When and When Not to Play the Race Card

We live in odd times when folks who see racism are called racists. Some people, mostly conservative, follow the logic of Stephen Colbert which goes something like this: “I don’t see race. The only reason I know I’m white is people tell me I am. The only reason I think you’re black is people tell me you are.” Hence anyone who brings up race as an issue must be the only one thinking about it and must be therefore the real racist. If we are honest we acknowledge that we don’t live in a post-racial society, whatever that is, and that the election of the first black President of the United States only made matters worse. Just like the chunk of cheese brings out the mice, the elevation of a black, albeit ethnically complex man to the top job brought out the racists in full force. Since the 1960’s the language that bigots use has for the most part changed because society simply will no longer tolerate n*gger this and n*gger that. The language is a bit more subtle and the racism in some ways more pervasive and harder to pin down and stamp out than it used to be. The fact is in 2012 there are times to play the so-called race card. However, not every dispute involving a person of color comes down to racism. To be credible, we need to learn when to play the race card.

When to Play the Race Card — GOP to Embrace Hispanics and Continue to Ignore Blacks

What have we heard repeatedly in the aftermath of the recent election? The GOP lost the election because they are blind to the changing demographics of America. Every once in a while a pundit will refer to “people of color”. More often the comment is that Hispanics who are “hard-working” need to be embraced by the Republican party. They are a growing demographic. Excuse me? So by implication, we’re back to the same old stereotype of blacks not being “hard-working”, the old saw of shiftless and lazy, to quote Sarah Palin, “shucking and jiving”. Who needs a “growing demographic” when there is a full-grown demographic already ripe for the picking? Where is the wake up call in the Republican party to actively pursue the black vote?

About the only worthwhile moment in Mitt Romney’s campaign was when he spoke in front of the NAACP. He didn’t play games. He didn’t pander. When he referred to “Obamacare” he got booed. So what? He actually treated the audience like adults who could agree or disagree with him. In fact he seemed more comfortable talking to this audience which he viewed as a lost cause for votes than he did talking to some of the folks whose votes he thought he could get.

Allen West and some other conservatives have talked about the new plantation where Democratic benefactors enslave their black voters with promises of handouts. How many times do they deliver that message to black audiences? I’d suggest close to never. It can’t be done you say. Tell that to Bill Cosby who years ago told black audiences that they needed to clean up the dysfunction in their communities. Some blacks were offended while others cheered. It was a dialogue that needed to happen. It needs to happen on a regular basis. Who better to push that conversation than conservatives whose claim to fame is self-sufficiency? Again, not telling the story to white audiences but to black ones.

Conservatives say liberal politics has failed the black community. Fine, then step in and tell a different story to this constituency and win them over. It’s easier just to ignore them, isn’t it? Leave them to rot because they can’t be reasoned with. That is tacit racism at its most destructive.

When Not to Play the Race Card — Obama’s Enemies Attack Susan Rice

UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on a series of Sunday morning gab-fests shortly after the September 11 murder of diplomat Chris Stevens and lied about the nature of his murder. Now before my liberal friends burst a blood vessel, there are innocent lies and there are malicious lies. I happen to believe that Susan Rice repeated talking points that had been sanitized as they traveled from the CIA through a bunch of bureaucrats and eventually into her hands. I do not believe her intention was to deceive. To the extent that a lie is something contrary to the truth, she lied. Unwittingly lied, but lied nonetheless. Enter, stage right, Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain who call for Rice’s head on a platter. McCain says that if she is named as Hillary Clinton’s replacement for Secretary of State, he will block the appointment.

What are several pundits saying now? They say the “optics” of this are very bad. They say in the aftermath of an election where the GOP appeared tone-deaf to minorities they are now persecuting a black woman. I say screw the “optics”. This is the kind of charge that discredits legitimate claims of racism. The folks who are attacking Susan Rice don’t like Obama. It is as simple as that. They want to turn the tragedy of Benghazi into a scandal that irreparably damages the President. Already we’ve heard “what did he know and when did he know it” regarding security problems at the consulate. Susan Rice is nothing but a pawn in the game of Obama’s enemies. It is unfortunate that her outstanding career hangs in the balance but it has nothing to do with her being a woman or being black. She actually shares something with the white, penis owning Governor of New Jersey who has been attacked recently by conservatives: guilt by association with Obama. It is as simple as that.

Racism in America did not magically disappear when Obama got elected. Far too many blacks and whites don’t trust or like each other for reasons entirely juvenile and ignorant. We can only hope to bridge the chasm between the races by talking honestly about how to lift all of us together from our hardships. Accusations of racism where none exists only serve to keep the goal of racial harmony out of reach. Similarly, talking about blacks as if they were a monolith incapable of being persuaded, a group only worth judging from a distance, snuffs out any hope for positive change.


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  1. Once again Rutherford you are a awesome example of how to construct a fallacy ridden argument.

    “More often the comment is that Hispanics who are “hard-working” need to be embraced by the Republican party. They are a growing demographic. Excuse me? So by implication, we’re back to the same old stereotype of blacks not being “hard-working””

    By your line of thinking, if we can even call it that, then I am just as correct as you are to say…by implication all red headed people born on a Thursday are not hard working people… This is just sad reasoning at best. This is a statement about what one group is, not what your group is not…..

    “Just like the chunk of cheese brings out the mice, the elevation of a black, albeit ethnically complex man to the top job brought out the racists in full force.”

    This is again why you are a hard core racist Rutherford. We do not dislike Obama because he is black. We dislike him because he sells out our country at every turn and proposes policies that are destroying our country. I don’t dislike you because you are black. I dislike you because you are dishonest and a racist. You and Obama could be yellow and I would still dislike you just the same.

    Rutherford, you and your kind use the race card as a tool to manipulate the conversation. Lets be honest here and put all the cards on the table. Black people by enlarge are the most racist people in this nation. There is NO close second place. Black people are the only ones allowed to be proud. Black pride is a sign of strength. White pride is a sign of racism.

    Conservatives don’t pander to black people for 2 reasons.

    First, to do what Democrats have done to the black community over the past 30-40 years is immoral. To make someone dependent is a sin.

    Second is the writing is on the wall. There is nothing a Conservative could say to the likes of you that would change your mind. The inability of you Rutherford, of blacks, of Liberals, to be honest, to hold everyone to the same standard, means we can never have an substantive conversation. The fact you argue from a place of dishonesty means there is no common ground for which to build any kind mutual understanding. Who and what you are is why we have a rift.

    The problem isn’t with us, it is with you. You say we need to tell you a story that you want to hear. I say we are telling you the message you NEED to hear. The problem is you are not strong enough, you are not moral enough, to sit and listen to the hard love message Conservatives are sending you.

    Government is not the answer. For every one thing you “try” and show me that the government does well, we both know I can give you 10 or 20 or 30 that they fail at miserably. A “hand up” will always be better than a “hand out.” The black community is where it is at today because of “hand outs.”

    Tell me, if the governments approach was a “hand up” to the black community rather than a “hand out”, would not things be vastly different? Imagine if every guvment check had a drug test attached to it. Imagine if every “hand out” had community service attached to it. If work done to pay for the hand out was half that of minimum wage, tell me things would not be different.

  2. Alfie in the other thread wrote that regrettablly, history will treat Obama’s middle eastern policy more kindly than it deserves. He may be right for the short term, but given time, revisionists will be less complementary. Kennedy is a good example.

    Susan Rice’s race has nothing to do with her employment prospects. She either lied or was too foolish to recognize a lie when she saw one. The movie was so blatantly wrong that most people already recognized it as such. The Libyans, said it was untrue, for Pete’s sake.

    She has other problems besides Benghazi. I’ve read that Rice was too sympathetic to dictators in Africa. Rice is not competent to be Secretary of State. I would write the same if she was white.

    To say her critics are using the race card to attack her is a racist statement in itself. I don’t think you are a racist, but many on the left and right do use race as a weapon. Do you remember when Condolisa Rice was depicted as an Aunt Jemimah?

    How should Republicans try to win the black vote? They do try and have recruited some well-qualified blacks who would be better presidents than Obama is.

    Democrats own blacks because they promise them just enough to keep them in the party.

    The military calls it triage. You can’t save everyone, so you separate the wounded onto categories, and you treat the people with the best chance of surviving.

    Hispanics DO have better stereotypical values than inner city blacks or some rural white people. They came here to better themselves, and they tend to exhibit values and concepts more conducive to eventual economic success. than many blacks and whites who have lived there all of their lives.

    I agree, many of them descend into the same pathology as many whites and blacks, but more seem willing to improve their lot.

    If you want to get racial, most Hispanics are Caucasians or at best a mix. A person with anti- black bias could deny racist tendencies by embracing Hispanics.

  3. I didn’t intend to write that all urban blacks are bad. North Omaha is a good example of a degenerated black society. Many good people there are trying to change the environment.

    However, so many mothers, aunts, and sisters (the men are somewhere else) say when a son is killed, “He had some problems, and he was fun to be with, but he was just beginning to turn his life around.” We’ve heard it so often it has become a joke.

  4. A couple of weeks ago, we attended and helped with the funeral of a high school class mates’ daughter. The woman had died of AIDS and hepititus through meth use. Her boyfriend was in jail for selling drugs.

    The woman’s son still had five weeks until his release from a Colorado State prison for armed robbery. I video typed the funeral so he could see it upon his release.

    My old classmate was caring for her teenaged step grand daughter as she took care of her dying daughter. She was not physically able to care for the girl, so relatives searched for someone else. The boyfriend, who is in jail had had a nasty divorce, and the mother in Utah had kept the girl away from his side of the family when she had the girl. Eventually she let the boyfriend have their daughter because she had her own drug problem and the girl was getting into trouble. .

    A search found a grandfather who is a college professor in Utah, so that is where the girl is. She wants to be back here with her grandmother and the friends she made in school during the past two years.

    My class mate’s husband died of a heart attack about ten years ago. A prostitute attended the funeral, because the husband was such a good customer, and she considered him a friend. She said he paid for talk more than he bought sex.

    These people are and look Nordic, and some are Mormons.

  5. From Hot Air Quotes of the day:”We can’tlose the susan Rice debate on the facts. The facts are on our side.The same goes for Libya.But unless and until we’ve fully prepared on the facts and willing to then take the debate directly to the media we’ll keep losing the game because we drop too many easy pop-ups.

    Never mind that Republicans haven’t had a white secretary of state since Lawrence Eagleburger concluded his term two decades ago,Never mind that Republicans appointed the first black secretary of state ever (Colin Powell) and the first black female secretary of state ever (Condoleezza Rice,was arguably the star of the GOP convention in August.) Also,never mind that Rices ‘handling of Benghazi-and several other matters-can quite defensibly be dubbed incompetent.

    That doesn’t stop Democrats or liberal pundits from cry8ing racism….

    Any serious attempt of the GOP to win black votes won’t involve Republicans copycatting liberal polices.it will require going over the heads of the black and white liberal slanderers to offer a sincere alternative to failed liberal polices on schools, poverty crime etc.The more effective that effort the more the GOP will be called racist.

  6. Apparently Alfie followed through on his wager and has closed his site to public viewing. Hope you pop in now and then, Alfie. You will be missed.

  7. Ever work with Mexicans? My God….they are the hardest working motherfuckers on earth. Almost killed me…..I ended up in the hospital paralyzed! Over heated like a hot pocket.

    Ever work with blacks? Slooooooooooooooow Samboooooooooooo!

    Generalities to be sure…but seriously…a work ethic is cultural to some extent.

    Why are there so many more Mexican roofing crews or concrete outfits compared to blacks?

    An aversion to labor……as in true man’s work. Ask an honest black guy….he will tell you. Way too many blacks would rather sell pop corn at the movie theater for mininum wage instead of joining a crew that builds movie theaters for 15 bucks an hour. That plantation stigma still runs deep.

    Construction is egalitarian….you show up and work for the day. You bust your ass and they ask you back. Dont matter what you look like or sound like. I ended up on so many work sites that way. Supported myself that way from the day I got out of the service to the age of 30. My own apartment, car etc.

  8. Rice is a fucking fool. What moron runs on every single Sunday talk show blabbering about how decimated Al Queda is 48 hours after Al Queda savaged our embassador??????

    Now take in mind…..she boasts while all of West Africa cringes because half of Mali has been taken over outright by Islamic terrorists. Fucking cultural treasures in Timbuktu are being blown to smithereens as this chicken head is tells us Al Queda is decimated.

    Uh…..and our embassador, Mrs. Rice?

    No…..it was a temper tantrum by protesters over a movie on YouTube with a few thousand hits…

    Ha ha!

    She’s a pawn, alright. She was used by an insecure president unsure how he would fare during the election.

    Benghazi was a fuck up. Obama decided he’d be better off smoke screening said fuck up until after the election and taking the hit then.

    It worked.

  9. To say her critics are using the race card to attack her is a racist statement in itself.

    Sometimes I think my writing is clearer than it perhaps is. James you DO understand from the piece that I said it was entirely off the mark to claim that race has anything to do with the attacks on Susan Rice, and that making this claim only cheapens legitimate claims of racism? I couldn’t tell from your comment whether you were agreeing with me or correcting me on a position I didn’t take in the first place.

  10. A person with anti- black bias could deny racist tendencies by embracing Hispanics.

    I think that is one facet of the game Republicans are playing. But of course they also use Allen West, Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas to prove how much they love black people. And I claim that none of these men gives them an inroad into the black community. Black Republicans are the same as white Republicans. They embrace policies that ignore poverty and leave the inner city to rot.

    Don’t get me wrong, you boys have come a long way in the past few years in convincing me the liberal experiment has failed if we measure it by poverty, crime, etc. in the inner city. So who is going to suggest policies that actually work? Patting oneself on the back about Herman Cain ain’t the answer.

  11. Comment 4 reads straight out of an episode of Dr. Phil. I’m of two minds on this. Part of me wonders how a family could be so dysfunctional and another part of me wonders how more families don’t fall into similar dysfunction considering the pressures we are all under and man’s basic frailty.

  12. Any serious attempt of the GOP to win black votes won’t involve Republicans copycatting liberal polices.it will require going over the heads of the black and white liberal slanderers to offer a sincere alternative to failed liberal polices on schools, poverty crime etc.The more effective that effort the more the GOP will be called racist.

    This is an interesting and disheartening notion. If Republicans could successfully provide alternatives that would finally lift the inner city out of dysfunction would the left keep up the racist cat-calls simply as a tool to defeat them? I don’t rule it out and it greatly disturbs me.

  13. Shame Alfie didn’t leave the site open if for no other reason than historical value. Heck, ChenZhen, the founder of the WordPress Political Blogger’s Alliance has had a dormant site out there for years.

    Alfie is considering running for office and probably doesn’t want any public manifestation that could be traced back to him.

  14. Generalities to be sure…but seriously…a work ethic is cultural to some extent.

    Maybe blacks are making up for lost time. They worked their asses off for f*cking free for more than a century. Maybe their well deserved break isn’t over yet. 👿

    Let’s understand something, and if I get ANY pushback on this I’ll blow a cork. There is ZERO comparison of the black immigration experience to ANY OTHER ethnic group in this country. They are unique in being kidnapped and forced to work without wages … to be OWNED by other men as PROPERTY.

    We had all better start the discussion with acknowledgment of that fact or this is going to become one very ugly discussion thread.

  15. Construction is egalitarian….you show up and work for the day. You bust your ass and they ask you back. Dont matter what you look like or sound like.

    Pure and utter bullsh*t. How would you have any idea of the color blindness of construction crews since you’ve never been put to the test? Ever show up with dark skin and a fro? I doubt it.

    I’m guessing that the only egalitarian society in America right now is the military and even then I’m not sure. But damn straight every other venue has the same racial issues as the society writ large. Rabbit, just the fact that you perceive black men as lazy means that if you were a construction foreman it would be harder for you to give a black guy a chance on your crew. You’ve got a built-in bias to overcome.

    There’s a group on X-Factor called Emblem3. Real talented guys but I’ll tell you this, these are three white kids who would rather sing than get a real f*cking job. It’s pretty obvious … and it has NOTHING to do with race.

    Most Americans are hard-labor-averse. It’s one reason why undocumented workers can be prevalent — cos they’ll do work that lazy black AND white Americans won’t do.

  16. This is from the prior thread but deserves attention so I’m posting it here.


    LOL who woulda thunk after all this time of my saying the GOP would go the way of the Whigs, the Whigs have actually returned???!!!!!!!

    I have no argument really with Jon Hillis but the devil is in the details. In keeping with this post, I wonder what the New Whig Party’s position is on fighting poverty? I’ll have to investigate.

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if after years of using the Whig’s name in vain, I actually became one? Neither party completely represents my interests. I’d love a third party that did.

  17. Sorry Rabbit but I really don’t think the “truth” about Benghazi would have lost Obama the election. The Onion article about how folks discovered the war in Afghanistan by reading about Petraeus’ penis escapades is way too close to the truth. I’m sorry to disappoint you but most Americans give only a passing thought to Steven’s death. They’ve got bigger fish to fry.

    The IMAGE of Obama and Christie working together to ease AMERICAN suffering was probably the thing that gave Obama that final push over the finish line. In most folks lives, Benghazi is a foot note.

  18. Thanks for enlightening me, Rutherford, I thought it was what you meant in 9, but I wasn’t sure.

    I agree with your zero comparison statement, but even it has exceptions. Some Indians were enslaved.

    Of course, you may remember my writing that some of my distant Sami cousins were kidnapped and sent to New Sweden as slaves. Later, Sweden sent more to the early English colonies.

    Google Sofia Jannok discusses her new foundation, or failing that, TEDxGateway:Sofia Jannok:; Singer of the people wind & song talks about rights to earth and freedom. I’d like to know what you think It is relevant to this discussion, but from another prospective.

    I’d vote for Alfie.

  19. I have other stories similar to the disfunctional one I wrote.

    Rabbit is right. The Hispanics I know are also hard-working.

  20. Some interesting historical facts today:

    In 1974 3 million year old “Lucy” was discovered in Tanzania.
    In 1859 “Origin of Species” was first published.
    In 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was killed, ending any chance of finding out the truth of the Kennedy assassination.

    Of course the GOP ran on the platform that Lucy didn’t exist and Darwin was a fool. Mmmmm wonder why they lost the election? 😉

  21. “How would you have any idea of the color blindness of construction crews since you’ve never been put to the test? Every show up with dark skin and a fro? I doubt it.”-R

    I’m going to play your poor little negro violin for a minute. Lets say its true. Where are the all black landscaping, concrete and roofing crews servicing the black community?

    You are telling me spanish speaking foreigners, hated amongst fellow WASP tradesmen, are able to not only navigate a hostile America but somehow start thriving businesses, undercutting the price of the white crews and, in some cases, cornering entire markets, and blacks can’t because of racism?


    Ask black people themselves. There is a cultural aversion to hard labor. And hard labor pays. Wearing a fish stocking hat frying hush puppies don’t.

    Blacks are pussies when it comes to work. I used to work for this black guy who did fire repair. This dude was no Uncle Tom. Big ass black dude who was not to be fucked with. He did demolition jobs after fires (no end to those jobs in Detroit). He would complain all the time how he couldn’t count on blacks to do the work. Hence, the Dead Rabbit was working with him deep in the hood. 15 cash.

    So sick of the whining. Dude…..racism exists. But prioritize. It is not what is keeping the black man down. The black man is. And liberals like you hell bent on making black fathers the “appendix” society….a wordless organ only capable of releasing poison. Blackmen used to be the beating heart.

    And articulate black people? Holy shit. Roll out the red carpet. Make tests easier. Lower standards. Having an articulate black man on board is in higher demand then left handed relief pitching in the MLB! And good luck firing him!

    If I could keep my kids exactly the way they are now. Same brain. Same support at home. I’d wave a wand and make them black. It could only help.

  22. “Sorry Rabbit but I really don’t think the “truth” about Benghazi would have lost Obama the election” -R

    I agree. But hind sight is 20/20. I think the Obama campaign was scared shitless.

  23. Regarding comment 20, having only ever worked white-collar jobs, I’ve worked with far more blacks than Hispanics. I could surmise from this that blacks are far more intelligent than Hispanics. It would be a foolish extrapolation from my limited experience. Just as Rabbit’s comments about lazy blacks are foolish from his limited experience.

    There’s one generalization that Rabbit and I could probably agree on — black women are far more likely to name their child Shawnequa than any white woman would. 🙂

    P.S. W. Kamau Bell had a funny joke the other day that the only person who didn’t laugh at Obama’s schtick about “Romnesia” was Romnesia Jackson. 😆

  24. “So who is going to suggest policies that actually work”-R

    That’s the kicker. There are no policies that will work. A cultural reawakening is needed. It could happen. Some kind of movement stemming from the black church borrowing some of the self reliant philosophies of the Nation of Islam…..

    The government broke the family. It sure as hell won’t be able to put it back again.

  25. “Just as Rabbit’s comments about lazy blacks are foolish from his limited experience.”-R

    I’m taking a guess. But I bet I’ve worked with probably 500 times more black people then you. I was the only white person on my last job. Repeat. I WAS THE ONLY WHITE GUY on all of staff!!!

    The military….working construction in Detroit….dude…..

    I will say this. I have learned never to judge individuals on group generalizations, even if accurate.

    Then again, I tend to employ a DTA modus operandi.

  26. Benghazi should have cost Obama the election. One reason it didn’t was the press.

    A town about fifty miles away has a community of Hispanics to work in a meat packing plant. The originals welcome newcomers and tell them how it will be.

    Each family will maintain its house and lawn. They will not have noisy parties, and they will participate in their children’s school activities. There will be no gangs. Those who refuse to abide by the rules will be receive social pressure to conform or be ostracized.

  27. “Maybe their well deserved break isn’t over yet. :evil:”

    Generational exhaustion….what a novel concept.

    “We had all better start the discussion with acknowledgment of that fact or this is going to become one very ugly discussion thread.”

    Show me one live slave today and I will acknowledge this statement. Short of that stop looking for pity for suffering you never endured.

    As for black workers. IT is almost a contradiction in terms. I did a stint in a multilevel marketing organization. Now if there was any type organization that is color blind, it is multilevel marketing. If you can consume a product or service, and have money to spend, and have friends, you are valuable.

    One gentleman in particular comes to mind. He had achieved great success with some 18,000 people in his organization. Quite the people person, always chose his words very carefully. We built a group in a poor black neighborhood, and got it to about 90 black people. We combined them with another large group from a more affluent neighboring town to keep momentum alive.

    Meetings were always at 7pm sharp and ran till 9pm and usually lingered on for another hour. 99% of the non black folks showed up either on time or 15-20min early. Of the black members, I never counted more than 5 that showed up early, never more than 50% showed up on time. The rest would linger in a few at a time for the entire 2 hour meeting. Worst still, while someone was speaking up on the stage teaching, they would carry on in their own little world disrupting the entire meeting. We actually considered having 2 different meeting times. One an hour early for black people time, and another for everyone else.

  28. I don’t believe Hispanics are stereotypically better people than some native blacks and whites. I believe, like our ancestors, they are desperate to survive. It has nothing to do with race.

    Western Europeans complain about the flood of immigrants from the East who take their jobs because they work harder and accept lower wages than the natives.

    Kerli Creepshow lived in poverty as she grew up in Estonia. Her home life was abusive, and she was bi polar. She tried to kill herself, and she also cut herself with rusty scissors.

    Now at about 25, she has been named one of the 100 most influential women of Estonia, and she has been compared to Lady GaGa.

    As rabbit observed, our government cannot fix the society, but Horatio Alger might.

  29. As much as we would all like to think we are all the same, the truth of the matter is we are different.

    We do have some things in common. Our bodies are constructed in much the same way regardless of race. We are biologically compatible enough that we can all procreate. But there are still many differences.

    Many diseases and conditions are more common in some races than in others. I believe this is because of several different factors. Some is due to environment and the region where we live. Another, as biochemical machines, we have differences in our internal makeup. Much of our actions and behavior I believe is governed by our delicate chemical balance.

    Because of these differences I think it is a reasonable conclusion to say that there are behaviors that can be attributed to race.

    There is a white culture with one set of beliefs. There is a black culture with their own set of beliefs, and these beliefs are not the same. If I as a white man were to use my value system to list my top 10 priorities in life, they would most certainly be different than those of the average black person.

    This is not making any kind of assessment of either value set, but to highlight that there are differences. Because these differences exist, we often come to different conclusions on just about everything.

    With the understand to every rule there is an exception…Hispanics are hard working. They have strong family bonds. Black people are not as hard working. They do have issues with being punctual. They are more violent that many other races. They do tend to shun hard labor.

    I could go on and on but my point is this. As long as we keep going on with the notion of political correctness, and refuse to accept that there are things that make us different, relations between races will always be tenuous.

  30. I was going to raise an objection to this comment, “We are biologically compatible enough that we can all procreate,” as racist and ignorant. Since all of us are descended from Africans. But then I recalled, everyone with European or Asian ancestry has a small amount of Neanderthal DNA. Kept in mind that also includes many black Americans. Do you think it is that tiny amount of Neanderthal DNA that makes some people more ambitious?

  31. This goes beyond, for me anyway, the issue of race. I am working on a paper on free will. Because of what I am learning on body chemistry and how it effects the way people behave I am starting to question if we really have free will.

    I am reading a study done on twins that were separated at birth and brought back together much later in life. Time and time again there are amazing similarities in life experiences and choices made even though these twins were sometimes several thousand miles apart.

  32. Rutherford, you need to talk to my daughter, who works for a D.C. law office. We met her for dinner last night; her first comment, when asked how work was going, was: “Same old politics. We have been trying to fill a position for months, and have dozens of qualified applicants, none of whom was hired because they were not a minority. Since we handle government contracts, the managing partner is terrified to hire anyone else, and there aren’t any even remotely qualified minority applicants.”

    Put a sock in it. If you want to get ahead, hump and get it, but forget about the whining. Nobody who matters is listening any more.

  33. Newt, I don’t know about ambition.I read that our Neanderthal genes may give us the advantage of being more resistant to some infectious diseases.

    Maybe there is only the human race, but we come in different varieties. We are as tribal as we were twenty thousand years ago, because we are the same people.

    Our ancestors probably displaced or killed our Neanderthal cousins into extinction.Paleontologists have found a Neanderthal with a Cro Magon spear point in his ribs. The man survived and was healing, but it is a sigh we survived and are mean to each other because we are the meanest SOBs in the valley.

  34. This is just anecdotal. A job counselor at grad school told a Navy friend and I to hide our veteran status if we expected to find good employment in the North. Another told me besides my being a veteran, I was the wrong race and gender for what was coming

  35. Years later, my wife and I were in an office supply store. It displayed office signs which stated compliance with a civil rights law. Vietnam era veterans were among the protected groups.

    Our daughter and i were watching a television documentary about two high school students applying for good schools and schollarships. One was black and the other white. Both had god like qualities.

    In the end, the black girl was flooded with choices and scholarships, while the white girl got only one, to the Air Force Academy. The two girls didn’t know each other, and the white girl was depressed because of so few offers. The black girl was happy, but defensive. She was sure race had nothing to do with her success, but affirmative action had put the doubt into her mind.

    People who experience isolated stories like this can generalize from anectdotes to create racial stereotypes which hurt us all.

    I agree with Newt. We should treat each other as if races didn’t exist. Affirmative action which was well-intended, has served its purpose and creates racial anamosities. It would better serve us if it was class, not race based if we should keep it.

    I blame Democrats’ liberal philosophy for the state of some blacks and increasingly the values of other races in the United States.

  36. You can take all your racist stereotypes and throw them into the can as they don’t mean a hill of beans when it comes to Black Friday participants. It’s that time of year when the human race reverts back to it’s origins.

    Let’s nominate Thanksgiving to replace Christmas as America’s biggest holiday since it’s the only holiday all religions can agree on.

    Thanksgiving is better because It’s a nice long weekend and usually not too cold, there are no religious services of any kind required, and you get to start drinking and eating at 3:00 in the afternoon.

    Everyone can be thankful for all they have and then participate in Black Friday. What irony!

  37. You could drive a truck through the holes in that column. Susan Rice was either a political whore or a simpleton. Her only involvement as far as I know is someone gave her talking points which were already known to be a lie, and she willingly followed orders. Hillary was no fool, and she refused to speak as she was the logical choice.. She didn’t want to take the fall.

    There are other reasons not to hire Rice as Secretary of State. She was too sympathetic to several African dictators, for example.

    As much as I dislike John Kerry for his Vietnam War history, he would be a much better choice than “that woman” Susan Rice.

  38. But races do exist, and given our mental workings, we would invent them if they didn’t.

    People of the same race can’t even get along because they are different from one another.

  39. One proof that we are all alike besides Black Friday, as Newt and Ragi wrote, is the Youtube flash mob and One Dimension fan videos. Participants’ color is irrelevant. They all think and act the same.

  40. I like both articles, though I think the last Neanderthals survived until 25,000 or 26,000 years ago. Races may be artificial constructs, but they are based on real differences.

    We are still tribal, and we pay attention to physical differences and social traits.

    Blond blue eyed Scandinavians and brown skinned Arabs have more genetic commonality than Japanese and southeast Asians. Yet, we whites are responsible for most of the wars and deaths during the past century as we basically fight among ourselves.

  41. Races and species are two different things. Think of dogs; the “races” (varieties, breeds, whatever you want to call them) can interbreed; that’s the major component of being one species.

    Dogs and foxes cannot interbreed. They are different species.

    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Canidae
    Tribe: Vulpini
    Genera: Vulpes

    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Canidae
    Genus: Canis
    Species: C. lupus
    Subspecies: C. l. familiaris[1]

  42. “Yet, we whites are responsible for most of the wars and deaths during the past century as we basically fight among ourselves.” James

    Not sure I agree with that statement. Japan took over the entire Pacific. The brutal conflict in the Congo. Mao, Cambodia. Etc. Etc. No doubt, we ghost face killas have been pretty violent. But, were not the only ones.

  43. Lions and tigers are of the same genus, but they are closely enough related to produce young at times. Like mules, the offspring are steril , I think.

    You might be right, rabbit. I relied on my impressions. I arbitrarilly put Japan into another catagory. The Japanese decided to follow the western developmental model to modernize their country. Their winning the Russo-Japanese War was part of their evolution into a nation with western features when they fought like westerners..

    In the 1920’s, I think, the major nations agreed to limit weaponry with acceptable quotas for each country. The Japanese were angry because they felt they had been short changed.

    Later, of course, they entered a war started and largely fought by white people. Thus, I arbitrarilly made Japanese honorary whites during WW11 The Chinese revolution was fought between Chinese, over a western ideology.The Vietnam war also had western roots and probably would never have been fought without the legacy Europeans left. .

  44. Most white wars affect the world. Most non -white wars as in the Congo are localized.

    A Penn State study suggests that caucasins are white because of a mutation which gave survival value in the cloudy north. Blue eyes are the result of a mutation north of the Black Sea 8,000 to 10,000 years ago. Blonds mutated about 15,000 years ago.

    Europe’s climate became extreme during the Dryas period. Years of mush warmer weather than in modern times alternated with ice age conditions. A theory suggests that bad conditions killed so many people, especially male hunters that fierce competition for mates developed.

    Blond hair and light eyes were different from the norm and people so equipped had greater success at attracting mates. Apparently blonds had more fun and they reproduced rapidly.

    The success of similar differences of appearances between the races probably spread the same way blond hair and blue eyes did.

  45. White wars influence the world? Maybe in the last thousand months. The feudalistic wars often times didn’t even effect the region. Europe was the armpit of the world through out all of antiquity, sans the Mediterranean. Outside of credit card company commercials, I’m not sure anyone gives a shit about when the Vandals fought the Goths. Of course the Huns were Asian anyways.

    Now the Mongols….there is some war deaths and global influence.

    Europe is in it’s twilight. Soon, the Chinks will be pushing the world around and, thus, also blamed as being permanent engineers of everything sucky….ie wars.

  46. The Middle East is one example of how white wars influenced the world. The Ottoman Empire, the “sick man of Europe”, joined the Axis and lost.

    The allied victors divided the area behind new boundries which ignored ethnic and religious communities.Some Arab leaders actively cooperated for their own advantage. Europeans’ goal was to create entities which would fight among themselves rather than unite, possibly to threaten Europe.

    Palestine which the British occupied provoked Arab anger after Arthur Balfour without negotiations, publicaly supported a Jewish state,

    They have exceeded beyond the victors’ wildest dreams as those brown white people have enriched themselves with oil money and wage terrorist attacks across the world. Fluctuating oil prices often due to area violence still influence the world economy.

    The Cold War also influenced many parts of the world as both sides took over Asian, African, and South American countries to gain advantage over the other.

    The Huns genetic composition is uncertain. Research shows they were a blend of Asian and European ethnicities.

    WW 1 also prepared the path of the United States on its way to being a super power and all that implies. WW1 as many wars do accelerated the development of technology which also influenced the world. Air power became an important influence long before it would have without the war.

  47. Yeah…I agree….Europe has certainly been the main catalyst for change around the world in modern times. I guess my point is an obvious one. It wasn’t always that way, rendering Newts humorous quip about an ambition gene pointless. I would also argue Western Civ has been as much or more of a gift to the world then a curse.

    The Huns genetic composition is certainly mixed with European stock AFTER they settled Europe. However, their descriptions, both of their physical stature and their fighting style, was Asian…probably from the Siberian Steppe or Mongolia.

  48. I was the only white person on my last job. Repeat. I WAS THE ONLY WHITE GUY on all of staff!!!

    So to follow your thesis would you have us believe you were the only hard working guy on that staff?

    I will say this. I have learned never to judge individuals on group generalizations, even if accurate.

    I believe this, which makes it all the more puzzling why you would trade in such generalizations in the first place if they have no use in judging individuals. None of us deals with a “group”. We all deal with individuals.

    I think James broached this but I think generalizations based on class (or economic status) and political persuasion hold truer than those based on race.

  49. I’m looking at the timestamp on my last comment and I’m wondering where the hell WordPress servers are. I posted the comment at 6:01pm central time and it got timestamped 8:01pm which puts the WordPress servers somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. Mmmmmm.

  50. As for the sick man of Europe…..they joined because of a hatred of Russian expansion. And, what one thing has arguably influenced Russia the most outside the Orthodox Church? Mongol despotism.

    The Battle of Tours in France was a war against stopping North African expansion, not the other way around.

    Cortez relied on the status quo of constant warfare amongst the tribes as much as he did horses and inaccurate guns.

    What made the white man dangerous? The complete abandonment of Judeo-Christian philosophy. With that the idea of the individual died. Lacking morality and equipped with the fruits of the industrial revolution, now we really see an unprecedented factory line of death. Where else do we see a historical lack of emphasis on the individual? The East. Was the notion exported to Europe or did we arrive there on our own? Lenin’s roots were Asian. Stalin essentially from an Asian outpost. Hitler toyed with paganism that predates the pillars of Western thought.


  51. Your entire blog post is about generalities. That’s the only we we can make sense of the world without every single thing we write about being the biography of Tyrone or Randy.

    As for your fear of generalizations about blacks….quite a convenient stance. The black family is destroyed, the amount of blacks on food stamps per capita dwarfs whites and blacks kill more blacks in one month then all the KKK lynchings in American history combined. Meanwhile you liberals make laws that single out blacks for special treatment. Not to mention the unofficial quotas that Pfessor’s daughter is unfortunately learning about. Yet, we shouldn’t talk about generalities? What you really mean is only you and your ilk should dictate generalities.

    You liberals have blood on your hands. At least you admit it in a backhanded way. Most don’t.

    Fuck that. Your liberal race card has been played out. Nobody with any power is out to get blacks except for drunk Uncle Joe telling jokes at Thanksgiving at a slur and other blacks, be they thugs or politicians.

    The police and store owners…..yeah they bone hawk blacks…..but, unfortunately…..blacks bring a lot of that upon themselves. Sucks for the individual….but damn……my Grandpappy owned a business in a black neighborhood…..you have any idea what that is like?

  52. i agree it wasn’t always that way, Rabbit. China was one of the preeminent nations which might have prevented Europe from ruling much of the world. Chinese may have been the first to circumnavigate the world. They turned inward about 1453.

    I also agree western civilization has done more good than ill.

    I still have doubts about the Huns. They were not a homogenous people, though as you wrote, they came from central Asia. They also collected European allies as they swept west.

    However, mummies found in western China prove that tall red heads and blonds lived in central Asia for several thousand years. Early Chinese records refer to them. Their descendents created a large trade empire around what later became the Silk Road.

    Genetic tests show they were a mix of western Europeans and Mongols, with some genes from India. Those people disappeared, and to my knowledge, no one knows where.Some of their descendents may be in Afghanistan and some of the other ‘stans.
    Some modern Ulgers look more European than Asian, and they consider the European mummies to be their ancestors. Non- Chinese people in western China still have blue eyes and light brown or reddish hair.

    Based on that information, my guess is that Huns shared some European genes. It is only my guess and it could be wrong.

  53. The Ottoman Empire also thought that if they joined the victorious side, they might win back some of the land they had previously lost.

    Yes, Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours was credited with saving Europe from the Muslims.The victory also contributed to the development of the French state.

    Yes,Cortez relied on the natives’ wars, and also disease germs for which they had little resistance. The legend of a white warrior also had some psychological effects.

    I agree with the last paragraph in 59. Maybe Asians and Causians reached similar conclusions independently. I believe Asians and Causians have been intermingling for thousands of years. They traded goods and genes far longer than we know.

    Lennon and his allies may have had other influences, but they were desciples of Karl Marx.

    Hitler’s flirtation with paganism was not so far off the rails. Northern Scandinavians including the Sami and other people like the Veps and Mari in northwest Russia. still have elements of Siberian and Eskimo culture, including religious beliefs. Pagenism still lives in parts of Europe.

    I certainly agree with your writing liberals have blood on their hands. Their hands are so bloody, they would have to work like Lady Mac Beth to clean them again..

    I also believe the West has won a victory of sorts. Teenaged girls have produced One Diirection fan videos in Turkey.

  54. Racial quotas promote racism, though they were put in place to remedy it. Qualifications (and hygiene) SHOULD be the prime determiner for employment. I agree our government made this bed we’re all sleeping in. The black community was ‘compensated’ for poor treatment of prior generations by our culture. Of course they will become dependent. No duh! We told them they deserved compensation. Now we expect different results?

    Don’t get me wrong. Slavery is an inhumane institution, even if it has a long and diverse history throughout mankind. It is alive and well today. But even so, compensation never undoes the crime or the damage done. It is more a sacrificial endeavor. The sacrifice is offered because of collective guilt and it often imparted by force. The recipient of said ‘gift’ must apply as the appropriate victim the society is trying to rehabilitate. The whole concept is twisted.

    We did this to ourselves. Dump the stupid laws, people. Why do we keep lowering the bar so more folks are accepted? How is this even something we continue, let alone think wise? If this is liberal theology, get rid of it. Quit doubling down on stupid.

    People need to take responsibility back and do for themselves and their community. Why should a qualified applicant NOT get the job if there are no minorities to step up? That’s the real discrimination.

    I know some black guys that work in the pool industry that work hard and earn their pay. They are few and far between. Hispanics probably make up the majority. I think it is what you are taught as a youth. If a good work ethic is introduced, it doesn’t matter what color the skin. There aren’t too many Jewish boys out there pouring concrete either, that I’m aware, and folks call them a race or tribe.

    The military community is very diverse in terms of multiracial/cultural.

    Racism continues to exist because people are still animals with a sense for survival. We tend to feel more secure in like groups.

  55. Ha ha James. I think were on the same page. Except you’re ten times hipper then me. One direction fan videos? Flash mobs? What the fuck. I’m don’t even orbit your pop cultural universe. You are strange old man and I mean that as a compliment.

  56. DR – There may or may not be fundamental differences in the races; in my opinion and experience, there is, and I believe anyone who is honest with himself can examine his own life experiences and will come to the same conclusion.

    However, I think the real damage is done by the government’s not treating everyone *as if they believe there are no differences*, which means treating everyone exactly the same way.

    A good example is how the Japs treat education, vis à vis Americans. The Japs take the attitude that, yes, there are some differences in IQ and ability, but these are unimportant compared to the fruits of hard work in the classroom. Here in the US, I can’t count the times in primary and high school that a classmate dismissed my test scores by saying, “Well, I expected that; you’re smart.” No, I just studied for the test while you were shooting baskets.

    Ask any good mother what is most important in a family. She will tell you, “Treat all your children exactly the same. Some will be stars and some screw-ups, but never make any difference among them – it will cause resentment that will never heal.”

    And so it does.

  57. Ha Ha dead rabbit! Yes, we are on the same page, and thanks for the complement.

    Pfessor, the Smothers brothers did a good job of entertaining people with “Mom liked you best!”

    Differences between races are undeniable, but physical and cultural differences within races are obvious too.

    I wrote about the Italian woman who learned she could herd Swedes at parties because her physical boundries were greater than theirs.

    One of our daughter’s friends and co-workers stopped to visit on Thanksgiving. She is Sicilian, a novelty around home where except for a few Indians and Hispanics everyone is northern European.
    She hugged us all when she left. Nobody at home or in our family hugs except at funerals, but I was not surprised because I have been in Italy.

    I don’t think that overall, religion makes much difference in national behavior. Religion is invoked as a motivating force sometimes, but in most cases the absence of religion won’t change a country’s behavior. Christians did contribute to our ending slavery, though.

    The Soviet Union was officially atheist. They murdered and starved up to 20 million Ukrainians.

  58. Pfessor, you are a racist. And I say that without judgement.

    I have not experienced a difference in IQ or propensity for violence that is not explained by the nurture argument. Hmong Chinese act like thugs. Other Chinese hard workers at school.

    History doesn’t show a difference either as different areas of the world become civilized and then savage again. Vikings acted like gang banging savages. Timbuktu once a great college town.

  59. Mr. Ricks was using the killed security contractors as a diversion to take attention from Benghazi. The two are unrelated, and I assume you are smart enough to understand why.

    The interviewer Mr. Scott should have countered by noting that the administration was playing politics and that most of the news media was cooperating. Therefore , Fox was a lone mainstream media voice asking why the administration obscured events with lies.

    Mr. Ricks saying he had covered fire fights and it was hard to know the truth during battle was also lame. We knew the basic facts within 72 hours, and a British newspaper printed the time line. Even accepting Mr. Ricks’ premise we are left with a stupid cover story which was already unraveling as the White House issued it.

    That in itself proves incompetance.

    If this was an interview and not a debate, Mr. Scott should have given Ricks time to make his case and then gently demolished it with leading questions as other networks do.
    Fox could have done better.

    I’m not calling Pfessor a racist. but I basically agree with Dead Rabbit.The people I’ve met are essentially
    the same. Even with discounting for genetics and other factors which cause a tendency for different temperments, culture and environment explain many differences.,

    Ukrainian women, for example tend to be smart and more willing to cater to men than some western women. It is a cultural influence based on past hardships, strong educational tradition and a shortage of Ukranian men.

  60. One of the most surreal experiences I ever had was when a cabbie in Dublin when on an anti a Polish and Lithuanian rant. The irony of the fucking Irish bitching about hordes of immigrants was apparently beyond the leprican Mick. He compared the Polish to hard working Mexicans in the States. But Lithuanians, he explained, they are “nothing more then niggers.” A horrible “race”. I was pretty drunk and twice the cabbie’s size, so, despite protesting leg bumps from my wife, I told him my Mom is 100 percent Polish and my Dad hundred percent Lithuanian. You should have seen the guy back tracking.

    The funny thing…is the next day on the hotel room TV was nothing but local news about Lithuanian gangs shooting one another. Welfare addicted, broken families…..slanging drugs…

    I never saw any evidence of the “Troubles” while I was there. That shit is kept way on the down low. My sister-in-law told me
    It’s considered rude to even ask someone what highschool they went to because it could expose religion. But the Lithuanians…..they are reviled there. Overt hatred for my Baltic Brothahs.

  61. My 3 year old boy is so stoked for Santa. Almost feels weird lying to him about it. No biggie, I know. He’s more interested in the logistics of Santa then the gifts. I’m going to do

  62. …oops….what my Dad always did and point to a plane in the sky.

    As the oldest, I believed in Santa way longer then the average bear. I think I was smoking cigarettes behind the garage AND still believing in Santa at the same time. Obviously, I must have ascribed to more of a Joel Osteen Santa as I don’t remembering ever fretting over a stocking of well deserved coal.

  63. I broke the Santa myth about age 9 and promptly told my younger brother it was a lie, though he took much convincing. His reasoning was based on short-sighted economics. “How could mom and dad afford all this stuff?”, he asked.

    I have never promoted it. How are kids going to believe truth if we con them from the get go? Not me, buddy. No Santa, no Easter Bunny, no Tooth Fairy, I ain’t promoting no bogus narrative to the unsuspecting youth, plus all the added baggage that comes with the necessary traditions. Bah!

    How many shopping days are there left? 🙄

  64. Of all the questions of childhood, Santa Claus is probably the only one with which I had no problems. I simply started reading the following classic to them every year. By the time they were old enough to not believe in fairy tales any more, they understood perfectly. Simple, painless:

    Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
    By Francis P. Church, first published in The New York Sun in 1897. [See The People’s Almanac, pp. 1358–9.]

    We take pleasure in answering thus prominently the communication below, expressing at the same time our great gratification that its faithful author is numbered among the friends of The Sun:
    Dear Editor—
    I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, “If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.” Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?
    Virginia O’Hanlon
    Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours, man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.
    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.
    Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if you did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that’s no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.
    You tear apart the baby’s rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived could tear apart. Only faith, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding.
    No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives and lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

    And for the same reason, I never read the bible to them.

  65. I never believed in Santa, and I made some kids cry when I said he didn’t exist when I was in second grade. I spent some time in the principal’s office for that.

    Santa has many parents. The Sami contributed their part too. Shamen got high on a red and white mushroom as part of their communication with the spirits and ancestors.

    At times, they watched flying reindeer circle their tents and drop though the tent smoke holes as spirits. Rudolph and his friends may have been the result of a drug high.

    Our children knew from the beginning that Santa didn’t exist.

  66. Our mother read part of the Bible to me and my brother each night after we went to bed. The great flood, Sampson’s pulling down the pillars to kill the Philistines, and the pillar of salt made it seem like a book of adventures.

  67. Rabbit, eastern Europeans have become the new Irish and Italians haven’t they?

    Fifteen year old Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania won a gold swimming medal in the Olympics. She moved to the UK to train and attend school.

    Some of the comments mirrored what you wrote.

    “So many immigrants come here now from Poland and Lithuania Feircely proud of their country yet cannot imagine themselves to live there.

    If you’re so proud of back home stop being parasites in this country and leeching our jobs.benefits and NHS.”

    “F Britian”

    “I’m sure her father pays taxes in this country. All east Europeans have
    ing jobs do that. Maybe she isn’t a leech is she? OK for your own people to be leeches?”

    “Damn brits lost so want to steal our her medal”

    “screw lithuania might as well be british”

    “whatever she is from pure or rich Lithuania but she l
    kick ur british ass.”

    “She will always be Lithuanian and she said it You can’t pronounce her name and surname correctly and you want her to be a brit? Shameful!”

    “I am Lithunian I have many relatives in UK and they had no idea to become british (scottish)
    “She needs to get her teeth fixed. ”

    She is adorable,””

  68. I’m glad I believed in Santa Clause. If my kid ends up having “trust” issues over Santa Clause…..well….I’ve raised some fruity fuckers.

    Besides…if an early disbelief in the existence of Santa dooms my son to be plagued with Poolman’s incapability of discerning fact from fiction….l’ll move to the North Pole with Rutherford as one of my freakish dwarfs and make the tinsel laden motherfucker real my damn self.

  69. “And for the same reason, I never read the bible to them.” -Pfessor

    That baffles me. Even an atheist can learn from the Bible. Hell, just for being such an epic pillar of our culture alone….or learning what the majority of other people hold important.

    Founding fathers read…scratch that….even translated it…or tweaked it……some would say Jefferson arguably bastardized it……but ignore it outright? The bastion of the Western World? The book that spawned the civil rights movement, abolitionist movement, ended the glatatorial games, the book that ended up motivating people to stand up to the Catholic Church causing a domino effect that sparked the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenemnt. The book where we get the notion that some rights are natural? The book shatters status quo….it’s been revolutionary, not reactionary. Nobody was allowed to read the damn thing for a reason.

    You atheists over compensate to a fault.

  70. DR on avoiding the Christian bible: You atheists over compensate to a fault.

    Not at all. There is a real distinction between Santa Claus and the Christian bible: While both are fairy tales, one is dark and violent and self-contradictory – a rabiesvirus for the soul, as it were. It’s not alone, BTW – other “holy books” – the Koran in particular – share those characteristics. Not something you want to expose children to, unless your GOAL is to create violent, unreasoning, dangerous creatures. (But, enough about the Arabs…)

    The other is an entirely benign tale of a kindly old gentleman who has a special love for children. I think one could be indulged a little bit for sharing such a fantasy with kids.

  71. While I’m thinking about it, indulge me and my granddaughter in our favorite thing:


    You know the smoke from chimneys-
    It often isn’t smoke,

    It’s nothing but the fairies
    Having such a joke.

    Round they fly and round about,
    Higher still and higher.

    “Dearie me,” the people say,
    “A chimney on fire!”

    You know the noise the wind makes

    At night-time now and then
    It’s just those naughty fairies

    At their tricks again
    Sitting in the chimney

    Round and round in rows,
    Singing all together

    And warming up their toes.
    Rose Fyleman – 1877-1957

  72. I still believe in the spirit of Saint Nicholas. I also believe in the world according to Harry Potter. There is also not much difference between the bible fables and the tales of Hans Christian Andersen regarding violence. One’s imagination is one’s creativity.

  73. Raji –

    It’s good to see someone who gets it. Here is an excerpt from this month’s Financial Intelligence Report, an investment newsletter I get:

    “The so-called “Misery
    Index,” an indicator created
    by economist Arthur Okun
    (chairman of the Council of
    Economic Advisers under Lyndon
    Johnson), is calculated by adding
    unemployment to the inflation rate.

    Heretofore, the worst reading on the Misery Index,
    21.98, occurred in June 1980 under Jimmy Carter.
    If you were to consult official statistics, you would
    see that the worst reading on the Misery Index under
    Obama occurred in September 2011 with a high of
    12.97. But look more closely.

    The Carter-era statistics do not measure the same
    thing as those under Obama. If inflation under
    Obama were calculated by the same methodology
    that was employed during the Carter administration,
    the September 2012 inflation rate would have been
    an uncomfortably high 9.6 percent, according to John
    Williams of Shadow Government Statistics (SGS).

    And now consider the unemployment rate. In
    Carter’s day, so-called “discouraged workers,” aka
    the long-term unemployed, were counted. They no
    longer are. SGS calculates an alternate measure that
    adds back the long-term discouraged workers into
    both the labor force and the unemployment count.
    In September 2012, the SGS alternate unemployment
    rate was 22.8 percent.

    In other words, the “real” unemployment rate
    under Obama alone was greater than the total
    “Misery Index” under Carter.”

    Raji, you cannot depend upon ANYTHING this government tells you; all the statistics are doctored for political gain; nothing is correct. Interestingly, the thing that sank Herbert Hoover was his insistence that all govt. statistics be as accurate as humanly possible. Now we see the profits of lying – you get to be president.

  74. If you want to get ahead, hump and get it, but forget about the whining. Nobody who matters is listening any more.

    If you’re tired of the whining then do everything in your power to make sure all our children have an equal playing field — equal opportunities which by the way does NOT mean equal outcomes. If John and Malik get an equal shot and Malik f*cks up then it’s on him and his parents. But so long as John and Malik hand in completely identical resumes and John gets the job cos Malik’s name is “scary” then we’ve got a motherf*cking problem. So long as John hasn’t had a financial worry in his entire childhood and Malik hasn’t caught a single break, we’ve got a …. wait for it … MOTHERF*CKING PROBLEM. Can I get an amen????

    Lots of people who “matter” are still listening. Your daughter’s testimony on this is evidence of that fact.

    And when it comes to “humping and getting it”, tell that to the rich white boys who glide through life oblivious to what real hardship is. That’s the biggest reason I’m glad Romney got defeated. Mofo never missed a bill payment in his life and thinks starting your own business is as simple as asking Daddy for a loan.

  75. Estonian singer Kerli like many northern and eastern Europeans, believes in fairies. Ragi’s link shows some Americans believe in fairy tails too.

    An article in Pravda supports Pfesso’s comments. He wrote that Obama won because Americans are ignorant. He also noted that Obama is following the failed Soviet model.

  76. But what about the rich black or brown boys who glide through life without knowing what real hardship is.”?

    We have reached the point where economic under classes, not races need most of the help.

  77. Yeah rabbit, I’m the one who’s “incapability of discerning fact from fiction”. And you’re the one who believes his government’s account, except when you don’t. And that’s based on what? How big the lie is, or how many died, or who was in charge, or who is telling the story, or what day of the week, or a rabbit gut?

    No, I don’t have an issue discerning fact from fiction. I work construction and I know how things are made and how things are destroyed. It is tangible trade, not strictly a conceptual one. The material I work with is measurable and its integrity provable to be able to work in real world conditions. I know what to expect when new and understand how material breaks down and must be protected to hold its integral characteristics over time.

    I’ll say it again. No aluminum jet can take out a steel skyscraper. Period. Unless there are other elements involved, it’s impossible. And there are 1,800 professionally certified engineers that agree with me and have collectively staked their reputations on it.

    Yes, that means they are calling the government’s story a hoax. Just like the Santa Claus hoax with which we collectively con our kids.

  78. James, any American who believes taxing the rich will solve our economic woes is living in a fairy tale. “Taxing the Rich” is a campaign slogan and in that respect Obama is still on the campaign trail.

    I agree that economic under classes are the issue not races.

    Amen, DR

  79. Raji, absolutely great piece in the Daily Beast by Tomasky. Thanks for the contribution. It’s what I’ve been saying all along. As for Rice’s qualifications for Sec of State, they are at least as good as Hillary Clinton’s were in 2009.

    BTW boys and girls, from what I understand the head of National Intel Clapper has copped to watering down the talking points that went to Rice. So it wasn’t Rice and it wasn’t even the White House.

    Take your witch hunt somewhere else boys … you lose … again. 🙂

  80. The black family is destroyed, the amount of blacks on food stamps per capita dwarfs whites

    I caught this a couple of days ago but only got to it now. “Per capita” … are there some two-headed blacks or whites in the mix that I don’t know about? LOL All individuals are counted “per capita” so that was kinda silly.

    It was also wrong. More whites are on food stamps than blacks. Did you mean proportionately more blacks are on food stamps … i.e. a larger percent of blacks as opposed to the percent of whites? That is likely the case.

  81. my Grandpappy owned a business in a black neighborhood…..you have any idea what that is like?

    Depends on the black neighborhood my friend. Your grandpappy had the misfortune of owning a store in a poor black ghetto. He would have fared better in Atlanta, the buppie capital of the country.

  82. There aren’t too many Jewish boys out there pouring concrete either, that I’m aware, and folks call them a race or tribe.

    I never thought of that Poolman. Mmmmm, hey Rabbit why don’t you call Jews lazy? How many Jews have you had on a roofing job? Come to think of it, how many Asians for that matter?

  83. Rice tells us she didn’t mean to lie. What she refuses to let us know is why the frantic race around the Sunday talk show horn running her pie hole in the first place. Either can Rutherford explain that. She was an obvious surrogate.

    Only an Obama rube like Rutherford can go with what is essentially an incompetence defense.


  84. “If you’re tired of the whining then do everything in your power to make sure all our children have an equal playing field — equal opportunities”

    Its Not Possible ! ! ! ! ! ! Without instituting your dream of a Socialist United States, and bringing down the wealthy to your level, Its Not Possible ! ! ! ! ! ! Get over it. Not to mention the inherent Communist mentality that you can impose your thinking upon the masses.

    “But so long as John and Malik hand in completely identical resumes and John gets the job cos Malik’s name is “scary” then we’ve got a motherf*cking problem.”

    Then stop acting like rabbid animals preying upon yourselves and everyone else. You are the victims of your own actions. Try and keep it real muh bruthah.

    “And when it comes to “humping and getting it”, tell that to the rich white boys who glide through life oblivious to what real hardship is. That’s the biggest reason I’m glad Romney got defeated. Mofo never missed a bill payment in his life and thinks starting your own business is as simple as asking Daddy for a loan.”

    This statement above, along with others on this blog over the last year, is what opened my eyes. I was once foolish enough to think that we would one day find a solution, and how foolish I was to be color blind.

    The American Dream means more than the one achieving it making it. It is the hope of every parent to make a life for their children better than they had for themselves. Achieving the American Dream means that your kids get a better start in life. ITS SUPPOSED TO BE THAT WAY ASSHOLE.

    This is what makes you such an insufferable pick Rutherford. Your continuous envy of those who fared better in life than you did . You and your kind are trying to turn the American Dream into a black mark on someone’s record, something they should have to apologize for.

    I do thank you though R for opening my eyes to my own foolishness. Effective Christmas break I am closing my operation. What I have learned here is that I have been banging my head against the wall of a problem that doesn’t want to be solved. I am just glad my children are young enough that I can still teach the lessons I’ve learned.

  85. Raji – I too still believe in the spirit of Santa Claus.
    While most here are past this need your children may be faced with dealing with it. What to do when the oldest child discovers the presents hidden away end up under the tree on Christmas morning or the older kids in school spill the beans. And you don’t want them spoiling it for their younger siblings.

    Santa does exist. When there were fewer people in the world Santa had time to visit all the children. But over time there were more and more children being born and each year it was more difficult to stop at every house on Christmas Eve even with all the time changes. Santa had a decision to make – how to continue or to stop since he could not reach every house. He knew the children enjoyed Christmas and would be disappointed.

    One year long ago, he decided to come down early and talk with the parents all over the world about the situation. He asked if those parents who could afford to buy presents for their children would but say they were from Santa. And he would give presents to those whose parents were unable to give to their children. The parents agreed and went off to tell the other parents who were unable to meet with Santa.

    That is why you find toys etc under the bed but then under the tree from Santa. However, Santa still will stop at some of the houses every year so you will never know whether the presents under the tree are from your parents or from Santa himself.

    And those children who never heard of this story is because their ancestors did not make the meeting. The story was never passed on. It buys a couple of years of fantasy for a child.

  86. New subject: get your adrenaline on

    I say thank &diety for Tom Ricks. He called the scum at Fox News exactly what they are, a media wing of the Republican Party, and like the true fascists that they are, they kicked him off the air. But they couldn’t pull the plug fast enough. He made his point and did so brilliantly.

  87. i agree about the taxation Ragi 95 A writer for Pravda wrote the same thing.

    I like that trip to Dr. Seuss, Rutherford. He mentions people who want to stand out. Scandinavian women do it by dying their hair brown. What happened to all of those strange names? Are you still in touch with some of them?

    I’ve never met a Jew on a roofing team, but I have met plenty of Jewish doctors and dentists. My Korean relatives work in offices except for the plumber.

    Yes, rabbit–liars. They could at least go to the trouble of making their fantacies more believable.

    I agree, noah, its not possible to give everyone an equal chance. That should be the ideal, but it will never be achieved.

    I like your Santa story, Lurker. It is creative. Our son thanked me for telling them Santa didn’t exist. They still enjoyed telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas when we visited a mall.

  88. I think I was smoking cigarettes behind the garage AND still believing in Santa at the same time.

    That cracked me up. What kind of cigs were you smoking? That could have made all the difference. 🙂

  89. Animals are some weird mofo’s. Sox, the new kitten sniffs Ollie’s ass and Ollie returns the favor. My wife says they probably think human’s shaking hands is disgusting. 😐

  90. I have never promoted it. How are kids going to believe truth if we con them from the get go? Not me, buddy. No Santa, no Easter Bunny, no Tooth Fairy, I ain’t promoting no bogus narrative to the unsuspecting youth, plus all the added baggage that comes with the necessary traditions. Bah!

    You must forgive me Poolman if I find this strange coming from a devout believer in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Seriously, my mother had a friend many years ago who told her “How could I possibly tell my child there is no Santa Claus? Then he might not believe in God either.”

  91. You must forgive me Poolman if I find this strange coming from a devout believer in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    I had no doubt you would find it strange for that very reason. But I have a relationship with that very person and it would be impossible for me to not believe He was resurrected as scripture depicts and history reveals. There is no grave and it is known He walked the earth as recorded by many peoples and religions, so I say it more difficult to deny than believe.

    There was a ‘Santa Claus’ in reality, but he isn’t the myth we promote. The magic is real, the story is not. But for me to promote a myth is against my being. I’ve put on ‘airs’ to impress girls in the past and as a child was quite mischievous, but aside from kidding, I would never intentionally mislead any child. That isn’t saying I’m out to enlighten everyone I meet.

    My God is real to me. Ever present, ever available.

  92. Even if I didn’t allow my kids the wonder of Santa….they still would one day realize they have been hoodwinked by a myth. You think Santa is bad. My three year old thinks I’m an all knowing hero. I have the strength of Achilles. I eat monsters for breakfast and have more cool in me then ten fonzies. I’m the funniest, fastest and most ferocious creature in the universe. And you guys think Santa is a stretch?

  93. Animals are some weird mofo’s.

    They operate on a completely different level than most of us, that’s for sure. We all have a unique output including smell. Animals just hone in on that right away. Cats will put their ass voluntarily in your face given an opportunity to show friendship. Our indoor/outdoor cats sometimes bring carcasses of birds or lizards back home and leaves them in prominent spots as to share with us.

  94. Three-year-olds need heroes. The media bombards them with plenty of heroes and demons, they need a live role model. Dad SHOULD be the hero. By the time they find out you are not all knowing and all powerful they should have a good foundation.

  95. “Animals are some weird mofo’s.”

    We can take lessons from animals, Rutherford. It’s humans that are weird. I would rather deal with a four legged ass sniffing animal than a two legged asshole that has his head up his butt (pardon my French 🙂

  96. I was Santa’s helper at a British orphanage. No body sniffed me.

    I stood out side of Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s birthday on a warm day.I sniffed too many people in need of baths.

  97. My belief in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy are still fond memories for me, and I hope for my children.

  98. “I’ll say it again. No aluminum jet can take out a steel skyscraper. Period. Unless there are other elements involved, it’s impossible. And there are 1,800 professionally certified engineers that agree with me and have collectively staked their reputations on it.”

    Sorry, don’t buy it.

    I can better you on that, actually. Here’s an *air* jet cutting steel. I don’t think air is as tough as aluminum, do you? (different definition of “jet” but you get the idea).

    Skip to 5min or so.

    All you have to do is energise the air spray with a little electricity. Now think about energising hundreds of thousands of pounds of aluminum – and steel – at over 500 mph. The result is like a bomb going off.

    I have said this before: At the energy levels we are talking about, your everyday commensense ideas about what will *cut* what do NOT apply. You have no experience, nor do I, with the hundreds of millions or billions of foot-lbs of energy deposited with these aircraft impacts.

  99. “I never thought of that Poolman. Mmmmm, hey Rabbit why don’t you call Jews lazy? How many Jews have you had on a roofing job? Come to think of it, how many Asians for that matter?”

    Simple. They, like a particular white boy I know, were studying for their high school exams while others were shooting baskets. Now they work in air conditioning, and the hoopsters are roofing. And they are the lucky ones. The rest are sitting on the street corner with their thumbs up their asses.

    See? Actions really DO have consequences.

    Gotta tell you, Rutherford – it is very difficult for someone who grew up like I did – and got NO leg-up of any kind because of his color or any other irrelevancy – to have much sympathy for others who grew up poor and did nothing about it except stick their hand out for charity. God helps those who help themselves.

  100. “Animals are some weird mofo’s. Sox, the new kitten sniffs Ollie’s ass and Ollie returns the favor. My wife says they probably think human’s shaking hands is disgusting. ”

    You don’t know about that, Rutherford? God, am I ever going to be able to get you educated?

    Here’s what happened: Once upon a time, dogs were very civilized, and in fact even went to church every Sunday. To be polite, they hung their a**holes on a nail at the back of church as they went in the door, so as not to flash anyone and offend them.

    One day, there was a big fire at the church and the dogs ran out, grabbing a**holes as they went, not taking time to identify which they had grabbed.

    So, the reason dogs sniff each other these days is that they are trying to find their own. (courtesy of my grade/high school friend D.)

  101. Rutherford, I described newt’s link (73) much better than you did in 105. I didn’t use untrue, insulting names, and I noted interview errors

    .I also wrote that Fox could have done better. You could have managed as well with similar comments from a liberal slant.

    You do know how to use irony, but I think that in itself is ironic..

    Just so you know, I feel proud about that one.

  102. Back in the old days, society denied occupations to Jews.One job left open to them was handling money. Over time, they became very successful.

    I agree with Pfessor in 120. The woods are full of bad choices around here. too.

    “When I was in school,
    I ran with a kid down the street.
    But I watched him burn himself
    up on bourbon and speed.
    But I was smarter than most
    and I could choose.
    Learned to talk like the man
    on the six o clock news
    When I was 18
    Lord, I hit the road
    But it really doesn’t matter
    how far I go.”

    Don Williams-“Good Ole Boys Like Me”

    That song explains much which is wrong with our society.

    Kerli, the Estonian singer is a good role model for young black and white people who give little thought to the future until it catches them.

    Schools ought to teach how determination and skills will lead to success. Instead we have a generation wallowing in self pity and resentment for more successful people.

  103. R @96 I would surmise that until Benghazi the majority didn’t know who Rice was. Hilary was a known entity with street creds and to some a formidable persona.

    Rice has shown herself to be a pimp for Obama or if that’s not the case then she’s a fool for allowing herself to fall into a trap. If she had a shred of decency she would resign for allowing them to put her on the chopping block.

  104. Amen Ragi!

    A business writer said on an Omaha radio station that the top five managed states are near my home The bottom five worst managed states with the exception of Arizona are Democratic- controlled, big government operations.

  105. re 119

    Water is a solid wall if you impact it at high speeds and when properly directed, can cut through stone and other dense material.


    Plasma cutting and skyscrapers disintegrating are not one-in-the-same.

    Penetration and disintegration are not cause and effect. Kerosene, after the explosive bomb force of impact, does not burn very hot. If it did, your diesel motor couldn’t be made of cast metal. The excessive black smoke from the office fires with living humans occupying the same space confirms that was the case in the twin towers.

    Once again, I don’t doubt the aluminum can PENETRATE steel and concrete. That isn’t the issue. And had these two skyscrapers collapsed on impact, your ‘science’ example might have legs, though none of it comes anywhere near addressing what happened to building 7, the one they decided to ‘pull’ at 5pm that day.

    In my school years, we did experiments comparing differing materials to show how objects in motion react in a collision. Basically what was learned is how various materials react at certain speeds and conditions, as when ‘soft’ material could take out denser ones given shape, mass, and velocity.

    If I take an automobile and crash it into a brick wall at 70 mph, I get essentially the same effect as taking that brick wall and sending it 70 mph into that same parked automobile. The forces are equal and the elements react the same when the impact points are the same.

    If I take an airplane made of steel girders and 3000 psi concrete and I impact an aluminum building at the same velocity, I should see similar results. I can visualize a plane penetrating and likely going completely through the aluminum structure, exiting the other side fairly intact, not disintegrating until it travels beyond the structure and impacts the ground. Even then, I would expect to see some recognizable plane parts that survive the impact.

    Do you know how fast a commercial 767 jet can fly without literally falling apart? At the speeds these planes impacted the towers, THEY should have disintegrated on impact instead of slicing into the walls like a knife through butter. Car vs brick wall. Have you ever seen a car slice through a wall? Now, don’t pull up your rocket sled video, I’ve seen it twice and it still doesn’t explain disintegration or collapse. All parts are still identifiable even at those impact speeds.

    But let’s agree it happened that way, for the sake of simplicity. Plane slices through steel. Explodes into ball of fire. Twice. Now what? These things were still standing well after initial impact and the resulting transfer of energy. What then caused the steel and concrete to fail? What is it about this event that causes people to take off their thinking caps?

  106. I’m not asking for help, just some common sense. All you’ve proven so far, Pfesser, is penetration and I don’t question penetration. Hell, I’ve seen straw penetrate telephone poles. Amazing! Both straw and telephone pole STILL intact. You haven’t once explained disintegration/pulverization.

    Sorry is right.

  107. Newt, the working class conservative link is so stupid it has nothing to work with.

    Otherwise, your asking if the straw had a full tank of fuel on board was hilarious to me. Good job.

    I do want to see the Lincoln movie.

  108. Gay Marriage and Marijuana were legalized on the same day.

    Leviticus 20:13 – “If a man lay with another man, he should be stoned.”

    We have just been interpreting it wrong all these years.

    It all makes sense now!!!!

  109. Parts? That explains what? I would expect to see plane parts. More than that actually, like stuck in the hole of the building wreckage, like every other plane wreck, including the intentionally brutal display I posted in 133. I am not saying prove a plane hit a building.

    I question the pulverization/disintergration of steel and concrete that occurred well after impact and jets’ fuel burned out, especially in regard to building 7 that was not hit by either plane and disintegrated in its own footprint at 5 that evening.

    Your explanation and links don’t address it. My forehead is getting bloody from pounding it against this apparently indestructible virtual wall you’ve established.

  110. And for the same reason, I never read the bible to them.

    PF this one is tricky. I don’t know my Bible worth a damn but I hold no animosity toward it. I consider it a book of fables with some good lessons to be taught. My kid isn’t the “read to me” type. She likes to read herself. But I’d never put the Bible off limits if she had an interest.

    Contrary to what folks like Tex might believe, I try to walk a very fine line with my kid vis-a-vis religion. I don’t want her to view God as fantasy because I do. I want her to come to the conclusion naturally on her own. I am honest with her that I don’t believe what a lot of other people believe but I always ask her what SHE believes. I don’t think she’s formed a full opinion yet (she’s only turning 9 in January).

    I am of the belief that if children were left alone to develop their own belief system, most would reject an intervening God right around the same time they rejected Santa Claus. Sadly, kids are forced to worship as their parents do.

  111. LOL James my kid doesn’t believe in Santa but I think she’s left her friends alone on it. I was more like you. I broke my best friend’s heart as a kid when I told him there was no Santa.

  112. Just a little quick and dirty math: Shield your eyes, Rutherford.

    Mitchell bomber hits Empire State bldg
    WT – abt 30,000# – let’s say 31,500# for argument = 14,300 kg
    Cruise speed – abt 230 mph = 100 m/s

    E = 1/2 mV^2 = about 76,000,000 Joules

    767 hits WTC
    WT – abt 300,000# = 136,000kg
    Speed – near max = abt 500mph = 224m/s

    E = 1/2mV^2 = about 3,411,968,000 Joules

    ratio = 3,411,968,000/76,000,000 = ~ 45/1

    45 to 1. Take your Mitchell and multiply times forty-five in a single impact.

    You are barking up the wrong tree. Sorry.

  113. James, any American who believes taxing the rich will solve our economic woes is living in a fairy tale.

    I agree Raji but allow me some wordplay here.

    The notion of making the rich “pay their fair share” is a major misnomer. It has been proven repeatedly that the rich probably pay more than their fair share as it is.

    I prefer to use another phrase that Obama has used — “Don’t give the rich a tax break they do not need.” THAT, to me is the real issue. When you are in debt up to your eyeballs you don’t give goodies to folks who don’t need them. For that reason alone, the Bush tax cuts for the rich should be allowed to expire.

    Defining rich as $250,000.00 per year is problematic in my book. I’d be much more comfortable with a cool million. Then again, from what I understand, 250K put you in the top 2%. And let’s not forget that the tax increase is on the amount earned OVER 250K. The first 250K of income is taxed at the current rate.

  114. LOL Lurker that’s a cute Santa story.

    Hey big time recommendation! “Arthur Christmas” is becoming a standard in the Lawson household. We rented it from Netflix last week and we all loved it. I liked it so much I’m going to buy it for our permanent collection.

    It’s a story of passing the “Christmas business” from one generation to another combined with a cautionary tale about technology. I’m telling you, it was a real hoot … and Grandpa Christmas steals the show.


  115. I recall only one year in which my daughter bought the Santa myth and it was when she told mommy that she feared she hadn’t been a good enough girl all year to get any gifts. Her heart was broken and she just boo hoo’d. Mommy of course reassured her that gifts would be under the tree and that she’d been a good enough girl.

  116. I’m the funniest, fastest and most ferocious creature in the universe.

    You know, Rabbit, I have mixed feelings on that one. On the one hand I’d love for my daughter to worship me that way. On the other hand I’d feel so guilty that she was fooling herself.

    I overheard her say proudly to a friend once “my Daddy has a radio show” and I damn near intervened to tell them both “it’s not a REAL radio show.” I let it pass. My wife scolded me later for even thinking about correcting her — “let her be proud of you for something.”

    Mmmmmm. 😐

    On the flip side I learned my Dad was just a human being when I was in college. It’s not that he did anything wrong .. just looked more human and vulnerable than I’d noticed before … and I didn’t like it.

  117. The problem with taxing high incomes is that you are not taxing the rich. Buffett, for example, has generally paid himself about 100,000 dollars. His wealth is in his stock holdings, which keep going up. He won’t be taxed on them until he sells, which of course he never will. When he dies, his holdings will go to his heirs on a “stepped-up” basis, which is to say the capital gains will not be counted. We call that free money. But for now, Buffet’s wealth is in billions, of course, but his income is quite modest.

    When you tax high incomes, you are taxing the productive, but not necessarily the wealthy. In point of fact, they are not USUALLY synonymous; and those who have a high income generally are high spenders. THEIR money goes to the “little guy” – the guy who makes yachts for them, the builder who makes houses, the carpenter, the candlestick maker.

    I truly understand the peril in electing a person inexperienced and unschooled in economics to the presidency. You thought Carter was bad! If we calculated our national economic data honestly, Obama’s admin would make Carter look like a piker.

  118. R @147. I agree in principle but the American people still think that the rich need to pay their fair share. If you do the math a couple making 250K+ will ONLY pay $195 extra in taxes if the Bush tax cuts expire.I still contend the Obama phrase is a campaign slogan.

  119. “just looked more human and vulnerable than I’d noticed before … and I didn’t like it.”

    Rutherford, that happens to every child. Rabbit’s son will worship the ground he walks on until he is a teenager then the day will come when Rabbit will need to knock his socks off to prove Father knows best. A father’s daughter warrants a special relationship and she should compare every man to her father and her father should think every guy isn’t good enough for his daughter.

  120. #153, actually on the first $250,000 they would get the extended Bush tax cut and only pay a higher tax rate on anything over that.

  121. 148 Kids are mean aren’t they Rutherford?

    I agree, Raji. Our daughter and I are so much alike she even acknowledged it when she was in high school. No man was good enough for her until she met our son in law.

    Even now, if we eat out, she wants to make sure the restaurant is suitable for me, and she sometimes asks me what she should serve when she prepares dinner because she wants me to enjoy it.

  122. Britain’s labor government instituted a high tax rate for millionaires. They didn’t realize half of the rich would leave the country or send their assets away. The Conservatives are debating lowering the rate because the tax has caused a net loss of income.

    Warren Buffet told Matt Laurer that even though raising taxes on the well-off wouldn’t raise much money, it would improve the middle Class’s moral.

    I read that the richest people, because much of their income is from investments, not wages start paying a lower rate after $2 million. If so that would be a better limit than $200,000 or $250,000.

    No tax increases will help until we reduce spending. If we ensnare too many productive tax payers our tax income will decline.

  123. I mostly agree with 147, but one must distinguish who among the rich is most productive and who needs a tax break. Based on the article I read but who’s author I forgot, we might want to set the limit at $2 million.

  124. Newt, the working class conservative link is so stupid it has nothing to work with.

    I beg to differ. It is a stereotype but it does characterize a certain sort of conservative who admires the rich and has no idea when he’s being screwed by them.

  125. I truly understand the peril in electing a person inexperienced and unschooled in economics to the presidency.

    Ehhhh didn’t old George W have an MBA from Harvard Business School? Do you really want to go there?

  126. A father’s daughter warrants a special relationship and she should compare every man to her father and her father should think every guy isn’t good enough for his daughter.

    The latter is definitely true. As for comparing other men to me, I’m not sure how I’ll fare in those comparisons. We’ll see.

  127. While I still think Susan Rice is getting a bum rap it was interesting to see Chris Matthews interview Senator Susan Collins today on Hardball. Collins is not one of your typical GOP nutjobs. She seems fair and is known for reaching across the aisle. Her criticism of Rice came off well reasoned and not overly partisan. My old buddy Matthews was taken aback a bit and shrunk away from his staunch defense of Rice.

    Look, when I saw Rice on the Sunday shows, my jaw dropped because I already knew that Libyan leaders themselves were blaming terrorists. But I still think she’s getting too much heat for being a team player. If more folks like Collins voiced concerns, it could spell trouble for Rice. It’s easy to dismiss McCain’s concerns …. he’s an a$$hole.

  128. BTW on a side note … one reason some GOPhers want to disqualify Rice is that they want Kerry in the Sec of State job which would then open the door to Scott Brown returning to the Senate.

  129. PF: I truly understand the peril in electing a person inexperienced and unschooled in economics to the presidency.

    R: Ehhhh didn’t old George W have an MBA from Harvard Business School? Do you really want to go there?

    And the country had a GDP of $12. And absolutely no interference in business from Congress or the President; so the only thing “guiding” the economy was Adam Smith’s unseen hand. Do YOU really want to go there?

  130. R – I’m still slogging along with “Rule and Ruin.” Nixon has taken the easy path, with the Southern Strategy; his paranoia has gotten the better of him vis à vis the student protests and he has transformed from the more intellectual moderate to the hunkered-down, wagons-in-a-circle conservative, isolated and hating the students who dare oppose the Warn – wanting to unleash the full power of the Presidency upon them.

    One of my very favorite photos from that era:


    Over and over we learn the same lesson: protests only work if they are non-violent. The Powers that Be know very well – you provoke the protesters to violence and then attack them as criminals, with the backing of the public. (Occupy Wall Street, et al, anyone?)

    Why was MLK successful? He told his people that, paraphrasing: “If you cannot bear the billy clubs on your body, the fire hoses, the dogs – without striking back, we do not want you in our march.” Classical Gandhi. One-hundred percent effective, too. Great, great men.

  131. 162, Rutherford, they probably exist, but I have never met a stereotype like that. Have you? In any event, they are not representative of conservatives.The whole bit was overstated. I could counter with a similar stereotype of liberals, but it would be as false.

    Bush’s MBA? I do want to go there. Democrats and the press have ignored how Bush performed in office. His policies helped take us out of a recession worsened by the 9/11 attacks which Ossama had expected would make our recession worse than it was.

    Bush predicted a recession during the first campaign, and Democrats accused him of trying to damage economic confidence. He saw it coming before they did.

    Our national unemployment rate was something we would envy today. I have mentioned it before. Around 2004-5, the unemployment rate was about 4.5 to 5%, and the New York Times commented on the unexpected windfall of tax money entering the treasury after the tax cuts.

    Bush also warned Congress the housing bubble was dangerous and that they needed to better regulate Fannie and Freddie. Democrats, including Obama disagreed.

    We would have been better off had spending not risen, but that is also partly the Democrats’ fault because they controlled Congress in later years.

    I’m not focusing on wars or over spending, and Bush deserves crticism too, but the fact is that Bush’s economic record is better than Obama’s. So, yes, I will happily go there and show the family movies of my trip.

  132. I have mentioned twice that Susan Rices’ cozy attitude with African dictators as a further disqualification. I had forgotten until Collins mentioned them about the two embassies blown up in Africa during Rice’s tenure as Clinton’s secretary for African Affairs or whatever the office was named..

    Susan Rice influenced Obama’s failed Middle East policy. In many respects. it was her baby, and in her interest to deny the failure. Rice was either a liar or too stupid to know she was a sacrificial lamb. Both scenarios disqualify her for Secretary of State.

    Your inability to believe McCain because he is an a hole is a minor failing of yours. You should discount emotions and judge what someone says by looking at the facts. and the context. Was McCain alone, or were others who are not A holes saying the same thing?

    I think John Kerry is an A hole, but I believe he is a better choice as Secretary of State than Rice. You need to separate the message from the messenger. Even A holes can be right. Easy for me to say. I fail to distinguish them too, but I do try.

    I had never considered Kerry’s appointment as a gateway for Brown’s return to office. Very clever. My complement to you for thinking of that.

  133. “But I still think she’s getting too much heat for being a team player.”

    Are we all adults here? Are we not accountable for the words we chose to say? She made the choice to say those words herself. The consequences in the adult world is you are accountable for the things you say.

  134. Raji@172. Wow. Really, really good article. Thorough and even-handed. I’ll be reading the City Journal from now on.

    They mention the Left’s darling, Nobel prize-winner Paul Krugman. I have read his articles many, many times and have come to the conclusion that Alfred Nobel’s descendants are right: the Nobel Committee needs to drop the Peace Prize and prize for Economics. Neither one is based on any rigourous science, and is completely a political award – just a way for a bunch of socialists in Sweden to poke the capitalist countries in the eye.

  135. McCain and the others are doing the right thing regardless of their unknown motives. Four people died, and an unknown number of others were endangered.The administration seems disinterested in finding or revealing the cause of the “bump in the road.”

    John Stewart seems unusually incourious about what happened. In that skit, Stewart is an unfeeling bastard.

    I enjoyed writing that. Is it as much fun for you as it is for me?

  136. And absolutely no interference in business from Congress or the President; so the only thing “guiding” the economy was Adam Smith’s unseen hand.

    The Federal reserve got invented by Barack Obama? Sorry dude our economic system was broken long before Obama showed up. Adam Smith has been tied up in a closet for a good long time. Ron Paul didn’t start his rants on January 20, 2009.

  137. James, we all care about what happened, but some of us are reasonable and realize investigations take time. Only hooligans and opportunists go off the deep end before all the facts are in.

  138. His policies helped take us out of a recession worsened by the 9/11 attacks which Ossama had expected would make our recession worse than it was.

    Huh??? Osama bin Laden got EXACTLY what he wanted. The 3000+ dead was only the appetizer. His main course was the ruin of the American economy and he got it in spades.

  139. Very clever. My complement to you for thinking of that.

    Must give credit where it is due … lots of liberal pundits are saying this is a back door method to get Brown back in the Senate.

  140. R said: “And absolutely no interference in business from Congress or the President; so the only thing “guiding” the economy was Adam Smith’s unseen hand.
    The Federal reserve got invented by Barack Obama? Sorry dude our economic system was broken long before Obama showed up. Adam Smith has been tied up in a closet for a good long time. Ron Paul didn’t start his rants on January 20, 2009.”

    C’mon, Rutherford – you’re just shooting from the hip. You know exactly what I mean. Of course BO didn’t invent the Fed; but it is the Fed’s existence that now gives an amateur like BO many of the weapons to wreck the economy, though. The founders didn’t have those. Of course the system was screwed up prior to Hussein’s reign, but THOSE guys weren’t trying to put a socialist system in place. They COULD have, but were not the amateurs that BO is and knew that it does not, has not and never will – work.

    Tighten up your thought processes, Dude…

  141. Thanks for the math in 146, Pfesser. I know the bomber was not the size of the commercial jets that hit WTC 1 or 2, nor traveling as fast. No argument there regarding the greater INITIAL IMPACT force. It still doesn’t address the disintegration(s) of 3 structures into a pile of twisted steel and dust. If anything, it would initiate a toppling effect, which did not occur in all THREE cases.

    Other considerations, if you want to compare the two incidents, are the volatility of airplane fuels then and now, since explosive airplane fuel was what incurred the greatest damage in BOTH cases.

    Another important difference is the size and construction design of the different buildings. WTC 1 and 2 were designed WITH the advent of up to three commercial jet planes crashing into them as a result of the incident at the ESB.

    Kudos for a really nice run this time, but you are still skirting the issue.

    I read Newt’s link to a proposed ‘kiln’ theory and got a chuckle. Not very convincing to me, having done pottery and working with both electric and gas kilns. Sorry. A grasping at (fuel impregnated) straws. Remember, there were people in this ‘kiln’ hanging out of the windows and talking on phones. For this ‘anomaly’ to occur two or three times in the same day is way too far out, even for me.

  142. Only hooligans and opportunists go off the deep end before all the facts are in.

    Except, of course, for the case of September 11, 2001, where all the facts were known and undisputed within a couple hours of the event.

  143. Tom Ricks, in his aborted Fox interview makes the key point that 100’s of security personnel died in Iraq and no one gave a rat’s ass about it. Suddenly we’re bent over in pain at the deaths of four “security” folks (who happened to be secret CIA operatives) who got killed in Libya. I’ve got a pinch more sympathy for Stevens himself but even there I smell a rat. I’ve read he was involved in smuggling arms into Syria. Dude probably overstepped his bounds and made himself a target. No one and I mean no one will answer my question … why was he there on 9/11 when he easily could have been in Tripoli? The official report was he had to attend a meeting. My ass …. if I’ve written several letters to the State dept asking for better security and they’ve gone ignored and 9/11 is on the way, I’m hauling ass to safer ground. He would NEVER have gotten fired for that.

    Folks who think this Benghazi thing smells bad are right but they’re right for the wrong reasons.

  144. “Only hooligans and opportunists go off the deep end before all the facts are in.”

    Amen sister! Read your dictionary:

    hooligan — see Lindsay Graham
    opportunist — see John McCain

  145. Newt, I have been personally connected with investigations of wrong doing, we all know of others in the news. Maybe the truth will be revealed and maybe it won’t be. For the purpose of this discussion, hidden causes of the Benghazi attacks are relevant only in what Susan Rice knew and said.

    The central issue with Rice right now is not that she did something illegal. The issue is “should she be chosen to serve as Secretary of State?” Obama has said she is on his list, so Rice’s creditials are a legitimate concern.

    Susan Rice lied to the world, and she was either too stupid to realize she was disembling, or she purposely misled us. One implication is she was such a good team player, she was little more than a puppet. We need an independent force in the office.

    Her earlier record in Africa was not stellor.

    Democrats, John Stewart, and others are running interference for her, and they are besmirching the character of people legitimately asking questions about Rice’s character and state of mind..Susan Rice either thrives during the inquisiton, or she proves herself unfit to serve.

    Enviromnentalists may oppose her because she and her husband have invested millions in Canadian oil companies. One includes the Trans Canada company which wants to build the Keystone Pipeline. I think that is a mark in her favor.

  146. PF as I’ve said time and time again, if Obama is a socialist he’s a damn ineffective one. Our immediate moves to recover from the 2008 financial crash were a wet kiss to Wall Street and big business. Puhleeeeze.

    Tighten up your thought processes, Dude…

    I just started an online course on how to argue. We’ll see if it has any effect. 😉

    P.S. Part of the syllabus involves ad hominem attacks. Shame Tex can’t sit in for that section. 🙂 (For the record, the course teaches that ad hominem attacks are NOT effective argumentation methods. The instructor has already pointed us to this classic Python bit:

  147. Rutherford, I am certain you and your wife will enjoy the movie. I look forward to seeing it again, I am sure I might have missed some of the dialogue as I took in the entire experience of the cinematography, costumes, etc. We often think of politics as dirty business, but one thing I took from this movie is how necessary politics is to our Democracy. It was delicious how this movie served up the political tactics of that era.

  148. There you go again, Rutherford. John Stewart bunted at best. The choir cheered of course, but he seriously needed a bowel movement that night.

    Osama did not destroy the American economy. He nearly succeeded, but the economy recovered, as I wrote before. Al Smith used to say “look at the record.”

    As I wrote before, Ricks’ comparing many security forces who died in Iraq don’t mean squat to the discussion. They were a debate ploy by someone who was cornered. This is not to say their deaths weren’t tragic, and mismanagement might have killed them, but that had nothing to do with Benghazi.

    That’s three for me today. I will now do the Church Lady Superiority Dance.

  149. Newt I saw a discussion of Lincoln on Up with Chris Hayes and one interesting topic was “who is the better advocate — the practical man (Lincoln) or the ideologue (Thaddeus Stevens)?” The notion was that the ideologue has difficulty playing the long game … so eager for immediate change, while the practical advocate sees how incremental change works in the long run.

    Interesting stuff.

  150. One of my ancestors attended the same school of a girl who wrote to Lincoln that he would look better in a beard. Lincoln grew his beard and visited the school. Our ancestor recalled that he had a much higher pitched voice than one would expect for his size and appearance.

  151. Rutherford, personally I think we all start with our ideological viewpoint, the key is if we can for the sake of expediency, commonsense, and history compromise. I found the movie to be very relevant to today, it has been suggested by some that we are still fighting The Civil War, that some issues remain unsettled in the minds of many.
    By the way, I have been invited and I accepted the invitation from President Obama and the First Lady to attend a holiday reception at the White House. I am really looking forward to this event. I have absolutely no idea how I was chosen. I was a volunteer, but so were a lot of other people, so….

  152. Congratulations, Newt. That is a high honor. I feel proud for you.

    Maybe we will see each other there. My invitation hasn’t arrived yet, but it will be here any day.

    It will be a tough choice if the party is schedualed for the night I brush our cat’s teeth.

    Whatever you did, it must have been special.

  153. By the way, I have been invited and I accepted the invitation from President Obama and the First Lady to attend a holiday reception at the White House.

    Very very cool. You’ll definitely have to report back to us, barring any private confabs you have with BO of course. 😉

  154. Here’s what a fuel-air bomb does:

    It shreds everything nearby into dust. Now drive 24,000 gal of kerosene into a building at 500 mph. Think that is adequate atomization to make a fuel-air bomb?

    Sorry, Dude. You are barking up the wrong tree.

  155. Sorry James, I do believe all the invites are received by now. And by the way the reception is an afternoon event. I toured the White House at Christmas time during George W’s tenure, I considered that a great privilege, but this time there will not be velvet ropes and I will be able to sit on the furniture. My daughter will be my guest, she is as excited as I am. Hubby suggested I ask her, then later said, well if she cannot get off work, he would go with me. I doubt very much there will be any political conversation, it is a party.

    We have another event this Saturday, a luncheon for Obama volunteers with all of the national chairpersons attending. My very unpolitical son said, he would be happy to fly in, just to meet Eva Longoria, I am most looking forward to meeting Rahm Emanuel. Our local campaign chairwoman told me last spring, you never know when you volunteer on a campaign where it you take you or who you might meet. She was right.

  156. No, Obama didn’t invent the Fed. But, the Fed has acted in a pretty unprecedented fashion under his watch. So, considering the new, aggressive QE scheme, maybe Obama invented Fed 2.0?

  157. Your son has good judgement, newt. Why would you want to meet Rahm Emanuel when you could visit with Eva Longoria? I’m looking forward to stories about your adventures.

    I agree with dead rabbit.

  158. I think Rahm Emanuel’s background is so interesting and also that it is remarkable that in one family all three of the sons had the drive to do so well in their respective fields.

  159. I agree, but you have to admit that Eva is better looking.

    Perhaps you will gather some clues without being too intrusive about whether their drive comes from family culture, or something else. The subject interests me.

  160. I agree Eva is very pretty and she probably is interesting, it is just that I already know Rahm Emanuel’s background and find that fascinating. I doubt I have a chance to speak with either of them.

  161. Newt, Rahm Emanual or any other douche bag politican you emulate, is your equal . Remember, he serves you. Nothing sickens me more then people getting star struck over the celebrity of a public servant, no matter what side of the aisle. I can get it to some extent when it’s the President. But the mayor of Chigagoland? Or a senator? Etc. Barf.

    We are not comparable to Iceland for obvious reasons. But, the president rode the bus like everyone else over there. I always loved that when I was there. No wonder Iceland said fuck you to the bail outs.

  162. My young pharmacist brother and his pharmacist wife are going to get FUCKED OVER with Obama’s money grab. Their student debt is unbelievable. There you go guys. Welcome to new America. You were smart, worked hard and achieved a tough goal. Now line up for your spanking, bitches!

    Fuck the cliff. Lets go over. President Bankrupt…he don’t give a fuck about the crippling debt.

    Thor….where you at? When is that GDP going to magically appear and reduce our debt? You promised!

    A bankrupt nation run by cowards and perverse thieves. Debasing the dollar due to an ignorant population of dependant wimps distracted by perceived freebies and Dancing with the Stars. Slow boil us all with the destruction of the dollar. No tough decisions that way. Nobody loses any votes. And the same DC politicians get to scarf down the menu at Charlie Palmer Steak House while people like Newt watch with admiration from the window.

    Repeat….a bankrupt nation whoring the future for votes.

    They will never reduce this debt. It can never be reduced. Look at what’s happening right in front of your very eyes.

  163. I agree, rabbit. Obama and the Democrats are not yet serious. If they continue to play chicken we should call their bluff and aim for the headlights.

    I believe Iceland was the first country to recognize Estonia’s independence after the Soviet Union fell.

  164. A Letter from Hobby Lobby Stores CEO
    By David Green, the founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

    When my family and I started our company 40 years ago, we
    were working out of a garage on a $600 bank loan, assembling miniature picture frames. Our first retail store wasn’t much bigger than most people’s living rooms, but we had faith that we would succeed if we lived and worked according to God’s word. From there,Hobby Lobby has become one of the nation’s largest arts and crafts retailers, with more than 500 locations in 41 states. Our children grew up into fine business leaders, and today we run Hobby Lobby together, as a family.

    We’re Christians, and we run our business on Christian principles. I’ve always said that the first two goals of our business are (1) to run our business in harmony with God’s laws, and (2) to focus on people more than money. And that’s what we’ve tried to do. We close early so our employees can see their families at night. We keep our stores closed on Sundays, one of the week’s biggest shopping days, so that our workers and their families can enjoy a day of rest. We believe that it is by God’s grace that Hobby Lobby has endured, and he has blessed us and our employees. We’ve not only added jobs in a weak economy, we’ve raised wages for the past four years in a row. Our full-time employees start at 80% above minimum wage.

    But now, our government threatens to change all of that. A new government health care mandate says that our family business MUST provide what I believe are abortion-causing drugs as part of our health insurance. Being Christians, we don’t pay for drugs that might cause abortions, which means that we don’t cover emergency contraception, the morning-after pill or the week-after pill. We believe doing so might end a life after the moment of conception, something that is contrary to our most important beliefs. It goes against the Biblical principles on which we have run this company since day one. If we refuse to comply, we could face $1.3 million PER DAY in government fines.

    Our government threatens to fine job creators in a bad economy. Our government threatens to fine a company that’s raised wages four years running. Our government threatens to fine a family for running its business according to its beliefs. It’s not right. I know people will say we ought to follow the rules; that it’s the same for everybody. But that’s not true. The government has exempted thousands of companies from this mandate, for reasons of convenience or cost. But it won’t exempt them for reasons of religious belief.

    So, Hobby Lobby � and my family � are forced to make a choice. With great reluctance, we filed a lawsuit today, represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, asking a federal court to stop this mandate before it hurts our business. We don’t like to go running into court, but we no longer have a choice. We believe people are more important than the bottom line and that honoring God is more important than turning a profit.

    My family has lived the American dream. We want to continue growing our company and providing great jobs for thousands of employees, but the government is going to make that much more difficult. The government is forcing us to choose between following our faith and following the law. I say that’s a choice no American � and no American business � should have to make.
    The government cannot force you to follow laws that go against your fundamental religious belief. They have exempted thousands of companies but will not except Christian organizations including the Catholic church.

    Since you will not see this covered in any of the liberal media, pass this on to all your contacts.
    David Green, CEO and Founder of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

  165. Poolmam, I haven’t read it but just out of curiosity, have you ever read the official 9/11 report?

    Yes. I have it in PDF form and have been through most of it more than once. Have you read what the actual commissioners said after compiling it? What a joke.



    I don’t think you are clear on the sequence of events. The jet fuel had burned out when the buildings collapsed. Any fuel-air bomb destruction would have happened moments after impact. The pulverization and disintegration were well past the impact. The south tower collapsed 56 minutes after impact. The north tower was 102 minutes after impact. WTC 7 collapsed 527 minutes after WTC1 was impacted, as it never was hit with plane OR fuel.

    Besides, your explanation doesn’t match the ‘official’ report, let alone the latest government releases or any of the vast independent research.

    In the popular imagination, the jet fuel was the biggest factor in bringing down the towers. News reports emphasized that the transcontinental flights were fully loaded with fuel, while later government reports stated that the 767s were carrying about 10,000 of their 24,000-gallon capacity, and that most of the jet fuel likely burned off within five minutes. Thus, the jet fuel primarily served to ignite the post-crash fires rather than sustain them.

  166. I don’t think David Green has any problem being covered by the media. He apparently is quite a force in the evangelical movement and not surprising a leader against the HHS mandate on birth control. He has the funds to take the issue to the courts.


    Represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Hobby Lobby joins over 80 other organizations and businesses in the now 27 lawsuits pending against the HHS mandate.


  167. DR: “Fuck the cliff. Lets go over. President Bankrupt…he don’t give a fuck about the crippling debt.”

    There’s no cliff. Just another scary name for What Has To Be Done, hoping to frighten the masses into kicking the can even further down the road. Given the ignorance of the American public, I’d give it between a 99 and 101 percent chance of working, too.

    The “fiscal cliff” is a GREAT THING – not a cliff. It’s like a child molester handcuffing himself to the bed every night and giving his wife the keys; these cowfuckers in D.C. know they CANNOT resist taxing and spending, and this is kind of a forced discipline.

    If this fiscal nightmare, perpetrated by the feckless bastards in Washington, is not straightened out soon, best estimates are about fifteen years before the economy gets straightened out and starts to grow. Add that to the ten years since 2000 and you get 25 years of financial desert – far worse than the ‘seventies. Oh, and any (remaining) money you have saved will be wiped out by inflation during those 15 years. Wise up, boys, they TOOK your money and spent it and there is not a goddamned thing you can do about it. It’s GONE.

    It’s take-your-medicine-now, when you are pretty damned sick, or take it later when you are on death’s door. I vote now. I have kids and grandkids. Fuck us in this generation; we caused this mess, and it’s incumbent upon us, not our children, to take the medicine to fix it.

  168. This ongoing issue of birth control/abortion in the HHS mandate could be a moot issue if the medical field of obstetrics and gynecology push through their wish to make birth control an OTC product. The problem is Big Pharm lobbyists will fight it.

  169. Newt, enjoy your visit to the White House. I look forward to receiving my annual picture of my daughter and son-in-law with the current POTUS and FLOTUS at one of the WH Christmas parties. They range from Clinton to Bush to Obama. Only one of the three didn’t take the opportunity to wrap his arm around my daughter but my son-in-law made sure he wrapped his arm around all three FLOTUS’s. 😉

  170. “In the popular imagination, the jet fuel was the biggest factor in bringing down the towers.”

    Couldn’t tell you about that; I’m not popular. Your argument was about the pulverization of the aircraft itself and pulverization of the part of the building it hit; I gave you energy numbers and educated you about fuel bombs. The unpopular PFesser thinks that the impact and the fuel bomb didn’t take down the buildings; it only accounted for pulverization; the subsequent fires took the buildings down.

    Or it could have been the Israelis.


    “and that most of the jet fuel likely burned off within five minutes”

    Let me get this straight. Flight 11 was going from Boston to L.A.; Flight 77 from Dulles to L.A., n’cest pas? …”and that most of the jet fuel likely burned off within five minutes” ??? They burned off most of their fuel in flying from Boston and DC to New York? They burned most of their fuel flying 1/10 of the way to the Left Coast? What did they propose to fly on for the REST of the flight? Piss? Transcontinental flights were going to be conducted without fuel? Do you know how far it is across the US?

    Where do I get a plane like that, that needs no fuel to fly across the U.S.? At over $5/gallon, that would save me a lot of money in my Skylane.

    (By the way, it might surprise you to know that gasoline has ~15X the energy per gram as TNT. Why? Because TNT must carry its own oxidizer with it; gas uses available air – which is why fuel-air bombs are so devastating. BTW, kerosene (jet fuel) has even more.)

    Somebody stop me! Please!

  171. I agree with Pfessor. it is more like a slope than a cliff. It will probably take us into another recession, but what else is new? The Democrats care more about making Republicans look bad than about fixing the economy. They are class warriors.

    None of my family has attended a presidential party, but our niece has a picture of Robin Williams with his arm around her during her second tour in Afghanistan.

    No need to stop you Pfessor. you and poolman are entertaining, and you bring more traffic to Rutherford’s blog.

  172. James – did you ever read “All Creatures Great and Small” by Herriot? Sometimes I feel like that poor veterinarian, trying to bring science to the moors. “Your cow lost its calf because of a bacteria. You need to get her vaccinated.” “Did not! I just need to bury the calf under the doorway to her stall and she’ll never lose another!”

  173. Ha ha Ragi!

    Pfessor, yes, I have read “All Creatures Great and Small.” The BBC broadcast a series based on his book years ago.. It describes rural British attitudes pretty well. Bringing science to the moors is hard work.

    Many in Wales drove livestock to market in family cars. We met vehicles with sheep or goats sticking their heads out the back seat windows.

  174. Thanks Raji, I am looking forward to the White House event on the twelfth. I will be in Virginia/DC for a week and weather permitting I plan to do and see as much as possibly can while I am there.

  175. Poolman – to add to WTC conversation. Some of the people who live in the area were not so surprised by the collapse when considering the amount of corruption in construction in NY. The concrete and welds etc may not have been done to spec. If true this could contribute to the collapse.

  176. I’m glad you posted the link. We need to see it.

    No it is not about protecting the 2% as Carney said. It is about class warfare.

    Obama wants to raise taxes for people (over $200,000 and $250,000) and release another stimulus while deferring any spending cuts to the distant future. Democrats are attempting to maneuver Republicans to agree to tax increases while denying them spending cuts.

    That will hurt them politically and it is why Democrats are emphasizing lip service to saving the middle Class’s lower tax rates..

    Kelly Clarkson tells us what the Republican reaction should be better in a short space than I could.

    “You think I’m stupid
    but the truth is…
    You need to know this situation’s getting old
    And now the more you talk
    The less I can take, oh
    If you don’t have the answer
    Why are you still standing here?
    Just walk away.”

  177. Poolman should be happy. Kelly Clarkson supported Ron Paul.

    Lurker made a good point. I don’t know if it has basis in truth, but I like it. Cudos.

  178. James, so that is what the right is telling you? Not the case, there will be budget cuts, just not on the backs of middle class and the needy. If you all had noticed the set of President Obama’s jaw when he spoke on this matter right after the election, you would be aware that you now dealing with a tougher Obama.

  179. Newt, I am getting my information from the Omaha World Herald and the internet.

    Reuters, for example says Obama demands tax increases $1,6 trillion now and offers to cut $400 billion in entitlement payments with no details of which ones or when the cuts would be in effect. He also wants the power the adjust the national debt level without Congress’ help.

    This agreement is supposed to solve our deficit problem, not redistribute our income or further empower the president.. I am not averse to tax increases for some or all of us if we control our spending at the same time. This Democratic proposal will do little to change our course. Any agreement requires details and time lines.

    I also have noticed the set of Obama’s jaw and his tone of voice. I traveled the same territory when extortionists tried to kill me. Now, I am here and they are gone. You will recall an NPR interviewer on Science Friday Talk of the Nation, called me a perfect storm in front of God and everybody. I know I am a pain because I react to stimuli as if they were from the past, but it is how I survive..

    I assume Obama is not, but his tone and set of jaw say “extortionist.”He needs to speak more softly and at least pretend to make concessions. For that reason, I think Republicans should tell him they want no part of the present Democratic proposal.

    He also reminds me of my wife when she tried to bargain in Naples and Pizza. She is assertive and determined. The set of her jaw didn’t work too well. I had to rescue the deals until she learned.

    Another thing. I think the secret negotiations are a travesty. The outcome of the discussion will affect us all, and we need to know more than we do..

  180. Lurker…..no no no. The buildings were rigged with explosives before the planes hit on live television. Duh! It’s so obvious. They rigged them up late at night. Nobody knew. Only a couple dudes did it. And they were wearing those president masks from the movie Point Break.

    Can you believe we share a nation with such fools that planes loaded with jet fuel can smash the World Trade Center live on TV and 10 percent of the country believes the buildings came down from some other nefarious caper? No wonder we are fucked.

  181. Since my wife and my first home was in Essex, I am a sucker for British humor.Thanks for the memories. I know people like that.

    Back in the 1950’s, the BBC as an April Fools joke recorded a documentary on the Italian spagetti harvest. It showed Italian field hands picking spagetti from trees.

    I wish we were there now. The Carngorum ski slope opens tomorrow. The last two winters have been very snowy.

    Dead rabbit, that is disquieting. We have land and food.

  182. Your argument was about the pulverization of the aircraft itself and pulverization of the part of the building it hit; I gave you energy numbers and educated you about fuel bombs.

    No, no, no. My argument was about the entire pulverization of 3 buildings WELL AFTER the energy of impact and all “fuel bombs” were spent. Are you not following? I got the penetration. I got the huge bomb force. I got the atomization in the blast zone. These planes created huge explosions and fireballs upon impact that blew out offices and windows above and below the floors they penetrated. I got that. NIST even estimated where and how all the fuel was consumed. There were witnesses in various parts of the building describing the devastation of the fuel bombs. Firemen reported on the destruction. It sent flaming debris in all directions. Got it.

    You keep going around about these forces of impact and explosion of fuel. Believe me, I get they can be huge and powerful. But AFTER they did their worst destruction and all we had was office fires, SOMETHING besides fires caused steel to crumble and concrete to disintegrate and turn to dust, like a whitish gray volcano spewing fountains of debris. It really is quite an awesome sight to watch.

    My SIL recycles concrete. They pulverize it to make ABC fill for construction of roads and building foundations, for example. The machinery necessary is quite impressive. The concrete shows up in huge pieces of slabs and such. His job is to break it down. Huge loaders and hydraulic hammers knock it down into manageable sizes and it is fed into a crusher. It goes in as big chunks and comes out as rocky dust. It is quite a process that requires a tremendous degree of crushing force to achieve. Concrete doesn’t easily break down to its basic elements. And fire will do no more than crack it.


    I don’t think faulty welding was an issue, Just A Lurker. There would have been many opportunities to discover that during the many inspections required throughout construction. Building 7 is really the mystery. It was called a fortress, was overbuilt, and housed many important government agencies. No plane hit it, and it was 300 feet away from them. It collapsed at near free fall speed at 5:23pm on September 11.


    Yeah, we all saw it happen on TV, so it must be just as they said. 🙄

  183. ROTFLMAO — Somewhere out There in honor of Tex and Tigre? Rabbit, you big hearted dude you!

    Hey as you know, I don’t lock the door to the bar. The patrons either come in or they don’t. I did get a tweet from Alfie today. 🙂

    BTW, the dude on X-Factor who reminded me of you got sent home this week. He was in a sing-off with a thirteen year old girl with a good set of pipes. Even though his performance in the sing-off really was superior his overall performance record didn’t match hers.

  184. Well some of you know I had been studying for a qualification “exam” for a part time job. I was given two shots at it and failed both times. So it’s back to the drawing board. I think I found one of their competitors so I’m gonna pick myself up, dust myself off and apply there on Monday. Maybe I can make it through THEIR screening process?

    On the plus side, I am running a webinar for a fee next week. I’d have to work the part-time job two weeks to make the same money I make running a webinar with a total of about five hours prep + execution. If I only had a steady stream of clients, I’d be sitting pretty. Of course if I had bought that half-billion lottery ticket, I’d be sitting pretty too. Life is full of if’s. 😦

  185. Their student debt is unbelievable.

    Rabbit your brother and sister-in-laws debt has nothing to do with Obama. Like 99% of folks, they couldn’t afford to pay for pharmacy school and now they owe big time.

    There are a bunch of folks (almost entirely liberals) calling for massive debt forgiveness for individual citizens. What do you think of that? I don’t know how you pay for that forgiveness and I’m not sure the forgiveness is justified in every case.

    The fact is it is very hard to live “within one’s means” in this society.

  186. The problem is Big Pharm lobbyists will fight it.

    I’m soooooo tired of everyone just trying to make a buck and who cares about anyone else. Some dude was doing a pledge drive show on PBS tonight — some motivational speaker with some positive energy bullsh*t that he was …. SELLING. The only positive energy he wanted to see come out of me was the energy to open my wallet.

    Consider this — a woman with fifteen cats in her home is considered a psycho. A dude with boxes and boxes of plastic wrap is considered a “hoarder” and a psycho. But the dude who has BILLIONS of dollars, more than he could possibly know what to do with, is considered a paragon of virtue. Why the f*ck is HE not considered a psycho? It is better presented by my buddy Lee Camp:

  187. No need to stop you Pfessor. you and poolman are entertaining, and you bring more traffic to Rutherford’s blog.

    Hear hear!! or is it
    Hear here? or is it
    Hair here? 😉

  188. If I’m not mistaken during the Reagan administration we had tax hikes with cost cutting that never materialized. The GOP feels hoodwinked every time they get into one of these tax hikes for spending cuts bargains. So the GOP gets an ounce of my sympathy.

    Trouble is … NO ONE wants to cut spending. Not the Dem’s and not the Repuibs.

    I DO think the Repubs are exposed by the House not passing the Senate bill that extends the Bush tax rates for those under 250K. If they did that NOW they could set a lot of minds at ease, including some 90+% of small businesses. Then they can haggle about the rich folk after New Years.

  189. you would be aware that you now dealing with a tougher Obama.

    We can only hope. Dude compromised repeatedly in the first term to the detriment of liberal causes. Maybe the reelection has given him some backbone.

  190. When sh*t happens there must be some secret evil story to explain it. It’s the only way we can cope. Kennedy assassination, 9/11 and now Benghazi. We can’t be satisfied with the simplest most obvious accounts. Well, I’ll admit we probably never will have the full scoop on Kennedy.

  191. ‘you would be aware that you now dealing with a tougher Obama.’

    “We can only hope. Dude compromised repeatedly in the first term to the detriment of liberal causes.”

    In what reality did this occur?

  192. Ran across a quote today, Rutherford, that I think you might appreciate:

    “What is needed is a radical’s analysis of the forces at work in society, a liberal’s sense of tolerance and his generous impulses toward the disadvantaged, and a conservative’s respect for traditional values and his skepticism about bureaucracy.” – Auspitz

    Or as an old friend says, “To be consistent, ‘moderation in most things.'”

  193. Obama’s plan to stop the “fiscal cliff includes the following. Does this raise any other eyebrows but mine?

    One new feature in the Geithner plan is a call for increasing the nation’s debt limit without the need for congressional approval. Under last year’s debt ceiling deal, Obama simply had to notify Congress that he was raising the debt ceiling, a move that could be blocked only if both houses of Congress passed resolutions of disapproval that Obama could veto. The administration wants a permanent extension of the debt ceiling with a similar legislative arrangement and with no offsetting spending cuts, as demanded by Republicans.

  194. Rutherford, if I recall Reagen later said he regretted his bargain with the Democrats when he agreed to raise taxes. They lied and welched on their side of the bargain which was to cut expenses..Bush the elder learned the same thing after he agreed to raise taxes and Democrats used it against him in the later campaign.

    Moreover, to say when “shit happens there must be some secret evil to explain it. Its the only way we can cope.” is a waste of space. Sometimes it is true and sometimes not. Also, please explain what happened to me. I never suspected until it was almost too late, the well- meaning evil which lurked beneath.

    You are a smart man and I like you, but because you have not seen organized evil, you are blind enough on this to need a seeing eye dog. We won’t know the truth about Benghazi and other scandals for one reason. Those who know don’t talk to protect themselves.

    The lead character in “The President’s Analyst,” James Coburn, thought the pressure of his job was making him paranoid. Suddenly, the scales fell from his eyes and he realized with joy, “I’m not paranoid! Everyone really is trying to get me!”

  195. Obama is allegedly the leader of a democratic republic, Rutherford. He is supposed to compromise. One who does not is a dictator.

    Ragi makes a good point. My theory is that Obama knows he ls a lame duck. Both sides are playing chicken , and in such a game whether it be two cars or two parties bargaining for the best price of a used car, the one who cares less wins.

    I don’t think Obama cares. He won the election and, from his viewpoint, that gives him the right to be unbending. Of course, he gives lip service to the middle class, but he has already shown he doesn’t care about them. Republicans will give him everything he wants or he will let us fall of the cliff or slope. That is extortion. A trip off the cliff t will be good for him.

    The economy will crash into another recession, our military will lose funding. Pain will spread across the land. Obama knows the press will provide cover and Republicans will take the blame. Democrats will win the next election.

    The Republicans will lose whether they agree with Obama or not. I think they should push Simpson-Bowles a plan which Obama’s own commission created.

    The negotiations should not be held in secret.

  196. Nothing complicated about Benghazi. Just a president over compensating on the eve of an election. Over zealous with the spin. Early in this administration they decided acts of terrorism are political poison. The failed underwear bomb was an example of things working the way they’re supposed to. Work place violence. Man made disaster.

  197. “The negotiations should not be held in secret.”

    I think this is key to Republican victory. Dems will never go for this and the Republicans can play this to their advantage asking the public if Dems are for the poor and middle class, what do they have to hide. Make it all public and expose Dems for their tactics so the blame can go where it belongs.

  198. President Obama’s priority, before the first of the year, is to extend Bush’s tax cut for those earning under $250k. He needs 23 Republicans to vote with the Democrats (assuming there are no abstentions, in which case he won’t need that many votes). Interestingly enough this is a similar situation to the storyline of the movie, “Lincoln,” Nancy Pelosi plans to to bring it to the floor of the House for a vote. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/30/nancy-pelosi-fiscal-cliff_n_2220200.html

  199. Can you believe we live in an era where educated people have conversations about grand scale debt forgiveness. There is only one way to forgive debt. Default and walk proudly with the mark of Cain.

    Rutherford pondering with a streight face that, ” he doesn’t know how we would pay for it”…..twilight zone. Money Trees ya bish.

  200. It has nothing to do with the movie Lincoln. Are you fucking kidding me? Politicians coming together with a scheme to raise our credit limit because we are bankrupt is now being compared by liberals to Lincoln finally addressing slavery????? It’s the OPPOSITE! It’s a failure to address the core problem plaguing America.

    Newt….you’re a rock in roll groupie….except you like liars with hair helmets and extra white teeth. Wake the fuck up. Suck somebody off at the luncheon for rubes. I don’t care. But don’t compare these assholes putting more debt on my son to the Emancipation Proclamation. I’m going to go puke now. Bye.


  201. What I am saying is this a lame duck Congress, with little time left, is being asked to vote on one thing, to extend Bush’s tax cuts for 98% of tax payers. The new Congress will take up everything else, the really complicated, late into the night, hard headed negotiations, when they are sworn in. The Republicans do not want the tax extension for the 98% to be peeled away from the top 2%, because American voters know the top 2% do not pay their fair share. I am comparing the strategies only, not that Obama has some of the same available to him that Lincoln had. But let’s face it the heavy work of passing Bills take place behind the scenes. You better believe, the Democratic leadership knows just where to go for those twenty-three votes and they are arm twisting, etc right now.

  202. In so far as my luncheon today, I think they are using this event to thank us, to also sign us up to work the off year election in 2014 and beyond. It would be a missed opportunity if they didn’t. After all it makes no sense to disband volunteers that brought such an awesome ground game to the 2012 elections.

  203. “American voters know the top 2% do not pay their fair share.” Do they really know, or do they know what they have been told?

    The IRS tells us that the top 1% of people in America pay nearly 25% of all federal income taxes collected. The top 10% pays 52%. The bottom 50% pays 1.85%. The top 10% earns slightly more than 43 % of the total income but pays 70% of income taxes.

    Who decides what is fair? A free enterprise economy should decide. Otherwise, who decides? Do we put it to a vote? Who decides the effect of a tax increase on our economy? Do we hire statisticians? At what point do we decide the golden goose will live or be served for dinner?

    We are losing our focus. This national discussion is intended to agree on ways to cut our spending. Taxes are incidental because we owe too much for them to make much difference.

    Congress and the President may decide to do nothing except to patch something together for the next Congress to debate. They may also do the same.

  204. Have fun, Newt. I agree it is wise to keep the network of volunteers intact. The Republicans would be wise to do the same.

  205. Yahoo!News: “Why Obama is pushing for stimulus in ‘fiscal cliff’ deal”

    ” The increase in the top two income tax brackets would put a drab on consumption, so I think, from the Obama point of view, the spending or tax cuts are designed to offset that drag to consumption” according to Michael Brown an economist at Wells Fargo Securities in Charolette, NC.

    Well well, imagine that. Obama knows the higher taxes will hurt our economy and he won’t tell us. Could he be lying again? Nah. Not our leader.

    A medic friend and his pals in pharmacy had a plan to make some extra money. They would create their own mood altering drug and sell it to foreign nationals around the base. As Obama may ask about his tax the rich scheme, “What could go wrong?”

    Everything was fine until my friend’s complexion changed to yellow. He had to take more drugs to counterbalance the effect of the first. Obama wants to do the same thing with our drug of choice—money.

  206. James, “Who decides what is fair? A free enterprise economy should decide. Otherwise, who decides? Do we put it to a vote?” We are going to have a national discussion on the matter and Congress will decide. Actually I think, ultimately, going to be a lot of head butting on this, in the new Congress we will have tax reform, as well as budget cuts.

  207. Stonkettle Station is as obscessed as he accuses others of being. His article is a thinly disguised attempt to discredit people who want answers about Benghazi. Stonekettle would have us all behave like sheep as we wait for snippets of information our betters choose to feed us. Moreover he attacks the character of McCain and others who want answers. . His equating deaths in Afghanistan is an old ploy I have mentioned before. The two events have nothing in common.

    Afghanistan is a war our government and allies are fighting. The governments, for the most part provide their warriors the wherewithall to do their jobs. Our niece and her husband served two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Several of our children’s classmates served there too, and they described nothing like the betrayal at Benghazi.

    Benghazi was a blunder from the government’s unwillingness to provide the aid diplomats requested to lying about the cause of the attack..

    Besides, obsession can be a positive. Marc Bolan of T Rex knew that God intended for him to be a rock star, but his talent was mediocre at best. He was a nice, sympathetic person who people often helped. Eventually, he became a star.

    Eddie Sachs wanted to race cars and win at Indianaplols, but everyone told him he was not good enough. He never gave up, and he eventually raced at Indie.

    Kerli, an Estonian singer is a bi- polar young woman who cut her self and attempted suicide, but she knew she was destined to be a singer. She never gave up. Now, she lives in California and was named one of the 100 most influential women of Estonia. Some people have also compared her to Lady GaGa.

    The woods are full of such obscessed people who built it themselves. .

    Stonekettle failed to make his point except for the true believers who already agreed with him. He wasted his time.

  208. Newt, the new Congress may well set our course onto a more financially healthly track. I believe it could happen.

    However, this Congress has proven itself gutless, and most of the same people will be butting heads next year.. They may also punt.

  209. They will punt. The only argument is who gets stuck playing special teams. Nobody in Congress likes to take those kind of hits.

    We have already crossed the Rubicon.

    I’ve said it before on here. Debt is the new “Peculiar Institution”, our last one being slavery. I’m not comparing the morality of the two systems. However, we are treating it the same way. The Missouri Compromise kicked the can, as we do every time the cowards meet over the “cliff”. Pfessor is correct. The whole thing is spin to make sure we all remain emasculated and addicted to living on credit. Its all about NOT fixing things.

  210. Yes, James. Of course, James. You are right, James. Everyone is stupid, but you James. Riiiiigggghtttt! And John McCain was born an asshole and he will die an asshole.

  211. I think I know who Lurker is. Ha ha.

    Hey Newt, tap Rahm on the shoulder and ask him if he would like to have a frank conversation about the root cause of why 6 people were murdered and 11 others were injured in Chicago last night alone.

  212. You are learning grass hopper. You are almost there, but part of your lesson is incomplete. Ragi, rabbit, and Pfessor are three who are smarter than I. They also are usually right.

    Some others here are probably smarter too, but their misguided views hide their minds’ full potential.

    Right beats smart, and even assholes can be right.

    I am proud of you. You learn fast. chuckle.

  213. What Newt? 17 people shot and its not even a hometown conversation? I guess dead niggas are bad etiquette for a luncheon conversation at a liberal love fest. Plus dead niggas don’t vote.

    Do you think 6 were shot in Benghazi last night?

    Hey maybe you could ask Rahm about the black unemployment rate in Chicagoland….3rd highest in the land.

    Oh….can’t do that either. Ok, sit there and pat one another on the back for the great things you do. Keep fighting the good fight. Winning elections and stuff. Gear up for the next campaign. That’s what its all about.

  214. Lurker. Even dum dums like me can teach, and you are living proof.Its a gift.

    A Ukrainian girl auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.”Simon Cowel said “you’re bad even for Ukrainian!” So was that last link, bad even for a liberal. Now you understand why you need to find a better class of sites.

    rabbit you know Democrats won’t care about blacks again until the next election. Blacks and poor whites can play with their Obama phones for the next two years.

  215. LOL. My husband is no longer allowed to answer the phone. He heard food and co-chairs and thought good food and national co-chairs. Well there was one, but she lives here and I already know her. Even I am a local co-chair, so I signed a couple of petitions and left before lunch was served. Must have been five hundred people, all local or state co-chairs, there though, the Obama campaign isn’t going away.

  216. Tareq and Michaele Salahi are foiled again. Oh well Newt. I hear Jesse Jackson Jr. is available for a lunch date. Plastic forks and knives only please.

    Keep your chin up, kiddo. America is so demonstrably better off because of the time you give to greater men. We need progressives community organizing in every town so that we all get to taste Chicago’s milk and honey. On the second thought…we’re good here in Detroit….

    Remember, it’s grass roots people like you that make government block cheese so available to everyone for generations to come.

    Isn’t it crazy though. If 6 white people were murdered along with 11 others injured in one night….there would be mass candle light vigils and non stop news coverage.

    It ain’t even news.

    Is it possible that there is more black on black murder in this country in one week then all the Klan lynchings in all of American history? Yet, liberals, the supposed defenders of black people, don’t have a thing to say?

    It’s one thing to admit the failure of progressive politics say in, say, the failed stimulus. But when entire communities routinely savage one another and the family structure has been decimated….to not have a reflective discussion on that….wow.

  217. D R apparently you think I am part of a black community, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you could not be more wrong. I live in an upper middle class, gated community.

  218. DR Just curious…..what have the conservatives done to help the blacks become more “responsible” or encourage them to be all they can be. Telling them the are lazy, irresponsible, always have their hand out for a freebe is no way to win them to your way of thinking. And personally I don’t believe all blacks are like that. I know many who are hard working, want the same things middle class whites want and are no different than you. I mean the whites have their “trailer park trash”, poor white trash who are gaming the system with their hand out for freebes. Whites just don’t talk about it too loudly.

  219. Its your policies that have been implemented. You should have to defend them. But you don’t. And, during campaign season, which pretty much never ends these days, you don’t dare question the status quo. Pointing out insensitive conservatives is same ol’ same ol’ cowardice from people to afraid to reflect on what role progressive politics have had on the families and communities of poor people. Yes, that includes trailer parks.

    Again. They are your policies. Since President Johnson, how have they fared?

  220. “DR Just curious…..what have the conservatives done to help the blacks become more “responsible” or encourage them to be all they can be.”

    Hard to encourage a people to save themselves when their Democrat masters have them so dumb down that they will sell their futures for a phone and a meal card.

    “Telling them the are lazy, irresponsible, always have their hand out for a freebe is no way to win them to your way of thinking.”

    First off this is what Dimocrats tell them Republicans say. Secondly, the black community is proof positive what happens when you make people dependent upon the government.

    “And personally I don’t believe all blacks are like that.”

    Under the category of “really??? ya think???

    “I know many who are hard working, want the same things middle class whites want and are no different than you. ”

    Ya and I know one who thinks he is a leprechaun, this doesn’t mean it has any connection with reality or that it is representative of what most of the community is facing. This particular quote is the basis for 99% of all Leftist thinking and arguments. You state an obscure case and use it to justify policy or a way of thinking.

  221. Here is a little more background, Lurker. Patrick Moneyan was a true liberal of the old school. Unlike many of today’s doctrinare socialists, Monehan had an open mind. I think Chris Mathews worked for him in his early days.

    Moynehan researched and wrote a report which condemned the government’s treatment of blacks. Welfare was ruining black society into a dysfunctional culture of dependence, and he recommended benign neglect to help solve the problem.

    The welfare he described was largely the product of LBJ’s Great Society. Liberals of the time criticized him as heartless, but Moynehan’s predictions were correct. Moreover, the welfare sickness spread to whites.

    Of course I am oversimplfying a little. Some people of all races are naturally unmotivated, but Democrats, not Republicans controlled Congress, and they unleashed their pernicious disease like a flu epidemic.

    Besides damaging a growing percentage of blacks and later whites, the welfare program cost the government money. Clinton’s agreement with Republicans brought forth a new, better, and cheaper way to help the poor. It was praised as one of the main reasons we gained a government surplus.

    Democrats have turned blacks and increasingly whites into domestic cattle. As dependents they vote for their financial masters who send them just enough money to fend off true poverty. Now, Obama has weakened the work requirement attached to the Clinton welfare law.

    Why should they change? The last election tells us. Depend people vote for their benefactors. Again, IL am overstating for effect, because our electorate is also mostly ignorant and easily swayed. Others are believers. For example, a recent survey showed 53% of Democrats have positive feelings about socialism. Most Democrats don’t directly know dysfunctional poor people, so they don’t affect their lives.

    Therefore, if you are a Democrat and wonder why our underclass has such problems, look in the mirror. it will answer you.

  222. I like the link Newt. I could suggest why it changed, but it would be a waste of time. Lurker, can you tell me why newts’ link was superior to yours?

    I’m sure you won’t be too hard on your husband. How far distant did people travel to the meeting? What are your duties as co-chair? Are you elected for as long as you want, or do you have term limits”

    I am a precinct chair, and I serve on our county’s central committee. The precinct folks are politicaly moribund except for the year leading to the caucus. We have no term limits.

    I am sure you do a good job, and my questions are non of my business, but I am curious.

    I read some sanitation workers protested against Rahm because he approved hiring a non union firm which can do the work cheaper. I think economics forced him into the decision, which cost jobs but helped Chicago’s budget.

    The mayor of Detroit said the city faces a culture of entitlement which must change. He also advised people in low population neighborhoods to move to better neighborhoods so the city can abandon failed parts of the city.

    The city attorney of a California city said that because the city is bankrupt, and fewer police are available, the crime rate is rising. He advised people to lock their doors and to buy ammunition.

  223. Benghazi was not a consulate but a CIA operative or in better words a spy post. The “blunder” was a CIA operation gone bad which the government tried to cover up by blaming a video. Operations like this happen all over the world. This one hit the news because a so called diplomat ( undercover CIA) was killed. Time to move on.

    Apparently there is some old baggage between Rice and McCain that may be stirring the pot. She gave him a call out in public for wearing a flak jacket to visit a Baghdad market and I don’t think he took kindly to the comment.

  224. James, like you I’m just an old fart playing mental games to keep the brain cells active. We just don’t suffer fools but that doesn’t make us smarter just wiser 😉

    “Tareq and Michaele Salahi are foiled again.” Rabbit you do have a way with words! 😆

  225. “Again, IL am overstating for effect, because our electorate is also mostly ignorant and easily swayed.” -James

    Talk about ignorant!
    Mar 31, 2010: “Earlier today, we (along with a lot of other Web sites) poked fun at Rep. Hank Johnson’s assertion that, were the U.S. to relocate naval personnel to Guam, “my fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”


  226. James, a local co-chair for the Obama campaign is no more than a fancy title for a volunteer. The five hundred attendees yesterday were all from part of the city.

  227. Only 22 more shopping days till Christmas! Or only 19 days till the end of the world, take your pick, but don’t take a rain check!

    242 was interesting, Newt. That is a new one on me. It does nothing to address building 7, but does add another theory to the dozen or so others regarding the demise of the twin towers.

    re 258, one word – Jubilee. We’re past due for a year of jubilee. Every 49 years all things are supposed to reset. Debt forgiveness. Freedom from indenture. It’s biblical. But like usury, they ain’t paying attention. Oh, they will bring it up. No worries there. Just be wary of whatever new implementations will arise as substitute.

  228. So, Mrs. Rabbit and I wrestled with putting our three year old in this full day, 5 day a week school for quite some time. For one, it costs us about 700 a month. We ended up putting him in.

    We just found out half his class pays nothing. Apparently early preschool is an entitlement.

    Here’s the kicker. We got a letter that a dentist was coming to the school. Cool, we will sign up. How much is it. No, no. The dentist is free and only the same kids who get free school get to visit him.

  229. Thanks newt. I’m sure you do a good job.

    Ragi, I had forgotten the flack jacket incident. Whatever the reason, McCain is still right. I read that Susan Rice has a prickly personality. Maybe that is why Hillary recommends Kerry.

    Whatever happened in Libya is so big the administration risked political damage the tale of a movie even when they knew it would unravel. Fast and Furious is another hidden mystery.

    You and I are so old my children say people or this generation are older than dirt. They are right, aren’t they?

    Look on the positive side, rabbit. After you die, your family can include charitable benefactor on your funeral announcement resume.

  230. James, the irony is the school can’t find para-pros because they can’t compete with the welfare package of goodies.

  231. James – Lurker, can you tell me why newts’ link was superior to yours? Would it be because that it is your opinion?

    Newt’s link is much more positive about Republicans. There was a time when they were a rational, sane party that cared about all people. Mine link is not. It tells what the Republican party has become. And some people don’t like that message and refuse to believe there is some truth to Stonekettle Station’s blog post.

    Yes welfare makes people dependent if they consider it a way of life. Was that the purpose when it was started? To make them dependent and vote Democratic?

    I think much of the problem goes back to when the slaves were freed. Yes they should have been. On a plantation they were in a sense on welfare. When freed those that could read and write or had a skill/trade faired better than the field hands. Too many were ill prepared to be suddenly independent. You had Jim Crow and chain gangs etc all designed to keep them down. Those who came north were not especially welcomed by the white labor force competing for jobs. I don’t know how long it takes to change the culture of a people, any people, but it was screwed up from the beginning IMO.

    You are/were a crop farmer, yes? You work hard twice a year Spring and Fall. Vegetable farmer works Spring, Summer and Fall a year. Livestock farmer works 24/7/365 a year. Tell me how hard you work.

    What is our purpose as the human race? Is it – I got mine so f**k you?

  232. “You are/were a crop farmer, yes? You work hard twice a year Spring and Fall. Vegetable farmer works Spring, Summer and Fall a year. Livestock farmer works 24/7/365 a year. Tell me how hard you work.”

    Pissing contest?

    “What is our purpose as the human race? Is it – I got mine so f**k you?”

    What is yours? I played XBOX and talked on my guvment phone while you were out busting your ass and sacrificing to be successful, give me half?

  233. Just a word about the debt ceiling. It’s foolishness. It’s about money ALREADY SPENT. Refusing to raise the debt ceiling has nothing to do with saving money. It is about honoring the debt we already have. It’s a dumb concept that should be completely abandoned.

  234. James I highly recommend you look up Bill Moyers show on PBS on the web and find the one hour interview with Karl Marlantes, a decorated Vietnam vet. He reminded me of you. Very eloquent and descriptive of what war is like. He has a book about it. It took him years to even figure out he had PTSD.

  235. I disagree. Black culture was once one of the most inspiring American stories of ‘um all.

    The family structure was intact up until the 60’s. Blacks didn’t murder one another like they did today. Was it some unified utopia? Hell no. They were a tough people.

    I was the gangs intelligence coordinater at my last job. You guys should see to what extent these gangs blantely and succesfully replace a broken family.

    Even more importantly there was once diversity of ideas. Where is the Booker T. Washington of today? Du Boise ended up winning, but at what cost?

    Dems look with pride that they got 100 percent of the vote in some districts. They don’t get how that is in itself a symptom of a destroyed community .

    The black community needs a gadfly. Yet, all they get are hucksters and pimps. Or people like Newt. Volunteering her time with no self reflection of the true effect of the policies on the side of the tracks she hides from. When Newt unwittingly responded back assuming I thought she black, it summed up the problem in a nut shell. She doesn’t give the recipients of her polices the slightest thought.

    I will admit, many conservatives, also world apart from broken black communities and rightfully disgusted, look at the killing and dependecy assuming the people involved are born savages.

    They are not. They have their childhood robbed. Many of them grow up ferrel. Men are threats, not role models. But, as you get to know them, they let their guard down at times. They talk about how they used to like spiderman only a few years ago. I asked a kid once, why did you like spiderman so much? Because he got bad guys, he replied. Dude murdered someone. But he once admired spiderman for getting bad guys.

    Those dead kids nobody cares about…..They are people too.

    Anyone who thinks they couldn’t end up like them, had they been born into their world is fooling themselves. I worked with many who were grandfathered into gangs. Grandfathered in! There uncle or cousin were OG’s and no initiation process was needed. Slinging rock at the age of 9 because your supposed to.

    Welfare needs to be completely turned on its head. Reform? No way. Revolution. Instead we go in the other direction. Obama referring to himself as Santa Clause this week……

    The welfare state started off with best intentions. Lurker has good intentions. However, there has long been people in the Democratic Party aware of the political power they harness from the welfare state. And that is sad. Maybe even evil.

  236. Lurker, a speech or English teacher would tell you the same as I. Newt’s link was a straight- forward history lesson with a central theme.

    The link you provided similar to others from other people muddied the water. It strayed from its thesis. Stonekettle Station presented a central premise ,that we should not worry about the Benghazi attacks because our leaders are investigating and will share the information at a future date.

    The thesis is defensible, I suppose, but the writer strayed off the ranch when he/she declared people who want answers to be obscessive. Personal attacks against McCain and other critics had did nothing to prove why pressing for answers was wrong–only that the critics are bad people with nepherious motives. That may well be, but it fails to address the thesis statement which must defend why it is better to keep quiet.

    Afghanistan is another side issue with no relevance to the thesis.

    This is not just my opinion. Show the blog to a good English and speech teacher. Even a term paper must have a thesis statement and a supporting narrative. The narrative should have been written to advocate for a point of view which would win converts.

    The subtext also suggests another possibility. Maybe the criticism of the Benghazi affair was a smoke screen for an attack on Obama’s critics. The essay was too unclear to understand its true intent.

    Again, that is not my opinion. It is a rule of writing I learned in English class.

  237. Lurker, we own three farms a farmlet and a town lot. Before retireng from farming, we raised corn, soybeans, wheat, hay , oats, and cattle.The farm recession and drought during much of the seventies and eighties prompted us to forgo herbicides on much of our land, and that made our work load larger. Before Roundup, my wife and the kids hand weeded 350 acres of soybeand each year.

    We put up hay and straw the old fashioned way. We picked up hay or straw bales on a sledge and piled about six layers of bales which we took to the barn. An elevator lifted them into the hay mow and we stacked the bales. That was an unpleasant job in hot weather,

    We owned a nice cattle herd which sometimes gave us fits by breaking into corn fields. We spent a lot of time stringing and maintainig electtric fences.,Sometimes, we had to pull calves, and if some were born in bad weather, we had to carry then to shelter. One time, I carried a new born calf a quarter of a mile through cold rain to our basement. Another time, I carried a calf through the snow into our basement.

    When I became farming in 1972, the only combine we could afford was an AC series 900 combine. It had no cab and was only equiped to harvest soy beans. Storms delayed our harvest until January when the temperature fell to near zero. We started the combine by buring a pan of deisal fuel under the engine to warm it. Our cab was part of an old card board box we taped around the steering wheel, Even so, the wind had a bite.

    On other occasions, light winds carried a dust cloud with the combine and choked us up.

    The Russian wheat deal sent the price of soy beans from $3.50 per bushel to $12.60 per bushel in 1972. Some of our 1972 bean crop was still stored in a bin. Unfortnately, the beans were too wet. We only had a pick up truck in 1972, and deiivered our crop by the pickup load. Since the beans were too wet, I spread tin sheets outside of the bin and and shoveled beans on them to bake in the sun.Then, I sholveled the beans into our pickup and delivered them to the elevator.

    A few years ago, when we had a truck and gravity wagons, I smelled something bad in a bin. We spent Mothers Day removing about eighty bushels of spoiled corn to save eight thousand bushels of corn.

    Several times, our bean bin was flooded, and we shoveled a foot or two of rotted beans from the bin.

    Winter was an off season, though we cared for the cattle and did other jobs like fixing fences, repairing machinery and attending auctions to buy newer equipment. My wife taught high school, and I was primary care giver for our two children. during the winter. My mother helped in fall and summer. I only missed one school program during the grade school years. My father and I did forget to pick up my daughter from school once, and our post mistress entertained her until we retrieved her.

    Later, we cared for my parents in our home, and I helped my aunt too. My father required 24 hour care near the end of his life, though his mind was fine.I farmed on weekends and at night after my wife and children came home from school. Sometimes, a neighbor stayed with my father when I was planting crops.

    On the day my mother died, I called the rescue unit, took care of my dad and went to the hospital. The doctor said it looked bad. Then someone asked me to give permission to break into my aunt’s house. No one had seen her for two days. I left my mother and drove to my aunt’s house and waited for paremedics to carry my aunt out. She had the flu and had fainted. The fall broke her shoulder and she cold say litterallly “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

    My mother died that night, and I took care of my aunt’s affairs until her shoulder healed and she returned to her home.

    We own six apple trees two cherry trees, and enough black raspberries to yield about a gallon of berriies.We also have a two acracre garden which I till with a shovel to keep myself in shape.

    I am a volunteer weather observer for the weather service, and two television stations. I am active in several organizations and have ediited and helped write three local history books.

    You asked. I delivered. What do you do?

  238. I am sorry Professor James. I misunderstood the question and did not realize I was in English class being graded. I will accept the F- for failing to answer properly.
    I am sure Mr. Wright will be eager to learn of your assessment of his post, make the necessary corrections and resubmit for your approval.

  239. “Can you believe we live in an era where educated people have conversations about grand scale debt forgiveness.”

    DR if you don’t like the idea then stop griping about your bro’s debt. If you can’t pay you borrow. Simple as that

  240. Thanks Rutherford. 305. I will certainly look it up. I know I had some sort of trauma but i fixed it in my own way. Now,I tramatise good folks like you. Ha!

    I hope you are feeling better.

    I sort of agree about the debt ceiling, but the president should have nothing to do with it. A president could blackmail Congress.

    Your pre school experience is a symptomatic of what ails our country isn’t it rabbit?

    I agree with you in 307 too.

  241. You aren’t far off Lurker. I earned an accelerated MA with thesis and nine hours toward a PHD in four semesters. I would have been a history professor before a job counselor told a Navy friend and I we should lie about our miliary service and claim we had been on the road for four years. Another told me to consider selling college text books if I was deternined not to hide my service . I got mad and left to farm with a 3.70 GPA resting in the history department.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for Mr Wright’s reply.

    I am an informal person. if you like, you can call me Master James in honor of my degree. Yuu could also call me half doc as long you don’t confuse doc wih wit. Heh!

  242. Congratulations Lurker. I married well too. There is no accounting for the taste of some women is there? We are luckier than we have a right to be.

  243. As soon as our daughter hangs up, we will investigate a saucer sized cat track by our mail box. A mountain lion? Whheeee!!

  244. James – I am well aware farming is not easy especially for the smaller farmer without the ability to have a nice big John Deere w/airconditioned cab, stereo or proper machinery to do a job. Or hired help. I am sure you have done your share of hard work.

    They used to have Steam Fairs here where all the work on the farm that day was done as it was done long ago. The old men stood proudly with their steam tractors talking about them or showing what it could do. Big conveyor belts running off the tractor to a piece of machinery crushing rocks, baling hay or separating corn from the cob. Some of the work was done with teams of horses. These were teams used to do work on their farms not for show as so many are these days. Unfortunately they have all past away and few younger ones have an interest in continuing them. I found them very interesting and sorry they are no longer.

    Many of the crop farmers here leave this time of year for points south and return in the spring. And some have a second job or trade for their “off” season.

  245. “I misunderstood the question and did not realize I was in English class being graded. I will accept the F- for failing to answer properly .”

    Oh, take it from me: you most certainly can be graded more severely. Now that I am out of the medicine-for-hire business, one of my day jobs is as an editor of e-books for publication on Amazon. I average two books per week.

    I consider James a Great American; he is just taking it easy on you – merely kindness (or pity), I suppose…I won’t do that, and in my classroom, we spank for errors. Happens to be one of my favorite little fetishes, actually. Be warned.

  246. I’m not bitching about my brothers debt. I’m bitching about your bastard Democrat party taxing the shit out of him.

  247. Ah Pfessor, “Pancho needs our prayers, its true but say a few for leffty too He only did what he had to do and now he’s growing old. A few gray fedrales say “we could have had him any day, but we let him go out of kindness I suppose.”

    Were you referring to Pauncho and Lefty by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson? If not, never mind.

    Thanks for the complement. You are a Great American too.

    I like your description of the old time steam fairs Lurker. A few are still around our area, and it is sad to see them fade away. Most of that is before my time, but I do remember as a kid stackng hay stacks.

    We did buy better machinery over time. Our last combine is a Case-IH axiel flow combine I bought for $25,000 at a farm sale. New ones are worth about $500,000 with attatchements.

    “We never traveled in winter because my wife taught school and we had the cattle to care for. Besides, i like winter sports. newt lives in a gated communithy. We live two miles from the nearest neighbor, and I can cross country ski a mile in one direction and a quarter mile in the other.

    Summer is another matter we were gone as soon as the wheat was harvested–sometimes for a couple of days or maybe three weeks. A neighbor watched the cattle.

    Some farmers and others around here are snow birds too,

    I want to return to our old home in Essex. UKr old cottage was torn down, but the Christmas trees we planted after we were finished with them may remain.

  248. Kid got her personal best in everything except vault where she tied her personal best. She came in first in her age group. It’s 6:30 and we have a two hour drive ahead of us. Overall good day.

  249. “Oh, take it from me: you most certainly can be graded more severely. Now that I am out of the medicine-for-hire business, one of my day jobs is as an editor of e-books for publication on Amazon. I average two books per week.”

    I am sure you can. I went to 9 schools in 3 states. Made 12 changes in living arrangements and had 18 addresses by age 18. I graduated on time and the only class I failed was typing. I will be the first to admit that my education is lacking. So bang away Smartass but you will not intimidate me into silence.

  250. Actually Lurker….those guys are trying to get you to actually say something. You make yourself effectively silent.

  251. dr – thank you for the explanation. And here I thought James had done a very nice job of avoiding the message in Stonekettle’s post and instead focused on how it was written. I thought he was being very clever in that way. I put Stonekettle’s post just to see what the reaction would be not to debate it. We all have/will to form our own opinions.

  252. Thanks Lurker, That’s what I was doing. We already know my opinon and yours to the message, but once in awhile,I like to see something effective whether or not i agree with it . And as rabbit wrote, you have told me more about yourself than we knew before.

    Yes, congratulations to your kid.

  253. Thanks for the congrats folks. I see I’ve got some good conversation here to catch up on tomorrow.

    LOL Raji as we made the two hour trek to the meet this morning I asked my wife just how many parents have NO idea what they’re getting themselves into when they enroll their kid in gymnastics. 🙂

  254. Did you know that the “Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2013” contains 256 pages, 4.6 MB according to:

    MSM in the past few days has been throwing out opinions/comments regarding Obama’s fiscal plan. Do we really think anyone in the MSM or in Congress has taken the time and effort to read and study the above budget? Where are they getting their soundbites?

    Do you think people like Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankein who characterized Obama’s fiscal cliff plan as “very credible” have actually read the 256 page plan?

    “Taxing the Rich” has become the mantra just like “Romney’s Tax Returns” did during the election. Could Obama actually have a “plan? Typically Obama doesn’t put his chips on the table with a plan, letting others fight it out.

    A 256 page plan might as well be considered no plan if it’s not read.

  255. newt’s link associating lower high income tax rates with recessions is simplistic bunk. Let them explain their theory in detail. History shows the recessions’ roots were more complex than that. It is as foolish as Obama’s latest tax and spending proposal.

    No, Ragi, I don’t think they have read the plan.

  256. Newt’s link was using a post hoc argument.

    “Few Places to Hide as Taxes Trend Higher World Wide” New York Times Global Business with Reuters:

    “The relationship is not perfect,but lower tax rates have tended to coincide with stronger economic growth in America and Europe, said Roger Blotson, a professor in the Yale School of Management. He noted for example that a multi – decade trend of reducing rates and closing loopholes in America and Europe has been a “very positive thing for the economy.”

    Obama’s asking for another stimulus to compensate for tax increases shows he knows it too.

  257. I guess I fail to understand this notion of taxing the rich more.

    #1 There is no law I am aware of to tax just the rich and not business. That said…
    #2 The more we tax business, the less competitive US companies are in the world economy. We are the highest corporate tax rate in the world.
    #3 Even if we taxed the “rich” at 100%, it would not pay for 1 year of Obama’s budget.

    Lets also not forget most rich people get their money off investments, not income. As a business owner, I pay myself no more than 4 times a year. Were I a savvy business owner, I would pay myself $250k and stop, thereby accomplishing nothing under Obama’s plan. Going after income is a plan that will accomplish very little.

    End of the day, Dims get what they want, the rich are taxed more, what have we solved? IMO nothing.

  258. Rutherford,

    Tell your daughter, “Great job!” Gymnastics requires a lot of discipline. Good for her.


    The plan for the economy is just keep printing, just keep printing, just keep printing… Inflation takes awhile to trickle down, so this slow drain of America’s wealth is easier to accomplish by the PTB.

  259. Nose broken? You mean like someone was sitting on his chest and pounding him in the face?

    Never happened. Barack Obama said his son would never do that. He was just a happy Skittle-eater, minding his own business.

  260. Pfessor, what I also find fascinating is how the media effectively changed Zimmerman’s race to white to fit their witch hunt narrative. And, man does Rutherford become a follower during those times.

    My history thesis was on a riot that took place in 1863 Detroit. During those days, the Democratic newspapers were always trying to whip up Detroit into an anti black frenzy. The press blamed this bar tender, a known copperhead, of raping two girls. They changed his race to black. The dude was an unknown mix of everything. He was also an innocent man.

  261. If that is an actual un-retouched photo, he sure healed fast based on his other photos. And no black eyes, either. Dude is healthy.

  262. A well aimed Skittle can do amazing things.

    What happened after the anti-black frenzy reached its climax? Was soul searching in vogue, or did the racial animosity gradually fade?

    The US was racially and ethnically charged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as we know. I’ve mentioned before that a federal district court heard the case of John Swan, who the prosecution declared to be a Mongolian because he was a Finn.and therefore should be deported under the Asian Exclusion Act.

    If the courts could turn one of the whitest men in the US into an Asian, it is not a great leap to turn an Hispanic man into a white Jew.

  263. Pfessor, a 92 year-old pilot crashed 25 miles from our home over the weekend.No one yet knows what happened, but he managed to steer his plane from occupied buildings.

    He loved flying and his family said he flew almost daily when the weather was good. He meticulously inspected his plane before he used it.

  264. James, they burnt down the entire black part of town and killed a couple black dudes with head shots. The Irish and Germans did it, for the most part.

  265. Cool thing is I found undiscovered info on the riot in the basement of the Detroit Library. I found a 11 year old’s diary. In it, she was talking about how her Dad was filling the bath tub up in case of fire because word on the street was the blacks were going to get it. This was a day before the riot. Most writing on the subject described the riot as an ad hoc reaction by the crowd, whipped up into a mad froth by the democratic press and bonkers after seeing the man being walked into court to be arraigned. Seems there was a little more to it then that.

  266. “If that is an actual un-retouched photo, he sure healed fast based on his other photos. And no black eyes, either. Dude is healthy.”

    How long does it take to get a black eye after an injury? Take your time; look it up. No, he’s not just healthy – that was never in question, was it? He also has a normal physiology.

  267. James – re: 92 year-old pilot. The requirements for being a pilot vs a driver are quite striking, actually, and demonstrate how the gub’ment gets power and abuses it.

    A pilot must have a complete physical every year, even to pilot an 1800# airplane like mine. A driver – nothing. I have to be re-examined for flying proficiency every two years. A driver? No.

    The US is really, really rural. Even around airports, if I crash, the chances I will hit another human are very small. A driver will always be on a road, with other cars in extremely close proximity, often going the other way at cruising speed, or he will be in town, with pedestrians close at hand. While a very low percentage of airplane crashes (like the one you mentioned) involve people who were not in the plane, a very HIGH percentage of car crashes do.

    I fix or modify my car any way I wish, basically as long as the lights work and a few other rules complied with. I cannot touch my 1962 – year Cessna, except for changing the oil and a few other very limited things. Aircraft mechanics charge about $50-75 per hour.

    Fuel is $5.75/gallon. (must meet govt regs). A starter for what amounts to an air-cooled VW engine is $600. An alternator, which is identical to that on a 1976 Ford tractor, is $500. (I can buy one at Tractor Supply for $32, but dare not because of federal regulations.)

    Why? Cars became extremely plentiful before the gub’ment tried to grab power and over-regulate them, and the people were able to stop it. The govt started regulating airplanes from the very beginning. If it were not for strides made by the Experimental Aircraft Association, there would be very little general aviation in America.


    Which brings me to my REAL point: governments all over the world are meeting at this very time to discuss regulating the Internet. If Rutherford is looking for the perfect example of what happens when there is very little regulation, he need look only at the medium that carries this blog.

    This meeting of the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) could easily spell the end of the Internet as we know it. This SECRET, CLOSED-DOOR meeting is for governments only – no individuals need apply. They are discussing possible censorship, tariffs and tolls, you name it.

    Google is leading the charge to blunt this blatant attempt at crippling this wonderful medium that WE use every day. Get yourself over to Google, read Vint Cerf’s article, and DO SOMETHING.

  268. Rutherford – another great quote from Rule and Ruin: The Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican Party.

    “…state subsidies that would allow politically connected companies to SOCALIZE their risks and PRIVATIZE their gains.”

    Exactly what is happening now. The Occupy movement is a disorganized mess, but vis à vis the above, they know what they are talking about, IMHO.

  269. Rabbit mob action also plagued Omaha. Irish resented a Greek settlement because many had moved in as strike breakers. A Greek man was arrested by an Irish policeman for allegedly having sex with a “white” woman.

    He pulled out a gun and killed the police officer.Anger simmered for a few days as it must have done before the uprising you researched.The Greek was nearly lynched, and after the police moved him to safety, the mostly Irish mob wrecked and burned “Greektown”. Most of the Greeks moved to other cities, and the Greek government sued Omaha.

    Pfessor, the contrast between driving and flying makes sense. By the same token, Aspirin would have been regulated had it not already been used so widely. right?

    I will read the article and do something. I have read about the attempts to damage the internet. Those autocrats will enslave us if we let them. Unfortunately, most of us are ignorant sheep.

  270. PF, I’ve been aware of this for some time. It will start in the form of tariffs and balloon from there. Are you aware that states have been auditing Amazon and fining purchasers on the basis of a “use” tax from items purchased such as sinks, etc? After taxes and tariffs, then anonymity will be next.

    “Vint Cerf, the legendary computer scientist who co-created the TCP/IP networking protocols that serve as the Internet’s foundation, is not happy that United Nations wants to apply old telecom regulations to his creation. Cerf, who now serves as Google’s (GOOG) Chief Internet Evangelist, has written a post on Google’s official blog this week urging people to take action to protest the International Telecommunication Union’s plan to amend the International Telecommunications Regulations treaty to regulate the Internet.”


    Internet co-creator urges action against UN attempts to regulate the web

  271. No one here had their Wheaties? Maybe you all need some vitamins. Noah is giving up and seceding, no one has a comment? Hey Noah where is that petition? Be happy to sign it for you.

  272. re: raji@358.

    Precisely. Reminds me of a (purportedly true) story of the child molester who was nonetheless a good provider and loved his family. He locked himself in his own bedroom every night in exchange for his wife’s not turning him in. She held the only key.

    This “fiscal cliff” is really nothing more than a Congress that realized it didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to do what’s right and set up tax cuts/spending cuts ahead of time to force it to act, or to do what needed to be done if it couldn’t act. Predictably, it really could not.

    Cliff? Bah. It’s a GREAT thing. Let ‘er fly.

  273. A Detroit city council woman said that Obama owes the city a bail out because 75% of them voted for the president. Democratic policies helped send Detroit into its present state.

    Meanwhile, the administration has said little or nothing about the pro democracy protests in Egypt after we pressured its army to depose an autocrat friendly to us to one who fancies himself to be a unfailable and a Muslim extremist.

    Obama has changed the subject about the budget debate to taxes for the rich which would have little effect on our government’s income and may reduce it as it did in Britain and probably will in France.

    The press portrays it as saving money for the rich while taking benefits from Medicare and Social Security. Of course, the public believes Obama is in the right. Republicans lose either way, and Obama would rather destroy them than help the economy.

    Under the circumstances, I still think we need to ignore that extortionist and go over the cliff, which will more likely be a slope.

  274. The first one was hilarious, newt. In the spirit of sharing through the second, I am sending this to you.

    One Direction Fan Video-South of France-YouTube. It has a few vulgarities, but after all, they are teenaged girls.

  275. Taxes are incidental because we owe too much for them to make much difference.

    James, we’re talking symbolism here and principle. I agree that “the rich don’t pay their fair share” is worn out. “Taxing the rich will solve the deficit” is equally ridiculous.

    The only meme that works is … “the rich don’t NEED a tax cut”. It has nothing to do with what’s fair. It is simply that when you are in debt up to your eyeballs you don’t hand out goodies to rich folk. They don’t need them and others do.

  276. The increase in the top two income tax brackets would put a drab on consumption

    This is pure bullsh*t. I’ve heard some conservatives on the tube admit that in private chats the rich readily confess a 2% increase in tax rate will not effect their spending habits one iota. And anyone with an ounce of sense knows that folks drowning in wealth will not sweat a small tax increase. They’ll keep hiding their money away when necessary and buying (consuming) whatever the f*ck they want.

  277. Hey Newt, tap Rahm on the shoulder and ask him if he would like to have a frank conversation about the root cause of why 6 people were murdered and 11 others were injured in Chicago last night alone.

    On this one, Rabbit and I are in complete agreement. Rahm needs to STFU until his city is safe to live in. I’m at a point where I don’t even want to take my family into Chicago during the day time. And the notion that it can’t be cleaned up is pure BS. As much as our dearly departed Tex used to love dissing NYC, the fact is they cleaned a lot of stuff up compared to the 1970’s. In fact, I think this past Monday no one got murdered in NYC. They usually have at least one a day. 😉

  278. I think I know who Lurker is. Ha ha.

    Why is it that when a new conservative comes on the blog no one says “I think I know who Pfesser is” or “I think I know who James is”? Why is it the liberals who always get accused of being someone else?

    I swear you guys really believe there are only three libs in the whole country who comment on blogs. That attitude lost you the last election.

  279. Ok, sit there and pat one another on the back for the great things you do. Keep fighting the good fight. Winning elections and stuff. Gear up for the next campaign. That’s what its all about.

    You know Rabbit, the mood I’m in lately, I think the two of us could turn this country around. I’m beginning to believe (delusion?) that you are genuinely more outraged at the state of many blacks than most libs are. Dig under the skin a bit and I think there’s some real sympathy there … you just believe more in “tough love” than I do. I’m more of a softie.

  280. Regarding 281, I’m hearing that Paul Ryan is shifting his rhetoric toward advocacy for the poor — conservative advocacy — but advocacy nonetheless. If this past election turns the Republican party into the party of opportunity, I applaud enthusiastically. I’m not holding my breath.

  281. But when entire communities routinely savage one another and the family structure has been decimated….to not have a reflective discussion on that….wow.

    Show me the conservative pols having a serious conversation about that. You can’t. No one is serious about this right now. And so long as blacks savage their own neighborhoods who gives a sh*t? I’ve always said that when MLK got shot, the blacks should not have torched their own neighborhoods … they should have marched to the rich side of town and made their “statement’ there. 👿

  282. Benghazi was not a consulate but a CIA operative or in better words a spy post.

    Raji … 292 was the damn best Benghazi summary I’ve read yet on this thread. I hope like hell you weren’t being sarcastic because you completely nailed it.

  283. Regarding 297, Rabbit why aren’t you focused on the fact that you are fortunate enough to afford the little one’s pre-school instead of sitting around b*tching about those who are going for free? Are any of the moochers earning your salary? If so, you’ve got a reasonable gripe.

  284. For one thing, a $250,000 income is not rich. Some of my farmer neghbors make around that much, and they are not rich. They are small business people with a low profit margin. The best number I read was two million dollars. After that figure, the percentage of income taxed falls a bit.

    Symbolism is well and good, but our president needs to practice what he preaches .The first family vacations like it was 1999. (I’m a big fan of Prince.)

    Besides, if we tinker too much with rich tax rates, they will simply leave or hid their money. The Brits are the latest to learn that lesson. U2 has been moving their money to shelters too.

    I’ve thought the same thing about our central committee. Nebraska’s director its health department is a German immigrant with a thick accent. I wish she speak at our convention and say “Ve have vays of making you talk.”

    I’m as warped as you are Rutherford.

  285. “I’ve always said that when MLK got shot, the blacks should not have torched their own neighborhoods … they should have marched to the rich side of town and made their “statement’ there. :evil:”

    Proof to my first point in 377. Kill kill kill…the white man!

  286. Do you think people like Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankein who characterized Obama’s fiscal cliff plan as “very credible” have actually read the 256 page plan?

    Raji why do you assume only proponents of Obama don’t do their homework? It is just as valid to assume Obama’s opponents haven’t read the 256 page plan either.

  287. Rutherford, my bad. I mean to say I assume NO ONE has bothered to read the 256 page plan. Oh maybe a few aides have been put to the task and tried to summarize the jest of the plan but Congress and MSM are just spouting sound bites.

  288. Anyone ever freeze milk to make it last longer? Considering stocking up. We had our cow butchered and I am into day 2 of smoking some of the cuts and scrap cuts. We have 80 jars of various canned food items in the cellar. Ready for a long winter.

  289. How long does it take to get a black eye after an injury?

    Sounding a lot like a certain prosecutor that used to frequent these parts. Just an observation. This type of evidence should have been made known earlier.

    My black eye showed up on one side the next day and the other side two days later. They lasted over a week, close to ten or twelve days, as I recall, before they had faded. Then again, I was a teen and the culprit was a line drive that bounced funky and grazed the top of my baseball glove before it impacted my nose.

    My point is that I do not recall seeing Zimmerman with any black eyes in the later pictures and his nose doesn’t appear to have been broken. Most folks I know who have broken a nose in the past there is still evidence and you can tell by how it looks.

    Broken noses heal. Bullet to the heart, not so much…

  290. A lesson in irony.

    The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever, to 46 million people.

    Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.

    This ends today’s lesson.

  291. The next post is ready to go and it will likely annoy a bunch of you. It is accidentally my second post on race in a row which actually annoys ME. When I started this blog I didn’t want to cover race at all and ironically wound up writing my second piece on it (the Jena Six) and have written more than I’d like to admit since then. A part of me says “let’s just stop talking about it and just get on with things”. Then another part of me looks at life as it is today in America and my anger needs venting.

    So, on with the next post. See ya on the flipside.

  292. Yes Noah, there are JUST MILLIONS of JOBS out there begging to be filled. Get real or stuff it. Dependency has nothing to do with it, decent people in a honorable society take care of their own in the time of need.

  293. Rutherford –

    In the spirit of the season, I offer you, How to Make Latkes

    Poolman would prolly like to have some, too…

  294. Poolman observed:

    Broken noses heal. Bullet to the heart, not so much…

    All the more reason to not break people’s noses, n’cest pas?

  295. R opined: “Why is it that when a new conservative comes on the blog no one says “I think I know who Pfesser is”…

    Hell, R – I don’t even know who PFesser is.

    I think he’s YOU.

  296. Rutherford, here is another shorter story. We dried our bins of corn with outside air, not heaters or dryers. We ran the fans until the corn reached 32 or lower. Then, I turned on the fans and put my face next to them as soon as possible to smell the emerging air.

    A rat was in the tunnel, and the 5 HP fan motor was too much for the rat. The poor thing lost its footing, passed through the fan and onto my face with a piece of intestine in my mouth.

  297. If stand your ground means you have the right to shoot someone dead, you also have the right to slug them and break their nose.

  298. “Yes Noah, there are JUST MILLIONS of JOBS out there begging to be filled. Get real or stuff it. Dependency has nothing to do with it, decent people in a honorable society take care of their own in the time of need.”

    Common sense, something you are seriously lacking Newt, says that dependency is a major issue. I will grant you an even chance in either being massively ignorant or lacking in character to admitting the truth.

    Human nature is to take the path of least resistance. You don’t get any easier than a “free” meal ticket. Once you get people used to this, they forget what life was like any other way. This is basic stuff Newt, what any thinking person would call an undeniable truth.

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