The Marshall Plan Has Worked (aka Enough Already)

We as Americans seem to have a hard time knowing when the mission is truly accomplished.  Whether it’s George Bush’s premature “joculation” on the aircraft carrier or Obama’s failure to see we’ve done all we can do in Afghanistan, we just don’t seem to know when to quit.

To wit, in a commencement speech at Harvard University Wednesday, Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank spoke about the Marshall Plan and the fact that we still have troops overseas protecting Europe when the threat is long since passed.

For you deficit hawks out there, just think of how much of the debt we could pay down if we stopped policing crime free neighborhoods overseas.

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247 thoughts on “The Marshall Plan Has Worked (aka Enough Already)

  1. It’s hard to take seriously a man who sounds like he is speaking with a penis in his mouth. Maybe there is an arousal organ attached to back of Frank’s throat – kinda like Linda Lovelace.

    Deep Throat Bawney…

    Europe serves many purposes, including providing stations and layovers for incursions into the middle east – hospitals in Germany, for starters. We can’t simply isolate ourselves, but your point is taken. I do think it time we reevaluate why we continue to support thankless, ungrateful stiffs that stiff us.

    Personally, my first friendly target for removal would be South Korea. Let South Korea deal with the little, commie bastards. And Pakistan, Egypt and Palestine? Nothing….but a slap across the face. Not a dime of support. Squeeze that turnip until it bleeds

    Thanks to the Vets like Rabbit and Gorilla for your service guys! This weekend is dedicated to those who served with honor and love of country, the latter disqualifying active Liberals. 😉


    I’m sure that there could never be
    A man as virtuous as me.
    I’ve honed my precious self-esteem
    In ways no common man could dream!
    To feed my moral vanity,
    I preen for all the world to see;
    I thrust in everybody’s face
    The noble causes I embrace.

    And lest there be the slightest doubt
    That I’m no bitter, clinging lout,
    The bumper stickers on my Volt
    Affirm that I’m no right-wing dolt.
    As these credentials will attest,
    I am the brightest and the best –
    And true to my enlightened soul,
    Utopia shall be my goal!

    The planet should be mine to run;
    I know what’s best for everyone.
    My Nanny Squad will nag and scold,
    Until the plebes do as they’re told.
    My Social Justice Ministry
    Will outlaw inequality –
    With good intent unwavering,
    I’ll redistribute everything!

    I’ll be obscenely generous
    With subsidy and stimulus;
    To fund my drunken spending sprees,
    The fat cats’ profits I will seize!
    For those who fail, my heart will bleed,
    But woe to those who dare succeed.
    I vow to vanquish human greed –
    To each according to his need!

    There’ll be no want, there’ll be no war,
    My Welfare Corps will feed the poor.
    There’ll be no limit to my grace,
    When I control the human race!
    I’ll heal the Earth, I’ll low’r the Seas,
    My Healthcare Force will smite disease –
    And all will rightly worship me,
    The Savior of Humanity! ~ Winslow

  3. I bet Sandi even donated money to make that day come to life. Oh wait, I forgot, liberals don’t give shit to charity.

  4. Well, no surprise we’d open with some gay-bashing.

    Tex, you almost get it but your choices for where to remove troops and defense aid misses Barney’s point. Europe (not the Middle East or South Korea) was destroyed in WWII and we pledged to nurse it back to health. Part of that was protecting it against the “red menace”. There is no USSR anymore. Russia is hardly a major threat to the region right now (despite what your genius Romney says). So the time has come to let Europe protect itself.

    I don’t think Barney is referring to military operations that are strictly in our best interest. He’s referring to protecting Europe.

  5. A comment on modern society, off topic but good nonetheless:

    How would you describe the difference between modern war and modern industry — between, say, bombing and strip mining, or between chemical warfare and chemical manufacturing? The difference seems to be only that in war the victimization of humans is directly intentional and in industry it is “accepted” as a “trade-off”. -Wendell Berry, farmer, author (b.1934)

  6. Sandi can’t stand a black man having his own opinion. I’s a sorry masta. I’s ain’t gonna read no books no mo. I’s done messed evey ting up haven mise own opinion. I’s let Sandi talk fo da negro man fo now on.

  7. Tigre, would you expect anything less from Malcolm X Elementary School? LOL Hopefully the school embraces late era Malcolm vs early era Malcolm.

    If you actually watch the video, the principal comes close to promoting a good idea. She basically says we have to disabuse kids of the notion that if you get hit you should hit back. If the Martin case is presented to the students as a cautionary tale of what happens when you meet a perceived threat with aggression, then it’s a good idea. Unfortunately, taken out of context, “Trayvon Martin Day” sounds like a tribute to him.

    BTW, no George Zimmerman day either. They’re both losers.

  8. Why do I always get singled out for gay bashing? 😀 I didn’t miss Bawney’s point. I was adding one.

    I don’t care if Bawney could suck a golf ball through garden hose – he’s proud of that fact and taking a couple of biggins in the ying yang simultaneously. At his age, I fully expect his colon to protrude out his undies now.

    I was just making the observation Bawney reminds me of that gay Asian waiter in Good Morning Vietnam who wanted naked Walter Brennan pictures.

    So Russia isn’t a threat, hey? They just fired a missile over the “missile shield” this week to demonstrate our fast friendship. 😐

  9. Tex, one could argue there is such a thing as offensive defense. Russia clearly perceives the shield as a threat. Methinks perhaps we should work harder with Russia to form an alliance against Iran since that is our supposed reason for the shield in the first place.

    And I have to ask you, what’s crazier, wanting naked pictures of Walter Brennan or stealing a bike to chase an Asian woman you don’t know and who has already said she doesn’t want to know you? Seems like a wash to me. 😉

  10. “BTW, no George Zimmerman day either. They’re both losers.”

    Thankfully Tupac Shakur, O.J. Simpson and Rodney King Day remain intact at Ol’ Malcolm X Middle School. 😉

  11. Well Rutherford I see you’ve decided to ditch centrist and go all in left again. Oh well it was sweet while it lasted.
    I think both Barney and you share a high level of ignorance on the purpose of the Marshall Plan and on the overall foreign policy of the United States of America.
    I don’t have a lot of time so I’ll skip that one for now and hone in on the Romney/Russia remark.
    Again ignorance to US FP aside if you think Russia is our friend and ally you can count on me soliciting a bridge in Brooklyn to you. Russia is out for Russia and thats ok but don’t think they are harmless to the US. Russia needs oil to be priced high ergo a destabilized M.E. is in their interest. “Solving” for Iran isn’t in the overall interest of Moscow.
    Russia clearly has designs for hegemony over their former vassals and seeing as we are to endure Putin redux I think we should be wary.
    Liberals like the idea of supporting democracy? Well why then be afraid to engage Ukraine? The former ‘stans ? Well there seems to be a concern that hurts the “reset” button relationship. I say BS!
    Lastly,no matter what you think of the military I’d invite you to brush up on Europe. (Barney too) Germany is the #1 contender for looking East for love. This is especially true since France sat Hollande at the big kids table.
    Isolation isn’t an answer.

  12. R, your comments about Russia are a “cowpie of distortion.”

    ** GUFFAW **

    Can you imagine how that went down with Corn Farmer Brown as he was listening to that uppity yahoo try to bring it down to the Bitter Clingers? 😆 Mr. Brown just gripped that deer rifle a little tighter while holding the cob.

    What an absolute moron. Bomba needs some new speech writers and Jimmy Wah Plouffe ain’t cutting it. Who comes up with these incredibly stupid ideas for President Austerity. 😈

    Virtually the entire nation is pointing fingers and laughing at that one. Leave it to Bubblegum Berhns to drop that load.

  13. I think our European bases are tied more to our interests in the middle east than our “defense” of Europe.

    Is that Romney in the sunglasses at the 3:58 mark? I’m surprised he didn’t stand up and yell, “Hey, the Marshall Plan was my idea!” 😉

  14. I actually have no issue with pulling a very large portion of our European forces back. Of course, the justification for the pull back is dwindling quickly because as Russia looks to reflex its muscles over the next couple decades, the need for NATO will pick back up.

    Of course, whenever we’ve actually discussed pulling forces out of Europe- which Bush was considering- the Europeans screamed bloody murder. Something about the economic impact of loosing all those consumers, plus the simple fact that if they actually had to defend themselves, they’d have to invest in their military. In true liberal/socialist sense, why pay for something yourself when you can get someone else to do it for you.

    I liked that Sandi swooped in and then swooped out. You’ll notice R that she doesn’t do well when her opinions are challenged. And she clearly doesn’t have a strong grasp on facts, like I said on your show, Bain invested $100 million and 8 years in GST- that doesn’t sound like Vampire Capitalism to me. However, that doesn’t fit her prescribed narrative, therefore it doesn’t count. You gotta love the left, you never let facts get in the way of your talking points.

    P.S. DR, congrats on the newest member of the clan (that’s the Scotsman in me speaking, I’ll leave the other Klan to the Democrats that founded it). He’s got a strong family to look up, and that can make all the difference.

  15. “Hey, the Marshall Plan was my idea!” – Thor

    That’s more Obama’s line. Don’t believe me, just check out the other Presi8dential biographies, they’ll tell you so…

  16. (The Daily Caller) — One of President Barack Obama’s top campaign spokesmen is a private equity manager whose firm has shut down several factories and laid off hundreds of people amid a stalled economy.

    Federico Pena’s role at Vestar Capital Partners has emerged as Obama’s aides and deputies continue their effort to portray former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s investment career as ruthless, job-destroying, profit-maximizing “vulture capitalism.” Pena has been a partner at Vestar since 2000.

    Pena is a former mayor of Denver in swing-state Colorado, a former cabinet member for President Bill Clinton and one of 35 “national co-chairs” of the president’s 2012 campaign. . . .

    Pena has already contributed $5,000 to Obama’s campaign, even though Vestar laid off 1,000 workers from Del Monte this month, closed three factories and laid off 540 people at Solo Cup Co., and fired another 500 workers at BirdsEye food-processor in 2006, according to the report.

    The Pena revelation follows reports highlighting the venture capital careers of two people on the president’s jobs council.

  17. I doubt it, Gorilla. Welcome back – the radio show was a hoot. You carry it. 😆

    Even Rutherford has his limits. It’s one thing to carry the One’s weak water and deal with the humiliation while we pester him.

    It’s probably more than he can bear to have to defend a lying sack who would most likely keep good company with Fat Granny quality hags. I don’t get the impression Mr. Rutherford has a great deal of sympathy for Lizzie’s missteps.

  18. Honestly G, other than all you guys making fun of this Indian heritage thing, I don’t really know what’s going on with Warren and in any case it probably ranks as sufficiently trivial to ignore. You boys do enjoy pursuing the kindergarten stuff while the world is coming apart at the seams. 🙂

    As for the venture capital and private equity ties of Obama, that is one reason why I defended Cory Booker in a recent post. When it comes to big money, these guys are all full of sh*t. What I don’t understand is why the fat cats part with their money for people who constantly insult them. I suppose it is to exert some type of control.

  19. Poolman, I’m gonna carry an argument over from the previous thread (because I’m too lazy to argue on two threads at the same time).

    Do you not see a grand inconsistency in your political approach? You have stated on various occasions that the POTUS is basically a powerless puppet. That being the case, what the hell do you expect Ron Paul to do with the job? His hands will be as tied as any of his predecessors.

  20. OK, Tigre tell me … particularly with the video at 35, have you seen this kind of sh*t go down? That deposition was wild. You couldn’t write a movie script that good if you tried.

  21. R, I have had variations of depositions like that. Never with the swearing, but the “let’s take it outside” and “sit down and shut up” and “one of mine, “if you don’t put your hand in your pocket and keep pointing your finger at me I’ll break it off.” He complied.:lol:

    Joe Jamail is a one of a kind. He took that multi-billion dollar verdict in the Penzoil case years ago. Look him up. He was (is) a tough SOB, but has been in all kinds of trouble for that kind of behavior from a variety of courts.

  22. I was shown an order from a disgusted district judge ordering the lawyers to meet on the courthouse steps at an appointed time, along with a deputy, to engage in a round of rock, paper, scissors to determine who got to depose the other side’s witnesses first. They had been serial filing motions over the issues, which were described as having the quality of having been written in crayon.

    As a young associate, I was instucted by the head partner on a huge case to attend a deposition representing a client that was not a party. The depsoition had not been sequestered, but we knew it was going to be a big issue. I was told not to leave unless escorted out in handcuffs. I obliged (tespass — but was released on the street).

  23. Do you not see a grand inconsistency in your political approach? You have stated on various occasions that the POTUS is basically a powerless puppet. That being the case, what the hell do you expect Ron Paul to do with the job? His hands will be as tied as any of his predecessors.

    I don’t have a problem with TRYING a political approach. The POTUS is obligated to “dance with the one that brung ya”, as we have clearly seen. Big business and banks don’t support RP. Most of his support is the youth, the real TP, and those who are against our imperialistic FP and constant war-making.

    The difference between Dr Paul and the others is clear. He is consistent and votes his convictions, always siding with liberty, the people, and the constitution. That is primarily why he has been discredited in the MSM and the PTB truly fear him. He has plenty of insiders that will fight with him to restore us to the constitutional government we’ve strayed from.

    There is a huge grass roots movement to elect like-minded people to power. The GOP itself is in flux. The old guard is losing ground. There is much inner corruption and turmoil coming to the surface.

    It will be/has been a hard battle, but slowly he is winning. His message is being heard and more people are getting on board with it. All his predictions regarding the economy have come to past. He isn’t in this for himself, like the other suits that are/have been campaigning. It is a cause. He has no problem passing the torch if this time is not the right time. But make no mistake, this is a revolution and a real threat to the status quo.

    All those that benefit from keeping things as they are will oppose and distort his message and positions. The global control over us is creeping in with each passing new legislation. We’ve seen it on this board plenty, with those who are not truly conservatives.

    He has greatly affected this campaign and he won’t go away. I can get behind that, as I have. The longer this goes on, the worse Romney looks. He’s got nothing other than $$$$$$$.

    And money can’t buy you love.

  24. “For you deficit hawks out there, just think of how much of the debt we could pay down if we stopped policing crime free neighborhoods overseas.”

    3-4% of Obama’s projected budget?

  25. We definitely got to get these traitors out of power…

    Without any mainstream media coverage at all, the House of Representatives passed the United States – Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 (USIESC).

    The USIESC, written by Eric Cantor, claims there is a need to provide Israel with unlimited military and financial aid as a result of the disturbances caused by the Arab Spring.

    Israel will have an essentially unlimited amount of funds allocated to them through the Federal Reserve Bank. The country will also enjoy an “expanded role of NATO” that consists of an “enhanced presence at NATO headquarters and exercises”.

    The USIESC pledges the US government’s “commitment” to assist Israel in remaining a Jewish State; as well as protection from the UN if the UN Security Council resolves to hold Israel accountable to international laws.

    The US government’s counter-terrorism unit will also aid Israel by any means.

  26. Normally, I let this conspiratorial “theories” of Poolman’s go. But earlier today, I watched his “drone” fly across the daylight sky in a video he provided. And by gawd, this is one time I think old Poolman is on to something.

    Wonder if that was for the NATO summit? Maybe the government is casing Rutherford’s house? Probably have some wild sudden jihadi parties in that place. :mrgreen:

  27. “The funny part of 42 to me is that the brother puts the stocking over his head after he has already appeared on film.”

    The funny thing to me is he happened to have a stocking with him. 😆

  28. And not once, does he mention Obama. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Brother Rutherford.

    This one is especially fitting for those of you who like to fly and pilot – or understand we are close to a nosedive into the Atlantic.

  29. Happy Mem Day weekend to one and all. I think most of us think of WWII during this weekend but I’d like to remind everyone of the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The first unshackled us from our colonizers and formed a nation. The second unshackled us from ourselves and forged a better nation.

  30. Happy and safe memorial Day weekend you the Rutherford Lawson family too.
    I’ll up the ante. Take 5 minutes and look into any of the “non-history book headliners” of conflict the USA has been involved in. Then reflect on those individuals who endured hardships up to death.

    All gave some… Some gave all.

  31. A Memorial Day tribute

    “We cherish too, the Poppy red
    That grows on fields where valor led,
    It seems to signal to the skies
    That blood of heroes never dies.”

    Moina Michael 1915.

    She conceived of an idea to wear red poppies on Memorial day in honor of those who died serving the nation during war. In 1948 the US Post Office honored Ms Michael for her role in founding the National Poppy movement by issuing a red 3 cent postage stamp with her likeness on it.

  32. I guess I don’t understand the criminal mind. How do you steal and spend money that’s not yours?

    Psychopaths run the world, Rutherford. Most politicians have no problem doing the same thing on a much grander scale. That is why we need to flush the system.

  33. I guess I don’t understand the criminal mind. How do you steal and spend money that’s not yours?

    I thought that was the purpose of being a criminal? 😀

    Poolman’s right. I could apply that same definition to a whole lot of politic. Poly = many; tick = parasite.

    Speaking of, I have never understood why people felt like a nine digit number that has a numerical pattern to start with could be secure.

    If they’re going to make our entire lives depend on security, as in social security numbers, wouldn’t it follow that our social security numbers at least be as secure as what they require for passwords used to pay our cable bill?

    I think our forefathers envisioned our best and brightest working as public servants. What I am finding is that public office doesn’t attract the best, brightest or honest – but best manipulators with sociopathic tendencies and delusions of grandeur.

  34. Jaundice….in ICU….it’s never a walk in the park. We might be talking blood transfusion soon. Poor little guy.

  35. @ dead rabbit 67 if it means anything I’ve seen first hand some of the incredible work done inside NICU’s,amazing. Prayers w/you and yours.

    @the post. I’m looking into a few things and one of those items directly relates to this post. C.G.S.T.
    That’s not a disease,well not literally but it something brewing in the Europe/Eastern Med.
    Cyprus,Greece,Serbia and Turkey. Four nations that offer a major foreign policy coup and they all point to Russia.
    Cyprus is being looked over by Moscow and this may become important given the potential heat up to come with Israel,Lebanon and Cyprus over offshore gas reserves.
    Greece a nation on the brink and potentially looking for new friends. The new friends are some of the old ones if you can think back to to the late ’40’s. Could be time for Russia to step in?
    Serbia just seated a new leader who although showed some Westward nodding has jumped to Moscow for the future.
    Turkey, the most mishandled nation in the West’s diplomatic repertoire and that’s a shame. Turkey is looking to buy drones from the USA in what can be seen as a test case of our intents and desires as well as our will in the region. If we back away from potential weapons sales and other trade with Ankara what is to stop Moscow from eagerly rushing in?

  36. Rabbit, sorry to hear that – but jaundice is pretty common in neonates.

    I’ll assume they did test the rH factor between mom and son compatibility? It used to be a very serious problem in 2nd births. I know that sounds like an incredibly stupid question with today’s fabulous technology, but frankly I am growing increasing cynical of hospital care.

    My sister-in-law’s mom went in for a knee replacement at one of “America’s Top 50” hospitals last year, and never left the place. There were so many screwups, including the staff infection, that I left wondering just how coordinated the practice of medicine really is anymore.

  37. Tex
    Off topic but one of the very few things we disagree on is people being gay or lesbian and the involvement of genetics. I firmly believe that it is indeed biological for many people

    In this article this man lived a conflicted life of a man with feelings of being a woman. He went into get an ultrasound to check for stones and they discovered he had female reproductive organs.

    If he can be a functioning man, have kids, and have these organs inside of him, then we know their are all shades in-between being fully male/female and somewhere in the middle, be it genetic markers of the opposite sex, to organs, brain and blood chemistry.

    That said, if it is indeed genetic, then they should not be treated any different than you or I and should have all the same rights as we do.

  38. Rabbit, my youngest was under bili lights for two weeks. She turned out fine. Actually it was a miracle she was conceived and carried to term.

    I sent comfort, peace, and healing your direction.

  39. Nagic, I don’t dispute they should be treated any differently than say someone alcoholic or bipolar as example. I am simply arguing something woefully lacking in this discussion – truth and consequences.

    I consider the behavior a mental illness, and if political pressure had not been brought to bear, so did the APA as late the 70s. I spice my language up here to agitate Rutherford and the other libs who feel it necessary to ram their agenda down my throat – already having the experience of the cost and destruction of their new social mores. In addition, because of the militant activism of many in the gay community and the demand of not only the redefinition of marriage but my personal acceptance well beyond tolerance, I’m not the sympathizer I once was. I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, statistically homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle.

    What I cannot understand about normally rational people like you, is why you would lend your tacit acceptance to something that clearly leads statistically to an early grave, a high degree of suicide, interpersonal dysfunction, and other preventable bad conclusions, including the clear spread of communicable diseases. Should we be as sympathetic to intravenous drug users? Why can I then not use predisposition under the guise of genetics to validate any bad behavior? Could we not do the same for pedophilia? How can you tell me homosexuality is genetic, but pedophilia is not?

    Where I draw the line is the normalization and demands not of tolerance which I do, but acceptance which I won’t – ever. There is clearly nothing normal about homosexual behavior, whether your measure nature or religion, and I believe in turn, the homosexual community is being cheated in real treatment – change the rules and/or definition rather than attempt to correct the problem because dealing with the behavior so difficult.

    While I may come across as harsh (and I’m really not the ogre I make myself out to be here), until somebody can convince me otherwise, I’m apparently still one of the few willing to point to the consequences.

    As far as the genetics, we already have medical terminology describing your conditions mentioned and none of them have a thing to do with homosexuality that I’m aware. If it were so and it was simply the mix of hormones, in the politically correct arena we lived today with the millions perhaps billions of dollars spent trying to identify a “gay gene”, the debate about the acceptance would have ended years ago.

    Again, if it were simply genetics and not a choice, even if that choice so early in life not to be recognized by the individual, than we should have zero cases of identical twins, one being straight, the other gay.

    I believe sexuality is far more complex than simply a predisposition of behavior created by a variety of genotype – early environment, sibling relationship, parental relationship, mentoring, even visual stimulus all being factors.

  40. My sister-in-law’s mom

    I’m not trying to be an ass here but that phrase turned my brain inside out. Isn’t your sister-in-law’s Mom, your mother-in-law?

  41. Noah, I’m a bit confused. Your comment has less to do with being lesbian or gay and more to do with being transgender. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

  42. Isn’t my brother-in-law by blood’s wife still my sister-in-law? Now that you mention that, I’ve always called my wife’s sibling’s spouses brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws.

    Of course, it might be that I’m dumb enough I’ve got the definition wrong.

    I’ll rephrase to alleviate confusion. My wife’s brother’s sister’s Mom. 😀

    Speaking of that now that we are defining loosely defined rules and being I can’t remember correct punctuation worth a damn so I make it up as I go along, let me ask the master host, is it correct to use a multitude of apostrophes like I did above?

  43. Tex and Rutherford.
    There was a study done asking, when do kids stop being cute? It said it happens at about 8 years old when their head and other features take less of a round shape and we as adults feel less inclined to protect them. I believe this is an example of a genetic “drives” within us.

    We have factors within us that draw us to other people. What attracts you to someone is different maybe than what draws me. I think many of these things are genetic in nature. ie our chemistry of what makes us, us, has a ying and a yang aspect to it that we seek out certain types of people based on what our ying is. So to I feel it is for people like I showed in that article.

    To be specific to your point Rutherford. I think there is a sliding scale of sorts. From a straight guy all the way to a man with female organs inside of his body. We are biochemical machines. Many of our urges are produced by chemical releases from these other organs. IF this is true, and I believe it is, it explains how a man can be attracted to another man.

    I can see where it could be a mental illness in some cases. However we are talking about actual physical aberrations that we can see and we should expect would have behavioral consequences. If we have a group of people who have primarily male physical qualities but have genetic or chemical aspects to their physiology that are indicative to the the female make up, then why is it a stretch to think their behavior would also be out of the norm?

  44. We are house sitting and using another computer. Its a good thing. Otherwise, I would be part of an American Legion honor guard tomorrow.

    I believe children are cute before age eight, so we will be less likely to eat them in hard times. Maybe I’m wrong, but it would explain a lot.

    Russian history shows Russians to be as expansionist as other Europeans, including the US. We are like Cain and Able.

  45. R, you asked why some of us worry about Elizabeth Warren. For me, she is fun to mock. Otherwise, she is an ideological thief. Warren said when OWS was cool that she was one of the inspirations for the movement. She was trying to take credit for something she had no rights to.

    Warren also plagerised

    The heady days of affirmative action forced universities to demonstrate their willingness to get with the program by hiring so- called minorities. Blond, blue eyed Elizabeth filled an Indian slot with her native American claims-thus depriving a real Indian of a job. Harvard didn’t care if Warren’s was silly. She filled a slot to burnish university official’s political correctness credibility.

    She could with more truth have claimed to be a Sami or a Vep.

    Warren also plagerized a Cheerokee cook book. A geneololgist noted that Winston Churchhill carried more Indian blood than Warren.
    She is good comic relief.

  46. I believe children are cute before age eight, so we will be less likely to eat them in hard times.-James

    Priceless 😆

  47. Regarding “in-laws”, when do you start using the term “once removed”? That term always cracked me up

  48. On the sexual orientation point there is no simple answers. As Tex hinted at when discussing the pedophile angle there are a number of studies that look at the differences between the genesis of gay men and lesbians. Take any given sub-topic and you’re still only looking at the tip of the iceberg.
    For example:
    straight out lesbians
    L.U.G.’s lesbian until graduation a quirky phenom that cycles through universities
    traumatized females/man haters: embrace lesbianism for human reasons.
    biologic confusion. everyone starts out female,some don’t finish the development process to male ergo the bio-mental divide.

  49. James, great take on Liz Warren. I had forgotten the story behind the cookbook. Sounds like something out of Fat Grannies’ lore.

    Alfie, do you think Brown will win Massachusetts? I mean, I didn’t think Al Franken could ever embarrass a state more and he won – so I have no feel for these geographic races anymore.

  50. It is a sad commentary, Tigre. Best I can figure, Minnesota is state made up of a majority practical jokers who could care less about the importance of politics. I mean, we all know these pols are narcissists.

    But there is a huge difference in electing somebody like Walter Mondale and somebody like Al Franken or Jesse Ventura – at least in my book.

  51. I’ll rephrase to alleviate confusion. My wife’s brother’s sister’s Mom. 😀

    Good God man you’ve tangled the damn thing up even worse.

    OK I got your first point that you consider the spouse of your brother in law your sister in law (I don’t think it works that way, but what the hell I’ll go with it.) Then the mother of your “sister in law” would indeed NOT be your mother in law. So you’ve got me with you that far.

    But then you say “my wife’s brother’s sister’s Mom”. No no no. your wife’s brother’s sister is your wife’s sister too … they all share the same Mom (I assume) and we’re right back to ….. your mother in law.

    😆 I feel like I’m in an Abbott and Costello sketch. The only question is which of us is Costello? 😆

    I think you meant:

    I’ll rephrase to alleviate confusion. My wife’s brother’s wife’s Mom. 😀

    Who’s on first?

  52. I blame my relatives, the Norwegians and Swedes for Jessie and Al. People who will eat fish after soaking it in lye and water to a consistancy that the leftovers could be used to pave a driveway are not to be trusted with voting.
    Thanks Ragi and Tex.

    We were taught in psychology that everyone occupies a physical and psychological continuim from super male to super female. Most of us are born with a sense of our own identity. A nature-nuture debate has of course raged for a long time.

    A Canadian twin lost his genitials in a accident. The nurture wing regarded this tragedy as a wonderful experiment to prove its point. A US professor advised the parents to raise the child as a girl. Regular visits to the university and family reports showed the experiment to be a success. Unfortunately, no one revealed that the family had to force estrogen down the girl’s throat.

    The father finally confessed what had been done, and then, he was afraid their daughter would murder them all in their sleep. She had always known she was supposed to be a boy. Later, she took male hormones and lived as a man, married and was an adoptive father.
    His twin brother had a hard time coping with all of the changes, and killed himself. The hero of the story also killed himself.

    This has happened before. In another case, another Canadian successfully lives as a woman, but though she looks feminine, her interests and behavior are manly. She is bi- sexual.

  53. I think Browns chances are great right now but what is lost on the nation is that there is still to be the Democrat Primary. I think this will be very important for funding and issue framing and the point of energy for Warren for an essentially “fresh” 1.5 month run. In some ways she’s fortunate her laundry is being spun now.

  54. I feel like I’m in an Abbott and Costello sketch. The only question is which of us is Costello?

    ** GUFFAW **

    Man, I really did hammer that, didn’t I? Oh well. That’s what makes like life so spectacular – I’m my own best audience. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

    Try that again. My wife’s brother’s wife’s mother – with my wife’s brother’s wife being my sister-in-law. And she’s funny too. Not only is my family a bunch of hoots, my wife’s family is even funnier. Only they could make sitting through another senior graduation actually tolerable.

    Funny story Friday night. My brother-in-law bought one of those air horns that are so obnoxious. They warned us at the outset not to be tooting those things at the graduation – Steve did it anyway. He pushed the button as my nephew walked across the stage and it fizzled. :lol; Sounded more like a fart, which of course sent all of into squeals of laughter.

    My wife was laughing so hard without sound, I thought she was going to bust a gut. She had her mouth smashed so hard into my shoulder, I came home with imprints. True story.

  55. Speaking of head size and shape, I was standing next to my eldest daughter in the bathroom the other day while she was home from med school, and we were staring into the bathroom mirror while she was getting ready. We both happened to notice how much larger I was from the neck up, being we are approximately the same height. It’s an embarrassment to the old man his daughter is almost staring eyeball to eyeball, especially with small heels on (hers).

    We both noticed at the same time the shape of our heads right next to each other. I called her brontosaurus head – she called me Cro Magnon without even a second passing in between the responses. 😆

    That’s when you both know you have complete confidence in your father daughter relationship. It’s fun when your kids get old enough they don’t go to pieces when you tease them and return volley.

  56. Tex, you were right his red blood cells are uner attack. Just got another blood test back with no improvement. He can’t eat in case of a needed blood transfussion. He is screaming like a racoon or small varmit. We cant even touch him. Just watch, helplessly. This is hell.

  57. I think it was Alfie above who told you to be patient – and I know that is almost impossible as a new parent when it is your baby, but Alfie was right. Neonatal units in America are the best in the world and they won’t let the baby starve to death. If memory serves, breast milk doesn’t even come in for a short period of time so you suckle to a dry faucet. They’ll get the situation under control.

    These units face these situations every day. The first few weeks of life sucked for all of us in one capacity or another.

    How is your wife doing? I will be thinking about you so keep us posted.

  58. Noah, the only point I’m making is we should not confuse gender preference with the need for gender reassignment. They are two very different things. A transgender person does not believe that he is a gay man attracted to men. He believes that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body. He feels he was born with the wrong set of genitalia. There have been cases of lesbian transgender … i.e. men who became women and preferred women as sex partners.

  59. James, whatever you do, don’t look at the browser bookmarks on your friend’s computer.

    I was once bequeathed an old computer from a friend who no longer had use for it and when I looked at the bookmarks in his browser I found a stash of gay porn. I had already suspected that the fellow might lean that way despite being married but WOW did I get confirmation.

    Unless you want to know your friend a bit “too well” don’t touch his browser bookmarks. 🙂

  60. but what is lost on the nation is that there is still to be the Democrat Primary

    Ain’t this the damnedest thing? The media now ignores fact and anoints people. That’s why I feel for Poolman. Romney is NOT the GOP nominee and won’t be until the convention. Similarly Warren is NOT the dem nominee yet for the Senate but you wouldn’t know that to watch the media coverage.

  61. Elaborating on 99, it makes the whole system all the more corrupt when folks trying to get the nomination of their party have the media totally ignore them just because they are either counter-culture (Ron Paul) or boring (anybody opposing Warren …sh*t I don’t even know the names of the folks opposing Warren … the media NEVER mentions them).

  62. Well Tex, I have to hand it to you, the smarter Lawson, my wife, actually looked the damn phrase up and sister-in-law is:

    The sister of your spouse.
    The wife of your brother. OR
    The wife of your spouse’s sibling.

    It’s the third definition that you used, apparently correctly. So I guess to some extent, I’m Costello.

    Third base.

  63. Lousy way to spend a “holiday” weekend Rabbit. Tex is right. Getting started in this world is traumatic by definition. Let the doctors do their thing. Just stay on top of it so you understand what choices are being made.

    Once you get past this crisis, I’ve got a more fun question for you but I’ll save it until your head is clearer.

    (JUST saw your last post … glad to hear the situation is improving.)

  64. This is what bothers me about conservatives who write for blogs … they’re liars. Let’s take a very subtle case in which Mark Finkelstein takes a smack at Chris Hayes with his inaccurate transcription of Hayes’ comment:

    Thinking today and observing Memorial Day, that’ll be happening tomorrow. Just talked with Lt. Col. Steve Burke [sic, actually Beck], who was a casualty officer with the Marines and had to tell people [inaudible]. Um, I, I, ah, back sorry, um

    Hayes did say “Burke” accidentally. But Mark’s transcription gets it wrong when he writes “Um, I, I, ah, back sorry, um”. NO. Hayes said, “Um, I, I, ah, Beck sorry, um”

    In other words, Hayes corrected himself but Finkelstein leaves in his stupid ass little swipe “sic, actually Beck”, and then flubs the transcription where Hayes corrects himself. Sloppy transcribing or Finkelstein being an a$$hole? I strongly suspect the latter. The transcription of all the umm’s and ahh’s is also the mark of a prick. The hesitation is Hayes’ voice comes from broaching what he knows may be an inflammatory topic.

    Bottom line, and I know this is sacrilege on Memorial Day weekend but not everyone who dies in war is a hero. It’s not like the 21st century school tactic of “everybody gets a medal”. Some folks die protecting their brothers. Some folks die taking out the enemy. They are the heroes. Some folks were klutzes in civilian life and accidentally shot themselves or someone got shot by one of those klutzes. Those folks are not heroes. And it cheapens the true heroes to call those folks heroes.

    We use grand eloquence in talking about the military because we feel a deep seated guilt about what they do that we’re not willing to do. It makes us idolize some folks who don’t deserve idolization.

    THAT is what Chris Hayes should have said (I watched him this morning). Instead, he over intellectualized it as he often does.

  65. Oh … and our talk about our great respect for the military is belied by how we treat them when they come home. More soldiers died from suicide in 2011 then died in Afghanistan combat.

    So Mark FINKelstein can kiss my bony ass! 👿

  66. “Oh … and our talk about our great respect for the military is belied by how we treat them when they come home. More soldiers died from suicide in 2011 then died in Afghanistan combat.”


  67. Calling someone a hero is “rhetorically proximate” to a call more war?

    Maybe among the pussy-class he panders to that thinks Obama was heroic in giving the green light to kill Bin Laden. 🙄 I wonder if he thought that was “rhetorically proximate” to a call for more assassinations and executions.

    What a tool.

  68. Reporting from America’s heartland – Cumberland, MD.

    Just spent a marvelous week at DelFest – a fun and love (and Bluegrass music) laden several days at the Cumberland MD fairgrounds. It has been awesome. We rented a motor home, motored up, met my wife’s kids and partied. I needed that.

    Got to meet Del McCoury, a seventy-something – going on twenty – year old, Sam Bush – premier mandolin-player on the planet, saw Bela Fleck, probably the best-known banjo player at this juncture.

    My very favorite was the “Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.” I posted one of their YouTube vids here a couple of topics ago. Met them and got an autographed CD as a present for my 73 year-old brother. The banjo player is ten years old, the fiddler 13, the guitarist 14. Amazing what can happen when you homeschool and keep them off the damned computer. Their kids are expert musicians; mine are expert Diablo players.

    Steve Martin is on stage as I write this; it doesn’t get any better than this. Life is good. Back in bondage Tuesday.

    DR, I haven’t checked in lately; I gather Leo has neonatal jaundice. So did my first child; let him lie on the “beach” a couple of days and he should do just fine. (lie under the bilirubin lights – works amazingly well.)

    This trip t was supposed to just be my wife and me, but we ended up bringing an old friend whose wife just ran off with another man and then filed felony domestic violence charges in order to up the ante in a child custody case to follow. They live in NYC and he spent the weekend in a holding cell on Riker’s Island. No bed; not even a chair. He is a computer programmer; never been in trouble with the law. Nice girl. I offered to testify on his behalf as to her fitness as a mother. Gable put it best in Gone with the Wind: a cat is a better mother.

    How do they justify these laws that punish you before you have been convicted of anything? How can they do that?

  69. PoolMAN™inpulated,

    Somebody could put on the glove of truth and knock your worthless ass into next week and you wouldn’t recognize it.

    But find some fraudulent website, presented as fact if it fits your pet notion and SHAZAAM! If you’re not a frequent telemarketer buyer, you ought to be. I picture you with a house full of shamwows.

    Do you have any idea who the horseshit you linked to is affiliated with? 🙄 Well, here’s hint number 1. Greenpeace. Why don’t you do something useful like saving a whale and leave well enough alone with subjects you’re not fit to discuss? For crying out loud, Poolman. You can’t even do simple math and now you want to present yourself as expert witness in nuclear medicine and engineering?

    To tired, PoolMAN™ipulator. Take it to Fat Grannies and enjoy the reach around.

  70. Good grief, Poolman. The more I research your source, the worse it gets. This is the same group 20 years ago warning us of modified crops. LOOK OUT! KILLER TOMATOES ARE ON THE LOOSE!

    Just out of morbid curiosity, do you go actively searching for these? Or does some other stooge send them to you, and you have like a fraternity of loons? I noticed this same gang is the one that wrote that “Miracles of Water” you published some months back. Like they just discovered hydrogen bonding, or something. 😆

  71. Should have been too tired. Night night. Got to reline another closet tomorrow with cedar. Poolman, go find me some of more of those mind bending science articles.

  72. I wonder if he thought that was “rhetorically proximate” to a call for more assassinations and executions.

    That’s actually a very good question. I’ve never heard Chris Hayes’ opinion on the bin Laden killing. If I were a betting man I’d say he had the same misgivings about our “celebration” of it that most hard core libs had. Liberals truly can get carried away on “principle”.

  73. PF sounds like you’re having a blast. I’m jealous as hell. Spent yesterday with 100 fever. Fortunately just a 24 hour bug but my gut decided to play games today. Maybe tomorrow will go better.

    As for your friend … a woman scorned can truly be a holy terror. Looks like your friend is looking at a few years of hell. Poor guy. Hope his weekend with you took his mind off his troubles for a bit.

  74. Your buddy violated an ex parte domestic violence restraining order, didn’t he?

    Putting aside the fact that was written in another language, how did you infer that from PF’s comment? Or has he discussed this guy in the past? My memory is sh*t nowadays.

  75. Thanks for the Twitchy story Tex … inspired me to retweet some positive Obama remarks and provide one of my own

    #ObamaInThreeWords Killed bin Laden


  76. Yeah Pfessor, my wife’s antibodies were attacking his blood cells because he is a different blood type. His “Billy Ruben” (sounds like a 1970’s relief pitcher for the Yanks) was at 29. It was stuck in the 20’s and wasn’t coming down which was pretty horrifying. It has now been steadly going down and they are letting him eat, the blood transfussion off the table.

    Just got another blood report, he is down to 14.6. So that is good news.

    Thank you all for the good wishes and prayors. At least we can say we all can put our partisan politics to the side for a sick baby. Just think of Nazi Germany or the Congo. They couldn’t do that!

  77. By the way, I detect a man hater vibe up in the NICU. Each nurse bitches at me to do more, assuming I didn’t do shit the last shift. I fell a sleep for from 3 am to 5 and the nurse was busting my balls. That was the first chunk of steady sleep since Wed. Also, my broken nose and stupid tattoos aren’t helping me out. They wonder why dudes aren’t seen in the NICU enough.

    Don’t get me wrong, the nurses here are bad ass.

    I totally see why Tex gave med school a shot at his age. It is a bad ass profession. The way its organized fascinates me. They have these group meetings where the junior doctors speak their case in front of the chief doctor. You aren’t really respected as a doctor until you prove yourself in the field first.

  78. I should also point out, now that I’m making this all about me, I’m in a personal hell. Sick babies and hurting little kids fuck me up. I hear their screams here in the NICU and its hell for me. I go on the elevator and see little boys stricken with cancer. It’s so much easier to block this kind of stuff out and pretend it doesn’t happen. Obviously, the people working in, say, the childeren ER, are heros. They deserve a day like militery vets get in their honor. I’m also impressed with the atheletes or celebreties who spend time with the sick kids. It must not be easy leaving the rock star life for even a few hours and replacing it with a heavy heart. I totally get why Bret Farve balls his eyes out everytime.

  79. How cool is it that a drop of sugar water has the same effect as morphine on a newborn? Talk about an innocent mind. Orginal sin. I understand the theology behind it. But, its one of those things I’ve always had a real tough time buying into. Some of these babies here are going through hell. Premies the size of my hand barely holding on. And I’m supposed to believe they are sinners to boot?

  80. Pfessor, why don’t you invent a swaddle wrap thingy with the lights? The blanket is to small. He’s under the big lights too. But, the glow in the dark blanket is too small. A take home glowing swaddle that velcros together would be far superior to that dinky blanket.

  81. “how did you infer that from PF’s comment?”

    PF said (1) he had felony domestic violence charges made against his buddy, (2) they were involved in a child custody case (3) his buddy spent the weekend in a holding cell on Riker’s Island, and (4) no trial.

    “Domestic violence” is its own species and has its own procedures that are slanted entirely in favor of the accuser (always the woman).

    As part of some pro bono work, I used to assist women in getting ex parte domestic violence orders (meaning its heard without the other side there defend himself).

    By making a sworn, unopposed statement to the presiding judge, a women (must be cohabitating, not necessarily married — gay couples and kids too) gets a restraining order that prevents contact, access to the home and limited ability to pick up your belongings and find a place to stay. They are virtually rubber-stamped and granted for the asking.

    I estimate that 2/3 of the women getting the domestic orders were full of shit. They were preparing to be involved in a divorce or custody dispute and needed leverage or just wanted a little revenge and a way to “evict” their husbands/boyfriends. No kidding.The majority. The most abused process I’ve ever witnessed.

    When you read about a restraining order being issued in a domestic violence situation, don’t leap to conclusions about the existence of actual “violence.” They are issued at the request of accuser, usually unopposed or without objection, and since they automatically expire (30-45 days) until a temporary restraining order is issued (where there’s an actual evidentiary hearing with the right to be heard), all that can be inferred is that someone has a pissed of spouse/girlfriend — usually with an agenda. All that they have to do is claim they were threatened and in “fear” of their safety.

    And since they’re temporary and probably 99% expire without the accuser appearing at a subsequent hearing because they got what they wanted already, there’s no point in opposing it even if he were aware she was seeking to obtain one. The men usually just go along with it under the “fine, I’ll stay away from her and she’ll stay away from me — this will all end a month anyway” mind set. It’d be granted anyway.

    A violation of the restraining order will get you some time in a holding cell and is considered a “felony.” Had it been a simple battery or assault, PF’s buddy would have been taken in and released the next day (probably arraigned in the morning). And that’s why I assume he spent the weekend at Rikers “without a trial” and accused of a felony (presumably without having actually beaten her).

    So PF, am I right?

  82. I got arrested for DV once for fighting my brother. They later changed it to assualt so they could drop the charges. If it remained DV, they would have had to continue the case despite my brother refusing to press charges. At least that’s how I understood it. I know several guys who have been screwed with bogus DV charges.

  83. Thanks for the very good advice, Rutherford. Checking on this computer would be even worse, since we are house sitting for our daughter and son-in law. I don’t need to be creeped out.

    A cold front brought a couple of thunderstorms, and their dog is afraid of wind and thunder. Calming her gave me only three hours of sleep. Waking up to smell a dog’s hot breath in my face was not as pleasant as feeling my wife’s hot breath. HA!

    I agree, not all soldiers died heroicly.Some died in accidents or they were careless. A few met “two step charlies”- poisonious snakes, for example.

    A platoon leader in Vietnam called his troops together after each man was killed or wounded. He described what the unfortunate had done wrong or failed to notice before he became a casualty. He was dead or injured because he had messed up, and the others would escape that fate if they followed the rules and were careful.

    The chat helped give the survivors a sense of control over their futures.

    Other troops died because of accidents or plain bad luck.

    However, even those who died of bad judgement or failure to pay attention deserve credit for serving.

    I hope things improve soon, dead rabbit.

  84. I’ve never been arrested, but I was detained on an Italian air base for about six hours. Does that count?

    My wife would agree with you about Swedes, El Tigre.Her grandmother came here from Sweden when she was 16 and joined her older brother. I wonder how many of our modern teenagers could leave home and move to the US by themselves.

    Dead rabbit. I’m praying it will turn out as it did for our family. My wife had toxemia, and was hospitalized for nearly a week. The doctor then transferred her to a city hospital because he gave her and our son a fifty per cent chance of survival. I was in the delivery room, and when my wife was in trouble, I was the one who first saw a monitor showed our son was going down hill. Pandimoniem followed.

    Our daughter also nearly died, and she cried incessantly for about six months.

    After the doctor saved my wife from shock, a nurse and I were walking toward the lobby. Suddenly, she told me to step into a closet and stay quiet. We were both in a cramped closet until we heard foot steps. The nurse lept out of the closet and nearly scared the other nurse to death. Both worked at a local hospital and had ridden in the ambulance with my wife.

    One day, our daughter was driving home from work. She thanked us for feeding her and giving her a home all of those years. I’m sure something like that will happen to you some day, dead rabbit.

  85. Be my luck. Go over to some jungle foreign country, defend people who hate you, knowing fully well there we 20,000,000 Poolmans at home waiting to hate on you and calling you mercenaries.

    And not get 10 minutes into the bush before being bitten by a cobra, or something, dying of not gun shot but asphyxiation with a bunch of brothas hanging over my lasting gasping breaths saying, “I think this honky dead. Grab his wallet.”

    I’ll bet these war movies are a poor representation of the real fighting. I had an older buddy who was in the bush in ‘Nam, and he told me it was hours of sheer boredom and trying to keep your feet dry, where he was more scared of the parasites in the water and being napalmed by his own troops than he was a bullet from the adversary.

  86. The correct way as example to talk to a pinko Lib with sissified tendencies. Complete joy to read this response: 😮 Wish I could get the opportunity to slap that little rosy face with all my might.

    “Memo to Chris: they are heroes, and you don’t get a vote.”

    “So, like so many other useless progressive fops who glide from cocktail party to panel discussion, Chris Hayes continues to push his progressive vision of collectivist serfdom from behind the unbreachable wall of American warriors,” Schlichter wrote. “He has not stood with them and, in fact, is unworthy of doing so. Hayes is a parasite taking sustenance from the exertions of better men and women.” BRAVO! BRAVO!!!!

    He also picked apart Hayes’ line, “rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war.” The MSNBC host, Schlichter blogged, “sounds like one of my commie grad students trying to impress credulous freshman girls after a choom session in the quad.”

    ~ Kurt Schlichter

    Well done, Kurt!!! Let’s dogpile this pussified maggot some more like we did that NBC ‘military analyst’ William Arkin and push him to the edge of the cliff.

  87. Maybe this explains why Rachel Maddow’s little sister, Chrissie Hayes, isn’t much of a military fan.

    Romney has the backing of 60 percent of male veterans to Obama’s 32.

    Looks like about 2/3 of our Vets were not terribly impressed with the Osama kill, Rutherford. Reads like they think Obama full of shit. 😈

  88. Tigre, thanks for the explanation. Damn, I’m all for women being protected from abuse but your tale tells me things are seriously out of control.

    Just out of curiosity, does this ever work in reverse gender-wise? In other words, will a judge be as likely to sign this 30 day restraining order against a woman who is supposedly beating the sh*t out of her man?

  89. In other words, will a judge be as likely to sign this 30 day restraining order against a woman who is supposedly beating the sh*t out of her PROGRESSIVE, effete man?

    Liberal men need all the protection they can get. 😉

  90. @DR if it means anything NICU nurses and Nurse practitioners are hands down the worse and best at the same time. Incredible work ethic and skills,shitty humanity skills especially when it comes to males and physicians. Whence you enter the darkened hallows of a NICU you are undoubtedly IN THEIR REALM and they won’t let you forget that.

  91. @ Rutherford
    Don’t mean to dog pile on you boss but you’ve accepted the flip side of the fallacy of Memorial Day.
    Heroes is an abused word and it would be better off reserved for those that actually reach the lofty heights the word embodies. On the flip side there is something to be said of the character of those that do serve and do die. This is where you are in conflict with others. you’re on record as many lefties to not holding out much reverence for those that enlist. The thing is regardless of what you think of the enlistees they did indeed enlist. they did indeed go. They did indeed witness that which mankind unleashes upon itself via combat. They did indeed watch friends die or died themselves without folks really caring.
    So in a wrap up kind of way those that have found themselves via enlistment,draft or whatever earning the stone that is remembered on Memorial Day they are indeed something different and better than the many.

  92. “In other words, will a judge be as likely to sign this 30 day restraining order against a woman who is supposedly beating the sh*t out of her man?”

    I dunno. Never saw it and I never saw one turned down. But I will say, the gays were approached more skeptically from what I observed. I think it’s human nature to think a dude should be able to take care of himself.

    BTW, Lil’ Sissy Chrissie Hayes ain’t a dude.

  93. Alfie, the fact that your observation has to be made is confounding. I am fascinated more about why that is and why guys like R defend rather than question it.

  94. “A blogger at The Right Sphere, who noted he is a veteran, wrote that he “can’t quite bring myself to be angry about it.”

    “I feel sorry for Chris Hayes because sadly, this is his worldview. It’s how he thinks. It’s his value system, and it’s sad. This is a man who over and over again has spoken with greater reverence about the ‘Occupy Movement’ than he did today about our fallen service members,” Tommy wrote.”


    Read more:

  95. Rutherford 108 I’ve seen this assertion before and I request back up……
    My numbers reveal: 417 combat deaths Afghanistan 2011 with US military suicides @ 164
    What you got?

  96. Alfie I think it also needs to be said that a good number of the folks piling on Chris Hayes would themselves not be caught dead getting on a plane to Afghanistan. I think there is a factor in military-worship that involves courage by association. “If I support the courageous dude going off to war that means I somehow am courageous too.”

    Hayes stepped in it but he had to. You cannot be a pacifist and then not worry about praising the participants in warfare. That is the conflict he was addressing. Shouting about heroes can be viewed as support of warmongering and to a pacifist, that is a dilemma.

    This is not rocket science … people need to get a grip.

  97. “If I support the courageous dude going off to war that means I somehow am courageous too.”

    Unbelievably stupid R.

    You criticize reverence for those that are willing to do what you won’t as a response?

    That’s rhetorically proximate to mental retardation. .

  98. “You cannot be a pacifist and then not worry about praising the participants in warfare.”

    No he didn’t He tried to create categories of heroes.

    I hate when you try to recharacterize or refine someone else’s idiotic comments.

    “Courage by association” is what Obama and those that define his act of “green-lighting” a no brainer decision to take out Bin Laden refer to as “real courage.”

  99. Tigre, all I’m saying is that there is a good contingent of folks jumping on Hayes who themselves would crap their pants at the thought of facing down a Taliban soldier. “Supporting the troops” is the opportunity for some to chest-thump when they are every bit as “effete” as Chris Hayes.

    “rhetorically proximate” … that is a beaut. I have tweeted to Hayes once or twice when his language was too precious by half.

  100. Independent science does have some interesting discoveries, sometimes not politically correct. They have the advantage of seeking their own conclusion without a predetermined outcome. As long as the methods are transparent and pure, I’m good with it.

    Not all scientists will agree with each other on every topic, but their own areas of experience are often remarkable when shared. Even if I can only grasp a little of the concepts, it helps piece together this ginormous jigsaw puzzle.

    Corporate or investor funded science is often structured to support profitable capitalist endeavors, often without its primary regard toward health concerns. The presentation of data is always one-sided. The majority of scientists must operate within this highly censored parameter. Leaks and whistle-blowers are often harshly dealt with or ostracized.

    That is how so many petroleum based materials made their way into our everyday world. And many pharmaceuticals too.

    That is how much of the consumable products we purchase cause health issues from diabetes to allergies. Proven links to obesity, lethargy, cancers.

    Are you buying gulf coast seafood yet? Government says it’s perfectly safe, but then you trust the government when it tells you certain things, like a good nationalist should. I don’t trust them. Their record is horrendous. They need to be fired.

    We, the sheeple, in order to foment a more perfect narrative, do drink the koolaid that spews from our teevees, making us in its image, one nation, under magog, with usury and lustfulness for all.

  101. No he didn’t He tried to create categories of heroes.

    No he didn’t …. I tried to create categories of heroes, or rather I made the simple observation that dying in war does not make you ipso facto a hero.

    Hayes said talking about heroes is rhetorically proximate to praising war. For a pacifist, this is a dilemma.

    You’re the one recharacterizing Tigre.

  102. As I recall twice early in our marriage Rutherford, I did indeed make Mrs. Taylor so angry, she did take a windup, a swing, and a miss. Then I grabbed her, fell on her onto the bed, laid on top of her, which only made a bad situation worse. It’s one thing to duck their punches; quite another to duck their punches and laugh at them while you manhandle them. You’d probably be safer taking one to the jaw and getting the scorn over with.

    When women start that crying mad thing, sleep with one eye open. For two or three days, I was just sure I was going to get brained with an iron skittle, or worse. :wink;

  103. We don’t take care of our troops. Especially once they are out. No more than lip service. The statistic is that 18 veterans commit suicide everyday on average – one every 80 minutes.

    Alfie’s stat in 145 is the active duty. But the military is not transparent and honest with their information. So we don’t really know. Remember Pat Tillman? My, my, how that got bungled. Often they suppress the truth and cover over the injustices. In the case of rapes, it has been well-documented.

    Another instance (of many) is Camp Lejeune where they attribute death and cancers as a direct result of contaminated water that they caused and knew existed for decades.

    It really is fantasy to think we, as a nation, support these men and women. Exploit is more accurate.

  104. Rutherford,

    Let’s just admit this. Chris Hayes is a rank coward and major league dick who just stepped in it during an incredibly rare moment of liberal truth – like that pumpkin Hilary Rosen. Hayes is a fricking weasel with a venue to reach a few hundred thousand folks, which is more than any soldier gets.

    What we ought to do is drop Hayes feeble ass into Yemen mosque looking the way he does and let the Taliban heroes have a go at Hayes. I hope they leave his CatWoman glasses on when they impale his head. I would pay top dollar to observe that.

  105. Listen up, Poolman. If I had my druthers, you’d be joining Chris Hayes in the Yemen mosque with a pork loin nailed to your naked ass.

    See this, nimrod?

    I was there yesterday.

    It was an honor just to stand in that cemetery amongst great people that had proceeded me. So don’t throw this horseshit about exploitation in our faces.

    Floating turds like you exploit, because you’re a world class coward who makes the worst accusations about our military, without fact – and frankly not worth a bullet.

    The rest of us remember, respect and admire our fallen heroes.

  106. And as for Rutherford and his accusations about sick babies being born into sin, since when did I ever make that claim, numb nuts?

    I think it was me that has provided about beaucoup times several verses explaining an age of accountability.

    Can’t you plaster some of them to your refrigerator so you won’t continue to forget and making these gross exaggerations?

  107. Tex, to clarify … does not Christianity say we are all born sinners? Isn’t that what Rabbit was referring to? Wasn’t Rabbit remarking about the challenges these sick babies face and they’re “sinners to boot”? I find the notion disgusting so I threw the ball to you as you are able to quote scripture where I am not. I was expecting you to defend your religion’s take on “original sin”.

    My wife, who is better versed in religion than am I, tells me that in the Catholic church if you die before your baptism, the church is easy on you. Instead of going to hell you just go to purgatory. 😐

  108. Poolman, “Inherit the Wind” (one of my favs) has some very powerful dialog in it. I’m surprised it resonates with you considering your leanings toward faith.

  109. Here’s the quote from Rabbit at 126 Tex just in case you forgot what prompted my remark:

    Some of these babies here are going through hell. Premies the size of my hand barely holding on. And I’m supposed to believe they are sinners to boot?

  110. Rutherford, the Bible teaches we are born separate spiritually from God. Born into sin. That is the reason there is pain and suffering. It is a result of man’s defiance of God, way back in the garden. That is why He sent His son. To redeem us. We are now under grace. We have free will to choose that path to redemption. It is something we can do when we reach an age of reason. That is what baptism symbolizes.

    Different sects have differing traditions symbolizing milestones in the procession of faith. The truth is, rebirth is a heart condition. No human knows the relationship another shares with their source. We’re unique and intentionally so.

    Institutional religion is really an oxymoron. True faith is a one-on-one relationship with your source, your Creator, the great Spirit. Others can help point in the direction, but cannot carry you there.

    There are many things that “the church” has been misled about. I don’t know all, far from it. But there is a history on man using religion and church doctrine to control and suppress peoples. Often the whole truth is kept from the masses. Someone deemed they couldn’t handle the truth. Often it holds power.

    This is totally opposed to the teaching of Jesus who said not to keep the little children from coming to him. He told us we must be as children in our faith. Like children, trusting and constantly amazed at life, acknowledging, accepting, and uplifting of others. Do unto others…

    If you examine most “Christians”, these characteristics are often lacking. Most are condemning and judgmental, exclusionary and highly critical of others. Most are legalistic.

    We were called to experience life, and that to the fullest. John 10:10

  111. Rutherford, why don’t you take a class in religious studies if you’re so curious. Or go to church?

  112. Muffy, no class in religious studies cos I’m too damn lazy. From church, I’ll get propaganda.

    Course work is the preferred option. Heck right now I’m struggling with the notion of enrolling in a free online sociology course offered by Princeton this summer. I was fine with it until I saw I’d have to take exams. Now I’m facing flashbacks to unpleasant college experiences. 😯

  113. Noah, I love it when you post these Facebook pages because every time I can (where there is a comment box available) I put my two cents in. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  114. Thanks for the good cheer Poolman.

    The truth will set you free, Rutherford. But as with any wisdom, the exchange often is associated pain and suffering. Sorry to poop your party.

    Life isn’t all cherry with no pit. I know Memorial Day ends up just a party time with fun in the sun and cheers to national pride. I’d rather the honorable would not have died or suffered in vain. I’d like us to stop repeating the same atrocities. I refuse to go along. We owe ourselves a responsible examination and accounting of our actions. We are America, warts and all.

  115. Muffy, did Poolman put it to rest? Well yes and no. The notion that God was defied in the garden of Eden is to my mind preposterous. So yes, Poolman offered an explanation, but it defies common sense.

    I’m also noticing that I’m getting some pushback on this topic when I did not introduce the topic. It was Rabbit who introduced it, struggling, not for the first time I might add, with his faith. I see that when a conservative faces “doubt” he gets a free pass but when a liberal faces doubt, he’s an atheist, communist, pinko, unAmerican traitor.

    There is a very simple FACT at play here and Rabbit can either accept it (and put his mind at ease) or reject it and continue the struggle.

    Unless pissing and crapping on oneself is a sin, Leo is NOT a sinner and I don’t give two f*cks whether he’s been baptized, confirmed or any other hocus pocus you wish to employ. He’s an innocent baby boy who doesn’t need the religious doctrinal bullsh*t dumped on his head while he’s struggling. 😡

  116. R says, “you’re the one recharacterizing Tigre.”

    Like hell I am. Here’s his quote in its entirety:

    “Why do I feel so uncomfortable about the word ‘hero’?” Hayes said. “I feel uncomfortable about the word hero because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war. Um, and, I don’t want to obviously desecrate or disrespect memory of anyone that’s fallen, and obviously there are individual circumstances in which there is genuine, tremendous heroism, you know, hail of gunfire, rescuing fellow soldiers and things like that. But it seems to me that we marshal this word in a way that is problematic. But maybe I’m wrong about that.”

    Now, if I knew how to bold text in one of these comments fields, what part do you think I might have bolded?

    R, those that lack the courage themselves, but extend their gratitude and reverence are NOT the same as those that don’t and critcize/diminish. They are polar opposites. Your logic is rhetorically proximate to dog shit. 😆

  117. Why would you get propaganda from the church? Because poolman said so? Trust me, the church will be honest about its own theology if you care to ask.

  118. You found the answer preposterous? You don’t say.

    “I see that when a conservative faces “doubt” he gets a free pass but when a liberal faces doubt, he’s an atheist, communist, pinko, unAmerican traitor. “

    Rutherford, that’s just beneath you. Rabbit wrestling and you throwing out a bogus call to engage so you can hold the answer up to scorn are two very different things. Very.

  119. Tigre, to bold you use the and then close the bold with an and with any luck WP won’t mess up this instruction I just gave you.

    Now it’s my time to bold face …. I feel uncomfortable about the word hero because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war. That is the crux of his statement. Using the word hero for a pacifist appears to encourage the notion of warring. Everything he says after that is an attempt not to appear callous and to recognize there are heroes among these soldiers and that Hayes himself struggles with this dilemma.

    If you’d read the comment as coming from a man coming to grips with this dilemma and not some effete liberal, you might understand it better. But what fun would that be? Better to politicize it and beat your patriotic chest.

  120. LOL LOL … I knew stupid wordpress would screw up my instruction on how to bold a comment. Tigre, I’ll send you a note later with how to do it.

  121. Muffy, actually the way this went down was Rabbit made his statement and I answered by throwing the “ball” to Tex. To my surprise, rather than give a comforting explanation to Rabbit, Tex chose to come after me. Had Tex given Rabbit a comforting explanation, I would have silently shook my head and moved on without comment. In fact, I had no plan to respond to Poolman’s comment until you asked whether it satisfied me.

    To my mind Muffy, and we will never agree on this, organized religion is a mixed bag that gives comfort and pain very nearly in equal measure. At the one end of the spectrum, Rabbit is wondering how his baby could be “a sinner to boot”. At the other end of the spectrum my grandmother who did not believe in God but was submitted to a religious funeral by her dumb relatives, was basically called a sinner by the minister at the ceremony. That minister was not fit to shine my grandmother’s shoes and he dared call her a sinner as she lay in the coffin behind him. These examples disgust me.

  122. Rabbit, I’m just saying I’d expect a comparative religion course to have an objectivity I would not find in a church service. I could be wrong.

  123. Rutherford, I love you, but you’re a religious bigot. I’ve not detected the same in Rabbit. I find it moving that he sees the tiny infants around him struggling to survive and is prompted to reflect on life. Questioning a mystery he doesn’t know how to reconcile with a loving God. You cheapen Rabbit’s struggle when you use it to provoke Tex. 😦

  124. Trust me, the church will be honest about its own theology if you care to ask.

    The difference is in the meaning of the “church”. There are numerous institutions claiming to be the “church”. Many have differing doctrine and beliefs. Most are transparent regarding those, but they vary, sometimes in extreme from institution to institution.

    The “church”, as described in the NT is the spiritually born again bride of Christ. The “church” body, described as all different in look and purpose, yet operating in unity of spirit, with Christ as head.

    Though you can go to others for guidance, the relationship is personal.

  125. Questioning a mystery he doesn’t know how to reconcile with a loving God.

    You make me too much the villain here Muffy. Rabbit’s questioning actually pains me because I see him in a battle between the rational and the irrational at a very stressful time in his life. I threw the thing to Tex to AVOID giving Rabbit my answer …. an answer that would have pissed off everyone here (except perhaps Pfesser) and very likely Rabbit himself.

    I probably should have just ignored his comment.

  126. While we’re on the subject I do find Tex’s religious attacks on Poolman to be odd since Tex has repeatedly said he has no use for formal church services. He’s as suspect of the “organization” in organized religion as he is in corporate bureaucracy. From where I sit, both Tex and Poolman have a personal relationship with God that is not dependent on “the church”.

  127. Faith should need constant defense. It needs challenge to strengthen and prove it. As iron sharpens iron. The apostles were anxious to debate their faith. It’s part of our purpose, our witness.

  128. “Tex’s religious attacks on Poolman…”

    Oh please.

    Tex merely approaches from the front.

    Your brush is too broad. Bible doctrine and religion being two entirely different things is not novel.

  129. Oh, I see.What you said makes sense if I ignore the part of Chrissie Prissy Ha comment you don’t like and that he can’t seem to reconcile.

    Let me try it from this angle.

    My dad fought in Korea. His first nights were spent in a fox hole for days with gun fire so thick any man daring to come out would immediately be mowed down. In a rare moment he told me about this. And only this one occasion as he was thinking about his buddies that “snapped” and ran from the hole to meet their maker.

    He served and returned never succumbing to the terror. All but a few of his buddies later drowned when my dad’s landing craft capsized in heavy seas; all aboard packed down for a beach landing He lived only because he was was discharged 2 weeks early to start college.

    Now, my dad was not there by choice. To my knowledge he never killed nor “saved” anyone. He’s never asked for recognition and has been given none — in fact, he doesn’t like to speak of it. He harbors no ill-will for boney-assed, pussy, pseudo intellectuals like the Muppet-looking Chaz Maddow wannabe, Chrissie Hayes (who has incidentally referred to his own parents as “heroes” for giving him all he has despite humble beginnings).

    To me, my father is a hero.

    R, apply your logic to explain to me why my dad is not and why the distinctions you cock-knockers attempt to draw have any value at all.

  130. @ Rutherford yes the figure is the active duty regular,guard and reserve forces.
    I put it out there because I find the shilling of military suicides,almost always thrown out there to mean the Iraq/Afghanistan service personnel to be a heinous act.
    Overall military suicides and the documented spike thereof takes into account all services and all types of servicemen. Basically Vietnam vets and Cold War era vets that take themselves out are counted along with the iraq/Afghan campaign folks and lest we forget those stateside folks that don’t deploy etc.
    With that all said I am firmly in the camp that the DoD/VA has not done well by these men and women. I also believe the I/A forces are highly susceptible to going to the dark places secondary to: (in no particular order)
    over deployment,rapid transfer from war zone to Main St.,family disconnect,crappy civilian economics,losing the war,over use of various anti-depressant,anti-psychotics and go-go pills and the list goes on.

    And please take this in for yourself and forward it to the Chris Hayes’ of the world. MEMORIAL DAY in its true colors is the very BEST way to NOT glorify war.

  131. FWIW R I think you should probably stay out of churches,synagogues and temples until such time as you personally feel drawn to one.
    As for furthering any intellectual pursuit of faiths I think other than an oversimplified survey style book looking at multiple faiths you’d be asking for a lot of trouble.

  132. Fucken A your Dad is hero. That write up gave me goosebumps. I can’t believe Rutherford and his eunuch buddies even feel the need for such insipid poppy cock. Funny that the worm had no problem throwing the H word around when it came to the upbringing of his awesome self full of awesomness.

  133. @186 Couple a days ago I bumped into an elderly gent who was standing beside his car. It had a couple of Korean War themed bumper stickers. I took them in and asked him if he was one of the “Chosin Frozen”. He was visibly moved some pup even knew what that was and turns out he was.
    F!@#ing guy actually thanked me for talking with him about. Thanked me?!?!
    I said thanks to him,told him to take care and went on my way. One of the more moving moments in my life of recent time.

  134. Why in the world would you even broach this subject, Rutherford? You have as much a tin ear about timing as your Dear Leader. Let’s give a shout out to the Native Americans in attendance while 13 people lay dead at Ft. Hood.

    This isn’t the time or place to have this type of discussion. I already gave Rabbit my best answer – the answer being that since it not my baby, I have a very objective medical response – the chances highly favor Leo being okay and perfectly healthy soon. This is not uncommon and manageable.

    Pfesser and I both have mentioned the only thing important to Rabbit at this minute – the health and potential treatments of Rabbit and his wife’s baby. You threw it to me for Lord knows what reason trying to frame this as some eternal question because Muffy is right – you’re a bigot that never misses a chance to scoff of which you are going to be profoundly sorry one day. I only want to be a friend now in any way a blog buddy can and give Rabbit my best assurance that everything is going to be okay.

    But since you were stupid enough to bring the eternal into the discussion, let me tell you on the authority of God’s Word which is true, and complete, and profitable, and worthy of instruction, and reliable, here is my answer to you or anybody else:

    I can guarantee with 100% certainty that any baby that happens to pass for any reason is immediately ushered into heaven upon death. Period. And Job makes it very clear that death is both unfair and unexplainable in terms we mere mortals can understand, but contrary to what you may think, it is not the end of things. Not in the least. And after Job received his answer which was no answer to his demand, Job did the same thing you and me and anybody else that has ever lived or will ever live will do one day – humbled himself, assured he was not adequately prepared to understand these questions, and gave thanks. If you are curious, you can read from Job 38 until the end, where you will find some of the most beautiful and poetic parts of the Bible. But it is also terrifying when contemplated.

    I have no answer why horrible things are allowed to pass on this earth, and neither does any other theologian because Christ told us flat out we are not capable of understanding when asked. Like I have said before, I know their things in play that I can’t begin to fathom or reason or understand, with powers and authority so magnificent, powerful and profound I am not even worthy to ask.

    Now knock this ignorance off. This is completely inappropriate discussion when real pain and real suffering is at play. If Rabbit wants to talk about, then we can talk about it. But that’s his decision and not open to discussion in some forum where we sit around and contemplate and speculate age old questions of the most incredibly private by nature.

  135. “Your buddy violated an ex parte domestic violence restraining order, didn’t he?”

    Say that in English.

  136. As Americans mindlessly celebrate another Memorial Day with cookouts, beer and burgers, the U.S. war machine keeps churning. As we brutally enforce our will on foreign countries, we create more people that hate us. They don’t hate us for our freedom. They hate us because we have invaded and occupied their countries. They hate us because we kill innocent people with predator drones. They hate us for our hypocrisy regarding democracy and freedom.

    Get a grip America. Time to listen to your prophets and learn from your failures and mistakes. There is no honor in sweeping reality under a rug. There is no victory in deceit. The proof’s in the pudding.

    A country can be measured by how well it treats its veterans. Our leaders talk a good game, but their actions prove they don’t care about the human costs of war. They are busy planning their next move in their game of Risk.

    The War Pigs must be stopped before it’s too late. The Military Industrial Complex, with the unwavering support of central bankers printing unlimited amounts of fiat currency, while controlling the scoundrel puppets in Washington DC, will destroy this country in their never ending quest for power and profits. One man fights a lonely battle against these forces of oppression. We must join his legion and take this country back from the war pigs.

  137. OK ET I had some time to go over a few of the comments, including yours. (Been busy – great week tho.)

    Here is what I know, and all from one side.

    They had been having marital difficulty for several years and were doing ongoing counseling. On last Wednesday they went to counseling after he got home from work. Typically they had a babysitter for their very problematic 8 year-old, but this day the wife (who did not work) had prearranged for him to be with one of her many divorcee friends. After therapy she announced that she was not coming home.

    When my friend arrived home (Manhattan) he found the boy missing, his two Mac laptops missing, his birth certificate, driver’s license, passport and all forms of ID missing. All bank accounts empty. Anything of value already gone. He is a Linux expert and had rigged a webcam on his big machine for security surveillance and has video of the whole thing, including audio of her discussing on the phone with her boyfriend as to what she should steal, er I mean take, including the beer. (She took that, since he wanted it.) She did not take the big machine since it was too heavy, big and old he thinks.

    While he was home, the cops called and told him they wanted to talk to him tomorrow. He said, fine. He called his lawyer. I’m a little vague about details, but apparently it came out that she had sworn out a warrant for abuse of her AND the child. (I know this guy very well; I would believe it about HER, but never him.) They made arrangements for him to surrender after work on Thursday, but at 6am Thus morning the cops were beating at his door and arrested him. The phone call was just a ruse to see if he was home and they violated the agreement.

    He was supposed to be arraigned within an hour; because of screwups they ended up not arraigning him until the next day (Friday) at 5pm and because it was so late in the day he ended up not being released until Saturday. Since he was supposed to be arraigned and released he was in a holding cell the whole time – no bed, not even a chair.

    To answer your question (I think), he did not violate any order I am aware of. All his ID is gone; he and his lawyer are a little baffled about that, but think it is to allow her to get his last paycheck from the bank account (it is autodeposited) before he is able to regain access to the account.

    It is really, really fucked up as best I can tell. I have never seen such viciousness, just to gain some kind of upper hand in a divorce proceeding – and it was never his idea to divorce, even though he has been aware of several infidelities with several men. He is having paternity testing done on his son, now that she is using him as a meal ticket. Her stated plan is to get rid of the husband but force him to give her 55% of his income (NY law if she gets full custody) until the boy is 21 so she “never has to work again.” Really a bad deal.

    That is his side and that of his parents. I wasn’t there.

  138. clarifying: I would believe SHE would abuse the kid but never would I believe my friend would do it to her or the kid.

  139. “Just out of curiosity, does this ever work in reverse gender-wise? In other words, will a judge be as likely to sign this 30 day restraining order against a woman who is supposedly beating the sh*t out of her man?”

    I know TWO cases now where the husband pulled the trigger first and the wife was locked out of her own house, treated like shit, abused, arrested, etc. This is one screwed-up law; it lends itself to abuse and is abused over and over. It cheapens the legitimate protection some people really need.

    re: babies and God. Everybody hold on here. DR’s baby has a high bilirubin; that is eminently treatable and the treatment should go fine, even if the numbers are really high. That was very unprofessional of the nurse to tell ET that these were the highest numbers she had ever seen. Twit.

    Let’s don’t borrow trouble. Anything can happen, but until I hear otherwise, I see no reason little Leo should not be bouncing around the back yard in no time…

  140. PF, your story is different than I anticipated. There’s something more going on though. Even with a warrant sworn out unless there’s feature of NY law I know nothing about.

  141. Pfessor and Tex are correct. Leo is steadly improving. He’s been off the lights for 12 hours and this Billy Ruben asshole only went up a little bit. A very good sign the antibody attack is over and the OBA issue history. Hate that Billy Ruben guy.
    I didn’t mean to start a religious debate. I’ve been living on a chair in the NICU for 3 days now, the hospital as a whole since Wed. No sleep. Take anything I say with a grain of salt.

  142. R, apply your logic to explain to me why my dad is not and why the distinctions you cock-knockers attempt to draw have any value at all.

    You realize this is a sort of emotional extortion. “Call my dad a sissy …. I dare ya.” I’m not saying this because I care about your feelings, I’m being honest. Your Dad is a hero. He faced danger that he never asked for and from what you tell me he did so with modesty and dignity. Not that it matters what I or Chris Hayes thinks, but I believe if you confronted Hayes with this question he also would call your dad a hero.

    My dad was stationed in Germany during the Korean war and was a radio operator. That does not make him a hero in my book. The fact that he went to work every day to the hell hole known as Bedford-Stuyvesant to put food on our table … that’s what made him a hero to me.

    The night we learned that Osama was killed, my radio co-host felt we shouldn’t gloat about a man’s death. I thought that was absurd … bleeding heart liberalism taken to the extreme. What Chris Hayes said was similar. He did not mean to offend. He was following his liberal thought pattern down a rabbit hole.

  143. As for furthering any intellectual pursuit of faiths I think other than an oversimplified survey style book looking at multiple faiths you’d be asking for a lot of trouble.

    The closest I’ve come to studying religion is what I’ve read so far of Christopher Hitchen’s “God is not Great”. And yes … I realize that contains a bit of propaganda. 😉

  144. Why in the world would you even broach this subject, Rutherford?

    If I’ve offended Rabbit, I’m sincerely sorry. I know what his priority is right now, as it should be. He knows I don’t pray but I’ve certainly been thinking positive thoughts for his kid. It’s been on my mind.

    I could go on to justify why I “broached the subject” but I’ll leave it be. Enough said.

  145. He knows I don’t pray but I’ve certainly been thinking positive thoughts for his kid. It’s been on my mind.

    Let’s see. You don’t believe in a Creator and you don’t believe in a God, but you do believe in mocking a God that doesn’t exist in the middle of serious concern over one of our regulars? I think I’ve got that right.

    And you think your “positive thoughts” will somehow provide what? A measure of good will, positive energy, karma, good luck? 🙄 Unbelievable. Perhaps we should all stop and pray to Rutherford, to strengthen his good thoughts. Let’s hum into a crystal.

    How about a seance? Crack out the Ouija board and we’ll channel the Wizard of Oz for advice.

    Do you have any idea how incredibly lame that just read? If it were anybody else but you, I would say that is the most insincere, disingenuous pile of steaming dung I’ve read Yeller Dawg. But being I think that pretty representative of the depth of liberal ‘religious’ dialogue, I’m going to take that as a positive.

  146. @ 186 Here here!

    Tigre, do you know what unit your dad was in?

    I read the story about Hayes as well, and to be frank, I wasn’t all that surprised. He and folks like him don’t understand what service is. Sure, they know about the military and that deployments into war zones are hard, but they don’t understand the culture, the history, the sacrifice.

    Most take for granted their freedoms. They think quotes like, “He who would sacrifice freedom for security has neither'” from old dead figures like John Adams are just that, old words from an old time. This doesn’t apply to us today, how could it when we’ve such a benevolent government? I’ll not live under the yoke of tyranny- soft or hard. Politicians do not fear Occupy because they know it for what t is- a bunch of rabble rousing misfits, who are ignorant and unrepresentative of the people. However, the Politicians fear the Tea Party. They’re deathly afraid of the TP because we know the facts, we know our history, we know what path we’re on and we know what needs to be done to fix it. More importantly, we do represent the people. R’s folks have done everything they could to try and destroy the image of the Tea Party, but you’ve failed.

    I hope all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Mine was was working all weekend, but I did get some good time in with the family yesterday. Don’t take it for granted. Never take it for granted.

    P.S. DR, glad to hear the little guy is getting better. My youngest had to spend some time under the lights too. It’s stressful, but he’ll be fine. A little off color isn’t gonna keep a Rabbit down anyway!

  147. “You realize this is a sort of emotional extortion. “Call my dad a sissy …. I dare ya.”

    Not at all. That’s your dodge. I was very serious. I was waiting for you to angle it as heroism by association or some other bullshit – maybe that was your intent.

    But if you bothered to read carefully, everything that should exclude him as a hero is present. And you can’t tell me he’s not. I also what value there was in your observations in hopes that it would trigger an epiphany. Not even a try. Yet you continue to defend the comments?

    Don’t you see that your reluctance (unwillingness) to respond is itself an example of my point?

    Your dad’s teaching experience in Bed Stuy is not rhetorically proximate to support of a failed public school system.

    Chrissy Hayes was not heavy, insightful, tactful or even offering worthwhile commentary. Cut the shit and stop pretending that he is.

  148. G, I don’t know, I’ll have to ask. I used to try on his uniform as kid and frankly never paid attention to the badges. I’ll let you know since you might have some insight into his background.

  149. Let’s see. … bla bla bla

    Tex, I gave my apology to Rabbit and I dropped it. Why the need to pile on?

    But since you went there …. let’s see … the only positive contribution I can make is to pray to your God? Is that what you’re saying? Your rejecting my positive thoughts toward Leo is the same as my rejecting your prayers for me …. which I don’t. Whether or not I believe in the “power of prayer” I appreciate its intent and I’m grateful for it.

  150. Mmmm I wonder if my Dad still has his uniform. As I said earlier, I can’t match any fox hole exploits. One of my Dad’s most vivid memories was getting an inoculation that swelled up his arm and being forced to wash windows with the swollen arm. The army — no place for wimps, even if you are just a radio operator.

  151. A little Leo Buscaglia to lighten the mood around here:

    Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

  152. Nice, R. I’ll see your Buscaglia and raise you a Forest Witcraft:

    “A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

  153. 1. Was your dad drafted?
    2. Not for nothing but during the early age of the Cold War radio operators were pretty important. Often times they were involved in listening in on the Soviets,see Johnny cash for example.

  154. Yes Alfie, my Dad was drafted. Like many veterans, he doesn’t talk much about his service so I don’t know if he ever overhead any Soviet intrigue on the radio. 🙂

  155. DR, along the same lines, the comment du jour:

    “Perhaps the family of this fellow will provide some photos of him as a child, looking exceptionally cute, and the press can then run these photos incessantly in order to imply innocence. And then people can work themselves into a frenzy and assume that the cop shot this guy for no reason other than he had nothing better to do that day, and politicians moronically claim that their hypothetical offspring would resemble the outdated photograph of Mr. Eugene. Insanity, right?”

  156. Rabbit, I am so glad the little thumper is doing better. If you want to keep the nurses out of your shit, just get them started on the doctors. They’ll forget you’re even there. 😉

    One time ET tried to imply who my heroes were. I informed him he had no idea who my heroes were. He kindly shut up on the matter.

    One time I spoke of my father’s service in WWII. Tex retorted that “everybody’s Daddy” served in WWII to which I reminded him that Romney’s Dad didn’t to which he pulled a common Tex and instead of admitting he didn’t know something he claimed he had “forgotten it”.

    You guys can claim whatever heroes you want, just don’t tell me who mine are. I can tell you that Leo has already made the cut. 🙂

  157. We went to my wife’s grandfather’s grave. Multitude of flags there and around the entire loop he was placed near. The local VFW puts them up in their name if it was their wish or if the family donates later. It was extremely windy and she wanted a picture of the spine with his name so me and my daughter went to hold it tight. The wind totally died. Dead quiet. She got a great picture. Then, just as quickly, the breezes kicked up again. Thank you Grandpa.

    IMO, when war starts, we have already failed, but to take it out on those who pay the price is simply wrong. The best way to honor those that served is to strive to limit such sacrifice in the future.

    “When you win a war, you celebrate by mourning.” – Lao-tzu

  158. I had the privilege of speaking for about an hour with a WWII vet (sailor) last weekend at a graduation party for his grandson. We sat on the patio eating our burgers, potato salad and drinking beer; the rest of the guests just faded into oblivion as we discussed the Pacific War. He was flabbergasted that someone of my age knew the particulars of the War in the Pacific – and moreover – gave a good God damn. I thanked him for his service and he seemed pleased. His own son, my age, just sat there with his mouth open; he hadn’t taken the time to learn enough about what his father and others had done to even have an intelligent conversation with him and couldn’t believe how much the old man had to say. Highlight of my week, you better believe…

  159. “One time ET tried to imply who my heroes were. I informed him he had no idea who my heroes were. He kindly shut up on the matter.”

    *face in hands*

    Numbnutz, hero was not used literally; it was a dysphemism. I said Krugman was your hero because he embodies the liberal Keynesian economic philosophy.

    You claimed you didn’t even know who he was (which speaks volumes in and of itself). Therefore, there was nothing “kind” about my shutting up — it was not necessary to remark. Plus PF educated you handily.

    You didn’t get that? Sheesh.

  160. Our computer is miraculously working again but it freezes. I checked in to see how rabbit’s kid is doing and am glad the news is better.

    My wife and I decorated graves Friday evening before we left to house sit. Had we not left, I would have been part of an American Legion honor guard. One change over the years is it is hard to find someone who can play Taps. At the last funeral I served in, the bugilist was an 86-year old man who drove 130 miles to get to the funeral. A tape usually gives Taps.

    As we do each year, we looked at the graves of other soldiers from the Civil War on.

    Yes, the WW11 veterans have some stories which should be told. Korean War veterans do too, especially since their war is often an afterthought for Americans.

  161. Louis forgets that the Spanish who lost the land to us, took it from the Indians who took it from earlier tribes. He also may have had something to do with the murder of Malcolm X.

  162. James –

    I’m not a PC guy so you can get better advice from elsewhere, but have you considered the following?

    Upgrading your memory. Windows programs – and Win itself – require memory by the pound. I don’t know what is considered minimum nowadays, but my rule of thumb when I was building my PCs was to double or triple Win minimums.

    Upgrade your operating system. My best results have been with Win XP. They say the newer versions are good too, but I haven’t done Win for so long I don’t know which you need. If your machine is old it may not be possible to go to a newer version.

    Upgrade your mother board or just build a new machine. You can get parts from Newegg really quickly and it is pretty inexpensive. Lots of online support is available.

    That is just general stuff. My experience with Win machines was that, about every six months they just got so slow I had to wipe them out and start over. Somehow digital debris seems to slowly collect after a fresh install and after about 6 months no matter what you do never seems to work and you have to start over, so maybe you need to just wipe everything out, reinstall the OS and start again. Win scatters your data all over the place so back everything up as much as possible since you may have trouble after a wipe. Mac puts all the data in your “user” and if you just copy that you are good to go on any new machine, but I always lost lots of data wiping a Win machine. Good luck.

  163. Tigre, here’s the apology you were looking for, not that it will matter to you.

    From Chris Hayes:
    On Sunday, in discussing the uses of the word “hero” to describe those members of the armed forces who have given their lives, I don’t think I lived up to the standards of rigor, respect and empathy for those affected by the issues we discuss that I’ve set for myself. I am deeply sorry for that.

    As many have rightly pointed out, it’s very easy for me, a TV host, to opine about the people who fight our wars, having never dodged a bullet or guarded a post or walked a mile in their boots. Of course, that is true of the overwhelming majority of our nation’s citizens as a whole.

    One of the points made during Sunday’s show was just how removed most Americans are from the wars we fight, how small a percentage of our population is asked to shoulder the entire burden and how easy it becomes to never read the names of those who are wounded and fight and die, to not ask questions about the direction of our strategy in Afghanistan, and to assuage our own collective guilt about this disconnect with a pro-forma ritual that we observe briefly before returning to our barbecues.

    But in seeking to discuss the civilian-military divide and the social distance between those who fight and those who don’t, I ended up reinforcing it, conforming to a stereotype of a removed pundit whose views are not anchored in the very real and very wrenching experience of this long decade of war. And for that I am truly sorry.

  164. You’re right. It doesn’t matter to me.

    In fact, all the egocentric twit does is sanitize the message rather than get to the heart of the problems with its tenor, content and timing.

    So fuck him.

  165. Poor Noah, intimidated by the Minister. I will say this, the natural question that should be asked to Louis is “if you hate America so, why do you live here?”

    But there is no denying the truth in some of what the crazy man says. I know you’d prefer to ignore that we all live on stolen land and hell … that was so long ago … let bygones be bygones.

    If the changing demographic of America does not threaten Whites, then I expect we won’t hear a peep about it. It won’t influence policy. It won’t spur a resurgence in hate groups. Everybody will just be copacetic about it. Right? 😉

  166. James, maybe I misunderstood the Minister but I do believe he made your exact point. He said to the Mexicans, what are you doing with the name “Sanchez”? You’re not Spanish.

    In other words he was reminding these folks that they descend from conquerors and conquered people.

  167. Don’t worry about the whites’ being threatened, R. Their fate is the same as blacks and everybody else: absorption. Miscegenation (proceeding apace, to my eye) will make everybody coffee-colored and then we will have to dislike each other for some other reason. Remember: it’s very easy to mix salt and pepper; very hard to separate them back out. But if that makes you despair, also remember that the hybrids are far and away the strongest critters.

  168. One time I spoke of my father’s service in WWII. Tex retorted that “everybody’s Daddy” served in WWII to which I reminded him that Romney’s Dad didn’t to which he pulled a common Tex and instead of admitting he didn’t know something he claimed he had “forgotten it”.

    Baloney. Why don’t you go back to get that dialogue word for word, and we’ll rehash it for the class. Your memory like your intellect is lacking, lackey and liar. I do remember making jest of Tokyo Thor.

    Please tell me why Romney is running 2 to 1 over your Dear Leader, Thor, with respect to Veterans. Perhaps you’re party to pussies, of which you are one?

  169. PF, I personally have no problem with the “coffee colored compromise” but I always think of my dark skinned mother who used to say “hey, what is wrong about looking like me?” She found the compromise a bit insulting.

  170. Remember when all those demographic experts were telling us the earth was doomed to a population explosion back in the 70s? Well, that’s about how much stock I put in these experts telling us what the demographic will look a generation from now.

    What I do foresee and almost guarantee is a widening gap between the haves and have nots, due to differences in parenting, professional education and environment. Let’s face it – professionals generally marry professionals, which in turn generally leads to higher accomplishment and accolade, which in feeds upon itself as time goes by.

    And as far as things like Christianity, we aren’t too far instead of white missionaries carrying the message to black and brown, black and brown will be evangelizing to white secular nations of America and Europe.

  171. Here Thor. Add this to your list of propaganda refuted. I hate to say I told you so, but being you’re ponying up for a slugfest for only you know the reason, let’s ad this to the mix of bullshit you’ve preached here and elsewhere about Dear Leader and his sterling accomplishments.

    Americans grew gloomier about the economy in May

    You need to get out of that haven of arugula munchers and granola crunchers you live and get an inkling of the real America, bub.

  172. Tex, Americans feel “gloomy”? That’s the best you can do to refute Thor. I don’t recall Thor ever saying that the average American was dancing naked in the street delighted over the state of things.

    You’ve proved …. nothing.

  173. I know you’d prefer to ignore that we all live on stolen land.

    Ya well those were very different times. It is often a Liberal’s tendency to put today’s morality on yesterdays actions.

  174. Rutherford, you’re hardly worth answering anymore. You’re back on your transparent, baiting religious bigotry again amongst other things, so I’ll assume you don’t feel good again. You don’t know what bad feels like yet. 😉 My sympathy tank today is running low today after you showing your ass yesterday.

    I guess you’re too naive to recognize most people vote on emotion. Just like you make me gloomy because frankly I find you one of the most unedifying people on earth, most people find Obama as an incredibly divisive, unedifying President. The post racial President and man of hope and change. 😆 What a disgraceful joke.

    When felons are competing in a vote, I thought the light bulb might come on for you – unfortunately, there isn’t a big enough clue bat for a head your size.

  175. The only possible way I can see Obama winning at this point is if he starts a war with Iran a couple of months before the election. Short of that , unless Romney screws up royally, it will be a landslide loss.

  176. “Numbnutz, hero was not used literally; it was a dysphemism. I said Krugman was your hero because he embodies the liberal Keynesian economic philosophy.” – ET

    I wasn’t talking about that exchange. The one I spoke of was months ago.

  177. “Baloney. Why don’t you go back to get that dialogue word for word, and we’ll rehash it for the class. Your memory like your intellect is lacking, lackey and liar.” – Tex

    Why don’t you. You are the one lying, not me.

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