The Democrat Tax Trick and My Nominee for Pope

The Democrat Tax Trick

When it comes to economics, I am a simple man with a simple understanding of how things work. So it seems to me that as we approached the “fiscal cliff” in January, the Democrats either pulled off what they thought was sleight of hand or they were plain stupid. In resolving the fiscal cliff crisis Barack Obama and the Democrats got Republicans to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for the wealthiest of tax payers. Democrats claimed victory with a tax hike on the rich and Republicans played word games saying they voted to keep taxes low for the middle class and technically did NOT vote for a tax hike, after all, the expiration of a tax decrease is not a tax hike (yeah right).

Here is where the trick, or the stupidity comes in. Any wealthy individual who couldn’t somehow work around the January tax hike needed to fire his or her accountant. Not one single well-connected rich dude will pay one more cent of tax. So the tax hike was symbolic at best. Now we come to the sequester and the demand from Obama and the Democrats for more revenue via closing tax loopholes. Ahhhh, that’s the ticket! So the question is, did the Dem’s think they were being clever in January by going after the symbolic victory with the real revenue generator in their back pocket to whip out in March? Or did they waste the opportunity for real revenue generation by not going after loopholes in the first place?

Republicans can now express righteous indignation at Democrats for going to the revenue well again and holding it as a precondition for entitlement reform but aren’t they being a bit disingenuous? The GOP knows as well as anyone else that as long as loopholes exist, the rich don’t pay taxes.  Since it is highly unlikely that we will see true tax reform, the end result of all this Democrat brinksmanship will be the continuation of the imbalance of wealth in America.

My Nominee for Pope

Everyone was shocked by Pope Benedict XVI offering his resignation, a once in 600 year event. So now a conclave of Cardinals will descend upon Rome to elect his successor. I won’t even get started on the pure lack of logic involved in a man with a supposed hotline to God being elected. Does God influence the vote somehow? But let me jump to the chase. My nominee for the next Pope is …


That’s right, nobody. Most of the world’s religions seem to have a flat organizational structure with churches and temples loosely affiliated and no single person presiding over the whole shooting match. The Catholic church stands nearly alone in having a complex multilevel hierarchy protected by “religious freedom” and stuffed to the brim with wealth. There is a mathematical fact in this life as true as one plus one equals two. Complex hierarchies plus wealth equals corruption, often on a grand scale. The most flagrant scandal haunting the Catholic church is that of its pedophile priests who get shuttled about from place to place to avoid punishment and to inflict pain on another community’s children. In his pre-Pope days, when Benedict had the chance to aggressively pursue the issue, he fell short. But Benedict should not be the scapegoat here.

Folks, when Penn State got caught looking the other way as Jerry Sandusky abused children they got severely punished. Their sports program is now a shadow of what it once was. Where is the ability to similarly punish the Catholic church as an institution? Having a Pope is not a prerequisite for Catholics worshiping God in their way. I’m not calling for Catholics to stop being Catholic. I am calling for the entire Catholic power structure that protects and nurtures corruption to be torn down completely. Let Catholics rebuild their church from the ground up in a grass-roots fashion. Let all that wealth that maintains the “country” of the Vatican be given to charities who desperately need it. It’s 2013 and it’s time for the Roman Catholic church in its current form to cease to exist.

Late Breaking News–One Less Person for Paranoid Conservatives to Hate

As I write this, fresh news has come across the wire that the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has died. Looks like crackpot Conservatives will have to find someone new to hate … and to somehow tie to Barack Obama.


343 thoughts on “The Democrat Tax Trick and My Nominee for Pope

  1. “The Democrat Tax Trick”

    Rutherford, the issue isn’t your level of understanding regarding economics…it is your level of understanding regarding populism.

    The mob was calling for us to TAX THE RICH!!!!!! So that is what Obama and fellow democrats went with. Had the mob been calling for CLOSE THE LOOPHOLES!!!!!, that is what they would have gone with.

    Of course, had the mob been smart enough to call for the latter, they’d have elected Mitt Romney….who had been calling for that the entire time.

    From the democratic party perspective, this has never been about increasing revenues. It’s always been about feeding the populist monster.

  2. “I am calling for the entire Catholic power structure that protects and nurtures corruption to be torn down completely.”

    Martin Luther just called to say he wants his theses back.

  3. “As I write this, fresh news has come across the wire that the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has died.”

    Damn, now who is going to stand up in front of the United Nations and shit on America?

    Oh wait…Barack Obama does that now.


  4. Good for you, Rutherford, for putting out a new post. I’ll thumbs up the Pope part but won’t play political patty cake this go round. 😀

  5. Any heads need to roll over this, Lurker?

    “Attorney General Eric Holder Tuesday stopped short of entirely ruling out a drone strike against an American citizen on U.S. soil—without trial.”

  6. Rutherford, I fear that you vastly overestimate the skill of accountants used by the very wealthy.

    “The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012… will raise approximately $617 billion in higher revenues from 2013­ to 2022, compared to what the tax code would have generated if we had simply extended all the Bush tax cuts, which were scheduled to expire at the end of 2012. More than 90 percent of the increase will come from households making at least $1 million a year.”

  7. Just thought I would mention in passing that the Dow hit an all-time high today. It seems like only yesterday that some of you (you know who you are) were ragging about the lousy stock market in early 2009, and blaming it on lack of market confidence in the new president. By the same “logic,” the market must have rock-solid confidence in the skill of the Wizard in the White House. Right?

    Today’s Treasury auction produced some of the lowest interest rates ever on America’s securities. The world’s markets may not like us much, but they seem to like us better than anyone else. As I heard a commentator say today, our securities are the world’s “cleanest dirty shirt.”

    We will know that we have a real debt crisis (as opposed to the one dreamed up by Republican deficit hawks who first saw the light on January 20, 1989) when the world starts wanting us to pay some meaningful interest on our borrowings. That hasn’t happened yet, obviously.

    It’s fortunate that America didn’t fall into the stupid Austerity Trap that has so many Eurozone economies circling the drain, or at least sinking fast. Austerity in a time of recession or weak growth? That was the dumb mistake of Herbert Hoover and his allies in the period 1930-1932, as the Great Depression only got worse and worse.

    Good thing we don’t have anyone that dumb in positions of power in American government today! No one in Congress is stupid enough to counsel austerity right now, fortunately.

    Oh – wait……

  8. Not a Catholic so I don’t care who has the red shoes.

    I echo Huck on the tax thing. The (D)’s screwed the pooch and I dare say it is partly because they are as dishonest as any other pol if not more so. The Romney plan was a good one and after the election even Obama hinted at it being the better plan. The Hacks on the Hill did what they do though and played the strings of faux populism.

    On Chavez part I really have to take exception to what is either insanity on your part or naiveté to the power of x.
    The only tie-ins to Herr Hugo I remember anyone making was the book brouhaha. Other than that Obama was only/surely guilty of the continued US FP failure of ignoring Latin America and being more upfront about opposing the left wing populism of Bolivars in Nicaragua,Ecuador and of course Venezuela. Obama dissed Colombia and missed opportunities to shatter ALBA via honest trade and diplomacy,something that would’ve benefited all concerned.
    Hugo’s Janus like shenanigans especially those with Tehran all the while relying on US oil sales and refinery of his swamp shit oil are what should exemplify the red shirt memories for Americans. For Venezuelans all but the most ardent Chavistas should recognize his failures of policy and practicality. He took what could have been very good years for many and pissed on them.
    For the region ,the USA and more importantly the Venezuelans I think Hugo Chavez’s death creates a vacuum secondary to charisma that will be hard to compensate for. It will be interesting to see if the evolving leadership finds the balance.

  9. Rutherford, that’s a great comment you made about Hugo Chavez’ death.

    The Neocons will think this is a great time to invade Venezuela.

    That’s why Republicans are so upset over the part of the sequester that affects the Defense Department. They might be able to afford to invade other countries where they disapprove of their governments.

  10. “They might be able to afford to invade other countries where they disapprove of their governments.”

    You mean like Iran? That country where military options are still on the table and we were all just told that Obama isn’t bluffing?

    This administration holds absolutely no high ground on the issues of domestic security and foreign policy. Anyone who even suggests otherwise is full of shit.

  11. graychin Hoover didn’t do austerity,you sucking up Krugman slobber to the max. Truth is Hoover increased taxes and ran deficits. the only austerity POTUS America has had was Harding and his worked.

  12. I hate to pile on the Catholic Church at this point, but it has always been perfectly clear to me that the cover-up on behalf of pedophile priests was orchestrated from Rome. There is no other possible explanation for the fact that NO bishop ANYWHERE in the world did the right thing with child abusers until fairly recently. I can accept that a handful of bishops might all do the wrong thing independently, but how could ALL bishops do the wrong thing in concert unless they were following orders from higher up?

    So the moral failure definitely predates “Pope Emeritus Ratzinger” (2005-2013). The failure surely includes the reign of John Paul II (1978-2005 and already on the fast track for canonization) , and likely the reigns of Paul VI (1963-1978), John XXIII (1958-1963), and Pius XII (1939-1958). Pius XII has also been accused of being just a bit too cozy with the Nazis during WW II.

    (Vatican City itself only became an “independent state” separate from Italy in 1929, based on the Lateran Treaty between Pope Pius XI and Benito Mussolini. Monarchy is passé in most of the world today, but it’s still the way of the Catholic Church.)


    – G

  13. Everyone take notice…

    Another Obama fan stopped by and failed to defend the policies of this administration, barring the mention that its recent tax increases will produce less revenue in 10 years than it spent in its first month…which seems like oh so many years, and so many trillions of dollars ago.

    More poking at the “neocon” policies, while failing to acknowledge that they have all been propagated by this administration. Picking at the “neocon” displeasure for defense cuts, while ignoring that Obama has increased defense spending every year he has been in office.

    It’s quite laughable, really.

  14. Huck – I came here because I believed you (in general) to be an intelligent, educated group of conservatives not to defend President Obama. I was interested to find what you think about the issues facing this country these days. It is my effort to learn why we see things differently. I found the obsession of finding fault of President Obama is past being reasonable or even realistic. One minute you expect him to walk on water; and the next you accuse him of thinking he walks on water. You believe everything you think and you are so positive that you are correct even when the facts don’t back up your opinion. How can one have a conversation with you?

    Benghazi – what did you accomplish other than to ignore every thing else going on?
    Drones – I am more concern about the countries we have pissed off getting drones; pay back will be hell. But I am even more concerned about gerrymandering, voter suppression, the post office, Supreme Court, do nothing congress and obstruction, breaking Unions, wages, jobs, climate change, poluting the environment, guns, fracking and oil drilling, lack of media, worshiping of the wealthy and the demonizing of the unemployed poor, Wall Street, privatization of the commons, SS/Medicare, people not being held responsible just to mention a few and not in any particular order. Yeah Benghazi was a big fucking deal.

    Yet not one word do you mention of the Republicans in Congress or those in power in the states, past or present. You dismiss Cheney as not an important issue yet missing the fact we are, in part, where we are because of his arrogance and Bush’s stupidity. The slate is not wiped clean when there is a of change in power. The shit keeps flowing foreward.

    An intelligent person knows there are at least two sides to issues. I am considering re-evaluating my belief this is a group of intelligent people. But you, Huck, are a royal flaming WATB.

  15. Just thought I would mention in passing that the Dow hit an all-time high today. It seems like only yesterday that some of you (you know who you are) were ragging about the lousy stock market in early 2009, and blaming it on lack of market confidence in the new president. By the same “logic,” the market must have rock-solid confidence in the skill of the Wizard in the White House. Right?

    Gawd, I hope you and that executive seamstress you’re married to are up to your eyeballs in the stock market.

    By the way, asshole. Last year the Greek stock market outperformed the S&P by 200%. I highly recommend you invest in that too with your brother Yeller Dawg. Keep pumping…

    Eat this from one of your comrades, dipshit and get a dose of the real reality of abject failure you’re trying so hard to hide:

    Namely that “we all know it’s going to end badly, but in the meantime we can make some money” ~ Jim Cramer

    The Last Time The Dow Was Here…

  16. Now let me show you what twisted individuals these so called progressives like Rutherford “Sean Penn” LAAAwson is and Yeller Dawg Graychin really are, and how the world will be a brighter place the minute they pass to sniff the sulfur with Hugo…remember their hypocrisy when they go on about concern for the ‘little man.’ ** BARF **

    Looks like crackpot Conservatives will have to find someone new to hate …

    The world that Hugo Chavez has left millions of Venezuelans:

    Plagued by high inflation, food shortages, power outages, and mounting debt, Venezuela has become one of the most economically dysfunctional nations in the Western Hemisphere. It has also become one of the most murderous. According to the independent Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV), the country suffered no fewer than 21,692 homicides in 2012, up from 19,336 in 2011. Its national murder rate (73 per 100,000) is among the highest anywhere in the world, and easily the highest in South America. The homicide rate in Caracas is much, much steeper — the OVV has estimated that it was 200 per 100,000 in 2011 — making Venezuela’s capital arguably the most dangerous city on earth.

    Between 1999 (when Chávez took office) and 2012, Venezuela’s score in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom dropped by 32 percent. The only countries with a lower overall score in the 2012 index were Eritrea, Libya, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and North Korea. Not a single country scored lower than Venezuela for property rights. Meanwhile, in the Ease of Doing Business Index that the World Bank released on October 23, Venezuela placed well behind Zimbabwe and ahead of only the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, the Republic of Congo, Chad, and the Central African Republic. (Cuba, Libya, and North Korea were not ranked.)

    And what is Triple AAA’s observation? Crackpot Neocons.

    You’re a sick mofo, lAAAwson. I had forgotten what a sorry SOB you really are. And the old lying Graychin is simply a lonely old man without friends and rejected by family…the most despicable man I’ve ever read on the net.

  17. graychin – what is the market when you correct the numbers for inflation? If your Pet Rock is worth twice the number of dollars it was ten years ago, but your dollars will only buy half as much, have you made any real money?

    If your stocks are worth twice the dollars, each of half value, have you made money?

  18. It’s fortunate that America didn’t fall into the stupid Austerity Trap that has so many Eurozone economies circling the drain, or at least sinking fast. Austerity in a time of recession or weak growth? That was the dumb mistake of Herbert Hoover and his allies in the period 1930-1932, as the Great Depression only got worse and worse.

    Are you a better historical source, CPA, than FDR’s Treasury Secretary, architect of the New Deal, and good friend Henry Morgenthau, Jr.? I don’t think so. You’re as wrong about that as you are about the stock market.

    I would remind everyone the same GENIUS that went on and on about the efficiency of the U.S. Post Office? {snicker} Last I read, they were closing Graychin’s Post office. Poetic Justice. 😆

    “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong … somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. … I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot.” ~ The date: May 9, 1939. The setting: Morgenthau’s appearance before the House Ways and Means Committee.

  19. Spoogechin, always a pleasure.

    My mind reels at the simple minded nature of Liberals. It is not a problem until it is a problem. Our debt is no problem until it is a problem. We can trust our government until they show us they cannot be trusted. The lack of foresight is astounding. They sit back watching this game of chess being played out, and do nothing as the pieces are being set in place. These are not big picture people, but I guess that is why most of them are employees and not business owners.

    Haven’t forgotten you R, but take your time, my memory is eternal, well at least my word doc is that won’t let me forget.

  20. Huck has made all my points for me regard the Libs on here and their dodging of Oblama policies. This speaks to their character that they 1. ignore it, and 2. refuse to comment on it. When they do make mention it is to demean someone rather than to contribute, but whats new?

    We have our government authorizing itself to kill us with drones on our own soil, lying to us, manufacturing crises, arming their private army to the teeth, setting up internment camps(6 to date), and they want to talk about the pope, a bad leader in another country, and make false points on the sequester.

    We are witnessing Obama’s dream. The transformation/end of this nation, and they are giving him a standing ovation. I get being partisan, but to stand by and watch these events transpire and do/say nothing……I just don’t have the words.

  21. “Benghazi – what did you accomplish other than to ignore every thing else going on?”

    We’re still accomplishing things.

    So far we’ve found out that Obama never actually bothered to call anyone in Libya after he found out an attack was going on.

    And the latest word is that the Libyans gave warning of an impending attack 3 days before it happened.

    Of course, no “heads will roll” as a result of any of this. After all…what difference does any of it make now?

    I’d be interested in hearing what is being ignored while we worry about Benghazi. Can you elaborate on that? Maybe you’d like more attention to be paid to Obama’s arming of Mexican drug lords?

    “An intelligent person knows there are at least two sides to issues.”

    Yes, and many of us here have pointed that out more than once. Since I have returned, I have talked about the failure of both sides to negotiate in good faith. DR regularly chastises Republicans for their fiscal irresponsibility. And there has been an on-again, off-again debate between the conservatives here on the issue of abortion and how the GOP does, should, and should not approach the subject.

    So if you truly believe that we aren’t seeing both sides of the issues, then you simply have not been paying attention.

    “You dismiss Cheney as not an important issue yet missing the fact we are, in part, where we are because of his arrogance and Bush’s stupidity.”

    That’s not correct. I dismiss him as NO LONGER an important issue. The important issue now is the guys that replaced him and Bush, wouldn’t you agree?

    I am simply pointing out your gross hypocrisy. You blame Bush and Cheney for creating policies and ignore that Obama and Biden have continued them.

    You come around here calling for heads to roll over issues, and then when I point out that they have continued, you suddenly think they are secondary to the long list below.

    “But you, Huck, are a royal flaming WATB.”

    That’s pretty funny seeing as it is the follow up to this (lets put it in list form):

    “But I am even more concerned about gerrymandering,
    voter suppression,
    the post office,
    Supreme Court,
    do nothing congress and obstruction,
    breaking Unions,
    climate change,
    poluting the environment,
    fracking and oil drilling,
    lack of media,
    worshiping of the wealthy
    and the demonizing of the unemployed poor,
    Wall Street,
    privatization of the commons,
    people not being held responsible
    just to mention a few and not in any particular order.”

    But I’m the whiny ass titty baby…lol

  22. We have a political party in this country that openly denounced and removed God from their platform. They openly announce and make law the indefinite detention of US citizens. They are brazen enough to openly make a case to kill us on our own soil, circumventing the Bill of Rights and any and all due process. Why would you think for one second they would give a fuck about 4 dead Americans in Benghazi?

  23. It astounds me that you people think things would be hunky dory if we could just get ‘our team’ as opposed to ‘their team’ in place. That doing so would somehow wave a magic wand over the multiple sins committed over many decades on behalf of both parties and that they would just disappear and allow us to achieve nirvana. Crazy. Politics is where you place your faith? Nuts.

    Like the topic of the last post, our eye IS on the wrong ball. Hell, we’re not even watching the right game.

  24. Lurker, since the Post Office is one of your concerns, do you support the stupid GOP attempt to keep the mail flowing on Saturdays?

    Since a do-nothing Congress is high on your list, what are your opinions on the Senate’s failure to pass a budget for the last 4 years? Do you find any fault with Democrats regarding congress, or is it all on the GOP?

    Harry Ried’s failure to bring up gun legislation has to hurt.

    With jobs on your list, Obama’s failure to cut unemployment in half as he swore to do must really have you steamed. He has lost as many as he has created.

    And Obama bragging about producing more oil than Bush must really piss you off, too. Hell, we’re a major oil exporter now.

    What bothers you about the SCOTUS? That they upheld ObamaCare or that they allow corporations and labor unions (the latter of which you are so concerned about) participate in the democratic process?

    Lack of a real media is a concern of many of us, as is the lack of people being held responsible for things.

    And that last one is the funniest. You don’t want people to be held responsible for things. You want those who you don’t like to be held responsible for things. That is obvious, or you’d be railing about both sides of that coin that intelligent people can see.

    But you don’t. Which leaves us with 2 choices for a conclusion. 1) you’re a hypocrite or 2) you’re, by your own measure, not intelligent.

  25. Anyone watching the new History Channel series, “Vikings”?

    I streamed the first 2 episodes last night. Looks pretty fun.

  26. Gray, glad to have you here but I do have to temper your enthusiasm for the Dow. Even Ezra Klein, hated by many here, said today that when you correct for inflation (as PF said) the Dow is in WORSE shape than it was in 2009.

    I prefer to ignore the Dow altogether in these arguments. I always found back when I was in the market that it was highly irrational.

  27. Tex, if you’re going to insult me, at least be literate. “Triple AAA” actually reads as “triple triple A” and therefore makes you look stupid, not clever.

    I’m afraid I can’t come up with a rejoinder since it’s very hard to find a way to spell “Tex Taylor” in a way that means “smart yet unemployed lazy ass who refuses to get a job and would rather waste time on the Internet insulting people”. 😉

  28. If I simply leave it as ‘AAA’, few would know what the hell I was talking now, would they dispatch? Because you’re right where you deserve to be. ROFLMAO. How’s that hopey changey Obama economy working now for you, big shot?

    Have Spoo Chin (wished I would have thought of that) tell you some more fabulous stories of how the economy is humming while you snuggle with the headset.

    P.S. – I heard your personal hero is such a spoiled, juvenile brat, that he closed the White House due to sequestration.

    The White House tours are manned by volunteers.

    Obama is just dreamy, isn’t he?

  29. There is amendment being put forth to defund his golf trips until he reopens the WH tours.

    Silly season is in full swing.

  30. graychin – good to see you back, if only for the brickbats. LOL. I think you are on the wrong track, but it’s nice to disturb the echo chamber occasionally and hear another side.

    Rutherford? Is that you? Damn – your new employment must be doing good things for you! You’re getting all fired up, and everything.

    All kidding aside, I have had in my life long periods of little or no income, and as a kid I saw a LOT of people who were really up against it. Contrary to what the armchair philosophers say about poverty’s being ennobling, there is nothing noble about it – it’s demeaning, and grinds down the human spirit like nothing else. How is it, having a little extra scratch? Feels pretty good, huh? Good for you.

    poolman – I agree with you; the Left and Right are so close together you couldn’t slip a cigarette paper between them. One thing is sure: Obama is driving the Republican party completely out of business, and if they don’t stop helping him do it in a few years they will just be a memory.

  31. the Left and Right are so close together you couldn’t slip a cigarette paper between them.

    Like Obamacare, right? Hard to take your criticisms seriously.

    When Rutherford gets fired up, good things “aren’t” happening. Just a heads up.


    I’m not sticking around like I used to, but I wanted to apologize to Rutherford for mocking his new job. Nothing wrong with feeding your family, and I shouldn’t have said it. I went to bed and tossed and turned for being a bastard even to a complete stranger. For all I know, you and I might be trading calls one day while I’m scrubbing public toilets.

    But contrary to Spoo Chin’s predictable inanity, this is the end result of Obama Economics, Mr. Rutherford. Menial jobs for menial pay where you can find them – and the older and more qualified you are, the worse the situation.

    I was surprised over four years of give and take, you could never bring yourself to admit the obvious destruction of the path chosen of Obama’s nanny state. Economics may not be your thing, but you’re good enough at math to compare two results. That bullet list I provided which destroyed Spoo Chin’s narrative pretty much sums up all that is going backward. When Jim Cramer ain’t singing the Lib tune, you ought to start reflecting about where we really are. It has been a disaster for anyone not heavily invested in the stock market. And when the stock market was this high five years ago, we sat at 4.4% unemployment. Think about that for a moment. 😐

    This country is now so divided that the reality is we now live in two countries, adversaries and neighbors who hate each other.

    It ain’t coming back and I’m not sure it should. We earned this.

  32. I like your post, and that graychin and Lurker returned, Rutherford, but everyone has already stollen my thunder. I don’t have time today to pick on any remaining bones.

    Dr Erney Goss local economist said the Federal Reserve is responsible for the stock market’s doing as well as it is. The general economy would otherwise reflect lower stock prices. The Fed will not let air out of the balloon until the unemployment rate sinks below 7%, so little will change this year..

    31″ In a few years, they will be just a memory” If so, who will replace them? Perhaps the Tea party?

    “Dreamy” Barry has proven himself such a liar we believe him at our peril. But “what at this point, does it matter?”

    We don’t have cable. Otherwise, i would be watching “Vikings” My mother’s side of the family were Vikings who operated in the Outer Hebridies. One of the producers said much of their society escapes us because Vikings were illiterate. The show took some poetic licence, and was fun to make.

  33. I didn’t watch Vikings, though it looked rather interesting. We watched the first segment of The Bible, but found that it did deviate somewhat from the text, despite their stated claim of scriptural accuracy.

    Hollywood artistic/poetic license, I suppose. But then, Hollywood has done much to shape our nation’s notions. It many cases they have kept us less informed and mostly disinformed. When it is the CIA that puts forth the narratives, you can rest assured we’re being taken for a fantastic ride.

  34. Like Obamacare, right?

    I understand there is little if no difference between Obamacare and Romneycare. It is also contains many market principles formulated by conservatives and previously put forth by republicans in the early 90’s as an alternative to the Clinton plan.

    The real problem with the health care plan — for Mr. Romney and the Republicans in general — is that political credit for it goes to Mr. Obama. Now, Mr. Romney is in a terrible fix trying to spin his way out of this paradox and tear down something he knows is right — something for which he ought to be taking great political credit of his own.

    So I think the main objection like the article states is that a democrat put it out there. It was definitely a win for private insurance companies.

  35. Poolman,

    You didn’t like the Ninja Angel and the obvious lack of sodomy in Sodom? 😀 I didn’t expect anything different from the History Channel. Frankly, I was shocked it didn’t take more liberties.

    By the way, no matter what you think of Romneycare or how much you would like it to be Obamacare, Romneycare applied to 8% of the population.

    ObamaCare applies to 100%, minus the Obama lackeys, campaign bundlers and union goons Big ‘O’ has already excused as payoff.

    I’d say 92% is a big difference for those of us who didn’t flunk math.

  36. Everyone, including Rutherford, seems to have missed my point about the Dow. The record-high Dow IS NOT very meaningful to most of us. Middle America is still hurting. Most of the Dow gains are going to them that’s already got plenty.

    My point was that the Dow is just as meaningful today as it was during its continuing slide in early 2009. Back then it was a sure sign (to some of you) that Obama was a failed president. Remember?

    But that was then. Today’s HIGH market is entirely different. Right?

    For you inflation-minders: there hasn’t actually BEEN much inflation since the earlier Dow high in 2007. It’s almost as if we’ve had a Great Recession or something, and the Fed has been doing its best to ward off DEflation. I don’t feel like delving into the math today, but I expect us to surpass the 2007 high in the Dow quite soon. Corporate profits are soaring.

    Which can only mean that our Kenyan Socialist president is an utter failure – at socialism! The wealth continues to flow upwards.


  37. graychin @ 39: The reason inflation NUMBERS are so low is that the govt changed the way it calculates inflation back in Greenspan’s time. Best estimates are that govt numbers underestimate real inflation by as much as 7%. Here is a good article that I think explains why these numbers are so out of whack:

    Notice that if we went back to at least a partial gold standard – such as we had throughout nearly all our history until Nixon in 1971, all this manipulation would be impossible.

    The American gov’t worked very, very well for most of our history. IMHO, when Nixon let the genie out of the bottle by taking us off the gold standard, we began this inevitable slide that has put us where we are today. Nothing special about it; it’s happened to every other country that has gone to fiat money. Reminds me of that old Karen Black movie, “Trilogy of Terror,” where the chain fell off the Zuni warrior doll’s neck and it came to life, creating mayhem. That chain was called, “Gold Standard,” and you see what we have now that the Whiz Kids like The Bernank are able to debase the currency. Makes the doll look positively tame.

    BTW, IMHO this is why the gov’t REALLY, REALLY wants control of the Internet. There are just too many people out there who know what the gov’t is doing and continually blowing the whistle on them to the whole world.

  38. Corporate profits are soaring.

    √ Wrong…A few like Apple have soared. Most aren’t anywhere near where they were in Oct 2007. Most S&P 600s sit on about $2 trillion in cash because they know the house is crumbling, and have been sitting on large cash reserves since 2007. Execs across America know their expenses are going up dramatically, and they know bad times are a coming.

    There hasn’t actually BEEN much inflation since the earlier Dow high in 2007

    √ Wrong; Hydrocarbons have doubled, consumer staples have increased 33-50% Priced milk lately?

    Back then it was a sure sign (to some of you) that Obama was a failed president. Remember?

    Obama is a failed President. It’s not debatable for those that have a concept of mathematics.

    Once again for the poor of comprehension:

    Regular Gas Price: Then $2.75; Now $3.73
    GDP Growth: Then +2.5%; Now +1.6%
    Americans Unemployed (in Labor Force): Then 6.7 million; Now 13.2 million
    Americans On Food Stamps: Then 26.9 million; Now 47.69 million
    Size of Fed’s Balance Sheet: Then $0.89 trillion; Now $3.01 trillion
    US Debt as a Percentage of GDP: Then ~38%; Now 74.2%
    US Deficit (LTM): Then $97 billion; Now $975.6 billion
    Total US Debt Oustanding: Then $9.008 trillion; Now $16.43 trillion
    US Household Debt: Then $13.5 trillion; Now 12.87 trillion
    Labor Force Particpation Rate: Then 65.8%; Now 63.6%
    Consumer Confidence: Then 99.5; Now 69.6
    S&P Rating of the US: Then AAA; Now AA+
    VIX: Then 17.5%; Now 14%
    10 Year Treasury Yield: Then 4.64%; Now 1.89%
    USDJPY: Then 117; Now 93
    EURUSD: Then 1.4145; Now 1.3050
    Gold: Then $748; Now $1583
    NYSE Average LTM Volume (per day): Then 1.3 billion shares; Now 545 million shares

    For someone who claims to be a CPA, you have a fatuous understanding of socialism. The fact is Obama has been able to push more people toward the poverty level is certainly squaring the deal. Congratulations.One in two American families is now at or near poverty.

    The fact that Obama has been able to REDUCE middle class wages (those making less than $100K per year) by 8.2% in a little over four years is quite an accomplishment. He’s actually been able to increase the middle class by definition of those making less than $100K. How you ask? Because wages have decreased dramatically for professional occupations the last four years and labor participation rates are at historically low levels. Congratulations again.

    The only thing saving you Spoochin is timing. You happened to have retired before the storm hit. Serendipity.

    Fortunately for the rest of us, life has a way of evening things out. You’re also running out of life. 😀

    Now hopefully, you can begin to understand why I think you, Spoochin, are an educated stupid. Like Yeller Dawg (cough cough).

  39. Rutherford, you are assuming the Democrats wanted a revenue agreement with Republicans. Surely some did, but Obama and his allies wanted no agreement unless it signified total Democratic victory.

    Such a victory would inflame Tea Party people and foment an inteneciene struggle which might send Nancy Pelosi back to running the House.

    On the other hand, Republican’s refusal to agree to total defeat, would create a bludgening club that would so anger the voters they would return Nancy’s job to her.

    The elephant in the room is Obama’s willingness to hurt the citizens of his own country through the sequester just as Democrats wanted as a matter of policy to let our troops and Iraqis die via the Slow Bleed. Politco “As described by participants, the goal is crafted to circumvent the biggest political vulnerability of the anti-war movement–the accusation that it is willing to abandon troops in the field.”

    The slow bleed is now being connected to sequestration.

    .”However, you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.” Protein Wisdom

    Do we know that our people died at Bengazi to hide something politically harmful to the administration? We don’t know that they didn’t.

    Eric Holder found it hard to say it is unconstitutional to kill an American citizen with armed drones, though he finally did.

    This is fact, not my opinion. I dare anyone to prove me wrong.Our administration wants us to bleed literally and figuratively if we get in the way.

  40. Gawd Lawd.

    What has Chávez bequeathed his fellow Venezuelans? The hard facts are unmistakable: The oil-rich South American country is in shambles. It has one of the world’s highest rates of inflation, largest fiscal deficits, and fastest growing debts. Despite a boom in oil prices, the country’s infrastructure is in disrepair—power outages and rolling blackouts are common—and it is more dependent on crude exports than when Chávez arrived. Venezuela is the only member of OPEC that suffers from shortages of staples such as flour, milk, and sugar. Crime and violence skyrocketed during Chávez’s years. On an average weekend, more people are killed in Caracas than in Baghdad and Kabul combined. (In 2009, there were 19,133 murders in Venezuela, more than four times the number of a decade earlier.) When the grisly statistics failed to improve, the Venezuelan government simply stopped publishing the figures.

    When even progo Slate Magazine gets it right and lAAAwson and Spoo Chin are saddling up with Chavez against the evil neocons, you know they’ve gone past the point of no return straight into full commie mode. Who knew we were dealing with a couple of Jeff Spicoli fans here?

    Next up, special R.L. lifetime achievement accolades for Yassir Arafat, Pol Pot, Moammar Quaddafi, Fidel, and Bashar Al Assad.

    Rutherford, order up a couple of those Che shirts for Spoo Chin in size XXXX. Since the Yeller Dawg died a grisly death, Spoo hasn’t had the heart to do any of that lumberjacking and has adapted to that guppy look. 😉

  41. “and O’Reilly calls him on his BS” it should have read….

    “I will speak until I can no longer speak, I will speak as long as it takes, until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that our constitution is important, that your right to trial by jury is precious, that no American should be killed on American soil without first being charged with a crime, without first being found to be guilty by a court.”— Senator Rand Paul

  42. And Dennis Miller handed the Bozo O’Reilly his ass tonight – nicely. O’Reilly does some great things like go after these activist judges, but I find him an intellectual lightweight and a legend in his own mind – another Harvard grad helps to explain a large part of that. If there is anything in country more overrated than Obama, it’s Harvard. I’d call it a toss up.

    I suppose it will be out tomorrow on video but in a nutshell Dennis Miller, the only thing worth watching on O’Reilly anymore, said this:

    Sorry Billy. You’re finally coming around. You’re starting to understand Barack Obama is neither as nice as you think he is or as smart as you think he is.

    I thought these media people were supposed to be so much smarter than us little guys?

    Believe most of us who used to be regulars here were way ahead of the curve concerning Barack Obama. I knew him a liar and lame as early as 2006, and I’m sure others did here as well… 😐

  43. Rand Paul’s voice is starting to crack and go hoarse. But he’s still going. And democrats are even joining in the effort to help him…standing in a line to ask him long-winded questions in order to give him a rest, as well as to call out the president for failing to address the primary issue he’s been talking about the last 13 hours.

  44. Didn’t have time to comment much today … I did remark on my Internet radio show this afternoon that Eric Holder must be a lightweight intellectually. Rand Paul asks hm whether we would ever drone-kill an American on US soil and the dumbass says “hypothetically yes”.

    So now Holder has fed into every nutjob fantasy of the black helicopter crowd. Contrary to popular belief here, I was never a major advocate for Holder but now the man has gone down several notches in my book.

  45. Tex, on 43, it is amazing how restrained the lib media (even MSNBC) has been in their assessment of Chavez. There has been very little pumping the man up.

    The only good thing I’ve heard about him was his advocacy for the poor and his distribution of oil profits for their benefit.

    The humorous item which really cracks me up was his TV show where he lectured and sang for hours. C’mon, even YOU have to find that funny.

  46. I’m no fan of Rand Paul but if you’re gonna filibuster, THAT is the way you do it. I agree with Huck on this one …. respect.

    P.S. Similar respect must be shown Bernie Sanders who has also filibustered the good ole fashioned way.

  47. Huck,

    I’m getting very warm to Rand Paul. I’m hoping Ted Cruz keeps it up too. Rand is quickly becoming new favorite Senator. I like my Senators Coburn and Inhofe too – they basically stay out of the limelight usually, except when Inhofe calls Babs Boxer an idiot.

  48. Tex it is simply impossible for you to like both Cruz and Coburn. One is a bull in china shop, the other a mature reasonable pol.

    Cruz has done himself more harm than good in recent performances.

  49. Obama is Chavez without the loyalty of the military…both sociopathic megalomaniacs enriching themselves through divide and conquer and class division. Only Chavez had a twisted sense of humor. Obama is a humorless hatchet man, more qualified as caddy than duffer.

    When Obama said the other day, I’m not a Dictator, why even mention it without Obama giving thought to the possibility? Obama has gone beyond inept failure as President to obvious petty thug. What a dick to close the White House.

    You think I’m crazy? I’ll tell you without doubt the methods are different but the goal is the same. To radically transform each respective country in his image with them as head of the transformation – they’re equally inept.

    I’ll go further to say that Chavez was more qualified to run a banana republic than Obama is to lead the world’s only superpower.

  50. Yeah, I know a lackey like you Rutherford has a new mission now that Obama elected to lead us into ruin.

    You only confirm Cruz is the real deal with your idiocy and parroting today’s line. Tomorrow it will be Rubio.

    You’re an errand boy for MSNBC and democratic operative. We all get it, Rutherford.

  51. Here is some exciting news for you spoogechin….

    Despite the 6.5% stock market rally over the last three months, a handful of billionaires are quietly dumping their American stocks . . . and fast.

    Warren Buffett, who has been a cheerleader for U.S. stocks for quite some time, is dumping shares at an alarming rate. He recently complained of “disappointing performance” in dyed-in-the-wool American companies like Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and Kraft Foods.

  52. Tex, on 43, it is amazing how restrained the lib media (even MSNBC) has been in their assessment of Chavez. There has been very little pumping the man up.

    The only good thing I’ve heard about him was his advocacy for the poor and his distribution of oil profits for their benefit.

    A champion of the poor and all that…

    VENEZUELA — Criminal Justice International Associates (CJIA), a risk assessment and global analysis firm in Miami, estimated in a recent report that the Chávez Frías family in Venezuela has “amassed a fortune” similar to that of the Castro brothers in Cuba.

    According to Jerry Brewer, president of CJIA, “the personal fortune of the Castro brothers has been estimated at a combined value of around $2 billion.”

    “The Chávez Frías family in Venezuela has amassed a fortune of a similar scale since the arrival of Chávez to the presidency in 1999,” said Brewer in an analysis published in their website.
    Brewer said that Cuba is receiving about $5 billion per year from the Venezuelan treasury and in oil shipments and other resources.
    “We believe that organized bolivarian criminal groups within the Chávez administration have subtracted around $100 billion out of the nearly $1 trillion in oil income made by PDVSA since 1999.”

    As for fawning:

    I would also point out that after a decade of Chavez policies, the average Venezuelan isn’t that much better off.

  53. Noah, you realize that is an ad, don’t you? I get one of Wiedemer’s newsletters, and this is ultimately an ad for them. Not that it is wrong; I happen to think he is right on the money.

    The question is “What To Do About It?” My wife says we should take our savings and buy some farmland locally. I’m not a real estate guru nor a farmer, so I don’t know…maybe Australian or Canadian stocks.

    We are going down the shitter though; of that I am certain.

  54. My point was that the Dow is just as meaningful today as it was during its continuing slide in early 2009. Back then it was a sure sign (to some of you) that Obama was a failed president. Remember? – Chin

    No, it is all of these reasons that we STILL think he is a failed pResident.

    “Mission Accomplished” – With CNBC now lost for countdown-able targets (though 20,000 is so close), we leave it to none other than Jim Cramer, quoting Stanley Druckenmiller, to sum up where we stand (oh and the following list of remarkable then-and-now macro, micro, and market variables), namely that “we all know it’s going to end badly, but in the meantime we can make some money” – ZH translation: “just make sure to sell ahead of everyone else”, just like everyone sold ahead of everyone else on October 11th 2007, the last time stocks were here…
    Dow Jones Industrial Average: Then 14164.5; Now 14164.5
    Regular Gas Price: Then $2.75; Now $3.73
    GDP Growth: Then +2.5%; Now +1.6%
    Americans Unemployed (in Labor Force): Then 6.7 million; Now 13.2 million
    Americans On Food Stamps: Then 26.9 million; Now 47.69 million
    Size of Fed’s Balance Sheet: Then $0.89 trillion; Now $3.01 trillion
    US Debt as a Percentage of GDP: Then ~38%; Now 74.2%
    US Deficit (LTM): Then $97 billion; Now $975.6 billion
    Total US Debt Oustanding: Then $9.008 trillion; Now $16.43 trillion
    US Household Debt: Then $13.5 trillion; Now 12.87 trillion
    Labor Force Particpation Rate: Then 65.8%; Now 63.6%
    Consumer Confidence: Then 99.5; Now 69.6
    S&P Rating of the US: Then AAA; Now AA+
    VIX: Then 17.5%; Now 14%
    10 Year Treasury Yield: Then 4.64%; Now 1.89%
    USDJPY: Then 117; Now 93
    EURUSD: Then 1.4145; Now 1.3050
    Gold: Then $748; Now $1583
    NYSE Average LTM Volume (per day): Then 1.3 billion shares; Now 545 million shares

    Also, a nice read on taxes that the libs will completely ignore.

  55. I agree with Rutherford about Eric Holder. He also let Fast and Furious kill hundreds of people.

    Yes, Berny Sander and Strom Thurman the champion with 24 hours of speaking deserve credit for filibusters too..

    How do we know Obama is a failed president? Maybe this is all by design.

    Rutherford has a job which occupies his time. However, the few liberals to show their faces are hit and runs so far. Usually after a new post, they defend their positions several times. Information and the truth are hard to fight.

    I hope this development is a microcosm of national feeling. If so, we have hope in the next Congressional elections.

  56. How do we know Obama is a failed president? Maybe this is all by design.

    Exactly my conclusion. There is no other way we could have gone from where we started to where we find ourselves today. Whether you ascribe to conspiracy theories or not, we have arrived at a place others have delineated. Like this list of communist goals introduced to Congress January 10, 1963. A copy is found here: The list has mostly been accomplished.

    Similar to that list of goals, if you’ve read the purported forgery published 110 years ago known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, you find a sinister agenda that seems to have been mostly successful in its implementation. Whether it is forged or authentic, there is no question they are/were prophetic, describing our modern society and economy in detail.

    Whether you believe these are authentic agendas or merely fantastical plans, they bear a striking resemblance to our current condition. In either case, the goals stated have been carried out. I no longer believe in coincidence or luck. I know this world system is inherently evil. I know most of those who run it are psychopaths.

  57. “I hope this development is a microcosm of national feeling.”

    I don’t think it is.

    No matter if we disagree with them or not, those that post here are higher information voters.

    Unfortunately, our electorate is ruled by low information voters who will swallow any and all bullshit that the machine feeds it.

  58. Unfortunately, our electorate is ruled by low information voters who will swallow any and all bullshit that the machine feeds it.

    I would consider Rutherford a well developed, high end disseminator of disinformation when he isn’t on call down at the rescue service.

    That ought to be the name of this blog now that I think of it.

    R.L.’s Dissemination of Disinformation (Welcome)

    However, Rutherford invariably comes to the same bone-headed and destructive conclusions as the low information voter, so in the Venn Diagram of life, Rutherford falls in that overlapping portion of disseminator and dumbass – a real monster. 😆

    Think about it. When stripped of the stylish bullshit, Rutherford is next kin of to the Obamaphone lady.

    I mean, with the shape this country is in all you can do is laugh anymore. At least I’ll go down with a smile.

  59. To those who think Hillary Clinton looked presidential when she cried and threw her “what difference does it make now?” tantrum…

    How presidential did you think Rand Paul looked yesterday?

  60. After his display today, I will assume that John McCain endorses this action….

    Does make you wonder. We’re way past due for McCain to be put to pasture – Graham to a lesser degree. I think Graham is gone next election.

    IMO, John McCain should be caned for raising Meghan McCain. She’s a menace to society. 😀

  61. @72 you’re just spinning this for humor or something right?
    Tucson resolutions always close with the statement regards “emergency”. For example the resolution that preceded the USAF base one was between the city and the Arizona Theater Co. regards the Temple of Music and Art. (resolution 22005)

  62. I don’t think “this development is a microcosm of national feeling” either, but hope is free.

    Rutherford and others who visit here show that people believe what they want to believe.

    Hillary is as much presidential material as Jane Fonda deserved being one of the most admired women in America during the seventies. A Clinton- Ryan debate would be worth the price of a ticket.

    I wonder if the perp had two large twins first.

  63. Michelle Obama and John Kerry to Honor Anti-Semite and 9/11 Fan

    Just how fricking stupid is our State Dept.? We already know Shelly’s idiocy…if Joe Biden dumb as an ashtray, Michelle Antoinette the stale, smoking cigar butt sitting in the ashtray.

    Of course, when these cowards got busted publicly on account of their rancid political correctness (fascism under another name) and stupidity, they suddenly had to postpone the awards…

  64. “A Clinton- Ryan debate would be worth the price of a ticket.”

    I don’t know, James. Paul Ryan didn’t end up doing so well against the laughing idiot, Biden. He’s out of his element with anything but budgetary matters.

    I don’t know that Rand Paul is the answer, either. But he sure got the blood pumping yesterday. That he finally bullied Obama into an actual answer today makes it a sweet victory, even if it is fleeting.

  65. R opined ‘way back: “I prefer to ignore the Dow altogether in these arguments. I always found back when I was in the market that it was highly irrational.”

    Now you are getting there. Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, said that he considered The Market to be like a somewhat unbalanced business partner who, every morning, offered to buy anything you owned at one price or sell you anything he owned at a slightly different one.

    Buffett said that, in the short term, the market is a voting machine; in the long term it is a weighing machine. (That also may have originally come from Graham.) Prolly the best example is the current price levels of Apple computer, which by any measure is cheap, cheap, cheap. Completely irrational.

  66. Working the grain market is similar to coping with stocks. As long as one uses them as financial tools and doesn’t get greedy there is a chance to make money.. We own a few stocks, but we don’t buy or trade. Our farm was enough of a gamble.

    We did well judging the grain prices, bur we were also burned.Commodities can be as irrational as stocks. The Heartland might be in the throes of a drought with prices surging. If a random thunderstorm dumps on Chicago, the price will fall for a few days.

    You may be right, Huck, but Biden isn’t Hillary. She comes across as more brittle than the Vice President.

    The debate I would really enjoy would be between Sarah Palin and Hillary. Palin held her own against Biden when all she had going for her was native intelligence and a snarkey attitude. It was a provincial meeting a pro. I wouldn’t vote for any of them, but it would be fun to watch.

    One small item also gives me hope. Around 2010, human caused global warming was on a roll. An international meeting in Denmark was poised to inflict stringent cap and trade like penalties on the peasantry to save the planet and enrich our betters.

    Two unusually cold winters combined with one of Copenhagan;s worst snowstorms in years forced delegates and reporters to endure bitter cold as they stood in line waiting to enter the conference building. Then, came climategate and the blatant attempt of rich countries to roll the poorer nations at the conference. The movement has not yet recovered.

    Sequestration was to be the bale which broke the Republicans’ back, but so far, Obama’s over sale has backfired. A class of Iowa sixth graders is going on Youtube to persuade Obama to reopen the White House for tours. They didn’t blame Republicans.,

  67. “You may be right, Huck, but Biden isn’t Hillary. She comes across as more brittle than the Vice President.”

    You may be right, James.

    Before the Benghazi hearing I’d have pegged her to be much stronger than Biden. But that display, which was called “presidential” by some, showed her to be weak when pressed.

    “Sequestration was to be the bale which broke the Republicans’ back, but so far, Obama’s over sale has backfired. A class of Iowa sixth graders is going on Youtube to persuade Obama to reopen the White House for tours. They didn’t blame Republicans.,”

    At least 2 different Fox News people are offering to finance the reopening of the White House tours for a week, each. The fun is really gonna start once Obama finally hits the links or goes on another vacation. Both of which are inevitable.

  68. re 78 (unless R cleans up graychin’s dupes 40,41,42, then it could be 75 or 76)

    There is some fairly intense discussion in council meetings re Tucson’s resolution 22006, Alfie. It’s available online from their own site. From the quick passage during the session on 2-20 to the following 2 sessions where residents discuss their views questioning and opposing it. The mayor and council are supposed to clarify several things and one is why everything is mostly passed as an emergency. It appears apparently more expedient. Otherwise, they have to make it available for public viewing 30 days before passage. Probably something about trust and accountability and who is working for whom, I believe. Anyhow, I don’t blame them. Government has been overstepping its authority on all levels. With guns, human trafficking, drugs, and border issues, they got their federal fingers in every pie. We’re a less than trusting bunch. There should be more publicity come from this.

    re 80 (77 or 78, if R…) I think they took that lady off the list since you posted. Sites seem to have been updated regarding that sensitive topic.

    The Indian’s logic is sound, but yeah, I sure do like my power tools. 🙂

  69. @ Rutherford you are like Van Jones. Rand Paul is evil on civil rights but a hero on civil liberties. The problem both of you have is that you fail to see how civil liberty frees all whereas practiced in the real world civil rights enslaves.
    Let that ruminate.

  70. “You may be right, Huck, but Biden isn’t Hillary. She comes across as more brittle than the Vice President”

    James, I don’t think brittle is the right word. I’d say prickly. I think she’s more easily pissed off than Biden and hides it less successfully.

    I also think she feels more entitled to greatness than Biden does.

  71. Oh I forgot … Hillary vs Palin? Get real. The ONLY reason Palin survives debates is that her folksy charm makes folks forget she’s dumb as a post.

    You might not like Hillary but the woman is smart. The most one could hope for in a Hillary Sarah debate is a good cat fight.

  72. Alfie I think you’ve set up a zero sum game where the advancement of civil liberties ipso facto limits the civil rights of others.

    You’re better read than I. Point me to a black Libertarian who has articulated the conflict between civil liberties and civil rights. I’d be curious what Rand Paul would say if he were a black man.

  73. I agree Hillary is smart ,maybe smarter than Biden who is no fool Rutherford, but she is also brittle.

    Her “what difference does it make” was a stupid comment and it revealed an emotional paralysis which temporarily shut down her mind. She lashed out with whatever she could find to stick to the wall. I’ve seen it in her and others . Maybe inflexible is a better adjective. I’ll give it to you if you want, but I like brittle. which implies breaking points.

    Yes, she feels entitled, and she is prickly, but a more flexible mind would have maintained control and used her temper more judiciously.

    A 35 year- old woman tried to drive me from another blog, but I garnered more allies and she was banished. Her mother claimed I had driven her to suicide. I don’t think I caused anything, but that poor woman was also brittle. She broke like a dropped plate..

  74. I googled “What is Sarah Palin’s IQ? Estimates based on her accomplishments put her at 125 or higher.

    Hillary’s is maybe 140, and Obama’s 110 to 165. His wide range is because most of his college records and tests are sealed. Of course, we know such estimates don’t mean much because they are are guesses based on accomplishments and subjective impressions..

    You think she is as dumb as a post, if she is, the posts you know must be able to do advanced math and compose sonnets to ease the boredom of constantly standing in the ground.

    Neither of us would vote for her, but if she is stupid, what does that say about you and me?

    ? Jones, an avowed communist and Obama friend said that Ryan became his hero the other night.

  75. Point me to a black Libertarian who has articulated the conflict between civil liberties and civil rights.

    You are still following TMOT, right? Anyway, if you prefer someone with more education and writings, google Walter E. Williams. He seems to favor the libertarian ideology and articulates well.

  76. You’re better read than I. Point me to a black Libertarian who has articulated the conflict between civil liberties and civil rights. I’d be curious what Rand Paul would say if he were a black man.
    The answer to both pseudo queries starts with the classic….Booker T Washington.

  77. Brittle is the perfect word for Hillary.

    As for where are all the Obama defenders – it’s totally unnecessary. The new Democrat is not going to be accountable. After all – what, at this point, does it matter?

    Obama’s new charm offensive is just plain offensive. As
    Krauthammer put it succinctly – “I remain uncharmed.” The president’s passions now are recreation and capturing the House back in 2014. The next two years are going to be all about payback, and his last two years will be all for Bill and Hill.


    “Bushmaster.” 😆 I couldn’t believe she had the handle facing out. That’s crazy.

    I mean, the whole thing is crazy of course. 🙂

  78. I found this in my inbox yesterday from the VP of Student Affairs of my university. (some part are edited by me to maintain anonymity)


    At approximately 7:47 p.m. Tuesday night, university police officers were dispatched to the second floor in [Edited] Hall regarding a report of a stolen pistol. The alleged victim reportedly left his weapon behind in the restroom stall. When he returned to recover the weapon he discovered it missing. A search was conducted, but the gun was not located. At this time, the investigation by [edited]PD is still ongoing.

    And as a reminder, concealed weapons, including guns, are not allowed on campus. But the victim, who is a retired sheriff’s deputy in good standing, is the exception as he has the right to carry a concealed weapon.

    Anyone with any information on this case should contact [edited]PD immediately at [edited].

    My school has its own police dept. with real cops that carry real guns. I don’t have any problems with that, in fact I welcome it. And because of that fact, I also don’t have a problem with our “no weapons on campus” policy. I understand that not all campuses have their own armed police force, and have no problems with the people on those campuses wanting to be armed.

    What irks me about this is the wording. This guy isn’t even a cop anymore. And regardless of his “good standing” he is obviously not responsible with his weapon, as he forgot it in the shitter after he took his crap. Yet, we are reminded that this irresponsible asswipe (pun intended) has the “right” to carry his concealed weapon on my campus, even after he has now made my campus less safe because of his actions.

    I am still trying to decide if this is real or not, as the punctuation and syntax is pretty damn sorry. But the email info shows it came from who signed it.

    I am pretty disgusted.

  79. I understand that not all campuses have their own armed police force, and have no problems with the people on those campuses wanting to be armed.
    those campuses???? I would like to know how you reconcile the worldview on this one.
    On a different level as it were I’ll also add these two points. Virginia Tech officers are now & were armed in 2007. It doesn’t make a campus any safer than being “gun free”. Georgia Tech police are trying hard to get permission to use drones. They most recently were denied FAA approval but given GT having a robust UAV program there will probably be an end run some day.
    I appreciate these two points may seem unrelated but I would obviously disagree ergo here they are.

  80. Rutherford a further follow up to #95
    You’re better read than I.
    First, thanks for something I’m taking as a compliment. I would counter that I am not better read just different. It is one of the reasons forums can prove so interesting. You have a decent mixed bag here offering a wide range of views,insights and backgrounds. I hope all present appreciate that fact.

  81. “those campuses???? I would like to know how you reconcile the worldview on this one.”

    I’d have thought how I reconcile it was made pretty obvious “Those campuses” don’t have an armed police force that patrols their campus, so they might want to arm themselves. Mine does, so I don’t think we don’t need armed students. I don’t know the numbers, but we have what seems like a lot of cops for a relatively small area.

    That shootings have happened on campuses with armed police is a fair point. However, it doesn’t change my position. I would rather have the guns in the hands of trained, responsible individuals, than in the hands of Joe Blow….and that includes FORMER cops that are obviously no longer responsible enough to be carrying.

    Any comments on the guy who left his weapon in the toilet stall for someone to take? Someone who may be mentally unstable or have a criminal past?

  82. My questioning of your reconciliations was purely about the potential libertarian/rights angle as opposed to chastising you in any way.

    I would look to up your potential unease with the truth that most campuses cannot attract or retain the best and brightest when it comes to its public safety folks. In my neck of the woods you have Harvard and MIT who do attract retired talent from the MA State Police. It’s easy for them for at one time HPD was one of the highest paid law enforcement entities in the state. Call me a pessimist but way too many campuses get folks who so badly want to be a cop they pursue any and every opportunity.

    Anyway…I looked up the phenom of leaving your piece in the stall and sadly there was way too much info. Recent cases such as the one in MI that HuffPo and Tp liked where the post Sandy Hook reaction hired a ex-cop who left his firearm in the bathroom. I saw a forum which was very seriously attempting to give tips on “what to do with your gun while using a public restroom”.

    To fully answer your specific I give you:
    I don’t support gun free zones !
    I do support that if there is a rule in place that identifies a class,in this case a student or non campus safety staff member YOU DON’T GET TO BRING YOUR GUN TO SCHOOL/WORK! THIS INCLUDES FORMER COPS,AGENTS,SEALS etc.
    Lastly, I being the eternal pessimist am always iffy on people “losing” firearms and reporting them “stolen”.

  83. I think anyone who loses a gun they have been carrying in public should lose their right to do so in the future. With rights come responsibility. Those that prove unable to handle the latter should forfeit the former.

    I appreciate your replies.

  84. Huck 107 says:”I appreciate your replies.”

    My pleasure.I’m here all week,try the veal it’s delicious. Not being snarky I genuinely love that line and the inter webs are slow this weekend.

  85. John Brennan is sworn in on a draft version of the Constitution without the bill of rights or preamble. Significant? I think so. He certainly hasn’t honored our rights in the past. What are they telling us? We need him because?

    Elizabeth Warren wants to know how come banks that launder a billion bucks in drug money get fined but no one goes to jail and the banks are able to continue to operate, whereas an individual gets caught with the drugs and they’re going to prison. That is our current justice system in America. The obvious double standard. Yeah, those are the questions I want addressed. WTG Elizabeth Warren!

    Kentucky votes to legalize hemp production. Yay. Maybe we can get some of these cancer causing petroleum products out of circulation in our environment. In plastics we trust. This is smart and environmentally safe legislation.

  86. Muffy @ 100. When I sent that article to my 73 year-old brother – who in his time had been a rounder – he shot back immediately, “Hell, I knew some that could put a magnum in there…….and a box of shells.”

  87. R – as a man of letters, I thought you would appreciate these. I’m spending this beautiful 65-degree day inside, editing. Maybe I can ride my bike on the rail-trail later today…

    — “He was literally eating her up.” (Really? Literally? Then the story ends here?)

    — “You taste like the stars look.” (Huh?)

    — “those tidbits, like everything else he could glean about her, stuck in his head like velcro.”

    — “Close your eyes,” she said, and surprisingly, he did. (Damned unreliable men!)

    –“The man grabbed her chin and tilted it to meet his eyes.” (Boink!)

    (wildlife alert!) –“Dell answered with a smile. It didn’t hide the angry tick in his cheek.”

  88. update: excitement! For a couple of years, I have had an old hollow snag down in the woods beside my driveway. It was about three feed diameter, thirty feet high and hollow. One of my son’s friends and I, two nights ago, decided to light it up (with fire) as welcoming beacon for my son, who was just returning from a long car trip out of state. It had just rained, so I wasn’t worried about the woods’ catching fire, and due to the chimney effect, the hollow snag channeled fire up the center and out the top – kind of a lighthouse, thirty feet up! My son thought it – and his dad – very cool.

    This morning a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses tracted our asses, and on their way off the porch said, “Do you know your woods are on fire?”

    They were. Shit. It’s fire season and a big fine for burning before 4 p.m. My son’s friend and I worked frantically for about an hour, and all is well, including NO FINE. Glad for all those hours I spent in high school, firefighting in the WV mountains; otherwise I’d have shit my pants – and burned up my woods. Good stuff and good experience for the boy.

    By the way, R – check out my new gravatar. One of the cover artists for our little publishing company made it for me. It’s a takeoff on Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster. Finally got the color right today. Now I can really have some fun with the Obama fan-girls at Fat Grannies.

  89. (Not hit and run but computer problems)
    Huck – “And that last one is the funniest. You don’t want people to be held responsible for things. You want those who you don’t like to be held responsible for things. That is obvious, or you’d be railing about both sides of that coin that intelligent people can see.”

    Yes, a complicated issue; not black or white isn’t it? I try to consider what the motivation, the intent, the gain, upside/downside etc when deciding to hold a person(s) responsible.

    What was to be gained by a failure in Benghazi for Obama before an election? He was not personally in charge of Benghazi. What was to be gained by the Republicans for making Benghazi a major crisis just before an election? Perhaps to make Obama look incompetent and cause him to lose the election?
    The more your side creates mountains out of mole hills the more people stop listening. How many embassy attacks have been in the past and were they calling for impeaching the president(s) over them?

    Bush and Cheney. Was 9/11 an act of war or a crime? Who did we declare war on or did we actually declare war? Bush said he wanted to be a war president in 1999. Cheney’s Halliburton was about to fold before 9/11 but is doing very well these days as are his defence contractor friends. Why didn’t we accept the Taliban’s offer to turn over Bin Laden? Why did we let BL go in Tora Bora? Why did we invade Iraq? Motivation/Intent/Gain. I would think you would want to know how we came to start two wars. I voted for that mfer Bush; I put my trust in that vote. I thought we learned from Nam. It is not an attack on you personally to hold them responsible for their actions.

    Post Office. The Republicans required the PO to fund the pensions and healthcare for 75 years in advance and gave them a 10 period to accomplish this. Why? The PO wanted to expand their services to make more money. The Republicans said they could only sell postage. Why? When the PO said they wanted to stop Saturday delivery to save money
    the Republicans said no. Why? My only explanation for this is to put the PO out of business so it can be privatized. The answer to your question is NO. They did something similar with Medicare with Part D.

    Reid can not get the votes to pass gun legislation. It is obvious there are too many fearful people in this country who have not seen enough killing or are afraid of the government to control gun violence yet.

    The SCOTUS need to read and re-read their job description until they understand their responsibilities.

    Both the Republicans and Democrats are guilty it is just that the Republicans are more guilty of obstructionism. How many filibusters have they called in the last four years? What is their motivation for calling them? I may question Paul’s motivation for his “speaking filibuster” but I enjoyed knowing he did it. It should be done more often rather than just calling in one. If you object or are in favor of an issue lets hear the reasons.

    I hear from my side the Republicans are willing to destroy this country hoping people will blame the Democrats and elect Republicans. What do you say to that statement?

    “With jobs on your list, Obama’s failure to cut unemployment in half as he swore to do must really have you steamed. He has lost as many as he has created.”
    Who laid off a number of those jobs you say he lost? How do you think he can create jobs without the help of Congress? GOP ran on JOBs, JOBs, JOBs in 2010. Where are those jobs now?? Imagine what we could accomplish if we worked together.

  90. Lurker’s nice post gave me something to chew on, but not today. “What at this point, does it matter?” I like weather better than politics, and the wettest storm of the winter is dropping water on us. It began with thunderstorms and rain around 4AM yesterday.

    Now, we have 11 inches of snow on the ground with 40 MPH wind gusts.We can’t see across our front yard. I 29 was closed after two muitl-vehical accidents, and several other interstates have also been closed from time to time. An Omaha reporter counted over 70 vehicles off the highway as she drove north to report the I 29 closure.

    We are still in extreme drought, so this moisture is a godsend. I’m tired with little sleep, but happy. Too happy to argue politics tonight.

  91. “Since a do-nothing Congress is high on your list, what are your opinions on the Senate’s failure to pass a budget for the last 4 years?

    Isn’t this a bit of the kids making up the grocery list and leaving out the meat, vegtables, eggs and milk they were told to write down. So Mom said no to the cookies, candy, junk food, soda etc.

    What do you think of Boehner’s leadership?

    “And Obama bragging about producing more oil than Bush must really piss you off, too. Hell, we’re a major oil exporter now.”

    I have known this for some time and find it very funny when people yell if Obama would just allow drilling we could lower gas prices. Do you think the Keystone Pipeline is worth our tax dollars so Canada can send their dirty tar sand across our country when British Columbia refused to allow it? Do you think it worth taking people’s land, possible pollution and damage to the environment/water caused by this pipeline so some oil company can make a bigger profit? We will still have to pay the going price for oil/gas. Do you think the oil companies should set aside a portion of their profits to deal with the clean up and health risks involved in shipping and refining this product? How do you think we (and who) should protect the pipeline from a terror attack? A Cornell study reveals there will be 20 full time jobs and 2,500-4,600 two year temp jobs in this project. Is it worth it?

    But while we are on the subject. Do you think Cuomo is wrong to ban fracking in NY or should he be like the CO Governor (D) who would sue any community who attempted to ban fracking? Do you think it is right to take Native American/reservation land for fracking? Do you think the BLM should be held responsible for negotiating on behalf of the NAs that gave the better deal to the buyers than the seller? Do you think these fracking companies should be required to divulge the chemicals used in fracking and the possible health risks involved in fracking? Do you think these companies should be required to set aside funds to deal with the pollution and health issues that will come with fracking?

    Advice to anyone in a fracking area with well water, spring fed ponds or streams. Have your water tested BEFORE fracking begins for every known chemical, mineral and whatever and a soil sample as well and then document this information legally. Contamination will be difficult to prove after fracking begins.

  92. James – it is about 11 o’clock and is 48 degrees!! Hit the 50’s today. This morning the sky was filled with Snow Geese which lay over on the lake until they move north. Yesterday were the Canadian flying over head on their way to the corn fields. Of course the house has been poo pooed but Spring is on its way! Most of the snow is gone. The rain will wash the house. Please keep all that snow to yourself.

  93. Lurker, this is one of the dumb myths believed by the pro-Keystone contingent — that somehow this oil is going to make us self sufficient. BS, the oil will be sold to the highest bidder. We won’t see a drop of it and the oil companies will get richer in the process.

    Of course the Republicans who support the pipeline are the same folks who believe there really is an organization called “Friends of Hamas” and the same ones who voted again last week to de-fund ACORN which no longer exists. 🙄

  94. I am pretty indifferent regarding Boehner. He’s got a tough job, but I figure there is probably someone in the party that could do it better. I don’t have anyone in mind.

    I don’t know enough about fracking to comment. I’ve read a few articles arguing both sides, but I don’t really have the time to devote to cutting through the obvious biases of either one.

    As far as GOP obstruction….yeah. That’s why they were elected…and re-elected. I have said before, congress is working exactly as it is supposed to work. The people in it are elected to represent their constituents. When they don’t, they don’t get re-elected. That’s why approval ratings for congress as a whole are crap. It doesn’t matter what I think of your congressman or what you think of mine or what we think of them collectively. All that matters to me is what I think of who is representing me. The same goes for you. I am represented by 1 Republican in the House, and 2 Democrats in the Senate. You can probably guess my opinion of Boxer and Feinstein. My congressman is new this year after replacing a guy who had been in for several years. We’ll see….

    What I don’t like is when they aren’t doing what they are supposed to do, such as passing budgets. The failure to pass a budget is what brings us to these potential government shutdowns. Remember that when the next one comes. Also remember that budgets cannot be filibustered against. So the “GOP obstruction” meme doesn’t sell on that one. It’s all on the Democrats.

    Regarding unspoken filibusters…meh. I couldn’t really care less, either way. It isn’t in the constitution, but it is, for now, part of the rules of the body. Democrats had the chance to change that, and you notice they didn’t.

    Re: Benghazi. I have also stated before that I didn’t find any fault with the fact that there was not enough security there. It would have taken a large force to deal with that attack. The size of it would have required a bigger force to support it. That would have labeled us as occupiers, and that label would have been exploited by the terrorists to sway the people, who still mainly seem to be on our side over there. The error was in sending anyone there. The diplomacy could have been done electronically until the place was safe..which might never happen.

    My issue with Benghazi..and I think it is an issue shared by the BS we were fed afterward. You and Newt and Hillary and Barry might not think it is a big deal for us to be lied to and told that the exercising of our most precious right…free speech…led to a terrorist attack…but I do think it’s a big deal. The lies show that Obama thought the truth was a big deal, too. So maybe you should ask him what was to be gained before the election.

    As for Bush and Cheney…I think I will just stick with the presidential-sounding default…”what difference at this point does it make?” Did Bush make mistakes?…sure. But that is the past. Other than being the subject of history, it doesn’t mean much. I am much more concerned about the actions of who IS in power than I am about the actions of who WAS in power. Bush and Darth Cheney can’t hurt you anymore. Obama and his idiot friend Biden can.

    I appreciate your willingness to engage. You’re braver than most, these days.

  95. “Of course the Republicans who support the pipeline are the same folks who believe there really is an organization called “Friends of Hamas” and the same ones who voted again last week to de-fund ACORN which no longer exists.”

    That’s a gross generalization of the highest order, Rutherford.

    Quit being intellectually lazy. You’re better than that.

  96. That’s about as bad as us assuming that all Democrats think an island will actually capsize if it has too many people on it.

  97. I am curious…does anyone have a no-BS answer as to why we don’t build a refinery plant closer to the source, rather than build a pipeline so far from north to south?

  98. The more your side creates mountains out of mole hills the more people stop listening. How many embassy attacks have been in the past and were they calling for impeaching the president(s) over them?

    Comments like this are why I disdain Leftists – enablers of failure and duplicitous hypocrites. I’ll say it again. To compromise with maggots like this is equivalent to offering these fascists one leg to cut off instead of two for the “good of the country.”

    Nobody died in Watergate. Not one. Forty years later, these pukes are still bringing up Richard Nixon as a crook for a petty break-in. Four people died in Benghazi with our military 30 minutes away while a battle waged for eight hours and our feckless President and equally feckless Sec. of State did nothing. Cowards and liars.

    Yet, nobody has been held accountable for the intelligence failure at Benghazi. Nobody has been held accountable for the lies told two weeks after Benghazi as excuse to cover for a failed President. Nobody has explained why an ambassador was even in Benghazi. Nobody has answered for the President’s lies of Al Qaeda being on the run as he claimed. Nobody has given the supposed filmmaker due process while he rots in a jail to the best of my knowledge.


  99. While Lurk is light on content, for some reason find the responses entertaining. It is a lesson on how to answer, but not answer a question.

  100. 125
    I am guessing not many people want to be down wind from a refinery. Not sure but I am guessing there is law in place preventing it. Been a decade or 3 since a new one has been built.

  101. Quit being intellectually lazy. You’re better than that.

    No, Huck. The disseminator of disinformation isn’t being intellectually lazy. He’s that economically stupid. If we never used a gallon of the refined bitumen, the pipeline, port and refinery still create thousands of sustained jobs. Obama doesn’t like high paying jobs that aren’t in blue states.

    I am curious…does anyone have a no-BS answer as to why we don’t build a refinery plant closer to the source, rather than build a pipeline so far from north to south?

    There are several reasons – the main one being port access to the refined product. The pipeline is the safest, cleanest, least damaging of all our options to get crude, gas, oil, diesel, etc from point A to point B. The south end of the pipeline is already built (Cushing, OK to Texas).

    But you could include EPA permissions preventing even building a refinery: (We have not built a new refinery in 40 years except one in North Dakota (got to pacify the Indians)) and it won’t process bitumen).

  102. I just watched the second part of the Bible on the History Channel. I don’t know why, after the first was so off. This segment was even worse. It would not be so bad if they didn’t claim them to be done in ‘the spirit’ of accuracy. The wife and I were yelling at the TV. Pretty funny, really. You’d think we were watching a sporting event. 😀

  103. So am I reading this right that it is mainly EPA regulations stopping new refineries from being built?

    Which means we could not build this pipeline everyone is so worried about if Obama lifted the EPA regulations and allowed a new refinery to be built closer to the oil sands?

  104. Is this History Channel Bible show even remotely interesting from a historical perspective? I am hurting for something decent to watch, these days.

  105. Is this History Channel Bible show even remotely interesting from a historical perspective?

    It is inaccurate both from a historical perspective and a biblical perspective. It really hasn’t been entertaining for me, anyway. You’re probably better off with Vikings. My wife likes Ancient Aliens and America Unearthed. Both are entertaining. American Unearthed really shakes up the history we’ve been told.

  106. Which means we could not build this pipeline everyone is so worried about if Obama lifted the EPA regulations and allowed a new refinery to be built closer to the oil sands

    Yes. But truthfully, it is cheaper to get the unrefined product to the refiner than it is to build the new refinery. This is such a no brainer, that people like Rutherford should be hanged just for lowering the IQ of the country so severely.

    And here’s the real kicker. The Bongo red herring. This huge concern about a pipeline traveling over the Ogallala Aquifer? There’s already 21,000 miles of existing pipeline that travel over the aquifer. I used to work the gas patch – it ain’t the farmers who are complaining about the pipeline; it’s the fascist politicians. The farmers are delighted for the extra dough.

    Anybody that argues about oil mixing with the water table and ruining the agriculture is so bad at basic science, they should be tarred and feathered – at the very least, their abject stupidity should be discarded as nothing but rank politics.

  107. Personally I have avoided the Bible on the History chan. I do not want to confuse the historical facts as I understand them with entertainment so I mostly avoid all shows that involve this type of subject matter. One of many ways to rewrite history imo.

  108. I just watched the second part of the Bible on the History Channel. I don’t know why, after the first was so off.

    I did the same thing. And I agree completely. The entire two hours, I was asking myself, “Why am I subjecting myself to this wretched junk? This is terrible. Ted Turner’s biblical movies were much better than this stuff.”

    I think Poolman, millions of people are so ready for something enriching, wholesome and/or entertaining on TV anymore beyond The Greatest Race, Honey Boo Boo, or L.A. housewives, that we’ll do or watch anything that isn’t dropping the F Bomb every 60 seconds.

    We went as an entire family today (Spring Break) and watched ‘Oz.’ 😀 It actually was pretty cute, but not one I would recommend wasting $10.00 for. Watch it at Red Box.

  109. My wife wants to see Oz, big time. She is such a fan of the Wizard of Oz, she must have seen it a hundred times. I can wait until it comes out on video. I’m not a big movie fan like her and her family. Her brother is known to spend big bucks and wait in long lines for specific movie show openings. Not me. I can wait and I generally only watch them once.

    Likely though, she’ll make Oz a movie date in my not too distant future. She’s already laying down hints. 😀

  110. You could take the kids and grand kids and not be red faced. They pretty much set it up for a sequel too. We’re officially ought of new ideas in Hollywood, Poolman. 🙂 22 minutes of advertisements before the start of movie. Star Trek 2, Iron Man 3, etc….

    We purchased two small bags of popcorn and one regular sized Icee. Total bill for refreshment. $18.00. And I didn’t even eat all my popcorn.

  111. I enjoy seeing movies in a theater, but it is just so damn expensive.

    I told my wife I was going to do this the next time we go….

  112. They pretty much set it up for a sequel too. We’re officially ought of new ideas in Hollywood

    Of course. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t already mostly shot. Money talks, and there are plenty of Oz fans that will spend. Yeah, nothing new under the sun. Retro on top of retro and repeat.

    We’ve build another cul-de-sac. It’s the circle of life. All ‘great’ civilizations hit a plateau and then degrade all around. Some were taken out by space rocks or conquering tribes.

    It is crazy the previews and product placement everywhere nowadays. Our kids are often like walking billboards, and they pay to do it. They idolize this shit. This defines today’s cool. The commercials are like all we are into. It is difficult to get away from marketing. It’s always in your face, so superficial and suggestive.

    We are probably the first Pavlovian society monitored on a vast scale. Someone’s sociology experiment.

  113. I can’t sleep. I’m officially old too. That was a pretty funny video, Huck. I guess I’ll add The Big Bang to something I should check out – I haven’t watched network TV regularly since X-Files went off. 😀

    I feel like for $36.00 to get my family into the movies and five dollars for an Icee, somebody should be forced to rub my feet and fan me. I’m getting cheaper too as I get older I’ve noticed. I used to roll my eyes at my grandpa as a kid for bitching about the price of batteries. Now I’m just like him.

    Hell, this week I went to the deli and bought a salad I like that was $6.99 a pound. A salad? I thought that was supposed to be the price of roast beef? $13.35 for a reasonably small plastic container of broccoli and cold slaw with some bacon stuff in it which I finished in two settings as a snack. Don’t tell me we aren’t in the midst of an inflationary bubble. Every time I buy milk, I know better.

    I bought a gallon of Braum’s milk (the only kind we drink anymore which I only use on cereal), and it was gone before my children’s bags were unpacked. I was up there buying another one the next morning with my teeth unbrushed, my hair sticking up and a piece of gum in my mouth.

    Oz was fun. But I still found myself looking at my watch 90 minutes into it and certainly not worth $54.00 for the four of us.

    I think Pfesser’s idea of buying a plot and farming is sounding better and better. When a tomato starts costing $2.00 a piece and tastes like cardboard, I think I can do better than that. I’m building a vegetable garden as we speak. Damn dogs ate all my tomatoes last time I tried this. I’m going to electrify the fence and put a stop to my younger hound this time. 👿

  114. Big Bang Theory is great. Although I do prefer the older seasons to the new stuff. It’s not that the new stuff isn’t good, but the older stuff is freakin’ hilarious.

  115. couple of things. re: fracking. I have an ultraliberal friend, actually a former neuroanatomy professor of mine, who is losing his mind over fracking. I think he’s losing sight of the fact that it’s been done since at least the ‘forties, and the complications are well-known. No, it’s not 100% benign, but neither is anything else. (He should come to my home in WV and look at mountaintop removal coal mining.) And it’s providing hells of CHEAP natural gas, which can be liquified (LNG) and used in cars.

    When I worked in the mines, we had utility trucks that ran on LNG; they typically went 200,000 miles before overhaul (100k was a long life in those days) because the LNG ran so clean.

    There’s a good article in the Journal right now that shows the real “carbon” footprint of so-called “green” cars. They burn twice the carbon to manufacture, and since most of our electricity is from fossil fuels, they continue to burn carbon over their lifetimes.

    Tex – re: farming. I’m not going into debt to buy any farmland right now, but I’m letting my worthless niece and her live-in boyfriend live on my parents’ farm in WV and run their horse there. He keeps the hayfields eaten down, in (my) anticipation that I may need them before long – to raise vegetables.

    Tex – re: electric fences. They work unbelievably well on dogs. A friend put up one strand about a foot off the ground. The dog got into it once and was so impressed that my friend ended up just turning it off. The energizers are designed for several miles of fence, so a short fence will knock the piss out of a dog. You can be a little nicer to the pooches by going to Radio Shack and picking up about a 50k resistor and hooking it in series with the fence. If that cuts the juice down too much, go to a 10k or so. Usually a 1/2 watt resistor is heavy enough.

  116. Just a Lurker. We have a foot of snow on the ground , and a drift has buried half of one of our cars. A three foot drift partly blocked the back door. Up to six inches of snow rests on sagging tree limbs out of the wind.

    After we dig out, I will cross country ski in solitude–just the dog and me. My wife bought a pair of little skies before we knew. Our unborn grand daughter has a good chance of having Downs Syndrome, but someday, I hope she and I ski together.

    I will enjoy our spring weather when the time comes, but for now, I am savoring the last of winter. For all I know, it will be my last. A friend died on Saturday night. That puts us all closer to the head of the line.

  117. “With all these new faces, it’s hard to keep track of who is in, who is out. And I know it’s difficult for you guys as reporters. But I can offer you an easy way of remembering the new team. If Ted Cruz calls somebody a communist, then you know they’re in my cabinet.” – President Barack Obama on his cabinet

    Looks like Senator Cruz is getting in Obama’s head!

  118. Our daughter is on the phone and near hysteria. For over a month, doctors have told her there is a 98% chance of Downs Syndrome. She and her husband have been in mourning.

    Now she is in shock because the test results she took just came in. The girl is negative for Downs Syndrome. She hasn’t yet told her husband. My wife asked “this is a reputable lab” as a joke. Our daughter is still shaking.

  119. Oh shit, James. What the hell is going on there? Did they do an amnio? Were there two separate tests?

    I used to pooh-pooh the medical error stuff in the press, but not so these days. The whole system needs an overhaul – and unfortunately Obamacare and the other gov’t intervention is exactly what we do NOT need.

    The airlines undertook their own safety programs and there has not been a single commercial airline fatality in two (three?) years, over millions of passenger-miles. Medicine needs that kind of program in a major way.

    Call me if you need. If you don’t have my # I can get it to you via gmail.

  120. Huck – “what difference at this point does it make?”

    Why don’t we ask the 5000 dead soldiers what difference it makes to them. Or their wives, children, friends and family. Or the Iraqis and Afgans who have been killed or misplaced and had their countries bombed to hell. How about asking the wounded, some permanently, what difference it makes to them.

    If we don’t like the leader of country we hold him responsible for his actions by taking him out. But we don’t hold our own responsible. Why is that?? We hold some dumb kid responsible for an ounce of pot by putting him in jail for a few years. But if you happen to bilk Medicare of 1.4B you can get elected governor so you can continue to line your pockets. When do we say enough is enough! What is to stop the next time? Or is the real truth….we only hold Democrats responsible for their actions.

    Stonekettle has a piece on drones. Jim Wright brings up some interesting points. Trust me you will not get infected with liberalism if you read it.
    Droning On and On

  121. “Why don’t we ask the 5000 dead soldiers what difference it makes to them. Or their wives, children, friends and family.”

    That same argument can apply to the victims of Benghazi…whom you and Hillary discount as pre-election distractions. Do the numbers make it easier for you to ignore? Or is it all about the letter that comes after the president’s name?

    “Or the Iraqis and Afgans who have been killed or misplaced and had their countries bombed to hell.”

    Libya has displaced and dead people because of Obama’s war there. The US has lost more troops in Afghanistan since Obama took over. And as I have mentioned multiple times…Obama tried to get us to stay in Iraq, even after Bush negotiated our withdrawal. All of these facts you seem to want to ignore, while you point accusatory fingers at the prior administration.

    You also ignore the fact that Bill Clinton signed into law the policy that called for regime change in Iraq. And that his administration called Saddam a threat to regional and world security. Bush “inherited” those policies and positions, just as Obama “inherited” Bush’s wars. Why do you continue to ignore that?

    Just as you ignore the fact that Bush’s invasion of Iraq got overwhelming bipartisan support from congress. Bush, unlike Obama, actually went to congress and made his case for war. Democrats could have stopped him then. So why are you only stopping at Bush with your blame? What happened to those “2 sides” you were telling me about?

    What do you think Iraq would look like today had we not gone in there 10 years ago? That question continues to go undiscussed. I suggest looking to Syria for the answer. Would you like to see more dead Kurds and Shiites on your TV screen, killed by weapons Iraq supposedly didn’t have? Would you like to see cities in absolute ruin, which will take generations to rebuild? No..that is not why we went there. But it is pretty easy to surmise that the Iraq we see today is a lot better than what it would probably be, otherwise.

    And how about all of the people in the US and Mexico killed by drug dealers that Obama armed? Is Fast and Furious just more pre-election distraction? You sure don’t seem very concerned about it.

    “If we don’t like the leader of country we hold him responsible for his actions by taking him out. But we don’t hold our own responsible. Why is that??”

    That’s a good question. I suggest looking into a mirror and asking it, again.

    “Or is the real truth….we only hold Democrats responsible for their actions.”

    If Democrats actually got held responsible for their actions, then you might have a point worth debating. The fact is that few administrations..or politicians, in general, are ever held accountable for their actions. So you can save the democrat pity party.

  122. “Corruption, like a cancer, eats faster and faster every hour. The revenue creates pensioners, and the pensioners urge for more revenue. The people grow less steady, spirited, and virtuous, the seekers more numerous and more corrupt, and every day increases the circles of their dependents and expectants, until virtue, integrity, public spirit, simplicity, and frugality become the objects of ridicule and scorn, and vanity, luxury, floppery, selfishness, meanness, and downright venality swallow up the whole of society.”

    ~ John Adams

    From Papers of John Adams, Volumes 1 and 2 September 1755-April 1775

  123. Thanks for your kind offer Pfessor. Our e mail address is

    Over a month ago, her doctor told our daughter her baby’s face, especially the nose was too small, and referred her to another doctor because she was at high risk for Downs Syndrome.

    Her daughter had very little nasal cartlage,but there was no extra fluid around her neck , and all of her limbs were normal., They couldn’t see one hand because it was balled into a fist. The doctor referred her to another because the case looked atypical,.

    Our daughter was rated as high risk with a one in 400 chance of Downs Syndrome,. We waited a month during which time, my wife stayed with our daughter because she caught Hillary’s flu and lost seven pounds. Her husband’s work schedule kept him away from home.

    We had not told anyone around here about the baby because our daughter wanted us to keep quiet until we knew more. I asked our PA, and she said she was also put at high risk for her baby. She believes while technology has its place it can find false positives.

    Our daughter researched financial aid and found a group home if needed. She also found another organization which gives Downs Syndrome people social contracts, even high school proms. She also checked her insurance policies to learn which heart, caterac or other surgeries might be covered and asked if we would help pay for what wasn’t .She may wallow in self pity, but our daughter is extremely focused.

    Ten days ago, she had another exam, and this time, the doctor rated her risk as one in forty. He also estimated a 2% chance the baby was not Downs Syndrome.. Our daughter elected to forgo amnio because of its risks, but she took another test. The doctor told her that test was risky because of the large numbers of mothers who elect to have abortions due to its early term accuracy..

    Our daughter and I had discussed an abortion earlier, but she decided to keep the baby which is where I was leaning too.Before the test results, the doctor was ready to refer our daughter and son- in law for genetics counseling etc.

    Yesterday, the results came back. Our daughter is virtually certain not to have Downs Syndrome. They couldn’t explain our grand daughter’s nose which may need surgery some time. None of this seemed right from the beginning. Signs seemed contradictory to me, but what did I know?

    I suggested a Downs Syndrome mosaic, but our daughter reminded me such chances were tiny.

    My information is vague and general because it is all our daughter has told us.

    I do know we are proud of our daughter and son-in law for how they have handled this and for some unwitting unkind comments our daughter had to deal with at work. My wife and I will be spending a lot of time to help out in Omaha, and we will also volunteer to help with special needs children.

    Any clues about why our grand daughter has so little nose cartilage? Is it mutation like my grandfather’s webbed foot or is it something else?

    I haven’t forgotten Lurker yet. The rest of you have done a good job of countering her.

  124. Pay no attention to the black voter who voted six times in the last election, Rutherford! And, and, and she’s a black Obama voter. Can you imagine that? 😯

    No worries, I’m sure she’s the only one.

    So here’s my message to White America. Start cheating like a mofo in elections. Cast as many votes as you can, as many times as you can. Encourage your wife and friends to do the same.

    This is what it has come to – you’re going to have to lower yourself to Obama standards to win. Half a dozen times at least. And that starts next election for me.

  125. 1) Ultrasound is not real. It is a manufactured picture from sound echoes. It is pretty accurate, but not perfect, and is NOT definitive in Down’s. ditto nasal deformities. Before you think about nasal surgery, take a look at the actual baby; he/she may be just fine.

    2) 1:400, then 1:40 risk is based on what? Why the change? I’m also confused about the 1:40 risk, then his saying there was a “2% chance the baby was NOT Down’s.”

    3) Her doc, if he is an OB specialist, should know about item1), and should not be getting her all riled up based on U/S alone. If there are suggestions of Down’s from the U/S, he should recommend an amnio. Having people DECIDE to abort is not a risk of amnio; the rare, rare cases in which it CAUSES an abortion is, but in this case I believe it was warranted, so the parents could at least plan for what lay ahead.

    4) No offense to PA’s, but they don’t know enough to have an opinion about something as complex as high-risk OB, and his/her proper response is: “I don’t know enough; if you would like, I will go to your OB with you and your daughter and help you ask questions.” It may be a healthcare team, but if anybody on it has a doubt about who is the quarterback, they should find another line of work.

    Jesus, James. This whole thing sounds like a goat-rodeo. To a physician, it is frankly embarrassing. She needs to find ONE contact person, and that is her OB. Anybody else who sticks his jib in should be fired; everything should come through him/her. (Of course, the reason people go to others for advice is their goddamned doctor won’t talk to them.)

    I am considering taking a job working for an insurer, pre-approving medical testing. The docs – especially those who own their own diagnostic equipment and self-refer in order to pay for it – are not going to like me very much. Talk about a system that needs a giant enema…

  126. James, That is wonderful news that your family has received. I am so sorry for the pain that your daughter has had to go through. She sounds like a strong person which reflexes well on you and your wife.

    My thoughts are with you and your family and may you celebrate a happy healthy birth.

    I don’t have a clue regarding the lack of nose cartilage but I was born with very little and had to have surgery as an adult to add cartilage.

    Carry on guys, your running discourse on the current state of affairs has been interesting and informative.

  127. thanks Pfessor. Goat rodeo describes it, and my wife and I are only getting sketchy information.

    Our PA is not normal. Granted, I am pretty healthy, but its been so long since I’ve seen a doctor I don’t even have a primary care physician. The same for my wife. Our PA is it. Considering a California article statingt Obama care will be relegating many patients to the care of PA’s, we feel lucky.

    I asked another PA and as ours did he spoke in hypotheticals, I asked what other conditions, if any would cause a tiny nose without other apparent symptoms of Downs Syndrome. I didn’t specifically ask about our unborn baby. .Both said the same as you and that there is not enough information to know.They could only tell us about general information. We already know high functioning Downs Syndrome people have graduated from college.

    The 1 in 400 and 1 in 40 math doesn’t make sense to me either. I argued that those numbers are uncertain. Later, our daughter countered with doctor’s giving the baby a 98% chance of having Downs Syndrome.Therefore, I was wrong and needed to face reality.

    Our daughter is not sharing many details. Her original OB was concerned about the ultra sound showed a small nose. She called in another doctor to look too. He was worried, and they couldn’t understand why the other sighs looked normal. They worried about possible heart problems. They listed her as high risk and waited for the next sonongram.

    A month passed, and our daughter saw the man the OB called for consultations. He was still worried about the next sonogram and said he was almost certain the baby had Downs Syndrome. Our daughter had refused amnio centesis, which he suggested again.

    He gave her a blood test, I think. The doctor told her it is so accurate at an early age that many women elect to abort their babies who test positive.That made the test risky in his opinion. On the tenth day after the test, someone at the office called our daughter at work and told her the the test was negative. She also said they were canceling her appointment with a genetics counselor because it is not necessary. Now, her only doctor is her regular OB I don’t know when her next appointment is. Soon, I expect.

    Our daughter is a therapist to often violent at risk young people. I can only imagine how yesterday’s session turned out after she got the phone call.

    No one is talking about nasal surgery. I agree we won’t know until the birth, but it is certainly a goat rodeo. My wife and I are there to take care our daughter and son in law if they need us. We don’t need to know what they have told us, but our daughter was emotionally distraught.

    I agree about the medical profession, but maybe this will make you proud. In 2005,my back was hurting more than usual, and my left leg went numb It had been very sore at times after a pickup truck threw me 200 feet in 1987.. On other times, I was not sleeping because of the pain. Sometimes, my legs collapsed.

    Our PA thought her husband a physical therapist could help me, but further investigation convinced her I was in potential trouble. She made an appointment with a neuro surgeon in South Dakota. I rested for six weeks before I saw him. By that time, feeling had returned and my freedom of movement was normal.

    He had seen the x rays and expected to operate. Another surgeon not scheduled for my appointment was there too. They visually saw the damage to my back and were puzzled by my relative comfort. The surgeons decided there was no need to do anything at that time.

    The original surgeon said “As long as you can stand the pain, don’t ever let a surgeon like me touch your back.” He also told me to quit down hill skiing and to stick with cross country. That was an honest man.

  128. James, I pray that you and the family are comforted in knowing you are doing all you can.

    A wise person once asked God for wisdom to know what to do in any given circumstance. I find it frees the mind of many of our ‘what if?s’.

    We read in scripture that God forms us in the womb and knows us. That is an eternal relationship we often miss out on. It must be nurtured to grow, like every relationship. All we really have is time, and we are not in control of that, only what we choose to do within its limits.

    Prayer can change the structure water. It is amazing. We are mostly water, especially while in utero, so it can certainly change us. The Father already knows your grandchild and has prepared a place within this collective we call life. Rest assured He can and is doing miracles continually. There are no mistakes from His hands, though we humans do fumble and often fail. Good news is, He forgives and tries to keep our focus on doing His work, since He chooses to do His work through us. He will guide and discipline those that He calls His own. Be warned, it does sometimes come in the form of a jolt to those that are dense or unwielding. 🙂


  129. Pfesser,

    It’s been a long time since I had to deal with a group of doctors, but if my father’s case has been typical….

    …the medical profession is even more broken than I thought.

    I’ve never witnessed such an uncoordinated series of events with respect to treatment of my father. My mother has now filled out the same multi-page form six times for six different doctors all working within the same St. Francis system.

    My dad goes to specialist, only to be sent to another “specialist.” Yesterday, a trip to the neurologist ended with another trip to a neuro cognitive specialist. 😐 This will make 7 specialists, not including the support staff like radiologists within the last four weeks.

    It is very difficult to transport my father back and forth for my mother so I get to help.

    It was the rheumatologist that noticed a few elevate proteins when the word ‘cancer’ was mentioned. And to be honest, the rheumatoogist been more helpful than the oncologist and neurologist, as my dad is now dragging his right leg and can no longer walk without great assistance – he’s also tilting to the right when he sits and has no sensation of hot or cold on his right side.

    That ‘mass’ on the left parietal lobe they found last summer is supposedly ‘better’ according to the latest MRI and CT. Somehow, I’m doubting it. Finally out of frustration this morning, I cracked out my old anatomy books to look up the functionality of the parietal lobe – contra movement and sensation. Grrrr…

    The most frustrating part of this whole thing (besides the run around) has been that when my dad came home last fall from rehab, he actually was mobile without assistance and had made much improvement. Half the time, my mother can’t even get the results of blood work until numerous calls have been made – waiting 2/3 weeks. I asked the oncologist last time for a recheck of WBC count to establish a baseline and to test for ketoacidosis. That took an act of God to get the front desk to call my mother back about those results.

    And I can assure you my sweet mom is no pain in the ass. She’s one of those dutiful patient spouses that nods her head and does as she is told, always giving the benefit of the doubt when promises aren’t kept.

    Now, nobody even ventures a guess as to why or what the problem. It’s like doctors are frozen with fear about even venturing a guess.

    I should add that the St. Francis health system in Tulsa is supposed to be one of the 50 best across the country.

    If so, I would hate to deal with the bad systems.

  130. Hoping for the best, James and sorry to hear about your dad, Tex.

    Sorry, I don’t really know what to say about either. 😦

  131. James – I am not sure what to make from your information. However I am very confident you and your daughter will deal with what ever comes. I wish the best for your daughter and this baby. You will enjoy skiing with her even if you should have to pull her in a sled behind you!

    I am not sure new technology is all that great or to be trusted. My daughter’s second pregnacy was 12 years ago. She had a sonogram done in the morning of the day she flew to visit me. The person doing the sonogram tells her “there is something wrong. I can not find a heart beat”. She was allowed to leave the office with no further explanation. Later a second sonogram showed nothing wrong. But the seed of fear was planted. I had been present for birth of her first child. He was flipped and gave her a really difficult time. At one point she was so tired and giving up. I gave her the first, middle and last name thingy; told her you WILL NOT GIVE UP and YOU WILL GO THROUGH WITH THIS NOW! Shocked the hell out of her; made her angry. I was never sure she forgave me for it. When time for the second birth she said she would rather have just her husband. Six months ago I learned her reason. She was still afraid there was something wrong with the baby and her only reason for not wanting me there. These medies need to be more careful what they say.

  132. Huck – “Bush “inherited” those policies and positions, just as Obama “inherited” Bush’s wars.
    “It should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.” – Clinton”

    Where is it mandated a regime change must be achieved by war? While regime change has been America’s policy for the last 50 years; it seems we only believe in change when there is something we want. Real change/democracy can only start and succeed when the will for change comes from the people not forced upon them.

    Saddam for all his “threat” to regional and world security kept the Middle East in check. He was of no real threat to the US unless he Fedex a bomb to us. There were no WMD, no Al Qaeda

    “What do you think Iraq would look like today had we not gone in there 10 years ago?”

    Saddam was bad, no question. But the average Iraqi knew if he kept his opinions to himself and stayed out of the way he could live his life in relative peace. The Iraqis had more freedom than other countries in the Middle East. The Kurds not so much.

    “But it is pretty easy to surmise that the Iraq we see today is a lot better than what it would probably be, otherwise.”
    I suggest you ask them if they agree with your statement.

    bush and cheney wanted to keep troops in Iraq for an indefinate time to use Iraq as a base to control the Middle East. But Bush underestimated the hostility the Iraqis had towards US presence and Iraq forced a withdrawal date much to Bush’s dismay. Yes Obama underestimated the Iraqis hostility toward keeping trainers in the country as well. I would say Bush and Cheney really pissed off the Iraqis.

    “overwhelming bipartisan support from congress”
    The numbers don’t back that up an “overwhelming” support. The majority of Democrats voted against it. The House 82 for and 126 against. The Senate 29 for and 21 against and one Independent against. However only a total of 7 Republicans were against. Unfortunately the Democrats don’t vote in lockstep and a few DINO’s don’t help. The Democrats did try to stop it or at least delay. I would call it more of a Republican War.

    “Bush, unlike Obama, actually went to congress and made his case for war.”
    I thought Obama was just carrying on the “War on Terror” started by Bush.

    No I don’t believe in our use of Drones. In part because when some country decides to drone us we will not have a leg to stand on to object to it. Congress needs to decide what power a President has as to the use of drones as well as the Police, Corporations or States.

    Benghazi – again. Just listening to you and others. First it was he allowed them to be killed, then he didn’t care, then he should have called for help, then he wasn’t even in the WH to answer the call for help blah, blah, blah and when none of those accusations stuck you pick up on he LIED to you. It was bullshit witch hunt. Why is it the blindingly obvious is never immediately apparent?

    “Or is it all about the letter that comes after the president’s name?”
    And I am asking you this as well.

  133. This lurker is not only spreading false information, but a real Obama bootlicker to boot, hey?

    So Saddam was no threat to the U.S., hey? Sure. Like Iran is no threat now to the U.S. either. Ever heard of the Osirak reactor?

    I can give you 10 reasons we went to war in 1991, not a one that having a thing to do with oil. For one thing, Saddam Hussein financed international terrorism and housed terrorists who had killed Americans – documented proof of Hezbollah and Hamas being paid to kill Israelis paid for and cheered on by Saddam Hussein.

    Ever heard of Abu Nidal? Swell guy. Wished you could have made his acquaintance in about 1982. Would have saved us one less ignorant asshole screwing up America.

    Saddam didn’t house Al Qaeda? Well, that’s debatable. But what’s not debatable is a whole bunch of Al Qaeda were welcome to join the mother of all battles on Iraqi soil? And they were butchered by the meanest military this side of heaven back when we had a President with a set of balls. Guess you prefer we fight them on Broadway?

    Your boy king Obama is real big on drones where you can wipe out all the family and the kids. And I’ll bet you’re silent. That also makes you not only a duplicitous liar, but hypocrite, peacknik.

    As to the war of 2003, 109 Dims voted approval for war, then turned yellow. And the following said this:

    “One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.”
    –President Bill Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998

    “If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.”
    –President Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998

    “Iraq is a long way from [here], but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face.”
    –Madeline Albright, Feb 18, 1998

    “He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983.”
    –Sandy Berger, Clinton National Security Adviser, Feb, 18, 1998

    “[W]e urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq’s refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs.”
    Letter to President Clinton, signed by:
    — Democratic Senators Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, and others, Oct. 9, 1998

    “Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.”
    -Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998

    “Hussein has … chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies.”
    — Madeline Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Nov. 10, 1999

    “There is no doubt that … Saddam Hussein has reinvigorated his weapons programs. Reports indicate that biological, chemical and nuclear programs continue apace and may be back to pre-Gulf War status. In addition, Saddam continues to redefine delivery systems and is doubtless using the cover of a licit missile program to develop longer-range missiles that will threaten the United States and our allies.”
    Letter to President Bush, Signed by:
    — Sen. Bob Graham (D, FL), and others, Dec 5, 2001

    “We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandate of the United Nations and is building weapons of mass destruction and th! e means of delivering them.”
    — Sen. Carl Levin (D, MI), Sept. 19, 2002

    “We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country.”
    — Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002

    “Iraq’s search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power.”
    — Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002

    “We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction.”
    — Sen. Ted Kennedy (D, MA), Sept. 27, 2002

    “The last UN weapons inspectors left Iraq in October of 1998. We are confident that Saddam Hussein retains some stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, and that he has since embarked on a crash course to build up his chemical and biological warfare capabilities. Intelligence reports indicate that he is seeking nuclear weapons…”
    — Sen. Robert Byrd (D, WV), Oct. 3, 2002

    “I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use force — if necessary — to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security.”
    — Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Oct. 9, 2002

    “There is unmistakable evidence that Saddam Hussein is working aggressively to develop nuclear weapons and will likely have nuclear weapons within the next five years … We also should remember we have always underestimated the progress Saddam has made in development of weapons of mass destruction.”
    — Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D, WV), Oct 10, 2002

    “He has systematically violated, over the course of the past 11 years, every significant UN resolution that has demanded that he disarm and destroy his chemical and biological weapons, and any nuclear capacity. This he has refused to do”
    — Rep. Henry Waxman (D, CA), Oct. 10, 2002

    “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members … It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”
    — Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10, 2002

    “We are in possession of what I think to be compelling evidence that Saddam Hussein has, and has had for a number of years, a developing capacity for the production and storage of weapons of mass destruction.”
    — Sen. Bob Graham (D, FL), Dec. 8, 2002

    “Without question, we need to disarm Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal, murderous dictator, leading an oppressive regime … He presents a particularly grievous threat because he is so consistently prone to miscalculation … And now he is miscalculating America’s response to his continued deceit and his consistent grasp for weapons of mass destruction … So the threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real…”
    — Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Jan. 23. 2003

    Would you like me to continue to demonstrate how you’re a mealy-mouthed, double standard hypocrite, gutless coward and garden variety piece of shit, Lurker?

    How’s that Al Qaeda on the run again? I guess Christopher Stevens is still unavailable for comment?

  134. James – what did they say about the mass previously? If it is “better” the likelihood is that it is benign. (Masses rarely get “better,” likely it is just the same.) THAT is GOOD news.

    The parietal lobe “origin” suggests that it is coming forward from the rear and is affecting the postcentral gyrus before the precentral. That explains his symptoms being predominantly sensory, more than motor.

    I assume he is an OLD man. That, and the slow-growing nature suggests it could be a meningioma, which, if true, can be taken out and he will be much better and stay better likely for the rest of his life. I said parietal “origin” above, because meningiomas don’t really begin in the brain itself, but in the covering and push their way in, looking like they came from the brain.

    Get these goobers to do a CT or MR with contrast; a meningioma lights up like a bulb and they can go from there. They can do a biopsy with a needle and see what it really is. Meningioma surgery generally is much more satisfactory than other types; he might just do FINE but they have to know – not guess – what it is.

    Accept my apologies for the goober-hood of my colleagues.

  135. Tex, I am unimpressed with your list of liars telling us what they were told. Pffttt.

    Sounds like we’ve turned healthcare into keystone coppers. Yikes! Stay healthy my friends. Get out and watch the comet.

  136. “Would you like me to continue to demonstrate how you’re a mealy-mouthed, double standard hypocrite, gutless coward and garden variety piece of shit, Lurker?”

    Mr. comic book character, Tex Taylor. You are in no position to speak of garden variety piece of shit. For someone with an above average intelligence and education what do you have to show for it? Being a nasty, arrogant, angry, hateful badass on the Internet is a pethetic accomplishment and waste of talent you were given. Go fuck yourself.

  137. Just a few things, as Tex covered the rest pretty well…

    1/3 of the House and 1/2 of the Senate crossing the isle is “overwhelming bipartisan support.” Obama wished he had those numbers.

    You seem to be forgetting about Libya. Obama took it upon himself to involve us in a NATO action against a country that didn’t attack us, either. That no Americans were killed during that action doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have asked Congress first. Funny how the people worthy of being protected changes when the letter behind the president’s name changes.

    “First it was he allowed them to be killed, then he didn’t care, then he should have called for help, then he wasn’t even in the WH to answer the call for help blah, blah, blah and when none of those accusations stuck you pick up on he LIED to you.”

    You’re lumping my positions in with those of others. Please don’t do that. I have made clear where I stand on protecting the consulate and that the ambassador shouldn’t even have been there. During our back and forth I did mention that his failure to pick up the phone has come to light…but I really just toss that out there because it shows the commander-in-chief to be a feckless idiot….which I already knew he was. My big problem has always been the lies that followed.

    ” Why is it the blindingly obvious is never immediately apparent?”

    What is obvious about being told for 2 weeks that we were attacked because of a video instead of that we were attacked by the supposedly decimated al Qaeda? What is obvious about hundreds of pages of redacted information?

    You can discount those lies all you want. But the fact is…people don’t lie unless they are afraid of the truth.

    I’m busy the next several days. Take care all.

  138. “He lied to me. Now I can’t think of one reason big enough for him to lie about that’s small enough not to matter.”
    –Private Investigator in Gone Baby Gone.


    PS…Moving opening monologue…

  139. Not for nuthin’ but has anyone else noticed that Tex “I don’t plan to stick around” Taylor is back in full force?

    LOL welcome back Tex. Admit it Tex, this blog is your bag of Lays potato chips … “No one can eat just one.” 🙂

  140. Just to make it official, The Big Bang Theory rules!

    I’d place the “rock paper scissors lizard Spock” routine against any classic sitcom segment including Lucy’s “vitameatavegimen” and Cramdens “ok Norton, heads I win, tails you lose”.

  141. 175
    Typical Rutherford response, with all the depth we have come to expect.
    I would explain it to you but I am still waiting for your comment that is 2 Tuesdays late.

  142. I’m back in full force? Don’t worry. Recidivism. Sooner or later, I’ll quit smoking this dope. I just don’t want to become a dealer again.

    Your blog entries are like Nyquil. Put me right back to sleep night before last. I for once agreed with the insufferable Poolman so I stuck around – The Bible series is lame for even a marginal student of the Bible.

    Like Poolman’s life stories. zzzzz One day, maybe even that rusted ball of carbon might catch on to the difference between what one was told AND WHAT THEY STATED FOR THE RECORD.

    You attract the worst type of lib, Rutherford. This Lurker goon is an even a weaker propagandist than you – approximately 15 years behind the meme, obviously uneducated, poorly written, and a Fat Granny parrot. How low does one have to sink to be a disciple pull string of Fat Granny? Fucking Howdy Doody.

    Of course, tonight I was thinking what a major league, hall-of-fame hypocrite you were while I was watching ‘Company Men.’ Really, I was.

    Normally, I can’t stand Ben Affleck. And I still don’t like him. But the movie made a legitimate point that I couldn’t argue and Affleck was good in it. And you came to mind. 🙂

    You’re always dredging on about the corruption of corporate America since you got spurned and then burned. And all of the sudden, the biggest thief of them all, Jon Corzine pops into my head. You remember old Jon, don’t you? Former Dimocratic Senator in good standing? And I thought, what a shining example of your ostrich act.

    John Edwards, John Kerry, the Kennedys, Hillary Clinton and her cattle futures, Michelle Obama and her made up position at the hospital, too ignorant to even practice law the Ivy League graduate she is, Bernie Madoff – all Dim donors and players, and all huge corporate thieves. But nary a criticism from you. No, you’re back to the make believe Journolist charges about the ‘Cock’ Brothers. {snicker}. Think Lurker can ‘google’ Cock Brothers? 😆

    Where’s your outrage over that thief, who like Hillary Clinton, contrary to this Lurker’s weak lies about accountability, has never been held accountable for skimming $1.2 billion while bilking the investors and financing the Dimocratic Party?

    Kind of like that voter fraud that never goes on and you deny, yet somehow people keep getting busted for it; generally black, and invariably for Barry. No wonder you can see no evil, speak no evil.

  143. ohh ohh ohh Tex is back…he said he wasn’t coming back and he is back..look Tex is back ~ Petty Officer Rutherford.

    I don’t know if this is just pure childishness, or if you have completely intimidated Rutherford, or both. At one point it was almost funny, now its just sad.

  144. “Gone Baby Gone”

    Just watched the clip above and read the wiki writeup. Looks intriguing, is it worth a watch?

  145. Saddam was bad, no question. But the average Iraqi knew if he kept his opinions to himself and stayed out of the way he could live his life in relative peace. The Iraqis had more freedom than other countries in the Middle East. The Kurds not so much.” – Lurker

    Curious, have you been to the Middle East, especially Iraq, or is this just profound ignorance? The rampant intellectual hypocrisy of this statement is amazing.

    People in Iraq regularly disappeared, especially young pretty girls that Uday desired, but that’s OK, on average. I suppose the fact that Iraqi’s were prohibited from TV outside of state controlled broadcasting, not allowed internet, and not allowed to read papers outside of state controlled papers–that’s ok, on average of course.

    I’ve read your comments and while I’ve not engaged I’m not surprised by your ignorance. I guess I would venture that someone would recognize when they know absolutely nothing on a subject would just shut the fuck up rather than expose their ignorance. Of course, then I remember where I am and who I’m talking to and recognize that those expectations are a tad bit high..

  146. Thanks Poolman, Pfessor Rutherford, and any one I missed for your kind thoughts. We are pretty happy about it.

    Yes, Rutherford, we would have cared for our grand daughter no matter what. I was even reading stories written by Down’s Syndrome teenagers so I could think of what to say if people made her think she wasn’t good enough.

    I planned then and still do to teach her to ski and to drive on our isolated farm as I did for her mother and uncle..

    Sadam Hussein did maintain stability as Lurker mentioned. However, life there was dangerous for his real and preceived enemies.

    Thomas Friedman, a liberal columnist had supported the war, and he among others mentioned the risk of instability after Hussein lost power. He was getting older and losing his grip. The fear was that temporary chaos between leaders would give terrorists the chance to steal and distribute Iraq’s weapons, including gas and nuclear weapons.

    Bengazi matters because it starkly illustrates along with the “Slow Bleed” which was designed to make more of our and Iraqi’s troops die for political gain and an economic slow bleed intended to inflict pain on us during the sequester that those people are cold blooded reptiles.

    I know this because my officers lied and put me in harm’s way to catch some bad guys. They at least were trying to watch and help me though I didn’t know it. The same principal applies. My situation was nothing compared to Ambassador Stevenson, but in this case, Obama, Hillary and others lied while people died.

    I have to go now. Blowing snow blocked our driveway again, and we have to dig out in time for a funeral.

  147. Like Poolman’s life stories. zzzzz One day, maybe even that rusted ball of carbon might catch on to the difference between what one was told AND WHAT THEY STATED FOR THE RECORD.

    😆 Funny. I like that rusted ball of carbon part. So help me understand, if it is STATED FOR THE RECORD it becomes truth? I’m just trying to get a feel for the difference. I know those people were repeating what they were told. The facts and motivations are often clearer in hindsight.

  148. Huck – it’s surprisingly good for being directed by a Holly-Woody. Alfie’s right about the book though, and I agree that the movie suffers by comparison. I think a couple of us here talked about Mystic River in the same way (same author, interestingly).

    Out of curiosity Alfie – did you think Shutter Island measured up?
    I’ve become a huge fan of DiCaprio’s acting especially since Shutter Island and Blood Diamond.

    On the subject of surprisingly good – “Man on Fire” with Denzel and Dakota Fanning. And another very memorable and moving scene toward the end.

    Haha Tex I can’t stomach most Hollywoody’s outside of their acting jobs. I like to keep the relationships simple in that I give them money to entertain me and that’s where it ends – especially regarding politics.

  149. The D votes for the Iraq war are explained away so easily…how exactly? That they were lied to?

    I guess that’s what passes for intelligent conversation in some parts.

  150. muffy@189 – reminds me of the great Marlin Fitzwater putdown of Barbra Streisand.

    She had been very critical of Bush I, and very vocal, for some time.
    At the next press conference, a reporter asked Fitz (then press secretary) about Miss Streisand’s criticisms.

    His response: “President Bush has nothing but respect for Miss Streisand. He thinks she is an excellent singer.”


  151. The D votes for the Iraq war are explained away so easily…how exactly? That they were lied to?

    Not quite what I said, if it’s my post you are referring. Rather that their statements turned out to all be lies uttered by known liars. Whether they knew that at the time or not didn’t matter as much as getting the public behind an invasion effort. It isn’t as if these persons were the actual intelligence sources.

    I don’t exclusively blame republicans for getting us involved. I blame both parties.

  152. Muffy,

    In simplest terms, these progressives (honk honk) like Rutherford and to a far larger degree this mindless Lurker stooge were never taught how to think, and instead were apparently taught what to think. Whether it’s a lack of ability or just cradle to grave indoctrination, I do not know.

    Like Hollywood, some parrot their lines beautifully. I’ve complimented Rutherford on his vocabulary many a time – excellent in formulation and empty in content. On those few occasions where these leftists wonder outside of group think or the company line, their suppositions are childlike. Rutherford is very well informed of the balance sheet and can quote the mission statement – of the bankrupt company.

    Many of the worst in Hollywood are fine actors – Sean Penn comes to mind. But as I’ve said here before, acting is obviously not terribly difficult. These actors are at best idiot savants and if they were smart, would shut up and sing. Most of those in Hollywood also have some inside position as you’ll note so many are related by blood and marriage.

    I consider most of these so-called progressives automatons. Critical thinking is not in them.

    In a sense, Rutherford is free entertainment singing a beautiful melody to Dr. Suess. The legion like Lurker are carnies in the freak show, serving no useful purpose.

  153. R – my wife is a recovering Lutheran, with a couple of degrees – one of which is in Medieval History. Her take on the priest/boy situation is that historically the priesthood has provided a position for Gay-Uncle-John, who could live there in the Abbey without ever taking a wife, and nobody the wiser as to what REALLY blew his dress up.

    Of course, he was surrounded by like-minded individuals, but wrinkly old butts just don’t have the same appeal as smooth, round young ones – we all know that, don’t we?

    Hence the tradition of shagging the choir-boys. Unfortunately, these days people heed the admonition, “Question Authority!” – and do so – with disastrous consequences for the holy fudge-packers. Ah well, going against one’s nature has consequences, doesn’t it? Celibacy ain’t all it’s, er, cracked up to be…LOL

  154. ”ohh ohh ohh Tex is back…he said he wasn’t coming back and he is back..look Tex is back ~ Petty Officer Rutherford.”

    Noah that made me laugh out loud. With that I’m officially sorry that I once told you to go shit in your hat.

    😆 Hall Monitor Spongebob 😆

  155. “Noah that made me laugh out loud. With that I’m officially sorry that I once told you to go shit in your hat. ”

    And that pretty much completes your transformation to full fledged jerk.

    I’ve never seen anyone make such a transformation over time. I’m beginning to think the Muffy who used to post here was your sweet twin sister. After you killed her, where’d you bury her?

  156. Rutherford has already pulled another ostrich. Hell, Rutherford reads to me like a closet peter puffer. Just not pretty enough to attract the how did Pfesser call it, the “smooth, round fudge packers.”

    NAMBLA is pure Dim and Rutherford is always cheerleading how much in love his up the old mustard road Harvard roommate (one wonders if Rutherford had some experience) was ‘in love.’ Pure, unadulterated stink star, roommate love, sniff sniff. 😈

    Rutherford acts like the Catholic Church is some predatory perverts, but it’s Rutherford that is our resident hairy leg marriage counselor demanding gay marriage for queer – and say six or eight votes for each minority too.

    I say what’s good for the Bob Menendez types is good for the Cardinals. Besides, since there’s no objective truth according to Rutherford, who gives a damn if a few robes were doodling the kids.

  157. Rutherford, I see no point on lecturing you about anything. You are a liar and you are incapable of any kind objectivity. You are quite probably the most intellectually dishonest, self-serving person I have ever met anywhere, be it online or in real life. I really, really mean this. Lecturing you would be a complete waste of time as you are intelligent enough to know you are wrong, but so immoral as to not care.

  158. Oh what a freaking nightmare this is looking to be. Applying for benefits under President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul could be as daunting as doing your taxes.

    The government’s draft application runs 15 pages for a three-person family. An outline of the online version has 21 steps, some with additional questions.

    Seven months before the Oct. 1 start of enrollment season for millions of uninsured Americans, the idea that getting health insurance could be as easy as shopping online at Amazon or Travelocity is starting to look like wishful thinking.

    At least three major federal agencies, including the IRS, will scrutinize your application. Checking your identity, income and citizenship is supposed to happen in real time, if you apply online.

    That’s just the first part of the process….

  159. Tex you know damn well that institutionally there isn’t a bit of difference between the Catholic Church and Penn State.

    While I WAS being a punk, I would sincerely think that devout Catholics deserve a Pope who will actively stamp out the abuse and corruption. I’m surprised you wouldn’t agree.

    From what I understand Jesuits are a scholarly bunch, quite intellectual actually, so maybe Francis will be a wee bit progressive.

    But worry not, the word is he dislikes gays as much as you do. 😉

  160. Rutherford,

    The word is John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer liked gays as much you do. 😉 😉

    Far from me to defend the Catholic Church, being I’m not Catholic but…

    No Rutherford, I don’t think the Catholic Church has a systemic problem with pedophilia or corruption. Not by a long shot. Ironic how you can marginalize the billions of good works by the millions of Catholics and the over 400,000 Priests, 99.9% who have never been guilty of pedophilia and were aghast at the crimes, then only lay witness to the egregious coverup of the very choices you lend your political approval. Hasn’t that been the message of you and your beloved demon for President? Homosexual love = Heterosexual love and homosexual marriage = heterosexual marriage?

    Why, I would conjecture that with your personal hatred of the moral precepts and stances of the church, their suggestions that the Democratic Party morally bankrupt which it is, fiddling the boys would be one of the things you might find personally most appealing about the church. You certainly don’t seem to have a problem with Democratic Senators porking under age prostitutes being trafficked, or Hollywood celebrating the gay lifestyle, even if the lifestyle put thousands in the early grave and cost this country billions of dollars in medical treatment. You and your ilk idolize a serial philanderer and perjurer for President, possible serial rapist and most definitely predator. Even the Bomba and first wife Patrick Ewing thought so highly of the predator to feature him to hide the corruption and make excuse for the failure.

    See Rutherford, even churches aren’t immune to perverts. And one man can’t be held responsible for the actions of a handful of Bishops who are a disgrace, with two now in prison. I’m not excusing the coverup. Everyone involved IMO should not only have been excommunicated but imprisoned. That doesn’t incriminate every good standing Catholic, Cardinal, Bishop or even Pope.

    And the fact that you equate progressive with intellectualism indicates that it is you that is terribly confused with the uncanny ability to chose poorly. Our inner cities are wonderful examples of ‘progressive’ thought. Our most ‘progressive’ states now find themselves progressively bankrupt and incapable of meeting basic demands of civilization, the thin veneer of more politic the only thing left before total ruin. You should know – your adopted home city now more dangerous every weekend than any city in Afghanistan.

    Jesuits are indeed intellectually gifted and scholarly academicians – my own children a testament to their teaching gifts. Jesuits are also by definition quite Conservative both spiritually and politically in nature.

    That seems to invalidate your claims of progressive enlightenment, does it not?

    I’m getting in the bad habit of visiting here too often, so I am going to revert back to my diet. But you might want to give some thought in your bigotry and steadfastness to one last immutable conclusion as you wind down your life, Mr. Rutherford.

    Your conclusions about our purpose lead to only two possible outcomes: (1) Either you are going to enter a void forever; you are going to go to hell forever.

    I estimate if you’re really lucky, you’ve got about 5,000 more days to think about that before arriving at one of those possible outcomes. That’s not very long in the grand scheme of things, is it? 😉 😉

  161. Noah @ 204 – Not that good. I like the idea, but they could do a much better job and be so much more effective. Lord knows this admin is a very, very soft target, and they better get in some serious criticisms while it is still legal to do so.

    So who is the new Poop? Anybody know what his agenda is?

  162. Hey, R – you’ll appreciate this: I have two employees in a nearby town who work over the Internet for us, doing a bang-up job. They have been working together closely for a long time and have become close friends. Both are in their mid-forties.

    The problem is that one is a queer man and the other a straight woman; she is divorced with a twenty-five year-old son. Social opportunities are very limited for the both of them; he’s totally burned out on trying to find a decent life partner, and she says the same. They socialize as a couple, see movies together, and in general enjoy each other’s company.

    The problem for both of them is that they are aging, and are very concerned about getting old alone, and having someone to take care of their medical needs and in general look after their welfare.

    Here’s the deal: Unless plans change, they are going to get married (to each other) and live together as roommates. That covers each under the other’s healthcare policy, allows one to make medical decisions for the other if necessary – and not least, will cut their living expenses nearly by half.

    My wife and I plan to put on the wedding and reception, and hope to have it here at our property this summer, complete with the requisite bonfire. (The last snowstorm devastated my little stand of pines; we’ll have plenty to burn.)

    If it goes, I’ll shoot you an invitation.

  163. During the farm crisis two neighbors divorced to keep the farm.We didn’t hear the details, but nothing in their living arrangements changed. Marriages of convenience are an old tradition.

    I’m not Catholic so it doesn’t affect me. It was nice to see a pope who is not from Europe since the majority of Catholics are from other continents.I wouldn’t mind seeing an African Methodist bishop for the same reasons.

    Rutherford, you asked “what’s the beef?” to Noah, but you didn’t answer him. Obama promised that this new program would help uninsured people find coverage. No one promised an obstacle course which will make more money for consultants hired to guide people through the labyrinth.

    I think security checks are fine to keep out the moochers, but why is it so complicated? Democrats don’t mind if voter registration and identification is so lax that some people vote twice. What is the difference with registering for medical insurance?

    “What’s the beef?” It is what’s on Noah’s plate, well done with onions.

  164. James, in my opinion this entire medical system needs overhauled – and I mean viciously – no holds barred. It’s like a West Virginia secondary road – poorly paved at the start, potholes patched, then re-patched, then the patches patched, expense mounting and mounting as the road gets worse and worse.

    The problem I see with Obamacare is that it is a new, huge patch, paving over a roadway that is fundamentally unsound from the start. And the expense – God the expense! I quoted an article from James Dale Davidson at Fat Grannies the other day; of course nobody read it, because it a)had math in it and b)said things they didn’t want to hear. Let me see if I can dredge it up:

    “The bogus impression that the economy
    “recovered” over Obama’s first term,
    notwithstanding a 9 percent drop in median real
    family income, was based entirely upon an almost
    unchallenged application of the third type of lie
    — statistics — in this case the double counting
    of imaginary jobs and a studied under-count
    of inflation. If the inflation calculation used to
    determine real economic growth were comparable
    to that employed in the Carter administration there
    would have been no statistical illusion of recovery
    — just an extended bottom-bouncing after the
    financial collapse of 2008.

    The consequence of allowing Obama to shape
    the public’s perception of the economy with a steady
    cascade of apparently credible lies is not merely
    miscalculation by misinformed voters in selecting
    candidates, there is also a growing gap between
    economic reality and political fantasy. Obama and
    his crew cultivate complacency over a U.S. fiscal
    policy that is unsustainable. Consider the U.S.
    government’s GAAP-based 2012 financial data.
    They show that the real federal budget deficit hit a
    record $6.6 trillion in 2012 — based on generally
    accepted accounting principles.”

    (GAAP – generally accepted accounting principles – the set of rules every business in the US must use in order to accurately report its financial condition. The US govt, however, which requires this of everybody else, oddly enough does not use them.)

    continuing…”Using accrual accounting as employed by private
    companies, the government’s operations suffered a
    total shortfall (with unfunded liabilities reported in
    terms of net present value), of 42 percent of GDP.
    This leaves the total national debt plus unfunded
    liabilities at an astonishing $85.4 trillion or 570
    percent of GDP.

    When the deficit is seen in its true light, there is
    utterly no prospect whatever that the shortfall can
    be closed by tax increases, much less by economic
    growth. The economy would have to expand by
    more than 40 percent annually to stabilize the
    liabilities as a percentage of GDP. Nothing of the
    kind is even remotely possible.”

    Not remotely possible. God.

    Reminds me of that old idea of an ostrich’s putting its head in the sand when faced with danger. Actually, they don’t do that; only humans do.

  165. Pfessor Mumford and Sons sang roughly what you are writing. It would also fly over the grannies’ heads.

    “Weep for yourself,my man
    You’ll never be what is in your heart
    Weep little lion man
    You’re not as brave as you were at the start

    Rate yourself and rake yourself
    Take all the courage you have left
    Waste it on fixing all the problems
    That you made in your head

    Your grace is wasted in your face
    Your boldness stands alone among the wreck…

    But it was not your fault, but mine
    …I really fked it up this time
    (by voting for you) Didn’t I my dear?”

    Mumford & Sons a British band are like Katie Perry, Christians. I’m adding that because of the pope talk.

  166. Back on topic…

    In recognition of newly-chosen Pope Francis, here are the most profound words that Saint Francis of Assisi never actually said:

    “Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.”

    The world would be a better place if Christians actually practiced that directive. Too many preachers of the Gospel use only words.

    ONLY words.

    If the shoe fits, wear it.

  167. Yeah, ever since the announcement of the resignation of the last pope, Spongebob has been trying to arrange a pile up on the Catholic church. His lonely little parade of one, demonstrating for all to see his no-brainer disgust for the abuse and corruption tarnishing the leadership of the Catholic church. Always taking the brave stand.

    Never mind that he’s not shown the slightest interest in the systemic abuse, contempt, and corruption at the level that leaves a deep negative national footprint and a legacy of meaningless deaths. Bring on the juicy stuff of perverted priests with porn-addled brains and scar tissue where their hearts used to be.

    Of course he and his are right there condemning the BSA as haters and homophobes. Pretty soon the “intellectual” man will dressing as a penis and marching to end this discrimination against male Girl Scout leaders. For they’ll be so comforting on those scary nights telling ghost stories around the campfire, and so good at organizing those cookie sales.

    And at OUR church we will give standing ovations to poor tortured Roman Polanski, and the FLOTUS herself will present the lifetime achievement award to weird-ass Woody. Thirteen is such a magical age.

    As for Bob Menendez, we must wait until all the facts are in, right Harry? By then perhaps the mantra of “what, at this point, does it matter” will have sunk in good and deep.

    We have a president who excels as a leader only in lying and herding sheep. We have a bottom of the class vice-president who struggles to articulate the” tell-tale signs” of what is domestic violence and not a “garden variety slap across the face.” (Evidently a garden variety slap across the face is totally unacceptable too though. Whew. Now aren’t you glad we have a veep wise enough to tell us that? That’s the kind of intellect that portends a progressive mindset.)


    Every arm of the Obama administration is corrupt. I would say to the core, but they have no core. They’re a vehicle. A pre-arranged ride to the polling place. That’s what this president stands for. That and tax the rich and call it revenues.

  168. Well, that’s what has become so clear over the last couple of years. Libs have no core. The Obamabots are nothing but empty shells, coated in Mylar and reflecting whatever beam of “truth” the Regime sends their way. Hence, you get the deep intellectual permutations of Lurker, who would gladly accept Iraqi’s to live in tyranny in an environment fabricated by Dem foreign policy. I hate neo-cons. All they are, are liberals with balls, but at least they’re willing to live by their ideology globally.

    Of course, never to be outdone, greybitch throws boulders through the walls of his glass house all day long because, at the end of the day, it is ALWAYS do as I say, not as I do with libs. Transparency? Freedom of expression? Honesty, intellectual or financial? Hypocrisy is a core tenet of liberalism. Huck has exposed this most recently with Lurker, who has continued the Rutherford Lawson blog’s liberal constituency of mental midgets.

    It’s a dirty job, but we love to do it.

  169. Classy and appropriate.

    Classy: to improve the quality, tone, or status of; add elegance, dignity, style, etc., to:

    You bring nothing of quality, and there is no dignity in dishonest dialogue—regardless of how much lipstick you put on it.

    Besides, I’ve always called you grey bitch and see no reason to change.

  170. graychin@213: re: preachers.

    I just saw a documentary on Larry Flynt the other morning, about 4:00am, on some obscure channel or other.

    It had great sequences on his dealings with the Right Reverend Farwell and the Right Reverend Swagger. I didn’t know it until I saw the show, but when they raided Swaggart’s woman’s room, they found a Hustler magazine on the table. Swagger-Stick had always reviled Flynt mercilessly. You just couldn’t make that up…

    Actually, in later years Flynt and Falwell became somewhat grudging friends, appearing together at various venues.

  171. Spoogechin, R, I will care about your opinion of the Pope and the church the moment you hold your Messiah to the same level of scrutiny. Well in the case of you two, any scrutiny at all would be a massive improvement.

  172. Yeah, Pfesser. It is difficult to be a spiritual leader. Impossible if you have an ego or spot that needs stroking. My criteria is Jesus. If it doesn’t resemble Him, I’m not playing pedestal. No matter if he wears a pope hat or bejeweled halo. A good leader leads by example. Good examples are difficult to find nowadays. Good in the real sense doesn’t often pay in dollars.

    Sex derails many a leader’s focus. We love the tease too much. We’re fantasy seekers by culture. Fantasy is a miry trap. It is often why we are so screwed mentally when it comes to sex. Misinformation, disinformation, or no information has been the message given our youth. Cryptic at best. From a control perspective, it serves as the perfect carrot for most people. It has captured the minds of most young men.

    We need sex, like air and water. And like air and water, our species has polluted sex. The sex trade (pornography to pedophilia) is mostly hush-hush and the least discussed topic by our media, though it is the biggest ongoing destroyer of humanity. Not only does it commodify people, it debases and destroys many.

    Deviant sex finds itself in all our established institutions, and most churches are not exempt. Sex is often used as a force to control others, and a reason there are sexual assaults in military institutions and campaigns.

    Where does this evil come from? What other organism actively destroys itself, its kind, and its livable habitat? This is our story.

  173. poolman – have you seen this?

    Rand Paul at the CPAC. What I don’t understand at all is how people are not frightened by the attacks on civil liberties, or how they can’t figure out the money thing.

  174. There is no political solution
    To our troubled evolution
    Have no faith in constitution
    There is no bloody revolution

    We are spirits in the material world

    Our so-called leaders speak
    With words they try to jail you
    They subjugate the meek
    But it’s the rhetoric of failure

    We are spirits in the material world

    Where does the answer lie?
    Living from day to day
    If it’s something we can’t buy
    There must be another way

    We are spirits in the material world

  175. @ muffy 189 I didn’t see any of the Lehane based movies. I have enjoyed all his books though. A few very deeply so as they tied into some memories from growing up. He writes about a lot of things and places I am intimately attuned too.
    Shutter Island was a good book.

  176. As for Francis… I think there are a number of potential variables that could play out.
    First off he has a history on the social justice stuff which will prove useful distraction fodder or move on stuff depending on your viewpoint.
    Second his level of disconnect is something far more valid than being pressed. His past illustrates a weakness that will prove overpowering in global politics. He also isn’t such the dark horse since it is reported he was the strong contender before Benny got the nod. His policy potential is pretty clear but I imagine the politics of the Curia will still prove powerful.
    All in all his success,lameness or outright failure will hinge on the energy of the Western Hemisphere and the impacts of evolving global socio-political stuff.

  177. Fully realizing this is way early but….. Anyone else see certain happenings and think that the 2016 may see a (R),(D),(I) race. I’m thinking a safe early call is: The (R) will be very Tea-ish. The (D) a freaking commie or the Hag and the (I) Chris Christie.

  178. Also on the topic of tax loopholes etc. Anyone else seeing all the potential “escape” plans going on re ACA?
    I personally like the self insurance gig. Destabilizes ObamaCares funding plans and runs the per existing thing into the shitter as well. Also the whole penalty being cheaper than insurance is great too. Seriously how the #}{% is this thing supposed to work?

  179. Wickapedia and other sources say Scandinavia is only nominally Christian. A survey showed a majority believe in a supreme being, but not necessarily ours. I spoke on the subject of culture and religion at a retired teachers’ luncheon, and they actually paid me.

    Many in the north and a few elsewhere still resent Christianity while others practice a hybrid religion. Some other Europeans envy or resent the northerners for preserving some of their pagan culture. .

    A comment on a Youtube video page from a Macadinian to a Swede: “You should be happy because you kept your old roots and ours were destroyed from a jewish man who killed over 200 cultures. I don’t wanna even to speak about that human who was turned into a god and found the European people in poverty and plague crisis. and turn them christian. I want to go back to time and kill that jesus with bare hand so his followers couldn’t kill and torture my paganic people just to believe in him to bring the people of poliitcs joy over their lust hearts. he is satan.”

    Old concepts die hard. So does progressivism in the face of strong evidence and truth they face the darkness because it is more familiar than the light.

  180. I think you might see the Tea Party make a move to the independent ticket. A lot of talk in the TP circles about this.

  181. Christie will not run independent. Independent ticket is still the venue for crackpots and “mavericks”. It’s still the arena for a Ross Perot. Christie is no Ross Perot.

    Either the GOP will come to its senses and nominate Christie or Christie will just have to wait for 2020.

    (I think an indy run by Rand Paul is more likely once it becomes clear that the neocon GOP will never fully accept him.)

  182. Having lived in Scandinavia for a couple of years, I saw no “preservation” of paganism. If anything, I detected a slight annoyance from the locals when they would run into New Age Americans hoping to find such a thing.

    There were Death Metal teenagers who ascribed to a sort of white supremacy that involved Odin. But this was hardly a line of uninterrupted paganism. The rest were certainly a secular people, many agnostic or atheist. Of course, there were some pagan traditions that have hung on akin to Americans putting a Christmas tree in their house. Icelanders believe in elves like Americans believe in ghosts.

    To be fair, I lived in Iceland, not Sweden. I met many people from all of Scandinavia, though. James, you have a chubby for a sort of romanticism that alludes to a culture that I don’t think quite exists to the scale you believe it does. I am willing to bet this is true even among your beloved Sami.

    As for the Macedonian internet poster. Ridiculous. What long lost culture does he long for? The Hellenistic world was, for all practical purposes, the birth place of the Church. Hell, it was the pagans that martyred the Christians in the first place, giving them powerful street cred needed for the religion to grow.

    What is the guy longing for? Zeus? Slavery? The only culture rule worth remembering is that they all cultures change over time. Even if Christianity never existed, the guy’s long lost culture would still be exactly that…long lost. The Macedonian was being a irrational bigot.

    James, I would have heckled your ass at your luncheon speech.

  183. DR noted: “Hell, it was the pagans that martyred the Christians in the first place, giving them powerful street cred needed for the religion to grow.”

    That’s what happens happens when you don’t finish the job. Ah, so many Christians; so few lions…

  184. “Independent ticket is still the venue for crackpots and “mavericks”. It’s still the arena for a Ross Perot. Christie is no Ross Perot.”

    Just another in a long list that R has gotten wrong. It is necessary for his Messiah to keep us on the path of a socialist dictatorship that he have but one target. What R really meant to say is that he hopes that no viable 3rd party should arise and undo all his party’s has accomplished.

  185. You know how old Gray “Spoo” Chin is on facts, Gorilla. MIA. I can almost see him waving the limp wrist with the TTFN.

    Told us the other day that companies had record earnings and trillions of cash. The latter is true, but they had trillions of cash in Oct. 2007 too. You would think the so called CPA might understand something called retained earnings.

    So back to Spoo’s statement of fact how companies are kicking ass and taking names during this dynamo economy of our petty President kicking the school kids out of HIS house:

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. had the worst sales start to a month in seven years as payroll-tax increases hit shoppers already battling a slow economy, according to internal e-mails obtained by Bloomberg News.

    “In case you haven’t seen a sales report these days, February MTD sales are a total disaster,” Jerry Murray, Wal- Mart’s vice president of finance and logistics, said in a Feb. 12 e-mail to other executives, referring to month-to-date sales. “The worst start to a month I have seen in my ~7 years with the company.”


  186. Paul, Rubio and Ryan all have the best chance at the mainstream GOP run.I say this believing they best articulate a primary focused unifying message regards taxes and liberty. All along the GOP spectrum folks can buy in2 something these three embody.
    Christie,Portman and Huntsman are the faces of an altered mainstream. To a degree they are younger,fresher versions of the traditional GOP but a trio of folks that are unlikely to move a primary base incapable of appreciating nuances and the need to win before being able to do anything.
    If the TP crowd breaks from the GOP primary they will assure a (D) win. If the TP crowd fights the GOP,pushes it to be its best,well that would be a good thing.
    The TP ain’t buying Christie no matter what and as I said Christie is 2016 or bust.

  187. Rutherford and the other lefties,
    Well folks I hope you’ll be good enough to accept the blame in the very near future of what you and yours have sown.
    I am confident you won’t but I will pursue a policy of at least bringing R to the fore of being bipartisan in his bitterness which will be no small feat.
    Seriously folks the country is done on so many fronts. If I read one more thing on Lizzie Warren celebrating the consumer screwing agency she helped create I honestly will puke. How is it that democrats especially “progressives” are so fucking stupid? At what time does a business get levied and NOT pass it onto the consumer?
    The next layer of course is the ramping up in pure hypocritical form the “overturn citizens” thing. Of course the left side rabble is eating,nah slurping that goo full force.

  188. Dead Rabbit, your heckling would have been fun, and we would have been entertaining. I didn’t say Scandinavians are strongly pagans in the sense that their Wiccan counter- parts are exerting great power. However, Christianity didn’t “take” as strongly as in some other regions because, for one thing, time has been limited. Sometimes, it took several hundred years for Christianity to become more than a co- religion.

    One of my points was that religion can be used as a form of cultural imperialism, and Christianity was successful at changing cultures, because it also adapted to old mores. Swedes and Norwegians were actually Christian religion oppressors a hundred years ago.

    Traces of the old religions still exist as you noted. The mid summer festival including bonfires is still celebrated in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and some Scandinavian communities in the US.

    Besides the sauna a spiritual purification rite, tree worship still continues in diluted form Some Finns still have sacred groves and others have lucky trees around their homes.They also put up wooden pictures of gods. They don’t worship or sacrifice to them, but the cultural feature remains.

    Many Finns and others who profess paganism don’t actually believe in the old gods. They use the old religion to maintain their cultural heritage and to have a little exotic fun.

    Most of the neopaganist religions are recreations of what believers think the original worshipers believed. I believe that northerners have more knowledge of their actual past because there has been less time to forget than in regions which were Christanised for longer periods. I think that was the Macadonian’s beef.

    You mentioned my “beloved” Sami, and so did I. They still retain a culture that is legitimately pagan in many respects. Shaman still practice behind the scenes, They still burn fires to discern spiritual communication. The joik which was banned for being satanic, never died because Sami joiked in private or sang in code. In some ways, the strange music was the glue which held the culture together.

    Now, Sami people have learned joik sells records, and the musical form has spread to other places. For example, Sofia Karlsson, a popular Swedish singer has joiked. Sofia Jannok, a Swedish Sami has made a successful career of “bastardizing” the music form with rock and pop. SomBy has used joik with heavy metal. Eivor of the Faroes is more connected to the Danes than Sami, but she has joiked about a wizard who enraptured her soul with music.

    In spite of the old ways, most Samis who are religious are good Lutherans.

    Finic Mari people in northwest Russia still practice their old beliefs. The Russians tried to blow up their sacred mountain but their best efforts failed. They often marry with pagan rites and then repeat a Russian Orthidox ceremony just to be safe.

  189. James, I would argue there are other factors for the irreligious nature of modern Scandinavia. Unfortunately, I’m clueless for what they might be. While Christianity did take longer to take root there (as it did practically every where outside the Roman Empire), it doesn’t compare to the Polish-Lithuanian Common Wealth’s late conversion. (Outside of Nomadic Scandinavian people in the North). Yet, Lithuania was very Catholic and Poland still is despite Communist persecution.

    At one time Sweden was responsible for Crusades into Old Prussia and Lithuania. They also threw their lot in the religious conflict, The 30 Years War, with gusto, practically saving the Protestant movement wholesale.

    Maybe it’s because of my Catholic background, but the Scandinavian traditions rooted in old paganism doesn’t pale in comparison to the Catholic world, both in intensity and examples.

    I guess what I’m saying is that Scandinavia isn’t more “pagan” then most places in the Christian world. Your constant return to this notion, even if we are in agreement over the intensity, paints a picture over time that isn’t true. Those people at the luncheon left thinking Scandinavia has a special cultural link with an exotic past that other regions don’t have. I will concede that might be true compared to areas in Africa with no written history. The Scandinavians did have their Sagas. But lets examine your jaded Macedonian person you used as an example. Dude has Paul’s letters (older then the sagas). Yet, he bitches that his past has been wiped out by another culture. That “other” culture isn’t “other” at all. He is being fooled by crack pot nostalgia perpetrated by…well….by you . And he’s not the better for it.

    James… are a hopeless Romantic.

  190. @ dead rabbit….I don’t know I have seen more than my fair share of pagans holding rituals at the local Volvo dealership. They’re crazy!

  191. Yes, I am a romantic, rabbit

    .However, I don’t view the Sami with rose colored glasses any more than I do our Native Americans. Sami people have their own legislative body but they stack the deck against non owners of reindeer. For them to complain about the exploitation of central governments while denying their own equal representation is hyprocracy.

    You are reading too much into my writing that Scandinavia is more religiously Pagan than other regions. Time Magazine wrote the same thing, when they attributed Scandinavia’s love affair with heavy metal to a fairly recent pagan and Viking past.

    I am sorry I didn’t make myself more clear and didn’t explain well enough the differences I see between religion, culture and politics. Swedes could easily embrace their cultural past while using Christianity to enhance their economic and political power. Swedes were empire builders. They were certainly believers, but pius Christianity certainly didn’t motivate them to fight the Christian wars.

    I think they were natural Protestants. Vikings converted for various non- religious reasons, because they already worshiped multiple gods. Jesus was merely one more .Lutheranism was a better fit.So was Mormonism. A historian wrote that most of the Scandinavians living in the Missouri River valley moved there because of contact with Mormons, whether or not they actually converted.

    The Swedes, and Norwegians, in spite of their more tenuous Christianity were with Russians, the primary oppressors of the northern people ostensively to bring them to God. But exploitation also motivated them. They regarded northern tribes as we saw the Indians.

    I did not give the retired teachers a false impression because I explained the difference between their culture and religious beliefs. My main point was that music helped save the northern culture from Swedish and Norwegian exploiters. I can cite writers who say the same thing.

    Joik may date back to the height of the Ice Age, and it is more than strange music. The spirits assign each person a joik. It is as basic as a name. When one sings, he/she doesn’t sing about something or someone. He/she becomes the subject, and represents the entire community. It is more than religious artiface. it is part of a group identity.

    Those nations have had a steady reinforcement of old knowledge because the northerners continually assimilate with their oppressors .My aunt’s side of the family declared themselves to be Swedes, for example. Finns and Swedes don’t especially like each other, but they intermarry. Cross pollination is maximized.

    A Russian priest said the younger Veps are a religious possibly because their old religion was forced from them and they didn’t embrace the new. Therefore they direct their religious instincts to other concerns.

  192. If we truly believe the words of our other founding document – The Declaration of Independence – with it’s world changing assertion that, yes, “all men are created equal” then there are no Hispanic issues or African-american issues or women’s issues. There are only American issues. — Sarah Palin

  193. The Baltic Times Aug 17, 2000: ” Some scholars assert Christianity did not really take root in Lithuania until the beginning of the nineteenth century and that a form of syncretism existed for many centuries until that time. (What I wrote about the Scandinavians, especially the Finns and far northern people.) Lithuanians would go to church on Sundays but the pagan gods still provided an insurance policy in case Christianity didn’t work out. . That was especially true for ensuring a good harvest and ‘superstitious’ offerings to the gods were practiced in secret.

    Paganism began its modern revival in Lithuania under the leadership of Jonas Trinkunas during the Sajudis years leading up the Lituanian independence in 1990. ”

    Trinkunas believes that since paganism predates Christianity it should be exempt from the law. Since the fall of Russia, Mormons, Hare Krishnas and other groups have been competing for souls. He thinks they should be regulated.

    A visiting academic from Italy said “Above all, we need an objective approach to studying the pagan religion. There is no need to refute Christianity or to proclaim the supremacy of paganism. The ancient religion is really part of Europe’s common heritage.”

  194. Sarah Palin is right, Noah, but half of us barely know the Declaration of Independence exists let alone what it says.

    Now, it is time to ski.

  195. At what time does a business get levied and NOT pass it onto the consumer?

    When doing so would force consumers to go elsewhere for their product/service.

    In the case of too big to fail, government mandated, and/or international corporate structures, profitability is still foremost and often a certain amount of fines or levies are expected expenses. A cost of doing business in today’s global market. Large corporations’ interests are mostly represented by governments that we support/install/control. Our military protects the interests of such industries world-wide. That seems their primary purpose over the protection of us. The industries Warren is going after have generally enjoyed a two-tiered justice system. I have no sympathy for too big too fail banks and their schemes. Fining them instead of jailing their criminal elements has not been effective in regulating their practices.

    Small businesses can suffer from levies. Businesses that depend on larger corporations for their raw products/materials/services will be the first to suffer. Though it is customary to pass costs on to the end consumer, it will sometimes be absorbed for a time. Of course this further soaks the diminishing middle class.

    It’s the Bernanke effect.

  196. Coming off a couple days of daytime temps in the nineties with the house open at night cooling it down to the mid sixties makes your skiing seem surreal, James. lol. It has been several years since I have been up close to snow. I can always see it on the mountaintops surrounding the valley. Occasionally I see it in roadways where it falls off vehicles coming from the high country.

  197. James – re Declaration of Independence

    I think I told this story, but if I did, don’t stop me; I want to hear it again.

    Several years ago I owned a Dodge diesel pickup, and liked to buy my fuel at a fuel stop near the airport where I lived in WV. I stopped in one afternoon – in a hurry, as usual – picked up fuel, and went inside to pay.

    There was a short line, and the guy in front of me paid with cash, including a two-dollar bill. The clerk, a black girl about eighteen, turned the two over and over, looking at it. Obviously, she had never seen one before.

    “That’s perfectly good money,” I said, trying to hurry her along.

    “Oh, I know; I was just trying to figure out who was on the front.” (No, she didn’t know it was good money.)

    I just looked at the guy, and clearly we were thinking the same thing about the schools in this country…

    “That’s Thomas Jefferson; do you know who he was?” I said.

    Looking at me quizzically, she replied, “He invented the telephone, right?” I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP; THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE SAID.

    “No, he wrote the Declaration of Independence, and, oh, did several other things.”

    Clearly she had no idea what “declaration” I was talking about. After a short pause, she said, “Oh…….I knew he was somebody famous.”

  198. Looking at me quizzically, she replied, “He invented the telephone, right?” I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP; THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE SAID.

    😆 😆 What an idiot.


    I came here to rant once again about this sorry, petty, puerile turd disgusted as President. I just saw the news and saw about 50 kids that came to Washington to have a tour of the White House, only to be turned away because Obama is an douche bag and his butt ugly wife is an asshole and world class bitch. Our reprobate 1st couple closed the White tours under the excuse they had to save some secret service jobs due to sequestration. Utter bullshit.

    This rancid man is an ignorant and poorly read pathological liar and the White House is not his house. It’s our house, with the tours guided by volunteers.

    I really, really loathe this despicable prick as a human being. The fact he’s the President makes my skin crawl. It’s a race to see how fast I can turn off the TV when that turd pops up on the screen. I have zero respect for him as a person, much less President.

    A thug who deserves to have his ass kicked to the curb, his wife thrown out by the hair on her neck.

  199. I know it is way early and there is a huge part of it that the media wants to work all the angles but seriously the new Pope is a dope or perhaps a dupe or perhaps the folks that will follow him are?? I don’t know but it looks bad.

  200. Right, rabbit. Even worse, the article noted many Russian non- citizens are depositors in Cyprus’ banks. Angry Russians can’t be good.,

    That was funny Pfessor. I hope she doesn’t vote.

    Poolman, it is still 25 with two inches of snow on the ground after last Sunday’s blizzard. We may get another inch or two tonight with 40 MPH wind tomorrow. Omaha broke a record with a high of 81 a year ago yesterday.

    I agree with Tex, but I won’t let that poser make my skin crawl. Uplifting thoughts.

  201. Alfie could you elaborate? Obviously I’m no Catholic but Francis seems to have real John Paul II potential. Benedict got bad press from day 1 and I get a sense that many Catholics aren’t sad to see him go.

  202. To the group and especially to Huck who I believe has had this as a pet peeve:

    Now you can all stop griping about the Senate not producing a budget and start griping about what a lousy budget it is. 😉

  203. The guy talks the social justice anti-establishment stuff but his history paints a picture of a pussy hypocrite. His silence is golden when it comes to the disappeared and his political bends for the Falklands/Malvinas is also telling IMO. Cooking your own meals in an apt. Is small potatoes to a proven record of turning your eyes .
    Also and this is huge for me is that he seems to be a tailor made default for distraction. Although I am in the front row pointing out the good the Catholic Church does I have to be fair and voice my skepticism regards Latin America,the poor,climate issues and governance when it comes to the Vatican being hoisted up as a resource.

  204. @ James 258 in the parallel universe thing I wonder how many US politicians are looking at Cyprus and the UK for examples of what to try here. In the Cyprus model we have an attack on savers. In the UK you have the mansions tax. I could add another Euro nation that escapes me right now who recently had a popular vote putting a ceiling on corporate salary

  205. Tell us how you really feel, Tex. 😆 It’s like a frickin sitcom or reality teevee.

    Obama isn’t like a sitcom. Obama is like a diseased carcass with his butt ugly wife the stench waffling from the carnage.

    The only saving grace in the whole sleazy ordeal was most of the chaperones were black. How’s it feel to fall on your spear now, soldier? 😈

    I always said the Low Information Voter wasn’t as smart as a barnyard animal, except maybe chickens. Obama’s got millions of them roosting in his stink.

    If it wasn’t for Obama’s profound haughtiness, I might find that amusing.

  206. “Now you can all stop griping about the Senate not producing a budget and start griping about what a lousy budget it is.”

    It’s amazing how productive people get when you threaten to withhold their paycheck.

  207. There are, in increasingly frightening numbers, cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat with the U.S. government. They are usually heavily armed, blinded by an intractable hatred, often motivated by religious zeal.

    They’re not jihadists. They are white, right-wing Americans, nearly all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists.


  208. That LA Times piece is based on a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s interesting that the SPLC report didn’t mention the hate shooting at the Family Research Council by a guy who cited the SPLC “hate map” as the inspiration for his crime.

  209. 264 Alfie. I wonder the same thing. Surely our leaders contemplate taking our savings as a financially challenged family would sell furniture for food.Politicians here and elsewhere will eventually expropriate the money if they think they can get away with it.

    I remember stories of the Depression when banks failed. Many of that generation never again trusted banks. If a large modern segment loses trust in its government, we will have trouble here and elsewhere.

  210. Its more complicated than what the article shows, Pfessor. Lyndon Johnson is guilty of his own brand of treachery by invoking the Gulf of Tolkin incident as a pretext for a mass invasion.

    The North Vietnamese boyed by anti- war protests across Europe and the US refused to negotiate seriously until Johnson approved the bombing of Hiaphong Harbor and other targets. It should be known that the North would not have made the concessions they offered without the bombing. Some northerners admitted at the time, they were terrified and feared all was lost.They publicaly denied it of course.

    Johnson was rightly appauled by the 1968 anti- war protests because as we learned from watching the BBC while we lived in the UK, the protesters were set up. They didn’t didn’t know that their leaders intended to goad the police into violence, and that they wanted as many protesters hurt as possible to make the police look like storm troopers. Their attitude was the same as modern Democrats and especially Obama.

    We heard rumors at the time of Nixon’s possible attempt to sabatage the peace talks to improve his chances in the next election.I don’t doubt it. Obama’s telling Medvedive to give him some time because after the election he could be more flexible operates under the same principle.

    I was in the Air Force at the time, and we heard from people arriving on base that the South Vietnamese felt they were getting screwed and were being frozen out of the peace negotiations. The lower echelons were angry, and I assume their displeasure reflected their leaders’ attitudes. I don’t think it would have taken much persuasion to convince South Vietnamese leaders to cooperate with Nixon’s treachery.

    The paragraph stating that Nixon escalated the war into Laos and Cambodia is a lie as written. While true, the writer failed to provide an important piece of information. The North Vietnamese were using Laos and Cambodia which were officially neutral as sanctuaries to attack our allies, and the South Vietnamese troops with impunity. They then retreated across the border where they were safe.

    Nixon invaded to punish the soldiers who were attacking our troops and to stop the attacks. Moreover, the writer suggests the final peace agreement of 1973 was the same as it would have been in 1968. i think the final agreement better safeguarded South Vietnam. I believe “within grasp” is another lie.

    If I remember correctly the South agreed to the treaty only because Nixon promised continued aid as Vietnamization continued. Even so, the deck was stacked against the South, and everyone knew it was only matter of time before the North would attempt to capture the South. What mattered to us was it would happen after we were officially gone.

    Of course, the final act of treachery came after Democrats betrayed South Vietnam, cut off financial aid and watched with the rest of us while desperate people who had risked their lives to help us stood out side of our embassy waiting for promised rides out which we knew would never come.

    Politicians from Nixon on down behaved badly and failed to understand or care that they were playing with other people’s lives. Young people and others of the time who encouraged them with demonstrations when they had little concept real events also have blood on their hands. Joan Biaze, to her credit said during the age of Boat People that maybe they had been wrong about northern motives. Most of the left slapped her down as they did to Katie Perry when she tweeted that she was praying for Israel.

    Luckily I compartmentalize. Otherwise my hatred for the ugly coven of old men and women at that on line sewer affectionately known as fat grannies would raise my blood pressure. They are the right age to have been demonstrating, and their hands are as bloody as Lady MacBeth’s.

    Now, that I’ve played a cheery song like “Don’t Fear the Reaper” I fell better disposed toward the old krones.

  211. The kind of stuff Nixon did has been done a million times. Hell does anyone remember when Nancy Pelosi as Speaker met with Assad?
    Now I’ll say 20k Americans are priceless compared to the Lebanese and Syrians that fell to Assad post SF Nanc’ but I’d also say that Nixons action were not the end all be all either. His actions required reactions and parallel realities such as the North not really being impressed that the end wasn’t theirs anyway at some time on their terms.

  212. “Hell does anyone remember when Nancy Pelosi as Speaker met with Assad?”

    Does anyone remember when Senator Obama met with al Maliki to talk about withdrawal timetables before he was even elected?

  213. We have to close the White House for tours to save money but we can afford the 102k a year salary + perks for Obama’s dog trainer?

  214. Alfie I’ve heard more about the Ryan budget than the Murray one but my understanding is they are equally absurd. What’s getting no press is the budget put out by the Congressional Progressive Caucus which makes the Murray budget look like Ryan-lite.

    The real question is do Americans have sufficient appetite for change or distaste for dysfunction that folks will be forced to hammer home a compromise solution?

  215. I agree, Rutherford, the jury is still out on the answer.

    Latvia and Estonia chose austerity, though it took their countries into depression. Conditions in Lativia became so horrendous that about a tenth of the population moved to countries like the UK and Ireland. Even now, they have an unemployment rate of about 14% .However, their economies are growing faster than most of Europe or America.Their employment rates are rising, and businesses are earning profits again.

    Both countries are sparing with Paul Krugman who says they should have borrowed themselves to prosperity.

    A Lativian economist said he doubts the US or other countries would willingly endure what the Estonians and Lativians did because their pasts are different. He as much as said others are too weak to do what is necessary.

    Jenny May, Janis Grodums un “kamer”-Nak nakts on youtube is a happy Lativian pop song.

  216. “The real question is do Americans have sufficient appetite for change or distaste for dysfunction that folks will be forced to hammer home a compromise solution?”

    Judging from the results of the last election (House, Senate, and President), I’d say the answer is a resounding “NO!”

  217. Norman Thomas described America’s descent into socialism very much in the way I have described America’s descent into gun confiscation:

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without every knowing how it happened.”*

    That’s the smart way to do it, Barack. Get us a little farther down the road to socialism, then quietly tax guns, and finally, take them all.

  218. @275 I’m all for calling a spade a spade and there certainly is enough info out there to bash Obama with but adding false info just makes the real info suspect.

    “Another falsehood from Bardone’s nonsensical farce of a letter was to claim that our president is the first: “to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year (taxpayer funded.)” This is something I had never heard and had no idea what he was going on about, so I did a quick Google search. Turns out that, yes, Obama is paying a dog trainer a retainer, but that’s as far as the truth goes in Bardone’s specious claim. The dog trainer actually has several clients and earns on average $102,000 per year from all of them. The president pays nowhere near that amount. Moreover, the president pays for the trainer from his own pocket, not at taxpayer expense as Bardone lied. So unless Bardone has a problem with the president using his salary as he sees fit (an idea which reeks of classism and partisanship,) I suspect he was just distorting the facts assuming nobody would check his veracity. In fact, I now doubt the veracity of the entire letter.”

  219. Raji at least 40% of what the right publishes about Obama is outright lies. Their credibility is abysmal and some of the boys (and Muffy) eat it up like a pig in slop.

    What’s so pathetic is that Obama is an easy target on economic and foreign policy depending on your persuasion. But they know an easy to understand lie sells faster than a more complicated truth. So they sell the 6 figure dog trainer instead of the 7% unemployment rate which gets boring after a while.

  220. I agree, Obama carries enough blame that people don’t have to make things up. Yes, those who lie discredit themselves and their cause. . The right does twist the truth and even lie.

    However, Rutherford, your phrasiology implies that they are impuning an innocent man. Obama’s credibility is so tattered he had to produce a photo of his holding a rifle after he said he skeet shoots.

    Obama is supposed to be above blatant dishonesty. After all, he is the chief executive of our country and is responsible to us all.Robert Samuelson carries more weight than I. He also wrote that Obama is lying.

    The Washington Post Opinions “America the retirement home.” “We don’t need a charm offensive; we need a candor offensive…Obama hasn’t talked intelligently or openly about America’s aging…Its true Republicans should accept higher taxes–but only after the White House engages retirement spending.

    Little is possible while public opinion remains frozen in contradiction. The mistake lies in thinking that the apparent paralysis isn’t policy. It is Government is being slowly transformed into a vast old-age home, with everything else devalued and degraded.”

    Obama isn’t the only problem. As Samuelson wrote and Lativans implied, we Americans and Europeans are lying to ourselves.

  221. “Little is possible while public opinion remains frozen in contradiction. The mistake lies in thinking that the apparent paralysis isn’t policy. It is Government is being slowly transformed into a vast old-age home, with everything else devalued and degraded.
    we Americans and Europeans are lying to ourselves.”

    Well said, James.

  222. Rutherford, the right may be publishing outright lies but the left is like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand. Obama is an easy target because he is incompetent and a perfect example of the “Peter Principle”.

  223. “Raji at least 40% of what the right publishes about Obama is outright lies.”

    Much like your made-up statistics.

  224. “So they sell the 6 figure dog trainer instead of the 7% unemployment rate which gets boring after a while.”

    Another made-up number. Try 7.7%

  225. “Raji at least 40% of what the right publishes about Obama is outright lies. Their credibility is abysmal and some of the boys (and Muffy) eat it up like a pig in slop. ”

    If my comment turned out not to be true fine I retract it. Rutherford, I would like to see you back up this comment, or admit you pulled it out of your abnormally large ass.

    Raji, it is funny you chose this to comment on while you have chosen to remain silent on so many more important topics on your false God, aka the Messiah. Why is that I wonder? R I understand and I excuse him for his impairments, should I paint you with the same brush?

  226. Noah you are unfair and unfounded in your comment to Raji but that ii perhaps secondary to your time amongst us.
    I would hope you could concede though that the breakdown of the story in question is a prime example of how the Left benefits from poor choices by the Rights allies.
    This day and age nobody can afford to give its opposition such a tasty sound bite. The worse part is that the credibility gap that gets created in cases like this really hurts the cause.

  227. Another made-up number. Try 7.7%

    Except the real unemployment number is about 14.3%. Take for instance the booming last month’s employment numbers. If memory serves, Big ‘O’ along with Spoo Chin created 236K jobs. Only problem is 256K dropped out of the job market as the labor participation force dropped another tenth of a point. 😈 Obama is synonymous with mendacity.

    As far as Satan looking like Obama in the mini series? 😆 An insult to the Angel of Light…

  228. Comment seen about Satan looking like Obama in the mini series:

    I do not think Obama is the antichrist or the Devil. Obama doesn’t have the work ethic to be either.

    – perdogg, Fairfax, United States

    😆 So true, it’s actually really funny.

  229. “the 7% unemployment rate” -Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius

    “Try 7.7%”

    That’s nationwide boys. Wile E. probably means in his own state…Doh! 8.6%

    Oh hell maybe he just got confused and was brushing up on the math he studied as a fledgling genius. 2+2=7! Oopsies. Wrong again.

    I suggest Wile E. cuddle up with this for a while and dig deep this time. Sweet dreams are made of this.

  230. “Raji at least 40% of what the right publishes about Obama is outright lies.”

    More like lies comprise 40% of what comes out of his own mouth.

    I say that as a conservative who believes that FDR’s New Deal is overrated at best and quite possibly was and is deeply detrimental to the country in a most insidious fashion. I don’t say it as some MSNBC-owned (dare I say Fat Granny?) parrot clouded enough to utter this gem:

    “Not only do I believe that Palin is Trig’s grandma, but I also believe Willow (the middle daughter) is the mother. Being such a young mother would account for Palin’s incredible effort to pull off this hoax.” by Rutherford Lawson on April 14 2011 @

    And something about a pig in slop, but enough about your wild Saturday nights, Rutherford.

    PS…Noah don’t blame Raji for your error.

  231. “Except the real unemployment number is about 14.3%.”

    Yeah, but I had to go with the “official” number, or Rutherford would have dismissed it as part of that “40%” that is “lies”

  232. Yeah, but I had to go with the “official” number, or Rutherford would have dismissed it as part of that “40%” that is “lies”

    Very legitimate point. I forget Rutherford’s confused natural state and his inability to reach reality. And math? Oh, forget it. 🙂

  233. Apparently Noah you have no clue about my political opinions. I have never indicated in any post that I am a fan of Obama nor did I ever vote for him. I do have a problem with links that are false and not well researched. Please do not waste your time trying to wonder why or why not I remain silent.

    The only brush I paint you with is not verifying the links you provide.

  234. The more I think about it I really like James’ analogy that our government is like an old age retirement home 🙂

  235. Thanks Raji, while I made the comparison at a political forum several weeks ago, the quote is from Robert Samuelson.

    Rutherford actually wrote that about the Palins, Muffy? I will need to praise Sarah more often to get Rutherford’s goat. He reacted when I praised Sarah’s debating skills a few weeks ago, when it was just for fun..

    I think Raji and my views are fairly similar, though I have drifted right for now because of what occupies the White House.

    Its possible Raji has been silent because she has had a prolonged hangover. Ha!

  236. 294 Alfie
    If you could reword your comment I am not really getting what you are trying to say so not sure how to respond.

  237. What’s so pathetic is that Obama is an easy target on economic and foreign policy depending on your persuasion. But they know an easy to understand lie sells faster than a more complicated truth. So they sell the 6 figure dog trainer instead of the 7% unemployment rate which gets boring after a while.” – R

    R, give it up. We’ve demonstrated lie after lie on a host of issues. Keep your doctor? Taxes won’t affect the poor or middle class? Benghazi? Solyndra? Fast & Furious? Transparency?

    You just make this shit up because you’ve painted yourself into a corner. There is no way you can be honest about this Administration because to do so means you have to admit that you were wrong previously.

    He’s a fraud and your a dupe- nuff said.

  238. You are funny, James. I call it a prolonged hibernation and the bear gets grumpy when she gets woken up. You may like this cold wet white stuff but I’m getting too old to deal. This is my last winter taking care of animals.

    Re: 294 What’s not to comprehend?

  239. It was beautiful skiing Ragi–34 with a warm March sun. Sadly, not much snow remains.

    Hot Air “Are we experiencing an off- the-books boom?” explores another ramification of the Obama economy. House hold spending is better than one would expect, and some economists believe it may be due to a growing underground cash only economy.

    I have mentioned Ukraine before. No one really knows the average income because people work very hard to make ends make under the table.Through hard work and secret finances, most live better than they theoretically should. Ukraine may be our future.

    Lativia is another country which chose to suffer through austerity rather than borrow their way to solviency. They are finally beginning to enlarge their economy though a tenth of their population has moved to other countries.

    A happy side effect of the depression is the Go Blonde Festival. Several women organized a parade to cheer people up in 2010, and now, the Association of Blondes has established chapters in other countries.Lativa has a two day festival in the last week of May to celebrate its many blondes.

  240. raji – re: animals and cold

    One of my neighbors in this subdivision is a local schoolteacher (divorced) and her 18 year-old daughter. They have a really nice black lab (supposedly belonging to the daughter) named “Lucky” in an outside chain-link fence enclosure, about 10 X 20.

    There is no cover over the cage anywhere; the dog lives in its own feces, mixed with mud, none of which they ever clean out. It has a doghouse in the enclosure, which is the only dry spot. They never walk the dog; they feed it by driving the car up to the cage and lowering a bucket of food by a rope over the top.

    My wife and I walk every day and offered to walk the dog, which they took us up on. Both mom and daughter are about 300-pounders, so a little walking wouldn’t hurt them, either. I put in some straw, which offered a temporary fix to the mud, which the dog sinks up into about 6 inches every step. I also strung a small tarp over one section, which gives a little shelter from the rain and snow. The cage needs to be mucked-out terribly; the dog has a mild bloody diarrhea, which I have told them about, but no vet visit has happened yet.

    The neighbors have given them such a bad time they put a lock on the cage; the nearest neighbor – an old man – has ‘liberated’ the dog several times, and they called the law on him. My wife and I haven’t said anything, so we could maintain access to at least walk Lucky and put in straw. The neighbors have called the SPCA/animal welfare people, but they can’t do very much, they say – as long as the dog is fed and can get out of the rain.

    Last Friday I got a frantic call from the girl. Lucky is missing. He apparently “pushed out the bottom” of the door and escaped. Not a sign of him since.

    Hmmm….. this dog is not a problem solver. He would almost certainly either come to my house or stay by his cage if he got out. No, somebody finally had enough, and liberated him permanently. It wasn’t me, not that I didn’t think about it…

    I don’t know where you are, Boy, but good luck to you…

  241. PF I ran into a similar situation with a neighbor who abused his Lab. The Lab was constantly running away from his owner and one day just disappeared! That Lab had a very happy life with a young man in another city 🙂 You do what you have to do.

  242. Hey Rutherford since I’m in sharing mode and since you touched upon an aspect of this… Not my favorite guy (David Brooks) but a very easy read and touches a number of bases.
    NY Times OpEd</em

  243. Anyone think Obama will bother to ask Congress if he can start bombing Syria? Will his fans defend him if he fails to get UN permission?

    And this is an interesting piece, given a recent discussion here. It’s so obvious, even Time knows it’s true.

  244. If Tex is still here, I’m having a ball with the NAGS over @ Fat Grannies. You, Noah, et al should drop in occasionally; I think we all still owe them a debt for outing Rutherford. The old gal, Grandma, has decided she’s a physics instructor now; it’s pretty funny, since I used to teach college physics to X-ray students; she’s no more idea what she’s talking about than a hog knows when Sunday comes; I think she’s actually a musician or something.

    I wonder if she knows any Frederick Fucking Chopin? LOL

  245. A lawyer called this afternoon. She is trying to set up a class action suit against the Corps of Engineers for flood damage.

    We have a labrador-rotweiler cross. She came to us as a stray, and she was so afraid it took about a month for us to get close enough for us to feed her .Her jaw was off angle as if it had been broken and healed.This made it hard for her to chew dry dog food. We had to take care not to raise our hands because then, she would whimper and cringe.

    She was not emaciated because she had learned to live off the land. Until we trained her differently, she ate most of our cats.
    The dog has killed or eaten at least 29 racoons, opposoms, skunks a turtle, etc.

    She recognized our car and jumps in circles when we return to home. She also hops around when I get my skis because she knows we will be going to where she can catch a meal.

    Last winter, a red tailed hawk dived toward her when we were sking. Our dog snatched the hawk from the air during a second pass, and the two spared for about an hour before both gave up uninjured.

    Each night our dog defends the homestead from coyotes and other beasties. She has a nice place to sleep on our enclosed porch, and sometimes one of our cats joins her. Our dog also has a bed behind our living room couch because we discovered she is house broken.

    Unfortunately, she is terrified of hard floors, and not even food will coax her into our kitchen. She has to come in through the living room.

    Pfessor, you might post a Jenny May/Janis Grodums you tube video. The song is titled un “Kamer”-Nak nakts. If you posted it without comment. I wonder if they would react.

  246. Ladies, listen up….

    If your shotgun warning shots go unheeded…and your whistle blasts and self-urination are not effective deterrents…then anyone that happens to be a bystander while a you are getting attacked should start telling jokes and maybe think about calling for help.

    Fast forward to 5:51 if you can’t stomach the entire thing

    These safety tips are brought to you by the political party that accused its opposition of waging a war against women.

  247. James, and anyone else interested… is streaming the History Channel series, Vikings. It’s all legit and legal. I looked tonight and they have all 4 episodes that have run so far. But they won’t all be available there for long, so I recommend catching the first couple ASAP and getting caught up with the others soon after that.

  248. Huck – thanks for the video.

    Jesus, what kind of liberal nonsense is this video, anyway? Did she really say, “Talk to the inappropriate actor?” “Encourage positive behavior?” “Discourage negative behavior?” Yeah, that’s a great idea – while you are at it, why not get good and close so the guy can stab you before you can react, and thus get rid of a witness. Better than anything I’ve seen, this vid shows how out-of-touch some folks are with real life.

    This kind of nonsense makes me more and more sure that we are doomed. I remember the Genovese case from day one. After 9/11, I wonder if the same thing would happen in NYC now. Likely somebody would shoot the sonofabitch – at least I’d like to think so.

    This is exactly why God made firearms. So you can stand far enough away to be safe and close enough so that the attacker knows he’s dead if he doesn’t shape up.

  249. I think we all still owe them a debt for outing Rutherford.

    Heck, Pfessser.

    That was about the only thing that kept me going back to that idiocy anyway. Physics? They can’t even grasp gravity.

    That and the fact that it was still fun for a time to hold the magnifying glass on the red ant pile and come back and read as their hind quarters smoked. That was my demonstration of physics to them. Pissed me off when they did that to Rutherford. And I got tired of having to bypass their security to challenge their charges. They’re stupid and a detriment to this country. They’re also mendacious and cowardly. Their deaths would do us all a favor.

    This last election changed me. Really, it did. We finally crossed the Rubicon and I don’t really give a hoot about the direction of this country anymore. I pretty much latched the hatches of my storm shelter and locked the doors – to each their own. Now I am watching the Republican Party lean that way out of panic. Fools.

    9/11 happens again, I’m shrugging my shoulders unless it’s my own. If America disintegrates, it disintegrates. I really mean that.

    Frankly, we’ve been such poor stewards of our own heritage, we deserve to fade. And I think fade away, we shall. The economic collapse will lead it, but we’re so big, like Rome we will follow their lead. Year by year, things will become worse. And one day, the Visigoths will be at our door. They will burn out temples and our monuments as a testament to our abject stupidity.

    I just hope I can leave my children enough with the intellect to run and stay safe. Understand the signs. Don’t look back, less they too turn to a pillar of salt. So to speak… 🙂

    If these inbreds don’t understand the meaning, cause and effect of a Keynesian Depression when it comes, then I can’t help them. Funny thing is, they will feel like they have money but it won’t buy much of anything. And I predict they will be so arrogant and ignorant, they will never understand they were the cause of it.

    My only real question which will challenge my own faith by the way is:

    Do I treat them as prodigal sons? Or do I treat them like rabid dogs? Right now, I am really fighting leaning toward the latter.

  250. Tex – you can’t really get to somebody until you don’t care. That is the great truth about divorce – people don’t divorce when they are still fighting, because fighting means they give a shit. They are ready for divorce when they couldn’t care one way or another.

    The NAGS at FG’s comprise everything about the Left that is bad – bigotry, complete disdain for tradition and that lethal combination of ignorance and arrogance. They have completely abandoned any notion of topical argument because they get their heads handed to them every time, so it’s just “Well, YOU are a …….” or, “You don’t like Obama because he’s black.” No, actually he seems very personable; it’s his attacks on my Constitution that I find unsavory.

    It’s like dealing with 7th-grade girls. If you don’t take them seriously – I don’t – it gets pretty amusing.

  251. “Jesus, what kind of liberal nonsense is this video, anyway?”

    It’s from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), which is part of the Defense Department.


    Israel and Russia are both confirming a chemical weapon was used the other day in Syria. Israel isn’t saying who used it…Russia is.

    “Israeli military intelligence sources said, with “high degree of confidence,” that a single chemical weapon – either a SCUD chemical warhead or, more likely, an artillery shell – was fired on the Khan al-Assal neighborhood in Aleppo earlier today, killing twenty-six people, including eleven government soldiers.”


    The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying:

    “A case of the use of chemical weapons by the armed opposition was recorded early in the morning of March 19 in Aleppo province. We are very seriously concerned by the fact that weapons of mass destruction are falling into the hands of the rebels, which further worsens the situation in Syria and elevates the confrontation in the country to a new level.””

    Obama drew his red line, now it’s time for him to decide on which side of it he is standing.

    Shit’s about to get real….

  252. Alfie, the links you provided in 314 and 315 tie in quite well together. @314 The article pointed out some interesting observations especially regarding the “blue collar” workers. Marriage in that group would be a “luxury good” in today’s economy.
    The most telling statement was in 315
    “The progressive budget in the House seems to have been written by people hermetically sealed in the house of government. They work in government.”

  253. Huck,

    Syria is a mess, isn’t it? Obama wanted to be King – now he is one. Being a monkey could manage typical situations better, I expect Obama to choose exactly the wrong position. Remember, not three years ago, the ever brilliant Hillary Rotten Clinton was calling a Assad a statesman. 😆 Sorry, the situation is serious but I can’t help but laugh at the ignorance of the Dimocratic leadership. And of course, Rutherford and this Lurker clown will conveniently forget all these facts come 2016, when they start singing Hillary Rotten’s praises as the smartest woman alive, and the only one who could save us from Obama’s ruin.


    I’ve got this one acquaintance, whose family lives outside Damascus who makes my sandwiches. One of the nicest men you ever want to meet. He immigrated to America many years ago, and I’ve eaten at the same subway shop with him making the sandwiches for at least 35 years – he was making my sandwiches when I was still in high school.

    But the sandwich maker has never lost his roots and returns to see his elderly mother about twice a year. Hassan is a Druze, which if I understand is an offshoot of Islam.

    Hassan is interesting listen. Doesn’t say much about home unless asked but I suppose I’ve earned his trust over 35 years of eating his sandwiches. And what he told me is that as a Druze, he was hoping Assad could remain in power. That shocked me. But then Hassan explained why.

    Seems a brutal dictator is less a threat than the religious zealotry of the extremists. Hassan fears for his extended family’s life if Assad is overthrown.

    Heck of a world, isn’t it when people are forced to choose between a tyrant and an extremist?

  254. Huck, I am watching the show now. Thanks.

    My mother would have been embarrassed to know she came from Vikings. She was proud of the Scots and Welsh side because they were musical as many of our family are. But to be descended from Viking enforcers from the outer Hebrides?

    The Valkuyrie in the oldest strata of belief, was a corpse goddess represented by the carrion-eating raven. The name on old Norse, valkyrja means “chooser of the slain.” She is also related to the Celtic warrior-goddess, the Morrigan who could also assume the form of a raven.

    Women held great power in other European and Eurasian cultures too. For example, blonde and red headed people mumified by dry air in west China included women buried with weapons and shields. Greek accounts of Amazon warriors are supported by paelontological evidence.

    I don’t believe it is an accident that Iceland has the oldest continuous representative body in the world. Independent chieftains who considered each others equals could not have managed their country in any other way.

    As for our nation’s tragectory, “We come from the West Virginia coal mines and the Rocky Mountains and the western skies…Country Folks can Survive.” (Hank Williams Jr. ) Judging from comments in the remarks sections of blogs and related Youtube sites, I think a revolution is in our future if trends continue.

    Harry Reid is the latest Democrat to reveal their evil intentions. He blamed the training deaths on the Sequester. When it finally dawns on even low information people that Democrats want to inflict pain and harm on us to help themselves, they will find their inner Viking.

  255. I think a revolution is in our future if trends continue.

    Normally I’d scoff at this assertion but I’m holding my fire because it all depends on how you define revolution.

    Our current do-nothing crisis-to-crisis government is not sustainable. Either we will see a slow trend toward cooperation or we will see a radical change, perhaps prompted by a third party. I find the former more likely than the latter.

  256. The Tea Party was a revolution of sorts. I think once voters realize what is happening, they will sweep away the Old Regime. Failing that, I foresee lawsuits, riots and protests as we had in the sixties. Survivalist groups which organized during the farm depression are also not out of the question. We might even see something like the Whiskey Rebellion or Culpepper’s Rebellion. Anything which happened before can and will happen again under the right circumstances. That is what I define as “revolution.”

    i like the Vikings show. However, it appears too sanitized, and most of the actors don’t look Scandinavian.

  257. We are experiencing more meteor bombardments that will begin to adversely affect our planet and our weather. There have been sightings reported daily. These space events are cyclical and we are entering a phase where they will be very abundant. Some claim there is an incoming red dwarf star that will pass between us and the sun. Some call it wormwood, others planet x or nibiru. It is already messing with the magnetic forces that keep things intact.

    Our government has been hiding all this from us, supposedly to avoid widespread panic, though folks like Neil Degrasse Tyson have been trying to get the word out. There is nothing government can do to prevent these events. They have prepared extensive underground facilities to save themselves. They have prepared for widespread chaos and, right now they are on the verge of implementing martial law. A few trial balloons have been launched.

    Across the globe, we (along with our allies) are the ones that have initiated all the violence in Syria. It is not a revolution or a people’s uprising that the Syrians are experiencing. We hired thugs and provided weapons to overthrow the Assad regime. We sent in snipers to kill key protesters. Our terrorists (al CIA duh) are massacring people who support Assad, whether they be Christian, Muslim, or other. There is widespread chaos and there are brutal public murders taking place thanks to our intervention. Our media is spreading disinformation, as usual. Expect us to keep blaming Assad and further ramp up the violence like we did in Libya. Israel is just itching to nuke Damascus.

    It’s the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. I feel fine.

  258. Well Poolman, I hope you’re satisfied. On “Hardball” a couple of nights ago they covered the “Sandy Hook Truthers”, the bunch of nuts you defend who say Sandy Hook never happened.

    You know what they’ve been doing Poolman? They’ve been inundating the Newtown city hall with requests for death certificates to prove the kids were actually killed.

    You should be ashamed of yourself to lend an ear to these despicable nutjobs.

  259. Well Rutherford, I am not one to say what did happen at Sandy Hook, only that it was definitely a staged event. Did anyone die? Probably. At least Adam Lanza did, though not as the state’s media claims that he did. You are being lazy by placing us ‘truthers’ all in the same category. The truther movement is highly infiltrated with disinfobots. The most obvious is probably AJ himself. Anyone calling themselves a ‘Sandy Hook Truther’ is suspect.

    But to the point. If children actually died, why should normally accessible public information be censored? Who is it that has something to hide? How about releasing video from the school’s security cameras? Who are they protecting?

  260. So let me get this straight …. we need to see video of children being dismembered in order to believe it is true?

    My God you truly have become a victim of the YouTube generation. If it ain’t on video, it didn’t happen. 😐

  261. So let me get this straight …. we need to see video of children being dismembered in order to believe it is true?

    Like those of supposed Islamic extremists beheading and dismembering peoples? No. I don’t think any children were dismembered. The coroner made claim of some children that were riddled with bullets. From a rifle. I think you may be confusing events. The dismembered children is what America is doing oversees in the name of a war on terror. Or videos from Palestine and Gaza.

    Kind of ironic that our war on terror is actually a war of terror.

    The video I would be interested in seeing is Adam Lanza entering the school, supposedly blasting the front window. The school had just installed a state of the art security system just weeks before this event.

  262. I haven’t had the stomach to watch Rachel Maddow’s most recent story on this but from what I heard, the close range firing of the bushmaster blew children’s extremities off not to mention making their faces unrecognizable.

    Maybe you need to get a job as a first responder to shock you back into the reality of how sick that day was back in December?

  263. Well…it might have took a couple years….but Rutherford is finally having his zen moment with the vile liar. He’s disgusting isn’t he?

  264. I can’t recall telling any lies, you’ll have to elaborate. Just claiming something you don’t agree with a lie doesn’t cut it. If you can prove anything I have said as false, different story. Prove it false, and I’ll recant.

    Now if you want to get serious, tell me what textbooks you are using to indoctrinate our youth and I bet I can find some printed falsehood that you are getting paid by the state to disseminate. As a pool builder, I don’t have as broad an influence and I’m not held to the same account as a school teacher.

  265. An M 16 shell makes a small hole as it enters the body but leaves with a huge gaping wound. Other weapons do even more damage. I was the equivalent of a first responder in the Air Force. I” don’t need no stinking” videos or first responder jobs. Nor, do I need “no stinking” Maddow or Sandy Hook Truthers.

    Elwood’s parents immigrated from Denmark, and Jess’s family were early pioneers. Both men began poor, but Elwood became wealthy through farming. Jess built a construction company and also became rich. Both men hated each other.

    As they aged, each was determined to out live the other. When he was 93, Elwood asked a friend, “do you mean that old bastard is still alive?” Jess also wondered if “that so and so is dead yet”

    Elwood died first, and Jess took grim satisfaction in outliving his nemesis. Jess died a year and a week later at the age of 96, and we attended his funeral yesterday. Over 300 people saw him off.

    I don’t know what caused the feud, but the two men certainly demonstrated the power of hatred. Maybe hatred of the fascists running our government is a good thing..

  266. Yeah Tex, the Druze are good people. I know a lot of them. They assimilate where ever they are. In fact, I believe its actually a cultural/religious requirement to do so. Just don’t fuck with them head on, because they are notorious for being good fighters.

    Cool thing about the Druze is they can bury a hatchet. They were beefing with Christians and fought a nasty little war with them a couple decades ago. Both sides came to terms and live life in peace.

    The religion is a trip. They are, in fact, an offshoot of Shiite Islam, but believe in reincarnation. The religion is also somehow tied to Plato and the old gnostic stuff.

    Most of the religion is secretive. Nobody can convert. And, most Druze aren’t even allowed to read their own books (or maybe its not encouraged).

    Never met A Druze I didn’t like. Most trustworthy of all the Arabs, if you ask me.

  267. Sometimes lady luck smiles on fools….and speaking of having to go back to work.


    I have a Nordic Treadmill that I’ve now put about 3,000 miles on. My knees have a hard time taking pavement and I canceled my gym membership 15 years ago because my patience was worn out with high school jocks. I’ve worn out three treadmills and this is the fourth, but this one is more expensive as I went with Nordic’s professional model.

    About 3-4 months ago, the treadmill started squeaking loudly at certain speeds. I figured maybe the belt was slipping but other than occasionally throwing me a bit forward, I kept running with little problem.

    Today I hop on the damn thing, and I should add I never wear their kill switch is a pain and interferes with running IMO, and it feels like the platform is giving more than normal. Because my daughter didn’t live in an apartment this semester, her damn queen sized bed and all the furniture is on our back porch where the treadmill is. It’s so junked up, directly behind me is a table saw and miter saw – yes, I know that is dumb but I’m out of space.

    I stop the treadmill, get out a flashlight and the walking platform appears worn. So I take it off which itself is pain. The damn thing has a quarter inch wide crack right down the middle and about half the board. Gulp. I’m lucky I didn’t go through it.

    And you know what these thieves just charge me for a board with a mylar coating? $200.00 dollars on Amazon. At Sears, they wanted $549.00! 😡 Are you kidding me? If I could figure out what they coat these things with, I could make one in minutes. I read up a little bit and everyone who had tried that made nothing but a mess and ruined their treadmill.

  268. I imagine you might have seen some of this but I’ll chime in just the same.
    MDF board,parafin based powder wax seem to be the best try. I saw that 2500 miles can tend to be the end of the road for treadmills. Found that disheartening. I had a Nordic track ski thing,it used parafin bar wax

  269. Rutherford, this may be a weekend of rabbits and chocolate eggs for you, but to some it represents the day mankind was restored to the Father. We were restored, and actually all of creation was, when the Son of God was sacrificed for our crimes. We crucified and hung Him on a cross some 2000 years ago. Whether you believe Jesus was real or really God or not is immaterial. It changed the equation and time was marked from that day forward. He is well recorded in history. He taught that the Kingdom is at hand and anyone can reach and receive what is freely given. He gave us an example to follow. Mercy and grace come from our Maker. All who seek Him will find Him. Taste and see that the Lord is good. 🙂

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