The Price of Not Towing The Party Line

I sat back on Sunday afternoon and watched my TiVo’d recording of NBC’s “Meet the Press”. When it came time for the panel discussion, one of the panelists, Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker said he found the diversionary campaign tactics of both parties “nauseating”. He said there was a proper place for private equity (in reference to Mitt Romney’s former place of employment, Bain Capital). He said that attacking a legitimate business instead of focusing on the issues was a mistake.

For speaking his mind and telling the truth, Mayor Booker has spent the better part of the last 24 hours explaining himself. The liberal pundocracy has gone bat-crap crazy over his remarks. I thought MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was going to have an aneurism.

What a damn shame. Isn’t it refreshing just once to see a campaign surrogate (as Booker plainly self-identified), tell the truth even at the risk of criticizing “his team”? Booker showing some shred of remaining integrity has only partly walked back his comments. Pro-Romney forces have already pulled a campaign ad together exploiting Booker’s supposed faux pas.

I say we need more of Cory Booker. This campaign is not about Reverend Jeremiah Wright or the President’s birthplace or the GOP candidate’s religion or the relative merit of the GOP candidate’s former employer. This campaign is first and foremost about who can accelerate this country’s economic recovery. Everything else is a side-show. To the extent that Romney uses Bain to prove he created jobs, it’s fair to examine the truth of that statement. But that doesn’t mean  we need to condemn the role a company like Bain plays in our capitalist system. That is a distraction. Booker knew it and Booker said it.

I always liked Cory Booker but I’m a bigger fan of him today. We always talk about the grownup in the room. Cory is the grownup. This election is serious business and it’s time folks started treating it that way.


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87 thoughts on “The Price of Not Towing The Party Line

  1. Booker is running away from it today. The Dem thugocracy has apparently told him he would be placed in a shallow grave for his sins if he didn’t reverse course.


  2. Rutherford
    This is bar none my biggest complaint about Liberals. The complete inability to disagree in a constructive or civil way. No animal in the wild has it on Liberals when it comes to eating their own for even the smallest offense.

  3. Noah, I have another post brewing in the noggin that will further affirm your gripe against liberals. I’m just beginning to notice this trend and I don’t much like it.

    But to be fair, I point you to the famous Newt Gingrich who called the Ryan budget “social engineering”. Newt got hammered so bad on that, that he ended up saying “anyone who quotes what I said on Meet the Press is wrong.” Almost like “I didn’t say what I clearly said.”

  4. Related to comment 4 but totally off topic, Arsenio Hall said he wanted to be an astronaut when he was a kid but he couldn’t bear the thought of saying “Yes NASA, No NASA.” 🙂

  5. “Tigre, I wouldn’t say Booker ran away from it so much as clarified his comment to appease his “masters”.”

    Umm yeah. Clarified. His previous comments were so muddled. 😆

    I think Obama would be well-advised to take the comments seriously. The attack on Bain ain’t playing.

    Favorite quote yesterday was Obama attacking Romney on on not selling his “record” in Massachusetts — like Obama is selling his record as president.

  6. Pretty good post, “R”. And I don’t say that simply because of your criticism, but I too noticed old Cory walking back his comments yesterday, and thought, “That’s a damn shame people can’t be honest anymore.”

    I’ve been asked to run for office a few times because of my rather loud voice and no nonsense approach (to put it mildly). And I turn them down because I realize that want my masters want is a lackey to carry a message and run interference for the political aspirations – not the truth.

    I as much called the mayor of Tulsa (R) an imbecile at a public forum about eighteen months ago, and was told I couldn’t say that from their party leaders and be taken seriously by the “party” as an asset.

    I told them, “That’s okay. I find you and your cronies equally as worthless. If that’s what it takes here in town to be a member in good standing, count me out. Because you’re no different than those you oppose. This isn’t some game.”

    You can see where I might have a hard turn turning out the voters.


    Little people don’t win local elections. And to be honest, that’s a large part of our problem because a lot of this stupid crap starts at a local level.

  7. Man, I am enjoying listening to this lib indoctrinator get her sorry ass busted for intimidation in the classroom. Can get arrested for slandering the ‘President?” 😆 Damn Rutherford – if that is indeed the case, you could get my head lopped off. I better start sucking up to you pronto.

    This has been going on for years, and they need to fire her immediately. But what burns my butt is why are these scumbags always fired “with pay?”

  8. Booker is free to say whatever he wants. The only pressure he is feeling is his own political ambition.

    But anyone who thinks the Bain discussion is going away soon is wrong. Two reasons why:

    1) Romney keeps touting his record of creating jobs in the private sector.

    2) Obama plans to unveil Bain “victims” in several swing states.

    “The ads shatter the candidate’s fundamental rationale — that with his business experience in creating jobs, he’s Mr. Fix-It for the economy. It’s a thin rationale, but voters might have believed it. Now disbelief will deepen as the Obama campaign rolls out a dishonor roll of Bain’s depredations. The campaign already has a website that state by state — just coincidentally the battleground states, of course — pinpoints other companies exploited and extinguished by Bain.”

  9. Tex, two things. First, I think you could get votes. The problem is you wouldn’t have any party infrastructure behind you because you refuse to tow the line.

    Second, BiW has written a pretty good piece on the dumbass teacher. A recommended read.

  10. I don’t know if you guys and gals will enjoy this commentary as much as I did. But I have this pet peeve about turds who throw European countries as models of utopia. Insignificant, cowardly do nothings like Sweden and Switzerland are the absolute worst.

    Do you guys remember Dolph Lungren? He played the soulless commie boxer in Rocky XCXXIV or whatever? Incredibly cheesy film. Anyway, Lungren a pretty interesting guy in real life and he bailed out of Sweden to become an engineer at MIT (he’s obviously pretty damn bright), and somewhere along the way became Grace Jones’ bodyguard.

    Here’s part of an interview he had with an American Journalist…

    Dolph: Well, Sweden is so small if you wanna do anything with your life, you gotta get out. You gotta go someplace unless you want to start IKEA or something, I don’t know.

    Interviewer: Your dad was an engineer, your brother was an engineer. He wanted you to be an engineer.

    Dolph: Well, my dad was the one who said, “Listen if you wanna be somebody, you gotta go to America because here, this country sucks.” 😆 😆 There was socialism. He hated it. He was like, “I hate this place. You gotta get out of here.” So, I guess it was stuck in my head when I was a kid, and I ended up doing what he suggested.

    Interviewer: What do you pay in taxes in Sweden?

    Dolph: Well, I don’t know. We used to pay 90 percent. 101 percent I think, at some point? 😆

  11. Thor, my problem with Bob Schrum is to my knowledge he has NEVER won a Prez race that he consulted on. I always scratch my head when I see him on TV. Why does this professional failure have a forum?

  12. 2) Obama plans to unveil Bain “victims” in several swing states.

    Romney is a great many things and far from perfect. But Romney has one huge advantage over both John McCain and Barack Obama.

    He isn’t stupid.

    Brack’s boys already tried this once and had it blasted out of the park before propaganda viewing ended. By all means, drag out the Bain “victims.”

    And then Romney will drag out the cities of Obama’s ‘Bane’. 😀

  13. “Favorite quote yesterday was Obama attacking Romney on on not selling his “record” in Massachusetts” – ET

    Romney might not be talking about his tenure in Massachusetts, but the citizens that witnessed his executive abilities first hand seem to be speaking loud and clear.

    Latest Rasmussen in Massachusetts:

    Obama 56 – Romney 35 Obama +21

    Wonder what they know that the rest of us don’t?

  14. Wonder what they know that the rest of us don’t?

    Don’t know. Let me contact Mary Jo Kopechne and…

    OH WAIT!!!

    Latest Obama approval rating Oklahoma – 27% (Tulsa World, May 20th)

    What do 73% of Oklahomans realize what Thor doesn’t? 🙂

    Perhaps a better question to ask is, what the hell is wrong with 27% of the Oklahoma population?

  15. “Thor, my problem with Bob Schrum is to my knowledge he has NEVER won a Prez race that he consulted on.” – R

    I picked Shrum’s piece not because of his Presidential election record but because of his Romney election record. In ’94, the year of the Republicans, Shrum helped Kennedy come from behind to crush Romney.

  16. “What do 73% of Oklahomans realize what Thor doesn’t?” Tex

    I didn’t realize Obama won a gubernatorial race in Oklahoma only to have his numbers flip on him after serving in office there. So why are Mitt’s numbers so horrific after he “saved” Massachusetts.

    With a tip of the the hat to Ronnie, the nine scariest words for an American worker and her pension. “I’m from Bain Capital and I’m here to help.”

    The runner up:

    “Corporations are people my friend!”

  17. I realize Romney’s the bankers’ choice, but he’s not the nominee yet. The delegate count is still being tallied. The corrupt GOP practices and the lying MSM aside, this thing is still morphing. It’s gotten ugly a couple times and places. The GOP is far from a cohesive party right now.

  18. Could someone help me understand how Romney ever got elected Gov of MA in the first place? Was his opponent really weak? Alfie … you out there dude? Give a brotha a scoop. 🙂

  19. With a tip of the the hat to Ronnie, the nine scariest words for an American worker and her pension. “I’m from Bain Capital and I’m here to help.”

    Really? Did you run that “poll” by the Chrysler and GM bondholders concerning, “I am Barack Obama and I’m here to help”?

    The question isn’t why Romney is running behind in Massachusetts. The real question is what could Barack Obama ever get elected for in Oklahoma besides convict? 😀

  20. Thor, you remember Dukakis? Think waaaay back. The muppet with his head sticking out of the tank???

    Bawney Fwanks?

    So how’d Brown get elected in MA?

  21. Why does this professional failure have a forum?” – R

    Because, success is not the bar for libs. Its all about intent, not accomplishment. How else do you guys nominate a guy who’s never done anything?

  22. “If the campaign is going to successfully demonize Mitt Romney as a marauding capitalist, it can’t have fellow Democrats defending capitalism. . . . The Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain haven’t gone very well, in part because the claims are so transparently cynical. Everyone knows they’re cherry-picking facts, focusing on the rare Bain Capital failures while ignoring the successes — all in order to distract attention from the failed results of Mr. Obama’s economic policies.”

    If Obama and his political hacks think the criticism is limited to conservatives or gaffe-prone pols they should take a look at David Brooks’ column. One of the president’s most ardent defenders in 2008, Brooks reveals his disgust over Obama’s obliviousness to the fact that “companies that have been acquired by private equity firms are more productive than comparable firms,” but that equity markets do “not, on net, lead to fewer jobs.” He excoriates the ad and the president’s entire line of attack::

    The Obama attack ad accused Bain Capital of looting a steel company called GST in the 1990s and then throwing its workers out on the street. The ad itself barely survived a minute of scrutiny. As Kimberly Strassel noted in The Wall Street Journal, the depiction is wildly misleading. . . . This is the story of a failed rescue, not vampire capitalism. . . .

    Private equity firms are not lovable, but they forced a renaissance that revived American capitalism. The large questions today are: Will the U.S. continue this process of rigorous creative destruction? More immediately, will the nation take the transformation of the private sector and extend it to the public sector? . . . .

    The Obama campaign seems to be drifting willy-nilly into the opposite camp, arguing that the pressures brought to bear by the capital markets over the past few decades were not a good thing, offering no comparably sized agenda to reform the public sector.

    In a country that desperately wants change, I have no idea why a party would not compete to be the party of change and transformation. For a candidate like Obama, who successfully ran an unconventional campaign that embodied and promised change, I have no idea why he would want to run a campaign this time that regurgitates the exact same ads and repeats the exact same arguments as so many Democratic campaigns from the ancient past.

    Either Obama is preying on the public’s ignorance in a transparent effort to distract them from his rotten record, or he’s economically illiterate, soaked in the rhetoric of the left with no real feel for the American economy. That would explain Thor [ed] Whatever you think of Brooks’ politics, he is representative of flocks of poltically-moderate professionals who voted for Obama in 2008 and are now forced to confront reality: Obama is at best an empty suit and ignoramus when it comes to our economy.

    So what do Obama’s media spinners do? They trot out Rev. Jeremiah Wright, making days worth of news out of an ad campaign rejected by a third-party group. And they characterize the president’s failings as technical in nature. Time magazine is the perfect example, declaring: “Perhaps the most telegenic political leader of his generation has not been able to recruit a bench of top-flight, telegenic spinmeisters — called ‘surrogates’ in the business — to fight his battles on cable and network television.”

  23. Ramp those critical Bain Capital commercials up some more… wait until they add this addendum.


    Top Obama Donor Tied to Bain Layoffs

    The Obama campaign’s latest attack tells the story of workers at an Indiana office supply company who lost their jobs after a Bain-owned company named American Pad & Paper (Ampad) took over their company and drove it out of business.

    Here’s what the Obama Web video doesn’t mention: A top Obama donor and fundraiser had a much more direct tie to the controversy and actually served on the board of directors at Richardson, Texas-based Ampad, which makes office paper products.

    Jonathan Lavine is a long-time Bain Capital executive and co-owner of the Boston Celtics. He is also one of President Obama’s most prolific fundraisers. He has already raised more than $200,000 for the Obama campaign this election, according to Federal Election Commission records.

    Ooohhhhh…that’s got to sting. Don’t think the Thor stooges will be dissing the source of this news. IUnless I suppose ABC is now in the Romney tank too?

  24. Rutherford
    I was wondering. About Obama’s hard drug use. Had he been prosecuted under the law, he would not now be President. Now that we know this guy should be a felon, having served time in prison, can you still cast a vote for him?

    Also it appears Obama is going to try to buy this election. He plans just my this weekend to spend $25mil on campaign adds attacking Mitt. But when you spend your Presidency raising money rather than doing the work of the people, you can afford to do that.

  25. Poolman,

    I see you’ve found this generation’s Genghis Khan types? I saw that the other day and laughed out loud at them.

    Wait until that blows up in their faces about 30 years from now. Instead of Swift Boat, it will be SwiftKick in the Ass.

  26. So it seems like Magilla is going to be a regular part of the Leaning Left lineup, eh? Well he didn’t intimidate your co-host this week, Rutherford.

    Tex, these are actual veterans who served, unlike your heroes who only talk a big talk. I think their message is one of merit and experience, even if it is unpopular with the PTB.

    A genuine boots on the ground perspective.

    Maybe that is why most of the enlisted support Ron Paul and not some out-of-touch silver-spoon buffoon truth-fudging bully – you know, your corrugated cardboard icon.

  27. Oh baloney, PoolMAN™ipulator. Look at them – if I were their parents, I would be mortified. What rock did these slugs crawl out from? They look like some of the gamers I watch out on paint ball ranges.

    You don’t think they just fell into OWS by accident, do you? 😆 You think these guys were SEALS and Rangers, do you Genghis?

    They gave them a medal like they do the flunkies in remedial class and your Sunday School, and told them to take their tats and mohawks elsewhere. They probably need the bodies to carry food to the trucks for the real fighting machine – lulus like you that lean on shovels and other assorted tools while watching the diggers work.

    The only things these boots saw were latrine duty.

    PooMAN™inpulator, what amazes me is not only are you a complete stooge and buffoon, you’ve got to be the most gullible buttcrack that ever walked into this room.

  28. So how’d Brown get elected in MA?

    Wow is this like shooting fish in a barrel. I have two words for you: “Martha Coakley”.

    The woman was the worst candidate on God’s green Earth and a wet dream to the GOP. The Brown-Warren face off won’t be nearly such a slam dunk.

  29. I was wondering. About Obama’s hard drug use.

    MMM, I was wondering. About unicorns sh*tting skittles on my front lawn.

    You’ve got loads of policy issues with him, stop stretching … unless you fear you can’t win any other way. 😉

  30. So it seems like Magilla is going to be a regular part of the Leaning Left lineup, eh? Well he didn’t intimidate your co-host this week, Rutherford.

    No but he pissed her off mightily.

  31. Tex, did it ever occur to you that the vets in the video legitimately feel burned? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you acknowledge their unemployment rate and their suicide rate. They have no reason to be pissed?

  32. Ahhhh so Tigre let me get this straight. Noah’s question about the President’s prior drug use was really a protest against our unfair drug laws? You see, for some reason, I thought it was just another ad hominem attack on why he should not be POTUS in the first place.

    Noah, Tigre has set me straight (via Penn). I owe you an apology. I fully agree that drugs should be decriminalized. 🙂

  33. Poolman, unfortunately Jay from New York was at the receiving end of that condescension later in the broadcast. Now that I think about it, I wonder if he was getting some residue irritation from the Gorilla encounter.

  34. p.p.s. Your bubble-headed co-host is plenty condescending herself. If she can’t take it, she needs stick a sock in it not count on the chivalrous Poolman to defend her after the fact.

  35. Rutherford, I had to walk to the school and pick up the grand kids, so I missed Jay from New York. As far as defending your co-host, I wasn’t. I was just making an overt observation.

    Obviously, the obvious isn’t to white hispanics. 🙄

  36. Rutherford,

    Tex, did it ever occur to you that the vets in the video legitimately feel burned? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you acknowledge their unemployment rate and their suicide rate. They have no reason to be pissed?

    Did it ever occur to you that out of a couple of 1,468,364 actively serving in the military in some capacity, the chance of getting 50 loons out of PoolMAN™inpulator’s cracked mold is virtually a statistical certainty?

    I’m not ranting against the military. I’m ranting against the homosexual Bradley Manning types.

    Surely you’re not such a bubblehead that you think everybody that puts on the uniform is Grade AAA material, do you?

    Of course the military is going to demonstrate higher forms suicide. It goes with some very rough territory. Coal miners demonstrate higher forms of COPD. Why are we shocked?

    These clowns weren’t complaining about unemployment. They were parroting Swiftie John Kerry hoping for their 15 minutes of fame – a bunch of lefty political activists, who found out battle was for real men. Did you hear the depth of their protests? Now tell me you can’t hear Poolman up on that stage?

  37. @ Rutherford 22
    MA was on a tear that no matter how in the tank the electorate was for (D)’s in general we kept an (R) in the corner office for 16 years.
    So much so that many felt one of the reasons Kerry beat Weld for Senate was that folks wanted him to stay in MA,seriously that was truly said.
    As for Romney he ignited the memory of Weld to a degree and beat O’Brien in that manner.
    As for Brown I am sick of the prattle that Coakley was a poor candidate. She beat 1.5 quality candidates to get the nomination,was in the hot seat for local politics (Middlesex county) and was supported by the Big Blue Machine. Brown ran well and should be reelected for a number of reasons.
    As for MA in the 2012 Prez race. I’m not surprised,at the end of the day Obama sadly embodies more of what a majority of Bay Staters believe in which is if we can Brown we’ll be so irrelevant it ain’t funny.

  38. @ poolmans:
    Maybe that is why most of the enlisted support Ron Paul…
    Per a February tally reported in Army Times the grand support of Ron Paul is:
    1,405 donations totaling $242,507. a gross average of $173. per donor. The FEC category used is the branch of the military so even then the donors are not necessarily just enlisted but officers and civilians too. As of 3/12 there were 1,452,939 active members of the US military. So….

  39. Come on Alfie, Poolman reads Veteran’s Today. Poolman has long fought the good fight for vets across America. Things they really are passionate about like the evil of Zionism and the injustice of Iranian sanctions. You know, the things important to your everyday vet.

    Nobody here speaks on behalf of vets more then poolman. Surely he knows the pulse of today’s veterans. Cut him some slack

  40. In fact Poolman, my offer still stands, my friend. I will fly you out to Detroit so you can be the guest speaker at my American Legion post. Those guys would just love to hear the things you say in…err cough…person.

  41. I’ve been out a couple of days; had my birthday and spent a lot of time hanging out with my son and his friend, visiting from CT.

    We went flying Monday and the clouds were just perfect: not very high, scattered, beautiful puffy white. Occasionally you could see a light shower under them. I let Steven fly the whole time; we skirted the clouds, circled them, chased their shadows on the ground and flew through some showers. I know this poor boy will have a tough time getting ahead in life, but it was great being able to encourage him to make something of himself and show him some kindess. He’s nineteen and he cried when my son took him to the train. God. Good stuff.

    Not to be pedantic, R, but I think it is “toe the line,” isn’t it? Like lining up and putting your toes on the line…??

    But with your heritage, I’m sure you know that you “tote” a barge.

    Just wanted to get that straight.

  42. Although I saw this:

    “The specific sport referred to is foot-racing, where the competitors must keep their feet behind a “line” or on a “mark” at the start of the race–as in “On your mark, get set, go!”

  43. Thats not what you said and not what you and other disciples of Paul repeatedly say.
    Painting the picture that Paul is somehow all that in military circles is in fact a malicious lie.
    Pauls support is not indicative of military sentiment.Stop framing Paul as a god will ya.

  44. Stop framing Romney as a human.

    What do you guys think of Major General Smedley Butler? He said everything I do about wars and military conflicts, and he was there. Wars are for the bankers and big business. We KILL and maim our kids for the profit of corporations. It’s a racket. It’s murdering civilians and fucking their lands.

    And you support, enable, and applaud it – like it’s somehow noble. Yeah, chew on that. Make sure you swallow good, too. Dickheads!

  45. Alfie, you got to understand something about PoolMAN™ipulator.

    He once was a Conservative. (cough cough). Like Yeller Dawg.

    I was always under the impression it was toe the line too. But the “R” man made a pretty good case one night I was wrong. Now I’m so confused, I spell it like toewing the line to CYA. 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow, Brother Rabbit. Smile through the black eyes and fat nose.

  46. (Clears throat):

    Oh Thor? Thor? Is this the definition of POPULAR?

    In Kentucky, 42 percent of Democrats pick ‘uncommitted’ instead of Obama


  47. Poolman, did you introduce me to TMOT? Damn, that makes three folks we both follow, TMOT, Lee Camp and Mark Fiore.

    TMOT is a big time Ron Paul supporter but he lost me when he said in a video that Obama is a secret Muslim. It’s a shame cos the brother talks some common sense about appropriate behavior.

  48. Rabbit, I’m sorry … I forgot … tomorrow is delivery day? Hey best of luck and my best wishes to your wife. Tell the 2nd bunny that it’s good to have a new little liberal among us! 🙂

  49. I think you posted a tmot video way back when. I’ve followed him since he is stumping for Ron Paul. He may even be a delegate. Said he was nominated.

    He is anti liberal democrat, for sure. 🙂

    I heard Obama is the first UN president. Like a global leader. I don’t really know what to think about Obama anymore. I really want to trust the guy, but he hasn’t earned it. I don’t know who pulls his strings nowadays. There are plenty trying to trip him up. Comes with the territory, I suppose.

    There is definitely turmoil going on in high places. There’s some strange stuff floating in on the tide.

  50. Hope all goes well on your little one’s b-day, rabbit. Health and fast healing all around, I pray. Treat the mrs like a queen.

  51. Rabbit, good luck to you and Momma Rabbit. Babies are so wonderful. When they wrap their whole hand around your pinkie … we should all hope to live each day with such wonder.

    Pick any names yet? If it’s not too late, a suggestion

    Manny Thor Rabbit. 😉

  52. Rabbit, good luck to you and Momma Rabbit. Babies are so wonderful. When they wrap their whole hand around your pinkie … we should all hope to live each day with such wonder.

    Pick any names yet? If it’s not too late, a suggestion …

    Manny Thor Rabbit. 😉

  53. Dukakis and Kentucky? Whatever.

    The fact is, Romney is getting his ass handed to him in Massachusetts. I wonder if that’s because they’ve forgotten just how great his reign was or because they remember just how bad it was?

  54. Maybe it’s that old Romney conviction.

    “I’m not familiar with precisely what I said, but I stand by what I said, whatever it was,” – Mittens

  55. Maybe is it as simple as Massachusetts the same state who continually voted for a political expediency’s sake a man at the very least guilty of manslaughter and never charged 30+ years as Senator.

    I pretty much consider Teddy and Barry of one and the same character. 😐

  56. “Happy Birthday, Pfesser. 49, right?”

    Thanks. 59 actually.

    I sort of hesitate to put too much info out there; it would appear that the NAGS at Fat Grannies have tried to out another person, by posting his real name. It’s not me, BTW.

    Then I figured, Fuck It. If someone gets my real name and publishes it world-wide, who gives a crap…it might be fun going after some of these folks legally, including finding out who the real blog owner is. I don’t know if you would get to first base or not…eltigre, what say you?


    On another front, Rutherford – not because you and I now have a similar take on the Trayvon Martin case, but because you are willing to change your mind – your stock just went up about 100%. A good example for anyone. You could be on my jury any time.

    I would not be as tough as you on the THC stuff; it is pretty well established that pot is FAR less likely to cause aggressive behavior than alcohol – in fact, law enforcement folks will tell you that aggression in someone doing marijuana (only) is almost unheard-of. I’ve been in the medical business for over 30 years now and have become convinced that is should be legalized right away, if for no reason other than it will displace a lot of alcohol-drinking.

  57. “Tell the 2nd bunny that it’s good to have a new little liberal among us!”

    Congrats and good luck from this neck of the woods, too. And R, above, is full of manure. You know the old saying, if you are not a liberal at 20 you have no heart; if you are not a conservative by 40 you have no brain. LOL.

  58. PFesser, first, Happy Birthday and welcome back.

    Second, no one was outing anyone from what I’ve followed recently at M&H. Noah brought up the outing of Rutherford from last year, or however long ago that was. It was a merely a rehash of that occurrence.

  59. Oh, the name they are spreading around now is the one they dredged up for R.

    No matter. It is still a foul thing to do – the one no-no in a very wild Internet; that just puts his name out there once again. You see what the NAGS are doing, “__________ ___________ from Greenville, SC.” Twats.

    You know, I kind of like that NAGS appellation. We need to make up something for it. h,,,,,,,,, Nattering Arthritic Girls’ School. Negativistic Asshole Gynecologic Society…..hmmm….need to think about that for a while. Any ideas?

  60. Any ideas?”

    Need A Good Shag?

    Oh! Need A Good Spanking! =D

    According to poolman they were working on outing Tex.

  61. It sounds like Mr. Booker is 100% back to towing (sic) the line? Even blaming the Republicans for using him. 🙂

  62. Regarding comment 75 … LOL Thor was that the money quote or what? If any quote from Romney could capture the man in one sentence, that would be it. 🙂

  63. You know what’s funny, Muffy about the glue horses wanting to “out” me?

    The one guy they tried to hurt, Mr. Rutherford, is the one guy that knows exactly who I am, as we’ve exchanged several pleasantries. 😆

  64. Pfesser, you had told me how old you were some months back. We’ll really celebrate next year. Hey? 😉

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