Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage – So What

On Wednesday, the White House gave ABC’s Robin Roberts an interview she will probably never forget. After many statements from Barack Obama since 2007 on the subject of gay marriage, varying from religious based opposition to an “evolving” view of it, Obama finally told Robin Roberts that he supports gay marriage.

And the crowd goes wild!!!! ABC broke into “General Hospital” with breaking news. Israel attacked Iraq? No. The President told a reporter he supports gay marriage. Other networks declared history was made. The Presidential declaration was a watershed moment.

I hate to rain on the parade (an interesting metaphor under the circumstances), but I have to ask, so what? Barack Obama is disliked (at least politically if not personally) by at least 40% of the nation. This is not Moses coming forth with the ten commandments. This is one man whose opinion doesn’t amount to a hill of beans to a good portion of the country. In fact, there is a subset of the country who will be doubly against gay marriage because Obama is for it. (Remember that obstructionist GOP which blocks every idea coming out of the White House, even if it started with them, ahem, health care mandates?)

Don’t get me wrong. I support Obama. I support gay marriage. If I were Obama’s personal friend, I’d be pleased that he has finally reached what I consider to be a humane conclusion on the subject. But the fact remains that despite over 50% of folks supporting gay marriage in polls, once they enter the voting booth the opinion changes. Not one single referendum on same-sex marriage has come out in favor of the gay community. More than half the States in the Union make marriage between same-sex partners illegal. Less than 24 hours before Obama’s declaration North Carolina citizens voted for the most draconian anti-gay state constitutional amendment to come down the pike so far.

So my fellow liberals, if it makes you all warm and fuzzy that “our man” came out and said what needed to be said, sure, I understand. But history hasn’t been made. The watershed moment has not been experienced. The only thing that has happened is that one man, actively discounted by almost half the country,  stated his opinion. In this age of the diminished influence and stature of the Presidency, that opinion won’t change any hearts or minds. The victory lap is premature. The fight goes on. The battle is far from won.


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  1. “despite over 50% of folks supporting gay marriage in polls, once they enter the voting booth the opinion changes. ”

    The polling is of the population, not registered or likely voters. I don’t believe people change their votes, just that not everyone who supports or isn’t opposed to same sex marriage votes with the same intensity of those that oppose it.

  2. Just remember those same polls you’re hanging your supposed gay marriage popularity on are also telling you Obama is still really effective and approved, and that he’s really, really, really SMART. 😈

    That 50% is such hooey – it doesn’t even score than in Stink Star, CA. Prop 8 anyone? Let’s vandalize another Mormon Church and call ourselves the civil enlightened ones, shall we? And Gypsy is wanting us to believe that every homosexual didn’t crawl out of the woodwork Tuesday to vote in NC? Are you kidding me? You people are as obsessed with this issue as you are aborting babies. It’s a sacrament for Libs.

    You may win in the courts one day and rule by fiat – which will lead to charges of hate speech in the pulpits – already happening in Europe.

    But not today.

  3. You know what, Rutherford? You’ve actually served a useful purpose for me today. You’ve motivated me to sincerely question the leaders of the churches as to why they are allowing the presence of your type within their walls. That is an affront to the message of God.

    For instance, Joe Biden is an anathema to the message of Christ and an embarrassment to the Catholic Church. Benedict himself should make a proclamation that Joe Biden is now and forever excommunicated from the Catholic Church, until at such time Biden makes a public apology for his foolishness and disavows all of godless liberalism. Can’t be money. What did Biden give to charity year before last? A couple of hundred dollars? 😆 Same goes for Nancy Pelosi – boot her immediately. Rabbis should do the same with Barney Frank & Co.

    And the creme-De-la-creme? The Mormon Church should immediately dismiss Harry Reid for gross fraud.

    Now we can’t do that to Obama, because that sham of a place callijng itself a church Obama attended is the perfect place for a man of Obama’s virtues. He belongs with a man of Rev. Jeremiah’s character.

    Benedict is starting to clean house, starting with some reprobates calling themselves nuns. Good on him. But we can’t just leave it at the leadership or cleansing of these HOMOSEXUAL priests. They need to deal with public congregants too.

  4. Well R I applaud your honesty on this post,I appreciate it places you as an outlier in your chosen camp.
    Since I’m from the other side of the island I am more cynical about the disclosure. There are just too many variables afoot to make me feel like BHO is being honest with himself and others on this one.

  5. Rutherford, once again you display an intellectual nimbleness scarce in the average turgid and rigid- minded liberal.

    I heard part of Rush LImbaugh’s show. He said almost exactly what you did. Obama only offered an opinion. He also said the matter was best left to the states.

    The demographic most opposed to gay marriage is black women. Obama chose Robin Roberts because she is black and Michele’s good friend. Apparently, they exchange recipes. Someone said “she’s easy.”

    One in six of Obamas’ contributors are gay, and they have been getting sufficiently impatient that they have been withholding financial contributions.

    To further support my thesis that liberals are really anti science conservatives and vice versa. The press and Obama’s admirers swooned that he had finally evolved. Anyone with tendency for the scientific method would understand what just happened. Obama broadcast this event for a long time. He was waiting for the right moment.

    As I wrote before, changing long -held cultural attitudes and values are like turning an ocean liner. We still don’t have the metric system, and northern Scandinavians are flirting with their old pagan religion.

  6. As you know Romney applogised for bullying a classmate who’s bleached long hair he had helped cut.

    A local ad tells how Romeney helped save a missing girl’s life.

    Obama was allegedly a heavy drug user and a school picture showed him with drug pariphenialia. He also bullied a fat girl and pushed her to the floor.

    These events are instructive, but so far they miss he important histories. What were the candidates like in pre-school.?

  7. Patterico’s Pontifications” “WAPO’s “Mitt the Bully” piece runs into problems”

    The boy’s family is unhappy with the story and told ABC News they will likely release a statement via family attorny. A slster said “if he were still alive today, he would be furious.” They don’t refute the hair cut story. They resent how their late brother was portrayed.

    Shades of the thirteen year old who a white man gunned down in Florida..

  8. Here Pfesser,

    Rutherford allows me the liberty to go O.T. – or is it tolerates it? Thought you might find this interesting…

    What if Apple were part of the Dow?

    AP Business Writer

    Apple is the world’s most valuable company. The Dow Jones
    industrial average is probably the world’s best-known stock index. So don’t they deserve each other?

    Consider this: If Apple had been added to the Dow in June 2009, the last time there were serious rumors that it would happen, the average would be about 2,500 points higher than it is today and well above its all-time high.

    Paul Hickey of Bespoke Investment Group, which crunches numbers about the markets, says the Dow would be at 15,360, about 1,200 points above its record of 14,164, set in October 2007. The Dow closed Wednesday at 12,835.

    Not only would investors be perkier, but everyday Americans watching the Dow set one record after another would probably feel wealthier. That might inspire them to spend more money and help the economy grow faster.

    But if you think the time is right for an Apple-Dow marriage, don’t check your mailbox for a wedding invitation. Apple, which redefined how people listen to music and reinvented the cellphone, is simply too hot for the Dow.

    In 2009, when a bankrupt General Motors and a hobbled Citigroup were booted from the Dow and Apple was talked about as one replacement, Apple stock traded at about $144.

    On Wednesday, it closed at $569. Because of how the Dow is calculated, Apple would dwarf the other stocks in the average and distort the Dow from its purpose _ which is to reflect the broad economy, not represent the hottest stocks.

    A big one-day gain by Apple, like a $50 jump after it reported blockbuster earnings last month, would send the Dow higher by hundreds of points. Similarly, a big drop would suggest the market was in more trouble than it really was.

    The Dow is weighted so that a $1 move by any stock, no matter how cheap or expensive, moves the average the same _ about seven and a half points as the Dow is calculated today.

    Because it’s much easier for a $100 stock to move $1 than it is for a $20 stock, higher-priced stocks carry more importance. IBM, at about $200, is the most expensive stock and carries nearly 12 percent of the Dow’s weight.

    Apple would carry a quarter or more, depending on which stock it replaced. That is why the Dow would be thousands of points higher if it had welcomed Apple in 2009: Each share of Apple has grown by hundreds of dollars since then.

    “It wouldn’t be the Dow Jones industrial average,” says Nicholas Colas, chief market strategist at ConvergEx Group. “It would be the Apple Plus Some Other Stuff Index.”

    Apple is already the biggest component of the other two major U.S. stock indexes: It makes up nearly 12 percent of the Nasdaq composite and more than 4 percent of the Standard & Poor’s 500.

    The Dow was born in 1896 and has changed over the years to reflect the changing economy. Agricultural and coal companies have been replaced by banks and drug companies. Car makers have knocked off railroads.

    Of the Dow’s 12 original stocks, only General Electric is still part of the index. So why not add Apple, which has enormous cultural pull and admiration throughout corporate America _ plus a market value of half a trillion dollars?

    The goal is to pick businesses that can stay in the average for a long time, says John Prestbo, the executive editor of Dow Jones Indexes, which maintains the Dow and other indexes.

    “We don’t run the Dow as we would an investment portfolio,” he says. Prestbo, along with the managing editor of The Wall Street Journal and the research head of the CME Group, which owns a majority stake of Dow Jones Indexes, decide which companies make up the Dow.

    They meet occasionally to discuss whether they need to change the index. The CME Group provides benchmark indexes on investments like agricultural products, energy and metals.

    The Dow committee might boot a company if it’s no longer an industry leader, or if its industry is too heavily represented. Sometimes companies will ask to be included, which doesn’t necessarily hurt or help their case, Prestbo says.

    Three years ago, when GM and Citigroup got the ax, the group snubbed Apple and chose Cisco Systems, which makes computer networking equipment, and Travelers
    Companies, the insurance provider.

    Travelers has risen by about half since it was added to the Dow, but Cisco has moved slightly lower. In the hypothetical example provided by Bespoke, Apple would have replaced Cisco in 2009.

    There’s some history behind the idea of having the most valuable company be part of the Dow. Exxon Mobil, which held the title until Apple wrested it in January, is a Dow member. Ten years ago, two Dow components, Microsoft and GE,
    jockeyed for the honor.

    But Prestbo brushes off the what-if questions about Apple. Would the Dow be higher? Sure, he says. “But it also wouldn’t be tracking the market.”

  9. Speaking of mealy mouthed politicians. Got to love Clinton’s duplicity. While he’s covering for Obama, he’s calling him an amateur behind his back and trying to convince his wife to run in the primaries and challenge President Wolfman. Classic.

    Personally, I can’t think of two men that deserve each other more. I approve of this gay marriage – the reaming alone with be worth the pain. Got to favor Clinton’s libido over Obama, though. I always thought it was Slick’s most redeeming quality.


  10. re: AAPL

    Graham said that, over the short haul, the market is a voting machine; over the long it is a weighing machine. AAPL by any measure is well undervalued; people have sold it off somewhat because they are terrified by its meteoric rise, not for any rational reason.

    I just try to stick to the fundamentals; if I had some spare cash right now I’d be buying AAPL. I try to be like Charlie Munger; when everybody else is exuberant I’m scared to death and vice-versa.

    Literally decades of reading investment material has confirmed over and over that nothing brings long-term prosperity like common stocks and no strategy except for Buffett’s has beat the indexes long term. I just stick to the index funds unless I have a company like AAPL whose fundamentals are just so compelling I can’t turn it down. Kind of boring, but has worked OK so far. I just wish I had learned earlier in life.

  11. Didn’t Cheney do the historic and courageous gay marriage announcement first? Where was the press then.

    Yeah, but Dick Cheney is a war criminal and not smart like Biden. 😐

  12. Well, I finally read up on “Julia.”

    Refreshing Dimocratic honesty – dependency from womb to tomb on the government teat, demonstrated by a cartoon character.

    It’s no wonder so many of you stood like cows in ankle deep water down in in Orleans and mooed out for help. Do you run to the cattle trough too when Farmer Barack drives up?

  13. No, nothing political going on here. 😉
    Support the troops.

    I’m afraid Joe Scarborough was right this morning when he said Obama’s “announcement” was a big nothing-burger. His statement shows no intention to move off the status quo. Thor’s link about military ban on gay marriage just rubs more salt in the wound.

  14. An Omaha talk show discussed how Romney helped save a girls’ life. The daughter of a Baines executive went to a rave party, and she didn’t come home. No one knew where she was.

    Romney shut down major operations for six to eleven days and sent his executives out to search for the young woman. They asked at rave clubs and other places where the woman was known to frequent. No one knew where she was.

    They finally found her dazed and recovering from a high dose of drugs.

    This has as much to do with success in the White House as Obama’s bullying a fat girl, his drug use, or Romney’s bullying another boy.

    I told you before that Obama is frightened, but you didn’t believe me Rutherford. The gay marriage stunt and attempts to personally sully Romney originates in fear. Obama knows his record is indefensible, and he is trying desperately to change the subject.

    The latest Rasumusen poll has Romney ahead by seven points. I wonder if they expected this. Perhaps they are like the reporter who was surprised when Nixon won. She couldn’t understand his victory because everyone she knew had voted for McGovern.

  15. Let Detroit go bankrupt might have been better for the economy. I believe GM would have been able to continue operating under rules which let other companies restructure. Labor unions would have lost, but we would not still own part of GM.

    They claim they are making a lot of money now, but they have not yet paid us tax payers for our bailing them out. Ford is doing OK without our ownership.

    Politicians lie. Obama does too. This video can be countermanded by an Obama or other Democratic video, so you have won no points on this one.

  16. As you know Romney applogised for bullying a classmate who’s bleached long hair he had helped cut.

    Obama was allegedly a heavy drug user and a school picture showed him with drug pariphenialia. He also bullied a fat girl and pushed her to the floor.

    James seriously shame on you for the way you’ve framed this. The story is not that Romney “helped” cut the kids hair. The story is that he and his friends assaulted the kid and cut his hair as part of the assault.

    Obama was not allegedly anything. He admitted to having dabbled in drugs.

    Now that we’ve gotten your distortion out of the way, this is an example of silly season. I care whether or not Romney has a plan for the future. I care whether TODAY he has any core principles that will guide him in leading the nation. The man has no core. That’s been proven. He’s a serial obfuscater and equivocator. That’s been proven.

    The possibility that he called someone a “faggot” and gave the kid a forced hair cut 50 years ago shows how dumb campaigns have become.

  17. Got to love Clinton’s duplicity.

    The only thing that gives this story any legs is the persistent rumors of tension between Obama and Bill.

    If the author has a shred of credibility, the story will get some air play. If he’s a hack, it will get ignored as it should.

    I’d like to remind the assembled here that I WANTED Obama to get primaried if for no other reason than to hear an alternative liberal voice and be able to choose Obama instead of just being stuck with him.

    Note in the linked article how I reference a disgusting pander to the gay audience. Mmmmm kind of interesting in light of this week’s events.

  18. Didn’t Cheney do the historic and courageous gay marriage announcement first? Where was the press then.

    Tigre, was he still VP when he did it? I don’t think so. If he was, then you are 100% right. If he wasn’t, you’re about 65% right. 🙂

    But since you mention Cheney, there was a great segment on Hardball last night where Tony Perkins (I think of the Family Research Council) was proclaiming that his kids could never be gay cos he would raise them with the right values. To this, good old Barney Frank asked him “So Dick and Lynn Cheney were lousy parents?”

    That’s the problem with being a self righteous jerk like Perkins. You wind up with political egg on your face because the human condition cuts across party lines.

  19. To listen to these preening Dimocrats and their new activist agenda, you would think bullying is a new phenomenon, only queers are bullied, and girls are being oppressed in the schools.


    He’s a serial obfuscater and equivocator. That’s been proven.

    And Obama is not? ROFLMAO x 10.

    The phony thug just changed his definition of an incredibly fundamental issue called “marriage” in 48 hours mainly for campaign funds, and voted Present about half the time while serving as Senator. We’re 42 months into his term, and he continues to do just the opposite of what he promised from debt to GITMO. What the hell are Obama’s Core Waffles Principles besides self and cradle to grave entitlement to buy some more votes and raise some more stash? Even is State of the Union Addresses are campaign speeches.

    Don’t give us this “care” routine about trying to understand Romney. There’s never been a bigger bag for a candidate than you and Chris Tingles. Romney could feed 5,000 with five loaves, and you’d accuse of him of holding out.

    Damn Rutherford. Knock off the baloney and get back to propagandize Obama’s greatness, or something. It’s demoralizing when were six months out and you’re already cavitating.

    I like the angry Rutherford better.

  20. Yeah, but Dick Cheney is a war criminal and not smart like Biden.

    Good for you … you got the first part of that sentence right. You’re learning. 🙂

  21. I’m giving Obama the benefit of the doubt. We have only the word of the president and his ghost writer, Bill Ayres. For all we know he exaggerated for effect.

    Romney’s cutting hair was a group effort. Kids held him down. Therefore, Romney helped whether he was the cutter or the holder.
    Stu White, one of the holders didn’t remember the incident until the Washington Post contacted him.

    The Lauber family doesn’t refute the hair cutting incident, but they are angry at how John was portrayed. His teary eyed sister said if he were still alive, her brother would be furious.

    You want assault? Defaming the good name of a dead man for political advantage is another assault of the worst kind.

    Pushing a girl to the ground is also assault. Obama also bullied a young man who acted too white.

    That incident is not a big deal if you attended the high school I did. Romney and his helpers would have gotten an in school suspension and the superintendent would have chewed them out.

    A high school kid in our school got a shot gun and threatened to blow most of us away. Our superintendent spent two hours talking him down, gave him two weeks of in school suspension and never called the authorities. Our superintendent was an imposing man at 6’7″. He was also a combat WW11 veteran. You didn’t mess with him.

    Five kids jumped me off school property when I was in high school. I was small but a good wrestler. I chose one and after I got him into a headlock as the others pounded on me, I slammed his face into the sidewalk. His nose bled like a stuck pig. That ended the fight. We all shook hands, and they never bothered me again.

    Now, you know why I regard the incident as described the way I do.

    I agree with your last paragraph that past youthful behavior has little bearing on adult performance. .

    I know you don’t like Michel Malkin. However, if you can stand it, read her blog column this morning. It is titled “The White House lied, Jobs Died” She has links to prove her point.

    At this point, I don’t care if our next president has core principals as long as he can morph into what we the majority want. Our current president’s core principals if that is what they are are sadly lacking.

  22. Read Twitchy “No Bullying? Unless it is aimed at britsol Palin: ‘someone needs to kill Bristol palin stupd ass lil c…”

    Bristol Palin tweeted that Obama should show some leadership instead of saying something about gay marriage which meant little.

    The result was what one would expect from preening progressives. They hate bullying unless it benefits them. Then they use it as a weapon to quiet the opposition.

  23. I don’t know about Facebook. Seems to me a capitalization of $100 billion to sell advertising pretty risky.

    I know Facebook has taken over the world, but I don’t see any huge barriers to entry either. Google does pretty much the same thing. Not everybody can win at that game.

    It’s kind of like NetFlix. How long before Walmart thinks they can do it better and ups the ante to movie companies?

    I guess I just prefer people that sell hard assets like Apple, Cisco or Microsoft if I’m going to stay in tech. I still own a hundred and somethings shares of Micro Soft which has been a dog with fleas. But it made me some money back about 1990 (would have been a lot of money had I not sold too early).

    If I understand, Facebook is going to generate revenue by capturing personal data and selling it. I suppose that could be incredibly lucrative, but it could also be incredibly risky.

    There’s a current blowback and rage against the machine about capturing personal data. Somewhere, someplace, somebody frames all that as a privacy issue and government starts meddling.

    Ask Microsoft how that worked in Europe.

  24. Core principles? James and Tex are talking core principles. What are those? What are Romney’s core principles? Why does Romney want to be POTUS? There is much speculation about that. Most Google results show he wants it to honor his deceased father and for greater Mormonism. It obviously is not for principled reasons, since he changes positions often depending on which way the wind is blowing. The “core principles” keep morphing making them anything but core or principled.

    Being a bully as a kid or admitting former drug use or abuse should not be something that sways our vote. A plan of action would be nice, but that would require a steadfast commitment and a definite platform that would have to stand up to scrutiny. Better to be vague and undefined so critics cannot get a handle to grasp.

  25. Regarding Romney’s search for the girl …. I heard that story and it indeed speaks well of him. Reminds me of some extraordinary stuff H. Ross Perot did for one of his employees back in the day.

    As of now, until and if more facts come out, I do say the Romney “rescue” story trumps the Romney bully story.

  26. “The possibility that he called someone a “faggot” and gave the kid a forced hair cut 50 years ago shows how dumb campaigns have become.” – R

    Sorry R. I thought Poolman was kidding or it was an “insect drone” moment. I didn’t realize it was true. Just makes Romney seem even creepier to me.

    James, can you imagine a bunch of Bain execs busting in on rave clubs asking for information? The kids probably thought they were the FBI. 😉 I’m glad she was found.

    R, the GM thing is so funny. These guys have berated us for months over GM only to find out it was Mitt’s idea. When I linked that info a couple threads back the peanut gallery became very quiet. Very, very funny. I wonder if ET’s brother ever had a confab with Mittens. Hopefully he wasn’t in his blonde phase at the time. 🙂

  27. Politicians lie. Obama does too. This video can be countermanded by an Obama or other Democratic video, so you have won no points on this one.

    No lies here James. Get your head out of the sand. Romney said let Detroit go bankrupt. He literally said it. Now he wants to take credit for their renewal.

    Is he saying GM is now a success? If so, he disagrees with you. If not, then what is he taking credit for, a failure?

    My understanding is that the only source of funds for GM and Chrysler during a structured bankruptcy was the USA. There was no capital out there otherwise for the car makers to use. If you can refute that be my guest.

    Romney is back pedaling because he desperately needs to win Michigan and Ohio. Simple as that. It isn’t working. He looks like a fool.

    If defending Romney is what you want to do, then you have job security because Mitt is providing at least one gaffe a week.

  28. And Obama is not? ROFLMAO

    LOL I’m rubber, you’re glue, what you say to me bounces off and sticks to you. That’s the best you can do as a persuasive political strategy, eh Tex? I fear America is just dumb enough to be satisfied by that strategy.

    Defend Romney Tex. I don’t have to. He’s not my guy. Convince me to vote for him Tex. Don’t convince me NOT to vote for the other guy. I need a viable alternative. Convince me Tex that Mitt is that alternative.

    I’m waiting. 😉

  29. Regarding 31, James … let me repeat … you don’t have to tell me that the bullying incident is molehill made into a mountain. I’m already there. High school kids do stupid sh*t.

    As for the “victim” and his surviving family? What about his portrayal bothers them? Are they ashamed he might have been gay? What’s the problem. The guy has been portrayed as a bit off … an outsider … perhaps easy fodder for the bully machine. Nothing all that shameful or libelous in that portrayal.

    Now, the guy if he were alive today, might indeed be pissed about this coming out because he probably had already gotten over it. It was high school stupidity. I was bullied by a kid in junior high. I don’t lose any sleep over it now. If the kid who bullied me was running for office right now, and the press asked me about him, I’d say “well honestly he was a bit of an a$$hole when he was 12 but I’ve lost touch and don’t know what he’s like as an adult.”

  30. ” I wonder if ET’s brother ever had a confab with Mittens. Hopefully he wasn’t in his blonde phase at the time.”

    “Fuck off.” – ET

    Really? You’re not letting an amoeba getting under your skin are you?

  31. Tex, FWIW I tend to agree with you about Facebook. I do think companies that sell “soft assets” are very risky long term. Does anyone think we’ll be talking about Twitter 15 years from now? I love Twitter but I doubt it.

  32. I have absolutely no intent of convincing you of anything. I have every intent of pogoing you into the muck and standing on your head as you sink, acting like Tarzan as I beat my chest.

    This campaign is a referendum on a COMPLETE & EPIC failure. I could care less who is running against The Bomba, be it a corrugated piece of cardboard.

    I want that disingenuous Mullah pinko and his abhorrent, entitled, thieving, onion booty witch of a wife kangarooed to the street, followed by a swift kick in the ass back to that Chicago concrete jungle where he belongs.

    Then Shelly Antoinette can cry about how mean America is.

    I want to be able to tell my grandchildren when they ask, “Where were you in the Great Ass Kicking of 2012?”

    And I won’t have to answer like somebody I know, “Well, I was shoveling shit in Naperville.”

  33. Just makes Romney seem even creepier to me.

    I don’t really argue with you there Thor. I just think a creepy kid can grow out of it. 17, 18 is a little late to still be creepy but it still counts as a kid to me.

    Romney’s problem is how he deals with these things. Rachel Maddow (kevlar jacket on for all the lesbo jokes) pointed out last night that Romney laughs at the most inappropriate times. He laughed on Fox about the bullying incident, he laughed when talking about the dog on the car roof, and he thought a story involving his Dad shutting down an AMC plant was “humorous”. He’s an odd bird.

  34. Tigre, thanks for the link and yes … when you’re clearly right, you’re clearly right. The MSNBC story is quite neutral. It should have spoken more to the courage Cheney’s stand took.

    Chris Matthews who is wrong almost as often as he is right, asked if Cheney would be pro-gay-marriage if Mary wasn’t gay, the implication being no. I think that’s a bigoted conjecture.

    I think Cheney is a complicated man, even if he is a war criminal. 😉

  35. Thor, clearly this blog is frequented mostly by motherf*ckers. 🙂

    Yes, boys, honor the Mom’s on Sunday. Judging from most of your comments on this blog, your kids would be absolutely lost without them. 😀

  36. Does anybody here find great humor in Rutherford lending credit to “nailing it” from a miracle healer and demon drone insect possessor?

    Especially with the word CORE in it?

    Shout it Brotha!


    Wait a minute. I’ll retrieve a Margaret and Helen proverb for Obama to provide reinforcement.

  37. Regarding 42, damn … isn’t it nice to see what a little honesty can do. I think El Tigre and I are doing pretty well today. Probably won’t last long. I’ll savor it while I can.

  38. And I won’t have to answer like somebody I know, “Well, I was shoveling shit in Naperville.”

    I lose no sleep worrying about which of us is on the wrong side of history. 😉

  39. So let get the gist of this.

    Romney creeps you cheap whores about a youthful indiscretion, which apparently isn’t much true?

    But Obama bursts your buttons sitting on the knee learning at the instruction of communist Frank Marshall Davis, and penning two autobiographies of himself before 40 with a little assistance of the Weather Underground?

    I need to listen to a little more White Rabbit before we go further.

  40. Um Rutherford.

    History should be the least of your concerns. If I were you, I’d start looking toward that bleak future a little more, and singing MMM MMM MMM Obama a little less. 🙂

    You’ll never be alone, though. You’ll have Poolman to keep you company with his profundity. Congratulations.

    And one pilll makes you small….

  41. Although I readily concede that taking credit for GM’s bankruptcy is a major stretch it is a fact that GM did indeed experience bankruptcy. It is equally true that the creditors that will likely never be fully made whole are the folks that shouldn’t be creditors at all,you and me.

    I believe it isn’t a stretch or perverse cynicism to say that GM will likely fail again in the 3-10 year range unless something dramatic happens globally.I firmly believe GM will experience a major earthquake in less than 36 months. (see SAIC & Opel)

    As for GM being able to court other creditors other than the US govt. I do not agree. They could’ve but the taker would not be one we want.
    Lastly let us not forget that no matter what the industry “too big to fail” is at best flawed thinking.

  42. “And Gypsy is wanting us to believe that every homosexual didn’t crawl out of the woodwork Tuesday to vote in NC? Are you kidding me? You people are as obsessed with this issue as you are aborting babies. It’s a sacrament for Libs.”

    The very large homosexual population in ass-backwards North Carolina?

    Indeed, same-sex couple rights and women’s reproductive rights do tend to be core liberal ideals and are certainly sacred to my ideals.

    “You may win in the courts one day and rule by fiat … ”

    Like Loving v. Virginia. I can live with that.

  43. I agree Rutherford, the saving a girl story does trump bullying in high school. I thought the same thing, thor. According to the KFAB Omaha account, the men did search rave clubs and other places as they wore suits. They were the original Men in Black. Ha!

    I don’t know about the family’s circumstances to more than guess, and my conjecture wouldn’t pass muster in a high school term paper. From what I remember, the sister said her brother was nothing like the boy portrayed in the news story. I got the impression he was not gay, and the family resented his being portrayed as someone he was not.

    A newspaper reported launched a story which seems to have been improperly researched. He/she should have at least talked to the family first.

    Thanks R for repeating several times that high school should not be used to prove or disprove one’s future success in political office.

    As for Romney’s being an odd bird. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. Maybe he is a product of his culture.Maybe there others like him where he grew up. If he were Welsh, he would haul sheep in his car and no one would look twice. Here, he would get a reaction.

    I don’t care. it is irrelavant unless it affects his ability to do a job.

    Gypsykat, I also support gay marriage and until or unless marriage is accepted, civil unions. I am also pro- choice. Does that mean I am a liberal? If I am, Ill bet liberals would stampede for the doors to avoid being classed with me. Ha!

  44. re: haircutting

    In the ‘seventies, long hair was of course a symbol of rebellion and the rednecks hated it. I had a friend, Jennings P, whom I had met in college, who looked for the world like a demonic Custer. His blond hair hung in ringlets; he had a ’45 model Harley knucklehead that, when we rode, I always tried to ride in front of, since parts fell off it nearly continuously. (One fine evening his muffler came off at about 85mph and nearly ended my career as it began to tumble end over end, passing over my head. Of course I was so toasted I might not have felt it.)

    But I digress. He was a helluva guy, not that big, but afraid of nothing and nobody. About a year after I had met him, I met one of the fellows who had worked in the mines with him at Cowen, WV, of all places. “You heard about them gonna cut Peyatt’s hair with tinsnips, didn’t you?”

    I had to confess that no, I hadn’t. “They had been threatening him to cut his hair for a long time, but they was a little scair’t of him, but finally they cudn’t take it no more. The whole crew on his section jumped ol’ Peyatt and had him down and one of the fellows had the tinsnips, but Peyatt got his hawk-bill knife out of his pants and got it open. He started cuttin’ people’s clothes off’n ’em – you know he kep’ it like a razor. They got afraid he would cut THEM and let him go. He backed up against a stump of coal so nobody could get behind him and allowed that they wasn’t going to cut his hair, because he LIKED it. He set there the whole damn shift, grinnin’ like the Devil hisself, sayin,’ Now boys, I like you all, and I’d hate to have to cut one of you, but I WILL.”

    He faced down six men, they say, and they never tried to cut his hair again.

  45. James, that means you are liberal on those issues. Most thinking people are not as two-dimensional as the media/party left/right boxes try to force us to be. I have a friend in right-wing media who openly supports same sex marriage and she is being excoriated by some of her listeners for straying outside of the confines of the right wing box.

  46. I could care less who is running against The Bomba, be it a corrugated piece of cardboard.

    Is this your core argument? I noticed a clumsy dodge, or rather now détour?

  47. Gypsy,

    The very large homosexual population in ass-backwards North Carolina?

    You know what I treasure about you Libs when debating, believing yourself coastal and cool, therefore profound?

    You’re the dumbest people on earth. 😈 You don’t even rate two dimensional. You’re a line.

    Let me tell ask about “ass backwards” North Carolina. Obviously, you haven’t been there.

    Ever heard of Duke? Ever heard of Raleigh Durham? Ever heard of the Research Triangle?

    Hey Darlin, the Duke 88 are your kind of folk. Lib, educated, queer, and inane. They belong with you. Should union with you. Sleep with you.

    Gypsy, Hawaii voted against same sex marriage. You don’t get more plastic than Hawaii. Well, perhaps Seattle might be a toss up, but I’ll take it even you can decipher than one dimension.

    You need to get out Disney World and Seattle Tacoma and venture around the country. What you would find is that your little corner isn’t the end of the world, the top of the heap, the head of the class. There’s a higher calling than strumming your guitar and waiting for nickels at the wharf in the rain.

  48. Well Poolman. I’ll give you three small CORE examples that even you can grasp because you’re intimately familiar in obtaining two of them.

    Romney actually is intelligent (with a verified academic record) – strike one, and he knows how to pronounce CORPSEMAN correctly (single). In addition, like you he understands something called DEBT (grand slam).

    How’s that work for you Buzz Lightyear?

  49. But Poolman, I’ll give you a compliment worthy of your outstanding nature.

    Even you are more qualified to be Obama’s V.P. candidate. 😉

  50. I also meant to compliment you on those sermons you bought at church. Do you mind if I ask you how much it cost you?

    In the theater of my mind, that’s pretty much where I picture you and the Mrs. each and every Saturday night shouting, “Hallelujah!” and witnessing some of that miraculous healing you speak of witnessing.

  51. ObamaCare uses the Social Security language of the Internal Revenue Code to determine who is eligible for “religious conscience” objection to the insurance mandate. Specifically, the law provides exemptions for adherents of “recognized religious sects” that are “conscientiously opposed” to accepting benefits from any insurance, public or private.

    As a consequence of this provision, Muslims may claim a religious exemption that is denied Christians and Jews. Since Islam believes insurance is haraam (forbidden) and likens insurance to gambling, the religion is excluded from requirements, mandates, or penalties set forth in the bill.

    Others who fall into this category are the Amish, American Indians, and Christian Scientists. Although the U.S. Constitution grants all Americans equal protection of the law, some Americans are more equal than others.

  52. That’s Rev Jeremiah in white face. Barack would feel sit in his pew for another twenty years. You have given us another small reason to vote for Romney.

  53. Barack Hussein Obama is 43.75% Arab, 6.25% Negro, 50% Caucasian and 110% Red Diaper Baby.

    That’s all I need to gather.

  54. 😆 Reverend Billy is a street performer and OWS preacher. He does the Billy Swaggart shtick. Sometimes it takes comedy to raise truth. You guys are just looking for any excuse to feel good about Romney. Pitiful.

  55. Obama is definitely a Red Diaper Baby. Its almost as if he was being groomed for higher office from the beginning.

    The Wall Street Journal Potomac Watch, Strassel: “Trolling for Dirt in the President’s List.” Obama’s campaign is attempting to publicly slime large donors to the Romney campaign. Our press is curiously silent.

  56. The OWS I get. But I would call that more the Poolman schtick. He sounds just like you read.

    I feel good about Romney because he’s not Obama.

  57. James, you ever read the history of Barack Obama? Groomed is right.

    A marginal dopehead raised by communist fruitcake and lotus eating mother living with pinko grandparents; sperm donor mcdaddy who hates Americano; Frank Marshall Davis and Rev. Jeremiah Wright his mentors; somehow worms his way into Harvard Law School but a marginal student, and we’re told he’s Magna Cum but the proof never distributed by a man that now claims to have singlehandedly killed Bin Laden; a community activist at 24 given $100,000,000 to distribute; two autobiographies before anyone has heard of him; his campaign starts in Bill Ayer’s home; we know little or nothing of past friends, past girl friends, past anything besides he rode the pine in 8th grade basketball; and a blank slate of personal Senatorial accomplishment.

    Doesn’t pass the smell test, does it? There’s a lot to the Hussein story that will come out some day that will leave many a lib humiliated and crawdadding to denial.

  58. Yes, Tex, I know some of Obama’s history. I read much of it in the fall of 2008 while the press was going through Sarah Palin’s trash cans. It was a frustrating fall.

    A former member of Joan Jett’s band (Photon Courrier) when she was still Joan Larkin attended law school with Obama. “He had already put on his big-time politician act. He just didn’t have it polished and he hadn’t figured out that he needed charm and humor and intelligence. One of his classmates once famously noted that you could judge just how pretentious someone’s remarks were in class by how high they ranked on the ‘Obananometer.” It was a term that lasted longer tban their time in law school.

    Obama didn’t just share in class. He pontificated. He knew more than everyone, including the teachers. “In law school, the only thing I would have voted for Obama would be to shut up.”

  59. No pine was ever applied to me, PFessor. My father never touched me. He used words. My mother hit me a lot and washed my face with the rag she used to clean the toilet. I can still remember the smell.

    I hit her back once. It ended poorly.

  60. James –

    My dad was more of a leather belt fan. My principals were more of the pine board aficionados. With holes in it. Not all that fun. Took me more than once to learn, but I was a slow learner and eventually got the message.

  61. Pfessor.

    I’ve heard leather belts were no picnic either Our high school also had a pine paddle with holes in it . Both of those things send a powerful message.

    My reaction to such punishment was to spank our children only once when they were three. We had a long discussion before. Later, I used “the holding of the hand” I held their wrists for a half hour or an hour, and they hated it. They couldn’t even eat without my holding their wrists.

    They had to sit in place, and once they spent a summer watching only Public Television. The children hated National Public Television most of all.

  62. He faced down six men, they say, and they never tried to cut his hair again.

    PF, in all seriousness, have you ever thought of writing a book? You can spin a story as well as I’ve encountered in recent times and you can do one thing I can’t do …. write descriptively.

    I can’t write fiction because I don’t observe details around me. I can’t colorfully describe what someone looks like or what a blue sky looks like. It’s not that I don’t see it …. I just can’t find the words to paint the picture. That’s why I stick to non-fiction.

    One of your characters in that mine story sounded a lot like Billy Bob Thornton in Switch Blade. 🙂

  63. Poolman, regarding Tex’s ABO strategy, it represents a sad relinquishment of intellect on his part. He’s practiced at the art of Obama-bashing and doesn’t want to exercise the mental rigor of defending “his man”.

    Sadly if everyone takes this lazy approach, we are doomed as a country. We need to affirmatively choose our leaders. For those who discount FDR, think about the “anyone but Hoover” strategy. For FDR-haters, anyone but Hoover didn’t work out too well. (I happen to believe FDR was good for our country).

    I’m not melodramatic about Romney’s prospects as a President. I think he has about a 50/50 chance of doing us any good. I’m not sure he has the character to deal with other world leaders. I think FP will be his Achilles heel.

  64. Nice post. I agree, it’s a bit too early to be too exicited about this. On the one hand, it is the first time a sitting president has openly supported gay marriage. On the other hand, as you said, this in no way places anything into action. I wrote more about the bigotry surrounding this issue here…http://roundersandrogues.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/the-gay-marriage-roller-coaster/. It’s a shame more people don’t see this issue as the obvious civil rights concern of our day, and I’m afraid it’s going to take federal legislation to overturn what so many states have and are doing.

  65. Others who fall into this category are the Amish, American Indians, and Christian Scientists. Although the U.S. Constitution grants all Americans equal protection of the law, some Americans are more equal than others.

    I’m not sure I get your gripe. Assuming you haven’t distorted the facts (a major leap, I know) the language says “recognized religious sects” that are “conscientiously opposed” to accepting benefits from any insurance, public or private.”

    That defines the exemption set. If Christians were conscientiously opposed to insurance, they’d be exempt. They’re not … so they’re not. What’s the problem?

    If there was no exemption set at all, you’d be screaming 1st Amendment violations.

  66. They had to sit in place, and once they spent a summer watching only Public Television. The children hated National Public Television most of all.

    LOL James …. my mother got tired of my complaining at her answer to “what’s for dinner” so she finally asked me what I wanted for dinner. I replied “spaghetti and meatsauce”. She then forced me to eat that for dinner every night for at least a week. Needless to say, I got tired of it, and stopped asking her ‘what’s for dinner?”

    On her more patient days, the answer to “what’s for dinner?” was “YOU!” 🙂

  67. It’s a shame more people don’t see this issue as the obvious civil rights concern of our day, and I’m afraid it’s going to take federal legislation to overturn what so many states have and are doing.

    Chuck I agree. We have seen over and over again that the courts are needed to help us find our better angels. I’ll take a peek at your piece … thanks for posting it.

  68. Ah ,,,, pardon me. You referenced Fed legislation. Yes that is needed but the courts will be needed to uphold it because the legislation will be challenged.

  69. For some unknown reason whenever I’d ask my mom what’s for dinner she’d reply “a kick in the pants.”

    My mom would try and spank me once in a while but I made it too exhausting for her. She’d get a grip on my wrist and I’d be swinging my butt away from her and hopping around. Eventually she’d tire out and just settle for a random swat or two whever she could connect.

    One time she came after me with a wooden spoon and I was jumping around trying to dodge her and suddenly I starting praying really loud. There I was yelling “HailMaryfullofgrace-please-don’t-let-my-mom-hit-me-oh-my-God-please-Heavenly-Father-oh-God-please-oh-please-oh-please…” She started laughing and couldn’t get it done. Hah!

    No politics for me today, but I dropped in to see if maybe we had a new little baby Rabbit come into the world today. Gotta’ be close.

  70. These questions from Noah posted a thread or two back:

    1. Are you in favor of our government passing legislation that allows them to detain U.S. citizens without representation?
    (A) if 1 = No then Do you have a problem with it even appearing on the books in the first place. If 1 = Yes then disregard. (A)
    2. Do you commend or condemn Obama for passing the law mentioned in 1?
    3. Are you for or against the provision in Obama care that forces commerce on the American people?
    4. Do you commend or condemn Obama for having that provision in the law?

    1. No I don’t like the legislation in question and yes I have a problem with the language in the statute being sufficiently ambiguous to give cause for concern.

    2. Given the stark choice … I condemn Obama for signing the legislation.

    3. I am in favor of the provision “forcing commerce” on the American people. I prefer Medicare for all.

    4. Therefore, obviously, I commend Obama for having that provision in the law.

    Could you name for me another time where our government took ownership of financial institutions and car manufactures?

    FDR put in place major work programs that others could argue should have been done within the private sector. So yes, there is precedent for “government activism” in the American economy.

  71. You want to talk about no core, Poolman?

    Rutherford actually has a revolving core – whatever MSNBC deems the core to be. Rutherford is actually magnetized, his liquid core spins so quickly.

    I guarantee you if MSNBC came out demanding Islam be the state religion, Rutherford would be wearing a flowing gown and keffiyah that evening, and making pilgrimage to Mecca, dragging the Mrs to do the Hajj. Perhaps a perfect candidate for slopeydopedom? I can see Rutherford wailing out a prayer or two for an audience of Larry O’Donnell and Chaz Maddow – his masters.

    Sure hope that message gets preached in the Black Baptist churches of Alabama too, Brother “R”. I want to be a fly on the wall during that service,where its announced the Sodomites will now take the pulpit. 😆

    The moral equivalency of the deviant mind. A civil rights issue? I haven’t heard that one in a long time. I thought you clowns had poll tested that one some years back, and it went over like a lead balloon by the real civil rights crowd, who was justifiably outraged by the equivalency? They sick the dogs on Bruce and nobody told me?

    I think we can put to rest the legitimacy of Rutherford’s beef about racism and his “legitimate blackness” now.

  72. I don’t know much about him,except he represents the Southeast, where I used to live. He belongs to a conservative party, and he opposes the EU as it is constituted. He predicted bail outs before they happened.

    I wish he was an American and running for president.

    I liked your and Muffy meal stories and especially praying not to get hit. I wish I had thought of that.

    My mother let us choose anything we wanted for our birthdays. It was always a blessing because my mother had earned her cooking skills when she prepared meals for thrashing crews. Women competed for the honor of being the best cook. It is still a tradition where rural people have to work together. Branding time is an example.

    I usually chose fried chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and marshmallows, corn, popovers, biscuits, strawberries, and birthday cake. Those were good days.

  73. Rutherford #91
    Yes that is needed but the courts will be needed to uphold it because the legislation will be challenged.
    Rutherford reestablishes his Proggie cred by showing that the US Constitution is essentially toilet paper.

  74. R, thanks for thinking about my new little guy on the way.  

    My Dad beat the shit out of us.  

    He would bruise us up pretty bad. Believe it or not the hair pulling was worse then the punches. I probably got my ass kicked on a weekly basis from the age of 4 to 16. I was strangely addicted to it and sought out other ass kickings for another decade.   Everyone of my brothers, except for the youngest, ended up fighting back. Hence, I found myself homeless living out of an old station wagon at the age of 17. Thank God for the Navy. 4 of us ended up enlisting.

        My relationship with my Mom and Dad is kind of distant. But it is normalized now. I know they regret how they raised us. However, the stats don’t lie. From a community where college wasn’t expected, they had 5 boys who are all college grads. 4 out of the 5 of us left home by 17 or younger and put ourselves through school. He must have done something right.

      I could tell some horror stories of abuse. Hell, he once put a gun to his head and told us he was going to blow his brains out. I was around 8. The weird thing is, these stories, all true, would paint somewhat of a false picture of my upbringing. There was the violence but there was also a ton of care. I knew how to read by 3. My parents were worried sick about us. Its not like they didn’t care or weren’t involved.   If liberalism had sunk its claws in me I have no doubt I would have seen myself a victim. Thank God that kind of mindset never occurred to me because I do have a weak mind at times. Had I known about the victim motif, I have no doubt I would ruined myself with excuse making while ignoring all the positives and advantages I had growing up.

  75. Dad used to beat us a lot. Usually the belt, but I got kicked often, punched and smacked some. A lot of cursing. Mom hit us with a wooden spoon. She broke one on me once. That made her feel guilty and laid off discipline for a short bit. I was the oldest, so I always got it. That was an unspoken rule. Dad passed away when I was 18. We’d wrestle sometimes. He was telling my mom at the time he was afraid I’d best him soon. I never did. He was bigger but I had youth and endurance on my side.

    I went to 9 schools. Some were using corporal punishment and I got it a few times. Some even deserved.

    Tex, say what you will about Rev Billy. He’s got blue eyes so he’s kin to James. 😀

  76. I think I’d enjoy beating you with a wooden spoon, too. My theory about your corny take on being anti establishment has always been that you are rebeling against your father, poolman and Im not trying to be disrespectful. I try to avoid psycho analyzing motherfuckers but I can’t help doing it to you due to your goof ball theories lifted from bad television dramas and b movies.

  77. Ha Ha Poolman. I think Elizabeth Warren is a blue-eyed cousin too.

    Best wishes for your future new child rabbit.

    You and rabbit sound like you had challenging childhoods. Except for my mother’s hitting, our family showed little physical emotion or affection. My mother rarely bragged if we got good grades or did something notable. it was unseemly. They didn’t have to get mushy. We knew what they thought of us.

    We worked very hard, but no one gave us any praise. One time, my mother told me Dad thought I was such a big help he didn’t think we would have harvested the hay crop before a big rain. He never said a word, but a million dollars couldn’t have made me happier and more proud.

    Other families were the same as ours. We were all northern Europeans and shared the same attitudes. Diversity was one Italian family and a black sister church who sometimes shared services with our church. I had never seen anything like them. They were beautiful singers, and they rocked our church.The church ladies shimmied and shook to the aisles and back to their seats. I thought “dang.” Everyone liked them, but they were so different from our stiff upper lips.

    We took care of my parents at home for the last two years of their lives. Near the end, when my father required 24 hour care, I farmed at night and on weekends when my wife and children were at home.

  78. Rutherford, I commend you for having the patience of Job.

    Rabbit, when are you expecting the new bunny addition?

    Tex, all I can say about NC is you have to live there to understand how back assward the state is. Yes, you do have the “gown” mentality as in Duke, UNC Chapel Hill and the Raleigh Research Triangle but most of the “gown” crowd have nothing to do with the politics. It’s the “town” mentality that rules the state.

    Enjoy the weekend guys.

  79. I think I’d enjoy beating you with a wooden spoon, too.

    Kinky. But mom didn’t enjoy it. If we really were in trouble she didn’t touch us and just told us to wait until our father got home. That was never fun. I’m certain coming home to find your kids need discipline before you can relax from a stressful day of work was not fun either.

    Really, I think parents just do the best they can. Unfortunately many don’t have good role models to learn from.

  80. I made my mom so bad one time, she took off her shoe and tried to hit my over the head with her heel. I would have been better letting her hit me. I grabbed her wrist, held her and smarted off. Then I made the mistake of gloating about it. I would guess I was about 14.

    By late afternoon, I had practically forgotten about the episode. My old man came in, put his briefcase down, walked up to me sitting on the couch, and proceeded to uppercut me right under the chin. I never dropped the remote. 😆 Last thing I remember is the couch coming down on me when I flipped over it. Had my mother not stopped him, I believe he would have killed me right then and there.

    I could take the physical stuff and the belt which my old man could not turn off. But my old man was cruel and stupid. I think he actually enjoyed humiliating his children in front of their friends. And that the part that has hung with me. He had a horrible, gut wrenching childhood and it carried over. My mother is a sweet lady who deserved better and whatever brains I got, I got from her. But after 40 years of reflection, I now realize she was an enabler, selfish and coward in her own right.

    About 16, I finally had enough. I fought back. I about had him, but he played dirty – even hit me in the nuts and pulled hair. 😈 On Easter Sunday, of all days. And of course, my mother once again sided with him.

    About 20, the old man hit me in the back of the head for being an asshole. This time, I turned around and whipped his ass. I told him he ever touched me or my sister again, I’d kill him. He never fucked with us again.

    Needless to say, our relationship pretty distant. About 10 years ago, he came over one day in one of his moods on my eldest daughter’s birthday and started up with some outrageous claim, being a prick like the old days. I walked over and muttered under my breath, it’s time for you to go – NOW. To the best of my knowledge, he’s never been a bully again. We’ve since reconciled to a degree to keep things simple and keep the peace and he’s an old, feeble man. I actually feel a degree of sympathy for him and take care of him when my mother has surgery. My wife, who carries a consider amount of clout and the one person I wholly respect in this entire world, insists I honor them, so I try my best to comply. But it is difficult.

    I’ve grown pretty close to my in-laws. They reflect the kind of childhood I wish I had.

    So having said that sad story, you’ll now know why I don’t suffer fools easily. More, I never touched my oldest daughter, and only hand slapped on the butt my youngest daughter a few times. I could scare them by simply looking with demon eyes. Charlie Manson, or something. And our relationship very solid – got a little hairy when I was keeping them by myself in high school, but we survived.

    My children and my wife are so much higher class than me and my history, frankly it’s a miracle how wonderful my wife and children are. I was determined this abuse stop and I never, ever embarrassed my children in front of their friends.

    At least with my own children, I consider myself a success in conjunction with the world’s greatest mom. And my children do love their mother.

  81. Lol. Let me take back my wooden spoon offer.

    Raji, my wife is due for a c section May 23. We though she was going into labor last week though.

    My childhood reads worse on paper then it really was.

  82. Raji, you stroll in her and act like you’re some worldly philosopher and critic, yet you don’t know shit from shinola.

    Listen up, idiot. 32 states, including some of the most liberal in the nation made up of incontinent assholes like you have voted the legitimacy of gay marriage,and blasted it down to the cesspool it deserve. Period. Got that genius? That is 100% rejection from every demographic, every class, every education level.

    So don’t give me you stupid, patronizing horseshit and your uppity fucking act about its the hillbillies. You can knob the dick of those cattle you worship, and bow to the scarab beetle if you want to talk about lacking credibility.

    It isn’t only backwater hillbillies that have a problem with gay marriage. It’s 70% of the country that unlike you, understand the act of gay sex a perversion.

    And your patience can kiss my shiny red ass, bitch.

  83. Tex, my Mom was a total enabler too.

    I suppose one of the few good things that sprang from the cultural revolution is the fact that women now stand up to asshole Dads/Husbands more often. My parents missed the cultural revolution by a few years

    But those years were like decades in terms of the new norms. This was both a blessing and a curse.

    My parents offer no help with their grand kids. When they come over it feels like icy court appointed visits.

    Man did my parents get a microcosm of late 60s rebellion in the late 80s. They had to kick us out.

  84. Rabbit, there was a time I thought my mother probably the sweetest person in the world. She lives approximately three miles from me by random chance.

    It was when my wife transferred that I realized just how selfish and self-absorbed my mother is. Do you know how many times she offered to help me during those four years, give me a night off, drive the kids to school or pick them up? Something?

    Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    Now this is a woman, I guarantee you people will be flowing out the church doors during the funeral. Unlike my old man, my mother about as well liked as they come.

    And she’s got my own children bamboozled into believing she’s the ideal grandmother too. But to me, actions have always spoken louder than words. She doesn’t come see the grandkids. They go see her. She makes some lame excuse about she can’t leave my father alone. Yeah, right. She’s got many an hour to run around with her friends.

    I look at my parents so different than I used to.

    Sorry I’ve gone off tonight. People like Raji and Poolman make me puke.

  85. OH. Rabbit. I’ve been following your new arrival and haven’t said much since it’s your second.

    Don’t think my lack of conversation indicates a disinterest. During my absence (tonight reminds me why I shouldn’t have come back), I couldn’t remember the due date and actually came back to this hole of a blog one night, reading through the comments to see if I had missed your baby.

    I didn’t see anything and was concerned something had happened. I’m following the news. Good luck. 😉 And they are all different.

  86. Rutherford, I’m going to give you a heads up before I leave this hole for good.

    I promise you this one is going to hit you like a bulldozer one day. Frankly you deserve it, but I feel some strange compassionate, heartfelt relationship with you that I don’t feel for the rest of these assholes you partner with.

    You will rue the day you wed with the devil in your false sense of what you believe tolerance means. The fact is, their type the most intolerant and you’re going to experience that first hand, brother.

    And these little devils are going to run roughshod right over you too when they find you’re not in complete agreement with them one day. You think those dogs at Fat Grannies were nasty. You haven’t experienced anything until a pack of these wolves come seeking a piece of your ass. And you’re not tough enough to combat with them. They’ll have a boot to your throat and the best you will be able to muster is retreating back to a blog and complaining.


  87. Go ahead and puke a little, Rick. And why is your ass red and shiny?

    I actually had a good childhood. Mom doted on us and aside from being totally in a cigarette smoke environment for my entire home life, the parents were fair. Mom and I still communicate often even though she’s across the country.

    I never got Dad’s approval. Maybe that is the deal, rabbit. I was done rebelling at 18. The family was poor about expressing love and communicating. We camped often, which was fun. I went horseback riding with my dad, he always had horse(s) and I had one for a time.

    We had our own space and they didn’t go through our stuff, which I can’t say the case for plenty of my friends.

  88. Paitence of Job? Rutherford loves the fact we give a shit enough to comment on his blog. Without us this place would be an even worse version of the legendary mundane radio show “Leaning Left”.

    I crack up at the name of the show. The name so neutered, it serves as a warning for how boring it is.

    Its a derivitive of MSNBC which has horrible ratings itself; two corporate eunuchs talking about what they heard talked about on MSNBC. I rather watch the live weather cam from Akron Ohio then listan to those two squares “lean left”.

  89. Rutherford reestablishes his Proggie cred by showing that the US Constitution is essentially toilet paper.

    Alfie, the US Constitution is insufficient in and of itself in protecting oppressed minorities. Someone earlier mentioned Loving v Virginia. Without the Supremes settling the matter, certain states today might still be prohibiting interracial marriage.

    Sometimes legislation is not enough because legislation can be challenged. That’s the whole point of a legal system that allows for debate right up to the SCOTUS.

  90. To reiterate, the Constitution is not toilet paper … but without wise and vigilant men and women to interpret and enforce it, it is JUST a piece of paper.

  91. Tex this pregnancy has been absent of the nightmarish anxiety I had during the last one. I’ve kind of learned to leave it God’s hands. This of course much easier since I have already been blessed with a son after all those years of failure and misscariages (sic). No spell check.

    It already feels different. I can’t wait to see my two and a half year old respond to having a baby brother.

    And thank you Muffy. I missed your comment.

  92. There were two prevalent forms of corporal punishment in my home now that I think of it. One was the thump. An index finger flicked against the head. I recall getting those from my Mom when I was very young. The other was the “pop”. Hold the wrist with one hand and then slap the hand with the other. I have to imagine it literally hurt my parents as much as it did me because to effectively cause the sting of a pop, the hands of the popper and the poppee had to meet with considerable force.

    I’ll never forget the day my little sister (11 years my junior) was being sassy with my Dad. He said “do you want a pop?” I sat there dreading what I knew was about to happen. Dumb kid said with a coy smile “yes”. She got one. That was the difference between my sister and me. I feared my parents enough not to push my luck. My sister didn’t. Probably accounts for the very different lives we’ve had.

    Me: Graduated from college, worked for one company for 24 years, struggled with own business for past five, likes to watch golf.

    Her: Graduated from college, graduated from law school, worked for advertising firm, worked as a Federal Probation Recommendation Officer (not a Probation officer but the person who makes the probation recommendation) and in so doing learned to fire a gun, has performed contract management at several firms and likes scuba diving.

    May be better to be fearless.

  93. Go ahead and puke a little, Rick. And why is your ass red and shiny?

    My ass is red and shiny from squirming in my seat with the thought of me using the aluminum bat to tee of between your eyes, pushing your protruding, nasal bone into your medulla and out through the back of your troglodyte like skull.

    The though of the pure joy of that makes me orgasmic.

  94. Tex you are the VERY rare example of someone who didn’t carry abuse into the next generation.

    Damn folks, family relationships are so complicated and tough. TV has made it worse cos folks Tex and my age grew up on the Cleavers and other idealistic visions of family life. No one lives like they do.

    On the whole, I have no complaints about my parents, one (my Dad) still alive and the other gone almost 8 years now. As a father I definitely don’t command the respect nor the fear that my parents commanded. It makes parenting that much more challenging. Fortunately my daughter shows a good amount of common sense. She’ll need it because she doesn’t seem to think my wife nor I have any idea what we’re talking about. 😐

  95. Tex, sometimes I really don’t get you. I know you consider me the scold but tough sh*t. Raji is one of the most polite folks on this board. I’ve never seen her go after anybody personally. Seriously, WTF is wrong with you?

    Raji has always behaved like a “lady” and deserves a gentlemanly response.

    You know you can do better dude. C’mon.

    P.S. I’m not defending her because she is a liberal …. cos she isn’t. I’ve seen her take several middle of the road positions.

    Damn, makes the compliment I gave you in 126 ring kinda hollow. 😦

  96. She’s a horse’s ass. She deserved to be bitched slapped and busted for being a patronizing twit. She ain’t that good or that smart. I had let her get away with it a few times and had enough of it. One too many, in fact. She was a turd yesterday and I played semi gentleman. Didn’t get me anywhere, so consider this my new approach. She wants to amp it up, I’ll amp it up.

    What do you want me to do? Play the ‘what are little girls made of’ stuff? Fuck that. These feminists have interjected themselves as tough and mean. Well, let them have at it.

    Had you done that to the meatheads at Fat Grannies instead of getting all sissified, you wouldn’t have left paralyzed and sulking, mumbling on your own blog about them being mean to you. You let them play you when you’re about a gazillion times smarter.

    Why should some overbearing, pompous ass that happens to have a set of titties deserve to be treated with any more respect than some fizzled gonad like Poolman?

    Unlike you, I don’t cater to some gal’s condescension because you think it makes you some chivalrous swinging dick in their eyes. Frankly, men like you are pretty weak and they know it. You let them use your own gender against you. You metrosexual, Phil Donahue types have caused the rest of enough grief. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll knock their man hatin’ asses into next week and worry about the consequences later.

    I just shared that story because everyone else shared that story, and perhaps to explain why I might appear a little explosive at times.

    It’s at least partially why I left the first time for an extended period. I did realize that it was your blog, I was becoming a bully to the host, and I was becoming just a tad disruptive. Just a tad. So let me apologize now while I’m sane to you. I just tire of your stupid, repetitious, indefensible shit and irreligious, obtuse nature.

    Don’t forget. I lived with a bully. I know how to deal with bullies. And I’ll happily be a bully.

    I’m not kidding when I tell you I don’t dislike that type. I disdain that type.

  97. I think it’s safe to say that when I write Michele Malkin bleeds feces when you prick her, I don’t reserve chivalry for every woman on the planet. I’m too damn tired to go back and review comments but I honestly don’t recall Raji being such a smart ass with you that it merited an explosion. Hell, I’m not in your head dude. Your triggers are not my triggers.

    FWIW (I know my opinion and a buck will buy you a coffee — well not at Starbucks), but I do admire the fact that you haven’t taken “learned behavior” and afflicted it on your kids. Makes you rare … and a standup guy. Now if you could just control that Internet temper of yours. 😉

    P.S. Pot calling kettle black …. I’ve already lost it on another thread tonight. 😦

  98. Rutherford,

    Pansy ass. Michelle Malkin is a national figure on a huge blog. Your behavior toward women here is like a runt dog in heat.

    Why don’t you get your butt over there and make that remark on Michelle’s site? Then get back with me after the reaction and don’t whimper.

    I haven’t lost my temper. I just fired back. Losing your temper on the internet would be the height of stupidity. Don’t get mad – get even.

    There are a few things I could teach you, if I were so inclined. One would be the art of war. Your momma and daddy did a wonderful job of teaching you to write well. They didn’t do a great job of teaching you to fight well. My parents didn’t teach at all, so I learned from the street like Rabbit. I suppose that does have tendencies to jade you a little.

    You’re not worth bullying. 😆 Besides, you are the most tolerant lib I’ve ever met. Thank you for the compliment, understanding I have a soft side too.

    Animals, little kids, and my immediate family. I suppose there is something warped about feeding little bunnies you found, keeping them warm, safe, fed and dry, but telling a troglodyte but still God’s image you’d love to ram his nasal bone into his medulla.

    I never claimed complete sanity. Extremes maybe.

  99. Rutherford –

    re: stories. I have been SO fortunate in life, and didn’t realize it until I was in med school and saw how narrow and sheltered the other kids were. I’ve never been very adventurous or gotten hurt much from accidents; I have always ridden a little back from the edge of danger, but have had some amazing characters for friends and relatives. My wife is always on my ass to get some of this stuff written down; Dragon Speak is pretty good now; I’m using it at work to do dictations; I plan on getting a home version soon to get these stories written down for my kids.

    re: Peyatt. He was just a crazy, fun-loving guy – and utterly fearless. When I was in college, one Saturday we were playing king-of-the-hill at a construction site on our dirt bikes; the workers had made a huge dirt pile and we would zoom up and down. Payette had an old Bultaco – that tells you how long ago it was. He got onsite first and immediately zoomed up the dirt pile, but unfortunately the workers had removed part of the back side the previous week and when he got to the top, a vertical wall greeted him just beyond. He and his bike went flying downward about thirty feet, breaking his leg.

    A couple of days later, we were all sitting in my apartment, stoned and lamenting Poor Peyatt, when I heard a familiar sound – that damned Bultaco!

    We looked outside and here came Peyatt, zooming down the dirt road on that damned dirt bike, with his broken leg stuck straight out in front of him like a battering ram, a full-leg cast up to his hip – the whole affair held up by a coat hanger wrapped around the gas tank filler cap. Amazing, amazing guy…good memories.

    DR –
    I have sort of adopted a sixteen year-old who Jewish kid who lives locally. His dad blew his brains out about five years ago – fucking asshole. Good, good kid – polite, smart. I could never get him to quit calling me “sir,” but lately we have a little joke going and I introduce him as my son Edward and he calls me “Dad.” Maybe not joking that much… An abusive Dad can terrorise a kid – especially a boy, but I think one who withholds approval is probably worse; my whole med school class was filled with overachievers, trying to live up to their fathers’ expectations, which of course they never could.

  100. Tex –
    Look, man, we have had our ups and downs, but overall you seem like a decent guy. Clearly we have both avoided topics of controversy lately, which is just fine by me.

    But I’m telling you Tex, you have GOT to ease up a little bit; I can see your coronaries going into spasm almost every post you write the last couple of days.

    Fuck it, it ain’t that important. If you are getting all wound up, take a little break or something.

  101. Interesting discussion.

    I like Michele Malkin. Her latest effort is a site called Twitchy. Conservatives have been getting the better of arguments on Twitter, and liberals coordinating to shut conservatives from the system.

    Malkin’s site has helped get them reinstated.

    I never hit our children and only spanked each once as a demonstration because I didn’t like being hit

    My wife and son had only a 50% of survival, and our daughter might also have died. I was in the delivery room and caught an emergency before the nurses and doctor did because they were so busy saving my wife.

    We must have done something right. Sometimes, our daughter calls on her way from work and says “I’m bored. Entertain me.” Last winter she said “thank you for feeding me and giving me a home all of those years.” Our son has said similar things.

    My parents taught my brother and me to be calm and polite,but to never give up, if the goal was worth the effort. They also taught us patience.

    I helped destroy two blogs before the grannies. One no longer exists, and the other might as well have been gone. A few people like Tex, Pfessor, and Noah illustrated how one can control a blog by capitalizing on the weakness and bigotry of people who dominate it.

    I’m waiting for the right time to kick them when they are down. That time might be November or after 2013, but it will come. .

  102. You guys don’t see the genious and hilarity of the term “fizzled gonad”?

    Tex may be abrasive but he doesn’t beat around the bush. Most here don’t. Life is to short for passive aggressive barbs on an anonymous internet forum.

  103. The Daily Telegraph wrote that detailed leaks of information about the foiled underwear bomb plot has angered the US intelligence community as former agents blame the Obama administration for undermining national security and for compromising the British services. “Americans are very good at undermining trust and the problem begins at the top.”

    A pattern emerges. Obama made his gay statement because it benefited his campaign. He will make a lot of money at his fund raiser among gays in June. Leaking secret security information risks lives, but it helps Obama. Little matters except Obama.

    If we let this man and his associates retain power, even some of the grannies will learn to rue the day.

  104. “Patience of Job”
    Problem with blogs is what someone means does not always come across. Sorry Rutherford, I was making a comment regarding your patience with Noah who is still trying to get answers from two years ago. I apologize to you for not making my meaning clearer but I though “you” might pick up what I meant.

  105. Rutherford,
    Thank you for your kind words in my behalf. Tex doesn’t faze me and in fact is an amateur compared to my ex husband especially on a Friday or Saturday night. After 23 years I realized that instead of being a victim I was an enabler if I stayed in the relationship. My ex had a similar childhood to Tex except it was his mother who was the aggressor.

    I realize that I am way out of my league with you guys. I am old enough to be your mother and came from a different world. It has been enlightening to view through the eyes of a blog the thoughts of your generation. If sometimes I come across as patronizing or passive aggressive that was not my intention just my manner of speech. Reading your views help me to understand my daughters’ generation and how I relate to their views. I’ll have to take into consideration that maybe my responses to them incites the same virulent response. Good thought to dwell on!

  106. Raji –

    You ain’t old enough to be MY mother, unless you are eighty-five.

    And let me be a little aggressive with YOU. Don’t start that shit about your responses inciting aggression; everybody has a choice to walk away, no matter what’s said. That’s the stuff you hear from abused spouses.

    Unfortunately this crew takes delight in having a rep as a tough bunch – which it is, but we shouldn’t be bragging about it. My experience is that once the personal stuff comes out you are off topic for a long while – a horrible waste of time. Nobody learns anything when everybody is pissed-off.

    Rantisisisimo over.

  107. Pfesser, I can understand with your background, you might think my coronaries spasm. But I haven’t laughed that much typing posts in a long time. I giggled the whole way through it. Yes, I’ve noticed we’ve both purposely avoided the conflict. It’s better that way, because you’re a lot more like me than you might like to care to admit. We like the sting of battle. 😉

    This is more than you care to know, but I’ll be honest just so you might understand, if interested.

    I fully admit I can be a wicked bastard. I’m serious as a heart attack when I tell you I loathe some of these dirt bags. They’re thieves and loons screwing up my country, and I would break bread with Abdul the Bomb Making Expert before I would sit down with a few of these folks. I’ve got a right to be pissed and so do you. But whether I post it here or remain in stone cold silence, that emotion doesn’t change. It’s just my nature.

    I might be a little more mannerly in the virtual world. I do have a softer side which I administer more frequently than you might imagine. Even won an award from the home owner’s association a few years back for being a good egg concerning good neighbor and volunteerism. I’ve helped build a few homes, volunteered in the emergency room. But that doesn’t fill my day anymore. To be absolutely honest, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people in trouble, deserve to be in that trouble. You volunteer to help and then watch people practice the same self-destructive, self-absorbed, thieving behavior and it changes you.

    You’ve misread my abrasiveness (good word) if you think it a mirror reflection of self. I don’t care for some of these sons of bitches and I am angry as hell, but I suppose it is a little unfair to treat them as a virtual punching bag. I’ll take your advice under advisement. But a couple of the guys I “just love” too. I find Rabbit, Gorilla and Tigre hilarious. I find Rutherford, BIC, and you most interesting. I find Muffy humorous and quite sound. James and Noah nice guys and a good read. It’s fun to share old stories and talk to interesting people. I enjoy reading about your families and your experiences. Besides, it gives you a better feel for what’s happening around the country you can’t get by reading an article.

    Truthfully, it’s the only reason I’m here. It both amuses me and it provides a substitute to companionship when I’m alone. It was a mistake not to go back to work, because I’ve grown accustomed to sitting on my ass and shooting the bull with a ton of strangers I’ll never meet. It’s been so long, I doubt I could find a good job anymore. Don’t know, never tried. My lifestyle allows me to keep house, organize the family, help my parents and friends, get things squared away – I live frugally and am not bound anymore to things. I got tired of working and not living. I think you’ll enjoy your new found freedom and feel much the same five years from now. I think you’ll simplify your life and perhaps keep one or two hobbies and no more.

    Perhaps this blog is a bad habit and probably not healthy. But it fills a hole when my wife gone. If Rutherford booted me, I’d just find another one like it.

    Let me ask you a question. What do you better angel guys see as benefit with some place like M&H? I look at it as a monkey cage just dying to rocked, then watching the chimps swing. They’re so stupid to be offensive. So I volunteer to offend, stand outside the fence and hit them in the head with rocks. Like you and I have both said. They are a bunch of passive aggressive bullies posturing as intellectual thought police and subject matter experts – in reality, their rank lying propagandists and morons. But unlike you, I look at them as the enemy. And you’ll note the minute a couple of ogres like you and me step in, they suddenly turn real soft. They deserve to have their world rocked.

    But I couldn’t tolerate those idiots for any length of time.

  108. Really good article IMHO in the Telegraph:


    There are several keeper lines in there, including “Germany isn’t here to finance French election promises,” and “Wiping out the debts accumulated by governments, banks and individuals is the real purpose of the “growth” agenda proposed by President-elect Hollande and the motley movement of populists of Left and Right across Europe. But capitalism cannot survive, let alone flourish, in the long run unless debts are paid, contracts are honoured and the rule of law prevails. Socialists, of course, tend to mind much less about the market economy than hard-working families who have savings and investments to lose. Indeed, France’s real national sport is épater le bourgeoisie.” (My French is pretty rusty; I looked that up – it means “shock the middle class.” Yep, that’s the plan, alright…)

    That article is enough to bring tears to the eyes of the responsible – like most of us here on this blog. I may cross-post to Fat Grannies to rub a few socialist noses in it.

  109. Raji, Pfesser is right. I doubt from the age of your daughter, you’re much older than either of us. So let me give you a really good piece of advice from personal experience of being on both sides, and you need to adopt it quickly, because like Pfesser, I too picked up on this.

    You’re a fool if you think that approach gets you any place.

    I was abusive toward you because you were playing passive aggressive bully with me. You either need to learn to walk away, or learn to confront. Otherwise, people are going to walk right over you. That’s a pent up insecurity that somewhere along the line, you’ve allowed to rule you.

    I’ve given you the reasons I am the way I am. Somebody starts patronizing me, they damn sure better be right because I had a gut full of being humiliated and bullied long ago and learned to fight back hard.

    So since we are in a better mood today, let me apologize to you. It was purposely over the line. I shouldn’t have done it. But I hope I made my point clearly. You start correcting me, you better know what you’re talking about. And last night, you didn’t.

  110. I remember a year or so back advising Tex to lighten up a little and take some of the sting off of his responses. What I have learned since then…

    Tex is probably smarter than I, definitely more articulate, and Tex has been pretty much spot on. As I read more and more, and research what it is to be Liberal and what they are doing to us, I find myself becoming a lot more like Tex.

    Once upon a time we could be like McCain, cross the isle and find common ground, that time has passed. If you are a true Conservative, then compromise is no longer possible without betraying what you claim to believe in. Liberals have gone so far left that the line between Liberalism, Socialism, and Communism can no longer be seen.

    Liberals are the epitome of hypocrisy. Hussein Obama, and his Liberal pals all claim to care about the “working man”. They claim to feel our pain and only have our best interests at heart. While feeling all our pain, Hussein Obama and Michelle have spend over $80 mil on vacations. Michelle has 22 personal assistance. We have families that are struggling to feed themselves, and these two are whoring around the world on our dime. Rather than doing the business of the people, Hussein Obama has been blowing tax payer dollars campaigning, more so than the last 5 Presidents combined. If I am not mistaken it is illegal to use Air-force 1 to campaign and fund raise (I may be mistaken).

    End of the day I am in Tex’s camp. Were I king for a day, we would have a sudden population drop in this country, and I’m not kidding, not even a little.

  111. Tex is having squirmy orgasmic thoughts toward me. Again. His expression concocts a new stunning visual for beating off and could actually lead to blindness. Tsk, tsk, tsk..

    Virtual sex is soooooo unfulfilling. And then there’s the mess. 🙂

  112. nagic –
    I have never known anyone who thinks he is wrong in his politics, which is to say, he/she thinks he/she is evil. Do you really think any of these people in their heart-of-hearts wants to see this country defeated? I don’t.

    So while they piss me off probably as much as you, I try to assume they are misinformed, not evil. If I am to expect consideration from others, I have to give it. It’s called considering them the “loyal opposition.” Preaching at people just hardens their position; you won’t get anywhere, even if you are 100% right.

  113. Most of my views come from experience, nagic. You ought to try it sometime, instead of living virtually vicariously through other posters.

  114. I just cannot except that PFesser.

    Common sense and logic is in direct conflict of the practicing Liberal.

    We have decades of proof government doesn’t do it better. Liberals want more government.

    Living with your means. Liberals are spending us into oblivion. Their solution, more programs, spending us into prosperity. Their opinion on the stimulus package? It failed because they didn’t spend more.

    “The American Dream is government programs” ……….

    Socialism has failed everywhere in the world, and Liberals want it with a passion.

    They honestly believe you can legislate fairness.

    Everyone knows that dependency is a bad thing, and that making someone dependent is an evil act. Back in the 80’s we had 30 ish government programs. Today we have around 185, and Liberals want more. Not only do they want more, that want to force it upon us with the rule of law.

    Liberalism is about control. Liberals want to have the government control much of your life, from your economics to what you think.

    I have a hard time believing that anyone who looks at the tenants of Liberalism as it stands today can honestly say what they believe in is right. This goes way past ignorance.

  115. I knew who you were talking about, Raji.

    Noah, you’re part of a group here so why don’t you relax and listen a while. Sometimes you’re going to comment and no one will reply. You’re going to have to just deal with it.

    Tex apologized.

    Poolman’s trying to capitalize on the discord. His most recent remarks are way too revealing. Troll numero uno

    Raji, please stay. I really like your comments and I would miss them. I miss them even when you haven’t weighed in yet on a long thread.

  116. I lived in the gown world of NC in the sixties and worked in the corporate world. I lived in the town world of NC in the 2000’s. Frankly moving back to NC after 40 years was a shocker as nothing much had changed. A homeopathic doctor was run out of the state in the 90’s even though he had a valid MD. Never met a gay person while I lived there. One Whole Food in the entire city of Charlotte and one health food store. I guess other people’s experience have been different from mine. So far I’ve covered Winston Salem, Raleigh, Charlotte, never made it over to Chapel Hill.
    Care to clue me in why in the hell I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    Apologies the morning after don’t cut it with me, been there done that. Glad you got your rocks off last night, giggling to the full moon. In my neck of the woods we howl while singing Dueling Banjo’s during a full moon. Yes, you can correct me, it was not the actual full moon last night but the first night it wasn’t clouded over.

    Shit Tex, I had enough sense to leave M&H before you did. You’re not so special. Apparently several here have their gut full of being humiliated and and bullied long ago and learned to fight back hard.

    If I’m not much older than some of you, I guess someone taught me better manners. Must be a Southern Lady thingy. You do know that “bless your heart” is a dagger to the heart and you better check for arsenic and old lace.

    #141 was directed to Rutherford, who seems to have been raised right as we say in the South. For the rest of you “Bless Your Heart”

  117. Muffy, glad you caught it. Must be a female thing and I do need to learn to be more explicate. Did I do better in #155 😉

  118. Pfessor, this debt situation is so grave, the cosnequences could be so disasterous I believe we maybe a generation a way from civil war.

    We can only hope that out of the ruins will be the blue print solving the last great riddle of deomcracy: How to stop deficit spending to secure votes. Its the new “peculiar institution”. Enslaving future generations without offering any representation of said generation so that the electorate today is placated.
    Keynesian economics mixed with democracy creates too tempting of a situation when it comes to monetary policy and elected officials.

    Im convinced there will come a time when civility and discourse has run its course and we are going to have to get medieval on one another. This sucks because I have little ones facing this reality.

  119. Bless yours too, Missy.

    Shit, let’s lighten up a little. It could be worse; you could be doing what I’m doing – working on Sat. Back to Moesha and her ultrasound. Reason for exam? “I just had sex and I want to know if I’m pregnant.” Agggggghhhhhh!!!

    I love “Arsenic and Old Lace!” I almost never watch any modern movies; my very fave is “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” with Rex Harrison and Jean Tierny.

    Just thinking about “Murder by Death” this morning. Great lines. Remember where the two old ladies are in bed?

    Jessica Marbles: I smell gas!
    Miss Withers: I can’t help it, I’m old.
    Jessica Marbles: No, not that kind of gas. The kind that kills!
    Miss Withers: Well, sometimes my gas…


  120. Agree 1000% for those exact reasons rabbit

    I think within my lifetime we will have states make honest efforts to leave the union.

  121. Muff, you and I have a strained relationship. If we go back it proves you always start it by attacking me. Then you virtually run for cover behind others here who defend your “innocence”.

    We could always go back and remove your more edgy comments, right? Like nobody utilizes screen capture software. 🙄

    I don’t know where I first got your panties got in a bunch, but at this point it isn’t worth trying to figure out. You’ve tried to use my past comments from other blogs to discredit me. More than once. As if you were some kind of self-appointed blog sheriff.

    I find some of your comments interesting and worth reading, and others I don’t agree with. But if you continue in your practice of attacking me, don’t be surprised when I retaliate.

  122. Raji, did you really quantify the intellectual worth of the North Carolina masses by the number of Whole Food stores? That is hilerious.

    My wife and I used to fill up our cart, having a blast and living the dream in the cornucopia that is Whole Foods. When we were done living the fantasy we would leave our cart in a random aisle, the cost of that food a financial impossibility. I think even most of the ignorant poor people you loath so much would love to shop there if they could afford it.

  123. pooldude –

    I have had the same experience with The Muff. Who in the world goes back and sifts through old blog posts, looking for stuff to wave in somebody’s face, anyway? Geez, get a life…

    re: blog sheriff. Do you remember the old “Jello Sheriff” monologue of Bill Cosby? Classic.

  124. Okay Lord Vishnu. You’ve ramped it up. I don’t want no disingenuous bull shit from this point forward. You’re no lady- you’re a little insecure flake, browbeat into submission by Ali Baba and his magic carpet. I tried to dial it back. I tried to be honest and friendly. I tried to explain. And when I do, this is that little passive, aggressive routine you always like to play with me to try and make yourself presciently presentable to the host. And I’m tired of it. Welcome to the Poolman club. I promise you that will be the last apology you will receive from me. Matter of fat, it’s the last friendly. You want your ass slapped, you came to the right place.

    But let’s get something straight. I didn’t leave M&H. I never entered,idiot. I read your posts where you tongued Margaret, playing your little sage routine. You think I was there to conduct dialogue and be accepted with that crew? I dropped in, through a bomb, mocked their stupid asses, walked out.

    You were in there to, now do you always pretentiously say it,

    “Reading your views help me to understand my daughters’ generation and how I relate to their views. I’ll have to take into consideration that maybe my responses to them incites the same virulent response. Good thought to dwell on!”

    Oh gawd. 🙄 Tell me you’re really a 22 year old sociology grad, doing your thesis. Nobody can be that deluded and be aged enough to be a grandmother. You should have stuck with M&H.

    What do you think this is, Curry? A lab experiment? A psychology class? What are you? Some flower on the wall as observer? This is a barroom brawl.

    So let me start by telling you I have family too in North Carolina. My sister lived in North Carolina. My best friend lives in Charlotte this minute. I worked for a tech company headquartered in North Carolina, which voted for Brackie in 2008 – like 31 other states.

    And all of that is irrelevant.

    Care to clue me in why in the hell I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    Yeah, I will care to tell you what the hell you don’t know. If you didn’t find a gay in Charlotte, you must have been living in a convent. If you’re typical, your husband kept in you kitchen to spice the drumstick then bent you over the kitchen table.

    Do you know Hickory, NC? Have you ever traversed Boone, or Asheville or Sparta? Because that’s the people you’re insulting and what you don’t realize as you tried to book end that insufferable jackboot Gypsy, is you just made my point for me. It would be like saying I live Austin, TX, and I’m representative of the state. No, you’re not.

    You’re an anomaly – frankly a guest from another world that sees through the lens of academia and a caste system. Because you’ve seen a big city, but you know nothing of the place and its roots. And that’s my friends and my family. And they are without doubt, a million times more capable than you on your best day, even if they don’t realize how enlightened it is like to stick the wick in another’s feces.

  125. Come on now pfessor, its no more strange then having adult internet battles real time. Hell, I can remember you threatening us with your karate skills once. What is it with you baby boomer white guys and karate bravado? Its so late 70s. Now jujitsu, ok. I might tread lightly. But the cartoonish karate chop by the middle aged guy in his robe with a rolled up newspaper under his armpit? Ain’t buying it.

  126. Come on, Pfesser. You know exactly why Muffy does what she does, and I thank her for it. This is man whose only answer is some fraudulent link to a question. That’s Juneau Joe. How’s that any different from retrieving Poolman’s previous stupidity, and throwing it in his face? I find it quite humorous to watch the bleater waffle and crawdad when busted.

    Poolman is a piece of chewed bubblegum on the sidewalk of life. His only purpose it to be a pain the ass, from his insidious Jew baiting, to his asinine conspiracy theories, to his traitorous government routine. Have you not noticed, he never has one damn thing to say positive about the country that grants him the luxury of living in comfort? It damn sure isn’t his aptitude keeping him breathing and in a home. If it were anywhere but America, the asshole would be living in Shanty Town or dead.

    Yeah, I know, I know. He has his rights. He has his freedom of speech. So did Bradley Manning and Benedict Arnold.

  127. If there is one barb none of us can throw at another it is one that starts with “What has the time…”

  128. I’m back. Speaking of volunteering, I’m helping my widow neighbor with her garage sale this morning. I’m losing her as a neighbor and it makes me sick. She’s an absolutely lovely person, but she’s an enabler of bad behavior too. I feel almost criminal in saying in many ways, “it’s also a relief.” I’m tired of being on call to clean gutters, empty the storage shed, fix the plumbing. I guess my charity is running dry anymore.

    However, this woman has nothing. Her worthless grandchildren cleaned her out through divorce, making babies, even stealing her furniture. I mean nothing. Negative net worth. She can’t even buy a car. Her credit cards are maxed, her credit shot, I caught her eating mayonnaise sandwiches every night a while back. She has to drive my truck when available. I take her out to eat about twice a week, and my wife told me, “You take care of her like she is me.” That’s the kind of quality I’m married to. Shove that one up your ass, Raji.

    This country is doomed. It’s like vultures swooping down on a rancid carcass. Women haggling over a brass shoe marked 50 cents. Then they run to the flea market to sell it for a dollar.

    Guys, I hate to be a downer, but our country is in serious, serious trouble. A couple of you are getting on nagic, but I think you’re crazy if you don’t realize war is not too far from breaking out. He’s right. You watch Greece this summer.

    And you tell me why people who sell brash shoes at flea markets aren’t coming to take yours when the cupboard is bare. Tell you what. I wouldn’t get too caught up in conspicuous consumption, even if armed to the teeth. When the mob comes for “your stuff”, it will look like the Borg. Better to look like you’re one of the mob so they pass.

  129. Just a nod to Muffy…

    How’s it feel to get schooled by someone going by the name of “Muffy”, Private Manning? Next up, the cocker spaniel will tear your throat out.

  130. @ Rutherford 118
    Sometimes legislation is not enough because legislation can be challenged. That’s the whole point of a legal system that allows for debate right up to the SCOTUS.
    I guess that’s a great example of the difference between Right and Left in the United States of America.
    Knee-jerk Populism is a great threat to our nation.Also on display is your desire or acceptance that the judiciary is to be more powerful than it was ever meant to be.

  131. You guys like to blame the down and out, rather than the system that made them that way. Yeah, this citizenry is a mess, but trace back to how it got here. Liberals and conservatives aside, it has been a controlled demise. The history of the past century is proof. It isn’t how they told us in school.

    [as I pound my troll head against the wall]

  132. I would bet everything I have that in the next 50 years, our conversations will be talking about rumors someone heard that Maine or Florida was going to join the USA #2,,,,or that Texas was planning on going back to #1. Our enemies will have won, we will be a divided nation. In the next 50 years the grand Liberal experiment will fail, and one will absorb the other back into itself, and the cycle will continue…that is if we are not invaded and done in with all together.

    Do you think it is by accident that all these survival shows are so popular? Or that these doomsday bunker companies are doing so well? I have been approached twice this year to go in on a piece of property as a fall back position for our families for when the worst occurs.

    Greece, Spain, Italy, France, these are the dominoes that when they fall will set a chain reaction across the globe. I realize this sounds like a movie script, and I think that is precisely the problem. People don’t believe it can happen.

  133. Fault, poolman, is in the 185 social programs that have sapped people’s will to achieve. Human nature almost always takes the path of least resistance.

  134. Pfesser, I didn’t read the Telegraph article but I do have a question based on that British dude whose video I posted earlier in the thread. Does anyone here think Germany will become the punching bag in this European economic debacle? I got a definite sense of “blame the Germans” in that video I posted. My history may be rusty but I seem to recall one cause of WWII being that we treated the Germans like crap in the aftermath of WWI. When you feed a pit bull ground glass, you get one nasty dog.

    Is history repeating itself?

  135. End of the day I am in Tex’s camp. Were I king for a day, we would have a sudden population drop in this country, and I’m not kidding, not even a little.

    Just what I need. It’s enough to have one Tex … now I get two?

    LOL Well Noah at least you finally found the right friggin thread to comment on.

    And Raji, the patience of Job ran out last night. Every man has his limits. 🙂 But thanks for noticing.

  136. @ deadrabbit 157
    I’d like to offer another scenario for you and yours and well everyone here.

    There is an established school of thought that the City/State in some new form or other is set to return. Couple this with another belief I hold and am backed on by others of “spheric alliances” being on the near horizon and you get a chance to be part of a very different and exciting world,definitely the “bunnies” will.

    FWIW the folks on this board all have potential,if I were to get my Svengali on I’d say the breakdown looks like this:

    Alfie: all set secondary to the potential for New England let alone MA staying ahead of the curve in the knowledge economy.
    PF and other southerners: great potential for domestic city state action. Smaller cities have great potential mid to long term. The South in general has potential long term due to continued evolution of the economy.
    Tex: OK will do well in the coming energy boon. Texas will probably experience another wave of “We’re not California” growth.(I’m not sure if that covers all your zip codes)
    Poolman: not due to our history but I think you’re screwed along with the other SW neighbors,civil friction and resources.
    California: Screwed.
    Rutherford our humble host: I don’t have a great guess for Ill. but the Rust Belt neighbors could possibly experience some positives especially along the lines of “new” suburbs and exurbs development.
    Lastly DR: Detroit is gone but Michigan has potential as do the other Lakes states due to our northern neighbor.

    Just some thoughts. these and two bucks won’t get you coffee perhaps but I likes 2 share. Be interested if anyone has feedback.

  137. Rutherford as I noted earlier the UKIP guy isn’t much to think about other than the dangers their form of populism offers.
    The EU is in trouble no doubt but they also have gone too far just to wash it away.
    In the case of the UK they have retained their own currency and have been outspoken that they would not participate in anything resembling a Tobin Tax that the EU centrics desire.
    As for Germany….If there is a country in Europe that doesn’t need the rest of the EU it is Germany. They will not be the punching bag in anything but liberal whinging headlines. In reality they can always turn East for trade and commerce opportunity,in fact there is serious beliefs that Berlin mary very well look (be looking) to Russia for commerce for energy deals. Keep in mind that Gazprom/Putin have many an Euro capital by the shorties,especially come winter time.
    Keeping with my previous comments and something someone else said if you’re really interested in the potential of history repeating itself I’d offer the following advice. Read up on European history 1880-1918

  138. Rabbit, usually I laugh at these prognostications about civil war but I’m curious. Just for the sake of argument, where would the divide be and who would know who to kill? Our first and thus far only civil war was easy. North vs South. We’re a much bigger country now and I don’t see a clear geographical divide ideologically.

    Seriously, throw me a bone. Will my conservative neighbor down the street come and attack me or vice versa? How is this civil war going to play out?

  139. Yes Rutherford, you and Jim Dougan do seem pretty rare birds. Pretty care free and completely tolerant. Kisses. I didn’t mean I would find another entirely like you. Just kind of like you. Surely, there’s a bored liberal someplace just dying to make my acquaintance.

    Looks to me like we could push a little traffic to lonely Gypsy’s way. How about Flake? 😈 I’ll bet I could get my name zapped in less than seven seconds. One day she figured out who Wayne Perram was and flipped out. You thought I would have used the moniker Jeffrey Dahmer. And my only comment was to give her the same advice a Vet gave her later which she mushily thanked me for. 😆

    This is woman who devoted an entire blog post to my sociopathic nature after that, and then after paranoia set in and she was just sure I was Barnabas Collins, canned it. And I was going to leave another comment under Hannibal Lector.

    I’ll tell you who is fun as hell to harass, but he just keeps deleting my posts after he seethes a minute. It’s one of Poolman’s elephant walk friends – a former Rambo type. His blog is total atrocity of made up vulgarities and Sarah Palin stuff for the Poolman types.

    You can literally hear his ass chaff when I leave a post. Psycho liberals are the most fun.

    But they don’t have your patience, Jobford.

  140. Yikes, I read Tex’s apology earlier in the thread and thought “ahhh a nice breakthrough”. Then I go further down the thread and …..

    oh well. It was nice while it lasted. 😐

  141. Rutherford, I may be in the minority here, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what that Euro said that was so outlandish.

    I thought he was spot on. If I had been a Brit, Frenchman or German, I would have stood up and cheered the man.

    Europe is toast. Did you read my comment the other day about Germany, the largest and strongest economy in Europe? Their banks are leveraged 32-1.

    To give you some foundational point, when Lehman collapsed, its leverage factor was 30-1. And that’s Germany. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy are hanging by a thread. France is soon to follow. Most of the countries are either so small to be relevant and/or in bad shape themselves.

    The European Union will collapse. I’m not sure what follows, but 20% of our economy is directly tied to their economy. And their banks? Four times as big our Big Six.

    This is going to be one wild ride before its through. WWIII, perhaps?

  142. You’re right Alfie, AZ is a pretty F****d state in many ways. It is falling apart at the seams. But for some reason this is where I’m supposed to be and I sure do love it. As for resources, this is the land of the resourceful. Count us out at your own peril.

  143. my wife told me, “You take care of her like she is me.”

    I’d tell your wife to be careful what she wishes for. A lonely dick has no conscience. Fortunately I take it this woman is old enough to be your mother.

  144. This isn’t North vs. South, “R”. 😉

    This one is capitalist vs. statist. Wars within wars. Look at Wisconsin and you may get an inkling of what might start to happen that proceeds it.

    I have tried to dream up a soft landing. Can’t do it. All I see is economic chaos leading to social unrest on a national scale. I might shoot me a lib 😉 but I’m not sure what that buys me either.

  145. Knee-jerk Populism is a great threat to our nation.Also on display is your desire or acceptance that the judiciary is to be more powerful than it was ever meant to be.

    This phrase does not originate with me but I like it and believe it:

    “The rights of the minority are never affirmed by the majority.” That’s why you don’t have a referendum on a civil right. Civil rights do not get established by majority rule. If they do, the minority never gets their civil rights affirmed. That is EXACTLY what legislation backed up by the courts is for.

  146. I’d tell your wife to be careful what she wishes for. A lonely dick has no conscience. Fortunately I take it this woman is old enough to be your mother.

    I knew that was coming. After I pushed the button and saw what I saw, I regretted the double entendre. I just didn’t think it would be you who would catch it first. I figured Pfesser would be the one ragging my ass brutally for that no no.

  147. Do you think it is by accident that all these survival shows are so popular?

    And Poolman gets sh*t for seeing messages in Simpsons cartoons???? Really!!! 😆

  148. Regarding 181, I have trouble wrapping my mind around this city/state model. Alfie, are you therefore predicting the dissolution of our Federal government?

  149. This is not civil rights. That’s a specious argument.

    There is no discrimination because any man can marry any woman and vice versa, as long as two aren’t married. Everyone shares the same rights. Everyone gets the same chance. I defy you to show me how gay marriage equates to colored water fountains and water hoses. It’s your party that is acting as thug. Ask the Mormon Church. Ask the vandalized Catholic Churches. If it is some tax law or benefactor, change the tax law. I have few problems with that.

    You’re trying to redefine by fiat for convenience. In fact, you’ve flipped the script of your own argument. What you are attempting is not the tyranny of the majority, but tyranny of the minority to affirm their own belief against the majority vote.

    I’ve got one other beef with you irreligious proponents who tell us we can’t discriminate based on faith. For several years now, I’ve watch you goons attack the Catholic Church for its pedophilia. You’ve attempted to frame the Catholic Church as represented by pedophile priests.

    But aren’t you missing something very important? Those pedophiles priests are HOMOSEXUAL. How convenient of you not to notice.

  150. “Hell, I can remember you threatening us with your karate skills once.”

    No you don’t.

    I never said anything like that. I mentioned something about a karate class I had in the ‘seventies and Tex took it as some kind of threat, waxing eloquent for several posts. I subsequently set the record straight, noting that I never made beyond green belt and was too tall, too busy with other things and too uninterested to be any good at it.

    When I was a mining engineering student, I had an explosives class too; that doesn’t mean an anecdote about something I learned there is a threat to blow somebody up.

  151. I would rather be over prepared than under. You can ignore the signs and gloat all you like. When I am sitting with my family knowing their safe and provided for( a mans job) and you are hoping yours is, remember this I told you so.

  152. No, what I’m talking about is that instead of say a state leading the next economic uptick we’re gonna see individual cities,most likely smaller ones stand more independently and be the engine.
    It is a variation of how cities and suburbs grew hand in hand from the 50’s on.
    On an international side I think we’ll possible see breakaways.

  153. Besides, if you are thinking an old man is going to go after you physically, that is as crazy as thinking he is going to let YOU get close enough to go after HIM physically. Lots of young men who tried that stuff are taking dirt naps, because the old man is like the honey badger; he don’t care. LOL

  154. I knew that was coming. After I pushed the button and saw what I saw,

    Dontcha just hate it when that happens? 😆

    That damn Post Comment button!!!!

  155. ” Does anyone here think Germany will become the punching bag in this European economic debacle? I got a definite sense of “blame the Germans” in that video I posted. My history may be rusty but I seem to recall one cause of WWII being that we treated the Germans like crap in the aftermath of WWI. When you feed a pit bull ground glass, you get one nasty dog.”

    Punching bag? I think that article lays it out pretty good. The Germans don’t care one way or another what the other’s POV’s are. They take the attitude of the ant in the old parable of the grasshopper; they were frugal, worked hard – hell, even absorbed East Germany – while the grasshoppers like Greece, Italy, UK, United States all danced in the sunshine.

    Well, my friends, it’s winter coming on, and the Germans, who were prudent, are NOT ABOUT to hand a bunch of free money over to the slackers. They haven’t the slightest interest in whether they are popular.

    They also happen to be, IMHO, right.

    re: civil unrest in America. It is coming. We’re just getting a little preview by watching Europe. Hussein is kicking the can further down the road (beyond November he hopes) by printing more fiat money. I am very, very afraid we are just seeing the beginning. Just pray Hussein does not get reelected.

  156. R, I have no idea what the collapse will look like. Not all civil wars are totally regional in nature. I picture the divide to look more like the French Revolution. Who knows, perhaps there will be no anarchy or their will be a peaceful break down into city states like alphie talks about. Maybe a high tech state, backed up by drones, will deem democracy a failure and lord over its dependent masses like China. All I know is that you and Thor needed to be stopped ten years ago. Instead we voted in the biggest spender in all of human history.

  157. Tex never got past this PSA. Notice that homosexual = pedophile in this video. (It’s ten minutes but it’s worth it if for no other reason than the unintentional humor.)

  158. Pfesser, it’s bad enough when Noah refers to the President as “Hussein”. C’mon man, you’re better than that. I’d even prefer Tex’s Oblamo or the countless other ways he distorts his name.

  159. All I know is that you and Thor needed to be stopped ten years ago. Instead we voted in the biggest spender in all of human history.

    Yup …. George W Bush. 🙂

  160. Tex hits it right on:

    “But aren’t you missing something very important? Those pedophiles priests are HOMOSEXUAL. How convenient of you not to notice.”

    My wife is Lutheran, which is sort of like a pseudo-Catholic. (I like to gouge her with that). She also has a degree in Medieval history and knows all about this stuff. She told me that it has been an article of faith, so to speak, forever, that the majority of priests are queer.

    The reason is that throughout history the priesthood has been a sanctuary for queer men – because it’s the only respectable place for a queer man to hide and not be questioned about his lack of interest in women.

  161. R – Ok, I’ll behave about the Hussein stuff; fair enough.

    As for queer = pedophile stuff, it’s what is available to the priests; young boys’ rear ends look better than old priest’s hineys and they are more easily influenced by the older men in the church, whose authority they respect and fear.

    My older bro asked me once if I would trust a queer man to babysit my two (then young) boys. My response is that I would a helluva lot more trust a queer man with my boys than a straight one with my daughters. He didn’t like that much…LOL.

  162. Pfesser, is kind of funny how your tactics change when you get a little older. I had some high school punk and his friends threatening the welfare of the neighborhood. I chided him for speeding down the street, which I had asked him many times to cool it because of the kids. Perhaps 10 years ago. Time runs together anymore.

    I think they yelled, “Eat me, grandpa.” when I yelled at them. 😆

    I got in the truck and caught up with him at the grocery store and pulled up beside them. They rolled their windows up. I motioned for them to roll the driver’s side window down.

    The punk cracked it (probably shit his britches too) and I said, “Like my truck? Grandpa is not going to exchange punches with a bunch of punks like you. But you’re going to look mighty funny trying to speed down my street carrying a 5,000 lbs. Ford Explorer. And unlike you, I can afford to replace it.”

    Too old for brawling. Might as well let the equipment do the heavy work.

  163. Pfessor, Im not really disputing what you said about priests. However, your wife being Lutheran doesn’t make her opinion on the matter more weighty. My wife is Lutheran too. Lutherans rip Catholics a new one more then any Protestant denomination. My inlaws bash Catholicism nonstop. I think Lutherans do appear so Catholic like that they feel the need to remind everyone that they are not. That and they were the original Pope bashers (they had good reason to be).

  164. I’m of the opinion that, ignoring for the moment the pedo scandals of the Catholic church, that a lot of priests are gay guys who desperately don’t want to be gay. They hope getting married to God will keep the urges at bay.

    I don’t think very many men join the priesthood FOR access to boys.

  165. This thread just confirms for me that I should have been a psychology major. Family dynamics, sexual preference, four year olds suckling .. damn all very interesting topics. I wanted to major in Psych but my parents wouldn’t allow it. They thought psych majors were “crazy”. Ya just gotta love it.

  166. Tex, didnt greychin also brag about his karate?

    I think I have psoriitic arthritis. Pfessor, just find me before its about to rain. You wont need your rifle. Your green belt will be all its takes to give me my dirt nap. I have some serious autoimmune issues going on.

  167. Every psyche major I’ve met was “crazy”. Maybe that’s the reason they sign up. I’ve long held that theory.

    Rabbit, they’re spraying nasty shit from planes and we’re breathing it. I never used to believe that. Now there is some proof.

    Not to mention the Fukushima radiation pollution that follows the jet stream to our door. It’s more than some humans can stand long term.

  168. Along the lines of spheric alliances and potential issues in the short to mid range (let alone the long term) …
    Has anyone else here been following the happenings of China v Philippines in the South China Sea?
    Not saying this one is going there but a great example of the resources crunch thing I highlighted in a post once about WWIII.
    Perhaps not a bad idea to elect the Panda Basher in 2012?!?

  169. @ 214 makes sense given the genesis of Lutheranism.Lutherans do seem to be more vocal about the RCC than say the other Catholics-Lite the Episcopalians.

  170. What data is there to support the idea that there are proportionally more pedophiles in the Catholic Church than among other groups of men?

  171. Good question Muffy. In fact I’d ask two questions:

    1. Is there data to support a disproportionate number of homosexuals in the Catholic priesthood?

    2. Is there data to support a disproportionate number of pedophiles in the Catholic priesthood?

    My gut level guess is there is data to support 1 but not data to support 2. But I’m not sure the methods of data gathering would bear this out. One could go after the number of documented cases of pedo prosecution and make some extrapolation. But the only way to get at number 1 is to rely on self identification which would be unlikely. So, maybe I’m wrong.

  172. re: Lutherans et al.

    My wife is more of an agnostic; her parents are Lutheran. We participate willingly in the church rituals because Ma and Pa won’t be here much longer and are very important to us. Her heritage doesn’t have much to do with her POV; she just mentioned to me that that particular explanation is generally accepted. Hell I thought NO priests could be married; see what I know…

    The priesthood has been the only decent path for these guys for a very long time: it’s a disgrace if uncle Jeff is a queer; if he goes to the priesthood, it solves all the problems for him and everybody else. As you also say, it is a way for Uncle Jeff to try to “cure” himself with Godliness. Some can sublimate their sexuality to the Church, many can not. For those who cannot, the boys are easy pick’ins and a lot more attractive than some 80 year-old priest’s rump.

    re: psoriatic. not much fun, I’m afraid. It can mess with your spine and make it unhappy too, as well as your hands/feet. Treatments are decent; stay on top of it if you can so it doesn’t erode the joints; you can’t reverse that.

    re: pandas. Everything I read from people I trust says we are just victims of that age-old bullshit: mercantilism. And every time we negotiate with the Chinese they put it up our asses – sideways. Trump understands it perfectly. They buy our companies and steal the formulas; they steal software and they bluster and saber rattle and manipulate the currency, content in the knowledge that our politicians are too gutless to do what needs to be done: a 500% immediate import tariff on all things Chinese until they start playing fair. Believe me, they will shake their swords, but they WILL back down. And we need to do it and do it NOW, before they bleed us to death.

    I have said it many times; our leaders are so poor that I think the issue with this country is really in question.

  173. Alphie,

    Your scenario about America breaking up into regions and city states had one grave error. You mentioned the “lake states”. There is only one Great Lake State. I’d hate for a needless war ending with Chicago burning over a lack of understanding that only Michigan holds sway of the Great Lakes. 🙂

  174. I don’t subscribe to a war theory,just an economic development kind of thing. As for any lapse in Great Lakes geography I’ll inform NY,ON,WI &OH they’ve been pawned

  175. Interesting, Alfie. I got to get the Fray and read up.

    Muffy, hope you didn’t think I was insinuating most priests are gay. Personally, I believe it’s a very small percentage. But to listen to the secular, you’d think there’s tribes of priestly stalkers communing. These pedophiles that Libs have used as ammunition against the Catholic church were gay, and I simply wanted to remind the Rutherford type of that “myth” we were debating earlier. 😉

    Rabbit, if memory serves, Graychin wasn’t Bruce Lee but Jimmy Dolittle. Man of countless of excursions behind enemy lines, unbridled bravery, profound heroism – as he peeled potatoes in the kitchen. In his dreams.

  176. @223 there is actually no reason to believe his stance would change since his full position on China is a complete policy kind of thing. It is also very consistent with his overall business,domestic regulations and foreign policy stances.
    China is not open to an “etch a sketch” moment criticism,trust me.

  177. Rabbit, if you’re going to torch Chicago, can I request you do a Sherman’s March through Rutherford’s house too? 😈

  178. Not being Catholic I didn’t keep the article but I definitely recall a piece that looked at the Church believing the seminaries were targeted for radical change from many players back in the day.

  179. Brother “R”.

    Remember those glorious days when The Bomba was packing them in, in front of millions of wet panty fans, Styrofoam Greek columns shining in the moonlight as they adorned their new prince (of thieves) with promises of free gas and rent?

    Check out this photo as Obama speaks from on high to dozens and dozens on the campaign stump. 😆


    Damn, that must hurt. Yes WEEEEE CANNNN!

  180. Oh no, I didn’t think that Tex. And I think so too, that a small percentage are either pedophiles or gay – or both (there’s another word for that).

    I expect there’s no evidence of disproportionately more child sexual abuse or homosexuality in the Catholic Church than in any other group where adults are in positions of trust and authority over children.

    Wish this was a Kindle book –


  181. Surprise, surprise, surprise….

    “Socialist Francois Hollande owns three homes on the Riviera,” according to the London Evening Standard. “Francois Hollande, 57, who ‘dislikes the rich’ and wants to revolutionise his country with high taxes and an onslaught against bankers, is in fact hugely wealthy himself.”

    “Sacre Bleu!” Is Obama a little Frenchy?

  182. What makes the Catholic molester story so worthy of the endless attacks is the fact that the institution was part of the problem.

  183. Rabbit are you saying that the negligence on the part of the hierarchy is disproportionate to cover ups in other institutions? Or are you referring to celibacy? Or the extra-hideousness of the abuse taking place within a church as opposed to, say, a school or something?

  184. Muffy, I am saying the negligence is greater in magnitude in terms of the cover up by the institution. Plus, I hold the church to a higher standard then any other institution on Earth.

  185. No doubt, the pedophilia scandal of the Church obscene. The cover up was as egregious as the act.

    You Catholics, and my wife and children are three, should clean house not just of some really rotten homosexual priests, but these pagan nuns masquerading as Mother Superior, some of whom have chosen to “go beyond” Christ. Benedict is dealing with them.

    Why Benedict and the Bishops tolerate these creeps as long as they have is beyond me. That goes for Obama’s Catholic priest buddy, Michael Pfleger too. I don’t care how good he is about inner city work. He can volunteer at the Goodwill if he is so interested in social justice and dance around like Fred Astaire in their aisles.

    More so, it’s time men like Joe Biden and women like Nancy Pelosi, diametrically opposed to the most fundamental teachings of the church and high ranking public officials, be summarily excommunicated. And the Catholic Church should immediately stop any funding or association with Georgetown University.

    The guy I really like is Timothy Dolan. Now that is a solid Catholic IMO.

    There are one billion beautiful, wonderful Catholic Christians that deserve as much and deserve better.

  186. For the Obama Dog fans…

    An American pilot was taking a Chinese freighter up the bay when dinnertime arrived. A steward brought him some food. The pilot asked the steward, “what’s this?” The steward replied, “Dok.” After tasting the food, the pilot called the steward back and said,“This doesn’t taste like any duck I ever had before. Are you sure it’s duck? Quack, Quack?” The steward replied, “Dok. Wolf wolf.”

  187. Now that the underwear bomber has been revealed as undercover CIA, what say you defenders of freedom? Oh well? Maybe MSNBC and FOX hasn’t aired that little tidbit. Add that to the recently unclassified documents relating the FBI’s recruitment and enabling all the past few years’ terrorists and attempted plots, and what do you get?

    State sponsored fear/terrorism. The best our money can buy. 👿

  188. I agree with Pfessor about Germany. WW11 was only the second phase of WW1.They were the same war. The Cold War and War on Terror are argueabley phases three and four. We essentially crushed Germany , and the Germans removed the yolk which we had imposed and created one of their own.

    Germany is not the only northern European country to complain about the southern parasites who’s improvidence has threatened the EU. The Finns, Estonians, Lithuanians and neighboring countries have been recovering from the recession, and they resent having to support countries less thrifty than they have been.

    Moreover, the EU has imposed its economic values on diverse economies, and many people resent their loss of sovereignity . It is similar to how a large segment of people would feel if gay marriage were imposed on us all.

    If there was a civil war, I don’t think neighbor would be fighting neighbor. Rather bands of terrorists and sabateurs would operate much as they have in Iraq or Afghanistan. I assume more battles would be fought on the internet as one side hacked into sites controlling energy, for example.

    I mentioned the Daily Telegraph article describing the anger British and American security organizations feel about the new underwear bomber plot. Someone spilled the beans before the operation was completed. Not only did some enemy agents escape, but it will be harder to repeat a similar operation. The British blame the Obama administration.

  189. After several of us mentioned the H&M blog, I briefly checked this morning Delurkergurl wrote a post after PFessors and said his idea of fun was sick.

    I only based my conclusion on the few comments before Pfessor’s, so I may be wrong. When I first found the blog, it had a core of “friends” who socialized a bit and defended each other. Many others were outliers. The “friends” are still mostly gone, and the new names are mostly disconnected from each other. I suppose most of the regulars are still in the kitchen.

    If we all invaded the site, it could be fun. The newcomers would flee as the others did. I “liked” some of the old timers, but like Tex, I consider the group to be the enemy. I’m just not as nasty as he is, and I mean it as a complement.

  190. Negative Mel was an experiment in trying to understand how Google raited and ranked items on its search engine.

    I’ve always found SEO mysterious. I know the basic “procedures” for getting Google to notice you but it’s still a mystery to me. If you paid attention when the nasties at M&H outed me, you know I’m a webinar producer in “real life”. I tried to do social media management on the side but found acquiring customers for that even harder than finding webinar customers.

  191. Rabbit, if you’re going to torch Chicago, can I request you do a Sherman’s March through Rutherford’s house too?

    That would be a major mistake as my wife has a secret weapon to distract and defeat the enemy … her caramel corn. Old Rabbit would be sitting on the couch with me downing caramel corn while I let him watch the sport of his choice on the flat screen TV. 🙂 We don’t usually have beer in the house but for Rabbit, I’d make sure to buy his favorite brew.

  192. Tex, did you expect to be able to fit “millions” into the Reno couple’s front yard?

    It’s like saying the Stones are losers because they played a small club and didn’t have a Madison Square Garden size audience. 🙄

  193. Tex, you bring up an interesting point. Since 98% of Catholics are of the cafeteria variety, why aren’t more of them excommunicated?

    Question from an ignorant pagan: is there the notion of excommunication in other religious traditions besides Catholicism?

  194. Poolman, you’ve lost me. This latest underwear bomber was a double-agent. He infiltrated al Qaeda AP, and kept the CIA abreast of the plot step by step.

    Some news outlets have confusingly referred to the technologist behind the bomb as “the underwear bomber” but he of course is neither the dude from a few years ago nor this latest double-agent. I believe the goal is to take this technologist “out”. I’m not sure if that was an actual outcome yet.

  195. California I A down 7 billion more then they thought.

    Now is the time to take care of your families, boys. Some of you have the means to be ahead of the rabbit in terms of preparedness at the drop of a dime.

    I used to agree with pfesser’s take on rock solid dividend paying stocks. The MF Global shit as made my tin foil hat even bigger. Pfesser is correct. A rock solid company can even survive a collapse of the dollar.

    Physical metal. Buy it all the way down and all the way up.

  196. Warning to my bad ass portfolio owning cousins, its your broker or platform that will burn you when TSHTF

  197. “FWIW the folks on this board all have potential,if I were to get my Svengali on I’d say the breakdown looks like this:” Alfie

    You forgot Ecotopia. We have renewable energy out the arse. And when we legalize dope and tax the crap out of it, we will be the fiscal envy of the world. And we are going to build us a huge fence, keep all you east-of-the-Rockies illegals out of here.

    I’d volunteer for that border patrol. “Gramps, I see you got Washington plates, but that’s a goddam Pacer. The last time I saw one of them gas sucking POS’s was in Oklahoma. You wouldn’t be trying to sneak in to Ecotopia to steal a little free health care and coffee, would ya?” 😉

  198. “All I know is that you and Thor needed to be stopped ten years ago.” DR

    WTF did we do ten years ago besides hand over a soon-to-be-squandered surplus? You guys owned both houses of Congress and the White House.

  199. “As for any lapse in Great Lakes geography I’ll inform NY,ON,WI &OH they’ve been pawned”

    Minnesota too. They don’t call it Lake Superior for nothing. 😉

  200. thor goes one-for-two…bites the dust with:

    “You wouldn’t be trying to sneak in to Ecotopia to steal a little free health care and coffee, would ya?”

    Where are you going to get the money for those “free” things? Renewable energy will likely never compete with nuclear or fossil fuel and your idea to tax dope sounds good, but once again, where do those people get the money to pay the tax with unless they manufacture something? Remember your Thatcher: you eventually run out of other people’s money.

    But OTOH nails it:

    “WTF did we do ten years ago besides hand over a soon-to-be-squandered surplus? You guys owned both houses of Congress and the White House.”

    By God, he’s got ya there. I have always sat in amazement at the damage done by 1) Vietnam and 2) 9/11. 9/11 is like DR’s psoriatic arthritis: the disease is relatively inconsequential; it’s the response that does the damage. Losing two skyscrapers? Inconsequential to this economy. The fucked-up reaction? Incredible, incalculable damage – exactly what OBL wanted. That’s the definition of terrorism: relatively little damage militarily but tremendous psychological effect, resulting in a response that does the REAL damage.

    Idiots. Where is Blackjack Pershing when you need him? Give me some prisoners, a few pigs and by God I’ll show you some stinkbeards in terror. And then I would get the hell out of Dodge and let them eat their goddamned oil. And it would be over. Give me two weeks.

    Of course, as The Poolman might opine, you can’t get control of the People unless you keep them in a constant state of war, can you?

  201. Thor doesn’t “have” anyone. The surplus was based on a dot con bubble which was bursting before Clinton left office. The end of the Cold War dividend was also boosting the economy as did several economic policies during the Clinton years. “The era of big government is over.”

    The surplus would have evaporated whether Bush or Clinton was president. The attack intensified the recession as Osama had planned.The surplus disappeared, but the recession ended.

    thor stands on more solid ground later. Republican-controlled Congress and Bush spent like Democrats, and they led us to a second war before they ended the first. The Republicans deserved to lose. We did not deserve their successors who spent even more money while Bush was still president. Or maybe we did, since we elected them.

    However, that is a different event than the evaporation of a mythological surplus.

  202. I agree with thor about the Great Lakes. I’ve been there. Lake Superior and the others look like oceans. “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” Gordon Lightfoot.

  203. A: You can argue the causes, but it is irrefutable that Clinton arrived in office with a deficit and left with a surplus. Look at us now, after Bush-the-Lesser’s foreign adventuring and BO’s money-printing.
    B: It wasn’t a mythical surplus; it was very, very real.
    C: It didn’t evaporate. It was spent by feckless politicians. See above.

  204. It’s like saying the Stones are losers because they played a small club and didn’t have a Madison Square Garden size audience

    No, it’s like saying the Stones played at Radio Rutherford and nine groupies showed up. Face it, “R”. Obama was an expensive fad, going the way of the Beanie Baby with the wisdom of a Pet Rock. You just don’t want to admit it. Clinton, though a scumbag and snake, is the one smart lib in the room. He knows it. That’s why he tried to coax Hillary into rolling Obama.

    If Obama should happen to win, it will only because he has bought the vote. And though it will be the end of capitalism, it could happen.

  205. I think the story here has been more about Obama’s double standard than his “coming out” for gay marriage. He wanted to claim he was against it while being for it.

    Interestingly, there are now 30 states that have passed Constitutional amendments defining marriage as between a man and a women. Also interesting is that six senators fighting for their political lives (Jon Tester- MT, Joe Manchin- WV, Claire McCaskill- MO, Bill Nelson- FL, and Bob Casey- PA) are not supportive of gay marriage. Tea leaves anyone?

    I personally don’t care what people stick up their ass, however I’m not so hip to throw a thousand years of history and reality out the window to placate the whims of a few folks. Civil Unions are cool, they can have all the legal parity they want, they just don’t get to rub their Santorum all over my nuptials. Besides, polygamy has more justification than gay marriage by a hundred fold. Hundreds of years of religious and cultural history. Gay marriage, not so much.

    At the end of the day, as R states, it won’t matter. Liberal gays will vote for Obama and the Conservative gays will vote for Romney. This election will be about the economy and the direction of the country over these boutique political issues.

  206. “they just don’t get to rub their Santorum all over my nuptials. ”

    God that’s good. I’m going to copy it to my “quotes” file.

  207. There are two kinds of government debt, public debt and intra government debt.

    If the government takes in more money or spends less on Social Security, for example, they are required to buy Social Security bonds which are a promise of future payment– a debt. .

    The Clinton Surplus Myth Part 2

    :”The most accurate and useful way to calculate a surplus or defict is simply to look at net change in the total national debt. It really is that simple. It went up every year under Clinton, there wasn’t a real surplus. The government just borrowed money from trust funds instead of the public, called the borrowed money income and claimed to have a surplus.”

    Clinton’s best year represented a $17 billion deficit.

    All modern presidents have used “this rather deceptive” form of accounting,

    Factcheck.org and the Clinton Surplus;

    “It should be noted that even without the Social Security money the deficit DID go down most years and came with ini $18 billion of being completely balanced budget (down form $430 billion under Bush Sr.) The expenditures most years increased only modestly as compared with Bush Sr and especially George W Bush. So for this Clinton and Congress during that time period should be commended. However, I see no way to call a $18 billion defict a “surplus”

    I’m not taking anything away from Clinton’s economic achievements, but his surplus was largely in our imaginations.

  208. I’m always amused by these Thor folks taking credit for the surplus of the late ’90s (actually there never was a real annual surplus – Ron Paul is right). And I can prove that, if need be. It was close to break even.

    Matter of fact, in 2007, in that “FAILED” Bush Presidency, the budget deficit was 13% of what it is now. And if they hadn’t shoved that abomination called Medicare ‘D’ through, they would have run a real surplus in 2007. Libs don’t want to remember that.

    If we’re going to give that credit to ‘Dimocrats’ for the raving successes of the late ’90s, then someone needs to find out when Newt Gingrich & Trent Lott converted to Donkey.

    But if you want the absolute truth of the matter, the “surplus” was due to two things: (1) Welfare Reform, which Slick Willie Clinton signed after rejecting it twice before (thank you Dick Morris) and was very successful despite the dire warnings from the corrupted big government crowd; (2) Serendipity – a huge influx of capital gains revenue from 1997-1999 when the NASDAQ fallaciously stood at 5132.52 due to something called the Internet Revolution and the Y2K scare – the biggest farce in stock history. In Obama’s booming economy that Thor likes to brag, NASDAQ currently stands 2,933.82 and never has come close to approaching its historic levels.

    Government actually had very little to do with their “surplus.”

    Apparently, while Thor will be guarding the West Rockies (I want to see him get there through Idaho first 🙂 ), critical thinking and math wasn’t his thing either like Brother “R” and Boner “Poolman.”

    The year 2000 pretty much wiped the smile off all our faces, and 2001, the harsh reality of the real universe set in. Have no fear, we are right back to singing “Imagine.” You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  209. Hey Thor, I think its cool Clinton had a surplus for a year or two. But, the national debt got worse by the time Slick’s two terms were over. We stayed on a budget during a few boom years. We didn’t elect to pay debt down.

  210. Bush also grew government by 70 percent. Not a conservative.

    Losing two skyscrapers?

    Actually three. On fell later that day. No plane hit it and its scattered office fires had mostly gone out. Number seven. Some refer to it as the smoking gun. The one that had a building built inside the original by Solomon Brothers, known as the fortress. Designed to withstand attack. It housed Guiliani’s bunker along with other intelligence agencies headquarters. It’s the one Silverstein (the owner) said he decided to give the order to “pull it”.

  211. @254 the only thing you’ll really have is the potential to be riding the wave of the knowledge economy. I don’t know how many more Seattles and Portlands can happen but really thats what I see.
    BTW am I too smart yet sensitive or was the Pacer gag a subliminal dig @ Romney?? :))

  212. Bush’s failed to control the growth of government – no doubt, Poolman. I give you that. For that, Bush should be condemned and was. He wasn’t receiving a 34% approval solely by Liberals. So when are you going to reciprocate with your predictable vote for Obama?

    Bush also failed to adequately address illegal immigration which was inexcusable. Some of that was out of his control, though. Most of it was not.

    However, the Republican Party was also punished for its excesses, led by men like Dick Lugar and Trent Lott. And Republicans lost both houses over it.

    Hence, the Tea Party.

    I assume most of you Dimocrats will follow our good example and pull your support for the big spenders like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid like we did with Dick Luger? No?

    So, I ask you Mr. Poolman, the man always feeling lied to by those vast government conspiracies. Since Obama doubled down on the Bush Doctrine, after promising just the opposite, where’s the loud condemnation I’ve missed?

  213. #271 is a comment for the ages. Tex you really should just few clicks the WordPress world and have that as a your first blog post. You’d never have to add another one if you couldn’t be bothered but that one at least would be something else.

  214. I have been very “vocal” about my disappointment in how Obama has lied to us by not shutting down Gitmo, continuing and expanding our wars of aggression, and not reversing the Patriot Act.

    I guess you haven’t paid attention. 😀

    Ron Paul, the original TP candidate, is still in the running. He has gotten the majority of delegates in a few states, and now with Gingrich and Santorum out it’s a two person race, though the media is still underplaying RP’s influence. RP’s support is still strong and growing. Mostly the youth, the future.

    At this point in time, I’m not pulling for Romney or Obama. Can’t do either in good conscience, whether it makes a diff or not.

  215. Back to the priest thing for a second. I think America has an even greater proportion of weirdo priests. A cost of the assimilation of European immigrants meant the loss of family pride you used to find if a son entered the priesthood. The Polish and Italians used to beam with pride if a son became a priest. Not anymore. So, the demographic of American born priest is of the outcast variety.

  216. Perhaps Mr. Poolman you’ve been vocal about Obama not shutting down GITMO or expanding the wars, but that makes up a fraction of the huge growth in the Obama government.

    But I haven’t read a thing from the critic about trillion dollar stimulus packages that didn’t work, or 17,000,000 being added to the food stamp roles, or extending unemployment benefits, or Obamacare, or massive government subsidies to Fannie and Freddie and academia, or ginormous increases to various Depts like the Dept of Education and HHS, or host of jewels that make up the largest part of the growth of government under Obama.

    Cat got your tongue?

  217. Dead rabbit, your comment was needed too. Piling on is a good thing.

    As we know our taxes will soar in a year or two, and probably more after that. A tiny but growing number of people are leaving the US to escape the taxes.

    The Daily Telegraph (High earners say au revoir to France) writes that with the new socialist primere’s saying he hates rich people has frightened rich people and other high earners.

    France and Britian are like the US and Canada. People travel freely back and forth, and they mostly understand each other’s languages. A community of several hundred thousand French people live in London.

    Cameron’s conservative government and projected lower taxes are letting French people hedge their bets and consider moving to the UK. United States companies are also offering contingency plans to their American employees in France.

    The same could happen here. We might have a modern day ‘Exodus” without Moses in our future.

  218. Not to put words in Tex’s mouth but I think he’s saying there is NO WAY you should be able to vote for Obama if you’re serious about things. I’d agree with him that regardless of your Paul love you still seem to lean Left.

  219. Well, that’s all fine and well Poolman, but Ron Paul probably won’t be a candidate.

    So since you’re not in favor of the nanny state, and you want to cut a trillion the first year, and you want to kill the DoE, then which of the two candidates do you think more in tune with your position?

    You have told us here, that if Paul doesn’t make it, you’re pulling the lever for Obama.

    So what gives?

  220. dead rabbit, I’m not a Catholic, so I don’t know the church culture. However, your mentioning the pride of ethnics at having a priest in the family is illustrated by Saturday Night Fever. John Travolta’s character’s brother was the family pride when he trained for the priesthood and its embarasment when he dropped out.

    Poolman, I especially enjoyed Obama;’s saying shovel ready jobs were harder to find than they thought. Obama’s concern for the jobless was another of his lies. Reshaping our medical insurance and taking us closer to benign fascism was more important for his legacy than jobs for the bitter clingers.

    Your case is weak, and the more you try to defend it the more obvious the deficiencies in your view become.

  221. Alfie, in many ways, Mr. Poolman is the “most leftist” of all the Rutherford Lawson family. 😈

    As usual, you’ve been astute in your observations from the beginning. You were wise at your blog to say “thanks, but no thanks.”

  222. I like a man with a plan too,but we know Ron Paul will not be our next president. Maybe he could be Secretary of the Treasury. His philosophy is closer to Romey’s than Obama’s though it is a long trip to either candidate. Ron Paul is unique.

    I like you, but if you vote for Obama, you become my enemy. I will still like you, though.

  223. Well Alfie, I often get accused of leaning left by righties. Left leaners sometimes accuse me of leaning right. Things are generally not that simple.

    But I do recognize that Romney is not a conservative by any stretch. Righties don’t like to go there. And I recognize Obama is more moderate than most lefties. Lefties don’t usually go there.

    Your perspective is skewed, Alfie. I accused Tex of being so far right that everything appears left to him. Maybe you suffer the same skewed view. Or maybe is a basic case of optophobia.

  224. A little off the subject since I’m in between my preacher men, but even the FOX medical and business women are beautiful.

    I’m not generally blown away with feminine beauty anymore, and in fact am surrounded by three of them at home I believe, but I practically pucker up when a couple of these Fox babes come across the screen.

    I guess I just like girls. 🙂 None of you dudes do a damn thing for me. Heck, even Norah O’Donnell the Lib makes my heart a flutter.

  225. Don’t count RP out yet. He is GAINING support and delegates. Still a half year to go…

    You guys voted for McCain, yet I don’t hold that against you. Probably the scariest ticket to ever get close to holding the nuclear codes. So don’t tell me about poor choices.

  226. Alfie,

    And I recognize Obama is more moderate than most lefties.

    What Poolman meant to say is, “Obama is more moderate than me.”

    I’ve got a theory on why the Poolman in manlove with Ron Paul, though. They share an intense common foreign policy bond.

    Israeli Jew hatin’…And being The Bomba is right there with them but closeted, that’s a good enough for the fall back vote.

    If Obama comes out Troofer, Poolman will be out on the campaign trail in front of the Styrofoam columns once again.

  227. So you feel pretty confident with your life in Joe Biden’s hands, hey Pool?

    I’ve often felt you guys had a certain kinship and shared synaptic pattern. I think Elric was right about that Borg talk.

  228. Tex, I did read Alfie’s comments about me at his blog. And no, I have no desire to comment there. No worries in that department.

  229. Romney is a “Mighty Morphing Power Ranger.” Who knows what he will do? However, unlike Obama, he is not broadcasting dangerous future plans. Obama told Charlie Gibson that he know raising capital gains rates would not enhance government revenue but to maintain the rates was unfair.

    He also observed that anyone could build a new coal based power plant, but his government would guarantee it would become bankrupt.

    Its like my choice ahead of a car wreck. I could turn toward a bridge rail and risk drowning, or I could drive straight toward the pickup blocking my way after its drunk driver made it skid on the ice. From our prospective, both choices are bad, but one is less bad.

    I like girls too. Some of my best friends are girls.

  230. poolman:
    1.I don’t consider myself a conservative.
    2. I dare say my eyes are open wider than many and wider than yours beyond measure.
    3. I didn’t vote for McCain,I wrote in Romney.

  231. I think Alfie is more than fair with you, Pool. I say this will all sincerity. Alfie enjoys the more serious aspects of politics. IMO, of all the people I’ve met here, Alfie is the most unbiased guy on this entire board about politics.

    You can’t knock a guy for getting his fill of you here. You think Margaret wants me perusing her board daily providing buffoonery and insult every third comment? They’ve booted me seven times now. 😆

    Perhaps some more time at Chatty Kitchen and Stonehead Jim’s would straighten you out and recharge your batteries for really serious conversation.

  232. Hot Air writes that Edward Klein author of “The Amateur” interviewed Rev Jeremiah Wright. The Hillary campaign nearly wrecked Obama’s nomination campaign by releasing Wrights’ sermons.

    In his on the record interview, Wright said an Obama ally offered him $150,000 to stop preaching until after the election.

    Barrack also asked Rev Wright to shut up for the duration, but he offered no money.

    We don’t know if any of this is true, yet, but Obama could say to Wright, “another fine” distraction “you have gotten me into.”

  233. Here’s my take on Romney. For real.

    He’s probably not my bread and butter, but I also admire many of his attributes – measurable success being one.

    Perhaps the most important, I feel Romney is a capable CEO. And right now, we need a CEO. Not some community activist who moved up from the mail room into a position of Diversity Training and Gender discrimination residing in one of the HR cubicles, and plays the Indian at the corporate Thanksgiving buffet.

  234. @ Tex 294
    Right in line with something very very important. No matter who hits the Oval in 1/13. We the People need to be hard charging in the congressional,governors and local races too!

    As for the capable CEO angle it is possibly the reason I am for him most. I think even if everything goes awesome mode in November we will still face gridlock that will need to be countered effectively.

    For me James touched on it in 290. We can’t move on green stuff via the abandonment and outright destruction of the fossils. Obamas positions and statements offered by James shows one of the reasons I think Romney takes Ohio and PA. 80% and 40% of electricity via coal respectively. In the short term you’re talking jobs and literally the ability to power any changes and growth. How the Right and Romney look at energy policy is possibly better for growing green in this time of green awareness.

  235. Here’s one major reason to vote for Romney, as if we need any justification more than he’s not Obama.

    On Thursday, a representative of the Government Accountability Office testified before the House Science Subcommittee on Energy and Environment that the Green River Formation alone–it is located at the intersection of the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, and mostly underlies federal lands–contains as much oil as the entire proven reserves of the rest of the world combined. America is uniquely blessed in its energy resources.”

    Obama’s 2012 Campaign Slogan: MORE SOLYNDRA! YES WE CAN!!

  236. We’re living in a world where lemonade is generally made with artificial flavors, and furniture polish is made with real lemons…


  237. Copied from my post at M & H
    As far as casting a vote for Obama goes. Lets consider 2 words. Trust and Transparency.
    1. Occidental College records: SEALED !!!
    2. Columbia College records” SEALED !!!
    3. Columbia Thesis paper: SEALED !!!
    4. Harvard College records: SEALED !!!
    5. Selective Service Registration: SEALED !!!
    6. Medical Records: SEALED !!!
    7. Illinois Senate schedule: SEALED !!!
    8. Illinois State Senate records: SEALED !!!
    9. Law practice client list: SEALED !!!
    10. Certified copy of Original Birth Certificate: SEALED !!!
    11. Signed Embossed paper Certification of Live Birth: SEALED !!!
    12. Baptism record: SEALED !!!

    Does Hussein and Michelle have the best interest of the country at heart, or theirs?

    Michelle Obama can no longer practice law? WHY?
    Michelle has 22 aids while other first ladies only had 1
    Hussein Obama has campaigned more than the last 5 Presidents COMBINE.(Isn’t illegal to campaign and raise money on the tax payer dime on Air-Force-1?)
    In the 3 years Hussein Obama has been in office, he and his wife have spent more than $80 million on vacations.

  238. Spreading that nagic charm, I see.


    We don’t need a CEO, we need a physician. This country’s sick. I’m voting Ron Paul. If you want me to vote republican, dump the empty suit and put the real conservative in there, you wimps.

    Quit talking from both sides of your mouths, it looks real silly.

  239. Alfie, if you could write in a presidential candidate, I can too. I am willing to write in Ron Paul if he does not get the party nomination. Might as well. I’m not into politics and he’s the first one I’ve actually contributed to.

  240. @304 it isn’t about politics per se it’s about your own character so absolutely write someone in.

  241. Poolman fails to understand why people are confused by his political stand. Lets look at the Show Me State to show us.

    Paul came in last of the top 3 on a pure voters desire kind of thing. He also came in last on the official initial binding delegates thing of the front half of the MO total. 1/2 of MO final delegates are to be decided in June.

    With that understood you still applaud a campaign that is actively looking to circumvent the will of the people of a state. You applaud that Paul and his supporters will hold fundraisers to pay for people to get to Tampa for him,he’s literally buying votes. This seems like a serious case of MANipulation ™ as you like to say.

  242. If Obama should happen to win, it will only because he has bought the vote.

    Ahhhh I see you’ve already set up your “save face” defense when Obama wins in November. 🙂 Romney will win honestly but Obama will win by cheating.

    You’re too much!

  243. “they just don’t get to rub their Santorum all over my nuptials. ”

    God that’s good. I’m going to copy it to my “quotes” file.

    On the contrary, that was G at his worst. I love a good Santorum joke as much as the next guy but gay folks getting married has ZERO impact over Gorilla’s nuptials. Zero!

  244. Oh Rutherford. You don’t understand. Obama isn’t doing anything any different than what’s been going on in your circles since FDR. It’s called keeping dependency alive and well, marketing ignorance, and paying just enough to assure their loyalty because you’ve convinced them they can’t do it themselves. SAVE ME OBAMA! SAVE ME! You watch Katrina? See the helplessness? That’s your people, Leroy. Hope it makes you proud as punch.

    There was no save face defense, because I doubt I’ll need it. But even if Romney loses, your life ain’t changing and in fact, will probably get worse if Romney doesn’t win.

    Romney won’t just win honestly. He’ll win overwhelmingly, or he won’t win at all. Why do you think you sorry f…s are working so hard against voter ID? We know you cheat like a delinquent in those inner, urban circles. It’s takes about a 5-7% win by a national Republican to break even.

  245. If you want me to vote republican, dump the empty suit and put the real conservative in there, you wimps.

    Bozo, you just got your whimpering ass kicked by the “Muffy” yesterday, where she stretched your shriveled nerts, and and wrapped them around your jug ears after schooling you. I don’t think you know the meaning of testicles.

    So back to your consistent stupidity, if Ron Paul is the savior of the world, where were you in 2008 spouting this lunacy and writing in the Paul vote?

    Chatty Kitchen material. Poolman, your as muddied as those holes you dig.

  246. Alfie, politics is entirely MANipulation™, what’s your point? Do you try to play fair within the confines of the system, circumvent it, or subvert it?

    You feel big banking a better barometer than the people? Remember it’s 99 percent vs 1 percent. You just have to keep selling enough 99ers on pie in the sky tomorrows.

    I guarantee RP supporters got more loyalty to the entire cause, whether they need support to get to rallies or not. It isn’t costing taxpayers. Unlike Romney who is now getting secret service protection.

    RP’s had packed halls everywhere he speaks. I don’t think buses attribute to all that. Maybe Mitt should take some of that Goldman Sachs and buy him a crowd that he could bus about the country.

  247. I don’t think you know the meaning of testicles.

    I don’t think you know the meaning of schooling. Physical attributes aside, you told me that you’d vote for cardboard over Obama. Pretty pathetic. Especially now that stand-in is $$ protected.

  248. Hope all you mothers and moms had a good day. Hopefully the rest of you bought cards and flowers and dinners for those special women and helped stimulate this economy.

    These scattered holidays often make or break retail. Seasonal sells, but how much to order and advertise? Next campaign is Memorial Day, then Father’s Day, Fourth of July,…

    Onward Christian Dior.

  249. so per #315 the will of the people be damned?
    Dear Rutherford or anybody else…doth tho have an opinion?

  250. What? “The will of the people be damned” is what we currently have, what the GOP is actively involved in, and you propose keeping it just so. This primary has been far from “fair” and still is not over. You’d better hold off on that victory lap.

  251. though the media is still underplaying totally ignoring him. RP’s influence.

    Sorry Poolman, had to correct that for you. At best he gets mentioned as an afterthought. Turn him over man, he’s done.

    Question for the assembled — with Romney last man standing, is there still a chance for some sort of revolt at the convention? The man makes a gaffe a week. At this rate, if Obama just keeps his mouth shut, Romney will disqualify himself. GOP’s only hope, unless Mitt gets his act together, will be a revolt at the convention and a different nominee.

  252. A very scary thing happened today. I found myself in complete agreement with Bay Buchanan (Pat’s sister). On “Face the Nation” Bob Schieffer asked a panel of women their opinion of the infamous Time magazine cover. Above the din of mumbles one clear voice rang out: “Child pornography”. It was Bay Buchanan and dammit, I agreed with her.

    I may never get over this trauma. 😐

  253. Mr. Poolman is the “most leftist” of all the Rutherford Lawson family

    Don’t all Libertarians have a bit of a leftist streak in them, especially on social issues?

  254. And I recognize Obama is more moderate than most lefties. Lefties don’t usually go there.

    I’m not sure I agree Poolman. I think true lefties are VERY disappointed in Obama and go there all the time.

    P.S. Technical note: it’s late, I’m tired and I need to go to bed so I won’t be doing my usual blockquoting in these comments …. italics will have to do.

  255. Romney is a “Mighty Morphing Power Ranger.”

    Absolutely CLASSIC! I love it. Talk about changing a weakness into a strength. James … Mitt needs you on his team! You just better not be gay cos he’ll throw you under the bus faster than you can say “magic underwear”. 🙂

  256. I feel Romney is a capable CEO. And right now, we need a CEO.

    Biggest mistake right there. America is not a company. It’s a country. And as a pundit said the other day, Romney was a CEO of a company that produced NOTHING. A paper pushing company. A financial company. If Romney were Steve Jobs, I might be a smidgen more impressed.

  257. Comment 300 …. ahhh so Noah is a birther too. Why am I not surprised? I’ve got another word besides trust and transparency … credibility. After comment 300, Noah has none. 😉

  258. Onward Christian Dior.

    LOL Good one.

    We took Mom out for an early dinner today. This place serves a salad as big as a meal so that is what I had. I even had to doggy-bag some of it.

    I play this game on my iPhone called “Words with Friends”. It’s basically scrabble. So I get an alert from them saying “why not start a game with your mother today?” My answer: Cos she’s been dead for almost eight years. 😦 Thanks for f*cking reminding me.

  259. Alfie, I believe in honest elections. As you’ve said, the write-in vote as an expression of conscience is perfectly fine. It won’t change the end result but if it helps one look in the mirror the next day, so be it.

    Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, Citizens United has badly f*cked things up. We are less of a democracy because of it.

    Maybe one day, a third party candidate will really be viable. Won’t happen this year.

  260. Well gang, I sure hope your sons and daughters kept your wives company today cos damn this blog saw a lot more action than I would’ve expected on a holiday.

    I’m off to bed. We sleep, only to wake and fight another day!

    Onward Christian Dior! 🙂

  261. “BTW am I too smart yet sensitive or was the Pacer gag a subliminal dig @ Romney??” – Alfie

    Well done sir. It was a tough choice between the Pacer or Gremlin. I hope you can hear my applause through the ether. 🙂

  262. “the pride of ethnics at having a priest in the family is illustrated by Saturday Night Fever. John Travolta’s character’s brother was the family pride when he trained for the priesthood and its embarasment when he dropped out.” James

    Saturday Night Fever had a plot? I would have never guessed. 😉

  263. I don’t think you know the meaning of schooling. Physical attributes aside, you told me that you’d vote for cardboard over Obama. Pretty pathetic. Especially now that stand-in is $$ protected.

    I hope people here noticed Poolman never bothered to explain why he didn’t write in the Ron Paul vote of 2008, because he used to be a “Conservative.” I guess Poolman “evolves” like Gay Obama.

    What an absolute MAN™ipulated maroon.

    P.S. to Onward Aunt Jemimaford: Libertarians also have a real revulsion to wards of the state. PoolMAN™ipulated need not apply.

  264. The video was funny, by the way. Some truth to that. However, in speaking to public school teachers I know, that’s not too different than my personal experience of conversation.

    Mom was in Houston today, covering for her partner in crime who is on a jungle safari to shoot a lion in Johannesburg, SA. I hope the lion wins. 😡 This place beats mowing the yard. 😉

  265. I don’t think you know the meaning of schooling.

    😆 I hope that was said in jest. Au contraire. It’s the one thing I know the meaning of all too well.

    It made it a double snort coming from the board’s resident high school MAN™inpulated dropout.

  266. I remember the Rolling Stones, Rutherford. I recently mentioned Marc Bolan of T Rex who moved to the US for the same reasons. U 2 has faced some protest demonstrations because Bono and another band member have moved business interests to Holland while saying the Irish should pay their fair share of taxes.

    Thanks Rutherford. Romney wouldn’t have to worry about the gay issue. I’m definitely with the home team. My birth certificate might be another matter. I can identify with Obama on that one.

    “Magic underwear” Ha Ha! That was funny.

    I do have a record of making good lemonade.

    Its possible a revolt could cause a brokered convention. I believe conventions have chosen candidates before. Maybe Ron Paul will get enough delegates to block Romney and force the convention to choose.

    I think Repubicans are getting used to Romney. Obama has made many stupid comments of his own. We just don’t hear about them as often.

  267. re: Magic underwear

    One of my lib friends bought magicundies.com a couple of years ago, just in case…guess he’ll need it now.

  268. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, Citizens United has badly f*cked things up. We are less of a democracy because of it.

    I disagree. I believe we are actually more empowered. Two angles to this.
    First, I don’t get how porgies forsake their history so easily. Boycott mean anything? Speak to the pols and their supporters in the manner they always hear. $$$$$
    Second, it is unconscionable to not allow a company,a collection of people,to pursue democratic means favorable to them.

  269. Maybe one day, a third party candidate will really be viable. Won’t happen this year.
    Rutherford the People have only themselves to blame on that one. Folks like the RP crowd,the Tea Party folks and various leftist groups have the ability but not the true will. Add to the mix the alienation/elimination of anything resembling centrist moderates and you get what you deserve. Two parties with vomit stew platforms that get stirred every couple of cycles to placate upstarts.

    Americans should embrace their collective conscience and do whatever it takes to establish parties that work for them instead of the other way round.They should start locally,they could really grow if they’d just give it a shot. The thing is that just have to stay committed and actually be different,offer something.

  270. Biggest mistake right there. America is not a company. It’s a country. And as a pundit said the other day, Romney was a CEO of a company that produced NOTHING. A paper pushing company. A financial company. If Romney were Steve Jobs, I might be a smidgen more impressed.

    No, that’s where you’re wrong, but you’re forgetting something. What physical product does government produce? Government is not in the business to sell I-phones.

    Romney’s company was for all intents and purposes venture capitalist, consulting and takeover where required. Assuming it was slash and burn, it still produced worth. Romney’s business experience is exactly what this country needs, because government isn’t in the business to produce anything but competent management of the owner’s (us) resources either. Government is classic regulation and paper pushing. The ultimate paper pushing.

    But you have forgotten where Romney really made his name. The 2002 Winter Olympics, bedeviled by scandal and about half a billion in the hole when Romney asked to take the helm. Romney turned it around big time, baby – in less than six months with an international crew. That’s no small task.

    It’s one of the very few successful Olympics that actually showed a profit.

  271. @ Rutherford & James
    June 6 2012 will mark two things.
    #1 the 68th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.
    #2 D-Day for the GOP nomination. TX,CA and NJ,the later being winner take all go to Mitt and extinguishes,nay crushes anything the Pauloholics think their MO,AK and MN delegate shenanigans will give them.

  272. Bill Whittle slams the final nail into the beta male Rutherford and Gamma Male Poolman. Gawd, I just love to post these things. This is especially fitting for Meathead vs. me, lovable Archie Bunker. 😆

  273. @347 and not to throw Mitt under any type of bus but the Salt Lake saga showed a nimbleness on his behalf to work with multiple entities in alliance fashion,private sector + public,domestic+intl.

  274. Actually Alfie, I think Romney’s business acumen – public and private – it a quality that actually sets him apart from Obama and the rest of the candidates. For me, it’s far and away his most defining characteristic and strength. Obama has never run a business, doesn’t understand a thing of economics or finance.

    Rutherford has to purposely forget that Obama the single least qualified, least experienced pol to ever hold the office of Presidency. Obama was the ultimate blank slate – now after 42 months, we know why the slate blank.

  275. Whittle Beta Bill schooling us on liberals and conservatives is some funny shit, Tex. 😆 😆

    Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Marx – Alpha baby!! 👿

  276. Oh and Tex, as soon as you can go back into the past and change ANYTHING, let me know. I’m certain we could find a good use to put that talent toward.

    Once again, for those with a grasp of genuine capabilities, I voted for Obama in 2008 because I believed what he promised. My bad. I can’t go back and adjust that action. Sorry.

    But you voted for McCain/Palin, unless you dissed your party like Alfie and did a write-in. But I think you admitted to doing that very wild and crazy act.

    God was saving you from your own stupidity, once again.

  277. Second, it is unconscionable to not allow a company,a collection of people,to pursue democratic means favorable to them.

    By all means, we should seek representative support. The unconscionable part is that MONEY is now the means of representation. The more money, the greater the representation. Even foreign money gets to play.

    That is not democratic. It is anti American. It also is unconstitutional.

  278. Alfie, I agree with 348. What I mentioned could happen. What you described will happen.

    Rutherford, we celebrated Mothers’ Day on Saturday because our son- in law worked on Sunday, and we were supposed to attend a meeting that afternoon. It was canceled because the building committee chair was in a car wreck.

    I hope everyone celebrated as well as we did.

    I agree with 347 too. I remember how Romney fixed the Olympics.

  279. Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Marx – Alpha baby!!

    And all Left, baby! Hope & Change.

    Speaking of stupidity or your normal since you seldom leave it, you’ve told us here you plan to vote for Obama as the lesser of two evils if Ron Paul not the write candidate, did you not?

    I know you never grasped the 8th commandment. I should have added the 10th too.

  280. you’ve told us here you plan to vote for Obama as the lesser of two evils if Ron Paul not the write candidate, did you not?

    I did say that previously. But yesterday I committed to write-in RP. That is a change. I have adjusted my position in time. I don’t have a problem with reassessments and actions based on them.

    An observant person would note that I have changed in many areas of belief and opinion. Life is fluid, never stagnant. As we live and grow, changes happen and adjustments are made. I know that’s a difficult concept, Archie, but it is fact. Accept it and work within it or bog down like a stick in the mud. Your choice.

  281. James, some are saying Romney saved the Olympics with the help of a government bailout. That appears somewhat valid. But there are many giving him credit for putting together a team to fix their soiled reputation. And it gave him good reason to brush up on his French.

    He did ride the coattails of that success into Massachusetts.

  282. PooMAN™inpulator,

    I hope you don’t mind me copping your tedious, repetitious, monotonous, really inane doodah you use six or seven times here a day, thinking it clever. It just seems so fitting to take your imagination and MAN™ipulate it a little.

    While changes and adjustments are made throughout life and tastes change, mature principles and core beliefs don’t sway from one week to the next, or bend for convenience sake like yours do – say, like stealing – without epiphany. I’m not talking here about the flavor of ice cream you enjoyed last year or preferring one candidate over another from a debate. I’m referring to a fundamental philosophical change. Ron Paul is many things and not Obama, except one. Anti Israel. So if one draws a comparison vis-a-vis Obama/Paul, it would be highly probable that this a characteristic you highly favor.

    My observation this past year and a half of you is this. A better way to describe your two consistencies in message is your ‘core belief’ of covetous, and your ‘principled’ disdain for the country which you live along with her own chief ally in the Middle East. Concerning those two, along with accusing the military and intelligence of killing thousands of its own citizenry, you’ve been very clear and very consistent since the minute you arrived.

    I’ve also decided you have a whopping dose of masochism. Not even the pull string dolls of Chatty Kitchen have demonstrated such a willing desire for pain and humiliation.

  283. That’s okay, Nagic. While Obama fiddles, his weak ass burns. And a double bonus is he can’t screw anything else up when he’s not in the office. Read this for some great humor:

    We are in the early stages of the 2012 campaign season, with a lot of battlespace preparation going on. In the skirmishing so far, one perhaps surprising media advantage has become clear: the right is clobbering the left on Twitter.

    Maybe it’s because Twitter puts a premium on brevity and cleverness. I don’t know. But for some reason, it seems to be a natural medium for conservatives. We saw it when the Hilary Rosen interview (“Ann Romney never worked a day in her life”) prompted a Twitterstorm. We saw it again when #ObamaEatsDogs exploded, and when #Julia blew up in the White House’s face like an exploding cigar. Currently, the White House is promoting #AskMichelle, where loyal Democrats can go to ask the First Lady a question. Only nearly all of the questions have come from conservatives. A sampling:

    When you vacation in Hawaii, can you see the rise of the oceans beginning to slow?
    What’s up this week for the @BarackObama campaign and “Operation Change the Subject” (to anything except the economy)?
    Do you still exchange May Day cards with Bill and Bernadette?
    Do you think your daughters should request affirmative actions preferences?
    Do you still get Christmas cards from the Rezkos and Blagojeviches?
    So who succeeded you at that critical, highly important $300k/year community outreach job at UC hospital?
    I have several friends who specialize in relocation. Shall I give them your number so they can help you relocate in January?

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 FINALLY! FINALLY! The Right has finally learned to fight back. I’ve said since George Sr. President, don’t engage their stupidity – mock their stupidity!!!

    Read the rest:


  284. mature principles and core beliefs don’t sway from one week to the next, or bend for convenience sake

    Agreed. And none of mine HAVE swayed from week to week. Yours however, have been on holiday, or were clearly never held.

    How else can you claim to hold Christian faith and yet debase people daily? Or hold onto any hate, aside from the hate of sin – not a hate of the sinner? You think religion is that St Christopher medal hanging from head stump?

    That dog won’t hunt. 🙄

  285. Birther? Credibility? Splain

    Very simple. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. It has been documented in more ways than it deserved to be. The motives behind those who continue to push this meme of no valid birth certificate (and the accompanying suggestion that Obama was born in Kenya and is not a citizen) range from racism to ignorance to political brinksmanship.

    No one with an ounce of sense believes that the President is not a US citizen. Those who question his citizenship after all this time lack any credibility. They belong in the same category of those who see the face of Jesus on a potato chip. Everything they say must be taken with a grain of salt.

  286. “bonus is he can’t screw anything else up when he’s not in the office”
    LMAO I was half a second away from including that word for word line in my post.

  287. Rutherford. You either think about things too much, and miss the obvious, or you are purposefully deceptive. Of late I am starting to think the latter.

    Of everything I listed in that post, you took birther from that? Really? What I think is really going on here is you are cherry picking what to talk about, and avoiding anything that might cause you to have to admit either (A) you are wrong or (B) the other side might have some points of merit.

    I would encourage you to have the intellectual honesty to comment on the entire content of my post. I would also ask you to have the integrity to respond in the context to which it is posted rather than making some obscure point and dismissing the meat of the point being made. If the context isn’t obvious, just ask. In turn, and you can ask James and PFesser on this, I will never dodge or shy away from anything you ask me, or only answer a part of a question. Because at the end of the day, it is the truth that matters, right?

    To help you with the context of that particular post, I was making a point to how much trouble Hussein Obama has gone to cover up any and all information about himself. I find it odd, that you don’t find it odd, that he and his blushing bride are doing this.

  288. PooMAN™ipulator,

    How else can you claim to hold Christian faith and yet debase people daily?

    Ever heard of the sins of omission, Poo?

    There is only one way to escape the snare of the devil – by resistance and confrontation. Don’t let him take you captive to do his will! (2 Tim 2:26.)

    So where’s your resistance and confrontation over at those houses of horror you dwell, snake? Where’s your hate of their sins? Where is your loud condemnation? Reads to me you befriend it, relish it, and encourage, bub. You’re a clear part of their crowd. Worse, you make up egregious lies of accusation.

    You think religion is that St Christopher medal hanging from head stump?

    Don’t wear one and I think religion is a large part of what you practice and what’s wrong. I don’t practice religion, PooMAN™ipulator.

  289. First, I don’t get how porgies forsake their history so easily. Boycott mean anything? Speak to the pols and their supporters in the manner they always hear. $$$$$
    Second, it is unconscionable to not allow a company,a collection of people,to pursue democratic means favorable to them.

    My God man, you really ARE on the Romney team aren’t you? “Corporations are people, my friend.” NO. Newsflash to Mitt and Alfie, corporations are not some form of representative government where the “voice of the corporation” represents the voices of the folks employed therein. The voice of the corporation is the voice of moneyed interests, major stock holders, board of directors, etc.

    Two borderline crackpots who would’ve been out of the race quickly, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, remained way past their expiration date because of donors with fat wallets. That’s not democracy. That’s plutocracy.

    The boycott comparison is weak. Refusal to buy a product is a means of protest and influence available to everyone regardless of station in life. Millions in campaign contributions and paid political ads is not available to everyone. Big difference.

  290. Further, a more deserving and well reasoned candidate, Tim Pawlenty felt he had to drop out because he did not have a Big Daddy to finance his campaign.

  291. “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” ~ Ephesians 5:11

    Would you prefer me to PooMAN™ipulator to gather with the lost and bleat like you do? How about parroting those find Jew hating site? Did you get that message at the altar at Sunday and Pastor Harry Elephant implored you to be soothing and sweet, but persecute those filthy Jooos? Did he mention anything about marketing in propaganda as you put your two pennies in the coffer?

    Of all the people on this board that do attempt to confront me about faith, your arguments the lamest of all, the absolute easiest to shoot down, and the most obviously transparent. Rutherford makes a far better argument that you, Poo, about playing nice and knows nothing.

    It’s as if 11 apostles, Paul and the Christian persecution of 1st Century Church were martyred because they were so lenient and liberal in their approach.

    I don’t think they followed your revelation, Poo.

  292. The more Obama stays on the campaign trail, the more he implores for more campaign funding, the more he begs, borrows and steals, the more visible the man’s motive even to the nascent, the better it is for Obama’s opponent.

    Let us not complain…but encourage.

  293. Are you sure you want to tout the Olympics? Romney solicited a government bailout to save the Olympics. I thought you guys hated bailouts. I guess that changed after you found out GM was Mittens’ idea. 😉

    “The Government Accountability Office issued a report regarding Romney’s handling of the money as wasteful spending.
    The 2002 Winter Olympics went down as the most expensive games in US history and even Senator John McCain cited the games as “an incredible pork-barrel project for Salt Lake City and its environs”. It was not the custom of the US government to invest so heavily in a US hosted Olympic game”


  294. Tex, you’re right about Romney and the Olympics. I also agree that a good understanding of business (without being wed to any radical ideology) is an asset for a POTUS running a country in a financial crisis. But we shouldn’t overplay how much of an asset that might be.

    Have you noticed how odd Mitt’s campaign strategy has been? Tear down Obama is about it. Why doesn’t he discuss in detail the very things you mention? Why doesn’t he describe on the stump what he did with the Olympics and then bridge that to what he can do for our country? Do you know how powerful that could be? To actually (heaven forbid) make a case for the strength of your candidacy?

    Mitt needs you and James on the campaign desperately, His current advisers are not helping him. Even Alfie would not be an asset because I haven’t seen Alfie make one critical comment about Romney. He seems as close to “in the tank” as he can be …. odd because he is analytical on every other topic.

  295. It’s as if 11 apostles, Paul and the Christian persecution of 1st Century Church were martyred because they were so lenient and liberal in their approach.

    No, it was because they threatened the status quo. The Jews sought to put out that “cancer” that was overturning their well-established and supremacist hierarchical system of oppression. They even convinced the Romans to aid in the genocide.

    How many references in the NT are there to the “synagogue of Satan” or “brood of vipers”, and who do you think they meant?

  296. So Tex, I have to ask you. If your house were under attack who would you want protecting you?

    Neil Armstrong
    Gary Cooper
    Lou Grant
    Archie Bunker
    Dennie Crane
    Jack Donahue
    Ronald Reagan


    Bill Whittle 😆 😆 😆

  297. Rutherford has to purposely forget that Obama the single least qualified, least experienced pol to ever hold the office of Presidency.

    I’d argue Zachary Taylor holds that distinction. 🙂

  298. Yes, but that’s not the right comparison to make, Brother “R”. By the way. I owe you an apology. I thought you were the one that coined, “Onward Christian Dior.” You were just repeating Pooman’s abject stupidity. Forgive the blowback.

    The comparison you should make is would I rather have Bill Whittle or Woody Allen? 😀

  299. I notice that some of my comments are in direct line with Poolman’s whose comments I hadn’t read before posting mine.

    I may have to start watching Simpsons cartoons more carefully. 🙂

  300. Poolman, if Ron ever gets on Mount Rushmore they have to kill that smile. Do you see any of the other guys smiling?

    P.S. Damn good rap boooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  301. Damn I enjoyed that rap so much I played it twice. 🙂

    Kinda ironic having a brotha rapping about Paul after all the crap Paul’s newsletters said about brotha’s back in the day. You know, Tex, Ron’s attitude toward minorities in the 90’s comes pretty close to yours. Why aren’t you a fan?

  302. Was John the Baptist also threatening the “status quo?” How about Stephen? All of the first Christians were Jewish. Have you forgotten that one too? They didn’t become not Jewish when they accepted. Christ called Himself a Jew. Did you forget that too? This continual crucifixion of Judaism isn’t washing, PooMan. Christ first called these Pharisees of antiquity hyprocrites, then called them a brood of vipers. It wasn’t the lay Jew he was criticizing, if that’s your suggestion.

    The mob always chooses Barabbas, and that is the side you’re on, along with Caesar and his minions, Pooman.

    You can find any excuse you wish to justify your toadyism of various fruitcake causes. But the people you are partnered with are clearly anti-Christian, clearly anti Christ, and aligned with Caesar.


    I have no idea why you continue with your pursuit of me. Mocking you is like stealing candy from a baby – only your hand doesn’t even grip the candy. I picture you with a continual Nancy Pelosi look on your face, like you’ve just seen a ghost.

    Do you enjoy being scalded each day? One upped? Your life would be so much simpler if you would simply fly back to the Chatty Birdcage, or attempt to find a new victim here. I have no idea who you would pick, because there isn’t anybody on the lower rung. If I could Densico or Yeller Dawg to come back to the fold, would that help?

    Unfortunately, those are your brothers-in-arms.

  303. The Right has finally learned to fight back.

    You’re kidding right? Wow have you signed up for the “victim” perspective. GOPhers have been on the attack for 30 years. Now liberals have learned how to be the aggressors. We rolled over with Dukakis and Kerry. No more of that.

  304. Ron’s attitude toward minorities in the 90′s comes pretty close to yours. Why aren’t you a fan?

    Well, not all minorities. I’m pretty hip with the Mexicans and find their girls pretty. Cubans too. Asians, okay by me. Heck, even my Muslim neighbor finds me a great guy. 🙂 If he only knew, hey? The Conservative brothas are heroes of mine. Not straight Archie Bunker, as I’ve got a couple of George Jeffersons in my house from time to time.

    I always pictured myself as a dock worker and you as Meathead. A strained but funny relationship, we have Brother “R”. Like I said to Pfesser the other day. How can you not like a guy that allows a daily food fight on his blog, then encourages the full beer cans to be winged too while we all wear clown hats?

    What did I miss about Paul so I don’t have to view the Poolman shiite. I don’t even know how he feels about ‘minorities’

  305. Even Alfie would not be an asset because I haven’t seen Alfie make one critical comment about Romney. He seems as close to “in the tank” as he can be …. odd because he is analytical on every other topic.
    ummm maybe ‘cuz I experienced him as a governor,followed his previous senate race,read his book and read his policy points. I would also readily apply a wide set of analysis if you asked me a question or said something.I have, Just saying’.
    I dare say my comment about the Olympics indicates that Romney’s place wasn’t perfect,just realistic. The IOCC is a corrupt entity and as for Salt Lake don’t even throw stones you glass house fuckers who would have shit themselves if Obamas pathetic attempt resulted in Chi-town being picked.

  306. We rolled over with Mandatory Mike Dukakis and Genghis Khan Kerry while we flashed commercials of George Bush killing James Byrd all over again, and accused of torching Black Baptist Churches while stealing the elderly’s Social Security and Medicare.

    Kerry getting Swiftboated was 35 years too late and true. That phony golddigger and even phonier war hero finally got his comeuppance, just as Fraudulent Al Gore is getting it now. Even you clowns are embarrassed by those bozos, just like you are Joe Biden.

    Besides Slick Willy, who have you guys run that really did have a talent in my lifetime? I suppose JFK of lore. But frankly, he was marginal as President at best, stuck us in Vietnam initially, and didn’t last three years.

  307. To help you with the context of that particular post, I was making a point to how much trouble Hussein Obama has gone to cover up any and all information about himself. I find it odd, that you don’t find it odd, that he and his blushing bride are doing this.

    Well for starters Noah, the continued practice of calling Obama “Hussein” when you don’t refer to George Bush as “Walker” makes me doubt you’re interested in a conversation having any integrity.

    But I have a simple response to your list. Where are the credible sources that back up your assertions? And while we’re at it, do me a favor. Contact me privately … I will give you my real name (if you don’t remember it from Fat Grannies where I was outed) and then you can go to Harvard University and get my academic transcript. Ehhhh, then again, don’t bother. The registrars office does not hand this info out to any Tom’s hairy dick who asks for it. Academic records at most institutions are by default “sealed”.

    Oh … do me another favor … could you post me a link documenting when George W (or any other POTUS) released their college academic records. I’d love to see what W took in college and what grades he got. 😉

  308. R whats up with the hating on Zach??? He’s essentially the Ike of his day. What? You don’t like Ike either?

  309. And just to be doubly clear about 394, it is insulting when Obama is expected to release records no other POTUS before him was asked to release. It’s an expectation that the black man justify his place. There is a long history of this. I’m fully behind Obama telling folks to shove it up their ass when they ask for such information.

  310. Tex, seriously, you know what the problem is with Israel? It’s a Jewish state. No country should be directly tied to a religion because it creates a situation where valid arguments against the country and its government get taken as an attack against the state religion. I’d say the same thing about any country tied to any religion.

    America has proven by example how wise it is to separate church from state.

    P.S. I do understand there is a subtlety to this. To be a Jew can be as much a cultural statement as it is a religious one.

  311. Noah again I see you subscribe to the I’m rubber, you’re glue style of argument. I wasn’t making a statement about Obama’s campaign strategy. I was observing that Mitt could really capitalize on his experience by spelling it out for the voter. Then again, based on Thor’s comment about Mitt vis-a-vis the Olympics, maybe there is no there, there. 😉

  312. The comparison you should make is would I rather have Bill Whittle or Woody Allen?

    It’s a wash my friend. Heck, Bill’s voice is so beta-male it almost puts me asleep. 😆

  313. Kerry is a slug. He received three minor wounds, one of which kept him off duty for two days.

    I, on the other hand was not in combat as he was, but the time of troubles I described gave me six weeks of physical therapy and made me a slightly disabled veteran. I served all of my four year commitment.

    Kerry, who received mere scratches by comparison used an obscure regulation to get an early trip home. He deserted his men when he should have stayed with them–the self centered bastard.

    His reaction to the Swift Boaters revealed him to also be an elitist wimp.

    Kerry’s service was a resume line which Democrats used to discredit Bush’s domestic military service. Kerry was a political attempt to damage the Democratic reputation for anti military sentiments and international pacifism.

    JFK was smart enough, and he had proved his bravery in WW11, though he may have contributed to the emergency. However, he was his family;s second choice for the presidency. The Kennedy family suffered discrimination because they were Irish. Even when they had money, old cash looked down on them.

    Joe Sr. wanted to stick it to the upper crust by buying a president. Joe Jr. was a likely choice but he died in WW11. John was the next choice, but he was sickly and had a wandering eye.

    He may have been a good president, but as Tex noted, John expanded our role in Vietnam and he also engineered or at least approved of the assasination of the equivalent of Ho Chi Ming. The southern government was ever after unstable. JFK also helped cause the Cuban missile crisis.

    Tex is right. With the exception of Bill, none of the Democratic candidates, including our president is worth a cup of warm spit. The Republicans have been no bargain either., but several were less bad.

  314. What did I miss about Paul so I don’t have to view the Poolman shiite. I don’t even know how he feels about ‘minorities’
    His 90’s era newsletters somehow conflated riots with the brotha’s collecting their welfare checks. I don’t remember the exact quote. Paul has denied any involvement with it, despite the fact it went out under his name.

    Gorilla has been famous for his disgust for Ron Paul on these grounds.

    As I’ve said countless times, his troubled rhetorical history regarding blacks is the only thing that keeps me from taking him very seriously.

  315. Rutherford, you’re occasionally a nice guy, but once you get off the beaten path brother, you lose it quickly.

    First, Israel is a secular state and a parliamentary democracy – probably more secular than the United States and certainly more liberal. If you need a definition of state, it’s universal for Israel.

    While a couple of million Jews have made aliyah to Israel and I don’t deny Israel a Jewish state in majority, if you’re going to call Israel a Jewish state, then you’re going to have to revert back to calling the United States a Christian state. There is a separation of government and religion.

    You desperately need to bone up on Jewish government. Frankly, I think you would be shocked at just how secular Israel is. You speak from ignorance.

  316. The Obama campaign needs to do better research. They created an effective ad describing how Baine forced a Kansas City company into bankruptcy. The Washington Post has already exposed it as a lie.

    The company went broke two years after Romney left. He was helping save the Winter Olympics when he supposedly killed the company.

    That is sloppy add writing and a waste of money if Romney plays it right.

  317. Well being in the “tank” as I am perhaps I shouldn’t say anything….but…..
    The “conspiracy” that is govt “bailout” of the Olympic games isn’t all that.
    Here is an Anneburg factcheck on it for a taste here
    By all means go to the GAO report and zero in on page 32.

  318. Rutherford. I am an odd duck when it comes to judging other people. I do it by what I see. I would be happy to take your formal training into consideration, but at the end of the day all I really care about is what you do, or do not do. Are you more concerned about a Liberal winning, or are you more concerned with the truth. If it is not the latter, I tend to hound people like that. So far I have seen you skirt any and all issues that put Obama in a bad light. This would be why I took the obvious worst about him and presented them to see if you could at least admit the bad in that. When you did not, it was at that point I made an opinion about you.

    The rest really does not matter. I am not looking to trap you. I am looking to see if finding out the truth, no matter the outcome, holds any value for you. So far the answer is a resounding no. But it’s not just you. 99.9% of Liberals will not hold a conversation about the things Obama has done or is doing. So the only problems I have are with me setting my expectations to high of you, and that is on me, nothing personal. I know in your case it isn’t ignorance, that means it is by choice, and in my opinion, that is far worse.

    I am not a Mitit guy. I also think most true Conservatives are not Mitt guys. We are , anyone but Obama guys. We cannot continue down this path. Common sense says so. Math says so.

  319. Nice find El Tigre. I did leave out one other factor concerning the virulent hatred of Obama ….. revenge for the virulent hatred of George W.

    Thanks for both correcting and reminding me.

  320. Tigre, Rutherford is either completely ignorant, or deceitful. Damn, we knew both Kerry, Gore and Bush’s entire college transcript, their SAT scores, their old girl friends, their life story, blah blah blah.

    It’s like goofus giving a nod to the briiliance of another goofus about the SLC Olympics of 2002. I three things for sure:

    (1) It turned a profit for an Olympics – almost unheard of for a Winter Olympics other than Calgary, and Montreal almost went bankrupt. Vancouver last I heard is still deeply in the red.

    (2) It was $400,000,000 in the hole when Romney turned it around.

    (3) The money was already appropriated before Mitt Romney even entered the picture. That story about bailout is pure MSNBC propaganda.

    If what Mitt Romney did was a crime, then the 1984 Olympics was also a crime, as was taxpayer expense for the World Trade Centers, New Orleans, Murrah Building, The Big Dig, etc….

    Now if these libs want to put a stop to taxpayer funding of public works and enterprise, I’m listening boys.

    How about Obama reimburse for a trillion dollar stimulus that didn’t work then?

  321. Israel is definitely a secular state. Youtube Google “Sexy beach dancers flash mob in Israel SEE MY OTHER VIDEOS”. As ABBA sang “my my.’

    Someone wrote in the comments section “Have you been deceived by your media?”

    This doesn’t look anything like the product of a conservative theocracy.

  322. El Tigre, putting aside the fact that you quote from the rag WND (which puts you squarely in Elric territory), the article is outdated …. long form certificate was released much to the chagrin of Donald Chump.

    AND … question for you. The article repeatedly refers to various news outlets “obtaining” information. If this stuff was so easy to obtain for other candidates, why should it be so hard to obtain for Obama? You really think with a country to run, he has really devoted the time and money to keep stuff “sealed” beyond the normal default status of sealed academic records (i.e. most academic records are sealed).

    This is the bizarre fantasy of the Manchurian candidate. You of all people should dismiss this foolishness.

  323. Noah, aren’t you a truther? I think I remember you posting some pertinent “anarchist” stuff in the past. Of course if you’re a closet truther, you can stay that way. Believe me, I understand the climate.

  324. I don’t virulently hate Obama. I hate some of his policies and want him fired. Hatred blinds too many liberals.

  325. R, it doesn’t matter who wrote the article. There was a list of all of the disclosures made by previous candidates/presidents. You can see Reagan;s transcripts at Eureka.

    So why don’t quit the stupid racism bullshit for Christ’s sake? Shit, when the libs couldn’t find what they wanted of Bush;s records, they falsified them (i.e. the Killian memo — then when busted said false but accurate). And you cry racism. Damn you deserve a smack on the back of the head.

  326. p.s. R I doubt anyone here is missing that you’ve proved Nogic right with your selective responses. The point was entirely too obvious for you to have missed it.

    Do you think Obama claimed to be Native American?

  327. Not sure what you are referring to Poolman. I tend not to be a “closet” anything. I was introduced to Philosophy in college while majoring in IT, only to end up in business/sales. I ended up using every elective I had to take more Philosophy classes. The whole web of beliefs and seeking out the truth because a very powerful force in my life.

  328. I would like to know how Obama made it to president of the Harvard Law Review without anything in the public domain being written. I suspect affirmative action had a lot to do with it when Harvard dispensed with the grades and writing requirements to hold the position. So if that “credential” is held out there as his brilliance, let;s see what’s behind it. After hearing him discuss the SCOTUS commentary in the Obama care orals, I wonder whether he even went to law school.

  329. Alfie, speaking of which, in speaking with my mom yesterday, I was told that the Warren Indian debacle was being brushed aside in Mass. My mom said she can longer look at the Globe without wanting to take hostages. But she is somewhat uninvolved politically. What are your take?

  330. By the way, I wasn’t insisting that Montreal was winter – it was summer, but a deficit fiasco from which the city still struggles. These maggots are wanting to minimize the Olympic achievement, but when Uberroth did in L.A., far less an achievement concerning the infrastructure and supporting stadiums, they couldn’t wait to run him against Reagan.

  331. Tigre, the problem with racism in America, as I’ve commented before, is it always casts a doubt on what might otherwise be righteous motives. It is possible that race plays no role in this constant harping about disclosures from Obama. It is also possible that race plays a role. That’s the disease this country suffers from. The country was infected long before I ever put finger to keyboard to create this blog.

  332. Noah I plead guilty that there are certain topics regarding Obama that I pretty much refuse to waste brain cells on. One of them is this Manchurian candidate theory about him.

    Now, if you want to talk policy, and if you have read my responses to you … or gone back and read some critical pieces I’ve written in this blog, you’ll see I’m not 100% in the tank. I may be 75% 🙂

    On my more charitable days, I wish Obama weren’t so aggressive militarily. I don’t like all the collateral damage we are doing in Pakistan for example with the drone attacks. (On my less charitable days, I wish we would level both Afghanistan and Pakistan, both lead by corrupt punks who are no allies to the USA.)

    I’m not tickled that, at least supposedly, rendition is still going on.

    I’m not happy about the clusterf*ck that is the new health care law. I console myself that it is a “start”. As I’ve said before, I favor Medicare for all.

    And bottom line … much like Poolman, I got taken in on Obama in 2008. It is partly because I am black. I have a black father in his 80’s and it swelled my heart that he could, in his lifetime, see something no one thought possible … a black President. (Ironically, my father doesn’t particularly like Obama and never did.) It also brought tears to my eyes that my daughter would never grow up thinking a black man could not be President. I also viewed Obama as my Kennedy. As my inspirational leader. I had wide eyed optimism about the whole thing.

    I am still an Obama supporter but the rose colored glasses are off. I see him as a calculating politician above all else. What salvages him for me, is that he calculates in support of values I hold dear.

    You say you are in search of truth. That’s fine. I believe you will swallow distortions that support your notion of truth. We’re all guilty of that to some degree. In comment 93, I did what you asked me to do. I gave you direct answers to your questions. I have yet to hear you acknowledge that. Instead you call me a cherry picker.

    Let me ask you Noah, what truth are you promulgating by constantly referring to the President as Hussein? That he is a “secret Muslim”? Please help me understand the truth behind that little bit of rhetoric you constantly employ.

  333. Yikes Poolman … looks like your boy has pretty much thrown in the towel. I’ll give him this much … he doesn’t even drop out conventionally. No talk of “suspending” the campaign. He’s just saying he’s not spending any more money. But he wants you to vote for him anyway.

    Obama v Romney. Not exactly the Thrilla in Manilla. 😐

  334. So you claim racism because you can?

    Mmmmm no. I suspect racism when it is possible. Hard as it is for you to believe, that’s not my first suspicion in most cases but sadly it’s a justified suspicion in many.

    If you were a civil rights attorney, I think the same could be said of you.

  335. Yo’;re as prophetic as Rutherford.

    Oh you smarty pants purple-headed polygons are all alike. Money. What don’t you get about campaigning costs money? You have no problem criticizing democrats spending it. Even with Mitt’s new secret service protection costing us daily as he stumps on for corporations, the “people” he serves, not a peep.

    Dr Paul has managed a very efficient campaign and doesn’t have the money printers filling his coffers, unlike YOUR guy. He has not stepped down, he just isn’t throwing money at stateside campaigning. It has been part of his campaign strategy all along.

    I know, I know. You prefer the lavishness of the Mitt man. It appears more presidential, after all. 🙄

  336. I never saw 93 as I was looking in the thread it was originally posted in for a response.

    To that end, that you approve of the government forcing commerce, this again backs my assertion that Liberals and Conservatives have no common ground. We cannot work together and the only good outcome would be for one to eliminate the other.

    I am not a fan of communism. I do not approve of a China style form of Capitalism. I consider the notion of such acts a clear case of Treason and would treat anyone actively trying to convert our country into that accordingly.

    Our government was never intended to do these things you support. I value the Constitution. I value our traditions, and I will defend them.

    As I stated before, it is reasonable to judge Obama’s intention by the company he has kept his whole life. We have an anti-colonialist father, a mother who rejected Western society, a communist mentor, a domestic-terrorist benefactor, and an anti-Semitic preacher to draw conclusions from. To ignore these things would be foolish.

    What do you think of all of the things Obama has done to conceal all of his past dealings? What do you think of the 22 aids for Michelle or the $80 million in vacation? In particular what do you think of the amount of time he has spent fund raising? And finally is there a point where you see the misuses of authority and power that you could no longer vote for Obama?

    I suspected you were black but wasn’t sure. I personally have no use for racism. It is an idea that is flawed from its beginning. What I do know is that it is alive and well and has little chance of going away as long as Liberals use it as a tool of politics.

    I am in my mid 40’s. What I did not know up until 8-10 years ago was how much blacks in my neck of the woods hated white people. I had naively always thought racism was red neck while people hating blacks and Jews. so I started to try and understand this misconception. To that end I have cultivated a handful of relationships with some black people both from work and my neighborhood.

    What I have discovered is that the issue of race from the world around where I live, is far more pervasive from blacks hating whites than it is whites hating blacks. Black people are 1000% more likely to make choices based on race than ANYONE I know, no exceptions. I know the black families we have cookouts with will all vote for Obama because he is black and nothing else matters.

    This bothers me because this is not an issue that can be fixed. We cannot have a reasoned dialog because nothing Obama will do will matter to people like this.

    At my shop we have a massively diverse group of employees. My favorite 2 are the Sudanese and the Mexican workers. Our Sudanese workers are all cousins, weather they are actually related to each other or not. Our Hispanic workers you will be hard pressed to find a group of people that value family more. They love to cook( one of my other passions) and spending time with one another.

    Im rambling and going on so let me get to your question about Hussein. I do it mostly because for some reason Liberals are oddly bothered by it. People called George Bush just W all the time, and I never gave it a second thought. I find it fascinating that you make a point of mention it, but things like my above question rarely rate a response. The fact most are more concerned about him being called by his middle name and less about the freedoms we are losing is astounding. In short it is a testing rod to see who response to what, and it tells me where a person’s mind is at.

  337. Interesting little article in the WSJ.

    The socialists need to be careful about all their tax-raising in pursuit of assuaging their class jealousy. They just may kill the goose that laid the golden egg.


    Take a look at California. They have driven out so much business with their ultra-left wing agenda that, surprise, the bottom has dropped out of their tax revenues and Governor Moonbeam has had to call for cuts in programs to the poor.

    Let that be a lesson: If you want to spend other people’s money, you have to let them earn it first. LOL.

    cross-posted at Fat Grannies.

  338. Poolman, since “my guy” is anyone but Obama, had RP been the nominee he’d have been “my guy.” But he had as much chance of taking this as you do of being spied on by an insect drone powered by microwaves to ensure you weren’t violating some pool ordinance.

  339. The Hussein thing is usually meant in disrespect. W was not. W differentiated dad from son. I don’t have a problem with folks going all Hussein on me. I understand the Islamophobic knee jerk Pavlov responses it incites.

    They say all is fair in love and war. The way we approach anything anymore is war. That must make it justifiable.

  340. Let that be a lesson: If you want to spend other people’s money, you have to let them earn it first. LOL.

    I can’t argue with that one even as I chuckle at it.

  341. Noah, I always assumed Bush 43 was called W as one of several ways to differentiate him from Bush 41 to avoid confusion in discussions. I never took it as derisive.

    Well at least you admit to using “Hussein” to get a rise out of liberals. I appreciate the honesty.

    So his father was anti-colonialist? I love that meme magnified by Newt Gingrich and if I’m not mistaken started by Dinesh D’Souza. What exactly is the United States of America if not anti-colonialist? Oh I forgot … we do occupy just about every country around the world in the name of defending freedom. 🙄

  342. “I suspect racism when it is possible.”

    Unlike the left exploiting the accusation, it’s always “not possible” too. Stated differently, since it’s always possible, you’ll always suspect it. 😆

    “Hard as it is for you to believe, that’s not my first suspicion in most cases but sadly it’s a justified suspicion in many.”

    Not from what I’ve seen. Of course I still have a chip on my shoulder from your and G-chin’s false accusations founded on the suspicious use of the term “black community” that the ones having no connection with the “black community” considered out-of-place. My justified suspicion is that people that libs recklessly and remorselessly level the accusations for political advantage and to quiet their opponents with no regard for the truth of it.

    “If you were a civil rights attorney, I think the same could be said of you.”

    And if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass hopping.

    Sorry your furtive black president sucks so much.

  343. Poolman, I will grant you this, decorum dictates we should at least wait for Mitt to get the requisite number of delegates before doing the victory dance. He’s already vetting VP running mates.

  344. Tigre, you keep bringing up that “black community” thing. I’m not saying it didn’t happen but damned if I remember the details other than you making it a constant cause celebre. Throw me a bone … give me a general time frame for the discussion so I can search my records and refresh my memory. I think you took far more offense from it than it deserved. (For some reason I more vividly recall a nasty being leveled against Gorilla when he said his wife was not a WASP. I don’t remember participating in that assault.)

  345. Noah, have you ever asked your black acquaintances why they vote exclusively black? I’m just curious how they justify it to you. If you haven’t asked them, why don’t you?

  346. California is our future.

    Many don’t realize we are part of Europe, but we are. Both have to a greater or lessor degree tried to make life easier for their citizens. Few looked at the future or whether demographics would ruin the ponzi scheme. Now, its coming unraveled.

    We have spent too much and we know that if we continue, we will suffer hyper inflation or worse. The northern Europeans, led by Germany have used austerity to reign in their unsustainable budgets.

    Lower spending and smaller government programs will make the tax-supported economy contract. It is fine in theory, but when so many people grow dependent on government money losing some of it is painful. They face hardships, and sometimes lose their homes or jobs. People resent the loss of their birth right, and they will fight to defend it, though continuing this path is ultimate suicide.

    We are caught in a trap. We will suffer pain no matter what we do. The voters are fed up, and are beginning to embrace relative extremists on the right and left as they flale about in their search of something which will work.

    Thus European incumbants are under seige. This may bode ill for Obama too. Eventually, Ron Paul or his successor may look presidential to a majority of voters. Most voters don’t understand the nature of our problem and its painful solution.

    As California, Greece, and other economies illustrate. We either practice austerity or it will be imposed on us.

    Ben Stein wrote he has no ideas on how to get us out of our difficulty except to keep canned goods and a can opener.

  347. Regarding forced commerce, a topic that makes me a traitor (or treasonous) according to Noah. Why don’t you rail against state government forcing you to buy car insurance? Now yes, I’ve been told time and time again that this is not an equivalent case. But the fact is the uninsured cost all of us money. We pay for their medical care. That was the ENTIRE premise of Mitt Romney’s mandate in MA. He said it wasn’t fair for some people to be freeloading on other people’s money for health care. If the premise applies locally, why does it not apply nationally? It’s a conservative premise of self reliance.

    Not that it matters to you, but I think I would’ve liked the Noah of old much more than the current one. You think you’ve been somehow liberated by your blinders being taken off. I think you’ve become cynical, paranoid and unnecessarily confrontational. Then again, hanging at M&H can do that to you. My God man, if you think they are the best liberals have to offer, you are seriously skewed.

  348. Re: The “government bailout” of the Olympics. As if the Salt Lake Games were the first to receive federal funds. US federal funding for the Olympics has been steadily increasing since 1984. Romney walked in on a huge deficit, won back federal funding after scandal & 9/11 eroded the trust of supporters, traveled the country reassuring corporate sponsors, and if I’m not mistaken left the Olympics with a $100 surplus.

    Thanks for the links, Alfie.

    We’re incredibly lucky that Chicago didn’t get the Olympics. We’d never be able to afford a proper Imperial Box for the Obama’s along with Daley and his cronies’ pension thievery.

    Mitt the flip flopper. Mitt the evil profiteer. Mitt the bully. Yea yeah yeah.

    Next we’re going to hear from the man who attended junior high with the Mitt Romney and witnessed him leaving the restroom without washing his hands.

  349. In short they vote black because only a black person can understand what another black person is going through and would truly represent their interests. In their eyes I am a second class citizen in their world. They only respect what I can or could do for them and have said as much. They are for themselves and for other black people. I ( white people) am something that circumstances have forced them to deal with and I have no doubt in my mind, given an even chance of success, would remove me and mine from this world.

    I also find it very interesting that the black Sudanese and the black Americans strongly dislike each other and I have yet to see them interact with each other in a social setting. It is interesting to see the reaction, and the soon to follow argument, whenever an American black person calls themselves an African-American in earshot of one of the Sudanese gentlemen.

    Maybe you haven’t gotten to it yet but I am curious to your thoughts from post 435 paragraph 6.

  350. Ruthiford, M & H Liberals are all Ive been able to find. I hope one day to find a different breed.

    As for car insurance. I can chose not to drive a car. I cannot chose to leave my home without my body.

  351. “Not that it matters to you, but I think I would’ve liked the Noah of old much more than the current one. You think you’ve been somehow liberated by your blinders being taken off. I think you’ve become cynical, paranoid and unnecessarily confrontational”

    Just to be clear. I Can 110% disagree with you and still respect you, if what it is you believe is justified(you have done your research and have come to some conclusions) and that you are willing to talk about it without taking it, or getting, personal. Just be willing to talk about it from both sides of the issue, not just yours.

    Cynical: Somewhat guilty.
    Paranoid: No Not at all, just calling it like i see it.
    Unnecessarily Confrontational: Probably. M & H seems it is the only way to draw them out to offer up an honest opinion not handed to them by the media.

  352. Did I understand Poolman doesn’t feel like doing any muff diving today? Is it the gay marriage thing, or something?

    Well if you won’t, I’ll most certainly step up to the plate. 🙂

    Got any candidates?

  353. I’ve heard this argument about “I can choose to not drive a car” yet how many folks abandon driving a car in protest of forced commerce? In certain localities is it not virtually impossible to manage without a car? In those cases, the person’s hand is forced.

    And again, I ask you, if the mandate can work locally, why can it not work nationally?

  354. We’re incredibly lucky that Chicago didn’t get the Olympics. We’d never be able to afford a proper Imperial Box for the Obama’s along with Daley and his cronies’ pension thievery.

    😆 Well played Muffy!!!

    We’re still paying for those damn Styrofoam columns at the football stadium. I can well imagine what the Imperial Box would have been adorned with. I’ll almost promise you if we were to open the vaults at Ft. Knox, they’ve been pillaged with no stone unturned.

  355. Noah, you’ve had a very bad experience with blacks if you really believe most hate white people and would sooner see them dead. This revelation makes you less obnoxious in my view and more in need of counseling … or maybe just a hug from a friendly brother.

    I don’t believe most white people hate black people nor vice versa. I think we’ve made tremendous gains in this country in terms of getting along and understanding each other.

    You appear injured dude. You need some healing. Seriously.

  356. I am not aware of how well it worked for Romney. I do know this. I think health care needs to be reformed. I know I am not smart enough to have the answer. I also know there are many wrong ways to do it. One of the wrong ways is to give government the ability and power to force it upon the American people. Government for good reason was not intended to have this power. The job can be done without allowing government to set president that can later to used for something even more distasteful. I want our legislators to know that they are there by our will and that they have limits to what they can inflict upon us. I guess I am a big picture kind of guy anytime the government tries to empower itself beyond what the Constitution frames for them.

  357. Among other things, auto insurance is (1) for the “other guy” (you’re not required to cover your own vehicle); (2) a state mandate (not federal), and (3) not required of those that don’t drive (as many that have lived in big cities can attest. Let me know when you’re forced to buy someone else’s’ contracep. . . strike that. 😆

    The best part of the orals before the SCOTUS was the question about if the federal mandate is upheld under the commerce clause what limits it from forcing people to purchase anything the government wants — to which we heard a a lot of water sipping and coughs and umms, and “well, you see. . . “

  358. Mrs. Taylor is riding Tex Taylor about this week’s newest home improvement project. I am in the process of lining a walk end closet with cedar planks (which I’m too lazy to finish – because I don’t feel like dragging out the table saw to rip about five boards or coping molding which I suck at), and Mrs. Taylor has deemed she has heard through the grapevine the house now smells like a gerbil cage. 😈

    Women. Can’t live without them and I’m vastly outnumbered. I thought she’d be pleased. Instead, she gasped when I wouldn’t tell her what I was doing.

    You guys and gals will never appreciate the gravity of this question, but she asks in this incredibly apprehensive and startled voice,

    “You’re not working inside, are you?” 😆

  359. Maybe I have not explained myself well. I am in no way injured or emotionally scarred. These are very simple truths that most people are too politically correct or uncomfortable to admit openly.

    I dont know where you hail from, but find someone that is familiar with Muskegon Heights or Grand Rapids Michigan. I promise you if you find such an individual, you will see I am absolutely justified in everything I have said. I am not happy it is so, just saying it is so.

  360. OK 435 para 6 … let me make sure I got the right one:

    What do you think of all of the things Obama has done to conceal all of his past dealings? What do you think of the 22 aids for Michelle or the $80 million in vacation? In particular what do you think of the amount of time he has spent fund raising? And finally is there a point where you see the misuses of authority and power that you could no longer vote for Obama?

    I have yet to see credible evidence that Obama has gone to great lengths to conceal past dealings.

    If I had the time to research it, I doubt I would find Michelle Obama’s staff all that different from other First Ladies. Obama’s books have made him reasonably wealthy so I never assume that vacations are on our dime. No one has yet proven to me (beyond the mandatory use of secret service and special transport) that the Obama’s don’t contribute to their own vacations. As for mixing business and pleasure … we all do.

    I actually wish he spent less time fund raising. I’ll grant you that.

    The one clear deal breaker with me is criminality. If it could be proven to me that Obama had violated the law in his use of Executive power that would give me serious misgivings about voting for him. In 2012, that means I would not vote at all. Mitt Romney is not the man I want as the standard bearer for our country.

  361. Oh, I’ll try to find it someday R. I keep bringing it up because it was damned absurd, and makes my point perfectly. I was being tag teamed by two self-righteous white dudes (you being the whitest) and accused of racism and bigotry without either of you knowing damned thing about me. When I mentioned I had black relatives, G-chin stuck to his guns because they “had married in.”

    The point is that somehow liberals have bestowed upon themselves the right to accuse others of racism at will, never needing actual proof of it – just an identity. So damned damaging it’s just pathetic. Let us know when you want to be honest about the left’s abuse of the charge of racism. And I also want to know where all of the white supremists that were supposed to come out of the woodwork to cleanse society after Obama’s election are.

  362. Next we’re going to hear from the man who attended junior high with the Mitt Romney and witnessed him leaving the restroom without washing his hands.

    LOL Muffy, I’m with you there. (BTW I still can’t figure out why you went into moderation.)

    Again the problem with the Romney bully story is not the story but Romney’s reaction to it. Basically “I don’t recall it but I won’t contest it.” Why don’t you just say you did it and you’re sorry. What’s so hard about that?

  363. Doing my research. I Was off by 2 on her staff. Here is the report.

    According to the 2009 White House report to Congress, there are 16 people with a title specifically indicating they work for Michelle Obama’s office. In other words, there are 16 people with “first lady” somewhere in their title, such as Jocelyn Frye, deputy assistant to the president and director of policy and projects for the first lady.

    The list reported by Sweet and The Last Crusade, however, includes six other staffers who do not have “first lady” in their title but are a part of the first lady’s office staff, such as Desiree Rogers, special assistant to the president and White House social secretary, and Natalie Bookey, staff assistant.

    We contacted Katie McCormick Lelyveld, Michelle Obama’s press secretary, to check the list’s accuracy. Lelyveld told us in an e-mail that the first lady’s current staff size is actually 24, not 22, as the chain e-mail claims. Lelyveld couldn’t provide a list of the staffers at that time.

  364. Tex, maybe one day the Lawsons and the Taylors can break bread together. I’d bet dollars to donuts watching the two of you in action is a real hoot.

  365. auto insurance is (1) for the “other guy”

    This is the automatic response. It’s so the other guy doesn’t have to pay for the damage you’ve inflicted on him, nor has to sue you for payment. When you don’t have health insurance and you go to the ER, you inflict financial damage upon me therefore I want you insured so your ER stay doesn’t come out of my pocket.

  366. What??? Damn, I am glad I finished my tea. It would have blown out my nose.

    The Hussein thing is usually meant in disrespect. W was not. W differentiated dad from son.

    First, it wasn’t ‘W’. It was Dubya. To hell it wasn’t meant disrespectfully. Next you stooges will be telling me “Shrub” was only meant as a adoring nickname.

    Well, if Hussein is disrespectful as middle name, I’ll revert back to the jug-eared Kenyan then. I only mean that as a name of endearment. Barry Jug Eared Kenyan Obama…my heart goes pitter patter over President Foodstamp, though.

  367. Rutherford, my wife has the fastest, driest sense of humor of anyone I’ve ever met. Her dumb husband doesn’t catch half of it until later and starts giggling about what she said after I ponder it some.

    More, we call it the E. look. I’ve never seen anyone that can say so much with a glazed, wide eye expression and open mouth. Half the time, I feel my ass has been chewed, and nary a word has been said.

    Yeah, she’s a hoot. Without a doubt, my best friend in the world.

  368. I dont know where you hail from, but

    I would never argue there aren’t regional hotbeds of racial tension. I don’t think that justifies a broad generalization.

    To answer your question, I’ve lived:

    1. In various parts of the five boroughs of New York City.
    2. Glen Cove, NY (on Long Island)
    3. Cambridge, MA
    4. Danbury, Southbury and Middlebury CT
    5. Naperville, IL (currently)

  369. Thanks Rutherford. What do you have against melodrama?

    My wife doesn’t like it either. I told people the flood took a third of our income which it did. I joked that maybe we should take in laundry or only eat twice a day. My fantasies were too vivid for her.

    We only had one black family in our county when I was in school. They owned a farm and were quite popular. I don’t know of any who live here now.

  370. Sorry missed this part.
    The combined annual salaries for the 22 staffers we can specifically identify as working for Michelle Obama come to $1.6 million

  371. Maybe Romney didn’t remember the incident as he said. I read he was the only Mormon in school. Maybe he was a raging Mormon a terror with such a record he couldn’t remember every misdeed, including the hair cutting.

  372. Sure am glad I sold JPM about four months ago. 😯 Another GE type dog in my dwindling portfolio. Only had a 100 shares, though.

  373. Rutherford, 430 was about as honest as you get. 🙂

    That actually taught me a few things I didn’t know.

  374. First, it wasn’t ‘W’. It was Dubya.

    There’s your first assumption. And it doesn’t improve from there. It is difficult to imply the entire gist [thanks Tigre] of the language when it changes to an entirely different thing as it gets pictured in your brain.

    Dubya IS disrespectful. W is NOT. It’s that brain filter thingie.

    If we were in the same room discussing it, you could better tell the difference. When reading, you need to pay better attention.

  375. Tigre, I do think the left jumps on the racial thing a bit fast. I’ve said on this blog (in articles, not just in comments) that liberal whites can really screw up an argument thinking they’re “helping” the cause. I nailed Lawrence O’Donnell for trying to get his guests to hear “coon” in the Zimmerman tape when it wasn’t clearly “coon”. I also nailed O’Donnell for suggesting Herman Cain was soft on civil rights. I remember there was some controversy about a talking greeting card a few years ago that I found absurd.

    The one thing I will not do is declare racism dead and gone and blame blacks for every predicament they find themselves in.

  376. Respectfully Rutherford, these are not generalizations. These are my life’s experiences.

    Aside from my personal interactions at work and socially, I spend part of free time working with inner-city kids. Currently in arguably the richest city in Michigan, we make 520 brown bag dinners every week for kids the schools have identified as in need. I have gotten to know a number of these kids and their parents. I’ve not spent one day on the east coast so I cannot claim to know what it is like there, but here this is just how it is.

  377. the first lady’s current staff size is actually 24

    With that established, how does that compare to Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan?

  378. I am trying to find a different source. Surprisingly those that I am finding are recalling from memory and not anything that is stated from documents. At present time, excluding First Ladies from the 60’s on back, the average staff seems to be around 14.

  379. James, actually Chris Matthews suggested that the only way Romney could not remember that particular incident would be that he bullied so many kids that he lost track.

  380. Rutherford, Chris Matthews has passed the Rubicon. At a time, he at least tried to be objective. Now, he’s just a tingle up Obama’s leg. You putting weight in Matthew’s opinion would be like me putting great weight in Michael Savage’s opinions.

  381. Yeah Poolman. Find me a bunch of those articles with ‘W’ in them.

    It’s that brain filter thingie.

    If we were in the same room discussing it, you could better tell the difference. When reading, you need to pay better attention.

    Do you really talk this way in real life? 😈 Brain Filter Thingie? I think your thingie is clogged – like those pools you build. I’ll call Rutherford Roto Rooter out to decipher that last post for me.

  382. It really isn’t about hate. It is more about..have no use for, and hold little value for. To them a white life has little value and warrants little consideration. It is very much as I stated, to them I am a second class citizen. Though in their eyes I (whites) have the power, they just have to figure out how to take it back.

  383. Chris Mathews and I had the same thought? That is scarey. Of course, i was being sarcastic.

    You mentioned driving. We would have to walk a 32 mile round trip to buy groceries.

  384. ”Again the problem with the Romney bully story is not the story but Romney’s reaction to it. Basically “I don’t recall it but I won’t contest it.” Why don’t you just say you did it and you’re sorry. What’s so hard about that?”

    When and if the job of proper research and verification has been done, I may find myself agreeing with you. The story is as clear as mud. I’m going to need more than a sloppily released half-story before I’m ready to call the guy a childhood bully. Maybe he doesn’t remember it as bullying but the ambush accusatory question scared him.

    I get bullying. If this is the extent of the evidence, I think it’s a weak case against Mitt the Bad Boy, or Mitt the Tormenter of Gays. So far his life sounds more like Mitt the Osmond.

    Bullying is the new racism. I think we risk desensitizing people further to the reality of bullying and the frightening and tragic consequences of it when it’s taken to an extreme by smearing it around in an attempt to deride Conservatives.

    By the way, did I hear that President Obama pushed a fat girl down when he was a youth? I better not have heard that. What, he told on himself for unquestionably bullying someone so that deed is washed? I suppose that’s why “the problem” with the Romney bully story is not the “bullying” itself. Bah.

    I’ll eat my words if it comes out that Mitt was a childhood bully. IF it comes out that he was and is not more of this mud.

    Rutherford, did you say you were bullied as a kid? 😦


    PS…“Do you really talk this way in real life?” LOL.

    PSS…Rutherford, I got stuck in moderation because I forgot to put mcd after muffy.

  385. Well believe me Muffy, I’m not jumping on the bully bandwagon. Hell, I say even if it is true, it is as Thor put it, creepy at worst. As Romney said, kids do stupid stuff in high school. I was bullied by one one kid in particular in Jr High but I’m pretty sure if he was asked about it today, he’d say “damn, I can’t believe Rutherford even remembers that. I forgot about it.”

    On the one hand, supposedly five guys are all telling the same story about Romney. On the other hand I have to wonder what caused these guys to suddenly “come forward”.

    Question to Alfie … did this supposed bullying see the light of day in any of Romney’s previous campaigns?

  386. Do you really talk this way in real life?

    You mean this isn’t real life? Damn virtual architects, realism has gotten too realistic!

    I communicate in many ways, like we all do. Some even Taylor-made.

  387. Rutherford
    I don’t have all the attached emotion that you seem to think I might have. To me it is just a fact of life. As with all things I worth with what is handed to me. Do I wish it were different? Absolutely.

    For me racism has a lot more to do with cultural difference than it does skin tone. Different cultures have different values, different priorities. When those come into conflict with another culture, that is when we seem to have issues. We have every holiday from each of the cultures that work for us, and we make a point to have each represented in some form or fashion in the shop. When one of those days comes someone from the office always goes out to the floor to talk to the people involved with that day to ask questions, learn what the day means for them so we can better represent and show support.

    I will never really understand the short sighted point of view of racism. My day to day job would be must less enjoyable were it not for all the different kind of people I work with. And I would like to think my kids are getting a great first hand account of places and people from all over the world.

  388. “I’ve said on this blog (in articles, not just in comments) that liberal whites can really screw up an argument thinking they’re “helping” the cause.”

    Oh, I think it’s far worse than that. I think they’re usually wrong and do immeasurable harm to race relations. And I also think liberals mostly don’t care.

  389. @ tigre the Warren story has had some legs in the Boston Herald the local counter to the Morrisey Blvd rag. The US Senate campaign isn’t really afoot here but the polling and chatter indicates it’ll be a race.
    @ Rutherford the typical negatives used against Romney in the past were all tied to Mormonism and class envy stuff. It was particularly bizarre coming from the boot legging/war profiteer trust fund fattened non driving drunken sod Catholic bigot but sadly it stuck a little. No black Mormons at the country club always had more legs than the volumes of shit oozing out of the “liberal lion”.
    [vent over]

  390. @498 hear hear. All too often the noble acts of liberals are all about their feelings not those that deal with the real issues. Another classic in MA is how the limo libbies will rail for the oppressed all day all week but if anything other than some lily white walks down their street there’s a call to 911.

  391. I think most white liberals are actually the worst form of racists. I believe behind those doors they gather, they perceive most blacks as stupid and helpless, inferior and less evolved, and pander under the guise of social justice – with the demand of taxpayer monies, of course.

    I think it gives these pretentious fools a false sense of moral superiority because their own lives are so empty and wretched. It’s an arrogance they have formed over a lifetime of being stroked by their peers and what they perceive as an injustice that only they were above. They believe their own reputations beyond reproach. But they never venture out to be challenged – they live in a bubble.

    Believing somebody second class because of demographic is the most insidious form of racism. One of these days, blacks like Rutherford are going to wake up to the fact that they’ve been hoodwinked and used.

    But it won’t happen under Obama because they (the vast majority of blacks) have invested so much of themselves in a sense of accomplishment, the failure is personal. Obama provided a hope, a belief blacks had overcome persecution, leading to a sense of liberty and freedom for a short time. And I think if Rutherford ever willing to expand a little one day, and I’m psychoanalyzing now, there is a huge fear that if Obama fails, blacks too will have failed and there will be no second chance.

    It’s an irrational fear by me. Because I don’t look at the failure of Obama because he is black, but because he is wrong. His approach is wrong, his political philosophy is wrong, his sense of justice warped by years of manipulation is devoid of real justice, his experience of economics and finance completely dependent upon like minded lackeys who are wrong, and most importantly, his morality twisted.

    It’s not just that Obama has failed. His entire staff has failed him. But the blame rests with Obama. The buck ultimately stops at the President’s feet. History will show Obama nothing special and in fact, weak and destructive – but not because he was black, but because he was unqualified. Obama was a lottery winner in a moment of serendipity and even weaker opponent.

    And ironically, I find many of these white liberals removed from their comfort zone, some of the stupidest people on earth – academia and Hollywood being

  392. Noah, ever hear of the west side Detroit suburbs Inkster and Garden City? That’s my old stomping ground. Inkster road and Cherry Hill

    On another note, I always wonder what goes through liberals minds when the headlines are about the Euro crisis. Ever notice they really don’t have much to say about it?

  393. I’d love to get one of those memory foam mattresses. I’d sleep better and be more apt to bang my old lady on the dinner table or in the garage, which, due to my rotten porno hard wiring, is more fun anyways. Not sure about my wife’s thoughts on the matter.

  394. I’ve said something along these lines before, but to summarize:

    Watching the Zimmerman thing unfold made me wonder why it is that Sharptons and other race baiters (agitators) always get it wrong. Always on a quest for proof of the most vile types of racism, and always wrong in the end. Usually with a healthy dose of incredible fiction about what had occurred and others involvement to bolster.

    It’s not because racism doesn’t exist, even the most vile forms. It clearly does. But what they are looking to prove – that it is the norm, broad-based, lurking at all times amongst those that don’t profess their compassion for minorities – doesn’t exist, at least not at the level they believe and want others to believe.

    Take Zimmerman for example. Hunting down a blacks kid and “shooting him in the streets like a dog?” That type of hatred would manifest itself in the most conspicuous ways long before Martin was shot. There would be no question, if nothing less than through his associations and a history that would leave little room for doubt about his motives. Yet there it is. A virtual indictment of an entire white community based on subjective claim of “profiling.” And thank God Sharptons ad Jacksons and NBBP are there to expose it. Pffft.

  395. Rabbit
    I dont get to Detroit all that often other than to fly out of it from time to time. I have been to the Maplewood center a couple of times so I am familiar with the area.

  396. My day to day job would be must less enjoyable were it not for all the different kind of people I work with.

    Well then you are a complex and contradictory man. If you come to the table believing that blacks hate whites and consider them second class citizens only to be used and discarded, how could you possibly value their presence at your workplace? How could you possibly appreciate diversity when you hold such a negative view of at least one minority? How can your kids approach their black peers with an open mind when you have pre-determined the attitude of the black man?

    Maybe your previous statements were a bit dramatic and you don’t feel the way I have characterized it.

  397. BTW Noah … not to toot my own horn but …

    The article that this thread is attached to. Not exactly pro-Obama is it? Let me ask you a simple question. Would you EVER find this article posted to Fat Grannies (M&H)?

  398. there is a huge fear that if Obama fails, blacks too will have failed and there will be no second chance.

    Damn straight Skippy! Seriously, very perceptive of you Tex and absolutely right on the money. One very big ingredient in wanting Obama to succeed is the fear that if he blows it, we won’t see another black in the White House for 20 to 30 years. I’ve thought it and I’ve said it aloud.

  399. Tigre for some reason you like to ignore the bad history of the Sanford police and the blacks who live there. The Martin shooting didn’t just raise eyebrows out of the blue. There was context.

  400. I agree, Tigre.

    I believe it’s a mutually shared and destructive relationship that MSNBC and Sharpton formed of desperation to remain recognized. It’s not like their reputation will be damaged further, as both already defiled to the point of irrelevancy – at least the nighttime version of MSNBC. Sharpton’s only cover the threat of mob rule.

    Sharpton couldn’t pull 2% of the DImocratic vote in a Presidential primary once upon a time. I’m quite sure that it would be worse now, as Sharpton more of a spectacle like bad comedy than serious civil rights activist. Frankly, I’m surprised Sharpton can pull an audience at all.

    Sharpton is a buffoon that plays to the uneducated helpless and completely disenfranchised. I could be wrong, but I would wager there’s a small minority of Sharpton fans even in the black circles. That may play in the hood and NBP crowd, but blacks in the suburbs and even the dock worker tune the race hustlers out to a large degree – at least that’s been my experience.

    The lackeys at MSNBC, unable to draw a large and stable audience, have used Sharpton as trial balloon to attract viewership,hoping to capture a large part of the completely disinterested black audience (Rutherford a rare bird).

    In turn, Sharpton continues his march of infamy to enrich himself. His own organization is millions of dollars in debt. Were Sharpton white, he would be in the pen for tax evasion, but our politically correct leadership wouldn’t touch men like Sharpton for fear of riot.

    Sharpton’s only livelihood is the street hustle and he’s racist to the core.

  401. “Well then you are a complex and contradictory man. If you come to the table believing that blacks hate whites and consider them second class citizens only to be used and discarded, how could you possibly value their presence at your workplace?”

    Rutherford. This would be the defining difference of the Liberal and Conservative mindset. I do not believe in things like situational ethics and moralities. Being your own man, owning who you are means not letting others dictate to you who you will be and how you will act. Just because someone holds a view of me I do not share does not change who I am, if I am a stand up guy, and I like to think that I am.

    I find it interesting that you think the only possibility is for me to be in conflict with these people. I prefer to understand the boundaries, and work within them, and find ways to get past the barriers that separate us.

    “How could you possibly appreciate diversity when you hold such a negative view of at least one minority? How can your kids approach their black peers with an open mind when you have pre-determined the attitude of the black man? ”

    First off you are mischaracterizing everything I have said and making assumptions. I do not give my children my beliefs. Instead we have conversations. I pose questions and them ask them what they think. We then walk through their thought process and try to find if their is any truth in it with more questions. I find this tends to not only create less conflict with my more headstrong child, but also gets the curious and in turn leads them to asking me questions.

    I do not hold a negative view of any minority. I understand, and truthfully articulated reality. I didn’t add any Liberal window dressing and try to romanticize it or make it more politically correct. This is a fundamental truth, and ignoring it or trying to make it something that is not serves no one.

    As for being per-determined. Again this is my life’s experience. I went in expecting race relations were one way to find it was a completely different. Considering my assumptions were dead wrong, and I admitted as such, how can any of it be per-determined?

    I hope you don’t spend your life letting the actions of others define you.

  402. Thanks for the links, Alfie.

    Yeah, thanks for the links, especially this part.

    “Under Romney’s leadership, the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee hired five lobbying firms, according to Senate lobbying records. Together with its in-house lobbying shop, the Salt Lake committee spent more than $3.5 million and, according to AP, sought federal dollars “to support a tree planting program, anti-doping educational programs, cultural outreach, communications and Weather Service funding, among other areas.”

    The GAO did not perform a post-Olympic analysis of the total cost to taxpayers, but Romney once put the sum at $400 million, and once boasted that he “got record funds from the federal government.””

    You guys and gals are completely missing the point. I’m not saying Romney did anything illegal or even wrong. What I’m saying is he didn’t work any super awesome, executive bathroom, secret handshake, business voodoo to turn around the games, rather, he simply hired lobbyists to solicit a ransom from the taxpayers. Not exactly the requisite skill set for the Austerity Messiah your side so desperately seeks.

  403. “The best part of the orals before the SCOTUS was the question about if the federal mandate is upheld under the commerce clause what limits it from forcing people to purchase anything the government wants — to which we heard a a lot of water sipping and coughs and umms, and “well, you see. . . “” – ET

    If I had been standing in front of the women and men in black (I know, that image is going to give you nightmares ET 😉 ) I would have straightened my clip-on bow tie and then offered, “The Electorate.”

    Even if the precedent is set, to allow purchase mandates under the commerce clause, that won’t guarantee the political viability of future mandates. The laws will still have to be justified by the elected officials that pass them.

  404. “One very big ingredient in wanting Obama to succeed is the fear that if he blows it, we won’t see another black in the White House for 20 to 30 years. I’ve thought it and I’ve said it aloud.” – R

    Really? That time span represents three successful administrations. Simple math would tell you to only expect a black president every six administrations.

    I want Obama to succeed because I want this country to succeed. If Romney wins it will mean we have fallen back into recession, and I don’t think he’ll have a clue what to do about it.

  405. Thor you’re only right to a point about what Romney did. As you say there was govt. input but on the flip side he also rallied a smaller number of private sponsors than previous Games and he clearly managed a Game that was truly mired in deep muck. Muck he had no hand in creating.
    Rutherford, the optimist in me who is a very tiny entity says it is because all in all this is the best and deepest there is. The “value” I think is worth the same no matter,perhaps only slightly higher today due to the overreactive anti-bullying aka pussification campaigns in our schools today.
    Obama will dig deeper into Bain but other than fresh spin on class envy talking points these two might actually have to eventually campaign on the issues. Wouldn’t that be something?
    (fwiw the Obama sides laundry has been played as much as I think it can)

  406. Thor says:
    and I don’t think he’ll have a clue what to do about it.
    hahaha like BO has his fingers on the pulse of it all.

  407. “there is a huge fear that if Obama fails, blacks too will have failed and there will be no second chance.”

    and Rutherford replied: ‘Damn straight Skippy’

    Keeping Obama in office is the priority? Jesus, get your head screwed on straight. Engineers call this “suboptimization” – elegantly solving the wrong problem.

    It “black America” wants a laundry list of the problems it needs to solve, I would recommend listening to one of its own, Mr, Bill Cosby. Drugs, illegitimate birth, crime, institutionalized indolence and apathy might be good places to start. Getting and keeping a 1/2 African into the White House? That would be ‘way down on the list, IMHO, (and it was largely done by white independents like myself, anyway). With that in mind, let me add one more to the list: priorities.

    And one more: The Economy. That should be your priority, just as it should be for everybody else. We’re not Africans; we’re all Americans, remember?

  408. End of the day, there is not enough money in the economy to pay for the programs we have in place now. The only way to fix our current problems is to stimulate the economy and cut spending.

    I don’t think anyone is under the delusion that Obama intends to cut spending. I think we all know he will have more programs and more spending in his next term.

    As for stimulating the economy, Obama has added 106 new regulations that cost $100mil or more a year since taking office. That has added $46 billion of cost for businesses to do business in this country. Most of it is for green energy and global warming program requirements. This is as every bit unsustainable as our governments spending.

    Unless someone can show me how more regulations on business making it harder for businesses to be profitable and to create jobs and a plan on how our government spending more will fix our spending problem, then an Obama vote will be a disastrous choice for our country.

  409. Thanks, Muffy,

    No, Rutherford, this article would not have played well at that other blog. YOU wouldn’t play well there.

    Have you noticed TOB has morphed into the troll under the bridge? “Behave kids, or the grandmas under your bed will get you.”

    321 describes it well.

    A New York columnist’s comments about the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota described one of the poorest places in the United States. He doesn’t think it can be fixed until the culture changes. Its short comings also apply to the black and growing white underclasses.

    LIberal politicians try to keep the under class dependent to win elections. They are also anti private business, because they believe the answer to our prayers is big government. Onerous regulations are strangling our economy.

  410. Thor –

    I’m not trying to pull a Katie Couric on you here, but when you say that Romney will bring on further recession, what are you reading that tells you Obama’s path is the right one and Romney’s is wrong? I think I read a pretty broad range of financial material and everything I see says that BO/Geithner/The Bernank are doing exactly what Weimar Germany did: printing so much money that they are effectively stiffing America’s creditors by paying them with worthless currency. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  411. “Tigre for some reason you like to ignore the bad history of the Sanford police and the blacks who live there. The Martin shooting didn’t just raise eyebrows out of the blue. There was context.”

    So the tweeting of Zimmerman’s home address was part of a “context?”

    The threats made yesterday against his defense counsel was part of a “context?”

    The deliberate efforts to mischaracterize his race and background had “context?”

    Accusing him of “hunting down a young black boy and shooting him like a dog” had context?

    Blow me. I am not talking about “raising eyebrows.”

    I wish you’d read and attempt to digest what I actually wrote before trying to find excuses for the lynch mob you cheer on to validate your perceptions of racism — i.e. the very point I was trying to make: “You don’t really care whether the accusations are true or not. Your agenda is all that really matters.”

    And the worst part of being wrong about what happened would not be that a young man and his family’s lives were destroyed — wrongly accused and persecuted by the most powerful forces that exist in our society. It’s that you’ll have egg on your face and be required to move on believing and trying to convince others that you acted with the purest of motives.

    Then back to look for more “proof” of the pervasive and vile racism you actually wish existed to fulfill your need to pretend that your outrage a meaningful contribution to social justice.

  412. James – re: Indian reservations. I’m going to talk a little out of school here, but I think I can protect the identities of the guilty.

    My son-in-law is a high-level programmer: think HBO Go, that kind of stuff. The previous company he worked for bid on a government contract for an Indian Affairs database-type of software. His company’s bid was about $2M, and they put together a prototype to show what could be done and the features it would have.

    The govt procurer turned them down, saying, “We have $80M to spend and we intend to spend it all; what can a $2M piece of software do?

    Well, it met every spec and had some additional functionalities built in, and that was the prototype.

    Another HUGE contractor (who shall remain nameless, but is a name you have heard) got the contract. My son-in-law has kept track of the project through a friend: five years later they are at $200M and have never delivered a line of code. The govt pulled the plug after paying them for their services.

    How many hungry papooses could you have fed on that money? How many alcohol-abuse programs could you have funded? How many miles of road? Feh.

  413. @tigre 525

    Well, well said. Maybe you ARE a lawyer, after all. (I especially like the Blow Me line – terse, concise and certainly appropriate.)

  414. Its sad isn’t it Pfessor. I’ve been on the Pine Ridge reservation, and what you described makes it even worse. Our cynical exploitation of those people is a terrible blemish on our history, but few care.

    The Indians’ similarity to the Sami has not been lost on Europe’s indigenous people. Some have called themselves “white American Indians.” Like the Indians, they fought bravely when they had to. Indians destroyed Custer. The Sami and Fins defeated the Soviet Army.

    The dominate culture still looks down on them, though it has appologized.

    Norwegian singer Marie Boine said “I was filled with a volcano of anger and rage that had to get out because I learned what had been done to my people. There were so many angry songs that had to get out.” She became a popular singer.

    Sami singer Sophia Jannuk was a guest on a New York radio show. The host welcomed her and her first comment was not pleasure and thanks for being on the show. It was “I’ll bet you were expecting someone short and brown instead of a tall blond woman.”

    I think the Indians have directed their anger toward themselves while the Sami send it to their world.

    “Feh” indeed.

  415. I believe like the Sami, Indians and similar minorities harbor an element of self-hatred. It is safer to hate yourself than oppressors who can harm you.

  416. Yep. There’s our racially driven DOJ at it again.

    I’m about ready to contribute to Zimmerman’s defense fund. What’s happening is just disgusting.

  417. I don’t think it is Thor who gets this point about Romney and the Olympics. But then, I don’t think he wants to understand. It doesn’t fit with the “successes” of the Obama reelection committee message. Since there are none besides Bin Laden, and that already played out, from here on out it will be about the opponent. Because it damn sure can’t sell Obama’s miserable record.

    I just happened to listen to MSNBC almost by accident last night (I thought I turned to AMC) and the usual players and guests were shouting in unison the same meme of the day – Bain Capital didn’t produce anything. David Corn was dinner guest and it helped to confirm once again where our blog host and fellow libs get their message.

    Two problems with their conclusions: Bain did in at least 78% of the cases – the corporations thrived after takeover and showed a profit. That is the standard definition of a successful corporation – to make a profit for its shareholders. If you don’t believe me libs, ask your patron saint Warren Buffett.

    Second, even if MSNBC correct about Bain, they’ve missed an important point. Government doesn’t produce anything either – unless dependency a product.

    Romney oversaw a failed committee working with corrupt IOC and turned it around. That’s about as close an endeavor to government work as it gets without holding office. If Thor wants to believe Romney did that by hitting up the government, so be it – though the monies already appropriated before Romney got there. The Olympics is a national event by definition, so yes, government plays a large role in both obtaining and being represented. That’s why George Bush sat amongst the athletes.

    The difference between Romney’s approach and Obama’s approach is simple:

    Success vs. Failure.

  418. I prefer to understand the boundaries, and work within them, and find ways to get past the barriers that separate us.

    Well that is good to hear and frankly doesn’t synch up with your initial comments. You are right that I interpreted your “telling it like it is” as a very dark mood about the whole subject of race relations.

    I fully agree with you that we cannot let others define us. This is particularly true because “others” lean toward underestimating vs overestimating. If we only accepted the potential others saw in us, we wouldn’t get very far.

    Frankly Noah, at least from my perspective, you started here not making a great first impression. With continued dialog (and I appreciate your willingness to engage) you are fleshing out a bit. While we will never be political allies, perhaps we will get to the point of understanding neither of us is a cookie-cutter cartoon character.

  419. 😀

    Their big ratings magnet is your favorite lesbian Rachel Maddow.

    If that’s a big ratings magnet, must be a mighty small midget refrigerator. I would guess about 18″ tall. The Chaz is what? Four to five times behind Hannity on a typical night?

  420. Really? That time span represents three successful administrations. Simple math would tell you to only expect a black president every six administrations.

    I want Obama to succeed because I want this country to succeed. If Romney wins it will mean we have fallen back into recession, and I don’t think he’ll have a clue what to do about it.

    Thor, don’t focus on the 20 to 30 years. I pulled the numbers out of my a$$ simply to express the belief that the first black POTUS being a failure will be fuel for the bigots to say “I told you so.”

    Having a series of black Presidents is not my goal. Like you, I want the country to prosper. I was just addressing Tex’s accurate perception that there is an element of racial insecurity wrapped up in seeing Obama succeed or fail.

    In fact, this was such a rare and empathetic perception on Tex’s part I am beginning to wonder if the dude is really a brother just passing for the past couple of years.

    What say you, Tyrone Taylor? 😉

  421. Pfesser,

    If Obama is the external anal sphincter, Holder is what’s traveling through – an unabashed black racist and thug. Holder ought to wear a Black Panther bow tie. And no, I’m not kidding. Holder is reason #3 why Obama is both dangerous and certainly does not deserve reelection our of a list of 10,000 reasons not to reelect Obama.

    Want to see a hate crime? A real hate crime based exclusively on victim’s status and color? Something far, far more insidious than Trayvon™ Martin?

    If Trayvon a federal hate crime, why doesn’t this gruesome crime in my own home town qualify as one?

    P.S. – the man died last week of broken heart, after being shot repeated in the face with a BB gun and beaten with blunt instrument. The 85 year old woman, beaten and raped, died about two days after the incident.

    The black community will share no further information and being completely uncooperative and there were believed to by other perpetrators.


  422. Rutherford, slap my fro. 😀

    That last sentence in my previous post made no sense whatsoever. Geez….

  423. Jesus, get your head screwed on straight.

    PF please spare me the lecture on priorities. As I told Thor, Tex zoned in on a very real deep seated fear. The last thing black folk need on top of all your enumerated deficiencies is “and they suck at being President. They need to stick to rap and basketball.” 😐

  424. “Frankly Noah, at least from my perspective, you started here not making a great first impression.”

    That means you’re off to a good start Noah. 😆

  425. PF I think you misread Thor (or maybe I did 🙂 ). Thor did not say Romney will bring on another recession. He basically said Romney will NOT get elected UNLESS we have a double dip … and then, in that case, he will have no clue how to get us out of it.

    Thor, correct me if I’m wrong.

  426. If this isn’t Karma, I don’t know what is. Chris Matthews was actually stupid enough to appear on Jeopardy, after mocking how Sarah Palin would appear on Jeopardy? 😆 😆 😆

    And then the fun really began in the category “6-Letter World Capitals” with the answer, “St. Basil’s Cathedral is there.”

    Readers are once again reminded the category was “6-Letter World Capitals.”

    Almost astonishingly, the pompous and holier-than-thou Matthews responded, “What is Istanbul?”

    The correct response – containing six letters and not eight! – was Moscow.

    Looks like Matthews channeled his inner Joe Biden. Told you that MSNBC crew were utter morons out of the bubble.


  427. Tex, now that I think of it, I did want to respond to an earlier attack. You basically called me a pussy for not standing and fighting the M&H crowd. Call it an excuse if you like, but I was SO unnerved by being outed that I lost my bearings. There I am reading comments and making my case and suddenly I see my real name in a comment. I never dreamed anyone would do that. It totally knocked me on my ass.

    I did stay and fight a bit longer but honestly I knew if I didn’t just quit the place I’d start saying stuff I’d regret. For all my condemnation of ad hominem attacks, I was damn close to launching a volley of my own. It had my stomach turning upside down. I had to get out. No choice.

  428. Thanks for the link, Tex. That’s going out to everyone in my conservative mailing list – about 40.

    I still think about those “youths” in Charlottesville – all black – who attacked whites only as they were on a walking path from the downtown walking mall to the parking lot. Beat hell out of them for no reason, just did it for fun – there was never even the attempt to call it “self defense.” The feds declined, after many requests, to prosecute it as a hate crime – (itself probably the worst legal construct to ever come down the pike).

  429. I wish you’d read and attempt to digest what I actually wrote before trying to find excuses for the lynch mob

    Who’s excusing a lynch mob? Get over yourself. I repeatedly condemned the threats made against Z and his family.

    You would like us to believe that a cozy peaceful community of racial harmony was suddenly torn asunder by Al Sharpton and I’m telling you that just ain’t true. Nothing more, nothing less.

  430. Rutherford. Don’t worry about ducking out of MH. I don’t think anybody faults you for leaving after you got outed.

    Goes to show, tho. One of the denizens – one of the WORST ones – accidentally posted a link to a political forum, but when you followed it, it linked to a form page that was already filled out with her real name, phone number and email/postal address. I emailed her immediately and told her so she could take it down. I guess I should have kept the data and sent it to YOU. LOL Oh well, not my style I guess…

    As they say in Wisconsin to “Bucky the Badger”, Fuck ’em Bucky.

  431. “You would like us to believe that a cozy peaceful community of racial harmony was suddenly torn asunder by Al Sharpton and I’m telling you that just ain’t true.”

    Fucking A Rutherford. Read what I wrote. Think man. Think!

    Your comments are exactly what I’m talking about for Christ’s sake.

  432. No, I didn’t say you were a pussy. I say you got all sissified and ran back to the comfort of home instead of blasting their collective brains out of their heads right there on that feckless blog, which you are perfectly capable of doing. What I never understood about you, is you were winning the argument and everyone knew it but you.

    That’s why I told you not to get mad or get hurt. Get even. And then you could have used this blog to do just that. As it was,Tigre and I were so taken back by the tactics and that our liberal barkeep and host was being outed and kicked, we went to war with those collective twits – hence banning number 1 of 7 for Tex, morphing into Wayne Perram. Ironically, Wayne stayed the longest. 😆

    You’re a lefty, liberal skunk – but you’re our liberal skunk.

  433. Two things about Zimmerman:

    First, I don’t see how the Fed can act until the local trial is done. How can he be acquitted locally and then charged with a hate crime at the Fed level? Makes no sense.

    Second, all you need is one look at Zimmerman to know this man had no business owning a gun. I haven’t seen one picture of him since he was arrested where he didn’t look like a deer caught in the headlights. This is no Clint Eastwood by any stretch.

  434. I just happened to listen to MSNBC almost by accident last night (I thought I turned to AMC) Yeah right …. tell us another one, you closet liberal!!!! 😆

    “I just happened to be at a gay bar last night. I thought it was a men’s fashion store.” 🙂

  435. Rutherford, I been meaning to ask you and keep forgetting in that one aspect of the universe you’ve got me whipped like a dawg. 😀 Well okay. Maybe a couple of other things – grammar and writing skill being the most obvious.

    Now that you’ve used Windows 7, what’s the verdict? I really like it.

  436. WHAT?! WHAT?! How he LOOKS? Are you shitting me? How is he supposed to look? He is arrested, facing a long jail term with a prison full of blacks who are looking to enhance their reputations by killing him? How the fuck is he supposed to look? Happy? He fucking looks like a deer in the headlights because that is exactly what he is.

    And FYI, how someone looks has not got a damned thing to do with whether they are entitled to own a firearm. I don’t think the Constitution mentions someone’s facies in the First Amendment.

    Jesus man, sometimes I could just shake you.

  437. For any visitors reading this thread, please be clear I do not endorse Zimmerman’s defense fund. I am leaving the link in place on First Amendment principles.

  438. No, really Brother “R”. I was back in the back bedroom which isn’t HD and got my channels crossed which are only two digits apart here. When I saw Corn on, I stuck for a few minutes because Corn always looks like he’s just a few seconds from infarction. I think it was Matthews. Could have been Crazy Larry because it piqued my curiosity like a plane crash.

    I’d come closer to being a queer in the men’s fashion shop than a fan of MSNBC. You gotta know that. 😀

  439. Pf, there are supposedly a lot of fake defense fund websites. Did you verify the one you posted?

    ROTFLMAO … it would serve you clowns right to contribute at a bogus site where all the proceeds go to … wait for it …

    The New Black Panther Party.

    😆 😆 😆 😆

  440. Rutherford
    I remember some of you getting outed. I think it was way out of line and I would like nothing better than to see an invasion of that blog for a spell and hand them their collective asses. But Im a nice guy like that.

  441. Now that you’ve used Windows 7, what’s the verdict? I really like it.

    I was so disgusted with Vista that just about anything would have been an improvement. The biggest plus so far is STABILITY. I swear, when I had Vista on this machine I was rebooting by necessity at least once every couple of days. Now the puter runs smooth as silk.

    It could be argued it’s not the OS but simply that the format of the hard drive cleaned a lot of crap up. Regardless, I’m a much happier camper now.

  442. I don’t think the Constitution mentions someone’s facies in the First Amendment.

    Ahhhh shame you didn’t read the first draft where Jefferson explicitly writes:

    “And the right to bear arms will be denied to no man except he that looks like he will shiteth in his own pants at the slightest suggestion of danger.”

  443. Rutherford you’ve asked me a couple of political questions this thread and now it’s my turn.

    Have you heard the chatter of Obama tapping Hilary as VP?
    Potential insight on the MA Senate campaign. John Kerry has been standing in for Biden on FP meetings. Add A+B+C= Hillary for VP Kerry to State and Warren is beat by Brown but then gets in under the states special election process.
    People that find politics boring…I just don’t understand it.
    What say you or anybody else????

  444. “I never dreamed anyone would do that. It totally knocked me on my ass.”

    What do you expect from a group that worships a blogger who calls the President at the time (Bush) an asshole and a son of a bitch? A blogger who laughs when the President is gravely insulted by an indocile journalist – who might have physically harmed “W” by the way. A blogger who goes so far as to support the guy that threw the shoe and calls her side-splitting satire “If the Shoe Fits.”

    But it’s funny. It’s all about the funny.

    They (Fat Grannies) are the worst liberals you’ll ever cross paths with. And I used to regularly attended monthly Dim Sum with a group of rich white academics and techies in Seattle who talked lovingly of their $12,000 Sub-Zero refridgerators and hatefully about everything Conservative and especially the President. It was quite the eye-opener on the tolerant and compassionate Liberal, along with some of the best Dim Sum I’ve ever eaten.

  445. Ahh the ladies finally banned together to ban me again at M & H. PFesser, remember you asking about the whole hydra thing? Every time I tried to answer you they would delete my response. I had to and will again resort to proxy servers to get my message across which requires a number of name changes to keep them guessing.

  446. “wait for it …

    The New Black Panther Party.”

    Well they could do so without fear of the Holder DOJ doing anything about — well, other than making its own contribution.

  447. “It could be argued it’s not the OS but simply that the format of the hard drive cleaned a lot of crap up.”

    Yes, a format + clean install is the simplest and quickest way to get back to your PC’s top speed. But Vista was the worst version of Windows that was ever released, with the possible exception of WindowsMe. I felt trerrible when I sold my used versions of both on eBay.

    XP is king, very stable, but I’ve had 7 for quite a while now and I’m very happy with it. No complaints whatsoever.

  448. Rutherford, I know what happened the last time you were there. As Tex said, you were winning the argument, because you are smarter than most and you have the mental agility to keep them off balance. Had they not thought you were a threat, they would have ignored you.

    I was writing hypothetically about your fictional return.

    I agree the effect of Obama’s failure and possible election loss would make some people think twice about voting for another black man. However, that legitimate concern is a bad reason for voting for a politician. If he won and his record was no better, Obama’s election victory would further damage the chances of a future black candidate.

    Eric Holder is a racist. The DOJ’s latest adventure is an invasion of Omaha. Nebraska has a primary today, and the election commissioner earlier reduced the number of polling places to save money. He did make some mistakes, and tried to correct them.

    Democrats complained, and now the Justice Department is monitoring the election. its too bad Fast and Furious fails to bother them.

  449. XP is king, but it took me three updates of it to get to king on my old machine that went kaput. If I didn’t have all this “borrowed” software from medical school, and the pain of restoring a gazillion kid and dog pictures, I believe I would format this tablet and restore it to its natural condition of XP and nothing else.

    Tell you what brings a computer to its knees – McAfee. Even this brand new one I’m using now slows dramatically when McAfee is updating – which seems like every 30 minutes. 😡

    But it’s free with COX Communications premier package so I don’t bitch too much.

  450. Muffy, at least you got some good DimSum out of it. 🙂

    To be completely technically accurate, I didn’t do a clean install of Windows 7. I restored my hard drive to a factory edition of Vista that was in a restore partition. Then, once I did that, I installed the Windows 7 upgrade.

    I would have preferred to do a Windows 7 clean install but finances being what they are, I opted to buy the upgrade edition instead.

  451. Muffy or anyone else, we bought an e machine in 2005. Its 512 MB of memory is half full. The XP system has worked well. Its self-diagnostic tests show everything is fine.

    Last winter, the computer began to freeze. It worked fine, after I turned it off and back on. The intervals between freezes grew shorter, and finally we had a black screen for minutes or hours. One time, I left the machine on all night, turned it off and on several times until the computer operated normally.

    Best Buys’ Geek Squad told me either the hard drive was failing or the mother board was sick.They had looked at the computer two months earlier and changed the settings so our anti virus protection was gone. They removed several minor viruses.

    We haven’t had time to take the computer anywhere, and now, it works fine. Two days ago, it froze again and yesterday, the screen was black for five hours. I got it back, and now it works fine again.

    I have been letting the computer hibernate when it isn’t used.

    We hope we can keep the computer running until the new Windows system is for sale.

    Any ideas?

  452. Depends what you want to spend, James. I really like this all in one HP I purchased over the net – without the in house 3 yr warranty, $600-700. And it screams, plus the screen is gorgeous, the touch screen and Skyping is pretty cool too. Everything but the power cord is wireless.

    I still prefer a Desktop when available. I’m starting to have a hard time reading the tablet anymore. Gulp.

  453. Alfie, I think Tigre captures part of this argument correctly. Dumping Biden would be viewed as the POTUS having zero loyalty. For Hillary it’s quite risky. If she joins the ticket and loses she now has to face an incumbent Romney in 2016 with a loss on her record. If she simply retires from State and cools her heels for a year or so, she can then attack Romney without the blemish of a loss on her record.

    I haven’t seen a pundit yet who doesn’t believe Hillary wants the top job despite her protests to the contrary. But there’s now scuttlebutt that Biden wants the top job too. So that complicates things.

    When we get right down to it, I think the Obama-Clinton ticket is nothing more than a PUMA’s wet dream. I’ll be very surprised to see Biden get dumped.

    P.S. From an ego perspective, going from State to VP is a step down for Hillary. I believe it was one of FDR’s VP’s (not Truman) who said the Vice Presidency isn’t worth a cup of warm piss.

  454. If he won and his record was no better, Obama’s election victory would further damage the chances of a future black candidate.

    Some truth in that … absolutely.

  455. James I’m shocked you’re surviving on 512 MB. I don’t think you can buy a computer nowadays with less than a gig of RAM. You say you’re only using 50% (at peak?) so I guess you’re ok …. but I’m still shocked.

  456. Thanks Tex. Someone else also recommended HP

    We prefer a Desktop, too. Since we are outside of the range of high speed internet our computer has a high speed modem. Therefore, the lap top my wife borrowed from school last year couldn’t connect on line.

    I’m sorry you are having a harder time reading the tablet. Aging is the pits isn’t it?

  457. “This crap has gone on long enough and getting far too frequent.”

    Holy shit. Too bad he didn’t have a gun. . .er. . . know karate or something (jabs R). 😆

    That’s a sucker punch. Are you watching R? Once landed, the size of the aggressor doesn’t matter whole lot.

    Of course, the white dude was probably profiling the black dude. . .

  458. Rutherford, I don’t ask for much. Our machine is mostly a repository of seven years of weather observations, news and science stories. It has a couple of video games, e mails, some pictures, and music.

    Much of my music and some articles are book marked to save computer space. I also put a lot of stuff on memory cards and DVDs via the video camera. I still back things up on video tape too. Our external hard drive is also only about half full.

    I don’t know how long memory cards, cds and DVDs will hold their information, but the video tapes we bought with our first VCR in 1983 still show images.

    I am shockingly low tech and minimalist sometimes.

  459. Michele Malkin has a column on her blog about James O’Keefes’ exposing more voter registration fraud in North Carolina, and other states. Eric Holder is considering possible criminal charges against him.

    This is just another example of DOJ malfeasance besides the Zimmerman case.

    Malkin urged her reader to vote because “If it ain’t close, they can’t cheat.”

  460. James, a couple of things first.

    1) What “Service Pack” are you on? Right-click on My Computer on your desktop and select Properties. When the System Properties tab comes up, the Ganeral tab lists this information. It will say

    Windows XP
    Service Pack 3 (hopefully it says 3)

    2) Am I correct in saying Foxfire is your internet browser?

    3) How do you update your Windows software? Do you know what I mean?

    4) Did your PC come with recovery disks? The original operating disks?

    5) Is there stuff on your computer that you don’t want to lose? That you don’t have backed up?

    6) Can you post a link to your machine from the manufacturer? Not critical, just helpful.

    I can put together some things for you to try and email them to Rutherford, who can forward them to you if you’re OK with that. It’ll take a day or so, I’m in the middle of a project.

    But Tex and Rutherford are right – it may be time for an upgrade (new machine, better components). It’s not so much the miles on a computer but the age. Especially in keeping up with the internet – which pushes home PCs further all the time – and dial-up is always going to choke on chunks of data no matter how smooth you’re machine is running.

    Of course Apple does cater to the casual home user, as PF can attest to.

  461. Oh Lord, James. Did you just mention Michelle Malkin AND James O’Keefe in the same comment? That’s not good.

  462. Technology has really advanced in the past few years. Right now, more is less and getting lesser. That is the cycle we’re in.

    Few things stand the test of time without any distortion. I remember recently rabbit had a parent go bonkers over showing her kid a classic and near flawless work of art. Michelangelo’s painted image of God first interfacing with man from the Sistine Chapel reminds me of the way we are beginning to interface as gods in our lives. That same creative and vibrant loving touch. A power point.

    “You’ll be like God, knowing good and evil.” [original lie]

  463. Catching up here, I think of the all-in-ones as comparable to the average mac for home use, especially the ones that have made it to Win7. But the brand Apple is as reliable as any PC maker and moreso than many, from what I’ve heard.

  464. “But the brand Apple is as reliable as any PC maker and moreso than many, from what I’ve heard.”

    You could say that. I have had Macs since 1999; each time I upgrade I just hook a cable from the old to the new Mac and start them both up. An hour later all my old stuff is on my new computer, in its usual place, and working. All software upgrades go as follows: put the disk in, go get a cup of coffee. An hour later, new operating system, all my data and programs are in their usual places, working. Despite the fact that I have all my old stuff for the last 13 years I have never had to do a “cleaning” of my hard drive. When I take programs off they do not leave debris behind that slows the computer. It Just Works. Period.

    I see there is a trojan now for the Mac but I’ve never run antiviral software or ever had a virus.

    Yep, you could say it’s as reliable as a PC. (snort)

  465. I said PC maker. Sony, HP, etc.

    Mac OS X is more secure than Windows, no argument there.

    That said, there are a number of factors involved in your virus-free experience, PF. The security of the Mac OS itself is one of about 4 or 5 major reasons for the security gap between Apple and All-the-rest.

    Not to discount the importance of that one.

  466. Do you find life more rewarding with so many things at your fingertips? I think it so easy to be overwhelmed. Daily I go through various email accounts, reading, deleting, forwarding and responding to some of those (and I’m sure mine are minor compared to some of you guys), check all my daily news sources and interests between and during phone calls…

    It’s exhausting. It was more relaxing working concrete. 😆

    My, but the graphics are precious…

  467. I may reconsider my stance on the existence of a supreme being.

    😆 That was just a shot across the wings. Wait until the real bolt hits.

    Hey Rutherford, one thing I can guarantee you the Good Lord isn’t. French.

  468. To answer your question, Poolman. Has technology made my life more rewarding or simpler? Yes to the former, no to the latter. Without it, I wouldn’t have made this very room’s presence. Now in your case, you probably wish I had never heard of the internet. 😀

    In fact, today I’m building a cedar closet just to do something different.

    But last night in a panic, I realized, “OH NO! I left my phone at home!!! What if the truck breaks down?” And then I looked at my dog riding shotgun with me and thought, “Wait a minute. I’ve driven the bayou in the dark without so much as cell phone in within a hundred miles – much less people either. Damn, I have turned into a coward. Screw it.”

    Didn’t seem to bother the Mick much – we could learn a bunch from dogs.

  469. I talked to a flight engineer on a C-130 Herc who had experienced a direct hit from a major bolt of lightning. He said it was so loud he thought they had “run over a Cessna.” It blew a 1sq.ft. hole in the nose bowl and exited the fuselage/wings at various places. He said it was pretty windy, but they kept right on keepin’ on. Great aircraft.

  470. You know, I wanted to buy a Mac. But the damn things were more than twice as expensive as the one I bought. If it had been 25% more, maybe I would have. But I still think Macs are pretty pricey. My kids both have one, and I choked on the bill (twice).

  471. Speaking of technology – I was only referring to electronics and data processing stuff.

    I can damn well guarantee you I am incredibly grateful to have a miter saw and table saw today over sawing by hand. Makes what those people of antiquity did all the more unbelievable – with stone.