends call me amongst long time friends for 20 years.

    What you’ve got are simply two of the disdained in the real world, I don’t care the profession or the accomplishment, who basically have only five things in common:

    (1) They hate me
    (2) They hate Conservative religion
    (3) They can’t stand that they’ve met the better bully for they themselves are bullies.
    (4) Obviously, both are fascist thugs without the charisma and panache, at their wits end, wanting blood.
    (5) Both are major blowhards and identified liars.

    Simple as that. What are they going to bust me for? Bad language? Mocking them? Better ideas? Retorts revealing their inadequacy? Can’t call it harassment because they’ve here of their own accord. It’s not me who has made threat. I’ve even got copy of one thinking he needs to “kick my ass” in print. How do you think that will go over in the big suit?

    If the provider asked me to leave, so what? Big deal – it would do me good. He’ll have to take all three of us playing by their own set of rules.

    I’ve know who both these two shysters are now for at least two years – or at least the name. I never cared to meet them, nor would I given the opportunity. But the idea never occurred to me to “out” them either for the reasons several have stated and apparently only these two petrified fossils don’t understand.

    What is funny is that neither really know the other and they would despise each other simply given time here on this board, feuding within weeks.

    I even tried to ignore Graychin on the Tulsa World board the first couple of days but he couldn’t leave well enough alone following me all over the board, his fellow jackboots trying to out my “business.” And they wonder why I don’t share personal information with the world? 😆

    These are two, old, worn out has beens, no longer relevant to the world, whose passing will not even be missed by their kin. Put a fork in them.

  17. Tex every time you put Gray’s wife’s name in the comment thread I have to go in and redact it, … c’mon man make my life a bit easier!

    Okay. Just for you, I won’t do it anymore. 😉 Promise. It’s just such a hideous name married to an uglier man, you got to admit it’s funny, though you won’t.

  18. Last spring, on the other board, one of the characters threatened to sue or press charges against Tex for cyber bullying. She quoted a law which might apply.

    On the other board, I wrote that if anyone attacked Tex with legal action, I would follow suite with a more legitament claim than the person who threatened Tex.I repeated the quote and the person who threatened Tex warned me too. I asked her if she was a fool or pretending to be. Then, Jean warned my protagonist to be careful. I was capable of anything.

    The threats and nastiness soon ended.

    Cyber bullying is playing with fire. Its unlikely such threats rise to legal levels with our current laws, but one might hear a knock on the door and meet a man or woman with a gun.

    Since this thread is about music and culture, here is a quotation from Estonian band Vanila Ninga’s song Tough Enough which I think applies. “Just keep on living and don’t start giving the devil good reasons to get you in the season of heartbreak. Baby, are you tough enough?”

  19. Oh, and by the way, the “beauty queen” bullshit is just that. Just FYI.

    Oh, but you’re wrong. You must have been implying I was lying.

    Don’t ask me. Ask the crowd who would know. You ain’t it, Pfesser. You’re still groveling to everyone else you offended and they don’t like you any better than I do. Just an FYI.

  20. Tex @#16 – thanks for the link. The comments thread draws a clear enough picture.

    I’ll say it again – lawyers don’t make enough. I don’t envy any lawyer being asked to sort out the bullshit observed here this fine morning.

    Rutherford not to rub salt in the wound of seeing your dad abused by the plaintiff but a good defense attorney is a blessing to the innocent. (Unrelated to your dad but this is especially true for the innocent and frightened – or at least intimidated – for both innocence and fear can be present simultaneously – and very often is.) FWIW.

  21. Tex, it’s when you go after the wives you really cause disdain. I remember you attacking my wife some time back. When she read it she made a few calls and handed me your personals within a day. It isn’t hard to find out who people are if they have any online presence. Nowadays there is much legal information available to anyone with a U of Google degree. You also have the distinction of living in a part of the country where she has kin folk and plenty of connections. Sometimes that good ole boy network can work for you. But no worries, I don’t care to out anyone. We all need our perceived areas of privacy.

  22. So the hole digger thinks someone else is overcompensated, eh? Get back to us when you start filling holes with something of value. OR when your meaningless holes start making a difference to an old man being harassed and shaken down by a lying sack of shit.

  23. When she read it she made a few calls and handed me your personals within a day. It isn’t hard to find out who people are if they have any online presence.

    Rutherford, I apologize. You and I may not see eye-to-eye on much. But I had no intent of soiling your board either. I obviously have pushed one too many buttons.


    I don’t believe you as always, Poolman. I’m not going after your wife. I pity them and perhaps question their judgement in taste. Being married to you is punish enough for me.

    In fact, along with Graychin and Pfesser, you’re the only other one on this board that I wouldn’t share personals with including pictures, because I put you in the same quality of company. And you are the only one here besides these two who has tacitly threatened my outing. Did it appear to frighten me or shut me up? You ever wonder why?

    But if you feel the need to post my personals, put up or shut up. But make sure you get it right.

    Because if you don’t, I’m going to pass the information on to that of whom you post. And you might find that most people aren’t real happy with being an innocent party to malfeasance.

  24. James,

    Before I sign out. I am very happy to hear your grand baby doing well. All of this crap about politics here is really meaningless to me. Really.

    It’s the sting of battle I enjoy but it not life changing in any way. I don’t take it much personally because I never was inane enough to believe I could change the world over the internet.

    I would still help Pfesser push the plane, or help Graychin’s wife across the ice, or even slip Poolman a few bucks outside the realm of a blog without asking who they voted for in the last election. That would go for friend or foe alike because I have always gained a measure of joy from servitude of a sort. In fact, it kind of has become my life’s mission to be an ordinary person striving to do extraordinary things by helping out. I recently started volunteering again and that is where I get my joy and satisfaction. I can’t change the world, but maybe I can make it a little brighter. This certainly isn’t doing it and I have allowed myself to fall into a really bad habit of venting.

    Graychin may be under the impression I’m unemployable, but he would be wrong. I choose this because I once almost lost a marriage to a fabulous woman. I was too damn stubborn, too proud and too blind to realize my attitude was hurting those around me who really do love me.

    I have enjoyed your company, your wit, your stories which have given me a dozen belly laughs, and this strange version of friendship the internet provides. Who knows. Pfesser may have been right about one thing. Outside the virtual world, the perceptions may be far different if we were to meet.

    However, the stories about your baby, or Rutherford’s wife’s job, or Huck’s heart are different. These are of concern, are life changing, and I thank you for being willing to share a part of yourself. That has become my very favorite part of this blog – the personals. I hope I have given some hint to my real self beyond the fool hearty, the asshole or as my wife likes to put it, “KIA” for know-it-all. Yes, I am guilty.

    You have my respect and I look forward to the day of becoming a grandpa if I am that lucky. Career doesn’t impress me and neither does money. But a man or woman’s legacy and how they treat those closest to them?

    All important.

  25. Can you tell me a bigger waste of water than one of your fabulous “creations,” Miss-ter Drifter? And spare me the short list of useful pools for they are as overpriced as the luxury ones.

    I prefer Filmmaker. And I’ve moved off the assembly line.

    Considering the menace you are I’m rather relieved that I fairly consistently determined not to reveal anything about myself that I didn’t want you or Doc or someone like this grayskin chap or the other fat grannies to know. Remarkable foresight if I do say so myself.

  26. Tex regarding the 5 things these blistering hemorrhoidal assclowns have in common @ #25 – you forgot one very important one. They want to shut you up and shut you down for one reason and that reason is vanity.

  27. Poolman even though you’ve never once demonstrated the ability or inclination to answer a simple question honestly, I have one I’d like to ask you.

    How did you find this place and why did you follow Tex here if you “disdain” him so much?

    You have been threatening him with outing as long as I’ve been reading this blog. That he has responded to you over time with the equivalent of “yo mama” is not what earned your “disdain,” now is it?For the longest time you stalked his comments here and interfered with his communications with others to the exclusion of all other commentary on your part. Until you started coming out as Rutherford’s own personal tinfoil hat wearing rodeo clown that is.

  28. re 40, I can and do answer simple questions and have demonstrated that ability very often, sometimes even when posed by smart asses.

    I haven’t threatened outing Tex, though I have laid down a few hints that if he was observant enough to pick up on, he would know I have his personals. No biggie, it’s been well over a year. I actually like Tex and did think he was someone I knew, the reason I followed him from M&H to here. I was having fun ribbing him, probably as much as he enjoyed ribbing me, though for me it never got orgasmic.

    If memory serves, it was you who first attacked me for hassling him, like he couldn’t handle his own. Before that, I never knew you existed and never encountered you at M&H’s, at least not in any form of muff.

    It doesn’t matter what your opinion regarding swimming pools or their value is. It is an honest living and my clients appreciate my services. Water is not only essential it is therapeutic. In some rural areas pools double as fire damage protection. It sometimes can take too long to truck in that volume needed to put out house or barn fires.

    It is funny that you think they are a waste. I don’t think you put much thought in that statement. Your toilet wastes more water than my swimming pool and is less fun to use. I would guess, but I digress…

    It really is pointless to argue with folks when they are clueless regarding the topic. But there you go, more answers than you can probably hold on to.

  29. Fred from Okmulgee @ #12:

    Hey, asshole – I’ll make you the same offer I made to that asshole Tex on another board. Send me your email address, and I’ll send you a picture of myself with the medals, as well as scans of the orders awarding them. I’m serious. Put up or shut up.

    And fuck you very much.

  30. 😆 Who saw the barn fire relief and aqua therapy coming, raise your hand. Even the maddest of hatters can be predictable.

    Have you forgotten, boyfriend, it is YOU who scorns certain professions, Esquire? I love swimming, floating, soaking my feet, hearing “watch, mom” for the hundredth time on a hot summer day. That doesn’t change the fact that swimming pools are a luxury item and more to the point quite a substantial initial investment and an ongoing expense of both time-as-money and money-as-money.

    “I haven’t threatened outing Tex, though I have laid down a few hints that if he was observant enough to pick up on, he would know I have his personals.”

    Well then Cronkite, what were you insinuating you would do with “his personals?” And “laid down a few hints??” You mean like the one @ #32? Are you nuts. Oh wait, look who I’m asking? 😆

    I once likened talking to you as arguing with a traffic cone. That remains the image conjured up to this day. 😆

    So to the question I asked of you – the operative word was “honestly” and you didn’t answer it so I’ll ask it again.

    How did you find this place and why did you follow Tex here?

    Please keep your answer short and to the point, if you are so able. It’s a 2 parter, LSAT.

  31. Tex @ # 17:

    In case you’ve run away from the TW again, I repeat my offer.

    Send me your email address, and I’ll send you a picture of myself with the medals, and a scan of the orders awarding them – with my REAL NAME.

    When I used to comment here, I wasn’t ever that concerned about anonymity. But everyone else here used fake names so I just went with the flow. It must have made your sorry week to learn my name – and especially my wife’s name, so you could mock her too. Fucking coward.

    I never said or implied that you were unemployable – just too lazy to get off your butt and find a job. A kept man! And kept by a beauty queen, no less! Yeah, you’re the envy of every no-good lazy-ass worthless bub in the state. Congrats on your great life.

    And go fuck yourself.

  32. I once likened talking to you as arguing with a traffic cone. That remains the image conjured up to this day.

    You’re a laugh a minute, aren’t you? And your normal day would involve talking to inanimate objects like traffic cones? 😆 I guess I’m an animated one then…

    How did you find this place and why did you follow Tex here?

    1.) I googled “WordPress Tex Taylor” and followed the links.

    2.) To continue the back and forth harassment/debate away from M&H.


  33. Rutherford:

    It’s been a while since I logged in here, so I messed up my screen name in some earlier posts. They’re being “held for moderation.” I hope that you won’t find them too “immoderate,” and cut me some slack under the extreme circumstances.

    I’ve been called a liar about one of the most reprehensible things a person can lie about, and your Chief Assclown is even making fun of my wife compared to the “beauty queen” who works hard to support his lazy ass. It’s like “mean girls” in high school here – only worse.

    If anyone ever wondered why I stopped posting here, wonder no more. I don’t need this bullshit.

  34. G-chin you’re as big a cock-knocker as there is on any board. Give it a rest. I still remember the choice comments you had about the boy who died in the single car accident for his family and friends to stumble across. 🙄

    PF and G-chin should be locked in a room together. Cut from the same cloth. And I am confident neither of them consider that a compliment. . .

    (nor should they)

  35. Oops – another messed-up user name.

    Tigre – that one was for you.

    Anyone else want to show up to receive a big, fat “fuck you” from me? I’ll watch for a bit to make sure that my wife isn’t being picked on by the manly anonymous cowards here.

  36. Hey Tigre:

    You can go fuck yourself too. You’re a great hanger-on among the “mean girls” who hang here.

    Not a leader, mind you. Just a hanger on.

    Anyone else want to show up to receive a big, fat “fuck you” from me? I’ll watch for a bit to make sure that my wife isn’t being picked on by the macho anonymous cowards here.

    (Rutherford, you can feel free to delete my previous two comments #48 and #49?) with the garbled user names. Sorry about that.)

  37. Tigre,

    Isn’t Graychin a total piece of shit?

    This lying lightweight literally follows me around on the T-World board where he knows he’s protected with his idiot minions in tow and one-sided moderation, then whines about it not being about him when I point out what a monumental hypocrite he is, or how wrong he has been in the past, or even resort to needling him in return.

    Remember, this is the same skunk that called all of us racists when there isn’t a damn black man in the last two zip codes Graychin has lived. You don’t get phonier or more hypocritical than that.

    Graychin is then left with resorting to I didn’t fight a war to knock me – mainly because I wasn’t drafted like him. Then the sorry mofo lied about his own accomplishments in the war – thank you, Fred. 😈 I know exactly one guy my age, a friend who went to West Point, and became a big shot. One person out of a graduating class of hundreds who joined the military when Jimmy Carter was President. To Graychin, he’s still dreaming he’s in the bush, it’s 1967, and were all the same age.

    Doesn’t seem to trouble Graychin that Barack Obama wasn’t in a war either as Barry and I the same age.

  38. I bet there are days when Rutherford considers this place more of a pain than a pleasure.

    Poolman, believe it or not, out mowing the grass that very same thought occurred to me. I actually feel true guilt today. Rutherford and I are at complete opposites ends of the spectrum but neither of us would dream of ‘outing’ each other – and each of us have known the other’s true name for years.

    Rutherford is obviously tired of politics and to be honest, since the Dimocratic Party now criminal and still never called into account, what the hell does it matter for any of us either? This country is cooked, Jethro. Just a matter of time and free fall is what it is going to take to have the chance to patch it back up, if that even possible.

    You don’t pay back $17-$18 trillion in debt, you don’t recover millions of good jobs and replace them with part-time low wage and call it slight growth, you don’t promise the power of your song to heal the world as the globe then burns, and you don’t increase the food stamp rolls 50% and call it success. We’ve got too many birds to cover anymore than are dead weight and drugged out.

    But it takes a real maggot to attempt to damage a man’s business and that is exactly what Graychin was applauding over at the T-World. This feckless fuck is no different than that Lori twit over at Grannies.

    But here is Rutherford trying to post something different and I’m as much to blame as anybody.

    Sorry, Rutherford. I will attempt to take this elsewhere and I’m sorry that I had grown tired enough of the man from Disney to make fun of his wife’s cornhole name. It just cracked me up when I discovered that. I didn’t go looking for trouble this time – he came looking for me. And you know how I love to rumble.

    Helen Philpot of Disney, OK… 😆

  39. Yellowdog’s consigliere a piece of shit? Why yes. He is a piece of shit.

    I remember the charge of racism as though it was yesterday.

    I also remember the “hanger on ” comment he threw around here forgetting he’d already worn out the routine — like PF’s “let’s have a spelling contest” meme.


  40. Well Tigre, now I’ve got some really sad news for Graychin since he formally introduced himself while attempting to ‘out’ little old moi.

    You are far more professionally accomplished than Graychin at a far, far younger age. Not bad for a ‘hanger on’. In fact, perhaps by Graychin’s standards, I’m now low man on the Rutherford Lawson totem pole of professional love – a badge I wear with honor.

    Unfortunately for Gray, I married well. Maybe not up to his executive standards of bliss but well enough. ROFL.

    Graychin’s shining achievement is his phenomenal career besides all those invisible war medals pinned to his chest.

    If anyone ever wondered why I stopped posting here, wonder no more. I don’t need this bullshit.

    Now I can’t speak for anyone else, but I never noticed anybody really gave a shit and certainly didn’t spend much time contemplating that tragic loss.

  41. Thanks, Rutherford. You might do an occasional word search for her name for the time being, since members of your zoo think it’s fun to mock the wives of people they don’t like.

    I’m looking forward to you releasing my comments that were “held for moderation” because of my screwup in logging in. I especially want that jerk from Okmulgee to read what I said to him.

  42. Nobody married better than me. Nobody.

    But my wife is more than arm candy that I feel the need to brag about, nor is she my meal ticket. She’s way more than that to me.

    What a shallow ass you are, “Tex.”

  43. But my wife is more than arm candy that I feel the need to brag about, nor is she my meal ticket. She’s way more than that to me.

    I have no doubt E.’s a real peach and jewel being hitched to dynamite like you, “Larry”, big shot, war hero hunk that you are – dimpled ass and all. An executive, no less.

    I always knew you were really “deep” when your best buddy was Yeller, the Marianas Trench of blogging. 😉

  44. You might do an occasional word search for her name for the time being, since members of your zoo think it’s fun to mock the wives of people they don’t like.

    Don’t like you? Ah come on now, “Larry.” I heart you, man. You and your idiot brother, Yeller. You two are really terrific human beings.

    “Larry”, did you know that the meaning of your lovely lass’ name means “white.” 😆 Man, did you marry right! Proper zip code and all. I’ll bet you just toot around the lake with all your black brot…

    OH WAIT!

    However, for Rutherford’s sake, no need. Not for your sake of course; just Rutherford’s, of which I already notified for you if you knew how to read properly.

  45. I think it might be time to start treating these kids like the animals that they are. More proof that not only was Zimmerman justified, but he did us a great public service. If we had more Zimmerman’s out there maybe less of these activities would take place and a lot more innocent lives would be saved.

  46. Remakes are dicey. I listened to clips of all the songs on the album you skewered, R. On the whole I disliked them too but I don’t see the fiddle as the culprit so much as the studio environment. To me they sounded too slick and overproduced. The best thing about CCR tunes and especially John Fogerty’s voice was the raw factor and that’s totally missing from the updates. I will give you that country (and bluegrass instruments) have the potential of sounding especially bad when the tracks are slickified in the studio and that’s also true of a variety of genres.

    On a related note I love covers, especially when a woman sings a song made familiar by a man and vice versa. I once heard a version of “Baby Its Cold Outside” with the parts reversed – very nice. And sweet surprises like this one that you might recognize from the Trojan lube commercial which I’m sure is in heavy rotation during the Rachel Maddow Show. OH!

    link to amazon clip –


    John Stewart is boring. I have seen a flattering clip or two of that Oliver fellow. It’s hard to decide who is dumber – that Gillabland bird or the audience. Her knodding and the halting awkward applause as the point goes sailing over their heads.

  47. What is it about mouthing the words ‘equality in the workplace’ that libtards wish to cordon off now?

    Well Tex it would appear that when these insular oh-so-progressive scamps get together they’re worse than a sewing circle. Perhaps they would be more approving of you and Mrs. Taylor’s personal lifestyle choices if they could sanction wifelette back to the home where they imagine she wouldn’t have to work quite as hard.

    Who’s got religion now?

  48. Ooh I’m not sure why that link to All Shook Up came with a link to buy it but click the ginourmous picture with caution, R, and not the BUY button.

  49. Perhaps they would be more approving of you and Mrs. Taylor’s personal lifestyle choices if they could sanction wifelette back to the home where they imagine she wouldn’t have to work quite as hard.

    Muffy, I have often wanted to ask Graychin something. So I will ask you to explain it to me as a woman, because I don’t think Larry the Graychin really can.

    I mean Larry the Gray is an obvious male feminist and my wife works; Graychin is demanding of equal opportunist and my wife has always had a higher paying job than I have and one she loves; Graychin caricatures himself as a liberator and I can’t think of any female more liberated than my wife. I’m doing exactly what my wife asks me to do, she seems happy and satisfied and I’m thrilled to be married to a really smart, really pretty gal. I do what she asks and both of us satisfied.

    The Taylors appear to be as “progressive” as a couple can get. So what is Larry’s beef? 🙂

    Of course, Larry also thinks I’m a racist. But I’ve got one neighbor family on my block that is black, and if I expand two blocks I’ve got three black families as neighbors. We have no problems and sometimes even enjoy other’s company in a social setting. Larry doesn’t have one black family in his entire zip code.

    Now, I don’t mean to be a mean girl. But doesn’t that sound like Larry has a little problem with the truth and a little more tolerance of himself that he demands of others?

  50. Lots of vitriol from Graychin went into moderation. Since he’s gotten his share of shit this week I’ve approved every comment.

    I post the most harmless piece ever and you boys and girls go crazy on each other. Do I need to review “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” next time?

  51. Well Tex perhaps Leisure Suit’s idea of liberated was imprinted on him at a young age to mean something other than a woman doing what she wanted and to hell with what the uptight neighbors say.

    Either that or he learned it from senior wizards like a nursery rhyme and like most of their worldviews it doesn’t square with reality or hold up to scrutiny.

  52. Thank you, Rutherford.  

    My earlier comments that were held are now shown at nos. 43 and 45.  They are intended primarily for the doofus from Okmulgee – and of course for the anonymous coward who accused me falsely of one of the worst lies an American could tell, and who is low enough to drag a guy’s wife into an argument.

    Good night, all.  I sincerely hope that this is my last post here, as well as my last visit to this snake pit – ever.  I likely hope that even more than all of you do.

    Enjoy one another.

  53. Muffy as I said before my slamming the entire profession was unfair.

    But I think it would be a great improvement in the legal system if the defendant automatically got all his legal fees paid back by the plaintiff if the plaintiff loses. I’m talking civil cases only. Then, a defendant could focus on his innocence and not his legal fees. It might also discourage nuisance law suits.

  54. But I don’t care anymore. If you want good rep, don’t pay. Like all professions. When it comes from your own pocket, if you expect dedicated professional to protect your resources, you should expect it comes free. 🙄 And when it ain’t hourly or free, it’s some new unfair fee structure, right? 🙄 Seriously, WTF??? Name another profession where the expectations about getting paid for time are so easily expected. One.

  55. James my apologies for delaying my congrats to you on the good news of your granddaughter.

    Can I give you a different perspective? I was born with virtually every joint bent at 90 degrees. It’s called contractures. I also had cranial/facial imperfections including low sitting ears and droopy eyelids. My parents were encouraged to institutionalize me. They refused. My first orthopedic doctor told my parents “he’ll never run the 50 yard dash but he will be a productive citizen.” We always loved that doctor.

    I’m saying all this to say that I saw myself in your description of your granddaughter and while I have zero medical knowledge I instinctively believed things would work out for you.

    I understand the purpose of APGAR scores but when I first learned about them I was very offended. Something about slapping a “number” on a baby just sickened me. You’re categorized right out if the womb. Bothers me.

    Sorry to ramble but despite my silence I’ve enjoyed reading the stories of your little one. Your focus has been exactly where it should have been — focusing on what she CAN do instead of what she can’t.

    Bravo to you!

  56. “not getting paid.”

    I might add that I know I’ve given more of my professional time for free to people that needed than anyone else here ever has. It comes with the territory. So bitch about your 15 minute phone calls all you want. Let us know when you’ve done a damn thing for anyone else at the expense of your own livelihood.

    I’ll wait. . .

  57. Send me your email address, and I’ll send you a picture of myself with the medals, and a scan of the orders awarding them – with my REAL NAME.

    You’ve already got my email, pussy. Remember? Spare the effort so I don’t have to hit the delete key with your fake email address again.

    Here’s a better idea since you can’t stay away. Put it on your defunct blog for my amusement. Be sure to photo shop a Terminator body on the pic too, will you?

    Then I’ll post my “medals” here with a guest write up of Elvira the Executive with me tea bagging your picture. Keep your promise this time, geezer.

    Your glory days are over.

  58. Good night, all. I sincerely hope that this is my last post here, as well as my last visit to this snake pit – ever. I likely hope that even more than all of you do.

    Enjoy one another.

    Oh, boo hoo hoo hoo. Graychin is being picked on again. I’m taking bets on the free proxy server.

    Some turds never flush.

  59. Leisure suit…perfect. Good one, Muffy.


    My favorite story from Graychin is when he was building his mansion with his fortune as the married exec couple, and the crew loved Graychin and the queen so, they stole their four ceiling fans. 😆 😆 You just know Graychin is a tight ass and a miserable, frumpy lout to deal with – a cheapskate and shyster to boot. He’d probably stiffed them.

    I want to thank Fred from Okmulgee for sharing that little ditty. Apparently from Graychin’s reaction, he’s been busted elsewhere for lying about his heroics. I don’t know Fred, but I would shake his hand if I met him.

    It was good to slap his puffy face once again as payback for last November, but I can only take Graychin in small doses – the most unedifying human I’ve ever conversed with. I was done with him then before he came looking for trouble, fool that he is.

    You wouldn’t believe the sanctimonious act Gray puts on for the leftist ass sniffers at the T-World. Gray craves the ding and there is a rather large circle jerk of his friends there. Retching stuff, all them quick with accusation of racist, bagger and the like.

  60. Tigre I’m beginning to think you just enjoy being angry at me.

    First, I said my comment was unfair and I was blowing off steam.

    Second, are you telling me YOU cannot understand why I would be frustrated that someone can’t even have a 15 min convo without being billed? I’m not talking about calling the attorney ten times a week using up his time and abusing his good will. I’m talking the other extreme of almost never calling your attorney because you don’t want to see that bill at the end of the month.

    I have no idea what kind of attorney you are but I bet you would have given my Dad a more rigorous defense than he’s gotten and you probably wouldn’t have nickeled and dimed him.

    In my original comment I very deliberately chose the words “I feel sad for Tigre and BiC”, implying that you bear the burden of the lesser members of your profession.

    OK you can return to being pissed now.

  61. R, fair enough. Obviously I can’t speak to the quality of your dad’s lawyer or how zealous the representation. There’s plenty of shitty lawyers. I do wonder if the economic realities of your dad’s predicament made the nickels and dimes just that.

    And yes, I do get that in the very few professions where the commodity is measured in time, the billing seems cold/crude.

    And no, I don’t nickel and dime. However, mere mortals generally can’t afford legal fees in hotly contested matters. If someone’s going to pay the big bucks over an extended period I sure as shit will share some of the pain. That’s just good business.

    However, I meant what I said. I know of no other profession where the expectation that professional time is expendable exists. I honestly know of no other profession that generously gives more of its professional time in the collective to people that can’t afford the services. None.

    And I know of no other profession where compensation is so universally complained about. Look at the hole digger chortle like hiss education and experience somehow make whatever the fuck he makes unjust by comparison (or vice versa).

    I’m not angry at all. It comes with the territory. I scratch my head.

    I will be damned though if there isn’t often an inverse relationship between a client’s wealth and complaints about the billing. I have people that mortgage their homes to pay my bills offer nothing other than expressions of gratitude. I have others that couldn’t be bothered to pick up a hundred dollar bill that fell from their pocket that bellyache every time they receive a bill — even when it reflects enormous write-downs.

  62. Anybody who plays the race card in our country today is less than pond scum. It has become the 21st century equivalent of accusing someone of witchcraft in eighteenth century Salem. ~ Roger Simon, PJMedia

    And when we discuss Oprah, tell it like it really is — she’s a celebrity who has been extremely rich and famous for decades and has almost no idea what it’s really like to be a shopgirl in Zurich or anywhere else.

    Her story is one of Marie Antoinette, not Rosa Parks. ~ Roger Simon, PJMedia

    Preach it, brother!


    Rutherford, I’m somewhat proud of you – somewhat. 😉 I think you’ve actually mellowed a bit on race, realizing the hustle and the grievance is a complete fraud and many of us aren’t your antagonist because you’re black and we are white. There are just major differences in world view and mindset.

    We have serious issues which need to be addressed in this country before it is too late. Perhaps the divide between you and me is irreconcilable.

    But race has little or nothing to do with it.

  63. Yeah, I give out free pool advice to anyone who asks. I’ve even done it on blogs. My goal is to be helpful and informative, it does eventually pay dividends. I have always been that way. I’ve shown everyone I was working with the tricks and shortcuts and offered access to my knowledge and experience if they wanted. I challenged them to try to match my skills. Just like in ministry where we train our replacements.

    I know a lot of lawyers, mostly from building their pools. I understand the lawyer doling out advice for a fee. That’s all he has and giving it away devalues it. I paid a goodly chunk for my corporate paperwork, yet it was boiler plate stuff pulled off a hard drive and compiled by a paralegal. I was told up front the fee would be 350 per hour and when I received invoice it was billed at 375 per hour. Mine never answered emails – can’t charge for it. I was billed for phone call time.

    I do have lawyer friends that offer legal advice, but generally that advice is a referral to someone specializing in that particular area. A few have pointed me to online sources. A lot of legal docs can be found on-line. But it is still very confusing, often intentionally so.

    I finished a pool for a 500 dollar per hour lawyer recently. That is how he valued his awake time, even after work. You could see the time ticking away in his head as he held conversation. Quite the distraction. Apparently his young child sensed the same and had developed her own passive aggressive responses. Really sad. I will likely never live in the same zip or have as many pricey things, but my relationships within my family are gold.

    There is something nice about tangible things. When this hole digger is done, you have a fully functional and often beautiful swimming pool in place of what was usually dirt. I say ‘often beautiful’ because you can’t account for some folks tastes in color choice and nowadays there are too many tile/deck selections.

    I enjoy what I do, and I think that is key and has kept me going through richer and poorer times.

    A good lawyer is worth his/her weight in gold. But it is because our system is so fucked and much of that is because of lawyers. Hair of the dog.

  64. Thanks Rutherford, and Bravo to you! I knew you were a good man, but your story now makes you a role model for when the next bout of bad news hits our grand daughter, and even if the future is bright.

    You probably won’t look, but it is your loss not mine. Google Tough Enough-Vanilla Ninga (With Lyrics) YouTube video and see if the words don’t apply to you and probably all of the people contributing to this blog.Vanilla Ninga-Traces of Sadness (Live in Estonia) YouTube video shows the same song leading the concert, so you can see what the band looks like. If you look at the video, you may agree that it is hard to find an ugly Estonian.

    Tex, I have always liked you and admired how you use your mind like a sword to to eviscerate people with such speed and skill their bodies remain standing for moments before they tumble to the ground.

    I think you use it as a defense mechanism as the first British Empire evolved to protect the Islands from enemies, and self defense evolved into something else as the empire grew. I think that someone or something hurt you badly.

    I believe that underneath, you are a sentimental softy, intelligent and likeable. In your way you are a good role model as Rutherford is, and in my mind you two are yoked together.

    I know I am wrong, but it is how I see you.

    A news reporter interviewed me about our century farm. A piece of our land has been in the family for 150 years, and we got an award. It is the longest held family land in the area.. My great great grand father bought it as an investment for $1.50 per acre after his nephew returned from the California gold fields. The nephew had TB and believed he would die by 35. He wanted to accomplish as much as he could during his limited time.

    Besides aquiring land around home,he became a land agent and bought more land for neighbors and relatives, He taught school, established two stores, and ran for political office. Then, he returned home to Vermont and died at age 28.

    The reporter asked if I thought my ancestors would be proud of us. I had never given it much thought, but I think they would have been proud.

  65. Legal advice and legal representation are not the same thing.

    The day one of your holes saves me from making a big mistake that would have cost me 25K is the day I’ll complain about what my lawyer charges me for his “advice.”

    Now if you’re actually one of those very rare and gifted hole diggers that can fool my party guests into thinking the fake rocks in my koi pond are real and the trompe l’oeil backdrop is actually the Mediterranean – well now that’s a tangible that ranks right up there with my peace of mind and sense of justice and fair play. So I’d be interested in your business card too.

  66. Poolman returns to say. . . exactly nothing. Again.

    It’s not that giving away legal advice “devalues it,” Cheech. It’s that that the commodity is time. No comparison to what you do whatsoever. (“You mean you’re going to “charge me” to build that little hot tub on the side? Aren’t you making enough already?”).

    Call a non-friend, accountant, doctor, or hell, auto mechanic or backhoe operator like yourself, at work, and ask if you could just bend their ear for while about a specific problem you’re having. Watch the generosity flow. 🙄

    Frankly if a lawyer didn’t charge for his time on the phone he might as well close his doors.

    BTW emails free? My ass. They’re more time consuming than a phone call and comprise a huge portion of my day too — for which I bill.

    Keep complaining about a paralegal doing the routine work too, Cheech. Is it safe to assume her/his time is not billed or billed at a rate far less than the lawyer?

  67. “Legal advice and legal representation are not the same thing.”

    Truer words never spoken.

    R, I wish I could’ve helped your dad. It ain’t all about the money. Really.

  68. Legal advice and legal representation are not the same thing.

    No duh… Muffy, I think you’d be one of the folks I would flat out tell, “Get someone else, I don’t need your business.” That is, if I ever even set an appointment after an initial conversation.

    No worries. I don’t need your validation and frankly you don’t understand the industry.

  69. After about 3 phone calls which actually did constitute legal advice and not legal representation for which my lawyer did not charge me I sent him a sweet HP PDA back before PDAs had become commonplace or cheap. That’s called appreciation.

    My advice – free of charge – would be to find a lawyer that you really like as well as being a good attorney. It can make dealing with each other more pleasant. Just don’t expect that because he’s sweet you shouldn’t expect a bill for his time.

    Same for your doctor. I like my doctor. I don’t ask my doctor to look at this suspicious mole when I run into her at the dog park and I don’t consider it money wasted when I go to her office and get charged close to a thousand bucks for her to tell me its not cancerous.

    This goes beyond the scope of your situation Rutherford but the point I’m trying to make is that it’s your dad’s lawyer’s job to discuss your father’s case with him and without knowing what the fee arrangement between them is i don’t see the problem with the lawyer billing your dad for his time.

    Cheer up. It sounds like your daughter has the makings of a fine attorney so you and your dad did good.

  70. It’s that that the commodity is time. No comparison to what you do whatsoever.

    Time is all any of us really have. My point is: If you are mentally clicking off dollar signs with every minute, your life is already fucked. When you equate time with money you devalue life. Period. Kids pick up on that big time.

  71. “When you equate time with money you devalue life. Period. Kids pick up on that big time.”

    Huh? I value my time with my kids far more than any amount of money — no matter how it’s earned. If that lawyer was a workaholic pet store owner your insight would change. . . how?

  72. Now where am I gonna find another noble hole digger that does philosophy on the side who charges me for natural looking moss covered rock formations that won’t also charge me for the free advice on how to best remove the bird poop without messing up the fabulous moss.

    I suppose I can always email Cher in a pinch.

  73. I think there must be something about going to lawyerin school that really messes up the common sense language generally understood by us undermasses, the common folk.. Yanno, us basic necessity communicators that haven’t been shown the bar and what it means in layman’s terms to find oneself on one side of it or the other and the nuances that applies to words and understandings.

  74. Whats really fun is having a kick ass firm on your side when you all are in it together.

    The crazy thing though…the decisions…horse trading…..still comes down to you…not your lawyer.

    It leads to pretty insane philosophical discussions of the nature of maximizing utility vs. minimizing risk. I found that utility is not incremental. Neither is the risk. Tricky shit. Being able to articulate to your lawyer your personal sweet spot is key, if that makes any sense. I think its different for everybody.

    At the end of the day…..we were going back and forth on yellow sticky pads. It was so much fun.

    I have a feeling nothing I have said makes any sense….. 🙂

  75. Occupy, it made perfect sense to me too. I pit utility against risk every tine I jay walk across a busy street.

    My relationship with a lawyer is the same as with a doctor. I have rented their skills and expertise,but i must decide how they use them.

  76. “I think there must be something about going to lawyerin school that really messes up the common sense language generally understood by us undermasses, the common folk..”

    My lawyer who was doing my will, etc, spent over an hour explaining to me why the lawyer-ese in it was necessary. He failed. I kept asking him why the Constitution didn’t use any of that shit. He failed at explaining that, too.

  77. Lawyers love foolish know-it-alls like you PF. It ensures more work using that fancy language that doesn’t appear in the constitution later. 😆

    Ridiculous analogy.

  78. Job security, eh Tigre? I don’t think its against the law to impersonate a lawyer like it is a cop. I could be wrong and I’m certain someone will set me straight.

    Then you got so many different types of law, jurisdictions and protocols. It has purposefully been made a labyrinth.

    I think it is a shame that it often takes much money to get justice under normal everyday circumstances in this world today. And it does take good legal teams to navigate the massive confusion and unseen hurdles.

    I know a couple of people that have been waiting years for funds related to cases they won that are still being held up by some sort of legal web of hocus pocus filings and mumbo jumbo procedures. One is a labor issue the other an insurance issue. They have all but given up.

  79. “R, I wish I could’ve helped your dad. It ain’t all about the money. Really.”

    I appreciate that. Truth be told I’m more angry at my Dad than the lawyer. My Mom dead 9 years now, was the aggressive one which allowed my Dad to be passive. Result is he did not stay on top of this law suit. Maybe he thought no news is good news and that combined with the cost per minute prevented him from being more active.

    My sister, a JD who has never practiced, says the suit is a slam dunk in our Dads favor so she’s pissed too.

    Get this… shortly after my Dad got an unexpected lump sum from a former employer (unpaid back wages) he got sued for the exact amount of the lump sum. I find it hard to believe that was a coincidence. Payment must have been public record and plaintiff used the info to see how deep my Dads pockets were.

    The whole situation just burns me up. He’s visiting from CT this weekend and I have to resist fighting with him about it the whole weekend.

  80. You’d be wrong Poolman. It’s as illegal as impersonating a doctor. It’s called the unauthorized practice of law. Fortunately for you fools and the legal profession, there’s an exemption and an aphorism for representing themselves.

    By all means, draft your own plain language business contracts and wills. What could go wrong? PF deemed himself the winner of some debate with his lawyer over the need for certain terminology. I’m sure you’ve thought it all through so thoroughly there could never be ambiguity in the interpretation. 😆

  81. ” I sent him a sweet HP PDA back before PDAs had become commonplace or cheap. That’s called appreciation.”

    I want an iPad. What do I have to do for you to get one for me? Free webinar advice? 😆

  82. I did write my own contract and had one lawyer tell me it was very thorough. I told him I copied most of the points from my competition who copied it from their competition and someone at one time probably paid some firm a pretty penny. He also told me it mattered not how much protection we put in writing, any of it could be challenged. The state also dictates the required verbiage to all who participate in contracting under legal guidelines.

  83. I don’t know what frustrates me worse.

    Trying to swipe a phone pad with fat fingers, operate a PDA with a pen, or trying to get a damn piece of sandpaper to stay on a pad sander as I try to get a piece of antique furniture my mother painted 🙄 ready for my daughter for med school. Brand new sander and never out of the box, my mother bought me from Sears years ago, never used. I pull an orbital sander out all the time (Dewalt), but it’s hard to get a circle to fit in a square.

    I remember when Black & Decker made good stuff. My first miter saw was Black & Decker and lasted for years. This piece of junk typifies why Sears is about to go belly up. I had to cut this massive piece of sandpaper with a pair of scissors, wrap the crap around the pad and the sander, and practically hold the clips with my fingers for the paper to stay on.

    I’d have been mortified if somebody who actually new anything about finishing wood came by, so I hid in the backyard doing it.

    It would have been a hell of a lot easier with a block of wood and I tried that except I kept crunching my fingers in the enclosed space. 😡

    Why did my mother think it a great idea to paint a piece of maple wood? You ought to see this thing – gorgeous; on the 10% of it I’ve got stripped. This might take until the rapture to get stripped. 😡

  84. Mmm boys and girls the Snowden gift keeps on giving.

    “R”, this world is so upside down, you’re now rooting for Snowden and I’m congratulating Obama off the same page for doing something right for once – probably by accident.

    Obama remains passive on Egypt, Syria.

    Too busy on the golf course to notice, I suppose. I hope BO stays there on the tee box for another three years so he can’t screw anything else up.

    So who do we root for in both? The tyrant killing his own people or Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood killing their own people and trying to kill the tyrant? That’s a hell of a choice, isn’t it?

    I’m about to come to the conclusion of kill them all and leave the land to the goats.

  85. Why did my mother think it a great idea to paint a piece of maple wood?

    I think it was stylish at one time. I have a gorgeous maple dresser with carvings and mom painted it red with antiquing rubbed over it. I keep thinking one day I will restore it back to natural.

    Is this a good time to mention there is a product that all you need do is brush on and it will cut through and curl off any kind of paint down to the natural wood?

  86. I’m rooting for Snowden too,

    Letting them kill each other would be fine, but it won’t happen.

    I am rooting for the group ultimately less dangerous to us. That is the Egyptian Military government and the Syrian regime..Thus, Russia with its help to Syria, is indirectly one of the good guys. Considering what they are trying to do to Ukraine and their own people my attitude is sick. I may need therapy.

  87. I can’t believe the left is cool with Obama’s new tyrannical surveillance state. But….for the most part they are. And yes….it appears a lot of this shit is new. As in 2008 and onward.

    I guess they are so elated with the fact that Obamacare is exactly the epic cluster fuck Sara Palin said it would be and the tranquil state of affairs in the Middle East born out OF such successful foreign policy, liberals just can’t bring themselves down from the clouds to realize the government is illegally SPYING ON ALL OF US!

    At least the HUGE FUCKING stimulus gave us the lowered unemployment rate that they promised and wasn’t riddled with corruption….and…..and……well…….it never ends. There is literally too much to bitch about and bitch about legitimately.

    Rutherford can’t keep up with how much the Obama administration sucks….and either can I!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Face Palm!


  88. Cut him some slack. At your age he was in a rush./blockquote>

    LMAO!!! But I can top that.

    Along the same lines, Mr. Graychin threatened me today with a restraining order if he can capture the goods on me. 😈 I shit you not. We don’t even live in the same county. I have no idea what he looks like. I don’t even know where he lives. LOL Out of the blue during a discussion of a street change name in Tulsa I was having with another guest in a civil manner. I hadn’t even insulted him (yet). I think the old man is burnt beyond recognition.

    So now I’ve got one threatening to kick my ass for illusions of death threats third party, I don’t know if that is before or after contacting my ISP and the FBI, and another putting a restraint on my own savagery while he follows me around from blog to blog, commenting on my comments to Tulsa World editors. :mrgreen: I told Old Gray today, that when I want to know if he’s commented, I don’t use the search tool engine, but the clicking on my own name on my responses. LOL I don’t think he found that funny either.

    TIger, can you explain to Graychin that he’ll need to add an indemnity clause to the restraining order, exempting the Tulsa World and Rutherford Lawson locations, I guess? 😆

    Until today, I thought Graychin just a punk and asshole, reasonably bright though horribly wrong about anything of importance. Now I know him to be a full fledged crazy too – I mean cuckoo crazy.

    I suppose I should have guessed this, having Yeller Dawg for best friend and brother the dead giveaway.

  89. Is this a good time to mention there is a product that all you need do is brush on and it will cut through and curl off any kind of paint down to the natural wood?

    I tried that one time, a product you actually painted on with brush and spent a small fortune for a gallon. I didn’t find it worked as promised, Poolman. Basically, I ended up with a pile of goo on a putty knife that was more of a mess than the sanding and still had to sand. Might be a good idea for the enclosure, though.

    Have you tried it Poolman to see if it works?

    I’m pretty skeptical of some of these paint promises these days. I spent $65.00 for a gallon of Sherman Williams best paint, supposed to be tough as nails and won’t chip (hell, anybody that understands the concept of latex paint would no that baloney), and Mickey’s collar knocked off a chunk when we were running through the household and he slid in the entry way. 😡

  90. Regarding Egypt, is it just me or is “interim government” an oxymoron?

    LOL! That was pretty good, Rutherford. Well, at least you’ve managed to keep your sense of humor.

  91. Tex Ive had great success with Citri-strip. I let it sit and then soak it up with a generous portion of cedar shavings rubbed in and then add more fresh shavings and more rubbing. Works really well for me and the wood gets very clean with minimal to no sanding.

    Water cleanup and pleasant orange scent too.

    Is that the one you tried?

  92. Rutherford believe it or not I once entertained the notion of delivering somehow an iPad to you for Christmas – I guess it would have been 2011. You were talking about wishing you could get one for your kiddo. For serious. 🙂

  93. No, haven’t tried that Muffy. I did add sawdust to the mix, however. And I cannot recall the name, but I do remember the price. $60.00 a gallon, probably a decade ago from Home Depot.

    My problem is mixed one. There are at least three coats of paint, all over a stained application and much of the work intricate and detailed.

    I’ll take a look. Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a mess no matter which way I choose and I’m under a time constraint to boot.


    What I didn’t add about Graychin is that he accused me of having a “dossier” on him. 😈 The guy is as about as important to me as Mickey’s dogshit in the backyard. I don’t keep dossiers on my wife, much less some goon from Bumpkin, OK.

    All I’ve thrown in Graychin’s face is what he provided here on this very blog by memory, minus the wife’s name which I received in an email (see below). He’s just a bully and I like to pull his chain. Graychin is from Tulsa and just happens to live about 60-70 miles away now at a lake I practically grew up on. Everything he mentioned here, I remembered because it’s home to me too.

    I knew Graychin’s wife’s name and where he worked because there is some lady in Tulsa, and I can’t even remember her name anymore as that two computers removed, that was bullied by Graychin in Tulsa and hated the SOB. She wasn’t especially fond of his wife either apparently, because the email provided her name. I never used it because I had no idea the validity of the email, but sure enough, she was right. I even thought she was wrong up to a few months ago, because some letter to the editor sounded just like Graychin and I commented here it had to be him when I read it one morning. Rutherford told me I was wrong in my estimate. Rutherford was also right. I was wrong.

    Graychin is predicable as hell and making a nuisance of himself by trying to ‘out me’ as I provided in that thread I linked to amongst other things. He’s pissed that I’m allowed to use a nickname – but any dolt could find me if he had half a brain. It’s not like I don’t leave myself hanging. Damn straight I baited Graychin over – purposely, hence the wife’s name to burn his sorry ass for being a major league prick of trying to cause some serious personal damage. If that had been my business, I’d have given some serious thought to upping the ante.

    Tigre and I joked about Graychin’s use of his post office as effective government to lend credence to Obamacare. Then it closed. 😆 Tigre can confirm that. You don’t forget stories like that. And since I from the area, I also remembered the specific post office. Graychin can’t believe someone could remember things like that. There’s not a person on this board that couldn’t do the same.

    Tigre and I had a field day ripping the old fart’s ass with that one and it really stuck in Graychin’s craw. But because I knew the intimate “details” of Graychin’s life like the post office location, I’m creeping him out.

    I didn’t realize until today, the guy is this strange – truly a narcissist and a nut. Now it begins to make sense why he is so angry. He can’t handle the embarrassment and he most certainly can’t handle being humiliated. Graychin is used to being stroked.

    Understand that when Graychin stepped into this room, he stepped up in ability. He’s used to being the big dog on a board of puppies and is far and away the best leftist poster on the T-World board.

    But that’s like claiming the highest IQ in the special ed class. Graychin has never gotten over the lashing he took here. That’s why reappeared last November to rub salt in the Obama wound. The man is a classless act. And I didn’t forget that little episode where he bragged of his Schadenfraude either. Payback is hell. 😉

  94. “…truly a narcissist and a nut. .He can’t handle the embarrassment and he most certainly can’t handle being humiliated.”

    I’m confused, Tex. Are you writing about Graychin or the president?

  95. I seem to remember everything I read here too. To the point of creeping myself out. Sometimes I see massive contradictory stuff.

    Funny thing is I can’t remember what I write, myself.

    But….it’s not a contradiction when it’s me. Like Romney….my positions evolve. 🙂

  96. Please tell me Biz Pac is a page from The Onion.

    Battered race syndrome. Fuckin’ A. He’s the one doing all the battering.

  97. Occupy you’ve only been coming around for about 2 weeks too. 😆

    Tamp your mustache down. It’s lifting again. . .

  98. Tex, my FIL used “Formby’s” products to strip old finishes off of furniture. He was quite a furniture builder and refinisher back before he lost his mind and passed. I tried the citris stuff myself and it worked but not as well. It does take several coats, like muff said. I did like the smell and environment-safe aspect.

    FIL also had a heat gun. The heat gun takes a little more talent and works better for larger flat areas, though it does still leave some finish. I never tried it and I think it easier to gouge the surface if one isn’t careful.

  99. “Rutherford believe it or not I once entertained the notion of delivering somehow an iPad to you for Christmas”

    I knew under that tough exterior was a sweetheart. 🙂

  100. I was in my neighborhood restaurant this morning and was seated behind a
    group of jubilant individuals celebrating the coming implementation of the
    health care bill.

    I could not finish my breakfast.

    This is what ensued:

    They were a diverse group of several races and both sexes.

    I heard a young man exclaim,

    “Isn’t Obama like Jesus Christ?

    I mean, after all, he is healing the sick.”

    A young woman enthusiastically proclaimed, “Yeah, and he does it for free.

    I cannot believe anyone would think that a free market wouldn’t work for
    health care.”

    Another said, “The stupid Republicans want us all to starve to death so they
    can inherit all of the power.

    Obama should be made a Saint for what he did for those of us less

    At this, I had more than enough.

    I arose from my seat, mustering all the restraint I could find, and
    approached their table.

    “Please excuse me; may I impose upon you for one moment?”

    They smiled and welcomed me to the conversation.

    I stood at the end of their table, smiled as best I could and began an

    “I would like to give one of you my house.

    It will cost you no money and I will pay all of the expenses and taxes for
    as long as you live there.

    Anyone interested?”

    They looked at each other in astonishment. “Why would you do something like
    that?” asked a young man,

    “There isn’t anything for free in this world.”

    They began to laugh at me,

    as they did not realize this man had just made my point.

    “I am serious, I will give you my house for free, no money whatsoever.

    Anyone interested?”

    In unison, a resounding “Yeah” fills the room.

    “Since there are too many of you, I will have to make a choice as to who
    receives this money-free bargain.”

    I noticed an elderly couple was paying attention to the spectacle unfolding
    before their eyes, the old man shaking his head in apparent disgust.

    “I tell you what; I will give it to the one of you most willing to obey my

    Again, they looked at one another, an expression of bewilderment on their

    The perky young woman asked, “What are the rules?”

    I smiled and said, “I don’t know.

    I have not yet defined them.

    However, it is a free home that I offer you.”

    They giggled amongst themselves, the youngest of which said,

    “What an old coot. He must be crazy to give away his home.

    Go take your meds, old man.”

    I smiled and leaned into the table a bit further.

    “I am serious, this is a legitimate offer.”

    They gaped at me for a moment.

    “I’ll take it you old fool.

    Where are the keys?” boasted the youngest among them.

    “Then I presume you accept ALL of my terms then?” I asked.

    The elderly couple seemed amused and entertained as they watched from the
    privacy of their table.

    “Oh yeah! Where do I sign up?”

    I took a napkin and wrote,

    “I give this man my home, without the burden of financial obligation, so
    long as he accepts and abides by the terms that I shall set forth upon
    consummation of this transaction.”

    I signed it and handed it to the young man who eagerly scratched out his

    “Where are the keys to my new house?”

    he asked in a mocking tone of voice.

    All eyes were upon us as I stepped back from the table,

    pulling the keys from pocket and dangling them before the excited new

    “Now that we have entered into this binding contract, witnessed by all of
    your friends,

    I have decided upon the conditions you are obligated to adhere to from this
    point forward. You may only live in the house for one hour a day.

    You will not use anything inside of the home.

    You will obey me without question or resistance.

    I expect complete loyalty and admiration for this gift I bestow upon you.
    You will accept my commands and wishes with enthusiasm, no matter the

    Your morals and principles shall be as mine.

    You will vote as I do, think as I do and do it with blind faith.

    These are my terms.

    Here are your keys.”

    I reached the keys forward and the young man looked at me dumbfounded.

    “Are you out of your mind?

    Who would ever agree to those ridiculous terms?”

    the young man appeared irritated.

    “You did when you signed this contract before reading it, understanding it
    and with the full knowledge that I would provide my conditions only after
    you committed to the agreement.”

    The elderly man chuckled as his wife tried to restrain him. I was looking at
    a now silenced and bewildered group of people.

    “You can shove that stupid deal up your a** old man.

    I want no part of it!” exclaimed the now infuriated young man.

    ‘You have committed to the contract, as witnessed by all of your friends.
    You cannot get out of the deal unless I agree to it.

    I do not intend to let you free now that I have you ensnared.

    I am the power you agreed to.

    I am the one you blindly and without thought chose to enslave yourself to.
    In short, I am your Master.”

    At this, the table of celebrating individuals became a unified group against
    the unfairness of the deal.

    After a few moments of unrepeatable comments and slurs, I revealed my true

    “What I did to you is what this administration and congress did to you with
    the health care legislation.

    I easily suckered you in and then revealed the real cost of the bargain.

    Your folly was in the belief that you can have something you did not earn,
    and for that which you did not earn, you willingly allowed someone else to
    think for you.

    Your failure to research, study and inform yourself permitted reason to
    escape you.

    You have entered into a trap from which you cannot flee.

    Your only chance of freedom is if your new Master gives it to you. A freedom
    that is given can also be taken away.

    Therefore, it is not freedom at all.”

    With that, I tore up the napkin and placed it before the astonished young

    “This is the nature of your new health care legislation.”

    I turned away to leave these few in thought and contemplation — and was
    surprised by applause.

    The elderly gentleman, who was clearly entertained, shook my hand
    enthusiastically and said,

    “Thank you, Sir. These kids don’t understand Liberty .”

    He refused to allow me to pay my bill as he said,

    “You earned this one. It is an honor to pick up the tab.”

    I shook his hand in thanks, leaving the restaurant somewhat humbled and
    sensing a glimmer of hope for my beloved country.

  101. I think Noah might be my Dad. Either that or they send one another the same stuff.

    Noah…you are a Wackasourus, brah.

  102. Not only am I not the dead rabbit, I am thinking of turning him into to the FBI for a threat he directed my way involving my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

  103. You guys want to know something funny about Occupy? He once performed cunnilingus on a meth head with missing teeth inside a hollowed out Redwood tree. True story.

  104. Seriously Rabbit……not cool at all. I’m warning you. Expose more of my personal life and I will turn you into to homeland security. Real man…cyber bullying me while hiding behind a computer.

  105. I’m confused, Tex. Are you writing about Graychin or the president?


    James, you’re a witty man. And funny you would say that, because I was thinking that same thought while I was writing the thing. Change a few words, substitute Graychin with Obama, and we got the Pres!!!

  106. From Pfesser’s excellent article:

    But Mr. Hentoff sees the surveillance state as a threat to free speech, too. About a year ago he went up to Harvard to speak to a class. He asked, he recalled: “How many of you realize the connection between what’s happening with the Fourth Amendment with the First Amendment?” He told the students that if citizens don’t have basic privacies—firm protections against the search and seizure of your private communications, for instance—they will be left feeling “threatened.” This will make citizens increasingly concerned “about what they say, and they do, and they think.” It will have the effect of constricting freedom of expression. Americans will become careful about what they say that can be misunderstood or misinterpreted, and then too careful about what they say that can be understood. The inevitable end of surveillance is self-censorship.

    That’s exactly what this is, and that is exactly the danger. If people know what you think, what you do, and how you think, they are at the advantage and they can control you.

    And I’ll be damned if I can figure out why American citizens are not enraged, screw the party and the labels, that our employee has stomped all over us and left us holding the bag. Why are we apathetic? Why aren’t we storming Washington with pitchforks and tar? Why are we not demanding accountability, Repub or Dem alike?

    Pfesser, you want to know why I am so doubtful about the future of America? Why I’ve often noted I only see two ways out of this mess besides death: secession and fiscal collapse.

    Because I don’t think Americans are tuned in, I don’t find the whole terribly deep, and I think half of America actually approves of this thuggery having no idea they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. They are manipulated. This is the Cult of Obama – he can do no wrong and we trust him. The Constitution is a relic, truth is now malleable, and government dependents still believe the party will go on and on, providing cover for theft in their numbers.


    I no longer wonder how Nazi Germany arrived – they were the industrial power of their day. Because I realized now that most of the people of the National Socialist party were not mass Jew killers – they were hoodwinked by a madman and quit thinking for themselves, lending trust where it did not belong.

    I’m not implying Barack Obama is Adolph Hitler. But what I am implying is that the multitude of Hitler’s followers, those who elected him to power, were blind to what he was and provided enough protection to mask what he was, intended or not. And I believe that is America now.

    For reasons I can’t explain, millions have put their trust in a government that doesn’t deserve their trust.

    History repeating itself, I am afraid. And it will end ugly with every one of us affected.

  107. Well Tex it isn’t cheap but I stand by it. $20 and I used this size (link) and every 2 pieces or so had to get some more. I’ve used it on metal, a rocker, a bunch of tables including a deeply abused duncan phyfe pie table and I will use it on an old victrola I’ve got stored.

    Glob it on and NOT sparingly, cover with plastic wrap (not necessary but holds it in place for vertical surfaces and fancy turned dowels and whatnot), wait several hours, then don rubber gloves and go to town with the cedar shavings. You’re doing more with the shavings than just soaking up the goop, your’re sort of scraping/sanding with the edges of the shavings. My process involved laying out a tarp at the beginning and rubbing the shavings letting them fall as I kept grabbing fresh shavings. Cedar pet bedding and plenty of it.

    Like I said a second app was usually needed to get all the crevices and any dry spots. Then just fold the whole mess up and toss the tart and everything.

    I’m being pushy. It did take some practice. The hit Okie sun might be an issue too. Good luck with whatever way you go.

  108. Poolman – having done a bit of refinishing I find a heat gun is great to take off several layers of paint. You do need to use a light hand to strip off the paint. Once you have the bigger portion of paint removed then use a stripper and fine steel wool to remove the remaining paint. I find the newer strippers don’t work as well as they once did. Zip-strip was one product that worked great. I also found Formby’s was very good for stripping paint but especially old stain and varnish. Again, it doesn’t work as well as it once did and hard to find or perhaps I’m in the wrong store. When you have a piece with “nooks and crannies” you need to improvise with tools. I found a youth spoon – small and tapered and non-gouging worked great on the nooks and crannies on one piece I refinished. Steel wool (small pieces at a time) and stripper is very good getting the difficult areas. And a toothbrush works for some areas as well. A nut or lobster picker will work too. It helps to be inventive with tools. My son would laugh at me when I headed to the kitchen drawer for tools. There are some things that just take time and patience but worth the effort.

  109. 😆 @ #138; #142; #149; #150; #151; #152.

    Wholeheartedly agree w/ #139 – both parts; #140; #144 😉 ; #148 – love her stuff esp. lately; and every word of #154.

    Oh and I just got #155. 😆

  110. Rutherford,

    I’ve been a long time lurker and just wanted to drop a line thanking you for your thoughtful blog, despite these tin foil hats that try to ruin everything.

    These wing nuts have no problem allowing corporate America track everything they do, but complain when the government simply logs info to protect them. Wing nuts, do you have something to hide?

    I will skip even addressing the other home spun astro turf scandals.

    I’ve been on social security for 3 years for an injured back that will never heal. I thank my lucky stars every day that we have a President with true compassion. Working is impossible for me. In fact, getting out of bed sometimes is. I have no doubt a Romney victory would have left me starving.

    Without a safety net we can’t even collectively call ourselves a people.

    I’ll try to stop in now and then and offer a fellow progressive take on things. Stay strong, Mr. Lawson. Stay strong.

    Sebastian from Irvine.

  111. Just a lurker,

    Like you, I’m not finding things work nearly as well as they once did – polyurethane the most obvious one for me.

    I suspect we can all thank our EPA for most of these problems.

    Thank our lucky stars the EPA saved us from VOC (volatile organic compounds) 🙄

    If there is one thing I wish for all of government, and that includes my idiot local authority, it would be to leave us alone.

  112. You are free to blame the EPA. I have been told some of these products worked too well so one did not need to buy gallon$ to do a job. So they weaken the solution. The result required one to buy gallon$. Also the stronger solution caused burns/problems for some who then filed complaints or law suits because they did not used it according to directions.

  113. Yes, I think I will criticize the EPA – another in a long list of accessories to the jackbooted thuggism known as ‘progressive politics.’ What is good for thee is not for me.

    What I just quoted is well known fact across many industries, and the change in formulation did nothing to safeguard a damn thing.

    Works so well, that wood floor finishes are now experiencing white line syndrome. Look it up, if interested.

    There’s really no winning with you guys.

  114. “Lawyers love foolish know-it-alls like you PF. It ensures more work using that fancy language that doesn’t appear in the constitution later.

    Ridiculous analogy.”

    I’m sure you are right. That’s why Nolo press and are are such failures. (That is sarcasm.)

    And why new law grads are doing things like cutting hair on the side, in order to make a living. I’ll find you the article on it when I get the time and the inclination.

    Or, the other explanation is that the legal-ese is not needed, the Constitution still the best example of why not.

    Ridiculous explanation. Try again, Counselor. You are in over your (admittedly low) head.

  115. Damn Muffy that comment had more numbers in it than any placed on the blog in 6 years. And no I’m not going to identify the comment number I’m referring to.

  116. Well I know he isn’t talking about me coz my hat’s platinum. Tin doesn’t hold up long term in a blast furnace as most folks know.

  117. None of those products work like they used to. At least not those available to the public. I can get some pretty strong industrials as a contractor. The public has been sissified. They can’t figure out hot coffee is just that and will melt your flesh, so we got to make it more luke-like. Here we stand as a pussified culture.

  118. Back in the day you could pick out the wiser carpenters and smarter farmers as being the ones with all their digits. When I first started in the pool industry we’d pump muriatic acid out of 55 gallon drums into gallon jugs for resale. “Don’t breathe it,” they said, and “don’t get it on you. You might want to breathe through your shirt.” OSHA woulda had a field day.

  119. Believe what you want PF. Makes me wonder why you hired a lawyer to begin with. You got Google and documents that still contain language you don’t understand and aren’t in the Constitution. Duh. 🙄

    Hey, the “vitamin” and holistic industry is doing really well too.

    Must mean we don’t doctors.

  120. “You are in over your (admittedly low) head.”

    Still chuckling. The Homer Simpson of jurisprudence really put me in my place. 😆 😆

    Oh forgot about all of those court cases you bragged about “winning.”

    Why don’t you give Tex the special formula you’ll probably claim invented for stripping paint from furniture?

    Gawd your shtick is tired.

  121. Can’t figure out what is and isn’t an actual threat on an Internet forum…or what is and isn’t an actual bank robbery…but can write his own legal documents.


  122. Pardon my laziness but someone (I don’t remember who) posted this article in a prior thread (maybe the last one) and I don’t feel like searching to find who posted it. I finally got around to reading it.

    It was posted in the thread, I believe, to suggest some validity to heaven. All I can say is — totally ridiculous. In fact the very title of the piece is ridiculous. “Near Death Experiences Aren’t Figment of Imagination”

    Let’s think about this. A figment of the imagination is something fictional that the brain cooks up and that we believe. The study proved that while dying, the brain cooks up shit (like a bright light) that we believe. The study did NOT prove anything about imagination or to put it differently the study DID prove that because the brain enters a state of hyperactivity during death, it IS capable of flights of fancy — otherwise known as IMAGINATION.

    Sorry gang, but the article doesn’t prove squat about what happens after we’re dead. So it’s still heaven for some of us, hell for others and simple worm food for the rest.

    The debate continues.

  123. I’m not sure I get the Toni Price/Barry White comparison but I could listen to either one.

    But I’ll tell you when I bought my first and only drum kit 30 years ago, I wanted desperately to play this drum intro to Barry’s “I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby”.

  124. These wing nuts have no problem allowing corporate America track everything they do, but complain when the government simply logs info to protect them. Wing nuts, do you have something to hide?

    Apparently, we do. What the hell are you talking about, Sebastian? Credit cards? I guess when the wingnuts are footing the bill, you got no problems with our ‘compassionate’ failure ignoring the 1st, 2nd, 4th (the subject here as you obviously don’t know a damn thing about the papers governing us), 6th, and 10th.

    Like I’ve said, the one Amendment his compassionate failure sticking future generations with the bill understands backward and forward is the 5th.

    Reads like another moonbat on the government dole all of us wingnuts are paying for. I’m all out of empathy for moonbats and their money problems.

  125. Sorry gang, but the article doesn’t prove squat about what happens after we’re dead.

    That wasn’t the purpose of the article. I wasn’t attempting to ‘prove’ anything, as you always assume me proselytizing or something. 🙄

    All the article demonstrated was it now proven the brain goes into a hyperactive state after death. For all the article implied, that could have meant heaven a figment but the experiences real.

  126. What happens when you die?

    Not that hard a question… the same thing that happens to the light when you turn the bulb off – Nothing – it just ceases to exist. Just like you in the year 1850, and just like you in the year 2150. 1850 shouldn’t scare anyone; neither should 2150.

  127. ““You are in over your (admittedly low) head.”
    Still chuckling. The Homer Simpson of jurisprudence really put me in my place.”

    Don’t take it personally; dressing down someone who went to three years of drinking school isn’t that hard.

  128. tt – WOW, can not have a discussion on refinishing furniture without it becoming a political bashing! I first noticed the difference in these products back in the ’70’s when you were still being potty trained.

    Why do I think you would tell me Eve was a flaming liberal and a Democrat who forced Adam to eat the apple. Or was it a EPA mandate that forced the apple eating. Or the FTA looking for Adam’s apple jack still and he ate the evidence. Or, of course, Obama who sent a Drone which T-Rex snatched from the air and devoured causing him to die from a blockage.

    However, there is one thing we do agree on:
    “There’s really no winning with you guys.”

  129. R – sorry for the diarrhea of the keyboard this morning; lots to do today, and I’m trying to keep it short. One of our writers (who was also in some of our videos) is visiting this week, with her husband and four kids, all of whom want the “country experience.” Great fun, but frankly I’m wearing out on tractor, ATV and airplane rides.

    re: near-death experiences. Consider this experiment: Take a modern computer and slowly drop the supply-voltage that it lives on. As the voltage continues to fall, at some point it becomes unstable, with some transistors dropping offline at higher voltages, then more and more as it continues to drop.

    During that unstable period, there may appear very odd messages on the screen, flickering, file lists, what-have-you. But eventually the screen goes blank and never comes back. Remember the old LED calculators? Remember what the display did as the batteries got low?

    Now extend that analogy to an infinitely more sophisticated analog computer, and near-death experiences, created as the blood flow to the brain fades, are no mystery at all. It’s man’s superstition and universal fear of death that creates the “mystery.”

  130. “However, there is one thing we do agree on:
    “There’s really no winning with you guys.”

    JAL – Yep – you got it. Just a little circle-jerk, and woe betide anyone who gets off-message. That’s why it’s such a closed shop with about five regular post-ers, R himself just about the only thinking man. It’s good for entertainment occasionally, though…


    I’d like to try your formula, actually. I’m restoring a 1942 Zenith floor model radio that belonged to my aunt, but I know so little about woodworking that I’m letting a local craftsman do the cabinet.

    Here’s my hoped-for result:

    You can buy kits to build short-range AM radio transmitters; when I’m done, I plan to broadcast all-1940’s music and leave this radio on my station. When I have visitors, I’ll tell them that there’s a ghost in the machine and it only plays music from its own era.

  131. lurker, Eve was not the flaming liberal. Lilith, Adam’s first wife was a feminist and made Adam’s life miserable. After God fired her and made Eve, Lilith inflicted mischief on the world as progressive liberals do.

    Sebastian, Obama has more concern for his golf game and latest vacation than he does for you. Obamacare is more good than bad, and it is based on lies.

    Our government should have looked at other systems to see what worked and what didn’t.Finnland for example, has a better system than the Soviet type monstrosity Obamacare will evolve into.

    Our daughter’s father in law restores old radios. He has a room filled with them.

  132. “Don’t take it personally; dressing down someone who went to three years of drinking school isn’t that hard.”

    Good one, Homer.

    Zing. 🙄

  133. Sebastian let me also welcome you to the blog with a big fuck you

    These wing nuts have no problem allowing corporate America track everything they do, but complain when the government simply logs info to protect them. Wing nuts, do you have something to hide?
    Typical of a liberal…name calling and unsubstantiated nonsense. First off most of if not all the corporate type info gathering occurs via a contract type interaction where it has been disclosed it is happening. I’d give you many people are apathetic or ignorant to it but just like the warning on a pack of smokes it is up front.

    I’ve been on social security for 3 years for an injured back that will never heal. I thank my lucky stars every day that we have a President with true compassion. Working is impossible for me. In fact, getting out of bed sometimes is. I have no doubt a Romney victory would have left me starving.
    Genuine back injuries are a terrible thing so I won’t rain on that and will wish you well. You are however a hyper partisan douche with regards the rest of your statement Romney would not have starved you,hunted you down and euthanized you or ignored any of your genuine needs. To state otherwise is just as bad as what you accuse other nuts of spinning.
    Obama doesn’t have the market on compassion by any stretch but I doubt you can see the mountain of evidence that shows it. Start with drone strikes trickle over to the economy and lack of leadership to get a hint. Typical liberal…wants a hand held and hand out instead of an actual hand in getting something real done.

  134. @. JAL in fairness everything is political and as Poolman alludes to the politicians ,lawyers and greenies have a lot to do with many things including that which impacts furniture restoration.
    There is a line that intersects and supports freedom and safety unfortunately we can’t see that one in our collective rear view mirror.

  135. And just so I can score #200 I actually like the analogy of PF and the failing computer. Excellent way to illustrate the point.

  136. Rutherford just to address the post. I think Stewart has job security. I personally would hope they cut Colbert but then again CC has plenty of places to give Oliver a spot.
    I will say though I think you have fallen into the timeless trap of liking and buying into the myth of higher credibility when it comes with a British accent. It also triggers the internationalist faux intellectual gene when the American bashing comes with the classy accent. It’s the Hahvard in you bro.

  137. Mrs. Tigre spotted this the other day from some news article. It piqued her curiosity on the topic of near death experience. I might give the book a read myself

    Yeah, that is an interesting read, TIgre. Like I said, my post was not meant to start a discussion of heaven but to demonstrate the PHYSICAL realities and explanation of NDE.

    Rutherford and Pfesser are under the illusion I really care what happens upon their death. Trust me on this one – I’m not losing sleep.

    The man who has alienated everybody on this board practically and deluded enough to believe the problem is our circle jerk, is in for an even bigger surprise one day as the neurosurgeon you referenced about, oh I don’t know, a million times more intelligent and trustworthy?

    Like I wanted to ask him yesterday, “Why aren’t you using then for you will? This is man whose line of connection between two points of logic is ≠. 😈

  138. tt – WOW, can not have a discussion on refinishing furniture without it becoming a political bashing! I first noticed the difference in these products back in the ’70′s when you were still being potty trained.

    Well see Lurker, there’s your first problem. You obviously are under the impression people require potty training about the time when they are the legal age of driving or get to vote. I can safely assume about the time you learned not to shit your pants, now you can’t help but shitting your pants. No wonder you’re so twisted.

    Had you not responded hatefully to me, I would have just “talked” like I did with Poolman and Muffy.

    The changes I speak of reregulating VOC happened about 2005 according to manufacturers.

  139. Full moon last night?

    You may dispense with the pleasantries, Sebastian from Irvine. What are these scandals of which you speak? I’ve been watching MSNBC non-stop for 5 years and I’ve heard nary a whisper about any “scandals.” What is the scoop, Woodward?

    Lurker – subtle!

  140. @#190 – that’s it? Well I’ll be. Turns out there’s no mystery at all. You have my so-not-eternal gratitude for the enlightenment, Dr. Rev. Demento. When the reporters show up for the poop you can give them tractor rides and free furry handcuffs because you’re just such a swell guy.

  141. Playing “Love’s Theme” at your wedding is absolutely the most lovable thing that I now know about you, R. The strings are so….swirling. But can you imagine if the person in charge of the music accidentally played “I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby” with that call to grind intro instead by mistake?

    Anyway I was suggesting that “Something in the Water” was a sexy song and loosely in keeping with the benign thread topic, and also fitting with the one of the side-topics.

    R, remember that nasty number, “Strokin’?

    Re: Lillith – 😆 James you scamp.

  142. I don’t remember anyone suggesting that Eve forced Adam into anything. I thought free will was a major thrust of the allegory or the account if you prefer.

    I am reminded of the Garden of Eden when people talk about women being key to Obama’s re-election though. 🙂

    And we can’t pretend that there isn’t matching ad hoc bashing and partisan rationale coming from the left either, Lurker. It’s a mindset thing.

  143. Eureka! It’s so obvious why didn’t I think of this before?

    Rutherford, ask the DOC to dunk the slam for your dear old dad! It won’t cost your dad anything and Doc’ll even thrown in a tractor ride!

    PS…have a good weekend with pop, R. Don’t feel so bad, he’s not too old to still be learning lessons and they still sting. That’s life buddy.

  144. Death and life, near death experiences, out of body experiences, alien abductions, extra sensory perception, telekinesis, intuition, heaven and hell – all are controversial topics. Unless and until one has first hand experience, most folks remain skeptical.

    Take Pfesser’s light bulb analogy. He implies “the switch” giveth and taketh away light (life). I can’t agree with the comparison. The electric current gives light (life) to the bulb. You can’t see it, but know it exists because the light’s ‘element’ is charged.. The switch only breaks one side of the flow, whereas the neutral and/or ground is still ‘hot’. Someone or something has to ‘throw’ the switch and can as easily flip it back on. The light (life) is the result of two opposing poles or energy forces colliding and in the case of incandescent lighting, terminating in a burning filament.

    When the filament wears out, as they all eventually do after a ‘life’ of stress, the light bulb is ‘dead’ and cannot be re-lit. The bulb still contains all the same elements it ever did. The electrical current can still terminate at the bulb, but the filament won’t burn anymore and therefore no visible light is emitted. I can break down each component into it’s molecular form and will still have ‘live’ atoms in all of it. If I had an inkling, I could repair the filament and get more light (life) from the ‘dead’ bulb. Dr Frankenstein?

    Let’s compare the switching rather as day and night, or conscious and unconscious states. Though no light is emitted, there is still a bulb there with all the elements entirely held in a suspended state. Energy from other sources could ignite the filament at any time. Folks have experienced lightning activity making appliances come to ‘life’ and includes incandescent lights.

    If I take the old bulb and place it in the recycle bin, it could be broken down into its metal and glass components and rebuilt into a new bulb, or other things that utilize those elements. Do those elements still retain a memory of being a light bulb? I don’t know. Does the light bulb remain a significant memory in the lives of all who experienced it and therefore ‘lives’ on? I don’t know.

    There is plenty we just flat don’t know. We see through a glass darkly. It has only been recently discovered that water is quantum coherent. We can’t understand it, but our observations are helping reveal much of the complexities of this thing we collectively call life.

  145. Alfie, why do you like PF’s computer analogy? I think it’s flawed. NDEs are mostly described as a state of clarity and external perception. A computer scrambled by the dialing down of an electrical charge does not complete the function of processing the input. It stops or resets.

    Though Dr. Douchebag may personally believe death is the end, science makes no such pronouncement.

  146. If one lives a life of ignorance, is it still valid? Isn’t quality of life more important than quantity or maybe even life itself? I don’t know. We all have our unique interpretation and path to take. I despise those who oppress or take away the value of the experience.

  147. First off I am not commenting in context of the linked article but in all that I have heard,read and studied on the matter. As for PF’s example I personally found it a great way to explain an immensely complex system.
    Shutdowns of body systems especially the nervous system is some awesome stuff. All types of things happens. Think of hallucinations secondary to hyper and hypo thermic states. Dreams another part of it too. Then you have the NDE and “out of body” states and the infamous “my life flashed before my eyes” & assorted flashbacks.(the latter I admit to experiencing more than once)None of these are as simple as some folks want you to believe and 99.9999% are by no means God communicating with you. It is massive amounts of electro-chemical reactions. Adrenaline,norepi,dopamine etc.
    As to the allusion in your closing Tigre it is my take you really do have to die first to live forever. I am not trying to be blasphemous here just saying.

  148. The lightbulb analogy was only to demonstrate that things do not have to go on forever; they can have an end. It had nothing to do with “hot” and “neutral” or who flips the switch, or anything else. When you turn the bulb off, the light stops. Just stops.

    If you think of it, the essence of humanity and what makes us individual is very evanescent. It’s not the brain – nearly everybody has one. It’s not the chemicals in the brain that store the “me” program; everybody has those, too. It’s the pattern – the arrangement of the chemicals ONLY – which is not matter at all, or even energy. It’s organization, pattern – nothing that is real at all, by traditional definition.

    Pretty cool, actually…and when you die, it’s the pattern that’s lost as the chemicals redistribute randomly. Not so sad, really.

    On another topic; I don’t use lawyers any more unless necessary. Almost always use Nolo, and if needs be, LegalZoom. My lawyerly discussion on syntax took place twenty-five years ago, when I was first married and we did our wills; LegalZoom, etc, hadn’t been invented yet.

    re: fuzzy handcuffs. You just marked yourself as a sexual amateur. Sorry about that. Folks in the industry make jokes about that kind of stuff all the time – along with “rubber tits,” “Mr. Destroyer” and “French Ticklers.” (You don’t have any of those things, do you?) LOL

    I can turn you on to some articles on shibari, though, if bondage is your thing and you want to spice up your life a little.

  149. It sounds like we’re all in pretty much varying stages of agreement. Except for the only one who has been demonstrably dogmatic and closed-minded on the matter. So what’s new. If he didn’t blast wind like that no one would pay any attention to his screed at all. R probably just dropped that kibble over here to see if the omega dog would nibble on it. It’s amusing that he comes off as rather anti-science especially with regard to the whole “discoveries” thing.

    Tick tock Doc. Tick tock.

  150. 😆 I’m pretty sure there’s nothing you could turn me on to or with, Doc Johnson.

    Oh and that hard on you thought you had? That’s rigor mortis.

  151. “Ah shoot I just opened myself up to a frigid joke. I’m in way over my low head here.”

    That’s good, though…your recognition of that fact puts you many, many microns above your colleague.

    BTW, frigid is a term from the ‘fifties. The current term is “anorgasmic.”

    While I’m on the topic, “Turn (you) on” means “hook you up.” (Oh, sorry, that’s too modern also………it means “provide you with.”) There.

    Try the Urban Dictionary. It will bring your vernacular up to speed. No charge.

  152. Folks, it’s time to cut off the head of this beast. It doesn’t hear, speak, or see anything according to our declared foundation or constitution. All you hangers on to the head portion can keep whatever grasp you have. Beware any upward movement will place you in the grille.

    Us bottom portions need to be working on the health of the individual cell first and emanate the healing to restore others. We need to restore proper community where families and the youth are given full resources and our focus should be to restore the natural organic order in our life. Back to nature, literally. We are of the same components.

    Try unfucking everything. The great reversal…

  153. “If one lives a life of ignorance, is it still valid”-Poolman

    As a player in the sometimes embaressing douche bag under world of precious metals, I find it funny you posted gimmick bullion from a fraud company. That outfit was in itself a ponzi scheme and people got burned. Hopefully their relaunch is legit. I wouldn’t touch them with a long stick. I did buy silly shit from them to flip and, after a ridiculous wait, actually got my stuff. Others were not so lucky. Of course, the two guys running the operation are blaming one another.

    There is certainly a niche market in minting silver for the Alex Jones and pot smokers….

  154. I think you will find the owner of the mint in trouble with the feds. At least that is the last word I heard big ears.

  155. “It’s the pattern – the arrangement of the chemicals ONLY – which is not matter at all, or even energy. It’s organization, pattern – nothing that is real at all, by traditional definition.”-Pfessor

    I always wonder how the atheist/materialist deals with this fact. How can something that takes up no space and exists outside of time, say, a mathematical pattern, be real? Seems to me it opens a few other possibilities that said atheist/materialist always dismisses with passion.

    Descartes and Plato agree with me. So at least I ain’t alone.

  156. A shadow is bound by the law of physics. Our unique chemical pattern is bound by a world outside of science, it can only exist in the realm of ideas, a spiritual world almost by definition.

  157. Doesn’t really matter if it wasn’t Chris that owned the mint….I believe he mostly likely got ripped off himself….but damn….do a little diligence.

  158. Re Shadow: both.

    Re “messenger”: he was selling stuff, took money from people….failed to deliver in any reasonable fashion. Of course….coincidently after a massive silver crash. Of course he blames the mint.

  159. 214 Pfessor, the Highwaymen expressed the concept in Highwayman. We may be breathing in the essence of Johny Cash and Waylon Jennings by now. Maybe part of them was in the rain which fell on us two nights ago.

    Perhaps its real 222 in the sense that an electric fan changes when it is on. it is a series of blades with spaces between, but if they turn fast enough they become equivalent to a solid which is more apparent than real.

    Does anyone think someone can drop out of social media without a trace and stay hidden? An Estonian girl made four Youtube videos (whitejustcan’tdanceright) in 2009, and she set goals for the number of visits she wanted. The visits surpassed her expectations, and after she thanked her viewers, she disappeared.

    Her Twitter, Facebook and other accounts went dormant, and she appeared to have deleted some of her information. Other accounts were closed to the public..

    She has become a minor cult figure across the world with a total of close to 15 million visits. People have devoted web sites to the mystery girl, and someone counts the visits her site still gets.

    Last week, a man shared his attempt to find the girl four years later. He has poured through her dormant accounts and those of people who communicated with her. So far, he has found family photos and her gamer account. He managed to find a picture taken of the girl in Texas four days after she dropped out of sight. She has shown no activity on the game site, but she changed her avatar two weeks ago.

    I wrote a little article about the girl to illustrate the permanence of the internet, and if this man finds her, I may write another. I hope she stays hidden. Can she?

  160. I think we do all experience the essences of what went before. We can also affect change as it passes our realm. We are very much like filters.

  161. Homer, you must not plan on having much of an estate or much of a business. If you’re drafting a will that passes an interest in a closely held business using online docs it’s more proof you’re a fucking moron. If your drafting business contracts of any complexity using online docs, like those that someone that has an interest in a medical practice worth a shit ought to know, you’re a bigger fucking moron. I don’t draft my own.

    Fortunately you won’t be around to see how much damage you did thinking you knew better with your estate planning — virtually all of which is controlled by complex tax structures/considerations.

    I would love to see you in court. Maybe you could try that “the Constitution doesn’t contain all that legal mumbo jumbo” with the judge. Or challenge your adversaries to a spelling contest. 😆

    I bet you cut your own hair.

  162. Poolman, our grand daughter is doing much better than she was. She is meeting her developmental benchmarks, and her head is now on the lower fringe of normal. She is no longer officially microencehelic. On Monday, the doctor said she thinks they can wait on the MRI scan and the next appointment is in two months. During the rest of our grand daughter’s life the time between appointments was two days to two weeks.

    We saw her last on Monday, but we will be back there again late tomorrow after our son-in law’s week off ends.

  163. Thanks for the tip daddio but even armed to the dentures with Urban Dictionary you’re still Charlie Weaver eyeing that center square – only tick tock tick tock. Look on the bright side Doc, I think we’ve FINALLY stumbled upon a topic on which you may actually be an expert – unresponsive women.

  164. “Rutherford and Pfesser are under the illusion I really care what happens upon their death. Trust me on this one – I’m not losing sleep.”

    I call BS big time. You care deeply what happens after your death and you’ve warned me repeatedly over the years that my lack of faith has squandered my salvation.

    Sorry dude try again.

  165. Sorry, dude. You misunderstood.

    I’m not interested anymore what you and Doc Pfesser think, believe or lose. That is your problem and I won’t waste one more second otherwise. Believe as you must.

    I care deeply about me and my loved ones. You’re on your own.

  166. “I so need lessons from Doc on how to be cool.”

    No, you need lessons in how not to sound like a rube.

    Let’t talk about death some more! That’s a lot more fun!

  167. Our guests are heading back to Ohio today; we’re treating them and their kids to a tour of Monticello. It’s been a right good while since I’ve been there on my yearly tour.

    I’ll do the usual and walk back down the mountain, pausing at the Great Man’s grave to ask him to help our beleaguered country.

    Pray for me. Pray for us all.

  168. Anybody ever heard of this man, O. Winston Link? I ran across his work at a train museum yesterday. It is just amazing. Done in the ‘fifties, no less, with conventional flashbulbs.….0…1ac.1.25.img..0.9.694.et_www8ShDE#authuser=0&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=2c385b58afa0478f&hl=en&q=o+winston+link+photographs&sa=1&safe=off&tbm=isch&imgdii=_

    sorry about the long URL.

  169. ”Let’t talk about death some more!”

    Sure. Anything to keep engaging with wonderful, marvelous YOU while my thought balloon reads “please kill me now.”

    Can you be sure there is no God?

  170. “Does a shadow actually exist or do we only perceive it to exist?”

    I’ve been reading some of these comments this morning and I have only one question. Have you guys been ingesting some magic mushrooms lately?

  171. Have you guys been ingesting some magic mushrooms lately?

    Not me, unfortunately, though that would probably do us all some serious good. Beats the crap out of big pharma’s fare, now that they are finding out much of pharma’s cures are worse than the issue they are tasked to control/alleviate.

  172. Expected to kill hundreds of millions, the “killshot” is what next month’s expected extreme solar flares is being called and was revealed by Snowden as something the CIA has known about for some 14 years.

    Maybe magic mushrooms need to be doled out all around.

  173. Do you mean another Carington Effect, Poolman? A guest on Coast to Coast told listeners the sun’s polarity will flip in about three or four months. When it does, solar flares will be magnificent. if we are unlucky enough to be in a direct path as happened during the Carington Event, life will get very interesting…and harsh..

    We should be doing what we can to aid the Egyptian military in overcoming the Muslim Brotherhood before the sun spots wipe us out. In the words of Maude, “God will get you for that.”.

  174. “Can you be sure there is no God?”

    To what degree of certainty? Infinite? No. To a very, very high degree? I think so.

    Of course there is no such thing as complete certainty, but that’s not how you do business. You unconsciously compute probability in your mind, and when evidence is not there, it falls below a certain probability, you don’t worry about it and go on to something else.

    And you do that on the basis of evidence FOR the presence of something; you never try to prove things DON’T exist, because you can’t prove a negative. (There might be a cave somewhere that holds a unicorn – that we haven’t explored, for example.)

    As Bertrand Russell, the great atheist, is reputed to have said when asked what he would tell God if he met him after death. “Not enough evidence, God, not enough evidence.”

  175. “No”


    “blah blah blah because you can’t prove a negative.”

    In other words, you can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, amirite?

  176. ““blah blah blah because you can’t prove a negative.”
    In other words, you can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, amirite?”

    You are.

    Nor can you prove the non-existence of anything else, either, including competing gods.

    So if you can prove to a 100% certainty that Zeus doesn’t exist, then I’ll prove the Christian god doesn’t either.

  177. “$5 says Sebastian is really a shit-stirring teacher from Michigan. 😆 ”

    It has been my habit to reject, no, laugh at the frequent X is really Y conjectures on this blog. But I must confess that I believe, based on no inside information, that Occupy is a new incarnation of someone we know. He’s made himself at home very quickly, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  178. This must be what hell is like.

    Rewind to #190 – PFesser | August 17, 2013 at 7:36 am

    “What happens when you die?

    Not that hard a question… the same thing that happens to the light when you turn the bulb off – Nothing – it just ceases to exist.”

    You don’t know that.

  179. R, puhleeze. That Mexican accent ain’t gonna throw anyone here off.

    I still think PF and G-chin are brothers-in-stupidity though.

    Thanks for the link, Clarence Darrow. That really helps your case. 😆

  180. The Commonwealth has recently released a report looking at some of the reasons healthcare costs are on the rise. The one biggie is that the system is heavy on high end providers. The lesson for the O model assures the same thing to happen via its hating on non hospital assn cronies.

  181. The crackdown in Egypt is a good thing for them it is the opposite end of the spectrum kind of thing the entire situation needed. Either they allowed Morsi to serve out a term which undoubtedly would not have seen reelection in a fair election or the ultimate arbitrator of things in Cairo,the military,hits the reset button in a huge way.
    Either approach still requires the Egyptian people to make some choices and put in the hours as they say.

  182. General question to the group…. Are we as a nation,hell even a world so totally driven by feelings. To me it sure seems that way. I am actually wondering if it has always been this way.

  183. Yes but it hasn’t always been that way. It started when Alan Alda took over production on M*A*S*H.

    I really think the feelings-driven culture is the product of a generation or two of no true adversity.

  184. As Bertrand Russell, the great atheist, is reputed to have said when asked what he would tell God if he met him after death. “Not enough evidence, God, not enough evidence.”

    That was Bertrand’s earthly response. The answer on the other side?

    How could I be so blind?

  185. “But can you imagine if the person in charge of the music accidentally played “I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby” with that call to grind intro instead by mistake?”

    😆 That would truly have made my mother laugh out loud; my in-laws might not have appreciated it.

  186. Alfie, regarding being an Anglophile, my father who sits beside me right now is far more guilty. Take stuff that he wouldn’t be caught dead watching, throw a British accent on it, and suddenly it’s great. Benny Hill was a prime example.

    I honestly don’t think I am snookered by the accent but I do think it adds a positive element to Oliver’s delivery.

  187. Ideology matters not. They’re all about self-aggrandizement manifested through stubborn ignorance and arrogance. Both totally full of shit.

  188. “They’re all about self-aggrandizement manifested through stubborn ignorance and arrogance.”

    HoHOHOHOHOHo-Ho-Ho……If you’re allergic to irony, you are a dead man. Not a bit of that here in this pro-life, right wingnut circle-jerk other than G-chin and myself, eh? HAAAAAHHAAAAAHeeeeeeHeeeee…….Now that’s a real knee-slapper!


    It could be worse, Tigger. We could look like Ron Paul.

    Thank god for that, at least – eh, Graychin?

  189. I don’t even know if Tigre is pro life. Hucking isn’t. Alphie isn’t. Rutherford isn’t. James isn’t though I detect his positin might be changing some. I don’t think Thor is.

    Circle jerk?

  190. Pfesser considers himself unique and above the fray, too worldly and wise for our ‘circle jerk’, rabbit. {snicker}

    Pfesser masturbates alone. I just wish he’d lock himself in the room do it in private.

  191. Missed again. Though I will say my views have changed in no small part through the discussion here. Tex and DR have had an effect. I know R has had some epiphanies.

    You have had a counter-effect.

    That’s the triple-truth, Ruth.

  192. “I still think PF and G-chin are brothers-in-stupidity though. ”

    Be that as it may, they could not be further apart ideologically.

    Only half true. They certainly share many bad traits and equally bad positions, leading to the same wrong conclusions – and that is the important only real important part of the equation.

    I guess we could add you to that list, but you seem resigned to the fact you can’t run me off. Is that tolerance or resignation, Brother “R”?

    I think it’s because I’m a good customer and deep down somewhere, you know in your heart of hearts I’m rooting for you even if you are a nitwit 😉

    We can go back to hatin’ each other next election cycle.

  193. “Huck, what do you reckon we ought to do (or not do) in Egypt?”

    I don’t know.

    I suspect there is a lot going on that I/we are not privy to, or else Obama would have called it a coup and cut them off. Perhaps implied or even blatant threats of broken peace treaties if the funding well dries up. There’s no way Obama wants Israel to go to war with anyone on his watch.

    But we’re cooking up a new batch of terrorists to attack us when we are arming and funding a regime that uses both to kill its own. Yeah there are an awful lot of them getting killed who probably have it coming. And what is going on at churches there is reprehensible. But I think it’s a safe bet that the word “indiscriminate” is applicable to what the Egyptian army is doing right now in the streets.

    This is nothing new. It’s a cycle that has played out again and again. I’m sorry to say, we’re part of the problem. Until we realize that..and give a shit about it…it’s a cycle that is going to continue.

  194. “They certainly share many bad traits and equally bad positions, leading to the same wrong conclusions – and that is the important only real important part of the equation.”

    You’re neither right nor wrong because people agree with you. You’re right because your facts and your reasoning are right.

  195. “… what do you reckon we ought to do (or not do) in Egypt?”

    Such arrogance! Why do Americans automatically assume that they have obligation – or the right – to interfere in the affairs of others? How would Americans feel if every time they have an internal conflict, China was sitting around, publicly musing about whether – or how – they should get involved? Doubt they’d like it much.

    It would appear to the astute observer that the United States has already done quite enough in Egypt, thankyouverymuch. How about minding our own damned business for a change? It’s not like we don’t have enough problems in our own country.

  196. Nice article in the Washington Times this morning on Americans’ increasing intolerance of the “surveillance state.”


    “Other polls suggest that Americans are growing weary with the surveillance state and the war on drugs. A healthy majority of those with an opinion see Mr. Snowden as a patriot and a whistle-blower instead of a traitor, and more than 50 percent of Americans in surveys this year by Pew Research and Huffington Post/YouGov favored legalizing and regulating marijuana use.”

  197. You’re neither right nor wrong because people agree with you. You’re right because your facts and your reasoning are right.

    Correct, often of which often your own reasoning is not.

    Today, I watched a banana spider web the most beautiful creation outside and attached to my bathroom window. It’s mathematically pure. Pure innate instinct of which there are no answers other than her own intelligence endowed in her by her Creator. Darwinian evolution cannot explain it, biochemistry cannot explain it, and millions of years cannot explain it.

    Not my blog, and you are of course free to do as you wish, but you would feel more comfortable here once again if you simply would admit you lost your temper and in your haste with me, overstepped your bounds with all without intending to.

    If it would help, I will apologize to you for pushing you, making it personal, and will attempt to minimize direct confrontation with you. It was not my intent to establish permanent enmity between us, or anyone else for that matter.

    If you can’t do the same and put the differences aside, then you are an immature man.

  198. Tex – I appreciate your candor, and IN candor will tell you several things:

    Firstly, although your posts are known for viciousness and personal insult – the result of which is that you are continuously being ejected from places all over the Internet – I was at least 49% sure you were trying to threaten me personally – perhaps under the guise that, “it’s more drama-queen, just like all the other drama-queen,” but in fact meant to be real, nonetheless. Once that line is crossed, I don’t tolerate it at all. I had multiple email exchanges with R, who felt I was wrong, and that reason – and ONLY that – is why I did not act. Rutherford assured me that you were not that stupid; I wasn’t sure. I’m still not.

    Secondly, I – in my heart of hearts, don’t care what others think. I make my own decisions based on my own conscience, so any idea that I am uncomfortable here is foolishness. My positions are based on a lifetime of reading and study, none of which has to do with irrationalities like religion or superstition, so I can assure you that I am quite comfortable ANYWHERE, ANY TIME.

    Thirdly, I try to adhere to the tenets of Xenia, goddess of host/guest relationship, and while I bust Rutherford’s chops on TOPICS, it’s never personal; I never question his motivations or goodness of spirit, something about you and some others that I find particularly unsavory.

    Fourthly, I believe you and several others do not understand that in debate there are lines you don’t cross; you think that vicious personal attacks are justified because YOU ARE RIGHT AND THEY ARE WRONG, completely oblivious to the fact that you are behaving exactly like those you claim to oppose. Unfortunately, when you do that, others are forced to respond, putting them in the same bad place. I will do it out of necessity, but I resent having to do so – especially because it derails a good debate until the personal shit is straightened out.

    Fifthly, my jury is out as to where you are actually clinically unbalanced. The current working theory is that you are just a garden-variety bully, and sometimes I smile to myself, thinking how long you would last intact on the Coal River, but that’s an aside.

    So, I appreciate your efforts. Let’s just go forward from here and see what happens.

  199. PF, you care greatly about what others think. It’s why you spend so much time bragging. And it’s also you can’t muster any contrition for your inanity.

  200. ” it’s never personal”-PFESSOR

    written by the guy who insinuated Tex’s wife is surely unfaithful because she works from afar.

  201. “thinking how long you would last intact on the Coal River” -Pfessor

    Oooooh. Hard Scrabble is back! You go girl. Go on with your bad self!

  202. In my opinion Doc’s purpose here at R’s is twofold. One is obviously to feed his enormous ego. Two, more importantly and also inextricably tied to number one – to finally crush “superstition,” a longtime goal for which he believes the internet finally provides him an edge. Truth is virtually indistinguishable from lies out here and his message thrives in the chaos. He preaches peace but he brings destruction. Tex isn’t a threat to his body – Tex is a threat to his mission.

    Whatever he once had to contribute/share here apart from that mission doesn’t seem redeemable, though he hopes that perhaps memories fade and anger subsides. At present however, pride won’t let him accept that his credibility has been severely damaged by his loss of self-control and the repair and restoration must start there. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on where you stand – he underestimates this group and his own ultimate adversary, and #287 is merely fresh evidence that he lacks both the insight to hatch a recoup of lost ground and the skills necessary to first rebuild trust.

    Ultimately I’m grateful for his vanity as it stands in his own way.

  203. Firstly, although your posts are known for viciousness and personal insult – the result of which is that you are continuously being ejected from places all over the Internet…

    And exactly how do you know this? You’ve made this statement three times now and I think I need to set the record straight.

    You’re a man of science, right? You’re a man of math? Correct? So can I say with proof your empirical evidence of me being banned all over the internet is completely mendacious. If you’re going to mislead about something totally irrelevant to support your points, what makes you of the opinion me or anybody else should consider the relevant and your set of “Facts?”

    I figure in my 15 years or so of perusing the internet, the last five almost daily, I have posted at hundreds of blogs. I’ve been banned on exactly three, one of which has since sent me a letter asking me back in their new changed format. The other two are (1) Fat Grannies; (2) LGF.

    I was once given a 48 hour time out at Yahoo for mocking you atheists with questions you cannot possibly answer – and then in the generic. I once insulted an owner several years ago named Charles Johnson purposely, calling him an utter phony which was later proved accurate as the site a shell of its former self. I left more than 10,000 comments that “passed” over a period of six years. I left that one comment purposely upon leaving to get me banned and had over 1,000 people join my departure when they too called out the owner for rank hypocrisy. It was under a different moniker, but the story well known of LGF and there were hundreds that could tell the same story.

    Like so many other things I’ve noted, your vantage incredibly skewed in what you want to believe and not what is.

    So that makes exactly two blogs I’ve been banned permanently from in 15 years – a blog I get a belly laugh from being banned of which you should be familiar, and a blog I meant to get banned and have never returned. If you don’t believe me, I can direct you to much larger circle jerks than five, of which I am still an upstanding member and have been for years.

    Pfesser, the apology was sincere. I don’t want others here leaving on account of me, nor worried about being outed. I actually think you have some good ideas some of the time and there are things you know that I don’t which I find interesting. I would never demand somebody be booted on another’s blog, because I’m of the opinion, if you can’t run with the dogs, stay on the porch.

    But it time to admit at best you’re my mirror image and the reason you blew up was not a fear of threat but the fact you were getting frustrated by my argument – in fact, I was getting the better of you and mocking your ego in the process. No big deal, as I had the advantage.

    The real problem is, you can’t walk on me like you can so many others in a pinch. And that frustrates the hell out of you. And like Graychin, you’re not accustomed to being one upped.

    As to taking care of myself? Maybe you’re right. But I feel as confident in that regard as I do in making sport on a blog.

  204. Absent any clearly applicable matrix regarding sentencing, the best chance an inmate has of parole is to show remorse.

    And that’s because…..

  205. Tex –

    “Pfesser, the apology was sincere.”

    I believe that and appreciate it.

    “I actually think you have some good ideas some of the time and there are things you know that I don’t which I find interesting.”

    Tit for tat.

    “I would never demand somebody be booted on another’s blog, because I’m of the opinion, if you can’t run with the dogs, stay on the porch.”

    As a Libertarian, that has some appeal, but there are also social standards that allow people to interact, and “root-hog or die” is not one of them. People can argue ferociously, but at the end of the day they should be able to have a drink together, because they argued substance, not personality. You can’t expect anyone to listen to your argument if your method is to attack them as basically sub-human. That mindset as you know is the slippery slope to a lot of bad things.

    “But it time to admit at best you’re my mirror image and the reason you blew up was not a fear of threat but the fact you were getting frustrated by my argument”

    You are mistaken on both counts. We are NOT alike – not in any way. I am interested in finding the truth, no matter what it is or how uncomfortable it makes me. I believe you are terrified by anything that threatens your prejudices, and when they ARE threatened, you lose your mind and go on the attack, like a blind snake. Just my opinion; I could be wrong; we only have years-worth of your posts for evidence.

    “The real problem is, you can’t walk on me like you can so many others in a pinch. And that frustrates the hell out of you. And like Graychin, you’re not accustomed to being one upped.”

    You are mistaken there as well. No offense meant, but you are not very good at argument, and when we disagree, most of my time is spent straightening out your logical mistakes. The only thing I find frustrating about your arguments is trying to get you to come to the point.

    No, my problem, other than disgust with the usual bile, was that your jeremiad began to morph from very general to very specific, and very specifically me. I re-read it several times before deciding that you had really finally lost it.

    Water under the bridge. Let’s bury this.


  206. Look, Tex – I really don’t dislike you. We probably could actually be close friends under the right circumstances. Let’s just chalk it up to a misunderstanding and go on with life. If you want to correspond privately, we can do that too.

    Appreciate your being man enough to come forward first. Accept my apology as well.

  207. Pfesser, I would send this personally but now prefer to keep a degree of distance between the two of us. It’s better for everyone involved, including both of us. It got as ugly as it needed to be and should not be allowed to go further between two grown men.


    Recall your Organic Chemistry. When I said we are mirror images, I meant only in the chiral sense. 🙂

    I can assure you I am just bored and not a part of your world, which I find unedifying at best. This position I find myself in of my own doing has lasted far longer than first promised and I’m sure my venting does occasionally cross the line – – that is not by accident. In the future, I will try to be a little more measured here, not because of you but because I realized that involves Mr. Rutherford and others too. I had not given much thought to that in the past.

    The argument that originally started the brouhaha was meant to make a clear point about the shortcomings of your conclusion, IMO. I did so to my satisfaction and is now long forgotten.

    From early on I have found us adversaries, with the occasional humor of partnering to slap down terribly stupid people. And I must admit I enjoyed the temporary partnership, though it not a fair fight.

    But I basically wanted to set the record straight about the error of your statement about me being booted across the internet. That simply isn’t true. I admit my performance here is not much for intellectual debate – just for fun. I had assumed your presence at Fat Grannies much the same. Most people would not be so tolerant as our host, and I am quite aware of that fact.

    Muffy pretty much said in one paragraph accurately to what I believe your purpose – hence the outburst which had reached critical mass. On occasion, I feel led to raise the bar, but not often.

    There was a twofold purpose to my apology. The more important purpose to me personally is that I want others, some who I hold in much higher regard as a board lends itself, to return without fear or restraint.

    The only time I would attempt to do damage personally is if truly threatened. And we’re a long way from that. Graychin and his pathetic pals tried that the other day, even providing a physical address on a very local board – hence him following me over like a beaten dog when I browbeat his sorry ass for the world in the shittiest and most cruel way I knew how. Their libel and malfeasance was not even the right person, fools – many cut from the same cloth as Grannies.

    I don’t hold you two in the same accord. Graychin is a vicious SOB with no redeeming value – the very kind of man I would indeed find joy in hanging.

    You and I have little or nothing to lose by the admission of who were are, though I prefer to remain anonymous from anyone that should lurk – most notably the stinking asshole mentioned above.

    Nonetheless, onward and agreed.

  208. Tex (and Muffy) I have a question for you and I swear I’m not baiting you (hence my inclusion of Muffy who says I always bait you).

    Your comment on Gods creation, the spider, made me curious on your perspective. Do dogs go to heaven?

  209. “Oooooh. Hard Scrabble is back! You go girl. Go on with your bad self!”

    Oh how I wish Occupy were black. Why do I have to be the only black motherfucker here? Hell, I’d even welcome a black conservative.

    Hey Noah, surely you’ve run up against (or with) a black guy or two on that debate board you frequent. Invite the brotha over here!

    Besides I need a more “authentic” black here. I have no street cred with Dead Rabbit.

  210. I ran 10.3 miles with terrible hemroids that were savaged by painful, massive horseflies. The fact my bleeding ass attracted horseflies is such a disgusting notion, that I want to personally apologize to Muffy in advance.

    I’ve never run distances like this before. In fact, running is new thing for me in general, for the most part.

    I can’t express how uncomfortable the run was.

    Running sometimes causes me to have this weird thinking akin to a marijuana high. Episodic thoughts start to swirl until I’m just having weird fantasies.

    As the horseflies tortured me in unspeakable ways I pretended I was a horse pulling the Son of God on a chariot. It got me through mile 7 and 8.

    I’m not this weird of a human, normally….I swear.

  211. Hey Tex without boring the assembled, give me a quick scoop on LGF. At first I thought it was conservative. Didn’t Chen do battle with them? Then I thought their “leader” switched sides and went liberal. What’s the deal? Wouldn’t you have been welcome at the original LGF?

  212. Sometimes the absurdity is overwhelming. Poolman talks of truth and then posts an article that pot cures cancer.

    Ok Poolman you’re the conspiracy buff. Tell me. Millions allowed to die because pot would put big pharma out of business. Is that it?

    Better question: when you get your devastating diagnosis you gonna reject chemo and radiation and simply smoke weed all day?

    P.S. My wife is a cancer survivor so this shit is close to home.

  213. They just published results of longterm studies showing plastics in packaging is a direct contributing cause for obesity and cell phones DO indeed cause brain cancer and that most cases of autism can be traced to childhood vaccines….

    You figure it out, Sherlock.

  214. I’m guessing the long term studies were published by Dr. Demento.

    At family gatherings are you viewed as “kind but kooky Uncle Poolman”? Or does the entire Poolman clan (sounds like a music group) subscribe to your warped reality?

  215. No. They even had an article today re the plastics in Yahoo. The video I linked had all the resources linked. Smoking the stuff does not give you full benefits, FYI.

    This ain’t no party. This ain’t no disco. This ain’t no fooling around.

  216. “most cases of autism can be traced to childhood vaccines…”-poolman

    just like your rip off bullion company spam…..the main study connecting vaccines to autism has been deemed a complete fraud by everybody outside Alex Jones.

    Sherlock….think about it….Autism begins to rear its head right at the age when kids get the most vaccinations. So….like clock work…..morons like you….unable to discern any kind of information like a grown up….spread lies….as per usual.

    Of course….human smoke bombs of stupidity like yourself often create such a cloud of stupid that it impedes possible real benefits (or dangers) that might be out there in any given topic you and your ilk taint.

  217. @#302 – very nice, R. That man can move! Animated by a very talented couple whose work always makes me smile, especially Moonbird.

    @#305 – pics or it didn’t happen, rabbit. Ten miles? Sure.

  218. “Oh how I wish Occupy were black.”

    He isn’t? oh. …huh.

    “…human smoke bombs…”

    Well that’s just excellent imagery of a worthy reminder. I bow.

  219. “Is democracy right for everybody?”

    The main problem with Middle East democracy is that it doesn’t produce the winners we like.

    Other than that….it takes time to develop democratic institutions that really work. Now think about doing it in a society that has had authoritarian dictators for decades. It takes time. And it isnt up to us to decide whether or not it is worth it to put in the effort. Its not (or shouldnt be) our blood that’s going to flow to get it.

    Look at the claims—real and fabricated—of election fraud after one of our elections. Look at our historic progression in voter rights. And after more than 2 centuries, we still haven’t perfected the process.

  220. Get with the program, Rutherford. Here’s a liberal source. Learn…

    The ability to “unlearn” is necessary for change. Whether we call it unlearning, forgetting or deprogramming, dislodging the entrenched – in our minds, bodies or culture – requires accurate assessments of reality. When it comes to marijuana, the larger Drug War and the institutions built up around it, Dr. Gutpa’s message is another shot at a citadel constructed on misinformation and that shot comes straight from the mainstream of America.

  221. @ dead rabbit…run a full 26.2 and enjoy nipple pain that is insane. I love how people say running is good for you. I enjoyed short runs and always draw the line at painful nipples,bleeding toes.

  222. “@#305 – pics or it didn’t happen, rabbit. Ten miles? Sure.” -Muffy

    Ha ha. I’m in the same disbelief as you are. Late April I couldn’t run two miles.

    Next Sunday will be an 11 mile run.

    I dump bags of ice in a bath tub and drink 3 to 4 beers when I’m done.

    Bad thing is I have totally slacked lifting weights and I’m turning into this guy:

  223. Alfie….would you believe I got painful nipples from a 6 mile run. Vaseline has been a main stable ever since.

    Have you ran a marathon?

  224. Do dogs go to heaven?

    Do you know I struggled with that for months, Rutherford, when my beloved Sammy got killed? No kidding, I really did. I’m a terrible softy for my pets – they really are extended family. Mick is typing with me here.

    I believe they do. And here’s why. Scripture only hints that God cares for the sparrows and the like, though only man made in God’s image – I believe that is the ability to know good from evil, by the way. But I believe every creature, large and small is God’s creation and we will find out an omnipotent God cares for all and nothing really ever dies, strange as that probably reads to you.

    After struggling with months about Sammy, one night I was listening and Johnny Carson in his last days was interviewing Billy Graham, one of my personal heroes.

    Johnny asked and completely seriously, “Dr. Graham, will heaven have golf?” Billy Graham, in that indomitable voice said, “Johnny, I believe heaven will be everything required to bring you joy.”

    I would not find heaven complete without my pets, Rutherford.

    Billy Graham is a far greater man than I am. If it’s good enough for Billy, it’s good enough for me.

  225. The rabbit as Richard Simmons! 😆 And Rutherford, who has been hiding in isolation, is hiding he’s started pumping weight.

    Line up for ass whippings, Conservatives. Rutherford is about to cut loose!!!

  226. Poolman I do believe that’s the first time I’ve ever been called Buckwheat. I’ll take it like a man since I did implicitly rank on your kin which is never called for. Oh tay?

    BTW don’t confuse legalizing pot with it curing cancer. I don’t oppose legalization. I do oppose quackery.

  227. No my interest was piqued by your reference to a spider as Gods creation which got me to thinking whether some creations get privileges that others don’t such as entry to heaven.

    We did have the first family goldfish die a couple of weeks ago. His destiny was not discussed. We did as the Internet suggested and tossed him in the garbage as that was the most environmentally safe method.

  228. I do oppose quackery.

    Quackery is what is occupying our holy halls. Check it out yourself. There are plenty of research written on it’s cancer cure. There are also testimonials.

    Google Rick Simpson or RSO. The poor man’s been run out of more places just trying to do good. He’s dedicated his life to curing folks.

    Dump the msm bs mumbo dumbo jumbo gumballs and LEARN!

  229. Hey Tex without boring the assembled, give me a quick scoop on LGF. At first I thought it was conservative. Didn’t Chen do battle with them? Then I thought their “leader” switched sides and went liberal. What’s the deal? Wouldn’t you have been welcome at the original LGF?

    You have all your facts straight and I was welcome for many years. Chen and I, from opposites ends of the politics, came to the same conclusion about CJ. Charles Johnson hates Chen and actually exposed him, his place of employment, his picture, the works. Didn’t seem to really bother Chen.

    I think Chen followed me off the board with scores of others. I was as much a regular there as I am here – in fact, this has become my LGF of sorts the last five years.

    Charles Johnson, though not the discoverer, was the one that exposed Dan Rather for his bogus “Fake But Accurate” memo and gained a measure of internet fame. His blog is now a fraction of what it once was but at a time, he did some really good work, or should I say, he had a wonderful cast of regulars who did some great work. I take no credit for any of that.

    Charles Johnson was a poseur. CJ marketed himself as this fighter for Israel, even awarded some nice titles from Israel until a few of us started getting hints Charles Johnson was a complete fraud. In fact, soon after I left, CJ made a complete shift of politics, and later a complete shift from Muslim basher to Muslim stooge. I personally think the guy has some real personal issues and psychological problems, but I don’t know that for a fact. Whatever he is, he had some epiphany of sorts (actually I think he was just enjoying the new found notoriety and never changed) and made a 180 shift in religion, politics, even Zionist bashing. He actually wrote a manifesto explaining why.

    I was one of the first to call Charles on it, maybe the first in Nov. 2007. And though I had made many Jewish friends, some of the most brilliant people on the web I’ve conversed with, they were beside themselves – even felt betrayed by me.

    Fortunately for me, later it became obvious to most of the Jewish persuasion too that I speak, who were also booted by the dozens as CJ cleaned house – they too had become cognizant of the phoniness and also called him on it.

    We have since reconciled and many can be found at PJMedia. Really, really talented people.

  230. @deadrabbit no marathons in fact I kept most of my runs in the ten range but I did have occasion to do seven in full combat gear once,M16 and all that sucked.
    My civilian running was more geared towards staying in shape and hanging out with some folks that running was the bond.
    My best running memory was coming home on leave in Boston from Colorado. I was like a freaking deer at sea level what a rush man.

  231. I just watched an unsettling NOVA special on the human genome.

    It was quite interesting, though it obvious the human body so complex, there are years in the making before we understand the implications, much less how to treat the abnormality – and even then, the body mutates faster than we can develop the treatment.

    Basically, the test is matching abnormal gene sequencing with the established norm – but we are so limited in the ability to change it, it’s still in its infancy. What’s more the, the complexity of the operons (a fancy genomics word) operating in conjunction, compounds the complexity exponentially.

    But the most interesting part was the bioethicist they interviewed. It was interesting to a person, they all said no way they would trust the admission of their own sequencing: government intrusion, insurance, and worse….

    One gal, in inherited danger of Huntington’s disease, had herself tested, only to find it most likely that she will indeed develop the disease. I got to thinking, I don’t think I would want to know what is most likely to kill me.

    We live in a very complex world where our ability to development technology far exceeds our ability of practicality in application. To paraphrase a wise axiom, “We are so busy developing the can we, nobody is asking should we.” I think I heard that in Jurassic Park or something. 😆 But it is a valid question.

  232. I had an interesting debate with a passel of libs today at the worthless T-World board about how Republicans are the problem in the country today with their obstruction, more government and higher taxes the cure, and their claim that we should be developing infrastructure with higher taxes to create jobs. Several times the interstate highway system has been thrown up as proof of government success in public works.

    To the best of my knowledge and I haven’t read it anywhere else, and being I am tired of this idiocy, I did a little simple research.

    The final estimate of the cost of the Interstate System was issued in 1991. It estimated that the total cost would be $128.9 billion, with a Federal share of $114.3 billion. This estimate covered only the mileage (42,795 miles) built under the Interstate Construction Program. It excluded turnpikes incorporated into the Interstate System within the mileage limitation and the mileage added as a logical addition or connection outside the limitation but financed without Interstate Construction funds.

    In all, Federal-aid legislation authorized a total of $119 billion to pay the Federal share of the cost of Interstate construction. (Interstate Construction funds were authorized through Fiscal Year 1996.)

    Got that? $119 billion to cover approximately 43,000 miles of interstate highway. I then adjusted that cost to 2009 dollars. Total cost today to repeat the interstate highway system today?

    $877,320,000,000 dollars.

    Now recall Obama’s stimulus program from 2009: $787,000,000,000-$862,000,000,000 dollars plus accrued interest, depending who you listen to.


    Our government allocated the same basic amount to finance the 2009 Obama stimulus package that was used to construct the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System – and has nothing to show for it but higher unemployment and $7 trillion in new debt.

    And liberals, progressives, neo socialists wonder why I can’t justify their ideas?

  233. And Rutherford, I hope like Rabbit going through a transformation, I too have tried to elevate the discussion of something of use today. 😈 Hemorrhoids and all.

    But the results are interesting, you must admit. From that last example, pretty easy to understand, even you have to admit the last five years a financial travesty.

  234. I prefer swimming to any other exercise. Hydrotherapy again – sorry muff – maybe obvious, but it is my life. Running doesn’t feel good unless I’m on a beach or on some really nice grass. I do like running uphill. Pavement hurts my old bones really quick. Walking is good, but the higher impact just isn’t for me. I still remember my showing off to the grandkids and swan diving into the street. lol.

  235. Tex, you give Obama waaaayyyy too much credit for this clusterfuck. He’s just the pos. [That’s point of sale, for all you nonbusiness types.] It just so happens he doesn’t cover over as well as his predecessors. These guys are bought and paid and only have the power given them at any given time. You know that. I think we all know that, at least since Kennedy. We’re attacking the pawns as the kings and queens wine and dine the bishops and knights.

    The bank shysters put these folks in place and pull all the strings. We’ve seen the campaign funding. We know who’s on the wh guest list. Hell, HBSC just was convicted of over ten years of illegal drug money laundering in the hundreds of billions and we fine them a token fee and give them a slap on the wrist. Nobody goes to jail anymore, except whistleblowers.. All the while we’re giving these shysters bailouts and cheap fiat to invest for profit.

    The system is fucked and rigged and the top players are keeping it that way. War, drugs, oil, gas, water, land, food, healthcare, airwaves, even the skies – they control everything.

    I understand the rant against liberals who won’t admit this administration is in fail mode. Blind fools. But I hold just as much disdain for any conservatives that think we can take a right turn and get out from between this millstone.

  236. Ha!

    No mention of the murders’ race when the victim was an Australian exchange student?

    Black Yutes.

    It’s gotten downright humorous.

  237. i did some racial profiling after I heard the story. I assume they were Hispanic or more likely, black.

    An escaped convict shot a deputy and last night broke down a farm house door with the intention of taking hostages. He was in the house for four hours The farmer killed him with a shot gun. White on white shooting.

    Baby is changing. She is now showing a long .
    attention span Her ears are too small and too low, maybe because her head is growing

    Our daughter’s friend’s baby was born at 23 weeks 106 days ago. He was moved from isolation with a weight of four pounds yesterday. He can now drink from a bottle and smiles.

  238. Huck if you are suggesting they were black or Hispanic, so what? 90% of crimes reported by the media identify the perp as minority. I find it refreshing to leave that out. What difference does it make? They shot a man in the back and they should hang for it, black white or polka dot.

  239. “90% of crimes reported by the media identify the perp as minority.”

    Not true.

    Now, what do you suppose if the “perps” were white and the victim a minority?

    The media bias/agenda has become so bad it’s just laughable.

  240. Somebody explain to my why young punk blacks shooting a white man in the back for grins and because he is white is not a hate crime…

    …but George Zimmerman, the “WHITE” hispanic, shooting Trayvon™ while Trayvon™ straddling Zimmerman beating him senseless is?

    Where’s Rev Tawana and Je$$e? I fully expect them down here stinking up my neck of the woods.

    Oh, they haven’t said anything?

  241. “90% of crimes reported by the media identify the perp as minority”


    Who knows. As a victim of gun play by blacks and with friends and family who also have been……..maybe this can be a teachable moment about how many fucking savage, feral young black men there really are. That baseball player could be my son……right Obama?

  242. “Huck if you are suggesting they were black or Hispanic, so what? 90% of crimes reported by the media identify the perp as minority.”

    What are you basing that statistic on and when did this trend start?

    Feel free to post up some links. I want nationally-covered crimes where the article is specific about the race of of the perpetrator.

    Like I said before…perhaps you missed it…I didn’t care until the media race hounds went after the white-Hispanic stalker who slaughtered the poor little black boy that could have been Obama’s son.

    That’s “so what”

    I didn’t make the rules on this, Rutherford. The media did. I only ask that they be applied evenly.

  243. Ok I’ll make one concession on my earlier statement. I hear blacks identified as perps on local news all the time and it has been that way as long as I can remember. National news, maybe not so much anymore.

    As for Trayvon I get it. Zimmerman was no “whiter” than Obama.

  244. yeah…that cracked me up……if dogs go to heaven they will be walking all of us people on leashes. Screw that.

  245. Tex, #340 is first-class commentary. (Let me guess, your fellow debaters decided at that point that publicly shunning and ignoring you while privately appealing to the powers that be to ban you was the best course of action moving forward.)

    R asked about democracy and Huck’s #323 was a satisfying response I thought. I’d mix in Alfie’s question regarding feelings and suggest that when democracies become overridden by a feelings-based electorate and the product of their folly – something has been spoilt, perhaps irretrievably.

    Last autumn I found Hillary and Barack’s remarks at the memorial service for the four slain Americans unsettling regarding the wellness of our unity against our enemies anymore. We don’t seem to know or agree at all who our enemies are. How is it, I wondered at the time, that we’ve come to that level of confusion and division?

    Then like Alfie asks regarding the feelings question, has it always been this way?

  246. Re: the dogs question. I’m reminded of something one of the nuns that taught at my elementary school said when I asked her what age we are in heaven. An admittedly impossibly childish question, but I was 9 at the time. Her shoulders collapsed a little under the sheer weight of trying to educate 30 or so bounding little energy bundles on conjugating verbs before she somewhat dismissivley replied. “I think we are the age we are when we die.”

    For years afterwards I ruminated and tried to decide the best age to be forever and ever. I settled on 16 then but I think now I would say 29. 🙂

    As though that were the question I needed to be pondering, at 9 or even 99.

    I really liked Graham’s answer though, “Johnny, I believe heaven will be everything required to bring you joy.”

    Now go away kid, you bother me.

  247. “I hear blacks identified as perps on local news all the time and it has been that way as long as I can remember.”

    I never do. What Chicagoland station do you watch?

  248. Maybe things start to fall apart when secular humanism crosses over to the religion side of things in terms of zealotry.

  249. “I never do. What Chicagoland station do you watch?”

    That sure as hell ain’t the case here either. It’s the opposite. If race isn’t mentioned, they’re black. Even the brothas know that.

    Thankfully the left is going work towards and open dialogue on race — since that’s what they want to have — and stuff. 🙄

  250. Phew, Jackson finally came out and “frowned upon” the racist slaying of an Australian exchange student.

    R was right. Nothing is wrong here.

  251. I just reread these thread comments and I want to apologize not only to Doc and to poolman but to everybody. Sorry people, sorry R, sorry poolman, and especially sorry Doc. Please forgive me. And sorry to you Tex for always interfering. It became habit.

  252. 339. My status as a product of an 8 to 10 thousand year old mutation is well-advertised.

    Our daughter, grand daughter and I have another condition, Morton’s toe with the middle toes longer than the big toe. It is fairly common and the major problem is pain when wearing stiletto heels.

    Scientists believe they may soon be able to alter genes causing Downs Syndrome. A surprising number of parents are uncomfortable with the concept because while they would welcome mitigation of physical and mental symptons they are afraid such treatment would destroy the essence of who their children are.

    351, Rutherford, they left the races out to fit their agenda. Had three white men shot a black jogger for the fun of it, Jessie, Al, and the others would have had a fit. Newscasters would have bludgened the story ad nauseum. Obama’s son would have looked like the black Australian.

    I was on the track team one year in high school. That was enough running for me.

  253. I have been home to work today. I called my wife to tell her I will spend the night. Both parents are still at work. She was holding Baby who heard my voice in the cell phone. She went wild with a big smile. She said “hi”, I said “hi” and this repeated for six or seven times. Then, she squealed with more sounds. More important problems developed. She wanted food. It is a big deal only to me to have a phone conversation with a ten week old infant,

  254. Thank you, Muffy. That little calculation actually blew my mind; how utterly fraudulent the Democractic Party is and how poor a steward government is with our money these days. And still, we elect Obama. Mitt Romney would not have made those kind of mistakes, of that, I’m sure.

    But the calculation still not nearly as mind blowing as about 75% of America who doesn’t even seem to comprehend or care they’re being screwed.

    That is why I think this country is cooked. It’s not Obama. It’s an American public that is frankly too confused, too lazy, too apathetic, too uninterested, and to be frank, too stupid to understand the depths they are being lied to by politicians – mostly Leftists, but not all.

    And now these same idiot jackboots of government are being allowed to administer our healthcare.

    I’m sorry to say this. But this collective country deserves to fail. We let it happen – we deserve the consequences.

  255. @ tex I obviously agree with you on the Romney point.
    I hope people refrain from trying to paint OK as some lunatic asylum secondary to the shooting in Duncan . Plain truth is that there is way too much trash in the USA and it seriously needs to get taken out. I have not been having a love humanity moment this week.

  256. Duncan, OK, Alfie is about as small town as it gets – it once was the hub of Halliburton not too many years ago. A Western Oklahoma town where crap like this just doesn’t happen – or so I thought.

    I find myself in complete agreement with Pat Buchanan. The issue is one too many too gutless to address, libs mainly, but French Republicans too. Nothing to be gained politically for limousine libs and the race pimps, French Republicans too cowardly to even whisper the hate. In America, whites are 40 times more likely to experience violent crime at the hand of a black than if the roles reversed.

    These thugs who committed this crime are worse than animals. Our perverted court system won’t allow the gurney to put these pieces of shit in hell where they belong, because technically they are under age. So Oklahomans are going to have to absorb the cost for these monsters of making absolutely sure they never see the light of day, in the wish that some other thug in the general populace does society a favor and eliminates them from the gene pool with a brick to the head or shank in the ear.

    It’s been known to happen here.

  257. Assad gassed his own people again…on the 1 year anniversary of Obama drawing his “red line”. If that isn’t a giant “FUCK YOU BARACK OBAMA” I don’t know what is.

    Can you imagine how twisted a mofo has to be to kill 1300 of his own people just to send a message to a guy on the other side of the planet?

    Then imagine that there’s a debate about him being the lessor of 2 evils.

    Yeah….that’s where we are, folks.

    Doesn’t do much for your love of humanity, does it Alfie?

  258. Huck, it’s a mess to be sure. But I would like confirmation that it was the government and not Al Qaeda offshoots that did that. Life is cheap to those bastards.

    Radical Islam is a lot like Leftists in this country, posing as something they are not at Conservative meetings and the like. They do battle as much in propaganda as they do in killing people.

    It’s a two way front with radical Islam just like it is with militant Cult of Obama types.

    Both cut from the same demon cloth.

  259. Should someone with a “Gender Identification Crisis” be allowed in the army? Or is the very question hate speech, now days?

    This Manning guy wants the tax payer to give him a sex change?

    While I have mixed feelings on Snowdan, he is ten million miles apart from this Manning fag. The guy didn’t blow any whistles (except ones composed of meat).

  260. Ha Ha Rutherford!. I was afraid someone would make that joke.

    My wife says she will convince our grand daughter not to wear stilettos. ? Manning should take the same advice,

    An analyst said he finds it hard to believe the Syrian government used gas.,Assad is an opthomologist, and his family is as smart as he is. Russia is giving him aid, and Iranian fighters are helping the government in Syria now.

    The rebels are losing ground. Attacking with gas now would be stupid. The analyst thinks the rebels may have used the gas and blamed the central government.

    I also have mixed feelings about Snowdan. He provided a service by letting us talk about the government spying network which looks worse as more information sees the light. I’m glad he is safe in Russia.,

    If we let gays in the military, we have to let gender variants in too. Otherwise, lawyers would pay for their children’s college educations with the lawsuits.

  261. oooh…look quick!….Rutherford the Moray Eel darted out of his burrow! It’s a rare sight to see this creature off the barren coast of the Oblivious Peninsula.

  262. 

  263. “This Manning guy wants the tax payer to give him a sex change?”

    Yep. He narrowed his name picks to Chelsea and Hillary…..Monica was a distant 3rd.

  264. R, please hold back all of your supposition and outrage until all of the facts are in on the OK shooting. Just calm down. It might have been justified or motivated by something other than race that shouldn’t be “frowned upon.” Try to contain yourself. 😆

  265. While there are certainly plenty of reasons to doubt the claim that Assad was the one who used gas recently…and I obviously have no proof either way…i think in this instance he did it.

    And I think he did so specifically to thumb his nose at Obama and the West. I think it’s a move to show his allies—and enemies—in the region that he isn’t afraid of the US or NATO, and that he doesn’t have any reason to be.

    Frankly, I think Obama loves that there are reasons to doubt the claim, because that doubt gives him a reason to not do anything about his “Red Line” being crossed…as if he was ever going to do anything, anyway.

    It was nothing more than any other Barack Obama election year statement, all of which have deadlines that expire the first Wed. in Nov.

    (For the record, I don’t know that he SHOULD do anything, regardless of who is using the gas. But he’s the idiot who made empty threats, so he deserves to be mocked for them.)

  266. Huck, Obama’s line was not red. You misunderstood his color description. It was fuzzy pink, with a splash of yellow bordering for cowardice.

    I don’t know. Could be Assad – could be Al Qaeda. I just know it a matter of time before Damascus lay wasted either way.

    And personally, I’m not sure either if there is a damn thing we should do about it. Feed the starving and stay out of the way.

  267. Drudge is headlining another story about feral savage blacks beating a decorated WW2 veteran to death.

    Obama brought this on. It’s only fair we point it out, since our own president wants to play the race card on all of us. Whites are savaged by blacks daily. If there is one thing this President has taught us is that it’s an “us” and “them” nation.

    Obama, those two deranged coward thugs look just like you, man!

  268. Or I should say that old defenseless man they beat to death looks like he could be my Grandpa? I forget how this race war bait shit works.

  269. So I got a question for all you crackas? How much longer we going to tolerate this shit before we send a message that won’t be forgotten for a long, long time?


  270. If you haven’t heard Antoinette Tuff, the school receptionist that dealt with the school gunman down here, give it a listen. She rocks.

  271. “man, were fucked”

    Not for the reason you think Occupy. No doubt you believe welfare too high. I believe wages too low. You pay a decent wage and people get off welfare. Contrary to Romney’s philosophy we are not a nation of moochers. We want to work an honest days work for a decent wage.

  272. “So I got a question for all you crackas? How much longer we going to tolerate this shit before we send a message that won’t be forgotten for a long, long time?”

    Really really stupid talk alluding to a race war. Black violent crime is nothing new. Hate based murder from either race is nothing new.

    Every decent black citizen in this country condemns the senseless murder of that Australian. To suggest otherwise is sheer foolishness.

  273. The sound of that condemnation is deafening, isn’t it?

    West asked a good one: who will Obama identify with on this one?

  274. ” Hate based murder from either race is nothing new.”

    Too bad your president thinks the teachable moment is the man bites dog story and not reality.

    Those killers of that poor old man could be Obama’s sons? No?

    This is the conversation the left apparently wanted to have a couple weeks ago, including your president. As a victim of black violence (I’m not being a drama queen when I say that)…I now want to have it.

    I call your cards, “bitch”…to quote Noah.

    Do the killers of that old man look like they could be young versions of Obama or not?

    I want ever single news story about blacks killing whites for no reason to be national news. Lets look through your political party’s race based prism, after all.

    Game on.

    Been dealing with the black threat for most of my life. I’m sick of not talking about it.

  275. Anybody want to wager a round on whether the lib media figuring a way to validate the murderers’ actions with some showing of how “they” were the victims of some injustice?

  276. Empirically and historically speaking …

    We want to work an honest days work for a decent wage.

    Is a load of malarkey.

  277. @ 412 I actually have not been looking at US sources,I’ve been following Australian coverage I imagine there is crossover. Anyway…there is clearly some foundation laid to make one of the guys look like he was a victim of the society machine. Very polite applying for a job but seemingly unable to read the application and in a state of dress inappropriate for an interview. The spin writes itself for those looking for excuses.

  278. @ 404 I don’t think we will see anything. Contrary to the haters club that surrounded the Zimmerman trial we as a nation really have come a long way. I also think that although the blacks are disproportionately represented in the thug shit bag population there are plenty of Asian,Hispanic and White shitbags paying their subscriptions in full. I equally believe there are plenty of good down to earth people of colors who weep and cringe every time one of these shitbags do what they do be it violence or just swearing their asses off while wearing their pants down etc.
    I think the likeliest outcome of this recent incident and all the other is that the social class divides will solidify and grow. People will sell and folks will buy security and peace of mind and ignore the rabble dutifully paying taxes to “solve” any issues.

  279. Alfie, just give them a few days to firm up the narrative and it will be guzzled and served by the liberal media like Dom being served at an open bar in Times Square.

  280. “Occupy, as a black man, do you too “frown upon” the senseless killing?” -Tigre

    As a black man, I frown against the entire left’s constant offensive to ensure I remain in “pawnhood” my entire life, solely for the sake of political manipulation and personal gain.

    I am disgraced that my black leaders yap all day long about crpytozoology when plain old nasty dogs are tearing the shit out of us.

    Tigre, that link to the hoax sums up everything my black ass is disgusted about.

  281. Now…to lighten the mood a little up in here….don’t forget us black folk brought you this…….maybe when your at your wit’s end with us… this master piece to remind yourself to thank God for the black man.

  282. The artist raised in the semi-rural upper-middle class home that performed those masterpieces hated whitey too. A lot.

  283. “The artist raised in the semi-rural upper-middle class home that performed those masterpieces hated whitey too. A lot.”

    Different times, my man. Different times.

  284. “I call your cards, “bitch”…to quote Noah”

    Will the real Occupy please stand up?

    I’m telling you folks either Occupy has been with us much longer than we think or he really studied up on old threads before posting. I suspect the former.

  285. Not to play tit for tat Occupy, but my father, a black man, was the victim of “black violence”.

    Isn’t it interesting that when someone gets mugged by an Hispanic we don’t call it “Hispanic violence”?

    This is the unique burden of the black man in this country that he is judged by the worst of his race. What I struggle with now is who should I be angrier at, the white who judges me by the thug standard or the thug himself who has made it hard for blacks to be treated with respect?

  286. Alfie, I’m not talking about grabbing random professional, law abiding blacks. I’m talking about grabbing some Crips, and we know where they are, and putting their head on spikes right in their own neighborhood.

    I wish they would just let this Edwards kid who killed Chris Lane go and we would hunt him down like an animal. I’m not kidding. Hunt him down like a rabid animal and beat him senseless before impaling him.

    If Rutherford thinks I’m racist for saying as much, who cares? I said the same thing of Timothy McVeigh when he sat in a Perry, OK, jail cell.

  287. Tex this is where you’re off.

    Demand that these thugs get impaled by blacks. We don’t need white folks as judge jury and executioner. We need black folk to step up and put a stop to the nonsense.

  288. You’re right, Rutherford. It isn’t fair.

    But it’s also made worse by our president and his Attorney General and their constant race baiting and race favoritism.

    And it started before he was ever elected. Remember when he said everyone was going to go after him because he didn’t look like the other faces on our dollar bills? But, except for Joe Biden and his “articulate” comment, who ever brought up Obama’s race during the primary or general election?…it was always Obama doing it.

    During the 1st election there were armed militant racists standing outside a polling place intimidating voters….and he and Holder did nothing….even after winning the case by default!…and you dismiss it with your “here we go again with the scary NBPP”’re damn right. What would you say if the KKK were parked outside polling places? Shit, you have a freaking cow when someone has the nerve to suggest voter ID laws, for Christ’s sake.

    And don’t forget the Beer Summit. A cop knocks the chip off a black guy’s shoulder and Barack Obama has to involve himself. Did the cop act “stupidly”?…perhaps. But why did the president have to get involved?

    Then he race baits before AND after the Zimmerman trial…and his AG launches a witch hunt against an innocent man that has yet to be ended.

    Where are his comments about a WWII vet being beaten to death by some black punks? That guy could have been Obama’s grandpa. Where is his speech about the killing of the Australian? That guy could have been me 35 minutes ago.

    And all this from a guy who told everyone he was going to be a uniter and president to us all.

    Yeah, the racial violence has been going on for ever, Rutherford. Our president highlighting it and playing race favorites hasn’t. And people are getting damn tired of it.

  289. @427 you are moving the goal posts applying the mythical “American work ethic” to the masses. Must be the liberal in you as we near Labor Day.

  290. Hillary Clinton i was touring the countryside in a chauffeur-driven car. Suddenly, a cow jumps out into the road, they hit it full on, and the car comes to a stop. Hillary, in her usual charming manner, says to the chauffeur: ‘You get out and check – you were driving.’

    The chauffeur gets out, checks, and reports that the animal is dead but it was old.

    ‘You were driving; go and tell the farmer,’ says Hillary.

    Two hours later, the chauffeur returns totally plastered, hair ruffled with a big grin on his face.

    ‘My God, what happened to you?’ asks Hillary.

    The chauffeur replies: ‘When I got there, the farmer opened his best bottle of malt whiskey, and the wife gave me a seven course meal then made love to me!”

    ‘What on earth did you say?’ asks Hillary.

    ‘I just knocked on the door and when it was answered, I said to them: ‘I’m Hillary Clinton’s chauffeur, and I’ve just killed the old cow.’

  291. “So let me see if I’ve got this Alfie. You’re saying the American work ethic is a myth?”

    Ha ha ha.

    Seriously, that was a joke response, right?

  292. Huck you’ve missed so many other examples but your point is well-taken.

    The baseline lib of course doesn’t recognize how badly he’s being played.

    Alfie asks about the “feelings-based” political thinker. I believe it is largely the product of the simplistic view that a free democratic society still exists when governed by decree. Fuzzy notions of “fairness” premised only on ends-based thinking based on fuzzy notions of the proper role of government possessing near limitless resources. It is only about will, never the means or trade off.

    Obama didn’t just comment. He creates and inflames the racial tensions, then pretends government can solve the problems (real or imagined) by decree — if only he had the devotion of his political opponents.

    It’s incredible to me that this guy holds himself out as a Constitutional scholar.

  293. Are you guys familiar with this new twist? An end-game memo for the banking folks. Planned in advance take down. Conspiracy!

    The Memo confirmed every conspiracy freak’s fantasy: that in the late 1990s, the top US Treasury officials secretly conspired with a small cabal of banker big-shots to rip apart financial regulation across the planet. When you see 26.3% unemployment in Spain, desperation and hunger in Greece, riots in Indonesia and Detroit in bankruptcy, go back to this End Game memo, the genesis of the blood and tears.

  294. Delete the last R was a copy paste error.

    Anyone notice a huge increase on the black on white crimes, especially murder? Ranging from they were “board” to “they were there.”

  295. Since all delusions should indeed be challenged.
    The Palast piece is kind of fucked up via its compiling events that can appear related but are not. This is how conspiracy gains its traction and maintains its “credibility”
    The “Banana Wars” which reached a peak in 1997 are not by any reasonable mind truly related to the thought of international bankers cabals. Ecuador signing of the FSA in 1997 was not related to its fight over GATT terms with the EU over the latters banana market manipulations. A situation that in very minor defense of the banana producers the US had implemented punishing tariffs on many EU products.
    The lesson of the “Banana Wars” is very interesting and relevant to a discussion regards true sovereignty which in the WTO,IMF and others world is suspect at best.
    As for the seemingly damning “evidence” of the Rubins,Geithner and Summers involvement in the FSA negotiations I found it sad that the article failed to disclose that interested parties and consulting members are omnipresent in WTO negotiations. Folks may rightly point out that this fact is part of the bigger problem that is WTO period but it is sloppy pseudo-journalism just the same.

  296. @ Noah I for one find statistics to be very much a double edged sword kind of thing. The stats,those that compile them and those that then wield them to fit their agenda are all suspect. The latter especially so.

  297. @ Rutherford so more on our earlier….
    The American work ethic in my opinion is a greatly misunderstood entity.
    First off our collective work ethic is more a matter of a given era and is subject to analysis of all the details involved.
    Productivity is often jumbled into the ethic mix or outright used as a measure. This is wrong in my opinion and history would seem to back me. US productivity has throughout time benefitted from issues that had nothing to do with mythical drive of the individual. We were the last civilized nation to outlaw child labor. We enjoyed years of slave labor. We rose as a manufacturing giant more so due to a lack of competition and much like our ills of today this was based in not having a set of regulatory burdens. Even today US productivity when fairly judged is based mostly in the fact that we have a lot of automation and the fact that we lag behind our cousins in time off.

    Now as far as any assertion that only 47% of our population are lazy moochers do we really need to open that can. The best you can enjoy R is that the welfare class overwhelmingly lacks a moral conscience. They either consume bennies freely mocking the working class or at the better end (not really the better)they are the product of policy and society that has molded them irreversibly into serfs. The sad thing is that folks believe the this ooze will corrupt the working class,the working poor. It damn well might. There is something to be said about the thinking that the min. wage is a fallacy and that the concept of a max. wage/value for a job is the truer reality.

  298. Bottom line Rutherford the thought of fair wages is based in a one sided silliness that has run parallel to reality. Well those two roads have perhaps finally intersected and we’re about to witness one big ass car crash.

  299. Rutherford et al have no clue that raising wages on unskilled labor only guarantees an increase in prices on good and services. Those making the minimum end up no better off and those making more than the minimum…who dont get the increase (AKA, the middle class)…are the ones that get hurt.

  300. Funny how the argument of an American work ethic runs contrary to the argument that imported labor is needed to do the jobs Americans won’t do.

  301. Ok I’ve got your “Zimmerman is white” stuff to throw back at you. Contrary to Drudge and others, one of the three animals that hunted the Australian was white. So either he’s self hating or this was not a racially motivated hate crime.

    Funny to see you guys use the Zimmerman propaganda race baiting tactic when it suits you. 😆

  302. Since all delusions should indeed be challenged.

    I can agree with this statement. I can’t say as I know enough to comment on the remaining, but it doesn’t mean I agree with it. The memo is available for all to read. When ‘end-game’ is mentioned, its meaning is generally understood by everyone involved.

    Sloppy pseudo journalism or not (I disagree), I certainly don’t see any main stream media source concerned with banking collusion or the many other provable criminal acts by these too big to fail institutions that not only buy our elections but also write their own rules and have a free pass to the WH. It is truly a revolving door up in DC.

    You’re probably of the mind that the council of thirteen is also delusion.

  303. So either he’s self hating or this was not a racially motivated hate crime.

    I saw the pics, too. Looked like the oreo cookie gang. These are kids raised with no value system at all. This land is full of plenty just like them. Obama’s kids. He owns them now. After growing up killing things all day in video games, we wonder why this learned behavior translates to reality. Duh! What’s the surprise, really?

  304. So since Zimmerman was a “white-Hispanic” for being half Peruvain…I guess that makes this guy “African-American”? I’m not really sure how these hyphenated identities work.

  305. As I understand the Duncan Trio two are of mixed parentage. All three appear to be of the class that supports a lot of self loathing and striking out.
    @ pools as possibly noticeable I have no love for the international elites who trample upon sovereignty. Although I could agree that the memo is not getting coverage in msm arena that doesn’t discount that the piece seems burdened with a slant. FWIW I read the piece via Vice/UK
    Also fwiw “end game” is used quite often in the parlance of the WTO. I just don’t see much in it though. I spent some time going through some archives and found the word choice curious more than alarming. I also found the use of “final act” equally bizarre regard the Uruguay round.

  306. “After growing up killing things all day in video games, we wonder why this learned behavior translates to reality. Duh! What’s the surprise, really?”

    You can’t be serious with this shit?

    I’ve played violent video games and watched violent movies and television shows. Hell I’ve even played Dungeons & Dragons and listened to heavy metal music. And I’ve never killed anyone.

    This is an issue of values…not video games.

    And just to make myself VERY clear…I am in no way blaming black people for the crime committed by these 3. Garbage comes in all colors, and I’m not into condemning entire groups based on the actions of individuals within them.

    My concern is the racial double-standard being shown by our national media and by our president. They are picking and choosing when race is and isn’t an issue as it relates to local crimes.

  307. Huck, I think it was the gunman himself that tweeted about his hating whites and want to shoot them after the Zimmerman verdict. Not a peep from the douchebags R is trying to defend. Zimmerman himself wasn’t “white.”

    No evidence whatsoever that Zimmerman was a racist or motivated by race.

    All the evidence her points to race being the primary factor in selecting the Australian. All of the boys of African American decent regardless of whether any were mixed.

    R, What part of this is so hard for you to understand?

  308. You can’t be serious with this shit?

    Oh, yeah I can. And there’s a butt load of research to support it.

    I’ve played violent video games and watched violent movies and television shows. Hell I’ve even played Dungeons & Dragons and listened to heavy metal music. And I’ve never killed anyone.

    You mean you have never pulled a trigger to shoot someone in real life, at least not so far or up to this point. I’m sure you’ve killed folks in your mind. I’d venture to say you’re probably twice the age of these kids and have learned to separate virtual from real. You’ve likely had a moral example or two to compare to growing up as well.

    If you are claiming violent video, D&D, and heavy metal have no effect what-so-ever on the behavior of developing minds, I challenge that. Or, are you saying if it had not caused you to kill anyone, it cannot act as a contributor to anyone else’s bad habits? I am a believer in the well-documented behavior theory of garbage in – garbage out.

  309. If these kids get national fame, expect copycats. I’d call it a cultural problem. Our culture resembles the reality tv has made it. Plenty would do anything for fame. It starts with wanting attention and any kind will do.

  310. Wow. I’ve seen Obama get punked and chumped by world leaders more then I ever remember any president…..but even I am in disbelief that Assad gassed children on the one year anniversary of Obama’s famous fake “red line”. Do I have this right?

    I’m with Hucking….in terms of foreign affairs it’s chilling how little respect Obama gets. And this after Mr. Cool going on his world appology tour when he first got elected. The world responded to him EXACTLY like the conservative pundits said they would! EXACTLY.

    This sucks. This means we really are going to war. How can we not? We really are aligning ourselves with Al Queda. Holy shit Obama is a disaster overseas.

  311. “This means we really are going to war. How can we not?”

    We’re not.

    Obama is still going on about UN mandates…which he will never get, because the Russians will veto any UNSC action against Syria.

    Obama knows that….and so does Assad.

    So instead we will arm terrorists.

    But it’s OK because some Republicans are in favor of that, too.

  312. No I don’t. And I think you misinterpreted my statement.

    I don’t mean that you’ll claim the government gave them national fame.

    I mean you’ll claim the government committed the killing.

    Just like you do with every other nationally (in)famous killing.

  313. You mean the killing was a staging by the government? No, not likely in this case. Though it is amusing you think we still have a free press. Before your time, but still pertinent…

  314. 456 I agree with El Tigre. It doesn’t matter how much white blood the killers had, this was racial. One had bragged about attacking other white people,

    An undercurrent of racial anger has been with us for as long time. Obama has excerbated it and the press has helped. The Zimmerman-Martin case had little of any racial context until the press and administration created a racial incident that many blacks “know” is true,

    Blacks who attacked a WW!! veteran appear to have also been motivated by hatred toward whites.

    A Coast to Coast guest said more blacks are attacking whites and Asians than previously, and many of the attacks would qualify as hate crimes.

  315. I agree, part of the problem is the disintegrating culture of the inner cities The rot is spreading outside and infects whites too,

    World leaders quickly recognized Obama for what he is. A weak president hostile to our history and role in the world is dangerous, whether or not we go to war,

    Imagine Dragons “Radioactive.” “This is it, the apocalypse” The four horsemen must be saddling their horses,

  316. @ Huck you think Putin would call the Obama/EU/UN bluff as it were and just abstain from any vote just to see what happens?
    No matter what the Russians are going to come out of the Syria debacle looking good imo.

  317. I seem to run across articles that relate to the current topic in some form or fashion. It always amuses me and reminds me that there is a collective conscious, or at least common thoughts trending between humans. Of course, there is no physical proof of it but there are plenty of evidences (some refer to as coincidences) after the fact.

    This was a good and informative read.

    When we watch live sporting events on giant public screens or follow breaking news stories in our living rooms, we are only receiving flickering images, yet our hearts beat in synchrony with millions of unseen others. We Skype with two-dimensional facsimiles of our friends, and model idealised versions of ourselves for our social profiles. Avatars and aliases allow us to commune at once intimately and anonymously. Multiplayer games and online worlds allow us to create customised realities as all-embracing as The Truman Show. Leaks and exposés continually undermine our assumptions about what we are revealing and to whom, how far our actions are being monitored and our thoughts being transmitted. We manipulate our identities and are manipulated by unknown others. We cannot reliably distinguish the real from the fake, or the private from the public.

    In the 21st century, the influencing machine has escaped from the shuttered wards of the mental hospital to become a distinctive myth for our times. It is compelling not because we all have schizophrenia, but because reality has become a grey scale between the external world and our imaginations. The world is now mediated in part by technologies that fabricate it and partly by our own minds, whose pattern-recognition routines work ceaselessly to stitch digital illusions into the private cinema of our consciousness. The classical myths of metamorphosis explored the boundaries between humanity and nature and our relationship to the animals and the gods. Likewise, the fantastical technologies that were once the hallmarks of insanity enable us to articulate the possibilities, threats and limits of the tools that are extending our minds into unfamiliar dimensions, both seductive and terrifying.

  318. @ part of James #467
    part of the problem is the disintegrating culture of the inner cities The rot is spreading outside and infects whites too,
    there is a loosely related irony that amongst many Progressives there is a school lead by folks like Messr. Florida that look to the cities as a saving grace for America. The irony comes into play when you see he and his look for cities that are essentially family free zones.

  319. Not for nothing but:
    It always amuses me and reminds me that there is a collective conscious, or at least common thoughts trending between humans.
    reads really funny from the guy that routinely posts up MANipulation™. Poolman you having a Freudian slip epiphany or something?

  320. I don’t see the humor, but I’m glad you got a chuckle. It would only follow that if a collective conscious exists that there would be those attempting to use it to sway others.

    I think Freud proven a tool of the elite.

  321. Reminds me of Obama and Benghazi……those gassed children on the anniversary of Obama’s stern warning not to use gas is…..wait for it…..our fault.

    God….you are the follower of a cult, R.

  322. I agree, Rutherford, but in this case, “the world” saw through Obama before many of us did.

    The British press mocked him, and whether or not it had Putin’s blessing, a Russian newscaster gave Obama the finger in a story, She was fired, but she may have been expressing a collective consciousness. His foreign policy initititivives, haven’t made much progress, and some European countries like Germany have lectured him on his economic policies,

    470,Alfie, like maybe San Francisco?

  323. The world may have taken its cue from America in the past and there are factions that still do, but more and more the world is looking at us as an example of what NOT to do. This is what it looks like when one bites off more than one can chew or writes a check that can’t be cashed, or simply put: The emperor has no clothes. We are a disintegrating empire taking desperate stabs to maintain our world leader status while our rotting core destroys the outer flesh from within.

    I just hope the seeds fall on fertile ground and sprout healthy plants.

  324. “@ Huck you think Putin would call the Obama/EU/UN bluff as it were and just abstain from any vote just to see what happens?”

    No, not right now. US/Russian relations don’t seem to be that great right now. Why would Putin sell out an ally to do anything for Obama?

    Especially when Assad and Putin have deniability. If the UN finds proof of a chemical attack, they can just say the rebels did it—which Assad is already saying.

    “those gassed children on the anniversary of Obama’s stern warning not to use gas is…..wait for it…..our fault.”

    Who knew a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask would have such terrible repercussions?

  325. Here’s what I don’t get. Unless he is simply a lunatic, why would Assad gas his own people? All it buys him is condemnation from every civilized country.

    The notion that he’s thumbing his nose at Obama seems plain silly and grossly overestimates our importance or relevance to Syria.

  326. That is right, Rutherford. Why? And why at this moment?

    This card has been played by the players that play with our minds and lives many, many times. History does us no good if we don’t really dig and use those truths to fix our destiny, steering clear of statist agendas. We need out of this destructive loop. Now that the world can focus collectively, there are MANipulators™ taking full advantage.

  327. “Huck, I also find it amusing that you think the UN a fair and impartial judge at this stage of the ‘game’.”

    When did I ever make that suggestion?

  328. “why would Assad gas his own people?”

    Because he can.

    “The notion that he’s thumbing his nose at Obama seems plain silly and grossly overestimates our importance or relevance to Syria.”

    You’re right. The anniversary of Obama’s Red Line threat is pure coincidence.

    Funny that 20 minutes ago you said it was all because we don’t respect dear Leader. Now you question if it happened at all and if it did it’s for some other reason.

  329. inferred. You said, “if the UN found proof…” That denotes an actual investigation to me. I may have read too much into it.

  330. “grossly overestimates our importance or relevance to Syria.”

    I guess you missed the point….

    We have no importance or relevance to Syria. To prove that, Assad gasses his people on the anniversary of Obama’s threat.

    The point isn’t the act…it would have been done anyway.

    The point is the timing.

  331. The anniversary of Obama’s Red Line threat is pure coincidence.

    No it isn’t coincidence, since coincidences don’t really occur. Cui bono? Look to whomever McCain pays homage.

  332. @ Huck 481 I was more wondering if the Russians would be willing to allow us to cut our own throats again. imo Russia is in a no lose situation in Syria. Let the West invade Moscow will get the rebuild contracts eventually,the cred in the neighborhood and the warm water port too.Keep up the counter-balance stance they get it all as well.

  333. I’m trying to decide myself the likeliest of perps in the gassing scenario. Artillery based nerve agent munitions so close to where you are as well seems a little risky. I also find the thought of nerve agents being employed with such small outcomes a little weird.

  334. I can’t give the thought that how we see/treat Obama has any credence to how the world does. Separate concepts in my book and one that cannot survive outside the arrogance bubble of thinking we (Americans) truly impact others so thoroughly.

  335. From what I have been gleaning, Assad was winning against the rebels, in spite of outside forces instigating and supporting them for the past two years. We are those that destabilized the country. We are the ones that have been sending in assassins to terrorize the population. We sent mercenaries in to stir up sectarian violence and to divide the people. It is a common tactic and familiar theme.

    Syria’s intended demise has been on a the play list for well over a decade.

  336. “those gassed children on the anniversary of Obama’s stern warning not to use gas is…..wait for it…..our fault. ”

    You lost me on that one. Care to elaborate?

  337. Love him or hate him, Kerry has done more in four months than Hillary did in four years.
    Please remember this when the hag runs for POTUS !!!!!

  338. “Who knew a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask would have such terrible repercussions?”

    Ok I guess I’m thick today. Huck’s response helped me understand what Occupy was getting at.

    Let me clarify. I think it’s hard for world leaders to admire a President whose own people mock him.

    With that said I don’t think Assad wakes up every morning thinking “how can I stick a finger in Obama’s eye?”.

  339. “Funny that 20 minutes ago you said it was all because we don’t respect dear Leader. Now you question if it happened at all and if it did it’s for some other reason.”

    You’re incorrectly connecting two of my ideas. My comment about our disrespect for our President was a direct response to Rabbits general observation that Obama is a world stage Rodney Dangerfield.

    I don’t believe in the specific case of Syria that Assad was thinking about Obama when he gassed children — if he did it in the first place.

    To believe that Obama was a motivator in Assad’s cruel murder of children truly paints Assad as a psychotic. If you truly believe this then we should get a CIA operative in there and take him out with a bullet to the head.

  340. “Please remember this when the hag runs for POTUS !!!!!”

    Oh believe me I hear you there. As much as my progressive soul wants a woman POTUS, Hillary is NOT my choice. I am bracing myself to hold my nose and vote GOP in 2016. If its Ted Cruz then for the first time in my life I may have to sit the election out.

  341. “To believe that Obama was a motivator in Assad’s cruel murder of children truly paints Assad as a psychotic.”

    For the 2nd time….Obama motivated the timing, not the act.

    Is there any way I can make that point more clear?

    “Kerry has done more in four months than Hillary did in four years.”

    What exactly has he done?

  342. Huck I’m operating off the iPhone today and missing certain responses before I post others so I’m not ignoring you. I get the timing point. Sorry to look naive but I do believe the timing could be coincidence albeit a happy one for Assad.

    The most obvious point on Kerry are the Israel Palestine talks. As far as I can see Hillary was four years of photo ops.

  343. I really don’t see what is so hard to believe about Assad gassing his own.

    Think about it….

    He isn’t above killing his own. He’s been proving that for 2 years, now. So why should the method matter? We’re applying our moral standards to a viscous dictator that will do anything to not only stay in power, but to portray his power to others. He has to show he’s the strong man in charge. The Russians have already lost all the credibility they are going to lose by supporting him in the first place.

    Let’s face it…Saddam gassing his own didn’t really lose him any friends, did it? Sure, it was used as a charge after he was captured. But they had plenty others on him and he was a condemned man, anyway.

    The only people who ever care about “war crimes” are the winners, and even then, only when it suits them to do so.

  344. “The most obvious point on Kerry are the Israel Palestine talks.”

    These talks are a joke. The only reason the Palestinians went to the table is to claim to be trying and to get a bunch of their people released from Israeli prisons. And the only reason Israel came to the table is so they they could claim to be trying, while simultaneously approving settlements right and left.

    In typical fashion, neither side is even thinking about negotiating in good faith.

    This is no win for us. If anything, it shows our complete impotence regarding the issue.

  345. The notion that Assad was the instigator and the evil perpetrator in his country’s 2 yr ‘civil’ war is preposterous. Especially when given documented proof the west has been planning to take down the regime since before 9/11. You coincidence believers are really exposing your weaknesses. Here you go, bone up:

  346. “We strongly urge those who, in trying to impose their opinion on U.N. experts ahead of the results of an investigation, announce the possibility of military action against Syria, to exercise discretion and not make tragic mistakes,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.


    Russia, which has suggested that Syrian rebels may have carried out the attack, said it welcomed Syria’s decision to allow U.N. experts to visit the site where many hundreds of people were reported dead on Wednesday.”

    I expect the UN investigators will be able to determine that chemical weapons were used, but not who used them.

  347. Now how does that fit into our ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ Bush doctrine?

    I think chemical weapons, like nuclear weapons, have a distinct signature.

  348. “Now how does that fit into our ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ Bush doctrine?”

    So do you think the UN is credible or don’t you?

    Decide and get back to us, OK?

  349. Sarin or chlorine. I don’t see it being VX. Sarin because it can be low dose. Chlorine due to symptom inconsistencies. Not VX because the area is still usable in immediate aftermath.
    All in all I am not convinced its Assad at work here.

  350. The UN is a farce. Its core values have been compromised time and again. It is nothing more than a western mop.

  351. Regarding Kerry, Huck, be that as it may, I might not have been paying attention but when did Hillary broker any peace talks? Honestly all I remember of Hillary’s tenure was dancing with Africans and laughing at streakers.

  352. all I remember of Hillary’s tenure was dancing with Africans and laughing at streakers

    Ah yes, I remember… good times, good times…

  353. “when did Hillary broker any peace talks?”

    She didn’t.

    But neither did Kerry, in actuality…that is my point.

    It’s also worth mentioning that the Sec. of State is only a diplomat. They don’t make foreign policy, they only represent it.

    Which ultimately begs the question…when did Barack Obama broker any peace talks? Did he make any attempts in his 1st term?

  354. We just had an interesting adventure on our way to Omaha to watch our grand daughter. I looked both ways at the train crossing, but my wife had moved to pick something up and her head hid the train,

    A train just hit us and totaled the car. Jaws of life removed my wife. A girl was killed at the crossing a year ago, and a cross remains. The trains travel a mandatory 20 MPH over the poorly marked crossing now.

    My wife was bleeding and they stapled her. She has a large bandage on her head. I have rib pain and my neck hurts, but we are fine. The rescue unit brought us home. A salvage yard 25 miles away has our car and its contents. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

    ‘The rescue people were so grateful for grant work my wife has done for them, they weren’t going to charge us anything. The parked train still blocks the railroad crossing, so the medics had to take the long way around. We will pay them, because they need the money.

    Our poor car.

  355. Yikes, James! That is no fun way to start a journey. I pray fast healing and comfort for you both. The new car can be replaced.

  356. Holy Sheet!

    Thank God you and the family are alright, James.

    You seem to have more lives than a cat.

    God’s speed you lucky bastard.

  357. It was Assad. He has the gas. He kills women and children. Occam’s razor.

    Obama is backed into a corner so bad war is inevitable, UN be damned.

    The United States can’t lose face this bad. While I respect the libertarian bent on staying the fuck out of this hot shit and wish that it was still on the table, it is not because of President Obama. It was his red line. I wished it never existed. Global anarchy could ultimately follow ignoring a brazen act of defiance of this magnitude. The end result of ignoring Assad could be a future regional war worse then involvement in just Syria. Iran and Russia are bluffing too at this point, mind you. They will not go to war if we attack Syria right now. Obama needs Bush’s cowboy hat and should never have taken it off the day he was elected. But he took it off and crawled across the Middle East like a bitch. At that point, the hat was a big stick. Say what you want about Bush, but the stink beard nations feared him after Iraq.

    It’s on.

    Obama is fucked. His minor league ass has bestowed upon our nation two options. A slow building power vacuum leading to anarchy or war with Syria.

    And just like Iraq, we will fight the Shiite and the Suni.

    This presidency has been a grave failure in so many ways. God help us as more of our sons will bleed.

    As I said before, it’s as if the current reality was scripted by his naysayers in 2008. All of it. At home and abroad.

    God help us. I hope I am wrong.

  358. Poolman……it find it such a coincidence that you don’t think it’s Assad when your favorite websites are Iranian and Russian state propaganda news organizations. Your “alternative” news is shit I’ve been laughing at on short wave radio for years.

  359. Rabbit, to find you such a sucker for the McCain version of the world is really sad and does put us on opposite sides of this and many other important issues.

    There are quite a few independent and well respected authors here with up-to-date reports, pick one and see how full of shit your version of reality reads.

  360. “Obama is backed into a corner so bad war is inevitable, UN be damned.”

    This will be the final phase of Barack Obama’s transformation into George W. Bush.

    And if it happens I am going to laugh my ass off.

  361. One final word before I go to bed. I watched a bit of Bill Moyers latest tonight and damn it was like watching the Poolman show.

    Case in point the pro-BP reputation salvage campaign in the wake of the oil spill was financed and engineered by Dem and Republican operatives.

    The interview is with Mark Leibovich whose book “This Town” exposes crony capitalism and a government run by money.

    I know some of you (Tex) loathe Moyers but this episode is worth a viewing.

  362. “Rabbit, to find you such a sucker for the McCain version of the world”

    Poolman……I cringed looking at that moron enjoy group photos with Al Queda linked insurgents. That’s exactly my point. I hate both sides. I feel for the Syrian victims….no doubt…..but some of Assad’s enemies are just as bad or worse then Assad.

    This is a terrible war to get into.

  363. R……You do a huge disservice to investigative journalism highlighting corruption or real conspiracy by calling it “Poolman”.

    This is why I say he provides cover to the real conspiracies with his sick fantasies. He is their best friend.

    Shrink the government. By now….it should be obvious to you, why.

  364. Dude, I think you got the medal the past few years for the sick fantasies. I want to know what these “real conspiracies” are I’m supposedly providing cover for?

  365. The point he’s making, Poolman, is that you think EVERYTHING is a conspiracy. I mean, you think the government stages the mass murder of 1st graders, for Pete’s sake.

    Even if 50% of what you rail on about is true, the other 50% is so far out there that it makes people disregard the entire 100%.

    That is what he means by cover.

  366. This Syrian circus is the normal middle east travesty, only sitting on a powder keg of WMD. What do you want to bet some of that with an Iraqi manufacturing label whited out?

    Who do you choose between? The brutal thug dictator’s son who gasses his own people, or the rebel stronghold with ties to mad Mullahs and Al Qaeda, who gas their own people?

    There are times I get to the point of disgust of wanting to bargain with Russia and China to just blow the whole damn place up, start over and worry about the consequences later.

    But this plays right into Vladamir’s hands, so that’s a pipe dream. He knows for the first time in his career, he’s got a pitiful adversary in America who he can play like a fiddle.

    But then I realize about 80% of the folks over in Syria are probably rubes and dupes like all of us – in a position not of their own making and just wanting to raise their children, sleep comfortably and have enough to eat without having to worry about taking a bullet to the head while they sleep.

    And when we need a strong leader with wisdom, we’re stuck with Obama who can’t his butt cheeks with both hands.

    That’s just great.

    Guys, this world is coming to a climax. I wish some of my buds here, and you know who you are, would reconsider.

  367. Damn James! You don’t pick easy opponents, do you? A train?

    I’ll assume since you’re here, the family okay. Not many people get to say that when tangling with a locomotive. Stay safe!

  368. “R”, if it true misery loves company, you’ll be glad to know that brother Tex now at odds with the doctor’s office and insurance company.

    For 25 years, I have had to once a year go see an electro physiologist to take a stress test, basically to renew my prescription. Over the years, they’ve added a couple of meds like statins and baby aspirin.

    I pay my $35.00 co payment and that’s it. See you next year.

    When I turned 51, for some reason they switched my test over to a myocardial perfusion scan instead of the treadmill. Don’t ask me why it necessary, since every time I ran on the treadmill, they always said, “You’re amazing – we don’t see many like you in here.” Well, of course not when you’re dealing with 99% heart attacks and a-fibs and they’re 20/30 years my senior. 🙄

    Last year, I had extensive blood work done and paid an additional $35 for a testosterone test, as insurance only paid half of it. They covered everything else including four pages of blood work. I was a damn medical student and I only understood half of it.

    This year, I do the same test. Friday, I receive a bill for $1,399.00 just for perfusion scan that insurance covered approximately $700 of and I still haven’t seen the bloodwork bill yet. WTF?

    I did get this really fancy binded brochure with all my results for their troubles from a hospital. Mind you, this is strictly preventative medicine – only necessary to get my same generic $25 prescription renewed.

    Now, I’m not sure who is at fault or what has changed. The Dr.’s front office is about Obama capability and competence.

    But not a word was said from either insurance or doctor about changes, why there were changes, United Healthcare about changes in insurance coverage, etc…My doctor is a multimillionaire many times over with like 50 patents. He owns the damn building. I haven’t even seen him the last four times I’ve been in – just the PA.

    Somebody is in line for an ass chewing.

  369. Thanks.

    I feel like hell, and my wife lost count at 13 staples in her head. She bled all over a new top, but she washed it last night. My worst injury is contusions to my ribs. I feel movement in some when i shift. Otherwise we are fine. The best part is we both woke up this morning.

    I was in too much pain to sleep for more than four hours. I have been awake since 4AM.

    A teenaged girl was killed by a train less than a year ago. One of the first responders had pulled her out of the water, and he had flash backs when he saw us.. Everyone though we were goners.

    We are very lucky that after the previous accident, the trains are requirered to lower their speed to 20 MPH. And we are lucky that we hit and snapped a big sign which stopped us from plunging into the water as the girl did,.

    My new video camera some pens and papers dissappeared as my shirt pocket ripped away, but I found the old video camera on the seat and recorded much of the rescue including my being hauled into the rescue unit. I think my photo camera is dead..

    Now, we are driving 30 miles to a salvage yard to get our stuff. After we remove the license plates, the car will be shipped to Des Moines for inspection. Poor car.

    Our daughter adjusted her schedule so she can work early this morning and be home after noon when our son in law is at work.

    Our two surviving old cars are reliable, but one has no air conditioning and it is sporatic with the other. We have in a heat wave with forecast heat indexes as high as 110 possibly into September.

    My wife had a job to do tomorrow, but I told her she had better cancel. I am in no condition to carry a baby around by myself, and she may not be either. it is hard for her to get off a chair.

    If God does these sorts of things He was really looking out for us last evening. We \should be dead or in the hospital. With all of the problems our grand daughter had and her improvement, maybe there is a reason we are still in fine shape.

  370. EVERYTHING, eh? Well, no. Not EVERYTHING. I mean this last shooting in OK seems like there is no government involvement. 3 boys did CONSPIRE to commit murder. At least that is how it has been presented. That is a conspiracy. Maybe you need to bone up on your definition of conspiracy and quit allowing the media or our institutions of indoctrination knowledge to define your understanding.

    No matter what you believe about 9/11, it was a CONSPIRACY by somebody. The difference is the government HAS NOT been able to PROVE THEIR VERSION of events. Even 12 years later. Check with the FBI, the case remains unsolved. Why?

    But that’s apparently fine with you. The new normal is public trial and jury by mainstream media and that based on their own reports of the ‘facts’. Pfffttt!

  371. Damn James, I thought you guys were headed to Mt. Pilot for some medical treatment. I’m no doctor (nor would I want to be one after engaging PF), your wife really shouldn’t be bleeding on the counter and you shouldn’t be feeling your rib cage moving around.

    BTW, DR has it wrong. It was the RR’s fault! If a woman can’t bend to down in her vehicle without you getting hit by a train I think the crossing ain’t too safe — especially when someone got killed a year ago. Did you let out a blast of his horn?

  372. I would like to hear folks opinions regards the Syrian Civil War and why it is up to anyone to referee it.
    I for one don’t like these Wilsonian wars and think no matter what Assad or others use weapons wise we need to stay away.
    I called this in March 2011 and I’ve blogged on it before. This is the wrong place,time,reason,everything.

  373. @ James I am glad you’re breathing and everything but I have to echo the others in that you should probably be getting some follow up evaluations STAT!!!

  374. “A train just hit us and totaled the car.”

    “I feel like hell.”

    James you are one of a kind. 😆 It’s a good thing you’re such a good storyteller because this one is a doozy.

    I’m happy you and Mrs. James are alright. Take it easy for a few days – your people can take care of Baby while you recuperate.

    (Tigre, the “new top” was a blouse I think).


    @#544 – and the wrong president. Obama’s credibility is in the dumper here and everywhere except for the caves where the giant ignorami commune to worship and organize. BTW the idea that Obama is disrespected by world leaders because he is disrespected by his own people is…I don’t know…just eccentric. Maybe they are just LISTENING to him.

    And :lol @ “Occupizzle” – and ain’t he quick to catch on (#476-8 – so few words, so very perceptive).

    #516 is just embarrassing.

  375. Apparently this appeared in the Financial Times yesterday in a letter to the editor:

    Sir, Iran is backing Assad. Gulf states are against Assad!
    Assad is against Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are against General Sisi.
    But Gulf states are pro Sisi! Which means they are against Muslim Brotherhood!
    Iran is pro Hamas, but Hamas is backing Muslim Brotherhood!
    Obama is backing Muslim Brotherhood, yet Hamas is against the US!
    Gulf states are pro US. But Turkey is with Gulf states against Assad; yet Turkey is pro Muslim Brotherhood against General Sisi. And General Sisi is being backed by the Gulf states!
    Welcome to the Middle East and have a nice day.

    And now I ask why we don’t stay as far from this clusterfuck as humanly possible.

  376. Tex I’ve recently been told first hand by my doctor that the insurance companies are exploding with crazy these days.

  377. The US is the biggest importer of hemp. That’s crazy. That stupidity alone would stun our founders. They wouldn’t recognize the place.

  378. There are times I get to the point of disgust of wanting to bargain with Russia and China to just blow the whole damn place up, start over and worry about the consequences later.

    Tex you need to talk to my family so they can confirm for you that every now and then I propose my “mushroom cloud” solution to the world’s problems.

    Basically we fly over several terminally ignorant “nations”, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Libya and at the rate they are going, Egypt too, and we drop some strategically placed nuclear warheads. We level the entire region, give about 5 years for the radiation to clear, and then start all over.

    I’m thinking we throw Pakistan into the mix too. 👿

  379. “Tigre, the “new top” was a blouse I think.”


    God I am an idiot. I don’t know why I translated it that way.

  380. For those proposing to nuke the Middle East to solve its “problems”, just remember, there are more Muslims outside of that region than there are in it.

  381. All the countries on my hit list happen to be Muslim and I wish I could say that’s mere coincidence.

    To Tigre you’d need to gather all the libs in one place or do prefer drone strikes?

  382. Seems to me it wouldn’t be too hard to lure them all to one spot with promises of government “freebies.” 😆

    Or we could just nuke California, Seattle and New York and let the rest run. . .

  383. For those proposing to nuke the Middle East to solve its “problems”, just remember, there are more Muslims outside of that region than there are in it.

    Probably true, but believe or not, when I made my statement, I didn’t have religion on my mind so much as tyrannical dictators and the savages that they check.

    I’m convinced many of these “rebels” are as much Muslim as Obama is Christian. 😉

    They’re more animals than anything else.

  384. “Seems to me it wouldn’t be too hard to lure them all to one spot with promises of government “freebies.””

    Be sure to advertise it as an “Libs Only” event. Otherwise the US could be a very large country with a very small population. 😆

  385. What do you guys think the number one reason given for the shootings here in Chicago for which they catch the perp is?

  386. 😆

    That’s probably the real reason but a while back I mentioned that I had asked my neighbor – a Chicago homicide detective – what the worst part of his job was and he replied it was that “people lie to me all day.”

    A: Self-defense.

    Thought that was interesting.

  387. The epitome of a failed foreign policy:

    1. Syria erupts into civil war, we don’t help secularists.
    2. Thousands upon thousands of Al Queda pour in.
    3. Obama suddenly starts painting red lines.
    4. Red line is crossed numerous times
    5. The whole world knows it
    6. Thousands more Al Queda pour in.
    7. Red line crossed on such a level America is humiliated
    8. No longer really know where the WMD is
    9. ?

    Obama didn’t like Bush’s decisions. So he thinks he just avoids…well….decisions…

    Motherfucker is a procrastinator. Syria…implementation of Obamacare…..the truth about Benghazi…..they all have one thing in common…put shit off and cower for a few more weeks…

    By the way…it aint all that complicated. Iran backs Hamas etc, not because they like them or believe in them, far from it…but because they both mutually benefit from one another in the short term. I thought you were in Corporate America. Isn’t the office politics the same?

  388. I’m not convinced Assad did it either. As I wrote before,it is illogical. Some .of the rebels reportedly used nerve gas around March 19

    In any event, Tex, I and others wished the administration would fall apart while Obama was still in office. We are close to a tipping point.

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