Struggling to be Merry

Memorial for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy

Memorial for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy

For the last four years it has been a tradition on the RL blog to post a video by Casting Crowns around this time of year. Casting Crowns are a contemporary Christian music group and the first time I heard their version of “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” I fell in love with it. My readers know I am not religious, nor am I convinced of the existence of what I call an intervening God, but I felt the song was filled with so much hope and determination that the “wrong shall fail, the right prevail” that it moved me.

The song features a choir of children and in light of the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT, the song brings me little comfort this year. On the contrary, it saddens me. Today is not the day to debate the various sides of how to prevent senseless violence against our children. Where I find despair is that those in the debate are far more invested in their position than in finding a viable solution. I’ve been guilty of this myself. However I’ve read enough in  the past week to see that there is no solution without considerable cost. I’m not referring to financial cost. I’m referring to moral cost. We either concede that we need a dystopia of fully armed citizens to protect ourselves and our loved ones or we give ourselves false comfort that we can legislate the problem away. Neither alternative makes the spirit soar.

So once again, I offer to you my readers, the beautiful melody of Casting Crowns and the small hope that it moves you from:

And in despair I bowed my head
There is no peace on earth I said
For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men


Then rang the bells more loud and deep
God is not dead, nor does He sleep
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail

With peace on earth, good will to men


Photo by VOA  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Political Blogger Alliance


174 thoughts on “Struggling to be Merry

  1. My favorite Christmas story is from Dragnet.

    It is Christmas morning. Sergeant Friday and his partner have been called to a small church in the poor section of LA. The priest reports the baby Jesus has been stolen from the manger.

    “Why would anyone steal the baby Jesus”, said the Father. It is just plaster of paris and has no value. The people of this parish have very little but their faith. This morning they will find the baby Jesus missing from the manger and will be very disappointed.”

    As they are speaking, a sound is heard from the back of the dark church. Down the center aisle comes a clickadee click, clickadee click on the stone floor. Finally, around the first pew comes a little boy pulling a little red wagon with the baby Jesus.

    Father says, “Jose why did you steal the baby Jesus?”

    Jose replies, “I didn’t steal the baby Jesus. I prayed to God last night. I told him if Santa brings me a wagon I will give the baby Jesus a ride on Christmas morning.”

  2. I wish I could write or do something to help those here to move beyond the pain they still feel over this recent tragedy.

    As for myself and my family, it’s going to be another Spartan Christmas, which has my wife a bit depressed. But I am thankful that we still have a roof and heat, and the cupboards are not bare. I am relatively healthy and have a healthy family whom I love and who loves me back. I am a rich man.

    Rutherford, spend time focusing on what you have. The heart can’t carry grief forever. It isn’t healthy. Enjoy your beautiful family and be merry.

  3. Gryla is one of many female trolls who live high up in the mountains of Iceland.
    Her story goes back to pagan times, but in more recent centuries she has become part of Christmas – making the trip down to the towns and cities, searching for naughty children.
    She returns to her cave with a bag stuffed full of crying youngsters, whom she boils alive and gobbles up.
    She has 13 sons, the Yule Lads, who also do their bit to harass Icelandic families in the 13 days up to Christmas – although recently they have become a little better behaved, and leave gifts in shoes too.
    Gryla has hooves and horns on her head, 13 tails and a very big nose complete with warts.
    She is in a perpetual bad mood, mainly because she is always hungry. And it’s not only children who attract her ire – her first two husbands bored her so much she ate them.

    I saw that on the BBC and then saw this latest Rutherford post. It is amazing how ghastly the stories we tell our children can be and sad that there are many ghastly realities our children face.

    I can’t imagine trying to make sense out of the CT. deaths.My heart aches for the parents of the victims. For me it will forever be stored away as are a number of events I’ve either heard of or lived through. As extreme an event it was I think the take away must be along the lines of caring,getting in touch with ones humanity. This can’t bring the little ones back and I’ll caution it can’t assure others will never be in harms way but I believe we as a society truly need to get in touch with our humanity.

  4. Alfie you’re right about us getting in touch with our humanity and we’ve got a long way to go. I was reading a blog post by JurassicPork the other day in which he called out Obama on killing that 16 year old in Yemen. The MSM let it go without batting an eye. To see anyone get upset about it you have to watch shows that feature TRUE progressives. Jeremy Scahill has appeared on Up with Chris Hayes several times and he just about spits nails when he talks about our killing that kid, who had the misfortune of being the son of a real a-hole.

  5. What was that quote about, if you could only know the other man’s suffering, there would be no war? I want to add that to my quote collection. The more I think about it the more profound it seems.

  6. Yes,Pfessor, it is a profound statement, but if one knows the other man’s suffering, one can use it to make him suffer even more.

    Christmas spirit can do wonderful things. For example, a German soldier sang a Christmas carol in WW1, and allied soldiers began to sing along. They decorated a Christmas tree together and also played soccer.

  7. PF the quote was from Longfellow. I posted it a couple of threads ago:

    If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet (1807-1882)

    Interestingly, “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” is based on a Longfellow poem.

  8. Longfellow was quite the poet. We learned “The Village Blacksmith” when I was in grade school, and I used to read Longfellow’s “Snow-Bound” every winter, but I guess I’m getting old. It reminds me so much of growing up on the farm – moreso every year I live. I get so torn up reading it now that I can’t do it any more. I read it to my kids for the last time about ten years ago.

    On a lighter note, have you seen this?

    Best rendition of Service’s “The Cremation of Sam McGee” I have ever seen. If you’ve never seen or heard of it before, watch the whole thing. Surprise ending! Guarantee it’s worth it.

  9. That was a good rendition all right–too good.

    A man and his daughter wrecked their truck on an icy bridge. The bridge collapsed leaving the wreckage partly on the ice with the rest on the bridge. The father lapsed in and out of consciousness,but the daughter aged 14 was fine. She was just trapped in the truck.

    She had begged her father to take her with him on Christmas vacation because she had never seen snow. A highway patrolman stopped and called for backup. While we waited, he visited with the girl to ease her mind.

    We didn’t consider the battery ignition cable, but we should have. A fire started, but the air was so cold the patrolman’s fire extinguisher failed. The couple, especially the girl twisted and turned as they attempted to free themselves. The father begged that they be shot, but that didn’t happen. The patrolman held the girl’s hand until it got too hot.

    I will spare you the sights and sounds of a couple’s being cremated alive. I was 19 and home from college. I had been taking a walk in the snow, and that evening stroll changed how I regarded life

    I promised myself that I would give meaning to their lives by living well, and I kept my promise. Kerli, the Estonian singer wrote a song “My life is my own creation.” It is for all of us. Our lives are works of art like paintings or dramas.

  10. I’m not struggling to be merry. I choose to NOT be MANipulated™ by the media. That is the difference. They do not control my emotions and I refuse to react as they would have me do so. Even many of the alternate sources can feed the frenzy.

    There are many reasons to be joyful, in spite of all that is evil around us. I just found out my youngest is expecting their first child, so I will again be a grandpa. Though I fear what this world does to innocent children, I have courage and hope goodness will prevail.

    In this season of enlightenment, truth holds the highest value. Many folks are waking from their slumber. Many are questioning authority. It gives me hope. It obviously scares the PTB, and has forced many to show their hand. It’s all good.

    “So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.” (Matthew 10: 26b, 27)


    re 3, If you study the traditions we practice during Christmas in America today, they are rooted in some very sick behavior. Although commercialized and white-washed, the origins are quite absurd and mostly evil by today’s standards.


    I’m certain I posted this before, though it has been some time. In the spirit of posts 6, 7, and 8, I offer it again.

  11. Poolman, two things. First, I didn’t need media manipulation to be repulsed by the execution of 20 kids. Now I will admit that watching the coverage only increased my depression but there are some atrocities that only need one sentence to send chills down the spine. No further elaboration needed. “20 six and seven year olds have been shot to death in their classroom.” No manipulation needed. My thoughts turned to them yesterday. I blocked it out as best I could for the sake of my daughter who is appropriately oblivious to the diseased world in which we live.

    Regarding Mark Twain … amazing what we pray to the loving God for, ain’t it?

  12. PF, I couldn’t resist, I knew my daughter wouldn’t have the patience for the full story so I gave her a shortened version of “Cremation of Sam McGee”. It freaked her out. LOL

    I do have a sadistic side as a Dad. My daughter plays it so cool all the time that I get a kick out of trying to scare the crap out of her, not by sneaking up and saying “boo” or doing any practical jokes. More like telling her stories or singing some of the sicker songs I know.

    Perfect example, while we were killing time today watching VH1’s Top 100 Songs of the 90’s, I lingered over Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. LOL She said “you’re freaking me out”.

    I’m a real stinker. 👿

  13. While we’re on a Metallica kick, here’s another fav of mine. Great video with fantastic cameo by the drug and whiskey ravaged Marianne Faithfull. The swinging stage is awesome.Plus this group features two of the coolest names in rock: Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich.

  14. R – If you want to freak her out, come visit me and let me tell her absolutely true ghost stories from the mountains of West Virginia, where, when it is dark, it is DARK down between those hills. Tales of catamounts and bears, tales of dark horses that stroll through people’s back yards, foretelling their deaths, stories of shrieks heard echoing through the hollows and vales throughout the long winter nights. I can send that cold chill up between her shoulder-blades, believe me…

    Having a ball over at Fat Grannies. I haven’t been there in a while, and it’s a bit of a little diversion for a few weeks. I may be starting a new practice in Kentucky shortly, and I thought I’d have a little fun ’til then. No offense, Rutherford, but Rush Limbaugh was right: liberals have NO sense of humour. They are like the Late of Rutherford’s, Tex – they take themselves so seriously, I should be ashamed of myself. It’s just too easy.

  15. One more thing, R – and this is very OT, but very important. If you are looking for something to put your time into this coming year, consider the Innocence Project. I have recently become interested in videotaping police encounters (no, I haven’t been arrested, nor have any of my kids), because of widespread police misconduct. Several states have tried to prosecute people video-ing the police doing their jobs, using antiquated eavesdropping laws. One by one, largely due to the efforts of the ACLU, these laws have been ruled unconstitutional.

    Here is a nice article about such things; do not fail to watch the chilling “60 Minutes” video about how misdeeds by the Chicago police has led to the inappropriate incarceration of many, many young men. I’ll be sending my end-of-the-year charitable contributions to one place only: The Innocence Project.

  16. Rutherford admits he is still struggling with an entire class of 1st graders being sluaghtered and Poolman says R is being MANipulated.

    Even a class of dead little kids is fodder for Poolman to show off how edgy and outside the box he is.

    Vile fuck…….spreads filth and it’s Tex you guys complain about?

    The disconnect with this guy…..l know most of you put foolman on ignore. But…it’s Tex Taylor who gets your panties in a bunch? Why? Because your fragile egos couldn’t handle a few funny ad hominems and a guy who calls it like he sees it?

    Poolman is an actual form of evil. It’s not just the lies he spreads nor the fact a sizable portion of the population buys into such garbage…it’s the fact that his fantasies are so outrageous that proper empathy vaporizes into his myriad of B movie inspired conspiracies.

    The insanity of telling Rutherford he is manipulated……


    I’d like nothing more for poolman to face the victims he trivializes and uses as a source of entertainment.

    Hopefully someone would co cock him so hard that I would be able to take a nice steamy beer piss on his face without him knowing it.

    Fucking despise that guy.

  17. PF two interesting posts by you today and I can’t help but chuckle at both of them.

    1. High speed rail in China — the result of not having a democracy. When you rule by edict, you get sh*t done. It ain’t pretty from a human rights perspective but it sure cuts down on the bureaucracy. Where I chuckle is (and maybe my memory is faulty) where were you when I was getting beaten up here by the conservatives who said high speed rail in the USA was a waste of money and a practical impossibility?

    2. On the 60 minutes piece — you’re defending the ACLU? Damn you are one complicated individual. Just when I think you’ve gone hardcore conservative you start advocating for due process. 🙂

    Personally, and I know this sounds harsh, I don’t get how any 17 year old with half a brain believes he’s going home after admitting to rape and murder. That is one dumb f*ck. Now I’m sorry he had to do the time, don’t get me wrong. But by 17 you don’t know that there is no “walk” from rape and murder? I could understand a 13 or 14 year old boy, But 17? One year from voting and you think a rape and murder just goes away if you cop to it? Stunningly stupid.

    Cops have an obligation to arrest and make the arrest stick. It’s got nothing to do with innocence or guilt. It’s a victim’s name on the white board that needs to be erased (ok, ok I’ve watched too many episodes of “Homicide”). Prosecutors need to win cases. Our justice system has all the right ideals on paper and all the wrong incentives in reality.

    That Alvarez lady who thinks a confession trumps DNA? I’d like to see her do some hard time in prison for a few years. As I watched her deny a mistake had been made, I wanted to punch her right in the face.

  18. I’d like nothing more for poolman to face the victims he trivializes

    I don’t usually react to Poolman the way some of you do but this one is so heinous that I’m with Rabbit that Poolman needs to tell his “second and third shooter” foolishness to the fathers and mothers who have unopened Xmas presents sitting beneath the tree.

    Poolman, there has to come a time when something is more upsetting to you than the lies coming from the establishment. I think one of your posted articles asked “how do we know the kids are really dead”? How can you read that and not shake you head in disbelief that anyone could be nutty enough to suggest the crime was never committed in the first place? 20 dead innocent kids Poolman. Not old enough yet to have even offended anyone. Hell, I’ll be the first to say there are folks on this Earth who could use a bullet they’re so offensive. But those kids never even got the chance to grow ugly.

    If heaven forbid Poolman, one of your grandchildren gets killed by a psycho, I hope you’ll cooperate with the police investigation and not go off looking for the government drone that killed him. 😦

  19. On the other hand Rabbit, I never threw Tex out. If he really left for good, he left of his own accord.

    And I’ll give you a hint Rabbit. I was always the one accused of being overly invested in Obama. You turned a blind eye to how invested Tex and Tigre and BiW and Gorilla were in defeating him. You can believe this hypothetical or not, it’s up to you, but I would NEVER have shut this blog down because Obama lost. I would have gotten up, brushed myself off, and moved on. The reason you’re here (aside from boredom 🙂 ) is you were never emotionally invested in Obama losing. You wanted Romney to win but deep down you know the world ain’t coming to an end.

    I submit your friends were not as rational as you. They are VERY angry about the loss. They think I’m insufferable in the aftermath of it, yet I submit I’ve been fairly restrained. Hell … you don’t know what real gloating is if you think I gloated about the Obama win.

    So there it is. As I’ve said before, unless someone posts something here that I worry could truly make me criminally liable for something, no one gets banned. Elric was the first and last person banned on this blog. If Tex wants to come back, he’s free to. But I will say this, it’s a welcome relief to open my inbox and not see people’s relatives slandered or their blogs mocked or any number of other ” funny ad hominems” that we’ve grown used to.

    P.S. I’ve talked about the power of disinfectant. Along those lines, I have ended my subscription to one of our friend’s blogs and I shall end another within the next day or so. I don’t need the bitterness and anger right now. Sadly, Alfie stopped blogging. His blog I would have kept subscribing to.

  20. Yeah, no shit. I bet its less then that. You think they are even allowed to quit? Outside of Hong Kong or Shanghai its still a nation of slaves and corrupt clans.

    And damn is there a pending debt bomb ensuing there. Local government is utterly plagued with corruption and fraud. Non stop bail outs. Municipal debt is an absolute house of cards yet is the catalyst for most of the infrastructure.

    China corporate debt is highest in the world.

    One day China will implode.

  21. Agree, there is something mental about poolman’s reaction to the latest tragedy. His former use of LSD, maybe? The rest of us might disagree on how best to prevent future shootings, but least we react like human beings and realize an entire town has been devastated. Get thee to a mental health clinic poolman.

  22. Rutherford, what do you have to brag about? An election win? We’re bankrupt and Obama will go down in history as the one who ripped the fucking head off of a once great, but then sick, nation.

    You make fun of religious faith but don’t even bat an eye when guys like Thor come here and say everything will be alright because everything will be alright. Post World War 2 economic growth, the only thing that could save us now, will happen becuase Thor and your liberal buddies say it will.

    Obama laid his cards down. He wants more tax dollars and more deficit spending. Nobody in the history of the world, not even the emperor Nero, has spent more.

    You will be associated with the ugliest presidential legacy of all time.

  23. One day China will implode.

    I think quite a few Americans are counting on it, especially regarding the import/export imbalance. Maybe I’m naive but I think China needs us more than we need them (then again, we DO owe them lots of money).

  24. Rutherford, I know if Romney had won, you would have kept plugging away here. Its who you are.

    I agree, China needs us at least as much as we need them for now. They are trying to further expand their middle class to create a more self-sufficient market. They also want to become a world power.

    Speaking for several others here, I take great pleasure in writing “I told you so” about Bengazi., I wrote we would not learn the truth unless Obama was impeached, not to punish him, but to get more people under oath.

    Four people were blamed for the killings, and they were allegedly fired. It was a lie. As of yesterday, they were transferred or placed on administrative leave.

    Now, Hilliary who should testify before Congress is incomunicado. Supposedly her flu or concussion are to blame. That is bunk. I had a concussion in an auto accident. I was unconscious for maybe ten minutes, and my brain swelled enough to make the left side of my body tingle. By this time in the cycle, I was out and walking about.

    For Hilliary to have been indisposed this long, she must have really hit the floor., So once again, I told you so.

    I am in a good mood., A surprise snow gave us five inches of fluff. Sking will be superb. More snow is forecast. The heavy snow band was localized and i kept active telling a friend and my wife what to expect in their travels. What a good day this has turned out to be.

  25. “1. High speed rail in China — the result of not having a democracy. When you rule by edict, you get sh*t done. ”

    I told you he was pro communist. I told you!

    “2. On the 60 minutes piece — you’re defending the ACLU? Damn you are one complicated individual. Just when I think you’ve gone hardcore conservative you start advocating for due process. :-)”

    Its called having integrity. I understand why this confuses you so, as you have none! Right is right, even when it is not your side representing it or saying it. Even with this simple explanation I do not expect you to even grasp a small part of what I am saying.

    22. I am 110% with you PF. As I stated last thread, I would never knowingly befriend a police officer or ever let him on my property or in my home. Simply put, the power he/ has, should he not be ethical, could ruin my life forever. I cannot/will not, risk my life or that of my family should I encounter such an individual. We avoid any and all interactions with law enforcement and government agencies for this reason.

  26. 168 children have been killed by our drones in Pakistan. We aren’t even at war with Pakistan. Our president is free to do that with no opposition and we glory if given an opportunity to have dinner with him and think it some kind of an honor. And, he’s Time’s man of the year. Again. And he got the Nobel peace prize… This is your real world. And you claim I’m the one with a warped sense of reality. 🙄

    You haven’t even had a complete investigation and yet you believe this 20 year old boy murdered his mom and 20 kids and a half dozen adults and then took his own life. Simple facts that disagree be damned. How about the fact that the rifle that supposedly killed all these kids was in the trunk of the car and recovered by the sheriff?

    You folks exhibit zero investigative abilities. I already knew critical thinking skills were lacking, that based on years of back and forth.

    Yeah, I’m the one with mental problems. Pfffffft!!!

  27. Man…cops get treated like tax collectors of biblical times around here. Who the hell would want to be one?

    40 grand a year to be an outcast nobody wants to break bread with. Putting your life on the line for every domestic disturbance call. Mean while there are dudes taping them…..rough up the crazy meth head who just spit in your face and you are toast. No thanks!

  28. Rutherford, what do you have to brag about?

    In a nutshell, I can brag that I (and PF for that matter) knew a losing electoral strategy when I saw one. I told you guys the GOP campaign of plutocracy and hate-mongering was not the road to the White House and I got told that Romney would win in a landslide (Gorilla’s exact words). Some of you were so consumed with hatred for Obama that you couldn’t see how to positively win an election that was yours to win. And now the spin from Tagg Romney is that his Dad didn’t want to be POTUS in the first place. Well, that’s certainly consistent with the campaign he ran.

    Run a campaign in 2016 that doesn’t insult Mexicans, women and gays and you won’t see me make such doom and gloom predictions for your chances. Rabbit, your friends were smug and they got a huge plate of crow to eat with humble pie for dessert.

    P.S. I’ll give Tex this much credit. As the final days of the election drew near, he started to moderate his prediction of a Romney win. It was a moment of clarity on his part that to this day surprises me.

  29. Poolman, I have ZERO problem with your screaming “hypocrite” when a country that kills hundreds of Pakistani children without a whimper is suddenly shocked at the violence within its own society. The problem I have is your suggestion that people like me and Rabbit who have young children, needed to be MANipulated into feeling sick to our stomach.

    You know, I used to think Rabbit a bit over the brink when he would talk about how trips to the beach made him unbearably nervous for the safety of the kids there. But I swear, the only way I could have been more depressed about this CT shooting would have been if my own kid had been lost. For some reason that even I haven’t completely honed in on, that tragedy cut me to the bone. I don’t know a single one of those families but I might as well have for all the tears I’ve cried for them.

    By the way, not that you’ll listen to reason, the EARLY reports that the Bushmaster was found in his car, were proven false … he had it in the school with him and used it on the kids. You see Poolman, that is the problem with the bullsh*t you read, They focus on all the misinformation that comes out in the early hours of reporting and make that MISINFORMATION their official story. It’s designed to feed the needs of paranoid schizophrenics.

  30. Cops no good? Our blog host seems to think they’re the only ones that should be allowed to use guns. Better learn to submit if you’re going to forget about second amendment.

    Maybe some of the people quit commenting because the host is a dick and they got tired of arguing with a brick. Too bad really. I thought they were pretty entertaining.

  31. James, when I first saw conservative commentators suggesting that Hillary’s “illness” was awfully convenient I had a knee-jerk reaction to mock them. But I’ve got to tell you that even I am beginning to believe she milked her “fall” for all it was worth. She refused to go on the Sunday talk shows, throwing up Susan Rice as the sacrificial lamb and then her stomach flu leads to dehydration leads to fainting leads to hitting her head leads to concussion and then WALA she can’t testify to Congressional subcommittee.

    But think about this … the independent study that was done put the blame squarely on the State department. That will tarnish Hillary’s reputation and will no doubt be brought up during the inevitable 2016 campaign run.

  32. You wanna play here Tigre, be my guest. Even though you have always been impossible to hold any debate with, you’ve always been one of the “lesser offenders”.

    It matters not. You don’t like dealing with the “dick’ you don’t have to. I won’t be hanging at the places you frequent anymore because I don’t need the stress.

    Regarding cops, some of them (perhaps a sizable number) are thugs who chose law enforcement over crime.Their power is not to be underestimated which is why I told my in-law in a prior thread that I’ve raised my daughter to fear them and to avoid having to deal with them if at all possible. (With the understanding that in a pinch, they ARE supposed to protect her and help her.)

    Finally if you’d open your eyes, you’d notice both in this piece and in comments I made at G’s, that this gut wrenching week has changed my approach to gun control. I still favor the restrictions that many have called for, but I no longer think they will be much more than symbolic.

    Our society is past the breaking point. We have given up hope … we have thrown in the towel … our police can no longer adequately protect us so it’s each man for himself. I will never buy a gun. Hopefully I don’t live (or die) to regret it.

  33. Too bad really. I thought they were pretty entertaining.

    I don’t come here for “entertainment” when 20 kids get their heads blown open. I come here for some reasoned discussion. What I get from you and yours is how “silly” I am to think that guns in and of themselves might be dangerous.

  34. Reasoned discussion? Like Giffords? Like Zimmerman? “Where is your God now Huckabee” tweets? Insisting that you want children killed if you don’t agree with the mindless MSNBC propaganda lines?

    Cut the crap.

    No one left because they were overly invested in an Obama loss or fear a reasoned discussion with you on any topic. In fact, right on cue, you chased everyone to BiC’s and Gorillas to spout off without a clue what your were talking about. Then ran away when called to task. Then come back here and talk smack about me, Tex, Gorilla and Muffy? Pretty weak.

    It’s a shame you feel so validated with your 2.5% Obama victory. He must be a great man and you must be right. 🙄

    You really should be more careful throwing rocks in your plate glass mansion. If what you really want is a Fat Grannies dick-suck-thon atmosphere, fear not. It doesn’t take much to achieve.

  35. “What I get from you and yours is how “silly” I am to think that guns in and of themselves might be dangerous.”

    Point to any comment where that was said. Any. I’ll wait. . .

  36. I just want to chime in on a few items….
    …but I would NEVER have shut this blog down because Obama lost.
    That’s all well and good for you. Personally I made a decision based on a number of points,including political reasons,personal/real world time issues and overall spirit secondary to trying to do a good job @ blogging since 2007, and I stood by the outcome.

    I want to add a post script as it were regards Romney. Although Rutherford hasn’t tied me in2 the negative view he has of others I want to again stress that I don’t believe Mitt ran a bad campaign. He had an obvious pile of bad intel from internal pollsters and handlers but I think folks who give it a chance should be able to admit he presented a very different option than Obama. Something I think people are missing is that the real reason for the outcome was a variation of the old “Southern Strategy” and classic 2000/04 Rovian planning. The Democrats have in place the benefit of this variation given the great divide in our society.IT more than personalities or false rhetoric trumped via the msnbc and Fox types is the real reason for advantage (D) to the Oval. Mitt Romney WANTED to be POTUS,fuck off Tagg. He would’ve been a good one.

    China does not need the USA as much as we need them and needs us less every day. China has a plan,a vision and in truth the USA is an obstacle if not outright adversary. We are currently useful due to our unwitting duplicity in their economic successes and our own greed and consumption. As they discover other markets and increase their home based support of their economy they will step up the pressure against us.
    As for their developments including the new rail line keep an eye on the why more than the how and what. Although these are intrinsically linked the why is what is important when it comes to China.

  37. Rutherford not to pile on but you have a basic disconnect that causes some of your heartache.
    a) the police really were never able to “protect” us. Not to get all crazy guy on you what they are about is in the name. They police society. When society is sick,depraved,permissive or happy happy they really are not the cause. Take a look at the landmark concept of the “broken window” or “broken light” depending on who you read. It isn’t that the police are really doing something even though they get the credit. It is society decided to do something.
    b) guns are inanimate objects that of and by themselves are not dangerous. It is the human that makes them so. The twist is firearms DO indeed make HUMANS more dangerous. In a math metaphor way solving for x or y in this equation os the tricky part.

  38. Ala carte….China will not implode. Although repressive no doubt the Chinese as a people have a mentality and pride that helps China be China. That probably sounds kind of stupid but it is something you see in a lot of cultures throughout history. In more modern times you have the Nazis and the over all Soviet/Russian/neo-Soviet thing. There is obviously an innate thing in these folks that helps them be open to varying spartan/draconian stuff.
    I saw an article recently that spoke about how certain words concerning spending and saving don’t exist in the teutonics as they do in english. The article then questioned did this have a link to personal finance and peace of mind.Curious stuff for sure.

  39. If what you really want is a Fat Grannies dick-suck-thon atmosphere

    You just described BiW’s and G’s place to a tee. I’m usually the only dissenting voice there. If you really think Tex’s absence or yours or Muffy’s makes this place a circle jerk you need an ego check. There are still plenty of dissenting voices here. There always will be.

    Otherwise, everything in your comment is right and I’m wrong. Happy New Year. 😐

  40. Point to any comment where that was said. Any. I’ll wait. . .

    You see, this is why discussion with you is so frustrating. A man can say f*ck you in a thousand ways and never utter the words “f*ck you”. Then when I say the man said “f*ck you” I get asked to produce the time he ever said those words.

    I was lectured ad nauseum by G on how I didn’t know sh*t from shinola about guns … how folks like me were hung up on the cosmetics of the gun, not its functionality, how gun laws don’t stop gun deaths, on and on and the underlying message was how silly I was to blame gun ownership … how my total ignorance disqualified me from having concerns.

    As for Huckabee, you obviously didn’t understand my tweet. The loving God that Huckabee wants us to believe exists would allow 20 kids to get murdered because we don’t allow prayer in schools. HE SAID THAT, not me!!!! He said we should have expected Sandy Hook because we’ve pushed religion out of schools. You think old Mike deserves respectful tweets from me after that? If I’m not mistaken James Dobson (Focus on the Family or some such org as that) doubled down on Huckabee’s statement. So yeah … I tweeted about it and I’d tweet about it again if the asswipe said something similarly stupid again.

  41. Alfie, just to be clear, I wasn’t taking a swipe at you regarding retiring your blog.

    I agree that Romney COULD HAVE presented a clear alternative to Obama. He failed at that. He should never have made the overseas trip. America didn’t want a great foreign affairs POTUS, they wanted a fix it man. He should never have attacked Benghazi … ultimately Americans didn’t care. He should have focused on the economy like a laser with ZERO distractions. He didn’t do that and he lost the election as a result. No doubt there were other factors but to my mind that was the main one.

    FWIW Tagg claims the family pressured Mitt to run. During the campaign I heard the opposite, namely that Ann said in 2008 “never again” when it came to running for POTUS and SHE had to be convinced to go through it again. So there are conflicting reports.

    But I will say this for Tagg. His father never wore the role of POTUS candidate comfortably. Even you Alfie, must confess the man was awkward throughout.

  42. Alfie, I find it ironic you said China wouldn’t implode and then compared the “innate” Spartan Chinese backbone to two Empires who famouly imploded.

    Just the gender demographics alone doom China. There are no chicks, they abort too many of them.

    Are they culturally fucked up in the head? Yes. Confucian followers. Exactly why the fuckers haven’t invented anything since fire crackers ( of course they weren’t smart enough to weaponize the stuff).

    Don’t get me wrong. China is becoming a powerful rival. Their imperialism in Africa is particularly striking.

    But……they got major problems just like the rest of the world.

    They are still third world when it comes to corruption…not much different then India.

    Soon…the rising middle class will necessitate the end of the China’s greatest offering….cheap labor. It will go else where, as it already is….and Chna will find it is in the same boat as us except they are completely stifled when it comes to creativity.

    Selling pirated DVD’s won’t cut it. Either will their one aircraft carrier.

  43. R – much to comment on. Good discussion going, BTW.

    Re: ACLU and me. My POV is VERY libertarian – fiscally conservative, socially liberal. If you have had me pegged as a hardshell conservative, you haven’t been listening. I have read a lot of history, and all govts eventually tend toward totalitarianism and there is nothing that makes this one an exception. Citizens MUST do everything in their power to keep their govt in check 24/7/365 – forever. Thank God for the ACLU; what the NRA is to the Second Amendment, they are to the rest of the Bill of Rights. IMHO they walk on water.

    Re: boys confessing to murder/rape they did not commit. You have NO idea what it is like to be seventeen and have five big white men in your face, scaring you until you shit your pants – and I mean that literally. You have never faced real terror, I would wager – and these kids are terrified, terrified! I wanted to cry when that one man said that they told him if he did not confess he would never see his mama again and if he did, he would sleep in his own bed that night. These boys were children – at seventeen I would’ve had a heart attack. They are willing to do anything to make the terror stop. Bastards. I would like to knock that goddamned bitch’s teeth down her throat myself.

    Re: Tex. “funny ad hominems?” Jesus, give me a break. I’ll level with you: I tried to like him; I really did, but he is a charter member of that species I despise – the bully. He did it at Fat Grannies; he did it here. There are no pussies here – we can all take a hard punch, but disagree with him and he immediately drags the whole conversation into the privvy-hole. It’s just nauseating. He singlehandedly kept a lot of good posters from ever de-lurking and deprived me – hell, us all – of a lot of good give-and-take. Fuck him. Sorry, but YOU are being honest, Rutherford; by God so am I. As for Muffy and the rest, they are no more disappointed by Obama’s re-election than I am, and I’ll wager they know a lot less about its real implications than I do. But you need to keep a civil tongue in your head and you need to honor the host/guest relationship, even if you strongly disagree with your host. It’s one thing to call his idea stupid, another to call the host himself stupid. It’s called being a gentleman.

    Along those lines, R fights hard for what he believes, but he does not ever cross a line that others cross with HIM all the time. That I appreciate. That is called being a gentleman, too.

    Re: dick-sucking atmosphere at Fat Grannies vis à vis Rutherford’s. I personally think the balance here is fine – at least NOW it is. Refraining from calling someone every vile name in the book is not “sucking his dick.” It’s called – well, you know.

    Sorry – apologise for the length.

  44. I think Romney was an OK candidate, but he ultimately gave Americans too much credit. He thought they were adults.

    Rutherford, you say he should have focused on the economy more. I think he limited too much of his focus on the economy. He assumed that Americans wanted to have a real discussion about it, and he was wrong. America isn’t ready to have that discussion. Instead, he found out that Americans are petty little children who wanted to talk about his money, his horse, Big Bird, binders, Bush, etc. In fact, they want to NOT talk about the economy. Economics are scary and complicated. Better to talk about populist idiocy that rules the hourly news cycle.

    Where he went wrong is by not fighting back with the same weapons that were being used against him and by speaking the truth. When his past was being attacked, he (or his surrogates) should have attacked Obama’s past….like his drug addiction. Sure, we can’t blame a 9 year old for eating the plate of dog put in front of him…but we can sure talk about the Choom King being so addicted to pot that he used to cut in line in the pot circle. Is that unfair?…sure. But no less unfair that the accusations of the bully Romney engaging in HS pranks that have gone on in every HS since the beginning of time.

    He should have never said the 47% thing. Not because it isn’t true…because it is. But because it could be used against him…which it was. It today’s politics, being honest can be costly.

    I think the entire party needs to get off the losing issue of abortion. But if they choose to continue that fight, the first order of business should be a line in the sand on late term/partial birth abortions. Romney should have drawn that line and then turned the “War on…” tables against democrats, and accused of them of waging a war on babies. Is that petty and unfair?…sure it is. But no less than accusing him of waging war on women, which was a sadly effective message. He should have called late term abortions “murder” and then force Obama to either speak out against it or admit that he is for it.

    The same thing could have been done regarding Fast & Furious. Label it a “War on Mexicans” and pound that point home. Point out that Barack Obama’s guns have killed more Mexicans than any president since James K. Polk. Go on Univision and say it. Yell it from the rooftops.

    I think it was a mistake to select Ryan as a running mate. Not because he’d have made a bad VP, but he because he isn’t an effective attack dog. He should have picked someone along the lines of Rudy Giuliani…who I suspect would have made mincemeat of the smiling clown Biden during the VP debate.

    He also should have distanced himself from Bush. It sucks to have to be that way, but we all know that Obama has been running against Bush for years. The first thing he should have done when he laid out his plan is to highlight all the ways it was different from the Bush policies. He never did. He also should have dummied stuff down for those who don’t understand economics. Simply saying “growth” would make his math work…which it would have…wasn’t enough. Hell, Rutherford is fairly smart and he can’t even get it.

    Mitt Romney’s problem was that he is a leader…not a politician. And he got beat by a politician who isn’t a leader. He didn’t know how to control the message and allowed his opponent too much freedom to do it.

  45. Doc you totally suck R’s dick. 😆 You suck rabbit’s too. It’s just how you operate, and it reeks of a put on. Actually you give just about everyone left here a pretty good bj now and then. Is that because they are all “gentlemen?”

    Why are you so obsessed with Tex, by the way? I’m just curious. What more would you like from him than to leave? Why can’t you let him go?


    Rutherford, you look like an ass trying to dump people who’ve already dumped you.

    And it has nothing to do with gloating. You’ve proved it here again – you presume to tell us why we lost the election when you are completely clueless yourself. There’s no gain in listening to you. (Here’s a hint – the answer is right here in the comments.)

    Plus, you were a dick running up to and immediately following the election.

    But go ahead and believe it’s because we couldn’t take a little gloating.

  46. Pfessor is correct. Those manipulated confessions can occur easier then you think, R.

    Shit…..can you imagine being wrongly arrested for some shit like that even now? Ever spend a day or so in the clink? Even a day fucks with your head, unless you already have an institutionalized mind. Ain’t shit for them. Now imagine sitting there with no bail, innocent? No sleep. And these dudes are toying with you about letting you see your family. Throw in a lower then average IQ…..bam…forced confession.

  47. Lol….yeah….Pfessor’s southern gentleman shtick is contrived as it gets. He does blow R quite a bit. He didn’t start off that way.

  48. 40, I agree Rutherford. If I were Hillary after that report, I would make myself scarce too. At the very least, testimony under oath would be a major embarrassment, and it might end her presidential aspirations.

    We still don’t know the role Obama and others played in creating the policy which led to this tragedy., Susan Rice allegedly was an important voice. Her letting Hillary set her up is a mystery.

    Romney was deficient in many ways. For one thing, his campaign let the Democrats define him as a person. For another as Time Magazine hinted too many voters were ignorant. (Low information.)

    I like Tex.

  49. “A man can say f*ck you in a thousand ways and never utter the words “f*ck you”. Then when I say the man said “f*ck you” I get asked to produce the time he ever said those words.”

    Yeah, that’ll happen when you offer straw men.

    Nobody said guns weren’t dangerous — ever. You called for enactment of law without even knowing what you were asking for. You got called out and rightly so. You had nothing to back up your blame casting — and you still don’t.

    Like the Palin/Giffords nexus, your comments about God and Huckabee still don’t connect. Just weird and disturbing that you can’t focus your anger on the fucking shooter instead of your political adversaries. Of course I’m sure it’ hard to focus when you’ve got PF pleasuring you at every opportunity. 😆

  50. Yeah….it is kind of odd that Rutherford thinks he can go on a rant about certain guns then silently slink away when it’s obvious to everyone that he doesn’t know the first thing about said guns and expect to get away with it.

    Squashing freedoms should be thought out in great detail.

    I get not being able to think streight after what happened. I’ve never been more impacted by a news story. Like you, I’m not sure where it all comes from….but I am literally grieving over it. The difference is I wanted nothing to do with the cable news wind bags, even the ones I like, and you ran to them.

  51. Mitt Romney’s problem was that he is a leader…not a politician. And he got beat by a politician who isn’t a leader.

    Way too much to comment on Huck without me losing my beauty sleep (which I’ve been doing in full self-destruct mode all week). BUT … and surprise surprise … I’m not sure I have any argument with that statement. Anyone who runs a corp as successful as Bain has proven his leadership skills. And Obama … no, not doing a great job of leading. But let’s not forget that part of the job of POTUS is being a politician. LBJ forcing votes involved political skills, not just leadership. Sadly Obama lacks LBJ’s political savvy from an executive perspective. Campaigning, great, executing, mediocre.

    The Dem party is one weird mofo right now …. a lot of the right messages (at least from my POV) and no balls whatsoever. Washington right now, Dem and Repub define incompetence.

  52. And I should have added, Mitt proved by his interaction with Dem’s in MA that he lacked political savvy in his executive role so there was no reason to expect anything better in the Oval. Mitt would have had the same deadlock with the Senate that Obama has with the House.

  53. Muffy, I’m really not sure why YOUR nose is out of joint. Of all the folks on here I think I’ve dealt with you pretty fairly and politely and for the longest time you returned the favor. I don’t know what’s got your goat. I hope you get over it. Over the short time I’ve “known” you I never pictured you leaving in a huff and I certainly never expected the short but nasty comment you left me on G’s blog.

    There was a time when you would have written me privately and asked me to delete all your dick sucking references to PF. I don’t know what has changed but for what it’s worth, I always liked the person I thought you were. I guess the Internet is really not the place for people to figure our who each other is.

  54. “But let’s not forget that part of the job of POTUS is being a politician.”

    That is very true.

    We will never know what kind of president Mitt Romney could have been.

    But we do know what kind of president Barack Obama is…and that’s why I’d have rather had Romney.

  55. Like the Palin/Giffords nexus, your comments about God and Huckabee still don’t connect. Just weird and disturbing that you can’t focus your anger on the fucking shooter instead of your political adversaries.

    First, you need to get off the Palin/Giffords thing. How many times do I have to say that my tweets in the heat of the moment back then were off base? However, my advice to Palin to take a VERY moderate tone regarding her campaign messaging was completely legit. She made the whole thing about HER (as she always does).

    Second, why can’t YOU admit Huckabee was an asshole?

    Third, what do any of us get focusing our anger on a dead man? This shooter is dead. The shooter exists elsewhere all over this country. There’s not punishing this shooter … there’s trying to prevent the next one from going off.

    I understand that folks need to take responsibility for their actions. I understand that we need to hold folks accountable. But folks don’t behave in a vacuum. We need to look at what contributed to the tragedy. Take your pick: guns, violent culture, exploitative Hollywood, poor mental health system. But I hope you’re not saying “hate the shooter and leave it at that”?

  56. Rabbit and PF you are right about the confession thing. I was harsh. But the male prosecutor who now has regrets (unlike that poor excuse for a human being Alvarez) felt the way I did … how could anyone say he did such a terrible crime when he didn’t. But you’re right … when you’re scared sh*tless you might say anything.

    BTW, please remember that next time you defend our torturing war criminals to get info. 😉

  57. Rabbit, I didn’t run to my media sources when I attacked “the gun”. I see guns the same way a lot of folks who are inexperienced with them see them. My logic has always said that a dangerous man with a gun is more dangerous than a dangerous man without one. I think that is common sense.

    The only “epiphany” I’ve had over the past week by hearing lots of arguments and reading the LOOOOONG ass article I posted on a prior thread is that we can’t legislate our way out of this. I think we can pass legislation that shows what kind of society we want to have … and I think there is some importance to that … but I’m no longer convinced it will do any practical good.

  58. Before I retire, say what you like about PF but he has always talked about keeping the discourse around here within certain boundaries and I’ve never noticed him cross those boundaries unprovoked. It has nothing to do with his sucking any part of my anatomy.

    Finally, on his good days, I like Tex too. Tex has a heart. He can be very kind. He wants to help the people he cares about. He and I have exchanged sincere heartfelt stuff. On his bad days, Tex says stuff that is reprehensible and we defend him by saying that anyone who can’t take it is a pussy. I have ZERO doubt that there are folks who have lurked here afraid to jump in2thefray (h/t to Alfie) because they didn’t want their father mocked, or their physical appearance ridiculed or any other number of “fun ad hominems” they might encounter.

    And honestly, the folks jumping to his defense right now (James, Rabbit and Muffy) have never been on the barrel end of his gun. Thor, Huck, PF and countless liberal women have been. And we’ve watched them get smacked as “entertainment”. Something to think about, if you ask me.

  59. “I understand that folks need to take responsibility for their actions. I understand that we need to hold folks accountable. But folks don’t behave in a vacuum. We need to look at what contributed to the tragedy. Take your pick: guns, violent culture, exploitative Hollywood, poor mental health system. But I hope you’re not saying “hate the shooter and leave it at that”?”

    And Huckabee contributed to the tragedy how again?

    (way to obfuscate)

    I didn’t hear what he said, but if it makes you feel better, I’m sure he’s an asshole. The problem I have is why I should give a shit.

    No plans to get off the Palin/Giffords thing. This is the next iteration. She was never responsible either but damn if you didn’t get whipped into an irrational frenzy. You’ve got a knack for that.

    If you want to do something, at least have it make sense.

  60. Yeah that explains why you and Doc cant stop the “not-provoking” him after he’s been gone for weeks…months…

    Or why Doc doesn’t get on his high horse re: Noah or anyone else. Shoot Doc invited Noah over here. Lol. Or why neither one of you can stand for rabbit or anyone to say anything that isn’t UNkind about Tex without one or both of you correcting them. It’s laughable.

    Bully? Isn’t that exactly the word they use to describe you, Doc, when you’re over there at Fat Grannies having some “fun” entertaining yourself? Weren’t you just here bragging about that?

    Fucking hypocrites. If there are those who have a legitimate complaint about getting blindsided it sure as shit isn’t either one of you two.

  61. Muffy queried: “Bully? Isn’t that exactly the word they use to describe you, Doc, when you’re over there at Fat Grannies”

    It is, and I set THEM straight, too, just like I am about to do to you.

    The difference is that THEY, YOU, and TEX think that you can run roughshod over other people and force others to bow to your will through bullying and intimidation, and when people refuse, THEY are the “bullies.” It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic – and transparent. News flash: I don’t take being bullied, Little Missy – not one goddamned minute – not by any sonofobitch, man or woman. What is the most amusing is that all of you are blind to the fact that you are behaving exactly like the people you claim to oppose. As I said to Granny over at Fat Grannies, if you are allergic to irony, you are a dead woman.

    re: why mention Tex’s name? Because others keep bringing it up, wistfully wishing for those halcyon days of the past, and I finally had enough. As I said, I tried many, many times to have a civil discourse with the man, but that’s only possible if you agree 100% with him; otherwise you are personally attacked with the vilest epithets possible. That wears thin, my dear – mighty thin – and I’m done. For my part, don’t let the screen door hit you on your ample ass on your way out.

  62. Its true, Tex has never attacked me, nor has Pfessor, but It wouldn’t matter. Its not as if we all were in a bar and could do actual damage to each other.

    muffy’s blindsided comment rings true, but it didn’t happen to me here.

    Speaking of hypocrites, liberals dumped on Wayne LaPiere for advocating placing armed guards in schools. According to an Omaha radio station, Bill Clinton advocated the same thing during his administration.

  63. Rutherford: They say a liberal is a conservative who has been arrested, and a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. Along those lines, are you a Mike Royko fan? I think you are younger than I, so you may not remember him. I was searching for a column he wrote about the “Subway Vigilante,” Bernhard Goetz. This was not too long after Royko had been mugged and nearly lost his life, and he was not too sympathetic to the “young men” Goetz shot. I think he captures the rage very well. Maybe this will give you some insight into the minds of people who want to keep firearms. (I sometimes think a lot of the attitude on the other side is fear of guns themselves. We live in Southern Virginia, and when one of my son’s friends came by last week with a .45 strapped to his hip, I thought my 30 year-old stepdaughter would melt down. I’ve never seen anybody so agitated. Explaining to her that it is hunting season here, and you are likely to see that ANYWHERE didn’t help a bit. I would love to know what it is, really deep down, that fuels the anti-gun hysteria – my word.)

    Sorry to gig you again about guns – guess there goes d*ck-sucking credentials. Maybe we can agree on something later and I’ll be back in graces.

  64. “As I said to Granny over at Fat Grannies, if you are allergic to irony, you are a dead woman.”

    Dead man typing. 😆

    Fuck, double irony. Or is it triple?

    Let’s have a spelling contest. 😆

  65. @ Rutherford & Co. …well the lawyers are coming out. 100 million lawsuit against the school against everything the school actually did pretty well. BOGUS lawsuit. The lawyer and the filing parents should be shot.

  66. @ deadrabbit 52…
    I view China in mathematical terms. The number of folks looking for a better life outnumber those that are willing to stand up. Add the response from the govt. and their revolution is far off.
    Since Barack Obama isn’t going to label them currency manipulators and since they can apply their economic model inward just as they do outwards I don’t see much for them to worry about short to mid term.
    China’s one aircraft carrier isn’t anything to worry about. In fact their navy isn’t too much to worry about. I recently saw a mock up of a naval battle between China and Japan. Japan won. I agree. The problem with the scenario as well as with it being applied to the USA is the same thing though. China isn’t about projecting power. They will gladly sit where they are and wait for you to show up. In that scenario the US carrier groups are in trouble. A lens for looking at a military engagement with China is more in line with Russo-Japanese War 1905 as opposed to the Falklands campaign. The traveling team is at the disadvantage.
    Don’t for a minute think I believe China a panacea or not suffering from the attributes you mentioned. I just think time is on their side for now.

  67. WOW lots of mud slinging going on in the blog-a-sphere during the holiday season. Maybe the Grinch really did steal Christmas.

  68. Why can’t Liberals just answer the dam question? If they have half of the morality they claim to have, why is it so hard to pin them down?

  69. Nobody stole my Christmas, Ragi.

    We had a good Christmas and we are about to celebrate our son in law’s birthday. A grand child is on the way,

    11 inches of snow covers the ground, and it was -7 this morning.

    Almost as good, as I watch us carreen to the so called cliff and watch Obama and the Democrats twist the argument and prepare for a major last minute save, I read that Californians have been buying guns and the number of people killed by guns has declined.

    Do you know what this means Ragi? You and I as well as some of the others here are part of the elite. We know what is going on while the majority of simpletons in this country don’t have a clue.

    That is something to celebrate.

  70. I am to the point where I say let’s go off the cliff.

    Let the people who elected to have a big government pay for what they want. It’s the patriotic thing to do!

  71. James, I’m happy to read your Christmas was a happy one although I think your 11 inches of snow is what made you the happiest 🙂

    The image of the bus hanging over the cliff with a jackass and an elephant pushing and pulling is rather humorous.

    Gather up a glass of cheer and a front row seat.

  72. My wife would agree with you Ragi. It was -7 with icy dense fog between breaks.

    As thin fog crossed the rising sun, I remembered where I had seen such clouds.–On Mars. The Martian lander has been photographing Martian clouds.

    I’m waiting for the show. I agree with you Huck.

  73. Fiscal Cliff? I no longer care. Obama has the time he needs to finish the job on this country. We will become so dependent as a nation and Obamacare will be so entrenched that the damage done probably cannot be undone. My only focus is making the Tea Party a viable Conservative 3rd party, and preparing to ride out the storm when it all breaks down. Currently we can feed ourselves for 3 months. I want to triple that by years end, and have a well on my property.

  74. Whether you agree or not, it’s an interesting lesson in history. Something to think about…

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.


    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million ‘educated’ people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

    So it might be said that guns don’t kill people, gun control does!

  75. It seems to me we are engaging in an argument where we try to have our cake and eat it too. One of the key arguments against gun control is that it doesn’t work. Those who want them will get them on the black market. If that is the case, we cannot then say in the same argument that gun control effectively disarms the populace to the point that they can be slaughtered by their government.

    Either gun control effectively keeps guns off the street or it doesn’t. Can’t be both.

  76. what’s your take on the fiscal cliff, Rutherford?

    Are you willing to have your taxes increased in order to help pay for the government you voted for?

  77. Noah – I have a friend who worked in India. Her job was to educate/inform the Indians of their rights working for an American company. Part of the information was – what is sexual harassment which then led to – what is rape. Their opinions were what this country believed 50 years ago. They need to move forward in many ways.

  78. R – has a 4 part on gun control.

    A few lines from Stonekettle’s 4 parter that I found very interesting.

    “No moral, no message, no prophetic tract, just a simple statement of fact: for civilization to survive, the human race has to remain civilized……

    It’s far easier to make people afraid than it is to give them hope, to inspire, to lead.

    The primary function of law isn’t to prevent crime.
    The primary function of the law is to provide society with legal recourse in the face of antisocial behavior, i.e. behavior that infringes on the rights and property of others or upon the security of the society and its people.

    In the United States, an equally important function of the law is to limit the power of government, business, special interests, and the majority over individual liberty.

    All of our rights, our individual liberties, come with limits.

    If the laws we currently have don’t work, then stop fighting us, roll up your sleeves and help us. Let’s get rid of laws that don’t work and make ones that do.”
    – Jim Wright at

  79. Sheesh…awesome logic, Rutherford. Guns remain “on the streets” in the hands of bad guys. The exact thugs the government uses against its people when it turns tyranical.

  80. If anyone cares there seems to be a pandemic thing regards the treatment of women in Delhi. Other cities reportedly do not have an equal level of violence.
    Rutherford quite simply the ONLY gun control that works is ABSOLUTE control. That isn’t EVER gonna fly here and in my opinion thats a good thing.
    I think stonekettle misses the mark although I don’t read him so perhaps there is a chance he explored it. In the excerpt provided he seems to fail to account for the distinct differences of countries and cultures. Seriously one could read that he desires a Singapore model for the USA or even a UK thing. Any deep look of those two reveals they do not jive with the Constitutional makeup we have here.
    There are a lot of people proposing this change. I propose all the euro-wannabes go to fucking Europe and let America and Americans solve its own problems. I’d also ask with full sincerity that Americans embrace the idea of facing and solving their problems.

  81. I see where Barack Obama calls it “mind boggling” that Congress can’t work out the fiscal cliff issue. You know what I find mind boggling? That this fucking hump of a POTUS lacks leadership ability so much that he thinks he can just sit in the Oval and talk shit and folks applaud him,reelect him.
    Obama SUCKS as POTUS. He offers ZERO leadership. Think I’m being a partisan prick? I offer the presidencies of Clinton and Reagan to the exalted leader from behind to perhaps tear a page out of the books and learn how its done. Tip O’Neil definitely and Gingrich probably are far more worthy opponents than pelosi,Boehner,Reid and McConnell. For Christs sake people you should be ashamed if you voted for this guy.

  82. My nephew just turned me on to “The Amateur.” Has anybody here read it? I just checked it out on Amazon, out of more than 1600 reviews, it is getting an average of 4-1/2 stars out of 5.

    Here is the Amazon blurb:

    “Think you know the real Barack Obama? You don’t—not until you’ve read The Amateur

    In this stunning exposé, bestselling author Edward Klein—a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, former foreign editor of Newsweek, and former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine—pulls back the curtain on one of the most secretive White Houses in history. He reveals a callow, thin-skinned, arrogant president with messianic dreams of grandeur supported by a cast of true-believers, all of them united by leftist politics and an amateurish understanding of executive leadership.

    In The Amateur you’ll discover:

    Why the so-called “centrist” Obama is actually in revolt against the values of the society he was elected to lead
    Why Bill Clinton loathes Barack Obama and tried to get Hillary to run against him in 2012
    The spiteful rivalry between Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey
    How Obama split the Kennedy family
    How Obama has taken more of a personal role in making foreign policy than any president since Richard Nixon—with disastrous results
    How Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett are the real powers behind the White House throne

    The Amateur is a reporter’s book, buttressed by nearly 200 interviews, many of them with the insiders who know Obama best. The result is the most important political book of the year. You will never look at Barack Obama the same way again.”

    This is not some diatribe by some pissed-off right-wing nut case. It is well-researched and thorough – and thoroughly scary. I’ll try to pick it up next week and do a review.

  83. “…he thinks he can just sit in the Oval and talk shit…”

    He’ll be talking shit on TV tomorrow.

    I just read an article saying that it isn’t even Reid and McConnell that are trying to iron out a deal this weekend. They are leaving the job up to aides who are trying to negotiate via email and phone.

    Yeah…..that’s where we’re at in this country……

  84. Sorry to harp you with this guy, but it is time we wake the fuck up and realize what is being done to us by our own government.

  85. Obama’s executive order pay raise violates the 27th Amendment.

    Just an FYI guys…

    “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.”

  86. My final words on the meta-discussion of what a dick the blog owner is:

    And Huckabee contributed to the tragedy how again?

    Incredibly stupid. I never said he contributed to the tragedy. He made a very inappropriate contribution to the discussion of the tragedy.

    I didn’t hear what he said, but if it makes you feel better …

    Absolutely incredible … dude jumps down my throat about something he didn’t bother to even look up. Dude doesn’t know what Huckabee said, but whatever it was, it couldn’t have been offensive because I was offended by it.

    And last but not least to Muffy: When I see you defend Tex AFTER he has made specific qualitative comments about your vagina (as he has about several liberal women on the blog), then maybe I’ll take you seriously. Until then … not so much.

  87. PF, The Amateur came out months ago. It’s a cut above Jerome Corsi’s trash. No doubt, better sourced … but let’s be honest:

    Why Bill Clinton loathes Barack Obama and tried to get Hillary to run against him in 2012

    Do you really think a political pro like Bill Clinton would urge a successful Secretary of State to resign (she’d have to resign to run against him) and try to unseat Obama when the productive and positive route would be to be the presumptive non-stoppable nominee of 2016? So that “revelation” alone tells me this book barely rises above the level of erudite gossip column.

    Enjoy the read. Like I said, at least you’re not wasting your time on Corsi (I hope).

  88. I see Rabbit has added some detail to the government is coming to get us scenario … they will recruit common criminals as they stomp on the American populace. I never thought of that. 😉

  89. “they will recruit common criminals as they stomp on the American populace. I never thought of that.”

    You never thought of it because you aren’t a scholar of history.

  90. Alfie@101″ Obama SUCKS as POTUS. He offers ZERO leadership.”

    Obama is a politician and a excellent campaign organizer which is why he got re-elected not because of any leadership abilities. The fact that he is POTUS shows the mentality of this country which is swayed by the aura of celebrities not reality.

    Huck@103 “They are leaving the job up to aides who are trying to negotiate via email and phone.”

    I guess that’s the reason Congress got a pay raise. I wonder if they will pass it on to the aides?

  91. PF,I’m not sure I would waste my money but whatever floats your boat. Sounds to me like another conspiracy “thingy” such as the one Noah is quoting about the birth certificate.

    “In an interview with Sean Hannity that aired last night on Fox News, former vice president Dick Cheney praised a new book attacking President Obama called The Amateur by discredited right-wing author Ed Klein, a conspiracy theorist who has promoted claims that Obama is Muslim, wasn’t born in the U.S. and that Bill Clinton raped his wife Hillary. But Cheney appears to believe that all this makes for a good scholar:”

  92. Raji opined re: Obama as POTUS: “The fact that he is POTUS shows the mentality of this country which is swayed by the aura of celebrities not reality.”

    Possibly the most cogent post since I have been here – maybe even since the origin of this blog.

  93. Alfie@100 Jim Wright’s posts on Stonekettle are extremely wordy and to get the full jest of his comments you have to read them. Quotes taken out of context are misleading as he throws in a lot of sarcasm here and there. He usually covers his subject quite thoroughly.

  94. I’ve read part of “The Amateur” and also Woodward’s book. Here and there, the scenery looks familiar in both. Except for the details, neither book has told me what I didn’t already know.

    In 2008, our Town and Country Arts organization fought an internecene war which led to a court case. I fled town so close ahead of the summons server. that our cars met on the road. The deputy didn’t recognize my car.

    I hid out while house sitting in Omaha for several weeks. I had a lot of time to research and find the truth about Obama and Pallin in 2008. We later won the court case, and the lawyer donated his fee.

    Obama,is the mirror image of Paliln. As Ragi wrote, “mentality of this country is swayed by the aura of celebraties, not reality.” Our narcissist won the public relations battle, and he is our president. Reading exposes don’t change our destiny after the election.

    Now, it is time to sit back and enjoy the show as ignorant people who voted for the man begin to suffer.

    Rutherford, did you know another blog called Mrs.Rutherford is on line?

  95. And just like we knew he would, Obama went on TV today blaming Republicans if a deal didn’t get struck.

    Nevermind that both sides have offered their own deals, while also turning down the others’ deals. Only 1 side gets the blame.

    And the idiot public believes that.

  96. I know there are folks that are shaky on the subject but seriously….looking through some headlines it is crazy how much crime and violence is being perpetrated by those under mental health care.
    Whether its a gun or ones hands pushing someone into a train the mentally ill are out amongst us and the meds aren’t working.

  97. Huck the guy is a joke. I don’t know if it reeks of ignorance or arrogance most. Holding an office plus his media crush and he doesn’t produce anything better than what he does.
    I would love one of his supporters here to pony up an opinion but I forewarn you if they dare mutter GM or OBL I’m on the next flight to O’Hare and a Hertz ride to deleting the RL blog in person.

  98. You know, Alfie… I am under no illusions that Republicans are blameless in all of this. It’s a common “negotiating” tactic to ask for things in a deal you know the other side won’t accept, and then when they don’t accept it to claim that the other side doesn’t want to negotiate.

    I just wish the blame was even-handed. This idea that Obama gets to do whatever he wants because he won ignores that a whole lot of other people won their elections, too.

  99. That gels fully with a main theme with BHO. On a bipartisan level all the House and Senate folks know they need to give something up and that both sides need some face saving as well as leverage for the near future. That’s politics and reality. The edict mentality coming from 1600 is whacked!
    There are a number of lean pro O types who have put forth some very good ideas in my opinion,even those don’t fit his highness. I see nothing from the Administration that indicates he has anything on the plate other than tax the rich. s-h-a-l-l-o-w

  100. Do you guys actually think the spending cut part of the so called cliff will ever be executed? I bet it won’t. There will be no spending cuts of any significance.

    Kind of like TARP legislation, it’s execution was totally illegal. It passes congress with language plainly stated that Nanny buys toxic assets and then sells them at an auction. Almost immediately Bush claims that TARP funds can be used any way Paulson damn well feels. In my eyes, for a period of time, Paulson was an ad hoc economic tyrant. How do we pass a law that says we are buying assets and then immediately turn around and say TARP is an ad hoc slush fund? I don’t care if dumping tax payer money into banks was more efficient to offsetting bank runs…efficiency is always the appeal of tyranny.

    2008 should scare the shit out of people. If the elites are in trouble, ain’t nothing holding them back in terms of rule of law.

  101. In a lot of ways going off the cliff is the best thing that could happen to America as a nation and People. The shock treatment of it all would likely be the only way to get Congress to get down to real business . Seriously the more I think about it the more I want us to go over/off whatever.

  102. Of course there won’t be significant spending cuts. They will put off making most cuts in order to strike some type of tax deal. Then when it comes time for the promise to be kept….it won’t be, because “the time won’t be right.”

    As if it ever is….

  103. On a post holiday consumer export kind of thing these last few comments are coming via one of the new iPad we Santa scored for us. I like them. We have the wifi only ones @ 16 GB and they totally meet our needs. Great for surfing when the main Mac is needed,all ready proven for producing a school homework video.

  104. If that is the case, should be opportunity for some deals on gold, silver and dividend paying blue chippers post cliff. Let the market gag and then buy. Deficit spending and QE infinity all the way until we go over the real cliff. Plenty of time to build a hand glider. Soar like an eagle and and shit on guys like Thor who were so sure unprecedented GDP growth was going to offset the biggest government spending scheme in human history.

    Land, blue chips, gold, silver.

    Not so deep but, you don’t have to be a CFA anymore. Its all Macro.

  105. Good word, “meta-discussion.”

    Rutherford you forgot the kitchen sink. Please don’t jeopardize that A- on my account.

    If I haven’t been insulted by Tex so that we can test my appetite for defending him, and that somehow disinclines you in taking me seriously – I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll stop defending the potty mouth when you stop defending the pornographer.

    (Now if Tex had said that Sarah Palin can take a coke can up that chute of hers after taking on a few *gasp* black guys prior to faking her disabled son’s birth – that’d be fine and dandy with you wouldn’t it, Noble Knight? Especially if she would be getting a “husband-stitch” afterwards.)

    You just need to feel like you’re actually a protector of women. And little children. Cue the self-reflection, bub.

    Re: Huckabee. Yes, yes, you’re outraged over Huckabee’s domestic version of Reverend Wright’s “chickens coming home to roost” foreign policy sermon, and you feel like you’re doing something by tweeting what a scumbag Huckabee is. Go for it. Sean Hannity would be proud of you. Hint – both sermons were delivered in an inappropriate forum. Huckabee’s religious take on the evil of the day belongs in church or on TBN while Wright’s politics don’t exactly belong in church. But that’s not what outraged you, is it?

    Now about those children. Did you have any particular feelings about the president using an otherwise poignant memorial service for the victims and their families to deliver an emotionally-charged platform lecture effectively exploiting the dead, the survivors, and the mourning relatives for the purpose of stirring the juices of the anti-gun crowd to gain political advantage?

  106. Politicians exploit ALL events for gain. Why should memorials be any different? That is the new way it is done in this world. Obama is not unique in that way. Remember Rahm’s, “never let a crisis go to waste…” Integrity is old school tact. It gains no footing in our modern political landscape. Americans are more interested in image, which dovetails with our worship of all things celebrity. They want our leaders to act like leaders, though they often do not know what that even looks like. Americans have become shallow. Having leadership that reflects that same shallowness isn’t surprising to me at all.

    We are a nation fixated with memorials. What real purpose do they serve? The more I explore the latest tragedy in Connecticut, the more staged it proves to be. I really pity those who cannot see through obvious falsities and ascribe wholly to official reports. I have little hope these emotional jockeys will regain any critical reasoning and deductive skills short of some cataclysmic personal event.

    As for the latest discussion, I do hope we go off this ‘fiscal cliff’. I would hope enough folks are seeing through the hyperbole and drama. We need some seriousness to shake us back to reality.

  107. You go Muffy!

    We own nearly a section of land free and clear. We have plenty of stored food and water to cope with inflation if it happens. We have some money to help our children and neighbors.

    I feel as I did when things were coming to a head in the service or when someone has decided on suicide— contented and at peace.

    I hope we go over the cliffm as you know, Poolman, and that many who voted for these politicians suffer for their ignorance. Some will prosper of course. They always do. Maybe enough will learn hard truths and vote our erstwhile rulers out of office. if they learn the wrong lessons, its their problem, not mine.

  108. “Maybe enough will learn hard truths and vote our erstwhile rulers out of office.”

    They already blew that chance. We’re screwed and so are the next 2 generations that follow us.

  109. Celebrating the Prince of Peace in the Land of Guns

    “I am sorry to offer this reality check on our much-needed march toward a bunch of well-intended, necessary — but ultimately, mostly cosmetic– changes to our gun laws. The sad facts are these: Other countries that have guns (like Canada, which has 7 million guns — mostly hunting guns — in their 12 million households) have a low murder rate. Kids in Japan watch the same violent movies and kids in Australia play the same violent video games (Grand Theft Auto was created by a British company; the UK had 58 gun murders last year in a nation of 63 million people). They simply don’t kill each other at the rate that we do. Why is that? THAT is the question we should be exploring while we are banning and restricting guns: Who are we?”

  110. We love memorials. We devote them quality time, prominent space, and enormous expense. They are sacred, symbolic of our collective concern for good, though they often serve to historically seal an official account.

    The resources will always be there to promote empire, fiscal cliff or no. Like the $700,000,000.00 spent with an additional commitment of $60,000,000.00 for the estimated annual maintenance cost of the WTC memorial. Ouch! This from a government that reluctantly allotted $3 million for an investigation, and only when forced to do so. It only took 442 days AFTER the event! Who waits that long to investigate? Not anyone interested in truth OR justice.

    I’m convinced voting does no good on a national level. It is bad enough that we have ongoing campaigning that seems exempt from any regulation. Voting may give you a feeling of power over your life’s controllers, but it certainly hasn’t kept us in control of our leaders or the direction this nation proceeds as it gets further from its defined foundation. Most voting today better serves marketing.

    How popular are these leaders? They would like it if we just voted every few years and otherwise left them the hell alone. Corporations tell them what to do, and they let them write our legislation. They work together to mutually profit from us. They take all the benefits and security we pay for. Money and power have corrupted our once hallowed halls. In the security state within which we live, it would be wise to surveil those that are supposed to be our representatives.

    They should fear us. Instead, we’re the ones in fear, stockpiling guns and ammo, reacting just the way they tell us. Most of what our government does is classified and secretive. Who benefits?

    There have been many that have served our country that have told us these truths, yet we blindly oppose their enlightenment. Crazies, they must be. “How can we not be good? “Look at all our blessed memorials, testaments of our righteousness.

  111. Obama went as far as evoking Sandy Hook to chide Republicans to do what he says over the cliff. It was at that point I realized I needed to turn away from everything and anything resembling politics. On a side note, Rutherford didn’t mention that Obama used the mudering of childeren while talking about fucking taxes….never came up in one of his cowardly tweets. Oh I forgot…he’s not responsible for himself when it comes to his tweets..just off the cuff musings.

  112. “I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll stop defending the potty mouth when you stop defending the pornographer.”
    You say “pornographer” like it’s a bad thing.

    “Now if Tex had said that Sarah Palin can take a coke can up that chute of hers after taking on a few *gasp* black guys prior to faking her disabled son’s birth – that’d be fine and dandy with you wouldn’t it, Noble Knight? Especially if she would be getting a “husband-stitch” afterwards.)”
    You know about the Coke can? And here I though you didn’t read anything except the bible or watch anything except Fox News. My apologies for misjudging your intellectual depth.

    ” just need to feel like you’re actually a protector of women. And little children. Cue the self-reflection, bub.”
    I guess that’s better than deluding yourself that you are not actively attacking women.

  113. New studies coming out of Germany that shows porn to actually be a bad thing. Granted study has a focus on the detrimental outcome on youths aka 15/25 age group.
    Go the libertarian route all you want but seriously don’t delude yourself it’s all good

  114. John Keynes and Paul Krugman are walking. Keynes says, “I’ll pay you $5,000 to eat a dog turd.” Krugman does it. Keynes doesn’t have any evil savings and didn’t think Krugman would do it: The next day he begs for the money back. Krugman says, “I’ll give it back if you eat a turd.” Keynes does it. Krugman says, “That was stupid: No one made money and we’ve both eaten crap.” Keynes says: “But we boosted GDP by $10,000.”

  115. ”And here I though you didn’t read anything except the bible or watch anything except Fox News. My apologies for misjudging your intellectual depth.”

    Not a problem, pops. Weak jab to go with your weak case but points for the appeal to the non-religious crowd. Good tactic.

    In addition to not reading enough of said bible, I read tons of stuff. Not so much that book you just touted though. 😆 (That didn’t go over too well, did it? Not here OR at Fat Grannies.) But yeah, stuff like this –

    Remind you of anything, doc? I know I know, The NYT is a left wing rag but that Journal of the American Medical Ass’n has some teeth.

    Where was I? Oh yeah, reading. Currently I’m reading Rules for Radicals by the prophet Saul – the hellraiser who led us to the promised land in November. I just love him! I confess my other guilty pleasure at the moment is The Joy of Hate by Fox’s own Greg Gutfeld. I can’t put it down.

    ”I guess that’s better than deluding yourself that you are not actively attacking women.”

    How’s that?

  116. Noah @ 141. That made my whole day.

    Muff@142 opined: “that Journal of the American Medical Ass’n has some teeth.”

    No it doesn’t. You have the same delusion that most Americans do – that the AMA represents, or even has the respect of – American physicians in general. Approximately 20% of American doctors now belong to the AMA; most of those who do are in academia and thus isolated from the day-to-day problems of medical practice in the Obama era. (Before you ask, I’ve done both.)

    “I guess that’s better than deluding yourself that you are not actively attacking women.”

    ‘How’s that?’

    If you have to ask, you won’t win the next election, either.

  117. If one more person gets an I-pad besides me, I’m gonna flip a bit. My bro-in-law (not Ken) just got one.

    No wonder my doc asked me Friday why my complexion is green. 😦

  118. Yeah Muffy….Obama won because Pfessor and his long menopausal ol’ lady think that they are hip to the views of young women.

    Sorry Chieftan. Your old ass don’t know which way the wind blows when it comes to infantcide. Sadly, you only have about 150 months left on this earth. So I won’t be able to prove much. But I’m telling you, the wind is blowing pro life.

  119. Well here’s to hoping that doc’s chicka chicka bow bow will generate enough fogged up glasses, as long as people don’t click the links and wonder about doc’s motives in denying the science.

  120. “But I’m telling you, the wind is blowing pro life.”

    I was under the impression it was blowing the other way. Maybe the pro choice side is louder?

  121. Oh….I’m sorry……I don’t know who Pfessor voted for. After his manifesto how Ron Paul deserves our vote, a vote Pfessor told us he was going to cast, I was chided after the election by the Doc for making any assumptions on how he voted. None of my damn business he said to me on a political blog. Took his ball and went home. So…I don’t know how Pfessor voted this time around.

  122. Rutherford, i don’t own an Ipad, nor do I plan to in the near future.

    The transgender thing just popped out when I read Merry. You might not have planned it, but I liked the pun.

    Now, we know where Hillary is– fighting a blood clot. As I wrote before, she must have hit the floor hard, because I was functioning days after my brain swelled following a car wreck and she is still out of sight.

    Given the elements of Bengazi and its prequel, Hillary wasn’t working hard enough at her job, eh Newt?

  123. “They are louder on a Californian college campus, yes.”

    Actually, my campus is fairly quiet regarding politics. We’re pretty deep inland…not like those hippies on the coast 😉

  124. You’re probably right, doc. All gums.

    Stephanie A. Devaney, PhD; Glenn E. Palomaki, PhD; Joan A. Scott, MS, CGC; Diana W. Bianchi, MD

    [-] Author Affiliations

    Author Affiliations: Genetics and Public Policy Center, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC (Dr Devaney and Ms Scott); Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland (Dr Devaney); Women & Infants Hospital, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (Dr Palomaki); National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics, Lutherville, Maryland (Ms Scott); and Mother Infant Research Institute at Tufts Medical Center and Division of Genetics, Floating Hospital for Children, Boston, Massachusetts (Dr Bianchi).

  125. “I lived in Humboldt for two years. Best bud on earth.”

    Nowadays you can get stuff to rival it at the local dispensary.

    I had to quit partaking in such things because it threw my blood pressure out of whack.

  126. Dead Rabbit, seriously and sincerely … damn good video at 159. I don’t think they were able to find footage of Ellen DeGeneres shooting a gun but besides that, the vid spoke volumes.

    I’m always a bit skeptical when celebs speak out on anything, quite honestly. Then again, they’ve got a first amendment right to voice their opinion even if it does fly in the face of what they do for a living.

  127. Muffy, maybe you see this as a distinction without a difference but I DO see a difference between someone telling me Obama is an a-hole and their telling me that I am an a-hole. I might be offended by both comments but I take the latter one far more personally than the former. Hence, I would expect you to be at least a bit more offended by PFesser making vile sexual comments about you vs vile sexual comments about Sarah Palin.

  128. Hoping for a “grand bargain” Obama increased his threshold to $400,000.00 and introduced “chained CPI”. Why is this not considered compromise? It was rejected by Boehner.

  129. Regarding Hillary, I too had become convinced that there was a wee bit of malingering on Hillary’s part but this blood clot has me rethinking that. Remember, Natasha Richardson walked away from a skiing accident only to die of a hemorrhage later.

  130. ” It was rejected by Boehner.”

    Because the plan didn’t have a balance of spending cuts to go with its proposed tax increases. See #124 above.

    This is how Barack Obama has been “negotiating.”

    He thinks he gets the first $800,000,000,000 in tax revenues “for free,” and has to give up “nothing” for it.

    All because Boehner walked away after Reid and Obama moved the goalposts at the last minute in 2011.

    The GOP could do more to find common ground. But Democrats have not been negotiating in good faith for more than a year now. They keep setting up these battles because they know they can win the messaging. And that is real good for Democrats…but not so good for America.

  131. I lied … it took an hour to wrap the new post.

    Rabbit, I felt uneasy when I saw Obama allude to gun control in his comments to the bereathed Newtown citizens. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Everyone hides behind “it’s too early to talk about it” and then NOTHING gets done. He had a responsibility to tell that crowd that he would do what he could to keep another tragedy like this from happening … and whether or not you want to admit it, that is COMFORTING.

  132. Huck I won’t quibble with the number (seems high to me) but yes Obama did say he gets some minimum stuff for free. The primary issue of the election was tax hikes on the rich, repeated over and over and over. Obama won …. the issue won, so yes .. case closed. The rich get a tax hike.

    As for the Grand Bargain from Obama, my understanding is it was two dollars of cuts for each dollar of revenue so I have no idea what you’re talking about it not being balanced. One thing Boehner didn’t like was the debt ceiling being taken out of the hands of Congress. Personally I think that is brilliant. The debt ceiling concept is absolutely stupid. You don’t buy the product and THEN debate whether or not you will pay the bill.

  133. “seems high to me”

    Click the link.

    “I put $800 billion [in tax revenue] on the table. What do I get for that?”

    “You get nothing,” the president said. “I get that for free.”

    “The primary issue of the election was tax hikes on the rich, repeated over and over and over. Obama won …. the issue won, so yes .. case closed. The rich get a tax hike.”

    I think you are overlooking a little thing called the House of Representatives. I hear a few Republicans won their election to that body, which makes the case anything but closed. I know Obama thinks our nasty democracy is messy, but until he rewrites the constitution, the House still has some say so in this country.

    “my understanding is it was two dollars of cuts for each dollar of revenue so I have no idea what you’re talking about it not being balanced.”

    Then you misunderstood. Like I…and Obama…said. He wants the first $800billion in revenue for free.

    “The debt ceiling concept is absolutely stupid. You don’t buy the product and THEN debate whether or not you will pay the bill.”

    The purpose of the debt ceiling is similar to the purpose of a weight ceiling.

    If you decide that you don’t want your weight to get more than 150 lbs, what would you do when your weight hit 148 lbs? Would you raise your weight ceiling or would you go on a diet? How about if you raised it to 175lbs? Would you then go on a diet at 173? How about after raising it again to 200 lbs? Well we’re at 199 lbs right now. Are we ready for a diet yet?

    You can still “pay for the product.” But like everyone else, when you want something you can’t afford, you have to be willing to give up something else to get it.

    Your latest post doesn’t address the very fair question I asked you.

    Are you willing to pay more in taxes in order to pay for the government you elected?

  134. “Rabbit, I felt uneasy when I saw Obama allude to gun control in his comments to the bereathed Newtown citizens. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Everyone hides behind “it’s too early to talk about it” and then NOTHING gets done. He had a responsibility to tell that crowd that he would do what he could to keep another tragedy like this from happening … and whether or not you want to admit it, that is COMFORTING.”

    That isn’t what DR is talking about.

    Obama used the shooting to nag Republicans about the fiscal cliff. As someone who seems to feel so strongly about that event, you should be sickened by that.

  135. I don’t think they were able to find footage of Ellen DeGeneres shooting a gun but besides that, the vid spoke volumes.

    I watched that video a couple days ago.The extended cut shows Ellen with a pistol at a shooting range.

    Regarding Hillary, I too had become convinced that there was a wee bit of malingering on Hillary’s part but this blood clot has me rethinking that.

    I was convinced Hillary had no blood running through her veins. Maybe she realized she needed to convince the public she really was sick and therefore developed a blood clot. It was rather convenient, given the accusations that were floating around.

    Well we’re at 199 lbs right now. Are we ready for a diet yet?

    Diet! Hell no. Time for a new scale. Maybe one that maxes at 400 or 500 lbs. That makes 199 average and therefore fit or at least moderate. Not much of a marketing person, are you Huck? 😀

  136. Rutherford, your liberalism has cost my sons thousands of dollars. You blantely fuck the future over. Care to explain why your policies always have to be paid by kids who don’t have a say in any of this garbage?

  137. Is there anything worse then corny, manufactured nationalism? Lets say the British did kick the Argentines off the island. It was 1833! Nobody on the damn islands want to join you, Argentina! You can always tell defualt time in that country. British should invade the coast line facing the Falkland Islands and create a demilitarized zone the next threat.

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