Shame on Liberals: Dead Kids and Drones

Predator_and_HellfireAs we approach the four-month anniversary of the senseless slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there is much talk in the media about our tone-deaf Congress ignoring the 90% of the country that wants stricter background checks on gun buyers. Indeed, we hear lots of statistics pointing to a majority of Americans favoring restrictions on type of guns sold, and size of ammunition clips. The fault my friends is not in Congress but in ourselves.

When I was a kid, the evening news was full of coverage of protesters marching outside the White House over the Vietnam War. Who’s marching now? There are those who say the most effective thing a citizen can do is call his Congressman or Senator. I don’t buy it. Politicians respond to two stimuli: money and discomfort. Don’t get me wrong. I am not calling for violence. I’m calling for good old civil disobedience. If you’re tired of hearing about dead kids, whether it’s in the cushy CT suburbs or the inner city of Chicago, chain yourself to the nearest immovable object outside Congress and stay there. Do it until the press comes to cover it. Do it until the police arrest you, again with the TV cameras watching. The notion that you can drown out the NRA’s money with a phone call to your representative is pure nonsense.

I might be accused of being the pot calling the kettle black. I’ve never protested in my life and probably never will. It’s just not where my abilities and talents are best invested. However, I associate myself with the liberal cause because I support those who DO have it in them to protest for change.

Our current predicament only highlights what nonsense Occupy Wall Street was. Yes I’m doing an about-face on that topic because a bunch of liberals camped out in a NYC park to protest “unfairness”. We’re great about belly aching about a concept but when it comes to taking decisive action on a specific topic like dead kids, nobody is camping out anywhere.

Getting back to the Vietnam war for a moment — back then we didn’t employ the cowardly combat method of sending remote control planes to bomb our enemies into kingdom come. Now, we kill enemy and innocent alike with no risk to our own men. Now we drop a bomb on a teenager because he had the misfortune of having a traitor for a father. Where are the protesters? When Senator Rand Paul recently asked the White House whether they felt emboldened to drone-attack American citizens on American soil, he got a hypothetical yes from Attorney General Eric Holder. Only after Paul pulled off the grand old tradition of a true stand-up filibuster did the White House back off a bit. And what did we hear in the media? Nothing to see here because Obama is a nice guy who would never abuse such powers. Fortunately there were those who, like Senator Paul, pointed out that we must control the office, not the man. Obama could go crazy. Obama’s successor could be a nut job. When you enable the office, you give powers to the man holding that office.

What does it say about the liberal cause that it took a Republican, Rand Paul, to take serious issue with our drone policy?

Maybe I’m being too hard on Liberals? Perhaps the Internet has become a proxy for real protest? Whereas the Arab Spring was punctuated by social media being a driving force for communication AND organization, here in the States, we “like” some post on Facebook and think that we have made a difference. Have we been lulled into thinking electronic protest can match the power of the NRA’s money or the strength of the military industrial complex?

Have we become too cute and clever by half? Last night Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wrote about the changing face of protest. He cited an “eat-in” outside the FDA where protesters brought and consumed a huge vat of soup to protest the FDA not demanding labeling of GMO’s in foods. Milbank argues that these folks are opting for persuasion over confrontation. I am left scratching my head. How effective is quaint persuasion with politicians whose pockets are lined with money from the food manufacturers? How effective is gun control “persuasion” with politicians whose pockets are lined with gun money?

In the 1960’s the people pushed the President. In 2013, the President is forced to push the people. Obama has to give speeches imploring citizens to make their preferences known on the gun issue. Why do we need imploring? Where is our passion? Where are our ethics? Where is our shame?


Photo by Brigadier Lance Mans, Deputy Director, NATO Special Operations Coordination Centre [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

479 thoughts on “Shame on Liberals: Dead Kids and Drones

  1. Quit hiding behind these feather boa insults of liberalism masking the real disdain, you pretentious, impotent control freak. Get out of that honeypot you’re forced to live in exile, travel the country and see how far you get passing off this stupid crap. They’ll club you like a baby seal.

    You’re a dancing marionette with one thumb up your ass and the other thumb wrapped around your manhood while Andrew Cuomo pulls the short string to move your mouth. I didn’t even think MSNBC could lie like that. Is that where you’re getting these shit stats? 90% of Americans? Is it that what that new MSNBC host who told us are children are property of the state said? What’s her name? Harris?

    50% of Americans would as soon shit can the current government. 33% of the country will be orgasmic if somebody nukes Washington D.C. and leaves it a barren wasteland.

    And you think 9 out of 10 think more stringent background checks will fix what ails us, hey? ROFLMAO.

    Clueless. Absolutely clueless.

  2. Yup, I was so clueless that I thought Mitt Romney was the country’s choice for POTUS. I’ll never forget the night I chuckled as I read your comment admitting that you really weren’t sure what country you were living in anymore. It was one of your rare moments of clarity.

    Folks don’t want nutjobs firing at them on college campuses, malls, theaters and elementary schools. Even you ought to be able to acknowledge that. The question is who is going to do something about it? Alas, Liberals aren’t willing to do enough.

  3. Lol…..I just can’t read this phony blog anymore. Vote for him……and then when it’s very, very politically safe, balls deep into the second term, demonstrate against drone attacks.

    Fake liberals……got to love them.

  4. They have killed all the peace protesters from day one, Rutherford. Even when a court of law proves their guilt, they are still able to continue as before. I’m sure many martyrs don’t even get a moment of fame in today’s news, even if one goes as far as to setting fire to oneself, since it is THEY that are feeding us the stories. They, are those who control this system we all participate in.

    If you think occupy failed and the country has moved on, you’re not doing any reasonable research and just resounding the current tune played to the masses. Don’t you remember the brutality that DID make the news, and that from mostly peaceful unarmed protesters against a militarized state? tptb took occupy VERY seriously, don’t be deceived. They had snipers. They kept trying to locate leaders. The mainstream media degraded occupy at every opportunity.

    Laws have changed since occupy and today we have drones. Protesters would need to adapt to a surveillance state, seems obvious to me.

    Really, there are thousands dying daily to sustain the capitalist’s pyramid of power. google monsanto india. You, like most, just can’t see much past your own fingertips. You seem reactionary with any issue HYPED to be a ‘national priority’. Sad thing is, millions of children have died world-wide since 12-14-12, many under greater suffering and we COULD change a lot of that if we took back the responsibility we’ve surrendered.

    The bigger event within this latest event that has been skipped over mostly by the media is the drugs our citizens are on that are prescribed and legal and profitable that now directly and indirectly kill WAY MORE annually in this patriotic dreamland than any “assault” rifle or high-capacity firearm do.

    Nature has the drugs that better control us organic beings and yet patent means profit so that’s the path we pave..

    There no longer is balance this side of this realm.

  5. First Rabbit, you get the point ….the entire point that liberals aren’t standing against what they should be standing against. They have become no better than the conservatives who rubber stamped Bush’s fake war in Iraq.

    When you call yourself a liberal and find yourself agreeing with Rand Paul something is very wrong. When the thought of 20 kids blasted away doesn’t cause the movement to move, something is very wrong.

    I made it very very clear last year I was not voting for Obama … I was voting against Mitt Romney and the 1950’s throwback party that he represented.

  6. Poolman the way we are drugging our children has come to my attention and is very disturbing. BTW, I didn’t read your link from the prior thread but I am aware of folks (I think one is called Roots Action) who are clamoring for Obama’s Peace Prize to be revoked.

    Despite the revisionist history hyped here by Tex and Rabbit, I NEVER endorsed Obama’s Peace prize and always thought it was a huge embarrassment.

    Speaking of Rabbit, I’m sure he has something to contribute regarding kids on Ritalin. That is if he can bear to keep contributing to this phony blog. 🙄

  7. Yup, I was so clueless that I thought Mitt Romney was the country’s choice for POTUS. I’ll never forget the night I chuckled as I read your comment admitting that you really weren’t sure what country you were living in anymore. It was one of your rare moments of clarity.

    My one moment of clarity. I felt and still feel we have lost a once great country. It’s downfall imminent. But surely even you of such poor mathematical skills must realize that at the very least, I have millions in company. I’ll repeat it again so you can have another chuckle – it pretty obvious you need one these days as you peacock about your superior standing in life.

    This is a country I don’t recognize anymore. Never did I think I would live to see a day where my once great country would volunteer to swirl the toilet. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprise. I have called America the New Roman Empire for at least 20 years. Problem is, the Visigoths are at our door.

    Would you like to have your own moment of clarity and truth? Say explain to your audience the current status and health of this country? I’ve noted it. So has Alfie. So has Huck and Muffy. So has Rabbit and Tigre. So have James and so has Pfesser. Even the deranged Poolman realizes something you don’t. I apparently am in pretty good company in a diversified crowd.

    You’ve gone silent. You’re in denial. Your m.o. is projection. And you’re not fooling anybody but the clucks on this board.


    Let’s see? The highest poverty rates since the 60s. And yet, Rutherford’s candidate won.

    The lowest participation workforce rates on record. Another 600K+ dropped out of the work force last month. And yet, Rutherford’s candidate won.

    The highest foodstamp numerical participation on record. And yet, Rutherford’s candidate won.

    The Middle East on fire, Syrian citizens being killed by the thousands, Iran moving closer to the bomb, a lost war in Afghanistan – all under the Nobel Laureate’s tutelage of false promises. Rutherford’s candidate won.

    $60K owed by every man, woman and child in this country on a debt we can’t possibly repay, 35% of it accumulated by Rutherford’s candidate who won.

    Middle class wages dropping 8.2% in four years, under the President who campaigns for the larger middle class, and yet, Rutherford’s candidate won.

    One blog owner with a degree from an Ivy League institution now reduced to a low wage job with little or no hope for betterment – a job he was qualified for in 10th grade. And yet, Rutherford’s candidate won.

    Twenty kindergarters murdered in cold blood by a deranged teenage in a nation with the highest teenage suicide rates on record. And yet, Rutherford’s candidate won.

    Well Rutherford. I give you your America. Frankly, you can have it. Relish the fact that four months ago, it very likely in your glee, you just signed your own death warrant.

    I’m not sure chuckling is the emotion you ought be having. Soon, I feel very confident you will weep in your victory. And on that day, no sympathy will be found.

    So you want to tell me in a country with more guns that people, 90% agree with you and Snopes, hey?

    Clarity…real clarity.

  8. I made it very very clear last year I was not voting for Obama … I was voting against Mitt Romney and the 1950′s throwback party that he represented.

    Oh, I do hope Tigre reads that one. The hurl might reach 50ft.

    Can you believe that if you had sat in Rutherford’s presence, that malarkey would have actually come out of his mouth? That one would have rendered me speechless.

    If I get this, Rutherford voted against perceived failure on behalf of immutable, proven failure.

    I think the 50s was called full employment. About one out of four children born to a black couple that year were out of wedlock. Now it’s three in four. Congratulations on ‘your’ country.

  9. Tex don’t pretend you don’t know the stats. You know damn well that if there are more guns than people it is because gun owners are hording. The stats show number of gun owners has decreased in recent years. Number of guns owned per capita has increased.

  10. About one out of four children born to a black couple that year were out of wedlock.

    And poll taxes kept blacks from voting and there were anti-miscegenation laws. Yeah the lot of blacks has gotten SO much worse since the 50’s.

    Let me guess, your next proposal will be how well off blacks had it during slavery, protected by their kind masters and fed 3 squares a day and given lots of exercise without having to pay health club dues.

  11. No, and you of all people know that last statement which you false applied to me doesn’t reflect my opinion.

    But I do contend the black family was far better off in the 50s than now. Most had character and class. They had real talent of worth. Persecuted and still persevered. Think I’m wrong? Measure Motown vs. Hotown and you tell me which is better.

    Most of you fools traded slavery for more slavery, Rutherford. Most of you are lackeys now, dumb sheep being led by the nose, angry and bitter left with invalid excuse and grievance. Your excuses no longer effective; your charges of racism met with a shrug and indifference. Worse, those blacks who see through the bullshit are assassinated by their own when they actually see clearly. And you’re one of the worst in application.

    Only I find this racism far more prevalent and far more pernicious. I doubt that makes a bit of sense to you. You may drink from the same water fountain but the expectations of achievement have never been wider, the wisdom never more lacking, your children never worse off. As an educated black man, you of all of us ought to see through the broken promises and blatant lies of Obama. But you’re so weak, you can bring yourself to admit Obama has failed you miserably. Because see, Obama is 7.5% black.

    So you contend you’re so much better position than your father, hey? There was a time he could see through the pandering and false friendship. You’re incapable of doing so. He was brave – you are gutless. You measure freedom by what water fountain you drink from. Your father’s generation measured freedom by the opportunities afforded to his children, well raised.

  12. One last thing, Rutherford. You condemn me for admitting I do not understand this country’s mindset? You use it as a punch line. I where it as a badge of honor.

    Well, you suffer the consequences of the winning side’s stupidity which includes you and your wonderful insight.into the failure of this country:

    Obamacare architect Rockefeller: It’s ‘beyond comprehension’

  13. “there is much talk in the media about our tone-deaf Congress ignoring the 90% of the country that wants stricter background checks on gun buyers.”

    You are falsely framing this argument. The people in this country, the majority, understand that this is the tip of the iceberg that once Liberals get their foot in the door on the 2nd amendment, they will not stop until every single citizen is disarmed.

    “Indeed, we hear lots of statistics pointing to a majority of Americans favoring restrictions on type of guns sold, and size of ammunition clips. ”

    I wonder R why you feel the need to cure the symptom and not the problem? You wisely chose to ignore my comment to this on the previous thread, so I am asking again here.

    ” If you’re tired of hearing about dead kids”

    No I am tired of seeing the death of these kids being used to manipulate the conversation for political gain.

    ” However, I associate myself with the liberal cause because I support those who DO have it in them to protest for change.”

    “Maybe I’m being too hard on Liberals?”

    This one made me laugh out loud. Take a stand R. Since you don’t have the balls to go out and protest, lets see a list of the things you absolutely CONDEMN. No holds barred. No watering down or making excuses for. Be “hard on Liberals” if you really mean what you write and hammer on them and show us what you actually find deplorable.

  14. “I made it very very clear last year I was not voting for Obama … I was voting against Mitt Romney and the 1950′s throwback party that he represented”

    Double speak at its finest. I did it, but I didn’t really do it, so you cannot accuse me of doing what I did, but didn’t.

  15. 90% of the country wants stricter background checks?? Really??? You heard that on the internet didn’t you…and the internet is NOT a good place to get the truth. Neither is the television. If our government enforces current law on anything, laws will be better followed. Why create more laws to hurt those who are trying to follow the law when we aren’t enforcing the laws already on the books. If you want proof of laws not being enforced, learn traffic laws and see how many are not enforced (i.e. turn light use and lane changes, stop light use, properly turning corners…). The Sandy Hook Murderer shouldn’t have had access to guns. That was his mothers fault, not the guns fault, and not law abiding gun-owning citizens fault.

  16. Taxpayers will pay for the Obama’s to have an exclusive private concert at the White House “celebrating Memphis Soul music.” But there are still no White House tours…..

  17. “I made it very very clear last year I was not voting for Obama … I was voting against Mitt Romney and the 1950′s throwback party that he represented”

    There were other names on that ballot and there is also a space to write in names. Going with either of those choices would have given you the cover you seek…the cover Poolman now enjoys.

    You made your bread…now it’s time to eat it.

  18. I find this truly hilarious.

    This place has become absolutely devoid of any liberals, as they know that Barack Obama is a complete and utter failure to not only them, but the entire country. He is completely indefensible.

    The only liberal that can’t run far, far away from here is the blog owner, who is forced to blame the GOP for his support of the failed president, suggesting that had Republicans simply selected a stronger candidate, that he would have gotten the blog owner’s vote (as if anyone believes such rubbish).

    The icing on the cake is the memory that it was just a couple years ago we were all being told that Barack Obama would go down in history as the greatest American president in history. Today, we sit here bored, because nobody will come and defend the man’s actions and inactions.

  19. I shy away from ripping on Presidents when they golf, etc.

    But….is this live concert thing not the oddest shit or what? On a fucking Tuesday? Wtf?

    It was making me cringe seeing Barak Borgia sitting in the front row. Weirdness.

  20. ~~~~~~~~~~Rutherford’s Pool of Murky Waters~~~~~~~~~~~

    ~~~~Beware of barracuda, sharks, jellyfish and crabs~~~~

    ~~~~Too shallow for diving~~~~Swim at your own risk~~~~

    ~~~~Be careful what you might leave dangling~~~~ 😀

  21. Now come on. To say that I ever said Obama would be our greatest President is a bit much. Did I have very high hopes? Sure. Am I disappointed? Sure.

    I was just saying to my wife tonight that Obama will likely be judged middle of the pack. Not our greatest, not our worst. The racial history obviously won’t be ignored. But clearly when James Buchanan presided over the dissolution of the nation, Obama has a long way to go in topping him.

  22. 1. Hillary Clinton is to Margaret Thatcher what William Hung is to Elvis Presley.

    2. When was the last cowardly fight with cancer you saw?

    3. Dr. Kermit Gosling murdered more children before lunch on a slow day than the psychotic 20 year old Lanza did that awful December day.

  23. First off the usual suspects may rate Obama middle of the road or above but they’ll have to hold their noses to do so.
    There are just too many categories one has to ignore to score the O in the middle.

    there is much talk in the media about our tone-deaf Congress ignoring the 90% of the country that wants stricter background checks on gun buyers

    #1. Why do you think that is Rutherford? You can point any number of fingers at NRA money but you damn well better save a few of those fingers for folks of your stripe who are pushing for so much more than is needed or acceptable. The result of course is that the most obvious and most likely easiest thing is sidelined whilst everyone talks a lot of stat puff shit.
    #2. Discomfort of politicians is non-existent Rutherford old friend. The deck is stacked against the perpetrators of silly dramatics such as chaining oneself to something. First in most zip codes it isn’t worth the $ to come out and report on. Then there is the public apathy factor that simply writes you off or is pure putty in the hands of the propaganda whether it flows out of government,msnbc or fox,your screwed pretty quick. Last point I’ll mention but hardly the last thing one could add is this. The culture of America no longer supports sacrifice and stepping up + we now have a culture where enforcement actions happen.
    #3. I’m glad you’ve awaken some on the pathetic nature of OWS.
    #4. You’re very right about Rand Paul putting your side to shame,hell even Van Jones saw that as true. Know this though,Pauls stand had a lot to do about drones period not just the cloudy threat of domestic deployment.
    #5 Your persuasion observation falls flat for me. I don’t think the new age protesters are really do much different than earlier folks. Publicity and public “education” are cornerstones to a successful protest. Too much in the face stuff only blows up in your face and destroys your chances,look at peta for an example of that,add femen too.
    #6 Last one for the night.Man are you all f@#$ed up on this
    In the 1960′s the people pushed the President.Are you on freaking crack? In 2013, the President is forced to push the people. That’s because he can’t lead for shit dude. Obama has to give speeches imploring citizens to make their preferences known on the gun issue. NO NO NO!!!! He is pushing an agenda that is contrary to what people want Why do we need imploring? We don’t the only point we the people have overwhelming support for is background checks,we’re being ignored,O isn’t imploring he and his are trying to push something,trying not to let a crisis go to waste Where is our passion?I dont know Where are our ethics? truth be told you all never had any Where is our shame? I’ve been asking that about you guys for a loooonnnnggg time now

  24. I’ll probably catch hell for this, but…

    I don’t think OWS was as much a failure as everyone likes to believe.

    Sure, they didn’t come close to being organized enough to affect the change they sought.

    But they did raise the consciousness of the country toward certain issues. Look back at the last election. All the [enter number here]% stuff. I would argue that OWS is part of what brought those percentage numbers and the extreme populism against the rich into the political discourse.

    Occupying some park or staging an eat-in to protest against food issues are repertoires of contention, just like spinning your own cloth or making your own salt was when it was done in India. They aren’t intended to win a fight as much as they are meant to alert people that there is a fight…or, more importantly…that there needs to be a fight.

  25. “But….is this live concert thing not the oddest shit or what? On a fucking Tuesday? Wtf?”

    Eh what rock have you been living under? Presidents have been entertained at the White House since time began — even on a Tuesday. Just Google “live concerts at the White House” and once you get beyond today’s news you’ll see it’s not unusual.

    Are you stoned? Seriously.

  26. But….is this live concert thing not the oddest shit or what? On a fucking Tuesday? Wtf?

    Eh, what rock have you been living under? Presidents have been entertained at the White House since time began — even on a Tuesday. Just Google “live concerts at the White House” and once you get beyond today’s news, you’ll see it’s not unusual.

    Are you stoned? Seriously.

    Here’s Whitney performing on October 4, 1994 in the Rose Garden. Oh by the way, October 4 was a Tuesday. GASP!

    Seriously, are you stoned?

  27. 1. Hillary Clinton is to Margaret Thatcher what William Hung is to Elvis Presley.

    Overstated but I admire your rhetorical flourish. I agree Clinton is no Thatcher, regardless of ideology.

    2. When was the last cowardly fight with cancer you saw?

    You think there is only one way to deal with a cancer diagnosis? Do you really? Ever hear of terminally ill folks committing suicide? Did I say Ebert should be Time’s 2013 Man of the Year? No. Did he deal with his disease with unusual pluck and persistence …. hell yes.

    3. Dr. Kermit Gosling murdered more children before lunch on a slow day than the psychotic 20 year old Lanza did that awful December day.

    I know you’ve got a thing for Ryan Gosling you naughty girl you, but I think you’re referring to Kermit Gosnell.

    Who said we can’t prosecute guns AND late term abortions too? Your argument makes no sense.

  28. Huck on 27 … very valid observation especially that eat-ins shine light on issue even if they don’t CHANGE anything.

    Corrupt government and apathetic people make for one deadly cocktail.

  29. The oddness Rabbit that even I will admit to is the admin’s selective use of sacrifice vis-a-vis the sequester. Tours no, concerts yes. Then again I have no idea how those two items get budgeted so we may be talking apples and oranges.

  30. The same people that rate Barack Obama as middle of the pack are the same “historians” that rate John Kennedy as our 3rd-4th best President and Jimmy Carter as middle of the pack.

    Tonight, I finally watched Zero Dark Thirty. No wonder it didn’t win anything from the Academy. It demonstrated how fictitious the ludicrous charges that physical distress doesn’t work in interrogation. It demonstrated how the story of Obama’s bravery was a facade. In fact, it clearly demonstrated how negligent the Obama staff was in allowing 130 days to pass before acting on intelligence and just how lucky America was that UBL still in his fortress.

    How stupid does a human have to be to believe that physical interrogation techniques don’t work? To blame GITMO? To go strangely silent about the threat of GITMO once their man has taken office?

    So OWS, forgetting the depravity, disease and destruction for a minute was supposed to represent the 99%. But it became apparent very quickly that OWS only had a problem with the wrong rich. Rupert Murdoch bad; Ted Turner good; the Koch Brothers bad; George Soros good.

    Clearly, OWS was made up of a bunch of anarchists financed by leftist front groups laundered up by George Soros and other communist billionaires. But it proved such an embarrassment because the people that made up the majority of OWS such losers, that the money dried up.

    Men like Rutherford don’t mind the right people being rich. If the Obama’s are rich, that’s Camelot. If the neurosurgeon is rich, he’s screwing the middle class.

    Consider what Rutherford considers truth. 90% of the country wants “stricter” background checks? The proof offered? Snopes, I guess. Can anybody give me one thing in this country that 90% of the population agrees with besides Nancy Pelosi is a piece of shit and the IRS are thugs?

    Rutherford is either delusional or he’s now so desperate to simply pull “Facts” out of air. Now he tells me the number of guns purchased aren’t because of more people are choosing to own guns; it’s people hoarding guns.

    I wonder how Rutherford would explain this then from the NRA membership of the New York Times?

    The blog owner is a child who lives in a world of make believe, poorly read, historically inept, of unsound mind, unable to distinguish fact from fiction, an enabler of failure, suffering from a severe form of cognitive dissonance concerning Obama and anything leftist.

    And he will continue to deny all of it because he is also incapable of admitting how his beloved liberalism has failed so miserably, that now the channel must be changed.

  31. Decadence doesn’t take the day off but can vary by degree. The WH and its occupiers are already budgeted for a certain spend for entertainment. People are salaried and staffed for this, after all. This IS American royalty. Don’t be fooled by the blackface. There is not a vast separation of genetics at the throne.

  32. OWS was a lesson on how to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars of already struggling city’s money and how to rape, murder, and exploit women and children and commit several thousand felonies. The only thing that was effective about OWS was to inform the world of the degenerate side of our population.

  33. Generate, degenerate, regenerate, the cycle of life. Is it proof we are people? Even corporations undergo a degenerate phase…

  34. Still eating with a spoon I see.

    Where then are the calls for stricter abortion regulations in response to the powerful media stories of the horrors committed in PA in the name of compassion for women. If we can save but one life shame on us for not doing anything. Where is Biden conjuring up his sickening sotto voice to ease the pain.

    If and when Rachel ever gets around to devoting a segment to the crimes of the good doctor – you will let us know what you think I hope.
    That a very wealthy 70 year old man did not off himself when cancer came for him gets me right here. Everyone has a connection to cancer in some way. How many of us have a connection to suicide as a response to the diagnosis.

    The bald little kid that goes to school after her spinal tap or the mom leaving her husband to raise their 3 small children without her – standout brave.

  35. The survey, which was conducted in early March 2013, received 15,000 responses from law enforcement professionals. It found that the overall attitude of law enforcement is strongly anti-gun legislation and pro-gun rights, with the belief that an armed citizenry is effective in stopping crime. Response percentages varied only slightly when analyzed by rank and department size. Among the results:

    • 86 percent feel the currently proposed legislation would have no effect or a negative effect on improving officer safety

    • Similarly, 92 percent feel that banning semi-automatic firearms, or “assault weapons,” would have no effect or a negative effect on reducing violent crime …

  36. In the chaotic aftermath of a Houston campus mass stabbing Tuesday, a Lone Star Community College student gave a brutally honest interview with Fox News, lamenting the fact that students can’t carry firearms to protect themselves and others.

    “God protected us in our classroom,” he said. “We wish we could protect ourselves with guns and stuff. We wish that the law would let us carry guns because we’re legal adults, [to] carry guns on campus to protect ourselves. But so far all we have to rely on is God. But we would love to have God and the law on our side.”

    The young man told the account of when he and roughly 50 other students barricaded themselves inside a classroom when they heard a lot of loud banging noises, “like a rock concert.” He told Fox News that none of the students in the classroom received the school’s text message alert until about an hour after the incident.

  37. A very thoughtful post, R. Of course I disagree with most of it, LOL.

    1) 90% of Americans want stricter background checks of gun buyers. I think this is one of those questions they throw out of statistically valid polls. Who is going to be opposed to that? (Do you think men should stop beating their wives?) I would wager that 99% of Americans don’t have the slightest idea what is involved in a background check currently.

    2) The problem is the “NRA’s money” and we have to rally and protest to counter it. MY take on it is that the NRA is doing exactly what its 4M members want: protect law-abiding gun owners from an oppressive government that is bent on using the ignorant as a means of disarming them. (By the way, I notice that every “gun control” measure is targeted at removing firearms from the law-abiding; how about a law to remove guns from the non-law-abiding? I would support that!) I would submit to you that there are no large-scale protests because most people disagree with Hussein’s policies.

    3) The president’s job is to “push” the people. No, his job is to SERVE the people. I think you have revealed far more about the liberal mindset with that phrase than you have in many, many paragraphs of blog posts, my friend.

    His second job is to LEAD, that means to have vision, and to see clearly beneficial directions for the country to go, and to lead it there. This president, OTOH, has the very typical socialist attitude: the people are too stupid to know the right direction, and it is up to me – the intellectual elite – to take them there, by FORCE if necessary. A very different, very dangerous thing.

  38. The peace demonstrators disappeared because they are hypocrites who disguise their self interest with fake principal. The Vietnam War Protesters were in large part potential draft dodgers who cared about saving their own or their loved one’s skins. Many hardly knew the geopolitical forces driving the war or cared that the southerners, some who had fled the North, didn’t want to live under totalitarism. Most didn’t care about our troops though they said they did.

    Others were “red diaper babies,” the children of depression era socialists and communists. They had an anti-American agenda unknown to many of their fellow protesters. I knew European protesters and even attended demonstrations for entertainment value. I can’t prove it, but I suspect Soviets were giving them aid and encouragement.

    The anti- war movement faded after the draft ended. The war had ceased to matter to them.

    More recently the anti-war movement was less about stopping a war than in ending the Bush administration.Many of those disgusting creatures as personified by Congressional Democrats actually wanted more of our soldiers to die because they believed Iraqi and American blood would win them an election. Google “the slow bleed.”

    The few protesters who survive languish on street corners because Obama, not a Republican, is president. You want some of those people to join Paul Ryan’s crusade against drones? Elect a Republican.

  39. I was actually on-campus during the Vietnam demonstrations, and I have a bit of a different take on it. The protesters I knew were quite well-informed; they simply believed we had no business in Vietnam and no national interests in being involved in other countries’ disputes, despite the “domino theory” – now well discredited, by the way. They distrusted the govt, which had a vested interest in foreign adventuring, and saw no purpose for wasting American treasure and blood.

    I think history has proven them 100% right on the money. The protesters were told, “America – love it or leave it” – to which they replied, “America – change it or lose it.” And we very nearly did. And we are in an even worse place now, largely because of the one-two punch of GWB’s goddamned military adventuring, followed by Hussein’s socialist tamperings.

    In my mind, those who chose chose principle – to endure the beatings and hatred -were the real heroes; not those who knuckled under and did as they were told.

    You will find that the most successful countries, long term, are those who mind their own business. Words to the wise.

  40. Thoughtful post in #44, Pfesser. Well said. Rutherford won’t get it, though you posited it nicer because you have more personal respect for Rutherford than I do. 🙂 Effective. Shame it will fall on blind eyes.

    You will find that the most successful countries, long term, are those who mind their own business. Words to the wise.

    I disagree. In fact, unless my history fogged, I have found just the opposite – that the most engaged countries, those not isolated, are the most successful. Now if you had worded it something like, “the most successful countries, long term, are those with governments who minimize their own business in their citizen’s lives, I would have agreed.

  41. Let me tell you how its done. WW1 era sufferagettes in the UK chained themselves outside of Parliament. They blew up things and also had a plan to blow up the House of Parliament. They went on hunger strikes in jail while their jailers force fed them. They later released the women, and the process repeated. British and American women worked in tandem a few also threw bombs here.

    Scandinavians had exploited the Sami and attempted to destroy their culture for generations. During the 1980’s, Norway proposed a resevour and power plant which would ruin a large portion of the reindeer habitat. They failed to consult the Sami. The Sami sued, they presented their case in the news media, and they protested.

    Over a thousand chained themselves to the gates of Parliament and with others in similar places went on hunger strikes. Others blocked traffic, sometimes, with reindeer. Some resorted to sabotage. Their acts of disobedience and willingness to be arrested overwhelmed Norway’s law enforcement system. At one time over a quarter of the national police force was exclusively attempting to quell the Sami protests.

    You haven’t, but you should Google Sarajevo War ‘ 92..but we’re never gonna survive, unless…we get a little creative Youtube video.
    “We fought for our single and unified Bosnia and Herzegovina where more than 100,000 were killed, and we fought for our Sarajevo which was 1425 days (4 years) under the siege where 12,000 were killed and 50,000 seriously wounded citizens. Guess what WE SURVIVED!!!”

    An unknown number of people in the US would do the same thing, if pushed too far. Obama knows this.

    The Tea Party also launched a successful revolution and we still see its effects.

    Most of our recent leftist protesters are adult children who manufacture principals to enhance their self esteem. God forbid they shed their blood.

  42. PF your 3rd point totally missed the mark, perhaps because I didn’t express myself clearly enough.

    I never said it was the President’s job to push the people. On the contrary I was sadly contrasting folks of the 1960’s who did the pushing to the apathetic lot today that don’t act unless they are pushed. Obama shouldn’t have to prod the populace to stand up for what they have already said they believe in … again see Qunnipiac poll that I posted earlier (TEX — I didn’t pull the stat out of my ass).

  43. I was just saying to my wife tonight that Obama will likely be judged middle of the pack. Not our greatest, not our worst.

    That my friends is as close to a Rutherford admittance of extremely poor performance and great disappointment as you may ever read on a “liberal” blog.

    Yesterday, after some careful thought, it occurred to me that Rutherford in his typical tacit way has admitted that Barack Hussein Obama has been a disaster for our country. Even with our sycophantic, corrupted media hiding Obama’s multitude of failures, only the press cannot be shamed into admitting that Barack Hussein Obama hoodwinked the multitude.

    Interestingly, I recently read “Killing Kennedy” and was reminded that America’s media has been virtually corrupted and one sided for at least 70 years. Obama’s excesses and the man himself haven’t had the luxury of being hid like ‘Camelot.’ This is no recent phenomenon.

    I give Rutherford little credit anymore, but I do grant him this. He is one of the very few leftists I have read with a degree of memory. Of course, that also may be attributed to nothing more than many of us reminding daily of the broken promises. The closing of GITMO, the criticisms of “torture”, the debt, the post-racial healing hand of promise, the strengthening of the middle class. These are some of the guarantees of Barack Obama that have not only gone unfulfilled but have actually worsened over 4½ years. More galling, many of the hypocrites from the left have failed to openly admit that not only has Barack Obama failed in these promises, but after actually roundly criticizing the Bush for its “failures” and campaigning to repair the failures, then adopted and pushed much further several of the Bush policies which were roundly criticized.

    The Leftists have mostly gone silent and the media conveniently ignores.


    Had many of you been here in Nov. 2008 like just a few of us were, Rutherford was absolutely smitten with Barack Hussein Obama; hero worship and deification of mortal man of the most transparent sort. We were treated each weekend to the latest Obama group hugs, and fire side chats (those sure didn’t last long, did they? 🙂 ) Obama’s dynamic, inspirational leadership, Obama’s “vast intelligence” clearly on display for the world to read.

    Rutherford, this charlatan you once worshiped and idolized has exposed as much about you as it has the lack of qualification and miserable performance of Barack Hussein Obama and his nasty wife.

  44. Muffy I don’t need a spoon … you clearly have not gotten off the bottle yet.

    Your counter to Ebert’s courage is to tell me a child with cancer has courage? That a man left to raise his kids when his wife dies of cancer has courage? Hey no sh*t Sherlock.

    Why don’t we just get down to brass tacks — you will give credit to cancer fighters who you like and you’ll ignore the courage of those who you don’t like.

    Now wasn’t that easy?

  45. Rutherford, whether you pulled the stat out of your “ass” or were just mouthing the line from our corrupted media, it doesn’t excuse that anyone of sound mind with even a modicum of horse sense would realize the lunacy of what you quoted as fact. Pfesser only reinforced what I said, albeit nicer.

    You have such little foresight, you don’t recognize clear propaganda and your critical thinking skills are almost none existent. Anyone with a lick of sense and the most basic knowledge of statistical sampling would have asked to see exactly how the question framed.

    That stat is so clearly bogus and the wording “universal background checks” so nebulously defined, even you should have recognized the mile wide gulf in statistical error.

    If there is one issue that binds opposition to fascists like Obama and his toe suckers like you, it is the 2nd Amendment. It is the one issue where clearly a majority of the country, whether NRA member or not, agrees with the positions of the NRA and not you.

  46. Out of curiosity Rutherford, explain to me again why you found Roger Ebert so brave? Perhaps I am unaware and have a differing opinion of what constitutes bravery. But like Muffy, I can give thousands of examples of people returning back to work after a major bout of cancer, even the disfiguring kind.

    Is that what you think constitutes true bravery?

    Let me give you a head’s up. There is clear empirical evidence that when a person survives a life threatening illness, the quickest, most effective path to recovery is for that survivor to return to routine and purpose as quickly as possible unless extenuating circumstance prevent it.

    It would appear to me that Ebert only did what millions of nameless, less famous faces have done. And I would note, I had nothing against Roger Ebert, though I found his occupation simple entertainment when we allowed ourselves to go brain dead. Ebert didn’t appear to me to be a man of any overwhelming talent, unless a gift of gab on E! is considered superior. Perhaps a step above reality TV.

    Ebert has no one but himself to blame if a large number of Americans went from viewing him as low-level entertainment to wicked asshole. Ebert’s mind was clearly affected by his illness as he lashed out like you do at your make believe opponents. The fact that Ebert went from affable critic to vicious character assassin, exposed the man as zealot and world class jerk.

  47. I disagree, Pfessor. Their believing we had no business in Vietnam shows they were isolationists or they were ignorant as I wrote. Soviets and the West were rational people who did not want to die or destroy society in a nuclear holocaust. Thus, they fought proxy wars, one of which was in Southeast Asia.

    The North Vietnamese motivation was nationalistic. They didn’t want to export their ideology. However, the Soviets and Chinese were attempting to spread their way of life to defeat the West. Our side was similarily motivated to defeat the Communists, so we both turned the localized civil war into a Cold War event.

    Eisenhower compared Southeast Asia to a row of dominoes because he believed the dominoes were Laos and Cambodia. Thailand and even the Philippines would be at risk with Indonesia or even Australia eventually feeling pressure if those countries fell to the Communists.

    Our intervention bought time.

    The war lasted long enough to let the other neighbors improve their economies and military to better withstand external threats than they would have in 1954 or the mid- sixties. As it was, some of our soldiers helped the Thais fight a Communist insurgency which spread from North Vietnam while we were battling the North Vietnamese. Communist treatment of Buddhists also offended the Thais, and turned public opinion against the Communists.

    One domino which fell was Cambodia. Then, Laos toppled with a coaliton government controlled by the Communist Pathet Lao. .Indonesia, another potential domino threw out the Communists in 1966 because of our intervention in Vietnam. Their action probably helped stop further spread of communism to the neighbors.

    I suspect the college students you knew had never heard of the Truman Doctrine which held that we would meet Communist expansion with force, if necessary. I also suspect your students like those I knew didn’t realize we were fighting a war for our survival against an advisory who promised “we will bury you.”

    Do you remember what happened after Vietnam? The West was in retreat and disaray as Soviet inspired revolutions sprouted like weeds. I also believe our problem with Muslim terrorism is rooted in our departure from Vietnam. It was an unintended consequence of expediency as Reagan, Thatcher, the Pope and others aggressively attacked the Soviet Union until it fell.

    The Soviet Union’s collapse illustrates the power of dominoes as does the Arab Spring. I demonstrated how the domino theory was a valid concept in Southeast Asia, and how it was partially true. Those who say it was totally invalid are proven wrong.

    Thank you for demonstrating that most anti- Vietnam War protesters were the clueless children I remember.

  48. Gorilla there are two memes in the pro-gun camp that really piss me off but I allowed one of them to get me bamboozled back in December and yes Maddow brought me back to my senses.

    The first meme is the “criminals will break the law anyway”. That’s got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life. Don’t pass laws because criminals will break them. Kinda f*cks up the entire criminal justice system dontcha think? Yet your men LaPierre of the NRA and Pratt of Gun Owners of America spew that nonsense and get a standing O from you and yours.

    But that’s not the one that really has me steamed. The one that has me steamed is the 1 second magazine swap bullsh*t. Both you and Rabbit have told me how it only takes a second to change clips in a semi. Instead of trusting my instincts, I let you guys convince me you were experts and I was just too naive.

    Maddow showed a video of a dude doing just that. He was showing off. Apparently clip changing is damn near a competitive sport among some gun enthusiasts. But the key point here is that only very experienced gun owners in non-stress situations can pull this off. For the ordinary psycho, it doesn’t take just a second to change clips.

    The glaring proof was the case of Jared Loughner whose shooting spree ended when he was tackled while changing clips.

    Since the majority of gun violence is committed with hand guns and not assault rifles, I can go along with not passing a weapons ban. But three things that should be no brainers are 1 )Limiting capacity of clips, 2) Universal background checks and 3) tough trafficking laws.

    I also favor all gun owners having to carry liability insurance but no one is even going there.

  49. “Your counter to Ebert’s courage is to tell me a child with cancer has courage? That a man left to raise his kids when his wife dies of cancer has courage?”

    Correct. Both drawn from life experiences. Something of which I am not in short supply.

    I really shouldn’t be so insensitive to the collective left’s grief over losing a dear friend they never met. I forget the intimacy of Facebook and how Twitter fills the emptiness within. The left is really torn up over Ebert’s passing. I saw a skit last night in which 3 comics sat around a table and sobbed for a full 3 minutes underneath a portrait of Ebert projected on a screen behind them. They never said a word, just kept renewing their sobs as the audience laughed.

    At them.

  50. So let me see if I understand this Muffy. There is no one in the entertainment world or public sphere with whom you identify or who you “like” even though you never met them? You have never felt a bit of sadness over any public figure’s death? If that is the case then I understand your puzzlement.

    I’d guess you’d be equally hard pressed to understand why I welled up a bit when Andy Griffith died. I spent many an hour with my Dad watching Andy. So there was an emotional connection. Of course I never met Andy so his death should have meant nothing to me.

    I never met the blogger Hippie Professor either but his death effected me profoundly. I’d feel sad if I found out you met your maker and I’ve never met you.

    What gives, Muffy? I think you’re being REAL silly.

  51. James – It seems to me that the defeat of the Soviets by Reagan perfectly demonstrates what works – and what doesn’t. Thrashing around all over the world, burning resources and valuable lives at a breakneck pace leads nowhere. If a type of government is not the right one, it will eventually fail – no matter what. Attacking it just pisses the people off and hardens their resolve. (Can you say, “North Vietnam?” Who won that one?)

    Why do you think Afghanistan is called “The Graveyard of Nations?” Can you eventually beat them? Sure. Can you hold them? Only at unsustainable cost. Forever.

    Reagan simply put our manufacturing might up against the Soviets and drove their dicks into the dirt, as they could not keep up. Didn’t cost a single life and didn’t alienate the whole world, like we are doing now – basically the world sees the United States as bullies with nuclear weapons. I don’t think many of us really get that. After WWII, we were considered the shining knight; not now. The response is, of course, that it doesn’t matter what people think, but I believe it does – and more importantly it matters how we think of ourselves.

    The Chinese learned from Reagan; they are not burning any money on foreign adventuring; they are building their military, as we did. They are using their manufacturing abilities and currency manipulation to drive OUR dicks in the dirt. We need to wise up. Firing guns, sailing aircraft carriers, boots-on-the ground are all fools’ errrands. And I submit our current state as the proof.

  52. It is a strange phenomenon of how these stooges from the left become attached to their mythic figures and heroes, isn’t Ms. Muffy?

    However, that is no stranger than their dependency and confidence of corrupt media to educate them in subjects of which most in the media have no formal or educational training of their own.

    For instance, I highly doubt Rachel Maddow knows which end of a gun the bullet is projected through. And yet, two men trained by the finest, most knowledgeable marksmen in the world, Gorilla and Rabbit, have their claims rendered null and void by a fringe blogging propagandist, informed by a proven liar and rank propagandist from a biased media show. I don’t need to make fun of Rutherford. Just the truth is ridicule enough.

    I’m no gun hobbyist. On those rare occasions when I do shoot, it is generally with a rifle or shotgun. Perhaps half a dozen times have I shot a pistol. And even with that little use and no formal training, I can change a magazine even fumbling around in but a few seconds. I can well imagine how fast someone like Gorilla could change magazines.

    So to validate the idiocy theory of Rutherford and Chase Maddow, what you have to believe is that a few seconds of terrified kindergarten aged children and one terrified teacher, seeing several of their classmates/students gun downed in cold blood, would have had the reaction and strength to either escaped out the door or overpowered the shooter while he changed clips.

    In talking to several of my military friends, a loaded gun pointed at inexperienced fighting forces professionally trained to kill the enemy generally invokes two accompanying responses: Fear and frozen.

    But…if we can only change the gun laws to limit magazine capacity to say 8 or 10 rounds, we could help to prevent mass carnage by a killer whose sole purpose is to kill as many as possible while going out in a blaze of glory in the hopes of gaining fame.


    I don’t think there is any reason now to not understand how completely unqualified and rudderless phonies like Barack Obama got elected. After 50 years of indoctrination in our education and from our media, these rubes and yes they are rubes, don’t know anything else. In their abject stupidity, and there is no other word for it, they have never gained the ability to reason or rationalize in a very complicated world.

    It’s one of the reasons I find Leftists so shallow, puerile and insincere. They find intimacy in social media, fact and education in cable TV and through the bias of the newspaper, worth in degrees of unknown purpose, and true beauty in modern art pieces.

    If they weren’t such an albatross around my own neck, I could chuckle.

  53. Pfesser, I believe you overrate the capacity of the Chinese industry. Where I might have agreed with you two years ago about China’s approach, what I now perceive is that China far more of a bubble than even the U.S. economy. I think men like you and I have been hoodwinked to a degree in the real quality and truth about these emerging markets.

    We should never forget that China’s roaring economy is based one huge premise: that we can believe what we are being told by a communist government still in control of an economic engine we could loosely call capitalism.

    I have a couple of worldly travel friends. One is married to a Chinese citizen and he just happens to a broker for me. He’s told me some very interesting stories about Shanghai and China. His highly educated wife is actually what we would call in the states a tax commissioner.

    He flies into Shanghai. Massive impressive buildings – kind of a new NYC. But Jack because he is married to well heeled Chinese citizen gets access that most Americans don’t get. The minute you get off the beaten path of the high rollers and that facade, China quickly becomes oppressed and filthy third world; their living wage just a few dollars a day, with huge cities built but not occupied. Many Chinese actually use their life savings to purchase these empty luxury apartments like you and I would buy stock. China for all intents and purposes has little in the way of ‘middle class.’

    China is one of the reasons that I have even less confidence in world markets than most investors and the reason I am confused myself to where I should put my dwindling assets. My heart wants to stay invested in equities – my head tells me that really, really bad times are coming not just here, but everywhere.

  54. Actually China is very much engaged in military and diplomatic carrot and stick operations all around the globe. They enter into agreements with nations with the one sidedness of imperialism the history books are full of. They do so to support their domestic economic model which is driven by the export model and their insatiable hunger for resources and energy.

  55. Absolutely true, Alfie.

    Considering international affairs, I fault Obama and his group of merry minions as much for the idiocy concerning China and Russia as I do for their idiocy and understanding of the middle east.

    One day, and I can guarantee this and it will be so prevalent even the media can’t hide it, America will discover the hard way that Barack Obama’s most egregious mistake was not slowly destroying the American economy or standing around sucking his thumb while the middle east burned, but dropping the ball with head squarely planted in his ass, never understanding or admitting that while America slumbered, China and Russia were preparing for war.

  56. I don’t understand the magazine change thing. Rutherford trust me it can be done quickly by anyone with the intent to do so.

    Limits on rounds can be an effective tool in public safety,that’s plain and simple,but it really is a false sense of security in the situations being used [Rutherford] as driving examples.

    Limit the rounds for the law abiding only affects them. It will have zero impact on those who are determined to do bad. Even if I am limited in magazine capacity I will counter that in my planning and as sick as the Loughners,Seung Huis,Holmes and Lanzas are/were they all showed they knew enough to do this. Multiple guns and in the case of the VT shooting all 10 round magazines. Is 10 too many? He still got 170 rounds off.

  57. Tex, the stats come from Quinnipiac. Why is it if the stat displeases you the source must have some “agenda”?

    Your average psycho is NOT G or Rabbit. The proof that having to change clips more often takes power away from the gunman can be found in Tuscon. Again for those with reading problems, Loughner was tackled while “fumbling” with his gun clip. Had his clips only held ten bullets that would have been fewer folks shot before the “fumble”.

    I can handle you guys arguing 2nd Amendment. I get that. But don’t argue over stupid stuff. Every time you interrupt a gunman’s ability to fire you give advantage to the victim. That is NOT rocket science and even a fringe blogger can make that argument quite confidently.

  58. Let’s review the video tape. All I said was Ebert’s death saddened me. I didn’t say he was my hero. I didn’t say he should get a Nobel Peace Prize. I just said I was sad that cancer got last licks on him.

    Tex then chimed in on what an asshole Ebert was. And that prompted me to remind Tex that asshole Ebert faced challenges in later life and faced them with pluck. I also suggested (in an impolite manner) that we shouldn’t be so arrogant as to believe we all would have met the challenge the same way.

    Yes I know returning to “normal” activity as soon as possible speeds recovery. That doesn’t mean that it is easy to overcome the demoralizing effect of a serious illness.

    You know, in my first comment on the subject I prefaced it by acknowledging that some of you don’t like the man’s politics. I get it. Now get over it. It didn’t need to inspire lectures from Ken and Barbie Tex and Muffy. 🙄

  59. alfie noted: “Actually China is very much engaged in military and diplomatic carrot and stick operations all around the globe. They enter into agreements with nations with the one sidedness of imperialism the history books are full of. ”

    Yes, absolutely, but it is carrot/threat of stick. Note they are not burning bullets or bombing people. They have figured out how very much more wasteful that is than just building up your military and leaning on people you want to dominate. My point exactly.

  60. R, it takes me two seconds to reload a revolver with 6 rounds. A revolver operating on 19th century technology! G is a gun expert. I am not. I suppose if I had a problem finding my loaded moon clip in my pocket, which would be very Dead Rabbit like, it could take me longer.

    Maddow is full of crap.

    Taking freedom away for false security is never worth it. The V tech slayings, as Alphie pointed out, shows what can be done with a conventional clip.

    I weigh 260 pounds. Nothing could stop me in a pre school (It disgusts me even speculating about stuff like this) with a cowboy six shooter and a moon clip except another grown ass man or an armed teacher.

    Here is a bone for you Rutherford. I kind of liked Ebert. He got me into watching movies with a critical eye as a kid.

    Zero Dark Thirty sure was an interesting switcharoo. It was expected to be Obama propaganda before it was released and hated by conservatives. After its release previously enthusiastic liberals went dead quiet. A rare movie. It tries to be truthful. And, indeed, it shows that OBL was killed pretty much despite Obama. It also shows how insanely out of touch you and your liberal friends were about the whole thing. In the tradition of Ebert I give it 4 stars. Thank God Obama wasn’t in office earlier.

  61. Did any of you ever think you would live long enough where Pravda, the former Soviet Union propaganda arm (like the Washington Pravda on the Potomac has become) would be more truthful than the American media? Get this excerpt:

    Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganov who only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake.

    Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them. He gives speeches of peace and love in the world while he promotes wars as he did in Egypt, Libya and Syria. He plans his next war is with Iran as he fires or demotes his generals who get in the way.

    Obama’s Soviet Mistake

  62. Tex, the stats come from Quinnipiac. Why is it if the stat displeases you the source must have some “agenda”?

    Why does the stat displease me? Because I know the stat to be transparently based on a lie. As Pfesser and I have both tried to explain to you, one nicely and one not so nicely, this is the obvious 99% disapprove of wife beating survey.

    You research the question, provide the exact copy of the questioning here, and I will show even a Demwit like you how capable people with an agenda can skew a result to show anything they want it to.

    Otherwise if you can’t do that, I call you a LIAR.

  63. Muffy, I’m flattered that Rutherford would consider me your Ken. I take that as a very nice compliment.

    It didn’t need to inspire lectures from Ken and Barbie Tex and Muffy.

    Would you like for me to explain what Rutherford inspires, or would you be so kind to explain to Rutherford how incredibly uninspiring he really is? 🙂

  64. Pfessor, remember the Soviet Union was a different nation when Reagan was president than during the fifties and sixties. Early on, some economists freted that the Soviets would economically overtake the West. Khrushev told us “We will bury you” with economic power, not guns.,

    Soviets aggressively probed for weaknesses, and we responded. That’s different from saying we were thrashing around.

    LBJ ,made the Vietnam War greater than it might have been because he was determined a Democrat wouldn’t be blamed for losing a war. You can say he lied to justify a large military buildup, but that doesn’t address whether or not fighting in Southeast Asia was the correct decision.

    Many Vietnamese did resent us for invading their land as colonial nations like France had done for generations. They also resented the Chinese and the Soviets were wisely secretive about their involvement. That is why I think Lyndon Johnson’s build up was a fatal miscalculation. It would have worked as a temporary surge to overwhelm the enemy, but the White House put so many constraints on conduct of the war and built troop strength in stages that we gave the North time to adjust. We were in effect inoculating the North against ourselves.

    Vietnam is more complex than you stated. Back in the 1920’s Ho Chi Ming asked the US to help free his country from the French. The US refused because the French were our allies. The Soviets helped him.

    North Vietnam was not the right government for the people. South Vietnam was. It was flawed, but freer than the North, and a hint of capitalism let southern citizens earn and keep more of their money. Thousands of people fled to the South. Had the North been more attuned to human welfare, even more people would have made the reverse trip north.

    We did not lose the Vietnam War. We forfeited, thanks in part to the anti-war movement and to Watergate. A Vietnamese leader said they won on American and European college campuses, not in battle.

    Modern Vietnam is proof that Communist Vietnam was not a good choice for its people. It changed to become more like the old South Vietnam and western countries to stay in business.

    Timing is everything. Had Reagan been president during the Vietnam era, our spending would not have crashed the Soviet Union. The Soviets, by Reagan’s time had become an ossified society with old revolutionaries still running the show. Their economic failures were becoming apparent, though they tried to hide their decline.Do you remember that Reagan joked he would like to meet a Soviet leader, but they kept dying?

    I agree about Afghanistan. However, we were initually successful because unlike other invaders, we and the Afghanis fought a common enemy, the Taliban. We had also accumulated some good will after helping fight the Soviet Union. We fought with the Afghanis as much as we did for them. Independent tribal leaders with no real loyalty to the allies fought to remove the Taliban because the enemy of my enemy … That was different from the British, Soviets, Greeks and others.

    Unlike our predecessors, we won a quick victory. However, we threw it away by invading Iraq. You cannot hold them. They can only hold themselves. We had a chance before we invaded Iraq.

    The Chinese are building their military to prepare their boots for landing on the ground in a hypothetical contest for eventual world domination.Bribery, threats and intimidation are cheaper than firing guns, but sometimes, there is no other choice.

  65. You will note in 49 rather than engage R chose to point out what he saw was wrong then fled. What a cowardly little bitch.

    On reloading clips R, you are wrong, period. The average person can reload a gun with a clip in 2-5 seconds easily. My in-laws, both men and women go shooting once a month, every month, as a family. I speak from experience. You speak from ignorance and poor second hand information.

    What do you say to these people R? Fuck off and die?

    And because you love Whittle and have an inability to address him as he devastates your arguments….

    I wonder how you argue to all these victims that they deserved to be raped, or their children deserved to die, so you could have your way. Just more proof that gun control makes criminals stronger and the public less safe.

  66. Our problem in Afghanistan is obvious. Afghanistan is really not a country as we Americans understand it. It’s a barren rock with barbaric, subhuman tribes resembling the human race.

    Had Tex Taylor been President around Sep. 30th, 2001, there would have been two bombers required (say a couple of B2), a 72 hour notice to the Northern Alliance to stand down and get out way out of the way, (way out of the way), a notice 30 minutes before arrival to Russia, China and Pakistan that we were preparing to turn Tora Bora to molten glass, and a simultaneous drop of two of the largest hydrogen bombs that a B2 can carry, dropped simultaneously, one on the West side of the range, one on the East.

    There would have been no apology forthcoming, no explanation as to why, and simply an announcement that the next country that assisted foreign terrorists on American soil, fervent heat would follow in their neighborhoods.

    When the Ali Baba crowd began their 10,000 man chants of Death to America, predator drone strikes and thermobaric bombs would be shot indiscriminately into the crowd and mass death would follow. Men, women or children – all will die. Anything that walks, crawls, flies, or burrows will be fair game.

    And I would mean it.

    As men like Rutherford have taught me, it is a waste of time to attempt to rationalize with irrationality. There is one thing and one thing only these thugs understand. Power, and lots of it. To effectively stop the bully, you got to get mean.

  67. I’ve seen pictures of Tex. He’s actually not the ugly Oakie wretch I pictured him. And while he is no Ken…..the rest of his family look like smart versions of Barbie.

    If anyone here gets exasperated with a rowdy Tex, please consider the stress the man is under. The guy’s poor hands must hurt from daily cleaning of his shot gun.

  68. “Every time you interrupt a gunman’s ability to fire you give advantage to the victim. That is NOT rocket science and even a fringe blogger can make that argument quite confidently.”

    What if the gunman is also the victim?

    I can change a clip in about 1-2 seconds. I did it last weekend after some practice. The first time firing a gun that had one. Sorry Chaz disagrees.

    Why must you spout the taking points of a propaganda channel as truth and expect to have any credibility? You speak as though MSNBC represents truth on every subject.

    Muffy, I feel ya. I got plenty of experience too. Not from t.v. And I agree.

    Tex, I hurled a near record distance. I’d ask R to explain what anti-black, voting or military policies Romney advocated that he so recklessly invokes while repeating the dumb campaign lines MSNBC triggers on him like Pavlov’s whistle. But he never would. Repression = social justice to the easily mislead.

  69. I do get weary of the Pavlov Rutherford, Tigre. The tough-as-nails one? A scream.

    Like I once heard of the French, “Rutherford phucks with his face and fights with his feet.”

    One difficult question, and poof. He leaves skid marks…

  70. I’ve seen pictures of Tex. He’s actually not the ugly Oakie wretch I pictured him. And while he is no Ken…..the rest of his family look like smart versions of Barbie.

    😆 That may be the nicest compliment I’ve ever received. 😆

    Dammit, if you’re going to insult my statehood, spell the lingo right.

    Okie! OKIE!

    Oakie reminds me too much of La Poolman.

  71. Wow, Ken Doll Tex. I need to think about that.

    I agree Afghanistan is a collection of tribes and mountains. Our niece and her husband served two tours there and part of one in Iraq. They repaired Black Hawk helicopters. but the Army was so short- handed they doubled as tail gunners in the search for Osama bin Ladin.

    Turning the region into a cinder does have its charm.

    PJ Media “Plausible, or propaganda? The High-Capacity Magazine argument.”

    Here is an account of the Tuscon shooting.

    “Bill Badger, a 74 year-old retired Army colonel living in Tuscon told Pottsville, Pa’s Republican Herald; ‘I turned and saw him running down the line of people on the chairs. he ran between me and the store.Some one hit him with a chair and he flinched a little. That’s when I grabbed him around the throat. We held him until the police got there.’ So according to the actual participants, there was no pause to reload.

    Whatever the combination of gun jamming or reloading happened in Tucson or at Sandy Hook, the time and risk to the shooter of reloading magazines has been absurdly overstated by gun-control advocates and compliant media. In reality, it takes no more than a second or two to replace an empty magazine in a semi-automatic weapon.”

  72. Well I’m a little put off by the NRA’s statement today about background checks.They are clearly compromising the balanced stand they could and should be taking. They are sliding down the slope that much to the glee of their critics shows they are quite possibly more concerned about corporate profits than the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens.
    There you go Rutherford,the biggest tastiest bone you’ve had tossed to you in a while.

  73. As for Tucson,it would seem he actually dropped his reload magazine thus affording anyone nearby the seconds to brave up. I find it bizarre that folks on Rutherfords side of this argument are all about bashing the “amateur” shooters abilities to shoot,reload,and target but fail to appreciate that there is something to be said about the rarity of unarmed civilians stepping up as well. The concept of ticking seconds works both ways.
    There was a lot of luck happening in front of that supermarket that day just as there was a lot of misfortune.
    Granted he had a 33 round magazine. With that he killed six people with 11-12 rounds and wounded others with 21/22 rounds.He did not get to reload. Really no point tweaking maths but it has to be said that with a 7-10 round clip (the more conservative range seen in control laws) Giffords would’ve still be hit point blank,and on average 5 others would’ve been hit.

  74. Not for nothing I think the reload time realistically in most of the horror show scenarios in US history would probably be more like 6-8 seconds. Lets be honest folks we’re talking people not likely counting rounds,waiting for that tug of the weapons lock back. Then there is the release,reload,and charging before they shoot again.
    That’s still quick enough to keep the advantage to the shooter.

  75. It probably isn’t worth mentioning since Rachel Maddow has already convinced Rutherford he is right…but the Sandy Hook shooter was reloading before he entered a room, not when he was empty. he also had backup weapons.

    The fact is that there wasn’t anyone in that school who was going to stop this guy from doing what he did. What did stop him was the imminent threat of armed intervention.

    But hey….Maddow says 1 guy got rushed while reloading, so let’s ignore everything else that anyone has to say. Even if it is so logical that it almost has someone convinced of the contrary.

  76. Huck, are you suggesting cause and effect should play a role in this gun debate? Since when was that necessary? Now who wants a ride on AF1? 🙄

    Still want to know how limited magazines help law abiding citizens defending themselves from attack. Oh yeah. Chaz Maddow taught us that guns of any capacity are only used by deranged mass murderers not those that wish to defend against them.

  77. “Still want to know how limited magazines help law abiding citizens defending themselves from attack.”

    All we need is a couple of shotgun blasts, and, in the case of women, an active bladder.

  78. Here is what worries me about universal background checks – the people doing the monitoring and the dysfunctional efficiency of our government.

    Anybody ever been misidentified because they had you confused with someone else, either by state or by government agency? It is practically impossible to get the situation corrected.

    And there is something else that bothers me greatly.


    Last Monday, I received my first traffic citation in 25 years. My crime? I ran a stop sign on a highway that normally is a working traffic light. Somebody had damaged the operating panel last weekend when an elderly man lost control of his car and damaged the control panel beyond repair. The temporary stop sign was in the median – not in the intersection. I never saw it, even though I had slowed significantly because I was totally confused whether the light was green or as I realized traveling under it, not working at all.

    Now I don’t know about you guys but when I am approaching an intersection on a highway, trying to determine why if the light is green and it certainly not flashing red, my eyes are not on the median. They are on the light, the traffic in front of me, the intersection itself being the speed limit 55mph, and if I have time, a quick look behind me in the rear view mirror to gauge how close the following traffic.

    I had no idea what I had done when the cop approached my car, my hands 10 and 2, his hand on his gun, trying to figure out what I had in my back seat. It was my dog in a carrier. 🙄 Barney Fife then proceeded to patronize me asking why I ran the stop sign. What stop sign? “Everybody else saw it – apparently you’re the only one that can’t.” The classic, small town public prick.

    Believe it or not, I kept my cool though I was so angry, my hands shook while trying to sign the e-ticket. After I received my $299.00 ticket, I went back to the intersection and watched two more vehicles do exactly what I had done in less than three minutes of observation. I have since learned the Public Works employees responsible for placing the signs have observed numerous cars passing through the intersection and the superintendent told me it had gotten so bad, they were now monitoring the intersection. It took nine phone calls for me to trace down exactly who was responsible for the signs – the Dept. of Transportation or the city itself, and the city attorney told me wrong.

    I have since found out that they’ve had so many problems at the intersection since it was damaged last Saturday, that the original temporary stop sign first placed in the intersection where a stop sign temporarily replacing a broken traffic light belongs, was destroyed within the first hour and that they have tried several other locations to make the signs more visible.

    I have since I have had enough of this small town bullying crap, have chosen to post another $400 bond to appear in their kangaroo court, on a date that they would not change even though I am supposed to be taking my father for medical treatment. It will take me a minimum of two trips just to post the bond and appear in court, each trip 120 total miles. Chances are good that I will lose $700.00. But I am going to try on principle. We as a public are allowing this shit and I for one have had enough.

    I tell you all this only to make a point.

    Is there anybody in this diverse crowd that really believes universal background checks are not subject to abuse, misuse, and plain old gross incompetence only a government agency can employ?

    Personally, I trust 99% of the people carried concealed weapons than I do most police officers. And police officers are whole lot better than a faceless government bureaucrat who has no accountability.

  79. I’m not against background checks, in principle. But I don’t think they going to do the slightest to solve any problems. If people want a gun, they’re gonna get a gun. I also wonder how it will square with medical privacy issues.

    I do find it a bit hypocritical that the same people telling us we need to have a background check to exercise our right to own a gun turn around and tell us it is unconstitutional to have a background check to exercise our right to vote.

  80. “I trust 99% of the people carried concealed weapons than I do most police officers.”

    I did until some dumbass left his piece in a stall of my school after he took his shit. I still resent the statement that told us he had the right to carry a gun on my campus because he was a respected and responsible former cop.

  81. Huck,

    Like you said, smaller magazine clips would have done nothing to stop the carnage in CT. Notice how few of the left are addressing why these things are happening and instead of addressing the motive driving these things, they are proposing to further restrict individual rights. And they wonder why so many of us are suspicious of their motive?

    On a personal note, I don’t know what Rutherford really is concerned. He’s told me right here for all eyes to see how much better America is now. Of course, I don’t remember those occasions in the 50s where young adults were marching into classrooms, movie theaters, restaurants and mowing complete strangers down.

    About the only episode I can remember of some fool looking to do maximum carnage to complete strangers before the current “going postal” rage is old Charlie Whitman. And Charlie did that one trunk shot at a time. How does Rutherford propose to stop that? All Charlie needed was a round in the chamber.

    Maybe the most ironic thing of all is this phony liberal concern about these mass murderers. They’ve created the very culture which they now dominate in education, entertainment, law, and media.

    Libs don’t want to admit they have played the largest part in this. They’ve created these kids.

    Kind of like the economy…

  82. “I trust 99% of the people carried concealed weapons than I do most police officers.”

    I am with you 100%. I have a sign at the end of the drive and again on the willow tree out front stating that on duty or off duty police officers are not to enter the property without the owners express permission or invitation. Power corrupts and imo more are corrupt than are not. And since they can ruin my life with little or no proof, I chose to err on the side of caution.

  83. Regardless of how you feel about Rand Paul, I respect his decision to speak at the historically black college Howard University. Beyond that, he fielded questions ‘unscreened’ for 20 minutes. How many politicians have you known to do that?

  84. Tex re: stopsign fiasco. Consider becoming a Libertarian.

    I have been toying with the idea of putting dashcams in all my cars. If you want to see a “law and order” state, move to VA. Now they have begun using two cruisers to do traffic stops. Sometimes three, if they are not busy. Makes you look like a wanted ax-murderer.

    I have the same feeling about the police as you and Noah. Like your signs, Noah.

    Rand Paul may very well be headed on his way to the White House. I’d sure as hell vote for him.

  85. Pfesser, we may indeed have reached a mutual candidate with which we both agree. Though I reserve judgement as I have found some of these politicians sound especially good at first and lousy thereafter, at this moment I believe Rand Paul would be my first choice for President of all present.

    If there’s any sense of justice in this country, we will have the opportunity to impeach Hussein and Joe Biden will spin off the face of this earth. I’ve never heard a more stupid, wretched, grandstanding demagogue than Joe Biden. I have grown to loathe him more than I do Barry.

    As far as the traffic ticket. I couldn’t sleep. This misuse of authority has angered me greatly. I’ve rolled around pondering how I can make these bastards as miserable as they made me for a short spell. I don’t like to lose.

    So about two hours ago, I got up and did some therapy and a tad of research. Today, I will be sending ‘The City’ and their peacock attorney a 1,515 word request for motion of discovery according to Oklahoma State Statues, Title 12, Section 12-3226(B) (1). 🙂 The request involves the participation of the city attorney, the county clerk, their data processing depart, and the public works dept., including names, phone calls and professional title.

    I read tonight only 3% of traffic tickets are ever disputed. 3%! What the hell is wrong with people. Stand up you cowards and fight back!!!! And most of those are plea bargains for egregious offenses like DUI.

    These thieving bastards are going to earn their keep to claim this one. I doubt small town America gets many of these. LOL. And when I’m through and assuming the cop shows up and I win, I’m going to give a bullying, rogue cop a mouthful right, professionally and with decorum – but he is going to here exactly what I think of his representation as ‘public’ servant.

    Retirement, unemployment, beach bum – whatever I am. Time has its benefits.

  86. Traffic citations are a huge revenue stream. There are so many laws that are seldom enforced. Traffic laws are broken daily by more than half of the drivers driving. Honest citizens don’t intend on breaking the law for the most part, but still will invariably manage to do so. Obscure laws and generally unenforced laws can be used to bring in known criminals or suspicious persons. These are often used when agencies profile. Most enforcement agencies have been organized under a hierarchy that goes all the way up to tptb. That became evident with occupy where DHS controlled the locals. This is ongoing with exercises going on throughout the country. All the rage nowadays is terror and terror drills.

    Thank you uncle for giving me such a healthy environment in which to raise grandkids! [sarcasm]

    Laws have not made us safer and they damn sure have not imparted freedom. Freedom and liberty means minimal law. Laws tie up the law abiding while the evil do what they will. In a land of many laws where the very law makers don’t follow the laws they make that serve to corral the rest of those subject to their edicts, it has no meaning or moral effect to enact more. Nobody is safer.

    We live in a time when those with wealth and connection don’t have to worry about following laws or acting righteously. If laws are broken, laws are changed to justify past and ongoing criminal action. That is what administrations have been doing. Top personnel, and we just shrug. It is so hypocritical of those that will enforce certain laws and ignore others they deem unfair or wrong. Scrap it and follow the golden rule. That’s the primary issue. We want privilege that may infringe on others and we want legal ground. That isn’t moral, just the opposite. Not until justice is multiplied and passed down like the Bernanke does his QE miracles will we see healing and restoration in the land.

    The most powerful armed force with the deadliest weapons and a record of using them against civilian populations for longer than any of our lifetimes is strong-arming us to give up ours and divulge all our personals in order to keep us safe. The same force that surveils our daily lives also at our expense? The same one that usurps our rights by annulling our founding documents? And this is a topic of debate? Really? And we claim to be intelligent? Yikes!

    It’s been quite a performance.

  87. Go for it, Tex.

    What we are doing here vis à vis Tex’s ticket is precisely why the gov’t fears the Internet even more than it does the armed citizen. (but not damned much, LOL) They know that WE know the system is broken, and that there are many, many people who know enough about the Constitution to be furious about how far we have strayed from it, and who are willing to lead. Mix that with a medium for the exercise of the First Amendment that is for all intents free and reaches the whole world, and you have a powerful force for tearing their little playhouse down.

    I am reminded of the old saying about how a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged and a liberal is a conservative who has been arrested.

    My disgust with the constabulary only moved me half way – Libertarian. I don’t think the Republicans as currently constituted are going to see reality any time soon. A third party is in the making; the Libertarians, if THEY ever come to THEIR senses, could just be that party.

  88. Tex I wish you well in your fight and would like to make the following points some of which you might all ready know/do.
    Take some pictures of this intersection and stop sign. Build on/document the info you have all ready on the history of the light out,ruined sign etc.
    The reason the cops ask you what you did is so they can write it on the ticket. What you said actually aids your defense as opposed to if it was a speeding ticket and you had said “I was doing 75 but….”. You may or may not want to bring up the snarky unprofessional remark about “everyone else saw it”. Thats up to your read of the proceedings.

  89. Noah 96 not for nothing but your signage probably does you more harm than good.
    First off I doubt highly your community is in such a state that the police are routinely approaching you and yours and you don’t strike me as the guy that actually gets too much police attention.
    IF the police have reason to come on your property your sign protects you not one bit and in fact quite possibly will put the PD on an offensive/defensive footing prejudicing their conduct towards you when they make contact.

  90. Good luck, Tex. I hope you win.

    Omaha had a much worse miscarriage of justice. Police stopped a man, and something irritated them. They beat and kicked the man. His brother taped the event and when police ordered him to stop, he ran into his house. They followed and manhandled him too.

    Charges and counter charges might not have been conclusive for quite a while, but a television station ran the event on the news. An uproar exploded, especially since the abused men were black. Thanks to the video several police officers and a supervisor have been fired or suspended, and charges may be filed.

    Most Russians carry cameras or have dash cams in their cars for protection. Many also carry lead pipes.

  91. I’m going skiing again. The high here was 75 on Monday. Borderline severe thunderstorms gave us wind and almost continuous lightning with hail later in the evening. Early Tuesday morning, a thunderstorm gave us a 60 MPH wind and not far away, a 120 MPH down burst caused a lot of damage. Other places had tornadoes.

    More showers and thunderstorms passed over during the day though the temperature was about 35. 100 miles west of us, the temperature fell into the twenties with heavy to severe thunderstorms, large hail, sleet and snow. We drove through near zero visibility with wind, hail, and wet snow as lightning jumped above. Hail the size of eggs inflicted considerable damage to parts of Omaha and neighboring areas.

    You could probably get a deal on a new Mercedes car right now. Roofers are happy for the business.

    Our daughter had planned to drive up and eat with us after our historical society meeting, but we told her it wasn’t safe. She went out to eat with a friend in her friend’s car. The car is now dented with a broken tail light.

    The situation was unusually dynamic. Severe weather like that is uncommon when the temperature is near freezing. Our relatives in northwest Iowa had power outages and trees down due to an ice storm. Some homes will have no power until tomorrow night.

    It began to snow heavily last night, and now, we have 2 inches of wet snow on the ground. 1/2 inch of ice and snow is on our tree limbs. It is beautiful out.

    Parts of the plains and eastern slopes of the Rockies had over 20 inches of snow and blizzard conditions.A woman froze to death in the Nebraska panhandle, and her son suffered hypothermia.

    The best news is that because we are still in extreme drought, our over 3 inches of rain is a godsend.

    Other good news is the unemployment rate in Lincoln, Nebraska is now 2.8%.

  92. “Still want to know how limited magazines help law abiding citizens defending themselves from attack.”

    Dumb. Do the math. Unless you have an army attacking you, if you can’t disable an attacker with ten shots then you are a lousy shot and you have no business owning a gun in the first place. Lanza didn’t want to shoot one attacker. He wanted to kill as many people as possible and came prepared to do so. Besides you’ve already told me that any old Tom Dick or Harry can do that one-second clip change so no problem right? Just do what the perp would have to do–change clips.

    Oh I forgot, Tigre you’re not defending yourself against an intruder. You’re defending yourself against the evil US government. That’s why you need those 30 round clips!

  93. The bottom line is that the Lanza case is a trigger for stricter gun laws but it is a lousy case study for the proposed solutions.

    A background check would not have stopped Lanza. Assumedly his mother Nancy passed her background check. Maybe if the check included “do you live with a lunatic?” things might have been different.

  94. “Way to go Mr. President. Way to kick people when they are down.”

    Please, like you give a damn when you’re part of the GOP agenda to privatize Social Security and voucherize Medicare.

  95. Whoa there, Mr. Rutherford. Social security doesn’t even return to you what you paid in, let alone provide any return on the capital you sent in. Some “safety net!”

    Over thirty years ago my accountant, then a young woman herself, told me that she had run the numbers, just for a little fun, on Social Security. She told me that, if the average person were allowed to take his SS contributions and put them in extremely conservative, AAA-rated investments, he would have over a million dollars at retirement. That would be basically EVERY working person in the United States. You going to get a cool mill at retirement? Not me.

    That could be easily done; just require that SS contributions be made – like now, and that they be invested in “govt-approved” investment vehicles, AAA or whatever is decided.

    Of course, that won’t happen, will it? Soc Sec is a scam. There is no “lockbox” – (lockbox, LOL) – you pay money in and they spend it, and put an IOU in the “box.” If any American company did that, the accountants and corporate officers would go to jail, no questions asked. The problem is that the law does not apply to the govt.

    Make me the king and I will fix that – pronto. Oh, and supply me with lots of rope.

  96. After reading Tex’s stop sign saga, the memes just get dumber and dumber. First we’re told don’t make new laws because the criminals will just break them. Now we’re told don’t make new laws because we are not competent to enforce them properly.

    So guys — how ’bout anarchy??? Truth be told a lot of you do talk like anarchists the way you diss government any chance you get. Let’s not trust anyone to get the job done anymore. Each man for himself. Stock up on guns and food and trust no one but friends and family. The stranger is the enemy.

    I just love your 21st century vision of America!

  97. Rutherford, you are a special kind of dumb. You’re not only completely ignorant of the subject matter, you are defiantly ignorant and completely lacking in critical analytical skills.

    So, If I can’t pick something in 10 shots, it might make some sense to have more bullets available so that I do hit the target, especially if the target is the bad guy, wouldn’t it? If you were a Korean grocery during the LA riots, what value is there in limiting the number of bullets that you can discharge when you’re being attacked by malignant hordes thugs?

    Oh I forgot. If we outlaw large capacity magazines, criminals will not carry them. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    You have how hard it is moving targets in a stressful situation?

    Anyway, thank you for clarifying the purpose behind the law. To remove large capacity magazines in firepower from the good guy To ensure that those are that are not good shots are incapable of getting the targets. But again, the stress that you think restricts someone’s ability to engage a new clip magically disappears when comes to actually firing the gun and hitting the target.

    Just Moronic.

    Let me guess. All you know on the subject comes from Chas Maddow and her friends at MSNBC. . .

  98. ET – nobody wants anarchy. But nobody wants a bunch of jackbooted thugs shoving people around, either. As I understand it, the Rule of Law’s purpose is to restrain the govt, not the people. “If you break the law, the govt can do this – and not one whit more – to you.”

    What I see here at Rutherford’s OTOH, is a fairly well-informed cadre who understand that we are far, far away from the vision of the fathers, careening closer to the totalitarian edge – and they don’t like it.

    Count me among them.

  99. Whoa there, Mr. Rutherford. Social security doesn’t even return to you what you paid in, let alone provide any return on the capital you sent in. Some “safety net!”

    One thing that Rutherford has surely convinced me.

    You can gain admittance and earn a degree from one of America’s best colleges (supposedly), but you can still be so woefully uninformed and illiterate to be absolutely useless as citizen and a drag on everything of worth.

    Rutherford, though no mooch, willfully dishonest or monetary fraud like so many in his party, has such little understanding of how regressive Social Security really is, especially to the working poor, that I have determined basic mathematical calculation clearly proving SS is the absolute worst investment of monies, is well beyond Rutherford’s comprehension. Rick Perry is absolutely right. Social Security is nothing but the world’s largest Ponzi Scheme.

    P.S. – My motion of discovery is now up to 2,069 word. 😆

    It’s really amazing what the neophyte can learn on the internet within a few short clicks.

    Damn, I wish people, especially those who disdain leadership qualities or the lack thereof like Obama and Biden, would become more actively engaged. I am convinced if only a few thousand in each state work doggedly pursued exposing to the masses how utterly corrupt and inept local, state and federal government really are, we could change the country back to its original intent of minimizing government. All of it.

    We could do it.

  100. You’re the moron ET. Let me say it again– if you can’t hit a target under pressure (thanks for admitting that) then you have no business using the gun in the first place.

  101. @ Rutherford 119 I just have to play devils advocate here…
    On one hand your point is valid,on the other hand having a homeowner be reload free for say 12-18 rounds,is that crazy? Should the homeowner with intruders in their home be limited to 10,7,5,[gulp]1???
    Rutherford give me a number man,I am literally begging you!!

  102. Drones are 2 percent accurate. Can mechanized weaponry experience pressure under fire? How about we limit THAT collateral damage?

    When your government doesn’t follow the laws THEY helped establish and does not limit the violence and force THEY use against other supposed enemies and anyone within their ‘strike zone’, what gives them the credibility or integrity to tell us how we can or cannot to defend ourselves? Bugsplat. That’s how they describe innocents that happen to be harmed that are in the way of our aggression.

    And yes, Rutherford, the STATE IS WHO WE NEED PROTECTION FROM! How do you not get that? The founders understood that, even if the current crop of Americans do not. Most of you can’t even imagine it, though we have massive amounts of documented proof they do it over and over and over…

  103. How about two three “moving” targets? Still no need to own a gun?

    Incidentally not hitting targets within shots would disqualify most law enforcement upon whom you are entirely dependent.

  104. “Dumb. Do the math. Unless you have an army attacking you,”

    Rutherford, ever hear of gang violence? Fucking moron.

    What percentage of gun crimes are mass shootings? Any idea how low a number that is? Any fucking clue? You are chasing after the less than 1%. If the vast majority of shoots are not mass shootings, how many bullets does it take for a gun to be a threat? That would be 1. So to be effective by your logic, wouldn’t you have to bad all guns?

    How many guns can a person carry? 2 on the hip, 2 on the chest, 2 on the front upper legs, 2 on the side lower leg. Hell we could add 2 to a sling and one over the back. 10 rounds per clip, guess how many shots I can get off without having to reload Mr. Wizard? I am sure a really determined and resourceful person could add even more guns. What have you accomplished? You have made the good guy weaker, you have curtailed another of our rights, nothing more.

    I am still waiting on your reasoning behind going after the symptom and not the problem. Why not try to stop the psychos from getting the guns? Why not have a more comprehensive mental health screening? Why not do something that will actually make a difference? As we saw in China and here at home this week, men with knives can do mass killings the same as those with guns. Bad people intent on doing bad things will always find a way.

    Explain the points Whittle brought up are wrong and invalid. Or just keep doing as you have been doing of late, sniping other people who are actually contributing to your blog.

  105. Oh yeah. The idea was to give the bad guys an opportunity to overtake the good guy who might be fumbling a reload.

  106. Alfie 105.
    I agree I am doing more harm than good to myself. I generally avoid trying to make public statements, but I have seen one person to many that I have known personally get their lives turned upside down by overzealous power-drunk police officers. I did it more to open up discussions on the topic more than I did anything else. If I were to be honest, I am very fearful of our government and the system. It is more corrupt than it has ever been and I fear what it can do to me and my family.

    I actively do everything I can publicly to stay off the radar and avoid bringing attention to myself. I am very conservative in my deductions on my taxes. I never sign up for any government programs/grants. Basically I avoid all things that would cause “the man” to look my way. In his tenure, Obama has given the government the power to erase me and mine from existence and no one would know or even care. More importantly no one would even ask why.

  107. Correction. My friend who let me shoot his birthday gift tells me i was more like 3-5 secs before ready to fire.

    I guess i could lower that to zero with a larger capacity magazine.

    Oh well.

  108. Maybe we ought to limit the number of intruders. That way it would fit within Rutherford’s 10 bullet limit. Or is the theory that if you can’t hit them in 10, you deserve to die?

  109. I vote we post the daily deaths from LEGAL prescription drugs and suicides before going to ANY far-fetched and over-hyped agenda propping ‘news’ of the day. There’s a media idea that will attract all those avid obituary readers looking to see who they’ve outlived thus far. Get real people. Dump this celebrity worshiping crap. Waiting for your brush with fame? Quit eating the Pavlovian soup de jour nanny serves. Dead is dead. If you are truly ‘pro-life’, act the fucking part. Why can’t we get the big picture? I never thought I could be this disgusted over this country’s footprint. There isn’t even any timeouts for over -staying the stupid zone. It’s toxic. We kill millions with alcohol. But hey, it’s legal. So we’re counting all our guns and bullets now, while increasing the state’s arsenal and reach up our asses. Smart. Yeah, we’re really the top’o’da’heap. 🙄 God help us.

  110. Morality. Doing what is right regardless of what you are told.
    Obedience. Doing what you are told regardless of what is right.

    Never let it be said you are not an Obedient fool Rutherford.

  111. But then again, what if you only wound instead of kill? Should you have some extra bullets to apply to your limit?

    Well, I guess we could just outlaw home invasion murder, right? Of course that puts us back into the Rutherford Paradox. “Only criminals will have guns” is nonsensical. Therefore we should not outlaw the ultimate crime, just possession of instrumentality For purposes of rhetorical consistency.

  112. poolman, that’ll make for a lot more rides on Air Force One.

    lol. I know. I was thinking that must be the jackpot among the masses. We should turn it into a lotto. All those folks would pay a dollar or two for the opportunity. Wouldn’t that unite us all?

  113. “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”
    · Adolph Hitler (1889-1945), April 15, 1935 Parroted by Rutherford 4/11/2013

  114. A U. S. Navy destroyer stops four Mexicans in a row boat rowing towards California.

    The Captain gets on the loud-hailer and shouts, “Ahoy, small craft. Where are you headed?”

    One of the Mexicans put down his oar, stands up, and shouts, “We are invading the United States of America! to reclaim the territory taken by the USA during the 1800’s.”

    The entire crew of the destroyer doubled-over in laughter. When the Captain is finally able to catch his breath, he gets back on the loud-hailer and asks, “Just the four of you?”

    The same Mexican stands up again and shouts, “No, we’re the last four. The rest are already there!”

  115. Here’s a story at my expense that perhaps will give our blog host a grin, perhaps a belly laugh being if I am not mistaken, Rutherford’s father was a stickler for proper English and grammar who hammered his own son about it. I have continually harassed Rutherford about the idiocy of his ideas. But I have never browbeat Rutherford about his grammar, which appears to me to be far superior to mine.

    I’ve always kind of pictured Mr. Rutherford Senior as this stately looking gentleman in pressed clothes and dashing hat, always dressed to the nines. Note also that Rutherford’s father and my own mother are from the same generation.


    If you’ve been following, I have written a now 2,300 word request to fight a traffic ticket. It read like pure poetry to me – sheer brilliance.

    I gave it to my mother to proofread while I worked on their house this afternoon, thinking while I was out, my little mother would read it and be so proud of her worthless son. I actually pondered her speaking to my father while I was gone, saying out loud, “You know, we raised an incredibly bright son. I’m so proud….” Something thereabouts.

    When I left for Home Depot, I told my mother go ahead an mark all over it, thinking there might be a typo or two. I don’t think my mother even knows how to use a word processor – every thing she writes in written in beautiful cursive, old school. My parents have no computer, no internet, and my mother’s cell phone looks like about a 1993 model of which she apparently can’t use worth a crap either as we can never reach her on anything but the land line.

    I hope you’re getting the picture. This is Ozzie and Harriet who never left 1955. That is their idea of heaven.

    If genetics is the main culprit in progeny IQ, whatever I got came from my mother. While she graduated either valedictorian or salutatorian from her large high school (I can’t remember which) and was a straight ‘A’ student, she only went to one year of college and put my less than average father through a master’s degree. That was the woman of the 50s.


    I got home from the Depot, unloaded the wood, and walked into their kitchen. Hey mom, “did you proofread my paper.” “I most certainly did.” “Thanks…”

    If any of you have ever seen ‘A Christmas Story’, picture Ralphie when he opened his C+ paper.

    If my mother’s pen had been red instead of blue, the paper would have looked like it had been bled. All it lacked was my mother screaming, “Margins! Margins!!!”

    There was insertions, notes of predicate nominatives (WTF?), I don’t know how many mark throughs for redundancy and run on sentences, arrows from one paragraph to another.

    Damn, you talk about a smack down and head stomp.

    And it suddenly occurred to me, in the 50s education was simply taught at a higher level than it was in the 70s. And I would bet that the education level of the 70s far superior to the 90s, etc. etc…

    We are sinking as a country, too stupid to even notice the slide.

  116. You’re a sick senior citizen and the government says there
    is no nursing home care available for you. So what do you do?

    Our plan gives anyone 65 years, or older, a gun (G) and 4 bullets.
    You are allowed to shoot four Politicians.

    Of course, this means you’ll be sent to prison, where you will
    receive three meals a day, a roof over your head,
    central heating and air conditioning and all the health care
    you need.

    Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? That’s great.
    Need a new hip, knees, kidney, lungs or heart? They’re all

    As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you at
    least as often as they do now.

    And who will be paying for all of this? The same
    government that just told you they can’t afford for you to
    go into a home.

    And, you can get rid of 4 useless politicians while you’re at it.

    Plus, because you are a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any
    income taxes anymore.

    Is this a great country or what?

  117. When I was a kid we would go to the carnival and get in line to ride the noisy rides, gaze at all the funny looking people, eat really bad ‘food’, spend coin on rigged games of chance, and occasionally ‘winning’ cheap kitschy stuff. Then we’d leave generally broke, dirty, nauseous, and exhausted.

    I never thought in my old age the carnies would take over the entire place.

  118. I have mixed feelings on cops. I have many softball buddies that are Detroit Cops. I can’t believe how much they risk their life on a daily basis and I am quite understanding of one when he is an asshole (to an extent).

    On the other hand, I’ve had a few bad run ins. I once was pulled over for nothing (my rusty van looked shady, and I looked like a roofer) on the way to a roofing job. I was on the border of a crack cocaine area and it was early in the morning so I think maybe he thought I had just bought some. I was never told why I was pulled over.

    I pulled over into a gas station. He noticed my shitty van was littered with yellow sticky notes, each with a different residential address. They were a years worth of houses that my crew roofed.

    Instantly, while his partner stood back with his hand on his gun, he made me get out of the van. I was slammed on the front of my van and frisked. I think his partner may have even drawn his gun on me. I can’t tell if the over all shitty experience makes me embellish now or not.

    He kept asking me what was up with the addresses over and over again. When I started to get pissed off he practically challenged me to resist.

    I was kept spread eagle for what I swear was 20 minutes, although I’m sure it was less.

    I can remember seeing a woman in her late 20’s, dressed professionally, looking at me with disgust as she walked into the gas station. Pretty humiliating.

  119. I have fought every ticket I have ever got. Only one time has an officer shown up which in Michigan means I am out of the ticket. Even if you know you will lose it gives you the chance to get it dismissed and if the cop shows you buy yourself 60 days before you have to pay.

  120. And you goons like Rabbit who have seen my female beauties wonder why an Un Ken like me can attract these lovelies, hey?

    Well, I guess science has finally discovered my secret.

    Science proves women like men with bigger penises

    Just call me Johnny Wadd Taylor.

    Of course, I have been known to embellish a story or two for effect trying to swoon Ms. Muffy off her feet. After taking some rather large doses of these statins, I think mine does retract because I don’t know where it went.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  121. Noah, after fighting with this ticket and never challenging before, I think your suggestion is a dandy one.

    If more people took your approach, I’ll bet money we would quickly put the “servant” in public instead of the “master” they act like now.

  122. I have mixed feelings that Rabbit knows what Tex looks like. On the one hand. I’ve got pics of Rabbit and family from years ago when he had a friendly moment and sent them to me. So I actually like that I can picture the Rabbit when I read his posts. But Tex has such an aura about him that pics would probably ruin things for me. How could I attack him if I saw pics without the horns and fork tongue? 🙂

    Of course my mug is all over the net, even if you don’t have Tex’s Facebook peeping skills. I should post a new one with my recently grown goatee.

    Speaking of which … hair color is the damnedest thing. Frankly, I think gray hair on most men looks good and makes them look wise. So I don’t dread going gray. I’ve got a strand or two on my head that’s changed color. But to my shock, when I grew my beard back this winter after 12 years of being clean shaven, the damn thing is mostly gray. The mustache still dark but the beard, gray.

    So I guess I’m now living up to the famous name “Graychin”. 🙂

  123. Wow. Who were those guys, R?

    Yeah, the good old days. I spoke to a bush pilot (not that kind, Tex!) yesterday, who has been trying to make a living flight instructing in the Lower 48 for about ten years now. He’s filed bankruptcy once, thanks to the 2008 depression, and is barely making it now. Said he and his family had not lived on so little money since the ‘eighties. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that, if the dollars were the same, he was actually living on less than half as much, because of inflation.

    God, we have to get these guys out of DC, and put some people in who can balance a f’in checkbook! How much pain will it take for the voters to do just that? And how do you get somebody out of office when he keeps telling you he’s going to spend more money on you? (Your own, of course, but he doesn’t say that…).

    No radiology doctoring work since July last year, although the other businesses are doing OK. I’m looking at MBA school, with an eye toward developing Internet businesses in some other country. Shame it’s come to that, but I don’t make the rules. I just flee them.

  124. I’m such a fucking loser. I woke up late for work. Just in time to call up with a lie and have someone cover for me. I have a theory that it is better not to come in at all instead of being late. So that’s what I did.

    I was supposed to be up at 4:40 am (basketball). I woke up at 6:50.

    I disgust myself.


  125. I’m old, but I except for the temples, my hair is all light brown. When I was in the Air force, I grew a beard while on leave. It was the strangest thing one could see. My beard had patches of light blond, flaxen blond, and two shades of red. Other spots were mixed with brown.

    I grew another beard a couple of years ago. The brown hair remains brown, but most of the red and blond is gray. A lone blond outpost survives on my chin, so if Rutherford is Graychin, I am Blond Chin.

    I looked it up on the internet. Other men also have multicolored beards, and the blond and red hair seems to turn gray first.

  126. DR – I read somewhere that you need a mental health day about once a month.

    They opened a ski resort near my home in WV when I worked there. The newspaper did a blurb on it, with a half-page color picture of two people riding the lift on opening day.

    Unfortunately they were two hospital employees where I worked who had called in sick. UH-OH!

  127. El Tigre called Rutherford a special kind of dumb.He isn’t dumb or as Noah wrote, a coward. Rutherford is like Al Roeker, another intelligent, personable and nice man. Both men as many of us do have internalized a schematic of religious beliefs.

    Today Show staff criticized Rush Limbaugh’s giving a thirteen year old boy an I Pad because the boy said library research had convinced him human-caused global warming is a myth. Al exclaimed that the proof of human caused global warming is there in two words–Hurricane Sandy. Like most of us, Al accepts what fits his belief system and disregards the rest.

    Al, Rutherford, and others are as religious as the Sami and other northern Europeans who gave lip service to Christianity while secretly still worshiping their old gods

    I with Pfessor’s help demonstrated that another group, the Vietnam anti-war movement believed untruths with religious fervor. They chose to stay clueless by ignoring contrary information as untrue to avoid an intellectual threat to their identities.

    When the Sami joik, they don’t sing about something, they become the subject, and they carry the rest of the community with them. They become the song. In similar fashion, Rutherford and other liberals have become their doctrine.

    As the Truth intrudes to better support the logic of Jesus’ saving us from our sins over flying reindeer or sacred trees the effort to create a wall of separation becomes more desperate. Another truth that Obama represents a theology bound to destroy what we have known is therefore as hard for the true believer to discern .Religions die hard, even if they take us down the road to perdition. Rutherford is a religious man,

    “On your journey across the wilderness from the desert to the well, you have strayed upon the motorway to Hell.”, Road to hell(Sarajevo/Bosnia in war Youtube video

  128. The Forge wrote that Democrats put a hold on a Senate resolution to honor Margaret Thatcher. As Katherine Rosario asked” what is it about Lady Thatcher that gives them pause?”

    With all due respect to Jesus by comparing his Word to a British politician and old northern religions, I believe Lady Thatcher is anathema because she represents a truth greater than sacred trees the left deifies.

    Someone wrote ” Perhaps the left in the United States have been infected by the same malicious virus that taints the left here in Great Britain. We on the right look down on the left as misguided and foolish whereas the left viscerally hates us as evil child killers or worse. It is inconceivable that proper-thinking conservatives would ‘dance in the streets’ at the death here in England of one of the world’s greatest post-war leaders,..”

    As I mentioned, Chris Rea, a British singer wrote we have “strayed upon the motorway to hell.”

  129. DR, you kill me. So you know, it’s called a “murse.”

    I’ve seen Tex and his women. Daughters are stunning. Mrs. Taylor? With a mug like his, he must be hung like a yak. 😆

    I, on the other hand , learned to exploit alcohol and low self-esteem early on. All my old lady got in return was lifetime of dissapointment. Bwhahahaha… 😆

    (Of course that might explain why the kids I’m raising are too good looking to be mine :shock:)

  130. WTF? DR and ET have both seen Tex family photos? Tex what are you doing, going on some sort of publicity tour?

    I just hope they look better than the crew in Tex’s latest avatar.

  131. If what the Forge writes is true then shame on the Senate Dems. I think we can agree, regardless of ideology that Thatcher was an important leader and perhaps moved the women’s movement further along than Indira Gandhi or Golda Meir.

  132. James, you project too many of your own good qualities on to Rutherford. As we aproached the last election, R took on decidely belligerant, nasty and juvenile tone with his blog participants as he had following the Giffords shooting. None of it supported logic or meaningful response to the comments/issues. It’s why most of the regulars took a hiatus and Muffy abandoned the perceptions of him that you now hold.

    Now, look at R’s response to what i wrote (i’ on a phone and can’t see a number) and you’ll see the stubborn ignorance I am referring to. I wouldn’t have been surprised for him to delare his participation in an online course as proof of his rightness again. 🙄

    Defense mechanism or not, there’s nothing edifying about it nor is there anything intended to be edifying about it. Just a special kind of dumb.

    DR, if you’re welcome satiate any curiosity by asking Tex to forward my pictures to you. I know they’ll be held in confidence.

  133. Tigre, I sent the same picture I sent to you to Rabbit when he sent his pics to me. Rabbit’s wife is a natural beauty like yours, and the kids little Gerber babies. I had pictured Rabbit’s wife a biker babe with a couple of tats chewing glass. 😈

    As to Rabbit? Well, before we got to be blog buds, he once threatened to “ride” down to Oklahoma to beat my ass. He never showed up. I got my track shoes ready to make like a Frenchmen in case he changes his mind. 😆 The Clydesdale of the Rutherford Lawson blog.

    Rutherford, since I know what even your sister does for a living, would you like to see my crew? I’m quite proud of all of them. I’ll even add me to the mix, if interested. That way, you can pinpoint me in a line up when the war breaks out. 😉

  134. I don’t intend to be in a lineup. I’ll only get one shot before the drones get me, but that’s all I’ll need. Multiply that scene by 20 million hunters.

    I stopped by Wal-Mart to buy some .22s yesterday. None available. Ditto the hardware store, which had no guns either. My son and his buds burned all my .243 ammo on targets. Shit. Should have stocked up when it was available.

  135. PF, my gun-loving buddy had the same problem and has since started hoarding. Same with semi autos like the AR. He’s been flipping them and making quite a profit. Surprising only to me I guess are his perceptions of the gun show parking lots where “the shady characters” do business.

    I laughed when i was shown this fastener he bought that would hold two 10 round clips together back to back so all one need do is flip it over when one was spent. He said those too are hard to come by.

  136. ET – If I saw somebody coming at me with an AR and one of those double clips, he might catch me, but he’d have a slick path to follow…LOL.

  137. PF, 😆 Perhaps it was 9 — whatever the proposed restriction is this would still fit within it.

    Yeah, I’m not a gun guy. But my buddy has taught me first-hand a lot about the hardware and abject stupidity of the liberal gun restriction agenda. He did say though that even he thought that what went on the parking lots of gun shows was a little scary. I was surprised to hear him say that he thought there should be more done about the “underground” trade occurring in broad daylight.

    What is obvious though is that there are many things these mass shooters have in common — and it sure as shit ain’t the type of weapon they use.

    In any event, if I did carry, I would like to know why if a bad guy has 20 rounds at his disposal, a good guy shouldn’t have 100. “If you can’t do the job in 10” isn’t a response to be taken seriously.

  138. You are probably right ElTigre. I try to find the good in people.

    But I also keep score. Most arguments I have had with liberals have proven me right. For example I wrote something too blatant for Rutherford or others to ignore. Each of those three or four times, he wrote I was full of manure. I publically proved him wrong. He may not have changed his mind, but he retreated from the field.

    On other occasions, he has agreed with me.

    Here is another piece of bait. The Daily News “Former worker testifies that Dr. Kermit Gosnell snipped the spines of moving babies following abortions at Philadelphia clinic.”

    Ex worker Ashley Baldwin testified that she witnessed an aborted baby “screeching.”

    Gosnell has been charged with seven counts of first degree murder. His lawyer claims Gosnell is the victim of an elitist lynch mob. No one has evidence that the babies were moving except for testimony.

    We know Obama cares about the Sandy Hook shooting victims. He told us so. For some reason, the dead at Bengazi and those killed during Fast and Furious don’t matter. Now, they tell us that the five Americans, including Anne Smedinghoff were lost on foot and not in an armored vehicle as officials told their relatives last week. Was this part of a pattern of lax security as the other incidents were? Will we ever know?

    The dead babies are understandable. Ill Rep; Obama supported failed abortion infanticide. But the other dead people? Is Obama’s and most of the news media’s selective grief directed only at children?

    An alternative to bullets is explosives, so I’m told.

  139. Huck, perfect.

    James, you are gentleman.

    As to the comments about Obama and the media, look no further than Ruthford’s own like to a prior post (above) offered as proof of lost civility here. See any corollaries? Multiplicity equals “truth” to liberals. But only when it serves to protect their figureheads and agendas. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, Rutherford points to the MSM consistent reporting or lack of it as proof that MSNBC does not distort its coverage. What a joke.

  140. I get your point on R and religion. If we were to run with that, I would consider Rutherford a religious fanatic. R and his radicals are in power, and they are making changes that fundamentally alter what we are as a nation. R is a coward, but not a special coward. He is a run-of-the-mill Liberal coward. His thoughts and arguments are no deeper than a mud puddle, and each and every time you try to look at whats below the surface, he retreats. Other than his blog topic post, he has not made a contribution here in months. He chimes in to snipe but then disappears as quickly, and his Liberal cohorts have left him high and dry. As in life, this blog exists on the welfare of others, not due to any personal effort of its owner.

  141. Check this shit out.

    I am a student at George Mason University. Despite being a public school, I chose to attend George Mason University because of its phenomenal economics program. Before I came to Mason, I was vaguely aware of its demographics. I knew the school prided itself on diversity, which is generally a code word for political correctness. However, George Mason University does more than attempt to be politically correct: George Mason University uses tax-payer dollars to propagate Islam.

    The center of George Mason University is the Johnson Center. The Johnson Center contains the main food court, academic offices, and meeting rooms. On the first floor of the Johnson Center, there is one set of bathrooms which include Islamic footbaths. There is absolutely no denying that the Islamic footbaths are for religious purposes. They are for the expressed purpose of Muslim ritual. The university does not even attempt to hide this fact. Right there, this is a blatant violation of tax-payer money being used to promote one religion.

  142. This day just keeps getting better and better. We had better wake up fast.

    An unnamed English teacher at Albany High School who wanted to “challenge” his/her students to “formulate a persuasive argument” tasked them with writing an essay about why “Jews are evil,” as if they were trying to convince a Nazi official of their loyalty.

  143. Thanks ElTigre.

    Noah, George Mason University is just another example as is the Gosnell trial of how the leftist media is harming our country. The fifth estate is charged with providing information for the people to act on. It is bad enough now, but were it not for the internet Fox, a few other reporters and talk shows we would really be up the creek.

    I mentioned before that I watched some One Direction fan videos for an article. After the IRS announced it will be mining social media for information about tax payers, I decided to see what I could find.

    It was easy. I checked a come to “South of France” video because it was more coherent and creative than most. In twenty minutes I learned through their YouTube and twitter accounts that the core of the video is three sixteen to seventeen year-old Dutch girls attending an English language school in the South of France.

    One felt so isolated she cried on her first day of school The three Dutch girls felt isolated that they formed their own clique and included some British friends they later made. All are fluent in at least three languages, and they are active in the arts. Their instructors teach physics in alternating languages.

    The school prepares its students for universities in Europe and America. It has a PTA any American school would envy. A large number of parents are involved,and they seem to have a new fund- raising project at every meeting.

    I learned the school schedule, its various programs and vacations.This information is fodder for numerous advertisers of businesses catering to the school and to the students’ families who travel home and to other places.

    More importantly, I wondered why with all of our resources, we can’t have more schools like that one in the United States. Granted this is a private school for rich kids, but if we better managed our resources we could do more than we are doing, and more people would be aware enough to recognize the reality of George Mason University and the biased media reporting.

  144. ”Barack Obama: “If I had a dad he would look like Kermit Gosnell” “

    Behold the current undisputed champion of the one-liners.

    We’re all made smaller and further from all that’s good, if there is such a state, for knowing of Dr. Gosnell and his kind and not running away screaming.

    These aren’t my exact thoughts, but pretty close (from Blood Diamond)…

  145. From the side twitter feed: “Ehhhh @hardball_chris Have you lost your mind? Obama did not end two wars. We are still in Afghanistan. What are talking about?”

    Obama didn’t end the Iraq war, either, Bush negotiated that end. Obama tried to extend it and Iraq told him no.

  146. Muffy, I just approved your comment (180). Just a reminder that changes in email address will delay publication of comments. Nice change of shoe by the way.

  147. LOL El Tigre thought I was “belligerent” leading up to the November election. I’m amused by that characterization.

    Well, all I know is that some on this blog went headlong into November cocksure of an Obama defeat. One visitor whose name begins with G went as far as to predict a Romney landslide.

    On election night, Karl Rove on Fox truly was a proxy for all the cocksure folks on this blog. He had a nervous breakdown on the air as he saw his party going down.

    In the immediate aftermath of the election, I was restrained, not at all belligerent — because I knew some folks here HAD to be embarrassed by how wrong they got it. I even wrote a post (referenced by that same “G” as full of lies) where I reminded Obama that HE did NOT win by a landslide and needed to take some lessons from his narrow win.

    There are a couple of honest brokers on this blog who know that some others were simply very sore losers who took their toys and went home.

    We’re four months into the 2nd admin — get over it. He won a 2nd term. You should be glad you have something to bitch about for the next four years. How else would you spend your time. 😉

    P.S. ANYONE who has read the rants of Tex Taylor for the past six years and has the nerve to call me belligerent needs to get their head examined.

  148. “because I knew some folks here HAD to be embarrassed by how wrong they got it.”

    Why? That is the nature of a prediction. Sometimes you get it right, other times you do not. Adults get that. Join us.

    I dont recall hearing anyone calling you belligerent. Just a fucking coward who dodges the hard questions. Again, nothing special, just a typical Liberal.

    Its funny since hitting the political scene in a different format, I have encountered hundreds of new Liberals, and it is the same everywhere. I am truly amazed at how the overwhelming majority of Liberals are dishonest folks. Its one thing to say it out of spite, but quite another to experience it first hand over and over. It is leading me to believe that these kind of people tend to be attracted to the Liberal party, and that is why it is so pervasive among their ranks.

  149. Okay Rutherford. We get it. You’re a sore winner with your pretentious act of humility some weeks after the election. Reality has now set in. So you won and you’re still left with a shit sandwich of a life. I rather like this new angry Rutherford. Now I no longer feel guilty rubbing your face in your own inadequacy and naivety. Where’s the satisfaction after the big win?

    Well, why the continual hostility? Where’s that super, swell guy who used to describe himself to me, “Hey, most people like me!” from five years ago? Why I thought you such a happy-go-lucky, self-appointed, congenial pleasantry? We have had President Obama going on five years now. Your life should be to the moon.

    Hmmm? Kind of a bitter pill isn’t it when you put all that faith you could muster, deified a man, glorified a man, propagandized for a man, only to discover the hard way that your little god ain’t so terrific, is he? Can’t bring yourself to admit that unlike Gorilla, it’s you on the long slide, can you?

    Do you think many of us so stupid or naive, we don’t recognize your personal yoke and you’re now slave to the very party and idea you once thought would save you and the nation? And you want Gorilla, or Tigre, or Tex to be embarrassed and humiliated?

    If Gorilla lost so big and it’s such a huge personal embarrassment, and now you get to rub Gorilla’s face in it, why is it Gorilla’s name can’t be mentioned four months after the Obama win without your predictable rage and insult? Where’s Mr. Humble?


    Noah’s right and that must pain you greatly. Just because you let your adversaries post here, doesn’t change the fact you are a coward. You’re a coward just like those moderating nags at Fat Grannies; those nags that are you. I would add utter phony like Masser Obama to the word coward.

    I didn’t take my ball and go home. I got tired of you and your act. I got tired of you running and hiding. Why in the fuck would I want to be a “friend” to a venal twit like you who at one time played the likeable buddy on his blog, but when the curtain drawn, is nothing but a cut throat character assassin who can’t even make the attempt to answer a question?

    You’re a football fan, left in his trailer home, living his life through his football team. And like the fan of the football team, the star quarterback Obama will blow you a kiss and sell you an autograph as you try and high five him hanging over the rail. With Chaz as head cheerleader, don’t forget one thing when you’re desperately wanting to be a part of the team.

    You’re quickly forgotten and you don’t mean shit to any of them. That’s a damn, empty life you got.

    We all know that massive cheating is going on in these elections but you. We know what goes on in these inner cities, the Chicano neighborhoods. We understand the indoctrination in these schools that you attended, the monies exchanged to buy a vote. And you’re the only one left on this blog who doesn’t understand where it’s headed.

    Just like you can’t finger why you aren’t wholly satisfied now.

    America didn’t win. And you certainly didn’t win. You live with that as you seethe, dispatch.

  150. Comment made by my young daughter during a weekend visit with family:

    We were in the backyard playing touch football. In typical fashion, the kids were running around after each other in their effort to be part of the game.

    ‘Lil Tigre walks to me with a disturbed look on her face, motioning over her shoulder towards her four-year old cousin, and says, “who’s the black dude following me around.”

  151. Ah, don’t sweat the small details, Pfesser. Rutherford got the big win.

    Why old “R” is happy to pay more taxes. Now it’s our turn to live off he and his wife.

    Here’s my new investment strategy. Use as little money of my own as I possibly can, hide it best I can, and live off the working man. Where the hell is my Obama phone?

  152. The Daily Caller: “Romney’s tech guys win everything except for the election.” The writer is angry because Targeted Victory who managed Romney’s and other campaigns failed to defeat a bad man with a good man won 35 Pollie Awards in political advertising and communications.

    So why did Romney lose? “Targeted Victory doesn’t understand proper meterics, the value of data,and its reflected in how they order their team. Their chief technology officer was not an engineer. they were running the most expensive Republican campaign in the history of the world and they didn’t have one real data scientist on the staff.”

    In other words, the campaign underestimated the number of ignorant and dependent voters who went to the polls.

    The Republican party needs more Margret Thatchers. Until that day the Obama group will bring major rueage to us all. It is already happening.

  153. I wrote that Rutherford and people like him are religious who like the Sami and other northerners reject the Word of God because their old religion is so ingrained it is impermiable to the truth.

    A commenter reacted to Gay Patriot “Silencing and Slurring wlth politically incorrect views” wrote “Progessive politics is a religion and it is driven by a replacement narrative, whereby the Sacred Victim Groups use the state and social control to expropriate for themselves the status resources and power of the Old Oppressor groups. When a religion goes to war, they call it a crusade or a jihad. That’s what we have.”

    “it is a second civil war without guns.”

    Consider Louis XV. He was so beloved he earned the nickname Louis the Well Beloved. He died a hated man because of his stubborn personality, his damage to French foreign relations, and his overspending which exacerbated serious financial problems. Who does that remind us of?

    Rutherford and Romney campaign managers could sing from the old ABBA song “I feel like I win when I lose.”

  154. Rutherford and Romney campaign managers could sing from the old ABBA song “I feel like I win when I lose.”

    😆 😆

    Say contrary to Rutherford’s reality of “I lost when I felt I had won.”

  155. R – this is a no-bullshit post. If you have a password for this blog that does not meet WordPress standards (at least 8 characters, upper and lower case letters, special characters, etc) you need to change your password pronto. There is a worldwide botnet attack, targeting WordPress servers, and they ain’t f’in around…

    I’m changing and upgrading all the passwords on our WordPress sites – today.

  156. “Get your stopwatches ready! It’s time to play… How Long Can You Take an Argument Between Campus Lefties?

    (IH FTW)

    I think I see, Chaz Maddow and his sister Chrissy Hayes mixing it up there.

  157. Last election is the past although we will undoubtedly feel the fallout for a decade anyway let’s not rehash and redirect but instead focus on today & tomorrow.
    Rutherford magazine capacity limit please…..
    Is there any doubt that entitlement reform MUST be part of the equation ?!?
    Beijing is gonna whack or at least neuter Kimmie v 3.0 what do we in the West give up for this?
    The Autocrats Club is gaining credibility in the world,what’s up with that?
    Why is it that the extremes of the spectrum get listened to? Whether it is the Sandy Hook sob tour which was produced by the Oval and a professional lobby firm or some dickhead sending the crayon written sentence about giving up some Rights for safety his elementary school kid had why WHY WHY?????

  158. The Republican party needs more Margret Thatchers.
    A neat comment but I think the party needs a lot less of what it has in abundance more so.

  159. Tigre…LOL LOL LOL My favorite part?

    How they think about each other

    Toure = thinks Carson is a token, refers to him as “GOP’s black friend”

    Carson = doesn’t think of Toure at all

    :lol 😆 😆

    Sometimes the truth is funniest. Who the hell is Toure’? A fricking hob goblin. Like Fat Granny Helen insulting Sarah Palin’s looks.

  160. Alfie @ #199, what?
    Rabbit @ #200, what?
    Tex @ 202, what?

    Tigre, I did a word search for “belligerent.” Different thread perhaps?

    Alfie’s right though in that never mind the past. It’s just that given the room the meaningful comments are ignored just the same.

  161. R – that old saying about “living well is the best revenge” is so true. Your four day-old post has over 200 comments; FG’s where the skanks tried – well, DID – out you, can’t get a dozen comments a week, and even those are, “You’re an asshole, no YOU’re an asshole, no…, …., nya-nya-nya.” Nothing on-topic – just seventh-grade pouty-girl stuff.

    Great fun. They finally googled up my Bob Dobbs avatar. Dullards.

    You’re right – I don’t know why anyone bothers. Entertainment value, I suppose…

  162. 199, like fewer over confident, inept consultants and a need for Congressional Question Day similar to what the British have.

    Obama isn’t interested in entitlement reform. He does want to join the autocrats’ club. Therefore it is socially acceptable. “Now I’ve got the power through the working hour and every other day of the year…Oh, you don’t get me, I’m part of the union” (an illegal immigrant organization, black, movie star, abortionist, teacher, green gambler, or many other catagories). The Strawbs 1973 before Margaret Thatcher.

    We don’t have enough schools like the English language school in France i described. The left controls most of the news media, education, and entertainment. Thus most of us are too ignorant, intellectually flacid and dependent to think with our heads. We live in a feed lot. That’s “Why.”

  163. Speaking of Fat Grannies I am in the habit now of typing “fat grannies” in the search bar whenever I want to cruise over there. Which isn’t often, but just the same I laugh every time I forget to enter the real name of the blog.

    Who knew there was a whole segment of society hot for – as one results blurb put it – “old bitches with plenty of cushion.”

  164. That is funny muffy. I briefly visited their site in January to be sure of the identity of someone here, and that was the only time I looked in a year.

    UAW Tradesman visited here to say “hi” to me once. I wish we could cut a few like him from the herd and persuade them to post here.

    I agree with Pfessor about living well and revenge.We are doing fine right now.

    My uncle commanded a small Air Force base in Alaska. An NCOIC actually ran the place,when my uncle arrived. The NCO was like “King Rat”, and he told my uncle so. They settled the matter man to man in a small room. They fought until the NCOIC said “Uncle” and acknowledged my uncle’s superior rank.

    I’m old, but I am still fast and fit . I still have 20/20 vision,and I don’t even have arthritis. My only infirmaties are from old injuries.

    If the president and I were locked in a room as my uncle and King Rat were, I could take Obama. It would be too fast for his youthful endurance to work in his favor. Joe Biden and Hillary too.

    That would be my revenge.

  165. Tigre I found myself down by the river on St Paddy’s Day completely by accident I swear – and I was treated to a similar display as #196.

    I very nearly jumped right into the toxic Chicago River.

  166. “Who knew there was a whole segment of society hot for – as one results blurb put it – “old bitches with plenty of cushion.””

    Something tells me PF knew. 😉

  167. I just googled “fat grannies.” LOL!!

    I think we can credit Tex with that moniker, if I’m not mistaken. For that crew, it is perfection, IMHO.

    For older ladies, my pornsite-owning friends always call it “mature,” but that is generally women in their ‘forties and ‘fifties. Then there is the MILF category, “Moms I’d Like to F***,” which is young-ish late 20-early 30’s generally. Otherwise, at Internet conferences, I’ve seen everything from “smoking” sites to one-legged-Asian-watermelon-eating-lesbian-shemales, but the “fat grannies” genre has escaped my attention! Have to add that one in. heh, heh…

  168. Mine too, Muffy.

    One of them “gals” in Tigre’s video, and I use that ‘gals’ description in the loosest sense, had a “Muff” sticker across her belly – at least it looked like it read like it.

    That was perhaps the only set of titties I had ever seen that had looked like it was cut from a paper mache doll and glued on. I’ve seen saggies, nips, moobs, and udders. But I’ve never seen a pair that looked something out of a cartoon on a human.

    Pfesser, I too will have to claim dullard. I had never heard of J. R. “Bob” Dobbs. 😮 Now your gravatar has gone from funny to twisted and still funny.

  169. I once ran across a site for GILFs googling “dog pics” when my daughters were younger – with my youngest standing directly behind me to find pictures of her pup. Oops. After that, I chose Labrador Retriever. 😆

    Grandmas I’d like to…for those not quite getting the message.

  170. Without doubt, the nastiest female jackboot I ever read on the internet used to traffic at a blog Rabbit, Rutherford and I once attended. Her site goes by the name ‘White Noise Insanity’, or something like that. And this really is one woman I’m pretty sure was clinically insane. No kidding.

    One day, tired of her mouth and looking for the knock out punch, I found her website. Not terribly bright, the cloven hoof had provided a little too much info in the about box, including some fine self portraits. 😈

    So I left a sweet message for ‘Ugly Kay’ on the shared site and the name stuck. Naturally, she went apoplectic and the more she crazy she got, the worse our behavior got. 😆 Soon thereafter, nobody could remember her identify with anything but ‘Ugly Kay.’

    Not even Rutherford could remember her moniker and would ask about ‘Ugly Kay.’ 😆

    She didn’t last long after that. She threatened me with posting my IP address, so every time I left a comment, I turned the modem on and off, never giving her a common id to track.

    I think she stroked out, because she went into the bunker after that. Man, those were the good, old days.

  171. Tex – I remember the Bob Dobbs thing from the (late ‘eighties?); I believe I saw it on Sat Night Live, or maybe Second City TV, which was more my favorite. The drawing of Dobbs reminded me of a guy I met through ham radio ‘way back when, named Jerry F., chair of Aero Engineering at my university. While we were discussing ham radio, we got to talking about flying, and I told him it was interesting that he was aero, because I had a hang glider called the Easy Riser that was just scary to fly, and I had bought an old snowmobile motor to put on it – even scarier. He turned even whiter than the white boy he was, and told me in no uncertain terms that we needed to put a tail on the damned thing.

    So we did – on the front, called a “canard.” Probably saved my life. He was a pipe-smoker and when I saw the Bob Dobbs image, it reminded me so much of my old friend that I had to have it.

    Oh, BTW, also don’t confuse “dog pix” with “dogging pix.” That’s a whole ‘nother thing, probably your kin wouldn’t want to see. LOL.

  172. @ tex 215 I remember her. I remember I asked her a pretty straight forward and polite question and she went crazy on me,you volleyed on my behalf at an 11 on a dial that went tot ten. It was classic. She was certifiable.

  173. “Soon thereafter, nobody could remember her identify with anything but ‘Ugly Kay.’”

    I remember her, too. I think “Kay from Maine” was her “real” name. A real gem of a gal….

  174. That’s it, Huck! Kay from Maine. A real jewel. I could not remember anything but Ugly Kay. See?

    Honest to Betsy, it’s the only time I could actually see a mouth agape and bug eyes reading my screed across the wire.

    It came back blistering and enraged, going off about my manhood, my mother, my dog, Nazis, world hunger, blog etiquette, etc.. Once it did that, I knew I had it by the labia majora. I rammed home the coup de grace about the impossibility of impregnation from the missionary position, the only possibility from the hind sight being the only visually tolerant end, and that was all she wrote. You could hear the banshee scream from here.

    The best part of it all was that it created a mob scene. The jackals joined in for the kill and we brow beat her senseless. 😆

    Like Rutherford does with a difficult question when one of us provides one pebble from the mountain of incriminating evidence of Obama’s gross incompetence as President, Kay burnt rubber.

  175. “That’s it, Huck! Kay from Maine. A real jewel. I could not remember anything but Ugly Kay. See? ”

    After thinking more about it (why, I don’t know), I think is was actually “Kay in Maine”

    I wonder what ol’ Kay thinks of Obama now?….

  176. Muffy, i can’t see the comment no. on the phone, but “nasty” and “juvenile” appeared too. 😆

  177. Out of a morbid curiosity, I went by Ugly Kay’s blog. I found it very interesting that she stopped posting blog entries the day before the 2008 election. It reminded me of Chen Zen. It seems there were so many bloggers back then who only had enough gas to get Obama elected, but didn’t seem interested in supporting/defending him afterward. On that, I give Rutherford credit.

  178. The more I think about it the more I think Chen Zen was in it for the technology. He did clever things like replace commenter’s avatars if they made a strawman argument or an ad hominem one. He founded the WordPress Political Bloggers Alliance and used pingbacks in a novel way to assign every blogger in the alliance one letter out of the phrase “WordPress Political Blogger Alliance”. I was the “a” in “Political”. Everyone in the alliance agreed to put the hyperlinked phrase at the end of every post and it caused all members of the alliance to automatically carry links to other posts in the alliance. (If you click on WordPress Political Blogger Alliance in my header you’ll see a history of the posts made.) With the alliance pretty much dead, I stopped posting the phrase at the end of my articles this year.

    Chen also engaged in hacking games with, I think, the folks at Little Green Footballs. So I think he was way more interested in the technology than the politics. I have to hand it to him for his inventiveness as well as the distribution he gave my posts but I’ve also been disappointed in him for dropping the politics. Anyway there’s your little bit of history for the day.

    P.S. I “met” Tex and Rabbit over at Chen’s. Tex would wish me dead on threads that I hadn’t even contributed to yet. He used to call me “Rutherturd”. Ahhhhh yes, once again, those were the days!

    P.P.S. I had forgotten about Kay. One of several libs that Tex would delight in humiliating on the net.

  179. Tex: “It came back blistering and enraged, going off about my manhood, my mother, my dog, Nazis, world hunger, blog etiquette, etc.. Once it did that, I knew I had it by the labia majora. I rammed home the coup de grace about the impossibility of impregnation from the missionary position, the only possibility from the hind sight being the only visually tolerant end, and that was all she wrote.”

    It really is fun driving bigots ’round the bend, isn’t it? When somebody loses his/her temper, it’s over.

    Interesting aside, the labia majora are the female analog of the scrotum – both develop from exactly the same tissue – so you really did have her by the balls.

    I’ll save the rear-entry comment. That’s too good to let pass by, and I know just whom I’ll use it on. The NAGS at FG’s seem positively horrified by any sexual references – LOL…….. Reminds me of the old “rodeo sex” joke – you enter your partner from behind and lean over to whisper into her ear the name of another woman.

    At that point, anybody who can stay on for eight seconds, wins.

    Oh, BTW, Tex – you coined “NAGs” I believe. What does it stand for?

  180. So I wonder if we’ll ban the scalpel, because obviously it was the knife–not the doctor–that murdered those people…

    The Left is doing everything it can to ignore and hide this from the public. I wonder why…

  181. I Googled fat grannies. My goodness!

    One of the good guys on that site was Werner from Canada. He told me I should stay with the group because they needed someone like me. Werner suggested vibrant peopleeeee should unite to change our worlds.

    Two of us suggested helping the poor and getting more politically involved. We reported what we had done and also suggested group effort at invading and changing selected blogs. Those invertebrates ignored us.

    A Massachusetts disk jockey who like me was a fan of Mary Chapin Carpenter also got along. She wrote something offensive to someone, and she, like Werner, was gone.

    Richard the alleged nephew wrote that under the accepted definition, they, not I were the trolls.

    One of my favorites was Delurkergurl’s telling me I had hurt Jean’s feelings.

  182. Interesting aside, the labia majora are the female analog of the scrotum – both develop from exactly the same tissue – so you really did have her by the balls.

    I know. One of the tidbits I remember from embryology and developmental anatomy. That, the female cremaster muscle purpose and sonic hedgehog comes to mind as really fun facts to set to memory. There’s some twisted scientific minds out there doing cutting edge research. 🙂

    Kay in Maine made Fat Granny Helen read like Ms. Manners. It was such a delightful experience to make the attempt to take years off her already miserable life. I looked it as doing this world a huge favor and taking pity on Kay.

    If Rutherford were only more philosophical, he would recognize I’m simply trying to help expedite his process too. 😛

  183. One of my favorites was Delurkergurl’s telling me I had hurt Jean’s feelings.

    😆 Bullseye, James. A torpedo in the side of Batship Crazy.

    Delurker Girl reminds me much of our resident blog owner. Wild, outrageous claims of facts, followed by request for proof, followed by blue smoke pouring out from the rear tires to head back to underground garage.

  184. “A generation on, the Thatcher era seems more and more like a magnificent but temporary interlude in a great nation’s bizarre, remorseless self-dissolution.” ~ Mark Steyn

    I have thought the same thing in my 34 years of being a voting age adult with respect to Ronald Reagan. Those eight years were the only time in the memory of my own life where America seemed to be on the upswing both financially and culturally.

    On one-side of my life we had Vietnam and Watergate; on the other we had read my lips no new taxes, Monica Lewinsky and it takes a village, 9/11, and Barack Obama.

  185. Tex, Reagan was just determined to take us back to the fifties. 🙄

    Muffy, before jumping in the river, I hope that the two agreed that the other’s perspective was valid. Wouldn’t want to leave without knowing that. 😆

    I likes dem spiked ass-kicking shoes btw.

  186. “Reminds me of the old “rodeo sex” joke – you enter your partner from behind and lean over to whisper into her ear the name of another woman. At that point, anybody who can stay on for eight seconds, wins”

    For some reason, my wife did not find this as funny as I did…

  187. Having a ball at FG’s. Just caught Grandma egaging in baldfaced plagiarism – unless, of course, she claims the original author is she. LOL.

  188. Smack those cellulite, fat and wrinkled asses, Pfesser!!!! 😆

    Huck, speaking of rodeo riding, one look at Ugly Kay and the first thing that came to mind for that poor bastard who impregnated Ugly must have been a failed bull rider… 🙂 Ready, fire, aim!!! Whewww…

  189. Not particularly proud. Nor offended. And certainly not to be shamed by the likes of an indecent prick like you.

    Thoughts on the video @#230?

  190. 230 just goes to show we need to start a more proactive movement against Liberals. That they support these kind of activities tells me they no longer have a place in civilized society. Time they get some of what they are inflicting on others.

  191. Damn…..anyone paying attention to precious metal spot price the last few days? Asians are selling off harder then we did Friday.


    My metal fetish is clearly not an investment. When my house or Roth sinks, I feel sick. When metal crashes I get giddy and look at the new chunks I can now afford.

  192. Now Muffy. Let’s not be too critical of Rutherford. Rutherford, being a leftist, is by definition self-righteous and unaccountable.

    Rutherford is as silent as his beloved media about a baby murderer. The media silence along with leftists like Rutherford speaks volumes about their true character and utter lack of decency.

    But then I already knew that. 😡


    I haven’t said a damn thing about Kermit Gosnell thinking one of these immoral sacks of shit from the left, obviously no longer even ashamed of the blood on their hands, might pop in and for once admit the horrors of their abortion clinics.

    But as long as they can operate in the dark like their President, they can justify about anything I suppose.

  193. “But as long as they can operate in the dark like their President, they can justify about anything I suppose.”

    I think that is why they all stopped coming around…because they CAN’T justify things, anymore. Look at the blog post in which we are commenting.

    Rabbit called it…now that he’s re-elected, it’s OK to call him out on the shit he was doing the entire time. The only defense they have left is…”he’s been re-elected, get over it,” which is about as intellectually lazy as “what difference does any of it make now?”

  194. “And certainly not to be shamed by the likes of an indecent prick like you.”

    Wow. I challenge anyone to rewind a year or so and tell me this is the same Muffy who was posting back then.

    Something is going on dear. Bereavement? Financial struggles? Or maybe just hitting the sauce. I don’t know what it is but as you may have noticed I’m finding it hard to show compassion for you. Your redeeming qualities diminish with each new comment. 😐

  195. Muffy since you’ve never really fleshed out your political stance in any way can the prick ask you a question?

    Are you one of those hypocrites who fight for the unborn and then vote to defund every social program that gives then a shot at success in life? You know, “I’ll fight for you to be born but I won’t adopt you (particularly if you’re black or Hispanic) and you’re basically on your own. After all I’m a conservative who believes in self reliance.”

    Tell us oh righteous Muffy what society should so to help unwed mothers and their babies?

  196. Again take note. Rather than make an actual contribution or furthering the discussion, Rutherford goes for the personal attack.

  197. You’re not going to start pulling my hair now are you Marge?

    I don’t really see a direct question or clear challenge in your cat-in-the-corner scratching but if you’re asking if I’m willing to adopt a child or stand by and wordlessly watch one of your heroes behead him or her I assure you that the only helpless child I wouldn’t gladly adopt is you.

  198. Im on my phone and didn’t want my quick returns to be held in moderation. 🙂

    Fact is a bare foot would be more fitting in this case. Or maybe a fluffy bedroom slipper.

  199. “the only helpless child I wouldn’t gladly adopt is you.”

    Actually Muffy, I was raised by two responsible adults, so unlike the 47% of liberal Americans who only want to mooch off the government.

  200. Noah what I DO get is that you’re an ass. If you really think I’m in favor of live-born babies being snuffed out then you are as stupid as your are paranoid and crazy.

    Ooooo but I never wrote a post about it so I must favor baby-killers! 🙄

  201. Rutherford, I have a quote for your Bitch ass…because you don’t get it.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    Here is an explanation because I know you still don’t get it.

    That when things of this nature are in current events, and your choice is to insult the people who grant their time to keep alive a blog you rarely contribute to anymore rather than even mention in passing your disgust, you are by default supporting it.

    Trust me, this is above your pay-grade, you don’t get it.

  202. Right. And the press isn’t reporting it because it’s a local crime story and it isn’t political. Unlike Newtown.

    Get real.

  203. Rutherphoney would rather pick a fight and create another distraction than deal with anything. Just like his boss.

  204. Here is the dealio with R. I really dont care what he believes in. I dont even care if I ever change his mind on anything. I just think he should be a stand up guy, be up front and honest. Say what you really think and let the cards fall where they may. All this slinking about, pretending to be something he is not, insulting us by thinking we are stupid enough not to see through it all, gets to me. I cannot respect a guy who is a coward, especially in print.

  205. Something I don’t understand. Liberals say that universal background checks and registrations on guns is not an infringement on someone’s rights, but asking someone to prove they are a US citizen and asking for an ID for voting is?

  206. Wow. I challenge anyone to rewind a year or so and tell me this is the same Muffy who was posting back then.

    Really? Kind of like Gorilla and Tigre too? Right? I mean, Tex has always been belligerent. But now, poor little Rutherford is getting picked on by everybody – even the girls. Sniff, sniff.

    Taken a look in the mirror, Toure’?

  207. I don’t know what it is but as you may have noticed I’m finding it hard to show compassion for you.

    Oh, good grief. What is this? The crusher!!! … a few seconds pass.

    😯 😡 😐 🙂 😛 :mrgreen:

    *** S P E W ***

    The sanctimony is choking me. I got to get some air. Truly Joe Biden worthy.

  208. Actually Muffy, I was raised by two responsible adults, so unlike the 47% of liberal Americans who only want to mooch off the government.</i?" – R

    There must have been a steep hill under that tree…

  209. I’d love to hear R defend Obama on this, but I venture he’s just as deaf…

    On the same night I began hunting for the scraps of paper I’ll need for my tax return, President Barack Obama, his wife, kids and a bunch of their buddies were enjoying a live concert of Memphis soul music in a White House now closed to the public because of budget sequestration.

    I don’t begrudge the president a relaxing evening of entertainment, and live is always better than Memorex.

    But as I scrounged through drawers and coat pockets in search of anything that might reduce the size of the check I’m going to write tomorrow, I was acutely aware of how my tax dollars are being used.

    Defending my freedom and maintaining the avenues of commerce, no problem.

    Feeding the hungry and nursing the sick? All good.

    But I draw the line at paying for Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah to serenade a president who, according to the Obama’s tax return released Friday, paid a smaller percentage of his income in federal taxes than I will, while earning a lot more.

    The same president whose re-election campaign savaged Mitt Romney for his effective tax rate of roughly 15 percent, paid a rate of just 18 percent himself in 2012. That’s about half last year’s top tax rate; Obama reduced his tax burden the same way Romney did, with hefty deductions.

    Nothing stopped him from paying the 39.6 percent of income he declared in January is the “fair share” for wealthy folks like he and Michelle.

    He could have voluntarily foregone his deductions, as the tax code allows, and put his money where his mouth is.

    But Obama is not about setting examples.

    When the sequester spending cuts kicked in last month, not only were White House tours ended, but the administration warned it would have to curtail food inspections, limit forest fire containment and set free hundreds of immigrants who had sneaked into the country without permission.

    Obama took the symbolic step of cutting his own pay by 5 percent, and then he went golfing for the 120th time of his presidency. The administration won’t say what it costs in transportation and security for each tee-off, but I’d bet it’s more than the $74,000 a week needed to keep the White House open for school group tours.

    Estimates of the price tag for Obama’s getaway weekend this winter to an exclusive Florida golf resort, where he played with Tiger Woods, are $1 million or more.

    All families need vacations.

    The Obama family vacations have cost taxpayers more than $20 million, and that doesn’t include his jaunt to the Final Four or his daughter’s spring break in Mexico, accompanied by a plane load of friends and Secret Service agents.

    All this high living on the taxpayer’s dime comes at a time when the budget deficit tops $1 trillion, the national debt is reaching toward $17 trillion, and a smaller percentage of Americans are working than when Obama took office.

    Which raises the question: How can a president so tone deaf appreciate a live concert?

    From The Detroit News:

  210. I ran across this in college, a long, long time ago, and kept it handy. I don’t always follow it – hell, I don’t follow it MOST of the time – but it’s a pretty good template for reference:

    The Tradition of Respectful Argument
    MSGR. James P. Shanon
    President, St. Thomas College and Military Academy

    One mark of an educated man is his ability to differ without becoming angry, sarcastic, or discourteous. Such a man recognizes that in contingent matters there will always be a place for legitimate difference of opinion.

    He knows that he is not infallible, he respects the honesty and intellectual integrity of other men, and presumes that all men are men of integrity until they are proved to be otherwise. He is prepared to listen to them when their superior wisdom has something of value to teach him. He is slow to answer and always confident that truth can defend itself and state its own case without specious arguments, emotional displays, or personal pressures.

    This is not to say that he abandons his position easily. If he can be a disciplined mind, he does not lightly forsake the intellectual ground he has won at great cost. He yields only to evidence, proof, or demonstration.

    He expects his adversary to show conclusively the superior value of his opinions and he is not convinced by anything less than this. He is not intimidated by shouting. He is not impressed by verbosity. He is not overwhelmed by force of numbers.

    His abiding respect for truth’s viability enables him to maintain composure and balance in the face of impressive odds. And his respect for the person and the intellect of his opponent persuades him from using cheap tricks, caustic comments, or personal attacks against his adversary, no matter how brilliant or forceful, unjust or unfair, they may be.

    Because of his large views of truth and of individual human respectability, he is prepared to suffer apparent defeat in the mind of the masses on occasions when he knows his position is right. He is not shattered by this apparent triumph of darkness, because he realizes that the mass-mind is fickle at best.

    At best he is neither angered nor shocked by new evidence of public vulgarity or blindness. He is rather prepared to see in these expected human weaknesses compelling reason for more compassion, better rhetoric, and stronger evidence on his part. He seeks always to persuade and seldom to denounce.

    The ability to defend one’s own position with spirit and conviction, to evaluate accurately the conflicting opinions of others, and retain one’s confidence in the ultimate power of truth to carry its own weight are necessary talents in any society, but especially so in our democratic culture.

    There is some evidence that these virtues are in short supply in our day and in our land. The venerable tradition of respectful argumentation, based on evidence, conducted with courtesy, and leading to greater exposition of truth is a precious part of our heritage in this land of freedom. It is the duty of educated men to understand, appreciate, and perpetuate this tradition.

    (This brief essay was written by James P. Shannon, President of St. Thomas College and Military Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota, for his college paper. It was later reprinted in the May issue of the University of Minnesota Alumni News, 1962.)

  211. There are a couple of typos/mis-transcriptions in the above, particularly third paragraph, second sentence, which should read, “If his be a disciplined mind.” Here is a jpeg of the original:

  212. Pfesser, good advice of which I couldn’t argue, even if the practicality of it virtually impossible when trying to discuss relevant issues with a blockhead like Rutherford.

    So as a fallback, sometimes an educated man is forced to revert back to caveman, especially trying to discuss relevant issues with a Neanderthal like Rutherford.

  213. 235 Tex, another enjoyable moment was after they voted me off the site, and I told Lori she had three choices.

    The slim win for Chavez’s heir, Nicolas Maduro basically illustrates why Obama won here in the US. Romney was right. Most of the 47% are either deluded or dependent on the government for handouts as they demonstrated in Venezuela.

    Someone called me a baby killer after I returned to the US. The description fits Obama better than it did returning soldiers. He is on record for supporting infanticide. Rutherford and other Obama supporters may have legitimate reasons which out weigh that issue, that’s fine as long as they know that our president is a baby killer through his approval and that a little of the blood is on their hands the same as when we vote for a president who wages optional wars.

    ABC Action News:” Delaware abortion clinic facing charges of unsafe and unsanitary conditions.” How many more of these facilities are out hidden from view?

    I support helping single mothers, and if we could, we would adopt some of the kids, but all we can do is help with a little money. One mistake can happen, but when women turn out whole litters of “fatherless” children, i leave the boat.

    Let their friends and families support the children. I would spend progressively less tax money on succeeding children, and I would give tax incentives to relatives and others who help take responsibility. Today, we are creating more dependent people who vote for Democrats because they are conditioned to believe they cannot survive without help from a large government, just as in Venezuela.

    264, Right on Noah.

    My crazy little mind makes some odd connections. For example, compare what I learned about the Dutch-English girls attending an English language school in France who made a One Direction fan video with the Daily Caller’s “The deluded generation: Teens clueless about own abilities, finances, prospects” The only things our kids rank the highest in are confidence in their abilities…Math, science, and everything else has gone down.”

    .What I wrote is relevant to the first article on deluded teenagers, and I think some our failing education service is by design. How else does one explain developments like “Outrage of the Week: Middle school curriculum is teaching that Americans don’t have the right to bear arms.”

    Steven Boibeaux of Bristol, Conn says their school gave students a social studies worksheet titled “The second Amendment Today” which ignores court cases supporting the right to bear arms.

    One of the Dutch girls wants to move to the US to be with her brother in Miami.We need more motivated, achieving people like her and fewer uneducated folks who accept welfare as soon as they arrive legally or illegally.Ted Kennedy helped change our immigration laws.

    In response to the Brits who who’s celebratory song about Margaret Thatcher’s death is rising on the charts, I suggest, “Praise the Lord, the old fat pig is dead.”

    That’s a good essay, Pfessor. I think I’ve read it before.. .

  214. Don’t worry, Muffy. Rutherford will be offended by the vulgarity for you. Like your politics, you don’t really know what’s in your own best interest. 🙄

  215. I’m reading “Crash Proof” by Peter Schiff. I’m about 1/4 way through it so far. Really good. It has the best explanation of how fiscal and monetary irresponsibility by our govt has brought us to where we are.

    @DR re: crash of gold last Friday. The crash very likely presages a stock market crash; it did the last time (2008). Good explanation of the mechanics:

    @muffy – I, too have noticed a change in your outlook. Not trying to pick a fight here; I am frankly enjoying not being in pissing matches at R’s house for the last little bit. Just wondering what’s up. I go through about 6-month cycles of being mellow/militant. My oldest brother noticed that in himself and mentioned it many years ago, and I noticed the same thing.

  216. They were talking about the Baby Killer for the first time on MSNBC this morning. It’s now safe for Rutherford to rehash here.

    😆 😆

    So funny (and true), worth two chuckles.

  217. Could be me, but I really enjoy this more militant Muffy. She’s twice as funny as the normal already funny. And Muffy is hilarious Rutherford even if it at your expense, because you’re worth mocking. She makes you, Dear Rutherford, look like the weasel you are when she’s wound up.

    Maybe Muffy is tired up with the lying, false humility, selective memory, and Pravda like propaganda like I am. Noah has been nailing Rutherford’s sorry ass with such regularity, it’s gone almost unnoticed. You’re damn right James that #264 is a legitimate point. And because it is so inarguable, Rutherford will cut and run on that one too. You can already smell the rubber.

    The media doesn’t even try to hide their complicity in selling out the country anymore. Because there’s millions like Rutherford and La Poolman who live here, but hate the country like the Bomba. They’re going to be mighty sorry one day when they wake up and realize they’re on their own.

    I agree, Pfesser. Nonetheless, I guessed wrong and bought $55K of gold certs November 7th. Now I’m taking it in the shorts. But this market is a joke. Retail precipitates the fall and like gold, it is taking it in the shorts.

    We’ve all been lied to. Just a matter of time.

  218. “There must have been a steep hill under that tree…”

    Really dumb comment. I don’t crow about it but since you want to go there I haven’t collected one cent of gov’t money under very tough circumstances. At the very least I could’ve collected disability but I’ve chosen not to. I also did not collect unemployment when I could have.

    So basically you’re being an ass. The difference between us is I don’t force my personal standards on those who may have had to make different choices than I did.

  219. “The difference between us is I don’t force my personal standards on those who may have had to make different choices than I did.”

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  220. Oooooooo, a nerve.

    Don’t get all righteous indignation with me considering the fact that you espouse a louse-like demeanor to public intercourse. Your political decisions, your ideological positions and your running commentary decry—nay, insult and ridicule—those who promote self reliance. You even insulted Muffy with such:

    Are you one of those hypocrites who fight for the unborn and then vote to defund every social program that gives then a shot at success in life? You know, “I’ll fight for you to be born but I won’t adopt you (particularly if you’re black or Hispanic) and you’re basically on your own. After all I’m a conservative who believes in self reliance.” – R

    So really, golf clap gentlemen, R doesn’t practice what he preaches (definition for hypocrite?). Of course, R will respond with some meme about liberals and choice, but he won’t comment on the context of the choices. What was it R, elections have consequences? Indeed, they do. Maybe someday R will explain to all of us sloped foreheads why we’re so ignant to the blessings of the Chicago Jesus. How the Messiah has blessed all of us but we’re just too damn stupid to recognize it (I’m sure it’s a combination of our pale faces and bitter fascination with the “negative document” known as the Constitution).

    And without knowing your parents, I still venture to guess that there’s a hill under that tree. JFK would be decried a war-mongering “Conservative”, and I’d venture that the founder of the Dem party itself—Thomas Jefferson—would be repulsed in a fashion similar to the rest of the founding fathers—and the vast majority of this country. You are the extremist, not I.

  221. There’s nothing wrong with me Doc, but thanks for asking (/not sarc).

    As for Rutherford – he snipes his boogers from behind a privacy fence and cries at the sight of me walking toward him with a big rock in my hand. This latest dust up was generated simply because the boys were getting along and we can’t have that. Maddow didn’t say they could.

    With regard to supporting the evil doctor – we now know the reason why Obama objected to another doctor being called into the room at signs of life. There seems to be some debate/defense over what the uneducated lay person considers signs of life – like crying and writhing and screaming.

  222. Haven’t been following the Ab doctor thing at all, but it sounds pretty bad. There is an old saying, “The exception proves the rule.” “Proves” means, “tests,” not “confirms.”

    It will be interesting to see what the jury says.

  223. Rutherford, I like you, and your refusal to take government help when you could have is admirable. But that doesn’t change reality.

    You have sold your heart and soul to a false prophet who’s weaknesses and inconsistancies daily grow more obvious. The once defensible becomes untenable, and you are reduced to ignoring charges or changing the subject with irrelevancies or personal attacks. You are becoming a fugitive on your own blog.

    Your liberal allies have deserted you for all practicable purposes, and you are left alone and cornered as I once was though without the knives and torture. Why don’t you wage a non-personal attack instead of becoming reactive to the point of passivity? Have you reached the point where you wish it would all end regardless of the outcome?

    The wolves smell blood, and will consume you as flash backs dance before my eyes.

  224. Okay, Rutherford. You’ve heard it from the good guys, the moderates, the gal, and the belligerent asses like me. Still want us to believe in ‘The Won’ as you whistle past the graveyard?

  225. Alfie would be the closest on this forum. Still no claim (not surprising) and we’re up to over 100 hurt, at least two dead, though I expect that number to go up.

    I’ll be curious who claims it and what the devise was. An anecdotal observation, if this turns out to be AQ, it’ll be the first successful attack on US soil since 9/11. Christmas 2009 would have been the closest, till this of course.

  226. “So basically you’re being an ass. The difference between us is I don’t force my personal standards on those who may have had to make different choices than I did.”

    I don’t think there is any words I can say to properly describe this paragraph. Its like a Picasso. Sometimes it is just best to stand there and look at it. Any words just diminish the message.

    269-270 Thanks PF..I’ve logged that into my permanent file. You will note those that took it to heart and those that didn’t even make mention, no matter the number of violates they were guilty of.

  227. Keep jumping to conclusions as the news media reports ANYTHING to fill the time instead of saying we don’t know.

    No comment from me until after tonight’s news. That should be enough time to get more accuracy.

    Welcome BiC good to see you’re still being an ass.

    How bout we all just hope that Alfie wasn’t there.

  228. Richard Clarke on ABC News just commented on the bombings at the Boston Marathon, “There’s been a history of right-wing people doing incidents on Patriot’s Day and this is Patriot’s Day in Boston even though the anniversary is four days from now..”

  229. Could easily be a McVeigh type of murderer this time of year. Who knows. That boom 10 second pause boom is very Al Qaeda like though…

    Fucking asshole/assholes bomb people living life to it’s fullest.

    Little kids…people finishing a marathon.

    Dear Satan,

    What’s with the non stop pussy shit? I’m probably wrong….but I thought you at least used to have a nut sack back in the day.

    Seeing that old man runner hit the deck before finishing enrages me.

    Can you imagine what that must be like? Just as you finish a fucking marathon?

  230. “Seeing that old man runner hit the deck before finishing enrages me.”

    I can’t bring myself to look at any more pictures after seeing a bloody sidewalk in one of them. And I can’t watch any of the videos for the same reason…they will piss me off too bad and I need to be cautious of my blood pressure.

    “How bout we all just hope that Alfie wasn’t there.”

    When I originally posted my comment there was little news. After news started pouring in, that same thing crossed my mind.

  231. Nowhere near it though I’ve tried to reach out to two folks that were nearby.
    Basically the news you all have heard is pretty much what there is. There is a lot of panic type follow up stuff with searches for ? devices at other locations including one of Mass General Hospitals parking garages.
    My contacts have their hands full so I’m way down on the contact list for now.
    I can say that the spin is leaning towards domestic nut job.

  232. Me too, Alfie. Glad to hear all is well. I’ve been busy today, so I have pretty much missed all the excitement.

    Domestic guy, hey? Boy, the figure that out quickly.

  233. “Dear Satan, What’s with the non stop pussy shit? I’m probably wrong….but I thought you at least used to have a nut sack back in the day.”

    I am sorry, but I couldn’t help but get a chuckle out of that.

  234. ” I need to be cautious of my blood pressure.”- Huck

    Yeah. You are making the right call. I just watched another set of videos and I wish I didn’t. I didn’t get how many people were affected by this until I saw those. 9 year old boy killed too. At one point there were a thousand people running for their lives.

    Alfie…I’m sorry this happened to your city and I hope we get revenge on who was behind this,

  235. I can’t believe how many idiots are online. Some of the…dare I say most of the…posting under news reports are conspiracy theorists, left wingers blaming right wingers and right wingers beside themselves with anger because Pennsylvania Ave. was temporarily shut down after the bombings.

  236. Will we be trying this in a Boston criminal court if it proves to be Al Qaeda?

    I’m certainly glad Alfie is alright and I’m glad more people weren’t killed. Wished no one had been hurt or maimed. Rank cowards kill people indiscriminately – subhuman goons. Hope they catch the perpetrator. I’d fry him and be done with it like we did McVeigh.

    But I have to be honest. After this last election and the last 13 years of sordid leftist behavior, I have grown kind of numb to terrorism – domestic or foreign, numb to the economy tanking, numb to this irrational fear running around the country anymore, numb to butchers running abortion clinics under ‘reproductive rights.’

    Being this is a leftist city, they’ll have to handle it without any great concern from me. I was so uninterested I turned to cable TV for a second, grew bored with the repetition and Chicken Little routine, and watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory tonight on AMC after walking the dog.

    I tuned out after November 6th. Completely uninterested in politics and have zero allegiance to the east and west coast – might as well be China. 😐

  237. Alfie good to see you here. I seem to recall your doing first responder work in the past so I thought you might even be there after the fact.

    In any case, glad you’re safe.

  238. I heard a report, might or might not be true, that some runners ran right past the finish line towards the nearest hospital to give blood.

    This is the time for small heroes. The villains did their sh*t but the heroes far outnumber them.

  239. What’s so heroic about giving blood? The liberal mind never ceases to amaze.

    My daughter donates blood frequently because of the demand for her blood type and doesn’t require a tragedy to do so. Is she twice as heroic? Four times as heroic? 😐

    Heroes weren’t blood givers. Heroes were the ones who ran to the bombed site immediately after the explosion at risk to themselves, risking life and limb.

  240. You know Tex, seriously fuck you.

    I was making a simple observation of people thinking of others in a time of crisis and pitching in any way they can.

    Seriously go blow yourself.

  241. I sure don’t trust our media to give us a straight story. That said, I’ll go with the al CIA duh connection. It sounds the most feasible. The bulk of the other thwarted terrorist events of this past decade have proved to be FBI or CIA incited, including the Christmas 09 event. Now we apparently have another patsy in custody. Of course, they tell us he’s a Saudi national to reinforce that hammered meme. He must be guilty, I’m sure the public needs little convincing.

    Just a few things seem rather unusual, at least to a skeptic…

    University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.
    “They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15.

    Stevenson said he saw law enforcement spotters on the roofs at the start of the race. He’s been in plenty of marathons in Chicago, D.C., Chicago, London and other major metropolitan areas but has never seen that level of security before.
    “Evidently, I don’t believe they were just having a training exercise,” Stevenson said. “I think they must have had some sort of threat or suspicion called in.”
    Stevenson had just finished the marathon before the explosions. Stevenson said his wife had been sitting in one of the seating sections where an explosion went off, but thankfully she left her seat and was walking to meet up with him.

    “We are just so thankful right now,” Stevenson said.

    A lot of historical events have happened on this date in the past.

  242. Interesting news, Eric Holders wife co-owns Gosnell run abortion clinic.

    Glad to see you are ok Alfie. Prayers to those slain and injured and their families.

  243. Is it no surprise that the left is already attempting to blame the right with this. I don’t suppose it matters that every other mass casualty event they’ve attempted to pin on the right has turned out to be wrong (and much closer to a leftist than anything else). These aren’t just extreme social media types, though they’re all over the place right now. No, we’re talking MSNBC and it’s ilk. Blubber Moore, Tingles, CNN…

    CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about domestic terrorism as a category. Normally, domestic terrorists, people tend to be on the far right, well that’s not a good category, just extremists, let’s call them that. Do they advertise after they do something like this? Do they try to get credit as a group or do they just hate America so much or its politics or its government that they just want to do the damage, they don’t care if they get public credit, if you will?

    Fuck you.

    The greatest domestic terror threat is environmental terrorism, followed by leftist terror threats. Let us not forget that OWS members were just convicted of attempting to blow up a bridge in Ohio. D.C.’s Holocaust Museum shooter was a leftist, and Jared Laughner was clearly the Piss Pot type.

    R, your peeps are out of control again.

    I will add one bit, that I think was taken out of context. CNN was talking to Peter Bergen, and he mentioned Oklahoma City. I didn’t hear this, but my gut says that he was just pointing out that just because something goes boom, it doesn’t mean it was AQ, but I doubt he is convinced it is anything other than Islamic extremism at this point, simply based on probability.

  244. I was making a simple observation of people thinking of others in a time of crisis and pitching in any way they can.

    You know Rutherford, seriously rim me, squirt. You’d be just about the right level where I could just “Lean Forward” like MSNBC. You’d feel right at home.

    I was making the observation just how utterly clueless as a sheltered buffoon you really are.

    The fact you wouldn’t recognize a hero human from a hero sandwich only demonstrates you’re personally worthless. And the only personal sacrifice you’ve ever made is tithing to an Obama lottery.

  245. I’m trying to think off hand exactly who has turned out to be a domestic terrorist and was right? The last bastard that flew his plane into the IRS building was a devout lefty after they initially tried to pin that on the right, spouting about the evils of the Catholic Church in his tome.

    McVeigh? Self-professed atheist. Loughner? Turned out more Rutherford than Palin.

    They’ve been trying to pin mass murder on whites too. Somebody did an interesting little project. Check this out….then pass it on to Chris Matthews and Chaz Maddow.

    Black Serial/Mass/Spree Killer List:
    1. Matthew Emanuel Macon (Murdered and Raped 5 White Women in Lansing)
    2. Jimmie Reed (Murdered his wife and his 2 month old daughter and set them on fire)
    3. Shelly Brooks (Murdered 7 prostitutes in Detroit Cass Corridor)
    4. Justin Blackshere (Stabbed two white cooks at Cheli’s Chili downtown Detroit)
    5. Jervon Miguel Coleman (Murdered three people.)
    6. Donell Ramon Johnson (Murdered a mother and a daughter)
    7. Brian Ranard Davis (6 women known murdered by nigger)
    8. Paul Durousseau (Seven women)
    9. Mark Goudeau “The Baseline Killer” (Eight women and a man in 2005-2006)
    10. Coral Eugene Watts (11 women in Texas & 1 in Michigan)
    11. Anthony McKnight (Five girls and young women)
    12. Derrick Todd Lee (8 Women)
    13. Charles Lendelle Carter (4 known murders; admits to ‘hunting’ Atlantans for 15 years!)
    14. The Zebra Killings (71 White people)
    15. Chester Turner (L.A.s most prolific killer 12 women killed.)
    16. Lorenzo J. Gilyard (Kansas City, MO.—13 victims)
    17. Eugene Victor Britt (Gary, IN.–3 known murder/rapes.)
    18. Reginald and Jonathan Carr (The Wichita Massacre–6 Whites murdered)
    19. Ray Joseph Dandridge and his uncle, Ricky Gevon Gray (Richmond, VA.–Murdered 7 people in 7 days, including an entire White family.)
    20. The Tinley Park Murderer (Suspect hasn’t been found but has been described as black – murdered 5 women in a store.)
    21. Henry Louis Wallace (Raped and strangled 5 women to death.)
    22. Charles Johnston (Murdered 3 unarmed white men in hospital)
    23. Craig Price (Brutally murdered 3 women)
    24. Harrison Graham (Brually Murdered 3 women)
    25. Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton (Murdered 6 Whites at the Kirkwood, MO. city council. )
    26. & 27. Darnell Hartsfeld & Romeo Pinkerton (Abducted and Murdered 5 from a restaurant)
    28 &29. John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo (Sniped 11 people from a car in DC, 9 died.)
    30. George Russell (3 women, WA state)
    31. Timothy W. Spencer (5 killed, Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA)
    32. Elton M. Jackson (12 gay men killed, Norfolk, VA area)
    33. Carlton Gary (3 killed in Columbus, GA)
    34. Mohammed Adam Omar (16 women, Yemen. Omar is Sudanese.)
    35. Kendall Francois (8 women, Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding areas.)
    36. Terry A. Blair (8 women, Kansas City area)
    37. Wayne Williams (33 many of them children!, Atlanta, GA)
    38. Vaughn Greenwood (11 killed in LA)
    39. Andre Crawford (10 killed in Chicago – southside)
    40. Calvin Jackson (9 killed possibley more in NY)
    41. Gregory Klepper (killed 8, Chicago – southside)
    42. Alton Coleman (Killed 8 in the Midwest)
    43. Harrison Graham (killed 7+ in N. Philadelphia)
    44. Cleophus Prince (6 killed in, San Diego
    45. Robert Rozier (7 killed in, Miami)
    46. Maurice Byrd (killed 20 + in St. Louis)
    47. Maury Travis (17 and rising, St. Louis and possibly also Atlanta)
    48. Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (killed 20+ in Florida)
    49. Lorenzo Fayne (killed 5 children in East St. Louis, IL)
    50. Paul Durousseau, (killed 6, two of which were pregnant women, Jacksonville, FL; Georgia.)
    51. Eddie Lee Mosley (killed 25 to 30 women, south Florida)
    52. Henry Lee Jones (killed 4 in, south Florida; Bartlett, TN)
    53. Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite (15 killed in, New York; Georgia.)
    54. Donald E. Younge, Jr. (killed 4), East St. Louis, IL; Salt Lake City, UT.
    55. Ivan Hill (killed 6 in Los Angeles area).
    56. Michael Vernon (Bronx, NY. Killed at least seven people – )
    57. Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women killed in, Los Angeles)

  246. Interesting news, Eric Holders wife co-owns Gosnell run abortion clinic…

    Are we surprised? Holder and Obama are remorseless racists, megalomaniacs and butchers. I wouldn’t doubt Obama owns a little Kermit stock too.

  247. Yes, it is interesting news that Eric Holder’s wife co-owns the Gosnell run abortion clinic. If she is more than a silent owner, she must have some influence on the management. Maybe someone should check on the ownership of the Delaware operation.

    That Gosnell allegedly practiced a double standard for white and minority women is also interesting.The Democrats have followed the same doctrine for years. Witness the poor state of black society in Democratic run cities.

    Luke Russert, the son of an iconic reporter, speculated that right wingers might have set off the bombs as revenge for the Waco, Texas government attacks.That little twerp should have been aborted at birth. Too many of his kind are running around as it is.

    We know Obama and the Holders approve of such practices. Maybe we could follow Obama friend Bill Ayres’ idea and put them in post-war North Vietnamese style reeducation camps since it is too late to abort them..

  248. What a sack of shit….

    “We are talking about recovery here all morning, as this city, as this state tries to bounce back from this,” the CNN host said to Frank, a former congressman from that state. “And someone brought up an interesting point that, in some ways, the recovery is based on the response. The response yesterday was so remarkable. They stopped the marathon mid-point and calmly moved some 5,000 people from the racecourse. There were moments of chaos right there, but they were able to clear the scene fairly well. What are your impressions of the response in Boston so far?”

    “I’m glad you raised that, because it gives me a chance to make a point I’ve felt strongly about,” said Frank. “In this terrible situation, let’s be very grateful that we had a well-funded, functioning government. It is very fashionable in America, and has been for some time to criticize government, belittle public employees, talk about their pensions, talk about what people think … of [their] health care. Here we saw government in two ways perform very well. … I never was as a member of Congress one of the cheerleaders for less government, lower taxes. No tax cut would have helped us deal with this or will help us recover. This is very expensive.”

  249. No wonder Rutherford bows at the MSNBC altar for spiritual guidance. Birds of a mendacious nature…

    Get a gander of this whopper: 😈

    Our network was paying attention to the story, but added, “We don’t cover criminal trials to the extent of others in cable news.” ~ Lauren Skowronski, MSNBC spokewoman

    MSNBC Coughs Up Hilarious Excuse for Embargoing Gosnell Trial

  250. Everybody is having a great time piling on Rutherford and busting his chops over Hussein, but IMHO what is really happening is that he is simply carrying on policies that have developed well before he was out of diapers. I’m not saying he doesn’t believe the bullshit; he does, but it doesn’t matter what he does, it’s over, to matter what, IMHO.

    Hussein is riding the well-established tiger of fiscal and monetary irresponsibility, and can’t get off, because it will eat him. It is going to eat us all, but he’s just trying to shove it a little further down the road, just like everybody else has. I don’t think he’s going to make it.

  251. no matter what, not “to”


    Great summary by Peter Schiff. “Crashproof.”

    “In the 1990s and 2000s, expansions of the money supply have been used to create permanent inflation in order to relieve the symptoms of inefficient government. As new money stimulates consumer spending and increases the gross domestic product (GDP), it creates an illusion of healthy economic growth. By diluting the dollar’s value, it artificially reduces the costs of social programs, the massive national debt and budget deficit, and our huge current account deficit. Reflected mainly in asset bubbles (stocks, bonds, and real estate) and being exported to buy consumer products from Europe and Asia, this inflation is not reflected in official figures, such as the consumer price index (CPI). But inflation it is, and it is diminishing the purchasing power of the dollar as this is written. What is now high, if largely invisible, inflation will become acutely felt hyperinflation as dollars being accumulated abroad come home to roost.”

    That, my friends, if I may mix my metaphors, is the whole ball of wax in a nutshell.

  252. If you are right, Pfessor, you must carry the scenario to its logical conclusion–civil unrest or worse.

    Sarajevo War ’92…but we’re never gonna survive, unless…we get a little crazy YouTube video. Song by Seal.

    A commenter wrote “The Serbs had the upper hand because they had a REAL army. Now, everyone has weapons and Serbs no longer colonize Kosova.” What about us?

  253. I read that book a couple of years ago, Pfesser. It was pretty informative and terrifying. Of course, Schiff says own gold – and I’ve lost 20% since I bought. 🙂

    A couple of countries sold off large holdings of gold last Thursday or Friday to raise capital. That’s a part of the explanation – but I think it is more than that. I think time’s up.

    While there no doubt our government has been horribly irresponsible fiscally – I would say exponentially since the days of Greenspan – Hussein has raised the bar when he campaigned to do exactly the opposite and said it unpatriotic (his words). The man if an unrelenting liar and has overseen the only two debt downgrades. It proves how stupid Americans are be electing this bum. The only saving grace for me is his lackeys like Rutherford will experience severe pain.

    I might even go so far as to say since FDR and the public works programs + SS, the government has been out of control. It was tolerable when Reagan and Clinton were Presidents because we experienced so much increase in accumulated wealth. But even then, we were running huge deficits in entitlements.

    You’re absolutely right since Hussein has been indoctrinated since birth – the ultimate red diaper baby. Every damn one of them who raised Hussein, from his sperm toting daddy, to his skank of a mother, his racist grandma and grandpa, to Frank Marshall his real pappy

    …all of them were red.

  254. I’ll say one other thing, Pfesser. Romney, no matter what you thought of him as a man, a father, a pol…

    The guy understood markets, he understood debt, he understood responsibility, he understood balance sheets, and he headed the most admired company in America if you believe these surveys.

    America had a very clear choice last November. The best choice could not have been more obvious. Hussein couldn’t read a ruler. He’s a massive dumbass.

    America chose poorly and now she will pay dearly. That’s why I can’t get too worked up about Boston. Yawn..

  255. Smoke and mirrors, people. After a little research I can conclude this definitely was a staged event yesterday in Boston. The latest diversionary act to divide and conquer the American sheeple. I wonder how much longer we’ll be free to discuss these things in an open forum?

  256. In no particular order:

    Tex, once again, fuck you.

    Gorilla, I don’t get your “probability”. I’m pretty sure if we do a tally over the past 20 years there were more domestic bombings than foreign based ones. I won’t get into the left/right of it but I think it’s just as likely to be domestic as foreign based. From a tally I heard last night, just off my memory, we’ve got the two World Trade bombings (if we agree plane used as missile), the Times Square bomber and the thwarted underpants Xmas bomber. On the domestic side, we’ve got the Unabomber, the Atlanta Olympics bomber, the OK City bombing and abortion clinic bombings. So we’re talking at least 50/50.

    Without a link, I can only assume “Frank” was Barney Frank. What did he say that was so bad G? Who are the first on the scene at these disasters? Cops and firemen. Municipal employees. Private enterprise does not get involved when the crisis first hits. So let’s stop crapping on government all the time.

    Regarding Holder, I haven’t had much good to say about him in some time. I think his response to Paul’s question about domestic drone attacks was wildly inappropriate. If his wife is truly connected in any meaningful way to Gosnell it is not a good development.

    Poolman, over the years I’ve defended you because I believed (and still believe) that you are not a malicious man. But there can be little doubt at this point that you are as nutty as a Snickers bar.

  257. Well then, Bergen is off his fucking rocker…

    I said probability that it was Islamic extremism. And your tally left out a ton of stuff on the left, like enviro terrorism, anarchists, etc.

  258. Word is that the Saudi national has been cleared as a person of interest.

    “Late Monday night, law enforcement officials descended on an apartment building in the suburb of Revere, about five miles north of Copley Square, linked to a man the police took into custody near the scene of the bombings. But on Tuesday morning, one law enforcement official said investigators had determined that the man, who was injured in the blast and was questioned at the hospital, was not involved in the attack.”

    “Well then, Bergen is off his fucking rocker”

    As far as I am concerned, David Bergen lost all credibility when he became a shill for Obama and started giving analyses like that of the 2nd link I gave. I take EVERYTHING I hear or read from him with a very large grain of salt.

  259. That’s what I’m talking about, Rutherford. I want to see you going down fighting and standing up for your beliefs.

    I agree we don’t know enough to speculate about the bomber or motives.

    Media ite headline:” Barney Frank Demands Higher Taxes Over Boston Bombing, MSNBC Anchor Calls Him Out for Politicizing Attack.” Barney said the government needs to raise taxes so Massachussetts doesn’t have to pay for the Post-Boston Marathon bombing rebuilding effort.

    He also said the attack is a good argument against those who want to reduce our deficit through lower spending. Frank said the sequester would have made it impossible for the government to react so effectively to the attack .He is wrong. Had liberals been so concerned, they could have cut the Obama vacation and travel budget for starters. Its called triage.

    He may believe what he said. If so he is deluded. Otherwise, he is using dead and wounded people to make a political point as Obama is doing.

    Have you ever been in a real disaster, Rutherford? I have been. I have also read about others. Private enterprise does quickly get involved as it did during our flood, tornado, and as Wal Mart did after Hurricane Katrina. They were initially better organized than the local government was.

    Ordinary people would have managed the disaster before police and fire fighters arrived had they not been incidentally present. Yes, the law’s expertise and skills were important, but to say the sequester would have prevented police and fire fighters’ effective rescue efforts is blatant politicizing.

    The sequester and budget cuts concern the federal, not local governments who pay most of the police and fire fighter’s salaries and insurance plans. Therefore, Frank’s comments are irrelevant. So,in this context is “Lets stop crapping on government.”.

  260. I think it is smart for officials to hedge their bets and keep all options open as to who might have done this.

    But with that said, I have a feeling it was a Muslim terrorist. It seems to me that domestic terrorists target government or infrastructure targets. Why is someone pissed off at Obama and/or the government going to blow up the Boston Marathon on tax day instead of a big line outside of a tax office?

    From what I know, Muslim extremists like to go after crowds and rack up body counts. Much of their symbolism is in dates…like 9/11 (911 emergency, and now just the symbolism in that anniversary) or “Patriot’s Day.”

    That doesn’t mean I am discounting anyone. But I am leaning a bit that way.

  261. “Otherwise, he is using dead and wounded people to make a political point…”

    C’mon James. Nobody does that, least of all a politician. 😉

  262. So Team Obama is too busy campaigning for gun control to send someone to attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.


  263. “Eric Holders wife co-owns Gosnell run abortion clinic”

    Like MSNBC and Rutherford and the baby slaughtering perverts on the left, I too, can’t follow this story. I just can’t take the details.

    But this newest development is jaw dropping.

    I don’t know what to say. Hopefully Holder’s cunt wife ends up being force fed state pussy in cell block 6.

    I like to cough up a massive snot and spit in her face right in front of hubby in the hope he goes tough guy on me.

  264. She only (partly) owns the building, so there is a fair amount of deniability for her regarding what went on inside of it. But it sure doesn’t look good, and will probably force some kind of statement, which will in turn, shed more media light on the subject.

  265. And your tally left out a ton of stuff on the left, like enviro terrorism, anarchists, etc.

    If you’re gonna argue with me, please argue with what I actually said. I explicitly said I wasn’t making a left/right comment. I was making a foreign/domestic argument.

    Read my comment again if you need to. 😐

  266. Had liberals been so concerned, they could have cut the Obama vacation and travel budget for starters.

    James I know I’ve been accused of over-parsing but really … do you think Obama’s vacations are part of the Federal budget? Perhaps to the extent he gets paid vacation as do many in the public and private sector but beyond that, I don’t really know what you’re talking about.

    As for Frank’s comment … point taken on how his remarks could be interpreted.

  267. Huck, two points … hate to sound like Poolman connecting dots but I have heard whispers of Patriot’s Day’s proximity to the Waco thing being a possible motivator for a domestic terrorist. I think there are enough clues out there for anyone to lean toward their favorite hunch.

    I’m too lazy to look this up …. are we really sending NO ONE to Thatcher’s funeral? One might argue Obama should be there but it would be decent for Biden or even Kerry to go. We are really blowing off the funeral?

  268. What R heard was his Matthews claiming that right wing nutters attack near national holidays with no evidence to back up such a claim. As has been noted before, R has no comment until one of his Liberal media masters gives it to him.

    Poolman is basing his observations on that conspiracy guy who made a video on this just 6 hours after the event. As you might guess, all baseless speculation.

  269. OK, I got over my laziness to confirm that we are not sending current Obama admin folks over there but we did recruit George Schultz and James Baker to be part of a “presidential delegation”.

    I could go either way on this. It is classy to send someone from our government. On the other hand, maybe it makes more sense to send folks from Thatcher’s time who may have actually worked with her?

    Besides we’ll be well represented by our great patriot Dick Cheney.

  270. Wrong again Noah. I heard about five seconds of Chris Matthews on this. I got the Patriot Day connection 2nd hand from my wife who heard it somewhere and from Sandi from my Internet radio show who heard it somewhere.

    I’m not endorsing it — READ WHAT I SAID NOT WHAT YOU WISH I SAID — I’m just saying EVERYONE right now can pull stuff out of his ass to satisfy his political leanings.

  271. Heart it from someone, not sure who, who heard it from someone, who is not sure who, who heard it from someone, not sure who, but it was not Matthews. Even though it is what he said, and I did say I didnt know who it is…its not him. Gottcha.

  272. I think speculating that the marathon attack could be from a domestic far right group/ person makes sense considering its April.

    But….it could just as easly be Islamic.

    Those bombs are classic middle eastern in design, from what I read.

    My gut tells me that its domestic…..but my gut also told me to buy more gold a week ago. It also tells me to drink beer and eat pirogies soaked in butter non stop so I tend to at least try to ignore my gut.

    What pisses me off is that if it is a far right weirdo…..Rutherford will be whipped up in the same dumb ass frenzie MSNBC got him in when they wrongly associated the Arizona attack with the Tea Party. As the last time, he will try to stifle speech and claim conservative grievances that are vocalized kill people so we need to shut up and only use words/phrases that have been filtered through the all knowing left. Rutherford and Chrissy Mathews will be the judge of how we say things and what we say. The standard of course never applying to themselves. The linguistic cleansing will begin.

  273. I’m surprised Biden ditched the Thatcher funeral. I’m guessing she was a huge gun control advocate on the other side of the pond.

  274. I agree Rutherford that there is no point speculating on who did the bombing.

    I was just being snarky with the Obama family vacations and hoped you would respond so I could dump this load on you.Ha Ha! The principal is sound. Our government can slice a significant amount of money from the budget for essentials before it has to raise taxes.

    No, the bill doesn’t come from the federal treasury. However, some of it does. The Mail online cited a book “Presidential Perks Go Royal” by Robert Kieth Gray. According to Gray our royal family costs more to maintain than the Brits’.

    Obama is obliged to travel on Air Force One when campaigning and he has taken it on vacations, I believe. Democrats reimburse the government with the cost of a first class ticket per passenger.

    “Another huge presidential outing, according to Mr. Gray, comes in the form of staff members who can be appointed by the commander in chief at his own discretion. Secret Service and other security people also cost money. So does jet fuel.

    Texas Rep Louis Gohmert referenced press reports estimating the recent cost of golf with Tiger Woods at $ 1 million. 341 federal workers could have been spared furloughs if Obama had stayed home.

    Fox News reported that the Secret Service usually doesn’t tell how many secret agents and others are assigned on protective missions,so we don’t know how much it cost, say to take Michele to do a dance routine on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

    According to Poor Richard’s News, the White House flew Newtown families on Air Force One for a speech on gun control. The writer claims the cost to fly Air Force One is $180,000 per hour of flight time. One assumes the spouses separate vacations and the kid’s spring break tours brought the total much higher.

    Other presidents are also expensive to maintain, but if we are so short of money that we face ending White House tours, restricting food inspections and reducing our police force so that a future Boston bombing reaction and investigation would fail, surely we can triage and spend vacation and travel money on more worthy causes.

    Obama could also use more internet teleconfrencing. That would save a lot of jet fuel and reduce his carbon foot print.

    He did save a little money. Though he flew the Newtown families in Air Force One, the mother of a Benghazi terror attack will have to pay her own way to watch her son receive posthumours honors from the Federal Government.

    I have more if you want.

    I am agnostic about Thatcher’s funeral.

    Meanwhile, another storm may give us heavy rain and then up to five inches of snow and blowing snow by Thursday.

  275. “Patriot’s Day’s proximity to the Waco thing being a possible motivator for a domestic terrorist.”

    Proximity to dates is not a factor if someone is using a date as a symbol for an action. If it isn’t on the same date, the symbolism is lost. The symbolism needs to be obvious.

    That doesn’t mean it isn’t a domestic job. But if Waco (April 19) has anything to do with it, then the symbolism is lost on anyone but PM types who make their conclusions and then look for reasons why it is right, rather than the other way around.

    To provide context…the OKC bombing was done on April 19. See how it works?

  276. The linguistic cleansing will begin.

    Speaking of which Rabbit, what do you make of this obsession in the media (mainly sparked by the right) on whether Obama uses the word “terrorism” or not?

  277. Yeah, I’m just pulling this stuff out of my ass

    Experts Skeptical Homegrown Terrorists Were Behind Boston Bombings

    Attacking the Boston Marathon would be an unusual target for antigovernment groups.


    While some of the factors surrounding the Boston bombings could point to these groups—a simplistic homemade bomb, causing mass casualties, falling on Tax Day—other factors don’t add up. For many of these groups, the date that most matters to them is not Tax Day or Patriots’ Day or even Hitler’s birthday, but the anniversary of the Waco siege (pictured below). On April 19, 1993, 76 people died when a radical, antigovernment sect’s compound in Texas burnt to the ground after days of firefights with federal officials. When Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, killing 168 people, it fell on the anniversary of the Waco raid, which he cited as a motivation for the attack.


    “When you think about it, the target is not clear,” said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center. “What the target was not was the government, or the IRS, or a minority group—black people, gay people, Muslims, immigrants, Latinos, and so on. It wasn’t targeted at any sort of specific subgroup.”


    “The bottom line is that no domestic extremist movement, just based on their ideology alone, would have a huge reason to attack the Boston Marathon,” Pitcavage said. “The prominence of the event could cause anybody from a variety of movements to carry out an attack like that.”


    Pretty much the exact same thing I said a few mins ago and a few hours ago.

  278. “Speaking of which Rabbit, what do you make of this obsession in the media (mainly sparked by the right) on whether Obama uses the word “terrorism” or not?”

    I was thinking about this a couple hours ago.

    If I were him, I would stop calling this stuff terrorism and just start calling them acts of cowardice…which he also kind of did. Fuck letting these assholes, whoever they are, think they are terrorizing us.

    He won his re-election, so what difference does what he calls something matter now?

  279. Folks can slam me for past transgressions … have a field day. But at least today, I’m not equating domestic with right wing. Who knows? Maybe Obama’s Sista Souljah moment with chained CPI caused some leftist to go batsh*t crazy?

    Let’s see what plays out.

    P.S. to Huck … no, not ricin tainted envelopes again!

  280. “no, not ricin tainted envelopes again!”

    Evidently, there was just an “expert” on CNN TV who is now saying it tested positive once, negative once and inconclusive once. So who knows…..

  281. Rutherford thinks anybody to the right of Rachel Maddow is nutty as a Snicker’s Bar. Rutherford lost credibility for me about 3½ years ago and continues to get more detached from the here and now.

    What we need is a new hero for Rutherford. Even better, we need a new villain.

    But I like to stick around to read Rutherford go on one of his emotional escapes. That’s when he is at his absolute “best” leftist. Forget the bastards playing hurt locker checking for bombs. A run to the Red Cross is the height of bravery.

    Rates right up there with “R”s charitable works – paying minimum taxes.

    Mother Rutherfordesa, bless us everyone.

  282. But at least today, I’m not equating domestic with right wing.

    That would be the safe play. Too bad Wolf Blitzer and Tingles Matthews haven’t exercised the same caution.

    I swear, when I saw his (Blitzer’s) tweet suggesting that “anti-tax groups” were behind it, I didn’t know which was sadder::: The fact he believed it enough to publish it, or the fact that he would think that a group motivated enough to do it would not focus enough on picking a target that would make their intentions abundantly clear.

  283. Terrorism…Tragedy…Bump in the road…Who cares what Obama says about anything anymore?

    And anyway if it should turn out that the bomber is a paranoid apolitical anti-social who prefers Nietzsche to the bible he’ll still be referred to as a right-wing X-tian tea-bagging nutjob for the rest of time. And if that doesn’t fly he’ll be referred to as a lone wolf insane orphan with no political affiliations.

    I’ve noticed that the least political people I know are the most affected by the bombing.

  284. That last @ #366 mostly juxtaposes the bubbleheads on TV with real people finishing up the supper dishes and bathing the kids right about now.

  285. As things continue to roll the Boston press is happily flying on hyperdrive.
    The area around the finish line,Copley Square, is a major point in what is known as the Back Bay. Boylston St ( the site of the explosions) and the streets that run parallel to it (Newbury,Marlborough & Commonwealth) are historically the locale of the well heeled. Some of these folks are media types who are being fawned over by their peers to fill coverage space.
    The Boston Public Library main branch (circa 1895) is located at the finish line.A number of tourism and commerce sites are within walking distance of the area. The history and $$$ abounds.
    Under Boylston st. there is the MBTA Green Line.(often cited as the oldest subway system in the US) The Green Line operates light rail street cars and is, when underground, the shallowest of Bostons subways. I have always been of the school that the Green Line makes for a nice target although I personally always thought its Park St Station would be a better choice for reasons I won’t bore you all with.
    Even with security in place, which contrary to the conspiracy theorists commentary, was quite strong and at levels seen for many many years the area affords entrance and egress for someone bent on committing an act ranging from simply criminal to extremely effective terrorism.
    No matter who committed this act it is clear that given the history and coverage it is an excellent choice. I imagine the planners of the 4th of July Boston Pops at the Hatch Shell concert are sweating.
    I apologize for the rambling,just wanted to share a sense of the area.

  286. As for Barney Franks ridiculous comment and the silliness of the ignorants that subscribe to it….
    Of note the health services at the Marathon are private sector in nature except for the elements of Bostons municipal ambulance. Boston EMS runs approx. 20 ambulances,are city employees.
    In a mass casualty incident such as the events on Monday….the private sector ambulances enter the fray.
    Boston technically no longer has a public hospital. Ergo all the healthcare on the secondary and tertiary level is private sector. Boston has some seriously good hospitals.
    As for the police….kind of stupid to link them to sequestration although I can tell you this. Every year there is a hidden dirty secret of how much $$$$$$ money is spent on police details at these events. So much so that when the sports teams here went on their run of championships the city tried to make the private sector pay the larceny level charges. It is obviously needed but the city of Boston will be going to Obama to cover the overtime of this events fallout.
    Lastly the BAA who hosts the Marathon is a non-public entity.
    Franks commentary is absolutely bogus and a tad revolting,but then again he always was too.

  287. Obama tried to paint a man mentored by Anwar al-Awlaki,screaming Allahu Akbar and shooting U.S. serviceman point blank as fall out from the fucking housing crisis.

    This is an administration that lied whole sale about events in Benghazi even though an American ambassador was murdered and possibly sodomized.

    An administration that claimed on Christmas morning that a dud bomb over the skies of Detroit was proof the system is working correctly.

    For reasons and insecurities I don’t understand, they don’t don’t want to acknowledge terrorism.

    If this turns out to be Muhammadan stink beards, Obama will be the last one to acknowledge it, not the first

  288. I do too Alfie. Thanks.

    I’m flexible, Rutherford. Is the Washington Times better? They quote Sen Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee who also said the President’s golf trip with Tiger Woods cost the tax payers over a million dollars.

    Town Hall. com said the same thing.

    The Mail on line “President finally shows his face after $1 m golfing weekend with Tiger Woods that the White House didn’t want world to see.

    “Cost of the Air Force One trips to and from Florida along with hotel rooms, greens fees, and exclusive golf lessons comes to $989,207.

    The sources I cited, excluding the Mars Bar, still show that a president’s vacations and campaign tours do cost the tax payers a lot of money.

    Thanks to Alfie’s comments, we didn’t merely disprove Barney Franks and others trying to connect the murders with a smaller government budget we obliterated that charge. Alfie’s was a mighty coup d grace.

    Cudos to you, Rutherford for noticing that Frank was wrong, and for not speculating on the killer (s) identity. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but I did.

    I don’t see anything wrong with not using “terrorism” Until we know more, ” murders” is fine with me. Tragedy is too soft. It equates events to the scale a natural event such as an earth quake.

    You want to know a real hero? Google F1 Roger Williamson-s fatal accident &David Purley’s Heroic attempt to save him You Tube video . The fact that he was probably a distant relative is beside the point. He was a true hero. You won’t look, but you should. Giving blood is not heroic unless one has a pathological fear of needles.

  289. Why should we “budget” for Bomba’s vacations? We didn’t have a budget for over a 1,000 days. Don’t need one in this “roaring” economy. Bozo’s giving back 5% of his salary wouldn’t crank the engines of Air Force One and pike down the runway. What a phony…what a thieving sleazebag.

    And assuming this Bozo’s budget passes, it’s $1,300,000,000.00 more than projected in taxes paid even with outrageously bogus growth forecasts.

  290. If this turns out to be Muhammadan stink beards, Obama will be the last one to acknowledge it, not the first

    It is interesting that in comments today, Duval Patrick already started cautioning folks not to beat up Muslims in anticipation of who might have committed the act. Of course he didn’t say that exactly but that is what it came down to.

  291. Forget the bastards playing hurt locker checking for bombs. A run to the Red Cross is the height of bravery.

    There is a point Tex where snarky crosses the border to plain stupid. Everything is relative asshole. You think I’m saying that marathon runners in a strange city spontaneously deciding to give blood matches an IED detonation expert in Afghanistan? Are you really that moronic? Are you THAT eager to just pick a fight?

    I know it is KILLING you that I’m not making pronouncements about who might have done the deed — so you’re picking on my definition of heroism just so you have SOMETHING to argue about.

    Here’s some advice Sport. When you don’t get enough fodder here to make legit arguments against me, go over to Fat Grannies. They no doubt will give you some real meat to sink your fangs into. Here you’re just coming off silly — well with the exception of those you entertain like Rabbit and Muffy.

  292. Cost of the Air Force One trips to and from Florida along with hotel rooms, greens fees, and exclusive golf lessons comes to $989,207.

    Let’s dissect this a bit.

    OK, the POTUS uses AF-1 for all air travel. That just goes with the job and it is silly for us to make an issue of it. What? We’re gonna tell him he can’t go anywhere for eight years other than strictly business? Or do we wanna demand he fly coach? So this part of the “bill” to tax payers is not worth talking about. We pay for EVERY POTUS to go wherever he damn well pleases.

    Now, the hotel rooms, green fees and lessons — you are damn right that tax payers should not be footing the bill for those. And where is the PROOF that we are? Please don’t tell me that because we pay his salary, we are footing the bill. Back when I actually made good money, did my company have the right to tell me how to spend my salary?

    James, as a reasonable man, you know as well as I do this is bullsh*t. OK, I get it … it’s revenge for eight years of liberals making fun of all of George’s vacations. If it satisfies the itch, then scratch away.

  293. I guess I need to re-read the Frank statement. I did not interpret him as blaming the bombing on the sequester. I think he was making the point that the public employees responding to the disaster were of value and we should be careful how much we cut their budgets. I felt it was a future-looking statement, not a blame game.

  294. FWIW, “Chrissy” Matthews did not curl up and die tonight when one of his guests suggested this has the makings of a foreign act, particularly Pakistani. The pressure cooker is apparently the big clue, very popular in IED’s used in Pakistan.

    The only question I have is this …. if it is foreign, don’t those radicals usually proudly claim responsibility soon after the event? If I’m not mistaken the Taliban in Pakistan has already denied involvement (not that their word is worth a crap, but still).

  295. Bwarney didn’t blame the bombing on the sequester; it was Steny Hoyer who suggested that a miniscule cut in the growth of the rate of govern’s spending of money it doesn’t have was to blame.

    Bwarney was shilling for more shekels to be rendered unto Caesar so it could wrap us in another layer of bubble wrap and make us safer from mean old reality.

  296. “don’t those radicals usually proudly claim responsibility soon after the event?”

    Al Qaeda didn’t claim responsibility for 9/11 for quite a while and even denied it at first.

    Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has been trying to get 1 in on us for a while, now. If it turns out to me Muslims, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s them.

  297. The pressure cooker is apparently the big clue

    How convenient is that? Good thing the media is providing all the important facts to ponder here.

    This bomb is the exact same thing as described in the “Lone Mujahid Pocketbook” which just happened to be featured only a month ago on NBC “News”

    It was also featured in the first edition of Inspire magazine from 3 years ago.

  298. Al Qaeda didn’t claim responsibility for 9/11 for quite a while and even denied it at first.

    UBL flatly denied it and then went on to discuss the secret government within our government. He never recanted, though the fake bin Ladens did in later videos – all of which have been proven fakes.

    You people should take the time to check FOIA releases to clarify your sense of real. Hint: Most of what the press tells us in the event is false and misleading and I believe that IS their intent.

  299. If you’re gonna argue with me, please argue with what I actually said. I explicitly said I wasn’t making a left/right comment. I was making a foreign/domestic argument. ” – R

    OK Jackass, you selectively pulled datapoints that indicate trends that are not accurate. Gasp, you? Never…..

  300. Speaking of which Rabbit, what do you make of this obsession in the media (mainly sparked by the right) on whether Obama uses the word “terrorism” or not?” – R

    R, Obama just campaigned for reelection on AQ being dead and defeated. He’s been downplaying terrorism since he came into office, so yeah, his linquistics vis-a-vis “TERRORISM” are important.

  301. So this part of the “bill” to tax payers is not worth talking about. ” – R

    It costs $180,000 an hour to fly AF1. So when Mooch decided that she didn’t want to wait a couple hours for the Chicago Jesus, and flew ahead to Martha’s Vinyard, she essentially doubled the travel costs. Green fees? How about the fact that they have to close down the golf course, they have to pull in a massive detachment of local and state law enforcement, the multiple secret service detachments that have to go to provide 24/7 security, etc, etc, etc.

    So yeah, if he and Mooch took fewer vacations, then there would be money to say, open the White House to visitors, etc.

  302. Some honestly from the left.

    “For what it’s worth, I do think that those of us on the left have made a decision not to cover this trial because we worry that it’ll compromise abortion rights,” Hill said. “Whether you agree with abortion or not, I do think there’s a direct connection between the media’s failure to cover this and our own political commitments on the left. I think it’s a bad idea, I think it’s dangerous, but I think that’s the way it is.”

  303. Since R has a new crisis to talk about to distract from the old crisis of the economy, I thought I’d post this. I wonder, will any other news network report it?

    The nation’s largest movie theater chain has cut the hours of thousands of employees, saying in a company memo that ObamaCare requirements are to blame.

    Regal Entertainment Group, which operates more than 500 theaters in 38 states, last month rolled back shifts for non-salaried workers to 30 hours per week, putting them under the threshold at which employers are required to provide health insurance. The Nashville-based company said in a letter to managers that the move was a direct result of ObamaCare.

    “In addition, some managers have requested guidance on what they should tell those employees negatively impacted and, at your discretion, we suggest the following,” read the memo obtained by “To comply with the Affordable Care Act, Regal had to increase our health care budget to cover those newly deemed eligible based on the law’s definition of a full-time employee.”

  304. Yes, I’m a reasonable man, Rutherford. Some of the criticism of the Obama’s trips, as you wrote is pay back for unfair criticism of Bush’s trips and golf games which he later stopped.

    However, when Barney Frank says we need to raise taxes to pay for aid to Massachussetts for recovery from the murders, and he implies that the sequester and other budgetary cuts would necessarily hurt the security and recovery effort during future attacks he appears to be using a disaster to further his political views just as Obama does., Barney was talking about the federal budget, not Boston’s spending. I wrote, his comments were irrelevant. As BIC noted Stoney Hennor was more explicit.

    Again, if the administration is really concerned, it can reduce its travel time as a symbol of its concern for law enforcement and other more important expenses .As documented, those trips do cost money even if they are a tiny part of the entire budget. Liberal Democrats by their actions don’t care about saving money. They want to make up short falls through taxation.

    You as another reasonable man must recognize two interpretations. One is that Barney and Stoney were using a mass murder to strengthen their basis for opposition to cutting the budget through reduced spending.

    The other option is that they don’t understand the difference between federal and domestic spending for local security. I don’t believe any Bostonian politicians were advocating reducing spending and laying off police officers or fire fighters. Barney is either losing his mind, or he saw an opportunity..

  305. Here’s some advice Sport. When you don’t get enough fodder here to make legit arguments against me, go over to Fat Grannies. They no doubt will give you some real meat to sink your fangs into.

    Well, there would be a lot of meat to sink my fangs at Fat Grannies. But I prefer the pork you offer here. I am pointing out just how juvenile and childish your entire mindset. You never left the teat stage.

    This is an not an argument. Arguing with you is as exciting as watching paint dry. And you have this incredibly bad habit of become the invisible man in a real debate. If you can’t answer Sarah Palin or quote MSNBC, I’m afraid you’re lost. Mensa {snicker}

    Here’s some advice to you to make up for my constant belligerence. Consider it free:

    Ever dawn on you why you have stomach problems that you’re too ignorant to realize are self-induced? I was nice enough not to mention that last year when you weren’t looking to offend with every post, though the cause obvious. Get a clue, Hobbit, and look up the words cortisol and digestive disturbances.

    You can kiss my ass when you return to health.

  306. Arguing with you is as exciting as watching paint dry.

    So you’re just ranting? Kinda paints you the loon dontcha think?

    Geez why can’t you quit while you’re behind because with every return volley you sound more moronic. Do you really believe I don’t know that stress is a MAJOR contributor to my digestive problems? Oh you gave me a big heads up there Dr. Kildare. OK so now that you’ve located the underlying cause of my problem dear Doc, what do you suppose I do about it? Become a conservative?

    Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! 😆

  307. Oh BTW … the gut, while not perfect is much improved lately. Could be because the new job has stopped the debt-bleeding. Now if I could only make enough to drastically bring the debt down.

    Ahhhh if I had it to do over again, I would’ve married young, saved lots of money and lived in Tulsa. What a fool I was!!!

  308. The heroic “running right past the finish line to the nearest hospital to give blood” sounds like embellishment. I can see a runner making the 2 mile trek on foot for a number of reasons but I’m not so sure I buy it strictly as reported. Sounds heartwarming though.

    No shortage of people exhibiting the up side of human nature out of Boston though that’s for sure.

  309. Behind what? You? {snicker}. While, I think I’ll return another round anyway, Frodo.

    (1) Don’t buy more house than you can afford. 😉 Dumbass…

    (2) Don’t play with matches.

    (3) And realize you’re not averse to Fat Grannies. You’re one of them.

  310. So G, 387 and 389:

    387: Nice try. You tried to slam me for citing a right vs left trend when that was not what I was talking about. You have yet to prove the domestic vs foreign trend which I maintain is 50/50 or better in favor of domestic bombings over the past 20 to 25 years. If you want to address that issue, be my guest. Until you do, YOU are the jackass, not I.

    389: You haven’t the foggiest idea what motivated Michelle Obama to fly ahead of the POTUS (if the story is even true). They’ve got kids .. perhaps there were some child care issues? I don’t know and neither do you. Anything that fits your picture of the First Lady living large works for you. Until you really know what is going on, which you don’t, you’re just in fantasy land.

    Oh 388 — the bombing was by definition terrorism so why does he have to use the word? Did he blame it on al Qaeda yesterday? No. We don’t know yet. And be honest — you don’t want him using the word “terrorism”, you want to hear “radical Islamist terrorism”. If this turns out to be domestic — left or right — you’ll be very disappointed because you SO want this POTUS to fail in the area of international terrorism.

    You act like you have no agenda — just an honest broker. Pffffft.

  311. (1) Don’t buy more house than you can afford. 😉 Dumbass…

    No revelation there … I’ve said as much myself in the past six years on this very blog. In my defense though, when you can comfortably pay all your bills and your mortgage, you deceive yourself into thinking you can “afford” what you’re doing. You don’t see how over-leveraged you are until the bottom falls out (i.e. layoff). YOU have said so about my very predicament on your more charitable days. But yes, I’ll grant you #1. Shoulda bought a more modest home.

    (2) Don’t play with matches.

    Huh? I guess that was just being cute.

    (3) And realize you’re not averse to Fat Grannies. You’re one of them.

    One of your problems is the ability to perceive the difference between A and B. The broad brush is the mark of a lazy mind and you often go there rather than invest some time in subtlety and nuance. I would suggest that if I were one of them, as you say, they would have embraced me with open arms. They did not. In fact, they treated me worse than the folks at BIC’s blog or the Hostages.

  312. R,

    Was it I or Obama that said AQ was beaten?

    Do you deny that Obama has downplayed terrorism during his entire time in office?

    I hope it is AQ only insomuch as it simplifies the process of going after those responsible. My worst fear is that it is a self-radicalize domestic treat. The last thing we need is that because tracking it, especially in this hyper-sensitized politically correct environment, will be close to impossible. But I suppose we could apply some liberal logic and start banning pressure cookers, ball bearings and garage door openers.

    As for terrorist attacks in the US, I am not going to do your work. You made a claim that is inaccurate. I called you on it, and now your retort is to ask me to prove you wrong, implying you’re correct in the first place, which you are not. I prefer you not talk about terrorism because you know jack and shit about it. What is abundantly clear though, is that you’ve swallowed—to the naval—the MSNBC meme that the Tea Party is some violent extremist group, responsible for untold horrors on society. Nevermind that every single effort you and your ilk have made to blame the right for violence has not only born out as false, but has actually shown itself to be left leaning—if not outright leftist—violence.

    You are a shell of a man. You’ve hollowed yourself out in this pathetic effort to defend Obama and the left writ large that you’ve lost not only your grasp on reality, but morality. Marc Lamont Hill sums you up to a T:

    “For what it’s worth, I do think that those of us on the left have made a decision not to cover this trial because we worry that it’ll compromise abortion rights,” said Marc Lamont Hill, an associate professor at Columbia University and a frequent television analyst who advances liberal views. He made the comment during a HuffPost Live segment that looked at the media blackout.

    “Whether you agree with abortion or not, I do think there’s a direct connection between the media’s failure to cover this and our own political commitments on the left. I think it’s a bad idea, I think it’s dangerous, but I think that’s the way it is,” he said, as The Huffington Post reported.

  313. I’m surprised they haven’t come up with an intact passport or a copy of a Qur’an containing a bomb maker’s grocery list. Wait and see, I guess.

    At least they were well prepared for this event, going as far as undergoing a bomb drill at the very same time as this event.

    You know, if they quit having these drills, these events might not take place. Think about it. There was a drill going on at the same time as Sandy Hook, Aurora, 7/7 London bombings, and the 9/11 attack. By pure coincidence, these drills mimicked the real time events which tended to significantly confuse the responding personnel.

  314. In fact, they treated me worse than the folks at BIC’s blog or the Hostages.

    Bitch, please.

    The people at my blog push you to defend what you profess…and you do a piss-poor job of it. As for the Hostages, well, they’re equal opportunity defenderes. You want to be treated roughly, go and peddle your nonsense in the comments at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. Then you’ll learn the definintion of “chew toy”.

  315. But I suppose we could apply some liberal logic and start banning pressure cookers, ball bearings and garage door openers.

    It’s like you read my mind…or at least my latest post.

    Still, we’re only a few days out from it. It takes a few days for the Democratic staffers to writee pressure cooker control legislation….

  316. You were cannibalized for hurting Claire’s fee fees. And for having a pee pee. Good times!

    Who was it that defended Claire by suggesting that oodles of Catholic women are forced into sex and/or having babies by their big old grunting meanie pants husbands? I’d have to check.

  317. It takes a few days for the Democratic staffers to writee pressure cooker control legislation….

    lol. It’s probably already on the back burner. Like the Patriot Act, you know, waiting for the ‘right’ coincidental moment.

  318. Sounds like a fellow leftist is pissed…

    [B]oth letters were apparently intercepted on Tuesday. They never reached the Hill or the White House.
    An FBI bulletin obtained by Fox News said the letter sent to Obama is still being screened.

    The bulletin said both letters included the phrase: “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”

    Both were signed, “I am KC and I approve this message.”

  319. Yes, Obama said AQ was beaten. Bengazi proved him wrong just before an election. it stood in contrast to Obama’s allegedly playing a major role in finding and killing Ossama bin Ladin.

    I am convinced that a security breach was a reaction to the administration meme and it became prudent to lie and obfuscate to hide a major security and foreign policy failure.

    Suddenly, the previously involved Hillary and Barry didn’t know what was happening. No one told them. it is a big organization. How should we expect them to know every small incident. Besides “what at this point, does it matter?”

    It was big, Whatever led to that night was so important, the administration was desperate enough to hide behind a lie it knew would fail. The survivors were not heard from again, and Obama didn’t pay the freight of the mother of one of the dead soldiers posthumously honored in Washington DC. Parents of the dead kids were another matter because they were props for his anti- gun legislation..

  320. “The heroic “running right past the finish line to the nearest hospital to give blood” sounds like embellishment.”

    I would’ve thought Rutherford would’ve felt uncomfortable about the word “hero” because it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more terrorism. 🙄

  321. Apparently law enforcement has identified a suspect in the Boston Bombings. Per John King of CNN and his firsthand source, the suspect is dark skinned. and the liberal left hardest hit….

  322. Rutherford, I have no interest in trying to prove Obama weak on terrorism. I would readily admit that hunting down terrorists is about the only thing that Barack Obama has done that is worth a damn.

    That doesn’t mean I think he’s been perfect at it, or that I don’t recognize that he overplayed his hand in the implications that he destroyed al Qaeda. But he has proven himself a hawk against terrorists, perhaps to a fault…which prompted the very blog article in which we are posting.

    I have given the reasons for my leanings on this issue, and they are supported by (granted, half-assed) analysis, which is the same type of analysis being used by “experts”, as I have shown, and not just pulling things out of my ass for the purpose of political agenda.

  323. G damn you are thick as a brick. WTF? Why do you bring up the Tea Party? How many times do I need to repeat I am NOT contrasting right wing groups with left wing. I am talking domestic based vs foreign. Why do you keep reframing the f*cking argument?

    I listed four domestic acts and four foreign and you reply that I left out environmental terrorists. Thank you–you proved my point that there are more domestic bombing incidents since the environmental terrorists are left wing DOMESTIC.

    I am juggling a couple of things on my day off today so I can’t promise that I can do my “homework”. I can promise that you are putting words in my mouth and I’d appreciate your stopping it.

  324. I would’ve thought Rutherford would’ve felt uncomfortable about the word “hero” because it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more terrorism.

    ** GUFFAW **

    Speaking of proximate to heroes, I forgot our nuanced blogger sucks on the small cock of Chrissie Hayes – even used that worm here a few times. Good one, Tigre.

  325. BIC oh no, not you with the bitch stuff too!

    Gentlemen (BIC and Noah) men calling each other bitches comes off VERY gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

    And sorry BIC but where I come from AgileDog and a couple of your other patrons come off as REAL nasty. You may be inured to their tone. I am not.

  326. The Alabama track coach is full of shit and all the poolman types sucking up the Alex Jones and internet goo need to die. Too bad we can’t trade one of the three from Monday for the likes of the piece of shit that inhabits the threads here.Yeah pool I wish you dead. FUCK YOU!!!
    The Boston Marathon has a history of being used as a training exercise. This is the Mobile morons first trip to Boston otherwise his comments would be different.
    The 4th of July Esplanade concert is also used as a training opportunity. technologies and techniques have been tested at these times.
    For example here is a Boston Globe piece from 2008

  327. The broad brush is the mark of a lazy mind and you often go there rather than invest some time in subtlety and nuance. I would suggest that if I were one of them, as you say, they would have embraced me with open arms.

    I don’t know about my lazy mind, but I know damn sure I have a mind to be lazy in dealing with you – I find you an utter bore.

    Here’s a nuanced response for you…

    Did you not figure out why you caught the wrath of Fat Grannies, even if you are of the same family? Surely a Mensa intellect like you, operating outside the box like only you and MSNBC capable, have to understand why the nags went after you?

    The nags only embrace beta males who genuflect. If you don’t genuflect, your penis immediately disqualifies you from friendship. Noah, James and Pfesser didn’t genuflect – hence the misandry. Poolman did – he’s part of the Chatty Kitchen Crowd. 🙂 He’s also an abject coward – that scores in the nag’s book too. Poolman a doormat – let him in. The fact you would have a problem with abortion not being a sacrament further disqualified you.

    Well, now you’ve had a taste of how Conservative blacks feel. Nobody catches the pejorative more than a black that doesn’t walk lock step with weasels like you from the Left.

    But like Conservative blacks are still black, a character assassin like you is still Helen. You sound the same about Sarah Palin, for instance. You reach the same stupid conclusions that Fat Grannies’ owners reach. You lied about Mitt Romney time and again like Grandma Helen and Margaret. You tongue Obama, no matter how feckless he’s proven.

    Don’t kid yourself, dispatch. You’re Helen with a penis.

  328. Gentlemen (BIC and Noah) men calling each other bitches comes off VERY gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Really, it’s more an acknowledgement of your whinging…

    And sorry BIC but where I come from AgileDog and a couple of your other patrons come off as REAL nasty. You may be inured to their tone. I am not.

    The only one you ever truly need worry about is Dick, and as long as you can hear him, you’re safe. When he gets quiet is when you need to worry…but probably not for long.

  329. I would’ve thought Rutherford would’ve felt uncomfortable about the word “hero” because it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more terrorism.

    I hope you found that clever.

  330. “Gentlemen (BIC and Noah) men calling each other bitches comes off VERY gay,”

    I have to wonder what you have against the gay community that you continually hold them up as an insult to us? You a bigot Rutherford?

    Poor R gets a lot of heat, deserved mind you, but an awful lot of personal attention. Of all the years this blog as been here, I wonder why not 1, not a single Liberal, has stood by you R? One measure of a man is the quality of his friends. By my estimate, it seems quite accurate.

  331. “Who was it that defended Claire by suggesting that oodles of Catholic women are forced into sex and/or having babies by their big old grunting meanie pants husbands?”

    Catholic girls start much too late. But sooner or later it comes down to fate; I’d might as well be the one. – Billy Joel

  332. i think the liberals have deserted the site not because of any personal deficiencies in Rutherford but because their case is weak, and they get tired of being pounded by us.

    Better news, the gun bill failed in the Senate. Obama is angry.

  333. I wouldn’t have a problem with back ground checks at gun shows. I can understand your beef.

    I would have voted yes. That being said, I would have also voted yes on being allowed to conceal across state lines.

  334. While I agree with DR and would have voted in favor of portions of what got defeated today, I can’t help but think of and paraphrase Rutherford’s own words…

    “We won, get over it.”

    Kinda stings coming back at you, doesn’t it?

  335. re 440, perfectly reasonable legislation is a bit of an oxymoron. Reasonable is a relative term. Any added legislation results in restricting freedom. Perfection would be if we all lived by the golden rule without the added fog. Enforcement. That is where the power lies. Imagine for a moment how many perfectly reasonable laws are already on the books. When has it made a difference to the people who do not respect them? What makes adding one more law, reasonable or not, any different than what we have already tried? What was that definition of insanity again? I may be the nut, but you’re the gooey caramel.

    Either way, the only thing this war on terror has brought about is less freedom and a serious erosion of long-held rights for everyone of us. It has succeeded in us fighting viciously among ourselves.

    That’s been the agenda and it is moving ahead full steam. Need public approval for drones and TSA at ALL public and sporting events? Terrorize the masses into accepting them. Gun legislation is only one link in the chain of this shackling.

    Anyone that can will see who benefits. Anyone that cannot fathom another human harming others for an overall agenda is at a grave disadvantage.

    Soon you’ll be helping to fasten your own leg irons. Maybe that will be the moment you experience a greater spiritual connection with your ancestors.

  336. “Reasonable is a relative term. Any added legislation results in restricting freedom. Perfection would be if we all lived by the golden rule without the added fog. Enforcement. That is where the power lies. Imagine for a moment how many perfectly reasonable laws are already on the books. When has it made a difference to the people who do not respect them? What makes adding one more law, reasonable or not, any different than what we have already tried?”

    That’s probably the best thing I have ever read from the virtual pen of Poolman.

  337. I’m happy because a man who used the bodies of dead children to get a bill passed offends me. My faint hope is if such action fails, politicians will be less likely to try it in the future. If he had respected Americans enough to present the facts he might have succeeded.

  338. Thanks, Huck. I’ve said it multiple times in multiple ways before. I just wish realizing the truth in it would make a real difference. Instead I usually get:

    “What difference at this point does it make?”

    [Yuck! What happened to this wordpress comment box?]

  339. Barack Obama is such a failure at leadership that he couldn’t even drive home a bill that supposedly had the support of 90% of Americans. So what if the NRA lied. If he wasn’t such a fucking chump, his bully pulpit would have neutralized their lies.

    His 2nd term will be a complete failure and he’ll be lucky to leave office with numbers north of GWB.

    Get over it…

  340. Wouldn’t it be fucked up if the bomber’s motive was simply because he didn’t win the marathon lottery?

    Another apolitical killer. For the arguing the left and the right do about it all….the last 3 big ones have been insane nihilists, devoid of even political motive. The Joker, the kindergarten killer, the Arizona shooter.

  341. Anything that smokes Obama ass, is by definition a good thing.

    What’s weird is that simple axiom works. Obama incarnates evil and is much a dividing line in people as Communism was to Democracy in the 50s. You either recognize Obama for what he is, or you don’t.

    Anybody honest and self aware knows Obama wants to bring America down several notches. In that transformation, Obama has been very effective. The fact that Obama was handed the situation to do so, all the more serendipitous. Obama is an elitist as Michael Bloomberg is an elitist. He didn’t call the Bill of Rights negative liberties in a vacuum. Obama and Bloomberg don’t believe in freedom; they don’t believe in personal liberties.

    It’s just like anybody with decency recognizes Michael Bloomberg, put into the right position, has the capability of being a jackbooted thug and tyrant.

    This is what makes the Left in America so dangerous. Men like Rutherford, as he has aptly demonstrated here a thousand times, are oblivious to history, oblivious to facts, and oblivious to how much the American public is being squeezed.

    Taxes, gun rights, personal property, access to justice, the right to worship without infringement…all are under attack.

    Obama campaigned on lies, won on lies, and is a pathological liar – a malignant narcissist raised to hate any form of true republic. It’s in his DNA.

  342. “Now, about Ruberford’s 90% claims.”

    To be fair…the poll did show that 90% of those polled were in favor of whatever. And the question was pretty straightforward, as I recall.

    But we all know that polls are not always (read: rarely) a proper indicator for what “the country” wants. There are too many factors involved that a poll just can’t reproduce.

    That is what makes the “90% of the country wants…” claim such BS.

  343. Since Huck has done some model UN work this question is for him but anyone who knows, please pipe in.

    We now know a Chinese national got killed in Boston. If we get the perp, does China get a crack at him/her after we’re done. I guess I’m asking do they have any extradition agreement with us?

  344. I wish 90% of Americans could agree with reality. Unfortunately, I think it’s closer to 10%. It is sad that we can’t read the writing on the wall even though it’s in English. This is good factual commentary…

    The Boston Marathon bombing has provoked shock, grief and outrage from around the world. After decades of conditioning, the public automatically equates such terrorism with Muslim radicals. But the evidence shows that every major terror plot on American soil in the past 10 years has been fostered, funded and equipped by one organization: the FBI.

  345. Huck, like I told Ruberford…

    Given the right audience, with the right statistical sampling, with the right questioning, and just a little simple manipulation of wording, I can gain you any result set you need for the right price. I know this, as I did a mini-thesis on it in during master’s program to demonstrate the same question worded differently can produce vastly different results.

    One of my many minors, gathered over way too much higher education, is a minor in Statistics (21 hours to be precise over two degrees) – including the multivariate, multiple regression modeling utilizing non-linear methods. I actually helped develop some of the functionality required by SAS and GPSS – I know my stats.

    Anybody with an ounce of sense in this polarized world would recognize any controversial and very personal issue, whether it be something like abortion, 1st Amendment or gun rights could not possibly form a consensus of opinion if applied correctly with respect to statistical methods and sampling – not in Boston or Tupelo, MS.

    As to Ruberford’s claims of subtlety and nuance :roll:, I first thought him just a simple lackey, likeable but totally confused. That went on for about two years.

    After the months progressed and Ruberford ventured out of his hole into Tweets and radio where you can’t hide the cynicism and agenda like you can in creating a blog under an assumed name, I begin to realize that the Rutherford as he presented himself was a lie. The real Ruberford is a conniving, vicious, mendacious little shit, who is bent on destruction of some sacredly held institutions near and dear to my heart. I also am of the opinion that Rutherford a tacit bigot with a chip on his shoulder.

    If you choose to believe like I used to that Rutherford is simply an affable, political adversary, that’s your right.

    I now know better.

  346. “Huck, like I told Ruberford…”

    Tex, we are absolutely on the same page regarding that or any other poll. I only wrote what I wrote as a disclaimer to head off Rutherford’s inevitable “all I said was what the poll said, and the poll said….” I am well aware that Rutherford doesn’t believe that 90% of the country agrees on anything, just as I am aware that Barack Obama doesn’t believe it.

    “We now know a Chinese national got killed in Boston. If we get the perp, does China get a crack at him/her after we’re done. I guess I’m asking do they have any extradition agreement with us?”

    This is more an issue of jurisdiction, not diplomacy. I had a test question along these same lines a couple years ago in an international law seminar. I’ll see if I can find it and revisit this if nobody else takes it on.


    I don't know what gunshows you go to, Dramatic Dan, but I can tell you that the only gun show I'm aware of in Washington where the vendors didn't do background checks was the tragically ill-conceived "gun buy back" in Seattle a few months back that turned into a de facto (and PERFECTLY LEGAL) gun show.

    But keep flogging that dead horse.

    I keep telling you, and your "Consitutional Scholar" President that if you want to change the Constitution, it's easy. You AMEND IT, so everyone gets to participate.

    In the meantime, President Petulant can eat a bag of dicks. I don't take kindly to my employees bitching at me when they don't get their way. And someone needs to rub it it that this was yet another significant investment of OUR money that he completely cocked up. It's time to take the credit card away.

  348. So, first my disclaimer that I am not a lawyer, and the lawyers here can feel free to tell me I don’t know WTF I am talking about. I am just getting this from the international law textbook I have for a chickenshit seminar I took as part of my MA studies.

    Anyway…there are a couple jurisdiction principles in play with this question. The Territorial Principle says that a state can regulate conduct that occurs within its territory. This is a basic part of state sovereignty. Pretty obvious, but it is an important part of your question. The crime was committed in the US, against the US.

    There is also the Passive Personal Principle, which says a state can “exercise jurisdiction over acts committed abroad on the ground that they injure a national of the claiming state.” The book adds, however, that this principle doesn’t tend to get used for “ordinary crimes.” It uses a car theft as an example of ordinary crime. I don’t know if homicide counts as ordinary crime, nor do I know if the events in Boston will be counted as homicide.

    If it gets counted as terrorism, then the Universality Principle might come into play. This one holds that a state can exercise jurisdiction outside its territory if the conduct is “universally dangerous to states and their nationals.” It originally applied to piracy, but the book also says there is a growing push for it to apply to “various terrorist acts.”

    Finally, the book says that more than 1 principle can apply to a case, and it cites US v. King and Chua Han Mow v. US (for any legal eggheads interested in looking them up) as examples of such. The book also says that criminal law here is usually regulated by states (as opposed to federal law), which can throw a monkey wrench into any or all of these principles. So it is not only a matter of international jurisdiction, but of jurisdiction between state and federal authority.

    As to your question about an extradition treaty…I don’t know if there is or isn’t one. And with these seeming like special circumstances, who knows how an existing one might or might not apply in this case.

    That’s the long answer. The short answer is…it’s up to the lawyers.

  349. TWEET OF THE DAY: 90% of Americans want lower unemployment too but Obama couldn’t manage that one either.

    RUNNER UP: Obama showed the passion and anger at his personal defeat that he wasn’t able to manage after the Benghazi slaughter.

  350. Bingo…I am becoming more convinced the absolute worst thing that could have happened to Obama’s legacy was winning. That goes to for his bootlickers…


    With the defeat today of even a modest gun control measure, I’m starting to think of Obama’s 2nd term and the election differently…

    Winning by getting out low-information voters that wouldn’t otherwise vote is kind of like all the various SEO practices designed to game the Google algorithm and get a site on page one of the results – it might work, but it doesn’t make you relevant. Relevance takes hard work and authenticity, neither of which comes readily to this President. ~ Matt Kreutzmann

  351. Six? That was with two mulligans and a 12 foot gimme on the green, BIC. The only swing I’ve witnessed Obama make, he whiffed.

    Couldn’t even get off the duck hook or slice to the lady’s tee. That’s our dynamic President. President Whiff.

  352. Nice, Huck.

    But I must be honest.

    After 9/11, I too felt like this. But not anymore. I realize half of this country, perhaps more than half of this country is so shallow, this will quickly be forgotten and they will return back to their selfish and self-serving ways. Somewhere, George Bush will get the blame, as will Conservatives, as will the NRA.

    Mark my words – before too long, whoever the perpetrator, will be presented as victim for America’s intervention.

    And like I said at BICs. I am tired, complete cynical in fact, the emotional calls of this administration substituting pleas for rational thinking. Hauling the Newport families aboard Airforce One to be use as props was such an ugly and pretentious spectacle, that I could not believe a President could be so low to use victims in that matter. More so, I could not believe victims could be that ignorant to not recognize Obama’s machinations and his real intentions.

    Never let a tragedy go to waste.

    Since 9/11, I have witnessed behavior so egregious and so many lies sold as truth, that I have grown numb to the siren’s song of distress.

    These “liberals” will predictably use tragedy as a club to infringe on liberties and defend the indefensible. Anybody that doesn’t clearly recognize this as citizen, is useless.

  353. I tear up about 98% of the time I hear the National Anthem, anyway. That is no exaggeration. I’ve watched that video 3 times already, and had tears rolling down my face by the end each time.

    Good luck, Tex.

  354. “The Rutherford Lawson Blog: Liberal politics with a dose of common sense”

    Whenever I see this tagline I can’t help but think that us commenters are the dose of common sense. 😉

  355. We’re having a very windy time at the bottom of this front. I do not miss the weather on the high plains nor off the caprock, that’s for sure. These twisters are getting far more widespread, hitting places normally not subject to such.. We get occasional straight line winds, but not like the same eerie green crap that Lubbock would get. There is an intense force that charges that whole atmosphere. Unless you’ve experienced it, it’s really tough to describe. Of course, I was the guy on the roof taking pictures of the funnel clouds, much to my wife’s dismay. Nature is awesome!

    If I had to live there again, my house would need to be mostly underground. It’s crazy not to be. Trailer folk are crazy. Mobile homes are like tornado magnets. I’ve slept in a bathtub and a closet. If you have ever had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness… How do nonbelievers get past that?

    I pray any twisters stay away from harming people tonight. There is nothing like a funnel cloud coming directly at you to stir up a God conversation. I pray for mercy to all residing in this weather front’s path.

  356. James – When I was in college, we had a twister tear through a local trailer park, mostly inhabited by college kids. It was evening and the residents were nearly all gone. Not a big tornado, but to a trailer, a popcorn fart is a big wind. I still remember one trailer, where the side-skin had separated from the floor along one edge and the whole thing peeled up and over, like a tin can. The remains of the trailer were completely open, like someone had use God’s can-opener on it; in my mind’s eye, I can still see the commode, bolted to the floor, sitting there as if waiting for a customer. Everything else was gone.

    No trailers ever for me or my kids, I hope.

    re: nonbelievers in times of stress. Do you think that is a good time to decide such questions, or should it be times when you are NOT stressed and can consider facts more objectively and calmly? Along those lines, should the Sandy Hook parents be involved in making gun laws, or are they the very ones who should stay out of the debate, because they are not objective?

  357. Do you think that is a good time to decide such questions, or should it be times when you are NOT stressed and can consider facts more objectively and calmly? Along those lines, should the Sandy Hook parents be involved in making gun laws, or are they the very ones who should stay out of the debate, because they are not objective?

    As for faith, hopefully those questions would be already decided. However, with many it takes these life or death situations to bring them to a point of decision. Folks are lazy and when comfortable, will put off the hard stuff. Cornering them forces their hand.

    As for Sandy Hook, no, they should not be involved. But after considerable research, THAT is the very reason the event was perpetrated by tptb. There are still many that believe nobody died. Hell, some believe Adam Lanza a make believe person. Professor James Tracy is offering a grand for anyone who can win a debate over the evidence in a public forum. Many of his commenters have added to the kitty, more than doubling it. As of yet, no takers.

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