My Mind’s a Muddle on Immigration

On most matters political I come down pretty firmly on one side or the other. One exception is abortion where I am a man without a country. Liberals hate me because I abhor abortion on demand and conservatives hate me because I can’t condone the government violating the sovereignty of a woman over her body.

Now another entry in my straddle list. The immigration debate has me in a muddle. On the one hand I understand the offensive nature of the phrase “illegal immigrant”. People are themselves not illegal. Their acts are. “Illegal immigrant” objectifies these people.

I also understand that many of the 11 million here illegally have raised families here and love this country for its opportunities. I hesitate to engage in any dialog that demonizes them.

I also get that the GOP has created a bit of a straw man by trying to solve at great expense a problem we really don’t have right now. Because of our economy net illegal immigration is about zero. Obama has deported a record number of undocumented folks.

But there are still two things that bother me about this debate:

Why Do Minorities Defend Their Criminal Element?

Republicans believe that promoting comprehensive immigration reform will win them Hispanic votes, essentially a shameless pander. My question is why would law-abiding Hispanics who have paid their dues be offended by a crackdown on illegal immigration? Why would law-abiding Hispanics be seduced by a party “sympathetic” to undocumented workers who are by definitions criminals? Why are Hispanics not the most outraged at their brethren taking shortcuts to get the rewards that non-criminal Hispanics have worked hard for? It reminds me of blacks turning Trayvon Martin into a civil rights hero when he was at best a very foolish child and at worst a thug-in-training (more on that later). It reminds me of moderate Muslims who stand by silent while their nutjob radical brethren wreak havoc all over the world. I know from experience that when we condemn our own we open the door to bigots who will take our condemnation one step too far. That still shouldn’t keep us silent. That still should not make us accept the lowest common denominator. Law abiding Hispanics should be as interested in secure borders and fair labor practices as everyone else.

Who Needs Immigrants Right Now?

While watching “Face the Nation” last week, I saw Dan Stein, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) discuss the Senate comprehensive immigration reform bill. If you get past his gripes about special interests and his skepticism about increased border security there remains one resonating point. Why do we want to increase job competition in a country with almost 8% unemployment (not including those who have dropped out of the workforce out of despair and those working part-time who want full-time jobs)? Just today I heard an argument about folks coming here to get an education and then taking their skills back home. Our solution? Encourage then to stay here! No, no, no.

We need to be training OUR citizens for the jobs available in this country right now. We need to be employing our citizens. We don’t need to be bringing more folks on board to compete for jobs. We have plenty of Americans for the jobs available. We don’t necessarily have the skills and that is what needs fixing. And once again — I’m a broken record on this subject and I don’t care — we need corporations and even small employers to start treating workers with dignity. That means not only hiring but paying them a decent living wage. We can beat unemployment in this country by training people and then making the jobs worth having. Many of the folks currently on food stamps are gainfully employed and can’t make enough money to pay for food. That’s a disgrace in the richest country in the world.

If anything, we should be restricting immigration right now across the board and getting our house in order with the folks who are already here.

A Final Few Words on Trayvon Martin

Last night the jury in the George Zimmerman trial declared Mr. Zimmerman not guilty of 2nd degree murder in the killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. A few observations come to mind:

Amazing What Happens When You Ignore Race

Despite a lead up to the trial that was extremely racially polarized, the prosecution chose not to focus on racism. Yes, profiling was mentioned but there was very little focus on the notion that Trayvon ended up dead because he was a black man.The predominant focus of both the defense and the prosecution was the scuffle itself and not much on what lead up to it. When you just focus on one man beating the crap out of another and whether the dude getting beaten up might be afraid of great bodily injury it becomes a bit easier to say “yeah I would have shot him too.” For those, mostly conservatives, who were angry at the race baiters, the prosecution was pretty restrained it its use of race as an emotional tactic. When you take racial motivation out of the equation, it’s just a matter of a man wanting the beating to stop.

The Worst Prosecution Evah

I admittedly watched more trial analysis than the trial itself but damn that was one sad prosecution. Nearly every prosecution witness was transformed into a witness for the defense. The coroner, Dr. Bao, was so slick and shifty I wouldn’t trust him with the dead much less the living. The expert on use of force, Dennis Root was allowed to testify on state of mind, outside his area of expertise,  without any objection from the prosecution. And most damning of all, the prosecution never made an issue of the position of Zimmerman’s gun (behind him out of view of Martin) until closing arguments. I had to wonder as I watched analysis of the trial whether the state really wanted to win this case or not.

The Sickening Canonization of Trayvon Martin

I actually heard Travyon Martin compared to Medgar Evers last night. I threw up in my mouth a little. Are we serious? Medgar Evers devoted his life to racial equality and was killed by a white supremacist. Trayvon Martin devoted his last months to smoking dope, possibly stealing jewelry, calling himself No-Limit-Nigga on Twitter, being suspended twice from school and was killed by a half white half Hispanic Barney Fife. Trayvon Martin is no hero. He is a cautionary tale of what a child should do when confronted by a crazy stranger. You don’t respond with gangsta attitude. You run the hell away and tell your parents.

Last night MSNBC’s Joy Reid implied Trayvon was accosted by a gun wielding George Zimmerman. The facts as revealed in the case do not support that. Trayvon didn’t know George had a gun until after a scuffle had already ensued. She should be ashamed of herself for making up facts. Melissa Harris-Perry said all black families are holding their kids a bit closer after the verdict. Well damn right Melissa. Maybe if Trayvon was held a bit closer, as in properly counseled on his life choices, he might be alive today. I am reading folks on Facebook say they fear for their black children’s safety because big bad whitey may kill them and not go to jail. Have we lost our minds? The lesson in this verdict is not that a white (or half white) man can shoot you in the back and get away with it. The lesson is that a white man can shoot you if you punch him in the face and jump on top of him and try to beat the crap out of him. Was giving an ass whupping to George Zimmerman the only choice Trayvon had that night?

Look, I am not happy that George Zimmerman brought a gun to a fist fight. I also don’t doubt the terrible loss felt by Trayvon’s family. But despite the media’s insistence on showing photos of a 13-year-old angelic child (they’re still showing those photos today), if we are honest we know better. Trayvon was developing into an ignorant punk who was headed for trouble. He needed intervention, just not in the form that he got from George Zimmerman. Trayvon is no hero, civil rights or otherwise. He is another sad statistic in a culture that favors confrontation and bravado over common sense. It’s a damn shame.


142 thoughts on “My Mind’s a Muddle on Immigration

  1. Rutherford,

    Most of this was pretty fair…not all, but most. 😉

    My only question would be, why are black parents holding their children a little tighter tonight? Apparently, no black parents were holding their children tighter last weekend in your hometown when 11 young black adults were killed by gunfire in Chicago. Of course, the young adults were killed by other blacks as they almost always are.

    The comparison of some Travyon™ to Medgar Evers is pitiful and if the circumstances different, almost parody. But the hypocrisy and racism of these MSNBC/CNN hosts is what is truly retching.

  2. A mostly even-handed article, and not just because I agree with most of it. I do have 1 standout issue…

    “Because of our economy net illegal immigration is about zero.”

    There is no way to prove this, and I notice there was none offered.

    We are told [insert PC term here] need a pathway to citizenship because they are “living in the shadows.” So who is doing the counting of these people who are hiding? Who is counting the documents of these undocumented people? How do we know that for every 1 Obama deports that 2 didn’t originally come over?

    We don’t.

    Re: Zimmerman/Martin…the whole thing is just sad. Sad for the family who lost a son. Sad for a young man who lost his life. Sad for the man who was forced to kill him. Sad for both families affected forever.

    Shame on Barack Obama for involving himself in this months ago, and shame on him for interjecting his gun agenda into it today. Zimmerman was found to have legally defended himself with a legally-owned, registered weapon that he was licensed to carry. He fired a single shot from it. What laws do we need to have strengthened in that scenario? The Martin family should be sickened by his exploitation of their son’s death.

  3. Tex your Chicago comment is in line with what I was saying. The failure of parents and the system to help steer these kids away from trouble is a major contributor to the problem.

    Maybe these folks on Facebook don’t really understand what they are saying. To feel your child could have been Trayvon is to say you encourage your kid to react with violence to a threatening situation.

    I told one lady (whom I don’t know personally) that if my parenting has anything to do with it I can guarantee that my daughter would not have been shot by George Zimmerman.

  4. American farmers are turning crops under because they can’t get anyone to pick them. No laborers. It doesn’t matter what is offered, the work is considered too hard or below that of a citizen. Unemployed masses or not, there are bigger issues at play. Farming was a mainstay for previous generations of illegal and mostly Hispanic immigrants. Harvest times were busy and profitable for all. Workers followed the harvests across the country and provided a much needed and beneficial part of agriculture. It was a win-win for farmers and workers that in turn benefited us all. Prices will continue to go up and produce will more and more be brought in to this country while less and less is produced domestically for market and export.

    The system uses undocumented workers, exploiting their fear of deportation. If it wasn’t profitable to keep it as it is, we would have solved it decades ago. Plus, look how mighty DHS has become in size and scope. You expect them to roll back their budget and influence? Not very historically common. When has any government actually shrunk over time?

    Regarding the latest Zimmerman/Martin circus, two questions. Why was this even national news? Will we ever learn from the myriad of poor parenting examples played out in public?

  5. “Despite a lead up to the trial that was extremely racially polarized, the prosecution chose not to focus on racism.”

    There was no choice. Choice implies an option. There was no option because there was no evidence whatsoever, none, that proved GZ was a racist or motivated by race when he pulled the trigger. Worse, there never was. The prosecution had no ability to play this card in an overt fashion.

    So it did something truly repulsive. It disingenuously argued racism by implication, substituting emotion for evidence and truth. Malleable words like “profiling” replaced the ones that couldn’t be uttered without some proof for the sake of credibility. It was agonizing to anyone that values justice and due process. Perverse.

    R, you make comments in your tweets about lessons to be learned. There’s one I think you overlooked. Remedying the left’s the need to engage in such a grotesque persecution to feed a political narrative.

  6. re: Every surgeon knows that the first procedure is to stop the bleeding. This country has an interest in allowing only certain people to immigrate, and only a certain number; the first procedure is to stop the willy-nilly border crossings.

    We have the technology to do it without inventing a single new thing, but neither party wants to do that. The Republicans want cheap labor; the Democrats are eying millions of new Democratic voters.

    Want to stop the bleeding? Here’s how: two fences, one mile apart, each one similar to what we have now. Half-way between, a ten-foot electric fence. Roads on both sides of the electric fence to allow border patrol agents to drive. Various camera systems on poles, covering every linear inch from one end to the other, and infrared detecting lasers (invisible) that fire along the roads. Now a few border agents can sit at consoles, observing the cameras. The lasers will draw their attention to any area of motion. Anybody crossing ONE fence will be trapped; the electric fence will prevent them from getting to the second fence. The 1-mile spacing will make tunneling difficult, and helicopter crews can get to any area within a few minutes.

    A few agents can control hundreds of miles.

    Then you acknowledge that the reason so many illegals are ALREADY here is that you LET them come in, and you begin a path to citizenship. Make it tough – tougher than regular immigration; require English proficiency; provide job training, for which you bill them after they get a job. Give anyone a year to sign up and complete training; after that it is illegal to provide any public services to non-citizens – that means no welfare, no schooling, no medical care, and make it illegal to hire them, with hefty fines for those who do.

    The fence engineering and the dealing with those already here ain’t that hard; the will to do it is considerably harder.

  7. “I also get that the GOP has created a bit of a straw man by trying to solve at great expense a problem we really don’t have right now. Because of our economy net illegal immigration is about zero. Obama has deported a record number of undocumented folks.”

    I find it interesting that the fact our economy is such that after 5 years it is still a tool to discourage immigration. And that it almost seems this is something you would “credit” Obama for as a positive in some aspect. And that this 5 year economic drought isn’t worthy of note.

    On Hispanics. We have a ton of immigrant/green card Hispanics in my area. The vast majority are here to continue to earn enough money to bring the rest of their family here anyway they can. Their intention is to earn enough of a nest egg so that they can return to Mexico and retire, as our dollars go a lot further there than here. They are here to leach and leave. They don’t care about illegals, because it has nothing to do with their long term plans.

    Your stance on immigration is very Republican, or what used to be Republican. One of the key reasons I left the party. Interesting it took Republicans coming on board for you to state this position. I wonder if it would be so if they were of their original opinion?

    “If anything, we should be restricting immigration right now across the board and getting our house in order with the folks who are already here.”

    I do not recall this being your position even a year ago.

    On Travon/Zimmerman. The better man won, twice. Justice was served, twice. Travon was exploitable for race and political points. That is why we are still hearing about him while, as in my post above noted, more than 11,000 black on black deaths have occurred with little note. As they furthered no ones agenda, they were not worth considering. We now have a singer of note saying she is ashamed to be an American, and we have a comedian of note saying its open season now on black teens. Probably the most damaging event in the 21st century for race relations.

    This is Travon the night he was killed, not the innocent child the media misrepresented that allowed him to be exploited.

  8. Rutherford you’re perhaps more muddled than you know if these two points are what is hanging you up regards immigration specifically illegal immigration.
    To your first puddle of muddle the folks here already are more perceptive to looking the other way regards illegal entry purely on very human grounds. Sympathy,empathy and other rules of the heart are at play. There is no single bloc within the immigrant population and this even applies to the Latin American contingent which weighs in heavily on the illegal rolls. The variety of views and attitudes run the full spectrum.
    On your second part I am just stupefied. You and others keep putting forth the Obama has deported…. schtick. I again will inform you that this is simply not true. The majority of Obamas record breaking returns are in fact CBP bounce outs,not ICE in country deportations,there is a difference in the realities of each. ICE has been posting good numbers secondary to the Safe Streets initiative but this is constantly hitting up against its own narrow thought out budgetary numbers. What I mean by that is they get out there and apprehend illegals with criminal records and all to often on an annual basis run out of cash. In some cases this means the deportations lag or cease,detentions go long and eventually field ops close until the next fiscal rodeo. THIS IS NO WAY TO RUN THIS POLICY.
    I hate to be the one to bring it up but since your left wing friends have probably vacated to say the least… FAIR has some credible controversial baggage attached to it. The numbers they produce are universally considered credible and they represent a thorn in the sides on a bipartisan level. The controversy lies in their motivations which sadly do appear to be aligned with nativist elements. That said it is lol that two potential racist entities are presented in the presser as La Raza is clearly a racist anti-US sovereignty entity.

    Kudos on the Trayvon part of this post. The spin is alarming in that the forces out there are really ramping up some anti Constitution/law stuff that will serve no-one well. The arrogance of some on both sides is alarming. I listened to a NPR piece this am that was all hung ho about eliminating any number of the amendments in the Bill of Rights just so we could be safer. OMG!

  9. @ the spirit of PF #11 it is amazing how the oh so shovel ready job of border protection was both bastardized in many places and ignored in others.

  10. @ poolman 6 I think I provided a link in the previous thread but there has been mixed reviews on what you put forth. Georgia and Alabama have seen a rebound post their strong anti illegal alien legislation. I cant speak for other states but dont doubt there are indeed locales that cant get the workers.
    The farm industry relies more heavily on migrant workers and those come in the legal and illegal variety. No matter how you slice it that system is what is. I know I am ok with refusing to pay $6 for a head of lettuce though. There must be a way to have a mutually positive system,

  11. It seems that government and its controlled message is the problem we face as a collective today. It’s too huge and over-reaching and it continually supports lies and failed policies. There are too many in it and way too many profiting from it, as is, to expect it to become efficient and in anyway curtail itself. Absolutely everything it gets involved in becomes royally screwed and totally misconstrued. And it is secretive about almost all of its actions.

    Border patrol security and immigration are not unusual in this regard. Don’t expect a solution from the state, they aren’t solution driven.

    Where is it different?

    Our government works for business interests here and abroad and always over and above the real need of its citizenry. It always has. It’s just become more blatant and better documented now. Government assigns certain value to people and property and extracts what it can, generally penalizing the least valued with the greatest requirement.

    I don’t see a political solution. This beast has no desire to shrink back and grant us any liberty. Just the opposite. Now it encroaches our personal lives and seeks to invade our every private thought and act. Just think of the NSA as Non Stop Assholery, bought and paid for from our open-ended debt slave account. I don’t see a political path that fixes this. I think it needs a full reverse. Inversion… restart… reset… reboot… pull the damned plug already!

  12. Noah, let me know if you want me to delete your last FB link as I suspect it reveals your real identity or at least your FB identity (which may be fake).

    Again, let me know.

  13. R – I’m taking my lifelong buddy Joe to the big Oshkosh airshow week-after-next, and just noticed we would be passing right over Napierville. (That lake looks damn cold and I got only one 52 year-old motor, so we are going a little west. I’d stop and say hi, but I have two other guys with me, who I’m sure want to get home. I think my wife and I are going by ourselves next year, so if you’re there then, we’ll stop by. Looks like two private airports, and O’hare and Gary.

    First time to Oshkosh by air; wish us luck!

  14. Well Noah you and FB Noah sure share the same anti-Obama obsession. Maybe it just comes with the name. 🙂

    Glad to hear its just a coincidence. After the FBI fiasco the last thing I need is you accidentally outing yourself.

  15. DoJ is setting up a snitch line to take nationwide submissions of Zimmerman racism evidence. Even after an FBI investigation already turned up nothing.

    They won’t go after a group that stands outside polling places with clubs after stating white people need to be killed…but they will aggressively go after a guy who has already been found not guilty in a court of law.

    Meanwhile, HLN’s Nancy Grace says Zimmerman is now free to go to Taco Bell every night and eat churros. And she still has a job after that racist comment. I guess Food Network officially has higher standards that the “news” media.

    This is what we get for a national discussion on race in the Age of Obama.

  16. I just got home but I won’t be here for long.My wife will be here later with the new car we bought to use for the next five years.

    We have been intensively stimulating baby at every waking minute, even when she wakes up in the wee hours. We record the time and amount of everything she consumes.

    Our daughter’s infection and fall down stairs added a little pressure, but she is doing better and doctors say she should be in shape to return to work at least part time by August.

    Weird things are happening. Baby’s small head began with an oddly pointed shape. I saw a Drudge Report headline with Zimmerman and his bald lawyer. I looked at our grand daughter on the bed and noticed her head has evolved toward the lawyer’s head shape.

    Her doctors now say Baby’s head has reached the seventh percentile. They originally said we might not watch her smile for months if ever. Now, they say she is on the verge. Last night, stuck my tongue out at her, and she responded. We took turns sticking out our tongues for ten or fifteen minutes. We did it again today, and she apeared so pleased with herself that she made an almost smile.

    Now, we have figured most of the reasons baby cries. Sometimes there is no reason except maybe that she is too tired to realize she needs to sleep. She had one of those spells, and I took her to the changing room in case of a bad diaper. She stopped crying immediately.

    Her diaper was fine, but she was fasinitated by the ceiling fan. Her eyes and later her head followed the movement. I took her back down stairs and she began to cry again. I took her back to the room with the ceiling fan, and she was happy again. We stayed there until her father came home from work to watch.

    Our daughter has been reading the news to Baby. Some of the Sami and other music videos are recognizable to her. She sill stare at the camera screen while they are on, and sometimes, she stops crying.

    Sorry about the enthusiasm,but for us these are minor miracles the doctors can’t explain. They still want an MRI scan. This is not what they predicted.

    I am tired and don’t have time to write anything more tonight. Thanks for the offer of help; Professor. It could be a long five years and we appreciate the offer.,

  17. Our daughter who is a therapist for unsavory characters said Skittles and tea may be made with cough syrup into a drug that gets one high. Maybe Skittles and tea weren’t so innocent. Travon did have Mary Jane in his blood when he was shot.

  18. “Meanwhile, HLN’s Nancy Grace says Zimmerman is now free to go to Taco Bell every night and eat churros. And she still has a job after that racist comment”

    Nancy Grace. Talk about proof that beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes to the bone…

  19. James – Obviously I’m not there, but what, exactly, has the docs panties in a wad? The 7th-percentile thing? That’s just a number – suggestive that there may be a problem, but without anything else to go on, not proof of anything. SOMEBODY has to be in the seventh percentile, or the first. By itself, it’s just a number.

    It is possible that the sutures are prematurely fused – the baby’s skull is a series of plates can be displaced to allow the head to change shape for childbirth and to expand as the brain grows. The funny head shape may – or may not – be the result of pathology. If it is not – and the baby is not lying in a fixed position (sounds definitely like it is not) the head shape will become symmetrical on its own.

    You have experience with kids – does it seem to you that the baby is responding normally? The ceiling fan incident sounds like it’s doing just fine. Is the cry normal?

    I don’t know how much access you have to Big Town medical centers, but it might be a good idea to get a Real Hotshot peds neurologist to take a look-see. From what you are saying, I’m not at all convinced that there is real disease here. I could be wrong, though; he will give you much better info.

    re: Zimmerman – every time I get exposed to the mob rule of the Internet, I think about how smart the Founding Fathers were to make this a Republic. Now the vultures, not happy with Z’s acquittal, are trucking out (what they say are) old Facebook pages alleging “racism” on Z’s part.

    Who cares? Is that illegal? Hell, is it even real? They need to get over it; the trial is over. Move on.

  20. Rutherford,

    While nobody has been more critical of what I believed the worst excuse for President in U.S. History BY A LONGSHOT, never did I think I would live to see the day even with Obama as President, America would have Soviet style commissars or East German Brownshirts administering justice.,0,4338518.story

    Eric Holder is David Duke on steroids, masquerading as Attorney General. This is beyond the pale and Holder has removed any shadow of a doubt his character: bereft of any goodness and an utter scumbag.

    If Barack Obama had one ounce of integrity, he would shit can Holder immediately.

    This one will come back to bite Dimocrats…I promise you and it should.

  21. From my experience, I think Baby’s mind is normal so far.

    Yes, Pfessor, the issue is our grand daughter’s head size and shape. The station our son in law works for ran a story about a four year old boy with micro encepheloy who got a playground from Make A Wish foundation. The shape of his head resembled our grand daughters’, but as I wrote her head now resembles Zimmerman’s lawyer’s bald head. Last evening our son-in law’s mother came to relive us, and she also noticed Baby’s head shape has changed a bit.

    Her head is also flat on one side probably because of her habitual position before birth.The theory holds that the baby wasn’t getting enough nourishment before birth. Hence her small head size and doctors’ considering induced labor to save the baby’s life. The other theory, is of course microencephely..

    Besides the MRI scan, they wanted a genetic test to understand what was happening.

    Until the week before last Baby wasn’t even on the charts.

    One of the doctors told our daughter and son in law he doesn’t know what is happening. He has never seen a baby like ours. She is developing faster than they expected and so far, she meets all of the age expectant benchmarks. They have begun to make positive comments such as Baby’s being very alert. They told our daughter to keep doing what we are doing because it seems to be working.

    They still want an MRI scan.

    Our daughter and son in law researched Downs Syndrome and found a support group. She said looking into those baby’s eyes was like looking at eyes without a spark. “Our” baby’s eyes show someone is home.

    At birth, doctors were afraid of impaired motor skills, but Baby seems normal, though our daughter jokes that at this point, she doesn’t even know what an arm or a leg is.

    Her face is fine featured with a little nose and ears. Her thin red hair and dark blue eyes make her a striking figure. One can imagine how she will look as a teenager and adult. Our daughter thinks she has her and my personalities. If so, God help us!.

    Little autocrat that she is, Baby has become mostly happy and lately the only unexplained times she cries are probably when she doesn’t understand she is tired. We now know that ceiling fans make her stop crying as if a switch was turned on. Diapers and hunger of course make her cry no matter what.

    Our son in law put her on her stomach and she used crawling motions to push herself ahead. She got frustrated until I and later our daughter put our hands against her feet to give her leverage.
    Baby used intent, not reflexes to move herself. She raised her head and chest, though Daughter joked it was because of her small, light head.

    You know how babies reflexively use a repetoire of expressions. On the night before last, Baby stuck out her tongue. I stuck out my tongue, and she followed suit. For about ten minutes we alternatively took turns sticking out our tongues.

    I tried it again yesterday to see if the earlier experience was a series of reflexive movements. I stuck out my tongue . She stuck out her tongue and didn’t again until I did. We reacted to each other for another minute or two, and as she stuck out her tongue, she made a border line smile.

    She has begun pursing her lips and showing her tongue when she is hungry. If we don’t catch the message, she screams until she sees the bottle. If we get it there in time, she stares at the bottle as if she knows it has food. Otherwise she has a fit if the delay is too long. Maybe its my imagination, but it seems to me that Baby is thinking. She has developed a way to communicate her hunger without crying.

    I started playing the same pop and Sami songs when Baby was about a week old. She now recognizes the music. On Sunday, I put the video camera near her head and played the song. Baby turned her head and stared at the camera until the song ended.I took a photo to show the others. Now, our daughter and son in law are playing music.

    I had a feeling Baby didn’t have Downs Syndrome because something didn’t add up. Now, I don’t know Baby’s brain structure, but as of now, she has all of her marbles and motor skills. Whether she owes it to our efforts or it is happening naturally, no one knows.

    Daughter has even begun to think that baby may have some unknown impairment but even so will probably be able to get through school. She has come a long way from wanting to give Baby a short name so she would remember it. She asked last week, “could you stay here until she is ready for college?” Given all of her physical problems and fatigue she told us they couldn’t have done it without us. Her assuming Baby might make it through school is an attitudidinal sea change.

    That is almost as good as when she called us on her way home from work and said “thank you for feeding me and giving me a home all of those years.”

    I have not met the doctors, and we get the information second hand.

    Thanks Pfessor for the concern and the information. It has helped.

    The mob doesn’t care about Zimmerman or Martin. They are abstract symbols to support an agenda. Cindy Shehan is one who learned the hard way when she thought they cared about. Her. The internet mobs operate under the same rules of emotion and ignorance. I blame the press for stirring this up through willful miss reporting and lies.

  22. Betsy’s page has a link to prove that “the list of prosecutorial misconduct in the Zimmerman case is truly astounding… Angela Corey the state attorney has a truly disturbing record of personal vendettas and retaliation against those who she believes have crossed her.”

    Consider what the press and our government has done to railroad this man. Some day, the IRS might find information with which to threaten jurists. Or the government might take them out with drones. That reporter who recently died is fodder for conspiracy theories.

    If I were Zimmerman, I would consider applying for political asylum. Some have feared that we are becoming a fascist society. We are already there, in its incipient form.

  23. I like David Duke anymore. I think he got over his racist past, though he will never get over that reputation in this country. His focus has been anti satanism Zionism, which has attracted worldwide attention, even getting him banned, harassed, and detained overseas.

    Free speech isn’t actually that anymore. Maybe it was always just an illusion.

  24. James, I’d say your grand baby is on her way to being a normal citizen of the fascist state that issued her certificate of enslavement birth. I think fear of the MANipulative™ rule of her overlords is probably more threatening than her physical abnormalities, especially since those are quickly vanishing before your eyes.

    Like growing plants, provide all the necessary ingredients and care and these things will thrive.

    It will be a great benefit toward development that this child is getting the stimuli you and wife are providing.

  25. There is a saying in the radiology business: treat the patient, not the x-ray. From everything you are saying, this baby sounds, not only AT milestones, but AHEAD of the.

    Very interesting. They will have to sedate the baby for an MRI and she will be back in the bore of the magnet a goodly ways, where she is hard to see, if something happens. They really need to think whether they NEED a scan, or they are just satisfying curiosity

  26. If I never get another x-ray in my lifetime, I’ll be all the happier. Growing up as a military dependent, I had many x-rays. It was considered routine. Looking back, it was like we were all test subjects, being administered everything they had in their arsenal.

    It’s like everything else in our capitalist system. They have this equipment and only by using it does it justify its expense and in private business eventually turn a profit. If it isn’t working, it isn’t paying its way.

    As a society, we are less interested in health than wealth.

  27. Ok I know this ain’t profound but something occurred to me from the Z trial and I’d be interested in Tigre’s take on it should he stop by.

    Doesn’t every self defense murder trial essentially put the victim on trial? In other words, to prove self defense you have to prove wrong doing on the part of the dead victim.

    I know it’s not rocket science but it’s a concept that hadn’t occurred to me before the Zimmerman trial.

  28. Only if self defense is claimed.

    But R, I don’t get the point. The defendant is still the one on trial. Remember, it isn’t he victim’s state of mind. It’s the defendant’s. Again, either or both could wrong or right. That doesn’t mean someone goes to jail under any scenario.

  29. R – This guy is on the editorial board at the WS Journal. He had a very interesting POV on the Martin/Z affair – (Interesting because it happens to coincide with my own, LOL).

    If you have time to watch this short video, I would like your take on his comments.!A884CEA7-F97C-4E2A-80FF-566B9FFB3BB4

  30. In other words, the victim doesn’t have to be “guilty” of anything for SD to apply. Martin could be a perfect example (though I think he was responsible for the event in doubling back and confronting Zimmerman).

  31. “In other words, the victim doesn’t have to be “guilty” of anything for SD to apply.”

    Tigre that’s where you lost me. If the defendant is claiming self defense that means the victim was presenting a threat worthy of the defendant claiming self defense. That makes the victim “guilty” of something doesn’t it?

    For example if Z had not shot Trayvon and instead sustained non-life threatening injuries then the state could have charged Trayvon with battery. It was Z’s defense against this battery that lead him to shoot. So again to believe Z’s account you have to believe Trayvon guilty of battery.

    That’s why I’m suggesting isn’t the victim ipso facto on trial in a self defense case?

  32. ET@43: I guess one sees what one wants to see. Mary Kissel is Jason Riley’s colleague at the WSJ; if there is contempt there, I don’t see it.

    What I do see is a frank discussion of his piece

    where he says what I believe most Americans – at least most non-black Americans – think: if you want people to stop seeing young black men as thugs, tell them to stop acting that way. Until one gets his own house squared-away, complaints of persecution fall on deaf ears.

    Sometimes you catch a man off-guard and he says something profound, even the Right Reverend Jesse Jackson: “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved. . . . After all we have been through. Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.”

    As long as everybody digs his heels in and defends his own POV, and is unwilling to admit that the other guy has a point or two, we are stuck right where we are – which is to say, nowhere.

  33. I think I get what you’re driving at but you seem to be forgetting two things.

    First, mens rea (mental state, e.g. “intent”) is separate from the actus reus (the action ) and must be proved. In Zimmerman’s case, no battery needed to occur to give rise to SD. In fact Martin didn’t need to even touch GZ to create a reasonable fear of imminent great bodily harm or death for SD to apply provided that was the result (intentionally or unintentionally). Even criminal assault (an act which intentionally causes another person to apprehend immediate and unlawful personal violence) requires proof of the defendant’s “intent.”

    So GZ could’ve reasonably been placed in fear of great bodily injury or death though Martin did not intend it (and that’s why the actual extent of Z’s injuries was not determinative). It was GZ’s not Martin’s belief of what the injuries could’ve been had GZ not defended himself that counted. Now for Martin to be “guilty” of assault, both GZ’s AND Martin’s mental states must be proved (Z=reasonable fear; Martin=intent).

    Second, remember who bears the burden of proof and what that burden is. The State must “disprove” SD beyond a reasonable doubt.

    So, the jury only needed to find that it was “possible” that Z was reasonably placed in fear of great bodily injury or death. No finding of Martin’s “guilt” of anything was required.

    Now I know Martin did in fact strike Z and that was most probably battery. However, the point still obtains. Martin’s “guilt” was on trial only in the abstract.

  34. PF, I didn’t want to see anything. I agree with him and so would MLK. I just watched the look on her face when the discussion crossed the PC Rubicon. It’s that conditioned response (at least the one I observed) that is exploited and prevents honest dialogue.

    I know you didn’t think for a second that the left really wants the “national discussion” on race following the Zimmerman verdict it claims to want. And neither do I. We have reached a point where the black community has been relieved of self-examination and the left will fight tooth and nail to maintain that for the worst of reasons.

  35. North Omaha is an economically depressed black section which has had problems since rioters burned much of the place and drove out businesses.

    Whenever we hear news of a new shooting, I assume the victims were black. The grieving families often say he was a good boy just starting to turn his life around Or the teenager was a good father to all of his non legal children.

    Sometimes churches hold vigils and pray that peace will reign. But nothing changes,

  36. Crocodile Dundee and his girl friend were walking down the street of what for him was a strange new country. A thief pulled a knife on them. Dundee pulled out a bigger knife and said “now that’s a real knife.”

    In Omaha an armed robber hit a clerk with a pistol Another clerk, fearing they might be killed grabbed a pistol he had hidden under the counter. A gun battle resulted and continued as the bad guys fled to the street. One of the criminals will be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

    Sometimes the attacker becomes the victim. Its an occupational hazard.

  37. Sorry El Tigre, I missed it. I haven’t had time to read all of the comments.

    Thanks for the good words, Poolman. Some day, she will inherit a farm which would keep her free from much of society. Or we could tell her about Canada.

  38. Huck, I think you’d be able to predict the future based on whatever Obama had said in the past and continues to say in the present. It is just the opposite, I’ve determined. He’s a hell of a barometer, you just have to understand HOW to read it.

    Look to his campaign promises. If I knew then what I know now, I could be a very wealthy man. If he says win, guaranteed a loss. If he says rain, guaranteed sunshine. If he says up, it definitely will be down.

  39. “I wasn’t going to let Detroit go bankrupt.” – Barack Obama, Oct. 25, 2012.

    9 months later….

    Detroit files for bankruptcy

    😆 We Are the Generation We’ve Been Waiting For!!!! BRAVO BARACK! BRAVO!

    The man is a prophet. 🙂

  40. “Any hope of a federal bailout to avert bankruptcy fizzled last week after Mr. Orr spoke with the White House, including Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett, according to city and White House officials.”

    Guess they didn’t contribute to his election as much as Goldman Sachs or AIG.

    They’re too big to fail, you know, but one of the country’s largest cities is not.

    Of course, that’s all tongue-in-cheek – nobody should ever be bailed out. Financial failures are nature’s way of cleaning up bad investments. Think of them as the turkey vultures of finance.

  41. Yeah, but that would focus attention on terrorism and Obama’s shortcomings. We need to stay on Zimmerman or another race issue to keep the administration from having to answer to the IRS scandal. Divide, divide, divide!

  42. Betsy’s page Cruising the Web links to a writer who shows how the blue culture and a one party machine wrecked Detroit.

    Newsbusters reports that yesterday’s testimony shows orders for Tea Party applications for tax excempt status went to Obama’s only IRS appointee at the time.

    The Tea Party candidate for Joe Biden’s old seat learned from a Treasury Department official that she was one of those who’s tax records were read by people who had no right to read them.

    Had this been Bush we would have heard about it. Tsamaev and the trial are coverups as Rutherford wrote.

  43. Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal
    A higher office is implicated.


    Columnist’s name

    The IRS scandal was connected this week not just to the Washington office—that had been established—but to the office of the chief counsel.

    That is a bombshell—such a big one that it managed to emerge in spite of an unfocused, frequently off-point congressional hearing in which some members seemed to have accidentally woken up in the middle of a committee room, some seemed unaware of the implications of what their investigators had uncovered, one pretended that the investigation should end if IRS workers couldn’t say the president had personally called and told them to harass his foes, and one seemed to be holding a filibuster on Pakistan.

    Still, what landed was a bombshell. And Democrats know it. Which is why they are so desperate to make the investigation go away. They know, as Republicans do, that the chief counsel of the IRS is one of only two Obama political appointees in the entire agency.

    To quickly review why the new information, which came most succinctly in a nine-page congressional letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, is big news:
    Getty Images

    IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division revenue agent Elizabeth Hofacre, left, and retired IRS tax law specialist Carter Hull testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

    When the scandal broke two months ago, in May, IRS leadership in Washington claimed the harassment of tea-party and other conservative groups requesting tax-exempt status was confined to the Cincinnati office, where a few rogue workers bungled the application process. Lois Lerner, then the head of the exempt organizations unit in Washington, said “line people in Cincinnati” did work that was “not so fine.” They asked questions that “weren’t really necessary,” she claimed, and operated without “the appropriate level of sensitivity.” But the targeting was “not intentional.” Ousted acting commissioner Steven Miller also put it off on “people in Cincinnati.” They provided “horrible customer service.”

    House investigators soon talked to workers in the Cincinnati office, who said everything they did came from Washington. Elizabeth Hofacre, in charge of processing tea-party applications in Cincinnati, told investigators that her work was overseen and directed by a lawyer in the IRS Washington office named Carter Hull.

    Now comes Mr. Hull’s testimony. And like Ms. Hofacre, he pointed his finger upward. Mr. Hull—a 48-year IRS veteran and an expert on tax exemption law—told investigators that tea-party applications under his review were sent upstairs within the Washington office, at the direction of Lois Lerner.

    In April 2010, Hull was assigned to scrutinize certain tea-party applications. He requested more information from the groups. After he received responses, he felt he knew enough to determine whether the applications should be approved or denied.

    But his recommendations were not carried out.

    Michael Seto, head of Mr. Hull’s unit, also spoke to investigators. He told them Lois Lerner made an unusual decision: Tea-party applications would undergo additional scrutiny—a multilayered review.

    Mr. Hull told House investigators that at some point in the winter of 2010-11, Ms. Lerner’s senior adviser, whose name is withheld in the publicly released partial interview transcript, told him the applications would require further review:

    Q: “Did [the senior adviser to Ms. Lerner] indicate to you whether she agreed with your recommendations?”

    A: “She did not say whether she agreed or not. She said it should go to chief counsel.”

    Q: “The IRS chief counsel?”

    A: “The IRS chief counsel.”

    The IRS chief counsel is named William Wilkins. And again, he is one of only two Obama political appointees in the IRS.

    What was the chief counsel’s office looking for? The letter to Mr. Werfel says Mr. Hull’s supervisor, Ronald Shoemaker, provided insight: The counsel’s office wanted, in the words of the congressional committees, “information about the applicants’ political activities leading up to the 2010 election.” Mr. Shoemaker told investigators he didn’t find that kind of question unreasonable, but he found the counsel’s office to be “not very forthcoming”: “We discussed it to some extent and they indicated that they wanted more development of possible political activity or political intervention right before the election period.”

    It’s almost as if—my words—the conservative organizations in question were, during two major election cycles, deliberately held in a holding pattern.

    So: What the IRS originally claimed was a rogue operation now reaches up not only to the Washington office, but into the office of the IRS chief counsel himself.

    At the generally lacking House Oversight Committee Hearings on Thursday, some big things still got said.

    Ms. Hofacre of the Cincinnati office testified that when she was given tea-party applications, she had to kick them upstairs. When she was given non-tea-party applications, they were sent on for normal treatment. Was she told to send liberal or progressive groups for special scrutiny? No, she did not scrutinize the applications of liberal or progressive groups. “I would send those to general inventory.” Who got extra scrutiny? “They were all tea-party and patriot cases.” She became “very frustrated” by the “micromanagement” from Washington. “It was like working in lost luggage.” She applied to be transferred.

    For his part, Mr. Hull backed up what he’d told House investigators. He described what was, essentially, a big, lengthy runaround in the Washington office in which no one was clear as to their reasons but everything was delayed. The multitiered scrutiny of the targeted groups was, he said, “unusual.”

    It was Maryland’s Rep. Elijah Cummings, the panel’s ranking Democrat, who, absurdly, asked Ms. Hofacre if the White House called the Cincinnati office to tell them what to do and whether she has knowledge of the president of the United States digging through the tax returns of citizens. Ms. Hofacre looked surprised. No, she replied.

    It wasn’t hard to imagine her thought bubble: Do congressmen think presidents call people like me and say, “Don’t forget to harass my enemies”? Are congressmen that stupid?

    Mr. Cummings is not, and his seeming desperation is telling. Recent congressional information leads to Washington—and now to very high up at the IRS. Meaning this is the point at which a scandal goes nowhere or, maybe, everywhere.

    Rep. Trey Gowdy, a South Carolina Republican, finally woke the proceedings up with what he called “the evolution of the defense” since the scandal began. First, Ms. Lerner planted a question at a conference. Then she said the Cincinnati office did it—a narrative that was advanced by the president’s spokesman, Jay Carney. Then came the suggestion the IRS was too badly managed to pull off a sophisticated conspiracy. Then the charge that liberal groups were targeted too—”we did it against both ends of the political spectrum.” When the inspector general of the IRS said no, it was conservative groups that were targeted, he came under attack. Now the defense is that the White House wasn’t involved, so case closed.

    This is one Republican who is right about evolution.

    Those trying to get to the bottom of the scandal have to dig in, pay attention. The administration’s defenders, and their friends in the press, have made some progress in confusing the issue through misdirection and misstatement.

    This is the moment things go forward or stall. Republicans need to find out how high the scandal went and why, exactly, it went there. To do that they’ll have to up their game.

  44. The whole Boston bombing incident is something we need to seriously look at and investigate ourselves. The official and continually changing narrative keeps falling apart next to the VAST evidence PROVING it false. The officials cannot even provide evidence they claim they have and would eventually provide.

    Lee Camp did an interview in his podcast #240 with the wife of Ibragim Todashev, the guy the FBI murdered in Florida that was supposedly somehow involved because he knew the older Tsarnaev brother, even though it was only a passing acquaintance from attending the same gym. That official story keeps changing too.

    The wife of Michael Hastings has also hired investigators to find out what really happened to him. The latest twist there is the authorities cremated his body without permission and gave her his ashes, making it impossible for her team to perform an autopsy. Reminds me of the OBL dump into the ocean trick.

    US credibility = none, zero, zilch, nada…

    The take away from all this is don’t trust anyone with a badge and uniform. You may pay their salaries, but they don’t work for you. They may as well be wearing gang colors. They have done much too much to discredit themselves and their organizations, and certainly have NOT earned the blind respect they often get. Yes, there are exceptions, but those are being marginalized and forced out.

    I was always told to respect the law and those that enforce it. That is how I have spent the bulk of my life. Occasionally though, someone in uniform would step over the line and I had to accept that as an exception. Now it isn’t so. It’s become us vs. them.

    John Mellencamp sang, “I fight authority and authority always wins.” I say we remove any foundation authority stands upon, as it opposes our once sacred Constitution and what we claim this nation stands for.

  45. We told you so R.

    Yesterday’s hearings brought the final demise of all the Administration’s distractions and evasions. As Chaffetz reminds us, the lie about rogue low-level agents came from the White House, through its official spokesman. There have been attempts to fog the issue by claiming progressive groups were hassled, too. There have been efforts to wish the scandal away by saying it was just a few Obama-loving goofballs who took the President’s endless harangues against his political opponents too seriously. All of that died forever yesterday.

    To build on something Rep. Chaffetz said, it’s funny how Democrats always claim they’re in favor of the “little guy,” but they’re always quick to throw little guys under the bus to protect the Democrat Party aristocracy from scandal. The White House was happy to hang hard-working IRS agents out to dry. They understandably responded by saying they were just following orders, and they started naming names. One of those names was Carter Hull, a top IRS lawyer. And as Peggy Noonan writes at the Wall Street Journal, Hull brought a new name into the mix: IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, who is “one of the only two Obama political appointees in the IRS.”

    This wasn’t a “rogue” operation. It was policy. An Obama appointee had a big role in setting that policy. Anyone who didn’t get on board was pushed aside. The policy only targeted Obama’s political adversaries. And they weren’t just denied the benefits of the tax exemption they sought. They were put in a “holding pattern,” deprived of the swift responses given to left-wing groups. This suppressed the Tea Party groups far more effectively than outright refusals, which they could have appealed.

    Noonan approvingly cites Rep. Trey Gowdy’s (R-SC) dissection of the evolving defense offered by the White House and Democrat Party throughout the scandal. It was indeed awesome, as Gowdy humorously noted this was one of the few times Obama spokesman Jay Carney didn’t try to dodge a tough question by claiming he really appreciated the inquiry, but did not have the answer. Carney straight-up lied about “rogue agents.”

    Then there is Detroit…..Obama names you, your city or company dies within a year.

  46. We live within the borders of a nation whose citizens are controlled by paid liars. The bigger the salary, the more convincing the liar.

    Psychopaths would rather lie than tell the truth, but will resort to whatever benefits them in the moment. Blend in. Self-preservation is key. They have no conscience to get in their way. Emotions, like those of concern and compassion, they must study in others and learn to mimic. They recognize their own, similar to how homosexuals can recognize their own.

    It’s actually clinically proven and well-documented. We think of them as serial killers, but most actually blend in with society. This is well known but rarely published. And, since psychopaths and sociopaths have taken over positions of authority, they hold the power to suppress this important information.

    Christian nation, my ass. This is the world system that opposes the Kingdom of God. Fence straddlers repent. You cannot serve God and mammon.

  47. Barack Obama’s surrogates made a big election-year stink about Mitt Romney being a high school bully because he cut some guy’s hair.

    Now we find out by Obama’s own tacit admission that he was not only the choom king who cut in line in the pot circle and bullied friends that couldn’t hold their hit in long enough, he was also a thief and thug who sucker-punched people he thought were creepy gay crackas.

    I am guessing Barry didn’t learn to beat up white Hispanics from his racist grandmother…

    This motherfucker just doesn’t know when or how to shut up.

  48. The gay community should be outraged that it seems to be acceptable to profile anyone that follows you as gay and worthy of an ass-beating.

    Zimmerman supposedly profiled Martin based on the comment “they always get away” even though “they” could have meant “the people who have been robbing this community” regardless of their color.

    By contrast, we know Martin profiled Zimmerman as gay because his oh-so credible girlfriend tells us he did. And that is why Martin went to beat him down.

  49. Obama is intentionally stoking the fires.

    Reading from a teleprompter – not an accident – intentional for political purposes.

    Go check out your bombshell R. I’m sure the distraction will keep you from giving a shit about that, Obamacare, the IRS scandal Benghazi. . .


  50. They’re only allowing catch and release for drones. This land is no fun anymore. The management sucks big time. 😡

  51. Not for nuthin but I just checked the mobile versions of Time, Newsweek, Politico, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal and there is NOTHING on the so called IRS bombshell.

    I’ll keep looking.

  52. Well, it must be nothing then if none of those fine establishments are talking about it….

    They are probably too busy reporting on Obama’s latest Lincolnesque speech on race, wherein he reminds everyone he is black.

  53. Yep. Just checked LA Times,SF Examiner, Seattle Intelligencer and Rolling Stone.


    I’ll keep looking. . .

  54. Not my last word on the subject because I do want to get the skinny on it but may I point out you highlighted an OPINION piece by Peggy Noonan who has never been a journalist?

    According to Elijah Cummings and others there has been no testimony linking the IRS activity to the White House. In addition there HAS been testimony saying that progressive groups were also profiled AND Issa himself has moderated his language recently.

    But I promise I will look beyond Noonan to see what is going on.

  55. “progressive groups were also profiled”

    Stop. Just……..stop…..

    “Based on the information you flagged regarding the existence of a “Progressives” entry on BOLO lists, TIGTA performed additional research which determined that six tax-exempt applications filed between May 2010 and May 2012 having the words “progress” or “progressive” in their names were included in the 298 cases the IRS identified as potential political cases. [Can you do the math, Rutherford?]

    We also determined that 14 tax-exempt applications filed between May 2010 and May 2012 using the words “progress” or ‘progressive’ in their names were not referred for added scrutiny as potential political cases. In total, 30 percent of the organizations we identified with the words “progress” or “progressive” in their names were processed as potential political cases.

    In comparison, our audit found that 100 percent of the tax-exempt applications with Tea Party, Patriots, or 9/12 in their names were processed as potential political cases during the timeframe of our audit.”

    “WASHINGTON — In February 2010, the Champaign Tea Party in Illinois received approval of its tax-exempt status from the IRS in 90 days, no questions asked.

    That was the month before the Internal Revenue Service started singling out Tea Party groups for special treatment. There wouldn’t be another Tea Party application approved for 27 months.”

    Obama may end up having plausible deniability. But this “progressives were targeted too” bullshit doesn’t wash.

    There is no proof that they were “profiled.” Maybe those 6 just didn’t pass the initial smell test….

    …as opposed to the 292 others that also got “special treatment.”

    Sorry, Rutherford. Try again.

  56. Or maybe the IRS targeted a token number of liberal organizations to give themselves deniability.

    Christine O’Donold the Tea Party candidate for Joe Biden’s old Senate seat was notified by a Treasury Department criminal investigator that her tax records had been improperly read.

    Shortly after she announced her candidacy officials announced her house was under lien. They said it was a computer error after she proved she no longer owned the house.

    I participated in a college panty raid. It was well- planed and some of the girls were in on it. They stole the dorm mother’s key and gave us a duplicate. They taped and wired the dorm mother’s room room door shut..

    The police showed up because they heard something might happen. We waited until 2AM. I told my room mate to put his pajamahs on under his clothes in case we had to quickly let authorities believe we had been asleep the whole time.

    We went to the laundry room while others visited girls’ rooms. We removed the fuses and some took underwear. We went back upstairs as the other half of the group raced madly down the hall toward the exits.

    Only one young man was caught because he and the dorm mother collided between the dorms.

    They took us in for questioning several times, but we all had alibies and no one talked, including the kid who was caught He lost credit for his current semester. No one else was ;punished. I learned a valuable lesson. If no one talks, it didn’t happen. It applied to the Clintons’ Rose Law Firm scandal, and it applies to the IRS scandal now.

  57. R@62. Of course it is but as Tigre@60 said we need the “dust up” to take attention off what matters such as IRA scandals.

    Huck@71. OMG you are so right. Where were Obama’s handlers when he spouted off although the best line was “Citing the experiences of his teenage daughters, Obama said younger generations have fewer issues with racism”. I can’t imagine the Obama daughters having to deal with racial issues surrounded by Secret Service.

    I agree Tigre@74. I didn’t realize Obama was reading from a teleprompter.

  58. R@84. Seems to me Noonan might have better credentials than a journalist.

    “Peggy Noonan is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal whose work appears weekly in the Journal’s Weekend Edition and on
    She is the author of eight books on American politics and culture. The most recent, “Patriotic Grace,” was published in October 2008. Her first book, the bestseller “What I Saw at the Revolution: A Political Life in the Reagan Era,” was published in 1990.
    She was a special assistant to the president in the White House of Ronald Reagan. Before that she was a producer at CBS News in New York. In 1978 and 1979 she was an adjunct professor of journalism at New York University.”

  59. FYI! The Cinncinnati branch of the IRS is the center for business tax returns. Their agents specialize in auditing these type of returns. It stands to reason they would also be trained in targeting persons of interest to the WH and National Security especially since 9/11. Blowing the whistle on the Tea Party scrutiny just brought the information into the public eye.

    James@88. Aren’t you reminded of the three monkeys, “see no evil. hear no evil, speak no evil”

  60. Rutherford I noticed I. Your Twitter feed that you have a new appreciation that Tingles and his ilk are in fact a bunch of racists. Come to the light R come to the lit.

  61. Not to be overly dramatic but for crying out loud is Obama trying to have his legacy be a race war?
    Clearly this is distraction politics harping on feelings as opposed to substance and is so very un-Presidential it isn’t funny. Nobody of reasonable mind is going to allow this to be the front burner issue in their life and as such this is DOA after the msm decides not to play the role set forth for them by their handlers. Something else will happen and this distraction will rapidly revert to being in the collective rear view mirror.

  62. Yes I am now, Ragi That was funny.

    I also remember the Thomas Nanst cartoon showing Boss Tweed and his men circle pointing at each other.

    Yes, Rutherford come to the light. You don’t have to change your ideology to understand some of those people are bad actors with little regard for the truth or the law.

  63. Many of the folks currently on food stamps are gainfully employed and can’t make enough money to pay for food.

    Most of this piece, I was reading the Rutherford that originally made me think “Hey, this guy isn’t as bad as his compatriots”, but this one line reminded me how much you still don’t get because you refuse to understand.

    This exists, hell, is promoted, because our progressive archons prefer it to having a populace able to exist without their benevolence. If you ever figure out that the purpose of government is to maintain and protect an economic and social environment where people are free to provide as much or as little for themselves as they see the need to fulfill, and NOT to “take care of people”, and give them things, your ephiphany will be life-changing.

  64. I agree.

    Since people have been talking about race and discrimination here is another prospective from Finland for Thought.

    “Norway looks down on Sweden..”

    “The Swedes look down on the Fins who look down on the Estonians, who look down on the Lativians. But down there, it could be that Poles look down on the Lithuanians who look down on Lativians too. Fortunately, Lativia borders on Belarus–every glance over that border is bound to be an esteem building experience!”

  65. Not for nuthin but I just checked the mobile versions of Time, Newsweek, Politico, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal and there is NOTHING on the so called IRS bombshell.

    That should cause you concern. Why do you continue to feed at those sources if all they bucket out is warmed over slop? It’s to your detriment. Can’t you see they go from one act to the next and all the performers play their part? It’s entertainment, not news. We love a performance. We love sports. We support the coliseum. Dazzle us. Keep us entertained from sunrise to sunset and fill our nights with fairy tale fantasy. Somewhere, over the rainbow…

    You haven’t weaned yourself off processed and packaged foods, Rutherford. But you have an inquisitive mind. Your world has been rattled. There’s a skeptical bone in your frame. You’ll have venture out of your shelter into some unfamiliar territory, but it will heighten your senses if you do. The benefits are abundant. Don’t follow the yellow brick road.

  66. James –
    re: panty raids. My, how times have changed. Nowadays, the girls routinely call up their “fuckbuddy” – a friend with whom they have no romantic attachment – to come over for a “hookup” and, when it’s all over, if you want their panties, they just give them to you.

  67. The problem BiC is that you support greedy businesses who don’t want to pay their employees a decent living wage. Then you tell those same employees not to want a helping hand from government.

    Do you really want folks starving in the streets?

  68. The problem BiC is that you support greedy businesses who don’t want to pay their employees a decent living wage. Then you tell those same employees not to want a helping hand from government.
    Do you really want folks starving in the streets?

    OMG the dark side is strong with this one! Rutherford just when I thought there was another glimmer of potential for ya you go there,the full blown Progressive wad all in one shot.
    I suppose I could cede you are just offering the polar opposite of BIC’s offering but I can’t,honest I can’t.
    Living wage is a gross misnomer and little more than a Sith Lord Democrat mind trick of envy and division. The whole concept flies in the face of capitalism principles and freedom. Folks who promote the living wage concept are as naive as they are gullible as they are dishonest. It is a proven fact that the improvement of an economy down on the zip code level causes a negative impact on those who can neither compete with the market nor prove to be of value to that economy.
    That probably sounds harsh to you and yours but before you get all hissy about it add this. It is decidedly BLUE areas that are the worst offenders of the process and its self perpetuating cycle and inevitable outcome. See Detroit,Manhattan,LA,Boston and on and on and on.
    Your side pushes gentrification,supports it,plays lip service to those left in its wake and in the end espouse faux outrage as an area falters,fails and flattens.
    As for people starving in the streets,for crying out loud are you high? The leading cause of homelessness,poverty,drug addiction and the whole laundry list of modern American plagues are rooted in liberal ideology. Take me up on the challenge R I beg you.

  69. “The problem BiC is that you support greedy businesses who don’t want to pay their employees a decent living wage.”

    Rutherford, first of all one needs to work from the premise that a business operates to make profits. That doesn’t make them “greedy”. Next one needs to work from the premise that in order to pay employees a decent living wage what with all the benefit packages required by government regulations that it is not a feasible expense in today’s economy. Most businesses hire part time employees/independent contractors/temp workers in order to bypass these regulations. The next premise to consider is that employees are no longer loyal and will jump ship at the first opportunity.

    It’s not greedy businesses that have created the problem but excess government impact.

    However I won’t go as far as Alfie and blame it all on liberal ideology. The roots were planted during another era and although the original concepts had merit (i.e. benefit packages) the end result can no longer be supported by businesses.

  70. I’m wondering why Stevie Wonder and Dick Gregory aren’t calling for a boycott of ALL states that have enacted SYG.

  71. Now that we are in a global market, business has to consider every business everywhere when it sets its prices on their end product/service. An employee and all their pay and benefits are at the end of the day an expense. The expense to produce said product or service determines what the price will be. Another factor is getting the quality of labor needed to do said service or make said product. These are the factors that govern what a company will pay. This cannot be legislated in a positive way. Fairness cannot be achieved let alone legislated. Attempts to do so (like minimum wage increases) only hinder and damage the economy and NEVER have any lasting positive effect on the people.

  72. @raji I am actually pretty aggressive and pro employee when it comes to benefits etc. I am a huge proponent of portable pensions and healthcare for example. To hell with cash out tax bites and COBRA.

  73. The problem BiC is that you support greedy businesses who don’t want to pay their employees a decent living wage. Then you tell those same employees not to want a helping hand from government.
    Do you really want folks starving in the streets?

    The absurdity of the "living wage" bullshit is playing out in Seattle right now. There is a movement among fast food workers who, for the record already make more than the minimum wage, which is already the highest in the nation, because they want to get "a living wage", which they estimate to be $15 an hour.

    Now I trust that even YOU can figure out that if McDonalds has to pay its employees $15 an hour, (a) they won't hire as many as they otherwise would, and (b) their costs will be high, also, so that "Dollar Menu" turns into a $2 Menu…or more. Let's face it. When the Quarter Pounder meal costs $8, they will sell fewer of them.

    What bothers me more is the fact that people who are doing the lowerst rung of work want to be paid like it is a career, instead of a job for people to get into the labor force, and start to develop work habits, and maybe learn a skill or two before moving on to a better one. And with the youth unemployment rate what it is, these kinds of ridiculous kinds of demands make things worse, not better.

    But the costs that government impose upon businesses, while treating them like a cash register till to be raided whenever there are votes to be purchased have also made it harder for people to make ends meet, because one way or another, everyone pays the cost for all the "free" shit from the government, whether they recognize it or not.

  74. “Now I trust that even YOU can figure out that if McDonalds has to pay its employees $15 an hour, (a) they won’t hire as many as they otherwise would, and (b) their costs will be high, also, so that “Dollar Menu” turns into a $2 Menu…or more. Let’s face it. When the Quarter Pounder meal costs $8, they will sell fewer of them.”

    Save your breath. Rutherford has no interest in understanding basic economics unless it is something he can copy and paste from Paul Krugman.

    Rutherford and his fellow liberals hate capitalism. But don’t you DARE call them communists…because….shut up.

  75. Huck:
    Not that I’m convinced r subscribes so fully you left out an important piece for his allies. You said
    “But don’t you DARE call them communists…because….shut up.”
    You forgot YOU RACIST,!!!!

  76. There is an irony regarding the two uses of the McDonalds scenario. Libs indeed want the fry guy and burger gal to be paid a living wage but they also want them to be unemployed secondary to food thought police actions. Plus the obvious $8 Happy Meal with apple slices and non competitive non gender specific non commercial toy like item included. The poor clown can’t catch a break with them

  77. Back to other politics and to display how I am indeed different than many of my friends here….I am absolutely disgusted that the GOP gutted NCLB. This is just so wrong and backassed . PF has the abortion issue,well this is mine I guess.

  78. NCLB was a very much needed stepping stone initiated by many a GOP’er.It indeed got bogged down but ultimately the only people that hated it was that right wing bastion and GOP stalwart the teachers unions [sarcasm off]
    This GOP antic is squarely aimed at the next step which manifested in Obama’s and Arne Duncan’s Core Curriculum which is linked to a thing I adore Core Knowledge Curriculum.
    This is being masked as state and local boards rights and its utter bullshit. The core curriculum exempted you from portions of NCLB and served as a foundation,a state could’ve built on it but we all know the A.P.E.S. isn’t about excellence.
    A base uniform curriculum is an international standard and since our kids compete against those folks we sorely needed something. This is the GOP actually being dumb and blind porking the kids,helping the Wisconsin agenda humps pitch wood and assuring the failed machine that is the A.P.E.S. continues to churn. I am honestly incensed here.

  79. Yes, Pfessor, times have changed. When she was in college, our daughter told me about Friends with Benefits as I drove her home for the weekend.

    Poolman. my wife wants to cancel our subscription to Time Magazine.

    No Child Left Behind was needed, but the flaw was the bar steadily rose as the percentage of troubled children rose with each success. No school could achieve a 100 percent rating. My wife and her fellow teachers hated that part of it.

  80. @Alfie, if a business offers benefits then I agree both should be portable just like I think health care should be portable state to state. However I think our benefit packages may be a hamper to offering full time employment. I keep thinking of the auto industry with their $70 hourly wage and benefits which were unsustainable.

    As to NCLB it’s not only the GOP. It’s time to rewrite the act which is now operating with waivers. I agree we need an international standard but IMO NCLB lowered our standards in certain states maybe not so much in your state. However I seem to get the idea from you that the GOP is only using this as a stepping stone to undermine the Obama administration”s waiver plan. Once again politics rears it’s ugly head.

    I wasn’t aware of the Core Knowledge Curriculum. I like it.

  81. Huck – Wow. I started Atlas in college, to start over and finish it about five years ago.

    The thing that always puzzled me was the parasites’ complete disdain for the producers; time and experience has demonstrated that it is perfectly on the money. I wonder if it is just pure jealously, or more, a displaced self-hatred.

    I’ll send your link to all my relatives; we’re all big Rand fans.

  82. I’m amused/disturbed by capitalism through the lens of Darwin survival of the fittest.

    I’m also surprised that I seem to be the only one here who believes any good economic system should have a moral component.

  83. Two other things:

    Why is it that the only folks in favor of unregulated capitalism are those in secure jobs who have never been stung by unfair business practices?

    On another note while Huck shakes his head, if a city run by a GOP’er went under in a state run by a Democrat you’d be blaming the Governor. I know how this game is played.

  84. Raji….why?
    Rutherford what unfair business practice? This term borders on an oxymoron in a capitalist model so do tell. As for your assertion against Huck I wonder the makeup of CA and PA pols for the Stockton,San Bernadino and Harrisburg filings. Anyone know?
    I for one think Detroit is the hot potato for a number of reasons exclusive of partisan politics although I don’t deny the partisan aspects.

  85. Rutherford I would point out that there are cities and states that experience a great disparity of normalcy regards power and responsibility. NYC is possibly the greatest example. They can do almost anything they want and Albany will be told to STFU. Boston is an interesting example. There are many power chunks in place from when Boston was the only thing that mattered in the state. It’s funny when these things come up at times when the city is hat in hand or Beacon Hill is thumbing the city.

  86. “I’m also surprised that I seem to be the only one here who believes any good economic system should have a moral component.”
    I’m surprised if I am the only one that finds that statement from someone who opposes the Citizens United ruling laughable. You can’t have your cake and eat it too buddy.

  87. “Why is it that the only folks in favor of unregulated capitalism are those in secure jobs who have never been stung by unfair business practices?”

    Because you’re wrong and that isn’t the case. I know that because I am not in a secure job and I have been stung by unfortunate (for me..I won’t say “unfair” because life isn’t fair) business practices.

  88. “Why is it that the only folks in favor of unregulated capitalism are those in secure jobs who have never been stung by unfair business practices?”

    Wrong from premise to conclusion. Firstly, nobody – NOBODY – in business or private, is in favor of unregulated capitalism. Nobody even claims that position, so you are wrong there.

    Secondly, even you personally know people who have been disadvantaged by business practices. Huck, for one, me for another. Remember, I haven’t worked (in my field) for over a year. And no, we aren’t complaining; that is how business works: everybody looks after his own welfare. That wouldn’t be a bad practice for everybody, IMHO.

  89. Want to see what happened to the Asiana flight? Go to 2:23. Exactly the same thing. Too slow, pancaked it in and the tail came off. The only difference is they didn’t hit a wall first.

  90. Economic realities also ruled our farm business. Our family had a herd of cattle from the WW1 era to 1991. They had a reputation for being sturdy animals, but we could not deny they had become unable to pay their way.

    In 1991, we sold them all and converted most of our pasture and hay ground to corn and soy beans. We followed suit and abandoned our wheat crops for the same economic reason.

    In other businesses, they might have been people we laid off. Anything or anyone who does not help earn a profit cannot last forever.

  91. One of the most important parts of economic theory states that there must be a process for cleaning up debris. Companies that cannot compete must go by the wayside, and with them the jobs of people who worked there.

    But in the process, labor and capital are freed up to be applied to other, newer, more in-demand needs, and the economy goes on, now providing jobs in that new area.

    That is, until the govt decides to interfere and begins to pick winners and losers, like the Solyndra debacle, or the bailout of Detroit’s automakers. Never, never works, and just creates more misery, depriving those new industries and jobs of the capital they need to prosper, and the workers of new jobs.

    But enough about the current depression.

    R – if you never read another book in your lifetime, get Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson.” It will change your life.

  92. R – I thought you’d appreciate this, from the current Financial Intelligence Report.

    “As reported by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), . . . the 1.5 billion cows and bulls worldwide, (through cow belches and farts) along with other ruminants, account for more greenhouse warming potential than the entire human transportation sector.”

    You gotta love AlGore. His net wealth in 1992 was reported as $400,000. Now it is about $500 million, nearly all obtained through “profiteering from government policies he supports that would direct billions of dollars to the business ventures he has invested in.”

    Al Qaeda is right. We are well and truly on the road to perdition.

  93. Stood still on a highway
    I saw a woman
    by the side of the road
    with a face that I knew like my own
    reflected in my window
    well she walked up to my quarterllight
    and she bent down real slow
    A fearful pressure paalysed me in my shadow
    She said ‘son what are you doing here?”
    My fear for you has turned me in my grave’
    I said ‘mamma I come to the valley of the rich
    myself to sell
    She said ‘son this is the road to hell'”

    Chris Rhea

    We are very dry and crops are beginning to suffer. A neighbor said at least new center pivots are nothing but $100,000 bird roosts because well diggers are behind.

    I had a feeling about a cloud developing south of us, so I chased it. i was right.30 miles south, golf ball sized hail and a rain bow greeted me. I reported it to the Weather Service. and they extended a warning.

  94. R, they never had a murder case . Period. Thug or not. That circus was manufactured by your peeps. Look back at all my prior commentary. I’ll puke to have to repeat it. If it makes you feel secure, even Dershowitz agrees with me. It was a lynching. No one free from an agenda could see it as a murder case.

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