Allen West Channels John Iselin

Fans of the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate know that John Iselin was the hapless tool of his wife, a Communist plotter played by Angela Lansbury. A running joke in the film was that Iselin (modeled after Joseph McCarthy) always named a different number of Communists who had infiltrated the department of defense. His wife helped him settle on a number with the help of a bottle of Heinz 57 ketchup.

Fast forward to 2012 and truth becomes stranger than fiction. Tuesday, Florida congressman Allen West told a gathering that there were between 78 and 81 Democrats in Congress who are Communists. I desperately wanted to find  a video of the original John Iselin declaration but did my work for me.

Now could someone just tell Allen’s wife (who by scary coincidence is named Angela) to get him a bottle of ketchup so he can settle on one number?

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208 thoughts on “Allen West Channels John Iselin

  1. Scratch an American socialist, and they bleed red Communist. I don’t find anything too terribly awkward about West’s statement and in fact agree with it. Undoubtedly, you’re still too ignorant to realize McCarthy was later proven right, no manner how dictatorial he was. Most accused were later proven to be Communist.

    I too think most progressives are another flavor of communist, many jack booted thugs that if given a measure of power, would rule by fiat and threat. I think 80% of the black Caucus are tribal communists – most of them buffoons to be laughed at.

    What’s that fat horse’s ass that wears the pink cowgirl hat in Congress? She’s so stupid, they ought to throw her in a freak show and just let her talk. They’d make millions.

    You think Maxine Waters isn’t a Communist? Sheete…

  2. How’s this for a hint of humor?

    Hilary Rosen, hired by Debbie Whatshername Schultz as communications consultant for the DNC, says that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life.

    I guess raising five sons as a stay at home mom counts for nothing these days, hey Progs? What was it you Libs were saying again about Republican candidates having a “woman problem” again?

    Face it dregs – you hate life, you hate mothers, you hate success, you hate morality, you hate virtue, you hate God. Your entire power base is predicated on tribal warfare, class envy, and division. You’re an anathema to everything good and everything this country is supposed to stand for.

    Post racial President, my ass. 🙄 Uber lily and sissified, emasculated punk. Gypsy’s kind of man.

  3. Tex I call BS on your income inequality article. First, it’s a distinction without a difference. The author acknowledges that income for the wealthy rose at a faster rate than other income brackets. Case closed. This needs correction.

    Second, I don’t see where in the article this income increase is balanced against cost of living. If the rate of increase for the rich kept them way above the cost of living whereas the rate of increase for the middle class and poor did not, then the anti-Obama argument is semantic at best … it’s an empty argument.

  4. Ahhhh, yes. The old red scare again raises its ugly head. What definition of communist are we touting nowadays. Are these supposed “communists” bend on world domination like the folks that ARE in charge?

  5. Tex is right about the Communists during and before the McCarthy era. Some as right wingers did, plotted the overthow of our government during the Depression. I remember reading that one of FDR’s personal secretaries was a Communist. Most of those people
    were in league or sympathised with the Soviet Union. They stole military secrets and did what they could to further the Soviet cause.

    I agree with Poolman, with Soviets gone, our modern Communists are less focused on world domination than they are on changing our society. Bill Ayres who still dreams of the day capitialism dies is a good example. The last decade shows they are no less dangerous than the old brand.

    Yes, Rosen did step in it. She is one of Obama’s own who visits the White House from time to time.

    I don’t know if West is right about the number of Communists in Congress, but certainly more than 40 Democratic dirt bags are in Congress.

  6. To pick up a theme from the prior thread …. I know this disqualifies me as a black person, but I did hear some awesome news today.

    This September, Green Day is putting out the first of what will be a trilogy of albums scheduled to end in January 2013. Those boys just continue to try and outdo themselves! Hot damn!

  7. Rutherford, I call partial BS on your BS comment. I think globalization played a role in income trends. We don’t know why the rich apparently stayed ahead of the cost of living increase. We should know.

    A wide disparity of incomes is normal. If the gap is increasing now, why is it growing? What are the rich doing with their money? Some I know have foundations which help pay for PBS shows. Thus, they are saving our buying the shows with so much of our tax money.

    Our present income pattern is a seperate issue from Obama’s schemes to change it. If there is a problem, it does not follow that Obama’s solution won’t excacerbate it.

    I’m begining to think our president is a fascist. I don’t mean in the nasty WW11 Italian sence. I mean a person who believes in private ownership but with government control and influence.

  8. Bulloney Rutherford. President’s division, class envy, and the invariable racism theme has been marked by everyone getting “squeezed” from the git go.

    So the rich get richer at a faster pace? Nobody is arguing that point, as it is irrelevant. The point is, everyone’s income was rising before President Foodstamp went to issuing more food stamps and ruining the nation. 🙂

    If that is advertised, we will see what sells. Jobs or class envy. 😉

  9. Depressed? Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel , “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land.”

    Nearly 75 years ago, (when Welfare was introduced) Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land.”

    Today, Congress has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land!

    I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, the wars, lost jobs, savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc …. I called a Suicide Hotline.

    I had to press 3 for English.

    I was connected to a call center in Pakistan . I told them I was suicidal.

    They got excited and asked if I could drive a truck……

    Folks, we’re screwed…..

  10. “Ahhh Tigre, you DO have race on the brain this week don’t you?”

    Yeah, I wonder that might have come from. I’ll ask Shaprton when I have the chance. I guess I was imagining what Maxine Waters had to say that was aired on your beloved MSNBC. 🙄

  11. h hey. Marion Berry speaks.

    Can’t wait for MSNBC to. . . forget it. They’ll jump on this one since it’s blatantly. . . errrr. . ahhh, forget it. I think he wears a hoodie.

  12. When is David Duke joining Faux News? Isn’t that the MSNBC model?

    Speaking of Faux News, I see they hired much to my chagrin Je$$e Jack$son’s daughter! The rot didn’t fall far from the root – she was awful, dishonest, and stupid in her first interview. Just what you would expect from Je$$e’s loins.

    But Rutherford, so you not think me completely heartless, let me state for the record, I do feel incredibly sorry for Trayvon’™ parents, who seem to be halfway decent people. To lose a child would be the ultimate in pain.

    I wonder how long they’ve been divorced, and if that might have led to Trayvon’s™ heading toward the dark side (no pun intended).

  13. Hey Poolman, there is no paranoia about communism. Van Jones, a self admitted communist, is Obama’s SS – read anything about this Color of Change group, bought and paid for another avowed communist by the name of Soros? For an avowed conspiracy rube, you miss the most obvious and truthful examples. 😯

    Pure fascism; pure totalitarianism. No debate required. Van Jones is another that I will jump for joy if he should happen to be impaled. Mount that mofo’s head on a pike and charge admission.

  14. I mentioned Marion Barry’s comments about Asians who include some of my relatives and mused that it would be a long time before the news media reacted to it. We are still waiting.

    Eric Holder spoke at a Farakan fund raiser. As we know, both are racists, and few in the press reacted.

    A New Black Panther leader insulted red necks, crackers, honkies, pink skins, etc. She applogised, but she forgot to include pink skins. Can you imagine what would have happened if a white person or Asian had said any of those things?

    Hillary Rosen has visited the White House about 35 times. She has chatted with the president during many of her stops. That is more times than General Patriaes, Leon Panetta, and other more notable people have seen Obama.

    Ann Romney has been fairly successful on the campaign, and someone said she is one of his greatest assets. I suspect Rosen was assigned to discredit Romney with a few good sound bites. It backfired so well that the White House could barely remember who Rosen is. Probably “just some” woman ” who lives down the street from me.”

    The Democrats are making race and gender issues because they have little else now.

    Mitt will create no jobs unless he hires more advisors or someone to tend to his garage elevator. He will help create conditions which allow businesses to hire people. Mark my words. It will happen. I am so certain that if we are still in contact and if Romney wins, I will buy you a dinner if we still are in contact and we find a mutually satisfying way of exchanging the price of a meal, or if my wife and I can visit your area. It is a bet I will win.

  15. Hilary Rosen only spoke the actual truth of what libs feel about motherhood. Libs hate stay at home moms more than they do Glenn Beck, Faux News and giving birth.

    That typical nag at Fat Grannies is the liberal women’s movement. Stupid and grotesque in appearance, while reveling in abortion.

    I commend Hilary Rosen for accidentally tripping into honesty…if only for a brief moment.

  16. Tex,

    Are we talking a true communism model similar to what these folks advocate:

    or are we talking the China-like dictatorships that we commonly call communism and are rather party or state-owned entities?

    I think small communities can do communism well. I think that is the root of community or commune. I don’t think large nations or states do. Just my opinion.

    Most of the time these governmental models, no matter the names, are really just shells for the moneyed interests that control things. That is kind of how all governments have operated since their beginnings in the ways and days of Cain.

    We are a socialistic country with colonial tendency under the control of moneyed interest and yet we consider our form of government a democracy. We are deceived by the very words we use. We do not have equal representation as individual citizens, something a true democracy requires.

    We began as a republic, with emphasis on state and local governance. Now we have centralized control and it is mainly off-shored in the hands of the world banks. We have never been further from our initial plan for this nation, at least in the minds of those desiring the greatest sense of individual liberty.

    We are the world. We are its policemen. We are the ones who project our morals on all its children.

  17. “That typical nag at Fat Grannies is the liberal women’s movement. Stupid and grotesque in appearance, while reveling in abortion.”

    James, I thought you were half-OK with the FG folks. Howcum you finally threw in the towel?

    Looks pretty dead over there. You might say, the old girls went tits-up (if you weren’t a sensitive-type like me, that is…). Wonder what happened? Maybe everybody on the lib side decided the same as you and said to hell with it. Oh well, all marriages end in death or divorce. Had to happen I guess.

  18. “We are the world. We are its policemen. We are the ones who project our morals on all its children.”

    Pretty good line poolman. Can you sing it like M. Jackson did?

    With your hair on fire? Now THAT’s tough…

  19. You might say, the old girls went tits-up

    Pfesser – you being a radiologist, the best anatomists in the world, would know better that those wrinkled nags going tits up. Fried eggs down, with a couple of bat wings hanging over the cliff.

    I haven’t been to that honey pot for a blog in months. Is scrambled Jean still telling those irrelevant, home spun, delusional tomes that nobody gives a damn about? What a piece of work. 😆 😆

    I swear, you hang around Fat Grannies long enough, and you begin to feel like McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, with Helen as Nurse Ratched.

  20. Ann Romney was only a lowly housewife. Hilary Rosen worked tirelessly to throw your kids in prison for downloading Justin Bieber CDs! ~ Iowahawk

    (one of the funniest people on the planet).


  21. Hey Rutherford! I didn’t realize Hilary Rosen was a lezzie! Well, now there is a woman who understands the “tastes” in of women.

    I took a look at Plumper Hilary. Roll her over 69, and you’d have to lift the tail. Seems like Hilary broke up with lover, though – but she’s still a good pal of Debbie Wafflehead Schultz. 35 times to the Whitehouse? Caligula…the modern day Dimocratic party.

  22. Nope. I still aint buyin’ it. You’re not black. At least not in the way you’re trying to “use” it. I know some here think I’m being a real douche bag about this one. But, I calls um like I sees um.

    You subtly have made the claim that the Travon shooting has
    organically struck a nerve with you because of your black experience.

    It’s not MSNBC, you imply. It’s this gut reaction as a “black man” that draws you to this one murder out of thousands in just the last year or so alone.

    No limit Niger resonates with you emotionally.,

    I call bull shit. As usual, you sopped up MSNBC spunk like the liberal sponge you are.

    Now this may surprise you. But I can empathize with the fact that a case like this strikes a nerve with some black people. It’s irrational as fuck, don’t get me wrong. Travon’s death is not indicative of some pattern. Far from it, actually, as black murder whites 1000% or more then other way around.

    One of my partners at the juvenile prisons I worked at (I was the only white male that worked there for a while) was an older black dude. This guy had my back and I had his. I respected him a lot. One day we drove around Richmond sight seeing and he nonchalantly pointed out all the places he wasn’t allowed, including the colleges. He made half as much money as me, as an “assistant”. I disagree with Pfessor and I believe a while back Bic. Asking my partner not to have a chip on his shoulder is a tall order.

    Rutherford, you sir, are no Richmond black man.

    Culturally, you were not brought up within a black American context. In fact, you were brought up, as it is with many with Caribbean roots, being told Black Americans were “other”.

    You share none of the culture. You would be lost emerged in black Americana. Nuances would fly right over head.

    And make no mistake about it, you make damn sure you and your family are far, far removed from black society. No limit niger would make you quake. You’d probably be the first to call the cops on him, unable to discern a true thug from a normal black teen.

    You are not identified by others as black. Never really have been. Your example of oppression from the play ground in grade school was telling. Most of us have Lord of the Flies experiences from the school yard. I got my faced bashed in at the school yard. You dramatically use Suzy from second grade as an example of your bull shit victim-hood? And why is a story of victim-hood the only proof of your blackness in the first place?

    You aint black. Not when it comes to your participation in the OJ-ification of this one murder. A case engineered to divide the country unnecessarily. If the verdict is innocent, cities will burn. and people will die.

    And let it be known you played a role in it.

  23. I do want to take the time and apologize for alluding to your wife in the post below. I hope she didn’t read it.

    Its not excuse, but its hard to express myself on that damn phone. (I now got the old lap top semi-functioning) So, instead of being the Dead Rabbit (not a soaring eagle to begin with) it turns me into a run of the mill troll. A very frustrated one.

    What I did was uncalled for and you don’t deserve it. Nobody here deserves to ever have their spouse included in a diatribe.

    I don’t really apologize about anything else. Your handicap is fair game to me. If I didn’t feel you conquered it like a warrior, I wouldn’t bring it up. I do think it gives you an alternative outlook and experience on life, one that both clouds and brings truth to reality, depending on the situation.

    To put simply, i don’t give a fuck about your sensitivities involving your handicap. Maybe I should, I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t bring it up like I do with you with anyone else.

    Lastly, I really would like to see you fight another equally handicapped person, one trained by me and in my corner. You need your ass kicked.

  24. Black on black crime, crime that is not reported to the police by the the very black community it takes place in……will it ever be a “the” story? so sad something so epidemic doesn’t qualify as “man bites dog” news for guys like R, and, thus, never the focus.

  25. I got my faced bashed in at the school yard.

    Probably because then, like now, you were being a douche. 🙂

    But I will address one thing. Rabbit, do we see all these black on black crimes featured prominently in the news every day? Are there a sh*tload of stories I’m ignoring? I write about what I am aware of.

    Since you are clearly more worldly than I (and I say that only with a bit of snideness … you have lived a more “interesting” life), please draw upon your own experience and start your own f*cking blog where you can cover all the bases.

    P.S. You do have a pretty decent insight into my upbringing, partly from good inference skills and stuff I’ve actually said in the past. What you fail to understand is I do know the complexity of being black in America. I give thanks to my parents that they did successfully shelter me from a good deal of that complexity.

  26. Lastly, I really would like to see you fight another equally handicapped person, one trained by me and in my corner. You need your ass kicked.

    As out of shape as I am, I would never sign on to that fight. Or to put it differently, if you really found someone in the kind of shape I’ve been in lately, it would be one boring fight.

    P.S. I’ve stepped away from your annual handicap diatribe (it usually comes about once a year) and thought about the source. I think more than just about anyone else on this blog, your physicality means a lot to you. I think the thought of being disabled permanently scares the sh*t out of you. So you don’t quite know how to reconcile that aspect of me.

    To the extent that you don’t go too far over the line, I respect the fact that you confront it rather than shy away from it. I’ve never liked being treated “special”. Doesn’t mean I don’t find you the assh*le when you go there but I sorta respect your assholiness.

    I don’t know if you saw this anecdote from the prior thread but I’ll repeat it here for your benefit. I think you’ll appreciate it.

    We were watching Celebrity Apprentice which this year features Lou Ferigno (The Incredible Hulk). Lou is about 80% deaf. Somehow or another, one of the folks on the show said “you can’t be mean to handicapped people, handicapped people are all nice.” At this point my daughter says “I know that is not true from experience” and then she looks at me. LOL I should have been insulted but I was delighted that she sees the world clearly. 🙂

  27. Pfessor, I’ve mentioned this before. I warned the old ladies’ armies that the way they ganged up on me and others in the beginning had made them surrigates for the group who attacked me for four months in the Air Force. I also relived the anti -war attacks on returning soldiers during the Vietnam War.

    NOP and I joked around, and we seemed to agree more often than not. The flood came, and I mentioned Obama’s refusal to visit the region when he was in eastern Iowa because he could not be troubled to offer symbolic recognition showed something negative about his character. NOP’s hackles rose, and she called our flood a hang nail. She mocked it several times afterward as you and delurkergurl offered to donate money to our food bank and several others expressed sympathy. .Since it was NOP. I let it pass.

    NOP exploded with anger and rage because I had discussed our comfort when so many others were failing. Someone had called me a failed farmer who sat around while his wife and kids did all of the work, and I set her straight..

    Until then, trusted her insofar as one can trust words on a screen, and her attack was the same as my officers’ lying to me when they put me in a mess on that base. She made me mad, so it was time to leave. The blog wasn’t fun any more if I was angry.

    Your writing it is slow over there is interesting but not enough for me to visit. I think they need some controlled conflict to thrive. Echo chambers get boring. This happened on two other blogs I used to visit. One is gone. It is a great way to work through my anger. Playing blog video like a checkers game is better than drinking, doing drugs, or being in a fowl mood. H&M should be grateful to us. We added a lot of traffic to their blog.

  28. Great article Tex. My mom stayed home and raised 5 boys. Liberals feel having more then 1 and a half kid bad for the enviromet. I think that is part of why they always insult mothers. This liberal at work was apologizing for having 3 kids due to his footprint.

  29. Black on black crimes are so numerous the national news hardly notices them. Even local stations don’t dwell on the stories. Such crimes are contrary to the liberal scenario of white racism and minority victimization progressives use to keep minoirites loyal and to encourage white guilt.

    The Zimmerman-Martin tragedy was just what the progressives needed. It would play better than Cindy Shehan, Duke or the Arizona shootings. Zimmerman had a proper Jewish name which was good, but he looked Hispanic. Hence, he became a white Hispanic.

    Libarals used the shooting to show how whites stalk unarmed boys and get off because of self defense laws. Obama needs help to rescue him from his record. Concocting a race war or war against women is a distraction which might win the election for him.

    I agree with Rutherford about the complexity of being black. Other minorities have fewer negative stereotypes attatched to them. Unlike the Irish, for example or my Finnish relatives, blacks cannot assimilate by claiming they belong to other ethnic groups.

  30. Tex, regarding your IBD article, two things. First I wish IBD would stick to finance and otherwise STFU. If I want to know what to invest in, I go to IBD. If I want to know who to vote for, I don’t.

    Second, the article could just as easily have been written by you. In fact, if we splice together some of your comments over the past three years, the article WAS written by you. You should sue for plagiarism.

    You’ve missed your calling my friend.

  31. James, I think the great preponderance of blogs (particularly the WordPress variety) become echo chambers. Dissenters are often abused and don’t have the balls to return. M&H is unique in the over the top fawning adulation of its regulars for its host (who may or may not be an old lady). “Oh, Helen you are so wonderful!”

    I’ve gotten incredibly lucky in that just enough libs visit this place to keep the pot stirred a bit. I can’t do it all on my own … it gets tiring. But as long as I draw breath and keep this venue alive, it won’t become an echo chamber cos that would bore me to tears. Hell, I’d disagree with something just to stir the sh*t if need be … although I haven’t had to resort to that.

  32. “Hell, I’d disagree with something just to stir the sh*t if need be … although I haven’t had to resort to that.”

    *My Cousin Vinny voice*

    You were serious about that?

  33. R, the WH is running away from the Rosen comments. Must be a dilemma for you. Are you going to continue defending the comments or follow suit?

    Hmmm. WWMD?

    (What would Maddow do?)

  34. This liberal at work was apologizing for having 3 kids due to his footprint.

    Some libs are asses. He was one of them. I do for the most part find conservatives more practical and in touch with reality. Libs go off on ideological trips that lead to absurd places. Example: the night Osama’s death was announced I was doing my Internet radio show and my co-host didn’t need more than 5 minutes before she said maybe we shouldn’t gloat that a man died. WTF? The dude engineered the murder of 3000 Americans. But again, she was willing to follow her lib convictions off a cliff. Rabbit, your co-worker reminds me of that.

    On the other hand, I do wonder about really large families. Childbirth is no walk in the park and I wonder why any woman would want to give birth to more than 2 or three. Just from a practical POV, it’s a pain in the ass.

    I also get the impression that with lots of kids, the household becomes a bit of a circus and some kid in that mix winds up getting a raw deal, the short end of the stick so to speak.

    I know nothing about the Romney kids. Are they known for being well adjusted? (No sarcasm intended … honest question.)

  35. “This liberal at work was apologizing for having 3 kids due to his footprint.”

    Well, maybe you should suggest that he “off” himself top balance things out.

  36. blacks cannot assimilate by claiming they belong to other ethnic groups.

    James, I think we have slavery to blame for that. Slaves were stripped not only of their dignity but their heritage. I would venture to guess most American blacks trace their roots to the plantation and the trail gets cold from there. That’s one reason Alex Hailey’s “Roots” was such a phenomenon.

    How different things might be if blacks could say “I’m Nigerian-American” or “I’m Senegal-American”. The best blacks can do is “African-American” which is a joke. How many whites say “I’m European-American”?

    I’d actually prefer that everyone get off the heritage train and just be Americans, but that’s an entirely different discussion.

  37. Are you going to continue defending the comments or follow suit?

    Like the typical conservative who can’t keep two thoughts in his head at the same time, you don’t understand that I can take Hillary’s comment in full context AND at the same time say that her use of words was sloppy and insulting.

    The WH has to run away from the comment because out of context it insults every stay-at-home mom in the country. Not rocket science.

  38. Tigre, the Politico article made a point that not surprisingly went right over your head (or through your ears). Allen West makes a dumbass comment like the one in my piece and no Republican denounces him as a nutjob. Rosen puts her foot in her mouth and Dem’s appropriately call her out for it.

    This is typical.

  39. Fat Grannies isn’t a real blog people. “H” only powered up again with the re-election efforts for her man Obama. She’s not a granny. She’s a wanna be activist and wanna-be writer who read a book by Hollis Gillespie about mixing fact with fiction to get to the funny and hit home with readers. The first time around she employed blog readership tactics like posting on blog roundups about this awesome blog written by an hysterical old cussing granny who called Sarah Palin a bitch. She predated a few initial posts to explain her sudden interest in blogging as an 82-year old gramma, uncovered by some internet hound who Google-historied her way back in the beginning. It’s a hoax. She went too far with the faked death of her fake husband to explain her extended absence between elections though.

    Several fake bloggers have been exposed over the past few years. Two different men were outed last year as posing as lesbians – one blog was called “A Gay Girl in Damascus” or something similar. The other went by the fake name of Paula Brooks.

    Maybe that explains their obsession with outing people. Subconcious urge? 😉

    James you were a riot over there.


    Jan Brewer is ridiculous. That said, I’m telling you the truth when I say that I’ve known 5 women at one time or another in my life who’ve had abortions (one had three) for no other reason than after-the-fact birth control. Know how many I know who had abortions for any other reason? Guess.

  40. ”Hell, I’d disagree with something just to stir the sh*t if need be … although I haven’t had to resort to that.” –R

    “You were serious about that?” -El T


    By the way, large families are great Rutherford. And it’s pretty hard to out-joy several generations of large families.

  41. Regarding large families, Muffy, as with everything else generalizations get no where. Some are an absolute ball, I have no doubt and some are dysfunctinal messes. But that’s true of small families too I guess. Generalizations are always inaccurate …. my bad.

  42. You were serious about that?

    Not sure what you’re asking Tigre, but …. I’m not above playing Devil’s advocate to see where the conversation goes. But I don’t do it without at least eventually revealing what I’m doing. 99.9% of the time if I take a position, it’s a position I really believe in.

    (Before you go there …. wups I forgot … I’m a brainless dweeb who only believes what I’m told to believe by MSNBC and Jon Stewart.)

    (To which I say f*ck you. … see I saved us another fruitless exchange.) 🙂

  43. The Republican-sponsored legislation also institutes new disclosure mandates that include requiring the state have a website with images of fetuses at various stages of development for women to view.

    Read more:

    And let’s not forget the amendment that allows the police to go to every pregnant woman’s home and force her at gun point to look up the web site and review it. 😯

  44. Muffy … thanks for the heads up on Jan Brewer.

    Actually this 20 week limit ought to satify a whole swath of pro-life folks. Having an abortion after 20 weeks strictly for “birth control” doesn’t make sense.

  45. “99.9% of the time if I take a position, it’s a position I really believe in.”

    I do trust you on this, Rutherford. It’s the immediate thought I have that follows the occasional “is he just taking a position here?” 🙂

    I’ll wager that we all do (believe you’re telling the truth as you know it).

    El Tigre’s cousin Vinny reminded me of the curve ball question I had thrown at me once in a job interview – “So who would play you in the movie of your life?”

  46. “Not sure what you’re asking Tigre, but …. I’m not above playing Devil’s advocate to see where the conversation goes.”

    It was tongue-in-cheek my humor-challenged blog host. Maybe you’re not familiar enough with the movie.

    We all know you are sincere in speaking out of your ass. 😆

    For example, “The WH has to run away from the comment because out of context it insults every stay-at-home mom in the country. Not rocket science.” 😆 Like Obama doesn’t recharacterize what is said to suit his purposes: “unprecedented for the Supreme Court to overturn an act of Congress. . . ,” Exhibit “A.”

    No it’s insulting in precisely the way it was intended. Candor is most damaging because the identity politics being played by the left is insulting.

  47. “And let’s not forget the amendment that allows the police to go to every pregnant woman’s home and force her at gun point to look up the web site and review it.”

    or look at the pictures and admonitions on the side of a pack of cigarettes. . .

  48. Rutherford, you have more experience with blogs than I do. My experience is with four. The others were moderated, and one could incite enemies to over- react and suffer banishment or suspension.

    I’m happy about Helen and Margaret because we won. A small
    group of us so irritated the main body that they retreated to the kitchen or returned occasionally to complain about how we had ruined the site. A majority of contributers were conservatives for a while. One man posted multiple liberal links because he wrote that he wanted to keep the liberal voice strong. One can defeat bullies, even on line. Even if they return to their former condition, the archives show that while we were working on the blog, we beat them at their own game.

    I try not to think of how much effort you put into your blog. At the risk of enhancing your ego, I’ll repeat what I wrote before. Compared to what I’ve seen on line, your blog is an oasis.

    Someone should write a book about the interpersonal dynamics and life cycles of blogs.

    I agree, in my opinion, slavery does play a role in black’s feelings of rootlessness.. Ethnic groups may be lumped into singular catigories, but as we know they are all different and carry past identities with them. It must feel a little empty to wonder where one came from and why his/her family has adopted the attitudes and values it has.

    One thing I didn’t expect was the racial comments Scandinavians and some other Europeans make against each other. One writer observed that Americans are almost as rootless as blacks, because they all came from somewhere else.

  49. Thank you muffymcd. I tried. H&M is a hoax? That is a riot too. Ha!

    Rutherford, I agree we should all be Americans without hyphens. It won’t happen for a while, because this is a fruit salad, not a melting pot.

  50. Since I started commenting on M&H’s blog, someone has always accused it of being fake. The accusers always state that Helen and Margaret were not really who they claim to be.

    No one has ever proven it, but the rumor does continue to exist. I don’t know if there is a way to prove it. I know it hasn’t been disproved either. Supposedly Helen is on Twitter too, which to me is tough to believe. A blog, yes. Twitter, not so much.

    But does it matter? Some have stated that there is no way a woman that age can come up with the things she does. I know that to be false. I have known plenty of old folks that have as much spunk and use the same colorful language for expression. I also know quite a few Texans in that category.

    So, if it is faked, it is convincing. However, if it is faked, I would think we would get more frequent postings, especially now in the campaign season. The sporadic nature of their occurence gives it a much more real feel.

    Muff, have you ever commented on the site? I know you seem to have a lot of information about it and those who do. Just curious.

  51. Check the national news tomorrow. We are in a high risk for severe thunderstorms and destructive torndoes. The weather service is experiementing with more forceful language in their warnings, and they sound like doomsday. The pre- storm statements say we need to develope a plan of action tonight and that our survival may depend on our being able to retreat under ground.

    I wonder how the H&M people would react if the creaters were fake? It shouldn’t make any difference, because the people writing there are doing most of the work.

  52. As I have conceded before, I’m a west coast lesbian that blogs as a Detroit tough guy Polock. Its just a little artistic license I allow myself.

  53. LOL. That IS strange, rabbit. It isn’t often the fake and the real agree on J Lo positioning. But then again, we live in very uncertain times where virtually anything can (and often does) happen.

  54. Okay, I’m a queer and closet liberal. My real name is Biff.

    I want to come back in my next life as a lesbian. That way, I can kiss the poosy and hit from the red tees.

  55. AZ HB 2729 just passed the the senate here. Governor Brewer is the only one who can stop it now, or it becomes law. I left her a message on her phone line. Hopefully she will do something smart for once. One can always hope.

    The Arizona Legislature has given final approval to a bill that could allow guns on public property, including city halls, police stations, county courts, senior centers, swimming pools, libraries and the state Capitol.

    Wild, wild west.

  56. The Gump who is convinced America makes war on it’s own citizenry beside himself over the same citizens arming themselves. Got to love it.

  57. I don’t have any problem with Americans arming themselves, Forrest. It’s where they take those arms that concerns me. I’m certain you’d feel right at ease teaching your lessons if your entire student body was fondling firearms. 🙄

    And, of course “America” is that sparkling cohesive entity when it suits your narrative. Got to love it.

    “I pledge allegiance to Goldman Sachs and to Banks of America from which they steal, one nation, under Gollum, with bribery and injustice for all.”

    “He questions our own Uncle Sam. He must be a freedom hater. 😆

  58. Did you even read the law? It specifically states public schools are off limits. This just allows people to carry a gun in a few public places. Whats the big deal? What, do you think deranged killers and bandits are on the edge of their seat hoping the bill passes? They dont care, they kill when ever they want.

  59. Yeah, I read it. I know it doesn’t apply to public schools. Not yet. Nine other states basically have the same law. Public libraries, city halls, public swimming pools, etc. Tell me how you secure your firearm when swimming at the public pool?

    The Arizona Citizens Defense League is the one pushing the agenda. They are lobbyists. They say it is to help prevent murders. I don’t think we’ve had any murders in the public libraries or public swimming pools or city halls – yet.

    Got more freedom with guns, get more gun deaths. At least it works that way out here in the wild, wild, west.

  60. I see it more as a sickness in our society. Yeah, call it America bashing again, if you must. But we learn how to shoot people from a very young age. Cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, shooting everything from space aliens to foreign looking bad guys. We push video games with guns, watch movies with guns, idolize all the biggest guns. We are a real gun culture, if ever there was one. We certainly manufacture and supply plenty to the world.

    Even in my three-year-old Sunday school class, I have to deal with the boys grabbing the wooden blocks and turning them into guns and shooting each other with them. It’s really pretty sick if you think about it. It doesn’t look like any kind of “advanced intelligent” or “civilized culture” when we focus our time blowing people away and blowing shit up.

    Of course that is just my opinion.

  61. I’m a west coast lesbian that blogs as a Detroit tough guy Polock.

    No actually you’re a limp-wristed indignant liberal who calls into Internet radio shows. 🙂

  62. My real name is Biff.

    LOL without saying too much Tex, your real name would inspire some suspicion around here regarding your political leanings, though not necessarily your gender preference. And of course, irony of ironies, my real name is biblical. 😆

  63. Mmmmm now Tex … here’s a puzzle. If we take your real first name and my real last name and change one letter we actually do get a decently known conservative. He’s not a household name but he’s been on TV now and again. 😉

  64. My name’s really Meshach. I’m an Ethiopian Jew, trying to locate my promised land. I only blog as a pool dude so I can get in your backyard.

  65. Tsk tsk Poolman. What are you, some kind of commie? The only way an American man feels secure is to have his gun locked and loaded next to him at all times. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, Chevrolet and a Glock. If you can’t sign onto that, go live in Cuba for God’s sake.


  66. I’m always amused by how 2nd Amendment spokesmen are never beefy macho types. They all look like wimps who would fall down if you breathed on them. Case in point, one Alan Gottlieb. Clearly, without his gun, this dude would be lost. 😀 Alan Gottlieb

    He’s a big pro-gun hot shot who was at today’s NRA convention where Mitt made another pandering speech. Let’s not forget, Mitt has a lot of experience killing “varmints”.

  67. What are you, some kind of commie?

    Maybe. How many kinds are there? I wish we can get a concise definition. No one wants to go out on a limb. I asked Biff, but nooooo! He went off on something about the pretender-in-chief.

    At least I’m not trying to jump on the bandwagon cuz of my roots. 😀

  68. “I haven’t been to that honey pot for a blog in months. Is scrambled Jean still telling those irrelevant, home spun, delusional tomes that nobody gives a damn about? What a piece of work.”

    She hasn’t been around for a long time. She used to run in, insult James, Craig or me and then step back and say, “Don’t hit me; I’m an old lady!” Didn’t work. She got nailed a few times, took her balls and left. I kind of liked her, though – I always wondered what an elderly lifetime liberal really was like. That’s one of the reasons I quit helping my friend do the porn shoots; the entire crew was ultra-lib and it drove me crazy; we had a lot of conflict; the older these people get, the more frustrated and bitter they get that a lifetime of non-productivity hasn’t made them rich. After all, they should be compensated for their wisdom alone, eh?

    You should have seen their faces the time we needed a gun for a scene and I walked over to my gun closet and pulled out a brace of pistols and asked which one the director preferred. Several who had been particularly insulting the day before suddenly became my friends – or at least a lot more polite. LOL

  69. R opined: “How different things might be if blacks could say “I’m Nigerian-American” or “I’m Senegal-American”. The best blacks can do is “African-American” which is a joke. How many whites say “I’m European-American”?”

    I think you have hit upon a very important point, although I don’t interpret it the same way you do.

    Whites are AMERICANS. Period. My great-great grandfather was Scottish-American – not me, for I am an American. MY heritage is American, not European. Yours is American, not African. You did not come from Africa; you came from America, just like me, so when are you going to stop wasting your energy ruminating about a place that has no meaning for you and use that energy to become a real part of a real place that really does?

    Every ethnic group has come here, generally been treated like crap, but put their heads down, worked, excelled and became real, By-God Americans. That was their goal – to be AMERICANS.

    That is, except one. I haven’t figured out what their goal is, nor have they. To my eye, at least, it seems to be one of never assimilating, always being outsiders, never melting in the pot of America.

    That’s too bad; it’s their loss.

  70. “Didn’t Ben Franklin pose as an old lady when he “blogged” 1776 style?

    You know about that? Yep, I’m too lazy to look it up, but I believe he was working as an apprentice to his printer-brother, who wouldn’t let him write. He was an extremely clever writer and wrote as Silence Dugood, or Dogood – something like that, and slipped the letters under the door at night. His letters were wildly popular and everyone wanted to know who it was. He I think eventually exposed himself; his brother was tres pissed. Eventually Ben ran away and ended up in Philly, where he got work as a printer’s apprentice, I believe, and began his wildly colorful life. Great story. He was a very old man during the Revolution – seventies, I believe.

  71. Poolman, since the name of Jean has apppeared, I will review a debate we had. She wrote “you have to be carefully taught” to support her arguement that predujudice and violence is not part of our psyches. I tore her apart, not with skill, but with facts.

    I believe the tendency for mostly boys to play war etc is inborn as much as is our naturally profiling strangers. It had survival value for thousands of years .I agree, a cultural values can enhanse the tendency.

    I also think genetics as well as culture lnfluences our behavior. It takes a certain mentality to forsake home and move to an alien place. America is filled with such people and our tradition of fighting for new territory probably makes us more belecose than we might be. I haven’t bothered to do any research to find supporting or opposing facts. It is just my opinion.

    Back in the seventies some parents gave their children gender neutral toys including dolls. No guns were allowed. The boys used their Barbie dolles as pistols.

    Jean prided herself on her special knowledge and wrote history lessons th enlighten the rest of us. When I felt like it, I noted the errors. When she got Robin Hood’s contribution to British democracy wrong, I corrected her and referred to her group as a merry little band. I mocked her intelectual skills and the special school she must have attended so often she broke and listed her considerable schollarly achievements. I told her her mind had slipped. Her vanity was insulted.

    That is probably one of the reasons she organized a campaign to vote me off the site. Then they decided Pfessor and a couple of others should go too. She is/was an educated fool, and bashing her overblown vanity was child’s play. She and her allies were right to hate us. One person wrote I was probably an abusive person and wondered if children might be unsafe around me. Someone thought the Pfessor was a pervert.

    Jean was also foolish to admit she had smuggled three olive seeds into the US from Greece. She even told how she did it. I met a Department of Agriculture at a wedding and mentioned her. He said he would take it up the chain of command to change search methods.

  72. Yes, Ben Franklin was a colorful man. He frequented the Hell Fire Club during his visits to England.I think Ben also wrote about how to sellect a good prostitute. He was also one of our first world celebraties after he flew his kite in a thunderstorm and because of his other inventions. Franklin was especially popular in France. As a celebraty ladies man, he convinced well- placed women to influence their husbands to support our revolution. We owe a lot to Ben. France’s help was important to our revolution.

    Ben suffered greatly from gout in his later years.

  73. You guys that frequent Fat Grannies for reasons other than to shoot cannonballs are nicer than I am.

    That old harpy and prune pulled that “I’m highly educated” one time with me, and I immediately laughed at her, refuted her, then insulted her – her education, her information, her logic, and her personal gravatar; in about that order too. The climax was delicious. And if memory serves, Glue Nag Jean was busy insulting James with her patronizing, liberal spew and I thought James much too much the gentleman in response. So I let him correct her, and then I added about a tank of rocket fuel to the flame under her wrinkled ass. 😆

    Great Grandma Jean never even mentioned me by name again, no matter how many times I stomped on her, laughed at her, threw grenades at her. Always something along the line as response, “Well, some here who can’t do without insults…{tome, ‘boy toy’ boring story, stupid parable, fill in the blank nonsense family history}….and this blog is for liberals, by liberals (huff). Shalom, salami, baloney.”

    Of course, I suppose she being easily confused and could have mistook me, as I was always having to change my IP address and my name to bypass the eternal Fat Granny banishment.

  74. You were the king, Tex. No one threw insults like you, and you backed them up with facts. My first thought about you was “d0000, he’s good!”

    I probably was too nice. Its how my parents taught me.

    Two other blogs also influenced my conduct. Rules constrained us. One could be banned quickly. I was banned from the first,for two months. I was the only non-liberal. Several liberals created a new site so we could keep in touch. Then, the whole group threatened to leave if I wasn’t reinstated. The site let me back.

    On another, one could be banned through personal messages as well as public conduct.Two of the moderators played favorites, so one had to be very careful I lured folks across the line without crossing, and got them in trouble.

    On both sites, I attraced enough alllies to wreck the blogs. Virtually all of them were liberals. Twelve of us left the second blog and started our own which lasted until the person who set it up lost interest. The H &M minions belong to a different breed.

    “Bob Wills (Tex) “is still the king.”

  75. Pfessor was good with zingers too.

    Yes, we are all Americans, but we are still different from each other. For example, British, Germans, Bohemians, Icelanders and Dutch tend to farm differently from one another.. Some are more likely to raise livestock and others farm as family groups. They all seem less demonstrative than say, Italians or Greeks.

    We were the only whites in a snack bar in Browning, Montana. The Indians played Cheerokee Nation by Paul Revere and the Raiders repeatedly. “Though I wear a shirt and tie, I’m still a red man deep in side.”

    Most blacks cannot trace their heritage beyond a certain time. A wall blocks their view of their past.

  76. I like Auntie Jean. She always has interesting stories and still comments over at delurkergurl’s kitchen site. I have actually developed a good friendship with many of them that comment there. If I end up visiting the places they live, I would probably try to meet them in person.

    I learned a long time ago that you can be friends without agreeing with each other. It’s called respect, something woefully lacking in this culture. Being cordial always gets you further that confrontational. The old adage, “you get more bees with honey” rings true.

    But then, my intentions were not to inflame or debase. I have found most people do not want to reveal too much about themselves for fear others will use that against them. It seems to hold true. Some people do keep track just for that purpose. Eh, Biff?

    One site I commented on for awhile was Neil Simpson’s Eternity Matters. Neil came into M&H’s with pistols blaring and I followed him to his site and debated him for months. Eventually my comments were modified and then banned. He eventually let me comment, but I always go into moderation before it gets posted. He is one that cannot stand to be outsmarted or corrected.

    There was lively debate between his regulars, a couple were atheists and the majority were “Christian”. Neil himself is very involved in “ministry” and is a staunch right wing fundamentalist.

    It was fun for awhile. I check back periodically to see where his head is at. I try to get folks to think beyond the mainstream bs we’ve all been fed for our entire lifetimes. Few break away, but it is always so awesome and gratifying when they do. 🙂

  77. Sorry PF you speak for yourself regarding “American”. I do agree with your principle but most folks, especially lower income, identify themselves ethnically. The “-American” suffix is relatively new. Folks used to say “I’m Italian” or “I’m Polish”.

    You’re promoting a fantasy of the melting pot.

  78. Ben Franklin was into plenty of things, satanism was one. People have a distorted view of what that is and how popular it is in society. There are many sects that believe and practice in various ways, similar to other “faiths”. Mostly it is self-gratification and self-glorification practiced with power over others. Some worship a deity.

    I think we identify ourselves differently to different groups. To foreigners, we’re American. To other Americans, we’re Italian-American, African-American, Hispanic-American, Polish-American, Irish-American, etc.

    We like to categorize and label things. It is what we do. It is a practice reinforced throughout our culture. Fill out any application and see how specific we take it. We take comfort when we can put things in boxes or drawers. It helps us keep our lives organized.

    Unfortunately it often hinders discovery and imagination. Every moment is unique, yet our tendency is to compare and assume. That is where children have us at an advantage. They are taking in the moment in all its splendor and awe. Somewhere along the path we lose that gift.

  79. “You’re promoting a fantasy of the melting pot.”

    Nonsense. You are clinging to the fantasy that it is not so, I believe because it supports another fantasy – that of being a perpetual victim – the perpetual Other, the Alien.

    Remember: now and then we ALL are aliens.

    It is instructive to observe that the only REAL African-Americans – first-generation immigrants right off the boat – don’t spout that “African-American” foolishness; they are now “Americans!” That hyphenated-bull-shit is a construct of the white PC police and the racial ambulance-chasers like Sharpton and Jackson, and the resident American blacks have genuflected and fallen right in – to their own detriment.

    I suggest dark-skinned Americans follow the older immigrants’ lead – after all, they have been here TEN generations, not three – quit feeling sorry for themselves, turn their hats around, pull up their pants and get in the goddamned game.

    Hopefully, with the help of our current rate of miscegenation (Yay!) the question will soon be moot anyway.

  80. @ Rutherford 105 Well I disagree with YOU. The lower income bit aside, when people “identify” their ethnicity they are doing just that. In the Boston area which is a) great example of Melting Pot yet b) far from being desegregated folks are proud of roots but ultimately view themselves as Americans.
    The Latino communities (I grew up in Jamaica Plain known for a healthy hispanic presence) tend to embrace the larger view unless they are interacting within the community,then they get specific. The Asians always seem not to care other than if they get into confrontations with other Asians. (Chinese vs Cambodians or Laotians typical scenario)
    African-Americans do or are made to identify themselves differently thus making their hyphenation an impediment.

  81. Saw it somewhere and hate to comment on it but here goes….
    Pools you know that any number of US law enforcement entities have carried hollow points for their base ammo? You know DHS/FPS specifically latest order is simply a vendor switch from Winchester hollow points to a Federal/ATK HST round.
    Please don’t buy into every crazy point you see somewhere. It results in the boy cried wolf thing when and if you find something of real concern.

  82. You’re a better man in that respect than I am.

    It is fine if you like Jean and the others, Poolman. They can be nice. You are like their exentric Uncle Paul, a little off- center but nice to have around. You are the token who validates their liberal tollerance.

    “Being cordial always gets you further than confrontationial” usually works, as you write, but not always. I was cordial when I first posted there, and several people told me they liked a different point of view.

    Honolulu Sally warned me it would get ugly after my novelty value wore off. Erhard, a Canadian told me I should stay, that the site . Their problem with me was I was polite but didn’t back down.

    I noticed at first, Jean stayed cordial until three people attacked me with uncomplementary names. Then, she piled on. This happened two or three times. I told her she was a coward. Crickets until her attacks became more overt.

    One time, she called me out and challenged me to back up something I had written. I told her I was ready when she was, but she became quiet.

    She tried to freeze me out by repeating my term “scroll baby scroll.” I thought, “if you do that, I’ll do this.” I left the forum and returned after several months to drop an “I told you so.” when something insulted their world view. I also assured them I wouldn’t return to read their answers. Then, I returned a month or so later again,.

    Six people from the other blogs I described and I still have a personal relationship. We have visited on the phone and taken each other out to eat.

    I like a few people over there, but if I met the others on the highway, and they needed help, I would wave and drive by. Had they been transported back to the Air Force, they would have tied to kill me.

    I agree, we tend to catigorize. It helps us know who we are.

  83. Alfie, I guess it boils down to having a problem with the whole Department of Homeland Security and the “reasoning” behind its establishment.

    You are probably a fan of the Patriot Act too, something I abhor.

    As to buying “into every crazy point” I see, I will say there are plenty of real and documented concerns that the MSM is not revealing to us. I’m not afraid to go down the rabbit holes when I find them. I also don’t buy into every story our government tells us. Many have proved to be lies. Really, as it turns out, they are rarely true.

    So “Wolf!” or not, most Americans are deaf and blind, a product of conditioning.

  84. Tex –

    How do you get a new IP?

    It’s an incredibly complex mathematical and technical trick I do, Pfesser, combining hexadecimal mechanics and quantum physics. Few are capable of its intricacies,

    I disconnect from the cable modem, wait 5 minutes, and Shazaam – new IP address. 🙂

    I actually have some software that I bought and installed on another computer that went dead recently that masked your IP. That can cause its own set of problems, because some sites reject you with a masked or generic IP address.

    And I find it so much more attractive to become a new man on the town – especially when I visited Fat Grannies.

  85. I like Auntie Jean. She always has interesting stories and still comments over at delurkergurl’s kitchen site. I have actually developed a good friendship with many of them that comment there. If I end up visiting the places they live, I would probably try to meet them in person.

    Poolman, my old friend. You and Auntie Jean were made for each other.

    I learned a long time ago that you can be friends without agreeing with each other. It’s called respect, something woefully lacking in this culture. Being cordial always gets you further that confrontational. The old adage, “you get more bees with honey” rings true.

    You respond under a false premise. I neither require Fat Grannies respect, nor seek it. I loathe those dimwits and find them a pox on our great country.

    What I did find as a rule at Fat Grannies were a bunch of rank propagandists, cowards, and group think bullies, who sought to destroy by stifling speech – Rutherford & James being two examples. I feel no shame about putting a boot up their collective ass, even if it meant I had to discount a right boot.

    But then, my intentions were not to inflame or debase. I have found most people do not want to reveal too much about themselves for fear others will use that against them. It seems to hold true. Some people do keep track just for that purpose. Eh, Biff?

    Please. Your stinking sanctimony is unbecoming, freeloader. If inflaming or debasing is not your purpose, what is? Face it fool. Yours is a world of conspiracy and contradiction – that’s a textbook definition of cowardly debasing – oikophobia.

    Try to look at it as I was blessed a good memory – used for both good angel and bad angel. 😀

  86. Let the games begin. 😀

    I have stated numerous times what my intent was. That blessed memory of yours is rather selective in its recall. Bless your heart.

    I don’t question your intellect, rather your cognitive skills. I have posted numerous things that suggest there are areas there that have been cemented rather than remaining fluid.

    The freeloader insult holds no weight. I have always earned my way. Sometimes I learn things the hard way because I don’t conform willingly.

    But mine is not a life of contradiction and conspiracy. Mine is a life of learning and discovery. One where I have no regrets at the end of each day and sleep peaceably until morn. 😉

  87. One where I have no regrets at the end of each day and sleep peaceably until morn.

    Uh huh.

    My cognitive skills, huh? Well, here’s what I think of your cognitive skill set, freeloader. For starters, I don’t think you have a clue to what the word “cognitive” means, Auntie Jean Jr.

    Did you parrot that from the Chatty Kitchen crew of deep thinkers, or was that something you copped off a Dr. Phil show?

  88. Cognitive skills. Problem solving. Seeing things objectively and coming to rational conclusions based on the evidences.

    Yours often are in lack. But cheer up, you’ve got plenty of company.

  89. That hyphenated-bull-shit is a construct of the white PC police

    Nope .. the hyphenated bull spread across all ethnicities and as I pointed out, was VERY specific for everyone EXCEPT blacks who could only claim a continent and not get any more specific than that.

    Particularly among the lower middle class and poor, virtually every neighborhood in this country can be identified ethnically. Boston has an Irish section, a black section, etc. Manhattan has ethnically focused neighborhoods.

    The melting pot is a concept but for millions of Americans there is a refusal (buttressed by “ethnic pride”) to give up the mother country and move toward a new culture … an American culture.

    Conservatives who rail against multi-culturalism are full of crap. They do it only when they feel threatened by it. Our country IS multi-cultural.

  90. Cognitive skills. Deductive reasoning. Sometimes referred to as logic.

    Too often it’s “facts be damned” when it doesn’t “fit” the preconceived mental mold. But facts are stubborn things. Sometimes we have to be beat over the head with truths until we recognize them as such. Slow learners unite.

  91. I agree with Rutherford. While it is a stretch to blame some black cultural problems on slavery, knowing one’s roots is important. Claiming a continet for one’s heritage is meaningless. Small points of origin in Africa are as different from one another as are Koreans and Philipinos.

    Immigrants tend to congregate with their own kind, either family members or people from their sections of the home country. Many blacks cannot know their origins, unless they take genetic tests.

    I’m lucky. I know I am a blue-eyed mutant with ancestors from north ot the Black Sea.

    H&M are in microcosm, what ails our country in . They are a disease.which contributes to the rot Charles Murray describes.

    Lest whites feel superior to black’s disfunctional culture they should read “Coming Apart” by Charles Murray. Whites are catching up to the blacks. Educated whites and blacks are holding against the trend.

  92. Bull shit. Im second generation and dont really give a damm about Polish culture outside of superficial stuff like food. Most people who claim some European ethnicity are being fake. They dont know a thing about their supposed culture outside some watered down stereotype. When I refer to myself as Polish, Im making fun of my big goon looks. Thats it.

    Lower class whites do not identify an as an ethnic anything.

  93. Since everyone is sharing their Fat Grannies stories I want to put into sharp focus what happened to me and why it really tore my drawers.

    Someone on that blog posted that she “found herself pregnant”. I politely suggested that although I was pro-choice, I found that phrase “I found myself pregnant” to be evasive and dodging responsibility. I seem to recall, after many polite attempts, finally resorting to saying that she didn’t fall down and accidentally find a dick up her vagina. (Hell, I may never have even said that …. might just be my angry revisionist thinking.)

    Bottom line, although repeating multiple times that I was pro-choice and WHY I was pro-choice, it was not good enough for these radical liberals for whom there was a distinct mysandrist streak (a phrase I learned from Uncle Tex, thank you very much).

    When one of them (whose name I keep blocking out of my mind) addressed me on the blog by my real name any benefit of the doubt that I gave them ended. And then, when looking through my business web site stats I discovered that they were researching me, my anger caused me to completely disengage (after I assured them that I was black … they doubted it and wondered why I would be faking).

    Tex has no idea how close I came to employing him to hit their blog with every trick he could think of. I’m glad a calmer mind prevailed.

    Overall, they are a sanctimonious, hateful crew. Poolman, more power to you for finding some redeeming value there. I’ve always said you have a more open mind than do I.

  94. An example to support Rutherford’s position is the Veps or magic people. They are a small community of basically Cro- Magnons who live in northwest Russia. Only 5,000 speak Vepsian, and they can easilly assimilate into the Russian society. Many have, but some refuse because they know they are not Rusians. They are Veps. A music group started its carreer in part to preserve the Vepsian language.

  95. I remember that Rutherford. It might have been Lori.

    As I wrote, they are a disease. If events evolve as I think they will, I will return to kick them when they are down.

    Yes, more power to you Poolman. They are still a disease.

  96. That’s one of the reasons I quit helping my friend do the porn shoots; the entire crew was ultra-lib and it drove me crazy

    PF I’m sorry but I can’t resist this aside to Tex:

    Hey Tex, it wasn’t filming people f*cking and sucking that threw PF off … it was that they were liberals. Just how around the bend is that? 🙂

  97. Rabbit, I would tend to agree that younger generations are less tied to both ethnicity AND race. Kids don’t get why Obama should be a big deal to anyone. In fact, and I know you may have trouble “getting” this, but one reason his election brought tears to my eyes was that I knew my kid would never think there was something unusual about a black President. For me, that was f*cking profound.

    Sadly, the flipside is that kids do still hear garbage from their older relatives. A fourth or fifth grader on the bus asked my daughter “What are YOU looking at, black girl?” I was shocked that a kid that age was already identifying racially …. he heard that sh*t at home. I always chuckle about that because the way things turned out, my daughter’s answer should have been “I’m looking at the fool who’s gonna be in the Principal’s office this afternoon.” 🙂

  98. Poolman cant even tell when he’s being played a total fool by murderous dictators. Of course he is incapable of discerning very bad people online. Open mind, my ass. These people messed with Rutherford’s job and family. Horrifying.

    …. they were right about one thing. R isnt black. 🙂

  99. Rutherford,

    After those talking whore dawgs tried to out you, I went out and did a little research (isn’t Google great?) Though I never found “Lori” because that too common a moniker, I did find two others with unique names that ragged you (their names escape me) – and I’m 99% sure it was them because both linked to Fat Granny on their blog, were militant abortion on demand proponents, and mentioned Chatty Kitchen. Had to be them. I was going to “punish them” 😀 but…

    I’m telling you, these two were a couple of sad sacks. I wished I had bookmarked their sites so you could see with your own eyes. One of them was a wannabee journalist and bipolar and couldn’t step out of her house. The other was so open about her personal life of failure with men, paranoid and delusional, even heartless Tex couldn’t leave a derogatory comment.

    I think them being them was punishment enough.

  100. Hey Tex … BBC doesn’t equal Big Black C*ck does it? I’ll have to read the ad again … I know she liked his tool but I don’t recall her mentioning its color. 🙂

  101. Oh, I was just giving you crap about BBC. 😆

    Want kind of POS posts something like that on Craig’s List? I guarantee you and I’ll stake my life on it she didn’t vote for John McCain. 😀

  102. Fucking Veps. A people should know when they are conquered. They’re almost as bad as those Sami. Actually, I dont have a problem with the Sami. I think everyone should own one.

  103. Hey Pfesser, why don’t you find a conservatve porn outfit? I can think of some of the titles they might produce:

    Ronald’s Ray Gun
    Barry’s Golden Showers
    Bill Fuckley’s Firing Line
    Sarah’s Alaskan Adventures (use your imagination on that one)

    and that XXX masterpiece:

    Eat My Santorum

  104. Funny how most of those titles sound like they’d be in the gay section of the video store. Oh well, we know most conservatives are repressed homosexuals. 😉

  105. M&H’s blog is not near as appealing to me as it once was. I admit it was my first “blog community”, so it does hold sentimental value. It has also strayed from what it was when I first went there.

    There are still some of the original regulars there. Some show up only for a new post. Some continue to comment long after the post has been out.

    Occasionally I’ll respond to someone’s comment there, or jump back in the fray. More often I just read any updates to see what’s being tossed around and then pass on commenting.

    Like James said, I’m like their eccentric uncle Paul. A little off center, but overall accepted. 😆 I think they have heard all my rantings numerous times.

  106. Actually Tigre, the only one that rolled off my tongue easily was “Ronald’s Ray Gun”. 🙂

    My biggest fear, next to dying, is that I will grow into an elderly Republican. 😉

  107. Going back to 144 a minute, it’s really weird how the mind skews memories. “Indian Reservation” was one of my alltime favs back in the day. But for some odd reason, I remember the song being MUCH longer, like with four or five verses. In recent years, I’ve only ever heard the version I posted so I’m beginning to think my mind is just playing tricks on me.

    While I’m on the subject of memories …. can anyone else confirm from memory that Chips A-Hoy has changed its formula in recent years? When I was a kid I LOVED Chips A-Hoy cookies not just for the chocolate chips but because the cookie tasted so good, Now the damn cookie might as well be card board. No real flavor at all. Has my tongue changed or have the ingredients changed? 😐

  108. Has my tongue changed or have the ingredients changed?

    I don’t know about Chips A-Hoy, Rutherford, but I suspect they are the same and your tastes have changed.

    Once I got off processed foods and began eating more healthier and fresh varieties, the old things I liked don’t have the same appeal. It is disappointing to “experience” them again.

    Some might say I’ve ruined it for myself. I can’t enjoy even an occasional Snickers or Milky Way bar, anymore. And I’ve tried. For one, the cost is crazy. I must have missed the incremental cost increases and now see the exorbitant price they want for them (the same way I feel cigarettes have gone) But mainly, it is a let-down to my palate. My memory of how good it was is always in conflict with the taste I’m experiencing.

    They say good things spoil you. I think it is true. We often don’t know any better until we do. Then it’s hard to go back to the way it was, even if what was was a more comfortable or safe position.

    It’s no real wonder why depression is on the rise.

  109. Poolman, you’re right about the depression part. In an attempt to accelerate the healing of my devastated gut, I dramatically cut down on soda. A couple of days ago I had a coke with my lunch and found the experience underwhelming to say the least. And I WAS depressed to find that rather than relishing this little treat I’d given myself, I really didn’t enjoy it much at all.

  110. That’s pretty harsh dead rabbit.

    I worry about what you think of the Mari people. Be careful. Osh Kughu Yumo the great white god will get you.

  111. I tried giving up pop (soda to you Yankees) last summer, and for the most part I have, which of course I then have excuse to add more cookies, cakes, and other assorted crap to my awful diet.

    For instance, I had four sausage biscuits from Braum’s this morning, and another at lunch for a “snack.” Last night’s meal was a meatball sandwich, the night before I feasted on entire family sized pizza from Papa Murphys. It’s a wonder I haven’t dropped dead from coronary heart disease.

    I’ve actually gained weight since I gave up Dr. Pepper. 😡

    And unfortunately, I got a combo meal the other night which comes with a drink, and my Dr. Pepper still tasted as good as I remember it. Maybe I should wish for my taste buds to fail too.

  112. I’ve been on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation–near Lame Deer, Montana. It is not too far from Custer’s Last Stand.

    Poolman may be right about the cookies. They still taste similar to how I remember. I noticed a change with lite ice cream, however. The regular stuff doesn’t taste as good after a quart or two of lite ice cream. I read that our taste buds are most numerous at age 12. Tastes become less vivid with age.

    I read in Atlantic or Discover Magazine that depression affects us at the celular level.

    Cherokee Nation did seem longer the way I remember it, but maybe your suggesting it played tricks on my mind. Ode to Billy Joe also supposedly had several missing verses we didn’t hear on the radio.

  113. Apparently, I’m supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine? ~ IowaHawk

    Sometimes the best humor is simply the truth.

  114. “Hey Tex, it wasn’t filming people f*cking and sucking that threw PF off … it was that they were liberals. Just how around the bend is that?”

    I see no contradiction there…F*cking and sucking are natural-as-hell acts, my friend. Liberalism, OTOH is an unnatural an act as you will ever find. It is contrary to every natural instinct for personal freedom and self-actualization; liberalism and collectivism are a pox on mankind and a veritable wellspring of poverty and misery; the other are acts that bring about the next generation of humans – entirely honorable activities.

  115. Is it a bad sign when my wife offers to drive me two and a half blocks to the three bars just to get me out of the house?

    My last shot followed a simple toast of “fuck Obama”. The whole bar cheered. Maybe Romney has a chance?

  116. Sounds like industrial noises, rabbit. Assembly line shit. Or maybe the disc is just skipping. Oh wait… not a disc.

    Damn, Tex. That weather is pretty intense out there on the plains. I am so happy we don’t get those huge funnel thingies out here in the desert. I don’t miss them or green skies… or hail… or hell. 😀

    Soda here, or just “coke”. Soft drinks. What’s that about? As opposed to hard liquor, maybe? Or because they soften your bones? Probably a marketing thing.

    Rutherford, my wife says Chips A-Hoy are definitely different now than they were. I didn’t realize she was a Chips A-Hoy fan – still. So it may be the ingredient list. Those lists are pretty scary in themselves, if I recall. Most of them are difficult to place in any common food group. Of course, cardboard may be a food group nowadays. I wonder if it passes for fiber?

  117. Poolman thank your wife for restoring my sanity. I’ve tried in vain to find a chocolate chip cookie that duplicates the taste I remember from my childhood. It’s a lost cause. So far, all things considered, Pepperidge Farm Nantuckets are the best.

  118. the other are acts that bring about the next generation of humans – entirely honorable activities.

    Well maybe the f*cking but not the sucking …. unless I slept through that in health class in Jr High.

    As for the other half of your comment PF, I submit liberalism is the natural state of the young. Conservatism, the natural state of the old.

  119. Rabbit, regarding The Field, where in the name of all that is holy do you find this stuff?

    I’m telling you, if it weren’t for all the royalty legal crap, you and I should start a blogtalkradio show devoted to music. If you actually listen to half the stuff you post, you are one of the most eclectic dudes I’ve ever encountered.

  120. Damn, Tex. That weather is pretty intense out there on the plains. I am so happy we don’t get those huge funnel thingies out here in the desert. I don’t miss them or green skies… or hail… or hell.

    Lived here or around for better part of 52 years and never been in a tornado yet. My house I live has been hit, however. Of course, that could all change today, as I’ve seen plenty of rotation! 🙂

    To each their own, Poolman. Of all the states I’ve visited, and that’s most of them, the most overrated piece of dirt by far is the desert Southwest. You folks move to get out of the cold (which I found Arizona pretty damn cold at night) to live on barren rock and sand, only to funnel in millions of gallons of water to turn your lawns green. 🙂 Tulsa is known as “green country” and we’ve got plenty of water. The minute you leave your gated community, it looks like Kuwait. One day, somebody is going to shut off the valve and the electricity, and you’ll live like the Bedouins. No thanks.

    I will say for the benefit of Tigre and Pfesser, I find that Southeast, Mid Atlantic region the prettiest in the entire nation IMO. I took a trip to Georgia several years ago when the azaleas and rhododendrons were blooming at this golf club (On business) that looked like something straight out of the Masters Golf Tournament. How many golf courses have a butterfly habitat that they write books about? Heaven on earth.

  121. “As for the other half of your comment PF, I submit liberalism is the natural state of the young. Conservatism, the natural state of the old.”

    Yes. Especially what I call “real conservatism:” Low taxes, small government, keep your f*cking nose out of other people’s business.

    By older brother and I used to argue when I was in college. He always said that any man who is not a liberal at twenty has no heart. If that same man is not a conservative at forty, he has no brain.

  122. Tex –

    re: beautiful places. When I was younger I spent a little time in Arizona, around Prescott. I loved it and always said I would move there some day, but as time has passed I have come to love Virginia more and more. When I figure out how to post pictures anonymously, I’ll put up some of where I live. The folks who lived here previously were avid gardeners, and at this time of year my yard is a veritable riot of color, set off by a nice little fish pond and a rustic clubhouse I built for the kids when they were younger.

  123. We call it pop too.

    The past two days have been interesting, especially since I am a volunteer Weather Service storm spotter and reporter to two televison stations.

    Ten inches of hail and over 60 MPH winds damaged buildings about 90 miles northwest of us. Semi -trucks and campers blew off I 29 north and south of us. Most of Thruman, Iowa was wrecked.

    We usually don’t buy batteries and water for our basement, but we did this time.

    We were lucky. The deep low stayed farther south than expected, and hense, the warm front stayed near the Kansas-Nebraska border most of the day. That meant the pre frontal thunderstorms hung around longer than forecast, and they stabilized the atmosphere.

    Energy from the dry line fired up, and we had some interesting weather through 3AM. We were lucky, storms south of Omaha to Texas robbed ours of some of their energy. I think five people died in Oklahoma. My cousin in Texas said a large tree limb blew onto her next door neighbor’s house.

    As a storm chaser and observer, I have been in many tornadoes. Most have chased me. I looked up into a funnel overhead. It was like a giant garden hose. A tornado three years ago cost us $8,000, but it gave us an awesome show.

    Two hours of sleep on two nights is getting rough. I think I am too old for this, but its fun.

    One of my favorite places is the northern Rockies.

  124. Northern Rockies are beautiful – I actually like the Tetons even better. My in-laws have a place in the collegiate mountains of Colorado about 25 miles south of Leadville. You’d love it Pfesser – highest continental air strip at 10,200 feet. 🙂 Gets pretty warm and rough in a Cessna on the short way down.

    There are some pretty places in Arizona, no doubt. But in my opinion, Phoenix ain’t one of them. It appears a city that was created in the valley of a desert for no apparent reason. But if you want a green lawn, throw water on that sand and it is almost miraculous. And hotter than hell in the summer. Of course, OK is too.

    My favorite euphemism is “it’s a dry heat.” Dry or not, 120 degrees is hot as hell.

    Woodward, OK, James is where at least five died last night. Western Arkansas is getting it now. Apparently according to local reports, the lightning had knocked out some of the sirens sometime after midnight. I watched that front coming for hours on the TV, so I stayed up. Been there many times on the way to the oil patch or driving through the Panhandle of OK (the ugliest piece of real estate in all of the U.S.).

  125. “He has been an unmitigated disaster to the country,” Dick Cheney said of President Barack Obama.

    Ahhh….good to have Dick Cheney back. One of the smartest pols going. I would say I was a man after his own heart, but that seems self-immolating. 🙂

  126. “How many golf courses have a butterfly habitat that they write books about?”

    Tex, sounds like you were at Callaway.

    Alfie and R know in Boston it was “tonic” (rather than pop, soda or the generic “coke”).

    Time to check in on Iowahawk.

  127. “Now the damn cookie might as well be card board. No real flavor at all. Has my tongue changed or have the ingredients changed?”-R

    R, according to a survey by my three daughters (mid-40’s) they have determined the taste has changed not only in chips-a-hoy but in poptarts. It all tastes like cardboard. They lament they can no longer find the mac and cheese of their childhood which must have had real dried cheese not the orange crap in most boxes today. I do remember they found some organic poptarts that tasted like they remembered.

    There is so much processed crap and preservatives in our food that when we die we won’t even have to be embalmed.

  128. Good to see Cheney back so soon and so healthy. I was hoping he’d have a change of heart (no pun intended), but seems he’s still the same old Cheney.

    Well at least he may live now to endure a trial. The war crimes folks got him on their list. I think he’s numero uno. He may never get to leave the boundaries of this country. And if we ever get back to applying the laws to all our citizens in equal fashion, he may end up serving his golden years behind bars.

    Now THAT would be sweet justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  129. Rutherford, its corn sugar, dude. Government subsidized corn syrup. Makes everything dull and card boardish.

  130. I love the southwest. Arizona has some of the most awesome sights. I’ve spent some time in the Grand Canyon, and have been most places in the state. It is definitely home to me.

    I was born in New Jersey. There are some beautiful areas in Jersey. It isn’t called the garden state for nothing. Vermont is one of my favorites to visit. I had land in Colorado in the San Luis Valley. Very pretty there. My youngest brother lives in Denver. Mom lives in SC near Greenville. Very nice there. I love the forests and rivers and the mountains and lakes. I love trout fishing.

    But I prefer warm, and 120 degrees is tolerable to me in the summer if I don’t have to put up with freezing temps and the ice and snow that generally goes with it in the winter.

    Phoenix actually has more water than you’d expect. Planners made sure of that way before the city grew into what it is. CAP is the delivery system. As long as we can keep California from trying to allocate more that their share of the water, we should be good for a long, long time.

    Most people have xeriscape yards. Some sticklers insist on grass yards. Some communities have outlawed them. There are rebate incentives for folks to convert grass areas to xeriscape.

    Backyards are different. People spend plenty of time in their backyards year-round. There are also areas of the valley that are irrigated that have gorgeous grass yards. And, of course, golf courses are everywhere. Most of those are watered with reclaimed water.

    We can garden and grow things outside year-round. We have a large garden area with shade cloth covering it. Peppers and tomatoes are coming in. We’ve been harvesting lettuces and spinach for some time now. Nothing like homegrown for flavor and nutrition!

  131. Tigre, it was Callaway – absolutely gorgeous the first week of April. We took the place over…

    And I am ashamed to admit this, Poolman. The Grand Canyon is one of three things in America I have not seen yet and is on my bucket list. The other is believe it or not, Washington D.C.. Been to Baltimore. Does that count? 😆

    And I still haven’t made it to Alaska. But I will.

    Preferred Maine and New Hampshire over Vermont. Maine is beautiful; upper state NY is beautiful, minus Buffalo; Mass is beautiful in the fall and around the Cape; central Pennsylvania is beautiful; boundry waters of Minnesota are beautiful; Eastern Arkansas and Texas are beautiful, as is S.E. Oklahoma. In fact, about every state has beauty in some capacity – even Kansas, Rutherford. 🙂

    KU’s campus is far and away the prettiest in the Big XII.

  132. “Allen West makes a dumbass comment like the one in my piece and no Republican denounces him as a nutjob. Rosen puts her foot in her mouth and Dem’s appropriately call her out for it.” -R

    Did you find West’s remarks offensive, Rutherford? You sound more dismissive than anything. Maybe many Republicans feel the same way.

    Rosen’s comments were deeply offensive, and her fauxpology was shoddy and awkward. Or don’t you find them offensive? I certainly do. They churn me practically to tears of hurt-turned-gratitude and humility regarding my own mom. People who think that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life are selfish and small and don’t know what love is and wouldn’t recognize character if they tripped over it. They certainly don’t see it in the mirror.

    I’m so tired and fed up with this campaign.

    And so I wonder, did the Obama administration and Democratic strategists distance themselves because they disagreed and in fact were offended by tRosen’s remarks? Or because Rosen flubbed the constructed narrative of the fabricated war on women? Something to reflect on.

    Interesting article on the “calling out” of Rosen –

    I’ll bet $10,000 (figure of speech!) that neither the President or the Vice President know the price of a gallon of milk any more than Mitt does.

  133. Rhode Island/The Cape/New England will always be the time of my life place. I haven’t been back in twenty years, but I still dream about it more than any other location.

    The Olympic Penninsula, Cape Flattery in particular, makes you feel like disappearing there forever. There is zero light pollution, and the night there is a thing of unimaginable beauty and quiet.

    After 8 years in Chicago I see Montana or Colorado in my future.

  134. I agree with muffymcd–179

    I have been across the river from Maine, but I want to be there when the autumn leaves change.

    Grand Canyon is worth the trip and so is the hike down the trail. I also like the meteor crater.

    Arizona is dry, of course, but we were there once during a heavy thunderstorm and flash flood.

    The Black Hills are nice because we are so close to them. On most years, the Lakota band, Brule performs near Mt.Rushmore. Their free concerts are entertaining.

    We have a beautiful country, don’t we?

    Those cookies may taste like cardboard,but it is good cardboard.

  135. Actually Muffy, West’s comment only confirmed for me what a lunatic he is. But there were others on the left who actually WERE deeply offended by the remark. When they think Communist they think millions killed in Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China. Thus the comment takes on an horrific historical context. I didn’t take it that seriously but believe me, others did. So yes, SOME Republican should have publicly repudiated West.

    I won’t deny there was some political strategy to the swiftness of the White House’s run-away from Rosen. Ultimately, it’s a tempest in a teapot and will disappear from view within a week when the next tempest rears its head.

  136. Regarding the two main topics on today’s thread:

    I wish I could say I wax romantic over the changing color of the leaves in New England or the snow caps at the top of the mountains in Colorado even in the summer (I’ve seen both), but honestly Mother Nature has never moved me all that much. On a vacation, you’re much more likely to hear me rave about a particular hotel’s amenities than the surrounding natural resources.

    Thanks to public school educators for parents, when I was a boy we had summers off and alternated trips to Europe or cross country to see my California relatives. We went cross country by car so we saw a lot of it. Not only have I seen the Grand Canyon, I nearly dropped my cane off the ledge of the viewing area. If looks could kill, my Mom’s glare would have vaporized me. I didn’t visit D.C. until I was an adult (on business in nearby Bethesda). I got to go on a tour of Congress and when I thought no one was looking, I walked down a hall announcing “The President of the United States, [my real name]”. At the end of the hall was a security guard who looked at me, no doubt thinking “how many more fools am I going to see do that?”

    I won’t deny America is a beautiful country. I’ve seen the Grand Tetons. I’ve been driven through the trunk of a huge tree in California (for shame I don’t remember the name … it’s those incredibly tall trees). But as I said, while I can appreciate the beauty, it just doesn’t make my heart pound.

    At the risk of making Tex etal puke, if we ever are fortunate enough to retire (not likely) my wife and I would like to settle in Cambridge, MA where we can sit outside the cafes and watch the college kids hustling and bustling, and we can attend lectures on all sorts of interesting topics. College towns keep you feeling young and keep your mind invigorated.

  137. On topic two: the nasty weather.

    OK …. let’s put “climate change” and “global warming” off the table for a minute. Doesn’t anyone else on this board perceive a much more petulant Mother Nature than in decades past? Last night over 100 tornadoes swept through OK and other states. That’s not just damage from one twister … that’s a clusterf*ck of twisters.

    I swear, regardless of cause, it feels like the world is coming apart at the seams.

  138. Raji and Rabbit, thanks for piping in on my Chips A-hoy crisis.

    Because of my gut problems, I’ve become very aware lately about what I eat. It’s changed some behavior (like much less soda/pop/tonic) but other behavior needs correction. Honestly, I’m addicted to sugar like cocaine. For me to cut out a good amount of sugar, I have to develop an appreciation for a whole new flavor profile. Tough stuff.

    And no … artificial sweeteners are not the answer. Some research has found that aspartame and caffeine together (as in diet coke) is damn near lethal, being linked to migraines and other nasty stuff.

  139. Rutherford, there was nothing unusual in the least in the Oklahoma outbreak last night. Reporting has gotten much better with respect to storm chasers, cellular phones, DOPPLER.

    In fact, the 70s were far more active for both tornadoes (at least this part of the country) and hurricanes than the last decade.

    Shame you don’t appreciate beauty more. Other than the Panhandle of Oklahoma, Cambridge is the last place I would want to live…

  140. I prefer the West. I love the Rockies and the North Cascades. I love the Oregon Coast and Mount Rainier, the San Juan Islands and Alpine Lakes Wilderness. We have a different name for pop out here. We call it … coffee. 😉

  141. Prettiest site I think I ever saw Thor was flying into Seattle at 12:30 AM, flying around Mt. Rainier, at 10,000 feet or so, on a full moon night.

    Never will forget that – very pretty. I actually thought Seattle a prettier city than San Fran. The general crowd sucks equally as bad. 😉

  142. Re: travel in America. When I was finishing my residency, my wife and I were talking about how little we had seen or been able to do in our lives because of school and chronic poverty. We decided that right after I finished my residency we would travel for six weeks and drive as far as that would get us, so we bought a little Subaru station wagon on credit and headed west. To save money we camped 2/3 and spent 1/3 in hotels.

    We made it as far west as Montana, then turned south and east for the trip home. It was a wonderful experience, but meeting the people had much more effect on me than the scenery. Having come of age during Vietnam, I always said I would never fight for anybody else, but after my trip I changed my mind – I would fight for THESE people.

    Now I see what the politicians have done to these fine people and it just makes me ill. Since Nixon took us completely off the Bretton Woods agreement, the value of the dollar has gone down 95% and folks who have saved their money, like you are supposed to, have watched its value go down the drain that empties into that cesspool called “Washington.” I hope that someday the people regain control of their country – and their politicians. America is a place worth saving.

  143. ISU climatologist, Elwynn Taylor says one of the climate cycles we are in is taking us back to the “dirty thirties.” Our weather will get more extreme until about 2025 when it reaches the peak of the cycle, and then, the weather will become calmer.

    About 5,000 years ago, the southern plains were so dry the Indians and buffalo left. The Nebraska Sand Hills stayed grassey even during the thirties, but a thousand years ago and several hundred years before, it was dry enough to let the sand dunes move about as in the Siera Desert.

    A two hundred-year drought changed the life of villagers in northwest Iowa from farmers and deer hunters to semi-migratory buffalo hunters. Cousins of the Mandans deserted their settlements near Mitchel, South Dakota and moved to North Dakota to escape the drought.

    Palentologists studied the Oklahoma Panhandle and discovered the climate there now is as good as it gets. The climate will turn bad within a hundred years.

    Our weather has been unusually benign for a century or so. The norm is much different, regardless of global warming or cooling.

  144. My father was George Baily of “Its a Wonderful LIfe.” He dreamed of doing great things as a mechanical engineer, and the family valued education. Unfortunately for him, he was the only son and his parents put him off when his older and younger sister went to college. “Wait just a little longer.” He finally saved enough money and announced he was leaving for college.

    He earned his degree, and his lab partner was looking for property in Wisconsin for their business. My grandfather was hit by car and died. Two sisters were still in college and his youngest was in high school. My father gave up his plans to keep the farm alive and his sisters in school.

    They all sent him part of their pay checks during the Depression to save the farm.

    My brother asked Dad if he was dissapointed that his life had not turned out as he had hoped. He replied “somethings things don’t work out as we’d like.”

    My father had many side jobs and served in local government, but he was tied to the farm for the rest of his life.

    A small benefit for us was the one time my father could escape his prison was when we took family vacations. We usually drove 400 to 800 miles on the first day., and we saw all but five of the states and all of the southern Canadian provences. Some of our trips lasted almost a month.

  145. I prefer the West too.

    One of the least known places is the Snowy Mountains west of Laramie. The region gets unusually heavy snow because a gap lets Pacific moisture deposit more rain and snow than the neighbors get. The scenery is beautiful and a hiking trail leads to near Medicine Bow Peak. From there, one can climb through the boulders to reach the summit. The other face is almost vertical.

    On the other hand, hiking up Mt. Washington is also nice.

    Like Pfessor, I like the people.

    A farmer and I started visiting in a Manitoba restaurent until the waitress-owner told us it was time to close. We all helped put things away so she could get home, since she had let us chatter for over an hour after closing time.

  146. If Dick Cheney got a brain transplant, he wouldn’t be Dick Cheney any more. He would be the donor brain. Would YOU want to be placed in Dick Cheney’s body? There are many other people I would rather be.

  147. Rutherford, just make sure it’s real sugar you are addicted to not high fructose corn syrup. Check the labels and you will be surprised at how much HFCS you eat. As Rabbit said it’s the result of government subsidy that we now have corn syrup instead of sugar. The body handles sucrose much better than fructose.

    For you weather watchers, I love this link. It’s a bunch of students all over the country and they are usually spot on.

    I love the beauty of this country especially the mountains, changing of the seasons and water. I would have to toss a coin over whether or not to live out my days in the mountains or on an island. However, if I was physically unable to enjoy Mother Nature except for the view from my window I too would opt for a place like Cambridge where at least hopefully my mental capabilities could be stimulated.

  148. James, good point on being “in Cheney’s body”. Still it’s a shame that someone who needs a heart won’t get one cos it went to that sonafabitch.

    By the way, for all you folks who care so much about your tax dollars, I was reminded today that WE paid for Cheney’s heart transplant. VP’s get free healthcare for life from what I understand.

  149. Yeah, Raji I recently watched a documentary in which HFCS got a really bad rap. And you (and Rabbit) are right … it’s in most every processed food we buy.

  150. That HFCS is a killer. I have to search all food labels to avoid it. Usually products without it cost more and are harder to find. Sugar, if it needs a sweetener, brown sugar is better still.

    It’s really no wonder we are an obese nation. Research show it is by design. I’ve educated my kids and they do much better than I did at that age. It’s just hard for lazy people to break old habits, especially when the society they live in enforces them.

    Homemade generally is healthier, if you have the time. My wife has been making her own bread for 20 years. I cook with mostly fresh veggies and we buy our meats at Sprouts, a natural foods store. Once you get used to grass fed beef, the alternative is less than appetizing.

    Even store bought breadcrumbs have that crap in it. I started making my own for my famous meatloaf and Italian style meatballs. It makes a BIG difference in one’s mental outlook.

    “You are what you eat” is quite valid.

  151. Next time I’m in Arizona Poolman, I’m coming over for some meat loaf or meatballs (your call). The mention of both made my mouth water.

    My wife has started shopping at Whole Foods for much of what we eat. She goes to the “regular” supermarket to satisfy my junk food addiction consisting mostly of donuts and cookies. Damn, even the frozen pizza at Whole Foods was 10 X better than what we used to get.

  152. Today is alienation day. I plan to publish two posts today. The first (just published) will alienate one segment of my readers. The second, planned for late this afternoon or early evening will piss off an entirely different segment of my readers.

    It’s great to be alive! 🙂

  153. I left a deposit in the Coliseum for you religion baiters, just so you know. I read back over all the posts again. It was fun.

    Let me know when you’re coming through, Rutherford. I will start the sauce and make a batch of meatballs. If my girls get wind of it, I will have to make a HUGE pot. 😀

    Good to see you doing your part in dividing the denizen. 😉

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