Food for Despots

178px-_Be_Smart_Act_Dumb__-_NARA_-_514912Despots thrive on ignorance. After watching US foreign policy for the past 10 or so years, it is not too far-fetched to say that people get the government they deserve. We have learned this lesson time and time again. First we thought we would be greeted as liberators in Iraq. Then we moved from anti-terrorism to nation building in Afghanistan. Then we cheered on the Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya. In all cases we have discovered that the country post-despot is far more dysfunctional than the country under the despot.  This may sound callous bordering on bigotry but some countries are so full of ignorant people, incapable of self-government that they need a strong-arm to keep things in order. I believe the jury is out on whether the world is better off without Hussein, Mubarek and Gaddafi. Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention knows that Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai is a bad joke. And now what are we doing? We are seriously contemplating a contribution to the demise of Syria’s Assad with zero knowledge of what will follow his departure.

Is the lesson this teaches us here at home limited to foreign policy? No it isn’t. A smart electorate can become a dumb electorate. Dumb people get leaders who end up not acting in their best interests. Dumb people end up losing their freedom. I argue we are becoming a dumb people and I say this in a totally bipartisan way.

In the past week I have watched several exchanges on television that left me very unnerved. Bill Moyers interviewed Glenn Greenwald a journalist who has written about the Obama administration’s crackdown on whistle blowers. The government tactics range from intimidation to criminal prosecution. According to Greenwald, more whistle blowers have been harassed by this administration than any other administration combined. Recent developments suggest that those offering evidence on the Benghazi terrorist attack of 9/11/12 that was contrary to the government account were being shut down. I have spent some time on this blog and in the comments section defending Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi affair but when a mainstream show like “Face the Nation” this morning reports that the administration knowingly lied or distorted the facts about Benghazi how can there be any more defense? In fact, we risked endangering our relationship with the new President of Libya by essentially calling him a liar when he said the attack on the embassy was planned.

Then a few nights later a PBS “Frontline” report talked about America post-9/11 and painted a picture of a government shrouded in secrecy doing things in “America’s best interest” without their permission. This policy was passed on to the Obama administration and expanded by him. Billions of our e-mails are read every day by folks employed in Homeland Security.

Later in the week HBO’s Bill Maher interviewed Jeremy Scahill, a reporter whose eyes burn with anger when he recounts how we brazenly killed the 16 year old son of Anwar al-Awlaki simply for being the son of a terrorist instigator. Press Secretary at the time, Robert Gibbs, reportedly said this is what happens when your Dad does bad things. Scahill seems to be alone while most liberals turn a blind eye to a liberal administration flushing liberal ideals down the toilet.  Scahill went on to discuss the near indiscriminate killing of Afghan civilians by our special ops forces. As Scahill puts it, if someone steals your goat, you can report them to the Americans as a suspected terrorist and our special ops team will storm their house and kill everyone in it.

Later on that same broadcast an argument broke out, so brief that if you blinked you missed it. Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC uber-liberal, flew off the handle when conservative guest Pete Hegseth launched the old 2nd Amendment defense of an electorate needing to protect itself from government tyranny. O’Donnell said what I have been saying for years … and very recently in the comments section of this very blog, namely that the time for us to be worried about government tyranny is long past. Our well oiled democracy has built-in safeguards that ensure government tyranny would never happen. Along with that is the ironic and contradictory side argument that all of our US militias would never be a match against a government armed with drones and nukes — that same government that would never resort to tyranny. Essentially “they would never be tyrants but if they were you’d be no match for them.”

Well, I’m no longer so sure O’Donnell is right. We saw a militarization in Boston a few weeks ago that should give us all pause. When asked if America would ever drone strike its own people, Attorney General Eric Holder’s initial response was a hypothetical yes. He only backed off after an old-fashioned filibuster by Senator Rand Paul focused attention on it. Combine this with the other stories I watched this week, and we no longer have the liberal ideal of America that I vote for every four years.

But beyond all that, we have a conservative populace with a sizable number of folks who still don’t believe Barack Obama was born in America and a liberal populace too ignorant to understand that universal background checks (which I support) would have done nothing to prevent the tragedy of Sandy Hook. We are, as a nation, getting dumber and dumber. If we don’t turn this around, we will wake up one morning and not recognize the America in which we live. Our ignorance will be the food that one day nourishes a true despot.


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  1. Let it be said I wish I had actually written this one.

    Very nice, Mr. Rutherford. We are in complete agreement America grows dumber by the day. I just think the Left was there a long, long time ago and many on the right are only now catching up.

  2. I do have one question of confusion, Mr. Rutherford.

    If we both agree that America is growing dumber and government more threatening to liberty and freedom, and I’ll grant you both sides are to blame, why aren’t you encouraging more Americans to wake up to what you just wrote? Maybe you are, but I don’t read it here.

    Aren’t we only emboldening our government with more power to limit our freedoms as we encourage more dependence?

  3. Hey Huck, you’ve been studying the M.E. for some time now. What’s your take on Syria?

    How would you choose to proceed if we nominated you President? 🙂

    Serious question with no right or wrong answer. I really would appreciate your expertise.

    It would appear to me there are no good alternatives. But if Libya and Egypt any indicator, as horrid as this may read as I’m aware Assad a butcher, I’m not sure Assad staying in power isn’t in our best interests.

  4. I think this post isn’t all that good. Don’t get me wrong Rutherford in a big way it is one of your better but there are a couple of nagging flaws embedded in its content.
    First off I don’t know if “ignorant” and “ignorance” fit. Whether we look in recent time or say 100 years span,or whether we look internationally or domestically what we have isn’t so much an ignorance thing as we have something I can’t quite put my finger on.
    For example I don’t think Hitler,Stalin and Hussein benefitted from a grand scale of ignorance amongst their populations. Surely they benefitted by being able to craft the plot but the all too natural,human nature, response by the citizenry doesn’t seem to be overwhelmingly ignorant. I also don’t think the power of fear can be easily discounted as being only effective against those one would commonly deem ignorant.
    Your tirade falls short whence you say:

    This may sound callous bordering on bigotry but some countries are so full of ignorant people, incapable of self-government that they need a strong-arm to keep things in order.

    Again ignorant doesn’t cut it nor does the premise of your statement float in the waters of history. It is at a minimum way too oversimplified,it is I dare say quite a show of ignorance on your part.
    There have been a few studies in very recent time that looked at Russia and the seeming predisposition the Russian people have to accepting strong to totalitarian governance.
    Islamic nations are tied at the hip to Islam. You being a pagan likely find devotion to any faith ignorance,I’d just say..pot meet kettle then. Anyway the structure so ingrained,to the soul as it were that I can’t help but think it again doesn’t gel with the concept of ignorant masses fumbling about.
    A non Islamic example of theo-cultural meet politics would be Ireland.
    Fear not R this isn’t an all-bash comment
    In your domestic example I find you have hit the ignorant nail on the head. So….How’s Romneys 47% comment looking now??? All kidding aside though I think you have finally had the epiphany you were bound to have. The only problem is that in my opinion the basis of the epiphany is based on a myth. Its this myth that has been gnawing at me now for some time. It cuts across party lines and it really bugs me. I am very concerned that the “ignorance” most prevalent in the USA is the thinking that we are actually all that and that the past was so f@#$ing golden.
    To me it is of Orwellian proportions how We the People seem to have flushed so many memories down the toilet and replaced them with pseudo realities.
    We speak of freedoms being trampled today? In the 40’s we infected people with VD on purpose. We fed retarded boys radioactive Wheaties. In the teens we had rationing just like we’d see in the WWII era. We also had snitch programs to narc out restaurants that wasted food yet today we think the Palm Beach Fl. sheriff is ratcheting things so unprecedented in America. All along we have had a media that has lied out its ass to make $$$. Our romantic memories of a public education system are especially heinous. Our k-12 education system isn’t really any different in outcomes today then it has ever been. Our colleges and uni’s are a different matter but even then there are still a number of very solid programs we can be proud of.
    Sorry for the dumping Rutherford,nothing personal you just kind of hit a few buttons. I guess in that manner this truly is a good post then.

  5. If Obama has lost Rutherford, the President has a problem as large as when LBJ lost Walter Concrite.

    Were so many of our voters less ignorant and dependent, Obama would not be our president. Yes, we can be proud of many college programs, but the students, not so much.

  6. Tex, had you asked me that way back when Assad was shelling people for simply protesting, I’d have said we need to do something…maybe to the extreme of setting up something like a no-go zone.

    But we are well beyond that.

    I don’t see where America getting involved in Syria now in any way is in our best interest….so I wouldn’t. Assad has enough friends. Us helping him for fear of Islamists taking over isn’t going to make much of a difference. And helping the rebels is a mistake. There are too many unsavory elements in that camp for us to be helping them.

    If I felt the need to do something, just for the sake of doing something, I would try brokering cease-fires…only to stop the bloodshed. Of course, this would be a futile effort, but it would show us as a voice of peace during war. And diplomacy is relatively cheap.

    What I would not do is set red lines or boast with tough talk. While it is growing evident that chemical weapons have been used in Syria…we still don’t know who is using them. I just read an article saying the UN has evidence that it is the rebels using them. I don’t know what their evidence is, and could be unreliable eye witness claims. But it shows just how little we really know.

    What I would definitely do is help bolster the defenses and border security of our allies that border Syria…which we have been doing. Missile defenses in Turkey. Troop increases along the Jordanian-Syrian border. I would give Israel some defensive toys for its border. All that to make sure the contagion effect doesn’t take hold. With Hezbollah entrenched in Lebanon, I’d have to think long and hard about offering them any help. And I don’t know that they are asking for any. I would also make sure the diplomatic ties between those border countries were relatively strong…which I think we have also been doing. Depending how this turns out, those countries might be needing each other in the future.

    Other than that..I’d let this play out as it’s gonna play out and (maybe) deal with the repercussions afterward. I know that is a “lead from behind” policy…but I don’t think it behooves us to be proactive on this one.

  7. “If Obama has lost Rutherford, the President has a problem as large as when LBJ lost Walter Concrite”

    Except Obama has already been re-elected. “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  8. “A non Islamic example of theo-cultural meet politics would be Ireland.”

    I disagree.

    Religion in the conflict in Ireland is only a factor as far as identity….not belief or practice.

    The Protestants don’t fight with the Catholics because of the religion, they fight with each other because of identity. The Protestants tend to be unionists who identify themselves as part of the UK and the Catholics tend to be nationalists who identify themselves as part of Ireland.

  9. “To me it is of Orwellian proportions how We the People seem to have flushed so many memories down the toilet and replaced them with pseudo realities. We speak of freedoms being trampled today? In the 40′s we infected people with VD on purpose. We fed retarded boys radioactive Wheaties. In the teens we had rationing just like we’d see in the WWII era. We also had snitch programs to narc out restaurants that wasted food yet today we think the Palm Beach Fl. sheriff is ratcheting things so unprecedented in America. All along we have had a media that has lied out its ass to make $$$.”

    I cannot like this enough!

  10. Huck my example of Ireland wasn’t based on the fighting found in the Troubles in NI but more so the sociopolitical stuff in the Republic. A great example being abortion law secondary the Roman Catholic Church

  11. It’s not just ignorance. Rutherford, you should see what your Thor is doing at the tail end of that monstrosity comment section below. He isn’t too ignorant to realize how fucked up Benghazi was. He’s to partisan to face it. So he creates smoke screens so weak that he maims his intellectual reputation, at least here. Nope, it ain’t ignorance. This stems from demagoguery. The man is so smitten with Obama, so beholden to him, that even when the President is caught telling chilling lies, he circles the wagons and makes an utter fool of himself.

    But but….people died in the State Department under Bush!

    Thor ain’t that stupid. He’s a closet fascist. Dear leader is just, well, dear to him.

  12. Alfie, with all due respect, there’s been many a sin committed throughout our history, but if you don’t think this country is in severe moral and financial decline with privacy now being broached like it hasn’t experienced before in this country, you’re missing the picture.

    During WWI and WWII, yes our ancestors had to scrimp. But most of those WWII veterans will tell you the same thing I am getting read to say. Sacrifice was looked at as patriotic and we shared a common good and love of country.

    Rutherford absolutely nailed this one IMHO, though he doesn’t take it fully to its logical conclusion.

    Those you listed are not systemic breakdowns but isolated incidents not trending on the long slippery slope like those I will now list.

    Just some examples: Test scores (the MCAT has dropped I believe 15 years in a row), children’s health, incorrigible school children, lack of parental respect, lack of educational respect, lack of judicial respect, 55MM legal abortions, record suicide rates, social media, war zones for schools, failure in marriage, coarsening of the culture, rampant STDs (some now untreatable like super gonorrhea), SPLC, random mass murder, TSA, AIDS, MRSA, cdiff, forcing of Catholic hospitals to provide abortifacients, cameras on every street corner, facial recognition software for withdrawals, gang bangers, Boy Scouts under attack, record hit and runs, cities filing bankruptcy, broken local and state pension systems, too big to fail banks, 13 year olds killing for pizza, locked doors and barred windows, over crowded prison systems, one in five families receiving welfare, one in two college grads unemployable, $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, $60K+ national debt per person, militant activism, Timothy McVeigh, Waco, Islam, corrupted Wall Street, rampant dishonesty at every level… etc. etc. etc.

    Education? I saw an 8th grade Kansas public school system math test the other day given at the turn of the 19th century required to advance to high school. I’ll guarantee you 90% of today’s college graduates couldn’t pass it.

    Our country, for all the marvels, has never been so dumb, so broke. And so broken since perhaps the Civil War. It’s not like it just happened and has been a long time coming. Maybe as long as shortly after WWII. But the deviancy dumbed downward is definitely here.

    And not for the better.

  13. Thor ain’t that stupid. He’s a closet fascist. Dear leader is just, well, dear to him.

    Well said, Rabbit. I don’t think Thor necessarily stupid. I do think him corrupt and dishonest, perverting truth when it doesn’t fit his preconceived notions of not what is but what Thor wished it was.

  14. I’ll start off topic and answer a question from Tex from the previous thread, assuming it was asked in sincerity. My company which provides outsourced call center services to AAA does offer a benefits plan. You used the phrase “assisted health care plan” so I’m not sure if you meant some sort of assisted living benefit for elderly parents. If so, then no, I could not find that in the benefits brochure. But all the other typical benefits are there — medical, dental, 401K. Life insurance is actually completely subsidized by the company with no necessary contribution from the employee. However the health insurance deductibles were so high I thought they were typos. So I’m staying on my wife’s insurance, expensive though it may be.

  15. Before I tackle any specific comments I wanted to say up front that I defer to both Huck and Alfie in terms of a deeper understanding of foreign policy. I fully 100% acknowledge Alfie’s criticism of this being a simplistic perspective.

    I would argue, to split hairs a bit, that fear is often a component of ignorance. Smart people are harder to influence with fear mongering techniques than dumb people are. I did consider addressing fear as a separate component but was admittedly too intellectually lazy to complicate the analysis with that.

    Again, and I know this borders on bigotry, but one of the images that stays in my head as I watch the “liberated” people in these countries is how out of control they look … quite frankly a bit animalistic. I can chalk this up to cultural differences but in these images I don’t see people who seem capable of making rational decisions about government.

    For reasons I can’t quite articulate, the image of folks lining the moonlit streets of Watertown, MA clapping for the line of police vehicles as they passed by left me with an odd and uneasy feeling.

  16. From the prior thread:

    Yet, if there was a carbon copy of yourself out there, the only difference is that you are on the dole, the original you would be shaming us for bitching about tax money going to the second you.

    This cracked me up, primarily because as f*cked up as the phraseology was, it made perfect sense.

    Rabbit this apparent dichotomy can be traced back to the way I was raised and in my childhood I shared your confusion about the two me’s.

    My parents preached, for the most part, liberal ideology, always giving minorities the benefit of the doubt because of a history of oppression. BUT in our home, the standard was a strictly conservative one. I was held to the standards that you folks endorse. I used to ask my mother, in particular, “why are you so sympathetic to others and so hard on me?” Her answer was basically that she could not assume that others had the advantages that I had.

    I carry this into my adulthood. I don’t assume that all people have the resources and frankly the very good luck I’ve had in my life. So while I don’t reach out to Uncle Sam for assistance, I don’t think I’m in a position to criticize my carbon-copy who does reach out.

  17. The question was sincere, Rutherford. In assistance, I meant do they provide you health care insurance? Your answer was sufficient and I took it as ‘Yes’ and it’s basically major medical and little more.

    And the reason I ask is the one thing that would motivate me pronto to return to the work force is to lose health insurance. Though it has never been an issue, I can see which way the winds are blowing.

    Over the last six months, I am getting an urge to have purpose again and contribute more than a clean house and nice yard with way too many smart assed comments to a blog. To be honest with you, I never intended to do as I wished when I left medical school. It just kind of happened and time has gotten away from me. Tonight as I was walking the pup, it occurred to me next month will be ten years since I walked into an office. Gulp.

    Thank you for answering.

    And good post.

  18. Alfie, I actually didn’t get the full context of my chosen graphic. From the little I could glean from the linked wiki page, it’s a WWII poster and I took it to be some warning about spies being among us or something of that nature.

    I was actually looking for a graphic representing ignorance or dumbness and when I found this one it really resonated with me on the whistle blower part of my post, i.e., whistle blowers would be smarter to play dumb so as not to rock the boat.

  19. I don’t mean to detract from an interesting discussion and will try not to after this. But putting politics and dislikes aside for one moment, can I demonstrate just how dumb people can be? If each of you don’t find this humorous, you’re either without humor or don’t have a pulse. I read this today:

    A women’s group in southwest England had an embarrassing encounter at a recent meeting when members misinterpreted the idea behind a visiting speaker’s talk about pirates.

    The Parkham Women’s Institute, a venerable institution traditionally devoted to home-spun handicrafts and good works, decided to get into the spirit of Captain Colin Darch’s talk by dressing in pirate garb. Neckerchiefs, eye patches and pirate hats were widely sported, with a toy parrot thrown in for good measure.

    Unfortunately, Captain Darch’s topic focused on his 2008 ordeal at the hands of Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean, when he was held hostage for more than six weeks.

  20. Tonight as I was walking the pup, it occurred to me next month will be ten years since I walked into an office.

    The time does indeed get away from you. It is very odd that when I took on this new job, my wife’s anger finally reached its boiling point. I was expecting “thanks for finally finding some steady money” and what I got was basically “what took you so long?” This month marks the sixth anniversary of when I was given my layoff notice over the phone (I sh*t you not) and my wife has had the patience of a saint as I pursued my Don Quixote dream of owning my own business. At the end of 2012, unlike our government, I finally decided that mounting debt for my family was unsustainable and I had to find something.

    As small as my paycheck is, it has stopped the financial bleeding and will serve its purpose until something better comes along that allows me to actually bring the debt down. Anyway, more than you wanted or needed to know, but there it is.

  21. Well, well, well. It appears the tide IS turning. I can see you’re beginning to peer through the fog. I am impressed. This nation jumped the shark over a decade ago. I think the public is slowly catching on, wading through cognitive dissonance. You visit most liberal sites and they’re in complete denial.

    Of course, I see all these involvements in these Arab nations was planned long ago. The regime changes were outlined in PNAC’s plans and later revealed to us by General Wesley Clark. Ron Paul has been warning us of blow back for decades. This isn’t over. Not even close.

    The fed’s charter is up this year. What happened to our focus?

  22. One more comment before I retire. Even though I have a lot of Coursera course work to do I’ll try to comment further tomorrow.

    The two dots that Tex and some of you others have wanted me to connect was ignorance and dependency. As I wrote this, I confess dependency was not even on my radar. I will have to consider this. I’ve always been of the opinion that you guys see dependency distorted as in a fun-house mirror. While I view social welfare programs as noble and magnanimous, you guys view it as a way to encourage complacency and compliance.

    We are at a crossroad in this debate that I never saw coming. Can ANY government be trusted to “take care of its people” with pure motives and no hidden agenda?

    As I wrote to a friend of mine earlier this week, “if liberals cannot be trusted to promote liberal ideals then we are doomed”. I don’t view liberalism as the poison you guys do. But I DO view liberalism practiced by the corrupt and hypocritical as very dangerous.

    To answer El Tigre’s question — no you’re not being punked. I am going through what might be termed “political clinical depression”.

  23. “Can ANY government be trusted to “take care of its people” with pure motives and no hidden agenda?”


    That doesn’t mean no government will do those things…but they can’t be trusted to do them.

    Too much trust is what gets us into these messes. Vigilance is what gets us out.

  24. It’s interesting to find out what you’re thinking of this new job.

    Like I’ve said before when we aren’t trying to rip the other throat, I admire you’ve been able to lower the expectations and put the ego in check. I may not be able to handle that as well as you have. In fact, I couldn’t handle it as well as you have because it would be a constant reminder of why I am where I am. I think I’d rather be poor than feel cheated.

    I’m pretty simple on wants, so I always preferred the ‘blue collar’ environment of my college days. That’s the truth. Better people IMO. Not only did I find white collar world underwhelming, there were times I felt guilty for making more than most guys doing actual ‘real work’ like Poolman. There were days I could take a mental day off and still be paid $500.00. You can’t do that on a backhoe, framing a home, roofing, welding, plumbing. You couldn’t pay me enough money and believe me they tried, to offset the feeling of the work being taken for granted or not understood. I was a necessary expense, never as important as the petroleum engineers or marketing types. And that was so bogus. There was no career path or inspiration and truthfully no understanding of the complexity required. That’s a drag.

    Rutherford, I don’t have a problem with social programs. I believe in a safety net. But what we’ve got now isn’t a safety net. It’s a system of dependency that has become a weekly expectation with no accountability, made worse by nefarious politicians buying votes. And I can attest from personal experience, once you become accustomed to not working on a schedule, it is incredibly difficult to break that cycle.

    We’ve got so many being assisted in one way or another, the system has become unsupportable. But I am pleased to see you have given it some thought whether you agree with me or not.

    Perhaps there are a few things we can still reconcile.

  25. I would argue, to split hairs a bit, that fear is often a component of ignorance. Smart people are harder to influence with fear mongering techniques than dumb people are. I did consider addressing fear as a separate component but was admittedly too intellectually lazy to complicate the analysis with that. ” – R

    And R, while stumbling through the wilderness, happens upon a moment of clarity through dumb luck:

    “Under this bill, when the Republicans vote for this bill today, they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor, and healthcare providers do not have to intervene, if this bill is passed. It’s just appalling” – Nancy Pelosi

    Case in point.

    Welcome to the 2012 Democrat Election Platform. Did ANY of Obama’s election claims about Romney pan out? No, but they didn’t need to, nor were they intended to. Just add enough fear to create doubt amongst those ignorant of the facts and get the frightened to the voting booth before their fear dissipates.

    R, it’s good to see you pause and reflect a bit, but your timing fucking sucks…

  26. By the by, Bill Ayers–you know, Obama’s really good friend–said there is no equivalency between the Weather Underground bombings and the Boston Marathon bombing.

    There intent was different so…..

    Mental gymnastics…

  27. Here’s some food for thought:

    Chicago, who boasts the toughest gun laws in the nation, ranks 90th out of 90 jurisdictions in federal firearm prosecutions.

    Chicago Jesus Epic Fail…

  28. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the joys of fiscal responsibility and adult leadership.

    If the US Airforce did all airline food, it would be strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and grilled chicken salads all round.

    Unfortunately this luxury is reserved for top US politicians alone, as new documents detailing Nancy Pelosi’s travel expenses reveal.

    The former House Speaker was showered with a cornucopia of gourmet food and alcohol as she travelled over 90,000 miles around the world in just nine months last year – all courtesy of the US Airforce (USAF).

    On one overseas excursion, her office even wrote to the USAF asking for strawberries dipped in dark chocolate as a birthday treat.

    The documents, uncovered by political corruption watchdog Judicial Watch, reveal that the US taxpayer was billed for $101,429 in Mrs Pelosi’s in-flight services over a period of two years.

  29. This has been an edifying morning…

    Circle K Southeast joined a growing list of national companies shifting workers to part-time status this week, in order to avoid paying Obamacare’s mandatory benefits, CBS-WTOC reports.

    The alternative is to pay a $2,000 fine per fulltime worker who is not covered, leading Circle K to become the latest in a long line of companies to slice employee hours to avoid increased costs.

    Regal Entertainment Group, the largest U.S. theater chain, specifically blamed Obamacare in April when it shifted many of its employees to below the 30-hour threshold to offset Obamacare, as did AAA Parking. Numerous restaurants, hotels and retailers have done or are considering the same.

    Long Beach, Calif., located in heavily Democratic Los Angeles County, is cutting back the hours of employees to avoid the penalty, as has the state of Virginia and the city of Dearborn, Mich.

    In March, The New York Times noted an “unsettling trend” in the rise of part-time workers during the languishing economic recovery in the U.S.

    Earlier this week, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean acknowledged patients will be damaged by the legislation, and longtime advocate Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said Obamacare could cause premiums to go through the roof Thursday before trying to walk back the remarks.

    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has also said citizens purchasing new insurance policies for themselves this fall could face rising premiums due to the Affordable Care Act.

  30. Rutherford, I once wrote I thought unlike many doctrinaire liberals you were trying to be fair- minded, and I hoped that eventually you would understand some of the truth. I knew you had it in you. Its one reason I like you.

    Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues a trend the Bush people started. It is getting harder for foreign entertainers to work in this country. Some are beginning to think the US is more trouble than its worth. This is indicative of cancer-like growth of regulations which also stifle business growth and prosperity.

    The Obama economy with regulations and poor job prospects is also forcing more people to operate underground. Another unhealthy sign is the larger number of people who are moving or considering moving to other counties. The predominate age is 28 to 34.

  31. Drinking my morning coffee to check the internet world, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the Occupy Portland video! Pull those two nasty looking long hairs, and it was even pretty titillating. The Christmas paper, paper mache bull was well constructed, and naturally Fox News was busted for their testimony.

    This beat defecating on the cop cars hands down.

    But a special shout out to the gals. They had rhythm – Mr. Pharaoh wasn’t cutting it and detracted from the production. He should be terminated. With bullets. In the circle. For poor performance.

    Do you figure there ever comes a time in the life of these folks, say 30 years from now, when they look back and want to hide themselves in the closet or close their garage door and put their mouth over the tailpipe?

    Don’t know about you guys and gal, but now that I’m pretty old, I haven’t found much that is more pathetic than the 55-70 year old hippie with the Willie Nelson look, or the gray haired, balding anarchist trying to gin up SDS again, or washed up athlete.

    Here’s a dedication from a man that should follow his own good advice and doesn’t. So to all the old hippies, anarchists, flower powers, overrated athletes, and pine cone munchers:

  32. Willie Nelson rocks! Even at 80. Makes me want to grow my hair out again. lol. Not really. Too much of a pain to maintain.

  33. Time will kill them, Tex.

    Some time after my difficulties eased, the man who had helped attack me, and against whom I had pressed charges, was brought into our Air Force hospital with half of his face sliced into a flap allowing us to see his cheek bone and several of his teeth. It was a good night for me and bad for him.

    At last, I have hope the Benghazi hearings will begin “the night of the long knives” and Hillary will watch her dreams of the presidency blow away. It will be equivalent in my mind to the sliced face .

    “This is the day your life will surely change. This is the day when bricks fall into place. This is the day.” Manic Street Preachers “This is the day.”

  34. Sorry Tigre, I did not follow your link. I think it deserves repeating, though.

    Interesting day. I wake up and find in my inbox news that my fb is locked down because of unauthorized access (I rarely go there anymore) and my website host is wanting me to upgrade my password because they think my account compromised. Grrrrr.

    I pray all you evil surveillance goons reading this lose total control of your facilities until you repent and quit enabling this oppressive beast. Your job is temporary and counter to liberty. The condition of your soul holds eternal ramification.

  35. Facebook story. Happened yesterday. I have an account under Tex Taylor – a fictitious name I once created by my kids demands. I don’t use it except to log into sites and debate/insult detractors. Quite handy, really.

    I’ve been getting many email messages from FB lately for ‘notifications’ and I have no idea what that means. So in between Thor thrashing yesterday, I logged on to Facebook to see if I could figure it out. I have four friends – all four like me.

    Many names popped up that are acquaintances – including a couple of old platonic girlfriends I used to work with. So like Mr. Rutherford’s account, I scanned the pics and even sent one a message telling her hello and how pretty her European pictures looked. Signed my real name at the end and told her hope all is well.

    I get a message directed back to my home account from her FB account with explanation her fiance’ would not appreciate strange men ‘hitting on her’, that she once knew a ‘xxxx’ at ‘xxxx’ (my name, my old company), an apology for her name coming up under my account, a suggestion she would be contacting FB, and a good day, sir. 😆

    I got her number and profusely apologized for the confusion. We got a pretty good laugh out of it when she realized who Tex Taylor was.

    Now you know why I don’t use social media…

    I guess she never made it to the real name. 😆

  36. I shouldn’t have spoke so soon. I’ve now got nine requests for more “Facebook” friends. The sad part is, I can’t remember half of them after looking at their pictures. 😳


  37. I had read somewhere the CIA provided the initial funding for Facebook. It sure seems to have become a good surveillance tool for them with everyone posting all their activities and personals.

  38. Wow R, a real glass half empty post. I hope you were just having a bad day and you aren’t really that void of hope.

    I for one, am eternally optimistic. America is the best hope for freedom and change in the world. But I’m sure our revolution looked just as messy from the outside. To ride a bike you have to take off the training wheels. There will be pain. Centuries of oppression can not be thrown off with a handshake. Assad’s family has been shelling its own people for decades.

    On the home front, I find young people to have great insight and intelligence. More information is at our fingertips than ever before.
    I see good things coming.

  39. Cloying, Thor. Cloying. I guess you’re still hurt.

    Why do I continue to picture you dressed as Little Lord Fauntleroy at a Occupy Spokane, quoting bad poetry?

    Rabbit calls you fascist. I call you whiny, mendacious propagandist. I don’t think you capable of “evolving” into fascist for the simple reason your balls apparently made of Playdough.

    As to the great insight and intelligence of the young folk?

    Talk to employers, high school counselors, college recruits and get back with me. We’re not having a revolution of insight. We’re having a devolution of critical thinking.

    You need to eat some meat and lay off the wheat germ for awhile.

  40. About sixty percent of college students voted for Obama. Our problems including Benghazi were predictable. That vote showed the majority of college students to be ignorant and gullible. “Great insight and intelligence” must be reserved for new electronics and entertainers.

  41. It isn’t just here. I followed twitters of Dutch students in France. Everyone was supposed to wear orange at a concert in Holland, and no one knew why, except that it is a Dutch color. On the other hand, they can speak three languages which is more than most of our youth can boast.

  42. The tussles I’ve had with Tex…and several others…shouldn’t highlight anything about me as an individual…they should highlight something about us as a group.

    Contrary to the left’s popular opinion, those of us on the right are not mindless parrots. We have individual perceptions and ideologies. Yes, we do have unifying qualities, or we wouldn’t follow the same basic alignment. But we also have differences of opinion on many issues and a great deal of depth.

    Something we don’t see enough of from the other side. Rutherford, to his credit, is left to cover the left’s depth dept. all by himself. That his fellow liberals have all but completely abandoned him shows just how shallow things are across the isle. There is no humility. There is no “things aren’t working out as we had liked/planned…how do we fix it?” Instead, there is 5 years now of excuses and blame pointed everywhere but inward.

  43. It’s OK to be racist when you’re a lib Dem…

    South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Dick Harpootlian, who said Friday that he intends to help send Indian-American Republican Gov. Nikki Haley “back to wherever the hell she came from,” was a major campaign bundler who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Barack Obama, records reveal.

    Obama has yet to condemn Harpootlian’s statement, which a Haley spokesman called “the lowest common denominator.”

    Harpootlian made his remark at the South Carolina Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Friday, shortly before a speech by Vice President Joe Biden. Harpootlian introduced 2014 Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Vincent Sheehen with the controversial remark. […]

    Harpootlian was Obama’s only major South Carolina campaign bundler in 2012, and committed to raising $500,000 for the president’s re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

    Harpootlian raised between $200,000 and $500,000 for the Obama campaign, according to a disclosure of Obama for America and Obama Victory Fund 2012 volunteer fundraisers.

  44. I don’t know Thor. Perhaps you are just an Obamist? Your pathetic attempts to downplay Benghazi…..void of logic but packed with an unhealthy loyalty to another man. Seems kind of Fascist to me.

    Iran Contra was a case of people breaking the law for the sake of American security. Probably pretty dumb. Even immoral. But, you weren’t even smart enough to pull that one out of the excuse bag. You simply rattled of some former casualties and pretended to be dumb about the cover up. Sick shit, Thor. And you aren’t the only lib doing this.

    Thor, what if only you and your carbon copies controlled 100 percent of media outlets. What if Fox News didn’t exist? You would have gotten a way with a lie you obviously have no problem with.

    Benghazi harmed us internationally. Shamed the Libyan President and unfairly blamed America for an entire event that was pure fiction. All to score poll points on the eve of an election.

    Making up entire events like that to mold American opinion…..sick.

  45. I don’t believe American youth to be that far off academically then a century ago. Some school districts are disasters. Some are actually pretty amazing. 100 years ago a sizable population dropped out to work on farms etc. Do the schools suck more now? They might.

    American youth have stepped up big time in terms of militery service.

    That being said, the sense of entitlement is pretty scary. Helicopter moms practically doing everything for 18 year olds. It’s pretty ugly.

    I think the scariest thing about our youth is that they now remain youths until they are in their late 20’s or early 30’s.

  46. I have seen turn of the twentieth century text books. They seem to be a grade or two ahead of modern text books.

    Students can be proficient in some subjects but so ignorant of others they are gullible and easily swayed. Our daughter for example earned a MA with thesis and a 4 point average while working an assistanceship job and with another one in a bank.It took me months to convince her blacks can be racists.Her grasp of economics is also tenuous though her farm background helps a little.

    Neither of our children has a sense of entitlement, and they are aggressive savers. They learned that from their parents, not the schools.

  47. >>>But I’m sure our revolution looked just as messy from the outside<<<

    Oh, no doubt. I can't tell you how many times I've read accounts of the chemical weapon attacks, and the massacres of civilian populations during the war.

    Truly, aside from the deplorable conditions on board the British prison ships and the true savagery on the frontier during that conflict, it managed to look like a croquet match in comparison to what is going on in Syria right now.

    The only difference is Syria is like watching that cocky bastard you hated in high school duking it out with someone equally loathsome, like the IRS agents who audited you three years running.


  48. “These so-called Benghazi “whistleblowers” obviously have a petty political vendetta against Hillary just because she left them to die.” -IH

  49. “Syria is like watching that cocky bastard you hated in high school duking it out with someone equally loathsome, like the IRS agents who audited you three years running.”

    Except it isn’t only those 2 who are being affected.

  50. R – OT – We just got back from seeing “42.” Must-see. It is a really great and well-told tale of how Jackie Robinson toughed it out and made something of himself. Really inspirational. No victim-pity here; just good old American, stand-up-and-be-counted principles. If you don’t see another movie this year, see this one. I guarantee it will win awards.

  51. My mother told me ’42 was good too, Pfesser. I may have to wait until RedBox because my wife and I so seldom get a chance to go the movies anymore and we’re Trekkies. The new Star Trek is the one I am sure we will go to first. 🙂

    The Mrs. and I sat down one rainy Saturday morning and afternoon and rented several of the Academy Award nominees from last year and pretty much watched them back to back. I guess I have seen 5 of the 10 supposed best last year. My youngest daughter, the movie groupie swears up and down Silver Linings Playbook was the movie of the year.

    I thought Zero Dark Thirty was a much better movie than Argo. If you haven’t seen that, it is worth watching. Les Mis I saw in the threaters and fell asleep, Argo was not bad, the Life of Pi was flat out weird but not bad if you stood with it, and Lincoln I found rather dull.

  52. Obama said America was a brave and unique experiment in self rule. That is mostly true. The experiment part, for sure. The self-rule was more like the selves-rule. Really, it’s all become a huge debt farm. Think of the American Dream experiment like free range. At first it was all, “Yee-haw!” and such. Sea to shining sea happy farm. Now it’s like wall to wall factory farm.

  53. Tex – We saw Zero Dark Thirty and Argo. Liked both very well. Nothing much else worth seeing last year.

    My wife loves modern movies; I tolerate them for her sake. Probably the worst ever made was the remake of The Poseidon Adventure. The physics was so bad that it completely overshadowed the story (pretty good idea for a movie, actually) and the really good special effects. The idea that a boiler would continue to produce steam upside-down, and especially the propellers spinning so fast in air that they created a strong wind was just too much for me.

    I love the old black-and-white movies, but my wife can’t tolerate the lack of color for some reason. “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” – Rex Harrison and Jean Tierney – (around 1948 or so) is my all-time fave. I would say that if you only see one movie in your lifetime, it should be that one.

  54. All revolutions and wars are messy. Some of my ancestors fought in the Revolution. Others supported the Crown. They became Canadians to escape tar and feathers.

    I also like old black and white movies,including “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.” I agree about the second ” Poseidon Adventure.” My wife buys old video tape movies at garage sales for $50. or less. We have a huge collection of movies to watch when we have the time,

    “What difference does it make?” Hillary is about to find out.

  55. I can remember going to see the original Poseidon Adventure when I was a kid. Good grief, I am getting old. And that was a pretty entertaining movie with quality acting. I still remember the ‘red shorts.’ Yum yum. Pretty much anything with Gene Hackman in it, I’m going to like.

    I couldn’t even get to the physics in the remake, Pfesser. The story line and acting so over the top, after about 30 minutes, I turned it off. The remake was rotten like most remakes.

    I like some of the old black and whites and wished they hadn’t colored them. As to my favorite black and whites, and these aren’t nearly as old: Schindler’s List, To Kill a Mockingbird, or Psycho.

    I still like the original King Kong better than any of them. And if memory serves, one of my favorite fun movies was originally black and white before they went to adding color: The Ghost and Mr. Chicken with the wonderfully talented Don Knotts.

  56. We have a copy of the original King Kong somewhere. A local “Creature Feature showed it “Revenge of Atar” shown on Mystery Science Theator was one of the worst movies in history. It was set about a thousand years ago, but contrails were in the sky. The movie was filmed in Italy in 14 days, and most of the Italian crew couldn’t speak English.

    I remember Maurine McGovern sang “Morning After” I think it was associated with the movie. Another favorite of mine is “Mad Mad World.” I liked the remake of that one,.

    Psycho was scarey. So was “The Birds” for my wife. We also have a copy of “Day of the Triffids”..

    Meanwhile, the ABBA museum has now opened. Agnetha didn’t attend the opening ceremonies because she is promoting a record in London.At one time, ABBA brought more money to Sweden than most of its other exports. They even beat Volvo for a time.

  57. Maureen McGovern was indeed the woman who sang, ‘The Morning After.’ And Maureen filled out her red shorts nicely too in 1972 swimming threw broken pipes and warped baffle plates.

    There was a 12 year old boy in a dark theater who most definitely noticed. Even then, coming of age, I was a legs/tush man.

    As to Abba, my most vivid memory was not the cheeky songs, but the cheeky walks of the pretty gas who wore the tight, white pants; perhaps two of my all-time favorite ten tushes. They even made a You Tube Video 😈 for perverts like me. Rutherford’s soft porn website.

    Ah, those were the days.

  58. I too saw Poseidon in the theater as a kid. I actually held my breath as Shelley Winters swam under water.

    Morning After one of the greatest movie themes OF ALL TIMES!!

  59. I’m Swedish and I still consider ABBA a crime against humanity.

    😆 Well, the music didn’t exactly excite me either. But those four cheeks sure did.

  60. Tex, the article ends with the rhetorical and unintentionally amusing question, “So, do the numbers indicate that gun control is the answer to gun violence? You decide.”

    Lordy, the left doesn’t care whether gun control is the answer to gun violence. I fit did it would focus on cause and effect before parading victims around. It is all an exercise in testing the limits of expanding governmental control. Nothing more. It seems even Rutherford is beginning to see it for what it really is.

  61. Holy shit, those Olan Mills’ photos are hi-larious. 😆 😆

    Favorite caption? “Just a typical afternoon down on the plantation. In a business suit. Y’know, for a budget meeting with the slaves.”

  62. Tex your avatar is a home run. That dolly Hillary is clutching – look at the eyes. Hillary looks very presidential in that pic.

    We have astonishingly low standards when it comes to our representatives in Washington. A populace of dunces torn between assessing someone’s employment history and not wanting to “spit in the face of history” as Rutherford put it recently.

    Makes me want to spit in the face of a toilet.

    Tigre, Crowley is one of a long list of people who should lose their jobs pronto. And one or both of those two short-haired women on Fox should get the Pulitzer for their reporting on Benghzi, as if the Pulitzer means anything anymore.

    I still expect they’ll get away with it – Hillary and Obama and all the rest of that crew. Elections have consequences. Bloody hell.

    Not like it matters which tush was attached to whom but Red Shorts was Pamela Sue Martin and the band singer was played by Carol Lindley or Linley. Maureen McGovern may have had a cameo role, Tex, but I’m pretty sure the tush you tractor beamed in on was Pam’s. She went on to Dallas or Dynasty or both. (You boys you own all the other pie slices but you want me there for the brown and the pink, I promise you.)

    Funny coincidence less than a week ago spring cleaning I came across an old VHS of a movie called Our Time w/ her (Red Shorts) and one of the Hardy Boys that I must have had when I was a young’un. A coming of age story about 2 high school girls who lose their virginity and one gets pregnant and has an abortion and dies.

    I can imagine pre-teens nowadays watching it and wondering if girls really waited until high school in the olden days.

  63. Not like it matters which tush was attached to whom but Red Shorts was Pamela Sue Martin and the band singer was played by Carol Lindley or Linley. Maureen McGovern may have had a cameo role, Tex, but I’m pretty sure the tush you tractor beamed in on was Pam’s


    You’re absolutely right, Muffy. My memory is failing me and I just saw it not a few months ago. 😆 I guess tight shorts doesn’t do for me what it did 40 years ago. I had to go look up the characters. That was a great cast.

    Stella Stevens was another I had a crush on. In fact, my biggest crushes were all between about ’70-’80. Barbara Eden, Jill St. John, Cheryl Tiegs, Farrah Fawcett, Jimmy Connor’s old squeeze.

    My tastes have definitely changed but the memories remain – even the confused ones. 😆

  64. Thanks El Tigre. My Gd!!! At the worst, my wife tried to persuade me to buy a lime green leisure suit. Dodged a bullet there.

    My wife’s grandmother came from Sweden at age 16, and she didn’t like ABBA either. Actually, I like Sofia Jannok and Sofia Karllson better, but you have to admit, the ABBA women were hot.

    “..waited until high school in the olden days.” I mentioned before how I researched One Direction fan videos for an article. Three of the most creative Dutch girls plan to form a singing group and attend university. They are seventeen and are determined to save themselves until marriage. I have Dutch relatives who live in a fifty- mile long Dutch ghetto in northwest Iowa, and also talk that way. They seem to be as rare as passenger pigeons in their last days.

    Olan Mills photos are good for many laughs.

  65. Tex, you think today or 30 years ago if Red Shorts were to come up to you and ask for directions you would recognize her before she started walking away?

    😉 😆

  66. @ Rutherford. Not like you have time for it but if you’d like to read an article that ticks off some points on a handful of GOP Governors try this

  67. Tex, I meant recognize her from the more contemplated view…from behind…as she walked away…in the red shorts…

  68. Muffy,

    Not only have my tastes changed in booty analyzing, probably because I have an unwritten rule I can’t look at a booty if they’re my daughter’s ages or less (23 and 22), and that a moving target mind you as they get older, but I have gotten less discriminate in what I think looks really good these days. 🙂

    If God suddenly whispered in my ear, “It’s alright” and Mrs. Taylor decided she didn’t care (she’s probably there anyway) and you can have him, we’d probably have a whore in this family. 😈

  69. If there’s one thing that hasn’t failed me yet, knock on woody, it’s my libido. I think some days it’s roaring louder than ever. 😎

    Well, I just paid my $300.00 bond and plead not guilty. 120 mile round trip to do it. No plea bargaining now. It was worth it for two reasons: (1) One, I saw the bottom feeding prosecutor who sent me a five page, single spaced rant when I mailed my motion of discovery asking questions. Half of it was scolding me for calling my offense civil instead of criminal and it would have helped had he answered the questions I sent, but I was thoroughly delighted I took that much of his time; (2) Not only is it a four lane divided highway with turn lanes right and left, but I did not notice until today that the stop sign I was supposed to clearly see, while decelerating from highway speeds mind you, had a DO NOT ENTER SIGN impeding the view 20 ft in front of it. 😡 This is corrupt as hell.

    Guys, when I am guilty, I admit it. But this is flat misuse of authority for revenue generation and I have had enough of that shit from Buford, OK scumbags.

    Their going to earn this one.

  70. Pfessor, that balloon is great. I even love ass that big. The only thing that stopped me in the past (and not always) was getting my balls busted by my bony ass lover buddies. I’m swear I have some relative in Ghanna or Liberia somewhere. West Africa celebrates the big ass.

    Which brings me to Brazil. What absolute stunning women they have. Bubble asses but not even fat.

  71. That is was a Colbert hitting the abyss makes it sweet. But if the Republicans can’t start coming up with better candidates than Sanford, a scum bag deluxe, things are not going to change.

  72. IS it time to start lecturing about Colbert being just too liberal?

    Maybe it is.

    Personally I always had a soft spot in my heart for Sanford. Unlike true scumbags like Vitter and Spitzer, Sanford did what he did for romance. How can you NOT love the guy for that? 🙂

  73. I honestly do not want Republicans to win in 2016. I think this will land them 6 months to a year into the shit storm Obama is brewing for us, and it will suddenly become THEIR legacy to the American people. Let Dems have it and own it all. Eventually in 20 or 30 years, they will no longer be able to blame Bush.

  74. Sanford did what he did for romance.

    Really? REALLY?? Come on, man. It was deception. If romance causes you to lie to your own wife, kids, and constituents, it’s more like addiction or obsession. Really, it’s selfish, pure and simple. Romance. 🙄 That kind of romance would have put a bullet between my eyes. Sheesh.

  75. Once again, the facts just don’t support the rhetoric from the left…

    A study released Tuesday by the government’s Bureau of Justice Statistics found that gun-related homicides dropped from 18,253 in 1993 to 11,101 in 2011. That’s a 39 percent reduction.

    Another report by the private Pew Research Center found a similar decline by looking at the rate of gun homicides, which compares the number of killings to the size of the country’s population. It found that the number of gun homicides per 100,000 people fell from 7 percent in 1993 to 3.6 percent in 2010, a drop of nearly half.

  76. “Really? REALLY?? Come on, man. It was deception. If romance causes you to lie to your own wife, kids, and constituents, it’s more like addiction or obsession. Really, it’s selfish, pure and simple. Romance. ”

    Never be cynical about love, poolman. Or the human sex drive. Or the anguish of being with the wrong partner. Those things have reliably brought great men down for millenia.

    The only greater power on this planet is……well……maybe compound interest.

  77. The only greater power on this planet is……well……maybe compound interest.

    Nah, not even the exponential power of compound interest can zap a man like infatuation: many millennium. Half the Old Testament men of legend seem to fall into the trap. Ask the man named David who was called, “A man after God’s heart…” how tempting love.

    30 years ago and before I was married, a woman who was married and pretty took a liking to me and offered herself as prize. Obviously, she was unhappily married. She forced herself upon me, though I wasn’t so naive that I knew I was tempting fate – I let it get to that point by being flirtatious and complied when she kissed me. I put a stop to it the last possible second.

    And 30 years later, I still think about what could have been and I still think of it often. There was absolutely nothing harder to walk away from than possible love – even a great sum of money.


    The only Sanford I admire is the wife or ex-wife. She’s the one politician’s wife I can think of that refused to let her philandering husband hide behind her.

    I came away thinking she’s the one who should be politician if America was better.

  78. I agree with Rutherford. Sanford didn’t lash out at his accusers as Weiner, Clinton and several others have done.He admitted his betrayal of his wife. He also fought the liberal establishment with its money and influence. He fought back after many influential Republicans abandoned him. Now, he is engaged to his new Argentine sou mate and has a chance to redeme himself politically.

    Colbert’s sister’s losing is icing on the cake..

  79. Eivor True Love (Director Heiorik a Heygum) Youtube video.” Not even death can stop true love.” A movie based on the video is being made.

  80. Wonder who will play Hillary in the daring film about that night that happened such a long time ago in Benghazi. My money is on Matt Damon.

  81. Noah, your comment encapsulated what I truly think was behind the 2012 defeat of the GOP. They did not want it badly enough and put a clown car in front of the voters. It was embarrassing to anyone being honest about it. Hillary goes into the 2016 race with more people hating her than Obama had to deal with. Obama really was a clean slate and everyone projected what they wanted on him. Hillary has a track record that makes her public enemy #1 among the GOP. They will bring out the big guns in 2016 to annihilate her.

    Poolman, you think I’m justifying adultery. Of course not. What Sanford did does not pass any moral standard. BUT I’m sorry, there is a difference between going to a cheap (or not so cheap) whore and falling in love with a woman other than your wife. I agree with Tex that the true hero if there is one was Jenny Sanford who refused to play the “stand by your man” role on this one.

    G, so good to hear about those encouraging homicide stats. Now let’s get some universal background checks in place and make the stats even better! 😉

    Muffy it shows your depth that you consider a wisecrack from Tigre “analysis”.

  82. Never be cynical about love, poolman. Or the human sex drive. Or the anguish of being with the wrong partner. Those things have reliably brought great men down for millenia.

    Cynical? Having just celebrated my 36th anniversary, I can honestly say I know a a little bit about love and what it takes to honor a commitment. I think you are confusing love with infatuation or fantasy.

    The sex drive is another thing altogether. It has been used successfully to bring down armies of men and even many women. The wrong partner anguish is more of a fallacy or often the “grass is always greener… syndrome. If one goes into a relationship thinking they can change the other person, that is not love and those relationships often fail. People grow apart if they choose to do so. Choices are ours to make. Even arranged marriages are often successful if those in them work to make them so.

    We have the wrong impression of what love is. Lust, obsession, physical attractiveness, and sex isn’t love, though our society often misses such nuances. I love the female of the species, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been obsessed with them from my earliest recollections. I have always gravitated toward girls. Probably my major weakness. They occupied most of my teenage brain activity and did so well into my adulthood. I have fallen in love multiple times. I’ve spent considerable time trying to justify any reason possible to have multiple wives. I could handle the sex. It wasn’t something the women I knew were interested in being a part of, even if they toyed with the thought. It remained in the realm of fantasy.

    Love is more than obsession or infatuation. It is a commitment to another person. It is willing self sacrifice and doesn’t keep score of any wrongs. It is something that grows and develops over time, a bonding of two spirits, requiring continual nurture and constant care. People have given up their own lives for true love.

    I still think the best description of genuine love is from the apostle Paul in Corinthians. I think everyone should consider the cost of love. Americans don’t get it for the most part, and count it as mere emotion.

  83. We may agree on Jenny Staford, pretty lady, smart gal and class act, but we certainly don’t agree with this:

    They did not want it badly enough and put a clown car in front of the voters. It was embarrassing to anyone being honest about it.

    Rutherford, you can project all you wish on Obama but the one thing you are most certainly not being is honest. There has never been a wider gulf in professional talent, real talent and not demagoguery, than there was in the last Presidential election in the history of our country. And you well know Mitt Romney was not my first choice.

    Even Carter had some redeeming educational background and a few war stories. McCain was a clown and a stupid one at that. 2008 was understand; 2012 was inexcusable.

    Romney may have campaigned less than satisfactorily, but the real reason Mitt Romney lost Rutherford, and this is the only real reason Mitt Romney really lost:

    We have a country that just nominated Tom Hanks as America’s most trusted man and the top 10 list was basically all Hollywood. Our national celebrity cause.

    If that is not an indicator of how low our country has sunk, how inane we have become, I don’t know what else I could say. America doesn’t disappear in one generation. But on the current path, it will disappear.

    When the audience is that stupid, the clown car seats the audience and not the guy directing the traffic.

  84. BUT I’m sorry, there is a difference between going to a cheap (or not so cheap) whore and falling in love with a woman other than your wife.

    Married men fall in love with other women because they seek other women. It isn’t happenstance. Once again, a choice. Play with fire, they say, and you will get burned. Just because the woman isn’t a prostitute doesn’t make it noble. Some might consider it less of an offense if they cheated with a prostitute because there was no emotional involvement. Men justify bad behavior in many ways.

  85. Poolman, just as I complimented Rutherford on the post, let me give you two kudos for this:

    We have the wrong impression of what love is. Lust, obsession, physical attractiveness, and sex isn’t love, though our society often misses such nuances.

    You are absolutely right.

    And being a slow learner, it took two kids and about 20 years for me to learn that. I’m sure there are some that learn much quicker. Those factors you listed are the attractors so that there’s a chance at love, but they are not love and not all are required for love or intimacy. Love evolves and it grows. It takes time to mature, it takes time for the development of understanding and respect, and it takes a commitment of mutual trust to get it there.

    My wife is not the same physical beauty that I married anymore. Time and the birthing of two kids have seen to that. She is not perfect – not even close. But she is more beautiful to me now than she has ever been. I look at the matriarch of a family – treasured, wise and virtuous. She is the very heart of our family and extended family.

    And if I could give one piece of advice for anyone of any age before they marry, make your first priority in the selection of a mate beyond means, intelligence, witty conversation, physical looks:

    Make sure they qualify as your best friend.

    The biggest lie ever perpetrated was ‘finding the perfect mate.’

    They don’t exist. The perfect mate evolves.

  86. I saw that ABBA is making a comeback recording. No shit.

    Rabbit. I know you’ll scoff at this, but I’m no Obama apologist. If he’s guilty then impeach. Like I said, you have the power.

    Unfortunately, what I see coming is this. A lot of hot rhetoric and posing by Republicans, especially those planning to run in 2016. It will become point scoring and we will miss an opportunity to actually talk about what we are doing in North Africa, what is our role, what will be our future commitment. I heard only 3 senators showed up at the confirmation hearings for Stevens’ replacement. 3! That shows me they really don’t care about Libya, I’m not sure they even care about Obama. Rand Paul seems to be focused on Hillary, knocking her out early.

    And the point about hypocrisy was this. I asked a question of James (that went unanswered by him btw). Alfie and Huck answered it. You and Tex instantly jumped on the moral e. bandwagon without thinking (or perhaps even knowing) about the poor example Iraq would be if that was my intent. You seem to have realized it now with you Iran contra statement. You in fact hadn’t looked into the subject beyond Benghazi because you weren’t told anything else was important by Fox or the Washington Examiner or Sean Hannity’s butt flap for all I know. I don’t know where you get your news. But this is exactly what you and ET crap on R for all the time with MSNBC. That’s the hypocrisy.

    Huck, I was recognizing that you are a different person than Tex, an individual. That certainly doesn’t mean you can’t both be wrong. 🙂

    And since people on the left are failing in this regard, In your opinion, anyway. Lets test that theory. What’s my stand on abortion? It’s been stated here before so there will be no cheating. I believe Muffy asked the question of all of us. My response is there. But please guess before going to look for it.

    Cloying Tex? As you can see, I have asked for no quarter and have received less than that, even. You, on the other hand, have taken out your knee pads for both R and Poolman on this one post alone. Puke. 🙂

  87. “You in fact hadn’t looked into the subject beyond Benghazi because you weren’t told anything else was important by Fox or the Washington Examiner or Sean Hannity’s butt flap for all I know.”

    WTF?? You haven’t explained why it’s important.

  88. Oh yes, Thor. The knee pads.

    Just in case that wasn’t parody, there is one small difference. Something you’re unfamiliar. It’s called sincerity.

    If you doubt my sincerity, why don’t we ask Poolman and Rutherford if they’ve found my descriptions and retorts in the past to them “cloying.” Be my guest…

    Thor, my view of you is pretty simple. You’re disingenuous and above all, a moral relativist. You’re an enabler of bad behavior. Your standards are double, your memory selective, and your stances indefensible. Your pattern is predictable. You go trying to find some offense to justify another offense.

    Listen up. To the best of my recollection, the Republican Party has no Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton or John Edwards living. The last liar resigned in disgrace before he was impeached – and with his offenses, there were no dead people. Oh, the Repugs have its share of scumbags, womanizers, morons, even Congressman with no shame as we witnessed last night with Sanford. Congress has those in abundance.

    But known perjurers, thieves and possible rapists held in high accord, two patron saints of the party? Nope…

    And you’ll note, I haven’t called for Barack Obama’s impeachment. It’s because I find Barack Obama so horribly incompetent and indifferent to anyone’s life but his own, he’s not worth impeachment to watch stooges like you circle the wagons. You wanted him, you got him. Barack Obama was completely indifferent to the four murders. He went back to bed.

    Barack Obama’s punishment should be to serve out his second term. By the end of this second term, I think Barack Obama will not only be disliked but scorned. There’s even cracks in his fawning, corrupt press as we speak. There are no measurable accomplishments to speak. And the country will be damaged. Let that be Barack Obama’s legacy.

    I don’t want Barack Obama impeached as President. I want his reputation destroyed as a person. I think, no I know, Barack Obama is an evil bastard. He’s a Chicago Thug and perhaps the greatest malignant narcissist I’ve ever heard. He’s Bill Clinton without the libido, without the likability, and without the political smarts.

    Hillary Clinton on the other hand is not stupid like Barack Obama. She’s devious as hell, also wicked as hell, has no redeeming value, and is worth pursuing. She clearly oversaw four dead people that could have been prevented and their blood cries out for accountability and justice. I fully expect for her to walk. Men like you will do your part to see to that. But justice should be pursued anyway. Otherwise, dishonesty legends like you will rewrite history and the culpability.

  89. Sorry thor. I missed the question. Please ask again. This Benghazi hearing concerns why our four men died and whether the administration contributed to the attacks, failed to protect the embassy and whether or not it lied to protect itself.

    Libya North Africa and other situations have no bearing on this hearing except for their effects on the attacks.Maybe Congress should hold more hearings about them.

    I don’t watch Fox, Sean Hannity etc. I decide what is important. I am usually right.

    Of course the room is thick with hyprocrisy and political maneuvering. So what? I believe Hillary made some terrible mistakes and lied about the causes to deflect blame from her. Obama was disengaged to say the least.

    If it takes hyprocrisy to draw attention to the attacks and force punishment let it happen. I can be as hypocritical as hell.

    It would be interesting to see ABBA again.

    I am preoccupied now. Our unborn grand daughter is in potential trouble again. The doctor told our daughter “you can’t seem to catch a break.”

  90. i agree with Tex about not impeaching Obama, but I want it done anyway though it won’t happen. That man still has the capacity to further damage the country . Hillary is a reptile who might yet be elected president. Like Tex, I want Hillary driven from public life knowing historians will compare her to Lecretia Borgia.

    Compare Obama’s treatment of the Benghazi families with how he flew the school shooting survivors to the Washington DC etc.And you thor really want to single out Republicans for hyprocracy?

  91. “Unfortunately, what I see coming is this. A lot of hot rhetoric and posing by Republicans, especially those planning to run in 2016.”-Thor

    What does that have to do about disgusting lies to America to win an election?

    “You in fact hadn’t looked into the subject beyond Benghazi”? -Thor

    What subject is that? Lies? I don’t even know what you are talking about.

    You made no point. You brought up people who were killed in the State Department. You never once addressed the lies. Never once.

    A complete manipulation to pervert the election cycle. It has nothing to do with abortion. You can attempt to throw up any smoke screen you want. Where I get my news. What Bush did or didn’t do.

    Are you so dumb not to realize that your acceptance of something so grave….being ok with the “what does it matter?” mindset…..won’t cause a Republican administration to pull the same kind of vile shit?

    The saddest part of the cover up is the nonchalant and cavalier response by shallow and partisan people like yourself and the complete lack of diligence by the mainstream press.

    Mexico is corrupt because the people, for whatever their reasons, have decided to accept corruption.

    Clinton needs to be fired. Obama needs to apologize to the American people. This seriously ranks up there with Watergate. A true assault on democracy.

  92. Don’t worry James… didn’t miss any real question. Captain Shallow asked you if you knew people in the State Department died during the Bush Administration. That’s all.

  93. 1. The Obama campaign provided donor lists to ACORN in 2007 and 2008, more complete than the ones he provided to the FEC. ACORN used the lists to raise money for Obama’s election from donors who had already maxed out their legally allowable contributions.

    2. Widespread voter fraud including voter intimidation, ballot stuffing, falsified documents, and threats of violence against Hillary Clinton supporters committed by the Obama campaign and ACORN during the 2008 Democrat primary election. Obama smoothed this over by giving Hillary the high position of Secretary of State.

    3. Obama’s refusal to release a valid long form birth certificate. I used to not think there was any validity to this claim, but since Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse exposed that Obama’s birth certificate on the White House website is a forgery, it is pretty convincing the President still owes us that valid birth certificate. Obama’s college records, which have also not been released, may also contain information regarding his dual citizenship status.

    4. Protecting union interests over those of GM and Chrysler bond holders during bankruptcy proceedings, forcing investors to accept millions of dollars in losses in direct violation of bankruptcy laws, money to which they were legally entitled.

    5. Preferential treatment given to minority and women owned car dealerships by Obama administration officials as part of the auto industry bailout program and the forced closing of a disproportionate number of rural dealerships located in areas that did not vote for Obama. There was a Chrysler dealer in our town that was closed for no valid reason during that time.

    6. Moving control of the Census Bureau from the Commerce Department directly into the White House where used to be managed by Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel.

    7. Unsubstantiated firing of Corporation for National and Community Service Inspector General Gerald Walpin for exposing Sacramento Mayor and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson’s misuse of an $850,000 AmeriCorps grant.

    8. Purchase of Congressional support for the passage of Obama’s healthcare bill including the “Cornhusker Kickback”, “Louisiana Purchase” and having the Department of Interior increase water allocations to the Central Valley of California to secure the votes of Democrat Reps. Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa.

    9. Lying to the American people by promising they could keep their healthcare coverage if they wanted to, when in reality tens of millions will be forced out of their current plans.

    10. Directing the EPA to unilaterally set carbon emission standards, bypassing Congress which opposes Obama’s energy reform bill.

    11. During the Gulf oil spill, the Obama administration’s statement that a panel of experts had agreed with their plan for a 6 month Gulf Coast drilling moratorium, when in actuality none of them had supported the measure.

    12. Implementing a third oil-drilling moratorium after the first two were thrown out of court, creating a de facto Gulf Coast offshore drilling ban in opposition to two judge’s rulings.

    13. Obama’s policy of intentionally not securing our nation’s borders, in opposition to Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution which calls for the President to protect states from foreign invasion, in an attempt to blackmail Republican support for comprehensive immigration reform.

    14. Department of Justice illegal race based policies regarding voter fraud as exposed by former Justice attorney J. Christian Adams. This includes the dropping of voter intimidation charges against 2 Black Panthers brandishing weapons in front of a voting location in Philadelphia and the stated intention by political appointees to ignore voter crimes committed by African Americans, Latinos and other minorities.

    15. Department of Justice purposefully allowing some states to continue their disenfranchisement of military personnel serving overseas in direct opposition to the 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act.

    16. Recess appointment of Donald Berwick as head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services without even a token attempt to put him through the Congressional nomination process, signaling that Congress’s constitutional obligation to vet presidential appointees means nothing to Obama. The same can be said of the 30+ Obama administration czars.

    17. Spending $23 million of taxpayer money through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to support a constitutional referendum in Kenya in spite of the Siljander Amendment, which makes it illegal for the U.S. to lobby for abortion in other countries.
    18. The canceling of 77 properly filed oil field development contracts approved by the Bush administration by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, preventing the extraction of up to 3 trillion gallons of oil buried under Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and North Dakota.

    19. Investigations by the Department of Homeland Security to determine the political affiliation of people making Freedom of Information Act requests and the subsequent delay and even altogether ignoring of requests made by Republican affiliated individuals.

    And of course the 2 biggies:

    20. A federal operation dubbed Fast and Furious allowed weapons from the U.S. to pass into the hands of suspected gun smugglers so the arms could be traced to the higher echelons of Mexican drug cartels. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which ran the operation, has lost track of hundreds of firearms, many of which have been linked to crimes, including the fatal shooting of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010.

    21. The terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi Libya that killed 4 Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Stevens is the first US Ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979. Despite knowing almost immediately that this was a terrorist attack, the Obama administration has denied that fact, repeatedly lied, held back information and set up false stories as to what actually happened there.

    These are the things we should go after Obama imho. Problem is, I think with a Democrat controlled senate, they would just refuse to do anything, thus making impeachment very unlikely.

  94. Make sure they qualify as your best friend.

    That IS the key. And it took me about as long, maybe longer than you to realize it. God was definitely behind us getting together and held the relationship together until I grew up enough to appreciate it for all it is. Now my relationship with my wife is a great treasure and brings me great joy. There is no other earthly person I prefer to spend my time with.

  95. You guys have to go to, find the little blurb (if you can) on Benghazi and then read the comments.

    They are all saying what Thor said! Nobody is talking about the cover up!

    You will find angry tid bits about the Marines blown up in the 80’s. Iraq. Numerous people blabbing about how people from the State Department have died before.

    It’s cult like. Almost creepy.

    Thousands of people so passionate about one man, that can’t quite get themselves to recognize what is no longer debatable. Yes Thor. Fascist.

    Hey Thor. You always like to throw my profession in my face. Guess what I did in class all day? I broke down the timeline of events in Benghazi and then showed the lies. Mowawawawawa! Over a hundred kids were outraged.

    You know what? I’m not like the partisan lame ass liberal teachers espousing opinion in the classroom.

    Nope, Just the facts.

    This one is in the books. LIARS!

  96. Hey Rutherford. You know Chicago is a sad, apocolypse now, war zone when their rap music has a creepy sound like this.

  97. I broke down the timeline of events in Benghazi and then showed the lies. Mowawawawawa! Over a hundred kids were outraged.

    Nothing more powerful than a teacher on a mission. Good for you rabbit. Benghazi is just one cover up. These guys get sloppier with every new event. The rear view is full of CYAs, and it has always been so. I have spent considerable time following it back and it is sop in all government and institutions.

    The difference today is the internet and the sharing of information among the world’s citizens. It’s harder to get away with deception, though it is still done often in plain sight. More of what government does today is secretive and labeled classified because of the often bogus catch all “national security” reason. Why is there still classified documents from the JFK assassination? National security, of course. If the people knew how our government really operates we might curtail it. The secrets they hold are from we, the people. The national security is for the safety of their power and position.

    They need a boogey man to keep us afraid. “They hate us for our freedoms” is actually a true statement. The ‘they’ being tptb. They are removing our freedoms systematically as they squeeze every ounce of worth from our collective soul.

    I can’t believe a word that comes out of Obama’s mouth. I have felt that way about Hillary for a long time. They are both full of deception and drunk with power. Their bloviated speech and blatant hypocrisy are nauseating to me. The ones who still shill for them are pathetic and weak minded. Disillusioned. They don’t question their actions and continually ignore gross infractions. Why can’t they get that this administration has done NOTHING it said it would do when it was marketed to us.

    Laws are being broken, rules are being changed, people’s life savings are being pilfered and their livelihoods destroyed. The family is still under attack and has almost been made totally irrelevant. Most of the denizen are medicated and pacified. Empire is still advancing as cultures are decimated and yet they still cheer on the team. Not me. This is not my inheritance. This is not how life is supposed to be in this of all countries. Sorry, I won’t cheer for Sodom or Gomorrah.

  98. “Listen up. To the best of my recollection, the Republican Party has no Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton or John Edwards living.”

    hmmm…. do the words Mark Sanford mean anything to you?

  99. I just watched one very weird movie on Netflix. I had never heard of it, but written by Billy Bob Thorton, it was pretty good- the ratings on IMDB are just average, but for free, I found it quite suspenseful – perhaps too predictable at the end but it will leave you hanging.

    Kind of reminded me of Slingblade which is a damn good, really depressing movie.

    This one starred Cate Blanchett called ‘The Gift’. Worth watching…

  100. I’ve seen that title a few times as I scrolled Netflix looking for something to watch, but never gave it a look. I put it in my watch list on your recommendation, Tex, as you have pointed me/us to other good movies in the past.

  101. It’s not bad, Huck. I don’t want to leave the impression it’s an Academy Award winner, certainly not as good as Slingblade was, but it will hold your interest.

  102. THIS is a great example of the failed efforts of this administration…

    Despite the Obama administration’s generous support for green energy, job creation in the sector has both lagged and come at a hefty cost to taxpayers, according to a new report.

    According to the Institute for Energy Research, the Department of Energy has spent nearly $26 billion since 2009 on its Section 1703 and 1705 loan programs. However, these two programs only yielded 2,308 permanent jobs — meaning the cost to taxpayers was $11.25 million per job.

    “Clearly, in terms of ‘bang for the buck,” government programs that coddle renewable energy are losers,” according to IER. “In terms of jobs, the losers are the American workers who would otherwise be gainfully employed but for the tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars on the administration’s obsession with “green energy.’”

  103. Good for you dead rabbit. We need more teachers like you. My wife did the same thing when she was teaching.

    No Pfessor, Mark Sandford doesn’t mean that much to me. He cheated on his wife, but he didn’t counter attack when he was caught. I agree with Rutherford. He was a dirt bag but a lessor dirt bag.

  104. The National Press Club. Navy Seal Team families of the Seals who died after Ossama was killed, will with the help of military brass describe at a press conference why the administration was as much as the Taliban to blame for their deaths. Obama and Biden unwittingly put a target on their backs.

    Our little grand daughter will be entering the world early. Doctors want her out as soon as it is safe. Early induced labor is schedualed for May 29 almost a month early unless something changes.

  105. Had to post…

    According to voter registration records, Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper, is a registered Democrat. He was also the alleged leader among the three Castro brothers, who were arrested this week, and the owner of the house at 2207 Seymour Ave., where the three abducted local women had been kept in captivity for over a decade.

    Why is this important? Whenever a crime or a scandal captures national attention, the pattern in the mainstream media is to either identify the culprit as a Republican or hold silence — in which case we can rest assured that the culprit is a Democrat.

    When the identity or the party affiliation is yet unknown, the pattern is to speculate publicly about the possibility of the criminal being a conservative, Christian, white, Republican, and a Tea Party member — and never that he could be a Hispanic Democrat voter playing bass in a meringue band.

    In today’s divisive climate, the identity of a perpetrator is always a political issue, especially when a crime is committed by men against women. According to the Daily News, “What the neighbors saw was terrifying and dehumanizing: Naked women on dog leashes, crawling in the dirt. A lady clutching an infant and pounding on a window for help.”

  106. Gorilla, 😆

    Cleveland? The rectum of America. You knew if this goon voted, he was a registered Dim. If I were this Castro dude, I would plead gay.

    Off like the wind…

  107. James, thank you for the answer. This was the actual question from last thread, comment 991.

    “James, were you this outraged about the State Department officials that died in Iraq after “Mission Accomplished”?”

    Interesting that that question goes into Rabbit’s eyes and comes out this:

    “Captain Shallow asked you if you knew people in the State Department died during the Bush Administration. That’s all.” DR

    See, my point exactly. The time frame I spoke of included BOTH administrations. I didn’t mention Bush’s name at all. But Rabbit’s brain computes any mention of Iraq as an attack on Bush. It can’t possibly mean anything else. He has been well trained.

    Rabbit, at the risk of setting off alarm bells at the local “Cloying Police Precinct”, I never have meant to “throw your profession” in your face. I honor teachers, and have said so here before. If I gave you any other impression, then you have totally misread me. But no surprise, you do that quite often. I am glad you shared this with your students. If it leads to impeachment, this will be a huge historical event. But if it goes nowhere, I hope you cover that as well. The legacy of Iran-Contra is that when these people do break the law, they know they can get away with it. I don’t think we know yet if there was any criminal action involving Benghazi. Perhaps a release of the emails will tell us. But one thing is for sure, we no longer put these people in jail … we make them talk show hosts.

    Many of the people dear to me are teachers. Perhaps that’s why I try to read all your comments instead of skipping through them like I do the bulk of Noah and Tex’s daily manifesto.

  108. Is it against the law to lie to the American people?

    I’m not counting on it.

    We need outrage that hurts the political machine. You, Thor, were brought up in class. I told the class many people simply don’t want to discuss the cover up. That maybe even a majority don’t care. They would rather spew meaningless facts, like the your constant reminders there have been other times people have died. I also was sure to point out the difference between incompatancy/bad policy and lies meant to manipulate the people on the eve of an election. In other words, I taught them the danger of you, Thor. I asked them what our future would be if the nation was only inhabited by Thors.

  109. I find your latest tactic interesting, Thor. Impeachment has nothing to do with it. No, I will not revisit the matter if there is no impeachment. You know very well there won’t be. Yet, here you are subtly trying to pretend a lack of impeachment would be vindicating. Nice try by the sneaky Dandy of Spokane.

    My hope is Clinton is ruined. She deserves it. Rice should now be a footnote in history. And Obama should go down as yet another charlatan, his mantra of transparency one of the biggest jokes in modern political history.

    That will be justice.

  110. Many of the people dear to me are teachers. Perhaps that’s why I try to read all your comments instead of skipping through them like I do the bulk of Noah and Tex’s daily manifesto.

    Oh, that rips my heart strings. I mean, I can’t tell you Thor how much I seek your complimentary cloying. 😮 I so badly want to be ‘Dear’ to you too.

    Reading you is like swallowing ipecac.

  111. I’m trying to imagine why I would care of Thor read one of my comments. To be honest I would have never have seen his comment had Tex not repeated it. You and R offer nothing honest nor of any particularly unique/interesting perspective. Every statement deflects/distracts or makes excuses.

    Simply put I’ve already read all your responses, both present and future, because we all know what you are going to say.

  112. There is an underlying issue that smokes me even more than the obvious coverup and lies by Hillary Clinton, and the depraved indifference to four American lives by the most feckless excuse for President in the history of the world. Dickwad went back to bed to rest up for the one thing he does well – fund raising.

    Let’s all realize that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and these pathetic sycophants like Thor believe Muslims are the victims of American misbehavior. They’re no different than Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Marxist anti-American academia types.

    Even after 9/11.

    It’s the real reason my dislike for these assholes goes way beyond just a disagreement of opinion. They are evil and without conscience.

  113. G @ #163 – I hear you. I’m only occasionally surprised by that crap anymore, but once in a while I’m caught off guard rolling up on the phrase, “a registered Republican” in the description of a baddie (most recently I recall this game being played when describing Adam Lanza’s mother). I’ll be less raw knowing it’s being turned back on the “registered Democrats” with as much frequency

    Why do we post guards at prison cells to prevent suicides? I heard that’s the situation with that monster from Cleveland. I suppose it’s worth attempting to gather information for the purpose of giving closure to others that may be still missing their loved ones, but I’d just as soon someone hand the guy a rope.

    It’s a dichotomy I know because I’d just as soon they off themselves and I’d cheer if the victim(s) themselves took revenge, but I can’t think we should put criminals to death as punishment. It doesn’t seem right to me.

    Sometimes it’s like one of those difficult things I’m grateful others are willing to do and I don’t want to and/or couldn’t do myself. But sometimes completely apart from reason I wonder if it’s really right to kill someone as punishment.

  114. Thor makes a convincing argument. The deaths of State Dept. personnel in Iraq prove what happened in Benghazi doesn’t matter. I mean, “what difference does it make now” (or I guess ever for that matter)? The similarities are striking and important. If only conservative media outlets recognized the significance of them when it comes to Benghazi, or the insignificance of Benghazi, or something hypocritical that excuses it, or something that’s just “important.”


  115. You’re welcome, thor . I also opposed the invasion of Iraq because though it might have been necessary later, starting a new war when we hadn’t finished the first was bad strategy. I knew that when Bush made his triumphant flight to the air craft carrier, he was saluting the troops for what they had accomplished to date.

    I knew what our relatives and kids’ classmates were telling us from the field. It was falling apart, and events would soon turn Bush’s triumph into mockery.

    That ignorance angered me more than murdered diplmats because I assumed the government was doing what it could to protect them.

    The murdered and injured men at Benghazi occupied another catigory. We appear to have abondoned them and lied about it.I agree with rabbit our betrayal of those men reaches new depths. I suspect incompetance dominated, followed by panic as the situation unraveled. The lies are fact. We still don’t know why the administration concocted such a stupid untruth unless Illegality was under the surface. That wouldn’t surprise me but we have little proof yet.

    Threatening whistle blowers to keep them quite virges on obstruction of justice, but I don’t know that Congressional hearings qualify with rules the same as in court.

    He won’t be, but Obama should be impeached. He has shown himself to be unfit for political office.

    I oppose the death penalty in most cases,but I would have no trouble dispatching Castro the Democrat or some other criminals. I did it once before. I would prefer strangulation to a bullet. It is more personal, and you can feel it happen.

  116. What about the Teapot Dome Scandal? Harding is never mentioned by the conservative media outlets when graft and corruption comes from the Obama administration. Talk about hypocrisy.

  117. These are the ten US cities (population over 250,000) with the highest poverty rate in 2010. In parentheses is the last time that city had a Republican mayor. 1) Detroit – 32.5% (1961) 2) Buffalo – 31.5% (1954) 3) Cincinnati – 27.8% (1984) 4) Cleveland – 27.0% (1989) 5) Miami – 26.9% (never) 6) St. Louis – 26.8% (1949) 7) El Paso – 26.4% (never) Milwaukee – 26.2% (1908) 9) Philadelphia – 25.1% (1952) 10) Newark – 24.2% (1907).

    Debate over. Liberalism just doesn’t work.

  118. Thor makes a convincing argument. The deaths of State Dept. personnel in Iraq prove what happened in Benghazi doesn’t matter.

    Well, we at least know now where Thor gets his material: Comedy Central, Media Matters, and the Daily KKKos. They’re all running the same spin almost verbatim.

    I guess it never entered their minds that maybe Libya a different scenario than Iraq – you know, green zones and everything, a military presence in Iraq of thousands, and nobody lied or questioned the motive or who did it to protect a President during an election season. And I don’t remember Bush & Co. marching a man to jail for the better part of a year now under false premise either or the protection of the military being told to stand down. 🙄

    Think about how wicked Obama, Clinton, and Brennan were. Three days after the fact of knowing this was a planned event and Ansar al-Sharia responsible, all three lied to the face of the mother of one of those killed when she asked, “Why?” while at Dover, standing over the son’s coffin.

    That takes a special case of malignancy to carry through with that.

  119. I told Rutherford earlier that he was trapped. Either he proved us wrong, admitted he was wrong or he ignored the issue. He basically admitted he was wrong about Benghazi after watching Face the Nation.

    Thor, like Media Matters and the others is now caught in the same trap. He is reduced to bringing up irrelevant events which have no history of presidential abandonment as the Benghazi affair does.He might as well try to prove the sky is green.

    ABC News how reports that the State Department changed the talking points about 12 times and expunged information about terrorists. We also remember the Obama-Clinton paid ads on Pakistani television which blamed a YouTube video.

  120. Town Hall: “The Damning Dozen: Twelve Revelations from the Benghazi Hearings” It shows that many Democratic committee members were less interested in the truth than in defending Hillary and Obama. Thus, they showed as with the Slow Bleed, they don’t care about our soldiers. They value votes more than they value human life.

  121. all three lied to the face of the mother of one of those killed

    That reminded me of the Pat Tillman incident. I think lying is the default for all those in positions of authority anymore. It certainly seems to be the ‘norm’ across the board. If we approach every statement and explanation in that context, these events make much more sense.

  122. There is a long record of governments lying to the people. It is much more common than telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It’s lies that get us into war and constant lies about the events of war that keep us there.

    Never underestimate the power and influence of the dark side.

  123. Alfie I finally got around to reading your article on the rising crop of GOP governors.

    I have an observation and a question. First the article focuses almost exclusively on finance reform without discussing trade offs and impact on the residents of these states. Were the focus broader would the picture be as rosy?

    Second, the folks here love to post about failing cities with Dem mayors but neglect to point out how many of these cities are in states run by Republicans. To what extent should a governor be accountable for the health of his cities?

    Is it Snyder in Michigan who tried to take over Detroit? Flies in the face of democracy but at least he tried.

  124. Hey “R”,

    I hate to be a critic after you wrote a fine post, but wasn’t it you and I debating the merits of regulation the other day? My belief regulation not only excessive, but outrageously excessive and many times, flat out stupid; you of the belief we need more regulation, not less?

    Read this…because I don’t think half of Americans even aware. I could add a hundred items to the list…

  125. Omaha is a partial example Rutherford. While it is basically sound and prosperous, the the city is burdened by excessive police and fire fighter pensions and health insurance. A Republican city councilwoman is running against the Democratic mayor, and the election will be next week, The Democrat nearly lost a recall effort a year or so ago.

    The governor is Republican as are most of the other state officers. They have little or no direct influence on Omaha save for general state-wide policies.

    I assume the same is true of other states. If a city’s fortunes were similar to other cities within the state, the state house would legitimately be viewed suspiciously. In Michigan, for example, if the fault lies with the state government, other cities should be as sick as Detroit.

  126. Tigre, 😆

    I laugh because that was the one city (perhaps Miami or Charlotte) that came to my mind. I was hoping Rutherford would name that one. But you would understand the demographics even better than I would concerning that phenomenon.

    I understand the Atlanta ‘burbs have either incorporated or in the process of making the attempt at incorporating?

    And I understand the metro Atlanta is shitting bricks over the possibility and suing to prevent it.

    Guess whitey ain’t so bad to live with if they’ll continue funding things.

  127. Rabbit, you don’t care about lying to win an election. Romney’s lie about Jeep moving all US production to China didn’t keep you from supporting him .. greatest candidate ever.

    Enough already. You just don’t like Obama. The emails are starting to come out. You’ll have your sacrificial lamb soon enough.

    Happy Mother’s Day all you Mothers. 🙂

  128. Tex, you’re exactly right. The City or Atlanta is what Ross Perot would refer to as “that giant sucking sound.” The very shape of the county on the map (Fulton) is all you need to see to understand the allocation of resources to the inner city at the expense of the burbs that is driving the trend you learned about.

    I still laugh when Rutherford refers to the Real Wives of Atlanta (or some other such t.v. nonsense) as representative of the inner city demographic here or the typical black experience he perceives different from the cesspool run by the liberal heroes in his own backyard.

    This city left to its own devices, black-racist cronyism, tax structures, and tolerance of corruption from its locally elected officials would quickly decline like all other democratically controlled metropolitan areas in the US without the ridiculous funneling of resources from outside the city proper and shouldered by the property owners. It’s just pathetic.

  129. Yep, Numbnutz. Another logical analogy.

    Like Romney’s claim that the Obama economy still sucks versus Hillary’s heroic charge through Bosnia with snipers bullets whizzing past her, you do know an equivalency when you see one. 🙄

    Benghazi just doesn’t matter.

  130. “Rabbit, you don’t care about lying to win an election. Romney’s lie about Jeep moving all US production to China didn’t keep you from supporting him .. greatest candidate ever.”

    This ridiculous false equivalency reeks of desperation. Unable to draw real parallels between Obama telling us our ambassador was murdered because of a video and Bush-era attacks on embassies, we are now going to hear about how the lies that AQ was decimated and we were attacked because of the First Amendment equate to Mitt Romney greasing the truth about Jeep moving to China.

  131. “To what extent should a governor be accountable for the health of his cities?”

    How about we ask George W. Bush, Bobby Jindal, and Ray Nagin that question….

  132. “The day after the (Benghazi) attack, Governor, I stood in the Rose Garden, and I told the American people and the world that we are going to find out exactly what happened…and the suggestion that anybody in my team, whether the secretary of state, our U.N. ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we’ve lost four of our own, Governor, is offensive. That’s not what we do. That’s not what I do as president. That’s not what I do as commander in chief.”


    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

  133. Noonan got it right:

    “From the day of the attack until this week, the White House spin was too clever by half. In the weeks and months after the attack White House spokesmen said they were investigating the story, an internal review was under way. When the story blew open again, last week, they said it was too far in the past: “Benghazi happened a long time ago.” Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, really said that.

    Think of that. They can’t give answers when the story’s fresh because it just happened, they’re looking into it. Eight months later they don’t have anything to say because it all happened so long ago.

    Think of how low your opinion of the American people has to be to think you can get away, forever, with that.”

  134. Yeah Thor.

    That is an awesome comparison.

    Romeny was the CEO of Chrysler and was warned numerous times about unsafe crane operaters on the assembly line. When 4 people got savaged on the line by falling beams of steal, he blamed a random gust of wind. He then sent his underlings on the Sunday talkshow circuit to yap about that gust of wind while bragging about how awesome crane operaters are now days. Romeny, himself, warned Americans to stop farting and fucking with wind patterns. He had Hillery Clinton warn about farts in front of the UN in New York. Stupid Americans and their farts.

    Yup….just like the Jeeps.

  135. Tigre, 😆 That Biden interview was classic. And the whole thing was a huge lie. I mean one ginormous lie.

    Here’s the facts for the plagiarizing SOB. He’s a dunce (but we already knew that). A perfect front man for an even bigger dunce:

    As a part of the Kinnock controversy, it was revealed that Biden had been involved in a similar incident (plagiarizing) during his first year at Syracuse University School of Law in 1965. Biden initially received an “F” in an introductory class on legal methodology for writing a paper relying almost exclusively on a single Fordham Law Review article, which he had cited only once. Biden was allowed to repeat the course and passed with high marks. Though the then-dean of the law school, as well as Biden’s former professor, downplayed the incident, they did find that Biden drew “chunks of heavy legal prose directly from” the article in question. Biden said it was inadvertent due to his not knowing the proper rules of citation. After ending his Presidential campaign, Biden requested the Board of Professional Responsibility of the Delaware Supreme Court review the issue. The Board concluded on December 21, 1987, after Biden had withdrawn, that the senator had not violated any rules, although Biden did not release this result until May 1989.

    As revealed by a video shown on C-SPAN, when questioned by a New Hampshire resident about his grades in law school, Biden had replied “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect,” and then inaccurately recollected graduating in the “top half” of his class when he actually graduated 76th from 85, that he had attended law school on a full scholarship, and had received three degrees in college.[34] In fact, he had earned a single B.A. with a double major in history and political science, and had received a half scholarship to law school based on financial need with some additional assistance based in part upon academics. During this time, Biden also released his undergraduate grades, which were unexceptional.

    ** GUFFAW **

    Typical Dim.

  136. I can honestly say this. There is no doubt in my mind, honestly….

    That Mr. Rutherford Lawson is more intelligent than our President and one hell of a lot smarter than America’s Vice President. I mean that sincerely…

    How did Roger Ailes put it concerning Joe Biden?

    “Nice enough guy but Biden is dumber than an ashtray…” 😆

  137. 198 “That ridiculous false equivalency reeks of desperation” I told you thor is trapped in a box. He is flaying but he can’t escape. He is fighting the truth.

    I agree with Tex. Rutherford is a smart man who sometimes is strong enough to admit when he is wrong .He could out think that pair with half of his brain sent on vacation,

  138. This weekend, our family will be celebrating my baby daughter’s graduation from college. I don’t feel so exciting in this racket called higher education because that only means the beginning of four more years of outrageously expensive tuition (over $3,000 a month, one kid).

    May I say first, and I know this is sinful to say, I find nothing duller and more meaningless than sitting through a college graduation.

    My oldest daughter’s graduation last 3½ hours – I kid you not. And she wasn’t called until almost the very end. Even all these honors bestowed upon her were not enough to offset the sheer agony of my sore ass.

    But this one may be duller. It’s two days – from standing in line for two hours to “ring a bell”, to a tour of the labs, to a breakfast at the sorority house (shoot me now PLEASE), to another graduation of 1,000 students with boring speaker, to a family luncheon that may have a huge gap in time between the end of the ceremony and lunch. This will easily last 7-8 hours.

    I know that makes me sound like a terrible father and I feel a shred of guilt. But good grief, can’t they at least keep these things to 90 minutes? My elderly mother doesn’t need to bed spending an entire day on her feet.

  139. Let the Light Shine

    Today we learned that our government targeted and harassed conservative Americans who simply wanted to be involved in the national discussion. Is it any wonder why Americans are so distrustful of D.C.? I’m sure President Obama is grateful for all the help the IRS gave his reelection campaign, but, still, you have to wonder how the bureaucrats who tried to pull this off can sleep at night.

    So many Americans knew this was happening, but many felt defenseless and even helpless against a government that seems to roll along without accountability or sense of obligation to the people it’s supposed to serve. These Americans were mocked for being concerned about this, but now we see light shining on the truth, finally.

    This IRS revelation is another step in the unraveling of the Obama administration’s self-proclaimed “hope and change.” Between the Benghazi cover-up and the IRS targeting Obama’s political opponents, we see the corruption at the heart of big government.

    Americans should remember that this same corrupt IRS will be in charge of enforcing Obamacare. And this same inept and corrupt government will supposedly secure our now unsecured borders in advance of immigration reform and will implement a completely ethical and non-political IPAB panel to make life and death health care decisions for you and your family. Forgive me for not trusting these big government promises any more than I trust the White House’s latest Benghazi spin or the IRS’ fairness.

    Despite all of this, I still believe that this “fundamental transformation of America” is temporary. This attempted transformation into a disheartened, weakened, unrecognizable nation is so far below anything Americans deserve. It becomes permanent only if we throw up our hands and surrender to the corruption and cover-ups.

    We must demand more light shine on all that’s transpiring in D.C.’s self-absorbed bubble. On the IRS scandal, we must have accountability and a full investigation. On Benghazi, Speaker Boehner must create a Select Committee with full investigative and subpoena authority to get to the bottom of the cover-up. Keep the faith, friends.

    – Sarah Palin

  140. “I know that makes me sound like a terrible father”

    Well…if it makes you feel better I didn’t attend my own graduation ceremony for the same reasons you stated. In fact, I wasn’t allowed to even attend my high school one.

    The only graduation ceremony I stood tall at was getting the fuck out of boot camp. I’ll never forget that one. My parents drove all the out to Chicago to see 35 pound lighter me. Never been prouder.

  141. I enjoyed our children’s college graduations because I like that sort of thing. Our son and daughter only had about 25 classmates, so it went fast. The hardest part was the graduation parties and watching the graduates try to hold on to their closeness before they inevitably parted for good.

    Like rabbit in high school, I missed my college graduation because I was graduating from basic training and getting ready to ride a bus to tech school. I have never seen my college diploma. My parents misplaced it during the four years I was gone.

  142. @ Rutherford 187
    I am pro-city and a believer that a variation of the concept of the “city-state” is at hand.
    Cities by nature tend to have a taint of what in US political-ese is termed “blue”. Truth of the matter though is that our cities have the best potential when they get the mix right and more often than not that means getting their “red” on.
    Houston is a good example. Stricken by many of the same issues faced by Atlanta, Houston has taken a number of steps to increase its value. From public transit to public space Houston has forged impressive public/private partnerships to help elevate the city.
    It is undeniable that cities must offer services,attractions and jobs that then in turn help the economy engine get into drive. When this situation fails you get the self-perpetuating dilemma found in places like Detroit.
    As for your initial take on the article. I’m glad you got a chance to look it over. I offered it primarily to show how the GOP does indeed have some talent and is tapping into credible & sensible populist themes and getting good results. As for your question I don’t think the focus is improper. Our state and municipal governments MUST get their finances in order and shift the paradigms if we’re to truly bounce back. Pension reform,education reform and rethinking economic drivers outside of the 20th century Keynesian rut is the next big thing and imo can’t get rolled out soon enough.

  143. @ thor 193 and other folks left of me on this topic….
    I am really puzzled by this “Yes,lets investigate Benghazi” stuff which you all in turn have so overtly veiled behind Bush era retreads and utter bullshit.
    I get you don’t like the forces that are powering this,pressuring folks for real answers but I really don’t get how you all can type with a straight face that this pressure isn’t the right stuff.
    The Libya debacle is a story that the Administration so clearly tried to pimp and then squash and Obama,Clinton and Rice so so so deserve the black eyes they hopefully will be served up on this.

  144. Cleveland prosecutor may seek death penalty for kidnapper:

    These fuckers just can’t leave the abortion issue alone, can they? “We’re going to get in a lick for the fetus one way or another, in any way we can think of.”

    Here is a great example of why you have laws. So that your gub’ment doesn’t do stupid things when emotions are running high.

  145. PF you’re un-fucking-believable sometimes. You are so blinded by your rage of your opposition you have left logic on the table with your car keys and gone running down the street crazy.

  146. 126

    Nixon was also backed into a corner, and his administration stonewalled until Barry Goldwater and other Republicans visited the White House and told him it was over.

    Even Clinton faced a hostile press eventually, though political allies and stupid voters who had little clue to the real issues still rationalized his troubles to a right wing conspiracy.

    Now, the diehards close ranks around the Obama ” regime” and defend their bloody hands with obsfucations and irrelevenacies to or the past.There is no accountability because they are sacred above all things. Even using the IRS to attack political opponents is merely an unfortunate mistake to be rectified with a simple applogy won’t convince the diehards of the rot.

    Once such people told us the best of my generation had fled to Canada, and those of us who served were so stupid ours would be the first war to fail to produce soldier-written literature. As the Scandinavians and Russians brainwashed the Sami into believing they were inferior, our own country did that to us. Those people still marginalize their philosophical enemies as they did veterans.

    It occurrs to me as I watch the reaction to Benghazi that people like me belong to a superior race. We are better than Obama and his defenders. I read Obama defenses in other sites and wonder how we came to be surrounded by so many inferior people. They deserve no understanding or empathy.

  147. The first to comment to the article Pfessor cited asked if we seek the death penalty for Castro, why don’t we follow suite against women who abort.

    Science has advanced to save many babies who were formerly not viable. Thus, later abortion kills real babies who might have lived. The abortion age should be lowered and mothers and doctors who end lives early should be charged with murder.

    So, yes, I agree, Pfessor we need laws. And Alfie is right. You have derailed yourself. Our unborn grand daughter is in trouble, and she is no different from others who have been killed when they might have lived.

  148. Psychopaths only care about what they can gain from others. It’s not a new phenomenon, but one that has spread to all our institutions. This is the result of a society where cheaters and liars gain advantage and get to the top of the food chain.

    We’re all living with cancer.

    world system = evil domination

  149. @ PF Ohio law is what it is and it mirrors a number of states. I will give you this. If the incident occurred in your state it is a class 2 felony carrying a sentence of 5-40 years and allows for the mother to pursue tort rewards.
    Key to the the Ohio statute (as well as other states) is the word unlawful.

  150. Maybe Pfessor will show up and join some kind of pro choice crowd chanting and marching with demands of lessening the crime of beating a woman several times so she miscarriages. Those were just the lady parts that were being punched, after all. Just gut shots. No biggie.

  151. DR, I am confident that you don’t teach by packet, so I am sure that the video at #210 doesn’t apply to you.

    But I was wondering your thoughts on a student speaking out in class about your teaching style. Has it ever happened to you (regardless of what your style is), and how might you react if it did?

    Thanks (in advance) for any insight.

  152. Alfie opined: “PF you’re un-fucking-believable sometimes. You are so blinded by your rage of your opposition you have left logic on the table with your car keys and gone running down the street crazy.”

    Actually, I think I’m OK – don’t “feel” enraged, anyway…you? Well, I submit the paragraph above as evidence as to who is and is NOT (en)rage(d).

    Nice calm, well thought-out comments. heh, heh…

    Ahem. getting back on topic:

    The minute you get into the “unborn” tarbaby, you get exactly things like the Cleveland fiasco. This problem has been thought out numerous times by numerous countries, including this one, and THEY, anyway, don’t get into this La Brea Tar Pit.

    Failing to halt abortion by force at the Federal level, the Fetus People went after it piecemeal, with some success (and some failures, notably several US Presidential elections – oh, well, you can’t have everything, can you?). Now, as a consequence of those pyrrhic victories, the legal system now has the problem of, when is it murder? Eight months, six months, one month, one minute? Oh, my – then, if it’s murder at one month, abortion must be murder….but then, well, what if the woman only THOUGHT she was preggers, like Castro’s girl? Is it murder then? How can we tell, when it’s her word against Castro’s – years ago, with no evidence?


    No, they just want to kill him – and in my opinion, should – and are looking for something to justify the death penalty. They don’t have it.

    Well, Boys, let’s see if the Law works when the lynch mobs prowl. That’s the real test, isn’t it?

    And believe me, they’re on the prowl in Cleveland.

  153. PF any rage I have comes secondary to being all done with pompous fucks like you and your pseudo-renaissance man bullshit such as displayed yet again in your #229.
    The fact is the laws on the book that pursue penalties against fetal harm have been neutered as far as being a boost in the arm for the anti-abortion crowd.
    You know when the courts decide its murder or assault???? The irony is quite amusing. It’s the woman’s choice. Being as it is her domain to declare when the action was lawful or unlawful the laws being the one in Ohio or the one on the books in VA. are quite clear.This also seems to jive with the federal law that went on the books in 2004.

    Now back to you.

    YOU clearly came in here with your agenda blaring as loudly as the pro-lifers you rail against,I simply called you on it.
    YOU made a case or more fairly implied it in a classic yellow journalism manner that the Ohio prosecutor was doing something out of the ordinary. I would say in context of your character you put it out there that he/she was pushing a prosecution solely to curry favor with anti-abortion types. Point of fact the prosecution is the best chance to execute the guy. I dare say that is the agenda the prosecutor is pushing.
    Somehow I find it unlikely you’d be such the cool dude if someone beat the shit out of your daughter causing her to involuntarily discharge the “clot” inside her uterus,or would you seriously say it was nothing but a clot,a bunch of cells dear.

  154. This Benghazi incident ought to piss enough people off and get them to realize the ruse we’ve been under. Revealing crimes of empire often requires getting beyond the mouth pieces they control and the disinfo that is spread. This is way beyond Watergate, as others have said.

    Then, add in Israel’s recent strike of Damascus which is proving to have been nuclear that early findings trace it to our arsenal. Yikes!

  155. College Graduations are brutal – worse than high school. 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

    Breakfast, 150 minute program, pictures, $350.00 lunch for the guests (marginal food, rotten service), pretentious exchange with other parents you’ll never see again, change, more pictures, traffic.

    There’s got to be a better way…Now I get to move her crap home and I’m out of room. A 320sq foot back patio full of college crap.

    Magna Cum Laude – Miss Tex Obama. TU is an excellent university, average SAT ≈≈ 1,300. But I sense major grade inflation these days. When half the student body is Cum Laude and up, I don’t think college is near what it used to be.

    Four more years of college to get a job in major? Priceless 😡

  156. Huck, 😆

    It is pitiful, isn’t it? A couple of generations ago, it was a parent’s dream for their children to get a college education.

    Snap forward 40 years, and now all you do as parent is get pissed off thinking about the return on investment.

    Thank you. I’m still proud of her. But I am starting to get put off of higher education’s priorities.

    One thing that was new to me – drinking liquor on campus. Private University serving champagne. Which by the way, still tastes lousy like I remembered it.

  157. “One thing that was new to me – drinking liquor on campus.”

    There is a pub on my campus. I avoid it like the plague.

  158. I was milling about in the hall today at work,you know the pre-meeting meeting as it were. Three or four co-workers were singing the mixed praise and horror revelation thing you got going Tex. ‘Tis the season right?

  159. Huck, if you have a rapport with each kid, even if its something the kid hates, they will tell you so with a sense of respect.

    These packet teachers not only don’t teach the kids, they usually don’t like people. I have a knack in the real world (absolutely not in the cyber world) of almost always finding something I like about a kid. Even most of the murderers I used to teach.

    Teenagers complain. The key is to crack them up a bit and get their ass back to work.

    You have to be both feared and liked to be good at the job.

    It’s a fine line. Old school packets and book work isn’t a bad thing. For a while the pendulum swang so far from the “old read the chapter and answer questions drill” that I feel it was killing the kids on the ACT.

    Sometimes manipulation is in order. I will surprise the kids with what I call an open class quiz. Simply calling something quiz or test makes many of them care more. This week they all felt they were getting one over on me while they scrambled around the room discussing the motivations behind Imeprialsim. Sure, the dummies or lazy ones luck out. But even they get to practice street smart social skills by actually talking to the smart chick in class.

    Believe it or not,the latest fad in education is telling teachers they teach too much. Everything is supposed to either be reading technical documents made by the government espousing propaganda (common core) or critical thinking in which groups. The lecture is hated.

    All of this has its place, of course. That being said, Europe learned that constant document analysis and not bothering with teaching the historical narrative didn’t pay off very well. It leaves the kids clueless to what actually happened.

    I do what I want, gun deck the bullshit and wait for the new fad. Nothing ever sticks. It’s a circle.

  160. Damn…how can a student be expected understand what the document means if they aren’t provided with the historical context?

    Shit, I did document analysis for my thesis, but still had to do an entire chapter on the history in order to provide context for the analysis.

    I guess that was your point….they don’t understand it. A shame…

  161. Huck, Rabbit, Alfie,

    One of the things I have noticed terribly lacking in the curriculum these days is application. You’ve already heard me bitch about critical thinking.

    My MBA proved to be useless when it came to making any money. But one thing it did teach me through all those case studies, independent and group, is to how to actually apply all the skills I learned.

    I guess I did get more out of it than I did. Of course, now I am a poor housewife.

    Case in point. I had this absolutely brilliant kid I hired that could write code like no one I’ve ever seen. He quit engineering in college he grew so bored with it. The only fault Steven had was laziness.

    Anyway, as long as I stayed on top of his work, we created some real masterpieces. Even good enough that places like Halliburton and Schlumberger wanted to purchase it from us. Unfortunately for us, we both worked for one of their competitors so we didn’t get squat for it. 😡

    Anyway, I cut him loose to work on a project all by himself, unsupervised. I let it go several weeks and thought I was going to end up with something really special. What I got was a total mishmash of indecipherable logic, so convoluted nobody but Steven could use it. This was not a complicated process either – simply notification of a user defined well variance.

    And what I realized is that Steven was excellent at doing exactly what I told him to do. Much brighter than I ever was. But he didn’t have a lick of sense and developed everything the way he would do things – not how the purchaser did things.

    Frustrated the hell out of me. He was brilliant when supervised, worthless when left to his own accord.

  162. Tex – I am looking at the Darden “Executive MBA” program. I am thinking that Obamacare will create such disruption in the system that there will be a lot of opportunities; I am also interested in putting our other businesses on a more professional course. It’s 20 months – Darden is considered one of the better schools.


  163. Alfie – I thoughtfully considered your erudite analysis @230.

    You are full of shit.

    Cordially, PF

  164. Alfie – Actually, you deserve better than that.

    Your point is exactly MY point – except you perverted MY point to something else, based on your own prejudice.

    Yes, they are using anything they can to try to find a way to execute the guy. That is exactly what I said. I haven’t the slightest idea the prostitutor’s POV on abortion, and it doesn’t matter, anyway. That is not why he is using that argument. It’s just all he has. He knows it’s bogus and bullshit, and he prolly doesn’t give a good god damn about the feti, but, hey, it’s available…

    But it is only because the Fetus People have been able to insinuate their agenda into the legal system that the prostitutor has anything to work with. We both know it’s a bogus reason to execute the guy, though, don’t we? And so does everybody else. But, just so long as they have SOME reason, ANY reason, then it’s OK. Right?


  165. Entrepreneurship isn’t stressed at all. Highschool is full of teachers that…surprise…..think liberal arts the epitome of human achievement, teaching being the most awesome. Kids that are good with their hands, even good with people and have what I deem the best qualities for kick starting a business are treated like crap because Shakespere bores the hell out of them.

  166. “simply notification of a user defined well variance”

    Uh……errr…awkward laugh…..yeah…..I can’t stand when people can’t even get that right.

  167. PF, your position is kinda suggesting that the whole idea of choice and women’s reproductive rights is bullshit.

  168. LOL at 244.

    Tex while I have no idea what you’re talking about with “user defined variance” I can still relate to your comment. When I was a young programmer we had a woman on the team old enough to be my grandmother. Her code worked but you couldn’t decipher it for sh*t. It was impossible to maintain. I don’t think she was sloppy per se. I think she prided herself on “elegant” solutions with no comments in the code to explain them. Might also have been a play for job security.

  169. Regarding 243, from where I sit a lib arts education isn’t about practicality nor was it ever meant to be. It is rooted in the assumption that a mind well versed in a variety of subjects — a renaissance mind so to speak — is a sharper mind than a mind rooted in specialization.

    If all we really cared about was getting people ready for the workforce we’d ditch Shakespeare and quite frankly much of History/social studies and just focus on classes in science. math, economics and business management.

    I think we’d be a poorer world if we took that option.

  170. PF, whether you want to deal with the fetus or not, there ought be a “special” punishment reserved for crazy mofo’s who literally beat a woman into miscarriage.

    You know gang, granted I don’t have the mind of a sociopath (shut up Noah), but what floors me is how did Castro go to work everyday? How did he go to the store? How did he look people in the face for ten years knowing what kind of sick life he was living in private?

    How the hell do you compartmentalize THAT much?

  171. Well variance…

    Gas wells (generally) have their greatest production once drilled. Each successive day thereafter (generally), the well production drops until depleted assuming there is no maintenance or rework (i.e. fracking).

    User defined variance – a percentile number (i.e. +/-2%) of millions of cubic feet that the well produces from one reading to the next (generally a 24 hour period).

    Our/their petroleum engineers monitored hundreds of wells daily. It would have been impossible to monitor production of each well manually.

    Day 1 1,000,000 mcf
    Day 2 1,020,000

    Engineer Notified. 🙂

    It was more somewhat more complicated than that, but you get the idea.

  172. “PF, whether you want to deal with the fetus or not, there ought be a “special” punishment reserved for crazy mofo’s who literally beat a woman into miscarriage.”

    Not sure I understand. Isn’t a punch in the gut of a pregnant woman the same as a punch in the nose? Just a forced evacuation of some cells from the woman’s body right? Shouldn’t it just be simple assault?

  173. Tex, for some reason when I read “well variance” I didn’t read the word “well” literally.

    Variance is an odd word because it implies that there would be more gas on some days. I picture a decay…..the well fizzling out.

    Sounds like a classic application of calculus to me, I will use that example when I hear complaining.

  174. Pfessor,

    I get you use the word “fetus people” to provoke. But, I have a serious question. Do classify all women woman who wish to give birth “fetus people”?

    The law is on the books in Ohio. All they need to prove is intent. I think the guy my admit purposely repeatedly killing the fetus.

    Damn…you pro choicers are weird. Ain’t really much of a choice. You actually hate any reverence given to a woman who carries a child.

  175. Rutherford, I think liberal arts should be taken by all in high school (not so much in college).

    What I don’t like is the institutinalized pressure put on kids that it is the end all be all.

    One’s self worth shouldn’t be tied to breaking down Shakespere while one’s ability to cut tile with a wet saw and perfectly grout it dismissed.

    I see it all the time.

  176. Noah@257. How about “aggravated assault?” It’s quite a bit out of my area of expertise, but isn’t that what they reserve for cases of special viciousness or aggravating circumstances?


    Tex – I know from reading your posts that you have an MBA, but are not using it. I’m not that busy right now, and spend my days working around the property, proofing books for our Websites, and working on my commercial flight rating. The “Executive MBA” program is designed for people who are already working a regular day job, and would let me do my MBA after hours, freeing the daytime up for the above things.

    My ultimate goal is to open a medical clinic in my small town and compete with my old hospital. That would mean I wouldn’t have to move to find work, and, I am thinking, give me the skills to have a much better leg-up on starting a new business. I am DONE moving, unless it’s a have-to situation.

    Do you think that doing the MBA after hours, for twenty months, is worth it?

  177. “You actually hate any reverence given to a woman who carries a child.”

    Nonsense. My wife and I have six kids between us. Straw man.

    And I use the term Fetus People to reference those who place the “rights” of the fetus above the rights of the mother or anyone else. It’s just a term of convenience, and for brevity; if you have a better one, let me know.

  178. @ PF let’s do a little exploring here. I would think you’d agree that good things can come out of actions that the protagonists didn’t seek. Fetal harm laws being a great example. The pro-life crowd that helped drive the legislation clearly wanted to maneuver around the law but the result doesn’t do that. The simple inclusion of the word unlawful assures it.

    And I use the term Fetus People to reference those who place the “rights” of the fetus above the rights of the mother or anyone else. It’s just a term of convenience, and for brevity; if you have a better one, let me know.
    I think you really need to be honest on that one. YOU & others use it to be provocative and insulting,stop bullshitting. Now in the course of debating something one is passionate about I agree that belittling your opponent is right and proper but let’s keep it honest.

    The evolution of your commentary here begs the following question though. Does pregnancy termination at any time terminate life in your opinion?

    FWIW my position is that it does indeed. The crux of the matter is that we as a society have condoned the termination of life at various points along the life timeline for any number of reasons. Biology does the same thing. Fetal harm laws as I see it only adds clarification to this fact,obviously more so the former than the latter.
    Bottom line is that although pushed by pro-life elements fetal harm laws are in reality more an arrow in the quiver of the pro-choice crew.

  179. Pfesser,

    If I had your assets + education and your time, I would look into the this instead. I don’t think you would need 90% of what you learn in the typical “REAL” MBA program. The finance, base economics and accounting would cover what you want and be relevant. Some of it like HR management would be a waste of your time (it was mine too).

    I do not know the cost or availability, but I believe this would be more suited to the well educated, more mature workers.

  180. @PF
    And although you didn’t ask me I want to offer up something since I’m not hating on you as much as I’m enjoying a conversation.
    Regards the MBA thing. I can tell you that up in this neck of the woods there are a number of programs designed just like the one you’re looking at. In fact there are ones that specifically focus on health care facility and policy.
    I’d say it is a very good idea to go for it given what you’re looking to do. You’ll need it to navigate the regulatory issues alone I’d imagine. As you may know one piece of the ACA which was a red meat morsel tossed to the hospital lobby put serious obstacles in the way of physicians owning health care facilities. I don’t know if it is hospitals or the efficient surgical center kind of thing or if it filters down to clinics that ironically help people get affordable care.
    Do it!

  181. “But a draft of a watchdog’s report obtained Saturday by The Associated Press says senior officials knew agents were targeting tea party groups as early as 2011.”

    Once again……the Administration chooses to hurt Americans instead of taking a few poll hits.

    It’s like the monetary policy…..everything is seen in weeks or months. Lie…kick the can…deal with it a couple months later.

    Survive a news cycle…that’s how this lying failure of a President treats everything.

  182. How vile…targeting political groups over other ones. Any President with even a cunt hair of love for democracy should have been on this like white on rice. Or is there more then that? What do we do if we find out the IRS has been used as a partisan weapon?

  183. If Obama invaded Iraq on the pretense of WMD…..Obama would have “found” massive bataches. I get the feeling there is nothing they won’t attempt to lie about. They think they are too cute and savy for their own good. Read too many books on Machevelli and Otto Bismarch. Watch too many HBO series.

    I blame the MSM. I hate them with a passion.

  184. Anyone surprised anymore at what Americans have accustomed to tolerating? Take the IRS. Take these itty bitty tyrants I’m fighting against in systemically corrupt small town, trailer trash Oklahoma.

    I don’t get it. I’m not taking it laying down. And I don’t have enough faith in our politicians turned demagogues to do anything about it either.

    This targeting specific groups like the Tea Party with harassment by audit is nothing but flat out fascism.

    If we were to find out who ordered that, whether pol or President, that would be an impeachable offense. Frankly, I find it an arrestable offense.

  185. “Anyone surprised anymore at what Americans have accustomed to tolerating?”

    That’s the horrifying part. In my eyes, toleration of this bullshit is the root cause for why Mexico and India etc. sucks corrupt donkey balls.

  186. “The evolution of your commentary here begs the following question though. Does pregnancy termination at any time terminate life in your opinion?”

    It is essential that, when one sets out to debate an issue, there is a starting point – a foundation upon which both parties agree. Once you have that, then the argument can begin.

    Does abortion terminate life? Sure, by my definition of life, abortion terminates life. So what? The problem is, in my opinion, that you are asking the wrong question. To use “life” as a starting point, first we have to agree on “what is life?” I believe you have a vague notion of “life” and its “sanctity” but nothing more.

    But I would ask you first, what is “life?” I mean specifically. And then I will attempt to show you why life is neither rare nor special, nor does it – just by being life and nothing more – deserve any special privilege.

    IMHO, the important question is not “Is it life?,” but “Is it human?” And my answer is: it depends. I’ll elaborate on that.

  187. Happy Mother’s Day, to the occasional mother that passes here. To the rest of my fellow air suckers, give honor to your mom today and everyday.

  188. That’s the horrifying part. In my eyes, toleration of this bullshit is the root cause for why Mexico and India etc. sucks corrupt donkey balls.

    Me too, Rabbit. Me too! And I don’t get it.

    Do most people have some innate need in the acceptance of being ruled?

    I am really believing America to be the proverbial pot boiling frog. Little by little and day by day, we are coming a little closer to becoming serfs.

  189. I believe you have a vague notion of “life” and its “sanctity” but nothing more.
    Condescension is your speciality,just in case you ever need to add something else to your resume.

    I mean specifically. And then I will attempt to show you why life is neither rare nor special, nor does it – just by being life and nothing more – deserve any special privilege.

    I have not meant to put forth anything that should be construed as viewing life as rare or special. The point all along has been whether we as a society get to pick and choose when ending life is lawful and unlawful. I say we do and fetal death secondary to unlawful acts and intent counts.

    I use the biology rule for life. I then use zoology to take it from there.
    So to bring this into focus conception = life. That conception within a human of humans = human life.
    Nothing vague about it,it is pure,honest and simple in its logic and detachment.
    Now before you get on your high horse my mantra continues. You are confused about my position on abortion. I’ve already stated we decide when to end life all along the spectrum and for a number of reasons. I personally have no problem with the lawful ending of life.

    Perhaps we are yet again falling victim to thread discussions shortfalls but I can’t help but see how your bias is shining through. You seem to believe one life is better than another. You obviously have complex calculated theories grinding away. They are sound but they all depend on intellectual and emotional driven dynamics. Ultimately they are no better than the drivel from the pro-lifers or as you’d call them the “fetus people”. Have at it though I’d be interested in seeing your explanations & reasoning.

  190. in regards to Ohio…who gives a shit about the abortion debate. We all agree that a fetus is a potential life. Murdering (taking the woman’s choice away) the potential life is on the books as a form of homicide in Ohio. What’s your beef? Move to Ohio and fight against the law, you white knight in shining armor. It’s law.

  191. “Do most people have some innate need in the acceptance of being ruled?”

    Yes. I think so. I have the opposite problem. I hate authority to the point of being a weirdo. My bosses could hold a meeting and announce a cure for cancer and I’d be in the back snickering about it.

  192. @ PF 258 but would you still allow “social welfare” groups to be tax exempt ?

    @ DR & Tex I don’t know if it so much a toleration thing as it is an apathy and lack of knowing kind of thing which clearly is a cycle that feeds itself. The law is older than its recent fame would indicate.

  193. Anyone surprised anymore at what Americans have accustomed to tolerating?

    Tolerating is one thing, enabling is another. Americans are enabling bad behavior by supporting a system where perpetrators (psychopaths) gain legitimacy for their actions. We need a total reversal in the power structure that now oppresses us.

    Time to grasp the snake by its tail and pull it out of its burrow so we can smash the head under foot.

  194. Actually Poolman, my experience is that these days, toleration and enabling generally go hand-in-hand to where it them becomes a standard norm.

    But I agree wholeheartedly with your conclusion about what needs to be done.

  195. “Huck @ 246. Sorry to be so dense, but I don’t get it.”

    The fundamental pro-choice argument is that it should be the woman’s choice whether or not she aborts her pregnancy. Based on that, it follows that the woman also chooses whether or not she is terminating a life…or just a bunch of cells.

    Forced abortion, regardless of the circumstances, removes that choice. If these women wanted to have their babies, it follows that they chose to see those cells as a life. That life was intentionally taken by someone else…by premeditated force.

    And that is murder, is it not?

  196. Alfie@277.

    Your response –

    “I use the biology rule for life. I then use zoology to take it from there.
    So to bring this into focus conception = life. That conception within a human of humans = human life.”

    – shows that my point about your having a “vague concept” is not condescension – it is a fact.

    Let me try again. How do you define life? What are the SPECIFIC requirements that must be met? This is not a trick question; I am trying to establish a common ground so we can get the discussion started.

    Let me give you a leg up: 1) must be self-replicating 2) must be able to grow 3) extracts energy from its environment 4) if animal, must be able to move &c &c.

    Tex – I appreciate that you and I are not going at it hammer and tong on this question. Too bad I don’t have your discipline and keep my mouth shut on the topic. Maybe I’ll get some later.

  197. Huck:

    “The fundamental pro-choice argument is that it should be the woman’s choice whether or not she aborts her pregnancy.”


    “Based on that, it follows that the woman also chooses whether or not she is terminating a life…or just a bunch of cells.”

    Nope. Her opinion on the biology is irrelevant.

    “Forced abortion, regardless of the circumstances, removes that choice. If these women wanted to have their babies, it follows that they chose to see those cells as a life.”

    Her POV is irrelevant. A “life’s” value cannot be predicated upon whether it is wanted by someone else, IMHO. Its value is intrinsic, if it have any.

    “That life was intentionally taken by someone else…by premeditated force.”

    I would say it differently: “That pregnancy was terminated by another.” Whether the pregnancy is “life,” and more importantly, whether it deserves protection under the law, is a very different question.

    “And that is murder, is it not?”


  198. Well PF did beat me to it even though I did his work for him in proving his

    As I don’t tend to put up much debate on this topic, I am done discussing it for now. But I appreciate the discussion to this point.

  199. Pfessor…..why do you keep insisting on injecting the “life” debate into the law. In Ohio, purposely terminating a woman’s fetus without her consent can carry the death penalty.

    There is a precedent in the country for the death penalty outside of murder in the 1st. Ask Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Hell….cattle wrestling used to carry that offense.

    I thought us fetus people were so outside the mainstream that we are a death blow to the GOP in elections? Yet, here you are, quivering in your boots over a law that just might make people rethink what a fetus is.

  200. Following Pfessor’s logic……and if I’m wrong maybe he can correct me…..I can only infer he really wants no law protecting a woman’s fetus? Is punching a woman in the stomach repeatedly with the intent of killing a fetus just assault and battery of the woman?

  201. Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2903.01 et seq. (2002) define aggravated murder, murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault, felonious assault, aggravated assault, assault and negligent assault. The law applies to a person, which includes an “unborn member of the species Homo sapiens, who is or was carried in the womb of another.”

    The law doesn’t draw a line in the sand about “life”. It simply says murder can ALSO be charged if the victim is an unborn memeber of the species Homo Sapion. Surely, Pfessor can admint that a fetus is both UNBORN and of the species HOMO SAPIEN.

    So in Ohio…..the definition of murder does not require anybody’s notion of the definition of life.

  202. From Hucking’s link on murder

    “The precise legal definition of murder varies by jurisdiction.”

  203. “Pfessor…..why do you keep insisting on injecting the “life” debate into the law.”

    I can’t argue the law, because I don’t know any, so I’m not debating the law – and never will. It doesn’t matter anyway. I am interested in what makes sense. Laws sometimes do, sometimes do not.

    re: “injecting the ‘life’ debate.” I’m not. The original question was by Alfie@265: “The evolution of your commentary here begs the following question though. Does pregnancy termination at any time terminate life in your opinion?”

    My answer was that “life” is the wrong question, and I set out to prove that by asking, OK, what is “life?” But so far I can’t get the dervishes to slow down enough to get any kind of response to that. But, back to your original; it wasn’t my idea.

  204. We’re just – as usual – going around in circles. Hell, we can’t even settle down enough to define a starting point.

    Sorry, waste of time. Next topic.

  205. PF I think it best if you do indeed start ignoring people on this subject.

    Alfie # 265 hell I put it in bold:
    Does pregnancy termination at any time terminate life in your opinion?
    PF # 274:
    Does abortion terminate life? Sure, by my definition of life, abortion terminates life. So what?
    I don’t think we have to agree on the term life at all in fact I don’t see how we could secondary to your pride.I will say though that you gave me what I needed.”by my definition of life,abortion terminates life”.
    At its simplest a cell is alive. The developmental stages of embryo and fetus include further cellular development,energy consumption and waste transfer. All along having DNA that is unique being made up of mommy and daddy.
    You really are fighting the wrong battle with the wrong guy. I am not pro-life per se. I actually don’t like the way the “personhood” legislation drafts are worded. I don’t have moral qualms over all the Nagasakis’s and Hiroshima’s Dresdens or the like. Depleted uranium rounds and cluster munitions? I don’t give a @#$^! EMS triage that dictates you put a black tag on someone that may actually be begging you for your help-been there done that. You want to be on life support,all the power to you. Transplants,reattachments,prosthetics sure. Life begins and life ends. We often dictate its terms. One of those terms 38 states have is that the UNLAWFUL termination of a pregnancy is illegal.

  206. Murder speaks to intent, as I understand it. Intent speaks to motive. We have a choice as humans to build up or tear down. In that way we are gods and unlike the fauna and flora.

    Life is a cycle and all things participate. This process can be aborted for many reasons once it’s started. Nothing is certain and solid except God. Mankind is given god status on this earth and everyone of us will be held to account for our conscious choices. Thought crimes are no exception. We don’t like that vulnerability so we create statures to cover us. The more words we can place in a tome regarding every imagined possibility, the better clothed and comforted we feel. Ultimately it matters not what is written on a page, rather what is written in our heart.

    For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

  207. “We’re just – as usual – going around in circles. Hell, we can’t even settle down enough to define a starting point. Sorry, waste of time. Next topic.”

    Then you shouldn’t have brought it up. (#219)

  208. “These fuckers just can’t leave the abortion issue alone, can they? “We’re going to get in a lick for the fetus one way or another, in any way we can think of.” Here is a great example of why you have laws. So that your gub’ment doesn’t do stupid things when emotions are running high.” Pfessor

    Although you brought it up and seem now not want to talk about it, I can’t help it.

    YOU injected abortion into it. Not Ohio. Not even commentators at this blog. You.

    For Ohio the law is clear. (proving it might not be)

    Yet you go on to say “here is a great example of why you have laws”.

    So, I ask again. What are you talking about it??????.

  209. “The Internal Revenue Service’s scrutiny of conservative groups went beyond those that had “tea party” or “patriot” in their names—as the agency admitted Friday—to also include ones that raised concerns over government spending, debt or taxes, and even ones that lobbied to “make America a better place to live,” according to new details of a government probe” -Wall-street Journal

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. How ironic…supposed women’s rights people defending the slave master rapist of women because they are so afraid….of public opinion changing?

    The law is the law. It has nothing to do with abortion.

  211. What awesome leadership on this IRS thing by my president. Yeah….just quick quip that it was only low level employees and the higher ups had no knowledge. Rrrrrrrrrrrabit drum rrrrrrrroll. Another lie! Another fucking lie. Wtf? Can you guys believe this shit?

  212. “I get you don’t like the forces that are powering this,pressuring folks for real answers but I really don’t get how you all can type with a straight face that this pressure isn’t the right stuff.” – Alfie

    Really? Where did I say that. I say pressure all you want. What I object to is Rabbit, Tex, ET and even James acting like they give a flying fuck about the lies anyone else tells or has told. The Four Horsemen of the Truth. Only problem, their mounts are lame. You know as well as I (and they) they didn’t give a crap when Rummy told us there were WMDs all around Baghdad. Not a flinch to the Valerie Plame outing or the subsequent lying, under oath, mind you.

    I don’t give a fuck about Obama. He’s not my God. He’s not my hero. He is a politician. They ALL lie. I voted for him because he supports policies I support. Am I disappointed that that he has failed in some respects? Of course. I would have loved to see single payer instituted, Gitmo closed, Glass-Steagal reinstated. But I am glad that the Bush tax cuts have ended, that the Iraq war has ended, that Bin Laden’s time on Earth has ended. I smile at the prospect of two more women on the Supreme Court.

    I’m well aware that I’m a moron-fascist-socialist-pacifist-dandy, whatever the fuck that is. And I know you guys think you best me at every turn. Whatever. Who cares. But do me a favor. While you all are patting yourself on the back at how great you are and congratulating each other on your victories on this blog, true or imagined, think about all the thousands of mothers that got to spend Mother’s Day laying flowers on the grave of a son or daughter who came home dead from a needless war. Think of the tens of thousands of Iraqis (yes, hard to imagine, but they are human beings too) who also prompted the dropping of flowers at some point in the last ten years, their only crime, having lived under a tyrant. And ask yourself just how loudly you called out for the truth then.

    Calling for justice for 4 dead Americans might make you feel good about yourselves, creating the image of a flailing liberal court jester out of me perhaps makes you feel even better about yourself. But all the hot air you blow will not dry the tears from their faces.

    R, this place has become an echo chamber. Witness the responses that will come after this comment.

  213. My back patio is filled to the brim with college “junk”, my wife is trying to create some semblance of room in baby daughter’s bedroom, my other daughter’s bedroom (long gone) is stuffed to the gills with college stuff no one could sleep in there, and I don’t like clutter.

    This is going to be a long summer until daughter moves to Kansas City.

    Rutherford, I”m likely to get pretty cranky by August. Even worse than normal cranky. 😡 What a scary thought.

    And having graduation and Mother’s Day in the same weekend should be illegal.

  214. “it was only low level employees and the higher ups had no knowledge”

    Just like Fast & Furious.

    Just like the Benghazi talking point edits

    So among Barack Obama’s classic defenses are:

    Lack of knowledge (“We didn’t know…”)
    Lack of potency (“Tea Party obstructionists…”)
    Lack of leadership (“It was low-level staff…”)

    For someone supposedly so smart and gifted, this is one lacking motherfucker.

  215. The vast majority of the Bush tax cuts were made permanent and Bush negotiated the end of the Iraq War, while Obama went on to ask for an extension, which was denied by the Iraqis.

    If that sounds like an echo to you, it must be because it has been pointed out several times.

  216. I don’t believe Bush , nor the British nor Congress lied about WMD. They fucked up. And there was no cover up about it.

    The jury is out on Iraq. I think it was a terrible mistake. Hind sight is 20/20.

    You made a jester out of yourself, bro.

    America was lied to, for a long time, about a grave matter.

    If you were a real man, that is all you would be talking about.

    But you can’t. So you come in here with your pity party. Hiding behind your son last week, this week you merely a victim of those of us with an agenda.

    Then, you finger wag us, most of us military veterans ourselves, about how everybody died in vein in Iraq.

    I’m not calling for the justice of only 4 dead Americans. I’m calling for the justice of 300 million Americans lied to about a serious matter.

    Does it bother me that they looked into the mother’s eyes of one of the slain and lied to her face? Yes. But they lied to my face too.

    Swallow your pride. Wrong is wrong.

    I don’t remember the details of the outed CIA operative you alluded to. I do remember not liking it, but also not understanding the whole story. If it makes you feel better, maybe I should have been more outraged.

    Very, very different then blaming the 1st amendment for the attack in Benghazi after that narrative was 100% known to be a lie.

    Where is your outrage?

  217. “Not a flinch to the Valerie Plame outing”

    Like you flinched over the outing of Raymond Davis? I notice he isn’t mentioned in your oh-so-small list of Obama’s mistakes.

  218. But I am glad that the Bush tax cuts have ended, that the Iraq war has ended.

    You can always tell when Obama is struggling and being exposed. The head lackey shows up.

    It’s an echo chamber because the only ones from the Left, left standing that is besides the quickly reforming blog owner, are now in the process of clearly demonstrating the empty promises of the feckless, grossly incompetent sitting President by heading for the tall weeds. Unlike the other parasites, you apparently are still stuck on stupid without the sense to have shame and leave.

    Valerie Plame and her equally feckless lying husband were ruled publicity hounds out of the mold of Clinton Marxism and not much else. Joe didn’t get his promotion and became hacks for Kerry. Sean Penn gets to play Joe Wilson. Go see the movie. Yawn. You goons are still playing that? Damn, more dense than depleted uranium.

    And the ‘Bush tax cuts’ didn’t end, clueless. Unless you’re one of the 1%’ers, those granola chewing, climate change hypocrites telling us the Bush tax cuts were the cause of the ‘Great Depression’ were shitting charcoal bricks last December that the thought of the “Obama” tax cuts (those were the Bush tax cuts) would lapse and cause another ‘Great Depression.’ Are you so dumb you don’t realize the idiocy of that statement?

    Don’t stoop to giving me the bullshit, whore, with your platitudes of mothers putting flowers on their sons graves. You piss on their graves. You were rooting for the deaths in Iraq. Political points for Leftists. If there’s justice, those mothers will put out the jihadi welcome mat on your front porch, where Abdul will savage your wife and saw your filthy, pencil necked head off so we don’t have to read your garbage anymore. 😎

    Finally, how fucking stupid does someone have to be at basic math to not realize Medicare is already broke and now you want to force expansion to cover everyone?

    I never thought you’d be proven to be the dumbest from the masses of dumbasses. But you are.

    The only mounting going on around here is when you get skull fucked.

  219. Do realize how many things your 4 horseman disagree with on, by the way? Poor Thor…..he feels picked on. I assure you we are not a team.

  220. Remember when the left pretended they cared about fallen warriors. Gleefully keeping stats. Talk about echo chamber. I bet Thor doesn’t even know how many Americans died in Afghanistan last week. I do.

  221. Back to ammo. How come its only ammo that the government uses that can’t be found? .45…..none. .38, 410 shot shells….no problem.

    Fucking assholes.

  222. More bragging points for the Leftist government:

    Seventeen shot in Chocolate City during Mother’s Day parade. 😈 I guess I need not speak of the irony.

  223. “Seventeen shot in Chocolate City during Mother’s Day parade. 😈 I guess I need not speak of the irony.”

    Must be post-Katrina fallout. Blame Bush

  224. This one is exclusively for the Thor’s of the world:

    TWEET OF THE DAY: “This year, the federal deficit will still be nearly double Bush’s largest deficit and the media will portray that as a victory.”

  225. WMDs in Iraq has proved to have been a known lie propagated to gain public and congressional support for the invasion. I believe the term is cooked intel. Even the source of that intel has gone public about the lie.

    Interoffice memos and emails obtained by the FOIA support that as fact. Not only were questioning congress critters threatened (remember the anthrax letters?), but many biologists and even one Senator Paul Wellstone did die under suspicious circumstances after 9/11. Even UN weapons inspector David Kelly died in a questionable suicide after giving testimony in the House of Commons investigating the lies. The results of the investigation into Kelly’s death have been ordered sealed for 70 years, supposedly to protect his family.

    We also have it on record that we gave Iraq the go ahead to attack Kuwait and then used that excuse to gain world support to attack them and further punish them through economic sanctions. The almost 13 years of sanctions we imposed prior to our invasion had been attributed to between 100,000 and as much as 500,000 children’s deaths.

    So the truth is that the government has been operating covertly for decades to forward an agenda not in our best interest or the interest of our nation, but rather in the interest of a few we call the cabal or tptb and they will do anything necessary to stay on that predetermined path.

  226. Some more “Food For Despots”…

    Curious R, how does this make you feel, considering the topic of this post?

    The documents, obtained by The Washington Post from a congressional aide with knowledge of the findings, show that on June 29, 2011, IRS staffers held a briefing with senior agency official Lois G. Lerner in which they described giving special attention to instances where “statements in the case file criticize how the country is being run.” Lerner, who oversees tax-exempt groups for the agency, raised objections and the agency revised its criteria a week later.

    But six months later, the IRS applied a new political test to groups that applied for tax-exempt status as “social welfare” groups, the document says. On Jan. 15, 2012 the agency decided to target “political action type organizations involved in limiting/expanding Government, educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, social economic reform movement.,” according to the appendix in the IG report, which was requested by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and has yet to be released.

    The new revelations are likely to intensify criticism of the IRS, which has been under fire since agency officials acknowledged they had deliberately targeted groups with “tea party” or “patriot” in their name for heightened scrutiny.

  227. Ponder this for a moment:

    “Our house is on fire,” said Pelley. The video of Pelley’s speech is courtesy of

    “These have been a bad few months for journalism,” he added. “We’re getting the big stories wrong, over and over again.”

    The CBS newsreader was quick to take at least partial blame. “Let me take the first arrow: During our coverage of Newtown, I sat on my set and I reported that Nancy Lanza was a teacher at the school. And that her son had attacked her classroom. It’s a hell of a story, but it was dead wrong. Now, I was the managing editor, I made the decision to go ahead with that and I did, and that’s what I said, and I was absolutely wrong. So let me just take the first arrow here.”

    And Pelley said the republic relies on the quality of the news business. “Democracies succeed or fail based on their journalism,” said Pelley. “America is strong because its journalism is strong. That’s how democracies work. They’re only as good as the quality of the information that the public possesses. And that is where we come in.”

    And then compare that with this:

    The White House held an off-the-record briefing with reporters on Friday [10 May] afternoon to discuss recent revelations about the Benghazi investigation, sources familiar with the meeting tell POLITICO.

    The meeting began around 12:45 p.m. and postponed the daily, on-the-record White House press briefing to 1:45 p.m. White House press secretary Jay Carney did not respond to a request for confirmation of the meeting.

    The off-the-record session was announced to reporters in the wake of an ABC News report showing that White House and State Dept. officials were involved in revising the now-discredited CIA talking points about the attack on Benghazi.

    Further consider:

    But this is truly the best. It was Romney’s fault…

  228. “Remember when the left pretended they cared about our fallen warriors?” Remember the “Slow Bleed” when liberals wanted more of our troops and Iraqis to die for an election?

    Nobody is ganging up on thor. The truth is. During the farm recession our banker told me people threatened with foreclosure were behaving “like cornered rats.” I don’t believe thor is a rat, but many of the others are.He is doing the best he can with obfuscation, and changing the subject, but in the end, truth wins.

    “We gave Iraq the go ahead to attack Kuwait” has an element of truth, but it is more complex than Poolman’s simple statement. It fits “you told the truth but you are still a liar.” from “Walking on a Wire.” I am not accusing Poolman of being a liar.

    The sanctions were imposed in lieu of an invasion. Many of the victims died because the Iraqi government denied them scarce resources. Their deaths were not our fault.

    Ben Folds Five “Brick” describes the after math of his girl friend’s abortion. Another truth is even if an abortion is necessary the emotional cost is greater than abortionists and pro choicers admit.

  229. I don’t have much sympathy for prisoners at Guantanamo. Some of those who were released killed our soldiers or allies. Obama has kept the place open because he cannot convince enough people that we have a safe alternative.

  230. I’m sure detainment helped turn some folks into terrorists, in addition to the actions of blowing up their friends, homes, and families.

    Of the 779 held in gitmo approximately 600 have been released. Of the 166 remaining, 86 have been slated for release and have been for some time. Only 6 there are formally charged with any crime. The rest are being detained with no charges. 15 held there were minors.

    The US paid to have people turned in. “Bounties ranged from $3,000 to $25,000, the detainees testified before military tribunals, according to transcripts the U.S. government gave The Associated Press to comply with a Freedom of Information lawsuit.”

  231. Most are still there because they cannot go home: 1) home country refuses to repatriate them, 2) legitimate concern that they will face human rights violations upon return, therefore they can’t go.

    Literally in limbo…

  232. Here are some comments on the Benghazi story over at See if anything looks familiar.

    “Where was all the Republican outrage when there were NUMEROUS EMBASSY ATTACKS DURING THE BUSH YEARS?…”

    “I have to give the GOP credit, for one thing: They have made hypocrisy into an art form, and they really mastered it…”

    “Republicans are walking a fine line because of another debacle that Issa isn’t proud of and that of Eric Holders hearings on Fast,Furious that cost millions in taxpayers dollars for one lone border patrol agent,nothing found,what nonsense..Bushs wars created by lies and thousands of American,allied military ,innocent Iraqi civilians died and nothings done…,”

    “LOL the Republican’s have had like 10,000 of these incidents while they were on watch…”

    Echo chamber

  233. I give Rutherford one thing. Apparently, he’s stopped with carrying the leftist load of daily shit created for these weasels. Thor has taken the CNN/MSNBC/Media Matters mantle and amped it up to a new level of whale shit low.

    CNN and MSNBC aren’t journalism. Their public relations firms for the Dimocratic Party. And if their ratings weren’t so dismal, it would make me angry.

    But they’ve become so insignificant, I basically ignore them.

  234. “The latest violence comes days after the US and Britain withdrew some staff from their embassies in the Libyan capital citing security concerns over a flare-up between armed groups and the authorities.

    The fighters, mostly former rebels who helped topple Gaddafi [READ: the guys Obama helped without congressional approval], had surrounded the foreign and justice ministries to press for a vote in the National Assembly barring former officials of his regime from holding government jobs.”

    …protest in reaction to a disgusting video…

  235. Hey R. I agree with what you’re saying. And I hope that you get a chance to see this video: Video done by Larken Rose.

    Having believed once in the right vs left paradigm didn’t do much but keep me ignorant and in the dark.

    All hope isn’t lost on awakening the ignorant. Or is it? I just think you get more bees from honey and not vinegar. That’s what brought me to the light even though it is too late. I avoided political exchange over the last few years due to the violent nature of it. I feel that if there was more of a dialogue and less name-calling, we’d be better off as a nation. People would be more willing to listen to those with differing opinions.

    Those hell-bent on calling the opposition “stupid” is a stupid decision as it only serves to alienate others whether you are right or wrong. Plus, it’s exactly what our government wants us to do: argue. America to be destabilized is goal. If you already think we are destabilized? Wait until you see what is coming next. At some point, if we are even alive, we are going to be laughing at the petty crap we’re whining about now. We are weak as a nation per the us vs them mentality we stand by so religiously – more religiously than intellectualism.

    A divided America WILL die. And we’re ALL reaping what we have sewn. ALL of us.

    The reality: In every nation, there are stupid people. For example, Canadians and Britons have no clue that their rights are little by little being even stripped away at all. The Brits, some of them don’t even know what PM Cameron is up to. In the ideal world, we would all be enlightened, right? But we don’t live in a pretty disney land world. We live in a very cruel world with imperfect people. Some may be “enlightened” about politics but be really stupid somewhere else. This is the human condition that suggests very noticeably that you can’t always get what you want. Being brainwashed happens to everyone, and anyone who cannot admit to it is lying.

    The way to happiness is to lower our expectations and to quit living on blind hope that everything’s going to go our way…someday. It won’t. Life is supposed to suck. People are supposed to suck. Nothing is fair or supposed to be. And by the way, the EVIL we see in the world? That comes from genius intelligence – those with HIGH IQs. It’s those folks we need to worry about. These people:

    How did all these psychopaths around the world get into power in the first place? Where did they come from?

    I think also part of the ignorance you speak of also comes from the naivete that Obama was even fairly elected in the first place. You really think he was democratically elected? Or any president over the last several decades? Of course you don’t. I can tell by your post that you are aware of what is going on around you.

  236. Who turned on the light as the roaches scrambled?

    Planned Parenthood, NARAL Say Savage Monster Kermit Gosnell Is Why We Need FEWER Abortion Restrictions

    Can’t run now, butchers. The dawn has broken and Kermit Gosnell is the predictable conclusion of abortion on demand – your visible face of the abortion mills you represent.

  237. I think Elle is the victim of a superficial impression. One that will clear up in the days to come.

    On life.
    If it’s a viable baby and it’s murder outside the womb, why isn’t it murder inside the womb? I hear claim that because it cannot survive without the mother, so it does not count. Once it is born it cannot survive on its own. For many years, it cannot survive on its own. Yet we “supposedly” grant it rights the moment its geographical location goes from inside, to outside the mother.

  238. I hope you stay for awhile, Elle. I agree about the honey and vinegar. That was a good video, but I didn’t learn anything most of us here didn’t already know. Still I bookmarked it.

    Europeans are among the most irritable and nasty people in the world. Most of us are transplanted Europeans. Dissention and arguements and inborn in us and are good . They are part of our strength. I agree name calling and demonization serve little good.

    Unlike the UK and many other countries we still have a meaningful constitution, and we have a nation filled with imostly politicallly conservative to moderate people. We also have an armed populous including people with knowledge of explosives.

    As I have mentioned the SAMI protest in Norway became so extensive over a quarter of the national police force concentrated on the demonstrations and had not a truce been called, the government was ready to deploy the Army.

    You can see Youtube videos of the Sarajevo War in 1992 when civilians fought an army. The Hungarian and Czech revolts against the Soviets. You can also read how the Finns and Sami drove out the Soviet army during the 1939 Winter War.

    I believe Obama is a would- be tyrant, but he has overplayed his hand with the Benghazi coverup, IRS damage, and now wire tapping of the AP. The Japanese like Obama thought we were moribund and ripe for the slaughter, but all it took was a precieved common threat.

    Our people also have a tendency to rise up in righteous anger to vote the rascals out if they are awakened from their stupor.These revelations are building on one another, and in time it will become too much. Even Planned Parenthood is fearful.

    I still think we will make it through this, and future historians will record our narrow escape.. If the worst happens, I will not die alone.,

  239. When contemplating the Benghazi lies and cover-up, the IRS targeting conservatives, and DOJ doing dragnet phone subpoenas of the AP, just remember

  240. Holy Shit….when James talked about the wiretapping of the AP I was clueless…..I can’t even keep up with the breakneck speed of corruption. Seriously…!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just think about it. Back in ’09. When the MSM was attacking the Tea Party with the most heinous associations, Rutherford was blaming them for lynchings….the whole time, quietly, behind the scenes, the Internal fucking Revenue Service was also waging a war against them. At the very least, people high up knew about this for 2 years….and they said nothing. Mind blowing.

  241. I don’t think I want to irritate the Sami, Rabbit.

    Simo Hayha, a Finnish Sami has the most documented sniper kills recorded in the twentieth century. He stalked and killed at least 700 Soviet soldiers in less than 100 days.He was only about five feet four. The Finns and Sami killed 27,000 Soviet solders and lost 2,700 of their own. An historian wrote the war was one of the most effective and brutal uses of local terrain in the twentieth century..

  242. “Can’t run now, butchers. The dawn has broken and Kermit Gosnell is the predictable conclusion of abortion on demand – your visible face of the abortion mills you represent.”

    So, I guess to remain consistent, then, Adam Lanza is a predictable conclusion of firearms on demand – the visible face of the National Rifle Association, hmmm….??

  243. The Finns call it sisu. I think If a few more revelations raise to the surface, a collective “wf!!!!’ is coming, and we will see how many Americans possess sisu.,

  244. Sooooo…….Let me get this straight: Kermit Gosnell represents all those who are pro-choice, but Adam Lanza, James Holmes, John Alan Mohammed, Jared Loughner, Nidal Hasan, Steven Kazmierczak and Seung-Hui Cho are just aberrations, not at all representing the rest of us law-abiding gun owners. Feh.

  245. Personally PF I think it speaks to desensitizing us all. As we try to rationalize some of our more questionable acts, the bar of how far we sink goes lower and lower, and suddenly things we used to find offensive no longer seem quite as bad. Gosnell really lower the bar on how low a human being can go. I don’t really think I want to see what is in store for us next when the bar is lowered again.

  246. Anyone remember this?

    “Mr. Reid, a Nevada Democrat, revived the debate last week when he said “an extremely credible source” had told him Mr. Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years. “It’s clear Romney is hiding something,” Mr. Reid said. On Sunday, the GOP launched a countercharge.”

    I wonder if his “extremely credible source” was among the IRS gestapo working for Obama. . .

  247. Pfesser, for an educated man, you make some of the dumbest analogies I’ve ever read.

    Let me ask you a question? When you took your niece in to kill her baby fetus, was the final result for the zygote, blastocyst, product of conception, fetus any different than Kermit Gosnell performs?

    Didn’t think so.

    So unless you can convince me that every member of the NRA or gun owner a mass murderer of innocents, I think you’re kind of busted.

    They don’t call them ABORTION doctors for nuttin’.

  248. I am beginning to think GOD not only allowed Obama to be elected this last election, but planned this all along. Seriously.

    After the disappointment in America wore off and recognizing we are approaching our death throes, I’m beginning to feel pretty good with Obama as Pres.. I can’t think of a more fitting man to reside as narcissist in chief of a failed country, to have a fawning press suddenly turn on him, and be so unable to face the tsunami to come.


    Just to bust Obama and disgrace not just the man for arrogance and corruption more than any loss of election would, but to expose all these frauds like Thor in the process. Obama may be bulletproof as Pres., but his reputation and legacy surely ain’t bullet proof.

  249. Why don’t Sami women use vibrators? It chips their teeth.


    What do you do if a Sami throws a pin at you? Run like hell…he has a hand grenade between his teeth.

    I heard a clap.

  250. i’m sure Thor will be showing up soon, outraged that we are outraged because of fill in the blank.

  251. I read that Kermit Gosnell joked when he snipped the neck of a 30 week “fetus”…..”that one was old enough to walk to the bus stop”.

    Holy shit.

  252. “i’m sure Thor will be showing up soon, outraged that we are outraged because of fill in the blank.”

    I’m guess we’ll be hypocrites because we didn’t show similar outrage over Reagan’s Iran-Contra way back when we were 16 years old.

    I’d love to see how Sensico, Graychin, and Newt would try and spin the shit we’ve seen over the last 5 days.

  253. I almost feel sorry for Rutherford right now. The dude’s political reality is crashing down hard and fast. I’ll bet clinical depression might even be sinking in.

    I say “almost” because we warned him about Obama, all along. That he was a corrupt Chicago charlatan not worthy to lead our country. And what do ya know…we continue to be proven right on a near daily basis.

    At this point I doubt Rutherford can speculate that Romney…or even McCain…would have been worse.

  254. “I’m guess we’ll be hypocrites because we didn’t show similar outrage over Reagan’s Iran-Contra way back when we were 16 years old.”

    Ha. I just checked the date. I just turned 16. Funny thing, I just recently learned what it was all about. I can remember clearly not getting it at the time.

  255. Honestly, the all might just quit. Seems like most of them did. I can understanding some of them not liking us. I just wish I could find them and quietly lurk. Would love to see how they can possibly spin corruption on such a grand scale.

  256. Since some around here seem to forget recent history….

    Friday 21 October 2011

    “The US suffered a major diplomatic and military rebuff on Friday when Iraq finally rejected its pleas to maintain bases in the country beyond this year.

    Barack Obama announced at a White House press conference that all American troops will leave Iraq by the end of December, a decision forced by the final collapse of lengthy talks between the US and the Iraqi government on the issue.”

  257. Impeachment scandals is putting it lightly. Apparently when a country has no leadership, government agencies feel they can create their own little power houses. Using the word Czar to describe heads of government offices is an apt description in today’s political arena.

  258. The shoe thrower was beaten and tortured and was convicted to 3 years in prison for his act of protest. He got out in 9 months for good behavior. I wonder how different he would have been treated if he threw his shoes at Obama? I wonder if these press conferences allow attendees to wear shoes anymore? A Saudi businessman offered $10 million for the shoes. They were destroyed by the US to keep them from ending up in a museum.

    “The Iraqi journalist who pitched his shoes at former United States President George W. Bush is in Geneva setting up a foundation to help Iraqi war victims.”

    We really need to learn some protest techniques from these foreigners.

  259. I remember Iran Contra. The Soviet Union aggressively started and supported local wars after we abandoned South Vietnam. They succeeded because Watergate took most of our attention, and Jimmy Carter didn’t realize we were still at war until the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and he announced the Soviets had snookered him.

    We boycotted the Olympics to send a message. Reagan changed tactics and aggressively attacked the communists. One such war was, as we know, was in Nicaragua. The CIA trained and supported a group of Nicaraguan anti-government fighters. Some were also former Somoza national guardsmen. Oliver North An unknown number of the Contras trained for a time in the US.

    The communists killed and harassed peasants and Indian tribes who opposed them, and for a time the Contras were winning. Ortigua came to the US for a charm offensive and he was a hit with Peter Paul and Mary. Lenard Bernstein and other limozine liberals.

    Democrats turned against the Contras. Its true they were guilty of human rights violations, and some were unsavory, but they were our guys fighting our communist enemies. The Communists were some how not as bad as our allies. The Bolton Amendment, I think, forbad the United States from further supporting the Contras.

    There was a debate about overreach because Congress by stopping the flow of money was unduly influencing presidential foreign policy. Oliver North was emotionally bonded to the Contras and sought to do anything to save them. For many, it was a battle to the death. The communists would have killed them or sent them to long prison terms as the North Vietnamese did to the southerners.

    The peasants and fighters were so desperate they willingly arranged a marriage of convenience with Columbian drug traffickers. They also successfully received secret funding from friendly nations, and they made the arms deal with Iran.

    A plane was shot down. A CIA agent was in it and the plane also carried incriminating documents. The uproar matched what the right felt about Benghazi, because Oliver North and his people had been running the operation from the White House basement with Reagan apparently as clueless as Obama and Hillary claimed to be after the attack.

    The Democrats thought they had nailed North and the others. A congressional committee grilled them, and later the trials began. Fortunately for North, the Democrats had been so over confident, they made North testify about almost everything.The case even made comedy shows. William Shatner stared in a funny Saturday Night Live Skit titled “The Mute Marine.”

    Reagan escaped charges because he had become more disengaged after being shot, and he didn’t know what was happening.

    Ollie North escaped long prison time because most of his testimony was already public and ruled unadmissible in court.
    Democrats said the revolutions were not related to the Soviets. They were merely independent freedom fighters the Soviets happened to be helping.

    A funny thing happened after the Soviet Union fell. The wars of liberation ended. Noriaga later lost his election.

    That is how I remember Iran-Contra affair.

  260. 377 I remember, Huck. I also remember our press virtually ignored it and portrayed the defeat as a sign of Obama’s resolve to get us out of Iraq.

    Yes, we could learn a lot about civil disobedience from foreigners, Poolman.

    thor, leave the darkness and come over the the light.

  261. Raj, the leadership to which your refer is not absent. It is the impetus if not direct involvement in all of this at every level.

    Frankly, the only reason these series of events are so significant is that the media is finally beginning to question their own complicity IMO.

    Obama has owned the media until now and his disciples’ chants that “it’s Bush’s fault” (see PuffHo links above) or “it just doesn’t matter” or “it’s the GOP’s wing-nut agenda” are failing unlike at any point previously.

    Until now, the left has held Obama to no standards at all. None.

    I think even the Thor-like refrain of “but what about when Bush [or Reagan or Harding :lol:]” sound more and more pitiful in the face of their receiving exactly what they had advocated for all of this time: an unchecked executive branch driven by a desire to circumvent constitutional limitations on its power.

    Watch MSNBC for about 30 minutes any day of the week. All it does is advocate for more government, condemning anyone that would oppose expansion of the governmental authority. Like Obama’s 2008 speech in Berlin received by tens of thousands of adulate Germans, strange memories of tyrannical exercises of governmental overreaching is obvious and surreal.

    Only now does it seem even the left is wondering, “WTF is going on here?” Without media’s complicity, this emperor has no clothes.

  262. Tigre,

    You may be right, but I can virtually guarantee if the Obama Presidency even gets a whiff of impeachment or resignation talk for real, the media, the pretentious Thor types, even our “reforming” blog owner will so quickly change tone from feigned disgust to defense, our heads will swim.

    The media is trying to play both sides of the fence like they always do when a Lib is clearly busted and in trouble. They want the public to think they are first honest because they know their credibility is basically null and void. The MSM don’t seek truth – they seek narrative.

    They put on the facade of outrage. They may even be outraged at the intent of being double crossed by wire taps and the like. But ideology is these folks religion to death. Most would most certainly approve of the IRS being used as attack dog, for instance. But only if the attack dog is attacking the right party.

    These Leftists will return to their true selves within nanoseconds if they feel Obama or Hillary are truthfully threatened in any way, shape or form.

    Take the Kermit Gosnell case. Most of these Leftists, and I don’t put Rutherford in this category fortunately because I am convinced he at least has a heart, could care less about dead babies having their spines snipped on a table. There’s nothing to be gained in the political battle. They just don’t want that grotesque act to represent Planned Parenthood and NARAL to the public. So they are willing to let Gosnell hang for the cause. But you’ll note their response is very muted compared to saying George Tiller getting his head blown off.

    Anybody with a bit of honesty and a lick of sense knows that is exactly what abortion is in every case – death by the most heinous means – whether an embryo, fetus, or newborn. Inside the womb just softens the grotesqueness of the act.

    Most of these Leftists like Thor are pathological liars, soft fascists and are without conscience.

    We would do best to remember that.

  263. Tex, we are in agreement there. As with Nixon though, when the media starts to question rather than protect/endorse, I think the game changes.

    The Thor’s out there confuse media spin and popular support for wisdom and truth. Without the perception of consensus they are completely lost.

  264. I’m not even sure the Thor’s of the world seek truth or interested in truth. What they are interested in is enabling their pet cause of group think. Has Thor demonstrated to you any deep knowledge of any particular subject matter, Tigre? He sure hasn’t to me.

    The media will only question Obama to a point, even if they were interested in doing their jobs.

    Here’s why.

    First, the media types are gutless – I mean totally gutless. And Obama is looked at as black, though he is more white than any other race. 75% of blacks don’t care what Obama does. They don’t care how corrupt is Obama is. They don’t care how poorly Obama manages things, even to the point of it damaging their own personal standing – many don’t know better. Blacks are without dispute the most racist demographic in America. Think of 3/4 of Black America as a herd and Obama is the bull. And as long as the bull can be perceived as having the capability to stick it to whitey, don’t matter how things are. African management. And until that mindset is overcome, things will not change appreciably.

    Add to the fact that alienating blacks would destroy the narrative spin, then the media has a real problem. Remember, the media is mostly composed of the same demographic as leftist academia – racists to the core, over educated but not terribly bright. Soros, the NYT and a few others compose the bullet points and the media plays the tune. But as long as these can use the working poor, black America, most Hispanics to enrich themselves or position themselves as champions of the poor, a joke if there ever was one, they hold a great measure of sway in an election. They can’t manage or get anything constructive done, but they are protected in a sense by the mob they control.

    It’s why there is this huge disconnect between blacks and Hispanics being ‘supposedly’ socially conservative more than any other demographic, but predictably voting against social conservative candidates, black or white. Most are reactionaries with very little knowledge. And if you’re a Black American, or say a Conservative American like Cruz? You’re a traitor and the most hated of all.

    The media may walk a fine line here. But there is a line they will never cross, short of their own necks on the block. They will never turn on Obama.

  265. Tigre,

    See this shit?

    That kind of crap goes on all the time. I used to experience in when I worked in the petroleum industry. Like having to have an MSDS on file for Windex (the window cleaner) or be threatened with huge fine. I shit you not.

    Leftism at its core is control through nepotism, cronyism, racism. That’s why I’ve been saying defeating Obama isn’t the answer. It would have been sweet because I find him such a pretentious and self-absorbed prick, but I’m afraid even with Romney as capable manager, he’s still would have had to have worked within a corrupt bureaucracy – many of them lifelong corrupt bureaucrats; many more screaming racism.

    The entire government must be broken and reformed. It’s got to be laid to waste. Otherwise, we are choking on gnats and for anyone with any kind of foresight, we are running out of time.

  266. Given what I heard on MSLSD this morning, in a way, the media has turned on Obama — but only in a relative sense.

    I think the AP wire taps changed things. Don’t get me wrong. The Jornolisters that were just as quick to turn against Woodward proves your point. But I can hardly believe they’re even referring to the IRS targeting and Benghazi bullshit as scandals let alone raising questions about Obama rather than mindlessly attacking the GOP for his own malfeasance.

    You’re right that Thor doesn’t bother understanding the subject matter he tries to address, but hell, even R raised an eyebrow in this very post. That signals something — admittedly maybe not much though. It’s just that evidence of Obama’s contempt for the very people he governs so damn cumulative even the media is struggling with it.

    Fuck, even the geniuses on MSNBC this morning were criticizing Obama for trying cast blame for all of his bullshit on the evil GOP. Incredible really.

    I guess we’ll see. The tone just feels so much different to me than before.

  267. Tex, that EPA waiver business comes absolutely nor surprise to me. Keep in mind that there is virtually no political check on the EPA’s authority — and that is precisely what Obama and the retarded Goregoyles want.

    In the past I tried to explain to R the dangers of the EPA endangerment findings for C02 emissions — now an overt political weapon of the left. It was a total waste of time.

  268. Tone can be misleading, Tigre.

    You and I make the same mistakes – we falsely assume the rationale of these adversaries of ours; the ability to think critically and apply logic. I used to do it all the time with Rutherford. He pens something like this and I think, “Oh, he’s starting to get it.”

    Four weeks later were back to Mitt Romney was a moron and loser, Maddow and Hayes talking points will be facilitated, Faux News will be condemned, and global ‘Climate Change’ will have created another hurricane. And it will happen once again.

    Remember when Ryan was nominated V.P.? Clearly, Ryan is about a million times smarter than V.P. the Hair Plug. Seemed like a game changer to us – should have been. Doesn’t matter.

    These leftists cannot change their nature. They can’t admit guilt, or culpability, or even they were wrong. Completely operating on instinct of self-gratification and false promises. When you can’t recognize corruption, you can’t recognize failure either.

    When the shit starts to hit the fan, you watch how fast the maggots like Graychin, Lunkhead Lurker, Newton, Densico will return to the fold – the spoiled dog meat will be laid out and they’ll appear overnight. Hell, even Yeller Dawg might crawl out from under the rock, assuming he hasn’t gone to the Great Spaghetti Monster in the sky.

    The NYT will go into 7,000 RPM spin mode, Matthews and that insufferably stupid Eugene Robinson will start screaming racism, O.J. trial mentality will be invoked, the Iraq War will be hammered home by Thor, Obama will drag out the immigration meme of separating mothers from their babies, etc….Soros will open the wallet, and Journolist Returns.

    Even Fat Grannies will return. I’m telling you, only those last few seconds right before death will these socialist types have an epiphany.

  269. I agree the tone is different. The Japanese admiral who feared they had awakened a sleeping giant after Pearl Harbor might also refer to the new tone we notice.

    I hope Obama and the Democrats become as toxic as Bush and the Republicans were so Republicans can retake the Senate and repair some of the damage.The EPA is one dangerous element.

    People have short memories, though.

  270. “When the shit starts to hit the fan, you watch how fast the maggots like Graychin, Lunkhead Lurker, Newton, Densico will return to the fold – the spoiled dog meat will be laid out and they’ll appear overnight. Hell, even Yeller Dawg might crawl out from under the rock”

    OMG this would be SO much fun..LOL.

  271. Tex, you got me. I can’t disagree with a thing you said at 391. The ending is always the same. It seems like only yesterday R made some admissions about the stupidity of gun control, then watched Maddow on the propaganda station and returned to his tambourines and chanting. Why oh why must it be so futile?

  272. Tex, Fat Grannies hasn’t gone anywhere, there’s no comeback to be made. Reports of any victory or demise over there are in error.

    Those others you mentioned don’t fight with us anymore because there’s no need to. They won. Not just an election – I think they won souls with nowhere to go. The rest now is just the continued cultivation of a pleasing self-image.

    Not to discount your observation that even the media may be sensing that something is wrong here, Tigre. I just think they love even the smell of their own farts.

  273. “It seems like only yesterday…”

    It was only yesterday, T. I’ve been thinking that throughout this whole thread.

  274. “It seems like only yesterday R made some admissions about the stupidity of gun control, then watched Maddow on the propaganda station and returned to his tambourines and chanting.”

    I hate to pile on Rutherford, but that is a very good point.

    I’ll bet Rutherford admitting that Maddow’s talking points changed his mind just sickened Thor, as we know how much he hates echo chambers.

  275. i don’t think they have won or lost anything yet.

    Wait until Obamacare taxes start and waiting lines kill people. It’s beginning to happen in the UK. Some of the grannies have chronic illnesses. So do a lot of people.They won’t really change attitudes until the new order hits them personally.


  276. Don’t forget Huck, he then blamed me (for reasons I still don’t understand) and Gorilla and Rabbit for misleading him somehow about guns. Thank God Chaz got to him just in the nick of time. 🙄

  277. Thank God Chaz got to him just in the nick of time. 🙄

    ** GUFFAW **

    Where would the world be without Chaz Maddow? 😆 A man of many talents, it is.

  278. Well, the Leftists won but only for a brief moment. I think the thrill is gone now that it occurred to these Leftists nothing really changed November 7th as America sinks deeper.

    I got to think the few who have the capability to think, and I’ll include Rutherford in that mix when he’s not being indoctrinated with MSNBC’s notes and desperation, are starting to realize that the big win isn’t looking like much of a win. I don’t sense the satisfaction that some of them thought they might gain.

    Because they won but the win was based on nothing but demonizing the adversary, lying about voter suppression, and rank and dishonest propaganda. There was no plan, no contingency, no hope and change, no yes we can.

    This generation we all waited for has been a phenomenal bust.

    The country is broke, there is no hope, the only change is more corruption, more debt, more polarization.

    The fawning adulation has been reduced to defending the indefensible. The real side show is the Presidency itself. Obama doesn’t lead. He campaigns.

    That’s got to get old to even his sycophants after a while. Because their lives sure aren’t getting appreciably better.

  279. I don’t know where you get the idea that Obama is polarizing:

    “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us’ — if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election — then I think it’s going to be harder. And that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2nd.”

    -Obama’s 2010 remarks to Univision Radio

  280. Also, as I wrote earlier, people will die before their time. Our government will become a personal threat.

    I skied twice on five to six inches of snow two weeks ago Thursday. Our low was 30 on Sunday morning. It is now 104, and we are under a red flag warning. Change you can believe in.

  281. “This is just un-be-fucking-lievable.” -Hucking

    Holy shit. This same IRS is about to grow much. much stronger thanks to Obamacare next year.

    Big government sucks. It never fails, they always fail.


    Come on Thor…..come here and defend your Big Government model you espouse so much……

    It always sucks. Power corrupts. And a narcissist administration operating without fear of even the press, gets corrupted absolutely.

    I know some are kind happy the great experiment of big government has failed miserable. Personally….I’m a little freaked out. If Americans don’t answer this call, put a fork in us. Serfdom.

    Slaves to corruption.

  282. CBS News anchorman and Ted Baxter lookalike Scott Pelley said recently of mainstream news: “Our house is on fire. … We’re getting the big stories wrong over and over again.”

    Well, no wonder, if the stories out of Politico are true, and CBS News is actually trying to fire their reporter — and I do mean their one reporter — Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson’s sin, according to the story, is reporting the news, specifically the news regarding the administration’s shameful behavior before, during and after the slaughter of four Americans by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi last year. The Daily Caller goes further and connects this dot to the fact that the president of CBS News has a brother in the White House.

    Those of us with a humorous turn of mind can’t help thinking of the famous line from the film Dr. Strangelove: “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” Only now it’s “You can’t report in here! This is the News Room!”

    Well, get used to it, Mr. Pelley. As our mainstream news media is forced to stretch itself further and further to disguise the nature of reality from its audience, I guess we’re going to find out where and whether some inelastic measure of journalistic integrity snaps any of them back into place. An abortionist massacres babies bringing the nature of abortion into question — they can’t report that. Gun violence plummets while gun ownership soars, bringing the motivation of gun control into question — they can’t report that. And this historic administration is proving itself historically bad for the nation, bringing its laughably under-qualified leader into question — and they certainly can’t report that. So sooner or later Scott Pelley and his ilk are going to have to choose whether to tell some measure of the truth or just stare into the camera with a crazy-ass look in their eyes while murmuring another famous movie line — this one from Don’t Say A Word (based on a book by yours truly): “I’ll never tell! ~ Andrew Klavan

  283. This is very obvious to the smart people here…but it just occurred to the dead rabbit just how dastardly stalling Tea Party groups 13 months or so when election cycles are considered.

  284. Word is that the CIA is about ready to drop ANOTHER Obama scandal on us.

    This is what happens when you throw the Central Intelligence Agency under the bus.

  285. Don’t know if anyone has offered this earlier. HERE is the Treasury report regards the IRS vs TP type groups. Some interesting parts,fair amount of government-ese but still interesting.

  286. I don’t know if I can truly quantify them all but for now I’m personally leaning that the AP scandal is the worse. F&F,Benghazi etc. all seem to be tied though. Seriously can you really pick just one?

  287. I think the IRS one takes the cake. Spying…pretty bad. Lying…even worse. But, an institution that has the power to put you in a gulag unleashing its force against political dissent…

    I’d be curios to know if search word “Occupy” garnished the same amount of attention # Constitution and #Tea Party.

    If the allegations are true…..its absolutely chilling.

    By the way Alfie….do you still have the same skeptical stance on the conspiracy theory about the government purposely buying up rounds to keep them out of our hands?

  288. By the way Alfie….do you still have the same skeptical stance on the conspiracy theory about the government purposely buying up rounds to keep them out of our hands?
    Absolutely! I’ve been trying to stay abreast of the story and the numbers available seem kosher to me.
    The feds represent a chomp of 15 % of the supply. If you ratchet that up to 25% you still have an absolute butt load of ammo coming out of the factories.
    I’ve seen that although all the major manufacturers are on record that they are hard at work there are reports that they are playing it safe staffing and equipment wise ie although they’re working they’re not running 100% capacity.
    Ammunition is clearly being manufactured,where is the bulk really going? I still think there is a hysterical clutch of folks gobbling up the stuff as soon as it hits the shelves. There was episodes of this variation of capitalism running amok back during Clinton.
    On a personal note I have been at two gun/ammo places in the past week and a half and the stock was varied.One was Walmart the other an independent dealer. No .45 but surprisingly a fair amount of 223 which I’ve heard has been short in other places. Wally had no 40 or 9 on display the indie guy did.
    So bottom line I: 1) do indeed think people are panic buying,which I find one part sad one part worrisome.2) think the fear mongers are doing nobody but themselves any favors. 3) that the govt. is not gobbling it all up. 4) that the manufacturers are not so secretly enjoying the price increases & profits.
    All this boils down to too many folks who enjoy the sportsmanship of shooting are getting hosed while “survivalists” are loading up their basements/bunkers.
    Sorry for the length.

  289. Problem I’ve seen with your theory, and you might be correct, is there no shortage of .38 or 410 shells. The shortages are exactly what Nanny is buying. Now, that’s not to say there isn’t a run on the specific ammo because people believe the government is buying up that specific ammo.

    Some even more sketchy anecdotal evidence from me: I know plenty of those survival types. They don’t have any ammo either! These dudes are true homies of mine….I doubt they would lie to me. They don’t have shit.

  290. Anyone know if there is any truth to this or if it is a hoax?

    RETIRED 4-STAR ADMIRAL JAMES LYONS CLAIMS Obama intentionally conspired with America’s enemies to stage a bogus attack and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so he could “negotiate” the release of a “hostage” and bolster his mediocre approval ratings just prior to the election!
    The Washington Examiner, quoting Lyons, writes: “the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi… was the result of a bungled abduction attempt…. the first stage of an international prisoner exchange… that would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the ‘Blind Sheik’…”
    But something went horribly wrong with Obama’s “October Surprise.” Although the Obama Administration intentionally gutted security at the consulate prior to the staged kidnapping, former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty disobeyed direct orders to stand down, saved American lives, single-handedly killed scores of attackers…and the attackers, believing that Obama had betrayed them, tortured Ambassador Chris Stevens and dragged his body through the streets.

  291. To be honest, I think speculating on what one 85 year old man says, absent of any proof, serves as massive smokescreen for getting to the bottom of this corruption. While I understand the urge to entertain complicated, nefarious plots and attribute them to a morally bankrupt administration, it does a great disservice for those of us who strive for truth.

    I’m sure we could poll 100’s of super old motherfuckers who were once V.I.P.’s and get all kinds of odd ball shit.

    Occam’s Razor, political pressure and 100% distrust of what comes out of the adminstration’s mouth. Yes.

    Fanciful and conspiracies. No.

    That’s why Nanny Gov loves our local Poolman. He makes a ludicrous cartoon out of it all while tarnishing the rest of us who are skeptical. Poolman is a corrupt politician’s best friend because his rabbit hole leads nowhere.

  292. I think Obama made a massive mistake when he said that he never heard about the IRS targeting Tea Party groups. If the top dogs at the IRS knew at least a year ago and heads roll, it will be proven the Berry the Liar knew. Someone in the IRS will snitch. And if he knew and lied about it……..not even his most loyal fanboys like Thor or that Greychin guy can defend the liar.

    Sorry Thor…..I’m just being a partisan jerk.

    Heck….I go to every day. Thor seriously might not even know what is going on. I think I shall go to the front page of right now. What do you think the big story will be?

  293. Well….they do allude to the scandals. They were buried or hidden in the NBC website for the last couple days.

    The big news is the drone that flew of an aircraft carrier.

    On the right in smaller letters was the following:

    Can Obama Bounce Back From His Bad Week?

    Bad week? What, is he a baseball player in a slump? Caught a cold and his trans went out of his mini van?

    Bad week. A funk, you see.

    Fox might slant right but they do tangle with pretty much everything.

  294. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  295. 432 clearly demonstrates that Rabbit has way too much time on his hands.

    I’m gonna try to sneak in a small blog post tomorrow morning before work since I would never want to be accused of sitting silent during a week of such excitement. 🙂

  296. Poolman is a corrupt politician’s best friend because his rabbit hole leads nowhere.

    Yours leads to a load of poop, big ears. 😛

  297. El Tigre @383 “Raj, the leadership to which your refer is not absent. It is the impetus if not direct involvement in all of this at every level.”

    You may be right but either way the government is a train wreck. I just don’t comprehend that Obama is capable of that type of leadership. With the Bush era we were well aware of who was running the executive branch. Take your pick, Rumsfield, Cheney, Rove. There is no power house behind Obama.

    Wasn’t there a time when media spin did represent wisdom and truth or is that just wishful thinking on my part. I’m sure the media powers are not happy with the AP scandal so we just might start seeing that game change sooner than later.

    IMO Tigre, I think you are giving Obama too much credit 😉

    DR I don’t think Obama knew about the IRS targeting which is even scarier.

  298. This is low on the top ten list of scandals, but it is part of a pattern.

    The Associated Press investigated the administration’s enforcement of environmental laws. They have charged oil companies and others millions of dollars in fines and settlements for various offenses but it has ignored the estimated over
    573,000 birds which die in wind farms each year.

    Selective enforcement of laws is what we should expect of dictatorships.

    Up to now, I have assumed the shortage of bullets is related to panic buying, but now I wonder.

  299. With the Bush era we were well aware of who was running the executive branch. Take your pick, Rumsfield, Cheney, Rove. There is no power house behind Obama.

    Then you don’t understand politics much.

    You can start with the money and the brains: George Soros & Rahm Emanuel which by default leads back to Clinton’s old crew. Throw in the black race hustlers stoking the flames underneath, and it’s not hard to figure out. Their hit men are wretched ilk like Reid, Pelosi and Durbin. And yes, I can guarantee you a Chicago thug like Obama is involved in it every step of the way, as is Axelrod, as are some of these Czars. And they gave Hillary Clinton a great deal of latitude because they need her husband.

    And no, no matter how you wish to spin ‘either way’, George Bush was not using the IRS to punish his enemies. If you’ve got the proof, spell it out.

    Frankly, these folks that say “they’re all corrupt” and turn the blind eye to Obama’s clear corruption referring to as ‘same old thing’ are as much to blame for bad government as those facilitating the bad behavior.

  300. Yes, it is frightening, Ragi. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post discussed Obama’s apparent disinterest in “Obama, the uninterested president.”

    It is no surprise to me because I looked at Obama’s record of behavior with the same avidity that the news media went after Sarah Palin to destroy her.

    Obama is behaving as he did through his college career on. He also has a penchant for opening secret files to destroy his political enemies.

    Good news is Jean Stoddard, a conservative Republican defeated Jim Suttle, a Democrat in Omaha’s mayoral election yesterday.Suttle who survived a recall operated a little like Obama without the dirty tricks and disengagement. The administration just sneaked things by the voters.

    The police and fire fighters unions operated like thugs, and the police union had the gall to claim neutrailty while distributing inflamatory anti-Stoddard literature. Opponents used sexism by distributing tee shirts portraying Stoddard as a stripper and pole dancer. A city councilman who posed with one of them had to applogise.

    Suttle means well.I’ve talked to him. However, he hoodwinked the public as Obama has done. The tragedy is the truth was out there for anyone with the time to find it.

    Everyone who voted for Obama as they did for Suttle should reflect and feel shame. Of course, if they are socialistic fascists they have what they want.

  301. I dare any of you lurking libs too gutless to hang with Rutherford now that Bammy reelected, to refute that video Noah provided in #436.

    Do you have any balls at all, Thor? How about you fat man, Graychin? Cat got your tongue? What about you, Lurker? Afraid I’m going to beat you up, too afraid to speak out? I give you free reign without challenge.

    In less than 12 minutes, the judge just exposed how incredibly corrupt and sociopathic the Obama administration – and for that matter virtually the entire Democratic Party. Systemic corruption and abject stupidity – including the voters.

  302. MSNBC “Is Sebelius shaking down health-care execs to finance Obamacare?” She is possibly asking people her agency regulates for money.

    Geoffrey Cowley writes it could be another scandal, but offers a weak justification. Republicans have refused to appropriate money to fully implement provisions of Obamacare to thwart its implementation. The House controls the purse, and it is their right to refuse to spend money on specific projects.

    Democrats stopped spending for South Vietnam and later the Contas. They considered refusing to spend more money on the Iraq war but decided it would make them look bad.Sebelius appears to be taking notes from Oliver North.

  303. That video should be shown to all of our college and highschool students to countermand the socialist and anti American indoctrination many suffer through.

    On the matter of Syria. A few days after Benghazi, I wrote it was terrible that I placed more credeence in the Libyan president’s explanation of the attack than in our own president’s. Now, I believe Putin’s explanation and reasoning is closer to the truth than Obama’s. Russians also claimed the US was running guns to Syrian rebels. I am beginning to believe them

    Thanks again to all of you who voted Democratic.

  304. “But you can’t. So you come in here with your pity party. Hiding behind your son last week, this week you merely a victim of those of us with an agenda.” DR

    I don’t hide behind my son, I stand beside him. I carry him in my heart everywhere I go. I ask for no pity, just a little more understanding. And a little more focus on your own actions, not mine.

    I saw a pretty decent bumper sticker the other day. “Creative people amaze me. Compassionate people inspire me. The rest of you kind of piss me off.” 🙂

    “I don’t remember the details of the outed CIA operative you alluded to. I do remember not liking it, but also not understanding the whole story. If it makes you feel better, maybe I should have been more outraged.” – DR

    This is exactly what I was saying earlier. You don’t know something is important unless Fox or some other rightie organization tells you. But before your fellow pale riders contort it for your ease of digestion.

    The VICE PRESIDENT’s Chief of Staff was CONVICTED for LYING to FEDERAL AGENTS and the SPECIAL PROS. Valerie Plame, was outed as payback because her husband dared to say the President was lying. She was undercover. We will never know how many of the people she worked with overseas were killed when her true identity was released by the Bush administration. They lied to the 300 million about it for MONTHS.

    The fact that you see this as just a bad hair day takes all the moral ground out from under your feet.

    The IRS scandal is appalling. Those responsible should pay. I think it is actually much more like Watergate than Benghazi, use of a govt. branch to target domestic political foes. The AP story is interesting to the press, but I don’t think Republicans have much desire to push it, since they are blocking legislation which addresses the problem.

    R, somehow, this has turned into my blog. I apologize and withdraw. (But at least they stopped being dicks to you, which is the whole reason I started commenting again anyway.) Of course, I will continue to read your posts, perhaps even comment on the actual articles every once in a while. Wouldn’t that be a nice change. 😉

    But as for conversing with moral knights who don’t even remember Valerie Plame. I don’t have the time to waste.

  305. Valerie Plame? You mean the desk job jockey, outed espionage expert Valerie Plame, later to proven a total fraud?

    😆 😆 :lol; What a lackey.

    You’re about seven years behind the times. What’s new? Have you forgotten you pricks tried to pin that one on Dick Cheney and George Bush only to find Colin Powell, new patron saint to the Dim Party, and his former deputy Dick Arbitrage, run out in disgrace as the source who first revealed the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame to syndicated columnist Robert Novak back in 2003?

    Here. Review…Valerie Plame is a joke and her husband a busted liar. Like Obama hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

  306. CNN? yeah, they got the right pc spin. 🙄

    I come more to believing this:

    It appears that the CIA’s anti-proliferation people, in particular Valerie Plame and the Non-Official Cover people at the fake ‘proprietary’ or front, Brewster-Jennings, were tracking a ring of agents of foreign powers, neo-conservatives and various Washington operatives, who were involved somehow in terrorism financing, drug trafficking and nuclear smuggling.

    On the surface, Valerie Plame and Scooter Libby were the two big figures in the flap — but what’s often forgotten is that Libby was the attorney for noted international criminal financier Marc Rich. Rich has cooperated often with Viktor Bout, the world’s most notorious arms trafficker. Rich and Bout are both part of a far-flung global criminal mafia, known roughly (including to the Justice Department) as the Russian-Israeli Mafia.

    So the idea is that Plame and Brewster-Jennings were a threat to the continued operations of the mafia, as well as its friends in the Turkish establishment. Rich and Dick Cheney took out Brewster-Jennings to defend the criminal network, not just for the petty reasons of making Plame’s husband look bad.

    Based on the suppression of truth like this:

    Benghazi is big, but it ain’t anything new. Spy v spy shit is the norm everyday.

  307. That someone here doesn’t know about Valerie Plame is reason for Thor to stop engaging, yet he still has no comment on the outing of Raymond Davis.

    But it’s the rest of us who are hypocrites because of our selective outrage. We need to be told by the press what is important.

    I guess Thor hasn’t noticed that Barack Obama also needs to be told by the press what is important.

  308. Thor is like every other Liberal coward that left Rutherford high and dry. He was just trying to find a gracious way to bow out to escape the coming storm. He failed.

  309. “He was just trying to find a gracious way to bow out to escape the coming storm.”

    What? You think Thor ran like a coward because of the unmitigated disaster unfolding in front of his left wing eyes?

    No, no, no…he left because Dead Rabbit is too biased and ignorant and I didn’t acknowledge that chick back in 03….shit I forgot her name again! I really did. Had I used an asterisk and footnoted my acknowledgment of Scooter Libby every time I complained about proven lies from President Obama on Benghazi he’d still be here.

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