The Idiot’s Guide to Gun Control


Nine Unarmed Men and an Armed Man Walk Into a Bar

This evening, barely disguising his anger, President Barack Obama asked how the Senate could ignore the will of 90% of the people by not passing a bipartisan written bill for expanded background checks on gun purchasers. The answer is simple. Nine men without a gun ask for expanded background checks. One man with a gun says no. Who are you going to listen to?

The Stupidity of Confiscation

There is an odd intersection of the illegal immigration debate and the gun safety debate. We have approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in this country and no one but the nuttiest on the fringe would suggest rounding them up and kicking them out of the country. On the one hand, there are humanitarian considerations in that many of these folks have lived here a long time and are law-abiding. However, there is a far less altruistic reason for not kicking them out. It’s a practical near  impossibility, a logistical nightmare.

There are approximately 270 million guns owned by civilians in the United States. Does anyone really think there is any practical means by which the US federal government could confiscate these guns? It is, like deporting every illegal immigrant, a logistical nightmare. And while kicking out immigrants might not be met with violence, you can be sure as hell that trying to take even a fraction of those 270 million guns away from their owners would result in a bloodbath. Yet the fundamental opposition to any gun control legislation comes from the slippery slope theory. First, they expand background checks. Then they register gun owners. Then they “come for your guns.” It’s the very definition of paranoid stupidity. In fact, the legislation that was shot down today (pardon the pun) contained a provision making it a felony to maintain a registry of gun owners. Wayne LaPierre and the gun industry funded NRA won’t tell you that. That’s because they think you’re an idiot. Enough idiots intimidated their Senators today to defeat a perfectly reasonable gun safety bill.

No Need to Pass Laws Because Criminals Will Violate Them Anyway

This has to be one of the hallmark idiotic premises of the pro-gun gang. There is no sense passing new gun legislation because criminals don’t abide by the law. Thankfully there are some in the media who won’t let folks get away with this idiocy. Witness this exchange between Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio and “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer.

RUBIO:  My problem is this, in addition to the issue I’ve just raised, which is that this debate needs to be about violence, not just about guns, we have to ensure that the laws that people are putting out there do not infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens and that actually do keep guns out of the hands of criminals. And my skepticism about gun laws is that criminals don’t follow the law. They don’t care what the law is, that they don’t — you can pass any law you want, criminals ignore it, by definition they’re criminals.

SCHIEFFER: You know, Senator — are you still there, Senator?


SCHIEFFER: You know, criminals don’t follow the laws on burglary and on murder and on auto theft. But those laws still, I think…

RUBIO: And we prosecute those.

SCHIEFFER: I think most people would say those laws are fairly effective.

My Conversation with an Idiot

OK, to be fair the following actually represents my exchange not with one idiot but with a composite of folks I’ve talked to online about gun control or more specifically, limiting the capacity of ammunition clips. Let’s call our idiot Quick Draw McGraw.

Rutherford Lawson: I advocate limiting clip size to ten rounds. That way a gunman can only fire ten bullets before he has to change clips.

Quick Draw McGraw: That’s ridiculous. I can change a clip in less than two seconds. If I have multiple ten round clips, I just change them once one is empty and I keep shooting.

RL: While I doubt the average person can change clips in under two seconds, even so, every time you interrupt the gunman you give advantage to the victim.

QDM: What’s the victim gonna do in 2 seconds?

RL: Jared Loughner in Tuscon got tackled while changing clips. If his first clip had only ten bullets perhaps fewer folks would have been shot?

QDM: Yeah, well you realize that when you limit my clip capacity you put me at a disadvantage to protect myself.

RL: How’s that?

QDM: I’ve got an assailant coming at me and I don’t have time to change clips.

RL: If you can’t drop a guy with ten bullets, you’re not a very good shot, are you?

QDM: A lot you know! You watch too many cop shows. Do you know how hard it is to shoot accurately under pressure?

RL: But I thought you said you could change a clip in under 2 seconds?

QDM: Uhhhhh …..

RL: So let me get this straight. Limiting clip size does nothing to slow down a potential assailant but it can slow you down. Is that what you’re saying?

QDM: Uhhhhh ….

It is really hard to understand how we are losing the debate to these people. Hopefully, the passion for better regulation will not die with today’s vote and we can take some sensible steps toward a safer nation.


Art by INVERTED (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


1,016 thoughts on “The Idiot’s Guide to Gun Control

  1. “no one but the nuttiest on the fringe would suggest rounding them up and kicking them out of the country.”

    This article isn’t off to a very good start….

  2. “In fact, the legislation that was shot down today (pardon the pun) contained a provision making it a felony to maintain a registry of gun owners. Wayne LaPierre and the gun industry funded NRA won’t tell you that. That’s because they think you’re an idiot. Enough idiots intimidated their Senators today to defeat a perfectly reasonable gun safety bill.”

    Why didn’t Barack Obama and Joe Biden enlighten these Senators? All they’d have had to do was tell them to read the bill before voting on it.


    So did Barack Obama..or Joe Biden..or Harry Reid tell any senators to read the bill before voting on it? Did they point out the obvious truths to these terrible lies?

    Were they leaders?

  3. Why is it that Sandy Hook is, in Rutherford’s words, a terrible case study for gun legislation…because the shooter stole the guns from his mother, who bought them legally…and because he was reloading before empty…and because kindergarten kids wouldn’t have rushed him while reloading…yet we are told that in light of Sandy Hook, we must “do something! If we can save only 1 child, it’s worth it!!!!!!!111”

    Rutherford likes to go back to the Arizona shooting because that guy got rushed while reloading. But he can’t answer how any other mass shooting would have been any different with a smaller clip size. Not a one.

    Face it Rutherford. You can kick and scream and call us idiots and scardie cats like your man, Obama. But you lost this fight.

    Get over it. (Yes, I am going to make you regret you ever said that)

  4. R, as BiC has explained, and as I’ve mentioned many, many times, EVERYONE at a gun show gets a background check. Everyone. Why you think they don’t happen, I don’t know. I suppose it is because MSNBC hasn’t told you otherwise…

    But don’t take it from me…

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., introduced her assault weapons ban amendment this morning, warning her Senate colleagues that universal background checks would not have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre.

    “We know one thing, none of this information would have been caught on a background check,” Feinstein insisted. “And I say that, although I support background checks.”

    Did you get that sport? What that clear since it came from her instead of EVERYONE else saying the EXACT same thing?

    You keep saying this 90% number, because it sounds soooooooo good in talking points. Of course, you leave out other numbers like the 0% of Sandy Hooks this would have stopped, or the 96% of Americans who DO NOT think new gun laws are a priority right now.

    And if you are sooooooooo passionate about guns, gun laws, and the distribution of weapons, then pray tell, why are you not on top of some building somewhere screaming about Fast & Furious, which directly violated SEVERAL gun laws and moved THOUSANDS of guns into Mexican drug cartel hands, resulting in the direct death of at least TWO U.S. law enforcement officers and HUNDREDS of Mexican civilians.

    R, here’s your new avatar

  5. R, I’m actually very objective. You, however, are not. I can make several objective statements and you will instantly, and consistently, subjectively view them through your liberal lens.

    You can’t defend this gun legislation because you don’t even know or understand current legislation, nor do you even know or understand this proposed law. On guns–and among many other things–you aimlessly grope around, blind and ignorant of the environment your inject yourself into.

    And I’m sorry, if you can let Madcow talk you into believing anything, then you truly are a rube.

  6. Headline links on the Drudge Report: Bitter O,
    Gun Groups ‘liars’
    Senate kills Deal
    Bloomberg Rages
    Feinstein Fumes
    Biden wipes away tears
    Cuomo Complains
    Reid Mocks ‘Imagined tyranny’
    Gallup; Only 4% of Americans
    Think Gun control problem

  7. The question is not whether 270 million guns can be rounded up, it is from whom they are taken. Why you don’t get this is beyond me. Oh yeah, Maddow told you that the “only criminals will carry guns” concept was false. 🙄

    Where did your straw man QDM debate come from? Of course you do love a straw man more than anyone other than your close, personal, friends at MSNBC. I love how you can ignore months of discussion from those that know a little something about guns and their use and so shamelessly revert to your stubbornly ignorant positions.

    The object of having the means of deadly force available for defense is that you meet or exceed the force of your attacker. Don’t you understand that? Though no one knows what will come at them in advance, if an attacker has unlimited clip size available (legally or illegally) the victim is disadvantaged if he doesn’t (as you recognize). Now, what if there are multiple attackers?

    Why oh why must all of your perspective come only from the high-profile events that your side loves to exploit for political advantage? Oh yeah. . .

    I heard your close, personal, friends this morning now referring to al qaeda as free to kill because of yesterday’s vote. Gee, why would al qaeda that come up now?

  8. Something R would do well to read and consider. It isn’t all about you…

    Mr. Obama’s remark about rural Pennsylvanians clinging to guns and religion is the coin of the realm in his crowd. But let’s put their shared consensus another way: Somehow it became a conventional view in contemporary American politics that it is non-urban conservatives who in every case have to accommodate their beliefs to a national culture created by people who live somewhere else. “They” must adjust on abortion, guns, school prayer, sexual mores and all the rest of it. Liberals, meanwhile, not only feel no need to concede anything but use the commanding heights of the press and academia to define anyone who dissents from their ever-evolving national culture as a political fringe obsessed with people, one might say, who aren’t like them.

    The gun-control bill is collapsing in the Senate because its liberal sponsors, led by Barack Obama and California’s Dianne Feinstein, lost the support of Democratic senators from states with traditional hunting cultures, such as Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Mark Begich of Alaska or Max Baucus of Montana. Why so many people in these states and many others to this day still distrust public authorities on guns is a good, but untold, story. Kentuckians recently voted the right to hunt into their constitution. Instead, gun-control’s failure will be spun as a win for mindless Neanderthals “out there.”

  9. If Rutherford had been born 20 years earlier, he would have worn flowers in the fro.

    Anytime Obama loses, you get a meandering rant like this from the blog host. You’re dealing with narcissists and children here characterized by adolescent thinking and temper tantrums. They cannot accept they don’t know what is best for you and yours, believing their vision greater than that of America’s racist founders.

    Like I have said time and again. Rutherford is an emotional reactionary easily swayed by the activist zealots from the Left. And paradoxically, that explains why occasionally Rutherford swims against the tide of Leftism – abortion on demand, for instance. Rutherford understands the grotesque carnage and death frightens him because he is closer to it than most.

    Rutherford, like his mentor and hero Obama, were raised from the crib as red diaper babies convinced that government can create a utopian society that minimizes risk. Cost or infringement are not concerns because conclusions are reached strictly on vanity and feelings. Discussing an infringement of 2nd rights with Rutherford is a waste of time because Rutherford like Obama believes the Bill of Rights a set of negative liberties and an impediment to establishing this utopian of superior and intelligent overseer(s).

    Taken as a whole, the Left is confused because what we are witnessing is an environment now operating under the guidelines created by the very people who now stand aghast and without answers. Two generations of Leftist indoctrination of our youth have given us remorseless and amoral children. Until Rutherford can understand that, there is no debate.

    You can’t rationalize with someone driven by emotion and little else anymore more than you can reason with a mother who has driven to a school and just lost her child in mass killing. It’s no wonder Rutherford cannot comprehend why the rest of us won’t agree with him.

  10. While I try to digest this rather large turd of a post R…tell me if your not to uncle tom, but considering that black youth unemployment is over 50%, don’t you feel your Messiah should be concerning himself with the economy and jobs more so than guns? I have to wonder why you don’t seem to care?

  11. From the prior thread:

    Given the right audience, with the right statistical sampling, with the right questioning, and just a little simple manipulation of wording, I can gain you any result set you need for the right price.

    I’ll vomit this back in your face the next time you toss any poll numbers onto this blog.

  12. Noah, think about this … those 20 dead kids in Newtown don’t get to worry about the unemployment rate. In a country where we kill each other every day more than virtually any other country maybe we need to get our house in order vis-a-vis violence before we worry about employment.

    If you don’t have life, then you don’t get to have liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  13. If I remember a news article I read last week, some 15,000 attempts were made to illegally acquire fire arms last year. Of this 44 were prosecuted. Tell me, if you got everything you would have ever wanted in gun legislation, and you got it last year, with that rate of enforcement, predict for me how many of those 20 kids would have been saved. Then explain to me again why this is still so important to you.

  14. From the prior thread:

    After the months progressed and Ruberford ventured out of his hole into Tweets and radio where you can’t hide the cynicism and agenda like you can in creating a blog under an assumed name … .

    If you choose to believe like I used to that Rutherford is simply an affable, political adversary, that’s your right.

    I now know better.

    First of all, my tweeting persona and radio persona were also under an “assumed” name so what you said there made zero sense. But that’s not unusual, You rant senselessly all the time.

    You actually don’t know sh*t. You don’t know me, regardless of what insights you think you’ve gathered from my Facebook page. We came close to being online friends of a sort, partly because I believed the real Tex Taylor was basically a decent kind individual. But your online persona is a bi-polar vicious sonofabitch and I’ve grown tired of the roller coaster ride. The first weeks of this year during your hiatus were some of the most civil and enjoyable times this blog has seen in ages. Sure Rabbit missed you terribly but I didn’t get lots of complaints from anyone else. But even if you were the most popular guy on the block, it wouldn’t matter to me.You’re high maintenance and you’re a pain in the ass.

  15. I don’t care about any of this now.

    It is 30 degrees with a half mile visibility in moderate snow and wind gusts to 35 MPH. I’m going skiing while the snow remains. Its only “common sense” on an April morning.

  16. The answer is simple. Nine men without a gun ask for expanded background checks. One man with a gun says no. Who are you going to listen to?

    The Constitution. I don’t know why your reading comprehension is so very impaired, but the Second Amendment doesn’t say “…shall not be infringed, unless those infringements are subjectively reasonable to a sufficient number of members of the entity being restrained from infringing.”

    Secondly, re: your blithering idiocy about confiscation, I live in a state where your handgun IS registered if you apply for and get a concealed carry permit, and where for at least the third time in a decade, certain members of the state legislature tried to pass a bill that would have given the county sheriffs the ability to perform a warrantless search in our homes to “make sure that the weapon was properly secured”. Now while MOST local sheriffs here are not actually stupid enough to attempt that, we do have a county or two where they would LOVE to bring that conflict, and use the ensuing tragedy as a cudgel to force even more restrictive laws. The irony is that these law makers keep forgetting which state they serve. From a search perspective, Washington is actually one of the states that takes the idea of curtiledge and privacy VERY seriously, which is why, yet again, this bill didn’t get far.

  17. This kind-of runs counter to the whole 90% TP…

    The failure of popular Senate gun proposals Wednesday affirmed — even in the wake of Newtown shootings — the rigidity of the politics on the issue.

    Lost amid the debate is the fact that for the first time a majority of Americans say having a gun in the household makes it a safer place to be, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. By a wide 51 to 29 percent margin, more people say a gun in the house makes it safer rather than more dangerous.

    That’s a near complete reversal from a Gallup poll in 2000, when the public split 35 to 51 percent on whether guns make the home safer or more dangerous.

  18. “Noah, think about this … those 20 dead kids in Newtown….”

    Aaaaand back we go to Sandy Hook…the terrible case study that can’t prove a single piece of new legislation is needed…the catalyst for us to have to DO SOMETHING!!!!!…the disaster that you and Obama hate to have to waste.

    I am guessing we will never know what Obama, Biden and Reid did to try and counter all those NRA lies.

    “In a country where we kill each other every day more than virtually any other country maybe we need to get our house in order vis-a-vis violence before we worry about employment.”

    Unemployment increases poverty…poverty increases violence.

    “If you don’t have life, then you don’t get to have liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    You sure you want to go down this alley?

    Also, did you read my answer to your question in the prior thread?

  19. Sure Rabbit missed you terribly but I didn’t get lots of complaints from anyone else. But even if you were the most popular guy on the block, it wouldn’t matter to me.You’re high maintenance and you’re a pain in the ass.

    I think you missed me. 😈 Admit it. Like a clown on the dunk tank. I’m here because the price of the balls to throw is free. You’re only mad because you gotta keep pulling yourself out of the tank. And my arm isn’t worn out yet.

    The biggest pain in the ass and the absolute highest maintenance turd I can be. That’s the ticket. Lean forward a little more while I help reveal your true nature, Smeagol. You were once like us, 😆 Lord of Obama Ring.

    But I’m curious. Virtually everyone here called you on your fallacious stat you posted. And it deserved to be mocked. Why the singular gnashing of teeth? {snicker}

    I only pointed out the obvious vacuum of your mind.

  20. I’ll vomit this back in your face the next time you toss any poll numbers onto this blog.

    😀 Then you really can fly, hey Peter? Do you have like fairy wings, or something?

  21. This cat sounds just like Piss Pot…

    Hmmmm..This is just a crazy guess on my part (and what do I know, I’m just a performance artist with a fetish for pretty arched feet) buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…I’m thinking that no matter WHAT laws are EVER passed thru the REVOLVING doors of our justice $y$tem & Congress…..that BAD PEOPLE who refuse to allow God into their hearts will ALWAYS find a way to get their cowardly little hands on a weapon……I might also ad that if a person spends enough time on thinking how to take another person’s life, he or she could do so with a hair pin, a thumb tack or a wall clock (they just don’t have the “CLIP” like those ole nasty assault weapons do. I’ll leave you with one question……………”WHY IS IT GOOD OLE SAM WALTON CAN INSTALL THE EYES OF HEAVEN CAMERA SYSTEM IN EVERY WALMART OF THE WORLD WHERE THEY CAN SEE THIEVES COMING AND/OR GOING FROM A MILE AWAY AND CATCH 98% OF THOSE WHO TRY TO STEAL THEIR MERCHANDISE YET WE CAN’T APPLY THAT SAME TECHNOLOGY TOWARDS SECURING OUR SCHOOL SYSTEMS AND PROTECTING OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET WHICH IS OUR CHILDREN…………..LEADERS OF THE FUTURE”? HMMMMMMMMMM

  22. Magilla, it’s quite obvious you’re not in intelligence. Or if so, maybe that explains why we’re in such a state of shit. Either way, I don’t advocate cameras in classrooms or anything the surveillance state wants to push into our lives. I believe in privacy, something that is fleeting in today’s world of warcraft.

    But I can agree with many things you advocate. Like this…

    Sweet! The tide IS turning.

  23. ”Does anyone really think there is any practical means by which the US federal government could confiscate these guns?”

    Rutherford, while you’re slapping the idiot label around have a look at this little missive from the lori what outed you over there at Gat Grannies…

    ”So close …. Feels like a kick in the gut. All signs point to guns becoming a thing of the past in this country, but not yet, we have lottsa work to do. We need to keep talking but I think the real change will come 10- 15 years from now when generation X takes the lead. Polls tell us the end is near.”

    There’s your extremist, Rutherford. That is fringe. And “well, I never said that” isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid. And even that weak an rebuttal assumed you see what’s wrong there in the first place – which seemed to escape you recently regarding Barney Frankenweenie.

    And speaking of activists, with regard to this exchange –

    SCHIEFFER: You know, criminals don’t follow the laws on burglary and on murder and on auto theft. But those laws still, I think…

    RUBIO: And we prosecute those.

    SCHIEFFER: I think most people would say those laws are fairly effective.

    I’d ask Mr. Scheiffer how effective the “laws on murder” were that day at Sandy Hook Elementary, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Columbine, and the Boston Marathon.

  24. Well of course I meant Fat Grannies.


    OK Doc, I’ll bite. (Now THAT’s a pun!)

    I wouldn’t dispute the finding entirely since it’s been my experience that women in committed monogamous relationships with stable family men are not only more satisfied with their lot in life but deeply contented as people. What I would call into question however is the claim that women who regularly engage in unprotected sex are happiest of all. I think it’s a bald-faced lie. The most miserable women I’ve ever known have been the ones who’re on their 3rd and 4th abortions. And I don’t mean miserable in the crabby sense. I mean really melancholy women.

    Really though – “seminal fluids pumping through her veins?” A study based on polling college students? Come now. (Another hell of a pun).

  25. Good grief this needs translation –

    “And even that weak an rebuttal assumed you see what’s wrong there in the first place…” – should read…

    “And even that weak a rebuttal assumes you see what’s wrong there in the first place…”

  26. So Lori still exists? I like kicks in the gut.

    Just so you know, the Ricin letter poisoner is a Democrat.Too bad.

    :Let’s hope the Boston bomber is a white Republican. Eh Lori?

  27. “and where for at least the third time in a decade, certain members of the state legislature tried to pass a bill that would have given the county sheriffs the ability to perform a warrantless search in our homes to “make sure that the weapon was properly secured” -BiC

    That is chilling. Wtf.

  28. I’d ask Mr. Scheiffer how effective the “laws on murder” were that day at Sandy Hook Elementary, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Columbine, and the Boston Marathon.

    What Bob doesn’t want to recognize is that laws are only deterrents to rational people who also have something to lose. The first prong of that counts the culprits in each example you cite out of the equation.

    Bought my gun at a gun show. And I had to get a background check.


  29. I’m glad Obama is in a snit. I know he wants to, “melt the guns” as Rutherford’s favorite liberal Thor used to say. About half the left thinks this way. So, I guess it’s enjoyable to watch relatively meaningless legislation fail even if vaguely palatable to me.

    Conservatives go bonkers over horrible monstrosities like Obamacare. Rutherford goes bonkers over meaningless stuff like this latest legislation. Because Sandy Hook is horrible and…it had nothing to do with….ahhhh….forget it. Berry is not happy. So, his snarling little fan boy holed up in a stuffy apartment will be mad too. He can’t really explain why. He will just say Sandy Hook over and over again.

  30. After seeing those pics, I’m going on a limb and saying this shit is international. If those dudes were local, they’d be nabbed already.

    Those fucks look Mediteranian as all hell. In fact, they look Albanian, to me but who knows. I suppose they could be South American. But, considering the recent past, I’d put money it was Islamic.

  31. “We have approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in this country and no one but the nuttiest”


    “However, there is a far less altruistic reason for not kicking them out. ”

    Democrats refuse to lose one of their largest voting blocks?

    “Does anyone really think there is any practical means by which the US federal government could confiscate these guns?”

    Yes how did Australia do it? For that matter, how did Germany do it before killing millions of Jews? How did the Soviet Union do it before killing 50 million of their own people? How did China do it before killing 50 million of their citizens?

    If one wanted to confiscate guns, and wanted to be effective how would they do it? Well first you need to identify where all the guns are and who has them. So my first move would be to make everyone register their weapons. Next I would make owning a gun to expensive for the common man by adding taxes to guns and ammunition and force them to carry insurance. I would then slowly increase the tax and cost of insurance until they could no longer afford it. How am I doing so far?

    “It’s the very definition of paranoid stupidity.”

    It is not enough that you say it is so. SHOW it is so. If it is the truth, it should be so easy to do.

    “In fact, the legislation that was shot down today (pardon the pun) contained a provision making it a felony to maintain a registry of gun owners.”

    Because the government has never made a law that it held the people to but exempted itself from, right?

    “That’s because they think you’re an idiot. Enough idiots intimidated their Senators today to defeat a perfectly reasonable gun safety bill.”

    Sound logic. After all, enough idiots got together and gave us our current President. viva la idiots.

  32. Per your imagined debate with someone more inept than yourself. The obvious aside that you could actually find such an individual, how about we practice some common sense.

    Per the Whittle video that you could not comment on because you had no defense, what you want to do is stop evil things from happening. Why do you think going after the tool is the answer? Prove to me that people wanting to do bad things will be stopped if you take away one tool. Explain to me why they would not just use another tool?

    Out of curiosity, you do know most of us have two hands? If I were carrying 7 guns on me(easy to do) and each had that limited 10 round clip. I hold one in each hand, only discharging one gun at a time, when one gun empties, I fire with the other gun, dropping the empty gun only to grab another fully loaded gun, and so on. Just one of a dozen scenarios I can imagine. What has the 10 round clip accomplished?

    Also, since you are limiting the size of the clip BECAUSE you want to save lives, how can you allow 10? Is a death more tragic when there are over 10 deaths, or does each and ever life have value? If they all have value, how can you allow any gun in anyone’s hand?

    I wonder R, could you explain why you think we should not put the brunt of our focus on identifying who the deranged people are and seeing to it they get the help they need and never get their hands on a gun? Are not the people the problem, not their tool of choice?

    BTW post 21 still awaits your unique wisdom. I know how “selective” your memory can be sometimes.

  33. This Just In From MSNBC (With A Side Of NPR): Everything Bad That Happens In The World Is Now The NRA’s Fault.

    The NRA’s efforts to guarantee that American mass murderers are the best-equipped mass murders in the world is not limited to murderers who use assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” he added.

    Yes, NRA members, whether you know it or not, you help fund an organization that’s in the business of equipping mass murderers.

    “The NRA is also in the business of helping bombers get away with their crimes.

  34. I get all kinds of emails from various political camps and today my inbox is full of stuff from left-wing sources griping about the ‘common sense’ gun legislation that was defeated. Not only do they want donations, but also my outrage. lol.

    Sorry. I will express outrage at leaders who ignore the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I will express outrage at corporate giants and banksters that write laws that reflect their interests. I will express outrage in the way they don’t even obey the laws that already exist. I will express outrage at how they share our private information with our government. I will express outrage at their constant choice of profit over principle. I will express outrage over this false war on terror and their ongoing terrorist efforts to perpetrate it.

    BTW, are the two suspects they are looking for the same two Moroccans that turned themselves in to prove their innocence? FWIW, there was some serious nervousness expressed by all the officials at the news conference when they were asked about the bomb drills going on during the event and the possibility of this being a false flag. 😀 Got to love it. This is one helluva ride.

  35. I just watched the video of the two supposed suspects they are looking to identify. The backpacks aren’t big enough nor appear heavy enough to contain what they are supposed to contain. Seriously? What a joke.

  36. There’s a lot of things you can’t believe. It doesn’t make them any more or less valid. Besides, growing up ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I know plenty of grownups and wouldn’t want to change places with any one of them. Never fear, I’ll be all grown up when it’s time to plant me in the ground.

  37. Well, I could be wrong, rabbit. Adam says I’m the grownup and you’re not. He does have a valid point. I’ll need to reconsider.

  38. Rutherford there is a lot wrong with this post but this one for now:
    every time you interrupt the gunman you give advantage to the victim.
    Only an idiot truly believes that.

  39. It seems that there is finally some movement on the attempt by Congressional Republicans to get testimony and other information from witnesses. The mere fact that they are calling them “whistle blowers” instead of witnesses tells me that this has been a cover-up since the beginning.

    The nature of the communications with the whistle-blowers and their identities are not being made public at this time. But in response, the Oversight Committee yesterday sent letters to the three federal agencies involved: the CIA, the Defense Department and the State Department.

    The letters make the case for the whistle-blowers to be able to share sensitive or classified information with their own attorneys, and ask for each agency’s official description of the legal steps that process must follow. The letters also state that additional witnesses may be “compelled by subpoena to give testimony.”

  40. R, this is what we have to look forward to from your ilk…

    The “master suite” is being phased out — not from our homes, but from our lexicon.

    A survey of 10 major Washington, D.C.-area homebuilders found that six no longer use the term “master” in their floor plans to describe the largest bedroom in the house. They have replaced it with “owner’s suite” or “owner’s bedroom” or, in one case, “mastre bedroom.”

    Why? In large part for exactly the reason you would think: “Master” has connotation problems, in gender (it skews toward male) and race (the slave-master).

    Enter the owner’s suite.

    “I imagine it’s not only a more accurate description but also a more politically correct term of art,” said Steve Nardella, senior vice president of operations for Bethesda-based Winchester Homes Inc.

    Either way, the “master suite” has been linguistically shoved aside.

    Winchester, Pulte Homes, NV Homes and Ryan Homes (both under the NVR Inc. umbrella), Van Metre Cos. and D.R. Horton Inc. have all replaced “master” in their floor plans, some more recently than others.

  41. You figure these ignoramuses are just doing this to bring attention to their company as a niche? Or are there people out there this seriously screwed up?

    I know the Universities are polluted with this rot. But I never expected to see it with the home builders.

    Parts of our country are seriously messed up. Maryland would dry up and blow away without D.C.. I’m left with maybe something good will come of Obama’s second term.

    The realization to “my folk” that if we don’t get rid of this deadwood and tacit tyranny that is beginning to infiltrate every facet of life, even in good old Oklahoma, we’re toast.

    I actually would join a secession and would be willing to move if it would get me away from the Leftist ilk and removed from the corruption of Washington. I can’t think I’m alone in those thoughts either.

    Lately, I’ve noticed government (local and feds) are placing cameras at damn near every intersection. I can’t help but suspect it’s just a matter of time before they are scanning the neighborhoods too.

    1984 may have come and gone, but Orwell’s 1984 is right at our door step. And I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve only lately begin to notice.

  42. Interesting…

    AP news is reporting the two Boston bombing suspects are brothers from Chechnya who have lived in the US for at least a year. AP says the surviving bombing suspect is 19-year-old Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev.

  43. Amish head off to prison for beard-cutting. That is not a typo. They were convicted under hate-crimes laws. Fuck me running.

    This is a perfect example of why these crazy hate-crimes laws and RICO need to be repealed.

    By the way, be sure to call your senator’s office today about CISPA. Those bastards are hell-bent to get this crap passed into law. This is their second attempt. It will turn Google, Facebook, et al into spy agencies for the govt.

  44. One of the reporters said she was home in the endangered neighborhood early this morning. She said she had a rolling pin and a frying pan ready for self defense. She needed a gun or at least a fire extinguisher.

    The British have had numerous surveilance cameras for years. The Mail online wrote on October 3 that CCTV cameras will recognize faces at a half mile.They can also do gait analysis to spot people walking suspiciously. Cameras are in schools, bathrooms and store changing rooms.

    “A couple of years ago, I was doing a radio programme on the subject. I went to a cCTV monitoring station in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire run by the council.

    “The room resembled the Starship Enterprise, with its banks of screens. The operators were polite, decent, people using their controls to change angles as they muncned on crisps. They also proudly showed me a so-called talking camera in the car park, where they could admonish folk through a loud speaker for anti-social behavior. They were convinced the state had every right to intervene, everywhere.

    This, I would argue, is a profoundly disturbing trend.”

    It began in 1993 when police released a CCTV image of a toddler being taken from a mall. She was later found dead. The tapes helped police identify and convict the two boys who killed the little girl.

    The rational was if we can save even one life, the loss of our privacy is worth it.

  45. “Radicalized Islamic extremists from Chechnya responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings.”

    You’re connecting dots. We don’t know yet if they were “radicalized Islamic extremists”. Reports are they’re Chechnyan but motive is still up in the air. (From what I understand they’ve grown up in the US for the past ten years.)

  46. So we don’t have no bitter clingers, no Bible thumping Christians, no “white, Conservative males” as the Boston bombers?

    Well, that’s a shocker.

    Of course, Janet Reno, no clinger, no thumper, and no Conservative credentials whatsoever had no problem frying about 70 people, including kids, 20 years ago today.

    Funny, how that doesn’t ever get mentioned for mass murder. Could have grabbed Koresh on his nightly jaunts to Braums for a cherry limeade.

    It was easier to toast Crazy David and the ATF couldn’t have hung their flag on the Branch Davidian flagpole.

  47. In other news, our “historically middle-of-the-road” rated President’s ‘Affordable’ Healthcare Plan:

    Health Actuaries: Obamacare Rates Will Soar

    🙄 🙄

  48. So they ass-clown (David Sirota) that wrote the article hoping that they were right-wing “white American” extremists is now calling everyone bigots. “Our reaction to terrorism shouldn’t be predicated on the demography of the terrorists. Sad that bigotry apparently obscures this simplt truth.” What a fucking hypocrite.

  49. Yeah. What he said. At this point they are whoever and whatever the media tells us they are. There are already so many conflicting reports of who what when and where. I think anyone can paint this picture to match the way they already have it imprinted on their mind.

  50. The origin of the terrorists is Chechnyan. Commentator Victor Sharpe, who has written extensively on the threats to the world from resurgent Islam, told Arutz Sheva:

    “We must remember that on September 1st, 2004, Chechen terrorists took some 1,000 Russians captive at a school in Beslan, southern Russia, and held them for three days. During that time the Chechens slaughtered 186 children and 148 adults. Among the Chechen terrorists were women.

    “Chechnya is predominantly Muslim. Most of the Chechens belong to the Shafi’i school of thought of Sunni Islam, while a minority belong to the Hanafi.

    “It has been an aim of Islamic terrorists and jihadists to use people who do not look Arab or Middle Eastern to commit atrocities on soft targets in the U.S in order for them to blend in better with the majority population. This could be the first wave of such terror. It is particularly ghastly that in view of the horrendous injuries suffered by the victims at the Boston Marathon the younger brother who helped perpetrate the atrocity was studying medicine in the Boston area.”

    Imagine that? These were just the guys we were looking for.

    reinforce, repeat, reinforce, repeat, reinforce, repeat, reinforce, repeat…

  51. Ok, just heard report dead brother’s YouTube account had Jihadist content.

    Some wild stuff to wake up to this morning.

    Coming soon, Terror and Coffee, sung to the tune of Prince’s starfish and Coffee.

    I’m starting to fully understand not saying everything I think as I watch this play out. And I’m really hoping my gut is wrong about what I am seeing…

  52. This could turn into an epically craptastic week for Obama. First gun control, and now this could undermine the immigration debate…

    Circle the wagons time:

    WASHINGTON — New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer admonished colleagues not to “try to conflate” the immigration reform bill that the Senate is considering with the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the perpetrators of which have been identified as immigrants.

    “I’d like to ask that all of us not jump to conclusions regarding the events in Boston or try to conflate those events with this legislation,” Schumer said Friday at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the immigration bill.

    As the hearing was happening, the Boston metropolitan area was on lockdown, as police attempted to capture one of the suspects in the bombing, who was feared to be carrying explosives.

  53. Don’t take my word for it, wait for someone else to “report” it for you. Of course, if you’re watching MSDNC, that might be a while….

    The alleged Boston Marathon bomber who was killed in a shootout early Friday morning with police was, according to what appears to be his social media profile, a fan of the radical and ascetic brand of Islam associated with al Qaeda.

    The YouTube page belonging to someone named Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the same name as one of the two brothers who allegedly dropped pressure-cooker bombs at the finish line of the marathon on Monday, includes several links to videos from an Australian Muslim preacher who has called for the beheading of a Dutch politician.

    The videos were sermons delivered by Feiz Mohammad, a former boxer of Lebanese descent who now preaches an extreme version of Sunni Islam known as Salafism. (Tsarnaev also appears to have been a boxer.) In 2007 Mohammed came under fire for a series of messages that called on young Muslims to become holy warriors. Three years later, the Dutch press reported that Mohammad had called for the beheading of Gert Wilders, a Dutch politician who has compared radical Islam to Nazi ideology.

    Also on Tsarnaev’s apparent YouTube site were videos in Russian from Abdel al-Hamid al-Juhani. Mary Habeck, an expert in radical Islam at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and a Russian speaker, said al-Juhani “is an important ideologue for al Qaeda in Chechnya and the Caucuses.”

    “The form of Salafism that Tsarnaev was [allegedly] interested in is a very radical form of Salafism,” Habeck said, “one that is usually associated with al Qaeda and associated groups.”

  54. The Daily Caller:”Immigration bill contains 400 waivers, exceptions and exemptions.”The more I read about this, the more I think it’s passage would be a mistake.

    Lawrence O’Donell was so angry after Bush won an election, he said the blue states should succeed.

    No doubt perjury doesn’t apply to the Clintons. Neither does sexual assault.

  55. I can’t see cameras serving any purpose in the classroom but in terms of whodunits they seem to have made all the difference here. Might be overreaction on my part. The day after the attack I passed by 2 large black knapsacks stuffed to the gills sitting on the ground near a stairway leading to a very popular – almost iconic – L stop downtown. From a safer distance I turned around and watched as two valet parking attendants rounded the corner and stood by the bags. I recognized the two by their attire (black jackets and pants!) as part of the valet service of a large office building. I had the oddest feeling walking past those bags – not scared, more like total denial. Like there had to be a good explanation for the bags even though they looked almost absurdly suspicious. I did look around and no one else seemed concerned or even to notice them.

    Might be quitting the city sooner than planned. Just a growing sense of unease.

    All night long I dreamt of being in the lockdown zone where these two lived.

  56. So R. Can you imagine in your dream world, where the citizens are disarmed or limited to 10 round clips and they live in the area where this man hunt is going on? Would you feel secure protecting your home knowing this guy was shooting it out with just 10 rounds? Would you wish you had more if he showed up in your yard?

  57. This was well planned in advance. Now we can see how the police state takes over. Now we can see how we’ve been frightened into giving away all our rights. Now we can see all the forces of evil coming together. Now is when all the “I told you sos don’t matter.

    Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide.

  58. It seems like it was just last week that Obama et al. were telling us that the victims of gun violence deserve a vote, which suggests that they all took for granted that a simple vote was enough to produce what they wanted.

    They got the vote. But was it what they deserved?

    Evidently not, as the Rutherfords are throwing tantrums and Obama is planning more executive actions to do what the constitutional legislative process didn’t.

    Remember this when Rutherford and others tell us “nobody is planning such-and-such,” “nobody ever said this-and-that,” and that the slippery slope is a BS argument. King Obama pays lip service to congress so that it can provide him cover for his failures. At the end of the day, he’s going to do what he wants.

    We just have to get over it.

  59. Noah, you have to realize that many liberal men do not see themselves as protector of the their family.

    I’m not trying to be snarky, either. Many see it as nothing but dated patriarchy.

    What goes hand in hand with this notion is the claim there is no need to protect your family. That’s the job of police, local gov…anybody but them. They scoff at men who arm themselves responsibly in case the family is ever threatened. They always smirk about the possibility. My family’s experience in the riots freak shit. The entire metro area of Boston…..well…..freak shit again. On and on.

    Those unarmed men and their families are helpless right now. Gazelles running…..that dude, probably armed with a suicide vest could literally walk in a guy like Rutherford’s house uncontested, hold them hostage and then blow them up when he feels it’s time. Sealing a club would be more difficult.

    Thank God for the 2nd amendment.

  60. I can see it now….

    This America-hating bomber that is still alive will be called a domestic terrorist since he grew up here. He will successfully hide out long enough to gain respectability, to the point that he can host fundraisers for politicians, be photographed and praised for stepping on the American flag, ghost-write “autobiographies,” and end up with a career as a university professor.

  61. Well, time to strap on my Dad’s trusty .38 snub-nose until the bad guy is found. What are the chances he will end up here? Very, very low, but if everybody arms himself everywhere, that little bastard is toast.

    Folks don’t give me and my piece a second look around here. Love living in rural Virginia. Just love it.

    Along those lines, I still haven’t been able to get any ammo for my rifle. I just had a couple of hoses made up for my gas pump (auto gas is $2/gal cheaper than airplane gas and my Cessna is approved for auto fuel); while chatting with the guy behind the counter, he revealed that he reloads my caliber, and offered to reload for me. I repeat; I love living here. Gotta locate my old brass. Funny you bring up Waco. While he was swaging the hose-barbs, were also talking about that, and the horrific excesses of that big lesbian. What was her name? Reno?

    I hope I’m wrong, but these times have all the signs of bad stuff to come. Hope I am wrong.

    poolman – I just love “Don’t Take Me Alive” – that’s from the Royal Scam, right? Know where Steely Dan got its name?

    Christ on a crutch. I am listening/watching an interview with a “citizen” in Watertown about the shootout. His self-defense for himself and his wife? “We prayed Jesus would save us.” I got news for you, hotshot. Jesus and a .223 beats Jesus alone every time. Fucking pussies. How can you claim to be a man and expect respect from your wife when you hide like a little girl? Sometimes, God help me, I hate city-dwellers.

  62. Interesting note: Several videos from the fertilizer plant in West Texas show a missile or meteor coming into the picture and exploding, causing that huge blast at the burning plant. Misreported in the news is that the plant contained ammonium nitrate whereas it contained anhydrous ammonium, a gas, that is less volatile. In past experiences with ammonium nitrate explosions there is a big crater where they occur. This latest plant explosion shows no crater.

    Back to the police state propaganda mill…

    The facebook page of Tamerlan Tsarnaev showing him in pictures in a good light have been taken down. Thankfully, they were captured and saved.

    I believe the aunt and the father over Anderson Cooper. They are much more credible. And, we know the FBI’s reputation for truth, at least anyone with half a brain could check their integrity doing a little research into the documented historical facts.

  63. 103 I have a hard time even putting myself in the place of a man who doesn’t feel that it is his job to protect his family. That notion is completely alien to me.

    My father in law saw this coming more than a year ago. 6 months ago he sold me his reloading equipment for next to nothing and used that to purchase new equipment for himself. Really not difficult to do and you will save a lot of money on ammunition. Here in Michigan ammo is scarce still. When you find it you are limited on how much you can purchase. I always go in with the wife and we both buy our “allowed” amount. Dam what has happened to us.

    I am unsure of the constitutionality of shutting down the city to just find one man, they are going door to door… I don’t know if they are ramming doors down or not, but I am fear for the constitutionality of this. And if you are naive enough to believe you can sacrifice liberty for security… You deserve neither!

  64. Get used to the door-to-door, Noah. That’s part of the plan. Ever study any real history? This is not new, though it is new to us. Many have sounded the warnings. Terrorism, as perpetrated by the state, has won this day. Everyone across the nation has been conditioned to hide and to be scared of a single fugitive man. The global world’s army is in hot pursuit of one (1) man. Yeah, we’re done.

  65. poolman – you know what I find really disturbing? Pictures of Boston. Armored personnel carriers everywhere. Armor with guys poking their heads out of the top, with hands on a machine gun. Police that don’t look like police – very militarized cops with combat helmets and body armor. Thousands and thousands of cop cars. Cops with military weapons like the AR-15. THIS IS ALMOST AN EXACT REPLICA OF 1935 GERMANY. Nobody took Hitler seriously, either.

    Man, I hope we are not heading where I think we are. I am not a Chicken Little kind of guy, but everything I read says we are on the brink of financial collapse; Arizona is now the second state to coin its own money from silver and gold, planning to repudiate Federal fiat (paper) money. I think Hussein and his minions are planning for massive unrest and are buying up all the ammo. Jesus, I am not one of these “preppers,” but they are looking smarter to me every damned day.

    Is it just me?

  66. Say what you want about our unions, obesity and Dem ticket voting. West side metro Detroit white boys are armed to the teeth.

  67. Say what you will about Beck and his emotional rants with tears. But contrary to Obama’s lackeys like Rutherford who must hide the truth, I put Beck up against anybody in this country exposing what most don’t want to know.

    It was Beck who first exposed Obama’s czars for what they were. It was Beck who traced the tentacles of George Soros back to every facet of the Obama Administration. It was Beck who made the right call on gold and will make the right call again with gold dropping. Beck was right about the Sauds on 9/11 and put it on the line. FOX was a bunch of chickenshit cowards for not backing Beck.

    It’s time to call the Sauds bluff. We can do without their oil – lets not forget 15 of the 19 9/11 perpetrators made their way from Arabia. And whatever these Sauds have on our government, both Repub and Dim historically have been kissing the ring, needs to be made public so that we get to learn.

  68. He did call that Solyndra scam out.

    I just read that the older brother left the country for 6 months last year.

  69. I just hope its him so that the people in Boston can get on with their lives.

    I can’t help but think about the hide-and-seek games we used to play as kids. 1 of my favorite places was inside a neighbor’s boat parked in the driveway.

  70. well……if Beck is full of shit…….can we all agree to treat him as poolman forever after Monday?

    Heyyyyy! I got a lot invested in you guys. I’ve earned my abuse. How can you be so flippant with your disgust?

    Seriously, the guy’s an entertainer first. Why the drama? Ratings. Viewership. Cha-ching. If he has something, spit it out. I don’t hold back.

    Well, really I do… 😀

  71. Damn. We were warned about this terror cell. Pretty obvious the guy went and trained in the Caucuses. And, upon his return, we got a warning the guy was a terrorist. Fuck.

  72. Does it mention anywhere in this terror porn that MSM is broadcasting anything about the fact that we (the US and Israel) are supporting Chechen ‘al qaida’ against the Russians? It’s like Afghanistan when ZB visited and told them god is on your side and you will be successful and you can fight to secure your homeland.

    Nothing is original. Nothing new under the sun.


  73. FBI even interviewed him. Yup…..they dropped the ball.

    That’s what they do with ALL their patsies. Gawd, pay attention to the facts as presented. I have posted at least 2 references in this thread alone.

    And you’re the grownup? Pffttt!

  74. Food for thought – the public likely ID’d them from the images released yesterday, even though evidently he was on the FBI’s radar. Tonight the search was called off and people were told they could venture out and moments later a woman called in the final tip about the boat.

  75. Yeah..good pointq Muffy.

    On the one hand, I don’t expect the Feds to be able to stop every one of these guys…..but on the other hand…..the Ford Hood attacker was known to be communicating with Al Queda and was receiving federal pay checks.

    Well…it’s good we got him alive, I guess.

  76. Well foolman….I will agree with one thing…..there is a certain pornographic nature to all of this…..of which I’m guilty of myself. I have no doubt our reaction motivates the next attack in some ways. Just don’t know anyway around it.

  77. Me too, Rabbit (@#133). It wears.

    Anyway glad the lady went outside and saw something was amiss and ended this manhunt.

    Wow, suspect in custody…

  78. I watched this hunt unwind last night live and a thought occurred to me. Virtually the entire Boston Police force, swat team, the works was tied up for one man. Just like VTech.

    What exactly is law enforcement planning to do if 500 hundred of these savages decide to go off simultaneously?

  79. Something like it happened in Norway, Tex. Sami protesters demonstrated against the Alta dam and hydroelectric and power plant from about 1978 through 1981. At one time, 10 t0 14% of the entire Norwegian police force was coping with Sami demonstrators. Many near Alta were quartered on a cruise ship.

    Later declassified documents showed that Norwegian government planned to use the military as logistical support for the police.

    I suspect the National Guard would have stepped in.

    As we know, like the other times, some liberals have hinted that the bombers might be white men disaffected with Obama policies if not outright Tea Partiers.

    The Daily Caller: “Axelrod goes silent after Boston Marathon suspects ID’d as Muslim.”

    BizPac “In yet another turn of events that moves further away from the hopes of many on the left that right-wing extremists were responsible for the bombings in Boston, terrorist suspect DZhokhar Tsarnawev looks to be a fan of President Barack Obama.”

  80. In 1970, I was in Iowa City preparing for grad school. Anti- war protests shut down the city and overwhelmed the police. The National Guard restored order after a difficult time.

  81. James,

    While our military completely capable of handling the slopeydopes, as evident in Iraq and Afghanistan before Pres. Puke took over, there is one huge problem.


    There won’t be time to coordinate a plan. By the time the national guard in place to combat enemy combatants, complete chaos could reign and literally tens of thousands could be dead.

    If it happens, I pray it’s while Obama is President. This piece of crap and his equally horrid Attorney General have coddled terrorists with their political correctness. It would only be fitting that Obama oversee the death of thousands.

    Hence, reason number 4,132 to allow personal ownership of automatic weaponry.

  82. Tex, I was thinking mainly of domestic unrest. The Sami and our anti- war protesters were not trying to bring down a government, and most were not armed.Protesters burned down a university building and the Highway Patrol augmented the overwhelmed police after protesters occupied another building. The first National Guard unit arrived the night protesters wrecked part of the business district.

    The reaction seemed almost immediate, but perhaps, they had coordinated a plan when the protests began three days earlier.

    I agree about armed insurrection or a large scale terrorist attack, and If it happens, like you, I hope it is before Obama leaves office. Obviously the two brothers and possible allies were closer to domestic rioters or bombers like the Weathermen, but your point is valid.

    You are suggesting Sarajevo War’92..but we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy you tube video. They showed what well-armed civilians can do against an army. The video also shows the cost.

    ‘We fought four our single and unified Bosnia and Hergezovena where more than 100,000 were killed, and we fought for our Sarajevo which was 1425 days under the siege where 12,000 were killed and 50,000 seriously wounded citizens. Guess what. WE SURVIVED !!”.

    So did the Sami and Finns during the 1939 Winter War. They drove the Soviet Army out through what one writer described as one of the most brutal uses of knowledge of local landmarks in the history of twentieth century warfare. Many like the Sami-Finnish sharp shooter who killed at least 700 Soviets in 90 days did it with their own weapons.

    I agree, the possibility is another reason why we must retain ownership of automatic weaponry, but hundreds of thousands of people would die for a good cause. They might even win as with the examples I cited.

  83. I agree about armed insurrection or a large scale terrorist attack, and If it happens, like you, I hope it is before Obama leaves office.

    I haven’t followed the thread closely enough today to put this in any context that makes sense but then what context could make this make sense? James do you hate Obama so much you want the destruction of our country on his watch?

    What a bummer thing to read on what has been a real bummer of a week.

  84. “I haven’t followed the thread closely enough today”

    Of course you havnt R. Anytime hard questions hit the page, you leave it.

  85. Obama is leading the country to destruction, dummy. And many of us are tired of self-serving dickheads like you trying to cover for it. Five times as many people died in West, TX, as died in Boston. This week was no different than any other. But the Texans? They weren’t the “right” people.

    Let there be no doubt in the history books of Obama’s abject stupidity and pathetic lack of leadership. Camelot II? I’m laughing at you.

    You’re not even noticing the rot, while you suck your thumb with a bottle of Maalox in hand as you bow before the Styrofoam columns. Your own backyard is war zone. Look around and wise up for once. This bummer is your country now. Live with it.

    But then self-reflection is beyond you. That would require you to admit you were wrong about the most basic of tenets, wouldn’t it? You think I call you Peter Pan to be funny and sarcastic? Think again.

    Obama is a failure, thug and charlatan who has accomplished little and damaged a lot. Perhaps one day you can admit you leftists have created this environment of falsehoods, political correctness, dependency, helplessness, make believe, and self-absorption.

    But that might tarnish your own inflated opinion of your talents.

  86. ‘I don’t want to know his name. I don’t want to see his face. I don’t want to know his life’s history, his back-story, who his family is, where he went to school, or what he liked to do in his spare time. I don’t want to know what “cause”, if any, he was fighting for. I don’t want to know why he did it, or may have done it, or what possessed him to carry out his actions. I don’t want to know. Because that’s what he really wants. I’ll be damned if I’m going to give him what he wants.

    Put him on trial, but don’t cover it. Tell me when you decide to jail him for three lifetimes – because that number matters. That’s the number of lives he has to now pay for. That’s all I want to know about him. Nothing else.’

  87. I’m being realistic, Rutherford. The context was a reaction to Tex’s writing that a major outbreak of violence could be a problem if it happened during something like the Boston lock down. He wrote the armed citizenry would be the main hope for restoring order. I countered with the National Guard etc in most violence such as anti war protests, the Weather men or the Boston bombers.

    I agreed that a foreign or domestic armed force might require an uprising, because it would be much more dangerous.

    I don’t want an insurrection, but if we had one, hundreds of thousands of people would die .I was reminding anyone who mentions it as a possibility. If you can’t imagine it check YouTube for a graphic illistration.

    Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution. He has overstepped his bounds, and he has proven his disregard for our soldiers and a diplomat who died while he was in office.He has also proven he doesn’t care about what happened to the victims of Fast and Furious which killed hundreds of Mexicans and at least one of our border patrol officers. Obama also showed a lack of concern for the children who died in the Sandy Hook shooting. He only used those who agreed with him about gun control as props, not the others. It was a horrendous misuse of the emotions of grieving families.

    Obama showed less passion for the soldiers killed by a Muslim extremist who was a US Army officer, than he did for the defeat of his gun control bill .Is it possible that he wanted the bill defeated in the House, not the Senate so he could use it as a club to politically destroy the Republicans and achieve full control of this country.? One wouldn’t ask such a a question of a normal president, but it legitimately applies to this one, fair or not.

    He doesn’t care about the dead Texans any more than he cared about our flood. We are not his people, and there is little political capital for him.

    He doesn’t care about the poverty his policies have created as long as there is enough money for his and Michelle’s numerous vacations and chances to hob nob with celebrities. His administration has shown that the number of food stamp users has grown faster than the number of jobs. He cares less about that than in changing the United States to fit his image of how it ought to be. The more poor people dependent on the government, the better for Democratic election chances.

    Remember, Obama even had to prove with a picture that he has shot a gun .He is a liar and an evil man. He, not the fantasy of armed rebellious citizens is destroying this country.It doesn’t matter that he has also done some good. The bad outweighs the good.

    If something happened, I would rather it ocurred during his presidency because he caused most of our problems. I would hope that it would let enough voters to somehow see the light and give the man and his party the ignominious defeat they deserve in an election, not an armed conflict. I want that man to go down in history as our worst president. I want it to happen while I am still alive.

    The Sarajevo War ’92 video I harped on included a statement from Lord David Owens European Union peace negotiator. He advised Bosnians to surrender to ethnic cleansing in early 1993. “Don’t dream dreams.” Obama’s administration is telling us the same but with “unless you can give us something.”.

  88. As bad as the Boston bombing was, let us remember that others have suffered too. In 2010, two women blew themselves up in a Moscow subway. Scores of people died, and over 70 were injured.
    In 2004, Chechen jihadists took over 1,000 hostages in a Russian school. 334 adults and 186 children died.Such bombings are fairly common in Iraq.

    I also fantasize about the worst offenders of our press and entertainment industry. They could have cost Obama an election, but they helped him. Many were salivating over the possibilty that a conservative white man did the attack. Dead people were good for their agenda if the right people killed them. Those people deserve our scorn.

  89. From your “high maintenance, uncivil” adversary…

    Did you read James well written criticism closely, chump? There’s not one thing in that not true – it’s all fact and for anyone that still prefers truth, not even open to debate unless you want to go on living a lie.

    Instead of living in fantasy land, maybe you ought to ruminate on what James just said, and do a little self reflection on how you contributed to the lies by becoming an MSNBC parrot, spoon fed the lies and then regurgitating them.

    Obama is a mendacious creep. His wife is an entitled creep. They are not fit to lead this once great country – a country Obama and Shelly only proud of when they can bleed the perks of office, mind you.

    Our new “transformation” has led to the greatest destruction of America’s middle class wealth in its history – including the 1929 Depression. And the man and his wife of convenience have the unmitigated gall to campaign on behalf of defending the middle class. There was a day that tar and feathers would have been brought out. But the apathy in this country has limited participation.

    Worse, this country has gotten so damn ignorant from years of Leftist indoctrination in our public schools, that they’re dumb enough to believe the lies.

    Well guess what?

    It’s getting to the point even the inane are beginning to recognize the massive failure. And there will come a day and there is no turning back now where Obama and his corrupt cabinet will no longer be able to hide behind his lackeys in the media, as the failure will become so predominant that even the spin masters from the Left can’t fool the patsy masses.

    And since that set of events is imminent, men like James and me want it to happen on Obama’s 2nd watch, where the blame can be placed on exactly who it is that facilitated it.

    There is nothing evil about that. It’s called justice.

  90. Add Boston Marathon Bombing to pile of Failed Eliminationist Narratives

    Though Rutherford has finally learned the hard way to remain silent concerning initial accusation, most of his buddies on the Left still like to participate in the speculation to carry forth with their mission – search and destroy. Let us count the times they were wrong as a reminder of how vicious, dishonest and evil this pack of hyenas are:

  91. ThanksTex.

    Rutherford, I know Obama mentioned West Texas. It was an afterthought. It’s called lip service. To be fair, the explosion was juxtiposed with the drama of a man hunt, but Obama hasn’t said much about the deaths since.

    Why isn’t he visiting Texas to offer personal condolences? For the same reason he refused to visit our flood twice when he was in Iowa both times. You nailed it, “cos they’re not his people.

  92. 48 hours after the event…what a charming, sincere, warm man your Obama boy really is.

    Of course, I understand. Obama was very busy playing CYA while demagoguing and grandstanding how Al Qaeda has been ‘severely degraded’.


  93. Good morning fellow patrons of the police state.

    Federal law enforcement officials are invoking the public safety exception regarding Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Miranda rights.

    So much for your long-awaited citizenship granted you 9/11/12…

    Willkommen auf der neuen Amerika!

  94. These are “his people.” From Newsbusters:

    MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnel Blames NRA for slowing investigation in Boston Bombing

    :NPR Heavily hints Boston was bombed by ‘anti- government right-wing individuals’ who love Hitler

    Boston Bombing: NYT reports national journal speculates on right wing anti government extremist groups

    CNN claims pressure cooker bombs some how signature of extreme right terrorists

    Actual Solon Headline” Let’s hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a white American”

    MSNBC brings on Harvard professor to speculate Far Right may be responsible for Boston Attack.

    Those are Obama’s people. Axelrod explained why Obama didn’t use “terrorist” at first. He also implied conservatives might have set off the bomb in honor of Tax Day.

    They are wittingly or not following an Alinsky rule for radicals. That is to accuse the other side of doing what you are doing. Extremists infest the news media and our politics. Most are on the left.

    In the words of the father to lisel’s boy friend in the Sound of Music, “You’re better than that. You are not really one of them. Leave with us.”

  95. R @ 160, Good Lordy, I hope you are fucking kidding. A little late, and politically expedient, don’t you think?

    I wonder if Dzhokhar could’ve been one of his children. 🙄

    So, has Obama taken credit for the capture yet?

  96. Which part of your week was a bummer, R?

    The part where President Petulant woodenly turned a memorial service into a pep rally, replete with shoutouts and surrogate chest thumping?

    Maybe it was the part where members of the legacy media kept finding ways to insert their bias into coverage, blaming people who aren’t inclined to give the President the “solid B+” he’d laughingly claim for himself?

    Or was it the moment when those “old dead white guys” who authored and passed the Bill of Rights once again triumphed over shallow “thinking”, prezel logic, and the most jealous contempt for the rights of the individual citizen, despite the executive branch’s best efforts, and willingness to parade any prop before a camera?

    I STILL love my country, but I was given fresh reasons to be ashamed of and despise my President this week.

  97. I guess now authorities are backing off of some of this concocted tale. I wonder how many versions we’ll get? Americans don’t care, we’re ‘safe’ again for now.

    I’ll go back to my original observation. These guys’ backpacks were not heavy enough to carry these shrapnel bombs. Supposedly there is video of them setting them down and then walking away, though no one has produced it. We get what they want us to see, and if it reinforces their narrative, very explicit graphics.

    And what about the Saudi national who was first a suspect, then a victim and witness, then deported? Is that like the plane of bin Ladens that flew out of here after 9/11 when all other flights were grounded?

    And you guys are taking the official version as true, am I right?

  98. They’ve already backed off the 7 eleven robbery, and the ‘device blew up in his hand’ is obviously bogus if you believe this genuine:

  99. Poolman shut the fuck up!!!!
    You know damn well, as does everyone else here that are resoundingly better at ignoring you than I am,that images offered will only be discounted as concocted by tptb. FUCK YOU.
    btw there is footage and images of the bomber putting a pack down behind the young Martin kid.

  100. The morgue image which was snapped by the BPD as a sick ha ha moment and an obvious fix for the macabre as well is a good image.
    I would invite PF to offer his medical school analysis. I’ll offer mine here.
    He has had two needle decompressions for pneumothorax. Potential chest tube site noted ant. axillary line. Bottom of photo above waist line. looks like gauze hanging out. Large noticeable “gash” Looks like crash thoracotomy action.The yellow stains consistent with rapid betadine wash. His IV’s are consistent with trauma placement of large bore caths in the AC.
    The reports of blast injuries were questionable as were many early reports. That said though I’m a little curious about the staining coming from his right shoulder area. The blackened areas on the shoulder could be explosive in nature. The flow of dark red up to the face could be bleeding/blast related. It also could be related to the reported “getting run over by his brother” stuff.
    I am assuming he had been intubated,he clearly was never trach’ed or crich’ed.
    200 shots fired that night with no evidence any were center mass on this suspect.

  101. @ PF 111 et tu old man of logic et tu???
    Although I would otherwise applaud you if you were to lament and groan about the incessant waste of tax dollars on vehicles such as the Lenco BEARcat in the context you offer your response I really have nothing but the et tu stuff. Come back professor come back you’re going to the dark side come back!

  102. @ James
    I am at a loss on your commentary about insurrection,I suppose I’d address this to Tex as well.
    First are we speaking about a civil insurrection to perceived or actual tyranny from ZOG or something? Or ratchet it down a little and just say government if you’re not all in on the pool man scale of crazy.
    Or are you talking about a response to a domino effect kind of thing such a a terrorist act whether actual terrorists or again poolman crazy black flag shit
    Are we talking about multiple terror cells going green all at once (which I think Tex touched on)

  103. @ James …Not liking to defend the O but I for one am a little loss on the Obama bash regards natural disasters. He sent the $$$ do you really want the in person phony photo op shit too?
    As for those that compare the Iowa flood and Obamas lack of response to Romney going to LA after Iassac and then Obama following suit…. I dig Mitt but do you think that was anything other than a synergy moment with Jindal? Seriously I never imagined you so politically naive.

  104. Poolman get a backpack,put a 20 lb load in it,jump off a high point to your death. Your bag will look fairly normal.

  105. Alfie, I get that you don’t like me. I get that you don’t think free speech should apply to everyone, especially anyone critical of anything American. You actually make a good poster boy for the police state in moments like this. But you’re medical knowledge should work to convince you of the bullshit being propagated by tptb. Instead, you double down on dumb. But I have no medical experience. I can only learn from others that do.

    re 173, This was Scott Creighton’s observation:

    Many people mistakenly believe that Tamerlan was killed in a gunfight with police. That is not the case. Many people believe that his injuries were caused by a bomb going off in his hand and that too does not seem to be the case.

    In the image linked too above, both of Tamerlan’s hands can be seen (for the most part. His left is partially out of the frame, but the thumb is seen and the thumb would have been involved in holding the bomb). There is no apparent damage to his hands. There is also no burning or charring of either his body or his forearms. Ergo, a bomb did not go off in his hand.

    Tamerlan’s face, neck and right shoulder are extremely discolored, the result of what they claim to have been his brother running him over with a car and dragging his body for a while. Yet there is no road rash that I can see and at least his arms don’t appear to be broken nor do any of his fingers that can be seen. His ribcage seems intact and two of his ribs are seen through the cut made on him and neither of them seem fractured either. His face is not torn or cut up and his jaw does not appear broken. There doesn’t appear to be swelling of any kind.

    There is a large wound on his left ribcage which is being attributed to an emergency procedure, a resuscitative thoracotomy, in which they attempt to keep his heart beating. Typically this procedure is used in cases of lung cancer, but can be performed in order to relieve pressure on the heart. It would also appear that they have inserted large gauge needles in both of his lungs in an effort to allow him to breathe.

    The official story of his death does not seem to support this image in my opinion.

  106. From, a former employee testified in the Gosnell trial that “Gosnell Trial Witness:Baby Abortion Survivor was Swimming in Toilet Trying to get out.” Adrenne Moton an employee took the baby and snipped the back of his head while the mother was still in the room.

    The baby boy had curled himself into the fetal position and laid on his side. An image of the baby was shown to the court.” You should all see the picture.

    Obama supported killing aborted babies when he was in the state legislature. Imagine how those babies felt at the end. Yet, we hear little or nothing about it on the news.

    Some one when Bush was president estimated that about 5,000 such babies suffer a horrible death each year.Someone called me a baby killer long ago, and by his standards I return the favor to our president.

    Someone please tell me what major good Obama has accomplished. Surely there is something.

    “Well I believe it is all coming to an end. Oh well we can all pretend…” Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20

  107. I take it personally, Alfie.

    Obama’s appearance wouldn’t have changed anything. It would have been a mere photo op as you wrote. But that man was less than 300 miles away when Iowa’s representatives asked him to look at the destruction–twice..

    This was a big deal, and writers as distant as North Dakota who were also in the flood noticed the snub. At the very least, his visit would have let the news media tell our story. They did report at first, but other stories intruded. Five months is a long time to be under water. I have spoken to people from the east coast and other regions who asked “what flood?”

    Obama didn’t drop a dime on us. Congress and insurance companies spent the money.

    I never claimed to be normal. I just hide it well. Obama’s snub of the victims of the tornado outbreak a few years ago, and his barely mentioning the dead near Waco, Texas illustrate his selective use of symbolism for his advantage. The rest can pound sand.

    This connects with Benghazi for me. Until we learn differently, I assume Obama neglected and abandoned people who were his responsibility. It happened to me, and I was nearly killed, though in my case I didn’t know they were watching. The soldiers, security people and Ambassador Stevens were forgotten like yesterday’s trash.

    The dying aborted baby trying to swim in a toilet revives memories of a late term miss- carriage. .

    So, in my twisted little mind, selective photo ops, Benghazi, and the late term abortions are identical, and interchangeable . It isn’t naivite that guides me. Maybe it is a trace of post traumatic stress disorder. Maybe it is something else.

  108. Are we talking about multiple terror cells going green all at once (which I think Tex touched on)

    Multiple slopeydopes going off at once, Alfie. I was thinking in a coordinated attack, the police would quickly be overwhelmed, the national guard too slow to respond, and the burden might fall to us ordinary citizens that Rutherford despises for packing heat. 😡

    But I’m serious about the concern. That’s twice I’ve watched one or two crazies tie up entire towns.


    Trust me on this one, Alfie. Obama has a real selective memory and real selective criteria, like who voted for him, concerning the who receives federal tax dollars and who doesn’t in a pinch. Ask Nashville, TN, about their flood. Or Iowans. Or Missourians. James is absolutely right on this one.

    Ask Texas about FEMA’s response to the devastating fires last year. Or ask Oklahomans who have tried to receive federal loans. Ask Oklahoma or Joplin, MO, about tornado responses. Obama and his minions let Texas roast – which Texas handled by the way without much in the way of federal assistance.

    Obama is as political and demagoguing in his fairness of allocation as he is exceptionally good at breaking campaign promises. If you don’t think there aren’t two Americas with the Obamas, you haven’t talked to enough people south of the Mason Dixon line.

  109. Alfie, I get that you don’t like me.
    I hate you. I find you so totally loathsome for so many reasons it is mind boggling.
    I get that you don’t think free speech should apply to everyone, especially anyone critical of anything American.
    Although I am on record recommending Rutherford not afford you the opportunity to pollute his site and not be a punk bitch who only wants the thread count I don’t speak against your free speech rights. On the contrary I exercise my own to point out how utterly retarded,wrong and seditious you are.It is typical that you believe those pointing out your shit-bagginess are encroaching on your free speech. You have free speech just as you are to then freely accept the consequences of it. Speech is free but comes at a cost.
    You actually make a good poster boy for the police state in moments like this.
    I find this laughable. I am actually sharing a great deal of first hand knowledge in many of these threads and it seems only to be a problem for some hole digging asshole from Arizona. Go figure. I also clearly offer logic and detached Vulcan like awesomeness but I really shouldn’t gloat. I am and it’s been recognized by thread residents an level headed guy.
    But you’re medical knowledge should work to convince you of the bullshit being propagated by tptb. Instead, you double down on dumb. But I have no medical experience.
    What the fuck are you on about? The highest level of bullshit is coming from people like you. All along the sanity spectrum the social media humps have fueled the misinformation. People jump on hearsay and “Tweet” it and then it is on the front page of the newspapers and in the streaming banners on all the televisions.It isn’t new either think back to the OJ chase and how the Howard Stern wannabe got interviewed.Look at the poor tan kid who was plastered on many a web page and the NYC paper (post or news) the kid is a total innocent who via islamophobes and other nutters could just as easily have found himself getting a total beat down. In hearing or viewing the reports of possible blast injuries people put the emphasis on blast instead of possible. My medical knowledge tells me that there is clear evidence of a trauma resuscitation on display in the image.

  110. Sorry Alfie. Your comment to James confuses me as well. There’s certainly more than sending a check involved.

  111. Tex 182
    Thanks. I hate to play into poolmans delusions but if multiple nutters hit the go button I agree the civilian populace would be a good resource. The thing of it is though that I doubt sleepers will hit Red America and that is due to a number of variables. I think Blue locales have the most to fear and are the least capable of providing the civilian response.
    [cue poolmans aha moment]
    It is my opinion that if there were large scale/multiple event(s) there would be an activation of Northern Command operations. Basically posse comitatus out the window with or without a martial law scenario.
    I will offer this though.The big reason a limited action ties up anything is the “new” techniques in vogue.This goes beyond policing though.
    For example one of the hottest techniques in firefighting is the incident command system. This is a glorified heavily bureaucratic and technical variation of the old school “surround and drown” tactic of firefighting.
    In regards to policing last nights events are a classic example of the “yeah we’re sworn to protect and we know it is a dangerous job but we’re not going to risk anything” bullshit. The search part leading up to it was overkill but has components unique to the area.

  112. “FWIW in Obama’s remarks last night after the capture, he mentioned West, TX.

    But I guess he didn’t mean it cos they’re not his people.”

    Of all the things posted, of all the effort put in place by the members of his blog, this is what R commented on, this is all he had to say. Just anuthah brutha liven off the charity of others, not able to lift a finger to a keyboard. What a chump. If you are going fat grannies on your own blog and have lost interest, just let us know.

  113. Tigre I get people feel that way but I don’t have that gene I guess.
    I don’t really take much comfort from a POTUS making the scene for symbolism sake. I confess I was of the camp that George Bush was reelected the day he stood on top of the WTC rubble with a bullhorn. It was a powerful act but it was ultimately symbolism and symbolism without leadership always falls flat.W’s twist was that whether you agree with his actions after his symbolism he did not fail to exert leadership. Another great leadership moment on a far smaller scale for W was the Chile incident where he forcefully pulled his security guy through the door much to the offense of the host nation.
    Back to camps. I am on record that Obama is a crappy leader,he exhibits ZERO leadership imo. That said the Feds have not failed to my knowledge to meet the requests from the flood states. In the case of Iowa in 2011 the file is called DR 1998.

  114. Also to James ,Tigre and others….not that this is actually my stance but I have to ask especially since I don’t think Rutherford will bother with us all.
    On one hand there is a strong cadre of states rights folks here,I’m getting a vibe this only applies when selectively convenient .

  115. Personally I am for a massive shift in decentralizing of powers from the Fed to the states. Massive, huge, unprecedented shift of power.

  116. @ Tex and sorta James
    I can find it credible that Obama and any number of politicians throughout our history can be painted with the “not his people” tag.
    The easiest example of this would be any number of pols attitudes towards blacks and immigrant groups and this works across all party lines.
    This is applicable to basic human nature as well though and it is exceedingly rare to find a leader who transcends this partially,let alone fully.
    I think the closest I can get to where I think you guys are is that I agree that Obama finds fundamental,foundational faults with the United States of America that makes him the wrong guy at the wrong time.

  117. When would be the “right time” for a guy who wants to fundamentally transform our country from our founders intentions and dismantle its founding documents?

  118. @noah I don’t think there is/was/will be a time but I based my wording on a slight variation of David Frums book about Bush.

  119. Looking at events unfold over the past decade, but especially in the last few years, I think we are being conditioned to accept a form of government that is currently not our own. Specifically I think we are being conditioned to accept a police state. I would not be surprised at all that we would, before the end of Obama’s term, experience an “emergency” that will cause Obama to seize control and exercise emergency powers that will extend his time in office. It will be a problem that may go on for years, where we will be asked, in the name of national patriotism, to sacrifice personal liberty for security.

  120. Close enough for me, Alfie. “fundamental foundational faults.” Yes, it is human nature to cater to one’s own kind. Obama seems more blatant than most. More importantly, he is goring “my” ox.

    I selectively support states’ rights. States can experiment in ways the federal government can’t. Multiple approaches can show what works best. letting states follow their own courses is also a social and economic safety valve.

    I lean toward repealing the Seventeenth Amendment also, but I don’t think it will happen.

    People have called me many things, some of them printable. “Sorta James” is a new one. Not bad..

  121. Can you give me specific examples, Alfie concerning this:

    On one hand there is a strong cadre of states rights folks here,I’m getting a vibe this only applies when selectively convenient.

    If that was for me, I find your charges pretty bogus.

    I don’t think anyone has been been more vocal about “states rights” and “federalism” than I have here. But if your insinuation is I am inconsistent in application because I believe states equal, I would ask, “we are federal tax payers, aren’t we?”

    Or are we only here to subsidize the state of Massachusetts, Illinois, and New York?

  122. I don’t really take much comfort from a POTUS making the scene for symbolism sake.

    Alfie, whether it’s fair to do so or not, people want to be assured that their leader cares enough to survey a disaster site personally, or to at least say something that gives the impression that their leader shares in their loss. I took one for the team, and watched a little over half of El Jeffe speaking in Boston the other day. I wrote about that travesty. He UTTERLY failed in that test that EVERY President of the modern era faces at one time or another. Take that with the litany of previous failures in this department listed by others in this thread, and it should completely destroy the meme about how Obama cares so much. The evidence is unmistakable that if he cannot in some way make it about himself, he can’t be bothered to even fake a certain amount of empathy.

  123. @ Tex first off you sir are an avatar machine. I do like the new one.
    Second I prefaced my comment and aimed it at no one in particular and concede it is an incomplete query.
    Disasters are in the realm of the state and the states “need” to formally ask for the feds be it $ or manpower. That the feds didn’t descend upon the Dakotas,the Plains etc isn’t really a bad thing. I wonder where people are drawing their lines.
    For you specifically I find you consistent in your “e” presence and sharing. I’d only say that in context of your comment #197 everyone that asked got aid even if they didn’t get lip service or photo ops too.

  124. On one hand there is a strong cadre of states rights folks here,I’m getting a vibe this only applies when selectively convenient.

    I can’t agree. I’ve never been anything other than blunt about the 17th Amendment destroying federalism because it took away the States’ seat at the table, and the 15th Amendment being the ultimateenabler of the Fedzilla state.

    As a result, not only am I against Federal welfare programs, I oppose most of the entitlements as well, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and ObamaCare, because they make government rifle through our pockets in order to do all manner of things that do not fall under its authority to do.

    That said, there is a marked and conspicous failure to treat disasters in equal measure by this administration, and there is no reason to think it is accidental.

  125. James the “sorta” wasn’t a slight in any way. It was because I was responding to the update offered by Tex. Not for nothing but I am as confused by you all at times as much as you are by me.

  126. I don’t want to be the defender of the current Administration but I have to ask….where has the present Administration failed to act in the manner of the bureaucratic behemoth that it and previous administrations have?

  127. Alfie, I think it’s more an issue of the events that TFG chooses to insert himself into.

    The Olympics
    The police acted stupidly
    If I had a son, he’d look like Treyvon
    Looking for someone’s “ass to kick” in the Gulf oil Spill

    Contrast with the silence on the various floods, the Texas fires, etc….

  128. In for a penny in for a pound…
    DOMA yes or no?
    FEMA yes or no?>/i>

    Alfie, as I pointed out a few weeks ago, the better argument for DOMA would be that the Feds have to deal with marriage for the purposes of the benefits they provide to Federal and Quasi-Federal empoyees . If the Feds have to sort through a carzy patchwork quilt of 50 separate lists of statues to determine who is and is NOT a spouse whenever determinations have to be made is not a good use of the taxpayers’ time and money. That said, the dilema in what you imply is that the full faith and credit clause is going to cause much litigation when states that have decided that they will not have “ghey” marriage get sued when residents of states that do move.

    As for FEMA, there is a legitimate argument to be made that it falls under the Federal government’s defense authority, because having a city without the ability to function is something that is a nationali liability, and presumably, a temporary condition. (Detroit and Chicago being the notable exceptions)

  129. Speaking of delusional idiots…..

    April 19, 2013

    “What a week.

    As events unfolded in Boston, and then in Texas, and as they continue to unfold at this very moment in both places, CNN has been there for our audience in every possible way – on television, online and on our mobile platforms. As Wolf would say, that was true for our audiences here in the United States and around the world. For journalists like each of us, these are the times that define what we do and why we do it. All of you, across every division of CNN Worldwide, have done exceptional work. And when we made a mistake, we moved quickly to acknowledge it and correct it. It was important to see CNN,, HLN and CNNI all shine this week, often with different stories and different approaches that make each of their roles clear. It is a week that began with a whole new genre of programming for CNN, with the successful premiere of Parts Unknown. Now, as the week comes to a close, I wanted to express my deep gratitude and admiration. You have worked tirelessly, around the clock, to share these stories. And our audiences have responded, making it clear that they rely on us in ever increasing ways. In front of the cameras and behind the scenes, you have shown the world what makes us CNN.

    With my thanks and appreciation, CNN President Jeff Zucker”

  130. BIC That helps a lot and I mean that. Your examples give weight to charges of abuse or at least disrespect for office and the cult of personality angle.
    Again not that I don’t want to be seen as the O’s defender, I would counter that your comparison exercise speaks more loudly to a point Tex has often made and our host has routinely downplayed.

    Obama gives answers and makes comments that the media wants.

    Again this reeks intensely of how bad a choice he is for POTUS but it doesn’t really dictate the actions of the overall government,a bureaucracy that for the most part doesn’t give a fucking hoot about who’s official picture is hanging in their location anymore than they care how many boxes of Skilcraft pens,black nsn 111111111111 they have at any given time. Bureaucracy moves on no matter what.Sick as it is to say but we all know it to be true.
    Obama isn’t the problem,the disease he is more a sign or symptom of it.

  131. BIC 207 but doesn’t your thinking involve 1) the feds dictating an action against the desires of states 2) indirectly cause the litigation issues you speak of ?

  132. BIC 207 but doesn’t your thinking involve 1) the feds dictating an action against the desires of states

    Not necessarily. The Feds have to deal with the institution as well, and given the nature of what they have to do with that institution, they should have a say in what it is and is not.

    2) indirectly cause the litigation issues you speak of ?

    No. The litigation doesn’t come because of DOMA. The litigation comes because people want to pretend that their relationships have the same value for society at large that they want to believe that it has for them…it is the product of muddled thinking that isn’t surprising because, the states have done much to cheapen the relationship over the last few decades.

  133. I think there was some scoffing when I mentioned earlier we’ve supported Chechen rebels. I thought it was common knowledge, but maybe not. Cold war tactics have never really subsided.

    I almost choked on my coffee listening to neoconservative Rudy Giuliani pompously claim on national TV that he was surprised about any Chechens being responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings because he’s never seen any indication that Chechen extremists harbored animosity toward the U.S.; Guiliani thought they were only focused on Russia.

    And I liked Colleen’s last paragraph:

    The bottom line is to never forget that “a poor man’s war is terrorism while a rich man’s terrorism is war” – and sometimes those lines cross for the purposes of big-power politics. War and terrorism seem to work in sync that way.

  134. The Feds have to deal with the institution as well, and given the nature of what they have to do with that institution, they should have a say in what it is and is not.
    I get that even if I find their mandated AA/EO policies to be in direct confrontation to it.

    the states have done much to cheapen the relationship over the last few decades.
    I don’t want to put words into your mouth so I have to ask you to elaborate please. This statement to me hints that the Federal Govt. has a right or even an obligation to act against the States-???

    FWIW back in the day I supported DOMA for one reason and one alone. I didn’t want my state to dictate policy to others. My solution was ALL government to stop recognizing the idea of marriage under separation of church and state and heavily regulate the contractual arrangement of civil unions which is linked throughly with the legal system already.
    I lost on all counts especially since the humps on Beacon Hill didn’t even vote they let the South African shitbag at SJC of MA do it and do it illegally.

  135. Donald J. Trump Donald J. TrumpVerified account ‏@realDonaldTrump

    Is the Boston killer eligible for Obama Care to bring him back to health?

  136. re 209, I agree 100%. It’s the cause of the disease we don’t agree on. That, and a gazillion other things.

  137. I don’t want to put words into your mouth so I have to ask you to elaborate please. This statement to me hints that the Federal Govt. has a right or even an obligation to act against the States-???

    Hardly, although they will be called up on to clean up the inevitable intrastate conflicts that will come because of the full faith and credit clause.

    What I was referring to was the adoption of no-fault marriage and the financial incentives for having children out of wedlock. The human collateral damage from both policies are on display any given day in the family and criminal courts, and the financial costs are part and parcel of the red ink and confiscatory taxation that are part of the welfare state. Uncle Sam and his cousins make a piss-poor (and inordinately expen$ive) substitute for having a mommy and a daddy.

  138. @ BIC are you seriously linking poverty programs and society’s overall depravity with two gays entering into a committed monogamous relationship ?

  139. Sad to see my side falling for Obama’s smoke and mirrors. On a Conservative page, I’ve been reading…

    “Many speak of the “slippery slope” when folks such as myself talk about stripping the rights of Muslim Terrorists who happen to be US Citizens. First of all we are talking about members of a blood thirsty evil cult known as Islam, we aren’t talking about law biding citizens. Many of you fear if we are willing to take away the rights of a terrorists we expose ourselves to civil rights violations. We are law biding citizens, the Boston Bombers killed innocent people in the name of a false God and a pedophile prophet. Huge difference.”

    When pressed asking if what we could lose should we grant the government the powers to make exceptions to our rights..his response was…

    ” Absolutely worth it. Whatever it takes to take out these terrorist.”

    We maybe in far more trouble than even I was willing to admit.

  140. Alfie, I didn’t take offense. In fact, i may use “sort of” again some time. I confuse many people. You are not alone.

    I don’t think Miranda rights should apply to an enemy terrorist but given that the bomber is a citizen, the constitution requires it. I think in this case, the exception is appropriate for the information police may gain about other possibly allied terrorists in this country and elsewhere.

    He doesn’t need Obama care. As with other prisoners, the jailer and tax payers pay the bills.

    Attitudes about disasters change. The Easter, 1913 series of tornadoes which wrecked much of Omaha and neighboring towns in Iowa also killed scores of people. At first, Omaha’s cowboy mayor from Texas declared the city needed no outside help, because adverse publicity about tornadoes was bad for business. The equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce persuaded him otherwise.

    The 1894 drought which depopulated many frontier counties in Nebraska was mostly a private affair. Charities in Davenport and other cities sent food and clothing and later seed to destitute plains people.

    I think the Mississippi floods in the late 1920’s changed the tone. Later,tax money in the form of make work jobs and other aid kept some Depression era farmers and towns on the Plains.

    Now that government aid is common, and we pay taxes to finance it, it must be distributed equally.

    I don’t know how to change it, but financial and social incentives for single mothers have helped feed the welfare state Government becomes the father. We cannot sustain the rot.

  141. Well my point in all of this is that the Constitution has to apply to everybody, or it means nothing to anybody. Situational ethics doesn’t work for me regardless of who it is coming from.

  142. Come on Tex…..coast city dwellers are 100 times more awesome then you chaw spitting fucks. You obviously haven’t eaten in an Asian fusion restaurant. You guys are into little league and church. You provide the video pulp played silently while trendy music blares in Soho night clubs. Strictly for the irony, of course.

    As if a bunch of farmers and oil riggers mean more then grad students who go to Wrigley every Sunday but don’t know the name of the Cub’s short stop.

    You expect equality in the allocation of Federal funds and media coverage of what ever pains you people?

    The space between New York and LA is an abstraction, at best. Except for that wonderful utopian oasis that is Chicago of course.

  143. The thread length has doubled and I haven’t had time to read everything so forgive me if I’m not laying any new ground here:

    My nominee for Loser of the Week is US law enforcement. Mind you I’m getting my “facts” from MSM, not Blaze or Breitbart.

    First FBI interviews Tammerlan cos Russia says he’s dangerous. FBI finds nothing and asks Russia for more info. Russia doesn’t return phone call. Are you shitting me? You call and call until you get a damn answer. FBI closes case. Fuckin’ AAA call receivers are more thorough than that.

    Then cops have both perps and let Djohker get away. Sorry gang when the perp evades capture, that’s a fail.

    Finally the only reason they even got Djohker, the 19 year old, is because a very observant citizen called the cops cos he saw what looked like blood on the tarp of his boat.

    Sorry, from where I sit this is the Keystone Kops and yes I’ll say it if we view the FBI as an extension of the Obama admin then Obama dropped the ball on this worse than Bush did on 9/11. 😦

  144. Yes we do Rabbit.

    Doesn’t my being a fan of Vika Vasilevich, Laurus Reiniks, and Maja Stuge (Jenny May) count for anything?

    Without us, those grad students would be siting around a camp fire roasting a rabbit on a spit if they were lucky. No offense to your name sake.

  145. James I believe the only way in which the NRA indirectly hurt the Boston investigation is that they are behind legislation that makes it impossible to trace powder residue from a bomb.

    That’s what I heard. May or may not be true.

  146. I’d only say that in context of your comment #197 everyone that asked got aid even if they didn’t get lip service or photo ops too.

    No, that’s the point. They didn’t get aid – Texas was first rejected outright during the wildfires last year. Oklahomans were only provided partial aid for federal loans, say unlike Illinois for tornado coverage. It was a big stink here and well researched with documentation by the pretty liberal Tulsa World. Apparently, even liberals recognize corruption and injustice when they’re the ones getting screwed.

    Compare that to the billions spent and wasted on New Orleans. Or the wildfires outside L.A…there is such a double standard of both quality, programs and services provided, I’m surprised states haven’t sued.

    Texas finally said fuck you to the Fed, will do it ourselves. And they did.

  147. “Then cops have both perps and let Djohker get away. Sorry gang when the perp evades capture, that’s a fail.” -R

    Not sure I’m willing to call that one out from my arm chair.

  148. You expect equality in the allocation of Federal funds and media coverage of what ever pains you people?

    Oh, it’s worse than that. Not only do the Leftist types pat our heads and whisper platitudes. They tell us that we’re lucky – see they live in “donor states” and we corn chucks are lucky that they care enough to “dole out” sufficient monies – monies I apparently thought we paid in. Let me just say this. If we’re the benefactors, I see no visible benefit.

    And my suggestion until recently has been “Well now, if you’re donor states, that should be all the more reason for you wanting to lower federal tax rates, would it not?”

    Then they move from platitudes to patronizing to finally hostility when I start insulting their intelligence and calling them out on their bullshit.

  149. Hey BIC or El Tigre…

    Favor for a friend? I realize, at least here, that a City Attorney reports to the elected mayor. But I’m dealing with a piece of shit City Attorney of Buttfuck, OK, who thinks he’s real smart and is a world class prick. The asshole has been hostile toward me since he picked up the phone. You would be proud of me – I have been very civil. But I don’t plan to stay this way when I am done with my not guilty plea, win or lose. I’m not going to let this slide and I guarantee you I am going to punch back when this is through (legally, of course. 😀 ).

    What is the best way to make a City Attorney uncomfortable? Do you advertise for the world to see with him by name at the kangaroo court?

    See, I put him on a wild goose chase and you could read the heat from his five page, single spaced response. He’s much to important to be wasting time on a motion of discovery for me.

    He wrote me back a patronizing dissertation mentioning he will be the prosecutor in court (I’m shaking like a leaf), I had “misquoted the section” owwwwww. ..perhaps willing to make a plea bargain since my driving record clean for 25 years. Not good enough – this i is clearly revenue generation for a squeezed city.

    His offer of plea bargain is not good enough for me. I don’t like bullies, and in fact enjoy bullying bullies.

    And I want to leave him a parting “gift” when I am through, win or lose. If I were to make a big stink about a bullying public attorney, who is the person ultimately responsible for this man’s livelihood? Who outside the jurisdiction of a mayor is his boss? I have no doubt nobody has ever called this blowhard’s bluff. I’m going to.

    I find it hard to believe that John Q. Citizen is completely powerless just because some dope has the title City Attorney behind his name. Short of taking personal retribution. 😆 I don’t want to go all Timothy McVeigh.

    I thought about forwarding this garbage to the Attorney General of Oklahoma with a note explaining why America in large part no longer admires or trusts these courts of law.

    But there has to be somebody better than that.

  150. @ BIC are you seriously linking poverty programs and society’s overall depravity with two gays entering into a committed monogamous relationship ?

    Actually, I was pointing out that the “Life of Julia” never works out well for Julia’s kids. The libertardians got their undies in a bunch a few weeks back, claiming that it made sense to “get government out of marriage”. I pointed out to them that the reason government was involved in marriage in the first place because government saw an obvious benefit for society in regulating it and promoting it. However, that was before government hampered this with the self-inflicted wounds of no-fault divorce, and welfare and other benefits promoting a father-free family. Ghey marriage doesn’t really factor in, because when society could still clearly see the benefit of marriage, “ghey” marriage wasn’t available as an option, nor would it have been contemplated. Now it’s yet another way to screw up kids…one of many either sanctioned or promoted by the state.

  151. I find the theological conservative narrative on marriage and family to be lacking honesty.
    Although the decline or alterations depending on ones camp of society appear clear a detached non romantic approach to the collective history reveals we are not what some would have you believe we are.
    Although the family unit is obviously a positive there is far more variables to it than governmental recognition and “supports” of marriage. In fact one great example of what is impacting marriage and out of wedlock birth issues is the evolution of women. Add to that one of its strident relatives,the increasing decline of male worth and BOOM you get a big slice of ” oh my god it isn’t 1948 anymore”?
    Although I am a proponent of Moynihan and others work there are many studies that look at lower income females and how they still believe in the value of marriage. The bitch of it all is that their male prospects truly offer NOTHING or at a min nothing but love. That bureaucracy has deemed it better that the useless or at a min. less than positive male bails is a stain on all of us. You want less out of wedlock pregnancies I guess you need to send ‘dem bitches back to the kitchen and has the men folk get “good jobs at good wages” lol
    Either that or perhaps reverse the perverse penny pinching safety net strategies that not so much rewards the female who garners the most sperm donors and instead s respects folks who are up to trying their best as a family.

  152. Rick Perry made TX’s bed and they should have to sleep in it. The minute the fool started talking secession he blew any right to gripe about Fed help or lack thereof. The wild irony is that this man ran to be President of the country he wanted to leave.

    If the majority of Texans feel like Rick Perry then they can kiss my ass and clean up their own messes and they don’t deserve a single notice from us when they have a disaster. On the other hand, if they think him the fool, they need to demonstrate it by voting him out.

    I’m always amused by states who suck the federal teat but talk trash about big bad Washington.

  153. Folks have been saying it a lot of late but damn, even I am beginning to wonder, where the hell are:

    Just a Lurker
    Newt or no Newt
    Raji (middle of the road)

    C’mon Tex, you’re the big lyrics parodist, write me a tune called “Where Have all the Liberals Gone?” Consider it a gift for an old friend who’s lost his way. 😉

  154. Tex, I can’t really help you. My way of dealing with snivel servant attorneys suffering from Prick’s Disease is to beat them.

    Truly Rutherford worthy… sheesh.

  155. Unfortunately, Rutherford, Barack has not shown us any super powers. He’s only managed to supercharge government. His influence doesn’t break down any strongholds as we first had hoped and dreamed. Everything destructive is still running ahead full steam in spite of whatever niceties his lips spewed forth, namely curtailing some of the questionable, secretive, and unconstitutional actions of government. But now the government’s actions are more questionable, very secretive, and highly unconstitutional. We are in a state of perpetual war against boogie men we create and then foster by blowing up their homes and kids. It’s disgusting. I can’t believe we can’t stop all this madness.

    What person in their right mind can defend what we are doing as righteous? How can a liberal defend any of these actions? A liberal with a kill list. Gotta love the satire these times provide.

  156. Rick Perry made TX’s bed and they should have to sleep in it. The minute the fool started talking secession he blew any right to gripe about Fed help or lack thereof. The wild irony is that this man ran to be President of the country he wanted to leave.

    If the majority of Texans feel like Rick Perry then they can kiss my ass and clean up their own messes and they don’t deserve a single notice from us when they have a disaster. On the other hand, if they think him the fool, they need to demonstrate it by voting him out.

    I’m always amused by states who suck the federal teat but talk trash about big bad Washington.

    And you wonder why millions of us no longer want to carry your failure or play a part in your future? 😐

    This is the kind of disingenuous, thieving prick, who walked into Harvard completely unqualified under the diversity tag, I’ve come to expect when he drops the pretentious crap. Like the radio.

    What Rick Perry should have done last year, is simply reimbursed the federal money collected back to every tax payer for what was not delivered. Because Texas more than paid for it past and present over Katrina alone when your trash started polluting their great state. And I hope it comes to that right at the collection point. No need to pay King Obama. States just decide they don’t really need federal assistance anymore so they can learn they don’t really need the federal government either.

    Let Texas prove they can be completely self-sufficient without regard to the U.S.. I’ll be the first to make Texas successful any way I can, even if it breaks me. It would be worth the sacrifice to be rid of living under birthright with you, BBW and the rest of your feckless ilk.

    Then listen up if you’re serious. Because I am. You push for that phony, post-racial President you worship to instruct Texas to kiss your ass while we take your fucking demands for federal tax “revenue” off the table. Have Obama make that statement you just made. And I’ll guarantee you, I will be the first to walk out the door of Obama country and into Texas. Then we’ll both be happy, won’t we?

    Let me tell you something, dimwit. Your little, idle threats are even more foolish than you buying that mansion you couldn’t afford. You think your life looks bleak now?

    You’ll become the bag lady for your Southside brothers to eat.

  157. Here you go Rutherford…

    Where have all the liberals gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the liberals gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the liberals gone?
    Tex has beat down every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

    Where have all the lib girls gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the lib girls gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the lib girls gone?
    Tucked their tails every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

    Where have all the beta males gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the beta males gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the beta males gone?
    Fell for suckers every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

    Where have all the dem wonks gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the dem wonks gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the dem wonks gone?
    Became irrelevant every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

    Where have all our freedoms gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all our freedoms gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all our freedoms gone?
    Covered with new ink every one
    When will we ever learn?
    When will we ever learn?

  158. “If the majority of Texans feel like Rick Perry then they can kiss my ass and clean up their own messes and they don’t deserve a single notice from us when they have a disaster. On the other hand, if they think him the fool, they need to demonstrate it by voting him out.”

    The Liberal bleeding heart, all full of situational ethics. Compassion unless you do not follow my directive, then you must suffer. And I will enjoy your suffering, until such time as you make recompense, then through my divine good graces, you shall receive my blessing.

  159. “On the other hand, if they think him the fool, they need to demonstrate it by voting him out”

    This is hilarious coming from a guy who voted for Barack Obama…TWICE!

  160. This is hilarious coming from a guy who voted for Barack Obama…TWICE!

    Rutherford won’t get it, Huck. But good one anyway. Good humor is always based on a mustard seed of truth.

    America under Barack Obama is over. Time for the self-reliant to free themselves of the bonds of the millions of Rutherford families ruining the neighborhoods.

    Why would Texas vote Perry out? The turn started when they ran Ann Richards the drunk alcoholic into the grave face down with a tarnished silver spoon up her ying yang and things have been looking up ever since.

    Texas long ago left the best of blue state models in the dust. I double dog dare Rutherford to begin a massive push for Texas to secede. I think all the majority lacks is the impetus of the true opinions of the millions of trash like Rutherford to catch a little fire in the belly. We’ll catch the carnage on cable and drink beer at the good news of jihadists overrunning New England. Better neighbors.

    And I doubt Rutherford could find Texas on a map, assuring we won’t have to shoot him coming across the border for food. Besides, Oklahomans (me, if I’m lucky) will get to use him for target practice utilizing our 100 round clips long before he attempts to swim the Red River.

    Free at last. Free at last! I have a dream…I heard it on the Mountain Top!

  161. This goose stepper prosecutor is going to shit a brick after they fuck me over in our corrupted kangaroo courts and I start naming his kids by name and occupation with street address as I walk out of Buttfuck, OK, courthouse. 😆

    Adolph chastised me for mentioning his county clerk didn’t provide her last name, so I didn’t know how to refer to the one who directed me to him. This guy epitomizes why I loathe our judicial system almost as much as I loathe lefties.

    Hell, I know what goose step’s house is worth and what it looks like. He needs to cut down that dead tree on the west side of the house. 😈 I guess prosecutors don’t get paid so much, hey Buttfuck?

    This raging against the machine is providing some much needed humor as I watch my dad fade away. The havoc one could cause electronically if they had a mind to is frankly terrifying. And like Belushi said, “It don’t cost nothin…”

    Took me seven minutes to find that free of charge, courtesy of Che Google and Che Maps.

    What do you think I can uncover in six weeks about Adolph? And people are worried about somebody copping the social security number? 😆 😆 😆

    Damn, we’re all dead meat.

  162. 229 I heard the same thing about tracing explosive power, Rutherford. Like you, I don’t know if it is true.

    Our flooded area did get help from FEMA, and private insurance but there were problems. FEMA had a deadline for inspecting a home and estimating damage. One size fit all, with the deadlines, but some houses were still under water when the dead line passed and thus, not eligable for help. The rules didn’t account for innumdations lasting so long.

    It took the state of Iowa to sort it out. The money for some made a big difference, but no one paid for sand removal. The government wouldn’t allow farmers to push the sand back into the river, though the river is where it came from. Some land still looks like a desert with sand dunes and deep pits. A center pivot fell into one.

    Farmers hauled sand onto other land and plowed it under. The county provided a special deep plow for rent.

    “We’re all dead meat.” Does a deer know it’s dead before it hits the ground?

  163. @ Rutherford re explosives etc. The technology used is called taggants.
    The various industries that would be/are impacted by the use of them have some sound concerns. This LINK covers the commercial explosives angle.
    As for fertilizers there is the cost benefit claim. The makers in this industry have a problem with inserting the number of taggants in their products needed to be effective post explosion. One of the concerns is also based in the environmental concerns of having taggants laying around in an area long after the fertilizer has done its work. Think about it. An explosion across from a large grassy area could easily be “contaminated” with the lawns built up taggants residue.
    Lastly the NRA was vocally against taggants in black powder back in the 80’s & 90’s. Their concern was that taggants could be used/seen as a means to infringe on peoples right to make their own ammo,restrict old muzzle loading enthusiasts and more importantly serve as a tracking system of owners via their purchased products without consent.
    Now that taggants have advanced so and have even merged with RFID technology you should probably get on a side in the issue. Having your car telling your insurance company you exceeded the speed limit once or twice without your consent or having your refrigerator tell the local market you have been drinking a lot more milk this week should bother you.

  164. Tex, I don’t know if I have anything to offer either. Do be careful though. There’s no “putting the system on trial” in low level municipal court. But they can come back at you . If you run up a bunch of broad, irrelevant discovery, get ready for the rationale behind enhanced court costs and fines. Boss Hogg will get his revenge and you’ll get consumed. Not that you shouldn’t have some fun with it, just lookout for the appearance of going after the bottom of the law school class by getting too personal.

  165. R – re: powder residue. Couple of things: for a long time now, they have put tracers in high explosives. The technique is very innovative. They spray layers of different-colored paint onto a surface in a certain order for each batch of explosive. They then cut it up into innumerable chips that are mixed into the explosive. When it detonates, those chips are scattered everywhere. The constabulary just goes to the crime scene and they need only to find one chip, and they can trace the explosive all the way back to the batch at the factory.

    Having said that, these devices in Boston were not made with high explosives. They were made with black powder, which does not “explode” per se and to my knowledge does not have tags in it. It “deflagrates,” not “detonates,” which is to say it decomposes much slower. That is why they had to confine it to a pressure cooker so it could build up pressure. As soon as I saw the smoke I told my wife it was likely black powder. They probably set it off it with a broken low-voltage light bulb hooked to the “vibrator” leads in the cell phone. You can set bombs off anywhere in the world with a cell phone.

  166. sorry – didn’t see the above explanation of taggants.

    Tex – not for nothing, but be cool, man. It’s just a ticket – not life and death. Linus Torvalds once said that he was able to keep Linux on track because he “didn’t care too much.” I’ve learned that lesson at least a dozen times with trying to influence my kids, local politics, etc. If you care too much, they can hurt you, bad.

    That’s why they can’t do anything with me at FG’s. I don’t give a rat’s ass about any of them or their opinions, and they know it.

    Just my .05. To be internally consistent, it’s probably worth that much…LOL

  167. The Liberal bleeding heart, all full of situational ethics. Compassion unless you do not follow my directive, then you must suffer. And I will enjoy your suffering, until such time as you make recompense, then through my divine good graces, you shall receive my blessing.

    The nonsensical “sequester” priority summed up in one paragraph.

    No money for White House tours for the kids, but they can still put on one hell of a concert!

  168. “And I will enjoy your suffering, until such time as you make recompense, then through my divine good graces, you shall receive my blessing.”

    Wow that sounded a lot like Christianity. 🙂

  169. Alfie,

    We’re gonna agree to disagree. Marriage is screwed up because we have chosen to promote an eternal adolescence of the American male (which as you point out, screws up the prospect pool), but we also make it easier to walk away when the going gets difficult than in times past, since Uncle is only too happy to be there with an EBT, and rent assistance, and yes, financial aid into it’s higher indoctrination system, there is no incentive for Sammy Sportscrewer and Suzie Spreadlegs to treat it like a committment, with defined roles and common goals. But hey, at least no one is walking around with a bunch of pent up sexual frustration, because Uncle will pay the check for feeding the kid or killing it, and Sammy can move on to his next conquest with little or no consquence when Suzie’s breasts start to sag, or she simply starts to nag too much.

    Again, I invite you to spend a few days sitting in family court listening to the testimony, and then you can tell me I’m wrong.

  170. BIC I’ve had a front row seat to the Great Society,divorce and the dynamics of American society in urban,suburban and to a lesser extent rural setting and I will tell you that you’re at least partly wrong. It is to be noted also we’ve completely run away from the initial discussion regards same sex marriage as well.

    We will indeed have to agree to disagree on the history of marriage,fidelity and the impact on society and the ability to move the chains back to a mythical time that in reality had as many variables dictating its conditions then as the developments in the present now do.

    I am absolutely cursing thread based communication/dialog yet again. Although I truly appreciate your efforts and honesty entering into the discussion I for one think we’re suffering the lack of all the things you get in verbal and face to face conversation.

  171. It looks more like this warning posted last Monday may prove valid. It looks to be going that direction in this agenda driven terror state of ours.

    It seems now the videos of setting down bombs was an FBI lie from the start and the official version has changed to bury those tidbits and frame these guys (who they already knew and had dealings with). The key witness is now this Jeffrey Bauman (who was originally ID’d as Nick Voit, a veteran who lost his legs in Afghanistan).

    Now they are shutting down some twitter accounts of people putting out messages that conflict the evolving official story.

    It may be as Glenn Beck eludes, though I still think him a tool and possibly more disinfo agent than truther.

  172. The marriage model and concept has remained a steadfast one since it was initially instituted. Nothing has changed there. Words and definitions have, however. Since the beginning, people have tried to legalize their sin to alleviate their guilt and shuck personal responsibility. The biggest difference today is women are somewhat able to do the same as their male counterparts.

    A marriage takes dedication and commitment, things our society holds as ideal, yet fails to often reflect. These characteristics along with other noble ones have been replaced by our instant gratification and anything is moral mindset. That change has been perpetrated by our multiple media and entertainment stimuli. It has also contributed to our vast and increasing debt mentality/situation.

    Of course, if everyone functioned at a greater ethical standard, many jobs would suffer. Lawyers being the first to come to mind.

  173. Boss Hogg will get his revenge and you’ll get consumed. Not that you shouldn’t have some fun with it, just lookout for the appearance of going after the bottom of the law school class by getting too personal.

    Fear is great equalizer. It’s become as if pushing the envelope to address an injustice is a much more insidious act than questioning unelected authority and gross public negligence. See, I have this rare opinion. It’s way past time for cops to start fearing citizens and not vice versa like it is now. Accountability was once a word found in the dictionary. That doesn’t exist in America anymore. So we plea bargain to spare ourselves and think we’re really fighting back when we make donut jokes about rogue cops.

    Poolman’s a nut. But he’s not so nutty that he’s not right about the abuse going on in the shadows. And no where is that more prevalent in that than in our legal system and government. All of us get finger printed now in Oklahoma for the privilege of driving. Who granted state government that authority? You guys are too close to it to recognize the absolute perversion of our courts and the damage our kings in black robes are facilitating.

    Like I told my sweet wife, many of these people you see shaking their heads in agreement with you, patting you on the head telling you how much they admire your fortitude and your politics? Don’t expect them to be there guarding your back when the shit hits the fan. They’ll turn company man and coward so fast, your head will swim.They would much rather talk a good game and feel good about their opinions than risk their cushy lives.

    I am now completely convinced most Americans would much rather live under tyranny than risk life and limb. That goes for those who call themselves Conservative and/or Christian. Their the absolute worst hypocrites. I’d much rather someone blow hot or cold than straddle a fence. I learned that little factoid about people a long time ago in Corporate America and church.

    And it is the sole reason I so admire these guys who founded this country. It’s not our Constitution which is a shell of original intent and frankly has huge holes beyond Bill of Rights, or their personal brilliance. It’s their guts to put it on the line. I don’t think men like that exist anymore. At least not that I know.

    I’m convinced even so called Conservatives, most of them who talk a big game, carrying guns next to their squirrel sized nuts to feel manly, actually are rank cowards when it comes to backing their supposed principles with action.

    It’s one of the reasons are public schools are such a disaster. Many parents whine but few fight back against the curriculum being shoved down their throats. Why they might be called racist, or bigot, Neanderthal, or misogynist. Oh God! What am I going to do? 😥

    Here’s the deal and the reason I asked. My mistake.

    The way I look at it, the minute I step out of their shit court system, they hold zero sway. I’m not frightened one bit by dimwitted judges, prosecutors, and corrupt cops. If necessary and they want to push it, I will push back.

    This is what you don’t understand, Pfesser.

    It’s not the ticket. $300 is not life changing. Had I been charged with speeding and guilty, I would have paid without complaint and unmentioned here. It’s the injustice, the public negligence and the unmitigated gall to take advantage of an apathetic public. That’s something I can’t make most of you apparently understand.

    Too bad too many have resigned themselves to this is just the way it is…I’ll be honest with you. I’m glad my life is in the fall. I’ll be glad not to be around to see the mess my children are left with. I’m afraid if I had to, I really would do something crazy.

    I’ll find the answers on my own or elsewhere. Doctors do the same to protect the profession.

  174. Oh, how soon we forget. For the third time this thread, because I’m a [persistent] nut:

    Why do you think FOX got rid of this guy? Seems obvious to me. Truth doesn’t dismiss authority, so authority dismisses truth.

  175. Tex,

    Sometimes the law makes no sense.

    I had a case a few years back where my client, a woodcarver, was charged with unlawfully transporting Cedar. (You need a permit issued by the sheriff’s office in the county in which it originates. It is a measure that drastically cut down on the theft of people’s timber.)

    The catch is that the law will allow Joe Average to keep his own cedar, but if you aren’t a commercial logger, then there is no way for the sheriffs to issue you a permit, so when you have your own tree that YOU harvested, and you’re transporting it to a county fair where you will then carve it for an audience and sell it, the originating county can’t issue you a permit, and the county you’re heading to can’t issue you a permit. But you can be stopped and cited for transporting it without a permit.

    It’s easy to blame the lawyers, but they don’t write the statute. That would be the geniuses in the legislature.

    I’m telling you this because sometimes, everyone’s hands are tied, but it isn’t the fault of the people who have to address it daily.

    In the current climate, where people are weary of crazies and terrorists, I will caution you to tread lightly when it comes to finding out more about the people who work for the county. As far as the law is concerned, there is a fine line between being zealous and stalking these days, and the powers that be are becoming far too fond of prosecuting things like “initimidation of public servants”.

  176. Tex, I hope your court battle goes better than mine did. I don’t think I was as well-prepared and the cop and judge took full advantage.

    My situation was different, but I felt I was in the right. This happened soon after moving to Phoenix and before digital cameras were all the rage.

    I was traveling north on I-17 and my destination was a community about 10 miles up the road. I glanced at my gas gauge and noticed it was rather low and though I might make it to my destination, I surely would run out of gas coming back. The center space between the north and south lanes was mostly gravel and some desert-type areas. Periodically there would be a gravel crossover where sometimes cops would park with their radar guns. Construction traffic used these often. Occasionally you noticed people pull into these areas if they had vehicle problems, as the outer shoulder was narrow and the speeding traffic made them rather dangerous places to stop on most days, especially during rush hour. There was no HOV lane back then, just two lanes north and two lanes south.

    When I realized I should have gassed up before heading onto the freeway, I looked for the best way to get back. The closest on/off ramp was at least five miles in front of me, but there were plenty of these crossovers/turnarounds in the center. Every now and then, a no u turn sign was posted at these, but only the places where views were obstructed. The law claims you must have 500 feet of clear sight in both directions to legally pull a u turn.

    I waited until traffic was clear and pulled into one of these graveled crossovers in what is considered the median. As I was about to merge into the south lane, a highway patrol that was traveling north a ways behind me turned on his lights and followed me, stopping me in this crossover and wrote me a citation. He said it was illegal to make a u turn on the freeway.

    I was pretty upset and tried to explain my situation, but he said I could tell it to a judge if I wanted.

    Well I researched the coded offense and he actually cited me for driving on the median, not the supposed u-turn offense. I thought I had them. I took my camera and shot a couple rolls of film of that stretch of road, clearly showing the crossovers and those that were marked and a few with vehicles using them. I spent hours gathering this data and then developed my pictures and prepared my case.

    When I got to court and tried to defend my actions, I was told I could only submit 2 pictures without commentary, and if I desired, I could use the chalkboard to illustrate my points. My whole plan basically fell apart and they fined me for it in addition to the fine for the traffic offense.

    I had a sense they high-fived each other after I left their presence. Most of these violations are just revenue avenues, imo.

  177. Tex let me get this straight. Your infraction was running a stop sign that was missing-right?

    No. They had put out temporary stop signs because the light had been damaged on the highway. I contend while decelerating into town at 55mph, on a divided four lane highway, with turn lanes too mind you, somebody unfamiliar with the town is not going to be looking over 30 feet at the median but at the light and the intersection which I couldn’t tell the light was not functioning until almost immediately underneath it.

    I was then told I was uniquely incompetent in not seeing it. I then circled back heading the opposite direction, parked my car at the shopping center where the turn lanes on the highway lead and immediately watched two more people do the exact thing I had just done.

    The signs were first placed where they belonged in the intersection, but both had been destroyed shortly after being placed. Now if people are confused enough to have run over the signs in the middle of intersection, how on earth would some prosecutor and Barney Fife cop then determine signs placed three lanes over not cause even more confusion?

    But what really set me off was the patronizing – and unlike this board, I was completely civil and never said a word until my motion for discovery.

  178. BIC, and I know you are offering that without malice and in friendship…

    …this excuse of “perceived threat” is fascism under the banner of public servant. Public servants don’t get to play by a different set of rules than the rest of us due to position. Ironically, this is where I am far more agreement with the Left than the Right. Where I can actually appreciate the anarchists – they’re just aiming at the wrong people. Where the ACLU and I are in complete agreement. Police don’t gather sterling reputation by simply wearing a badge, nor do district attorneys by title.


    Poolman, I have been highly critical of you, but in this case, you get it better than anyone here. That is exactly what is going on here and anybody truthful knows it. This is nothing but revenue generation for small town America, gross negligence bordering on endangerment of public safety, and a couple of king fishes in a very little pond who think they are above accountability and are backed by a corrupted judicial system.

    And it the clearest example on a small scale of exactly why I hold our legal profession in contempt.

    Read this board and tell me I’m wrong. “Perceived” threats”, “tread lightly”, “putting the system on trial.” And those are two of the good guys. Now take the majority of them that are self-absorbed, self-important, overinflated maggots and weigh that.

    Somebody prove me wrong that there isn’t a mindset of America that isn’t ass backwards of justice under the guise of justice. That’s miscarriage of justice, gang. And just reason number 147 this country is fucked.

    You think about that when you allow it and your children pay the steep price of one day having their front doors kicked in because somebody with a title perceived a threat.

    This is where I step off the boat of Red State America and part ways.

  179. Enough of browbeating my friends. This is fight I resigned to fight myself.

    I’ll give you something inspiring to read if you were a fan of Margaret Thatcher like I was and enjoy the pomp and circumstance of my own heritage. The Brits still do some things better than we could ever hope.

    It provides some insight to those seeking truth why Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul were able to transform the world for the better, though it’s accomplishment is now fleeting in the days of Obama:

  180. FWIW Tex I think we’re with you in spirit and really only missing each other secondary to the limitations of thread based conversation. Seriously though,mentioning anything personal about the prosecutor anything that is outside the realm of the proceedings is out of order. Respectfully commenting on the police officers snark I think is fair game. The Dibbles of the world can’t be allowed to show overt disdain for the populace like that especially when all,the interaction entails is a minor traffic stop.
    I am shocked how bad the Red States,especially the ones heavy with county governments , are regards dealing with the citizenry.
    Here in the People’s Republic of Cod a stop sign violation is $50 and given the dimensions involved in your case Tex one or two pics in front of the magistrate would have him looking at the cop and saying “really dude you wrote this up”?
    Your experience Tex paints the picture that regardless of red or blue power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. People in states with light gun laws or laid back firework laws think tAhey got it good. Good until they cross the lines drawn by seriously screwed up folks(see bic logging ex. Here or his post on sheriffs warrant less searches)
    In closing Tex I hope you make your case based on how the intersection is set up and that the muni judge isn’t a tool. I wish you well.

  181. @Rutherford….so not believing you’ll see and respond to this here anymore than you have the previously posted query x 2. But…..
    Is it safe to assume that you believe that a ten (10) round magazine is the maximum a civilian should be allowed to possess? I think from your recent post this is your position.
    I would like to know where your lines are for weapon type. Is it function or appearance that matters most?
    Lastly I was wondering given your reaffirmation of majority polling being the cats pjs is that something you really want to own? Surely you see where governing by poll could really crush you and yours.

  182. And just in case anybody wants to go in a totally different direction I offer this…
    Is anyone else peeved by how elements right and left are pushing for ending the mortgage interest tax deduction?
    I find the chatter on this to be so overtly disingenuous a bunch of “I got mine fuck you” type of stuff.

  183. Aside from the fact there is now evidence Bloomberg’s special WDM-CST agency that was scheduled for elimination on 4-16 was in place on 4-15 right where the 2 bombs went off and now the agency has been given Hagel’s approval to continue, there are so many other evidences emerging that paint this a false flag event. I know you think me a nut, but even a nut like me can put two and two together. This is the reason many are now saying the Boston event took place to begin with. The gestapo state of mind. Get used to it. Coming to a city near you.

  184. Seriously though,mentioning anything personal about the prosecutor anything that is outside the realm of the proceedings is out of order.

    Why? Have I mentioned the bottom feeder by name? Did I mention his children by name? Did I mention the city or township by name, or his personal address? Have I an any way threatened harm or malice toward him. So I called him an asshole. I’ll now add he’s an engorged asshole. There.

    I offered nothing here but what I knew with an anonymous tie for your enjoyment, not out of malice but what is available free of charge on any of us in five minutes. Frankly, I’ve been shocked at the degree of concern and fear on behalf of a blog community that I normally find pretty reasonable and unpussified. I think you guys have gotten a little too institutionalized.

    Since when should a public who pays these creeps salaries then live in fear of the very people who allow them to have a paycheck? Makes no sense to me. Clearly, I have never been arrested, even threatened with arrest. My credit perfect, my driving record clean, my family the same – every one of them to a person, including extended family.

    Here’s how I look at it Alfie. This clown, I don’t give a shit his title or his credential, is a thug and pompous ass without sense, respect or honor. The cop is the typical, dimwitted and incapable bully with a badge.

    Since they have my name, my address, my driver’s license number, hence my driving record, my car insurance, they are entitled if apt enough to look up the same information as me. Why should they be entitled to benefit of a defense that I am not? Why I can’t know where they were born, where they live, what they do, the locale of were they work?

    See, this may be called a criminal court, granted the lowest of the low, but I damn sure don’t consider myself a criminal in the least. In fact, in this regard, I am the victim of gross public negligence not properly manning the intersection of a rogue cop. Why wasn’t the asshole directing traffic instead of writing e-tickets?

    But I guess unlike most of the rest America, I don’t take that lightly or lying down.

    Can I be so bold to make a suggestion to some of you whom I do like with a degree of respect?

    You’re part of the problem.

    Because you let this shit fester and go unchallenged without calling them on it and they take advantage. You attorneys who I consider two pretty good blog friends and bright guys should be the most outraged of all. You don’t think I’m alone in my disrespect of our legal system, do you?

    These creeps are reflection on the entire State of Oklahoma for any visitor passing through.

    Let me ask you a fair question, Alfie. As a life long resident of the State of Oklahoma with a record clean as a whistle, if I just happen to pass this charade on the Attorney General or Chief Justice with complaint by name of these feckless blowhards with their own arrogant responses in hand as proof, how many of those letters do you think an elected office holder is going to let pass by before responding?

    One? No. I’ll simply be referred to as disgruntled as I was in the prosecutor’s response. Five? Well, then there might be a problem? A hundred? These justices start shitting a brick.

    And that is what I am telling all of you guys. We hold the power. But if we are too cowardly to use it or demand it, what you are left with is what we have now.

    Broken, unjust and basically a joke in my book. Whoever pays the most clever attorney or knows the most right people.

  185. Tex I will only say for now that the context of your earlier comments appeared to paint a picture that you were going to recite the guys kids names in open court. If that is the case you are straight out wrong and would indeed face justifiable higher prosecution.

    I’ve said all along your defense was clear and credible. Broken lights,temporary sign not in a logical location,and what I thought you were looking for in your discovery actions an intersection on record for having the failure in infrastructure result in the same act that befell you. Cut and dry you should be exonerated.
    If I am missing something or have taken something out of context I apologize but again I have but the threads to work with.

    As for you filing a complaint up the food chain,well here again I am at a disadvantage because I’m not privy to the content of the communication between the two parties. I only know something in the Tulsa attorneys response was a real shot to the grapes. Seriously if he has done something you should probably send your feelings to the Mayor,the state AG and the state Bar.

  186. I would probably do what you are doing Tex, and Alfie’s advice sounds good.

    it is wise not to say too much. People are listening.

    Would it be possible to turn this into a cause celeb with television and news papers? We did it once in a dispute with Iowa’s DOT, but you might make matters worse in your case. Only you would know.

  187. Thank you, Alfie. Like Tigre and BIC, I have always thought you a rationale, well reasoned bloke about 99.9% of the time. This certainly is not meant to put enmity between any of us.

    I just hope that I could convince three bright guys that they need to reconsider their approach. Because this needs more than to be addressed. It needs to be changed.

    I’m really not attempting any anarchy or being a prick. I’m simply tired of this shit and have enough fool heartiness (and the time) to professionally and perfectly legally make a few rogues miserable in return.

    The next poor sap in the wrong place, wrong time might gain a little more reflection from Barney Fife before they start with the browbeat, big shot routine.

  188. I would probably do what you are doing Tex, and Alfie’s advice sounds good.

    I don’t know, James. You seem much too nice to bother.

    As Paul said in the New Testament, the body is composed of many parts. I’m simply glad, though different, you’re on my side. 😉

  189. Tex don’t get me wrong I want you to fight it and I want you to know I’m with you if you have something to take up the food chain as I said.
    Trust me as pro law enforcement as I am given my history I have been on the other side of the equation albeit with the added fortune of allies in blue who helped me.

  190. poolman I can’t resist,you’re my eternal sin and cross to bear all wrapped in one fruit nut roll up.
    You know that all Hagel did was keep the NYC unit alive (the 24th) all along keeping New York in possession of two CST’s (the 2nd) and they don’t answer to Nanny Mike they answer to Dandy Andy for now.
    The 24th was in Boston along with MA 1st CST.
    Just in case you are looking for a road trip you can visit the 91st WMD CST the Scorpion over at Papago Park Military reservation.

  191. Just getting a chuckle as R pokes his head in and out like a scared little child, running in to call someone a name then running out like a giggly little school girl. Considering how hard R is working to avoid anything more difficult than a cheap shot, I think I have greatly overestimated the intelligence of this person. Starting to wonder if he wasn’t plagiarizing someone else all along, and that person has left him high hand dry. Would put into context a lot of his response posts that never quite made sense to what people were saying on here.

  192. Noah, Rutherford has a real job. This is not a manned forum. Think of it like a self-service bar. I think he spends the majority of his day in shell-shock. Work is probably a welcome escape from idle thought. There are no political solutions to fix our dilemma. When words have no meaning and all everyone has are words, it’s like the ground you are standing on becomes a quicksand. How can you hold your ground when it’s shifting? You just can’t.

    Life is coming down pretty hard and some of us are more used to being kicked around from an early age.

    Why rattle the cage if you have nothing to feed the tiger?

  193. You will take note none of my rants have had anything to do with the number of post(the lack). Only the choices he makes on what to post on. We have all seen days where he makes a ton of posts, others more than a day goes by. No problem. When 99% are of the petty variety, then I feel justified in what I posted, and I do.

  194. Tex, when we had a bridge dispute, and a woman was blocking the construction of a new bridge by refusing to sell twenty feet of property for an approach, two of us fire bombed her driveway to frighten her. Our scheme worked. It was over twenty years ago, and most of the principals are dead now, so I don’t think I can get into any trouble

    I certainly am on your side..

  195. Tex, when we had a bridge dispute, and a woman was blocking the construction of a new bridge by refusing to sell twenty feet of property for an approach, two of us fire bombed her driveway to frighten her.

    😆 😆 😆

    Damn, James. I’m getting to where I like and respect you more every day. Boy, I can be a rabble rouser, but I haven’t firebombed anybody. 😈 Yet. If I do, I’ll make sure to make it count

    A gentlemanly, pretty conservative anarchist.

    I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  196. Noah, I’m a man of faith – even if I don’t act like it around here sometimes.

    These folks, folks without ethics or remorse, I believe will be dealt with harshest. I read this and I keep coming back to this scripture:

    “If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea…”

    I am absolutely sure that applies to the living but unborn as well. There will literally be hell to pay and they will curse the day that they were born.

  197. re 290, Alfie, I’m sorry I’m so irresistible. Are you telling me you’re good with the video I linked in 281? You’re really okay with 9000 officers taking over your city doing a house to house search? How many laws do you think the authorities themselves broke in that one day? Are you aware that takeover happened on the anniversary of the beginning of the American Revolution and in the the same vicinity?

    Just coincidence, I’m certain…

    I don’t consider any above the law. I will go further to require those that enforce the law be held to a higher accounting. That is how it SHOULD work.

  198. I’m sure Rutherford is suckling the MSNBC teat to get his truthiness. It’s like the Truman show out there. Bigger than Sandy Hook, but so much the same. The hive is abuzz.

  199. With CISPA on the floor in the Senate this week, what diversions will coincidentally coincide? Anyone feeling prophetic?

  200. Thanks for the verse Tex, I’ve added it to my permanent file. And I agree.

    On a side note, when dealing with “the man” do so covertly. In my short 6 month stint as a public servant, I assure you this is a good ol boys club. Favors are traded and vengeance is gleefully given. Whatever you decide to do, do so covertly and without taking credit.

  201. Noah, you might not agree with my ideology but I rather liked this post. In fact it was one of my favorite to write. Poolman is right, at this point, I’m better judged by my main posts then by my comments. I just don’t have the time I once did to do more than just pop in to call you an ass. I devote the little time I have to writing the main pieces (publish or perish, as they say).

    Remember how I told you how your comment describing me sounded just like Christianity? Well Tex accidentally put the capper on it by quoting scripture:

    ““If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea…”

    LOL — believe in me or rot in hell. Yup, like I said, a great encapsulation of Christianity.

    (Now see that? When I should be in bed I found a few minutes to do more than just call you an ass. 🙂 )

  202. Oh BTW, Noah so refreshing to hear you talking so Negro as you counsel Tex about “the man”. Thanks for sending me to bed with a chuckle … almost as funny as earlier in the thread when Tex said he hates bullies. 😆

  203. Noah, you were late to the game, so let me explain something. It will help with the disgust as you have a right to be disgusted. The Rutherford you have experienced is much different than the Rutherford I once met. Rutherford has no answers, and whether due to embarrassment or disappointment, none will be forthcoming. The only real answer of truth Rutherford could provide is: “I was wrong and I have no answers.”


    There was a time not too long ago that Rutherford was known in our circles as the likeable and affable child – a rarity of leftist ignorance, a gift of gab, and still likeable.

    A couple of years back, due to his irresponsibility and profound arrogance, Rutherford found himself in a far different situation. It changed him but he doesn’t recognize the dramatic emotional change as it has been a continual process of decay.

    Rutherford is a child in a man’s body. Let me explain.

    Four years ago, Rutherford idolized Obama – not the typical star struck idolizing of some athlete or actor; the kind where tears run down the cheeks as someone believes they aren’t listening to mortal man but something divine. Many of us watched in horror, and I do mean horror, when these Rutherford types would fawn adulation at a man standing on a set constructed to appear something like Olympus, and believing in the sheer inanity and haughtiness of ‘We are the Ones’ as something entirely profound.

    Four years later, not only has Rutherford’s surroundings taken a turn removed from family and friends, but Rutherford’s dreams lay shattered left with the question, “is this all there is?” Obama has not only disappointed – he has failed miserably. To Rutherford, this failure is very personal.

    For a time, Rutherford tried to hide the disappointment with making feeble attempts at defending the indefensible. As the desperation grew apparent, many of us mocked him unmercifully and a few us, me most of all, went overboard when he begin to retaliate in a far more personal matter. It became very apparent that the real Rutherford was very different than the affable Rutherford he once presented here. And I shouldn’t have made it personal in return.

    From the cradle, Rutherford was indoctrinated by a doting but irreligious mother about the grievances, the irrationality of religion other than some half-baked philosophy of taming the beast, the promises of progressivism – all of which have now failed Rutherford personally as an adult. There is no where to turn without admitting he was hoodwinked in the most personal and important of life’s most basic questions with the recognition his time draws short.

    Add to the fact Rutherford’s wife apparently shares the same inadequacies and can provide no answers either, their entertainment consists of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Bill Maher, frankly some of the most unedifying people on earth. That’s like adding fuel to the fire. What you are left with is a shell of former self. And that is a very bitter pill to swallow.

    I have challenged Rutherford’s own personal philosophies time and again vis-a-vis Christianity. And like you, there is no debate – just insult because there are no answers Rutherford can provide. What Rutherford fails to grasp is that it’s a loaded game of which he can’t win and won’t win. Not because of my brilliance, but because he once again finds himself forced to defend the indefensible.

    Rutherford is incapable of differentiating the internal from the external, the eternal from the mortal. To mock Obama, and I admittingly have been the most vocal mocker, was so hateful to Rutherford, that he began to lash out. To Rutherford, Obama was something very special – beyond mere human. And I only realized that later.

    Add to the fact Rutherford an educated man, and there no doubt like so many of us he was also lied to with promises of education leading to achievement, I am sure life seems terribly unfair.

    Tigre once said it best. You’re dealing with a very bitter and now irrational man.

  204. A href=”;s=O4JROaOEWO0nKCxTqyy5D26;fitScript=0/f/mobile/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/tale_of_two_terrorists_3WtcmY2p7PwFkbO1NheqNL”>Tale Of Two Terrorists

  205. I read you Tex, and as we both have said before, R just doesn’t get it. More than getting R to answer any one particular question or issue, I am really (more out of morbid curiosity than anything else) looking for any redeemable qualities in what I considered to be a lost and broken man. Two things in particular would indicate to me that this guy is worth a dam. Integrity and/or humility.

    If he possessed either of these qualities, and could just admit when he was wrong, I would be far kinder and far more forgiving. Even just stepping up and saying “I don’t know” would be a vast improvement to what we see out of R today.

    None of this needs to be personal. We are all just kicking the can around speculating, making the call like a Monday morning quarterback. We are all adults. We should all, especially in an anonymous setting such as this, be able to comfortably put ourselves out there, take a chance and say what we really think and why we think that way, and not feel to terribly bad if we take a verbal beating every so often when we get it wrong. This deceit is not only unnecessary, but it is insulting.

    I will be the first to forgive and forget if R can step up to the plate and play a fair and honest game. But if he prefers to carry on, business as usual, I have no particular problem rubbing his nose in it and making it personal.

  206. Thanks Tex. I’m glad you could laugh. You need one.

    White House Dossier says Obama will visit Texas twice to attend the dedication ceremony for the Presidential Center in Dallas and for a fundraiser. Then, he will attend a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Washington DC. Like our flood victims, Texans are not his people. He can offer some prayers and approve aid, but he saves himself for his allies.

    My wife and I stood on the edge of a harvested wheat field with many of our fellow villagers. It was nearly midnight and the burning stubble reflected from a low overcast which bounced a ghostly red light down to the Essex farm lands.

    The others felt the awe my wife and I did. I imagined it as a major Neolithic religious rite who’s meaning had been lost during modern times. In jest, I asked my wife “Where do old gods go when no one believes in them?”

    Rutherford and his more knowledgable allies are at least on a subconscious level asking the same question.

  207. President Obama is still not scheduled to visit the devastated community of West, Texas, where an explosion at a fertilizer plant five days ago killed 14 – including 11 emergency responders – and wounded approximately 200 people.

    Up to 75 homes were damaged, as well as an apartment complex that was decimated. […]

    He will have ample opportunity. The president, along with First Lady Michelle Obama, will be in Texas two days this week, heading to Dallas Wednesday for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser and then remaining in the city overnight.

  208. re the West, Texas event: Aside from the ongoing lawsuit the owners of the plant had with Monsanto since 2007, this bit of information is making it’s way around the intertubes…

  209. You live in denial, Rutherford. Deflection is your last bullet. We all know it. To heal, one must first be truthful with himself. I’m not entirely sure you have that in you.

    I thought it appropriate that Noah get the scoop that there was a time when you weren’t so miserable, so pathetic, and so untruthful. From 700 miles away, I see a man coming apart at the seams. You would do better to move back to your home turf before everything you know disintegrates.

    And how did your brother-in-arms, Mr. Yeller Dawg say it? MSNBC rots the brain. Go back to your Bill Maher DVR…

    And I know one other thing too. Your big win in November? In the recesses of your mind, you wish it had been over. It would have been a relief.

    You’re a far better critic and foot soldier than you are manager and water carrier.

  210. I hate to pile on, but yeah….I too have learned Rutherford is child like. While on the one hand he is emotionally vested in defending his idol and team, on the other it’s all an abstraction for him. Clueless about society and people, it’s like watching someone root for Protozoa in a Petri dish.

  211. re: CISPA. Please, please contact your senators. Here is a response I received from mine and MY response to HIM:

    ‘Thank you for contacting me about cyber security legislation currently pending in Congress. I appreciate hearing from you.

    As America’s private and public sector have increasingly become the target of cyber attacks, I believe it is imperative that Congress address cyber threats in a balanced manner that not only protects our critical infrastructure, but also protects our individual rights. Multiple legislative approaches to improve U.S. cyber security have been proposed, but disagreement remains about the appropriate federal role.

    As you may know, on February 13, 2013, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) was reintroduced by Representative Mike Rogers and was passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 288 – 127. CISPA would amend the National Security Act of 1947 to add provisions for cyber threat intelligence, and would charge the Director of National Intelligence with facilitating information sharing between the private and public sector.

    I understand your concerns about the scope of this legislation and the potential for privacy infringement. Please be assured I will work to ensure that efforts to improve our national security protect constitutional rights in a balanced way.

    Thank you once again for contacting me on this important matter.’


    “OK – by the tone of your noncommital response, your leanings are quite apparent, so let me be clear: this is an extremely important, nay, CRITICAL matter to me. If you vote for CISPA, I will do everything legally within my power to ensure that you are not re-elected, to include campaign contributions to your opponent, giving speeches at the county medical society. canvassing door-to-door and voicing my opinion on numerous Websites that are owned by my wife and me.

    Is that clear enough?



  212. Crystal, Pfesser. 🙂

    I claim ignorance. Reading through that brief response, I’m reminded of Ross Perot’s comment that ‘The Devil is in the Details.’

    What is the scope, what exactly is the Director of National Intelligence facilitating, and who is the Director accountable to? Because in reading what your rep provided, I can certainly see the potential for abuse.

  213. Obama says he will attend the memorial service in West, Texas. Credit to him for that.

    Two hours of heavy, wet snow and sleet with a 35 MPH wind. it all melted here, but as much as three inches accumulated in a couple of hours within twenty-five miles of us. It is still March here.

  214. Although I respect your diligence PF I can’t help but wonder if you actually think the government & the private sector actually needs CISPA

  215. @ pools my initial reply to you was based on the bulk of your comments context speaking to the WMD/CST as if there was any credibility to the position you were putting forth.
    As for the embed what folks who view it or ones like it will fail to see:
    No forced entries at homes where occupants did not answer.
    Occupants being asked for consent to search. ( I would grant that consent would’ve been universally declined if people knew they would be patted down)
    Searches were declined and this was honored by the SWAT teams.
    As for me or anyone else liking the images of Red Dawn like America….no I don’t but I have far more experience in this area than others here. Whether in the US Latin America or North Ireland & UK I’ve seen this stuff up close and personal and at levels that make the Watertown MA seem very tame.
    The law was not broken in Watertown but it was flirted with in a way I want society to be vigilant about. There is a line between controlling a situation and controlling the population. What I know to have happened in MA is the former NOT the latter. Those who see this as a beginning should ironically be thankful that this oh so blue state that Obama carried twice is also in many ways the state that is most likely to credibly and dutifully assure the line isn’t crossed.

  216. I remembered something my great uncle once told me that seems to apply here.

    Never confuse education with intelligence.

  217. From the cradle, Rutherford was indoctrinated by a doting but irreligious mother about the grievances, the irrationality of religion other than some half-baked philosophy of taming the beast, the promises of progressivism – all of which have now failed Rutherford personally as an adult. There is no where to turn without admitting he was hoodwinked in the most personal and important of life’s most basic questions with the recognition his time draws short.

    Add to the fact Rutherford’s wife apparently shares the same inadequacies and can provide no answers either,

    Despite comment 313 which attempts to step this back a bit, I shall not pretend to be a follower of Christ and turn the other cheek. Tex has the audacity to mention Christianity in the same comment where he attempts to dishonor my mother, now dead for almost nine years and then goes on to discuss my wife’s inadequacies.

    It GALLS me that my mother never got to see her granddaughter get older or even see her two grandsons be born while Tex’s father, a mean bastard if there ever was one still draws breath on this Earth. Do I call him a bastard as some immature smack-back at Tex? No, I repeat what Tex himself has said on this very blog in times past.

    So let’s set the record straight. My mother was one of the wisest women I have ever known, a voracious reader, fascinated by the various religions of the world. At a very young age I developed a hatred for religion that has actually mellowed with time. But when I was a kid, my mother thought my motivations for religious skepticism suspect. In fact she found me so adamant that she predicted I would one day do a complete 180. It was my father, not my mother who totally dismissed religion as total foolishness and considered it not worth discussion. My mother on the other hand loved to talk about it. She understood other’s desire for it and she had a certain empathy for religious folks that I lacked.

    Now let us return to Tex’s bio, again from his own lips but uttered before the great Noah came on the scene. When Tex was a boy, his father never missed an opportunity to psychologically castrate him while his mother stood by helplessly doing nothing about it. I shouldn’t have laughed earlier in the thread when Tex said he hates bullies. Of course he does … his father was one. And Tex’s behavior on this very blog is a direct consequence of being hurt over and over again. Doesn’t take a Freud to figure that out. The fact that he is drawn to strong women and would indeed have no problem with his wife being the sole breadwinner of his home is no doubt compensation for the strong mother-defender that he was missing growing up.

    The worst part is that with his father gravely ill, Tex found himself in the difficult spot of feeling an obligation to care for him even though the pain of his childhood was still fresh. Believe me, I understand how f*cked up child/parent stuff can get as you get older. My Mom was a very strong willed woman who called the shots with me my whole life. When she was ill and needed me or even my father to call the shots, we faltered and she died. I will never forgive myself for not taking a more assertive role in her care. It haunts me now and always will.

    So I will NOT stand by and let some Internet “personality” who was either too drunk or off his meds to control his tongue to even hint at speaking ill of her. Were she alive today, she’d kick my ass for all the time I have spent on this blog and especially for taking the sh*t I’ve taken from Tex and some others the past 6 years.

    I started out life in and out of the hospital getting surgeries to correct what are vulgarly called “birth defects” and almost as soon as I could understand the spoken word, my mother would tell me “you paid your dues early, you don’t have to take “stuff” from anybody.” When I got older, “stuff” became “shit”. Well, Tex has overstepped a boundary once again and I’m not taking it.

    To all the innocent bystanders who don’t need to read this stuff, what can I say? I’ve had about enough.

  218. Just to bring this full circle…

    WASHINGTON (USA Today) — Four months after the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a USA TODAY Poll finds support for a new gun-control law ebbing as prospects for passage on Capitol Hill seem to fade.

    Americans are more narrowly divided on the issue than in recent months, and backing for a bill has slipped below 50%, the poll finds. By 49%-45%, those surveyed favor Congress passing a new gun-control law. In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in early April, 55% had backed a stricter gun law, which was down from 61% in February.

    The more folks learn about what Obama and his ilk propose, the less popular it becomes. Is it no wonder Obama consistently attempts to get legislation through without allowing the public–or legislators–time to read it?

    Yet R will continue to tell us how this is the most transparent administration evah…

  219. The anonymity and distance of the ‘net sure brings out the worst in people, doesn’t it? God damn, guys. Despite appearances to the the contrary, the majority of folks here are decent, good guys and gals – most of the time, anyway – and people I’d like to meet, down to the last one.

    Noah and Tex, you know I think Rutherford is way off-base on questions of how this country is run, but Jesus, why do two go after a man in his own home, with the lowest, most personal stuff? And now Rutherford is so pissed, he’d doing the same thing. Dammit, we’ve all done it, but it’s like fucking around on your wife: it feels good for a few minutes, but somehow it diminishes you, and you know it from then on.

    I have no doubt that Hussein is driving our dicks in the dirt, but IMHO he just happens to be the last – and likely worst – conductor on a hellbound train that left the station over fifty years ago. Rutherford and a lot of people who had high hopes for Obama are being treated to a national meltdown; it seems to me that the thing to do is not dance on their graves. The South will be forever grateful for Grant’s magnanimity at Appomattox – just a few miles from me. We are soon all going to need each other in ways we cannot imagine, and I don’t see abusing each other because of our past mistakes.

    I gotta tell you, R – and you know I’ve said this before – before I would take that kind of stuff in my own home, I’d close it and lock the door. And now, here you are down there, too – not that I blame you much.

    Ah, fuck it…

  220. On civility. Dancing on graves has its charm, but the body is still twitching.

    I had a complex on line relationship with a crazy liberal.We began as “friends” and my wife and i even planned to send her a little money when she needed it.

    She later tried to have me banned from the message board, but I beat her with help, or rather she beat herself. The battle lasted over a year and after she was banished permanently,She and her other banned friends started a shadow message board. I heaped scorn on her and her mother who began posting to attack me..

    Someone told me privately that the woman had killed herself, and her mother blamed me. I didn’t make the woman die, but civility does have its place.

  221. 😈 You feel better now? I knew you would retaliate. I read you like a book. 😆

    You should have done that months ago. It made you feel better. Made you feel even. You’ll find the satisfaction fleeting.

    Until now, there are certain things I have held back from everyone.. And your comments didn’t rise to level of offense for me to share them now as it would only embarrass you further and make me even more of an ass.

    If that was meant to shame or hurt, you failed miserably. The parts that weren’t baloney or hyperbole, I would feel no shame sharing with anyone and did so shortly before Jim Dugan’s death out of our once shallow blog friendship. And everything I wrote there about you, you yourself have shared on this blog and elsewhere. That was a rehash of history that Noah did not know.

    You pretty much just justified what most of us have suspected of you for quite some time; your oldest acquaintances, that is. Frankly, I baited you into that because I have concluded you are a very unhappy, purposeless human who has deteriorated from sadness to reprehensible. Your philosophy has failed you and it now readily apparent.

    I may be harsh, but what I have told you many times is for your own good and you’re too ignorant to understand that.

    One day, you’re going to discover just how foolish the entire Rutherford legacy has been, including your perhaps well intentioned but unhealthy upbringing. You won’t defend your legacy; you’ll curse the day you were born. I don’t say that lightly or by my authority.


    However….a few things need to be addressed to clear up a few fallacies you just posted.

    My story to Noah wasn’t meant as shot against your parents or even your wife, who was dealt the cruelest blow of all – being left with the bottom pickings in marriage late in life to you.

    Though I retract my offer of sharing my family pics as I offered those to Rabbit and Tigre out of acquaintance and the sort of shallow friendship that can evolve on a blog, I apologized in my very first post back for being overly zealous to you personally during the election season. You offered nothing in return but more anger and insult, and it was then that I fully recognized in addition to being woefully confused and sheltered, you were immature and petty.

    You chose not to accept the apology – didn’t even acknowledge it that I saw. If you are hurt, then you have no one but yourself to blame for allowing this to continue. You could have ended it there. But like I said. I find you not only mindless, but immature, petty and foolish. A shame because you got some talent.

    When you get insulting and play character assassin, you yourself become a very easy target. You are correct – I am the bully to the bullies.

    Trust me on this one. You don’t want to make this too personal. That’s not a threat – that is the admission you hold a losing hand if you want to take that road.


    Yes, my father was indeed a mean bastard, raised in deplorable conditions and abandoned as a child. As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize at least in part why my father the way he was. It doesn’t excuse it, but it does help me to understand it. Truthfully, I don’t give it much thought anymore. Time has healed. I have used the experience to attempt to be a transfiguring father who was not that way with his own children, remembering all too well the hurt, the wounds and the shame it caused.

    And my mother, while a delightful woman that everybody likes, was an enabler out of the old school where your first responsibility as married is to your spouse, even before your children. But she did introduce me to Christ, has had a profound influence on my life, beloved my her many grandchildren and her own children, and did feel like it was her God that intended for her to be devoted to her husband. For 55 years, it has worked and she has lived a wonderful life according to her. I watch her now slave every moment of every day, providing full-time care to a man she is entirely devoted. He can’t even wipe himself. I can’t help but admire my mother. Greatly.

    My wife is from a completely different school where children come first. She too is a wonderful Christian woman who feels like that the will of her God. She’s without doubt easy to be married to and she raised two dynamite kids. Her generosity and patience are self explanatory.

    Having experienced both approaches in the most intimate of ways, I still haven’t made up my mind which is the best, most balanced approach to a functional family. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses of which will only come become obvious sometime future tense.

    But, Mr. Rutherford? This castrated son that somehow was able to produce children all too easily from his castrated loins, has not prevented me from building a ramp as recently as last week, at my own cost to assist both father and mother, his father now a complete invalid. Believe it or not, I did it out of love.

    And perhaps this might help clear up why I am here more than I should be.

    After watching my mother struggle with my father to even get him in the house and to the couch, I felt strongly enough that whatever my father’s shortcomings, and they were many, I still believe in the 5th Commandment and will do so until my father’s death.

    I did so for two other reasons: (1) my mother is desperate to stay in her own home – a home very difficult to get in and out of and she is a most stubborn woman; (2) both of my parents were going to get severely hurt attempting something as simple as getting in the car if something was not done. I have done several things to assist my parents, but I have laid down the law to my mother that this is the last act. Assisted living is the only available step after this. My own mother is a formidable opponent.

    My mother has been feeling terribly guilty that her son has had to remain on call to drive over and assist on short notice for the better part of two years now. It would be virtually impossible for me to return to work and do what I do.

    So before you judge me too harshly for my slothfulness and inadequacy, or ever wondered why I use this room frequently rambling on as I do, sheer boredom and escape mind you, to pass the time waiting…

    …there has been a castrated son that for quite a while now been taking care of two elderly parents – not entirely out of love but what I have decided that I am commanded to do.

    So Rutherford, while I fully admit I am a fatally flawed man, you might give thanks to a God you don’t believe in, for no other reason than I myself have the capacity to be utterly wicked and depraved. And it my Fear of the Lord and His grace that keeps me in check and relatively balanced.

  222. Pfesser, had you been fatherly figure you just posed, I might have taken your good advice and suggestions. Being you are an educated, accomplished man of some note…

    …you’re asking me to suspend disbelief that you yourself haven’t been as nasty as you want to be? And that’s okay. I understand. But let’s not then proceed with the sanctimony when it’s you simply in attendance this go around.

    Rutherford and a lot of people who had high hopes for Obama are being treated to a national meltdown; it seems to me that the thing to do is not dance on their graves.

    Have you forgotten the eight years of the treatment of George Bush? Or the things said of his father? Baby killer, no blood for oil, Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan; Dick Durbin analogizing our military to gulags; the false narrative of “torture”; the selective memory of the Rutherford’s of the world when they stand in the line of fire? How about Robert Bork and the way he was treated by a young, stupid Joe Biden and killer named Teddy Kennedy? Remember what they said of Reagan and danced on his grave when dead? You got a reminder of that when the great Margaret Thatcher died last week if you read the news. The bald faced lies, the harassment of kids, the kind of shit you yourself has positioned here about Sarah Palin?

    Please, please…don’t fall into the trap of sympathy for these unsympathetic figures that certainly don’t deserve your sympathy. They are a brood of vipers. You think Hussein is operating in a gross and incompetent manner simply because he is gross and incompetent? Then you don’t understand motive and intent. There’s no sin in saying as much.

    And the South might be forever grateful for Grant’s magnanimity at Appomattox. But I don’t think we should forget not before Grant had wounded, maimed, and killed a few hundred thousand of them before they marched home as reminder about picking a fight. Sherman laid waste to the earth and left them to starve as reminder. History is written, just as it was at the end of WWII, that treaties aren’t worth the paper they are written on without great pain being inflicted by the victor.

    We are soon all going to need each other in ways we cannot imagine, and I don’t see abusing each other because of our past mistakes

    I have no intent of needing the Rutherfords. They are neither worthy, capable or to be trusted. Why would I want to reestablish a relationship with a failure, if myself am forced into receivership by the failure? That’s foolish. Be done with them.

    These cowards have been stroking a war they think we won’t fight for years. And so far, we have not disappointed them. Like I said earlier this week, bad-assed guns parked next to squirrel sized balls characterizes the Republican Party. You might as well hold a water pistol if you don’t have the intent to use it.

    Isn’t it long overdue to bloody some noses like Grant, then march them home as reminder?

  223. Rutherford – I’m back to lurking, as I said I would if Tex returned. I can not speak for other liberals but IMO they will not return or venture in.

    This is not your average bully. Trust me.

    I can not tell you what to do but will offer my opinion. Life is much too short. This is just a blog. There is a saying/song “know when to hold them…fold them… when to walk away”. Knowing when to walk away is not failure or defeat; it is survival, it is freedom, it is taking back your life. Don’t let this blog destroy you.

  224. This is for Lurker and R, comrades, holding hands down the voting isle towards oblivion. Tell me, how do you ever manage to solve a problem when you ignore WHY the problem occurred in the first place…

    MATTHEWS: Why is that important? Why is that important to — is that important to prosecuting? I mean, what difference does it make why they did it if they did it? I’m being tough here. But I don’t know whether, when you look at all this evidence –

  225. Case in point. Or, if I was an Obama official, I might say game, set, match…

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s failure to recognize political Islam as a driver of jihadist terrorism is partly to blame for the FBI not identifying one of the Boston Marathon bombers in 2011 as a security risk, according to U.S. officials and private counterterrorism analysts.

    The FBI revealed last week that it was warned by a foreign government in 2011 that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed Friday, was tied to “radical Islam” but the FBI was unable to confirm the links.

    “The fact is religion has been expunged from counterterrorism training,” said Sebastian Gorka, a counterterrorism specialist with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “The FBI can’t talk about Islam and they can’t talk about jihad.”

    Added Patrick S. Poole, another counterterrorism specialist, about FBI policies on Islam: “I have zero doubt it affected their investigation of Tsarnaev.”

    A U.S. official said FBI policies of playing down Islamic links to terrorism resulted in the FBI not identifying Tsarnaev, 26, or his brother, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19, who was charged with last week’s bombing, as Islamist terrorists.

    Instead, the FBI is limiting its description of the two men as ethnic Chechens who became “radicalized” prior to the April 15 bombing of the Boston Marathon. Three people were killed and more than 200 injured in the attack using two homemade bombs placed in pressure cookers and remotely detonated.

  226. This is not your average bully. Trust me.

    Thank you.

    I do like to think of myself as more capable than the average bully for no other reason than sheer motivation. And the reason being as Gorilla just put so succinctly, is that I think you and Mr. Rutherford are leading our nation to ruin and that you both are my real enemy. Not radical Islam. YOU.

    Trust me. I do not care what Lurker “thinks” anymore than I care what the roach thought before my size 10 landed on his back. They are one and the same.

    If there was any doubt, now you know where you stand in my sympathies, Lurker.

    I can not tell you what to do but will offer my opinion. Life is much too short. This is just a blog. Don’t let this blog destroy you.

    Oh, it won’t be the blog that destroys Dear Rutherford. The blog is simply a mirror through which to witness the self-destruction.

  227. Hard to get past the humor in this…

    Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute have filed a civil rights lawsuit against a Chicago public school district on behalf of a second-grade teacher who was suspended after he displayed garden-variety tools such as wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers in his classroom as part of a “tool discussion” in his class.

    Despite the fact that all potentially hazardous items were kept out of the students’ reach, school officials at Washington Irving Elementary School informed Doug Bartlett, a 17-year veteran in the classroom, that his use of the tools as visual aids endangered his students. Bartlett was subsequently penalized with a four-day suspension without pay – charged with possessing, carrying, storing or using a weapon.

    The complaint charges that Bartlett “suffered humiliation, embarrassment, mental suffering, and lost wages, and was suspended for four days” – and asks for “nominal and compensatory damages” and for the suspension to be expunged from the teacher’s record.

    “This school district’s gross overreaction to a simple teaching demonstration on basic tools such as wrenches and pliers underscores exactly what is wrong with our nation’s schools,” said Rutherford Institute Pres. John Whitehead.

  228. Is this spineless invertebrate Lurker stooge the “high maintenance” with which you spoke, Rutherford?

    If so, I think what you seek is not civility, wit or debate. What you seek is a soul mate and sympathetic fool.



  229. Rutherford chooses to password protect a free little corner of cyberspace to electronically publish his writings and maintain an online persona. “Liberal politics with a dose of common sense,” says he. His comments section is not moderated. He can moderate the comments anytime he wants. He can establish rules of conduct or language. He can ban Tex outright. He can ignore Tex (and Noah and me and anyone else he wants to ignore) and choose instead to converse with others about politics and impart that dose of common sense to a world desperately in need of it. And he can do all of that on your behalf as well. He chooses not to.


    Tex, anyone who has had to care for elderly or sick parents (or both!) – or is of the mind to when the time comes – gets what you’re doing. Some of us are even humbled by it. As for the rest of them, as that old Bob Dobbs saying goes – “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

  230. “Now let the Thor-is-Lurker speculation begin. :)”

    heh he thinks people actually care. That’s a fat grannies thing.

  231. Thank you, Muffy.

    As Rutherford has turned on you, I have determined that like his defense of leftism with respect to the worse the results get for Obama and the more defensive of his failed President Rutherford becomes, Rutherford is also a fabulous gnome vane for determining the quality of person.

    The more Rutherford disdains your message and spins wildly, the more honorable you are. I ought to construct a game with his mug on it and an arrow to point to answers – like a Quija Board.

    Therefore, I have concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re the classiest, wisest lady to have ever visited this detestable blog. 😛


    I really only shared as it was written elsewhere because first, I’m not the least embarrassed by it or I wouldn’t have given junior the ammunition to begin with. It’s not like I’m the first kid to have a dysfunctional relationship with his father, though I admit to this day a degree of jealousy for those sons who had a father they admire(d). Would have made life much easier as I have been forced to learn virtually everything without mentor. And it’s not like I didn’t know Weasel would one day attempt to use it against me either. If Rutherford is anything, he’s completely and predictably rotten.

    Just to set the record straight that if my bastard for a father really as bad as Rutherford wants to believe, I probably wouldn’t be caring for my father as he deteriorates. It’s not like I was raised in a gulag. I know this is a shocker concerning a church mouse like me, but I believe I was designated “strong willed” at an early age. About the same time my ass was the only one busted in kindergarten.

    And I had a perfect record every year thereafter until 10th grade of having my ass busted for one reason or another. They would swing back, usually three times, and be met with a shit eating grin at the end of it. Even then, they called your parents (my mom) for permission and I don’t remember a time I didn’t hear “sure, and we’ll handle it when he gets home.” 😆 And they did.

    In a perverse sort of way, these last days of caring for my parents, I feel like God has provided me an opportunity to make things right and I have taken advantage to do so. For the first time in my life, my father and I have had a relationship and we are no longer hostile. He’s long gone now as his mind has deteriorated quickly probably from the West Nile, but he hugged me night before last and told me how proud he had been of me. It was surreal. I didn’t know how to answer.

    The only real drawback is that nothing changes your life like emptying your mother’s bedpan and bathing your father. 😯 I’m scarred for life.

    Finally, as to Thor is Lurker, who cares? All Leftists are equally worthless and weak in my book. Any comment I make to the invertebrate Lurker would apply equally to Thor of Forked Tongue.

  232. ‘I’ve been where you are Tex. You are a good man and a son your parents should be proud of.

    Thor, if you stick around, I have two more songs for you. Maybe that will make you flee.

    The Washington Times reported that the House investigative committees concluded Hillary blew it with Benghazi, and that Obama also failed to heed the warnings.

    This is important. For one thing, the report is virtually the same as what some of us speculated had happened. WE TOLD YOU SO!” Did you just read that we told you so?”

    A wise person would conclude that some of our other opinions which have also been validated would lend credibility to future and current statements, but it is too much to ask. “We told you so” is good enough.

  233. Thor and JAL, good to hear from both of you.

    Took a break from the blog today — PF was right, the satisfaction of trying to put Tex back behind a boundary line was fleeting.

    Tex I didn’t acknowledge the apology you spoke because I suspected it might have a half-life of 24 hours and I turned out to be right. It didn’t take more than a couple of days for the needling about my job to start again after you apologized for it.

    So be it. My response seemed to you predictable and your response to my tirade seemed to me predictable. Maybe we both need some new tricks.

    Perhaps a new article and fresh thread tomorrow … need to open a window and air the place out a bit.

  234. James, this might seem lame to you but I think there IS some daylight between Hillary and Barack blew it and this is the worst foreign affairs disaster in some time that demands impeachment. An Ambassador was killed on Hillary’s watch. She needs to be accountable for it and I think she felt accountable (except on that ill advised boycott of the Sunday morning talkers where she left Susan Rice out to dry).

    As for Obama, just like Truman said, the buck ultimately stops with him. But does that mean he sat in the Situation room and watched live coverage of the Ambassador being sodomized and killed, as some of the extreme nutjobs would have us believe?

    I’m guessing the findings of the House committee were not full of over the top rhetoric.

  235. BTW James etal., my angry words regarding Tex vis-a-vis his father don’t suggest that Tex is a lesser man for his current care-taking. On the contrary, that Tex can find it in himself to forgive past transgressions and step up to the plate is praise worthy. As I said amidst the vitriol, I find the situation Tex finds himself in to be difficult and psychologically complex.

    If we live long enough, many of us end up in a role reversal with our parents where we worry about them and care for them in the way they once did for us when we were young. It is a difficult change to go through.

  236. It is always interesting to see how nut jobs like Piss Pot unintentionally—or otherwise—feed the beast, sort of speak. Jihadist and extremist circles are chocked full of conspiracy theories, which are then fed and justified by tin-foil toilets that apparently dig pools. It also amazes me how well Russian propaganda seems to hold. For instance, the Protocols were written by Tsarist Russia to undermine the socialist revolutionaries, which were made up of a large group of Russian Jews. Likewise, it was the Soviet Union that fabricated the whole CIA/Inner City drug thing, which has taken hold despite being both ludicrous and unprovable (after all, how do you prove a negative to a group of retards who view nothing-to-see as evidence that we must dig deeper? For what?).

    I’ve been following terrorism in general, and Islamic Extremism specifically, for many years now, and they are but a concentrated microcosm of a culture that readily embraces conspiracy theories. I’ve yet to meet an Arab worth his salt who couldn’t recount multiple Piss Pot fantasies on the spot with fevered conviction and unwavering dedication. Just like Liberals, they’re never ones to let facts—or the lack thereof—get in the way of a good conspiracy…

    Investigators are beginning to uncover the many influences that led the Tsarnaev brothers to commit their deadly spree last week which included bombing the Boston Marathon and shooting a police officer. Deep within anAssociated Press story on the many influences that moved the elder and more ideological brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, to commit last week’s atrocities was this choice detail: “Tamerlan took an interest in Infowars, a conspiracy theory website.”

    On Tuesday, reports indicated that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was moved by the performances of the radical anti-American Al Qaeda propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki.

    Al-Awlaki reportedly also influenced Maj. Nidal Hasan who, in 2009, attacked his fellow servicemen and women at Ft. Hood, killing 13 and wounding over 30.

    Tarnaev’s YouTube page indicated that he had an interest in Islamic apocalypse prophecy and had subscribed to the YouTube channel of a British youth who assassinated UK MP Steven Timms in 2010 in retaliation for his support of the Iraq War.

    AP reports that Tamerlan Tsarnaev also possessed a copy of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” an anti-Semitic book which purports to detail a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the globe.

    But AP also reports that the conspiracy theory website controlled by radio host Alex Jones, Infowars, was also of interest to Tsarnaev.

    On Tuesday, Infowars ran a story claiming that Tsarnaev’s indoctrination into radical Islamic jihadist theory is a myth designed to “reinvigorate” the war on terror. The post chides the media for their credulous repeating of the story and claims this fabrication is a design intended to further the United States’ “global war against Islam.”

  237. Obama: A Man of the People… or so we’ve been told. Of course, many of us on the right have been pointing this out for many, many moons now, but in light of OWS and the left’s propaganda, this shines a great big fat ray of sunshine on Obamanomics.

    R, do explain. Really, stop ignoring my requests for some intellectual justification and tell us how the Chicago Jesus has been good to us?

    During the first two years of the nation’s economic recovery, the mean net worth of households in the upper 7% of the wealth distribution rose by an estimated 28%, while the mean net worth of households in the lower 93% dropped by 4%, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly released Census Bureau data.

    From 2009 to 2011, the mean wealth of the 8 million households in the more affluent group rose to an estimated $3,173,895 from an estimated $2,476,244, while the mean wealth of the 111 million households in the less affluent group fell to an estimated $133,817 from an estimated $139,896.

  238. Took a break from the blog today — PF was right, the satisfaction of trying to put Tex back behind a boundary line was fleeting.

    I think part of the problem is Rutherford, either your memory is awful or your comprehension awful. The half-life of your memory the previous comment. It was me, not Pfesser, who told you the satisfaction would be fleeting in the very first paragraph of my response back at you.

    Do you know that you don’t even make the attempt to answer any question I ask you anymore about the state of the country? Not one. The only time of recent memory is when I mocked your statistics.

    Tex I didn’t acknowledge the apology you spoke because I suspected it might have a half-life of 24 hours and I turned out to be right. It didn’t take more than a couple of days for the needling about my job to start again after you apologized for it.

    Rutherford, that’s not true either, unless me calling you dispatch a few times later in jest is insult when you started back up with your own lame attempts at attack, never even bothering in the attempt to answer my many questions, predictably followed by your own feeble insults. In fact, I went so far to tell you with a left-handed compliment I couldn’t do what you are doing. I wrote a very long response when you asked if I was “embarrassed” about not working of which you never even followed up. Remember? Now you understand why. And even using dispatch you’ll note in your rant in response to me that I said and I quote:

    Add to the fact Rutherford an educated man, and there no doubt like so many of us he was also lied to with promises of education leading to achievement, I am sure life seems terribly unfair.

    That is not an insult – that is support and agreement. I have added further you deserve better, you’re learning the joy of servitude at a late age, etc…etc…etc…

    You can hate my guts and I won’t blame you a bit. Because I have now made it abundantly clear I don’t like you, don’t trust you, and don’t much respect your opinions. Yes, I do find you the problem with America, one of millions, and I do identify you as enemy of the state. But don’t exaggerate the depths of depravity of what I have said about you. So I hang by my statement that you are petty and immature. You hold a grudge. You don’t handle conflict well because you are a child in a man’s body. And your sheltered life is in large part responsible for it.

    The one thing I do give you credit for is you’re not a gutless coward like the rest of them.

    I don’t require your sympathies to my current position and frankly like you would find them disingenuous like everything else you now offer. Don’t bother if that’s for me. But you did give me opportunity to explain the why and now, so I took it.

    Now as far as I am concerned, the Wicked Witch is done with this subject and your munchkins can return in safety.

  239. Gorilla,

    From 2009 to 2011, the mean wealth of the 8 million households in the more affluent group rose to an estimated $3,173,895 from an estimated $2,476,244, while the mean wealth of the 111 million households in the less affluent group fell to an estimated $133,817 from an estimated $139,896.

    And you will note that corresponds with Obama’s cloying, phony wife’s predilections for campaigning about the ‘middle class’ at $38,500 donor functions. The Obamas make the Clintons look like George Washington and Paris Hilton a miser.

    I would be one of those “rich” whose wealth has gone up under Obama. And the only reason my wife and I are benefactors is that the majority of our wealth was until two years ago was in equities, mostly 401k(s). And the only reason the market is going up now is because the Fed’s ploy of pumping money and foreign markets are even worse shape – there is no where else to turn and no where else to make a return. And when this market drops this time when the bubble bursts, the 2008 drop will look like a mere mole hill. You watch.

    We are now five years into Obama’s regime, and there are seven immutable facts: (1) The middle class is now in worse shape than they were five years ago; (2) millions of ‘former’ middle class have dropped off the radar as recently as last year and are not even in consideration anymore, because “things” are not getting better – they are getting worse; (3) We are accumulating debt at over a trillion dollars a year five years later and have had two debt downgrades under Obama; (4) The real unemployment rate is higher than when Obama took office and labor force participation rates are at their historically lowest levels on record; (5) Food stamp allocation is 50% higher than when Obama took office; (6) A greater percentile of families are near or in poverty than at any time in measurable history; (7) Health care costs are experiencing double digit cost increases – exactly the opposite of what these fans of Obamacare told us would happen.

    I could add an eighth that this country now more polarized than any time since the Civil War. Our post racial, Nobel Peace Prize President is a fraud and a thug and his m.o. has been to divide and conquer since the day he announce, “I won.” We did it their way, continue to do it “their way”, and it hasn’t worked.

    I think it abundantly clear and without dispute now that these leftists, including the ones on this board, are economically illiterate. And I think it even more transparent that they will allow themselves to personally suffer on account that they can’t admit just how wrong they were. Their arrogance, immaturity and ignorance won’t allow it. Some are just insanely envious, evil and hate America.

    School girls is who you are attempting to debate.

  240. Rutherford, the report also cast blame on Obama for not realizing security was lax. Since he is the president, it is his policy no matter who implements it.This is especially true after Obama’s giving the impression that he was actively involved with the search for Bin Ladin.

    The implications are obvious. Either the President was not as involved in the hunt as he claimed and Benghazi was the norm, or he cared more about killing Ossama than in protecting the safety of our own troops.

    The administration, including Hillary ran out the clock with lies and obfuscations to win an election.This is close to an impeachable offense, and so far, Hillary has gotten off scott free. Some polls show her to be more popular than Obama.We, ourselves covered it all right here on this blog.

    I still believe Congress should have quickly brought impeachment proceedings, not to fire the president but to force people to testify under oath and to attract the attention of the drones who care more about who was thrown off Dancing with the Stars than machinations of our political leaders.

    I don’t do it often, but it feels good to write “We told you so”.I did do it to Newt once, and she wondered if I would hurt my arm by patting myself on my back. No problem there. I am double jointed. It was a great help when I was wrestling.

  241. I don’t remember Rutherford’s being especially strident about global warming, so this is not directed at him. Nevertheless, I have another “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

    NASA’s new study shows data collected by NASA’s Langley Research Center has collected data showing that “greenhouse” gasses actually block up to 95% of solar energy from reaching the earth.

    Climate models showed CO2 to contribute more to warming than it does in reality because the models were flawed.

    It is 22 this morning, a record low. Our high was 38 yesterday, another record.Norfolk, Nebraska set a cold record high of 34 because 2 to 6 inches of snow still remains on the ground in their area. That is no more indicative of climate change than our June-like April and May last year.

  242. i liked NOP on the other blog. We even defended each other. However, I rebuilt myself around a code of ethics which usually coincides with normal societal rules, but as with the fire bomb,not always.

    She betrayed me, and so I “killed” her by leaving the other blog and removing it from my thoughts. A parting shot was that her handle, No One’s Puppet was ironic since she was a slave to her ideology.

    So are some people here. Perception is clouded by what William Blake wrote “if the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is. Infinite, for man has closed himself till he sees all things…”

    That sentence was the inspiration for the Doors name.

    I did find NOP’s alternate identity, but it will be our secret.

  243. James,

    Rutherford has forgotten that Barack Obama was made aware of the situation in Benghazi, got a five minute brief (supposedly), and went back to bed. He’s a man of the people! cough cough.

    Would we expect any thing different from President BedWetter?

    P.S. – Rutherford wasn’t a strident global warming alarmist. However, like everything else published by the idiot side in the name of “science”, Rutherford did accept it as gospel, panting like Pavlov’s hound at the news. Sit up, boy! But he wasn’t a zealot.

    Thor is our real Chicken Little Eco Hound – big business is killing us, oil leaking everywhere! More Solyndra!!!!

    It’s 37 degrees this morning where I sit at the 36th parallel north. To give you an idea, that is about Atlanta, GA south. Yesterday, the high was 40 degrees – a new record low. In the panhandle, they had ½ inch of ice.

    God does have a great sense of humor. And I predict just as He is now demonstrating how stupid their arrogance as they were calling for carbon taxes from the Gulfstream, soon they are going to appear even more stupid about their big win last November, as the house consumed by the coming economic tornado.

    They will be so exposed that even the Rutherfords will throw up their hands and pray for forgiveness.

  244. Poolman, I was an Air Force medic. That dude would have been dead with a very white complexion. Once again “doors of perception.”

  245. My uncle was a very bright man who could have succeeded at Harvard had he had the opportunities. Instead, he owned a service station which he parleyed into a regional success with a reputation. He was a perfectionist from balanced wheels which let a car go down the road at 90 MPH without aid of a steering wheel to measuring his house to determine the perfect spot for listening to his music set up.

    He did have one quirk. He was convinced the communists and oil companies were in league to take over the world. We all knew he was crazy, but sometimes in my darker moments I wonder if he was on to something.

  246. Poolman,

    I might have a little more confidence you haven’t been hijacked about the bombing if the dude could spell knot correctly.

    Knott’s Berry Farm, for instance

    Let me give you a head’s up. The EMT is full of crap, each injury unique, a tourniquet if tightened sufficiently will stop even the femoral artery cold,and I once experience the same trauma on a much smaller scale than this poor guy.

    When you have your blood pressure taken with a cuff, the way it works is the artery is temporarily occluded. You’ve felt that squeeze, I’m sure. Now imagine how much tighter you could ratchet down a strong cloth as tourniquet, if need be.

    I had the top joint of my middle finger literally smashed off in an oak door. Literally, the tip of my finger had to be sewn back on.

    It made a small red spot on a rag wrapped around it for over two hours. It would have bled more from a paper cut. Blunt trauma and intense heat can do strange things to your arteries.

    Don’t be fooled by this crap.

  247. I read that in his early days Martin Luther King was stabbed in the chest. He told the medics to leave the knife alone until he was at the hospital. The knife was acting as a tourniquet.

    Sometimes we had people bleeding from gingivectomies, after hours. We stopped the bleeding with chemical burns.

    A tractor axle fell on my father’s foot as he removed a wheel.He stood there for two hours until help arrived. My father was a tough man and decided after buying some gas, he would go home. Our family avoided doctors. The service station attendant took my father to the hospital because blood was running out the top of his boot.

    The doctor removed my father’s sock, and blood shot across the room. The sock and pressure had retarded the blood flow.

    My little finger was cut to the bone, and blood pulsed out of me before we used a tourniquet. I put the flap of my finger back over the bone, and my father made a sling for me. I seeped blood for about 40 hours and slept with my hand elevated on two pillows.

    My finger was numb, and it turned purple, so I saw a doctor at the university where i was a student. He asked when the stitches were removed, and I replied I was self-treated. He said he would have put in at least six stitches.

    My finger is off center because I didn’t get it back together quite right. I rubbed it a lot over the years, and within the past five or six years some sensations have returned.

    The right side of an Air man’s face was sliced into a flap as my finger was. It was awfully bloody,especially with multiple injured, but there was less blood than I expected.His teeth and cheek
    bone were visible.

    Since we had similar injuries, how is your finger, Tex?

  248. re 360, I agree, Magilla. Most of them believe the media’s narratives.

    Tex, you’re not paying very lose attention. James gets it. I’m not a medical professional by any means, but I have lived 56 years and can sure pick up on bullshit. Maybe it’s a heightened sense I’ve developed. I certainly have prayed for discernment everyday for at least five years and I believe I have become more aware. Discount an entire piece because he can’t spell knot? If all professional medical personnel had to pass a spelling test to be deemed reliable, we’d have much fewer of them.

    If I did not feel so motivated to speak truth to power and wake up the church, I would have left this format long ago.

    You guys have a wonderful day, whether you’re in la-la land or the real one.

  249. Finally, somebody speaks about the truth of the actions of Boston. I give kudos to the emergency providers, the trauma and emergency rooms, the quick responders.

    But the city of Boston? I’ve never seen such undeserved chest thumping in all my life. Get this…

    Enough with all the chest-thumping, mingled with manly tears, about the dramatic end of the Marathon bombers’ reign of terror in Boston last week. From the press coverage, you’d think the entire city (which is actually rather small) rose up as one and smote two evil Chechens a stunning blow for truth, justice, liberty and the American Way. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    What we saw instead was a city cowering in fear, led by two particularly pusillanimous toads in Gov. Deval Patrick and Mayor Mumbles Menino, who had the services of some 10,000 armed personnel — literally, a small army — to take down… wait for it… a wounded teenager with a gun, and maybe some self-detonating explosives.

    Way to go, Boston. You’ve made all of us proud to be Americans.

    And you really want to go to war with us, Rutherford? Tee hee. Be my guest. I give you the first shot.

  250. Poolman, along with the man not being able to spell cat, he doesn’t know anything about medicine either. I just explained the medical to you.

    Did you not get past the knott part?

  251. Hey! Bill Maher did something redeeming and actually told a truth. There may be hope for our blog host yet.

    “Just as in previous acts of Islamist terror, the left in general, and university professors in particular, continue to argue that it is wrong — actually bigoted — to associate these terrorists’ religious beliefs with their terrorism.

    Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown professor of sociology: ‘So you take one part of the element, that he’s Muslim. But he also might have listened to classical music. He might have had some Lil Wayne.’

    MSNBC host Melissa Harris- Perry (one of our favorite Lib commentators!): ‘I keep wondering is it possible that there would ever be a discussion like, ‘This is because of Ben Affleck and the connection between Boston and movies about violence?’ And of course, the answer is no. … Our very sense of connection to them is this framed-up notion of, like, Islam making them something that is non-normal.’

    Zaheer Ali — Harvard graduate, recipient of Columbia University’s Merit Scholars Graduate Fellowship, recipient of the Social Science Research Council’s Mellon Mays Pre-Doctoral Research Grant — on MSNBC: ‘It isn’t Muslim that is a common thing here, it’s people who are alienated.’

    Professor Brian Levin — director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino (formerly associate director of the Southern Poverty Law Center) — to Bill Maher:

    ‘Look, it’s not like people who are Muslim who do wacky things have a monopoly on it. We have hypocrites across faiths, Jewish, Christian who say they’re out for God and end up doing not so nice things.’

    Bill Maher’s response: ‘That’s liberal bullshit.’ (tongue-in-cheek, no doubt)”

  252. Yup, I watched Bill interview Levin and Bill was an ass. Bill mentioned “The Book of Mormon” and its success on Broadway and he asked, thinking he was very clever, “do you think we could ever bring the book of Islam to Broadway?”

    My response to Bill was:

  253. Folks here think I am an Islam apologist. I’m not. I think ALL religions are out of this world and the only time I “defend” Islam is when I see it attacked by people of faiths that have their own brand of depravity. When pushed on the matter, Christians will implicitly say that the New Testament cleaned up the savagery of the Jews’ Old Testament which for me is a cop-out.

    Christian zealots blow up abortion clinics. Islam zealots fly planes into buildings. Definitely a magnitude greater in dysfunction. I don’t deny that. It still stands that millions of Muslims behave properly and contribute to society by going to their jobs and raising their kids. Their microcosm of dangerous nutjobs is more over the top than the similar microcosm of Christians. That’s a rotten shame for them and as I’ve said before it would behoove more of them to denounce their savage brethren.

  254. Tex I guess you missed my comment earlier in the thread that Rabbit took some issue with. I’ll elaborate briefly:

    1. FBI allowed Russia’s reticence to result in closing the inquiry into Tamalan the older brother. I say FBI didn’t push hard enough. I could be wrong.

    2. Police release photos of suspects to general public basically saying “we’ve got nothing … help us.”

    3. Keystone Kops then let the 19 year old slip through their fingers in the middle of a gun fight.

    4. But for the grace of an observant civilian the cops would have come up with nothing … or worst/best case scenario (depending on your perspective) 19 year old would have been found dead in the boat having bled out.

    I have been saying and I said so on my show yesterday that this was NOT the finest week in law enforcement despite the accolades to the contrary.

    Of course you’d rather get purely political and get pissy about Patrick and Mumbles.

  255. I can think off hand of four domestic terrorists over 20 years believing themselves acting in the name of Christianity, and there may be more that I have forgotten, that shot four abortion doctors and one nurse, three of which have been tried by predominately Christian courts since that is still the predominate demographic make up of America.

    Two of them received life sentences, one of the was put to death on a gurney, and then there was Eric Rudolph who was about as much Christian as say Fred Phelps – both good standing Democrats, mind you, the latter running several times for public office in the state of Kansas.

    I can think of one self-professed atheist, then as time drew short one agnostic, then when time drew really short lapsed Catholic who ask for last rites the last ten minutes, who took out 167 people, including 20 babies, some as young as three months old with one detonated bomb 100 miles from my hometown.

    Believe his name was Timothy McVeigh.


    But lets discuss mommy, daddy and sonny’s adopted mindset of the humanist form:

    “Apparently it was just an amazing coincidence that every Communist of historical note publicly declared his atheism … .there have been twenty-eight countries in world history that can be confirmed to have been ruled by regimes with avowed atheists at the helm … These twenty-eight historical regimes have been ruled by eighty-nine atheists, of whom more than half have engaged in democidal (162 acts) of the sort committed by Stalin and Mao …

    The total body count for the ninety years between 1917 and 2007 is approximately 148 million dead at the bloody hands of fifty-two atheists, three times more than all the human beings killed by war, civil war, and individual crime in the entire twentieth century combined.

    The historical record of collective atheism is thus 182,716 times worse on an annual basis than Christianity’s worst and most infamous misdeed, the Spanish Inquisition. It is not only Stalin and Mao who were so murderously inclined, they were merely the worst of the whole Hell-bound lot. For every Pol Pot whose infamous name is still spoken with horror today, there was a Mengistu, a Bierut, and a Choibalsan, godless men whose names are now forgotten everywhere but in the lands they once ruled with a red hand.

    Is a 58 percent chance that an atheist leader will murder a noticeable percentage of the population over which he rules sufficient evidence that atheism does, in fact, provide a systematic influence to do bad things? If that is not deemed to be conclusive, how about the fact that the average atheist crime against humanity is 18.3 million percent worse than the very worst depredation committed by Christians, even though atheists have had less than one-twentieth the number of opportunities with which to commit them. If one considers the statistically significant size of the historical atheist set and contrasts it with the fact that not one in a thousand religious leaders have committed similarly large-scale atrocities, it is impossible to conclude otherwise, even if we do not yet understand exactly why this should be the case. ~ Vox Day concerning atheism and mass murder

    Want to try again, Toto?

  256. Rutherford, if you have a problem with the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament), why are you not condemning the David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuels of the world?

    In the last election, almost 77% of those identifying as Jewish voted for Barack Obama. Hmmm…?

  257. P.S. – the New Testament in no way “cleans up” the Old Testament, and in fact the law still stands, unless you know something Jesus doesn’t. It was He who said as much.

    I know you don’t understand a thing about organized religion from what you’ve been spoon fed from the cradle as your instructors obviously did not either or you were a poor student, but if I could give you some very, very, very relevant advice:

    You should really refrain from talking about religion, as I have never met a more uninformed human that you about organized religion. Even Bill Maher knows more.

  258. Rutherford, I remember the comment 369, and I wrote that I agreed with you. In 368 you unintentionally created a false equivalency. You wrote that Christian zealots blow up abortion clinics and Muslim zealots blow up air planes.

    Numbers defeat your comparison. Consider the number of Muslim attacks versus Christians, Wiccans, or others’ murders. For any but the hopelessly politically correct, so many Muslims have killed people their identity as terrorists has become a cliche.

    Over the world, more Christians than Muslims are persecuted.

    The Old and New Testaments are not cop outs. The Bible is also a book of history, and it records morals and standards from neolithic times on to the Roman era.The New Testament describes a more civilized time when people were saved, not through the law but by the grace of God. A committee chose which books were sufficiently holy to be included in the Bible.

    Muslims are stuck in the Old Testament.

    Yes, it would behoove more Muslims to renounce their savage bretheren. They won’t because they are cowards or secretly share the radicals’ beliefs. Would you criticize a powerful iman if you knew that you or your family could be stoned, beheaded, or dispatched in some other unpleasant way? For millions, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  259. James I fully get your point in the last paragraph.

    Tex, humans are animals of a higher order. So to answer your implicit question … yes atheists are capable of as much savagery as believers. One of my favorite snippets from religion is “there but for the grace of God go I”. Every time I look at a picture of Djohker I think he could just as easily have been an American Idol heart throb as a cold blooded killer. The choices we make boggle the mind.

  260. So to answer your implicit question … yes atheists are capable of as much savagery as believers

    You’re once again demonstrate your poor math skills and the inability to remotely comprehend.

    No, you the atheist and your brethren are not simply capable of as much savagery as believers.

    You’re 18,300,000% more savage against humanity than the very worst depredation ever committed by Christians. Period.

    Can you get that? In other words Nietzsche, even radical Islam pales in comparison your history of mass murder and no belief.

    Now, try to remember these statistics the next time you want to talk out of your ass so I can make you look the most informed goon this side of Yeller Dawg. 🙄

    Damn Rutherford. I know you’re not stupid because of your writing skills. But I swear, you must be one slow learner.

  261. Before anyone ever gets out the hankies for El Tigre or BIC, get a load of this. OK, before I even start, I confess this is found money and I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth … BUT …

    Apparently I won a lawsuit that I didn’t know was filed on my behalf. I can’t say more than that because it is conditional on confidentiality. But here is the kicker … the attorney gets 2 thirds of the proceeds and I get one third. Huh? I’m the plaintiff so shouldn’t it be the other way around? Like I said this is unexpected money so I should accept it with a grateful heart, but damn.

    I am instructing my daughter to become an attorney when she grows up. It’s a sweet deal!

  262. Tex there is a logical flaw in your argument that kinda throws your stats out the window. All this atheist depravity you point to was not done in the name of atheism. A lack of belief in God was not the driving force in the oppression as opposed to every religious crusade that WAS done and justified in the name of one God or another.

  263. I wonder, If Gosnell had shot 20 babies with an AR-15, would it have made national news, or even made mention in the hallowed halls of Rutherford Lawson?

  264. All this atheist depravity you point to was not done in the name of atheism.

    Actually the stats are skewed in your favor as the 148 million murders in your ‘No God’ religion only spanned the 20th century. To even find record of Christianity’s most egregious “blunder” of more than a dozen or two, I had to revert all the way back to Renaissance Period of the late 15th century to do so.

    Obviously, you’re not only bad at math and reading comprehension, you’re bad at history. Exactly what is your subject matter expertise again – besides grammar, MSNBC and Green Day? 😀

    The very foundations of Marxist-atheism Marxist–Leninist atheism rejects religion and advocates a materialist understanding of nature.

    Communism promotes the abolition of religion and the acceptance of atheism as its base attribute. You can’t separate the two, Rutherford.

    But this is the company you keep. Bolshevik communists were not merely atheists but militant atheists like you. There first push to establish the Communist state was the destruction of architecture created for Christian worship.

    If you could look into the mirror you would see Bolshevik written on your forehead. Then there are many on the Left who are fans of Jesus – not followers. E.J. Dionne would be a good example.

  265. LOL now I’m a militant atheist. Damn that’s funny.

    Ok I’ll say it just this once–I’m not a militant anything. I’m a pussy who tries his best to stay out of trouble. A crazy lady threatened to call the cops on me for what she felt was a moving violation. (Strictly speaking she was right but there were extenuating circumstances.) I came back home and cried like a baby. Cops mostly scare me. I don’t even want to get my kids new bike registered cos I have to go to the police dept to do it.

    Yup I’m a militant alright. 😆

  266. Tex regarding my comment about the fleeting satisfaction of retaliation and my attributing it to PF, please read below what you missed above:

    ” And now Rutherford is so pissed, he’d doing the same thing. Dammit, we’ve all done it, but it’s like fucking around on your wife: it feels good for a few minutes, but somehow it diminishes you, and you know it from then on. ”

    So no, there is nothing wrong with my memory. Next time I attribute a quote to someone, I’ll include the quote.

  267. FWIW my grandfather, now deceased, lost his right arm in a mattress cutting machine. He WALKED out of the factory and into the waiting ambulance.

    When we look at the preliminary reports on how Tamerlan Tsarnaev was radicalized it does shed a very dark shadow on some of the foolishness Poolman posts here. These nutjob web sites can turn people’s head around.

    The First Amendment protects Poolman and other conspiracy theorists so I don’t know what can be done. But it’s becoming clear that Poolman’s bent can have more dangerous consequences than I had anticipated.

  268. “All this atheist depravity you point to was not done in the name of atheism”

    That is really not true. Atheism is actually at the core of Marxism. You don’t understand the philosophy.

  269. Re: found money.

    Did you get paid? That sounds shady as hell. Most states have limit on what a lawyer can be paid form a settlement. Usually around 33 percent or less. It’s not a scam is it?

  270. I have gathered up some first person contacts from the Marathon and am just so totally disgusted with the pool mans of the world.

  271. Rutherford 369

    1. FBI allowed Russia’s reticence to result in closing the inquiry into Tamalan the older brother. I say FBI didn’t push hard enough. I could be wrong.
    2. Police release photos of suspects to general public basically saying “we’ve got nothing … help us.”
    3. Keystone Kops then let the 19 year old slip through their fingers in the middle of a gun fight.
    4. But for the grace of an observant civilian the cops would have come up with nothing … or worst/best case scenario (depending on your perspective) 19 year old would have been found dead in the boat having bled out.

    Rutherford not so much to defend as much as to point out potentials.
    I have found it funny that folks that curse the Patriot Act and believe the Feds are oh so far up ones ass find it so weird how an actual preliminary investigation went. I Al’s o can’t get over that folks seem to miss that a request not a heads up was issued from Moscow. On paper they wanted to know about a US citizen. Go figure DC didn’t have the a game going.
    I am again baffled that folks take this tide towards the law enforcement sector. I got news for you folks. Courtesy smart phones and social media you don’t have to worry about predators flying over your house. YOUR neighbors are going to do it for them! Also to for nothing it really is a godsend kind of thing that the public can now more than ever gather so much info. Can you imagine how more intense Rodney King incident would be today with 100 iPhones on scene!
    Until you get into a firefight with all the other trappings of the night I would say reserve judgement of the abilities of both the hunters and the prey.
    There is so much to say on the last one,I won’t go there now.

  272. The First Amendment protects Poolman and other conspiracy theorists so I don’t know what can be done. But it’s becoming clear that Poolman’s bent can have more dangerous consequences than I had anticipated.

    The first amendment is fast deteriorating, overruled at the discretion of tptb. Fleeting in our fascist PC world. Remember, they changed the meaning of combatant. Words are worthless if they don’t define specific realities. You’re scared because when you’re this way, you act irrationally. This is by design, but you cannot see it.

    This is the most obvious crap I have ever seen.

    Dumb down the public – Check.

    The world’s a stage and you’re either with the production company, or you’re the director, an actor, or understudy. You could be a stagehand or technician, or you’re a part of the audience. History repeats and the same theme runs throughout.

    “It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more
    in number than the good, and therefore the best results in
    governing them are attained by violence and terrorization, and
    not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone
    would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed
    are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of
    all for the sake of securing their own welfare.”

  273. “Atheism is actually at the core of Marxism.”

    Atheism is only at the core of Marxism because one can’t worship a god AND worship the state.

    People aren’t Marxist just because they are atheists, but people can be atheists just because they are Marxists.

    The lack of religion isn’t driving the ideology, the ideology is driving the lack of religion.

  274. Did you get paid? That sounds shady as hell.

    I find the apportionment mind blowing too. But no, it’s no scam … it’s an attorney I’ve used in the past and he’s completely legit and the explanation he gave my wife of suit sounds legit too. I wish I could say more but the damn thing has a gag order attached to it.

    After I just insulted them, I’ve got a lot of nerve to ask their opinion but I wonder what Tigre or BIC might have to say about it.

    Oh and Rabbit the payment is pending me and my wife actually getting a notarized signature of the settlement agreement.

    P.S. I’m sorely tempted to ask the attorney how the apportionment is arrived at but as I said before, since I didn’t even see this coming, I’m in no position to be greedy.

  275. The lack of religion isn’t driving the ideology, the ideology is driving the lack of religion.

    And by extension, at least by my logic, lack of religion does not drive the depravity visited by Marxism/Communism. I’m not putting words in Huck’s mouth but that is where I follow from his statement.

  276. The lack of religion isn’t driving the ideology, the ideology is driving the lack of religion.

    Actually, from an eschatological argument, it’s the chicken or the egg. They go hand in hand.

    However, even if you are right Huck, it doesn’t change in the least the point I made to Rutherford. He accuses Christianity of atrocities – almost laughable unless you want to revert back to the dark ages. For every George Tiller killer, I can show you a hundred of Habitat for Humanity.

    I accused Rutherford’s religion, and atheism is a religion and let’s not kid ourselves about that (see Bill Maher) as I can easily prove, of being 18,300,000% more likely commit atrocity.

    And clearly, 20th century history alone bears that very obvious fact out.

  277. Thought this was a joke, had to read it twice.

    Williams-Sonoma, the specialty gourmet cookware retailer, has abandoned reason and, because the Tsarnaevs used pressure cookers for their homemade bombs, pulled all the pressure cookers in its Massachusetts store.

  278. Lack of religion does not drive the depravity visited by Marxism/Communism.

    You’re much too milquetoast and Peter Pan like for me to explain this to you, but yes it does. Lack of religion is the belief that man is sovereign. Christianity is the admission that Christ is sovereign. I believe as our Founders believed – unalienable rights are ordained by God. You believe like Marx believed. All rights and privileges are ordained by the state.

    You must be definition. I must by definition.

    So tell me then, what does lead to the depravity and rot of Marxism, Rutherford if it not man’s shortcomings in his belief like you that he is above all things?

    Rutherford, I know in real life you are a coward. But so is Bill Maher. However, in a public forum where you are guarded here and don’t feel physically threatened like Maher is with his audience, you are quite militant and outspoken.

    It’s the largest part of the reason I have rubbed your nose in it by doing the same to you.

  279. Just gets better and better in Chicago, you taint the water upon moving there R? Starting in 2 years, sex education will be taught starting in kindergarten.

  280. The first amendment is fast deteriorating, overruled at the discretion of tptb. Fleeting in our fascist PC world. Remember, they changed the meaning of combatant. Words are worthless if they don’t define specific realities. You’re scared because when you’re this way, you act irrationally. This is by design, but you cannot see it.” – Piss Pot

    I know I’ve heard this before…

    “What is government if words have no meaning?

    Another interesting “coincidence”:

    Loughner espoused conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks, the New World Order, and beliefs in a 2012 apocalypse, among other controversial viewpoints. Reports appearing after the shooting noted similarities between the statements made by Loughner and those publicized by the conspiracy theorist David Wynn Miller.

    Of course, your humble host was adamant and immediate in his condemnation of Conservatives for Laughner, going so far as to say that it was the right that created him. Of course, he had to suspend reality to get there from here:

    Loughner’s high school friend Zach Osler said, “He did not watch TV; he disliked the news; he didn’t listen to political radio; he didn’t take sides; he wasn’t on the Left; he wasn’t on the Right.”[17] But a former classmate, Caitie Parker, who attended high school and college with Loughner, described his political views prior to 2007 as “left wing, quite liberal,” “radical.”

    It’s funny how over the years these two have been so disconnected from reality, and wrong on just about everything in between.

  281. And while we’re talking about groups that espouse hate and clearly lead some to violence…

    See R, this is called a “smoking gun”. You tried with Tucson, AZ and then tried again with Aurora, CO–both of which turned out to be A) mentally ill and B) left leaning (hmmmm, is there a difference?…..). Now there’s Cochran in D.C. I’m sure, being the “news” buff you are, that the dearth of reporting on Cochran came as no surprise. Afterall, if he had wrapped himself in the Gadsden flag, you’d had a constant banner condemning the Tea Party as a violent, extremist ideology.

    You really have so much to answer for…

  282. We received class action lawsuit money twice. Once it came because genetically altered corn was mistakenly mixed with a shipment of corn to Europe, and the market crashed.

    We didn’t know anything about it until the notification arrived. There was enough to pay for combine repairs, and later a debit card arrived with a deadline for spending.

    At least two lawyers are preparing to sue the Corps of Engineers over our flood. One told me they would deduct a third of the proceeds if the suit succeeds. We aren’t interested. We don’t need the money.

    Many atheists are religious. They defend their belief systems as fervently as a Baptist or Muslim. Looking for a violent Tea Party shooter is equivalent to waiting for the second coming.

  283. Many atheists are religious. They defend their belief systems as fervently as a Baptist or Muslim. Looking for a violent Tea Party shooter is equivalent to waiting for the second coming.

    Absolutely, James. The violent Tea Party member. 😈 If you can’t find one, talking about the imagined army of them is the next best thing. They have week long talking head shows about somebody that might exist that Rutherford and his wife stay glued to the entire format, only leaving the couch to get to the refrigerator during commercial, bug eyed and sweaty even thinking about the possibilities of roaming maniacs holding signs about a Lying African. We have heard the banshee screams about that one at least a hundred times here.

    You will note God’s critic, Rutherford Lawson, is continually berating the God that he has stated doesn’t exist.

    Now I don’t know about you guys, but when I don’t believe in or care for something, say tofu, Santa Claus or reality TV shows, I don’t spend anytime contemplating or arguing about them. I certainly don’t become apoplectic and red faced over them, or lose sleep, or attend a service for them pretentiously with the in-laws.


    I would wager that about once a month, I get notification that I am part of a class action lawsuit against XYZ, or so and so person, or product ABC and there is nothing I need to do at present to be a part of the suit. Usually the “brief” is followed by about 100 pages of mumbo jumbo which is tossed in the recycling bin for Mother Earth.

    I’ve never received payment and now feel cheated. 😡

  284. “I am instructing my daughter to become an attorney when she grows up. It’s a sweet deal!”

    You haven’t said enough for anyone to have an opinion on whether the lawyer is making out or not. How much time and money did he put into the case to get you the money you didn’t have the inclination to pursue? How did you not know of the case by your own lawyer who is ethically required to have a written fee agreement before taking a contingency? Even in a class action, you can opt out of the class or oppose fees structures through what is called a “fairness hearing.”

    These things ain’t always windfalls for the lawyers. I had over $750k worth of billable time into a case that I got a goose egg on years ago. Think what about what that meant to me and my family.

    R, here’s some free legal advice for you though. If your daughter has the debate skills you do, save the tuition money you planned to spend on her law school. She’d wind up broke.

    You’re welcome. 😆

  285. From Tex’s article:

    Time and again, Left-leaning campaigners and observers respond to terror attacks in the West by panicking about the possibly racist response of Joe Public – and time and again, their fears prove ill-founded and Joe Public proves himself a more decent, tolerant person than they give him credit for. What this reveals is that liberal concern over Islamophobia, liberal fretting about anti-Muslim bigotry, is ironically driven by a bigotry of its own, by an deeply prejudiced view of everyday people as hateful and stupid. The anti-Islamophobia lobby poses as the implacable opponent of bigotry, yet it spreads a bigoted view of ordinary white folk as so volatile, so brimming with fury, that they are one terrorist bombing away from transforming into an anti-Muslim pogrom. Yes, some prejudiced things have been said about Muslims post-Boston; but far more prejudiced things are being said or implied about ordinary Americans.

  286. R, here’s some free legal advice for you though. If your daughter has the debate skills you do, save the tuition money you planned to spend on her law school. She’d wind up broke.

    ** GUFFAW **!!!! 😆

    Here’s some more good advice, free of charge.

    If little cutie is a chip off the old block, don’t push her towards math, economics, finance, accounting, any form of STEM definitely including engineering, philosophy, or comparative religion.

    That’s a burn out in waiting.

    I’d push her towards feminist sociology, Empowering women’s studies, Grievances of the 21st century, African American studies, pop psychology, History of music, or radio, television and film.

    Summa Cum…

  287. Gorilla, Tigre,

    This is Fat Grannies and leftism personified. I had forgotten about it. It reminds me of many of the debates here. Like reading Newton and Lurker.

  288. No, it wasn’t a class action. I’ve received money (small amounts) from those in the past. In addition I was not billed for the work. The cut was taken from the proceeds of the suit. I got the impression that it was the kind of suit that happens frequently when the defendant is too lazy or sloppy to complete certain paperwork. I can’t get any more specific than that. The suits are a matter of course — they never go to adjudication, they always get settled. Finally since it involves no cost to the plaintiff, I’m assuming these usually get filed on the plaintiff’s behalf without consultation. I’m just surprised at the 66/33 split in my lawyer’s favor.

    Thanks Tigre for explaining the risk/reward aspect of the attorney cut. Also thanks for the free advice on my daughter’s future, it was worth what I paid for it. 🙂

    Inasmuch as a 9 year old can have a political outlook my daughter currently leans conservative. She parrots her parent’s support of Obama but when it comes to stating concepts, she’s no Dem. Just last week she was watching the news and asked my wife “why are they only covering Boston and ignoring Texas? Texas was a lot worse than Boston.”

    Just gets better and better in Chicago, you taint the water upon moving there R? Starting in 2 years, sex education will be taught starting in kindergarten.

    First, comment with no citation so who’s to say how Noah is skewing this. Second, two years is a long time, certainly long enough for concerned parents to voice an objection. Third, without a definition we have no idea what “sex education” is. I seriously doubt they will be telling five year olds “the penis is inserted in the vagina.” 🙄

  289. Rutherford likes to boast there’s an America that Tex doesn’t self-admittedly know. On this rare occasion, he’s right.

    0Bamanomics = Record Number of Households on Food Stamps– 1 out of Every 5

    Attaboy, Rutherford!

  290. R’s world…

    Parents of children attending a Red Hook, New York, middle school are outraged after a recent anti-bullying presentation at Linden Avenue Middle School.

    The workshop for 13 and 14-year-old girls focused on homosexuality and gender identity. They were also taught words such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer.”

    Parents say their daughters were told to ask one another for a kiss and they say two girls were told to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a date.

    “She told me, ‘Mom we all get teased and picked on enough. Now I’m going to be called a lesbian because I had to ask another girl if I could kiss her,’” parent, Mandy Coon, told reporters.

    Coon says parents were given no warning about the presentation and there was no opportunity to opt-out. Both the school principal and the district superintendent are defending the workshops and advising they will schedule more.

    “The school is overstepping its bounds in not notifying parents first and giving us the choice,” another parent said. “I thought it was very inappropriate. That kind of instruction is best left up to the parents.”

    “I was absolutely furious — really furious,” a parent who asked to remain anonymous told reporter Todd Starnes, “These are just kids. I’m dumbfounded that they found this class was appropriate.”

    Superintendent Paul Finch told The Poughkeepsie Journal the presentation was “focused on improving culture, relationships, communication and self-perceptions.”

  291. Buena Vista Township Clerk Gloria Platko is resisting demands that she step down after another local official, Interim Township ManagerDexter Mitchell (a Democrat), taped a phone conversation in which Platko referred to Township Supervisor Dwayne Parker (also a Democrat) as “an arrogant nigger.”

    The 63 year-old Democrat later apologized forthe “slip of the tongue,” but shockingly insisted that her use of the slur doesn’t make her racist, because she has “eaten Thanksgiving dinner with black friends at their house.”

    Turkey anyone?

  292. Honestly, R. I haven’t got a clue what your describing concerning this lawsuit/settlement. I don’t need to know, but there’s something that’s important that remains unsaid that I know would shed light.

    In any event, I hope it was a ton of easy money. Since you are a limp-wristed-lefty, like tax dollars I know it will be accepted and spent without question or regret. 😆

  293. “Thor is our real Chicken Little Eco Hound.” – T

    Like I actually said, I don’t know if we are cooking the planet or it’s a natural phenom, but to deny the ice caps are melting is to deny the same NASA that James is touting. Its their satellite pics that show it.

    As I also stated, I don’t think it matters if we try to address global warming. India and China will never go along with it anyway. As for extra cold weather, we’ve had some here to. It doesn’t make me forget New Jersey and New Orleans.

    James, do you have a link to the study?

  294. but to deny the ice caps are melting is to deny the same NASA that James is touting. Its their satellite pics that show it.

    Is that kind of like Deep Water Horizon spill would damage the Gulf of Mexico for centuries? It’s a crying shame Hippie Professor wasn’t still here – he was a granola cruncher like you and literally was distraught. I tried to tell him, Jimbo, everything is going to be okay. But had to resort back to the weed to make it through.

    Sometimes I think God allows those kind of things to happen to provide opportunity for your betters to laugh at the abject inanity of Leftist politics.

    Get a load of this, rookie:

    Louisiana shrimp processors are having difficulty keeping up with the incredible landings of brown shrimp in certain estuaries over the past two weeks.

    Not bad for the Dead Sea last year, hey? 🙂

    I know you buys up there around the boundary waters wear your bandanas a little too tight while you hum into the crystals, but apparently you don’t jack shit about hurricanes. Don’t get your history from Mother Jones.

    New Orleans experienced a Category 3 hurricane with Katrina – and they didn’t even take the brunt of the hurricane force winds. While Katrina provided the wind and the water, the personal destruction was virtually all man made due to 70 years of Democratic ingenuity of stealing cash intended for dikes. They had been warned for years their system was inadequate. Chocolate City didn’t listen and reelected Thieving Ray once again in the process even after they were left to drown. Even the apes no better.

    Hurricane Camille of 1969 generated about a hundred times the energy and that was during the summer of love when your aunts and uncles were eating pine nuts and chewing clover while wearing lotus flowers in their hair. Woodstock, man.

    Relax. Everything is be okay with Mother Earth.

  295. My favorite argument on global warming goes something like this.

    We live on a big ass rock. We have about 300 miles of atmosphere above us. Below we have 3987 miles to the earths center. The tallest building in the world is 2,717 ft high. So we inhabit .012% of this area, and we have the audacity to think that we are having a global impact on all of that.

  296. As bad as Obama is, he has done a few good things.

    He is making it much easier to wake people up to what is going on. Ok well maybe a little easier. He has pushed Americans to arm themselves to the teeth. Americans will never trust a President again. Most Americans will never trust the government controlled media ever again, or are at the very least suspect of it. And as we learn more and more of what Obama has done, I think we will see Americans coming together against a criminally corrupt government.

  297. My favorite argument on global warming goes something like this:

    It is undisputed in the scientific community that we have been experiencing a cooling trend for over a decade. None of the predicative models have proved accurate.

    How about that?

  298. Noah, I know of only one person personally who feels swell about Obama’s economy.

    I have a nephew, very likeable and handy guy. Great hunter and great golfer. Great salesman, but because of a learning disability, just simply couldn’t hack college. He tried in something like fire prevention and couldn’t hack the reading.

    However, Luke I am now sure is a millionaire plus. Three or four years ago, Luke was offered 25% stake in a gun store selling weaponry from a couple of old men who took a liking to him. I’ve had some of the most commercially powerful firearms available to the public sitting in my living room floor – more like cannons, infrared, laser sighting stuff – looks like Terminator machinery. I’m waiting for the phase plasma rifle in the 40 Watt range before I make the big purchase. 😆 (For those of you who enjoyed The Terminator, you’ll get the joke).

    But that is small potatoes to where Luke is really making his money.


    True story.

    P.S. – I can hardly wait for Rutherford, Lurker and Thor to start firing.

    I’ve always dreamed of standing beside Luke when the shit hits the fan and him handing me something to vaporize a few heads. 😈

  299. Noah you didn’t even quote the right paragraph dumbass mother f*cker.

    “Under the new policy, the youngest students – the kindergartners – will learn the basics about anatomy, reproduction, healthy relationships and personal safety.”

    Depending how deep they go, this could be harmless. As for what YOU quoted, it’s age appropriate.

    You’re a moron.

  300. If Noah a moron to question why kindergartners are learning ANYTHING about sex and reproduction, and I would agree with him mind you, God forbid what Leftist daughters must be learning at age nine.

    I can well imagine what you leftists must think is a “healthy relationship.” Heather has two mommies? Daddy’s touching techniques?

    Why do you libs insist on rushing children’s childhood and punishing parents in the process, Rutherford? Like this Melissa Harris-Perry (now there’s a real moron) who thinks children are property of the state.

    You want to know why I think you Libbies insist on this, besides most of your are deviants of the first order? First, you hate kids contrary to that lip service you give about ‘Fer the Children.’ Second, it provides some twisted form of control. And you Leftists are the most narcissistic, egotistical, worst control freaks I’ve ever met, even going so far to indoctrinate small children.

    No wonder public schools run by libs are generally a wreck. The kids are warped before hitting first grade.

    I’ve got a sweet idea? Why don’t you and Melissa introduce the kindergartners to something a little less threatening?

    Like reading See Spot Go?

  301. thor, check YAHOO! News “New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole in Global Warming Alarmism” by James Taylor Forbes Wed July 27, 2011 Climate Models are so flawed they fail History” March 28,2013.

    Australian News “Twenty-year hiatus in rising temperatures has climate scientists puzzled”

    HOT AIR March 30, The Economist has a climate change of heart

    By Erica Johnsen

    The Economist “Good News we must use Global warming slows down” March 29, 2013

    The Economist “Apocalypse perhaps a little later” March 30.

    The Economist Hunkier than thou sexual selection Dec 9, 2010

    These are links to the summaries rather than to the the actual report, but even James Hanson and Alex Jones agree the climate has stabilized. Of course they believe it is temporary.

    Ice caps are melting, but the reason may not be what it seems. A writer for the Saturday Evening Post when I was in grade school wrote that the world had warmed sufficiently to melt most of the Arctic ice. It remained not because of present temperatures but because of stored cold from much harsher times.

    It was a hard concept for a wee lad like me to understand until I noticed piles of snow remaining in sheltered spots even when the temperature was in the fifties. The temperature was too warm to maintain them, but there they were. If the temperature rose to sixty, melting proceeded. if a cool spell took the air to 40 degrees, we had a noticable cool down, but the the snow continued to melt. The temperature was still above the level needed to keep ice alive.

    Similarly, the writer noted that if an unusual warm spell melted all of the Polar ice It would not return under modern conditions.

    And thor, since you are the only one who bothers to check my music links, and you have actually suggested some to me, here are two Latvian pop songs Smart blonds.

    Latvia and Estonia are for some US conservatives, fair – haired sons and daughters right now. Leaders of both countries have traded barbs with Paul Krugman and criticized Obama’s economic policies.

    Jenny May, Janis Grodums un “Kamer”-Nak nakts YouTube video. Jenny owns the stage, but the choir director is having a lot of fun.

    LILY-Pasaule (LIve) My wife came over to the computer because she liked the song. She saw the singer and then, she hit me.

  302. lol. Talk about your slippery slope! Penguins are funny. Farts are usually funny too. When we were kids we’d fart on each other or catch them in a jar in the bathtub and present them to someone. 😆 The other fun trick was lighting them, though sometimes it was very dangerous.

  303. I wont even bother to reply to R, not like he has the brain power for a follow up..just another fucking chump ready to sell his kids to the state for his gubment check.

    I remember part pf some old saying, something about 2 things you don’t mess with, my guns and my religion. Seems in his effort to tear apart this country, Obama has elected to do both. We already know what he is doing about guns, here is another proof on the war on religion

    And for some classy femanazi Liberals showing their OWS approach to protesting. Just how their kind rolls.

  304. In the second link, can you imagine the Liberal media and R’s outrage if that had been a Muslim clergy attacked this way? We would have a 3 part post from R alone on this. Christian guy? Not even a blip on the Liberal radar.

  305. Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. ~ St. Paul

    Don’t sweat Rutherford’s decree of hypocrite, Noah. Projection. Rutherford lives by the gospel and hole e ness of St. Barack and sister Maddow.


    Barack Obama was elected president in 2008 because he was not George W. Bush. In fact, he was elected because he was the farthest thing possible from Mr. Bush. On some level he knew this, which is why every time he got in trouble he’d say Bush’s name. It’s all his fault, you have no idea the mess I inherited. As long as Mr. Bush’s memory was hovering like Boo Radley in the shadows, Mr. Obama would be OK.

    This week something changed. George W. Bush is back, for the unveiling of his presidential library. His numbers are dramatically up. You know why? Because he’s the farthest thing from Barack Obama. ~ Peggy Noonan

    I’m as tired of Peggy Noonan’s mealy-mouth as I am of Barack Obama’s ego and lies, being Peggy couldn’t see through the world’s most wicked hypocrite back in 2008. It took Peggy five years to figure it out being she is also media, but she expresses it well now.

    And in some small part, that adds to the Rutherford legacy of failure for fawning adulation of a massive fraud.

    Historical middle of the road President?

    Only by the liars and hypocrites.

  306. The FEMEN began as a protest against sexual trafficing in Ukraine. People there are attractive, well-educated, and ambitious. Thanks to socialism and corruption, it is hard to make a living there.

    A survey showed the people are living better than income statistics show they should be living. They do it by working several jobs and operating in an underground economy. The average Ukrainian household is multi-generational because they cannot afford an alternative..

    So many Ukrainians have emmigrated, a British writer called them blond Mexicans. A lucrative sex trade is just another income source, and it is a serious problem. Too many women see it as a way to better their lives, and they end up trapped. Femen are trying to change the system. Unfortunately, they act like nut cases.

    What does this have to do with us? Our current economy and government policy is expanding an underground economy here also. Ukraine may be our future. At least the Femen are better looking than the Code Pink variety.

    They staged a protest against Merkel and Putin. A photograph showed Angelia seemed shocked, and Vlad was bemused.

    MIla Kunis’s (That Seventies Show and movies) family left Ukraine because society discriminated against Jews.

  307. I will believe Hillary’s time is at hand when I see it. She deserves prison, but the press and Democrats will protect her.

  308. Ukrainian car owners often moon light as underground cab drivers. A recent joke began with “How many Ukrainians will fit into a Ford?”

    Living standards are rising and the demand for automobiles is strong. Ukraine recently agreed to let an Iranian car manufactorer build several auto factories in their country. I didn’t know Iranians manufactured cars.

    This as Tex noted is a massive fraud, and it may yet lead us to Ukraine.

  309. I read about our own underground economy yesterday, James. I am not the least bit surprised by its size either. Wish I could operate that way.

    And a thought occurred to me. Why can’t corporations do the same thing? Our government is out of control. The federal government is self-explanatory, but even at our local level here and elsewhere, not a month goes by that we aren’t hit with higher fees for water, sewer, trash, driver’s licenses, ad infinitum. My property taxes until last year, went up the maximum allowable by law for five years in a row. They’re about 50% higher now than they were a decade ago.

    I’m not talking inflationary adjustments either. More like 7,8,10% even 50% increases on some of these state fees. I have explained in detail my ticket for running through a stop sign for $300.00 at an intersection of mass confusion. And the problem is, when people aren’t engaged in the process, they invariably start to be managed by their inferiors. That’s why Barack Obama is President – bought and paid for by beneficiaries.

    If we could get most Republicans to simply buck the system, be delinquent, paying taxes only at collection point, it wouldn’t matter if Barack Obama won or lost. We could squeeze the system and they would never know it.

    And since most politicians from both parties appear to be bought and paid for, what is to keep ordinary Americans from just taking things into our own hands? What are they going to do? Arrest 50,000,000 of us? Our prisons are already bulging at the seams.

    See, I’m like Thomas Sowell, a man I admire as journalist. He once said and I quote:

    “I have never understood why it is ‘greed’ to want to keep the money you have earned, but ‘not greed’ to want to take someone else’s money.” What is your ‘fair share’ of what someone else has worked for?”

    Sowell is right and Obama is wrong. But then Obama being wrong is nothing new. Being wrong is in Obama’s DNA.

  310. She deserves prison, but the press and Democrats will protect her.

    James, you’ve lost it my friend. Incompetence in one’s job is not illegal, for the most part. We can have a reasonable discussion on whether Obama should have demanded her resignation (ala Rand Paul) but tossing her in jail? Ludicrous. By that standard she needs to get in line behind Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, responsible for the needless death of 1000’s of soldiers.

  311. Yeah. Remember James, perjury doesn’t apply to the Clintons.

    The left holds their own to no standards at all. Especially when it comes to the narcissistic twit they put in office.

  312. “I have never understood why it is ‘greed’ to want to keep the money you have earned, but ‘not greed’ to want to take someone else’s money.” What is your ‘fair share’ of what someone else has worked for?”

    So why does this not apply to corporations? Who decides what is a fair wage? Why is it that the CEO makes 100 times more than the lowest paid employee vs only 5 or 10 times as much? The CEO can walk and be replaced rapidly by one other person. The workers all walk at the same time and the company goes under.

    I have told you time and time again, when it comes to the economy you have chosen the wrong enemy. Corporate culture has changed in the past 30 years and NOTHING will bring back strong employment until corporations change their ethic, currently driven by greed and stockholder satisfaction.

  313. ET since I assume you’re not digging up old Bill’s lying under oath, to what perjury are you referring? I don’t recall anyone saying Hillary lied during her congressional testimony unless you classify “what difference does it make” as a lie.

  314. Is there another way to interpret #444 than Rutherford calling Noah a hypocrite and suggesting that he is a crybaby for acting exactly like Rutherford himself?

  315. R, I am at a loss. We have probably a collective 1000 or so comments over the last two threads. Over and over, Alfie directly (and me and others indirectly) have asked for an explanation of your rationale behind the arbitrary 10 round magazine limit. It is the subject of this very post, yet you refuse to respond. What gives?

  316. R, you haven’t got a clue about economics or business. What culture is suppressing the jobs market to the degree that our federal programs and policies are? In fact, the majority of employers in this country look nothing like your Warner Brothers’ version of big business even if what you say were taken as true. Your messiah and his God forsaken health care “reform,” regulatory restrictions, and tax structures are poison to a thriving economic environment. And all you can see is the personal income disparity between worker bees and the generals. You are truly hopeless.

  317. “James, you’ve lost it my friend. Incompetence in one’s job is not illegal, for the most part”

    Really MR. Haaaaavuhd? When that incompetence causes death, I believe we have laws for that.

    ET, R no longer answered follow up questions. He makes irrational responses then goes into the fetal thumb sucking position and goes to his happy place.

  318. Our leaders by definition are war criminals. That makes us enablers by definition. It also requires us to speak out and demand justice. People were prosecuted at Nuremberg and twelve received death sentences. Hanging was the approved method.

    Some say the Boston Bombings occurred to take the focus of the public off of the mounting cases against them. It was definitely a false flag, though there is much discussion as to who is behind it. I heard a reasoned argument claiming the CIA upstaged the FBI, that the original plan of the communists in charge was to pin it on a right wing fanatic.

    No matter what one believes, it cannot be denied there was a drill and forewarning was given of the blast and it’s location.

    Also, it is interesting that the Saudi national that was picked up and hospitalized and deported had visited the WH, was visited by the FLOTUS in the hospital, and Obama met privately with Saudi nationals regarding him. Also interesting that he is one of Osama’s sons and on our terror list, yet was allowed to attend school here in the states and had been doing so for 6 months, I believe.

    Things are not as they seem and the media makes sure we don’t see the real criminals as such. They ought to be lynched as the accomplices they are. We may not like Iran, but they at least have the practice of holding their upper classes and wealthy to account and recently sentenced 4 bankers to death for fraud. Serious criminals deserve serious treatment, yet all we give them is lip service and offer scapegoats. Many are even idolized and praised for their cunning.

  319. I have told you time and time again, when it comes to the economy you have chosen the wrong enemy.

    And I have told you time in again I have a much better enemy in those paying me than a bureaucratic goverment that does little but flaying me.

    It’s not I who have chosen the wrong enemy. It is you that have chosen the wrong heroes and friends.

    Corporate culture has changed in the past 30 years and NOTHING will bring back strong employment until corporations change their ethic, currently driven by greed and stockholder satisfaction.

    And I would remind you to watch this once again and learn something of history and insight you so desperately lack:

  320. “Is there another way to interpret #444 than Rutherford calling Noah a hypocrite and suggesting that he is a crybaby for acting exactly like Rutherford himself?”

    Reading comprehension problem Muffy. He did not act exactly like I did. He is selective in his outrage and therefore a hypocrite.

    If I carry the assumption that Santorum’s message to kids would have been as positive as Obama’s then Noah and I should be equally upset by both incidents. But I strongly suspect protecting his kids from Obama is perfectly fine with him.

  321. Rutherford, as you have probably noticed, I rarely make what some consider outrageious statements without documentation. I learned it in grad school.

    The Counter Jihad Report “Benghaziegate Congressional Report: Obama Inc. Lied about video, Hillary knew about inadequate Security.”Reductions of security levels prior to the attacks in Benghazi were approved at the highest levels of the sTate Department, up to and including Secretary Clinton. This facct contradicts her testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on January 23, 2013.”

    “This is as noted, still p;reliminary but it finds enough deceptions to justify a more in depth investigation.”

    ACE of Sp;ades HQ” Congressional Report. Hillary signed a State Department cable acknowledging then Amb Cretz”s formal request for additional security assets.

    Hillary ordered the withdrawal of assets to proceed as planned.,

    Hillary testified on January 13 “I didn’t see those requests. They didn’t come to me. I didn’t approve them. I didn’t deny them.”

    During the attacks “Department of Defense officials and militaryh personall reacted quickly to the attacks in benghazi. The effectiveness of their response was hindered on account of US military forces not being properly postured to address the growing threats in northern Africa or to respond to a brief, high intensity attack on US personnel or interests accross much of Africa.”

    After the attacks, “The Administration willfully p;erpetuated a deliberately misleading and incomplete narrativethat the attacks evolved from a political demonstration caused by a YouTube video.”

    LUbbock Avalanche-Journal “Why did Obama, Hillary, and others lie about Benghazi?”

    David Drucker of Roll Call posted the entire report which reached the following conclusions”

    Reductions of security levels prior to the attacks were approved at the highest levels, including Hillary.

    After the attacks, the White House and senior State Department officials altered talking points drafted by the intellegence community to protect the State Department from criticism for approving inadequate security.

    When the talking points were challenged the adminstration claimed they were protecting an FBI investigation and classified information. The committee found those claims not credible given other approved Adminsitration talking points.”

    Either Hillary was lying when she said “I didn’t see those requests” or she is an incompetant boob. Which is it Rutherford? Was Hillary lying or telling the truth?

    Assuming Hillary was truthful, don’t you think that someone so clueless she let Americans die should be mocked and scorned away from public ?” Conversely, don’t you think Hillary should go to jail for perjury as we would if we lied?

    I have trapped you, Rutherford. Your only way out of the corner is to admit you were wrong, or provide credible documentation to prove me wrong. You could also refuse to comment and change the subject.

    That option would have been impossible in grad school I often played this game in grad school class discussions, only my fellow students had to face the steely eyes of professors when they thought I had proven my case.

  322. “Over and over, Alfie directly (and me and others indirectly) have asked for an explanation of your rationale behind the arbitrary 10 round magazine limit.”

    I cannot explain the “arbitrary” part–you have to pick a number. I have already explained ad nauseam that forcing multiple clip changes makes life harder for the criminal which is something we should all be able to agree on.

  323. Nice try Tex. I directed R to Friedman some time back. Since it didn’t sound like what he wanted to hear he couldn’t be bothered. Instead, I got a question about an inchoate strain of thought governing monetary policy where R thought he could take refuge in his apparent beliefs that the government has unlimited resources that it can totally consume without consequence.

  324. “I have already explained ad nauseam that forcing multiple clip changes makes life harder for the criminal which is something we should all be able to agree on.”

    And harder on the victim too, right? Especially with multiple attackers?

    5 is less than 10, so why not 5?

    (I know this is rhetorical. don’t bother with more dissembling).

  325. Reading comprehension problem Muffy. He did not act exactly like I did. He is selective in his outrage and therefore a hypocrite.

    If selective outrage is the criteria for hypocrisy, I’ve never seen you pen a true word. 😐

  326. Well I just had the most unpleasant experience of my blogging life. Turns out a Liberal I was going at it with over Bush and who did what to our economy lives only an hour from my home. He threatened me and my family…telling me I shouldn’t be surprised when he shows up. Dude looks like a hood rat so I alerted Kalamazoo PD and mailed them a text of the conversation. Think my days of political rants on FB are over.

  327. where R thought he could take refuge in his apparent beliefs that the government has unlimited resources that it can totally consume without consequence.

    I remember you providing it all too well and the air of ignorance that soon followed by Leftist America. Apparently, the only viewing audience were guys like me who already understand like Milton Friedman but are not nearly so eloquent in explanation.

    I was just hoping since it included somebody of Rutherford’s depth and character conducting the interview, the original obfuscating, duplictous liberal critic, and clearly put in his place, a repeat of truth might hit home for Phil Rutherford.

  328. He threatened me and my family…telling me I shouldn’t be surprised when he shows up.

    Unfortunately, if your Kalamazoo PD is the quality of our Tulsa PD, you will need to protect your own. But you were smart to put it on record and don’t let this butt lick cower you. The chances are greater you’ll be struck by lightning than the lib shows up to kill. We live in unneeded fear.

    Oklahoma is backward in many respects. The Make my Day Law is not one of them.

    I suggest a 20 gauge with “00” pointed to the chest or stomach and not the head (you can follow up, if necessary between the eyes once incapacitated) to greet him if he chooses to arrive. If you get a chance before he breathes his last breath and make absolutely sure he breathes his last breath, you might ask him,

    “How’s that I ♥♥♥ Obama Facebook page reading for you now, brother?”

  329. Im taking this guy seriously. Checked his profile, looks like a black gang member, hood sun glasses…picture of himself and a girl fanning out a wad of $20 dollar bills..the whole 9 yards. Girls were going over to Grandma’s house anyways today for my daughters 2nd birthday. I will be staying behind cleaning my guns…and wait and see. My 10 gauge is out on its stand and loaded. One rock salt, the other a slug.

  330. Here is more documentation you will just love.

    Re my Ukrainian comments and how that country might relate to us. Forbes “Rise of the Shadow Economy:Second Largest Economy in the World” Freakonomics estimates that in 2009, 1.8 billion people were employed in the shadow economy.

    Robert Neuwirth wrote for Foreign Policy Magazine that the $10 trilian global black market is the world’s fastest growing economy. It has a name, “system D.” The D comes from the French word “debroullard”

    How Ukraine became a Market Economy and Democracy Page 48
    The Ukrainian economy collapsed under the weight of overspending, over regulation, cheap money, and inflation after the Soviet Union fell.

    “Ukraine had established a tax system that was formerly confiscatory but two escape routes existed. One was huge loopholes and the other was massive tax evasion.” The economy recovered, and incomes rose because over half of the producing and spending had gone underground where it remains.

    Shadow economy thrives despite new tax code. KyivPost Ukrainian English language edition. It grew .04% in the first quarter of 2012.

    Sex trafficing, as I wrote is part of the underground economy and the FEMEN extremists are fighting against it.

    Ukraine may also be a prophetic sign of future health care in this country. A writer noted that the country has good, well- trained doctors and dentists, but they are underpaid and over controlled.. He said that one should avoid a trip to the hospital unless he was dying or already dead.

    A cartoon in KyivPost showed a sick man taking to the receptionist. She said “If you want to see a doctor, you must make an appointment.They are all busy now.” In the next room the doctors were playing cards.”

    I’m not saying Ukraine is our future, but the implications exist.

  331. Be careful, Noah A video camera would be good too.

    Something like it happened to us. An unlighted pick up parked on the road north of our house at midnight. A car followed my wife most of the way home from work, and someone tied a dead raccoon on our mail box.I left a shot gun near our front door and kept a fire extinguisher handy.Sherrif’s deputies were watching us.,

    I wrote on a message board that if anything happened to us, we weren’t planning suicide.

    Nothing happened. They were only trying to scare us.

  332. Had not thought of that James thanks. Can set it up facing the door and take it off HD mode. Can run for over 30 hours.

    And for a bit of humor.
    Whatever you do don’t move to California. In the wake of the Qur’an burning, rumors are circulating that radical Muslims are planning to go on a rampage in Los Angles, killing anyone that is a legal US citizen. Police fear death tolls could be as high as 12 or 13!

  333. That’s a hassle, Noah. I wasn’t insinuating there weren’t crazy people in the world, so you should take precautions. But I think the chances even a pimp would be stupid enough to pull up for a view of a buffalo gun pointed at his head unlikely.

    A little rock salt from that and he’d feel more than “the burn.” 😆 He might look more like salted swiss cheese.

    You guys ever seen what a 50 caliber looks like to some slopeydope jihadi types? I like to dream about me being in that seat with swarms of Obama drones running through down my neighborhood streets. 😎

    That’s almost orgasmic to think about.

  334. Muffy and Rabbit, 🙂

    Very, very funny.

    I liked the one where he goes “Wasn’t me, was it you?” and he points at the guy’s girl, like that’s going to go any better for him. 🙂

    The penguins remind me of this place … we rarely get anywhere, but it’s fun trying.

    Noah, never underestimate the power of the diminutive. Something as massive as the Grand Canyon was etched one rain drop and one wind gust at a time.

    James, thanks for the links. I’m sure one of them will link to the actual study. Videos much appreciated too. I’ll check them out.

  335. The penguins reminded you of this place? This place is the zoo, not the clone cage. There may be shared philosophies, but we pretty much span the globe of variety.

    Watching the penguins land only to slide back down again reminded me of one thing and one thing only this place.

    Rutherford’s life story.

    Just about time Rutherford jumps up and ready to climb the mountain, the coldness of reality has a way of knocking him back into the depths, head first. 😀

  336. “Reading comprehension problem Muffy. He did not act exactly like I did. He is selective in his outrage and therefore a hypocrite.

    If I carry the assumption that Santorum’s message to kids would have been as positive as Obama’s then Noah and I should be equally upset by both incidents. But I strongly suspect protecting his kids from Obama is perfectly fine with him.”

    Rutherford, I’ll be brief. That is pure bullshit.

  337. 😆 We’re assuming that the penguins are trying to get up on the iceberg to stay there. In which case I agree – what folly! However it seems to me that the behavior exhibited by the penguins interacting with the iceberg appear to be one of two things – they are either trying to gain a proper vantage point to see little fishies and then diving in to eat said fishies…or they are playing.

    I admit I’m stumped by the bully penguin at around the :56 second mark. 😆

  338. “Just about time Rutherford jumps up and ready to climb the mountain, the coldness of reality has a way of knocking him back into the depths, head first. :grin:” – Tex

    And would you be the leopard seal waiting in the shadows? 🙂

  339. No, I’m the Orca waiting for Rutherford to drop, only to experience the consumption and spew him out of my mouth as rejected for out of date and unfit.


    P.S. – Ms. Muffy,

    I took it as a game of King of the Mountain, penguin style. It was fun to watch. I mean, I was engrossed in that whole ‘March of the Penguins’ for two hours like some kid, popcorn in my lap.

  340. Nothing good can come out of Facebook. Shut it down,Noah. It’s for grandmas who like to see updated pics of the grandchildren. Nothing more.

    Indulging in heated political arguments on Facebook is insane.

    I don’t have an account but my wife does (see grandma reason).

    I can’t believe how many people put their family at risk.

    I’ve seen people tell the world that their kids are home alone. Tell the world where and when their jogging route is. Tell the world when they are going on vacation. Tell the world their date of birth. Tell the world their work schedule. Tell the world where their kid goes to school.

    Some will say their FB account is marked “private”, yet have 400 friends.

    Noah, sounds like you we’re arguing with a stranger. Do you have your account set to public?

  341. DR. I did out of ignorance. I have spent the last couple of hours on yourtube learning about FB privacy issues and settings. Have to say I was set up pretty bad but I have rectified what FB allows you to rectify. I am now sifting through 3rd party programs that will further enhance my anonymity. I have also painstakingly made 3 separate lists for friends and have shifted what people can see to a group of 1, that is me. I also created another FB account that lacks any personal information and I will use that to lurk on these political websites.

  342. Rabbit I do post political stuff to FB but not as often as personal observations. I get into very few arguments on FB but then most of my “friends” are libs.

    I ultimately agree with you. FB is mainly to keep in touch with friends and family. It’s not to change the world.

    Others would disagree.

  343. I have found there are a million Rutherfords out there on FB. The only difference is these ones are undamaged and ripe for the picking. For the most part they are very ill equipped, relying completely on what MSNBC has told them about the world around them. Unlike our broken Rutherford, these ones actually put up a bit of a fight before going on name calling rants then signing off in frustration. It is very enjoyable.

  344. I do want to thank you through R for helping me find my approach with these halfwits. I am taking the Bill Whittle approach. Soft spoken, apologizing for them and their bad behavior. Sympathizing with them how terrible it must be not to be able to maintain one’s composure. Like Rutherford, it never fails to infuriate them that I don’t crawl down into the mud with them.

  345. That video was great. Fuck FB!

    I’ve become so paranoid that I pay 30 bucks a year for encrypted email. Normal email is essentially a post card. Gmail the worst……all of it sitting in the cloud. They would have to pull a warrant in British Columbia to read my email. If I send mail to other email to other hush-mail users, the actual email content is encrypted as well.

    For another 30 bucks I also set the house up on a VPN network. I don’t always use it on my cell phone or government bought Ipad….particularly when coming here (cats out of the bag). but usually do everywhere else. I can even choose what region my IP address shows up as. Not fool proof…but my imprint is much less.

  346. Wow Noah, are you saying you’ve never called any of them a bitch? Were you even civil to your “stalker”?

    I wouldn’t worry. Worst case scenario he puts a flyer under your windshield wiper or a post it note on your gas tank lid. 🙂

  347. They would have to pull a warrant in British Columbia to read my email.

    Who are they? lol You’re starting to sound like a conspiracy nut. I heard if you don’t have a fb account, you are suspect. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You can’t hide in this world, at least not if you are still using technology. Somebody owns that encryption company. If CISPA passes, they can legally access it all. Besides, you’re a public school teacher. You’re probably already chipped. You think it’s just the kids they want to monitor? Silly rabbit.

  348. Oh and while we’re on the topic of FB let’s not forget that Tex, our forensic IT guy can find out your deepest darkest secrets from your FB profile.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

  349. “Remember to disarm him when it’s time to change clips. 🙄 ”

    Won’t be so funny when Noah gets killed “defending” himself. Can we quote your asinine comment at the funeral?

    Shit, this dialog among you Tex and Noah rises to the level of South Park where Tex is Cartman being the big shot.

    It would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous.

  350. “Somebody owns that encryption company”

    For sure. But “somebody” is better then everybody, particularly if “somebody’s” bread and butter relies on privacy. But yeah, even ghosts make sounds in the night.

  351. That is exactly why I don’t have Facebook… Tex doesn’t find out my fetish for fat, lactating women from Nepal. Oh….shit…

  352. Rutherford…be honest…..does it make you happy that I can’t practice with my gun at the range because I can’t find ammo?

  353. Man..this administration is so corrupt and has failed so miserably, it’s hard to even know where to begin. Every other month we prove lies and expose money by the billions being stolen, the politically connected getting the most.

    It’s so obvious this President blows, this blog owner can’t blog and this blog commenter can’t comment. And the disastrous Obamacare hasn’t even kicked in yet!

    GDP growth is a joke. Unemployment still terrible. Bush’s fault? Second term in?

    Dow a synthetic bubble. Fed buying 80 billion in bonds every month.

    1/5 the nation on food-stamps. Fucking Chechen terrorists are even on food stamps!

  354. Sucks that you can’t get ammo. They’re going to use this latest ff to take away the ability to make it at home. Where is it they issue the citizens guns and ammo? I think we should hookup our leaders to some kind of shock collar and 24 hour surveillance where we could go on line and monitor them. If a majority of their constituents think they need to be shocked back to acting righteously, well…

    just a thought

  355. Can you imagine what that would smell like? The non stop zaps would make all of D.C. reek like a pork rind factory. It would probably help Pelosi’s artificial clown face, though. I read that they are in secret negotiations to make Obamacare not apply to the goose. The gander of course is stuck. That right there deserves 10 thousand volts.

  356. “Rabbit you said it right–paranoid. But if it helps you sleep at night more power to ya.”

    This just speaks to your pure ignorance. There are stories this week where the IRS said they can tap into anyone’s email at anytime. They are not protected.

    “Oh and while we’re on the topic of FB let’s not forget that Tex, our forensic IT guy can find out your deepest darkest secrets from your FB profile.”

    Typical Liberal, never misses a chance to make an unnecessary personal attack.

    “Won’t be so funny when Noah gets killed “defending” himself. Can we quote your asinine comment at the funeral?”

    Im guessing you would offer up your wife as payment to protect your own sorry ass? What else would I do if he were to show up? Maybe the disconnect is that you have no idea how to be a man and protect your family. Even for you that is a new level of pathetic.

    As for ammo, Im telling you guys get into reloading. I find it a great way to spend a free evening. I love making special loads with a few extra grains of powder, or my semi non lethal rock salt rounds. Shortages don’t matter until they take away our gun powder.

    I pay my $40 a year for my email. About as secure as I know to get.

    “Wow Noah, are you saying you’ve never called any of them a bitch? Were you even civil to your “stalker”?”

    I was completely civil. His first response to my post was to call me a racist, even though my entire post was CBO economic stats. Just another black man so insecure in himself that he needs to call anything white a racist. He had no thought behind his accusation, just pure racial hatred. ie, the typical angry Liberal black man.

    R, I am just playing a roll here. I treat you exactly as you need to be treated. When your reasonable, I am reasonable, When you are deceitful, I treat you like a bitch. I don’t care enough about you to hold a grudge or to keep score. I stopped caring about 3 posts ago when I and everyone else discovered you completely lost your marbles. Now that your all busted up, I’ve found a new batch of Rutherfords to meddle with. I just should have learned by the OWS example that there is no felony a Liberal wouldn’t commit for their cause. I’ve not rectified that.

  357. Noah, Noah, Noah … haven’t we been down this road before? Do you really think if I felt that being armed and dangerous was the best way to protect my family I wouldn’t do it? Are you really such a child as to believe that because you’re sitting there in the dark cleaning your guns that you care more about your family than I do mine?

    I know my limitations. I’m no Dirty Harry. It might puzzle you that my wife has no desire to be married to a Dirty Harry but that is how it is. And I’m damn sure that most American men have no idea how to handle a gun in a crisis situation. As a result they stand as much chance of getting killed or actually killing the wrong person as they do “protecting” themselves. I don’t even like you (or at least the “you” that inhabits this blog) and yet it still disturbs me that you get egged on by fools like Tex and El Tigre who substitute macho swagger for cautious common sense.

    Maybe you’re a great shot with great instincts? If so, then do what you think you have to do to protect your family. All I’m saying is for all my Peter Pan moments, there are a LOT of guys with unrealistic expectations of what they can do with a gun under pressure. I think if the guys on this board really considered you a friend, they’d caution you not to become another statistic.

  358. And in all seriousness, FB related attacks are few and far between and get sensationalized in the media the few times they happen. I’d wager 99 to 1 the dude you pissed off is blowing smoke, so easy to do on the net as has been proven on this board an abundance of times. Even “threatening black guys” can be pussies when push comes to shove.

    At least you had some common sense to alert the police. You could also have reported the dude to Facebook proper and they might have frozen his account. There are rules of conduct on Facebook.

  359. Rutherford…be honest…..does it make you happy that I can’t practice with my gun at the range because I can’t find ammo?

    Could you help me with cause a bit? Can you not find ammo because the crazy anti-Obama gun-nuts have bought up all the ammo? Why exactly can’t you find it?

    I know you find this hard to believe but I have no problem with your doing target practice and hunting on the weekends. I don’t even have a problem with you (or Noah) defending your family with a gun, although I have grave doubts about your ability to do so.

    I DO think it’s common sense for you to pass a background check and for you NOT to be armed on a par with soldiers in Afghanistan or SWAT team members here at home.

    To my mind there are only two ways to slice the current debate. Either we have a grossly inadequate police force or a wildly paranoid populace.

  360. Are you really such a child as to believe that because you’re sitting there in the dark cleaning your guns that you care more about your family than I do mine?

    I have no doubt in my mind I do. That you can support the things you support knowing full well the future you are handing your children just so your life can be a little bit easier tells me I absolutely care more about my family, both in words and in practice.

    “And I’m damn sure that most American men have no idea how to handle a gun in a crisis situation.”

    Prove it. I refuse to accept that much of America has turned into helpless victims waiting to be preyed upon. And this has nothing to do with being Dirty Harry. Considering what your kind did at OWS, I am being responsible and taking any threat as credible. I only have to be wrong once to lose everything.

    As for my skills we go out shooting once a month as a family with my in-laws, every month for the past 15 years. Our kids start shooting between 4-6 depending on their development and skills/interest. As a responsible parent, I refuse to raise my child in such a way that they will grow up to be a helpless victim.

    ” Even “threatening black guys” can be pussies when push comes to shove.”

    You have obviously spent little or no time in Flint, Detroit, or Muskegon type cities. As BiC mentioned, we had a sniper that hit some 26 cars before he was caught.

  361. Tex has been quoted many times discounting the healthy stock market and you don’t see me argue with him too much on this. I’m not one of those who counts the record Dow as an “accomplishment” of the Obama admin.

    But I say this to you, especially El Tigre who believes in the benevolence of the current business climate, does it not say something about America that the stock market is soaring while employment tanks? Who exactly is making out like bandits? CEO’s, Boards of Directors, and major stockholders, that’s who. And every time a layoff is announced, the true beneficiaries of the record Dow walk away unscathed.

    The health of the stock market in a time of high unemployment, is to my view, the biggest sign of business succeeding at the expense of the worker.

  362. Poolman, for a man so intent on not “being fooled again”, in the words of the great Pete Townsend, don’t you know you are just a sucker for the latest cottage industry — the false flag industry? There is an entire cult dedicated to finding the false flag behind every national tragedy and you get sucked in every time.

    You and the gang you admire helped to create Tammerlan Tsarnaev. Free speech protects you but your conscience ought to tug at you a little bit methinks.

  363. The police have tanks and all the military goodies. But the citizens are told they can only have certain types of weapons and limited bullets to shoot.

    Were you aware it is 8 times more likely you’ll be killed by a cop in America than a terrorist? Force can be very deadly in the hands of the state. Just because it wears a badge doesn’t mean it cannot be evil. Take this account, for instance. Like a hunt. I saw blood lust on many uniformed faces.

  364. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

  365. You and the gang you admire helped to create Tammerlan Tsarnaev. Free speech protects you but your conscience ought to tug at you a little bit methinks.

    How unfortunate that all the evidence points to him being used by the FBI and CIA. You know what tugs at my conscience? The fact that this nation has been setup for doom and no one seems to care. They’re all too busy fingering their favorites, freely giving away any and all secrets to a state whose primary concern is controlling them. It is exactly as the video Tex linked in 493, Peter.

  366. That you can support the things you support knowing full well the future you are handing your children just so your life can be a little bit easier

    Ehhhh my life is easier how? Life is unpredictable. The best hedge against future catastrophe is education and common sense. I’m doing my damnedest to see my daughter gets both. We are all at the mercy of economic boom and bust. We are NOT the first generation to hand down a tougher future to our kids than we had as a kid growing up. Sh*t happens and you do your best to provide your kid with the skills to cope with it and persevere.

    I refuse to accept that much of America has turned into helpless victims waiting to be preyed upon.

    And there is that paranoia that the NRA exploits big time. No Noah, folks don’t wait to be preyed upon. They live their f*cking lives. They go to work each day. They come home and have dinner with their families and they tuck their kids in at night. They don’t sit around wondering when the big bad criminal is going to get them. They take common sense precautions like locked doors. And sometimes Noah, sh*t happens. They send their kid to school and never see them again cos some nutjob shoots the school up. Were they helpless victims cos they didn’t home school their kids with a gun at the ready? Most people, Noah, live their lives not worrying about the 5% chance of violent victimization (short of taking, as I said, sensible precautions). Folks who obsess on that 5% usually get classified with a clinical problem.

    As BiC mentioned, we had a sniper that hit some 26 cars before he was caught.

    First, you’re comparing a sniper to the average Facebook nerd? Second, how is all that target practice you’re doing gonna protect you against a hidden sniper?

    It’s odd. You leave the impression you live in a dangerous neighborhood or at least a dangerous part of the country. Why as the responsible family man that you are, don’t you move your family to safer surroundings? Why would a man of your intelligence, skills and options choose to live somewhere where you feel compelled to protect your family with a gun? Interesting how you accuse me of putting my family at risk when it sounds like you do too.

  367. Rutherford, Rabbit made a comment the other night in that delectable way only the Rabbit can do, made a great deal of sense.

    I am of the opinion that most of you manly pucker up crowd from the left are complete pussies, and many of you not even of the opinion it’s your responsibility to protect your family.

    My experience is that most of you so self-absorbed and feckless, you’d be throwing your wife, cat and child in front of you for protection if hell broke loose.

    There’s an ammo shortage for two reasons, both driven by the overreach of trying to negate the 2nd Amendment and complete incompetence and tyranny of the Thugbama and Nasty Nappy: (1) Public demand has soared since Obama begin his assault on the 2nd Amendment a few years back; (2) Big Sis Nasty Nappy, the most manly of the Hussein Administration, has been buying billions of rounds of ammo for unexplained reasons – it’s more than paranoia on behalf of gun owners that our government is arming for war. It’s a fact.

    Apparently, our government is taking seriously the threats of civil war and secession even if you aren’t.

  368. The police have tanks and all the military goodies. But the citizens are told they can only have certain types of weapons and limited bullets to shoot.

    That’s why they are the police and you are Barney Fife Poolman.

    Remember Sesame Street Poolman when we were kids? Do you remember the segment “who are the people in your neighborhood?” The implicit message there was that there are folks in the neighborhood who serve a particular purpose. The baker bakes bread. The fireman fights fires. The policeman protects the public. And you can grow up to be any of these. Or you can grow up to build swimming pools. We don’t expect the cop to be good at swimming pools and we don’t expect you to be good at policing

    So yes Poolman, the police have “goodies” you don’t have and that is exactly as it should be.

  369. One last comment before bed — Tex you know damn well Obama has been one of the biggest disappointments to the anti-gun lobby in his first term. He gets an F on gun control. It took three major tragedies and ultimately dead kids for him to finally act even a bit strident on the issue.

    I pray like hell that Chris Christie is our next President so the country can get back to normal and calm the f*ck down.

  370. “At least you had some common sense to alert the police. You could also have reported the dude to Facebook proper and they might have frozen his account. There are rules of conduct on Facebook.”

    And you could also send a sternly-worded email and really hurt his feelings. That’d show ’em.

  371. “The best hedge against future catastrophe is education and common sense”

    List for me the economic common sense things Obama has done, because they really elude me.

    “We are NOT the first generation to hand down a tougher future to our kids than we had as a kid growing up.”

    I think we are the first generation to know we are doing it, and decided to do it anyway. By the time my girls get into high school we will have over a 30 trillion dollar debt. When in history have we done anything where our debt exceeds our gdp and our credit is being downgraded?

    “No Noah, folks don’t wait to be preyed upon.”

    If they have done nothing for themselves to prepare for the worst, then they have by default. No one is saying live and fear and don’t live your life. They are saying don’t be dependent upon government and the police. They are saying be able to take care yourself, because the worst happens to people every single day. I value my family enough not to hope I am not a statistic.

    “First, you’re comparing a sniper to the average Facebook nerd? Second, how is all that target practice you’re doing gonna protect you against a hidden sniper? ”

    Common sense says it wouldn’t. No one can prepare for everything. That does not validate the position of choosing to do nothing. I am however able to defend myself and my family from a great many things that would cause you and yours to be a statistic.

    As for why I live where I live, it is really not your concern and I don’t like you enough to share. Suffice to say I am where I am able to be and for my own reasons.

    Here it is as simple as I can put it R. Kids all around our country are getting kidnapped and killed. We see in the news every single week, someone somewhere having something terrible done to them. Tell me which is the wiser road to travel? To be over prepared and have nothing happen, or to be under prepared and have your number come up?

  372. re 525, That was a childhood fantasy, Rutherford. That world doesn’t exist. Is it the uniforms or the badges or the medals that impress you? The uniform doesn’t make you anything. That’s the kicker. I don’t respect any uniform. That is indoctrination of the most intense kind. I respect authority. Authority is much different than authorities. Respect should be earned by righteous deed. The state cannot issue integrity, they can’t produce a standard. Do you realize how many in uniform have abused power, even as far as genocide? Many, many more than those who do not wear one. Your problem is your perception has been formed by the state, and that’s the state they prefer, not intending to overstate the obvious. That is why my POV seems so radical to you. How do YOU define combatant?

    So yes Poolman, the police have “goodies” you don’t have and that is exactly as it should be.

    Really? Who says? I say the militarization of law enforcement has been planned well in advance and has incrementally crept up on us until today we are staring at a Boston scenerio, with others planned for in every major city in the US. This was a parade, a show of force. This brings terrorism to daily life in America like we have fostered it in the rest of the world. This is the plan. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  373. But go ahead and keep on supporting those too big to fail gods we entrust…

    Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world’s largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.

    You may have heard of the Libor scandal, in which at least three – and perhaps as many as 16 – of the name-brand too-big-to-fail banks have been manipulating global interest rates, in the process messing around with the prices of upward of $500 trillion (that’s trillion, with a “t”) worth of financial instruments. When that sprawling con burst into public view last year, it was easily the biggest financial scandal in history – MIT professor Andrew Lo even said it “dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets.”

    That was bad enough, but now Libor may have a twin brother. Word has leaked out that the London-based firm ICAP, the world’s largest broker of interest-rate swaps, is being investigated by American authorities for behavior that sounds eerily reminiscent of the Libor mess. Regulators are looking into whether or not a small group of brokers at ICAP may have worked with up to 15 of the world’s largest banks to manipulate ISDAfix, a benchmark number used around the world to calculate the prices of interest-rate swaps.

    Interest-rate swaps are a tool used by big cities, major corporations and sovereign governments to manage their debt, and the scale of their use is almost unimaginably massive. It’s about a $379 trillion market, meaning that any manipulation would affect a pile of assets about 100 times the size of the United States federal budget.

    Hello? Can anyone turn away from their pet distractions for a moment?

  374. In the year 2013, the Lord came unto Noah, Who was now living in America and said:
    “Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me.”
    “Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans.”

    He gave Noah the blueprints, saying:
    “You have 6 months to build the Ark before I will start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights.”

    Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his yard – but no Ark.”Noah!,” He roared, “I’m about to start the rain! Where is the Ark?”

    “Forgive me, Lord,” begged Noah, “but things have changed.”
    “I needed a Building Permit.”
    “I’ve been arguing with the Boat Inspector about the need for a sprinkler system.”

    “My homeowners association claim that I’ve violated the
    Neighborhood by-laws by building the Ark in my back yard and exceeding the height limitations. We had to go to the local Planning Committee for a decision.”

    “Then the City Council and the Electricity Company demanded a shed load of money for the future costs of moving power lines and other overhead obstructions, to clear the passage for the Ark’s move to the sea. I told them that the sea would be coming to us, but they would hear none of it.”

    “Getting the wood was another problem. There’s a ban on cutting local trees in order to save the Greater Spotted Barn Owl.”
    “I tried to convince the environmentalists that I needed the wood to save the owls – but no go!”

    “When I started gathering the animals, PETA took me to court. They insisted that I was confining wild animals against their will. They argued the accommodations were too restrictive and it was cruel and inhumane to put so many animals in a confined space.”

    “Then the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that I couldn’t build the Ark until they’d conducted an environmental impact study on Your proposed flood.”

    “I’m still trying to resolve a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on how many minorities I’m supposed to hire for my building crew.”

    “The Immigration Dept. Is checking the visa status of most of the people who want to work.”
    “The labor unions say I can’t use my sons. They insist I have to hire only union workers with ark-building experience.”

    “To make matters worse, the IRS seized all my assets, claiming I’m trying to leave the country illegally with endangered species.”
    “So, forgive me, Lord, but it would take at least 10 years for me to finish this ark.”

    “Suddenly the skies cleared, the sun began to shine and a rainbow stretched across the sky.”

    Noah looked up in wonder and asked, “You mean you’re not going to destroy the world?”

    “No,” said the Lord. ” The Government beat me to it.”

  375. It took three major tragedies and ultimately dead kids for him to finally act even a bit strident on the issue.

    Irrelevant. Like Obama uses the parents as props for a free ride on A1, you use those kids at Newtown like a prop. You could truthfully care less about the dead kids – just an offense you can use as your own form of ammunition. Never let a tragedy go to waste. Sadly, I’m shocked Sarah Palin’s name has not come up for blame.

    More gun laws wouldn’t have done a damn thing to stop those killings, nor would the ‘Assault weapons ban.’ Demagogues and hand wringers over the kids graves is what makes up the left.

    You wretched leftists will stoop to any level. And since I had a recent run in with a rogue cop, I don’t want the general public armed like police.

    I want them better armed than the police. Only a fool like you trusts a government like this.

    The Denver Post, on February 15th, ran an Associated Press article entitled Homeland Security aims to buy 1.6b rounds of ammo, so far to little notice. It confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security has issued an open purchase order for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. As reported elsewhere, some of this purchase order is for hollow-point rounds, forbidden by international law for use in war, along with a frightening amount specialized for snipers. Also reported elsewhere, at the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month. Therefore 1.6 billion rounds would be enough to sustain a hot war for 20+ years.

  376. You’re welcome, thor. yes, I agree, I was lucky my wife only hit me once. I’m surprised she didn’t hit me with a frying pan.

    The gun bill was misrepresented and support rested on emotions. it wouldn’t have changed much, but it did foster a fear among higher information people that our government is up to no good.

    The expanding underground economy and the hording of guns demonstrate a fear and distrust of our own government.The underground is often a matter of economic survival. Private and governmental hording is like buying insurance.

  377. Michele Malkin: “Better late than never; New York Times confirms Andrew Breitbart of Pigford scandal”

    The New York Times reported yesterday that the US Department of Agriculture has probably enabled massive fraud in the Pigford series of legal settlements. “The cost of the settlements, which could exceed $4.4 billion, is the result of a process that ‘became a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress, and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees’; the Times notes.”

    Obama was one of the influential Senators who”made Pigford payouts a priority in exchange for political support for his 2008 presidential campaign in the rural South.”

    As president, Obama abandoned a review process that had been used to fight fraud. This is getting too easy. Low hanging fruit is all around us.

  378. @ James: The Pigford fiasco is a symptom of a far bigger issue and one that cuts across party lines,race and every demographic in the USA.
    It is also a case study in the all too often one dimensional take the citizenry has on viewing news and analysis.
    Bottom line is that in and around the topic that Pigford resides there isn’t ANYONE whose hands aren’t dirty!

  379. Tex brings forth the story that won’t go away no matter how many times somebody hits it with the honesty stick. I am saddened to see yet another fall to the curse.

  380. @ James 535 I wonder if you have something on offer to back up this comment. I apologize if I missed something earlier. My confusion rests in:

    The expanding underground economy and the hording of guns demonstrate a fear and distrust of our own government.The underground is often a matter of economic survival. Private and governmental hording is like buying insurance.

  381. @531….Am I the only one that falls on the floor laughing that pools uses RT,a neo-Soviet propaganda tool to criticize CISPA???. Yeah! Putin wrote the book on internet freedom :))

  382. @ Rutherford there a lot more than two ways to slice the debate but more on that later.
    Magazine capacity????? 5,7,10,15?????? Hate to be a naggy bitch about it but seriously can’t ya give a brotha a number???
    F#$%’s sake I’ll even help you out a little. Although I agree it has definite 2nd conflict potential I think civilian and civilian law enforcement to should be capped at 20. There are practical,tactical and logical reasoning behind this. Your turn.

  383. To Rutherford and Noah,
    In all seriousness I have actually enjoyed the most recent dialog you got going. I for one find it touches upon a lot of the cultural and political divisions and issues. A tidy snap shot for one who looks into it and reads between the lines.

  384. I’ll chime in on Rutherford 517 as well.
    I don’t get it. It seems like if it was an answer on a school paper you’d have to give it an “incomplete” or a high “c” in that it hints at something but doesn’t go all the way in fully describing the position of the one offering the answer.
    To go out on a bit of a limb here….Rutherford the logical carryover of your comment MUST contain the acknowledgement that anything Obama and the bots can call “recovery” is an illusion.

  385. “There are practical,tactical and logical reasoning behind this.”

    Ok… got to let us know…what are they?

  386. “And you could also send a sternly-worded email and really hurt his feelings. That’d show ’em.”

    When you say stupid crap like that I find it very hard to believe you’re a lawyer.

    So ET why don’t you recommend that Noah find the guy first and kill him so he can sleep at night. Since you’re such a big bad motherfucker who laughs at legal remedies, how about a preemptive strike?

  387. Some in quick reverse order dead rabbit:

    logical: I oppose the police having automatic weapons but I do appreciate the need for semi auto fire and bringing that in a highly trained and professional manner. As the recent Marathon related actions and any number of other police involved discharges your average cop definitely and your average SWAT member apparently need a braking mechanism hence 20 rd mag.I also think the citizenry deserves the luxury of the time it takes the police to reload and hopefully come to their senses. Seriously in the two instances connected to the Marathon a total of over 700 rounds were discharged. I also believe 20 rounds is more than adequate for any peaceful or peace seeking application,such as sport or repelling a home invasion.

    tactical: I’m biased but I have experienced and have friends with far more experience that many tactical maneuvering scenarios are less hampered by the 20 & under magazine style.

    practical: More so the civilian sportman side and gun range thing here but admittedly loaded with personal bias. I don’t get the thinking behind banana clips,bandoliers and drum magazines. For concealed carry I don’t understand the desire or see the comfort or practicality in exceeding the standard manufacturer magazine. many 9mm come standard in high teens so 20 covers that.

  388. Am I the only one that falls on the floor laughing that pools uses RT,a neo-Soviet propaganda tool to criticize CISPA???

    Probably not, since source is more important to you and others than any actual truth. It’s too bad you can’t argue the content of the information given from the source, but yeah, you’d lose that fight, as you well know.

    What ‘non propaganda’ sites are talking about the overwhelming and vast criminality of bankers or the our illegal military campaigns supporting alCIAduh on other continents or how our government is fast negating our rights?

    eFail. It’s ingrained in me now as you solidify your place and purpose.

    Seriously in the two instances connected to the Marathon a total of over 700 rounds were discharged.

    Real impressive, especially since the younger brother was apprehended unarmed. Yet, he was then shot in the throat, after they took him in custody.

    eFail again.

  389. You know R, you should turn off your beloved t.v. for day and go spend some time at the courthouses in your own back yard. Depending on the calendars, maybe you can see first-hand the depravity and savagery that exists in the world outside of your little bubble. Chicago is not a good place to be as helpless and defenseless as you insist on being because you scared of force even in your own hands.

    Tex nailed it earlier concerning liberal cowardice.

    Now back to your MSNBC, Peter Pan.

  390. pool you are such a pathetic piece of shit. I am truly grateful that even our host Rutherford has started to publicly state as much even if not in as blatant terms.
    In classic conspiracy theorist pussy-dom you have the audacity to try to distance/disconnect source from credibility. So yeah a Putin mouthpiece is not a credible source on issues of internet freedoms,capitalism and corruption. ABSOLUTELY
    As for the throat injury. It was pre detention except in the eyes of shit heads like you who source only fellow travelers sitting in their dens across America and beyond wearing tin foil hats and in oh so many cases waiting for their government check. Oh the fucking irony! “The government is evil….where is my” (pick all that apply: My welfare check My SSI check My student loan check My tax refund My…..

  391. Alfie, from 541, I grew up surrounded by an underground economy. It was how people in an isolated poverty-stricken region survived. When I learned no one knows how much Ukrainians earn because they would not be able to support their living standards with what they officially earn, I decided to think about it.

    I compared the Ukrainians with our future at our Republican caucus before I had read any supporting sources. I had no source. It was before people began to talk.

    New American Media Top Stories “Inside the Shadow Economy–A Growing underworld Bazaar”

    Charleston Voice April 26, 2013 $ 2 Trillion US Underground Economy is the Free Market Striking Back?

    “What could be more exploitative than current taxation trend in t he West, which is seeing up to 70 to 80 percent of a person’s wages confiscated by the state–especially in ‘progressive” Scandinavian countries?”

    “More and more people participate in the underground economy, as governments make it increasingly difficult to survive.”

    “Not only do they drop out but they also withdraw their allegiance from the state. It is and the philosophy that it enunciates. Money is power, and if people can generate their funds by circumventing modern government, they may well do so, especially if they are increasingly desperate due a lack of employment etc.

    This expanding underground economy presents an existential threat to the powers that be and to business as usual.”

    “Underground Economy Work under the table Live Safely” “in the media reports of government bureaucracy and legislation acting in collusion with the growing power of unbridled greed fuel most of the economic angst of taxpayers.

    “The Shadow Economy in Germany; A Blessing or a curse for the official economy?”

    When I was alone and hunted, I survived by putting myself in my enemies’ heads. I did the same in grad school After four years in the Air Force my reading background was behind those who had had an interrupted college and grad school experience. I climbed inside of historical figures’ minds and discerned what I would have done. Later research ;proved me right more often than not.

    I know hording.We keep a large supply of food in case of storms, especially when blizzards block our roads.

    Therefore, I don’t need to document the motives of gun owners buying bullets or others purchasing their first weapons because I already know. I also know why our government is buying bullets etc, because like the people, they are doing what I would do, buy insurance as protection against the coming storm whether or not it happens.

  392. eFail, since you cannot discount the message, you attack the messenger. Typical and unoriginal, like most of your dribble. From your toning down the concern for the stockpiling of bullets by our beloved DHS, in2 the approval and justification of martial law, you ARE the perfect poster boy for the emerging police state, as I previously have noted.

    I dub thee, Tool eFail, the Boston Tangler.

  393. James I commented awkwardly earlier and should apologize. I wasn’t looking for you to intellectually back something up. I should have used the word expand.
    With that said I’ll offer for those that might be interested the CNBC link HERE
    I don’t think the charleston voice piece is very sound though,in fact I found it kind of contradictory.
    Still the underground or shadow economy isn’t anything new. I would wager that the extent,growth and demographics are changing though. The ghettoes of America have had shadow economies in place forever. Now we’re going to experience on a larger scale as it is off the leash as it were and running up the socio-economic ladder.

  394. poolman I don’t even know where to start with you.You stake your entire fucking being to discounting source…so seriously FUCK YOU. Also how pathetic are you????? You know somewhere deeeeeeeeeep inside you that RT,PressTV and others are designed to profit off of fools,you are bought and paid for in your desire to be “cutting edge”, different etc. and you ignore realities. The sad thing is you now have a number of allies from the not too fringe Right as well. Whether it is the fallacy of martial law in MA or the DHS ammo contract. You are running full throttle on misinformation and as all CTs do deny truth,the real truth because it isn’t your truth.
    Call me whatever you want as it just doesn’t phase me anymore than it hits home for anyone that has come to know me. You are so lacking in honesty and intelligence it isn’t hard to understand why you see my wisdom as dribble.

  395. Wisdom? Ha. I flush more comparable wisdom before lunch time. Maybe I am reading you wrong. I’ll have to go back and view your posts with a comedic angle.

  396. ps poolman and friends. Open up a fucking history book. In fact open up a whole lot of them from all over the globe. Spend time on what fascism really looks like. On how all the depressions we’ve ever experienced were directly tied to the gold standard based economic policy. Then read up on how eventually reason and hard work has always triumphed over tyranny. That you and yours simply represent the new too lazy too stupid and too insatiable for self gratification segment of the population is clear.

  397. An example? Let’s look in2 an area of your ‘expertise’ as example. Medical. I have since read some accounts from those in the field.

    The wheelchair run to the hospital with supposed passenger Jeff Bauman. There is no tourniquet on his right leg, the one seen as gone above the knee. There is no sign of extreme heat on his flesh or clothing or the site to in effect ‘cauterize’ the wound. There is no trail of blood. He isn’t pale or unconscious, yet the wheelchair photo op event happened 3 minutes AFTER the legs were supposedly blown off. The photos reveal a ‘hinge’ where a prosthetic is attached at the hip, in addition to revealing a missing left hand pinkie that Jeff still has. The photos also reveal a black gal helping him install the prosthetic and then giving a signal before then acting a victim and being stretchered off herself. The blood doesn’t show up until after the prosthetic is installed.

    The FB donation picture clearly shows the real Jeff and the redhead on his right is the very same redhead with the very same shirt on at the bomb scene and also ‘wounded’. Most experts conclude not enough blood, nor the right color, many offering real pictures of real events.

    You’re a tool of the state or a fool and ingrate. But thanks for playing.

  398. Honest question.

    Alfie, you aren’t really uncomfortable with Homeland Security buying enough ammo to start and finish WWIII, including hollow point purchases? That’s five rounds for every man, woman and child in America in what? The last year or so?

    I must have missed your retorts? Is my data wrong about ammo purchases by the feds, or am I missing something? That data was from Fortune Magazine.

    I’m open to public flogging by reasonable people (that would exclude Rutherford, of course) if I’m off base.

    However, I am far more comfortable with Tigre, Rabbit or Gorilla having large caliber weapons than I am Barney Fife or Bullet Bob with a badge and half a brain.

  399. @ poolman I am beside myself,I just don’t know what to say to you. I’ve dirtied myself at a number o f “expert” sites and viewed images and watched videos who proclaim they see what just isn’t there.
    Blood loss. adequate.
    Pale? look again,pale to ashen.
    evac by chair? yeah especially since you’re heading towards the medical tents and ambulance staging.
    lack of blood trail. tourniquets.
    tourniquets visible..yes
    But yeah whatever pools. The little kid is on the beach with the 9/11 flight passengers,my contact who did compressions on the girl,psych liar. The entire staff of the NH COSTCO brainwashed regards Bauman.
    Yeah I’m the fucked up one.
    I obviously decided that cheating myself out of the time spent with those whose “e” company I enjoy shouldn’t fall to how sick and disgusting I find you. Seeing as R is coming around to what a douche you are I think I’ll stay.